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www FIRST ROW Left to R1ght Maryanne Radley Bus1ness Manager Thomas 'Day Sports Ed1tor STANDING Bernlta Behrens Ed1tor 1n Chlef ,'Mar1lyn Tucker Treasurer Ralph Schne1der ASS1St3.Dt Bus1ness Manager Norlta Gr am Art Ed1tor Alvord Norton Alumnl Ed1tor Georg1a McMahon Pubhcrt Ed1tor Q Faculty Advlsor Mr Nasal YEARBIHIK TAFF PR E T THE 1955 ECHO 1553: 8 4' .51 HI TORY Angehca founded around 1802 and lncorporated 1n 1835 1S the oldest town 1n the county At th1s tlme the town cons1sted of what IS now Allen Armty B1rd sall Sclo and parts of Andover Alfred and Independence The park wh1ch now holds a croquet court was deeded to the 1nhab1tants of Angelxca on September 8 1831 by Ph1ll1p Church The center of the park IS the center of Angehca and Alleghany County For many years Angellca was the center of culture 1n all the surroundmg commun1t1es There were many mllls such as grlst flour tool and pall m1l1s all of wh1ch were run by water power From 1808 unt11 1859 Angehca was the county seat and court was held here unt1l 1892 Our court house IS the oldest 1n the county bu1lt 1n 1820 Although these thmgs made Angellca the most 1mportant town 1n the county school was not held unt1l 1807 These were one room affaxrs The teachers were people who were asked by the townspeople to teach readmg wr1t1ng and arlthmetxc The furmshlngs cons1sted of desks and a dunce block Later on dlstrlcts were formed and teachers were pald by taxes Usually the teachers recelved two dollars a week plus the1r room and board The Angellca Academy was bu1lt later for the teach1ng of the youth of both sexes Thls bu1ld1ng served both as school and the Presbyterlan Church In 1859 the bu1ld1ng burned and was not rebu1lt On Apr1l 1 1879 the v1llage accepted twenty thousand dollars wh1ch was left 1n Col W11son sw1ll for anon sectarlan academy and grade school wh1ch was called the Wxlson Academy In 1904 the bu1ld1ng was too small so a new bu1ld1ng was bu11t and called W11SOnlan H1gh School In 1929 lt was necessary to addanew add1t1on to th1s school The new add1t1on lncluded a gym wh1ch Angellca had never had ln 1944 slxteen small d1str1cts were consolldated wlth Angellca makmg lt Angehca Central School In 1952 a temporary bu1ld1ng was erected contammg a new shop ca.feter1a home economlcs and flrst grade Now 1n 1954 the quest1on of the people of the town 1S W1ll there be a new school 1n AI1ge11Ca 9 Lets watch and see what tlme brlngs to Angellca and our educatlonal system 'Xa f Cf S . 1 , . . , . 0 I .I J ' 1 I ! I I I I ! o . b ' - 3 D I I I . A I . . . . J . . . J . , . . , . . . , . I J I I ' - . , . - . . Il ' ' . ' YD . . I . . , . , 9 D 0 . . , ,, . . , . ,, . - . 1 1 K f ,gf -.f Y ' ' m - lst Q h WW, 1 ,'. ?' 'S'l N 553 4 ' 'S S, lu 2 - 95 " 47 4 i 1 .Y 1.1 htm 'ful gig V I -lf X .9 'f - ,J ' 1 QQ DEdICQ'flOh EASY WfTh The Y'eaLt1.a1'zon 'fhaf we are Sfakk 'cleryyoung U1 Hear? 3 nd exp efk sencejw Tn The un 'fhelr' conmselqrhere. ns 781' peace. and 7oue,8nd a deepeagcnmer fnrrh for us 75 Seek we j Y Prfe-fully dechca-fe, 'rms The 1755 ECI-lo 75 OuR PHRENT5 153 65 . , ', Knowledge 'I'h81'w2'fh' ' 1 CHO0L BUARD TOP ROW, Left to Right: Robert Perry, James A. Young Jr. Ray- mond Hall. SECOND ROW: Edson Schuyler, Frederick Roberts. I LN: sq-H Principal Mr, Farnsworth Secretary Mrs, Jacobs l rafts W .- fg .sit " I FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Renwand Kindergarten Mrs. Longwell Fifth Grade Miss Barber Sixth Grade SECOND ROW: Miss Lilly Third Grade Mrs. Parsells First Grade Mrs. Blowers Second Grade FACULTY Qcontj Left to Rightg Miss Nusbickel Fourth Grade Mrs. Betters Third Grade Mrs. Coombs First Grade Miss Minnick Science Mr. Nasal Social Studies Coaching Mr. Enos Instrumental Music Mr. Dewey Physical Education Miss Chittenden Vocal Music Mr. Chandler Shop Agriculture Coaching Miss Bedient Junior High Math 8: Social Studies Miss Lee School Nurse Dr. Batt Health Officer Miss Bell Dental Hygienist Miss Cossaboon Mathematics Latin Mrs. Weir English Library Miss Bozzette Commercial Mr. Ludwig English Miss Runckel Home Economics fr: ILL.. 1-1- 'Q-nQ I I M i if if 3 u if? i af l nf' 05.3 , 3, . 3: 1 1 f if s F 24,5 fi X A F if A ' af ,,, - A f is I 4 DRIVER LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Bullock, JosephHerdrnan, Herbert Jennings, Clayton Crandall, Leo Shafer, Edward Dowd. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Deo Lelear, Mr. Merle Case, Mr. Arthur Weir. CAFETERIA TAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Helen Palmer, Mrs. Ethel Wied- man, Miss Katherine Daley, Mrs. Laura Hall. XE o 3 lzluur C P President . . . . Maryanna Radley Q: G 20212 93 Vice-President .... Thomas Day mo!! fE6vL'Q5 a: Sec.-Treas ..... Georgia McMahon M ? ix i.. 4524 mi MONICA ALMETER F H A Junlor Play H Q Sen1or Play Llbrary Club Y Press Club 4'4" Intramurals Chorus Sprmg Fest1val Monn1e Salty BERNITA BEHRENS Yr Bk Ed1tor Llbrary Club Am1c1 Romae A R Pres1dent Press Club Intramurals F H A Chorus Ensemble Jumor Play Class Treasurer Speakmg Contest Bert W1l11e CHARLES BURDICK St Councll Class Pres F F A Pres Intramurals Sp Dramat1cs Llbrary Club Junlor Play Sen1or Play Press Club Chorus Porky Legs ROY AUSTIN F F A Soccer Baseball Basketball Sp Dramat1cs Press Club Llbrary Club Intramurals Varslty A Chorus Wrestlmg WILLIAM BLESSING Wrestlmg Student Councll Baseball Cap Soccer Team Ir Vars1ty Basketball F F A Vars1ty A Intramurals Sp Dramat1cs Stage Manager Llbrary Club V1s Mach1ne Op Keyhole Staff Sprmg Festlval Chorus Volleyball Tourn Sen1or Play Soccer THOMAS DAY Baseball J V Basketball V Basketball Sen1or Play Speclal Dram Llbrary Club Press Club F F A Intramurals Wlnter Carn vl V Mach Oper Varslty A Manager of Sports Soccer ' ' If 4 Q, I 1 ' 1 D I A Y 1 5 I 4 Q . . nf' I Senior Play I 'V ji , ' .fNlkf,R - - A 'feng ' 'A - ' , 4' 4 z 4 1 1 4 4 ' ' 1 1 1 - ' -new . . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 5 ' ' ' PAUL GALLMANN Baseball J. V. Basketball V. Basketball F, F, A, Junior Play Senior Play Library Club Intramurals Amici Romae Yearbook Staff Usher Winter Carnival Class Sec-Treas Sp. Dramatics Varsity A MARY JONES Junior Band Senior Band Chorus Library F H A Usher Junior Play Senior Play Spring Concert Intramurals Sp Dramatics Varsity A W ALVORD NORTON Junior Play Senior Play Wrestling Chorus Yearbook Staff F F A Intramurals Library Club Varsity A Press Club Redcap if -'sf Mar Doc Viv iii l l Cracker I-lv-X George Millie NORITA GRAHAM Chorus Band F, H, A, Library Club Class Vice- President Yearbook Staff Intramurals Press Club Junior Play Senior Play Treas. Music Fund Varsity A Commercial Club Sp. Dramatics Spring Concert Usher GEORGIA LEE MCMAHON Chorus Band AI'D1C1 Romae F H A Class Secretary Class Treasurer Intramurals Cheerleader Press Club Sp Dramatics Llbrary Club Junior Play Speaking Contest Senior Play Varsity A Yearbook Staff Usher Commercial Club Spring Concert MILICENT MARIE PATTERSON F H A Chorus Library Club Press Club Girls Sports Special Dramatics Usher Varsity A 4 , 1 1 A 4 1 1 . S 3 Q o o 8 - I. ' - , ' I , . I . x Q , ' , , , 1 4 1 9 i if l , , . . . If X l ' 41' vb' I I .. 5 I l f ' I gy 11 . Spring Festival Q , 1 K. r I , .1 'Tit f ' 1 I 1 4 1 n c 1 ' ' 1 1 MARYANNE RADLEY Class Pres1dent Keyhole Staff G1rls Sports Intramurals Cheerleader Sp Dramat1cs Bus Manager Press Club L1brary Club Yearbook Staff Band Chorus F H A Pres Sp Contest Jr 8: Sr Play MARILYN TUCKER Pres L1brary Club Press Club Am1c1 Romae Cheerleader Band Pres Chorus Ensemble Sec Student Counc1l Intramurals Sp Dramat1cs Junlor Play Semor Play Sp Contest Yearbook Staff Vars1ty A Usher Glrls Sports C urly Hump i. ill, Wm Tuck Fangle JOHN HOFIUS Stage Manager J V Basketball Jugf' RALPH SCHNEIDER Pres Student Counc1l V1ce Pres1dent Student Counc1l F F A Class Pres1dent V Basketball J V Basketball Soccer Team Baseball Team Intramurals Junlor Play Usher Wmter Carmval MILTON W SCHOONOVER L1brary Club Wrestlmg Press Club Intramurals Chorus Vars1ty A F F A Sp Dramatlcs Stage Manager We the class of 1955 of the Angellca Central School belng of sound mlnd and body havlng come to our last hours do hereby glve bequeath and devlse all our worldly goods and possesslons to the followlng benef1c 1ar1es to w1t John Jug Hoflus leaves h1s h1s basketball ab1l1ty to Erme Austln Georgla Lee McMahon leaves her helght to Bob Jennlngs We wlll and bequeath Alvord Norton s wrestllng ablllty to Melvln Gordon Marllyn 'lucker bestows her ab1l1ty to get to class on tlme f1rst perlod to I..o1s Walker B111 Blesslng bestows h1s ab1l1ty to dodge books tOM1SSM1HH1Ck Maryanne Radley leaves her w1t and good humor to Bertle Gosper Ralph Schnelder wllls and bequeaths h1s good t1mes ln Rochester to Jlm Hardlng Mary Jones leaves her ab1l1ty to do home work to Fat Doner Roy AUSTIH bestows h1s good attendance to Joanne Rose Momca Almeter w1lls and bequeaths her Arkport frlend to Carol Thomas Charles Burdlck leaves h1s favorlte parkmg places to ROHHIE Hoffman Norlta Grahaxn bestows her qulet polse to Paul Harrlngton Paul Gallmann leaves h1s beautlful legs and red ha1r to Brenda Graham M1ll1cent Patterson wllls and bequeaths her good tlmes ln Frlendshlp to Nancy Jones Tom Day leaves baby s1tt1ng Jobs to Joanne and Bernlta Behrens wllls and bequeaths all her hlgh marks to J1m Mlller We the class of 1955 w1ll and bequeath to Mr Chandler and M1ss Boz zette our great ab1l1ty for perfect parllamentary procedure 1n class meetlngs On Mrs Welr we bestow our thanks and appreclatlon for her great help w1th the Junlor and Senlor Plays and the Speaklng Contest We the class of 55 declare th1s to be our last w1ll and testament Slgned and sealed th1s seventeenth day of February one thousand nlne hundred and flfty flve W1tnesses lV5nodf77f:0'f'1'614 2wm4 Thls Wlll was drawn up by the law f1rm of T Van Arsdale and E Z Dunn K. . . I J i f -"?- ' ' ' J ! U. ,, . . . . . . I . . , . . . . . N . . . . ' J ,v . - za - nr - - u n . . . . . V Y . . . 9 . .v . ' . la as - - J n 1 .w J' ' 2 . ,. - . . . .ii iCHO0L GALE DAR SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE The gates are openg the prisoners file ing numbers are distributed. Organized confusion results from new schedulesg prison- ers do not know when or where to split the rocks. A meeting is held by Senior Cellmates to discuss coming parole to Washington. ' Columbus Day - Time off for good behavior! We were all glad Chris was born. School recesses for warden's conference. Inmates of the Senior Cell Wing try a dramatic endeavor which is successful. Thanksgiving - We get the bird as usual. Rivalry with Scio Reformatory is renewed at basketball game. Results of game need not be mentioned! First league basketball game of the season is played at Belfast's Pen. Sentence is suspended for two weeks in order to observe the Christmas holidays. Winter Wonderland Ball - Prisoners put on their best striped suits. We are back to the dungeon. The "Four' Termer's" square dance after the basketball game is a big hit, if judged by the squares present. The Bond Issue is voted on, and it now looks as if we'll have a new penitentiary. Regents Week - What punishment! Due to the illness of many of our cellmates, school was recessed for a few days. The cellmates, having co-operated to the utmost during the previous months of school, were parolled for afive day vacation, including the weekend. We have a brief recess to celebrate George's birthday. A few of the braver "Fourth-Termers" compete to see who has the strongest lungs. Easter - We get to hunt eggs at guardian's homes. Parole for Senior trip goes into effect. The return to the salt mines is even harder to bear. Inmates blend voices for annual music festival. Junior Cell Block puts on a play. Regents - We get the third degree. Commencement - Seniors' sentence ends. Wardens pat us on the back and hand us our walking papers. f-'SL-5. ga?" T1 rdiisimnzn 5 ga. 'wash U V MV rw "" ? as .1 I ,W Jw L' E wi Q Q: GY 3' Hg ,, 4, A . X ik is Q ,LM ,Q L 5 my 5-rr' V wr if f. 4. 3 3 a Y' ,. ,. 'f' 8 ,, N R 5 f 9' if 1.3, ' , Q.. . f Q 52 Y S 8? L .5 'f H .U 1 1 4 Z, S, .X 9 w 'F fs , 5 1 'ff W 1? '32 . 5 Y 8 xv: ? Q W4 0, Rig qw Q ,Y gt :K 1 1 4 ,Q . E ,. ' I Hi M .1 Y , Q 7 q 1 A Q, L 1 'P it a 'ff X v,.",5ji 6 .LA 4 'Q Q1 fifim 1 . , K . gk 2 K4 A M 1. 6 M ig ii. 1: ,K is a A r H 1. S6 v N h my I X H 5 I 'ass Q. K K ,M R Lx J if fr ' ig? ' HV 1 ' fl ggfz My ini i Af, Q xa W 0' ' 1: .,,, ,W if A :J Q ":'52'fz3,m, ' m' , 1' A , 1 a. x M, if 1 . 4 n 1 if QQ :fr .,'3j'.3 . 1-r LM- v ' W 1 . 3 1' -fT'W? t . Q- ' fs i , . Hur.-Q. M KN ' IQQQJ Q ,Y , , , 'IQ f. , 3 I' . gmc. I A71 ,J -- 'aa iff' . A .ug 9 ' , fm , E!! . fp" Kilo tw: Ay' J ,t "fn ' I. is 1, ,l lx Q Q N.: ly- -gl ,a EVE TH GRADE IXTH GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Ellen Balcom, Carol Ellsessor, Maynard Munger, John Ellsessor, Eugene Mott, Jean Tyler, Jean Almeter, Dorothy Jennings, Mary Burdick, Elizabeth Jones, Raymond Spangler, Miss Cossaboon. SECOND ROW: Robert Demick, Bennie Demick, Edgar Tillingast, George Cobin, Larry Clark, Donald Case, BillSchultz, Bette Ann Wolcott, Georgia Graham, Kathleen Dorsev, Bruce Tucker, Melvin Gordon. 'inf FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Billy Doner, SandraDewey, David Critten- den, Beverly Wilkins, Terry Fleming, Charlotte Demick, Kathleen Cran- dall, Raymond Hooker, Roderick McKnight, Joan Tyler, Leland Emery, Theda Harding. SECOND ROW: Jerry Schoonover, Herbert Calhoun, Larry Whitney, Bill Heaney, Victor Stephens, Ellen White, Rose Nathan, Larry Stephens, Judy Farnsworth, Paul Roberts, Donna Schultz, Anna Duffy, Miss Barber. THIRD ROW: Torn Beals, Jack Harrington, Cecil Greenfield, Thomas Power, Linda Miller, Marjorie Hall, Marguerite Hall, Judy Shafer, Helen Inman, Sandra Fuller, lda Patterson, John Milliken, Frederick Fagan, Tom Ba.rber. u. 1 , x X' FWFTH GRADE ILA FUURTH GRADE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Carol Benjamin, Ophelia Brown, Alfred Tucker, Carl Greenfield, Thomas Hecker, Gary Hutchison, Cheryl Roberts, John Jones, Helen Power, Gary Lincoln, James Gallrnan. SECOND ROW: Cecilia Pierce, LeRoy Hanchett, Eva Dyke, Robert Fisk, Theodore Travis, Dennis Beals, Nancilu Arnold, Patricia Lyon, Edgar Schwartz, Archie McRae, Elizabeth Ellsessor, Ida Hoffman, Rachel Sortore, Mrs. Longwell. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Thomas' Stephens, Donald Noce, Lyla Greene, Phyllis Crittenden, Le Etta McRae, Daniel Fleming, David Fleming, Mary White, Roger Graham, Nancy Jennings, Dennis Smith, Sandra Brown. SECOND ROW: William Green, Margaret Nathan, Julia Hall, David Terwilliger, Donna Speers, William Wilkins, Glenson Wing, Kaye Greenfield, Robert Shafer, Judith Stephens, Edna Hecker, Alice Demick, Miss Nusbickel. if? . 1' x 'x Q. .wifi ff 5 .56 ' , P . 'V ig,-2 1., ribs' if A " z vf':m-.- f W fir Q if f 'lmmqf -Q' ' S-f i"g-fy , -.A-N, fm 7 fx N ' 1' ..3Mwl5 K 5, M34 ,f A MQ 3 f 'P :mf ,,, A ww Q me , , 3 22 E if FEW? We 4? f , fi' . -1 E, w - ,ss ,1,,,4 , , , 5. rf A , Hr 1 25155 Y 1 fwfr f f 'H' "-1,-'T XZKQQ ,pk ,",f-.2 3.1 H 'W , Mika -,gufqw '25 35' Y' Y? .la .gg WN354 w, f , , .pfflh-af' ' if p ' 3 .' 'hw fiflf Q ,L V VV 1533-f it as A f K r . My N' A .Q y ' pf ' V ., f '1 , " . W1 ' , f ff. ' ' 7 M' , ?i" "Q ' if 1 ff: "f 'fav- , ifff fl ' if -aff M22 at .L - X' wma T5 I ' H x sfxkilsf A Me , X , K wi 15' V II' . f QV,-F 1 gr k Q, 3 W V, Hi- I q R sk 'F y 'Q , 4 -A 1 2 Q ' A sy .f AM: , f : " A - ' .,,, K QQ' 'N 4 ami it gf? , Q' .- , ' W, , A ., I I 6 xy . KS A. X5 'S A V Q, Elvv K yrzyg? ,, .4-1 ' x ,ff L s . 2 T' f V x . shi, 1 e 11--I 49' 4-Ami!-'E Xi-ff 11 55? -051 ,,,...-4-ff' 99,4 15164 7 vw 1 nf ' M , , 4 , , 4. t ir A Q f if Cf' A f f 3 s Q 1 V Y, 2' A , In I ' 2 "LZ 9 4 ' 4' "1 1 . vv"' ' zf W , Y b 'N W we S , 7' ' ' W , AW 4 , i in I , L, -, K' g. 3, S' ,Lg f 3, iff 'Q X if A e ,. E , , fl Z, Lf? . ffff ,, pf V A iz y J iq it i 1 i 2 a kv X: wg, FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Anne Schutt, Onale Brown, Marie Hamil- ton, Jean Jones, Robert Graham III, Dale Cobin, Roderick Stephens, Winston Platt, Nelda Greenfield, Colleen Remsen, Carol Mae Terwilliger, Mrs. Muriel Coombs. SECOND ROW: Larry White, Lynne Pierce, Joan Hooker, Cheryl Gosper, David Haggstrom, Jeffrey Feldbauer, James Wm. Ford, Ruth Pensworth, Michael Munger, James A. Young III, Shirley Gordon, Sarah Hall. ABSENT: Larry Scholes. . L 13 ' Ei 2 Agia. if f A KI DERGARTE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Ronald Lincoln, Kathleen Rernsen, John Rauh, Gloria McRae, Paul Kelley, Karen Calhoun, Keith Pierce, Glenn Herdman, David Farnum, Robert Wilkins, Susanne Guinnip, Robert Carson, Edward Schutt, Jessie Hanchett, Arthur Button. LAST ROW: Chester Gosper, Steve Anderson, Richard Harding, Michael Grastorf, Rodney Robbins, Dennis Fiegl, John Heaney, Alan Short, Donald Beals, Roger Patterson, Richard Young, Janice Pens- worth, Delbert Bartella, Dale Hutchinson, David Vincent, Charles Dorsey, Mrs. Renwand. Absent at time picture was taken: Graydon Woodworth. Roberta .nga Ge orgla Joanne knav Mar11yn K A Nancy Maryanne FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Donald Demick, Paul Harrington, James Harding, William Blessing, Ronald Hoffman, Charles Byroads. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dewey, Roy Austin, Ernest Austin, Thomas Day, James Miller, Ralph Schneider, Richard Crawford, Charles Demick. f RG L ,lsflgyf fl? 5 ,C f ,' 4---Q vb, xlmfd? ' aiu W-Ella' EL r ,mu git: L1 4 V 1 X 4 it 'lun' x-,n ff" 'agile ,Q-n 'un 1 BA EBALL FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Charles Byroads, Larry Tucker, Tony Dodge, James Harding, Alan Hooker, Ronald Hoffman, Richard Doner. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dewey, William Blessing, Ralph Schneider, William McConnell, Thomas Day, Ernest Austin, Paul Gallmann, Charles Burdick. Las' gellca I-L' Season we dog pc whelamz oca H boards handling After l due to ACS 49101 n with ball only kept a scared Nunda s I the An- opened the 'ng 'whmda e under e over Nunda the Job nn the their ball probablv ptters th a 10 point quarter that not like so had line a shoot- nto ihe a ' r a The rat xih NUI? .zsfed :ng also bo 'xxgh percer f rs! quartet half score ay d 'eadr Deffensx' stars if man col cu S around non K, From me field Angelica ca s speed- das pivot 'mg the usual we revolving 'Qlnt posi- matched Nunda m spite ot ter but the from the das angers an un lu goal Ior goal first quar- decided Nun- for 23- tor any U31-181 Willa 1 nice Gutter harms Ernie clear spite of The and wi! o! ball game terllies game system. This opens the Leicbworq show the Dill club and df! its best to win VAR ITY 601115 b 8 F wel! brand rst the buh first of their Angelica n against ou t and hard LEFT TO RIGHT COACH: Mr. Nasal MANAGERS: George Derx Donald Case Philip Sortore 5 4' county Ch arley 5 e rc Loxmg D I c k OG 9 Fll first sea stand Cnhf as Vbooclake xallex. to usa post along dnmx n son zctv. filler A orma Joe krtbali Cal! in The Du at 1 Burdick o !l D Jim Start me 1 om upped sl Roberts nvll an wma time Angelic I .un-1 Be Q :perm oz to Z'-un when tb? Ihr- sehedule nov 19 Nm 36 Die-1 nal V'-,b BED BI. SY 3 The Red busy maxi evening, f .,.15 Cllfllff 0 f , 4, , ZA'G 0. - 1 fear .,- .- ri Isa ,. Befist 'owl L. dxf stmrgest team M ' M 'i tf'JFf42'llif' " - league: i Better he or February -ith es! neighbf An old tink, ' - with the ,iting f-. "-llft A vs- rlday. near- Ort. BA KETBAL Sl' f0f Tommy Day We member of Coomb Wim on xax started two ' as that time name 01105 POS! cause rl Ron ing and Ralph on a par I coming Mcton 'fum be tm set shot the only start CUIC practice the" Since two Q mme zone have mg he two Hotfma the outside agamsx team sh mov weeks Jumo Erm Austms foul line fast start hxttmg 12 mos! of the are ine, bu hte m from goals old form was dead-eye One t held Da 7 mixes WZS a drive shots In up his through 5 2 points 011911 Now strid scan 1 for the top spot in erence 'haesday we play Bel t amy lets ,ufcfheer the boys vm cesslul season their :hound wilt vnllbe ianemngnf dickald inthe trim but trod out Annum? vdzfrua ameri' Cons out and a sue V., Box score Ill' e- Day T Blessing Hoffman Austm E Gallmann P Burdick C. Harding J. Llrry In TNURS? Xccqgg U Total wan be ph V Novembah with Yrid Graatier Webster Gath , Marble Smith. -- Mczklxster 4 ' Doois Friday December ,ll ld- Hallett ian--than 'Tuesday December '14 - 1-max home ,-.. - . -qs TOP ROW, Left to Right: Ronnie, Charlie, Tom, Ernie. BOTTOM ROW: Jim, Ralph Paul, Bill. J 3 i X 'V J.V. CHEERLEADER LEFT TO RIGHT: Marianne Kelley, Marx-rRoyce, Shirley Austin, Kathleen Link, Anne Patterson, lene Hoffman. J.V. BA KETBALL PLAYER LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Tucker, Charles Byroads, John Hofius, Richard Roberts, Tony Dodge, James Miller, Alan Hooker, William McConnell, Richard Doner. , I, I , . 1, W -A I ' X 'f 5 A M, ' yi' 'A a , ,, M .,, . 5 ie? gg' , 3 , W, Y 319 " E Q SHE' 4 is-L . Q, , Y' :Y 5. Q ' : QQ' ,tl wi ll , L, 3 'S ' 1 .Cf , 15' L- -9 X P04 uk! x ' wg i'Q5Tf'71i5V S gl 4' ywwlg KU 152' Q S J ...wa L3 N ,Lf ZS ff" 'P If 1' 5, 1 J 'f 5 . ik '+- 07 AHGLCA ll' 5.2" fi' lnlfifif FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Cynthanette Tyler, Mary Jones, Aleta Emery, Shirley Zeliff, LaRay O'Hara, Arlene Hoffman, Shirley Austin, Wilma Lawrence. SECOND ROW: Annette Benjamin, Joanne Rose, Joyce Greene, Evelyn Brooks, Lois Walker, Lorraine Behrens, Joanne Ellessor, Carol Mehlenbacher, Toni Lee Swift, Donna Hall, Anne Patterson. THIRD ROW: Nancy Ross, Nancy Jones, Carol Thomas, Sandra McKnight, Millicent Patterson, Georgia Lee McMahon, Norita Graham, Roberta Gosper, Marilyn Tucker, Brenda Graham, Susan Kelly. QC' UNIUR HIGH CHORU FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Mary Burdick, Dorothy Jennings, Bette Wolcott, Georgia Graham, Marian Behrens, Jean Tyler, Wrexie Balcom, Brenda Benjamin, Raymond Spangler, Bonita Hooker, SECOND ROW: Thomas Doner, Jean Almeter, Kay Hurd, Janet Tucker, Sandra Brooks, Ellen Derx, Bruce Fuller, Carol Ellsessor, Miss Chit- tenden. THIRD ROW: Eugene Mott, Ellen Balcom, Donna Hall, Edgar TillingaS'C, Lorraine Behrens, Jim Dyke, Pollyanna Radley, Gary Wilkins, Raymond Emery, Philip Sortore. rim. ii Hsu FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Raymond Emery, William Bailor, Donna Hall, Kay Hurd, Mary Jones, Wilma Lawrence, Marianne Kelley, Shirley Zeliff, Jean Almeter. SECOND ROW: Carol Thomas, Arlene Hoffman, Pollyanna Radley, Joanne Perry, Lois Walker, Nancy Sortore, Lorraine Behrens, Anne Patterson, Geneveive Patterson, Geneva Pat- terson, Georgia McMahon, Roberta Gosper. THIRD ROW: Annette Benjamin, Richard Roberts, Joyce Greene, Sandra Hoffman, Mr. Enos, Alan Hooker, Gary Wilkins, Duane Graham, Benjamin Hooker. . GIRL' E EMBLE FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Cynthanette Tyler, Anne Patterson, Velma Thomas, Miss Chittenden. SECOND ROW: Annette Benjamin, Nancy Jones, Marilyn Tucker, Carol Thomas, Roberta Gosper, Brenda Graham. E Q 77' RIFLE CLUB This year the Student Council used some of the money earned in the maga- zine campaign to buy a rifle. Although the club has not been organized at this writing, the Council hopes to start it soon. The club will include both boys and girls and will be coached by Mr. Chandler. Above are the officers of Student Council and their advisors with the new rifle. 4 5, L -s i - 1 3 Q a l STUDE T COU CH, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Philip Sortore, Donald Case, James Noce, Maryanne Radley, Marilyn Tucker, Arlene Hoffman, Raymond Emery, Benjamin Hooker, Miss Bozzette. SECOND ROW: William Blessing, William Schultz, Tony Dodge, Ralph Schneider, Duane Graham, Charles Burdick, Richard Roberts, Ronald Hoffman, Mr. Chandler. LIBRARY CLUB FIRST TABLE: Jesse Marvin, Georgia McMahon, Brenda Graham, Anne Patterson, Carol Mehlenbacher, Sandra McKnight. SECOND TABLE: Marilyn Tucker, Sandra Hoffman, Thomas Day, Nancy Jones, Carol Thomas. THIRD TABLE: Ronald Hoffman, Roy Austin, Duane Graham, Paul Gallmann, Donald Kelley. STANDING: Mary Jones, Norita Graham, Monica Almeter, Maryanne Radley, Annette Benjamin, Jim Harding, Bill Blessing, Paul Harrington, Joyce Greene, John Hofius, Roberta Gosper. FIRST TABLE: Joanne Rose, Mary Royce, Kathleen Link, Marianne Kelley, Nancy Ross, Susan Kelly, Velma Thomas. SECOND TABLE: Marilyn Tucker, Mary Louise Wolcott, Thomas Day, Richard Roberts, Carol Thomas. THIRD TABLE: Jim Noce, Alvord Norton, Charles Burdick, Charles Demick, Vernon Almeter. STANDING: Bernita Behrens, Nancy Sortore, Lois Walker, Joanne Perry, Mrs. Weir, Tommy Carpenter. KEYHULE TAFF FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Wilma Lawrence, Arlene Hoffman, Aleta Emery, Brenda Graha.m, Shirley Austin, Joanne Ellsessor, Joanne Perry, Donna Hall, Joyce Green, Marianne Kelley. SECOND ROW: La Ray O'Hara, Nancy Jones, Annette Benjamin, Susan Kelly, Roberta Gosper, Jesse Marvin, Nancy Ross, Kathleen Link, Anne Patterson, Miss Bedient. THIRD ROW: Lorraine Behrens, Lois Walker, Mary Louise Wolcott, Charles Byroads, James Link, Nancy Sortore, Richard Roberts, Carol Thomas, Mr. Ludwig. CUMMERCIAL CL B FIRST ROW, Seated, Left to Right: Mary Louise Wolcott, Velma Thomas. SECOND ROW, Seated: Duane Graham, Georgia McMahon. THIRD ROW, Standing: Nancy Sor- tore, Carol Thomas, Joanne Perry, Norita Graham, Millicent Patterson, Richard Roberts, Miss Bozzette. M5 , Q:- x Vg ,sg Q" 1 f 941 lv I 1 ' K a I- .4 I ? A ' wg Q 5 ,11 NL Mai if is f 5 f g 'fi N ll 5 if A MM i4gQ1g',g!1l iF W sf. 1 4, 3- , if Mil? 2' V' f ,MW ' f -6' A -N, Wm m 1 lf: 1 3 fa 1 Wl1 Ymm ,, 5? 1. 3 ' 2 4 F sary' F. H. A. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Wilma Lawrence, Arlene Hoffman, Aleta Emery, Donna Hall, Shirley Austin, Joanne Ellsessor, Joanne Rose, Velma Thomas, Marianne Kelley. SECOND ROW: Mary Jones, Bernita Behrens, LaRay O'Hara, Kathleen Link, Brenda Graham, Anne Patterson, Monica Almeter, Joyce Greene, Maryanne Radley. THIRD ROW: Miss Runckel, Lois Walker, Lorraine Behrens, Norita Graham, Georgia Lee McMahon, Millicent Patterson, Susan Kelly, Evelyn Brooks, Sandra Hoffman. . , , i X S 5. 'r 5 4 4 F. F. A. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Vernon Almeter, Alvord Norton, Jim Harding, Larry Tucker, Donald Kelley. SECOND ROW: Bill Blessing, Mr. Chandler, Ralph Schneider, Paul Gallmann, Charles Burdick. xii, LATI CLUB FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Shirley Zeliff, Wilma Lawrence, Arlene Hoffman, Mary Royce, Annette Benjamin, Alete Emery, Donna Hall, Marianne Kelley, Bob Jennings. SECOND ROW: Jim Noce, Lois Walker, Benjamin Hooker, Carol Thomas, Charles Byroads, Niss Cossaboon, Lorraine Behrens, John Hofius, Tony Dodge, Nancy Ross. ' iimb-E '- ""f"f" ' THU FUTURE On January 14, 1955, the voters of Angelica Central School District by an overwhelming majority decided to build the school pictured above. The new site of the school will be East Main Street. BEbT WISH ofthe IHIIIUX WELLSVILLE QHXMBER OF COMMERCE HERCHANTC' Hlumenth 11 '-, Sc hool and 'I 0am Outfltters 224 W Ummm Str ee Olean New York ILEANK' SI HRT UTIIHE Ihe Best P11110 ln the World Your Own Home Iown Boost for lt Tom the NhlaLIH LHHIBMI HHHIHHE Membex of the Ch xmber of C ommuce of the L mted Stites of Xmouc 1 '11 1 1 1 fx A XIA 1 T11 ,..1 o COIVIPLIME NTS HLRRAl 'NHEN Hornell s Largest Men s and Boys Clothlers 38 Broadway Fed Bldg Hornell N Y JOHl EXTUX and C0 Manufacturmg Wholesale Grocers P O Box 1677 P1ttsburgh '50 Permsylvanla Y Y W Y 7 I . d K . V I Y ' 1 K A XTIHHHII NX lIi0SlHS Ilh HIEMI OF W W "W l J.f..k OF 1 ! '91 V11 K K , f . Complimc nts of MAXSON BXRHFR SHOP Angellca N Y Compliments BELMONT Lb IVIBER COMP ANIY Comphments of WOLCOFT FUNERAL HOME Angellca N 'Y VITALITY SHOES J XCOB S BROS 121 Maln Hornell New York TUTTLE Sa ROCKWELL CO Steuben County s Largest Department Store Hornell lN Y TEETER S V LXRIETY SHOP A varlety of everythlng Angehca New York MAIN FLRNITURE CO Albert Nabolsek 37 Seneca St Hornell N Y Phone 2100 Compllments AlNGILLICA LUMBER CO Xngelwa New York E ' of Y n A I J x I I . 4. L f v - 1 1 ," , , L . . YT , l . Compliments of , Ya 4 . ' " LY Y Y T ' ' of T 1 4 f l, ' " L' 1111111111 1111 FLORANtE ELElTRIl Lumber and BU11d6T Supphes From Cellar to Roof Supply C0 283 Camsteo Street Phone 1358 76 Mam Street Hornell N Y Comphments Comphments H 13 WEB HUME RE TAURA T Drugs G1fts C andy Eat Where Food Kngeht 1 D1 Y Cant Be Beat 1 ' 91 1 ' 1 t A O A A I x A A of '1 1 1 Q A U Hornell -- -- New York of of . . P01 1 Illl ItEll.1nd IIITE Homeowned and Operated Cholce Quahty Meats Produce and Grocemes Dehvery Servlce Phone Angehca 279 1 Cornpllm ents MIME ELEUTRIC RMK ol Ml ELICt P1anos Mus1ca1 Instruments RCA Vlctor and Zenlth Radxos Latest Records Sheet Muslc Hallmark Greetmg Cards Toys and Games Sportmg Goods Phone 131 127 Ma1n St Hornell N Y V' 6 W . l K of KIVKIE tll"lf F0 l . l . 0f ., . . V , , Jr' 1 tt I f ' C omphments J C PFNNFY Hornell New York Comphments of XMERICAN HOT EL Good P ood Legal Beverages Xngelu '1 New York P N MLIYF SH ARM IMPLEMI lNl Sales and Servme Almond 'N Y Phone 5485 C omphme nts of Olds ht Phone Belmont 70 ii Belmont New X o1k Comphments of ONOLYN M GIBSON Insurance Angehea New York Comphm ents of MARKET BASKET Angellca New Y ork EARL S WATCH REPAIR 48 W Maln St J E W E L R Y and Watch Repalr Angellca New York TRANSIT BRIDGE STORE General Store Burdette and Mlnna Watson Props Route 19 R D 2 Belmont New York of A, ' F 3 . . . . EASI SIDE Ci.XliAGI'. K2 '11 M ' s--t' ivy , LY. . ,I A Mike Sear 5 Your One Stop Shopplng Center EARS llllhlilllx and L0 1INlFH,TbIiE NLE 1 UI 0? Serv1ce FEED SEED F ARM SUPPLIES Angellca New York THE HH EMI RE TQLIRANI' The best mn fme food Hornell N Y 19? Seneca St of ' U! w 1 1 '1' , 1 A lk u, Y Y . v 1 , . 1. Y I Hornell. . . New York Angelica New York W' me " ' Q N I A I I . I A X V V l 1 G. L. F. t R1 Smcere Good Wlshes to Semors of 1955 HMA. 'I'l1111I HAI1l111AI1E f 100 or Over years Everythmg 1n Hardware 106 Mam Street Angehc 1 New York Hornell New York WILLA I1 11 IC H11 CLOTHl G COMPA Y A good place to buy Good Clothes 229 H Umon Street for Men and Boys Olean New York 154 North Umon St Baldwm PIHDOS and Organs Qlean N Y 111 1 . - Dial 4452 I1 1 11 DAVI Best Wishes From l BLLLUCK LARALE LUP Cleaners 8: Launderers A Busmess Bullt on Sat1sfact1on ESSO SERVICE Fa1thful Servlce to Angellca Resldents FOI' 3 Number of Years General Repalrlng Samtone Cleamng Telephone 23 51 450 Carusteo Street Hornell New York l0lHERHAl IEHELER l6'3 lVla1n St Over A St P Hornell 'Nl Y Texaeo Products The Jewelry Store of Fme Wholesale and Reta11 Watches Grocemes Weldmg Dlamonds Elgm Longmes Hamllton W1ttnauer PYIOHS 4621 Bu1Ov1 LeC0u1tpe 146 E 'Vlaln St Kngellca N Y 'a LO0Hll' Y ' ' ' W Hmmmmmw HIRRI' 'ERIICE 'TlT10l 1' ' '1 Q K A W. .J.' l .8 l- ' Congratulations 1955 Graduation Class WINEBURG To the Compliments of C0 DERMAN S ts and Glass 0 Wan Paper Pam Mam Street Hornell N Y Charlle and Nell 50 Camsteo Street Phone 110 Ho rne 11 New York Your school photography Compllments 1S but one of our many servlces MEMlfR GRIFFI THATCHER S S'I'llDl0 ERVICE Wel1sv1l1e Phone 91 Over the A 8: P Weddmg 81 Br1da1 Photos Glamour Studles Portralts 8: Groups Farn111es When you th1nk of Plctures Thlnk of Thatcher 46 Broadway Hornell Phone 28 New York Compliments and Best Wishes MAPES STORE Angelica New York Compliments of ROBERTS' FURNITURE STORE Furniture- - -Television Angelica - - New York J, E, LAWRENCE TRUCKING C ompliments of Angelica Chapter PSC 2309 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Buffalo Rochester President Maryanne Radley Telephones Vice President Ann Patterson Angelica Buffalo Secretary Velma Thomas 2842 Washlngton 6968 Treasurer Brenda Graham PASTEURIZED MILK CREAM GUERNESY FARM Phone 320 Belmont New York HARRIS S HARDWARE Belmont 1S a Good Place to Shop Compliments BELVIDERE RESTAURANT Ken Ku Mary Stedman Sea Food Legal Beverages Dinners Served at Any Hour Phone Belmont 7789 Belvidere New York V i, 'ff Ai: ',-1' . M . zig, W Aa ? ,E -wi., kg " ?f7Kk 2. -nas ? X , g - 2 2 Q f 5fff5'Ql"'1 Q -,N 1 H1 ,mmm 2:31, W 5, . pgsql 5 Q X: .. ff ffm '- ,3 L Y W 137 ff. ,F . ,114 na..-..,,,, ,,L,..W Wf 5. .-Qs , Q ' ' 'E gl ,, ff M , ' . d , A 5.3 M,,,', mal: s Q Q ' a' x gi-r-Aki A 4 LO0Kl G 4. z A. K ,. 3 Q I BACK . in 1 .- x . J xt!! INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Konsus C ty Pucyhwf. CovevMu'1uLc1V.vP'. Bon Bwvdws FACTORY HOME UFHCE i w s

Suggestions in the Angelica Central School - Echo Yearbook (Angelica, NY) collection:

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