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 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 216 of the 1959 volume:

A ,-- ,av . mx n . 'gi S gy. Q 5 , ,-'qi' V ,gs I v 1 ' 5 ., . , I 5 513 'Q-,..4f, ,Q N If'-,wet , , L h . KL .iq gf WMF., 2.3 wg .nf A X .5 . 3 ' '.' ,., , 'xi' . 1 , 4 N Q fw.. 1 - ,L'...'-2?--' ,,-' Q a ,W y . - v ,B . if-my 1 x v, A 7 4' -.E2f,.lt :U -..j, :--+v.:s2l-'JE q,?i!'U- - , -,,,,,,..1f:u -- . -. .- 'F JF'-H nd' S X X. A5 fu ' iff H- , i f f -f w .0 , 4, h.- ' 4: .9 ' ' 95 if-A , 44 'jug , -: 5 .. f' 1 ,A - 1 px If X, t ,, 5 - ., X I. 1. . , . M g .v 4. 1' .- , ' ' X - tif- . 'JT' x no S- , V .2 06 ia ,- '. --+ 17. - ,fx 'I ,. ... Jw? , 5 L,-ix -S- ' S' T221 '- :,- , - ig 1, -OA 4' V, ' Q4 ,. ..+ze 4 Q N is 's I lp..-I. '9 . lan faux., 'I- ' it ' 12 . , I,- ' , , 7, 4 -Q, - -L , Y :', , - ' JS!! .. . K 4 - 'lj L -.J 1 4' q ' kai' P , 51' 'WK . l 1 in v 5 vs .M xt, fa , ,, ,. , di .X ., , '14 ' A-5 L , t, L inf: I 5 'r 4 ' n fy- '1 . ,, 5,7 r .,,,,., 'v '1 ff' I gr 5 jfn, . , ' '! A ol A' r . -QQ W - shim-5 '.'1f V 'T ' b wi-.1--, .A ,1- ,mn , 745. , WA, ,, , .,....fA-,L...xgsgA.g i'f- ' 'iln.,--'--f4u- , ,. vw .. ---.A 4 lp, 'ugh . -5 'Q -,nf Alf 'F ,. 4 .. f ,as v r P' Q -'-y . ff? f' 1 ..'. 'Q . ' 0 on-, PG! ,V v C' t N I 4 r ' wx . .-A Mn. . A. Q. , ,r tklrfif ,.. A 1. , f 2'.4-fi v 4. +3 -, if Z. ' 'r-X 'JN l I. Q 1 L fr ,1 J -Qual., 11, '7'-i - -' x 1-'Q . , T l R.: I .t Q . K 4 n - Q if 221 4 A - 'f .EI - 'QU-K ?35--ag s-'YH-f 1-vi-1 xl ' J '. A - - K Y an ' 'ln I 'Q ' a. , ' 47 , 0' , ' 1 . . , Q 'Q-, . -1.21-15 ' 'wi f H .Q -- A ,-.9 P-gig , ' A ' .2 ,' f s 'lfifx - N. A f ' + ' 4 , V , '?Q1..fNf H gf ' M'-sr' R I if .xv N ,Q if 3 , THE MUS ' ' ANDREWS HIGH SCHOOL ISGS I S L ,gr :XA v AA, -I SNlP, ANDREWS, TEXAS C As we blast off frorn Andrevvs High Scnool for our gourney into space, we realize that nothing now is left but nwernories. In future years as your thoughts return to 1958-59 at AHS, we nope your copy ol THE MUSTANG will serve as a vivid re- minder of those pleasant events and activities that helped to make it a wonderful year. ---THE STAFF i I C O N T E N T S Who's Who ..... 4 Faculty. ,,.... 62 Sophomores. . . 102 Favorites ...... 16 Seniors. . . . . .72 Sports ..,. . . . . H4 Organizations. . .34 Juniors. . . . . .88 Activities. . . . . 146 f 'F WHO'S WHO AND SCHOLASTIC AWARDS 2 -V 0 pl., .. , , , --. -f if if ?S:'fiNI i Q xi 1 ,I . . '. . -gxjgil. .- ,f' I U.,-2, .fx . ' 1--IWV 'W'..'L' 1 I ' '4 s - if- 2. A-H . A r i rl' s . ,Q un,-5.12-F-:?.1,5,,,, L L. - I v'.:,:.r'Y'1- , -'s ,V H ' in bs. TN' l ff vo 1 F? -.4f...,f -g ..' f 4. me A ' . . S- ff '- -if-W Q T- Hd's -:N . .Q - ,... A, Q. h ., ..., '.. .L . Q Q. I V J I. H. I . . 3J , 'I-sal' 3- ' h P 'I 'f.! npcs :uit K W ' , ' - . '-,- L Y . ' ' -- ' fhhff'-. r-P. f',. :T 'Un 1' I'3'g, ' ' - ' - . V 1 N' 5.,h-Q '.4', Q h. U A' .- ,nd wig . ' .x'l,.L:.L ...K We I 1. .Xb A, ...-.15 gs:g- 'NQQ 'x ' W. g -In ' ii- Ox F - K+ X pf fhifs aj, . 5' ,f' b f .. S I H- v 5 i . ' . ' ff. .,f rrx. f+- ,: R S. 9 ., - 'rx 1, 'd!, V V.. Q A -' X 9 up 1 F 0 'E . ' V g, ' Q .. J, FI: usa-..' ,: . . In 1 wi I ' . - M.: - 1 0 .- . . ,. , . n . in ss . WLM .xg 5 . E 'HLU I M ' - .. , , 1' , Y .vp ' . ' -., ' p '.',,'- q.' ' ., ' -1 ' 'l -I. ' , '-vQ .di I S ' K A O ' -fx 1 76. I 1-, ' ,. xj , .Ag-at 'P' eiii-. ' e -4 .f jf:-V '51, - f: '1. 1'-.gfx--Tryst' ' F -e Q-...Q , .z -wk'-' ' K M g .. by Q , --in. KF., w . , Fila 'L a., iTa ,3 hm? gf :Q-35' A 1 ,, ., , ,pw gigktf . V f 'l -TK 15 y N l 0, ' A 'f A IN clnzsukhlb L mi 'A Y' J' . V V vgkwr' M ' fi I di V er' . - - A . , Us ,J 4 n ' - ' T : , ' Q . '11 ' ,, ' 'K .- ' 'Y - ,, ,Ah-1,-.7 , 4 ' 'a-J' Yi - 4 54-1 x V: I . ' Kp 1-:V : ,Z ' idx ...., ,.,' , ,.. qv 4 .F -A 'QQ5Ef1' , wgz- ' .qi , , VF 3 I 'Y .ai yu Us X 099,2- S13 Mx fi? 1 A X. 1 vi :fs fl , 1 BPHJIE QSWP-. wwe' W H N I .- Q fb ff PAUU1 NPV NDN Whos Wm- E U 8 L - args? - 6' ri 2x75 'Y ,M Y AL 1 JIM' BPH cN Um Q J B I Nd K -vt MAP f JC V 'fff-AN V. ifgmwqrz Mmqlmryis vinci 1' 'rv' .vw ffl' f' lt Y ,ng 4---'av My I r 1 ? Q, Y MAX FNSHER Who s Who in Scwe-me YJ y L O BOBBY WILLIAMS Who's Who in lndustrual Arts N-ff l, I SUE WAGGONER Who s Who an Commercwa5 Sfudles N ' g CUBA VV0 S Hdmv ak vi? 1' Il ZF SKAGG5 1, xx S -A, fl' 3,ApP- ai WHO'S U'+QRf EDGE .Moe fwz v' Speech - KAN' HSSE Q , O Q- N6 E V I ' 4 la ',:.zmwwkN X: Q, WHO 5 NLM? B524 'nys .MU ' s VALEDICTORIAN SEAYRNCE Y',2J5JQ SALUTA TORIAN RONNIE BRICE Awewage 9-1,37 'W x 'GSW A .- -sb-7 Or- 4- nv xg ' R D s H B FSJME Nu' wa 74' C, . . f Uv - Nia , ' JOHN BACON - If an ,rx ' 'C' .. rw, I 4 z .,. 4- 3 uf r, .. A I lf 1 fr' it 1. - 7 Bacon won frrgv place fu me b- ology civsron of We regronal so- R A ence 'ar wrfh Hs smdy of rngra- - s 'OW VWGUWS of We staied quar! He NA' 1 , aiso cofnpmed rn We nahonal ferr 'K-D J I In Hartford, Connecrrcqf A I! 1 L I rc tr I . xr , ,, r . xx X X X471 J, SHERRY sfeovw K M4 ' h Umfed Nahons U 9 -fr' ' 'N Pdgrrnwaqn W nner ' f ' X S 'fr H 'r BOBBY WPLLIAMS Grand W-nner-Odessa lndusmal Arrs Show l , L. Freddy Grobe and Jack Reamy drspiay Mrs? :Mare Wrophws won by THE ROUND-UP and THE MUSTANG as We W.TH.SPA for 1958, THE ROUNDUP aiso won second plate an the vate at Denton in December. ff m 'Chg Q fn-. fy' x 4 A W A R D 4 S A 7- Y QD N O-X -4' N. wg8?, L5-A 3,-.f ,. r, .,.,-,M .,. 4 ,, c5,,, ,,,,.,Q L agen J W , B's Baku E' 15 fl Va- Fsffg' fwd Bob Vac all -.0 .44 'i v ,MV A., MJ I -x,'0nl1-. W-0-an -' s 5' i ii 1g'1.s a, Avfs f. ffwfs ra' 'fm Kvssssd nerves' aw Babb, Pave-', .Ln of Mew gym' VA ,WS p, w P.--NSU., ,pf yawn, H,Vy,,.,, -AV... 3,-K4 Jdmcs 9, K S KHEQQNF . XCNEY -Q APci'0.'-.S Skfiy CME fwci'-'ms ' 0.1.14 nl r 1. T Juikws Pcnvv vu! LHNTJ V'xv vw V'5v gvla 4 H mst'-gr 5 me one U J I 3 1 ,,.-Ll 1' Q- id. AWARDS S., .2232 56 -e Pe -'k' ff: 1 MQ M .'.-4ft, 'U- ' ' A R 'fn D in Wifffh S is . , .+t,, ,..f,., l 13' 2' H Q59 25' ,. 41 N. H-X', ,' E-3 ' r K fri' Y 1:9 if I B '4.'LA Y BREWEQ BASM GREAxES 1 -v' .. wf, - Nm ax Q. h .-'S .E,KE.PSE' 3 -.SS Z f FAVORITES a if C YEARBOOK BEAUTIES A new feature of THE MUSTANG is the selection of yearbook beauties, iudged this year by Bob Cummings, motion picture and television star. From IO girls nominated, tive were selected by the student body as finalists. Each student buying an annual deposit cast one vote. The top five nominees reached the finals, and their photographs were sent to Mr. Cummings for iudging. Nominees not reaching the finals were Sherry Brown, Frances Clary, Dolores Flores, Caye Robison and Joyce Reeves. Mr. Cummings' letter appears at the right of the page. .df 'N Hi BOB C UMMINGS Yearbook Beauties Judge BKDB l7I'?IMlNGH loco Lu'-un. wan nzvn-Lv llzup. Quunnnu ' L .u, Liss is a Jiizp, ii r' T511 Iflif E Andrews 'l . cnual nxirewq, exas mar' Miss Shing: I :ave g receive of May lltn and ar' ieligritei ' 'lv' f f4.Lsfs if The fzllnw 1. 'iv Barter 2. a .va Allen j. aa ra may , qzner V ar' erwlns inis nas 'een a 'frst -1 mite iifilcx L: tasx, A r K :ale eric :asa 5 s ce a v 'xc alias zavf: 'ia y qsalities a s a 8 ,!. . :.ease extend my cyngratulal the ive ra 1s's I an enclosing a ,netmgragri mself, ss yag sugieszei. 1 as ease Q.f.:re'i L, iave it FlQp8BY'1Y1Q7D,I' raarhour 7.1f,n kindest regards to yu. the Mxstang staff, 'ie s''.ts 'mi fee. v of A-zirews 4153 5f:n J1. a Bch Iqirii I x 1959 YEARBOOK B GWNY GERBER Q xx YEARBOOK SERUXJA ALLEN Seccmqi Piface SAUNDRA SEAY Thwrd Place zo M -'fi BEA UTIES SUE 'Sir xlVf+f7C3UN fo f, FQJ'-V P df 1-Q SHARON PERKINS Fifth Place 1 WGN. 'Xi XJ JL . 'E-X 'ix MR. A.H.S. RONNIE BRICE . M A 'vnu A-.,'.g V 1. pe H.:-V 4 .4-3.23 ,yfvqsq 53, pf.: - 159- 3, . , ... ' f, J. --1 I., I cf ,, - .3f+ ,-i' ,N . I ,V 5uvj,.k:gL is 2:51. 82 V. ,- .- f-2 ., on .. L.. 3.3,-:fx-A.N?-5.4, 1, , - A1 ,,vq.bxf. - 7' f -.f'.r':'.-Sjrgj 5 -1 X 'Eva 713- 551 'Q f :ri y V. + -SENIOR F VORITES' st' an I ,,', ,Rl 'cl If .f ' 1 i. .. I' 1 C o ijt, ,wx Vi Q 1 12 as . 2? ,. ,fx G iff! w 'I .X K 'li -nr 1 'Q Q1 Q '!'1:',,. 1 -'FL . S1192 ' R . '51 .81 .u ... --IQ' ' ' 1 1 'Lffff - 'n4' 5 -. . . A' '1l'1 . .j2 . JUNIOR FAVORITES flu.. A fi : '51 M, Ohm., ' 1 Q I' 1 gf fy y 'Yi w' ri fF5Qi 1U5'3 ' H' ' W mf' maoma+nw1znum01'f ,nav , X A 5 SOPHOMORE FAVORITES Q DOUG JEFFREYS SHARON PERKINS HALLOWEEN ROYALTY 'T if, Q9 ' 2.3-f SARA SHIPP-Queen EDWINA NEWCOMB Junior Attendant SAND! HARDIN Senior Attendant 41. audi' fs. .0 5 ' FRIENDLIEST GIRL AND BOY SARA SHIPP HOUSIY BREWEQ BELLE AND BEAU J- 'Vit'-lf,w'Lx' PHX' RONNVL 5F2!Qh 5UL v'VACQ-GOVNU2 P xxlfvix 4 we :zip 'L 'F P if Lx: W j Q WL: - , vj M: A QI, ge ' g 11 ' l JR N L' KW Q F I 2 F 5 WITTIEST BOY AND GIRL X E Ui KAY HE -'fd Q. l x 4 . '1 ... 4, 41 ,, 4 :L fn' 'f J I 'fish' CUTEST BOY AND GIRL TERRY BETENBOUGH Qnwrw GERBER :ji Vs -iga FOOTBALL ROYALT ffbfvfif n .ff mmf V Y ,Ag 'Fi ik ' if 5-1 ' -x f .' 1: ,p . , ., 1 N.. 'X i S 4 5 4? M Q A' sus WACSGQNER-Queen ANITA WRNKLEY-SANDRA BRICE Anendams ,..-v BASKETBALL ROYALTY IZ 'Y' Tr' 'IJ-11.4.4 I . , 4.61- ,og-. if, f gi: ' if 933' ,gg 536 7 .y , .H ., ,nj 'Hi .9 ,5- 1 -f J? , gs, - He . f, f Q H- ,,f:.?4 Vw 4.1. 1 -23, .. 4 ,sf-S 1751 W Q4 f , ff . I S - K P ' 'L N SANDRA DAVIS-Que-enA 'GINNY GERBER SHARON PER , Attendants 1 5 F 'JB ,. 1, Y' , J v 0 ,I Y 1 if 5? 34 :lv 'Q 4,95 'Hur H! da rRAcK RoYALrY '31, X ,f X E GINNY GHQEU? Q SNNDY A Ol? J 5, sn IA A X fr 4' i 'A N 1 V ,g , I, L Y 1 fl! I Q U- I P 6 f' W' I If ' . J p , ,1 ' th A I , 1 ,, HJ- g X- N Y K Lqfjlf N ,xv V 4 I f bl 32 ' , wsu' .t 'lb- Q VOLLEYBALL KING JACK ADAMS BASEBALL QUEEN Jo BETH PAYNE I Z Q if ORGANIZATIONS 1 -3 Members of the Student Council are Kstandingl Sharon Perkins, Carolyn Mclntyre, Larry Edge, Don Morgan, Virgil Coffee, Larry Shepperd, Tommy Walker, Jerry McCarver, Walker Ogden, Terry McPherson, Glen Walters, Jimrny Adoddell, Charles Hillis, Joe Mcliissick, Basil Greaves and Bill Warren. Seated on rows one and two are Pat Byles, Sherry Davis, Linda Underwood, Anita Winkley, Frances Crown, Mona Reid, Sandra Brice, Sandy Alcorn, Sandi Hardin and Edwina Newcomb. STUDENT COUNCIL ' 'P nz,-fir HOUSTY BREWER Vice President President-Elect RONNIE BRICE President SANDY ALCORN Secretary x Hx STUDENT CCUNCH. A highight ot the year was the visit by Congressman George Mahon during Howdy Day iast taii ff'f1'feff'e:' it 'i 1. l df I Offrcers for the year were Charles Compton, suonsor, Ronme Brice, president, Sandr Hardin, treasurer, Sandy Aicorn, secretary, Housty Brewer, vice president, and Basil Greaves, oarliamentarian. .ff n-.-. X Miss Speight Williamson, Engiish Instructor, admires the he-men She selected for shaving cream awards in the annual Western Day beard contest sponsored by the Student Council, Officers for next year are Housty Brevver, president? Sandra Davis, secretary: and Tommy Waiker vice president. 37 N f -ni ning . SENIORS Sandy Ahern cur? F24,r1rnciSrwc,e Kennefn Cup. .rgf Lnnny Gerber Lrr1dL1Hn 'ne!T 15 3 Sdndr Hrsrfiun 3 lr-1, raw G!enr,ieI. Hughes 'S' KfayMfLrwgn1rn Vin kc: 0Qd6U San' Per1ci!e'Qn BCE: Pfrce PCN Sa erwPW:fe Q'-1 Larry Snepperd Conrad Turner T Sue Waggener Moliy Word Bea Young NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY WALKER OGDENf-President Offlccrs are Vlfdkur Ogden, prcsrdentg Bea Young, 'reas- Urerg Sands Hardun, secretaryg Mrs, Luisa Caidcron, spon- sorp PoINy Satterwhutc, rcporferg and Bob Price, vice pres- ldv:-nt. .IUNIORS Hoosty Brewer Sandra Brice Dixie Butler Pat Bytes Royce Ballinger Doog Callahan Gayle Cotten Pat l-looser Max Fisher Carolyn King Melba Martin Nancy Miller Linda Moore Pat Patterson Jack Reanwy Joyce Reeves Lynn Rogers Cuba Skaggs Sandee Tidvvell Bill Warren NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SANDRA BRlCE AY. Sweellvearf ALLIED YOUTH Q sw .id l 's., Offzcers are Mrs. Rose Ella Place, sponsorg Glenda Henderson, Treasurer Mary Nell Holt, vrcc presrderxlg Marlrn Epps, spomsorg Jolm Gallm, president and Sandra Brice, sefremry. I LOS AMIGOS I A uw 4 L 2 Q-'N TOMMY HESTER and PEGGY BYLES Los Amigos Favorites .N mx' Off,:e's are M's Jua 'a S'YU'l'7, rcpoverg POM Sarvcr.-Jwc, so Lwsa Caldcrcrr, sponsorg and Ms dew. sponsor Peggy Byies cfefary-Treasurcrg Mrs ry Jo M:Covm, pres! ,- FUTURE TEACHERS I ff 1 no 'wr 1 - Q CONRAD TURNER and ANITA WINKLEY F.T.A. Favorites F.T,A officers are Anita Wmklcy, sc-cretaryg Dian Turner, recording secrmaryg Tootie Payne, historiang Linda Moore, president, Sander: Tidwell, vice presi- dent Wiison Bond, sponsorg Jane? Whifcomb, his- toriang and Linda Williams, corresponding secrc-vary, Mrs, Jo Ann Knight, the other sponsor, is not pictured. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS ' X Hifi. V Q O. 1702 4 vu., vb . 4 , , FHA members are lstandmgs Llnda t-lawwwetf Molly Word, Jarltce Bm, F'a'w:Q5 Oar. '-'tvlba F Be . B'yEVW and Betty Mckeymolns 1. r Ja 2392 21- 1 - I x ' 1 .AVN L, N s , I t I I Harm ll Mlll Molly Word rldes atop the F.H.A. float vvlwclv won first place tn the County Farr Parade It depleted 'Homemakmg on the Moon 5 P-if Q 23' 1--. 271- 'I Offlcers are Lmda Hammett, secretary-treasurefp Mrs. June Daniel sponsorp Melba Martin, vice presldcntg and Molly Word, prestdene. C F fi . NN ,G b Cholr members were rated rn second drvrsion In Inf-arsciwomsrrc League corvpcrvon rims year at Odessa. Dlrected by Dale Houston, wr was The frrst year 'har rvembcrs ccrw-1:1-'ed rf We 'os rzwsron C' the comest, DALE HOUSTON Director lndiv.duaN Honors wen? To Regre Brown who was named to We ar,-stare mor . aqiqhv. N I.,- CZ? 'Q-Q I X f X - 1 mv t xx qv Q . REGIE BROWN and MARTHA CHAMNESS Choir Favorites Y GIRLS' CHOIR Chow offmers are Peggy Summm, gwris chow prcsidentg Tommy Stubbs, A Cappciia vlqg pregmlenff Virgil Coffee, A Cappeila pfcswdenfg Lwnda WxUiams, sears-Yaryg and Brenda Spear, repoffer The Mocnshmers made numefou durffg We year and erv'hfaNieo s apoearances i-stew:-rs vw nh The' class :al sefcfovs Pcxfed .ve V 'cw COUQQ Reg e Bw.-.'1 Jmmx Alb' 'f Swbbs on and Tovwvy -iLb5X'f1'fg- -. ,ga - '11 - 'srfif , - - ' w- 1 z . s- I ' ' fl fi' I 1 'ff f ' H' xx '-'P'-2,2 L 'I'-'rw 1' ' , .. , -my X, . 1 V. Q f .F Q 1 . U , xv V1 7 ,ff Yff' M- If fjicf c ?!'g2kX'f'f5 .f I3 U , I 724 -lfxlgxisi gf,.8 L,!'..'IUgk6f'j 8 xr' -I : xr' X K 1 ' QQQQQ-xfu-xffvx, YgQ!,1',,, Q21 ff X: A ' W' f V V '1f '4 b- iv 1+ 'LY W ,f3,,g5g, 5f v w vw,,. -,A ., ..q gg .I ' 'P f'-7 A 1? ' ' ' ' a V Y' 1'xQ'Q g?Q?Q'1- if 'H Q' G w 1 -sul? 14,2 ,9,.. sv , ,X ,K xx, .. ic QQ 4. 'Z 'HI Q UP? I ' W 7 Ali? 1 'M QQ, NJ A 'ISU' -eh... - . Senior lackets were presented to lstandingi Kendal' Carruty, Sancy Alcorn, Anita Winkley, Ginny Gerber, Maylane Miller, Brenda Spear, Rosrnary Hogoe, Kay Mclaaghlln, Polly Satterwhite, Martha Chamness, Kay Hise, Sandi Hardln, Sue Montgornery, Serena Allen, Iris Hays, Cleve Balkurn and Freddy Fielder. Kneeling are Glen Walters, Woody Senlcel, Walker Ogden, Tommy Hester, Jimmy Albritton, Weldon Holcomb, Roy Max Perrin, .lohnny Pennington, Glendell Hughes, and Cecil McCown, BAND da Hendrick were all-state '54- Janet Whitcomb and Lyn 3 band alternates last spring. FY H I x il XX i e ffl 'NY The Pep Band performs at all pep rallies and at home basketball games. 'V . ....v - lRlS HAYS Band Sweetheart K fe if 3. 4 Q I I I S 'Q C5 MAJ ORETTES :N bn. X I ga' 184 AA--H -4 ' 1: II , 'H' P 'WWF . -4 'Sl' 11 I' A N 1' 'L G' L1 4 nuawmqzw-f .HQ . i- 1 'F w fx 1 1 N CI 1 ' '54- A? J,-w 1 u M -'EL H . it xr ,. x '-K Q A ax , fx Q-rf ff., ph 'Y 1 I 1 -2 . 3 ff, -' -Q' Q-' -q 45 K. , . f , ,I -v Q. up V J I lx L -za' 355 aw Q-v 7' if ...X x ,Q ' F? A ttf! Jr .id SEATED Navi, Ode' Uv-rrv Looney secreharyg Luegema Lewus preswdcvwv, Eghm- Pcrslvvr .md mov se Wzfwe' STANDNNG. Mary Aww Prwqe, vice presudenv, JO Ann Delamg, Fqw pg ROQUSV fwds my Margeve' Fofuerce mf: Nv za Skaggs FUTURE NURSES -Z Q 7- U I F YFQ. FUMH, Nwses gam e,,pC,,e,,Ce ag me 105 ,I y,O5p,,,,l A rummage sale helped provide fQnds for dub adwmes as l 'J :ZX 0' All I V -. . 'K . E K .1 ll.! X , x, . XX -9, J 2 X' .. P Q 's ,,.'1 4 'IXA X Nw 0 l Q!! lr U L ' sem 6 ,Y , f ' ' ,N Q V I me H xx P -A X . N 4 -N J! ' 9 9 3 ' 0 'XX p I ' 5 v I ,' J. Q Xu kgs N ,.' y Y Q: -- 4 .. J. , , Q ' '?s 5 . . QQ' -.. ' ' Q' 9 G5 N55 f . X, VA s 591 'HN D 1? -df? U12 mai RK! 125 Sludenf Christlan members met each Monday morning for a devotional perlod, when preserved 5 weekly devotional orogram over the public address system, lt is a non-denominavional organfza'ion STUDENT CHRISTIAN Officers are Kay Mclaughlin, presudenig Sandy AI- corn, vice presidenvg Joyce Reeves, reporterg Miss Jo Ann Croom, sponsorg and Polly Salverwhlte, sec- retary-Vreasurcr UNION I 'll xxx - YI il 4 xi...- ig ' .- layouts ,Jin Dsccss ng photos and layouts are 'seated linda Under- wood, Sara Slap: Mary Jackson and F'eclo, Grebe Not pictured are T'-'ary Evelyn Gayle and Mari, Nell Holt, who help-ed 'ash 'he book after SFVCO , ou' THE MUSTANG ln September, THE MUSTANG was awarded first place in its class for i958 by the West Texas High School Press Association in Lubbock. ln December, it was displayed among the cream of the crop books at the state association in Denton K..-. nh... K Brenda Spear and Polly Satterwhite are drawing advertising BENNIE ELLISON Sports Photographer Bea Young and Jeffery Nash won free annuals by selling the most sub scriptions Tommy Hester is making the first deposit of the subscription L Y X51 f WI rg . .11 i Ca'TlFJa'9'l Sara and Freddy paste up poster of yearbook beauty nominees for publicity use. U 'hr S T A N G llafvz Ltvely rep-2 yes reoftpt 'or fwrwrtng 'ra-c arm-e' front Mary lfgofv ln lm- Polly Sallervxlt-W lOOll5 Qu Tfifiif' 14 M ry Sara and L1 a rect prcwres fror v re Interviewed by Bea YOUHQ Sk Freddy Grobe take frrtlslted prtrxt 4 oft the photo dryer 5,1080 53' Y -44 World's Champion Hltch-Htker DeVon Smith of Los Angeles rs betng rm - I 4 1 Perry Clifton and Larry Collirtswortlt also dtd photo work M . ary .lo McCown and Barbara Allen look through the newly arrtved forma Mustang l958 annuals .xy .-Q 331 xx X I S L T I E X S Sha S x ' A , X l - rf T A T S s K F ,x 7- 9 l'4 Alxtjxxs' SPEECH AND DRAMA ,,o NA' r ' If f-,,, , .,,. ,M L ,,.,2, Q. ANU nm Q., f ug f fiwvfw 1' fi SIJVVWV' dass prfesg Nmcms un Qssf plw ,, j,,.,. Hungry ' N 'f 'Q P wp Fr 4 Y ',f,fg,, iw ff 4 f r 56 :F ml ,,..f ,.f,. , s QS., A -mlyfv was '!'mO' Wwrade fm' ' r f I I ' 'W' 'f-'1 f ' ' f-'NT D rw 'V Wo Nwflfwfl P4111 TOWN Pwffrfrg and Swvf' Ba-V1-H111 C O N N 'is N.f 2 sea, nu- n 1 a .Jaxx Ldv' QQH,nswur'rg Pyvf C , 0m, B 'j-v .ww Be,-rf Q Ewsinvf chscuss femmes of photo mg., :. 'f,-mv BQ-mwg was snows :,' c'ogr.,:u -r 31' H .vw,,'g, ,six Mama Marrm, Comme Swvvovws and f'JMaw Janson pfopare .D '.'f,, ,x .,,i. ddfknscn PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB K-J Qx A- K' ff Photography Club officers are Mdba Mamn, prcsrdenrg You pm We ffm ww heref says Leon Ascue vo Waywe Sfvmh as Eddue BIN Teague, Yreasurerg and Comme Smvmovws, secrevary. WnlsonWookso .1:wmox.mgl5 4-L gqh PAT BYLES ECll!O A . na Red, Sandra Brlze Kar, Bolwrfallf and Carolyn mg dlscoss :swans for 'Fe new paper FIRST PERIOD STAFF 7 HOUSTY BREWER 5 1 Spovs Ecllror MARY EVELYN GAYLE r Asf 'vw'E'll1 s' .., N.. V: THE ROUND-UP THE ROUND-UP, AHS newspaper, won a flrsr place award al the West Texas Hugh Sclwool Press Assoclaflon ,n Sep'e'r'be for last years pupllcanon and placed second HT the slate association, TH SPA., HT Decerrwber, Tne flrsf and second period sfaffs alternated ln puplrslwing The paper. Ai I - -2 Q - 'QT Mary Nell Holt, Pat PaHerson and Pat Byles lay Om pages 1 , ll. is Pat Byles, Hously Brewer and Mary Evelyn Gayle were responsible for Hgenlng the rob done each lssue. SECOND PERIOD STAFF JEFFERY NASH CO-EdmTOr The borung 4ob of proofreadmg is done by Pawa Newman, Luegerwe Lewxs, Boa Yovng and Jeffery Nash Pat Young Rosmary Hoguc and Dolores FIOVCS 'Gnd 'O TYPHWQ wry N sh sav ar S TOMMY AISHUAN 590, E. 'uv BEA YOUNG CO-Edivof John Monson Pa' Young and Dolores Heres Nook for phovos an me 5 lc -,tn 1 L N vx Y n Wooks vhrou P1 back lssue M rrwson and T vwmy Alslmw an 10 gee 5 the stones an chores while Bea ou g 9 59 - slr -Q 'Y X K. 1 Q. -Q -.xv Q' D -l 1' , -3.4- .3 -+ W 'Z' . . 5. i 5 S X , , - 1 J .ii n wx 1,-4 l. 'yt 4 Vw, x '.A NLR, , I x 134. Y I ' 3 Q-5' 1 A ' A 'xc v ,P 1 fffof is, A - 4 JOURNALISM CLUB gtg 1 X,-an Bn. .f' Dolores Flores, Pat Young and John Morrison discuss fhe Yeddy bear and dart throw used by the club at The Halloween Carnival last fall. 60 Officers Pat Young, treasurerg Mona Reid, presidenfg and Mary Evelyn Gayle, secrelary, display the first place trophies won by the news- paper and yearbook in the West Texas High School Press Association for lasf year. A CLASS AND CLUB PRESIDENTS 'SJW XX rw 4 X ' x 4 K x '.: t . K: x, ,'. VJ ... 'X INTERSCHOLASTIC LEAGUE LITERARY CONTESTANTS Z 'F ADMINISTRATICN AND FACULTY ,fx O- BOARD 0F TRUSTEES Members of the board of trustees are Cseatedt John Pike, secretary, Dr. Z. W, Hutcheson, Jr., president, Troy Lasater, vice president, fstandingb Johnny Smith, Max Ramsey, James Roberts and Jack Shepperd. Outgoing members not pictured are C. E. Carruth and Clyde Broam. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS T. A. ROACH 64 '-Q -ss.. A :Y 7uL - I ff n 5.1-.fc 'I .- W ..: 2.:.glr.g' 5 r1'1 ,i.f'i.I 7T'- y EIGL U V E V -M Mr. Roach prepares to leave for another of the many con ferences and conventions he attends each year, ADMINISTRATION I Q j f ill J. LEE SMITH High School Principal Xi ie'-'If' RS. LUISA CALDERON BRODIE HUTCHINSON Counselor Assistant Principal 66 MRS. NELL BROWN Senior English MISS SPEIGI-IT WILLIAMSON Junior English MISS SARA GOAD Junior English LANGUAGE liuiir l 5 ' 'V ffl' S - E I- h F.T.A. members Anita Winkley and Linda Moore emor ng ls distribute posters for American Education Week. MRS. JUANITA SMITH MISS JUNE MOREHART Sophomore English New teachers this year were James Scudday, Miss Speight Williamson, Miss Terry Oliver, Jim Stoicheff, Miss Sara Goad and Mrs. Betty Hawes, secretary. Junior English Spanish MARTIN EPPS Sophomore English ARTS MRS, VIRGINIA GANTT Principal s Secretary MRS BETTY HAWES Assistant Principal s Secretary MRS. JO ANN COMPTON Latin SAM HOLLIS Journalism Photography JIM STOICHEFF Speech Drama MRS. LYNN KING Librarian ,Lis 3 .inl Administrative Staff members Eddie Brenholtz, J. Lee Smith, J. B. Youngblood, Vernon Payne, M. O. Woolam, T. A. Roach, superintendent, Dr. Joe Tidrow, Mrs. Tom Hood, secretary, Lowell McGee, T. W. Hendrick and Frank Hyde discuss matters pertaining to school instruction and maintenance. MATH AARON MCCRACKIN Plane Geometry Algebra I and II MRS. ELIZABETH BOWDEN Algebra I Plane Geometry CHARLES RUSSELL Algebra I Consumers Math Baseball CHARLES CHOATE Algebra II Plane Geometry Solid Geometry Advanced Math SCIENCE MRS. TI-IELMA FENNEL Biology JAMES SCUDDAY Biology LEON JACKSON Chemistry Biology CHARLES COMPTON Algebra I Physics Trigonometry COMMERCIAL .9- fl-5 ,..,- Machine methods in taught to bookkeeping MRS. TH ELMA BARNES Art 4, ? commercial studies and typing students, life MISS TERRY OLIVER Typing I MRS. ROSE ELLA PLACE Shorthand Bookkeeping Typing I WILSON BOND Typing I Typing II Junior Business ART AND MUSIC DALE HOUSTON Choir EVERETT MAXWELL Band Band president Walker Ogden presents Everett Maxwell with a going away present as he pre- pares to leave AHS after I2 years. MISS JOANN CROOM American History Civics GORDON WILLIAMS American History Texas History Economics RUDY HAILE American History Varsity Football HOMEMAKING INDUSTRIAL ARTS BILL GORDON Metalwork Welding SAM GANTT Woodworking Mechanical Drawing SOCIAL STUDIES aff Miss Joann Croom receives Texas Public Schools Week pn from Mary Evelyn Gayle FTA member MRS. JUNE DANIEL Home Economics Physical Education o I PHYSICAL EDUCATION 3 x-- A 1 57' , I ' Q l iss: ily it if - 'J E ,K , Y ' ,.,1 tl I , Q X if at ri f John Riojas, Paul Adair and Bill Horton take care ofthe grounds and buildings at AHS. LOUIS GREVELLE Athletic Trainer Physical Education ft ,, lv! 4-Y I MRS. JO ANN KNIGHT Volleyball Coach Physical Education fi ,fvx MAX GOLDSMITH GLENN FRAZIER Varsity Track Athletic Director B Football Head Football Coach Physical Education KELTON BREWER VERNON JOHNSON Varsity Tennis Varsity Basketball B Basketball B Football Drixer Training Don Jones, Quarterback Club president, T. A. Roach, superintendent: Glenn Frazier, athletic director, and J. Lee Smith, principal, admire the All-District trophy won by sports and literary contestants this spring. 7l Z OFFICERS ROBERT BURK-Treasurer TERRY BETENBOUGH-Secretary BOB PRICE-President JIMMY ADUDDELL-Vice President SENIORS T' if Cf TOMMY AISHMAN ,llM AY ALBRITTON GOV 2-3-Ag Soansh Club 2, Whos Who in Band A, Band Vice President 2g Journalisrn 2-3-Ag Choir 2, Ag Baseball 2g Club Ag Round-Uo Spor's Eo- tOr A. SANDY ALCORN Student Council 2-3-A, Secretary 3-A, Corresponding Secretary 2g Band 2-3-A, Council Ag Student Christian Vice President Ag Ten- nis 2-3, District Singles Champ 3g Frnendllest 2g Track Attend- ant 3-Ag Miss AHS Ag Allied Youth 2-3-Ag Natronal Society 3-A, Honor Al'ied Youth 37 l.yf0S' Club 2g Science Club 35 Comedia Play- ers 3, .lunlor Playg One-Act Play 3g Declarnation 3g Student Conductor A SERENA ALLEN Cheerleader Ag Most Beautiful Girl 3g Track Attendant 3g Ten- nis 2-3-Ag Senior Play Ag Come- dia Players 3g Band Ag Stu- dent Council Ag Valentine Duchess Ag Yearbook Beauty A, SENIOR JAMLN ABNEY JA4 K ADAMS Baseball Q 3 Vol e-,ha DARREL ADKINS JIMMY ADUDDELL Basketball 2-3: Baseball 23: FOO'ball 2-3'-1 AllfDi5?r-U A Hovneroow VOlleyba'l Champs Basketball 2-3g Class Officer A Ag Dr ying Road-e-o Winner 3 Smdent Councl 23-Ag Allig-C4 Youth 2-3-Ag Track Ag Junio Play 3 CLASS ClljJl Bflllfbk' Halal ,5-.1, rn- Q, .:, lm Hyfl .1, ly lu' Pla, 3 xr-NH K .ly fi, A l wfyf 1 V-mvlw 2-3, Bas vwl, ' ll, 'fy full., V ll,'ffrs 3 Hmmm cwl lfw ','r,1e-ml 'i SAMMH BANNNQYER Cllfw 23-11, fall.-f: Youll 3-A 3' ,flc-v-Q Cl re' av' U11 url A now amss wwf BETENBQUGH A ,ill Y,,,-li 4, rOO'lJ6ll 2-3 Bam-fnaw 2-3, raofbaw 2-3-4- Baseball 2-3-A, All-Dlswm 3, Cass OW ie' 3--1: Smdem Colm- cll 3, Comer Boy 4, Baseball Carrao -ig Allled Youllw 3, Homewom Preslclenf A. STEVE BEVERUN Senlor Play, RONNIE BRICE Salulaloflarlg Swdem Councll Presldenr 3--1, Whos Who ln Leaderslmp 3-A, Allled Youth 4, Foolball 2-3-4, Trl-Caplarn -1, All-Disfrlcf 3-A, All-Slate 4, Base- ball 2, Basketball 2-3-4, Co- Caplaln 35 Track 2-3--1, Co-Cao Yain 4, Mr, AHS 4, Boys' Stale 35 Beau of the Ball 4, National Honor Soclely 3-11. IQ. JOHNNY BlLBREY Foo'ball 2-3 LUCRETIA BROWN 4 ' I SENIOR I, XY N .Q ' 1 ' , 1 v X rex wma: sl. 'rex WN' X1-'N X M 1-1 v H 4 Qfss Cm, Four: ,: '-.1 A I -V f V li I M' L H4---K 1, Dwsrjmyy bmi 4 MM- 23-1 f3Uwl','1 ' 1 '77 ' 1 5.1, rx.-QW Tj'-1, mm 9' f--'N' X -N 4 -1 YSMH- -1 C ,zum-ry J, 5.19- DI fi Tum fflwi fu, , 3 RNJYCQE -ARR KLNQLL. QARRUTH Bw-f: T241 IHA M-.5.f.v' W 'S M.s,.wu-iw Al 'e-rm.Hm- -1, P:-51 3--3 AHw4'd NOUH' 2 B MARTHA CHAMNESS BETTY CLARK Chow -1, Band -ig Swdenf Chris- PNA wlwce Pfesrden' 35 FTA 3g Maw Ufv-cm -ig Pep Bamd -ig FHA 3g Chow 2-3g Allwed Youvh .tl-, Homeroz-W Offzer -1 2-3, Lyres Cmb 2-3, Srudem - N CN swan Ufvon 3. FRANCES ROSE CLARY RAY COOK Yearbooif Beauty A Dfarmn- Baskerbdl 25 Homeroom Volleyr ics A bali Champs 4. 'x f fx 1.4 4 1-sg 1 5 CLASS 'K' M -if 1- QA W' ' 'Hf'-Fu! HU' V V1 1 Mm' 1 'v Ja r 5 , 4' LN f fi, :ty N- 15 H ,V A NFTH 'u'. .'NN3 ' - UA. cam! Hg- nr Soc QW: Fury- J I 2 3 A ' ww 2 3,4 Hfwf A I Q W- 'Aff if! C' f. .1 ' ' 'iff N., fs. JO ANN DELANO CAQLA Ep'.'.AS Fmwe Nurses Q'-1, A cc VQJH 2: Lwes' CJD 2 MARTHA EMNAONS DOUG EUBANK CE.,b -if Hovve'oc'v Vo bd! CN-f-1-1 J. 55, r' 45, SENIOR FRED UEHJU4 THIWU L ' Bam: 217.1 FN-, Bwm r '.. Q r 1 Bw-A 't,, C.: ' Q - F JOHN OATVN GWNNY GERBER Foowuf 2-5,1 Tru- -1 M 1-.. Tux Gam' Ai, Bras-f,-'::.f' I-' .,, Yop-W' Pros iifwf -1 H0 'f':o ' 'm- far -1, Cfes' G' if VCA Vowcnba C'u 'pvs .2 boon Burnt, 4 NVNM1 Hy: Screw L Haw-'oO ' Pu-yzzu km 2 '.'Ms,fJ'v '- 2 J Ar vp: V1 ,W -1 LINDA HA'J'.'ETT SANDI HARDVN FHA Sevefar,-Treas,rer .ip Na- Whos Who ww Leaoershwp 45 Tana Hcnor SCC,E'ff 3,-1g Howe- Tefws DSW 1' Cmarvwp 2-3,-1, maker cf Tomorrow -1:S'-C1Qn? Rug orwai -1, Band 2-3--1, Drum Cofg 4, A gd Yggh 37.1 Near 4 Cond -if Smdenf Comm 3--1, Treasurer -1gNa1ron- a' Hows' Sczcy 4, Secrefary -if Awod Yomb 28-A DORIS HARFUS PAUL HARRISON VoUcybaW 2-3-A, CGDTBRV7 -1 Baskevbali 2-3--if Horvveroom Vo11e,fba?N Champs Ag Basker- bala Capvam -if Homeroom President 3-A. M,-f CLASS FUND HF .H 'HQF-'NY f, YNIHU- MIA fy, M215 HAY5 if--5' ,Ai Nm Fv f Hzfz' Saw,-',' 2 L, WMO s -'Jr 9 ,rv Qmzffnshwg, A, Voilefual 4 Y Ai, Band 2-3-4 Sffeemear' -1, Pep Band 3-A, KM Essay -H :mer -1, bzemie Club 2: Lmwibrifi NU f:'5vO'n' shp -1 nv! f 'oi ggi' ha, .pfw Y? 1...- fS 11 4' TOMMY HESTEQ pav HWSE Syavrs' f .b Fgworvp A Pnw' ,','g 5 , ,' - V- Af- .11 Bang 274 1.1-'-9 Dj.. 4 3,1 x,,.,r,,, 5.4: -3. C5 C ,:: E' ff-H'-Az' Pav POSWW HSGUE vxuoow HQLQQ-me Vo: one 2-3 -1 Bwd I-3 -ig PPV Bmwd 2-3'-1 Slmw 51' Clk' Q, Awvci YUJM 28, RCLHNUUV SMH .1 JO,rna'ws'wN Oulu J , -.Q A on 4' -ill' .P L V ww f ' 'C J, Fy Nrsws 2 ' ' P'cs::cmT r - .1 A my, Q ' -, , ' 2 ' A fngruv-i a f . .' -. D' H f ,,, 3: F2Qmf:-Qp, TM? -. Jodrrw. sm C r ' 3'-M3'.' ', iv73Wf ,',',N B -1 FJ N121-1, P-7-1 izmmsh 7 ,: .ww ' 2-'Z An- umfm Sturm Cfwh Sdmhwrshp- V021 'jc' f-V, ff J 1 si J SENIOR I A H ' 'rx Ll'-.Q 4 l ' H wr, HA- r I' 1 X INN, ww ' 4' ' .SJ .ww Lu i...,'.n L V151 L M r- 1 I 'NJ1 ., H WAP-Ti-' I rf Pi ,. 1 ,uf fvcw- E ' U W ' Ywf i3,w,yI,, Q 'g Bw. F- vfv V v Y. .., V . 4v?!t?'w CLASS f , 1'-r 1 L'1',p-412 5, 'I 1' Eff' r Q7 B '1',f 1 i Al, Jw- F , 'iwy' , f' 'fi ' V. 1, B f,f,f 1 L93-1, FWD , 'Q' Pfvff Bwf: ' 1 fl 'f fl Hcvuf SC- 'Y '9 f 14, 'Q' v' frrsmm If ' V V iw' -1 F Turf' r vf, .LV ff- 1-fa Yf, 'L 2, -4, K f I, 2 A, LXAUVJ V FQQY' '.'fFHfP' ' F725-UQNf'Ji '.'iPEYNCLf'S FfgQ'l:1 23'-1, -,f1LL'w' -1g QM55 FMU 3-ig fwvss p'CS1',iff Tf 3 -.ia RONALD f.'ABEQF2'Y' Foowra Ycurw 3 'oak 2731- P4 ,911 v HEQBUU 'SAR NN Tl-rw ' S I 3,1 .A ,xx- x-. 1, . .1 . P x 'N iQ VMNC .yd N AM fu. N HN.-. N w V . ,- p, Mvfvhp ,W S. 3: Q L 2 AM r lx ,g , x., 1.Xu fn. SENIOR R TROY WAYNl MllCl'lHL Slll ANN MONlGC7'VllRY Baslw'b.1'l 2, Clwor 2, -1, Span- Flys? lmlslon lvwm-r 3, Band X .sn Cl,lJ 2 2-3A-1, Pup Band, Tonnls 2-3, 1:7 Spanslr flfls Y, A ,ml Youll ,Q 2735 lllwrz' lencllnrs Al, Hovvwf X. ra.-,nl new-f 341, :mf 3.1 'br' PAULA NEVNJAN WALKER OGDEN Class Favorrle -1: Swdenv Coon- Nanorfal Honor Soclety Presi- cl 3g Whos Ano n Soc al rle,-n' 4- Sfodenf Cooncll 4, Foot- Siudres 3, Whos Who ln Eng- hal' 2-3--ig Baseball 3, Junior lsn -ip Swden' Clwvstlan Un on Pay 3, Band 2-3-A, Cooncl A, 4, Cnolr 2-3-Ag Allied Yooflw Whos Nlwo ln Cmzenslwlp 4, 2, Ag JO-rna'a ' C',b .ig A' Qc: Yoovn 2, Track 2, Boys' Round-Up Staff A Srafe 3, All-Reryonal Band A. DERYL OVERCASH JOANNE PEACOCK Football 2-3-A, Track Z3-4, Sci- ence Club 3, Vice President 3g Allied Youth A. FRED MUNSELL Foofbai 3-J, JEFFEPY NASH Dwsrr U Debaie Charnos 3g Whos Wlwo ln Speech 3, Co-Edltor of the Ro,,nd'Up -if Junlor Play 3, Oll Essay Wlrwner 4, Qeady-Wrw wma 35 JOUrnallSrn Club -1, Cowen 1 Players Vme Presldenf 3, Annual Slafl 2, -1 4 TT? , cd , ,JL . ,, CLASS 9fX.VM'vW 1' PIVNUXFTYJN JOHNNY PFNNWNGTON A .-1 f:f. N 'S A1 Pm-:wdf-nt fi, S:Qff1,f,V f ,L Q, Hawl 234 N -' ffm! Hgnfj-V SIMON 3--1g SU' Pen Bmw! Q75 -1 f-n ,- T Ii E 4 V-V-mg Y-'Z 4, D.s- vf V1 37.1 Rwrqfpnd .ig Bfaslfofhdl P U-,-PUMP 9 GY '1'f4X FWRRNN EULAlNE PERSQJEP Bash-Ybnli 2134, AN-DxSTrwU Ag Fyufg N '55-5 J AH-Rvq.Onai -ig Band 2-3--1, Connckl A5 Bfaslfeflnml Capmin fig Alu,-ri Yogi' 35 Cfass Prcsidcnf 2g Hovnwoow- Pu-sldonv A, In-:J vu-if JOHN E PIERCE SAUNDRA PYRKNN Foofbal 2-3: GCT 47 I.S,L, Soeedw Clpb 3g Snden' Chris Speech Entry A, vlan Unwon Ag Champion Bowl Mg Team Ag CFO? 3, BOBBY PORTER CAROL POWERS Golf Bw-if SMdC RMC- 3. Chow?-3. f '7v pug? 'H ue, GY'-5' D 'S' - z...-'A Jaw '-.,,v POLLY SATTERWHITE Na'onal Honor Socievy 3-4, Re- porter 4, Allied Youth 2g Span- sn Club 3-4g Wl'vo's Who ir Music 3g Senior Playg Band 2- 3-.1, Pep Band 3-45 A Cappella Cnoir 2-3-45 Girls' Clwolr 2-3-45 Student Christian Union 4g Jour- nalisrn Club 45 Annual Sraff 4, HSU Scholarship, FRANK POHR JUDlTH ANN SCHLATTER SAUNDRA SEAY Class Officer 25 Future Home- rnakers 3g Lyres Club 3. SENIOR LANEITA PEPUNS BCE PRZCL lovin' 23-Z, A:ii'GYg-f'.3-1 I ,-is rrmwslr-rw? -1, NAC' Ho'-ur Qui My 3-1, Vioo PMS men' .1 .Vos Wlio 1' 'ikvn Naroni' Honor Somew Scliol S'ii LYNDA PRlCE MEi.VlN PRICE Dlstrid Orzginal OraY7Or1 4g Dls- Foovbali 2-3-47 Class Favor trim, Regorial One-AU Play 4g 25 Sfudcnf Council 2 Senior Pla i' 'I 345 Y od' 1 i ir, O A ' CLASS fff7fJUYf1ljNKEl LARRY SHKPPEFIU Hmm I3--Q, P95 J Baud 23-4, Ngnwcrwdl Honor SOCWW 3--1 Basketball 23-A, Swdem Coun- cwi A f CAROLYN SUYTH BRENDA SPEAR Chow 3, Drammics 2, Fmurc Sgnlgr PLN A5 Chcyr 2134, Re Hovworvmi-ers 2 porter 3--1, Band 2-3-Ag Annual Shaff 4g Joumalwsm 4g Aflied Youth 2-3. 4. Lf ' ,Z N C214 IQ 5 W ,A i' :Ny 'IQ '- f-7 Q'f 'T7 'fi Tu' SIDNEY STALLNNGS D J SYE.'.i-QD Phovography C gb -if Comecfa P!a,f-fs 3, Arfzg' 95,65 .1 TOMMY THOMPSON J .'N THPCC. -1 Bask0'baN 2-3 Bgsrbdq 3 QQ' X ,Jun ID SENIOR ' XY' ..,-'Y 1- . f'F4'?A' H V5 -x 11 ' Q ev F1'O'i.4 Q ? fr ALICE WALKER JERRY WARREN Aweo Yonh 2-3. Champwom Bowimg Team 4. GLENN 'WALTEPS JAMES NATKINS Smdenr Counul Az Band 34: Tennis 28-Ag Spanish 25 Choir Foofball 2g Scuence Club 3. 2-3. CONRAD TURNER SUE .ZAGGONER Foofbu!1 23-15 Baskn-'DNQU 2-3g N,nL-val Honor Souwy 3--15 Track 2, -1, Narwomxl Honor So- FOOVUM QJCIKH -1g Tmgk Queen :ew A, A ed Ycwfv 3-4: H- fa A' me YOMF -1, ','.'ho'5 Who Mm Tuadmfs -2 'ff fowmc':m! Smfiaus Ag BQNQ ff YM- Bn -1 Szuw S CNJ3 34 Yvarbook BCALW -1 ,np . .nu 4? r 'TI T . I 'Q' v-39 aa 137' CLASS llliltll, .'.l.tlf-'-H, ANITA .'.l'JlflEf lmon- lp-ttrltr-rs 2-3--ig A Cap- Class lavortte 'yy Clteerlea er pf- t.: U Q r 2 3--1, G rls' Cltor 4, Footlnal Atvevwflart' -ig Fat re 23.1, St. 'lent Cltrtsttfm Urtlon Tvarltcrs 3--1, Sweetheart A, Sec Q5-1, fllltf-fl Yooth 3--lg Serttor rctarf fl-if 5t.,flL-fmt Cgrmgtl A Play, S431-vnh Cob 3 Dmma Clob 3, President MOLLY WORD Nattonal Honor Soctety 3-Ag Whos Who m Homcmalctng 2g Future Homemakers 3-Ag Fotore Teachers 3-Ag Student Chrtsttan Un on -1, CTA Scholarship. RALPH WORLEY Football 2-3-Ap Basketball 2-35 Champton Bowling T e a my Homeroom Prestdent. Band 2-3-4, FTA Scholarslttp NADINE WOLFE BEA YOUNG Valednctoriang Who's Who in Cltizenshtp 3g Who's Who in Journalism 45 Who's Who in English 3g Distrtct tn Ready Writtng 3g Co-Editor of Round- Up Ag Oil Essay Wtnner Ag Na- tional Honor Society 3-4, Treas- urer Ap Journalism Club 45 An- nual Staff Ag Spanish Club 3-4. Z I OFFICERS JOE BROWN-Vice President SANDRA DAVIS-Secretary NANCY MILLER-Reporter BARBARA ALLEN-Treasurer BASIL GREAVES-President JUNIORS IQ1 rs,- QY 'T7 Patsy Barneii 90 Leon Ascue Larry Bagley Barbara Ballard Royce Ballinger David Boren Housty Brewer Sandra Brice Ronnie Broam JUNIOR Shirley Arm Adkinsorw Barbara Allen PaTAr1gIin Jerry Bass CLASS Janice Brown Joe Brown Sherry Brown Joe Camacho Lynn Buck Dixie Butler Pat Byles Jerry Byrne William Cannon Ray Carrigan Loyd Carrulh Sherry Cheely Doug Callahan ov Sandra Davis Jerry Dixon Preston Dooley Harold Duncan Virgsl Coffee Henry Cook James Cook Gayle Cowen CLASS Bennie Ellison Jim Fisher Max Fisher Freddy Grobe Carolyn Flippin Dolores Flores Mary Gayle Basil Greaves Dewayne Hall ., Q. ,ki K Stephen Hargrove 'Sli Barbara Harris Harvey Harris Ronnie Green it rs lify 'P' Q we , . ,r . Q 'P rf 3 . 'Won- HI JUNIOR Glenda Henderson Donnie Hollowell Sue Holrnan 1-ev' Mary Jackson 11? :wx '? Mary Nell Holl Pat Hooser Harry Hopkins Violet Hunter Elizabeth Johnson Angela Jones Carolyn King Nadine Larnbriglwt Jerry Jelfon CLASS Aiena Laney lula Mae Leger JH?-r'Vr Frank McQUaYters y Leuyrs I's' Jannes Lrtfie , PaTSyMcA5ee M-1 ,p-.. L Q-5. ,. If -38,51 1 Mary JO MQCown Gay McDonald 7 Sn can. P. ar ., 4 V J CIP' -auf ,. ,I Sharon Marsalis James Martin Melba Martin Jim Mash 'Q' -'33 o. . -v 'w-v EEA Q.. 'Ds 5 sl X J. V. McKinney gk.. X G' a X A a 'sf Nm' Q 'P l'l ,ug Ko' ai' Sus? 'qgfsf' Q ,- K.: fNy Jack NeVson T aux- , . Nancy f'xAuHvr Linda Moore Ted Neher' JUNIOR Ella Mae Maeorw Jame Maxwell R. E MQHQTT Ray O'Gwin , 5 t John Morwsom Q A ' f sr' a A K fi Calvm O'Neal Gary Pav'r'isI'1 Pat Pemersom Paul Patterson 'ky 'B 'Q' .,4uv CLASS Dulmc, Pnyrwfz Amin PcrkmS BIUXA: Plwimps Q ' I f 'r 'S Ins,-V v Mary Ann Pmce Kay Pmnell oy Pwpkm Iggy. -Q: ' ,459 LGVVN' Ragumc Jack Q Ream ArmoiQ1RQ1d Joyce Reeve John H, Pvarer 4- K Cr-cv' ? 5' e-FRN., e,',-2 -arf' Diana Roberts Sbaron Robinson JUNIOR Mona Reid Gary Don Reynolds Raydean Rrfcbie Pearl Sanders 'N-.px y 'sf ': Frances Rogers Lynn Rogers ' i Larry Rue 98 Tlwornas Selby Jobnnie Selby Sara Shipp Larry Sboernaker lugpv' CLASS Doris Swift Connie Simmons Cuba Skaggs Nelda Skaggs '-3. Bobby St. Ama Torrirny Srnitn N-Q-2 -rp Jim Stewart Victor Stillvveli Ruth Tabor Gary Tnornley Sandee Tidweli Ralph Tucker S ii Nfl, ,Ft Peggy Summitt 'JR -A 'Ui Q:-qu-an-y L-yi 13:4 A 4,.', Paula Tyner I Dale Underwood Q - 5 .- 69 f an lx Wg? 'W 1 4 F 4 1 I Q. r ir' vu il 'N' -. I Y Af f i: 1 Billy Villines I00 Bill Warren JaneTWhi1comb Linda Underwood Marlene Van HouTon JUNIOR Linda Turley Dian Turner Wilson Turpen Patsy Waits 159' I 1? Jerry Wilkerson Jimmy Wilkins CLASS Bobby Wlllianns Sharon Williams Glen Williamson 4- I f if if ' A mx o ,Q ..-- , V. :'., Eddie Wilson Marie Woolam Jim Worley Pat Young hiv, 2 uf- o . , xx .pg 43 Z at-LS' '?sg:x N--... Sara , A- , 'D if fi l Kathy Bolwmfalk Aaron McFarlin x N' f I OFFICERS TED NELSON-Vice President PHYLISS BENNETT-Secretary-Treasurer TOMMY WALKER-President SOPHOM ORES .34 N I. , ,-Nlfx W B' ik '3- Pat Brice Nilali Brown Reggie Brown Betty Bryan Jerry Burchelr Peggy Byles fqzkf' . SOPHOMORE James Akin Jerry Allen Harold Bacon Jolwn Bacon Eloise Bailey Connie Beilue Dan Bennett Pnyliss Bennerr .lirnrny Bills Leslie Blackburn Jane Brackeen Sarah Bradley Charles Carr Roger Christopher Judy Cleaver Perry Clifton Ronald Cody Ronald Coleman Larry Collinsworth James Crain Letty Lou Cregg Frances Crown Allen Cunningham Dan Dalton Y X 'lf 1151 ,ll f,x' Aix' fi. 7 l . yy, . l V 1? R 'D Xlf! 1:7 Janette Davis Sherry Davis Wlllle Donaghe Robert Dehart Melva Dumas Patsy Jo Dunn 'si IOS C? 5 1. ' 'iz' Loraine Garlington James Garrett Robert Goad Ronnie Hamilton Dennis Hargrove Rosemary Harp 3 Jackie Dyer Larry Edge A Paul Fllinger Ann Eppler Jan Eppler Robert Ervin Jane Farris Mary Fisher Mike Ford Bobby Dan Forester Jackie Fowler Billie Galloway Blily Harrison Jerry Hmry Lynda Hendnck lawy Hewngwn Sa 'we Hester Charles HwLl1s Ge'aLc1Horn Linda Hudman Royce HULL Dormhy Hwne Dougles Jeffreys Mwke Jones fr' 3 ,g Clay Keen Pam Ke1Ly Tonwnie Kang Leon Laney Coker Lassiter Rifa Lindsey - T 1 ,wtf si Vt, F l K h '41 -11 I A 1 .,s' ! QQ' I08 Y 5 Y'f7 . 2. Z 5 -4 K xg' S., If , if Ray Martin Marion Martin Sheila Maxwell Dolores Merrill Dudley Mitchell Don Morgan -S I .1 x I A' 'ff SOPHOM ORE John Linne Williain Lively Frances Long Karen Long Cynthia Lyons Jerry McCaryer Karen McGraw Carolyn Mclnfyre Joe Mcliissiclc Betty MCReynolds Bob Madison UU CD 1 6. 1. Z OJ 1 5. '1 EQ X I Af 5 ' w 'x -1 I'-n T I Jr1rH:Ht:fxAOrvOA an x 'H s N A 'IN 1-A Panic Nall -, f 7 Tfjfl Nuraorr Ed .wrna Ne fygornb Boyd Nrrrwcffz Rodney Nobie Caria Nordrnan Nancy Gdell Gary Cvercasn Brlly Ray Page June Parker Elizabeth Payne I T' C If-I , C 'F S 11 Dfke Payne Jo Beth Payne Jane Pennngten Sna'on Perkrns LOMA Pervlver Jackie Prwrllips 1 . ,. f EQ. f SOPHOM ORE Nickie Pike Ray Pinnell Jackie Pipkin Mike Pionwlee Wayne Pionkeft STan Pokard Morris Pope Donald Powers Gail Powers Judy Price Bobby Jo Ransom Patsy Reed CLASS ' 1 C,ayeROr1-Zorw Pat R yfEiT'X ROUGH 5?1V'H'Vx Ton 'ny Seay Pa' Shanfweid Rornye Shehon Shafon Shcefa Ceo! Syn Q Joyce Singyeron Alice Smith Johnny Smith Wayne Snifh r -if 'hz' E xx ,X-el '-'V 1 1 :fr C , v Xl , I'- rs. - Q 51 Q. - Ka Y .3 1 I 1 rg 11 . ! 'QJRX f- Q ,, .Y , f 'ar , . 3 xt 1 T ' V lv . , , 3, 4 i' , I 1. - 1 I. ,fn Cao' Aww Shen Ffdnk 9 S'arnS Tc'nnfy Stubbs Jevfy Tabor' flkkkkg Taylor Wlflianw Teague CE? A T ,o ,V Y N' A .HA If ,.,,,,-v I 3 'U f,:'L, Q James Wood Tommy Gill l I2 ,I V 5 sr, . Herman Williams Maxine Wolfe SOPHOMORES James Thomas Linda Thomas Victor Thomas Tommy Thompson Sue Wainner Sue Walker Tommy Walker Skeet Whatley Janice Whitmire Sophomore sponsors Jim Stoicheff, Miss Martha June More hart and James Scudday chat on the auditorium steps 3.1, 136 sv is . ,, fff ' 41s Sherry Davls mul lamu- Brown fur- server! punch by Polly Sallcrvflwlre af 1l1eLOS Arvwjos rv ' dllov' Soplwomores work at bonllre . 1 , n A 0? , if , f Mai. xl 1- .4 'f l Paul Reed and Lcsl-e Blackburn won smiled dogs for leadmg Tommie Kmg, Plwllss Benner' and Comme Bellue use the new science the sophomore magazme sales campaign, lab. I' 57 'rg .. , 5 .4 . Qtfw 2 i5aQ .4 f r K - 4 w 9' l Thls Sophomore ,S Umdeml Carol Spencer, Janelle Morrow, Plwyliss Bennett and Tommvc Klng load up for Ie anollwer band trip, II3 1 f Jim Weeks of the ODESSA AMERICAN presents the All-Sports trophy to Athletic Director Gle nn Frazier and Don Jones, Quarterback Club presi- dent. Q SPORTS Sqoadmen are Cfronti Darryl Jeffreys, Ted Nelson, Tommy Walker, Thomas Frazier, John Gatlin, Walker Ogden, Ray O'Gwing fsecond rowj Joe Camacho, Ronald Maberry, Lloyd Carruth, R. E, Merritt, Coker Lassiter, Ray Martin, Terry Betenbough, Basil Greavesg fthird rowj Jimmy Aduddell Kenneth Cummins, Tony Cain, Deryl Overcash, Bob Price, Harold Duncan, Jack Nelson, Pat Anglin, Donnie Hollowellg Cback rowj Larry Shoe pictured a.e Pres on Dooley, Fred Munsell Jim Worley Jerry Jetton and Ralph Worley. A STATE QUARTER FINALISTS . . A last-breath 14-8 upset over Levelland in the bi- clistrict game shocked the state and provided An- drews fans with a subiect for conversation for weeks. Only a near upset by Pecos gave the maker, Terry McPherson, Conrad Turner, Gary Parrish, Jerry Byrne, Bill Martin, Melvin Price, Ronnie Brice, Joe Brown and Robert Burk. Not ! ff K '72 t A ' J . ,viii iii' 4 .aj'l.i i , lu Tl' li . fel , , , A J GLENN FRAZIER , 4 Head Coach H 'Y T i ,fl A A 1 1! f 1 i 0 K, X ,..- Q n 'i 4: 'I R. ix l 1 RUDY HAILE Assistant Coach II6 , D, PARTRIDGE Assistant Coach ,g,p'iS'-- 1 ,-,,,- av if 1 LOUlS GREVELLE Athletic Trainer l-losses much of a scare in the district race as they won all five tilts. During the season they won 8 of ll before being overwhelmed by Breckenridge in the quarter-finals. Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews 'Andrews 'Andrews 'Andrews 'Andrews ,Andrews 'Andrews 'Andrews .. ,, ,, Totals 'Conference Games RECORD- 22 Seminole 21 Snyder 27 Hobbs 26 Levelland 36 Colorado City 32 Kermit 22 Pecos 36 Ector 34 Brownfield 30 Monahans I4 Levelland O Breckenridge 8 34 6 47 O 12 l8 26 l2 8 8 44 223 ffs' , . pg X Si an -Div N 919 -wi No PDNNIE BWCE Semor Quam bid D A wc ak' M nt rw Q9 cg Senior E mc 'AIN ,QYQ-Q af ROBEQT BURK Se ar JIMMY ADUDDFLL Som L A I Distr U A I D , I. Horwrwbm N T I 'sf-YW?-M01 '04 gt 5 '-sf M II7 sf V xi- r ug ,Q- 1' 'U TERQY 'v'iZPf'LER5OKJ'S9 UV DARRYL JEFFREYS-Senior THING'-3 L Guard-3 L v' 'fiP'i Outstanding Offensive Lineman 11 TERRY BETENBOUGH-Senior Back-3 L af' BSB FENCE-Sewicr Tommy Walker goes for yardage as an unidentified Mustang attempts To Cef'ere2 L block out a defender, -s QI!-fi lr FRED UUNSELL-Se or JQHFJ GATLIN ggrfof T5CKL9'2 L Guard-3 L IIS 'WXXLKER OGUEN-YSPWOV Back 43 L 1 TONY CAlN-Senior KENNETH CUMMlNS rr-Senior End-3 L Endf3 L ANDREWS 22 - SEMINOLE 8 Opening the season at home, the Mustangs rofnped to a rather easy 22-8 win over neighboring Seminole. Walker Ogden and Ronnie Brfce nsade long, flashy scarnpers to highlight the Mustang offense. ANDREWS I2 - SNYDER 34 Snyder displayed a power-packed offense and bone-crushing defensive wall to completely outclass the Mustangs 311-l2. Tornfny Walker, sophornore halfback, was Andrews' leading ground gainer vvith U14 yards, ANDREWS 27 - HOBBS 6 The best slugfest of the year occurred vvith tne New Mexico lads as the Mustangs literally fought their vvay to a Q!-6 victory. Penalties for both tearns totaled 335 yards, 50 more than hotn tean's nsade all night. Glittering long runs, beautiful pass plays, one penalty after another, and bare knuckles extra- curricular activity kept the crowd on its feet for the evening. JlMMY ADLJDDELL Servo Backf3 L 4 FZONNHE BRlCE Sc l- IHOMAS l'RAZlER Senior DERYL OVERCASH --Senior ci-war EL Tackle 3l ROBERT BURKW Senior Guard -3 L Tri-Captain L. Xfrwffp 1 , le-pf' ' A ' ? xr 5 I vw- EH... 'Nv- PRESTON DOOLEY lUllll3l' BILL MARTIN-fSeniOr JERRY JETTON-Junior Gsdkl '2 L Tackle-2 L Back-3 L 4. '-1-21 ,A S. CONRAD TURNER -Senior Ce ratc-r-3 L ANDREWS 26 - LEVELLAND 47 One of the top offensive shows of the year cacne when the Mustangs invaded the lair of the Lobos and came horne with a 47-26 clawing. Rarely has a losing tearn gained so much praise over the state. Ronnie Brice and Robert Burk captured the headlines, although Andrews lost the exciting contest, Bitter rivals, tor years, the Lobos and l-losses fought to the end in what spectators called one of the best ga'nes in years. ANDREWS 36 - COLORADO CITY Colorado City provided little in the way ot cornpetition as the Mustangs breezed to a 30-O half-time advantage then used reserves tor the final two periods, The Wolves never passed the vnidrtield stripe until late in the game. A 52 yard pass and run tro'rx Terry Betenbough to speedster Ted Nelson brought the listless crowd to its feet as Nelson galloped tor a TD with 8 seconds on the clock. The game rnarked the tinal contest before district play. ww- L U V Ya C7 L. -oc 7' RONALD MABERRY Sen GARY PARRISH Junior MELVIN PRICE Sen or E 2 L Tac le 2 T le 2 L 1' uv' Wa 'hi X ,. va. . JOE CAMACHO -Junior come mssitsnr sat, a tam f P ' fa Back-2 L team t L 0 L ANDREWS 32 -- KERMIT 12 Remembering the heart-breaking loss to the Yellow Jackets last year, the Mustangs played aler' ball to capitalize on Kermit fumbles. Brice again gained state-wide publicity with his dazzling running and passing while Burk was a demon on defense. Tony Cain intercepted one pass for a TD and set up another with a pass reception. ANDREWS 22 - PECOS 18 After playing dead tor three quarters, the Mus- tangs tinally came from an l8-O deficit, With -il sec- onds to play and trailing 18-lo, Brice carried tour times in a row to reach the double stripe with the aid of a bone-crushing block by Burk. i' ss.. W-- a Tc' KCC RAY MARTIN f Sophomore BASIL GREAVES' Jvn Of :RPN BYRNE JU1 Of Badge-I L Back 2 L Ta klc ,gr 1' out nl rf E 'i i '-1-...L 1 rf-. DONNH5 HCLLOWELL Jwior JOE BROWN-Junior TED NELSON-Sophomore End -2 L End'2 L Back-l L min NA. 2' A ,,. W. L f Fred Munseli grns his teeth as he tries to overtake a Pecos ball carrier. e - gi ANDREWS 34 BROWNFIELD 1 A tie tor the 2-AAA title was clinched with the win over the Cubs. Bruising play characterized the tilt, but the Mustangs were never in danger of being overcome. ANDREWS 36 - ECTOR 26 Walker Ogden and Jimmy Aduddell provided much ot the offensive punch against the Odessa lads who put up a stubborn tight. ANDREWS 40 - MONAHANS 8 With the district title already in the bag, the Mus- tangs took an easy, but costly win over the Loboes. Panic struck the Mustang camp when it was learned that all-state quarterback Ronnie Brice was injured and would be unable to play in the bi-district game against Levelland. at- ' I-'auf 'Cf' 'Nl X Y, if ' LLOYD CARRUTH Jun or TOMMY WALKER Sophomore JACK NELSON Jun or B c 2 L c l B C 2 l- I22 WAR' PAT ANGLIN-Junior End-2 L Manager BOBBY FORRESTER 'Sophomore ANDREWS 14 - LEVELLAND 8 IB!-DISTRICTI Stunned by the loss of Brice and already soundly beaten by the Lobos earlier in the season, the Mustangs returned to Levelland for what promised to be a long cold afternoon. NOBODY gave the Mustangs a chance except fhe players themselves and the coaches. Although there were many 'l told you so's'l atter the game, none were expressed until it was over. Stubborn defenders held on the goal line three times before the Lobos finally scored lust before the half and converted. On the opening kick-ott ot the second half Tommy Walker raced 92 yards untouched to narrovi the gap to 8-6. With three minutes to go, Terry Betenbough, who played brlliantly for the inlured Brice, reached the one yard line before being carried from the tield on a stretcher, The Lobos took over, Jimmy Aduddell, the hero ot the day, snatched a Lobo pass, took over at quarterback and guided the attack with Ted Nelson scoring with l5 seconds to play. Pandemonium struck, but the Hmiraclew bubble burst when the Hosses met Breckenridge a week later and were smothered AA-O. JW R 15 s-. NORLEV 'Ju' Gt.a'd 'ZL A 'hp QAY 15. C GUHN -nic' G-e'd- 2' L . 9- ' ,Q 1 T' ex gr '. i .yyl ., hx.. K 1 wr JlM MASH Junior SAMMY ROACH --Soohortore Assistant Trainer Assistant Trainer Pony squadmen are lfrontl Clay Keen, Larry Edge, Joe McKissick, Ronnie Hamilton, Bob Madison, John Bacon, Dennis Hargrove, Gary Overcashg Csecond rowb Jimmy Bills, manager, Billy Ray Page, Leslie Blackburn, Charles Hillis, Larry Bagley, James Martin, Rodney Noble, Stan Pokard, manager, lthird rowl Coach Max Goldsmith, Willie Donaghe, manager, Robert Sandlin, Virgil Coffee, Arnold Reid, Glen Williamson, Jimmy Lewis, Carlos Pina, Coach G. W, Warden, fback rowl Paul Reed, Lynn Buck, Doug Jeffreys, Dudley Mitchell, Mike Ford, Ray Pinnell, Mike Taylor and James Wood. SCHEDULE wake. Thi ' Andrews 38 Andrews 'ld Andrews 42 Andrews 28 Andrews 26 Andrews 22 Andrews 34 Andrews 20 Andrews 54 Totals 278 Coach Vernon Johnson and Head B Coach Max Goldsmith chat before workout. G. W. Warden replaces Johnson when basketball practice begins in late October. The Ponies continued their winning ways with 8 victories and I tie. Odessa, the team they tied, is the only team to defeat this group since they started playing together in the seventh grade. Big Spring Hobbs Brownfield Seminole Odessa Ector Brownfield Denver City Monahans 8 I2 32 O 26 8 I2 O 6 l ITA f xx' X 5 , ,R 1W,.,:,ir I . - SL , HOUSTY BREWER TOMMY STUBBS JERRY PVON Junior Sophomore Jumof f I ,- , Q - State runners-up are fstandingl Coach G. W. Warden, Housty Brewer, Tommy Stubbs, Jerry Dixon, Mike Ford, Tommy Aishmang Ckneelingj Bobby Shelton, Charles Carr, Jack Rearny, John Pierce and Bobby Porter. If Q V , 2 bi, , I L' Y - 'S I 5 G. W. WARDEN MIKE FORD TOMMY AISHMAN Golf Coach Sophomore SGFIFOI' I25 ,4 H? yu FRONT ROW: SI I Ronnie Brice, Glen Williainso Y n, Housty Brewer, Larry Shoemaker, Doug Jeffreys and Royce Ballinger. STANDING are, Louis Greyelle, Trainer, Jim Fisher, rnarvagerp Roy Max Perrin, Charles H.llis Paul Harrison, Larry Shesoerrl and Coach Vernon Johnson COACH VERNON JOHNSON Bl-DISTRICT CHAMPIONS SCHEDULE Capturing their first district championship in years, The Mustangs won 17 games and lost 7 over the season. They dumped Graham in The first round of The regional Tourney, then lost to Hereford in the finals. In district play They won 8 contests and lost 2. - SEASONS GAMES A Andrews 6C Andrews 54 Andrews 52 Andrews 51 Andrews 60 Andrews 59 Andrews 64 Andrews 59 Andrews 66 Andrews 57 Andrews 52 Andrews 68 Totals 702 Eunice Colorado City Colorado City Levelland Seminole Lovington Seminole Eunice Hobbs Colorado City Levelland Wink AB 42 3? 48 63 57 70 58 78 38 64 54 656 Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Totals -CONFERENCE GAMES- 58 Monahans 67 Ector 69 Brownfield 60 Pecos 6l Kermit 73 Ector 56 Monahans 55 Brownfield 56 Pecos 67 Kermit REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 65 Graham 39 Hereford 726 6 Q BASKETBALL Coach Vernon Johnson discusses strategy with co-captains Roy Max Perrin and Paul Harrison. Perrin was named to the all- district, all-regional and to the all-state second team, Harrison made the all-district second team. aw. Q63 Basketball sweetheart Sandra Davis is all smiles at the Coronation as are her attendants Sharon Perkins and Ginny Gerber. Cagerg pose in front of the official Mustang emblem which was adopted last year. 'r'--f 4 ,A xv .., W 4. .. It Y- - ..,-QSM.. -J. 1. ...-.,, my ,r .'- 3 'L 4 Y , --on ..A. xi 41.7 . Sin. wr J X Qu, via Q ri. CHARMS HHNS DOUG JEFFREYS JRRR' fHZE'v'vAKER Scphomnw I2 L., Uv., Sboemaxvf' gcws ' ': 1' C La,ry S'1eD,r.f.i 5C,g,V,omorc 52 111 ' S mu fr 2.1 pgmyg ' 1 1 fn? li RDWQE BA.- NGEP 9' so' 4, W-ag , K. I ' . f--- -f-Q ,nfl . -4 um-. L' Q , Shoemaker and Aduddell bavle fho Kc-mm Yellgm Jagkg possession of the baIN JIM FISHER Manager iii GLEN .'.1LU-'MASON JL wc 2 Dowws uv iz' so Q2 UPS Kneeling: Ronnie Broam, J. V. McKinney, Tommy Walker, Johnny Smith, Buck Criner, James Crain and Donald Powers, Standing are, Coach Kelton Brewer, Joe Burton, Jerry McCarver, David Boren, Mike Plumlee, Carlos Pina, Jerry Wilkerson and John Morrison, manager. PONY BASKETBALL COACH KELTON BREWER Coach Brewer discusses strategy with co-captains David Boren and Mike Plumlee. G X , gvgvm . ff ' ' ' Y 'fm'--' . - o ' has + in .1 ' Q-I 3 455' if rv J . . I '., -f.. . ' V, Q1 a X ft s T 5 17 vig 4 lynx ,Q 337 N1 gfi VLH ' 51-A xi-T32 wg' an 'I I - '------ wwf' ' '-' 46,13 'Q H' if ' 'L 12 . 1 12 1 ' I lx I Q 'x i - 1 a xi .. -ul' I 7 f' 0-1 S '43-H Squadmen who qualified for the state meet are istandingi Robert Burk, Kenneth Cummins, Coach Max Goldsmith, Tony Cain, Ronnie Briceg lkneelingi Jerry Jetton, Ted Nelson, Larry Shoemaker, R E Merr tt and Joe Brown. -Q:-jf' MAX GOLDSMITH Track Coach I34 STATE CHAMPIONS For the second year in a row, flying Mustangs copped the state championship. ln T958 they won the AAAA title, this year the AAA trophy, Competing in ll meets, the Mustangs won team titles in five, second place in pionship, winning TO of T4 events. The mile relay team continued to win against every high school team it faced for the past two seasons and broke the national . , record in an invitational meet at Houston after the season was over. The mark of 3:16.11 will not be recognized, however since it was run against college rather than high school competition. Coach Max Goldsmith was named Texas Track Coach of the year for the team's accomplishments in l958. , J, D. PARTRIDGE Assistant Coach one, and third place in three. They easily won their eighth straight district cham- 440 RELA Y Pictured lclt to right arc- R, E MERRITT, TONY CAIN, JERRY JETTON and TED NELSON. Ronnie Brice and Larry Shoemaker also ran on the team at some meets. Trst Place f-'irwiers State Meet--Time -42 7 fnew record, Regional Meet District Meet Sandhills Relays Permian Basin Relays West Texas Relays Comanche Relays Possum Kingdom Relays Second Place-Fort Worth Second Place Mustang Relays MILE RELAY Undefeated by high school teams for the past two years, the mile team of standin D R. E MERRITT, RONNIE BRICE, TED NELSON JERRY 'I' relay l 9 . i ' N JETTON and Cnot pictured? LARRY SHOEMAKER and DARVIS CORMIER 9' repeated as state champions. First Place Winners G State Meet-Time 3:2l.5 Regional Meet District Meet Red Raider Relays Sandhills Relays Permian Relays Mustang Relays Possum Kingdom Relays Comanche Relays Fort Worth Relays West Texas Relays pau- NATIONAL RECORD BREAKERS kb iii' Q 5- The mile relay foursome of lfrontj R. E. MERRlTT,' TED NELSON, LARRY SHOEMAKER and JERRY JETTON broke the national record with a 3.l6,4 clocking at the Houston A.A.U. meet in May. l35 Butch Seay and John Bacon track managers SHOT PUT Left to right are Robert Burk, Coker Lassiter, Robert Sandlin and Lloyd Carruth. ROBERT BURK First PlacefDistrict Meet Third Place-Regional Meet ' Second Place-Permian Relays Best Throw-50 feet 5 inches MJ 19 ' I Kenneth Cummnns placed second at dnstrxct second nn the regronal meet and fnfth m the s I36 x 3-.fatal Sig tate rneet MILE RUN Standvng Conrad Turner Jerry Walker son Kenneth Cummtns lkneelrngj Ron me Broam Carlos Pnna and Harold Bacon -1 L- . - 1 r - V 1 -5 ' , , . 4 ' 4 H Q, 6 1 x . ve . , , , . 57 H 'V' E , , . h W' ' ya, - .e 4 g L ', ' . ' . . 1 l 2 X 4 04 -6 , . , . , -,,. K iff L ll, , 1 1 - Q, ', . , - T I .. 4.1 - K- fl' I .1 , me-,L ' - .J :, 7 , 5 ,f-, I . . , K UQ mv. J '1 fi 4 n 1 5 V , A Y h .V t 6, ek 4 lilivv-'Effie QC: f ,P ' , , . 4. 1... ,A- I ' ' TED First 720 TOO TOO TCE TOO TOC 220 220 NELSON Place. Comanche Relays Possum Kingdom Relays -Mwstang Relays Permian Relays District Meet Regional Meet -Permian Relays District Second --140-Fort Worth Second--220-Sta'e Tlw'rd-100- State 'T'-Egvfv -l ' JAMES COOK 700-220 YARD DASH JERRY JETTON Third - -140 ACo'rae:l'e Relays Third-220-Possum K rwgdom Relays X l . .- 4 imp, . , gl P, ft ul gh LARRY SHOEUXAKER TONY CATN TH rd - Broad Jem-Q-District 440 DASH RONNlE BRlCE Secovd P'a:e-State Meet Second Place-Regional Meet Second Place-District Meet First Place-Permian Relays Third Place-Mustang Relays R. E, MERRITT First Place-State Meet-Time 49.1 First Place-Regional Meet First Place-District Meet First PIacefMustang Relays Second Place-Permian Relays DARVIS CORMIER First-Mile Relay-District First-Mile Relay-Sandhills Relays JIMMY LEWIS I37 HIGH JUMP Hrgh Iumpvrs Hof! Yo rig? an lirry 4 L ar Ovcrcash Bob Madnsou and D C 'a Overcash was SL-Lond n C15 r m regona! POLE VAULT DUDLEY 'HTCHELL RON!-LD 'JABERRV T' 'c: Possdn Kmgdorn Rdays TV' 'nr Fof' '.'vor W In ff: -Dv' :Y Hee' BASF. GREAVES O l 1 ' 'T' 43? . ,,., J , ' ,JiQ 'Z , 7'il f5A ,vii 2-V . -15 880 YARD RUN JACK NELSON Second Place-District Meet JOHN GATLIN JOE BROWN First Place-District Meet Second Place--Regional Meev Second Place-Permian Relays Third Place--Sandhills Relays Sixth Place-State Meer-Best Time 2:02 DISCUS THROW LLOYD CARPIJIH JAMES MARIIN POBERI BUPK Fwsv F ,ew 91:15 mum ' . Frst PILQQQ Dxsfmv X md P age S'afe Mes' Second PIace For? Worvh Sc-com: Page Pwm .qv ReIa,s Vwd P'ace Musmmg Fldays B6-sf TWON I-.15 Ice' DE RYL OVERCASH ws- xp I-ff-f AHW5' ' ww HURDLES JOE MCKISSICK - LESLIE BLACKBURN -JIMMY ADUDDELL if... fl- Coach Max Gofdsmvvk nreservs Yhe s'afe cffemoion shIp Yropby vo J, Lee Sm'YI'v, pflncipaf, In The Ima assembly orogravv a DUDLEY MITCHELL First-District-Low Hurdles Second-District-High Hurdles Second-Musiang ReIaysfLow Hurdles First-Seminole Meer-Low Hurdles X A7 IW sr- 'I gf 3 5TANg ' sf I . I E4 4 N q- V -Z 3 E 4 '2, Y XX: 1 QSTLN .J-L Squadron are ffront rovw Joe Cawacho, Tommy Walker, Virgil Coffee, Harold Duncan, Glen Williamson, 'second row Dayid Gatlin, manager, Wesley Cregg, Don Morgan, .loe Burton, Terry Belenbough, Charles Clevenger, 'back rowi Coach Charles Russell, Rodney Noble, Janies Wood, Roy Max Perr n, John 'Vorrisors and .Ie y Tabor, manager. BASEBALL fnark was A-A. Andrews O Andrews B Andrews 3 Andrews 2 Andrews I Andrews 9 Andrews O Andrews 3 Andrews 5 Andrews I Andrews I6 COACH CHARLES RUSSELL For The second straight year, The Muslangs finished in second place behind The Eclor Eagles. The season's record was 8 wins and II losses, while The Odessa Jal Midland Odessa ' Levelland Hobbs Midland Midland Levelland Midland Jal - SCHEDULE-f B I7 Il Andrews B A Andrews 'B ll Andrews 5 Andrews A Andrews B II Andrews 'B I Andrews A Andrews B 4 3 -DISTRICT GAMES- 4 Kermit 6 Monahans O Eclor 6 Pecos Id Kermiv 7 Monahans I Ecvor ll Pecos ID ING I conference 3 8 I5 7 I 6 9 O Z' Re ular mfuelders are kneelingj GNen Wslhamson 3B Terry Betenbough, SSg Joe Burton 2B and Harold Duncan IB. TOMMY WALKER- Sophomore All-Drs'rrcr OmfueNder Roy Max Perrin shows proper grip for curve to Glen Wrllnamson and James Wood, catcher Wnllsamson vossed a no hmer agamst Midland L r-x . 5 gm! A 95 1 L., W3 Reserve squadmen are Rodney Noble, Don Morgan, Charles Clevenger and lkneel- ingj Wesley Cregg and John Morrison. GLEN WILLIAMSON Junior Pitcher-Infield ROY MAX PERRIN-Pitcher Sensor JAMES WOOD-Catcher Sophomore Junior VIRGIL COFFEE-Ouffield Q 2-1. DON MORGAN Ouffueld Sophomore HAROLD DUNCAN-First Base Junior 'ff 'E'-M, -.I .. . . 1- -gf 42- 33125 tr: fp . if ,SQ M. Managers are Jerry Tabor and Davud Gatlm Tennis squad members are istandingj Vic Thomas, Roger Christopher, Jerry Harris, John Linne, Davie Craig, Ronny Hamilton, Ted Christopher, Lynn Rogers, Wilson Turpen, Sam Pendleton, Coach Kelton Brewer, Csecond rowl Herbert Martin, Sandi Hardin, Sue Waggoner, James Watkins, Perry Clifton, Larry Edge, Donald Powers, ifrontl Paula Nall, Serena Allen, Linda Underwood, Jo Beth Payne, Paula Tyner, Linda Thomas, Sharon Perkins and Ruth Tabor. REGIONAL CHAMPIONS For the fourth year in a row, Mustang netters won the district title. Championships were won -a A-----.-,.,-M,-+Q in boys and girls singles and in girls doubles. The boys doubles entry finished second. '-nz? ' I, Sandi Hardin and Linda Underwood won re- XQS ' i gional in doubles, while Sam Pendleton won X! T regional singles. KELTON BREWER x ii. I I Tennis Coach District champs are Coach Brewer, Sam Pendleton, Herbert Martin, James Watkins, Sharon Perkins, Sandi Hardin and Linda Underwood. A 1 I44 ff Q J 2 XY7' 1 . X , ff i ,,----- 1- 1 ,1 L7 1 5 152 ' -Nia 4 ,fa , ,s X A ' QV .. -:: --g--.. ,f - ' inns.: '! ms. 4 1:225- ' ' '5' 3' vw - TT v 1 fm-1 ' 'f' ' ' ffxif' SANDY HARDNN LINDA UNDERWOOD SHARON PERKINS SOP or J. 'of S fVf 'Ne Reg C111 Doubhs U Q- Lf ons C SAM PENDLETON JAMES VNATKNNS HERBERT MARTIN Senor Se'-Nc' Sc' cr Reg orwa!S1rwgNos Chdwwn on Secorc P'e:e L swi' DCA: es 1 ph c .N .fit g 23 -,, 9 :Ill 4 ., 3- f 153555: C 1 -' - -:l?':1 ! - ' 3422-:23' ' N .22E::IE::25 . + ,ajfiitliggzli ' . Ii- 293 22f ' 4 2:22212 Sggsizgigzi - 133:52 E:::!i::::f I .X -I- Z if Acnvmss N' f, ts f, 205' wg., , Slfl'lt'l1IVl IYCVC gmgw-r 1' tln- Jw Strll strlngmg crepe paper I li? JN Buddha gets first layer of paper and paste. ore crepe paper .. , , and still more crepe paper, til' Sm-tutor It 1-1- JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET 'Sf-lYONfXRfx llv: llvv' E3 of rlw arwual Jofw'orfSemlor Ban miofl' dllfl Pro'-x prcmwlrffl rl irwmlzlul 'elirwq of Clwerry lilosicwr-., lTFJrillC'rff lf3rw'egr:r', Kaul lrfllllaml orarmgu, yelloyv .ami rf-fl 5 mol Lffl-lifjb lo' av Qnroyalzle eyerlirwg of z-rake-lm brzyrlwri'-rrw, ,-.wlreff .am Jfaparwme scwants up 'P mwil Qoryrrlrz fgrrls rwfl eaffwcri 'llc rlrglwl To alleml The profrw. Ha' i r' aff. rorrllgf. on mlfl If lprfaorllully Corwplelod lolp a,ov1'rEw'r-Ll 'o 'Wilco eww? ra xC FClGlJ'G one for the rom or l-ova ami llwerr servo: QUQSTQ, f Vrgl Coffee reads Who class rroplwecy' as Sarwdy A'ic'f Poberr Balm and Polly Sa'Verv.lMQ regrsfer arvogcwgw ef 5 1 'L A 'tar . NX +. Sophomore Geisha glrls are surrounded by 'Coolre servanis. y Drama Roberts mm lost marbles 4 2 rf' l I ' 4 mlclw S my Mary E Llyn Gaylv and Arnold Rr-uc qlrde over e VI ul Coffee, Jeanie Clark, Glenda Hondcrson .mu loxd Ca floor wrtlw tlwvnr partners swf one out. Dorwwe Horlcmel are loclvrng for their VYL' 11 , A iw .-'Q-,es :L-:ze is ..f::c: e-' Def' ' Q rages vo.-ww ov Ranma Brice wwg, .' iss' Bm v 4:15-,'.1, C' Ba. The B rofardmss or :- JEV'f Wwersorv, Donme Holwo.-feN!, Pat AngMn rlg IIQVVFQ 'or vhf: Japanese 'an'er's. l50 iq-X Sfdg 'W' rm 'S mv- 0 51, Mg' 11' ,nv iv 'rv cm 1 :L .- 'Q 'luke 'ke .... P '. J , 2 I If 5 of hhevher or not Housry Brewer ws amused as Mwke Taywor fr Holiowelk who doesn ' seeww vo WL- mfr- -de., :Hn l'5 431- ew . 5. xes To ? 'Ax un on Donna SB Ngf A Q' - .H 'f ,A Q ' 0 ' 1 J, '-F' cg' XX Q A, f . .' J' ' 4 ,QQ 1, Q ' f- A f e 1. ' p lf PV f ' . 1- 3 ' L A.. X3-f . and Marie Woolam Sophomore peasan?s watch widefeyed at American phomgrapher. Don'tTl1r:y make lousy looking Japs? zz-'--f A C2 H ,J I N . J l u A ,by tl Br 1'frfr'v ' Ve' V l- 'L' Bc ef rp! JL, -'U' 53 SUSE cy V' free? r- r ,',.. . be Tne Jrrn Sforcneffs appear thrriled as they arrrve for banuuev .QQ 'Ji 4 I ,K Ray OGwrn, Brnyc Phrlhps, Lmda Underwood, HaroNd I X Tex Aswe Ofc Rosle Hogde swmg cw at fre prune F ,q-.9 . . . Mar, Eve'yr' Gayle Sandra Davrs, Mary Nei! the Ho and Par Bynes pet frr-'snlmg fo.cPes on We Beccna vdfch sat On me s'age. .1 Duncan rims Why doesn'1HousYv Brewer give the Nona! grrfs a chance? nose is red5, Pauia Tyner and Basvl Greaves have been to The car for fresh arr? wil 1 If . J f 421,215 X2 bw I 2 I 2 'Q LN , ll' f FN. V ,Q 5 ' , I we 1 'i '. , f .., 4..,,., ,, , I? ,,.c,4,,.Q,k-,.-.-vin,Q-.N,Q,,,.. 4,, .J B V 5 BJ- sr:-'s'::' Xt'-:,: .- , . , ., ..-..-x L.x, .A el I' 44'-I X4 4 I 9 A yrvswdurvf lmcm Moore Vrvscms 1 Tvxkfs Efiwiamcn Q wes Y N ,mpg ,C,,.t-.AAN .XA Q. .xl UWA S v 'V-V,l,,,gK uw ..-,. .0 ff, Q .pw 1 ,N 4, QL my J C vi '-a. cf Z-93-LJ f, HIFI 3,8 i 9 ' 11, i 'iif' ig? 5.-1' Cast members of 'The Plum Tree, a lab play, pose after the per- Steve Beverlin is a mixed-up burglar in Nobody Sleeps' formance, Darvis Cormier and Rosie Hogue admire Glen WilIiarnson's A rehearsal scene from Dear Rutl'1,'ltl1e senior play. leg on Bermuda short day. .41 -1 Ii ,- Miracle at Derrick, Texas was presented at the Christmas assembly. Fred Munsell walked off with the ugly boy contest, 19. SL. n.-f.-- il, TCCiNCISOVNVC'f1'w - .vnu rw ,Q , ,gm ,. J' 71 U' N , 'Q Re'ays Speech alas S DY Track queen Cmrwf Gcvbc: :rum-r rw' .1 L-ncmwfs Toofie Paine and Sami, I-'corn at au 'reef ...Q . I 5 1. : x csemfcci fake-off on prwvaw devecfxves for asserfbiy. Mrs. Kmght and sor' apnea' w1co v. 'W p-::'v 3 ve' 'o 'hem by Peggy B,ies p. ,A vi J P -.f fi ff' ww. ' 1 9 f' A J' Q, vj I 1 HW rg W , f 3 Next ycar's cheerleaders are kstandmgj Pasha Nali, Twfrp Week fmds Edwina Newcomb and Par Ryan playng mfg-OV, oxer Sara Shippg Ckncelwngj Mona Reid, Dorvnda Alcorn Handsome Basal Greaves and Sharon Perluns lbl TN , , 5' 53 w -1 .- fs .. r :rg St. a A 5 r , H xv , s ' 1 Q f if , . 1 4 ' f 3 N. -- x ' ','x!' .h , C1 Q 5 ' ff W mes 1 pw fr, Ha Crmuvrr RLw,al', .-'f L on 'row N3 A 'idf' 1 DV ' 'WY bf 1 1 Band comm! members drsmnss Yhn Covrorw Bowl Hip. xv Coach Na' mv s P+- Yo rf-fi-kiooaicd Arm-rrcrm 00,5 A 1 Q if 1 K U I . A . M F W K 'z-ilnraw . . HDUK rf-r ar f ' X f r . v gil. 5 Future Teachers are picture-d on than float in the fair parade. A f r 7' Briie siioots aga fist Kermit, The Ponies score against Ertor -1 i 'L K I.. 1. Y., ij V, 'xi ., . Ni, . - -V 0 t P I -J - . - i x Mi- V 1.3. - P .v , ' , ,Q x l Wayne Smith, Dixie Butler and James Heims Stop looking at the camera, Pipkiri! Robert Burk, received trophies for top bowling averages. FX n x H rt'-' f A Future Nurses ride on float in the county fair parade. Still dancing at the Youth Center, I I 5 Q Q F5725 4- we F Jaw A, 'E KL, , 'C -4 S0:G'rf15f4-ruff rrmlrvr 1'A5S.45,pcrr'sTffbc v vwq lf! Ka Hsf- vro.,dN c1:sDNa'sVer'Was1cnarr 8 years' err fn V F Y F r , , iii? -rliff' 4 Phorography Cub members are ishandingj Perry Cllfton, Mary Jackson, Corm'e Srmwwows, Melba Marfin, Vlaync Sfwvhg CsitrmgF BiI4 Teague, Larry Colrinsworih, Bennie Erison and Eddie WIISOI 15,9 'H 4 r3 1 fs. Q, li I wonder what page my pscrurc as on, X a Getting ycarbooks ready for dlsfribuvion .X Another ugly boy contestant, Conrad Turner. Dixon uses a long back scravcher. hi- u, i -.-.....,- 'V Sara Shipp grins and giggles while being crowned Hallo Y - ween Queen by Ronnie Brice ou name if. i 4 Y Hopeful customers try their luck at Yhe Junior Cakewalk booth. Jerry Bass tries to win a Yeddy bear for his sweetie. 'li I1 1-.1 i Mix some bicarbonate of soda to go with that food, girls. I I Mike Ford makes a lousy looking Santa Claus, 'x ttf' i S Bill Horton enioys pep rally antics. Mary Evelyn Gayle fries her hand at practice teaching. l Track royalty poses at the annual invitational track meet. l ,Q po I Jimmy Wilkins tries his luck at the Halloween carnival. he I69 Us xt Peffin 9975 GH elbow in Joe Burton scores against Kermit. the nose. Roy Max Perrin crowns basketball sweetheart Sandra Davis. ,1 Burton scores again X . 1 R di 'Q ,ff funn! 559 YA 'Q I S , . 1 X 1 J., P-ff iuq. R 4-4 ' J J W 1 'xv U 1 t , ' U I I 'l A i'A y v I 4 y 'f f ':1' 359 -f-L-Jsiillg , Q s I i 15 1 4A E. V1-..' A 1- Af'dm.f.s SfDCw K1 D f n :Us mir L Vu -.s 'J.fAi1ec ' C v. fr ., Q' F' if 1 i 1' - MW, V , ,, -g.,v ' ' U ig? 59-I-vw--f' 1 1. ' . .1 '17 .a-L, ,. .4 vig -4 .No '. .x n 'V s ans 'cc fscwcbnn Q w 'Rss Z 4 Y I ' -up-ek , Bull Warren Sandy Alcorn Charles Cregg and Jack Reafny that after qualffyung forthe regwonal meef. dx., ,X . It uwgt have been sonfcdw ng I cf, says Jclw Pm-me n a sine? from Balcony Src-vm I77 N w 6 Q '-' E Wigwiaw' Q' ANDREWS SAVINGS 8z LOAN ASSOCIATION Wim: Our Business Is Savings Home Loans Repair and Improvemenf Loans We Exfend +o You a Mosf Cordial InviI'a+ion Io Visii' Us IIHIIIIUIHII WE PAY LIBERAL DIVIDENDS ON SAVINGS :suzuki ymx N' lxnvw ,Q 'mv S sms: i Q X 4 Q va E 1 '24 .7.'l1'. 'ff cu ZI6 N. W. Avenue A . ' I na 4-:.R.j' 3' 'gk 2 -peak 4463 Y . I sl 'D' I ' , ,Q .Sp : ' . . . I I 'N VJ , 1 av. A V XXX R 4-,,........ UNITED SUPER MARKET 7I2N M L 3 2625 X HERZBERGER APPLIANCES Fgd -W p I W ' W IW S Il LA3-2650 202 S W I Zwwf GOOD FOOD tray? -.99 BARNES DRUG I09 W Broadway LA3-3I00 ANDREWS TEXAS ANTHONY S Serves You Better Saves You More los N W Ave B LA 3030I WITHER S SWEET SHOP Homemade Pasfries 307 N E Ave D La 3-2 08 'si'-' f V YE' N BENNETTS Comple+e Home Furmshmgs Sfore You furnish fhe bride We furnish The home. II6 N W Is LA 3-268I Shafter Lumber and Supply LUMBER FOR BUILDERS HARDWARE PAINT AND WALLPAPER Wm ky. .. TO GREATER VALUES 700 Norfh Main Phone LA-3-2600 I i swim 1.uL.u,1sLa 94' 2555551-Y BLAIR LUMBER CO. ANDREWS FLORAL Home Owned AND Complete Bulldmg Servlce NURSERY Fo +I! Bes+ FI IAra gemenfs cI P e 3:2 EAST BROADWAY LA 3 3042 N ,IACIEI 59' 'S G F WACKER STORE Sep Io 5 D IIa M ha se + y WACKER STORE LA3 2070 N r+I1 M d A B CITY GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY IKE WHITEHEAD R I+ 9 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS 3I4 S W F sI' SI'ee'I LA3 2607 News IIIII fi I' Complnmenls of THE ANDREWS COUNTY NEWS AND NEWS OFFICE SUPPLY Serving Andrews and Andrews Counly for 26 Years DIAL LA3 2085 ANDREWS AUTO PARTS JOHN srusss owner Delco BaH'erles Wagner Brake Paris Fram Oil FiI+ers AC Fuel Pumps Champion Sparlc Plugs HasI'ings Rings Federal Mogul Bearings Sfandard Igni'rion Thompson Producls Gaies Fan Bells CompIe+e line of rebuiI'I' sI'ar+ers, generaiors, e+c. DIAL LA3-3456 I08 S. W. Isl' Andrews, Tex. 'TSC QI K, W-wewn BLOSSOM SHOP SHARLOTT MOXLEY, Cwner Wire Flowers Anywhere Flowers for All Occasions Corsages SI.O0 and Up Franlcoma Po'H'ery and Budding PIan'rs LA3-3 I 23 6IO N. Main ixff? Y qlff' 3.56510 :, 'C' J, f 2' gagxwfeo LUMBER COMPANV EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER Andrews Texas Phone LA3 2638 IIS Sou+I'1 Mann UVUHIIKIU LITTLE SHOP MAC'S SU PERMARKETS From Crab Thru Pre Teens Nl-OW Prlce Hlgh Qualnyu L63 2684 N. W. Ave. A LA3 2665 208 N. W. 4+h V ' N1 if ff in 1 'p ' +4 --Q' - I -. ' . P' A my 'j ,Q fNv.Df'lfwf' :IL-' r ' -'f-yqfzlw'-'X- .. 4 4 f . 1. -- -5 'M -' -1' . ' 'V '. 553.2 7 . v ,' - I .1 V G., Y4 Vi in R sg, . X V H ,AJ ' ol , ,I ' , ,In b E n X 1- ' A T: ,VA gf' .' ., X - f: 4, v .1 - A 41 !51lf'?'-Snr. - 3 -Z- Tm - -n iiii lnn ,v4,fgfj'.r'1r' 'fi'-'A.. . .,f- f I '. I' , .kvmgl .-- GALLOWAY SU PERMARKET Shop cmd Save The Gallo vvoy ANDREWS TEXAS 200 E Bdwy LA3 2804 1 CORNER DRUG Prescrlpluons Are Our Speclally E L HURLEY Regular Pharmaclsf Pho LA3 2430 200 Nor+h Mann HULEN s fy! JEWELRY ,,,,fff ' f-KT d+ l Jr x H3 N W Ave A LA3 2627 FABRIC SHOP Pho. 3 3075 lo9 N. W. Ave. A GULF ELLIOTT GULF Specializing in Washing and Greasing Pick Up and Delivery LA 3 3288 9ll N MAIN I ' If L 4 - ' I :sf e ' A ffial - K nf-.3 ' ,ndf f-gi?'7 ' .:5',1 i '5 . Zigi W Mila ' L Wg' A lx X b ' Xb? XX' xxx X . X a L V D 1 'w L A Q Q 1 Cre i Terms available lor X 'WO Jrhe gif s you give wilw ride. D nul'-- ,,f FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Andrews Q INSLR Member Federal Reserve Sys+em PH LA3 2006 LOCATION I09 N W Isi' E56 PEIIMIIIII fe! SERVICING 0II.IIIII. ' HHS? :Sig 35522 Zhu! 7064.6 um.-M Rods, Tubing, Swabbing Reverse Circulafion Equipmeni' Andrews LeveIIand Pho. LA3-3038 TW4-3773 PHO. LA ANDREWS UPHOLSTERY SERVICE Res+yIing Re-Upholsfering 3-2776 302 E. B DWY. JONES McCALL ANDREWS REALTY CO PHARMACY TOMMY SINGLETON INS AGENCY ffm MW fs,-ffm!! , Ill 3' ?4m R NN Free Prescrlphon Puck Up and Delivery DOUBLE THRIFT STAMPS LA3 2323 2 N W s+ LOANS INSURANCE REAL ESTATE NlgI'l+S LA3 2064 or And e s Tex LAM72 Phone LA3 3050 I27 NW Ave A JEFFREYS STEAK HOUSE WWI 'IQ-5' ARCHIE'S LUMBER CO. Chicken-Mexican Foods Lunches Home of good Bulldmgu Homemade Pas+ries Locafion 409 s. w :S+ Pho. LA3 2560 OPEN 24 HOURS Dial LA3 9986 405 S. Main IOcIessa Hwy., YM, 0 7. . ix . X Il Mffffgf ' , 5 :W ---- 4- -'s--s 0 0 L. O IH I iT's'flALW Ah ' ' ' A Is. El! I - I '. I TS, fx 7? ' 2'xN'X4 xx - OI . . I ' I - r w , . :TB B Q O 1 1 f 1-v'vvlA-Aif:-N 1 Ll,-,M , Y.- fi D3 . A Q 2.112 ff-A Fi JE gffifllfzwe ANDREWS TELEPHONE CO SERVING Frankel Cnty Dollarhlde Andrews OOLJ OGITIOV ROSE THEATER SANDS DRIVE IN Andrews, Texas T. J. SIMPSON, Man g w Mu 'WWI Mus.. 621x244 f CHATTER BOX me SPRING HIGHWAY - '-'T 4, Tiff, X 'Y T 6: ' GRXX 'IX lj gi A T II 'i fm Q N ,I 9 Q I - 5 Jie sf egg fm, lar- ' 2 IM: 'XQ an ar I IIN I GeI more oulr of life . , . . G I I ie 9 MUSTANG ,.... WELL SERVICE INC 0xN' 302 N W Ave B CaII La 3 3790 NIGHTS DAL T G Sfreefy LA 3 3066 Paul D Lassufer LA 3 2609 HARVEY LAN ES BOWLING Q CompIe+eIy AuI'omaI'ic Air Condi+ioned League and Open Bowling Open I0 A.M. +0 2 A.M. Mon. Saf. Free Ins+ruc+ions Bowling Equip Sundays: 2 P.M. +o 2 A.M. SNACK BAR Dial LA 3-4590 Odessa Highway Andrews, Tex. J Fig M ,f-w af 1 Kin-S I glfgi-'-F I . QLN XX? ff ill ' f.f. f p I 1 X N 2 Y COMMERCIAL STATE BANK ua w Bdwy Ph LA3 440 HOME OWNED HOME OPERATED C rner N. W. 2nd DELUXE WASHATERIA mnndsa W KPIYIZMSJRY andA I S h F ll 1: wi ?'-'EF' 51- 41 lx DUNLAP S Andrews Fnnest Department Store Phone 3 2046 IION W Ave B 545 ,2 fi? i RMB? LILS BEAUTY BAR TAYLOR'S BARBER SHOP g 3' RFQ' ,ff QA , ' ' 'Val rf 2 , X ' X allli. Your appearance is our business 405 S. Main LA 3-2656 LELAND S are zz mo mv rox 1 v mow now 'cs 0,11 LA 4 l Guaranteed Service on All Makes of TV and Radio LELAND HAMILTON, Owner 203 W. Bdwy. Phone LA 3-262I Andrews. Texas SALES M 81 M CHEVROLET CO. SERVICE When yew are plecused we are hcppy LA 3 2470 3 4004 200 SW E 3' M ANDREWS CLEANERS HOME EQUIPMENT co QQ? x 7 Jw' Q 24- as 7 OO Of 307 N M LA 3 3707 LA 32735 N W I ll -h ll - or - Locafion lsi' QC? W wxx --I ' M H , mimi ' W, , f 9 1 , u , -u X Z xg ,f I 944 , IQONS il, TOASTEPS i S HEATERS.ETC J J Z S In by I 'clock, u by 5 . ain - - 302 . . s+ 5 .9 X PIGGLY WIGGLY Servmg The Nation fer Gver 40 Years WE GIVE sal-1 GREEN STAMPS BVS: Don t Let Shoppmg Be o Bore Shop and Save at the Friendly PIGGLY WIGGLY STORE 5 a LA 3 zoos ooo N M 'I o B RABURN M 9 Q s' S' ,K EKSMQ 116 up , . ' A - Rf E N . ain ' . . , and el' and WWW OGDEN TRUCKING coMPANY Q Elwyn s .,, ,N ,, Lodres Shop 305 N W Second S+ The Ford Eamly of Fne Cars Ford Mercury Edsel SALES AND SERVICE A Solid Block of Servrce +o +he Aufomobule Owner can t A JOHNNY SMITH MOTOR CO. LA 3 2003 Andrews, Texas ANDREWS' QLDEST AUTOMQBILE DEALERSHIP , , 122. if- . AT , ,X I jf f, 1 IOI N. W. Second S+. LA 3-282I II i I ll 9 MAIN MARTIN DRAPERIES MARTIN UPHOLSTERY DRAPERIES FINE GIFTS COMPLETE HOME AND AUTOMOBILE UPHOLSTERY SERVICE W+B 50 S 'rI1M NIEMAN S SCHOOL STORE School Supplies Lunches WA E LA344 06 84 . I28 es roadway 0 ou ain 70l N. Main Andrews, Texas 1 . f: I-.1 II6 N. . ve. -35 DOLPH MILLER JEWELERS INC of Andrews ,fell-rw WAGGONER TRUCK LINE DRILLING COMPANY L rem' LA 3 2870 WATER WELL DRILLING AND PUMP SERVICE W B cl LA 3 5 1 afca L-.5 Complete Service at -J NELSON'S - SERVICE IOI Easi' Broadway La 3-2576 , - 81 I AX H ' W E-.IQQI l ,six Q42 C' . , -E X I: I L I I ,I I24 N. 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