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 - Class of 1953

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Text from Pages 1 - 220 of the 1953 volume:

N 9 14 ?f JE ff if: Q .an V . gf 5 mnuamaxam-mw.w1a:wUmT: 31: u:mva.nm1-an if:u mf4wrLffs: if 'wwmffwwwvv mm. Q.: 'Y ww, W ,swvesimasssmgvvn X' mewmwms, Q ,qv -,A r rsevsmwmmwwzwmfa ff' l Eggs 3 sfyifsg SSE 353 gil? me is wg Ek is Fist? if 45.14 , fkm ss. SU" if To Mr. Gordon H. Williams, journalism and history teacher, sponsor of the Round- up and Mustang staffs, we dedicate the 1953 MUSTANG. Mr. Williams has spent many hectic hours in order that you might have the 1953 Mustang. He well deserves our praise. Dear Reader: Progress is the theme of the 1953 MUSTANG. On the fly leaves you will see some of the classes and activities of our school many years ago. You can easily see how much our schools have progressed in the last few years. In the pages of this book, we have re- corded, as nearly as possible, the 1952- 1953 school year. We hgpe you enjoy the 1953 MUSTANG. Co-Editors Gene Tucker Dick Blenden SCHOOL BOARD LEFT TO RIGHT: Superintendent T.D. Hamilton, Mr. Clyde Broarn, Mr. Charles Carruth Mr. C.S. Ham, Mr. Lewis Madison, Mr. J.F. Singleton, Mr. J.B. McNeil, and Mr. A.C Moxley. A-man--H' lx 'Qi 'Yo - New Lv, - 1' K, . may T.D. HAMILTON I Superintendent of Schools M.O. WOOLAM Assistant Superintendent Q in-if Yrs W sr hx Mmm, migqwf Wie AW 'Ss 1 ' "4V7Qf 3 xdiw, 354: iiiiirk S NN ,jfs I iff SEZ , aan 'gif ,Li Ji PRINCIPALS Mr. J. LEE SMITH Principal of High School MR. VERNON PAYNE Principal of Junior High MR. J.B. YOUNGBLOOD Principal of Primary ,gvwm 'Ki my 1 MRS. NELL BROWN English B.A., Texas University Colorado State Collcgc W K m. r qRS. LQUISA CALDERQN MR. C.S. CHOATE MRS. THELIMA FENNEL panish and English Mathernatics Biology and Physics l.,A., Sul Ross B,A,, N01-th'1'eXa5 B.A., Texas University X Q' I MR. SAM GANTT Industrial Arts M, A. , North Texas KWH T5-'F MR. B.G. GORDON MR. KEITH HARDING Industrial Arts MathematiQ5 13.5-y NOTU1 TGXHS B.A., North Texas SB ' W4 QW., Miss ADELE HARRELL MR- LEON JACKSON Librarian 50161109 B.A. , North Texas B. S. , Hardin Simmons 'Cl T MISS MARTHA JUNE MOREHART B. A. , Southern Methodist M.A., Texas Tech Assistant Band Director MR. EVERETT MAXWELL Band Director M.A., Texas Tech B.A., A.C.C. qc-+-MV I '40 MRS. LUCK, R.N. School Nurse Registered Nurse bV"' 4-rid Q Q A a X, X A MR. EVERETT NICHULSON Basketball Coach M. A., Iowa State B.S., K.S. T.C. . -- ls' .V I ,,, , ,pw 1 I Gf, Wing ' V, an a if' s ...M if 'rj fa 5 5 X ff? MRS. CURTIS NIX MR. CHARLIE PINNELL MR. J.R. POWELL Piano T6aChS1' Mathematics B. A., McMurry B. M., Hardin Simmons B. S., Texas Tech M.A., Texas Tech MISS LYDA KELLY Commercial Subjects B.A. , Texas Western Texas Tech ,vim A. I vm, g c.L Z Ha SIT'- MR. GORDON H. WILLIAMS Journalism and History B.A., North Texas State Wk MISS JO ANN CROOM History B.A. , T. S. C. W. so iC""' MH' V, -si' ?'sg6,.,1.,,,. sg mi MISS BOBBIE STAHL Girls' P. E. B.S. , Texas State College for Women MR. BRYAN BAKER Chorus B.A., North Texas State MRS. CHARLES COMPTON English B. A. , Central State College of Oklahoma 'N-.t.,,.. MR. NEAL TAYLOR Football Coach B. A., Hardin Simmons if C8 NMR MRS. MARIE MASH P. E. and English M.A., Southwestern B. A. ,Southwestern ,nr . ..,, S fi A, 55: MRS. R.B. FULGHAM English and Science B. S., North Texas K snwlullf' N- j if 3 x ' g MR, MAX GOLDSMITH MRS. LA NOR GOROM MR. TRUMAN NIX Track Coach HOm61'1'1-aking Boys' P. E. and Coach B.A., North Texas B.S., S.W.T.S.T.C. B.A., McMurry 'ffbuuuf' Q 5 wif: U, Vg 1 ,tl MR. HUGO RIVERA MR. FORREST C. SCOTT MISS JUNE WARD Spanish Mathematics and Coach Home Economics B.A., McMurry B.A., McMurry M.E., E.T.S.T.C. ,Q 'if T 35,1 by MRS. CLEONE COLVIN MRS. WAVIE M. DOUGHARTY MRS. C.S. DOUTHITT Sixth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade B. A., Daniel Baker B. A., Hardin Simmons B. A., Hardin Simmons it Yr' K. M fb gas JIISS GERTRUDE FORD Grade 6 'S 'SZ I Y . w ,Aff - ,. M fe. , I :Qi - ff M 'II MRS. MABEL MIZE Visiting Teacher !IISS DOROTHY WILSON fvirade 6 MRS. DONNA HARRIS, R.N. Nurse 'fml MRS. HENRY SHIRLEY Grade 4 MRS. HELEN BAKER Grade 3 ' '5- MR. AL HAYES Grade 5 .-4f'y X MISS OLNA WINFREY Music ,ang fe-ff f Q I E MRS. JOYCE BAKER Grade 4 Q 2 E W I 4, A Xe! A xi MISS ANNA BLAKE MRS. DOROTHY BYRD Grade 5 Grade 2 ,,... XYUW MRS. BENNEY CAMPBELL MRS. LUCY CRAFT Piano Grade Z MRS. EDELWISS GREWELL MRS- T-D- HAMILTON Grade 1 Grade 1 - S 355 ,ya 559' 52 ii? ,M f '55 vig bm A rf 45 if 4 in MRS. CALLAHAN Grade 3 F MRS. VIRGINIA GRANT Piano MRS. I-IARDING Grade 3 .A .- S MSS 'Q USS KATHLEEN HELVESTON MRS. NELLIE KILPATRICK 'hysical Education Grade 4 JIISS WILLIE GREENE MISS JUANITA LEWIS Grade 1 CN, 'XHAQ MRS. RACHAEL MESSECAR MISS JUANITA NIXON Grade 1 Grade 1 'G X . I - SN 'W El MISS MURIEL KNUDSON Grade 1 -'QR MISS HELONE WARNER Art Teacher MRS. WOODIE WALKER Grade 4- N.,-'.q ' , 'W' MRS. M.O. WOOLAM MRS. LEXIA WORTHY Grade Z Grade 3 if Q? MRS. H. L. LINDSEY Secretary MRS. J.B. YOUNGBLOOD Grade 2 F MRS. SAM GANTT Secretary if a f 51 PROGRESS IN OUR STUDIES Seniors Iuniors Sophomores Freshmen Favorites Who's Who -. mu- Q 2 1 5 f S V4 WM ff-- W1 M ' N,,,, Wwe 0 V V' .yyy M ,,,,,,, f'-- ,, ff , 2 , ,..,,,, LW ,,,,, 1 , ,,,. M VV H A .,,,., W, xii: ,W 'M ' ,,,.., ,,,,. A f K ,.,,, W W,-W ffffffff 2 ,,f,,,,N ,,,, W ,,,, lllr ggwz 54, ,,,, u , ' , ,,,,,,, z ,, 5 1 me 3 y .flew . --SH 1553 ii? Q in Apu 0 Q ,,.,. , ,. Wu Ann Harding, fl Y W fa: ' li! slis 'f lyyy h . . ,,, K 1-it. r .yi A -' AA ,L-.W M lt HV, YJ, wr Class Secretary, and Bil Senior Class President Buddy Sipes ' ' ' k Blender, lie Jean Mayfield, Class Treasurer. Senior Clas s Vic e-President Dic ERNEST ADAIR Nick-name "Abe" Band 4 years Track Z years Ambition: To be a mech- anical engineer. DICK BLENDEN Student Council 1 year "A" Club 5 years Allied Youth Z years Lone Star Boys' State Convention 1 year Football 3 years Track 3 years Round-up Staff 1 year Annual 1 year ICO-Editorj Home Ec. Club 1 year Choral Club 1 year Class Vice-Pres.l year Ambition: To play pro- baseball with the St. Louis Cardinals. X j YJ-tr 4 JO FAYE ALEXANDER Student Council 1 year Volleyball 4 years Pep Club fCheerleaderj 4 years All-Around Girl Z years Home Ec. Club 3 years Girls' Football 1 year Ambition: Volleyball coach. JOYCE CARTER Nickname "Scooter Home EC. Club 4 years Art Club l year Volleyball 1 year Pep Squad 3 years Drama Club 1 year Ambition: To get married. 'T' 1 was W U 3 .f s's"' BETTY LA JUAN BARNES Nick-name "BB" Spanish Club Allied Youth Band Band Council Junior Favorite Girls' Football All-State Band Chorus Sportsmanship Award Ambition: TO be secretary PAT CLENDENING Glee Club F. H. A. Spanish Club Home Ec. Club Drama Club Ambition: Air line Hostess. years year years year year year year years year years years year year year gm: ng, 3 .ti CAROL COOK Home EC. Club 3 years Office Girl 1 year Basketball Z years Ambition: Secretary SONNY EARLE Nick-name "OOCl1 "A" Club 3 years Football 3 years Basketball Z yearS Round-up 1 year Home Ec. 1 year Sophomore favorite 1 year Ambition: To go to college. fktrsmxv -5 i'i"i if . ,i i,iaiiiif??iii? A njgf v 'W g ' 5 'f'? i5 7f . , ,V A ,4.' I get K, U I R lx W . 'E 'i,l Y ' ,., 1, , I Q 'QM' ,, I if ,I ' TOMMY DAVIS Nick-name "Red" Drama Club 1 year Spanish Club 3 years Band 4 years BETTY ELMORE Band 4 years Girls' Football 1 year Spanish Club 4 years Student Council 1 year Allied Youth 1 year Annual Staff 2 years Round-up Staff 1 year Chorus l year Golf 1 year Ambition: To be an airline hostess . ',,,.' K 1 5 4 .-eff 'Q A i J. FRANK DAVIS Regional Number Sense 3 years Regional Declamation 1 year Basketball 4 years Football 2 years "A" Club 4 years Golf 1 year Home C. Club 1 year Round-Up Staff 1 year Managing Editor Annual Staff Z years Activities Editor ChOral Club 1 year Art Club 1 year State-one-act 1 year Play Ambition: To ge best out of life. BOBBY ELLIS Nick-name HAH Science Club Round-up Staff Annual Staff Football Captain Track Class Vice- Pres. t the IlRedH 4 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 4 year Z years l year lNN HARDING Sand Z years lllied Youth 1 year Ihorus l year iecretary Senior Class Eiirls' Football 1 year 1-nme Ec. Z years 3-ep Squad Z years Freshman Favorite Xrnbition: Go to college ind get married. C HARLES HARRELL Nick-name Charlie "A" Club 3 years Track 3 years Annual Staff 1 year Asst. Sport Editor Round-Up 1 year Sports Editor Allied Youth 2 years Choral Club 1 year Home Ec. Club 1 year Volleyball King 1 year Science Club 1 year Ambition: To get rich quick. GLENN DYER Nickname Sonny Annual Staff 1 year Roundup Staff 1 year "A" Club 4 years Ambition: Electrical Engineer 'amuse' PABLO FLORES Nickname Spanish Club Science Club Drama Club Chorus Band Ambition: To be Civil Engineer a Flowers Z years 1 year 1 year '1 year 2 years ELVIE RAY HAMILTON Nickname Elmo "A" Club 4 years Football 3 years Track 3 years Basketball 3 years Home Ec. 1 year Alli'ed Youth 1 year Annual Staff Z years Round-up Staff 1 year Science Club 1 year Chorus 1 year Student Council Z years School Photog. 2 years Halloween King 1 year Junior Class Vice-Pres. Ambition: To be an admiral in the Navy. JO ANN GOSS Nickname Janny Home Ec. Club 'l year Chorus 3 Ye-HFS Pep Squad 2 years Roundup Staff 1 year Ambition: To go to college and major in Business Administr- ation. K ,awso- r fy C 1. 3 t'XQ'K -- li, Ng' V, ly up Q . ii W ' 36 'T 1 'gi .X . 7 - K f":"" 1 Z L I K. in . . yy-gin E , lx 4, ',', Q1 . .ia I Q fl, 3. ,Q K . ifi: A . . , 'Qs .'7'.-1s7'1i l f- MARY BETH HAUGHT Nickname Student Council 1 Allied Youth 2 Spanish Club 4 Chorus 1 Drama Club 1 Band 4 Annual Staff 1 Girls' Football 1 Most Beautiful Girll Bas. Sweetheart I1 Football Queen l Halloween Queen l Ambition: to join the Navy. DAR LA KING Mortie year years years year year years year year year year year year TOMMY JACKSON "A" Club Band Football Track Student Council President Junior Favorite 3 years 1 year 3 years 1 year 1 year 1 year Ambition: To play V Pro-Football. m.f-,.,v-f X 4 OLEN JOBE "A" Club 4 Spanish Club 3 Student Council 4 Chorus 1 Football 3 Track 3 Freshman Favorite Ambition: To be a world champion rodeoer. years years years year years years :GW BETTY KELTON Band 3 years Allied Youth 1 year Home EC. Club 1 year Chorus Z years Spanish Club 3 years Football Queen 1 year Annual Staff 2 years Ambition: To finish college and let the future take care of itself. JEANETTE HUGHEN Band 4 years Spanish Club 4 years Majorette 2. years Golf 1 year Girls' Football 1 year Chorus 1 year Round-up Staff 1 year Annual Staff Z years Most Beautiful Girl Z years Ambition: To be a rancher, FF , - X ,. iff!! JAX MCCARLEY Nickname "Pabst" Drama Club 1 year Chorus 1 Year Ambition: To be a pilot. GRACE M. Mc CARLEY 3 Band years Spanish Club 4 years Student Council Z years ,Allied Yough Z years Annual Staff 3 years Round-Up 1 year Chorus 1 year Pep Squad 1 year Golf 1 year Band Council 1 year Senior Favorite Ambition: To be an Airline Hostess. SHIRLEY LYTLE Band Allied Youth Chorus Pep Squad Ambition: To be a secretary. AUBREY MOBLE Nickname Most Handsome Allied Youth "A" Club Round-up Annual Staff Track Football Basketball Home Ec. Chorus Science Club Z 1 2 l Y ll 2. Z 3 1 1 1 2. 2 1 Z 1 years year years year Arbn years years years year year year years years year years year Ambition: To be in the Navy. JIMMY MCCORCLE Nickname "Jim" Tramplene Team fOdessaj 1 year Roundup Staff 1 year Annual Staff 1 year Latin Club 1 year Ambition: To marry a good looking mil- lionaire. BILLIE J. MAYFIELD Spanish Club 4 years Allied Youth 1 year Annual Staff 1 year Pep Squad 1 year Band 3 years Student Council Secretary 1 year Sophomore Favorite B and Sweethe art Class Treasurer 2 years Chorus 1 year Girls' Football 1 year Most Likely to Succeed. 1 year Ambition: To join the Navy. SHIRLEY MORROW MALCOLM MCPHERSON Drama 1 year Ambition: To be a Millionare. BILLY MAYS Nickname "Bill" Track Z years Allied Youth 1 year Student Council 4 years Band Council 1 year Roundup Staff Editor 1 year Ambition: To be a Mechanical Engineer ARTHUR MONTGOMERY Nickname "AB" "A" Club 3 years President 1 year Science Club 1 year TI'aCk 3 years Co-Captain 2 years Annual Staff 1 year Round-up 1 year Sports Editor 1 year Home Ec. 1 year l v f MARY MOSELY Nickname "Moe" Annual Staff 3 year Band 4 year Allied Youth 1 year Ambition: To own a florist shop. GRADY MCKEOWN Science Club 1 year F. F.A. 2 years Ambition: To go to College. sl 3, "Hun 15" ya' LHIRLEY NIX slick-name "Nixie" Xrt Club 1 year folleyball 1 year Jtrama Club 1 year Sirls' Football 1 year Xnnual Staff 1 year iome Ec. Club Ft. Stockton, Z years Sand QFt. 2 years Stocktonj 33p Squad 1 year Xmbition: To be a lress designer. NOBBY PERR Y ALFREDA POSEY Pep Squad Band Science Club Art Club Spanish Club Allied Youth Chorus 2. Ambition: To be an architect 2 3 years years year year years year years MARY ETHEI.. PRICE Art Club l Drama Club l Annual Staff 3 Art Editor 1 Spanish Club 3 Home Ec. Club 4 Pep Squad Z Chorus 4 Ambition: To be a year year years year years years years years Certified Public Accountant. THOMAS REAMY Drama Club ,F KGS Art Club President Round-up Staff Annual Staff Assistant Editor Contest Play l year 1 year 1 year 1 year l year 1 year 1 year Ambition: To be an artist or an actor. 'ootball Z years Qc-me EC. 1 year A." Club 3 years 'ennis 4 years liorus Z years ound-up l year cience Club 1 year volf l year J. D. RANSOM rnbition: To get Ambition: To be a irough college. rancher. Q . . WM' PATRICIA SHIRLEY Nickname Allied Youth Drama Club Volleyball Pep Squad Typing QDistrictl llpatll Z years 1 year 4 years 1 year 1 year Ambition: To go to college and to get married. Mm, ir WWW V 1 mv. .MM S MW 4 it A f l V , ,, f f -'l' 4 , A rllr A ' K T a is f'l. 5 or eell in l yeie WALDO REYNOLDS Nickname "Bud" B and 4 y e ar s Spanish Club 2 years Science Club 1 year Annual Staff 1 year Allied Youth l year Senior Play Ambition: To be a Psychiatrist JANIS TINDLE Nickname L. D. SIPES Nickname "Buddy" Band 4 years Golf Z years Science Club 2 years Annual Staff 1 year Allied Youth 1 year Basketball 1 year Ready WritinglDistrictl Band Council l year Senior Class President Ambition: To be a Golf Pro . Chorus Spanish Club Home Ec. Club Pep Squad Girls' Football Annual Staff "Jan" 4 years 3 years Z years 2 years 1 year 1 year Ambition: To be a secretary. THOMAS SCOTT Band Science Club Annual Staff Round-up Staff 1 year 1 year Z years l year Ambition: To make a fast million. GEORGIA SHELDON Pep Squad Chorus Allied Youth Volleyball Ambition: To go 4 years 4 years 1 year 1 year to college. GENE TUCKER Band 4 Round-up Staff 1 Co-Editor of the Mustang 1 Golf Team 1 Allied Youth 1 Science Club 1 Debate Team 1 Senior Play years year year year year year year Ambition: To get a Doctor ' s Degree . JOHN VAN ZANDT Student Council 2. Chorus 3 Football 2 Track 2 Basketball 1 Allied Youth 2 Round-up Staff 1 Ambition: To go to college. years years years years year years year EU GENE VIN ING "A" Club 3 Vice-President 1 Football 4 Student Council 1 Senior Favorite Round-up Staff 1 Annual Staff 1 Ambition: To be a coach. CHARLES TURPIN Band 4 Science Club 1 Choral Club 1 Chorus 1 Ambition: To be a Dentist. years year years year year year years year year year sf 1' JACKIE WILLIAMS Drama Club 1 Ambition: To have home in Alaska. year a WILLIAM WOODS Nickname Drama Club lIBillIl l year Ambition: To grow up. K Q l JULIA ANN TOOPS Nickname "Angel" Drama Club 1 year Pep Squad 2 years Chorus 4 years Home EC. Club 3 years Spanish Club 3 years Girls' Football 1 year Ambition: married. To get EVERETT MARTIN Nickname: "Bunny Mid-term graduate. ll BOBBY MATHIS Nickname: Football "A" Club Track Basketball "Spider" 4 years 4 years 2 years 3 years .www The energetic looking people are the junior class officers. From LEFT TO RIGHT are: Ronnie Huckabee, class president, Sue Stephenson, secretary, Winona Blanchard, treasurer, and By- ron Graves, vice-president. , . -. V ,y:xgw,g1w,ezs2f zz img: '-t I ,'."l2t'vpf9FV,si?? fl'1ff5i3l': .. :V v I H ., ' " ' if --" Fife: Lgykk I Q. gi? gas? Q9 ' f l ig H S S ic s f iv 4 y t he? ,. Sl L x :J ks ., , M M ' five f K Jack Benton Katy Benton Pat Allen Wayne Beshears Stanley Bingham Winonia Blanchard .4 QR 5, ,Wg f X V ww elf ,B ,. wg V 'Wwx Nell Bostick .Terry Bowden B111 Boyd Wanda Bfinson Shethelia Bruton George Carruth X ,.oo Y' Photo not available . Photo not available Doyle Cates Le on Chester -W l ., Y fi, 6 f" X. v K . at X,-A C f K H"-XM. . ' - '- vw-wh is ,. is ci J 1 UW 3 Jean Chesney Walter Clawson ,A f In fi llll C X, lh Aa V .aa . , 4, f gi rgl, xd,, 7 v 1 A "bf 5 lb.. , ' J: ,-1 --. Ya m 5 ... Sir 21 ll r' '- IL lf x d f,, X5 - 1 X' L- "9 5 Jerry Don Criner Janie Dyer w a www ,gt ir va ,l 'Jw wif, alvstv. 'N -334, 525. ' Y '11 - M, - rf ,A ww. mag., ,W gf 15, wg-5 .J 'Y 1 4 -kN m3'r . ': f 4 , 11: . xl it wfflxkm' ,f llififf 3 fr ,yt W Q, 1 5 ei Ml? f f 6 3 iffff if ' Photo not available Joyce Dunn Ronnie Earle , ::-' ' L :" 'vu Photo not available K. Don Chesshire James Cox Barbara Durbin Bobby Ellis , ' ' Q7 A ,A y M. ,MM j ,gl PM gym" Darrell Farris Johnny F Phillip Glover Byron Greaves John Wayne Harris M3544-3 S :MY iii? ' 4:29. of I 5' 5 :V 5 55-I I Y 2 if s ml Eh ,Q it Tis? A N ' f ,, zgifxqirii V , r , fwffw K ' , ' - V, ' an 'FWIFIHSE W nda Hayes Kenneth Helvey a Ronnie Huckabee Gerald I-Iuddleston Kwffh Sherrill IVY Don Johnson Alma Grace Lisenbee RaY I-'iVe1Y I ' . 5f""r""' , UJ U1 Donna Houston -.-..,...t Don Huestis ,Q Q-' ...B Robert Linville A' M' Richard Lowther Jenean M Lynn 1-vile HCHTY MCCTUTY Charlene McNe1l Carolyn Morrison Robert Newman Gary O 'Rear Wanda Peacock xml... Henry Oswalt Joyce Phillips Mary Lou Payne Kenneth Phillips wfw 'Wim 1. V 6 Sr N Monty Pinnell Donald Ragsdale Mary Fre d1e Satterwhlte Sue ep U, d ' ' St henson Barbara StriCklaHd as W Ml' at ! fm W .. Patsy Taylor John Thames Johnny Thornley Cecil Tucker Jayne Underwood Laney Walls Photo not available Ill Q -'YN Q F i n 0 A 4 "1l - 'Q'-1 t v W' " 4 cf 2 . B W A f ,B I Q. 5 x 1'- U ' f N ! M , if fs gf ll J Q ilfiuu V Photo not Photo not available available Jo Ann Walters Jim Watson Patsy Whisenant Jane White Jerry Wilson JimfY1Y Wilson A fp, .J i K lm. 11 . M. 1 aQ'Qv 4 Aw! .Bn 'ga Wg' e 1, s ' " Q 5 CQ fs x 1 ! -1 I " 3' L Photo not available La Jean Word Bobby Wright Lewis Wright Betty Davee J. T. Lisenbee Bonnie Lathern Pictured above are the Sophomore class officers, LEFT TO RIGHT: James Mays, president,Clara Alsobrook, sergeant-at- arms, Janna Way, treasurer, and J.R. Janese, vice-president. The transparent girl to the left of Clara is Jane Elmore, secretary. Abney NW ., 1 f , fr Allen Clara Beth Alsobr if I, 41 C f ' f , J , -' 2515 V, . JH- , ,, Q1fg'g vw , ali Q l iw , ' , JA w .1 , 0 0 k C l aud e B r a c k e n Peggy Donna B Dorothy Bostic Wanda Charlene iw TVN ' vw, fl LM Black burn ew Q fm 4 5 QQ wwf if Z P5 X i Q V af 7 i , A 4 il wglm 'H f 5 K iQ5i9W??j7,, F X f me ,gifs ' Q' " W uf f C Mm l V 7 4h 1 X il ,X B enny B r ew e 1' Charle S Car ruth Charl es Brewer Collins Jimmy ' ftcfflf.. 1. ar 1 . if T, Q X -1 wfg 4 Q , Y Q W i 1, . X ' mf NWN ,, X4 VESEKL , . '59 2 i E x vi af V 31 way Ax Y 4, in i K M K ,gil my E' aff Q w 435 -:R X 4: l , ,ff 'W l imi 1 M , Y l BSS rw? J udy Buck Norma Cox Photo not available i 711 ...Q , ,f 1- -: B:- 3 ... N -'rs' .5 W l I!! i YY X l .qff DarrellC rain .fy ww ., Ewgwm? fl qfzwg, Q +1 A www V .4 2-PQ 1 l ,- i W sw as X. Q X A fl M X 3 MQ' X QL F x , M X 8 l 5 Sa , N, N f. W, X -fi al l V My 'K 4 ,X M a 3, f S. 4? ,w w ain n WL' FVV In in ,f Q i Q ' l 1 , fi ll Photo not , if available. ft ' , 6.36 ' ww stn. I Lacretia Cummings Tommy Davis Jack ie DeShazo Jerry Dugan Tommy Duncan Jimmy Dorland Ronnie Dyer ' S " Q K , Q 1 1 .4 N f ww 7 p i g . Q3 1 4 3 R ff' 9125 J Q , M peggy Ellis Jane Elmore Jerry Fitzgerald BillF0W1ef Jack Fraizer Photo not -f Sandra Everetts Danny Green -i available. M D 4 X 5 X xi , W, e . a i i ' , mr Dennlb Goodman Luther Hale James Hammanther Jo Ann Hill K fy ' wg, fl Y K it xg A 6 if ' M l. 2, Ph1l1p Houston J.R. Janese , M Q " 4 'mmm if f x el f 0,1 X N I , ii Darlene Harris Helen Holcomb Carl Hollowell - Wh ff' lwffl A ur' Q W' J, M' K iff 2 0 1. i ff , m,.' 1 Anita Hudm an Benny Lloyd N, 3 'ww , ww WH 4 L. F. MCCrarey Shelbie Martin ,X Dean McNett Bobbie Mayfield W, E. Montgomery James Nichols A Q5 A f' 'YW' Barbara Mosley Jo Ann Nolan Sandra Maberry Mary Marsh James Mays lf X G55 33 B596 IM. Winnie Nelson Doyle Parker Joe Peeples Y Y T XR 'M'- Q 3 X fm rf. K, il ? - f fr ea , Randy Pendelton Pat Pike Billie Porter Max Ragsdale Lydia Ransom Richard Price J XD. if ltttt Q 1' y 'M u ws if "3 X f ,kt A' V .i .1 MZ!" Betty Rigsby Billie George Roberts Oliver Shirley Clyde Silvey Singleton C arla Smith David Snow "V W 'fa E253 'Yew wie? Nagy , si If iJ?QQ1'5 V figfil Mickie Sparks Don Spencer Kenneth Stevens I Mac Stewart Billy Stump Joe Thames Jimmy Thar? Q' ee A 'K y n Walls k ,- 'H it W , Vw K en? 102 I wk 61 4, 1 , WA, - X -- .1 ' df ,,., 7 ,s c Bobbie Tompkins Richard Tucker Joe Mac Underwood Carlene Vickers Wayne Waits Jerry Walker .. r. an-W, Janna Lou Way Shirley Williams 'Cb l' S M Photo not available Phillip Wheeler Walter Winters f"N 'l Q Q 'J Q . x Photo not available Eddie Sue Whisenant Joyce York mi gnu: i:Z,, I 41 4: Q, . will Biscuits ? '? '? 1 66 N F 4 X 4 . ,J - K ' 1 FEW ,. A 1 f 4 ,, l .X Y -f Qi, P ii' -fe. s I av ' sl i l Virginia Abney Billie Joan Adams Gene Adams Warren Beasly l Diana Bolin Melvin Boyer Windel Boyer g i'l Q1 fi ' v ,A. E ,3,, ,, f' ' W if S91 Imaam Nelda Carlisle Patsy Lou Carlson I Rueal Cates Laquita Caughey LUCY Chapman Patricia Clawson Don Collins 1 ik' , n n f - -ifliff -, hifi , X ive: K Dolores Flores Gary Ford Ihla Ford Ernest HaYe5 Joyce Gibson W. C. Garver JOYCE Giles 45 , ml 45 -. rx :QW 3' , x 4' YK ' '5 mi I ,MX 'J . in YK! , I L ' 'f' . :AQ P oooo ,G fn M m n V,:g 'Q 1 n QEA, 1 lo g in Q -me Maria Gonzales Emma Jo Graham Wanda Green Nora Gross Sherwood Hammond Janette Hardin La Voyne Haskins .vm NH, 1' ' 1 4? va' li! Q ' ' T 404+ . W A 1 V 5517 Mi ?1,f ' V x I , ' . X Vsfmrs I new 5 " M was i 2 ' i n 2. ,, 7 xv J 0 lui wtf , unify' -- - N 'fi ' 4' f M + L9 if 6 Photo D075 Photo not Photo not available available available Beverly Cox Juanita Davila Charles Davis Floyd DaviS Barbara Dinard Charlene Duggan Delores Duncan 9 ,L X if N Photo not available A ..l H ll 9 Q A Rita DUY111 James Durbin Linda Dyess Margaret Earle Bonnie Edwards Milton Farriss Sammie Fennell tim fi il Shirley Latham Joyce Linville Betty Little Jimmy Lowther Faye Luttrall get Q X: Photo not available - , ie, .Qi -' G2"":.. if thru! 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QM 2 A ww ,W ,www fmwMwwmvxfsfffffggi,W,N,,,mf,dfm:cfWwAwm.5,,N. ,...,,, Wmeawmmwammizxiwmzwm mwamm Z s 70454 7044 W X MOST TALENTED Thomas Recrmy 5541561 f Y Tho m a s has shown his talent by his wonderful acting, his artistic ability, and ii' his writing ability. Anyone that has seen any of his paintings, his acting, or read any of his stories knows that he well de- i syii serves this title. , zz ,,w,,:,-- f -Z fx J, 5? 'Vs ,,14,,'x1zs2?:5i+-- mf , RQ Scmdrcr Everts Sandra, only a sophomore, has al- ready proven that she is one of the more talented in our high school today. No only is she a good artist, but she is als: an expert drummer. FRIENDLIEST Iormes Durbin For one who has only been in high school one year, James has certainly made a lot of friends. He is known by everyone by his friendly "Hello". P Charlene McNeil Charlene is just the person anyone coming into Andrews High for the first time gets to know. "Mac" always speaks to everyone that she meets and always has a warm, friendly smile. Just ask anyone in Andrews High and they will all tell you the same thing. SCHOOL SPIRIT Donna Houston Anyone who can be elected cheerlea- der three years in a row must have an abundance of school spirit and that is certainly true of Donna. No matter if the team is behind or ahead Donna is always first with a "Come on, Mustangs." ,J 5 :..,fas 1 J I- A if .Q s ' 5 if A f Q . if 5 Max Ragsdale Anytime there is a ball game or any other event in which Andrews High is represented, you will find Max right there backing Andrews to the limit. Max really has what it takes in the way of school spirit. MOST DEPENDABLE Gene Tucker Anyone in the band or on the Annual staff or anyone else for that matter can tell you no one is more dependable than Gene. When Gene tells you he will do something, he means it. All through high school he has been dependable and will probably be more so now that he is out of school. Shirley Nix Shirley always seems to get the jobs with all work and no glory. Anyone who has ever Worked with her or has ever asked her to do anything for them will tell you when she starts to do a job she does it and does it right. SPORTSMAN SHIP Patricia Shirley Pat has worked hard in everything she undertook this fyear. She has shown that she is a good sport in everything she has done. Billy Mays Everyone who knows Billy, and most everyone does, knows that he is high on the sportsmanship list. In sports or any- thing he does, he is not only a good loser but a good winner. MOST STUDIOUS 5 I. Frcmk Davis J. Frank is a good worker at anything he does. He maintained a very high average all through high school. Besides keeping his studies up he takes part in all school activities. Pat Harrison Pat's outstanding academic r e c o r d throughout her high school career shows that she well deserves the honor of being most studious. She does not always have to study to make her grade for everyone knows that Pat is smart in other ways as well as book sense. LEADERSHIP Iccnie Dyer Leadership is just the word for Janie Dyer. Anytime there is a job to be done, everyone looks toward Janie to lead them. Such things as the Jr.-Sr. Ban- quet and the rodeo show that Janie is a born leader. yy y Mi' I :yy , i ' awww fi sll 1 ,, 7,3 .'el' 2 . . l K I . H ,-K,f" -f -.'f. ' Af, l J kg -Aw 'Dig 10" it ,wtmzfwxlwwfi I i .v ,, f , 'H Z Xl 1 I fl 1+ lr A 'ls Ronnie Huckccbee Ronnie has held an office in practi cally every club he has ever been a rnem ber of to show just what a good leader he is.On the student council, he has always taken an active part and eve rybody thought he had done such a good job that he was elected Student Council president. CUTEST Don Spencer It's evident by that big smile why Don was chosen cutest boy. Not only is Don a handsome brute, but he has a personality to match. Sandra Mayberry Sandra has only been here a short while but she was a unanimous choice for the cutest girl. Not only her beauty but her personality makes her cute. SNAPSHOTS -ug So what, you've been out of focus your- Fashion plates. self, at one time or another. f 5 ,,H, J ' -., Ah! What a view! Ouch! You're hurting my arm. ' , V Moxfxe , J :wear H ai , 134, K Can't you read, Buddy? PROGRESS THROUGH Football Basketball Track Volleyball Tennis Golf ATHLETICS " " TEAM BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Neal Taylor, Butch Vining Tommy Jackson Sonny Earle, Gene Ellis, I...F. McCary, Wade Graham, and Coach Max Goldsmith SECOND ROW: Luther Hale, Richard Lowther, Sherrill Ivy Kenneth Helvey Dick Blen den, Charles Carruth, and Gerald Huddleston. FIRST ROW: Jerry Bowden, Bill Green, Byron Greaves, Walter Clawson Bob Ellis George Carruth and Manager Freddy Hollowell. 'il' Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews 'l'Andrews :5'Andr ews Andrews ,'FAndrews H'fAndrews 'fdenotes 1952. SCHEDULE -- --- 0 --- ---32 --- ---Z0 -- -- 7 --- -- O - - O - - 6 -- ---13 - - 6 ---------- 13 conference games, Roscoe -- Crane ---- Littlefield-- Denver City- - Colorado City Kermit ------ Monahans ---- Sudan- ----- Seminole - - - Pecos ----- BUTCH VININC. W Tackle Z years -he-E BILL GREEN Halfback Z years Tri-Captain F 6 I These are the boys who have played their last game for the Mustangs. Due to graduation or ineligibility these boys will be gone when the whistle blows for the Mustang's season open- ef. DICK BLENDEN - Center 2 years BILL ELLIS Guard 3 years Tri-Captain gow. SONNY EARLE Quarterback 3 years L., I S KY r TOMMY JACKSON in x Center Z years up ii Q il Kenneth Helvey Halfback 1 year Hard luck rode with the Mus- tangs the night they journeyed to Colorado City. There they lost a heart- breaker to the Wolves who scored on a short pass late in the third quarter. Andrews drove to their 8 yard line and fumbled, thus losing an excellent chance to score. JERRY BOWDEN End 1 year l fx ,N , , 1, , CHARLES CARRU TH End 1 year 1959? 'A . gm 1 , ri Q in Q . ' A jam 7. .1 if Sonny Earle picks up yardage around right end during the Colorady City game. GENE ELLIS End 1 year ' .a-- J kg' fl I umm K ,V gi WADE GRAHAM -' wr "mfr Tackle 3 years .- ' M 3 'iwfg-"iw gf' W Q A . 5 .. 1 . l "W QQ "'- Tri-Captain 'Q V W 01' ,A M . . ' ' 'ix -P ' All-District lt looks as if Hollowell has clear sailing against Kermit. ww, GERALD HUDDLESTON Quarterback l year E , 14? Carl Hollowell packs the mail against the Kermit Yellow- jackets as Bill Green takes a Kermit man out of the play. The Yellow-jackets handed us our first Conference loss 35-O by capitalizing on the breaks that came their way. BYRON GREAVES SHERRILL IVY Guard 1 Year End 1 year Sonny Earle falls before the Golden Cranes as he attempts to sweep left end. We defeated the Cranes 32-12 for our only victory of the season. Touchdowns came thick and fast as Earle scored two, Ivy, Huestis, and Hollowell one each. Q rf L . . UQ Bill Green goes up to catch a pass. Bill Green goes after a pass as a Monahans player makes an attempt to block it. The Lobos gave us our second conference defeat 45-6, by using an experi- enced ball club and their superior reserve strength. In the last four rninutes, Sherrill Ivy made our only touchdown of the game on a short pass play from the ten yard line. L. F. MCCARY Tackle 1 year Sonny Earle fails to gain against the Golden Cranes. XX N IH' 'M x4" Z"'N ,ff M3 r f.: 7 f - E E W' .1 5' ' yy ' -lf:ox,!lyk" .Q .H z:.r .,, x ef V PM iw' 19.4 Ea' i X ' R '- ' we -an E . , , 1 :mmgWg2faM .-Q Agyfj f "Hank, it ' D X' 7'Il vt' ,f JA- J , 1 , w WML , x - 4 44, ww Q Lf,A:s'y' X 9 A 'M Zxxrwklllf lla, "lf Hp- l ' x Q X A , 1 X 9 7l"5!9 V ,. W we E , Rf 3 4 .ff W ,viii fav! WN' ' 'if 5 I U if I . I ff' .I Ir! 'V V? xllvxx :yi 1 I, V I ,. V ,mx Q W -Jr!-1 XA- -l .,. NL LUTHER HALE HL J 'umm L :L- ., fx Tackle 1 year WALTER CLAWSON Guard 1 year f , rx . A AE? x X, 3 ,JZ 'i Q R E M Q W ' .. ' 1 ' ' RICHARD LOWTHER Halfback 1 year GEORGE CARRUTH Guard 3 years rv- !"'x J 3 ff N . ,Q 'I E5 " " TEAM 22? ,,p yp 'HES Mf gvmg WM p R5, . 5 qfzl 1 1 ,Q A' we Q A 'K lell fdfff' .'2Qi1i im is ? l ? Q EAA iw! ,V 6,3 ri W 5, 5446, 5 Y ,mx 'I 3 ' ""' ffm--'fn,,,, V K- A D ' J. Shown above is the Mustang B team which was undefeated and finished the season with a six won and none lost record. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Winters, Coach Pinnell, J.R. Janese, Randy Pendleton, Leon Chester, Gary O'Rear, Leslie Hudgens, Charles Brew- er, Wayne Waits, Phillip Wheeler, Robert Newman, and Donald Gooch. SECOND ROW: Benny Loyd, Monty Pinnell, Jackie DeShazo, John Wayne Harris, Jim Thorpe, Don Spencer, and Freddie Satterwhite. FIRST ROW: Doyle Parker, Dale Tilly, Bobby Tompkins, Jerry Walk- er, Kenneth Phillips, Stanley Bingham, and Ronny Earle. . 1952 SCHEDULE In Andrews--- ---37 Denver City--- -- Andrews -- ---21 Kermit- ---- - -- fr H2Andrews - -- 0 Monahans --- Andrews --- ----13 Seminole -- Andrews --- ----12 P6COS---- Andrews--- ----19 Odessa ---- -- ----13 Andrews ---------- Denver City'- 'tdenotes no contest. 25 ' ANDREWS IUNIOR HIGH it i -' .. ft 1? 1 Q q A Pictured above are the members of the Andrews Junior High Colts who won the district championship and finished the season with a six won and one lost record. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Hodges, W.C. Garver, Jimmy Lowther, Melvin Boyer, Earl Roberts, Ray Vejil, Earnest Humberson, and Coach Nix. SECOND ROW: Drexil Nix, Billy Parker, Lenden Hudgens, James Durbin, Gerald Pilgrim, Waymon Hughes, and Billy Carruth. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Robertson, MickeyReedy, Sammy Galloway, Dwight Sensobough, Wendell Boyer, Bobby Toops, and Don Paul Jones. 1952 SCHEDULE Andrews -- ---- 7 Brownfield--- --- Andrews -- ---- 45 Denver City Andrew5--- ---- 33 Lamesa- ---- - --- Andrews -- ----20 Levelland - Andrews--- ---- 19 Monahans -- Andrews -- ---- 18 Seminole--- 1 Q Andrews -- ----39 Pecos--- - . ' m 212 X X ,B 5 xq' x DISTRICT 8-AA CHAMPIONSHIP 1953 PICTURED ABOVE, TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Nicholson., Gene Ellis, Ronny Hucka- bee, Randy Pendleton, and Kay Don Chessire, BOTTOM ROW: Charles Carruth, Donald Ragsdale, Max Ragsdale, Jack Frazier, J. Frank Davis, Captain, Qnot pictured, Sonny Earlej, The District 8-AA Champions and the three trophies they Won during the '52-'53 season. Coach Nicholson, who coached his team to the district championship his first year in Andrews, came here frgm Arkansas City, Kansas. With the opening of basketball season, the Mustangs came within six points of setting a new scoring record by blasting Seagreaves 82- 22. Roscoe handed Andrews their first loss of the season, 41-39 in the opening game of the Monahans Invitational Tournament. Alpine de- feated us the second game of the tournament for the second loss of the season. SONNY EARLE Forward 1 Year al.. J. FRANK DAVIS Guard Z Years The Mustangs bounced back to whip Gr andfalls and Stantong then lose the first game of the McMurry Invitational Tournament to Car- land 43-45, but redeemed themselves by defeating Slaton, Colorado City, and Haskell to win consolation. J. Frank Davis attempts to score against Monahans. KAY DON CHESSIRE Center 1 Year 37 GQALQ v 0.3: A O i':'0'0J RE MY 'Icy :M f 1 1 N ' vo V iff' ' RONNY HUCKABEE Forward 2 Years We then fell before the Eunice Cardinals 36-34 there, and again 18-17 hereg the first time we had been beaten on the home court in three years. Mc- Camey next fell to the Mustangs in the Andrews Invitational Tournament but we were turned back by Eunice 31-26. Stopping Kermit 47-41 gave us third place in the tournament. The Mustangs hustle for the rebounds. MAX RAGSDALE Center 1 Year 'I 8 The Monahans Lobos receive first place trophy of the Andrews Invitational tournament by de- feating Eunice. Iii 1' Opening district play we rolled over Monahans Kermit, Seminole, and Pecos before falling to the Monahans Lobos 48-46 here. In the second round of dis- trict play, Kermit and Seminole tum- bled but we lost to Pecos 35-29 there. District play ended with Andrews the winner by a six won and two lost record ahead of Seminole with a five won and and three lost record. JACK FRAZIER Forward 1 Year .1 l.,, GENE ELLIS Guard 2. Years RANDY PENDLETON Forward 1 Year Ronny Huckabee jumps high for a shot against Monahans. Everything was in vain as the Lobos handed the Mustangs their first district loss 48-46. Y '4 4 1 J 1 Q Y g X 2 Photo not availiable DONALD RAGSDALE Guard 2 Years We finished district play with a six won and two lost record ahead of Seminole who had a five won and three lost record The Childress Bob- cats ousted the Mus- tangs from the re- gional tournament 69-50 and in doing so left us with a sixteen won and nine lost record for the season. MAC STEWART CHARLES CARRU TH Guard 1 Year Manager MUSTANG SEASON SCORES: Opponent We Seagraves 82 Stanton 57 Seagraves 76 Roscoe QMonahans Tour.1 35 .Alpine fMonahans Tour.l 39 Grandfalls Qlvionahans Tour.1 58 Stanton 48 Garland QMcMurry Tour.1 35 Slaton QMcMurry Tour.D 71 Colorado City QMcMurry Tour.j 39 Haskell fMcMurry Tour., 37 Eunice 34 Eunice 17 McCamey QAndrews Tour.J 68 Eunice QAndrews Tour.J 26 Kerrr1itQAndreWs Tour., 47 klvionahans 50 5'Kermit 58 kfieminole 58 lfPecos 57 Flvlonahans 46 9'Kerrnit 46 9'Semino1e 53 "Pecos 29 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT :9'Childress 50 'FConfe1-ence Games They 22 36 19 33 53 25 37 43 36 25 34 36 18 34 31 41 32 36 46 31 48 42 42 35 92 RAY LIVELY Manager Coach Charlie Pinnell helped the "B" team boys to develop very well this year. It is his first year to coach after graduating from Texas Tech. " " STRING Pictured above is the Andrews "B" string which won ten games and lost four. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: James Mays, Leon Chester, Phillip Glover, and Coach Charlie Pinnell BOTTOM ROW: Don Huestis, Jerry Don Criner, Doyle Parker, and Don Spencer. Not pic tured are Bill Boyd and James Nichols. Seagr ave s Stanton S e agr ave s Stanton Eunice Eunice Monahans C 45 37 57 46 26 35 33 SCHEDULE They We Kermit 44 Seminole 44 Pecos 48 Monahans 49 Kermit 39 Seminole 45 Pecos 34 Totals 55? Kg-KP W ,F 1!" fl' V ,l ii' 5, W' They 32 46 36 48 31 36 37 Ee VOLLEYBALL Pictured above is the Andrews volleyball team, the Fillies, who finished second in the dis- trict with a record of twenty two wins and eight losses. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jo Ann Nolan, Jo Faye Alexander, Patrica Shirley, Coach Bobbie Stahl, Jo Ann Walters, Clara Beth Al- sobrook, and Wanda Brinson. Midland Wink Lamesa Denver City McCamey Midland Kermit Seminole Big Spring QOdessa Tour.l Grandfalls QOdessa Tour.j Monahans lOdessa Tour.J Ft. Stockton QOdessa Tour.l Odessa Big Spring Odessa C 23 33 32 44 26 22 30 29 27 30 30 31 26 22 31 1952 SCHEDULE They 22 17 21 12 21 18 18 19 12 6 22 30 18 26 13 We They Snyder QBig Spring Tour.l 40 10 Ft. Stockton fBig Spring Tour.l 17 18 Seminole 31 14 Lamesa 23 26 Odessa QKfermit Tour., 39 10 Seminole fKermit Tour.1 26 18 Monahans fKermit Tour.j 13 29 Big Spring 21 22 Monahans 23 14 Kermit 22 20 Denver City 34 211 Monahans 17 26 Crane 18 10 Ft. Stockton 21 11 Monahans 12 .. .Q Totals 793 541 WANDA BRINSON JO FAYE ALEXANDER PATRICIA SHIRLEY Miss Stahl beams proudly as the Fillies present her with a lovely bouquet of roses in appreciation of the fine work she has done. CLARA BE TH ALSOBROOK JO ANN WALTERS Miss Stahl, on behalf of the volleyball team presents the championship trophy of the Wink tournament to Mr. Hamilton . JO ANN NO LAN I 1- . '-.ic Quik lhlxl " L E fo 4 ' Rf 4 44: ,I ww a 4 58593 'tix fl! K 49 1- A f A X f" , - ' ' rx? X "l 'Cf wl :NVQ P' Q 5' nl 'F H' L JANIE UNDERWOOD Manager ll ll W' Volleyball King Charlie Harrell with Coach Stahl. mi! TEAM SHE THEILIA BRU TON Manager FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Abney, Mary Lou Payne, Nell Bostick, Joyce Ta- bor, Georgia Sheldon, Margaret Earle, Virginia Mathis. SECOND ROW: Alice Thomason, Wanda Hayes, Emma Jo Graham, Byrene Taylor, Coach Bobbie Stahl, Darlene Harris, Sammie Fennel, and Beverly Cox. TRACK Left to right are Coach Max Goldsmith and his three state track meet competitors, Billy Mays in the one mile run, Bobby Don Wright in the shot put and discus throw, and Gene Ellis in the high and low hurdles and broad jump. For the second consecutive year the Mustangs won the district 5-A championship. They finished sixteen points ahead of Denver City by a score of 52-36, winning seven of fourteen events in the district track meet. These included the low hurdles, high hurdles, 440 yard dash, one mile run, shot put, discus throw, and the one mile relay. Track season opened for the Mustangs with the winning of three small practice meets. The first major track meet of the season was the Comanche Relays at Fort Stockton in which the Mustangs wound up in a tie for first place with Junction with twenty-one points each. The tie for the Championship of the Comanche Relays was the second consecutive one for Andrews. -sg F Eff! Hurdlers Leon Chester, left, and Gene Ellis, right. Shown above is the 440 yard dash men. LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnny Tharne s, A rthur Montgomery, Bobby Tompkins, Charlie Harrell, and Kenneth Helvey. The district championship one mile relay team was composed of lin their running order! Charlie Harrell, Johnny Thames, Kenneth Helvey, and Arthur Montgornbry. Weight men, left to right, Wade Graham, Bobby Don Wright, and L.F. McCary, shot put and discus throw. Not pictured is Sherrill Ivy who threw both the shot and discus. slr! x 3 3 5:19 J The next meet for Andrews was the Can- yon Reef Relays in Snyder. There the Mustangs found too much competition in conference AA schools and lost their first track meet of the season. 7 Andrews then journeyed to the Permian Basin Relays in Kermit. Rated as heavy favorites prior to the meet, they proved themselves by winning the track meet, The Mustangs practically re-wrote the record book as they finished ahead of Wink by a score of 47 to 28. Next on the schedule stood the West Texas Relays in Odessa. Again the Mus- tangs were outclassed and failed to show. The following week end the Mustangs went to the A.B.C. Relays in Big Spring but were snowed under by AA schools. LEFT TO RIGHT: Luther Hale, pole vaulter, Wayne Waits, Richard Lowther, and Don Huestis, broad- jumpers. y 1. .iiiiw I sez pu f , f -v. S1 l - Mk' S: f wif Y A X 3 mg, ' -'-E425 -1 '-Y--4,2 V1 'S 2 ' ., K , A lf Q zf1fi5e1jA n , fe l i ,aswell-g . any 'B . l , W L ea - , , 4 gf - ff:'1:f1l,g5sg7,zl':':2s 11' - . 4 iliggglLQgiSFff 145 ., , Q , -fig.. 1, :W Z, -- f- ,rims-,. . K j. a 1 ' iv : - .1 We 3 k .ggj 'W V. Q v i f 'A A "-' Q ' F5521 . - aw, V. l g ,I an H fl " ' :l,Yz Q LM . ., n, Sprinters Tommy Duncan, left and Bill Green, right. .7 - iw Kermit also ran. Distance men, left to right: Benny Lloyd, 880 yard run, Billy Mays, Donald Gooch, and Charles Carruth, one mile run. vlizau .- ,mu rf. -., .. . 1,-v 'K vfw. 'fl' ' l fum? :14i'I',z221S?"4 . fm 'Q -"' ' . ,553 . .5 A k oach Max Goldsmith with co-captains, Leon Chester and rthur Montgomery. The 1953 track season was the most successful one yet for Andr ews . It was the second year for Mr. Gold- smith as head track coach of An- drews. During the two years he has won the district title both years and this year finished second in Class A in Region I behind Phillips who was de- fending champion. With the loss of only four boys from the teamg three through graduation and one through ineligibilityg the outlook for Andrews cindermen seems bright indeed. Donald Gooch and Billy Mays finish first and second in the mile run at the Permian Basin Relays. V Ioach Max Goldsmith and co-captains with the rophies won by the track team HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS TEAM Shown above is the high school tennis team which won district. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Randy Pendleton and Ronnie Huckabee, doubles, Max Ragsdale, singles. FRONT ROW: Janie Dyer, doubles, Joe Thames, singles, and Charlene McNeil, who is holding the district trophy, doubles. IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL TENNIS TEAM 1 Pictured above is the Junior high school tennis team which also won the district title. LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Sam Gantt, Carl Ponca, doubles, Gary Ford, doubles, Sammy Galloway, holding the district trophy, doubles, Shirley Latham, doubles, Don Collins, singles, and Ihla Kay Ford, Singles. ' GULF CHARLES BREWER BUDDY SIPES The golf team had the distinction of being the first team to win the district golf title for An- drews. With the loss of only one player, Bud- dy Sipes, Andrews will again be a strong con- tender for the district title. OACH CHARLES PINNELL WALTER WIN TERS Ji l ' JACK FRAZIER LOOKING BACK -AND AHEAD -fe- f : Mm ., We 1 The Past vu. The Future PROGRESS T0 FUN Band "A" Club Bound-Up Staff Mustang Staff Drcrmcrtics Allied Youth Science Club Spanish Club Home-Ec. Club Student Council I ANDREWS HIGH SCHOOL BAND BAND IN CONCERT FORMATION For the fourth straight year, Andrews won sweepstakes award inthe regional contest. The contest was held in Andrews this year and everyone had a chance to see all the other bands in this region. Under the direction of Everett Maxwell, our band has grown to over a hundred. Anywhere the band goes they draw praise from the crowds. Although several play - ers are graduating, things still look good for next year. The band contributed several trophies this year to the already bulging show case. Everyone is proud of our band when it g o e s on trips and expects it to be one of the top bands there. 1, 5 Mwwi . - :fi 7 5? .,,. , -mf-wanna ' A " -'.' ' N ' . ' W " ' V - , ff :1f'v z,, , A - -:-- ' -f. t--+1 1 4 K ..' ' f - . js' 512- .. 4 Q 1Wvf:.,g gi: N fy-8.5 .mem-., ,, .k A, -3-3 5 ... , ,I 5 :fr I I H W H M In N I K A K W I K I : ' " 'gfww MW, M., ,,,-,M ,, f y f 'Q I ,lg Q ' " ' 7 "" .,,,, k,,, ,Vrkr , IG """"?6--9---......,.,,,, ' 1'K'm""M'M'V"W-A-rv , 'W we ff ., ' 4 4 . U K , f T . , K . . ' 'wr v ' f , . v L Y ' ' w " ' A :A A 2 ef lx. ' -4' 35' rw JW 34 hawe . n f h v N 1 J f . -sk ' 7 y ka i I ,s,!. ,-3 gg ' W Q V, V - I . i I A - K- , ww , We 1 ., e .3 . f- w e p 1 z. . tx A . E - Nt . f ., . 'wi - 1 A M H Q , , he he ,ag ,M ,. - h fa g W 5 e. f 'f L' A Sf, f H I W 5 Q V e 7 A , I .7 'f s ' I I .L W , V ,,A.V f Q .I 3 'Q A +97 ,, V , V I Q A . ,LLVL X A W ,V n, . U V Q l. B ", i . I A f ' - 1.-' ,w, ,KI 9 i "' 4 A' 9 ' ' as ' ' I Q I ' - ,X in I V A 1 M, , ' if 5 e hhehhw - ' if if . ,fe g-:W I ,, ' ffrwgg 'P'-W ,N ,4z1,'!mT,"fjN, fem, 4, ., 1- L, -vm 4, , f f. 'Aix' , A 7 , MG ., mzlwqgz, if I 'E-A :W my M iff-A Mfffwiam -We A MM, .f eg, -'Q-MQ V' x M, ,we 4 ., BAND IN MARCHING FORMATION Drum Major Sonny Oswalt is presented with sweepstakes award by Supt.Harnil- ton at contest. NMMw,,Mf1-1' A K9 F 19 A a I W ld . 1 Showing off th e big drum. 953' 4. K via 2 Tv' W, 4 BAND DIRECTOR EVER1-:TT MAXWELL DRUM MAJOR SONNY OSWALT 1 1 Q Q K vw ,- jst ri, Y' R Band Sweetheart Billie Mayfield is pre- sented With a lovely bouquet by B uddy Sipes at the spring concert this year. Crowd watches band at Portales. , X , 'c'x,'17' SENIOR BAND LET TERMEN ig fx F' ,, , uf? wx vx 9 f gg 1 -1 vu 'Lxshh :lx VK- ,..x W Cf N AW QQ Just starting on a trip. WV lam W hs., T, 5 n ., fwwwmx V No feet, well, almost S A -ass-uv ...-....--.-..-...-..- 1-new-nudes: ..-..a.........w. f ............,,.-. -u-w-u-u,-.......4p Q.---. ----Y X---W C --WL ., ll! B as. ,410 .4 BAND COUNCIL '--.- FIRST CHAIR PLAYERS Members of the Band Council this year were Betty Barnes,G r ac e McCarley, Buddy Sipes, and Billy Mays. It was the first year for all four of them. Sitting around Waiting. CHEERLEADERS + ' 'Mrs re"-"' m -mu-ug 'mn-1 .., WV: E 5 -w e ' . -all A M J .. L hmm W 1 , 1 MAFQ-A I , , 7, J E 3 . vw , 51 ,V E,,: , 2 ., K -..,,W,., g, D by I K K s N W E Www-W-.--fwbmm., 1 if f le Ml 'K M Dx Wg 'T J Cheerleaders for the 1952-53 season were Janie Dyer, Jo Faye Alexander, Charlene McNeil and Donna Houston. Janie was elected after Jan Brown had rnoved to Fort Worth. ANDREWS IUNIOR HIGH SCHCDCDL BAND rea H I ' A A t 3 l at f i a'1" is .. in y of' , D i f 1- 2 i Q at i A - ' ' ' ' 'DVD 5 'M There were 62 members in the Junior Band this year. They were under the direction of Miss Morehart. 1 W I 1 ,Q ALLIED YOUTH FIRST ROW: Richard Price, Bill Stump, Carla Smith, Janna Way, Pat Allen, Lynn Lytle, Margaret Singleton, Donna Houston, Joyce Phillips, Sonny Oswalt. SECOND ROW: Beverly Cox, Mary Beth Haught, Grace McCarley, Joe Thames, Doyle Par- ker, Jimmy Collins, Darlene Harris, Dorothy Abney, Judy Buck, Mr. Bryan Baker. THIRD ROW: Joyce Linville, Darrell Farris, Charles Brewer, L.F. McCrary, Elvie Hamil- ton, Charlie Harrell, Pat Harrison, Jo Ann Nolan, Lydia Ransom, Peggy Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Marlene Moore, Carolyn Reed, Patsy Carlson, Lucy Chapman, Betty Lytle, Gary Ford, Shirley Latham, Georgia Sheldon, Jimmie Todd, Barbara Wheeler, Virginia Ab- ney. FIFTH ROW: Ihla Kay Ford, Lavern Gibson, Joyce Gibson, Wanda Green, Pat Clawson, Julia Bostick, Winona Blanchard, Jo Ann Walter, Barbara Strickland, Wanda Brinson, Jack Max- well. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Mosely, Bobbie Mayfield, Sue Rhodes 'anette Hardin, Margaret Earle, Jerry Sue Scott, Byrene Taylor, Emma Graham, Jatuan lkerritt, Sue Stephenson, Bill Boyd. SEVENTH ROW: Carlene Tharp, Myrna Martin, Larry Robertson, Gerald Pilgrim, Eddie Price, John Van Zandt, Dick Blenden, Kenney Helvey, Gene Ellis, Buddy Phillis, Jean Ches- ney, Barbara Durbin. EIGHTH ROW: Donald Hughes, James Durbin, Kenneth Neal, Walter Wintel-5,Phillip Hous - ton, Oliver Shirley, Billy Mays, Bud Reynolds, Walter Clawson, Gene Tucker, Buddy Sipes, Wayne Bashears, Robert Linville. Officers of A. Y. Gene Ellis ------- ------- Dick Blenden ------- ----- V ice Mary Beth I-Iaug ht ---- ---------- JOYCE Phillips ----- --- Corres, Not pictured: President President Secretary Secretary Aubrey MONEY --- ----------- Treasurer The Allied Youth Sweetheart of 1953, pret- ty Joyce Phillips, receives a beautiful bou- quet of flowers from Gene Ellis. HOME ECONOMICS FIRST ROW: Jatuan Merritt, Virginia Abney, Myrna Martin, Shelbie Martin, Patsy Taylor, Barbara Durbin, Winona Blanchard, Jo Ann Walter, Joyce York, Mary Marsh, Mary Lou Payne, Lanie Walls, Wanda Hayes. SECOND ROW: Shethelia Bruton, Jane White, Lavern Gibson, Jayne Underwood, Jo Ann Hill, Joyce Gibson, Nelda Carlisle, Pat Clawson, Julia Mossrnan, Pat Allen, Margaret Singleton, Shannon Posey, Miss June Ward. THIRD ROW: Clara Alsobrook, Peggie Allen, Jean Chesney, Mary Price, Julia Toops, Jim- mie Todd, Julia Bostick, Wanda Brinson, Jo Faye Alexander, Darlene Harris, Dorothy Ab- ney, Barbara Dillard, Mary Lou Jennings. FOURTH ROW: Judy Buck, Dona Brackeen, Wanda Bostick, Billie Adams, Beverly Cox, Wanda Green, Sandra Everts, Barbara Mosely, Bobbie Mayfield, Janna Way, Sandra Maberry, Betty Rigsby, Billie Porter. Club Officers Miss Ward ---- --- Sponsor Jo Ann Walter--- --- President Wanda BOStiCk--- ------ Treasurer Clara Alsobrook --- ---Vice-President Jayne Underwood Billie Porter Shethelia Bruton Julia Mossman gg .I xv! 15' hh 7M f 5 'ff W -. 1 1s7f,ifwzfm:.-ftyswwwV , . ,wlww W, 'fr w ' -f11-fwiffffwH:sz1ffz"fxs'1vs?5?42s?5g I . :MGM-M.. tg . .Qu-1?S'v1:-1 I-355 - y 1 V 2r2?2i'2f ' :E ,,.f yiy. ,-1 :-f:: gl, W im., We-Wishfs-ffm-fmsmffl-germs ,. :aft W4 .u4gQSQ5gmxty+,,.g-K ,,,.. ,wk A s 1? ., Tw V .f 1- , , My 3 'ww ,iw , grit' " Ti- f.f::TX7 1 S , wir ak, Sew, Sew, Sew, these young ladies are hunting husbands. Or maybe Miss Ward is watching. G Y Qf i 'K if 1' There rnust be some money around somewhere to get these two to 'W 'E 'Y S f??N'Mf 'HV' ' 4, V f ,'-' M it. -f " ' x l' JF' I - . S syss, S ttt ' s S f tsnn S A k,'s,l 1 . . S ' w 'Wil aa,. gg ' I i, . ', W9 liz- .5- Q F 1, W L The Vanderbilts must eat here. look so hard at something. an wk Sick, sober, and sorry, eh, Miss Ward ? BOY'S HOME ECONOMICS X ii l if , ." ig, For the first time in the history of Andrews, boys took home economics this year. The boys learned how to cook, sew, make proper beds, iron pants and shirts, all clothes color combinations, manners, and how to take a girl to dinner. They cooked full course meals and invited guests to eat with them. Foods ranged from biscuits and meats, to cookies and cakes. Everything went all right until the wrinkles wouldn't come out of the shirts. Boys enrolled in the class were J. Frank Davis, Dick Blenden, Arthur Mont- gomery, Charlie Harrell, Elvie Hamilton, Aubrey Mobley, Sonny Earle, Bobby Perry, Jimmy McCorcle, seniors, Gene Ellis, Jerry Bowden, Kenny Helvey, Donald Gooch, juniors, and Jackie QPinkieJ DeShazo, sophomore. ll' .l. 52 -D 3 XV!! 'J W' .. , '+1l 5695! L . .f.u,, ., f , -,fa t Making Cookies, Wash those dishes. S vw EDITORIAL STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: Arthur Montgomery, Bud Reynolds, Charlie Harrell, J. Frank Davis, Phillip Houston, and Carolyn Morrison. LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Pat Harrison, Wayne Bashears, Gene Tucker, Aubrey Mobley, Dick Blenden, Charlene McNeil, and Jeanette Hughen. BUSINESS STAFF FIRST ROW: Carla Smith, Jo Ann Nolan, Lydia Ransom, Carlene Tharp, Julia Mossman, Janie Dyer. - SECOND ROW: Joyce Gibson, Sue Rhodes, Rita Dunn, Winona Blanchard, Barbara Durbin, Doyle Parker, Ronny Earle, Walter Clawson. THIRD ROW: Ihla Kay Ford, Joyce Dunn, Joyce Phillips, Jerry Walker, Darrell Farris, James Cox, Tommy Duncan. SPANISH CLUB nz 4 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Calderon, Joyce Gibson, Jane White, Ihla Kay Ford, Shirley Latham, Lucy Chapman, Betty Lytle, Carolyn Reed, Gary Ford, Patsy Taylor, Lavern Gibson, Winona Blanchard, Barbara Durbin, Barbara Strickland, Shethelia Bruton. SECOND ROW: Julia Mossman, LaVoyne Haskins, Grace McCarley, Jeanette Hughen, Betty Elmore, Betty Little, Jatuan Merritt, Emma Jo Graham, Byrene Taylor, Jerry Sue Scott, Peggy Ellis, Shirley Williams, Margaret Singleton, Olen Jobe, Don Paul Jones, Wayne Waits, Jerry Bowden. THIRD ROW: Margaret Earle, Mary Price, Mary Beth Haught, Carolyn Morrison, Pat Harri- son, Jenean Montgomery, Joyce Linville, Janet Hardin, Alfreda Posey, Donna Houston, Lynn Lytle, Pat Allen, Joyce Dunn, Sue Stephenson, Janie Dyer. FOURTH ROW: Ronny Earle, Johnnie Fletcher, Jerry Criner, Diana Bolin, Charlene Duggan, Shannon Posey, Barbara Mosely, Mickey Sparks, Bobbie Mayfield, Janna Way, Sandra Everts,Patsy Carlson, Marlene Moore, Billie Mayfield, Betty Kelton, Charlene McNeil, Jane Elmore, John Harris, Gene Ellis. FIFTH ROW: Jack Benton, Darrell Farris, Donald Gooch, Gerald Pilgrim, Wayne Bashears, Eddie Price, Oliver Shirley. I 'iwfwi I "i?Tt"?1'. --tfvwr-13' eve, rgsjlgrqs "K Q: ff cfs A m?33i I is Q r 4 .fa r was 5 'Q W- gm flhk.-' ' 4 '53 Q7 I ij, Vg., ir' if - - ' 1 Q., ,, ' t . ' 427 .1464 --'g ' . it " ' .1 : .1 fi-jg-nw 'S -4. .xi ' . "' R A A - '-H., ff' i Jfi -1- 'zhwwe 'hr '- "' t 1 .v-it "'1 Spanish Club Officers Jerry Bowden --- ----- -President Pat Harrison --- ------- SeCTet31'Y Betty Elmore -- ---Vice-President Grace McCar1ey -- -- Reporter Jeanette Hughen -- -- Treasurer Mrs. Calderon-- .... Sponsor s The Jazz Band gets around of applause in the third annual Spanish Club variety show. - 1 tt ff 3 , 'v' ':'f T . ' r at V F I All the M it recruits ' K M looked ver shabby aft U they were it 5 1 initiated Z k into the Q Spanish TQ ippp N Club. l " " CLUB FIRST ROW: Mac Stewart, Freddie Hollowell, Jackie DeShazo, Jack Benton, Ronny Earle, Jerry Bowden, Wade Graham, Max Ragsdale, Donald Ragsdale, Ronnie I-Iuckabee, Robert Newman, Wayne Waits, Jack Frazier. SECOND ROW: Coach Goldsmith, Jerry Criner, Red Ellis, Butch Vining, Tommy Jackson, George Carruth, Bobby Perry, Randy Pendleton, L.F. McCrary, Richard Louther, Billy Mays, Arthur Montgomery, Don Spencer, Bobby Tompkins. THIRD ROW: James Nichols, Carl Hollowell, Jimmy Dorland, Bill Boyd, Phillip Glover, Kenneth Helvey, Don Huestis, Bobby Ellis, Spud Green, Gerald Huddleston, Byron Greaves, Freddie Sat- terwhite, James Mays, Ray Lively, John Wayne Harris. FOURTH ROW: Benny Loyd, Derrell Crain, Walter Clawson, Jerry Walker, Johnny Thornley, J. Frank Davis, Donald Gooch, Charlie Harrell, Dick Blenden, Leon Chester, J.R. Janese, Gary O'Rear, Chock Carruth, Gene Ellis, Leslie Hudgens, Charles Brewer, Monty Pinnell, Luther Hale, Philip Wheeler, Jimmy Tharp. iff,-fa ':.:'g,,g ,T-fgfrvv -,- EVM- ' .. 'xg A- X ,lf"C'7'I 3 'X at i'l' W' J 4.94354 r . x - ' t-1 ft Al-.XX 4 .rn 1 X . Y -, fjy. XE 4-A lfif N ly, l'-7 NN f - If it 'N X--if' F 1 il , J W 4' Nf l!! ' 1 1- , "'4'- . vi X ' if ' 34:-f' fmgar- ' Butch is so mean he can't carry a knife. Might cut himself. if .4 "A" Club Officers Byron Greaves -- --- Secretary Arthur Montgomery --- --- President Butch Vining ...... ---,Vice-President Spud Green --- - -- Treasurer Coach Goldsmith --- --- Sponsor Everybody but the boys in the short p ants, lipstick, and shoe shine boxes have ago time when the annual "A" Club initiation ro around, The members really give the boy joining a rough time with the paddles, sho scrambles, etc. The club is open to any l terman in any major sport. A-wigs .V V, M, . f,,,., .36 Betty Kelton was crowned Football Queen at the Homecoming game with Seminole. Her attendants were Billie Mayfield and Grace McCarley. She was presented the beautiful bouquet by the tri zaptains, Red Ellis, Wade Graham, and Tommy Jackson. 4-'VL J 7 15 fi 2, , m 1115 X X x 1 ffu 51, . ii M , ii'- What's the matter, Dick? Is her boy friend coming? fl las Everyone had a good time at the Home- coming Dance following the game. The dance was held in honor of all the exes of Andrews High. IUNICR - SENIOR BANQUET 'Www 5 . 5' 1' , x W 4 You forgot your cheesecake when you posed for this one, Lynn. The Juniors worked hard, went to Odessa, went to Midland, and finally had a good banquet here Andrews. The best part of it was those 90 laps the football boys ran around the track. Twenty miles for one night. Was it worth it? Chow was over and the confetti flew. STUDENT COUNCIL 'x x l FIRST ROW: Spud Green, Betty Lytle, Shirley Latham, Betty Rigsby, Patsy Taylor, Jo Faye Alexander, Sammie Fennel. SECOND ROW: Leon Chester, Dick Blenden, Byron Greaves, Billy Mays, Bobby Mayfield, Marlene Moore, Byrene Taylor, Mr. Choate. THIRD ROW: James Durbin, Tommy Jackson, Olen Jobe, "Chock" Carruth, Don Spencer, Butch Vining, Randy Pendleton, Ronnie Huckabee, Gene Ellis. Gene Ellis ---- Dick Blenden -- Byron Greaves --- Mr. Choate ------ Tommy Jackson --- Ronnie Huckabee -- Not Pictured: Mary Beth Haught -- Bobbie Mayfield ------- The Student Council Officers -----Treasurer ------- Reporter --- Vice-President -----------Sponsor -----------President -Corres. Secretary - ---Parliamentarian ------Secretary 4 1 Look who got out of class to decorate the tree for the Christmas program. How's she going to hit the ball n . let jf O Ox 1 , ie- Playing dominoes and ping pong at the Youth Canteen. SCIENCE CLUB F if M K W X l A 'fiew LEFT TABLE, STANDING: Dorothy Abney, Jo Ann Hill, Darlene Harris, and Judy Buck. LEFT TABLE, SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Tucker, Jimmy Wilson, Peggy Ellis, Don Collins, Kenneth Neal, Virginia Abney, Tommy Davis, and Delores Duncan. RIGHT TABLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lewis Wright, Paul Flores, Jack Maxwell, L.F. Mc- Crary, Bud Reynolds, and Buddy Sipes, Mrs. Fennel, Mr. Jackson. science Club Officers Judy Buck ------ ---- - -- ------- President Delores Duncan ---- ---------- V ice-President Dorothy Abney ---- ------ S ecretary-Treasurer Bud Reynolds ---- ------------------- R eporter Buddy Sipes ------ ----------- L ab. Technician Lewis Wright -- ----- Lab. Technician Gene Tucker --- ---Sergeant-At-Arms x 'lex f?" iw- ' . A, I ' al .-,QR 1 X li. x xg , NNN I X , ,X X A X X N W HALLOWEEN be ,X , Bonnie Latham is crowned Halloween Queen by her escort, Jerry Bowden. The Junior Class won over the Seniors in the voting. Avonda Bruton was crowned Grade School Queen. ,A A 651 f - 3' 4"i:l. . f' f'A"..vf"1,5 , t rf 1 'E' 4 x, ,ffl I ffl! , fl ,m.1"' 1 -. ' Wonder what those girls are 'gossiping about? l ' "" f :-'ww .,.,::. , Those money making seniors! .RQDEQ Qi Z 2 Andrews won the fourth annual Andrews High School Rodeo after overpowering 79 participants from 17 West Texas and New Mexico High schools. Trophies are awarded to the all-around cowboy and cow- girl and to the first, second, and third place winners in the dif- ferent events. Byrene Tay- lor won cowbirl honors Sr Ronnie Huckabee tied with Olen Young for cow- boy honors. . Byrene rounds the second barrell Watch him there, boy. Don't let him and heads to victory. lose you. Andrews received the All-Sports trophy of District SAA The trophy was p r e s ented by the Odessa American to the school finishing the highest in all sports. Andrews had Z1 points, Five coming in basketball, track, tennis, and golf or winning district and one in football. AN, ,f'f",' r"""W At left, Arthur Montgomery and Leon Chester, track captains, present the school with trophies that the track team has won. Below, the volley- ball girls preseht the school with the first place trophy they won at the O de s s a College Tourney. DRAMA CLUB FIRST ROW: Carolyn Reed, Betty Lytle, Lucy Shirley Latham, Myrna Martin, Marlene Moore. Chapman, Gary Ford, Janna Way, Carla Smith SECOND ROW: Virginia Abney, Winnie Nelson, Carlene Vickers, Jo Ann Hill, Barbara Mosely Sandra Everts, Bobbie Mayfield, Mickey Sparks, THIRD ROW: Shirley Williams, Dorothy Abney, Billie Porter, Betty Rig-sby. Darlene Harris, Judy Buck, Dona Brackeen Jim my Todd, Jatuan Merritt, Byrene Taylor, Joyce Linville, Wanda Bostick. Thomas Reamy, Malcomb McPherson, Max Mc Carley, Jackie Williams, J.R. Janese, Jerry Walker, Leslie Hudgens. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Collins, Doyle Parker, J.R. Janese -- Jimmy Collins ---- Gary Ford ------ Thomas Rearny -- --- Drcrmcr Club Officers -----------President Red Davis ------ ---- B ackstage manager ----------- Custodian ----------- 'Secretary Adve rti s ing manage r THE GREAT BIG DOORSTEP Cast of characters ------- Commodore --------------- Clara Beth Alsobrook Evvie Crochet --- ---- ---- Mrs. Crochet - ----- --- Topal Crochet -------- - Thomas Reamy --Janna Lou Way Mickey Sparks ----- Shirley Latham Elna Crochet -------- ------ ----- G a ry Ford Fleece Crochet ----- --- ---- Carolyn Reed Arthur Crochet ---------- Mr. Tobin ------ ------ - Hugh Burleson --------- David Snow Dewey Crochet -------+--- Jimmy Collins Tayo Delacroix ---------------- J.R. Janese Mrs. Dupre ---------- Mrs. Beaumonf Crochet ------Judy Buck Darlene Trosper THE GREAT BIG DOORSTEP by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett was the first pro- duction of the Commedia Players of the '52-'53 season. ie Heavenly Policeman comes Liliorn comes up before Julie COf1'1fO1'tS I-fOl1iSC after r Liliom when he dies. the Heavenly Magistrate. LiliO1'I1 haf? returned to Heu- alker, Collins, Rearny, Hudgeons and Janese . the Heavenly Courtroom scene. iliom returns to Earth to do a good deed but lils and is sent back to Hell. LILIOM by Ferenc Molnar Cast of characters Liliom ----------- --- Julie -------------- ------ - -----J.R. Janese --Winnie Nelson Heavenly policeman ----------- Jerry Walker Heavenly magistrate -- - Louise -------------- Richly dressed man -- LILIOM by Ferenc Molnar Cast of Characters -Thomas Reamy ------Gary Ford ---- Jimmy Collins Poorly dressed man --- ---- Leslie Hudgeons The last three scenes of Molnar's LILIOM was Andrews High School's entry in the Inter- scholastic League Contest's one-act play event. The judges were two drama teachers and one history teacher. The two drama teachers gave LILIOM second place while the history teacher voted it sixth, resulting in only third place in the contest. J.R. Janese in the role of Liliom received first place in the best actor awards, while Thomas Rearny and Jerry Walker received honorable mentions. LILIOM was Jerry Powell's first c ont e s t play in this district. The Commedia Players fully expect to win first place in next ye ar ' s events. Monahans and Ft. Stockton p l a c e d first and second consecutively this year. If X - 4 AN' X. o 0- - Dan, Olivia, and Mrs. Bramson listen to the church bells summoning the congregation to church. Olivia later leaves Mrs. Bramson alone in the house with Dan, who smothers her with a pillow Qsee the activities division pagej. "Glad to see you, Henry." Williams, Walker, Merritt, Janese, Ford, Chapman, Reamy, Martin. NIGHT MUST FALL Cast of Characters ---J.R. Janese M1-5, Bramson--- - -------- Gary Ford ----- Jatuan Merritt ----Thomas Reamy Dan --------- ---- ---- Olivia Grayne -- Hubert Laurie -- Mrs, Terence ------------- L ucy Chapman Dora Parkoe -------------- Myrna Martin Inspector Belsize ---- ----- J erry Walker Nurse Libby ------- --Shirley Williams NIGHT MUST FALL by Emlyn Williams was the second major production of the Comedia Players in the '52-'53 season. .Lai ii,.L.. ' Va l , if lllll 53 lv , ,w,lf,,:1. :.- ., - - 1 K li if Get a load of that car. HEY ,T f O Teaching little kids bad habits, eh, J. Frank? . Coohng off. WWW 'W if slntt Y - is-X W G 25 Taking in the Mexicano Terreces. Food, drinks, and dancing. Boy, that's the life. Some of the seniors took in some night clubs and this picture was made on a p enth ou s e At bottom is a picture of Ho r s etail Falls where everyone went one day. It is 2.0 miles from Mon-terrey, and high in the mountains. iff' A U A157 I X HW Red Ellis rides up to see Horsetail Falls. One of the sights oi Monterrey ! s 2 Q1 3, 3-'wi i S1 Zi!! sf 3 1937. v JN Oh, those night clubs. Paintner up at Big Spring. Boy, was it hot! 'iqflllwi 463W ,MS W., fi? ru Gamb1er's Guitar. S'matter, Betty? Somebody's going to get ducked. Getting a sun tan. ANDHE f WS AND QS 4 -JK Pl X, N :X I Ho ME AGAIN Sleeping beauty. Home, at last. ,, , ml , .gl-231gfff..5f ' 4 1525 , 1, w kNl?wgA S of Amhllln. 'xyykf LF I Touching it up. One worker and 2 supervisors. Junior High Safety Patrol. Y nf, l 2 yo' Don't look now Kill it, Slugger. V 2 VK. a-f 'Q ' f x ' L .. I l 24 N 5 5 ,Ki We l 4 ' o . l M ...Q W .11 gi gn- . Hg: A -Q: V A. ff. kg. .I , gig ig 1 , L .. A W 4 V' 1, -1+ , A N, 3- ' W pm "-' 4 - Msn, '.,.:- K i n . I 5 5, ' " W. u if I Q 'V ,,E. g a s 4 M Iiiizggjf wg, QI... .Q M ..,k,.. ,,,...,....m....-. X iff , f .gg 1,12- x A Q If f. Hi , , Ex s. Qs ,vw - - Q 43?-rx? , r , , .. 7 121' v IM S Q31 ' - , , A f fffgf'5 z g w - 5 fi- g? 4 , . , 4 . ,, . 'ff i ., W1- ' E ,ar V, Q , fr A - 1 f if , 2 - -4 K be , . , , W . ,rr W 1 U , fm gl ..... Surprise, Surprise. Jerry took care of the flag i 1 1 ff We N : 1,2 Work, ,s, -w w ' .L f f :QNV f, 5 .,.u.m,,,:,, V V. ,:,Lm,, , , ,vm .N W . gf: K you slave Big deals' ' "-ff LE.,1fYw.3,59i QSM n l . , ..,V B K, TVALQL ' gf G ru ' e W- . I 4 , , 4 ' W.. 5 fi 1 rm , I was ' si:95f:7,l' " :Lki?Ef'i fx 7 , sg ..,,. , 'fs 3. .1 ' ' 4, Vg'bQi?iS1:i? 'NM' .M-we Zglzywl, X u vm, ""' ' ""- , fs fr e si , 145 uw f mf, 5,4 ,, mf Ig. X. Q ilijkg, 13 , wifggzgg A every day. RW 'K 'M - - fi ,ca . J W -,,., - , ' G ma y Ii .. Q. Mm D 5' Q - vi - Where did this come from? QQ Mr. Williams must have cracked the whip B+' Is the test that hard, Jerry? 'amd V' 1 1 , , W A 31 ' 4, j 1 , , QM, AA 1 W xgzn- '- W ' 1 N '1Q31'-1'1j' , , + . . ' ' ' -74-'Y-' ' f -Sn' ' X , I ' In SJ qi 4' 'ijgyxg Q fbi . aa J' Q w,M, , Sw: 5 1 59, h if, T , 54+ , , Y " .G,,,d,rf. nf X g1 ?'2wmW , A' " ,,r F 9 Q '4w' A' f?2 Z k K K . -ziligf ' f, 4 i 5 lnH ,V , .. mAff4H,lizism-'M A' k .,! 5 ,Q A g A ' ' W af. , i ' is " .. mg 2 M kLW'i'i':'Q? A . :gin . .,,,M,,5i5,g , ' f I 2 A 5 V 5i43?iN?' 1 I , - M 5 l an 1 NE X. X V. ' , N x .gg if Q ' . , , ww WSww1?' T , 11.5455 Aff 1- School custodians are shown in back of the old gym. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Wright, Mr. Kay, Mr. Brewer, Mr. Gibson, and Mr. Peoples. Not pictured are Mr. Graham and Mrs. McPherson. ar' Q., . ' ::5 . I , . - if . , i ' rv fs sp . ' . v,1fwu 'Q ' ' . ., . lflgsmwi f if' '.,:2 , ' t V ., . - N . Junior High Cafeteria Workers wh Mustang Staff 1953 MUSTANG STAFF Gene Tucker Dlck Blenden Thomas Reamy J Frank Davls Waldo Reynolds Carolyn Morrlson Arthur Montgomery Charlle Harrell Wayne Bashears Janle Dyer Joyce Dunn Gordon Wrlllams 1952 '53 Edrtor Co Edltor Asslstant Edltor Actlvltles Edltor Asslstant Actlvrtles Eduor Asslstant Class Edrtor Sports Edltor Asslstant Sports Edltor Typlst Busmess Manager Buslness Manager Sponsor Nl! S in T. vw 5 S , is ? -9 r, A fa' lf 5 e we - R 3 OF - --------------------------------------c0- ' Pat Harrison ---------------------------- Class Section Editor x J' , LM M4 5 V OD SSM. if A 6 S- w f N I UN IOR HIGH 5+ WH if . S , X N Z Q 1 N f . f 1 ff X fn' 43 in N f ' , 'iv vs 'EWR' M.. Q MRS. GOROM - GRADE 8 - H. , fig: ' Q-4. Mr- H - Q, FIRST ROW: Pauline Wyatt, Wanda Martin, .Ioquette Stump, Genell Sweet, Velma Torn- kins, Wanda Taylor, Helen Pope, Mary McKee. SECOND ROW: Donna Lansford, Wanda Thorp, Ann Wamner, Iva Watts, Anita Reed, Glenda Morrison, Sue Maxwell, Ima Jean Parrish. THIRD ROW: Rosalyn Lindsey, Barbara Roach, Sandie Nicholson, Lonell Nix, Suzanne Smith, Judy Reynolds, Betty Miller, Mrs. Gororn. MRS. FULGI-IAM - GRADE 8 5 FIRST ROW: Sandra Collinsworth, Winona Eubanks, Jo Ann Helms, Patricia Harp, Linda Dorland, Jean Brooks, Annette DeShazo. SECOND ROW: Betty Ashley, Sandra Gerber, Sandra Hall, Ellen Galloway, Judy Fraz ier, Helen Davis, Bonnie Hankins. THIRD ROW: Jean Green, Rosalie Hays, Dianne Collins, Pat Bufkin, Thelma Barnes Betty Jones, Norman Doty, Mrs. Fulgham. COACH SCOTT - GRADE 8 FIRST ROW: Eddie Rigsby, Doyce Perkins, Mike Tate, James Underwood, W.D. Vick- ers, Donald Roberts, David Winters. SECOND ROW: James Sanders, Don Lasiter, Albert McAfee, Ronald Roberts, Don Wright, Hugh Oden, Jackie Vining. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Ulmer, Joe Taylor, Dwain Nelson, Perry Kennedy, Robert May- field, Ronnie Wilkins, Coach Scott. FOURTH ROW: Mayland Mosely, Billy Montgomery, Donald Nichols, Leeman Smith, Kenneth Wright, Larry Phillips, Mike Seay. MISS CROOM - GRADE 8 FIRST ROW: Dan Duncan, Steve Hines, Ronnie Horn, Rolando Flores, Harold Burns, Delbert Brunken, Dickie Earle, Roy Don Ford. SECOND ROW: Bill Harlon, Bob Jones, David Huddleston, Bill Greaves, Darrell Hamilton, Roger Glover, Donald Adams, Clifford Barnett, Tommy Fletcher, James Galloway, Glen Hunter. THIRD ROW: Miss Croom, Curtis Hart, Michael Hargraves, Denton Brunken, Gerald Jenkins, Waymon I-Iughen, Arlen Glenn Jones, Charles Bowden, D.T. Garvin, Gary Hamilton, Richard Brewer. MR. GOLDSMITH-GRADE 7 'J 4 M . rt , i Q . C ' If x hL? T N . - K X K A V WL A Z , iiiil , " jr ,re , ' ' 2-Q , H 4. t 5 H it 2 , ' A 'C C ', V ' 1 f :f,l'f'f" , ,. L..,., ,V jf V, 7 my . - 1" 'Q -- '-r e J f , F -fh. --f- . , li NW ' V W W , ,ix - 4 A FIRST ROW: Mike Gibson, Tommy Chapman, Allen Colbert, Earl Hays, Tommy Dadd- ington, Wallace Fenwick. SECOND ROW: Monroe Gillihan, Kenneth Elliott, Wayne Eppl6I',J.B. Criner, Johnny Hart, Graham, Brukett. THIRD ROW: William Gerber, Robert Bruster, Hoppy Heidelberg, Carry Cook, Freddie Gardner, Tommy Bufkin, Gene Horton. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Goswick, Donald DeHart, Arthur Broyles, Billy Carruth, Sammy Duggan, Mack Baggett, Red Ancell. MRS. CADE - GRADE 7 FIRST ROW: Sandra Kennedy, Barbara Taylor, Joyce Ann Jackson, Neva Jo Shannon, Ann Pilgrim, Barbara Johnson, Mildred McCorcle, Kathleen Noble, Jerry Torrance. SECOND ROW: Myrtle Waldropg, Georgia Mossman, Anita Mosely, Jane Turpin, Joy Lynn Wood, Linda Morrow, Annito Redding, Margaret Price, Diana Lloyd, Shirley Page. THIRD ROW: Greta Patterson, Betty McQueen, Gwen Spear, Arlene Starling, Ko Ann Williamson, Grenda Robinson, Rita Tabor, Mrs. Cade, Betty Thames, Patsy Vaughe. Pat Mitchell MR. RIVERA - GRADE 7 T FIRST ROW: Arlen Spivey, Joe Roberts, Don Walker, Charles Pole, Edward Tuton, Johnny Scott. SECOND ROW: Dickie Madison, Dwayne Mitchell, Don Pierce, Harry Wallis, Kenny King, Elvis Pinkerton, Johnny Miller. THIRD ROW: Charles Mobley, Doyce Cobb, Wayne Pollard, John Massey, Martin Lut- trall, Mike Martindale, Richard Shirley, Hugo Rivera. FOURTH ROW: Don Silvey, Leon McClure, Marvin Lewis, Jimmy Pile, Radean Ritch- ey, Bob Pusey, Jerry McPherson. MRS. COMPTON'S - GADE 7 FIRST ROW: Guynell Barnett, Wanda Frazier, Sharon Celey, Jan Ellis, Reba Bostick, Eva Lee Gavitt. SECOND ROW: Kay Grewell, June Ann Brown, Patty Carlisle, Avonda Bruton, Glynde Alsobrook, Lynda Alsobrook, Margaret Harris. THIRD ROW: Martha Brackeen, Lusia Gonzales, Barbara Gordon, Pat Alston, Wanda Buck, De Lilah Echols, Mrs. Compton. FOURTH ROW: Judy Gilmore, Vondell Brinson, Lavorne Ingram, Joe Boyd, Carolyn Hurnberson, Sherry Hale, Laurel Ballew. ELEMENTARY . X 3? 3 V 'V - ji E E '79 iii' rf' F V 'j ,,.. 1,922 ,,xV! 51 L, fjfiifg:-J3i3!,A f29?f-2s?f39i51'? 5W'4G1"' iTSL4,eff"'iwi . T? bs:1fQ'i--M?H f-- 5' f' ' V ,,-2' ,- I 1.4 s ,. . - X - - .ig -icrn -2.:f"1' r ,l4fQx13gj, . ,A ,LQ '3,,L ?., ??ffQRf3 TT' A U 1"f"t:- - I QH:K.q'f -,f.7,f'f gs? AP. . 3 ,E-vm, , Q I EX wi' A 1' x,v.,,,a-...R 'Y W. if if' its-Si? ' 7 " -, .-x,., "Airy-11. A ' '5'r'5'f -Q x xbxi W -Q 'L- Qi . :lf 44,7-LUV-f-Q fx -,..x fl--h 'W . "' f -aww M 1 -E' Y hx Q wi +15 F He X N Ev awk? ' Q ,, A If f xa, 's N'Y'4 l Q44 NA' 21 A wa . xv f-,rn w ar.-fw :- ,V ' A A .X N " fkfh, ,, 1 f,-tw G 'W' A4 s .1 " f . .4 - N ,wx f A HH , P. Y -A 2 .1 l-f:'ifgif'3Tj :Sf ML, 'Ax 51,3 ,' ' ,, ,'-,Q-,r-.Erbs k. -, faiyva A, -f X1 - , : f- f .M -. E , N3.,..- F- Q N at ' Q.:-, ,, , W-: , ,511-..,,f,.! .51 E T- . , . . if v -my ' A Affisffqfa 53 ' f Q, ,H Af-1,2f.g-gu.i.fifi,-fS:1Qff4afffPf'5" f M .. , 2, 4 . K K, E Q., ,- , L X ..- X xx 1: -.,.1,,.,.4, M-w...x,.. ..,.,, .Y .. , uf QQ '5' 359145. f,,-.1 ::-A. - yin, an K ' .,'., -1 ' 4- - 1 :41'?'h":i5'fQ?i.21gQ:' '-4415"-' 9 , ,X k brfifkg-g...m59g1E1fs E "Nfl 'b.1.w51h5g,g,gQ3,ii:: ,wfiif-f 1 4 r .-gr--F4 Q- p ' 1 . 1 X - N - -9 , fx., K,-, - 2-M fr. Jw I. ' P ,' A -,,-g.+2:5i:f3' ' F5239 - " -im. I9 . ,"m. . kv 1 wg f ge My - J lnaffik 4, 3 Q. STQFEL. 73 ' 'fff..115sg,-.C ' I . , 1-S25 41. I V ',,Li:,:25 ' A X 73. N J F M Q K- -V - ,Q Q '1- .. : Q ff? A I ,,,, ,,,, . ,xv ll g W ' .,,,,N,,, n if """"" MW' if I , ,,.,,,, W"ff f g 5 W ffff f W ,,ff,,,0,,,,,, W ? . 4 f W 1 3 E L S E i if wfffffw, Wfmja A sf A L Ve 1 1 J 52 , , wwwwfwwfy AMW Y N r v V? " W 3 W W.m lmmwW Wyman md MISS FORD - GRADE 6 FIRST ROW: Archie Holrnan, Don Patterson, David Fowler, Stephen Hargrove, Melvin Tyler, James Watkins. SECOND ROW: Miss Ford, Austine McConnell, George Howard, Alice Mae Walker, La- nita Perkins, Belinda Ray. THIRD ROW: Joann Booth, Lynda Price, Doris Harris, Betty Clark, Judy Warren, Na- dean Wolfe, Sue Tharp, Miss Gertrude Ford. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Brice, Bob Price, Mike Davis, David Fisher, Linda Williams, Mary Sue Watkins, Jeffery Nash. MISS WILSON - GRADE 6 ,rwyf ,. "'L1 i . Q 1 M. ,,,,.'-L,-N L. FIRST ROW: Sue Montgomery, Vera Jean Nix, Sandra Hardin, Patsy Ann Moxley,Doug- las Roberts, Billy Galloway, ' SECOND ROW: Judy Price, Rose Mary Hague, Linda Matthews, Iris Hays, Jo Ann Pea- cock, Sandra Alcorn, Gary Lindsey. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Wilson, Winona Hammond, Kendall Carruth, Serena Allen, Joyce McGary, Kay Hise, Sharon Smith. FOURTH ROW: Douglas Ramsey, Weldon Holcomb, Glendell Hughes, T.A. Whiteside, Roy Max Perrin, Cecil McCown, Ronny Smith, Jim Dillard. MR. H. M. SMITH-GRADE 6 FIRST ROW: Charles DeShazo, Forest Reece, David Griggs, Charles Ballew, Johnny Bilbrey, Terry Betenbough, Eddie Flippin, Jerry Howard. SECOND ROW: Thomas Frazier, J.C. Barnes, Ralph Worley, Herbert Martin, Terry McPherson, James Ancell, Jimmy Adudell, Mike Everetts, Arley Tyler, Leon Hand, Linnis Gilliam. THIRD ROW: James Abney, Jerry Warren, Ruth Sutton, Claudia Wyett, Clara Norris, Janice Duncan, Melba Tipham, Kay Scott, Darlene Graham, Cleo Ann Little, H.M. Smith. MRS. DOUTHIT - GRADE 5 FIRST ROW: Charlie Nelson, Jimmy Mash, Ronnie Broom, Johnnie Selby, Max Fisher, Lonnie Hill, Dickey Rose, Ralph Tucker. SECOND ROW: Nancy Miller, Joe Brown, James Brewer, Larry Ragsdale, Gary Par-f rish, Jerry Burns, Douglas Calahan, Jerry Bass, Dale Underwood. THIRD ROW: Sharon Williams, Becky Smith, Delores Voyne, Joyce Reeves, Marie Woolam, Janet Whitcomb, Ginny Gerber, Jane Maxwell, Sherry Brown. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Douthit, Margaret Hammontree, Diana Roberts, Earlene Hood, Sandra Davis, Mary Jo McCown, June Turpen, Katherine Holley. MR. HAYES - GRADE 5 FIRST ROW: Leston Lee Minler, Glen Arlen Huddleston, Lee Ray Badiford, Jack Col- lins, William Cannon, Jim Worley, Bob St. Anna, Darrell Fenwick, Pat Anglin. SECOND ROW: Donnie Hollowell, Lynn Rogers, Lynn Buck, Marion Cotten, Basil Greaves, Wilson Turpin, Royce Brooks, Bobby Dyer, Harvey Harris, James Martin, Darlene Barnett. THIRD ROW: Mr. Hayes, Linda Colvin, Gynath Walters, Glenda Sweet, Mary Fisher, Patsy Jo Dunn, Patsy Ann Waits, Virginia Gardner, Kay Lytle, Doris Swift, Victoria Stewart, Connie Dyer, Mrs. Mize. MISS BOZE - GRADE 5 FIRST ROW: Allen Cunningham, James Hathcock, Jerry Carlisle, Raymond Allen, Lowell Whisenant, Billy Villines, John Morrison, Alvis Casey, Crraydon Duddington. SECOND ROW: Patsy McAfee, Patsy Young, Connie Vargas, June Hudgeons, Patricia Ann Fisher, Linda Moore, Barbara Harris, Waynda Green, Frances Rogers, Miss Bernice Boze, Jimmy Garvin. MRS. DOUGHARTY - GRADE 5 FIRST ROW: Donald Tomlin, Don Pope, J.V. McKinney, Larry Ayling, Gary Thornley, James Cook. SECOND ROW: Glenn Stump, Linda Underwood, Barbara Allen, Sandy Tidwell, Barbara McDuggle, Aleta Duncan, Paula Tyner, Elizabeth Johnson, Nadine Lambright. THIRD ROW: Robert Dehart, Larry Shoemaker, Violet Hunter, Janie Earle, Norma Tay- lor, Diana Serratt, Pearl Sanders, Sandra Brice, Mrs. Dougharty, Ouida Freeman. FOURTH ROW: Buck Hale, R.E. Merritt, Billy Page, Ray Carrigan, James Fisher, Paul Patterson, Donald Williams. PRIMARY -wc, fx X x .Q N X fx NY I Ri X , Q' 1' I 1, f' -:T ' x - -543 x' :XX Q Q W f' if A, f pl -' r 41 I QM!! ' 1 1 w .r 7 T31 , 'I ,n'?:. x'4""' 'I 'Q .',!l -'-,,,,. --1 1- . df- c . ' lxivx f f' . Ag ,,, :mf f 1 - x 1 r fa' ml-M Q 1 tx K Y 0 A x KV Y if 5? ' is ,, X l M! if 'a 1 Q in mf W- , A i 5 F 5 E ,RW M, Q, N , -ef if mf- 3 2 ff Q Ls X Q51 -if is 2121 ifzl' ,, " L N EE? Qiiyfif M if Us k?, i , 5- Lis-gig 3 E 5 i 5 MRS. BRYAN BAKER-GRADE 4 if ff , .fu ,W FIRST ROW: Calvin Smith, Jan Eppler, Lidia Aguilar, Nancy O'Dell, Patricia Brice Judy Price, Carol Spencer, Linda Choate, Dan Bennett. SECOND ROW: Jill Walls, Bob Madison, Morris Poke, Jack Walls, Boyd Nichols, A.L Watts, Robert Ransom, Charles Johnson, Polly Shirley, Janis Taylor, June Parker Mrs. Baker, Maxine Wolfe. THIRD ROW: Earl Culp, Ronny Walker, Jimmy Bills, Dennis Hargrove, Bobby Tomlin John Bacon, Robert Erwin, Gerald Horn, Tommy Seay. MRS. WOODY WALKER-GRADE 4 ww FIRST ROW: Maynard Nickson, Loyd Ford, Jr., John McKay, Joe McKissick, Kaye Morris, Gary Dalton. SECOND ROW: Eddie Fowler, Byron Green, Richard Perry, Bobby Blackmon, Jerry McCarver, Polla Roberts, Glenda Smith. THIRD ROW: Sue Walker, Charlie Ancell, Harold Bacon, Phyliss Bennett, Bobby Dallas, Eva Jane Thacker, Leslie Blackburn, Bobby Good, Mrs. Walker. FOURTH ROW: Marlin Sue Garver, Carlene Walcott, Billy Raye Morris, Norma Kay Robison, Carrie Lonell Pierce, Michael Taylor. MRS. KILPATRICK - GRADE 4 FIRST ROW: James Thomas, David Smith, J. Larry Collinsworth, Jackie Dyer, Jimmy Timmons, Robert Duncan. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Bane, Sharon Shoemaker, June Brackeen, Judy Proctor, Bertie Martin, Ann Mallan, Betty Porter, Carla Sue Nordenman. THIRD ROW: Frances Langsford, Brenda Dillard, Sue Wainner, Tommy Wooten, Tommy Walker, Donny Soctt, Richard Williams, Mrs. Kilpatrick. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Tabor, Elmer Timmons, Paul Kelly, Ronald Coleman, Thomas Kitchersid, Paul Reed, Lewis McCarty. MRS. MALLAN - GRADE 4 FIRST ROW: Rodney, McBills, James Crain, Jessie Helms, Ronald Poston,Danny An- derson, Bobby Gillian. SECOND ROW: Paul Ellinger, Leroy Grizzell, Raymond Jenkins, Raymond Noble, Donald Cumbus, Johnny Smith, Rufus Spivey. THIRD ROW: Patsy Reed, Jenell Morrow, Darla Chastain, Jackie Ann Fallon, Sharon Perkins, Betty Bryan, Ann Eppler. FOURTH ROW: Harold Wyatt, Dudley Mitchell, Ida Jean Brunson, Erlir1da'V6jil, Lor- raine Garlington, Jackie Phillips, Linda Hutman. MRS. HARDING - GRADE 3 FIRST ROW: George Smith, Mariglyn Frazier, Sharla Ingram, Paulene Cornejo, Jerry Hams, Carolyn Martin, Glenda Moore, Cheryl Pickle. SECOND ROW: Douglas Keys, Elton Landru, Garland Goss, Paul Tomlin, Don Galloway, Philip Lowder, Jim McCown, Robert Dillard, Mrs. Harding. THIRD ROW: Logenia Hale, Willie Jean Bodiford, Bertha James, Peggy Marie Fisher, Linda Atwood, Geneva Harris, Anita Grewell, Anita McClure. MRS. WORTHY - GRADE 3 FIRST ROW: Thomas Tyler, Rogers Barnes, Ronald Martin, Philip Hilliard, Gary Malcolat Helmer Carlson, Roy Mayfield, Preston Perish, Don Culp. SECOND ROW: Shirley Vayles, Susan Ballew, Sharon Alexander, Tanya Blair, Sandra Can- non, Barbara Floyd, Judy Kelly, Linda Withers, Mrs. Worthy. THIRD ROW: Sandra Wood, Patsy Hagins, Mary Alice, Peggy Sue Peacock, John Earl Under- wood, Chucky Carrigan, Jimmy DeShazo. W MRS. CALAI-IAN - GRADE 3 .....,...,,gg FIRST ROW: Elaine Patterson, Gene Riggs, Harnpy Kerby, Sherry Smith, Jody Smith, Dean Riggs, Tommy Hollowell, Marvin Stillwell, Jerry McCown. SECOND ROW: Pat Farris, Linda McSpadden, Carla Davis, Dorenda Alcorn, Mary Donna Burham, Teresa Winters, Jackie Sue Gilliam, Sharon-Kay Roberts, Ronnie Alexander, Lynn Houston, Mrs. Callahan. THIRD ROW: Betty Jo Martin, Cindy Ford, Jan Nixon, Robert MeKelvy, Jerry Nixon, Pa- tricia Kinney, Carol Roberts, Burl Graves. MRS. BAKER - GRADE 3 FIRST ROW: Jimmy Wester, Linda Lackly, Judy Rains, Bobby Lansford, Tommy Young, La dean Hitch, Kenneth Woods, Gordon Starling. SECOND ROW: Shela Villines, Ruial Mills, Delores Scott, Harley Serratt, Peggy Ann Dan ley, Mike Pusey, Tom Tinsley, Jimmy Sexson, Mrs. Baker. THIRD ROW: Sherry Jo Taylor, Kenneth McNett, George Sanders, Norman Rogers, Paul Er vin, Linda Pike, Barbara Hudgen, Tommy Crump. MRS. ANNA BLAKE-GRADE 3 FIRST ROW: Billy Wyatt, Shirley Hart, Marian Wolf, Diana Tuten, Danny Williams, James Yarbrough, Walter Watkins, Delores Watkins, Delores Crain, Mrs. Blake. SECOND ROW: Darrell Goswick, Bobby Holman, Vanna Marsh, Genevia Lewis, Frances Ste- phens, Winnie Montgomery, James Little, Wayne McAfee. THIRD ROW: Garland Patterson, Donna Kay Etter, Rubye Jo Mossey, Issabel Vasquez, Reba Ann Rogers, Ellen Ruth, George Cox, Mike Ray. MISS BYRD - GRADE 2 FIRST ROW: Emery Smith, Mike Kay, Dent Donohoo, Sue Whitender, Barbara Tomlin Glenna Tabor, Patsy Worley, Katherine Woolard, Diana Thompson. SECOND ROW: Philip Duncan, Paul Harris, Curtis Wooten, Carl Grizzell, Roy Taylor, Wen- del Mayfield, Ronnie Boyer, Troy Buck, Freddie Flippin, Michael Tunnell, Gerald Smith Miss Byrd. THIRD ROW: Jerry Ray, Jimmy Rose, Larry Robietoon, Martha Carter, Glynda Clark .Margaret DeHart, Lanny Dietrick, Roy McQueen MRS. GRANT - GRADE 2 FIRST ROW: Gerald Casey, Janis Payne, Buddy Malon, Elton Smith, Shirley Pitcford, Ronny Butler, Patricia Carver, Sherry Robinson. SECOND ROW: Kathy Pikes, Susan Flukinger, Gene Smith, Dick Crump, Betty Sebern, Penny Robison, Betty Aden, Gail Ruberto, Carolyn Wolfe, Mrs. Grant. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Wooten, Brownie Underwood, Delmer Rex Thompson, Jr., Billy Eng- land, A.T. Benton, Jr., Michael Patterson, Jim Jackson, Bob Moxley. MRS. YOUNGBLOOD - GRADE 2 FIRST ROW: Arlin Lambright, Roy Bennett, George Averyt, Sammy Clift, Paul Wainer, Jim- my Mobley, Bobby Hudgens. SECOND ROW: Margaret Pollard, Gary Nordman, Stanley Harris, Mary Ann Nelson, Martha Lipham, Jimmy Martin, Barbara Brewster, Betty Ann Williams, Jimmy Freeman. THIRD ROW: Annette Elkins, Jo Betsy Bush, Cordelia Johnson, Dale Cox, Darlene Lansford, Karen Craddock, Jarene Lisenbee, Mrs. Youngblood. FOURTH ROW: Kay Cox, Neta Pike, Carry Glen Brown, Donald Pryor, Lona Calven, Gary Lamb, Denny Williamson. MBS. CRAFT - GRADE 1 FIRST ROW: Darell Batinfield, Linda Henry, Wanda Patterson, Betty Watts, Winford Fra- zier, Jr., Jerry Galle, Polla Lewis, Bonnie Green, Arthur Green. SECOND ROW: Lanis Sanders, Jan Crain, Dorothy Burleson, Patsy Rose, Bennie Hudman Eleanor Field, Jerry Gilliham, Larry McQuatteI's, Nancy Ann Stewart, Steve Curry, Mrs Craft. THIRD ROW: Shirley Ann Jirnenson, Sammy Dillard, Jerry Tidwell,Gwendlyn Williams Joyce Reynolds, Ronald Reece, Luther James. MRS. CREWELL - GRADE 1 FIRST ROW: Rodney Janis, Johnny Preston, David Perkins, Joe Tutierruz. SECOND ROW: Lloyd Blackman, Paul Jordon, Nancy Sexson, Patsy Adams, Keith Smith Pascual Cortez, Melvin Vigil. THIRD ROW: David Linley, Linda Barnes, Sue Cranfield, Carolyn Shannon, Michael Ross, Douglas Pike, Jerry Dean Stump. FOURTH ROW: Earl Romlitt, Louie Brinson, Wanda Mossey, Betty Lembright, Jimmy At- wood, Gerald Tadent, Gary Harp, Lynn Hood, Mrs. Grewell. MRS. HAMILTON - GRADE I FIRST ROW: Robert Hitch, Gary Poston, Karen Arnold, Diana Taylor, Lola Burleson, Elvin Melton, Danny Porter, Eddie Kelton, David Arnold. SECOND ROW: Ray Huffman, Paige Ramsey, David Porter, Glenda Cansin, Garth Strawn, Billie Farmer, Billie Williams, Linda Hayes, Dean Keys, Mrs. Hamilton. THIRD ROW: Phil Anderson, David Brown, Shirley Gordon, Janice Hudson, Jimmy Hol- combe, James Fulgham, James Johnson, Brenda Rodgers, Gary McCooper. MISS LEWIS - GRADE 1 FIRST ROW: James Ready, Roger Page, Ronny Stark, Gale Western, Doris Burnett, Diala Shaw, Sally Brown, Lewis Allen, Kay Smith. SECOND ROW: Rolene Franks, Irene Lockey, Tanya Wood, Michael Gilliham, Ronald Sweet, David Wright, Carmela Vejil, Travis Hand. THIRD ROW: Katherine Snyers, DeeDee Taylor, Wesley Foster, Pam Ramsey, Ronny Dean, Leslie Holcombe, Paul Woods. MRS. WOOLAM - GRADE l FIRST ROW: Mary Johnson, Mary Laskei, Johnny Huddleston, Tommy Atwood, Virgil Hitch, Nancy Martin. SECOND ROW: LaFayne Smith, Beverly Watkins, Nelda Hathcock, Cellia Lurna, Zenna Echols, Carol Day, Carol Bufkin, Jean Willys. THIRD ROW: Wanda Jenkins, DeI..ane Fisher, Johnny Evelyn Jones, Jackey Ancel, Mary Longley, AuDeana Jones, Lois Martin, Deanna Lasater, Mrs. Woolarn. FOURTH ROW: Ricky Echols, Tommy Earl Parris, Roy Sparks, Honey Dietrich, Johnny Bodiford, Edward Blackrnon, Fred Nix. MISS NIXON - GRADE 1 FIRST ROW: Joe Allen, Gay Nix, Ronnie Hoffman, Carla Mayberry, Lewis Harris, Larry Plunkett, Jan McKissick, Bruce Bowden. SECOND ROW: Will Ed Waldrop, Billie Jean Scroggin, Judy Wells, Raymond Selby, Janet Fitzgerald, Susan Robinson, Elizabeth Gonzales, Glenda Coleman, Miss Nixon. THIRD ROW: Glenn Pipes, David Merritt, Lona Sue Hunt, Delores Ann Mills,Lennard Dean, Jim Bacon, Tommy Gardner , John Rigsby. 4 0176 1908 Qv C? .WG H Kl' Aff i Von Y Q ' so EQ hong, elif M ,. W., iz. L- , alaefzzfdaemeazfa The following business firms and indivi- . duals are the ones who, through their in- Janle pyler and Joyce Dunn' terest in the activities of this school, make advertlslng Managers' it p o s sible that you might have the 1953 Mustang. Bullclozers - Mointaine-rs - Rollers Air Com pressers - Draglines - Shovels UI. H. "Bill" Farmer Construction Co. "WE MOVE THE GOOD EARTH" Day Phone 66 Nlght Phones 147 W 340 W Andrews Texas Davidson Pontiac Co R O DAVIDSON Get a Real Truck Phone 341 B J STICKNEY 720 N Main SI' Andrews Tex 0 ' Y . - - 0 . , 9 O O Q Q! fi .....- I f 5 n 0 M 9 0 0 0 ' ' 0 ForNewsAtItsBest Arts Cafe Get The Andrews County News Owners CHAS ROBERTS SR and TAMES ROBERTS Phone 25 Andrews, Texas DONT WANT ALL THE BUSINESS Phone 63 ART HOLLENBECK Owner ST CLAIRS Department Store PHONE 83 Clothzng for the Enttre Fcxmzly Jarman and Florshelm Shoes Kabro Sports Wear IX Maytag Co Why do Wtthout when you can get lt here! Phone 56 Andrews Texas 1 4 UWE I Ili Published Once Weekly BUT WE' WANT YOURS" O mdglaie Karak J. E. PARKER .... . . . . .... .... ........ P r esident CLAUDE NEELY ...... .............. .... V i ce-President GUY MCGILL ....... . . ................ Vice-President WM. J. SANDERS ..... . . . . ................. Cashier VIRGINIA HOGG ..... ...... . . . ...... Assistant Cashier Andrews, Texas Ph0Il0 90 NEIMAWS SCHQOL STORE Bennetts Furmture "Shop at BENNETT'S on the hill And sczve on your Furniture bill" 0 SCHOOL SUPPLIES 0 SUPER DOGS 0 HOT DOGS 0 HAMBURGERS Andrews Texas Phone 41 Andrews Tex Prcscrzpflms Our Speczallfy II U II II E II II II U G FOUNTAIN SERVICE PRESCRIPTIONS ALL BRANDS OF LEADING COSMETICS Phone 134 Andrews Texas 9 If ' ' ' ' If E. L. HURLEY, Registered Pharmacist ' 9 0'De11 Grocery 8: Market "Your Friendly Neighborhood Grocery" Fresh Meats 6: Vegetables d 4 Phone 204J Andrews Texas SHOP AT Ga11oWay's Food Market F O R Quality Foods at Lower Prices Every Day - Bargain Day WHITEHEAD BUICK HOUSE k ANDREWS INSURANCE AGENCY Qitgs 4 WJ Sith v Phone 133 Andrews Texas f CHARLES ROBERTS JR WESLEY B ROBERTS Ph 81 Corner of N. E. C. an th St. phone 44 Andrews' Texa A A 9 as f 5 ell, 'f-A gs ' ' B I I3 A , f I A K 4 A r ffm f l Q M941 BUICK v-a gli: 'ff I ' X BUIC Sales and Service y ffl' .- X Pa s 'or All Popular Cars A -A 'ini ' F7 , ----- one Best of Luck Cafngan S Senzzfrs Servlce Stahon from Stop Here and Save Archie s Modern Homes ANDREWS TEXAS PHONE 2101 FRANKEL CITY V 1 S11 Truman's Cafe Home ofF1ne Foods Phone 231W So Mcnn N - I - I 0 I W ' 9 I S EEN STAMPS W Q - - C Williams Dry Goods Smith's City Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS Dubarry Rlcharcl Hudnut Lenth erlc Lucm Lelong an Dorothy uray Perfume and Cologne Ph Dry Goods Shoes one 29 Andrews, Tex GET THE X 2 CREAM OF THE 4,31 Q45 CROP -ev .3 ff . 04 wi 5 :zz O' O Q.. Q J'., 1? 'Ill Phone 287 Andrews Texas louse Madison Owner Box 26 .--ld. l li in ,E if AT ir lllHlllSUll'S - L- - :til --All .41 FUUD El ANDREWS Slngletons Dept Store Home and Auto Supply Deale D 1 Aso Slngletons Funeral Home A b Burlal Insurance For Reel Entertammeni It s The Rose Sr Mustang Theaters Andrews Manager. K N GREER Phone 105 ' v "F or ependable Merchandise" I Home of Na ionally Known Brands 1 - 9 Your Firestone Efficient m ulcrnce Service r Ph 288 Andrews, Texas Phone 84 A d T I In Piggiy Wigelv Grocery and Market Phone 3 x fff X mnu ri Serving Me M6fl0fI for 35 years! ,cwfrx Dont let shopp1ng be cx bore Shop cmd save at the fnendly P1gg1y W1ggly Store M Q VIRGIL M CAHANEY x N fx fg- , LW N 4.1-K Y v 2,1513 I 1 :V ,, 4 . 0 N I u CIIIG 61' C T d W h U R l S d 'G 6 It 5e3',3Qe ea pee y B B Blossom G1ftShoppe PHONE 2461 ANDREWS Af-,gif 'fi' Flowers 1: Wetzel s 01 Dlumond Every Occasxon SERVICE STATION COHSAGES-75C cmd Up Phone 2191 Frankle Cnty N 1 1 A "' unas- l S-L.: For Prompt, Courteous and Efflfllellt Sewlce See ling Dealers in Chain and Plumbing Fixtures H D THARP Owner and Operator Phone 333 Andrews, Texas 9 7 ' Owner: Mrs. R. A. Moxely D! if P ff .jaw 1 - - f - l-'ree Delivery A N 1 P S' - . f - . X 3 ll , Q, ,K- -L, " 1, -T Y D L Dorlarrd U11 Operator Phone 34314 Hobbs N Mex Phone 2214 Frankel Cnty Tex C ca r r u 1 I1 Benton Lumber Co. Trucking co. Quahty Lumber Roohng cmd S1d1ng Pho e 95 J 011 and Water Steam H l Cl au ln eanmg Sem nole Hwy And ews Te as Pho e 214 Bo 365 N fe Phone 206 J Te as He s Rushmg to 5375, MCNAIR S SERVICE STATION Where Your Busmam I.s Appreczated PfMN r And Tea Phoe358 I . g . n x ' - A d ws, x 1 ' ' ll" 'J - 1 7 , I .. ""'---:3"""':.:'.:m"?"373" I cc - N V - 99 a c ai -O ws, x s n 1 -. K A K . v , N 'x' : X '. - 'I .-.LE , X 2 1 , a u ,, ' . nr i 1 1 Iwi. 1 1 . .- 1 3 . S. N f ,Y.11- n . ,W P V. - gn ' . J' . ,, , f 'Q -f f ..'f?- PJ r ,ya 2. 3 -w Ifgzflf 1554 f , 2 .l 1' y L 1 E12-,men "N h ' f' , 1 V' inf f - ,Lv ,KJ Ju- L .- x dm 14iklx!'r2.m.s-If .fxb1..v-:fhw ru mu -M1 ,..f,a 'QA , I 1.11 .-,,.,. L Q .,x ., '-2 x , , 1 mini J Mf 5 -v - w . F '-1 , f o , OJ fy fv! 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