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cm. 1 ' fx fx 'K x WGN 1 , :R ' 1 X 14 , x I 1 1, 1 V X -iw fi! I fi! E 11 1 - Q .R F " Q. -I 52,,-. A ,. ,K - w fi Si n v 1 F The Gold and Bla k I95l X . Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF ANDREWS HIGH SCHOOL ANDREWS, SOUTH CAROLINA FOREWORD Dear Fellow-students, Teachers, and Ad- visors - Here is your 1951 Annual. This is the story of all. the wonderful times we've had togetherz- Each time you look through it, pause and think a moment about us, because we, too, wish to be remembered by those who will live forever in our hearts. "Farewell but not Good-bye." The Senior Class of 1950-51 CONTENTS DEDICATION FACULTY BOARD OF TRUSTE ES SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS To Miss Elizabeth Cox, because of her unfailing loyalty and devotion toward others, for always being there when we need her, for doing so many little things that make us love her that much more, we, The Senior Class, Dedicate the 1951 Annual. We shall never forget you. 3 wi CLEMSON CALHOUN GARRIS A.B. Wofford College M.Ed., University of S. C. Superintendent JAMES ELLIOTT IVIILLARD A.B. University of S. C. M.Ed., University of S. C. Principal www. M f , 'lun-Q i"":: M"""Dllu-gg.-.,i..1-' 4 "A"""""-1 X ...., ,,., ..,. . f i mg? New Miss l'feu.rl lfloyrl Miss Julia Kite Miss Clad s Polatty Miss Laura Couch Miss Elizabeth Cox Curnmc-rcs' English French, iiiology Science, Chemistry English, Librarian : :sis S' A '55 'Q in ---Q.. l'. ll. l'iV2lllS Mr. K. M. Fluischman Miss Evelyn Ayers Miss Crances Crosby Mr. ll. ll. kignious riculturr' l'hyxir'al lfriucvation, Driving Home Economics Mathematics, Geometry History FACU LTY N ---ry X was W w Sass sw .. wwwwass N ww NY ew . 1 C I is First Row: Mirian Chandler, Mary Kirby, Aldean Goodwin, Hos'sie Anderson, Doris Stuck , Lois Kearse, Daisy Bell. Second Row: Au usta Baily, Eunice Ford, Martha Inabinet, Thelma gvibson, ,lennie Meggs, Carolyn Martin. Third Sow: Eva Richardson, Mary Harper, H. B. Seignious, Fred l,indler, S. C. Woodberry. 5 C. T. BELL . J. M. HAYES W. L. RAGLAND BGARD OF TRUSTEES J. H. BROURTON W. L. HEMINGWAY 6 SENICRS ""r'J iQ'f'f3w,Ni . 'S-?"x nior Class Oflirzf-rs: llolmlry llalforml, Trm1s.g l.ucfy Jolmson, Sec.9 Billy Collier, Vice Pres Y l IYIIOH llrmquxvlllurc, l rr-s. MISS CLADYS POI.AT'I'Y MISS PEARL FLOYD 7 C ASS OF I9 I JAMES ROQUEMORE Band 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Debate Team 1,29 Yellow Jacket Staff l,2,3: Annual Staff 45 Honor Society 3,44 Placed in Biology State Contest 23 All-State Band 2, 8 , ,WW I.A JEAN BARRINEAU Basketball 1,2,3,4-3 Capt. 43 Softball 2,33 Cleo Club 3,44 ,I.ll.A. 1,2,3,4g Sec. 2,35 Mono 'ram Club 2,39 Dramatic Club 2,39 Danc- ing fiilub 35 Junior Plnyg Senior Playg May Court lg Cheerleader 3,45 Band 1,2, ERNEST BRITT Football 2,3,4g Basketball 49 Baseball l,2,3,4. 9 JFZANFITTFI BLAKE J.H.A. 1,2,33 Dancing Club lg Clee Club 3 .. b- SAM CLEMONS CERALDINE COKER F F A 1 2' Football 1 2 3,49 Band 1,2,3,4g ,I.H.A. 152,39 May Cgurt 23 Dancing Club 2,3 S ' l Monbgiam, Club 1,2,3g Gleie Club 4. Junior ayg enlor ay. BILLY COLLIER Band 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Monogram Club 1,2,3g Football 1,2,3,4g Co-Capt. 4-g Basketball 1,2,3,4-g Capt. 4-g Baseball 1,2,3, 49 Music 1,2,3,4-5 Class Pres. l,2,35 Vice Pres. 4-3 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 3,45 Asst. Ed. 3g Editor 49 Junior Playg Senior Pla 3 Honor Society 3,4-g Vice Pres. 35 Pres. 43 lgoys' State 3g Marshal 3. 10 ,IFIANETTE DUNN Basketball 2,3,4g Softball 2,39 .l.H.A. 1,2,3g Clee Club 234: Yellow Jacket Staff , , 3,44 News Fld. 43 Annual 4g Feature Ed.3 Mono- gram Club 2,33 l.ibrary Club: Music Club l,2, 3,45 llonor Society 3,4-g Vice Pres. 43 .lunior Playg Senior Playg May Court 1,25 Runner Up for Popularit Queen l: Won "Excellent Rating" at J.ll.A. District Meeting 1, NELL GARRISON Clee Club 39 ,I.H.A. 1,2,3g Dancing Club lg Dramatic Club 23 National Honor Societ 49 Y Library Club 45 Class Paper Reporter 4, ll CORINE ETHRIDCE J.H.A. 1,2,39 Dancing Club 2,39 Junior Playg Senior Playg Oral Interpretation Contestg Glee Club 2g Voice 35 Paper Staff 45 Queen of Hearts of Senior Classg Dramatic Club 2. Ilee Club 2,33 .l.H.A. 1,2,3g Dancing Plonor Society 44 Sec.-Treas. 2. EARL GOODWIN 1g F.F.A. 1,2g Shoia 4g Livestock Judging Con- test 3g Senior P ay. CAROL GREEN Glee Club 2,3,4-3 Cheerleader 3,45 J.H.A. 2, 3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 Capt. 35 .lunior Playg Senior Playg Honor Society 3,45 Sec. 49 Paper Staff 3,43 Editor 43 Annual Staff 3,43 Mono- ram Club 1,2,3g Girls' State 33 Marshal 35 glusic Club 3Q4g High School League Scho- las-tic Cont. 2,3, CRated in Biology, 215 Pres. Soph. Class 2g Band Soloist and Majorette 2, 43 Oral Interpretation Contest Winner 3: May com 1,29 Softball 2,a. 12 LEVIS JOHNSON F.F.A. 2 QPres.J 29 Football 3,43 Baseball 4: Monogram Club 2: Pres. Soph. Classg Junior Play KBetween Actslg School Activity Bus Driver. MILDRED MERCER j.H.A. 1,2,3g Dancing 25 Clee Club 1,2,3Q Hobby Club 24 Music 1,2,3. I3 S ll 2, A LUCY JOHNSON Glee Club 3,4g .l.H.A. 1,2,35 Sec. 35 Bi- County J.H.A. Sec. 23 May Court 2g Popularity Queen Contest 25 Paper Staff 2,45 Asst. Business Mgr.g Annual Staff 43 Business Mgr.g Vice Pres. of Dramatics Club 3: Honor Society 3,4g Library Club 2,3,4g Marshal 3g Class Sec. 3,4-. gfmqifi . X A .k., x X SS DAN NEWTON F.F.A. 2,35 Shop 45 Dancing 2,35 Glee Club 3,45 Voice 3,45 First Place in Talent Show 2,35 Band 3,45 Dramatic 3. EVA NORTON J.H.A. 1,2,35 Dancing Club 2,35 Oratorical Contestg Band 25 National Honor Society 45 Paper Staff 45 Feature Editor 4, HAROLD ROGERS Football 3,45 Basketball 45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Clee Club 2,3,43 Monogram 2, 3,45 Annual Staff 49 Junior Playg Senior Play. 14 W X W A V1 i ' I V ,ry FILEANOR SIMS BOBBY WATFORD Band 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3,49 Clee Club Football 1,2,3,4g Co-Capt. 45 Basketball 3,43 3,4-gI,ibrary Club 3,4-:Dramatic Club 3g,I.II.A. Clee Club 2,45 F.F.A. l,2,35 Treas. 1,25 1,2,3,4g Sec. lg Annual Staff 3,45 Photo Ed. Class Treas. 1,2,3,4-5 Dancing Club 2g Live- 43 Paper Staff 3,43 Monogram Club 2: Queen stock Judging Team of F.F.A. 2: .Iunior of Band Carnival 35 Music Club 1,2,3,4g Miss Playg Senior Play. Ili-Miss 45 Junior Playg Senior Play. fqsfgglfww ,y W 'Q' ' :ftfffff'fM'1f:i.f 1 I I x' I I I Q i I A E I I I 5 5 -U5 ' A 74 cf' NUEL WILSON BILLY WATFORD Dancing Club 1: Paper Staff 3,4: F-F-A 2,39 F-F'-A 1,2g Shop 3: State F.F.A. Convention Senior Play. 25 Dancing Club 2,34 Senior Play. I5 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of 1951, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will the following: I, LA JEAN BAHRINEAU, leave my flirtatious manner to Sylvia Brock- inton. I, JEANNETTE BLAKE, bequeath my curls to Patricia Hemingway. I, ERNEST BRITT, leave my knowledge of gridiron strategy to George Wilds. I, SAM CLEMONS, leave everyone wondering how I graduated. I, GERALDINE COKER, will my quiet and obliging ways to Kitty Q. Brooks. I, BILLY COLLIER, leave my position as B.M.O.C. to Hdoggone, there ain't nobody." I, JEANETTE DUNN, leave my typing to Doris Norton. I, CORINE ETHERIDGE, leave my oratorical ability to Etheridge Alford. I, NELL GARRISON, leave my great Q1 knowledge of chemistry to Pete Kinder, who even without it is almost as proficient as I. I, BETTY GLADSON, leave my abundant supply of giggles to Bessie Payne, who needs them. I, EARL GOODWIN, leave my height and nonchalant attitude toward women to Merrill Smith. I, CAROL GREEN, do hereby will my vast store of French knowledge to some unfortunate soul who has been tricked into taking French I. I, LEVIS JOHNSON, leave my position as chief guitarist to Venning Long. I, LUCY JOHNSON, leave my job as "lunch census taker" to Clara Bell Long. I, DAN NEWTON, bequeath my dark, wavy hair, and my crooning tech- nique to Stacy Clardy. I, EVA NORTON, leave m ability to take dictation to Ellaree Gibbs. I, MILDRED MERCER, will my sweet disposition to Barbara Mercer. I, HAROLD ROGERS, leave my speed to Royce Green, Jr. I, JAMES ROQUEMXORE, leave the job of writing next year's will and testament to someone more imaginative and energetic than myself. I, ELEANOR SIMS, leave my talent for getting out of Geometry class to Mar aret Whitley. I, BILIJY WATFORD, do hereby leave my love for English to Glenn Taylor. I, BOBBY WATFORD, will my repertoire of false teeth tricks to Pete Kinder. I, NUEL WILSON, leave the job of upholding dear old Santee's name in Andrews High to Floyd Lambert. .I11ne 1, 1951 James Roquemore Class Lawyer I6 SENIOR SU PERLATIVES BEST ALL-AROUND BOY AND GIRL Billy Collier and Carol Green BEST DRESSED BOY AND GIRL james Roquemore and Jeanette Dunn l7 PROPH ECY June 1, 1971! Twenty years have elapsed since that memorable day in June, 1951 when twenty-three Seniors graduated from dear old Andrews High School. By way of the grapevine and through the town gossips, a report has been kept on all of the unsuspecting graduates. And what interesting things have been re- vealed!!! The report, to date, for all those who make it their business to mind other peoples' business, reads: LA JEAN BARRINEAU, assistant coach for the UOWENS' Basketball Team!!! JEANNETTE BLAKE, still trying to get into the "U BAKA Pl" sorority!!! "BULLDOG" BRITT is now shortstop for the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS and holding the new world's record for stealing bases!!! SAM CLEMONS, Pro. Football . . . Center for WASHINGTON REDSKINS, who are once again National Champs!!! GERALDINE COKER, now MRS. Dan W. and making "hubby" wish he were single again!!! JEANNETTE DUNN, modeling the latest fashions in furs and expensive dresses in New York, London, and Paris!!! CORINE ETHRIDGE, helping Roy J. CNow her "old Man"J run the family grocery store!!! NELL GARRISON and BETTY GLADSON, just waiting for Leap Year!!! Wonder Why???!!! EARL GOODWIN, PRESIDENT of the GEORGETOWN COUNTY BACHELOR'S CLUB and laughing at his old "married" classmates!!! LEVIS JOHNSON was found rocking his youngest to sleep with the newest lullaby, "GO TO SLEEP, LIL DARLIN', YOU'VE CAUSED ENOUGH TROUBLE FOR ONE DAY"!!! LUCY JOHNSON has been promoted to EFFICIENCY EXPERT at the An- drews Department Store. MILDRED MERCER is married to a preacher CYes, she beat Betty's time!! and together the two are trying to convert the savages on "Hobwakkii Island"!!! DAN NEWTON is also happily married and DIRECTOR OF HILLBILLY MUSIC for the ANDREWS BROADCASTING COMPANY!!! EVA NORTON, still sending "Uncle Charlie" hillbilly requests to be played for her and the other two "stooges"!!! HAROLD ROGERS, demonstrating in a fatherly manner, the correct method of assembling model airplanes to an interested six year old!!! JAMES ROQUEMORE, practicing law in New York and trying, at the moment, to bum a nickel for a cup of coffee off DR. WILLIAM N. COLLIER, JR.,prominent pediatrician!!! ELEANOR SIMS, still wondering after all these years WHO sent her that box of candy on St. Valentine's Day, 1951!!! BILLY WATFORD disappeared for a long time, but was finally found working in the PEANUT GALLERY of the LARITZ theater in the little town of LOST CANYON and trying to strike up an acquaintance with a beautiful blonde!!! BOBBY WATFORD, teasing Miss Pearle Floyd, as usual! Or is it "Miss" now!!! NUEL WILSON, still struggling to get out of Santee Swamp on Saturday nights when it rains!!! CAROL GREEN??? Well, it's rumored that she left town shortly after the PROPHECY was published, but the latest report is that she's happily married and just loves telling her 15 children about that last period SENIOR STUDY HALL and the things that DID go on when Mr. Millard wasn't around!!! CLASS PROPHET - CAROL GREEN SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST LOOKING BOY AND GIRL .Iames Roquemore and Jeanette Dunn MOST POPULAR BOY AND GIRL La ,lean Barrineau and Billy Collier 19 HISTORY September in the year 1939 is a month that all of us like to remember. At this time we were truly beginning a new experience. No longer were we to sleep late and play at home all day long, always with "Mother" right there to tell us what to do. Yes, it was a new experience to have to live according to bells, to carry books to and from school, and learn to get along with not just a few play- mates, but with thirty-seven girls and thirty-five boys. This group was divided into two sections - one in Mrs. Richardson's room, and the other with Miss Bailey. How we enjoyed drawing, singing, cutting paper, and learning to read! We were taught to count and even write a little. Our second year was unlike the first, for now we began to have homework to do and were sometimes kept in at recess for misbehavior. We discovered our singing talent when in the fourth grade. Miss Wofford taught us many songs, but our favorite was "Deep in the Heart of Tokyo." When we entered the fifth grade, both sections were combined into one grou which was under the direction of Miss Driggers. There we became familiar witli sticking gum on our noses. This was the punishment we received when we were caught chewing it. This was also the year that Harold bit the teacher's finger. When the next few years passed we found ourselves about to become a part of high school. Though it was only a matter of changing teachers each period, we were very pleased to become members of the Freshman Class. There are some things we shall never forget: Algebra with Mr. Woodbury, which was Sam's favorite - Herbariums in Biology, and French under Miss Polatty - Conjugations, term papers and notes, notes, and more notes for Miss Cox - That quiet, restful Democracy Class with Mr. Seignious - Speed-tests and Work-sheets for Miss Floyd .- State Fair trips - Ninth-grade Puppy-loves - Acting like monkeys at Senior Play practice - Senior girls being at absolute peace and rest last period with no boys around to worry them - Those long, long, dreary hours of Junior Play practice, which finally resulted in a masterpiece fOr so we thoughtll - Those wonderful rainy days during the Junior House Party at Pawley's Island!!! And now we've come to our final ,year and the day of Caps and Gowns is about here. We are all very happy because we have looked forward to this day for twelve long years. But when we glance back into those years, the forth- comin Graduation Day brings a little sadness also because it will probably mark Sie last time we will all be together. We feel that Andrews High School, Mr. Garris, Mr. Millard, and all the teach- ers have done their best in helping mold our futures so that we might all be good citizens. Our class will always remember A.H.S. with many smiles. Bobby Watford Historian 20 SENIOR SU PERLATIVES BEST BOY AND GIRL ATHLETE Billy Collier and La Jean Barrineau WITTIEST BOY AND GIRL Bobby Watford and Eva Norton 21 SENIQR SUPERLATIVES BEST BOY AND GIRL DANCER MOST DEPENDABLE BOY AND GIRL Billy Collier and Carol Green 22 Billy Collier and La Jean Barrineau SENIOR SU PERLATIVES MOST STUDIOUS BOY AND GIRL Billy Collier and Lucy Johnson BOY AND GIRL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED James Roquemore and Lucy Johnson UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT ...... CLARA BELL LONG VICE PRESIDENT ..... RAMSEY GRANT SECRETARY BARBARA ANN BELL TREASURER ......... JOYCE MARTIN 24 W 'V iii, 'U' 'i nf ww . V15 Miss Elizabeth Cox G 3: q '44 '--..-I pv , Etheridge Alford -as Nell Cantrey JU IORS lair, ., Y . KXQ E Miss Evelyn Ayers Q if E E '- Q gf' Barbara Ann Bell Sylvia Brockington Carolyn Bruner A Q LX im my! .lack Coker Brantley Corbin Bobbie Etheridge 25 ,..,,. , U 'Ai,Q Q 6 ..:: e 1 P A ff Q- -1 ',',: E , r 5 A Q ' Juanita Etherid e Elloree Gibbs Ramse Grant Ro ce Green g Y Y Billy Hatcher Pete Kinder 'Hwang 'sw ie" M RQ Q5 .... '- V ':::, :,, .' :, Q 'Q 1 .5 Clara Bell Long Billy McDaniel Joyce Martin Bozie Mercer 26 rf ,, I M '- 'Q 9 so :EA I VZA, ., ql x wk- Buddy Millard Joyce Moulds Warren Newton Doris Norton KST xx if , K X Q S iw I au Y W ll Elbert Hay Martha Ann Smith ' 'gg M Virgie Smith Claudius Schuler Russell Stott Margaret Whitley 27 SCDPHQMORE CLASS First Row.' R. L. Bone, Bertie Maude Blake, Bobby Shuler, Jeamette Floyd, Louise Price, Jimmy Smith. Second Row: Nina Jones, Lorene Duncan, Faye Mixon, Mary Low Mobley, Nan Dee Evans, Joyce Fulton, Dixie Mercer, Irene McDaniel, Peggy Ozburn. Third Row: Barbara Mercer, Ruby Thomas, Clifton Elliott, Ralph Heape, Merrill Smith, Jack Goodwin, Harvey Jenkins, Flo d Lambert, Charles McConnel, Griffin Leland, Wyn- dell Taylor, Ronald Steedley. Fourtz Row: Dennis Main, Howard Mathews, Lee Blakeley, Bobby Marshall, Melvin Benton, George Wildes. 28 FRESHMAN CLASS """"""" L Ak .3 ,X sklsih 3 WWWWM! First Row: Bandell Ro uemore, Stacy Clardy, Howard Wallace, Leona Howard, Margaret McCants, Bell Cooper, Jimmy Dunn, Bobby Thornel, Johnnie Pitts, E. W. Brown, Luther Moulds. Second Row: Jackie Jenkinson, Roberta Evans, Carol White, Ada Mae Eye, Patsy Knight, Roberta Harris, Iva Nell Morris, Joyce Jayroe, Sadie Lou Garrison, Dorothy Roberts, Ludie Lambert, Genelle Ray. Third Row: Jeanette Davis, Patricia Hemingway, lva Jean Gibson, Corine Howard, Juanita Morris, Juanita Yarborough, D. C. Herring, Ralph Blake, Lewis Hardee. Fourth Row: Hilda Smith, Mary Sue Burroughs, Faye Powers, Bormie Norton, Bessie Payne, Robert Langle , Thomas Newton, Buddy Bauer, Reid Saxon, Shirley Powers, Talmas Ethridge. Fifth How: Margie Ha , Nellie Grace Foxworth, Barbara Prosser, Delores Sports, Neomi Swails, Jimmie Taylbr, Simmie Britt, Jackie Powers, Will Grant, William Green, Loyd Morris, Helen Powell, Barbara Powell. Sixth Row: Dan Cumbie, R. D. Cantley, Phifer Payne, J. B. Norton, Eddie Morris. 29 EIGHTH GRADE First Row: Bobby Barrineau, Johnny Newton, Wilson Lambert, Donald Gray, Lareun Elliott, Donald Duncan, Richard Morris, Kitty Q. Brooks, Harriett Coker, Billie Marshall, J. B. Hardee, Charles Price, Dale Ethridge, Becky Casselman, J. B. Price. Second Row: Betty Lambert, Genevieve Ethridge, Dan Ray, T. J. Curtis, Walter Payne, Jack Crawford, Olin Long, Joan Green, Geor ia Mae Bryant, Geraldine Ethridge, Betty Lambert, Evelyn Blake, Vergil Mixon. Third gow: J. W. Burroughs, Chester Arnold, Henry Mercer, Vera Mercer, Georgia Anna Kennedy, James Brandon, Gloria Heape, Peggy Bath, Carolyn Elliott, Livine Richardson, Mary Ann Cooper, Annie Mae Newton. Fourth Row: Furney Rhems, Hilburn Wilder, Ida Mae Hardee, Lorretta Morris, Betty Ann Fulton, Corean Howard, Catherine Thomas, Velma Mae Smith, Mary Louise Ethridge, Paul Hancock. Fifth Row: Joe Leland, Donald Ray, Wyndell Long, Cecil Ethridge, Doward Fulton, Olin Harrington. 30 TH LETICS TEAM CAPTAINS l l w l w 4 4 1 Bobby Watford - Co-Capt. Foothallg ,Ioyce Martin - Co-Capt. Basketballg La ,lean Barrineau - Co-Capt. Basketballg Billy Collier - Co-Capt. Football 8, Capt. Basketball. 31 llilly Collier Q. lxelth Flexschman Coach Co-Capt. Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews FOOTBALL RECORD 7 K ingstree 13 Manning 21 Timmonsville 0 Berkeley 34 Hemingway 7 Lake City 13 Macedonia 13 Bishop England 13 Williston-Pflko Bobby Watford, Co-Capt. 32 ...W-qu :nw mmz ww. H"-'V' """"""'r " M 1 Mill 425, Y R729 ill!! duff! 11' alia' 'mal tl ldiadiwiliftfi 'QZISK pw.- :lil 1 if aims' f v-vwlbwgg 1 zfawibilnmman M, wimwvmln anew. me 'fm Q N NN-Q-ummm! www xiii? I R5 M., am . Hn af fwmla 1'9" in fvn W l'!i vyrrn my in .,.,...-.Mgr-.-.--Q-F 'wane-new .4:,... L-2? 'H+ Siifiliikl .W img N.,Q?'Y I ., t, W in it s . K ' f iii ' ef- YQ X - K 5 NNW '-3 Silt KW we uf. , , , X 1 ' 4 ill f : - l?'., . 4' A 4, - x 4. aff 2-nf , ,L H Q: . .. .., , . t 3 W fmt, ,, .f'4"gg,21.,, if ' V. ,I 1 a-,J , -Z5 M-f.,,.' -- . 'K . . . ajwffxff ' M , '.' . ' .g' v -. 5 4.,f . .f-'f.f""' v i' V ww '14 V I ann + 7 ' vii? X fu- .:"' :Av weft. 'T 2 fiwc-Eiifrwn. hid llarold Rogers, End Billy Collier, Find Sam Clemons, Center Wendel Taylor, Back l.evis Johnson, Back Pete Kinder, Guard Hozie Mercer, Tackle Ernest Britt, Back Bobby Watford, Back Billy Hatcher, Cu Laverne Elliot, T e n 4 xt. vi ew A it...f.iw....,-Q-w.....w-M. .... .i...., i ...Q -ni HPS x ard aclcle Q, ik: ,.,55. Seated: Coach Bauer, A X m w wwww M .1 . Q ,.,1 . M WX Y' I Melvin Benton, Billy Barrineau, Billy Collier, Bobby Watford, Harold Rogers, Keith Fleischman. Standing: Stacy Clardy, Ernest Britt, Johnny Pitts, Buddy Jackie Powers, Royce Green. I '.b.,. ' .. X 15153 1 ""Q 3 v 3? ,B Sgr 5 A Nw 53 ' 'xii r L Q lg Basketball Record Season of 1950-51 Andrews 23 39 Andrews 34 Williamsburg 25 21 39 Johnsonville Andrews Georgetown Andrews 39 Macedonia 36 Andrews 23 Williamsburg 53 Andrews 16 Macedonia 24 Andrews 36 Hemingway 51 Andrews 39 Berkeley 52 Andrews 36 Pleasant Hill 48 Andrews 40 Georgetown 54 Andrews 22 Manning 52 Andrews 46 Hemingway 38 Andrews 42 Johnsonville 53 Andrews 35 Kin stree 65 Andrews 72 Berieley 58 Andrews 35 Manning 48 Andrews 38 Kingstree 42 597 776 District 7 Tournament Cliingstreej Andrews 33 Lake City 39 GEC Tournament fllimmonsvillej Andrews 40 Lamar 33 Andrews 39 Zion 60 'IA 14 Jai Q 4 nv' 5 ,M .. M1 Wit ,. fr Kneeling: 1,11 ,lean llarrineau. Standing: Joyce Martin, Margaret Vllut loy, Carol 1'111iott, .Ioan Green, Patricia liarrinean, Patricia: llemingwav ,leanotte llnvis, Dickie Mercer, lfleanor Sims, Doris Norton, Clari 13011 Long, May Bell Lambert, Carol Green, Bronte- Uarrinean, ,Ieam-tte Dunn llaslcetball 1-lasketball Record - Season of 1950-51 Andrews 57 .lolmsonville Andrews 55 Williamslmrg Andrews 33 Georgetown Andrews 16 lVIacedonia Andrews 44 Williamsburg Andrews 41 Macedonia Andrews 36 Hemingway Andrews 38 Berkeley Andrews 45 Pleasant 11i11 Andrews 54 Georgetown Andrews 18 Manning Andrews 40 Hemingway Andrews 41 .lohnsonville Andrews 20 Kingstree Andrews 31 Berkeley Andrews 31 Manning Andrews 40 Kingstree '1'U'I'Al ,S 640 District 7 Tournament fliingstreel 42 Andrews Lake City Andrews 45 Kingstree Andrews 30 Macedonia GEC Tournament 1Tirnmonsvi11el Andrews 44 Lamar Andrews 40 McCall 35 r-1 Ji 39 26 60 26 66 20 25 21 4-S 20 09 Z5 52 23 29 44 618 24 41 47 17 52 ggnaq :lr ,x Q T . -H5235 is 5? in gi.,w T, ,, was wr at img K 'if Sams-at tw-wi W- 'aviwatir A wg fm we -' - - 112. . :sag-V - V S in aww ww ar In l V lm pm sm 0 5 X' x 43 ew 1 .Q 'W ,F Q xl , W 5" WF 'T A 5 ,P Q X W' 2 :Milli . . ft , mnurrw kv' 'elflllln Q-.. si as 'ilk lb ,sm gli'-Anti 'tl' Seated Wayne Atkins Manager Standmg le L to right Jack Britt, Ernest Britt, Billy Barrlneau Fernie Rhems Merrlll Smith Stacy Clardy Al Boyd. Back Row: Ralph Heape Pete Kinder Billy Collier Harold Rogers Brantley Corbln Wendell Long,Coach Fleischman Baseball Record Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Andrews Kingstree Macedonia Georgetown Manning Berkeley Macedonia Berkeley Kingstree Williamsburg Pleas ant Hill Williamsburg Georgetown Hemingway Hemingway 433.1516 g i CHEERLEADERS f- X gg'-Sw J 1-ft to right: l,:1 ,lean Barrineau, Dickie Mercer, Warren Newton, Ellorec Gibbs, Carol Green. The Andrews lligh Cheerleaders were composed of two seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore who really cheer the Andrews teams to victory all year long, with their spirit on and off the gridiron, the basketball court, and on the baseball diamond. 37 ., is- S x N 'S ACTIVITI E Senior Play - Left to right: Billy Collier, Bobby Watford, Billy Watford, James Roquemore, Earl Goodwin. 38 NNUAL STAFF Seated: Jeanette Dunn, Feature Editorg Elianor Sims, Photo Editorg Billy Collier, Editorg Buddy Millard, Asst. Editorg James Roquemore, Sports Editor. Standing: Miss Elizabeth Cox, Advisory Lucy Johnson, Business Managerg Clara Bell Long, Asst. Business Mana- gerg Carol Green, Art Editorg llarold Rogers, Advertisement Managerg Joyce Martin, Asst. Advertisement Manager. 39 YELLOW JACKET STAFF Seated: Juanita Ethridge, Asst. News Editor, Jeanette Dunn, News Editor, Barbara Bell, Associate Editorg Carol Green, Editor-in-Chief, Bozie Mercer, Circulation Manager, Buddy Millard, Sports Editor, Eleanor Sims, Mimeograph Manager. Standing: Miss Julia Kite, Advisor, Joyce Moulds, Asst. Feature Editor, Nell Garrison, Asst. Circulation Manager, Eva Norton, Feature Editor, Corine Ethridge, Art Editor, Ransey Grant, Asst. Business Managerg Billy Collier, Business Manager. 40 F. F. A. JHA AI "5 ,..., H f 44' J-5 ,W ...M First Row: Nan Dee Evans, James Roquemore, Kirk Lawton, Handel Roquemore, Bonnie Norton, Sara Long, Cynthia Ransom, Sandra Blalceley, Vera Mercer. Second Row: Dan Newton, Louise Price, Billy Collier, Margaret Whitley, Joyce Martin. Third Row: Harrison Elliott flflirectorj, Joan Green, Barbara Prosser, Jenell Ray, Delores Sports, J. W. Bur- roughs, Billy Whitley, Billy Broch, Billy Marshall. Fourth Row: Buddy Millard, Harold Rogers, Talmus Ethridge, Sam Clemons, Patricia Hemingway, Gloria Heape, Roberta Evans, Carol White. f :-1 Iirg '-1i ' ,.... rsfg l ',., .,.rshn-r2 1 J t i The Andrews High Yellow Jacket Band had a very suc- L cessful year making a superior rating of I in district competition and very good rating of III in state competition. The Band gave three very excellent concerts throughout the year under the very able direction of Harrison Elliott. The Band played host to the first South Carolina district band clinic in Andrews this year. 1 fi. 42 Jinf. 5 Pgfifflffl . . viif,12 h ,.,. - my if? ,:: 1 ... '1 1 GLEE CLUB .. Q Q , LJQWJ Q CG- -qr it First Rout: Irene Ncllaniel, Barbara Bell, Eleanor Sims, Sylvia Brockington, Doris Norton, Margaret Whitley, Joyce Martin. Second Row: Clara Bell Long, Nan Dee Evans, Louise Price, Carol Creen, Carolyn Bruner, La Jean Barrineau, Faye Mixon, Lois Kerse Cllircctorj, Third Row: Sam Clemons, Bobby Watford, Harold Rogers, Buddy Millard, Kirk Lawton, Billy Whitley, James Roquemore, Dan Newton, Jimmy Smith, Billy Collier, Warren Newton, Jeanette Dunn. The Andrews lligh Clee Club performed twice during the year. They provided the music for the Christmas and Easter programs which gained many fine compliments. The Glee Club has always been an active club in the High School. 43 in-.M '1'1 Ei 'W Us s if Q Sitges K AEE? Barbara Ann Bell svlvig Brockington Miss Elizabeth Cox Billy Collier Jeanette Dunn HONOR HONOI Juanita Ethridge Nell Garrison Betty Gladson Carol Green 'ZLH J J K- SOCIEl SOCIETY ..,,, V ..,, Hi, Y :yrs Lucy Johnson Clara Bell Long Joyce Martin Buddy Millard , V I ZQ, V Q fivt ff l me mi 4 BOH. Izi 5 ""' it Joyce Moulds Eva Norton James Hoquemore Claudius Shuler Margaret Whitley 44 I I L ,I ,Q ,.., V.. A. .'-fI. I.LlQQ ..fL. 7A. .JL nn Q vi 4 'G X . L,,,.z :JK fxx 1, House Party. 2. Senior ,I.H.A. Initiation. 3. Junior ,I.H.A. Initiation. 4, Dignified Seniors. 5. Ain't he cute girls. 6, Old Pals. 7. Two Points. 8, Brain and Speedster. 46 l duh 1. ls that the best you can do girls? 2. Everybody is so happy these days. 3, Spring fever. 4. Country Boy. 5. Reach, girls. 6. Three's a crowd. 7. Flirts. 8. Miss Polatty teaches Rock a lesson in cooking. 47 ADVERTISEMENTS fl ""' 7 X INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY Compliments of MAYER FUNERAL HOME Phone 41 Georgetown, S. C. OVERTON MANUFACTURING CO. INC. TOBACCO HOGSHEAD MATERIAL AND COAL Phone 57 Andrews, S. C Compliments of BROOKS VENEER P LANT Andrews, S. C. BELL 8: BELL Clifford T. Bell Sr. C. P. A. Clifford T. Bell Jr. Georgetown, S. C. Andrews, S. C. GEORGETOWN COCO-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Hospitality in your hands visas .rx 9... XA R JP' RIVERSIDE OIL C O. INC '9'Amoco Gas 'FA moco Tires 'FA ccessories Phone 120-L Georgetown, S. C. GEORGETOWN LA UNDRY INC. Phone 2476 123 Church St. Georgetown, S. C. Compliments of ANDREWS THEATER Compliments of C. L. FORD Sz SONS Dealer In Ship and Family Groceries -- Building Materials Paints and Oil -- Hardware BEATY, FRASER 8: CO. Since 1865 General Insurance Phone 44 111 Orange St. Georgetown, S. C. BOOSTER PAGE JAMES B. MOORE H. L. SMITH SENATOR JAMES B. MORRISON SYLVAN ROSEN LOFTON'S SHOE SHOP ROSCOE HINSON CLEANERS H. E. EPPS, Chief of Police, Andrews, S.C DUNN'S 5 8: 10 STORE MRS. MABLE EPPS, Candy and Randy Epps T. W. BELLUNE A. J. WALDRONfpu1pwood dealerj ROBERT HARPER, M. D. B. D. COX'S GROCERY MORGAN'S GROCERY JINNIE REE'S HASELDEN' S HARDWARE ECONOMY CLEANERS S. M. HARPER MACK'S 5 8: 10 STERN'S DR. JOHN A. JOSEPH ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE MCGEE WELDING 81 AUTO SERVICE ROBINETTE BROS. GEORGETOWN P HARMACY A Good Drug Store Phone '76 Georgetown, S. C. Compliments of BRUORTON'S FOOD MARKET 'Q fi if Q, f j i eff A ff? Q Q.. .arf gtg.. jr- P 5 4 gf. ' Q.. My 3 2' sf' 's if N 9' . 4 A :aivz--SL ., , ,VW .. H .:::' , ' f' . mf Q x :.,.:g-:, ,.... ,M , .. 5 , f I x I e ' .w. ....,.,. 3, :. ,Q . -- 1 Q, ,Q , .. ,, .-E.. M, hx , - M . Z...-. .1 ., 555:11 QW. - W -. -. ,,.- if - I 'f.., 1'-'fm VT I.,f.s,U f Y P Y M3535 f x ' .X f fe E., PHE-Q ii 4 . i nafk 3 S. is "r In mwgitmx 5 .Wav I Z X z , f, ..... m?Pk,Ti"f3f?5f??, S . Q Q Sw 2 --: L-3. .km ,sw Nw.. .H-::.-Wm Q W W. uw, q my . lk., ia, 'M ,. - 4, af f ix ' 2 . 1 ' gy f.:g'SW1s?M ff' .Q-'fifvfitfsviiifwaaf-1 y . :mp M , . ,: fn , iq yi 4 " f . ,, .j?iW55H.,i.,x 18 I A Q- I 3515 , 5 jim is W. are W ' .135-W j-:':A:i'j' gi.:-: -,gigs -., : .,., Rem : ,.,., - . I ...ff ,. ..,, .. Si-. Mm- 5, V - . ..::. .,..,:M,,, ,,.. ,...,.,b ...,. : b A R551 " W is ef ,sf A aa 2. QW , 1EeE5j':f:?:Er:f-Q- f-9f:"' :ff5iQ:?: ,. fx? ,. ?:,':::?Ei?? 'g -"' l i' A viii- Compliments of MID WAY NURSERY WOOTEN'S 1 We Specialize in Camelias and Men's And Boys' Wear A231935 Phone 523L1 Georgetown, S. C. LOYAL MOTOR COMPANY "Theres' A Ford In Your Future 'FF ord Cars and Trucks C0mP1iment5 of "'Pa.rts, Accessories, Service ANDREWS FURNITURE CO. Phone Z7 Georgetown, S. C. Compliments of NU -IDEA SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY Sumter, S. C. Complete Line Of School Supplies and School Equipment -- Establish ed 1921 GE ORGETOWN AUTO PARTS A Complete Line of Auto Parts Phone 160 Georgetown, S. C . MUTUAL IN GEORGETOWN COUNTY Tops in News, Sports, Music W--G--T--N 1400 KC on Your Dial Compliments of L. H. SIAU, JEWE LER Phone 548L Georgetown, S. MALONEY 'S Jewelers 8: Silversmiths Georgetown, S. C. Compliments of THE CAPITOL Department Store CA NADA DRY BOTTLING CO. Bottlers of Canada Dry Beverages Squeeze In All Flavors Phone 526.1 508 Church St. Georgetown, S. C. I eq If B1sHoP's GROCERY I ....,, .'i x Q5 Eui X xl Q Grade ll-All Meats t t . 3 ' 'li :'Z5 4' W " gi' I I Jamestown, S. C. HEMINGWAY MO TOR COMPANY Your Local Ford Dealer 6's and 8's Test Drive 51 Ford With New Fordomatic D rive ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES CO AND GIFT SHOP Prop. Maxie Hemingway Andrews, S. C. EVANS FEED 8: SEED Purina Chows 8: Garden Seed For Good Chicks See U s --Poultry Equipment 8: Wire For Quality Stop at the Checker GREEN WHOLESALE CO. When Y ou're Green You Grow board Sign In Andrews. '9'Candy Owned 8: Operated By 'FT obacco R. E. Evans "Drugs, T. H. Evans 'FN otions MOORE'S SER VICE STATION "'Oi1s 'Gasoline 4'Sinc1air '9'Goodyear Tires 81 B atteries Phone 110 Main St. Andrews, S. C. SCOGGIN'S WATCH SHOP Andrews, S. C. Watch Rep air s R. A. GREEN ENTERPRISES '9'Green Motor Company 'Green Grocery 'Rosemary Lumber Co. '9'Green Furniture Co. '4'Green Oil Co. City Service Compliments of OZ BURN'S C AFE We Enjoy Serving You Andrews, S. C. Compliments of BLAKELY BROTHERS Auto Parts Jobbers Andrews, S. C. SWINNIE'S Where Ma. Saves Pa's Money Phone 64 Andrews, S. C. PLANTERS HARDWARE 'i'Norge Appliances YR. C. A. Radios Andrews, S. C. FARM EQUIPMENT CO. "'Ford Tractors '9'Dearborn Farm Equipment Phonic 33 Andrews, S. C. OZBURN SERVICE STATION 4'Sinc1air 'FG oodyear Tires '9'Accessories 8: Road Service '9'Tires - Tubes - Batteries '9'Day - Phone 6 '9'Night - Phone 61 Andrews, S. C. R. L. MARING SERVICE STATION "'Gu1fpride Oil 'FT ires 'l'Batteries 'l'Washing 8: Greasing Andrews, S. C. R. B. CLEMO NS 8: SONS WHOLESALE Andrews, S. C. PIGGLY WIGG LY 'Fresh Produce 'FQ uality Meats "'Groceries Phone 34 Andrews, S. C. AMOCO AUTO SERVICE RQWELL 'S HARDWARE W. J. Green General Hardware New 8: Used Parts Farm Equipment Accessories 8: Repairs Andrews, S. C. Andrews, S. C. PEOPLE'S MOTOR SALES CO. A Chevrolet Cars 81 Parts Andrews, S. C. c. J. BROCKINGTON af co., P- F- WHIEHWS INC- Quality Furniture General Insurance Moderately Priced Andrews, S. C' Phone 29 Andrews, S. C HAY ES DRU G STORE Compliments of We Fill Any Doctor's WE STER N AUTO ASSOCIATE Prescription STORE Owner 8: Operator Phone 7 Andrews, S. C. Sheldon S. Wright Compliments of SUPER DRY C LEANERS BODIA NS DEPARTMENT STO RE High In Quality Ge o r getown, Come Clean With Us, We Dye For You Low In Price Andrews, S. C. S' C. C. T. Barrineau, Owner CHIE F PONT IAC CO' Compliments of '4'Cadi11ac vkpontiac W. P. WHEELER'S GROCERY 'FGMC Trucks Earls, S. C. Georgetown, S. C. C ARTER'S INC. 1 PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL l Georgetbvlll, South Carolina "Exclusive But Not Expensive" I 3.::':a?::'?. "il'l':."" , 1iii'--'i11ii--11fK"'111l-1-.1ii i-i1 I I' iiiiiiiiir iiivi I I I i---'iif' iiiillliiiilii ' Phone 12 Georgetown, S. C PALMETTO TIRE at ELECTRIC GEORGETOWN DAIRY COMPANY, INC. PRODU CTS Azalea Ice Cream General Electric 8: Goodyear Products Phone 436J Geor Phone 4Z6L 600 Church Street gletown, 5. C. Georgetown, S. C. THE QUAINT SHOP Flowers For All Occasions Phone 50 Andrews, S. C. Compliments of H 81 S OIL CO. Distributor Esso Products Phone 46 Andrews, S. C. CAROLINA FEED 8: SE ED CO. "Tuxedo Feeds" Your Oldest and Most Reliable Seed and Feed Store. Andrews, S. C, Compliments of BELK- -SCAR BORO COMPANY Georgetown's Largest and Most Modern Department Store. "Where the Thrifty Shop" Georgetown, S. C. .LPf:1?'- :J 2 B 8: P DEPARTMENT STORE "Where the Thrifty Shop" Georgetown, S. C. THE CAROLINA HARDWARE CO. General Hardware Phone 84 Georgetown, S. C. Compliments of DON RICHARDSON Real Estate 8: Insurance Phone 272 Georgetown, S. C. 1797 1951 THE GEORGETOWN TIMES Printers--Publishers Georgetown, S. C. McDU FFIE-MARLOWE FURNITURE COMPANY "Let Us Feather Your Nest With A Little Down" 1207 Front St. Phone 653 Georgetown, S. C. FRONT STREET BOOK 81 GIFT SHOP 'FF ine Engraving "'Visiting Cards "'Wedding Invitations Fine China and Crystal Georgetown, S. C. McCRORY'S 5 8: 10 Georgetown, S. C. Compliments of FOGEL'S DEPART MENT STORE Georgetown's Most P opular Priced Store I Georgetow n, S. C. Compliments of THE NEW STORE Georgetown, S. C. AU RAPH6 Aww EZMWMWW MAL' www 3 api if ' 2 MWVQKZX zifgfifiaam in - 3 ai 73221 wwf 75,2927 'lJ..27M4' GENIORS 1761 A UTO A Pl-I6 CM VW Q1 1.06 ,aww Ng KWH' 35 Qf 54252 2, 8 Q a W Qefifif XSENIQ R5 S. f96'1 Qi

Suggestions in the Andrews High School - Gold and Black Yearbook (Andrews, SC) collection:

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