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-1' V. L ti' T45 . 1 V 5 Q QA " - 5, x ..:, :.x " lf, ov. f o Wfgg: P ,Q vX 5 : -KJ: . gl Q XX - h J . Off XX 'O ' lni D. FLORENCE SCHORY MARWIN SIMON Huntington College E EL, R56-5. fri ERSBLL LBAKEY Ball State Grade 6 Indiana State Grade 1 "'A M+'A' Mathematics f . Latin . S C 41' K I 1 I T X , FRANCES SMITH Manchester College Phys Ed Health Heme Economics 1:!V GERTRUDE GOEBEL Huntington College Grade 3 1: " ,35 PHILIP HYMAN Ball State Phys. Ed. - Shop Coach - Health DORIS Manchester College ' Grade A . t 1 7 T A "1 154.-K I X 'nk '-1 .-dilhih E e E, H I fy I 0 V S L .if fl 4 1 K 'I K . 4 N , 10 X X ff 7, XX 414 I f4l!f XI ?! I , X jf ? X xl J f .f X Q ,A M f S w xx R -1 1, 5 I . X M XX , 'N XX Xbxqxxwixxldij A ,, -' . J. A , L. 5- ,--- . ,W 1 v . '. "' '- A . K , 8 Bin' 'TN'-up inn n" J 5 ur',eP V m --- in '---haul: In lll li Q s 5- 'Q' iffy' X if Y Q 'x K y' K J , f 'R 4 A ee! V 1 : . iifiQiige' . X. w 'Kei Hi? -' , CARL STEPHAN , RUDY DECKER . PP6Sid0nt Vice President Choir A Operetta 2 Baseball 12-3-A Chorus 3-A Baseball A Track 1-2-3-L Variety Show 3-L Track l-2-3 Chorus 2-3-A Variety Show 2-3-A Class Plays 2-3-A Basketball l-2 Class Plays 3-A Basketball l-2-3-A Class President 2-A County Track Record Class iiil Q . JEAN RILEY Plays 3-L Variety Show 2 Booster Club Vico President A Sunshine Society Secretary L Booster Club 1-2-3-A Class Treasurer 3 WCardinal Chirps' Reporter 3 -A .v"'4 ' Q N Q P ft V 2 X J ANIS TULLIS Choir A Cheer Leader 3-L Operetta 2 Class Secretary 2 Band 1-2-3 Sunshine Society A Chorus 1-2-3-A Class Plays 3-A Vice President 3 Variety Shan Queen 3 Booster Club 1-2-3-A Variety Show 1-2-3-h County Winner, Hvoice of Democracy' L WCardinal Chirps' Reporter 3 HW ' P i ,--. A .-m. ' ' gif , I -A.. . --,,- ,, " U A . . -, I .-u....,.. K, .hh 5 '- ull!! llilll I I x -"L " " ' "" ' ' - I II4 we 'E 5 IH X Il I I, P T 1 gf Q em W II :gag , A I g .""' I I 1 5 X :J ' J 4 1 I I I II 'I H . I ,. I! 'I X, 'I I I ss:-I I 3 gi W ,,,.:,N s?igEimb 'L sw, I I-L, K it 5 : 4 3 In CWI qgggfg t Q be g5Qf?5W'3 RICHARD KING ARDEN HANSELMAN A-Hn Secretary Treasurer "3T' Baseball 3 Chorus 2 Class Plays 3-A Track 1 Class Plays 2-3-A Operetta 2 Basketball 1-2-3-L Baseball l-2-3-A , Variety Show 1-2-3-A Band 1-2-3-L Class President 1-3 Vice President 2 Student Manager 1-2-3-L Variety 5h'W 1-2-3-A nCardinal Chirpsn Reporter 3 l I III I II ff 1 I I I I , I II' I I PHYLLIS LAYMON VELMA JEAN GOEBEL II Choir L Cheer Leader 2-3 G. A. A. A Band 1 MI Operetta 2 Class Secretary 3 Chorus 1-2-3-A choir A IU' Chorus 1-2-3-L Variety Show 1-2-3-A Variety Show Queen 2 Operetta 2 W Class Plays 3-L Booster Club 1-2-3-A Cantabile Glen Club 1-2 Class Plays 3-A II Sunshine Society Secretary A Sunshine Society President A 'ky Cantabile Glee Club 1-2 Booster Club President 3 52 nCardinal Chirpau Reporter 3 'Cardinal Chirpsn Editor 3 ' I. 'It I ,, I en I 'I 2 I V' ' ' Ld L ,.. f ' 1 10 ....,+- v r . '- -i C11 3 m-..-1. u U x Q ,, we k , ' x wx 5626 K xx x , wx ' . . l ' N A N A N 1 my HH' A ' '- annum iunnnn"l4'A j dtigaseigfiffb ilf', as ka "" . . he EDGAR KITT IVAN EUGENE McDANIEL Choir A Band l-2-3-A Band l Track 2-3 Operotta 2 Chorus 1-2-3-L' Baseball l Variety Show 2-3-A Track l-2-3-A Baseball l-2-3-L Class Plays 2-3-A Basketball l-2-3-A Class Plays 3-L Solo Contest 1-2-3-A Basketball l-2-3-L Variety Shaw l-2-3-A 1 1 4 F 2, i3?s,:g..14Q lgifflf-M I 'I 'gif J Y avgwsfhe' V as I if . ' V v ,a,. 4 Z an ,4 V fl. fx "3 H . 5 V ' K ' .V a -,nf -': ,LJ I' -nd! :Qu :'. - Q 6,-'sr lllzl f Q ' ' ggi V ' e wif N we 'X RODEHICK GOEBEL WILLIAM YAHNE Class Plays 2-3-A Variety Show 3-A Chorus 3-A Class Plays 3-A Track l-2-3-A Baseball l-2-3-A 5 Variety Sh w 2-3-A Basketball l-2-3-A H! at ,. .fe.'f 2 11 :alumnus llll ,- CLASS HISTORY On September 5, l9hl, twenty-two boys and girls came through the door of our beloved school and found their way to the first grade room where the teacher, Miss Luella Lewis, awaited them. Those little first graders were: James Crull, Arden Hanselman, Richard King, Edgar Kitt, Alan Knight, James Luker, Jack Millman, Ray Shenefield, Carl Stephan, Donald Wright, William Yahne, Sandra Garrison, Irene Haley, Katherine Keefer, Jane Keffer, Helen Laymon, Phyllis Laymon, Ladonna Millican, Dorothy Prilamen, Shirley Steger, Jeans Stephens, and Janis Tullis. All the new adventures and excitement made that first year pass very quickly and we soon were Ubign second graders. We had an enrollment of twenty-five and Miss Ruth Ann Martz was our teacher. That was the year when Huntington Township suffered a terrific loss ----- Roderick Goebel left their school and came to us! In the fall of 19b3 Mrs. Walton taught a third grade of twenty-six pupils. The new member was Nbashful littlen Velma Jean Goebel who moved from Lagro. The next year twenty-four dignified feeling pupils marched up the stairs to the fourth grade room where Mrs. Wade welcomed us. During the year our enroll- ment of twenty-four was increased by Jean Riley who came from Galion, Ohio. We .f. "fy P,-1-,K X .T kia aa-VA, ,., V . V A., ,. A .F"4 L I-' ' ' T-t'.rg.Ti.:':Fg ' - Z " ,' .f - ' ' ' N ' ' ""4"'l-'dll nn an rlii I Soon it was again time for twenty-seven of us to enter the fifth grade. That year part of us were in Mrs. Wade's room and the rest went into Miss Fisher's ' room. The return of Ivan Eugene McDaniel from Roanoke made us all happy. We were once more a united sixth grade class of twenty-five in l9L6 with Miss Fisher as our teacher. The next year as we entered the seventh grade, valentine boxes, recesses, and the School Time broadcasts became only memories and we considered ourselves very Wold and experiencedn. This feeling, however, was soon replaced when we realized our inexperience compared to upper classmen. Time rolled by and we became an eighth grade class of twenty-nine pupils. That year we had a new arrival----dark-eyed Rudy Decker. Qsigh, sigh? Mr. - Borden was our sponsor and we especially remember him as Gran-pappy at Carl's Halloween party. That spring we donned old fashioned attire and presented an operetta entitled HLiving Picturesn. We also had a big time out at Camp Herman where we had a weiner roast. 337i Summer passed and school started once more. This was a great occasion for IU us because we finally had reached the beginning of our high school years. Our I officers for that year were: president, Arden Hanselman, vice president, Bill Yahne, secretary, Dick King, treasurer, Phyllis Laymon. Our first class party ' A was a hayride and a weiner roast in the school yard. Then in the spring we 1. enjoyed a party at Velma Jean Goebel's home. We had twenty-three members in our My class with Mrs. Durnbaugh as our sponsor. If In our sophomore year our studies really made us struggle. Our officers s were: president, Carl Stephan, vice president, Arden Hanselman, secretary, Janis x Tullis, treasurer, Jean Riley. Our first class party was a hayride, and our A second party was at Dick King's where we enjoyed a pot luck supper and then went MY to the drive-in movie. Our class had thinned down to twenty-one and our sponsor 1 was Mr. Hughes. . We entered our junior year with much excitement and high hopes, now we were 4 upper classmenl This year was enlivened by our selling at neon, at the ball games, X ug it P it 'ZI- Sponsored By KITCHEN MAID Andrews X ,, . "S -a':- P' f I 12 remember those long curls that all the other girls eyed with an envious look. g2:f If If I 1- si -ie., ., . . - . .. A " 'V ' 'V -s A - - . . . ' l M'-'--d , - . A ann , an q , ll, A X X g.--' ki CLASS HISTORY Ccontinuedj L4- and our Gaslight Gaities, a bazaar, which we shared with the seniors. And at the e d of the year our most exciting prospect awaited us ----- the Junior-Senior trip - Washington and New York City. At our first junior class party we had an ice cream party at Phyllis Laymon's, and then went to a movie. At the second one we went to Velma Jean Goebel's home. We gave our first play that year entitled nHest Assuredn. Our class consisted of thirteen pupils and our sponsor was Mrs. Burkart. The officers were: president, Arden Hanselmang vice president, Janis Tullisg sec- retary, Phyllis Laymong treasurer, Jean Riley. As a class of lj we made 3l,300. So the years have passed and we find ourselves nearing the end with mixed emotions. After the cast was laid low with a seige of mumps our senior play, nThe Atomic Blonden, was given the 8th and 9th of January in spite of bad weather. We are now planning our variety show. We enjoyed a class party at Velma Jean Goebel's home and saw slides from our Junior-Senior trip. Our class has dwindled to twelve pupils and our sponsors are Mrs. Stookey and Mr. Beitelshees. Soon the time will come when we no more can roam the halls of our'beloved school. Even though we are leaving, part of our hearts will remain, for it is here that we have laid the foundation for our future. We hope you who remain will appreciate and take advant- age of all the opportunities you have. And now as the spirit of good old Andrews High is placed in your hands, we hope you will hold it high---and guard it well. SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of l953, being of sound mind and strong body, do hereby will and bequeath the following: , Carl Stephan wills Bob Reemer his ability to make the girls mad at him. if Velma Jean Goebel wills her original smile and facial expressions to Donna Lassiter. 5 Jean Riley wills her willowy figure to LeRoy Hackworth. fb Richard King wins his sean in history class to Jack Ferrell. ,SQ f Phyllis Laymon wills her calm and collected manner to Sondra Detamore. ajgj, Bill Yahne wills his long shots to Buddy Tullis. Q Janis Tullis wills her ability to differ with classmates to Helen Laymon. ' Roderick Goebel wills his parking place to Larry Oswalt. Richard King wills his desk and tap room combined to LeRoy Hackworth. Arden Hanselman wills his memory to Mr. Beitelshees so he won't forget so many things. Edgar Kitt wills Margie Wallace his loud voice so people can understand her readings. Roderick Goebel wills all of his comic books to Gene McClintick. 1- The senior boys will Mr. Borden a quiet assembly. ' The senior class wills Mrs. Stookey a class that can agree on matters. ," The senior boys will Mrs. Smith a less boisterous home economics class next year. U Jean, Velma Jean, and Phyllis will to Mr. Hyman the basketball boys' training v rules that pertain to mid-week dates. fl Phyllis Laymon and Ike McDaniel will their seats in the assembly to Morris Bitzer l'x and Lou Ann Rudig. f Rudy Decker and Arden Hanselman will Mrs. Leakey two brighter students for advanced A algebra class. Q Carl Stephan wills Jack Ferrell his seat in the assembly so he won't be able to 'Q reach the chalk tray for erasers to thr w. W Janis Tullis wills to Margie Wallace her advice to the lovelorn department. ,fi , . 0 ,,.,,V Spenso ed By BLUE MOON CAFE Andrews ., I W ' .vq I i t 1 ,i x I' lil ' f"1'a-:- ' - . 13 N " 1 um- 4' H- A -- ' ' " awlllnuinilll' il' ' SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY '--' " The scene opens on a large Texas cattle ranch. The year is 1965. The owner i I . , +,i x I x ' ' 'H' I- -museum-as X i I X 3 V, Q.- 4,..i ,,, -4 yt fl 1:1 I T . I Y N 5 , 'X A, Carl Stephan, and his family of three are sitting in their luxurious living room watching television. The variety of acts is getting rather boring until a famous name flashes across the screen and a fanfare is heard that makes the Stephens sit up in their seats. Roderick WGigglesW Goebel, the new Jerry Lewis, is announc- ed with his famous partner, Vernie King. Roderick and Richard King have swept ' , 1 the country with their comedian and drum act. Dick with his drums and Roderick with his comedy have made themselves millionaires. Vernie King, master of the drums, begins to play a stirring drum composition of his o n that literally makes the Stephans sit up in their seats and take notice. "Dick King was an old classmate of youre wasn't he, Carl?" 1- UYes, and quite a character he was. Oh, by the way, I got a letter from Bill I Yahne. He coaches at Andrews now. He said that he lead the Cardinals to victory I in both the county and sectional tourneys for the past five years. He has had two undefeated seasons since he has been there, too. He and his wife are planning to come down next week and spend a few days with us.n Nwonderful, but I have all of those old books and newspapers piled in the -as guest room. You will have to help me move them, Carl.W 'Yes, dear, be there in a minute.' As the Stephane begin to stack papers, Carl runs across a box of newspaper clippings. nLook, dear, here is Phyllis Laymon's wedding picture. She married that rich New York tycoon, you know.W nwhat ever became of Ike, C8Tl?n Nwho? Oh, Ivan Eugene McDaniel. He was the preacher at the Andrews Breth- ern Church the last I heard of him. He is also trustee in Andrews, and does I wonderful mechanical work on the side. Rudy Decker is still in Andrews, too. He X I a married a few years ago. Sent me an invitation, but I couldn't go. That was just when that big oil deal went over and I bought that well. Janis Tullis lives in Huntington now. She has been Mrs. Drake Omstead for quite a number of years. They have eight redhaired boys and one blackhaired girl.N -is Carl puts the clippings aside and begins to browse through some books. Nwell, can you imagine that?W j, Wwhat, dear?' f NListen to this - Arden Hanselman, Hollywood movie lover, divorces fourth I wife. I wonder who he is married to now. And here is Edgar Kitt's picture. It says here that he opens his first show since he came out of the Air Force. He sings at the Metropolitan Opera House in a few weeks. We'll have to go see 4' him. They say that the last time he sang there, so many lady autograph seekers H mibbed him that he had to hire a body guard of twenty policemen. He surely can -M sng" Carl takes some junk away and comes back to find his wife pondering over two clippings. ' nCarl, haven't you mentioned these two names before?W d 'Yes, this one is Jean Riley. Her last art exhibit was a great success. MP She is in Paris now. Velma Jean Goebel is a Powers model now, pretty, too. 1 I surely wish I was back in school with all of those kids again. Those xi were the good old days, but we didn't realize it then. Yes, sir, I left a ' wonderful class when I graduated from Andrews with the class of N53N. s I 1 x X1 K." P J Hn Ur Sponsored By Andrews 14 X ' IX! , I . r" ff ' , mf - ' V Q' -Q., .3 L HO 'Q I 1 Q 'I 4 - ' ll V : 1 I ugh!-ZR 4-, ', M40 f v f Y - K fs 9 O ff' ' ' , A ,ff 'S M-, PQWQN ia X S 3 X 1 C' A Xin- . - he f Q l i 'fjgln Qi' 1 ' . , X' VR -1. Q bl- V Xyi 4-,,x,' 15 ., Q" I Aff Illlllllb v", l-xl . .,1..s -'ii ' - - . .. f. - 'f " --A-..-l':,n::..-Q,,-s,.,':A1, - ' .' I.. ---i- ...-' , f' , 1 X 'I !1 I JUL-Hoa CLASS I Front row: Sondra Detamore, Margie Wallace, Donna Lassiter, Helen Layman, Mrs. Putterbaugh. K second row: Buddy Tullis, Morris Bitzer, Robert Reemer, Gene McClintick, Jack of-w Ferrell, Larry Oswalt, LeRoy Hackworth. CALENDAR Aug. 25 Classes begin. Sept. 17 Chicago trip. f Sept. 2h Senior pictures taken in Fort Wayne. f! Oct. l Beginning of basketball practice. if Nov. 18 Seniors received pictures! Il Dec. 3 Sunshine Society installation and initiation. if Dec. 19 Christmas program. ll Jan. 8-9 Senior Class Play. Feb. 7 Senior chili supper before and after the Chester Center basketball gage? Feb. 2h Tourney tickets went on sale. Feb. 25 Sectional starts. We play the first game with Township. Booster Club If had a special pep session, featuring Mrs. Stookey and Mrs. Smith as g Township yell leaders, plus a free throw contest. We won over Townshipy ----in the sectional. New on to Huntingtonll!! we lost l Feb. 27 Out ef school for sectional tourney. Mar. 2 Senior girls worked on yearbook in evening, rushing to meet dead line. ,f Mar. A Dead line for yearbook met. HA! HA! if Mar. 6 Yearbook off to press!!!! Our band concert. :- Mar. 13 County Music Festival. X Mar. 18 Fish Fry. Mar.26-27 Junior Class Play. H Apr. 18 Alumni Banquet. W Apr. 19 Baccalaureate. NF Apr. 23 County Track Meet. 1 Apr. 25 Commencement. May l End of school!!! x W, rv' Y Y. '94 , i ,r-J' 16 Front row: ' Tmrdrws Second row: Fourth row: SOPHOMOHE CLASS Ann Kellam, Shirley Rittenhouse, Wilma Miller, Sharon Flaugh, Suzanne Percell, Doneta Decker, Mr. Hyman. Patricia Sands, Carolyn Bigelow, Nancy Mathews, Janet Bare, Carolyn Fields, Sharon Sands, Janice Hamman. Barbara Hunnicutt, Carolyn Knable, Barbara Long, Lou Ann Rudig, Shelby Hillman, Donna Smuts, Mary Ann Smart, Lois Dickson. Richard Lynn, Francis Glass, Joe Keffer, Gerald Yentes, Philip Nettlet Ronald Harvey, Michael Garretson, Joe Ferrara. Front row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row: 3 x lm 1 ,.f. 'Xa on FRESH AN CLASS Evelyn Laymon, Mary Jo Wright, Suzette Stouder, Patricia Long, Donna Hallowell, Carol Small. Darlene Utter, Shirley Owen, Shirley Ruppert, Kay Beghtel, Patsy Hackworth, Darlene Ferrell, Anna Mae Crull. David Ruppert, Dave Pearson, Arnold Miller, Philip Fearnow, William Detamore, Mr. Buckner. Alvin Huston, Larry Thorne, Jim Smart, Harold Keefer, Jerry McDaniel, Terry Buckles, Ted Newsome. H 17 V N N S 1? 4 l "5-1 2...-,'. 4.-,':.1 ' ' ' S11 lluihi ll' V 4. , Z...--' WK 'lyi "H 1.x ,.- l 'L - - um-.. -Q- in Q 4 - XX X J ,I I r I L., v r Front row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row: EIGHTH GRADE Mary Pegg, Charlotte Glass, Paula Wilson, Angeline Hammon, Patricia Dickson, Janet Thorne. -- Carol Akers, Judy Stouder, Peggy Watkins, Marcia Reemer, Linda Beghtel, Dqr Saundra McDaniel, Nancy Warfel, Mrs. Smith. Phyllis Brumbaugh, Richard Garrison, Richard Lee Garrison, Thomas Laugle, Samuel Tullis, Lloyd Flaugh, Susan Clements. Robert Rogers, Thomas McDaniel, Robert Burnsworth, Donald Lassiter, Emil Baumgartner, William Foraker, Richard Haley, Larry Maxton, I Jon Kellam. I X B Front row: szvsnn GRADE l R, Carolyn Lynn, Nancy Huston, Carol Garrison, Linda Garretson, Joyce 3 Long, Daleen Rodocker, Jean Ann Beghtel, Virginia Chapman, Norma Q Coldren, Evangeline Hammon. xx Lecond row: Merrllee Sands, Phyllis Garrison, Arretta Hagan, Elnora Schenkel, Q , Marilyn Wallace, Linda Schlemmer, Joyce Wright, Marcia Kessler, w Sharon Dinius, Mr. Borden. N. Inird row: Merle Fryer, Max Kohr, Jan Jellison, Larry Turner, Donald Schlemmer, A Duane Andrew, Lonny Ripplinger, Delbert Fitch, Charles Pearson. T Fourth row: John B geloa, Larry Coldren, Ronald Garrison, Ronald Collins, James wg Johnson, Thomas Rudig, Harold Huston, Donet Forst. 'vi lx .h Q' Yu . "-, A t 1 n ' X. f t!!!HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII l,v4' . I 18 lj' nllllllllllll 51. r J ll X ' ' - safe-sf-. 4 - --. , ,, ,. ',1 lean ,J J ' - J f R X ., J p y I if-""-"" ' SIXTH GRADE Front row: Wendy Fryer, Sharon Pearson, Nancy Stouder, Patsy Beghtel, Shirley Stephan. Second row: Sharry Yeiter, Betty Wright, Sandy VanMeter, Hollis Millman, Maxim Pee, Beverley Turner, Lu Ann Close. Third row: Mr. Simon, Larry Quinn, Dale Gray, Larry Casey, Junior Fearnow, Lyle Laymon, Charles Flaugh, Roger Miller. Fourth row: Philip Bitzer, Jay Dee Rittenhouse, Rhett Ripplinger, Bebob Newsome Harry Springer, Paul Kolb, Philip Reynolds. Q? W: FIFTH GRADE W' Front row: Ruth Pegg, Sandra Fryer, Judy Emely, Jean Krile, Sharon Bickel, Ann Wilson, Sharon Glass, Sandra Thorn. Second row: Mrs. Schilling, Donna Primmer, Karen Millman, Joyce Long, Donna Rodocker, Karin Kelly, Linda Hackworth, Judy Laugle, Pansy Foraker. Third row: Ronald Burnworth, Tom Clements, Lyle Garretson, Larry Byrd, Raymond 3 Quackenbush, Philip Ruppert, James Garrison. Fourth row: Melvin Dinius, Tom Schenkel, Tom Tullis, Earl Wallace, Billy Joe Smith, Arthur Stouffs, Richard Kessler, Kenneth Wright, James Jennings, X Dan Smart. .Av ' WW ,LM X ,ri X 19 -,lfji .--.Q-,,-,.,., , - , . . I ' ' - I.: N ,. - . - ' - ' " ' V Y -'---- 7--na..--av 4.-4. 'L tlllllldlilll il l xi...-nn ' j'I "' I FOURTH GRADE Miss Wall, Billie Lee Swartz, Frances Miller, Sharon Goebel, Pamela Kulb, Jo Ann Kohr, Faith Smith, Lois Nettleton, Glynna Biehl. Second row: Pamela Wilson, Nancy Niblick, Wilma Gray, Carlene Theobold, Donna l'- Everroad, Sue Schenkel, Diann Moore, Sharon McClintick, Diana Turner. ' Third row: Billy Bitzer, David Tester, John Snyder, Clair Lynn, Douglas Chopson, Charles Poe, Mark-Stephan. Fourth row: Ronnie Ruppert, Robert Quackenbush, Steven Fearnou, Tom Bomersback, Hugh Sutton, Terry McDaniel, Ronnie Johnson, Dennis Flaugh, Larry fl Front row: Yeiter. -----...,.... ,.,i.......1.-l. .. .Y V , ..,,,.,,...,,,. . , .,. ....,.r. ,. , . r. .. .,.C,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,x,.,,,,K,w UA 4, 0, ,x fff' H THIRD GRADE Front row: Elaine Goings, Claudia Garretson, Peggy Swartz, Andris Beghtel, Joyce Hollowell, Carol Sue Newsome, Linda Kay Springer, Shirley Glass, Mrs. Goebel. X Second row: James Dillon, Lynn Hiller, Ronald Wright, Camella Fearnow, Linda Sue ll i Smith, Nancy Bammerlin, James Telfer, Randy Laugle. A Third row: John Wayne Chapman, Carl Utter, Janes Long, Alan Haxton, Michael ui Stallings, James Primmer, Steven Speicher, David Smuts, James Miller, ' Carl Turner, Dan Stouffs. ' X' l A N Ng 1 ,l 4 , it 1,1-.7 Z0 X Q I ff X g. . nxylruv A Q ,W - .-igx1L.... , .-, Agatha! LJ- I t - A A i - . 1, . . X ' K ' ' s ' , 3 ' I fer . " I .IIN I I' I Front row: SECOND GRADE. C Cheryl Deiwert, Cynthia Smith, Pamela Chopson, Mary Ann Stouffs, Dian Everroad, Nancy Wilson, Day Walters, Jill Flaugh. Second row: Lindal Krile, Sandra Dinius, Marie Garrison, Helen Wright, Deborah I Third row: Casey, Patricia Bomersback, Ann Bare, Susan Ward, Sheron Turner. James Biehl, Yetive Ruppert, Nelson Pearson, Norman Urschel, Tim Hillman. Fourth row: Mrs. Walton, Michael Stephan, Terry Plasterer, James Beghtel, Terry Front row: Second row: Third row: Fourth row: N I If -r Close, Charles Wallace, Donald Burnworth, Jan Buckles, Michael Griffith. I I I I I I I I II I ,I I I I I I fx I vfx FIRST GRADE , Sheilia K. Harris, Janet Fryer, Judy Flickenger, Barbara Tester, II Teresa Miller, Frances K. Harvey, Zonetta Primmer, Barbara Hamer, fIp Angela Garrison, Linda Oswalt. III Gloria Sue Enley, Suzanne Holding, Patsy Jo Adamson, Cheryl Chopson, 'I Elzada Newsome, Alice Jean Springer, Patricia Bickel, Rebecca Primmer,'g Janice Middleton, Janet Andrew. in Gary L. Biehl, Tommy Burnsworth, Ned Lewis, John Wallace, Larry Hill- y ican, Barry Perry, Tommy Smuts, Robert Harrell, Philip Hyman, Duane W Glass, Everrette Going. I h'HMmm .hx Hrs. Schory, Bob Kohr, Michael France, Steven Eagleson, Ronald Inyart, L David Kellam, Tom Plasterer, Larry Bickel, Andy Joe Sutton, Bob Harvey, 3 Roger Flaugh, Tom Kessler, Cabsentl Lanna Jean Garrison. xii i . D Z1 LI v1VX Our Janitor Emery First 'X 1 I KW r f X EQ 4 x I ff ' I Bus Drivers Kenny Quinn, John Brumbaugh, d Earl Ellet. -N - s I I , 11 xg Cook . . YQ? 'ly 7 ix ll C Cooks Dovota Smith, Prudence Klobz and llartha Dillon. X N IV' YH ' 4 ,- X l,.." ZZ 5 1 X., 1 X A mK" 'A' llilli ll U it N W txxxx W 55' ' 50 Nj 43 ,C 35 ' J 1, ' b ' 1' X V S e 5 1 r I I 1 2 9 g ,fm f 5:1 'IZ111' B 'K 4 sl: gf 2 -ig:-ff., sf: 2 Q2 in S Q2 Q ff g' X Q S r. R f f 1 X Af ' ' XX4 AA , 5 3h ! Ska l P lr Q 2- N1 xg ' nk K f A 1 ff xx If If My ? S-QM 1 1 i ,. -SN YH , X f Q Q 34 W m, H 1 ,V X M R11 AI 05, 4 5? K K T " 4 Xe Q N . X' R fja Q' C o MW 'mcfyw X N xx' 6 5 Lflu- U xy 1 hu -- Z3 L1 ' ' V 1 Klum. .a -.-'I .. In-anaaigggagu-anilllllCiHlllll3 5 ' V I In ,':.ii Ei " BASEBALL 1,- to I ' I Schedule Batting Averages X Name Ave. AB H 7 I August 29 Andrews 2 Roanoke 7 Kitt ---..----. 500 314 17 eptember 2 Andrews 12 Union 0 Ferrara ------ L00 20 3 5 Andrews 9 Bippus 7 Stephan ---- 385 26 10 8 Andrews 6 Clear Creek 3 Smart ------ 333 3 ,, 1 11 Andrews 15 Jefferson 5 Yentes -------- 310 29 9 15 Andrews 3 Lancaster 1 Yahne ------ 08 26 8 18 Andrews 7 Monument City 0 Hanselman ---- 306 36 ll 22 Andrews 7 Warren 13 Tullis -- ----- 286 7 2 25 Andrews 8 Rock Creek 2 Reemer ------ 281 32 9 October 2 Andrews 13 Huntington Twp. 1 'Decker ----- 208 2Lf 5 Ferrell ------- 190 21 h Won 8 Lost 2 Bitzer -- ---- OOO 5 0 Second place in the County Baseball Conference Pearson ----- O00 8 0 Miller ------ O00 1 0 I II X, :II III I I The Andrews Cardinals put together 82 runs and 9A hits while our opponents scored 39 runs and L5 hits. This gave us a season record of 8 wins and 2 losses and second place in the Huntington County Baseball Conference. Our first game we had a couple of bad breaks and Roanoke took advantage of them. Also our 6 errors didn't help any as they only got 3 earned runs. Bill Yahne hurled for us, giving up 10 hits. Arden Hanselman and Bud Tullis each get 2 hits to lead us in hitting. The second game was a lot better as we scored 12 runs and got 11 hits to Union's O runs and 2 hits. Gerald Yentes got the mound assignment from Coach A Hyman and allowed 2 hits. Ed Kitt got 3 hits in A times at bat to lead the way. Our next game with Bippus was a thriller all the way and wasn't decided un- til the last man was out. We jumped off to an early lead on Bob Reemer's home run and with Bill pitching beautiful ball. Then Bippus got to Bill and crept up on us. Yentes then came in to pitch and put out the fire. We scored 2 runs in the 6th inning to pull it out of the fire. We came back home for our next game with Clear Creek and defeated the Bull- dogs 6 to 3 behind Gerald Yentes, who pitched a 5 hit ball game. Once again Ed Kitt pounded out 2 hits in 3 times at the plate for batting honors. We then traveled to Jefferson and had a field day pounding out 15 runs and 12 hits while Bill held them to 7 hits and 5 runs. Gerald took batting honors with 3 hits in 3 times at bat. Our next game with Lancaster was played on a muddy Andrews field but was close all the way. Yahne held them to A hits and Parrott held us to A hits but we got 3 runs to their 1. With rain threatening to pour down any minute we took a 7 to 0 load in the Monument City game. At the end of the first half of the Lth inning the heavens opened up and it began to pour. Just about then everybody was mad because it wasn't much of a game. Most of us had gotten hits and Car1's home run didn't count. when we tried to re-schedule the game it seemed as though we ceuldn't agree on a date. So lonument's coach said if it is alright with you we will call it a finished game. So everything turned out alright anyway. Our game with although it should hits and of course 7 hits off Wilson, w8I'I'6Il W as rained out the first time, but not the second, have been. We committed 19 errors while Bill gave only 5 we were defeated 13 to 7. Carl and Joe Ferrara got A of the their pitcher. Sponsored By BARNEyu5 66 ld . Andrews All! Z4 5 . I I "I I I I 1 I II I IIV I I. It A M " ' ' ' all ll i I ll" - ,BASEBALL Ccontinuedj f - We defeated Rock Creek easily 8 to 2 and Phil Hyman found a new pitching star, Arden Hanselman, who fired a 2 hitter. Joe's triple was the big blow for us. We swamped Huntington Township 13 to l in our final game of the year, but it marred by a mishap when Arnold Miller knocked himself out and broke his nose He ran into the flag pole while chasing a fly ball before the game. Arden Hanselman missed a no-hitter when Barber punched a single into center field in the Sth inning. He then missed a shutout when Ed Kitt let the ball get away from him on a peg which was meant to pick Swain off third base. All in all we had a very good year in baseball although we wish that we had won the championship. ' We shall lose Kitt, Yahne, Hanselman, Stephan, and our speed demon, Rudy Decker, but we'1l be back trying when the season rolls aroun again. Congratulations go to Ed Kitt for his batting championship of 500 and Joe Ferrara for runner up with LOO, also to Bill Yahne, Arden Hanselman, and Gerald Yentes for their fine pitching and to Bob Reemer and Carl Stephan, the 2 home run hitters. W M Congratulations go to Coach Phil Hyman and the whole team for a very success- if gg ful baseball season. ffl ,q' ,, fi ... 3 T07 it T ! ' Yxi it ' , i . -. .. Y, - , V ' CQ, Andrews Spgnggrgd By HOFFMAN OIL ' .,.' ' ' ' ' an .D-,,-f,--. .- r I Z5 1- K1 ,4 ,r ,ALI .-1, , . 'ua , YW- ,,,, ,-,. , ,, , Y, f f f- vimlll--r-rw 1 wf-' K N v . . .. ,A--f--H . .J - .. , ,--41. - , ' Y - ' -N -1-x ' .-. - ,LQ - ' 54 V -I W - M.-0 1' . 1, . QL "Q 2 f m. . ""' V v - 1 JJ " ' JUNIOR HIGH CHEER LEADERS K JUNIOR HIGH TWIRLERS HIGH SCHOOL Chljh LEAEERS Janis Tullis Evelyn Laymon Suzanne Percell A-f ,I I - 7 ,, ll , fl I I I 1 1 Km x M ,XR V, aooama CLUB - M Q D " 'Ak 1 Q, ff ., - ' n 3 ' e Zpxmgg ctufcr mf1z:':g wma Sponsored By MAJESTIC co., INC. :iun!,.n,j..on I U A , H in ton A -'...,u.f.- I , . , 1 ' 26 5 X non nn i n L " X19 ,min nu..-. .. ...T L , . x.-ua his 1 VAQSITY 'J GH K 1 V 1 1 ' .1 I - 3 2 f.:- K "" -.1 74 ---'ff-,T":"E'l1' .gil V -- g We - 1-.....,,,,..,,F15-Www , ' I fu. Qt r kg A - 1: ' G4 V55 G FG FTM FTA PCT PF PTS Yentes 21 118 61 95 6L2 68 297 Yahne 20 111 AA 82 537 75 266 Kitt 18 77 96 180 533 75 250 Stephan 20 59 A6 92 SOO 7b 166 Hanselman 16 21 20 L0 500 Al 62 McDaniel 20 21 19 38 500 2h 61 Bitzer 18 18 7 lk 500 9 A3 Oswalt 11 ll 6 20 300 1A 28 Reemer lb 8 1 10 100 22 17 Smart 9 5 7 16 ALO 30 17 Ferrell 1 1 O O 000 2 2 Ferrara 1 WO O 0 Q00 51 Q TOTAL A50 397 537 523 A35 1207 --5 losses lh wins ------------- ----- County Tourney ----- Andrews 55, Roanoke 67 Sectional ---- Andrews 58, Huntington Twp. 51 x Andrews LL, Huntington H.S. 80 9 x""'nx 45 Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec. Jan Jan Jan Jan Feb Feb. Feb Feb: Feb. . u , Sponsored By GOODRICH' ,,,,,rf'.v' 7:7 r , -Q4 1 S STORE 27' ,341 12 16 23 13 16 0 o 7 11 lb 21 25 5 10 T. . m.we:a..2 . T SCHEDULE WE Lagro T 91 Washington C. T 60 Jefferson T 66 Warren H L2 Union H 56 Lancaster CWD T 60 Union KW, L9 Banque T 52 Jackson CWD T L2 Huntington Twp. H SL Monument C. H A9 Lancaster T 69 County Tourney Rock Creek H 55 H. Catholic T 67 Chester C. H 58 Clear Creek H 57 Roanoke H 5 Bippus H 70 Li Andrews it ...n .Q .-1 OPP 33 L5 55 LO 36 38 72 19 L6 67 L7 58 A9 56 55 56 50 O5 X ' a ,N,. . A 5 4' - -1-4.3.1-5 ' ' Lg!! HIC X f I vw A Q G f . Y... 5545 I 3 30? 55 , . ,TM . F':n'uun"lnnuq""' -Q P,-. lkl Rgyl , Q v- '- SP U5 red BY FRAMK'S HOME STORE Andrgps Z8 , 0 I 'Q 1. 2 .".r: "2 'sv YEA X CMP D800 i , .,i' ii - , i..-r.:m:.A., .A - ' .' , - - -5 ul"' " -- s-nusnauusua-Blllhlidl - . - l li v Q Q ea I -...-..-.. 1' vi PT ' I L I Charter membefq. , County Play-dayf at Huntington Twp. i February 13. I ,....-- 4 X' I f I A ':. mlgfx - I I. , fl HJ X I K w X .HX W nj 29' ,, ,W ,,, AX? ..1J'I1E .Ii.'1,: Halloween paraue, basketball games, P.T.f2.. program, Coumy Liusic QQ I Fesmival, and Spring Concert. ' l Q ,- vt '' L' 'TEE ' 'V' bl'IZLE'gh-M1LI,E'I'! LULlBb.?L CO. 5p.n5.nd By A ROBBINS FUNERAL HOME Hunt,ingt.on Huntington ,Q ' A ' , 'its-.A ' 30 -- .:n1g,., .. . 'H ' ' --.ue.x-q Mundi ' .5 , ann u sin , ' HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHORUS 2' Gi Gee ff 6 off? There are forty-eight members in our mixed chorus this year. The first semester we sang for the December Christmas program. In the second Festival in which we had a chance many new experiences in the music school chorus. P.T.A. meeting and took part in the annual semester we participated in the County Music to sing in a large chorus which brings about world. Mrs. Stookey is the director of our CHOIR H I ,h i ,L . , , , 4 c Q UQ A new organization, the High School Choir, was formed in the music department this year. Sixteen selected voices were chosen from the mixed chorus. This group appeared in a number of special activities throughout the year. They sang several numbers for the December P.T.A. meeting, for the Kitchen Maid Christmas Party, the annual Christmas Carol Sing held in our school, and for the Baccalaureate service. "'n ., .. .,, 5 BETTY'S CAFE Sponsored By LEW'S BARBER SHOP -.. , .- V .- ' ...ML . , l,r-1 31 X Q 1-L ,.,ta x '- 1 X X x ...-Q-f +I 5! 1 I' 1 ff I f ,I f, 1 J i. X E T3 F 1 5 lnlhlill SUNSHINE SOCIETY "' - v - g , -M t W H "fn . ... 1-20,3 ,V--.Q Quik--d-5.-ik , .. - , ' 'Li I 1 L+ . xX Q, F I I A nf li rg J 1 rf I i i X X x N x ' :V A - F1 .. I 3 -1' r 3? I A I, ri' 1 fn X ' ' I 1 The Sunshine Society was organized this year fer the high school girls. g Ihe purpose of this group is to give service above self and to spread sunshine. ' The chapter was installed and all the girls were initiated by the Bippus - society, December b, 1952. 5i7 Al lf' I ffl INSTALLATION ff Il V, I are I W I 2 A RNA . -r ,X 'I Nt F. V P r' ., .U "Q: 'Isa' .1 .1 " J , A .fn ., , - - ..'. '1 -I ' - f' 1 u A , - ' .A I ' Q 3 5p.,,so,-.4 B THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK HUNTINGTON MANUFACTURING C0. Huntington y J t n A Q 'L -N, -L , ,..,a.---'- V' . U . V M F I M N-Z Y vi - '---I..-d.r' -vf.rl"" ' 4' 32 THE SENIOR PLAY Synopsis Bob Nickerson and Skid Werling are co-e ners of an old broken-down summer resort hotel. The boys must pay off a mortgage note in ten days or else! They believe all their troubles are solved when Maisie de Wolfe, the famous novelist, writes that she is coming as a guest. Maisie has been publicized as HThe Atomic Blonden and the boys think she will draw many customers. However, complications arise and, to add to the general hysteria, a Headless Ghost keeps pop- ping up and frightening folks into fits - especial ly the darky servants, Parsy and Oriole. Cast Bob Nickerson -------- ------- Oriole Byrd ----- ---------- - Kitinka Katzenpheifer ------- Skid Werling -------- --- ----- Parsimonius Jackson ----- ----- Deogie Deane -------------- Sylvester Butterfish ------ Mrs. Philo Pratt ---- - ------ Miss Wilella Wylie --- ----- -- Finchley St. John III -- ---- Gurney Maddox ----- ----- ---- Mrs. Adelaide Burkeleigh-Bank Doreen Burkeleigh-Bank ------ Betty Hartford -- ----- - ---- The Headless Ha'nt -- ------- - Director -------------- N !, . Carl Stephan Marjorie Wallace Janis Tullis Arden Hanselman Bill Yahne Dick King Roderick Goebel Edgar Kitt Velma Jean Goebel Eugene McDaniel Rudy Decker Phyllis Laymon Jean Riley Sondra Detamore ????????????? Mrs. Leakey 33 rg if +4 ildffd ,793 'K RQ! QI Q1 llf-Bvxfff 66 Q0 0701 S3 .wgs ' n X 551' ' Q V ' ' ' ' ' 5 r .513 X ,. ,.I.,,eo . . . ' -Q: f," Y ' 5145.-. V., . -" ' " - .- .. . B Y.- X, M fM'4n16'074,.Avaoaz-af UMM! I5 Q38 7D'O F0 '51 'bl"Y90 vP""v'1'R! X-. 0777.22 34 MJ 09700721 U' ' TNX VQXQ fr -3 . fi I TQ V4 X E L f 'J xy' 7 iggxx N SX ,,-X I E wg wi L a .-. W' 1,-ff xk 35 1- K1 ,4 ,r ,ALI .-1, , . 'ua Y' .. 1,315 fy I , - ,lv IWW Q9 Af fy'v"' -,bfi S f'5'7fJ'31Zf5Z '-ll ' u 1 5 N. I V Y I . ff 4 5 V ,rf zi,'giA 75 .. ' ffifg' 9 f I 1 -, 's, 1 " 1 I ' 9' , .fA.'C'l?i '?ffp g945'si'5? ' wwf 21, f r ,g G In v 45.14124 . '33 Av ,I I, Q -A Keir '- "J . ' 'A , v I 'I . DU .14 Nam ,. . ""-u. X X, X wx . ' l,. . 36 "ilu- rn: WEE N0 -1.1, ,,, x.. I Q fig E BA I FT ' . ff? Q Xw,,,aRx ws- ? t figs gi' NN 4-W wi ! ,hi hu Z. 37 N f , n f' K ' ""51'1 f -110 ax-e-.L4Lgu'alnnanuiuhninuuii' f x ' f - e T K -V X f ur f l9hl , What a change! 5 -, 1 Q, H -'1 VV y if il V 1953 Class Flower ---------------- Yellow Rose Class Color ----- Silver and Peacock Blue K Class Motto When the one great Scorer comes To write against your name, N He writes not if you won or lost, lk But how you played the game. H 0 A 1 xx xY xi 5' K I ,A,l1i 38 .f f' 4 4 I I 1 X W 1 me X rx ,. n , - K ""'a"'1f"-'f A- 4.--2 1mu.n.-.i a'....m....L:.a illlllni' inns' ' Y ' X I MRL C. W 5 -, 4 I f KX Q f at 69 PPV FW f w wx f i?4, gwiA9 ' f Q 15,1-Rf ,ff in ' 224 X P 1 I' L Qi '63 K f X 9 i 'HRM ij - N ' ,.,,,u..1f X ,Fix J I I X ', W J' if .4 1 Q T fs ?l 1 CD8 'ga XV , N if is Q 5. 0 ,W w-K!-vi. ' Arnold Afllyfer V 66 j 62,676 E , QJDJXS 5016 Percelf ' I4 -'llfxl f N J'--'fist X 9 fp SI' .- f N Jr- If S r' 2 if A q 9 ' I' . ' ' 'L 'J Q Q6 Trip Y... J ljxllf 3- f fx! A XXJ 'Z I f 134 ' ff L, W F f 1 xx' 'Q -ff ! QQ Q ' x 16' X aussi 1 . Q., Z j Pi A 3 4 U? fn J' 'Ko hyq 2 I 4 f N 47' 4 ! VF You NSAP-U ' A' fm, ww! FN' v' some Suph. Glfls A7 A ,A L X jt A '7 j'V!F54Xf ' "-Sw . 'T Shiner ig 3 W O sl: I V, Eli, X3 Guess Who? W,NW g 3 9 f ' CX X 1 9' ' 5 ii J? Gif 12 gb 2 , ' ' -' A kt 5 u B f :D 5 N ,B H Q- 1 X 0 b - V eftelsmes dm J I K 3 BW-y .. A . v Af .UI , QQKNO at ' all ne' Z ' I Y V" 721 'gf ig - X M"5- pufferbauqh Jfo My , ' '5 " " in 1 A, A ,Q A 'lx 1 j dbflds LQ'-'. O' 45 R 0 nn Keuflm Y xf I , 1 c 1 Q V435 SX r X , 'ew NK A me 3 Q, 1, Qsfh A wg 41" Borden t Q f lf ' V ci ,. , " ' I 1 gcikfbggb Phqlxas Ike 'M6,,4..1 X ' no ,.. 0,4 I . ' ' W4 f XA Phan' 5 EQJXY' , ' gf gggkfon I 2' tj lik Kin!!! gh ,Io rp 5 ko g 4, my ' In T"4'Tanes ' ,Fits C ' , N ' ' ' Su-3 if 2 5 I Y . J' . s , J -4 may 'Q "" eq""' aaurwb .56 M ' QI 7' MW Q L.JAnY-Qdfe R"""N 'f' M-fn 4: gf H!-A fi ' i n 3? f X Rmefack Uri Q '52, ' s I 1 N gs I w ' fl ,bp h 'H' ,X - .JI 4 9,0 ' Q S lv I I nie.-1 37 3.K3.oXky'Q, XY x fwwhx U ' V 0' ' M . Eden' mu Q YW Wan ' H ,, T, 39 41 it . 'V K- Lb-L, WALSWORTH 1..u-oqf.,-,r..4 A sauna by wnnswon-rn anon-ness u..f.u...,n. u s :L ' ..,,,.. 41 I 5 x .,,. I ff? , I 1 41, '77 3 3 . 1 X 9" -- 5 M ,...,.L ..v+ .,. , fo-'-f -I I ,., I J -. M Y THANK YOU! Because of you, our sponsors and patrons, ne have our 1952 53 yearboon Because of you, we can engoy through the years this plcture story of our hlgh school years Because of you, we have a yearbook that will often bring happiness to the students of our school and to the parents and friends who can enjoy with them the memorles portrayed on these pages. To you, our spon- sors and patrons, we are truly grateful. PATRONS CHUCK BREEDING ANDREWS ELEVATOR WASMOUTH LUMBER SUPPLY CO. UTAH RADIO CORPORATION BAILEY MORTUARY THE CHARL S RESTAURANT ' SMITH'S FURNITURE CO. RAKERS DU PRIEST JEWELRY STORE D. MARX Q SON THE TACKLE BOX WISSEL'S CLOTHING STORE YOUNG'S FURNITURE THE JEWEL SHOP YOUNG'S NUT SHOP 42 ANDREWS ANDREWS ANDREWS HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON HUNTINGTON I I I . 9 73141 X ' -I I , S I :D F i 2 I - r I F 'Q I I- ' A I F I I I I . I I ' I I I ll ' I A I I I F ' K I T. l . I r. li, x, X ll U I . , ill! lr I . f I MM I I xr Q x I u I J Q. .I 1 CARDI NAL ECHOES N DREWS HIGH 1 3,-i-'Fw Kp 1 J ' F- ,as- " 1,5 ,.,- Q22 f' A-'fffm' Cfifffffwffelxfsf SCHOOL A'-if' ,v fr .':,?j7' 'L J 4? P F 'L ,C':, If-fx-ffffi Be JI gf' , -1 ,-Q . Mf- w 5: Qin. f ' 4 I4 r 'O M 1 1 x uv-vu I , X ,, AA p-.- A ' DOC -'Z 'L- , -QV Q, . F' m. 'FF il V 5" Wi wif .4-v, 5 V -. -- naman in Ill ' ff" ., . Q,-a , XX . - . . . ' 51" 4.5--an :annum 3 - U 1 ff 1. f , r If .f W, J 1 I Q high school year, who have lived it. VEIIJU1 JEAN GOEBEL The "Cardinal Echoes" staff has endeavored to present on the pages which fel- law a record of the friendships, of the play, and of the work which make up a in the hope that the memories of it will never be lest to you STAFF - Art Editor RICHARD KING .....- Photographer RODLHICK GOEBEL --- LUJAEL KITT --.- ---- A sst. Photographer i'H'!LLI3 LAYMON ---- Activities 'HILL' All YAHNE --- Asst Activities Vu., STOOKEY Asst. Business Mgr. JANIS TULLIS ....... IVAN LicDANIEL ...... HUDY DECKER -------- JEAN RILEY ---..--.. ARDEN HANSELMAN CARL STEPHAN sponsor Editor Asst. Sports Asst. Editor Asst. Art Sports Business Manager L 1 S k l 1 I 4 1 xnxx -x 4 ,, ... , .....-...- Y H - , - . ,, ri , .---..-" ' I 'A i 'hm' , .n . ' " - 1. , . , . . V A ' A ' Us I f I I X fQl2fcZ4Afa,JZ ffm? .xl,' 34 ' -. 'x f ,Q in :fq gs -, , , I' ,+R E f W qi w-.f Q' if "' ' 3 Q- ' K A . ,vs L :T -f--HY E ,U U W f ddM7Q , 3 V if , ..:, k X ' , - I . . . ....---.- -,,..- ann mnqinlll w if n T , 4 H X 3 , sn 3 fp- Q wg ru? ,X ' ' Q MR. HAROLD SMITH A ff County Superintendent an-fi? 41,4 I' nl 1-if' ' ., - V ,-,4 , L I iFs+WWLwY , is 2, W na n Wk-3 j un. IVAN MCDANIEL n Trustee vi- L -,. , .A ,V .-.', Q! Ik ' f 4 I A vi f ,I :gi KI' y W ADVISORY BOARD Left to right: James Johnson, Homer Bitzer, Carl Fitch, Ivan McDaniel. X I W . .V 1 L HL n 4

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