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x K - km..-f vv,,.,., .....f--'f .q ,K I ,,.... .I-. ...f-4""7"' rs' iw- 1 .ia v- , Z BAP ..'lAk.,-5,4 'ul' 4: I L. v.+?wv-i. I ' -, ., vm.-5 3 ,A -A. ' AP , f .H lfv-qw MU., .I ,Q ' :tif A' yiqmb. , F 'Tn-" ' iv. - .fra"'6A'-'bf7ggnu- V ' N ffff'-r- ..l..:f fl - " " ,fp-4 W--ve -'tf'N'v-1 " ' " W . 3? I X ""' - - - - ' 1. . -. . ' . 7 'WH "3 "i""x' ' ,,s ., . - 'f9"" -ff' il av -Q '75 ' .xfmn ""Q".7f" L 9 3+ '1."'. 'V , .' NV" .., - A h 1 ' - A g ,H ' ' ' 'V -, f' of 0'1" 'Cyl I I .' :W x b, H. H' A , 0 ..?,.6z-'Y ' 'lx 50 3 1 ,M , It ' 1 f-g,q,'v .L :Y "' ,. , -, Kg. .3 .gg H 1. ,f 'tl .:,- .sq f -n L ' ' . ' - N 'A' ' A ' fg.,w. 5213. " 9ff',,'f if- - . ' ' hrs T . ,IIJ wi .A - , ,V 1.7 ia 5 ,. nl -...xi v i 8.1 ,V :A sg A A-il: ' 4' n , 'P , . 'v gf' "' .." 1'ks-4AgQ.- fa' ,ju ' ' -. 4 I, IV' 1 - 1 w ' ' 4 QQ, V 1 ZIV ug' Y . . -.H 1' -I sg' N h t K A A V ,Q-,fix-r it i t Q-yAr,,',.vP ,K 4 - S., 1 4-'ffm ,,Q,1.V I X. .h it , 5,15 , 4, . , vt, -, E , , , , - ' . 1 . I ' I , ,f , 4 A . A . s , H -.-n, ,e- f, r....- Mn' , V ', y :dw 5. X ' 'QR 'iv - A .R - 'KN' ' ' . -t ' -.NLT , -4, Q. . ' .- ' l K, 1 Qi " 1 , , J ,. 1 'Q , V - . , R , '3 V., ,Q , . O, ,', , ' il-. 1 f. 595' I u, .Nu Q .ir 8,2 .KJ s - Q 1'.' . .. A ' ' ' - ' - . ' . Y ' ' v U- -" ' ' s . . f..-me +V . . --+ hm, . -. 'il . qw- ' -'E - -' 'NV' X xfn, ' CLICUE x 'tiff fqiwgg I ' ' 4 'Vx L.iCLl f ANDREW'WARDEQHKHISCHOOL FAHHHELD,CONNECTKHfF 1958 l With the coming of the Atomic Age, the world has progressed remarkably. In the coming years it will continue to progress to unimaginable vistas. Our generation will see the culmination of two thousand years of scientific study by man. It is up to us to contribute further developments to this boundless and measureless scientific field and at the same time to maintain peace and unity. How can this be done? It can be done by educating the people upon whom the fate of the country depends. There is truly a world to be born under our footsteps. - 5 X your work is invaluable though cfien unseen ie eti- your ability to keep thiurls runuiug smooth ly is ouisiancling QI-iv During Uwe past four yea1'5 you have heiped use become aware cf the greaf world that can be born under our foofofeps Ms:- We cfeciufafe H156 Flame to you Uur own M11 Hits i 1 N E 1 5 1 3 3 i 2 2 Q 2 2 E E . ' P ' 2, , 2 X Y f s I , 1 Table of Qmtenis seniors 7 faculty '17 undorolassmon 61 sports 91 activities '17 honor' societies 1 U spooialfeatures 127 patrons Q35 .f"'f,! X f""V,,:l1b'7'z. g ,,uT57'?hLaxN V A -- ,, Jr, "" " . a Nei' ,XX if-nl V 4'-wflig - I -1375' "Y-- " fra' "'5 Q - . vw., 1.1 If v - V, .X Q- 'nb Q. 6 iercfay ' -- Fnmorrouv todayis dream 1 ,4 ' . f' ' U ' .N . ,, I 'flflyg A ' . ., x -f H-. - - -Q" f ' - A uw L ' R.-A ' K Pd, I :X X' 1 K ' M ' ' :tn I -NNW ff, Q1 V" A X fp' -20.1 'L .I 'Q-.ju,, p 'H Qt -' N. I 'P kg fy! W. Kew s pw' ' ,v x i 5.15 Lu Y. 5 . Xi. , "ws N. viv' P.C CLASS HI TGRY Anxious to commence our journey in Sep- tember, 1954, we piled into our respective autos and began the long drive toward our destination, graduation. We were cognizant of our under- taking, but not of the pitfalls and new experi- ences that would befall us. Before we started on this unforgettable trip, we had to map out our course of study and our activities, keeping in mind our objective - that of reaching our goal with as much benefit to us as possible. Our journey was an important one as it would mould our characters, establish our ideals, form our acquaintances, and build a firm foundation for any future ventures. Leadership is vital to any group expedition, and we found capable "driv- ers" in our Freshman year with Dottie Clark as our President, jim Snyder as Vice President, Sue MacQuarrie, Secretary, and Steve Tower, Treasurer. In order to have a successful trip and to enrich our journey, we stopped along the crowded roadside to stretch our weary muscles and to indulge in extra-curricular activities, such as the Freshman Get Acquainted Dance, the Fathers' Club Show and the Freshman Class Plays. In the latter, Kathy Garrity, Gershon Horowitz, Maureen Moore, Timothy Burr and Dorothy Ridley portrayed the main characters. As we rode on, we gazed out the windows and spied many billboards displaying pictures of groups in our high school, i.e. Citizens, Educa- tion Project, Student Council, Swimming Club, Tennis Club, and various sports such as track, soccer, golf, and football. Although these activi- ties were time consuming they were the "side roads" which enrich the journeys of all high school travellers. Having successfully completed the first leg of our journey, we drove into our Sophomore year with eyes shining, heads held high, and a more mature attitude towards our trip. After a few months of travel, we soon discovered that the main road we had been pursuing was di- vided, and our expedition was to be split into two groups. Some of us would be following Andrew Warde Avenue, while the other half would proceed up another road named Roger Ludlowe. Both routes would eventually termi- nate at the same place. We all knew it was inevitable that we divide, and it was essential to strive for a smooth trip, with all voyagers working together to form one basic unit. The leaders of our second stage were James Snyder, President, Virginia Judd, Vice President, Pat Peck, Secretary, and Maureen Moore, Treasurer. Our other governing body, the Student Council, led us wisely through many trafhc jams. This council was headed by Steve Tower, President, Pete Rainey, Vice President, Dave Clark, Corre- sponding Secretary, and Gay Greenhalgh, Re- cording Secretary. This was the year of the Sweetheart Swing, sponsored by our class. Marsha Aker was chosen to be our representa- tive to the Queen's Court. We will never forget the Silver jubilee Fathers' Club Show, with many of the voyagers participating, or the Soph- omore Play, "A Sign Unto You", with Adele Krantz, Ray Avery, Connie Gminski, James Neumarker and Ann Appicello. Along the road we managed to stop for awhile to have "passport pictures" taken. These were for ofiice and personal use. With the coming of june and exams, we had to face the fact that now many of our friends would be travelling along a different route. In two more years, we would finally meet in one spot, having attained our ultimate goal. As we parted, we wished everyone the best of luck and sincerely hoped we would see them often as we drove on. The third stage of our travels was confused, hectic and a challenge to all concerned. Entering a new road, separated from many of our friends, and introduced to the House plan, we managed to adjust to the new experiences that confronted us. It was exciting to drive along roads not yet completed and dodge road builders and con- struction workers diligently working to finish the task assigned them. The road was extremely new, and we had to proceed with caution as many ditches and detours were there to mislead us. We were in dire need of good "map readers" to keep the class on the right path. We chose to be directed by Mike Hayes, President, Lenny Sohlberg, Vice President, Angie Venzulli, Sec- retary, and Robin Scofield, Treasurer. Many of our voyagers were honored by being chosen to participate in Quill and Scroll, Modern Music Masters or National Honor Society. Our class representative to the State Choir was jerry Stern, and to A11 State Band and Orchestra, Esther Molnar and Clare Takacs Crespectivelyj. The Komian Play, "You Can't Take It With You", and the Thespian production, "Our Town", were enriched by the acting of some of the students in our junior Class. Our year was highlighted by the prom, "Heaven On Earth", and a new idea was initiated, "After the Prom-it was Do- nat's". Many of the travellers preformed in the Fathers' Club Show-"A House Divided". Though the route often became diiiicult, and stop signs and detours forced us to abandon the road once or twice, we enjoyed the year and profited by many of our unique ventures. One of the main objectives in this stage of our journey was to secure sufficient funds to spon- sor a foreign exchange student to travel along our road of study. Our school council sponsored many activities to raise the necessary money for this project. We participated in the exercises for the graduating seniors who had reached their goal and had traveled along the same road we had been travelling. Some of us appeared in the Daisy Chain and as ushers. As we finish the final phase of travel we need more than a written explanation of what has occured during the year. Therefore, members of our class and teachers have compiled an excel- lent travelogue of our last year. fm J. r Z 1 .911 1 was I Y 5 ff fl Q. ff r pl cj? K T I . - W! -ly 4 -twll l a C, -S cf-Hifi mpg W Z 'fax FRIENDLIEST jinny Judd Lenny Sohlberg W f! I X A WYWBQ' 1541? I if-,Ir as . 4 1 , . . 4, E v - In 1 6 , ff. 4 V Q, .1 . f rf3"F"'!": 'Eff ' N X ' 2. X 'LQ f?l X X If .I ' -I ,-'-f.: I'-,517 ,- lr,-QQ I I , 13.13, is ,elif -T, 'P M41 f, 2 gpii-,n'g: 11. .k : - ' y y- ,,'qa:-, . , ig 1-. . -5,-'.f'. , Us-f. :. .n' " 'I CLASS HAPPY-GO-LUCKY Mike Hayes Robin Ferming ,v I I ix 9 ,. GV :V Av 52 e 'X BEST LOOKING Frank Jimmie Barbara Romano I' MOST SOPHISTICATED Chris Laurie Susie Ribner Steve Tower CHARACTERISTICS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED fl 'U 6 Steve T yr . , Jirmy Judd , I I I 1 1 if I ' S :Gaia 9 , Xj ,fe l ' , BEST MUSICIANS A1 Bivens Clare Takacs A CHANGED MOST SINCE FRESHMAN YEAR My P H ll '1 If I ' S- M k H I , X XY S Q Y K 'jill X 1 QA -J K ... -- VN '? . . ' I ' f f Y . A - 5. Y AV X 6 , 7 --,ff -' ! ' S 1 gf 4 I 1 -1 I i I X if K xx Izwmm ww. Y 'QM WNN, I K ,Aj A LAX Z C ji I X X ll Q xx X S S ww Q -4 I Jwvm 'Z A S I 4' f irftgx ,I wk , X f' W Jfllqqu. I mix X ,NWN BEST ALL ROUND I h Ji Jdd K h Y .. N -lhlenx 'C -W xmmvimm Il CLASS QUIETEST MOST INTELLIGENT Ruth Stokes 7 Connie Gminski john Binkiwitz ' Gus Horowitz Lrxk X 1 b y ' x .vfk I - ., Xl S. X ,,,... 1 ww-W ACTOR AND ACTRESS Ray Avery Connie Gminski WOMAN AND MAN HATER M I Xi X. Gerry Tougas Susie Ribner A 4, CLASS CUT-UPS Marie Medvegy Rick Gleacher CLASS BLUSHERS Suzie Zatka John Vincze 1 f nk 4 xr-" ,Y X f H CLASS FLIRTS Harriet Barske John Vincze BEST DRESSED Steve Tower Jan Kaplan s fn 'C jf , -AY C Y MV - ' -fl -,a-7591. , ' ' . I, V , f :l t liv 4 " 1"- :WE X Q jf KX f QL W ,f 1- 1, MW M ww-2e?? Y f 4a-,V 4524 Q -5. if . 1,1,-hz... "ffl ,.-Fl.'- L ., ,, A '-'45 txffgh 3 ,3 25114, . Z EJ' ,aw :-f1. ,4:y Q T C, an T ' if mia : .fe 1. J F1ff'Sa,?3 3 f 'igfff ,Jr 4 14123 , u. 1 j,,, v,y. '.. ,,.q-v W 1 ' E4 6 Q 'F L- ,, 1 X 5 DONE MOST FOR WARDE .:.--'4iL ---- A f ,...- Jimmy Judd 1,.4 I N Lenny Sohlberg iQ im' , .Q N4 '-'5 . ,ra , - , r w'g5iii7g5:m9'SQ51v 'RI - -TU .. A .. , .fz -7l4f'flT5bgg' f--- , :YL -W:m " ' M 'ee X W' ,Z MOST ATHLETIC Jack Memes Nancy Clarke JACK ALLMAN "An unassuming boy, a lad of good reputef' Activities: Science Club 1, 25 Stage Crew 5. Sports: J. V. - Football lg Varsity - Football lg Intramural - Baseball 2. RAY AVERY "Acting is a part of one's blood." Honor Societies: Thespians. Activities: Cadet Choir 1, 2g Komians 3, 4g Theatre Club 45 Fathers' Club Show 1, 25 Sophomore Dramatics 2. , . ROBERT ANDERSON "Boys like him are rarely found - a leader, a friend, and an athlete." MARLENE ALPERT 'The twinkle in ber eyes betokens mischief." Activities: Crimson Crier 3: House Coun- Activities: Usher's Guild 2g Weekly cil 3, 4g Father's Club Show 3g Bowling Newspaper 25 F.T.A. 3g Pep Club 3. Sports: Intramural - Tennis 2g Bad- 9-lub 3? Wufde Weekly 5- minton 3. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 3g J. V. - Fotball 1, 2g Basketball 2g Base- ball 2g Varsity -- Football 3, 4. MARILYN ANNE BANKS NANCY BAKUNAS "The way to have a friend is to be one." "And the lady shall speak Activities: Ice Skating Club 3. bg' mind free y Activities: F.T.A. 14 I-IARRIET BARSKE "Lively, mischievous and a spice of rnirthf too." Honor Society: M.M.M. Activities: C.E.P. 15 Ushers Guild 15 Spring Concert 1, 25 Fathers' Club Show 15 Pep Club 25 Tennis Club 25 Fox Ap- prentice 25 Freshman Dance 15 Pep Club 35 Junior Prom Committee 35 Assembly Committee 35 Concert Choir 35 Yearbook Committee 4. JOHN BINKIWITZ "lt's the qaietest people who accomplish the most." Activities: Cadet Choir 1, 25 Concert 3, 45 Red Cross Representative 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 F.T.A. Sports: Intramural - Baseball 1, 2, 35 J. V. - Football 25 Varsity - Football 3. DAVID BAUDOUIN "As free as a leaf in the breeze." ALAN BIVENS "He shall make music wherever he goes." Activities: Band 1, 45 All-State 1, 45 Red Cross 1, 35 Crimson Crier 3, 45 House Council 3, 45 Fathers' Club Show 1, 3, 4. Sports: Soccer 3. 'I5 LINDA BERGEN "A good nature, firm and constant - never failing." Activities: F.T.A. 1 45 Usher's Guild 15 Tennis Club 25 Dramatics Club 25 Warde Weekly 35 Pep Club 3, 45 Yearbook Committee 35 Komians 35 Student Ex- change Commission 3: Library Club 3, 45 Committee Chairman-Yearbook 4. MARY BLAIS "The jay of youth and health her face displays." Activities: F.T.A. 1, 45 Dramatics Club 15 Girl's Glee Club 45 Fathers' Club Show 3, 45 Choir 2, 4. Sports: Intramural -'Badminton 3. PATRICIA BODIE "Efficiency personified." Activities: Library Aide 2, 45 Warde Weekly Staff 3, 45 Daisy Chain 35 Junior Red Cross 45 Canteen Committee 45 Theater Club 45 Pep Club 4. Sports: Intramural -- Baseball 3, 4. DIANE BREWSTER "A double blessing . . ." Activities: F.N.A. 1, 45 Pep Club 2, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Publicity Committee 35 Homemaking Club 3, 45 G.A.A. 2, 45 Dance Committee 45 Social Committee 4. Sports: Varsity - Basketball Manager5 Intramurals - Hockey 1-4, Baseball 1, 25 Basketball 1-4, Volleyball 1-4, Bad- minton 3, 4. JAMES BORONA "He who thinks for himself is a free man." Honor Societies: Quill and Scroll. Activities: Choir 15 Chess Club 15 C.A.T. Council 35 Crimson Crier 3, 4. Sports: J. V. Football 1, 25 Intramural - Baseball 1. DOROTHY BREWSTER ". . . is a double joy." Activities: F.N.A 1, 45 Vice-President 45 Pep Club 3, 45 G.A.A. 3, 45 Library Aid 15 Home Economics Club 3, 45 Prom Committee 3. Sports: Intramural Baseball 1, 45 Basket- ball I, 45 Volleyball 1, 45 Hockey 1, 45 Badminton 3, 4. 'I6 CLAIRE BRENIN Gentle in manner but vigorous in deed Activities CEP 1 FNA I 4 FTA 2 Pep Club 3 Horseback Riding Club 2 Stage Crew 4 Dancing Club 4 Sports Intramural Hockey 2 JANICE BROWN "Friendly, sincere, and reliable, although quiet in her way." Activities: F.N.A. 2-4, Secretary 3, President 45 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 3, 4. Mason Representative 45 Mason House Social Commission 35 House Council 4. Sports: Intramural - Baseball 1, 33 Basketball 1, 35 Hockey I, 33 Volley- ball 25 Badminton 3. WILLIAM BUEDINGER "He is rich who is well satisfied." Activities: Rifle Club 3. ALAN BURR "In school, quiet and sure: outside, well, we're not so sure." Sports: Intramural - Baseball 1, 2. Activities: Golf Club lg Swimming Club 1: Student Council 1: Usher 3. Sports: Varsity - Golf: J.V. - Foot- PATRICIA CHANADY "Never boisterous, never loud, Pat gets along in any crowd." Activities: Student Council 1: C.E.P. lg G.A.A. 2: Girls' Shop Club, Secretary 2: F.N.A.g Freshman Dance Committee: Film Club: Pep Club: Junior Prom Com- mittee 59 House Council 4: Junior Red Cross 4: Skating Club 4: Hospitality Committee. Sports: J.V. - Hockey: Intramural - Hockey 2, 3: Basketball 2, 4: Volleyball 2, 4: Baseball 2, 4: Tennis 2. ball 1: Soccer 2: Baseball 2. DOROTHEA CLARK "Lively, bard-working and bubbling over with spirit." Activities: Class President 1: Cadet Choir 1, 2: C.E.P. 1, Swim Club Vice Pres- ident 1, 2: Student Council Executive Commission 1: House Council Vice Pres- ident 1, 2: Concert Choir 1, 2: Election Commission Chairman 1, 2, Assembly Commission 4: House Council 4, Vice President. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2. ERIC CARLSON "A man of manners and achievement." Honor Societies: Boys' "F" Club. Activities: C.E.P. 1: F.T.A. 1, 2, 4: Student Council 1. Sports: Varsity - Football 3, 4: J.V. - Football 2, 3: Track 2: Intramural - Basketball 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2. NANCY CLARKE "She came to us a stranger and remains to its a friend." Honor Societies: Girls' Club. Activities: Fathers' Club Show 3, 4: House Council 3: Service Committee 4, Pep Club 4. Sports: Varsity-Hockey 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4. Entered from Amityville High School, Amityville, LI., 1956. 17 ARNOLD COHEN "Quiet he may reem, but you can never tell." JAMES CONNELLY "Anchors away!" Activities: Chess ancl Checker Club 5. Sportr: Intramural - Baseball 2, 3 Varsity - Football 3. Entered from Bas sick High School, Bridgeport, Connec- ticut, 1955. JOAN CONWAY "A little spice and all that': nice." JEANETTE CORBETT "A worthwhile friend, .rpirit without end." CHRIS COSTELLO "A hurtling energetic rort, a lively friend, a rare good Jport." Activitier: F.N.A. 2, 4g junior Red Cross Affivilief 5 Band 1, 33 C-A-T C0UflCi1- 59 Pep Club. Sportr: Intramural - Basketball 5. Sports: Varsity - Basketball 3, 4. 'IB GERALD CURTIS "As upright as a cedar." Honor Societieiz Thespians. Activitier: Stage Crew 1-4g Fathers' Club Show l-4g Debating Club 23 Slide Rule Club lg Chess Club 1, 33 Transportation Commission 53 Smedley Dramatics 55 Komians 1-4g Social Committee 35 Red Cross 54 Election -Committee 43 Repre- sentative to WICC Hi-Time. Sports: J.V. - Track 35 Soccer 2. GERALDINE DALTON "Her personality ir outihone only hy her ability." Activitiex: C.E.P. lg Library Aid 2, 3 Daisy Chain 35 G.A.A. 35 Social Com mittee, Chairman 45 School Council 4. Sportr: Intramural - Basketball l-5 Volleyball 1-35 Baseball l-35 Hockey 25 Badminton 3. I JANICE DANIELS "Those move eariert who have learned to dance." Actirfitier: Fathers' Club Show l-45 F.N.A. 25 Service Committee 35 Wanie Weekly 35 Dancing Club 45 Ushers Guild 4. JACK DAVENPORT "The marter of the three C'r: alwayr calm, cool and collected." ROSE MARIE DE LORENZO "I never met a perron I didn? like." Activitier: Smedley Dramatic Club 3 Ice Skating Club 35 Red Cross 35 Fathers: Club Show 3. Entered from Central High School Bridgeport Conn., 1957. MARY ELLEN DOKURNO "S0phiJticated lady - Underlying rarcalityf' Activitiexz Student Council 15 Swimming Club 1, 25 Dance Committee 25 Red Cross 35 Glee Club 4g F.T,A. 4. Sportf: Intramural - Basketball 2-45 Tennis 35 Volleyball 2, 45 Baseball 2. VALERIE DOMIAN "With :hater on her feet :he can't he heat." Activitier: Library Aide 2, 4. Sportr: Badminton Club 1, 25 Tennis Club 1, 2. 19 DARLENE EKSTROM "Her ebarm lie: in the fact that rbe, at need, can gay or reriaur be." Actirfitier: F.N.A. 15 Pep Club 35 F.T.A. 4. Sportr: Intramural - Hockey 25 Soft- ball 25 Tennis 2. PATRICIA FAZEKAS "Her personality rbowr their witty and gay, her friend: know ber winning way." Activitier: Red Cross 15 Badminton Club 15 G.A.A. 2, 45 Choir 15 Home Room Treasurer 1, 25 Pep Club 2, 45 Library Aide 2, 35 Skating Club 33 Dance Com- mittee 2. Sporlr: Intramural - Field Hockey 1, 25 Basketball 1, 3, Volleyball 1, 25 Base- ball 1, 25 Tennis 2, 5. JOHN ESTESS "Nothing if imporrible to one who persists." MARY ANN FEKETE "Marie warber from the .foul the dur! of everyday life." Acliuilier: Fox 1, 25 Warde Weekly 35 Election Commission 35 F.T.A. I, 45 Dra- rznatics 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 45 Pep Club 20 DOROTHY EVANS "Let come what may." Activities: Dancing Club 4. Sportr: Intramural - Hockeyg Basket- ball. SHEILA JANE FELD "She'll dance ber way to fame." Honor Societierz Thespians. Aelivities: F.T.A. I-45 C.E.P. 15 Golf Club I5 Fathers' Club Show 1-45 Theatre Club 25 Pep Club 2-45 Dramatics Club 25 Library Aide 2-45 Smedley Drama- tics 3, 45 Komians 3, 45 Ice Skating Club 35 Daisy Chain. 3g G.A.A. 55 Stage Crew 35 Library Club 3, 45 Yearbook Apprentice 4. Spam: Intramural - Basketball 25 Bad- minton 3. M. ROBIN FENNING "The world it a huhhle and I have a pin." Activitierz Library Aide 15 Swim Club 15 Pep Club 35 Dramatic Club 25 F.T.A. 25 Art Publicity Committee 25 Junior Red Cross 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Ice Skating Club 35 Foreign Exchange Committee 35 Warde Weekly 35 Canteen Committee 45 Fathers' Club Show 3, 45 Yearbook Committee Chairman 4. Sportrz Intramural - Hockey 35 Basket- ball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Volleyball 2, 35 'Fannie 2, JOSEPH FIRGELESKI "A foot and light hearted I take to the open road." Activitiexz C.A.T. Council 3. Sportxz j.V. -- Football Manager. DOROTHY FEURBACHER "Be glad and your friendi' are many." Activitier: Riding Club 15 F.N.A. 25 House Council 35 Baton Twirling 3, 4. Sportr: Intramural - Baseball 35 Bad- minton 3. DIEDRE FINSINGER "A quiet .rpirit maker a lady." Activities: Skating Club 35 Pep Club 3, 45 F.N.A. 45 Library Aide 45 Exchange Commission 4. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 35 Bad- minton 35 Volleyball 35 Softball 3. Entered from Sr. Mary's High School, New Haven, Conn., 1956. FRANCES FORTUNA "It ir hetter to he :mall and thine than to he large and cart a shadow." Activitier: Dance Club 45 Ice Skating Club 3. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 2, 45 Vol- leyball 2, 35 Baseball 25 Basketball 3. 21 DAVID FOSTER "A good tort make: a good friend." CAROL FOX "There i: no index of character a: :ure a: the voice." Honor Societier: Thespians. Acti1fitie:: Komians 45 Theatre Club 4. Entered from julia Richman High School, New York City, 1957. RONALD GAZDIK "Full of knowledge, full of fun, a truer friend there i: not one." Acti11itie:: Usher 3. 5port:: J.V. - Soccer Teamg Intramural - Baseball. 22 IRENE FULOP "The magic of a cheerful face." Acti11itie:: F.T.A. lg Weekly Newspaper 35 junior Class Representative 3g junior Prom Committee 3g Senior Class Treas- urer 4, Usher's Guild 2, 4. Sportrz Intramural - Baseball 2. 5: si it LESLIE GEOGHEGAN "Sincerity give: wing: to friendrhipf' Acti11itie:: P.M. Film Company lg Li- brary Aide 2-45 F.N.A. 2-45 Homemak- ing Club 3g Daisy Chain 3, G.A.A. 3-4 House Council Treasurer 4g Social Corn- mittee 4, Sport:: Intramural-Hockey 1-45 Volley- ball l-3g Basketball 2-35 Baseball 1-35 Tennis 23 KATHLEEN GARRITY "Her :mile i: a: big a: her heart." Acti11itie:: F.T.A. 1, 45 C.E.P. lg Fresh- man Play lg Library Aide 1, 3, Pep Club 23 Dramatics 23 Bowling Club 2g Home- making Club 3g Komians 39 G.A.A. 54 Junior Class Representative, Daisy Chain 3g Prom Committee 3. Sport:: Intramural - Hockey 1, 33 Bas- ketball 1, 3g Volleyball 1, 33 Softball 1, 3g Tennis 1, 3g Badminton 3. NATALIE GIANOTTI "Laughter round the eye: mean: warmth in the heart." Activitie:: Bowling Club 23 Weekly Newspaper 35 Dancing Club 4g Pep Club 4. RICK GLEACHER "You can tell a man by the golf score he keeps." Honor Societies: Varsity Club. Activities: Sophomore Dance Committee 2. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 25 j.V. -Football 25 Varsity-Golf-3-45 Captain 4. Entered from Plainville, New Jersey, 1955. SAM GREENBLATT P'Good nature and good sense are usually companions." Activities: Wrestling Club 35 Gradua- tion Usher 35 Junior Red Cross 35 Crim- son Crier 45 Bowling Club 4. , Sports: Soccer 35 Cross Country 4. Entered from Harding High School, Bridgeport, Conn., 1956. GAY GREENHALGH "One who makes his companions laugh desrves happiness." Activities: C. E. P. 15 F. T. A. 15 Fathers' Club Show l-45 Swimming Club 15 Ten- nis Club I5 Prom Committee 33 Student Council I, 25 Pep Club 3, 45 New School Committee 25 Daisy Chain 35 Assembly Committee 35 Dance Committee 25 School Council 3, Sports: Intramural Baseball 1-35 Basket- ball 1, 55 Tennis 33 Volleyball, 25 Hockey -3. JUDI GREENSPUN "Ambition is the stairway to success, along the steps of friendliness." Honor Societies: N.H.S.5 M.M.M. Activities: Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 45 Yearbook Apprentice 35 C.E.P. 15 Swim Club 15 Junior Red Cross 15 Fathers' Club Show 1,3,4: New School Color and Song Committee 25 Pep Club 2,35 Sweet- heart Swing Dance Committee 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Warde Weekly typ- ist 35 Daisy Chain 3. Sports: Intramural-Hockey l-35-Basket- ball l, 35 Baseball 25 Volleyball 25 Bad- minton 3. CONSTANCE GMINSKI "Rebel with a muse!" Honor Societies: N.H.S.5 Quill and Scroll: Thespians Activities: Dramatic Club 25 Sophomore Play 25 Student Council 25 Crimson Crier 3, 45 Laurel Girl's State 35 Daisy Chain 3. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1, 25 Bas- ketball l, 25 Volleyball 1, 25 Baseball 1, 25 Tennis 2. JANET GODUTO "She is wise who talks but little," Activities: Chorus 15 Dramatic Club 25 Library Aide 2, 35 Ice Skating Club 33 Library Club 35 Homemaking Club 4. 23 MARGARET GROSSO "Her happinerr is a guy named joe." Activities: Yearbook Committee 45 Mason House Council 3. MAUREEN HARRINGTON "ltr her thinking of otherr that maker one think of her." Activitier: F.T.A. 1-45 Library Aide 2-45 Pep Club 2-45 Foreign Exchange Com- mission 3, 45 Warde Weekly 35 Crimson Crier 35 Prom Committee 35 Election Commission 45 Yearbook Committee 45 Hoinemaking Club 45 Bowling Club 1, 2, . Sportxz Intramural - Volleyball 1, 45 Badminton 45 Baseball 45 Tennis 3, 4. RICHARD GUNTER "Life ix the thing I do enjoy." Activitiexz Rifle Club 3,. 45 Debating Club 2. Spam: Soccer 3, 45 Intramural - Basket- ball l. PHYLLIS HARRISON "Her wayr are way: of plearantneJ.r." Activitiexz Ice Skating Club 35 Library Aide 35 Warde Weekly 35 Dancing Club 4. 24 BONNIE HAINES "What would life he without sporty." Activitiexz F.N.A. 15 Library Aide 4. Sports: Varsity - Hockey 45 J.V. - Hockey 35 Basketball 3, 45 Intramural - Hockey 15 Basketball 1, 25 Baseball 3, 4. NANCY HAUSMAN "Fond of fan, fond of joyr, hat most of all their fond of hoyrf' Activities: Swimming Club I5 Pep Club 2-45 Student Council 25 Library Aide 25 F.T.A. 35 Junior Prom Cornmittee5 Year- book 4. MICHAEL HAYES "Great men die young - I don't feel .to well my.relf." Honor Societies: Varsity "F" 4. Activities: junir class President, Kom- ians 33 Graduation Usherg junior Red Cross, Prom Committeeg Farher's Club Show 3-4, French Club 3g Chemistry Club 43 Canteen Committee 4g Sports: Varsity - Football 3, 4, Track 3, 4g J.V.-Football 1, 23 Intramural- Baseball 1, 2. GEORGE HEDBERG "l'm not lazy, l'm conrerving my energy for future ure." Activitiet: Band 1, 4. ROSE MARIE HIDU "A cute, perky, working lays, .the's prominent in our Senior Clan." Honor Societies: N.H.S.g Quill and Scroll. Activitiexz Swimming Club lg Tennis Club lg F.T.A. 1, 2g C.E.P. lg Library Aid 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 3g Soph. Dance Committee 25 Fathers' Club Show 2-45 Crimron Crier - News Editor 3, 49 Elec- tion Committee 3g Public Relations Com- mittee 4g Daisy Chain 3. Sportr: Intramural-Hockey l, 23 Basket- ball 1-3g Volleyball 3, Tennis Club lg JUDITH HELLER "Patience is tbe bert remedy for every trouble." Activitier: Library Aide 3-4g F.T.A. 31 Entered from Central High School 1956. ' is U K LOIS HIDU "Whore little body lodged a migbty foul." Activities: F.N.A. 1-4 Fox apprentice 1 Bowling Club 2 4' So hom r D , , , p o e ramat- icsg Pep Club 3-4, Daisy Chaing Year- book apprentice 3-4g G.A.A. 4. Sports: Intramural-Hockey 1-35 Basket- ball 2, 33 Volleyball 1, 2g Badminton 3 25 PAMLA HILL "Intelligence and Personality - What- a combination." Actiffilierz C.E.P. lg F.T.A. 1-4, Presi- dent 2, 45 Fox Apprentice 1, 2g P.M. Film Co. 13 Library Aide 1, 2g Pep Club 2, 4, Dramatic Club 2g House Council 35 junior Prom Committee 3g Election Com- mittee 3g Daisy Chain 35 Canteen Com- mission 4g Yearbook quotation Com- mittee 4g Fathers' Club Show 3, 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1. ROBERT HILLMAN "Friendliness and good-nature go a long way in life." Honor S ocieties: Quill and Scroll. Activities: Band lg Tennis 2, 35 Fathers' Club Show 3g Student Council Com- mittee 3g Crimson Crier Editor 3, 4. GERSHON HOROWITZ DAVID HOWELLS "He that hath great knowledge "A reasonable man adapts himself sparetla his words." to the world." Honor Societies: N.H.S. Honor Societies: Varsity "F" Club. Activities: Freshman Play lg Drama- Sports: Varsity - Football 3, 4g j.V. - tic Club 2g Crimson Crier 3, 45 Chemistry Football 1, 2: Track 3. Club 4g Bowling League 33 Usher 3. Sports: Varsity - Tennis 3, 45 j.V. - Tennis 2g Intramural - Baseball 2. GLORIA HUTCHKO "One can tell her merry nature by the twinkle in her eye." Activities: Stage Crew lg F.N.A. 2, 3: Red Cross 2, 4g Prom Committee 3g Service Committee 39 Hornemaking Club 35 Pep Club 3, 45 F.T.A. 45 Student Exchange Commission. WALTER HUDSON ROBERTA JACKSIS "Let's live now,' life is short." "Cookie's fun and .fancy freef that? the way she likes to be." Activities: Ice Skating Club 3. Sports: Intramural - Baseball 2, Volleyball 2. 26 3 PATRICIA JACOBS 'What parrion cannot marie raire and quell." 1 DONNA JANESKY "A good nature ir a hey that fit: many locks." Activitier: Girl's Glee Club 3, 45 Pep- Activitier: F.N.A. 1, 45 Junior Red Cross Club 25 Girls' Choir 2. Sporty: Volleyball l, 2: Softball 25 Ten- nis 2. 35 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Daisy Chain 35 Election Commission 4. Sportr: Intramural - Hockey 15 Bas- ketball 25 Volleyball 15 Baseball 2. VIRGINIA JUDD "Leaderr are the lightr of the world and the rtarr of the human race - linnyir faeces: in within her smile." Honor Societier: M.M.M. Activitier: Student Council 1-4, Presi- dent 45 Choir 1-35 Library Aide 1, 35 F.T.A. 1, 25 Fox 1, 25 Tennis Club 15 C.E.P. 15 Fathers' Club Show 1-45 Soph- omore Class Vice Presidentg Theatre Club 25 Pep Club President 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Exchange Commission 35 Daisy Chain Junior Red Cross 35 Girls' Glee Club 35 Chemistry Club 4. Sportr: Intramural - Hockey 1, 25 Bas- ketball 1, 33 Volleyball 1, 35 Baseball 1, 35 Tennis 2, 3. FRANK JIMMIE JANET KAPLAN GARY KEENAN "All the world lover a lover." Activitier: C.A.T. Council 35 Canteen Committee 4. Sports: Track 15 Decathalon 2. "Cheerfnlner.r never goer out of fa.rhion." Activitier: Golf Club 15 Swimming Club 15 Tennis Club 1, 25 Stage Crew 15 Library Aide 15 Dramatic Club 15 C.E.P. 15 Fox Apprentice 15 New School Com- mittee 25 Sweetheart Swing Committee 25 Pep Club 25 Student Council Art Project 25 Election Committee 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 Winter Dance Com- mittee 35 Yearbook Committee 45 Daisy Chain 3. Sporty: Intramural - Volleyball 1. "Sigh no more fair ladier, I have mme!" Activities: House Council 3, 45 Dancing Club 4. 27 MARCIA KELLER 2'l'm confused!" JOAN KLEIN "A quiet person except when otherwise." Sports: Intramural - Badminton 3. 28 BONNIE KIRSTEN "Her cartoons reflect her happy character." Activities: Election Commission 2: Pep. Club 2: Warde Weekly 59 Prom Publi- city Committee 3: Crimson Crier - Art Editor 4: Yearbook 4. Sports: Field Hockey lg Baseball 1, 2: Badminton 3. NORMA KLEIN "Shining eyes, a lover of fun, a jovial heart, she's a merry one!" Activities: Red Cross 13 C.E.P. 1: Li- brary Aide 1, 2: Student Council 2g Pep Club 2: jr. Red Cross Secretary 3, 45 Father-'s Club Show 3: Prom Commis- sion 3: G.A.A. 3, 4: Daisy Chain 3: Service Comm. 4g Yearbook 4. Sports: Intramural - Field Hockey 1, 4: Basketball 1, 3: Volleyball 1, 39 Soft- ball 1, 35 Badminton 3. GEORGE KIRSTEN "He who loves pleasure gives pleasure to all." Activities: Red Cross Representative 13 C.E.P. 2: Science Club 2. Sports: Intramural - Baseball 1, 2. RAY KLEIN "He is capable of adapting himself to place, time and company." Honor Societies: "'F" Club. Activities: Golf Club 1, 2. Sports: Varsity - Golf 1-43 Intramural - Basketball 2. KATHY KOBER "Quiet and difnifieal but always ready for fun." Activities: Horse Back Riding Club 15 Library Aide 1, 45 C.E.P. 15 Theatre Club 25 Pep Club 25 Library Club 3, 45 Home Economics Club 45 Foreign Exchange Commission 3, 4. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 2, 45 Badminton 3. ADELE KRANTZ "Great thoughts come from the heart." Honor Societies: Thespians. Activities: C.E.P. 15 Horseback Riding Club Treasurer 1-35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Sophomore Play 25 F.T.A. 1-45 Weekly Newspaper Reporter 35 Komians 2-45 Komian Play 4. Sports: Field Hockey 25 Tennis 25 Soft- ball 1, 3. ANDREW KOKORDA "Good sports never make enemies." Activities: Swimming Club 1: Sports: Varsity - Football. MARGERY KRANYIK "Her character will bring her well-deserved success." Honor Societies: M.M.M.5 Quill and Scroll5 Thespians. Activities: C.E.P. 15 F.T.A. 1-45 Choir 1-45 P.M. Film Company 1, 25 Dra- matics Club 1, 45 Tennis Club 25 Thea- tre Club 25 Bowling Club 2-45 Editor Warde Weekly 3, 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1. JEAN KOWALCZYK "Quiet-until you get to know her.' Activities: Pep Club 4. GERALDINE KRASKIE "Beware of the hlondef' Activities: Election Commission 25 F.T.A. 25 F.N.A. 25 Pep Club 25 Prom Committee 35 Handbook Committee 3: Homeroom Representative 35 Warde Weekly 35 Student Exchange Commis- sion 45 Dance Committee 4. Sports: Intramural - Field Hockey 1-45 Basketball 1-35 Volleyball 1-35 Bad- minton 1-35 Softball 1, 25 Tennis. I PATRICIA KROKOSKY "Not quiet, not loud, not short, not tall, hat a pleaxant mingling of them all." JAY KRONFELD "He who is willing to work find: it hard to wait." Honor Society: Club. Activities: Service Committee lg Dance Commission 25 Exchange Commission 35 Red Cross 35 Crimson Crier Editorial staff 3g House Announcer 35 Senior Dance Commission 35 Fathers' Club Show 35 Usher at Graduation 35 Publi- city Committee Chairman 33 Project Committee Chairman 35 Rifle Club 45 Canteen Committee 4. Sporty: Tennis Tournament 25 J.V. Cross Country 25 J.V. - Tennis 25 Varsity - Tennis 3, 45 Intramural - Basketball 35 Baseball 3. VIRGINIA EILEEN LAINO "Life ix too .rhort to worry." Activities: C.E.P. 15 Yearbook Quota- tions and Characteristic Committees. Sporty: Intramural - Badminton 3. 30 DAVID LAVINE "It iI what we do and what we think that makes as what we are." Activities: Student Council 15 Social Committee I5 School Pride Committee 25 Dance Committee 25 Roger's Pool Commission 25 Crimson Crier 33 Sports Writer5 Homeroom Chairman 35 Can- teen Commission 4. Sportr: j.V. - Track 2, Manager. CHRISTINE LAURIE "Her air, her manner, all who .fee admire." Honor Societies: "F" Club. Acti11itie.r: Swimming Club' 15 Fathers' Club Show 2, 45 Pep Club 25 Fox Ap- prentice 25 G.A.A. 2, 35 Sophomore Rlay 25 House Council 3, 45 Club Com- mission 35 junior Prom Committee 35 Daisy Chain 35 Assembly Committee 4. Sports: Varsity - Hockey 3, 45 Intra- mural - Hockey 1, 25 Basketball 1, 35 Volleyball I, 35 Badminton 3. r JOAN LEAHY "She it held high in the heart of onef Sports: Intramural - Volleyball 2. HAMILTON LEE "E1zerybody's friend." Activities: Chess Club 29 Concert Choir 3, 4g Fathers' Club Show 39 Boy's Glee Club 39 Canteen Committee 4. Sports: Varsity - Cross Country 39 Ten- nis 3: J.V. - Track lg Cross Country 29 Tennis 2. JOHN LING always holds the respect of others." NANCY LINDAHL "Highly erected thoughts seated in the heart of courtesy." Activities: C.E.P. 19 F.N.A. 1, 43 Theater Club 2, 4g Pep Club 3, 4g Bowling Club 2, 43 Yearbook Apprentice 3, 4g Prom Committee 39 Yearbook Business Staff 39 Daisy Chain 39 GA.A. 4g Yearbook Com- mittee Chairman 4. Sports: Intramural-Field Hockey 1, 39 Basketball lg Badminton 3. ALICE LOCKWOOD "In her own quiet way, she lo-ues a lot of fun." Activities: Bowling Club 29 Choir lg Daisy Chain 3: junior Red Cross 4: Homemaking Club 4. Sports: Intramural - Badminton 3. 31 THOMAS LINDSAY "A wonderful guy and a sincere friend to anyone making his acquaintance." Activities: Fathers' Club Show 3. Sports: Varsity-Football 3, 4. CAROLE LOUD "Look into ber eyes and see a little angel, look a little longer and . . ." Activities: Student Council 1, Club Com- mitteeg House Council 5, 4. Sports: Intramural- Baseball 1g Basket- ball 1, 2g Volleyball 1, 29 Hockey 1, 2' Soccer 2. WILLIAM LYON Unassurrting, but always friendly." Activities: Gun Club 3, 4. Sports: Soccer 3, 4. SUSAN MACQUARRIE "A willing worker, a wonderful friend, these sl:1e'll be to the very end." Honor society: M.M.M. Activities: Student Council lg Secretary lg School Council, Vice-President 3: Treasurer 4: Fathers' Club Show 1, 3, 45 Prom Committee 3: Daisy Chain 33 French Club 4g Foreign Exchange Com- mission 2: Election Commission 2g Roger's Pool lg Tennis Club 1g C.E.P. 1. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 1, 2, Hockey 1, 35 Tennis 1, 3, Volleyball 1, 3: Baseball 1, 3. MARIE MEDVEGY "She's little, but slae's wise,' sl1e's a corker for ber size." Sports: Intramural - Soccer 2, 3, Base- ball 2. JOHN MENTES NAN MICHAUD ROBERT MIGLIORE "A man among men, and among women too!" Honor Societies: "F" Club. Activities: Crimson Crier 3, Sports Ecli- rorg Fathers' Club Show 3, 4. Sports: Varsity - Football 3, 4: Basket- ball-3, 4g Track 35 ,I.V. - Basketball 2 Track 2, Intramural - Basketball 1 Baseball 1. "Merit is not to be measured in inches." Activities: Cadet Choir 2. Sports: Intramural - Volleyball 25 Base- ball 2. 32 "What is ro rare as a day in school." Activities: C.A.T. Council 3: Canteen Committee 4. Sports: J.V. - Football 2, Intramural - Baseball 2: Decathalon 2. DONALD MIKLUS EDNA MILLAK BETSY MILLER "The hetter we know him, the "She that doe: good, will find good." "I could have danced all night." more we enjoy htm' Sports: Intramural- Softball 2. Activities: Fathers' Club Show 1, 45 Activitiexz Golf Club 1, 2. Swimming Club lg Pep Club 2, 4g New Spam: Varsity - Golf Team l-4, J.V. School Commission 2g F.T.A. 2g Dance - Football 1, 2, Commission, Chairman 25 Cheerleader 3, 45 Prom Committee 33 junior Red Cross lg Crimson Crier Apprentice 45 Chemistry Club 4g C.E.P. 1. Sports: Intramural - Baseball 1, 2g Hockey 1, 3, Volleyball 1, 23 Basket- ball 1, 3. JAMES MOCKLER ESTHER MOLNAR JOAN MOZEFSKY "Work if work and must he done, hut "She ix happy with a kind heart "A cheerful countenance hetohen: while I work l have my fun." and gentle will." a good heart." Activilierz C.E.P. lg Hospitality Com- Activitier: F.N.A. 1-4, Skating Club 3, Activities: Ice Skating Club 3. mission 5. Band 1-43 All State Band 3, 4. Sporu: Intramural - Baseball 1, 2g Bas- ketball Zg Volleyball 2g Hockey 2. 33 ARLENE NAGY "In your chain of friendship, please regard her as a link." Activities: F.N.A. 2, 4: Red Cross 3, 4. Sports: Intramural- Basketball 2: Vol- leyball 2g Hockey 25 Table Tennis 2. me ' lli. s .. .. .:-,.E s Q , tfiwsfeweaaisisx -. af- liiilgfigbxsftrilililifl 13:1 yr.. C as ,lrrirl .. llll llll ,,bl ,,, s alseeewgaelwlzif . .1 H455 " -- i " I in :ii'Y'Tefiiae-fsaintiii-ifff t. K , . My e- -sa p ::gf:.z..f,,5,m5 fi W 2 -- ,Ri M., ,A :fe Li its t.,.Eg?q.11, .,l- I f- i V t . 5, isis . . . . wifi 1 1- giifiri ig ,. , , . . , A bblll f. n it , .:., is A rrl' fr ste. -1, , e 1, wit.- ,- i ts ,,g, as-gig, : , , ' if WUT. ,Sa f 1 - w t V L, D. G , -.3 . ' 5' 'xxfxtitiif 'V " is -- ?l'9'E' P. C sr-as w e r 1 RICHARD NEVERDOUSKY "He sets his heart upon the goal and not the prize." Honor Societies: Club. Activities: Social Committee 4g Foreign Exchange Commission 4g Dance Com- mittee 4. Sports: Varsity - Football 4. ALLAN NEIGHER "He plays not for the glory hut for the love of the game." Activities: School Council 3, 4g New School Committee 2, Chairman: Social Committee 3, Co-chairman: Fathers' Club Show 3, 4g House Council 45 Canteen Committee 4. Sports: Varsity - Cross Country 1, 23 Soccer 35 Baseball 3g Manager - Var- J.V.-Baseball lg Sophomore Basketball 2. JOHN NEWMAN "A true man hears malice for none." Activities: Astronomy Club 3: Rifle Club 4g Constitution Committee 4: Usher 3. Sports: Tennis 25 Varsity Soccer 3, 4: Intramural - Basketball 3: Baseball 3. 34 PATRICIA NELSON "Buhbling with personality, fall of joy,- Pat's turned the head of many a boy." Honor Society: M.M.M. Activities: C.E.P. lg j.V. Cheerleader, Captain 2g Varsity Captain 4: Cadet Choir, Secretary and Treasurer 2g Dra- matic Club Zg Daisy Chain 3: Pep Club 5, 45 Concert Choir 35 Prom Committee 3: Yearbook Committee. Sports: Intramural - Basketball lg Hockey lg Volleyball lg Baseball 1. RUTH ANN OLSEN "Tall, dark, and stately - a latly at her rest." Honor Societies: M.M.M. Activities: Chorus lg Cadet Choir 2 F.N.A. lg Library Aide I, 2, 4g G.A.A 3: Homemaking Club, Secretary Treas- urer 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1, 2, 4 Basketball-1, 2, 4g Volleyball 1, 33 Base ball 1, 4. CAROL OSTROWSKI "A glowing personality Shines through a big smile." Activities: Library Aide 25 Swimming Club 25 Red Cross 35 Daisy Chain 35 Dramatic Club 45 Girl's Glee Club 45 F.N.A. 45 Pep Club 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 2, 45 Bas- ketball 2, 45 Volleyball 2, 45 Tennis 2, 45 Baseball 2, 4. MARILYN PACCIONE "Full of cheer, full of pep,' she makes friends at every step." Activities: Cheerleader, Varsity 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 45 Ice Skating Club 35 Mason Dramatics 3, 45 junior Red Cross 3, 45 Dancing Club 45 Election Commission 15 Ushers Guild 35 Canteen Committee 3, 45 Yearbook Committee 45 G.A.A. 45 Social Committee 1, 45 Library Aid 15 Fathers' Club Show 1, 3, 45 Warde Weekly 35 Prom Committee 35 F.N.A. 15 F.T.A. 2. Sports: Intramural - Badminton 3, 45 Tennis 3, 45 Baseball 1, 25 Basketball 2, 45 Volleyball 1, 2, 4. JUDITI-I PALMOSKI "Charm and personality personified." Activities: Student Council 2, 45 Hand- book Committee 25 Library Aide 2, 45 Service Committee Chairman 25 Student Exchange Committee 35 Election Com- mission 35 Warde Weekly typist 3, 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 2, 45 Bas- ketball 2, 45 Baseball 25 Volleyball 3, 4. CAROL PAPP JETTA PATUZZI PATRICA PAVONI "She takes life as it comes." "Capable, composed, a master of the "She finds happiness through ser-vice Activities: Red cross 15 C.E.P.5 Skating Club 3. art of heirzg likable." Activities: Girl's Shop Club 15 Election Commission 25 Pep Club 2, 35 G.A.A. 2, 45 President 45 Girl's Glee Club 4, President5 Red Cross 15 Ice Skatin Club 3. Sports: Intramural - Field Hockey 1, 45 Basketball 1, 3, Manager of Varsity 35 Baseball 1, 35 Volleyball 1, 35 Tennis 2, 35 Track Field Day 2. to others." Honor Society: M.M.M. Activities: F.T.A. 1, 45 Pep Club 2, 45 Choir 15 Mason House Council 3, 45 Swimming Club, Vice-president 2, 4. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 1, 45 Volleyball 1, 25 Baseball 1. 35 JOSEPH PECHULIS "What keen delights a quiet life affords." Aclivitiex: New School Committee 2. S orts Varsi -Cross Countr 2 V. P 2 rv v s J- -Track 1, 25 Intramural-Basketball 2. ANITA PECKER "When there? mirehief their .rnre to be in on it." Activitiex: F.T.A. 1, 3g F.N.A. Ig Pep Club Ig C.E.P. lg Stage Crew 2, 3. Sportx: Hockey I, 2g Volleyball 1, 2. JOHN PEKAR "Trust follows his words." Honor Soeietiefz "F" Club ActivitieJ:Rifle Club 4, President 45 Sportxz Freshman Basketball 19 J.V. - Baseball, 2g ,Football 2g Sophmore Basketball 23 Varsity-Football 3, 4g Baseball 3,4. JOHN PENNELI. "Shy, but a good sport and 4 grand guy." 36 JOAN ANN PEIPHER "Her .foul ir of 4 gentle nature." Activitierz F.T.A. 2, 43 Junior Red Cross 3, 4, Ice Skating Club 3g Horse Back Riding Club 3g Pep Club 5, 43 G.A.A. 3g Home- making Club 4. Sportxz Intramural - Badminton 3. BARBARA PENNEWELL "Sbe'J quiet to tboxe who don? know her." Activitier: Pep Club 2, 3g F.T.A. 23 F.N.A. 2. Spam: Intramural - Hockey 2, 33 Bas- ketball 2, 4g Volleyball 2, 4. FRANK PETTITI "People like him for what he is." JUDITH PETRINO "An energetic, unassuming lass." Activities: F.T.A. 4. Sports: Varsity -Hockey 43 J.V. Basket- ball 3g Intramural - Baseball 3, 4g Bad- minton 3, 45 Volleyball 3, 4. STANLEY PIERWOLA "ll7hat, me worry?" Sports: Intramural-Baseball lg Basket- ball 5. DANIEL PISANELLE "They call football rough, hut English is twice as tough." Activities: Disatser Committee, Red Cross 5. Sports: Varsity-Football 3, 45 j.V. Foot- ball 2g Intramural - Baseball lg Basket- ball 2g Track 15 Badminton 1. 37 JUDITH PETROVICH "Dynamite comes in small packages." Sports: Intramural--Basketball 1, 2, 4 Baseball 1, 3. ANN PLUNSKE "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse." Activities: Horseback Riding Club 1, 4g Warde Weekly 5, 4g G.A.A. 3, 45 Pep Club 4g Yearbook 45 Sports: Intramural - Basketball 1, 4g Volleyball 1, 4g Baseball Tennis 2, Bad- Zninton 3, 4g Varsity Manager Basketball JOHN PULITO 'Moments would he dull without him." DAVID RAWSON "The force of his own merit maker his way." Activities: Band 2: Rifle Club 3. Sportr: j.V. Football 1, 2. 38 ANN PURCELL "Keep the nature you possesr, it will hring you huppinerr Actioitiet: Pep Club 2, 4: F.T.A. 2, 33 Cadet Choir 2: Ice Skating Club 3: Hos- pitality Commission 5: G.A.A. 3: Home Economics Club 3, 4: Vice-President 4. Sports: Intramural-Hockey 2, 3: Volley- ball 2, 3: Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 2. ROSEMARIE RE "A ray of Junrhine with warmth in her heart for all." Activities: Cheerleader 1, 2, 4: Fox Reporter 1, 2:1 F.N.A. 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 1-45 Publicity Committee 1, 3: Red Cross Representative 1, 3: Student Council 3: Red Cross 4: Swimming Club 1: Bowling Club 1. Sporty: Intramural - Softball 1, 2: Hockey 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 2: Tennis 1, 2, MARY PUTNICK "One who hring: runshine into the hearty of other: cannot keep it from herself." Activities: Wurde Weekly Stal? 5. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 1 JUDITH RENTZ "It'.v dull to think, left talk." Activities: Chorus 1, 2. ANGELA RENZULLI "The world belongs to the energetic." Honor Societies: Club. Activities: Badminton Club 15 Pep Club 25 G.A.A. 25 Prom Committee 35 Red Cross 3, Treasurer5 Daisy Chain 35 Year- book Salesman 4. Sports: Varsity-Hockey 45 Basketball 45 j.V. Hockey 35 Basketball 35 Intra- mural - Hockey 25 Basketball 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 45 Badminton 3, 45 Softball 1, 4. PAUL RINGLEHEIM "Give me 4 lever and I'll move the world." Honor Societies: "F" Club. Activities: Stamp Club 15 Crimson Crier Staff 35 Prom Committee 3. Sports: Varsity - Tennis 2, 45 Cross Country 25 Tennis 15 Sophomore Basket- ball 25 Baseball 25 Soccer 3, 4. SUSAN RIBNER "Still achieving, still pursuing." Honor Societies: N.H.S. "F" Club. Activities: Cheerleader 1, 35 Fox Staii' 15 Swimming Club 1, 25 Sweetheart Swing Committee 25 Pep Club 2, 45 Fathers' Club Show 1-45 Yearbook Apprentice 35 Art Editor 45 New School Committee 25 G.A.A. 2, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Daisy Chain 3. Sports: Varsity-Basketball 3, 45 Intra- mural - Hockey 1, 3. JUDY RIHA "A pleasant disposition is a gift of nature." Activities: Stage Crew 15 Choir 2, 45 F.N.A. 2. Sports: Intramural-Basketball 25 Tennis 3. BARBARA ROMANO "Beauty is silent Commendation." Activities: C.E.P. 15 Pep Club 1, 25 Skat- ing Club 35 Red Cross Representitive 35 House Dramatic Club 3, Secretary 35 Yearbook Business Staff 35 Daisy Chain 35 Warde Weekly Staff 35 G.A.A. 35 Class Vice-President 45 Crimson Crier Staff 45 Yearbook Committee 45 Dance Committee 45 G.A.A. 3. Sports: Intramural-Hockey 1, 45 Volley- ball l, 35 Softball 1, 35 Tennis 2. WARREN ROZELLE "Whatever he did was done with ease." 39 REGINA RUNYON SANDRA SABO WILLIAM SABO "Happine.vJ if a hahit which "A little picture painted well." "A little non.renJe now and then is Jhe cultivated." Activities: Sweetheart Swing Committee relished hy the hert of men." Activitierz Pep Club 29 Library Club 33 25 Bowling Club 23 Pep Club 2g Warde Sportrz Golf 24 Track 3. Library Aid 3g Warde Weekly Typist 4. Weekly Staff 3. Sportsz Intramural - Volleyball 2, 33 Sports: Intramural - Field Hockey lg Badminton 35 Basketball 2. Basketball lg Softball 1. KAREN SACHER "I love men, not because they are men, but hecauxe they are not women." Activities: Horseback Riding Club 13 F.N.A. lg Mason Dramatics 35 Skating Club 39 Pep Club 35 Warde Weekly Typist 35 C.A.T. Council 45 Dancing Club 4. E. WAYNE SADOWL NAN SALVAGGIO "To worry little, to Jtudy lex: is my idea "Your life thall never lack a friend." of happineuf' Activitiexz P.M. Film Company 1, 23 Rifle Club 33 Red Cross Disaster Corn- mirree 3, 4. 40 FRANK SANSONE "To know him well is to like him hetter." Entered from Fairfield Prep., Fairfield, Conn., 1957. PATRICIA SAYLES "Sunny people make cloudy days seern short." Activities: Daisy Chain 35 F.T.A. 45 Yearbook Business Staff 4. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 3. ELLEN SCHWARZ "The secret of success is constancy of purpose." Honor Societies: N.H.S.5 Activities: Fathers' Club Show 1, 45 New School Committee 25 Pep Club 25 Daisy Chain 35 Yearbook Apprentice 33 Year- book Sports Editor 45 Warde Weekly Staff 35 Komian Play Committee 33 Dance Committee 35 Exchange Commis- sion 35 G.A.A. Representative 45 Crim- son Crier Reporter 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockeyg Basket- ball 3. ALLAN SCHMIDT "Although Al is not very loud, he's certainly liked hy every crowd." Activities: Election Commission 4. Sports: j.V.-Track 25 Varsity-Soccer 4, Co-captain 45 Track 3, 4, Co-cap- tain 4. ROBIN SCOFIELD "A combination rare and true, athlete, leader, and swell guy too." Activities: Fathers' Club Show 3, 45 Swimming Club 25 Dance Committee 25 Graduation Usher 35 Prom Committee 3: Mason House Council 4 President' Wrestling Club 45 Treasurer of Junioi Class 35 Cadet Band 2. Sports: Varsity-Football 2, 35 Track 3, Intramural - Baseball 2, 35 Basketball 3. ARNOLD SEASTRAND "Much wisdom often goes with the fewest words," 41 JOAN SIMKO "She is the nicest kind whose nature never varies." Activities: Ice Skating Club 2, 4. Sports: Intramural - Volleyball 1. LEONARD SOHLBERG "His leadership noted, his humor mellow, a fine personality, a wonderful fellow." Honor Societies: "F" Club. Activities: Dance Committee 25 New School Committee 25 School Council 3, 45 Nutmeg Boy's State 35 Graduation Usher 3, Orchestra 35 Prom Committee 35 Assembly Commission 45 Fathers' Club Show 3, 45 Class President 4. CATHY SINGER "I have one heart hut it is taken." Activities: Pep Club 2, 35 F.T.A. 25 Dance Committee 25 Prom Committee 35 Yearbook Committee 45 Ushers Guild 2, 4. Sports: Intramural -- Baseball 15 Volley- ball 1, 45 Basketball 1, 45 Hockey 2. LAURA SODERHOLM "It's a friendly heart that has many friends." Activities: Pep Club 1, 25 C.E.P. 15 F.N.A. 1, 2, 55 House Council 35 Student Exchange Commission 35 Ir. Prom Com- mittee 35 G.A.A. 35 Yearbook Com- mittee 4, Senior Write-ups Chairmang Class Secretary 45 Dance Committee 45 Senior Banquet Committee 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1, 45 Bas- ketball 1, 35 Volleyball 2, 45 Badminton 3, 45 Baseball 1, 45 Tennis 4. EDWARD STAMPER "Not that I hate study less, hut that I love fun more." 42 PAT STEELE "Busy, active, full of fun, much she's undertaken, much she's done." Activities: F.N.A. 1, 25 Riding Club 15 Bowling Club 35 F.T.A. 2, 45 Pep Club 2, 45 Ushers Guild 25 School Council 3, 45 Handbook Committee 3, Chair- mang Daisy Chain 35 Red Cross Disaster Committee 35 Secretary School Council 4. Sports: Intramural - Volleyball 25 Ten- nis 25 Hockey 2, 45 Badminton 3, 4. JACK STERN "A true wit is a man worth knowing." Activities: Komian Play, Business Man- ager 4g Chemistry Club 2. Entered from Central High, Sept. 1957. JERRY STERN "A smile for every fellow, and two for every girl." Honor Societies: Activities: Stage Crew 1, 23 Fathers' Club Show lg Student Council lg Service Committee 25 Band 2. Sports: Tennis 1, 3g Cross Country 3. MICHAEL STERN BEVERLY STILIHO JOAN STERNBERG "Knowledge to know, ability to do and energy to accomplish." Honor Societies: N.H.S.g M.M.M. Activities: Band 1, Zg Tennis Club lg Library Aide 1, 2, Pep Club 2, 33 Stu- dent Council 2, 39 Sophomore Dance Committeeg Junior Prom Cornmitteeg G.A.A. 3, 4g Fathers' Club Show 2, 45 Daisy Chain 35 Yearbook Committee 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1, 4g Bas- ketball 1, 35 Volleyball 1, 33 Baseball 1, 35 Tennis 2, Badminton 2, 3. RUTH STOKES "A terrific guy who's lots of fun, with "Fashioned so tenderly, young H5196 img ,wijyf fond O, gay! but enjoy, always time for everyone." and fair!! life in 4 qdiet wayll' Activities: Smedley House Council 35 Activities: Pep Club 2g F.T.A. 25 Bowl- Social Committee 3. ing Club 3, 45 French Club 33 Yearbook Sports: Intramural - Basketball 3, 4. Committee 3, Daisy Chain 3. 43 JANET STRAUSS "Oh, pleasure - you are a pleasant thing." Activities: C.E.P. 15 Swimming Club I5 Tennis Club 1, 25 Golf Club 15 Stage Crew 1, 35 F.T.A. 2, 35 Student Council Committee 25 Pep Club 2-45 Library Aide 25 Sophomore Dance Committeeg New School Committee 25 Fox appren- tice 25 Concert Choir 35 Prom Committee 35 Yearbook Committee 45 Dance Com- mittee 4. ELLEN SUDIK "Full of good meaning and good wishes." Activities: F.T.A. 1, 25 Riding Club 1, 25 Debating Club 25 Pep Club 25 Dra- matics Club 3, 45 Junior Red Cross 3. Sports: Intramurals - Hockey 1, 2' Basketball 1, 2, Volleyball 1, 2, Base: ball 1, 2. JUDITH STRAUSS "Happy-go-luclzy, easy-go-free, nothing on earth hothers me." Activities: Swimming Club 15 Tennis Club lg Stage Crew 15 Golf Club 15 F.T.A. 25 Pep Club 25 Prom Committee 354Girl's Glee Club 35 Concert Choir 2, . MICHELE SULLIVAN "We have been friends together, in sunshine and in rain." Activities: Pep Club 3, 45 Warde Week- ly Stali' 3, 45 Feature Editor 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Yearbook Business Staff 45 Election Commission 45 G.A.A. 45 Crimson Crier Staff 4. Sports: Intramural - Badminton 35 Softball 35 Manager, Intramural Field Hockey 4. 44 LYDIA STRAUSS "Wisdom is to the soul what hea is to the hody." Honor Societies: M.M.M. Activities: Cadet Choir 1, 3, 45 P.M Theater Club 15 Theater Club 25 Dance Committee 25 Skating Club 35 Girl's Glee Club 35 Pep Club 35 Daisy Chain 3 Eag1e's Nest 35 Student Exchange Com- mittee 3, 45 French Club 45 junior Red Cross 4. KAREN SVENNINGSEN "Bond hair, hrown eyes, and a pair of skates makes Karen one who really rates." Activities: Horseback riding Club 15 F.N.A.5 Pep Club 25 Fox Apprentice 25 Dance Committee 25 Ice Skating Club 35 Election Commission 33 Hospitality Committee 35 Yearbook, Business Staff 35 Manager 45 Fathers' Club Show 3. Sports: Intramural - Softball 15 Hock- ey 25 Volleyball 25 Basketball 25 Ten- nis 2. Sweet personality full of ra.rcality." ' Activitzex: F.N.A. 2g Dance Committee , 29 Pep Club 2g Election Commission 3g F.T.A. 35 Yearbook Staff 3, Father's Club Show SQ G.A.A. 2-4g Homemaking Club 45 Cadet Choir 1, 2. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1, 2g Softball 1, 25 Volleyball 1, 2g Basket- ball 1, 2. DIANE SWARNEY w MARILYN SWIST "Cute, clever, full of fun - known and liked by everyone." Aetivitierz Student Council 1, 2, Corn- mittee Chairman 23 Tennis Club 1, 2g Golf Club 1, junior Red Cross 1, F.T.A. 2, Horseback Riding Club 2, Assembly Commission 33 Pep Club 3g Yearbook gommittee 4, Senior Banquet Committee FRANK TARNOCZY "A modext man in word, in deed." Activities: Gun Club 3. Sportrz J.V. - Track 2. GEORGE TOLMIE "I value no man'.r opinion! - for I have my own." Activitier: F.T.A. 1g Drama Club 2, Mason House Council 35 World Af- fairs Club 4g Audio-Visual Club 4. 45 CLARA TAKACS "She ix alway: ready with a .rmile,. to lend a hand and help a while." Honor Societies: M.M.M. Activitiexz C.E.P. lg junior Red Cross lg F.N.A. 1, 25 Orchestra 1, 4, Girl's Shop Club lg Pep Club 1, 25 Library Aide 1, 45 Student Council Committee 2g All- Stare Orchestra 3, 4, Wolcott House Council 3, 4g Student Exchange Commis- sion 3, 4, Homemaking Club 4. Sportx: Intramural - Hockey lg Volley- ball 1. ELIZABETH TOMAN "A pleamre to know, ar true a friend." Activities: F.T.A. 1, 4, Tennis Club 15 P.M. Film Company lg Library Aide 1, 4, G.A.A. 45 Badminton Managerg Usher's Guild 1, 3g Yearbook Business Stal? 4, Pep Club 2, 4, Junior Red Cross 3, 4g Stage Crew 43 Bowling Club 1. Sport.r: Intramural - Hockey 2, 3g Bas- ketball 2, 4g Baseball 2, 4, Tennis 2, Volleyball 2, 4, Badminton 3, 4. STEPHEN TOWER "On him and on his high endeavor, the light of praise will shine forever." Honor Societies: Club. Activities: Freshman Class Treasurer5 Freshman Dance Committee5 Golf Club 15 Student Council 2, President5 House Council 35 Yearbook 3, 45 Wurde Week- ly 3, 45 Graduation Usher 33 Boys' State 35 School Council 4. Sports: Varsity - Tennis 3, 45 Cross Country 3, 45 J.V. - Tennis 1, 25 Foot- ball Manager 2. BARBARA TURRO "Not too shy, not too hold, 4 winning smile plus a heart of gold." SHEILA TRISTINE GERALD TOUGAS "She's welcome as the sun after "Let tomorrow tahe care of tomorrowf ct rainy day." Activities: Dramatic Club 45 Girl's Glee Club 4, Entered from Bassick High School, Bridgeport Conn., Sept. 1956. SANDRA TYLER JEAN VARAUAY HA happy diwmmon reflects "Calm, Courteous and Competent." if! 01011 114115195119-" Activities: Yearbook Apprentice .33 Activities: Social Committee 45 Theater C0PV'Ecl1t0r 45 Wdfde Weekly 51 Cum' Club 4? Red Cross 4- son .Crier 45 Foreign Exchange Com- mission 3, Secretary5 Public Relations Commission 45 Sweetheart Swing Com- mittee 25 Junior Prom Committee 33 F.T.A. 2-45 Pep Club 2-45 Father's Club 46 show 4. Sports: Intramural - Basketball 25 Ten- nis 25 Hockey 39 Volleyball 3. t JOHN VINCZE "A man of Jourage is also full of faith." GERALDINE WATERS "I pity those who don't have fun." Activities: Student Exchange Commis- Sporty: Intramural - Hockey 1: Base- sion 3, Treasurer: Prom Committee 3: Assembly.Commission 4. Sports: Varsity-Football' 4: Basketball 4: 1.V.-Basketball 3: Football 3: Intra- mural-Baseball 1. LYNDA WIELAND "True to her work, her words, and her friends." Honor Societies: Activities: Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 4 Yearbook Apprentice 35 Concert Band 1 3'v Concert Choir 4' Cadet Choir 1 ljramatic Club 2: F.INf.A. 1, 4: Home Ecl Club 3: Swimming Club 1: Student Ex- change Commission 3. Sports: Intramural - Field Hockey 1, 3 Volleyball 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2. ball 1, 3: Basketball 2: Volleyball 2. RUTH ANN WILTERDINK "Silence is more elegant than words." Activities: Choir 2: Junior Red Cross 4: Girls Glee Club 4. 47 ARLENE WESTBERG "An inner flame that never flickersf' Activities: Band 1, 2: Library Aide 2: Sophomore Dance Committee 2: Junior Prom Committee 3: Daisy Chain 3: Year- book Business Staff 4: Quotation Com- mittee 4g Barlow House'Council 3: Pres- ident 4g Stage Crew 4: Pep Club 4: Stu- dent Exchange Commission 4g Publicity Committee 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1, 4: Bas- ketball 1, 4: Baseball 1, 3, 4: Volley- ball 1, 4: Tennis 1, 2. ADAH BETH WITSIL "Always looking for a hit of fun, hut never .rhirking when there's work to he done." Honor Societies: N.H.S.: M.M.M. Activities: C.E.P. 1: Swimming Club 1: Fathers' Club 1, 4: Pep Club 2: Sopho- more Play 2: Library Aide 2: Fox Re- porter 2: School Council 2, 3: G.A.A. 3, 4: Yearbook Committee 4. Sports: Intramural - Hockey 1 3: Bas- ketball 1, 2: Volleyball 1, 3: Softball 1, 3. SUZIE ZATKA "A bluslajr beautiful butt sometime: mzghty incomfementf' Activitierz Library Club 3, 45 Library Aide 3, 45 Daisy Chain 35 G.A.A. 3, 45 Warde Weekly 3, 45 junior Prom Com- mittee 3g Red Cross 45 Theatre Club 45 Exchange Commission 4. Sports: Intramural - Baseball 2, 35 Bas- ketball Z, 35 Volleyball 2, 35 Hockey 2, 35 Badminton 35 Varsity Hockey Manager 4. CLASS OFFI HOWARD ZINNER "The world is worthy of Jucln a per.ron." Activitiei: Dramatics 35 Wrestling Club 35 Bowling Club 45 Exchange Commis- sion 4. Sporty: Varsity Track 35 Intramural - Basketball 35 Baseball 3. Entered from Miami Senior High School, Miami, Florida, Sept. 1956. ER Sitting: Barbara Romano, Vice Presidentg Irene Fulop, Treasurer5 Standing: Lenny Sohlberg, Pres- identg Laura Sodetholm, Secretary. afult Harlow the y I- ROY B. BRIGGS Assistant Headmaster DANIEL B. FITTS Headmaster C. HARPER JOSEPHINE M. O'DWYER Housemaster Housemasrer KENNETH R. PETERSEN Housernaster JOHN M. GLEASON Housemasrer GRACE A. CARROLL Housemaster ROBERT A. BARROWS ARNOLD WILE Housemaster Housemaster RAYMOND CONDREN Housemaster ELEANOR K. ANNETT Columbia U. Librarian. Sponsor: Library Aides. CATHERINE BUSCH M.E. Temple U. English, Drama, Speech. Sponsor: Thespians, Komians, Stage Crew, Student Council. HEDWIG FALKOWSKI B.S., Danbury Teacher's Col- legeg M.A., New York U.: 6th year, New York U. 8a Fairfield U. English I and II. Sponsor: Barlow Dramatic Club. B.S., Ohio State U.: A.M., JOSEPH C. BATCHELOR B.S., Syracuse U.: M,S., Syra- cuse U. Drafting 'and Radio. 7 .,,........,,.,. ., .... .....,, , .. 2 gl E 3, gli? of 5 I .. I ::1W" ll ' l DAVID J CHENELI. M B Ed Plymouth Teachers lege, M.A. Middlebury C gig' 2 French. J Wg- ., .. gig lla ff N ll , aa. r El is a ..i.e rreyi .11 1 g i gs I I I9 'iye fi l E f fie I l llil 553 'Ikea-J rgxa- ,,325. .3,g: f- "...P I- XI ' 2?gg3?gf?l lirif i f I1 zzpglill -, ajiwrta. . I I II S ,I ?l.l?'s'llV wi li' ' E i ll 1fIaTl6aziligFla?a2 c- M ., ' gig. . at ,mir-f alijil are st' , emi 'S E W1 ll ELEANOR M. FOLEY B.A., Marymount College: M.A., Fairfield U. English. NELL A. GAROFALO MICHAEL D- GERMAN WILLIS GIFFORD B.A., couege of Mr. sf. vin- Ifhjfa College? M-A-f B.s., Rhode Island College: 52 cent: M.A., Fordham U. It am Co ege' . M.A., Harvard U. Latin. Hsffume-ml Music' Social Studies. Sponsor: Concert Band, Cadet Band Bc Orchestra Dance Band. FACULTY C FREDERICK D. KLEE Middlebury Collegeg Harvard U. History 8: P.A.D. ALANSON C. HARPER B.A., Bryn Mawr College A113-, AUM, Boston U. M.A.T., Yale University. U.s. History. 511811511- JANE SANDS KEATOR ross Country Advi- LEONARD L. LAUNER A.A., B.S., M.S., U. of Bridge- port. Gen. Math, Algebra II, Plane House Council. Geometry. Sponsor: F.T.A. Canteen. ELEANOR C' MARSHALL B.S., Fairfield U.g M.A., Fair- B.S., U. of Conn. field U- Clothing, Child Development. Algebra, plain Geometry, Sponsor: Home Ec. Club. Physics. ROBERT E. POETL Sponsor: Intramural Sports CBoysJ. JOSEPHINE ODWYER ROBERT SHACKI-ETON ROSE VECHERELLI M.A., N.Y.U.g erh Year, Fair- B--A-, U- of Conn-Q M.S., U- of M.A., N.Y.U. Held U. Bf1d8?P0ff- Shorthand I, II, Shorthand 53 Physical Education. Che1'f115ffY- Transcription. Sponsor: Rifle Club FRANK AMBROSE B.A., Ohio U.: M.A. New York U. Industrial Arts. Sponsor: Student Council. EDWARD BATESON GRACE A. CARROLL B.E., Teachers College of necticutg M.A., New York World History. Sponsor: Faculty tive and Mother's RONALD S. BEGIN field U. B.s.s., Fairfield Us M.A., Fair- B.S., Gorham State Teachers College. English, History. cal Contest. Sponsor: Mason House Coun- cil, Voice of Democracy Con- test, American Legion Oratori- Drafting. FRANK W. CAVENDER M.S., U. of Bridgeport. World History, U.S. History and P.A.D. Sponsor: Soccer Team. EVELYN M. COPELAND JOHN M. GLEASON A.B., Mt. St. M.E.D., U. of New 6th Year, Bridgeport L. Sponsor: National Honor ciety. STUART T. COX B.S., Boston U.: M.S., U. of B.A., Bates: M.A., Columbia U. Bridgeport. English. Business Education CLaw, MASON FACULTY Typewriting, 8z Economicsj. Sponsor: Handbook and Warde Weekly. PAUL B. GUARNACCIA B.A., Middlebury Collegeg M. A., Mexico City College. Spanish. Sponsor: Varsity Tennis. "" - :W5sflafw . ag f,a .- - ' ll:Glyv?SgQi?znffl5fW . I if?,iii5li'g?5'f1f1:mrwif! H-'I k'-- Q' , , f .if's.:3f:,f ,.ff,-az: , , V. ' . 4 ROBERT C- JACKSCN CLIFFORD N- MEAKER pringlield College: M. B.A., Hamilton. flmty College- if. English- Ed'm"0n'B0VS' SPOUSOI3 Theater Club- vafmv Baseball, J. ..e, 1 ' ' .. fffzif 1 '. '4 4, exif iff Football, Boys Winter In- , las - 1. .. ,,,, pf.-P5 f'-.,' .1 VHISHY F Club. N. J. MASON ANNA MCCONNELL B.S. Mount Union College, M.A. Columbia U. Biology. Sponsor. F.N.A., Student Ex change Commission, Student Council. Ed. M., Tufts. Biology. EDITH L. O'DWYER Economi Club. St. joseph College. cs. Class of 1959, Home- 3, ' 9 ,ar 15 fist? 'f5i.3S5il'iiE11 ' I ' f2gQ..,5 ' E mil 5 .E V-kj E P' -K - ' .Lf,flH5f5E15f:gi,., K ,, . , 'fr ww Sf 5 If .5 ,., . Q. V, - . rr, , I ---- s.1s:::2:5iau.:wwS,g!?1 ,. , . f a .. rf sf:1f3::s1r'S1is+3:fwsffif 1 4 3 ' " ' f1..,f.,,. ,. gi . . I I V .ajlillflf '-,-i:?:sfl.'i:'ii1 f si . an - 4' igigggmzj. we 4. . ' l rifzififozr- i?l,,iif5ffg5QjQ'.. ' . L," :MM f , ,,.. , 1 , , 55:5 V iff F .. : ,. .... Q ,.., gggww.. . . ,,. ,.. , V swff:-1 'e f ' fe M , ffm.- . su. fn. . .. M. A. STOKESBURY B.A., College of St. Elizabeth M.A., Yale. English. Sponsor: Junior Class. ALICE C. OGALIN B.S., St. joseph College, M.A. L.S., Wesleyan U. Algebra I, Plane Geometry, General Math I. Sponsor: Senior Class Chair- man, Mason Dramatics Club. DONALD STONE B.S., U. of Maine: M. in Ed., Harvard U. Business. Sponsor: Class of 1958, Year- book Business Staff, Golf Coach. ,, - ,- 1. I if ,I .,,, 1 .... . , ,1':.Q,:?,,,5ZZ, . . , .nr,: 'a aa ,,, f .1 . affffwv. 2:51 f: T Z , gw zzngg 4, . ., fs ...., J, . .1 gm. - - l . E uw -- sau.-as 5 wifi v .Mg A fl' fx EUGENE O'HARA B.S., M.A., Fairfield U. Algebra, General Math. MARYANN WELCH A.B., Regis College, M.S., U. 55 of Bridgeport. Sponsor: Mason Intramural English and German- SPOHS- Sponsor: Crimson Crier. SMEDLEY LILLIAN ALTMAN B.A., Mount Holyoke College. Latin I, English III. Sponsor: Smedly House Dra- matic Club, C1355 of 1960, FREDERICK H. BORMANN IZOBEL BURGSTALLER B.S., NHSTCQ M.A., Yale U. B. of Music, M. of Music Ed., English. Boston U. College of Music. Sponsor: Yearbook. Ch0i1'- Sponsor: M.M.M., Student Council. MARY B. CARLEY B.A., Hunter College. Physical Education. Sponsor: Girls' Sports. PETER L. CLARKE B.F.A., B.S., Rhode Island School of Designg M.S.U. of Bridgeport. Art. EDWARD A. CANFIELD B.S., New York University M.A., New York University. Office Practice. Sponsor: School Treasurer. RAYMOND J. CONDREN M.A., Fairfield U. Science. Sponsor: Yearbook. PATRICIA FORESTER A.B., University of Michigan. English I, II, IV. 56 MARY JO KLANICK A.B., Geneva College: , Syracuse U. Science. WILFRED F. GARCIA KATHERINE F. GRACE Sponsor: F.N.A. B. A.. M.A., University of New B.S., Russell Sage College. Mexico, Business. Spanish. B. A. MACKENZIE A.B., College of New Rochelle A.M. Catholic U. of Americai World History, English. Sponsor: Girls' Intramurals Social Committee. Harvard. U.S. History. JOHN A. RYDER M.E.D., U. of Maine. Photography Club. I lf sg? .ga 1 ,E if .,f.,. .st . . ..,.. ... of miss.. wsu .-,assi ,4v,ti,w..',.-2.9 lkrvfmy ' V . wi g H qs, .. . U - ...,-writ... . as 1. 1.5, 2 'E ..fsfis?R?Zs7f5 ' , ' . . 15 is' f- W f Q 5. 1-1 's s - , Eel?" S , 1 K l L' ' i EQ? I slfwqgal ,. all ' 'sf' 1 KENNETH PETERSEN A.B., Tuftsg A.M. Sixth year, uf 3 3 Q E Salas iw ff.f- . i fe 5.. 5 In Vg.. a 4 7 5343 t "lil lg gsngflgg, igqi .. . sl . .. s- 5 I 5 sf l.El'sfus,?g5 W 942.4 .5 at Eil' if .9e.i.i'fq. .lvl .fr lv ellis 1 ,,.. '- e:s2,...ffGs - .,ssap11il,.. we issii ,5 . sgsgg s is . ls- ggi - f W 2 CULTY . . .tv l ' 'V :-1 diggs.. --s. :. ff . , 1w,fw,a....- -M' f Y . 5 : 5 so 5 W sl 5 5 l. A i .5 , se. ' lg. sl? K p RUTH NOLAN iss s B-5-' U' sf Mssssshsssssss- ' H ' Mathematics. WILLIAM M. MAGEE B.A., M.A., University of Con- necticut. Physics, Chemistry. Sponsor: Intramural Athletics 8: Student Council. VIRGINIA J. MUSSLER B.S., Teachers College of Con- necticut. U.S. History, World History. 55 1 -l l ELLA E. RICE A.B., Bates College, M.A., Hillyer College. Mathematics. Sponsor: House Council, F. T.A. PAULINE RAINVILLE A.B., Emmanuel College. French. Sponsor: Cheerleaders, French Club. ,va 1- ' Y .J W' rfsiiirl.-i f I Q , s:gjg6'gg5'fij . , eiiistlilsisis' ' Sys. s ut? .swf iss ,. at P STEWART WASHBURN ,Egg up wifiiijgig. B.A., Middlebury College, M. ss Q ,syf.iasff3g.,.,g.ygg. A., Columbia U. Mathematics. S : F l M B.S.,Boston U.gM.Ed.,Hillyer Aliglgggsl awry anaget of College. FERNAND S. TETREAU B.S., 6th year, Springfield Col- lege, M.A., Columbia U. MARION S. WALSH Physical Education. 57 Coach: Varsity Football English, World History. v Sponsor: Literary Magazine, Track' Theatre Club. ROBERT A. BARROWS B.S., U. of Massachusettsg M. A., U. of Connecticut. Algebra I. EDWARD T. BARRY, JR. A.B., St. Anselm's Collegeg M. in Ed., Boston U. United States History, World History. Sponsor: Exchange Student Commission, j.V. Football. LORRAINE BURNS B.S., Marywood Colege. Typing I, Clerical Practice. EBEN W. BURR A.B., U. of Michigang U. of Bridgeport. Mathematics. HELEN CARROLL B.S., Arnold Colege. Physical Education. Sponsor: G.A.A., Girls' Sports. DOUGLAS G. CHRISTIE B.A., Middlebury College, M. A., Columbia Teachers Col- lege. American History, Modern History. Sponsor: Advisor of School Council, Coordinator of Stu- dent Activities. VIRGINIA H. EMERY B.A., Wellesley Colegeg M.A., Vanderbilt U. English. Sponsor: Wolcott Dramatics. CARLYNE ANN A.A., Bradford Junior A.B., Barnard College. English II, Spanish I. Sponsor: Freshman Class A 'iaf','1 .Q H " "emily-1iii:'.i' ifyiiilu '.tvitl'1Q.' - e ijnjgiw 5121,-1 Jw -.f'.fl.itlt1b . lt- wilt.: ww f. tt .,-it-Aw 'J as -veliag Qty. ,w K K . WOLCOTT FACULTY ' , Jail .- - fig., vt...-,fl 1, y .sv .-..a Q A ww" f- .uf fa Mm- wwf V . f-f:75.Q2d.-flfzii .ag:ft:.g,w- ,V tg2i1yf5w:g3.f5 ' PETER J. HARRITY M. in Ed. Worcester State Teachers Colege. English. I VINCENT G. KUZAS B.S.a Teacher's College of Con- necticut. Industrial Arts. Coach: Soccer. FRANK MCCABE B.S., State Teachers' College. Sponsor: Auto Shop, Industri- al Arts, Intramural Sports. JOHN W. MEAD A.B., Middlebury College: M. A., U. of Bridgeport. Elementary Algebra, Geomtry, General Math I, General Math II. ROBERT PICKETT B.S., Gorham State Teachers Collegeg A.M.. Harvard U. World History, Problems of American Democracy. Sponsor: House Council. MILDRED G. PLUMMER JOYCE A. POWER B.S., Simmons College. A.B., Emmanuel. Librarian. French. Sponsor: Library Club, Junior Sponsor: Cheerleaders. Red Cross. JULIE M. SAUR CHARLOTTE SHEA ARNOLD M. WILE B-A-,'WC11CSlCY- A.B.,Bryn Mawr College: Yale B.S., M.A., New York U.g Eflglwh, LHUU- U. Columbia U. 59 Sponsor: Ughefg Guild, 1,-mga. English. Business Administration. mural SllPC1'ViS0f- Sponsor: Crimson Crier. ABBIE NORRIS MARGARET MACGREGOR House Aide ALICE POTTS RUTH HILLMAN House Aide House Aide House Aide HELEN VARALJAY Secretary ALYS JAMES Clerk LUCILLE FREEMAN Secretary under las men Q49 NVD 1 2 ' 7 as-W 2 S -"' EX Q 'Af' -'FK'-f'f5'A' H 'ff-"Q-Q -'-,. 5 5' laik: -'I1'Af?:4H:11gi:-1'f21g.,. , . ' Q' 5 'al'-'f'j 4 ' mv M9 .... 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Elwood. Row 2 P..Efeid1and, R. 141af, F. Gesl lein, B. Grapsi. Row 3: J. Gold- berg, T. Edwards, M. Goldberg B. Freedman. Row 4: L. Elwood K. Gould, F. Gmify, R. Daven: port, K. Ember. Row 5: R. Ger- da, F. Eichorn, K. Hoppner. Row 1: E. Krozier, Row 2: B. Kennedy, D. Bossiere, Row 3: N. Knott, J. Keane, C. Kranyik. Row 4: R. Kardos, D. Kaufman, K. Johnson, P. Karbovanac. Row 5: D. Kurimai, J. Kovacs, R. Kop- cik. Row 1: R. Jose, S. Goldberg, D Jaswaye, W. Jose. Row 2: M Harrington, C. Herlihy, M. Har- rington, C. Hetherington, J. Hor- vath, C. Heady, M. Havery, K Johnson. Row 3: D. Hamilton D. Holmquise, R. Greenberg, D. Janquira, A. Fercho, B. Illman, K. Heprer. UNIOR Row 1: P. Lee, R. Lockwood, D. Lieberthal, L. Luciani, R. Lauder. Row 2: C. Manderville, M. Mc- Carthy, M. Marks, N. Mamrus, I.. Martenson, M. Melick, E. Levy, T. Ludgis. Row 3: J. Leupold, I. Mayo, -I. Launer, J. MacDonald, P. Marcinko, D. Kessler. Row 1: J. Pecker, G. Shapiro, A. Olah, R. Pager. Row 2: I. Prion, A. Piecirello, J. Romaine, C. Per- gyi, J. Lacavagc. Row 3: B. Lan- dis, B. Pokras, C. Rich, B. Petro. 64 Row 1: M. Molloy, J. Norkus, V Nelson, M. Niznansky, C. Mat- arazzo, E. Munson, P. Naverette Row 2: A. Gambino, 1. Nardozzi B. Naverette, K. Nelson, E. Mor: risey, M. Musante, A. Nerneth ocko Row 3 A Mihalloff P. Mal . : . , J. Nagourney, A. Musante, R. Minor, B. Nelson, A. Mutrynoski Q2 4... sr1,ZQQQQazaarwrfwwwazfaerieeamvesefr lwamwt ,ww ,.., .-w..,,,ww,ws-,,w.NAm-awW-m.s.A.fE.a,,,i,M,aw.,,,..W,sm,,W...-fm JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Clinton Salko, President, Evelyn Agonis, Vice Presidentg Diane Snyder, Treasurer, Joanne Williams, Secretary. Row 1: Bonnie Navarette, Jean O'Hara, Carol Dusick, Edith Stadler, Mary Lou Farese, Ann Newbold, Joanne Williams, Helen Yrus, Edith Savage, Sue Jacoby, Bonnie Baker, Susan Smith. Row 2: Sharon Phillips, Anita Alexander, Linda Hine, Pat Polohar, Joan Norkus, Barbara Seidens, Susan Bonney, Evelyn Siavrakas, Margaret Godo, Debbie Kinsman, Nancy Powell, Sue Hutchinson. Row 3: Dave Zimme', Randy Vidal, Frank Palumbo, Dick Hunt, Jim Redin, Nick Cavallaro, David Peterson, Sam Banks, Joe Simko, Marty Chapin. Row 4: Bob Haydu, Pete Bassett, Danny Dziewulski, Art Schuerer, Bruce Horvath, Jean O'Hara, Al Terifay, John Lazowsky, Richard Tovish, Pete Turoczi. CAN DIDS Row 1: J. Parker, M. Pennell P. Pennell, S. O'Connor, A. Mus- to, C. Osborn. Row 2: S. Ostra- PUZHUUZ'-im vage, J. Peck, R. Parbloka Nathman, M. Muthersbaugh Peritri, F. Palumbo. Row 5: Pihonak, J. Orosz, P. Ney Olah, S. Perlstein P. Petrino Nelson. Row 4: F. Okenquist Neger, J. Norris, R. Nicola Peck. UPHO OR Row 1: J. Litwin C. Miklos B. Medvegy Y. Martin J. Mitchell R. Maraczi I.. Miller. Row 2: B. Mitchell P. Ludgis B. Mackey E. Magi. Row 3: D. Martin B. MacGregor E.L. Murray S. Mis- chik. Row 4: S. Moniuk G. Mic- haud C. McKeown P. McElwain E. Meshken. Row 5: N. Message D. Logic R. McCulloch J. Mel- son. Row 1: R Tomac J Turcsany C Vlantes J Tomaskovic Row 2: D. Piluso C Tyler J Turoczi J. Trenck. Row 3: E. Thomson E. Tessier R. Vlader . Ulman I M. Vanlvlorn E. Tower R. Val- entine, R. Tolmie. 'F sf 5fwf 554, f -M , V X:,L. ,Q . OPHO CRE Row 1: I. DelVecchio, S. Coven- try, M. Cole, L. Duch, D. Eli, E. Dobos. Row 2: N. Dobronsky, S. Denter, P. Blomdahl, S. Clow- ry, P. DeSantie, R. Errio, C. Croc- co, B. Downs. Row 3: G. Clarke, L. Denby, A. DeCesare, W. Dom- eika, E. Dvorsky, L. Csenger, A. DiMatria. Row 1: G. Burke, B. Carlson, L Perunetto, G. Cannone, S. Ciofll D. Burke. Row 2: R. Choiniere C. Carson, E. Canning, B. Cam: pell, M.A. Brooks, P. Brennan Row 3: C. Burdge, S. Carp, W Bulferd, R. Bowen, A. Gambino Row 4: G. Broderick, H. Cetola, G. Butler, E. Brown, R. Cerino. 70 Row 1: ,G. Wensky, M. Weaver, E. West, J. Wood. Row 2: W. Winburn, J. Westlund, D. West R. Wargo. Row 2: S. Wysocki H. Zelich, B. Wettenstein, B Walman. Row 3: M. Yahn, E Wahlquist, R. Yoczik, J. Yeager Row 1: P. Trudeau, W. Line burgh, R. Knott, J. Kranyik, A. Koscil, D. Korczakowski, E. Lind wal-1. Row 2: N. Hellgren, N. Leech, M. Leonard, M. Kornar, F. Krysta, A. M. Koliada, E. Lan sing, C. Velanees. Row 3: J Lichacz, R. Lake, K. Kopsco, J. Lazowsky, J. LeDoux, T. Kloss, D Lips. Row 4: R. Kuhn, D. Kowats R. Horberg, T. Kochis, R. Levine R. Larsen. Row 1: E. Hoffman, J. Jancuska B. Johnson, S. Kaplan, K. Jur: gielewicz, C. Humphrey. Row 2: J. Ingham, S. Hirsch, J. Kace- gowicz, M. Karmasin, B. Jestreby N. Kielbus, M. Izzo. Row 3: R Kilstrom, C. jankousky, D. Kins- man, P. Kasvinsky, P. Hey, P Kavall, R. Jacoby. Row 1: A. Barber, C. Bitzer, L. Bodie, P. Baudouin. Row 2: J. Bodnar, L. Belovitch, A. Bennett, R. Anderson, W. Bernardin, S. Balazsi, D. Bourgeois, M. Baller- ini, B. Bassett. Row 3: W. Beck, M. Beck, N. Benson, G. Bousquet, G. Allison, S. Auger, E. Banyat- sky, S. Bolten, R. Alpert. Row 4: N. Bartolomeo, S. Beardsley, C. Anderson, H. Alexander, N. Benson. 72 wi, Ll SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Frank Palumbo, Treasurerg Gladys Allison, Vice Presidentg Lolly Hoffman Secretary, Howard Ratner. President. riN .75 ASIATIC F LU SHUT Row 1: J. August, M. Strolin, L. Prater, A. Ermie, L. Kaplan, N. Bristol, S. Buda, C. Walsh, J. Holcomb, J. Mickune. Row 2: C. Lagana, S. Munson, B. England, S. Hobson, C. Needham, L. Duffy, J. Kemtz, P. Priest, E. Pennewell, L. Toth, J. Tomac. Row 3: K. Killburn, S. Frankel, S. Kaspen, H. Stern, D. Hamilin, K. Brewster, T. Csizmadia, E, Riccio, M. Scugen, D. Pellitier, J. Schless. Row 4. W. Paskauski, B. Shay, F. Gates, G. Englander, E. Zelle, D. Eli, F. Sweeny, C. Magyar. l'.t.:'ml""" uwmvwWwsxaaSim,g1ff1w.s7-.frrzrma..A.,,,.awayaam,:Watawr.Maa:.-.M.a.-sl-...MMCW-W.....W-V.-W........... CAN DIDS fmqhm' is-rar wrt?-. Rowl B Morgan J Malrvaksy P Lhyne L Maller C Collar M Thersa V Mastrorocco B Malch B Modes Row 2 E Mof fxtt J Magdon P Musone S Magyer E Massxe H McClatch ey Row 3 I Medexros R Mas trorocco D McCarthy G Matto M Mabolslu L Wrtrers C Mxtchell Row 4 C Nazas J Malloux G Myers FRESHMEN 1 M Langdon L Kroko Row sky N Lucas Row 2 H Letsch K Lxeberthal L Lmdsrrom P Lakatos M Lajole S Locke B Labell J Cromwell Row 3 J Krawxtz T Leonard F Loren sen M Launer G Lincoln T Levy B Lobdell L Leffel Row 4 A Kranyxk R Lashrn P Ker sara D Lathrop D Lmclwall W Lucvmko D Larson Row 1 C Nelson D Pennrng ton K Pager I Pecker Row 2 S Meumer E Olcsuary P O Nelll K Phelps T Olah J Odes W Nagourney Row 3 E Phxllps B OBr1en H Patter son C Olson L Nehrlng S Nelson, C. Panda. Row 4. W. Pfeif, N. Norrhcotr, J. Ne1songE Paradis, R. Nichols. Row 5: D Messer, J. Makowsh, R. Punson R. Parks. CLASS Row 1: J. Sternberg, M. Snel- grove, H. Somley, E. Sawyer, K Sabanosh, .ShaEer K. Stern J , , Linsley. Row 2: K. Sayles, B Sinolnak, C. Stodolski, J. Sadow ski, M. Siavrakas, J. Schwarz, W Schubert, R. Smith. Row 3: B Scanlon, A. Stilson, J. Shapiro B. Shacoski, S. Szalay, L. Soley: S. Rost, P. Sullvagy. Row 1: S. Zimmer, J. Weinstien, D. Webster, E. Zenhye, L. Whit- worth, M. Yrus, S. Zeisler. Row 2: P. Wargo, S. Szalay, S. Wein- stein, C. Smith, C. Wiggins. Row 3: D. Schempp, J. Szabo, D. Wen- ten, C. Wiszer. Row 4: J. Zim- mer, P. Woods, J. Zacchis. Row 1: B. Johnson, C. Bansak L. Borkowski, J. Borg, B. Bell S. Arnold, A. Asby. Row 2: G Beaudin, O. Belovich, A. Baran- owski, C. Avary, R. Bowdey, B Baker, B. Beadie, P. Allen, I Bennett. Row 3: H. Adentedt, F Beres, R. Berson, L. Buedinger J. August, J. Baldo, B. Kropetie P. Puchino, D. Beresky. Row 41, R. Bernard, R. Kopah, R. Barkie D. Kayfman, P. Bakonyi, B. Bur: den. Row 1 L Eskwrth T Carameta M Dowlxng J Kober B Fedls ko R Chamberlaln Row 2 J Dertz A Carpenter S Errksson B Elander B Farkas L Drew Row 3 L Cholnrere F Cappel hen M Downs J Chanaca A Drckey B Edmonds Row 4 R Patterson H Hofmrller P Hor vath I Moe R Edgar S Hill man G Greenhalgh FRESHMEN Row 1: J. Glenn, P. Hidu, N. Kowats, L. Johnson, S. Halko, B. Halpin G Hauser Row 2' S Horwxtz A Gazdxk B Bachrach M Hnllman C Glanrz S From km I Gasper K Kerser J Fxrer P Harrington Row 5 C Hxck man D Bok J Halasz J Gros so S Klrban J Hedberg D Frledman R Kar Row 4 G Kane P Hnller CS: Greenhalgh T Tremblay F Frglar Row 1 S Dzurka R Feldman W Evans R Ehlert A Dossa J Engelman R Cepero Row 2 B DAlbora B Csontos T Del Vento M Byrteck D Charney D Butkas M Clevxnger B Fed xsko Row 3 J Dommu S Hutchmson K Cummmgs P D1Meo M Csontos C Ceruttx A Keller Row 4 H Dyer J Feher L Chxmmr M Ebsetxn R Evancho S Drucker T Dar dom ASS Row 1: J. Tricarico, L. Thilo, P. Thompson, E. Tuska. Row 2: E. Tornay, C. Vecchiarelli, C. Van- Wagner, P. Vermeulen, R. Vas as S Terebese V1 e. Row 3 ,' - , J- 'g J. Vezina, H. Vilmany, D. Tris- tine, F. Vetto, P. Trenk, J. Swar- ney, A. Taylor. Row' 4: L. Ten nant, M. Votre, D. Udiskey, L. Vincentini, M. Stevens, M. Stev ens, J. Toth, F. Tricarico. Row 1: R. Pinkham, A. Reuther, V. Riveria, N. Plummer, S. Rich, 1. Roman. Row 3: P. Paul, S. Reed, S. Rurhenthal,M. Ruseman, J. Pressy. Row 2: C. Risley, G. Pulito, R. Prion, J. Riunyak, L. Proto, S. Romano, H. Popp. Row 4: J. Reed, P. Rockoff, B. Polle, T. Polaski, 1. Reed, R. Ricchetti, W. Ruby. Row 5: E. Petirti, C. Pimeroy, L. Gill. 'W Even Freshmen eat! !! A IATIC Row 1: N. Lake, A. Kantrow, B. Ridley, M. Kranyik, J Kober, S. Bodnar, J. Srackas, C. Kish, F. Winsky, S. Smuckler Row 2: R. Maline, J. Fenn, E. Kennedy, E. Patterson, L. Anderson, A. Jurgielewicz, D. Pelley, F. Czaplicki, T. Bobileff A. D'Albora, J. Shapiro. Row 5: B. Chibby, D. Jackson, H F LU SHOT Jimmie, J. Williams, E. Deschenecuix, S. Terebesi, J. Daniels, R. Heyde, C. Jones, G. Franko, P. Sockist. Row 4: S. Smey, C. Lilya, J. Medeiras, A. Paveles, A. Alper, D. Blavartez, B. Sherwood. fm' W ee'f"wH1f2.Mwiwmwi- - 11.-1.12.-ie - -M... .. mmW. .sws:m:xzx,.Qm.wi....-..-.. ., ,, ., ,. , ,DW - . .l...a... ... f.......,-..,...,- ... . -- f- .. iw Mf-ffm"W'Wfi'W'1'--- .- ......... ..w..w. ...W ...M ,.--w.,....-W... ...W..M....,, ...W 1 1 Someday you, too, will be Seniors 5 Q Q NO Xfiwwgvgggjaffkgita ff TEXEMM W Ilwenvlm elf but lbecvrnectpzvyggvnvftivaf clfvtbfldflw J 'iw f' gxf ' V 55 W 'X ' 1 1 xxxx CN! 1 Sz N- cya 7, ' 4 WK ' Xmg X f x L 9 -:mg X iw F f ilk V F' x, 1 X! ,XX . I X si xp-' Yzffm' N X f f f I . 1 Someday you, too, will be Seniors . . The 1957 Warde fall sports schedule shows a total of three wins for the football, cross country and soccer teams. Despite many reversals, the Eagle representatives proved themselves to be scrappers and hustlers. Wide spread sickness depleted ranks to such a degree that the football squad never was in full strength for much 'of the season. Cross country could muster only five runners for two meets, and the soccer coaches were harried by Huctua- ting attendance. The football squad opened its season on our home field with Warde's first victory. Bassick fell prey to the aggressive Eagles, 15-7. Sophomore fullback, jack Flanna- gan, and junior halfback, Dick Kardos, started individual- ly impressive season performances by scoring Warde's two TD's. The crimson line, led by co-captains Bob Ander- son and Eric Carlson, thrilled the crowd with its crisp blocking and stellar defensive tackling. The next three contests pointed out our lack of depth, however, Coach Tetreau and line coach Dobelstein attained maximum performance from our regulars in the game with New Canaan. We nosed out a 7-6 win. Our score was made on a 50 yard run by Kardos. Linemen Mike Hayes and Andy Korkorda played an outstanding game. The remainder of our docket saw us take a drubbing by Stratford and suffer frustration at the hands of Ludlowe and Central. The Ludlowe game, played in a pelting rain, was particularly disappointing. Our two talented ends, john Pekar and jack Mentes, were hampered by the slick ball, consequently our ground game felt the offensive burden. Al Bennett tallied for Warde, dashing 80 yards on a kick-off return. Brian Shay was a standout with his heads-up playing. We drew Hrst blood against Central, but were unable to hold off a late opposition drive. Our season ended with a respectable record of two wins and six losses. The cross country and soccer teams, both lacking student support, were statistically unimpressive. Coach Klee's harriers notched their sole win against Harding. Senior co-captains Lenny Sohlberg and Steve Tower, plus Glen Shaffer, john Meclerious and Steve Terebesi were the insistant Warde placers. The soccer boys could not find the winning combination for coaches Cavender and Kuzas. Co-captains Al Schmidt and Al Neigher headed the fighting booters. Paul Ringleheim's admirable goal tending and the aggressive play of Doug Holmquist and Glen Englander provided bright spots in a 0-10 record. This season's Varsity basketball team compiled a 5-12 record. Despite the frequent reversals, Coach Seirup's squad demonstrated hustle and team play. Captain Jack Mentes was our outstanding player, while Lorry Taylor, Doug Holmquist, Ronny Schecter and Dave Beaudoin all performed well. Underclassmen Howie Ratner, Tom Dar- dani and Dan Harris not only gained valuable experience, but aided Warde's cause. Our schedule opened on December 15, with an away game against Bassick. We dropped our first of two losses to the talented Lions, by the score of 75-51. The combina- tion of opening night jitters and strong play by the opposi- tion overplayed our Eagle five. Mentes' 16 points and Taylor's 11 were high point totals for us. The Bullard Havens and Fairfield Prep contest were exciting but disappointing. Offensive lapses hindered our efforts. Center, Lorry Taylor, bucketed a total of 55 points in the two games. Our Hrst victory, which was at Tech's expense, came after an overtime period. We trailed through three stanzas, but managed to tie the score when jack Mentes sank a basket with four seconds remaining in the regulation period. As the overtime period began each team had 56 points, however, Warde notched 8 markers to Tech's 4. Doug Holmquist sank 21, Taylor and Mentes 12 each, and Ray Yalder 11, to lead Warde scorers. The ensuing five games, each against strong oppo- nents, did not favor Warde. In the wild scoring Harding fray, which ended in a 95-65 loss, Holmquist and Taylor were high scorers with 15 points each. Ludlowe, playing before a packed house on our home court, was solidly beaten 58-49. Our squad never was be- hind, leading 14-11 and 43-57 in the first and third quar- ters respectively. Ronny Schecter, scoring skillfully, cashed in 18 points, while Dave Beaudoin with 15 and Doug Holmquist with 10 scored consistently. The season's finale against Ludlowe was our only win during the closing part of the schedule. Dave Beaudoin, playing his last game, notched 16 crucial points in a losing Prep game. Dropping a heart-breaker to Staples, 54-49, the Eagles put on one of the better efforts of the season. Taylor and-Ratner led the offensive which nearly overcame the opponents. Milford nipped off their victory in an over- time by scoring 5 points to our 1. It was a tight game throughout, with Warde holding a slim advantage during the first three quarters. Milford pulled ahead late in the last stanza, but Jack Mentes drove in and tied the game. In the overtime Milford held us to one final shot. Warde traveled to Mill Plain School to compete with Ludlowe, and the trip proved successful because we won 52-55. Ludlowe managed to lead for one quarted, but by the half time intermission we had rested the advantage from them and at the close of quarter three led 56-25. Captain Mentes, finishing a stellar high school career, led the parade of Warde scorers with 17 points. Our Spring sports teams seem headed for successful seasons. Coach Jackson, baseball coach, stated that the Warde nine has more depth this season than last, despite the lack of experienced pitchers. Among the returning veterans are Messrs. Pekar, Neigher, Ratner, Holmquist and Englander. This year's tennis team, including letter- winners Paul Ringleheim, Gus Horowitz, Bob Hillman and Steve Tower will be under the guidance of Coach Harrity. Aided by Ronny Schecter and the talents of other newcomers, the squad will definitely improve its record of last season. On the links, Warde's team, composed of the men who won us the state runner-up trophy, may go un- defeated. Captain Rick Gleacher, Ray Klein, Al Burr and Don Miklus will carry most of the burden for Coach Stone's team. Coach Terreau's track squad, fwith at least six home meets and there are at least six home meets sched- uledb filled with experienced performers, should be much stronger than last year. Co-captains Scofield and Schmidt, plus Len Sohlberg, Glen Shaffer and Al Bennett are the principle seasoned members who will hold forth this team. OCCGR Row 1: R. Gunter, AH Neigher, Co-Capt., A. Schmidt, Co-Capt., W. Lyon. Row 2: D. Jackson, J. Engelman, S. Frankel, J. Schless, M. Popp, R. Feldman. Row 3: Mr. Cavendar, Coach, H. Gladstein, J. Shaffer, A. Biro, D. Holmquist, C. Kovacs, J. Bordes, R. Pager, A. Shumofsky, Man. Row 4: E. Brown, G. Skog, D. Dziewulski, G. Eng- lander, P. Ringelgeim, W. Jose, R. Demaresr. CRQSS C , UNTRY arde arde arde arde arde arde arde arde SCORES - Harding - Norwalk - Fairfield Prep - Ludlowe - Greenwich - Scrarford -- Danbury - Stamford Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde SCORES Won - Ludlowe 0 - Stamford 0 - Hillhouse 1 Q - Westhaven 1 - Norwalk 3 - Greenwich 1 - Ludlowe 2 - Greenwich 1 - Norwalk 0 - Stamford Forfeit 3 4 4 6 6 4 6 6 1 20 15 15 20 15 18 20 17 Row 1: S. Greenblatt, S. Tower, S. Terebesi, B. Grapski, Row 2: H. Lee, J. Medeiros, L. Sohlberg, G. Shaffer. 83 FUOTB LL Row 1: L. Gill, R. Kardos, J. Vincze, R. Scofield, J. Pekar. A. Kokorda, J. Mentes, T. Lindsay, R. Anderson, E. Carlson, M. Hayes, D. Howells. Row 2: D. Foster, W. Ruby, C. McKeown, R. Figlar, R. Sansone, J. Flanagan, B. Slesinsky, C. Walsh, E. Tremblay, F. Nehring, E. Mage, W. Beck, H. Keslan, J. Lazowsky, R. Bernard. Row 3: Mr. Terreau, Coach, F. Garriey, T. Dardani, R. Ricchetti, F. Gates, E. Zelle, H. Ratner, J. Schneider, L. Noga, C. Salko, S. Hawley, B. Shay, J. Rolzlerto, A. Bennett, L. Blum, Mr. Doblestein, Coach. Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde BERNARD s. TETREAM RUSSELL DOBELSTEIN Wards SCORES 13 - Bassick 0 - Greenwich 0 - Darien 13 - Milford 7 - New Canaan O - Stratford 6 - Ludlowe - Central af-..a.,w.MP.f..-.M..... 2 S X I E S Someone's got to give . . Up-up-up-up! Duz does everything 24.,f,,: - -- f W n.,.Q - fe, inf i v , if E 2 15 'ff r 2 35 . vs Eg L , M, s i M v 5 e , E N.-2 ?x -X f gg 15,14 "L gf ' 9 , 2 a 5 Service beyond the call of duty as s K Q-sf 3522 we xi Q , ,fs , Wx 'S SE? W ,Q :f E55 X 2 , w gg 4 EA 5 0? re : I f: 'U " af' s A 5 ww H ,V 1, ,gk ef , Q 4 1 4 5 'z f izfy iwbl Z il w5'1:-"LEE-'QE 'wi 1 : N. ' F-BP-:ri W TT? ' 15 5. ,LS e get 11 i,, Wt, fe as , X S iff ,, Y ix .vi f g, I ev' M3 , f gy Q is M49- 5 A X 5 .X i t .W ,J ,mf - ,ii -. . 'ri w, ":, W ,A . V ., -1, WV, 1 ,,,.1,, ,,,.,. ,. Q 4 H.. N11 w t. ,ff-'F"'f:f,,.L:. In .fun . . . Ami in min . Our team wax S pared on by our ever faithful . ..., WM, , .,,,. . A , , ff KSC pk . f. . . sf , :ff + 1 : V51- ggi Q ,,,, I J I 4 Le 5 A 1 X V v, 'iv K ,K , , 4 5 l E f' g ,M 'fNf2,:.,:.,, -M Lk ye wfs.w'e " J 9 ' 'Z , ' V , I , I , L , cz mf , . ' Y'- L .V 5 K I 4 C rf 4 3 in 'y -- 7 Rfgi egx -1,2 we 1 335 U . , f .. .W We if B uw , 'Y ., 24 tx' Vx E .. .v., l 2' f I 2 9 -J...,.,g. ., -:v.,.,',y, ,,ye' ,fi N .,.,5:4,, ,., S V .,... .... J , fkiruz, ., -1.1, 5: -E W ggiya-qw ,M me , .,,,,., v We 1' x Q I an 3 7 i wg 1 42 res Q Yv f J, 2 2? 1 E if .5 3 1 f .. e. ,- L ..,, -' ' ,F , ' ,mm-411' rg QL, ee ai .. X 9 4 i W . . :.f-ff 1 - 2, V 1 .,.,- ,,,f gg. ,',- ' , Whafs written on the front of those signs boys? CHEERLEADER Top to Bottom: P. Nelson, Cap- taing M. Pacione, E. Meshken, L Lansing, J. Winenberg, M. Van- Horn, J. Petrovich, R. Re, B Miller, W. Lineburgh. What, me worry?? jack Mentes ....,.. Doug Holmquist ....... Howie Ratner Ron Schecter ..4.. Lawrence Taylor Ray Vlader .,..... A1 Bennett ...,..,. Tom Dardani ........ Glen Englander ......... BOY' BA KETBALL Varsity Varsity Varsity Varsity Varsity Varsity J.v. J.v. J.v. yv. Fred Gates ..,.......,.........,.......................,.,..,,........., Dan Harris ..... Pete Horvath . Den Linwall Joe Magdon Ed Moffett ..... Sam Rost ..i..,. Paul Sellavag Mike Siavrakas Steve Terebesi . Jerry Zacchia . Which one will get the ball? Lots of luck! Crazy-legs! TRACK Row 1: L. Sohlberg, A. Schmidt, R. Scofleld, M. Hayes. Row 2: Coach Tetreau, C. Walsh, D. Cardos, L. Noga, A. E. Newmarm, A. Bennett, B. Scoug, G. Scheffer. 90 "3 . W ' :J rl' -' 1 gill' U s.p ,,.v "" ' TENNIS A D BA EBALL Row 1: P. Ringleheim, S. Tower, J. Kronfeld, R. Adenstedt, J. Bordes. Row 2: Mr. Guamnaccia G. Horowitz, R. Schecter, S. Banks, G. Stern, G. Brauner, Manager, Row 1: B. Pager, A. Neigher, J. Pekar, L. Blum. Row Z: G. Englander, D. Holmquist, H. Ratner, T. Tuzzio. Row 3: F. Nehring, E. Magi, J. Flanagan, J. Salmon, E. Tremblay, D. Hamilton. Footb Seated: J. Petuzzi, B. MacGregor. Standing: M. Buzas, J. Brown, A. Westberg, E. Schwarz. This year membership in the G.A.A. was opened to all girls. In previous years there was a pre- requisite of six points for member- ship. A revision in the athletic point system lowering the number of points received by members of Var- sity and junior Varsity squads was also enacted. The G.A.A. sponsored a basketball playday and clinic with most of the area schools partic- ipating. Girls who were not mem- bers of the Varsity and j.V. teams comprised our team. Faculty Supporters: Miss Powers and Miss Rainville. After game refreshments - The Mothers' Club. 93 GIRLS' BASKETBALL While Warde's female buckateers did not enjoy a spectacular season, they had a satisfactory 2-9 record and succeeded in maintaining the fine reputation of good sportmanship established by last year's team. All of the games were extremely close. The girls dropped the first Ludlowe game by only one point in overtime and lost three other games by only a three or four point margin. The two highlights of the season were the Ridgefield and Stamford trouncings, which our Warde lassies took 42-30 and 36-18, respect- ively. Captain Angie Renzulli led this year's Varsity squad consisting of forwards Gerry Burke, Shirley Buturla, Sandy Erickson, Bonnie Haines, Bonnie Mac- Gregor, Marcia Tierney and Carol Wallitzer, and guards Nancy Clarke, Louise Elwood, Lois Martenson, Pat Navarette and Judy Petrino, Gerry Burke, the team's high scorer, chalked up 124 points in nine games, scoring 25 and 22 points respectively in the two Staples games. The junior Varsity girls deserve a hand for completing a very successful season with eight wins and one loss. The one blemish on their nearly-perfect record was the first Westport game, which went into a thrilling double over- time climaxed in Warde's 21-20 defeat. High-scoring captain Denny Burke, who bucketed 109 points in nine games, sparked her team-mates Betty Angus, Sue Bonney, Bev Carlson, janet Heske, Debbie Kinsman, Judy Launer, Yvonne Martin, Penny Petrino, Nancy Powell, joan Scofield, Cindy Smith, jane Stenberg and jane Yurdin to victory throughout the entire season. Debbie Kinsman had a party for both squads following their last game with Darien. The girls presented autographed basketballs to Captains Angie Renzulli and Denny Burke. Miss Carley and Miss Caroll received inscribed key-chains as tokens of the girls' appreciation of their hard work. Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Watde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Warde Watde Warde Watde Warde Warde VARSITY SCORES 15 - Ludlowe .. 19 - Danbury.. 36 - Stamford 39 - Westport 23 - Danbury.. 44 - Westport 26 -- Ludlowe .. 42 -- Ridgefield 27 -- Darien .... j.V. SCORES 24 - Ludlowe .. 17 - Danbury .. 36 - Stamford 20 - Westport 31 - Danbury.. 39 '- Westport 30 - Ludlowe .. 48 - Ridgefield 31 - Danbury.. Bonnie, she's only seven feet tall . . . GIRLS' HOCKEY Row 1: S. Ostravage, A. Gazdik, S. Rosenthal, D. Dunn N. Mamrus, R. Vasas, H. Adenstedt, A. Reuther, S. Denreri Row 2: C. Wallitzer, J. Petrino, P. Armstrong, M. Tierney C. Laurie, B. MacGregor, J. Scofield, S. Coventry. Row 3: The girls' Hockey Team, coached by Miss Helen Carroll and Miss Mary Carley and captained by Nancy Clarke and Joan Scofield, had an unusual record of two wins, four ties and one loss for its second year of activity. Forward line players were Sue Smith, Lois Martenson, Bonnie MacGregor, Angie Renzulli, Marcia Tierney, Carol Wallitzer and Sandy Coventry. They were supported by a defensive group composed of Joan Scofield, Bev Carlson, Nancy Clarke and Pat Navarette - halfbacks, Chris Laurie, Bonnie Haines and Judy Petrino - fullbacks, Gerri Burke - oalie. The managers were Dottie Brews- 8 ter and Suzie Zatka. The only returning Varsity members were defensive players Chris Laurie and Nancy Clarke. The Asiatic Flu took its toll of Varsity players, and eager Jayvees had many opportunities to participate in Varsity games. Four tie games in one season make our record as VARSITY HOCKEY SCORES Warde 0 Danbury 0 Warde 1 New Canaan 1 Warde 1 Westport 1 Warde 4 Stamford 0 Warde 0 Darien 5 Warde 0 Westport 0 Warde 2 Ludlowe 0 JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY SCORES Warde l Danbury O Warde 0 New Canaan 3 Warde 1 Darien 1 Warde 0 Westport 0 Warde 0 Ludlowe 1 1 1 Miss Carley, S. Zatka, Man., C. Olson, E. Stadler, L. Marten- son, B. Carlson, P. Navarette, D. Burke, J. Launer, G. Burke, A. Renzulli, B. Haines, S. Buda, D. Brewster, Man., Miss Carroll. unique, if not as impressive, as last year's. The Danbury and first Westport games were scoreless ties, while the New Canaan and second,Westport games were both dead- locked at 1-1. It is certainly noteworthy that Warde was the only team to hold the spirited, and undefeated West- port team twice. The highlight of the season was the Ludlowe game, in which our girls defeated Ludlowe by a substantial 2-O score, terminating another successful season of play. The Junior Varsity squad finished the season with one victory, two ties and one loss. Pat Armstrong, Rickey Adenstadt, Denny Burde, Sandy Denter, Diane Dunn, Audrey Gazdik, Casandra Havens, Beatrice O'Brian, Sally Ostravange, Ann Reuther, Sally Rosenthal, Edith Stadler, Jane Stenberg, Rosemary Vasas, Judy Launer, and Nancy Mamrus gained valuable experience toward becoming members of next year's Varsity team. Captains, keep your eyes on that ball! 1 M Y fs XXX x X: 5 7 I 1 I I : 1171 165 'f .1 N 5 f 'x afthy 1 e razfeci X X ng NK E1 4' -' 11211 , -f , . 3, .f x . XXX xxh . I ,nxt v ' 1 4,1 -4 'A rf 2 af I v K-41 r It ' x 98 BA G. Allison, B. Berecz, A. Bivins, J. Borona, R. Ciarmiello, R. Delvy, S. Frankel, V. George, D. Hamlin, G. Hedberg, B. Heady, G. Hermann, P. Hey, S. Hobson, G. Hyde, J. Ingram, S. Jacoby, D. Kaufman, D. Kinsman, T. Kochis, W. Kosa, H. Letsch, D. Lathrop, L. Lucianio, R. Lockwood, N. Leech, R. Molnar, B. Mackey, R. McCulloch, P. McElwain, A. Olah, M. Pennell, J. Redin, E. Riccio, G. Randall, J. Salmon, G. Shapiro, W. Schiller, M. Sorgen, S. Terebesi, F. Veto, E. Wright, J. Reed ,v4y:..' 'x ,sf si 2. J l J 'x Q! Row l: A. Ashby, J. Stenberg, J. Schaeffer, S. Deurka, T. Olah, H. Hillman. Row 2: L. Chimini, J. Williams, J. Taylor, P. Hiller, K. Stern, C. Olson. Now in its second year, Andrew Warde's Band meets in A-15 to practice instead of disappearing into the cellar as it did last year. This present Band room ranks among the best. It was beautifully constructed under the guidance of Mr. German, and holds sixty people. The members feel the pleasant surroundings add to the enjoy- ment of playing. The Band participated in each football game, and also played at various assemblies and parades. A Band assembly was given in the middle of the year, and it was during this that Wardites became aware of how good their Band really is. The members also took part in the annual Spring Concert. The fine quality which Warde's Band has displayed this year is an example of the accomplishments the school has achieved. ORCHESTRA Row 1: C. Giminski, G. Randall, R. Demarest, H. Adenstadt, E. Canning, Mr. G-erman, T. Catameta M. Tekete, C. Takacs, 1. Kober, S. Zeisler. L..-L The school orchestra is probably the least known musical organization at Andrew Warde. Despite its small size, the members of the group get much satisfaction from it. Through the capable direction of Mr. German, the group has been making steady progress. The main event of the year is the Spring Concert in which each member participates. 99 Z X CADET A D CONCERT CHOIRS Row 1: C. Grubb, L. Wieland, B. Navarette, N. Powell, A. Witsil, K. Brewster, J. Binkowitz, C. Klepadlo, A. Carlson, S. Clowry, B. Ridley, B. Bossert, S. Bolton, P. Hagstrom, V. Judd. Row 2: L. Strauss, B. Baum, B. Petro, H. Lee, P. Kasvinsky, J. Snider, D. Kinsman, D. Eli, J. Strauss, D. Clark, H. Bansky, C. Wallitzer, P. Bagnall, M. Goldberg. Row 5: I.'Burgstal1er, M. Orto, S. Cohen D Hamilton, B. Taylor, B. Horvath, J. Riha, B. England, E. Siavrakas, C. Kranyik, M. Riha, Kranyik. Row 4: S. Setterland, C. Jurgulwitz, C. Ember, R. Adenstadt. The Concert Choir is an honorary group of singers, it is in the Cadet Choir that stu dents gain their necessary experience. This year the choirs performed several concerts for the student body, for the elementary schools and for the general public. Cappellieri, N. Krelbus, T. DelVento, E. Simmons, L. Choiniere, S. Munsen, M. Marks. Row 2 G. Hanz, Y. Marton, D. Friedman, A. Baranowski, M. Dowling, A. Plunske, S. Ramano, K. Kilburn D. Lewis S. Smuckler, A. Koliada, J. Tomac, R. Pinkham, D. Korczowski. Row 3: D. Linwall JAX +R QW! - in , 1 1 Row 1: G. Pulito, J. Shapiro, J. Morgan, B. Fromson, S. Stein, P. Downs, L. Short, S. Denter, F. - l . ,f-X I -i . , l A. Rudolph, C. Lilya, M. Byiteck, L. Kohler, B. Bachrach, L. Bloom, A. Dalbora, F. Vetto, L. Elwood, J. Sullivan, T. Edwards, S. Wysocki, Miss Burstaller. Row 4: E. Zelle, J. Mo? M. . . . T. Siavrakas, L. johnson, L. Hanson, J. Heske, C. Kobler, E. Linwall, E. Sammers, T. Bobile , Boncek, C. Wiggins, C. Buckley, P. See. crimson Crier Row 1: R. Pinkham, J. Dommu, S. Weinstein, B. Johnson, P. Karbovanec, Copy Editor, G. Horowitz. Row 3: E. Schwarz, C. Carson. Row 2: B. Hillman, Student Adv.g L. Hoffman, B. Kirsten, J. Varaljay, B. Miller, S. Tower, J. Kronfeld, News Editor, L. Lansing, Business Man., R. Hidu, Student D. Strauss, S. Greenblatt, A. Stalowitz, D. Smith. Adv., G. Allison, News Editorg C. Gminski, Student Adv.g ANDREW WARDE HIGH SCHOOL FALRFIELD, coNNEcncuT EDITORIAL STAFF James Borona Betsy Miller Judith Dommu Gershon Horowitz Jay Kronfeld Elizabeth Lansing Jean Varaljay Robin Pinkham Ellen Schwarz Douglas Strauss Stephen Tower News Editors ,. Copy Editor .,.,...., Business Editor .,.,.. .......... Student Advisors Business Assistant Photography .......,,,... Art ..........., .. Typists .... Advisors ..... ., Gladys Allison Elisabeth Hoffman .......,Margaret Karbovanec ................,Peter Lee Constance Gminski Rose Marie Hidu Robert Hillman Samuel Greenblatt ...,........ Daniel Smith Alex Stalowitz ..........Lorraine Kirsten ,....Carolyn Carson Barbaro Johnson ..............Paul Egan Charlotte Shea Maryann Welch The Crimson Crier, the monthly student publication of Andrew Warde, is a rather unique high school news- paper in that it is one of the few which feels that current problems and controversies are more important than stale news and gossip. One of the most important features of the papers is its Letters to the Editors column, in which any student may make public his problems or gripes. This is one of the ways by which the Crier hopes to achieve the position of the true voice of the students. Hey boys! Work hard much? The staff consists of four Editors whose purpose is to see that the paper functions as a unit, and the Editorial Board, consisting of approximately fifteen members who formulate the ideas for articles and decide which articles are to be published. "Apprentices" take pictures, type, or get ads. Three faculty advisors, Mrs. Charlotte Shea, Miss Maryann Welch and Mr, Paul Egan give advice when needed. 2 2 HOW!?! During the past fall and winter months, as the school day ended and darkness approached, the yearbook editors and faithful apprentices could be found in S-7, munching on Sue's whole-wheat cookies and Jeanis ever-ready Life- savers. This nourishment helped to keep them on their feet as they performed the endless tasks peculiar to those whose job it is to put out a yearbook. When the November deadline slipped by without a warning, the staff Cincluding the committee chairman and committee membersj -realized that it takes hard work to compile a yearbook. "Getting the money" was difficult, for during thefall campaign many Wardites did not un- derstand why there should be an increase in price over last year's yearbook. Karen managed the business end very well and succeeded in soliciting more ads than were originally hoped for. Judi and Lynda, the co-editors, were able to keep their "overseering" separate. One worked with Jean on copy and the other checked the photography and art with Susie. This arrangement was satisfactory to all and thus harmony was maintained most of the time. Letteri Pat Chanad THE CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF ........ ...... L ynda Wieland, Judi Greenspun COPY EDITOR ,.......,.... ................ J ean Varaljay BUSINESS EDITOR ........ ...... K aren Svenningsen ART EDITOR ,....,...... .,..,...... S usie Ribner Illustrations .... ,......,...... ....,..........i.......... B o nnie Kirsten ng . ........ . ..,...........,.,.,...,......,..,.......,. AVV, Committee Chairmen-Row l: R. Fenning, Identsg G. Greenhalgh, Historyg N. Lindahl, Index. Row 2: E. Schwartz, Girls Sports, S. Tower, Boys Sports. Miss- ing: J. Sternberg, Quotations. The editors had some great brain-storming sessions. At one meeting before the December vacation it was de- cided that the Class History would have a border going around three sides, with the legend "Our 720 Days' Jour- ney Through High School" on it. Another time, our very nice printer, Mr. Raymond O'Toole, answered one of the staffs most urgent questions: "What does the 'T' in T. O'Toole stand for?" - by telling us what we were hoping to hear, Timothy. Immediately following this, the editors put on their thinking-caps and came up with names like Tex, Hugh and George for future generations of O'Tooles. This indicates the deep thinking that goes into the com- position of a year book! With Mr. Bormann's patient, helpful guidance Ceven though he was as much of a novice at "yearbooking" as the rest of usb and with the assistance of Miss Keator, Mr. Clarke and Mr. Stone, the staff eventually met the March deadline with the feeling of "a good job well done"! How! ?! FLAME 10,3 mi 1.1.7 - An unusually calm moment before a continual storm. Apprentices-Row 1: D. Altman, S, Feld, E, Canning, L. Kaplan, B. Wettenstein, S. Rosenwalcl, S. Clowry. Row 2: K. Scinto, A. Witsil, L. Bloom, C. Kfanyilc, S. Phillips, N. Powell, J. Yurdin. Row 5: A. Westberg, E. Toman, S, Setterlund, S. Shaw, D. Snyder, B. Johnson. ' ARDE EEKLY Row 1: B. Wettenstein, L. Martenson, J. Firer, S. Weinstein, 1 son, M. Kranyik, Managing Editorg M. Sullivan, Copy Edi- S. Zatka, A. Plunske, J. Nardozzi, S. Smith. Row 2: E. tor, S. Cox, Advisor, B. Horvath, Art Editor, S. Hutchinson, Stadler, J. Palmoski, R. Runyon, R. Karp, S. Tower, T. Publications Manager, H. Domeika, L. Hansen. Bobileff, E. Siavrakas, P. Bodie. Row 5: S. Bodnar, B. Carl- Warde Weekly members, Reba Karp, Helen Domeika, Margie Kranyik, Tanya Bobileff, and June Fiter, work on the next issue. 104 MANAGING EDITOR ...,..,. COPY EDITOR ......... ........ SPORTS EDITOR Margie Kranyik Michele Sullivan Steve Editor ART EDITOR ....... ....... B ruce Horvath PUBLICATIONS ...... ..... S ue Hutchinson REPORTERS E. Siavrakas . Domeika M. Sargen Firer S. Weinstein . Plummen B. Freedman Bobileff R. Karp Lear PUBLICATIONS TYPISTS J. Nardozzi B. Turro s. Smith P, Bpdie B. Carlson S. Zatka S. Bodnar A. Plunske L. Martenson J. Palmoski R. Runyon HI-LIGHTER 5, Warde's first magazine is by you and for you. We on the staff spent an eventful first year at the job carrying out this ideal for everyone in the school. The "mag" came out only twice during this school year in order that we might get all our problems ironed out and production running smoothly. In years to come it will burst forth four times a year or about once every term. Actually our main problems were trying to get all our contributors to hand in their copy and trying to find new ways to print and produce. The mug shots that surround this prosey bit are pictures of our hard- working staff. They always say the first year's the hardest. just you wait 'til next year! The Editors mama in sm , ...wi ...t ..., ,.,,.. ., Row 1: S. Clowry, C. Humphery, N. Battolomeo. Row 2: S. Siegle, Miss Walsh, L. Lansing, C. Magyar. Row 3: B. Wettenstein, L. Hansen, J. Kronfeld, E. Canning, J. Scofield, D. Korczakowski. STUDE T'S COUNCIL Row 1: 1. Judd, P. Steele, J. Vfittenberg. Row 2: K. Garrity, M. Elwood, G. Dalton, R. Knott, B. Navarette. Row 3: Miss Burgstaller, A. Witsil, P. Hagstrom, J. Parker, R. Quinn, Mr. The governing body of our school, the School Coun- cil, which is composed of representatives from both the faculty and the student body, has played an influential and active role in the enforcement and establishment of school rules and student privileges. Through its com- mittees and commissions the council has provided a varied number of social events and extra-curricular activ- ities. One of the Council's main endeavors was to devise a code of aims and objectives under which it planned to function. This code proposed to interest the student body in all school activities, to provide a link between the faculty and the students and to give students an opportu- nity to partake in the responsibility of school events. Beginning work early in September, the Council started its program by holding a weekend workshop at a camp in Colebrook, Connecticut. The object of the work- shop was to give the council members an opportunity to work as a unit, to set up a long range program for the year, and to accomplish a maximum of work in a minimum of time. l 3 Christie. Row 4: S. Tower, J. Bowman, L. Taylor, E. Nash. Row C. S h ff r, L. Blum. 5: L. Sohlberg, R. Greenberg, Mr. German, c ae e The School Council also proudly played host to a. number of students and faculty delegates from South Western Connecticut who took part in the regional con- ference of the South West Federation of Student Councils. The Council has striven to provide the students with the activities they desired. Through the Assembly Com- mission, the school has had a number of excellent assem- blies and also some spirit boosting pep rallies. The Social and Canteen Committees have provided for the sponsor- ship of numerous dances, canteens, and the highlight of the social year, a record hop. Many different and new clubs, to comply with the interests of all students, were chartered by the club commission. As a service to the school, the Council has provided the students with schedules of all sport events. The Eagles Nest campaign has furnished them with the opportunity to contribute to a number of charities. Through the co-operation of the administration and the support of the student body the Council has achieved its goals. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE S. MacQuarrie, J. Judd, P. Steel, Mr. Christie, D. Prescott, Miss Burgstaller. The Student Exchange Commis- sion was established last year so that a foreign student could be brought to our school. In order to nuance this undertaking, the Student Exchange Commission has conducted several money-raising projects. These in- cluded selling Warde buttons, news- papers, and refreshments at sports and social events, sponsoring events such as the International Dance and the Student-Faculty basketball gameg checking coats at school functions, and operating a snack bar after school. Through these efforts An- drew Warde will have the pleasure of welcoming its second Foreign Exchange Student next year and of sending a fellow classmate abroad. The members of the Executive Committee of the student Council co-ordinate the movements in the Council and plan agendas for meet- ings. The Board is composed of the four Council officers and a represent- ative from the Sophomore Class. Through the ei-forts of the Executive Committee, the Andrew Warde School Council is run smoothly and effectively. EXCH GE CGMMISSION R. Knott, K. Ifober, L. Strauss, 1. Norkus, Miss McConnell, C. Takacs, B. 107 Ashby, E. Canningg not pictured E. Kiamos, B. Ashby, Miss Mussler, Mr. Barry. ASSEMBLY COMMISSION CLUB COMMISSION E. Munson, C. Laurie, G. Greenhalgh, K. Garrity, L. Schl- berg, J. Vincze, Mr. German. ELECTION COMMISSION C. Humphry, D. Clark, A. Schmidt, S. Banks, J. Bowman, Miss Burgstallerg not pictured, G. Curtis. CANTEEN COMMISSION B. Peterson, M. Brooks, R. Quinn, E. Sommersg not pictured, Miss Burns, E. Thompson. A variety of educational and entertaining paid assem- blies were presented by the Assembly Commission. In addi- tion, the Commission sponsored pep rallies before each im- portant game in order to promote school spirit and school pride. Various clubs, meeting as school organizations, were chartered by the Club Commission. These clubs were formed to comply with the interests of the students. All of the school's elections for class officers and Council members were conducted by the Election Commission. The most recently established committee, the Canteen Committee, sponsored, or appointed other volunteer organ- izations to sponsor, informal non-profit social gatherings for Warde students. All students involved on the Public Relations Com- mission helped publicize all School Council events to the school and to the entire community. PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMISSION S. Zeisler, B. Navaretre, J. Launer, L. Drew, A. Neigher, L. Blum, S. Bolton, D. Hamilton, Mr. Launer. L. Hanson, J. Varaljay, R. Hidu, J. Scofield, L. Denby, J. Parkerg not pictured, G. Curtis, Miss Klanyik, Mr. Clarke. CONSTITUTION COMMITTEE 5 l J. Newman, L. Hoffman, S. Tower, not pictured, S. Weinstein, P. Lee, Mr. Christie. This year the members of the Constitution Committee completed the writing of the School Council's constitution. The committee used by-laws which were written last year. All dances and social events of the school were directly or indirectly sponsored by the Social Committee. One of the highlights of the social calendar was a record hop. The Eagle's Nest Commission conducted a drive to collect money pledged by each student, and allocated this money to various charitable organizations. Students from the Hospitality Committee were on duty in the Council room for the purpose of guiding visitors through our school. They also performed various services for the Council. This year the Service Committee handled bus trans- portation to out-of-town games and performed various other services for the school. HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE 'I09 i SOCIAL COMMISSION i 2 5 G. Dalton, M. MacKenzie, S. Tyler, J. Sternbetg, R. Neverdousky, L. Taylor, W. Taylor. EAGLE'S NEST M. B. Elwood, D. Snyder, R. Cone, G. Demarest, P. I Kasvinsky, R. Greenbergg not pictured, S. Kovacs, D. Labossiere, Miss Forester. SERVICE COMMITTEE S. Shaw, B. Carlson, P. Navarette, L. Tryon, Mr. Magee, J. Schneider, K. Scinto, N. Klein, A. Witsil, G. Schaffer, H. Zinner. HOUSE Members: A. Westberg, Pres., H. Zelich, V. Pres.g D. La Bossiere, Sec., L. Geoghegan, Treas.g J. Kovacs, A. Dickey, C. Bishop, B. Bown, E. Dobos, N. Clarke, S. Erikson, C. Loud, I. Kaplan, B. MacGregor, P. Petrino, K. S. Paget, B. Peterson, V. Nelson, S. Rost, S. Zeisler. MASON Mason collected canned goods for needy families. 110 B RLO Because of the vastness of Andrew Warde, House Councils were estab- lished in addition to the main Stu- dent Council in order to bring mem- bers of the student body closer to- gether in their individual Houses as well as in the school as a whole. These organizations enable the students to have more say in the matters con- cerning Andrew Warde. One of the accomplishments of our four House Councils was the decorating of the school for Christ- mas. Each individual group also worked on its projects: Barlow started a house symbol and worked on more elaborate showcase decora- tions. Members: R. Scofield, Pres., D. Clark, V. Pres., M. A. Brooks, Sec., P. Pavoni, J. Brown, B F d S. Hutchinson, J. Miller, R. Rosenfeld, J. Schopick, F. Zemola, B. Bossert, . 'ree man, B. Grosshans, H. Stern, J. Szabo, P. D1Meo, J. Firer, J. Moe. COUNCILS SMEDLEY Smedley established honor studies and made stamp machines available for students and faculty. Members: R. Anderson, Pres.g C. Laurie, V. Pres.g J. Williams, Sec.g F. Palumbo, Tre:-15.3 E. Lockwood, A. Neigher, E. Agonis, T. Goodwin, P. Lee, N. Namrus, C. Walsh, G. Allison, R. McCulloch, E. Sommers, D. Dunn, D. Larson, L. Nehring, E. Sawyer. WOLCOTT Wolcott put into effect music during the lunch shifts. Each Council set up its own com- mittees, and, operating eliciently, benefitted many people during the year. 'II'I BARLO The main purpose of the House Dramatics Clubs is to provide experience for those young actors who wish to become members of the honorary dramatic groups- Komians and Thespian. The lack of male members caused a serious problem for the Barlow Dramatics Club. A solu- tion was finally found in two farces which called for all female casts. Row l: S. Rosenwald, E. Meshken, P. DiMayo, F. Osborne. Row 2: Miss Ogalin, B. Kennedy, Vice Presidentg A. Carlson, Presidentg S. Mischik, Clerk, J. August, Representative. Row 5: J. Milavsky, J. Dommu, S. Bodnar, B. Edmonds, L. Rosenzweig. Not pictured, H. Dornieka, Secretaryg J. Norris, Treasurer. DR MATIC Row l 1 B. Jestreby, A. Emrie, S. Horowitz. Row 2: H. Zelich, D. Beresty, L. Borkowski, Miss Falkowski. Row 3: D. Pennington, K. Reade, J. Kmetz, P. Lyhne, R. Maline. MASGN A At an afternoon performance, the Mason House Dramatics Club presented a character play and an old-fashioned melodrama, com- plete with villain and railroad tracks. CLUBS SMEDLEY At a Smedley House assembly the Smedley club presented "Father of the Year," a one-act comedy. Row 1: S. Olsen, S. Reed, A. Kantrow, R. Pinkham, B. Bell. Row 2: S. Feld, Pres.g J. Turoczi, S. Carp, Sec., B. Petro, Mrs. Altman, R. Adensredt. Row 3: M. Byiteck, J Kronmel E Kenned C Bansak C Glantz Row 4: K. Brewster, A. Schmofsk.-i, . , . y, . , . . B. Elander, L. Soli, S. Deschenaeux, S. Deschenaeux. Row 1: C. Brenin, S. Kanrrow, M. Hillman, S. Siegal, S. Jacoby, C. Humphry. Row 2: A. Newbold, Miss Emery, L. Votre, G. Randall, J. Stern. Row 3: D. Korczakowski, C. Kranyik, E. Kiamos, P. Ney, S. Knarr, J. Pecker, S. Kapln. Row 4: P. Karbovanec, P. Marcinko, S. Wokanowicz, E. Staane, D. Kinsman, M. Pennell, E. Munsen, D. Foster. WOLCOTT The Wolcott group presented sketches from "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," "The Diary of Anne Frank," "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "Annie Get Your Gun" to an evening audience. Through the efforts of each group, expression and speech skills as well as correct inter- pretation have been obtained by the individual members. 113 FUTURE TEACHERS GF MERICA Row 1: P. Hidu, P. Pavoni, C. Brenin, B. Sirotnak,, Gi. Schempp, L. Buedinger, B. Berecz, S. Buda, S. Bearsley, R. Etrio, C. Kish, B. Schiffer, R. Vasas, B. Navarette, C. Cerutti, M, DeLorenzo. Row 2: C. Matarazzo, E. Siavrakas, M. Cole, M. Buzas, S. Zeisler, R. Szost, C. Lagana, M. Fekete, Pro- gram Chairman, C. Carson, Secretary: P. Hill, President: S. Hobson, Treasurerg M. Harrington, Vice-President: B. Gadowskas, P. Trenck, A. Krantz, A. Zuzick, R. Alpert, A. The year 1957-1958 was a highly successful one for the Future Teachers of America. Perhaps the most beneficial thing the Future Teachers of America did was to give its members the opportunity to observe Stilson, C. Bansak. Row 3: E. Thomson, J. Palmoski, P. Bodie, C. Bishop, N. Northcott, P. Navarette, S. Eriksson, J. Launer, B. Berson, J. Ingham, B. Petro, B. Toman, J. Varaljay, P. Sayles, P. Danberg. Row 4: Miss Rice, Advisor, J. Peipher, P. Karbovanec, K. Ember, C. Walsh, E. Zelle, E. Carlson, S. Terebesi, C. Takucs, M. Kranyik, S. Buturla, I. Mailloux, R. Figlar. elementary school classes in session. By visiting classes the members of the F. T. A. were provided with one of the best opportunities to learn what teaching is truly like. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Row l: L. Hidu, L. Short, D. Finsinger, M. Fulop, M. Niznanzky, M. Musante, R. Molnar, J. Corbett, M. A. Brooks, F. Cappellieri. Row 2: S. Phillips, P. Weaver, N. Knott, D. Brewster, Secretary, J. Brown, President: D. Brewster, Vice- President, R. Re, Treasurer, E. Molnar, E. West, N. Powell. Girls interested in being the Future Nurses of America are being gudied down the right path by the F.N.A. of Andrew Warde. The F.N.A. helps these girls to be aware of health problems and to understand Row 3: C. Ostrowski, M. Godo, G. Bodie, L. Leffel, C. Hether- ington, B. Lobdell, N. Pihonak, D. Janesky, N. Lindahl, M. Blais. Row 4: C. Wiggins, E. Agonis, A. Ashby, K. John- son, P. Marcinko, D. Snyder, F. Vetto. fully all the branches of nursing before they choose one Held as their career. The members of the club have enjoyed such club activities as films, speakers, and a visit to Bridgeport Hospital. LIBRARY AIDS Row 1: C. Olsen, S. Clowry, C. Brenin, S. Ostravage, A. Plunske, J. Tomaskovic, E. Savage, D. Finsinger, N. Rogers C. Humphrey, J. Gauthier, N. Bartolomeo P. Weaver Fi Wensky, M. Komar S Balazsi. Row 2' L. Prater ik , . . , S. Ha 0, F. Krysta, R. Szost, L. Toth, B. Toman, President, P. Ney, Vice Presidentg J. Norkus, Secretary, E. Soltis, Treasurer, C. Bansak, J. Wood, P. DeSanrie, W. Simmons, S. Zatka. The fifty Library Aides are girls and boys who enjoy reading and library work. Pins are awarded for each Year's service, and there is a point system, where- Row 3: L. Leffel, A. Westberg, P. Priest, K. Kober, P. Bodie, B. Haines, D. Snyder, L. Vincentini, R. Olson, ID. Korozakowski, E. Phillips, L. Hansen, J. Szalay, V. Domian Row 4: Miss Annett, N. Pihonak, E. Sawyer, J. Jancuska M. Harrington, D. Udiskey, C. Takacs, L. Soley, S. Set: terlund, B. Elander, L. Duch, Mrs. Plummer. by members earning twenty-five points doing extra work are given their choice of a free book. JU IOR RED CROSS Row 1: M. Fulop, B. Jestreby, A. Bonnie, L. Tryon, M. DeLorenzo, P. Donofrio, C. Olsen, J. Tomac, B. Mackey, E. Mierray. Row 2: S. Tyler, S. Phillips, J. Peipher, N. Klein, R. Fenning, C. Kranijik, N. Knott, D. Kinsman, M. Buzas. A square box bearing the legend "American Junior Red Cross, School Chest, Gift of the Students of Andrew Warde High School, Fairfield, Connec- ticut," will be shipped to a high school overseas. During the past year the Junior Red Cross group Row 5: C. Carson, B. Sharek, A. Alexander, J. Keane, J. Kmetz, N. Leech, B. Johnson, R. Wilterdink, J. Ingham, S. Hobson, D. Snyder, L. Allman, L. Bloom, M. Marks, C. Magyar. has worked to raise funds to pay for the contents of this chest. Junior Red Cross is grateful to the admin- istration, faculty, and the student body, without whose generous support and co-operation this project could not have been successfully completed. 115 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB l l l Sitting: Mr. Ryder, D. Hamlin, President: B. Shapiro, K. Kopsco. Standing: J. Leopold, D. Larsen, A. Olah, Yearbook Advisor. THEATRE CLUB Row 1: S. Tyler, E. Hoffman, S. Hirsch, R. Lean, J. Scofield. Row 2: G. Greenblatt, M. Pollack, P, Rothbard, B. Wenenstein, J. August, M. Karmasin, P. Donofrio, B. Grosshans, S. Weinstein, JL Parker, L. Kaplan, J. Yurdin. Row 3: R. Karp, D. Burke, L. Hanson, G. Burke, R. Rosenfeld, S. Perlstein, R. Wilterdink, S. Ftankle, C. Meaker. H6 The Photography Club, supplies the school with an abundance of photographers who take many of the pictures for the Crimron Crier and the Flame. The Theatre Club was a tremendous success They saw "The Rivalry,' "In April," and "Sunrise at Campobellof' STAGE CRE W. Lin eburgh, R. Adenstedt, C. Wallitzer, D. Lipps, T. Pulaski, D. Busch, R. Maratzi, J. Weinstein, S. Bamks, E. Walquist, F. Eichorn, R. Conley. E. Wahlquist, T. Pulaski. I 1 S 1 D. Zimmer 117 D. Zimmer, F. Eichhorn. LE CIRCLE FRA 'CAIS S. Smith M Elwood, J, Williams, V. Nelson, D. Snyder, B. Bosserr, L. Bloom, C. Bocaletti, L. Strauss, Peterson, J. Norkus, J. Borch. Adviser, Mr. Chanell. Ah! Paris . . . Mais non Le Circle Francais, n'a pa visiter la France. Mais se membres ont beaucoup ap pris des personnes et de coutumes de ce pays form- idable! Seated: J. O'Hara, Chairman, S. Bonney, Sec.-Treas. Row 2: F. Palumbo, A. Schuerer, A. Gazdik., Miss Gitlitz, Advisor, E. Slayton, M. Stevens, D. Friedman, A. Alper. 118 El plan principal d Club Espanol este ano fu aprender mas de Espa' y la America Latina, s custumbres y tradiciones. AR KOMIAN S f A. Kranrz. 1 19 Zimmer, D. Busch, R. Avery, C. Fox. LEY ' S AUN T DISC The Dlsc Club lrstens to all types of music from Beethoven to Bop In January the members sponsored a canteen Durrng the year the group made Held trrps to Columbra Records and WICC Row I S Kaplan K Jurgtelewlcz P Pr est C Vlantes Row 2 Mr Garcta L Smrth C Sommers B Olah S Wysockl B Berecz B Heady L Short Row 3 L Nelson C Panda E Solt1s W Domerka H Hofmrller K Gould Row 4 W Benardm B Pagltouco The Dance Club wws formed for those who want to learn ro dance and for those who enjoy dancxng CHESS Concenrranon 15 the key to a good chess player Thrs solves the mystery as to why the Chess Club has the most orderly meenngs of any other Club' D Webster B Chalker C Lrlya M Popp J. Swarney V. George J.Mich1ew- ski O. Belovich S. Sheiman. BIOLOGY The Biology Club functions as a supplement to classroom work. Its members have gained additional knowledge through experimentation with microscopes. Row l: C. Magyar, K. Kopsco, B. Carp. Row 2: E. Krozier, I. DelVecchio S. Co ventry, C. Puskas, M. Rosenman, Ceto- lap, P. Rollings, R. Strom, D. Logie D Lieberthal. Advisors: Miss Isaac, iMri Mason. WORLD F F AIRS The purpose of the World Affairs Club is to discuss current events and to probe into their origins and natures. Front: S. Goldberg. Row 1: B. Shapiro, C. Leonard, G. Brauner, R. Levine, G. Tolmie, Chairman. Row 2: J. Stock, A. Lohman. Not Pictured: J. Fuse, L, Berko- witz. HOME MAKI CLUB The purpose of the Homemaking Club is "To further develop the role of the girl in the home, school and community through those projects which cannot readily Ht into the curriculum, but which are neccessary for the well-rounded and wholesome personality." Row 1: A. Purcell, Vice President, E. Stadler, R. Olsen, Secretary-Treasurer, L. Martenson, Mrs. O'Dwyer, Advisor, D. Vdisky, N. Butkus, F. Czaplicki, D. Charney, K. Phelps, B. Csontos, A. jur- gielewicz. Not Pictured: A. Lockwood President, Mrs. Marshall, Advisor. s RIDING CLU Row l: Mr. Begin, J. Srenberg, A. P. Hagstrom. Reuther, A. Kolrada, Miss Burns. Row 2: A. Plunski, C. Havens, PEP CLUB P 'dentg C. Hetherington, The members of the Horseback Riding Club sponsored a canteen and rode at one of the local stables. Row 1: D. Finsinger, Secretaryg A. Purcell, Vice Presidentg D. Ekstrom, resi M. Harrington, K. Nelson, J. Shapiro, S. Fromson. Row 2: S. Smith, B. Sirotnak, M. Tierney, N. Northcott, C. Sayles, B. Morgan, W. Pfief, B. Lobdell, D. Stilson. Row 5: S. Bonney, D. Snyder, . , . , . . , .L' b h, P. McElwain, Miss Rainville. 122 D Bachrach K Ember M Hovery W me urg The Pep Club has done much to increase school spirit. The club as a whole attended all the games and cheered our teams on. The members sponsored a canteen which was very success- ful. lwnvf 50L'12flZ5 and in the book of fume ffm gloriow rec0fci6 ATIO AL HG OR SOCIETY Row 1: A. Plunske, S. Zatka, C. Fox, P. Steele, A. Westberg, P. Bodie. Row 2: Mr. Gleason, Junior Year Members: S. Ribner, A. Witsil, G. Horowitz, President, E. Schwarz, Secretary, R. Hidu, J. Green- ' ' - ' ' dd L. S L. Wieland spun, J. Sternberg, Vice President. Row 3. C. Laurie, S. MacQuarrie, J. Ju , trauss, , N. Clarke, G. Greenhalgh, K. Garrity, B. Romano, A. Lockwood, P. Hill, G. Dalton. Row 4: J. New- il Sfgfiiiwiifmlx D SCROLL mm Row 1' M Kranyik R Hidu B. Hillman. Row 2: M. Sullivan, K. Svenningsen, S. Ribner, J. Green- N icrured: J. Varaljay. spun, Vfielancl. Row. 5: P.,Lee, G. Horowitz, J. Borona, P. Karbovanec. or p 1 Our Thespian Societ number Y, 1708, although newly organized, has succeeded in establishing a name for itself. Almost everyone remembers the combined produc- tion by the Komians and Thespians of "Charley's Aunt." The Thespians have sponsored several interesting events in co- operation with their very capable directer, Mrs. Catherine Busch. One was a trip to the Yale Drama School to see a producation of Arthur Mil- ler's "Crucible" and the striking of the set after the show. Another was a lecture on Greek drama. The requirement for member- ship in this society is one hundred hours of work after school in any dramatic group. It is, indeed, con- sidered an honor to be a member of the Thespian Society. THESPIAN S Row 1: D. Altman, S. Jacoby, J. Williams, C Fox A Carlson C Smith A New bold, S. Clowry. Row 2: Mrs. C. Busch, J. Stern S Feld Secretary D Zimmer Vice Presidentg C. Gminski, Presidentg R. Avery Treasurer M Kranyik Scribe Row 3: K. Scinto, A. Krantz, S. Banks, B Conley E Wahlquist F Eighhorn D. Busch, A. Milbauer, R. Lear, E. Munson JA UARY THAW Sitting: D. Busch, R. Avery, D. Altman, S. Clowry. Standing: E. Munson G Demarest G Curtis J. S . tern, C Fox, R. Lear. GIRLS' The Girls' Club is an honorary group composed of girls who have earned a certain number of points, by supporting Andrew Warde in athletics, through- out their four years of high school. l Row 1: C. Laurie, A. Renzulli, N. Powell, C. Wallitzer. Row 2: N. Clarke, B. Haines. Not Pictured, S. Zatka. Andrew Warde is united with approximately two hundred other chapters of Modern Music Masters throughout the country. The members of the society are selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character, co-operation, and service. The purpose of is to recognize those students who possess musical talent as well as scholastic ability. 126 Row 1: J. Tomac, N. Powell, C. Kranyik, L. Elwood, B. Bachrach, L. Hansen, D. Korczakowski, T. Edwards, H. Barske, B. Navarette, E. Canning. Row 2: Mr. German, Sponsor, E. Siavrakas, B. Petro, Historian, P. McElwain, Secretaryg L. Strauss, Presidentg C. Wallitzer, Vice President, N. Mamrus, V dd M's B r staller Sponsor Row 3 L Wieland P Hagsrtom G Brauner M. Kran- Treasurer, .Ju , is ug , . : . , . , . , yik, D. Hamilton, G. Demarest, C. Takacs, S. Setterlund, C. Anderson, S. Wysocki, G. Allison. gf X fm X W g! fgecial fmiufw Q f fm QQ QE 1145! and youthful fblliiy 'WS in -in if -In-...., u'Q-H+ ,.,,,,1mf..- iggf ZS, . ,. , se 'fi 9 1, 12:3 fL- If A if in 2,11 M . 1 v 5 S wr, .. gr ggfq--, . Qs- L Ak f A w ww A '0?'?ill ,wk .lzi "L... k ,Rf - 57- A-31-wr' I ' L ,Q iii ,f . ik.. Pa' 3353 , " .,::,f.::,,,mk:g,,.,A,,, R g 3 V, K f if in g ig , i ,W Nw' we QQ V , ir Vi. , x i . , K. X X5 'E 5 - 4' 9 W' f ,Q 1 -fy: i J, P2552 5 wif,-g1,5:,i 7 E ig fa V L x W A 'yfsiawf' Y lf f 2 - 3 .ew 3, . y 4 - JV X -I f .z -fwggwix E ,,,.. rm .A adwwwmwwzemm , .-'s mga i 5 L -M W 6 - .m1'f?0T,: ,g w . xr ix 5 gg Q. ,, wi 'Ai 1 Z J W . 13 , 5 ' :fle- eg g :QA mu M ,M :if ' J 555 F ATHERS' CLUB SHCPW "Ain't she sweet!" in .- egg f if ga l 133 Leonard, is that you?? Watch those lights, buddy! PIA The term "foreign exchange student," common to so many American schools, is a comparatively new one to Fair- field. We all know that through the efforts of the American Field Service, students from abroad come to the United States for a year and become a part of the American way of life by taking part in school studies and activities. Rigmor Hagstrom, better known to her friends as "Pia," is one of these students. On August 21, Pia was met by the family with whom she was to live during the year - Mr. and Mrs. Gunnard johnson and their daughter Karen. Because she had studied English for six years and had traveled in Great Britain, Pia spoke English fluently. However she found that her British expressions, such as "Cheerio," were not used in America. Her conscientiousness enabled her to adapt quickly to her school work and to the American way of life, her cheery disposition won her the friendship of all. From Pia we have learned much about Swedish living. At a Mothers' Club meeting she explained Christmas customs in Sweden. Later, at an International get-together held in her honor, she taught Warde Students a Swedish dance. She also taught our choir the Swedish National Anthem which they sang at their Spring Concert. In turn, Pia has been introduced to many of the exper- iences enjoyed by the American high school student. Among these have been extracurricular activities, canteens, dances and pajama parties. No visit to the United States would be complete without a trip to New York City, and Pia went sev- eral times to sightsee and shop, accompanied by the Johnsons and friends from school. The highlight of the year was a sur- prise birthday dinner given for Pia by the Senior Class. In answer to the question, "What did you find the most astonishing about America?", Pia replied, "The popularity of Bermuda shorts as sports-wear and socks as school dress." Before Pia leaves for Sweden in August, she will tour the United States for three weeks with exchange students from schools all over the country, then she will be able to compare notes, tell other students of her experiences and become acquainted with other parts of our country. We hope that Pia will take with her many pleasant memories. The perfect bon voyage present for her would be a case of chocolate syrup because Pia's immediate reply to the question, "What do you think you will miss most of all when you leave the U.S.A.?' was "Hot-fudge sundaesll' 134 r palrolw We fake With 503277111 X9'M-0N0H01'0A0'4f0"-0405s0v0s70N01s7f02W110N717s?'016'1l7l0W7A0N0N?s?201040N'01'?l016x C1aire's Gift Shop Vogue Beauty Shop john J. Link, Inc. Tunxis Hill Hardware Country Garden Florist Crown Grocery Pau1's Bootery Bader's T.V. Ka1lay's Restaurant Robert M. Malm Crown Food Stores Gre1la's Garage Community Hardware H. L. Green Co., Inc. Kingsway Bowling Alleys ?'49'-0"'0N0N0'f7l0'f-010Wl7s?0K0'1Q'0127C?40'L0H20W6N?27f?G710Pf0v176N710N7f7W'f0'6 136 'S 5 3 5 5 S 5 5 9 5 5 5 9 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 5 6 9 S 5 2 3 9 S 10116 40' Hemlock Dept. Store Fairfield's smallest Department Store Clothes for Men, Women, and Children Sundial Shoes, Warner Bras, Headquarters for Gym Suits 2033 BLACK ROCK TURNPIKE ED 4-5894 -'02 Turnpike Esso Servicenter Tunxis Hill and Old Stratfield Rds. FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Vic Champagne, Dick Morrissey Phone: ED 3-9621 Turnpike Stationery For the best in - School Supplies, Toys, Norcross Cards, Whitman's Candy 1559 BLACK ROCK TURNPIKE FAIRFIELD, CONN. 0 9. Q. X :- 3 X F Id d City Savings Bank Strat Ie Har ware 948 Main Street Bridgeport, Conn. Stratford Branch 136 FAIRFIELD WOODS ROAD FAIRFIELD, coNN. 3621 Main Shea, 5,,a,fo,d, Conn. Phone EDison 9-7074 Fairfield Radio 81 Television 142 KlNG'S HIGHWAY CUT-OFF H. L. Behn and Co., Inc. THE FAMILY BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Tunxis Hill Pharmacy 525 Tunxis Hill Road Cor. Old Stratfield Road FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT Joseph M. Abromaitis, Reg. PH., B.S. Phones: FO 8-9243 - FO 8-9501 Poster Hardware Paints - Hardware - Toys "QF-05' 101100610-02 5 Industrial Tools, Supplies and Equipment 5 FAIRFIELD' CONN. Cor. Black Rock Turnpike and Stillson Road Q FO 8-3242 FAIRFIELD Q Korner Market Q "FairfieId's Finest" Scientific Hearing Center 9 A. Chanady and C. Kovacs, Prop. 9 Free Delivery - ED 4-4538 HI-FIDELITY HEARING AIDS Q 2141 BLACK ROCK TURNPIKE FAIRFIELD, CONN. 3 Mannie A. Norrell . Smlrnoffs Super Market 3 PAINTING AND DECORATING 5 Compliments of 5 Compliments of 5 Green Comet Diner R World Pencils, Inc. KING'S HIGHWAY CUT-OFF 3 5 9 5 6 5 5 S 2 5 S S 5 9 5 S 9 9 2 6 6 5 5 Q 2 2 S 6 5 9 2 5591h0f40N7'0N0N0'-0-'-0'110+'0110"10N0W10140N?101'-0"-0f-0"0'M6'140W27'-040N0N?f7G-7'?0i'?'0N0'C0x 5 WESTBERG TOOL and RAMBI-ER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, lI1C. THE GREAT ECONOMY CAR Compliments of 5 CLARK METAL PRODUCTS, ll1C. A1 King Rambler FAIRFIELD, CONN. 451 Kings Highway Fairfield 9 5 Manufacturers of Screws, Rivets 6 Stampings and Eyelets 5 '70 190' KUHN'S REFRESHMENTS 3 Pafronize 5 Black Rock Turnpike 8s Tunxis Hill Cut-off 5 3 ' FAIRFIELD, CONN. 5 Our 0101 101201 3 Hof Dogs, Hamburgers, Steaks, French Fries, :se Cream 8s sofr Drinks 5 PAT RONS 5 FO 8-9584 5 7022? K0'Q01'01 .- GJ Q K7406101402I-01105405170'201C?20120N0N72717l0510N7C04G01f720tl0Pf0vf0N01201f01f0f471022024-720 x?N0N0N01'-?401G0N0-4-0140M-?s01'0K0'240vs01G01L0Hs01s0'f01'0N6'f01C0N-02-0140N7Q0N01G0'0S'0N01C01l0x GREETINGS TO THE GRADUATES Our Best wishes go with you as you leave Andrew Warde High School to go on to other endeavors. Be a credit to your School in whatever you may do. Again, best wishes. 7" echanics 8: armers 'THE FRIENDLY BANK' Car Main and Bank Sis. Bridgeport! I Conn. FOresl 6-3251 All DEPOSITS GUNWUEEU Ill FW. BV THE SAVINGS BINKS'DEPOSI1 GUARMTV FUIID DF COIN HEADQUARTERS FOR YOUR JEWELRY 8g SILVERWARE NEEDS We grade our diamonds with the aid of the Diamondscope, the most critical instrument for grading diamonds for perfection and make. :ZlMLQg"5d Idler-tifizh Gflllllbiilfl lIlGlSTEliEIT IEIELEII '!!5!.E',L.E'.!.!P.S' " 1134 BROAD STREET BRIDGEPORT I fl lf S 5 5 9 5 5 9 'S 5 S 9 5 5 9 9 5 9 5 5 S 5 9 9 5 S 5 9 E 5 5 E BEST WISHES tothe CLASS OF 1958 IUHN ZANDUNELLA, INC. direct sales personal service original layouts art service retouching composition mechanicals , . ,,,,.. ,. .,,,,.. I . W ,Q QQ 504.118 V . . 0 3' 34. 'I 'We .fc ,cl hulftone and lm film and plate stripping :J-rf.. ssl. . , ,.r,.,,, plate making C595 :' iii!! QT" offset printing Qi complete bindery service packaging delivery t. o'toole and sons, inc. stamford, connecticut stamford do 4-9226 new york me 5-4112 140 3 Q s 3 2 Q Q 9 Q 2 Q Q s Q 9 Q Q s s Q Q Q Q Q E 5 2 Q S W'-Q0-102' 00 JW W!! I , W f WW! "0W?'0'v5'?5'740'5Y'0'10"7'0 40"4'-0v14'40"6vs?10'1'0N?'01 .5 "I start where of "" f . ff'-, the last man left off " .M Q-,A -Thomas A. Edison Wake! Edison, to explain his incessant and tireless reading of scientific journals, technical papers, patents and books, said that he read to avoid useless repetition of old experiments. "I start where the last man left off." What Edison knew, and' perhaps said in an unquoted moment, is that thousands of men would be needed to "start where he left off. "lust wait a little while," prophesied Edison, "and we'll make electric light so cheap that only the wealthy can afford to burn candles." Edison lived to see lamps that gave four times as much light and cost one-fifth as much to buy. And electric lighting has progressed far beyond that. He recognized that an invention does not and a search. It begin: a search. The lamp was a beginning in forcing not only its own evolution but the evolution of meters, fuses, sockets, wiring, power distribu- tion systems, transformers and generating stations. He lived to see the company that was formed to carry on de- velopment of electric light and power evolve into one of the world's most important industrial research centers. Today General Electric laboratories employ several thousand men and women who are seeking new things on widely different fronts. It is seventy-five years since Edison lit the first successful carbon lamp. He will be remembered for inventions that changed the world. But let him be remembered, too, for inspiring so many men to start where he left oil. D Progress fs Our Mosf lmporfanf Produc! GENERAL ELECTRIC X9N01s0v0'W1f0K010's0Y0K0's717'0b6'0N0'f0's?40w02'0N0Ws?s0' 10'-020296 142 '-014054-710V-91010105110 9'f0110b0140v10'b1-02402 THIS PAGE CONTRIBUTED BY THE MOTHERS' CLUB 1-0X 1016"M01'0Y x02l?'0120f0N01 THE ANDREW WARDE FATHERS' CLUB Through the efforts of its members and with the cooperation of the students and faculty have pro- vided funds for the following proiects: Football Movies ........,. Student Activities Fund Girls' A.A. Banquet A... Boys' A.A. Banquet .... Stage Crew Equipment Thespian Properties .,,.i. Yearbook ,,.,...i...i 250 500 50 50 75 75 50 Exchange Students ............,... ..,..,.. S 200 Student Council Workshop i....... ..... l 00 Delegates to Student Convention .,., 'IOO Library .........i...,..,.......ii.,, .... . ,. Girls' Camping Whirlpool Bath Scholarship ........i........,..,,.. ....,.. Total ................ .. 100 .. 25 .. 350 ,. 400 52325 COMPLIMENTS O F THE SENIGR CLASS Adenstedt, Henricka 96,98 Adenstedt, Rolf 62, 91 Agonis, Evelyn 62, 66, 114 Agriesto, Carol 62 Alexander, Anita 66, 115 Alexander, Helen 71 Allen, Gunard 62 Allison, Gladys 71, 72, 98, 101, 125 Allman, Jack 14 Allman, Lois 62, 115 Alper, Allen 118 Alpert, Marlene 14 Alpert, Rita 71, 114 Altman, Deborah 62, 103, 125 Anderson, Carolyn 125 Anderson, Raymond 71 Anderson, Robert 14, 84 Angus, Frances 62 Armstrong, Patricia 62, 96 Ashby, Arda 98, 107, 114 Auger, Shirley 71 August, Joanne 72 Auray, Leo 62 . Avery, Raymond 14, 119, 125 Bachrach, Barbara 76, 122, 126 Bagnall, Pat 62 Baker, Bonnie 66 Bakunas, Nancy 14 Bulozsi, Sandra 71, 145 Ballerini, Mary 71 Banks, Marilyn 14 Banks, Samuel 66, 91, 108, 125 Banks, William 62 Bansak, Carol 114, 115 Banyatsky, Elizabeth 71 Barber, Andre 71 Barske, Harriet 15, 126 Bartolomeo, Noreen 71, 105, 145 Bassett, Barbara 71 Bassett, Peter 66 Baudouin, David 15 Baudouin, Paul 71 Bazyk, Barbara 62 Beardsley, Susan 71, 114 Beck, Melvyn 71 Beck, Walter 71, 84 Belot, Barbara 62 Belovitch, Leo 71 Benedetti, Bonita 62 Bemmett, Alan 71, 84 Bennett, Patricia 62 Benson, Nancy 71 Berecz, Barbara 98, 114, 120 Beres, Maureen 62 Beresky, Dianne 112 Bergen, Linda 15 Berkowitz, Leonard 62, 121 Bernard, Richard 84 Bernardin, William 120 Berson, Roberta 114 Biebel, Betty 62 Binkiwitz, John 15 Biro, Alexander 62, 83 Bishop, Charity 62, 114 Bitzer, Charles 71 Bivens, Allen 15, 98 Blais, Mary Ann 15,114 Blomdahl, Phyllis 70 Bloom, Linda 62, 103, 115, 118 Blum, Leonard 62, 84, 91, 106, 108 Bobilotf, Tanya 104 Bocialetti, Carole 62, 118 Bodie, Geraldine 62, 114 Bodie, Louis 71 Bodie, Patricia 16, 104, 114, 115 Bodnar, Joseph 71, 104 Bok, Dennis 76 Bolten, Susanne 71, 108 Bonney, Susan 66, 118, 122 Borck, Judith 118 Bordes, John 62, 83, 91 Borkowski, Lorraine 112 Borona, James 16, 101 Bcrona, John 98 Bossert, Barbara 62, 110, 118 Bourgeois, Darlene 71 Bousquet, Gail 71 Bowen, Robert 70 Bown, Elizabeth 62, 118 Bowman, Johnathan 62, 106, 108 Bradtmuller, Warren 62 Brasner, Betty 62 Brauner, Gary 62, 91, 121, 126 Brenin, Claire 16, 114, 145 Brennan, Patricia 70 Brewster, Diane 16, 114 Brewster, Dorothy 16, 96, 114 Brewster, Kenneth 72 Bristol, Nancy 72 Broderick, Gregory 62, 70 Brooks, Mary Ann 70, 108, 110, 114 Brown, Eric 70, 83 Brown, Janice 16, 93, 114 Brown, Judy 110 Buchino, Mickie 62 Buda, Susanne 72, 96, 114 Buedinger, Louise 114 Buedinger, William 17 Bufferd, Wayne 70 Bulkley, Carol 62 146 Burdge, Carl 70 Burke, Denyse 70, 96 Burke, Geraldine 96,70 Burr, Alan 17 Burr, Edwin 62 Busch, David 119, 125 Butkus, Nancy 76 Butler, Glen 70 Buturla, Shirley 62 Buzas, Martha 62, 93, Byiteck, Mariorie 76 Byiteck, Robert 62 Cacciola, Pat 62 Campbell, Bonnie 70 Canning, Edith 70, 98, Cannone, Gwen 70 Cappellieri, Faith 76, 1 Carameta, Thomas 76, Carlson, Ann 62, 125 114,115 103, 105, 107, 126 14 98 Carlson, Beverly 70, 96, 104, 109 Carlson, Eric 17, 84 Carp, Sandra 62 Carp, Stanley 70, 121 Carpenter, Arlene 76 Carson, Carolyn 70, 10 Cavallaro, Nicholas 66 Cepero, Robert 76 Cerino, Ronnie 70 Cerutti, Charlotte 76, Cetola, Henry 70 Chanaca, Anne 62 Chanaca, Judith 76 Chonady, Pat 17 Chapin, Martin 66 1,114,115 114 Charney, Dianne 76 Chimini, LeRoy 76, 98 Chmielewski, Viola 62 Choiniere, Lillian 76 Choinere, Rita 70 Ciarmiello, Ralph 98 Cioffi, Shirley 70 Clark, David 62 Clark, Dorothea 17, 108, 110 Clark, Jeanne 62 Clarke, Nancy 17, 126 Clarke, 'George 70 Clomiro, Joseph 62 Clowry, Susanne 70, 103, 105, 115, 119 Cohen, Arnold 18 Cohen, Sandra 62 Cole, Mariorie 70, 114 Comers, Robert 62 Cone, Ronald 62, 109 Confaloni, Philip 62 Conley, Robert 62, 125 1 Connelly, James 18 Conway, Joan 18 Corbett, Jeanette 18, 114 Coscia, Barbara 62 Costello, Chris 18 Coventry, Sandra 70, 96, 121 Crespo, Enid 62 Crocco, Carol 70 Csenger, Leslie 70 Csizmadia, Thomas 72 Csontos, Barbara 76 Csontos, Marilyn 76 Cummings, Kathleen 76 Curtis, Gerald 18, 108 D'Albora, Beverly 76 Dalton, Arnold 62 Dalton, Geraldine 19, 106, 109 Danberg, Patricia 62, 114 Daniels, Janice 19 Durdani, Thomas 76, 84 Davenport, Jack 19 Davenport, Robert 62 DeCesare, Albert 70 De Gennaro, Robert Deitz, Jean 76 Delorenzo, Mary 62, 114, 115 Delorenzo, Rose Marie 19 DelVecchio, Imelda 70, 121 Delvento, Theresa 76 Delvy, Richard 98 Demarest, Richard 62, 83, 98, 1 Denby, Leo 70, 108 Denter, Sandra 70, 96 Desantie, Patricia 70, 115 Descheneaux, Sandra 62 Descheneaux, Sonia 62 Deurka, S., 98 Devaus, Darlene 62 Dickey, Ann 76 DiMattia,Alan 70 DiMeo, Paula 76, 110 Dobos, Ethel 70 Dokurno, Nary Ellen 19 Domeika, Dawn 62, 104 Domeika, Walter 70, 120 Domian, Valerie 19, 115 Dommu, Judith 76, 101 Donofrio, Pat 115 Dossa, Alexander 76 Dowling, Maureen 76 Downs, Bradford 70 Downs, Margaret 76 Drew, Laura 76, 108 Drew, Paula 62 Drucker, Stephen 76 0 Dryer, Jeffrey 62 Duch, Lorraine 115 Duffy, Lorna 72 Dunn, Diane 76, 96 Dusick, Carol 66 Duorsky, Edward 70 Dyer, Henry 76 Dziewulski, Daniel 66, 83 Dzurka, Stephen 76 Ebstein, Melvin 76 Edgar, Ronald 76 Edmonds, Bonita 76 Edwards, Terry 63, 126 Effinger, Robert 76 Ehlert, Russell 76 Eihghorn, Fred 63, 125 Ekstrom, Darlene 20, 122 Elander, Beverly 76, 115 Eli, Donald 72 Eli, Donna 70 Elwood, Louise 63, 126 Elwood, Mary Beth 63, 106, Ember, Kathleen 63, 122 Emrie, Arlene 72, 112, 115 Engelman, Jerrold 76, 83 England, Martha 72 Englander, Glen 72, 83, 91 Eriksson, Sandra 76, 114 Eskwith, Lawrence 76 Estess, John 20 Etrio, Rose Mary 114 Evancho, Richard 76 Evans, Dorothy 20 Evans, William 76 Farese, Mary 66 Farkas, Barbara 76 Fazekas, Pat 20 Fedisco, Betty 76 Feher, Joel 76 109,118 Fekete, Maryann 20, 98, 114 Feld, Sheila 20, 103, 125 Feldman, Richard 76, 83 Fenning, Mary Robin 21,102, 115 Fertko, Andrew 63 Feuerbacher, Dorothy 21 Figlar, Fred 76 Figlar, Raymond 63, 84 Finsinger, Deidre 21, 114, Firer, June 76, 104, 110 Firgelski, Joseph 21 Flanagan, Jack 84 Fortuna, Frances 21 Foster, David 21 Foster, Dennis 84 Fox, Carol 22, 125 147 122, 145 Frankel, Steve 72, 83, 98 Freedman, Barbara 63, 110 Friedman, Douglas 76, 118 Fulop, Irene 22, 48 Fulop, Margaret 114, 115 Fuse, Joseph 121 Gadowkas, Elizabeth 114 Gaidos, Regina 63 Gambino, Albert 70 Garrity, Fred 63, 84 Garrity, Janet 22 Garrity, Kathleen 106, 108 Garrity, Maureen 63 Gasper, Julie 76 Gates, Frederick 72, 84 Gauthier, Jacqueline 145 Gazdik, Audrey 76, 96, 118 Gazdik, Ronald 22 Geoghegan, Lesley 22 George, Mary 63 George, Victor 98 Gerda, Robert 63 Geslien, Frank 63 Giannotti, Josephine 22 Gill, Lawrence 77, 84 Gladstein, Harvey 83 Glantz, Carole 76 Gleacher, Eric 23 Glenn, Janet 76 Gninski, Constance 23, 98, 101, 124, 125 Godo, Margaret 66, 114 Goduto, Janet 23 Goldberg, Judith 63 Goldberg, Martha 63 Goldberg, Stephen 63, 121 Goodwin, Theodore 63 Gould, Kenneth 63, 120 Grapski, Bernard 83 Greenberg, Richard 63, 106, 109 Greenblatt, Gerald Greenblatt, Samuel 23, 83, 101 Greenhalgh, Gary 76 Greenhalgh, Gay 23, 102, 108 Greenspun, Judith 23, 102, 103, 124 Grosshans, Barbara 110 Grosso, Joseph 76 Grosso, Margaret 24 Gunter, Richard 24, 83 Hagstrom, Pia 106, 125, 134 Haines, Bonnie 24, 96, 115 Halasz, John 76 Halko, Sheila 76, 115 Halpin, Barbara 76 Hamilton, David 63, 108, 126 Hamlin, David 72, 98 Hansen, Leslie 104, 105, 108, 115, 126 Harrington, Mary Ann 63 Harrington, Maureen 24, 114, 115, 122 Harrington, Patricia 76 Harrison, Phyllis 24 Hauser, Gay 76 Hausman, Nancy 24 Havery, Margaret 63, 122 Hawley, Samuel 84 Haydu, Robert 66 Hayes, Michael 25, 84 Heady, Carole 63, 120 Hedberg, George 25, 98 Hedberg, John 76 Helgren, Curtis Heller, Judy 25 Hellgren, Norma 71 Hermann, Gene 98 Hetherington, Carol 63, 114, 122 Hey, Peter 71, 98 Hickman, Charles 76 Hidu, Lois 25, 114 ' Hidu, Patricia 76, 114 Hidu, Rosemarie 25, 101, 108, 124 Hill, Pamela 25, 114 Hiller, Paul 76, 98 A Hillman, Marilyn 76 Hillman, Robert 26, 101 Hillman, Stephen 76, 98 Hine, Linda 66 Hirsch, Sara 71 Hobson, Sandra 72, 98, 114, 115 Hoeppner, Kenneth 63 Hoffman, Elizabeth 71, 72, 101, 109 Holcomb,Joan 72 Holmquist, Douglas 63, 83, 91 Horberg, Don 65, 71 Horowitz, Gershon 26, 91, 101, 124 Horowitz, Susan 76, 112 Horvath, Bruce 66, 104 Horvath Joyce 63 Horvath Peter 76 Howells, David 26, 84 Huchko, Gloria 26 Hudson, Walter 26 Humphrey, Carolyn Hunt, Richard 66 71,105, 108, 145 Hutchinson, Sue 66, 76, 104 110 Hutchinson, Susanne Hyde, Gerald 98 lllman, Barry 63 lngham, Judith 71, Izzo, Michele 71 Jacksis, Roberta 26 Jackson, David 83 98,114,115 Jacobs, Patricia 27 Jacoby, Robert 71 Jacoby, Susan 66, 98, 125 Jancuska, Kanet 71, 115 Janesky, Donna 27, 114 Jankowsky, Charles 71 Jankura, Dennis 63 Jaswaye, David 63 Jesterby, Barbara 71, 112, 115 Jimmie, Frank 27 Johnson, Barbara 71, 101, 103, 115 Johnson, Karen 63, 114 Johnson, Kenneth 63 Johnson, Lorraine 76 Jose, Robert 63 Jose, William 63, 83 Judd, Virginia 27, 106, 108, 125 Jurgielwicz, Kristine 71, 120 Kacegowicz, Jane 71 Kane, Garry 76 Kantrow, A., 78 Kantrow, S., 113 Kaplan, Janet 27 Kaplan, Linda 72, 103 Kaplan, Susan 71, 120 Karbovanec, Peggy 63, 101 Kardos, Richard 63, 84 Karmasin, Marlene 71 Karp, Reba 76, 104 Kasden, Stephen 72 Kasvinsky, Peter 71, 109 Kaufman, David 63, 98 Kavall, Peter 71 Keane, Joanna 63,115 Keenan, Gary 27 Keiser, Kathryn 76 Keiser, Thomas Keller, Annette 76 Keller, Marcia 28 Kennedy, Barbara 63 Kiamer, L. 107 Kielbus, Nancy 71 Kilburn, Kathleen 72 Kilstrom, Richard 71 Kinsman, David 71 Kinsman, Deborah 66, 98, 115 Kirban, Stuart 76 Kirsten, George 28 Kirsten, Lorraine 28, 101 Kish, Carolyn 114 Klein, Joan 28 Klein, Norma 28, 109, 115 Klein, Raymond 28 Kmetz, Judith 72, 112, 115 Knott, Norma 63, 114, 115 148 Knott, Rosemary 71, 106, 107 Kober, Joan 76, 98 Kober, Kathy 29, 115 Kochis, Thomas 71, 98 Kokorda, Andrew 29, 84 Komar, Margaret 71, 145 Kopcik, Robert 63 Kopsco, Kenneth 71, 121 Korczakowski, Dolores 71, 105, 115, 126 Kosa, William 98 Koscil, Agnes 71 Kovacs, Charles 83 Kovacs, S. 109 Kowalczyk, Jean 29 Kowats, Donald 71 Kowats, Nancy 76 Kmnez, Adele 29, 114, 119, 125 Kranyok, Andrew 74 Kranyik, Cynthia 63, 103, 115, 126 Kranyik, Joanne 71 Kranyik, Margie 29, 104, 125 Kraskie, Geri 29 Krawitz, Jack 74 Krokosky, Linda 74 Krokosky, Patricia 30 Kronmel, Joan 105 Kronfeld, Jay 30, 101 Krozier, Elvira 63, 121 Krysta, Faith 71, 115 Kuhn, Roger 71 Kurimai, Dennis 63 LaBossiere, Dorothy 63, 109 Laguana, Carol 72, 114 Laino, Eileen 30 Lakatos, Patricia 74 Lake, Robert 71 Landis, Barbara 64 Langdon, Mary 74 Lansing, Elizabeth 71, 87, 101, 105 Larsen, Richard 71 Larson, David 74 Lasl-lin, Robert 74 Lathrop, David 74, 98 Lauder, Robert 64 Launer, Judy 64, 96, 108, 114 Launer, Michael 74 Laurie, Christine 30, 96, 108, 126 Lavine, David 30 Lazowsky, John 71, 84, 66 Leahy, Joan 30 Lear, Robert 69, 119, 125 LeDoux, Jeffrey 71 Lee, Hamilton 31, 83 Lee, Peter 64, 101, 109 Leech, Nancy 71 98, 115 Leffel, Linda 74, 114, 115 Leonard, Charles 121 Leonard, Moonyeen 71 Leonard, Thomas 74 Letsch, Henry 74, 98 Leupold, John 64 Levine, Robert 121 Levy, Ellen 64 Levy, Terry 74 Lieberthal, David 64, 121 Lieberthal, Kenneth 74 Lincoln, Gail 74 Lindahl, Nancy 31, 102, 114 Lindsay, Thomas 31, 84 Lindstram, Lee 74 Lindwall, Dennis 74 Lindwall, Elaine 71 Lineburgh, Wilson 71, 87, 122 Ling, John 31 Linsley, William 75 Lips, David 71 Litwin, Joyce 68 Lobdell, Beverly 74, 114, 122 Locke, Susan 74 Lockwood, Alice 31 Lockwood, Ralph 64, 98 Logie, David 68, 121 Lohman, Art 121 Lorenson, Fred 74 Loud, Carol 31 Lucas, Nancy 74 Luciano, Leo 64, 98 Lucuinko, William 74 Ludgis, Patricia 68 Ludgis, Thomas 64 Lyhne, Patricia 122 MacGregor, Bonnie 68, 93, 96 MacKenzie, M. 109 Mackey, Brenda 68, 98, 115 MacQuarrie, Susan 32, 107 Magi, Edward 68, 84, 91 Magyar, Carole 72, 105, 115, 121 Magyar, Shirley 74 Mailloux, Gerald 74 Maline, Renee 112 Mamrus, Nancy 96, 126 Maraczi, Robert 68 Marcinko, Peggy 114 Marks, Miriam 115 Martenson, Lois 96, 104 Martin, Donna 68 Martin, Yvonne 68 Mastrorocco, Rinaldo 74 Mastrotocco, Virginia 74 Mattarazzo, Carmella 114 Mazas, Charles 74 McClatchey, Hope 74 McCulloch, Robert 68, 98 McElwain, Pamela 68, 98, 122, 126 McKeowan, Carl 68, 84 Medeiros, John 74, 83 Medvegy, Beverly,68 Medvegy, Marie 32 Mellin, Jerry 68 Mentes, John 32, 84 Meshken Ellen 68, 87 Message, Norman 68 Messer, Donald 74 Meunier, Susan 74 Michaud, Gene 68 Michaud, Nan 32 Mickune, Joan 72 Migliore, Robert 32 Miklos, Carol 68 Miklus, Donald 33 Milavasky, Judith Milbauer, Alan 69, 125 Millak, Edna 33 Miller, Betsy 33, 87, 101 Miller, Jane 110 Miller, Lenny 68 Miller, Linda 74 Mischik, Sheila 68 Mitchell, Barbara 68 Mitchell, Charleen 74 Mitchell, Jeffrey 68 Mockler, James 33 Modes, Bonnie 74 Moe, Jimmy 76, 110 Moffitt, Edward 74 Molnar, Esther 33, 114 Molnar, Ruth 68, 98, 114 Moniuk, Stephen 68 Morgan, Barbara 74, 122 Mozefsky, Joan 33 Munson, Estella 108, 125 Munson, Susan 72 Murray, Emmy Lou 68, 115 Musante, Mary 114 Musto, Arlene 68 Musane, Patrick 74 Muthersbaugh, Michael 68 Myers, George 74 Nagourney, Warren 94 Na9Y, Arlene 34 Nardozzi, Joanne 104 Nash, Edward 106 Nathman, Howard 68 Navarette, Patricia 96, 109, 114 Navarette, Virginia 66, 106, 108, 114, 126 149 Needham, Carole 72 Neger, Nial 68 Nehring, Fred 84, 91 Nehring, Leslie 74 Neigher, .Allan 34, 83, 91, 108 Nelson Nelson Carol 74 Kathleen 122 Nelson Lydia 68, 120 Nelson Patricia 34, 87 Nelson, Susan 74 Nelson Vivian 118 Neverdausky, Richard 34, 109 Newbold, Ann 66, 125 Newman, John 34, 109 Ney, Patricia 68, 115 Nicola, Robert 68 Niznansky, Marilyn 114 Noga, Lawrence 65, 84 Narkus, Joan 66, 107, 115, 118 Norris, John 68 Northcott, Noreen 74, 114, 122 O'Brien, Beatrice 74 O'Conner, Susan 68 O'Hara, Jean 66, 118 Okenquist, Floyd 68 Olah, Arthur 64, 98 Olah, Barbara 68, 120 Olah, Theodore 74, 98 Olcavage,Judy 64 Olcsvary, Eugenie 74 Olsen, Carol 74, 96, 98, 115, 145 Olsen, Ruth 34, 115 O'Neill, Patricia 74 Orosz, Joanne 68 Osborne, Catherine 68 Ostravage, Sally 68, 96, 145 Ostrowski, Carol 35, 114 Paccione, Marilyn 35, 87 Paget, Karen 74 Paget, Robert 64, 83, 91 Pagliouco, Robert 68, 120 Palmaski, Judith 35, 104, 114 Palumbo, Frank 66, 68, 72, 118 Panda, Carol 120 Papp, Carol 35 Paradis, Edward 74 Parbloka, Bob 68 Parker, Janie 68, 106, 108 Parks, Richard 74 Paskowski, Walter 72 Patterson, Mary 74 Patterson, Robert 76 Patuzzi, Bridgetta 35, 93 Paul, Paul 77 Pavoni, Patricia 35, 110, 114 4 Pechulis, Joseph 36 Peck, John 68 Peck, Robert 68 Pecker, Anita 36 Pecker, Joel 64 Peipher, Joan 36, 115 Pekar, John 36, 84, 91 Pelletier, Dexter 72 Pennell, John 36 Pennell, Mariorie 68, 98 Pennell, Patricia 68 Pennewell, Barbara 36 Pennington, Danna 74, 112 Perigyi, Charlotte 64 Perlstein, Sandra 68 Peterson, Barbara 108, 118 Peterson, David 66 Petitti, Edward 77 Petitti, Frank 37 Petitti, Joseph 68 Petrino, Judith 37, 96 Petrino, Penny 68 Petro, Barbara 64, 114, 125 Petrovich, Judith 37, 87 Sharek, Pfeif, Wynne 74, 122 Phelps, Katherine 74 Phillips, Evo 74, 115 Phillips, Sharon 66, 103, 11 Piccirillo, Annette 64 Pierwola, Stanley 37 4,115 Pihonak, Nancy 68, 114, 145 Piluso, Diane 68 Pinkham, Robin 77, 101 Pisanelle, Daniel 37 Plummer, Nancy 77 Plunske, Ann 37, 104, 145 Pokras, Barbara 64 Polaski, Theodore 77 Polohar, Patricia 66 Pomeroy, Charles 77 Pomeroy, Harry 77 Poole, Bruce 77 Popp, Helen 77 Puskas, Catherine 121 Putnick, Charles 65 Putnick, Mary 38 Quinn, Veronica 106, 108 Randall, Gail 98 Ratner, Howard 72, 84, 91 Rawson, David 38 Re, Rosemarie 38, 87, 114 Reade, Karen 112 Redin, James 66, 98 Reed, James 77 Reed, John 77, 98 Reed, Sally 77 Rentz, Judy 38x Renzulli, Angela' 39, 96, 126 Reuther, Ann 77, 96 Ribner, Susie 39, 102, 103 Ricchetti, Richard 77 Ricchetti, Robert 84 Riccio, Edmund 72, 98 Rich, Carole 64 Rich, Sharon 77 Riha, Judy 39 Ringelheim, Paul 39, 83, 91 Risley, Charlene 77 Riunyalz, Judith 77 Rivera, Virginia 77 Roberto, James 84 Robinson, Jeannette 65 Rockoff, Paul 77 Rogers, Nancy 145 Rollings, Philip 121 Romaine, Joan 64 Roman, Judith 77 Savage, Edith 66, 145 Sawyer, Eileen 75, 115 Sayles, Kathleen 75 Sayles, Patricia 41, 114, 122 Scanlon, Don 65 Schaefe Schaefe r, Glenn 109 r, John 98 Schaffer, Charles 65, 106 Schecter, Ronald 65, 91 Schempp, Gail 114 Schiffer, Bonita 114 Schiller, Walter 69, 98 Schless, Jack 72, 83 Schmidt, Allan 41, 83, 108 Schneider, John 69, 84, 109 Schopick, Judith 65, 110 Schubert, Walter 75 Schuerer, Arthur 66, 118 Schwarz, Ellen 41, 93, 101, 102, 124 Scinto, Karen 65, 103, 109, 125 Scofield, Joan 69, 96, 105, 108, 109 Scofield, Robin 41, 84, 110 Seastrand, Arnold 41 See, Patricia 69 Seidens, Barbara 66 Settani, Jerry 69 Setterlund, Susan 65, 103, 115, 126 Shacosk Shaffer, Shaffer, Shapiro i, Barbara 75 C. Glen B3 John 75, 83 , Gary 64, 98 Shapiro, Joan 75, 122 Shapiro, William 121 Brenda 65, 115 Romano, Barbara 39, 48 Romano, Sandra 77 Rosenfeld, Rhona 110 Rosenman Rosenthal, Rosenthal, , Mariorie 77, 121 Albert 65 Dolores 65 Rosenthal, Sally 77, 96 Rosenwald, Sandra 103 Rast, Samuel 75 Popp, Marshall 83 Powell, Nancy 66, 103, 114, 126 Prater, Marilyn 72, 115 Prescott, David 107, 109 . Presy, Joan 77 Priest, Patricia 72, 115, 120 Prian, Irene 64 Prian, Ruth 77 Proto, Lois 77 Pulito, Frank 65 Pulito, Gloria 77 Pulito, John '38 Purcell, Ann 38, 122 Rozelle, Warren 39 Ruby, Elinor 65 Ruby, Walter 77, 84 Runyon, Regina 39 Sabo, Sandra 40 Sabo, William 40 Sacher, Karen 40 Sadowl, E. Wayne 40 Salko, Clinton 65, 66, 84 Salman, Joseph 65, 98 Salvaggio, Nan 40 Sansone, Frank 41 Sansone, Robert 65, 84 150 Shaw, Sandra 65, 103, 109 Shay, Brian 72, 84 Shola, Ted 69 Short, Linda 114, 120 Shumofslry, Allan 83 Siavrakas, Evelyn 66, 104, 126 Siavrokas, Michael 75, 114 Simko, Joan 42 Simko, Joseph 66 Simmons, Wendy 69, 115 Singer, Catherine 42 Sirotnak, Betty 114, 122 Skog, Geoffrey 83 Slayton, Elaine 65, 118 Slesinsky, Beniamin 65, 84 Smalley, Edward 69 Smith, Carolyn 75 Smith, Cynthia 65, 125 Smith, Daniel 65, 101 Smith, Linda 120 Smith, Susan 66, 104, 118, 122 Snelgrove, Mariorie 75 Snyder, Diane 65, 66, 103, 114, 115, 119, 122 Soderholm, Laura 42, 48 Sohlberg, Leonard 42, 48, 83, 106, 108 Solari, Peter 65 Soley, Linda 75, 115 Saltis, Elaine 69, 115, 120 Somley, Henrietta 75 Sorgen, Michael 69, 72, 98 Stadler, Edith 66, 96, 104 Stalowitz, Alexander 101 Stomper, Edward 42 Steele, Patricia 42, 106, 107 Stein, Sandra 69 Stenberg, Jane 75, 98 Stern, Howard 72, 110 Stern, Jack 43 Stern, Jerry 43, 91, 125 Stern, Kenneth 75, 98 Stern, Michael 43 Sternberg, Joan 43, 109, 124 Stevens, Marcia 77, 118 Stevens, Martha 77 Stiliho, Beverly 43 Stiliho, Robert 69 Stilson, Ann 114 Stock, Jonathan 121 Stodolski, Candace 75 Stokes, Ruth 43 Strauss, Douglas 65, 101 Strauss, Janet 44 Strauss, Judith 44 Strauss, Lydia 44, 107, 118, 126 Strolin, Margaret 72 Strom, Ronnie 121 Sudik, Ellen 44 Sullivan, Jane 65 Sullivan, Michele 44, 104 Svenningsen, Karen 45, 102, 103 Swarney, Diane 45 Swarney, John 77 Sweeney, Fred 72 Swist, Marilyn 44 Szabo, Julius 110 Szalay, Janice 115 Szalay, Sandra 75 Szost, Rosemary 69, 114, 115 Taltacs, Clara 45, 98, 107, 115, 126 Targowski, Frank Targowski, Walter 65 Tarniczy, Frank 45 Tashman, Leonard 69 Taylor, Allan 77 Taylor, J. 98 Taylor, Lawrence 65, 106, 109 Taylor,Williom 65, 109 Tennant, Linda 77 Terebesi, Steve 77, 83, 98 Terifay, Al 66 Tessier, Edward 68 Thilo, Larry 77 Thompson, Peter 77 Thompson, Ethel 68, 108, 114 Tierney, Marcia 65, 96,122 Tolmie, George 45, 121 Tolmie, Ruth 68 Tomac, Janet 72, 115, 126 Tomac, Richard 68 Toman, Elizabeth 45, 103, 114, 115 Tomaskevic, Janice 68, 145 Torney, Eugene 77 Toth, John 77 Toth, Linda 72, 115 Tovish, Richard 66 Tower, Elizabeth 68 Tower, Stephen 46, 83, 91, 101, 102, 104, 106, 109 Tremblay, Ed 65, 84 Tremblay, Tom 76 Trenck, John 68 Trenck, Patricia 77, 101 Tricarico, Frank 77 Tricarico, Joseph 77 Tristine, Donna 77 Tristine, Sheila 46 Trudeau, Pat 71 Tryon, Lynne 109, 115 Turoczi, John 68 Turoczi, Peter 65, 66 Turro, Barbara 46 Tuska, Edmund 77 Tuzzio, Thomas 65, 91 Tyler, Cynthia 68 Tyler, Sandra 46, 109, 115 Udiskey, Dolores 77, 115 Ulman, Joseph 68 Valentine, Russell 68 VanHorn, Mariorie 68, 87 VanWagner, Catherine 77 Varaliay, Jean 46, 101, 102, 103, 108, 114 Vasas, Rosemary 77, 96, 114 Vecchiarelli, Camilia 77 Veto, Frances 77, 98, 114 Vetto, Robert 65 Vezina, Judith 77 Vicenti, Linda 77, 115 Vidal, Randy 66 Vige, Joseph 77 Vilmany, Helen 77 Vincze, John 47, 84, 108 Vlader, Raymond 68 151 Vlantes, Christine 68, 120 Votre,Linda 113 Votre, Margaret 77 Wade, John 65 Wahlquist, Elwood 70, 125 Wallitzer, Carol 65, 96, 126 Walman, Barbara 70 Walsh, Carol 72 Walsh, Charles 65, 84 Wargo, Patricia 75 Wargo, Robert 70 Waters, Geraldine 47 Weaver, Margaret 70 114, Webster, David 75 Weinstein, Joel 75 Weinstein, Susan 75, 101, 104, Wensky, Frances 145 Wensky, Georgianne 70 West, Dennis 70 West, Evelyn 70, 114 145 109 Westberg, Arlene 47, 93, 103, 115 Westlund, Jerry 70 Wettenstein, Beverly 70, 103, Whitworth, Lesley 75 Wieland, Lynda 47, 102, 103, Wiggins, Christine 75, 114 Williams, Joanne 66, 118, 125 Williams, John 98 Wilterdink, Ruth 47, 115 Winburn, William 70 Winer, Allan 65 Winnick, Jeffrey 65 Witsil, Adah Beth 47, 103, 106, Wittenberg, Judith 65, 87, 106 Wokanowicz, Sandra 113 Wood, Judy 70, 115 Wright, Earle 98 Wysocki, Sandra 70, 120, 125 Yahn, Meredith 70 Yeager, Judy 70 Yoczik, Ronald 70 Yrus, Helen 66 Yrus, Mary 75 Yurdin, Jane 103 104, 105 126 109, 124 Zatka, Susie 48, 96, 104, 115, 126 V Zeisler, Susan 75, 98, 108, 114 Zelich, Helene 70, 112 Zelle, Edward 72, 84 Zemola, Frank 65, 110 Zenhye, Evelyn 75 Zimmer, David 66, 119, 125 Zimmer, Stephen 75 Zinner, Howard 48, 109 Zuzick, Arlene 65, 114 Zuziclr, Robert 65 Administration Headmasters ...,. Housemasters .,... Secretaries ....., Assemblies ,.i,. Bands ............... Biology Club ...,.. Canteens ..,..,, T. Cheerleaders ....., Chess Club . i.,. 1 Choirs ...........,..., Crimson Crier ..,,.... Dance Club .....,.. Dedication ...... Disc Club ..........., Dramatic Clubs ..,.... Faculty Barlow ,......,, Mason 4..... Smedley ...,... Wolcott .,.....,....,, Fathers' Club Show ..,..... Flame .....,,...,.i..,.,,..,..,..,.... Foreign Exchange Student . Foreword ....,..i,,.....,.....,.,.... French Club ....,... Freshmen . .4..., . Candids ..................... Future Nurses of America , DEX 50 51 60 128, 129 1 .,......,. 121 130, 131 120 100 101 120 4, 5 120 112,113 .. 52, 53 .. 54, 55 .. 56, 57 .. 58, 59 132, 133 102, 103 134 2, 5 118 . 74-77 79 114 Future Teachers of America ..,.. ........ 1 14 Girls' Athletic Association . Girls' F ........,......,.........,..... Hi-Lighter ,.......,,..,.....,,. Home Economic Club ...... Horseback Riding Club .,,,. House Councils ..,..,....... juniors . ...,.............,...,, . Class Candids .,..... 93 . ........ 126 105 121 122 110,111 . 62-65 67 Class Oflicers .,.... junior Red Cross ......,, Komians .. ...,.....,.. .. Library Aides ..,.............. Modern Music Masters National Honor Society . Orchestra ..,..,...,.....,......i Patrons ........,.,...,.. Pep Club ,.....,.......... Photography Club ...,.. Quill and Scroll ...,.,. School Council .,,.... Seniors ....................,...,.. Class Candids .......... Class Characteristics ..,... .....,, Class History .....,..,. Class Officers ...,., Sophomores ,...,........ Class Candids .,.... Class Oflicers ...... Spanish Club .. Sports Introduction ..,..... Baseball ....l...... .. Basketball, Boys . Basketball, Girls .... Cross Country ,...... Field Hockey ..,.,. Football ........... Soccer ......., Tennis ..,... Track ........ Stage Crew .,....,, Theatre Club ....... Thespians .......... Warde Weekly ......,..... World Affairs Club ........ 66 115 119 115 126 124 136-145 122 116 124 106, 109 , 14-47 143, 144 , 10-13 8, 9 48 . 68-71 73 ,, .. 72 118 82 91 .. 88, 89 1, 94, 95 . ,...,,... 83 96 . 84-86 83 91 90 117 122 125 104 121 ES? .nn ?NNjEE!iElI iPmf ' --Q 5lE5S45?',A -1137 E- 5 9 I - ,.. 1 - .-Y IEEE! W XT I ffagi LQ!! I Pit ' Q I.. ...,, ,A glglltgwh 'Fifi 1-' F ? , i1:f.jjg,j' "---.ww-' .......,. .. ..,., .fm-..- ..-...-.. my J r r 1 Q i . v Y , -.........- 5- , A ' in fi 'lbw 'Q' 1 -" ' A- .,,x..x f.. ,,,,, , ' , V-1-3 sb' S - ' " ' -17 t . F J, ,.1:!-:,.4,,- Al, if - .il-.:1'S""'- -Q . ,. ,X- LL - ' ' ,-.' 1. X' -'J ' g ' 'R "gif ' ,. L.-a-' .,- pq wi, , v4- 16- ..g ,-, ' M x S--i J I 1 rv' -A: V -X . -c N " ' . .gf I - , ' .ff .Z Q'i"'T' i-f-- . mf! Qfhq b, ' , UI .ANA 4, .-, 4. I . ., y 1 n.E:g,g.3f.v,f' -if " , . , g,'.'j . .hr-l, ,lf .U , .SU ' ,Q -,N ,'.Jx-'Q:N, ' LK ,gn "w '-:'f.3,w'i"i". 1 - . Mfg. 3Sg,t',:'-,ag V-: 1,-f 1 4.53-f..i'5'-g5'f5Z"' H '., - L :N am+wm5,,W w ,r M' .4 " .. - df' 7,.xgf'.- ...-3 4: , f', - J .1 sqm, u M, V , - pf' BV- lf 'Hgh Q T4 . ' . 1 ' ' C ' ., 2 4' ' V Q, N- .- .' -an-+- V. .- ., f,. 1, 4- fu ' " ..'..5.Q-1 ,. xml.. . 3, -I. Q, 93' we ii. ...V . .. . 5 ' 1 a 1-- I . .-A, - in lt lf ! X

Suggestions in the Andrew Warde High School - Flame Yearbook (Fairfield, CT) collection:

Andrew Warde High School - Flame Yearbook (Fairfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Warde High School - Flame Yearbook (Fairfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Warde High School - Flame Yearbook (Fairfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Warde High School - Flame Yearbook (Fairfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Warde High School - Flame Yearbook (Fairfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 136

1958, pg 136

Andrew Warde High School - Flame Yearbook (Fairfield, CT) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 120

1958, pg 120

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