Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA)

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r FOREWORD " And God said, ' Let there be light and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. " Thus too, is this book . . . a tale of events, as the earth, of the evening and the morning. Published by THE PIONEER STAF ANDREW LEWIS H SALEM, VIRGINIA HOOL . ' fiecial photography krzysko twenty-eighth edition DEDICATION O Vd Everyone has seen him somewhere, walking hands in pockets, or talking, or working with his students. He looms tall and giant-like. And yet in his tall-j ness he is never quite so tall that he ' - cannot bend to hear words spoken to him. He is never quite so giant-like that he cannot return a smile and , hand-wave in the hall. He is never quite so teacher-like that he stops ■ being a friend. He is admired by the —) students for working as if he were one of them. He is respected for helping us accept the ups and downs, the victoc A ' ies and defeats, of life. We dedicate this edition of the Pio¬ neer to the man who coached our football team through the best season in forty years — Mr. Eddie Joyce. 0 ° c 0 Q TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Students . . . . Classes .... Athletics . . . . Organizations.110 Features.136 Advertisements.152 3 4 1962-1963 5 1962-63 EVENTS 6 7 EXCLUSIVELY 1963 Its coming ( right toon) 8 9 Our faculty . . . those who advance us in learning and discipline . . . get out a clean sheet of paper . . . basses put some meat in that tone . . . Get rid of that gum ... all right who ' s making that twanging noise . . . no, you can ' t sit in here this period . . . please stop giggling . . . never in my teaching experience have I . . . " ain ' t " may be in the dic¬ tionary, but it ' s not . . . get in there and take a shower . . . what are you doing out of . . . please close your mouth . . . there ' s more red tape in this school than in the whole . . . I have yet to see such grades . . . surely you ' ve heard the new rule ... no one leaves home¬ room . . . absentee list? Oh! yes-uh-wait-here! . . . use this time to study ... no homework tonight . . . class dismissed! it! ••• Mr. A. D. Hurt, Principal ADMINISTRATION 12 Assistant Principals Mr. Robert A. Patterson A road, veiled in midnight darkness, stretches westward to the horizon. Slowly, slowly shadows develop in the night as the sun sinks lower on the other side of the earth. Awkward shapes take new and .glow¬ ering form in the soft awakening. A ray of light passes through the distant trees across the ebony sky. Clouds become etched against the darkness by a sharp silver line; birds are astir,- and the flowers open their sweet blossoms to greet the new day. At last the sun bursts from behind the blockade of foliage, washing the earth with its bright, clean glow. Life is so. As we gain knowledge, the shad¬ ows that cloud our life begin to fall away before the truth of learning. Our instructors guide us through the night into the bright¬ ness of day. For this we are forever in¬ debted to our faculty. Mr. Edward E. Barnett 13 MRS. SUE BANNER English Counselor MR. WILLIAM BOLTON Distributive Education o ' ogy La- vtlS5fl lXM rNIE BAILEY Phy c V ducdiion MRS. MARGARET BAILEY Algebra General Math MRS. MARGARET BALLARD Reading Directed Study FACULTY MRS. EVELYN BLAKE Home Economics MR. HERBERT BOWLING History Consumer Economics MISS MELBA CALAWAY Spanish English MRS. LOIS BOARD English History " Si MRS. MILDRED CHAPMAN MRS. DOROTHEA CHICK MR. CARL COLLEY World Geography Algebra English Counselor General Math Creative Writing Counselor MR. STUART CONNER MISS ANNIE COOK MR. HERBERT COPENHAVER MRS. ALICE COULTER Band Latin Physical Education General Science Physics MRS. BELVA COUNTS Librarian MR. JOHN CRAWFORD Radio, T.V. Audio Visual MRS. NANCY DAVIDSON English Counselor MR. HADDON DUDLEY English MR. DALE FOSTER World Geography General Business MRS. GLADYS GILLESPIE Solid Geometry Trigonometry Counselor MISS MARY GOODWIN Typing V.O.T. MRS. GERALDINE HARPER Algebra General Math MRS. LINNAE HEDGBETH General Math English Algebra History !0 p MR. FRED HOBACK History FACULTY MISS FRANCES HURT Chemistry General Science MRS. JULIA HYLTON General Math Science MRS. LILLIAN JENNINGS General Math Science MISS KAREN JOHNSTON Eighth Grade Choir MRS. HAZEL JONES Algebra General Math MR. EDDIE JOYCE Physical Education MRS. OPAL KEFFER Algebra Counselor MISS DORIS KELLY Home Economics General Science MISS MILDRED KIDD English History World Geography MISS ELIZABETH LAWRENCE General Business Typing MRS. SARA LINEBERRY Physical Education MRS. MARTHA LOGAN English Latin MISS MARY JANE MAXWELL Algebra Plane Geometry MRS. DEMATRIS MEADOR Typ ing Bookkeeping MR. RICHARD MILEY Physical Education MISS DOROTHY MILLER Latin English MRS. CAROL NICHOLS Art Physical Education MISS JANE PAINTER Physical Education MR. DAN RICHARDS American Government nerican History Voi ational School MISS ELSIE PROFFITT Shorthand Typing MRS. MARY RASH French MRS. THEOLA ROACH American History World History MRS. LOIS ROATENBERRY Cosmetology MISS DOROTHY O ' DELL Biology FACULTY MR. OTHA ST. CLAIR American Go vernment American History MR. OMER TONEY Auto Mechanics MR. WALTER ROBINSON English MR. MURPHY SCOTT General Science MR. HARRY SIMMERS A Cappella Choir Mixed Choir MR. RICHARD THOMAS MISS ANN THOMASON MR. JOHN THOMPSON Industrial Arts English English Mechanical Drawing Public Speaking Drama MRS. HAZEL WATERS General Math Plane Geometry MRS. EDNA WEEKS General Science Counselor MRS. ELSIE WERTZ History English World Geography ichers accompany their homerooms to Pep Assemblies and r let the students do the rest. MRS. BETTY POFF Bookkeeper MRS. JERRA WISE Biology General Science MISS MARY WRIGHT Librarian MRS. RUTH YATES Driver Education MRS. MARY GARNER English World Geography FACULTY :■ ' ' ' 5 . ■ " : - 20 MISS RUTH WADE Secretary MRS. DORA HALE Cafeteria Manager MRS. MARGARET BAILEY Cafeteria Supervisor Cafeteria and Custodial Staffs Cafeteria Staff: Mrs. Gladys Bolling Mrs. Eura Edwards Mrs. Ruth Kyle Not pictured: Mrs. Irene Moran Mrs. Virginia Turner Mrs. Mary Bratton Custodians: Mr. Edward Howell Mr. Carl Paxton STUDENTS Hi-ya, good buddy! . . . our friends and pals through the years . . . did you have to go to tardy hall today . . . what a boring assembly ... so you ' re in the Beta Club — so what . . . Congratulations! I heard you made the choir . . . studied for that test ' till two this morning . . . was there a hop after ... I got caught eating life savors in class ... A firedrill? Now? It ' s two below out there . . . say, how did you ever work that . . . and then what did I do? I got stuck in the bleachers . . . Dad will kill me when he sees this report card . . . my chewing gum stuck in my braces ... I like the sub¬ stitute teacher a lot better than . . . who stacked your locker . . . and then the note was intercepted ... I ' m just plain dense, I guess . . . brother, I ' m glad today ' s Friday . . . can ' t wait ' till I graduate! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President R. M. Goodwin Vice-President Janet Clark Secretary Susan Chapman T reasurer John Morrison Sponsor Miss Annie V. Cook 24 SENIOR CLASS 1963 CORA SUE AKERS GEORGIA IRENE DARLENE LOUANNA ALLEN ANDREWS DAVID ARTHUR RICHARD LEE BALL BARNETT THOMAS GOODRICH BEAMAN JUDITH ANN BISHOP BARBARA JEAN BLANKENBECKLER JOHN ALLEN BLANKENSHIP STEPHEN FULLER GARY WILLIAM BOAZ BOWEN 25 BETTY LOUISE JANET FAYE LINDA GAIL BRUBECK BRUGH BUSHNELL CHARLOTTE FAYE CARROLL MARGARET ANN DONNA JEAN MARY SUSAN GILFORD EUGENE CARROLL CASEY CHAPMAN CHRISTLEY SENIOR CLASS 1963 JANET LEE CLARK ANDREA HELENA CLINEVELL BLANCHE MERYLEEN COLEMAN JAMES ROBERT COOK ANNETTA JEAN CORY JAMES ROBERT SHARON LINDA CRAFT CREGGER GAYLE ELIZABETH CRISP VIRGINIA WALKER CROCKETT JUDITH MARIE CUNNINGHAM ANNE MARIE DALBY Looking for talent? This talent, representative of that found in . the senior class, was found backstage rehearsing . . . ARNEY GLENN DALTON WILLIAM LEWIS DEAN REBECCA SUE DEATON CHRISTINA ROSE DONNELLY GEORGE LYNN EADES ELDRIDGE VINCENT EANES EDWARDS VILLA DEAN MARGARET ANN BILLY EUGENE PEGGY ANN EPPERLY EUNSON EVERSOLE FARISH PAULA JEAN FINCH JAMES LEWIS FINNEY THOMAS PATRICK SHARYN ESTALINE FITZGERALD FRANKLIN AUDREY JEAN GARRAGHTY NANCY JO GARRETT MARY DIANNE GARRISON SANDRA LEE GARST ANDREW CROCKETT GIVENS ROBERT MATTHEW GOODWIN BETTY JO GORDON CONNIE MAXINE GRAHAM BARBARA ANISE GRANT RONALD LEONARD GRAUSAM CARLTON TOMMIE- GRAY SARAH ELIZABETH GROSHOLZ JUDITH ANNE GUTHRIE FAYE JEAN HALE BENNIE AARON MARGARET ANN HALL HALL SENIORS MARTHA GALE MARY SUE HANNAH HARDISON 111 JUDY ELIZABETH HARRY CONNIE ARLITHA HARSHBARGER BENTON FILMORE HIGGS MARGARET HUNTER HIGHFILL JUDY CLARK HILL JAMES WALTER HUFF RUSSELL WILLARD JACOBS, JR. JAMES HAMMOND JOHNSON, III STEPHEN LEE KENNAMER THOMAS RUTLEDGE KING, JR. ROY MILTON KINSEY, JR. LINDA SUE KNIGHT ALTON LEFLEUR PATSY ELLEN KNIGHTON, JR. KOESTNER JOHN STEVEN KRZYSKO JUDY DIANNE LANE SENIORS WILLIAM JERRY CAROLYN FLORA LEE LILLY JERRY LEE LINEBERRY ROSMARIE PHYLLIS ANN LEE NOEL WAYNE REEVES LONITZ LUSK MacFARLAND MARSHALL Thanks to Gilford Christly ' s early morning heave- ho, the flag flies outside on our new pole. EVELYN KAY PATRICIA CABELL MATTHEWS MATTHEWS ALEXANDER GIBSON PATRICIA ELLEN MAXWELL, JR. McCRAY LESTER KATHRYN PAMELA RAE McCURDY McFALLS THORNTON CARTER MELTON JERRY GLENN MICHAEL CAROL LEE MINTON BARBARA ANN MOORE NORMAN RALPH MOORE JOHN CHARLES MORRISON SENIORS STEPHEN GARDEN MOUSHEGIAN CAROL ANN MUSSELMAN CAROLYN GAIL NOWLIN SAMUEL WILLIAM PAULEY JAMES MARION PERRY HOWARD REDMON PIERCE DONALD WILSON PITTMAN HENRY NELSON PLATTER JUDITH ANN POFF LINDA GAIL POFF SHANNIE LILLIAN POFF JOYCE DARLENE RADFORD JOYCE BELLE RAKES Carter Melton, Steve Moushegian, and Billy Dean make can shooting " almost a national pastime. SALLY ANNE RIKARD ELIZABETH CLAIRE ROBERTS HOWARD LAWRENCE ROBERTS, JR. ROY CALVIN ROGERS I r ROBERT JOHN ROHRBACK JOHN OTIS RUCKER ROBERT DAVIDSON SAUL, JR. JUDITH ALICE SELPH PAMELA SUE SEXTON JAMES WAYNE SHORTER LILI MARIA SIANO GAIL DOUGLAS SIMMERS KERRY WINTON SIPE VICTOR EDWIN SISSON, III JOHN STEVEN SNYDER DOROTHY JEANETTE ST.CLAIR RICHARD LEE ST. CLAIR PHYLLIS ANN STEWART PATRICIA KATHERINE STEVENS THOMAS EDWIN STINNETT HAROLD OTIS STULL GEORGE ANDREW TALIAFERRO KATHERINE ANNE TARPLEY MICHAEL LYNN TATE NANCY CAROLYN SALLIE STARR NOAH MILLER GLENN KERMIT TATE TATE TICKLE TURNER Seniors always set a good example for lower classmen, as exemplified by this orderly line waiting to purchase school insurance. MARGARET HELEN TYLER NANCY RUTH UMBERGER HAZEL MAE UNDERWOOD CONSTANCE MARIE VECELLIO DALLAS HOMER WADDELL JOHN RICHARD WALCOTT, JR. RANDALL RAYMOND WALKER GEORGE RICHARD WALTON LINDA LEE WATSON WILLIAM RUSSELL WEAVER MELODY JEWELL WHELPLEY PHYLLIS DIVERS WHITLEY Mrs. Gillespie, senior counselor, has an informal chat with students preparing college applications. ' I H -TSn SENIORS 1963 KIMBERLEY RICHARD WHITLOCK The library is the most logical place to find the five top-ranking Seniors. FRANCES DIANE WICKHAM KENNETH ELWARD WIERINGO GEORGE WbiLtY WILLIAMS SANDRA DELORES WIMMER RONALD GENE WISELEY SYLVIA KENT WITT EMILY ALICE WRIGHT JULIA WILSON WRIGHT WILLIAM ERNEST WRIGHT WALTER FRANKLIN YEAROUT, JR. SENIOR MIRROR Most Likely to Succeed Roy Kinsey Connie Vecellio ' ■ Wittiest Norman Moore Judy Cunningham Most Intellectual Sally Rickard Al Knighton Most Talented Annetta Cory Steve Kennamer 41 SENIOR MIRROR Best Looking Carolyn Lilly Bob Saul 42 Most Dependable Susan Chapman R. M. Goodwin Most Popular Candy Minton Cecil Blankenship Most Sincere John Morrison Connie Grahor SENIOR MIRROR Friendliest Gilford Christley Hunter Highfill 44 Most School Spirit Nancy Garrett Lynn Eades Judy Lane -i.—. Most Athletic Janet Brugh Ben Higgs 45 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS JUNIORS 1964 Larry Bell Ronzel Blankenship Alan Boley Myra Boone Donna Booth Harry Bosen Linda Brickey Stephen Brock David Brown Jerry Brown Gary Brumfield John Bryant Helen Agner Dorothy Akers Diane Albrecht Ronnie Alley Nancy Archer Jim Ayers Bob Bardsley Barbara Barr Curtis Beach Stretch Beach 47 Ryan Burke Teresa Burrier Brenda Butler John Caperton Bertha Carroll Carlis Carroll Glenda Cary Doug Clayton Cheryl Cole Peter Coleman Bren da Collins Paul Conley JUNIORS 1964 48 Sara Dennis Bob Deverick Bobby Dooley Eugene Doyle Robert Dudley Linda Elliott Doris Ellis Judy Flinchum Carol Garman Millie Garrison George Givens Ryan Givens Sam Givens Joe Gordon Jean Gough Linda Gray Van Gresham Jimmy Groseclose Ruth Grosholz Judy Guthrie Gail Hamlin Barbara Harris Jo Ann Harrison Phyllis Hayslett 49 Bobby Herron Chorlet Hodges Barbara Holland Jeanie Holland Sandra Hollandsworth Sandra Honaker Tommy Humphries Barbara Jefferies Betty Johnston Bobbie Johnston Imogene Jones Shirley Jones JUNIORS 1964 50 51 Susan Payne Louise Perdue Mercedes Perez Richard Poage Paul Powell Linda Rakes Beverly Reich Tom Repass Earl Reynolds Jean Reynolds Marion Reynolds Richard Reynolds JUNIORS 1964 52 Joyce Short Philip Shreve Wanda Sisson Sandy Sizer Hugh Smith Pat Southern Brenda Spangler Richard Spence Judy Stallins Mike Stevens Steve Stinson Chuck Taney Jane Tate Edward Terry Marsena Thompson Elaine Thurman Jimmy Tickle Toni Tillman Emily Tucker Joyce Tucker Janice Underwood Bonnie Vaughan Susan Vaughan Freddie Vest 53 Gayle Volpe David Walker Paul Webb Nancy Wells Pam Wertz Ann White Gail White Karen White JUNIORS 1964 54 Don Wood Lew Wood Troy Woolwine Debbie Wright Juniors dropped programs, got them dirty, then sold them at the Homecoming Game. The Juniors bought out the stores preparing for the Prom. 55 A penny gets you one vote for Mr. Football. Sponsor Mrs. Linnae Hedgebeth President Tom Harvey Vice-President Danrry Lovern Secretary Linda Johnston Treasurer Madeline Gearheart SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 56 Susan Agner Danetta Allen Terry Amrhein Pat Armentrout Helen Arthur Bobby Atkinson Roger Atkinson Johnny Bailey Barry Bain Joann Baker Janet Barger Connie Barnett Susan Barton Donald Bass Danny Bayse Gilbert Beckner Ronnie Bell Sharon Bethel Virginia Bohannon Jimmy Bohon Jimmy Bolling Sue Bones Bonnie Bowe David Bradley SOPHOMORES Jimmy Brown Steve Brown Dan Brugh Raymond Buchanan James Burnop Richard Burrow Carolyn Byer Becky Carroll Donald Cecil Cheryl Chelf John Clarke Sandy Clem Jackie Cobb Danny Collins Owen Collins Brenda Combs Wesley Combs Marvin Cook Jerry Cooner Pat Craft Clark Cregger Steve Cromer Joyce Crotts James Crouse 57 Dreama Cumbie Lois Davidson Sharon Davis Patty Determan Brenda Dickerson Richard Dockery John Duncan Jackie East Sue Eblen James Edwards Peggy Edwards Belma Falin Judy Foley Mike Francisco Tommy Franklin Susan Fry Rodney Furr Henry Garden Carolyn Gardner Cary Garman Paula Garner David Garraghty Toby Garst Barbara Gearheart SOPHOMORES Madeline Gearheart June Gillaspie Jean Gleason Sharon Goad Linda Gochenour Brenda Graham Shirley Grant Gordon Graybeal Marilyn Green Janice Greer Judy Gesham Henry Grim Pam Guthrie Blanch Hale Cathv Hall Gloria Hall Anita Hambrick Lynwood Harold 1 Mike Harris Roger Harris Shirley Harrison Linda Harth Robert Hartless Tom Harvey 58 Sharon Hash Larry Hawkins Bill Headen Jimmy Hedrick Brenda Henderson Jackie Hendricks Dorsey Hibbitts Hank JHig hfi 11 Jean Hodges Pat Hogan Barbara Holman Barry Holman Norma Hollifield Brenda Hopkins Catherine Husted Brenda Huff Judy Huffman Sherry Huffman Kathy Hull Shelia Hyatt Duke Ingram Gary Irish Mary James Ellen Jefferies CLASS OF 1965 Carolyn Johnson Cynthia Johnson Georgia Johnston Linda Johnston Martha Jolly Kathy Jones Larry Jones Alice Judd Katina Keith Don Keith Gladys King Jimmy King Sue Kingery Carol Koestner Mary Knott Paula Lada John Lafferty Van Lane Margaret LaPrad Gloria Linkenhoker Linda Leah Elaine Lee Judy Lemon Nada Leweke 59 Dale Looney Bonnie Lovell Danny Lovern David Lovern Alvin McDaniel Rita McDaniel Paulina McLaurin Sharon Mann Joan Manspile Steve Marshall Jackie Martin Nancy Martin Peter Martin Paul Mendolia Byron Miller Jerry Mills Edsel Moore Linda Moses Michael Moulse Michael Mullins Nancy Mullins Sarah Myers Glenn Nalls Kitty Neal SOPHOMORES Danny Poff Linda Poff Ronald Poff Shelia Poff Larry Pratt Larry Price Brenda Puckett Jay Ratcliffe Sandra Reese Milton Reich Billy Reynolds Randy Rhodes Bari Neighbors Nardie Nelson Dawn Nester Nora Nunnery Jim Obenchain Dan Oyler Ambrose Pannell Michael Pardue Melody Parsons James Pauley Brenda Phoenix Sam Poage 60 Linda Reynolds Frank Rhudy Dianne Richardson Johnny Roberts Dianne Robertson Spence Robertson Vivian Roupe Jimmy Ruscigno Pat Saul Margaret Scaggs Ken Segerdell Larry Semones David Shank Frank Shelor Sue Shelton Diane Shepard Chris Sheretz Connie Shively Marvin Shockley Larry Sink Sharon Sisson Wanda Smith Ralph Smithson Scott Sowers Betty Spencer Kyle Stevens CLASS OF 1965 Andrew Stover Margaret Stover Charles Surface Sandra Surface Joyce Tarpley Connie Taylor Wanda Thacker Camille Thomas Ann Tribley Margaret Turner James Viar Donna Waggy Eddie Wallace Sandra Weston Danny Wheeling Bonnie Willard Anne Williams Kathleen Williams Beckie Witt Margaret Witt Faye Woods Betty Wright Dolly Yopp Sue Zirkle 61 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Ronnie Shorter Vice-President Martha Marsh Secretary Leslie Smith Treasurer Brenda Yates Sponsor Miss Frances Hurt Ann Brown Patricia Agee Linda Barnett Randall Agee Scott Agner James Akers Billie Aldridge John AlifF Carol Altice Betty Anderson Kathleen Andrews Sandra i Atkinson Jerry Bailey Jerry Bain Carol Baker Mack Banner David Barnett William Barnett Brenda Barnette Gerald Bayne Danny Bayse Dorothy Blankenship Paul Blankenship Charlotte Bohon Susan Bohon Kathleen Boone Suzanne Bowling Michael Bowman Tommy Bradley Richard Briggs Bettie Brightwell FRESHMEN S3 Elaine Coleman Jerry Coleman Leigh Coleman Robert Coley Belva Combs Brenda Conley Beth Connelly Elmer Conner George Conner Katherine Conner Linda Craighead David Crook Frank Cross James Cross Nancy Crotts Sharon Crotts Albert Crowder Becky Crush Clarence Cumbie James Dalton Sandy Dalton James Daniels Lynwood Daugherty David Day Phillip Deaton James DeHart Teri D ' Emilio Roger Dixon Jimmy Dodd Freddie Dooley FRESHMEN Tommy Doughty Michael Douglas Gale Doyle Mary Dudding David Dudley Mary Dyer Swanson Eanes Donna Mae Easton Charles Edmondson Edward Ellis Deborah England Tommy Ferguson Ellen Fishwick Ben Fitzgerald Susie Fitzgerald 64 Linda Gordon Sue Foley Robert Foster Edward Francisco Charles Franklin Larry Franklin Ira Frantz Linda Frith Tommy Gagnet Patricia Garrett Alvin Gillespie Ann Givens Louise Givens Richard Givens Jimmy Gladden Dick Goodwin Enola Graham Jack Graham Leroy Graham Jackie Clifton Julia Graves Becky Green Bobby Greenway Alice Greer Raymond Grey Richard Guard Lynn Guerin Jane Hagee Marcella Hale David Hall CLASS OF 1966 Martha Hall Sherry Hall Donald Halterman Rosetta Hammersley Bruce Hancock Robert Harris June Harry Rosemary Hartberger Sandra Hartley Linda Hatcher Michael Haynes Bonnie Henderson Darrell Henley Jerry Hester Bruce Hicks 65 Bob Hockett Jo Ann Hogan Phil Holland Peggy Honaker Linda Horne David Howard Susan Hoye Betty Hudson Bonnie Huff Larry Hunt John Jobe Alison Jolly Antoinette Jolly David Jones Guy Kageals Billy Lemon Melvin Kanode Nancy Kanode Elizabeth Kay Nancy Keenan Roger Kegley Ca rson Kennedy Donna King Scott Kinsey Charles Kipps Sylvia Knight Jackie Lanier Lynn Lavinder Martha Lee Barry Leitch Connie Long Shirley Lovell William Lucado Mary Lynch Michael McCormack Bobby McCray Carolyn McCray Sonny McNeil Dennis Marsh Martha Marsh Carolyn Martin Pam Martin Sandra Martin Sandy Martin FRESHMEN 66 Wanda Martin Margaret Barnett Kathleen Mayo Eugene Meador Chuck Messinger Billy Miles Sharon Mills Frankie Mitchell Betty Montgomery Pat Montgomery Mike Moses David Mullins Doris Myers Richard Neuhs Carol Newman Barbara Oakes Carl Palmer Sandra Palmer Darwin Pankey Linda Pannell Mariah Parr Russell Parrish Herbert Patrick Nancy Patterson George Pauley Richard Pauley Ronnie Pearman Ronnie Pendleton Terry Pendleton Wayne Peregoy Andre Perdue Carol Perdue Linda Perdue Melvin Perry Russell Peters Eddie Peverell Ollie Pickral Richard Pierce Ruth Platter Elaine Pollard Barbara Polster Jean Poole Ruby Potter Marlene Preston Teresa Preston Corinda Price Charlotte Otey CLASS OF 1966 Marshall Pritchard 67 Judy Pruitt Richard Pugh Betty Quesenberry Phyllis Reed Bonnie Reese Buddy Reynolds Linda Reynolds Kathy Richards Bobby Richardson p eggy Richardson Sara Richie Robert Robertson Shirley Robertson Sandra Robinson Wanda Robinson Linda Roop Patricia Roop Pat Rose Mickey Ross Carolyn Rutherford Richard Rutledge Tommy Sample Jerry Sexton Glenn Sheets Kemp Shockley Ronnie Shorter Tommy Shrader Steven Silcott Peggy Sipe Janie Sisson Walter Skelton FRESHMEN Douglas Smith Leslie Smith Linda Smith Loretta Smith Randy Smith Sherry Smith Frank Snow Charles Southern Joe Spurgas Lorain St. Clair Virginia Steen Melissa Stevens Claiborne Stokes Mary Suit Judy Summers Barry Surface 68 Barbara Tate Barbara Thomas Gary Thomas W. J. Thomas Bonnie Thompson D.E. Thompson Judy Thompson James Tobey Barbara Tucker Larry Tuttle Robert Tuttle Donna Wade Kathryn Waldrop Larry Walker David Waltz Billy Webb Gene Webb Sammy Weddle Mary Weincyzk Frankie Westmoreland Dennis Wheeling David Whisman Patricia White Robert White Wayne White Faye Whitley Richard Whitley Willie Wickham James Wilds CLASS OF 1966 69 mw EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS (Right to left) Sponsor. President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Mrs. Hazel Jones Shirley Ferguson . . . Andy Minton . . Sharon Grey . . Ann Walters EIGHTH GRADE Gloria Abbott Robert Adams Deborah Agee Patricia Agee Susan Agee Wayne Altis Elizabeth Andrews Barbara Atkinson Brenda Austin Joe Austin Ruth Baker Susan Baldwin Rosiland Barger Allen Barnett Sherry Barnett Connie Bayse Wanda Beason Loraine Beckett Millie Beckett Carolyn Berrier Charlotte Blackwell Nancy Blankenship Patricia Blankenship Clay Blevins Donald Bonham Kitty Booher Billie Boothe Earnest Boston Rose Bott Carol Bowling Constance Boyer Bill Breedlove Judy Bruce Sandra Brumfield Renee Bryant Wayne Burnette Janice Burnop Eddie Burrier Linda Bute Susan Byrd Frank Campbell Bonnie Carroll Ronald Carroll Ronnie Carroll Brenda Cisco Anne Clayton Ronnie Clingenpeel Dan Cobb Yvonne Cockerham David Coffey Aleta Cole Nancy Coleman Penny Collins Richard Conley Lloyd Conner Michael Counts Jan Cowan Sammy Cox Harold Cr iner Julian Criner Linda Crotts Jimmy Croy Fred Cruser 71 EIGHTH GRADE Van Crouch Kendal Custer Dickie Dalby Connie Daugherty Beverly Davis Joyce Davis Robert Davis Linda Deyerle Terry Determan Theresa Determan Johnny Deverick Carol Dillon Clyde Dooley Henry Duncan Dean East Judy Edwards Robert Edwards Sherrie Eller Rhonda Ennis Roddie Ennis Marie Estep Lee Eubanks Sarah Faries Susie Faries Shirley Ferguson Linda Ferris Henry Fink Harrison Finley Linda Fitzgerald Ann Fleck Judy Flinchum John B. Franklin Dolly Frantz Chonita French Linda Friesland Alice Furrow Jane Furrow Larry Furrow Diane Garnett Michael Garrett Preston Garraghty Jeanette Gearhart Carolyn Ann Gibson John Gibson Gerald Gilbert Billy Giles Barbara Gillock Ronnie Gillaspie John Giordano Bette Givens Philip Givens Chris Gladden Donna Glass Rita Glass Dyanne Grausam Bill Green Doris Green Cherie Greer Donald Gregory Sharon Grey Margaret Grosholz Michael Grubb Vickie Grubbs 72 CLASS OF 1967 Larry Gordon Shelton Guthrie David Hall Richard Hall Richard Hall Jimmy Harrah John Harrah Henry Harrell Walter Harrell Grover Harrison Roger Hartberger Jacob Harshbarger Christine Hartless Valerie Hartless Gwen Hawkins Ronnie Hawkins Sammuel Hayslett Rebecca Henderson Diane Hester Linda Hickerson Junior Higgs Tommy Higgs Matt Highfill Franklin Hilton Jimmy Hinkle Jack Hobbs Rebecca Hogan Donald Hogston Jerry Hollifield Roger Holtman Robert Howard Jimmy Hudson Butch Huff Mary Huff Gcry Huffman Roger Huffman Preston Hundley Lydia Hyatt Malcolm Irvan Larry Jarvis Lynette Jensen Evelyn Johns Van Johnson Brenda Johnston Hal Johnston David Jones Doris Jones Emma Jones • Oscar Jones Paul Jones Dennis Journell Betty Judd Lane Kelly Beth Kendig Iris Kennedy Allen Key Wayne Key Wendell Key Stanley Killman Charlotte King Gary King Roger Kingery Susan Kingery 73 EIGHTH GRADE Virginia Kipps Charles Kirkland Doris Knight Nancy Lavender Jimmy Lawrence O ' Neal Lawrence Linda Lee Ted Lee Susan Leftwich Michael Legge Bobby Lester William Ligon Danny Lineberry Alvin Linton Madge Logan Darrell tong Dianna Long Fran Lucado Gene Lucado Donald Lundy Donella Lunsford Mike Lyons Kitty Lynch Mike Magruder Marian Marshall Jackie Martin Jerry Lee Martin Richard Martin Eddie Maxey Emerson Clanahan Marshall McClung Jack McCorkle Sandy McCown Mary Jane McDaniel Brenda McDaniels Tom McDonald Betsy McKenney Ronald McMillan Patsy Metts David Metzler L. C. Miller Susan Miller Phoebe Mills Andy Minton Ellen Mohler Charles Moore Charles Moore James Morris Mary Mullen Alice Mullins William Mumford Jero me Munna Dennis Murphy Diane Nester Gary Nutter Sam Owens Emily Paine Linda Pannell Jerry Parrish Rodney Parsons Gayle Pendleton Linda Peregoy Jeronne Perry 74 CLASS OF 1967 Betty Peters Mary Jane Phlegar Rebecca Phelgar Myrtle Phoenix Brenda Poff Jimmy Poff Ricky Pollard John Poole Ellen Porter Marvin Pruett Thomas Pruett Martha Pruitt Daphalene Quesenberry Wayne Rabren Charles Radford Roger Rash David Rettinger Mike Reynolds Betty Rhodes Linda Rhodes Ramona Rhodes Betty Richardson Larry Richardson Price Richardson Alice Ridpath Linda Roark Debby Roberts Elbert Roberts Lee Robertson Ronnie Robertson Ken Robey Glenn Robinette Scarlett Rock Butch Rogers Mike Rushing Dan Russo Mike Rutledge Ellen Sanders Randall Sarver Cindy Saul Douglas Saunders Norma Scaggs Darlene Schafer Dickie Schrader Carolyn Semones Donald Shaver Susan Sheets Brenda Shropshire Evelyn Short Lynn Sisson Ronnie Sizer Mike Smith Sherry Smith Jean Spangler Patricia Spruhan Brenda Stanback Buford St. Clair Mickey St. Clair Ann Stevens Carolyn Stewart Sandra Stewart Sanford Stewart Susan Stewart 75 EIGHTH GRADE Robert Stuart Gary Surratt Douglas Sutton David Tarpley David Tate Steve Taylor Tony Terry John Thompson Larry Thompson Lonnie Thompson Robert Thompson Ronald Thompson Gary Throckmorton Jean Tingler Camille Vaughan Robert Vaughan Vickie Vaughan Doug Vess Roger Vest Nancy Waldron Caroline Waldrop Michael Walker Ann Walters Jackie Watlers Ellen Walton Morris Weddle Gordon Wells Charlene Westmoreland Goldie Westmoreland Linda Westmoreland Janie White Linda White Susan Willard Joy Wilson Pat Wilson Donna Wood Michael Woods Richard Woolwine Frankie Wright Gloria Wright Ernest Wyatt Sherry Wygal Eighth graders, who man¬ aged to be late for class, line up to get entrances from Mrs. Chapman. EIGHTH GRADE Joe Yates Margaret Zamorski Steve Zimmerman Linda Zirkle Mary Cobb Patricia Elliott Jerry Ellis FOOTBALL ROW ONE: Ronnie Sizer, Bill Green, Terry Determan, Hal Johnston, Andy Minton, Danny Cobb, Gary Throckmorton, Lee Robertson, Lee Eubanks, Coach: Mr. Herbert Copenhaver. ROW TWO: Dan Russo, Phil Ayers, John Patrick, Matt Highfill, John Pool, Robert Stewart, Wayne Burnette. Mike Rutledge. ROW THREE: Jerry Ellis, Jerry Hollifield, Dan Hogstan, David Rettinger, John Deverick, Stanley KillmOn, David Tate. BASKETBALL ROW ONE: Douglas Vess, Everette Giles, Terry Determan, Hal Johnson, Ronnie Sizer, Andy Minton, Roger Holtman, Marshall McClung, David Jones, Coach: Mr. Frank Wagner. ROW TWO: Wayne Key, Randall Sarver, David Palmer, Hohn Patrick, L. C. Miller, Robert Stuart, Lee Eubanks, Wendel Key, Omen East, Ted Lee, Len Sisson. 77 CLASSES Each day we pass through a definite schedule . . . the same classes . . . triangle ABC and triangle DEF are congruent because . . . con¬ jugate in full, " laudo " ... all right, five laps around the gym . . . run, your stew is boiling over . . . surely you remember who Nathan Hale was ... do an outline before you . . . now, when the sodium compound begins to fizz . . . graphs such as these may be read in two ways . . . o-h-l-d-i-l-i-k-e-t-y-p-i — oh, yes ma ' am . . . you people just don ' t know the fundamentals of . . . oui, senora — I mean . . . look, a dead frog can ' t bite you . . . you may take out no more than three books . . . exit Lady McDuff, screaming " Mur¬ der " . . . That ' s right, put in the piston rings . . . final exam Wednesday! From Science 9 to chemistry and still that fierce concentration. Florence Nightingale herself could not have improved Upon the work these girls are doing. 80 Book reports are less drudgery when Mrs. Banner allows her students complete artistic freedom, as with these book advertisements. CLASSES Many girls who aspire to be beauticians can now get a head start on their careers by taking cosmotology, A.L. ' s newest curriculum addition. New minds receive the same algebra that has been taught for centuries. It seems that anything so old should be easy by now, but these students insist that it isn ' t. 81 Miss Profitt drills these girls in a language which is strange to most of us, the language of secretaries — shorthand. 82 If a girl wandered through this section of the building and said she wished to go " shopping, " she might end up cutting wood on a bandsaw. CLASSES Andrew Lewis often takes on a new indoor appearance as Mrs. Nichols and her art students display their masterpieces. Does President Kennedy really think that this will make us physically fit, wonders the boys in Mr. Bowling ' s gym class. 83 World geography provides students with important facts about coun¬ tries involved in today ' s world affairs. Keeping well-informed on current events, Mr. St. Clair ' s civics class scrutinizes the daily newspaper. 84 During the second semester, seniors ore permitted to take a non-credit class in which Mrs. Ballard in¬ structs them in studying methods, test taking, and speed reading. 85 Vigorous exercise, producing limber muscles and trim figures, precedes all other gym activities. ■■ ' ■H ATHLETICS Defense! Defense! You ' ve got to know defense . . . No, you don ' t carry a football like a loaf of bread . . . what ' s the matter with you. Ref? ... Do you need glasses? . . . Get those rebounds . . . jog to the college . . . It ' s not that I have anything against your cowbell, it ' s just that ... I think I left my clubs on the bus . . . Watch it, you ' re stepping on my racket . . . we ' ll need a map for this cross-country course . . . you can ' t lose this game and still be State Champs . . . one more lap and I ' ll ... 55 feet — that ' s a record, isn ' t it? . . . Come on, boys. Just two more points . . . sand traps, I hate sand traps . . . throw him on the mat . . . give your uniforms to the managers . . . " Peanuts! Pop-corn! " . . . 5-4-3-2-we won! FOOTBALL Scoreboard 1 962 Andrew Lewis . 20 Andrew Lewis . 14 Andrew Lewis . 14 Andrew Lewis . 7 Andrew Lewis . 7 Andrew Lewis . 21 Andrew Lewis . 14 Andrew Lewis. 6 Andrew Lewis . 27 Andrew Lewis . 6 Graham . 12 Blacksburg . 0 Patrick Henry . 0 Tazewell . 0 Cave Spring . 0 William Byrd . 0 William Fleming . 0 Jefferson . 0 Halifax County . 0 E. C. Glass. 0 MANAGERS: Glenn Dalton, Pat Saul, Tom Harvey. COACHES: Mr. Dale Foster, Mr. Herbert Bowling, Mr. Herbert Copenhaver, Mr. Fred Hoback, HEAD COACH: Mr. Eddie Joyce. 88 BACKS: ROW ONE: Jackie Hendricks, Jackie Cobb, Larry Bell, Bob Bardsley, Larry Leonhardt, Gene Webb, John Zimmerman. ROW TWO: Steve Cromer, Russell Harris, Don Russo, Richard Burrow, Danny Wheeling, Cecil Blankenship, Melvin Semones. City-County Champions Western District Champions Group l-A State Champions LINEMEN: ROW ONE: Gilford Christley, George Walton, Bill Wright, Ben Higgs, Duke Ingram, Paul Webb, John Blankenship, Tommy Stinnett. ROW TWO: John Roberts, Peter Coleman, Bobby Deverick, Johnnie Hamilton, Roy Kinsey, Terry Amrhein, Randy Wigington. ROW THREE: Bari Neighbors, Richard Spence, John Morrison, Dan Brugh, Mike Krupin. 89 LAST- TIMERS Melvin Semones Stephen Moushegian John Morrison Butch Wright Cecil Blankenship Larry leonhardt John Zimmerman Ben Higgs Captain Bob Bardsley George Walton Captain Tom Stinnett Captain Paul Webb Gil Christley John Blankenship Roy Kinsey 90 JUNIOR VAIJSTTYt ROW ONth-M ayne Clark, Eddie Robinson, Jimmy Poff, Larry Semones, Richard Hank HigK II, Tommy Higg s J 3 TWO: Billy Miles, Dennis Wheelin Melvin Peggy, Mike Moses, Robert Coley, Richard Huff, Danny Clinevell. ROW THREE: Bobby Archer, David Garraghty, Charles Kipps, Butch Skelton, Jimmy Wright, Tommy Sample. ROW FOUR: Steve Silcock, Mike Doughty, David Howard, Ronnie Yopp, Lloyd Click, D. E. Thompson, W. J. Thomas, Lynn Lavander. ROW FIVE: John Barret, Phillip Deaton. Varsity Action 1962 found A.L. enjoying the best football season it ' s had in 40 years. And the credit goes to the wise coaches and the determined, hard-hitting players who were shooting for the top. Here, Russo (11) and Blankenship (40) are good examples of the award-winning per¬ formances witnessed throughout the tension-packed sea¬ son. 91 s for extra yardage against competitive Colonels. Bardsley (33) steps through arms of tacklers as Christley launches a block typifying Lewis hustle in undefeated season. Bardsley (33) is smothered by Byrd tacklers after ten yard gain. Game ends 21-0 in Lewis ' favor. Fleming pass to set up the Wolverine defense holds Lewis wins 14-0. Roy Kinsey First team City-County First team Western District Second team State Group 1A Paul Webb Second team City-County First team Western District First team State Group 1A First team All State Gil Christley First team City-County First team Western District Second team State Group 1A Gridders Make All-Western Team Lewis Has 5 On C-C Team; Christley Named Captain Larry Bell First team City-County Second team Western District 1962 Group l-A Stars Wolverines Don Russo, Paul Webb on All-State Don Russo First team City-County First team Western Cecil Blankenship First team District First team State Group 1A First team All State City-County First team Western District Honorable Mention All - V m State State Group 1A OTHER HEADLINERS John Morrison: Third team City-County, Honorable Mentior Western District. Larry Leonhardt: Third team City-County. Bob Bardsley: Third team City-County. Benton Higgs: Second team City-County, Honorable Mention Western District. 93 CHAMPIONSHIP Game Bardsley skirts Glass end in deadlocked first half . . . Exchange of punts ends third quarter . . . game scoreless. Then Harris (43) starts Lewis moving in fourth quarter with a completed pass . . . strong defense of Lewis and Glass keeps the scoreboard empty until the last three minutes of play. Touchdown by Blankenship! Jubilant Coach Joyce rushes onto field after boys came through for A.L. by beating E.C. Glass 6-0 and taking the State Champion¬ ship Title. 94 ■ Mm Rain Washes Out Scholastic Football Card Lewis Battles Mud, Glass For State Group I-A Title 75 " ? i Exciting Football Fever Glass Falls 6-0 In Great Battle Hail Andrew Lewis ... Best in the State Wolverines’ Final Rush Salem Goes on Spree As Lewis Wins Title s CHAMPSl Was Rig One Fourth Quarter Gamble v Pays Off For Wolverines A Hot Time In Old Salem 16 Roanoke World-News, Monday. Novem ber 12.1962 Defensive Ace Blankenshi Joyce Receives Car; Lewis Players, Coaches Honored Salem Town Council Honors Lewis Champs Lewis Declares Star Eligible, Team Champs m AC 8 Score Title Is Roanoke World-News, Saturday, Nov, 17, 1962 7 Committee To Get ' Lewis ' Case Fate of Andrew Lewis Rides on Friday Meetir VHSL Will Decide Lewis’ Fate Today State Title May Go to Graham Leivis Will Appeal Ruling Of VHSL On Blankenship Blaines Lewi High Official For Error Salem’s Title Lo Lewis’ Appeal Fails; Graham Still Champion 01 y ■■ j ., } AM ■ jf , MM n MM 1 111 f 1 I m f lifl 1 ' F’ 1 H I ■- - i u m ■H V — “5 r -f u jB b- % ■ ■ ■ " " • V W Mmm 0m ' ’ -Mr ’ Eh; 1 Jm L 1 P -ff V W ' W | Jm t . ' ' ,4 y VARSITY: Nancy Garrett, Judy Lane, Susan Payne, Sara Jo Dennis, Kay Mathews, Candy Minton, Connie Vecellio, Sally Tate, Susan Chapman, Pam Sexton, Jean Gough, Ryan Burke. CHEERLEADERS Leigh Smith, mascot of the varsity cheer¬ leaders, cheers along, surrounded by her older friends. Enthusiastic cheerleaders with new uniforms, loyal spectators, and a hard-wo rking basket¬ ball team produced an unexpected winning season. 96 JUNIOR VARSITY: Donna King, Patricia Wright, Martha Marsh, Madeline Gearheart, Kathy Hall, Linda Johnston, Camille Thomas, Helen Arthur, Elaine Lee, Pam Fleming, Betty Spencer. 97 1963 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD A.L. 64 William Byrd . 63 A.L. 63 Cave Spring . 39 A.L. 54 Danville . 52 A.L. 65 Northside . 41 A.L. 54 Cave Spring .58 A.L. 77 Halifax.53 A.L. 66 William Byrd . 60 A.L. 70 Jefferson . 57 A.L. 58 William Fleming .54 A.L. 54 Halifax . 37 A.L. 67 Cave Spring .44 A.L. 33 E. C. Glass.51 A.L. 60 Marion . 49 A.L. 62 Jefferson . 51 A.L. 45 Danville.54 A.L. 51 Marion . 52 A.L. 59 William Fleming .66 A.L. 62 Patrick Henry. 68 A.L. 56 Patrick Henry. 39 A.L. 46 E. C. Glass. 40 1962-63 VARSITY BASKETBALL 98 David Ball Captain Bob Bardsley Captain Curtis Beach Stretch Beach Larry Bell Steve Cromer Russell Harris Carter Melton Captain L. — ' L r A 1 j . S k J jj F ! j - yjv j ■ i i8l Marion Reynolds Tommy Richardson Don Russo David Walker 99 BASKETBALL: JUNIOR VARSITY Mike Francisco, Richard Burrow, Charles Surface, Dorsey Hibbitts, Bari Neighbors, Jackie Hendricks, Mr. Dale Foster, Coach; Danny Lovern, Don Keith, Nardi Nelson, John Roberts, Toby Garst, Danny Wheeling. FRESHMAN TEAM ROW ONE: Mac Banner, Eddie Peverell, Ricky Brown, Tommy Ferguson, Wayne Perergoy, Buddy Reynolds. ROW TWO: Freddy Dooley, Sammy Weddle, Douglas Smith, Jerry Bain, Ronnie Shorter, D. E. Thompson, Richard Guard. ROW THREE: Mr. R. A. Patterson, Coach; Melvin Kanode, Jimmy Wright, Charles Kipps, Bo Southern, Gene Webb, Tommy Bradley. 100 VARSITY ACTION Carter Melton (50) competes with Danville player for the rebound. Tom Richardson jumps almost as high as the basket to score against Fleming. Miller of Halifax and Carter Melton battle for the ball to open the game. The game ended 54-37. 101 BASKETBALL ACTION Melton seems to be say¬ ing, " See, Fellows, you do it like this. " Carter Melton dominates the boards in the game against Jefferson. David Ball, our little man among taller athletes, jumps high to sink two more points against Northside. 102 Halifax is set behind two more points as David Walker drops the ball in. 103 Carter Melton and Ingrave of Marion battle for the rebound. Brenda Barnett Margaret Barnett Loraine Beckett Sharon Bethel Dawn Nester Sandra Radford 104 Judi Selph Joyce Tucker Lily Siano Emily Tucker Bonnie Vaughan Sue Zirkle Manager: Louise Perdue Coaches: LaVerne Bailey, Jane Painter GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Andrew Lewis 16 Patrick Henry 30 Andrew Lewis 7 Cave Spring 9 Andrew Lewis 34 William Fleming 18 Andrew Lewis 19 Jefferson 16 Andrew Lewis 16 William Byrd 9 Andrew Lewis 17 Bedford 27 Andrew Lewis 21 Northside 19 Andrew Lewis 36 Bedford 39 Andrew Lewis 5 R. Catholic 16 Andrew Lewis 33 William Byrd 8 Anxious Lewis fans watch hopefully as Sandra Radford approaches the Wolverine basket. 105 Bob Saul, John Beach, Tommy Crosswhite, Mr. Herbert Copenhaver, Coach; Gene Webb, Butch Wilson. GOLF 1963 SCHEDULE April 2 Blacksburg . Blacksburg 8 Roanoke Catholic. Blue Hills 15 Pulaski. Pulaski 24 William Byrd.Blue Hills 29 Roanoke Catholic.Blue Hills May 3 Blacksburg . Blue Hills 10 William Byrd . Blue Hills 13 Pulaski . Blue Hills A.L. ' s junior golf letterman. Tommy Cross¬ white, works to perfect his drive. 106 Mr. Herb Bowling, Coach; Bob Saul, Cap¬ tain. WRESTLING TEAM ROW ONE: Charles Musselman, Bob Archer, Dan Robertson, Lew Wood, Charles Mes¬ senger. ROW TWO: David Garraghty, Mike Krupin, Terry Amrhein, Bob Deverick, Bob Saul. ROW THREE: Tom Harvey, Danny Cobb, Joe Gordon, Henry Duncan, Clark Cregger, Jimmy Hedricks, Manager. ROW FOUR: John Duncan, David Lovern, Alan Boley. WRESTLING ASSEMBLY Garraghty attempts to use a whizzer on Terry Amrhein. Bob Deverick pins David Lovern. Tom Harvey tries for an escape against Dan Robertson. 107 ROW ONE: Willie Wickham, John Morrison, Tom Stinnet, Steve Moushegian, Mike O ' Beirne. ROW TWO: Mr. Fred Hoback, Coach; John Clark, Phillip Givens, Barry Marsh, R onzel Blankenship, Dar¬ win Panky, Ted Lineberry, Russell Jacobs, Manager. ROW THREE: Jack East, Wayne White, Randy Smith, Ronnie Pearman, Jim Bohon, Mike Haynes, Andre Perdue. INDOOR TRACK Ben Higgs placed second in an indoor meet with E. C. Glass and Patrick Henry. In addition, he broke a long¬ standing school shot put record with a 55 ' 1OV 2 " throw. Mike O ' Beine placed first in the mile run. In the first Western District Indoor Competition, the An¬ drew Lewis squad placed fourth with 25’ 2 points. Steve Moushegian won the 880 yard dash with a time of 2:10. It should be noted that the second and third place teams had 27 and 26 points respectively. At the state indoor meet held in Lexington, Steve Moush¬ egian placed fourth in the 880. Ben Higgs placed sec¬ ond in the shot put competition. Andrew Lewis won eighth place in the thirty school competition. 108 KNEELING: Sam Givens, Mike O ' Beirne, Willie Wickham, Ronnie Shorter STANDING: Andre Per¬ due, Ronzel Blankenship, Scott Kinsey. CROSS COUNTRY TRACK 1962 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD William Fleming Won V. P. 1. Won Christiansburg Won William Fleming Won V. P. 1. Tied CFiristiansburg Won State Meet Tied for Seventh Place 109 These track boys look dead tired, but what could one expect after a long hard run? i Li ORGANIZATIONS Hey, let ' s get this meeting on the road-. . . let ' s see now, put the palm trees on the left of the stage — no, let ' s . . . do-do, ra-ra, me-me . . . the Science Fair? . . . let ' s show some pep at those games, girls ... all right, who blew my candle out . . . the latest Student Council project ... I can ' t decide who writes the gossip column . . . the mono¬ gram goes on the left side of the sweater ... in order to get to work on time, you D.E. boys will have school at . . . get that reed wet before you blow your horns . . . go away — you can ' t see this — it ' s Annual work . . . any old business? . . . Meeting adjourned. % m OFFICERS and SENIORS: Rosi Lonitz, Becky Cromer, Diane Wickham, Secretary; David Ball, President; Van Gresham, Treasurer; Lili Siano, Honorary Member; Tom King, Mrs. Martha Logan, Sponsor. STUDENT COUNCIL Eighth Grade: Caroline Waldrop, Ronnie Sizer. Sophomores: Bari Neighbors, Kathy Hall, Pat Saul. Freshmen: Donna King, Gene Webb. Jun¬ iors: Cookie Agner, Don Russo. The Student Cooperative Association acts as a miniature government at Andrew Lewis, functioning to promote better relations between the teachers and students and as the vehicle by which student opinions are presented to the faculty. The Student Council initiated a community project in conjunction with the American Field Service which sponsors a student exchange program. Plans have been made to continue the participation of Andrew Lewis in the exchange program. 112 The S.C.A. suggestion box, which at times lies dormant, enjoyed unusual activity before exam time. Pat Savl and Cathy Hall collect suggestions about the exam schedule. SPONSOR: Mr. R. A. Patterson OFFICERS: Corresponding Secretary, Fran Kageals Recording Secretary, Diane Wickham President, Al Knighton Treasurer, Steve Moushegian Vice-President, Hunter Highfill BETA CLUB The Beta Club is the only organization at Andrew Lewis designed for the acknowledge¬ ment of scholastic achievement. Beta members must have a 2.25 grade average and be approved for leadership and character by the faculty. This year ' s activities included sending delegates to Richmond for the state convention, selling football programs, and inducting the new members in an assembly presentation. FIRST ROW: Betty Wright, Georgia Allen, Willa Epperly, Sandy Honaker, Helen Agner, Nancy Tate, Sylvia Witt. SECOND ROW: Lili Siano, Kay Matthews, Susan Chapman, Emily Wright, Sally Rikard, Sallie Tate, Candy Minton, Tom King. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Vaughan, Camille Thomas, Judy Guthrie, Ann White, Millie Garri¬ son, Pat Armentrout, Dawn Nester, Cathy Hall, Sharon Hash. FOURTH ROW: Elaine Thurman, Judy Foley, Steve Kennamer, Glenda Cary, Ann Dalby, Melody Parsons, Linda Leah, Betty Spencer, Tom Harvey, John Beach. FIFTH ROW: Andrew Stover, Sara Jo Dennis, Carolyn Lilly, Jerry Mills, Betty Cromer, Brenda Butler, Barbara Holland, Pat Saul, Mike Francisco, Paul Mendolia. SIXTH ROW: Kerry Sipe, Tommy Richardson, Virginia Crockett, Robert Cook, Gary Bowen, Connie Vecillio, Roy Kinsey, Scott Sowers, George Slusher, Carol Koestner. 113 PROVINCIALS: ROW ONE: Georgia Mayo, Susan Payne, Sue Parker, Linda Watson, Hunter Highfill, Sallie Tate, Susan Chap¬ man. ROW TWO: Helen McGhee, Sandra Hollandsworth, Helen Agner, Nancy Archer, Paula Finch, Emily Wright, Lili Siano, R. M. Goodwin, Carolyn Lilly. ROW THREE: Lee MacFarland, Nancy Wells, Ronnie Wiseley, Tommy Stinnett, Nancy Tate, Peggy Eunson, Jean Gough, Tommy Richardson, Bill Lipes, Ryan Burke, Larry Bell. The Latin Club seeks to promote appreciation of the Roman and Greek classics and culture. The annual activities include giving a Christmas tea for the faculty, presenting the Easter Pageant, sponsoring the May Dance, and having a picnic for all members. At each of the monthly meetings the club sponsors panel discussions, entertain¬ ment by various Latin classes, or a talk by a visit¬ ing speaker, all of which are in the Latin theme. A highlight this year in the club was a talk by the school ' s foreign exchange student Lili Siano; Lili, who came from Italy, was made an honorary member of the club. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS: ROW ONE: Susan Chapman, Tribune; Nancy Archer, Pro¬ vincial Governor; Martha Lee, Praetor; Helen Agner, Quaestor; Cathy Hall, Censor; Kay Matthews, Aedile; Elaine Thurman, Patrician Con¬ sul. ROW TWO: Tommy Richardson, Provincial Governor; Bill Ever- sole, Pontifex Maximus; Gene Webb, Plebian Consul; Miss Annie V. Cook, Sponsor. PATRICIANS: ROW ONE: Sandy Palmer, Patsy Koestner, Kay Mat¬ thews, Candy Minton, Linda Johnston, Madeline Gearhart, Ann Minarik, Barbara Holland, Camille Thomas, Susan Agner. ROW TWO: Joyce Miller, Linda Poff, Nada Leweke, Betty Spencer, Susan Fry, Elaine Lee, Cathy Hall, Judy Jones, Sandra Honaker, Myra Boone. ROW THREE: Barbara Moore, Sharon Sisson, Sue Bones, Ann Gribley, Sharon Goad, Sharon Hash, Linda G V ochenorer, Judy Foley, Judy Gresham, Susan Vaughan, Dawn Nester. ROW FOUR: Carol Koestner, Pam Sexton, Connie Veceillo, Al Knighton, Barry Marsh, Steve Kennamer, Kerry Sipe, Nancy Garrett, Billy Eversole, David Ball. ROW FIVE: Pat Matthews, Sam Poage, Larry Price, Hank Highfill, Richard Burrow, Allen Sorvers, Noah Tickle, Gary Brum¬ field, Danny McDaniel, Robert Dudley, Toni Tillman. ROW SIX: Gail White, Peter Rikard, George Slusher, Mike Francisco, Pat Saul, Tom Harvey, David Shank, Butch Morris, Robert Willis, Stretch Beach, Kim Whitlock, Bobby Dooley. SPONSORS: Miss Dorothy Miller Miss Annie V. Cook Mrs. Martha Logan 115 L - ' Mm -- Jr Ip m yjm ; Ml mHsMM Km i PLEBEIANS: ROW ONE: Martha Marsh, Sara Richie, Marlene Preston, Martha Lee, Kathy Waldrop, Judy Thompson, Barbara Oakes. ROW TWO: Mariah Parr, Rita McDaniel, Wanda Kelly, Peggy Lawrence, Lynn Gruein, L ' inda Horne, Antoinette Jolly, Susan Calligan, Faye Whitley, Bonnie Carter. ROW THREE: Donna King, Pat Fleming, Doris Byer, Lee Coleman, Sue Zirkle, Frankie Mitchell, Linda Perdue, Doris Myers, Leslie Smith, Pat Armentrout. ROW FOUR; Elizabeth Andrews, Emily Paine, Caroline Waldrop, Sharon Mills, Sherry Cole, Patty Determan, Lois Davidson, Ann Givens, Teri D ' Emilio, Brenda Barnette, Brenda Graham. ROW FIVE: David Barnett, Mike Williams, Johnny Patrick, Don Holtman, Phil Holland, Charles Sur¬ face, Larry Franklin, Alvin Gillespie, Ann Williams, James Tobey, Kathy Richards. ROW SIX: Brenda Wright, Claiborne Stokes, Jackie Clifton, Gene Webb, Jimmy Wright, Dick Goodwin, David Dudley, Don Sutton, Robert Tuttle, Bonnie Henderson. ROW SEVEN: Jerry Sexton, Charles Kipps, Freddy Dooley, Tom Doughty, John Barrett, Russ Christensen, Eddie Peverell, Charles Musselman, Larry Walker, Billie Aldridge, Teresa Preston. LATIN CLUB Latin Club activities range from a picnic at Long wood to an original Latin drama by Kerry Sipe. 116 ROW ONE: James Wilds, John Barett, Danny Bayse, Raymond Buchanan, Larry Bell. ROW TWO: Susan Vaughan, Danny Bayse, Teddy Lonitz. ROW THREE: Virginia Crockett, Steve Furrow, Kenneth Wieringo, Richard St. Clair, Fred Jones, Andre Perdue. PROJECTION CLUB Stage Crew Kenneth Wieringo, George Givens, Donnie Pittman, Teddy Lonitz, Andre Perdue. PROJECTION CLUB OFFICERS: Donnie Pittman, President; Mr. Crawford Sponsor; Sally Rikard, Vice-President; George Givens, Secretary-Treasurer. The goals of the Projection Club are to teach its members the proper use of audio-visual equipment and to serve the school. Members of the club are responsible for showing films in the classrooms and for providing the lighting effects at various school functions. 117 PIONEER STAFF " This sweaty haste Doth make the night joint-labourer with the day " Andrew Lewis gets its first darkroom! The four photog¬ raphers shown taking orders from Mrs. Blake are: Mar¬ vin Shockley, Dreama Cumbie, Cheryl Chelf, Steve Krzy- sko. The editorial specialists are: Ronnie Grausam, Elaine Thurman, Sam Givens, Hank Garden, Frankie Mitchell, Nancy Garrett, Carolyn Lilly, Co-Editor; Mrs. Board, Sponsor; R. M. Givens, Fran Kageals, Head Copywriter; Annetta Cory, Art Editor,- Mildred Garrison, Tom Richard¬ son, Ann White, Sharon Goad, Linda Knight, Business Manager,- Tom Beaman, Co-Editor. 118 ROW ONE: Ryan Burke, Nancy Garrett, Susan Payne, Kay Mat¬ thews, Sallie Tate, Connie Vecellio, Jodi Dennis. ROW TWO: Shirley Ferguson, Sandy Dalton, Teri D ' Emilio, Ann Givens, Pam Sexton, Candy Minton, Susan Chapman, Jean Gough. ROW THREE: Nancy Coleman, Elizabeth Andrews, Vicki Grubbs, Marilyn Green, Louise Givens, Myra Boone, Nancy Archer, Cookie Agner, Jean Gleason. ROW FOUR: Bonnie Carroll, Pat Armentrout, Sharon Bethel, Linda Bute, Chonita French, Diane Garnett, Marcella Hale, Leigh Coleman, Beth Connelly, June Harry. ROW FIVE: Lois Davidson, Sue Eblen, Patty Determan, Linda Gochenour, Pat Garrett, Brenda Barnette, Bettie Brightwell, Loraine Beckett, Gwen Hawkins, Betty Hudson, Linda Hickerson. ROW SIX: Brenda Austin, Sherie Eller, Ellen Fishwick, Susan Fry. PEP CLUB Sponsor, Miss Harriet Hill Treasurer, Susan Agner Sponsor, Mr. Walter Robinson Roll Call Chairman, Ann Minarik Vice-President, Emily Wright Secretary, Shirley Harrison 120 ROW ONE: Helen Arthur, Cathy Hall, Elaine Lee, Linda Johnston, Madeline Gearheart, Camille Thomas, Betty Spencer. ROW TWO: Donna King, Pam Fleming, Martha Marsh, Susan Kingery, Rosie Hammersley, Betsy McKenney, Doris Jones, Martha Jolly. ROW THREE: Lydia Hyatt, Shelia Hyatt, Brenda Johnston, Carol Koestner, Sylvia Knight, Diane Long, Kitty Lynch, Doris Knight, Susan Left- wich. ROW FOUR: Kathleen Mayo, Georgia Mayo, Kathy Hull, Georgia Johnson, Jerry Mills, Carolyn Johnson, Sandy Honaker, Joyce Miller, Ellen Jefferies, Sharon Hash. ROW FIVE: Helen Mc¬ Ghee, Linda Moses. The Pep Club strives to promote better school spirit among the A.L. students. Member¬ ship is open to anyone who desires to join. Cheerleaders are required to be in regular attendance at club meetings. It is the responsibility of the Pep Club to select the Homecoming King and Prince. Janet Brugh, Pep Club Presi¬ dent, and her committee chair¬ men spent many long hours after school making elaborate plans for the traditional home¬ coming parade and assembly. Homecoming Day and barrels of rain arrived at the same time. Only the assembly was held as scheduled. 121 ROW ONE: Emily Paine, Patricia Elliott, Phoebe Mills, Cindy Saul, Brenda Poff, Sharon Gray, Susan Agee, Camille Vaughan, Mary Phlegar. ROW TWO: Ellen Porter, Martha Lee, Doris Myers, Leslie Smith, Linda Perdue, Susan Vaughan, Sandy Sizer, Margaret Zamorski, Loretta Smith. ROW THREE: Caroline Waldrop, Sandra Stewart, Toni Tillman, Gayle Volpe, Sherrt Wygal, Nancy Tate, Linda Peregoy, Vickie Vaughan, Linda Zirkle, Ann Walters, Caro¬ lyn Semones. ROW FOUR: Vivian Roupe, Linda Poff, Maggie Scaggs, Sandra Reese, Melissa Stevens, Judy Summers, Bonnie Willard, Melody Parsons, Norma Watkins, Lorain St.Clair, Elaine Thurman. ROW FIVE: Ann Stevens, Ellen Walton, Susie Sheets, Jean Tingler, Norma Scaggs, Ellen Saunders, Mercedes Perez, Kathy Waldrop, Marlene Preston, Chuck Taney, Jean Reynolds. PEP CLUB One would think that these Pep Club girls were watching a cartoon instead of the wrestlers during A.L. ' s first wrestling assembly. 122 W m ■ T i I VI i ' ■ t § Jf v I 1 ’ U Vt ! 1 . . 1 1 ■ V B . 1 1 T if ' 1, ! i E j j OFFICERS: Mr. Joyce, Sponsor; Don Russo, Vice-President; Russell Harris, Treasurer,- Tom Richardson, Secretary; Tom Stinnett, President. MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club consists of lettermen in the major sports ' offered at Andrew Lewis. The purpose of this organization is to promote better sportsmanship in athletics, to build strong, skillful minds and bodies and to extend through the school and community the highest of scholastic standards. The main event of the year is the selection of the Homecoming Court and the election of the Queen. I- 1 ROW ONE: Butch Wright, Bob Saul, George Walton, Tom Stin¬ nett, Tommy Richardson, Roy Kinsey, Gil Christley, John Morrison, Steve Moushegian, Ben Higgs, Larry Leonhardt, Glenn Dalton, 123 Donnie Butler. ROW TWO: Mike Krupin, Bob Deverick, Russell Harris, Duke Ingram, Pat Saul, Jackie Hendricks, Richard Burrow, Marion Reynolds, Don Russo, Richard Spence, Randy Wigington. Sponsor, Mr. W. F. Bolton President, Dallas Waddell Secretary, Barbara Grant Treasurer, Jack Walcott Parliamentarian, Donnie Butler DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The Distributive Education Club is organized in conjunction with the D.E. class. The purpose of the club is to train students in retail and wholesale merchandising. Some club contests are job interviews, professional selling, sales demonstration, merchandise presentation, and ad layout. In addition to these contests, we sponsor a series of club projects which are intended to build professional growth and development. ROW ONE: Darlene Andrews, Junior Yearout, Pete Stanford, James Huff, Donald Pittman, Harald Stull. ROW TWO: Hazel Under¬ wood, Linda Edwards, Connie Harshbarger, Katherine Tarpley, Bobby Craft, Sam Pauley. ROW THREE: Danny Crouse, Becky Deaton, Sally Grosholz, Peggy Farrish, Julia Wright, Jean Gar- raghty. ROW FOUR: Andy Taliaferro, Howard Pierce, Elridge Eanes, Kenneth Young, Carlis Carroll, Kenneth Wieringo. 124 I Am, w- j I J ROW ONE: Miss Mary Goodwin, Sponsor; Carol Musselman, Linda Bushnell, Donna Casey, Willa Epperly, Judy Bishop, Judy Hill, Linda Poff, Phyllis Lusk, Ann Carroll, Lucy Reavis. ROW TWO: Judy Harry, Faye Carroll, Ann Hall, Sandra Wimmer, Janet Clark, Faye Hale, Pam McFalls, Sylvia Witt, Carolyn Nowlin, Phyllis Dale, Christina Donnelly. VOCATIONAL OFFICE TRAINING As a part of V.O.T. training, Willa Epperly spends a good portion of her school day work¬ ing in the main office. This aspect of V.O.T. gives her a chance to make practical applica¬ tion of her business training while she gains experience in office work. Phyllis Lusk and Carolyn Nowlin perfect typewriter and adding-machine tech¬ niques by practice on increasingly difficult assignments. Business training never ceases. The Vocational Office Training program, under the guidance of Miss Mary Goodwin, prepares many students for a place in the business world. Due to the classes and the part-time jobs in which they engage, these students will become competent in the busi¬ ness field of their choice. 125 MAJORETTES: Sandra Hollandsworth, Betty Wright, Judy Cunningham, Head Majorette; Andrea Clinevell, Donna Waggy, Bobbie John¬ ston. THE ANDREW LEWIS BAND SENIOR BAND: ROW ONE: Sherry Crotts, Wayne Marshall, President; Ralph Smithson, Jerry Lineberry, Bonnie Reese. ROW TWO: Don Wood, George Givens, Ernie Cary. ROW THREE: Jimmy Shorter, Clark Cregger, Sandy Palmer, Paul Henrickson, Mike Williams, Scott Agner. ROW FOUR: Brenda Yates, Barbara Oakes, Lyn Garrion, Wanda Kelly, Miriah Parr, Nancy Keenan, Peggy Lawrence, Sara Richie. ROW FIVE: Gordon Graybeal, Sammy Weddle, Larry Franklin, Julia Graves, Toby Andrews, Peggy Eunson, Vice President; Lee MacFarland. ROW SIX: Lew Wood, David Waltz, Byran Miller, Philip Shreve, Mike Douglas, Jerry Lee, Glenn Nalls. ROW SEVEN: Becky Cromer, Drum Ma¬ jorette, Secretary; Donna Waggy, Betty Wright, Judy Cunningham, Treasurer; Andrea Clinevell, Sandra Hollandsworth, Bobbie Johnston. Mr. Stuart Conner Director fv " ' m (l ■ SXffi jtk V V r JRSj; w M o- MB jjL - wKmU EIGHTH GRADE BAND: ROW ONE: Robert Vaughan, Connie Daugherty, Norma Scaggs, Judy Flinchum, Theresa Determan, Constance Boyer. ROW TWO: Jeronne Perry, Lloyd Conner, 126 Roddie Ennis, Richard Hall, Linda Crotts, Ann Fleck, Susan Stew¬ art. ROW THREE: Dyanne Grausman, Donnie Lunsford, Joe Yates. Rgr ' - ■ wpT ilgR CHOIRS Mr. Harry Simmers, Director. The A Cappella Choir, whose membership is selected from the student body by audition, continually strives to develop good vocal and work habits that will enable members to perform with a relent¬ less desire for perfection. In addition to the many concerts at school, the A Cappella Choir also performs at other schools, col¬ leges, and concerts. During the past few years the choir has ap¬ peared before the Virginia Education Association and the Southern Division — Music Educators ' National Conference. The Mixed Choir and the Eighth Grade Choir, whose memberships are open to all students, seek to develop a fine appreciation and enjoyment of music through the study of good choral literature. Much time is spent on the fundamentals of tonal production, rhythm, accuracy, diction, and intonation. It is through these techniques that the choir members have the opportunity to improve musically. A Cappella Choir ! ROW ONE: Bonnie Willard, Paulina McLauren, Jean Poole, Joyce Tarpley, Sally Rikard, Brenda Yates, Nancy Archer, Judy Huffman, Ruth Grosholz, Margaret Tyler, Cynthia Witt. ROW TWO: Pat Southern, Barbara Jefferies, Ann Carroll, Nancy Umberger, Carol Musselman, Peggy Eunson, Patsy Koestner, Pat Craft, Brenda But¬ ler, Judy Stallins, Brenda Collins, Fran Kageals, Sharon Hash. ROW THREE: Ann, Judi Selph, Ronnie Grausam, Tom King, Philip Shreve, Russell Jacobs, Steve Kennamer, Norman Moore, Lynn Eades, Emily Wright, Kathryn Housted, Sylvia Witt. ROW FOUR: John Morrison, Robert Coley, James Finney, Roger Cox, Larry Price, Norman Shockley, David Crosswhite, Gil Christley, Bobby Dooley, Robert Dudley, Steve Furrow, Fred Vest. 128 Mixed Choir Kathy Waldrop, Pianist. ROW ONE: Nancy Martin, Louise Givens, Barbara Moore, Connie Long, Jimmy Webb, Charles Edmondson, Ronnie Minnix, Susan Caligan, Barbara Tate, Jane Hagee, Linda Gray. ROW TWO: Susan Hoye, Kathy Richards, Peggy Richardson, Nancy Meador, Randall Agee, Tony Zamorski, Faye Whitley, Bar¬ bara Holland, Pat Wright, Charlotte Oley. ROW THREE: Ann White, Pat Mathews, Jeanie Holland, Bonnie Thompson, Bennie Hall, Leigh Coleman, Rosi Lonitz, Pamela Martin, Elaine Pollard. ROW FOUR: Sylvia Knight, Sharon Davis, Carolyn Byer, Nancy Patter¬ son, Roger Dixon, James Viar, Shirley Harrison, Pat Armentrout, Mary Lynch, Doris Byer. Eighth Grade Choir ROW ONE: Emily Paine, Susan Kingery, Sharon Grey, Kathleen Lynch, Caroline Waldrop, Yvonne Cockerhan, Branda Johnson, Carolyn Berrier, Margaret Grosholz, Charlotte King, Sandra Mc- Cown, Mary Cobb. ROW TWO: Madge Logan, Brenda Austin, Carol Dillow, Patricia Wilson, Ellen Porter, Patricia Agee, Charlene West¬ moreland, Deborah Agee, Lorraine Beckett, Darlene Schafer, Dyanne Grausam. ROW THREE: Margaret Zamorski, Constance Boyer, Jeanette Gearhart, Debora Roberts, Allan Key, William Breedlove, Douglas Saunders, Carolyn Stewart, Janie White, Linda Roop, Diane Long, Valerie Hartless. ROW FOUR: Alice Ridpath, Lynette Jensen, Sandra Stewart, Mary Huff, Daphalene Quesen- berry. Butch Wilson, Emerson McClanahan, Barbara Gillock, Betty Peters, Romona Rhodes, Gloria Wright, Diane Nester, Linda White. 129 OFFICERS: Connie Waggy, Treasurer; Sue Shelton, Parliamentarian; Twila Saul, Corresponding Secretary; Becky Judd, Recording Sec¬ retary. ON STAGE: Sue Zirkle, Reporter; Brenda Graham, Sandy Clem, Co-Historians; Linda Watson, First Vice-President; Connie Graham, President; Jean Blankenbeckler, Second Vice-President; Paulina McLaurin, Song Leader. Vickie Grubbs and Wanda Martin model outfits they made while . . . Diane Garnet prepared refreshments for the fashion show, spon¬ sored by the FHA and home economic classes. 130 ROW ONE: Anita Gardner, Beverly Reich, Vickie Grubbs, Linda Pannell. ROW TWO: Ruth Platter, Margaret Witt, Barbara Tate, Donna Wade, Darlene Schafer. ROW THREE: Peggy Sipe, Alice Greer, Carolyn Martin, Wanda Maxey, Shirley Jones, Dawn Nester, Mary Lynch, Dreama Cumbie. ROW FOUR: Mrs. Evelyn Blake, Spon¬ sor; Linda Friesland, Linda Rakes, Sue Oakes, Doris Wilson, Wanda Martin, Marcella Hale, Dianne Garnett, Linda Barnett, Miss Doris Kelly, Sponsor. ROW FIVE: Paulina McLaurin, Sue Zirkle, Twila Saul, Sandy Clem, Jean Blankenbeckler, Becky Judd, Brenda Graham, Connie Waggy, Linda Watson, Connie Graham. FUTURE HOMEMAKER OF AMERICA " Toward New Horizons, " the motto for the Future Homemakers of America was certainly fulfilled this year. Among the various club projects were " Stay In School, " " You And Your Values " and " Citizenship. " Mary Ann Lynch led a panel discussion on Youth and Its Values. The panel consisted of a student, a teacher, and two parents. 131 ADVERTISING STAFF: Tom King, Advertising Manager Myra Boone Kathy Jones Linda Barnett Butch Morris Co-Editors: Sally Rikard Steve Kennamer Business Manager: Al Knighton We of the Spokesman havi ::nminP semester hv inmrnnraf x late for school? — Be lal Letters To the in style. CALL... WILLARD’S TAX DU 9-8131 Editors Dear Editor, I teel that the discrimination igainst girls’ athletics here at STidrew Lewis is deplorable. Bov’s athletics are ereatlv favor¬ complaining to a school official about the gym situation, and he told me the boys needed the gym for wrestling practice, as if the girls were just in there doing nothing Basketball takes just as much practice as wrestling, if not more. Specializing in UNEXCELLED SERVICE J 00000 . 00000000 . 000000000.00 GIFTS THAT LAST § X I KEMP’S JEWELERS § DU 9-2481 Salem, Va. 0 ME) fanu MISSY AND JUNIOR APPAREL The cutest clothes in town no match for the precise Wol- : 000 . 0.0 I ooooo. breath the se Halifa; Salem, | home i I the s i points i verines triump The from f SPORTS STAFF: Stretch Beach David Shank Carter Melton, Sports Editor Roy Kinsey 132 NEWS AND FEATURE STAFF: SEATED: Diane Wickham, Connie Hunter Highfill, Feature Editor; Camille Thomas, Norman Moore, Vecellio, Judi Selph, Phyllis Hayslett, Claire Roberts. STANDING: Donna King, Jerry Mills. The school newspaper fills the school ' s need for an on- the-spot recording of important events. The staff pictured here has given its best in ability and workmanship to the paper, and it is believed that this is shown in the finished product. The basic goal of the Spokesman this yegr and every year has been to give the best in reading and reporting to the school. Mrs. Mildred Chapman, Sponsor. CIRCULATION STAFF Candy Minton Sallie Tate Emily Wright Circulation Manager,- Ann Minarik 133 Ronnie Grausam, Lee McFarland, George Slusher, Gary Bowen, Stephen Boaz, Bennie Hall, Tommy Beaman, Judy Stallins, Andy Givens. BI-PHY-CHEM The aims of the Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club are to understand the importance of science in our lives, to encourage interest in scientific careers, to render service to the community and nation, and to carry out the program of the Science Clubs of America and the Virginia Academy of Science. Activities each year include sponsoring a hop, entering a float in the Homecoming Parade, going on field trips, and entering individual projects in the annual science fair. Ronnie Grausam, Andy Givens, and Judy Stallins diligently work on a physics experiment as one of the club ' s activities. Sponsor, Mrs. Jerra Wise Secretary, Bennie Hall Vice-President, Stephen Boaz President, Gary Bowen Treasurer, Tommy Beaman Sponsor, Miss Dorothy O ' Dell 134 BOOKSTORE STAFF George Givens, Mr. William Bolton, David Waltz. The bookstore is a vital part of the operation of the school. Many students frequent this emporium where everything from Plato to paper clips is sold. Mr. Bol¬ ton and his aides are always willing to provide a cheerful greeting and helpful assistance in the purchase of bookstore merchandise. CLINIC ASSISTANTS Connie Waggy, Phyllis Whitley, Joyce Tucker, Carolyn Whitlock, Melody Parsons. These clinic assistants fulfill a needed and re¬ sponsible position as they assist in the clinic each day. Through practice these girls have be¬ come skillful comforters to the students needing rest or care. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Kathleen Williams, David Barnett, Sandra Garst, Betty Brubeck, Bonnie Huff, Dianne Garrison, Bennie Hall, Patricia Hogan, Ryan Givens. The student library staff has a demanding job, for which courtesy in its contact with students and teachers, and accuracy in its work with books, are essential. 135 FEATURES The curtain rises . . . the show begins ... no homecoming parade? . . . now, be sure these decorations go up according to plan . . . Holly Court Queen from Andrew Levm! . . . sure am glad I wore a blue dress, everyone else wore red . . . this will be a photographic view of the Holy Lands . . . the DAR award this year went to . . . bring all the flowers and ribbon you can spare . . . Yay, Mr. Foot¬ ball! . . . you girls walk gracefully . . . and her escort in the Home¬ coming Court ... I am pleased to introduce our cheerleaders . . . take your Christmas baskets to the stage . . . the theme for the prom this year is . . . Applause! The Homecoming Court, which was chosen by the Monogram Club, was presented at the Homecoming Game for the pleasure of the fans attending. The girls, slightly wind-blown and a little chilly, were accompanied by escorts of their own cho ' ice. HOMECOMING ASSEMBLY Mr. Patterson crowns Homecoming Princess, Diane Wickham . . . . . . and Prince Gilford Christley at the pep assembly held before the big game. Elaine Thurman, Junior Class President, presents the Mr. Football trophy to Cecil Blankenship. At a penny a vote, he was chosen from among the varsity foot¬ ball players by a school-wide election. The contest was a money-making project sponsored by the Junior Class. 138 Queen Candy . . . King Cecil . . . are crowned by Mr. Patterson. HOMECOMING COURT CLOCKWISE: Nancy Tate, Anita Gardner, Connie Vecellio, Connie Graham, Diane Wickham, Maid of Honor; Hunter Highflll, Lily Siano, Becky Cromer, Nancy Garrett, Candy Minton, Queen; Judy Selph, Sallie Tate. 139 CHRISTMAS Daytime finds hard brown bricks and cold winter snow and students warm on the inside at A.L. Winking and smiling at the students, who rush by too busy to notice him, the snowman hangs alone under Christmas balls on a classroom door. Snow Court Becky Cromer Carolyn Lilly, Queen of Salem Parade. Lily Siano 140 ACTIVITIES Third year home economics girls entertained the faculty with a relaxing holiday tea. Our very own Santa Claus, Carolyn Lilly, passes out candy to the good little chil¬ dren. 141 EXCHANGE STUDENT PROGRAM " Blue Grass " King interviews Lily on Wolverine Turntable " Country Day. " Annetta Cory enters Gentry ' s Studio with Lily to look at photo proofs. Lily models a coat she designed and made in home economics class. The 1961-62 Student Council initiated a school-community program in cooperation with the American Field Service. The presence at A.L. of Miss Lily Siano an exchange student from Milan, Italy, brought the program to a climax. Lily ' s one year stay in Salem provided her with the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge about the American way of life. In turn. Sale- mites learned of Lily ' s native customs and culture. Two Salem families, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cory and Mrs. Carroll Chap¬ man, have shared their homes with Lily during her residence in this country. Lily receives a Christmas gift from the Latin Club — a school ring. Caught on their way to school are Mrs. Chap¬ man, Lily, and Susan Chapman. 142 SCIENCE FAIR From numerous entries, covering all phases of science, thirty-six proj¬ ects were selected from the school science fair to be entered county¬ wide. 143 MAID OF HONOR Connie Vecellio MAY COURT MAID OF HONOR Carolyn Lilly Connie Graham, Senior 144 Emily Wright, Senior Hunter Highfill, Senior . Candy Minton, Senior Kay Matthews, Senior 145 Sara Jo Dennis, Junior Rosi Lonitz, Senior Susan Vaughan, Junior MAY COURT Lily Siano, Honorary Member Susan Payne, Junior Helen Agner, Junior Ann White, Junior 146 Miss Annie V. Cook served as the 1962-63 State Sponsor of the Junior Classical League. Otha B. St.Clair was the recipient of a Freedoms Foundations classroom teachers medal, given by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. Mrs. Evelyn Blake was chosen Teacher of the Year by the Salem Woman ' s Club. ACHIEVEMENTS OF FACULTY AND STUDENTS district level. , , , , Gil Chistley was selected by the junior and senior classes to receive the Brotherhood Week Award. 147 Selected as representatives to the District Six Regional Choir and All State Choir were Brenda Butler, Norman Moore, Nancy Archer, James Finney, Steve Kennamer, and Sally Rikard. Also attending the District Six Choir were John Morrison and Ann Dalby. Gary Bowen, Peggy Eunson, and Brenda Kaye Yates were chosen to attend All-State Band. Not pictured: Mariah Parr. 1962-63 Diane Wickham received the Andrew Lewis Daughter of the American Revo¬ lution award sponsored by the Fort Lewis chapter of the D.A.R. Wolverine Turntable Staff: Tom Harvey, Nancy Archer, Rosi Lonitz, Tom King, Sally Rikard, Susan Chapman, Norman Moore. For three consecutive years Wolverine Turntable has been rated the best high school radio program in the Southeastern United States. 148 Representatives to Boys ' and Girls ' State: STANDING: Al Knighton, Becky Cromer, Steve Kennamer, R. M. Goodwin, Gary Bowen, Roy Kinsey, Connie Vecellio. SEATED: Janet Clark, Diane Wickham, David Ball. ACHIEVEMENTS FEATURING SENIORS R. M. Goodwin has the unusual dis¬ tinction of having been class presi¬ dent for three of his five years in high school. In the local Voice of Democracy contest, Norman Moore placed first. He received a fifty dollar savings bond and became eligible to compete on the state level. Connie Graham was chosen as the Andrew Lewis Representative to McCall ' s Fashion Board. 149 A| Knighton and Sally Rickard were among the 11,000 finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Contest. Only 1,000 of those competing received scholarships. Steve Kennamer and Norman Moore, who placed second in the State Debates, are still at it. Tom King was elected 1962-63 State SCA President, while Becky Cromer served as district SCA Secretary. Sophomore Kyle Stevens was named Scout of the Year by his troop. He received the God and Country Award for his varied Scout activities. STUDENT 4 Kerry Sipe ' s " There Once Was A Boy, " placed first in the poetry division of the Virginia High School League State Contest. 150 Susan Payne, Fran Kageals, and Elaine Thurman were candidates for the Americans Abroad Program. Fran became a semifinalist in the national competition. ACHIEVEMENTS 1962-63 Jean Garraghty won the annual Betty Crocker award. The Valley Forge Freedoms Foundation honored Ronnie Grausam for his essay on the Bill of Rights. First place winners in the school bond poster contest Danny Rhodes and Joyce Miller, display their five dollar prize money. 151 ADVERTISING INDEX Acme Printers . 173 Agricultural Processing Corp. 177 Albert Brothers Contractors . 169 Andrew Lewis Tavern . 174 Appalachian Power Co. 172 Arlene ' s . 171 Audrey ' s. ' . 183 Beach Brothers Texaco. 170 Ber-Nards. 181 Blue Jay Restaurant and Motel. 172 Blue Ridge Building Co. 179 Boosters . 181 Brooks-Byrd . 166 Brown Hardware . 164 Builder ' s Mart . 162 Chapman-Taney Insurance . 181 Chelf ' s Dairy Bar. 165 Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone. 184 Club Cherokee. 173 Coach House Restaurant... 180 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 164 Colonial Beauty Shop . 165 Dame Roofing Co. 165 De Long ' s . 176 Dr. Pepper . 160 Dulany . 168 Earl ' s Steerburger . 183 Fink ' s Jewelers. 164 First Federal Savings and Loan . 166 Floyd ' s Barber Shop . 173 Furniture Mart . 175 Garrett ' s Esso . 173 General Electric Co. 174 Gentry Studios. 154 George A. Jeffreys and Co. 164 George T. Hitch Jeweler. 183 Goodwin Chevrolet Corp. 172 Graham White Corp. 174 Grand Piano Co. 173 Green Hill Co. 156 Green Market Inc. 168 Hart Motors . 167 Hazel ' s Hairstyling . 176 Helen Spahr Dance and Voice . 185 Henebry ' s . 178 H. M. Wood, Plumbing . 166 James E. Peters . 175 J. Luck Richardson . 165 John M. Oakey and Son. 171 Ken Platt . 173 Kingoff ' s . 183 Krispy Kreme . 163 Langhorne Pharmacy . 179 Leggetts Suburban Store. 170 Lendy ' s . 178 Leonard Smith Sheet Metal and Roofing. 175 LittrelIs Barber Shop . 163 L. S. Waldrop Realty Co. 180 Lyle ' s Barber Shop . 176 Manning Grocery . 176 McAvoy Music House . 179 McClung Lumber Co. 182 Mechanical Development Co. 176 Middleton Garden Esso . 182 Miller Tire Co. 169 Moulse-Cunningham Paving . 183 M. S. Machine Shop. 183 Nash Euclid . 163 Nehi Bottling Co. 158 Newcomb, Wayne. 155 Oak Hall Cap and Gown Co. 182 Old Virginia Brick Co. 172 Ortho-Vent Factory . J . 167 Peacock Salem Inc. 171 Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 175 Peter ' s Creek Pharmacy . 171 Phillip ' s Service Station . 178 Piedmont Store. 179 Poole ' s Motor Court. 174 Powell ' s Pharmacy . 164 Precision Tool Cutter Service . 176 Rainbow Market . 178 Ralston Purina Co. 172 Reid Cutshall . 170 Reese Radio T.V. Service . 165 Ridenhour Music Center . 181 Riverland Trailer Court . 170 Roanoke College . 166 Roanoke Electric Steel Corp. 177 Roanoke Frosted Foods . 168 Roanoke Times World Corp. 171 Roanoke Woodworking . 175 Rowe Furniture Co. 159 Salem Camera Shop . 170 Salem Esso Service Center. 173 Salem Farm Supply . 165 Salem Fast Service . 166 Salem Office Supply . 165 Salem Oil Co. 180 Salem Sunoco Stations .179 Schneider Oil Co.. ' . 176 Shelton ' s Garage. 166 Shenandoah Life Co. 169 Shenandoah Tool Supply Co. 173 Simmons Paint Body Shop. 181 Skate-A-Drone . 173 Skyline Cleaners . 168 Smartwear-lrving Saks . 162 Smyth M. Meador . 178 Smead Webber Pharmacy . 183 Sonny Spigel Apparel . 164 Sports Hut . 173 Stephenson Aldridge . 172 Superior Upholstering . 173 Sutphin ' s Market . 178 Tarpley ' s. 165 Tom Huston Peanut Co. 166 Trailways Bus Co. 171 Triangle Texaco Service . 171 U.S. Plywood Corp. 163 Valleydale Packers, Inc. 162 Virginia Foods Inc. 166 W.B.L.U. 168 Western Auto . 164 Willard ' s Taxi . 167 Yale Towne . 161 Yoda ' s Big Boy . 179 152 ADVERTISEMENTS But you need this ad . . . why, of course, our students go bowling often . . . tell you what; I ' ll buy these tadpoles if you ' ll give us an ad . . . just think, if it weren ' t for you kind sponsors, we ' d have no " Pioneer " . . . and students will frequent your law firm if ... of course, you know the Wolverines stop in these drug stores after school every day . . . Thank-you Sponsors. 153 HELEN SPAHR SCHOOL OF DANCE AND VOICE TAP BALLET VOICE SHOWS PRODUCED SHOWS DIRECTED All Ages Welcome Specialized Teen-Age Training DU-96702 Salem, Virginia 154 YOUR LAST DATE SHOULD BE WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER WAYNE NEWCOMB 721 4 PEYTON STREET ROANOKE COUNTY EM 6-7817 Wedding Candids Commercial Color 155 156 157 sJ? fisj JLs tfs sfHO t U C € 4 f- C. S cv-iZn 158 T £2 u r ' A 7 r y , J 7 ) y " - «. uAnituTls yy y p- i O ' a p - 0 ' 0r Ia a First in Fashion Salem, Virginia 159 ♦•♦••«♦• ♦•♦ ••♦••«••«••«•♦♦•♦♦•♦ •»♦• ♦•♦•• «•♦♦• •••♦•♦»•«••••••«•• « ' »W»W W W W W W W W‘ ; 0 Q c 4 n ) £ today’s busy people... . . . take to more-than-refreshing Dr Pepper. It ' s different . . . a happy, harmonious blend of deep fruit flavors. Goes everywhere, tastes great, and Dr Pepper has a built-in energy lift. That’s why today’s busy people like it. Have a Dr Pepper . . . today. 6 X p V 160 YALE TOWNE MANUFACTURING COMPANY ■ ' No Imaginative FASHIONS thoughtfully priced for young budgets. DOWNTOWN CROSSROADS THE SAKSONY SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF BUILDERS 201 E. Main St. Salem 801 Shenandoah Ave. Roanoke, Virginia VALLEYDALE PACKERS, INC. Producers of Fine Quality Meat Products Salem, Virginia 162 COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED STATES PLYWOOD CORPORA WORLD’S LARGEST PLYWOOD ORGANIZATIONS P. O. Box 2386 Telephone Diamond 5-0983 2502 Patterson Avenue, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia -4 LITTRELL’S BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP Modem Sanitary 207 E. Main Street Salem, Va. FIVE CHAIRS AND NO WAITING — Call DU 9-7401 for Appointment — KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT CO. Two Convenient Locations 1923 Williamson Road 4141 Melrose Avenue Twenty-one Delicious Varieties Special Prices For Clubs COMPLIMENTS OF NASH EUCLID EQUIPMENT SALES CORP. Salem, Va, Richmond, Va. 163 v 6 XV OyM .J. OPoOv v. sj v w%u A Wn - Xfe J l!L 9- ymjL- jL p QkXK - O aA . 2 a $Jt ' t 4A BROWN HARDWARE 115 EAST MAIN ST. Salem, Va. DU 9-4431 I FINK’S JEWELERS Roanoke Salem DIAMONDS WATCHES A. L. SCHOOL RINGS DU 9-7572 a Sn c G Avj.v ) COSMETICS Faberge — Lanvin — Helena Rubinstein ( " a. POWELL’S PHARMACY 219 East Main Street Phone DU 9-5423 Professional Service ZENITH HEARING AIDS uBa Home-owned and operated v SL C by CLIFF LEWEKE Complete selection for Car, Home, and Recreation A ' . ,bG J i y[ r ,,, ' (J ' pjS For the cutest clothes in town. SONNY SPIGEL APPAREL 35 East Main St. Phone DU 9-71 16 GEORGE A. JEFFREYS CO. Baking Fermentation Food Enzymes Engineers Consultants P.O. Box 709 • Phone DU 9-8220 Salem, Virginia 164 TARPLEY’S INC. RCA COLOR IV Sales and Service 17 E. Main Street Dial DU 9-2471 DAME ROOFING COMPANY FORCED AIR HEATING and AIR CONDITIONING Established — 1880 COLONIAL BEAUTY SHOP MRS. GEORGIA W. ADAMS ; Owner “Your Loveliness Is Our Busines ’ DU 9-8166 SALEM FARM SUPPLY CORP. 121 E. Main St. CHELF’S DARI-DELIGHT “Where the Wolverines Congregate” 1214 Main Street Compliments J. LUCK RICHARDSON, JR. Commissioner of Revenue sSjlp 302 E. Main Street -C THE BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT ;; C , COMPLIMENTS OF " ■ 7 SALEM YHEATER REESE RADIO and T.V. SERVICE 827 W. Main St. Salem, Va. DU 9-5197 Zenith Sales chao ce ' •» -’.-i His 8 16 ’ . e tight to 1 t; 0 vfoi r v Ao 10 beC ° mt , miifcoo UVhaKvei vlsion , • e to vnaVe Can cotnbme mise ol ls tVve pt° mlS . Wolf e Fjltoinds Salem Hosiery Co. a unit of BURLINGTON INDUSTRIES, INC. Executive Offices, Greensboro, N. C. Rewarding careers are available in textiles, and with Burlington, HuHinaton 165 Compliments of TOM’S POTATO CHIPS y Y CX ' Y Y Salem, Virg inia SALEM FAST SERVICE Shirts and Cleaning — 1 hr. if desired Colorado and Boulevard C. J. “Cam” Mays Dial 389-4611 FIRST FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association Savings Accounts Home Loans Church at 1st S.W. Crossroads Mall Roanoke, Va. DU 9-2601 SHELTON’S GARAGE 430 WEST MAIN ST. General Automotive Repair Salem, Va. BROOKS-BYRD PHARMACY, INC. SALEM’S PRESCRIPTION CENTER DU 9-3441 114 E. Clay St. H. M. WOOD PLUMBING HEATING Phone Shop and Residence DU 9-4941 Salem, Va. RAY BYRD ERVIN P. BROOKS 2 East Main Street VIRGINIA FOODS, INC. Salem, Virginia Southwestern Virginia’s Wholesale Distributor of GROCERIES INSTITUTIONAL FOODS DRY GOODS DRUGS TOBACCOS FROZEN FOODS SPECIALITIES Telephone DU 9-5428 As you go from one world to another . . . we congratulate you . . . and invite your inquiries as to our offerings in liberal arts. Cc-educational, Christian, higher education . . . Since 1 842 ROANOK E COLLEGE Salem, Virginia 166 ' : P OR CO., l nC MI 9- ' 2M4 x 4pO E. Main Street ” LE ,y rgi t SALES and SERVICE New Car Sales DC pont 9-2364 f v ' i y juV ., N Used Car Sales DUpont 9-4813 .M J 1023 E. Main y? 9 “Spring-Step” C.ushJoh : x ' YhE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE IN AMERICA THO -VENT FACTORY OUTLET Lakeside Road, Salem, Virginia SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED BY FOUNT WILLARD 4 ft TAXI 3SVSB ' S lEM “ WILLARD’S TAXI 24 HOUR SERVICE 389-8131 1 8 E. MAIN STREET SALEM, VIRGINIA 167 SHIRT LAUNDRY 601 College Ave. GREEN MARKET INC. Salem, Virginia FANCY MEATS GROCERIES Dial DU 9-2379 8 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia DULANY The Finest Name In Frozen Food ROANOKE FROSTED FOODS, INC. DISTRIBUTOR Kessler’s Mill Road Salem, Va. 168 V :SHENANDOAH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Roanoke, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF MILLER TIRE SERVICE Salem, Virginia DU 9-5435 COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERT BRO. CONTRACTORS Salem, Virginia 169 SERVICE i« mtr RIVERLAND TRAILER COURT, INC. WEST RIVERLAND DRIVE DU — 9-8922 Salem, Virginia Compliments of SALEM CAMERA SHOP BEACH TEXACO SERVICE CENTER 4th and Colorado Street PICK UP and DELIVERY SERVICE DU 9-5978 “When you marry the girl Let us furnish the home.” a Gift W, Downtown Furniture Galleries and the Wayside on Lee Highway Suburban Store Home of Better Values Roanoke Salem Plaza 170 X ' . . 4 ! - J x f ' j Jf . f 4 TRIANGLE TEXACO ■ f SERVICE STATION oi 8 T { i V ■ft .rD i f r DU 9-7880 319 College Ave. Salem, Va. H. C. SINK NEWSPAPERS . . . are a living textbook with the most up-to-date information on many school subjects READ THE ROANOKE TIMES THE ROANOKE WORLD-NEWS easiest travel on earth... PETERS CREEK PHARMACY 1 1 20 Peters Creek Rd., N.W. Phone EM 6-5525 Roanoke, Va. TRAILWAYS THRU-LINER SERVICE CHARTERS TOURS AND PACKAGE EXPRESS SALEM, VIRGINIA OHN M. OAKEY SON FUNERAL HOME DEPENDABLE SERVICE DU 9-5441 SALEM, VIRGINIA 171 $ A yr n y . » , ¥ U V v (Y JT A A 7 - i O ' " ft L THE MOON... and beyond! Bright, new horizons await today’s students . . . new technologies . . . new medicines . . . even the moon and what¬ ever lies beyond. How far today’s students go in this space age depends partly on their imagi¬ nation but primarily on their training. Conquering new horizons will demand more of today’s graduates — more knowledge, more skills, more training and more specialization. Our Free Enterprise system, with its high living standards, gives everyone an opportunity to “shoot for the moon” in any field. Whether or not our target is reached depends on how well trained we are to launch ourselves. An Investor-Owned Public Utility BLUEJAY RESTAURANT and MOTEL 6 Miles West of Salem STEPHENSON ALDRIDGE, INC. GOODWIN CHEVROLET CORPORATION 1337 West Main Street HOME FURNISHINGS — INTERIOR DECORATING 1864 Apperson Drive — Phone 389-8691 Salem, Virginia ARLENE’S 107 W. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Virginia Dial 343-6859 Riding Apparel Uniforms By The Nurses — Doctors Finest ot Quality Waitresses — Beauticians Makers Maids ■ " J dTultt ■ wrm ■■■■■■ ■ OLD VIRGINIA BRICK CO., INC. DU 9-2357 Salem, Va. Face Brick and Glazed Tile PURINA CHOWS • SANITATION PRODUCTS • FARM SUPPIIES ROANOKE, VA. Dl 4-9224 172 SUPERIOR UPHOLSTERING CO. 622 8th St. — Salem, Virginia DUpont 9-8882 Furniture Upholstering S. G. Spangler Draperies 334 Bowman St., Vinton Slip Covers Dl 3-9137 ACME PRINTERS INCORPORATED PRINTING OFFSET ENGRAVING 13-15 NORTH COLLEGE AVE. Dial DU 9-2231 Salem, Va. Compliments of S K ATE-A-DROME DU 9-7839 Ernest Grimes, ir. George Goodwin THE SPORTS HUT Guns Ammunition — Archery Supplies Fishing Tackle — Hunting Equipment 1535 East Main Street at Lakeside Telephone 366-6853 Salem, Virginia GARRETT’S ESSO SERVICE 405 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia DU 9-7858 Compliments of GRAND PIANO and FURNITURE CO. 312 Second Street Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of CLUB CHEROKEE Salem, Virginia FLOYD’S BARBER SHOP 1 Block West of Andrew Lewis 4th Street Salem, Virginia 1600 Colorado Street Salem, Virginia ■ “Where You Get Quality and Service " S HENANDOAH TOOL AND SUPPLY CO. Phone 389-8141 Cutting Tools, Machinery and Accessories, Precision Tools, All Kinds of Steel Telephone No. DU 9-7945 Compliments of CECIL EVERSALE SALEM ESSO SERVICE CENTER 4th Union Salem, Va. in salem . . . ken platt clothing for men and boys. 173 Compliments of POOLE’S MOTOR COURT AND ESSO SERVICE STATION LUNCHES — BEVERAGES 733 E. Main Street Salem, Va. Graham-White Manufacturing Co. PNEUMATIC AND ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC DEVICES MEN OF PROGRESS “The men most sought after today are those who have the qualities of self-reliance, courage, resourcefulness and in¬ dependence of judgment that all through history have distinguished superior men from their inferiors. Business needs the contributions of men who can escape the bonds of conformity to recognize emerging new problems and offer fresh solutions. What is progress but successful adapt ation to new problems and opportunities?” From a Commencement Address by General Electric Vice President, Dr. George L. Haller GENERAL ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CONTROL DEPARTMENT Salem, Virginia ANDREW LEWIS TAVERN On Lee Highway West of Salem at City Limits FAMOUS FOR STEAKS SEA FOOD HOME MADE PASTRIES VIRGINIA HAM Open Every Day — 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. Phone DU 9-7854 174 THE FURNITURE MART ANTIQUE AND REPRODUCTION FURNITURE 211 College Ave. Phone DU 9-3421 Compliments of JAMES E. PETERS Treasurer of Roanoke County Compliments of ROANOKE WOODWORKING CORP. LEONARD G. SMITH HERBERT L. TOMLINSON President Vice President Compliments of L. SMITH SHEET METAL and ROOFING, Inc. 1020 College Avenue Box 653 Salem, Virginia Dial 389-8614 Now it’s v ( krxpC ' liOa, A A Ail For Those Who Think Young . cz 175 LYLES BARBER SHOP Roanoke Salem Plaza Open Nights Shoe Shines 6 Barbers T.V. MANNING GROCERY 805 8th St. Salem. Va. Open 8:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. Meats, Groceries, Texaco Gas and Oil DU 9-7957 Money Orders D. J. COCKERHAM Office 389-6563 PRECISION TOOL CUTTER SERVICE Incorporated TOOLS CUTTERS Box 473 1509 Colorado Street Salem, Virginia Hair S tyling 928 College Ave. DU 9-7302 S ALEM UNOCO TATIONS S ERVICE TAMPS UCCESS Andrew Lewis Grads Ray Rash — West Main Street Brandion Carter — 4th and Water Ed Young — East Main Street FINE CLOTHES FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN A complete world of boys and young men ' s wear, planned exclusively to their tastes and interests — Western Virginia ' s style center for high school and college men. CO ' 9 . MED! The only store of its kind in all Virginia BOYS’ STUDENTS’ SHOP 29 West Church Ave. Roanoke, Va. MECHANICAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC. Lee Highway, East Dial DU 9-4165 Salem, Virginia 176 177 Compliments of SMYTH M. MEADOR SUTPHIN’S MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 203 Blvd., Salem DU 9-7925 Dl 3-8047 RAINBOW MARKET 21 1 4th Street Salem, Va. S. C. Dowdy Meats Groceries Compliments of HENEBRY’S FINE JEWELERS Downtown Roanoke LCXXj x£Jt JLouq JjJuuyK Jb-ta jtr J 0 T Xtv. CllJL 1 1 v EVERYBODY GOES TO VJ crx ■ ) c ' hrpxv Tv- XUUL y JL cJC 1 2 yQ ujjTOT CK ST JyT ‘ JL aJAt ' ML 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS " Lee High Drive-In " Le Hi-Way at Salem Limit M the " MAINLINER ' Franklin Rd. — Rt. 220 South the " DOWNTOWNER 1 1 5 W. Church Ave. HOME OF THE BIG BOY k famous hamburgers Country Corner JOHN NORMAN INC. 505 Jefferson St. Dl 3-4492 Cambridge Shop v ANDREW LEWIS PHILLIPS 66 Service Station Garage Official State Inspection 529 College Avenue Salem, Virginia Harold J. Breedlove Proprietor 178 Compliments Of McAVOY MUSIC HOUSE ft aJL, . CONGRATULATIONS Y £- - SLe v at When You Think of Music — Think of McAvoy Baldwin Pianos and Organs Selenu — Bundy — Olds Ambassador Lebbni Band Instruments 122 W. Church Ave. Roanoke, Virginia Phone Dl 5-8587 LANGHORNE PHARMACY 220 West Main Street Phone 389-861 8 Salem, Va. Congratulations to the Class of ’63 Complete Office Supplies SALEM OFFICE SUPPLY CO. “Handiest store in town for school supplies too!” 9 S. College Ave. DU 9-6168 BLUE RIDGE BUILDING SUPPLY Phone DU 9-7235 630 Union St. P.O. Box 88 Salem, Va. Call Us For All Your Building Needs PIEDMONT STORES 179 SALEM OIL COMPANY Distributor for Pure Oil Products Glenn’s Pure Service Center No. 1 Rt. 3, Salem SALEM OIL CO. ! N? 1 E. 2 FUEL OIL Glenn’s Pure Service Center No. II Robert Simmers, Mgr. 406 Colorado St. Salem Glenn’s Pure Service Center No. Ill Old Joe Clark, Manager 1020 West Main Street Salem, Virginia Compliments of vV L. S. WALDROP REALTY COMPANY COACH HOUSE Vj r and Realtors i lakeland Developers of Middleton Gardens V V DRIVE-IN , arj- 218 Elm Avenue, S.W. Roanoke, Virginia 180 SIMMONS PAINT AND BODY SHOP o ' J 7 ? Ar 4 a 4 k. o ' 1 5.0 C 0: - 5 v 41 5 9th Street ? c DU — 9-3519 5 Salem, Virginia .x 0 V ( F O I l C . N r k r cx ' Jr- 7 - c ' o X v ? CHAPMAN TANEY INSURANCE INC. 14 ' 2 So. College Ave. Salem, Virginia RIDENHOUR MUSIC CENTER 1 1 9 East Main Salem DU — 9-8606 BER-NARD’S 31 3 So. Jefferson Men’s Wear Also Featuring ‘‘The Redwood Corner” LADY BERNARD ' S Certified Teachers of Accordion and Guitar Factory Authorized Dealers Of Band Instruments, Pianos, Organs, Guitars, and Accordions BOOSTERS Dr. Fred S. Cruser Dr. Albert J. Russo Dr. Wiley S. Mayo Dr. and Mrs. J. B. Rapoport Mr. H. H. Brown Mr. Robert Collins Mr. D. T. Wendt Mr. C. C. Finch Mrs. T. R. Bryant Mr. Carl Mitchem A Friend 181 CONGRATULATIONS FROM OAK HALL UNIFORM SHOP 1 08 South Jefferson St. Roanoke, Virginia See us for rental of formal wear. Immediate in-stock service. Also the South’s largest stock of fine costumes. 1913 Celebrating 50 Years 1963 Dial DU 9-5479 Salem, Virginia DEPENDABLE — COURTEOUS — EFFICIENT - SHOCKLEY’S ESSO SERVICE CENTER - Lloyd Shockley — Owner • Engine Tune-up • Brake Starter Service • Generator Ignition Service 1419 W. Main St. • Electronic Wheel Balancing DU 9 — 7974 • Trained Mechanics Salem, Va. • Pick-up Delivery U-Haul Trailer Rental 182 With sincere best wishes for your future! AUDREY’S a cV jyVLJZSl 6 West Main St. cJfeyvO- ' LA yv ' Q - CMA • MOULES-CUNNINGHAM PAVING CORP. 755 Roanoke Street Office 389-31 1 1 Salem, Virginia WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORD JEWELRY YOU WILL THINK OF KINGOFF’S M S MACHINE DESIGN, MACHINE TOOLS and MANUFACTURING Dial DU 9-6441 Charles Messinger Larry Stoner In Salem it’s S W PHARMACY SMEAD WEBBER PRESCRIPTIONS SINCE 1843 Dial DU 9-5417 GEORGE T. HITCH JEWELER 34 W. Church Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Fine Diamonds, Watches, Sterling Silver Jewelry, China, Crystal, Gifts Dial 344-7744 183 The voice with a smile Today, as always, the C P voice with a smile is as close as ' ' Operator’’ on your dial. Intelligently, cheerfully, the " Operator” handles phone calls to faraway places and intricate day-to-day problems of telephone users. Her job is interesting, important, demanding and rewarding. She’s an indis¬ pensable member of our C P communica¬ tions service team. V I A) ft A OF VIRGINIA A BELL SYSTEM COMPANY 184 SENIOR DIRECTORY GEORGIA IRENE ALLEN Beta Club 2; Latin Club 1; FHA 1; Academic letter 2; Usher at graduation. LAWANNA DARLENE ANDREWS Distributive Education 1. DAVID ARTHUR BALL President of Student Body 1; Basketball 4, Tri captain of varsity 1; Track 3; Boys ' State I, Student Council 2, Student of Month 1, Newspaper Staff 2, Latin Club 4, Junior Science Club Club 1, Astronomy Club 2, Homeroom Vice-President 1, Treasur¬ er 1. THOMAS GOODRICK BEAMAN Annual Staff 2, Editor 1; Astronomy Club 5, Vice-President 2; Bi- phy-Chem Science Club 4, Treasurer 1; Key Club 1; Delegate to S.I.P.A.; Homeroom Treasurer I. JUDITH ANN BISHOP F.B.L.A. 2, Reporter 1; V.O.T. 1. BARBARA JEAN BLANKENBECKLER 4-H I; Pep Club 1; Future Homemakers of America 4, F.H.A. Co-Historian 1, 2nd Vice-President 1. CECIL BLANKENSHIP Latin Club 1; Monogram Club 2; Track 1; Varsity Football 3, Mr. Football 1; Senior Mirror — Most Popular 1. JOHN ALLEN BLANKENSHIP Varsity Football 1; Mixed Choir 1; Future Farmers of America 2. STEPHEN FULLER BOAZ Track 1; Astronomy Club 2, Bi-Phy-Chem 3, Vice-President 1. GARY WILLIAM BOWEN Latin Club 1; Astronomy Club 3; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3, President 1; Beta Club 3; Band 4, Business Manager 1; Boys ' State 1; Allstate Symphony Band 1; Key Club 1; Homeroom Vice-President 2, Treasurer 1, Secretary 1. BETTY LOUISE BRUBECK Sports Club 3, Library Assistant ). JANET FAYE BRUGH Pep Club 4, Treasurer 1, President 1; Girls ' Varsity Basketball 2, Captain 1, Second team all City-County 1; “Most Athletic " on Senior Mirror 1; Latin Club 1; Senior Y Teens 3; Sports Club 1; Homeroom Secretary 1, President 1; Queen of May Court 1. LINDA GAIL BUSHNELL Homeroom Treasurer 1; Sports Club 2; Pep Club 2; F.H.A. I. DONALD CLARENCE BUTLER Basketball 3; Track 1; Cross-Country 1; Monogram Club 1. CHARLOTTE FAYE CARROLL Junior Y Teens 2, F.H.A., V.O.T. 1. MARGARET ANN CARROLL A Cappella Choir 2; Homeroom President 2 , Vice-President 1, Secretary I. MARY SUSAN CHAPMAN Secretary of Senior Class; Cheerleader 3; Latin Club 4, Praetor 1, Junior Provincial Governor 1, Tribune 1; Homeroom Presi¬ dent 1, Treasurer 1; Pep Club 4; Beta Club 3; Junior Y-Teens 2; Senior Y-Teens 2; Annual Staff 1; Newspaper Staff 4, Wolverine Turntable Staff 3; Senior Mirror “Most Dependable " ; Letter of Commendation for National Merit Scholarship 1; Debating Team 1; Usher for Commencement. Usher for Commencement 1; Best Typist Award I; Scholastic Awards 2; Junior Y-Teens 1; Senior Y-Teens 1; Homeroom Presi¬ dent 2, Vice President 1, Treasurer 1; Beta Club 3; Future Business Leaders of America 1, President 1; Pep Club 1; Library Staff 2; Student Council Association 1. ANDREA HELENA CLINEVELL Senior Y-Teens 2; Band 5, Majorette 1. ANNETTA JEAN CORY Transfer Student. Homeroom President 1; Senior Y-Teens 1; Art Editor of Inkslinger 1; Art Editor of Annual Staff 1; “Most Talented " Senior Mirror. SHARON LINDA CREGGER C.Y.A. 1; F.H.A. 2; Latin Club I. VIRGINIA WALKER CROCKETT Pep Club 1; Latin Club 3; Beta Club 3; Future Teachers of America 3, Vice-President 1, President 1; Projection Club 4, Secretary-Treasurer 1; Senior Y Teens 1. REBECCA FRANCES CROMER Girls ' State 1; Student Council 4, Secretary of Student Council 1, Delegate to State Convention I, Roanoke District Student Council President 1; Student Representative American Field Serv¬ ice Chapter 2; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Band 4, Major¬ ette 2, Drum Majorette 1, Secretary 1; Homeroom President 1, Vice-President 1, Treasurer 1; Homecoming Court 1; Holly Court 1; May Court 2; Latin Club 2; Best Leader in Senior Mirror. JUDITH MARIE CUNNINGHAM Band 5, Treasurer 1, Majorette 3, Head Majorette 1; Vice- President of Junior Class 1; Senior Mirror — Wittiest; F.B.L.A . 1; Homeroom Vice-President 2. ANN MARIE DALBY Beta Club 3; Latin Club 3; Future Teachers of America 2, Secre¬ tary 1; Junior Y Teens 1; Girls ' Volleyball 1, Captain 1; Band 4; A Cappella Choir 2, Regional State Chorus 1; Usher at Commencement 1; National Merit Letter of Commendation 1. PHYLLIS STEWART DALE Junior Y Teens 2; Sports Club 3; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Pep Club 1. ARNEY GLENN DALTON Football Manager 2; Basketball Manager 3; Monogram Club 3. REBECCA SUE DEATON F.H.A. 2; Latin Club 2; Distributive Education 1; Color Guard of Band 2. CHRISTINA ROSE DONNELLY Transfer Student. Junior Y Teens 1; Pep Club 1; Sports Club 2; F.H.A. 1; F.B.L.A. 2, Secretary 1; Manager of Girls ' Basketball Team 1; Member of Winning Parliamentary Law Team on district and state levels. GEORGE LYNN EADES Junior Science Club 1; A Cappella Choir 4; Cross-Country Track 1; Outdoor Track 1; Senior Mirror — Most School Spirit. ELDRIDGE VINCENT EANES Distributive Education 1. LINDA LEE EDWARDS Junior Y Teens 1; Latin Club 3; Distributive Education 1; C.Y A. 2. WILLA DEAN EPPERLY F.H.A. 1; Beta Club 2; F.B.L.A. 1, Treasurer 1; V.O.T. 1. JANET LEE CLARK MARGARET ANN EUNSON Latin Club 3; Senior Y Teens 1; Band 5, Vice-President 1; Stu¬ dent Director 1; All-State Band 2; A Cappella Choir 1. BILLY EUGENE EVERSOLE Latin Club 4, President 1; Science Club 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Representative to J.C.L. Convention 1; Varsity Football Team 1; Easter Pageant 2. PEGGY ANN FARISH Senior Y Teens 1, Distributive Education 1. PAULA JANE FINCH Transfer Student. Latin Club 1. JAMES LEWIS FINNEY Drama 2; Spotlight Program 1; Choir 2, All-State Choir 1; Pro¬ jection Club 1, Secretary 1; Track 2. JOHN STEVE FURROW Drama 1; C.Y.A. 2; A Cappella Choir 1; Spotlight Program 1; Junior Achievement 2; Projection Club 2. and National Convention; Junior Y Teens 2; Astronomy Club 1. BENNIE AARON HALL Bi-Phy-Chem Club 5, Secretary 1; Astronomy Club 5, President 1; Mixed Choir 2; Library Assistant 1. MARGARET ANN HALL Drill Team 1,- V.O.T JUDY ELIZABETH HARRY V.O.T. I. i) h o’ . 1; Future Business Lea eri f AymeVita BENNIE FILLMORE HIGGS Senior Mirror — Most Athletic; Monogram Club ; Trq ball 5, City-County Football Team 2. 7 77$ MARGARET HUNTER HIGHFILL Latin Club 4; Jr. Y Teens 2, President 2; Senior Y Teens 3, President 1; Beta Club 3, Vice-President 1, May Court 2; Home¬ coming Court 2; Senior Mirror — Friendliest 1; Homeroom Vice- President 3, Treasurer 1; Office assistant 1; Girls ' Basketball team 1. ANITA MARIE GARDNER Latin Club 2; F.H.A. 2; Homecoming Court 2; Drill team 2; S.C.A. I; Mixed Choir 1; County Science Fair 1. JUDY CLARK HILL Student Council 1; Senior Y Teens 2; Pep Club 2; Junior Y Teens 1; Homeroom Secretary 2, Treasurer 1. AUDREY JEAN GARRAGHTY Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award; Homeroom Vice- President 1; President I; Latin Club 3; 4-H Club 1; F.H.A. 1; Basketball Team 1. NANCY GARRETT Class Treasurer 2; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Pep Club 5; Latin Club 4; Junior Y-Teens 2, Second Vice-President 1; Spokesman Staff 1; Annual Staff 1; Most School Spirit — Senior Mirror- Junior Varsity Cheerleader 2; Varsity Cheerleader 1; Homecoming Court 1; May Court 1; Homecoming Parade 2; Class Council 2; Easter Pageant 1. RUSSELL WILLARD JACOBS A Cappella Choir 2, Vice-President 1; Cross-Country Track 1, Cross-Country Letter 1; Winter Track 1; Latin Club 1. STEVE LEE KENNAMER Dramatics 4; Debate 3; Radio Staff 3; Spotlight 2; Latin Club 4; A Cappella Choir 1; Beta Club 3; Newspaper 5, News Editor 1, Assistant editor 1, Co-editor 1; S.I.P.A. 1; Regional State Chorus; Most Talented — Senior Mirror; Inkslinger 2; Delegate to State Beta Convention 1; Public Speaking 1; District one-act play festival 3; State one-act play 2; District and state debate team 2. DIANNE GARRISON Sports Club 1; Varsity Cheerleader 2; Pep Club 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Library Assistant 2. SANDRA GARST Pep Club 2; Library Assistant I. RANDOLPH GEARHEART Basketball 1; Homeroom President 2, Secretary 1; Pep Club 1; Hi-Y 1. THOMAS RUTLEDGE KING Student Council 4, Treasurer 1, Vice-President 1; Student Co¬ operative Association, State President 1; Homeroom President 4; Beta Club 2; Newspaper 3, Advertising Manager 1; Drama 2; Football 2; Basketball 2; Delegate National Association of Stu¬ dent Councils, San Gabriel, California; 2nd Place State Optimist Club Public Speaking Contest; Senior Mirror — Best Leader,- Key Club 1; " Wolverine Turntable " Radio Staff 2; President Roanoke Valley Teen Safety Council; A Cappella Choir 1; " Spotlight on Youth " television series 2. ANDREW GIVENS Debate team 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Club 1; Junior Achievement 2. BETTY JO GORDON Girls ' Choir 1; Astronomy Club 1. CONNIE GRAHAM F.H.A. 3, Reporter 1, President 1; Band 4, All-State Band 1; Homeroom Vice-President 1, Secretary 2; Homecoming Court 1; Representative to McCall ' s Teen Fashion Board, Most Sincere — Senior Mirror,- May Court 1. BARBARA ANISE GRANT C.Y.A. 1; F.H.A. 2; 4-H Club 1; Distributive Education 1, Secre¬ tary 1. RONALD GRAUSAM Transfer Student; Annual Staff 1; Science Club 1; Key Club 1; A Cappella Choir 1. SARAH ELIZABETH GROSHOLZ C.Y.A. ],- Latin Club 2,- Distributive Education 1; Homeroom Secretary 1. FAYE JEAN HALE F.B.L.A. 4; President of Parliamentary Procedure Team at State ROY MILTON KINSEY, JR. Homeroom President 1, Secretary 1; Monogram Club 2; Beta Club 3; Track 1; Football 5, City-County Team, District, 2nd Team All Group 1A, 2nd Team All State,- Usher at Commencement 1; Letter of Commendation National Merit Scholarship 1; News¬ paper Staff 1; Attorney General of American Legion Boys ' State 1; Key Club I; Senior Mirror — Most Likely to Succeed. LINDA SUE KNIGHT Latin Club 4; Christian Youth Association 2; Pep Club 3; Senior Y Teens 2; Junior Y Teens 1; Future Teachers of America 1; Annual Staff 2, Business Manager I; Homeroom Secretary 1. ALTON LEFLEUR KNIGHTON, JR. Beta Club 3, President 1; Latin Club 4; Newspaper Staff 5, Busi¬ ness Manager 1, Advertising Manager; Varsity Cross-Country I; Boys ' State 1; National Merit Semifinalist 1; Thom McAn Leader¬ ship Award 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Head Usher at Commence¬ ment 1; Senior Mirror — Most Intellectual 1; Key Club 1; School Science Fair winner I; Junior Class Play 1. PATSY ELLEN KOESTNER Latin Club 4; A Cappella Choir 1; Senior Y Teens 1. JOHN STEVEN KRZYSKO Annual Staff 3, Photographer 3; Wrestling 1. JUDY DIANE LANE Pep Club 5; Senior Y-Teens 2, Treasurer 1; Future Homemakers of America 2; Student Christian Association 2; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 1; Future Business Leaders of America 2, Corresponding Secretary 1; Senior Mirror — Most School Spirit; Drill Team 2; Homeroom Vice-President 1. WILLIAM JERRY LEE Band 5; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Latin Club 2; Dance Band 2; Pep Band 5; Projection Club 1. CAROLYN FLORA LILLY Homeroom Secretary 1, Vice-President 1; Pep Club 4; Latin Club 4; Junior Y-Teens 2, Vice-President 1; Senior Y-Teens 2; Beta Club 3; Annual Staff 2, Co-editor 1; Show Queen 1; Holly Court 1; Best Looking — Senior Mirror; S.I.P.A. Convention 1; May Court 2, Maid of Honor 1. JERRY LEE LINEBERRY Band 4; Wrestling 1; Latin Club 3; Projection Club 3; Dance Band 4. ROSEMARIE LONITZ 4-H Club 2; Latin Club 2; Pep Club 4; May Court 2; Student Council 1; Teen-Age Safety Council 1, Treasurer 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Mixed Choir, Treasurer 1; Wolverine Turntable 2; Newspaper 3, News Editor 1; Junior Talent Show 1; Inkslinger Staff 1. PHYLLIS ANN LUSK Band 1; Junior Y-Teens 1; Future Business Leaders of America 2, Parliamentarian I; Parliamentary Procedure Team. PAMELA RAE McFALLS Homeroom Secretary 1; Christian Youth Association 4; Library Assistant 3; Beta Club 3; Vocation Office Training 1. LEE NOEL MacFARLAND Band 5; Pep Band 2; Latin Club 3; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Library Assistant 1. WAYNE REEVES MARSHALL Band 5, President 1; Pep Band 4; Projection Club 1. EVELYN KAY MATTHEWS Jr. Y. Teens 2, Secretary 1; Pep Club 5, Secretary I; Cheerleader 1; Latin Club 4, Aedile 1; Student Council 1; Class Secretary 2; Annual Staff 1; Newspaper Staff 2; Beta Club 1; Homeroom Secretary 2. PATRICIA CABELL MATTHEWS Mixed Choir 1; Latin Club 4; Pep Club 5 ; C.Y.A. 2; Jr.-Y-Teens 2 . ALEXANDER GIBSON MAXWELL, JR. Latin Club 4; Homeroom President 2; Football Manager. JERRY GLENN MICHAEL Football 3; Track 3; Monogram Club 3. CAROL LEE MINTON J.V. Cheerleader 2, Head J.V. Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheer¬ leader 3, Head Varsity Cheerleader 1; Pep Club 5; Jr.-Y-Teens 2; Beta Club 3; Latin Club 4; Homeroom President 1, Vice-President 1, Secretary 2, Treasurer 1; Student Council 1; May Court 1; Homecoming Court 1, Queen I; Newspaper 4; Senior Mirror — Most Popular 1. BARBARA ANN MOORE Sports Club 2; Latin Club 2; Mixed Choir 1; Bi-Phy-Chem. 1. NORMAN RALPH MOORE Newspaper 1; Magazine; Wolverine Turntable 4, Chairman 1; Debate, State Debate 3rd, State Debate 2nd; A Cappella Choir 4; Drama, State One-Act Play 1; Delegate to S.I.P.A.; Regional State Chorus; Key Club 1; Senior Mirror, Wittiest 1. JOHN CHARLES MORRISON Latin Club 4; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 3; J.V. Basketball 1; Out-Door Track 4; Indoor Track 2; Monogram Club 2; Key Club I; A Cappella Choir 3; Regional Chorus 1; President A Cappella Choir 1; Class Treasurer 1; Senior Mirror, Most Sincere 1; Football Team 1; Home Room Vice-President 2, Treasurer 2. STEPHEN MOUSHEGIAN Beta Club 2, Treasurer 1; Monogram Club 3, Vice-President 1; Homeroom President 1, Secretary 1; Latin Club 1; Cross-Country 2; Indoor Track 4; Football 2; Outdoor Track 6; Winner in School Science Fair 1; Key Club 1. CAROL ANN MUSSELMAN Future Homemakers of America 1; C.Y.A. 2, Treasurer 1; Fresh¬ man Girls ' Chorus 1; Mixed Choir 1; A Cappella Choir 1; Li¬ brarian 1. CAROLYN GAIL NOWLIN Future Homemakers of America 2; Beta Club 2; Future Business Leaders of America 1; Junior Achievement 2; Junior-Y-Teens 1; C.Y.A. 1. JAMES MARION PERRY Junior Science Club 2, President 1; Football 1; Basketball 1; Latin Club 1; Astronomy 1; Homeroom President 1, Vice- President 2. HOWARD REDMON PIERCE, JR. Distributive Education 1. DONALD WILSON PITTMAN Audio-Visual Club 2, President 1; D.E. 1; 4-H Club 1; Stage Crew 2; Head Stage Mgr. 1. HENRY PLATTER Band 4; 4-H 1; Bi-Phi-Chem. 1. LINDA POFF Transfer Student. JOYCE RAKES F.H.A. 2. BERTHA LOU REAVIS Sports Club 3; Jr.-Y-Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Basketball Team I. GEORGE THOMAS RICHARDSON Monogram 4, Secretary 1; Latin Club 4, Provincial Governor 1; Beta Club 3; Jr. Varsity Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2; Annual Staff 1; Homeroom President 1; Key Club 1. SALLY ANNE RIKARD Beta Club 3; Latin Club 4; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3, Vice- President 1, Fellowship Chairman I; Pep Club 2; Newspaper 5, Asst. Feature Ed. 1, Co-ed. 1; Delegate to S.I.P.A. 1; Radio Staff 3; Drama 4; Debate 3; National Merit Semifinalist 1; A Cappella Choir 3; Regional State Choir 1; Homeroom Secretary 3; Senior Mirror — Most Intellectual; Jr. Class Play 1; Projection Club 4, Secretary 2; Spotlight on Youth 3. CLAIRE ROBERTS Jr. Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 3; Latin Club 3; Newspaper Staff 4, Club editor 1; Inkslinger Staff 1, Business Manager 1; Homeroom Sec¬ retary 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1. ROBERT JOHN ROHRBACK Latin Club 1; K.V.G. Crew 2; Virginia Model General Assembly 1; Homeroom Treasurer I; Hi-Y President i; Council Chaplain 1. JOHNNY OTIS RUCKER Football 2. ROBERT SAUL Student Council 1; Homeroom Vice-Pres. 2; Football 2; Basketball Manager 1; J.V. Track 1; Wrestling, Co-captain 1; Jr. Science Club 1; Hi-Y 3; Monogram Club 3; Escort on Homecoming Court 3; Senior Mirror — Best Looking. JUDI ALICAN SELPH Transfer Student; A Cappella Choir 1; Newspaper Staff 2; Bas¬ ketball Team 1; Homeroom Secretary 2, Vice-Pres. 1; Homecoming Court 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1. PAMELA SUE SEXTON Jr. Science Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Latin Club; Pep Club 5; Home¬ room Secretary 1, Treasurer 1; Varsity Cheerleader 1. LILY SIANO Student Council 1; Beta Club 1; Latin Club 1; Homeroom Vice- Pres. ]; Homecoming Court 1; Holly Court I; SCA Convention Rep.; Italian Rep. AFS Convention in Williamsburg; Girls ' Bas¬ ketball; May Court. GAIL DOUGLAS SIMMERS Track 1; J.V. Football 1; Latin Club 1. Mixed Choir I; A Cappella Choir 1; F.H.A. 1. NANCY RUTH UMBERGER Library Assistant 1; F.H.A. 1; Annual Staff 1; F.B.L.A. 1; Band 2; A Cappella Choir 1. HAZEL MAE UNDERWOOD D.E. 1. CONSTANCE MARIE VECELLIO Pep Club 5, Recording Secretary 1, Reporter 1; Latin Club 4; Beta Club 3; Junior Y-Teens 1; Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleader 1; Homecoming Court 1; Girls ' State, Senator; Grand Marshall at Commencement; May Court 1, Maid of Honor. DALLAS HOMER WADDELL D.E. 2, Pres. 1. JACK WALCOTT Homeroom Treas. 1; Hi-Y 1; SCA I; D.E. Club 2, Treas. 1. RANDY WALKER Latin Club 1; F.F.A. 1; Hi-Y 1; Homeroom Treas. I. MARY SIMONS SCA 2. KERRY WINTON SIPE Inkslinger 2, Editor 1; Delegate to S.I.P.A. 2; First Place Virginia Forensic Poetry Competition 1; Newspaper Staff 4; Student Library Staff 1; Beta Club 3, A State Delegate 3; Latin Club 4; Thanksgiving Assembly 2; Delegate to State Classical League Convention 3; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Amateur Radio Club 3; Alternate to Boys ' State I; Roanoke County Science Fair 2, First Place 1; Homecoming Parade 3; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 1; Basket¬ ball Manager 1; Junior Class Play 1; District and State Drama Festival 1. JOHN SNYDER Track 1. RICHARD LEE ST. CLAIR Projection Club 1. PATSY STEVENS Homeroom President I; Senior Y-Teens Program Chairman. TOM STINNETT Winter Track 3; Football 5, Captain 1; Track 5; Latin Club 4; Monogram Club 3, President 1; Key Club 1; Homeroom President 2 . GEORGE WALTON Transfer Student; Varsity Football 1; Monogram Club 1; Key Club 1. LINDA LEE WATSON Band 3, Pres. I; FHA 2, 1st Vice-Pres. 1; H.R. Treas. 1, Sec.; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 3, Praetor 1; Annual Staff 1; Delegate to F.H.A. Convention. U WILLIAM RUSSELL WEAVER D.E. !. ; a A PHYLLIS DIVERS WHITLEY SCA 2. oA KIMBERLEY RICHARD WHITLOCK J ' v Latin Club 4; Jr. Science Club 1 L » VO ; £«• . V Hi , ,1( Club wf nrtjp ' U ' A Ju - Jj 4 FRANCES DIANE WICKHAM NT " Jy Jr. Y-Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Newspaper Staff 4; Pep Club 3; A Beta Club 3, Recording Sec. 1; SCA 2, Sec. 1; Sophomore Class Treas. 1; Homecoming Princess 1; Girls ' State 1; DAR Good Citizenship Award; Marshal at graduation Exercises; Academic letters 2; Homeroom Pres. 2, Vice-Pres. 2. A KENNETH ELWARD WIERINGO Band 2; Projection Club 4; Stage Crew 2; D.E. 1. HAROLD OTIS STULL D.E. 1. GEORGE ANDREW TALIAFERRO Hi-Y; D.E. KATHERINE ANNE TARPLEY Christian Youth Association 4; Junior Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 1; D.E. Club 1. NANCY CAROLYN TATE Junior 4-H Club 1, Treasurer 1; Beta Club 3; Latin Club 4; Pep Club 3; Homeroom President 1; Scholastic Letter 2; Homecoming Court 1; Class Talent Show 3. SALLIE STARR TATE Latin Club 4, Plebian Consul 1, Questor 1; Pep Club 5; Beta Club 3; Cheerleader 3; Newspaper Staff 5; Junior Y-Teens 2, Treas¬ urer 1; Teen Representative at Miller Rhoads 1; Homecoming Court 1; Class Secretary 1, Vice-President 1; Homeroom President 1, Vice-President 1, Secretary 1. GLENN KERMIT TURNER D.E. Vice-President; Hi-Y 1. MARGARET HELEN TYLER Pep Club 3; Junior Y-Teens 1; District and State One-Act Play 2, GEORGE WESLEY WILLIAMS Hi-Y 1, Sec. 1; Latin Club 1; Bi-Phy-Chem. 2; Science Fair Winner 1. RONALD GENE WISELEY Latin Club 4; H.R. Treas. 2. SYLVIA KENT WITT CYA 4, Songleader 1; Pep Club 2; FBLA 2, Historian 1; 8th Grade Choir; Girls ' Chorus 1; A Cappella Choir 3; Band 1; Annual Staff 1; Beta Club 2; Latin Club 1; F.T.A. VOT 1. EMILY WRIGHT Latin Club 4; State Vice-Pres. JCL 1; Pep Club 5, Vice-Pres. 1; Jr. Y-Teens 2, Recording Sec. 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Beta Club 3; Homeroom Treas. 1, Sec. 1; Vice-Pres 1; Newspaper Staff 3, Assistant Circulation Manager 1, Circulation Manager 1; Ink- slinger Staff 1; Usher at Graduation 1; A Ccppella Choir 1. WILLIAM ERNEST WRIGHT Football 5, Most Deserving Substitute Trophy 1; Hi-Y Club 1; Monogram Club 1; Latin Club. WALTER FRANKLIN YEAROUT Football 3; Basketball 3; D.E. Club 1; A Cappella Choir 1. 188 f Jj oojv XClohMy i qX) ) § o (H i m ' l oAO e mjb Jz Jbmy iu JteMwwfy ' Mjb tAj, TTlnnnpsioXj IZb ' cx ' v ;ai, o . JfeutMvdL % Ja.oJk v na dbo 1 RyofeixfcSwY (floj Cj olTl G j U =d s XJU ajG ' t-iu -Y J, j syC- SLs 1, , c lJ , c FOtt 0 6 jno (JJ cfO V ( J CULoq. .QttJustu Qsku -%M LLOrs- g».o4 ' A JvoulJ ' LA CJLJ ) a2 €JLJ o ' hJ £, r uHitm » »« As the shadows grow long and deep, The fiery ball slowly drops behind a crest of hills. And the Lord blesses the climax of another day. So ends our book In the midst Of light . . . and darkness.

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