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f’-’T " r 6 r g) i Published by THE PIONEER STAFF ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL SALEM, VIRGINIA TWENTY-EIGHTH EDITION ACTIVITIES FOREWORD To you, the Students of Andrew Lewis, we present this book, with the fervent hope that you will see your story printed clearly in the chapters and pages that we have bound together as OUR STORY . . . FEATURES When you open a book for the first time You expect something different and bold . . . And that characterizes OUR STORY Because it’s your story that’s told. You open it now for the first time, And step back into the past; So remember to open it often And you’ll find that your memories will last. Your untiring efforts and sincere devotion to your work have won for you the respect and admiration of all those who know you. You are a person of deep humility who is ever willing to share our moments of heartache as well as our times of happiness. Your ceaseless efforts and your sense of fairness have been invaluable to us. We feel indebted to you for your faithful contribution to your students, the administration of Andrew Lewis, and our Roanoke County school system. In order that you might know that we are indeed appreciative for having such a fine person among us, we the Class of 1962 proudly dedicate our yearbook to you, MRS. HAZEL WATERS. 4 Boys and girls of Salem and of Roanoke County had the privilege of going to school to Miss Annie McConkey, Salem’s gifted teacher. Endowed with a very fine mind, blessed with a spirit that understood and appreciated high school youth, and f ortified by standards, both personal and professional, that were unconsciously felt by all, she taught as only dedicated teachers can teach for a period of more than fifty years. Salem and the community around it, so loved by her, is richer, culturally and intellectually, since “Miss Annie” chose to teach. 5 THE SETTING OF The Administration of Andrew Lewis rightfully holds first place in our Table of Contents, for those who belong to this group are the real beginning of OUR STORY. They teach, counsel, and guide us, and by encouraging our talents, they help us to realize our potential. They strive to shape our destinies, teaching us to develop the art of living together, and helping to mold us into well- rounded, self-sufficient citizens. We salute our faithfid, hard-working administration. , ■ • — OUR STORY opens with those who are here to guide us . . . they govern the content of this book. The Administration provides the foundation upon which OUR STORY is built. We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Horn, Mr. Miller, and the Roanoke County School Board who are continually striving to enlarge and improve the schools of our county. Each contributes to our quest for knowledge, and we owe much to their patience and kindness. They are the binding that holds OUR STORY together, for with¬ out them there would be no story. MR DEWITT T. MILLER ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT DR. HERMAN L. HORN SUPERINTENDENT ROANOKE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Dr. C. R. Woodford, Town of Vinton; Mr. W. H. Starkey, Catawba District; Mr. Arthur G. Trout, Chairman, Big Lick District; Mr. William J. Lotz, Cave Spring District; Mrs. Frank B. Thomas, Salem District. (Not pictured) Mr. L. M. Whitmore, Vice-Chairman, Town of Salem. MR. EDWARD E. BARNETT ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR. ALFRED D. HURT PRINCIPAL MR. ROBERT A. PATTERSON ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL I am grateful for the privilege of expressing my appreciation to the faculty and students of Andrew Lewis High School and for the cooperation and assistance extended me during my three years here. Congratulations to the members of the class of 1962. This annual is a chronicle of your activities and accomplishments during the formative years of your life. I know that you will carry on your noble heritage through industry, perseverance, and loyalty. Best wishes, Alfred D. Hurt 11 SEATED: Mrs. Mildred Chapman, Mrs. Gladys Gillespie, Mrs. Bertha Fisher, Mrs. Nancy Davidson, Mrs. Opal Keffer. STANDING: Mr. A. D. Hurt, Mr. Robert Patterson, Mr. Otha St. Clair, Mr. Carl Colley, Mr. Norman Lineburg. GUIDANCE COMMITTEE ATTENDANCE AND DISCIPLINE DIRECTORS 12 A group of English teachers plans the literature courses as outlined in the new course of study . . . MR. CARL COLLEY English MR. JOHN THOMPSON English MRS. BERTHA FISHER English MRS. MARTHA LOGAN English MRS. MARGARET BALLARD Directed Study , Reading MR. HADDON DUDLEY English . . . while these social studies teachers point out the influence that other countries have had on our English language . . . MR. JAMES DAUGHTRIDGE Civics, American History MISS CLAUDIA GRIDER World History, American History MR. DAN RICHARDS Civics MRS. THEOLA ROACH Civics, American History MR. OTHA ST. CLAIR Civics . . . and foreign language in¬ structors are amused by some of the unusual ways in which for¬ eign phrases are translated. MRS. SUE BANNER French, English MISS ANNIE VIRGINIA COOK Latin MISS MELBA CALAWAY Spanish, English MISS DOROTHY MILLER Latin, English MRS. MARY RASH French The gym teachers take time out from their strenuous sched¬ ule . . . MISS JANE PAINTER Physical Education MR. MELVIN MYERS Physical Education MISS WILLIE TAYLOR Physical Education MR. RICHARD MILEY Physical Education MISS NANCY ANDREWS Physical Education MR. EDDIE JOYCE Physical Education MISS HARRIET HILL History English MRS. MILDRED CHAPMAN History Eighth Grade Co-ordinator MR. HERBERT COPENHAVER World Geography Coach MR. FRED HOBACK . . . while these social studies teachers plan future class projects . . . American History Coach . . . and this group of Eng¬ lish teachers scans American Literature books. MRS. MARY PARRISH English MRS. ELSIE WERTZ English American History MRS. LOIS BOARD English MISS MILDRED KIDD English American History MRS. NANCY DAVIDSON English MR. NORMAN LINEBURG English Coach Visual aids in the math de¬ partment is the topic of dis¬ cussion among this group of teachers . . . MRS. HAZEL WATERS Plane Geometry General Mathematics MRS. GLADYS GI LLISPIE Solid Geometry Plane Geometry MISS MARY JANE MAXWEL1 Algebra Plane Geometry MRS. DORTHEA CHICK Algebra General Mathematics MRS. OPAL KEFFER Algebra . . . while some of our math instruc show interest in new techniques of tet ing basic mathematics . . . MRS. JULIA HYLTON General Mathematics Science MISS ELSIE WINGFIELD General Mathematics MRS. HAZEL JONES General Mathematics MRS. LILLIAN JENNINGS General Mathematics Science MRS. MARGARET BAILEY General Mathematics Algebra MRS. GERALDINE HARPER General Mathematics . . . and these science teachers debate current theories relating to scie c MISS DOROTHY O’DELL Biology MRS. BILLIE REID General Science (Not Pictured) MISS EDNA WEEKS General Science MR. JOHN CRAWFORD General Science Radio, T.V. MRS. ALICE COULTER Physics General Science MR. DAVID NICKERSON Biology General Science MISS FRANCES HURT Chemistry General Science Here, our fine arts teachers meet to discuss cultural events for the school, which blend with academic sub¬ jects to make well-rounded students . . . MR. STUART CONNER Band Director MR. HARRY SIMMERS Choir Director MISS ANN THOMASON English Public Speaking Drama MRS. ANN PARKER Art English ... as our vocational education instructors admire the new tran¬ scribing machine de¬ signed to fulfill the needs of the students going into the business world . . . MISS ELSIE PROFITT Stenography Typing MRS. DEMATRIS MEADOR Typing Bookkeeping MISS ELIZABETH LAWRENCE Typing Office Practice MR. WILLIAM BOLTON Distributive Education Consumer Economics MISS MARY GOODWIN Typing Vocational Office Training MRS. NANCY MIDDLECAMP General Business Typing . . . and these vocational in¬ structors are busy organizing publicity material in their vari¬ ous fields. MRS. EVELYN BLAKE Home Economics MR. LAWRENCE HURT Auto Mechanics MISS DORIS KELLY Home Economics MR. MURPHY SCOTT Agriculture Shop MR. RICHARD THOMAS Mechanical Drawing Our librarians make a necessary check of the filing cards in order that . . . MRS. BELVA COUNTS Head Librarian MISS MARY WRIGHT Assistant Librarian . . . Mrs. Yates, teacher of driver education, will be able to find that book on foreign cars that . . . MRS. RUTH YATES D river Education f i i . . . the secretaries in the office have been asking to see. MISS LOUISE COX MISS RUTH WADE MRS. BETTY POFF unr :i m Each with his own chapter — the Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen, and Eighth Graders — contributes material to the manuscript which finally becomes OUR STORY. Each contri¬ bution is good and worthwhile, showing the merit and character of the students who make Andrew Lewis the outstanding school it is today. We, the students, are the living, working body of the high school, making OUR STORY an all-time best seller. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . Mickey Grant Vice-President.Tommy Farewell Secretary.Betty Jo Quick Treasurer.Shirley Dulaney Sponsor . Miss Annie V. Cook 20 CLASS OF WILBUR CROSS ANDREWS Wilbur CHARLES LEWIS BAILEY Charles MARGARET ANN BAILEY Maggie 21 LINDA JANE BAIRD Linda SHERWOOD SCOTT BANNER Sherry BRENDA YVONNE BARTON Brenda BYRON RICHARD BEACH Richard JAMES BERKLEY BEACH Jimmy CAROLYN SUE BECKNER Carolyn JAMES DOUGLAS BIRCH Jimmy ALICE MARYALENE BLACK Alice REGGIE BLANKENSHIP Reggie LINDA LOU BLOUNT Linda EARNEST OAKLEY BOND Junior DARRELL EVERETT BOWER Darrell OUR SENIOR STORY IS CHARACTERIZED WENDELL PERRY BAILEY, JR. Perry 22 ellen McDonald burke BOWERS Ellen BY HAPPY HEARTS AND JOYOUS DAYS KAREN VIRGINIA BOWLES Karen BETTY JOAN BRANUM Betty JERRY LEE BRANUM Jerry MICHEAL WILLIAM BRICKEY Mike ARCHIBALD MOFFETT BROCK Moffett JOSEPH STEPHEN BROWDER Joe ROSE ANGELINA BROWN Rose Ann SUZANNE BROWN Suzanne LINDA HODGES BROYLES Linda MARY VIRGINIA BRUBECK Ginny MARY ELIZABETH. BRUMFIELD Mary MARGUERITE EVERTIE BRYAN Marguerite 23 BETTIE LOU BRYANT Bettie JAMES MILBURN BUTLER Jimmy LARRY ALEXANDER CALIGAN Larry JOSE LARON CAMINA • L. JOAN JUANITA CAMPBELL Joan ELVA ELIZABETH CAPERTON Betty BETTY JEAN CARROLL Betty SHARON ANN CATRON Sharon BENJAMIN EDGAR CHAPMAN, JR. Ben VIRGINIA TUCKER CLARK Virginia DENNIS SHELDON CLOWER Dennis SUSAN ELIZABETH COATES Susan WESLEY NORMAN COCHRAN Wesley OUR YEAR IS PROFITABLE . 24 GAIL FLORENCE COLEMAN Gail LLOYD LAVERNE DAVIDSON Lloyd EACH EXPERIENCE IS OUR LAST CARLTON DOUGLAS COLLINS Carlton MARY LILLIAN COLLINS Mary MARY LOUISE COX Louise RAYMOND BARRY CRAWFORD Barry FREDDIE LEE CROCKETT Freddie JAMES RAY CROSSWHITE Jimmy SANDRA SUE CROSSWHITE Sue NORMA LOUISE CUMBIE Louise JUDY OLEAN CUNDIFF Judy LUCY TALIAFERRO CUSHMAN Lucy ROBERT PRESTON DAVIDS Robert 25 ROBERTA GAIL DEWEASE Gail EMILY ELIZABETH DIXON Emily RICHARD PHILLIP DIXON Richard RONALD CARROLL DAVIS Ronald WE ARE GUESTS OF THE JUNIORS JOHN MUNNERLYN DONALDSON John BRUCE WILLARD DOWDY Bruce DANA EDWARD DREW Dana ROSE MARIE DUDLEY Rose SHIRLEY JOANNE DULANEY Shirley LUTHER ALBERT DUCAN, JR Luther BARBARA ANN EDWARDS Barbara ETHEL DIANNE EDWARDS Dianne HERMAN NORRIS ELLIOTT Norris 26 KENNETH MICHAEL ETTER Kenny AT THE JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM THOMAS EUGENE FAREWELL T ommy WILLIAM DAVID FARMER Billy ANNA LEE FERGUSON Anna CECILIA MAY FERGUSON Cecilia )REMA PAIGE FITZGERALD Drema PATRICIA MAYANNE FOLLMAR Pat SHARON ELLEN FORE aron RANDOLPH LEE FRANCISCO Randy TONY ROGER FRYE T ony LINDA JOYCE FURROW Linda JAMES DENNIS GACEK James JAMES BARTROM GALBRAITH Jimmy 27 JO ANN GARRISON Jo Ann CONNIE LEE GARST Connie RICHARD GAYLON GARST Dickie ROBERT EDWARD GARST Bobby DORIS LORAINE GEARHART Doris THOMAS HERMAN GEARHART T ommy DOROTHY ANN GEARHEART Ann RODNEY REX GEARHEART Rodney SANDRA LEE GIBSON Sandra PHYLLIS ANN GILLEY Phyllis REGINALD LEON GINTER Reggie DONNA CAROL GOODMAN Donna MARY FRANCES GOODWIN Sandy WE HAVE A WEALTH OF FUN ON 28 GEORGE EMMETT GOODYKOONTZ George JOHN ROBIN GRANT Robin MICHAEL ALLEN GRANT Mickey DONALD LEE GRAY Don EUGENE SENDER GRUBB Gene KATHERINE LOIS GUNTER Kathy PATRICIA BARNES GUTHRIE Pat DOUGLAS NOLAN HALE Doug DALLAS WAYNE HALL Wayne ERNEST ROBERT HARTMAN Robert OUR ONE-AND-ONLY SENIOR DAY DANIEL HUGH HAMLIN Danny GLENDA FAYE HARRIS Glenda LINDA CAROL HARTER Linda 29 STEPHEN LESLIE HAWKINS Steve PAMELA GAY HAYNES Pam DAVID WAYNE HAYNES Wayne DALLAS GLENWOOD HEDGE Dallas ROBERT LEE HENDRICKS Robert JOAN LINDA HERRON Joan CAROLINE KYLE HIGHFILL Ca-Ca PAUL BEAUREGARD HODGE Paul MARIE OLGA HOFER Marie ADELE SMYTH HUGHES Dixie JOSEPHINE ALPHA JACOBS Josephine PEGGY ANN JOBE Peggy LEWIS PEYTON HASH, JR. Peyton OUR SENIOR PLAY LENDS TIME 30 BETTY GALE JONES Betty Gale CAROL JEAN JONES Carol Jean LARRY WATSON JONES Larry GWENDOLYN DEAN JOHNSON Gwen Dean TO REVEAL OUR HIDDEN TALENTS MILDRED EUDORA JUDD Eudora PATRICIA ANN KAGEALS Pat BONNIE MAY KEENAN Bonnie WAYNE MONROE KEFFER Wayne ROY CORNELIUS KINSEY Roy RAYMOND KENNETH KIRBY Ray JAMES RAYMOND KROPFF Jimmy WAYNE HAROLD LaMAY Wayne ROBERT LEE LANCASTER Bobby 31 LARRY WAYNE LEE Wayne RITA ANNETTE LEONHARDT Rita CHARLES ALAN LOONEY Charles NANCY SUE LOOPE Nancy SONJIA KAYE LORD Sonjia TRESSIE JEAN LOVERN Tressie DONALD LESTER MANNING Don STEVENSON LYNWOOD MANNING Lynn CAROL SUE MARKHAM Carol JAMES LARRY MARSH Larry ANDREW EUGENE MARSINKO Andy MARY HELEN MARSINKO Mary WE LEAVE ASSEMBLY FIRST . . . ANITA FRANCES MARTIN Anita 32 VIOLET MARIE MINUCIE Violet WE ATTEND SENIOR CLASS MEETINGS DELORES RAMONA MARTIN Delores PATTY MAE MARTIN Patty Mae BARRY RICHARD MAY Barry MAURICE RAYMOND McBRIDE Maurice RICHARD LEE McCULLEY Richard lois marie McDaniel Marie KAY RAMEY McDONALD Kay SANDRA ELLEN McDONALD Sandy ROSALIND HELEN McFarland Roz CHARLES FULTON McLAURIN Charles LEAH NEILSON McREYNOLDS Lee BEVERLY GAIL MILLER Beverly 33 OUR OWN CLASSMATES CAROLYN GENE MOHLER Carolyn BONNIE GAIL MOORE Bonnie VIVIAN JEANETTE MOORE Vivian MAKE UP JOHN LEE MITCHELL John SANDRA JEAN MORRIS Sandy BONNIE MARIE MULLINS Bonnie JANE LaVONNE NASH Jane ROBERT GERALD NEIGHBORS Jerry JOHN JOSEPH NEMETH, JR. John WILLIAM BERNARD NUNNALLY, JR. Bill LOIS LENORA NUTTER Lois KATHLEEN MARGARET OWEN Kathleen RICHARD EMORY OWENS Richard 34 ELLEN HARRIETTE PAINTER Ellen THE LONG-AWAITED SENIOR MIRROR DENNIS LEE PARKS Dennis RALPH DERRELL PARKS Derrell JOYCE ANN PARR Joyce VALORY EDAIR PERDUE Edair ANDREA ERLINDA PEREZ Andy DIANNE ELIZABETH PETERS Dianne PATRICIA LEE PEVERELL Pat C. GARFIELD POFF D onnie DORIS JANE POWELL Doris WILLIAM NICHOLAS POWELL Nicky BARBARA ANN PREAS Barbara WANDA GERALDINE PRICE Wanda 35 BETTY JO QUICK Betty Jo MARY FRANCES RADFORD Mary Frances CHARLES SIM RAKES Chick BARBARA ANN RAMEY Barbara DAVID WILLIAM RARDIN David DAVID TERRILL RAY David JUDY ANN REESE Judy CALLIE ELLEN REID Callie DANNY RICHARDS Danny WESLEY RONALD RICHARDS Ronnie STANLEY PHILLIP RIFE Phillip HUGHELBYRNE ROBERTS Yogi CAROLYN ANN ROBERTSON Cayolyn OUR EDITION OF THE NEWSPAPER 36 JOYCE ANN SHORTER Joyce MAKES PUBLIC OUR SENIOR WILL JAMES ARTHUR ROBERTSON Jimmy JAMES MICHAEL ROBERTSON M ike VIOLET EDNA ROOP Violet LEONARD ALVIN RORER Leonard WALTER EDWARD ROUTT, II Ed JOHN ADRAIN RUTHERFORD Johnny PATRICIA MAY SARVER Pat ANN LEIGH SAUNDERS Ann SANDRA FAYE SAYERS Sandra ERNESTINE MARSHA SCHRADER T ina SUSAN JEAN SCHUMACHER Susan JAMES WAYNE SHORTER Jimmy 37 CAROL LEE SHOWALTER Carol CLASS RINGS ARE MORE PRECIOUS DORTHEA MACON SMILEY Dotty JOYCE ANN SMITH Joyce MICHAEL MOORE SPESSARD Mike JANICE HEATHERLY SPRADLIN Janice JUANITA ALICE ST.CLAIR Juanita RICHARD DALE STEEN Dickie WILLIAM HENRY STEVENS Bill DELINDA ANN STINNETTE Dee SARAH ELIZABETH STOKES Betsy ROBERT CHARLES STOVER Bobby JERRY EDWIN STRONG Jerry EUEL HAMPTON STUMP Euel 38 GEORGE SUMMERS, JR. Deke AND TAKE ON NEW MEANING KENNETH WAYNE SUTPHIN Kenny JAMES LYNWOOD SWEENEY Lynwood LANNY FRITZ TAYLOE Fritz ALBERT THOMAS TAYLOR T ommy DOROTHY JEANNETTE TAYLOR Dorothy BETTY JANET TERRY Janet JAMES J. THOMAS James MARJORIE REBECCA THOMAS Becky JOSEPH PATRICK TOMELTY Pat TANYA LEE TUTTLE T any a MARY VAUGHAN TYLER Mary SANDRA FAYE TYREE Sandra 39 PEGGY ELAINE VADEN Peggy CHARLOTTE MARIE WADE Charlotte ALLEN RUSSELL WALKER, JR. Rusty ALLISON LEROY WATTS Allison DAVID HANFORD WEBB David JANET FAYE WEBB Janet FERMAN WESLEY WERTZ Per man PEGGY MARIE WERTZ Peggy RONALD LEE WESTON Ronald DONNA LEE WHEELING Donna PATRICIA RUTH WHITBY Patti MARVIN WILLIAM WHITLEY, JR. Marvin GRADUATION ARRIVES . . . OUR CHAPTER ENDS ELIZABETH LEIGH WILEY Leigh 40 GARY LEE ZIMMERMAN Gary BUT OUR BOOK IS LEFT OPEN BRUCE BURTON WILLEY Bruce EARL LEE WIMMER Earl DIANE RENEE WINDEL Diane BETTY JO WINFREY Betty Jo DIANE COURTNEY WIRT Diane BETTY JO WRIGHT Betty Jo JULIUS EARL WRONIEWICZ Lucky PEGGY JEAN YATES Peggy BEVERLY GALE YOUNG Bev JERRY REED YOUNG Jerry LORRAINE RUTH YOUNG Lorraine ALAN CAMERON ZEIGLER Alan 41 MOST INTELLECTUAL Roz McFarland Mike Robertson MOST SINCERE Sandra Tyree Dennis Clower SENIOR 42 MOST POPULAR Judy Cundiff Richard Beach MOST PERSONABLE Kay McDonald Mickey Grant 43 MOST DEPENDABLE Dianne Peters Wayne Hall SENIOR MOST ATHLETIC Lois Nutter Jimmie Birch 44 45 SENIOR Randy Francisco Sherry Banner Joe Browder Shirley Dulaney BEST LEADERS 46 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Callie Reid Tommy Farewell Robert Hendricks Patty Mae Martin 47 R. M. Goodwin ce-President . Judy Cunningham . ... Kay Mathews .. .. Janet Clark ........ r. ... ' . Miss Claudia Grider CLASS OF Sue Akers Georgia Allen Paul Albert Darlene Andrews David Ball Richard Barnett Tommy Beaman Ju dith Bishop Jean Blankenbeckler John Blankenship Steven Boaz Gary Bowen Betty Brubeck Janet Brugh Drema Burford 49 Linda Bushnell Alma Camper Ann Carroll Faye Carroll Donna Casey Susan Chapman Gilford Christley Janet Clark OUR YEAR IS A MEMORABLE ONE . . . Andrea Clinevell Shirley Cole Marion Connell Bobby Cook Annetta Cory Bobby Craft Gail Crisp Virginia Crockett Becky Cromer Dan Crouse Judy Cunningham Ann Dalby Glen Dalton Billy Dean Becky Deaton Christina Donnelly 50 Eldridge Eanes f Lynn Eades Linda Edwards Willa Epperly TO J " W 1 ' r I Peggy Eunson Billy Eversole Peggy Farrish Jean Fincher V WE HOST THE JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM Pat Fitzgerald Sharyn Franklin Alice Fulcher Evelyn Furrow Anita Gardner Nancy Garrett Jean Garraghty Diane Garrison Dutsie Garst Randy Gearheart Andy Givens R. M. Goodwin Betty Gordon Connie Graham Barbara Grant Carlton Gray 51 fcjjZJZX V , jz yT. r, aJe - v ± ?z±£z r 4 3 c7 uL r l iJ! J ' l ' l Greer ' Judy Guthrie K iJ 2J y IfCVi? Faye Hale tX r 7 X l, Ccy . Bennie Hall " Y Gail Hannah ypfCf C t P Susie Hardison rJZtZ aPROUDLY WE WIN FIRST PLACE a. tJltyKj? fcyc f c, ' " ?t- ' uyC -C - Y . sa JLcyz-f O ' Ben Higgs Joyce Hinkley " Px " y David Hughes Russell Jacobs Steve Kenname 1 Tom King Roy Kinsey Linda Knight A1 Knighton Patsy Koestner Steve Krzysko Judy Lane Jerry Lee Carolyn Lilly 52 Jerry Lineberry Rosi Lonitz Bill Loope Phyllis Lusk Wayne Marshall Kay Matthews Pat Matthews Sandy Maxwell . IN THE HOMECOMING PARADE Pat McCray Tommy McCray Pam McFalls Lee McFarland Carter Melton Jerry Michael Candy Minton Barbara Moore John Morrison Carol Musselman Carolyn Nowlin Franklin Owens Sammy Pauley Jimmy Perry Don Pittman Henry Platter 53 Judy Poff Shannie Poff Joyce Rakes Lucy Reavis Tommy Richardson Claire Roberts Howard Roberts Billy Robertson WE FULFILL THIS YEAR’S DREAMS . . . Roy Rogers Robert Rohrback Gary Roop Marilyn Scaggs Susie Sesler Pam Sexton Kerry Sipe Victor Sisson John Snyder Richard St.Clair Patsy Stevens Phyllis Stewart Tommy Stinnett Harold Stull Andy Taliaferro Katherine Tarpley 54 Mike Tate Nancy Tate Sallie Tate Noah Tickle Glenn Turner Margaret Tyler Nancy Umberger Hazel Underwood OUR LAST YEAR NOW AWAITS US Connie Vecellio Dallas Waddell Randy Walker Linda Watson Billy Weaver Melody Whelpley Kim Whitlock Diane Wickham George Williams Gloria Wimmer Ronnie Wiseley Sylvia Witt Bill Wright Emily Wright Julia Wright Junior Yearout 55 f »» 11 » Hk Jflj SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President . R. G. Brown Vice-President . Sara Jo Dennis Secretary . Ryan Burke Treasurer . Barbara Holland Sponsor. Mrs. Geraldine Harper CLASS OF Helen Agner Dorothy Akers Joel Akers Diane Albrecht Ronnie Alley Carolyn Altice Joyce Altizer Nancy Archer Vickie Atkinson Bill Bain Bob Bardsley Barbara Barr Curtis Beach Cynthia Beckner Larry Bell Ronzel Blankenship Butch Boley Myra Boone Donna Booth Harry Bosen Linda Brickey Barbara Brown David Brown 57 Jean Brown Jerry Brown R. G. Brown Roger Brown Gary Brumfield John Bryant Teresa Burrier Brenda Butler John Caperton Bertha Carroll Carlis Carroll Douglas Clayton Paul Conley Gerry Croy Sharon Gregger Judy Crockett Betty Cromer David Crosswhite Tommy Crosswhite Diana Crotts Bessie Cumbie Christine Dalton Brenda Davis Joyce Dean AS UPPERCLASSMEN — NEW CLASSES . . . Sara Jo Dennis Bobby Deverick Bobby Dooley Robert Dudley Linda Elliott Doris Ellis Pat Fleshman Judy Flinchum Richard Flinchum Carol Garman Mildred Garrison George Givens Ryan Givens Sam Givens Joe Gordon Jean Gough Linda Gray Van Gresham Jimmy Groseclose Ruth Grosholz Judy Guthrie Nancy Haigler Gail Hamlin Rudy Hann 58 Mike Harris Jo Ann Harrison Donald Haynes Bobby Herron Andy Hoback Charlet Hodges Barbara Holland Jeannie Holland Sandra Hollandsworth Sandra Honaker Becky Horsley Tommy Humphries Barbara Jeffries Wanda Jewell Betty Johnston Bobbie Johnston Jerry Johnston Imogene Jones Kathy Jones Shirley Jones Ed Joyner Becky Judd Fran Kageals Jean Keenan BETA . . . ACTIVITIES — ALL HOLD HONORS Betty Lee Ronnie Lester Rodney Linkenhoker Bill Lipes Teddy Lonitz Letitia Lunsford Danny Lynch Rick Mabry. Sharon Mann Barry Marsh Georgia Mayo John Maxey Nancy Meador Bettie McDaniel Danny McDaniel David Mills Bobby Miller Ann Minarik Ronnie Moore Butch Morris Leonard Moses Sharon Mountcastle Nancy Mullins Julie Murphy 59 Susan Nichols Kenneth Nutter Mike O’B eirne Jimmy O ' Rourk Sandy Palmer Ambrose Panned Sue Parker Lynda Parris Susan Payne Louise Perdue Mercedes Perez Richard Poage Paul Powell Linda Rakes Beverly Reich Tom Repass Earl Reynolds Jean Reynolds Marion Reynolds Richard Reynolds Barbara Richardson Cheryl Richardson Dan Robertson John Robertson EAGERLY WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD Pamela Robinson Johnny Rucker Jimmy Ruscigne Don Russo Jo Ann Sartin Bob Saul Twila Saul Becky Scott Dickie Seagle Melvin Semones Norman Shockley Connie Shively Joyce Short Philip Shreve Wanda Sisson Sandy Sizer Elaine Smith Hugh Smith Richard Smith Sandra Smith Pat Southern Brenda Spangler Richard Spangler Richard Spence 60 Mike Stevens Steve Stinson Sandra Surface Diane Swain Chuck Taney Jane Tate Mickey Taylor Marsena Thompson Elaine Thurm an Jimmy Tickle Toni Tillman Emily Tucker Joyce Tucker Janice Underwood Susan Vaughan Freddie Vest James Viar Gail Volpe Connie Waggy David Walker Paul Webb Nancy Wells Pam Wertz Ann White TO OUR IMPORTANT ROLE NEXT YEAR Karen White Barry Whitesell Carolyn Whitlock Randy Wigington Becky Wilds Bryant Williams Eulalia Williams Linda Williams Bobby Willis Tessie Willis Butch Wilson Doris Wilson Joy Wilson Joyce Wimmer Cynthia Witt Don Wood Lew Wood Susan Worsham Debbie Wright Joyce Wright Fran Wyatt David Wygal Dianne Yates John Zimmerman 61 Ifll President] Vicc-Prc Secretary " Treasure? . .Camille TTitmia . . Betty Speftcer . Cathy Hall . . Donna Waj t Miss Frances Hurt irons! FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS v -»■ . M.iS 62 Carolyn Abell Judy Aldhizer Danetta Allen Dudley Almy Pat Armentrout Terry Amrhein Bobby Archer Helen Arthur Robert Atkinson Roger Atkinson Barry Bain Joann Baker Tommy Baldwin Janet Barger Connie Barnett John Barrett Hubert Barton Susan Barton Danny Bayse Ronnie Bell Gilbert Beckner Sharon Bethel Phyllis Blankenship Jimmy Bohon Jimmy Bolling Sue Bones Bonnie Bowe Jimmy Brown Lilly Brown Steve Brown David Bradley Richard Briggs Dan Brugh Alene Brumfield Evelyn Brewster Raymond Buchanan James Burnop 63 Carolyn Byer Becky Carroll Donnie Cecil John Clark Sandy Clem Jackie Cobb Danny Collins Owen Collins Ray Collins Brenda Combs Wesley Combs Ruth Connell Winston Conner Marvin Cook Karen Crady Margaret Craft Pat Craft Marie Crawford Clark Cregger Steve Cromer Joyce Crotts Tom Crotts James Crouse Drema Cumbie Lois Davidson Sharon Davis Patty Determan Brenda Dickerson WE BEGIN OUR YEAR WITH Richard Dockery John Duncan Jackie East Sue Eblen Jimmy Edwards Peggy Edwards Sonia Elmore Belma Falin Judy Foley Mike Francisco Dwight Franklin Tommy Franklin Jim Frazier Susan Fry Mary Frye Donald Fulcher Rodney Furr Henry Garden Carol Gardner David Garraghty Toby Garst Barbara Gearheart Madeline Gearheart June Gillaspie Jean Gleason Sharon Goad Linda Gochenour Brenda Graham Shirley Grant Gordon Graybill Janice Greer ' udy Gresham 64 Henry Grim Pam Guthrie Blanche Hale Loretta Hale Gloria Hall Cathy Hall Roland Hardwick Shirley Harrison Jimmy Harroll Linda Harth Robert Hartless Tom Harvey Sharon Hash Larry Hawkins Lenora Haynes Jimmy Hedrick Brenda Henderson Jackie Hendricks Darrell Henley Dorsey Hibbitts Hank Highfill Sonny Hinchee Fred Hinson Jean Hodges Patricia Hogan Barbara Holman Barry Holman Brenda Hopkins THE GREATEST EXPECTATIONS Brenda Huff Judy Huffman Sherry Huffman Kathy Hull Frances Humphries Catherine Husted Shelia Hyatt Duke Ingram Gary Irish Linda Jackson Steve Jackson Mary James Ellen Jeffries Johnny Jobe Carolyn Johnson Cynthia Johnson Georgia Johnston Linda Johnston Martha Jolly Judy Jones Larry Jones Alice Judd Paul Kegley Don Keith Katina Keith Zona Kelley Marvin Kilby Gladys King Sue Kingery Mary Knott Carol Koestner Paula Lada 65 Johnny Lafferty Van Lane Margaret LaPrad Elaine Lee Billy Lemon Judy Lemon Nad a Leweke Gloria Linkenhoker Dale Looney Bonnie Lovell Danny Lovern David Lovern Pat Lovern Joan Manspile Jackie Martin Nancy Martin Alvin McDaniels Donna McFalls Paulina McLaurin Paul Mendolia Byron Miller Joyce Miller Iris Miles Jerry Mills Edsel Moore Sarah Moran Russell Moore Joyce Moses Linda Moses Michael Moulse Sarah Myers Glenn Nalls THIS YEAR’S NEW EXPERIENCES Kitty Neal Nardie Nelson Bari Neighbors Dawn Nester Nora Nunnery Jimmy Obenchain Gerald O’Daniels Dan Oyler Mary Palmer Melody Parsons Herbert Patrick James Pauley Johnny Pendleton Clifford Pethel Henry Pickral Sam Poage Brenda Phoenix Cathy Poff Danny Poff Linda Poff Ronnie Poff Shelia Poff Larry Price Louise Price Brenda Puckett Bobby Radford Sandra Radford Sandra Reese 66 Milton Reich Billy Reynolds Linda Reynolds Randy Rhodes Frank Rhudy Diane Richardson Peter Rikard Doris Roberts Johnny Roberts Dianne Robertson Spence Robertson Linda Rudisill John Saul Pat Saul Margaret Scaggs William Schrader Ken Segerdell Nancy Sellers Larry Semones David Shank Theresa Shaver Charles Shelor Sue Shelton Diane Shepard Chris Sheretz Jerry Sink Larry Sink Sharon Sisson George Slusher Ralph Smithson Scott Sowers Betty Spencer PREPARE US FOR NEXT YEAR’S CHALLENGE Kyle Stevens Andrew Stover Margaret Stover Charles Surface Joyce Tarpley Connie Taylor Wanda Thacker Camille Thomas Bonnie Thompson Larry Tomlin Ann Tribley Margaret Turner Donna Waggy Eddie Wallace David Waltz Sandra Weston Daniel Wheeling Bonnie Willard Anne Williams Marcella Willis Judy Wirt Margaret Witt Rebecca Witt Faye Woods Betty Wright Robert Wright Dolly Yopp Sue Zirkle 67 EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS £ ' " v „ l ' t.I- ' ‘ : . •■■- -• . ' • ' W ' I rmsurer .-. ... Tommy Ferguson - •- " Secretary ..Lorain St. Clair Vice-President. ' ..’Ronnie Shorter -V : .Gene Webb ms 9 68 Mike Agee Patricia Agee Randall Agee Scott Agner Betty Anderson Marilyn Anderson Kathleen Andrews Barry Atkinson Billie Aldridge Carol Altice Sandra Terry Carol Ruth Mack Banner Billy Barnett David Barnett Margaret Barnett 69 WE TAKE OUR PLACE AT A. L. Danny Bayse Lawton Beckett Charlotte Blackwell Larry Bland Dorothy Blankenship Paul Blankenship Charlotte Bohon Donald Bonhan David Booker Thomas Boston Suzanne Bowling Mike Bowman Tommy Bradley Bill Breedlove Ann Brown Clarinda Brown Ricky Brown Doris Byer Susan Caligan Joyce Casey Bonnie Carter Ronnie Carroll Jerry Casey Bobby Chaszer Lloyd Chick Russ Christensen Brenda Clark Frank Clark Linda Clark Wayne Clark Ronnie Clement Jackie Clifton Danny Clinevell Alvin Clitas Leigh Coleman Robert Coley Janice Collins Shirley Collins Randy Collins Elaine Coleman Belva Combs Brenda Conley Beth Connelly Elmer Conner George Conner Kathy Conner Roger Conner Linda Craighead Nancy Crotts Sherry Crotts Albert Crowder Becky Crush Roy Crowe Clifford Crowe Clarence Cumbie James Dalton Sandy Dalton Lynnwood Daugherty Wayne Daugherty Betty Davis Carl Davis Emma Davis Robert Davis FILLED WITH GREAT ANTICIPATION David Day Phillip Deaton James DeHart Terri D’Emilio Robert DeWease Roger Dixon Jimmy Dodd Clarence Dooley Freddie Dooley Tom Doughty Michael Douglas Gale Doyh David Dudley Mary Lynn Dyer Charlotte Eanes Donna Easton Edward Ellis Deborah England Sarah Farris Harriett Faulkerson Tommy Ferguson Henry Fink Ellen Fishwick Ben Fitzgerald Carolyn Fitzgerald Pam Fleming Patsy Foutz Tommy Fralin Dolly France Edward Francisco Larry Franklin Ira Frantz Linda Freedland Linda Frith Janie Furrow- Tommy Gagnet Diane Garnett Pat Garrett Alvin Gillespie Ronnie Gillaspie Ann Givens Louise Givens Philip Givens Richard Givens Jimmy Gladden Elsie Glass Dick Goodwin Larry Gordon Linda Gordon Enola Graham Jack Graham Leroy Graham Julia Graves Alice Greer Robert Greenway Brenda Grice Howard Grubb Lynn Guerise Jane Hagee Marc ella Hale Ms la Hall Glenn Hall Sherry Hall SPORTS, ASSEMBLIES, DANCES . . . Shirley Hall Twylia Hall Donald Halterman Rosie Hamersuley David Hamlin Nancy Hammock Bruce Hancock Jimmy Harrah Robert Harris Linda Hatcher Susan Haye Michael Haynes Bonnie Henderson Pat Heslep Jerry Hester Bruce Hicks Anna Belle Hickam Tommy Higgs Beatrice Hill Bobby Hockett Phil Holland Peggy Honaker Linda Horne Sandra Horsley David Howard Bonnie Huff Betty Hudson Larry Hunt David Jones Fred Jones Oscar Jones Alison Jolly Antoinette Jolly Dennis Journell Kitty Journell Guy Kageals Melvin Kanode Nancy Kanode Roger Kegley Nancy Keenan Wanda Kelley Donna Kind ! I 1 Scott Kinsey Charles Kipps Jackie Lanier Paula Larson Lyn Lavinder Peggy Lawrence O ' Neal Lawrence Danny Layne William Layne Martha Lee Connie Long Shirley Lovell Andi Lucado William Lucado Carla Lyne Mary Ann Lynch Barry Leitch Tony Lyne Doris Martin Pamela Martin Sandra Martin WE LIKE THE NEW THINGS WE FIND Sandra Martin Susan Martin Wanda Martin Martha Marsh Richard Pugh Dickie Puree Betty Quesenberry Doris Radford Roger Rash Phyllis Reed Bonnie Reese Katie Reynolds Linda Reynolds Buddy Reynolds Kathy Richards Bobby Richardson Peggy Richardson Sara Richie Barbara Ridpath Elbert Roberts Donald Robertson Eddie Robertson Robert Robertson Sherly Robertson Wanda Robertson Jean Rock Butch Rodgers Linda Roop Patricia Roop Pat Rose Mickey Ross Vivian Roupe Carolyn Rutherford Tommy Sample Darlene Schafer Diane Schmitz Dickie Schrader Tommy Schrader Mark Schuweiler Carolyn Semones Majorie Setzer Jerry Sexton Norma Sharpe Arlis Shelon Walter Shelton Donna Sheppard Dickie Sisson Kemp Shockley Ronnie Shorter Steven Silcott Peggy Sipe Janie Sisson A1 Smith Douglas Smith Homer Smith Leslie Smith Linda Smith Loretta Smith Mike Smith Nelson Smith Randy Smith Theresa Yates Kenneih Yopp FOUR YEARS LIE AHEAD OF US . . . Mike Matheas Betty Maxey Lee Maxey Glenn Maxwell Kathleen Mayo Carol McAllister Carolyn McCray Robert McCray Mike McCormack James McDaniel Sonny McNull Eugene Meador Chuck Messinger Erwin Mettler Billy Miles Sandra Miller Sharon Mills Frankie Mitchell Patricia Montgomery David Mullins Doris Myers Richard Neuhs Carol Newman Frank Nino Jimmy Nini Barbara Oakes Charlotte Otey Mike Otey Carl Palmer Sandra Palmer Darwin Pankey Mariah Parr Linda Panned Nancy Patterson George Pauley Richard Pauley Terry Pedlton Ronnie Pendleton Wayne Peregoy Andre Perdue Carol Perdue Linda Perdue Melvin Perry Russell Peters Ronnie Pethel Eddie Peverell Steve Phillips Rebecca Phlegar Ruth Platter Jimmy Poft Elaine Pollard Ricky Pollard Jean Poole Linda Poole Barbara Polster Anne Potter Lovern Potter Ruby Potter Larry Pratt Marlene Preston Teresa Preston Corinda Price Judy Pruitt THE PLOT OF OUR STORY THICKENS Sherry Smith Frank Snow Charles Southern Joyce Spangler Donnie St.Clair Lorain St. Clair Jennie Steen Melissa Stevens Claiborne Stokes Carey Stump Roger Stump Mary Suit Judy Summers Barry Surface Don Sutlon Linda Taylor Barbara Tate Reneigh Thacker Gary Thomas W. J. Thomas D. E. Thomason Judy Thompson James Tobey Larry Tompson Carson Tucker Larry Tuttle Robert Tuttle Donna Wade Kathy Waldrop Larry Walker Jackie Walters Norma Watkins Linda Watson Billy Webb Jimmy Webb Sammy Weddle Gene Webb Frankie Westmoreland Dennis Wheeling David Whisman Patsy White Robert White Wayne White Faye Whitley Richard Whitley Willie Wickham James Wildes Susan Willard Mike Williams Kenneth Wilson Woody Wimmer Joey Wilson Becky Witt James Worrell Donald Wright Patricia Wright Jimmy Wright Charlotte Wood Geraldine Woods Butch Wygal Brenda Yates Ronald Yopp Tony Zanorski 33 , ' S VXOoSaAO o r r«- i c- Y 5 " 4 s A W c £ . C 8 Cvuh Uurvo,N -VtoeA O aw dB ni ol dZ Our classes provide the workshops where we develop our minds and strengthen our ideals. We learn to cooper¬ ate, to work hard, and to know that feeling of satisfaction which comes from doing our best. These classes provide us with a personal challenge and the means to meet it. From our classes we receive varied experiences, which will always be of service to us in the years ahead. After all is said and done, our classes are the sole reason for our school and OUR STORY. - . • : ... y Cb eh YXj $5- ' - EX ' U w S " s fsw s« f 1 u i- iii! 1111 j mi 1 pit $ i t 1 i HI ji Vh B ¥ 5 • rT v I! rrr r a . .ojWWWKV 22 T T Linda Hodges speaks softly but carries a yard stick as she explains certain phases of the bookkeeping business. “Mr. Hurt, is this really all that’s left of your new sports car after you took her 75 in reverse?” the boys in auto mechanics class ask of their instructor. Home economics students know that buying the right olor of carpet for a house as small as theirs isn’t as easy as it looks. Somehow, students aren’t quite sure Miss O’Dell really means it when she insists that biology is fun. Somfort 78 Young Raphaels, Michelangelos and Rembrandts compose and brilliantly execute masterpieces in art class. Miss Maxwell smiles when one of her students » asks, “xy = z ? No, z y = x? How 1 on xz y = o r about Miss Thomason wonders if Patty Mae Martin has been stealing her speeches from Mad Magazine again. Read, read, read — even with reading machines, Mrs. Ballard ' s students think they ' ll never finish on time. Examples r r . | of a perfect set- | up: Saws to saw off fingers, hammers to bang thumbs, glue to stick the wrong boards together, and Mr. Scott Can’t tell whether these girls are in a chorus line, straining for the bridal bouquet, or par¬ ticipating in a typical girls’ basketball game. Aren’t these happily smiling people? And you would be too if you were a third year Latin student holding a party to celebrate Cicero’s birthday. “Did you know that the desk is a cube, the globe a sphere, Or so Wayne Keffer seems to be saying in Mrs. Gillespie’s and that Wilbur Andrews has parallel lines in his socks?” trigonometry class. " Wait just a minute . . . I’ll find it,” Larry Leonhardt reassures Mr. Barnette in a world history class. Strange sounds are recorded on tape as Mrs. Rash’s third year French class dictates passages from the novel la Symphonie Pastorale. Typing students, absorbed in their work, don’t seem to rea¬ lize that Miss Lawerence may be shaping them into qualified typists. The Student Library Staff works feverishly, trying to get all of those books returned to their proper places before students rush in to check them out again. With " The Inkslinger,” the literary magazine, waiting to be published, students of Mrs. Fisher’s creative writing class look over possible material for it. i 1 ph g x jsa —- • Mir ■ Caught in mid-translation, the confused expressions on the faces of Miss Calaway’s Spanish students reveal the state of their minds concerning sentence translation. Geometry becomes a lively subject when Claire Roberts and other members of Mrs. Waters’ class begin swapping jokes. Ah, ah, ah, girls . . . bending those knees is cheating, you know! Psst! You with the ball! That girl on your left is gonna’ steal it if you don’t look out! Tommy Farewell explains a problem to Mrs. Keffer’s college algebra class as Carolyn Mohler and the rest of the class interpret what he says through the use of the Mathe¬ matics Dictionary. Steve Kennamer demonstrates the pose of a debator, while other mem¬ bers observe the finesse with which he prepares to cut down the nega¬ tive’s argument. There seems to be a lot going on in Miss blurt’s chem¬ istry class, very little of which appears to pertain to the experiment at hand. Engrossed in their work, these students in Mr. Thomas ' elec¬ tricity class (who call themselves “Edison’s boys”) put this knowledge to practical use. f OUR, STORY rings with the tension and excitement of football games, the enthusiasm of our basketball games, J .nd the breathless observation of track meets. We find ome of our happiest times and most memorable experi¬ ences centered around athletics. From them we learn in¬ valuable lessons in teamwork and cooperation. This is indeed an important chapter in OUR STORY. VARSITY ' CHEERLEADERS — KNEELING: Louise Rita Lecnhardt, Judy Cundiff, Head Cheerleader; Sallie Cumbie, Carol Jean Jones, Alternates. STANDING: Phyllis Tate, Ellen Bowers, Diane Garrison, Ryan Burke, Kay Gilley, Cecilia Ferguson, Candy Minton, Sara Jo Dennis, MacDonald. CHEERLEADERS CHEERLEADER SPONSORS: Miss Elsie Wingfield, Miss Nancy Andrews, Mrs. Lois Cox. The team was in a huddle. The captain lowered his head They all got together and this is IVhat they said! You gotta f-i-g-h-t You gotta f-i-g-h-t You gotta f-i-g-h-t You gotta fight, fght. fght ’em Team fght ’em. 86 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Cynthia Witt, Madeline Gearhart, Jean Gough, Linda Moses, Judy Jones, Susan Agner, head cheerleader; Helen Arthur, Susan Payne, Elaine Lee, Linda Johnston, Pat EIGHTH GRADE CHEERLEADERS: Carol Newman, head cheerleader; Donna King, Martha Marsh, Linda Perdue, Martha Lee, Teri D’Emilio, Pam Fleming, Patty Wright, Loretta Smith. Craft. 87 fm i ROW ONE: Cecil Blankenship, Rodney Gearheart, Paul Webb, Pat Tomelty, Jimmy Birch, Kenny Etter, Charles Bailey, Roy Kinsey, Dickie Seagle, Wilbur Andrews. ROW TWO: Lari Caligan, John Morrison, Duke Ingram, Tom Stinnett,. Djbn Rus bSBob Barlisl y, Melvin Semones, Buddy Buck, Gilford Christley, Larry Bell, Garnett Vass. ROW THREE: Billy Robertson, Randy Francisco, Butch Wright, Kenny Young, Larry Leonhardt, Richard Spence, Benton Higgs, Russell Harris, Deke Summers, Ed Routt, Richard Beach. Mr. Joyce, Head Coach. I UP X FOOTBALL MANAGERS: Glenn Dalton, Phillip Shreve, Jackie ' Cobb. ROW ONE: Johnny Jobe, Harry Bosen, John Lafferty, Danny Bayse, Carl Davis, Pat Saul. ROW TWO: Johnny Roberts, Danny Wheeling, Bobby Deverick, Ronzel Blanken¬ ship, Ken Segerdell. ROW THREE: John Clark, R. G. Brown, Mike Francisco, Steve Jackson, Nardie Nelson. ROW FOUR: Terry Amrhein, Steve Cromer, Dan Brugh, Curtis Beach, Bari Neighbors, Van Gresham. JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM EIGHTH GRADE TEAM Richard Huff. ROW THREE: Bo Southern, Charles Kipps Jackie Walters, Barry Adkinson, Manager ; Tommy Sample Roger Dixon, D. E. Thompson. 89 VARSITY SENIORS LARRY CALIGAN WILBUR ANDREWS RANDY FRANCISCO Y Vl — FOOTBALL — 1961-62 TEAM WE THEY Cave Spring . 13 19 Danville . 19 0 Tazewell . 19 .-. 6 Blacksburg . 7 7 William Byrd . 27 6 William Fleming . 7 0 Graham . 19 6 Jefferson . 21 . 0 Halifax . 19 0 E. C. Glass . 0 33 KENNY ETTER RODNEY GEARHEART ED ROUTT CHARLES BAILEY DEKE SUMMERS I , RICHARD BEACH PAT TOMELTY KENNETH YOUNG 91 The Wolverines opened the season with a hard fought loss to Cave Spring. The Wolverines were led by Larry Leonhardt and Bob Bardsley who scored the opening season points for Lewis. The final score, 19-13. The Wolverines stomped the Jefferson Magi¬ cians 21-0 in the best homecoming Lewis has had in years. The whole team played the part of heroes, especially Beach and Leonhardt. The efforts of Cecil Blankenship were rewarded when he intercepted a Jeffite pass and raced to the goal line. 92 The Lewis men knocked off undefeated William Byrd in a 27-6 style. The Wolverines, behind the scoring of Beach and Etter who exploded for two TD’s each, were unbeatable. Jim Birch added 3 extra points from placement. Halifax was stunned by the Lewis men 19-0 as again Beach, an All City-County choice, exploded for two scores and Bailey added another on a quarterback sneak. Next to fall to the mighty Wolverines were the G-men of Graham, who went down 19-7 behind the blasts of Beach as he scored twice, and Etter added a TD of his own. Ben Higgs played a stellar defensive game. The Wolverines reduced the Fleming Colonels to “privates” to the tune of 7-0 as Beach burst the final 3 yards for the touchdown and Birch added the extra point. The Tazewell Bulldogs wer£ no match for the powerful Wolverines, falling 18-6 as Beach, “The Bomb,” ex¬ ploded for three touchdowns on runs of 12 yds., 6 yds., and 7 yds. Blacksburg, always a tough team for the Wolver¬ ines, managed a 7-7 tie. Etter scored for Lewis in a 13 yd. thrust up the middle and added the extra point on a pass from Charlie Bailey. The Wolverines came blasting back against a good Danville team, scoring a 19-0 victory. With power¬ ful Larry Leonhardt scoring twice on runs of 27 yds. and 8 yds., Beach scored on a 23 yd. blast to put Lewis in the spotlight. The E. C. Glass team outscored the Wolverines 33-0. The Wolverines enjoyed a 7-2-1 season, one of the best in recent years. Our congratulations to the team for a fine overall performance. 93 HA ETI LL — 1961-62 S ‘CaASpnftfgA 1 ' Patrick Sp nr y V 6 (Roanpk Co. CNristmas Tou Qave Spring .. 64 ‘JwilliaJFh ' Byrd . .Vc(. A . 67 alifa T].NJ.. 57 Rockty Mount, N.C. . 54 They 58 . 55 m 63 C. Glass . 66 William Byrd . 82 Danville . 71 Halifax. 72 Cave Spring . 57 Jefferson. 83 Patrick Henry . 78 William Byrd . 76 William Fleming . 50 E. C. Glass . 47 Danville v. .. . 73 4 JOE BROWDER B A S K E T B A L L MICKEY GRANT JERRY NEIGHBORS 94 . DONNIE BUTLER DISTRICT CHAMPIONS r I P iA 4 ifl ) i 7 r ► c ' • ■9 ' - • )• W X - J 0 ■ • t Dt r JIMMIE BIRCH l " . i. r A Vf !f r T • JC rfc- r CARTER MELTON DEKE SUMMERS MR. MYERSj Coach jj., ,r i A V t. Ayfi) X , AV i. TOMMY RICHARDSON I .V DAVID BALL r LARRY BELL RUSSELL HARRIS I 95 f Tom Crosswhite, Van Gresham, Curtis Beach, Dorsey Hib- Stretch Beach, Steve Cromer, Don Russo, Sam Givens, bitts, Steve Stinson, David Walker, Marion Reynolds, (Not Pictured) : Mr. Miley, Coach. JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM FRESHMAN TEAM ROW ONE: Mike Francisco, Charles Surface, Tobey Garst, Sonny Hinchee. ROW THREE: Bari Neighbors, David Johnny Roberts, Richard Burroughs, Dale Looney, Manager. Hendrick, Danny Lovern. Tommy Lovern, Don Keith, Danny ROW TWO: Mr. Daughtridge, Coach; Steve Jackson, Wheeling. Duke Ingram, Nardie Nelson, Johnny Jobe, Hank Highfill, BASKETBALL REVIEW Neighbors scores again . . . Andrew Lewis — 78 Ah! Got it away in time. Christmas Tournament Andrew ' Lewis — 64 Cave Spring — 61 One finger ought to do it. Christmas Tournament Andrew Lewis — 67 William Byrd 48 Let’s talk this over. . . Andrew Lewis — 78 Patrick Henry — 60 Look out referee! Andrew Lewis — 50 Rocky Mount — 58 Basketball Managers . . Glen Dalton and Bobby Dooley. VARSITY TRACK ROW ONE: Barry May, Richard Spangler, Reggie Blankenship, John Morrison, Steve Moushegian, Randy Francisco, Buddy Buck. ROW TWO: Ronzel Blankenship, Tommy Stinnette, Rodney Furr, Byron Miller, Gordon Graybeal, Jackie East, Barry Marsh, Jimmy Bohon, Benton Higgs, Teddy Lineberry. ROW THREE: Johnny Bailey, Roy Rogers, John Snyder, Steve Brown, Eddie Wallace, David Shank, Manager; John Clark, Bryant Williams, Manager. INDOOR TRACK EIGHTH GRADE TRACK — ROW ONE: Jimmy Webb, Larry Tuttle, Chucky Messinger, Ricky Brown, Tommy Schrader, Russ Christensen, Mark Schweiler, Scott Kinsey. ROW TWO: Robert Robertson, Clairborne Stokes, Tommy Sample, Andre Perdue,.Tom Doughty, Jackie Lanier, Frank Peregoy, Tommy Higgs. » - -H n mm HkV 111 ■v Js W ’ V. ML .. t ' MU iPSr ' • G-- v W ■ • J mm KNEELING: Tommy Ferguson, Scott Kinsey, Toby Garst, Gary Whitley, Mike Tate. STANDING: Mr. Nickerson, Coach ' Chuck Taney, Willie Wickham, Jimmy O ' Rourke, Jerry Neighbors, Barry May, Reggie Blankenship, Mr. Line- burg, Coach. (Not Pictured): Wallace Gussler. CROSS-COUNTRY TRACK (Remember hearing those thumping sounds after school ? Those sounds came from scenes like this one. Our track team is determined to im¬ prove its speed and endurance. Barry May and Rich¬ ard Spangler, Co¬ captains of Varsity Indoor Track Team. Mr. Lineburg, Coach The starting position in track is heads down, hands down, and knees bent for a fast, smooth start. ROW ONE: Terry Amrhein, Harold Stull, Mike Krupin, Charles Musselman, George Slusher, Andy Hoback, Joe Gordon. ROW TWO: John Blankenship, Gilford Christley, Tom King, John Duncan, Jerry Lineberry, Coach Hoback. (Not Pictured) : Bill Loope, Gene Adkins, Tony Lyne, Roy Kinsey, Bob Saul. WRESTLING This year saw the first wrestling team to be organized at Andrew Lewis. Membership is open to all boys inter¬ ested in keeping physically fit and in learning wrestling techniques. The boys, who are coached by Mr. Hoback, compete according to weight. As this is the first year, all competition has been limited to within the school, but the team hopes to stage contests with wrestling teams from other schools in the near future. Come on, Ref, I’ll pin him inside of three seconds. Hold still while I smile for the camera! 100 These boys are try¬ ing hard for a pin as Tom King checks their hold¬ ing method. Members of the tennis team are as follows: KNEELING: James Wilds, Ben Chapman, Danny Robertson, Sam Givens. STANDING: Tommy Humphries, Tom Repass, Barry Whitesell, Roy Kinsey, Jimmy Butler, Mr. Daughtridge, Coach. TENNIS TEAM These fellows are trying to improve the all-important backhand stroke. Wonder who’s going to win this game? 101 ur clubs and organizations deserve a chapter in OUR STORY. They provide opportunities for putting our in- . 4 genuhy and originality to good use. Through our clubs, we learn not only the art of leading, but also the equally important art of following. We learn to accept responsibil¬ ity and to contribute our best efforts toward making our clubs smooth-running organizations ROW ONE: Fran Kageals, Dianne Peters, Callie Reid, Virginia Clark, Carolyn Beckner, Linda Knight, Linda Furrow. ROW TWO: Jo Ann Garrison, Tommy Beaman, Joan Herron, Sylvia Witt, Jimmy Robertson, Carolyn Lilly. (Not Pictured) : R. M. Goodwin, Betty Branum, Carol Jean Jones, Wayne Hall. A conglomeration of papers, pictures, people, photographers, pages, and print is about all you can see of the Annual Staff as everyone rushes around, trying to meet dead-lines. But all of our fuss and flurry is not wasted, for we have done our best to pro¬ duce for you a good annual. Our sponsors, Mrs. Board and Mrs. Rash, who toil endlessly, pause just long enough for a smiling candid shot. Virginia Clark, Associate Editor; and Carolyn Beckner, Editor-in-Chief; are caught by the camera as they continue the work which rep¬ resents so many well-spent hours. 104 Tommy Beaman aids Dianne Peters, Busi¬ ness Manager, in making out bills for ad¬ vertisements in the annual. Jo Ann Garrison must have found a funny mistake as she and Linda Knight, R. M. Goodwin, and Linda Furrow proof-read copy. Our head artist, Betty Branum and her assistant, Joan Herron, are responsible for the outstanding artwork in the “Pioneer.” Carol Jean Jones and Sylvia Witt, typists, peck rapidly in a race against time. Copywriters Callie Reid, Fran Kageals, and Carolyn Lilly think of funny puns that will invariably not be used. 105 LATIN CLUB PATRICIANS Miss Cook, Sponsor Marie McDaniel Dana Drew Susan Payne Sandy Palmer Kay McDonald Betty Caperton Wilbur Andrews Kerry Sipe Jerry Lineberry Susan Ahalt Ellen Bowers Candy Minton Allison Watts Donnie Poff Betty Branum Mike Brickey Kay Matthews Pam Wertz Charles McLaurin Barbara Preas Pat Matthews Elaine Thurman Donna Wheeling Lew Wood Callie Reid Toni Tillman Dianne Yates Susan Vaughn Mike Tate Linda Watson Barbara Holland Patsy Koestner David Ball David Rardin Barbara Jeffries Helen Agner Carol Koestner R. M. Goodwin Mike Spessard Jean Reynolds Brenda Butler Bobbie Johnston Barry Whitesell Jose Camina Linda Harter John Bryant Betty Cromer Nancy Garrett Russell Walker Sherry Banner Bill Lipes Becky Cromer Billy Eversole Sandy Maxwell Linda Rakes John Rutherford Steve Kennamer Don Wood George Williams Bertha Carroll Andy Hoback Emily Wright Bobby Herron A1 Knighton Jean Gough Don Russo Myra Boone Van Gresham Ann Minarik Tommy Humphries Helen McGhee Teddy Lonitz Georgia Mayo Anna Ferguson Sandra Hollandsworth Tommy Crosswhite The I atin Club seeks to promote appreciation ol the Roman and Greek cl assies and culture. Our annual activities include giving a Roman Banquet for the ■ fac- ulty, presenting the Easter Pageant, electing a May Queen and Court, and spon- soring the May Dance. LATIN CLUB OFFICERS: ROW ONE: Miss Cook, Sponsor; Barbara Proas, Patrician Consul; Linda Plartcr, Treasurer; Susan Chapman, Jr. Pro¬ vincial Governor; Pat Saul. Plebeian Consul. ROW ' TWO: Mike Spessard, President; Kay McDonald, I ice-Presi- dent; Rita Lconhardt, Senior Provincial Governor; Judy CundifT, State J.C.L. Treasurer; Wayne Hall, Tribune: Toby Carst, Praetor. t PROVINCIALS Fran Kageals Lucky Wroniewicz Susan Chapman Joe Browder Sallie Tate Alan Zeigler Claire Roberts Tommy Richardson Sandra Sayers Chuck Taney Carolyn Lilly Larry Bell Connie Vecellio John Morrison Linda Knight Deke Summers Betsy Stokes Rita Leonhardt Dee Stinnette Leigh Wiley Dottie Smiley Nicky Powell Susan Schumacher Ryan Burke Nancy Haigler Sara Jo Dennis Robert Davids Nancy Tate Dennis Parks Ann Dalby Dennis Clower Marie Hofer Karen Bowles Pat Kageals Ronnie Richards Bobby Garst Ben Higgs Hunter Highfill Robin Grant Nancy Wells Ronnie Wisley Shirley Dulaney Sue Parker Judy Cundiff Nancy Archer Sally Rikard Louise Cumbie Dan Robertson Jimmy Butler Sam Givens Roy Kinsey Kim Whitlock Linda Edwards Bobby Hendricks Peggy Eunson Euel Stump Dickie Garst Virginia Crockett Pat Tomelty Roz McFarland Betty Gale Jones Tommy Farewell Linda Blount Ben Chapman Maggie Bailey James Gacek Caroline Highfill Lee McReynolds Pat Follntar . . . And as the lifted glasses tinkle together, “Hail Caesar!” goes the shout - they’ve made it victoriously through the chow line at the Latin Club picnic. LATIN CLUB PLEBEIANS Miss Miller, Sponsor Doris Gearheart Betty Spencer Sonia Elmore Sandra Reese Sue Bones Karen Crady Linda Poff Sharon Hash Jean Gleason Cathy Hall Georgia Allen Linda Gochenour Rebecca Crush Sandra Honaker Carolyn Gardner Susan Agner Marsena Thompson Joyce Miller Dawn Nester Sharon Sisson Pat Craft Judy Gresham Dorsey Hibbitts Sharon Goad Terry Amrhein Brenda Combs Rodney Furr Karen White Larry Price Judy Foley Camille Thomas Sharon Davis Linda Johnston Elaine Lee Nardie Nelson Susan Fry Paul Mendolia Madeline Gearheart Danny McDaniel Martha Jolly Bobby Dooley Judy Jones Robert Dudley Andrew Stover Bobby Willis Sam Poage Butch Morris Clark Cregger Barry Marsh Tom Harvey Randy Wiggington Pat Saul Steve Cromer David Shank Van Lane Steve Jackson Gary Smith David Walker Scott Sowers Rodney Gearheart George Slusher Toby Garst Mike Francisco Peter Rikard This delicious looking supper should entice more Latin students to attend their annual banquet. ROW ONE: Deke Summers, Tommy Richardson, Jerry Neighbors, Ed Routt, Jimmy O ' Rourke, Barry May, Larry Bell, Ben Higgs, Tommy Stinnett, Steve Moushegian, Buddy Buck. ROW TWO: Russell Harris, Cecil Blankenship, Joe Browder, Mickey Grant, Jimmy Birch, Roy Kinsey, Lanny Tayloe, Carter Melton, Richard Spangler, Gilford Christley. ROW THREE: Randy Francisco, John Morrison, Reggie Blankenship, Richard Beach, Charlie Bailey, Kenneth Young, Rex Gearheart, Paul Webb, Larry Caligan, Wilbur Andrews, Bob Saul. MONOGRAM CLUB The Monogram Club consists of lettermen in all O sports offered at Andrew Lewis. We strive to pro¬ mote better sportsmanship in athletic events and throughout the school. Our biggest event of the year is the choosing of the Homecoming Court and electing the Queen. OFFICERS: Steve Moushegian, Vice-Presi¬ dent; George Summers, Treasurer; Kenny Etter, Secretary; Jimmie Birch, President; Mr. Joyce, Sponsor. Jim Birch, president, crowns Shirley Dulaney as princess of the homecoming court. ROW ONE: Martha Marsh, Susan Payne, Shirley Dulaney, Jolly, Bari Neighbors, Pat Saul, Barry Marsh, Diane Wick- Don Woods, Dennis Glower, Tom King, Kay McDonald, ham, David Ball. Becky Cromer, Mrs. Logan, Sponsor; Joe Browder, Allison Through the years the Student Council has acted as a go-between for students and faculty to encourage a greater spirit of cooperation. This aim was accomp¬ lished this year through discussions in our daily meetings concerning ways to im¬ prove our school. Our main accomplishments were sponsoring College Career Night, acting as guides for Back-to-School night, and publishing a handbook for the use of the students. Mr. Earl Broadwater imparts to us some worthwhile words of Joe Browder, Student Council President, officially opens wisdom at an Armistice Day Assembly. an assembly. The members of the Projection Club are as follows: ROW THREE: Howard Roberts, Teddy Lonitz, Peter Rikard, ONE: Sally Rikard, Bobby Hendricks, Wayne LaMay, Don Jerry Lee, Jerry Lineberry. ROW FOUR: Steve Hawkins, Pittman, Ken Weiringo. ROW TWO: Bruce Willey, Peyton Kenny Sutphin, Danny Crouse, Ferman Wertz. Hash, Steve Furrow, Lanny Tayloe, Wayne Marshall. ROW PROJECTION CLUB The goals of the Projection Club are to teach its members the use of audio-visual equipment and to serve the school. Our members show films in the classroom, and take care of the lighting effects and the public address system for all organizations which meet in the school. PROJECTION CLUB OFFICERS: Mr. Crawford, Sponsor; Robin Grant, President; Virginia Crockett, Secretary-Treasurer; Wayne LaMay, Vice-President. Hey, fellows! Do you think it will work? ROW ONE: Robert Rohrback, Teddy Crouch, Jackie Walcott, Kenneth Etter, Rudy Hann, Bob Saul. ROW TWO: Randy Walker, Billy Farmer, Russ Dickerson, Andy Taliaferro, Bruce Dowdy, Mike Harris. HI-Y The Hi-Y is a non-denorainational club which is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. It is a Christian fellowship of high school boys who assist in planning for religious assemblies and in the Christmas Basket Campaign. The club also participates in the Model General Assembly in Richmond. 112 TOP TO BOTTOM: Karen Crady, PRESIDENT; Susan Agner, VICE-PRESIDENT; Judy Jones, RECORDING SECRETARY; Kathy Hall, CORRESPONDING SECRE¬ TARY ; Susan Frye, TREAS¬ URER; Camille Thomas, PRO¬ GRAM CHAIRMAN. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Meador, SPONSOR; Donna King, Doris Myers, Susan Fry, Kathy Waldrop, Martha Marsh, Sue Eblen, Sandra Reese, Paula Lada, Jerry Mills, Paulina McLaurin, Sharon Hash, Sue Bones, Lynn Guerin, Karen Crady, Mrs. Parker, SPONSOR. SECOND ROW: Elaine Lee, Linda Johnston, Dawn Nester, Judy Jones, Pat Craft, Madeline Gearhart, Margaret Scaggs, Teri D’Emilio, Ellen Jefferies, Vivian Roupe, Judy Foley, Sandy Clem. THIRD ROW: Helen Arthur, Cathy Hall, Susan Agner, Patty Determan, Pat Armentrout, Betty Spencer, Margaret Stover, Betty Wright, Susan Hoye, Louise Givens, Joyce Miller. FOURTH ROW: Judy Thompson, Martha Lee, Camille Thomas, Ann Givens, Brenda Clerk, Suzanne Bowling, Leigh Coleman, Brenda Barnette, Leslie Smith, Renie Watson, Sharon Davis. FIFTH ROW: Loretta Smith, Wanda Thacker, Margaret Barnett, Diane Shephard, Kathy Richards, Jean Gleason, Patricia Wright, Betty Hudson, Pamela Martin, Ann Tribley, Linda Taylor. JUNIOR Y-TEENS Our club is a junior divi¬ sion of the national organiza¬ tion of Y-Teens. We en¬ deavor to build a closely-knit organization of girls, striving to realize in our lives those qualities to which we are committed by Christian faith. I m ROW ONE: Pat Kageals, Connie Vecellio, Candy Minton, Emily Wright, Sally Tate, Hunter Highfill, Betty Branum, Carol Jean Jones, Sandra Morris, Beverly Miller, Dotty Smiley. ROW TWO: Carolyn Mohler, Patty Mae Martin, Ann Dalby, Marie Hofer, Diane Wickham, Jean Fincher, Janet Clark, Nancy Tate, Margaret Bailey, Linda Blount, Lee McReynolds. ROW THREE: Linda Broyles, Sherry Banner, Linda Harter, Virginia Crockett, Pam McFalls, Susan Chapman, Carolyn Lilly, Kay McDonald, Judy Cundiff, Shirley Dulany. ROW FOUR: Allison Watts, Sally Rikard, Virginia Clark, Susan Ahalt, Dianne Peters, Bar¬ bara Preas, Callie Reid, Susan Schumacher, Jo Ann Garri¬ son. ROW FIVE: George Summers, Steve Kennamer, Kerry Sipe, Robert Cook, Wayne Keffer, Gary Bowen, A1 Knighton. ROW SIX: Robin Grant, Steve Moushegian, Robert Hendricks, James Gacek, Mike Robertson, James Thomas, Tommy Richardson. I i BETA CLUB The purpose of the National Beta Club is to encourage the qualities of leadership, scholarship, and character. To be eligible for membership, a student must attain a 2.25 average and have the approval of the faculty. This year we sold football programs, sponsored a hop, and attended a State Beta Club convention. The Rotary Club played host to our senior members at a dinner. Our annual Beta Club banquet ended a successful year of activity. e5 + CL WO IgV (0 4-0 c C c cst c t T bnicjhj-on SPONSORS Robert Patterson Mr. Harry Simmers 114 The Beta Club officers are as fol¬ lows: SEATED: Caroline High- fill, CORRESPONDING SEC¬ RETARY; Roz McFarland, TREASURER; Linda Furrow, RECORDING SECRETARY. KNEELING: Tommy Farewell, PRESIDENT; Ben Chapman, VICE-PRESIDENT. The new members of the club are as follows: ROW ONE: Willa Epperly, Georgia Allen, Barbara Holland, Sandra Sayers. ROW TWO: Mildred Garrison, Brenda Butler, Sylvia Witt, Elaine Thurman. ROW THREE: Judy Guthrie, Carolyn Nowlin, Helen Agner, Fran Kageals. ROW FOUR: Ann White, Sara Jo Dennis, Betty Cromer, Sandra Honaker. ROW FIVE: Marion Reynolds, John Beach, Dan Robertson, Van Gresham. ROW SIX: Richard Spence, Robert Dudley, Maurice McBride, Tom King. Twenty new membeis were inducted at the annual Beta Club assembly on December 1, 1961. 9 The members of the News and Feature Staffs are as follows: STANDING: Sherry Banner, Hunter High- fill, Lee McReynolds, Kerry Sipe, Diane Wickham, Ronald Weston, Jerry Mills, Rosi Lonitz, Allison Watts. SEATED: Claire Roberts, Karen Bowles, Connie ' Vecellio. NEWSPAPER Other officers of the “Spokesman” are as fol¬ lows: Steve Kennamer, Assistant Editor; Roz McFarland, Head Copywriter; Sherry Banner, Club Editor; Sandra Sayers, Alumni Editor; Donna Goodman, Typist. VOLUME V •.NDRCW LEWIS I UGH SCHOOL. SALEM, VIRGINIA. DECEMBER. 1961 Number ! Senior Superlatives Are Elected Formed For the first, writing class h at Andrew Lewis this course the study mar is not taught, comes tn the class, but t on writing, ter, the been than lar English Being a plao •ixpressUm the class enables express his feelings i of the Andrew Lewis far left); Secretary Becky Cromer (at left end of Room iGy for the table); and Treasurer Kay McDonald (at fight charge far corner of table). Other members of the group at the left side are: Dennis dower, Shirley Dulaney, Jody Cundid, of the David Ball, Diane Wickham, Barry Marsh, Susan of the MU Payne, Don Wood. Bari Neighbor . Pa King (at Martha Albert Taylor dtmU It Is taught only during fourth period The class’s small size hats two advantages there is a stronger teacher-student re¬ lationship. needed In u subject of this nature, and there are nut too many itapers for the teacher to grude. The class Is an elective hi courses and carries with " Wolverine Turntable” Ls again this year, bringing radio public news of the pen in gs at Andrew Lewis, staff for this year is head Mike Spessard, and const; Tom King, Norman Moore. Kennamer. Rost Lonitz, t Chapman, Sally Rikard am Each year the seniors of An¬ drew Lewis choose the most out¬ standing students in their class to be on the Senior Mirror The seniors elected for the class of 1981-62 are Most Popular Judy Cundiff Richard Beach Wittiest Fatty Mae Martin Robert Hendricks Best Looking Betty Jo Quick 1 George Summers Typical Seniors Sherry Banner Randy Francisco School Spirit Cecelia Ferguson Wilbur Andrews Most Personable Kay McDonald Mickey Grant Most Likely To Succeed Ellen Bowers Allison Watts iriae Turntable” is •y Saturday over Rn . WBI.U I4S0 oti your uie requirement of dial in ' Balem Va. The program The analysis of works j starts at- 12 00 p.m. and lasts the student In his ability to : for 45 minutes. It presents the comprehend what he may : news, current events, and the •ad in the future popular songs at Andrew I swU. Besides the required writings For the past two years. Wol- if the, the student is given i verine Turntable has won the a chance to compete with au- first place award for the best Ihors throughout the country in . school broadcast at the s I P A Potrteshi thnt offer recognition ' convention at which ail the ed the Youth Seminar, which was held on Wednesday. Nov¬ ember 22. at the Roanoke Young Women ' s Christian Association BttHdlng. The Seminar, consisting of 16 representatives from each high school in the city-county urea, is sponsored by the Roanoke ju¬ nior Chamber of Commerce and National Conference of Christian and Jews. Its pur¬ pose is tn erase racial and reli- s prejudices. Heading the “Spokesman” are: Albert Taylor and Allison Watts, Co-Editors; and Ellen Bowers, Business Manager. These officials of the “Spokesman” are as follows: Tom King, Assistant Editor of Sports Staff; Emily Wright, Assistant Circulation Manager; Kay McDonald, Cir¬ culation Manager; A1 Knighton, Assistant Business Manager. STAFF We, the students of Andrew Lewis, always look forward to the time when our school paper comes out. The “A. L. Spokesman” has become a part of the tradition at Andrew Lewis, and is now bring¬ ing news to us for its fifth year. Our “Spokesman” is published ten times a school year, including a special Senior issue. Members of the Advertising and Circulation Staffs are as follows: Judy Crockett, Ann Minarik, Brenda Huff, Myra Boone, Linda a V:a Baird, Sallie Tate, Kathy Jones, Peggy Yates, Butch Morris, Candy Minton. m v h ot ? A ad y A k A VJ (f Aoh .o- Mrs. Mildred Chapman, SPONSOR Members of the Sports Staff are as follows: Nicky Powell, SPORTS EDITOR; Jerry Neighbors, Lois Nutter, and Carter Melton. ROW ONE: Jerry Mills, REPORTER; Pam Robinson, TREASURER; Sandra Sayers, PRESIDENT; Marguerite Bryan, VICE-PRESIDENT; Connie Vecellio, SECRE¬ TARY; Cathy Hall, ROLL CALL CHAIRMAN. ROW TWO: Randy Gearheart, Carol Jean Jones, Phyllis Gilley, Cecilia Ferguson, Candy Minton, Jodi Dennis, Rita Leon- hardt, Judy Cundiff, Sally Tate, Ellen Bowers, Ryan Burke, Kay McDonald, Louise Cumbie, Bruce Dowdy. ROW THREE: Donna Wheeling, Ann White, Lynda Parris, Kathy Jones, Myra Boone, Georgia Mayo, Ann Minarik, Helen McGhee, Linda Baird, Judy Lane, Linda Brickey, Alice Black, Betty Caperton. ROW FOUR: Brenda Davis, Linda Knight, Gayle Volpe, Ann Saunders, Sandy Sizer, Janet Brugh, Rosi Lonitz, Pat Matthews, Kay Matthews, Emily Wright, Nancy Wells, Susan Chapman. NOT PIC¬ TURED: Miss Willie Taylor, SPONSOR. PEP CLUB The Pep Club strives to promote better school spirit among the students. And it is from our club that cheerleaders are chosen. The main activities in which we have engaged this year are electing the Homecoming King and Prince and sponsoring the Homecoming Parade. Other events of the year have been sponsoring a bus to the E. C. Glass game, and decorating the goal posts for all home games. ROW ONE: Madeline Gearheart, Jean Gough, Judy Jones, Elaine Lee, Helen Arthur, Susan Payne, Pat Craft, Cynthia Witt. ROW TWO: Doris Myers, Cathy Waldrop, Martha Lee, Ann Givens, Lorain St. Clair, . Teri D’Emilio, Pam Fleming, Loretta Smith, Carol Newman, Linda Perdue, June Harry, Betty Wright, Betty Spencer, Sandra Reese, June Gillaspie, Sue Eblen, Karen Crady, Sharon Hash, Cathy Hall, Jean Gleason, Linda Gochenour, Shirley Harrison. ROW THREE: Margaret Scaggs, Marlene Preston, Martha Marsh, Margaret Turner, Pat Determan, Donna King, Jerry Mills, Mary Ann Lynch, Judy Summers, Ruby Potter, Dawn Nester, Susan Fry, Camille Thomas, Ellen Jefferies, Kathy Hull, Paula Lada, Leigh Coleman, Sue Zirkle, Pat Wright, Theresa Yates, Sherry Hull, Linda Taylor, Vivian Roup, Betty Lou Hudson, Suzanne Bowling, Leslie Smith. Enthusiastic Pep Club members con¬ tribute to the spirit of the Homecom¬ ing Parade. ROW ONE: Allison Watts, Dianne Peters, Shirley Dulaney, Dianne Edwards, Linda Harter, Nancy Archer, Linda Furrow, Jean Fincher, Sally Rikard, Beverly Miller, Dee Stinnette, GwenDean Johnson, Mr. Simmers, DIRECTOR. ROW TWO: Barbara Jeffries, Pat Southern, Sylvia Witt, Brenda Butler, Doris Gearheart, Betsy Stokes, Karen Bowles, Morris, Diane Wirt, Mary Collins, Ann Carroll, alby. ROW THREE: Pamela Haynes, Maurice McBride, James Finney, John Rutherford, Russell Jacobs, Robin Grant, Jerry Young, Michael Spessard, Jimmy Breedlove, David Webb, Norman Moore, Leigh Wiley. ROW FOUR: Carlton Collins, Roger Cox, Richard Dixon, Dennis Clower, Steve Hawkins, Larry Jones, Billy Combs, Lynn Eades, James Gacek, Norman Shockley, Gene Adkins. (NOT PICTURED): Steve Furrow, Jane Nash, Sandra Tyree. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir officers are as follows: Jerry Young, LIBRARIAN: Jimiify Breedlove, VICE-PRESIDENT; Billy Combs, PRESIDENT; Sandra Tyree, SECRETARY; Sylvia Witt, ROBE CUSTODIAN; Betsy Stokes, TREASURER. The A Cappella Choir, whose membership is selected from the student body by audition, con¬ tinually strives to develop good vocal and work habits that will enable members to perform with a relentless desire for perfection. By coming close to attaining perfection in our concerts and re¬ hearsals we develop a feeling ol satisfaction, which is essential to the success of our choir. In addition to the many concerts at school, our A Cappella Choir also performs at other schools, colleges, and churches. During the past few years we have ap¬ peared before the Virginia Education Association and the Southern Division-Music Educators’ Na¬ tional Conference. Mixed Choir Officers are as follows: Fran Kaegals, Vice-President; Marguerite Bryan, Librarian; David Crosswhite, President; Sharon Hash, Secretary-Treasurer; Nancy Tate, Pianist. MIXED CHOIR The Mixed Choir, whose membership is open to all students, seeks to develop a fine appreciation and enjoyment of music through the study of good choral literature. Much time is spent on fundamentals of tonal production, rhythm, accuracy, tone quality, diction, and intonation. It is through these techniques that we choir members have the opportunity to im¬ prove musically. In addition to providing the music for the Easter Pageant, our choir has also appeared in several concerts during the school year. Accompanist, Nancy Tate. ROW ONE: Nancy Meador, Evelyn Furrow, Patricia Craft, Carol Showalter, Ruth Per¬ due, Rebecca Wilds, Margaret Tyler, Judy Huffman, Karen Crady, Sue Bones, Dianne Robertson, Mr. Simmers, Director. ROW TWO: Patty Mae Martin, Nancy Martin, Frances Kageals, Ann Saunders, Jimmy Bolling, Philip Shreve, Bonnie Willard, Margaret Scaggs, Sharon Mann, Lois Davidson, Cynthia Witt, Judy Gresham. ROW THREE: Dotty Smiley, Becky Thomas, Carol Musselman, Bonnie Thompson, Marguerite Bryan, Bennie Hall, Garnett Vass, Larry Price, Paula Lada, Sheila Hyatt, Sandra Reese, Joyce Tarpley. ROW FOUR: Carolyn Byer, Kathryn Hull, Jean Gleason, Rose Dudley, Robert Dudley, David Cross¬ white, Ambrose Panned, Bobby Dooley, John Blankenship, Drema Fitzgerald, Sharon Davis, Sarah Myers, Sharon Hash. SEATED: Sherry Banner, SECRET ARY; Pat Kageals, VICE-PRESIDENT; ROW ONE: Gary Bowen, Charles Mussleman, Steve Boaz, Tommy Beaman, Marie Hofer, Dickie Garst, TREASURER. ROW TWO: Benny Hall, Roger Cox, Raymond Kirby, Chick Rakes, Robert Davids, Ben Chapman, PRESIDENT; Perry Bailey. BI-PHY-CHEM SCIENCE CLUB The aims of our Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club are to understand the importance of science in our lives, to encourage interest in scientific careers, to give service in our community and nation, and to carry out the program of the Science Clubs of America and the Virginia Academy of Science. Our activities each year include sponsoring a hop, entering a float in the Home¬ coming Parade, going on field trips, and entering individual projects in the Science Fair. SPONSORS Our club has as its main objective the creation and maintenance of interest in astronomy. We members attempt to accomplish these objectives through actual astronomical observation, through meetings in which speakers and members report on various phases of astronomy, and through field trips to observatories and other places of interest. LOWELL ASTRONOMY CLUB ROW ONE: Ronald Weston, President; Tommy Beaman, Vice-President; Bruce Willey, Secretary; Paul Hodge, Treasurer; Mr. Colley, Sponsor; ROW TWO: Phil Givens, John Bryant, Charles McLaurin. ROW THREE: Ryan Givens, Charles Kipps, Tony Amrhein, Benny Hall, John Mitchell. ROW ONE: Mark Schuweiler, Dan Sutton, Hank Highfill, Kenneth Yopp, Barry Leitch, Jimmy Webb, Jimmy Gladden. ROW TWO: Russ Christensen, Tommy Shrader, Melvin Perry, Scott Kinsey, Sammy Weddle, David Jones, Donna Waggy, Kyle Stevens, Michael Williams. ROW THREE: Bonnie Lovell, Susan Caligan, Nancy Patterson, Faye Whitley, Sandy Mark, Judy Summers, Danny Bayse, Clark Cregger, Butch Smithson. ROW FOUR: Byron Miller, Glenn Nalls, Ronnie Poff, Jimmy Hedrick, Nardie Nelson, Barry Neighbors, Herbert Patrick, Steve Cromer, Charles Kipps. JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB The Junior Science Club consists of eighth and ninth graders interested in science, with at least a “C” average. Our club was reorganized this year after two years of inactivity. Some of our activities include the Science Fair at Cave Spring, a picnic, and movies on various phases of science. The officers of the Junior Science Club are as follows: Mrs. Reid, SPONSOR; Steve Cromer, PRESIDENT; Hank Highfill, TREASURER; Donna Waggy, SECRETARY. ROW ONE: Sandra Morris, Wanda Price, Bonnie Moore, Mary Brumfield. ROW TWO: Judy Lane, Ann Hall, Glenda Harris, Sylvia Witt. ROW THREE: Ann Gearhart, Eudora Judd, Sharon Fore, Bonnie Keenan. ROW FOUR: Betty Lee, Connie Garst, Betty Jo Quick. ROW FIVE: Becky Judd, Jean Keenan, Christine Don¬ nelly. ROW SIX: Janet Clark, Willa Epperly, Judy Bishop. ROW SEVEN: Connie Harshberger, Janet Terry, Phyllis Lusk, Louise Cox. ROW EIGHT: Joan Herron, Faye Hale, Gale Crisp, Peggy Vaden, Lucy Reavis. ROW TEN: Nancy Umberger; SPONSORS, Miss Lawrence and Mrs. Meador. F B L A The purposes of the Future Business Leaders of America are to develop its mem¬ bers into qualified business leaders, to participate in worthy undertakings, to im¬ prove both business and the community, and to sponsor various social functions of the school. Our activities include entering a float in the homecoming parade, participating in the Radford Regional meeting, electing a Miss Ideal Secretary, and attending the convention held at Hotel Roanoke. OFFICERS: Sylvia Witt, HISTORIAN; Eudora Judd, TREASURER; Bonnie Keenan, PARLIAMENTARIAN; Wanda Price, RECORDING SECRETARY; Mary Brum¬ field, PRESIDENT; Glenda Harris, VICE-PRESIDENT; Sandra Morris, CORRESPONDING SECRETARY; Sharon Fore, PHOTOGRAPHER; Betty Jo Quick, REPORTER. V " 1 ;’ r tl ' jp life. | r r W. | • fft— M - [ , JtAu» aaMUU « .. m - — .8 1 . 1 ' ' 7 i L i i.- Vx :v9 ROW ONE: Beverly Miller, President; Euel Stump, Vice- President; Dianne Peters, Secretary; Carolyn Beckner, Treasurer; Sylvia Witt, Song Leader; Mrs. Banner, Sponsor; Mr. Lineburg, Sponsor. ROW TWO: Linda Knight, Judy Reese, Pat Follmar, Dee Stinnette, Becky Carroll, Carolyn Byer, Sue Bones, Shirley Grant, Joel Akers. ROW THREE: Carol Mussleman, Pam McFalls, Cynthia Witt, Nancy Um- berger, Pam Haynes, Jerry Mills, Nancy Martin, Bonnie Lovell, Lorain St. Clair, Sherry Smith, Brenda Barton. ROW FOUR: Roger Cox, Danny Bayse, Tommy Taylor, Bill Headen, Byron Miller, Clark Cregger, Hubert Patrick, Glenn Nalls, Richard Douglas. CHRISTIAN YOUTH ASSOCIATION C.Y.A. officers are as follows: Sylvia Witt, SONG LEADER: Carolyn Beckner, TREASURER; Dianne Peters, SECRETARY; Euel Stump, VICE-PRESIDENT; Beverly Miller, PRESIDENT. Tommy Taylor, who is a member of the C.Y.A., helps us to begin a new day by giving devotions during home¬ room period. Pam McFalls, a member of the C.Y.A., says grace in the cafeteria for the third period lunch group. Two members of the C.Y.A., Sylvia and Cynthia Witt, participate in Friday morning devotions in the audi¬ torium by singing “To Do The Father ' s Will. " SAXOPHONES: David Waltz, Sammy Weddle, Donna Waggy, Michael Pardue. BASSOON: Charles McLaurin. ANDREW LEWIS BAND TRUMPETS: ROW ONE: Euel Stump, Jimmy Shorter, Sandy Palmer, Mike Williams. ROW TWO: David Jones, Robert Wri rrVl t Kprrv Prnttc Rrnro Honrnnl Mr. Stuart Conner, DIRECTOR o 9 CLARINETS: ROW ONE: Gordon Graybill, Gary Bowen, Bobbie John¬ son, Linda Harter, Judy Cunning¬ ham, Drema Burford, Linda Watson, Connie Graham. ROW TWO: Lew Wood, Julia Graves, Peggy Lawrence, Wanda Kelly, Brenda Graham, Moriah Parr, Nancy Keenan. ROW THREE: Patricia Garrett, Barbara Oakes, Sarah Richie, Lynn Guerin, Brenda Yates. TROMBONES: George Givens, Glenn Nalls, Jerry Lee, Richard Douglas, Don Wood. FRENCH HORNS: Becky Cromer Tanya Tuttle Sandra Hollingsworth FLUTES: Lee MacFarland Peggy Eunson Betty Wright 129 fi I PERCUSSION: ROW ONE: Charles McLaurin, Kyle Stevens, Butch Smithson. ROW TWO: Nancy Um- berger, Lucky Lineberry, Wayne Mar¬ shall, Bonnie Reese, Carol Brumfield, Ann Dalby. BAND BARITONES AND BASSES: ROW ONE: Michael Douglas, Byron Miller, Beverly Miller. ROW TWO: Herbert Patrick, Odgie Fitzger¬ ald. COLOR GUARDS: Sandra Dalton Becky Deaton Linda Harth Carolyn Fitzgerald Linda Harter, Head Majorette; Euel Stump, Drum Major. STANDING: Bobby Dell John¬ son, Becky Cromer, Tanya Tuttle, Judy Cunningham, Sandra Hollandsworth. MAJORETTES Betty Davis DRILL Wanda Sisson Mary Marsinko TEAM Linda Reynolds Patty Whitby Gloria Wimmer Diane Winded Suanne Williams Emily Dixon Joan Herron - ” ' " T r i3i i P 1 ROW ONE: Linda Harter, Barbara Preas, Dottie Smiley, Betsy Stokes, Callie Reid, Linda Baird, Carol Jean Jones. ROW TWO: Mary Marsinko, Diane Windel, Joyce Wool- wine, Suanne Williams, Ginny Brubeck, Susan Coates, Pam Haynes. ROW THREE: Dee Stinnette, Betty Gale Jones, Becky Thomas, Betty Caperton, Pat Follmar. ROW FOUR: Cecilia Ferguson, Caroline Highfill, Linda Mount, Mrs. Roach, Sponsor. SENIOR TEENS OFFICERS: Sally Rikard, Vice- President; Lester McCurdy, World Fellowship Chariman; Dottie Smiley, Inter-club Coun¬ cil Representative; Callie Reid, Worship Chairman; Nancy Archer, Music Chairman; Barb¬ ara Preas, President; Carol Jean Jones, Worship Center Chairman; Betsy Stokes, T reasurer; Susan Schumacher, Service Projects Chairman; Linda Harter, Secre¬ tary. ROW ONE: Lucy Reavis, Peggy Farrish, Lester McCurdy, Sally Rikard, Nancy Archer, Andrea Clinevell, Linda Wat¬ son, Hunter Highfill. ROW TWO: Carolyn Lilly, Jean Gough, Gail Crisp, Drema Burford, Diane Yates, Ryan Burke, Sandra Sizer, Susan Vaughn, Elaine Smith. ROW THREE: Myra Boone, Ann Minarik, Cookie Agner, Phyllis Haysett, Ann White, Lynda Parris, Barbara Richardson. ROW FOUR: Georgia Mayo, Pam Robinson, Gail Volpe, Judy Lane, Georgia Allen. The Sr. Y-Teens is a group affiliated with the Y.W.C.A., whose goal is to en¬ courage friendship and other principles of Christian living among its members. This objective is reached by co-operating on various projects and by taking part in whole¬ some activities. Our projects include an annual Sweetheart Dance, a float in the homecoming parade, sponsoring a hop, and giving assistance to a needy family. Did you attend the Sweetheart Dance? If so, do you recognize anything familiar in these scenes? They are “Cupid’s Capers” in the making. 133 Through FHA we learn the qualities and ideals of a true homemaker and face the future striving always to make these a part of our daily life. F aith I.J nderstanding Togetherness T Jnity Reality Enthusiasm Beverly Reich, Mary Brumfield, Pat Kageals, Sandra Altice, Carolyn Mohler, Jean Blanken- beckler, Sandra Gibson, Connie Graham, Rose Dudley. Mrs. Blake, Sponsor ROW ONE: Sandra Altice, Ruth Perdue, Anita Martin. ROW TWO: Sue Zirkle, Linda Rakes, Suzanne Brown, Faye Carroll, Margaret Witt. H onesty O rganization M anners E fficiency IVXanagement Appreciation Kindness Education Recreation S incerity Miss Kelly, Sponsor SEATED: Janet Terry, Karen White, Sharon Cregger. Sandy Clem, Shirley Jones. Twila Saul, Becky Scott. STANDING: Nora Belle Nunnery, Letitia Lunsford, Betty Davis, Pat Lovern. SEATED: Carol Jean Jones, Betty Johnston, Gail Coleman, Jean Garraghty. STANDING: Peggy Wertz, Lois Nutter, Becky Judd, Edair Perdue, Betty Gail Jones, Judy Lane, Marian Connell, Sue Akers. SEATED: Ruth Connell, Pam Guthrie, Linda Wat¬ son. STANDING: Alice Black, Joyce Smith, Faye Hale, Sharon Catron, Sue Shelton, Anita Gardner, Sara Moran. Brenda Henderson, Alice Judd, Paulina McLaurin, Joyce Rakes, Carol Garman, Brenda Graham, Margaret LaPrad, Shelia Hyatt, Gloria Linken- hoker. Suzanne Brown Wanda Robertson Anita Martin Ruth Perdue Anita Gardner A. mbition M entality E nergy R.espect Individuality C ourage ability SEATED: Andy Marsinko, Sentinel; Jimmie Tickle, Secre¬ tary; Douglas Barton, Vice-President; Wayne Keffer, Presi¬ dent; Danny Richards, Treasurer; Earl Wimmer, Reporter. ROW ONE: Barry Crawford, Jimmy Brown, Roger Atkin¬ son, Dwight Franklin, Marvin Cook, Winston Conner, Richard Boone. ROW TWO: Donald Fulcher, Jimmy Har¬ rell, David Hughes, Fred Vest, Wayne Garman, Paul Webb, Mr. Scott, Sponsor. Our local F.F.A. chapter was organized in 1928 and is affiliated with the national organization of farm boys studying vocational agriculture in high schools. It has grown in size from year to year, reaching a maximum enrollment of ninety boys in 1955. The purpose of our organization can best be expressed by our motto: Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning a Living, Living to Serve. FUTURE FARMERS OF These boys, with the guiding hand of Mr. Scott, are learning to operate one of the numer¬ ous tools in the agricultural building. 136 AMERICA FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ROW ONE: Fran Kageals, Secretary; Callie Reid, President; Jo Ann Garrison, Treasurer; Sharon Fore, Melody Parsons, Linda Furrow. ROW TWO: Mr. Richards, Sponsor; Dianne Peters, Pam Sexton, Ellen Painter, Barbara Preas, Suanne Williams, Susan Schumacher, Patty Mae Martin. (Not Pictured) : Virginia Crockett, Vice-President. The goals of the F.T.A. Club are to create an interest in the teaching profession and to further an understanding of the ad¬ vantages and disadvantages of this vocation. Our activities include an annual picnic, a Recruitment Tea, and participation in the District P. Convention. One of our main objectives is to receive practical experience by conducting classes for teachers when needed. Barbara Preas seems to be doing a good job of holding these dents’ attention in Mr. Richard’s American Government class. 137 26 27 28 2 130 ifljjp,.- ■- SI jKjf turn i KS m t " y0p wffil S jH w ■ ,,, .jpBEHSfe m ■ HI ' 9i ■ - WBm ;; ip O | SEATED: Joyce Shorter, Joyce Parr, Sandra Gibson, Joan Herron, Mary Brumfield, Sandra Altice, Barbara Ramey, Patti Whitby, Ann Gearheart, Janet Terry, Bonnie Keenan, Eudora Judd. STANDING: Miss Goodwin, VOT Co-ordi- nator; Jane Nash, Diane Wirt, Sandra Tyree, Glenda Harris, Geneva Allen, Wanda Price, Bonnie Moore, Drema Fitz¬ gerald, Peggy Jobe, Peggy Vaden, Louise Cox, David Ray. VOCATIONAL OFFICE TRAINING The Vocational Office Training program, under the guidance of Miss Mary Good¬ win, prepares us to take our place in the business world. Due to the classes and the part-time jobs in which we engage, we we choose. Mary Brumfield pauses in her book¬ keeping work at Farmers National Bank. shall become competent in the business held Geneva Allen puts her training in typing to good use as she types records tor Dame Roofing Co. 138 Ml ROW ONE: Ed Routt, President; Franklin Owen, Vice- President; Carol Markham, Yogi Roberts, Lloyd Davidson, Tommy Taylor. ROW TWO: M r. William Bolton, Sponsor; Tina Baldwin, Earnest Bond, Betty Bryant, Sue Crosswhite, Jimmy Crosswhite, Ronald Davis, Gail DeWease, Norris Elliott, Billy Farmer, Reggie Ginter, Mr. Herbert Bowling, Student Teacher. ROW THREE: Mary Goodwin, George Goodykoontz, Dallas Hedge, Peggy Jobe, Bobby Lancaster, Wayne Lee, Charles Looney, Nancy Loope Sonjia Lord, Don Manning. ROW FOUR: Violet Minucie, Vivian Moore, Leonard Rorer, Carolyn Robertson, Violet Roop, Alvin Sartin, Pat Sarver, Billy Weaver, Janet Webb. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION The Distributive Education Club is organized in conjunction with the D. E. class. The purpose of our club is to train students in retail and wholesale merchandising. Some of our club contests are job interviews, professional selling, sales demonstration, merchandise presentation, and ad layout. In addition to these contests, we sponsor a series of club projects which are intended to build professional growth and develop¬ ment. " ' ll, 9 ’ f Jp i i i ,. nil i T pSf : Violet Roop awaits the on¬ rush of Christmas shoppers as Earnest Bond represents the fulfillment of every boy’s dream, working with new automobiles. 139 I? wm ' Many a king and queen adorn this chapter of OUR STORY, and many bands play for dances. This chapter 4 ' l- J helps uphold some of the oldest traditions of Andrew Lewis, and pictures a social calendar Tull of activities. Our Fea- " I) rtlights many of the most outstanding % r, and OUR STORY would not be com- tures section s 1 plete without a record of these happenings “Twas the Night before Chirstmas,” Mickey Grant reads to Joyce Smith. “His name was Jack!” wails Patty Mae Martin about her dog. SENIOR TALENT SHOW Mike Robertson manipu¬ lates his dummy, David Rardin. G° Vi 3 Doris Gearhart, accompanied by Euel Stump, sings “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” °6 , lil Rose Brown, Suanne Williams, Joan Herron, Mary Brumfield, and Patti Whitby sing “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas.” Mr. Hurt presents the Christmas baskets to Mr. Charley Turner, who expresses his appreciation to the stu¬ dents. An assembly concerning school spirit finds reincarnated “Andrew Lewis” and friend, portrayed by Norman Moore and Steve Kennamer, aghast at the students’ be¬ havior. ASSEMBLIES “Softly, softly, boys,” directs Mr. Otis Kitchen, leading the William Fleming orchestra through its nicely performed program of music. Mrs. Haboush, accom¬ panying her husband, displays a hand-woven mat brought from her native Galilee. The Mixed Choir, newly organized, performs its first concert in the Christmas assembly. Controlling pests seems profitable -— we swept up the Magicians and the Sophomores swept up third place. pern Being all tied up with Beta Club business isn’t so bad — especially when it brings home second place. Hmmm, doesn’t look like much yet. But with all that paper, Annual Staff members are bound to get it dec¬ orated sooner or later. Perching precariously on cars seems like a fine sport for the parade. Or at least Student Council members enjoy it. 144 hat beautiful teeth! But they are being put to good use as Drill Team members cheer our boys on to victory. ROW ONE: Phyllis Gilley, Cecilia Ferguson, Kay McDon- Princess; Alice Black, Rose Ann Brown. ROW THREE: aid. ROW TWO: Marguerite Bryan, Shirley Dulaney, Judy Cundiff, Betty Jo Quick, Rita Leonhardt, Ellen Bowers. HOMECOMING COURT HOLLY COURT Betty Jo Quick Andrea Perez Judy Cundiff Phyllis Gilley Lois Nutter Kay McDonald Rita Leonhardt Linda Blount 145 Sh rry Banner QUEEN PRINCESS SWEETHEART COURT Cecilia Ferguson Carol Jean Jones 146 SWEETHEART DANCE Dangling from the ceiling, Cupid still insists that love conquers all — and it looks as if these couples pretty well agree. A tunnel of love, some red roses, pretty music, and two people make a nice picture in the Sweetheart setting. Let’s see . . . punch, cake, potato chips, cookies, candy; I guess lat is all she wanted,” mused these boys as their dates wait for te goodies. After twisting all night at the Sweetheart Dance, many couples left looking vaguely like pretzels. Couples waltz around the floor to the music of the Shades at the Sweetheart Dance. 147 ■ Phyllis Gilley Betty Jo Quick Rita Leonhardt Kay McDonald QUEEN Hunter Highfill Callie Reid Carolyn Lilly Ellen Bowers Carol Shirley Dulaney MAID-OF-HONOR Becky Cromer Rosi Lonitz Nancy Garrett J ACHIEVEMENTS 1 ' mk m if If V 1 Bonnie Keenan, Mary Brumfield, and Joan Her¬ ron were winners of the parliamentary proce¬ dure contest in the local FBLA district. Members of the WBLU Radio Staff are as follows: Steve Ken- namer, Norman Moore, Sally Rikard, Tom King, Mike Spes- sard, David Moran of WBLU, Karen Bowles, Susan Chapman, and Rosi Lonitz. Their program, Wolverine Turntable, is out¬ standing and has been rated the best in high school competition at the annual SIP.A. Convention. Achievers in other fields are Mike Robertson who was a National Merit Finalist and Sherry Banner who was the recipient of the DAR award. (Not Pictured): Roz McFarland, National Merit Finalist; Judy Cundiff, State Jr. Classical League Treasurer. Jerry Neighbors honored the school by being the top scorer in State Group I-A Basketball, and by being chosen captain of the All-State Group I-A Team. Steve Kennamer and Norman Moore, members of the Debating Team, placed third in State Debatine. br A LiGHTUOl ' se QOf i THE Notice off 0£PR£5sic IT . HOW FAf? it the: lighthouse ? 150 OF 1961-62 Vocational Achievement Winners: Wayne Keffer ranked fourth in the state FFA public speaking contest. Carolyn Mohler, an FHA member, was se¬ lected as the McCall’s representative for the Roanoke area. Andy Marsinko was awarded a trip to the National 4-H Club Congress held in Chicago where he won a trophy and two medals in poultry judging. Distributive Education Winner: Carol Markham was second runner-up in merchandise presentation at the district con¬ test. All-State Choir members are as follows: Sandra Mor¬ ris, Beverly Miller, James Gacek, Carlton Collins, Roger Cox. B lova t All-State Band members are as follows: Peggy Eunson, Beverly Miller, Connie Graham, and Euel Stump. 151 % i.Td m ' m E «=» J J H jj FI H | K ' • . ' i ' jj H I:. | 1 Rt JL I JR 1 I • 1 JP The members of the eighth grade basketball team don’t always look as quiet as they do here. A candid shot of the back- stage area after the Senior Talent Show. The show is over. OUR READY CAMERA A mood of quietness and solitude surrounds Lee McReynolds as she performs her duty as hall monitor. Mr. Bolton and assistants, George Givens and David Waltz, practice the art of selling in the school bookstore. Robin Grant and Robert Hendricks, the “old faithfuls” of assemblies, are caught unaware as they watch. An odd shot of Seniors partici¬ pating in their very last basket ¬ ball pep rally. Not many people are found studying on the stairs, but apparently this girl doesn’t think it ' s so bad. SHOWS LIFE AT ANDREW LEWIS It looks as if our varsity cheerleaders are about to make the auditorium ring with “Yea Blue! Yea White!” The annual tour of schools by the Visi¬ tation Committee finds Mr. Colley and his English 12 class discussing a student’s theme. Students are not the only ones who enjoy assemblies. Our principal, Mr. Hurt, prepares to enjoy the delicious food at the Latin Club Picnic. Without the support of these fine people, this book would never have gone to press and there would be no “Pioneer.” To our advertisers, our backers, large and small, we owe a sincere vote of thanks. ■ V. || m M 3 ha -ha ,l (twit QujM ol irjox uvL-Mnmcm. rrnQir rnUM MiOUHflMy 1 IticM ¥ M Q ' il mWMJl IsfLLh ' hQUttL ' 1 lL rOM fXS ' j . ijjML ail ■ tut dicut r 31 ivk. ' (JuaC OJO l JJil hcu jidi. A y . . :n it.. nrt nA l (,»,tA. ,itnn , urn J imln-l -AhftMtoLr tk- T -ham A (jcAndjyik Caj x, iJuJuAh oi iAM id CldOuAd tMM Ml .JUuCJc CduJCUMl ‘do (A Clohii Tld miiDj MA y3ctt . 4 . rAikli oju k. M % ilk 1 ,, A f JJll ImM At- L Vj.hi!W. ' W Br CL (j-Uft 1 • . •••Va TSSrt ... • - x r ' - r is l y ADVERTISING INDEX Acme Printers . 189 Andrew Lewis Tavern. 182 Appalachian Power Co. 187 Audrey’s . 189 Beach Texaco . 171 Bemiss Equipment Corp. 173 Blue Jay Restaurant . 178 Brooks-Byrd Pharmacy .. . 170 Brown s Hardware . 173 Builders Mart . 168 Chapman-Taney Insurance . 177 Check-R-Board . 175 Chelf’s Dari Delight . 187 Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co.160 Coach House and Lakeland Drive-In . 181 Colonial Beauty Shop . 171 Dame Roofing . 186 Danny’s Barber Shop . 178 De Long’s . 181 Dr. Pepper . 161 Ewald-Clark . 187 Ferguson Transfer and Storage. 189 Fink’s Jewelers . 173 First Federal Savings and Loan Association . 170 Fisher Trailer Sales. 177 Floyd ' s Barber Shop . 189 Garst Brothers’ Dairy . 189 Gearheart Shoe Repair . 178 Gentry Studios . 158 George A. Jeffreys and Co. 176 Goodwin-Andrews-Bryan Insurance and Realty 189 Goodwin Insurance . 181 Green Hill . 157 Green Market. 173 Hart Motor Co., Inc. 185 Henebry’s . 189 H. M. Wood Plumbing . 173 Jennings - Shepard . 165 Jim Peters’ Texaco . 186 Ken Platt . 171 Kingoff’s . 187 Krispy Kreme . 181 Lendy’s . 188 Lewis Young Fashions . 184 Litterell’s Barber and Beauty Shop . 184 Manning Grocery. 178 McAvoy Music House, Inc. 186 Mechanical Development Co. 177 vIdler Tire Service . 179 Mountain Oil Co. 174 Mity . 167 Nasi Euclid . 169 Nehi Bottling Co. 164 North 11 Lanes . 186 Oak Hall Cap and Gown Co. 183 Oakey’s . 188 Old Virginia Brick Co. 186 Ortho-Vent Factory Outlet . 166 Peacock-Salem . 180 Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. 169 Peters, G. W. 178 Peters, James E. 184 Peters Creek Pharmacy . 184 Piedmont Stores . 169 Powell’s Pharmacy . 176 Reese Radio and T. V. Repair. 178 Richardson, J. Luck, Jr. 171 Ridenhour Music Studio . 174 Roanoke Coca-Cola Bottling Works .162 Roanoke College . 185 Roanoke Electric Steel Corp. 175 Roanoke Frosted Foods . 186 Roanoke Times-World Corp. 171 Roanoke Woodworking Corp. 183 Rowe Furniture Co. 163 Salem Esso Service Center. 189 Salem Farm Supply. 173 Salem Fast Service . 186 Salem Hosiery Co. 182 Salem Office Supply . 171 Salem Oil Co. 170 Salem Theatre . 186 Sam’s . 184 Shelton’s Garage . 187 Shenandoah Life Insurance Co.179 Shenandoah Tool and Supply Co. 185 Skyline Cleaners . 184 Sonny Spigel . 176 Smartwear-Irving Saks . 172 Stewart Auto Sales . 166 Sutphin ' s Market. 171 Tarpley’s . 186 Technical Reproduction and Supply. 178 Tom’s Potato Chips . 186 Triangle Texaco Service Station . 184 U.S. Plywood Co. 167 Valleydale Packers . 168 Virginia Foods, Inc. 178 Virginia Trailways . 189 Weddle Plumbing and Heating. 171 W B L U. 180 Western Auto. 176 Willard’s Taxi. 172 Yale and Towne . 159 Yoda ' s Big Boy. 176 156 157 eM {» GENTRY PHOTOGRAPHERS TOGRAPHERS FOR SENIOR CLASS , I n ij- i , tfi AND I HOTQGRAPHERS A 6 ° si w, M I " 109 West, Mai St? ' •s ni I 1 1 9-7224 aVc J La!‘ ■ • Salem, Virginia L Jim and Betty Gentry Owners ' AjTV VvnAJV. % o ‘ fll ) A X Kjxji. . 4 « — • Or - ts t Ay’ vx Sf } -A ' “Y - Ojv j OX v A XX .- tan V .X. V ' OvP - " X ' -V Cv V - v ' vS. - r». . v YALE LOCK AND HARDWARE DIVISION c . r A •vkJ ' ! A1. V.-40.V-A SALEM PLANT 3xiL ' N-o yv vj l CWx. X: Salem, Virginia $ c sKe ' AUs ‘ J-d - J zAl A £-Ajul( yzetJU S) - -C £y®- With school behind you . . . what’s ahead ? : ( ) k) ft College, perhaps? Wonderful! A job? Wonder¬ ful, too, if it’s the right one—with opportunities to progress and learn as well as earn. There are many such jobs at C P, waiting for girls like you. lit telephone job, you not only start with good pay but are specially trained to make more. Raises and advancements are frequent. Sur¬ roundings ire pleasant—people are friendly— and your Xork is never dull. Why not make your first job a telephone job—one that can lead to a happy, rewarding career? THE CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA 0 I o . c i r N j today’s busy people... . . . take to more-than-refreshing Dr Pepper. It’s different . . . a happy, harmonious blend of deep fruit flavors. Goes everywhere, tastes great, a ltd Dr Pepper has a built-in energy lift. That ' s why today’s busy people like it. Have a Dr Pepper . . . today. There’s a " one and only” in refreshment; too l ROANOKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. ■ -70 yic p- Ci . ' ' - -4 t. yLy. j ZA -yt tZ c- Ot - £?j 164 JENNINGS-SHEPHERD COMPANY 24 W. Church Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Phone Dl 2-3128 165 STEWART AUTO SALES QUALITY USED CARS 4th St., Salem BUCK STEWART BUD STEWART “Spring-Step” Cushion THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE IN AMERICA ORTHO-VENT FACTORY OUTLET Lakeside Road, Salem, Virginia SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY GENE ADKINS — F.F.A. 4; Track 3; A Cappella Choir 4; Junior Achievement. SUSAN AHALT Latin Club 4; Beta Club 3; Lusher at commencement 1. SANDRA ALTICE - F.B.L.A. 1 ; F.H.A. 3; Correspond¬ ing Secretary F.FI.A. 1. WILBL T R ANDREWS Latin Club 3; Monogram Club 1; Varsity Football 2; Football Letter 1; Senior Mirror, M ost School Spirit. MARGARET BAILEY Science Club 2; Pep Club 2; Latin Club 4; Beta Club 3; Hall Monitor; Guidance Office Assistant 1: Vice-President Homeroom; Treasurer Homeroom 3. PERRY BAILEY Bi-Phy-Chem 1 ; Boys’ State alter¬ nate 1 ; President Homeroom 1 ; Vice-President Home¬ room 1. LINDA BAIRD - Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 3; Program Chairman Sr. Y-Teens 1; News¬ paper Staff 2; Homeroom Secretary 1: Science Fair Award, Girl’s First Place 1. ERNESTINE BALDWIN Jr. Y-Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 2; Latin Club 3; Inter-Club Council Representative, Jr. Y-Teens 1; Drill Team 2. SHERRY BANNER - Jr. Science Club 1 ; Bi-Phy-Chem 3, Secretary 2; Latin Club 4; Beta Club 3; Pep Club 2; Receptionist 1; Senior Mirror, Typical Senior; Newspaper Staff, Assistant Club Editor 1 ; Club Editor 1 : Homeroom President 1 ; Holly Court 1 ; D.A.R. Good Citizen Award. BRENDA BARTON F.H.A. 1; C.Y.A. 1. 166 DOUGLAS BARTON F.F.A.; Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President F.F.A. RICHARD BEACH — Monogram Club Treasurer 1; Track 2; Football 4; Football Letter 2; Senior Mirror, Most Popular; Sophomore Class President; Homeroom President 2. Homecoming Court, King; City-County Football, Western District Football, All—State Honorable Mention. CAROLYN BECKNER - Jr. Science Club 1; F.B.L.A. 1; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; C.Y.A. 4; Treasurer C.Y.A. 1; An¬ nual Staff 3; Editor-in-chief 1; S.I.P.A. Convention; Homeroom Secretary 1, Treasurer; Junior Achievement 1; Roanoke County Science Fair First Place 1. JIMMIE BIRCH - Science Club 2; Hi-Y 3: Monogram 3; Treasurer Hi-Y 1; President Monogram Club 1; Freshman Football 1; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 3; Freshman Basketball 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2; Boys’ State 1; Senior Mirror, Most Athletic. ALICE BLACK - F.H.A. 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Pep Club 2; S.C.A. 2; Latin Club 1; Hall Monitor 1; Homeroom Secretary 1; Band 4; Majorette 2; Head Majorette 1; Band Letter 1. REGGIE BLANKENSHIP - Jr. 4H 1; Astronomy 1; Monogram 1; Cross-Country Track 3; Spring Track 3; Cross-Country Letter. LINDA BLOUNT - Latin Club 4; Beta Club 3; Jr. Y- Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 2; Hall Monitor 1; Annual Staff 2; Homeroom President 1; Vice-President 1; Holly Court 1; Sweetheart Court 1; Jr. Provincial Governor of Latin Club 1; Student Council Representative 1. EARNEST BOND D.E. Club 1. DARRELL BOWER — F.F.A. 4; Projection Club 3; Assistant Treasurer of F.F.A. 1. COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED STATES PLYWOOD CORPORATION WORLD’S LARGEST PLYWOOD ORGANIZATIONS P. O. Box 2386 Telephone Diamond 5-0983 2502 Patterson Avenue, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia ALL ROADS LEAD TO fTlr IAit« 167 ELLEN BOWERS - Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 4; Pep Club 5; Vice-President 1; Newspaper Staff 5; Business Manager 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1, Vice-President 4, Secretary 1; Cheerleader 1; May Court 2; Homecoming Court 1. BETTY BRANUM - Beta Club 2; Latin Club 4; Jr. Science Club 2; Sr. Science Club 1; Pep Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Assistant Artist 1, Head Artist 1; Homeroom President 2; Roanoke County Science Fair at V.P.I. 2; First Place Award, Roanoke County Science Fair 1; Virginia Jr. Academy of Science Convention at Hotel Roanoke 1. JERRY BRANUM - Latin Club 2; Jr. Science Club 1; Beta Club 3; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Freshman Basketball 1; Freshman Track 1. MICHAEL BRICKEY - Latin Club 3; Bi-Phy-Chem 2; Debating Team 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1. MOFFETT BROCK - Bi-Phy-Chem 1. JOE BROWDER - Jr. Science Club 1; Latin Club 4; Monogram Club 4; Beta Club 3; Vice-President Mono¬ gram Club 1; Freshman Basketball 1; Cross-Country Track 2; J.V. Basketball 1; Tri-Captain Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2; Letters, Cross-Country 1, Basketball 2; Senior Mirror, Best Leader; Student Council 1; Presi¬ dent Student Council 1; Vice-President Student Council 1; Boys’ State 1; Homeroom President 3, Vice-President 2 . ROSE BROWN — Transfer Student: Guidance Staff 1; May Court 1 ; Homecoming Court 1. LINDA BROYLES - Beta Club 3; Sr. Y-Teens 2, Vice- President 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; F.B.L.A. 2; Pep Club 2; F.H.A. 2, Historian 1; Homeroom President 2, Secretary 1, Vice-President 1; A Cappella Choir 2. VIRGINIA BRUBECK - Pep Club 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1. MARY BRUMFIELD — F.B.L.A., President 1; Delegate VALLEYDALE PACKERS, INC. Producers of Fine Quality Meat Products Salem, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF BUILDERS 201 E. Main St. Salem 801 Shenandoah Ave. Roanoke, Virginia 168 COMPLIMENTS OF NASH EUCLID EQUIPMENT SALES CORP. Salem, Va. Richmond, Va. to State Convention 1; F.H.A 2, Recording Secretary 1; Basketball 1 ; Volleyball 1; Library Staff 1. MARGUERITE BRYAN - Jr. Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 5, Vice-President 1 ; F.B.L.A. 1 ; Mixed Choir 1; J.V Cheer¬ leader 1; Homeroom Secretary 3, Vice-President 1 ; Homecoming Court 1. BETTY BRYANT — Distributive Education Club. JIMMY BULTER — Astronomy Club 2; Science Club 5; Latin Club 3; J.V. Basketball 1; Cross-Country Track 1; Freshman Basketball 1; Athletic Letters, Tennis 1, Basketball 1. DIANNE CALDWELL - Transfer Student. LARRY CALIGAN — Latin Club 2; Monogram Club 2; S.C.A. 2; Track 4; Freshman Basketball 1; Football 1; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 2; Athletic Letter Football 2. JOSE CAMINA — Transfer Student: Latin Club 2; Business Manager of Newspaper; Homeroom Secretary 1. ELIZABETH CAPERTON - Latin Club 4; Y-Teens 5; Pep Club 1; Editor of Magazine 1; Secretary Homeroom 1; Debating Team 2. DAVID CARR - D.E. Club 1. BETTY CARROLL - Sr. Y-Teens 1; F.B.L.A. 1; Sports Club 3; Varsity Basketball; Athletic Letter and Star; Junior Achievement. SHARON CATRON - Transfer Student: Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1 ; F.H.A. 1; Pep Club 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2. BEN CHAPMAN — Jr. Science Club 2, President 1; Sr. Science Club 3, President 1; Astronomy Club 3; Latin Club 2; Beta Club 3, Vice-President 1; Astronomy Club Treasurer 1, Vice-President 1; Home room Treasurer 1; President 1; Band 3; Tennis Team 1. CONGRATULATIONS PIEDMONT STORES Salem, Virginia Dial DU 9-5523 169 VIRGINIA CLARK - Beta Club 3; Science Club 1; Pep Club 1; Hall Monitor 1 ; Annual Staff 2; Associate Editor 1; Newspaper Staff 2; Junior Achievement 2; Science Fair 3. DENNIS CLOWER — Student Christian Association 1; Latin Club 4; Beta Club 2; J.V. Track 1; Senior Mirror, Most Sincere; Homeroom Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, President 1; A Cappella Choir 1; Junior Class Vice- President; Junior Achievement 1; Letter of Commenda¬ tion, National Merit. SUSAN COATES — Pep Club 2; Senior Y-Teens 1; FHA 1; F.B.L.A. 1. WESLEY COCHRAN - Transfer Student: D.E. Club 1. GAIL COLEMAN - F.H.A. 2. FIRST FEDERAL Savings and Loan Association Savings Accounts Home Loans Church at 1st S.W. Crossroads Mall Roanoke, Va. CARLTON COLLINS — Transfer Student: Latin Club 2; Hi-Y 2; C.Y.A. 1; A Cappella Choir 2, Student Direc¬ tor 1, Accompanist 1; All State Choir 1; Hi-Y Chaplain 1 . MARY COLLINS - Pep Club 3; Senior Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2; Jr. Y-Teens 2; J.V. Cheerleader 1; Home¬ room Treasurer 1, Secretary 1, Vice-President 1; A Cappella Choir. BROOKS-BYRD PHARMACY, INC. LOUISE COX - F.H.A. 1; F.B.L.A. 1; V.O.T. 1; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 1; District and State One-Act Play Festival 1 BARRY CRAWFORD - F.F.A. 4; Reporter 1. FREDDIE CROCKETT - D.E. Club 1; Band 4. SANDRA CROSSWHITE - S.C.A. 1; D.E. 1. JIMMY CROSSWHITE - D.E. Club 1; Track 1. LOUISE CUMBIE - Latin Club 4; Cheerleader 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Pep Club 3; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 2; Homeroom Treasurer 2; President 1. SALEM’S PRESCRIPTION CENTER RAY BYRD ERVIN P. BROOKS 2 East Main Street FUEL OIL — KEROSENE Metered Delivery Prompt, Courteous 24-Hour Service GLENN H. SIMMERS Dial DU 9-7229 SALEM OIL CO. 608 Colorado Street Salem, Va. 170 JUDY CUNDIFF — Jr. Y-Teens 2; Latin Club 4; Sports Club 2; Beta Club 3; Pep Club 5; Cheerleader 4; Head Cheerleader 1; Senior Mirror, Most Popular; Homeroom President 2; Treasurer 1; May Court 1; Homecoming Court 5; Holly Court 5, Queen of Holly Court; Roanoke Snow Court; Usher at summer graduation 1; Youth Seminar 2; Student Council 2; Student Body Secretary 1; Girls’ State 1, State Senator; President 1; Vice- President 1; Secretary 1; Mixed Choir; Hall Monitor 2. LUCY CUSHMAN SCA 2; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Drama Club 1 ; D.E. Club 1. ROBERT DAVIDS — Latin Club 3; Jr. Science 2; Bi- Phy-Chem 3; Projection Club 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1. RONALD DAVID - 4-H Club 1; D.E. 1. GAIL DeWEASE - D.E. 1; F.H.A. 1. LLOYD DAVIDSON - D.E. Club 1. EMILY DIXON — Student Christian Association 1; Pep Club 3; F.B.L.A. 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; F.H.A. 1; Li¬ brary Staff 1; Drill Team 2; Junior Achievement 1. RICHARD DIXON — F.F.A. 3; 4-H 1; Freshman Bas¬ ketball 1; J.V. Football 1; A Cappella Choir 3; Plays 2. JOHN DONALSON - Football 1. BRUCE DOWDY Latin Club 2; Hi-Y- 1 ; J.V. Basket¬ ball 1. ROSE DLTDLEY — Jr. Y-Teens 1; F.H.A. 4; Pep Club 1; F.T.A. 1; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Mixed Choir 1; F.H.A. Treasurer 1, Vice President 1. LUTHER DUNCAN Latin Club 1; Homeroom Sec¬ retary 2, President 1 ; Treasurer 1. DANA DREW — Latin Club 3; Science Club 1 ; Track 1. THE NEWSPAPER IS THE TEXTBOOK of an Exciting World You will use All Through Life THE ROANOKE TIMES THE ROANOKE WORLD-NEWS Congratulations from KEN PLATT Campus Sportswear 37 East Main St. Salem Compliments J. LUCK RICHARDSON, JR. Commissioner of Revenue SUTPHIN’S MARKET 203 Blvd. Salem DU 9-7925 FOLDERS Composition Books PENS SALEM OFFICE SUPPLY CO. “Handiest store in town for school supplies too!” 9 S. College Ave. DU 9-6168 (fe COLONIAL BEAUTY SHOP |f|k MRS. GEORGIA W. ADAMS, Owner “Your Loveliness Is Our Business " DU 9-5262 BEACH TEXACO SERVICENTER 4th and Colorado Street PICK UP and DELIVERY SERVICE DU 9-5978 ■ ■ ■ P.O. Box 742 |M EDDLE — Y LUMBING AND HEATING Commercial and Industrial Contractors 1 1 29 Shenandoah Ave. Roanoke, Virginia 171 SHIRLEY DULANEY - Beta Club 3; Latin Club 4; State J.C.L. Treasurer 1; Pep Club 4; Roll Call Secre¬ tary of Pep Club 3; Senior Mirror, Best Leader; Home¬ room President 1; A Cappella Choir 2; Homecoming Court, Maid of Honor 1; Holly Court 1 ; May Court, Maid of Honor; Student Council Representative 1; Girls’ State, President Pro Tempore; Secretary 2; Tenth Grade Treasurer 2; Junior Class President. DIANNE EDWARDS - S.C.A. 3: Latin Club 1; F.H.A. 1; Pep Club 1; Songleader of C.Y.A. 1; A Cappella Choir 3. NORRIS ELLIOTT - Track 1 ; D.E. 1. KENNETH ETTER — Jr. Science Club 1; Monogram Club 3, Secretary 1, Treasurer 1; Hi-Y 1; Track 5; Foot¬ ball 5; Football Letters 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1, President 1. THOMAS FAREWELL - Latin Club 3; Beta Club 3, President 1; Astronomy Club 1; Senior Mirror, Most Likely to Succeed; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Usher at Commencement 1; Boys’ State 1; Vice-President of Senior Class; Band 3; All-State Band 1; Drill Sergeant 1, Band Lieutenant 1 ; Band Monogram 1. BILLY FARMER - D.E. Club 1 ; Hi-Y 1. ANNA FERGUSON - Latin Club 3; S.C.A. 2; Band 4, Majorette 1. CECILIA FERGUSON - C.Y.A. 1; Senior Y-Teens 1; F.H.A. 3, Reporter 1, Parliamentarian 1, Vice-President 1; Pep Club 3; 4-H 1; J.V. Basketball Team 1; Senior Mirror, Most School Spirit; Homeroom Treasurer 1, Secretary 3; Homecoming Court; Sweetheart, Queen 1; Cheerleader 1. DREAMA FITZGERALD - S.C.A. 1; Library Staff I. PAT FOLLMAR - Latin Club 3; C.Y.A. 1; Sr. Y- Teens 3, Homecoming Chairman 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Pep WILLARD’S TAXI 24 HOUR SERVICE 389-8131 18 E. MAIN STREET AN EXCITING PLACE TO SHOP — WHERE FRESH IMAGINATIVE FASHIONS ARE THOUGHTFULLY PRICED FOR YOUNG BUDGETS! SALEM, VIRGINIA H. M. WOOD PLUMBING HEATING Phone Shop and Residence DU 9-3441 DU 9-4941 1 14 E. Clay St. Salem, Va. SALEM FARM SUPPLY CORP. 121 E. Main St. Compliments BEMISS EQUIPMENT CORPORATION Falls Church MEATS GROCERIES ‘Dial DU 9-2379 (r 8 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Richmond Salem Club 3; Mixed Choir 1; Sweetheart Court 1; Newspaper Staff 1. SHARON FORE — Latin Club 3; F.B.L.A. 1, Photog¬ rapher; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1. RANDOLPH FRANCISCO - Latin Club 3; Monogram Club 2; Football 4; Track 4; Football Letter 2; Track Letter 1; Senior Mirror, Typical Senior; Homeroom President 1, Treasurer 1; Boys’ State 1. TONY FRYE — Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 1. LINDA FURROW — F.H.A. 2; Beta Club 3, Recording Secretary 1; F.T.A. 1; Homeroom Secretary 1, Vice- President 4; A Cappella Choir 1; Girls’ Ensemble 1; Marshall at Commencement 1; Scholastic letter 1. BROWN HARDWARE 115 EAST MAIN ST. Salem, Va. DU 9-4431 JAMES GACEK - Latin Club 3; Beta Club 3; F.B.L.A. 1; Golf 2; Golf Letter 1; Homeroom Vice-President 1, President 1, Secretary 1; All-State Choir 1; A Cappella Choir 3; Library Staff 3; Junior Achievement 1. JIM GALBRAITH — Beta Club 3; Homeroom Vice- President 1. WAYNE GARMAN - F.F.A. 4: Sentinal 1. JO ANN GARRISON - Jr. Y-Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; F.T.A. 2; Beta Club 3; Guidance Staff 2; Annual Staff 1, Circulation Manager; Treasurer of F.T.A. 1; Literary Magazine Staff 1. CONNIE GARST - F.B.L.A. 1; Sports Club 1; S.C.A. 1. DICKIE GARST - Latin Club 3; Science Club 5; Treasurer of Science Club 1; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Junior Class Treasurer 1. ROBERT GARST Latin Club 4; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 1. DORIS GEARHART F.H.A. 3; Latin Club 1; A Cappella Choir 2; Drill Team 1. FINK’S JEWELERS Roanoke Salem DIAMONDS WATCHES A. L. SCHOOL RINGS DU 9-7572 173 0 - , a b v-A AA ■ t ' , . C -r J S ' 7 lsXsL - C y L ' O n. A soi yAA , k c n MOUNTAIN OIL CO. 104 W. Main Street Salem, Virginia Phone DU 9-3830 If no answer — 774-3639 SINCLAIR FUEL OILS 24 Hour Burner Service Automatic Delivery Service Budget Terms Paul D. Hatcher — Owner RIDENHOUR MUSIC STUDIO 1 1 3 E. Calhoun Street Salem — Certified Teachers — Accordion and Guitar — Factory Authorized — Dealer of Gibson, Fender Guitars Titano Noble Accordions ANN GEARHEART — Junior Y-Teens 2; F.B.L.A. 2; Sr. Y-Teens 1; V.O.T. 1. ' RODNEY GEARHEART — Latin Club 2; Monogram Club 2; Bi-Phy-Chem 2; Freshman Basketball 1; J.V. Football 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Varsity Football 3; Track 1 ; Football Letters 2; Homeroom Treasurer 2. SANDRA GIBSON - C.Y.A. 1; Junior Y-Teens 1; F.B.L.A. 2; F.H.A. 3, Song Leader 1; Band 2. PHYLLIS GILLEY — Pep Club 3; Varsity Cheerleader 2; Junior Y-Teens 2: F.B.L.A. 1; Sr. Y-Teens 2; Annual Staff 1; Homeroom Vice-President 2, Treasurer 3; Stu¬ dent Council 1 : Homecoming Court 1 ; Holly Court 1 ; May Court 1. REGINALD GINTER 4-H 1; D.E. 1. DONNA GOODMAN Jr. Y-Teens 1; F.H.A. 2 ; News¬ paper Staff 1 ; Homeroom Secretary 1. MARY GOODWIN D.E. 1; F.H.A. 1; F.B.L.A. 2; Jr. Y-Teens 1. GEORGE GOODYKOONTZ D.E. 1. MICKEY GRANT — Monogram Club 2; Freshman Basketball 1; J.V. Basketball 2; Varsity Basketball 2; Cross-Country Track 3; Basketball Letters 2; Senior Mirror, Most Personable; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Youth Seminar Representative 1; King of Student Council Car¬ nival; Boys’ State 1; President of Senior Class; Ninth Grade Treasurer. ROBIN GRANT Latin Club 3; Beta Club 3; Pro¬ jection Club 3, President 2, Vice-President 1 ; Eighth Grade Projection Club 1; Jr. Science Club 1; Home¬ room President 3; A Cappella Choir 2; All-State Choir 1; Boys’ State 1. DONALD GRAY Freshman Basketball 2; Track Team 1 ; Junior Achievement 2, President of Co. 2. 174 SJIQ Cu Jl y -£-■ - c - ' 6-tjL tM y - , iyb -tAyf r U) J J L , u % b Compliments of ROANOKE ELECTRIC STEEL Corporation For Results Feed D I A L Dl 4 9 2 2 4 n PURINA CHOWS • SANITATION PRODUCTS • FARM SUPPLIES ROANOKE, VAi KATHY GUNTER - S.C.A. 4; Sports Club 2; Basket¬ ball 3; Volley Ball 1; Soft ball 2; Guidance Staff 1; Science Club 1. PATRICIA GUTHRIE - Transfer. DOUGLAS HALE - Transfer. WAYNE HALL — Latin Club 3, Tribune 1; Science Club 2, Vice-President 1; Monogram Club 3, Secretary 1; Beta Club 3; J.V. Football 1; Varsity Football 2; Track 5; Football Letters 2; Track Letters 3; Senior Mirror, Most Dependable; Homeroom President 2; Stu¬ dent Council 2; Boys’ State. DANNY HAMLIN C.Y.A. 2; D.E. 1; F.F.A. 1. GLENDA HARRIS — C.Y.A. 1; Beta Club 3; Vocational Office Training 1; F.B.L.A. 3, Historian 1, Vice-President 1. LINDA HARTER - C.Y.A. 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3, Worship Chairman 1; Secretary 1; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Latin Club 3, Treasurer 1; Beta Club 3; Homeroom Secretary 1, Treasurer 1, President 1; A Cappella Choir 1; Sweet¬ heart Court 1; Usher at Commencement 1; Band 4; Librarian 1, Majorette 1, Head Majorette 1. PEYTON HASH — Latin Club 1; Projection Club 1; Football 1; Junior Achievement 3; Annual Staff 1. STEPHEN HAWKINS - C.Y.A. 3; Projection Club 2; Latin Club 1; Basketball 1; Football 1; A Cappella Choir 1. PAMELA HAYNES - C.Y.A. 2; Latin Club 1; Y-Teens 3; 4-H 3, Vice-President 1; Guidance Staff 1; A Cap¬ pella Choir 1; Girls’ Chorus 1; Junior Achievement 2, President of Co. 1 ; Band 3. DALLAS HEDGE D.E. 1. ROBERT HENDRICKS - Latin 3; Beta 3; Projection 2; Senior Mirror, Wittiest; Homeroom Treasurer 2. 175 COSMETICS Faberge — Lanvin — Helena Rubinstein POWELL’S PHARMACY 219 East Main Street Phone DU 9-5423 Professional Service ZENITH HEARING AIDS For the cutest clothes in town. SONNY SPIGEL APPAREL 35 East Main St. Phone DU 9-71 1 6 JOAN HERRON - C.Y.A. 1; Pep Club 1; F.H.A. 3; F.B.L.A. 3; V.O.T. 1; Scrapbook chairman, F.B.L.A. 1; Poster Chairman 1; Drill Team 3; Annual Staff, Pho¬ tographer 1, Artist 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1; High School Teen Program WHYE 2; Parliamentary Law Team 2. CAROLINE HIGHFILL — Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 2; Latin Club 4; Beta Club 3; Corresponding Secretary Beta Club 1; Usher at Commencement 1; Secretary Homeroom 1; Sweetheart Court 1. PAUL HODGE — Astronomy Club 5; Science Club 1; Treasurer, Secretary of Astronomy Club 1; Track 1. MARIE HOFER - Latin Club 2; Beat Club 2; 4-H Club 1; Usher at Commencement 1; First Place in Science Fair 1. DIXIE HUGHES — Transfer Student. JOSEPHINE JACOBS - C.Y.A. 4. PEGGY JOBE - S.C.A. 1; D.E. 1. GWEN JOHNSON — Latin Club 3; Pep Club D Tr Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 2; Hall Monitor 1; Band 3- A Cappella Choir 1; Girls Ensemble 1. BETTY JONES - Pep Club 3; Latin Club 4; Jr. Y- Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 3; 4-H Club 1; Beta Club 1; F.H.A. 3; Homeroom Vice-President 1, Treasurer 1 Secretary 1; Sweetheart Court 1. CAROL JONES - Pep Club 5; Beta Club 2; Jr Y- Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 3; F.H.A. 3: F.B.L.A. 1; Sr. Y- Teen Worship Center Chairman 1; Secretary Homeroom 3; Vice-President Homeroom 1; Sweetheart Court L Princess Sweetheart Court 1; May Court 1; Cheerleader JONES — C.Y.A. 1; Latin Club 1; Homeroom • ce-President 1; A Cappella Choir 2. Home-owned and operated 4 ' CUFF LEWEKk Complete selection for Car, Home, and Recreation 4 C l l GEORGE A. JEFFREYS CO. Baking Fermentation Food Enzymes Engineers Consultants P.O. Box 709 • Phone DU 9-8220 Salem, Virginia 176 I A ' FISHER TRAILER SALES isjn» 1 ! j S % ; m 1 j Call DUpont 9-6843 Salem, Va ! ' j ' SJ f. u j ? - — N . LAJ " MECHANICAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC. Lee Highway, East Dial DU 9-4165 Salem, Virginia A V n -A ' V RFD 3 2] 2 Miles West of Salem on Rt. 11 8-460 EUDORA JUDD — Transfer Student: F.B.L.A. 3; Latin Club 1; F.B.L.A. Treasurer 1. CHAPMAN-TANEY INSURANCE INC. 141 2 So. College Ave. Salem, Virginia PAT KAGEALS — Latin Club 4; Beta Club 3; Bi-Phy- Chem 2; F.H.A. 2; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Treasurer F.H.A. 1; Vice-President Bi-Phy-Chem 1. BONNIE KEENAN - Jr. Y-Teens 1; F.B.L.A. 3; Par¬ liamentarian, F.B.L.A. 1. WAYNE KEFFER Beta Club 3; F.F.A. 4; President F.F.A. 1; Secretary 1; President B-R-B F.F.A. Federa¬ tion 1, Treasurer 1; Hall Monitor 2; Usher at Com¬ mencement and Baccalaureate 1 ; First Place B-R-B F.F.A. Public Speaking 2; First Place Blue Ridge District F.F.A. Public Speaking 1; Second Place Andrew Lewis F.F.A. Public Speaking 1. RAY KIRBY — C.Y.A. 2; Astronomy 1; Hi-Y 1; Jr. Science Club 1; Bi-Phy-Chem 2; Winter Track 2; Spring Track 2; Junior Achievement 2. DIAL DU 9-8606 GENERAL INSURANCE AUTOMATED BOOKKEEPING JIMMY KROPFF — 4-H 2; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Freshman Basketball 1. WAYNE LaMAY — Projection Club 2; Vice-President Projection Club 1. BOBBY LANCASTER - F.F.A. 2; D.E. 1. WAYNE LEE - Jr. Science 2; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; As¬ tronomy 1 ; D.E. 1; Hi-Y 1 ; Winter Track 1; Spring Track 1. RITA LEONHARDT Latin Club 4; Pep Club 5; F.H.A. 1; Latin Club Provincial Governor 1; Cheerleader 3; Student Council 1; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Homeroom President 1 ; Vice-President 1 ; Homecoming Queen; May Court 2; Holly Court 1. CHARLES LOONEY - Jr. Science Club 2; D.E. 1; Bi- Phy-Chem 1; Astronomy 1; Hi-Y 1; Junior Achievement 1. 177 8 -2Z W . (ain St. ' ' Salem, Va? Phone Dl 5-1533 Zenith Sales NANCY LOOPE - .D.E. 1. SONJIA LORD - D.E.l. TRESSIE LOVERN - D.E. 1; Junior Achievement 1. LYNN MANNING — Hi-Y 2; 4-H 4; Pep Club 2; Latin Club 2; S.C.A. 4; Basketball 2; Track 1; Home¬ room Vice-President 2; Treasurer 1; President 1; Class Treasurer 1; Reporter of 4-H 2; Vice-President 2; Hi-Y Chaplain 2. CAROL MARKHAM — D.E. 1; Secretary of D.E.; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Homeroom Secretary 1 ; Band 3; Drill Team 1; 1-Act Play Festival; District Forensic Meet. ANDY MARSINKO F.F.A. 4; Drill Instructor 1. MARY MARSINKO — Pep Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1, Sr. Y-Teens 1; Art Staff of Inkslinger 1, Mixed Choir 5; Drill Team 3. ANITA MARTIN - F.H.A. 1; Latin Club 1. DELORES MARTIN — S.C.A. 1; F.H.A. 2; F.B.L.A. 2; Girls’ Basketball Team 1; Guidance Staff 1. PATTY MAE MARTIN — C.Y.A. 2; Jr. Science Club 1; F.T.A. 2; Beta Club 3; Wittiest in Senior Mirror; Homeroom Secretary 1; President 1; Vice-President 1 ; Drill Team 2; Delegate to Girls’ State; Mixed Choir L BARR ' S MAY — Jr. Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Astronomy Club 1; Raffio Club 4; Monogram Club 1; Basketball 2; In- door Track 3; Spring Track 1; Cross Country 4; Second lace in City-County Track I; Secretary-Treasurer of Radio Club. OIS McDA - L — Latin Club 4. cE i° N ' D — Pep Club 5; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y- batin 4; “Most Personable” in Senior Salem, Virginia Southwestern Virginia’s Wholesale Distributor of GROCERIES INSTITUTIONAL FOODS DRY GOODS DRUGS TOBACCOS FROZEN FOODS SPECIALITIES Telephone DU 9-5428 178 4 A T $ 1 4 V f £ K G? r Z r -V V r N O ' n V a T V A V o A $ SHENANDOAH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Roanoke, Virginia e( ALrt rus- - -J -4. CTT cf “ Xt ss rjuUi 4 COMPLIMENTS OF MILLER TIRE SERVICE Salem, Virginia DU 9-5435 Mirror; Newspaper staff 3; Newspaper circulation manager 1; Homeroom President 1; May Court; Home¬ coming Court; Holly Court; Latin Club Praetor 1, Censor 2, Aedile 1; Cheerleader 4; Jr. Y-Teens recording Secretary 1; Pep Club Recording Secretary 1 ; Student Council 2; Treasurer of Student Body 1; Youth Seminar 2; Girls’ State 1 ; Vice President Freshman Class. ROSALIND McFARLAND - Jr. Y-Teens 2; Bi-Phy- Chem 2; Beta 3; Latin 4; “Most Intellectual” on Senior Mirror; Co-editor of Literary Magazine; Newspaper Staff 3, Assistant Editor 1; Head Copywriter 1 ; Homeroom president 2; Homeroom vice-president 1; Bi-Phy-Chem vice-president 1; Beta Club treasurer 1; Marshall at Commencement 1; Girls’ State 1; Teen Town 1. CHARLES McLAURIN - Astronomy Club 4; Latin 3; Jr. Science 2; Band 4. LEE McREYNOLDS Latin Club 4; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Beta Club 2; Pep Club 3 ; Homeroom secretary 1 ; Home¬ room president 1. BEVERLY GAIL MILLER C.Y.A. 3; Latin Club 2; Beta Club 3; Band Letter; Homeroom secretary 1; All State Choir 1; A Cappella Choir 2; Student Conductor of Choir 1; C.Y.A. Song Leader 1, President 1; Band 5; All State Band 4; Student Conductor of Band 1; Band Librarian I. VIOLET MINUCIE - D.E. Club 1. JOHN MITCHELL — Science Club 1 ; Astronomy Club 3; Homeroom vice-president 1; Band 3; Pep Band 1. 179 X V a»o« ' . • i v v t " vT a r i ’ sj y y . — c ! v r a. b 14 . - r r v ' r - a CK f i t v» k t ■ ' f t v i r Vi •v V t . ) i v,„ k. r a - i q a vi w r Sec y 0 T K 4 • « 4 ' t IV (L (u ' S A 80 ON YOUR XjUtA dZ SALEM, VIRGINIA CAROLYN MOHLER — Reporter of Star Federation, F.H.A. 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; F.H.A. 4; Beta Club 2; Bi- Phy-Chem 2; F.H.A. Historian 1; President F.H.A. 1; First Vice President F.H.A. 1; Usher at Commencement; Mixed Choir 1 ; Miss F.H.A. 1 ; State Homemaker De¬ gree; Letter for Academic Achievement 1; Sec. Star Federation, F.H.A. 1. BONNIE OALE MOORE Sports Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Y.O.T. 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; S.C.A. 1; Volleyball 1 ; Basket¬ ball 3; Homeroom Treasurer 3; Homeroom Secretary 1; Social Chairman and Recorder of Points 1, Sports Club; Drill Team 2. VIVIAN J. MOORE D.E. 1; 4-H 2; S.C.A. 2. SANDRA JEAN MORRIS - F.B.L.A. 3; Beta Club 3; Guidance St ; 1 ; Homeroom Vice-President 1; All tate Choir; Cappella Choir 3 ; Corresponding Secre¬ tary, F.B.L.A. 1; Usher at Commencement; Girls’ Cho¬ rus 1 ; School letter for academic achievement 1. BONNIE MULLINS - S.C.A. 1; F.B.L.A. 2; Jr Y- Teens 1; Guidance Staff 1 ; Drill Team 1. JERRY NEIGHBORS Latin Club 1 ; Astronomy Club 1; Monogram Club 2; F.B.L.A. 1; Jr. Science Club 1; Basketball 4; J.V. Football 1; Track 2; Cross-Country track 2; Tri-Captain Basketball Team 1; 1st Place West¬ ern District High Jump 1; 1st Team All-City-County Basketball 1; 2nd Team Western District Basketball 1 ; Holiday Tournament 1; 4th place, high jump, City- County Track Meet I; Bernard’s Sportsmanship Award 1; Newspaper Staff 2; WROV Teentown 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1. JOHN J. NEMETH — Latin Club 1; President of Jr. Achievement company 1; Junior Achievement 2. 180 xO c ° 4ty cc ' V vP N 5° iVu - -Q c % fi r i ' fr cr £ co ew Syj c A 1D o )9 vfc. aP -t %CH - P C ID c ° DRIVE-IN vP° C SaWrWPv ,t’V r 0 0- irginia cJ ck: ' " T) FOR BOYS AND YOUNG MEN O ‘C ' A complete world of boys and young wear, planned exclusively to their es and interests — Western Virginia’s style center for high school and college rfefUp f j The only store of its kind in all Virginia BOYS’ STUDENTS’ SHOP 29 West Church Ave. Roanoke, Va. WILLIAM B. NUNNALLY room Treasurer 1. Latin 1; Hi-Y 2; Home- Organized 1931 Goodwin Insurance Realty Co., Inc. 15 South College Avenue SALEM, VIRGINIA Dividend Paying Insurance KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUT CO. Two Convenient Locations 1923 Williamson Road 4141 Melrose Avenue Twenty-one Delicious Varieties Special Prices For Clubs LOIS LENORA NUTTER - Sports Club 4; F.H.A. 1; F.B.L.A. 1; Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team 1 ; School Letter 1 (Numerals, star, cup) ; Most Athletic on Senior Mirror; Sports Staff of Newspaper 2; Homeroom Secretary 2; Holly Court; Publicity Chairman 1, Secre¬ tary 1, Vice president 1, of Sports Club; Drill Team 2; Secretary of Junior Class. KATHLEEN OWEN - F.H.A. 2; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 2; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Mixed Choir 1; F.H.A. Music Chairman 1. ELLEN PAINTER — Junior Y-Teens 1; Sports Club 3; Girls Basketball 2; Girls Volleyball 1; School Letter, with star, numerals, trophy, 1; District One-Act Play Festival 1; State One-Act Play Festival 1 ; Dramatics 2; Library Assistant 1. DENNIS PARKS Hall monitor 1. DERRELL PARKS 1. EDAIR PERDUE Hall Monitor 1. Latin Club 3; F.T.A. Track 1 ; Track 3; Homeroom vice-president F.H.A. 1; Mrs. Weeks’ Office 1; ANDREA PEREZ — transfer student: F.B.L.A. 1, Holly Court 1. DIANNE PETERS Beta Club 3; C.Y.A. 3; F.T.A. 2; Senior Mirror Most Dependable; Annual Staff 2; Business Manager 1 ; Homeroom Vice-President 1; Homeroom President 1 ; A Cappella Choir 1; C.Y.A. Secretary 1. PAT PEVERELL Sports Club 3; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Basketball 1 ; Basketball letter; Guidance Staff 1 ; Public¬ ity Chairman of Sports Club 3. Sgt. at Arms 1. DONNIE POFF transfer student: Latin Club 1, Golf Team 1, Junior Achievement 1. 181 ANDREW LEWIS TAVERN % Mile West of Salem Famous For Steaks — Sea Food Southern Fried Chicken — Virginia Ham Homemade Cakes Pies Routes 1 1 46 Phone DU 9-7854 Air Conditioned For Your Comfort BURLINGTON INDUSTRIES, INC. ' fr Executive Offices, Greensboro, N, C. Rewarding careers are available in textiles, and with Burlington, —. DORIS POWELL Sports Club 2. NICKY POWELL Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Latin 2: Hi-Y 1; Astronomy 1: Newspaper Staff 2: Sports editor 1; treas¬ urer 2. BARBARA PREAS Beta Club 2; Latin Club 4; F.T.A. 3; Pop Club 1; Bi-Phy-Chcm 1; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y- Tecns 2; JV Cirls Basketball 1; Home Room President 1; Sweetheart court 1: F.T.A. President 1; Sr. Y-Teens President 1 : Patrician Consul Latin Club 1; Drill team 2. SANDRA PRICE Sports Club 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Home¬ room secretary 1, President 2; Vice-Pres. 2; Treasurer Sports Club 2: Recording Secretary F.B.L.A. 1; Drill Team 1. BETTY JO QUICK - Sports Club 4; F.B.L.A. 3; Volleyball T m 1; Basketball team 2; AL letter and rophy; Man; r letter (softball) Numbers Star; Best Looking in Senior Mirror; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Sec¬ retary 1; President 1; Drill Team 1 ; Homecoming court 1; Maid of Honor, Holly Court; May Court 1; Sports Club — Social Chairman 1; Vice Pres. 1; F.B.L.A. Treas¬ urer 1; Reporter 1 ; Carnival Queen 1; Secretary of Class 1 . MARY FRANCES RADFORD transfer student: Latin Club 2; Annual Staff 1. CHARLES S. RAKES - Astronomy 2; Latin 1; CYA 2; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Track 2; Football 1; Hall Monitor 2; Member of Junior Achievement 1 : Homeroom Secretary 1 ; Treasurer 1. BARBARA RAMEY - F.B.L.A. 2; Pep Club 2; Mrs. Smith’s office 1. DAVID RARDIN Latin Club 4; Bi-Phy-Chem 1; As¬ tronomy Club 1 ; Winter track 2. 182 JUDY REESE - C.Y.A. 3; F.H.A. 1; Treasurer of C.Y.A. 1. CALLIE REID — transfer student: F.T.A. 1; Latin Club 1; Sr. Y-Teens 1; Pep Club 1; Beta Club 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Most Likely to Succeed in Senior Mirror; Head Copy Writer of Annual 1; May Court 1; Sweet¬ heart Court 1; Homeroom Vice-President 1; President 1; Sec.-Treas. 1; Worship Chairman of Sr. Y-Teens 1; President of F.T.A. 1; Usher at commencement 1 ; Al¬ ternate Girls State 1; Scholastic Letter 1. COMPLIMENTS OF DANNY RICHARDS - F.F.A. 4; 4-H Club 1; Treas¬ urer of F.F.A. 1 ; Assistant Reporter F.F.A. 1. OAK HILL CAP AND GOWN CO. RONNIE RICHARDS - Latin Club 4; Football 2; Track 3; Golf 2; Letter in Golf 2; Band 2. HUGH E. (YOGI) ROBERTS - D. E. 1; Monogram Club 1; Hi-Y 2; Football 1; Baseball mgr. 1; Baseball 2; J.V. Basketball 2; A Cappella Choir 1; D.E. Club Treas. 1. PROUDLY SERVING ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL WITH CAPS, GOWNS, AND CHOIR ROBES. CAROLYN ROBERTSON D.E. 1. JIMMY ROBERTSON - Astronomy Club 4; Latin Club 1 ; Annual Staff 5; Library Staff 1. MICHAEL ROBERTSON - Beta Club 3; Latin Club 3; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 1; Letter for Scholar¬ ship 1; Senior Mirror Most Intellectual; Homeroom President 1, Homeroom Treasurer 1; Inkslinger Staff 1 : National Merit Scholarship Finalist. VIOLET ROOP D.E. 1; Library Staff 1. LEONARD RORER - D.E. 1 ; Hall Monitor 1. ED ROUTT - Monogram Club 2; D.E. 1; J.V. Foot¬ ball 1; Varsity Football 3; Football Letter; President of D.E. Club. JOHN RUTHERFORD - 4-H 1; C.Y.A. 1 ; Newspaper Staff 4; Homeroom Vice-President 1: A Cappella 4; 4-H Treasurer 1, Library Staff 1. 183 LITTRELL’S BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP Modern Sanitary 207 E. Main Street Salem, Va FIVE CHAIRS AND NO WAITING — Call DU 9-7401 for Appointment — SAM’S 1 16 E. Main St. 304 First St. Roanoke 109 Pollard St. Vinton Quality Clothing and Shoes For The Entire Family Compliments of JAMES E. PETERS Treasurer of Roanoke County “THE CENTER OF VALUES IN THE HEART OF THE VALLEY " PETERS CREEK PHARMACY 1 1 20 Peters Creek Rd., N.W. Phone EM 6-5525 Roanoke, Va. O 5 OJsJllorUJ Roanoke — Salem Shopping Plaza -T TRIANGLE TEXACO SERVICE STATION ' du 9-ra o j Of ' , 5 i v y r k x SKYLINE CLEANERS J v i and 0 $±4IRT LAUNDRY 601 College Ave. Salem, Virginia ALVIN SARTIN - D.E. 1. PATRICIA MAY SARVER - D.E.l. ANN SAUNDERS — transfer student: Pep Club 3; Latin Club 2; Jr Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 2; Sweet¬ heart Court 1; Third Place in Science Fair 1. SANDRA SAYERS — Jr. Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 4; Latin Club 4; Beta Club 1; Newspaper Staff 5; Assistant Alumni Editor 1; Alumni Editor 1; Homeroom Treas¬ urer 3; Homeroom Secretary 1; May Court 2; Pep Club President 1; J.V. Cheerleader 1; Miller and Rhodes Teen Council Representative 1 : Youth Seminar 1. SUSAN SCHUMACHER - Beta Club 2; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3; Pep Club 2; Latin Club 4: F.T.A. 1; Guidance Stall 1 ; Homeroom President 1 ; Sweetheart Court 1; President of Jr. Y-Teens 1; Service Projects of Sr. Y-Teens 1; Drill Team 1; Usher at commencement. JOYCE SHORTER — F.B.L.A. 2; Library Staff 1. CAROL SHOWALTER - Pep Club 3; Latin Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Homeroom Treasurer 1. GAIL SIMMERS - Latin Club 1; J.V. Football 2. DOTTY SMILEY - Beta Club 2; Pep Club 2: Latin Club 4; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3; Homeroom Treas¬ urer 1 ; Homeroom Vice-President 1 ; Sweetheart Court 1; Jr. Y-Teen Music Chairman 1; Sr. Y ' -Teen Interclub Council Representative 1 ; Library Staff 1; Drill Team 1; Usher at Commencement; School Letter for Academic Achievement. MIKE SPESSARD - Hi-Y 2; Latin Club 4; Science Club 1; Track 1; Newspaper Staff 1; Homeroom Presi¬ dent 3; A Cappella Choir I; S.I.P.A. 1; Band 1; Wol¬ verine Turntable 3; Chairman 1 ; Hi-Y Chaplain 1 ; Hi-Y Secretary 1 : Latin Club Patrician Council 1 ; Vice-: President 1, Pres. 1. 184 1600 Colorado Street Salem, Virginia “Where You Get Quality and Service” SHENANDOAH TOOL AND SUPPLY CO. Phone DU 9-8141 Cutting Tools, Machinery and Accessories, Precision Tools, All Kinds of Steel There’s a Rocket for Every Pocket ROANOKE As you go from one world to another . . . we congratulate you . . . and invite your inquiries as to our offerings in a liberal arts. Co-educational, Christian, higher education . . . Since 1 842 COLLEGE Salem, Virginia JANICE SPRADLIN — transier student: Sports Club 2; F.B.L.A. 1. DICKIE STEEN Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Track 2; Football Manager 1. BILL STEVENS — transfer student. DEE STINNETTE - Latin Club 4; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 2; C.Y.A. 1; Sports Club 3; Volleyball 1; Jr. Varsity Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 1; Hall monitor 2; Athletic Letter, A Cappella Choir 2; Sweetheart Court 1; Secretary of Sports Club 1; Library Staff. BETSY STOKES Latin Club 4; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 2; FT.A. 1; C.Y.A.; Home President - 1; A Cappella Choir 3; Mixed Choir 1; Sweetheart Court 1 ; Sr. Y-Teen Treasurer 1; A Cappella Choir Treasurer. ' „ BARBARA STUMP - C.Y.A. 3; Sports Club 1 F.B.L.A. 1 ; Guidance Staff 1; Library Staff 1. EUEL STUMP - Latin Club 4; Band 5; Band Letter 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1; President 1; C.Y.A. 2; Vice- President 1; Drum major 3; All State Band 1. GEORGE SUMMERS - Latin Club 4; Jr. Science Club 2; Secretary Beta Club; Monogram Club 2; Treas¬ urer 1; Track 2; Junior Varsity Football 2; Freshman Basketball 2; Senior Mirror, Best Looking: Homeroom Vice-President 1; Secretary 1; President 1 ; Homecoming Prince 1; Boys’ State 1; Junior Varsity Basketball 1; Var¬ sity Football 2; Varsity Golf 2; Varsity Basketball 1; J. W. Burress Award 1. KENNY SUTPHIN Projection Club 2. LYNWOOD SWEENEY - Astronomy Club 1; S.C.A- 2; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Secretary 2; Junior Achievement 2 . 185 - XXs -kLr -U- ' W ' ' ' CHLsul r aZZc + ux c STaJ mtSLj • The Finest Name In Frozen Food UCL CCl i - 0(- ROANOKE FROSTED FOODS, INC. Kessler’JT fea Sd O " Ct ' IxL S U2 J ' JT A 1 .y , DAME ROOFING COMPANY FORCED A,R HEAT, ? . oc-S ' AIR c ° ND,TION, y® Dial DU Established — 1880 sLX. c n xx xZ c= % iA j wLc x j a z: l -y i - -C Compliments of TOM’S POTATO CHIPS Salem, Virginia y SALEM THEATER Q J 302 E. Main Street ) THE BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT JIM PETERS TEXACO Lakeside Road EM 6-9969 Roanoke, Virginia NORTH “11” LANES Williamson Road Roanoke, Virgina COMPLIMENTS OF McAVOY MUSIC HOUSE, INC. WHEN YOU THINK OF MUSIC — THINK OF McAVOY 122 W. Church Ave. Phone Dl 5-8587 Roanoke, Va. LANNY TAYLOE Transfer Student; Junior Science 2; Monogram 2; Projection 1; S.C.A. 1; Football 4; Track 2; Football Letter; Track Letter; First Place in Roanoke County Science Fair: Junior Achievement 3; President of Co. 3. ALBERT TAYLOR C.Y.A. 3; Astronomy Club 2; D.E. 1; Spring Track 1 ; Newspaper Staff 4, Co-Editor 1; SI PA 1 ; Homeroom Treasurer 2 ; D.E. Reporter. DOROTHY TAYLOR Latin Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1. JANET TERRY - F.H.A. 3; F.B.L.A. 2; Senior Y- Teens 1 ; V.O.T. 1 ; Library Staff 1 ; Guidance Staff 1. JAMES THOMAS Latin Club 3: Beta Club 3; Home¬ room Secretary 1. BECKY THOMAS Jr. Y-Teens 1 ; C.Y.A. 1 ; Latin Club 1 ; Sr. Y-Teens 1 : Homeroom Vice-President 1 ; Library Staff 1; Junior Achievement 1; Mixed Choir 1. PAT TOMELTY Transfer Student: Bi-Phy-Chem 1; Astronomy 1 : Latin 1 : Footbu.ll 1 : Track 1 ; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Junior Achievement 1; C.Y.A. 1; Wrest¬ ling 1. TANYA TUTTLE 4-H 1: Library Staff 2; Junior Achievement 1 : Band 5: Majorette 3; Letter 1 : Librarian 1. MARY TYLER F.H.A. 2. SANDRA TYREE Latin 2: Pep Club 2: Beta Club 3; Jr. Y-Tecns 2; Treasurer 1; Senior Mirror, Most SALEM FAST SERVICE Shirts and Cleaning — 1 hr. if desired Colorado and Boulevard C. J. " Cam " Mays Dial 389-461 1 OLD VIRGINIA BRICK CO., INC. DU 9-2357 Salem, Va. L 186 AS USUAL THE UNUSUAL Cameras Gifts Records ewald-clark SHELTON’S GARAGE 430 WEST MAIN ST. DU 9-2601 Salem, Va. General Automotive Repair t Sincere; Homeroom President 3; Vice-President 2; A Cappella Choir 3; Secretary 1; Drill Team Captain 1. PEGGY VADEN Transfer Student: F.B.L.A. 1; V.O.T. 1. CHARLOTTE WADE - F.H.A. 1; Drill Team 2. RUSTY WALKER - Latin Club 3; Track 2. ALLISON WATTS Latin Club 4; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Beta Club 2; Newspaper Staff 3; Asst, News Editor 1; Co-Editor 1; Homeroom President 1; A Cappella Choir . 3. JANET WEBB - D.E. Club 1. PEGGY WERTZ - F.H.A. 1; S.C.A. 2. RONALD WESTON — Astronomy Club 4;-Secretary 1; President 2; Library Staff 1; Newspaper Staff 2; Home¬ room Vice-President 1; Inkslinger Staff 1. CHELF’S DARI-DELIGHT " Where the Wolverines Congregate " 1214 Main Street DONNA WHEELING - Pep Club 5; Latin Club 2; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Junior Achievement 1. PATTI WHITBY - Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 1; World Fellowship Chairman 1; Inter-Club Council; Chairman of Fund Raising 1; Drill Team 3; Sweetheart Court 1. IF IT’S FROM KINGOFF ' S IT ' S GUARAQ KINGOFF’ HOME OF FINE JEWELRY Cor. Jefferson St. and Chur Roanok y irgini ED venu medic i MARVIN WHITLEY - Latin Club 3; Track 2; Foot¬ ball 1 ; Cross-Country 1. LEIGH WILEY - Latin Club 4; Pep Club 2; Jr. Y- Teens 2; Newspaper Staff 4; A Cappella Choir 2; Home¬ coming Court 1. MOON... d beyond! rizons await today’s ' ne y technologies . . . new es . i jAven the moon and what- tes b ow f|pftoday’s students go in this ace agemepends partly on their imagi- ation s wt priiharily on their training. Conquering newphorizons will demand mireAof foj iy’s graduates — more i$wl$dge, more skills, more training more specialization. Our Free Enterprise system, with its high living standards, gives everyone an opportunity to “shoot for the moon” in any field. Whether or not our target is reached depends on how well trained we are to launch ourselves. 187 • BEST food • BEST service • BEST fun • BEST prices AFTER THE DANCE AFTER THE GAME WHEN YOU’RE JUST PLAIN HUNGRY VISIT LENDY’S DEPENDABLE SERVICE JOHN M. OAKEY SON FUNERAL HOME DU 9-5441 SALEM, VIRGINIA BRUCE WILLEY Astronomy Club 1: Treasurer 1; Secretary 1 ; Business Manager of Inkslinger Staff’. SUANNE WILLIAMS - Sr. Y-Teens 2; Y-Teens 2; F.T.A. 1 ; Sweetheart Figure 1 ; Drill Team 3. EARL WIMMER - 4-H 3; F.F.A. 3: 4-H Secretary 1; President 1; Reporter 1. DIANE WINDER - Pep Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Sr. -Teens 1 Inkslinger Staff 1 : Drill Team 3. BETTY WINFREY D.E. 1. DIANE WIRT S.C.A. 1; Pep Club 1; F.B.L.A. 1; Sports Club 1 Jr. Y-Teens 1; Newspaper Staff 1 ; Home¬ room President 1 ; A Cappella Choir 1. JUANITA WORRELL Volleyball 1. BETTY JO WRIGHT - Sports Club 1; Library Staff 1; Junior Achievement 1; Band 4; Majorette 2; Major¬ ette Letters. PEGGY JEAN YATES - Jr. Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2; Newspaper Staff 5; Assistant Advertising Manager 1. BEV YOUNG - Latin Club 1; Track 2; J.V. Basketball; Freshman Football. JERRY YOUNG - Latin Club 1; Football 2; Hall Monitor 3; Homeroom Treasurer 1; A Cappella Choir Librarian 4. Dl 3-8047 Compliments of HENEBRY’S FINE JEWELERS Downtown Roanoke PRINTING Dl 2-3464 FERGUSON TRANSFER STORAGE LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE MOVING STORAGE — PACKING — CRATING 202 12th St., N.W. Roanoke, Vo. ACME PRINTERS INCORPORATED OFFSET ENGRAVING 13-15 NORTH COLLEGE AVE. Dial DU 9-2231 Salem, Va. FLOYD’S BARBER SHOP 1 Block from Andrew Lewis 4th St. Salem, Va. Telephone No. DU 9-7945 Congratulations to the Class of 1 962 PET DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF SALEM ESSO SERVICE CENTER 4th Union Salem, Va. To the next town or across the nation . . . go TRAILWAYS . . . Specialists in friendly first-class travel CHARTERS — TOURS THRU-LINER SERVICE AUDREY’S Clothes . . . for the Young at heart 6 West Main St. Salem GOODWIN — ANDREWS - BRYAN INCORPORATED INSURANCE Dial DU 9-2329 306 E. Main Salem, Va. LORRAINE YOUNG — Latin Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1 ; F.H.A. 1; Homeroom Treasurer 2. GARY ZIMMERMAN — Inkslinger Staff Artist 1; Homeroom Secretary 1. 189 CAFETERIA STAFF OUR STORY would not be complete without giving a vote of thanks to our hard working cafe¬ teria staff. Their cheerful and willing dispositions enable us to relax and enjoy the delicious food they have so laboriously prepared. Hats off to our cafeteria staff! Mrs. Margaret Bailey, Supervisor Mrs. Hilda White Mrs. Virginia Turner Mrs. Gladys Bolling Mrs. Juanita Dennis Mrs. Mary Bratton Mrs. Ruth Kyle Mrs. Irene Moran Mrs. Dora Hale, Manager Mrs. Eura Edwards 3M if Never again will this story be printed. You have held in your hands the first and last edition of our book which tells the day by day story of some of the most wonderful people on earth. And now OUR STORY must come to an end. As the last chapter closes and the last page is turned, You thumb through Our Story with a heart that once yearned For excitement and gay times and friends to be held . . . But that’s all behind you this year, and you’re glad That a part of your life has been summarized here, And you’ll always hold fast to this great “Pioneer.’ 191 new . a t " i y v r ( C h a cl e j h c o c La c V f €? ?r clop ■! o ca C V 7 J o Ox c , d l 4-- Ip S K ec no W -5 r V ool$ Mr. Arnold Ward of Delmar Pictures, Mr. Jim Gentry of Gentry’s Studio and all others who have helped us in publishing OUR STORY. 0 yH ! 0 5 L T (Syyr v l IT” n 192 ■ 4 . U- h tr J Cj» -+ - . A. 4 . X+-4 Jr pu.r y ' zt Ic 32 t 3l jU. G «- G? — ( t »v j jli A U Jj ■ •- ' - ' ■■■■ ' ■ - " ) — c-c s j Y— i ' y - y - l u dL L. I Gl . , d " £ju (y c + ' - s r V ■ 1 HJurt J ;, s — — - -V ' , y 5 XUxX- (ymynol c uZl Z ?} 5 - 4 tW w 2j M Mj[-u f kI J- ' m 1 -y - f fjjsl -Jjth -OUrtltl - ■fa v« ' fyXy ac y - ' Jiy -irjCu Xk tfdnwrMJf i ' jXUSJU : JKIX G)c o- ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem, Virginia UyJLA-X--, OAW ' - vJJ vvS « vS - jo- a 1 W W Wsu . JU Ju Aa A- Cr - OLSr- l VJ.4iii) o Av 3 AA -fct , x Af« A A-vJ Ov W . 6 A PS, (Slco x JU3i ' f ■ ; ' . ' W? ■ § mm% wmM mm a! o)V r-r mASns tf : v. .. ' • :• ' - ; • • .Vt ' -V ' VV..- p J ' fliiUM ■ Ilk si? SSSB :., ,■1! 1 - Vjr : ! ■ W r - • ■’ • VlNVA ' .-li ' Tj reBfflg ffig v 1 K«:S ,’-:,-;t:; ; • mm :•:• : ■ ' : IlMSS

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