Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA)

 - Class of 1960

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Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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ANOXwisMS- moots SChOOL saim Wyitva f ifll " I rflH | 1111 (11 ] 11 lilffllll I S S H t ! X ! I 1 | : i f i uu LJU MM ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: MARTHA POAGE BUSINESS MANAGER: LYNN ROWLAND ADVISORS: MRS. MARJORIE T. BOWMAN MRS. MARY M. RASH SALEM, VIRGINIA ' m .= ■ jp " ,HiH. , ' , i , i h 1 t - i J ’ •, i ' , ■ 1 " j. ' r " ' ' »’ »; jS ' " j j-x ' s y j Sg f) CLU - .P«?e - - s4ccuCe« tff s4ouwict . Paye 4 D iecto and P ' iodueen . Paye 5 0a4t . Paye I — 0£aA4eA . Paye 7 s4ct 11 — s4t6Cettc . Paye 7 9 s4ct III — ?eatcvie . Paye 93 ac 4taye 0anuHtttee . Paye ?03 cce 0and — Se Uo% ' Dtnecfrvuf . Paye f44 ‘3ac6e ' i . Paye f49 3occ fruet . Paye f %4 2 Many tilings are required in order to have a really good play. Excellent ac¬ tors, goo d backstage work, the proper equipment, and, of course, expert directors are all among them. But it takes something else, something that cannot be found in an ordinary list of dramatic requirements. That something is called purpose. Purpose gives a play meaning, making it into much more than just a name on a playbill. And, above all, purpose gives spirit to the play. The drama of our alma mater has a purpose and a spirit, beginning with the open¬ ing scene in the fall and ending with the final curtain the following spring. These, coupled with the tremendous performance by our actors, and the wonderful guid¬ ance of our directors, make us very proud to present the 1960 version of a twenty- eight year old play. 3 This, our Academy Award, we present to you because of your service to us. If we are in need of help, you are always there ready to give aid in any way. Working for the benefit of all students by giving advice, by counseling in personal problems, and by devoting hours to club projects, is only a minor reason for our choice. ' Ik ' %S-4, W- Friendliness, co-operation, student praise, and loyal support for school activities are the qualities which make you truly a friend of the student. Long will you be remembered by all who have attended Andrew Lewis. Therefore, we, the Annual Staff of 1959-1960 dedicate to you, Mr. Richard Thomas, the 1960 “Pioneer.” 4 VaaAxuliK Behind the scenes of a drama, the stage managers busily organize the cast and see that the equipment is in its proper place. In our play, it is the teachers who fulfill this capacity, as they skillfully manage their individual scenes at Andrew Lewis. The stage managers are responsible to the producers, whose duty it is to keep the various parts of the play together. Our producers, the Principal, and Assistant Prin¬ cipal, manage the problems of running a large school with expert care. The people who take care of the mood of the play, and who help the actors solve their various problems, are the play’s directors, or, in our case, the Andrew Lewis guidance staff. The excellent work of these groups makes us proud to present this year’s c?t)irectorA roclucerd • 4 ?®. ' ' V ■. 0 Dtnect n T Oi. s4. D. ' rtyunt " Tftsi. DeT ' Octt JftMen ‘P ' UttcifrciC 6 4 4idt Z tt ' P ' ltKCtftfU Guidance Staff, Left to Right: Mrs. Keffer, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Smith, Miss Webb. STANDING: Mr. Hurt, Mr. Miller, Mr. St. Clair. ' P ' tocUccen — tyoUcUutce Our efficient office staff; Left to Right: Carolyn Deeds, Mrs. June Long, Betty Ann Cimburke. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jo Oakey, Audrey Edwards, Jerry Brickey, Shelia Blankenship, Mrs. Smith, Guidance Director; Pat Cobb. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Albert, Susan Shumacher, Donna Byrd, Linda Harris, Joyce Parr, Brenda Woolwine, Sylvia Witt, Barbara Ramey. William Bolton Marjorie Bo’ Consumer Economics English aCI D.E. X Evelyn Blake Home Ec. Sue Banner English Nancy Andrews Margaret Bailey Physical Ed. Adv. Arith., Alg awa ' Annie Cook Latin Herbert Copenhaver Driver Education Dorothea Chick Algebra Carl Colley English Dewitt Miller Principal Alice Coulter Physics, Algebra Math J. D. Crawford Audio Visual Radio-T.V. James Daughteridge Nancy Davidson Driver Education English Science A k A. D. Hurt Assistant Principal Fred Dixon Math Gladys Gillespie Plane and Solid Geometry Bertha Fisher English Mary Goodwin Typing V.O.T. Barbara Hoge Geography History Frances Hurt Biology Science Julia Hylton Science Math Lillian Jennings Science Math Claudia Grider History Linnae Hedgbeth Math Ken Harper Physical Ed. Hal Johnston Opal Keffer Doris Kelly Phys. Ed. Algebra Home Ec. Forrest Smith Guidance Mildred Chapman 8th Grade Guidance Mildred Kidd History, English Nancy Kolmej Elizabeth Lawerence A tKiJ ' U u Typing O ffice Practice L Norman Lineburg English Martha Logan Mary Jane Maxwell English, Latin Algebra Plane Geometry Dematris Meador Bookkeeping T yping Dick Miley Phys. Ed. Dorothy Miller Mary Mitchell Lake Newton David Nickerson Latin Typing Librarian Biology General Business Dorothy O’Dell Biology Kenneth Orr Ag. Shop Agriculture Jane Painter Phys. Ed. Mary Parrish English History Elsie Proffitt Rebecca Rhudy Robert Patterson Stenography Mary Rash English, History Dan Richards Science Typing French World Geography Civics Murphy Scott Agriculture Ag. Shop Betty Shelton General Business Typing, World Geography, Civics Henrietta Shillman Harry Simmers Adelaide Smith Barbara Smith Geraldine Spenser Otha St. Clair Joseph Swink History, English Music English, History Math, Algebra Math, Science Civics Shop Art Auto Mechanics Ann Thomason Hazel Waters Pauline Webb Edna Weeks Elsie Wertz Mary Wright Sue Yates English Geometry Chemistry Science English, History Librarian Math Forensics Public Speaking Drama Algebra Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Bowling, and Mrs. Gibson finish the last min¬ ute touches before the rush be¬ gins. Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Hale, Mrs. Gibson, and Mrs. Francisco pre¬ pare for lunch. (ladt — Siudentd This year’s cast has shown superb ability, both in scholastic attainment and extra¬ curricular activities, and because of this our play is a success. The stars were the foremost actors, but now must bow out as the curtain closes for the last time in front of them. The co-stars eagerly look forward to next year’s performance. The supporting cast, while in the background of our drama, has shown outstand¬ ing talent. The understudies look forward to a greater participation in our play. The ingenues can hardly wait to learn the script and to take a few bows. The offstage chorus anticipates being a part of the main production. Thus it is with pride that we spotlight this year’s Anne Crouch Charley Suiter ‘Seat Carolyn Watkins Alex McNeil Seniwi Setti i ‘TPCcwio ' i TTt tf )KteCjCeetuat Charles McFarland Sandra Harvey Richard Paugh Linda Pemell Malinda Sayers Richard Browder " Tftcct dlc eCcf fa Succeed Mike Terry Lula Downey " TTtoct Se tocC Sfr Ut ★ A ★ ★ " TTt ct ' PesvdctteiCtty Paul Wiley Anne Nimmo Tftoct Sitteesie David Overstreet Betty Coffman Sonny Tarpley Sandra Jones ‘Pafrutan, Bill Wade Frances Tucker " Wtadt s4t6letie Settt t ‘TTCiwun endcULCe Charles Reese Martha Poage TVittieat Douglas Wickham Jenny Lou Dawson 1 11 1 : . j . ■ i m. Bob Keeney Elizabeth McClung ' l enAatcCe ' P ' ie4e tt Siggi Daffner Pete Conner ? ' Ue uCite4t ’TPtty C 7ate tect Lynn Rowland Sammy Carter Larry Keyes Dianne Redford ■■ Senior Class Officers are, Left to Right: Lynn Rowland, Treasurer; Staley Hester, Vice- President; Bibi McLung, Secretary; Charles Suiter, President; Miss Cook, Class Sponsor. We, the Seniors, feel that we can be proud of our accomplishments as we near the finale of our last performance. We started as ingenues and have performed scene after scene on our climb to stardom. We feel a sense of gratitude to our direc¬ tors, producers, and parents who have so patiently guided us throughout our dramatic careers. We have thoroughly enjoyed our many performances at Andrew Lewis, and it is with a mixture of sadness and gladness that we must bow out. We leave, knowing that we have obtained an excellent basic education, and, at the same time, we look forward with anticipation to beginning our roles in the drama of life. Carolyn Lee Akers Gerald Linden Akers Mary Jane Aliff Alice Pearl Altice Yancey Wyatt Ayers, III Barbara Jean Bailey Charip Ann Bailey Peggy Ann Ayers 17 Ruth Irene Bohon Barbara Aldine Booher Janet Lunell Branum Jack Griffith Brewer 18 Richard Carter Browder Doris Irene Brumfield Patricia Ann Brumfield Dallas Delacy Brunk Carolyn Sue Cabiness Michael Frank Calaway Peggy Jean Caldwell Samuel Reed Carter, III Virginia Gail Cerveny Betty Ann Cimburke Charlie Daniel Clark Hilda Joyce Clark .. Elizabeth Ann Coffman Rodney Grant Clowers a SS Jessie Gladden Clowers George Richard Conner Shelva Jean Conner Arlene Coretta Conrad Peggy Joyce Cook Ellen Routh Cox Anita Eloise Crosswhite Diana Nina Crotts Gloria Ann Crouch Sigrid Irmgard Daffner Lula Evelyn Downey Barbara Ann Doyle Sandra Price Draper Audrey Lynn Edwards Barbara Ann Ferguson William Eugene Galbraith Katherine Seldon Fitzgerald James Monroe Foley Clifford Allen Gallion Mildred Louise Garman € MX O ' S Carole Anne Garven Paulette Gearheart Thomas James Goode Sheila Yvonne Goodman 22 Donald Edward Hancock Sandra Logan Harvey Sandra Gwen Helm Patricia Ann Henry Frank Staley Hester Carolyn Jane Hill Gaylena Hurt Cynthia Sue Hill Joseph Chester Jacobs Brenda Dianne Johnston Brenda Smith Journell Sandra Kay Jones Mary Ann Keaton Charles Robert Keeney, Jr. David Wendell Kennamer Larry Milton Keyes 24 Charles Warren McFarland Alex Ferrell McNeil Emma Viola Mt. Cassell Larry Franklin Marshall 25 Shelbyjean Ruth Motley Richard Henry Moushegian Barbara Ann Mowles 26 William Morris Murphy Linda Kay Pernell Lois Ann Phlegar Wayne Dermont Plybon 27 Martha Ann Poage David Arthur Poff Randolph Douglas Powers Nancy Virginia Price Miles Andrew Price, Jr. Marie Augusta Rohrer Wanda June Roop Margaret Lynn Rowland Gypsey Ann Robertson Ardena Alice Shelor Nina Virginia Shelor Helen Geraldine Smith Sherrill Leroy Smith Leonard Wesley Snead Linda Kay Stearnes Colleen Patricia Strouth Carolyn Joyce Stump Charles Greever Suiter James Ballantyne Taney Carol Sue Spence Warren Michael Walker Nancy Carolyn Watkins Carlton Gale Weaver 31 Carol Sue Weaver it Mary Edwina Williams Cynthia Ann Winston Betty Jean Wirt ' Pott tyuuUiatet Jerry Ann Brickey Edrie Margaret Speed Rebecca Lee Stanley The Junior Class offi¬ cers, Right to Left: President, Carolyn El¬ more; Vice-President, Wayne Pillow; Secre¬ tary, Venona Musser; T reasurer, Jo Oakey. The class sponsor is Mrs. Mary Hackman. We, the Juniors, are proud of our part as co-stars in this year’s drama. We have worked hard on our roles so that they will be the best. Our achievements include sponsori ng the Junior-Senior Prom, presenting a talent show, helping with the Christmas Dance, and fixing a float for the Homecoming Parade, which won third prize this year. As spring arrives, and the spotlight comes closer to us, we realize that the day we have long awaited is almost upon us. We are much too quickly becoming the stars. We remember all the many lessons we have learned and how we have so greatly changed since we stumbled up the front steps of Andrew Lewis as eighth graders. The curtain is slowly closing in front of us as co-stars, so we shall take our bow, hoping that our part has helped make this year’s drama a success. Norma Arnold Ray Bayse Helen Blevins Benny Austin Noel Beach Carol Blount Norma Barnett Lou Belcher Vivian Bond Pauline Barton Bobby Blankenbaker Freddie Boothe Martha Bayse Shelia Blankenship Jeri Boothe Ralph Bosen Joe Bounds Brenda Bowen Kenny Bowen George Bowers Martha Bowles Lloyd Bowman Joe Browder James Breedlove Edwina Brown Donna Brugh Susan Bryan Diana Bush Danny Bushnell John Bryan Barbara Byrd Linda Cannady Donna Byrd Betty Carroll Carolyn Caldwell Jeanne Carroll Donna Calhoun Susie Carroll Richard Cecil Randy Clark Frances Clark Ronnie Clinevell Jo Cobb Pat Cobb Sarah Coffey Harold Cogdill Ronald Coleman Mackie Collins Sarah Cromer Cynthia Dean Freda Crosswhite Ann Dehart Billy Crouch Brenda Kay Deyerle Ritchie Davis Shirley Doss Becky Douglas Emily Douglas Mary Ann Douthat Marshall Dowdy Anne Dressier Carolyn Elmore Gloria Fink Linda France James Garber Benny Garst Wanda Grant Sharon Eller Doris Ferguson Stephen Fox Carolyn Galbraith Gwen Garner Patricia Graham Martha Firebaugh Sammy Garst Kathy Gray Elroy Fisher Sarah Garst Carolyn Francisco Janet Gardella Jack Evans Bobby Fry Alpha Garman Sonny Eversole Mandred Fitzgerald Mickey Furr Sarah Garman Richard Gunter John Goodwin James Hale Derick Hall John Hall Patricia Hall Joyce Halsey Danny Hamlin Virginia Harvey Marty Hash Steve Hawkins David Herrin Judy Herrin Jackie Hudson Mary Hinson Jack Hughes Mary Lou Holland Bruce Holman Sandra Jackson Mary Lou Jamison Bobby Hopkins Josephine Jacobs Paul Jenkins Pat Jennings Russell Jobe Edwin Johnson Phyllis Johnston Carl Jones Eric Jones Helen Keesling Pam Kelly Jane Lee King Priscilla King Brenda Lawhorn David Lester Carolyn Lyon Joyce Martin r S Neal Kinsey Roy Lester Betty McCurdy Corky Mayhew Margretha Kinzer Jerry Light Lynn Manning Joyce Messenger Joe Kropff Sally Lemon Charlene Long Roger Manning Penny Moore George Lenaeus Patricia Looney Betty Martin Vivian Moore Marcia Mounts Barbara Mowles David Moran Pat Morris Day Moses Carl Nalls Richard Neal Debby Nester Brenda Nichols Karen Nichols Jo Oakey Sonny Patterson Nancy Obenchain Jimmy Philips Jerry Oyler Barry Phlegar Jimmy Pannell Wayne Pillow John Parker Brenda Poff J. C. Poindexter Mary Potts Joyce Powell Ben Powers Myra Prather Tommy Robertson Terry St. Clair Karen Scott Robert Simmers Jack Smith Joan Stanley Betty Sample Sharon Sargent Richard Saunders Billy Schrader H. T. Shepherd Wayne Simjners Paul Shepherd Reggie Sission Lloyd Shockley Bill Slater Kenneth Shorter Dale Slusher Susan Spickard Shari Sponsler Robert Snyder Robert Snyder Carolee Thomas Emily Turner Russell Watkins Barbara Whitby Shirley Vaughan Lynn Waynick Jean White Pat Thompson Ruth Wade Anita Webb Cliff Whitley Mona Thornhill Stanley Walthall Joyce Webb Marvin Whitley Larry Trent Virginia Walton Carolyn Wells Jimmy Wigginton Tommy Wright Jerry Young Joyce Young Joey Zeigler Ben Zirkle Sophomore Class Officers are, Left to Right: Richard Beach, President; Rita Leonhardt, Vice-President; Judy Cundiff, Secretary; Shirley Dulaney, Treasurer. We, the supporting cast, assemble on third floor every morning to begin our daily performance. We are now half-way through our dramatic training and eagerly look forward to stardom. Although our roles are minor, without us the play could not go on. Now that we are actually on the stage, we realize that these last three years of our play will be the most memorable. Anxiously we look ahead to next year when we will have better billing. 44 Betty Adams Gene Adkins Susan Ahalt Reginald All Sandra Altice Richard Anderson Wilber Andrews Eddie Atkinson Mary Jo Ayers Charles Bailey Perry Bailey Margaret Bailey Linda Baird Sherry Banner Brenda Barton Zella Bayne Richard Beach Carolyn Beckner Sylvia Bell Jimmy Birch Alice Black Reggie Blankenship Linda Blount Junior Bond Darrell Bower Ellen Bowers Karen Bowles Mark Bowman Mason Boyd Betty Branum Mike Brickey Moffett Brock Bill Brammer Joe Browder Rose Ann Brown Suzanne Brown Ralph Brubaker Ginny Brubeck Mary Brumfield Dale Brunk Marguerite Bryan Betty Bryant Tommy Burton Jimmy Bush Jimmy Butler Larry Caligan Joan Campbell Randy Cannaday Elizabeth Caperton Sharon Catron Ben Chapman Carole Ann Clark Jimmy Clark Virginia Clark Dennis Glowers Susan Coates Gail Coleman Mary Collins Maxian Connell Mary Conner Louise Cox Barry Crawford Jack Crosswhite Jimmy Crosswhite Sidney Crosswhite Melvin Crowder Louise Cumbie Judy Cundiff Lucy Cushman Ray Dale Benny Daughtery Sue Dawson Robert Davids Elizabeth Davis Kennie Davis Dale DeWease Gail DeWease Russel Dickerson Phyllis Divers Emily Dixon Richard Dixon John Donalson Calvin Dooley Bruce Dowdy Dana Drew Rose Dudley Shirley Dulaney Luther Duncan Barbara Edwards Diane Edwards Norris Elliot Jean Epperley Kenneth Etter Tommy Farewell Bill Farmen Susan Faulkerson Anna Ferguson Bobby Ferguson James Finney Dreama Fitzgerald Pat Follmar Sharon Fore Randy Francisco Tony Fry Linda Furrow James Gacek Jimmy Galbraith Jo Ann Garrison Bobby Garst Connie Garst Dicky Garst Robin Garst Anne Gearheart Doris Gearheart Tommy Gearheart Phyllis Gilley Reginald Ginter Donna Goodman Mary Goodwin George Goodykoontz Lee Gordon Mickey Grant David Green Jessie Greer Margaret Green Don Gray Edwin Grossheim Eugene Grubb Kathy Gunter William Hale Shelby Hall Wayne Hall Betty Hannah Glenda Harris Linda Harris Connie Harshbarger Linda Harter Peyton Hash Donnie Hatcher Ruth Haun Pamela Haynes Wayne Haynes Janice Heatherly Dallas Hedge Bobby Hendricks Joan Herron Doris Hibbitts Robert Hickson Caroline Highfill Billy Hill Homer Hill Linda Hodges Paul Hodges John Holden Charles Jennings Paul Jewell Peggy Jobe Gwen Johnson Betty Gale Jones Carole Jones Larry Jones Eudora Judd Bonnie Kenans Wayne Keffer rat Kegeals Sharon Kelly Roy Kinsey Raymond Kirby Jimmy Kropff Wayne La May Bobby Lancaster Sue LaPrad C. P. Layman Wayne Lee Rita Leonhardt Charles Looney James Loope Nancy Loope Sonja Lord Tressie Lovem Norma Lundy Tommy McClure Janet McDaniel Marie McDaniel Kay McDonald Rosalind McFarland Charles McLaurin Leah McReynolds Bruce MacFarland Don Manning Carol Markham Larry Marsh Joe Marshall Mary Marsinko Delores Martin Patty Mae Martin Barry May Bonnie May Violet Menucie Jerry Michael Beverly Miller Tommy Miller Carolyn Mills Ronnie Minnix John Mitchell Carolyn Mohler Bonnie Moore Sandra Morris Anita Mortin Bonnie Mullins Jerry Neighbors John Nemeet Alma Newcomb David Nichols Bill Nunnally Lois Nutter Angelia Owen Bob Owen Franklin Owen Kathleen Owens Richard Owens Ellen Painter Maynerd Palmer Patricia Palmer Dennis Parks Darrell Parks Edair Perdue Diane Peters Pat Perverall Shirley Phoenix Connie Poff i - ' ll Jo Ann Porterfield | ’ a Nicky Powell Jjpr Barbara Preas Wanda Price Eugene Puckett f «► Betty Jo Quick Chick Rakes Barbara Ramey David Rardin Judy Reese Callie Reid Danny Richards Philip Rife Carolyn Robertson Jimmy Robertson Mike Robertson Tommy Rohrer Leonard Rorer Dennis Rumley Ethel Russo Joe Frank Rutherford Juanita St. Clair Sandra Sayers Ann Saunders Paulette Saul i a 1 T % % w Ha ' V i i Jlf ; Patricia Sarver Ernestine Schrader Susan Schumacher Kenny Shelton Ann Shealy Jimmy Shorter Joyce Shorter Carol Showalter Dottie Smiley Joyce Smith Mike Spessard Pat Starkey Delinda Stinnette Betsy Stokes Jerry Strong Euel Stump Richard Steen Deke Summers Lynwood Sweeney Andy Taliaferro Dorothy Taylor Janet Terry Becky Thomas James Thomas Curtis Thompson Glen Turner Tanya Tuttle Mary Tyler Sandra Tyree Katherine Van Lew Johnny Vess Charlotte Wade Jackie Walcott Zandie Walcott Doris Waldron Billy Weaver David Webb Janet Webb Betsy Wells Ferman Wertz Peggy Wertz Ronald Weston Donna Wheeling Patty Whitby Bruce Willey Suanne Williams Pat Wilson Earl Wimmer Diane Windel Betty Winfrey Dianne Wirt Danny Witt Bob Wood Joyce Woolwine Betty Jo Wright Lucky Wroniewiez Beverly Wyroh Peggy Yates Bev Young Kenny Young Lorraine Young Alan Zeigler Gary Zimmerman The Freshman class officers are, Left to Right: Nancy Jo Garrett, Treasurer; Carter Melton, Vice-President; Kay Mathews, Secretary; R. M. Goodwin, President. 0 p%e4 ne« i t We, the Freshmen, are proud of our part as understudies. We have worked hard and will continue to do so in order to obtain our goal of being the stars. Some of our accomplishments include giving our class talent show, having an entry in the Homecoming Parade, having a Freshman football team, and holding many offices in our junior clubs. We have learned much from the great drama of Andrew Lewis and hope next year to be able to move up confidently to the part of supporting cast. Our part in the drama is just beginning and with roles well learned, we will go forth ably to take our part in next year’s play. 52 Robert Abell Sue Akers Paul Albert Darlene Amos Phyllis Anderson Betty Archer Steve Arthur Pat Bailey Bill Bain Dorothy Baker David Ball Jerry Barnett Hubert Barton Freddy Battle Tommy Beanan Carolyn Beamer Marie Beard Lucille Beckner Jimmy Bell Judy Bishop David Blankenbecker Jean Blankenbeckler Kay Blankenship Stephen Boaz Willie Bohanan Marsha Bohn Bill Bonhan Judy Booth Gary Bowen Martha Bower Raymond Bright Jimmy Brooks Norma Brooks William Brooks Carol Brown Wythe Brown Betty Brubeck Janet Brugh Rebecca Caldwell Ann Carroll Cheryl Carroll Donna Casey Susan Chapman Gilford Christley Janet Clark Anita Cline Juanita Cline Andrea Clinevell I key Clinevell Diana Coffindaffer Shirley Cole Marilyn Coleman Brenda Collins David Connelly Lona Conner Robert Cook Barry Coon Nelson Cousins Roger Cox Beverly Craig Gail Crisp Virginia Crockett Becky Cromer Lynwood Crouch Ted Crouch Teddy Crouch Danny Crouse Judy Cunningham George Curry Ann Dalby Drema Burford Linda Bushnell Robert Garman Sandra Garst Jean Garraghty Nancy Garrett Diane Garrison Randy Gearheart Rodney Gearheart Kenneth Gibson Sandra Gibson Roberta Gilbert Shirley Gillespie R. M. Goodwin Betty Gordon Connie Graham Mary Lou Graham Barbara Grant Pat Gravely Carlton Gray Charlotte Greer Sally Grosholz Ellen Grubb Judy Grubb Peggy Guilliams Judy Guthrie Faye Hale Ann Hall Pat Hancock Rudy Hann Gail Hannah Susan Hardison Deloris Harless Ralph Harless Ralph Harless Barbara Harris Tom Harris Billy Harrison Judy Hatcher Mike Helvey Jo Annie Henesbry Hunter Highfill Glenn Dalton Sue Davis Nancy Davis Billy Dean Becky Deanton David Disher Janie Dooley Nancy Dooley Audrey Doyle Billy Driscoll Jo Ann Dudding Lynn Eades Alice Eakin Clayton Eakin Linda Edwards Leon Epperly, Jr. Willa Epperly Billy Eversole Peggy Farish Cecilia Ferguson Jocye Ferris Carolyn Fitzgerald Odgie Fitzgerald Patrick Fitzgerald Dwight Fizer Roger Fore Michael Framcille Shirley Franklin Alice Fulcher Evelyn Furrow Steve Furror Anita Gardner Robert Kryden Steve Krzysko Judy Lane Paula Larson George Lawson Barbara Lee Jerry Lee Ronnie Lester Virginia Lester Carolyn Lilly Jerry Lineberry Lynn Lockrow Rosi Lonitz Phyllis Lush John McAfee Jackson McCray Pat McCray Pamela McFalls Lee McFarland Martha McNeil Plazel McPherson Margaret McReynolds Wayne Marshall Edgar Martin Hank Martin Judy Martin Martha Martin Randy Mason Eddie Matherly Pat Matthews Kay Matthews Judy Maurer Steven Mauskesian Sandy Maxwell Carter Melton Candy Minton Barbara Moore Mildred Moore Dennis Morgan Douglas Morgan Judy Hill Carlotte Hinkley Shirley Hite Bill Flodges Billy Hodges Sam Hodges Marie Hofer Tommy Holiday Dickie Howard Reba Huffman Marian Huggins Henry Hungate Delores Hunter Russell Jacobs Gene Jenkins Allan Jennings Windell Johns Judy Jones Mildred Jones Sandy Keeny Pat Keith Robert Kelly Stephen Kennamer Tommy King Roy Kinsey Betty Kirby Jane Kirk Linda Knight A1 Knighton Margret Knouff Pasty Kostner Pat Kropff Johnny Rucker Johnny Rutherford Richard St. Clair Bobby Saul Grant Schoonouer David Scott Dickie Seagle Jimmy Sears Judy Selph Darell Semones Melvin Semones Susie Sesler Pam Sexton Leslie Sherman Jane Shultz Mary Simons Kerry Sipe Jane Smith Jimmy Smith Hugh Smyth John Snyder Larry Cpraker Nancy Spraker Larry Starkey Phyllis Steward Tommy Stinnett Billy Stinson John Stratton Harold Stull Danny Stump William Surface Dian Swain John Morrison Judy Morton Don Mountcastle Carol Musselman Tommy Neal Carolyn Nichols Dennis Norman Carolyn Nowlin Barbara Parker James Parker Jesse Perdue Ruth Perdue Jimmy Perry Patsy Phlegar Ray Phoenix Donald Pittman Henry Platter Richard Poage Judy Poff Jimmy Powers Pat Purdy Carter Radford Joyce Radford Joyce Rakes Robert Ramey Patsy Ramey Lucy Reavis Sandra Reed Mildred Reedy Patsy Reynolds Cheryl Richardson Tommy Richardson Sally Rikard Alton Ritter Claire Roberts Howard Roberts Billy Robertson John Robertson Macie Robertson Ray Rodgers Linda Swain Donna Jean Sweeney Katherine Tarpley Mike Tate Nancy Tate Sally Tate Lanny Tayloe Noah Tickle Margaret Tyler A1 Vandergrift Garnett Vass Connie Vecellio Dallas Waddell Vetta Waggy Alvin Waldon Randy Walker Alma Watkins Judy Watkins Linda Watson Diane Webb Paul Webb Crytal Wheeling Rosemary Whithers Kim Whitlock William Whitt Diane Wickham Fred Williams George Williams Melvin Williams Peggy Williams Rosemary Williams Gloria Wimmer Sandra Wimmer Ronald Wisely Sylvia Witt Sarah Wohlford Brenda Woolwine Pete Woolwine Harry Worrell Carol Wright Emily Wright Jerry Wright Julia Wright Sherry Wright Can you pick out the Freshmen in this group waiting for the morning bell to ring? Eighth Grade Officers Left to Right: Joyce Short, Vice President; Kitty Walters, Secretary; Twila Saul, President; Curtis Beach, Treasurer. ! aenued This was our first year as a part of the drama, and already we are looking forward to having a more active part in it. as we have much to learn, we will carefully watch and listen in order that someday we too may be stars. This past year has been exciting and becomes even more so when we remember hat we have four more to go. The action has begun and our dramatic careers are rolling. 58 (r Randolph Abbott Carolyn Abell Helen Agner Dorothy Akers Joel Akers Peggy Allredge Loretta Alls Alfred Altice Joyce Altizer Judy Altizer Nancy Archer Alice Armstrong Vicki Atkinson Jimmy Ayers Susan Bailey Barry Bain David Baker Bob Bardsley Joyce Baugh David Bayse Curtis Beach John Beach Cynthia Beckner Larry Bell Staley Blackwell Phyllis Blankenship Ronzel Blankenship Robert Blevins Allen Boley Myra Boone Richard Boone Donna Booth (fa de Henry Booth Darlene Boothe Joyce Boothe Harry Bosen Elma Bower David Bowles Billy Bowling Earl Bowman Cary Breckinridgi Linda Brickey Stephen Brock Howard Brogan Jean Brokaw Sandra Brokaw Tom Brumfield David Brown Jerry Brown Mike Brown Ralph Brown Roger Brown Gary Brumfield John Bryant Buddy Buck Ryan Burke Teresa Burrier Brenda Butler Gary Caldwell Ronnie Caldwell Jimmy Calhoun John Caperton Bertha Carroll Sylvia Catron Jimmy Childress Maria Childress Bobby Chittum Douglas Clayton Jackie Cobb Brenda Conner Danny Conner Judy Craft Corbin Craig Jeff Crank Marilyn Craun Marie Crawford Geraldine Cray Sharon Cregger Judy Crockett Betty Cromer David Crosswhite Tommy Crosswhite Diana Crotts Tom Crotts Karen Crowder Jimmy Crowder Cynthia Crowe Bessie Cumbie Clifton Cunningham Richard Cundiff Christine Dalton Truman Davenport Brenda Davis Galen Davis Gay Davis Reggie Davis Joyce Dean John Deaner Brenda Deeds Sara Jo Dennis Bobby Deverick Darnell Dexter Bobby Dooley Jack Doss Joyce Dudding Robert Dudley Lois Duffy Mike Duffy Ellen Dunford Peggy Edwards Mary Elia ssen Linda Elliot Doris Ellis Tommy Elmore Wayne Farrar Betty Ferguson Douglas Ferguson Roger Ferguson Ruth Ferris Charleen Fink Richard Fisher Pat Fleshman Dick Flinchum Judy Flinchum Danny Fralin Jim Francis Donald Fulcher Carolyn Fulton Shirley Garland Carol Jean Garman Marjorie Garman Millie Garrison Larry Garst Mary Garst John Gauldin Bobby Gilliam George Givens Ryan Givens Sam Givens Ricky Gladysh Jean Gordon Joe Gordon Shirley Gordon Lynda Graham Linda Gray Ruth Grosholz Diane Gusler Wallace Gusler Judy Guthrie Nancy Haigler Tommy Hale Johnnie Hamilton Gail Hamlin Audrey Hampton Richard Hampton Betty Harmon Roger Harmon Cecil Harris Larry Harris Mike Harris Paul Harris Roger Harris Jo Ann Harrison Kenneth Hayes Donald Haynes Phyllis Hayslett Bill Headen David Heatherly Betty Heffner Veronica Hendricks Bobby Herron Andy Hoback Charlet Hodges Sue Hodges Barbara Holland Jeanie Holland Sandra Hollandsworth Jean Hollifield Sandra Honaker Rita Hasenbeck Shirley Hughes Frances Humphreys Tommy Humphries John Hurley Robert Hypes Brenda Jackson Linda Jackson Johnnie Jacobs Walter Jamison Brenda Johnson Lorraine Johnson Betty Johnston Jerry Johnston Emory Jones Imogene Jones Kathy Jones Shirley Jones Ed Joyner Becky Judd Sandra Justis Janice Knouff Dan Karnes Jimmy Keaton Jeannie Keenan Grover Keeney Frances Kageals Janie Keller Arlene King Freddie King Larry King Donna Kirby Jimmy Kissinger Brenda La Prade Betty Lee Billy Lemon Reginald Lemon Doris Lephew Rodney Linkenhoker Rodney Lile Teddy Lineberry Bill Lipes Sammy Lipes Jean Long Teddy Lonitz Gloria Lucas Katherine Lucas Sheena Lucas Paul Lugar Letitia Lunsford Danny McCormack Betty McDaniel Danny McDaniel Helen McGhee Louise McPherson Ricky Mabry Sarah Mann Barry Marsh Teddy Marshall Jackie Martin Jane Martin James Maxey Georgia Mayo James Meyers Ken Middleton David Mills Ann Minarik Billy Minnix Charles Minucie Katherine Mitchell Donald Moore Jimmy Moore Robert Moore Gayle Moran Donald Morgan Audrey Morris Butch Morris Joyce Moses Leonard Moses Michael Moulse Sharon Mountcastle Nancy Mullins Tommy Murphy David Murray Tommy Mason Charles Musselman Gary Myers Frankie Nalls Diane Necessary Shelby Nichols Martha Nolen Kenneth Nutter Shirley Obenchain Michael O’Bierne Gerald O’Daniels Ronald O’Daniels Jimmy O’Rourke Ellene Overstreet Rodney Owen Nancy Palma Glenn Palmer Sandy Palmer Ambrose Panned Sue Parker Lynda Parris Russell Paxton Susan Payne Jack Pendleton ft John Pendleton Louise Perdue Clifford Pethel George Phoenix Henry Pickral Michael Poff Paul Powell Steve Proffit Marie Pruitt Roger Quesenberry Shelby Rader Linda Rakes Charlotte Ramey J. D. Ramsey Carolyn Redmond Beverly Reich Robin Reid Tom Repass Earl Reynolds Jean Reynolds Marion Reynolds Ricky Richards Barbara Richardson Lois Richardson Robert Rieley Don Robertson Pam Robinson Charles Roope Darwin Roupe Billy Routt Don Russo Jo Ann Sartin i Twila Saul Rebecca Scott Darlene Shepherd Phillip Shreve Norman Shockley Joyce Short Mamie Short Steve Simpson Jarrell Sink Wanda Sisson Wanda Sisson Doris Sloan Barbara Ann Smith Elaine Smith Jackie Smith Lynn Smith Nancy Smith Randy Smith Sandra Smith Wanda Smith Donna Snider Rodney Snyder Patricia Southern Brenda Spangler Richard Spence Janie Stanback Stephen Stinson Patricia Stokes Jerry Stump Wilmer Stump Sandra Surface Karen Swain Brenda Synder Chuck Taney Terry Tarbox Jane Tate Carolyn Taylor Mickey Taylor Willis Taylor Bobby Thacker Larry Tomlin Bonnie Thompson Geneva Thompson Marsena Thompson Elaine Thurman Jimmy Tickle Barbara Tillman Donna Todd Billy Tomlin David Trent Emily Tucker Joyce Tucker Gwendolyn Tyree Hazel Underwood Janice Underwood Susan Vaughan Dwayne Vest Fred Vest Jimmy Via Monroe Viar Gayle Volpe Connie Waggy Sidney Waldron David Walker Kitty Walters Mildred Warden Rita Webster Nancy Wells Pamela Wertz Ann White Frankie White Gail White Karen White Barry Whitesell Gary Whitley Mary Whitmer Randy Wiggington Thomas Wilbourne Rebecca Wilds Bryant Williams Charles Williams David Williams Eulalia Williams Joan Williams Linda Williams Roger Williams Bobby Willis Tessie Willis Butch Wilson Doris Wilson Irene Wilson Francess Wilmmar Joyce Wimmer Judy Wirt Sharon Wise Cynthia Witt Rodney Wolford Don Wood Lew Wood Mary Lou Woods Wandra Woolridge Debby Wright Joyce Wright Frances Wyatt Franklin Wyatt Frank Wyatt Dianne Yates Dolly Yopp I 1 HOME ROOM A-2: Sonia Elmore, President; Dickey Brammer, Vice President; Linda Kay Harth, Secretary; Mary Jo Illberg, Treasurer; Patricia Craft, Reporter. HOME ROOM A-3: Steve Rakes, President; Danny Driscoll, Vice President; Linda Hai slys, Secretary; Shirley Grant, Treasurer; Linda Moses, Reporter; HOME ROOM A-4: Betty Jo Spercer, President; Sarah Moran, Vice President; Gary Smith, Secretary; Dale Looney, Treasurer; Kenneth Over¬ bay, Reporter. HOME ROOM A-7: James Wright, President; Wayne Sweeney, Vice President; Glenna Howery, Secretary; Duane Ingram, Treasurer; Carol Crowder, Reporter. HOME ROOM A-8: Kathrine Harless, President; Jerry Trail, Vice President; Jimmy Bohon, Secre¬ tary; Donna Waggy, Treasurer; Carole Duffy, Reporter; HOME ROOM A-9: Rodney Furr, President; Charlotte Bess, Vice President; Carolyn Gardner, Secretary-Treasurer; Joe McCoy, Reporter. HOME ROOM A-10: Judy Foley, President; Byron Miller, Vice President; Judy Jones, Secretary-Treasurer; Bonnie Preas, Reporter. HOME ROOM A-ll: Steve Cromer, President; Bernard Nelson, Vice President; Rosemary Hash, Secretary-Treasurer; David Garst, Reporter. OfUS Sev ttd. CyititCe We, the offstage chorus, play a small part in the production of the Andrew Lewis drama, but we are working hard as we prepare to be good actors and actresses of to¬ morrow. We observe Christmas and Easter by sending baskets of food and gifts to the needy. Next year we are looking forward to entering the main building and becoming a part of the main production. Mrs. Ballard’s Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Donna Waggy, Kaye Thompson, Sandra Seaton, Kathey Brammer, Wynonia Battaglia, Linda Knode, Carole Duffy, Louise Long, Cynthia Grim, Linda Morgan, Sandra Garbett. SECOND ROW, Jimmy Bohon, William Childress, Phillip Reynolds, Barry Holden, David Garraghty, Phyliss Cimburke, Brenda Puckett, Roberta Ann Snyder, Katherine Harless, Carol Koestner. THIRD ROW, William Minnick Jerry Trail, Van Lane, Barry Holman, Henry Grim, Herbert Patrick, Wayne Ferris, Donnie Roop, Clark Cregger. FOURTH ROW, Mrs. Ballard, Stephen Whitt, David Wilhelm, Michael Mathena, Jim Alderman. Mr. Gearhart’s Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Cynthia Johnson, Loretta Hale, Joyce Crotts, Virginia Bohannon, Jean Hodges, Catherine Journell, Linda Reynolds, Peggy Hona- ker. SECOND ROW, Brenda Phoenix, Sue Kingery, Betty Jo Spenser, Carolyn Byer, Brenda Graham, Sandra Weston, Lenora Haynes. THIRD ROW, Jerry Bailey, Carl Palmer, Dale Looney, Tommy Leighton, David Bradley, Glen Hale. FOURTH ROW, Sarah Moran, Gary Smith, Margaret Scaggs, Bobby Phoenix, Jack Hendricks. FIFTH ROW, Kenneth Overbay, Robert Wright, Mr. G. A. Gearhart. 66 Miss Lilly’s Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Larry Sink, Michael Elmore, Evelyn Ritter, Arlene Brumfield, Pat Craft, Sam Poage, Linda Harth, Jerry Conner, Sonia Elmore, Wanda Harris. SECOND ROW, Patsy Harlow, Judy Lemon, Reva Flick, Chris Sherertz, Larry Price, Charles Shelor, Dickey Brammer, Darrell Henley, Greg Musselman. THIRD ROW, Sharon Davis, Pat Hawkins, Mary James, Barbara Gearheart, Henry Fink, Steve Sloan, Frank Nino, Roger Perdue. FOURTH ROW, Kitty Neal, Glenda Rowlett, Blanch Hale, Mary Jo Illberg, Miss Jackie Lilly. Mrs. Naff’s Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Barbara LaGarde, Linda Moran, Sheila Hyatt, Marion Clark, Phyllis Hodges, Iris Miles, Donna Garven, Rose Wirt, Charlotte Bess, Anita Hambrick, Kathryne Husted. SECOND ROW, Rodney Furr, Dorsey Hibbitts, Benson Riley, Sylvia Duncan, Martha Lawrence, Judy Huffman, Marcella Willis, Barbara Nolley, Carolyn Gardner, Dianne Robertson. THIRD ROW, Mrs. Mary Naff, John Barrett, Larry Williams, Joe McCoy, Clinton Staton, Ronald Shockley, Donald Coakley, Danny Poff, Curtis Finney. FOURTH ROW, Wesley Combs, Ronnie Poff, Danny Scaggs, Jimmy Hedrick, Edward Wallace, Carl Davis. 67 ■ hr H ' V vj flSi ' Ml W J ' ’ ■ |g| m h a gf Ey Mil f • w : ' jjfw ' l , Wk. ■ fGTui m • iiaarr .ij ■ v 7 jjgg||m 1 1 f ? 1 ; 1 tf i l||i 1 I I iggl j n Mrs. Peters’ Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Julia Graves, Linda Poff, Norma Whitby, Judy Foley, Susan Agner, James Painter, Byron Miller, Larry Pratt, Mike Mullins, Cecil Hart¬ man, Marvin Kilby. SECOND ROW, Bonnie Preas, Judy Gresham, Jerry Anne Mills, Linda Deel, June Gillaspie, Gloria Hall, Gale Holt, Barbara Holman, Mary Ella Harmon. THIRD ROW, Joyce Helton, Judy Jones, Louise Price, Mary Goin, Jimmy Bolling, Larry Conner, Charles Surface, Robert Brumfield, David Nemeth. FOURTH ROW, Eddie Robinson, Johnny Baily, Donald Cecil, Mrs. D. S. Peters, teacher, Robert Harris , Mitchell Scott. Miss Simmons’ Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Glenn Hall, Paul Mendolia, Lulie Brown, Loretta Smith, Steve Rakes, Wanda Thacker, Mike Radford, Ralph Smithson, Tommy Carr, Randy Rhodes. SECOND ROW, Sandra Martin, Becky Witt, Susan Powers, Linda Moses, Brenda Hopkings, Nancy Kirby, Robert Atkinson, Janet Wells, Donnie Dris¬ coll. THIRD ROW, Andrew Stover, Terry Taylor, Roger Kegley, Mary Heffner, Shirley Grant, Brenda Kennett, Patricia Armentrout, Linda Haislip. FOURTH ROW, George Marsinko, Jack Farris, Barry Padgett, Sharon Stanley, Miss Simmons. 68 Mrs. Smith’s Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Linda Neal, Dawn N ester, Margaret Turner, Sue Zirkle, Patsy Lovern, Betty Austin, Judy Aldhizer, Madeline Gearheart, Glenna Howery, Bonnie Burnette, Carolyn Johnson. SECOND ROW, Mrs. H. G. Smith, Jr., Arthur Foley, James Wright, Carole Crowder, Belma Falin, Sharon Sisson, Bonnie McCormick, Pauline McLaurin, Beverley Coleman, Nancy Dunn. THIRD ROW, Duane Ingram, Daniel Wheeling, Billy Harris, Clifton Hodges, Billy Radford, Jerome Plaster, John Ryder, Wayne Sweeney, Dickey Sisson. FOURTH ROW, James McCoy, Gary Roop, Jackie Walters, Glenn Braswell, Robert Pruitt, Dwight Franklin. Mrs. Verna’s Room: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Dayle Young, Sandra Staley, Nora Belle Nunnery, Sharon Goad, Sharon Dearing, Michael Agee, Nancy Brawner, Robert Kennedy, David Howard, David Garst, Milton Reich, Steve Cromer. SECOND ROW, Russell Harris, Arlene Frith, Anne Williams, Paula Larson, Brenda Combs, Jerald Worley, Rosemary Hash, Gail Rowell, John Clark, Harvey Lemon, John Lamonde. THIRD ROW, Damson Shrews¬ bury, Tommy Anderson, Cecil Hines, James Crouse, Ronnie Windel, R onnie Coakley, Nardi Nelson, Wayne Powers, Nancy Martin, Brenda Huff, Mrs. Verna. 69 Some of the students get together on Senior Hall for a little gossip before classes begin. Lucky Wroniewicz and Jimmy Goode con¬ verse as Sonny Tarpley, with Pete Conner helping, tries to sell Judy Young a ticket. Steve Green seems left out as Donna Byrd and Cheryl Carroll discuss their similar necklaces. These students enjoy taking a stroll around the halls before homeroom period. As we scurry from classroom to classroom in our daily routine here at Andrew Lewis, seldom do we realize that we are participating in what is the main purpose of our play. Little do we notice the wide range of subjects that we take during our high school career. Right before our very eyes we have everything from algebra to physics, Eng¬ lish to physical education — yes, and even study hall. Since the real reason that we have a high school at all is to obtain an education, it is only fitting that we present this very important aspect of our drama. Therefore, we now spotlight a aS5e Lynn Rowland explains a difficult problem to Mrs. Keffer’s algebra class. i Members of Mrs. Bar¬ bara Smith’s art class proudly display their works on the bulletin board. Ann Shealey, Betty Adams, Doris Gearheart, and Gail Coleman are learning how to cut out a dress pattern in Mrs. Blake’s homemaking class. Macbeth comes to Mrs. Fisher’s class as the three witches (Betty Coffman, Carolyn Watkins, and Linda Pernell) tell Macbeth (Bill Wade) that he will be king of Scotland. To Banquo (Richard Browder) they predict, “Your children shall be king.” It figures! Members of Mrs. Coulter’s second period physics class look very grim as they try to finish their test before the bell. : : Looks as if these girls in Miss Lawrence’s seventh period typing class are really interested in their lesson. There are some unusual expressions on the faces of Mrs. Rash’s French 3 students as they sing the French National Anthem, “La Marseillaise.” Some students enjoy chemistry so much that they go back seventh period for more, as shown by this volunteer group of experimenters. While Sherry Banner reads about different countries in Mrs. Hackman’s seventh period world history class, Jimmy Kropff points them out and Sandy Maxwell looks on. G ' oo ci K fc CK ft fo ' -u c C . c j F i f “I’m willing to try anything once,” David Kennamer tells Mr. Foster in physics class. The serious-minded drama class doesn’t seem so serious as it rehearses for “Simon Big Ears.” From left to right are: Theresa Van Dyke, Jane Ayers, Caroline Wright, Sandee Keeney, Carole Jean Wirt, Brenda Wright, Bob Keeney, Joyce Guthrie, Linda Stearnes and Lloyd Shockley. Anything and everything goes on in seventh period study hall. Mr. St. Clair’s civics class is concentrating very hard on the assignment. Isn’t taking exercises fun? These girls in seventh period gym class seem to think so. Mrs. Gillespie helps George Yopp plan his schedule. Industrial arts projects are time consuming, as these hard-working boys are discovering in their rush to finish on time. Pupils in Mrs. Bowman’s fourth period English class separate into groups to study American literature. Even girls can change a flat tire as shown by Mr. Copen- A student demonstrates push-button transmission in the haver’s driving class. driving class’s new car. These Eighth Graders seem very absorbed in their advanced English course taught by Mrs. Schillman. This is the first year that advanced courses have been offered to Eighth Graders. The second act of our play is one of action. In the fall our football team makes this season’s debut. Proudly, win or lose, we cheer the players on. In the next scene, the walls of our new gym resound to the basketball team’s fast action and our cries for victory. Last, but certainly not least, our track teams put in their appearance with us, the students, backing them all the way. The spirit, stamina, and will to win shown in this act make us proud to spotlight Diana Crotts r Head Cheerleader. Left to Right, Martha Mattern, Carol Blount, Donna Brugh, Carolyn Elmore, Judy Cundiff, Rita Leonhardt, Bobi Ferguson, Lula Downey, Sandra Jones, Mona Thornhill, Judy Young. Rip Van Winkle. Ray, rah team! We did it! Make that score! Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, Left to Right: Nancy Garrett, Sarah Wohlford, Susan Vaughan, Susan Chapman, Kitty Walters, Candy Minton, Head Cheerleader; Susan Payne, Connie Vecellio, Sara Jo Dennis, Pat Gravely, Dianne Yates, Lester McCurdy. fluttcox (fyeenCetule .. V eV V. Randy Francisco Jimmy Goode Jack Crosswhite Jimmy Birch Ritchie Davis Pat Powers (Not Pictured) Roy Kinsey Sidney Crosswhite Charles Bailey Wayne Hall 64 . UJjisX ? L 2r -Srr cucr zy ‘ ' " w -£ . ' tutt 2cianten 4Zc6 i 66 S tcC Carter Melton Bobby Fry it Rodney Gearheart . Lanny Tayloe Dennis Rumbley Benton Higgs Dwin Banner Donnie McCowi Bill Wade James Cecil James Brown ? j. -! A a svt J : A ‘ ' ■ U J f j, } pV a P V Ms . Jf Sl v I A As 3 J V Pf) LA A UA J f Jr - Jfjk ' . ' jfy f da ' fly L i . A- ' ft Charley Suiter Sonny Tarpley Glen Spangler 1 1 k I I ds fl Irl r Kenneth Etter Jerry Light JjPlK c - f w • » Harold Cogdill . - ' St % - 4 i I Bobby Hopkins George Bowers Richard Beach Managers, Left to Right: Tommy Richardson, Mike Terry, and Bob Saul. Coaches, Left to Right: Hal Johson, Head Coach, Joe Fields, Ed Joyce, Norman Lineburg, Assistant Coaches. ■■ 1 if J ... ■ i ..TT 1, j IP t - k |if ' ■ ! m f ll ¥ i m iHf , 2 1 ' If ml - PPvIs v i ' • .Ja ' W ' fokT FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Bobby Hopkins, Randy Francisco, Harold Cogdill, Sidney Crosswhite, Jimmy Goode, Charles Bailey, Jerry Light, Kenny Etter, Donnie McCown, Sonny Tarpley. SECOND ROW: Dwin Banner, Charley Suiter, Larry Callagan, Jack Crosswhite, James Brown, Bobby Fry, Glenn Spangler, Pat Powers, Ritchie Davis. THIRD ROW: Wayne Hall, Lenny Tayloe, James Cecil, Jimmy Birch, Leonard Bell, Dennis Rumley, Bill Wade, Rodney Gearheart, Bill Lee. ! poot zCC The Wolverines opened their ’59 season with an 18—12 victory over Covington. The first touchdown of the season was made by Sonny Tarpley. Charley Suiter followed suit with two more touchdowns. In the second game, Blacksburg High School de¬ feated the Wolverines by a 26—0 margin. The first annual Sandlot Benefit Game was played against the favored George Washington High School on the opening game of their season. Charley Suiter powered over for the only touchdown from the 2 yard line. The conversion by James Brown made the score 7—0. The Greenbrier J.V.’s received a shellacking at the hands of the Wolverines as our team rolled up a 26—0 score. Two touchdowns were made by Harold Cog- dill. Jerry Light and George Bower also scored a touch¬ down each and Brown booted two points-after- touchdowns. William Byrd won a close victory over the Wolve¬ rines, 13—6. Sonny Tarpley made the only Lewis score in the fourth quarter on a two yard plunge. E. B. Broadwater night in Salem resulted in a 20—6 victory over the favored Pulaski eleven. Cogdill made two touchdowns, one of which was a flashy 85 yard kickoff return. Wayne Hall plowed through the line for the other touchdown and Brown added the remaining two points. The Wolverines were edged 43—6 in the Jefferson game. The big highlight in this game was Kenny Etter’s 74 yard run in the third quarter on one of Jefferson’s fumbles. Our Homecoming game was spoiled by Halifax County’s 31—6 victory over the Wolverines. Hall on a “keep” ran 6 yards in the third quarter for the only touchdown. Glass’s offense proved to be too strong for the Wol¬ verines. The Salemites were again defeated, this time 54—0. In our game with Fleming, Lewis made a T.D. in the first quarter only to have it called back for a five yard offside penalty. This seemed to break the morale of the team as the game ended 34—0 in Fleming’s favor. 84 W 1|tri i Jv ' Ia ' ' ’ U i Pulaski is stopped short of an extra point. Suiter (30) sets up a T.D. situation with the help of Lee (80), Crosswhite (52), and Wade (74). Suiter scores in the Covington game assisted by Hall (11), McCown (71), and Lee (80). The Cheerleaders congratulate the boys after their win over Pulaski. Tarpley (22) and Suiter (30) watch as the coin is flipped before the game with George Washington of Danville. Fry is brought down after intercepting a Byrd pass as Rum- ley (73), and Tayloe (84) help. f ftcutcon, ?oot zlC “Bullet” Bill Dudley kicks as Choo-Choo Jus¬ tice holds the ball in their demonstration during the Sandlot Benefit game. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Kenneth Young, George Summers, Robert Wilheim, Jimmy Via, Jesse Perdue, Jerry Michaels, Richard Beach, David Bayse, Robert Moore. SECOND ROW: Ronald Ray, Larry Bell, Robert Hickson, Jimmy Perry, Jerry Neighbors, Buddy Buck, Scotty Spense, John Morrison, Butch Wright, THIRD ROW: Dennis Morgan, David Bowles, Roy Kinsey, Michael Robertson, Jerry Branum, Carter Melton, Paul Webb, Benton Higgs, Bob Barsley, Freddie King, Tommy Stinnett. 86 , - J SA Left to Right: Coach Eddie Joyce, Ed Butts, David Myers, George Robinson, Joe Grant, ' t Bobby Wells, Leonard Bell, Bobby Blankenbaker, David Overstreet, Robert Snyder, Marshall J ' Dowdy, David Herrin, Gerald Akers, Jim Daughtridge, Assistant Coach. Andrew Lewis. . . .30 Halifax County .... 66 Andrew Lewis.... 51 Covington . 38 Andrew Lewis. . . .41 Jefferson.32 Andrew Lewis. . . .38 E. C. Glass.62 Andrew Lewis. . . .42 William Fleming ... 34 Andrew Lewis. . . .45 Pulaski . 59 Andrew Lewis. . . .50 G. W. of Danville . . 42 Andrew Lewis. . . .41 Cave Spring.34 Andrew Lewis. . . .32 Covington.22 Andrew Lewis. . . .43 William Byrd.40 Andrew Lewis. . . .29 E. C. Glass.39 Andrew Lewis. . . .45 Tazewell.54 Andrew Lewis. . . .55 Cave Spring.47 Andrew Lewis. . . .50 Pulaski . 46 Andrew Lewis. . . .45 William Byrd.44 Andrew Lewis. . . .30 G. W. of Danville . . 54 Andrew Lewis. . . .64 Halifax County .... 85 Andrew Lewis. . . .48 Jefferson.44 Andrew Lewis. .. .52 Tazewell . 63 Andrew Lewis. . . .43 Fleming.53 87 Bell and Dowdy fight for the ball in the Halifax game, but it’s still a jump. George Robinson (44) gets a rebound against Halifax as Blankenbaker (34) and Dowdy come to help. Bell (42) goes up for a rebound as Blankenbaker (34) and Snyder (24) are prepared to help secure Lewis’s victory over Jefferson. In the Jefferson game the referee calls a jump ball between Bell and Baker as Blankenbaker looks on. Mr. Richards looks very optimistic as the team huddles before a game. Birch (52) scores two points against Jefferson’s Junior Varsity Jerry Neighbors scores two points against Blankenbaker (34) clears the board for as Grant looks on. Cave Spring in the Junior Varsity game. Lewis against Halifax. Junior Varsity Basketball Team, Left to Right: FIRST ROW: Coach Dick Miley, Jerry Neighbors, Joe Browder, Jimmy Birch, Bob Barsley, Mickey Grant, Charles Bailey. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Butler, Jerry Branum, Phillip Rife, Bruce Dowdy, Beverly Young. map L orrO (IcaUon, z tU } Ar jSi Freshman Basketball Team, Left ta Right: FIRST ROW: Tommy Crosswhite, Sam Givens, Walter Yearout, Rodney Snyder, John (Stretch) Beach. SECOND ROW: Carter Melton, Hank Martin, Rudy Hann, David Ball, Tommy King, Harry Worrell, Jimmy Perry. V ( v % .THIRD ROW: Coach Eddie Barnett, Rickey Glaydish, Gary Whitley, Jessie Perdue, Curtis ipe, Gene Adkins. W-“ i . ' v ,% a m ip 4 13 w i I. a eHoBv ' d HI M 1 k y 1 nn ■ 1 1 i v ■ CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM, FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Robert Snyder, Richard Wil- heim, Bobby Blankenbaker, Carlton Weaver, Marshall Dowdy. SECOND ROW: Coach Patterson, Mickey Grant, Tommy King, Joe Browder, Staley Hester, Richard Browder, Donald Martin, Beverly Young, Reggie Blankenship, Coach Lineburg. THIRD ROW: Barry May, Lynn Eades, Wayne Gray, Steve Dean, Gene Adkins, Steve Moushegian, Joe Grant, George Robinson, David Herrin, David Myers, Hank Martin, Mark Wimmer. (£ UUt Uf ' m " Coach Patterson and Mr. Copenhaver look on as the scores are tallied at the end of the Cross-Country meet with Blacksburg. The result? We won! FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Jim Cecil, Doug Wickham, Dennis Parks, Bill Wade, Carlton Weaver, Ben Powers, Wythe Brown. SECOND ROW: Wayne Lee, George Bowers, Richard Gunter, Paul Hodge, Richard Spangler. THIRD ROW: Kenny Etter, Richard Browder, Barry May, Wayne Hall, Glen Spangler. FOURTH ROW: Coach Patterson, Don Martin, Steve Dean, Wallace Gusler, Staley Hester, Coach Norman Lineburg. Bill Wade places second in the State In- Bob Fry jumps nineteen feet and three- door Track Meet with a toss of fifty-one fourths of an inch in the State Indoor feet, eight and three-fourth inches. Track Meet. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Larry Early, Bill Wade, Bobby Blankenbaker, Pat Powers, Wayne Taliaferro, Alwood Williams, Neil Churchill. SECOND ROW: Mike Terry, Manager; Sonny Tarpley, Clark Vandergrift, Dewey Nester, Wayland Overstreet, Nelson Powell, Rich Paugh, Dougas Wickham, Raymond Bussard, Coach. I Outdoor State Almost all of the boys pictured above scored points in winning the “grand-daddy” of all track meets for Andrew Lewis. Lewis scored thirty-two and one-third points and its nearest opponent scored twenty-six points. Neil Churchill and Bill Wade took second and fifth places respectively in the shot put. Pat Powers vaulted to a tie for first place in the pole vault event. Alwood Williams captured two first places, one in the high hurdles, the other in the low hurdles, good for twelve points. Wayne Taliaferro, the team captain, racked up a second in the high hurdles, a third in the low hurdles, and a tie for fifth in the high jump. Sonny Tarpley set a new school record in taking fifth place in the mile run. Our mile relay team composed of Nelson Powell, Wayland Overstreet, Dewey Nester, and Larry Early iced the victory with a Tird place in that event. Pictured in the inserts are the following: Pat Pow¬ ers, school record holder in the pole vault; Wayne Taliafetro, team captain; and Alwood Williams, who won two first places in the state meet. There is an interesting anecdote which came out of the track meet. When the team reached Williams¬ burg for the meet, Coach Bussard bought an issue of the local newspaper. The sports page quoted, “It’s all over but the cheering.” It went on to relate that Wakefield, led by a couple of speedy sprinters, was a sure cinch to carry back the winning team’s trophy. On several occasions on the way home, Coach Bus¬ sard would stop in a town. When the cars had stopped and everybody had piled out, he would pull out the newspaper and proceed to read, “It’s all over but the cheering.” And every time that he read this, a loud victory cry arose from the boys. This group of boys composed one of the finest ath¬ letic teams ever assembled at Andrew Lewis and com¬ manded the respect of the school, the town, and the community. 92 High school life wasn’t meant to be all work and no play and our drama is certainly no exception. In the first part of this act the team is cheered and the morale of all is lifted at rousing pep assemblies. Homecoming rolls around and the alumni are honored with festivities and a diligently prepared parade. Also at this time we are entertained by a rollicking faculty talent show. Winter enters the scene with the gaiety and color ot the Christmas dance and the collection of Christmas baskets. Next on our extracurricular agenda are the class talent shows and numerous special assemblies to which both the students and faculty look forward. The year is rounded out with the swirl of evening dresses and boys wearing ties and jackets at the spring dances. Although this completes the social curriculum of our drama, the many achieve¬ ments of Andrew Lewis students are certainly not to be overlooked. This is an act of our play that is full of fond memories and laughter, color and excitement, one which we will always hold dear. Proudly then we spotlight Marilyn Vest shares her dancing talent with the student body as her part in the Sen¬ ior Talent Show. “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ mas.” for Christ- “Miss Weaver) tire as describes Weaver” (Carlton models her lovely at- Danny Robertson the fashion. Douglas Wickham tells the student body about his “scoon-kin” huntin’. e£e ZKi zl — Coach Joyce introduces the varsity basketball team at one of This is a pep rally? our pep rallies. A group of singers from the A Cappella Choir opens the Sen- A grand finale brings to a close the Senior Talent Show, ior Talent Show with a traditional Christmas song. . During the Senior Talent Show, Jimmy Casper and Siggi Students fill the stands and cheer wildly at one of our pep Daffner sing their way into Winter Wonderland. rallies. “Love is Strange” Mr. Gearhart strums and sings in the Faculty Talent show while Mrs. Bailey ac¬ companies him. Two of the “Smith girls” leave the stage in their white blouses and black ties as Mrs. Coulter gets ready to model her box- style dress in the Faculty Talent Show. Stutdiot @ooctt Judy Young, reigns over our first Sandlot Benefit Day, a day set aside for a parade and a game with Danville, in order to raise money for sandlot football. The court includes, Left to Right, Joyce Miller, Judy Young, Queen; Sandra Reese, Donna King, Jeannie Hodges, Christine Wulfken, and Linda Rutherford. Homecoming Court, Left to Right: Diana Crotts, Sandra Jones, Anne Crouch, Lula Downey, Anne Nimmo, Sonny Tarpley, King; Carolyn Hill, Queen; Bibi McClung, Maid of Honor; Donald Martin, Prince; Bobi Ferguson, Carolyn Watkins, Judy Young, Kitty Fitzgerald, Bobby Fry, Monogram Club President, crowns Carolyn Hill Queen of Homecoming, while Princess Bibi McClung and Rick Paugh look on. Sonny Tarpley and Carolyn Hill reigned as King and Queen over the Homecoming Pa¬ rade with Donald Martin and Bibi McClung as Prince and Princess. A page from the 1960 Pioneer comes alive on the Annual Staff float during the Homecoming Parade. The Latin Club’s Jupiter and Juno threaten the helpless Halifax Comets with more thunderbolts as the float, which won second place, passes down Main Street. The four spectators on the Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club float say, “Careful, Chuck, look what you did to him!” Anne Reynolds, Lynn Rowland, Wayne Pillow, and Jimmy Wiggington seem very busy as they prepare the annual staff entry in the Homecoming Parade. N 97 Linda Pernell reigns over her lovely Holly Court, composed of Kitty Fitzgerald, Sandra Kay Jones, Wilma St. Clair, Diane Redford, Lula Downey, Judy Young, and Diana Crotts. (patent “The Shades” provide the music for the Christmas dance with the theme “Silver Bells.” Several couples swing to the music at the Christmas Dance, sponsored by the Junior Class. Our Beautiful Holly Queen, Linda Pernell, smiles radiantly at the crowd during her reign over the Christmas parade. The officers and chairmen of the Senior Y-Teens, who formed the figure during the Sweet¬ heart Dance are: FIRST ROW, Left to Right, Faye Pugh, Dale Shealy, and Linda Stearnes. SECOND ROW, Sandra Harvey, Bobi Ferguson, and Carolee Thomas. THIRD ROW, Lula Downey, Susan Rikard, and Cynthia Winston. FOURTH ROW, Martha Poage, and Lynn Rowland. TOP, Anne Reynolds. The Dance was entitled “The Magic of Hearts” and was held in the new gym on February 12, 1960. The music was provided by the Aristocrats orchestra. Linda Pernell Siggi Daffner Diana Crotts Bobi Ferguson I960 Bibi McClung Judy Young Sandra Jones Carolyn Elmore Lula Downey, Maid of Honor Carol Blount Betty McCurdy Mona Thornhill Martha Bowles 100 Scholarship and Citizenship: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Janet Branum, National Merit Scholarship Recognition; Bibi McClung, National Merit Scholarship Recognition, D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award; Doris Brumfield, Teen Council Representative to Miller and Rhoads. SECOND ROW: Charley Suiter, Optimist Award, Salem J.C. Outstanding Youth Award; Martha Poage, Optimist Award; Arlene Conrad, First Place in National F.B.L.A. Spelling Contest; George Yopp, Delegate to National F.F.A. Convention. s4c ieve te tt Sports: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: David Overstreet, Captain Basketball Team; Pat Powers, State Champion Pole Vault (1959); Bill Wade, First Team City-County Football. SECOND ROW: Charley Suiter, Second Team City-County Football; Douglas Wickham, Captain Cross-Country Track; Carlton Weaver, Alternate Captain Indoor Track; Donald Martain, Third place Mile Relay (1959). I All State Choir: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Billy Combs, Nancy Wor¬ rell, Sharon Eller, Cindy Hill, Tommy McClure. SECOND ROW: Paul Wiley, Wayne McGuire, Joe Bounds, Tommy Miller. Lynn Rowland and Susan Rikard were absent when pic¬ ture was taken. s4c6ieve Ke tt All State Band: Beverly Miller. SECOND ROW, Left to Right: Carl Nalls, Benny Garst, Bobby Emory Eddie Johnston was absent when pic¬ ture was taken. Leadership: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Malinda Sayers, President of Beta Club; Martha Poage, Editor-in- Chief of Pioneer; SECOND ROW: Sandra Harvey, Editor-in-Chief of Spokesman; Wayne Pillow, President of State J.C.L.; Charley Suiter, Presi¬ dent of Senior Class; Anne Crouch, President of Student Council. Organizations are our main-stay, for without their help our play could not go on. Lights, camera, and action are all expertly furnished by our groups in which we work faithfully in order to secure an excellent rating for our play. Most of this work is seldom recognized, but sometimes we take the lead when we sponsor hops, dances, and assemblies, to the delight of the other students. Before the curtain goes up and all during the play, our groups are scurrying to have everything ready for the big production. And so we spotlight this year’s Lynn Rowland, Business Manager ; Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Rash, Sponsors. Martha Poage, Editor-in-chief. Copywriters Staff: Martha Mattern, Siggi Daffner, Pam Kelly, Wayne Pillow, Mickey Furr, Stephen Fox, Head Copywriter; Faye Pugh, Ginger Mattern, Anne Reynolds, Sarah Coffey, and Sara Adkins. Art Staff: Susan Spickard, Carol Jean Wirt, Sandra Jones, Head Artist; and Bibi McClung. Photographer, David Bayse Circulation Staff, Left to Right: Jack Evans, Sarah Coffey, Carolee Thomas and Pete Conner, Co-Circulation Managers; Betty Branum, Peyton Hash, Linda Blount. Advertising Staff, Left to Right: Bobby Emory, Becky Douglas, Carolyn Beckner, Judy Young, Emily - Douglas, Neal Kinsey, Jimmy Wigginton, Charles Reese, Ronald Coleman, Barbara Beckner, Advertising Manager; Carolyn Watkins, Martha Bayse, Donna Calhoun. 7 ’• BBS f — tm % 4 —- § are 1 ■WmhB 1 H m if 4 IP H ft f il | s iC 1 •|r 9 1 Ij Iv t ' ‘y J 4 m M •M 1 J ' if 2 |§% ' iX, FIRST ROW: Anne Crouch, President; Bob Blankenbaker, Vice-President; Bibi McClung, Secretary; Richard Browder, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Paul Wiley, Staley Hester. THIRD ROW: Mona Thornhill, Wayne Hall, Donna Brugh. FOURTH ROW: Joe Browder, Tommy King, Bob Saul, Miss Webb, Sponsor; Bob Wood. Student ( ouncct I he purposes of the Student Government Association, as set forth in the preamble of its Constitution, are to further the spirit of co-operation and understanding among the students and faculty, and to encourage the development of student government in Andrew Lewis. The Student Council is composed of five Seniors, four Juniors, three Sophomores, two Freshmen, and two from the Eighth Grade. 106 wwm Wm . FIRST ROW: Charley Suiter, Martha Poage, Staley Hester, Sonny Tarpley, Lynn Rowland, David Dickerson, Steve Greene, Richard Browder, Bibi McClung, Bobby Blank enbaker, Anne Crouch. SECOND ROW: Ritchie Davis, Diana Bush, Judy Herrin, Susan Rikard, Jo Oakey, John Hall, Wayne Pillow, Venona Musser, David Moran, Carolyn Elmore. THIRD ROW: Steve Fox, Robin Grant, Perry Bailey, Ben Chapman, Rita Leonhardt, Kay McDonald, Shirley Dulany, Patty Martin, Barbara Preas. FOURTH ROW: James Gacek, R. M. Goodwin, Judy Watkins, Kay Matthews, Nancy Garrett, Betty Branum, Judy Cundiff, Mike Spessard, Ric¬ hard Beach. FIFTH ROW: Sandy Maxwell, Tommy King, Maime Short, Joyce Short, Twila Saul. SIXTH ROW: David Williams, Susan Vaughn, Kitty Walters, Curtis Beach, Larry Bell, Norman Shockley, Sharon Mountcastle, Brenda LaPrade. Each Class Council is composed of the four class officers and the Homeroom Presidents. The Class Council serves as a nominating committee for representatives to the Student Council and new class officers elected in the spring for the following- fall. 107 Sandra Harvey, Editor, pauses a moment from her typing. The Spokesman is three years old with a large, interested staff from all high school classes. News from the Eighth and Seventh Grades is accumulated from room representa¬ tives. The paper is published twelve times a school year including special Christmas and Senior issues. Susan Rikard, Assistant Editor, dis- Carol Sue Spence, Feature Editor, interviews Betty Coffman, News Editor, checks cusses a picture with photographer, someone for a news story. a list of coming events. David Bayse, and Assistant Editor, Mat Merker. Anne Nimmo, Business Manager, checks the mailing list while Angela Garrett, Circula¬ tion Manager, folds the papers for distribution to subscribers. Malinda Sayers, Club Editor, checks a back issue while Lula Downey, Alumni Editor, writes up the latest news. Members of the staff present at a meeting are; FIRST ROW, Front to Back: Allison Watts, Marcia Robinson, Camille Sheahan, Kerry Sipe, and Johnny Rutherford. SECOND ROW: Peggy Yates, Sha Bradley, Advertising Manager; Leigh Wiley, Martha Bowles, Assistant Business Manager; Susan Chapman. THIRD ROW: Sharon Eller, Kay Matthews, Sandra Sayers, Ellen Bowers, Nancy St. Clair, Assistant Circulation Manager. STANDING, Left to Right: Sallie Tate, A1 Knighton, Virginia Clark, Sally Rikard, Connie Vecellio, Stephen Kennamer, Mr. Dixon, Sponsor; Mrs. Chapman, Sponsor. Members of the sports staff, Left to Right: FIRST ROW: Diana Crotts. SECOND ROW: Bob Keeney, Lloyd Shockley, Mike Spessard. THIRD ROW: John Hall, Wayne Roberts. Every Saturday morning the A.L. Spokesman furnishes news for two radio programs. WROV gives half an hour to the editor of the newspaper in each school, so Sandra Harvey is Emcee for Andrew Lewis News. WBLU has only the Wolverine Turn¬ table for school news and the staff is composed of Lloyd Shockley, Chair¬ man. FRONT ROW: Bobi Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Martha Bowles, Jo Oakey, Martha Mattem. BACK ROW: Bob Keeney, Tommy Robert¬ son, Susan Rikard, Mary Ed Williams Sandra Harvey (WROV). FIRST ROW, Left to Right: David Bayse, Martha Mattern, Randy Clark, Malinda Sayers, David Dickerson, Carolyn Watkins, Vickie Owen, Charley Suiter, Angela Garrett, Ellen Cox, Anita Webb, Carol Spence, Judy Herrin. SECOND ROW: Becky Douglas, Emily Douglas, Martha Poage, Ann Nimmo, Bobi Ferguson, Susan Spickard, Wayne Pillow, Betty Coffman, Mary Douthat, Judy Thomas, Kathy Gray, Carolyn Galbraith, Sandra Jackson, Wilma St. Clair. THIRD ROW: Brenda Deyerle, Terry St. Clair, Lynn Rowland, Lila Garman, Bibi McClung, Caroline Wright, Diana Bush, Marcia Mounts, Janet Gardella, Joyce Halsey, Elaine Ager. FOURTH ROW: James Myers, David Myers, Don Wisley, Barbara Beckner, Pat Looney, Dottie Bush, Sandra Harvey, Jean White, Linda Cannady, Ruth Wade, Freda Crosswhite, Richard Browder, Ben Zirkle, Bob Blankenbaker, Steve Fox, George Leneaus, Mickey Furr, J. C. Poindexter, Bobby Hopkins, Richard Gunter, Larry Trent, Clifford Gallion, Charles Mc¬ Farland, Janet Branum, Susan Rikard, Faye Pugh, Pat Merker. ' Seta The purpose of the National Beta Club is to promote scholarship, leadership, and personality in its members. Students are chosen to participate in the club on the basis of high grades, and the recommendation and approval of the faculty. 1 his year the Andrew Lewis chapter has attended the State Beta Club Convention in Roanoke, sold Easter lilies for the benefit of crippled children, sold programs at football games, and sponsored a hop. Also, the Senior members were honored at a dinner given by the Rotary Club. 110 Beta Club Officers: Charley Suiter, Treasurer; Vickie Owen, Correspond¬ ing Secretary; Malinda Sayers, Presi¬ dent; Carolyn Watkins, Re cording Secretary; David Dickerson, Vice- President. New Beta Club Members: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Linda Hodges, Carolyn Highfill, Linda Harter, Linda Blount, Kay McDonald. SECOND ROW: Sandra Morris, Sherry Banner, Patty Mae Martin. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Elmore, Rosalind McFarland, Susan Ahalt, Margaret Bailey. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Keffer, Wayne Hall, Barbara Whitby, Shirley Dulaney, Emily Turner, Judy Cundiff. FIFTH ROW: Thomas Fare¬ well, Robin Grant, Glenda Harris, Beverly Miller, Vir¬ ginia Harvey. SIXTH ROW: Tommy Miller, Dennis Clower, Robert Hendricks, Sandra Tyree, SEVENTH ROW: Eric Jones, Richard Moushegian. The induction of forty-two new mem¬ bers at the annual Beta Club assem¬ bly was an inspiration to the students and faculty. The Latin Club officers are, Left to Right: Bibi McClung, Questor; Wayne Pillow, Tribune; Anne Nimmo, Aedile; Kay McDonald, Censor; Miss Cook, Sponsor; Mona Thornhill, Junior Provincial Governor; Susan Chapman, Praetor; Sallie Tate, Plebeian Consul; Lynn Rowland, Senior Provincial Governor; Sandra Jones, (STANDING) Pontifex Maxima. S uCz£c z i Catena, The Latin Club was instituted with the belief that students of the Latin de¬ partment should be organized into a social unit in order to devote themselves to the classics and to become better acquainted with each other. In the fall of the year, the club presented its annual Thanksgiving assembly and later on, a Christmas Tableau, in co-operation with two other organizations. The club’s spring activities included presenting the Easter Pageant “Living Pictures from the Life of Christ,” staging a banquet for faculty members and friends, and spon¬ soring the May Dance. J. C. Poindexter, Susan Rik- ard, Wayne Pillow, Bobi Fer¬ guson, and Diana Crotts practice the skit. “Ruba Cu- cula,” to be presented before the J.C.L. Convention. PROVINCIALS Sue Arthur Brenda Deyerle Y. W. Ayers David Dickerson Dwin Banner Judy Dodd Barbara Beckner Becky Douglas Bob Blankenbaker Emily Douglas Martha Bowles Elizabeth Dressier Sha Bradley Sharon Eller Richard Browder Sonny Eversole Diana Bush Janet Gardella Dottie Bush Sarah Garst Ed Butts Jimmy Goode Sarah Coffey Judy Griffith Betty Coffman John Hall Richard Conner Sandra Harvey Anita Crosswhite Marty Hash Freda Crosswhite David Herrin Siggi Daffner Staley Hester Virginia Dawson Bobby Hopkins Cynthia Dean Larry Keyes George Robinson Neal Kinsey Marcia Robinson Bibi McClung Lynn Rowland Wayne McGuire Paul Shepherd Martha Mattern Kenneth Shorter Betty McCurdy Dale Slusher Mat Merker Robert Snyder Marcia Mounts Susan Spickard Galen Munsey Sheri Sponsler Venona Musser Charley Suiter David Myers Jim Taney Jimmy Myers Sonny Tarpley Carl Nalls Mona Thornhill Martha Poage Emily Turner Faye Pugh Sue Via Charles Reese Mark Wimmer Gypsey Robertson Carol Wirt Tommy Robertson Donnie Wisely Carolyn Galbraith, Jane Arm¬ strong, Mary Ann Douthat, and Anne Nimmo are putting the final touches on Angela Garrett and Ronnie Richards before the an¬ nual performance of the Easter pageant. Dee Abernathy Susan Ahalt Liz Albert Phyllis Anderson Wilbur Andrews Jane Armstrong Margaret Bailey Sherry Banner Richard Beach Carol Blount Linda Blount Ellen Bowers Betty Branum Janet Branum Jerry Branum Michael Brickey Joe Browder Donna Calhoun Betty Caperton Dennis Clowe’- Ellen Cox Diana Crotts PATRICIANS Louise Cumbie Judy Cundiff Mary Douthat Lula Downey Shirley Dulaney Carolyn Elmore Bobby Emory Tommy Farewell Bobi Ferguson Martha Firebaugh Steve Fox Randy Francisco Mickey Furr Carolyn Galbraith Angela Garrett Bobby Garst Kathy Gray Virginia Harvey Ruth Haun Judy Herrin Caroline Highfill Cindy Hill John Holden Mary Holland Betty Jones Larry Jones Sandra Jones Pat Kageals Pam Kelly Roy Kinsey Bill Leckie Rita Leonhardt George Lenaeus Marie McDaniel Kay McDonald Rosalind McFarland Charles McLaurin Lee McReynolds Ginger Mattern Beverly Miller Tommy Miller Alma Newcomb Anne Nimmo June Painter Dennis Parks Wayne Pillow J. C. Poindexter Barbara Preas Nancy Price David Rardin Callie Reid Ronnie Richards Susan Rikard Wayne Roberts Michael Robertson Malinda Sayers Sandra Sayers Susan Schumacher DeWitt Shank Camille Sheahan H. T. Shepherd Mike Spessard Dottie Smiley Joyce Smith Dee Stinnette Betsy Stokes Euel Stump Deke Summers James Thomas Pat Thompson Sandra Tyree Kitty Van Lew Carolyn Watkins Carolyn Wells Allison Watts Leigh Wiley Mary Ed. Williams Lucky Wroniewicz Peggy Yates Joey Zeigler Ben Zirkle Stephen Fox and Mickey Furr portray wealthy Roman and American men in the annual Thanksgiving Assembly. 114 PLEBEIANS Paul Albert Bill Bain David Ball Jerry Barnett Richard Barnet Larry Bell Alice Black Ralph Bosen Gary Bowen Norma Brooks Janet Brugh Larry Calligan Sharon Catron Susan Chapman Mary Collins Virginia Crockett George Curry Robert Davids Sue Dawson Ann Dalby Janie Dooley Bruce Dowdy Audrey Doyle Dana Drew Lynn Eades Linda Edwards Gloria Fink Carolyn Fitzgerald Pat Fitzgerald Pat Follmar Sharon Fore Evelyn Furrow James Gacek Jean Garraghty Nancy Garrett Richard Garst John Nemeth Eighth Grade Plebeians Roberta Gilbert Martha Nolen R. M. Goodwin Bill Nunnally Alice Armstrong Fran Kageals Robin Grant Jimmy Perry Nancy Archer Janie Keller Pat Gravely Judy Poff Jim Ayers Donna Kirby Sally Grosholz Nickey Powell Bonnie Bland Georgia Mayo Faye Hale Sally Rikard Myra Boone Kenneth Wayne Hall Claire Roberts Ralph Brown Middleton Susie Hardison Ernestine Ryan Burke Ann Minarik Linda Harter Schrader Johnny Caperton Nancy Palma Lewis Hash Pamela Sexton Sharon Cregger Sue Parker Bob Hendricks Lloyd Shockley Sara Dennis Dan Robertson Hunter Highfill Jane Shultz Douglas Ferguson Elaine Thurman Marian Huggins Kerry Sipe Millie Garrison Susan Vaughan Gwen Johnson Tommy Stinnett Sam Givens Kitty Walters Steven Nancy Tate Nancy Haigler Nancy Wells Kennamer Sallie Tate Rita HasenbacV Barry Whitesell Ray Kirby Alwyn Linda Knight Vandergrift A1 Knighton Connie Vecellio Patsy Koestner Russell Walker Paula Larson Carolyn Lilly Jerry Lineberry Rosi Lonitz John McAfee Lester McCurdy Martha McNeil Lee McFarland William Mason Kay Matthews Alex Maxwell Carol Minton Dennis Morgan John Morrison Judy Watkins Kim Whitlock Peggy Williams Pat Wilson Ronnie Wiseley Rosemary Withers Sylvia Witt Sarah Wohlford Bob Wood Emily Wright Earnest Wright Alan Zeigler Pam Kelly, Lee Abernathy, Lula Downey, Ellen Cox, Sandra Jones Malinda Sayers work industriously on decorations for the May Dance. and FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Cynthia Winston, Project Chairman; Linda Stearnes, Social Chairman; Carolee Thomas, World Fellowship Chairman; Dale Shealy, Music Chairman; Marcia Robinson, Publicity Chairman; Sandra Harvey, Worship Chairman; Lynn Rowland, Secretary; Anne Reynolds, President; Susan Rikard, Vice-President; Martha Poage, Treas¬ urer; Lula Downey, ' Worship Center Chairman; Bobi Ferguson, Program Chairman; Faye Pugh, Interclub Council; Mrs. Mitchell, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Sandra Jones, Anne Crouch, Sharon Eller, Martha McGhee, Ellen Cox, Angela Garrett, Kitty Fitzgerald, Caro¬ lyn Hill, Malinda Sayers, Carolyn Watkins, Judy Young, Martha Mattern, Brenda Poff, Mary Potts. THIRD ROW: Mary Hinson, Virginia Harvey, Anne Dressier, Sue Puckett, Sue Ar¬ thur, Cathy Gray, Patty Stinson, Ginger Mattern, Theresa Van Dyke, Carole Sue Spence, Mona Thornhill, Elaine Ager. FOURTH ROW: Betty McCurdy, Cynthia Dean, Carolyn Wells, Cindy Sue Hill, Ruth Bohon, Diana Bush, Gail Mutter, Pat Thompson, Edwina Brown, Sue Via, Freda Crosswhite, Gloria Fink, Sarah Coffey. FIFTH ROW: Shari Sponsler, Anne DeHart, Mary Ed Williams, Martha Bowles, Sha Bradley, Suckie Garst, Dottie Bush, Mary Ann Douthat, Jean Epperley, Barbara Whitby, Helen Keesling, Brenda Lawhorn. Sevtiox Officers, Left to Right, Anne Reynolds, President; Susan Rikard, Vice- President; Lynn Rowland, Secretary; Martha Poage, Treasurer. 116 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Caroline Wright, Gypsey Robertson, Mary Jo Ayers, Betty Jones. SECOND ROW: Betty Caperton, Linda Harter, Betsy Wells, Camille Sheahan, Kay McDonald, Linda Hodges, Caroline Highfill. THIRD ROW: Margurite Bryan, Pamela Haynes, Gwen Dean Johnson, Dottie Smiley, Betsy Stokes, Anne Dressier, Carole Jones. FOURTH ROW: Emily Dixon, Sue Dawson, Mary Collins, Ellen Bowers, Susan Schu¬ macher, Pat Cobb, Linda Baird, Phyllis Gilley. FIFTH ROW: Gwen Garner, Doris Lephew, Jean Epperly, Ann Shealy, Carole Clark, Ann Gearheart, Jo Ann Garrison. The Senior Y-Teens was founded in order to build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are com¬ mitted by our faith as Christians. Some of our activities for this year include giving a mother-daughter dinner, “adopting” a family, participating in the city-county fund drives, and sponsoring the an¬ nual Sweetheart Dance. 117 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Hunter Highfield, Vice-President; Pam Robinson, Devotional Chairman; Judy Watkins, World Fellowship Chairman; Janie Dooley, Program Chairman; Sarah Wohlford, Music Chairman; Pat Gravely, Inter-club Council Representative; Lester McCurdy, President; Sallie Tate, Treasurer; Emily Wright, Recording Secretary; Kitty Walters, Service Projects Chairman; Kay Matthews, Corresponding Secretary; Miss Maxwell, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Sheri Carroll, Marion Huggins, Diane Wickham, Pat Matthews, Carolyn Fitzgerald, Susie Hardison, Gloria Wimmer, Peggy Williams, Nancy Garrett, Claire Roberts, Susan Chapman, Candy Minton, Ellene Overstreet. THIRD ROW: Alice Arm¬ strong, Susan Vaughan, Lorraine Johnson, Barbara Barr, Pam Sexton, Phyllis Anderson, Tish Lunsford, Clara Robertson, Donna Sweeny, Judy Maurer. FOURTH ROW: Sara Jo Dennis, Doris Ellis, Susan Bailey, Cynthia Beckner, Twila Saul, Joyce Altizer, Paula Larson, Sue Parker, Carolyn Abell, Mary Palmer, Patsy Koestner. FIFTH ROW: Gail White, Nancy Wells, Ryan Burke, Donna Snider, Joyce Dean, Linda Rakes. SIXTH ROW: Nancy Mul¬ lins, Susan Payne, Cookie Agnor, Nancy Archer, Carolyn Lilly, Myra Boone, Toni Tillman, Phyllis Lusk, Faye Hale, Cheryl Richardson, Jeannie Brockaw. flutUo ' i 7ee t The Jr. Y-Teens is the junior division of the Senior Y-Teens. Our goal is to train ourselves for the responsibilities which we will undertake as Senior Y-Teen members in future years. 118 ! 1 ; i H 4 m • FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Bobby Fry, Vice-President; Sonny Eversole, Chaplain; Staley Hester, President; Alex McNeil, Secretary; Mike Spessard, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Don Gray, Bobby Saul, Lucky Wroniewicz, David Webb, Billy Metzler, Wayne Gray, Billy Rich¬ ardson, Larry Keyes, Marty Hash, Tommy King, Wayne Roberts, Nicky Powell. THIRD ROW: H. T. Shepherd, Y. W. Ayers, Lloyd Shockley, Barry May, Ed Routt, Howard Roberts, Bill Leckie, Randy Powers, Danny Duffy, Jimmy Birch, Tommy Robertson, Jack Evans, Car¬ ter Melton, Mr. St. Clair, Sponsor. ' Zc- ' Zf The Hi-Y is the YMCA in our high school. It is a fellowship of high school boys who are committed to Christian work in this high school and community. Contributing to the YMCA World Brotherhood, assisting in the Christmas Basket Campaign, and planning for religious assemblies are just a few of our many activi¬ ties. We also actively participate in national, state, and local Hi-Y functions, and send delegates to the Model General Assembly in Richmond. 119 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Anne Nimmo, President; Carolyn Watkins, Vice-President; Kay McDonald, Recording Secretary; Shirley Dulaney, Corresponding Secretary; Sue Daw¬ son, Treasurer; Martha Mattem, Mona Thornhill, Sandra Jones, Lula Downey, Bobi Fer¬ guson, Diana Crotts, Rita Leonhardt, Judy Cundiff, Carolyn Elmore, Donna Brugh, Judy Young, Varsity Cheerleaders. SECOND ROW: Dottie Bush, Ann Shealy, Ellen Cox, Ma- linda Sayers, Bibi McClung, Martha Bowles, Susan Spickard, Anne Crouch, Sha Bradley, Dee Abernathy, Diana Bush, Pat Cobb, Marguerite Bryan, Mary Collins, Sally Lemon, Joan Herron. THIRD ROW: Carolee Thomas, Venona Musser, Suckie Garst, Wayne Pillow, Cynthia Dean, Sharon Eller, Susan Rikard, Diane Windel, Margie Marsinko, Sue Parker, Bonnie Bland, Anne Minarik, Millie Garrison, Linda Baird, Mary Jo Ayers. FOURTH ROW: Kitty Fitzgerald, Sue Authur, Mat Merker, Dale Shealy, Tommy Robertson, Sandra Sayers, Ellen Bowers, Lee McReynolds, Sherrie Banner, Betty Branum, Margaret Bailey, Emily Dixon, Connie Grubb, Jean Garraghty, Carol Jean Jones, Louise Cumbie. FIFTH ROW: Faye Pugh, Betty Coffman, Diane Garrison, Pat Conner, Margaret Knouff, Jean Blankenbeckler, Brenda Synder, Donna Snider, Diane Necessary, Susan Coates, Virginia Clark, Rose Dudley, Betty Gale Jones, Callie Reid. SIXTH ROW: Cynthia Witt, Siggi Daffner, Carol Blount, Barbara Ramey, Mildred Reedy, Joyce Smith, Janice Underwood, Pam Robinson, Linda Vaughn, Pamela Wertz, Elana Campbell, Elaine Thurman, Alice Armstrong. ' Pefr (?Cu6 m r v - i Pep Club Officers, Left to Right: Kay McDonald, Recording Secre¬ tary; Carolyn Watkins, Vice- President; Anne Nimmo, Presi¬ dent; Shirley Dulaney, Roll Call Secretary; Sue Dawson, Treasurer. K SsiSsSr — a.J, It? . 1 O 1 A 1 - J jf v Pal aH " . |f Tf fa - • ill; JT JWv f € i I m IJr mu u I ’ i mm - • ' x ' .. r «■» . 4 [I L: f m - - f) ' v. ' $ m , M v % i ROW 7, Left to Right: Mrs. Barbara Smith and Miss Willie Taylor, Sponsors; Lester Mc¬ Curdy, Pat Gravely, Susan Payne, Connie Vecellio, Candy Minton, Kitty Walters, Susan Chapman, Sarah Jo Dennis, Susan Vaughan, Nancy Garett, Junior Varsity Cheerleaders; ROW 2: Nancy Wells, Georgia Mayo, Myra Boone, Jean Gough, Rosie Lonitz, Sally Rikard, Carolyn Lilly, Sally Tate, Kay Matthews, Elene Overstreet, Emily Wright, Clara Roberts, Pam Sexton. ROW 3: Cookie Agnor, Ryan Burke, Gail White, Frances Kageals, Barbara Barr, Patricia Southern, Gail Volpe, Sandra Tyree, Marilyn Craun, Darlene Shephard, Douglas Ferguson. ROW 4: Mary Whitner, Sheena Lucas, Shirley Doss, Janie Dooley, Sarah Mann, Earlyn Beamer, Nancy Tate, Cora Akers, Judy Lane, Anne Hall, Paula Larson, Janice Knouff. ROW 5: Corbin Craig, Brenda Butler, Judy Guthrie, Sandra Brokaw, Sharon Creg- ger, Cindy Crown, Donna Todd, Nancy Palmer, Joyce Altizer, Cynthia Beckner, Marcena Thompson, Margaret Tyler. ROW 6: Dootsie Garst, Janet Brugh, Judy Watkins, Carolyn Fitzgerald, Susie Hardison, Pat Matthews, Phyllis Gilly, Carol Showalter, Betty Kirby, Lor¬ raine Johnston, Judy Moryer, Dianne Wickham, Nancy Martin. The purpose of the Pep Club is to promote good school spirit and sportsmanship among the students of Andrew Lewis High School and to support the team at all games. The main activity of the Pep Club is the sponsorship of the Homecoming Parade. This year was the greatest yet, with prizes going to the FFA, Beta Club, and Junior class for the winning floats. Another activity of the club could be witnessed almost any Fri¬ day afternoon during the fall season at the football stadium -—■ that of decorating the goal posts. And, of course, the promotion of good will is most important to this organization. 121 Left to Right, FIRST ROW: Theresa Van Dyke, Judy Crockett, Mary Brumfield, Betty Brubeck, Diana Coffindaffer, Brenda Conner, Pat Wilson, Judy Craft, Charlotte Ramey, Joyce Powell, Lucy Reavis. SECOND ROW: Linda Agee, Linda Paris, Ruth Perdue, Suzanne Brown, Janice Heatherly, Mary Ann Grosshiem, Marcina Thompson, Kathy Gun¬ ter, Betty Carroll, Doris Powell. THIRD ROW : Linda Brickley, Pat Morris, Delinda Stinnett, Ellen Painter, Judy Bohon, Pat Phlegar, Barbara Moore, Nancy Spraker, Becky Caldwell. FOURTH ROW: Joyce Martin, Patty Wright, Miss Painter, Miss Andrews, Miss Taylor, Sharon Martin. Officers: Francis Tucker, President; (Right) Lois Nuher, Sec¬ retary; Bonnie Moore, Keeper of Points; Betty Jo Quick, Social Chairman; (Left) Penny Moore, Vice-President; Wanda Price, Treasurer; Pat Peverell, Publicity. The girls’ Sports Club is for all girls interested in sports and has a program set up for the girls to earn points through participation in various sports. At the end of each school year, the club has a banquet and awards are given to the girls for their taking part in the various activities. Through the Sports Club, sportsmanship and fel¬ lowship are gained, as well as the enjoyment of associating together in sports. Girls’ Basketball Team, Left to Right, 1st ROW: Bonnie May, Theresa Van Dyke, Patti (jWrigljft, -Anne Crouch, Louise Cumbiej|Mary Brumfield, Nancy Spraker, Miss Painter, Coach. .. X Volleyball Team, Right, W: Bonnie Moore, Barbara Moore, Wanda Price, Captain, Linda Agee, Ellen Painter, De- 2nd ROW: Coaches, Miss Painter, Miss }J Taylor; Nan y Splakerj[ ' jEileen Dudding, Teresa Van Dyke, Pat Wilson, Betty Jo Quick, Pat r Morris, Judy Bohon, Frtthces Tucker, Sharon Martin, Kathy Gunter, Coach, Miss Andrews. Linda Brickley uhidy jOCrockett, Penny Moore linda Stinnett Bonnie May, Mary Brumfield. Tavlor: Nancv Spfakeri Eileen Duddiner, Teresa FIRST ROW: Bob Fry, President; Bill Wade, Vice-President; Douglas Wickham, Secretary; Dwin Banner, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Staley Hester, Sammy Carter, David Herrin, Sidney Crosswhite, Donald Martin, Carlton Weaver, Richard Neal, Ed Butts, Richard Brow¬ der. THIRD ROW: Charley Suiter, Charles Bailey, David Kennamer, Mike Terry, Sonny Tarpley, Jerry Light, Gerald Akers, Jerry Michael, Rick Paugh. FOURTH ROW: George Robinson, David Myers, Robert Snyder, Marshall Dowdy, Joe Browder, Bob Blankenbaker, Rudy Gearheart, Leonard Snead. I | I Cud The purpose of the Monogram Club is to create a better under¬ standing between the members of the various athletic teams, to improve relations of athletes with other students, and to promote better sportsmanship in and out of school. 124 Volunteer members of the library staff keep busy every minute backstage. Emily Dixon, Peggy Ayers, Pat Looney, and Phyllis Anderson give their free periods to prepare books for circulation. Robert Simmers and Janet Clark check a new shipment of books on loan from the National Science Foundation. Student Mary Potts and Martha Bayse have an opportunity to examine titles of new material at the Virginia Library Association Con¬ vention at Hotel Roanoke. Members of the Library Start use the phonographic equipment, a gift of the Class of 1959, to hear a recording of Tchaikovsky’s Concerto No. 1. Left to Right: Faye Hale, Pat Looney, Miss Wright, Librarian; Sue Arthu r, Mrs. Newton, Librarian; Jane Armstrong, and Mr. Dudley, high school supervisor. I N l .Vv,, ' i Sag- - - fyf , 4 Jllll W4 : ' ,j FIRST ROW: Margaret Knouff, Nina Shelor, Willa Epperly, Jeannie Carroll, President; Audrey Doyle, Ardena Shelor, Jean Blankenbeckler. SECOND ROW: Eileen Dudding, Anita Webb, Parliamentarian; Geraldine Smith, Patricia Hall. 0 putune FIRST ROW: Kathleen Owen, Songleader; Carolyn Anderson, mary Williams, Carol Musselman, Mildred Moore, Marie Beard. OND ROW: Norma Arnold, Jo Ann Dudding. THIRD ROW: Conner, Linda Swain. Rose- SEC- Lona Jo Oakey, Linda Furrow, Judy Guthrie, Betty Martin, First Vice-President; Ruth Bohon, Second Vice-President; Nora Barnette, Angelia Owens, Doris Brumfield, Recording Sec¬ retary; Becky Deaton. FIRST ROW: Carolyn Mohler, Historian; Brenda Collins, Anne Reynolds, Carol Jean Jones, Betty Gale Jones. SECOND ROW: Marie Hofer, Sherry Wright, Betty Adams, Elaine Ager, Linda Hodges, Cynthia Winston. The purpose of the F.H.A. is to learn to live better today in order that our lives may be better tomorrow. The F.H.A. had two goals to fulfill this year: first, to interpret the values of home economics as a basic part of our total education, second, to develop a better understanding of our family members and to contribute to their well-being. Some of the activities include fashion shows, clothing exhibits, classes in model¬ ing, a hop after a basketball game, a parent-daughter banquet, a trip to the Mercy House, and a trip to Bedford. Delores Martin, Vonnie Myers, Debby Nester, Treas¬ urer, Jean White, Phyllis Johnston. FIRST ROW: Edair Per¬ due, Doris Gearheart, Mary Ann Grossheim, Corresponding Secretary; Joyce Halsey. SECOND ROW: Joan Campbell, Rose Dudley, Joan Her¬ ron, Sarah Cromer, Geraldine Conn B W li -1 It k ; ? i O, : d rm j JMm OH bk V jj I A , ) 1 1 hv v n | ;.i V) y I FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Wayne Garman, Sentinel; Wayne Keffer, Secretary; Ralph Brubaker, Assistant Sec¬ retary; Richard Saunders, Vice-President; Tommy Wright, Reporter; Douglas Barton, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: John Blankenship, Ray Bayse, Bill Hodge, Julius Quesen- berry, Barry Crawford, Barry Anderson, John Hurley, Da¬ vid Lester, Dale DeWease, Larry Conner. THIRD ROW: Joe Rutherford, Jesse Rutledge, Andy Marsinko, Robert McCray, Kenneth Anderson, Darrell Bower, Lee Gordon, Randall Walker, Mr. Scott, Advisor. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Orr, Advisor, Mark Bowman, Lloyd Bowman, Paul Webb, Jerry Aliff, Douglas Morgan, Don Mountcastle, Larry Starkey, Danny Richards, Day Moses, Mark Wim- mer, David Hughes. Members not pictured: George Yopp, Jr., President; Richard Dixon, Ronald Thompson, Regi¬ nald Alls, Aubrey Alley, Maynard Palmer, Ronald Ray, Wayne Aliff, Larry Collins, Earl Wimmer. " putune £ s4 Kefuca, The purposes of the Future Farmers of America are expressed best by our motto: Learning t o do, doing to learn, earning to live, and living to serve. Some of our activities during the year were giv¬ ing radio and television programs throughout the year, and sending a delegate to the National Con¬ vention and the F.F.A. State Convention in October. The federation and the dairy and poultry judging con¬ tests were held in the spring, while during the sum¬ mer months the annual F.F.A.-F.H.A. picnic, de¬ gree team and public speaking contests took place. Also of note was the annual parent-son banquet. FIRST ROW,, Left to Right: Miss Lois Yeatts, Sponsor; Audrey Doyle, Songleader; Tommy Wright, Reporter; Nancy Tate, Treasurer; Rodney Wohlford, Secretary; Pamela Haynes, Vice-President; Earl Wimmer, Miss Barbara Hoge, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Karen Swain, Carolyn Taylor, Shelia McCoy, Joyce Wimmer, Frances Wimmer, Doris Wilson, Sandra Helm, George Givens. THIRD ROW: Wanda Smith, Rebecca Scott, Carolyn Redmond, Danny McDaniel, Mickey Taylor, Steve Simpkins, Junior Hendricks, Jimmy Smith, Brenda Spangler. FOURTH ROW: Frances Humphries, Sue Hodges, Joan Williams, George Phoenix, Gerald McDaniel, J. D. Jacobs. FIFTH ROW: Wayne Wertz, Charles Williams, Steven Stinson, Bryant Williams, Roger Williams, Danny Karnes. 4- ' % gud The 4-H Club of Andrew Lewis High School, like all other 4-H Clubs, is affili¬ ated with the state and national organization. The purposes include teaching the latest and best practices in agriculture and home economics, encouraging the acceptance of responsibilities in all phases of liv¬ ing, and stimulating friendships and enriching character through individual and club projects. 129 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Pete Conner, Ben Chapman, Charles Looney, Wayne Lee, Ric¬ hard Gunter, David Bayse, Randy Clark. SECOND ROW: Rosalind McFarland, Betty Branum, Cindy Hill, Sue Arthur, Angela Garrett, Martha Bayse, Ellen Cox, Jackie Hudson, Martha Mc¬ Ghee, Kitty Fitzgerald, Mat Merker, Betty Coffman. THIRD ROW: Jimmy Butler, Charles McFarland, Andy Price, Robert Davids, Carolyn Beckner, Virginia Clark, Kathy Gray, Martha Poage, Jane Armstrong, Faye Pugh. FOURTH ROW: Johnny Parker, Steve Greene, Janet Branum, Siggi Daffner, C. P. Layman. Si- Science The aims of the Bi-Phi-Chem Science Club are to understand the importance of science in our lives, to encourage the students in scientific careers, to give service to our community and nation, and to help carry out the program of the Science Clubs of America and the Virginia Jun¬ ior Academy of Science. This year the club has had programs with speakers from industries and laboratories, sponsored a field trip to Moorehead Planetarium at Chapel Hill, and gone on a field trip to local industries. We have also sponsored a hop, entered a float in the Homecoming Parade, and sold programs at a football game, and en¬ couraged participation in local, regional, and state science fairs, and supported the polio drive in Salem. Bi-Phy Chem Science Club Officers: Mr. Nickerson, Sponsor; Randy Clark, Treasurer; Siggi Daffner, Secretary; Mat Merker, Vice-President; Betty Coffman, President; Miss Hurt, Sponsor. FIRST ROW: Jimmy Perry, President; Kerry Sipe, Vice-President; Diana Coffindaffer, Treas¬ urer; Audrey Doyle, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Sandy Palmer, Kenneth Gibson, Peggy Eun- son, Phyllis Anderson, Mr. Thomas, Sponsor; Sallie Rikard, Phillip Shreve, Bennie Hall, Norman Shockley, Bill Schauman, Roger Cox. 2V- ' P y- Sctettce The Junior Science Club is very active despite its small size. Many activities are planned for this year, including a trip to Blacksburg and the entering of several dis¬ plays in the Science Fair later this spring. The club has had guest speakers from General Electric and the Appalachian Power Company, and a few other speakers from the major industries in this area are scheduled. 131 FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Gwen Garner, President; Mrs. Kolmer, Sponsor; Emily Turner, Secretary; Linda Pernell, Vice-President; Martha McGhee, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Sylvia Witt, Barbara Preas, Sandra Morris, Kitty Fitzgerald. ?utune s4 nenicci The goal of the Future Teachers of America Club is to encourage more young people to go into the teaching profession. At the regular meetings, the members of the group present effective and worthwhile programs that will lead to this goal. The members aid teachers by keeping classes in emergencies and by grading papers. These activities give us a practical point of view on teaching as a profession. 132 Donnie McCown, Robin Garst, Virginia Crockett, Sally Rikard, James Finney, and Mr. Crawford examine some of the audio-visual equipment. ' Piajectc t The purposes of this club are many, including the showing of films, operating of the public address system, taking charge of lighting effects and other technical equip¬ ment used by the school or by outside organizations using the building. The officers of the Projection Club are: Don McCown, President; Robin Grant, Vice-President; and James Finney, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. John D. Crawford is the faculty sponsor for the eighteen members of the club. Left to Right: Bobby Wells, Ralph Brubaker, Jimmy Reynolds, Bob White, Dallas Brunk, Ralph Bosen. Andrew Lewis students taking a radio and television repair class include, on the left, Johnny Hamilton, David Wilson, Danny Stump and James Wigginton. On the right side, from the front, are: Danny Witt, Richard White, David Overstreet, Mike Calaway, David Wertz and John D. Crawford, Bobby Wells and Wendell Johns were absent from picture. Left to Right: Aubrey Alley, Mike Calloway, Darrel Bower, David Napier, Alfred Williams, Billy Metzler, Calvin Dooley. FIRST ROW: Vickie Owen, Barbara St. Onge, Charie Bailey, Wilma St. Clair, Penny Moore, Arlene Conrad, Patty Stinson, Judy Adkins. SECOND ROW: Eudora Judd, Mil¬ dred Garman, Joan Herron, Emily Dixon, Vivian Bond, Betty Jo Quick, Bonnie Moore, Wanda Price, Glenda Harris, Carol Jean Jones. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Meador, Sponsor; Bonnie Keenan, Linda Garber, Peggy Ayers, Betty Martin, Pat Brumfield, Sandy Goodwin, Delores Martin, Carolyn Lyon, Donna Byrd, Mary Hinson, Margretha Kinser. FOURTH ROW: Miss Profitt, Sponsor; Joyce Halsey, Patricia Graham, Joyce Nixon, Mary Ann Keaton, Shelby Motley, Carol Bryant, Mary Potts, Brenda PofT, Karen Scott, Mary Ann Law. FIFTH ROW: Dale Brunk, David Wil¬ liams, Sharon Sargent, Jerry Neighbors, William Hale, Linda Cannady, Barbara Byrd, Colin Mayhew, Linda Hodges, Sandra Morris. putu%e ‘Su4t te 4 ecule%6 x£ s4 t Uc€i The Future Business Leaders of America has many purposes. This organization seeks to develop its mem¬ bers into qualified business leaders and to help make a wiser choice for a business occupation. The members are also encouraged to improve the home and com¬ munity and to participate in worthy undertakings to improve both business and the community. The FBLA, along with its educational purposes, partici¬ pates in and sponsors some of the social functions of our school. Among the many honors that our chapter received this year, there are three of which we are especially proud. An award of $100 was given to our chapter for outstanding work in FBLA in the Roanoke County and Roanoke City area. Also, we were a Gold Seal Chapter last year as a result of notable achievements; only a small number of schools in Virginia received this honor. Finally, a member of our club was on the Virginia spelling team which won hrst prize at the national convention. Left to Right: Judy Adkins, Parliamentarian; Patty Stinson, Reporter; Arlene Conrad, Scrapbook Chairman; Charie Bailey, Recording Secretary; Barbara St. Onge, Vice-President ; Vickie Owen, President; Penny Moore, Treasurer; Wilma St. Clair, Corresponding Secretary. 0 F F I C E T R A I N I N G FIRST ROM, Left to Right: Miss Mary H. Goodwin, Brenda Journell, Barbara Doyle, Shelby Jean Motley. SECOND ROIV: Alice Altice, Mona Thomas, Pat Brumfield, Barbara St. Onge. THIRD ROW: Charie Bailey, Carolyn Cabiness, Mary Jane Aliff. FOURTH ROMO Doris Brumfield, Arlene Conrad, Carol Jean Wirt, Mildred Carman. FIFTH ROW: Coleen Strouth, Linda Garber, Judy Atkinson. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Mowles, Betty Wirt, Betty Ann Cim- burke, Patsy Shelburne. SEVENTH ROW: Barbara Moore, Peggy Ayers, Patty Stinson. EIGHTH ROW: Vickie Owen, Wilma St. Clair, David Williams. The purpose of the Vocational Office Training Program is to train students for occupational competence. It is often spoken of as a part-time co-operative work program because the business men co-operate with the school in training students for office jobs. These students, who are majoring in business, attend morning classes at school and work on a part-time basis in the afternoon in a business office. The teacher and co-ordinator of this program finds work stations for the students and often visits the trainees on their jobs. She also discusses with the employer the job performance and office conduct of the trainee. Through this training program, students graduate from high school better prepared to take their places in the business world. First period Vocational Office Training class is hard at work. Second period Vocational Office Training class is also dili gently learning. Marie Rohrer Kay’s Sportswear Peggy Caldwell Heironimus Dianne Redford Miller Rhoads Nancy Hall, President Joseph Jacobs, Vice-President Miller Rhoads Roanoke Hardware Mr. Bolton, Advisor Billy Galbraith Roanoke Hardware Shelva Conner T arpley’s Connie Grubb Brenda Johnston Lynwood Lee S H Kress Newberry’s Goodwin Williams T George Lemon Western Auto Mildred McCoy Sharon Muckenfuss Newberry’ s Eagle’s Peggy Blankenbecker, Secretary Becky Stanley, Treasurer Children’s Shop Tarpley’s Lois Phlegar Eagle’s David Poff Mick or Mack Edrie Speed Newberry’s Murrell Wertz Iris Williams Linda Williams Roanoke Hardware Heironimus Newberry’s The purpose of the Student Christian Association is to give students the oppor¬ tunity to meet together in Christian fellowship and to set up Christian standards for our school. This year we have presented devotions over the intercom each morning and asked grace in the cafeteria. We also conducted the World Day of Prayer Assembly and concluded the year with our annual club picnic. Student (? vU4tuz t s444eciattou FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Charles Reese, President; Vickie Owen, Vice-President; Carolyn Edwards, Song Leader; Wilma St. Clair, Treasurer; Mrs. Forrest Smith, Sponsor; Carol Taylor, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Judy Lane, Katherine Tarpley, Sally Grosholz, Margrett Knuff, Pat Jennings, Ramona San Juan, Mary Marsinko, Pat Looney, Carolyn Lyon, Josephine Jac¬ obs, Norris Elliott. THIRD ROW: Twila Saul, Elaine Smith, Dreama Fitzgerald, Glenda Harris, Betty Hannah, Imogene Jones, Betty Johnston, Phyllis Johnston, Debbie Nester, Jean White, Cheryl Sevrendonk. FOURTH ROW: Lois Phlegar, Joyce Nixon, Linda Canna- day, June Painter, Colleen Strouth, Alice Altice, Carolyn Stump, Barbara Beckner, Betty Sam¬ ple, Nancy St. Clair, Vonnie Myers, Cecila Crawford. FIFTH ROW: Patty Whitby, Angelia Owen, Connie Poff, Patsy Shelburne, Doris Brumfield, Sharon Sargent, Kathy Gunter, Bar¬ bara Edwards, Pamela McFalls, Carolyn Beckner, Martha Bayse. SIXTH ROW: Shirley Hughes, Veronica Hendricks, Linda Grey, Janet Branum, Ray Lemon, Beverly Miller, Steve Arthur, Bill Headen, Junior Brumfield. SEVENTH ROW: Gail Simmers, Ray Rogers, Danny Hamon, Betsy Wells, Ann Shealy, Pat Gravley, Lester McCurdy, Patty Matthrews, Carolyn Fitzgerald. EIGHTH ROW: Billy Minnix, Danny Mowles, Johnny Rutherford, Jack Evans, Donald Haynes, Mike Harris. 138 Student (tyUAtcau s4 4occcittau Steve Hawkins asks the blessing during lunch period. Student Christian Association Officers are: Charles Reese, President; Wilma St. Clair, Treas¬ urer; Carolyn Edwards, Song Leader; Vickie Owen, Vice-President; Mrs. Smith, Sponsor; Carol Taylor, Secretary. Mr. Hurt helps Jack Evans, Student Christian Association member, prepare to give the morn¬ ing devotions. ■ FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Tommy Farewell, Carolyn Wells, Linda Harter, Carolyn Akers, Peggy Eunson, Betty Coffman. SECOND ROW: Alice Black, Judy Cunningham, Connie Graham, Anna Lee Ferguson, Pam Haynes, Polly Gearheart, Ben Chapman, Becky Cromer. THIRD ROW: Lynn Lockrow, James Monroe, Ronnie Minnix, John Mitchell, Jeannie Reynolds, Mason Boyd, Gene Puckett, Loy Belcher, Neal Kinsey, Richard Cecil, Diana Cof- findaffer. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Johnson, Benny Garst, George Lemon, Sandra Gibson, Dale Brunk, Ranny Smith, Susie Carroll. ‘Scuui Majorettes, Left to Right: Alice Black, Paulette Gearheart, Tanya Tuttle, Carolyn Akers, Head Majorette ; Betty Coffman, Betty Wright, Linda Harter. Standing in back is Drum Major, Butch Stump. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Raymond Bright, Henry Platter, Ann Dalby, Dreama Bruford, Gary Bowen, Tish Lunsford, Andrea Clinevell, Linda Watson, Wanda Sexton. SECOND ROW: Tanya Tuttle, Kenny Bowen, Joey Ziegler, Gwen Johnson, Sherrill Smith, Ira Jones, Herbert Bright, Beverly Miller. THIRD ROW: Butch Stump, C. P. Layman, Jimmy Shorter, Sandy Honaker, Sandra Hollandsworth, Sandy Palmer, Betty Wright, Jerry Lee, Steve Arthur, Danny Stump, Sammy Garst, Freddie Crockett, Carl Nalls. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Emory, Odgie Fitzgerald, Roger Williams, Larry Garst, Tommy McCue. The Wolverine band, sixty-four strong, under the direction of Robert M. Barnette and the able assistance of student director Carl Nalls, has performed at many func¬ tions this year. These performances include eight football games and many civic parades. The band has grown in number over the last year, making necessary the pur¬ chase of additional uniforms. Listed among appearances will be the Apple Blossom Festival at Winchester. Officers of the band are Carl Nalls, Captain and Student Director; Benny Garst, Lieutenant; Richard Cecil, Sargeant and Drill Master; and Edwin Tohnson, Head Drummer ; Euel Stump, Drum Major; Carolyn Akers, Head Majorette. The Wolverine band in the familiar A.L. formation. FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Susan Rikard, Sharon Eller, Allison Watts, Beverly Miller, Brenda Wright, Judy Herrin, Jane Nash, Carolyn Galbraith, Angela Garrett, Carol Taylor, Lynn Rowland, Betty McCurdy, Dee Abernathy, Librarian; Sandra Morris, Carol Blount, Martha Bowles, Brenda Kay Deyerle, Librarian. SECOND ROW: Siggi Daffner, Caroline Wright, Freda Crosswhite, Nancy Worrell, Vice-President. (faftfceCta (tyotn ! Ij i ii i i Harry L. Simmers, Director The Andrew Lewis High School A Cappella Choir was organized in the fall of 1957 by its present director, Harry L. Simmers. Since that time it has continued to increase in popularity, not only with the student body, but with the general public as well. In the first year of its existence, the choir consisted of thirty-seven members. The next year the membership increased to forty-one members, and for the season of 1959-1960 there were sixty-three members which were selected by audition from the stu¬ dent body. The choral literature consists of unaccompanied masterpieces of both ancient and modern composers. Deep satisfaction is gained by the choir members in their singing of this great choral literature, and they seek to share appreciation with the listeners. Each school year demands a versatile group of singers. In addition to the various concerts given at the school, the choir has appeared in nu¬ merous concerts in churches and other schools, and this year ten members of the choir were chosen to sing in the All-State West Choir. 142 B A C K D R 0 P 8 Who is most interested in the basketball game — Coach Miley, his wife, or his little daughter? Mr. Miller confers with Mrs. Keffer in front of the school office. What does Miss Cook’s fifth period Cicero class find so amusing? Chances are, it’s the comments being made about the films that Sandra Kay Jones took in Hawaii. Think you’ve got problems! What about these poor Annual Staff members identifying pictures of people they’ve never seen before. Richard Browder and Carolyn Watkins play the roles of bride and groom in a festive Christmas play in Mrs. Fisher’s sixth period senior English class. “Left-right,” directs Mrs. Bowman as she leads some of her fellow faculty members in an inspired version of the Bunny Hop. The first appearance of our new girl’s drill team was highlighted by Patti Wright’s dance at the Homecoming game. One of our most exciting Pep rallies was held before the game with our arch rival -—- Jefferson High School. Settee ‘Dcnecttvity Carolyn Akers Gerald Akers Monogram Club 4,5; Eighth Grade Basketball 1; J.V. Bas¬ ketball 2,3; Varisty Basketball 4,5; Jr. Varsity Track 2,3; Cross Country Track 4; Varsity Track 4,5. Mary Jane Aliff S.C.A. 2,3; F.H.A. 3; F.B.L.A. 4; Annual Staff 4. Alice Altice Sports Club 1,2,3,4; S.C.A. 1,2,5; F.H.A. 3; F.B.L.A. 3,4; Homeroom President 3; Class Council 3; Annual Staff 4. Jane Armstrong Latin Club 2,3,4,5; J.C.L. 2,3,4,5; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y- Teens 5; S.C.A. 2; F.T.A. 3; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 5; Reporter 5; Homeroom Vice President 2; Homeroom Treasurer 1. Sue Arthur Girls’ Choir 1,2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 5; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 5; Latin Club 3,4,5; Homeroom President 3; Homeroom Vice President 2; Class Council 3. Judy Atkinson F.B.L.A. 4,5; F.H.A. 3,4,5; S.C.A. 4; Pep Club 4; Parlia¬ mentarian of F.B.L.A. 4,5; First Place, Parliamentary Pro¬ cedure at Radford 4; V.O.T. 5; Girls’ Choir 1,2; Repre¬ sentative to WHYE Radio 4. Jane Ayers S.C.A. 1; Jr. Science Club 1; Latin Club 2,3; Beta Club 3,4,5. Peggy Ann Ayers F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; Girls’ Choir 1,2,3; V.O.T. 5; Library Staff 5. Y. W. Ayers Transfer Student Latin Club 3,4,5; Hi-Y 5; Band 1,2,3,4; All State Band West 1,2; Jr. Varsity Football 2,3; Homeroom President 1; Student Council 2. Barbara Bailey S.C.A. 1,2; F.B.L.A. 4. Charie Ann Bailey F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; Secretary 5; S.C.A. 1,2,3; Pep Club 2; Homeroom Reporter 1; Homeroom Secretary 2. Jo Ann Baldwin Girls’ Choir 1,2; Sports Club 2; National Forensic League 4. Dwin Banner Jr. Science Club 1,2; Latin Club 3,4,5; Hi-Y 3,4; Mono¬ gram Club 4,5; Treasurer 5; Delegate to Boys’ State 4; Homeroom Vice-President 5; Jr. Varsity Football 2,3; Varsity Football 4,5; Track 3,4. Elaine Bayne 5. C.A. 1,2,3; F.B.L.A. 3,4; Pep Club 1,2. David Bayse Hi-Y 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; S.C.A. 4,5; Annual Staff 2,3,4,5; Newspaper Staff 3,4,5; School Photographer; Homeroom President 1; Varsity Football 2; Track 2; Usher for Baccalaureate 4. Barbara Beckner S.C.A. 1,2,3,4,5; latin Club 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; F.T.A. 3,4; Treasurer 3; President 4; Annual Staff 4,5; Advertising Manager 5; Delegate to SIPA 4; Homeroom Treasurer 3; Usher for Baccalaureate 4. Leonard Bell F.F.A. 2,3; Hi-Y 4,5; ' .Latin Club 4; K.V.G. 3,4; Monogram Club 5; Jr. Varsity Football 3; Varsity Football 4,5; Jr. Wonder what everyone is gabbing about on Senior hall this time? Varsity Basketball 3; Varsity Basketball 4,5. Peggy Blankenbeckler S.C.A. 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; F.T.A. 3,4; D.E. 5; Secretary 5. Judy Bohon F.B.L.A. 3,4; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sports Club 5; S.C.A. 2,3; Volleyball Team 5. Ruth Bohon Sr. Y-Teens 4,5; F.H.A. 3,4,5; Vice President 5; F.B.L.A. 3; S.C.A. 2,3; Annual Staff 5; Homeroom Secretary 3; Homeroom President 4; Class Council 4; Delegate to Girls’ State 4. Bibbi Booher F.B.L.A. 3,4; S.C.A. 2. Janet Branum S.C.A. 1,2,3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3,4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Latin Club 3,4,5; Sports Club 1; Homeroom Secretary 1; Girls’ Choir 2,4; A Cap- pella Choir 5; Usher at Commencement 4; National Merit Scholarship Commendation 5. Jack Brewer Transfer Student Richard Browder Beta Club 3,4,5; Latin Club 3,4,5; Monogram Club 4,5; Homeroom President 5; Delegate to Boys’ State 4; Youth Seminar 5; Usher at Baccalaureate 4; Homeroom Vice President 1,4; Treasurer Student Body 5; Class Council 4,5; Track 3,4,5; Cross Country 4,5; Senior Mirror, Most Likely to Succeed. Doris Brumfield Homeroom Secretary 2; Jr. Science Club 1; F.H.A. 4,5; Secretary 5; F.B.L.A. 3,4; Sports Club 1,2,3; Received Let¬ ter in Sports; Sr. Y-Teens 4; Pep Club 1,2,4; S.C.A. 1,2,4,5; Annual Staff 4; Newspaper Staff 2,3; Delegate to Girls’ State 4; Girls’ Choir 1,2; Fashion Representative to Miller and Rhodes Teen Council 5. Pat Brumfield Homeroom Vice President 3,4; Jr. Science Club 1; S.C.A. 1,2,3; F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; F.H.A. 3; Annual Staff 4. Dallas Brunk — Projection Club 3,4,5; 4-H Club 1,2; Latin Club 2. Carol Bryant F.B.L.A. 4,5; S.C.A. 4,5. Dottie Bush Beta Club 3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 4; Girls’ Chorus 2,3; A Cappella Choir 4; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 2,3,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Homeroom Secretary 3; Homeroom Treasurer 5; Student Council 4; Usher at Commencement 4. Ed Butts Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Vice President 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3; Hi-Y 2,3; Beta Club 3,4,5; Monogram Club 4,5; Varsity Basketball 4,5; Vice President of Freshman Class; Student Council 1; Class Council 2; Usher at Commencement 4. Edmond Byrd Carolyn Cabiness 4-H Club 1; S.C.A. 1; Homeroom Treasurer 4; Annual Staff 5. Michael Calaway Audio-Visual 5; Talent Shows 3,4,5; Football 3. Sammy Carter Monogram Club 3,4,5; Hi-Y 4; A Cappella Choir 4,5; All State Choir West 4; All Virginia Choir 4; Jr. Varsity Foot¬ ball 3; Baseball 4; Senior Mirror, Most Talented. Jimmy Cecil Homeroom Secretary 2; Jr. Science Club 2; Monogram Club 5; Latin Club 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3; Varsity Football 4,5; Varsity Track 4,5. Gail Cerveny Transfer Student F.T.A. 2; Choir 3; Service League 3. Betty Ann Cimburke Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; Pep Club 3,4; S.C.A. 1 , 2 . Danny Clark Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Jr. Science Club 2; Jr. Varsity Football and Basketball 1; Track 1; Vice President of Homeroom 1,5; Homeroom Treasurer 3; Homeroom President 4. Hilda Cll° r k F.B.L.A. 3; Homeroom secretary 4; Homeroom Treasurer 5. Grant Clowers Baseball 3. Jessie Clowers Band 1,2,3; Baseball 3; Wrestling 2. Betty Coffman 4-H Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Pep Club 4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3,4,5; Secretary 4; President 5; Girls’ Choir 2; Band 1,2,3,4,5; Ma¬ jorette 4,5; Homeroom President 2; Girls’ Basketball Tqam 5; Newspaper Staff 4,5; News Editor 5; Delegate to Girls’ State 4; Youth Seminar 5; Senior Mirror, Most Sincere. Pete Conner Latin Club 3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 5; S.C.A. 1; Annual Staff 5; Jr. Science Club 1; Senior Mirror, Friendliest. Shelva Connei D.E. 5. Arlene Conrad S.C.A. 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3; F.B.L.A. 4,5; Historian 5; Band 1,2,3,4; Majorette 4; Annual Staff 5; Homeroom President 1; First Place Regional F.B.L.A. Spelling 4; Second Place State Contest 4; First Place National Spelling Contest 4. Ellen Cox Pep Club 4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4 ,5; Sr. Y-Teens 5; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 5; Library Club 2; F.T.A. 3,4; Vice President 4; S.C.A. 1,2; Usher at Baccalaureate 4. Anita Crosswhite Latin Club 3. Diana Crotts Homeroom Secretary 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; S.C.A. 1,2; Jr. Science Club 1; Newspaper Staff 4,5; May Court 4,5; Homecoming Court 5; Holly Court 5; Cheerleading 3,4,5; Head Cheerleader 5; Youth Seminor 5. Ann Crouch Homeroom Treasurer 2; P.T.A. Queen of Class 2; President of Sophomore Class; Homeroom Secretary 3; Student Council 3,4,5; Vice President 4; Homecoming Court 5; Treasurer of Junior Class; Homeroom Vice President 4; Girls’ Varsity Basketball 5; Co-Captain; Youth Seminar 5; Jr. Y-Teens; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Pep Club 2,3,4,5; F.B.L.A 3; F.H.A. 3; Senior Mirror, Best Leader; Student Body President 5. Siggi Daffner Sr. Y-Teens 5; Latin Club 3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 4,5; Secretary 5; Pep Club 3,4,5; A Cappella Choir 5; May Court 5; Drill Team 5; Homeroom Secretary 2; Senior Mirror, Friendliest. Jenny Lou Dawson Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Senior Mirror, Wittiest. Stephen Dean David Dickerson Latin Club 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Vice President 5; Jr. Science Club 1; S.C.A. 1; Homeroom President 1,2,3,5. Wayne Dillard Maintenance Crew 4,5; Band 1,2,3; Jr. 4-H Club 2,3. Judy Dodd 4-H Club 1; S.C.A. 1,2,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Band 1,2,3. Lula Downey Homeroom President 4; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Latin Club 2,3, 4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Alter Chairman 5; S.C.A. 1; Jr. Science Club 1; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; May Court 4; Maid of Honor of May Court 5; Homecoming Court 5; Holly Court 5; Delegate to Girls’ State 4; Girls’ Choir 4; Jr. Var¬ sity Cheerleader 2; Varisty Cheerleader 4,5; Alumnae edi¬ tor for Newspaper 4,5; Senior Mirror, Most School Spirit. Barbara Doyle S.C.A. 1. Sandra Draper Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Annual Staff 3; Pep Club 2,3,4. Imeda Duncan F.H.A. 4. Did Wayne Pillow do it?? Audrey Edwards F.B.L.A. 3,4; S.C.A. 3,4. Jaquita Edney Transfer Student Bobbi Ferguson Transfer Student Beta Club 3,4-,5; Latin Club 3,4,5; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Reporter 1; Inter-Club Council Representa¬ tive 4; Program Chairman 5; Vice President Program Coun¬ cil 5; Pep Club 3,4,5; Annual Staff 2; Band 2; Majorette 2; Wolverine Turntable 3,4,5; May Court 4,5; Homecoming Court 5; Usher for Commencement 4; Student Council 1; Cheerleader 5. Kitty Fitzgerald Transfer Student Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 5; F.T.A. 5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,5; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Homeroom Secretary 5; Homecoming Court 5; Holly Court 5. James Foley Billy Galbraith S.C.A. 2; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Audio-Visual 3; D.E. 5; 4-H Club 2. Clifford Gallion S.C.A. 1; Latin Club 2,3; Beta Club 3,4,5. Linda Garber F.H.A. 5; S.C.A. 1,3; F.B.L.A. 3,4,5. Lila Garman S.C.A. 1,2; Beta Club 3,4,5; 4-H Club 1. Mildred Garman S.C.A. 1,2,3,4; F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; Pep Club 2,3; Sports Club 2,3,4; 4-H Club 1. Anne Garven Transfer Student Latin Club 2,3,4; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 5; National Forensic League 4. Angela Garrett A Cappella Choir 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; S.C.A. 1; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 4,5; J.C.L. 2,3,4,5; SIPA Convention 4; Newspaper Staff 3,4,5; News Editor 4; Cir¬ culation Manager 5. Paulette Gearheart Homeroom Secretary 1,2,3; Homeroom Treasurer 4; S.C.A. 2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Sr. Y-Teens 3; Majorette 4,5; Color Guard 2; Band 1,2,3,4,5. Jimmy Goode Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Monogram Club 5; Track 3,4; Jr. Var¬ sity Football 1,2,3; Varsity Football 4,5; Basketball 1. Sheila Goodman Homeroom Treasurer 2,3; Homeroom Secretary 4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3; F.H.A. 2. Joe Grant Jr. Transfer Student S.C.A. 3; F.B.L.A. 3; Choir 2,3; Jr. Varsity Basketball 5; Varsity Basketball 5; Spring Track 4; Cross-Country 5. Wayne Gray Latin Club 4; S.C.A. 4; State Championship Track Team 4; Cross-Country 4. Steven Green Homeroom President 1; Basketball 1; Track 1; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3,4,5,6; Library Club 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Newspaper Staff 1,2,4,5,6; Band Treas¬ urer 2; Latin Club 3,4; Teen Talk Editor 5; District and State Drama Festival 5. Connie Grubb Joyce Guthrie Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3; Jr. Science Club 2: Club 3; S.C.A. 1,3: National Forensic League 5; F A. 4; F.H.A. 3. Shelbie Hale S.C.A. 1. Nancy Hall Transfer Student Homeroom President 1; Jr. G.A.A. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1,2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; Sr. Y-Teens 4; F.H.A. 3; D.E. 5; President 5. Rosemary Hamilton S.C.A. 1; F.B.L.A. 3,4; Girls’ Choir 3; Homeroom Secre- Donald Hancock Band 1,2,3; Choir 1,2,3,4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4,5; Projection Club 1,2,3,4,5; Football 1,2,3,4; F.F.A. 2,3,4,5; Wrestling 2,3. Sandra Harvey Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Treasurer 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Devotions Chairman 5; Student Council 1; Homeroom Vice President 1; Homeroom Presi¬ dent 2; Class Council 2; Newspaper 3,4,5; Assistant Editor 4; Editor 5; Radio Staff 5; Usher at Commencement 4; Delegate to Girls’ State 4; Senior Mirror, Most Intel¬ lectual; J.C.L. 2,3,4,5; Library Staff 2. Sandra Helm Pep Club 2; 4-H Club 1,2,3,4,5; President 4. Pat Henry Staley Hester Delegate to Boys’ State 4; Youth Seminar 5; Vice President Senior Class; Student Council 4,5; Hi-Y 4,5; President 5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Secretary 2; Homeroom Vice Presi¬ dent 2; Homeroom Treasurer 4; Class Council 4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Monogram Club 4,5; Track 3,4,5; Cross Country 4,5; Eighth Grade Basketball Team 1. Carolyn Hill Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Pep Club 2,3,4; Home¬ room Treasurer 5; Home Coming Queen 5. Cindy Hill Homeroom Secretary 2; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 4,5; Latin 4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3,4,5; Girls’ Choir 3; A Cappella Choir 4,5; Secretary- Treasurer 5; All State Choir West 5. Gaye Hurt Jr. Science Club 1; S.C.A. 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; Homeroom Vice President 2; Drill Team 5; ' District Drama Festival 4; State Drama Festival 4; Annual Staff 4,5; Head Typist 5; National Forensic League 4,5; Home¬ room Vice President 5. Joe Jacobs Projection Club 2,3,4; D.E. 5; Vice President 5. Brenda Johnston D.E. 5. Sandra Jones Homeroom President 2,3; Sophomore Vice President; Home¬ room Treasurer 1; Latin Club 3,4,5; President 5; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; S.C.A. 1,2; F.H.A. 2,3; Annual Staff-Head Artist 5; Jr. Varsity Cheer¬ leader 1,2; Cheerleading 3,4,5; Homecoming Court 5; Holly Court 5; May Court 5; Youth Seminar 5; Senior Mirror, Most Popular. Brenda Journell Mary Ann Keaton F.B.L.A. 4,5. Bob Keeney Senior Mirror, Most Versatile; District Drama Festival 4; State Drama Festival 4; Newspaper Staff 4,5; Sports Edi¬ tor 5. David Kennamer Track 2,3; Cross Country Track 3; Monogram Club 3,4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 4; Hi-Y 4; S.C.A. 1. Larry Keys Everyone is really paying attention at this Senior class meeting?? Look again if you don’t believe it. Latin Club 3,4,5; Hi-Y 2,3,4,5; S.C.A. 2; Jr. Varsity Foot¬ ball 3; Homeroom Treasurer 3; Homeroom Secretary 4; Senior Mirror, Cutest. Lynwood Lee D.E. 5. Helen Leming Pep Club 2; Sports Club 2; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Na¬ tional Forensic League 5. George Lemon Elizabeth McClung Secretary of Junior Class; Secretary of Senior Class; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Partri- cian Consul 4; Treasurer 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; A Cappella Choir 4,5; Annual Staff 4,5; D.A.R. Award 5; May Court 4,5; Maid of Honor-Homecoming Court 5; Youth Seminar 5; Delegate of Girls’ State 4; Grand Marshal of Commence¬ ment 4; Student Council Secretary 5; J.C.L. 2,3,4,5; Senior Mirror, Most Versatile; National Merit Scholar¬ ship Commendation. Donnie McCown Projection Club 3,4,5; Vice President 4; President 5; Bi- Phy-Chem Science Club 2,5; Monogram Club 5; Track 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4,5. Midge McCoy F.H.A. 3,4; Sr. Y-Teens 3; S.C.A. 2; D.E. 5. Martha McGhee Wayne McGuire Transfer Student Hi-Y Club 1,2; Latin Club 3,4,5; A Cappella Choir 5; All State Choir West 5. Chuck McFarland Transfer Student Latin Club 2; J.C.L. 2; Astronomy Club 3,4,5; President 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 2,3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Tennis Team 2; Senior Mirror, Most Intellectual; Marshal at Baccalaureate and Commencement 4. Alex McNeil Transfer Student Homeroom President 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2; Hi-Y 2,3,4,5; Vice President 4; Secretary 5; Student Council 4; Class Council 1,2,4; Senior Mirror Typical Senior. Donald Martin Latin Club 3,4; Monogram Club 5; Track 3,4,5; Home¬ room President 2,3; Homeroom Vice President 4; Home¬ coming Prince 4. Ginger Mattern Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Secretary 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Pep Club 1,2,3; Newspaper Staff 1,2; Annual Staff 5; Freshman Editor 5; Homeroom Secretary 1. Martha Mattern Cheerleader 4,5; Homecoming Court 5; May Court 4; Homeroom Treasurer 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Annual Staff 4,5; Club Editor 5; Radio Staff 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Usher at Commencement 4; J.C.L. 2,3,4,5; Campaign Manager for 1959 Beta Convention. Mat Merker Transfer Student Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Pep Club 1,5; Jayhawk Journal Staff 1,2; Dolphin Club 3; Debate Team 3,4,5; National Forensic League 3,4,5; A Cappella Choir 4,5; A.L. Spokesman Staff 4,5; Assistant Editor 4,5; Homeroom Secretary 2,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Latin Club 3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 4,5; Treasurer 4; Vice President 5. Billy Metzler Audio-Visual 4; Latin Club 3,4; Hi-Y 4; Jr. Science Club 2; Basketball 1; Track 3. Frances Minucie Barbara Moore Sports Club 2,3.4; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; S.C.A. 2. Shelby Jean Motley Jr. Science Club 1; S.C.A. 1; F.T.A. 4; National Forensic League 4; District Public Speaking Contest 4; F.B.L.A. 4,5. Richard Moushegian Transfer Student Track 2,3; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 3,5; Beta Club 5. Barbara Mowles F.H.A. 4; F.B.L.A. 4. Sharon Muckenfuss S.C.A. 1,2; Homeroom Vice President 2; F.B.L.A. 3; F.T.A. 4; Annual Staff 4; D.E. 5. Billy Murphy A Cappella Choir 5. Gail Mutter Homeroom Secretary 1,2; S.C.A. 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Latin Club 2,3; Beta Club 3,4,5; Band 1,2,3. Jimmy Myers Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Homeroom President 5; Usher at Commencement 4. David Napier Homeroom Secretary 1; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Latin Club 2, Audio-Visual 3,4,5. Anne Nimmo Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; President 2; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Aedile 5; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; Treasurer 4; President 5; Homeroom Treasurer 4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; Newspaper Staff 4,5; Busi¬ ness Manager 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Youth Seminar 4; SIPA 4; Usher for Commencement 4; Homecoming Court 5; May Queen 5; Senior Mirror, Most Personality. Joyce Nixon Transfer Student S.C.A. 5; F.B.L.A. 5. David Overstreet Track 3,4; Basketball 3,4,5; Captain of Basketball Team 5. Vickie Owen F.B.L.A, 3,4,5; Regional Vice President 5; Historiam 4; President 5; S.C.A. 2,3,4,5; Secretary 4; Vice President 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Corresponding Secretary 5; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Pep Club 1; Homeroom President 1,2; Homeroom Secretary 4. June Painter Jr. Y-Teens 1; Latin Club 3,4,5; 4-H Club 3,4,5; Project Leader 4,5; S.C.A. 5. Richard Paugh Homeroom President 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Mono¬ gram Club 2,3,4,5; Football 3,4; Track 2,3,4; Member of State Champion Track Teams; Senior Mirror, Best Look¬ ing; P.T.A. King of Class 2; M.C. of Jr.Talent Show. Linda Pernell Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Jr. Science Club 1; Pep Club 1,2; Latin Club 3; Sr. Y-Teens 3; F.T.A. 5; Vice President 5; Sports Club 1; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Homeroom Secretary 3; Homeroom Vice President 4; Holly Queen 5; Salem Christ¬ mas Parade; Andrew Lewis Candidate for Snow Queen in Roanoke Christmas Parade 5; May Court 5; Senior Mir¬ ror Best Looking. Lois Phlegar 5. C.A. 3,4,5; D.E. 5. Wayne Plybon Homeroom Vice President 1,2,3; 4-H Club 1; F.F.A. 2,3; K.V.G. 2,3; State Dairy Judging Team 2,3; Jr. Varsity Football 3; Spring Track 2,3,4; Delegate to Boys’ State 4. Martha Poage Editor-in-Chief of the “Pioneer” 5; Annual Staff 3,4,5; Advertising Manager 4; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Publicity Chairman 4; Treasurer 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club 4,5; Homeroom Secretary 1,2; Latin Club 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Library Staff 2; Optimist Club Award 5; SIPA Delegate 3,4; Homeroom Vice President 5; Usher for Bac¬ calaureate 4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; J.C.L. 2,3,4,5; Senior Mir¬ ror, Most Dependable. David Poff D.E. Club 5. Randy Powers Hi-Y 3,4,5; Jr. Science Club 1,2; Jr. Varsity Football 2,3; Jr. Varsity Track 2. Nancy Price Transfer Student Band 3; Latin Club 4,5; S.C.A. 3,4,5; 4-H Club 3. Andy Price Library Staff 2,3,4; Hi-Y 3,4; Jr. Science Club 2; Bi-Phy- Chem Science Club 5; Football 4; Track 3; Tennis 3. Sue Puckett Faye Pugh Transfer Student Band 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Spanish Club 2; Latin Club 3,4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Interclub Council Repre¬ sentative 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Bi-Phy-Chem Club 5; Pep Club 4,5; Annual Staff 5; Senior Editor “Pioneer” 5; 4-H 1,2,4,5; Reporter 2; President 1,5; Homeroom President 1; Homeroom Vice President 3; Homeroom Secretary 2,5; Usher for Baccalaureate 4. Diane Redford Homeroom President 1; F.H.A. 1,2; Dramatics Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1; Holly Court 5; Senior Mirror, Cutest; D.E. 5. Our faculty cheerleaders, Mrs. Newton, Miss Maxwell, and Mrs. Bailey, assisted by Mrs. Strickler, a former member, cheer us on to victory over the Cave Spring faculty on Sports Night. Charles Reese Homeroom Vice President 5; Latin Club 4,5; S.C.A. 4,5; President 5; Winner Voice of Democracy Speech Contest 5; Senior Mirror, Most Dependable 5; Youth Seminar 5; An¬ nual Staff 5. Anne Reynolds Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Vice President 4; Presi¬ dent 5; Secretary Interclub Council 5; F.H.A. 3,4,5; Re¬ porter 4; Director 5; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Homeroom Treasurer 3,5; Youth Seminar 4; Annual Staff 4,5. Billy Richardson Homeroom Treasurer 4; S.C.A. 1; Hi-Y 5; Latin Club 4; Band 1,2,3; A Cappella Choir 5; Jr. Varsity Football 2; Track and Field 3. Martha Ann Roach F.H.A. 1; Drill Team 5. Danny ' Robertson Jr. Varsity Football 4. Gypsey Anne Robertson Pep Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Latin Club 3,4,5; S.C.A. 1. Marie Rohrer S.C.A. 2; D.E. 5; Reporter; F.B.L.A. 3,4; Sr. Y-Teens 3; Representative to Teen Talk 4; Teen Correspondent to Teens of the Times 5. Wanda Roop Lynn Rowland Senior Class Treasurer; Homeroom Vice President 2,4; Homeroom President 3; Class Council 3,5; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Vice President 2; Sr. T-Teens 3,4,5; Music Chairman 4; Secretary 5; Latin Club 3,4,5; Provincial Governor 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; A Cappella Choir 4,5; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Annual Staff 4,5; Circulation Manager 4; Business Manager 5; National Merit Scholarship Commendation; Usher for Baccalaureate 4; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 2; Senior Mirror, Most Talented. Wilma St. Clair S.C.A. 1,2,3,4,5; Treasurer 5; F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; Reporter 4; Corresponding Secretary 5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Holly Court 5; Newspaper Staff 4. Barbara St. Onge F.B.L.A. 4,5; Vice President 5; Homeroom President 5. Wayne Sarver D.E. 5. Malinda Sayers Transfer Student Beta Club 3,4,5; President 5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Editor of Latin Yearbook 4,5; Vice President Jr. Class; Pep Club 2,3,4,5; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Newspaper Staff 4,5; Club Editor 5; Class Council 4; Youth Seminar 5; Glee Club 1; Homeroom Vice President 1; Usher at Bac- calureate 4; Senior Mirror, Most Likely to Succeed. Joy Sexton DeWitt Shank S.C.A. 1,2; Projection Club 3; Latin Club 2,5; Hi-Y 3; Jr. Science Club 1,2. Dale Shealy Secretary of Eighth Grade; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 1,2; Head Cheerleader 2; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Secretary 2; Sr. Y- Teens 3,4,5; Music Chairman 5; Pep Club 1,2,3,4,5; Hon coming Chairman 5; Secretary of Freshman Class. Patsy Shelburne S.C.A. 2,3,4,5; Homeroom President 3; J r. Y-Teen ' F.B.L.A. 3,4; Homeroom Secretary 4; Sports Club 3,4 sec¬ retary 3; Class Council 3; Pep Club 4; Annual Staff 4. Ardena Shelor F.H.A. 3,5; 4-H Club 1,2; Latin Club 2; S.C.A. 4. Nina Shelor S.C.A. 1,2; F.H.A. 1. Geraldine Smith F.H.A. 2,3,4; Latin Club 2. Sherrill Smith Band 1,2,3,4,5. Leonard Snead Basketball 2,3,4,5; Football 2,3,4,5; Track 2,3,4,5; Mono¬ gram Club 2,3.4.5 ; S.C.A. 1.2. Carol Sue Spence Transfer Student Beta Club 3,4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Girls’ Athletic Associa¬ tion 1,2; Newspaper Staff 1,2,3,4,5; Feature Editor 5; Bas¬ ketball Team 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Usher for Baccalaureate 4. Linda Stearnes Pep Club 1,2; S.C.A. 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Social Chairman 5. Patty Stinson Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; F.H.A. 3,4; Recorder 4; F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; Reporter 5 ; Sr. Y-Teens 4,5; Homeroom Secretary 3,4. Colleen Strouth S.C.A. 1,2,3,4,5; F.B.L.A. 2,3,4; Annual Staff 4. Carolyn Stump F.B.L.A. 2,3,4,5; S.C.A. 1,2,3,4,5; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Jr. Science Club 1; Band 5; 4-H Club 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3; Annual Staff 5. Charles Suiter Latin Club 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; Treasurer 5; Monogram Club 4,5; Homeroom Treasurer 1; Homeroom Vice Presi¬ dent 2; Homeroom President 4; Senior Class President; Student Council 2; Class Council 4,5; Optimist Club Award 5; Rotary Club “Student Rotarian” 5; Senior Mir¬ ror, Best Leader; Basketball 1; Football 2,3,4,5; Track 2,3, 4,5; Western District Football Honorable Mention; City- County Second Team; A.L. Spokesman’s “Most Valua¬ ble Player.” Jim Taney Latin Club 2,3,4,5; District Drama Festival 4. Sonny Tarpley Eighth Grade President; Homeroom President 1,4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Monogram Club 3,4,5; President 5; Choir 2,3,4,5; All-State Choir West 4,5; Track 3,4; Hold School Record in Mile; Football 4,5; Most Outstanding Back Award 5; Second Team-City County; Homecoming King 5; Senior Mirror, Most Popular. Carolyn Templeton S.C.A. 1; Beta Club 3,4; Homeroom Vice President 1; Mike Terry Monogram Club 5; Manager of Indoor Track 3,4; Outdoor Track 3,4; Cross Country 4; Basketball 4; Football 5; Senior Mirror, Most School Spirit. Joyce Ann Thomas Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3; F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; Corres¬ ponding Secretary 4; Homeroom Secretary 2,4. Mona Thomas Sr. Y-Teens 3; Homeroom Treasurer 3; Homeroom Presi¬ dent 2; Class Council 2. Frances Tucker Transfer Student Sports Club 4,5; President 5; Volleyball team 5; Basketball team 5; Received Letter in Sports; Senior Mirror, Most Athletic. Betty Ulrey Theresa Van Dyke Transfer Student Girls’ Athletic Association 1,2; Secretary 2; West Virginia Members of the May Court rush to congratulate Anne Nimmo as Miss Cook announces that Anne has been elected May Queen. Club 1,2; Band 1; Latin Club 3; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Sports Club 3,4,5; Sergeant-at-Arms 5; Received Letter in Sports; Softball Team 1,2; Volleyball Team 5; Basketball Team 1,2,5. Marilyn Vest S.C.A. 1,2; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; D.E. 5; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Girls’ Choir 4. Sue Ellen Via Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Social Chairman 4; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Library 3; Homeroom Secretary 3. Mike Walker Track 4. Carolyn Watkins Beta Club 3,4,5; Recording Secretary 5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Latin Club 4,5; J.C.L. 4,5; Newspaper Staff 4; Annual Staff 5; Pep Club 3,4,5; Vice President 5; Usher for Bac¬ calaureate 4; Homecoming Court 5; Senior Mirror, Typical Senior. Carlton Gale Weaver Monogram Club 5; Cross-Country track 4,5; Indoor Track 4,5; Co-Captain Track Team 5. Douglas Wickham Transfer Student Homeroom Secretary 4,5; Monogram Club 4,5; F.F.A. 3,4; Cross Country 3,4,5; State Championship Track 4,5; Sen¬ ior Mirror, Wittiest; Captain Cross-Country Track Team 5. Paul Wiley Treasurer of Freshman Class; President Junior Class; Homeroom Treasurer 1,2,3; Homeroom Vice President 5; Student Council 2,5; Class Council 4; Football 2,3,4; Track 3; A Cappella Choir 4,5; President 5; All-State Choir West 5; Senior Mirror, Most Personality. Richard Wilhelm Cross Country 4,5; Indoor Track 4. David Williams F.B.L.A. 3,4,5; Photographer 4. Mary Ed Williams Homeroom Vice President 1; Pep Club 1,2; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Latin Club 2,3,4,5; Wolverine Turntable Radio Staff 5; Homeroom Secretary 3; Girls’ Choir 2,3. Cynthia Ann Winston Homeroom Secretary 2; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; World Fellow¬ ship Chairman 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Service Project Chair¬ man 5; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 5. Carole Jean Wirt President of Freshman Class; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Pep Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4,5; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; Beta Club 3,4,5; Annual Staff 4,5; A Cappella Choir 5; Class Council 2. Nancy Worrell S.C.A. 1,2; Jr. Science Club 1; Latin Club 2,3; Girls’ Cho¬ rus 1,2,3; A Cappella Choir 4,5; Vice President, Busi¬ ness Manager 5; All State Choir West 5. Brenda Ann Wright Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4; A Cappella Choir 5; Pep Club 2,3,4; Girls’ Choir 4. Caroline Wright Jr. Science Club 1; Jr. Y-Teens 1,2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Beta Club 3,4,5; F.H.A. 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; S.C.A. 1,2; Girls’ Chorus 1,2,3,4; A Cappella Choir 5. Patty Wright Transfer Student Homeroom President 1,4; Homeroom Secretary 2,3; Sports Club 1,2,3,4,5; F.H.A. 1,2,3; Secretary 2; Treasurer Stu¬ dent Council 2; Majorette 1,2; Volley Ball 1,2,4,5; Basket¬ ball Team 1,2,3,4; Varsity Softball 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Presi¬ dent 2. George Yopp, Jr. F.F.A. 2,3,4,5; Secretary 4; President 5; President of Federa¬ tion 5; Manager Cross-Country 3,4; Manager Indoor Track 3,4; Manager Spring Track 3,4; Monogram Club 4,5. Judy Young Transfer Student F.H.A. 1; Tri-Hi-Y 1; Jr. Y-Teens 2; Sr. Y-Teens 3,4,5; Pep Club 2,3,4,5; Recording Secretary 4; Homeroom Treasurer 5; Jr. Varsity Cheerleader 1; Varsity Cheerleader 5; Homecoming Court 5; Sandlot Benefit Queen 5; Holly Court 5; May Court 5; Annual Staff 5. Judy Zuld Transfer Student Band 3,4,5. In order for a play to be produced, backers are required. These people must support wholeheartedly the cast and crew, directors and producers. Without this help, no drama, no matter how good, can be presented. For this reason we are very proud of the supporters of our play. They have assisted us in every way possible. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we spot¬ light this year’s ADVERTISING INDEX Acme Printers Inc. 170 Albert Bros. Contractors 175 Alpha Lambda Phi Sorority 183 Andrew Lewis Phillips “66” 168 Andrew Lewis Tavern 162 Ankarata Sorority 168 Appalachian Power Co. 169 Automotive Machine Shop 168 Blue Jay Restaurant 177 Blue Ridge Building Supply 157 Bradford’s 168 Brooks-Byrd Pharmacy 170 Brown Hardware Co. 155 Candlelite Club 177 Chapman Insurance Agency 155 Chelf’s Dari-Delight 168 Chesapeake Potomac Telephone 158 Children’s Shop 154 Coach House Lakeland Drive-In 178 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 161 Compliments of a Friend 157 Dame Roofing Co., Inc. 177 Dr. Pepper 176 Dulaney 157 Early Bros. Service Station 177 Edgewood Barber Shop 170 Essotane Bott le Gas Appliance Store 160 Ewald-Clark 183 F. C. Amrhein Sons 177 Fink’s Jewelers 170 First Federal Savings Loan Ass. 155 Frigid Freeze Frozen Foods 183 Frith’s Auto Sales Service 171 Furniture Mart 168 Garrett’s Esso Service 178 Garst Bros. Dairy 171 Gearheart Shoe Repair 168 General Electric 179 Gentry’s Studio 183 George T. Hitch Jewelers 155 George’s Frosty Bar 168 Goodwin Insurance Realty Co., Inc. 170 Goodwin-Andrew’s Inc. 160 Goodwin-Williams Chevrolet Corp. 167 Goodyear Service Store 155 Green Market Inc. 170 Hart Motors Co., Inc. 175 Harvest Motors, Inc. 163 Hazel’s Hair Styling 177 H. M. Wood Plumbing Heating 157 H. W. Clark, Sheriff 153 James E. Peters, County Treasurer 183 Jennings-Shepherd Company 164 Jim Peters Texaco 168 Jobe Florist 168 John M. Oakey Son 169 Johnny’s Drive-In 169 Ken Platt 173 L L Brown Derby 155 Lakeside Amusement Park 151 Lawrence’s Market 173 Lee Hartman Sons 155 Leonard Smith Sheet Metal Works 166 Lewis Young Fashions 160 Littrell’s Barber Beauty Shop 160 Manning Grocery 157 Mareta’s 166 Marie’s Beauty Salon 157 McAvoy Music House Inc. 155 McDowell Wood Inc. 160 McGraw’s Music Mart 167 Mechanical Development Co., Inc. 175 Melody Haven, Inc. 160 Michael’s Bakery 153 Mill End Fabric Center 153 Miller Rhoads 179 Miller Tire Service 154 Mister Softee of Roanoke 181 National Business College 160 Nehi 168 Northwest Hardware 157 Oak Hall Varsity Shop 152 Old Virginia Brick Co., Inc. 163 Ortho-Vent Factory Outlet 167 Peacock-Salem Launderers Cleaners 152 Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. 154 Piedmont Stores 165 Pillis Bros. Gulf Station 168 Poole’ s Service Station 153 Powell’s Pharmacy 160 Prices’s Pure Oil Station 157 Propst Childress Shoe Co. 168 Pugh’s 159 Pugh’s Studio 156 Ralph E. Mills Company 154 Raymond Rash Sunoco Dealer 157 Reese Radio TV Service 168 Ridenhour Music Studio 170 Roanoke College 166 Roanoke Woodworking Corp. 173 Rowe Furniture Corp. 182 Salem Creamery Co. Inc. 174 Salem Esso Service Center 163 Salem Fast Service 166 Salem Farm Supply Corp. 177 Salem Hosiery Co. 178 Salem Office Supply 166 Salem Oil Company 163 Salem Paint Co. 157 Salem Paving Corp. 153 Salem Theater 168 Sam’s 168 Schnider Oil Co. 159 Shelton’s Garage 157 Shenandoah Life Insurance Company 159 Shoney’s 167 Sidney’s 171 S. J. Conner Plumbing Heating 177 Skate-A-Drome 157 Skyline Cleaners 173 Smartwear-Irving Saks 181 Smead Webber’s Pharmacy 165 Smith Gravely 177 Snead Lumber Co., Inc. 177 Sonny Spigel 177 Sutphin’s Market 177 Taliaferro Service Station 157 Tarpley’s Inc. 170 Technical Reproduction Supply Corp. 157 Times Register 173 Times World Corp. 152 United States Plywood Corporation 162 Valleydale Packers Inc. 171 Virginia Foods Inc. 169 WBLU 178 West End Amoco 177 Williams Auto Alignment 183 Williams Window Co. 175 Yale Towne Manufacturing Co. 172 Yoda’s Big Boy 181 Young’s Supermarket 157 150 LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK 38 ACRES OF FUN FOR ALL 21 Thrilling Amusement Rides Free Picnicking — Free Outdoor Attractions 15,000 Sq. Ft. Ballroom Featuring Recording Stars — Sock Hops LAKESIDE AMUSEMENT PARK Salem, Virginia 151 The Oak Hall Headquarters for the Style-Minded Young Man •mmr- WS VI The Latest Fashions ... To Fit Your Purpose, Purse, Person Campbell at Jefferson ft I Roanoke, Va. SALEM, VIRGINIA THE BEST STUDENTS . . . are the best informed students KEEP ABREAST OF THE NEWS ... by reading THE ROANOKE TIMES THE ROANOKE WORLD-NEWS Daily and Sunday Each Weekday Afternoon 152 BEST WISHES H. W. CLARK, SHERIFF COMPLIMENTS OF POOLE’S MOTOR COURT AND ESSO SERVICE ST ATION LUNCHES — BEVERAGES 733 E. Main Street Salem, Va. SALEM PAVING CORP Salem, Virginia Du 9-5166 Du 9-4492 Asphalt— Blacktop or Concrete Driveways — Roads — Streets — Parking Industrial Areas MILL END FABRIC CENTER 829 West Main Street Salem, Virginia “SALEM’S LARGEST FABRIC SELECTION’’ 153 CHILDREN’S SHOP 4 East Main Street Salem Du 9-5664 COMPLIMENTS OF MILLER TIRE SERVICE Salem, Virginia Du 9-5435 RALPH E. MILLS COMPANY INCORPORATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1210 Tennessee Street Salem, Virginia BE SOCIABLE HAVE A PEPSI PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF ROANOKE - 154 COMPLIMENTS OF FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION McAVOY MUSIC HOUSE, INC. SAVINGS ACCOUNTS HOME LOANS WHEN YOU THINK OF MUSIC — THINK OF McAVOY Church Avenue 122 W. Church Ave. and Phone Dl. 5-8587 1 st Street, S.W. Roanoke, Va. Roanoke, Va. CHAPMAN BROWN HARDWARE INSURANCE CO. AGENCY “THE FRIENDLY STORE” The Farmer ' s National Bank Bldg. ♦ DU-9-7120 Salem, Va. DU-9-4431 115 E. Main St. Salem, Va. “FOR YOUR COMMUNICATIONS AND PUBLIC ADDRESS NEEDS CALL” LEE HARTMAN and SONS GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE SOUND EQUIPMENT Melrose Avenue (Rt. 460) 3236 Cove Road, N.W. Roanoke, Va. Roanoke, Va. EM-6-7611 RCA CONGRATULATIONS L L BROWN DERBY FROM GEORGE T. HITCH Melrose Ave. Peters Creek Rd. Roanoke, Va. JEWELER BARBECUE AND HAMBURGERS 34 W. Church Ave. PLATE LUNCHES DRIVE-IN Roanoke, Va. “Come As You Are " 155 — y£4 aS S C£ iSl fru- ' . 7m Z ' lMLCL , i : oi fl - V " i A SOUVENIR OF FOREVER 1 A fine professional photograph does two things for you ... It represents you at the instant it is taken, and it keeps that You alive for later generations to see . . . You will grow older, of course, but our talented artist-photographer will keep today’s You forever young! . . . We are happy to be your official school photographer, and we’d be proud to be your personal photographer, too, to record all the other important events of your life. YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER 156 YOUNG’S SUPERMARKET Rt. 9 Lakeside Road A SHOPWELL FOOD STORE RAYMOND RASH SUNOCO DEALER Main Bruffy Streets Du 9-7849 Salem, Va. DULANEY The First Name in Frozen Food ROANOKE FROSTED FOODS, INC. FROZEN FOOD DISTRIBUTOR Kessler ' s Mill Road Salem, Va. I h i SHELTON’S GARAGE f 430 West Main St. Du-9-2601 Salem, Va. GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR r m i NORTHWEST HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS AND HARDWARE 4221 Melrose Ave. 611 11th St. N.W. r W m w jj) [,J 7 111 1 ” to , Lri COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND U t k 0 V TECHNICAL REPRODUCTION and SUPPLY CORP. W V r t 128 Kirk Avenue Phone — Di 5-1533 SALEM PAINT COMPANY HOUSE PAINTS, WALLPAPER, ART SUPPLIES 406 E. Main St. Salem PRICE’S PURE OIL STATION 1406 Colorado St. Salem, Va. Phone Du 9-3687 BLUE RIDGE BUILDING SUPPLY Phone Du 9-7235 630 Union St. P.O. Box 88 Salem, Va. CALL US FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS MANNING GROCERY 805 8th St. Salem, Va. Open — 8:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. MEATS GROCERIES TEXACO GAS AND OIL Du 9-7957 Phone: Dial Em. 6-8309 MARIE’S BEAUTY SALON 3938 Melrose Ave. N.W. Roanoke, Virginia ‘BEAUTIFUL HAIR MAKES A LOVELIER YOU ' HAND ENGRAVING SPECIAL ORDER WORK MACHINE ENGRAVING REPAIR WORK F. C. AMRHEIN SONS Manufacturing Jewelers and Diamond Setters Phone DI-3-5147 OLIVER AMRHEIN 32 West Kirk Ave. RUSSELL AMRHEIN Roanoke, Virginia H. M. WOOD PLUMBING HEATING Phone: Shop and Residence Du-9-3441 Du-9-4941 114 E. Clay St. Salem, Va. SKATE-A-DROME ‘WHERE GOOD SKATES MEET’ TALIAFERRO SERVICE STATION GAS — OIL — LUBRICATION 128 W. Main St. Salem, Va Du 9-6219 157 We hope so. Because we have interesting jobs for “special” gals here at the telephone company. If you’re alert and like people, you’ll like it here. The surroundings are pleasant, the pay is good right from the start—and you’ll have lots of opportunity for advancement and raises. There’s a “special” extra, too. You’ll have that wonder¬ ful feeling of making an important contribution to your community. Come talk to us about telephone work. We’d love to meet you! The Chesapeake Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia " A good place to work " 158 UuciMir ?k r yW Cs uslaajlv s A " 7 »■ :l 0- ,J, ' W dM T n L‘ ,V ' T Ni v " COM PLI MENTS OF CHJLOsh (7 P ' 7 " ' 77 JLrt. (7 ' 7L ■4Aj 0 SHENANDOAH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Cs c7 ' ? Roanoke, Virginia SCHNIDER OIL CO. AUTOMATIC DELIVERY A J 4 159 COMPLIMENTS OF McDOWELL WOOD, INC. ARMSTEAD ACREE STORE MANAGER 1308 West Main Street ESSOTANE BOTTLE GAS Salem, Virginia AND APPLIANCE STORE CONTRACTORS Salem, Virginia LEWIS YOUNG FASHIONS COSMETICS Faberqe — Lanvin — Helene Rubenstein F 1 A i for every coed » s ! ! H ! j j ' for every taste 1 1 1 j for every occasion ' ktj POWELL’S PHARMACY 219 East Main Street Phone Du 9-5423 Professional Service ZENITH HEARING AID COMPLIMENTS OF LITTRELL’S BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP NATIONAL MODERN — SANITARY BUSINESS COLLEGE 207 E. Main Street Salem, Va. Roanoke, Virginia “FIVE CHAIRS AND NO WAITING” Call Du 9-7401 for Appointment GOODWIN-ANDREWS, INC. D1-2-5260 EXPERT REPAIRING PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTION AAFI nnY HAVFM 1 NIC ' INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE VXlLCJU T nAVClN, IINL.. MORTGAGE LOANS Dial Du 9-2321 THE WORLD 5 PINE5T MUSICAL INSIKUMENIS 306 East Main Street BAND INSTRUMENTS — PIANOS — ORGANS Salem, Virginia 416 Second Street, S.W. Roanoke, Virginia 160 There’s a " one and only” in refreshment, too v y BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY ROANOKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, INC. 161 jr y , - r ja -z “FAMOUS FOR STEAKS — SEA FOOD SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN — VIRGINIA HAM HOMEMADE CAKES PIES” Route 11 46 Phone Du 9-2854 AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED STATES PLYWOOD CORPORATION WORLD’S LARGEST PLYWOOD ORGANIZATIONS Weldwbod P. O. Box 2386 Telephone Diamond 5-0983 2502 Patterson Avenue, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia 162 OLD VIRGINIA BRICK CO., INC. Du 9-2357 Salem, Va. Telephone No. Du 9-3504 COMPLIMENTS OF SALEM ESSO SERVICE CENTER 4th Union Salem, Va. FUEL OIL — KEROSENE Metered Delivery Prompt, Courteous 24-Hour Service GLENN H. SIMMERS Dial Du 9-7279 SALEM OIL CO. 1608 Colorado Street Salem, Va. 163 JENNINGS-SHEPHERD COMPANY 24 W. Church Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Phone Dl 2-3128 164 PIEDMONT STORES Salem, Virginia Dial Du 9-5523 S W PHARMACY 214 E. Main St. SMEAD WEBBER Est. 1843 PRESCRIPTIONS Fine Cosmetics Whitman Old Dominion Candies Salem, Va. Lanvin Parfums • Fountain Service Dial Du 9-5417 1 A Sk V WE DELIVER SALEM OFFICE SUPPLY CO. MARETA’S EVERYTHING FOR LADIES 9 S. College Ave. 6 W. Main St. Salem Ample Parking in Rear with Rear Entrance for Your COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE Convenience SUPPLIES AND FURNITURE Salem, Va. Dial Du 9-2461 LEONARD SMITH SHEET METAL WORKS SALEM FAST SERVICE SHIRTS AND CLEANING 1603 Brook Ave. 1 HR. CLEANING IF DESIRED GENERAL MOTORS Dial DELCO-HEAT Du-9-3820 Colorado and Boulevard C. J. " Cam” MAYS Dial Du 9-4611 ROANOKE COLLEGE Salem, Virginia YOUR HOMETOWN COLLEGE SINCE 1842 Courses Offered Leading to the Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science 166 r J A iZhv fAity« pN REW LEWIS v aKt to thank McGRAW’S MUSIC MART FOR HAVING THE FINEST AND MOST COMPLETE MUSIC STORE IN THE SOUTH M£ J blue- p laM CHEVROLET TURBO-FIRE V8 BLUE-FLAME SIXES GOOD WIN-WILLIAMS CHEVROLET CO. Dupont 9-2374 8-10 West Main St. Salem, Virginia " I .9 ' CUSHION THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOE IN AMERICA ORTHO-VENT FACTORY OUTLET Lakeside Road, Salem, Virginia SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY CONGRATULATIONS GRADyATES Welcome to Shoney’s Home of “Big Boy.’’ the Original Double-Decker Hamburger While in Roanoke, Don’t Forget SHONEY’S WALK-IN 115 W. Church Ave. and SHONEY’S MAINLINER DRIVE-IN and COFFEE SHOP Franklin Rd. 167 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS JOBE FLORIST, F.T.D. 215 College Avenue Salem, Virginia Du 9-7284 FURNITURE MART 211 South College Ave. ANDREW LEWIS Phillips “66” Service Station AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP 421 W. Salem Ave. Dl 5-0044 Roanoke, Va. SPECIALIZING IN PORTABLE CRANKSHAFT GRINDING COMPLIMENTS OF SALEM THEATER 302 E. Main Street THE BEST IN ENTERTAINMENT NEHI BOTTLING CO. GEARHEART SHOE REPAIR 15 East Main Street Salem, Va. Phone Du 9-7491 GEORGE’S FROSTY BAR Corner of 8th College ICE CREAM SANDWICHES Du 9-7842 COMPLIMENTS OF y . » C ANKARATRA SORORITY J , SAM’S r i a 116 E. Main Street Salem, Va. ' QUALITY CLOTHING AND SHOES FOR ENTIRE FAMILY CHELF’S DA I-DEUGHT ‘ ‘ ' WH E ti H lAw O LV ERJ l E SX O N G RB3 PILLIS BROTHER’S GULF STATION ATE’’ V j , V ) 1214 a in Street 7 i 4th Union St. Cl Salem, Va. Du 9-6741 V v N J . JIM PETER’S TEXAC ‘ Ja) V 4 % PROPST CHILDRESS SHOE CO. J fS Y V ' X oaftpke, Virginia -•— ¥■ — Home of C P Z O A E I S ESE RADIO and T.V. SERVICE ) 18 W. Main St. A Du 9-5197 Salem, Va. ZENITH SALES BRADFORD’S SEA FOOD STEAK HOUSE Roanoke, Virginia 168 VIRGINIA FOODS, INC. Salem, Virginia Southwestern Virginia’s Finest Wholesale Distributor of GROCERIES PRODUCE DRUGS FROZEN FOODS SPECIALTIES DRY GOODS TOBACCOS Telephone Du 9-5428 8 MEET THE CROWD AT JOHNNY’S DRIVE IN 4608 Williamson Rd. Em. 6-9924 IRA C. DOOLEY COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN M. OAKEY SON FUNERAL HOME c .«. SALEM’S OLDEST BUSINESS FIRM -To ' l»i " i 1 f ° ul " - - y- V J fyneed m 9i i r t " fynee. " Our graduates have an opportunity to enjoy a life of freedom, plenty and indi¬ vidual choice — privileges earned by our forefathers. However, we have a responsibility to perpetuate these pr ivileges. They are not given us ' Tor free " . We must earn them ourselves. Individual devotion to The American Way is as important today as it was in 1776. Today ' s graduates must shoulder this responsibility, or there will be no freedoms to bequeath tomorrow ' s students. As Goethe, the poet, said, " What you have inherited from your fathers, earn over again for yourselves or it will not be yours. " 169 f ff H TARPLEY’S INC. RCA VICTOR BROOKS-BRYD PHARMACY, INC. ‘SALEM’S PRESCRIPTION CENTER” RAY BRYD ERVIN P. BROOKS Cast Main i vS - Street VV incxsrp ratsp ENGRAVING PRINTIN - Dial Du ‘ 9 ' 23 Salem, Virginia — - x-P vV VXf-, C 5VCZ. cx v ?Y MEAT ERIES Vo vVVsm CT D l Du 9-2379 8 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia GOODWIN INSURANCE REALTY CO., INC. Organized 1931 “DIVIDEND PAYMENT INSURANCE” 15 South College Avenue Dial Du-9-2327 Salem, Virginia EDGEWOOD BARBER SHOP “TWO CHAIRS” AIR CONDITIONED ?2 Route 460 Edgewood r V-? Oc ,= jrN . A. L. SCHOOLINGS — V v — c: - 7£ 72 RIDE 170 . t A J J ' ' I REMEMBER ' the days of thy youth and j 0 SIDNEY’S for smooth clothes Du 9-4857 FRITH’S AUTO SALES SERVICE 1131 E. Main St. Open Evenings YOUR STATE INSPECTION GARAGE The Dairy Chef Says: Eat Better . . . Spend Less ENJOY DAIRY FOODS ‘ROANOKE’S MOST MOD. DAIRY” ' • ' -) GARST BROS, i • J r Wvs vwvvvww wmv ‘« DAIRY INC. | Dial Di 4-5501 VALLEYDALE PACKERS, INC Salem, Virginia 171 YALE TOWNE UFACTURING COMPANY K V YALE LOCK AND HARDWARE DIVISION SALEM PLANT Salem, Virginia 172 173 y k SALEM CREAMERY CO., INC. j i . 4 ,D a kV DISTRIBUTORS OF rv r CLOVER BRAND , • ' yv« 1 DAIRY PRODUCTS tr -y JR ftv , ,w w ( r . iv a " ' l 7 P Kr if f ' J k r i ' V ' S. ' V I K‘ j y • ' r Dial Du 8-3641 736 West Fourth Street Salem, Virginia • A L “YOUR HOME TOWN DAIRY” ' " W’ » ' A v 174 ¥ T [ » C MECHANICAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, INC. Lee Highway, East Dial Du 9-4166 Salem, Virginia r a Cs ——c7 • c T - a XL cr STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS — AWNINGS WILLIAMS WINDOW CO. 1509 Colorado Street Salem, Virginia VENETIAN BLINDS — ORNAMENTAL IRON HART MOTOR CO., INC. Dupont 9-2364 400 E. Main St. Salem, Virginia OLDSMOBILE OLDSMOBILE COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERT BRO. CONTRACTORS Salem, Virginia 175 frosty, man, frosty! Kappa pxi -F3 T76 SNEAD LUMBER CO., INC. WHOLESALERS DAME ROOFING CO., INC. Salem, Virginia FORCED AIR HEATING Phone DUpont 9-2366 and AIR CONDITIONING COMPLIMENTS OF SMITH and GRAVELY 3061 2 E. Main St. Dial DU-9-2471 Salem, Va. Established 1880 BOOKKEEPING AND TAX RETURNS “IF YOUR HAIR IS NOT BECOMING TO YOU, SUTPHIN’S MARKET YOU SHOULD BE COMING TO US.” HAZEL’S HAIR STYLING 203 Blvd. Salem DU-9-7925 928 College Ave. DU-9-7302 HAZEL PATTERSON — Owner and Operator EARLY Member of State and BROTHERS N.H.C.A. Service Station CANDLELITE CLUB WEST END DINING and DANCING - - D1-3-5738 (amoco) BLUE JAY RESTAURANT 1535 West Main St. Salem, Virginia 6 Miles West of Salem DU-9-7906 SONNY SPIGEL SALEM FARM SUPPLY CORP. SALEM’S NEWEST and HAPPIEST SHOP 121 E. Main St. SMART APPAREL for S. J. CONNER MISSES and JUNIORS Plumbing and Heating 35 East Main St. DU-9-7116 Roanoke, Virginia Di 4-8383 177 J w V i y 3771 Kf7 m ir-c crM i kit ' y i IVE-IN CURB S VICEj)— FOUNTAIN SERVICE ,yV GC OD( 1 |£ 6 d — THICK SHAKES ' TRY OUR “BIG JIM!’’ Route 1 Salem, Virginia Phone Du 9-3210 COACH HOUSE SALEM’S NEWEST RESTAURANT SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS AND SEAFOOD 2102 W. Main St. Salem, Virginia Phone Du 9-7544 7M MPANY 178 CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE Shopping Centef Doris Brumfield — Miller Rhoads Teen Courfcil Representative — wearing a lovely spring suit from Teen Shop, Third Floor. SHOOTING FOR THE MOON The thunder of gleaming rockets as they zoom into outer space foretells a new era in man’s quest for knowledge: the space age. Shooting for the moon used to mean attempting the impossible . . . but now, with the space age at hand, interplanetary flight is just around the corner. Brand new horizons are opening to man . . . and with them comes new chal¬ lenges for all of us. Where shall we set our goals? The rocket in its flight through space toward the moon is guided by men. It sets jio goals for itself . . . nor does it recognize a challenge. Man is the controlling factor . . . man is the challenger. No matter what our calling in life, each of, us can, in effect, “shoot for the moon” in establishing our goafs . and then, set about accomplishing them with the solid “fuel’ ' of determination. The rockets conquering outer space are big and powerful . . . but only as long as they are directed and cared for by men. In our personal quest for new horizons, our “thrust " must come from within . . . from a willingness to accept challenges . . . and a determination to win no matter what the odds. In the space age ... as in Ages past, there will be no “formula " more potent than the power of the individual. GENERAL ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CONTROL DEPARTMENT Roanoke, Va. 179 i V GARRETT’S ESSO SERVICE 405 E. Main Street Salem, Virginiq Du 9-7858 180 “A " J fpL v " ' • ' V ' ' MISTER SOFTEE OF ROANO 1yfi[fr 0lS 1852 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Virginia , L A£- J A- X f ' S T " r y . ' OLA Jb -exJASI- An exciting place tp Where fresh imaginative fashions are thoughtfully priced L-ev F ' - for young budgets! stLAJl of Bfo BOV „ ? — oA A to C ' Cy 181 yy r h it SALEM, VIRGINIA “FIRST IN FASHt V 1 br ' y ft XX-r ) J. t A r,{ ,(K V J j j s t i , Manufacturers of Upholstered v A V ' K f Living Room Furniture ' y ' w ,js] ,A I j r 7 x ■? ' , , u ' r y 7 1 a: , eft A ' } J+ ) v r • ■ ' Now that we have reached the end of our drama and this year’s final curtain is slowly closing, there are several people to whom we owe a great deal of thanks. Our actors deserve several orchids for a fine performance given and for the effort put forth in learning lines. Our directors and producers have proved very skillful in managing this play. The stage managers have done a professional job in organizing the entire set. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance given to us by the American Yearbook Company and Mr. Fields, without which this year’s Pioneer could not have been produced. We would like to offer our congratulations for a job well done to Pugh’s and Gentry’s studio, and our advertisers certainly deserve applause for the backing given to us. We would like to offer a very special thank-you to our parents for seeing to it that the show went on as scheduled. As the house lights go out and the audience leaves, may we offer a final tribute to all who have helped us in the production of this yearbook. VixoWn o o xxJt juu jj$. b) (L Vouut OOJV s$Ss Sj CVwA Ob f ' Jt ujuyj) oua Cb ' lx$ ij - v ou, (Xr V ujjl l fcV Jr oVafc y nsl QjJ OUj bo). J lu ) uut JbOxX .6 Iawm. OJJL0JU. W TYvtKt cW“ rn ■ ' •4 -f If] o u 11 jjN R ftuUu! |A P Aarm c c y V .. rvO lO rs S 184 ‘TPCemonitutt TRutA- innett S okkok Tttcuf 23, ?X97 — ' ?e6wvuf 9, 960 A teacher characterized by dig¬ nity and clarity of thought, Mrs. Shannon was respected by all who knew her. The lessons she taught will long remain in the memory of those fortunate enough to have been her students. 185 I i y m y - o TJZ. • o e- - l4iV - S -y « - -+ J ' f y CJ J£aL uLa uy (LJLal) y LJLA-J ZX yJyyU uJ cxy-Cy (£J s bJ J UO U- J -c zC jU La s JLa — .iLa X A yy JLJ " — IkJCp 4JX . Ujucj f(:u Y y o »s cLa yjL yy — yjui uCJj v o ; C UUjU Ss 0 C2 ) AAyviJLsy t As J --C - L-A tX y ty K A. L ' ZJ JLc OL 4 %jLj . lAj ula JXj J dJU L K £yjQu C) j x2 0 — ' jjALA ' V yu L J JL a J£Uj Qj Oy s y Auy V 3. -j y-J- Ouu cijLty ' £ -uJCL b AcjtJ yy+r -- JLe uKy %■ J-y uuu yy Qjbu - XJ aJ (Xj17 )$Zu)l l, £xJL, u Ly-JUJU y uJLSl-. ■ ' Q y !U{j 2 u ;cuU ly AJJLy A- vC MLyL UM ' «yyu» (XjUL- v ' K ylJLAiy-dLAO) Z JcJLyuyj J yj CXyxj o y. -yyxyj J j y2juuUU ouv -Ju jtAJjcr OJUju a cy Vi x y . vS- « c oc Xc vk l Xc j® j7 M uy y y v - x L yL S yLdj • (X- c Lm JLa %Kj3 —XLy 3 . y fi —£• ' XOx Y S ' -xj IL dJo tX - C ' xL A- : i ,.y C XA L t. CX t J m o yuL " L ' aL - ' 2 - - - - A-1 T TYl X S J y Ua-C. ' , - tA }- jlJ S-cTXxJxJ - " iU jA. A - ' y C C X AtAA-MJ o-ta-cP JU . . JuLC -aOl - yy- " y- sP xJux -? W Y -PjiAP d. ■ ' J -tj 41 4- U ’ -e Y XX ckJ: ' -f - " - ‘- X ictp Cjki .f o ? X- J- e y - V A- jutu o+y cs- xt- ucx Xto- v (duXt- yC oJ L , 7 £c £SA-S t c i Y£jL , 2 a 6 a j Cc- Jc -Yc-Lxt-L iAU ' -YxiXX U MXx JY +-0 . . 2 - , 7 tXLy Cs-s- iA epJLAy. Lc l. S- PLZ jox WWL w ' JC U4 t UJL X yin XAX U. — W. y UjLu 3 h ctZ y a jL- 3 .vZU. ' C -CjPS —- J.. ' yUP-x .A tAC cS U L 4-— ' ' AY. A j 0-t- ' — AA Y -Xd.x ? Xax C ( ✓• CdU ' Yt lay£ Wmm ' ' -‘ : tf i • ' - «f| ■ ,1 si : : ' - ■ ' : ‘ ' . • - fi ‘ , s ■f-A 11 ' „ . ' a tt ‘ r ' ; •, » - ■ • ■ Si 1 S BpBiy. i) ' •fl 5 ‘SI?! ?«■ " S i-J JR . ■ ' ' -‘.I ■ ■ ,; • 6 i " ■ 1 ' ' , ' - ■ .f- v ■ : • zfr . Jt. ’waL — ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem, Virginia w ME:. , i ' ' : h Jw «r CM v W! ' C ' « •»’ ■. T - .i - 1 :h j i 7 f j t f - £

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Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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