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Andrew Lewis Middle School REF YRBKPIO 1956 ALHS Yearbook Staff Pioneer-1956 ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHi Salem, Virginia 1 ■ j| 1 1 1 f i 1 i «- i •• • . . - . ■ ; 1 _ . " 0 3 V3 s s) KaT . The Pioneer Published by the Annual Staff ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Salem, Virginia Uk X i It Our Life at Andrew Lewis This is our school in our community of churches, theaters, clubs, eating places and businesses that help make up our life, our life at Andrew Lewis High School. Here we gather, coming from near and from far, to become one great unit; here we put forth our efforts and make our mistakes; here we gain our knowledge and discover our many faults; here we take our defeats and revel in our victories; here we share our joys and our sorrows, and cement them both with our friendships. This, our school, is the testing ground where we grow from bewildered children to poised and confident young men and women. Our faculty is the backbone of this school. Some of our teachers have come to Salem from the far corners of the United States to see that we start out in life right. O ther teachers have lived in Salem all their lives and can remember when they looked up to other teachers at Andrew Lewis for help. Though their hours are long and hard and the work is often thankless, they still keep going, and though probably they often throw up their hands in exasperation and feel like quitting, they do not. Year after year they continue to see studentswalk up the aisle with diplomas in their hands and tears of gratitude in their eyes. From the bottom of our hearts, Faculty, we thank you. We, the students, are the reason for Andrew Lewis High School. We start out in the eighth grade as inexperienced children. Year by year, we develop our talents and abilities, so that by the time we are seniors we feel we are ready to face life and whatever it may offer. Throughout our years as students we learn, together, how to take our de¬ feats as cheerfully as the victories; we learn to lend a helping hand for the pure joy of giving; instead of thinking only of ourselves, or pulling in separate directions, we learn to work together as a team. During the years we have spent together in classrooms and study halls, we have made many friends. T -,-• v When we reach our senior year, we • : treasure the hours we spent cheering •s ■ • " Vthe team on, getting the gym ready for a dance, studying for the hard examinations and tests, greeting our friends as we hurry from one class to another and just being a part of Andrew Lewis. Here at Andrew Lewis, we are very proud of our Athletic Department. This department is the incentive for our school spirit. We stand, cheering, watching, as our football team makes a touchdown and a dds points to our score; as our basket¬ ball team rallies, after being behind, to win the game; as the wrestling team puts 4 } all their strength together, striving for a victory over their opponents, and as the track team wins race after race, so that Andrew Lewis’s name will be on the top of the list. Who are these boys? The boy who scored the touchdown may sit next to you in English class; the boy who made the winning basket probably has the locker next to you; the boy who won his wrestling match could ride the same bus to school as you do; and the boy who beat all the rest in the 440 might be the next one to say “ hello” to you in the halls. They are part of Andrew Lewis and they keep the spirit of our school alive. We will never say die until there is no Andrew Lewis. There is opportunity for fun: there is the carefree, . g f»i mr social side of our school. Our dances, where girls float around in beautiful, colorful dresses and the boys look sleek and tantalizingly well-groomed, where music, smooth, rhythmic or jazzy, fills the air; our assemblies, bringing music, drama, fun and cheer; our home-coming, when the graduate stu¬ dents return to reminise, to see the Queen crowned, to enjoy the hop after the game, to celebrate victory or to accept defeat with a smile; our May Day, showing off the Beauties of our school; our trips to conventions, or other schools representing our Alma Mater and upholding Andrew Lewis, all of these add variety to Our Life at Andrew Lewis. Our organizations also add spice to our life at Andrew Lewis. They help us to learn to work together, to pool our ideas, to work for a common purpose. From our clubs at Andrew Lewis today, which offer a wide range of interests, will come the leaders of the world of tomorrow. They give us an opportunity to develop our interests in such fields as language, agriculture, homemaking, athletics, Christian work, professions, business, science, welfare, drama, me¬ chanics, and music. All these are a part of our life at Andrew Lewis. This is it. This is a year of our life at Andrew Lewis to cherish. Where You Will Find It Academic. 11- 26 Classes. 27- 68 Athletics. 69- 82 Features. 83- 90 Organizations. 91-124 Senior Directory. 125-132 Salem Advertisements. 133-160 Roanoke Advertisements. 161-178 Acknowledgments. 179 4 s ► Coach Hal Johnson To one who means so much to us in Our Life at Andrew Lewis, to one who is a friend to all students, to one who has taught us sportsmanship, how to win, and how to be good losers, to one who keeps our spirit alive in defeat and who shares our joy in time of triumph, we, the Annual Staff of Andrew Lewis, devotedly dedicate this, the 1956 Pioneer. s c H O O L Mr. DeWitt Miller Administrative Assistant Mrs. Charles Ballentine Clerk of School Board Dr. Herman L. Horne Division Superintendent Mr. Arthur G. Trout County School Board Chairman Mr. E. B. Broadwater Another day in their lives at Andrew Lewis finds Mr. Alexander, Mrs. Wanda Hall, and Mrs. Ruth Robinson, very busy Mr. E. B. Broadwater, Principal Mr. F. C. Alexander, Assistant Principal Mrs. Ruth Robinson and Mrs. Wanda Hall, Office Secretaries Mrs. Smith, guidance teacher, at work with her student helpers “Next, please!” These are familiar words in the guidance office every morning : h- ? ££ „ SAji ;,f, ' 4 rst m M T 9- ' ' . y i m Jl : mW ijr « ' , ' • »t ,, ' J M ' | ' . ) ■ i ■ Wte f J f™ ' J jL ■ ' • V •,«« . • ; v S » ;- ' . !? 4« m ' 1 “ K j i a rdf jdr 4 j 4 . 1 , . ' -.- »’ ' 4X ' . ' ' ' Mrs. Joyce D. Ayres Physical Education Mrs. Margaret Bailey English, Algebra Mrs. Evelyn Blake Home Economics Mrs. Mildred Chapman History Mrs. Dorothea Chick Mathematics, Science Mr. Lauritz Christensen Band Mr. W. B. Clem Distr ib utive Education Mr. Paul Coffman Science Miss Annie V. Cook Latin Mr. N. M. Copenhaver Driver Training, Track Coach Mr. W. C. Crawford Geography, Physical Education _ Mr. Verner Crush Civics, Physical Education Mrs. Margaret Easter History Mrs. Bertha Fisher English Mrs. Mary 0. Garner History Mrs. Gladys Gillespie Mathematics, Geometry Miss Mary Goodwin Typing, Vocational Office Training Mrs. Mary Hackman Civics, English Mr. Edwin Harless Physical Education, Basketball Coach Mrs. Julia Hylton Mathematics, Science Faculty of ndrew Lewis Mrs. Sally C. Hood History, English Mrs. Virginia L. Houchins English, History Miss Frances Hurt Science Mrs. Lillian Jennings M at hematics, Science Mr. H. L. Johnston Head Coach Mrs. Opal S. Iveffer Algebra Miss Mildred Kidd History, English Miss Elizabeth Lawrence Typing, General Business Miss Mary Jane Maxwell Mathematics, Science Miss Annie McConkey Geometry, Trigonometry Mrs. Dematris Meador Bookkeeping, Typing Miss Dorothy Miller Latin, French Mrs. Louise Musser English, Biology Mrs. Lake Newton Librarian Mrs. Mary S. Parrish English, History Mrs. Carrie Ped igo English Mr. James Peters Agriculture, Shop Miss Elsie Proffitt Typing, Stenography Mrs. Leona Robbins Typing, English Mr. Otha B. St. Clair Civics Mr. Paul Schwartz Shop, Mechanical Drawing Mr. W. M. Scott Agriculture, Shop Mrs. Ruth Shannon Mathematics Mrs. Ethel Shockey Algebra Mrs. Forrest Smith Civics Mrs. Brame Spessard English Mrs. Ruth Staton English Mrs. Jimmie Steele Physical Education Mrs. Pearl Strickler Public Speaking, English Mr. R. S. Thomas Shop Mrs. Hazel Waters Arithmetic, Mathematics Mrs. Leslie Watkins Biology, Physics Miss Pauline Webb Biology, Chemistry Mrs. Edna Weeks Science Mrs. Elsie Wertz English, History Miss Mary Wright Librarian Mr. Coffman is all smiles and other teachers seem to be enjoying the tea given them by the Library Club. 1 1 111 -S1 ft ! SIB 1 ■ 4 i • ■ h a »» ■■r i i 1 aa i ■v « .« •» • i 1W re i r, m7w f s swi f is i] i . 1 f : 1 • 1 - ; s1 1 n h : 1 m h : III IB MiH [ft . 3 " Discimus facienda " or Faire est apprendre ' a " , it still means, you had better get to work! The work is pleasant here as the joyous notes of Joyeux Noel fill the room. In our Latin classes and Latin club we relive the splendors of Rome and Greece. . k ' t wjjm ' y Jg , 9 W " ' •jpr ! i ! i l NiMH i mmm rnmamM ■ • f ' T5 • ' ; • 1 ' In CIVICS we learn to appreciate and understand our local, state, and federal government. Our inquisitive minds find the answers to some of the why ' s at Andrew Lewis, in The SCIENCE Classes " and laboratory. 1 ' 1 ' | fiH ' - jpt; |% iM OJ t Vw- Bm jM . Jfe $ BBS ... sA ..... L. J ; ' I 1 $1 ' dB S ' " T? J i ■w«niii | i §X | !, ' M%zmm wjrk [ r ”’ % J K , ft , ■ ir . .fhrr -h gaife. S ; 4S |Bb IjPWi ■ ' I B7 ' M T-frC3 yr |» ? f? a “ ! —ji Uai Bu B - jyffiHMK? . ' wnl i .■ jFs A F k xflSSDL , r il 1 w m 1 IK I In INDUSTRIAL ARTS Classes we hare an opportunity to work with wood, with metals and ceramics. m rnwm Wtwm mm We, the girls of A. L. enjoy taking physical education which eludes many sports and dancing. Through the physical education classes, we, the boys of A. L. have an opportunity to do wrestling, a new sport, which develops mus¬ cles, skill, and sportsmanship. VI Bu m A w W ' W: W j ; j J mm i | I % Wa w mrn mm , S V | m V- il wmi i: mk W; | " at+ggA. miM ' f jjete L W 1’ Vv r 2 ; vS ■ ” ■ ' 1 - .1 s } s mil lH | ; f ft S | I 1 j jnjj |. f s T JH B «:i lm 1 $[■ s- i. fr j| Iji . U ■ ' I lli Ik Ik HL w ' S v p 1 1- ' f - V: m §m fR S m mB ■ Hf i kV’ ,-jSL ' 1 V - B‘Tr|,y.|Ii k v? k if r vijf ' science students enjoy experiments in SCIENCE The students in this Eighth grade class listen to reports that make HISTORY come to life. tiji , rr ? . ' s| m m Ss, iff ! . H ■. , • ® : • ■ ifiar | WNHfi • JL i ■ tr ' k . L A _ i I JBL 1 £ j vjj ■ B , ' , t sf ' .j ■Hk ? ] Mr. Alexander represented the Vir¬ ginia Jaycees at the White House Con¬ ference on Education and Mr. Peters was chosen “Teacher of the Year’’ by the Salem Woman’s Club. The student teachers at Andrew Lewis this year are Mary Virginia Magee, Hollins College; Dave Foltz, Roanoke College; and Bayse Wilson, V. P. I. Our faculty suffered a great loss when Mr. Harless left in January. For six years he coached the varsity basketball and junior varsity footbal l squads and was there whenever needed. “Hats off” for a wonderful friend. f n Left to Right: Marie Harter, treasurer, Theda Draper, secretary, Anne Arthur, vice-president, Kenneth Norton, president Senior Class Here we are in our last year at Andrew Lewis! What a wonderful feeling to be a senior! No more kow-towing to upperclassmen; no more remaining on back halls; no more back seats. Our place is on Senior Hall. We get the front seats in assembly programs; we march out first; we express our opinions with assurance. Of course, along with the prestige, come responsibilities. We, as leaders, must conduct ourselves in a manner be¬ coming seniors; we must set a good example for others, and always be ready to lend a helping hand to those groveling below us. Yes, the years have gone by quickly and we have developed leadership, talents, and our personalities with each passing one. As we leave Andrew Lewis we, too, can say with much enthusiasm, “The best years of our lives were spent in dear ole high school.” 28 Jo Ann Aliff Jo Ann David Shelton Ames David LaVerne Lydia Argabright La Verne Merritt Palmer Bailey, Jr. Skeeter Lavenna Kate Altizer Lavenna Jo Anne Frances Angell Jo Anne Ruth Anne Arthur A nne Elizabeth Wallace Ballard Lizzie Carolyn Leone Barnett Carolyn Seniors George Ossie Bateman, Jr. G. 0. Betty Geraldine Bayne Betty Nina Lee Bell Nina Arnold Lee Barr Arnold Phyllis Louise Batten Phyllis Paul Leonard Bayse Paul Mary Margaret Bishop Mary Betty lean Blankenship Betty Emory Crockett Bogle Emory Barbara Ann Boles Barbara Naneee Lea Bowling N ancee Peggy Jean Blevins Peggy Nelda Vera Bohon Nelda Patricia Faye Boone Patty Carolyn Ann Brammer Carolyn Daniel Earl Brogan Dan Class of Mary Lou Brown Mary Lou Luther Craig Bush Luther Joan Edney Caldwell Joan Larry Edward Bronson Larry Joan Carol Buhles Jo Cynthia Adair Butts Cynthia Barbara Ann Carroll Barbara Betty Tane Carroll Betty Walter Clay Chapman, Jr Walter Nancy Ann Caudill Nancy Jack Hamlin Chappell Jack Carolyn Ora Christie Carolyn Knox Littlepage Clarke Page Milan Rohner Christley M ilan James Thomas Clemons Tommie Fifty-Six leraldine Frances Conner Geraldine Wilma Carol Crosier Carol Alma Patricia Crowder Pat Pat Richard C. Cornett, Jr. Dickie Constance Ann Crosswhite Connie Cornelia Ann Custer Cornelia Hensil W. Darnell Buddy Michael Wayne Darnell Mike Robert Wayne Dennis Bobby Kenneth Ray Dillard Kenneth Clarence Minor DeHart Clarence Frankie De Wolfee Frankie Macy Lee Dodson Macy JL Class Lovd Patton Dotson Pat Loretta Lee Duncan Loretta Jimmy Dean Edwards J immy Nancy Harryette Donaldson Nancy Barbara Anne Dooley Barbara Robert Allison English Bobby Theda Wilma Draper Theda Grace Louise Eakin Louise Shirley Lee Ellis Shirley Shelby Jean Epperly Shelby Charlotte Jeanette Fulton Charlotte Jimmy Talmadge Fulton Jimmy n Ellis Garman Sherman Millard Robert Garbett Bobby James Spurgeon Garmai Jimmy Joseph Thomas Faries Joe Robert Edward Farrar Bobby ifela Ann Garman ' Wilma Norma Faye Garst Faye Wanda Lou Garst Wanda Carolyn Ruth Greiner Carolyn Shirley Ethel Gusler William Oliver Goodwin Bill Susan Hackman Susan Patricia Gentry Harris Pat Aubrey Emory Hartman Aubrey Betty Jean Helms Betty Sarah Yvonne Hailey Bonnie Kay Henderson Kay Cornelia Faye Hensley Faye Eva Marie Harter Marie David Norwood Helm David Donald William Helton Don Class Paul Douglas Henson Paul Frederick Lane Hoback Fred Daphine Elon Hopper Eton Ramona Allene Hibbitts Ramona Rowena Holliday Rowena Richard Milton Hughes Dickie Regina Lee Jobe Regina Joyce Ann Jones Joyce Virginia Lee Kilby Virginia Robert Neil La Garde Bobby James Letcher Jones Jimmy Iris June Jordan Iris Kenneth Wayne King W ayne Margaret Eleanor Lamb Peggy Fifty-Six JL Betty Faye Lancaster Betty Allan Lee Leffler Allan Harlan Clay Leonhardt Harlan Jesse Burks Logan Burks Mary Linda League Mary Linda Dewey Layne Lemons Dewey Clara Elizabeth Lewis Clara Harry Ashton Lough ■Ashton Jon Lyman Manetta Jon Robert Jesse Martin J esse Carol Foster Matthews Carol Bessie Mildred Martin Bess Virginia Cecelia Matheny Ginny Doris Ann McBride Doris Class of Violet Jeanette McCray Jeanette Ivimlah Larue McCurdy Kimmie Peter John McGue Pete Edith Terrill Mottley Edith William Harry Musselman William Kenneth Norton Kenny Eleanor Gayle Morris Gayle Rosalie Mowles Rosalie William Floyd Myers Billy Donald Shirman Oakes Don Shelby Jean Palmer Shelby Judith Louise Patterson Judy Randolph Brian Peters Randy Barbara Ann Patterson Barbara Norma Lee Paxton Norma Peter Turner Phillips Pete Fifty-Six Barbara Jean Poff Barbara Charles Nathaniel Powell Charles Fred Green Repass Fred William Clarence Poole Buddy Peggy Jean Pugh Peggy Betty Lou Reynolds Betty Lou Joyce Earlene Phlegar Joyce Jerry Christian Pittman Jerry Barney Jordan Rickman Barney Shirley Anne Rierson Shirley Thomas Badger Robertson Badger Norman Michael Robertson Mickey Edward Byron St. Clair Edward Ronald Dexter Saul Ronnie Gerald Leon Robertson Jerry Robert Clinton Rolley Bobby Sarah Mae St. Clair Sarah Jack Lewis Shelor Jack A Class of Nancy Lee Shelton Nancy Donald Edward Shorter Donald Shelby Jean Smith Shelby Russell Alvan Snyder Russell Evelyn Corinna Sheppard Cor inn a Peggy Ann Smiley Peggy Sonny Lee Smith Sonny Frances Gaye Stanley Gaye Glenda Sue Stanley Sue Mary Ruth Suiter Mary Ruth Betty Jean Switzer Betty Betty Jacqueline Stone Betty Djuna Lee Sutphin Djuna Emory Ned Tarpley Emory Fifty-Six Rockla Janette Thompson Rockla Mamie Elizabeth_Tolley Mamie Edward Douglas Vaughan Douglas Ruth Evelyn Thompson Ruth Barbara Jean Turman Barbara Coriene Bessie Walters Coriene Lola Mae Taylor Lola Raymond Clark Thomas Ray Carol Sue Weaver Sue Waynetta Elizabeth Weeks W ay nett a (T. Winslow Joyce Odell West Joyce Shirley Ann Whitmer ,, , Shirley P Rachel Marie Whitmire Rachel Betty lean Wilcher Betty Seniors Margie Esther Wirt Margie Sarah Louise Wirt Sarah Margie Louise Williams Margie William Lee Willis Bill Donald Eugene Wiseman Don Phyllis Jannette Witt Morton Alexander Witt Rebecca Lou Woolwine James Montgomery Wright Camilla Ann Yacuzzc Jannetle Morton Becky Jimmy Camilla ISP Best Leaders Carol Matthews Buddy Poole Most Talented Clara Lewis Douglas Vaughan Susan Hackman Milan Christley Senior Mirror Best Looking Burks Logan Mary Linda League Most Athletic Betty Lancaster Typical Seniors Carolyn Greiner David Ames Most Dependable Jimmy Gore Wanda Garst Most Athletic Kenny Norton W ittiest Peggy Smiley Walter Chapman Most Personality Theda Draper Emory Bogle Friendliest Rowena Holliday Dickie Cornett Cutest Fred Repass Phyllis Batten Most Creative Pat Darden Corinna Sheppard Best School Spirit Nancy Donaldson Jimmy Edwards v . i -v T a mam Yum! Yum! There will be no food going to waste with Susan Hackman, Dewey Lemons, Larry Bronson, and Bobby Den¬ nis around. With Christmas on the way we find Theda Draper, Barbara Patterson, Shirley Rierson, Phyllis Batten, Mary Linda League, Rosa¬ lie Mowles, and Sue Stanley busy making holiday can¬ dles. Pat Darden, Jeanette Witt, David Ames, Carolyn Brammer, and Jerry Pitt¬ man seem to be discussing a very interesting topic on The Andrew Lewis Hour. One holiday activity of the Senior Choir is the traditional Christmas carol¬ ing through the halls. i L j ' ' f Ml j f f! I If J r! | jff 1 1 1 1 | M Ronnie Ingoe, secretary, Janet Lile, treasurer, Bobby Allen, president, Julie Thomas, vice-president Junior Class Just think! Here we are Juniors! Our life at Andrew Lewis has really been exciting! Our class enjoys the privilege of sponsoring the Christmas Dance and the Junior-Senior Prom, the highlight of the Junior activities. The profit from A. L. buttons, a new project, has helped us to sponsor many activities. The “lively” Seventeen Hop, enjoyed by many students, was sponsored by us. Of all our many duties the most strenuous is that of sweeping the Junior hall to keep old A. L. clean. Not a speck of dust can be found! We are really proud of our “broom-pushers” . . . between now and the spring session of our Senior year, we shall be investigating colleges until we find the right one for us. Whether our vocation is to be a teacher, secretary, homemaker or engineer, a college education is essential. . . When we were in the eighth grade our goal was that of senior, when we were freshmen our goal was that of senior, when we were sophomores our goal was that of senior, now, as juniors, we are closer to that goal than ever before. 4 5 w J- Sara Lynn Ah alt Bobby Allen Marie Angell Judy Arrington Betty Ashley Kaye Ashwell Hugh Bainter Jeanne Ballator Drew Barden Curtis Bare Sonja Bateman Marie Baumgardner Dorothy Bayse Jerry Beamer Montrann Beard Jane Bell Barbara Blosser Carol Boley Audrey Bower Richard Boyd Henry Braswell Ann Brown Sue Brown Shirley Brumfield Bob Burris Eddie Burroughs Geraldine Byer Nadine Campbell Nancy Campbell Dickie Carroll Frank Carroll Jimmy Carroll Lloyd Case Billy Cecil Patricia Cecil Richard Chappell Larry Clark Beth Collins Dorothy Collins Dickie Combs Larry Conner Barbara Cooper Adelene Craghead Amy Cramer Jimmy Cromer Carolyn Crosswhite Pat DeHart Joan Dickerson Dickie Dickson Betty Sue Dudding Priscilla Duke Donald Dupree Martha Edwards Marlene Ellis Walter Ferguson Clinton Flowers Margaret Franklin Shirley Frantz Ronnie Frier Barbara Jean Frye Dorothy Furrow Imogene Gallion Connie Garbett Elaine Gardner Freda Garman Frank Garst Wayne Garst Dewey E. Goode Nicky Goodman Joe Gibson Ronnie Gibson Glynn Greer Roger Greer Jimmy Gresham Elsie Grubb Sue Hairston Cynthia Haislip Ruth Hanson Harriette Harris Betty Hartman Peggy Haynes Martha Hash Paul Haynes Mack Henderson Ronnie Henry John Hesmer Athalene Hodge Joan Hodge Georgianna Hudnall Ruth Huff Butch Hurt Ronnie Ingoe Norma Jamison Jessie Janney Charles Jennings Edward Jewell Jack Jones Kate Kegley Phyllis Kesler Joan King John King Velma King Watson King Roberta Kirk Louis Leffler Patricia La Grande Bernard Lemon Virginia Lee Lester Dewey Likens Janet Lile Aubrey Lloyd Billy Logan Peggy Mann Brown Martin Betty Mattern Nancy McManaway Kenneth McNeil Gail McSweeney Hallie Meador Vernon Meador Sally Miller Dreama Ann Mills Phyllis Mills Sue Ann Minnix Wanda Minnix Walter M inter Georgie Monroe Nancy Moran Joe Moses Kathleen Mountcastle Betty Murphy Edith Nichols Mary Jo Nolen Bruce Owen Barbara Oyler John Oyler Jack Panned Peggy Paulus Nancy Peery Duke Perry Deane Phoenix L. Jean Poage Patricia Pritchett Jerry Reavis Ruby Reese Jim Repass Jimmy Reynolds Gaynor Rhodes Nancy Rhudy Janet Lee Richardson Joyce Roberts Mary Beth Robertson Norma Routt Lucy Russell Martha Russo Carole Rutledge Judy Dean Saul Norma Jean Saul Margaret Anne Saunders Bill Senter Doug Shorter Jack Simmons Sue Ellen Sites Anita Snyder Kenneth Sowder Eleanor Spangler Bill Sprouse Duward Starkey Eugene Stemple Phyllis Stinson Mike Stover Richard Stroupe Larry Sutphin Patricia Taliaferro Martha Claire Tarter Barbara Taylor Peggy Taylor Julie Thomas Ralph Thomas Diana Thomason Beverly Toney William Trent Jerry Umberger Dorothy Underwood Joan Vandergrift Alvin Vaughn Bill Veasey Francis Wagner Jackie Walton Phyllis Walton Pete Watts Danny Wertz Mary Ann West John Wilks Curtis Williams Buddy Williams Mary Willis Jacqueline Wiseley Betty Wood Jerry Wood Ella Jean Wright Lynn Wygal Byron Yost Carl Young Charles Young Fern Young Pat Young Phyllis Ann Young Eddie Zini Charles Young, Ralph Thomas, Duward Starkey, and Don Pinkard take advantage of a warm, sunny day to enjoy their lunch on the lawn Left to Right: Don Clower, president, NancyJCeys, secretary, Fretz , vice-president, Shirley Mills, treasurer Dot Sophomore Class Well! Well! Here we are, halfway through our life at Alpdrew Lewi It seems like yesterday since we were in the eighth grade. It is so much fun being a Sophomore. We may not be as high and mighty as the Seniors; nevertheless, the Eight Graders look up to us. Even the Freshmen eye us with envy ... It is gratifying having the third floor to ourselves. We feel rather special up here. The only objection is those endless stairs. We shall never get used to them . . . Haven’t our Junior Varsity Football and basketball boys done well? Which ones will be the future varsity stars? . . . H-m-m . . . Our class is beginning to have a little prestige now. We could name many of our classmates who are becoming school leaders . . . Oh-h ... It is time for us to think seriously of the subjects we want most to take, since we have a wider choice than be¬ fore . . . Speaking of subjects, we feel it certainly is wonderful not having classes on those dreary ninth grade halls . . . We, Sophomores lead a pleasant life, but we are looking forward to a more challenging and interesting year when we are Juniors. DUla- 4 si } Gail Adams Sandra Adkins A. H. Ager, Jr. H. T. Aldhizer Marjorie Alls Emma Altice Mary Ellen Altice Bobby Altis Betty Altizer Peggy Argabright Richard A. Argabright Sonny Baird Bobby Baldwin Betty Basham Diana Becker Sylvia Belcher Martha Bielke Aulum Black Josephine Blankenship Douglas Blount John Blount Wayne Blount Jacqueline Boothe Warren Boothe Judy Bower Lewis Bowling Sylvia Bronson Jerry Broyles Peggy Brumfield Peggy Ann Bryant Sarah Lou Butler Louise Byrd Betty Caldwell Louise Campbell Harry Campbell Sandra Campbell Barbara Cannon Ted Carroll Tommy Carroll Billy Cates Jerry Chandler Ginnia Chapman Julie Rae Christie Sammy Crmburke Janice Clinedinst Priscilla Janette Clinevell Donald Clower Tommy Coffman Coy Cox Garland Craun Charles Cromer Allen Cross Betty Janet Crotts Joe Crotts Peggy Crotts Shirley Crouse Ruth Cruff Nadine Cunningham Arlene Dalton G. C. Davis Paul Davis Becky Dawson Charles Dean Liz Deichmann Ira Deyerle Joan Dickens Jack Disher Harry Dixon Ann Dodson Rachel Doyle Eddie Eades James Eastwood Nell Edwards Mary Elliott Clyde Eyler Donna Ferguson Norman Fink John Fleming Van Fleshman Carl Flora Darryl Fortner Larry Francisco Shirley Franklin Dot Fretz Buddy Futrell Mabel Garman Vivian Garman Beverly Garst Edith Gilbert Janice Giles Lucy Goodman Susan Grant Catherine Gray Barbara Graybeal Bruce Griffith Tommy Grisso Alice Grubb Howard Lynwood Guthrie Russell Gwaltney Nancy Hale Irving Hall Gail Hamblin Janette Hampton Philip Hancock James Hanson Susan Hardwick Carol Harris Harry Harris Shirley Harris Helen Harrison Linda Kay Hartman Loretta Hartman Pat Hartman Shelba Hartman Garnette Helvey Alberta Henderson June Henderson Peggy Hensley June Herrin Charles Heslep Sylvia Hill Sherman Hinkley Bobby Hodge Ernest Hodge Sandra Hodges Horace Holt Becky Howard Becky Howery Bertha Jamison Judy Jamison Barbara Jones Kenneth Jones Don Kelly Carlyle Kemp Nancy Keyes Phyllis Kitts Phyllis Lancaster Walter Largen Iris Lee Linda Lee Molly Lenaeus Kent Lewis Fern Light Charlotte Lilley Sammy Litton Jimmy Lough Jean Lucas Billy Manning Douglas Marechal Marjorie Marsinko Kenneth Martin John Maxey Herbert McBride Ralph Meador Ann Metcalf Shirley Mills Clara Minucie Brenda Moore Gordon Morris Guy Mowbray Lorraine Murray Joan Newman Billy Nichols Virginia Nunley Litta Mae Oakes Charlotte Obenchain Everette Obenshain Paul Overfelt Joyce Patterson Donald Perry Carol Ann Philpott Winston Plymale Ray Poage Gary Poff Larry Poff Pat Poindexter Beth Poole Mike Porter Norman Potts Buddy Powell Carolyn Powell William Powell Rose Lee Prather Doris Price Vivianne Proffitt Linda Pugh Sandra Quick Linda Rader Joyce Reckley Sue Reed Wilma Reese Donald Wayne Rettinger Nancy Richardson Patricia Rose Milly Ross Patty Rucker Ashton Rudd David Rutherford Sandra St. Clair JoAnne Sarver Bobby Saunders Robert Schilling Jo Ann Sch wallenberg Larry Seagle Bobby Sexton Gaynelle Simpson Carolyn Slough Betty Smallwood Jean Smith Roy Snyder Sammy Spradling Kenneth Stacy Robert Staton Erwin Stevenson Rose Mae Stover Judy Stump Betty Thomas Billy Thomas Charles Thomas Louise Tompson Mary Louise Trussed Frances Turman Jean Turner Mac Turner Gene Tuttle Glen Tyler Alice Ulrey Betty Underwood Luther Vann Steve Veasey Sue Vest Kenneth Viar Jerry Waddell Earlene Wadsworth Wayne Waldron Patsy Walker Russ Walker Helen Wertz Maslin Whitescarver Sybil Whitfield Nancy Whitlow Bobby Whitmer William Wilkes Allan Wimmer Sylvia Witt Kent Womack Billy Wood Grey Wroniewicz Billie Sue Young “ Don’t let it bite you! " Wm i « ' mm H ly J ■ II I V V t ■v ■ y . A f gw. m WHlJp si 1 M w 1 f rv; f f The expressions on these Junior girls’ faces, Peggy Haynes, Betty Ashley, and Lucy Russell (Center), show that our basketball team must be winning. Pre¬ occupied with something else are (Back Row) Connie Garbett and Betty Mattern. “A party?” “No.” This is ‘‘The Nine Dinner Guests”, a play given by Miss Cook’s Second Year Class. They are (Left to Right) Elaine Gardner, dancing girl; Beth Collins and Betty Smallwood, wrestlers; reclining around the table the nine dinner guests, H. T. Aldhizer, Jim Repass, Jack Pannell, Cecelia Price, Richard Chappell, Caesar; David Gibson, Durwood Starkey, Richard Stroupe and Billy Logan, and (Back Row) Alan Wimmer, Glynn Greer, Charlotte Fulton, Norman Potts, Kay Henderson, Betty Thomas, Eugene Stemple, and Buddy Williams. William Wilkes, Arlen Wygal, Kent Womack, Bobby Whitmer, Patsey Walker, Helen Wertz, Melvin Wade, Billy Wood, Greg Wroniewicz, and Ashton Rudd work hard on those lessons at the end of Sopho¬ more hall. Donald Peery, Tommy Weaver, Priscilla Clineville, Sandra Hodge, and William Wilkes are helping the Sophomores keep the plaque for the cleanest halls. Left to Right : Ned Hayes, treasurer, Janie Saunders, vice-president, Selena Leonhardt, president, Signe Young, secretary Freshman Class Freshmen, at least, we are over the first hump. Look at those eighth graders; they can not even find their way around. Why, I have an idea that we know almost one-third of the students here. Think of the people we have met at the dances, hops and games . . . Several of us hold offices in the junior clubs, and we even have some Junior Varsity Cheerleaders to help us root for the Junior Varsity Football and Basketball Teams. This year, for the first time, we have a Freshman choral group. I know we sound almost as good as the Junior Choir! ... At first the upper graders criticized us because we did not keep our halls clean; we showed t hem; they are cleaned every day now . . . Changing classes about four or five times a day is something new to us. We get in less trouble when the same teacher sees us only once a day . . . My! . . . it’s exhilerating to be a Freshman! We are beginning to get into the swing of high school life, at last! 57 John Agnew Ted Akers Howard Altizer Richard Amos Becky Anderson Margaret Anderson Joseph Angel 1 O. T. Angle Betty Lou Arrington David Atkins Shirley Atkins Jeannette Avery Gordon Bailey Millie Ball Lowell Barnard Rose Anna Barr Betty Bartlett Margie Bayse Harry Beard Ernest Beckner Barbara Belcher Buddy Bell Carolyn Bell Elton Birch Betty Blankenship Claude Bohon Suzie Bonine Connie Booher Meredith Boone Phyllis Bradford Barbara Brammer Barbara Brickey Jerry Brickey Coleen Brooks Edna Broughman Joan Broughman Jerry Brown Joann Brown Judy Brown Margaret Brown Walter Bryan Dewey Bryant Howard Butts Wilber Byer Edmund Byrd Perry Caligan Algie Campbell Teddy Campbell Harry Cannon Carolyn Chapman Marietta Christley Neil Churchill Nancy Conner Ronald Conner Jane Craft Joyce Craft Shirley Crawford Sarah Crews Mike Cromer Beth Crosswhite Betty Crouse Nannie Crowe Joyce Anne CundilT William Dail Beverly Darden Frances Daugherty Betsy Dawson Gary Day Carolyn Deeds Noel Deming Dabney Depkin James Dill Conrad Dillon Virginia- Donnelly Christine Dooley Barbara Doyle Sammy Doyle Barbara Duncan Ellen DuVal Judy Dyer Doreen Early Carolyn Edwards Connie Edwards Frank Elliott Dolores Emerson Billy Em ory Lennie Epperly Jean Eunson Mary Elizabeth Faulkerson Den wood Feazell James Ferguson Sue Ferguson Wayne Ferguson Stephen Fore Catherine Foster Eglenna Foster Riley Fralin Elizabeth Francisco Ira Furrow Frances Garland Robert Garman Banks Garst Reid Garst Fred Gearheart Gail Gibson Freddie Gilbert Joe Gillock Arline Glass Carolyn Goode Barry Goodwin Martha Graham Roger Gray June Greene Steven Greene Edgar Gresham Jimmy Gresham Roy Lee Griggs Robert Grogan Gerald Gross Bobby Grubb Marvin Grubb Martha Hamilton Don Hancock Richard Hardison Garland Harman David Harris Thomas Harris Brenda Harrison Edward Harrison Wesley Hartman Sue Hawkins Ned Hayes . — Allene Helms ‘ ' ' 5 C. LA C. “• Donald Hetheringtop . Mary Sue Hilton Ann Hinson Van Hoback J, Betty Hodges James Holtman ? Benton Hopper ' Huntley Houck Jean Howard Nita Howery Evelyn Huffman Larry Hughes Margie Hughes Bob Hunt Carol Jean Hurt Paul Hylton Barbara Jackson Joseph Jacobs Jacqueline Jeffries Richard John Glenny Johnson Jerry Johnston Larry Journell Ann Jude Thomas Kanode Judy Keith James Kesler Judy Kilby Leroy King Richard King Carol Kingrey Marie Kingery Robert Kingery David Kinsey Gayle Kinsey Roger Kropff Robert Laprad Mary Frances Lawson Wayne Layman Francine League Martha Lee Nancy Leedy Carolyn Leffler George Lemon Patsy Lemon Selena Leonhardt Harriet Lewis Danny Likens Gloria Likens Judy Lipes Yvonne Love Peggy Lovern Patricia Manor Bobby Martin Joe Martin Nancy Martin Nell McCleur Betty McDonald Bill McGannon Raeford McKinney Jimmy McNeil Charles Meador Elaine Meador Kenneth Meador Thelma Meador Danny Minnix John Mitchell Caroline Montague John Paul Moore Judy Moore Jeannie Morrison Phyllis Moses Helen Mottley Connie Moulse Sandra Mounts Ronnie Mowles Ellen Mt. Cassell Emma Mt. Cassell Mary Jane Murphy Nancy Murphy Donald Murray Rebecca Muse - Judy Musser Carol Myers Mabel Newton Barbara Nichols Charles Nichols Rose Marie Nolder Wayland Overstreet Judy Parkman Kenneth Parris Barbara Paulus Barbara Paxton Ann Peters Lenora Peters Marcelle Poff Margaret Poff Janice Polster Jane Poole Nelson Powell Rebecca Powell Marie Price Doris Prillaman Douglas Prillaman Carolyn Rakes Garland Reese Alexander Rhudy Frank Richardson Shirley Richardson Elaine Rieley Leroy Rife Faye Robertson Mary Robertson James Rorer Phillip Rose Joyce Routt Carole Sue St. Clair Ramona San Juan Wayne Sarver Edith Saul Janie Saunders Frank Sellers Patricia Sexton Brenda Shelton Larry Shelton Martha Sherrard Marvin Simmons Martha Slater Carol I. Smith Carol R. Smith Tommy A. Smothers Janice Spangler David Speed Edrie Speed Jeanette Spradlin Athlyn Spraker Sue Spraker Rebecca Stanley Larry Strouth Harold Stump Wayne Taliaferro James Taney Clarence Tarpley Pat Tate Margaret Taylor Irene Terry Frank Thomas mm Wanda Thompson Glenn Thornhill Phillip Tillman Mac Trent Jerry Tuttle Betty Ulrey Dea Underwood Ruth Underwood Clark Vandergrift Melvin Vandergrift Don Varney Mary Ellen Varney Theresa Verna Peter Via Cecelia Walrond Whitney Walton James Webb Bill Weinberg Gwen Wells Nancy Wells Barbara Wertz Wanda Faye Wheeler Jimmy White Shirley Wilhelm Cammie Wiley Douglas Willey Jackie Willey Shirley Williams Carolyn Wilson Trudy Wimmer Nancy Winfred Bobby Wirt Frances Wirt Rose Ann Wirt Donna Wirt Donald Wrya Lane Wright Rita Wygal Sandra Wygal Connie Yates Richard Young Signe Young Margaret Zeigler Alfred Zimmerman i i 62 K w Carl Emory “Sonny” Tarpley, president, Sandra Jones, treasurer, Dale Shealy, secretary, Bobby Dyer, vice-president Eighth Grade Eighth grade! Hmmm . . . We are getting along. It is a bit scary at times. We do not know where we are going half the time . . . Look! Why that is a Senior! Let’s try to appear small. Oh the smiled at us and asked if we were finding our way around. You know, these Seniors are pretty fine guys, at that . . . whom do you think you are pushing around? That was a Freshman. Why he acts bigger than a Senior. Just wait, we shall be Freshmen next year . . . There is a Junior. Let’s pick up this paper. He will be impressed with the fact that we are interested in ’ol A. L. . . . The bell! Now where do we go? Library? Cafeteria? Auditorium? We shall follow this line. They are in our Home Room. If we need help, we can ask Mrs. Chapman. She is all right. You know, it is really fun being at Andrew Lewis. We certainly do enjoy being in the band and the eighth grade choir. It is wonderful to be able to belong to clubs . . . Only four more years and we shall be Senior! Marvelous! 4 63 } Carolyn Akers Gerald Akers Patsy Alderman Alice Altice Sue Arthur Judy Atkinson Jane Ayers Peggy Ayers Barbara Bailey Charie Bailey Dwin Banner Clinton Baugh Elaine Bayne David Bayse Barbara Beckner Charles Leonard Bell Peggy Blankenbeckler Faye Bohon Ray Bonham Garland Bower Jack Brewer George Bronson Richard Browder Doris Brumfield Patricia Brumfield Dallas Brunk Jerry Bugg Evelyne Burnette Gerry Bush Nelson Butt Ed Butts Carolyn Cabiness Peggy Caldwell Betty Carroll Shirley Carroll Darlene Catron Betty Ann Cimburke Hilda Clark Danny Clark Ronnie Clinevell Betty Coffman Faye Combs Arlene Conrad Richard Conner Shelva Jean Conner Peggy Cook Diane Cowherd Ellen Cox Shirley Crawford Anita Crosswhite Sue Crosswhite Billy Crouch Sadie Crowder Jenny Lou Dawson Marvis Dewease Wayne Dillard David Dickerson Judy Dodd Lewis Dowdy Lula Downey Wayne Dulany Curtis Duncan Bobby Dyer David Eakin Nancy Eakin Janice Eller Billie Mae Fedney Charles Fields Lucy Fisher Mozelle Flinchum James Foley Grace Ford Ervin Frith Billy Galbraith Clifford Gal lion Linda Garber Eugene Garman Joan Garman Lila Garman Mildred Garman Angela Garrett Polly Gearheart Joseph Giles Clyde Gillespie Sheila Goodman Dorothy Glass Charles Graham Jane Grant Caroline Gray Wayne Gray Caroline Grisso Eugene Grubb Janice Gunter Joyce Guthrie Kay Haislip Boyd Hale Shelbie Hale William Hale Rosemary Hamilton Robert Hammond George Harmon Richard Hartless Sandra Harvey Pat Henry Tom Henson Staley Hester Cindy Sue Hill Patsy Hodge Pat Howery Dorothy Hudnall Gaye Hurt Peggy Jobe Wanda Johnson Brenda Johnston Margaret Jones Sandra Jones Mary Ann Keaton David Kennamer Loretta Kesler Larry Keyes Priscilla King Russell Kirby Gilbert Knapp Donna Krupin Alice Lee Lynwood Lee Bobby Lieb Barbara Mahoney Jane Maior Philip Markhan Franklin Marshall Charlotte Martin Donald Martin Gertrude Martin Sharon Martin Martha Mattem Virginia Mattem Elizabeth McClung Donald McCown Jimmy McKaugan William Metzler Alex McNeil Frances Minucie Barbara Moore Jeanie Morris Kenneth Moses Shelby Motley Barbara Mowles Sharon Muckenfuss William Murphy Gail Mutler Lawrence Murray Larry Nichols Anne Nimmo Richard Nolder Shirley Northern Richard Obenshain Vickie Owen June Painter Harriett Patterson Linda Pernell Wayne Plybon Martha Poage Barbara Poff David Poff Donald Powell Randolph Powers Andrew Price Margaret Sue Puckett Brenda Radford Edna Reedy Charles Reese Anne Reynolds Sydney Reynolds Margaret Richards Billy Richardson Patsy Richardson Martha Roach Florence Robertson Gypsey Anne Robertson Michael Robertson Cora Roope Arlin Rose Lynn Rowland Wilma St. Clair Ronnie Scott De Witt Shank Joy Sexton Helen Sexton Dale Shealy Patsy Shelburne Ardena Shelor Nina Shelor Robert Simmers Jack Smith Gearldine Smith Sherrill Smith Robert Snyder Nancy Sprinkle Linda Stearnes Patty Stinson Colleen Strouth Carolyn Stump Elizabeth Stump Charlie Suiter Doris Sylvia Carl Tarpley Gerald Taylor Melvin Taylor Michael Terry David Thomas Joyce Thomas Trudy Thompson Becky Towler Clyde Tremblay Margaret Tyler Marilyn Vest Arlene Wade Zandie Walcott Nancy Walton Russell Watkins Charlotte Watson Anne Weaver Carlton Weaver Murrell Wertz Gail Wheeling Ollie Mae Whee’ing Ronnie Whitesell Paul Wiley David Williams Iris Williams Mary Ed Williams Ray Williams Cynthia Winston Betty Wirt Nancy Worrell Caroline Wright Thomas Wright George Yopp, Jr. Butch Zion Shelby Motley, Joyce Thomas, Barbara Moore, Barbara Mowles, Martha Poage, Ann Reynolds, Margaret Sue Puckett, Sharon Muckenfuss, Frances Minucie, Barbara Poff, and Martha Roach, are planting bulbs in the court. Mrs. Steel, hidden from view, gives instruc¬ tions to her eighth grade gym class before they begin their exercises. Margie Bayse, Mari¬ etta Christley, Beverly Darden, Shirley Atkins, Enda Broughman, and Barbara B rammer get together for a study session on Freshman Hall. Some ninth grade stu¬ dents tune up before band practice. The eighth graders are enjoying their lunch hour. iowfipBii jfcf i, ... v . pT MM - y| P ’j T ■ Front Row, Left to Right: Buddy Perry, Billy Myers, Eddie Zini, Sonny Smith, Kenny Norton, Billy Roberts, Tommy Clemons, Bobby LaGarde, Larry Clark, David Rutherford, Ronnie Ingoe Second Row: ' Head Coach Hal Johnston, Ronnie Henry, Mark Graybill, Jimmy Gresham, High Bainter, Dickie Combs, Johnny Hesmer, Walter Bailey, Frank Wagner, Butch Hurt, Jimmy Carroll, Emory Tarpley, Wayne Waldron, Assistant Coach Walt Crawford Third Row: Fred Hoback, Curtis Bare, Jack Beason, Burks Logan, Ashton Lough, Pete Watts, Milan Christley, Harlan Leonhardt, Paul Henson, Gene Tuttle, Brown Martin, Walter Chapman, Pete McGue, Don Oakes Varsity Football Kenny Norton, Billy Myers, and Jack Beason got the 1955 Wolverines off to a good start as they rambled through the Blacksburg Indians for three touchdowns. Sonny Smith added two extra points for a 20-0 victory. Andrew Lewis needed a strong second half to defeat G. W. of Danville, 13-0. Sonny Smith scored both touchdowns and Jimmy Gresham booted the extra point. In Richmond, the Salemites fell before a highly rated Thomas Jefferson team, 27-6. The game was played in a steady rainfall and was pretty close all the way. Kenny Norton scored the Wolverines only touchdown. Back in Salem again, the Wolverines gained their third victory of the season by stomping William Byrd, 20-0. Walter Chapman, Sonny Smith and Buddy Perry scored in a game that saw many penalties against Salem, including two touchdowns that were called back. Gresham converted twice for Salem. In a loss to our cross town rival, William Fleming, Salem got off to a fast start. Smith scored first but a couple of breaks sent Fleming into the lead. Two long touchdown runs by Smith and a pass from Bailey to Perry were called back by penalties. The final score was 20-13. Salem stepped back into the winning column by beating Lane of Charlottesville, 35-0. Kenny Norton scored twice in the first quarter and Ronnie Henry and Eddie Zini scored by taking alert advantage of Lane misques in the second quarter. Bailey capped a long drive by tossing 15 yard to end Pete McGue, for the last tally. In the big game that everyone was waiting for, Salem captured a 13-0 half time lead, but couldn’t hold it as Jefferson fought out a 20-13 victory. The game was a loss for the Jeffs, though, because they lost their ace quarterback, Walter Howard for the season. Ken Norton tallied A. L.’s two touchdowns. Salem was on the warpath after the Jeff game, and Halifax County was their victim. With Norton and Smith getting two touchdowns each, and Buddy Perry adding another, A. L. romped to a 31-6 victory. The sixth victory of the season for A. L. was gained by defeating E. C. Glass, 14-12. Ken Norton scored on a 15-yard run in the third period, to erase a 6-0 half time lead by the Glassmen. Then in the fourth quarter, Buddy Perry grabbed a Lynchburg pass and raced 60 yards to tally the winning points. Beason’s conversions were the margin of victory. In their last game of the season, the Wolverines overpowered the Covington Cougars, 20-0. Ken Norton broke loose on touchdownr uns of 25 and 38 yards. Ashton Lough plunged 3 yards for another touchdown. Late in the game, after Salem had pushed the Cougars back to their 5-yard line, Norton blocked a punt to give A. L. a safety. Two bad centers and a wide kick were the cause of no conversions. ------ --- - - - ' Captains Milan Christley and Kenny Norton shake hands with the William Byrd captains before the game. A. L. won, 20-0. It surely must have been a tense moment, as players, coaches, mana¬ gers and even “Little Hal ” looked on with awe¬ some expressions. Early in the first quarter, Andrew Lewis’ Kenny Norton drove over for a first score. This lead didn’t last, as Fleming scored a 20-13 victory over the Salem boys. Oakes, Zini, Ho- back, Myers look on. A. L.’s Kenny Norton drives closer to the Wm. Byrd goal line. Leon- hardt executes a block as Clark, Henson, Ho- back and Christley look on. The Salemites scored a 20-0 victory in a game hampered by many pen¬ alties. mm. ' si A. L.’s Sonny Smith returns a Jeff punt into their territory, as Salem rolles up a 13-0 half-time lead. Jefferson then came back to salvage a 20-13 victory. Kenny Norton scores A. L.’s first TD in the second quarter. After driving the length of the field, A. L. took quick advantage of holes in the Jeff defense. “The Four Horse¬ men”, Paul Henson, Harlan Leonhardt, Don Oakes, and Fred Hoback, stand outside the school with Mr. Walter League, manager of the Colonial Theater. These A.L. “ole grads” seemed interested as the Salem boys rolled to a 13-0 half-time lead. They are, Left to Right: Luther Garrett, whose team lost to Jeff, 14-13 in ’52; Skeeter Hesmer and Dickie Bunting, whose team tied the Jeffs in ’46, 0-0; and Gob Garrett, who played on the last team to beat Jefferson. They did it in ’40, 15-6. Excitement ran high during the assembly be¬ fore the Jefferson game and the whole school showed that they were pulling for the Wolve¬ rines. Burks Logan is shown here racing to grab a loose ball on the second- half kickoff. A.L. rolled over the boys from Hali¬ fax County, 31-6. Kenny Norton has just scored a touchdown against Halifax but the big A. L. line blocks him from view. Salem players are Ash Lough (extreme left), Sonny Smith (7), Walter Bailey (3), Harlan Leonhard t (47), Paul Henson (right center), Ronnie Henry (extreme right). First Row, Left to Right: Sonny Gresham, Bobby Baldwin, Bruce Ivropff, Lennie Epperly, Larry Francisco, Coy Cox, Franklin Elliot, Jerry Brown Second Row: Douglas Blount, John Mitchell, Sam Litton, Alwood Williams, Greg Wroniewicz, Charles Thomas, Wayne Blount, Billy Wood, Glenn Thornhill, Reed Garst, Tommy Carroll, Donald Clower Third Row: Coach Ed Harless, G. C. Davis, Don Gilley, Carlyle Kemp, John Taylor, John Tyler, Bob Hunt, Teddy Carroll, Bobby Wirt, Denwood Feazell, Larry Seagle, Dale Saul, Danny Carter, Bobby Grubb. Charles Thomason. Paul Overfelt, Elton Birch, Bobby Boone, A. H. Ager, Jimmy Neal, Glenwood Spradlin, Jimmy Gresham, Neal Churchill, Don Hancock, Paul Henderson, Coach Verner Crush Junior Varsity Football WE Trout ville. 7 Eagle Rock. 7 Fleming. 6 Jefferson Junior Varsity. 6 Covington. 34 Jefferson “ B ” Team. 6 Byrd. 33 Glass. 19 THEY 26 7 0 0 6 12 6 9 Excitement rises as the spectators wait to see who has possession of the ball after a fumble during the Andrew Lewis-Glass game. Larry Francisco breaks through the Glass line, heading for an Andrew Lewis touch¬ down. I 1 f ; I I A Making a basketball formation are, Center: Nancy Donaldson. Front Center : Patty Boone, Mary Linda League, Theda Draper, Linda Kay Hartman, Carol Matthews, Phyllis Batten, Carol Boley, Milly Ross, Sue Hairston, and Susan Hackman. Cheerleaders The Andrew Lewis Cheerleaders are, Left to Right: Carol Boley, Milly Ross, Jo Ann Conklin, Sue Hairston, Susan Hackman, Nancy Donaldson (Head Cheerleader), Patty Boone, Theda Draper, Linda Kay Hartman, Carol Matthews and Phyllis Batten. The Jayvee Cheerleaders, are, Left to Right : Selena Leonhardt, Carol Jean Hurt (Head Cheerleader), Sandra Jones, Dale Shealey, and Betty McDonald. “UNECp. I Mpi The Andrew Lewis Wolverines opened its 1955-56 season in Rocky Mount against Franklin County. Our inexperienced boys pulled out a close 51-45 victory. Another trip, this one to South Boston, gave the Wolverines a lesson in basket¬ ball. Halifax County stamped Salem 71-52, to hand them their first defeat of the season. Richmond was the next destination and the highly rated Springers from Highland Springs beat the Salem boys 52-47. Watts, Henson, Desper and Yost looked good in these first three games. After the holidays, the Wolverines went into an overtime to beat the Alumni, 47-42. Desper and Watts teamed for 21 of A. L.’s points. Looking for their first Group I victory, the Wolverines lost a close 61-52 game to E. C. Glass of Lynchburg. Watts collected 12 points, while Henson and Cregger got 10 each. The Wolverines resorted to a strong second half to whip Wm. Fleming, 65-51. Watts, hitting mainly on hooks, led both teams with 27. In an old city-county fued at Roanoke College Gym, Jefferson defeated Andrew Lewis 55-48. Before a crowd of 1,100 people (over capacity), Viar and Desper kept A. L. in the game with 10 apiece. In Vinton, the Wolverines lost to Wm. Byrd, 55-40. The smaller Salem boys never were very much in the game. Cregger hit for 14 points. G. W. of Danville built up a 37-17 half time lead, and then coasted to a 54-56 win. Cregger and Desper got 12 and 11 points to lead a good A. L. second half. Against Covington, the Wolverines won a close overtime game by 54-51. Desper led the scoring with 19 points, but he had a lot of help from Cregger, Yost, and Watts. Although Blacksburg led at half time, Salem came back to win an easy 75-51 decision over the Indians. Desper tallied 15 points, as the whole team saw much action. To even their season record, the Wolverines had to beat Lynchburg in the College Gym. Accurate shooting and good ball handling gave our boys a hard-earned 41-37 victory. Pete Watts collected 13 points for scoring honors. In another game at Roanoke College, Wm. Byrd outplayed the Wolverines and took a 45-39 victory back to Vinton. Watts looked good with 14 points, but had no help. In the big American Legion Auditorium, Jefferson ' s Magicians ripped the cords with a hot 65 per cent shooting accuracy and rolled to a 68-33 triumph over the Wolverines. Watts canned 12 points, but again had no help from teammates. Pete Watts and Byron Yost led a second-half rally to defeat Wm. Fleming 51-44 in a city-county tussle at Roanoke College Gym. ; Although Fleming was leading 26-23 at half, Watts and Yost dumped in 19 and 10 points to bring the victory. As the Annual goes to press the remaining games have not been completed: Varsity Basketball Front Row: Billy Logan, Jerry Thompson, Larry Desper, Morris Cregger, John Hesmer Middle Row: Paul Henson, Pete Watts, Byron Yost, Arnold Barr, Bill Senter Back Row: Bob Martin, Dewey Likens, John Taylor, David Ames, Kenny Viar, Ashton Lough Left: Managers Donald Peery, Bobby Hannah, Allen Taylor, Billy Garrett February 17—Covington.Covington J February 21—Halifax County.Salem February 24-—George Washington.Danville February 28—Blacksburg..Salem February 29—Franklin County.Salem M £1 ' fv V J HfiM i -A’, Peter Watts (40), Paul Henson (54), Arnold Barr (30), andBob Martin (51), go after a rebound during the Alumni game. Kenny Viar tries a difficult shot as Glenn Parr, alumnus, defends John Cannaday, alumnus (9), and Paul Henson (54) prepares for the rebound. Ashton Lough dumps in two more points, as Kenny Viar gapes. The defending Jefferson players are, I. to r.: Charles Saul, Ray Sink, and Jim Dean. mM Excitement runs high as Kenny Viar tries to even the score during the A.L. vs. Jefferson game. ' . mk r t ! V jjjm JL 4 t) A m IEP|glp- j .’SOT ' - -- J _Jr j % mm ■ A 5 1 yT lmmi? t A Date ecember December January January January January January January January January ' Row: Coach Crush, Charles Gunter, Larry Poff, Jimmy Lough, Charles Dean Row: Doug Marechal, Lennie Epperly, Bob Hunt, Tommy Smothers : Joe Gillock, John Fleming, Ronnie Henry, Roy Snyder less’s resignation, Mr. Crush is our Varsity and Junior Varsity Coach. Junior Varsity Basketball ANDREW LEWIS JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE Team 6—Franklin County. 9—Halifax County. 3—Lee Junior High School. 6—E. C. Glass. 10—William Fleming. 13—Jefferson. 16—William Byrd. 20—George Washington. 27—Covington. 31—Blacksburg. Date Team February 3—E. C. Glass. February 7—William Byrd. February 10—Jefferson. February 14—William Fleming. . . February 17—Covington. February 21—Halifax County. . . . February 24—George Washington February 28—Blacksburg. February 29—Franklin County. . . John Fleming (52) drives in for a lay up against Lee Junior High as Doug Marechal (43) gets set for a possible rebound. The Bab l Wolverines won their second game in three starts, with a 42-26 victory. Lennie Epperly (53) adds to the Wolverines’ margin of victory over Lee, with a short jump shot. Roy Snyder (hidden behind Lee ' s No. 5) watches the action closely. Roy Snyder (51) tries a jump shot from the corner in hopes of adding two more points to our score during the Jefferson game. First Row: David Ovenshim, Martin Graybill, Jimmy Gresham, Larry Seagle, Ronnie Saul, Conrad Dillpn Second R w: Don Oakes, Kenny Norton, Curtis Bare, Elton Birch, Alvin Hall Thirds Roid r Glen Thopihill, Phillip Tillman, Charles Thomas, Tommy Carroll, Greg Wroniewicz Fourth Roty: John Paul Moclre, Van Hoback, Fred Hoback, Peyton Grogan, Teddy Garman v, V J G ' Wresiling January 6—Jefferson February 4—Blacksburg ' January 13—Fleming February 25—Jefferson January 28—Dandle March 2—Fleming The Wrestling Team gets in shape for their wrestling matches by practicing a combination of different pinning holds, the cradle, the half-nelson, the figure four, scissors and the crucifix. Barbara Jackson directs Thelma Meador, Mary Ellen Varney, Georgianna Hudnall, Garnet Helvey, Kay Stanley, Jeanette Avery, Margie Alls, and Ruth Cruff in square dancing. Jane Ellen Bell officiates at a hockey game; Sue Hariston, Betty Wood, Ellen Spangler, and Alice Wool wine are playing. Squad members Barbara Graybeal, Judy Chander, Betty Caldwell, and Barbara Belcher prepare for gym class. Betty Bartlett and Ann Jude are rivals in a game of shuffleboard. W Beverly Darden, Sonia Han¬ cock, Rita Wygal, Cecelia Waldron, Elaine Rieley, and Edrie Speed engage in a fast game of soccer; Jo Ann Conklin officiates. Barbara Graybeal, Sandra Hodges, Carol Kingery, and Marietta Christley are selecting racquets for a game of bad¬ minton. Joan Overton and Shirley Atkins are enjoying a game of croquet. Mrs. Ayers waits to see which side will gain possession of the ball. S s « tta. crop Qjf JV..T .. ..!. AVrf Row: Hugh Bainter, Sonny Smith, Don Oakes, Wayne Waldron, Kenneth Norton, Fred Ho ' back, Milan Christley, Emory Bogle, Francis Wagner. Second Row: Ashton Lough, Bernard Lemon, Bill McGannon, Danny Minnix, Jimmy Dill, Glenn Thornhill, Duward Starkey, Danny Wertz. Third Row: Walter Largen, Eddie Nester, Buddy Peery, Eddie Zini, Bobby Dennis, Ronnie Henry, Burks Logan, Walter Clay Chapman, Tommie Clemons. Fourth Row: Kenny Viar, Paul Bayse, Larry Clark, Larry Sutphin, Kenneth McNeil, Aubrey Loyd, Bobby LaGarde. T rack March 23.Radford April 13.Fleming April 28.City-County Meet May 4.Jefferson May 18-19.State Meet Coach Herbert M. Copenhaver Ronnie Henry tied for first place at the track meet pole vaulting eleven feet. Heading for home after participating in the indoor track meet at V. M. I. are, First Row: Bobby LaGarde, Burks Logan, Eddie Zini. Second Row: Ronnie Henry, Emory Bogle, Coach Copenhaver, Eddie Nester, and Buddy Peery. Our boys made a good showing here. Outdoor Pep Rally For the first time in the history of Andrew Lewis, the entire student body met to¬ gether at Municipal Field for the annual pep assembly before the Jefferson game. Spirits were high as the students opened the assembly by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner”. The majorrettes, Marie Harter, Priscilla Duke, Rowena Holliday, Nancee Bowling, and Anne Arthur stand at attention as the assembly comes to a close Colonial Theater Pep Rally I The majorettes do the Charleston; the cheer¬ leaders keep time, while members of the band Students fill every seat in the theater as beat out’ “Brass Band Boogie”. the pep rally begins. Mrs. Stricklcr’s Public Speaking Class presenting an original Halloween play en¬ titled, “A Convict Never Rings Twice”. Left to Right: David Ames, Jimmy Carroll and Milan Christley. A Scotsman of the Mac¬ Gregor Clan entertains the students in a Southeastern Assembly. The combined choirs under the direction of Mrs. Nelle Peery, give a program of Christmas music following the presentation of our gifts to the Christmas Basket Bureau. Pat Darden is the “Terror of Highway 101 ” as he emcees the Senior Assembly. The faculty always seems to enjoy the picnic. Mrs. Robbins, secretary, Mrs. Robert¬ son, Mrs. Garner, Mrs. Pedigo, Mrs. Shockey, Miss Miller, and Miss McConkey fill their plates while other teach¬ ers wait their turn. Latin Club Picnic The Latin Club Pic¬ nic, held for members and the faculty, is a main event in the first month of school. Carolyn Greiner, Peggy Smiley, Carol Matthews, Cynthia Butts, Betty Wood, Shelby Palmer, Rowena Holliday, Miss Cook and Lucy Russell dig in while Buddy Williams, Marie Harter, Wesley Patter¬ son, Connie Crosswhite, Skeeter Bailey, Iris Gieser wait in line at the picnic given for the faculty. Aren’t we having a good time at the Sweetheart Dance, an annual affair sponsored by the Senior Y-Teens? Connie Crosswhite, Pat Crowder, Carolyn Barnett, Peggy Blevins and their dates dance near the heart through which the figure was formed. As the Sweetheart Dance draws to a close, Bill Hawthorne and his orchestra play the sentimental “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” The members of the Home-Comi ng Court are Gayle Morris, queen; Sonny Smith, king; Phyllis Batten, maid of honor. Second Row: Carolyn Greiner, Nancee Bowling, Marie Harter, Joan Caldwell. First Row: Mary Linda League, Faye Garst, Rowena Holliday, Carol Matthews, Theda Draper and Patty Boone i Homecoming I One of the highlights of the Home-Coming Talent Show was the pantomime of Highway 101 by Ronnie Ingoe, Jerry Thompson, Butch Hurt and Bill Senter. Patsy Shelburn gives her rendition of “Just A Plain Old Country Boy” at the Home-Coming Talent Show. The “Off-Beats” liven up the talent show with “Brass Band Boogie.” Members of the group in¬ clude: (EddieEade Bruce Owens, Joe Moses, Konme Gibson, Harry Campbell, William Mussleman and Jimmy Edwards. Queen Phyllis Batten, Maid of Honor Carol Matthews, Mary Linda League, Jerry Reavis, Marie Harter, Nancee Bowling, Faye Garst, Jo Ann Conklin, Carol Boley, Janet Lde, Nancy Ellen McManaway, Patty Boone, Sue Hairston, and Rockla Thompson May Court of 1956 Those (and their projects) participating in the Science Fair were: First Row: Bill Senter, Bomb Shelter; Susan Grant, The Home as a Hospital; Duward Starkey, Proof of the Pythag¬ orean Theorem; Bruce Wright, Farming Through the Ages; Greg Wroniewicz, . RemovaLof Rings. Second Row: Bill Veasey, Astronomical Photography; Ralph Thomas, Action of Air on Airfoils; Emory Tarpley, Tele¬ vision—From the Camera to the Home; Lewis Bowling, Parasites of Poultry; Ashton Rudd, Original Design for Microwave Diathermometer; Tommy Weaver, Human Regulating Mecha¬ nisms. Third Row: Beth Collins, Dermatites Caused by Chemicals; Beth Poole, Tropisms; Jeanne Ballator, Research on Candles; Diana Becker, Bees, the In¬ dispensable Insects; Tommy Clemons, The Atom; Pete McGue, Solar Power; Paul Bayse, Space Travel; Randy Peters, Chemical Warfare. Sixteen of these may qualify as ex¬ hibitors in the Western Virginia Science Fair. The top boy and girl from there may enter in the National Science Fair in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Eighth and ninth grade entrants were: i First Row: Marvin Louis Simmons, De¬ velopment of Wheel; John Paul Moore, Why an Airplane Flies; Richard Young, Four Stages of Coal; David Kennamer, Making Objects Pliable; Jimmy Dill, Light Beam Transmission. Second Row: Richard John, AC and DC Current; Gilbert Knapp, Lightning; Tom Henson, Electric Motor; Steven Greene, Insects. Third Row: Carolyn Stump, Fabrics and How They are Made; Suzanne Bonine, The Structure of the Atom; Muriel Ferguson, Our Small System; Connie Moulse, Volcanoes; Carolyn Bill, The Effect of Fertilizer on Seeds; Janet Branum, Plants; Lula Downey, Evo¬ lution of the Horse; Nada Ballator, The Balanced Aquarium. ANDREW LEWIS Glenn Baker (President) and Teddy Garman are the Andrew Lewis F. F. A. winners of the one hundred bushel corn contest. They grew 105.6 bushels per acre. iS, jm. tll$ , ' ' Ift- ‘vit .J i 1 • £ ■■■ ■ ■ fC |l FI 1 Jpa M II m y 1 v " x. m .V • Student Council Seated: Ed Butts, Jerry Reavis, Milly Ross, Sue Hairston, Sandra Harvey, Buddy Poole, Marie Harter, Lucy Russell, John Moore, Billy Manning Standing: Kenneth Norton, Jerry Thompson, Paul Henson, Carol Matthews (President), Richard Young, Douglas Blount Class Council Standing, Back Row: Douglas Vaughan, Pat Darden, Ronnie Ingoe, Dickie Dickson Standing, Front Row: Arlene Conrad, Nancy Rhudy, Wanda Garst, Anne Arthur, Theda Draper, Bobby Allen, Julia Thomas, Nancy Keys, Mary Trussel, Dot Fretz, Don Clower, Selena Leonhardt, Janette Hampton, Dale Shealy, Rebecca Powell, Sammy Litton Seated at First Table, Left to Right: Robert Dyer, Russell Watkins, Alex McNeil, Nancy Sprinkle, David Bayse, Vickie Owen, Barbara Cannon, Sonny Tarpley Seated at Second Table, Left to Right: David Gibson, Carolyn Powell, Muriel Ferguson, Betty McDonald, Maslin Whitescarver, David Dickerson, Barbara Jackson, Janie Saunders Miss Wright (Sponsor), explains card indexing to Library Club members, Lavenna Altizer (Vice President), Peggy Lovern, Nancy Rhudy, Susan Grant, Patricia Rose, Dabney Depkin, Ellen DuVal, Margaret Lamb (Presi¬ dent), Nancy Caudill (Secretary), David Gibson, Douglas Willey, Richard Young, Jo Ann Schwallenberg, Molly Lenaeus, Betty McDonald, and Benny Flora (Treasurer). Mrs. Easter, Mrs. Chick, Mrs. Shannon, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Blake, Mr. Clem, Mr. Broadwater, Mrs. Spessard, Mrs. Robbins, Miss Cook, Miss Lawrence, and Mrs. Ames are enjoying the tea given the faculty by the Library Club. The tea is celebrating Book Week. Members of the Library Club work during their study hall in t he library. Here we see Lester Starnes, Nancy Rhudy, Margaret Lamb, and Nancy Caudill helping to keep the library in order. Senior Choir First Row: Connie Garbett, Libby Winslow, Mary Ruth Suiter, Barbara Poff, Doris McBride, Patsy Boone, Rosalie Mowles. Second Row: Carolyn Crosswhite, Carolyn Barnett, Joyce Jones, Rockla Thompson, Martha Hash, Pat Harris, Geraldine Byer, Lucy Russell, Page Clarke, Mrs. Peery Third Row: John Hurt, Lloyd Case, Frank Carroll, Douglas Vaughan, Dickie Cornett, Emory Bogle, David Ames 1 Junior Choir First Row: Barbara Oyler, Judy Stump, Martha Tarter, Catherine Foster, Nancy Whitlow. Second Row: Cecilia Price, Nancy McManaway, Phyllis Lan¬ caster, Betty Lou Shannon, Jackie Wisely, Mary Louise Trussell, Joyce Beahm, Eleanor Spangler, Diana Thomason, Mrs. Peery. Third Row: Judy Keith, Charlotte Lilly, Carol Sue Poff, Joan Over- ton, Martha Anne Ed¬ wards, Montrann Beard, Barbara Taylor, Harriette Harris. Fourth Row: Donald Kelly, Paul Davis, Paul Haynes, Clyde Eyler, Bobby Hannah, Jimmy Neal, David Barnhart P ftz - wj I fij jf 1 M ml I f ' [ MB 1 I r fjkjA Senior Choir First Row: Carolyn Griener, Barbara Carroll, Theda Draper, Sue Stanley, Betty Murphy, Faye Hensley, Ella Jean Wright Second Row: Peggy Smiley, Cynthia Butts, Joyce Phlegar, Elaine Gardner, Kimmie McCurdy, Connie Crosswhite, Levenna Altizer, Janet Lile Third Row: Milan Christley, Buddy Poole, Byron Yost, Burks Logan, Douglas Vaughan, Charles Young, Jimmy Gresham Every year on the last day before the Christmas holi¬ days, the Choir looks for¬ ward to caroling through the halls. ■ )ii The Rev. Thomas L. Reece, pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, was the speaker at one of the meetings of the Student Christian Association. Row: Betty Howard, Shirley Gusler, Barbara Bailey, Faye Bohon, Lawrence Keith, Linda Garber, Sadie Crowder, Janice Eller, Billie Mae Fedney, Danny Minnix (Second Vice President), Peter Watts (First Vice President), Martha Ann Edwards (Presi¬ dent). Second Row: Nancy Worrell, Maurice Early, De Witt Shank, Ervin Frith, David Eakin, Larry Keyee, Bobby Lieb, Alfred Eilers, Walter Ferguson, Bobby Dyer, Gilbert Knapp, Donald Terry, Perry Caligan. Third Row: Janet Branum, Diane Bailey, Ramona Kunze, Arlene Bohon, Connie Booker, Millie Ball, Eglerma Foster, Betty Bartlett, Jean Eunson, Jane Craft, Charles Fields, Harold E llis, Diana Crotts, Sheila Goodman. Fourth Row: Barbara Beckner, Norma Routt, Jeanette Spradlin, Carol Kingrey, Barbara Blankenship, Littie Mae Oakes, Lila Garman, Carolyn Cabiness; Janice Gunter; Joan Garman, Gave Hurt, Ellen Duval, Lynn Eastwood, Lucy Fisher, Mary B. Robertson. Fifth Row: Barbara Jackson, Nancy Sue Peery, Shirley Atkins, Janice Spangler, Caroline Grisso, Mildred Garman, Nina Shelor, Barbara Paulus, Edith Saul, Faye Robertson, Wanda Thompson, Dorothy Furrow, Gwen Wells, Nancy Wells. Sixth Row: Fay Boone, Elaine Rieley, Thelma Meador, Nita Howery, Priscilla Clinevell, Sharon Muckenfull, Jane Maior, Wilma St. Clair, Rosemary Hamilton; Gail Mutter, Carolyn Akers, Joyce Guthrie, Jacqueline Jeffries, Mozelle Flinchum, Nancy Eakin. Seventh Row: Martha Cuskman, Margaret Brown, Eleanor Spangler, Whitney Walton, Janie Poole, Nell McCluer, Joanne Angell, LaVerne Argabright, Sharon Martin, Dale Shealy, Cecilia Minnix, Helen Mottley, Corinna Sheppard. Eighth Row: Janice Polster, Edrie Speed, Betty Arrington, Carol Snead, Peggy Young, Kay Jones, Lucy Goodman, Shelbie Hale, Dorothy Glass, Patsy Hodge, Mary Elliott, Sylvia Bronson, Joan Overton, Betty Murphy, Hallie Meador, Caroline Wright, Judith Woodyard - ' (CLl 6 1 ' J ' ZK t Student Christian Association First Row: Lowell Barnard (Secretary), Alice Ulrey (Treasurer), Charie Bailey, Annie Foley, Patricia Brumfield, Elaine Bayne, Doris Brumfield, Alice Altice, Jane Ayers, Helen Sexton. Second Row: Marie Angell, Geraldine Byer, Judy Lipes, Patsy Lemon, Martha Lee, Billie Sue Young, Betty Underwood, Patsy Walker, Margie Bayse, Ruby Reese. Third Row: Jane Grant, Caroline Gray, Peggy Jobe, Carolyn Stump, Ruth Cruff, Joan Newman, Vivianne Proffitt, Jerry Brickey, Barbara Ruble, Carolyn Slough. Fourth Row: Angela Garrett, Sandra Harvey, Cindy Sue Hill, Curtis Duncan, Jr., Dallas Brunk, Richard Conner, Pat Tate, Dea Underwood, James Webb, Clifford Gallion. Fifth Row: Wayne Dulaney, Wayne Sarver, David Dickerson, James Foley, Bobby Wirt, John Paul Moore, Ed Butts, Billy Crouch, Ronnie Clinevell, Teeny Murray, Mary Diane Cowherd. Sixth Row: Betty Ulrey, Wilma Reese, Pat Henry, Pat Howery, Connie Yates, Margaret Taylor, Judy Brown, Shelby Motley, Sheila Norvell, Brenda Harrison, Virginia Nunley, Becky Powell. Seventh Row: Marvin Louis Simmons, Sue Spraker, Joyce Routt, Rose Wirt, Betty Carroll, Nancy Caudill, Barbara Poff, Betty Stone, Nancy Murphy, Harriet Lewis, Betty Ann Cimburke, Jo Ann Brown. Eighth Row: Norma Saul, Judy Saul, Jimmy Gresham, Robert Rolley, Paul Haynes, Bobby Hannah, Judy Chandler, Betty Crouse, Ellen Cox, Hilda Clark, Wanda Johnson, Patricia Sexton. S. C. A. Choir First Row: Betty Murphy, Annie Fowley, Charie Bailey, Alice Ulrey. Sec¬ ond Row: Sandra Wygal, Shirley Shupe, Hallie Meador, Pat Alderman. Third Row: Nancy Peery, Mary Elliot, Ellen Duval, Nancy Worrell. Fourth Row: Arlene Conard, Polly Gearheart, Nancy Murphy, Nancy Sprinkle. Fifth Row: Irvin Stevenson, Paul Haynes, Bobby Han¬ nah, Russell Gwaltney, Alfred Eilers First Row: Nancy Keyes (Secretary), Nancy McManaway (Vice President), Jimmy Edwards (President). Second Row: Mary Linda League, Phyllis Batten, Carol Matthews, Linda Hartman, Theda Draper, Patty Boone. Third Row: Betty Wood, Cathy Foster, Signe Young, Connie Edwards, Ruth Cruff, Peggy Blevins, Gayle Morris, Dabney Depkin, Whitney Walton, Lynn Rowland, Ginger Mattem. Fourth Row: Sue Stanley, Mary Willis, Pat DeHart, Jeanne Ballator, Carolyn Rakes, Phyllis Turpin, Charlotte Watson, Francine League, Betty M cDonald, Elaine Riley, Martha Mattern, Joyce Thomas. Fifth Row: Charles Young, Joe Gibson, Pat Poindexter, Carolyn Powell, Ginna Chapman, Lucy Russell, Maslin Whitescarver, Jackie Wiseley, Martha Poage, Alice Lee, Sandra Jones, Ann Nimmo. Sixth Row: Nicky Goodman, Danny Minnix, Martha Russo, Sue Vest, Jo Ann Schwallen- berg, Mary Trussel, Gypsy Roberton, Vickie Owens, Elizabeth McClung, Dale Shealy. Seventh Row: Cecelia Price, Mary Bishop, Faye Hensley, Connie Garbett, Betty Mattern, Phyllis Moses, Sandra Mounts, Dillie Marie Price Decorating the goal posts for a big game are, Kneeling: Ginna Chapman, Barbara Cooper. Standing: Carolyn Bell, Betty Jo Caldwell, Connie Edwards, Nicky Goodman, Billy Garrett, Huntley Houck, Danny Minnix. On Ladder: Richard Stroupe, Jimmy Edwards. 4; First Row, Left to Right: Richard Stroupe, Shirley Mills, Jeanie Morris. Second Row: Nancy Donaldson, Susan Hack- man, S ie Hairston, Jo Ann Conklin, Millie Ross, Carol Boley. Third Row: Barbara Cooper, Marietta Christley, Judy Lipes, Trudy Wimmer, Judy Kilby, Patsy Lemon, Doris Price, Frances Turman, Alice Altice, Judy Jamison, Selena Leonhardt, Anita Sny¬ der. Fourth Row: Sandra Harvey, Patty Stinson, Joan Dickens, Liz Deichmann, Betty Lou Shannon Char¬ lotte Lilley, Molly Lenaeus, Elaine Rieley, Edrie Speed, Carolyn Bell, Margie Bayse, Sandra Wygal. Fifth Row: Carol Sue St. Clair, Judy Keith, Phyllis Young, Janet Lile, Shirley Franklin, Betty Caldwell, Sandra Ad¬ kins, Huntley Houck, Bill Garrett, Martha Hash, Betty Basham, Clara Minucie. Sixth Row: Angela Garrett, Linda Pernell, Peggy Blankenbeckler, Sue Arthur, Jerry Brickey, Cynthia Winston, Carolyn Chapman, Diana Crotts, Janie Saunders, Muriel Fergu¬ son, Carol Jean Hunt, An n Hinson. Seventh Row: Cindy Sue Hill, Lula Downey, Mary Ed Williams, Ann Weaver, Anne Reynolds, Jeannie Morri¬ son, Dot Fretz, Donna Ferguson, Julie Thomas, Buddy Williams. Nancy Keyes (Secretary), Jimmy Edwards (President), Miss Hood (Spon¬ sor), Nancy Ellen McManaway (Vice President) and Shirley Mills (Treas¬ urer) are planning the Pep Club activities. Club Latin Club PROVINCIALS Sara Ahalt, Anne Arthur, Hugh Bainter, Jeanne Ballator, Arnold Barr, Nancee Bowling, Joan Caldwell, Tommie Clemons, Beth Collins, Richard Cornett, Connie Crosswhite, Theda Draper, Louise Eakin, Jimmy Edwards, joe Gibson, Iris Gieser, Carolyn Greiner, Sue Hairston, Harriette Harris, Marie Harter, Fred Hoback, Butch Hurt, Regina Jobe, Joyce Jones, Bobby LaGarde, Burks Logan, Betty Mattern, Kimmie McCurdy, Pete McGue, Gayle Morris, Randolph Peters, Buddy Poole, Donald Shorter, Shelby Smith, Martha Tarter, Marion Thomason, Douglas Vaughan, Elizabeth Winslow, Jacqueline Wisley. PATRICIANS H. T. Aldhizer, Bobby Allen, Judy Arrington, Lizzie Ballard, Montrann Beard, Carol Boley, Cynthia Butts, Ginnia Chapman, Dick Chappell, Jack Chappell, Page Clarke, Tommy Coffman, May Cramer, Jimmy Cromer, Allen Cross, Carolyn Crosswhite, Liz Deichmann, Charlotte Fulton, Imogene Gallion, Elaine Gardner, Ruby Garman, Norma Garst, David Gibson, Glynn Greer, Susan Hackman, Cynthia Haislip, Warren Hankins, Martha Hash, Kay Henderson, Faye Hensley, Paul Henson, Rowena Holliday, Judy Jamison, Kate Kegley, Joan King, Mary Linda League, Billy Logan, Ashton Lough, Carol Matthews, Doris McBride, Shelby Palmer, Jack Pannell, Beth Poole, Norman Potts, Cecilia Price, Jerry Reavis, Fred Repass, Jim Repass, William Roberts, Milly Ross, Lucy Russell, Martha Russo, Betty Lou Shannon, Betty Smallwood, Peggy Smiley, Duward Starkey, Eugene Stemple, Richard Stroupe, Barbara Taylor, Betty Thomas, Julie Thomas, Jerry Thompson, Richard Vaughn, Buddy Williams, Allan Wimmer, Betty Wood, Jean Wright, Byron Yost, Charles Young. PLEBEIANS Sandra Adkins, Gordon Bailey, Auburn Black, Josephine Blankenship, Peggy Blevins, John Blount, Warren Boothe, Betty Caldwell, Sandra Campbell, Barbara Cannon, Tommy Carroll, Billy Cates, Carolyn Chapman, Marietta Christley, Janice Clinedinst, Don Clower, Morris Cregger, Charles Cromer, Beth Crosswhite, Beverly Darden, Becky Dawson, Betsy Dawson, Dabney Depkin, Ira Deyerle, Joan Dickens, Conrad Dillon, Judy Dyer, Eddie Eades, Frank Elliott, Sue Ferguson, Carl Flora, Catherine Foster, Riley Fralin, Larry Francisco, Barry Goodwin, Bruce Griffith, Joyce Guilliams, Lynwood Guthrie, Richard Hardison, Linda Kay Hartman, June Herrin, Huntley Houck, Donald Kelly, Francine League, Nancy Leedy, Molly Lenaeus, Selena Leonhardt, Barbara Light, Charlotte Lilley, Sammy Litton, Billy Manning, Ernest Matthews, Butch May, Herbert McBride, Betty McDonald, Shirley Mills, Nancy Moran, Phyllis Moses, Jimmy Neal, Mabel Newton, Gary Poff, Larry Poff, Pat Poindexter, Mike Porter, Carolyn Powell, Marie Price, Linda Pugh, Sandra Quick, Linda Rader, Wayne Rettinger, Nancy Richardson, Rosemarie Richardson, Mary Robertson, Ashton Rudd, Jo Ann Schwallenberg, John Sexton, Martha Sherrard, Gaynelle Simpson, Tommy Smothers, Carole Sue St. Clair, Lester Starnes, Rose Mae Stover, Glenn Thorn¬ hill, Phillip Tillman, Mac Trent, Mary Trussed, Glen Tyler, Steve Tyler, Don Vemey, Theresa Verna, Sue Vest, Bill Wein¬ berg, Maslin Whitescarver, Cameron Wiley, Shirley Williams, Carolyn Wilson, Trudy Wimmer, Lane Wright, Greg Wronie- wicz, Signe Young. A11 Plebeians are members of the Junior Classical League. These are the members of the Junior Classical League. f Provincial Governor Fred Hoback, is reminding the provincials of the club activities. First Row: Buddy Poole, Douglas Vaughan, Miss Cook, Anne Arthur, Nancee Bowling, Joan Caldwell, Bobby LaGarde Second Row: Randy Peters, Pete McGue, Tommy Clemons, Jimmy Edwards, Walter Chapman, Donald Shorter, Dickie Cornett Third Row: Kimmie McCurdy, Iris Geiser, Connie Crosswhite, Sarah Ahalt, Regina Jobe, Harriet Harri s, Johnny Hesmer Fourth Row: Carolyn Grein, Marie Harter, Jackie Wisely, Gale Morris, Phyllis Batten, Theda Draper, Hugh Bainter, Joyce Jones Fifth Row: Libby Winslow, Jeanne Ballator, Beth Collins, Diane Thompson, Martha Claire Tarter, Betty Mattern, Shelby Smith, Louis Eakin ■ 0-zrcils A Miss Cook’s third and fourth year students present a play, “Tragula”, for one of the Club programs. It is a colorful imitation of “Dragnet” as seen in the Roman period. First Row: Lucy Russell, Faye Hensley, Doris McBride, Lizzie Ballard, Mary Linda League, Page Clark, Bruce Hill Second Row: Faye Garst, Cynthia Butts, Barbara Taylor, Kate Kegley, Shelby Palmer, Carol Matthews, Paul Henson, Susan Hackman, Rowena Holliday, Peggy Smiley The Latin Club officers meet with Miss Cook to discuss plans for the Christmas Caroling Party, an annual event. Left to Right: Lucy Russell (Aedile), Jerry Thompson (Quaestor), Carolyn Powell (Plebian Consul), Rowena Holliday (Patrician Consul), Fred Hoback (Provincial Governor), Carolyn Greiner (Censor), Paul Henson (Pontifex Maximus), Mary Linda League (Tribune), Pat Poin¬ dexter (Praetor), Miss Cook (Spon¬ sor) Andrew Lewis debaters are: Betty Mattern, Wanda Garst, Dewey Lemons and Fred Repass. Mrs. Forest Smith does the coaching. National Forensic League Left Row: Beth Poole, Martha Edwards, Clinton Flowers, Barbara Patterson, Jimmy Carroll. Right Row: Ervin Stevenson, Betty Mae Wertz, Joyce West, Joe Faries, Jimmy Fulton. Standing: Waynetta Weeks and Mickey Robertson are working for N. F. L. membership. Members of the National Forensic League are, Left to Right: Wanda Garst, Clara Lewis, Anita Snyder, Joyce Jones, Mrs. Strickler (Co- Sponsor), Milan Christley, Mrs. Smith (Co-Sponsor), Beth Poole and Theda Draper. First Row: Theda Draper, Milan Christley, Shelby Smith Second Row: Charles Hofer, Marie Harter, Wanda Garst Third Row: Paul Bayse, Clara Lewis Fourth Row: Jimmy Jones, Libby Winslow Standing: Anita Snyder and Rockla Thompson, are receiving instruc¬ tions on speeches from Mrs. Strickler. F. B. L. A. The Future Business Leaders of America was organized just one year ago. Its activities and members have greatly increased. The club endeavors to train its members to better under¬ stand the business world. The Club Members are, First Row: Mary Lou Brown, Judith Morgan, Barbara Boles, Barbara Tur¬ man, Shirley Ellis, Joan Bhules, Dot Fretz, Doris Price. Second Row: Sonja Bateman, Marie Baumgardner, Sue Reed, Sue Ann Minnix, Jo Anne Aliff, Betty Helms. Third Row: Alice Grubb, Peggy Hensley, Waynetta Weeks, Marjorie Marsinko, Nelda Bohon, Betty Blankenship. Fourth Row: Marlene Ellis, Betty Hartman, Shirley Frantz, Barbara Frye, Mrs. Meador, Miss Proffitt. The officers are: Pat Harris (His¬ torian), Geraldine Conner (Reporter), Nancy Donaldson (Recording Secre¬ tary), Norma Jamison (Treasurer), Betty Lancaster (President), Ann Brown (Corresponding Secretary), Pat Crowder (Vice President) and Patricia Pritchett (Parliamentarian). Group leaders are: Ruth Thompson Becky Woolwine, Patty Boone, Betty Switzer, Peggy Pugh, and Corrine Walters. Band First Row: Mr. Christensen (Director), Nancy Campbell (Color Guard), Anne Arthur, Nancee Bowling, Rowena Holliday (Head Majorette), Priscilla Duke, Marie Harter, Shelby Smith (Color Guard) Second Row: Waynetta Weeks, Carolyn Akers, Robert Staton, Eddie Eades, Harriette Harris, Butch Campbell, Sue Ann Minnix, Betty Reynolds. Bobbie Belcher, Patricia Manor, June Herrin, Judy Bower, Alexander Rudy, Richard Hardison, Ann Peters Third Row: Lynn Moran, Jimmy Dill, Judy Dodd, Arlene Conrad. Polly Gearheart, Sherril Smith, Wayne Layman, Barry Goodwin, Gail Mutter, Betsy Deyerle, Betty Coffman, Mable Newton, Eugene Stemple Fourth Row: C. W. Crower, Steve Easy, Mike Stover, Steve Greene, Coleen Brooks, Martha Sherrard, Judith Morgan, Wesley Hartman, Becky Anderson, Kenneth Copenhaver, Jimmy Lowe, Roy Stanford, Buddy Williams Fifth Row: Larry Poff, Becky Howard, Conrad Dillon, Bruce Owen. Bill McGannon, Sue Reed, Nancy Richardson, Frankie De Wolfee, Joan Caldwell, Don Hancock, Huntley Houck, Bobby Holliday, Sonny Tarpley, Danny Minnix, Jimmy Edwards Sixth Row: Ronald Wilkes, Billy Thomas, Richard Argabright, Wayne Dillard, Michael Terry, Billy Richardson, James Holtman, Jesse Clowers, Tommy Coffman Seventh Row: Joe Moses, Ronnie Gibson, Harry Campbell, George Lemon, Philip Tellman, Joe Cabiness Eighth Row: Billy Emory ' , Glen Tyler, Walter Minter, William Mussleman, Bobby Rolley PHI 1BB81 Beta Club Talking about and planning the year’s activities are: Peggy Smiley, Hugh Bainter (Treas¬ urer), Rowena Holliday (Vice President), Doris McBride, Mrs. Waters (Sponsor), Wanda Garst (President), Paul Henson, Marie Harter, Peggy Blevins (Correspond¬ ing Secretary), Lucy Russell (Recording Secretary), and Susan Hackman. Working on the Beta Club Scrap Book, a new project, are: Phyllis Batten, Carol Matthews, Yvonne Hailey, Liz Ballard, Norma Jamison, Betty Mattern, Sarah Ahalt, Drew Barden, Larry Clark, Billy Cecil, Sue Hairston, Judy Arrington, Carol Boley, Nadine Campbell, and Ann Brown. The Beta Club along with the Bi-Phy-Chem Club spon¬ sored the Touchdown Hop after the Byrd game. Helping decorate are, Standing: Joe Gibson, Billy Roberts, Bill Senter, Ronnie Ingoe, Dorothy Furrow, Carolyn Greiner, Shirley Brumfield, Edward St. Clair, Nancy Rhudy, Luther Bush, Charles Jen¬ nings, Bruce Hill, Douglas Vaughan, and Jimmy Gore. Seated: Faye Hensley, Pat Harris, Nancy Caudill, Betty Sue Dudding, Glenn Greer, Faye Garst, Jerry Thompson and Cynthia Butts. iSli | ft cap mem , i f JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUB] Douglas Dowdy, Huntley Houck, Jerry Bush, Charles Reese, Carlton Weaver, Randolph Powers, Tommy Sink, Dickie Goodwin, Douglas Prillman, Richard Obenshain, Sydney Orin Reynolds, Jr., Ronnie Clinwell, Marvin Lee Grubb, Richard Comer, Alex McNeil, Don Varney, Larry Keyes, Franklin Marshall, Jimmy Cecil, William Metzler, Billy Crouch, Sammy Doyle, Richard Young, Billy Emory, Clyde Gillispie, Staley Hester, Darnell Bruffy, Dwin Banner, DeWitt Shank, David Dickerson, James Foley, Tom Henson, Eliz Stump, Mary Diane Cowherd, Shelbie Motley, Lula Downey, Betsy Deyerle, Nancy Worrell, Charlotte Watson, Caroline Wright, Carol Jean Hurt, Carolyn Chapman, Jackie Willey, Muriel Ferguson, Ellen Duval, Allan Blankenbaker, Elton Birch, Bob Hunt, Cammie Wiley, Edmund Byrd, Wilber Byer, Ed Butts, Sherrill Smith, Donald Powell, Susie Bonine, Carolyn Bell, Cindy Hill, William Galbraith, Sonny Gresham, Alfred Eilers, Howard Butts, Carolyn Rakes, Richard Hardison, Steven Greene, Ned Hayes, Barry Good¬ win, Mary Jane Murphy, Connie Moulse, John Moore, Conrad Dillon, Van Hoback, Peyton Grogan, Phillip Tillman, Janie Saunders, Sandra Harvey, Angela Garrett, Joyce Minnix, Gaye Hurt, Cecilia Minnix, Linda Pernell, Martha Poage, Florence Robertson. Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club Tommie Clemons, Susan Hackman, Jeanne Ballator, Dickie Cornett, Martha Russo, Alice Ulrey, Randy Peters, Duward Starkey, and Eugene Stemple are in¬ trigued by the telescope Bill Veasey plans to use in his Science Fair proj¬ ect. Wayne Rettinger, and Ashton Rudd work on the club’s scrapbook while Jimmy Edwards, Beth Collins, Elaine Gardner, Winston Ply- male, Billy Wood, Melvin Wade, Greg Wroniewicz, Bob Schilling, Mike Porter, Luther Bush, Aubrey Hartman, Bruce Wright, and James East- wood help with sugges¬ tions and opinions. The officers of the Bi- Phy-Chem are Bobby Allen, president-elect, Bill Senter, president, Miss Watkins, sponsor, Don Pinkard, treasurer, and Lizzie Ballard, secre¬ tary. Edward St. Clair (far left) who was presi¬ dent is now in the Air Force. ! F. H. A. Modeling the clothes that they made in Home Eco¬ nomics class are Carolyn Brammer, Freda Carman, Sandra Hodge, Carol Phil- pott, Betty Sue Crouse and Louise Byrd. Frankie DeWolfe, Phyllis Stinson, Phyllis Kitts, Nancy Whitlow, Nancy Shelton, Cornelia Custer, and Joyce West seem to enjoy making dried ar¬ rangements. Future Homemakers Carolyn Rakes, Earlene Wadsworth, Mary Ruth Suiter, Wanda Garst, Janette Hampton, Brenda Moore, Mary Frances Lawson, and Margie Lou Hughes are finishing their dresses. Janet Lile, secretary, Vir¬ ginia Lester, treasurer, Joan Hodge, recorder, Janette Witt, vice president, and Adelene Craighead, re¬ porter bring their sc rap¬ book up to date. wanm SMB F. H. A. Practicing child care are Macy Dodson, Joyce Phlegar, Sarah St. Clair, Barbara Patterson, Yvonne Hailey, and Nancy Hale. Here Frances Turman, Sylvia Witt, Nancy Rhudy, Joyce Reckley, Kay Hender¬ son, Gail Adams, Janice Giles, and Betty Crotts re¬ model old furniture. Boys, these girls will know how to “stretch the dollar!” Charlotte Obenchain, Mary Altice, Rosanna Bam, Betty Mae Wertz, and Arlene Dalton are learning how to utilize a small space. What seems to be going on here? Edith Gilbert, Phyllis Walton, Jane Bell, and Norma Paxton are at¬ tempting to cook some¬ thing. What? i mST A The F. F. A. officers are, Front Row: Sonny Smith (Sentinel,) Danny Wertz (Vice Presiden t). Glenn Baker (Presi dent), and Mr. Peters (Advisor). Second Row: Alan Taylor (Reporter), Johnny Mitchell (Secretary), Dan Edwards (Treasurer). Trimming hedges to make our school grounds more beautiful are, Front Row: Ted Garman, Kenneth Meadow, Lynn Moran, Jimmy McNeil, Charles Meadow, Bruce Martin, Mr. Scott, Ralph Spraker. Back Roic: Bill Willis Jack Shelor, rPavid T urner Sonny Baird, Sherman Carman. Jimmy Garman, Bruce Wright, Melvin Long, Jerry Smith, Ted Carroll, Jimmy Wright, and Kenneth Sowder. _ Inside Row: Joe Cabiness, Ray Poage, Dewey Likens, Algee Campbell, Cecil Bryant, Richard Rader, Stephen Fore. Outside Row: Gale Bogle, Bobby Martin, Lewis Bowling, Richard Amos, Ray Drain, James Han¬ son, A. H. Ager, Roy Reynolds, Frank Thomas, Horace Holt, Larry Ruble, Donald Hancock, and Ralph Meadow seem to be very much interested in the arbor saw being used by Mr. Scott. Watching Mr. Peters explain the parts of a welding machine are, Front Row: Orval Garman, Wayne Layman, Jerry Gross, Norris Duffy, Earl Workman, John Benois, Donald Wray, Paul Helton. Back Row: Joe Martin, Edward Jewell, Walter Largen, Harlan Leonhardt, Garland Craun, Larry Feazell, Harlan Alls, Larry Hughes, Dale Martin and Russell McDaniel. First Row: Jimmy Ferguson, Sonny Baird, Nita Howery, Billie Sue Young, Judy Stump, Nelda Bohon. Second Row: Nancy Eakin, Ervin Frith, Wayne Plybon, Clyde Eller, Jr., Kent Womack, Janice Eller. Third Row: Buddy Williams, Dallas Brunk, Jimmy Goode, Conrad Dil¬ lon, Douglas Marechal, Bill Mc- Gannon, Steve Veasey. Fourth Row: George Harmon, Charles Graham, Kenneth Moses, Jack Brewer, Carl Stump, Alfred Eilers, Larry Nichols, Maurice Early, Walter Ferguson, Marvin Dewease, James Foley, Dulaney, Tommy Coffman. 4-H Club Left to Right: Glynn Greer (Vice President), Barbara Carroll (Secretary), Nancy Whitlow (Song Leader), Mary Ruth Suiter (President), and Pat Le Grand (Reporter) plan the program for a future club meeting. Members of the Junior Y-Teens are, Front Row: Dillie Marie Price, Patricia Manor, Ann Peters (Program Chairman), Betsy Dawson (Secretary), Bev Darden (Treasurer), Caroline Montague (Vice Presi¬ dent), Judy Keith (President), June Painter, Sue Hawkins, Rose Ann Barr, Sandra Mounts. Second Row: Betty McDonald, Linda Pernell, Martha Lee, Vicky Owens, Carol Sue St. Clair, Judy Lipes, Patsy Richard¬ son, Whitney Walton, Wanda Johnson, Alice Lee, Florence Robertson, Sandra Jones, Patty Stinson, Betty Ulrey, Mildred Ball, Rose Marie Richardson. Third Row: Francine League, Gypsy Robertson, Nita Howery, Harriet Lewis, Patsy Lemon, Barbara Jackson, Dale Shealey, Marilyn Vest, Martha Sherrard, Jane Maior, Mabel Newton, Judy Parkman, Ann Reynolds, Patsy Shelburn, Martha Poage, Sue Puckett. Standing: Lynn Roland, Dabney Depkin, Martha Mattern, Elizabeth McClung, Ginger Mattern, Jeannie Morrison, Ann Henson, Betty Bartlett, Jean Morrison, Joyce Guthrie, Gail Mutter, Cynthia Winston, Joyce Thomas, Mary Ed Williams, Margaret Richards, Anne Weaver, Brenda Radford, Ann Nimmo, Cathy Foster, Judy Chandler, Signe Young, Lane Wright, Phyllis Moses, Nell McCluer, Kay Idaislip, and Miss Maxwell. Junior Y-Teens Front Row: Bill Garret, Robert Grogan, Van Hoback, John Paul Moore, Richard Young, Edmund Byrd, Howard Butts, Billy Emory, Carlyle Kemp, Richard Stroupe (Treasurer) Second Row: Wayne Blount, Wayland Overstreet, Lewis Leffler, Billy Logan, Bobby Baldwin, Steve Tyler, Danny Minnix, Edward Harrison, Wesley Hartman, Conrad Dillon, Paul Henson (Vice President) Third Row: Mr. Coffman (Sponsor), Larry Bronson, Buddy Poole (President), Bill McGannon, Tommy Carroll, Robert Rolley, Eddie Eades, James Wright, Kenneth Stacy, Jimmy Carroll, Douglas Blount, Buddy Williams Hi-Y First Row: Doris Price (Secretary), Patsy Lemon (Treas¬ urer), Martha Russo (President), Judy Saul (Re¬ corder of Points), Barbara Cooper (Social Chairman), Faye Hensley (Program Chairman) Second Row: Doris Brumfield, Alice Altice, Barbara Jackson, Norma Routt, Ruth Thompson, Norma Saul, Frances Turman, Athlyn Spraker Third Row: Mrs. Steele (Sponsor), Betty Lancaster, Coriene Walters, Rose Marie Nolder, Shirley Brum¬ field, Carol Myers, Rose Lee Prather, Sandra Quick, Arlene Bohon, Peggy Brumfield Sports Club Here we see members of the Sports Club spreading Christmas cheer to children of the Salem area. This is becoming a tradition of the Sports Club. - - — Monogram Club First Row: Don Oakes, Bob LaGarde, Frank Wagner, Kenneth Norton, Ralph Thomas Second Row: Larry Clark, Jon Manetta, Burks Logan, Skeeter Bailey, William Musselman Third Row: Harlan Leonhardt, Emory Bogle, Wayne Waldron, Fred Hoback, Walter Chapman, Ronnie Henry ■ . . ■ Milan Christley (President), Sonny Smith (Secretary), Ashton Lough (Vice President), Jerry Thompson (Treasurer) First Row: Connie Crosswhite, Phyllis Batten, Nancy Donaldson (Treasurer), Theda Draper (Secretary), Jerry Reavis (Vice President), Peggy Blevins (President) Second Row: Carolyn Greiner, Patricia Pritchett, Iris Geiser, Joyce Phlegar, Sylvia Witt, Diana Becker, Phyllis Kitts, Alice Grubb, Edith Gilbert, Gayle Morris, Patty Boone Third Row: Peggy Smiley, Sue Stanley, Carol Matthews, Shelby Palmer, Anita Snyder, Jackie Wiseley, Marie Harter, Wanda Garst, Macy Dodson, Louise Eakin, Marjorie Marsinko Fourth Row: Nancy McManaway, Betty Wood, Norma Paxton, Sue Ellen Sites, Pat De Hart, Virginia Matheny, Kimmie McCurdy, Sally Miller, Barbara Cooper, Pat Young, Judy Bower Fifth Row: Betty Lancaster, Peggy Haynes, Sylvia Bronson, Page Clarke, Betty Mattern, Connie Garbett, Patty Rucker, Gail MeSweeney, Geraldine Conner, Carolyn Barnett, Libby Winslow { 116 }■ i Senior Y-Teens I First Row: Mrs. Weeks (Sponsor), Faye Garst, Rosalie Mowles, Pat Crowder, Rockla Thompson, Martha Hash, Molly Leaneas, Donna Ferguson Second Row: Sandra Adkins, Betty Caldwell, Nancy Moran, Carolyn Powell, Pat Poindexter, Cecelia Price, Ginna Chapman, Betty Lou Shannon, Liz Deichmann, Milly Ross, Judith Morgan, Dot Fretz Third Row: Linda Kay Hartman, Shirley Mills, Joan Dickens, Maslin Whitescarver, Charlotte Lilley, Sue Vest, Janet Smith, Sybil Whitfield, Barbara Conner, Carol Boley Fourth Row: Gail Adams, Sylvia Belchs, Sue Reed, Gail Hamblen, $hndra St. Clair, Jo Ann Schwal- lenberg, Mary Louise Trussed, June Herren, Nancy Richardson, Betty Thomas Fifth Row: Jo Ann Conklin, Janet Lile, Beth Poole, Cynthia Haislip, Imogene Gallion, Lucy Russell, Sue Hairston, Fern Young, Barbara Taylor, Montrann Beard Senior d in b k • JK ’ v li ' ■mSs E % W5M » 1 J 1 lipwiK-. .ham. : Distributive 1. First Row: Sarah St. Clair, Bess Martin, Elon Hopper, Djuna Sutphin, Iris Jordan, Virginia Kilby, Mary Hubble, Edith Mottley, Shirley Whitmire, Carol Crosier Second Row: Barney Rickman, Robert Martin, Morton Witt, David Helm, Dan Brogan, Bobby Farrar, Mike Darnell, Teddy Carroll 2. First Row: Sue Weaver, Betty Jean Wilcher, Jeanette Witt, Margie Williams, Carolyn Brammer, Sarah Wirt, Charlotte Fulton, Betty Bayne, Shelby Palmer, Judy Patterson Second Row: Jerry Pittm an, Pat Dodson, Clarence DeHart, Hensil Darnell; Mr. Clem (Sponsor), Joe Wells, Jimmy Fulton, Billy Myers, Pat Darden Distributive Education offers training in retail and wholesale businesses to interested students. After we have learned the art of selling, we use our training in businesses of Roanoke or Salem. I n I D. E. students, Barney Rickman, Carol Crosier, Don¬ ald Wiseman and Morton Witt, are busy at work in Krogers in Salem. Left to Right: Carolyn Brammer, Margie Williams, Jeanette Witt and Shirley Whitmer are demonstrating dishes from Heironimus Charlotte Fulton checks groceries at Mick-or-Mack in Salem, while Michael and Buddy Darnell bag them. Education Djuna Sutphin slips on a shoe for size at Kinney’s Shoe Store in Roanoke. CIGAR Visual Education The Visual Education Club, George Wright, Duke Perry, Donald Perry, Kenneth McNeil, Luther Vann, Aubrey Loyd, Edgar Gresham, and William Wilkes, are in charge of projections, stage props, and the public address system. Future Teachers of America Mr. Crush and Mr. Harless, sponsors of the Visual Education Club, are examining a film before returning it. Back Row: Ronnie Frier, Mrs. Staton (Sponsor), Lloyd Case, Epperly, Kate Kegley, Loretta Duncan, Lowell Platter The members of the newly organized Future Teachers of America are: Front Row: Faye Hensley (President), Mary Bishop (Vice President), Carolyn Crosswhite (Secre¬ tary), Yvonne Hailey (Historian) Rowena Holliday, Doris McBride, Sara Ahalt, Shelby Newspaper Staff Rosalie Mowles (Assistant Editor), Mary Linda League (Editor in Chief), and Paul Bayse (Business Manager) look over the results of their hard work First Row: Phyllis Batten (Club News), Faye Garst (Head Typist) Second Row: Lucy Russell (Feature Editor), Richard Young and Dickie Goodwin (Headlines), Theda Draper (Fashion Editor) The Circulation Staff in¬ cludes : First Row: Shirley Brumfield, Anita Snyder Second Row: Billy Cecil, Huntley Houck, Doris Price Assistant Typists are: Janet Lile, Patty Boone, Sue Stanley, Shelby Epperly, Gayle Morris First Row: Joan Dickens, Donna Ferguson and Mar¬ tha Hash, are assistant feature editors Second Row: Beverly Darden, Carolyn Chapman, Lane Wright, Becky Howard, Sandra Quick and Shirley Brumfield are reporters Third Row: Ralph Thomas and Joe Moses are photo¬ graphers Co-Editors: Corinna Sheppard and Cynthia Butts Annual Sponsor: Mrs. Bertha C. Fisher Copywriters: Carolyn Crosswhite Clinton Flowers Lloyd Case Yvonne Hailey Elizabeth Ballard Doris McBride Rowena Holliday Page Clarke Norma Saul Johnny Hesmer Advertising Stajf: Mary Bishop, Faye Hensley, Marie Harter, Jimmy Ed¬ wards (Advertising Manager), Jo Ann Aliff (Advertising Manager). Dewey Lemons, Larry Bronson, Sally Miller Business Managers: Jon Manetta, La Verne Argabright Staff Circulation Staff: Susan Hackman (Promotion Manager), Jimmy Gore (Manager), Nelda Bohon, Joe Gib¬ son, Mrs. Robbins (Adviser) Ar tists, Seated: Martha Russo Jeanne Ballator Photographers: Ralph Thomas Joe Moses Charles Jennings r 1 W z ’ " v .% IMpf m 1 H Typists: Norma Routt, Geraldine Conner, Judy Saul First Row: Peggy Blevins, Wanda Garst, Rowena Holliday, Marie Harter, Doris McBride. Back Row: Peggy Smiley, Susan Hackman, Jimmy Gore and Paul Henson were able to take a National Scholastic Screening Test. The top five per cent of the senior class in every high school of the United States is eligible. We Are Proud of These Wanda Garst was the Andrew Lewis winner of the D. A. R. Citizenship Award and Betty Crocker Home¬ maker Contest. Buddy Poole was named “Youth of the Year” by the Salem Jaycees. These boys won high football honors: Don Oakes made All-City-County, All-Western District, and Honorable Mention All-State; Kenneth Norton, All-City-County Top Scorer and Captain, All-Western District Cap¬ tain, fourth place in state scoring, Honorable Mention All-American High School; Sonny Smith, All-City- County, All-Western District, Honorable Mention All-State; Milan Christley, All-City-County, All- Western District, and All-State. » : W ■ Sonny Smith won the Dekalb Award as the outstanding Senior Agricultural Student. He was graded on scholarship, leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. At the D. E. Convention held at Andrew Lewis High School Sarah Wirt, Jimmy Fulton, Bess Martin took ' top honors in three of the four contests. What We Have Done JO ANN ALIFF Junior Y-Teens, 1,2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; S. C. A., 1, 2; Swimming, 1; Annual Staff, 4, 5; F. B. L. A., 5; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4, 5; Co-Manager, Pioneer Advertising Staff, 5. LEVENNA KATE ALTIZER S. C. A., 1, 2, 3; 4-H Club, 1,2; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 5; Library Club Vice President, 5. DAVID SHELTON AMES Junior Varsity Basketball, 2; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4, 5; Projection Club, 2; Latin Club, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Choral, 2; Soloist-Choral Assembly, 2; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Operetta “Jerry of Jericho Road " , 3; Junior Quartette; Sang for Junior-Senior Prom, 4; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; “Messiah " , 5; Sophomore Mirror; Junior Assembly; Senior Assembly; Home Eco¬ nomics Assembly. 4; Public Speaking Assembly, 5; De-Molay, 5; Soloist at Easter Pageant, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Christ¬ mas Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Debating Team, 5; Speaker at Devotions; Announced Andrew Lewis Home Football Games, 5; Senior Mirror-Typical Senior; Master of Ceremonies of Andrew Lewis Radio Program “The Andrew Lewis Hour”. FRANCES JOANNE ANGELL F. B. L. A., 4; S. C. A., 5; County Fair Home Room Queen, 4. LYDIA LAVERNE ARGABRIGHT F. B. L. A., 4; S. C. A., 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Assistant Business Manager, S; Annual Kickoff Assembly, 4; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4, 5. RUTH ANNE ARTHUR Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Majorette, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1; Student Christian Association, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 5; Home Room President, 3; Vice President, 4; Class Vice President, 5; Class Council, 3, 5; Representative to Virginia Girl’s State, 4; Annual Staff, 4. MERRITT PALMER BAILEY, JR. Football, 3; Monogram Club; County Fair, 3; King, 3. ELIZABETH WALLACE BALLARD S. C. A., 1, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 5; Make-Up, Easter Pageant, 4; Basketball, 1; Volleyball, 3, Badminton Tournament, 3; Tennis, 3; Sports Club, 2, 3; Pep Club, 1, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Corre¬ sponding Secretary of Beta Club, 4; Usher. Commencement Sermon and Exercise; Scrapbook Committee, Beta Club, 5; Bi-Phy-Chem, 5; Virginia Junior Academy of Science, 4, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Latin Tournament, 3; Driver Education Award, 5; Driving Forum Speech, S; Annual Staff (Copywriter), 5; Annual Staff Assembly, 5. CAROLYN LEONE BARNETT S. C. A., 1. 2; 4-H Club, 1, 2; Choral, 1, 2; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Figure Sweetheart Dance, 5; Y-Teens, Home Room Captain, 5; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; “Messiah”, 5; All-West Choir, 5. ARNOLD LEE BARR Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Jayvee Basketball, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4, 5. GEORGE OSSIE BATEMAN, JR. PHYLLIS LOUISE BATTEN Varsity Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4, 5; May Court, 4, 5; May Queen, 5, Maid of Honor on Home-Coming Court, 5; Modern Dance Group; 4, 5; President, 5; Senior Mirrow, 5; Home Room Candidate for Snow Queen, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Program Chairman, 5; Senior Y-Teen Sweetheart Dance Figure, 4, 5; T-Yeen Recognition Service, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5; Beta Club Convention, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 1, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 4, 5; Junior Assembly Talent Show, 4; Senior As¬ sembly Talent Show, 5; Gym Squad Leader, 3, 4; S. C. A., 4, 5; Junior- Senior Prom Figure, 4. BETTY GERALDINE BAYNE Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Queen of Andrew Lewis County Fair, 3; Secretary of Pep Club, 4; F. B. L. A., 4; D. E. Club, 5; Pep Club, 1; Swimming, 1. PAUL LEONARD BAYSE King of Home Room, 1; Jayvee Basketball, 2, 3; Varsity Basket¬ ball, 4; Managing Editor of Newspaper, 5; Track, 3, 4. NINA LEE BELL Transfer Student from Stuart High School F. B. L. A., 4, 5; V. O. T„ 5. MARY MARGARET BISHOP Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; S. C. A., 1, 2; Swim¬ ming, 1; F. T. A., 5; Vice President, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Dedi¬ cation Assembly, 5; Squad Leader, 4. BETTY JEAN BLANKENSHIP Delegate to Madison College, 4; F. B. L. A., 5; Delegate to Rad¬ ford College, 5. PEGGY JEAN BLEVINS Transfer Student Home Room Vice President, 1, Sr Pep Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 3; Library Club, 3; Nominating Chairman, 3; S. C. A., 1; Choir, 2, 3; Beta Club, 4, 5; Corresponding Secretary, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; President, 5; Sweetheart Dance Figure, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 4; Junior Assembly, 4; Squad Leader, 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 5; Alternate Cheerleader, 5; Student Council As¬ sembly, 5. EMORY CROCKETT BOGLE Hi-Y Club, 3; 4-H Club, 1, 2; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4; 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4; Indoor and Out¬ door Track, 4, 5; Cross Country, 5; President Senior Choir, 5; Science Fair, 3; Senior Mirror, 5; Four Tones Quartette, 5; Latin Club As¬ sembly, 5; Operetta, 3; Senior Talent Show, 5; Monogram Club, 5; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 3, 4, 5; 4-H Dairy Judging Team, 1, 2; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4. NELDA VERA BOHON Home Room Secretary, 3; 4-H Club, 3, 4, 5; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4; Dedication Assembly, 4, 5; Ping-Pong Doubles Championship, 3, 4; Badminton Doubles Runner- Up, 3; Sportsmanship Award, 2; Student Leader, 3; Sports Club Assembly, 3, 4. BARBARA ANN BOLES Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; S. C. A., 2; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; F. B. L. A., District Convention, 4; F. B. L. A., State Convention, 5; V. O. T. Program, 5; Assembly Given by Gym Classes, 4. PATRICIA FAYE BOONE Cheerleader, 4, 5; May Court, 4, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5; Home Room Candidate for Snow Queen, 5; Home-Coming Talent tv 111 w • . m ' — l— . vs IS »V 1 1 1 - fill - ■ i si • " i si em 3 y ; : III! IIII What We Have Done Show, 2; County Fair Talent Show, 3; Junior Talent Show, 4; Junior Mirror, 4; Pep Club, 2, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 3, 4, S; 4-H Club, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2; Newspaper Staff, 5; Pep Club Assemblies, 4, 5; Y-Teen Choir, 3, 4; Y-Teen Recognition Service, 3, 4; Choral, 2; junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Eighth Grade Choir, 1; Thanksgiving Assembly, 2, 4, 5; Christmas Assemblies, 2, 4, 5; Young Roanoke Sings, 2, 4. 5; ‘‘Messiah”, 5; Burlington Mills Music Program, 5; Eighth Grade Choir Assembly, 4; Appalachain Music Program, 5; Assistant Squad Leader, 2, 3, 4; F. B. L. A., S; Junior-Senior Prom Dance Figure, 4; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Modern Dance Group, 3, 4; Fashion Style Show, 1; School Reading Contest, 1, 3; P. T. A. Back to School Night, 1, 2, 3, 4; Home-Coming Parade, 4, 5; Home Room Candidate for Queen of County Fair, 1. NANCEE LEE BOWLING S. C. A., 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Majorette, 5; Easter Pageant, 3; Home Room Secretary, 2; May Court, 5; Home- Coming Court, 5; Squad Leader, 4. CAROLYN ANNE BRAMMER Y-Teens. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teen Play, 4; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5; D. E., 5; Pep Club, 4; S. C. A., 1, 2, 3. DANIEL EARL BROGAN Latin Club, 3, 4; Track, 4; D. E. Club, 5. LARRY EDWARD BRONSON Transfer Student Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Hi-Y, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Staff Assembly, 5; Home Room Secretary, 4; 4-H Club, 3. MARY LOU BROWN S. C. A„ 1, 2, 3; F. B. L. A., 5; F. H. A„ 2. JOAN CAROL BUHLES Transfer Student Y-Teens, 4, 5; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; Parliamentarian, 4; Y-Teen Play, 4; Pep Club, 4, 5; Y-Teen Home Room Captain, 4; Senior Choir, 4; V. O. T. Program, 5; Poster Contest, 4. 5. LUTHER CRAIG BUSH Home Room President, 1; Home Room Treasurer, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5; Science Club, 5. CYNTHIA ADAIR BUTTS Junior Y-Teens, 1; Squad Leader, 1; Thanksgiving Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club Installation Service, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Beta Club Convention, 4; Young Roanoke Sings, 3, 4. 5; Pep Club, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Co-Editor of Annual, 5; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4; Delegate to 5, I. P. A. Convention, 4; Sophomore Assembly, 3; Junior Assembly, 4; Senior Assembly, 5; " The Messiah”, 5; Burlington Mills Christmas Program, 5; Appalachian Christmas Program, 5; Home-Coming Parade, 4, 5; Usher for Baccalaureate and Commencement, 4; Andrew Lewis Hour, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Junior-Senior Prom Figure, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Junior Classical League, 4, 5. JOAN EDNEY CALDWELL S. C. A., 1, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5; Home Room Secretary, 2; Home Room Vice President, 3. BARBARA ANN CARROLL S. C. A., 1, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Pep Club, 1, 4; 4-H Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Roanoke County 4-H Honor Club, 4, 5; President, 5; Delegate to State 4-H Short Course, 3, 4, 5; Roanoke County 4-H Council, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4; Recorder of Points, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; Volleyball, 2, 3; Modern Dance Group, 3; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Young Roanoke Sings, 4, 5. BETTY JANE CARROLL Junior Y-Teens, 1; S. C. A., 4, 5; Home Room Vice President, 3. NANCY ANN CAUDILL Junior Y-Teens, 1; Latin Club, 2, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Library Club, 5; Secretary, 5; Library Assistant, 4, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 2, 3; Easter Pageant, 3; Usher for Commencement Sermon and Graduation Exercise, 4; Home- Coming Parade, 4. WALTER CLAY CHAPMAN Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Track, 4, 5; Football, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5. JACK HAMLIN CHAPPELL Latin Club, 4, 5; County Fair Talent Show, 3; Home Room Vice President, 4; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Home Room Treasurer, 3; Boys ' State, 4. CAROLYN ORA CHRISTIE MILAN ROBERT CHRISTLEY Junior Varsity Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4, 5; Co- Captain, Varsity Football, 5; Track Team, 3; President of Monogram ■ £■{ 126 Club, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; The Four Tones, 5; Public Speaking Play, 5; Senior Assembly, 5; All-State, Second Team, 5; Talent Show, 4; Choir, 3, 4, 5. KNOX LITTLEPAGE CLARKE Junior Y-Teens, 1,2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teen Recognition Service, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 4; Junior Classical Convention, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Staff Dedication Assembly, 5; Treasurer Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Vice President of Home Room, 2; Treasurer of Home Room, 1; Thanksgiving Assembly, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 5; Christmas Assembly, 4; P. T. A. Back to School Night, 4; T. V. “This Was Your Life”, 3; " Messiah”, Roa¬ noke Symphony, 5; Christmas Program at Appalachian, 5. JAMES THOMAS CLEMONS Home Room Treasurer, 1; Band, 1, 2, 3; Science Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Track, 4, 5; Delegate to Virginia Boys’ State, 4; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; P. T. A. County Fair, 3, 4, 5; Junior Assembly, 4; Senior Assembly, 5; Science Fair, 5. GERALDINE FRANCES CONNER S. C. A., 1, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 4; Annual Staff, 5; F. B. L. A., 4; F. B. L. A., Reporter, 4, 5. RICHARD CROCKETT CORNETTE, JR. Library Club, 2; S. C. A., 2; Band, 2, 3; Home Room President. 3; Class Council, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club, 3, 4, 5; Junior Academy of Science Club, 3, 4, 5; Delegate to Junior Academy of Science Day at V. P. I., 3, 4; Science Clubs of America, 3, 4, 5; Senior Science Talent Search, 5; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Accompanist, 5; Assembly Accompanist, 5; Music Festival, 2, 4; Easter Assembly, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 5; Christmas Assembly, 5; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; " Messiah”, 5; Young Roanoke Sings, 4, 5; Public Speaking Halloween Play, 5; Co- Writer of Halloween Play, 5; Religious Tournament Speeches, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. WILMA CAROL CROSIER D. E. Club, 5. CONSTANCE ANN CROSSWHITE S. C. A., 1, 2; 4-H Club, 1, 2, 3; Home Room County Fair Queen, 1; Library Assistant, 2; Monitor, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 2, 3, 4, 5; Choral, 1, 2; Senior Choir, 3, 4, 5; Ac¬ companist, 5; District Music Festival, 3, 4, 5; All-West State Chorus, 4; Burlington Mills Program, 5; Appalachian Electric Program, 5; Fleming High School Assembly, 4; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta. 4; “Ordering of Moses”, 3, 4; " Messiah”, 5; Senior Y-Teens, S; Senior Y-Teen Figure, 5; Senior Y-Teen Music Committee, 5; Thanks¬ giving Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 2; Christmas As¬ sembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Sock Hop Talent Show, 3; Home-Coming Talent Show, 3, 4; Latin Club Play, 2; Young Roanoke Sings, 3, 4, S; Home Room Treasurer, 5; Girls’ State, 4. ALMA PATRICIA CROWDER Home Room Treasurer, 3; Home Room Secretary, 4, 5; S. C. A.. 1, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Devotional Chairman, 5; Social Chairman, 5; Figure in Sweetheart Dance, 4, 5; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; Vice President, 5; Program Chairman, 4; Senior Choir, 4; “Order¬ ing of Moses”, 4; Easter Pageant, 4; Fleming Assembly, 4; Pep Club, 4; Junior-Senior Prom Figure, 4; Squad Leader, 1, 2; Assistant Squad Leader, 3, 4. CORNELIA ANN CUSTER Junior Y-Teens, 1; S. C. A., 1, 2; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 3; Junior Homemaker’s Degree, 5; V. O. T. Program, 5; Repre¬ sentative to Madison College for Contest, 4. JULIUS CEASAR DARDEN Class President, 1; Home Room President, 3, 5; Class Council, 1, 3, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 2, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4; Master of Ceremonies of Senior Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Master of Ceremonies of Home Economics Talent Show, 3; Science Club, 2, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5; Latin Club, 2; D. E. State Convention Delegate, 5. HENSIL DARNELL MICHAEL WAYNE DARNELL CLARENCE MINOR DeHART ROBERT WAYNE DENNIS LARRY WILLIAM DESPER FRANKIE DeWOLFEE Library, 1, 2; F. H. A., 4. 5; S. C. A., 2, 3; Band, 2, 3, 4, 5; Thanks¬ giving Assembly, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Junior Choir, 4; Christmas Program, 4. KENNETH RAY DILLARD MACY LEE DODSON S. C. A., 1, 4; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Assistant } What We Have Done Squad Leader, 1; F. H. A., 3, 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 3, 5; Candi¬ date for Queen of County Fair, 3. NANCY HARRYETTE DONALDSON Cheerleader, 3, 4, 5; Head Cheerleader, 5; Senior Mirror; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Program Chairman, 2; S. C. A., 1; Orientation Speech, 1; Public Speaking Play, “The Three Dying Swans”, 1; Tumbling; Swimming; Lifesaving, 1; Operetta, 1; Latin Club, 2; Easter Pageant, 2; Volleyball, 1, 2; Home-Coming Talent Show, 1, 2; County Fair Talent Show, 2, 3, 4; First Place Winner, 3; Second Place Winner, 2; Squad Leader, 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Leader, 3, 4; Physical Education Merit Award, 3; Choreographer of Y-Teen Figure, 3, 4, 5; May Pole Dance, 3, 4, 5; Junior Assembly; Modern Dancing, 2; Modern Dance Group, 2, 3, 4; Publicity Chairman, 3; President, 4; Dance Award, 3; Modern Dance Recital, 2, 3; Senior Y-Teen Recognition Service, 2, 3, 4; Sweetheart Dance Figure, 5; Student Director of Thanksgiving Play, 4; F. B. L. A., 4, 5, Reporter, 4, Recording Secretary, 5; Radford F. B. L. A. District Meeting, 4; D, E. Convention Program, 5; Pep Club, 1, 4. 5; Pep Assemblies, 3, 4, 5; Charter Member of Hi Fashion Council, 5; Senior Assembly; Y-Teen Home Room Captain, 3, 4; Delegate to State Secretarial Contest; Freshman-Sophomore As¬ sembly; Junior Mirror; Home-Coming Parade, 3, 4, 5. BARBARA ANNE DOOLEY LOYD P. DOTSON, JR. THEDA WILMA DRAPER Queen of Eighth Grade, 1; Queen of County Fair, 1; Home Room President. 1,4; Home Room Vice President, 2; Choral, 1; Senior Choir, 2, 3, 4, 5; Sang with Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, 3, 4, 5; Play, “Three Dying Swans " . I; S. C. A.. 1; Home Room Secretary, 3; Dramatics Assembly, “A Mad Breakfast”, 2; Best Actress Award, 2; Class Council, 1, 4, 5; Student Council, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Talent Assemblies. 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Talent Assembly, 5; Play, “The Convict Never Rings Twice " , 5; Latin Club, 2. 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Modern Dance Group, 4, 5; Y-Teen Dance Figure, 3, 4, 5; Repre¬ sentative for All-West Choir, 5; Figure for Junior-Senior Prom, 4, 5; Senior Mirror “Most Personality”; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Solo, 4, 5; Operetta, 3; Winner of American Legion Oratorical Contest, 5; National Forensic League, 5; Pep Club, 1, 4, 5; Girls’ State, 4; Vice President, Junior Class, 4; Secretary, Senior Class, 5; Fashion Editor of Andrew Lewis News, 5; May Court, 4; Home-Coming Court, 5; Cheerleader, 5. LORETTA LEE DUNCAN Secretary of Home Room, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Future Teachers of America, 5; S. C. A., 5. GRACE LOUISE EAKIN S. C. A., 1; Junior Y-Teens, 1; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5. JIMMY DEAN EDWARDS President, Pep Club, 5; Treasurer, Junior Class; Co-Manager, Advertising Staff of Pioneer, 5; Home Room President, 2; Chairman Goal Posts Decorating Committee, 4; Delegate to Boys’ State, 4; Supreme Court Justice at Boys ' State, 4; Class Council, 2. 4; King of Home Room, 2; Offbeats, 4, 5; Goofoffs, 5; Boys’ State Band, 4; Basketball Band; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Science Club 5. SHIRLEY LEE ELLIS S. C. A., 1, 2; Candidate for Queen of County Fair, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; F. B. L. A., 5; V. O. T., 5; F. B. L. A. State Convention, 5. ROBERT ALLISON ENGLISH SHELBY JEAN EPPERLY Junior Y-Teens, 1; S. C. A., 1, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Future Teachers of America, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5. JOSEPH THOMAS FARIES ROBERT EDWARD FARRAR D. E. Club; F. F. A. Club, 4, S. CHARLOTTE JEANETTE FULTON Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; S. C. A., 3, 4; Distributive Education, 5; Sodalitas Latina, 4, S; Easter Pageant, 4; Distributive Education Area Convention, 5. JIMMY TALMADGE FULTON ROBERT MILLARD GARBETT JAMES SPURGEON GARMAN 4-H; Assistant Secretary of F. F. A., 5. SHERMAN ELLIS GARMAN F. F. A.; 4-H. WILMA ANN GARMAN NORMA FAYE GARST Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Inter Club Council Representative. 5; Vice President of Council, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Junior Assembly; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Convention, 4; Beta Convention Talent Show, 4; Andrew Lewis News Staff, 4, 5; Flead Typist, News Staff, 5; Y-Teens Valentine Dance Figure, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5; May Court, 4, 5. WANDA LOU GARST S. C. A., 1; Secretary of Home Room, 1, 2; Vice President of Home Room, 4; President of Home Room, 5; Class Council, 5; Stu¬ dent Council, 3; Delegate to State Student Council Convention, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 5; F. H. A., 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club Assembly, 3; Latin Tournament, 2; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Delegate to State Beta Club Convention, 5; President of Beta Club, 5; District F. H. A. Meeting; National Forensic League, 5; Eighth Grade Assembly, 4, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Delegate to Old Dominion Girls’ State, 4; Usher for Graduation, 4; D. A. R. Award, 5; Betty Crocker Homemaker’s Award, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. IRIS OPAL GIESER Candidate for May Court, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1; Pep Club, 4; Candidate for Cheerleader, 3. WILLIAM OLIVER GOODWIN, JR. Latin Club, 3, 4; Science Club, 3, 4; Old Dominion Boys’ State. 4; Rotary Club Honor Student, 5; Senior Steward, 5. JAMES LAWRENCE GORE Home Room President, 1, 2; Vice President of Home Room, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Class Treasurer, 4; Home Room Treasurer, 5; Circulation Manager of Annual, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Boys’ State Nominee, 4; Easter Pageant, 4; Usher at Commencement Sermon, 4; Senior Mirror, 5. DONALD RAY GRAYBEAL CAROLYN RUTH GREINER Eighth Grade Home Room Secretary; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Welfare Chairman, 2; Home Room Captain, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Captain, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Convention Talent Show, 4; All-West Choir, 4; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 1, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Latin Club Program, 4; Home-Coming Court, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Appalachian Christmas Program, 5; Burlington Mills Christ¬ mas Program, 5; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; “Messiah " , 5; Senior Mirror; Pep Club, 3. What We Have Done SHIRLEY ETHEL GUSLER Basketball Tournament, 1; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, S; News Reporter. 5. SUSAN HACKMAN Cheerleading, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Home Room Captain, 1; Recognition Service, 2; Eighth Grade Reading Contest; Tumbling, 1, 2, 3; Swimming, 2; Life Saving Instruction, 2; Volleyball, 2, 3, Captain, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 2; Badminton, 2, 3; Ping Pong, 3, 4; Squad Leader, 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Leader, 3, 4; Sports Club, 2, 3; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Make-Up Department, Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Latin Club Assembly, 3,4; Home-Coming Talent Show, 2, 3, 4. Second Prize Winner. 4; County Fair Talent Show, 1, 2, 3, First Prize, 2; Modern Dancing, 2; Modern Dance Group, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Dance Award, 3; Modern Dance Recital, 2, 3; Bi-Phi- Chem Club, 3, 4, 5; Poster Committee, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1. 4, 5; Pep Assemblies, 5; Secretary of Freshman Class; Sophomore Class Presi¬ dent; Junior Class President; Class Council, 1. 2, 3, 4; Home Room Officer, 1, 2, 3; Freshman-Sophomore Assembly; Director of Junior Assembly; Junior-Senior Prom Figure; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club Convention, 5; Annual Staff. 3, 4, 5; Top Annual Seller, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 2, 3, 4, 5; S. I. P. A. Convention, 4; Dedication Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Usher for Commencement Sermon, 4; Beta Con¬ vention Talent Show, 4; Operetta, 3; P. T. A. Back to School Night; Talent Show for Fort Lewis, 3, 4; Junior Classical League Convention, 4; S. C. A., 1. 2; Latin Tournament. 2; Tennis and Archery Tourna¬ ment, 3, 4; Dancing Program at Veteran’s Administration, Scrap¬ book Committee, Beta Club, 5. SARAH YVONNE HAILEY Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Home Room Captain, 1; S. C. A., 1; Eighth Grade Drama Class; P. T. A. Fair, Home Room Chairman, 1; Home Room Vice President, 1; Monitor, 2; Annual Staff, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 3, 4; Dedication Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Home Room President, 3; Class Council, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Scrapbook Committee, 5; Beta Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Salem Area Science Fair, 4; Pep Club, 4; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5; Junior Homemakers Degree, 4; Chapter Homemakers Degree, 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show Assembly, 3, 4, 5; F. T. A., 5, Historian, 5. PATRICIA GENTRY HARRIS Junior Y-Teens, 2; S. C. A., 2, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, S; Beta Assembly, 3, 4, 5; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; Historian, 5; Secretary of Home Room, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Monitor, 2. EVA MARIE HARTER Eighth Grade Secretary; Home Room Vice President, 1; Eighth Grade Girls’ Choir; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Home Room Captain, 1, President. 2; Delegate to State Convention, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3. 4 5; Home Room Captain, 3, Vice President, 4; Delegate to State Con¬ vention, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Majorette, 4, 5, Accompanist, 4, 5; Latin Tournament, 2; Easter Pageant, 2, 3. 4, 5; Class Council, 1, 3, 4. 5; Student Council, 5, Secretary, 5; Home Room Secretary, 3, 4; Class Secretary, 3; May Court, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Head Usher at Graduation, 4; Operetta, 4; Choral, 1, 2, 3, 5; Junior Choir, 3. 4, Secretary, 4; Home-Coming Court, 5; Class Talent Shows, 2, 3, 4, 5; Delegate to Girls’ State, 4; Beta As¬ sembly, 3, 4, 5; Class Vice President, 4; Class Treasurer, 5; Annual Staff, 5; County Fair Talent Show, 4; Home Room Queen, 1, 3; Delegate to State Beta Club Convention, 4; Junior Classical League, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. AUBREY EMORY HARTMAN DAVID NORWOOD HELM BETTY JEAN HELMS 4-H Club, 1; S. C. A., 2, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2, 3; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; Board of Directors, 5. DONALD WILLIAM HELTON KAY HENDERSON 4-H Club, 1; Home Room Secretary, 1; Junior Library Club, 1, Vice President, 1; Senior Library Club, 2, Secretary, 2; F. H. A., 2. 4; Junior Homemakers Degree, 4; Model at F. H. A, Federation Meet¬ ing, 2; F. H. A. Fashion Assembly, 2, 3, 4; Squad Leader, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4; Junior Classical League, 4; Latin Club Assembly, 4; Danc¬ ing Program at Veteran’s Administration, 4. CORNELIA FAYE HENSLEY Sports Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Program Chairman, 5; Pep Club, 4, 5; Future Teachers of America, 5, President, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Junior Choir, 4, Vice President, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 1, 3, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; S. C. A., 1, 2; Y-Teen Choir, 3; Appalachian Christmas Program; Burlington Mills Christmas Program; Junior Classical League, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Dedication Assembly, 5; Beta Convention, 4; Badminton, 1; Squad Leader, 3, 4; Assistant Squad Leader, 2, 3; Tumbling, 3, 4; Hockey, 1, 4; Soccer, 1; Swimming, 1; Dancing, 3; Beta Club Assembly, 4, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Christmas Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Thanksgiving As¬ sembly, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 4, 5; Beta Club Convention Talent Show, 4; Young Roanoke Sings, 4, 5; Baseball, 1. PAUL DOUGLAS HENSON Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Hi-Y Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 3, 4, Vice President, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4; Varsity Foot¬ ball, 3. 4, 5; All-Western District Football, 4, 5; All-Group I Football, 5; Varsity Basketball, 4, S, Co-Captain, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Football Assemblies, 3, 4, 5; Basketball Assemblies, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Class Council, 2, 3, 4; Student Council, 5; Boys’ State, 5; Junior Classical League, 4. 5, State President, 5; Model General Assembly, 2, 4; Blue Ridge, 5; Choral, 1; Beta Club Convention, 4; Eighth Grade Assembly, 3; Senior As¬ sembly, 3. RAMONA ALLENE HIBBITTS EDWARD BRUCE HILL Easter Pageant, 1, 3, 4. 5; Annual Staff, 4; Senior Mirror, 5; Spelling Contest, 4; Usher at Commencement Exercises, 4; Beta Club. 3, 4, 5. FREDERICK LANE HOBACK Junior Varsity Football, 2, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Track, 2, 4, 5; Wrestling. 5; Football Assembly, 4, 5; City-County. 5, Western District, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Provincial Governor, 5; Easter Pag¬ eant, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly. 4, 5; Junior Classical League Convention, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5, Assembly, 5; Science Club, 2; Hi-Y, 2; Senior Assembly, Choral, 2. ROWENA HOLLIDAY Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2, Program Chairman, 1; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Patrician Council, 4, 5; Junior Classical League. 4, 5; Convention, 4; Latin Club Assembly, 3; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5, Stage Manager. 4; Christmas Play, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 5, Convention 4, 5; Beta Assembly, 3, 4. 5; Usher for Commencement Exercises, 4; Virginia Girls’ State, 4; Old Dominion Band, 4; All-State Band. 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Majorette, 4, Head Majorette, 5, Secretary, 4; Future Teachers of America, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Dedication Assembly, 5; Home Room Treasurer, 4; Home Room Vice President, 5; Win¬ chester Apple Blossom Festival, 4; Chilhowie Festival, 5; Archery Tournament Winner, 2; Tennis, 3, 4; Trio. Hormonettes, 5; Junior Talent Show, Senior Talent Show; National Nominee for D. A. R. Award, 5; Scholastic Screening Test, 5; “Messiah”, 5; “Andrew Lewis Hour”, 4, 5; Driver Award, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Appalachian Christmas Program, 5; Christmas Assembly, 5; Home-Coming Court, 3; Queen for County Fair, 4; “Off Beats”, 5; Andrew Lewis Candi¬ date for Snow Queen in Christmas Parade, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. DAPHINE ELON HOPPER S. C. A., 4, 5; D. E. Club, S; S. C. A. News Reporter, 5. RICHARD MILTON HUGHES REGINA LEE JOBE Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 2; 4-H Club, 3. JAMES LETCHER JONES Latin Club, 3, 4; Sophomore Assembly; Senior Assembly; County Fair Talent Show, 3, 4; Y-Teen Talent Show, 4; Locker Room Quar¬ tette; Home-Coming Talent Show, 3; 4-H Talent Show, 3. 4. JOYCE ANN JONES 4-H Club, 4, 5; S. C. A„ 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly. 4; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Y-Teen World Fellowship Chair¬ man, 5; Figure of Sweetheart Dance, 5; Decoration Committee of Sweetheart Dance, 5; Y-Teen Float, 5; Second Place in Competitive Potato Chip Sale for Y-Teens; National Forensic League, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking Contest, 3, 4, 5; Senior Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Junior Assemblies, 3, 4, 5; Betty Crocker Homemaker Test, 5; Certificate of Award in Accomplishment and Sportsmanship in Driving, 3; Christmas, D. E. Class, 4; Eighth Grade Accompanist, 5; Ninth Grade Choir Accompanist, 5; Senior Choir Accompanist, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5. IRIS JUNE JORDAN S. C A.. 1, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 2, 3; D. E. Club, 5; Y-Teens, 2; Drivers Education, 4. VIRGINIA LEE KILBY S. C. A„ 1, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 2, 3; D. E. Club, 5; Y-Teens, 2; Drivers Education, 4. KENNETH WAYNE KING ROBERT NEIL LaGARDE 4-H Club, 1; Band, 1, 2, 3; Junior Varsity Football, 2, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Track Team, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4; President, Home Room, 2; Senior Assembly; Junior Assembly; Sophomore Assembly; Home-Coming Talent Show, 3, 4; Member of Locker Room Quartet, 3, 4, 5; Member of Indoor Track Team, 5. MARGARET ELEANOR LAMB Transfer Student F. B. L. A., 4; Library Club, 5, President, 5; Cafeteria Worker, 3; Public Speaking, 3; Chairman Debating Team, 3; Glee Club, 1; Choir, 1; Business Manager of Play, 5; March of Dimes Campaign, 5; Red Cross Speaker, 4; Second Place in State Essay Contest, 4. BETTY FAYE LANCASTER Senior Mirror, 5; V. O. T„ 5; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; F. B. L. A. Presi¬ dent, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 3, 4; Recorder of Points for Sports Club, 4; Awards Assembly, 3, 4; County Fair, 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Room Secretary, 1; Squad Leader, 4; M. C. Eighth Grade Assembly, 4; B adminton Doubles Runner-Up, 4; { 128 What We Have Done F. B. L. A. Regional Convention at Radford, 5; F. B. L. A. State Convention at Hotel Roanoke, 5; Hockey. 3; Soccer, 3, 4; Volley¬ ball, 3, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Tumbling, 3, 4; Badminton, 3, 4; Shuffle- board, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Ping-Pong, 4. MARY LINDA LEAGUE Home Room Treasurer, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Home Room Representative, 2; S. C. A., 1; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Drama Group, Drama Play “All Night Service " ; Lynchburg Play Festival, 3; Modern Dance Group, 3, 4, 5; Publicity Chairman, 4; Dance Recital “Date Book”, 3; Pep Club. 1, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Vice President, Latin Club, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 4, 5; Latin Club Easter Pageant. 4, 5; Member Junior Classical League, 4, 5; Delegate to First State J. C. L. Convention, 4; Godess Flora in May Court Presentation, 4; Member of May Court, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5, Senior Mirror, 5; Cheerleader, 5; Member Andrew Lewis News Staff. 4, 5; Club News Reporter, 4, Editor-in-Chief, 5; Delegate to Southern Interscholastic Press Association, 4, 5. ALLAN LEE LEFFLER DEWEY LAYNE LEMONS Newspaper Staff, 1; Public Speaking; Choral. 1; Sang in Fresh¬ man Assembly; Debate Team, 2; Annual Staff, 5; Senior Assembly, 5; Speaker in Morning Devotions; Annual Assembly; Hi-Y Club. 5; 5. I. P. A. Convention, 5; Debate Team, 5; Model General Assembly in Richmond. HARLAN CLAY LEONHARDT Jayvee Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Monogram Club. 4, 5; F. F. A., 5; Track, 5; Home-Coming Talent Show, 5. CLARA ELIZABETH LEWIS Band, 1, 2; Choir, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking Contest, 1; Home-Com¬ ing Hop Talent Show, 1; Sports Club, 1, 2; Dance Group, 2, 3, Vice President, 3; M. C. Y- Teen Assembly, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens. 3; Latin Club, 2, 3; Student Council, 2; Latin Club Assembly, 2, 3. 4; Junior Assembly, 4; Senior Mirror, 5; Pep Club, 4; All-State Choir, 5; Student Council Convention, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Volley¬ ball, 1, 2, 3, Squad Leader, 2, 3, 4; May Dance Program, 4; Home- Coming Talent Show, 4; P. T. A. Student Night, 2, 3; Tumbling, 3; Winner Home-Coming Talent Show, 3; National Forensic League, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3. 4, S; Christmas Assembly, 3. 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Secretary, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff, 1; 4-H Club, 1, 2. JESSE BURKS LOGAN Jayvee Football, 2, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Track, 3, 4. 5; Indoor Track, 5; Monogram Club, 4, S; Latin Club. 3, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Senior Assembly, 5; Choir Treasurer, 5; Senior Mirror, Best Looking, 5; Assemblies, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Officer, 3, 4; Wrestling, 5; Lettered Varsity Football, 4, 5. HARRY ASHTON LOUGH Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4, 5; Co-Captain, 5; Track, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Vice President, 5; Latin Club, 4, 5. JON LYMAN MANETTA Junior Varsity Football, 1, 2; Varsity Football, 3; Audio-Visual Department, 1,2; Monogram Club, 3, 4; Business Manager of Pioneer, 4; Manager, Basketball, 3, 4. BESSIE MILDRED MARTIN Transfer Student Thanksgiving Assembly Choir, 4; D. E. Club. 5; D. E. Con¬ vention at Richmond, 5. ROBERT JESSE MARTIN 4-H Club, 1, 2; Track Manager, 4; D. E. Club, 5; Activities Chairman of D. E. Club, 5. VIRGINIA CECILIA MATHENY 4-H Club, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1; Senior Y-Teen, 3, 4, 5. CAROL FOSTER MATTHEWS Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3. 5; S. C. A., 1; Pep Club, 1, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Secretary of Sophomore Class, 3; Candidate for State Beta Secretary, 4; Modern Dance Group, 4; Senior Mirror, 5; Volleyball, 4; Home Room President. 2; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Assembly Planning Committee, 5; Girls ' State Representative, 4; Cheerleader, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 4; Home-Coming Court, 5; May Court, 4, 5; Senior Assembly, Figure for Junior-Senior Prom, 4; Student Leader, 4; Class Council, 2, 3; Home Room Candidate for Snow Queen, 5; Candidate for D. A. R. Citizenship Award, 5; Dele¬ gate to Student Council District Meeting, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 5; Delegate to State S. C. A. Convention, 4; Student Representative on P. T. A. Executive Committee, 5; Usher for Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises, 4; Dedication Assembly, 4; Junior Assem¬ ble, 4; Maid of Honor in May Court, 5; Squad Leader, 3, 4; Chairman for March of Dimes, 5; Vice President of Student Body, 4; President of Student Body, 5; Member of the Hi Fashion Council, 5. DONALD RICHARD MAXEY DORIS ANN McBRIDE Home Room Vice President, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; F. T. A., 5; Christ¬ mas Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 2, 4, 5; “Messiah”, 5; County Fair Talent Show, 1; Annual Staff, 5; Dedication Assembly, 5; Junior Choir, 2, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Usher for Baccalaureate and Commencement, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Devotions, 5; Young Roanoke Sings, 2, 4, 5; Choral, 3; Y-Teen Recognition Serv¬ ice, 1; Appalachian Christmas Program, 5; Burlington Mills Christmas Program. 5; Assembly for William Fleming High School, 2; Squad Leader, 3; National Scholastic Screening Test, 5; Junior Classical League, 5. VIOLET JEANETTE Mc CRAY S. C. A. KIMLAH LARUE McCUE Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 1, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Y-Teen Recognition Service, 3; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4; Choral, 1, 2, 3; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3, 4, 5; “Messiah”, 5; S. C. A., 1; Newspaper Staff, 2, 3; Home-Goming Parade, 4, 5; Christ¬ mas Assembly, 4, 5; Eighth Grade Choir; Junior Winner; Easter Assembly, 5; Make-Up for Pageant, 4, 5; Junior Garden Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, President, 5. PETER JOHN McGUE Junior Varsity Football, 3; Track Team, 4; Varsity Football, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Locker Room Quartet, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; P. T. A. County Fair, 3, 4, 5. DOROTHY JO MERSHON JUDITH ANN MILLS ELEANOR GAYLE MORRIS Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 1, 2; Latin Club 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 4, 5; Annual Staff Circulation, 5; Newspaper Staff, 4, 5; Choral, 2; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Junior Assembly; Senior Assembly; Home-Coming Queen, 5; Annual Staff Kickoff Assembly, 4; Annual Staff Dedication Assembly, 4: Thanksgiving Assembly, 2; Christmas Assembly, 2: Y-Teen Recognition Service, 1, 2, 3, 4; Home- Coming Parade, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Y-Teen Play, 4. EDITH TERRILL MOTTLEY S. C. A„ 1; Latin Club, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4. What We Have Done ROSALIE MOWLES Secretary of Home Room, 1; Andrew Lewis News Staff. Et Certerce Reporter, 4, Assistant Editor, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Y-Teen Recog¬ nition Service, 1, 2, 3, 4; Y-Teen Choir, 3, 4; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Representative, 4; Publicity Chairman, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Choral, 2, 3; S. C. A., 1, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Repre¬ sentative of Southern Interscholastic Press Association, 4; Delegate to Y-Teen Winter Conference, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teen Sweetheart Dance Figure, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 2, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 5; Thanksgiving Party, ‘‘Miss Bountiful”, 4; Junior Assembly, 4; Library Club Assembly, 5; “Messiah”, 5; Latin Club Play, 3; Appalachian Music Program, 5; Pep Club, 1, 4; Burlington Mills Music Program, 5; Eighth Grade Assembly, 4; Young Roanoke Sings, 4, 5; A. L. Representative for " Teens Against Polio”, 5; Home-Coming Parade, 4, 5; Ringmaster for May Court, 3. WILLIAM HARRY MUSSELMAN Hi-Y, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Track, 3, 4, 5, Manager, 3; Off Beats Band, 4, 5; Goof Off ' s Band, 4; S. C. A., 2; Winner of County Fair Talent Show. 4; Third Place Home-Coming Talent Show (Goof Offs). 5; Played with Off Beats at South Salem. 4; Played with Off Beats at Monroe Junior, 4; Tumbling Team, 5; Tumbling Show at Fort Lewis, 3; Winner of County Fair Poster Contest, 2; Honorable Mention Poster Contest, 3; Science Fair, 4. WILLIAM FLOYD MYERS Junior Varsity Basketball, 2, 3; Junior Varsity Football, 2, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; D. E. Club President, 5; I. E. State Convention Delegate, 5. BERTHA CONSTANCE NALLS KENNETH NORTON President of Senior Class; Student Council, 2, 3, 5; Home Room Officer, 1, 2, 3, 4; Delegate to Boys’ State, 4; Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3; King of R. T. A. County Fair, 2; King of 11th Grade County Fair; Football: Junior Varsity, 2, Varsity Letters, 3, 4, 5, Captain All-City-County, All-City-County, All-Western District, All-State, Most Valuable Player Award in 1954 All-City-County, Captain All-Western District, All-State, Most Valuable Player Award in 1955, Co-Captain of 1955 A. L. Football Squad; Basketball, Junior Varsity, 1, 3, Varsity Letter, 4; Varsity Wrestling, Letter, 5; Varsity Track, Letter, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. DONALD SHIRMAN OAKES Band, 1; F. F. A., 2, 3; Junior Varsity Football, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Track, 4, 5; Wrestling Team, 5; All-City-County Football; All-Western District Football. SHELBY JEAN PALMER Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; S. C. A., 2; Bi-Phi-Chem, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Devotion. 4; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; D. E. Club, 5; Junior Classical League, 4, 5; Squad Leader, 3. BARBARA ANN PATTERSON Home Room Vice President, 3; Physical Education Honor Award, 4; Squad Leader, 1,3, 5; Assistant Squad Leader, 2, 4; F. H. A., 3. 4, 5; Back to School Night Fashion Show, 4; Model for Rotary Club Banquet, 4; F. H. A. Assembly Style Show, 4, 5; Third Place Winner in Fabric Shop Contest, 4; TV Fashion Show, 4; Group Chairman, F. H. A., 5; Co-Chairman, F. H. A., 4; Second Vice President, F. H. A., 5; Handbook Committee, 4; Hostess, F. H. A. Federation Meeting, 5; Junior Homemakers Degree, 4; Chapter Degree, 5; F. H. A. Deco¬ ration Committee for Float, 5; Degree Committee, F. H. A., 5; Betty Crocker Homemaking Test, 5; National Forensic League, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Constitution Week Speaker, 5; Patriotic Speech, 5; Thanksgiving Public Speaking Assembly, 5; Christmas Speaker, 5; March of Dimes Speaker, 5; Temperance Speaker, 5. JUDY PATTERSON Transfer Student F. H. A., 2, 3; Chairman of Social Committee, 3; Library As¬ sistant, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3; D. E. Club, 5; Scrapbook Committee, 5; Clinic Assistant, 2. NORMA LEE PAXTON Latin Club, 1; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5; Co-Chairman of Group, 5; Fashion Show Assemblies, 3. 4, 5; F. H. A. TV Shows, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens Assembly, 4; Senior Talent Show; Eighth Grade Talen Show Accompanist, 4; Sweetheart Dance Decorating Committee, 5; Clini Assistant, 1; Representative to Y-Teen Council, 4; S. C. A., 1. • RANDOLPH BRIAN PETERS Science Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Foot¬ ball, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3; Football Assembly, 4, 5; 4-H Club, 1. PETE TURNER PHILLIPS JOYCE EARLENE PHLEGAR Thanksgiving Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 3. 4; Senior Choir, 5; All- Western District Choir, 5; “Messiah”, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; F. H. A„ 4, Fashion Show Assembly. 3; Latin Club, 3; Pep Club, 4; President of Junior Choir, 4; Eight Grade Choir, 1; Choral, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff, 2, 3. JERRY CHRISTIAN PITTMAN Junior Hi-Y, 1; Audio-Visual Department, 2, 3, 4, 5; Stage Work for Assemblies, 2, 3, 4, 5; Lighting for Dances, 3, 4; Modern Dance Recital, 2, 3; Lighting for Operetta, 3; Lighting for Junior Women ' s Club Talent Shows, 3, 4; Spotlight for Easter Pageant, 4; Parliamen¬ tarian and Social Chairman of Distributive Education, 5. BARBARA JEAN POFF Eighth Grade Science Club; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Latin Club, 3; F. T. A., 5, Treasurer, 5; S. C. A., 2, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 2, 3, 4; Thanksgiving Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 2, 3, 4, 5; “Messiah”, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Appalachian Christmas Program, 5; Assistant, Betty Crocker Homemaker Test, 5; Pep Club, 2, 4; Volleyball Cheerleader, 3; Badminton, 3. WILLIAM CLARENCE POOLE, JR. Home Room President, 1, 2, 4, 5; Class Vice President, 1; Class President, 2; Student Council, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Junior Hi-Y, 1, President, 1; Senior Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 2, 3, President, 5; Hi-Y District Convention, 2; Model General Assembly, 4; Southern United States Hi-Y Congress, 4; City-County Hi-Y Council, 5; Vice President, 5; Senior Choir, 3, 4, 5; All-State Chorus, 5; " Ordering of Moses”, 3, 4; “Messiah " , 5; Football Manager, 2, 3; Basketball Manager, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Boys’ State, 4; First Place Winner in Jaycee Teen-Age Driving Roade-O, 3, 4; Jaycee Outstanding Youth Award, 5; State Student Council Convention, 4; District Conventions, 4, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Christmas Assembly, 1, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Class Talent As¬ sembly, 3, 4; Operetta, 3; State Roade-O, 3, 4. CHARLES NATHANIEL POWELL PEGGY JEAN PUGH S. C. A., 4; F. B. L. A., 5; Devotional Chairman, 5; V. O. T. Program, 5; D. E. Skit, 5. FRED GREENE REPASS BETTY LOU REYNOLDS Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Y-Teens, 1; S. C. A., 2; 4-H Club, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; F. H. A. Club, 3; Latin Club, 4; Y-Teens Home Room Captain, 4; Usherette at Easter Pageant, 4; Band Festival in Winchester, 4; County Fair, 2; F. H. A., Fashion Show, 3; Christmas Assembly, 5; Dancing, 2, 3; Swimming, 1; Band Assembly, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Secretary, 5; Assistant Squad Leader, 3; Clinic As¬ sistant, 5; Choir, 4, 5; Band Boosters Club, 4. BARNEY JORDON RICKMAN D. E. Club, 5. SHIRLEY ANNE RIERSON F. H. A., 4, Reporter, 4, President, 5; Home-Coming Parade, 4, 5; F. H. A. Convention, 4; F. H. A. Fashion Assembly, 4, 5; Re¬ porter for Roanoke Area Federation F. H. A., 5; Fashion Show at Hotel Roanoke, 4; Fashion Show on TV, 3. GERALD LEON ROBERTSON THOMAS BADGER ROBERTSON Transfer Student Football, 1,2; Basketball, 1, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3. NORMAN MICHAEL ROBERTSON Transfer Student F. B. L. A., 4. ROBERT CLINTON ROLLEY Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band Festival, 1, 3; Band Boosters, 4; S. C. A., 4, 5; Hi-Y Club, 4, 5; Band Concert, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Bass Solo, 4, 5; Band Quartet, 3; Apple Blossom Festival, 4; Blacksburg Concert, 3; Choir, 5; Easter Pageant, 3. EDWARD BYRON ST. CLAIR SARAH MAE ST. CLAIR Squad Leader in Gym, 1; S. C. A., 2, 3; F. H. A., 4. 5; 3rd Place Winner in Serving Contest; F. H. A. Assembly; F. H. A. Fashion Show at Hotel Roanoke; F. H. A. Fashion Show on TV; Home Room Secre¬ tary, 5; Junior-Senior Prom Figure, 4; D. E. Club Secretary, 5; Chair¬ man of Business Club Picnic, 5; V. O. T. Program, 5. RONALD DEXTER SAUL Transfer Student Wrestling, 5, Team Captain, 5. JACK LEWIS SHELOR F. F. A., Assistant Vice President, Assistant Sentinel; 4-H Club. NANCY LEE SHELTON Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; S. C. A., 2; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 3; F. H. A. Fashion Show for Y-Teens, 3; F. H. A. Fashion Show, Hotel Roanoke, 4; Representative in Typing Contest at Madi¬ son, 4; Home Room Secretary, 3; V. O. T Program, 5. What We Have Done EVELYN CORINNA SHEPPARD S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, 5;Nomination Committee, S. C. A., 4; Delegate to S. I, P. A. Convention, 4; Annual Kickoff Assembly. 4; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4, 5; Annual Staff, Artist, 4; Co-Editor of An¬ nual, 5; Science Club, 2; Squad Leader, 3; Senior Mirror, 5; Second Prize in County Fair Poster Contest, 3, 4. DONALD EDWARD SHORTER Home Room President, 1; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Class Council, 1. ROBERT EDWARD SLOANE PEGGY ANN SMILEY Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens. 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3. 4, 5; Home Room Vice President, 4; Junior Assembly, 4; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Choral Choir, 2, 3; Beta Club Convention, 4; Commencement Usher, 4; Baccalaureate Service Usher, 4; Easter Pageant, 4. 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A.. 3; “Messiah”, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Junior Classical League, 4; Pep Club, 4; Appalachian Program, 5; Hosiery Mill Program, 5. SHELBY JEAN SMITH Junior Y-Teens, 1.2; Eighth Grade Assembly, 1; Junior Y-Teen Talent Shows; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Talent Show, 3; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Senior Y-Teens Talent Shows; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; F. T. A., 5; County Fair Talent Show; Home-Coming Hop Talent Show, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band Color Guard, 5; Latin Club Meet¬ ing Program, 3; F. H. A. Meeting Programs. 5; Modern Dance Group, 2, 3; Back to School Night Program for P. T. A., 5. SONNY LEE SMITH Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, 2; Junior Varsity Football, 1, 2; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Monogram Club. 3, 4, Secretary. 4; F. F. A„ 1, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel, 4; Home-Coming King, 4; F. F. A. Degree Team, 1. RUSSELL ALVAH SNYDER, JR. F. F. A. Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club, 1, 2; Basketball Manager, 5; Indoor and Outdoor Track, 5. FRANCES GAYE STANLEY Library Club, 2, 3, 4; Junior Choir, 2, 3; V. O. T. Program, 5; Easter Pageant, 2. GLENDA SUE STANLEY S. C. A., 1, 2, 3; Bi-Phy-Chem, 4; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Choral Choir, 2, 3; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; “Messiah”, 5; Operetta, 3; Officer in Senior Y-Teens, 5; Figure in Sweetheart Dance, 5; Christmas and Thanksgiving Assemblies. 4, 5; Easter Pageants, 4, 5; Choir Festival, 4; Pep Club, 4, 5; Commencement (Choir), 4; Baccalaureate Service (Choir), 4; Driving Award, 2; Sophomore Mirror; Young Roanoke Sings, 4, 5; Typist for News¬ paper, 5; Appalachian Program. BETTY JACQUELINE STONE S. C. A., 1, 2, 4, 5; Pep Club, 1,3, 4; Badminton, 3; Basketball, 3; Volleyball, 3. MARY RUTH SUITER 4-H Club, 1, 2, 3. 4, 5, President, 5, Secretary, 3; Roanoke County Council. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, Reporter, 3, Secretary, 4, President, 5; County Honor Club, 2, 3, 4, 5. Secretary, 3. President, 4, Reporter, 5; Vir¬ ginia Girls’ State, 4; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; “Messiah”, 4; Band, 1 , 2, 3, 4; S. C. A., 1, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4; F. H. A., 5. Group Chairman, 5; Christmas Assembly, 3. 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Treasurer, 3, 4; Library Assistant, 5; Winchester Apple Blossom Festival Winner, 4; Band Festival, 2, 3; Choir Festival, 4; 4-H Radio and TV Programs. 1. 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 1, 2; Member Virginia Chapter of 4-H All-Stars, 4; Home-Coming Talent Show, County Fair, 3; Talent Show, 3; Delegate Virginia State Short Course, 2, 3, 4, 5; Delegate to Virginia 4-H Electric Congress, 3. DJUNA LEE SUTPHIN S. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Distributive Education. 5; Secretary of Distributive Education Class, 5; Future Homemakers of American Fashion Show, 3, 4. BETTY JANE SWITZER Home Room Secretary, 1; Junior Y-Teens. 1, 2, S. C. A., 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; F. B. L. A., Group Captain. 5; Representative to Madison College, 4; Soccer, 2; F. B. L. A. Scrap¬ book Committee, 4; F. B. L. A. Convention at Radford, 5; F. B. L. A. Convention at Hotel Roanoke, 5; Badminton, 3; V. O. T., 5. EMORY NED TARPLEY Football, 4, S; Junior Varsity Football, 2, 3; Science Club, 1,2, 3; S. C. A., 1; Roanoke County Science Fair, 3, 5; Home Room Treas¬ urer, 3, 5; Typing Contest at Madison College, 4; Basketball Manager, 3, 4; Driving Roade-O, 3. LOLA MAE TAYLOR RAYMOND CLARK THOMAS, JR. F. F. A., 2, 3. 4, 5, Assistant Treasurer, 2, Assistant Secretary, 3; Attended National Convention, 4; Forestry Team, 2, 3, 4, 5; Federa¬ tion Softball Team, 4, 5; State Forestry Camp, 3; F. F. A.-F. H. A. Camp, 4, 5; State Convention, 4; Wrestling Team, 5. ROCKLA JANETTE THOMPSON Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5, Accompanist, 5; All-West Chorus, 4; Choir Festival, 4; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; “Messiah”, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 4, 5; Junior Assembly; Senior Assembly; Home-Coming Talent Show, 4, 5; Public Speaking Play, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 5; Commencement Exercises, 4, 5; Baccalaureate Service, 4, 5; Girls’ Trio, 5; Back to School Night, 4; “Young Roanoke Sings” Radio Program, 3, 4, 5; Friday De- votionals; Andrew Lewis Radio Program, 4, 5; Pep Club, 4; Home Room Secretary, 2, Treasurer, 4. RUTH EVELYN THOMPSON Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Library Club, 3; Pep Club, 1, 4; Sports Club, 3, 4, 5; F. B. L. A., 5; Group Captain, 5; Squad Leader, 3; Basketball, 3, 4; Volleyball, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Soccer, 3; Hockey, 3, 4; Tumbling, 4; Badminton, 3, 4, 5; Shuffieboard, 3, 4, 5; Dancing, 2, 3, 4; Tournament at Madison College; Shorthand and Typing, 4; F. B. L. A. State Convention at Hotel Roanoke, 5; F. B. L. A. District Convention at Radford, 5; V. O. T., 5. MAMIE ELIZABETH TOLLEY Home Economics, 5; V. O. T. Program, 5. BARBARA JEAN TURMAN S. C. A., 1, 2, 3; Clinic Assistant, 4; V. O. T., 5; Newspaper Staff, 2; Sports Club. 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Club Awards Assembly, 3; F. B. L. A., 4, 5; F. B. L. A. Devotional Committee, 5; F. B. L. A. District Convention, 4; F. B. L. A. State Convention, 5; Roanoke College Hockey Clinic, 3; Dancing, 3; Tumbling, 3; Softball, 2; Hockey, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 2, 3; F. B. L. A. Contest Winner, 5; Badminton, 3; Soccer, 3. EDWARD DOUGLAS VAUGHN, JR. Transfer Student Beta Club; Beta Club Assembly. 3, 4, 5; Beta Club Convention Official Delegate, 5; Commencement Exercises, 2, 3, 4, 5; Bacca¬ laureate Service, 2, 3, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly. 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 2, 3. 4, 5; Home Economics Fashion Show. 3, 4; Sophomore Talent Show; Junior Talent Show; Latin Club Assembly, 4. 5; S. C. A. Assembly. 3, 4; Latin Club Television Program, 3; “Tales From Out of School”, TV Program, Wloat We Have Done 4; Omegas; Demolays; Virginia All-State Orchestra, 2, 3; Virginia All-State Chorus-West, 2, 4, 5; Friday Devotions Speaker, 5; Consti¬ tution Day Speaker, 5; American Legion Speaker’s Contest, 5; Science Club, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Male Quartet; Senior Male Quartet; Operetta, 3; District Choir Festival, 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Singles Table Tennis Champion. 3; Sophomore Mirror— Most Talented; Senior Mirror—Most Talented; Assistant Concert- master Roanoke Symphony, 5; Soloist with Roanoke Symphony, 5; Driving Award of Merit, 4; Class Council, 5; Vice President of Home Room, 3; President of Home Room, 5; Junior Classical League; Public Speaking, 5; County Fair. 4; Back to School Night, 3, 4; " Young Roanoke Sings” Radio Program, 2. 3. 4, 5; Sweetheart Dance Figure, 5; Thursday Morning Music Club Radio Program, 2, 3, 4, 5: Runner-Up in 1955 Student Auditions of the Virginia Federation of Music Clubs; James Bland Scholarship Contest, 4, 5; Offered Scholar¬ ships to Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio, and Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York; Featured in Articles in " The Virginia Musician”, 5. CORIENE BESSIE WALTERS Sports Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; F. B. L. A., 5; Group Captain, 5; Basket¬ ball, 1. 3, 4; Volleyball, 3. 4; Dancing, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Soccer, 3, 4; Tumbling, 2, 3, 4; Badminton, 4; Shuffleboard, 4; Ping-Pong, 4; Runner-Up in Badminton Tournament, 4. CAROL SUE WEAVER WAYNETTA ELIZABETH WEEKS Junior Y-Teen, 1; F. B. L. A.. 5; Sports Club, 3: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 2; Volleyball, 3; Dancing, 3; Basketball, 3; Public Speak¬ ing, 5. ELIZABETH ANN WINSLOW Transfer Student Home Room President. 3; Class Council, 3; Library Club, 3, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir Accompanist, 5; “Ordering of Moses”, 4; “Messiah”, 5; Junior Class Assembly; Senior Class Assembly; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 3, 4. 5; Senior Y-Teen Model, 5; Library As¬ sistant, 3; Public Speaking Play, 5; Choir Festival. 4; Latin Club Assembly, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 4, 5; Andrew Lewis Radio Program, 4; Commencement Exercises, 4, 5; Baccalaureate Services, 4, 5; Devotional Accompanist; Public Speak¬ ing, 5; " Young Roanoke Sings”, 3, 4, 5; Back to School Night, 4. MARGIE ESTHER WIRT F. H. A.. 3; S. C. A., 1, 2, 3; 4-H Club, 1, 2; Easter Pageant, 1; Public Speaking, 3; Public Speaking Assembly, 3; Public Speaking Church Tournament, 3; Dancing, 5; Tumbling, 2; Public Speaking Skit for Eighth Grade, 3; Skit in F. H. A. Club, 3; Home-Coming Parade, 3. SARAH LOUISE WIRT S. C. A., 1, 2; Secretary of Home Room, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Eighth Grade Choral Group, 1; President of Home Room, 2; Junior Choir, 2, 3; Vice President of Home Room, 3; Vice President of Home Room, 4; F. H. A., 4; Chairman of Committee, 4; Winner of D. E. District Convention, 5; D. E. Program Committee Chairman, 5; Assistant to President D. E. Convention, 5; D, E. Assembly Program, 5. DONALD EUGENE WISEMAN D. E. Club, 5; F. F. A„ 5. JOE WELLS F. F. A., 3, 4; Degree Team, 4; D. E. Club, 5. BETTY MAE W T ERTZ S. C. A., 1, 2; F. H. A., 5; Public Speaking, 5. JOYCE ODELL WEST S. C. A., 1, 2, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; F. B. L. A., 4; F. H. A., 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 4. MORTON ALEXANDER WITT P. T. A. County Fair Home Room King, 2; S. C. A., 3, 4, 5; D. E. Club, 5; D. E. Christmas Basket Committee, 5; D. E. Project Chairman, 5; D. E. Convention, 5; D. E. Assembly, 5. PHYLLIS JANNETTE WITT S. C. A., 1. 2; Junior Y-Teens, 1; Eighth Grade Choral; F. H. A., 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 5; Fashion Show Winner, 2, 4; Junior Choir, 2, 3; Public Speaking Contest, 4; Student Advisor, Fashion Show, 4; D. E. Committee Choir, 5; Assembly Program, 2, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A. Group Captain, 3, 4; Vice President of Home Room, 2. D. E. Club, 5. SHIRLEY ANN WHITMER Transfer Student RACHEL MARIE WHITMIRE S. C. A„ 3, 4, 5. BETTY JEAN WILCHER Latin Club, 4; Library Club, 4; D. E. Club, 5. REBECCA LOU WOOLWINE 4-H Club, 1, 2; S. C. A„ 1, 2, 3, 4; F. B. L. A„ 5; V. O. T„ 5; Public Speaking, 3; Skit for D. E., 5; Representative at F. B. L. A. District Convention. 5; Secretary of Home Room. 2, 3; Group Captain of F. B. L. A.. 5; Board of Directors of F. B. L. A., 5; Speeches in Eighth Grade Home Room, 3; Representative in Contest at Madison College, 4; Devotions Committee of F. B. L. A., 5; Public Speaking Church Tournament, 3. JAMES MONTGOMERY WRIGHT MARGIE LOUISE WILLIAMS Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4; President Home Room, 3, 4; Home Room Secretary, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Y-Teen Captain, 3; D. E. Club, 5; D. E. Vice President, 5; Science Fair, 3; Chairman of D. E. Convention, 5; D. E. Assembly, 5. 7 ) -A ' , C Treasurer of Home Room, 2; 4-H Club, 1, 2, 3; F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5, Assistant Reporter. 3, Assistant Sentinel, 4; Chairman Scholarship Committee, 4; Public Speaking, 2, 3, 4; B. R. B. Softball Team, 4, 5 Dairy Judging, 2, 3, 4, 5; Forestry Judging, 2, 3. 4; Crop Judging, 4 , Beef Judging, 4; Ivy Hill Tour, 4; Atlantic Rural Exposition, 2 ' F. F. A. Camp. 5; F. F. A. Radio Show, 4; F. F. A. Television Show 3; K. V. G„ 4 5. WILLIAM LEE WILLIS l ✓yV ,,v ' CAMILLA ANN YACUZZO Solicitors: Larry Bronson, Marie Harter, Dewey Lemons, Jimmie Edwards (Manager) On the following pages are our friends from Salem and vicinity who have helped make our yearbook possible. Some supply us with necessities; others furnish luxuries; but all are a part of our life. Why not go in and say “hello”? .Meet your friends STALEY ' S RESTAURANT Colorado and Fourth SALEM, VA. n i Jtjtfi SALEM CREAMERY C0. Inc. Distributors of Clover Brand Dairy Products ICE CREAM «• DIAL 3 6 4 1 736 West Fourth Street Salem, Virginia .T MANUFACTURING COMPANY DIXIE CAVERNS 7 Miles West of Salem On U. S. 11 and 460 Tour Beautiful Caverns We Cater to Private Parties CAVERNS — HOTEL — BALLROOM MANUFACTURERS OF UPHOLSTERED LIVING ROOM FURNITURE " FIRST IN FASHION " FUEL OIL —KEROSENE Metered Delivery Prompt, Courteous 24-Hour Serv ice Dial SALEM-4570 SALEM OIL CO. 1608 COLORADO ST. ALEM, V § _ Roanoke College Salem, Virginia For Over 100 Years a Superior College of Liberal Arts and Sciences H. Sherman Oberly, President M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D, LL.D. Charles J. Smith, Provost M.A., D.D., LL.D. VJ re. T C6 V- OJ Vjs X ts- QJS ■4- { 140 ft- r I C- - ' ' - Jl SALES V- - 4 —» GATES PONTIAC, Inc 1104 W. Main St. SALEM, VA. Dial 2388 SERVICE VALLEYDALE PACKERS, Inc. SALEM, VIRGINIA { 141 A 1 Qr OPPORTUNITIES . . . For young men Ind woim ' h thinki today offers opporf ! ' is of ' g career, the textile industry inufacturing, merchandising, related fields. STRIES tive offices — Greensboro, N. C. Congratulations Graduates SMEAD WEBBER and W. B. DILLARD CO. YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Since 1843 WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF HUDNUT, DOROTHY GRAY, COTY, REVLON, LENTHERIC, MAX FACTOR, OLD SPICE AND TUSSY Free Parking rear of Store DIAL 3331 SALEM, VA. 1+2 b- You are Welcome to Visit Our Open Kitchen and Meet Our Chef BRADFORD ' S SEA FOOD AND STEAK HOUSE MELROSE AVENUE City Limits ROANOKE, VA. " Most Modern and Up-to-Date Sea Food and Steak House in the State” ALBERT BROS. CONTRACTORS, INC. 1102 Tennessee Street Salem, Virginia HIGHWAYS RAILROADS HEAVY CONSTRUCTION Dial Day, 4741 — Night, 4-2313 GEORGE A. JEFFREYS CO. Manufacturers of ENZYMES, VITAMINS AND ANTIBIOTICS Salem, Virginia A. DAY LUCAS BUILDING CONTRACTOR Better Homes for Better Living DIAL 2779 SALEM, VIRGINIA AMO ' S RESTAURANT W. Main St. Salem DINING ROOM — FOUNTAIN AND CURB SERVICE Phone 4886 GREEN HILL, Inc. MEAT PACKERS Elliston, Virginia June 9, 1956 Graduating Class, 1956 Andrew Lewis High School Salem, Virginia Dear Graduates: We wish to congratulate you and extend our best wishes for your success in the future. Sincerely, Green Hill, Inc. " We Wrap Our Future in Every Package” CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! DRIVE-IN HOME OF THE ORIGINAL " DOUBLE-DECK” HAMBURGER OWEN ' S MARKET Frosted Foods — Staple and Fancy Groceries DIAL At Cove and 4-7023 Hershberger Roads { 146 fa Compliments of PEACOCK-SALEM BLOUNT ' S SERVICE STATION LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS 1416 Colorado Street t—i First and Alabama Streets SALEM, VA. Salem, Virginia KODAK SUPPLIES Dial 3391 Congratulations to the GENTRY STUDIO Class of 1956 Portrait and Commercial HO TEL and Aerial Photography FORT LEWIS NEWSSTAND Jim Gentry E. MAIN ST. SALEM, VA. Telephone 3221 e{ 147 E. F. Blankenship Co. 1308 West Main St. Salem, Va. Phone 4202 Contractors Roanoke Valley Motors, Inc. ”Where your money buys more than a car” 1337 W. Main St. Salem, Va. Phone 2377 F. G. OAKEY CLEANER Congratulations The Finest Cleaning and Pressing PIEDMONT STORES Cash and Carry and Delivery Boulevard and Colorado Salem, Virginia SALEM, VIRGINIA TELEPHONE 4611 DIAL 5523 SKYLINE CLEANERS, INC. and SHIRT LAUNDRY 601 College Ave. SALEM, VIRGINIA OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE Phone 2364— Salem Hart Motor Company, Inc. 400 E. Main Street TOWN and CAMPUS MEN ' S SHOP Fine Furnishings and Sportswear Rental Service on all types of Formal Wear Salem, Va. Dial 5776 LITTRELL ' S BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP Modern—Sanitary 207 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia " Five chairs, and no waiting” Call 3261 for Appointment ELLIOTT BUICK, Inc. 1723 W. MAIN ST. GOODWIN-ANDREWS THE Incorporated CHILDREN ' S SHOP INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE LOANS NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Dial 2329 CLOTHING 306 East Main Street 4 E. Main St., Salem Salem, Virginia MARETA ' S THE MAN ' S SHOP Everything for the Ladies " Clothing That Suits” NEW HOME 6 W. MAIN ST. MANHATTAN SHIRTS FLORSHEIM SHOES Ample Parking in Rear with Rear SUITS — TOPCOATS Entrance for Your Convenience SPORTCOATS — SLACKS Salem, Va. 216 E. Main St., Salem, Va. Phone 2461 PHONE 5820 Economy Food Market GOODWIN Insurance Realty Co., Inc. 209 College Avenue Organized 1931 Phone 5173 " Dividend Paying Insurance” FANCY GROCERIES 15 South College Avenue Dial 2327 MEATS—PRODUCE Salem, Virginia LEONARD SMITH ACME PRINTERS SHEET METAL WORKS Incorporated 1603 BROOK AVENUE Printing Engraving 13-15 North College Ave. I GENERAL MOTORS 1 poi B Dial 2231 Salem, Virginia 4. 150 DAME ROOFING CO. Forced Air Heating and Air Conditioning Dial 2471 Established 1880 Compliments of HOLDREN REFRIGERATOR SALES and SERVICE Roanoke - Salem - Vinton CARY HALL Compliments of MACHINERY CO., Inc. BEMISS EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT CORP. Contractors—Municipalities Industrials—Railroads Salem, Virginia SALES—SERVICE—RENTALS DIAL SALEM 5486 34 E. 4th St., Salem, Va. GREEN MARKET Fancy Meats Groceries Compliments of Quality Produce BEACH SERVICE CENTER Dial 2379 Telephone 2964 8 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia 4th and Colorado Compliments of WRIGHrS BARBER SHOP RICHARDSON ' S 211 4th St. SUPER MARKET FROZEN FOODS GROCERIES Across from Staley’s Restaurant FRESH MEATS 18 E. Main St. Phone 5426 151 } 2 { 152 } Salem, Virginia WEBBER ' S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Peters Creek Esso Station Speed, Accuracy and Privacy C. E. Webber, Pharmacist Intersection Rt. 11 6 and Rt. 117 Pauline G. Webber Jean W. Payne Ervin P. Brooks Roanoke, Virginia Martha G. Gleason 1. Ray Byrd COMPLETE ROAD SERVICE BROAD AND MAIN STREETS Phone 3851 SALEM, VA. Those Who Know—Choose Westward Lake Estates R U SCO Country Club Membership STORM WINDOWS, DOORS Goes With Your House VENETIAN BLINDS AWNINGS Boating Swimming Fishing Hiking RUSCO WINDOW CO. Riding Roanoke, Virginia SALEM-2241 VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP COLONIAL BEAUTY SHOP Mrs. Georgia W. Adams, Owner Seven Years in Hair Styling Mrs. Hassie Pannei.l, Proprietor Dial Salem 5262 Salem 6298 Your Loveliness is Our Business I 8 V 2 -A E. Main Salem, Va. Colonial Theater Bldg., Salem, Va. CROTT ' S GARAGE BOB ' S PHILLIPS " 66 " GENERAL REPAIR SERVICE “Bob’’ Bryant, Operator AUTO, BODY AND FENDER WORK Lubrication, Washing PHONE 2271 Pick-Up and Delivery Service 3234 Mt. Vernon Dr. Roanoke, Va. 410 Eighth Street Salem, Virginia PHONE 2-6070 { 153 }! Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1936 COLONIAL THEATER Staff and Management Salem Agency State Farm Insurance JACK CRAWFORD BOB KINZIE AUTO — LIFE — FIRE 203 E. Main St., Salem, Va. Compliments of MILLER TIRE SERVICE McDOWALL WOOD, Inc. CONTRACTORS 1308 West Main Street Salem, Virginia INTERIORS BY RICHARD 17 South Alabama Street Richard E. Jones, Decorator and Designer Interior Decorating and Consultant Service GIFTS - FURNITURE - CARPETING FABRICS - ACCESSORIES Salem, Virginia DIAL 6676 BROWN HARDWARE CO. " The Friendly Store” AAA Phone 4431 115 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Trade-Mark HOWARD JOHNSON ' S RESTAURANT ICE CREAM SHOPS AND RESTAURANTS Rt. 11, 5 Miles North of Roanoke Compliments of MORGAN ' S SUPER MARKET Frozen Foods Groceries Fresh Meats 25 E. Main Street Phone 3521 ■4 154 GOOD FOOD ABC 191 RIVERSIDE 7 Miles West of Salem on Route 11 SOUVENIRS Dial 2993 YOUNG ' S SUPER MARKET Route No. 9, Lakeside Road LIPES PHARMACY CECIL LIPES, Prop. Store No. i Dial 2-3479 2201 Crystal Spring Ave., S. W. Roanoke, Va. Store No. Dial 8805 2907 Brambleton Roanoke. Virginia Compliments of A I M COMPANY Compliments Congratulations to the Graduates of ' 56 SKATE-A-DROME POWELL PHARMACY, Inc. WHERE GOOD SKATES MEET 29 E. Main St., Salem, Va. PHONE 5423 Compliments of Salem Farm Supply Corp. CARPER ' S GIFTS and OFFICE SUPPLIES 119 E. Main Phone 3381 SALEM, VIRGINIA Shank Furniture Company Open Friday Nights Until 9:00 P. M. Salem, Virginia Compliments of GREAT AMERICAN TEA CO. SALEM, VIRGINIA Compliments of PHLEGAR ELECTRIC CO. Gross Manufacturing Co. Appliances and Fixtures — Delco Motors Contracting and Repairs 146 West Main St., Salem, Va. 11 S. College Avenue Salem, Va. PURCELL REALTY CO. Compliments of 13 SOUTH COLLEGE AVE. SALEM BOWLING CENTER Salem-5517 { 155 4 BILL ERNEST ' S Compliments of ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION PEDIGO ' S FOOD MARKET 212 Epperson Drive, South Salem 1111 West Main Salem, Virginia Compliments of CHELF ' S DARI DELITE 1214 W. Main St. Salem, Virginia MODERN DRESS SHOP 212 East Main Street Phone 3211 Salem, Virginia Ladies’ Ready to Wear Compliments of POOLE ' S MOTOR COURT and ESSO SERVICE STATION SALEM HARDWARE Lunches - Beverages - All Night Service 733 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Absher ' s Atlantic Station Compliments of HASH ' S GROCERY 4th AND COLORADO 1813 Mulberry St., Salem, Va. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of EWING GROCERY 1502 Eddy Street, Salem, Va. BOB ' S DRIVE INN SALEM GLASS CORP. 903 West Main Street SALEM, VIRGINIA ALL KINDS OF GLASS 502 8th Street Phone 3414 SALEM, VA. RICHARDS CLEANERS T. E. BURKE 9 BRUFFEY ST. REAL ESTATE BROKER Compliments of ADAM ' S PAINT SHOP AND GROCERY MINGA ' S GROCERY 623 Florida St. Salem, Va. FULL LINE OF DEVOE PAINTS GROCERIES AND MEATS 316 E. MAIN ST., SALEM, VA. DIAL 3571 4 . 156 Compliments of DONAHUE BROS. Compliments of Gulf Service Beach Bros. Esso Service 30 West Main Salem, Va. REESE RADIO SERVICE PLANTATION GRILLE RADIO REPAIRING AT REASONABLE PRICES All Work Guaranteed - DIAL 5197 218 W. MAIN STREET SALEM, VA. 829 W. Main St. SALEM, VIRGINIA Phone 3320 C. D. Reese Good Food and Fine Beverages FRANK ' S BAR-B-Q HINCHEE HINCHEE GROCERIES - FROZEN FOODS - MEATS 748 FOURTH ST. Courteous Service HANGING ROCK PHONE SALF.M-2639 Compliments of RICE ' S GROCERY Lee Highway Phone 4-9582 ROANOKE, VA. Compliments of THE REMNANT KING 200 MAIN ST., SALEM, VA. GEARHART SHOE REPAIR SAM ' S DIAL 2591 QUALITY CLOTHING SHOES 15 East Main Street Salem, Virginia for the Entire Family Goodyear Shoe Hospital South’s Finest Footlong Hotdogs HOMEMADE CHILI 205 E. MAIN ST. DIXIE BARBECUE Compliments of Jobe Plumbing and Heating 709 Bowman Ave. Salem, Virginia PHONE 5600 H. M. WOOD Plumbing and Heating Salem, Va. Dial 3441 FORT LEWIS HARDWARE LUMBER CORP. HARDWARE and BUILDING SUPPLIES A Square Deal In Every Buy Route 3 Salem, Va. Phone 3241 LOGAN ' S BARN ANTIQUES One of the South’s Largest and Most Interesting Shops { 157 } RALPH E. MILLS COMPANY, Inc. General Contractor SALEM, VA. P. 0. BOX 513 SUTPH I N ' S FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET 203 Boulevard Salem, Virginia BLUE JAY RESTAURANT 6 Miles West of Salem Compliments of EAGLE STORES CO. SALEM, VIRGINIA Congratulations to the Class of 1956 ROANOKE VALLEY REALTY CORPORATION 202 W. MAIN SALEM, VA. Compliments of JAMES BARBER SHOP 2 BROAD STREET DINE AND DANCE NEW BROOK CLUB Formerly Apartment Camps MOSES TEXACO STATION RT. 1 , Salem, Virginia Complete Line of Firestone Products Dial Salem -2987 PHONE 5966 McClung Lumber Company, Inc. Building Materials - Mill-work - Paints Asbestos Siding - Roofing Builders Hardware - Coal Dial 5479 Salem, Va. Flowers for All Occasions , . . T. D. S. JOBE FLORIST PHONE 3841 215 College Ave. Salem, Virginia L. W. CALDWELL FIRESTONE TIRES—TUBES ACCESSORIES—AUTOLITE BATTERIES MAREAK LUBRICATION R. F. D. 9 EDGEWOOD Box 570 Compliments of A FRIEND i{ 158 } 4 159 p- Mary Bishop, Sally Miller, Faye Hensley, Jo Ann Aliff,(Manager) Not far away, in fact very close to us, is the answer to a small town’s dream, Roanoke. This metropolis gives us the luxuries of a big city and at the same time lets us enjoy our suburban life. We thank the merchants for this privilege and for the help they have given to this publication. Stop by and see them. Let them know we appreciate their services. 4 101 } R O A N O K E A D V E R T I S E M E N T S MEMO TO: the girl who wants an interesting job You’ll find it at the telephone company, where there’s a variety of fascinating jobs for alert, capable young women who qualify. You’ll work in pleasant surroundings with many people about your own age .. . receive good pay while learning . . . get regular raises. And you don’t need any experience. Best of all, a telephone job is a satisfying job because you know you’re helping almost everyone in your community. Why not find out more about the advantages of telephone work? THE CHESAPEAKE POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA mmm y. if t VVV ' , tr M ZJC, ■ ' i}X y y- ■{ 162 £ Gp$h Hugh iSchwt ... what about Security? Financial protection at the beginning of your active career is even more important than later when your goal is nearer realization. Life Insurance offers you the one sure way to create an estate by the stroke of a pen to protect yourself and those who may be dependent upon you. Get the facts now from your nearest Shenandoah Life representative. Shenandoah Life $nAwtcwtcz (ZonvpaMAj Home Office • Roanoke, Virginia A MUTUAL LIFK INSURANCE COMPANY OWNED BY AND OPERATED FOR ITS POLICYOWNERS No other chips so fresh ... No others have " Magic-Pak”! Delicious with your favorite food or beverage are Gordon ' s famed " Magic-Pak " Potato Chips! 4 163 }! Your smartest clothes, your most flattering accessories are your best values . . . and they all come from Smartwear! X V rv 1 In ? 1 . — ' • Sv v - ' V ' 3 ■ v i -3 ' ELECTRIC Industry Control Department ROANOKE, VA. V 4 164 f Coca-Cola is so refreshing ROANOKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, Inc. 165 } »8 C i »Jc iwhitt j vW c e „ e vnN ' e „ t iO I e ° u ' ao xP ' . oC e „ 0 cP — S 3 ' ’ «c vV e 0 ° v .. L — H " V " 1 .... {four Official Photographer Rcj -€■{ 167 }• y C , BUDD STERNS FURNITURE FAIR HOLLINS, VA. 600 Yds. from Cloverdale • Famous Makes of Fine Home Furnishings • Over 10,000 Square Feet of Display Space • Parking for 150 Cars and Wagons • Life Insurance on Credit Accounts • Savings of at Least 25% — Free Delivery LOW RENT — LOW TAXES — LOW PRICES On U. S. Route 11, North from Roanoke DRIVE A LITTLE —SAVE A LOT! • Phone Troutville 2-1051 Open ’til 9 p- m. Weekdays—Close 6 p. m. Saturdays CVAL dC-? ocxz . CkAA j TECHNICAL REPRODUCTION SUPPLY CORP. ROANOKE, VA. HUNTINGTON, W. VA. 128 W. Kirk Ave. 826 Sixth Avenue Dial 4-8921 Dial 8309 Architects ' Engineers ' Supplies and Equipment Supplies and Equipment Blue Line Prints Blueprints Black Line Prints Photostats " Southwest Virginia ' s Reproduction Center " Quality l au Gan ' ta te V ROANOKE’S MOST MODERN DAIRY A 4 170 }S«- 4 171 } Compliments ADAMS CONSTRUCTION CO. ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS ASPHALT SURFACING Telephone 3-2409 Roanoke, Virginia 1 Telephone 3-4473 P. O. Box 742 Weddle Plumbing and Heating Mechanical Contractors STOKERS - OIL BURNERS GAS EQUIPMENT 1129 Shenandoah Ave., N. W. Roanoke, Virginia Fuel Oil Equipment Co., Inc. Heating Oil for All Purposes Dial 8866 Roanoke, Virginia MAKE YOUR andmchei. RAIN DO BREAD EAT TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS BOWLES SALES CO. 927 Salem Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. CHILDRESS BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1956 MICHAEL ' S BAKERY Roanoke, Virginia DAVIDSON ' S CLOTHIERS—HABERDASHERS 303 S. Jefferson ROANOKE, VIRGINIA OFFICE EQUIPMENT and SCHOOL SUPPLIES EASTER SUPPLY CO. Roanoke, Va. 8:00 A. M. to 6:00 P. M. Closed at 1:00 on Wednesdays Expert Hair Cutting Complete Barber Service 2818 WILLIAMSON RD. Next Door to Shirley’s Resttaurant “Serving Your Heating Needs Over 40 Years” We Give TV Stamps F. L. HATCHER SON Dealers in High Grade Coal and Fuel Oil Rely on Purina Hog Fnteno Complete feed to put on pounds quick and thick. Makes fine flavored meat. Ready to Feed CHECK-R-BOARD Roanoke, Va. BECAUSE Style Comes First Roanoke, Virginia An Investment in Good Appearence ARCHIE ' S, Inc. Operators of ARCHIE’S LOBSTER HOUSE ARCHIE ' S GIFT SHOPPE and ARCHIE ' S TOWNHOUSE KINNEY SHOES OVER 350 STORES 4 LARGE FACTORIES One of America’s Largest Groups of Family Shoe Stores CARTER ' S AIR-LEE CLEANERS 4720 Williamson Road, N. W. Where Cleaning is an Art v tit tr m stun tunic jwun JtrrtRso «t cmmrcii ROANOKE, V A. CUSTER and FISHER CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS E. W. Custer H. A. Fisher Troutville 2-1167 903 Hershberger Roanoke 6-3306 Ml so. ]£FFttS0M STREET ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Pan Distributing Company, Inc. (Formerly Katz Food Company) Distributors of Food Specialties and Detergents 1621 First Street, N. W. ROANOKE, VA. DIAL 4-3592 { 175 } Compliments of Gills Restaurant Motel 4611 Williamson Road ROANOKE, VIRGINIA " The Watch Store of Roanoke’’ BARR BROS. Friendly Jeweler 4 E. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Va. Telephone 2-0953 HODGES FLORIST VETERANS FACILITY ROAD 3631 Shenandoah Avenue, N. W. Dial 3-6210 Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of CUNNINGHAM ' S BARBERSHOP Intersection Hershberger and Cove Roads Propst-Childress Shoe Company 306 South Jefferson Street Dial 4-9269 Roanoke, Va. Congratulations from GEORGE T. HITCH JEWELER 118 West Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of S. H. KRESS COMPANY ROANOKE, VIRGINIA FLOWERS Roy L. Webber, Florist 4000 Williamson Road, Phone 6-3401 Roanoke, Virginia { 176 K GLENN-MINNICH BEN F. STULTZ DIST. CO. " The Store with the Friendly Door n 1715 Williamson Rd. Phone 8698 High School Shop Third Floor DISTRIBUTORS OF FRITOS BUSH-FLORA SHOE CO. BUDDY ' S CROWN SERVICE 109 Campbell Avenue, West Dial 2-1955 Roanoke, Virginia COMPLETE CAR SERVICE 2921 Shenandoah Ave., N. W., Roanoke, Virginia We Appreciate Your Patronage PHONE 6-1831 ARROW HARDWARE, PAINT FEED CO. 1105 Curtis Ave., Williamson Rd. and Airport Rd. Plenty Parking Space Roanoke, Virginia CHICK INN DRIVE IN RESTAURANT 59c Golden Brown J 4 Chicken 59c French Fries - Tomatoes 59c Hot Rolls with Creamery Butter 59c Obenchain ' s Greenhouse 3634 SHENANDOAH AVE., N. W. 4 POPLARS MOTEL A GOOD PLACE TO SLEEP Approved by American Motel Courts Assn. ATLANTIC PHONE 6-2635 DAVIDSON ' S ATLANTIC SERVICE “Service With A Smile " TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE Brooks F. Davidson, Prop. 4903 Wiliamson Road, Roanoke, Virginia WILSON ' S ESSO AND GROCERY PHONE 2-9400 3809 Mt. Vernon Drive, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of llMMY TaRRACANO AIR-LEE SUPERETTE Picnic Supplies - Cold Beverages To Go 5002 Williamson Rd. at Intersection of Airport Rd. PHONE 6-0746 Compliments of PAINTER ' S PHARMACY JOHNNY ' S DRIVE IN AND RESTAURANT " Good Food of all Kinds " 4608 Williamson Rd. Curb Service WEST ' S SHELL STATION WASHING - GREASING MINOR REPAIRS 3151 WILLIAMSON RD. -K y ’MSKSJfg A r Acknowledgments Before we close this book depicting our life at Andrew Lewis, we want to pause to pay special tribute to the late Mr. R. W. Culpepper. He took pictures for our annual for many years. The last picture taken by him is on our title page and we lovingly dedicate it to our great friend. We also wish to thank Mr. Gerald Cannaday from The Stone Printing Com¬ pany, because, with his help, we have been able to give you our best, Mr. Joseph Hazlegrove for his splendid photography and patience and Mrs. Shirley Faucette, Pugh’s Studio, for her excellent photography in our class section. We are grateful, also, to Mr. Broadwater, Mr. Alexander, the office staff, and those teachers and students who have so willingly cooperated with the staff. i { 178 } ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL llfillllit I Mil i i M

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