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- ° 3 Q, vl tK j JL jl 3 ' ■(Lu i j£ JULl .a ' . o ' Ww uta ±V O jvJb jtu.jJUi J3 • » »a L .. v JVx - K cx . Muv 3 .i- JjSL twu, . Q) « L AO-eA-vv L A JtSi oa v XxxiL S oClajlJL. UacXl vl vO k AJU- .. — - su v - J -0 jOu, Cxviuj Wvx -- i V ’ CW “ l S- ' +- vu e O V L« joSk - %.v VJL QH$ fcivx. (5 i A j lA jDuJ: ' 0 - -M» A V . Q. , T ° v Vn I SUjl-V VjolSiJt V VX1, ' nn ' 5 " “ “ cv ymS} Sl a x3v ■« Cj »joi- Nw ' Vx. X- f $ y V V v?2 , % v ' .CWW , V« C x -« £ J f 3t D5U Per -i-A-sy 7 PUBLISHED BY ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL SALEM, VIRGINIA O- Introduction ... N days long past I sang my ballads and told the tales of noble deeds. I sang the hundred ancient lays while a traveler far and wide, and brought the news of distant town and read the kingly laws to those who could not find out otherwise. I told my tales and sang my lays, beside all sorts of blazing hearths, of mighty prince or peasant poor and warmed their hearts with jests and jokes. While other times in village squares, I sang of deeds to multitudes and these, in their hardworking lives were times of respite from the toil. The minstrels now have ceased to sing; the castles now are mostly fallen; the few that stand are long since stilled. Winds make music in the halls which once did shake to the mighty roar of great and rugged warriors. In the place of minstrel’s tune the Annual copywriters work. Long hours pass to gain perfection so this lay may come to you. In this book they fain would strive to tell the tales which now are formed, to wed the old with modern ways in varied forms of prose and verse. They strive to warm your hearts in future years with memories kept alive and new, to give a very full account of fruitful work and fellowship, of studies loved and those despised, of joys and sorrows and inspiration, of recreation and the little things that made and make our life worth living. These products of our minds and hands are all combined in well mixed form, with thoughts of this all fruitful year. The graduating class has taken leave; the halls fall still; their tread is gone, and others rise to take their place with wild expectant shouts and step. Their silent tear is shed for those who leave. Although others fill the space, they cannot take the place in the hearts of those who have known and loved them. In the hearts of those who rise in gladness, comes the thought that they before too long shall also leave, and this amidst the celebration mellows their joy. This year now lives in memory, in the pages of this history which are now set and stamped with the imprints of the year 1953-1954. A chronicle of Andrew Lewis as told in varied forms of prose and verse. Foreword . .. N bringing you this latest scroll, We fain would try to interpret our lay, Through the ancient minstrel’s eyes, In both antique and modern form, And wed and blend the old and new. We would try to write this tale Exactly as it happened here, Both the happy and the sad, And make this account full and true, So that in the future years, These deeds on paper may refresh your mind. If achieved, it is enough For it is the purpose for which ’twas written. With these thoughts and memories Of life at Andrew Lewis We give you the 1954 Pioneer. DEDICATION To one who believes in us, the students; To one who has given so willingly of both time and talents, And worked unceasingly with us; To one who has served so well our needs, ever remaining a friend and advisor. To you, we the staff, in gratitude, dedicate this, The 1954 Pioneer Mrs. Bertha C. Fisher Contents... ADMINISTRATION 7-12 CLASSES • SENIORS 14-42 • JUNIORS 43-48 • SOPHOMORES 49-54 • FRESHMEN 55-60 • EIGHTH GRADE 61-67 ACTIVITIES • ACADEMIC 71-78 • ATHLETICS 79-92 • SOCIAL 93-100 ORGANIZATIONS 101-131 ADVERTISEMENTS 133-175 “Those having torches will pass them on to others.” — Plato , “The Republic” Greetings to All the Members of the Andrew Lewis F-amily: The session of 1953-54, despite the crowded conditions and lack of facilities in many areas for a student body of 1,500, has been a good one. It has been the pur¬ pose of the staff and faculty sponsor of the Pioneer to record for each of us in picture and in story the high lights of our good session. This book will have served its purpose if it in some measure has succeeded in recapturing and preserving a few of our happy experiences together. To all who have had a part in the preparation of the Pioneer of 1954, I express the appreciation of the school. Sincerely, 4 8 E. B. Broadwater Principal Mr. F. Carroll A lexander Assistant Principal FACULTY LIBRARIANS Mrs. Lake L. Newton Sponsor: Senior Library Club Miss Mary Ella Wright General Science Sponsor: Junior Library Club BUSINESS Miss Mary Goodwin Typing, Office Practice Sophomore Co-Ordinator Miss Elizabeth Lawrence General Business, English Miss Elsie Proffitt Typing, Shorthand NOT PICTURED Mrs. Dematris Meador Bookkeeping, Office Practice m } yfV LANGUAGE Miss Annie Virginia Cook Latin Co-SponsoY: Latin Club Mrs. Bertha C. Fisher English Sponsor: The Pioneer Miss Helen Harter English Mrs. Rose F. Little English, Latin Co-Sponsor: Latin Club, Senior Y- Teens Senior Co-Ordinator Miss Dorothy C. Miller English, French Co-Sponsor: Beta Club Mrs. Danny F. Paul English Mrs. Carrie M. Pedigo English Mrs. Pearl C. Stricklf.r English, Public Speaking Sponsor: National Forensic League SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Margaret V. Easter History Junior Co-Ordinator Mrs. Mary O. Garner History, Economic Geography Mrs. J. S. Hackman History, English Mrs. Sallie C. Hood History, English Sponsor: Cheerleaders Co-Sponsor: Junior Y-Teens Mrs. Louise E. Shriver Civics, History Mrs. Forrest M. Smith Civics Guidance Director Co-Sponsor: S. C. A. Lauritz Christensen Band Mrs. Nelle H. Peery j Music • Sponsor: Senior and r.John H. Snapp English Sponsor: “ Andrew Lewis News (not pictured) ,(5 MATHEMATICS Mrs. Gladys E. Gillespie General Mathematics, Algebra Assembly Program Chairman Mrs. Opal S. Keefer Algebra, General Mathematics Freshman Co-Ordinator Miss Annie McConkey Geometry, Trigonometry Cafeteria Mrs. Louise D. Rice Algebra, Geometry Faculty Co-Ordinator Mrs. Ethel S. Shockey Algebra, Arithmetic Mrs. Hazel L. Waters Advanced Arithmetic, Mathematics Co-Sponsor: Beta Club SCIENCE Mr. Paul K. Coffman Biology, General Science Sponsor: Hi-Y Club Mrs. Edna M. Weeks General Science Co-Sponsor: Senior Y-Teens Miss Leslie V. Watkins Biology, Physics Sponsor: Bi-Phy-Chem Club Miss Pauline Webb Biology, Chemistry Sponsor: Student Council VOCATIONAL STUDIES Mrs. Helen Ames Home Economics Co-Sponsor: F. II. A. Club Mrs. Evelyn Blake Home Economics Co-Sponsor: F. II. A. Club Mr. W illiam B. Clem, Jr. Distributive Education, Consumer Economics Sponsor: Distributive Education Club Mr. Robert E. Kinzie Agriculture Co-Sponsor: F. F. A. Club Mr. James E. Peters Agriculture Co-Sponsor: F. F. A. Club Mr. Paul O. Schwartz Shop, Mechanical Drawing Mr. Richard S. Thomas Shop (not pictured) PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Herbert M. Copenhaver Physical Education, Driver Edu¬ cation Mr. Walter C. Crawford Physical Education Coach Track Team Mr. Edwin K. Harless Physical Education Coach Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Football Sponsor: Audio-Visual Club Mrs. Betty J. Patsel Physical Education, Drama Sponsor: Modern Dance Group Miss Jimmie Martin Physical Education Sponsor: Sports Club Mr. Harold L. Johnston Physical Education Coach Varsity Football, Coach Junior Varsity Basketball Sponsor: Monogram Club {not pictured) EIGHTH GRADE Mrs. Jane B. Brauer Social Science, General Science Co-Sponsor: S. C. A. Mrs. Mildred R. Chapman Social Science Eight Grade Co-Ordinator Mrs. Dorothea F. Chick General Science, Mathematics Miss Frances L. Hurt General Science, English Sponsor: Science Club Mrs. Julia B. Hylton General Science, Mathematics Mrs. Lillian Jennings General Science, Mathematics Miss L. Mildred Kidd Social Science, English Sponsor: Eighth Grade Student Council Miss Mary Jane Maxwell General Science, Mathematics Co-Sponsor: Junior Y-Teens Mrs. Mary S. Parrish English, Mathematics Mrs. Eloise Sacra English, Social Science Mrs. Elsie K. Wertz English, Social Science OFFICE STAFF Miss Patricia Litton Secretary Mrs. Ruth C. Robinson Secretary Mrs. Della Bradley Cafeteria Manager Classes “How beautiful is youth! how bright it gleams With its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend! . . . All possibilities are in its hands, No danger daunts it, and no foe withstands; In its sublime audacity of faith, ‘Be thou removed!’ it to the mountain saith, And with ambitious feet, secure and proud, Ascends the ladder leaning on a cloud.” —Longfellow TO THE SENIORS “Time flies away, and cannot be restored.” — Virgil IME flies. How well we know the truth of that statement! What seemed to be an interminable number of years to us as an awed group of eighth graders has sped by until now as we read these words we are the Seniors of 1954. Our class has de¬ creased in size but we, as members of the class have grown in many ways, in con¬ fidence from shy children to confident young adults, in stature from awkward adolescence to erect manhood and graceful womanhood, in intelligence from unenlightened grade schoolers to well-informed citizens, in responsibility from dependence on others to relative independence. We h ave worked and played during these years, playing while we worked and, unknowingly learning while we played. Our school has guided us as we traveled the road to learning, boosting us over the high places and lending a helping hand when we stumbled and fell over some rough spots of education. Our teachers have been our friends or our enemies as we chose to make them. They have willingly given of their knowledge and experience so that we might learn more easily the lessons that will help us to become the happy, successful citizens that they have tried to make us. Our time here at Andrew Lewis will soon be only past history. We shall come back to visit, hoping to catch that feeling of belonging which now is ours, but it will elude us and we shall know that the school is no longer ours. We shall look with envy at those who still share a part of the school and hope that they will hold tightly to every minute while it is theirs. Time flies but as we travel the road of life, perhaps we shall pass and as we do, we shall proudly clasp hands, for the golden cord which binds classmates is strong and does not wear with time. Proudly we shall speak and proudly we shall continue down the road, singing as we go . . . “Oh, Andrew Lewis, school adored, Our Alma Mater dear, Fond memories of thee we’ll hold Our hearts and minds to cheer. We’ll ever more thy name adore And honors to thee bring. And now thy sons and daughters true, Loud praises to thee sing.” Emglits Cease not to learn until thou cease to live; Think that day lost wherein thou draw’st no letter To make thouself more learned, wiser, better. —Guy de Faur Pibrac, “Collection of Quatrains” Shirley Thomas, Secretary; Kellogg Hunt, President; Georgia Crawford, Vice President; Pat Garner, Treasurer SENIOR CLASS As long ago in days of old, Brave men received their knighthood, Today our Seniors in armor bright, Have received their varied honors. For five years, these seniors have kept the halls of Andrew Lewis ringing. The years were filled with work, with hopes, with yearnings; yet, intermingled with these, have been many hours of joys, of hopes come true, and of dreams realized. Now facing each of these seniors is a lifetime of competi¬ tion and strivings. They are now going out into a world of heartbreak and hard work, but it is a world which gives success and happiness to all who seek them. Although the going will not always be easy, our highest confidence and trust will remain in the Andrew Lewis graduates. Hgf 16 } Janice Marie Abbott Patricia Ann Aldridge William Peyton Arthur Wanda Johnilyne Auvil James Roscoe Bain Randall Lloyd Bare Helen Suzanne Barnard Elizabeth Agnes Barnett Bernice Marie Barton Nancy Allison Bell James Robert Butts James Kenneth Candler John Elwood Cannaday Dennie David Carroll Emily Elizabeth Carter Jess Willard Chapman William Dewey Clower Carolyn June Coleman Rebecca Marie Conrad Billie Lucinda Conway Georgia Beth Crawford Frances Joan Crockett Barbara Helen Dalton Charles Avery Damewood Mary Jane Darnell Curtis Eugene Davis Betty Jean Doyle Jacqueline Miller Duke Evelyn Blanche Early Robert Wayne Ellis Edward Paige Gentry Lewis Edgar Gibson Gene Maurice Gillock Joyce Ann Goode Pearl Frances Grisso Harlan Alvesta Grubb Janice Hackman Dorothy Evelyn Haislip Oceile Hall Sally Anne Hankins Betty Joe Harris Mary Louise Harris Melvin Lee Harter Elizabeth Ann Hartman Paul Douglas Hatcher Gladys Frances Headen Joyce Hibbitts Margaret Marie Hinchee John Wright Holliday Mary Sue Hopkins Keith Kellogg Hunt Eugenia Fitzgerald Hurt Mary Edwina Hurt Elmon Leon Ingram Frederick William Johnson William Joseph Johnson David Norris Journell Christine Arnetta Kessler Imogene Keyes Edgar William Kilby James Nininger Layman Vernon Elroy Lee Nancy Joy Lemon Robert Glenn Leonard Ashley Virgil Lilly David Ray Little Patsy Ann Long Rebecca Frances Manning Anna Clare Martin Barbara Ruth Martin Bertie Sue Martin Clarence Winston Martin Martha Jeanette Martin Orville Traynham Martin Doris Gertrude Masterson M M IMB— i Frank Holden Mastin, Jr. Hermis Estel McGee Geraldine Eileen McGue Rodney Ware McNeil Charlie Bunyon Meador Anna Lee Mills Sylvia LaVerne Minnix Betty Jean Monger Shirley Ann Morgan Janet Joan Munsey • ' Maurice Lee Myers Betty Mae Neal Robert Lee Neal Frankie Lee Norton Betty Jean Odell Peggy Ann Oyler Florine Ann Painter Frances Helen Patton Donald Eugene Peterson Raymond Lee Phoenix Betty Lou Poff Elmira Jane Poff Samuel Allen Poff Robert Compton Pugh Shirley Mae Reese Joyce Ann Robertson Florence Elisabeth Robey Dorothy Lee Robinson Patricia Lee Rutledge Shirley Lee Simmons Mary Jean Simpson Hazel Lee Sirry Dorothy Jane Slough Geneva Edwards Smith Mary Ellen Smith Curtis Dewitt Snyder Dawn Rebecca Spangler Ernest Gilbert Sprouse Betty Jeanne Spruhan Ida Lee Stanley Dorothy Sue Stone Peggy Jo Stone Carole Elaine Stroupe Barbara Anne Sullivan Margaret Lucille Swain Joyce Edna Thomas Shirley Ann Thomas Wayne Lee Thompson Margaret Pearl Tichenor Frazier Leon Tingler Sylvia Frances Tinnell Mary Jane Turner Elaine Tyler Paul Douglas Wade Robert Joe Walker Thomas Wesley Walton Delores Early Watson Shirley Webb Alva Jean Wertz Martha Wilbourne I » •€ { 34 }£«• Most Versatile Jean Wertz Robert Leonard Most Creative Rosemary Kinney Paige Gentry SENIOR MIRROR 1954 Most Likely to Succeed Shirley Garst Leon Ingram Best Leaders Shirley Thomas Dewey Clower Best Looking Betty Joe Harris Luther Garrett Friendliest Frances Patton David Little Typical Seniors Libby Foster Wesley Frye Most Popular Carole Stroupe Kellogg Hunt Wittiest Peggy Wood Johnny Mastin Most School Spirit Oceile Hall J. W. Chapman Pat Garner Ernie Sprouse Most Personality Georgia Crawford Jerry Frank Most Dependable Charles Damewood Mary Cook Kolmer Most Intellectual Florence Robey Alex Gardner r y vU ' j y Most Cooperative Betty Jean Monger Mike Gallagher Most Athletic Christine Kessler John Holliday SENIOR DIRECTORY JANICE MARIE ABBOTT PATRICIA ANN ALDRIDGE Latin Club, 3; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; District Choir Contest, 5; Operetta, 5, Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Clinic Assistant, 5. WILLIAM PEYTON ARTHUR Projection Club, 3; Bi-Phy-Chem, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 5; Stage Crew, 3, 4. WANDA AUVIL Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Choral, 1; Junior Choir, 2; Senior Choir, 3, 4; Monitor, 4; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3; Operetta, 3; Sports Club, 3; Home-Coming Hop Talent Show, 2, 3; Pep Club, 3; Public Speaking Assembly, 3. JAMES ROSCOE BAIN Projection Club, 1, 2; F. F. A., 4, 5, Reporter, 4, 5; Home Room Treasurer; Stage Crew. WILLIAM MACY BALLARD RANDALL LLOYD BARE Industrial Arts Club, 2, 3, Secretary, 4; Junior Varsity Football, 2; D. E. Club, 5. HELEN SUZANNE BARNARD 4-H Club; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Pep Club, 2, 3; Sports Club, 2, 3; Hockey, 2; Volley Ball, 3; Table Tennis, 3; Tumbling, 2; S. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 4, President, 5; Annual Staff. 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Public Speaking Play, 3; Drama Class Play -—Stage Manager, 4; S. C. A. Assembly, 5. ELIZABETH AGNES BARNETT 4-H Club, 1, 2, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 2; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Home Room Secretary, 2; Latin Club Assembly, 4; Public Speaking Assembly, 5; Pep Club, 1, 2. BERNICE MARIE BARTON Latin Club, 4; F. H. A., 5; Clinic Assistant, 5. NANCY ALLISON BELL Transfer Student JOSEPH BURNETTE BERRY SHIRLEY DARE BLACKWELL S. C.. A., 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Basketball, 2; Volley Ball, 2; Tumbling, 2. ADA LOUISE BLANKENSHIP Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 5; Home Room Captain, 5. SUSIE JANE BLANKENSHIP Home Room Vice President, 1, 3, 4, President, 2; Class Council, 2, 3; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Home Room Captain, 4, Program Chairman, 5, Representative to Y-Teen Conference, 4, Treasurer of Inter-Club Council, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 3; Volleyball, 2, 3; Alternate Cheerleader, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 5; Soccer, 4, 5; Individual Sports, 4. SHIRLEY CATHERINE BOONE National Forensic, 1, 2; Vice President Home Room, 1, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Student Leader, 1, 2; May Dance Figure, 1; Pep Club. 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2,3; Volleyball, 1, 2; S. C. A., 1; Choral, 1; Public Speaking Assembly, 1, 2. BERNARD " WAYNE BRICKEY JAMES W T ARREN BROWN Shop, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Industrial Arts, F. F. A. DOROTHY MAY BROYLES Junior Y-Teens, 1; Senior Y-Teens, 3; S. C. A., 3, 4. MARY ANN BUCHANAN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Basketball, 2; F. H, A., 3, Fashion Show, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4. BETTY NELL BUGG Dance Recital, 1,2; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Home Room Secretary, 1, 2, 3; Student Leader, 4. JAMES ROBERT BUTTS Projection Club, 2; Latin Club, 4, 5; Science Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 5; Annual Follies, 4; Salem Area Science Fair, First Prize—Biology Division, 5; Operetta, 5. JAMES KENNETH CANDLER Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5; F. F. A., 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4, 5, Co- Captain, 5; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4, 5: Track, 3, 4, 5. JOHN ELWOOD CANNADAY Eighth Grade Projection Club, 1; Junior Projection Club, 2; Senior Projection Club, 3; Stage Crew, 2; Easter Pageant, 3, 5; Latin Club, 3, 5; S. C. A., 2; Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4, 5; Varsity Football, 5; Track, 4, S; Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 3, 4, 5. DENNIE DAVID CARROLL EMILY CARTER S. C. A., 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Tumbling, 2. 3, 4; Softball, 2, 4; Badminton, 3, 5; Hockey, 3, 4; Dance Recital, 2; Sports Club, 2. JESS WILLARD CHAPMAN Industrial Arts Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 4; Latin Club, 3; Hi-Y, 3; Monogram Club. 4, 5; Football, 3; Basketball, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Treasurer, 3, 4, 5; Track Manager, 5. WILLIAM DEWEY CLOWER Home Room President, 1. 3, 4; Annual Staff, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 3, 4. 5; Student Council, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 4; President Student Body, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4; Track, 3, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Plebian Council, 3, Quaestor, 4; Easter Pageant. 3, 4; Student Council District Delegate, 4, 5; State Delegate, 4, 5; State Group Leader, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 2; Senior Mirror, 5; Let’s Educate Program, 4; Delegate to Boys ' State, 4; Student Council Assembly, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A. Assembly, 2; Movie on Transportation, 1; Latin Club Assembly, 4; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Science Fair, 5; Annual Dedication. CAROLYN JUNE COLEMAN Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Majorette, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; 4-H Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 3, Vice President, 4, Song Leader, 5; Home Room Secretary, 4; Easter Pageant; All State Band, 4; Virginia 4-H All State, 4. REBECCA MARIE CONRAD Transfer Student F. H. A. Club, 2, 3; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 2, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Volleyball, 3; Basket¬ ball, 3; Marshall for Graduation, 4. BILLIE LUCINDA CONWAY Band, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 4, 5, Editor, 5; 5. I. P. A. Convention Delegate, 4; Public Speaking Play; Drama Play. GEORGIA BETH CRAWFORD May Court, 4, 5, May Queen, 5; Maid of Honor Home-Coming Court, 5; Cheerleader, 4, 5; Student Council, 4, 5; Delegate State Student Council Convention, 4, Secretary of Discussion Group, 5; Delegate District Student Council Convention, 4; Home-Room Presi¬ dent, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Vice President. 5; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2, President, 2; Treasurer Freshman Class, 2; Treasurer Junior Class, 4; Vice President Senior Class, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Aedile, 4, 5; Annual Staff. 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4; Class Council, 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Modern Dance, 5; Assembly Planning Committee, 2, 3; Sophomore Queen for County Fair, 3; Physical Education Honor Award, 2, 4; Senior Mirror; Hollins Play Day, 2; Student Leader, 2, 3; Drama Festival Play, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Basketball, Volley¬ ball, Hockey. FRANCES JOAN CROCKETT Home Room Vice President, 1, Secretary, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Home Room Captain, 3, 4, Pianist 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4; Monitor, 4; Junior Choir, 4, Accom¬ panist, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Home-Coming Talent Show, 3; Beta Club Assembly, 4; Choral, 2, 3; Latin Club Assembly, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 5, Accompanist, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Figure for Christmas Dance, 5; Figure for Y-Teens Dance, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Figure for Junior-Senior Prom, 5; Operetta, 5; National Forensic League, 5. BARBARA HELEN DALTON F. H. A., 4, 5; Clinic Assistant, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, S; Home Economics Assembly, 3; Home Room Captain, 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 3. CHARLES AVERY DAMEWOOD Library Club, 1; 4-H Club, 1. Home Room Treasurer, 2; Science Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5, Degree Team, 2, 3, 4, 5, Assistant Secretary, 3, Secretary. 4, 5; Poultry Judging Team, 3, 4, 5; Chairman Supervised Farming Committee, 3; Chairman Leadership Committee, 4; Chairman Scholarship Committee, 5; State F. F. A. Forestry Award, 3; Federation Delegate, 3, 4, 5, Re¬ porter, 5; State F. F. A. Rally, 3, 4; F. F. A. Camp, 2; National F. F. A. Convention, 4; K. V. G. Crew Leader, 2,3; F. F. A. Assembly, 3; State Forestry Camp, 2; Area Science Project Contest, 3, 4, 5; Delegate Virginia Academy of Science, 4; Science Talent Search, 5; National Treasurer American Poultry Association, 4; Secretary, 5; County A. P. A. Secretary, 4, President, 5; National A. P. A. Con¬ vention, 3, 4; 4-H Honor Club, 4, 5; State Farmer Award, 4; Marshal for Commencement Sermon, 4. MARY JANE DARNELL Transfer Student Student Council, 2; Junior Play, 1; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Annual Staff Typist, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Dedication Assembly, 5; Secretary of Home Room, 4; Beta Club Convention, 5; Delegate to Girls ' State; Marshal for Graduation, 4. CURTIS EUGENE DAVIS Projection Club, 1; 4-H Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2; Latin Club, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; F. F. A., 3. SENIOR DIRECTORY BETTY JEAN DOYLE Library Club, 1; S. C. A., 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 3. JACQUELINE MILLER DUKE Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Student Council, 1; Class Council, 1; Home- Room President, 1, Secretary, 2; Newspaper Staff, 1; Choral, 2; Modern Dance Group, 1; Modern Dance Recital, 1. EVELYN BLANCHE EARLY Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 1; Latin Club, 2; Sports Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Choral, 2; Eighth Grade Cheerleader; Modern Dance Recital, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Captain, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4; Badminton, 1. 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 3, 4; Tumbling, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club, 3; 4-H Club, 1, 2. ROBERT WAYNE ELLIS CHARLES NEAL ENGERS Transfer Student Hi-Y Chaplain, 5; Latin Club, 5; Track, 5. RICHARD RAY EPPERLY Choral, 2; Senior Choir, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 5; Industrial Arts Club, 4. MARGARET ANN FARIES Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 4, 5; Science Club, 5; Choral, 1. CAROLYN SUE FERGUSON Transfer Student Senior Y-Teens, 4; S. C. A., 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5. NANCY GERALDINE FERRIS D. E„ Club, 5. PHYLLI6 RUTH FERRIS May Court, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Eighth Grade Cheerleader; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3; Choir Festival, 5; Home-Coming Hop Court, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3; Operetta, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; 4-H Club, 1; Christmas Program, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 3. ROBERT LYNN FLINCHUM Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 2; Home Room Vice President, 4; Boys State, 4; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Junior Varsity Basketball, 4, 5; Track, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5. ELIZABETH DALTON FOSTER Secretary Eighth Grade; Class Council, 1, 4; Home Room Vice President, 3, Treasurer, 2; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Operetta, 5; Choir Festival, 5; Christmas Program, 3, 4, S; Junior Y-Teens Vice President, 2; Easter Program, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4, 5, 5; Latin Tournament, 2, 3; Latin Club Assembly, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Usher Graduation, 4; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club, 4, 5; Annual Staff. 4, 5; Copywriter, 4, Editor, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5, S. I. P. A, Convention Delegate, Panel Speaker; Vice President Junior Class; Girls’ State Representative; County Fair, 3. 4, 5; Cheerleader, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3, May Court, 4, 5; Senior Mirror; Home-Coming Court, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Junior- Senior Prom Figure, 4; Squad Leader, 2, 3. JERRY STEPHEN FRANK Junior Varsity Football, 3; Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Varsity Basketball, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5, Vice President, 5; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Senior Talent Show, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Home-Coming Talent Show, 5. JACOB HENRY FRANTZ Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Science Club, 3, 4, 5, Reporter, 4; Projection Club, 2, 3; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Secretary, 5; Latin Club, 3; Easter Pageant, 3; Boys’ State, 4; Senior Talent Show, 5; Track, 3, 4, 5; Home-Coming Talent Show. WESLEY PRESTON FRYE Hi-Y, 3; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Junior Varsity, Basketball, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Public Speaking. ELIZABETH JANE FURROW Senior Choir, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Sports Club, 1, 2; S. C. A., 2, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Choir Festival, 4; Annual Follies, 4; Senior Talent Show, 5; Easter Pageant, 4. MICHAEL DION GALLAGHER Junior Choir, 1,4; Senior Choir, 5, Treasurer; President of Home- Room, 5; Operetta, 5; Class Council, 5; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; District Choir Festival, 4, 5. JAMES ALEX GARDNER Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, 5; Student Council, 5, Treasurer, 5; Annual Staff, 5, Business Manager, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5: " A Ghostly Evening Play,” 4; Public Speaking, 4; American Legion Public Speaking Contest, 4; Junior Projection Club, 1, President, 1; Beta Club Convention, 4, 5; Delegate to District S. C. A. Convention, 5; Salem Area Science Fair, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Dedication of Annual Assembly, 5. ALMEDA JOSEPHINE GARMAN Library Club. 3; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Operetta, 5. PATSY ANN GARNER Senior Mirror; Senior Class Treasurer; Class Council, 5; Home- Coming Court, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Publicity Chairman, 5; S. C. A., 2; Home Economics Fashion Show, 3; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Head Typist, 5; Delegate to S. I. P. A. Convention, 4; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Presenta¬ tion of Annual, 4, 5; Home Room County Fair Queen, 3, 4; County Fair Committee, 3, 4; Home Room Secretary, 1, 3, Treasurer, 2, 4; 4-H Club, 1; Senior Talent Show; Senior Y-Teen Sweetheart Dance Figure, 5; Choral, 2; Junior-Senior Prom Dance Figure, 4, 5; Squad Leader, 3, 4. DAVID GUY GARRETT D. E„ 5. LUTHER ELMORE GARRETT Latin Club, 4, 5; Varsity Football, 3, 4, 5; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4, 5; Track 3, 4, 5; Monogram 4; Senior Mirror. BENTON EDWIN GARST SHIRLEY ADELE GARST Home Room Vice President, 1, President, 3, Junior Y-Teens, 2, Home Room Captain, 2; Hockey, 2; Class Council, 3; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5; Treasurer, 4; Junior Homemakers Degree, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Recording Secretary, 5; Home Room Secretary, S. EDWARD PAIGE GENTRY Home Room Treasurer, 2, 3; Science Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Salem Area Science Fair, 5. LEWIS EDGAR GIBSON Vice President of D. E. Club, 5; Manager of Football Team, 2. GENE MAURICE GILLOCK Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Boys’ State, 4. JOYCE ANN GOODE Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 5, Home Room Captain, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Fashion Show, 3. PEARL FRANCES GRISSO Home Economics, 1. HARLAN ALVESTA GRUBB F. F. A., 3, 4, 5; Vice President, 5; D. E., 5. JANICE HACKMAN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5; Home Room County Fair Queen, 4; Pep Club, 2, 4; Annual Staff, 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 3, 4, 5; May Court, 5; Home Ec. Fashion Show, 4, 5, Senior Play, 5. DOROTHY EVELYN HAISLIP Senior Y-Teens, 5; Home Economics Fashion Show, 3; S. C. A., 4. OCEILE HALL Class President, 1, 2, 3; Latin Club, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 2, Program Chairman; Senior Y-Teens, 3. Vice President, 4, President, 5; Choral. 2, 3; Cheerleader, 3, 4, Head Cheerleader, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3; Softball, 2, 3; Operetta, 5; Music Festival, 5; Delegate to Junior Y-Teen Conference, 2; Easter Pageant, 2, 4. 5; Public Speaking Play, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5; Annual Staff, 4; Senior Mirror. SALLY ANN HANKINS Junior Library Club, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2; Home Economics Fashion Show, 3; Y-Teens Home Room Captain, 3; Tennis, 2; Y-Teen Trip to Washington, 2; S. C. A., 2; Fashion Show for Woman ' s Club, 3; Sim¬ plicity Fashion Show, 3. BETTY JOE HARRIS Home Room President, 1, Vice President, 1; Class Council, 1, 3; Annual Follies, 1, Junior Y-Teens, 2, Secretary, 2; Delegate to Junior Y-Teen Convention, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Social Chairman, 4; Pep Club, 2, 3; Latin Club, 2, 3. 4, 5; Class Secretary, 3; Easter Pageant 2, 3; Field Hockey Team; Modern Dancing, 4, 5, President, 5; Merit Award, 4; Dance Recital, 4, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Majorette, 2, 3, 4, 5, Head Majorette, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3; Public Speaking Play, 5; Drama Festival, 5; May Court, 3, 4; Senior Talent Show; Senior Mirror, Snow Queen. MARY LOUISE HARRIS Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3. 4, 5; Science Club, 3, 4; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Junior Choir, 3, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Choral, 2; Operetta, 3, 4. MELVIN LEE HARTER Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y City-County Council; Hi-Y District Con¬ ference; Model General Assembly Senator; Blue Ridge Conference. 4 39 SENIOR DIRECTORY ELIZABETH ANN HARTMAN Junior Library Club, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Y-Teen Trip to Washington, 2; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Home Economics Fashion Show, 3; Home Room Captain, 3; Home Room Treasurer, 3; S. C. A., 2; Choral, 2. PAUL DOUGLAS HATCHER Latin Club, 2; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Varsity Football, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5, President, 5; Boys’ State, 4. GLADYS FRANCES HEADEN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Home Room Captain, 2, 3; S. C. A., 3, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Operetta, 5; Home Room Secretary, 1,2; Easter Pageant, 5; All Western District Choir, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Dedication of Annual Assembly, 4, 5. JOYCE HIBBITTS F. H. A., 2; F. H. A. Style Show, 2. MARGARET MARIE HINCHEE Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; S. C. A., 4; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; District Choir Contest, 5. JOHN WRIGHT HOLLIDAY Football, 4, 5; Basketball, 4, 5; All-City-County Football; All Western District Football; All State Football. MARY SUE HOPKINS Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 5; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Home Room President, 3, Secretary, 5, Treasurer, 2, 4; Choral, 2, 3; Fashion Show, 3. LEONARD HUGHES F. F. A„ 4. KEITH KELLOGG HUNT, JR. Hi-Y, 2, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Patrician Consul, 4, Provincial Governor, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; County Fair, 2, 3, 4, 5; Vice President Home Room, 2, President. 3, 4; Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4; Student Council, 3, 4, 5, Representative District S. C. A., 5, Representative State S. C. A., 5; Class President, 4, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Public Speaking, 4; Junior Varsity Football, 2; Varsity Foot¬ ball, 3, 4, 5, Co-Captain, 5; Junior Varsity Basketball, 2, 3; Track, 2, 3, 4, 5; Representative Boys’ State, 4; Chairman Republican Party Civics Election, 5; Home-Coming Ta lent Show, 5; Sophomore King, 3; Senior Mirror, 5; Class Council, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 4, 5; Public Speaking Contest, 4. BOBBY ANN HURT D. F,„ 5. EUGENIA FITZGERALD HURT Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; President, 5; Girls’ State, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Operetta, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Secretary, 4, Vice President, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Modern Dance Group, 5; District Music Festival, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5; Annual Staff. 4, 5, Advertising Manager, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3; Delegate to S. I. P. A. Convention, 4. MARY EDWINA HURT S. C. A., 2, 3, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Operetta, 5; District Choir Festival, 5. ELMON LEON INGRAM Home Room President, 1,5; Class Counci l, 1,5; Student Council, 2, 3; Senior Mirror; Latin Club, 2, 3. FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSON Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 5; Hi-Y, 5. SOLON RONALD JOHNSON WILLIAM JOSEPH JOHNSON Varsity Basketball, 5; Latin Club, 4. DAVID NORRIS JOURNELL Industrial Arts Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; D. E., Club, 5. CHRISTINE ARNETTA KESSLER Sports Club, 2, 3, 4, 5. Vice President, 5, Recorder of Points, 4- Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 2, 3, 4, 5; Badminton, 3 4, 5; Shuffleboard, 3, 4, 5; Ping-Pong, 3; Hockey, 2, 3; Tumbling, 2, 3, ' 4; Soccer, 2, 3; Student Leader, 2, 3, 4; Junior Library Club, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Choral, 2, 3; Eighth Grade Cheerleader; Dance Re¬ cital, 2, Senior Mirror. IMOGENE KEYES Junior Y-Teens, 2; S. C. A„ 2; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Choral, 2. EDGAR WILLIAM KILBY Industrial Arts Club, 4; F. F. A. Club, 4; Distributive Education Club, 5. ADA ROSEMARY KINNEY Home Room President, 1; Class Council, 1; Library Club, 1; Library Assistant, 1; Eighth Grade Talent Show. 1; State Movie on School Bus Safety, 1; Thespian ' s Play, 2; Christmas Pageant, 2; Modern Dance Recital, 2; Latin Club, 2; Junior Classical League, 2; Pep Club, 2, 3; S. C. A., 3, 4, 5; Tech High School Day, 2, 3, 4, 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 3, President Elect, 4, Presi¬ dent, 5; Salem Area Science Fair, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; District Choir Contest, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 4, 5; Assembly Planning Committee, 4; Monitor, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Head Copywriter, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Annual Presentation, 4, 5; Delegate to S. I. P. A. Convention, 4; Civics Election Official, 5; Beta Club, 5; Senior Mirror; Science T. V. Show, 5; Forensic, 5. JESSICA JEAN KITTINGER Library Club. 1; Home Room President, 2; Class Council, 2; Latin Club, 2; Junior Classic League, 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4, Student Advisor, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 4, 5; Choral, 2, 3; V. P. I. High School Day, 2, 4, 5; S. C. A., 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Annual Follies, 5; District Choir Festival, 5; National Science Talent Search, 5; Salem Area Science Fair, 5; Operetta, 5. MARY COOK KOLMER Class Treasurer, 2, Vice President, 3; Class Council, 2, 3; Sports Club, 1, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; District Choir Contest, 5; Modern Dance Group, 5; Senior Mirror. LORINE ELIZABETH LAPRAD WILLIAM WESLEY LARGEN Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; F. F. A., 4, 5. JAMES NININGER LAYMAN Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 5. VERNON ELROY LEE F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5; State Dairy Judging Contest Winner, 3; Second Place Winner at Valleydale Hog Show, 4. NANCY JOY LEMON Clinic Assistant, 3, 4, 5; Guidance Assistant, 5; F. H. A. Club, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Talent Show, 1; Choral, 2; Monitor, 4; Easter Pageant, 2; 4-H Club, 1. ROBERT GLENN LEONARD Projection Club, 1, 2, Vice President, 1; Home Room Vice Presi¬ dent, 1, 2, Secretary, 3; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 2; Science Bi- Phy-Chem Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 4; Senior Choir, 3, 4, 5, Publicity Chairman, 5; Choral, 1; Operetta, 3, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Advertising, 4, 5, Circulation, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; District Choir Festival, 4, 5; Eighth Grade Talent Show, 1; Christmas Pageant. 1; Master of Ceremonies Home-Coming Talent Show, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Junior Classic League, 2; Latin Club Assembly, 2, 3; V. P. I. High School Day, 2; Senior Mirror, 5; Salem Area Science Fair, 5; Social Committee, 4; Public Speaking, 5; Republican Party Civics Election, 5. ASHLEY VIRGIL LILLY Science Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 4; Hi-Y, 5. DAVID RAY LITTLE Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y Club. 3; Annual Staff, 2, 3, 4, 5, Photographer, 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 3, 4, 5; Choral, 2; Senior Choir, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 5; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Science Fair, 5; Public Speaking, 3; Public Speaking Ghost Play, 3; Band, 2, 3; Home Room Secretary, 1; Varsity Track, 3, 4, 5; Varsity Football, 4; Varsity Football Manager, 5; Armistice Day As¬ sembly, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Latin Club Christmas Assembly, 4; Public Speaking Reading Contest, 2; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 3, 4, 5. PATSY ANN LONG Library Club, 1; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 2, 3; Choral, 2, 3; Operetta, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Y-Teen Choir, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; District Music Festival, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3. REBECCA FRANCES MANNING S. C. A., 1, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 2; F. H. A„ 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 4, Secretary, 5, Fashion Show, 3, 4, 5; Fashion Show at Hotel Roanoke, 3, 4; Home Room Vice President, 3, Secretary, 4; County Treasurer of F. H. A. Confederation. ANNA CLARE MARTIN 4-H Club, 1, 2; F. H. A., Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 4; Delegate to Sixth Annual Convention of F. H. A., 3; Hotel Roanoke Fashion Show, 3, 4; T. V. Fashion Show, 4; School Fashion Show, 3, 4, 5; Group Leader, 4, 5, Degree Committee, 3; Junior Homemakers Degree, 5; Vice President of Home Room, 3. BARBARA RUTH MARTIN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club. 3, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 3; Choral, 2, 3, 4; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5; Volleyball, 2, 3, 4; Manager of Volleyball, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 3, 4; Badminton, 3, 4; Softball, 3; Hockey, 2, 3, 4, 5; Swim¬ ming, 3; Public Speaking, 1; Drama, 1, 2. 4 . 40 }■ SENIOR DIRECTORY BERTIE SUE MARTIN F. H. A., 1; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4. 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 3, 5 ; Y-Teen Assembly, 2; Library Club, 2; Choral, 2. CLARENCE WINSTON MARTIN MARTHA JEANETTE MARTIN F. H. A., 3, 4, 5, Recorder, 5, Group Leader, 4; School Fashion Show, 3, 4, 5; T. V. Fashion Show, 4; Hotel Roanoke Fashion Show, 3, 4; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir. 4; Senior Choir. 5; Operetta, 5; Easter Pageant, 4; Christmas Program, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Program, 4, 5; Vice President of Home Room, 3. ORVILLE TRAYNHAM MARTIN F. F. A., 1, 4. DORIS GERTRUDE MASTERSON FRANK HOLDEN MASTIN, JR. Hi-Y, 2, 3; Latin Club, 3; County Fair, 3; 4-H Club, 1; Senior Talent Show, 5; Home-Coming Talent Show, 5; Public Speaking. 3; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4. 5; Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Track 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. HERMIS ESTEL MCGEE Junior Choir, 2; Senior Choir, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 1, 2, 5; All Western District Choir, 5; Operetta, 3, 5; Thanks¬ giving and Christmas Assemblies, 4, 5. GERALDINE EILEEN MCGUE 4-H Club. 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5; Softball, 2. RODNEY MCNEIL CHARLIE BUNYON MEADOR Distributive Education, 5. ANNA LEE MILLS Junior Y-Teens, 1; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5. SYLVIA LAVERNE MINNIX Junior Y-Teens, 2; F. H. A., 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5. BETTY JEAN MONGER Home Room President, 1; Eighth Grade Assembly, 1; Choral, 1,2; F. H. A., 2; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Chairman Latin Yearbook, 5; Latin Assembly, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4. 5; Beta Executive Committee, 5; Beta Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Marshal at Graduation, 4; Senior Mirror, 5. SHIRLEY ANN MORGAN Junior Y-Teens, 2, Home Room Captain, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Home Room President, 3. 4; Monitor, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Circulation Manager, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Public Speaking Play, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Class Council, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 5; Marshall for Graduation, 4; Figure for Christ¬ mas Dance, 4, 5; Figure for Junior-Senior Prom, 5; Beta Club As¬ sembly, 3, 4, 5. BETTY JANE MOWLES Distributive Education, 5. JANET JOAN MUNSEY Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Secretary Home Room, 3; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Majorette, 3, 4, 5. MAURICE LEE MYERS 4-H Club; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5. BETTY MAE NEAL Library Club, 1, Secretary, 1; Home Room Vice President, 2, 3; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3. ROBERT LEE NEAL Projection Club, 1; Hi-Y Club. 2, 3, 4, S, Secretary, 4, Vice, President. 5, Program Chairman, 5; S. C. A.. 3, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Sports Editor, 4, Assistant Editor, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Dedication Assembly, 4, 5; Delegate S. I. P. A. Convention, 4; D. E. Club, 5, Scrap Book Committee, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 3; Area D. E., Convention, 5; State D. E. Convention, 5; D. E. Club Mirror, 5. FRANKIE LEE NORTON Latin Club, 2, 3, 4; Senior Y-Teens, 3; F. H. A., 5; Choral, 2 3; Beta Club. 3, 4, 5; Home Room Secretary, 1, President, 2, 3, Vice President, 5; Senior Library Club, 3; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4; Operetta, 3; Basketball, 2; Volleyball, 3, 5; Hockey, 4. BETTY JEAN ODELL Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., Fashion Show, 3, 4, 5; Degrees Committee, 5; Junior Homemakers Degree, 5; Chapter Homemakers Degree, 5; Applicant State Homemakers Degree, 5; Co- Chairman Recreation Committee, 5; Co-Chairman Pin Installation S ervice, S; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Vice President Home Room, 1. PEGGY ANN OYLER F. H. A., 1, 2; Senior Y-Teens; Operetta, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Christ¬ mas Program; Choral, 1 , 2, 3. FLORINE ANN PAINTER Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens. 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3; Modern Dance, 1, 2, Recital, 3, 4; Basketball, 4; Tumbling, 3, 4, Physical Education Assembly, 4; Vollyball, 3, 4. FRANCES HELEN PATTON Transfer Student Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, S; Secretary of Home Room, 3, 5; Treasurer of Home Room, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. DOROTHA LOU PAUGH Transfer Student Band, 4; Beta Club, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Home Room Treasurer, 5; Home-Coming Court, 5. DONALDSON EUGENE PETERSON BETTY LOU POFF S. C. A., 2, 3; F. H. A., 4, 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 4, 5. ELMIRA JUNE POFF S. C. A., 1, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Project Chairman, 5; Pep Club, 2; Dance Recital, 1, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club. 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Volleyball, 3, 4, 5; Soccer, 5, Manager, 4; Tennis, 4, 5; Badminton, 3, 4, 5; Soft- ball, 2, 3; Annual Staff, 5. SAMUEL ALLEN POFF ROBERT COMPTON PUGH F. F. A., 3, 4; Track, S. SHIRLEY MAE REESE Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Home Economics Fash¬ ion Show; S. C. A., 3. JOYCE ANN ROBERTSON Junior Y-Teens, 2; Library Club, 2; Library Assistant, 2, 3; Senior Y-Teens; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5, Recorder, 4, President, 5; F. H. A. Fashion Show, 3, 4, 5; Delegate to Eighth Annual Convention of F. H. A., 4; Degrees Committee, 5; Junior Homemaker Degree, 5; Chapter Homemakers Degree, 5; Applicant State Homemakers Degree, 5; Chairman Handbook Committee, 4; Chairman Recreation Com¬ mittee, 5; Chairman Pin Installation Service, 5; Commentator T. V. Foods Demonstration, 5; Modern Dance Recital, 2, 3; Basketball. 2, 3; Softball, 2, 3. FLORENCE ELISABETH ROBEY Class Council. 1. 4; Home Room President, 1. 4; Home Room Secretary, 2; Delegate to Girls’ State, 4; Choral, 2; Senior Choir. 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5. Latin Tribune, 5; Sports Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Science Club, 4, 5; Pep Club, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Annual Staff, 5; Junior-Senior Prom Figure, 4; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Talent Show, 4, 5; Home-Coming Talent Show, 3; Dance Recital, 3; Eighth Grade Trio, 1; County Fair Talent Show, 4; Hockey, 2, 3, 4, 5; Soccer, 3, 5; Dancing, 5; Volleyball 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 3, 4, 5; Roanoke College Hockey Clinic, 5; Hollins Play Day, 2, 3; Swimming, 3; Lifesaving, 3; Shuffleboard, 3, 4; Singles Champion, 4; Debating, 5; Head Marshal for Graduation, 4; Senior Mirror, 5; Operetta, 5; Beta Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, S; Eighth Grade Talent Assembly, 1; State Movie on School Bus Safety. 1; Salem Area Science Fair, 5; Second Prize, Physics Division; Annual Presentation, 5; Social Committee Thanksgiving Assembly, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 4, 5; Delegate to Beta Club State Convention, 5; County Fair Home Room Committee 2, 3, 4; Western District Choir Contest, 4, 5; Squad Leader, 3, 4; T. V. Science Show, 5., Salutatorian DOROTHY LEE ROBINSON Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Soccer, 3; Sports Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A., 5. PATRICIA LEE RUTLEDGE S. C. A., 1, 2; Sodalitas Latina, 3, 4; D. E., 5, Secretary, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Junior Y-Teens, 1. JAMES WILLIAM SCOTT Vice President Home Room, 3. SHIRLEY LEE SIMMONS S. C. A., 2, 5; Sodalitas Latina, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Junior Choir, 4, Senior Choir, 5; Operetta, S; Choral, 2, 3; District Choir Festival, 5. MARY JEAN SIMPSON Home Room Vice President, 1, 2, Secretary, 4, President, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2, 3; Senior Y-Teens, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Tournament, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Modern Dance Group, 4, 5; Drama Play, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball, 3, 4; Badminton, 4; Soccer, 3; Softball, 3; Shuffleboard, 4; Band, 2, 3, 4. 4 41 } SENIOR DIRECTORY HAZEL LEE SIRRY 4-H Club, 1; Library Club, 1; Latin Club, 3, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 4. DOROTHY JANE SLOUGH Junior Y-Teens, 2; S. C. A., 2; Choral, 1,2; Easter Assembly, 2; County Fair Committee, 2; Home Room Treasurer, 3; Easter Pageant, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Commencement Marshal, 4; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5. GENEVA EDWARDS SMITH 4-H Club, 1; S. C. A., 2, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral, 1, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Drama Class Play, 5; Volleyball, 2; Operetta, 5; Dance Recital, 1, 3; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Y-Teen Choir, 3, 4; Civics Assembly, 4; Pep Club, 2, 3. MARY ELLEN SMITH 4-H Club, 1; Choral, 1, 2, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2, 3; Sports Club. 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2; Badminton, 2; Volleyball, 2; Junior-Senior Prom Figure, 4; Home-Coming Court, 5; Modern Dance Group, 2, 3; Dance Recital, 3; County Fair Committee, 2; Newspaper Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4; Squad Leader. 3, 4; May Court, 5. DAWN REBECCA SPANGLER 4-H Club, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Rep¬ resentative to Convention Senior Y-Teens, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3; Senior Choir, 5; S. C. A., 1, 2; Operetta, 5; Tennis, 3; Senior Y-Teen Choir, 4, 5. ERNEST GILBERT SPROUSE 4-H Club, 1, 2; Junior H-Y, 2; Vice President Home Room, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Head Monitor, 4; Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Track, 4, 5; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Football Home-Coming King, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Senior Talent Show. BETTY JEANNE SPRUHAN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Home Room Captain, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Devotional Chairman, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2, 3; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4, 5; Home Vice President, 4, Treasurer, 5; Y-Teen Dance Figure, 5. IDA LEE STANLEY 4-H Club, 1. DOROTHY SUE STONE Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4. 5; Library Club, 3; Junior Choir, 5; Public Speaking, 4, 5; Forensic, 4; Home Economics, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5. PEGGY JO STONE 4-H Club, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2, Social Chairman, 2; Senior Y- Teens, 3, 4, 5, Social Chairman, 5; Cheerleader, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 2, 3; Modern Dance Group, 5; Dance Recital, 5; Choral, 1,2; Bowling, 2; Latin Club Assembly, 3, 4, S; Figure for Valentine Dance, 5; Home Economics Fashion Show, 4. CAROLE ELAINE STROUPE Home-Coming Queen, 5; Cheerleader, 4, 5; May Court. 3, 4, 5, Maid of Honor, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Student Council, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 3. 4, 5, Home Room Capt., 3, 4, Secretary, 5; Latin Club 3, 4, 5; Provincial Governor, S; Pep Club, 2, 3, Secretary, 3; Home Room Vice President, 3. Treasurer, 4, President, 5; Modern Dance Group, 5; Girl ' s State, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5; District Student Council Meet, 5; Candidate for Pythian Bowl Queen, 5; Delegate to State Student Council Convention, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2, Treasurer, 2; Newspaper Staff, 1, 2; 4-H Club, 1; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Annual Follies, 4; Queen of County Fair, 4; Home Economics Fashion Show. 4; D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award, 5; Latin Club Assembly, 3, 5; Delegate to District Student Council Meet, 3; Secretary to State Student Council Convention, 5; First Prize P. T. A. County Fair Poster Contest, 2, Second Prize, 3; Squad Leader, 3, 4. BARBARA ANNE SULLIVAN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4. MARGARET LUCILLE SWAIN Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Basketball, 2, 3; Volleyball, 2, 3; Monitor. JOYCE EDNA THOMAS F. H. A„ 4. SHIRLEY ANN THOMAS Class Council, 1, 2, 5; Home Room President, 1, 2, Secretary, 4; Secretary of Senior Class; Pep Club, 2, 3; Choral, 1,2; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Operetta, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2, Worship Chairman, 2; Y-Teen Representative, 2; Senior Y-Teens. 3, 4, 5; 4-H Club, 1; Assembly Committee, 4; Home-Coming Court, 5; Cheerleader, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Praetor, 3, President, 5; Delegate to Girls ' State, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4. 5; Bowling, 2; Representative at Y-Teen Camp, 3; Latin Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Y-Teen Representative to Washington, D. C., 2; All Western District Choir, 5; Squad Leader, 3, 4, May Court, 5. WAYNE LEE THOMPSON MARGARET PEARLE TICHENOR Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; F. H. A., 3. FRAZIER LEON TINGLER Audio-Visual, 1, 2, 3, 4; Industrial Arts, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; D. E., 5, President, S; Home Room President, 3, 4; Representative to D. E. Convention, 5; Stage Crew, 1, 2. SYLVIA FRANCES TINNELL 4-H Club, 1; Choral, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Pep Club. 2, 3; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 3; Student Leader, 4, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Publicity Chairman, 3; Basketball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Hockey, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Soccer, 5; Bowling, 2; Badminton, 4, 5; Tennis, 5; Y-Teen Choir, 4, S; Thanksgiving Assembly, 3; Driving Assembly, 3. MARY JANE TURNER 4-H Club, 1; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5; D. E. Winner Sales¬ manship Contest in District. ELAINE RUCKER TYLER 4-H Club, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y- Teens, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Operetta, 5. PAUL DOUGLAS WADE F. F. A., 4; D. E., 5, Promotion Editor; Annual Follies, 1, 3, 4. ROBERT JOE WALKER THOMAS WESLEY WALTON DELORES EARLY WATSON Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4; F. H. A., 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Volleyball, 2. SHIRLEY MARIE WEBB Home Room President, 1; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, 5; Monitor, 4; Basketball, 1, 2; Volleyball, 2; Sports Club, 1. ALVA JEAN WERTZ 4-H Club, 1; Latin Club, 3; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Senior Talent Show, 5; Secretary of Home Room, 2; Home Room Vice President, 4; Public Speaking, 3; National Forensic League, 3, 4, S; 5. C. A., 2, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Music Chairman, 4, 5, Home Room Captain, 4; Hockey, 2, 3, 4; Public Speaking Play, 3; Eighth Grade Trio, 1; Y-Teen Choir Director, 4, 5; County Fair Talent Show, 2, 3; Dance Recital, 2; Home-Coming Talent Show, 3; Y-Teen Dance Figure, 5, Camp, 3; Hollins Play Day, 2; Operetta, 5; City-County Y-Teen Choir Director, 4; All Western District Choir. 4, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Annual Dedication Assembly. 4, 5. MARTHA LUCINDA WILBOURNE Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 5; S. C. A., 4. PATSY ANN WILKS S. C. A., 4, 5. DONALD LEE WIRT Varsity Football, 4. MINOR OAKEY WIRT F. F. A„ 4, 5. PEGGY CALVIN WOOD Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Home Room Vice President, 3; Beta Club Convention, 5; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4, 5; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5. HAROLD EVERETTE WOODY Industrial Arts; D. E., 5, Treasurer, S; State and District D. E. Winner in Public Speaking Contest. ROSEMARY KAY WYANT Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens. 3; 4-H Club, 1; Senior Choir, S; Junior Choir, 4; Choral, 2, 3; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 4, S; Annual Dedication Program, 5; Operetta, 5; Western District Choir Contest, 5; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Thanksgiving Assembly, 4, 5; Christ¬ mas Assembly, 4, 5; Easter Assembly, 4, 5; Beta Assembly, 3, 4, 5; County Fair Committee, 2, 4; Fashion Show, 3; Sports Club, 1, 2, 3; Volleyball, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Hockey, 2; Shuffleboard. 2; Manager, 3; Badminton, 3; Tumbling, 2, 3; Bowling, 2; Figure Junior-Senior Prom, 3; Student Leader, 3. CHARLOTTE ANN YOST Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 5; Sports Club, 1, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, Manager, 5; Volleyball, 1, 3, 4; Hockey, 3, 4; Bad¬ minton, 2; Hollins Play Day, 2; Pep Club, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Classical League, 2; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 3; National Forensic League, 3, 4. 5; Public Speaking Play, 3; District Literary Contest, 3; Choral, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5, Secretary 5; Class Council, 3; Home Room President, 3, Vice President, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Annual Follies, 4, 5; Head Marshal for Gradua¬ tion, 4; Senior Talent Show; Operetta, 5; Talent Show, 1; All Western District Choir Festival, 5; Annual Dedication Assembly, 4, S; Beta Club Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club Convention, Richmond, 5; Senior Play, S; Valedictorian. 4 42 } “Education is a controlling grace to the young, the poor, and ornament to the rich.” consolation to the old, wealth to —Diogenes Dorothy Eller, Secretary; Bltddy Eakin, President ; Jane Henson, Vice President ; Connie Duffy, Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS Hail to the ever advancing Squires! Those who have carried their banners high Now realize the task before them When as knights they will guide their fellows forward. Juniors! How proudly they claim that title! How eagerly they accept the duties and responsi¬ bilities that accompany the privileges offered them! They are in their final year as apprentices to the Seniors and they know that a great test lies before them when next year they must assume the leadership of their Alma Mater. They must direct their efforts toward the fulfillment of their dreams, the dream of Senior Hall, theirs, front seats in the auditorium, the privilege of marching out first while lower classmen remain seated, their annual with many more pages given to Seniors, the homage paid by the other students and leadership of the student body. Yes, they are proud to be Juniors with great expectations. 4 44 Nellie Kay Arnold Patricia Austin Margie Ballard Tavie Ann Barnes Gloria Barnett Mary Barr Linda Biggs Nancy Sue Birch Paul Blankenship Clyde Blosser Oakie Sue Blount Shirley Bohon Shirley Boley Mable Butler Martha Jo Carr Betty Carroll Vickie Clark Lucy Bette Clem Sammie Clemons Margaret Conner Michael Conner Opal Conner Maritta Crotts Doris Cundiff Clarence DeHart Patricia Deyerle • Deanna Doyle Diane Drew Connie Duffey Buddy Eakin Dale Early Dorothy Eller Eddie Ellers Shirley Eubank Robbie Faries Sallie Jean Farmer Cleta Ferguson J oseph Ferguson. Shirley - Ferguson Virginia Fisher Glenda Fowler Marie Fralin Frank Francisco Creed Frazier Orina Fulton Mary Gallion Hugh Garst Shirley Garst Chelsea Gillispie Bobby Goode Lynn Goodwin Ronnie Graham Joyce Gray Dorothy Green Elizabeth Grubb Nayota Gusler Doris Marie Hall Martha Jane Hall Shirley Hall Maurice Hancock Shelby Jean Harless Carl Harris Darlene Harris Edna Harris Sam Harvey Ronnie Hash Barbara Henderson Charles Bruce Henderson Jane Henson Mary Hicks Joyce Hill Charlotte Houchins Nancy Hubbard Charlotte Huffman Eva Hurt Wayne Hutton Charlotte Jewell Betty Johnson Martha Johnson Karen Johnston Frankie Kemp Peggy Kilby Lavonne Lancaster Geneva Lawrence Anne Lee Darlene Lee Allan Leffler Rader Lewis Jackie Lilly Shelby Lipps Sandra Lucas Nancy Lyle Cleo Martin Fred Martin Leon Martin Shelby Martin David Mattingly Mary McDaniel Glen McMahan Barbara Mills Shirley Mills Janet Minucie Mary Lou Monger Carol Moore Mary Jo Moore Virginia Moore Martha Morris Joan Mowles Watson Mundy Bobby Murphy William Musselman Sadie Nunley Franklin O’Beirne Marie Oliver Gail Orr Ronald Overstreet Jack Painter Joann Parrish Mildred Perry Patricia Lynn Peters Joe Philpott Montra Phlegar Betty Jean Poole Virginia Poole June Powers Bill Price Virginia Price Frankie Reed Elizabeth Richards Sally Rife Linwood Shaffer Mac Sherrard Carroll Sue Sink Gayle Snider Gloria Spencer Loretta Starkey Charles Stephenson Robert Stump Vernelle Taylor Leonard Thomas Ninevah Turman Wiley Via Kay Waggoner Penn Whitescarver Donny Williams Helen Williams Myra Wills Wesley Wilson Donald Wiseman Joe Wright Paige Young TO THE JUNIORS . . . To you who in the coming year, will slave as never slave did slave, and burn the precious midnight oil, with wild abandon, spendthrift glee, we happily and wearily, pitch o’er the reins of leadership. To you who hope that in this year, the dwindling of the rights will stop, we fervently and earnestly, too, join you, in this prayer. But, with the ending of this year, there comes a time of reckoning. The people who have walked together, walk alone, into the world. The time of cleavage, from each other, like all other splits in nature, is a time of sadness, mingled with the joy. We must break and go our way, to reach the goals which we have set. And so, it is not with all joy, that we give to you the torch, to bear the coming year. This for you will be the last, a time of chaos, indecision, culminating in the force, which with a fierce, unsteady shove, will throw you out into the world. Arise, the time has come! Our long and mottled trail at school, fades fast to memory. You the Juniors march in joy, to fill the vacant front row seats, unheeding, now, of what’s to come, and not until this day next year, when you, the silent and the grave, will understand the odd sensations, of the closing moments, before the great expulsion. With these thoughts, and others, which space and time will not permit, we hand to you this scroll, in tribute to your might, Senior Class of ’55. Class of ’54 4 48 } pages Education has for its object the formation of character. —Hubert Spencer, “Social Statistics” Carol Matthews, Secretary, Marie Harter, Vice President-, Susan Hackman, President-, Joe Rice, Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomores, pages to the squires, Have served both well and faithfully. The prize of future knighthood Will be won through work and diligence. Like Janus, the god who viewed the past and the future, the Sophomores can now see in two directions, backward to the beginning of their high school days and forward to those days that will bring an even greater sense of achievement and happiness. They have reached the half-way point in their training for knighthood. They have served well as pages and their goal is now in sight. 50 Jo Ann Aliff Levenna Altizer David Ames Antonia Anderson Joanne Angell La Verne Argabright Anne Arthur Lizzie Ballard Carolyn Barnett Arnold Barr George Bateman Betty Bayne Paul Bayse Buddy Bishop Beverly Black Emory Bogle Lowell Bohon Nelda Bohon Barbara Boles Patty Boone Carol Bowden Nancee Bowling Carolyn Brammer Dan Brogan Don Brown Robert Brown Ralph Burcham Kenneth Burris Robert Burris Eddie Burroughs Luther Bush Cynthia Butts Wilma Byrd Joan Caldwell Barbara Carroll Betty Carroll Frank Carroll Nancy Caudill Jack Chappell Milan Christley Page Clarke Phyllis Clement Tommie Clemons Jo Ann Collins Geraldine Conner Shelby Jean Conner Dickie Cornett Earl Cox Mary Anne Craghead Connie Crosswhite Ray Crotts Pat Crowder Cornelia Custer Pat Darden Michael Darnell Hazel Daugherty Kay Davis Bobby Dennis Frankie De Wolfee Kenneth Dillard Macy Dodson Nancy Donaldson Barbara Dooley Theda Draper Loretta Duncan Louise Eakin yUJL zU Jimmy Edwards e s 1 ' “fief. Gale n Eller Shirley Ellis Bobby English . Shelby Epperly Joe Faries Stuart Franklin Ronnie Frier Charlotte Fulton Rawlings Gallagher Jimmy Garman Sherman Garman Wilma Garman Faye Garst Ronald Garst Wanda Garst Dorsey Gillespie Jimmy Gore Donald Graybeal Audry Greer Roger Greer Carolyn Greiner Shirley Gusler Susan Hackman Yvonne Hailey Doris Hall Betsy Hallman Pat Harris Willard Harris Marie Harter Aubrey Hartman Fay Hensley Paul Henson Ramona Hibbitts Bruce Hill Fred Hoback, Jr. Bobby Hogan Rowena Holliday Elon Hopper Betty Howard Paul Howell Mary Elizabeth Hubble Kathryn Jarrett Regina Jobe Joyce Ann Jones Joan Keesling Bobby La Garde Betty Lancaster John LaPrade Mary League Dewey Lemons Clara Lewis Burks Logan Ashton Lough Aletta Loving Jon Manetta Janice Martin Robert Martin Virginia Matheny Carol Matthews Doris McBride Jeanette McCray Kimmie McCurdy JoAnne McGhee Pete McGue Doris Meador June Minucie Wayne Morgan Gayle Morris Edith Mottley Rosalie Mowles Billy Myers Bertha Nalls Sally Nicar Donald Nowlin Donald Oakes Mike Overstreet Larry Painter Shelby Palmer Barbara Patterson Norma Paxton Randolph Peters Joyce Phlegar Jerry Pittman Barbara Poff Marshall Poff, Jr. Buddy Poole Ronceverte Powell Kitty Lou Privette Bobby Puckett Betty Pugh Peggy Pugh Molly Ramsey Peggy Reavis Fred Repass Betty Lou Reynolds Joe Rice Billy Richardson Barney Rickman Shirley Rierson Roger Roberts Jerry Robertson Robert Rolley Joe Sample Jack Shelor Nancy Shelton Corinna Sheppard Donald Shorter Barbara Smith Shelby Smith Sonny Smith Peggy Smiley Lera Stalnaker Gaye Stanley H Sue Stanley Sarah St. Clair Walter Stilton Phylis Stinson Betty Stone Mary Ruth Suiter Djuna Sutphin Linda Swain Emory Tarpley Lola Taylor Ralph Thomas Ruth Thompson Mamie Tolley Barbara Turman Donald Turman Alvin Underwood Douglas Vaughan Betty Lou Vinyard Mildred Waldron Coriene Walters Phyllis Walton Sue Weaver Waynetta Weeks Betty Mae Wertz Joyce West Margaret West Velma Wheeler Rachel Whitmire Shirley Whitmer Betty Wilcher Jean Williamson Margie Williams Delores Willis Libby Winslow Margie Wirt Sarah Wirt Jannette Witt Herbert Wolfrey Frank Wood Nancy Wood Rudolph Wood Becky Woolwine Inez Woolwine Jimmy Wright Addison , “The Spectator” Jerry Wood, Treasurer-, Jackie Wiseley, Secretary; Hugh Bainter, President; Glen Greer, Vice President FRESHMAN CLASS These students are preparing, for their place in years to come When they assume the leadership, and duties of the knights. The young people who have advanced from the Eighth Grade have completed one year of their instruction. Their dream of becoming knights is only a vision now, but as they work and progress, they hope their visions will become real. They are beginning the many things that make up a school year, the fun of activities, the hours of study, the satisfaction of sharing, the zest in competing, the making of friends, the meaning of school spirit, the importance of self-control, and the daily work in groups. They have begun to realize what is expected of them and are making themselves ready for future challenges, because they now have the satisfaction of really belonging to Andrew Lewis. Sara Ahalt Bobby Allen Marjorie Alls Marie Angell Judy Arrington Betty Jean Ashley Kaye Ashwell Hugh Bainter Sonny Baird Jeanne Ballator Curtis Bare Clara Barton Sonja Bateman Ann Marie Baumgardner Dorothy Bayse Joyce Beahm Montrann Beard Jack Beason Shirley Beckner Dean Bell Jane Bell Barbara Blosser Carol Boley Helen Bowden Audrey Bower Bobby Bower Richard Boyd Henry Braswell Linda Brewer Ann Brown Sue Ann Brown Jerry Broyles Peggy Bryant Jimmy Burton Judy Butler Geraline Byer Harry Campbell Nadine Campbell Nancy Sue Campbell Andrew Case Billy Cecil Patricia Cecil Richard Chappell Larry Clark Dickie Combs JoAnn Conklin Darline Conner Larry Conner Barbara Cooper Adelene Craghead Amy Cramer Morris Cregger Jimmy Cromer Carolyn Crosswhite Margaret Ann Crosswhite Shelvie Jean Cunningham Scott Davis Pat DeHart Joan Dickerson Bobby Dillon Claudine Dillon Rachel Doyle Sandra Duckworth Betty Sue Dudding Priscilla Duke George Dyer, Jr. Billy Eldridge Marlene Ellis Phillip Etter Bobby Ewald Walter Ferguson Howard Fitzerald Etta Mae Flinchum Clinton Flowers Margaret Franklin Shirley Frantz Barbara Jean Frye Buddy Futrell Imogene Gallion Connie Garbett Elaine Gardner Freda Garman Ruby Garman Teddy Garman Vivian Garman William Garrett Frank Garst Wayne Garst Joe Gibson Ronnie Gibson Dewey Goode Nicky Goodman Christine Graham Glynn Greer Jimmy Gresham Louise Gross Elsie Grubb Sue Hairston Cynthia Haislip Irving Hall Warren Hankins Harriette Harris Sue Harshbarger Betty Hartman Martha Hash Paul Haynes Peggy Haynes Garnette Helvey Kay Henderson Mack Henderson John Hesmer Joan Hodge Ruth Huff Butch Hurt Ronnie Ingoe Norma Jamison Jessie Janney Shirley Janney Charles Jennings Edward Jewell Jack Jones Barbara Justis Kate Kegley Anita Kelley Phyllis Kesler John King Velma King Watson King Wayne King Lovelle Kingery Roberta Kirk Royce Koon Jeanne Langston Walter Lee Louis Leffler Patricia LeGrande Bernard Lemon Virginia Lester Dewey Likens Janet Lile Patsy Lloyd Ruth Lockett Billy Logan Aubrey Loyd Carol Loyd Brown Martin James Martin Betty Mattern Faye McCray Nancy McManaway Kenneth McNeil Hallie Meador Vernon Meador Jacquline Miller Sallie Miller Dreama Mills Phyllis Mills Sue Ann Minnix Wanda Minnix Walter Minter Georgie Monroe Nancy Moran Joe Moses Guy Mowbray Ronald Muckerfuss Betty Murphy Jeannette Myers Edith Nichols Mary Jo Nolen Beverly Norton Charlotte Obenchain Joan Overton Barbara Oyler John Oyler Nancy Sue Peery Judy Perdue Duke Perry Dean Phoenix Donnie Pinkard Ralph Poff Cecilia Price Patricia Pritchett Treva Quesenberry Jerry Reavis Ruby Reese Jim Repass Jimmy Reynolds Gaynor Rhodes Nancy Rhudy Janet Richardson Billy Roberts Joyce Roberts Norma Routt Barbara Ruble Janet Russell Lucy Russell Martha Russo Carole Rutledge Jo Anne Sarver Judy Dean Saul Norma Saul Margaret Saunders Mary Jane Scott Lindsey Sheahan Judy Shelton Bobby Shorter Nina Simmons Meta Simpson Shirley Sloan Anita Snyder Kenneth Sowder Dewey Spangler Eleanor Spangler Bill Sprouse Roy Stanford Duward Starkey Norma Starling Eugene Stemple Grace Stone Mike Stover Bill Strang Richard Stroupe Samuel Stump Billy Swain Patricia Taliaferro Martha Tarter Barbara Taylor Julia Thomas Sylvia Thomas Diana Thomason Jerry Thompson Louise Thompson Wil liam Trent Janet Turman Jerry Umberger Dorothy Underwood Louise Underwood Joan Vandergrift Lola Vass Alvin Vaughn Bill Veasey Francis Wagner Wayne Waldron Rita Walters Bennie Wertz Calvin Wertz Danny Wertz Mary Ann West Donald Whitlock John Wilks Buddy Williams Curtis Williams Mary Willis Jackie Wiseley Norton Witt Jerry Wood Alice Woolwine Evelyn Workman George W t right Lynn Wygal Byron Yost Jack Yough Carl Young Charles Young Fern Young Phyllis Young Eddie Zini jBabtes Learn to live, and live to learn, Ignorance like a fire doth burn, Little tasks make large return. —Bayard Taylor , “To My Daughter” ' Shirley Mills, Secretary; Virginia Chapman, President; Tommy Coffman, Vice President; Manning Stewart, Treasurer EIGHTH GRADE Gathered together in a citadel of learning Come great hoards from near and far. But wait! Why not let these great things Be told by your modern troubador. In groups they come from the mountains, valleys, farms, and towns. Four hundred and fifty strong, these students come to begin their training for the wonderful day when each becomes a knight, a Senior. They have begun to mold their lives, to prepare for the future. They are undertaking a task which requires hard work and stamina. Those who work will be here in nineteen hundred and fifty-eight to receive their reward, the glory of being a Senior, a knight of the highest honor. Gail Adams Sandra Adkins A. H. Ager, Jr. Emma Altice Mary Ellen Altice Betty Altizer Russell Altizer Shirley Amos O. T. Angle Peggy Argabright Richard Argabright Richard P. Argabright Alvah Arthur Bobby Baldwin David Barnhart Betty Basham Ella Mae Bates Darden Battle Peggy Bayse Harry Garst Beard Alverta Beckner Kitty Beeman Sylvia Belcher Della Bell Ralph Bell John D. Benois Martha Bielke Auburn Black Betty Lou Blankenship Billy Blount Douglas Blount Wayne Blount Evelyn Elizabeth Boaz Gale Bogle Bobby Boone Fay Boone Jack Booth Jackie Booth Sonny Booth Jacqueline Boothe Judy Bower Lewis Bowling Audrey Brickey Stuart Brizendine Cecil Bryant Jean Buck Jackie Burris Sarah Butler Louise Byrd Joe Cabiness Betty Caldwell Jerry Campbell Louise Campbell Sandra Campbell James Camper Barbara Cannon Garland Carroll Teddy Carroll Betty Chaffin Jerry Chandler Virginia Chapman Sammy Cimburke Jimmy Clark Janice Clinedinst Priscilla Clinevell Donald Clower Tommy Coffman Sylvia Coleman Barbara Collins Don Collins Robert Copenhaver Gladys Cox Garland Craun C. W. Cromer Allen Cross Sandra Crosswhite Betty Crotts Joe Crotts Peggy Crotts Betty Crouse Shirley Crouse Virginia Cruff Nadine Cunningham Arlene Dalton Will. Bobby Davis G. C. Davis Paul Davis Becky Dawson Charles Dean Elizabeth Deichmann Ira Deyerle Joan Dickens Harry Dixon Ann Dodson Sandra Dooley Donald Dyer Eddie Eades Lionel Ellis Clyde Eyler, Jr. Donna Ferguson Shirley Ferguson Arlene Fields Eddie Fields Norman Fink Carl Flora Florence Flowers Larry Francisco Shirley Franklin Dorothy Fretz Frances Garland Emory Garman Mabel Garman Orval Garman Oscar Garman Beverly Garst Evelyn Gaskin Patricia Gibson Janice Giles Arline Glass Georgia Glass Lucy Goodman Susan Grant Blanche Gray Catherine Gray Mark Graybill June Greene Virginia Greenway Bruce Griffith Thomas W. Grisso Charles Gunter Lynwood Guthrie Russell Gwaltney Nancy Hale Patricia Gail Hamblin Janette Hampton Susan Hardwick Tony Harpe Carol Harris Harry Harris Shirley Harris Helen Harrison Linda Kay Hartman Patricia Hartman Ray Hartman Shelba Hartman Darlene Headley Alberta Henderson June Henderson Paul Eugene Henderson, Jr. Ronald Albert Henry Peggy Hensley June Herrin C. R. Heslep Donald Hetherington Joe Hibbitts Suzie Hill Sylvia Anne Hill Sherman Hinkley Robert Hodge Sandra Hodges Bobbie Jean Holmes Benton Hopper Becky Howard Rebecca Howery Fred Hubbard Judy Jamison David Jobe Glenny Johnson Barbara Jones Kenneth Lee Jones Winburn Jones Larry Journell Carlyle Kemp Don Kelly Nancy Keyes Robert L. Kingery Walter Largen Barbara Largin Mary Frances Lawson Iris Lee Linda Lee Mooly Lenaeus Kent Lewis Barbara Light Charlotte Belle Lilley Marilyn Little Sammy Litton Joe Logan Melvin Long James S. Lough Jean Lucas Kenneth Malley Billy Manning Bruce Martin Herbert McBride Freda Meador Ralph Meador Shirley Mills Donald Minnix John Mitchell Brenda Moore Judy Moore J udith Morgan David Muse Jimmy Neal Joan Newman Billy Nichols Virginia Nunley Littie Mae Oakes Everette Obenshain Paul Overfelt James Owen James Curtis Pendleton Carol Philpott Winston Plymale Gary Poff Gertrude Poff Peggy Poff Beth Poole Norman Potts, Jr. Buddy Powell Carolyn Powell William Powell Rose Lee Prather Doris Price Jean Price Vivianne Proffitt Linda Pugh Sandra Quick Linda Rader Sue Reed Wilma Reese Donald Wayne Rettinger Frank Richardson Nancy Richardson Leroy Rife Mary Ellen Ritenour Virginia Robinson Phillip Rose Milly Ross Larry Ruble Patricia Rucker Ashton Rudd Catherine Russell David R. Rutherford J o Ann Rutherford Bobby Saunders Craig Schneider Elizabeth Schrader Jo Ann Schwallenberg Larry Seagle Larry Shelton Thomas Short Eddie Shupe Shirley Shupe Belva Simmons Regina Simmons Shirley Simmons Gaynelle Simpson Donald Sink Lena May Sink Harvey Sloan Carolyn Slough Betty Smallwood Peggy Smallwood Shelby Smallwood Janet Smith Jean Smith Jerry Smith Roy Snyder Kenneth Stacy Jack Stanley Robert Staton Nancy Ann St. Clair Sandra St. Clair Manning Stewart Loretta Stilton Rose Mae Stover Carl Stump Judy Stump Betty Sutphin Betty Thomas Billy Thomas Darline Thomas Hester Thompson Richard Thompson Shirley Thompson Mary Louise Trussell Frances Turman Charley Turner David Turner Gene Tuttle Glen Tyler Steve Tyler Alice Marie Ulrey Betty Underwood Bobby Underwood Melvin Vandergrift Luther Vann, Jr. Steve Veasey Patricia Walker Tommy Weaver Georgia Lee Weiss Helen Virginia Wertz Shirley Wertz Maslin Whitescarver Sybil Whitfield Kenneth Whitlock Nancy Whitlow Robert Whitmer William Wilkes Aden Williams Wilma Willis Allan Wimmer Nancy Winfrey Bobby Wirt Sylvia Witt Kent Womack Billy Wood Bruce Wright Greg Wroniewiez Arlen Wygel Billie Sue Young Chester Young Outstanding character, leadership ability, personality and participation in community projects, were the qualities which won this year’s D. A. R. “Good Citizenship” award for Carole Stroupe. Harold Woody wears the happy smile of a winner as he poses for his picture. He won first place in the speech contest during the D. E. convention at Hotel Roanoke and will enter the State Contest at Richmond. Lovely to look at is our talented and beautiful Betty Jo Harris. She was Andrew Lewis’s candidate for Snow Queen in the Roanoke Merchants’ Christmas Parade. Karen Johnston was elected by the 4-H Club as a delegate to the National 4-H Club convention in Chicago. She is one of the out¬ standing members of the Andrew Lewis 4-H Club and the County Honor Club. Billy Joe Johnson, grand prize winner in the first Salem Area Science Fair, and Miss Watkins, his sponsor, look over a folder describing what awaits them at the National Science Fair which is being held at Purdue University this year. In minstrel’s day, after work was finished, music and laughter filled the air. People gathered on green, in castle, to seek relaxation and pleasure. Not only is there work at Andrew Lewis, but also other activities that balance and enrich the lives of the students. In the days of the minstrel, the people dropped their worries as they went on bold flights of the imagination, listening to songs and stories. Today, students forget their cares, listening to band concerts, entering into pep rallies, and enjoying plays, and other assembly presentations. The movies and televi¬ sion, of course, combine these and many other forms, for their pleasure. This light side, this gay side, makes life at school more interesting, and an ex¬ perience which will be hard to forget. CALENDAR OF EVENTS September 8 School opens 25 Thomas Jefferson game, there 25 Teachers’ Meeting—No School! October 1 Picnic for Faculty 2 Byrd game and hop 9 William Fleming game and hop 16 Lane game, there 23 Jefferson game, there 30 Fairfax, here and hop 31 Report Cards! November 7 Lynchburg game 9 Back to School Night 13 Covington game, Home-Coming—Carole Stroupe, Queen 26-29 Thanksgiving Holidays December 4 Report Cards! 17-18 A. C. E. Senior Tests 21 Christmas Dance 22 Latin Club Caroling Party 23-jA.N. 3 Christmas Holidays January 1 5 8 12 15 20 26, 27, 28 28 29 Alumni game Narrows game, here E. C. Glass, there Fleming game, there Jefferson, here Halifax, there Exams! Byrd game, there Mid-term, No School!—Covington game March 2 5 8 15 20 26 27 April 1, 2, 3 2, 3 9 11 16-19 22 23-24 24 27 Blacksburg, here Band Booster Square Dance Sullins Choir Sings Senior Choir Sings with Roanoke Symphony Orchestra F. H. A. Sock Hop P. T. A. County Fair District Choir Festival at Rocky Mount Hi-Y Model Assembly Beta Club Convention, Richmond Band Concert Easter Pageant Easter Holidays Southeastern Assembly Operetta Science Open House at V. P. I. Report Cards! April 30-MAY 1 S. I. P. A., Lexington May 1 May Dance, Latin Club, Georgia Crawford, Queen 7 Dance Recital 8 District Track Meet, Lynchburg 12, 13, 14 National Science Fair at Purdue University 21 Senior Day 28, 29 Senior Play ?? Annual Comes Out! June 6 9 11 Exams Commencement Junior-Senior Prom Graduation February 1 Second semester begins 2 Blacksburg, there 5 E. C. Glass, here 6 Home Ec. TV Show 9 Byrd, here 12 Jefferson, there—Report Cards! 13 Y-Teens Sweetheart Dance 15 Science Club TV Show D. E. Convention, Senior Choir Sings Fleming game, here 19 Covington, there 20 Science Fair at Roanoke College 22 Southeastern Assembly 23 Halifax, here 26 George Washington, there 4 70 academic IN past ages when I, minstrel, held sway, scarcely priest could write his name, while others lived in ignorance, but, modern days are different. Student librarians spend many hours in the library. Ruth Thompson and Gaye Stanley are seen at the desk while Glen- wood Ginter signs out a book. Checking out books is not the only duty of the student librarians. Here Ella Mae Wickham and Inez Woolwine do research and typing as part of their many library activities. A library club member’s life is far from being all work and no play. Here mem¬ bers of the club are preparing to leave for a tour of the Roanoke Public Library. line, might. In days long past I sang my ballads, and told the tales of noble deeds by bright and blazing fire at night, and later in the village lanes, I gave them to the common folk. The castles are reduced to dust, where once the rafters rang with jest and thick-lipped chant, and scarce two stones are left in where once the bastions stood in The village streets are modernized, my listeners’ ears forever numb, and all is fallen or forgotten, save my ballads and my tales. These are told in modern days, in forms and ways that I knew not, in the hall you call the library. That wondrous room in filled with life upon fantastic scores of pages. Your enchanting hall now holds the facts, that no one knew when I held sway. Students find the card catalogue very helpful in gathering information or find¬ ing a book. Joe Rice and Fred Repass have little difficulty finding books on the study of wild-life. Delores Willis selects a religious book from the display of new books featured for National Bible Week. The books placed on the exhibit table help students greatly in choosing good reading material. “Silence is golden” especially in the library where students are studying and getting special information with the help of Mrs. Newton. Molly Lenaeu s and Marilyn Hughes pose with Miss Wright, the sponsor of the Junior Library Club, who is wearing clothes of “Amos Fortune,” the son of an African chieftain. The faculty at Andrew Lewis was royally entertained at a tea given by the Senior Library Club. Miss Goodwin, Mrs. Strickler, Mrs. Shriver, and Mrs. Sacra are being served by Sally Farmer while Mr. Broadwater looks on. Linda Swain, Jimmy Neal, Margaret Crosswhite, and Sally Farmer busily serve our teachers at the tea given by the Library Club. Your writers dream exciting dreams, of Martian wars and hydrogen bombs, and travels to the moon and stars. They sing in modern ways of deeds, that were but dreams, when I recounted. Your volumes hold so many tales. They tell of the flaming days long past, when knights were bold and strong. In those days, when peasants fought and won, and toppled the castles; they made men equal, that would not be so otherwise. There are the merry rogues of Shakespeare’s age, and the fainting “dears” of Grandma’s day. There are in every age and era, lovers and tales of love. Nor are these tales confined to books, by any means, but in this place, uncounted couples every day, bill and coo in furtive note, or silent whisper, and meaningful smile. For some, this is their only chance, to meet at length, o’er mighty tome, while getting reports, and research for class, or for pleasure, when work isn’t pressing. Your hall, with the light of learning, sparkling with sunshine and life, your books, unchained, worth a king’s ransom such wonders, thrill this ancient bard, as from afar I salute thee, Library of Andrew Lewis. Here, under the guidance of their teacher, Mrs. Chapman, an eighth gr ade class uses the reference room for study. Libby Winslow and Dickie Cornett look over the latest issue of their favorite magazines. Pat Peters and Shelby Conner, student librarians, decorate the board with an elephant and donkey to remind all civic and history students to vote in the mock election. i 9% ' - Bk.-a-. - 1 These eleven studious boys solve a difficult physics problem with the help of their instructor, Miss Watkins. The main topic of study in general science is the solar system. These stu¬ dents listen attentively as Miss Mantz explains an eclipse of the sun. Mrs. Blake helps these girls to learn more about the art of sewing and gives special little hints about better homemaking. A mystic world of new substances is found by these chemistry students as Miss Webb explains the properties of H2SO4 to Frances Patton. Miss Kidd helps to build a good founda¬ tion in English for eighth grade English Class. Mrs. Chick helps her eighth grade math pupils to further their knowledge of graphs. The mystic world of science unfolds to Mrs. Hylton’s eighth grade students as they conduct an experiment to determine the electrical charge of a pith ball. The topography of beautiful France is explained to an eighth grade social science class by their teacher, Mrs. Brauer. After marching at Municipal Field, the band returns to the auditorium for ad¬ ditional instruction. Students of all grades participate in the class and gain valuable musical knowledge under the direction of Mr. Christensen. I 4 . 74 } As an unseen student dictates a sen¬ tence in French to Susie Blankenship at the board, the rest of the class and Miss Miller give their undivided attention. While Mrs. Paul gives individual help to a puzzled student, a pupil explains how to analyze a sentence to the class. Donnie Carawan brings the students in Mrs. Smith’s fifth period Civics class up to date on the current news of the world. Synonyms, antonyms, and heteronyms are studied thoroughly in Mrs. Pedigo’s English Five classes. The confusion of them succeeds in bringing chuckles from the students. Barbara Mills, an English Five student, learns the fundamentals of English gram¬ mar as Mrs. Strickler explains the use of synonyms. Giving reports is but a small part of the American History course in Mrs. Easter’s class. These students are learning about the foundation of our American democ¬ racy. The boys are always saying that they can do anything better than the girls can so here they try to prove it as they criti¬ cize the girls’ sentences in Mrs. Fisher’s senior English class. “Alea iacta est.”—“The die is cast.” Caesar’s famous words ring out in Miss Cook’s second year Latin class as these students return to the days of old Rome. The future citizens of a democracy should know about their government. These students in Mrs. Shriver’s Civics class are learning important facts in order that they may be good citizens. 4 . 75 } jfjmmmiO ' . • • U!) , Figures carefully drawn by J. W. Chapman, Mary Sue Hopkins, Paige Gentry, Mary Cook Kolmer, and Bob Leonard help Miss Annie’s Geometry class to better understand the problems. Miss Keffer’s Algebra classes learn by the visual-aid method. Margaret West and Lewis Leffler help to demonstrate this while Barbara Oyler looks on. Students in Mrs. Shockey’s second year Algebra class solve the mystery of each x and compare their answer to those of Hugh Garst and Sally Hankins. These future engineers are hard at work in mechanical drawing class under the guidance of their instructor, Mr. Schwartz. The buzz of a saw is heard from the shop as Mr. Kinzie demonstrates the cor¬ rect use of an electric saw to Norris Duf¬ fer, Melvin Conner, Glenn Baker and Eugene Banton. Lathes spin and sawdust fills the air as Roger Roberts and Robert Sloan practice the art of wood lathing as taught by Mr. Thomas in his 6th period shop class. The sound of clicking typewriters re¬ minds us that the typing classes are hard at work once more. The second year students are hard at work trying to make their speed in typing under the guidance of Miss Mary Good¬ win. These general business students puzzle over the proper writing of a check while Miss Lawrence gives individual in¬ struction. 4 76 “Ciceronians” don their Roman gar¬ ments for their presentation of “Tragula ” which in English means Dragnet. These second year students study their French together while Miss Miller explains the meanings of “Au revoir” and “Bien entendu” to Nancy Bell. The students in Mrs. Meador’s classes get a few valuable tips on bookkeeping from their board work. Members of the operetta cast gather for a rehearsal of their songs before putting those precious books out of sight. Mrs. Peery directs their singing with a great deal of pati¬ ence and energy. The group shown here are: (seated) Jane Henson, Frances Crockett, Rosemary Kinney, Bobby Leonard, Creed Frazier, Libby Foster, Phyllis Ferris, and Charlotte Yost. Standing are Gene Hurt, Carl Harris, Rich¬ ard Epperly, Mike Gallagher, and David Little. Other students practice solo parts for the operetta. Jimmy Butts and Susan Hackman listen carefully to the music so that they can create dance steps to fit the songs. Douglas Vaughan, Jean Wertz, Mary Harris, Karen Johns¬ ton, and Hermis McGee sing heartily as Jane Henson and Frances Crockett accompany them. Helen Wertz and Bobby Davis were chosen the two best readers in the eighth grade. 4 77 }S The art of ballet con¬ cerns the training of the proper use of the hands, head, and feet. These girls go through the graceful procedures taught them in Modern Dance. Pictured are Georgia Crawford, Susan Hackman, Tavie Barnes, Nancy Donald¬ son, and Clara Lewis. The Modern dancing classes are composed of the girls who are eager to gain poise and grace. Gene Hurt, Mary Linda League, Carole Stroupe and Margie Ballard practice their daily exer¬ cises during an after¬ noon class. The girls of the Modern Dance group go through varied and difficult routines in tap under the expert direction of Mrs. Patsel. They are Elmira Poff, Mary Jean Simpson, Glenda Fowler, Kay Waggoner, Shelby Smith, Lucy Clem and Mary Cook Kolmer. DANCE AND DRAMA Mrs. Patsel’s fourth period drama class gets a big scare as Myra Wills frighteningly points a gun at her terrified classmates. Here the dramatic students learn by doing. Applying stage make-up is not easy but these girls seem to have learned the art well. This is a scene from a play put on by drama students in a school assembly. Mary Jean Simpson, the villain, almost escapes the clutches of Mary Linda League. athletics To prove themselves, to gain new strength, to learn the rules of sportsmanship, in ancient times the knights held tourneys, for maid or prize appointed. First Row: Jerry Frank, Ronnie Johnson, Johnny Mastin, Maurice Myers, Luther Garrett, Jim Candler, Kellogg Hunt, Paul Hatcher, Wesley Frye, John Holliday, Ernest Sprouse Second Row: Kenneth Norton, Henry Frantz, Don Wirt. J ack Painter Don Jarrett, Curtis Snyder, Bobby Flinchum, Milan Christley, Wesley Patterson, Charles Hawley, Jimmy Layman Third Row: Glenn Parr, Bobby Brown, Bobby Goode, Eddie Ellers, Joe Berry, Johnny Renick, Donald Nowlin, Charles Henderson, Buddy Jarrett, Frank Francisco, John Cannaday, Paul Henson jl ft ' I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 1953 football team on a job well done. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to be one of your coaches during this most successful season. I believe your success can be attributed to hard work, loyalty, clean play and the desire to win. To you, who are leaving I extend my sincere wishes for your continued success, and I hope the spirit you leave behind will be characteristic of future Andrew Lewis teams. Sincerely, Hal Johnston Coach Hal Johnston Coachjohnston is shouting encourage¬ ment and instruction to the team as they play at Municipal Field. Kellogg Hunt and Jimmy Candler, our co-captains, meet with the Byrd co-cap¬ tains before the game, while the referees offer words of advice. Touchdown! The raised arms of referee signify another score for the Wolverines. Jerry Frank (43) looks on as teammates Ronnie Johnson (25), Jimmy Candler (41) and Wesley Frye (21) unscramble themselves from the pile of boys on the ground. For the first time in twelve years Andrew Lewis High School has been able to hold its head high in the football circles of the State. Coach Hal Johnston led his scrappy Wolverines to seven victories, including a 13-12 upset over George Washington of Danville; they were handed only three defeats, one of which was a 14-13 defeat by Jefferson High of Roanoke, our arch rival. The students feel, though defeated in score, that we came from Victory Stadium with a moral victory. The Wolverines have seldom played with such inspiration and determination as displayed that night. Walking off the field at halftime with a 13-7 lead, A. L. gave Jefferson the scare of the season. Another record the Wolverines can be proud of is that we were not de¬ feated on our home grounds, Municipal Field. Several of our players were placed on many of the all- star honor teams. Guard Jimmy Chandler and Center John Holliday made the All-State, All-Western District, and All-City-County teams, Halfback Ernie Sprouse gained an All-Western District berth, and End Glenn Parr was honored on the All-City-County team. A. L. is proud of these boys and all the boys who backed them up giving their all for the team and school. The teams of the future years are going to have to go a long way to equal the 1953 Wolverine squad. Schedule and Scores A. I . . 12 A. L. . 12 A. I . . 13 A. L. . 0 A. L. . 12—Wm. Fleming. . 6 A. L. . 0 A. L. . ' 4 A. I. . 13 A. L. . 14—Covington. . 6 Total " 4 88 Individual Scorers Player Touchdowns Extra Points Total Wesley Frye. 5 I 31 Kellogg Hunt. S 0 3 ° Ernie Sprouse. 4 0 24 Ken Norton. 1 9 15 Luther Garrett.. . . 2 0 1 2 Team (Safety).... 17 10 2 114 The excitement mounts as our own Ernie Sprouse knocks down a pass in¬ tended for a Jefferson receiver. Co-Captain Jimmy Candler, tries hard to stop his Jefferson opponent in the hard- fought, thrilling game between the Wol¬ verines and Magicians. Milan Christley halts a Jefferson player on the 30 yard line as Curtis Snyder rushes to assist with the tackle. The faces of the spectators reveal the excitement of a football game as the band plays a lively tune. Stepping high, the majorettes lead the band in some figures during the half-time. Kellogg Hunt (24) has only one op¬ ponent between him and the goal line and the way his teammate Jim Candler (41) is moving in, it looks as if he won’t be there long. Luther Garrett (14) and Ronnie Johnson (25) assist in the background. Two of Andrew Lewis’s three Johnsons stand at the edge of the field during a game. “Little Hal,” the team’s mascot and son of our coach, and Ronnie, varsity tackle, represent the future and present of the Wolverine Team. Andrew Lewis players clear the way for Kellogg Hunt as he runs for a first down in the Covington game. Excitement mounts in the stands as a Andrew Lewis guard recovers a fumble on the 45 yard line. Between halves of the Andrew Lewis and Danville game, our five charming majorettes take time out to pose for this photograph. Kellogg Hunt (24) carries to the 35 yard line of Covington before the Cougars can stop him. Jerry Frank (43) can be seen in the background after blocking his man. We’re with you team! The stands are filled with enthusiastic fans as the Wol¬ verines roll on to victory at Municipal Field. { 82 Left to Right: Carol Boley, Shirley Eubank, Peggy Stone, Carole Stroupe, Libby Foster, Georgia Crawford, Nancy Donaldson, Shirley Thomas, Carole Matthews, Phyllis Batten, Oceile Hall, head cheerleader, Eddie Peveral, Linda Johnston, mascots Oceile Hall and Mrs. Hood worked together to further the interest of the cleerleaders. As a very co-operative sponsor, she has served as an intermediary between the school and cheer¬ leaders and helped the girls through many difficulties. CHEERLEADERS One of the most important factors in school life is school spirit, and during this winning season, the Andrew Lewis cheerleaders have worked hard to keep that spirit alive among the students. They led their team through many difficult moments, ever rallying behind them. For the first time in the history of Andrew Lewis cheerleaders, they functioned much as any other school club might. Early in the football season, they sponsored an after-the-game hop with the boys of the Monogram Club. Cheerleaders baked the cakes and cookies, made candy, and prepared the other foods that were sold at intermission. With this money, they were able to purchase new basketball uni¬ forms to use this year and to pass down to next year’s girls. The squad spent much time preparing for the football and basketball games. They revised old yells and made new ones to fit the assemblies and games in which they took part. Theirs has not been an easy job but it has been full of good times and enjoyment! Fifteen “rahs” to the cheerleaders for a very successful year! This customary huddle marks the end of the game as the cheerleaders stamp out “ 15 rahs” for the team. The Andrew Lewis cheerleaders and mascots add much to the excit ement and spirit of the football games with their rousing cheers and yells. Are you ready? The cheerleaders have a practice session so that they can lead Salemites in cheers at the games. 57 First Row: Jackie Yough, Pw - MrCuA Hugh Bainter, Bobby LaGarde, Jon Manetta, Fred Hoback, Joe Faries, Pete JVatts, Corky Henderson, Brown Martin, Randolph Peters Second Row: Billy Hughes, Glenn Greer, Burks Logan, Arnold Manning, Bobby Garbett, Ralph Poff, Butch Hurt, David Ames, Jerry Woods, Larry Clark, Dewey Goode, Roger Koon, Jimmy Gresham Third Row: Don Oakes, Don Pinkard, George Irby, Ashton Lough, Bobby Dennis, Buddy Peery, Pat Darden, Craig Schneider, Jack Beason, David Rutherford, Harlan Leonhandt, Sonny Smith, Bill Myers, Frank Waggoner, Bobby Dillon, Emory Tarpley, Emory Bogle, Warren Hankins JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The future grid stars of the Andrew Lewis Wolverines receive their first training on the Junior Varsity team. These boys spend many long and hard hours of practice; each hour is a rung on the ladder that leads to the glory of membership on the V arsity. Under the watchful eyes of their coaches, Mr. Harless and Mr. Copenhaver, they learn the fundamentals of good football and good sportsmanship. The team deserves to be praised for the ambition and fight that they have shown during the year. They have achieved a very fine record and with it a quality of play that will make them the outstanding Wolverines in the future. There is a big pile-up on the William Byrd 25 yard Billy Myers hands off to Hugh Bainter to try to gain line and Andrew Lewis recovers a William Byrd fumble ground against William Byrd. during a Junior Varsity game. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Along with the training of the mind should come the physical training of the body. Every student whether boy or girl, takes at least four years of physical education at Andrew Lewis. During these years, a boy learns how to keep physically ' fit with exercises, the correct techniques used in football, the intricacies of basketball, the art of tumbling, and the coordination of track. Boys who are especially interested, and who have more than average ability are encouraged to try out for sports outside of classes. A great number do, and become the football, basketball, and track stars of Andrew Lewis teams. Girls have a great variety of outdoor and indoor sports from which to choose. Of course, they participate in all these sports in their physical education classes but they, too, are encouraged to enter into sports of their choice outside of class. The Girls’ Physical Education Department offers hockey, basketball, volleyball, archery, tumbling, tennis and modern dance. A number of quieter indoor sports such as ping-pong, shuffleboard, and badminton are also offered. Tournaments are held and champions announced. Girls staying after school for sports are awarded points for their participation and after a certain number have been acquired they are awarded a letter. Physical education classes at Andrew Lewis are intended to develop skill and coordination of mind and body. Along with these important developments, team spirit, good sportsmanship, and enjoyment of the game are ideals which are stressed greatly by instructors. Physical education is essential to the needs of every student. By taking part in various activities of this kind, every individual becomes a more versatile and well-rounded person. There is a mad scramble for the ball as members of a boys’ physical education class engage in a game of mass basketball. These boys are practicing the tech¬ niques of line blocking for the rough and ready sport of football. “One, two, one, two,” sounds a chorus of masculine voices as this group per¬ forms daily exercises. Calisthenics play a major roie in physical education classes. Even gym classes can have their dreary days. These students in Mrs. Patsel’s Sixth period gym class try hard to answer all the questions on their six weeks’ test. All eyes are on the ball as the team in possession watches anxiously hoping they will win a point. All attention is on the serving corner during a practice of the Evens Volleyball team. The Evens work hard in order to win the Volleyball Tournament, which is played between the Odds and Evens. Girls in the physical education classes at Andrew Lewis learn many things. These girls practice forward rolls as they become skilled in tumbling. The rest of the class await their turn. This ball is the busiest thing on the field as it is kicked back and forth between the two teams, during an exciting soccer game. Miss Martin’s classes play soccer after the correct techniques have been demonstrated. These girls are practicing the correct method of serving a birdie in badminton. This is one of the many things the girls learn in physical education. During the spring session, the girls in the gym classes practice the correct techniques of archery. Here Cynthia Butts, Carol Bowden, Carol Matthews, Nancy Donaldson, and Shelby Lipps carefully sight their target. Modern, ballet, and tap dancing are taught the girls in Mrs. Patsel’s gym classes. Here the girls run through the pliesse of ballet. Shuffleboard, like any other sport, requires practice. Carol Moore, Cynthia Butts, Carol Mathews, Nancy Donaldson, Shelby Lipps, Carol Bowden, and Sally Rife practice during their physical education class. 4 . 86 } Left to Right: Hugh Garst, Bobby Flinchum, Billy Joe Johnson, John Holliday, Penn Whitescarver, Maurice Hancock, J. JV. Chapman, Luther Garrett, Verl Mershon, John Cannaday, Glenn Parr, Jimmy Candler, Jerry Frank BASKETBALL Congratulations to the Wolverines of 1953-54 for a job well done. It has been your untiring effort and hard work that have developed that winning spirit so essential in this modern world. Seniors, Jimmy, Jesse, Jerry, Bobby, Luther, “Dopey”, John C. and John H., you have been a splendid group to work with. Thanks and best of luck in the future. To the ones who will return next year, good luck and hard work for another good season. SCHEDULE A. L. 34—Newport News A. L. 73—Alumni. A. L. 66—Narrows. A. L. 38—E. C. Glass. . . A. L. 43—Wm. Fleming. A. L. 76—Jefferson. A. L. 61—South Boston . A. L. 44—Danville. A. L. 50—Blacksburg. . . A. L. 50—Wm. Byrd... . A. L. 35—Covington. . . . A. L. 38—E. C. Glass.. . A. L. 60—Wm. Byrd... . A. L. 40—Jefferson. A. L. 61—Wm. Fleming. A. L. 33—Covington. . . . A. L. 65—South Boston . A. L. 35—Danville. A. L. 51—Blacksburg. .. 56 43 57 63 54 61 43 55 40 39 26 58 33 56 62 38 43 39 47 4 . 87 Coach Ed Harless The ball seems to be floating away as John Holliday and Jefferson’s Rosenbaum battle to reach it. Glenn Parr looks as if he is going to dive for it as A. L. takes command in their brilliant victory over Jefferson. A Glass player attempts a field goal but Glenn Parr knocks it down. Jerry Frank takes advantage of the toss over the George Washington players and tips it to a teammate. Though the team of ’54 did not quite live up to its pre-season expectations, the Wolver¬ ines played several outstanding games during the season. Among these was a 76-61 victory over our arch-rival Jefferson, which started a winning streak that extended through half the season. Then hard luck seemed to hit our team and we dropped four of our last six games, among these a 62-61 heartbreaker to Fleming that cost us the City-County championship or even a tie for the honor. Two other games of these last six were nip and tuck affairs also. These were a 38-33 loss to Covington and 39-35 defeat by Danville. Both of these games were decided in the last few minutes of play. The whole team deserves credit for its efforts this year. Every boy tried his best each game. Most of the team will graduate this spring. Leaving school this June will be Captain Jim Candler, Jesse Chapman, Jerry Frank, Bobby Flinchum, Luther Garrett, Billy Jo Johnson, and John Cannaday. Back next year to lead the blue and white will be Glenn Parr, Verl Mershon, Hugh Garst, Penn Whitescarver and Maurice Hancock, who will try to fill the shoes of the departing seniors. We wish to praise Coach Harless for his fine coaching and sportsmanship. Everybody tries to get hold of the ball as it bounces from hand to hand during the Glass game. At half-time, the cheerleaders take time out to pose for our photographer. Even the crowd gets into this game! During the George Washington game, the referee found it hard to distinguish the players from the spectators. Glenn Parr and a Glass player leap high in order to get the benefit of the toss while Luther Garrett, and Verl Mershon wait anxiously for the tip. Alert eyes follow the ball as the referee tosses it into the air. Luther Garrett knocks the ball away from Danville as Jimmy Candler runs down the court for a pass. An excited crowd cheers the home team in a basketball game between Andrew Lewis and Danville. J. W. Chapman takes a rebound from the board and looks for someone to pass to. During the George Washington game, basketball turns into a free-for- all. Jesse Chapman retains the ball as Jimmy Candler struggles to his feet. { 89 }■ First Row, Left to Right: Arnold Barr, Morris Creggor, Jimmy Gresham, Paul Bayse, Billy Logan, John Hesmer, Kenneth NPkton, Billy Baird Secofi fRow: Jerry Thompson, George Irby, Sonny Smith, Pat Darden, Billy Myers, Ashton Lough, Bill Senter IOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Although the Junior Varsity basketball team may not seem as important as the Varsity, these boys are gaining valuable experiences that can be used when they be¬ come Varsity players. In addition to playing school rivals, such as Jefferson, Glass, Byrd, and Fleming, the J. V.’s play in the town’s community league. Some of these boys show great potentialities for the Varsity. George Irby and Darden at center, Smith, Myers, and Lough at forward, and Bayse and Norton at guards all show ability that will probably place them on the “big team” next year. SLmJ “Who will get the rebound?” is the big question as Smith, Lough, and Irby move in during the exciting Jefferson Junior Varsity game. George Irby gets the jump on the Jefferson center and a mad scramble for the ball follows as Logan, Lough, Hesmer, and Myers move in among a host of Jefferson Jayvees. “Good shot, Pete!” is the cry as Pete Watts attempts a difficult shot under the basket during a game with Barnett’s Taxi, a Municipal League team in Salem. Coming in for the rebound for A. L. are Creggor, Norton and Smith. mmw a w win ,tie tn l a BOO Co-Captains Jimmy Candler and Kellogg Hunt cast proud glances at the Wolverine scoreboard in the Colonial Theater. Mr. League, one of our best boosters, gave the board. It’s a cold day but the’Wolverines don’t seem to mind. They are on their way to play E. C. Glass of Lynchburg. Optimism runs high as the cheer¬ leaders boost our spirits before the Jefferson game. Their score predic¬ tion didn’t quite come true but Carole Stroupe and Eddie Peverall are still hoping. Just before the disappointing news that the Lynchburg game had been postponed, part of our team pose in the snow in front of their bus. Other less courageous souls stay on the bus and grin at us from the windows. “Practice makes perfect” as Curtis Snyder receives a pass. This practice rewards us by points. Kellogg Hunt and Jerry Frank were caught clowning at a Thursday after¬ noon practice. Five of Andrew Lewis’s loveliest girls pose for a picture in their new majorette uniforms. They are Janet Munsey, Charlotte Jewell, Betty Jo Harris (head majorette), Carolyn Coleman, and Sandra Lucas. One of the favorite sports in the boys’ physical education class is learning the fundamentals of the game from Mr. Johnston and Mr. Harless. “Come on evens” these girls lead the enthusiastic cheers as the Odds and Evens meet in a fast moving basketball game. These cheerful lassies are Sylvia Tinned, Joyce Phlegar, Barbara Carroll, and Betty Stone. Jimmy Candler has set a proud record for him¬ self during his years at Andrew Lewis. This year he was a co-captain of the Wolverine’s fine football team. His great playing spirit won him top honors on the All-City-County, All-Western District and finally the highest honor given in the State, a place on the All-State football squad. Jimmy also is cap¬ tain of the Varsity Basketball squad and a member of the track team. He has a strong chance of making the City-County and Western District Basketball Teams. The Salem Rotary Club voted him the Most Outstanding Player on the football squad. John Holliday was the most consistent player on the football team. His offensive blocking set our backfield men off on long runs and his magnificent defensive ability cost our opponents many touch¬ downs. More than once John intercepted a pass or made a bruising tackle that halted a touchdown march by the opposing team. This fine playing won him a place on the first team All-City-County, All- Western-District and All-State squads. The Salem Lions Club gave their award to John as the Most Valuable player on our football team. John was a regular basketball player until he joined Uncle Sam’s Air Force. Ernie Sprouse was one of our best backs on the Wolverine’s football team this year. His fine run¬ ning and blocking started the Blue and White on many touchdown marches and Ernie himself con¬ tributed four touchdowns to the point parade. This, along with his consistent defensive play gained him a spot on the Coaches’ All-Western-District first team which is a very high honor. Glenn Parr did not even play the last four games of the season but his great play at his end position for the first six games was enough to give him a first team position on the All-City-County honor squad. Glenn really had a stroke of hard luck during the warm-up before the Jefferson foot¬ ball game. He went out for a pass and tripped over a Jefferson player who was on the field and broke his leg. He was a great sport about it and as soon as it healed he made the first team on the Wolverine’s Varsity basketball squad and is a strong candidate for honor basketball squads. He was our high scorer this year with 201 points. A T H L T I C H O N O R S Social In minstrel’s day after work was finished, Music and laughter filled the air, People gathered on green and in castle, To seek relaxation and pleasure. . ' ... Left to Right: Phyllis Ferris, Pat Garner, Gene Hurt, Oceile Hall, Frances Patton, Dottie Paugh, Libby Foster, Jan Hackman, Mary Smith, Shirley Thomas Top: Georgia Crawford, Maid of Honor; Ernie Sprouse, King; Carole Stroupe, Queen HOMECOMING “You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself about.” The Hokey Pokey proves to be one of the favorite dances at hops this year as students fill the gym after home football games. These students take time out from their dancing to enjoy refresh¬ ments in the cafeteria during one of the after-game football hops. To the tune of the bunny hop, these students make their way slowly around the gym. This dance has proved to be a favorite at Andrew Lewis this year. ,.. ? j 1 I : i r Seated: Georgia Crawford, Queen; Carole Stroupe, Maid of Honor First Row: Nancy Ellen McMannaway, Phyllis Ferris, Shirley Thomas, Mary Smith Second Row: Marie Harter, Jane Henson, Shirley Ferguson, Betty Lou Vinyard, Tavie Ann Barnes, Libby Foster , Jan Andrew Lewis students enjoy the “Dear John Letter” which these two handsome soldiers are doing. William Largen and Ernie Sprouse pantomime the record during the Senior Assembly. The graceful toe dancing of William Fleming’s Sandra Farrar delights and entertains her eighth grade audience at the kick-off assembly sponsored by the annual staff. I I Eddie Ellers, who plays the part of the baby in the Junior Class assembly, sits smiling in his baby pen. Eddie gives the |j students of A. L. a good many laughs, | especially when Tavie Barnes does the tango. I Sob, Sob, Sob—This sob story is being presented by the ’54 Class. Georgia Crawford as “pa” tells his tale of woe, while Libby Foster, who played “ma,” Pat Garner and Phyllis Ferris as “Clem and Slim,” and Shirley Thomas, as the daughter, sob in rhythm. The villain, Shirley Morgan, laughs as she visualizes her profit because of this sad situation. Mr. Hull, from the Richmond office of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, brings modern science into the student assembly. Here a very interest¬ ing demonstration shows the principles of television to the students. Carl Harris, Creed Frazier, Buddy Eakin, and Joe Ferguson explain just how “Oscar” is held together while singing “Dry Bones.” “This Was Your Life” Julius Caesar— The Andrew Lewis student body thoroughly enjoys this ancient setting of a modern television show. Sam Harvey plays Ralphus Edwards, Wesley Patter¬ son, Julius Caesar and Eugene Sloan portrays Antonius, Caesar’s teacher. “Fight Team!” The cheerleaders lead the student body in peppy yells and songs during a pep assembly. These as¬ semblies, which are presented during football season help to promote school spirit. Eyes are trained attentively on the speaker as Robert Houff delivers a message to the Student Body in an as¬ sembly sponsored by the Student Christ¬ ian Association. «Sf 96 “What’s it to you, big Roman?” says Peggy Jo Stone to Alex Gardner as Frank Smith (or Frances Crockett) looks on in a Dragnet skit in a Latin Club meeting. The sponsor of the Latin Club televi¬ sion program “Roman Dragnet” was the famous “Castrafield” Cigarette. The legs belong to Frances Patton, our model for the pack of Castrafields. DRAGNET Richard Geary, young star of Decca Records and WSLS-TV, entertains the eighth grade at the Annual Follies. Here he sings one of the songs which he re¬ cently recorded with Guy Lombardo. Students from Hollins College first year drama class take “A Happy Journey” in their imaginary car when they present their delightful comedy in the annual assembly. We were proud of our former classmate Georgenia Draper in her portrayal of “Ala”. The school spirit at Andrew Lewis has been very good this year. In a pep as¬ sembly before one of our biggest football games, Georgia Crawford and Kellogg Hunt give talks on the necessity of student support. Other students appear¬ ing on the stage are Karen Johnston, Gene Hurt, Dot Eller, and Dewey Clower. Spectators watch from the sidelines as Y-Teens and their dates dance dreamily in the figure. When intermission comes couples take time out to refresh themselves and enjoy each other’s company before the begin¬ ning of the next dance. “To My Sweetheart”, a fitting theme for the annual Y-Teen “Sweetheart Dance.” Watson Mundy, Nancy Mc- Mannaway, Eleanor Dickson and Scotty Russell are enjoying the romantic atmos¬ phere that prevails. I “You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around” goes the song as a group of happy students engage in fun and relaxation after a football game. Coaches Johnston and Crawford seem quite happy. Why? They happen to be attending a hop in honor of the coaches. “ Eat drink and be merry ”—for tonight we beat Fairfax. Joe Rice, Douglas Vaughan, and Pat Darden enjoy cokes in the cafeteria at the hop after the game. o A crowded gym filled with happy people is typical of our after-the-game hops. The students, doing the “Bunny Hop”, one of the favorite dances of the year, wind around the floor to the tune of a lively record. This dance has become a favorite at Andrew Lewis. The hop after the Fairfax game found long lines of students weaving slowly around the gym to the tune of the “Bunny Hop.” Amid much gaiety and laughter, cadets, and students alike attending the hop after a football game, form a line and do the “Bunny Hop.” Q 7 { 98 } XCC. V ,» AAAjQU si.44.-4 f) u « % Neatly-combed hair and radiant smiles are typical of the students pouring in and out of the Activities Room during the week of the photographing of under¬ classmen. Here several eighth graders prepare to have their pictures made. Peggy Jo Stone, Betty Spruhan, members of the staff, are busily checking the money and receipts. Our thanks go out to the members of the DE Club who have done such a won¬ derful job of decorating the showcase in the front hall which Lucille Swain is here admiring. Alex Gardner, Kellogg Hunt, Carole Stroupe, Dot Eller, and Dewey Clower are preparing to leave for the Student Council District Convention at Colonial High School in Blue Ridge. One of our favorite entertainers, Bobby Brown, is pictured here with his guitar as he starts to give a rendition of a ballad. “Support your team!” Libby Foster and Jan Hackman need little encourage¬ ment as they purchase their tickets for the game between Blacksburg and An¬ drew Lewis. Study halls are always crowded so these girls take refuge in the hall for peace and quiet. Pursuing their studies are Peggy Faries, Carolyn Ferguson, Dot Haislip, and Sally Hankins. Future scientists in the making meet to discuss their entries in the Westinghouse Science Talent Search. They are Henry Frantz, Paige Gentry, John Cannaday, Charles Damewood, Jessica Kittinger, Florence Robey, and Jimmy Butts. The speaker at the annual Employer- Employee DE Banquet holds the at¬ tention of our principal Mr. Broadwater, who is seated at the speakers table along with Mr. Clem, sponsor of the club and Leon Tingler, the club president. These seven students are only a few of the many who benefit from the Drivers Educational classes under the direction of Mr. Copenhaver. 4 99 } These students took time out from Students emerge into a snow white their studies to allow our photographer to world as they start home after school, take their picture. They are C. W. Stump, Corine Walters, Donnie Nowlin, Shirley Witmer, Sarah Wirt, and Barbara Turman. 1 Deck the halls with boughs of holly. The annual Christmas decorations are the work of our Y-Teens who are shown here decorating the hall near the office. The Andrew Lewis fire fighters are al¬ ways available to help fight forest fires such as occurred early this year. These boys serve efficiently and well with the aid and guidance of Mr. Kinzie. Wheel It is the first snow of the year and these students just could not resist the urge to try a few snow balls. Left to right they are Carol Matthews, Alex Gardner, Nayota Gusler, Peggy Wood, and Mary Jane Darnell. Here, there, everywhere, they’re all rooting for the 1953 Wolverines. Stu¬ dents, parents, and alumni join the crowd at Municipal Field. Sally Hankins, Rosemary Kinney, Mary Jane Darnell, Jane Furrow, Carolyn Coleman, and Jessi ca Kittinger smile happily as Andrew Lewis makes a touchdown against Lane. I i i Guidance is essential to the needs of every high school student and here at Andrew Lewis, Mrs. Smith is our Guid¬ ance Director. Her assistants are Patsy Long, Edwina Hurt, Nancy Lemon, and Pearl Grisso. Delicious food and a good time were on the menu at the banquet at Longwood for the DE Club members and their em¬ ployers. { 100 } “Pleasures afford more delight when shared with others; to enjoy them in solitude is a dreary thing.” Dio Chrysostom Left to Right: Gene Hurt, Advertising Manager; Shirley Morgan, Circulation Manager; Rosemary Kinney, Head Copy Writer; Pat Garner, Head Typist bby Foster, Editor CLASS EDITORS (Top) Left to Right: Shirley Thomas, Georgia Crawford, Jessica Kittinger, Evelyn Early, Frances Crockett ADVERTISERS (Bottom) Seated: Jane Henson, Joe Ferguson, Peggy Jo Stone, Betty Jeanne Spruhan, Karen Johnston Standing: Creed Frazier, Carroll Sue Sink Not Pictured: Ronnie Overstreet PIONEER Left to Right: Carole Stroupe, Suzanne Barnard, Jan Hackman Mrs. Bertha Fisher, Sponsor Alex Gardner, Business Manager STAFF TYPISTS AND CIRCULATION STAFF (Top) Seated: Frances Headen, Betty O ' Dell, Tavie Ann Barnes, Margie Ballard, Susan Hackman Standing: Bobby Leonard, Maurice Hancock, Shirley Eubank COPY WRITERS (Bottom) Seated: Charlotte Yost, Rosemary Wyant, Peggy Wood, Jean Wertz Standing: Mac Sherrard, Florence Robey, Nayota Gusler, Yvonne Hailey, Cub Writer ( Insert ) First Row, Left to Right: Carole Stroupe, Georgia Crawford., Dewey Clower, Alex Gardner, Kellogg Hunt Second Row: Connie Duffy, Dorothy Eller, Buddy Eakin, Sam Harvey Third Row: Kenneth North, Wanda Garst, Theda Draper Fourth Row: Sue Hairston, Jerry Thompson Fifth Row: Milly Ross, Manning Stewart STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Dewey Clower. Buddy Eakin. Carole Stroupe. Kellogg Hunt. . . . .President Vice President . Secretary .... Treasurer The Student Cooperative Association is an organization of the entire student body. Officers of the Student Council are also the officers of the student body. The S. C. A. is composed of representatives from each of the five classes. There are five seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, two freshmen and two eighth grade representatives. The Student Council chooses its own officers from this group. This organization serves as a bridge between students and faculty. This year it sponsored the first hop of the season and a pep assembly before the Fleming-Andrew Lewis game. A campaign was organized to collect Blue Horse wrappers and the money received from this project was used to send delegates to the District and State Meeting. The District Con- I vention was held at Blue Ridge and Alex Gardner, Kellogg Hunt, Dot Eller, Dewey Clower, and Carole Stroupe were representatives. Alex Gardner led the discussion group on “Responsibility of a Student in a Senior High School.” Andrew Lewis was elected as chairman and sponsor of the District. The State Convention was held in March at Radford. The Student Council also takes charge of elections held to select representatives from Andrew Lewis for The Pythian Bowl and The Snow Queen. Student government at Andrew Lewis plays a major role in the life of every high school student. I | { lot i I I First Row: Mike Gallagher, Mary Jean Simpson, Carole Stroupe, Pat Garner, Leon Ingram, Shirley Thomas, Georgia Crawford, Nancy Bell, Kellogg Hunt Second Row: Franklin O’Beirne, Jane Henson, Connie Dufy, Dorothy Eller, Mac Sherrard, Dale Early, Buddy Eakin, Sam Harvey Third Row: Paul Henson, Kenneth Norton, Carole Matthews, Libby Winslow, Marie Harter, Sue Weaver, Susan Hackman, Joe Rice Fourth Row: Leland Bailey, Lucy Russell, Georgia Monroe, Freida Carman, Pat LaGrande, Adeline Craighead, Butch Hurt, Jerry Thompson, Jerry Umberger Fifth Row: Shirley Mills, Donna Ferguson, Geneva Chapman, Gail Hamlin, Milly Ross, Tommy Weaver, Billy Manning, Larry Shelton, Manning Stewart, Tommy Coffman CLASS COUNCIL The Class Council is an organization composed of the four officers of each of the five classes and the presidents of all home rooms. Class Council is actually the organization responsible for carrying on the work of the individual home rooms. Home room presidents have charge of various school functions such as the Junior- Senior Prom, which is given by the Junior Class to the Seniors. This is a tremendous job and it is the responsibility of every home room leader to perform his duty well. Their part in organizing their own group is a deciding factor in the success of an undertaking. Much depends on their leadership and ability in conveying the ideas of the faculty and student government to the majority of the students. 105 }£ • SENIOR LIBRARY CLUB First Row: Kay Henderson, Secretary; Margaret Crosswhite, Vice President; Sallie Jean Farmer, President; Shirley Rierson, Treasurer; Kitty Lou Privette, Reporter Second Row: Mrs. Newton, Sponsor; Royce Koon, Janet Russel, Anita Snyder, Libby Winslow, Freeda Garman, Linda Swain, Frankie DeWolfe Third Row: Darlene Lee, Joyce Beahm, Nancy Shelton, Joanne Parish, Marie Francisco, Gaye Stanley, Waynetta Weeks, Adeline Craighead, Joan Mowles LIBRARY CLUBS It would be hard to think of Andrew Lewis without books, without the library. The two combine to smooth the way toward acquiring that eagerly sought after recognition, the tangible evidence of five years of work and play, a diploma. The two library clubs, and the library assistants help interpret the library to the school, and assist in carrying on the many activities involved in the preparation, upkeep and circulation of more than ten thousand volumes. The club members are primarily interested in becoming better acquainted with the library and using the materials there to the best advantage. They also strive to render a service by improving the appearance of the library, and by participating in welfare projects. During the term 1953-54, all life was not dull and dreary within the walls of learning. Visits to other libraries, dinners, parties and picnics brightened the activities of the year. EIGHTH GRADE LIBRARY CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Patsy Walker, Betty June Thomas, Jimmy Neal, President; June Henderson, Vice President; Brenda Hughell, Leland Bailey, Treasurer; Alice Ulrey Second Row: Marilyn Hughes, Mary Louise Trussell, Jo Anne Schwallenberg, Molly Lenaeus, Nancy Keyes, Shirley Mills, Becky Howard, Dorothy Fritz, Georgia Weiss, Judy Bowers, Reporter; Betty Chaffin Third Row: Marilyn Little, Secretary; Kent Lewis, Norman Fink, Robert Copenhaver, Allan Wimmer, David Gibson, Billy Thomas, Robert Anselmo, Allan Cross Fourth Row: Glenville Johnson, Sarah Butler, Joe Cabiness, Joe Logan, Tommy Carroll, David Barnhart, Arlen Wygal, Robert Staton First Row, Left to Right: Barbara Carroll, Joyce Phlegar, Barbara Martin, Billie Conway, Frankie Reed, Vicky Clark, Ronnie Frier Second Row: Ralph Thomas, JVilma Byrd, Carolyn Brammer, Barbara Mills, Dorothy Stone, Pat Peters NEWSPAPER STAFF Each Friday morning, there is the familiar cry, ‘‘Buy your paper, now!” and we know that the Andrew Lewis News has arrived. The paper serves as the weekly source of information about current happenings within our halls and about our school. The Andrew Lewis News is a regular feature carried by the Salem Times Register. It contains news of sport happenings and events as well as all club news and various social functions. Reporters are always on hand to cover and uncover the incidents taking place at school. Students find wise words in the Editorial and always look forward to the “This and That” column. Being on the paper staff requires hard work but offers an opportunity for students interested in journalism to try their hand at writing. They gain experience which may be valuable in future college classes or jobs. The paper provides much enjoyable and worth-while reading and it is evident that a nickel spent for the weekly issue of the Andrew Lewis News is indeed a nickel well spent. { 107 First Row: Geneva Smith, Patsy Long, Oceile Hall, Elaine Tyler, Frances Crockett, Jane Henson, Karen Johnston Second Row: Fleeta Higgs, Clara Lewis, Edwina Hurt, Shirley Simmons, Jessica Kittinger, Jane Furrow, Gene Hurt Third Row: Donnie Carawan, Jean Wertz, Pat Aldridge, Peggy Oyler, Frank Carroll, Douglas Vaughan, Hermis McGee, Joe Ferguson, David Little SENIOR CHOIR OFFICERS Gene Hurt . President Oceile Hall . Vice President Charlotte Yost . Secretary Mike Gallagher . Treasurer Bobby Leonard . Reporter Frances Crockett . Accompanists Jane Henson JUNIOR CHOIR OFFICERS Secretary Treasurer Mildred Perry . President Doris Cundiff. Vernelle Taylor . Idee President Edna Harris. .. Front: Mrs. Peery, Director First Row: Jo Anne McGhee, Doris Cundiff, Molly Ramsey, Carolyn Greiner, Mary Ruth Suiter, Emory Bogle, Burks Logan, Margaret Ann Crosswhite, Edna Harris, Vernelle Taylor, Janette Witt, Marie Harter Second Row: Fern Young, Sue Stanley, Midge Perry, Carolyn Barnett, Milan Christley, David Ames, George Dyer, Gaye Stanley, Virginia Poole, Dorothy Stone, Joyce Phlegar First Row: Rosemary Kinney, Charlotte Yost, Frances Headen, Mary Harris, Rosemary Wyant, Dawn Spangler, Josephine Garman Second Row: Shirley Ferguson, Florence Robey, Theda Draper, Charlotte Huffman, Carroll Sink, Martha Martin, Phyllis Ferris, Mrs. Peery Third Row: Buddy Poole, Creed Frazier, Richard Epperly, Bobby Leonard, Carl Harris, Mike Gallagher, Mary Kolmer, Libby Foster, Shirley Thomas SENIOR CHOIR The Senior Choir has, this year, been one of the most active in the history of Andrew Lewis High School. Beginning the year in September, a program of music was presented in the Student Council Assembly. With November came Armistice Day and patriotic songs. In contrast to the peppy battle and war songs, the choir next sang songs of thanks¬ giving and praise in the Thanksgiving Assembly. When the Christmas season arrived, the Senior Choir members joined in spread¬ ing the good will of Christmas with their caroling through the halls. The beautiful music echoed and re-echoed, banishing worry from the hearts of teachers and students. The choir also presented the long awaited Christmas Program of music in an assembly for the students. In April, the Music and Latin Departments combined efforts and talents to give to the public and students the Easter Pageant, which is recognized as one of the most outstanding productions of its kind in this locality. Most of the same music was presented to the school in the Easter Program. In this very busy month, the choir also presented the operetta, “Jerry of Jericho Road.” With the end of the year came June Graduation cer emonies, Baccalaureate, and Commencement. The Seniors sang in the choir for the last time, but the music was nonetheless beautiful. Besides the program given in school, the choir participated actively in outside events. In December they sang for the Salem Music Club. In February, the Distributive Education convention was held at Hotel Roanoke, and the Andrew Lewis Choir was invited to sing. Two talented members sang in the All-West Choir held February 19, 20, and 21 in Covington. In March, an invitation was accepted from the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra. They requested that the Andrew Lewis Choir join with other high school and college choirs in singing “The Ordering of Moses.” Later that same month, choir members took part in the Music Festival at Rocky Mount. An event much looked forward to was the exchange of programs with William Fleming High School. Every month, recordings were made for the radio program, oung Roanoke Sings. anous choir members gav e voicc and piano recitals. Violin students and small ensembles from the choir have also given numerous programs for local civic clubs and churches. -£{ 109 }[! • Georgia LussaRus Florence SODALITAS LATINA OFFICERS Pontifex Maximus ord, Aedile Patrician Consul lebeian Consul ribune Libby Foster, Censor Sam Harvey, Ouastor Pat Darden, Praetor Kellogg Hunt, Provincial Governor Carole Stroupe, Provincial Governor e Latin Club started off its new year in the very first business meeting. Plans were made for tluck picnic held annually at Longwood in honor of new members and the faculty. This affair tremendous success. he club presented a very good assembly for the school. The theme was based on famous legion programs such as “This Is Your Life” which featured the life of Gaius Julius Caesar. The con ' d skit was “Dragnet” and was a “take off” on the original program. The script for the pro- was written by members of the club. This assembly was very popular with the student body, ith the advent of the Christmas Season, Latin Clubbers, crowded into big trucks and traveled ious homes to bring Christmas cheer to other hearts. After the caroling, boys and girls as- d for hot chocolate and a social party. inter passed and with the ushering in of spring, the Latin Club presented its biggest produc- the year, the Easter Pageant. On Palm Sunday, members of club, with the aid of the music ment, portrayed beautiful and inspiring scenes from the life of Christ. May, Sodalitas Latina sponsored the beautiful May Dance in honor of the May Queen and rt. This is one of the most outstanding social functions of Andrew Lewis and draws a large ng of parents and students each year. is year has been a big and exciting one for every member of the club and we regretfully say til next year. £{ lio } m V PROVINCIALS Margie Ballard, Elizabeth Barnett, Nancy Sue Birch, Sammie Clemons, Dewey Clower, Billie Conway, Carolyn Cole¬ man, Curtis Davis, Buddy Eakin, Neal Engers, Bobby Flinchum, Libby Foster, Glenda Fowler, Gene Gillock, Nayota Gusler, Maurice Hancock, Betty Jo Harris, Mary Harris, Melvin Harter, Nancy Hubbard, Kellogg Hunt, Gene Hurt, Karen Johnston, Mary Cook Kolmer, Bobby Leonard, Jackie Lilly, David Little, Sylvia Minnix, Betty Neal, Florence Robey, Peggy Senter, Mary Jean Simpson, Carroll Sue Sink, Dawn Spangler, Betty Jeanne Spruhan, Carole Stroupe, Elaine Tyler, Charlotte Yost. ? PATRICIANS Lizzie Ballard, Tavie Ann Barnes, Mary Barr, Jimmy Butts, John Cannaday, Martha Jo Carr, Nancy Caudill, Page Clarke, Lucy Bette Clem, Tommie Clemons, Georgia Crawford, Frances Crockett, Connie Crosswhite, Deanna Doyle, Theda Draper, Dale Early, Dorothy Eller, Margaret Faries, Joseph Ferguson, Marie Fralin, Frank Francisco, Mary Gallion, Alex Gardner, Wanda Garst, Lynn Goodwin, Susan Hackman, Martha Hall, Marie Harter, Sam Harvey, Jane Henson, Kelly Hillenberg, Rowena Holliday, Lavonne Lancaster, Anne Lee, Clara Lewis, Shelby Lipps, Barbara Martin, Bertie Martin, Janice Martin, Pete McGue, Betty Jean Monger, Shirley Morgan, Martha Morris, Watson Mundy, Jack Painter, Wessley Patterson, Frances Patton, Virginia Poole, Joe Rice, George Sloane, Dorothy Slough, Eunice Starkey, Peggy Jo Stone, Shirley Thomas, Douglas Vaughan, Wiley Via, Betty Vinyard, Carole Sue Weaver, Fred Woodward. PLEBEIANS Sara Ahalt, Bobby Allen, David Ames, Antonia Anderson, Anne Arthur, Hugh Bainter, Jeanne Ballator, Arnold Barr, Phyllis Batten, Paul Bayse, Emory Bogle, Carol Bowden, Helen Bowden, Nancee Bowling, Dan Brogan, Ralph Burcham, Cynthia Butts, Joan Caldwell, Walter Chapman, Dickie Cornett, Pat Darden, Grace Eakin, Jimmy Edwards, Bobby Ewald, Bobby Garbett, Luther Garrett, Norma Garst, Joe Gibson, Iris Gieser, Bill Goodwin, Carolyn Greiner, Sue Hairston, Harriette Harris, Fay Hensley, Paul Henson, John Hesmer, Fred Hoback, Jr., Elon Hopper, Betty Howard, Butch Hurt, Kathryn Jarrett, Regina Jobe, Jimmy Jones, Joyce Jones, Iris June Jordan, Joan Keesing, Kate Kegley, Virginia Kilby, Robert LaGarde, John LaPrade, Mary Linda League, Burks Logan, Betty Mattern, Carol Matthews, Doris McBride, Kimmie McCurdy, Jo Anne McGhee, Gayle Morris, Edith Mottley, Rosalie Mowles, Billy Myers, Sally Nicar, Gail Orr, Ronald Overstreet, Shelby Palmer, Joyce Phlegar, Barbara Jean Poff, Buddy Poole, Laura Virginia Price, Lucy Russell, Donald Shorter, Peggy Smiley, Louis Smith, Shelby Smith, Edward St. Clair, Mary Ruth Suiter, Martha Tarter, Barbara Taylor, Leonard Thomas, Diana Thomason, Penn Whitescarver, Buddy Williams, Margie Williams, Elizabeth Winslow, Jacqueline Wiseley, Herbert Wolfrey, Frank Wood, Nancy Wood. 4 in fe " ' j -■ 4. SL. fpl .a i - HP SENIOR Y-TEENS Oceile Hall, President Jane Henson, Vice President Carole Stroupe, Secretary Frances Patton, Treasurer Susie Blankenship, Program Chairman Miss Edna Mantz, Mrs. Rose Little, Sponsors MEMBERS Jo Ann Aliff, Mary Barr, Phyllis Batten, Betty Bayne, Linda Biggs, Beverly Black, Shirley Blackwell, Ada Blakenship, Susie Blankenship, Patricia Boone, Carolyn Brammer, Mary Buchanan, Betty Bugg, Cynthia Butts, Donnie Carawan, Martha Jo Carr, Emily Carter, Page Clarke, Vicki Clark, Phyllis Clement, Geraldine Conner, Opal Conner, Shelby Conner, Georgia Crawford, Frances Crockett, Maritta Crotts, Pat Crowder, Helen Dalton, Nancy Donaldson, Barbara Dooley, Theda Draper, Diane Drew, Jackie Duke, Loretta Duncan, Grace Eakin, Evelyn Early, Shirley Ellis, Shelby Jean Epperly, Shirley Eubank, Shirley Ferguson, Phyllis Ferris, Glenda Fowler, Charlotte Fulton, Pat Garner, Norma Faye Garst, Shirley Garst, Iris Gieser, Joyce Goode, Audry Greer, Carolyn Greiner, Dorothy Haislip, Oceile Hall, Betty Harris, Edna Harris, Mary Harris, Marie Harter, Frances Headen, Fay Hensley, Jane Henson, Fleeta Jane Higgs, Nancy Hubbard, Kathryn Jarrett, Charlotte Jewell, Joan Keesling, Frankie Kemp, Peggy Kilby, Betty Lancaster, Mary Linda League, Nancy Lemon, Clara Lewis, Rader Lewis, Sandra Lucas, Barbara Martin, Janice Martin, Carol Matthews, Doris McBride, Kimmie Mc¬ Curdy, Jo Anne McGhee, Gayle Morris, Rosalie Mowles, Janet Munsey, Bertha Nalls, Sally Nicar, Betty Odell, Gail Orr, Peggy Oyler, Florine Painter, Frances Patton, Dorotha Paugh, Mildred Perry, Elmira Poff, Peggy Smiley, Mary Smith, Shelby Smith, Gayle Snider, Dawn Spangler, Betty Spruhan, Peggy Stone, Carole Stroupe, Lucille Swain, Shirley Thomas, Sylvia Tinned, Elaine Tyler, Betty Lou Vinyard, Kay Waggoner, Delores Watson, Shirley Webb, Jean Wertz, Martha Wilbourne, Margie Williams, Myra Wills, Nancy Wood, Peggy Wood, Charlotte Yost. 4 112 SENIOR Y-TEENS The Senior Y-Teens have worked very hard this year. They have been active since the very first meeting. The Y-Teen year began with Roll Call Week, which was climaxed by a Recognition Service at the Salem Presbyterian Church; during World Fellowship Week they sent scarves to all parts of the world; at Thanksgiving, the girls collected gifts for patients at the Roanoke Sanatorium; at Christmas, they gave presents to a needy family, and at school gave an impressive “Hanging of the Greens” ceremony; in February, the Sweetheart Dance was presented; two delegates were sent to the Danville Conference; in March the Y-Teens gave a talent show and sponsored the annual potato- chip sale; Y. W. C. A. week was celebrated in April and a mass installation service was held at the Y. There will be two camps for Y-Teens this year, Camp Kiwanianna and Virginia-Carolina Conference. The Y-Teens feel that they have had a very successful and profitable year and the members have received many benefits from their membership in the Y-Teens. 4 . H3 % M - tr swjmamm mmmmm mWj® - - -... . - 4J - --■- ■- „ -i ■ ' uni mr mm mm. m, m «• Gail Adams, Sandra Adkins, Sara Ahalt, Betty Jean Ashley, Sonja Bateman, Montram Beard, Kitty Beeman, Sylvia Belcher, Jane Ellen Bell, Betty Lou Blankenship, Evelyn Boaz, Carol Boley, Helen Bowden, Judy Bower, Louise Byrd, Betty Caldwell, Nancy Campbell, Barbara Cannon, Virginia Chapman, Janice Clinedinst, Arlene Dalton, Pat DeHart, Elizabeth Deickmann, Joan Dickens, Priscilla Duke, Donna Ferguson, Shirley Franklin, Helen Hairston, Gail Hamblin, Tony Harpe, Peggy Haynes, June Herrin, Joan Hodge, Ruth Huff, Judy Jamison, Norma Jamison, Anita Kelley, Molly Lenaeus, Janet Lile, Charlotte Bell Lilley, Marilyn Little, Jean Lucas, Betty Mattern, Faye McCray, Sally Miller, Nancy Moran, Mary Jo Aiolan, Lottie Jean Poage, Beth Poole, Carolyn Powell, Rose Prather, Cecilia Price, Linda Pugh, Sandra Quick, Linda Bell Radar, Jerry Reavis, Sue Reed, Ruby Reese, Milly Ross, Patricia Rucker, Jo Anne Schwallenberg, Lindsay Sheahan, Shirley Shupe, Meta Simpson, Carolyn Slough, Janet Smith, Eleanor Spangler, Sandra St. Clair, Barbara Taylor, Julia Thomas, Alary Louise Trussell, Dorothy Underwood, Sue Vest, Rita Walters, Maslin Whitescarver, Sybil Whitfield, Jackie Wisley, Ella Jean Wright, Billie Sue Young JUNIOR Y-TEENS Jerry Reavis, President Sally Miller, Vice President Julia Thomas, Secretary Eleanor Spangler, Treasurer Ella Jean Wright, Peggy Haynes, Song Leaders Betty Jean Ashley, Program Chairman The Junior Y-Teens, sponsored by the Y. W. C. A., has had a full year under Jerry Reavis’s capable leadership. It is devoted to the task of promoting better personal and social living. In this endeavor, the members seek to lead better Chris¬ tian lives and share in the knowledge and love of God. Activities for the year got into swing with an impressive recognition service. This was jointly held with the Senior Y-Teens, November 8, at Salem Presbyterian Church. At Christmas, the club assumed as their project the sending of a “Care” food package to Korea. During World Fellow¬ ship Week, members donated money for a “Scarves Around the World” program. Spring was a busy season for Junior “Y-Teeners”. Delegates were sent to the Danville Conference. During March, the Junior and Senior Y-Teens sponsored the potato chip sale and gave a talent show. In April, activities for the year were climaxed by Y. W. C. A. week and the mass installation services at the “Y”. { 114 }fr First Row: Frank Wagner, Charles Young, Mr. Coffman, Watson Mundy, Bob Neal, Buddy Poole, Neal Engers Second Row: Roy Stanford, Richard Stroupe, Dewey Goode, Bobby Ewald, Billy Garrett, Mac Henderson Third Row: Hugh Garst, Ronald Henry, Frank Francisco, Lynn Goodwin, George Wright, Butch Hurt, Frank Garst, John Hesmer, Billy Logan Fourth Row: Ashley Lilly, David Ames, Melvin Harter, Dick Hughes, Carl Harris, Emory Bogle, Jimmy Gresham, Kelly Hillenburg Hl-Y OFFICERS Watson Mundy, President Bobby Neal, Vice President Buddy Poole, Secretary Paul Henson, Treasurer Neal Engers, Chaplain This year has been one full of activities and fun for the Hi-Y, a Christian organization sponsored by the Y. M. C. A., with Watson Mundy as its leader. The annual induction service was held jointly with Jefferson at the Second Presbyterian Church in Roanoke. The Christmas season proved to be very busy for Hi-Y members. Some of them played the parts of clowns in the Roanoke Merchants’ Christmas Parade. The beautiful decorations of the Christmas Dance were the result of long hours of hard work by the “Hi-Y’ers.” As the new semester opened, club members, their dates and friends held a ranch style dance. To help create better relationship and fellowship, both in the home and between members of the club, a Fat her-Son Banquet was held. The boys rounded out a full year with a “bang-up” spring outing, attended by a large majority of the members. 115 R w First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Blake, Sponsor; Betty Carroll, Reporter; Martha Martin, Recorder; Joyce Robertson, President; Rebecca Manning, Secretary; Pat Deyerle, Treasurer; Connie Duffy, Vice President Second Row: Anna Mills, Nancy Lemon, Helen Dalton, Mable Butler, Charlotte Jewell, Anna Martin, Claudine Dillon, Gayle Snyder, Montra P hie gar, Rader Lewis, Edna Harris, Doris Hall Third Row: Ninevah Turman, Betty Odell, Shirley Garst, Velma Wheeler, Clara Barton, Mary McDaniel, Carolyn Brammer, Juanita Pruitt, Shirley Mills, Betty Poff, Audry Greer, Darlene Lee Future Homemakers of America OFFICERS Joyce Robertson, President Connie Duffy, Vice President Rebecca Manning, Secretary Pat Deyerle, Treasurer Betty Carroll, Reporter Martha Martin, Recorder Mrs. Blake, Sponsor 116 jfr m Sr P ‘ Wjr . i If • i ; j m ' Jc JKL • IP " m x mm v i j - 0 . I A ■ r ‘tea • i Ik..” ' ' S iff ' IB ' fife M fop ( f ■ i? GHE J| 3 ..tffBNmL T ' | jdwk |c. First Row: Peggy Kilby, Elaine Craun, Bernice Barton, Margie Wirt, Carole Rutledge, Nancy Shelton, Peggy Oyler, Mrs. Ames Second Row: Cora Berry, Kay Henderson, Yvonne Hailey, Adelene Craighead, Vickie Clark, Christine Graham, Kay Daris, Norma Paxton, Joan Hodge, Shirley Ricer, Corineia Custer, Janet Russell Third Row: Sue Harshbarger, Elizabeth Richards, Charlotte Obenshain, Hazel Sirry, Dorothy Stone, Barbara Justice, Joan Mowles, Jackie Parkman, Betty Jean Ashley, Macy Dodson, Frankie Norton, Peggy Reavis, Barbara Blosser Future Homemakers of America The Future Homemakers of America is a national organization of pupils studying homemaking. They began this year’s activities by attending a wiener roast given by the FFA. In October they had a barbecue at Roanoke County Woman’s Club and sponsored Hobo Day, traditional event for the FHA. Each year at Christmas they bake cookies and this year they were taken to the Mercy House where the girls presented a program of Christmas carols for the patients. In February, the Fashion Show was shown on television and later given at the Roanoke County Woman’s Club. The girls also honored their mothers with a tea and fashion show. The Rotary Club members were guests at another fashion show in April. The student body eagerly awaited their assembly in May, when the proud club members modeled their original creations. One of the favorite events of the year is a picnic the last day of school with the FFA at Bedford Lake. The FHA brings together many students interested in working toward better home and family living as well as increasing opportunities for the development of leadership and participation in a democratic society. ■Cf 117 First Row, Left to Right: Peggy Jean Senter, Alex Gardner, Rosemary Kinney, Sam Harvey, Jessica kittinger, Pat Darden Second Row: Fred Johnson, Henry Frantz, Florence Robey, Jan Hackman, Libby Foster, Paige Gentry, Bobby Leonard, John Cannaday Third Row: Margie Ballard, Tavie Barnes, Sammy Clemons, Deanna Doyle, Robbie Faries, Joe Ferguson, Marie Fralin, Creed Frazier, Jackie Lilly, Douglas Vaugjian Fourth Rdjw: Miss Watkins, Sponsor; Charles Damewood, Lizzie Ballard, Susan Hackman, Shelby Palmer, Martha Jane Hall Mac Sherrard, Joe Rice Fifth R$w: Pat Refers) Lloyd Case, Randolph Peters, Emory T.arpley, Jerry Umberger, Edward St. Clair, Bill Senter, Duward HEM SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Rosemary Kinney, President Sam Harvey, President-Elect Peggy Jean Senter, Secretary Alex Gardner, Treasurer Jessica Kittinger, Student Advisor The Science Club has fast become one of the most active clubs in the school. It has a great influence on the students in developing their scientific and creative abilities. Interesting speakers were brought to the meetings and various movies were also shown. Several Roanoke College professors lectured as well as executives from industrial plants. Field trips to places such as General Motors Show of Progress, and the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company stimulated interest and broadened knowledge. The club also participated in a number of social affairs. They were tri-sponsors of the Christmas Dance. They boosted their treasury by sponsoring a Halloween Booth at Municipal Field. Another money-making project was selling programs at the football games. ■ 2 { 118 } SCIENCE FAIR The Bi-Phy-Chem Club is sponsored by Miss Leslie Watkins and is affiliated with the Junior Academy of Science and Science Clubs of America. The most important project of the club this year was the first Salem Area Science Fair. It was held February 20 on the Roanoke College Campus in the Physics, Chemistry and Lab Theater Build¬ ings. Of the ninety-four exhibits entered fifty-seven were by Andrew Lewis students. The purpose of this Science Fair was to create more interest in the sciences in both students and the general public and to give students an opportunity to exhibit their projects. Any high school student within a twenty-five-mile radius of Salem was eligible to enter. The divisions of exhibitions were Eighth Grade General Science, Ninth Grade General Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I The judging of the eighth and ninth grade exhibits was by J. D. Schumacher of American Viscose Corporation, A. B. Camper of Roanoke City Schools, and Andrew Murphy of Roanoke College. For the other three divisions, Dr. Dorothy Montgomery of Hollins College, Dr. D. L. Kinnear of V. P. I., and Dr. George G. Peery of Roanoke College were the judges. The awards presented were based on creative ability, scientific thought, thoroughness, skill, clarity, and dramatic value. Certificates of award for the three best exhibits in each division and a gold medal for each first place winner were presented. The top exhibit of the fair won an all-expense-paid trip to the National Science Fair at Purdue University for the exhibitor and his teacher-sponsor. Out of the sixteen awards, Andrew Lewis proudly took nine. In the eighth grade, Joe Logan received third prize. Jimmy Butts and Charles Damewood took first and third places in the Biology Division. In the division of Chemistry, Peggy Jean Senter received the first place award and Alex Gardner the third place. Andrew Lewis completely walked off with the Physics Division as Billy Jo Johnson took first, Florence Robey second and Paige Gentry third. To end the day right, the trip was won by Billy Jo Johnson with Miss Watkins accompanying him. Billy Jo Johnson first place winner in the Physics Division, exhibits his wind tunnel. It demonstrates the principle behind the “lift” of airplanes. The first place winners of four of the five divisions get together to share honors and compliments. Left to right are Peggy Senter, Andrew Lewis Chemistry Division; Charles Wosaba, William Fleming, Eighth Grade Division; Johnny Williams, Ninth Grade Di¬ vision; and Jimmy Butts, Andrew Lewis, Biology Di¬ vision. Florence Robey, second place winner in Physics Division, explains her ex¬ hibit, a tensiometer to David Little and Jessica Kittinger. This little in¬ strument with the big name is used for measuring surface tension of liquids. Miss Watkins congratu¬ lates the other Andrew Lewis winners and talks over the possibilities of their projects. Left to right are Paige Gentry, third place in Physics, Alex Gardner, third place in Chemistry, Miss Watkins, Charles Damewood, third place in Biology, and Joe Logan, third place in Eighth Grade Division. First Row: Randall Bare, Paul Wade Second Row: Shirley Reese, Betty Mozvles, Geraldine McGue, Leon Tingler, Lewis Gibson, Pat Rutledge, Harold Woody, Wanda Auvil, Betty Poff, Mary Jane Turner Third Row: David Garrett, Harlan Grubb, Tommy Walton, Norris Journell, Dennie Carroll, Orina Fulton, Mr. Clem, Wayne Brickey, Charlie Meadow, Raymond Phoenix, Edgar Kilby, Bobby Neal, Wayne Thompson DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION OFFICERS Leon Tingler, President Lewis Gibson, Vice President Pat Rutledge, Secretary Harold Woody, Treasurer Paul Wade, Promotion Editor Delegates to State Meeting: Harold Woody and Leon Tingler Since the world of business awaits after high school, the D. E. club performs the vital service of aiding those who will enter the field of retailing. Club members work each afternoon after having attended a half-day of school. Through this work, they become familiar with job possibilities and the abilities required by each. The D. E. club started this year with their annual employer-employees Banquet held on Nov¬ ember 30th at Longwood. The Christmas Holiday was celebrated at the home of Mr. Clem. On Wednesday afternoon a scrap iron drive was conducted in order to raise money for the club. Each week two students were assigned to take charge of the display case in the front hall. A wiener roast was held at the home of Air. Clem on February 18. They sent the class winner in job application, sales demonstration, window display, and speech contest to the district eliminations held at the Bank of Virginia with two winners going to Area Convention. The Area Convention was held on February 15 and one winner went to State Convention in Richmond. This year for the first time, the D. E. Club awarded an outstanding student award for achieving high scholastic standing and participation in club work. PROJECTION CLUB The Audio-Visual Department is composed of the boys who are interested in the mechanics of movies and sound equipment. They are trained to use the movie projector, the tape recorder and the public address system. Their services are available at all times. They show movies in the classrooms for educational purposes; they serve as stage hands at plays and assemblies, and they set up the public address system when it is needed. Their willingness to serve and their ability to use the equipment readily and expertly characterize these boys. They surely perform an invaluable service to students and teachers alike. 4 121 STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Suzanne Barnard Betty Jean Helms Janet Lyle Joan Dickens Shirley Blackwell Sarah Mae St. Clair Ruth Lockett Donna Ferguson Dorothy Broyles Corinna Sheppard Aubrey Loyd Georgia Glass Marie Conrad Glenda Stanley Carol Loyd Bobbie Jean Helms Mary Jane Darnell Djuna Sutphin Drema Mills Ronald Henry Betty Doyle Emory Tarpley Jo Ann Sarver June Herrin Carolyn Ferguson Barbara Turman Jack Saul Rebecca Howry David Garrett, Jr. Mildred Waldron Judy Saul Judith Jamison Mary Sue Hopkins Barbara Wertz Norma Saul Barbara Jones Edwina Hurt Joyce West Margaret Saunders Barbara Largin Rosemary Kinney Rachel Whitmire Virginia Scott Mary Lawson Jessica Iyittinger Delores Willis Shirley Sloan Melvin Long Dorothy Robinson Margie Wirt Anita Snyder Kenneth Mally Shirley Simmons Becky Woolwine Duward Starkey Freda Meador Lucille Swain Judy Arrington Ervin Stevenson Judith Morgan Shirley Webb Joyce Beahm Ruby Reese Virginia Nunley Jean Wertz Montrann Beard Gaynor Rhodes Littie Mae Oakes Patsy Wilks Nancy Campbell Joyce Roberts Beth Poole Sallie Jo Farmer Loyd Case Norma Routt Rose Lee Prather Eleanor Fleshman Dorothy Collins Barbara Ruble Linda Pugh Marie Francisco Carolyn Crosswhite Janet Russell Ethel Quesenberry Ronnie Graham Rachel Doyle Martha Russo Sandra Quick Carl Harris Martha Anne Edwards Lola Vass Linda Radar Martha Sue Johnson Marlene Ellis Fern Young Sue Reed Nancy Lyle Freda Garman Phyllis Young Patricia Rucker Mary Reed Paul Gore Rita Walters Carolyn Slough Helen Williams Glynn Greer Gail Adams Betty Smallwood Geraldine Conner Martha Hash Sandra Adkins Janet Smith Pat Crowder Paul Haynes Mary Altice Frances Turman Frankie Dewolfe Garnette Helvey Russel Altizer Steve Tyler Shirley Ellis Ronnie Henry Donald Andrews Luther Vann, Jr. Charlotte Fulton Ronnie Ingo Alverta Beckner Helen Wertz Dorsey Gillespie Anita Kelly Aulvern Black Maslin Whitescarver Shirley Gusler Wayne King Kitty Buman Bobby Wirt Pat Harris Virginia Lester C. W. Cromer, Jr. Billie Sue Young 199 ite. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Suzanne Barnard, President Mary Jane Darnell, Vice President Martha Anne Edwards, Secretary Carolyn Ferguson, Treasurer Mrs. Smith, Sponsor Mrs. Brauer, Sponsor The members of the Student Christian Association are interested in upholding Christian stand¬ ards in the school and putting them into the school life of every student. The club had a variety of religious programs, which were interesting as well as educational. Several local preachers and a national youth director participated in their programs. Jefferson and William Fleming presented a music program to the club which was enjoyed very much. The “Roanoke Youth for Christ” was supported by the Student Christian Association this year. Several students from Andrew Lewis have been made reporters who represent Andrew Lewis and report the progress made by the “Youth for Christ.” They feel that they have been blessed this year as the club now consists of about one hundred and forty members. This has been a very successful year and the S. C. A. is looking forward to an even better one next year. 123 Yj- First Row: Henry Frantz, Johnny Mastin, Paul Hatcher, Jerry Frank Second Row: Kellogg Hunt, Pete Arthur, Ralph Thomas, William Musselman Third Row: Mr. Johnston, Jesse Chapman, Glenn Parr, Jimmy Candler, Milan Christley MONOGRAM CLUB OFFICERS Paul Hatcher, President Jerry Frank, Vice Pres ident Henry Frantz, Secretary Johnny Mastin, Treasurer Mr. Johnston, Sponsor The Monogram Club is made up of boys who have earned their letters in various sports. Since many hours of hard work and practice are required to become a member, it is an honor that is well earned. This year the Monogram Club took part in many activities. At Christmas they gave two baskets to needy people; during football season they co-sponsored, with the cheerleaders, an after-game hop; on May 8, an assembly, sponsored by Monogram members, was presented to award letters to the boys who have earned them this year. Good sportsmanship and clean playing are two factors which the boys of the Monogram Club strive to uphold in their everyday living. 4 124 L First Row: Mary Jean Simpson, Florence Robey, Christine Kessler, Miss Martin, Diane Drew, Elmira Poff, Betty Lou Vinyard Second Row: Sylvia Tinnell, Mary Gallion, Gail Orr, Mary Barr, Lois Francisco, Barbara Martin, Barbara Carroll Third Row: Ninevah Turman, Dean Phoenix, Barbara Turman, Betty Lancaster, Corine Walters, Ruth Thompson Fourth Row: Barbara Cooper, Jane Bell, Vicky Clark, Claudine Dillon Fifth Row: Susan Hackman, Faye Hensley, Amy Cramer, Clara Lewis, Sue Hairston SPORTS CLUB Florence Robey, President Christine Kessler, Vice President Diane Drew, Secretary Elmira Poff, Treasurer Barbara Carroll, Recorder Miss Martin, Sponsor The Sports Club has enjoyed a year of much activity and fun under the energetic leadership of Florence Robey. The year opened with members attending a hockey clinic at Roanoke College. The college hockey team demonstrated proper techniques. Then under college supervision girls from surrounding high school teams played together. The annual homecoming hop, which is the biggest affair of the football season, is annually sponsored by the Sports Club. A court is chosen by the Monogram Club. The girl with the highest number of votes is named queen, the next highest, maid-of-honor. A new precedent was established by the club in their election of a king. Entertainment was provided in the form of a talent show with students from the entire school participating. An event much looked forward to by the club members is a potluck supper held at the home of a sponsor or member. This year it was at the home of Miss Jimmie Martin. 4 125 } TOP, First Row: Mrs. Smith, Joyce Jones, Frances Crockett, Charlotte Yost, Jean Wertz, Jackie Lilly, Mr s. Strickler Second Row: Penn Whitescarver, Charles Damewood, Dewey Clower, Sam Harvey BOTTOM, First Row: Elizabeth Barnette, Joyce Thomas, Dorothy Stone, Gene Hurt, Rosemary Kinney, Charlotte Yost, Bobby Leonard, Jean Wertz, Frances Crockett Second Row: Mrs. Strickler, Suzie Blankenship, Sylvia Tinnell, Betty Jeanne Spruhan, Shirley Garst, Kellogg Hunt, Johnny Mastin, Jerry Frank, Alex Gardner Third Row: Shirley Boone, Billie Conway, Jackie Lilly, Becky Woolwine, Frankie Norton, Wesley Frye, Galen Eller, Oceile Hall, Joyce Jones Fourth Row: Barbara Martin, Charles Hawley, Wiley Via, Mac Sherrard, Charles Damewood, Sam Harvey, Penn Whitescarver FORENSICS Kind students attend us While we relate to you The many things that happened This year in 102. We’ve made our speeches And had our fun. N. F. L. membership By some has been won. The days have flown So quickly by, But as the year ends We remember with a sigh, How the story of the cherry tree Was told by Mary Cook. And Engers was a gangster, With a mean and cruel look. The wicked uncle Mac Sherrard Livened “The Laughing Ghost.” Sam Harvey won the Legion prize, Of him, we proudly boast. Wiley Via and Beverly Black Were seen in “The Fatal Guest” While Barnette cried, “I’m not sick Fm just here for a rest.” Martha and Suzie shopped around And bought an ermine coat. Jackie Lilly worked on points And many speeches wrote. Gene Hurt and Billie Conway cried “We simply cannot breathe.” Betty Jo desired a “dwink” As her papa for sleep did grieve. Rosemary said “Be sure to vote, Because it is your duty.” Charles Hawley played a dashing duke Who sought to win fair beauty. Pete Arthur a policeman played; Oceile talked to a toad; Accidents interested Betsy Speaking of Death on the Road. “Courtesy is very important,” Said Joyce Thomas and Doris Hall. Shirley asked “Why Education?” And listed her reasons all. Margie and Becky were quite patriotic And spoke on this great land of ours. Pat Peter’s subject was TV. They worked on their speeches for hours. And Wesley Frye did count with care His Produce egg by egg, While Mike and Sally hunted For the goose’s missing leg. Each student did his very best, Bobby, Betty and Dot. And Mrs. Strickler coached us, We all owe her a lot. The year now has ended, And our tale is through. And soon we’ll all come out and close The door of 102. { 12 G } M l ft t- - P WF V W « -,-v j First Row: Alex Gardner, Gene Hurt, Shirley Garst, Shirley Morgan, Sam Harvey Second Row: Marie Fralin, Frances Patton, Charlotte Yost, Jane Henson, Mary Jane Darnell, Dottie Paugh, Barbara Mills, Joyce Goode, Rosemary Wyant, M artha Morris , Shelby Lipps Third Row: Margie Ballard, MarthaPall, Deanna Doyle, Dorothy Slough, Frankie Norton, Dorothy Eller, Sylvia Minnix, Mary Harris, Mary Sue Hopkins, Pat Deyerle Fourth Row: Mrs. Waters, Betty Jean Monger, Jackie Lilly, Florence Robey, Mary Cook Kolmer, Peggy Senter, Marie Conrad, Peggy Wood, Shelby Martin, Miss Miller Fifth Row: Lucy Clem, Charles Damewood, Georgia Crazvford, Watson Mundy, Libby Foster, Dewey Clower, Wiley Via, Hazel Sirry, Eugene Sloan, Imogene Keyes, Loretta Starkey BETA CLUB OFFICERS Alex Gardner, President Gene Hurt, Vice President Shirley Garst, Recording Secretary Shirley Morgan, Corresponding Secretary Sam Harvey, Treasurer The members of the Beta Club are examples of student achievement. Membership in the Beta Club is one of the greatest honors given to a high school student. A great deal of study and work goes into securing membership. The Beta Club members are chosen because of outstanding character, scholastic achievement and leadership ability. The purpose of the club is to stimulate effort, reward achievement, and to encourage and assist its members in continuing their education beyond high school. The club has had many interesting activities this year. Among them was the Christmas dance which was co-sponsored by the Hi-Y and Science Clubs. They had a bake sale and the annual installation of new members in March. Then in April they elected two delegates to a National Beta Club Convention which is held yearly in Richmond. All in all, the club has had a very successful and interesting year. 2 { 127 } OFFICERS Fred Martin, President Vernon Lee, Treasurer Ned Martin, Vice President Jimmy Bain, Reporter Charles Damewood, Secretary Galen Eller, Sentinel The accomplishments of the Andrew Lewis Chapter this year have been: August .Sent Beef Judging Team to Ivy Hill. September .Cared for school shrubs. Attended hog show at Valleydale Packers, Salem. October .Attended Atlantic Rural Exposition at Richmond. Held Federation Forestry Judging Contest. Sent Chapter representative to National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Had F. F. A.-F. H. A. get-together. November .Federation crop judging. Chapter farmer initiation. Chapter social with F. H. A. December .Initiation of Green Hands. Basketball Tournament—B-R-B. January .Handled seed order for Federation. February .Public Speaking and Degree Team Contests. March .Father-Son Banquet. Cared for forest project. April .Federation Dairy Judging Contest. Attended baby beef show at Neuhoff’s. School assembly program. May .Cared for bi-color lespedeza project. Planted bird patches for wildlife contest. June .Attended State F. F. A. Rally at V. P. I. F. F. A.-F. H. A. picnic, Bedford Lake. July .Midsummer meeting. Forestry Camp representatives. August .Attended F. F. A.-F. H. A. Camp at Smithfield, Virginia. Entries in Roanoke Fair. ■ A s§ mm 9 m -• mi •• ' ■V m . w First Row: Bobby Farrar, Jimmy Bain, Harlan Grubb, Fred Martin, Charles Damewood, Leon Martin, Galen Eller, Ralph Spraker, Jack Shelor Second Row: Mr. Peters, Tommy Morgan, Jimmy Garman, Sherman Garman, Walter Ferguson, Joe Wells, Ray Thomas, Russell Snyder, Eddie Ellers, Teddy Garman, Norris Dufy, Bennie Wertz, Billy Hughes, Mike Conner, Mr. Kinzie Third Row: Donald Moran, Bobby Puckett, Warren Brown, Harold Webb, Alan Taylor, Donald Hunt, Ned Martin, Eugene Barton, Glen Baker, George Carroll, James Light, Sonny Baird, Duke Perry, Ronnie Friar Fourth Row: Jimmy Clark, Cecil Lejfer, Clyde Blosser, Jerry Broyles, Minor Wirt, Wesley Wilson, Bernard Lemon, Paul Howell, Marshall Poff, Paul Muse, Arnold Manning, Jimmy Wright, John Wilks, Donnie Williams, Danny Wertz Fifth Row: William Largen, George Irby, Stuart Franklin, Vernon Lee, Danny Edwards, Pat Dotson, Jr., Garnie Huffman, Watson Simmons, Kenneth Sowder, Royce Koon, Kent Hurt, John Hurt, Donald Oaks First Row: Janet Munsey, Carolyn Coleman, Betty Joe Harris, Head Majorette, Charlotte Jewel, Sandra Lucas Second Row: Anita Kelley, Betty Lou Reynolds, Priscilla Duke, Sue Ann Minnix, Waynetta Weeks, Dot Eller, Mary Ruth Suiter, John Hurt, Eugene Stemple Third Row: Claudine Dillon, Diana Thonisaon, June Hearin, Marilyn Little, Eddie Edes, Robert Staton, Aden Williams, Roy Stanford, Loretta Kidd, Anne Arthur Fourth Row: Donnie Williams, Kent Hurt, Billy Thomas, C. W. Cromer, Tommy Coffman, Richard Argabright, Joe Gibson, Sammy Clemens, Joe Moses, Mike Stober Fifth Row: Mr. Christensen, Director, Georgia Glass, Kay Waggoner, Becky Howard, Sue Reed, Nancy Richardson, Janet Russell, Frankie DeWolfe, Joan Caldwell, Nance Bowling Sixth Row: Richard Cornett, Carl Stump, Kenneth Mally, Billy Eldridge, Nancy Campbell, Rowena Holiday, Tommy Clemens, Jimmy Edwards Seventh Row: Pete Arthur, William Mussleman, Glen Tyler, Wallie Minter, Robert Roily, Joe Cabiness, Ronnie Gibson BAND Under the excellent leadership of Mr. L. Christensen, the Andrew Lewis Band has become one of the most important organizations at Andrew Lewis. The martial swing of our band added to the color and spirit of our football games not only in music, but in the picturesque drills which were presented at half time. The Andrew Lewis Band was one of the many bands honored with an invitation to play in the parade preceding the Pythian Bowl Football game. Soon after, they led the cheerleaders, Home- Coming King, Queen, Maid of Honor, and court, and other students in the Home-Coming Parade. Just as they were about to catch their breath, they were asked to be in the Roanoke Merchants’ Christmas Parade. Early in the spring, the band journeyed to the new Blacksburg High School to play in an as¬ sembly there. Later, band members ended their many hours of hard work with an excellent spring concert. iDers ended tneir many nours ot nard work witn an e j) C J 1 V 4-H CLUB Arthur Ager Judy Arrington Alvah Arthur Bobby Baldwin Betty Bare David Barnhart Marie Baumgardner Buddy Bell John Benois Martha Bielke Douglas Blount Wayne Blount Gale Bogle Nelda Bohon Joe Cabiness Jerry Campbell Barbara Carroll Tommy Coffman Carolyn Coleman C.W. Cramer Connie Crosswhite Claudine Dillon Roy Drain Donald Dyer Ronnie Engoe Clyde Eyler Shirley Ferguson Eddie Fields Norman Fink Carl Flora Florence Flowers Ronnie Frier Orval Garman Vivian Garman Wayne Garst Janice Gibbs Freddie Gilbert Dewey Good Nicky Goodman Glen Greer Louise Gross Charles Gunter Lynwood Guthrie Cynthia Haislip Warren Hankins Susan FIardwick Harriette Harris Linda Hartman Shelby Hartman Edward Jewell Regina Jobe Glenn Johnson Winburn Jones Iris Jordan Carl Journell Barbara Justice Virginia Kilby Wayne King Pat LaGrande Glenn LaPrade Louis Leffer Freddie Lememillian Virginia Lester Melvin Long Kenneth Malley Billy Manning Douglas Marchell Bruce Martin Herbert McBride Jackie Miller Sue Ann Minnix Walter Minter Betty Mitchell John Mitchell David Muse Everette Obenshain Clyde Palmer Winston Plymale Virginia Poole Norma Routt Jimmy Reynolds Nancy Rhudy Barbara Ruble Jo Anne Rutherford Martha Russo Margaret Saunders Craig Schreider Larry Seagle Judy Shelton Nina Simmons Regina Simmons Donald Sink Shirley Sloan Jean Smith Jerry Smith Barbara Spangler Rose Mae Stover Carl Stump Judy Stump Mary Ruth Suiter Louise Thompson Glenn Tyler Steve Tyler Alice Ulrey Steve Veasey Nancy Whillow Buddy Williams Donny Williams Bobby Wirt Bruce Wright Jimmy Wright Arlene Wygal 130 OFFICERS Karen Johnston, President Warren Hankins, Vice President Mary Ruth Suiter, Secretary Buddy Williams, Treasurer Donny Williams, Reporter Carolyn Coleman, Song Leader » 4-H CLUB x The 4-H’s, Heart, Hand, Head, and Health, and the club motto “To Make the Best Better” are symbolic of the fine work the members of the Club do. Everyday these members do their best to improve their homes, community, and nation. This year, the Andrew Lewis Chapter of the National 4-H Club has a larger enrollment than any other 4-H Club in Roanoke County, Each year the Club participates in school, community, and county projects. This year the com¬ munity project was health. I11 participating in this program, they placed second in the County-Wide Bate Elimination Campaign. Several members of the Club also took part in the County Talent Show. In observance of National 4-H Club Week, exhibits were displayed in the school and the com¬ munity by the members. The Club is proud of Karen Johnston, who won a trip to Chicago to the National 4-H Congress as the State winner in Farm and Home Safety, and of Eddie Fields, District winner in Farm and Home Electric. At present, eleven members belong to the County Honor Club. They are: Karen Johnston, Mary Ruth Suiter, Pat LaGrande, Shirley Ferguson, Warren Hankins, Donnie Williams, Buddy Williams, Louise Gross, Judy Arrington, Eddie Fields, and Wayne Garst. ■{ 131 }I FINIS The embers are dying. My stories are done. The battles are finished, and so, they fade away, back, back, into silent ages, until, someday, they are told again. This scroll also fades into history, though not into obscurity, for this is a record of living people, not mythological characters, of people who have actually lived and acted, and since it is such, it will have life. Though the pages may become yellow and musty, the binding lose its grip, and the cover become faded and worn, these deeds and we people will not fade, for these years have left their imprint, and moulded and polished us, and since they have done such things, they will live, in the imprints we make on others, who will follow, for we know that they have been valuable, else we also have had no value, for we are inescapably connected with them. Now, we harried scribes lay down our pens and pencils; the ink dries on this chronicle of the year of richness and activity, the year of the Class of ’54. { 132 }§ - advertisements “Commerce is a great civilizer. We exchange ideas when we exchange fabrics.” — R. G. lngersoll INDEX Acme Printing Company.151 Adams Construction Company.163 A. I. M. Company.149 Air Lee Cleaners.166 Albert Brothers Contractors, Inc.148 Alvis TV and Appliance Store.166 Amo’s Restaurant.157 Andrew Lewis Tavern.161 Apartment Camps.166 Archie’s, Inc.162 Baker Employment Agency.145 Barnett’s Taxi.162 Barnhart Amoco Service Station.174 Barr Bros.174 Basham, L. P., Oil Co.i 74 Beach Brothers Gulf Service.138 Bemiss Equipment Corp.151 Bibee’s Virginia Markets, Inc.143 Blankenship, E. F., Co.172 Blue Jay Restaurant.138 Blue Ridge Gardens.145 Bob’s Market.174 Boswell Realty Co., Inc.141 Bradford Company.162 Bradshaw, Bob.174 Brotherhood Mercantile Co.151 Brown Hardware Co.156 Brown, Roy K., County Clerk.149 Burlington Mills.153 Burress, J. W.172 Bush-Flora Shoe Company.156 Cain’s Confectionery.141 Caldwell Moses.174 Caldwell-Sites Company.138 Carper’s Gifts.156 Carter Jones Dry Cleaning.148 Cassell-Hodges Company.141 Cates, C. Grady.145 Charlie’s Radiator Shop.174 Check-R-Board Feed.151 Chelf’s Dari-Delite.149 Chesapeake Potomac Telephone Co.. . 139 Coca-Cola Bottling Company.154 College Food Market.156 College Inn.148 Colonial Theater.159 Conner’s Food Market.149 Cook’s.167 Copenhaver’s Groceries.167 Custer Fisher, Contractors.162 Dame Roofing Company.147 Diesel Injection Sales and Service.172 Dixie Caverns.167 Dixie Finance and Loan Corp.141 Double Envelope Corporation.145 Dr. Pepper Bottling Company.150 Edgewood Service Station.167 Fink’s Jewelers.138 Finley, Sam, Inc.147 First Federal Savings Loan Assn.157 Fisher Optical Co.162 Five-Point Service Station.162 Flora Realty Co., Inc.145 Fort Lewis Tourist Court.167 Francisco, F. J.162 Frazier, Creed F.172 Fuel Oil and Equipment Company.153 Gardner, T. E., Contractor.174 Garst Brothers Dairy, Inc.160 Gearhart Shoe Repair.167 Giles Brothers Furniture Co.167 Gittens Morton, Inc.149 Glenn-Minnich.159 Glenvar Service Station.167 Goodwin-Andrews, Inc.157 Goodwin Insurance and Realty Co., Inc.. 159 Goodwin-Williams Chevrolet Corp.147 Green Market.147 Growers and Producers Exchange.137 Hairston Cinder Block Company.143 Handwrought by Lawton.156 Harris Hardwood Company, Inc.150 Harrison Jewelry Company.141 Hart Motor Co., Inc.156 Heironimus, S. H., Co., Inc.160 Henebry’s Jewelers.158 Hillcrest Hatchery and Poultry Farm. . .167 Hippert Television.167 Hitch, George T., Jewelers.141 Hodges Florist.167 Hofheimer’s.144 Holdren Refrigerator Sales and Service.. 173 Horne’s.162 Jackie’s Place.156 James Barber Shop.167 Jeffreys, George A., Company.152 Jennings-Shepherd Company.170 Jewell, J. E.167 Jobe Florist.164 Joe’s Restaurant.156 Johnson, A. W., Esso Station.167 Kann’s.164 Kasey Buick, Inc.164 Keller Machine Company.168 Kingoff’s Jewelers.162 Kirk’s Jewelers.140 Kress, S. H., Company.156 Lawrence Grocery.164 Lawson Oil Company.147 Layman Candy Company.147 Leggett’s.140 Lipes Pharmacy.174 Littrell’s Barber Shop.144 Logan’s Barn.167 Logan’s Dry Goods.162 Mareta’s.156 Maxey Cleaners.148 McClung Lumber Company.167 McDowell Wood, Contractors.171 Melba’s Beauty Shop.166 Metropolitan Cafe.141 Michael’s Bakery.143 Miller Tire Service.156 Mills, Ralph E., Co.171 Mitchell Clothing Co.147 Modern Dress Shop.156 Mohawk Rubber Company.166 Morgan-Eubank Furniture Corp.157 Morgan’s Super Market.151 Muddiman Electric Company.149 Mundy Motor Lines.135 Murray Meat Market.166 Nelson Hardware Company.141 Newberry, J. J., Co.156 Nofsinger Cleaners.166 Norman, John, Inc.138 Norman’s Restaurant.144 Oakey’s Cleaners. Oak Hall. Oasis Restaurant. Owen Plumbing and Heating Owen’s Market. 159 159 173 166 166 Pan Distributing Company, Inc.170 Parsell’s Pie Shop.173 Peacock-Salem Laundry.140 Phlegar Electric Company.149 Pillis Brothers Gulf Station.149 Poole’s Motor Court and Service Station. 166 Powell Pharmacy, Inc.144 Powell’s Grocery.166 Price’s Esso Station.149 Propst-Childress Shoe Co.166 Pugh, N. W., Co.155 Puritan Mills.146 Rainbo Bread Co.161 Ranch Motel.173 Richard’s Cleaners.166 Richardson-Wayland Electrical Corp... . 147 Roanoke College.163 Roanoke Frosted Foods Co.173 Roanoke Photo Finishing Co.164 Roanoke Record Shop.149 Roanoke Valley Motors, Inc.173 Rowe Furniture Corp.136 Salem Brick Company. Salem Creamery Co. Salem Farm Supply. Salem Furniture Co. Salem Hardware Co. Salem Insurance Agency. Salem Theater. Sam’s. Schneider Oil Company. Scottie’s Restaurant. Sears, Roebuck Co. Securities Insurance Corp. Shank Furniture Co. Shelor’s Service Station. Shelton’s Garage. Shenandoah Life Insurance Co., Inc.... Shufflebarger Motors. Sidney’s. Skyline Cleaners. Smead Webber. Snack Shop. Snead Lumber Co. Southern Varnish Company. Spickard Coal and Oil. Staley’s Restaurant. Stone Printing Manufacturing Co., The. Sullivan Supply Company. 148 142 145 158 137 145 166 140 168 164 140 153 149 149 149 146 148 I 5 1 164 168 149 144 5 166 164 175 166 Tarpley’s.157 Technical Services.169 Times-World Corp.169 Tom’s Toasted Peanuts.149 Town and Campus Men’s Shop.173 Turner Drug Company.141 Uncle Tom’s Barbecue.156 United Pawn Shop.149 Valleydale Packers.152 Virginia Galleries, The.157 Virginia Southern College.159 Webber, Roy L., Florist.141 Webber’s Pharmacy.161 Weddle Plumbing and Heating.163 Westward Lake Estates.171 Wildheim Game Farm.171 Williams, E. O., Heating Company.165 Wood, H. M., Plumbing and Heating. . . 173 Woodson Pontiac.174 Yale Towne Manufacturing Co.138 Zand’s Department Store.151 MUNDY MOTOR LINES BRANCH OFFICES AND TERMINALS BALTIMORE, MD. JERSEY CITY, N. J. 813 North Point Road 90 Fisk Street BRISTOL, VIRGINIA MARTINSVILLE, VA. 229 Piedmont Avenue 310 West Church Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. PHILADELPHIA, PA. 1022 Woodward Avenue 2900 East Kingston St. HOME OFFICE ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 701 Seventh Street, N. E. 4 135 )» " PEOPLE ROWE FURNITURE CORPORATION Salem, Virginia A consistently dependable source of supply for retailers whose business is built on volume selling. Manufacturing a nationally adver¬ tised line of living room furniture with proven leadership in design and quality in those price brackets where big volume business is done. KNOW THE NAME ROWE” WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS -FOR- Caterpillar Tractor Company John Bean Manufacturing Company John Deere Plow Company New Holland Machine Company And a Number of Others May We Serve You? The Growers Producers Exchange, Inc. 702-706 Nelson Street, S. E. Roanoke, Virginia SALEM HARDWARE COMPANY Compliments of BEACH BROS. GULF SERVICE BLUE JAY RESTAURANT 6 Miles West of Salem Caldwell-Sites Company Office Equipment — Stationery Mimeographs and Supplies Gifts Roanoke, Virginia CAMPUS SHOP HI SCHOOL CLOTHES John Norman, Incorporated 505 S. Jefferson THE YALE TOWNE MANUFACTURING COMPANY YALE LOCK AND HARDWARE DIVISION SALEM PLANT SALEM, VIRGINIA Your pay starts from the first day at the telephone company — even while you’re learning your new job! That’s one reason so many young girls choose a tele¬ phone job when they finish school. They don’t need experi¬ ence to get this good job — and they’re paid while they learn a skill that’ll always be useful. Find out more about the variety of telephone jobs from your high school counselor — or come in and see us when you finish school. The Chesapeake Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia PEACOCK-SALEM SAM ' S QUALITY CLOTHING SHOES for the Entire Family t — LAUNDERERS KIRK ' S Jewelers no S. Jefferson St., Roanoke, Virginia, Phone 6310 FINE DIAMONDS — GIFTS AND CLEANERS First and Alabama Streets Salem, Virginia OCPT T STORE CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduating Class of 1954 Sears, Roebuck and Company 12-19 E. Church ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Dixie Finance and Loan Corp. TURNER DRUG COMPANY REAL ESTATE LOANS Prescription Work Our Specialty 301 Mountain Trust Bank Building Phone 8134 Roanoke, Virginia 101 Market Square Roanoke, Va. Congratulations from The Harrison Jewelry Co. Since 1888 GEORGE T. HITCH JEWELER " Everything in Vine Jewelry’’ 118 West Campbell Avenue 307 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Southwest Virginia’s Largest Sporting Goods Store NELSON HARDWARE CO. Sporting Goods Department Distributors of All Types of Athletic Equipment 19 E. Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia CASSELL-HODGES COMPANY We Will Sell Your Property or Find You a Home 106 W. Kirk Ave. Phone— 2-3126 Roanoke, Virginia Phone 3-1051 METROPOLITAN CAFE “ Roanoke’s Foremost Eating Place” ‘‘Good Food is Good Health” 510 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Va. Boswell Realty Company Incorporated RENTALS FIRE INSURANCE CAIN ' S CONFECTIONERY FLOWERS The House of Bargains Roy L. Webber, Florist Phone 2-9180 4000 Williamson Road Phone 3-2469 Roanoke, Virginia SALEM CREAMERY CO., Inc. Distributors of Clover Brand Dairy Products ICE CREAM AAA DIAL 3 6 4 1 736 West Fourth Street Salem, Virginia 4 142 } Hairston Cinder Block Company CONGRATULATIONS Veterans Facility Road Roanoke, Virginia TO THE CLASS OF 1954 Dial 2-0416 MICHAEL S BAKERY Roanoke, Virginia " Building Blocks for all Purposes” COMPLIMENTS BIBEE ' S VIRGINIA MARKETS NORMAN ' S RESTAURANT " Cute Shoes” Deb Spalding Sandler Teen Age HOFHEIMER ' S 305 S. Jefferson Street Saddles — Loafers — All the New Flats Congratulations to the Graduates of ’H POWELL PHARMACY, Inc. 219 E. Main St. Salem, Virginia LITTRELL ' S BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP Modern—Sanitary 207 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia " F ive chairs, and no waiting” Call 3261 for Appointment SNEAD LUMBER COMPANY Wholesale Only Phone 2366 Salem, Virginia { 144 J Compliments of BLUE RIDGE GARDENS Salem Farm Supply Corp. Roanoke, Virginia BAKER EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Confidential Job-Placement Service Dial 3-1757 125 Kirk Ave., S. W. Compliments of Double Envelope Corporation Salem Insurance Agency Flora Realty Company, Inc. -Realtors- General Insurance and Surety Bonds Real Estate — Loans — Insurance Farmers National Bank Building Telephone 4204 118 W. Kirk Ave. Dial 8887 Salem, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia " Since 1921” c. GRADY CATES, Inc. Distributor METAL BUILDING PRODUCTS AND SPECIALTIES Building Materials Phone 3-2473 20th Street and Chapman Avenue, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia P. O. Box 2489 4 145 } Compliments of PURITAN MILLS, INC. Manufacturers of FLANNELETTE NIGHTWEAR 330-36 West Campbell Avenue Roanoke 6, Virginia LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES Prompt, Courteous Service Always Shenandoah Life Insurance Company, Inc. Roanoke 15, Virginia Paul C. Buford, President WSLS, WSLS-FM, THE SHENANDOAH LIFE STATIONS 610 KC — 99.1 on Your FM Dial WSLS TV CHANNEL 10 N.B.C. Home Office Agency, Colonial-American National Bank Building Sam Finley, Incorporated BECAUSE Style Comes First Asphalt Roadways and Parking Areas Telephone 6219 Roanoke, Virginia MitchelL iV1 CLOjmiN(j- LJ Roanoke, Virginia DAME ROOFING CO. GREEN MARKET Fancy Meats Groceries Forced Air Heating and Air Conditioning Quality Produce Dial 2471 Established 1880 Dial 2370 8 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia LAYMAN CANDY CO. Compliments of Candies - Tobacco - Specialties RICHARDSON-WAYLAND DISTRIBUTOR ELECTRICAL CORP. Royal Crest Chocolates Salem, Virginia Phone Roanoke-3-4471 At Memorial Bridge 13th St., S. W. Roanoke, Va. LAWSON OIL CO., INC. GOODWIN-WILLIAMS Distributor of Socony — Vacuum Products CHEVROLET CORP. 8-10 West Main St. Mobilheat Fuel Oil Telephone 2375 Roanoke, Virginia Salem, Virginia THE ALBERT BROS. A CONTRACTORS, INC. B 1102 Tennessee Street C’s Salem, Virginia A T MAXEY CLEANERS HIGHWAYS RAILROADS A Itvays HEAVY CONSTRUCTION Bright Clothes 911 Front Street, Salem, Va. Phone Roanoke-5871 Salem-3621 Dial Day, 4741 — Night, 4-2313 OLD VIRGINIA BRICK Compliments of CARTER JONES Salem Brick Co., Inc. INCORPORATED DRY CLEANING and DYEING Phone 2357 Salem, Va. 502 11th St., N. W. Roanoke, Va. SHUFFLEBARGER MOTORS, Inc. Compliments of DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS COLLEGE INN Sales — Service Telephone 3831 3 West Main Street SALEM, VIRGINIA 209 East Main Street Salem, Virginia { 148 } PHLEGAR ELECTRIC CO. Appliances and Fixtures — Delco Motors ROY K. BROWN Contracting and Repairs County Clerk 11 S. College Avenue Salem, Va. CONNER ' S FOOD MARKET Groceries and Meats Phone 2341 Main St. Salem, Va. SHANK FURNITURE COMPANY OF SALEM " The Home of Fine Furniture” 2-4-6 West Main Street Dial 4420 Salem, Virginia SHELOR ' S SERVICE STATION Washing - Greasing - Service Calls 22 East Main Street E. H. Shelor SALEM, VA. MUDDIMAN ELECTRIC CO. 28 West Church Avenue Dial 3-4531 Roanoke, Va. Compliments of A I M COMPANY Eat TOM ' S TOASTED PEANUTS BEN F. STULTZ Distributing Company SHELTON ' S GARAGE All Kinds of Repair Work Electric and Acetylene Welding 430 West Main Street Phone 2601 ROANOKE RECORD SHOP GITTENS MORTON, Inc. NEW AND USED RECORDS 78’s — 45’s — 33%’s Specializing in 13S. Jefferson Street Students’ Accident Insurance Roanoke, Virginia Dial 2-7418 Salem, Virginia H. H. PRICE ESSO STATION Corner Main and Union Streets Salem, Virginia Compliments of CHELF ' S DARI DELITE 1214 W. Main St. Salem, Virginia Pillis Brothers Gulf Station UNITED PAWN SHOP Luggage Jewelry 4th and Union Sporting Goods SERVICE is Our Motto Corner Jefferson Street and Salem Avenue Roanoke, Virginia 149 { 150 } Compliments of Southern Varnish Corp. Roanoke, Virginia Brotherhood Mercantile Company in Roanoke since 1889 There’s a Reason GOOD CLOTHING FOR MEN, YOUNG MEN, AND STUDENTS 107 South Jefferson Street Dial 6297 Roanoke, Va. ACME PRINTERS Compliments of Incorporated ZAND ' S Printing Engraving 13-15 North College Ave. DEPARTMENT STORE Dial 2231 Salem, Virginia Compliments of MORGAN ' S Compliments of SUPERMARKET BEMISS Frozen Foods Groceries EQUIPMENT CORP. Fresh Meats Salem, Virginia 25 E. Main Street Phone 3521 ® ua ‘ t y E 99 s Complete feed for lots of premium A if Sf) SOL iSRKSOM STSBI l AYEHaSi e c ous h avc 1 Pe y on Layena ROANOKE, VIRGINIA CHECK-R-BOARD Roanoke, Va. i 151 ? ' f MJ t QAjs (y z y cJbjst uJjtl 4fM 2 a l $£ A ' J 4 - rrrUd J up, , Qn f CjJ P VALLEYDALE PACKERS, Inc. SALEM, VIRGINIA v ' ■ ' ,..yUA J ( 4 152 }| Francis R. Porter, President Reginald M. Wood, Vice President Securities Insurance Corporation 12 Kirk Avenue, W. Phone 2-3115 Roanoke, Virginia ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE Fuel Oil Equipment Co., Inc. Heating Oil for All Purposes Dial 8866 Roanoke, Virginia But lington Mills Woven into the Life of America SALEM HOSIERY MILL 4 153 Anywhere.. anytime Coca-Cola is so refreshing ROANOKE COCA-COLA BOTTLING WORKS, Inc. 155 } COLLEGE FOOD MARKET 207 College Avenue Phone 4721 Fancy Groceries — Meats — Produce Compliments of MILLER TIRE SERVICE MODERN DRESS SHOP MARETA ' S 212 East Main Street Phone 3211 Everything for the Ladies Salem, Virginia Salem, Va. Ladies ’ Ready to l Vear Phone 2461 Compliments of BUSH-FLORA SHOE CO. JACKIE ' S PLACE Cafe, Groceries, Fresh Meat 109 Campbell Avenue, West Barber Shop, Gas and Oil 631 4th Street Dial 2-1955 Roanoke, Virginia J. J. NEWBERRY CO. THEY DO APPRECIATE CARPER ' S GIFTS Salem, Virginia 119 E. Main Phone 3381 SALEM, VIRGINIA Compliments of S. H. KRESS COMPANY ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Uncle Tom ' s Barbecue JUST GOOD FOOD Opposite Apartments on Franklin Road Franklin Road Phone 2-9252 Silver Crafts Copper Crafts HANDWROUGHT BY LAWTON 427 Campbell Avenue, S. W. David B. Lawton Roanoke, Va. Compliments of JOE ' S RESTAURANT Lee Highway 11 BROWN HARDWARE CO. " The Friendly Store” OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE AAA Phone 2364 —Salem Phone 4431 Hart Motor Company, Inc. 115 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia 400 E. Main Street 4 156 MORGAN-EUBANK TARPLEY JEWELRY CO. FURNITURE CORP. Watches - Diamonds - Gifts 14 East Campbell Avenue ' ' Guaranteed Watch Repairing” Dial 7357 ROANOKE, VIRGINIA SCHOOL RINGS Telephone 2489 " Always a Good Place To Trade” 17 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Savings Accounts Home Loans GOODWIN-ANDREWS Incorporated First Federal INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE Savings Loan Association MORTGAGE LOANS Dial 2329 34 W. Church Ave. Dial 3-1539 306 East Main Street Salem, Virginia INTERIORS AMO ' S RESTAURANT The Virginia DINING ROOM Galleries FOUNTAIN AND CURB SERVICE CHARLES W. FARRELLY W. Main St. Salem Phone 4886 1402 Grandin Road Roanoke, Va. 4 157 ]► SALEM FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS NORGE APPLIANCES Zenith Radio and TV 113 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Consider Your Home First DIAMONDS — WATCHES — SILVER rfftfSO ST ffTT JEWELERS ROANOKE SALEM Manufacturers of Andrew Lewis High School Rings { 158 }i GLENN-MINNICH F. G. OAKEY CLEANER The Finest Cleaning and Pressing Cash and Carry and Delivery Boulevard and Colorado Salem, Virginia TELEPHONE 4611 “ The Store with the Friendly Door ’ ’ HI-SCHOOL SHOP THIRD FLOOR GOODWIN Insurance Realty Co., Inc. Organized 1931 C o ngratulati o ns and Best Wishes to the " Dividend Paying Insurance” CLASS OF ' 54 15 South College Avenue Dial 2327 Salem, Virginia COLONIAL THEATRE Staff and Management VIRGINIA SOUTHERN Since 1889 COLLEGE “Over Sixty Years of Progress” Departments: WEARING APPAREL FOR MEN Kennett School of Commerce WOMEN AND BOYS Accounting and Business Administration School of Secretarial Training aC School of Salesmanship Speedwriting Institute OAK HALL Request Catalog L-258 “Thru the Blok ” Campbell Avenue at Third Street, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia 4 159 4 - CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! MAKE YOUR andwicke . RAIN DO DREAD ANDREW LEWIS TAVERN Miles West of Salem " FAMOUS FOR STEAKS " Seafoods — Southern Fried Chicken — Virginia Ham Home Made Cakes and Pies Routes 11 and 460 Phone Salem 2955 AIR CONDITIONED WEBBER ' S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Purity and Accuracy C. E. Webber, Pharmacist Pauline G. Webber Jean W. Payne Martha G. Gleason Ervin P. Brooks Phone 3851 Broad and Main Streets Salem, Virginia F. J. FRANCISCO IS® ' Stone Masonry " Everything in Stone” »» C f U? 1 1 3KS Ml ,f 1,1 •”■ ' ««••« Jiwiiw JCFFtRSON at CNMCI ROANOKE, V A. Houses — Retaining Walls — Walks Dial 3946—Salem R. F. D. 2, Salem, Va. Best Wishes BRADFORD COMPANY Roanoke, Virginia Restaurant Equipment and Supplies CUSTER and FISHER CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS E. W. Custer H. A. Fisher Troutville 2-1167 903 Hershberger Roanoke 2-7349 ■WorweT 410 South Jefferson Street J. M. LOGAN DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS 21 East Main Street SALEM, Va. Phone 3523 Archie ' s, Inc. BARNETT ' S TAXI Operators of 2-Way Radio Archie’s Lobster House Serving Salem for over 15 Years Archie’s Gift Shoppe AND Dial 2444 Archie’s Townhouse 312 E. Main St. Salem, Va. FISHER Optical Co. We Give S. H. Green Stamps Prescription Opticians Five-Point Service Station 106 Franklin Road Jefferson and Walnut Roanoke, Va. Phone 2-3647 Roanoke, Virginia Telephone 2-9671 S. W. Roberts, Prop. 162 } Telephone 3-4473 P. 0. Box 742 Compliments Weddle ADAMS Plumbing and Heating CONSTRUCTION CO. Mechanical Contractors ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS ASPHALT SU RFACING STOKERS - OIL BURNERS GAS EQUIPMENT Telephone 3-2409 Roanoke, Virginia 1129 Shenandoah Ave., N. W. Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke College Salem, Virginia For Over 100 Years a Superior College of Liberal Arts and Sciences H. Sherman Oberly, President M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D. Charles J. Smith, Provost M.A., D.D., LL.D. JOBE, FLORIST Compliments 215 College Avenue of Salem, Virginia KASEY BUICK, Inc. Corsages, Pot Plants, Cut Flowers Salem, Virginia and Funeral Designs Dial 5406 Phone 3841 | on the Main Street of Dixie LAWRENCE GROCERY KODAK HEADQUARTERS Everything Photographic Groceries and General Merchandise GAS and OIL Brownie Cameras $2.85 up Kodak Cameras $14.50 to $304.75 Movie Cameras $39.75 up Projectors $62.50 up .jt Roanoke Photo Finishing Dial 2917 R. F. D. No. 1 Salem, Va. Company THE CAMERA SHOP Second Street at Luck Dial 2-9261 SCOTTIE ' S RESTAURANT Steaks — Chicken — Seafood 5010 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, Va. " Winnie” Coleman, " Charlie” Craghead SKYLINE CLEANERS Quality - Service STALEY ' S RESTAURANT |y Meet your friends at A AA. AA A Staley ’s Restaurant Colorado and 4th 309 S. Jefferson Street •{ 164 }S«- We want you to see this Great Heathy Phut (IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY) Only These Winter Air Conditioners Have An exclusive patented feature that means real economy and high efficiency. HERE ARE THE REASONS 1. Multi-Radiator has more prime heating surface—results in low stack temperature and mini¬ mum chimney heat loss. 2. Multi-Radiator has a 10-year factory guarantee. 3. Most efficient Bard oil burner ever produced. 4. Fully automatic — heats, filters, humidifies, circulates. 5. Oil unit converts easily to gas on 1-year, no-cost Bard Burner Exchange Plan. 6. Unconditional life guarantee on gas burner. All this and quiet, dependable operation will give you winters of warm comfort. Call us now for a free estimate. E. 0. WILLIAMS Propst-Childress Shoe Company Compliments of AIR LEE CLEANERS 306 South Jefferson Street 4720 Williamson Rd. Dial 9269 Roanoke, Va. Dial 5370 Television Service Dial 4-1564 A L V 1 S TV AND APPLIANCE STORE 2404 Williamson Rd. Roanoke, Va. DINE and DANCE AT APARTMENT CAMPS SULLIVAN SUPPLY CO. Complete Line of Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies Phone 3568 Salem, Va. L. H. SPICKARD SERVICE STATION Regular and Ethyl Gas at low cost Compliments Compliments of of SALEM THEATRE RICHARD S CLEANERS Compliments of POWELL ' S GROCERY Corner of Rt. 117 and Rt. 116 POOLE ' S MOTOR COURT and ESSO SERVICE STATION Lunches - Beverages - All Night Service 733 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia OWEN ' S MARKET Hershberger and Cove Roads OWEN PLUMBING Fresh Meats and Groceries AND HEATING Dial 4-7023 We Deliver NOFSINGER CLEANERS Compliments of 1409 Williamson Rd. F. P. MURRAY DIAL 3-6354 Fresh and Cured Meats Roanoke, Va. Roanoke, Virginia MOHAWK RUBBER COMPANY Compliments of Plastics Division MELBA S BEAUTY SHOP Salem, Virginia 3003 Williamson Road Phone 3-7760 { 166 McClung Lumber Company, Inc. Building Materials - Millwork - Paints Asbestos Siding - Roofing Builders Hardware - Coal Dial 3731 Salem, Virginia A. W. JOHNSON FORT LEWIS ESSO Service is our Motto Route 11, West of Salem Compliments of JAMES BARBER SHOP Compliments of H I P P E RT RADIO-TELEVISION SERVICE GLENVAR SERVICE STATION ROUTE 3 Phone 2931 Salem, Virginia GEARHART SHOE REPAIR DIAL 2591 15 East Main Street Salem, Virginia EDGEWOOD SERVICE STATION Delicious Foot-Long Hotdogs Hamburgers, Barbecues Route 460 Telephone 2-9350 Compliments of COPENHAVER ' S R. F. D. 3, Salem 4 LOGAN ' S BARN ANTIQUES One of the South’s Largest and Most Interesting Shops J. E. JEWELL Contractor and Builder P. O. Box 57 Phone 3112 Salem, Virginia HODGES FLORIST VETERANS FACILITY ROAD 3631 Shenandoah Avenue, N. W- Dial 3-6210 Roanoke, Virginia Hillcrest Hatchery Poultry Farm E. H. STROUPE, Prop. Chicks, Feeds, Poultry Supplies Hatchery Phone 4451 Salem, Va. Dial 4-3773 16-18 E. Church Ave. GILES BROTHERS " Furniture of the Better Kind Since 1902’’ Roanoke, Virginia FORT LEWIS TOURIST COURT Fine Restaurant in Connection On U.S. 11 and 460 1 2 mi. West of Salem Phone 2151 Salem, Virginia DIXIE CAVERNS 7 Miles West of Salem On U. S. 11 and 460 COOK ' S ON GRANDIN ROAD " Fashions that are Different " 167 } Compliments of SMEAD WEBBER and W. B. DILLARD CO. YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Since 1843 SALEM, VIRGINIA Compliments SCHNEIDER OIL COMPANY Your Sunoco Distributor KELLER MACHINE COMPANY Manufacturers and General Machinists STEEL FABRICATIONS — WELDING GEORGE E. KELLER Owner 1022 Tennessee Street Salem, Virginia Telephone 4991 PAGES OF INTEREST TO ALL THE FAMILY • World-Wide, National, State and Local News • Menus, Recipes, Dress Patterns for Women • Sports News of Interest to Men • Editorials, Comic Strips, Features for All • PARADE—The Sunday Picture Magazine • Associated Press W1REPHOTO THE ROANOKE TIMES (Morning and Sunday) ISoattokp Uorlii-NphtB (Evening) TECHNICAL SERVICES Dial 4-8921 128 W. Kirk Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Architects ' Engineers ' Supplies and Equipment Supplies and Equipment Blue Line Prints Blueprints Black Line Prints Photostats " Southwest Virginia ' s Reproduction Center " 4 169 } PAN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, Inc. (Formerly Katz Food Company) Distributors of Food Specialties and Detergents 1621 First Street, N. W. Roanoke, Va. Dial 4-3592 JENNINGS-SHEPHERD COMPANY 24 W. Church Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Sporting Goods and Toys 4 170 VISIT WILDHEIM WESTWARD LAKE ESTATES GAME FARM Exclusive Residential - Recreational BIRDS • ANIMALS • REPTILES AREA A real treat for your family and friends Retail Pet Shop with complete supplies 3,000 ACRES OF » LAKES - PARKS Beautiful Homes and Cabins On Peters Creek Road — Roanoke, Va. Salem 2241 RALPH E. MILLS McDOWALL WOOD COMPANY, Inc. CONTRACTORS General Contractors 1308 West Main Street Salem, Va. P. O. Box 513 Salem, Virginia 4 . i7i DIESEL INJECTION " When Better Automobiles are Built SALES SERVICE, Inc. Buick Will Build Them” Compliments of Fuel Injection Specialists CREED F. FRAZIER Service to all makes and types of Diesel Injection Equipment Selling and Servicing Your Automotive DISTRIBUTORS FOR Needs. May I Have the Pleasure Aeroquip Hose and Fittings—Wix Filters Weatherhead Brass and Steel Fittings — or Serving You. ' Pierce Governors — Ralph Stark Cylinder Heads — Superior Arrowhead Cylinder Roanoke 7379 (Business) Liners Salem 2012 (Residence) 814 8th Street Phone 3187 Salem, Virginia J. W. BURRESS E. F. Blankenship Co. Construction Equipment 1308 West Main St. Salem, Va. Phone 4202 , Roanoke, Virginia Contractors { 172 } H. M. WOOD Plumbing and Heating Salem, Va. Dial 3441 TOWN and CAMPUS MEN ' S SHOP Fine Furnishings and Sportswear 213 East Main Street Salem, Virginia Roanoke Valley Motors, Inc. " Where your money buys more than a car” 1337 W. Main St. Salem, Va. Phone 2377 Roanoke Frosted Foods Co. Distributor Roanoke, Va. RANCH MOTEL On Route 11 and 460 West of Salem " It’s New ” Compliments of PARSELL ' S PIE SHOP " For a treat that can’t be beat” Va. Country Ham - Southern Fried Chicken Steaks - Spaghetti - Pizzas OASIS RESTAURANT 4017 Williamson Road Phone 4-0281 Roanoke, Va. Hours: 11 A. M. - 11 P. M. Tuesday-Sunday Closed Mondays E. L. DONALDSON, Manager Compliments of HOLDREN REFRIGERATOR SALES and SERVICE Roanoke - Salem - Vinton { 173 } Compliments BOB ' S MARKET of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables T. E. GARDNER Complete Line Groceries CONTRACTOR 511 1 1th St., N. W. Dial 3-7371 BARNHART Amoco Service Station 3831 Melrose Ave., N. W. Phone 2-9614 Roanoke, Va. WOODSON PONTIAC §r Salem, Virginia 1104 West Main Street Dial 2388 L. P. BASHAM OIL CO. v 1836 Wakefield Rd„ S. W. Roanoke, Virginia LIPES PHARMACY CECIL LIPES, Prop. Store No. r Dial 2-3479 2201 Crystal Spring Ave., S. W. Roanoke, Va. Store No. 2 Dial 8805 j 2907 Brambleton Roanoke. Virginia CALDWELL MOSES Firestone Tires - Tubes - Accessories Exide Batteries - Marfak Lubrication R. F. D. 9 Edgewood Box 570 CHARLIE S RADIATOR SHOP " Ask for Radiator Charlie” 22 East Main Located Shelor’s Service Station " The Watch Store of Roanoke” BARR BROS. Friendly Jeweler 4 E. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Va. Telephone 2-0953 For Complete Protection from the Basket to the Casket — See BOB BRADSHAW Phone 4722 Salem COMPLIMENTS OF THE 1954 PIONEER STAFF 174 }E «- -W -fruck l M Umu ftzaij iHtyyk ix Ls y-jUhfcIL €■ JkAMPu WjOuu- ' Q l OuiA, £jkxy. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To our advertisers, we extfend our thanks for the very vi tal part which they have played in the production of this annual; without their backing, this book could not exist. To Mr. Gerald Cannaday of The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Company, goes our sincere appreciation for his assistance and guidance in the planning and lay¬ out of this publication. To Miss Shirley Faucette of the Photograph Studio at N. W. Pugh’s and to her assistants, we wish to express our gratitude for the fine photographic work in the Class Section. To the faculty and student body, we extend our thanks and appreciation for the cooperation shown us this year. Your help has been a vital factor in the production of this yearbook. The Annual Staff of the “1954 Pioneer”

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