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i tXzZyO oJuaaJ «auj ■ j $m .; |pi r f Ij I v ff f l :- Ju f- -I 1 ] 11 ■» r f H 4 ..i-c;; | | » j ; ■ i» t ; i J? - m 9 ' — »!: n hi I l m in p? in I III ill H : ' ir - ’- ,. ' ■ - ■ • ■• ■■■ . : - ■ wtm Wt ? fel 1 r m - Jf-V ' : m - ' ■: - - ' o? W - l- r ; s 1 ,„ -r Iff F • I | f ... - w 1 - 6 h ■ ' ! it » i - i it ' tt ' . 1 ' i L, I tF Si ; |i :j V “ ‘ ' I „„»■ rf fj ■■ g t g I fit- I II [ f!) « ' i MM [ ! | L r I I v-t- .s-S ' Sili , ■.« llft ilIf • : ills «ti « i» »■ ' ii 111! w«- |ir ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem. Viimua k y a£) 6 W Z 5 . , jf jf . ■Z M - Z2 u 8 pWl ' idjgZ Cco e. -Kf? ' Z r eL , . ' jz sjr $rh l f • y V ,. -ev tf 1 i Y £- Sj l J ' y 4 %£z4s 4 Y Z z x° A ,A y F , yv ‘ . K ‘ ‘o 00% ,. fit 0 -%4s t) v 0 It 6- ft i77 V i v r “jr . ycutrd - LiS yf , ' ' ' tC,w f y.y i 1 -« -f-Sgr-U-J ™. -xb xsyz Y Yj Y - » 5 .. - -4W w Ajvlj ' i sY ' 5 2 2 7 ££ ' ■yy ■ a ” £,ou x yy- - i y- yy Published by THE STUDENT BODY SALEM, VIRGINIA foreword “Let there be music; the words from life, the melody God’s spirit ...” Since the whole world is a song, we have chosen the universal language, MUSIC, as the theme for our book. Five years have come and gone for the Class of ’51; but in leaving Andrew Lewis, we go with hearts filled with love, respect and admiration for everything for which it stands. We have learned in the course of these five years that “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” there is “A Silver Lining” and that no matter where we go in life or what success we may obtain, the foundation of all we accomplish is the high develop¬ ment of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. May we, the Staff of ’51, with each melody and refrain, recapture the spirit of each minute of this year and recall memories that will linger in our hearts with each glance at this book. With this thought, we give you the Pioneer of 1 95 1 - The Pioneer ; ' Dedication WM To your warm friendliness and understanding, To your generous work and untiring interest in us, To you, then, the staff greatfully dedicates this— The 1951 Pioneer— Mrs. Gielispie Fifty-One ADMINISTRATION CLASSES SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS Mmmstmtion Our Students Speak Mac Minnick President Bill Robey Vice President Jennie Smiley Secretary Wilson Kolmer Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is an organization of students representing the five classes of high school. This year has been a very active one for us. We started off by giving the first hop of the year, and then we sponsored an assembly to help arouse school spirit. The main project, with the class council, was the writing of a handbook, which will be a trial copy for the next session. The next project was to start work on a point system. Pins were bought for the four officers; these will be passed on dow n to the following officers of the years to come. The president of the student council presides at all assemblies and along with the secretary serves on the executive board of the P. T. A. which was organized in the summer of 1950. So with these and many other activities, the Student Council has gained more and more power in the government of our school. Left to Right, Seated: Carole Stroupe, Wilson Kolmer, Doris Cundijf, Patty Donaldson, Bill Robey, Lynn Goodwin, Billy Young, Jennie Smiley, Kenneth O ' Beirne. Standing: Mrs. Rose Little, Miss Mildred Kidd, Mrs. Louise Rice, Sonny Loud, Mrs. Pearl Strickler, Pete Garst, Miss Pauline Webb, Harold Pillow, Connie Eakin, Leon Ingram, Jack Good, Mac Minnick {at stand) To the members of the Class of ’51, I bring greetings. To the memb ers of the Pioneer Staff who through hours of thought and toil have made the publication of this year’s annual possible, I ex¬ tend congratulations on a duty well done. To the members of the faculty who have given unstintingly of their time and talents that all of us in Andrew Lewis may have a yearbook of which we may feel proud, I offer my deepest appreciation. In your Pioneer are represented in picture and in story some of the happenings at Andrew Lewis during the session. In the days immediately ahead, this book will be a source of infinite pleasure to you. In the far future years when the frost has gotten into the temples and dimples have turned to wrinkles, it will be a storehouse of cherished memories of the halcyon days of youth. It is my hope that each student in Andrew Lewis will derive the great amount of pleasure from the Annual that the staff and sponsor have the right to expect. faculty Mr. E. B. Broadwater Principal Mr. F. Carroll Alexander Consumer Economics, Distributive Education Mrs. Adelle M. Bennett Librarian Mrs. Evelyn L. Blake Home Economics Mrs. Marie L. Brookes English, Social Science Mr. M. L. Campbell Veterans ’ Agriculture Training Mrs. Nancy S. Cheek Home Economics Mrs. Dorothea F. Chick Arithmetic, Science Mr. Lauritz Christensen Band 4 Mr. Paul K. Coffman General Science Miss Annie Virginia Cook Latin Mr. Walter C. Crawford Track Coach, J. V. Football, J. V. Basketball, Economic Geography, Physical Education Mrs. Margaret C. Dereniuk English, Social Science Mrs. Margaret V. Easter History Mrs. Bertha C. Fisher English e{ 8 The Pioneer I faculty Mrs. Mary O. Garner History Mrs. Gladys E. Gillespie General Mathematics Miss Mary H. Goodwin Typing Miss Sarah C. Goodwin English Mr. Edwin K. Harless Civics, Physical Education, Assistant Football Coach, Basketball Coach Mrs. Virginia L. Houchens English Mrs. Julia B. Hylton Arithmetic, Science Mrs. Lillian G. Jennings Arithmetic, Science Miss Aminee W. Jones Bookkeeping, Typing Mrs. Opal S. Keffer General Mathematics, Algebra Miss Alice B. Kidd English, Social Science Miss L. Mildred Kidd English, Social Science Mr. Robert E. Kinzie Agriculture Mr. Blake W. Liddle Drama, History Mr. Emmette W. Lilly Shop Fifty-One 4 9 } faculty Mr. C. R. Little Shop, Mechanical Drawing Mrs. Rose F. Little English, Latin Miss Edna L. Mantz Economic Geography, Science Miss Annie McConkey Trigonometry, Geometry Miss Dorothy Miller French, English Miss Carolyn Montgomery Advanced Arithmetic Mrs. Mary S. Parrish English, Arithmetic Mrs. Carrie M. Pedigo English Mrs. Nelle H. Peery Music Mr. James E. Peters Agriculture Miss Elsie M. Proffitt Shorthand, Typing, Office Practice Mrs. Marilyn M. Putnam History Mrs. Louise D. Rice Algebra, Geometry Mrs. Ethel S. Shockey Algebra, Advanced Arithmetic Mrs. Betty S. Simpson Physical Education 10 fa The Pioneer ' faculty Mrs. Fo rrest M. Smith Civics, Sociology, Debating Mr. G. H. Spruhan Physical Education, Varsity Football Coach Mrs. Pearl C. Strickler English, Public Speaking Mrs. Hazel L. Waters Arithmetic Miss Leslie V. Watkins Biology Miss Pauline Webb Chemistry, Biology Mrs. Mary H. Webber General Science, Social Science, Biology Mrs. Elsie K. Wertz English, Social Science Mr. R. C. Woodward General Science, Physics, Biology Miss Mary Wright General Science, Assistant Librarian M rs. Della Bradley Manager of Cafeteria Mrs. Nell D. Miller Secretary to the Principal Mr. John H. Snapp English, Sociology NOT PICTURED Miss Phyllis J. Watts Physical Education Miss Joyce Jennings Secretary to the Principal 4 11 } Fifty-One irneir Tields of The purpose of the guidance program is to help each individual to find a place where he can live a happy, successful life and contribute his share to the welfare of others. The guidance counselor helps the student face himself and his problems and to know his potentialities and weaknesses. Why? Why? Why? The scientific answers to the mysteries of life unfold in the science laboratory. Oscar, the skeleton, hovers over the classroom with a gruesome grin while two curious students count his bones, and another studies dust from his well-worn bones. The vocational agriculture shop building is the most modern addition to Andrew Lewis. Boys learn to use all kinds of wood-working equipment, electric and acetylene welding along with technical agriculture in the class¬ room. The courses offered in home economics are excellent. Classes in sewing show the latest fashions fresh from Paris, while other classes delve into the culinary arts and interior decoration. Instruction In the social studies classes we search the archives for records of our inheritance, our legacies. Here we live with those who have given us our heritage, our democracy, America. Clickety-clack, clickety-clack! The busy hum of typewriters, the session going on in the shorthand class, and the counting of fingers and toes in the bookkeeping class all go to¬ gether to train the student for the cold, hard world of business that lies ahead of him after graduation. The purpose of distributive education is to provide a training program for students while in school that will prepare them for an occu¬ pation. Pictured is a student doing his after¬ noon store work which begins shortly after his morning classes have ended at school. Physical Education, the subject that is taught to keep the student in shape for other classes, presents fun and enjoyment for all. Basketball, exercises, stunts, and various other types of games are engaged in by the students. Jields of The band is the steady heart beat of the school. If we are blue, the band is heavy and sad, but if we are full of pep and school spirit, the band is gay and light. Each year the band adds sparkle and gaiety to the football games, gives benefit performances, a band concert, and plays for several assemblies. “Do, re, me” symbolizes our music depart¬ ment which puts on several assemblies a year, sings for the Easter Pageant, entertains at the Veterans Hospital, and participates in many other worthy and beautiful projects. Drama class-work is being put into practice at Andrew Lewis. After long hours in the class¬ room learning the various tasks of the crews, the learning must be put into practice on the stage. The lighting crew, the stage crew, and the make-up crew all work like mad to get things ready for the show which must go on. The library engulfed in a silence that would do justice to an Egyptian pyramid is neverthe¬ less one of the most interesting sections of our school. With books we travel over the world, fields of science are explored, and music and art are explained. Instruction “Ego amo te,” “Je vous aime beaucoup,” the babble created by foreign tongues, echoes down the hallowed halls. Foreign languages though difficult are very helpful in the study of English, and all college-bound students are encouraged to take at least two years of Latin or French. hmm Language Arts, the Mead Flail of Enchant¬ ment! Here we meet the minstrel, the bard, the poet, the actor, the singer, the painter, all creators of beauty, glamor and love. In this atmosphere, we as individuals are challenged by our inheritance to express our own ideas, to create, to live. Mathematics, the basic foundation of the modern world, is taught in Andrew Lewis with a thoroughness designed to last forever. For the academic course algebra, geometry, and trigonometry are offered; while the business and general courses stress advanced arithmetic, bookkeeping, and general mathematics. The objectives of the industrial arts depart¬ ment are centered in the development of various trade and industrial interests, ex¬ ploratory experiences and mechanical apti¬ tudes, stressing social needs, material values and healthful enterprise. The emphasis is put on basic processes, tools and materials which may be applicable to either vocational or avocational endeavors. Mrs. Gladys E.Gillespie Sponsor Jeanne Lynch Hobbs Asst. Editor Bob Stanley Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Lillian Wimmer Harriett Grubb Marie Houseman Jo Anne McDaniel Tharon Powell Frances Alls. Ann Thomason. Mabel Ferguson Merle Walker Peggy Miller 1 ■. Class Editors J . Literary Editor .Assistant Literary Editor . Typists Ruble Smith Jo Anne Siiowalter Joyce Plymale. Mary Anne Grisso. Ted Bell Grady Campbell [- . Gale Ayers Dottie Hackman 1 Betty Price . Sports Editors . Features Editor Organizations Editor . Photographers . Artists BUSINESS STAFF Mrs. Bertha C. Fisher. Adviser Marcheta Reece. Circulation Manager Betty Paxton Richard Moran Charles Gwaltney .. .Circulation Staff Anna Margaret Young | Imogene Helton Marian Chapman Ellen O’Neill Jean Mitchell Mary Alice Woods Maydene Hoback Mary Anne Logan Jennie Smiley Billy Young I. Advertising Staff Correnia Henderson Bob Miller Sue Powell Myra Draper . Advertising Staff fa defense of freedom Since the beginning of the Korean War a number of our classmates have gone into the service of our country either by enlisting or by being drafted. These boys have heard the call of the free nations of the world and have heeded it, and we are genuinely proud of them. Several have already seen action in Korea, and the others are now preparing themselves for the tasks that lie ahead. Those of whom we have a record arc as follows: Air Force 1 Jack “Ace” Gearhart 2 Albert “Abe” Donahue (Right) 3 Paul “Copie” Copenhaver 4 Jimmy Peters 5 Bill Garst 8 Stanley Hayes Wayne Moulse J. D. Pritchett Navy 10 Roy Sisson 11 Ralph McDaniel 12 Robert “Jugie” Goodwin Erwin Sumner M arines 6 Frankie Garman 7 Jimmy Hash 9 Charles LaPrad 14 Vance Price George Jamerson Army 13 Edgar Peters Henry Webster There may be some, however, of whom we have no record; nevertheless, gotten in the hearts of those who know them and in the prayers of all. they will not be for- 4 18 ■ • ■■ ■ ' •£ CL s 2 io 4 l .T 2ax WC4c.o- ' 4 xJsU y A SJ 0 lr Classes A -£ 0y«- C ' K ‘V — s oCX f • ' ' iOir ' jZ S f 0 . . ,t »«t s L y- ,. N G A-yv- X, % ■ ' Senior Sonny Loud President Ruble Smith Vice President Sue Powell Secretary Harold Pillow Treasurer THE LAST YEAR What is it like to be a Senior? It is the sudden happiness and excitement of growing up, the golden, buoyant feeling of importance, and the ever-present tinge of sadness that comes with approach¬ ing graduation. But these ingredients are not the only makings of a Senior; it is the thousands of small, everyday happenings that complete this magic picture, just little events, but important enough to command a page in the mind’s scrapbook of memories. Sun-bronzed boys and girls, still dreaming wistfully of vacation, reluctantly put aside these light, rosy memories and opened their books. Heads were bent over schedules and studies, social living and economics. The long-awaited senior year had begun! The incomparable look of adoration and awe, which crossed a little Freshman’s face whenever a dignified Senior deigned to speak, brought a light, treasured feeling of importance, of belonging. There was that happy day when we received our high school rings. Only a Senior can realize deep down in his heart that this was not just a bit of metal and stone he wore, but a burning symbol and record of five years, five unforgettable years, sometimes star-studded with secret hopes and am¬ bitions; sometimes gray with shattered dreams, years flying so fast that the days tumbled over them¬ selves in their hasty flight, slow years, dragging like the proverbial turtle. Gallons of midnight oil were burned; hundreds of eyelids were propped open as studies grew harder. The fast-moving pace of club meetings each week and home work every night was strenuous, but no one considered dropping an activity. Days, overflowing with activity, flew swiftly by. Cold, tired winter stretched its icy arms, threw off its overcoat of drab gray and emerged as light, carefree spring. There began then, in a sudden rush of excitement, a gay whirl of parties introducing the close of the school year. The final realization that graduation was at hand came too suddenly. All at once the full meaning of the word was real—too true. Friends would be separated, perhaps forever; after high school the sheltered life provided by parents would be gone. Gaiety still prevailed, but underneath that gaiety was a dark, swift-flowing undercurrent of sadness. The last days were too busy to be sad. There were gowns to be ordered and fitted, invitations to be sent, and last minute rehearsals. The long-awaited night finally arrived. Walking back up the aisle we hugged our precious diplomas tighter and felt a sudden inexplicable urge to turn back, to recapture and live again that wonderful senior year. But we squared our shoulders, blinked back the rising tears, and unhesitatingly walked through the door of the future. 4 20 )3 iS V «-W o . 5L ° - ' AW lA - ' (3 .!.. . J - ' --- -ft . SL ik na ( w y jLuaO - 5La cS Jtz X3 4 ‘ ( r - - r -J Hats off to these ten outstanding seniors who have been chosen because of their capabimicsAnti winning personalities! “Willie” or Wilson, president of the Beta Club and a member of the basketball team is always around when help is needed; Mac, our Governor of Boys’ State, president of the student body, instigator and president of the Pep Club, is admired by all; Bobby, our talented musician who is always playing his trumpet, is in the All-State Band and is the skilled editor of the Pioneer; Mary Alice, head cheerleader and Home-Coming Queen, with her outstanding personality will long be remem¬ bered; Frances, whose winning smile and intelligent cooperation make her widely loved, is Attorney General of Girls’ State and D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award winner; Jeanne Lynch, president of the Y-Teens, charms us and will long be remembered because of her peppy attitude and dramatic ability; Marian’s outstanding work on the Annual Staff, her excellent leadership in the Class Council, and her warm friendliness make her admired by all; Sonny, whose bubbling personality and loyalty have won him many friends, is a track star, president of the Senior Class, and State Beta Club President; “Hank” or Harold, who is in the All-State Band, and treasurer of the Beta Club and Senior Class, has a rare sense of humor and wit that makes him known to all; and last, but not least, Pete, president of the Latin Club with outstanding scholarship, typifies sincerity and efficiency; all have helped to make Andrew Lewis a pleasant place to be and have left a standard, which all who follow should strive to achieve. We salute you, Seniors! Left to Right: Wilson Kolmer, Mac Minnick, Bob Stanley, Mary Alice Woods, Frances Alls, Jeanne Lynch Hobbs, Marian Chapman, Sonny Loud, Harold Pillow, Pete Garst. SENIOR Kenneth Abbott Roderick Abbott Helen Adams Richard Agee Doris Alderman Claudine All Barbara Allen Frances Alls Clara Altis Nineteen Robert Bower Annie Barton Marian Atkinson Teddy Bell Barbara Bess Sara Bohon Gale Ayers Kathryn Beckner SENIOR Howard Bowers Barbara Brown William Broyles Grady Campbell Faye Carter Marian Chapman Robert Clark George Collins Betty Compton Nineteen CLASS Alva Conner Jean Cook Donald Cook Paul Copenhaver Fifty-One SENIOR Arthur Deyerle Morden Dodson AIartha Donaldson Joanne Dotson Dorothy Douglas Myra Draper Curtis Garman Mabel Ferguson Elizabeth Garnand Nineteen George Gearhart Lewis Gearhart Deloriese Gebhardt Fred Gladden Bently Goodwin Myrtle Garrett Lewis Garst Helen Garst Walter Garst Fifty-One Julius Goodwin Doris Gordon Margaret Gore Mary Ann Grisso Jack Gunter Dorothy Hackman Gordon Hancock John Hankins Mary Sue Harris Nineteen 0 L A Robert Hatcher William Haupt Imogene Helton Wallace Helvey Fifty-One SENIOR Maydene Hoback Jeanne Lynch Hobbs Marie Housman Anne Hudgins Colena Hunt Norvell Hunt Ray Jennings Verlyn Ingram Burcelle Johnson Nineteen CLASS Bernice Johnston Earl Johnston ...... Betty Jordan Bates Killinger Wilson Kolmer Douglas Ann Lewis J o Ann Lindamood Joyce Little Mary Anne Logan Fifty-One SENIOR Judy Lyons Andrew Martin Doris Martin Lawrence Martin Rita Martin Joe Mati sco Jean McCormick Nineteen Malcolm Minnick Angielene Minter Evelyn Meador Peggy Miller Robert Miller Jo Anne McDaniel Mildred McDaniel Helen McGue William McMahan Fifty-One Jean Mitchell Robert Mitchell Christine Moses Wayne Moulse Faye Murray Arline Naff Charles Nunley Richard Normoyle John Obenchain Nineteen C L A S Andrew Overstreet Diane Overstreet Madie Palmer Elizabeth Paxton Wilma Pearce Barbara Overton Albert Painter Elwood Peterson Harold Pillow Fifty-One ■P Joyce Plymale Hugh Poage Sue Powell Tharon Powell Elizabeth Price Billy Rakes Marcheta Reese Bettye Rettinger Colleen Robertson Nineteen Louise Shelor Joanne Showalter John Shank Betty Shell Fred Schnautz Kermit Rowe Joseph Rushbrooke William Sears Fifty-One Nelson Simpson Virginia Simpson Josephine Sink Patricia Sisson Terry Slusher Doris Smith Ruble Smith Robert Stanley Joseph Stewart Nineteen Douglas Sutphin Betty Taylor Ann Thomason Donald Thompson Fifty-One Alice Viar Helen Wade Jane Waggoner Jean Waggoner Douglas Walker Merle W alker Anne Webster Raymond Watson Opal Webster Nineteen CLASS Eula Wertz Lillian immer Furman Whitescarver Josephine Winn Fifty-One MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MAR AN CHAPMAN WILSON KOLMER BEST LEADERS JOAN SHOWALTER MAC MINNICK TYPICAL SENIORS DOT DOUGLAS RUBLE SMITH MOST INTELLECTUAL FRANCES ALLS PETE GARST MOST DEPENDABLE ELIZABETH GARNAND RAY JENNINGS MOST PERSONALITY • SUE POINELL DON THOMPSON MOST SINCERE PEGGYM LLER JOE RUSH BROOKE MOST ORIGINAL DORIS ALDERMAN JOE MAT SCO MOST ATHLETIC JOYCE HERRIN BILL RAKES WITTIEST • LILLIAN IN MMER EARL JOHNSTON SENIOR DIRECTORY KENNETH PHILLIPS ABBOTT RODERICK EARL ABBOTT Industrial Arts Club, 5. HELEN LOUISE ADAMS Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens. 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 4, 5; Monitor, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Choral, 2, 3. RICHARD WAYNE AGEE F. F. A., 1, 2, 3. 4, President, 4; Federation Sentinel, 1, 4; F. F. A. Public Speaking Contest, 2, 3, 4, Winner, 3; N. F. L., 4; Debating, 2; American Legion Contest, 3, 4; Hi Y, 3; Forensics, 3, 4. DORIS LEE ALDERMAN Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., 3, 4; Library Club, 1, 2; Sports Club, 3; Basketball, 2, 4, 5, Manager, 5; Volleyball, 3, 4,5; Ping- Pong, 1; Tennis, 1. 2; Badminton, 3; Costumes for: “Gypsy Rover,” “Bells of Capistrano,” “Rumpelstilskin,” “Why the Chimes Rang,” “Knights of King Arthur’s Court, “Late Christopher Bean,” “The Garden of the Moon,” “Our Town,” “Christmas Carol;” Assistant Director, Easter Pageant, 4; “Why I Am A Bachelor; Dance Recital, 4; Andrew Lewis News, Girls’ Sports Editor, 4, 5. CLAUDINE MARTHA ALL Junior Y-Teens, 2; Library Assistant. 2, 3, 4; Library Club, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A„ 5. BARBARA ALLEN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 3; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Pep Club, 5; Archery, 3; Newspaper Staff, 5. FRANCES ARLENE ALLS Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Latin Tournament, 2, 3; Girls ' State Delegate, 4; Forensics, 5; Choral, 2; Vice President of Home Room, 4; Secretary-Treasurer of Home Room, 5; Easter Pageant, 3. 4; “Uncle Remus Ghost Story,” 5; Annual Staff, 5; Literary Editor; Senior Mirror; D. A. R. Award; Valedictorian. CLARA ELLEN ALTIS Latin Club, 1; Public Speaking, 5. MARIAN LEE ATKINSON (Transferred from Shawsville High School.) Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club, 4, 5; Student Council, 4; S. C. A., 5. WENDELL GALE AYERS F. F. A., 2; Beta Club, 3; Science Club, 5; Annual Staff, 5. ANNIE REBECCA BARTON S. C. A„ 3, 5. KATHRYN ANN BECKNER Monitor, 5; F. H. A., 3. TEDDY ARLON BELL Industrial Arts Club, 5; Annual Staff, 5. BARBARA ELAINE BESS Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 5; Easter Pageant, 3; Monitor, 5. JAMES MARCUS BLACK SARA BROWN BOHON Junior Y-Teens, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Monitor, 5; Easter Pageant, 4. MABERY ALMEDIA BOOHER S. C. A., 5. ROBERT SAMUEL BOWER Industrial Arts Club, 5; Track, 4. EMORY HOWARD BOWERS Industrial Arts Club, 5, President. WILLIAM EVERETT BROYLES F. F. A. ELWOOD GRADY CAMPBELL, JR. Projection Club. 3, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Music, 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta, 4; Annual Follies, 4, 5. ROBERT CARLTON CANDLER VIVIAN FAYE CARTER (Transfer Student.) Latin Club, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 4; Science Club, 5, Treasurer, 5; Newspaper Staff. 5; “The Late Christopher Bean,” Publicity Chairman and Make-Up, 5; “King Arthur and the Holy Grail,” 5; Monitor, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Easter Pa.g6a.nt 4 MARION MONTAGUE CHAPMAN Class Secretary, 2; Class Vice President, 3, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Assistant Secretary, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4. 5, Provincial Head, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2; Home Room President, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Assembly Committee, 4, 5; Class Council, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Girls’ State Representative, 4; Salem Day, Assist¬ ant Town Manager, 5; Forensics, 5; American Legion Contest, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Pep Club, 5. CHARLES W T ENDELL CHILDRESS F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5. GILES GILMER CHILDRESS ROBERT FRANKLIN CLARK F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; J. V. Football. GEORGE RAY COLLINS Distributive Education Club, 5. BETTY JEAN COMPTON Basketball, 2; Archery, 2, 3; Home Room Secretary, 3; S. C. A., 4; Junior Talent Show, 4; May Court Dancer, 4; Operetta, “The Bells of Capistrano,” 4; Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, 5, Publicity Chair¬ man, 5; Modern Dance Group, 4, 5, Recital, 4, 5; Cheerleader, 4, 5; Monitor, 5; “The Holy Grail,” 5; Pep Club, 5, Board of Super¬ visors. ALVA LOUIS CONNER Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; All State Band. 4; S. C. A., 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, President, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4; Distributive Education Club, 5. DONALD DUANE COOK Latin Club, 2, 3; Industrial Arts Club, 5; Monitor, 5. JEAN EVELYN COOK Latin Club. 2; Volleyball, 2, 3, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 5; Softball. 2, 3, 5; Sports Club, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., 4, 5. PAUL WAMPLER COPENHAVER, JR. Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. 5; Drum Major, 5; Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Forensics, 4. BETTY BEELER CRAWFORD Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., 3, 4, Vice President, 4; S. C. A., 5; Monitor, 5. BOBBY MORRIS CREASY Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Track, 4. VIRGINIA JOYCE CROSSWHITE Tennis, 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; Tennis Tournaments, 1 , 4, 5; Runner-Up in Tennis, 1,4; Doubles Tennis Champion, 4; Softball, 2, 3; Volley¬ ball, 2, 3; Soccer, 4; Newspaper Staff, 1 , 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Monitor, 5; Choral, 2, 3; Forensics, 3. CHARLES EDWARD DAVENPORT F. F. A., 4, 5; Industrial Arts Club, 5, Vice President. ALICE ANN DAVIS JAMES ARTHUR DEYERLE MORDEN CHARLES DODSON F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Monitor, 4. MARTHA JEAN DONALDSON May Queen, 5: Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, 5, Worship Chairman, 4, Program Chairman, 5; Y-Teen Interclub Council, 5. Treasurer, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 4, 5, Associate Editor. 5; Delegate to S. I. P. A. Convention, 4. 5; Pep Club, 5; Modern Dance Club, 4, 5, Secretary, 4, 5; Modern Dance Recital, 4, 5; Tennis, 2, 3; Volleyball, 4; Sports Club, 4, 5: May Court Dancer, 4; “King Arthur and the Holy Grail”; Forensics, 5; Easter Pageant, 4. 4 46 4 SENIOR DIRECTORY JOANNE PATSY DOTSON Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5. DOROTHY ANITA DOUGLAS Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club Pageant, 3; Tennis, 4; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3; Junior Choir, 4, Publicity Chair¬ man; Senior Choir, 5, Publicity Chairman, Newspaper, 3, 4, 5, Editor-in-Chief, 5; S. I. P. A. Convention Delegate, 4, 5; Operetta, 4; Pep Club, S; School Handbook Committee; Home Room President, 5; Class Council, 5; Senior Mirror, 5; Reserve Cheer¬ leader, 5. MYRA HELEN DRAPER Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Committee Chairman, 5; Senior Choir, 4, 5, President, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Drama Festival, 4; Music Festival, 2; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. MABEL ALICE FERGUSON Library Club, 1. 2, 3; Library Assistant, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Program Chairman, 5; Beta Convention, 5; First Prize Winner Beta Journal Literary Contest, 5; Y-Teens, 2, 3; F. H. A.. 3. 4, 5, State Convention, 3, 4; State Degree Committee, 5; Na¬ tional Kansas City Convention; Junior Homemakers Degree, 5; Degree Committee Chairman, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Monitor, 5. CARL CURTIS GARMAN F. F. A.. 3, 4, 5, Secretary. KARIN ELIZABETH GARNAND Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; 4-H Club. 3, 4; Monitor, 5; Annual Staff, 3; Newspaper Staff, 5; Town Nurse, Salem Day, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. MYRTLE GAY GARRETT F. H. A., 2; S. C. A., 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5, Y-Teens Choir, 5; Operetta, 4; Junior Choir; Senior Choir; Monitor, 4. HELEN FORD GARST Junior Y-Teens. 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5; Monitor, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5; Home Room Secretary, 2, 3. ROY LEWIS GARST Industrial Arts Club, 5; F. F. A., 1; Hi-Y, 1; S. C. A., 1, 2; Operetta, 4. WALTER PITZER GARST Latin Club, President; Beta Club. Vice President; Junior Class, President; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Advertising Manager, 5; Senior Mirror. WILLIAM CHRISTIAN GARST GEORGE ARLISS GEARHART F. F. A., 1, 2; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Football, 4; Track, 2, 4, 5. JACK GEARHART STAFFORD LEWIS GEARHART F. F. A.. 4, 5. BEULAH DELORIESE GEBHARDT Choral, 2; Accompanist Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Accompanist Senior Choir, 4, 5; Operetta, 3. 4; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Music Chairman, Senior Y-Teens, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Newspaper Staff. 5; Library Club, 2; Assistant Director, The Late Christopher Bean,” 5; “The Holy Grail,” 5. FRED ROBERT GLADDEN ROBERT BENTLEY GOODWIN Junior Varsity Football; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Mirror. ROBERT JULIUS GOODWIN DORIS JEAN GORDON Junior Y-Teens, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3. 4, 5; Beta Club, 2, 3, 4; Sports Club. 3, 4, 5; Volleyball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 3. 4, 5; Softball, 4; Soccer, 4; Badminton, 3. 5; Archery, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 4; Latin Tournament, 2, 3; Monitor, 5; El Cappas, 5. MARGARET ANN GORE Junior Choir, 4, Secretary, 4; Senior Choir, S, Librarian, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 5; S. C. A., 3, 5; Monitor, 4, 5; Operetta, 4; Home Room Secretary, 3. MARY ANN GRISSO Senior Y-Teens, 2; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 5; Monitor, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Home Room Secre¬ tary, 4. JACK RICHARD GUNTER F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Shop, 1, 2. DOROTHY JEAN HACKMAN Annual Staff, 3, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Latin Club, 2; Tennis, 3; Tennis Club, 3; Y-Teens. 3, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Art Co-Chair¬ man, 5; Stage Crew, 4; Andrew Lewis Art Exhibit, First Prize, 4, FLOYD GORDON HANCOCK Latin Club, 4; Stage Crew, 2, 3, 4, 5; “ Why the Chimes Rang, 4; Projection Club, 5; F. F. A., 5; Newspaper Staff. 4, 5, Feature Writer, 5; Monitor, 5; Easter Assembly, 4; Industrial Arts Club, 5. JOHN HANKINS Hi-Y, 4, 5; D. E. Club, 5. MARY SUE HARRIS Junior Y-Teens, 2; S. C. A., 4, 5; Y-Teens, 4, 5; D. E. Club, 5; Monitor, 4. ROBERT TAYLOR HATCHER Secretary-Treasurer, Industrial Arts Club, 5. WILLIAM SHIELDS HAUPT Hi-Y, 4, 5; Vice President, 5; Baseball, 3. IMOGENE HELTON Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2. 3, 4, 5; Forensics, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3; Basketball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 2, 3; Volleyball, 2; Home Room Secretary, 3; Salem Day, 5; Band, 2, 3, 4, 5; Majorette, 4, 5. WALLACE BRUCE HELVEY Latin Club, 3, 4; F. F. A., S. EUGENE HENDRICK Hi-Y, 4, 5; Choral, 2. JOYCE LEE HERRIN Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Sports Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Basketball, 3, 4, 5; Volleyball, 4; Badminton, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 2, 3, 4, 5, Singles Champion, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Latin Club. 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Forensic League, 5; Town Day, 5; Senior Mirror, S. ALMA LYN HILL Y-Teens, 2; Sports Club, 4, 5; Basketball, 4, 5; Softball, 4; Stage Crew, 3; Volleyball, 5. GREGORY HILLENBURG Latin Club. 3. 4, 5; Hi-Y, 3, 4; Projection Club, 4, 5, Program Chairman, 5; Modern Dance Recital, 4; Track, 4; “The Late Christopher Bean,” 5; Stage Crew, 3, 4, 5; Home Room Treasurer, 3, 4; Honorary Superintendent of Light Department, Salem Day, 5. PEGGY ANN HILTON El Cappas, Secretary, 5; Business Manager of Newspaper, 5; F. H. A„ 1, 2. MAYDENE ANN HOBACK Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Secretary, 5; Annual Staff. 5; Annual Follies, 5; Monitor, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5. JEANNE LYNCH HOBBS Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, S, Vice President, 4, President, 5; President, Y-Teen Inter-Club Council, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Assistant Editor, S; Annual Follies, 4, 5; N. F. L., 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, Recording Secretary, 5; Temperance Tournament, 3; Public Speaker in District Literary Contests, 3, 4; American Legion Declamation Contest, 4, 5; Public Speaking Play, 3; Eighth Grade Public Speaking Play, 3; Forensics, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4; Christmas Play, 3, 4; Assembly Committee, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 4. Publicity Chairman, 4; Senior Choir, 5, Publicity Chairman, 5; Choral, 2, 3; 4 4-7 SENIOR DIRECTORY Home Room Secretary, 1; Home Room Vice President, 4; “The Late Christopher Bean,” 5; Assistant Town Attorney, Salem Day, 5; Senior Mirror; “Curse You, Jack Dalton,” 5; Eighth Grade Play. RUTH MARIE HOUSMAN Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, 5, Captain, S; Easter Pageant, 3, 4, 5; Library Club, 3; Library Assistant, 3, 4; Monitor, 4, 5; Tennis, 3; Choral, 2, 3; Assistant Town Engineer, Salem Day, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5; El Cappas, 5. ELEANOR ANNE HUDGINS S. C. A., 4; Y-Teens, 4; F. H. A., 5. COLENA EVELYN HUNT Choral, 1, 2; Monitor, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Stage Crew, 3. NORVELL WEBB HUNT Shop, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6; Hi-Y, 1, 2; F. F. A., 3; Monitor, 5. VERLYN COY INGRAM Senior Y-Teens, Monitor, 5. JOHN RAY JENNINGS Band, 1; Choral, 1. 2; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Christ¬ mas Program, “Holy Grail,” 5; News Staff, 4. 5, Associate Editor, 5; S. I. P. A. Delegate. 4; Latin Club, 3; Boys’ State, 4; Town Engineer for a Day, 5; Monitor, 4; Pep Club, 5; Treasurer, 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 4, 5, Program Committee, 5; Senior Mirror. BURCELLE HANFORD JOHNSON Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; All-State Band; Senior Mirror. EARL ROSSER JOHNSTON Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Football Manager, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 5; Honorary Town Attorney, Salem Day, 5; Senior Mirror. MARY BERNICE JOHNSTON Y-Teens, 3, 4; Latin Club, 3; S. C. A., 4; Library Assistant, 5. BETTY LOU JORDAN Monitor, 4, 5. RICHARD BATES KILLINGER Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 4, 5, President, 5; Hi-Y, 4; Stage Crew, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Late Christopher Bean,” 5; City Health Officer, Salem Day, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, S, 6; Monitor, 4, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Pep Club, 5; Christmas Assembly, 5; Bowling, 5. JOHN WILSON KOLMER Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Tribune, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Presi¬ dent, 5; Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5; Student Council, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, 5; Class Council, 1, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5; Basketball Manager, 3; Junior Varsity Basketball, 4; Track, 4; Operetta, 4; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Boys’ State, 4; Town Council Manager, Salem Day, 5; News Staff, 4, 5, Boys ' Sports Editor, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Senior Mirror. DOUGLAS ANN LEWIS Y-Teens, 3, 4, S, 6; Latin Club, 3, 4, S, 6; Monitor, 5, 6; Choral, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6; Senior Choir, 5, 6, Secretary, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 4, Librarian, 2; Easter Pageant, 4, 5, 6; Christmas Play, 6; Modern Dance Group, 5, 6, Vice President, 5; May Court, 4; Andrew Lewis News Staff, 3, 4, 5, 6; Talent Show, 5, 6; Modern Dance Recital, 5, 6. JO ANN LINDAMOOD Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., 4; Latin Club, 3; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Operetta, 4; Essay Winner of W. C. T. U. Contest, 2; S. C. A., 5; Monitor, 5. JOYCE LITTLE Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, S; F. H. A., 3; Pep Club, 5; Monitor, 4. MARY ANNE LOGAN Junior Y-Teens, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, 5; Majorette, 3, 4, 5, Head Majorette, 5: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Badminton, 2, 3, 4, 5; Badminton Doubles Winner, 3; Volleyball, 3; Softball, 4; Soccer, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, S; Annual Follies, 5; Newspaper Staff, 4; Public Speaking Play, 5; Home Room Treas¬ urer, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 5; Pep Club, S; Forensics, 5; Easter Pageant, 3; Modern Dance Recital, 4; Operetta, 3; Head of Health Department, Salem Day, 5; May Court, 5. CLEVE EDGAR LOMAN EDWARD HYNSON LOUD, JR. Student Council, 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Class President; Home Room President, 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Praetor, 2, Patrician Consul, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, State President, 5; Mono¬ gram Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Football Manager, 3; Track, 4. 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Assistant Business Manager, 5; Annual Follies, 1. 4, 5; American Legion Speaking Contest, 5; Boys’ State, 4; “The Late Christopher Bean,” 5; Pep Club. 5; Honorary Commissioner of Revenue, Salem Day, 5; Monitor, 5; Assembly Committee, 5; Delegate to Student Government Meetings, 3, 4; Senior Mirror. JUDITH CARROLL LYONS El Cappas, Treasurer, 5; S. C. A., 2, 5. ANDREW DURWARD MARTIN Hi-Y, 4, 5, Athletic Chairman, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; “The Late Christopher Bean,” 5; Football, 3, 4, 5; Track, 4, 5; Christmas Assembly, 5. DORIS IRENE MARTIN Home Room Secretary, 5; El Cappas, President, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3; Business Manager, Andrew Lewis Newspaper, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball. 1; Volleyball, 2, 3, 4; Badminton Tournaments, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 3. LAWRENCE LESTER MARTIN F. F. A., 3, 4, 5, Reporter, 5; Junior Varsity Basketball, 4; Varsity Basketball, 5. RITA ELLEN MARTIN Senior Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A., 2; Newspaper Staff, 4; F. H. A„ 4. JOE FRANKLIN MATISCO Latin Club, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y, 4; Class Treasurer, 4; Mayor, Salem Day, 5; Football, 4; Senior Mirror; Class Council, 3, 4, 5. JEAN SCOTT McCORMICK S. C. A., 2, 3; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Committee Chairman, 5; Junior Choir, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5; Monitor Captain, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Pep Club, 5. JO ANNE McDANIEL Sports Club, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5; Forensics, 5; Operetta, 3, 4; “The Late Christopher Bean,” 5; Easter Pageant, 4; Annual Staff, S; Annual Follies, 5; Choral, 2; Public Speaking Play, 5; Salem Day, 5. MILDRED VIRGINIA McDANIEL S. C. A„ 3. HELEN PRISCILLA McGUE Y-Teens, 4, 5; Sports Club, 3, 4, 5; Band, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 4, 5; Basketball, 4; Volleyball, 3, 4; Christmas Play, 5. WILLIAM FRANKLIN McMAHAN D. E. Club, 5; Hi-Y Club, 5. EVELYN MARIE MEADOR Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2. PEGGY LOUISE MILLER Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Program Co-Chairman, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4; Girls ' State, 4; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Annual Staff, 5; Senior Mirror. ROBERT ARNOLD MILLER Hi-Y, 4, 5, Program Chairman, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; News Staff, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 4. 5; Forensics, 5; Monitor, 5; Police Chief, Salem Day, 5; Senior Mirror. MALCOLM LEE MINNICK, JR. Annual Follies, 1, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 3, 4, 5, Business Mana¬ ger, 5; S. I. P. A. Convention, 4; Class President, 2, 3; Class Council, 2, 3; Student Council, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 4, President, 5; Delegate Student Government Meetings, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Inter-Club Hi-Y Council. 4: SENIOR DIRECTORY Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Football Manager, 4; N. F. L., 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Forensics, 3, 4, 5; Western Forensic Meet, 3, 4, Winner, 3; State Forensic Meet, 3; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Boys ' State, 4, Governor; Forum State P. T. A. Meeting, 3; Pep Club, 5, President; Senior Mirror. ANGIELENE MINTER BARBARA JEAN MITCHELL Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Captain of Home Rooms, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Provincial Governor, 5; Easter Pageant, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Monitor, 5; Pep Club, 5. ROBERT WOOD MITCHELL CHRISTINE MAY MOSES S. C. A„ 2, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A„ 3. WAYNE STANLEY MOULSE F. F. A„ 1, 2, 3; Hi-Y, 1, 2. FRANCES FAYE MURRAY F. H. A., 3; Library Club, 4; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5, Circulation Manager, 5. ARLINE VIOLA NAFF Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5; Monitor, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 4. RICHARD DAWSON NORMOYLE S. C. A., 2, 3; Stage Crew, 4, 5; Operetta, 2, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Christmas Assembly, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 2, 3, 4; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Choral, 1, 2; President of Home Room, 1; Treasurer of Home Room, 2; Boys’ State, 4; Chairman of Planning Commission of Boys’ and Girls’ State, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3; Patriotic Program, 4; Old Songs Program, 4; Audio-Visual Service Department, 5. CHARLES KEMPER NUNLEY JOHN BOYD OBENCHAIN F. F. A.. 3, 4; Hi-Y, 3, 5; Junior Varsity Football; D. E. Club, 5, Parliamentarian, 5. ANDREW LEWIS OVERSTREET Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; D. E. Club, Treasurer, 5; Football; Basketball. LETTY DIANE OVERSTREET Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Pep Club. 5; Forensics; Public Speaking Play; Home Room Treasurer, 3; Home Room Secretary, 2; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Archery, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff. BARBARA ANN OVERTON S. C. A., 2, 3; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5; Editor- Promotion Chairman, 5. JAMES ALBERT PAINTER Latin Club, 2, 3; Monitor. LILLIAN MADIE PALMER Sports Club, 3, 4, 5, Sergeant-at-Arms, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Volleyball, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 3, 4, 5; Bowling, 5; Hockey, 5; Field Ball, 3, 4, 5; Soccer, 4, 5. ELIZABETH SPOTSWOOD PAXTON Latin Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 2, 3, Publicity Chair¬ man, 3; Bi-Phy-Chem, 4, Secretary, 4; Basketball, 3, 4; Soccer, 3; Annual Staff, 5; Dramatization Chairman and Costume Director of “Uncle Remus Ghost Story.” 5; Annual Follies, 5. WILMA IRIS PEARCE (Transfer Student.) JAMES GARMAN PETERS GLENN ELWOOD PETERSON F. F. A., 1, 2, Reporter 2; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Football, 3, 4, 5; Projection Club, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer, 4. HAROLD PILLOW Band, 1, 2. 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5, Treas¬ urer, 5; Freshman Class Treasurer; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Senior Class Treasurer; Vice Mayor and Councilman of Town for a Day. 5; Senior Mirror. JOYCE ANN PLYMALE Junior Y-Teens, 2, Vice President; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Secretary of Junior Class; Class Council, 3; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4. 5; May Court, 3, 4; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Assembly Committee, 4, 5; Christmas Program, 5; Staff “The Late Christopher Bean,” 5; Cheerleader, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5. CHARLES HUGH POAGE F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President; J. V. Basketball, 4; Varsity Basketball, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Monogram Club, 5. JIMMY EDWIN POFF MARY SUE POWELL Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, Head Captain, 4; Beta Club, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5, Board of Supervisors, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 4, 5; Basketball, 3; Volleyball, 3. 4; Public Speaking Play, 5; Forensics, 5; Home Room Vice Pres ident, 3; Home Room President, 4; Class Council, 4. 5; Girls’ State, 4; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 5; May Court, 5; Cheerleader, 5; Senior Class Secretary; Senior Mirror. THARON KATHLEEN POWELL Senior Library Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 3, Treasurer, 4, Vice President, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 2, 4, 5. ELIZABETH GLENN PRICE Tennis, 3; Tennis Club, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant. 3; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; Art Co-Chairman, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Robe Mistress, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Stage Crew, 5. BILL LYNN RAKES Football, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 5; Home Room Treasurer, 5; Industrial Arts Club, 4; Newspaper Staff, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. MARCHETA ARDELLAH REESE S. I. P. A. Convention Delegate, 4; Latin Club, 2; Annual Follies, 4, 5; S. C. A., 5; Deputy Treasurer of Town for a Day, 5; Senior Library Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4, President, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Circulation Manager, 5; El Cappas, 5. BETTYE LOU RETTINGER Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 4. FRANCES COLLEEN ROBERTSON Latin Club. 3. 4, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Operetta, 4. KERMIT ROWE JOSEPH PAUL RUSHBROOKE Annual Follies, 2; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home Room President, 1, 2, 3, 4. ,S; Operetta, 3; Easter Pageant, 3; Christmas Assembly, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Choral, 1,2; Class Council, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Stage Crew, 4, 5. FRED HENRY SCHNAUTZ Industrial Arts Club, 4, 5; Monitor, 5. CLAUDE WILLIAM SEARS Hi-Y, 4, S; Industrial Arts Club, 5; Varsity Football, 4; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Basketball Manager, 5. GENE BENNETT SELLERS Junior Choir, 4; Band, 1; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Beta Club, 4, 5; Monitor, 4, 5; Choral, 2. JOHN SAMUEL SHANK BETTY SUE SHELL F. H. A., 2; S. C. A„ 5. ■C { 49 }! • SENIOR DIRECTORY MARY LOUISE SHELOR Junior Y-Teens, 1; Library Club, 1, 2, Program Chairman; S. C. A., 2; Forensics, 2, Knights of Pythias Contest, Local; Senior Y-Teens, 3; F. H. A., Vice President, 3, 4, Program Chair¬ man; Bi-Phy-Chem, 5; Monitor, 4; Choral, 1. JOANNE FRANCES SHOWALTER Junior Y-Teens, 2, Social Chairman; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, Decoration Chairman, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4. Publicity Chairman, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Forensics, 3, 4, 5; Debating, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Basketball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Volleyball, 4; Soccer. 4; Badminton, 3, 4, 5, Doubles Winner; American Legion Contest, 5, Winner; “A Christmas Carol ; Easter Pageant, 2, 3; Sports Club, 4, 5; Pep Club, 5; National Forensic League, 4, 5, Vice President; Modern Dance Recital, 4; Home Room Vice President, 2, 3; Home Room Secretary, 4, 5; Girls’ State, 4; Senior Mirror. AUBREY NELSON SIMPSON VIRGINIA SEAL SIMPSON JOSEPHINE ALLEN SINK S. C. A„ 2, 4. PATRICIA MAE SISSON Choral, 1; Volleyball, 3, 4; Softball, 3, 4; Basketball, 2; Bowling, 5. TERRY SLUSHER DORIS LEE SMITH S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Choral, 2, 5; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir. 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Cheerleader, 5; May Court, 5; Senior Mirror. RUBLE LEA SMITH Latin Club, 2, 3, 4. 5; Monogram, 4, 5; Home Room Vice President, 3, 4; Senior Class Vice President; Football, 4, 5; Track, 4, 5; Boys’ State, 4; Salem Day, 5, Manager; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, S; Senior Mirror. ROBERT WILSON STANLEY Annual Follies, 3, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 3, 4, 5, Editor, 5; S. I.- P. A. Delegate, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; State Band, 5; Senior Mirror; Eighth Grade Play; Salutatorian. RUTH ARLENE STANLEY JOSEPH CLAY STEWART F. F. A„ 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ANN STONE (Transferred from Jefferson.) JOHN DOUGLAS SUTPHIN (Transferred from Radford High School.) BETTY MARIE TAYLOR ANN JACQUELYN THOMASON Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Library Club, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball, 2, 3, 4, 5; Soccer, 4; Volleyball, 4; Christmas Pageant, 4; Senior Mirror. DONALD DAVID THOMPSON Varsity Football, 4, S; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Monogram Club, 4, S; Hi-Y Club, Secretary, 4, President, 5; Hi-Y Club Council, President of Senate Model, General Assembly; Monitor, 5; Salem Day; Senior Mirror. MARTHA ANN TINSLEY PEGGY JEAN TYREE Junior Y-Teens, 2, 3; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; F. H. A., 3, 5; Monitor, 4, 5. DOROTHY ANN UNDERWOOD F. H. A., 3; Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; S. C. A., 5; Choral, 2. VIOLA ALPHA VAUGHAN Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Monitor, 5. FRANCES ELLEN VEST Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., 2, 3,4,5. ALICE MAE VIAR Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Volley¬ ball, 2, 3, 4, Captain of Odds, 3; Basketball, 4; Softball, 2, 3; Band, 2, 3, 4; Monitor, 5. HELEN ELIZABETH WADE Senior Y-Teens, 4, 5; S. C. A., 5; Pep Club, 5; Choral, 2; Monitor, 4. CAROLYN JANE WAGGONER (Transfer red from Manchester, Tennessee, High School.) D. E. Club, 5; Senior Y-Teens, 4; Y-Teen Conference Delegate. MARILYN JEAN WAGGONER (Transferred from Manchester, Tennessee, High School.) Y-Teens, 4, 5; Home Room Captain, 5; Y-Teen Choir, 5. DOUGLAS EUGENE WALKER Latin Club, 2; Baseball, 3; Home Room President, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Class Council, 4, 5. MERLE SUE WALKER Latin Club, 2; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5. RAYMOND NOEL WATSON Junior Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4; Junior Varsity Basketball, 3; Varsity Basketball, 4; Track, 4. HENRY CLAY WEBSTER F. F. A„ 3, 4. VIRGINIA ANNE WEBSTER Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; F. H. A., 3; Sports Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 5; Pep Club, 5; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Choral, 2, 3. EULA MARIE WERTZ FURMAN BLACK WHITESCARVER, JR. Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3, 4. LILLIAN VIRGINIA WIMMER Eighth Grade Play; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3; Beta Club, 4, 5, Recording Secretary, 5; Beta Club Convention, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Chairman Handbook Committee, 5; Easter Pageant, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Senior Class Editor, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Girls’ State Representative, 4; Forensics, 4, 5; N. F. L., 4, 5, President, 5; American Legion Contest, 4; Knights of Pythias Contest, 4; Home Room Treasurer, 4; Home Room Secretary, 5; Choral, 1; Salem Day, Town Clerk, 5; May Court, 5; Monitor, 4; Senior Mirror, 5. JOSEPHINE VIRGINIA WINN Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5, Secretary. LAURA VELMA WISE MARY ALICE WOODS Junior Y-Teens, 2, President; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Deco¬ ration Chairman, 5; Clean-Up Chairman, 4; Y-Teen Choir, 5; Cheerleader, 3, 4, 5, Head Cheerleader, 5; May Court, 2, 3, 4, 5, Maid of Honor, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Class Treasurer, 3; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Debating. 5; Junior Choir, 4; Senior Choir, 5; Pep Club, 5; ‘‘Uncle Remus Play,” 5; Football Queen, 5; Forensics, 5; Operetta, 4; Home Room Secretary, 1, 4; Home Room Vice President, 2; Home Room President, 3; Home Room Treasurer, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. DALLAS WRIGHT WILLIAM HENRY YATES II F. F. A., 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5. ANNA MARGARET YOUNG Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Junior Y-Teens, 2; Senior Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Easter Pageant, 3; Junior Choir, 5; Forensics, 5; Salem Day, 5; Pep Club, 5; Senior Mirror, 5. 4 50 a 7 ' • pC ' OFFICERS Billy Young. Bob Haupt. Marlene Gallion. Jean Campbell. .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer We, the Class of ’52, are nearing our goal—graduation day. We shall long remember the pleasant years we have had at Andrew Lewis. This year the Junior Class has worked hard to make money for the Junior- Senior Prom. We sponsored a football hop and a scrap-paper drive, and sold programs at the football games. Next year we are looking forward to being Seniors and having the many 4 51 k- it ZZ-OCOL ■ tts i , ' Zz d-tts czi .. w y ■ VC ' iCL ' t- ' -Z ' KZC JUNIORS Novella Agee Bettye Sue Akers Robert Alls Charlotte Anderson Phyllis Bandy Ted Barker BaRBARA BaRNETT V Shirley Barnett Jimmy Bayne Jack Bayse Winfred Beahm Jimmie Bean Barbara Bennett Barbara Blackwell Nancy Boone Odrie Bowling Frances Brickey Pauline Brown Charlotte Burford Rose Caldwell Jean Campbell Alan Carter ZZ ,tv LGGY Robert Carter Frank Chapman Jack Cochran . . Jackie Comer ifc John Douglas Cooper Harold Corbin Paul Crawford Betty Lou Deaton Marshall Denison June Deyerle Eugene Dixon Tommy Dooley Fay Doyle f JUNIORS Nelson Dudley Glenna Dulaney Connie Eakin Doris Eller Everette Ellers Ruby Feld David Ferguson Eddie Ferguson Tommy Fields Eugene Firebaugh Danease Flowers Joe Anne Frier Imojean Frye Marlene Gallion James Garner Don Garst Lillie Belle Gartman Darlene Gearhart Margery Gouge Bettye Jo Gresham Roger Griffith Henry Griggs Edith Grisso Harriett Ann Grubb Richard Hale Barbara Hall Oscar Hall Tommie Hall Faye Hancock Dolores Harris Margie Harris Jack Harrison Harold Hartman Bob Haupt Correnia Henderson Sidney Jean Henson JUNIORS Herman Hill Nancy Hill Elaine Holliday Doris Hopkins Barbara Howard Edwin Hull Nancy Hurt Virginia Jarvis Mary Grace Jennings Dorothy Ann Johnson Pauline Jones Don Kemp Sagen Kime Howard Kirkwood Peggy Layman Ann Lewis Martha Sue Lilly Roy Lindamood Nancy Lipps Pat Logan Daisy Long Blanche Lucado Dan Mabery Tommy Martin Erline McAllister Peggy McCarter Betty McCauley James McGue Charles McNutt Jerry Meade Keith Meador Judy Meadows Mary Miller Connie Mills Evelyn Mills Raymond Mills JUNIORS Odell Minnix Mary Sue Missimer Barbara Mitchell Joan Mitchell Bonnie Moore Faye Mowbray Marshall Mundy Paul Noble Jerry Noblitt Irma O’Beirne Kitty Obenshain Ellen O’Neill Mildred Painter Betty Parrish Peggy Pasley Dorothy Patsel Virginia Peters Geneva Peterson Jalean Pickett May Poff Eleanor Porterfield Katherine Powell Donald Pugh Leon Ramsey Barbara Reynolds Alice Roach Maidra Roberts Donald Robertson Bill Robey Glenn Rowe Alice Russell Ellen Sample June Saunders Bill Scott Loretta Scott Phyllis Secrest «if 55 } JUNIORS Lloyd Shelor Charles Shelton Larry Simmons Mary Ann Simmons Harry Simpson Lois Sirry Jennie Smiley Marcelene Smith Ralph Snyder Donald Stacy Janet St. Clair Josephine St. Clair Barbara Stevens John Stevens Catherine Stultz Mary Stump Sarah Sumner Barbara Taliaferro Pat Templeton Betty Thompson Leona Thompson Lewis Thompson Judy Trevillian Mary Ann Turner Sandra Turner Lorene Underwood David Vecellio Norma Vecellio Thomas Vest Mary Walker Jean Wheeler Patsy Willis Ray Wimmer Billy Young Donna Young Nancy Young 4 56 U CLASS OFFICERS Jack Good. Eddie Talley. Kenneth O’Beirne. Joan Alls. .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer We, the Class of ’53, have made a hard journey in our upward climb. We have only two more years until we reach that coveted spot, the front row in the auditorium. Our class is well represented in a number of clubs, and several of these members are officers of the various clubs. The way has not been easy; the trials have not been few, but we have looked to Senior Hall as a shining example and goal. We know that when we do attain our goal, it will be more than worth our hard work in which we are now engaged. «H 57 f SOPHOMORES Virginia Abbott Joan Alls Becky Altice Edith Amos Adrienne Anderso n A Margie Anderson Mary Anne Anderson Delora Argabright Lloyd Atkinson Wanda Auvil Billy Ballard Donald Barker Chryll Bateman Norma Lee Beck Patricia Benois Lillie Bohon Junior Boles Dorothy Boone Nancy Boone Cecil Bower Doris Bowles William Bowman Marie Brizendine Billy Brogan David Brown Lewis Brown Warren Brown Georgia Buterakos Shirley Campbell Shirley Carter J. W. Chapman Barbara Cohen Norma Jean Conner Genevieve Craighead Jackie Crosswhite Clara Crotts Iris Cundiff Delia D’Alessandro Clifford Davis Elythe Deaner Walter Dearing Betty Dodson Jane Dodson Patty Donaldson Georgenia Draper SOPHOMORES Jolynne Draper Jeanette Eggleston Sam Eubank Peggy Faries Joan Farmer Mary Feld Johnny Ferguson Willard Flora Max Fretz Ray Furrow John Gardner Annette Garst Nancy Garst Millie Gillespie Jack Good Virginia Goode Martha Ann Goodwin Doris Greer Carol Gregson Phyllis Grubb James Guthrie Curtis Hambrick Dorothy Harris Frances Hartman Jean Hatcher Jimmy Hensley Mary Ellen Hewlings Eleanor Honaker Vivian Huffman Bill Hurt Bobbie Ann Hurt Dolly Iddings Betty Jo James Norma Lee Johnson Patricia Johnston Edith Jordon Raymond Kane June Leffel Linda Lucas Nancy Joe Lyons Joyce Ann Mabes Anna Martin Bobby Martin Donna Martin Shirley Martin •4 59 SOPHOMORES Martha Matheny Betty McCormick Elizabeth McDaniel Lorraine McDaniel Hatcher McGuire Gay McNeil Rodney McNeil May Meier Virginia Miller Carl Moore George Moran Richard Moran Barbara Morgan Scott Morrison Connie Moses Shirley Moses Betty Mowles Bobby Mowles Janice Musser John Musser Fred Nicar Mary Nunley Kenneth O’Beirne Velma Ohlfest Betty Lou Pardue Nancy Peters Norma Peters Alonza Philpott John Philpott, Jr. Marie Philpott Randy Pierce Mary Frances Plunkett Daphine Poff George Poff Charlene Powell Betty Lou Preston Bobby Ragland Rachel Reese Otis Reynolds Charlotte Roch Calvin Rohrbaugh Barbara Ronk Margie Rutrougii Helen Sarver Evelyn Saul 4 60 } SOPHOMORES Jean Sayers William Scruggs Leonard Shank Coretta Sheppard O. C. Simpson Claudine Sirry Joanne Sisk Shirley Sisson Edith Six Mickie Six Barbara Smallwood Russell Smiley Claudine Smith Polly Smith Wayne Smith Curtis Snyder Dickie Sossaman Mary Spangler Louis Spradlin Almeda Sproles Nancy Stanback Frankie St. Clair Ronnie Stephenson Patricia Stuart Sara Taliaferro Eddie Talley Beverley Taylor Lois Terry Frances Thompson Robert Thompson Clayton Tinnell Mary Jane Turner Shirley Tuttle Nancy Tyler Betsy Underwood Don Vandergrift Jody Walker Vernon Weeks Davy Whitmire Elmer Williams Shirley Wilson Jack Wimmer Peggy Winfrey Roy Wirt Rachel Wiseman Buck Wood Ricky Woodson Janet Young Ruby Young Cecelia Zini - !!{ 61 iln Mcmoriam BILLIE AVERY The Freshman Class was suddenly saddened at Thanksgiving time when Billie Avery was taken from our midst. Since Billie’s early childhood, people knew his days were few because of a heart ailment. He was a quiet, conscientious boy ever striving for a higher goal, but never complaining. He took an active part in the Boy Scouts and in church activities, and his in¬ fluence for good was widely felt. His smiling face and sincere manner will remain long in the memory of his many friends and loved ones. 4 62 } CLASS OFFICERS Oceile Hall. Darlene Terry. Mary Cook Kolmer. Georgia Crawford. .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer We, the Senior Class of ’54, are building a firm foundation now for the leadership we shall assume in the future. We have outstanding members in various clubs of the school, such as the Library Club, Projection Club, 4-H Club, Jr. Y-Teens, Sports Club, and Latin Club. This year the Freshman Class was honored when one of our pretty girls was selected for the May Court. Indeed! We shall be leaders of ’54. 63 FRESHMEN Pete Akers Patricia Aldridge Raymon Altizer Jimmy Bain Mary Jane Banton Randall Bare Suzanne Barnard Elizabeth Barnett Bernice Barton Joan Berry Shirley Blackwell Ada Blankenship Susie Blankenship Jimmy Blevins Mary Boldish Buddy Booher Shirley Boone Marie Boothe Anna Bowman Ronald Brooks Dorothy Broyles Mary Ann Buchanan Betty Bugg Jimmy Butts Eleanora Byers John Cannaday William Carroll Emily Carter Dewey Clower Carolyn Coleman Shirley Compton Billie Conway Georgia Crawford Frances Crockett Betty Jo Custer Helen Dalton Charles Damewood Curtis Davis Clarence DeHaven Betty Doyle Jackie Duke Jack Dulaney Margaret Dyer Evelyn Early Revonda Eastridge 4 64 J FRESHMEN Marcella Eller Eddie Ellers Robert Ellis Richard Epperly Tressia Epperly Hylton Etter June Eubank Phyllis Ferris Mary Ellen Fletcher Bobby Flinchum Geneva Flinchum Libby Foster Bouldin Frantz Henry Frantz Jane Furrow Mike Gallagher Alex Gardner Almeda Garman Mickey Garman Rita Garman Pat Garner David Garrett Luther Garrett Shirley Garst Betty Gearhart Paige Gentry Lewis Gibson Gene Gillock Velma Goins Joyce Goode Betty Gouge Everett Graham Harry Green Maynard Greenway Pearl Grisso Harlan Grubb Shirley Gunter Jan Hackman Dorothy Haislip Oceile Hall Sally Hankins Betty Joe Harris Mary Harris Melvin Harter { 65 FRESHMEN Anne Hartman Paul Hatcher Billie Hawley Gus Haynes Frances Headen Charles Henderson Ray Henderson Donald Henley Elizabeth Henritze Joyce Hibbitts Fleeta Jane Higgs Kelly Hillenburg Margaret Hinchee John Holliday Betty Honaker Mary Sue Hopkins Kellogg Hunt Edwina Hurt Gene Hurt Billy Joe Johnson Clara Sue Johnson Freddy Johnson Norris Journell Carlton Kesler Christine Kessler Imogene Keyes Rosemary Kinney Jessica Kittinger Mary Cook Kolmer Lorine LaPrad William Largen Michael Lawrence Gordon Lee Norma Lee Nancy Lemon Robert Leonard Connie Lindamood David Little Patsy Long Marie Mabes Rebecca Manning Betty Martin Billie Sue Martin Clarence Martin Martha Martin 66 }• FRESHMEN Orville Martin Doris Masterson Johnny Mastin Geraldine McGue Willa Dean McGuire Anna Lee Mills Shirley Mills Sylvia Minnix Betty Jean Monger Shirley Morgan Lewis Morris Fred Mowles Janet Munsey Dolores Murphy Frances Muse Maurice Myers Betty Neal Bobby Neal Betty Neighbors Frankie Norton Jo Ann Obenshain Betty Jean Odell Peggy Oyler Florine Painter Mildred Perry Donald Peterson Faye Phlegar Betty Poff Elmira Poff Samuel Poff Mary Lee Price Robert Price Juanita Pruitt Bobby Pugh Curtis Rf.ese Shirley Reese Betty Reid Ruth Riles Joyce Robertson Florence Robey Dorothy Robinson Scotty Russell Patricia Rutledge Sherman Shelor Ruby Shelton { 67 Yj FRESHMEN Shirley Simmons Mary Jean Simpson Paul Sink Hazel Sirry Dorothy Slough Geneva Smith Mary Smith Dawn Spangler Ernest Sprouse Betty Jeanne Spruhan Ruthie St. Clair Peggy Jo Stone Carole Stroupe Barbara Sullivan Evelyn Sutphin Lucille Swain James Taliaferro Darlene Terry Joyce Thomas Shirley Thomas Betty Thornburg Eula Thornburg Margaret Tichenor Leon Tingler Sylvia Tinnell Ray Trent Rose Ann Trevillian Elaine Tyler Paul Wade Nathan Walker Robert Walker Delores Watson Randolph Weaver Shirley Webb Jean Wertz Martha Wilbourne Dorothy Willis Minor Wirt Peggy Wood Harold Woody Rosemary Wyant Charlotte Yost Jane Yount Rachel Yount 68 } GRADE Carroll Sue Sink Karen Johnston. Shirley Eubank. . Watson Mundy. . OFFICERS . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Our class has shared some of the exciting and wonderful experiences of Andrew Lewis High School. We have taken a step toward our place for future years. We have an active part in various clubs of the school, such as: Eighth Grade Library Club, 4-H Club, Projection Club, Hi-Y, S. C. A., Pep Club, and the Junior Y-Teens. We have had several inspiring assemblies this year along with a Christmas Pageant. In the near future we plan to have a talent show, and we feel that with all the talent we have and with the efficient leadership of our sponsor, Miss Mildred Kidd, it will be a success. •${ 69 IE - EIGHTH GRADE Janice Abbott James Alls Lawrence Alls Lois Alls Robert Alls Robert April Nellie Kay Arnold Margaret Ballard Shirley Bane Angie Banton Gloriadine Barnett Christine Baugh Shirley Beckner Dean Bell Linda Biggs Beverly Black Clyde Blosser Oakie Sue Blount Shirley Bohon Shirley Boley Carolyn Brammer Russell Briggs Robert Brown Shirley Brown Billy Brugh Shirley Buck Beverly Burk Bobby Burris Betty Jane Carroll Frankie Carroll Wilbur Carter Albert Chandler Vicky Clark Lucy Clem Sammie Clemmons Nellie Jo Collins Michael Conner Opal Conner Phyllis Conner Gary E. Cooper Mary Ann Craghead Elaine Craun Doris Crawford Carl Crotts Maritta Crotts Benny Crouse Doris Cundiff Shelvie Cunningham Buddy Darnell Michael Darnell Hazel Daugherty Russell Deaton Clarence DeHart Shirley DeHart Donald Dent Patricia Deyerle Nancy Dickerson Ronald Dillon Gilbert Divers Walter Douglas EIGHTH GRADE Deanna Doyle Rachel Doyle Connie Duffy Buddy Eakin Shelba Eamigh Dale Early Dorothy Eller Calvin Epperly Shirley Eubank Roberta Faries Sallie Farmer Joseph Ferguson Pauline Ferguson Jimmy Ferris Virginia Fisher Eleanor Fleshman John Fletcher Raymane Folks Marie Fralin Frank Francisco Sara Francisco Creed Frazier Mary Gallion Wilma Garman Joyce Ann Garne r Hugh Garst Shirley Garst Dewey Gearhart Joyce Gearhart Chelsea Gillespie Betty Jean Gilley Bobby Goode Joyce Ann Gray Dorothy Green Peggy Greenway Elizabeth Grubb Helene Grubb Nayota Gusler Yvonne Hailey Carrie Hall Doris Mae Hall Doris Marie Hall Marthe FIall Shirley Hall Willard Hali. Betsy Hallman Maurice Hancock Carl Harris Edna Harris Ronald Hash Riley Hawkins Robert Haynes Barbara Henderson Jane Henson Betty Hill Joyce Hill Alfreda Horsley Charlotte Houchins Paul Howell Delores Hubbard EIGHTH GRADE Nancy Hubbard David Hudgins Anne Huffman Dickie Hughes Eva Hurt Kent Hurt Mildred Hypes Loyd Jamison Walter Jamison Donald Jarrett Ruby Jenkins Charlotte Jewell Martha Johnson Karen Johnston Dorothy Jordan Gayle Kelley Lavonne Lancaster Geneva Lawrence Peggy Lawrence Anne Lee Cecil Leffler Rader Lewis Shelby Lipps Sandra Lucas Mary Catherine Manuel Jack Marshall Cleo Martin Edward Martin Eleanor Martin Fredrick Martin Leon Martin Robert Matheny Mary McDaniel Paul McDaniel Glen Mcmahan Betty Miles Barbara Mills Gene Mitchell Jo Ann Mitchell Donald Mitchum Mary Lou Monger Carol Moore Donald Moran Martha Anne Morris Joan Mowles Watson Mundy William Musselman Sadie Nunley Franklin O’Beirne Mickey Overstreet Ronald Overstreet Jack Painter Larry Painter Glenn Parr Jo Ann Parrish Patricia Peters Joe Philpott Montra Phlegar Wilford Plunkett Virginia Poole 4 72 }y EIGHTH GRADE June Powers Virginia Price Shirley Radford Betty Rash Frankie Reed J ohn Renick Fred Repass Elizabeth Richards Kenneth Riddleberger Sally Rife Barbara Rucker Edna Sanders Maynard Sanford Norma Shank David Shell Dean Sheppard Mac Sherrard Thelma Shorter Carroll Sue Sink Virginia Sink Franklin Smith Ann Smothers Gayle Snider Gloria Spencer Gletis Sprouse Loretta Starkey Charles Stephenson Phyllis Stump Vernell Taylor Lois Thomas Stella Thomas Shirley Tolliver Roy Trent Ninevah Turman Robert Tyler Frieda Underwood Jane Underwood David Vaught Wiley Via Barbara Wertz Carson Wertz Joyce West Penn Whitescarver Donny Williams Helen Williams Albee Willis Myra Wills Joe Wimmer John Wimmer Donald Wiseman Glenna Wooldridge Inez Woolwinf. Jimmy Wright Joyce Yopp Paige Young % 73 J 1— Joe Anne and Sonny This way it’s fun 2— Janet and Paul All alone 3— Junior and Bonnie Don ' t let him get away 4— Jackie and Bob Goo-goo 5— Beverly and Jackie You ' re awfully close TWO 6— Grady and Myra Don ' t make eyes at me! 7— Ann and Red And in school, too 8— Dougie and Terry Terry ' s learning fast 9— Jimmy and Correnia Don ' t run away io—Sonny and Jo Anne Have a pretzel BY TWO 11—Carole and Roy You’re not that bashful 13— Jack and Ruthie This is no time to look bored 14— Charlene and Hots Smiles will make you happy 15— Charlotte and Alonza I’m ready, let ' s go 16— Joyce and Bentley What do you see? 17— Piko and Sylvia Don ' t take it that way 18— Libby and Louis That ' s no way to study 19— Don and Rosemary Mutt and Jeff 12—Betty and Dan One of A. L.’s happiest couples - . — • ■■ ■■■■ ' ■ ' ar ■• ' £ Wi ' -A- -r? | ' s w, ' ■ ■ ' -J A • • ' : S V 2grr If £ ■ V; ' ' A»V . F B A S K E T B A L L Varsity Basketball The Wolverines opened their season ' under the excellent coaching of Ed Harless, a former Roanoke College star. The small and inexperienced team won only one game, but they produced several outstanding players. Marshall Mundy and Hugh Poage were continually hitting the scoring column, while Jack Harris on was outstanding as a defensive player. All City-County Mundy and Harrison will return next year to spark the team into the win column. SCHEDULE A. L.36—Alumni.55 A. L.23—Danville.58 A. L.40—V. M. I. Fresh. . . 79 A. L.28—Lynchburg.31 A. L.31—Fleming.33 A. L.26—Jefferson.52 A. L.16—V. P. I. Fresh.. .53 A. L.40—V. A. L.29—Danville.52 A. L.35—Byrd.44 A. L.32—V. M. I. Fresh.. .73 A. L.20—Lynchburg.70 A. L.40—Byrd.38 A. L.39—Jefferson.49 A. L.32—Fleming.39 P. I. Fresh.. . 47 Gus Haynes Manager Bill Sears Manager •yw HARRISON GUNN IP DEARING WRIGHT IP POAGE f MARTIN KOLM ER EUBANK ■r®pi ROBEY GH1LOCK VARSITY BASKETBALL Varsity Basketball The Andrew Lewis cagers opened their season against a strong Alumni team. The game ended Alumni 55, Lewis 36. Wright and Poage paced the Wolverines with nine points each. The Wolverines next traveled to Danville and lost 58—23. Poage took scoring honors with 11 points. The following week the Lewismen put up a scrappy battle against the V. M. I. Freshmen. Mundy and Poage shared top scoring honors, collecting 12 each. The Wolverines played host to Glass the next week and lost 51—28. Mundy was high with n points. Andrew Lewis was next edged out in an overtime period 33—31 by Fleming. Mundy took scoring honors for the tilt with 15 points. The following week the Wolverines traveled to Roanoke and were downed by the Jeff team 26—52. Poage paced the Wolverines with 15 points. The Lewis cagers were next defeated by the V. P. I. Freshmen. Poage again paced the Lewismen, collecting 7 points. The next week we entertained Danville and lost 29-52. Gunn took scoring honors for the Wolver¬ ines with 6 points, while Harrison played an outstanding floor game. Andrew Lewis next bowed to Byrd 44—35. Mundy and Poage each collected 1 x points. The Lewis cagers were next host to the V. M. I. Freshmen and were defeated 73-32. Poage collec ted 22 points. The Wolverines next traveled to Lynchburg to be downed 70—20. Lawrence Martin was high with 8 points. The following week Andrew Lewis defeated Byrd in an exciting game. The final score was 40— 38. Mundy was the big spoke in the Lewis wheel, collecting 22 points. The Wolverines next bowed to the Jefferson team, 49—39. Mundy collected 12 points to take scoring honors. The following week Fleming defeated A. L. by the close score of 39—-32. The final game was played at Salem; and when the buzzer ended the game, the score stood 47—40, V. P. I. Poage capped scoring honors with 12 points. 4 78 }! • 4 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL ] The Andrew Lewis J. V.’s, under the constructive coaching of Mr. Crawford, closed their season with the spirit that shows many of the boys will see action on the varsity next year. The J. V. Cagers opened their season against Jefferson and were defeated by the small margin of 4 points. The Wolverines never held the lead, but were always within reaching distance. Chandler led the Lewismen with 9 points. The final score was 25-29. Andrew Lewis next played Fleming. The Lewismen never captured the lead but got hot in the fourth quarter and got 7 points while Fleming could only collect 3. The buzzer ended the game with the score 17-22, Fleming. The Lewis Cagers entertained Byrd the following week and were defeated 31-36. The Lewismen were paced by Snyder who hit the hoop for 7 points. The following week the J. V.’s went to William Byrd and played a hard game, but were de¬ feated to the tune of 25-34. Young paced the Wolverines when he tickled the twine for 6 markers. When Andrew Lewis played Monroe the next week, the score was 30-29. Thompson was high when he hit the hoop for 19 points. Woodrow Wilson played the J. V.’s their last game winning 53-47- The Andrew Lewis cagers displayed outstanding sportsmanship throughout the season and developed some excellent players. Left to Right: Billy Young, Kellogg Hunt, Bobby Price, Jimmy Candler, Russell Smiley, Nelson Dudley, Ralph Snyder, Curtis Snyder. Inset: Mr. Crawford, Coach. Not Pictured: Robert Thompson, Edward Talley, Ronald Johnson. 4 79 1 First Row, Left to Right: B. Scott {Manager), T. Barker, E. Talley, J. Black, R. Watson, B. Young, J. Gearhart, E. Ferguson, L. Wright, B. Sears, R. Smith, E. Johnston {Manager). Second Row: R. Johnson, S. Eubank, D. Thompson, E. Peterson, A. Martin, M. Mundy, A. Philpott, 0. Reynolds, J . Good¬ win, F. Chapman. Third Row: G. Spruhan {Coach), J. Webb, I. Poage, A. Carter, W. Bearing, K. Wilson, C. Wilbourne, B. Garst, B. Rakes, B. Snead, E. Harless {Coach). Not Pictured: J. Peters. Varsity Football The Andrew Lewis team opened its season by defea ting Emory and Henry Freshmen 14-0, under the fine coaching of Mr. Spruhan. It seemed that from this time on the Wolverines were con¬ stantly followed by bad luck, not winning another game. Although they had such a bad season, the team produced several outstanding players. These were: All City-County Tackle, Bill Rakes; End, Jimmy Peters; and that hard charging back, Bill Garst. SCHEDULE A. L. . 0 A. L. .12 A. I. .H A. I. . 7 A. L. .28 A. L. . 35 A. L. A. L. . 6 . 0—Glass. A. L. . 34 . 35 MANAGERS Earl Johnston Paul Crawford Bill Scott QUEEN At the half when Andrew Lewis played host to Lynchburg, a hush fell over the huge crowd as Mayor Moyer stepped forward ready to crown the first Llome-Coming Queen of Andrew Lewis. Then there was a loud round of applause as charming Mary Alice Woods came driving up. The Pep Club was proud of the fine way Home-Coming turned out, and the members hope that in years to come it may become even bigger and better. 4 83 } CHEERLEADERS ' ■AC Left to Right: Doris Smith, Kitty Obenshain, Sue Powell, Phyllis Bandy, Joyce Plymale, Mary Alice Woods (Head Cheerleader), Shirley Garst, Martha Good win, Betty Compton , Annette Garst, Jennie Smiley. The 1950-51 Season of Cheerleading whizzed by. We cheerleaders had just begun to yell, and then the season ended. We want to thank all the students who helped us support our team. And we wish everyone would help us give “15 big rahs,” for Airs. Houchens, our sponsor. She did a wonder¬ ful job and deserves a great deal of credit. The big, “ Blue Team ” tried hard to “Alake that Score,” while we were all yelling for dear old “Andrew Lewis.” We had the “Pep, Steam, Coach, and Team” to make this season one that is worth remembering. “North, East, South and West,” we are always meeting some other cheerleaders that become life long friends. We “ Locomotived ” to the out of town games and were received royally. These and many more memories will always be our treasures which “We Won’t” forget. It’s been a splendid year and we shall always be backing our school. We’re “Salem Born,” forever. Left to Right, First Row: B. Mongan, R. Thompson, L. Simmons, A. Donahue, P. Hatcher, J. Chapman, J. Obenchain, J. Chandler, C. Snyder. Second Row: P. Crawford (Manager), J. Bain. R. Snyder, J. Bean, K. Hunt, Id. Stanley. Third Row: C. Shelton, R. Wirt, R. Clark, E. Firebaugh, T. Dooley, W. Crawford (Coach). Junior Varsity Football The Andrew Lewis J. V. Football team was coached by Mr. Crawford. Under his excellent coaching the Wolverines had a 2-2 season, and several of the boys showed so much improvement that they were moved to the varsity squad. The Wolverines opened their gridiron season against a strong Byrd team. Byrd scored on a pass during the second quarter and when the game ended the score was 6-0, Byrd. The next week the small but scrappy Andrew Lewis team moved in to play the Troutville giants. The Wolverines were sparked by the outstanding line play of Chandler and Reynolds. The heavy and more experienced Troutville team pushed over two touch¬ downs and was successful in the try for points. The following week, Andrew Lewis again played Byrd. Firebaugh bulled his way for two touchdowns, and during the fourth quarter Jess Chapman caught a Byrd man with a bruising tackle for a safety to end the game with the score standing 14-0. The last game was with Jefferson and the Wolverines were able to down the Jeffites with the score standing 6-0. Ellers caught a pass from Firebaugh during the last quarter and galloped over for the only score. When the gridiron season was over, it was easy to look back and see how the team had produced two outstanding linemen, Chandler and Reynolds, and the passing combi¬ nation of Ellers and Firebaugh stood out. 4 85 ) PHYSICAL These pictures illustrate a few of the various athletic activities which have taken place during the past year in the boys’ physical education classes. The gym classes are planned so that each boy gets individual instruction and experience in a number of sports. The main attraction during the fall is, of course, football, and under the coaching of Mr. Spruhan, Mr. Harless, and Mr. Crawford, every boy who wishes may learn to understand and enjoy this wonderful sport. As the year moves on the trend turns toward basketball, wrestling and volleyball. Under the proper in¬ struction, the boys not only learn to under¬ stand the games, but they also learn to enjoy participating in them. When spring comes, we all turn our thoughts to softball. The physical education classes play with all their hearts, and this leads to many a thrilling game, and, of course, locker room arguments after the games. About the most important thing that is instilled by the instructor is good sportsman¬ ship. Each boy is taught to play with all his heart, like any man should, but he is also taught to lose graciously. Physical Education truly fills a very important place in the school curriculum and is certainly enjoyed by all Andrew Lewis boys. I EDUCATION GYM LEADERS Mrs. Simpson (Seated). Left to Right, Front: M. Palmer, R. Stevens, C. Kesslei, E. Carter. Second: B Bennett, B. Barnett, B. Honaker, G. Crawford, E. Early. Back: I. Frye, D. Alderman. BASKETBALL TEAM (EVENS) First Row: R. Wyant, S. Blankenship, M. Smith, N. Carroll, B. Stevens {Manager). Second Row: B. Barnett, M. Miller, Mrs. Simpson {Instructor), N. Peters, M. Gallion. Third Row: 0. Hall, B. Honaker, G. Crawford, E. Carter, J. Obenshain, A. Roach. Fourth Row: E. Early, E. Poff, C. Yost, B. McNeal, I. O ' Beirne, J. l iar, B. Gresham, S. Tinnell. Fifth Row: D. Willis, D. Watson, P. Templeton, C. Anderson, E. Holliday, F. Norton, M. Eller. Sixth Row: P. Pasley, M. Harris, M. Perry, S. Sumner. Seventh Row: E. Barnett, P. McCarter, K. Obenshain, C. Mills, K. Powell, C. Eakin, A. Lewis. Eighth Row: M. Simpson, R. St. Clair. BASKETBALL TEAM (ODDS) First Row: A. Webster, Miss Watts {Instructor), M. Palmer, B. Paxton. Second Row: J. Lindamood, A. Thomason, M. Gore, D. Gordon, A. Minton, J. Herrin. Third Row: N. Boone, B. Matthews, D. Alderman {Man¬ ager), W. Auvil, B. Underwood. Fourth Row: N. Conner, C. Zini, V. Miller, B. Taylor, M. Philpott. Fifth Row: M. Gillispie, B. McCormick, I. Gussler, S. Tuttle. HOCKEY TEAM (EVENS) First Row: P. Templeton, M. Miller, S. Henson, G. Crawford, N. Peters, K. Obenshain, S. Summer. Second Row: M. Gallion, N. Carroll, I. O ' Beirne, E. Holliday, P. Logan, B. Gresham, A. Roach. Third Row: C. Kessler, J. Viar, K. Powell, F. Hancock, J. Trevillian, C. Anderson, A. Lewis, P. Pasley, B. Honaker. HOCKEY TEAM (ODDS) Left to Right: B. Matthews, W. Auvil, V. Miller, S. Tuttle, B. Taylor, C. Zini, N. Conner, D. Gordon, M. Philpott, M. Palmer. mmm Y —- 1 ig Physical i —Come on girls — betid! 3 —Mixed tennis doubles “strike” a perfect pose. 5— Careful — that ' s a long way to fall! Education 2 —Modern dance looks easy for these girls. 4 —Swing your partner. 6 —Gym class can be fun—just look at all those smiles! { 88 )• I —Practice makes perfect. 3— One, two, three—this is fun! S —Keep your fingers crossed—two strikes coming up! 2 —Reducing the hard way. 4 —Snap that picture—-this is a hard pose! 6— Here ' s the way it ' s done. 4 89 }D Left to Right, First Row: Ted Barker, Ruble Smith, Buddy Snead, George Gearhart, “Hots” Watson, Walter Dearing, Andy Martin, Coach Crawford. Second Row: Don Robertson, Sonny Loud, Wilson Kolmer, Tommy Vest, Bobby Creasy, Ronald Johnson. T rack For the first time in several years Andrew Lewis took part in full scale competition in 1950. Out of some forty boys, Coaches H. M. Copenhaver and Harry Walton chose a team that had an outstanding season with three wins and two defeats. The Lewis Harriers opened their campaign against William Byrd and were downed by the close score of 46.5 to 43.5. George Gearhart captured first place in the 220-yard dash and tied in the high jump. The Salem thinclads came back the following week to down Fleming by 32 points. The Wolverines swept the 100, 220, and mile run and won first place in the high jump, low and high hurdles, discus, and pole vault. Gearhart was high with 13 points, while Bud Snead ran a close second with 10 points. The final score was JlJi to 92 . The Andrew Lewis team went to Lynchburg as the underdogs and were sadly shellacked by the score of 116-7. The Lewismen showed they had the mak¬ ings of a winning team even when badly defeated. The Harriers came back the following week to defeat Radford by the score of 75 to 38. Andrew Lewis captured first place in ten events. The Lewis thinclads closed their season defeating Danville 80 to 2 83 2 - The Lewismen captured 11 out of 13 events for an easy victory. Gearhart romped home front in the 100, 220-yard dashes and tied for high jump, capping individual scoring honors. This meet was a true test of skill because it was the first year in track for both teams. 1951 SCHEDULE April 6—Fleming.Here April 13—Danville.Here April 20—Lynchburg.Here April 27—Byrd.Here May 12 —District Meet.Lynchburg ■•Sf 90 } mmm Organizations niS..V CRSiSTIXSEN- Jht ' rec ae q PETER.SOI4 a. -thcj«.nBs. , R. Me nEiu n TufS.r 4 E=j. E. HARRIS ja !V SH “.X’KITtS GARNER. «j. -iNVMAN ei Eu ANK M n RRlS -E =’ N. d. munssv STANLEY = young at. PsaqjsON e con wav O. little G t AR.TiN P COS’EN’H.fW ' EB- JScutn 51, VtA.PL W Mw55ElMAN v PuoDLsaeaQ R. cJ PA.NTEfv 1. HE XC2 T O 5EIR.NE Wgk )ira,xnia 951 l . O BBRNE O WluU MS cj O R C? A. IS cj C ARNER O 50 CNE O. VANOERQRiFT f l, CUNDlPF H.: ELLERS D MiTCHLH EL. G RAHAF o. BOWUNCi A WE LS.Y x - ciOMNSTON x pillow C. COLEMAN cj RENiCK. 6 rt i-osjAN- dui ' ' Vai-erecre. k «- ic.aue VO VIA Jfp t . SiMPSON = O 5 E RNE 2L CRAuN SfuatZo 0 y -» V- ‘T O’ M HARTER D. QEARnART First Row, Left to Right: F. Carter, D. Smith, C. Robertson, M. A. Woods, G. Sellers, M. Gore, J. McCormick. D. A. Lewis, A. A. Davis, M. Garrett, J. Herrin, M. Draper, J. Tingler, J. Crosswhite. Second Row: J. Lindamood, II. Adams, A. Webster, P. Crazvford, R. Jennings, M. Dennison, A. Thomp¬ son, J. Rushbrooke, R. Carter, B. Haupt, J. Musser, B. G. Price, D. Douglas, Mrs. Peery {Director ). Third Row: L. Ramsey, G. Campbell, W. Kolmer, II. Stanley, II. Hartman. Myra Draper . President Grady Campbell . Vice President Douglas Ann Lewis . Secretary Wilson Kolmer . Treasurer Margaret Ann Gore . Librarians Joe Rushbrooke Dot D ouglas .. .Publicity Chairmen Jeanne Lynch Hobbs Iris Jo Cundiff 1 . Accompanists Myra Draper Betty Glenn Price 1 . Wardrobe Jo Ann Lindamood Senior Choir The Senior Choir has been very active at Andrew Lewis and has contributed to other musical programs in this vicinity this year. Under the able direction of Mrs. Nelle Peery, the entire school enjoyed the various programs given by this group. The programs, in seasonal order are: October —Religious Assembly November —Thanksgiving Program December —Music for Christmas Play Program for Presbyterian Women’s Meeting Program of Sentimental Songs for Kiwanis Club Supplied soloists for ten church programs in Roanoke, Roanoke County, and Salem February —Program for Salem Music Club March —Easter Pageant at Public Assembly Program Program for P. T. A. Participated in Roanoke Preaching Mission April —State High School music festival in Roanoke Exchanged programs with William Fleming High School June —Music for Baccalaureate Sermon Music for Commencement exercises 4 . 94 U Junior Choir OFFICERS Connie Eakin. Jalean Pickett. . . . Dorothy Patsel. . . Martha Robertson Joan Mitchell. . .. . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Publicity Chairman Phyllis Bandy Correnia Henderson I Iris Jo Cundiff Sidney Jean Henson Barbara Howard Harriett Grubb Correnia Henderson J Librarians Accompanists ACTIVITIES October —Provided music for religious assembly. November —Sang for the Thanksgiving Program. De cember —Supplied vocal soloists for Baptist, Presby¬ terian, Methodist, and Lutheran Churches. January —Provided music for Veterans in hospital. February —Music for 4-H Assembly Program. Program for Salem Music Club. March —Helped with Preaching Mission. Furnished Easter Music for Assembly and the Easter Pageant. A triple trio sang for Parent-Teachers’ Meeting. April —Entered State High School festival at Roa¬ noke. May —Gave Spring Concert. First Row, Left to Right: Barbara Mitchell, Dot Patsel , Joan Mitchell, Linda Lucas, Marian Atkin¬ son, May Mier, Phyllis Bandy, Margie Gouge, Barbara Ronk, Ruth Grossman, Georgenia Draper, Kitty Obenshain, Pat Templeton. Second Row: Betty McCauley, Mary Walker, Frankie Norton, Barbara Howard, Correnia Henderson, Judy Meadows, Connie Eakin, Wanda Auvil, Pat Johnston, Jolynne Draper, Virginia Peters, Irma O’Beirne, Harriet Grubb, Mrs. Peery (Director). Third Row: Everett Ellers, Jalean Pickett, Marcheta Reese, Ellen Sample , Betty Pardue, Adrienne Anderson, Charlotte Anderson, Darlene Gearhart, Elmer Williams, Iris Jo Cundiff, Sidney Jean Henson, Jackie Horne, Virginia Jarvis, Mary Katherine Miller, Martha Robertson, Loretta Scott, Charlotte Burford. 4 95 F. F. A. Dick Agee. Hugh Poage. Curtis Garman. . . W. H. Yates. Lawrence Martin Tommy Fields .... Mr. Peters Mr. Kinzie .... President l ice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . Reporter . Sentinel . Sponsors The Future Farmers of America is a National Organization consisting of about 300,000 members. We should be very proud of the fact that the State of Virginia was the mother of this organization which was first called F. F. V. In Virginia we have 8,000 members all striving toward one goal, a day when all farmers are chosen for their vocation. It is the firm belief that only through education can we cooperate. The stepping stones in the F. F. A. Organization are leadership, cooperation, thriftiness, patriotism, and a love for country life. If we follow these stepping stones, we shall surely live toward our motto, “Learning to do—doing to learn—earning to live—living to serve.” MEMBERS Advanced: R. Agee, W. Barnett, A. Blosser, W. Broyles. F. Chapman, R. Clark, P. Crawford, C. Daven¬ port, C. Dodson, C. Garman, L. Gearhart, 0. Hall, L. Martin, O. Martin, R. Martin, T. Martin, L. McKinney, D. Otey, H. Poage, I. Poage, G. Poff, D. Pugh, K. Radford, L. Radford, L. Shelor, N. Simpso n, J. Stewart, C. Sumner, E. Wimmer, R. Wimmer, W. H. Yates. First Year: C. Bower, W. Bowman, B. Brogan, J. Chandler, C. Clifton, C. Damewood, C. Day, A. Ferguson, T. Fields, E. Firebaugh, O. Fulton, R. Furrow, M. Garman, R. Gearhart. F. Gladden, F. Gordon, W. Gross, E. Grubb, G. Hancock, R. Harris, G. Haynes, W. Helvey, D. Henderson, R. Henderson, D. Henley, G. Hill, N. Hunt, A. Janney, F. Jordan, H. Kirkwood, B. Kraige, V. Lee, N. Martin, G. Moran, W. Palmer, C. Reese, R. Rhudy, j. Roop, D. Shelor, 0. C. Simpson, P. Sink, J. Webb, J. Wimmer, C. Wirt. { 96 F. H. A. Shirley Barnett. Louise Shelor. Dorothy Johnson. Novella Agee. Sue Lilly. Barbara Barnett. Mrs. Nancy Cheek Mrs. Evelyn Blake .... President Pice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer .... Historian . Reporter . Sponsors The Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of pupils studying homemaking. As an integral part of the program of home economics in the schools of America it offers opportunity for the further development of pupil initiative in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. The F. H. A. brings together state groups interested in and working toward better home and family living, and sponsors group projects, local, state, and national in scope; it increases opportunities for the development of leadership and intelligent participation so much needed in a democratic society. MEMBERS N. Agee, B. Altice, E. Amos, B. Barnett, S. Barnett, L. Bohon, N. Boone, D. Boone, M. Brizendine, R. Caldwell, N. Carroll, J. Cook, G. Craighead, B. Dodson, J. Dodson, D. Eller, M. Feld, R. Feld, M. Ferguson, J. Fralin, I. Frye, P. Grubb, F. Hancock, E. Henritze, J. Hibbitts, F. Higgs, A. Hudgins, C. Huffman, C. John¬ son, D. Johnson, S. Lilly, N. Lipps, J. Mabes, A. Martin, R. Martin, S. Martin, B. McCauley, M. Miller, S. Mills, S. Minnix, F. Mowbray, B. Monger, C. Moses, J. Musser, M. Philpott, D. Poff, B. Reynolds, P. Secrest, L. Shelor, M. Six, M. Smith, M. Stump, B. Thornburg, P. Tyree, F. Vest, M. Walker, J. Wheeler. SENIOR Jeanne Lynch Hobbs Jean Campbell. Maydene Hoback. . . . Mary Ann Logan. . . Martha Donaldson. . Jean Mitchell. . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Program Chairman Head Home Room Captain Miss Aminee Jones . Sponsors Mrs. Louise Rice { Miss Dorothy Self . Y-Teen Director at Y. IV. C. A. Our worship programs were especially stressed this year. Myra Draper, Devotional Chairman, prepared a worship center for every meeting along with various inspirational programs. “ IVhat should we do for our project next month? ... . A typical business meeting. Y-TEENS PURPOSE To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. “In this endeavor, we seek to understand Jesus, share his love for all people, and grow in the knowl¬ edge and love of God.” The Senior Y-Teens had one of the most active programs in the school this year. Following a well- rounded program designed by our purpose, they carried on many service projects, social functions and programs with the Y. W. C. A. Some of these programs were: A trip to Washington for the World Fellowship Vesper Service, Thanksgiving projects, a slumber party at the Y. W. C. A., gathering and hanging of the Greens at Christmas, several dances at the “Y,” “Soap for Korea” project, Variety Show, mid-winter formal called the “Mardi Gras,” gave balloons to children at Salem orphanages, joint conference and assembly program with Hi-Y Club, Lily Parade for crippled children, Leader¬ ship Training Workshop Conference at “Y, ” a week long worship program for entire school, Football- Basketball Banquet, and various projects to close the year. MEMBERS Helen Adams, Novella Agee, Betty Sue Akers, Doris Alderman, Barbara Allen, Adrienne Anderson, Mary Ann Anderson, Edith Amos, Wanda Auvil, Doris Bowles, Barbara Bennett, Sara Bohon, Dorothy Boone, Nancy Boone, Anne Bower, Charlotte Burford, Georgia Buterakos, Jean Campbell, Pat Carper, Nancy Carroll, Faye Carter, Shirley Carter, Jackie Comer, Betty Compton, Norma Conner, Betty Beeler Crawford, Iris Jo Cundiff, Alice Anne Davis, Martha Donaldson, Patty Donaldson, Joanne Dotson, Dot Douglas, Georgenia Draper, Jolynne Draper, Myra Draper, Glenna Dulaney, Joan Farmer, Mary Feld, Ruby Feld, Peggy Ferris, Danease Flowers, Jo Anne Frier, Phyllis Garnett, Myrtle Garrett, Annette Garst, Helen Garst, Nancy Garst, Deloriese Gebhardt, Martha Goodwin, Margaret Gore, Carol Gregson, Betty Jo Gresham, Harriett Grubb, Dotty Hackman, Barbara Hall, Faye Hancock, Margie Harris, Sue Harris, Jean Hatcher, Imogene Helton, Sidney Henson, Mary Ellen Hewlings, Maydene Hoback, Jeanne Lynch Hobbs, Elaine Holliday, Eleanor Honaker, Marie Houseman, Vivian Huffman, Nancy Hurt, Verlyn Ingram, Betty Jo James, Dot Johnston, Shirley Johnston, Sagen Kime, Peggy Layman, June Leffel, Douglas Ann Lewis, Sue Lilly, Joanne Lindamood, Nancy Lipps, Joyce Little, Mary Ann Logan, Pat Logan, Wanda Looney, Linda Lucas, Joyce Anne Mabes, Donna Martin, Rita Martin, Shirley Ann Martin, Betty Mathews, Betty McCormick, Jean McCormick, Elizabeth McDaniel, Jo Ann McDaniel, Helen McGue, Martha Matheny, Gay McNeill, Evelyn Meadow, Judy Ann Meadow, May Meier, Barbara Mitchell, Jean Mitchell, Mary Katherine Miller, Peggy Miller, Virginia Miller, Mary Sue Missimer, Faye Mobray, Shirley Moses, Bonnie Moore, Faye Murray, Janice Musser, Kitty Obenchain, Irma O’Beirne, Dianne Overstreet, Mildred Painter, Peggy Sue Pasley, Dot Patsel, Nancy Peters, Virginia Peters, Joyce Plvmale, Eleanor Porterfield, Charlene Powell, Betty Glenn Price, Barbara Reynolds, Maidra Roberts, Barbara Ronk, Alice Russell, Margie Rutrough, Ellen Sample, June Sanders, Loretta Scott Phyllis Secrest, Joan Showalter, Mary Ann Simmons, Shirley Sisson, Doris Smith, Claudine Smith, Marcelene Smith, Polly Smith, Frankie St. Clair, Boogie Stevens, Sarah Sumner, Sarah Taliaferro, Beverly Taylor, Lois Terry, Ann Thomason, Frances Thompson, Judy Trevillian, Sandra Turner, Shirley Tuttle, Peggy Tyree, Dorothy Underwood, Norma Vecellio, Helen Wade, Jean Waggoner, Mary Walker, Anne Webster, Peggy Winfrey, Josephine Winn, Mary Alice Woods, Anna Margaret Young, Donna Young, Janet Young, Cecelia Zini. fgf 99 S. C. A. Alva Conner. President Patricia Johnston. Vice President Joan Alls. Secretary Bob Haupt. Treasurer Miss Sarah Goodwin. Sponsor The S. C. A. is open to those students who are genuinely interested in upholding the principles of Christianity in the school. We are a club of more than a hundred members. This year membership in the club has been extended to the eighth grade. One of our projects has been writing Bible verses on the boards in the classroom each day. At Christmas we filled a basket with gifts and food for a needy family. We sponsored the Thanksgiving assembly for the school. Under the excellent leadership of our sponsor, Miss Sarah Goodwin, we feel that this has truly been a prosperous year for the S. C. A. MEMBERS C. All, J. Alls, D. Argabright, M. Atkinson, S. Barnard, A. Barton, B. Bennett, P. Benois, M. Booher, N. Boone, S. Boone, M. Boothe, F. Brickey, P. Brown, C. Burford, S. Campbell, J. Canna- day, B. Carroll, E. Carter, S. Carter, D. Clower, A. Conner, B. Crawford, J. Draper, B. Eakin, E. Early, M. Fralin, J. Frier, J. Furrow, P. Garner, M. Garrett, D. Gearhart, M. Gore, B. Gresham, M. Grisso, H. Grubb, Y. Hailey, M. Hancock, P. Hardison, C. Harris, E. Harris, S. Harris. B. Haupt, R. Haynes, B. Henderson, A. Horsley, C. Hunt, E. Hurt, W. Jamison, P. Johnston, D. Jordan, I. Keyes, L. Lancaster, C. Lindamood, J. Lindamood, P. Long, B. Lucado, J. Lyons, M. Mabes, R. Manning, B. Martin, B. Martin, C. Martin, L. McDaniel, R. Miller, M. Missimer, C. Moses, D. Murphy, C. Musselman, J. Noblitt, M. Nunley, E. Poff, V. Poole, V. Price, F. Reed, M. Reese, B. Reid, P. Rutledge, B. Shell, C. Sink, J. Sink, S. Simmons. D. Slough, D. Smith, G. Smith, D. Spangler, G. Spencer, F. Thompson, S. Tinned, J. Trevillian, N. Turman, J. Turner, R. Tyler, D. Underwood, V. Vaughan, W. Via, H. Wade, M. Walker, S. Webb, A. Webster, J. Wertz, W. Wertz, P. Whitescarver, E. Wickham, D. Young, J. Young. • sf 100 Hl-Y Don Thompson. . Bill Haupt. Eddie Ferguson. Everett Ellers. . Paul Crawford . . Bob Miller. Paul K. Coffman . President .... Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Chaplain Program Chairman . Adviser The Hi-Y Club got off to an early start this year when the mothers of the Hi-Y boys gave a hop at the County Woman’s Club after the Emory and Henry game. We sent four representatives to the district conference, where one of our representatives was elected president of the senate for the Model General Assembly, in Richmond, and we were represented at the Hi-Y Conference in Blue Ridge, N. C. We also furnished the president of the Roanoke City- County Hi-Y Club Council for this year. Our program this year included many service projects in the school and community, and we are certain that we shall again fulfill our purpose, if we have the same cooperation among members, officers, and our adviser in the future. First Row, Left to Right: J. Kinzer, J. Frank, J. Obenchain, J. Stevens, R. Moran, Mr. Coffman, B. Haupt, D. Thompson, E. Ellers, E. Ferguson, B. Miller, T. Dooley, P. Crawford, D. Ferguson, C. Gwaltney Second Row: C. Jarrett, C. Bateman, J. Hankins, E. Hendricks, D. Robertson, F. Chapman, A. Martin, D. Brown, N. Hunt, B. McMahan, D. Garst, M. Dennison, R. Hale, E. Johnston Third Row: R. Neal, S. Russell, J. Musser, J. Bain, K. Hunt, J. Bean, J. Ferguson, B. Sears, E. Peterson, E. Ellers, M. Harter, P. Hatcher 4 101 Senior Club Junior Club LIBRARY CLUBS Senior Club Marcheta Reese (President), Tharon Powell (Vice President), Blanche Lucado (Secretary), Betty Lou Pardue (Treasurer), Mrs. Bennett (Sponsor), Miss Wright (Sponsor), Edith Amos, Margie Anderson, Sylvia Carrol, Doris Cooper, Clara Crotts, Edythe Deaner, Everett Graham, Harold Hart¬ man, Barbara Howard, Anne Huffman, Daisy Long, Barbara Smallwood, Marie Mabes, Ruby Young, Rachel Yount. Eighth Grade Club Karen Johnston (President), Donny Williams (Vice President and Program Chairman), Joseph Ferguson (Secretary), John Renick (Treasurer), Mrs. Bennett (Sponsor), Miss Wright (Sponsor), Lucy Bette Clem, Maritta Crotts, Nancy Dickerson, Calvin Epperly, Roberta Faries, Cleta Ferguson, Hugh Garst, Lynn Goodwin, Donald Mitchum, William Musselman, Jack Painter, Winford Plunkett, Peggy Gene Senter, Mac Sherrard, Ann Smothers, Loretta Starkey, Charles Stevenson. $ 102 I i Senior Club Junior Club AUDIO-VISUAL SERVICE Senior Club Gregory Hillenburg, Ted Barker, Bill Brogan, Jimmy Hensley, Gordon Hancock, Jack Bayse, Bobby Leonard, Clayton Tinnell (not pictured). Junior Club Elmer Williams (President), Jimmy Butts (Vice President), Pete Arthur (Treasurer), Nathan Walker (Secretary), Jimmy Bain (Sergeant-at-Arms), Robert Carter, John Cannaday, Jack Dulaney, Robert Flinchum, Henry Frantz, Everette Stump, Robert Stump, Randolph Weaver. •( 103 ) ■ SODALITAS LATINA OFFICERS Pete Garst. Jennie Smiley. Bill Robey. Louis Spradlin. Wilson Kolmer. Frances Alls. Billy Young. Dickie Sossaman. Jean Mitchell. Miss Annie Virginia Cook Mrs. Rose Little . Pontifex Maximus . Aedile . . Patrician Consul . . . Plebeian Consul . Tribune . Censor . Quaestor . Praetor Provincial Governor . Sponsors This has been a very prosperous year for the Sodalitas Latina. The programs and the social activities have been enjoyed by everyone. At the first meeting, the officers were introduced; they told the club about their duties in Roman days and in the Club. The first social activity of the year was a picnic held at Longwood. The members of the Sodalitas Latina invited the faculty to this picnic, and everyone had loads of fun. One of the first programs of the year was presented by the Virgil Class. They summed up all the dignity they could possess and presented a play concerning the life of Virgil. At Christmas we had a lovely Saturnalia Banquet at the Roanoke County Woman’s Club. Although we could not lie on couches, as the Romans did while eating, we thoroughly enjoyed the food. During the year the Senate presented a very appropriate program entitled “It Pays To Be Ignorant,” and we also enjoyed seeing the play entitled “Pyramus and Thisbe.” In March we again presented the beautiful and inspiring Easter Pageant. In May we had the traditional May Day Dance with beautiful decorations. The last meeting was a business meeting, at which we all regretfully said good-bye to our Sodalitas Latina until another year. 104 SODALITAS LATINA PROVINCIALS H. Adams, B. Allen, B. Bess, S. Bohon, F. Carter, M. Chapman, B. Creasy, D. Douglas, M. Draper, C. Eakin, E. Garnand, R. Griffith, I. Helton, S. Henson, J. Herrin, E. Holliday, B. Johnson, E. Johnston, W. Kolmer, D. Lewis, M. Logan, S. Loud, J. McDaniel, P. Miller, J. Mitchell, A. Naff, D. Overstreet, B. Paxton, J. Plymale, E. Price, J. Rushbrooke, W. Scott, J. Showalter, R. Smith, P. Templeton, S. Turner, P. Whitescarver, M. Woods, A. Young, W. Young. PATRICIANS F. Alls, M. Anderson, W. Ballard, P. Bandy, D. Barker, J. Black, E. Bower, J. Campbell, J. Comer, J. Conner, I. Cundiff, M. Denison, M. Donaldson, P. Donaldson, T. Dooley, G. Draper, J. Eggleston, J. Farmer, D. Ferguson, J. Ferguson, M. Gallion, A. Garst, N. Garst, W. Garst, W. Gillock, J. Good, M. Goodwin, D. Gordon, C. Gregson, R. Grossman, C. Henderson, N. Hill, G. Hillenburg, M. Housman, B. Killinger, J. Leffel, A. Lewis, P. Logan, D. Martin, V. Miller, M. Minnick, B. Morgan, M. Mundy, J. Musser, P. McCarter, H. McGue, I. O’Beirne, K. Obenshain, E. O’Neill, B. Parrish, D. Patsel, N. Peters, J. Peters, V. Peters, G. Peterson, D. Pickett, M. Plunkett, K. Powell, S. Powell, A. Roach, C. Robertson, B. Robey, H. Simpson, L. Sirry, J. Smiley, D. Stacy, R. Stanley, B. Stevens, S. Sumner, E. Talley, B. Taylor, A. Thomason, L. Thompson, P. Willis, L. Wimmer. PLEBEIANS V. Abbot, J. Alls, A. Anderson, M. Boldish, P. Garper, D. Cooper, G. Crawford, D. Doyle, P. Faries, L. Foster, D. Garst, E. Gentry, B. Gouge, O. Hall, B. Harris, M. Harris, M. Harter, P. Hatcher, J. Hensley, M. Hewlings, B. Hurt, G. Hurt, L. Ingram, P. Johnston, R. Kane, R. Kinney, J. Kittinger, M. Kolmer, R. Leonard, D. Little, N. Lyons, M. Meier, S. Morgan, J. Munsey, B. Neal, F. Norton, K. O’Beirne, L. Ramsey, F. Robey, C. Rohrbaugh, S. Russell, L. Simmons, C. Sirry, E. Six, R. Smiley, A. Smith, L. Smith, D. Sossaman, M. Spangler, L. Spradlin, R. Stephenson, I. Turpin, S. Tuttle, J. Walker, W. Webster, B. Wood, C. Yost, C. Zini. 4f 105 BOARD OF DIRECTORS C.R.Litfle . Advisor Charles Davenport, Vice President Alan Carter, Production Mana r Howard Bowers, President E. W. Lilly Advisor Robert Hatcher, Secretary and Treasurer I | I cetera Name—R«y j, .Sweetest gin t-napman Pet Peeve—J Favorite food- Favorite poem Ambition s«-i Chanel. Wish —A nnuai so conceited X L Zl 88 the at i h r cLr - n y %tet d vi,:s !t - NEWS ITEM NO 2- ■ it . iillri istmiA SALEM, VIRGINIA, FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 1951 Play George Wash. High In Danville Tomorrow Night vis Loses To Jeff er Hard Battle Congratulations Due Cheerleaders And Band Members Name—Martha Pet Peeve—Up, Ambition—hav, stma s Dance. Wish—I wish lever end What do you ijj everything exeej rays. Favorite Song- Pet Love—Ever a Wolverines engaged Jeffer- iigh Friday night in the Le- ;ym and after a hard battle by the score of 49 to 39. the first half the Wolverines i hard time to get In the scor- olumn, but in the second half came back to give Jefferson a scare. The shooting of Jef- n’s Bucky Long soon had Roa- out of danger in the four v ng from Jei ffW’ r for the - ’ ly coll, itinfe si ew Lev le founa of a 49 U ivvis Will e !iay night f Iraen from Friday night, the students got their first good look at their new cheerleaders and they ware pleas¬ ed with what they saw, Doris Smith, Sue Powell, Phyllis Bandy, Kitty Obenchain, and Annette Garst really shown at their first game, tv cheerleaders, Mary yce Piymale, Shtsr- Compton, Mv-tha NlVV nd ,1;; . v .iey ■5—To have a dt two weeks befor« would ' ON THE BALL’ By Doris Alderman I .i. ,■ Talbert—Andy Martin B Rehearsals started last Mot for the performance to be g December 3th at 8:30. Crew plans will be published at a date. The Drama Department • end of clothes of th yr,.,. » ' ; At Fir vt f s ’ Sk w n any girls have reported for stbali practice, hut some are needed for the eight grade The girls that have reported senior team are as follows: Paxton, Ann Thompson, Jo owalter, Mary Ann Logan, ’aimer, Jean Cook, Doris Angie Minter, Margaret Ann Lindenmood, Joyce Sergeant Palmer. Hi-Y 1 le Hi-Y finally j again last it [Miller pre£ente jf program at th ing. The topic oi |‘Do I Couut,” whi I ‘Teen Talks. Thursday evening i.embers of the cl er for a Sunday Sc iys, ages of four thn the Shiloh Bantt - Tll % B axj Promise , “f exn ri«eu f C(J PecitM »)ad must aJ , l y a «o« h OVB „ I Ho hack to —-». € sem ■ ■„ . Orkl Tt . L J j wis Delegates ttend Hi-Y Meet thinking of our 5odui«e. U ' odgh, we should re- ; --g -who suffered be- 11 k m attend school on L l f «5r parents. Aftet biW - .now there were I- who Were on Iht NNY UP- Why—4 t»J iv ' 1 tayed out all day . , . Club . i ' l J ts often n,i 6 Lewi m ut “ ° al ft a 1 l c »k , inu US , m ‘ F rnik ‘ y - social ‘ , 0 f«e«d m » charge « 5 ' -V fa »«• the dui, u m Vir. every otle M is he ad time ptts ha pot hi t ion ood to eat. d The Andrew Lewis Hi-Y ,|eir workshop program at , j. M. C. A., in Roanoke , fhursday. This program wa the offic ers and committee-m tJI the members of the Hi-Y ii Picioity. I Andrew Lewis was well r [sented there by Donald Thom :Fr»»k Chapman, Jimmy Bea: 11 Sears. After a short but e r Jgram, they were divid. ,’erent groups and sei •te rooms, whei e they I :,- ' 1 jct.D . ore erniiij sibilitics and duties o ' -...nuiy:. dubs Editor-in-chief ..Dot Douglas Associate Editors—Martha Donald¬ son and Ray Jennings Boys Sports Editors—Bill Scott,, Bill Rakes, and Wilson Kolmer Girls Sports Editor—Doris Aider- man Feature Writers—Iris Jo Cundiff, Shirley Moses, Faye Carter, Mary Sue Missimer, J. Arthur Beycrle, Jr. Reportorial Staff—Patty Donald¬ son, Peggy Layman, Carole Stroup, Virginia Miller, Faye Phlegar, Glenna Dulaney, Doug Sutphin, Mary Smith, Genova Smith. Head Typists—Helen Garst and Jean McCormick. Circulation Managers—Doris Mar¬ tin, Peggy Hylton, and Faye Murray. Faculty Adviser—John H. Snapp. ■oiverines who a I nehburg for a Sil V 1 The HilHoppots VI for the State ttt of Andrew bf ,nder the enttaSJT at ib mention Roa- ‘-Spruban gave a spduced the team jabcisms. e we-s the assemblj tSj , Lewis’ spirt red uce at the pa uvA • t was dyna a the Jeffite a tvd thfe Lewis high . equate Yrtsmanshij ' wber® M» tU ‘ Tbe b?Tl toy « n i ant ' C0Sta «!es B J tUO e(l °rmiT , m 4 tit e « sss Jt frack Team Begii Practice Soon lem er of School i« bIo» tte t : boM • srage J th ... » c1 fy, On its veek. H e 4.,- p t Wren’s s dbt an ition is 5 ' veft ns « ot ' r r‘iSV,ss J Pre-Game Assembly Wakei Up Lewis H. S, Editorial a «thd e, ghte f ! wt . Well, the big new , has at ■n released. The 1 I r has finally b©t I d whether you lik | Cutest — Doris P hnson Most Personality ■nald Thompson iMi Most Popular - eods, Sonny Loud Most Dependablt I ■rnarid, Ray Jeutl rig la approaching and track under Coach This should be a moal 1 season with the retu J lettermen, includinj ing: and 220 yard dash—T George Gearhart; 440 ►Sonny Loud and Ted ialf Mile—Ruble Smith Robertson, Bobby C) Jump—Sonny Loud, ‘ ri; High Jump—George Hardies—Buddy Snead Most Likely to Si apman, Wilson R Most Original—D is Matisco i Most Talented— ! bby Stanley Wittiest—Lillian nnson Typical Senior— .ble Smith Friendliest — A ung, Bob Miller Most Sinecere—J ggy Miller Best Leaders—Jc , Mae Minnick Most V ersatile—« iold Pillow Most Intellectual- COUNCILS A Class Council is composed of the four class officers and the home room presidents of a class. The Class Councils have worked hard with the student council in preparing a handbook. Next year the big project of the class councils will be helping the student council finish the point system. Senior Class: Sonny Loud (president), Ruble Smith (vice president), Sue Powell (secretary), Harold Pillow (treasurer), Marian Chapman (ioi), Joe Matisco (102), Dot Douglas (103), Joe Rush- brooke (104), Douglas Walker (105). Junior Class: Billy Young (president), Bob Haupt (vice president), Marlene Gallion (secre¬ tary), Jean Campbell (treasurer), T. R. Barker (106), Connie Eakin (202), Billy Young (203), Correnia Henderson (204), Ellen O’Neill (206), Bill Robey (208). Sophomore Class: Jack Good (president), Eddie Talley (vice president), Kenneth O’Beirne (secretary), Joan Alls (treasurer), Louis Spradlin (108), Eddie Talley (109), Billy Brogan (301), Pat Donaldson (302), Martha Goodwin (303), Bill Hurt (304), Connie Moses (305), Mary Spangler (306), John Musser (308). Freshman Class: Oceile Hall (president), Darlene Terry (vice president), Mary Cook Kolmer (secretary), Georgia Crawford (treasurer), Susie Blankenship (110), Georgia Crawford (ill), Oceile Hall (112), Gus Haynes (113), Jessica Kittinger (114), Frankie Norton (115), Ruth St. Clair (116), Shirley Thomas (117). Eighth Grade: Carroll Sue Sink (president), Karen Johnston (vice president), Shirley Eubank (secretary), Watson Mundy (treasurer), Dale Early (215), Margaret Ballard (216), Betty Jean Carroll f217), Jane Henson (218), Buddy Eakin (219), Loretta Starkey (209), Frankie Reed (210), Carroll Sue Sink (211), Watson Mundy (212), Shelby Lipps (213), Creed Frazier (214). 4 108 f ! 1 Mac Minnick . President Patty Donaldson . Vice President Katherine Powell . Secretary Ray Jennings . Treasurer Peggy Layman I Sonny Loud . Executive Board Wilson Kolmer J Mrs. Virginia Houchens . Sponsor Gales of cheers echoing through the building! Surprised? Of course not. You know it’s just that new, up-and-coming, Pep Club yelling their lungs out for their school and team. However, it’s not all play. A most successful project, a hop featuring the Home-Coming Queen, was sponsored by this, the newest club at Andrew Lewis, during football season. And we hope to improve it and con¬ tinue it for years to come. Starting this year our able cheerleaders will be chosen from this club. The purpose of the Pep Club is to keep up our loyalty and school spirit. VVe know it will succeed. Much luck, Pep Club! First Row, Left to Right: . Smiley, A. Garst, B. Compton, M. Goodwin, M. Minnick, J. Plymale, P. Bandy, S. Powell, A. Obenchain, D. Smith. Second Row: P. Arthur, J. Bain, IV. Kolmer, S. Loud, P. Layman, R. Jennings, K. Powell, P. Donald¬ son, Mrs. Houchens (Sponsor), P. Smith, E. O ' Neill, M. Painter , P. Logan. Third Row: M. Feld, N. Carroll , R. Feld, J. Deyerle, P. Deyerle, S. Eubank, P. Johnson, G. Draper, D. Martin, E. Barnett, S. Tinnell, B. Barnett, F. Robey, C. Rock. Fourth Row: J. Tingler, S. Hankins, M. Anderson, M. Hoback , H. Garst, D. Douglas, I. Helton, C. Zini , P. Carper, fV. Auvil, E. Holliday, B. Gresham, H. Grubb, V. Miller. Fifth Row: J. Frier, S. Compton, M. Rutrough, A. Roach, S. Sumner, A. Lewis, C. Powell, D. Lewis, J. Show alter, J. Farmer, S. Moses, M. Logan, S. Kime, B. Moore. Sixth Row: S. Thomas, C. Stroupe, G. Hurt, B. Spruhan, F. Painter, S. Blankenship, E. Pojf, 0. Hall, G. Crawford, M. Smith, N. Vicellio, B. Taylor, L. Lucas, M. Missimer, P. Stone. Seventh Row: J. McCormick, J. McDaniel, B. Allen, D. Overstreet, S. Martin, S. Carter, E. Honaker, P. Long, G. Smith. PEP First Row, Left to Right: Bill Scott, Buck Wright, Paul Crawford. Second Row: Sonny Loud, Frank Chapman, Tommy Vest, Walter Dearing. Third Row: Jack Harrison, Bill Young, Jimmy Black, Eddie Talley, Raymond Watson. Fourth Row: Mac Minnick, Elwood Peterson, Marshall Mundy, Mr. Spruhan, Buddy Snead. Fifth Row: Wilson Kolmer, Donald Thompson, Andrew Martin, Ruble Smith, Donald Robertson. Sixth Row: Alonzo Philpott, Calvin Rohrbaugh, Earl Johnston, George Gearhart, Ronald Johnson. Seventh Row: Bobby Creasy, Red Carter, Bill Rakes, Ted Barker, Eddie Ferguson. MONOGRAM CLUB Bill Rakes . President Jimmy Black . Secretary Eddie Ferguson . Treasurer The Monogram Club Is composed of boys who have won their letters in the various fields of sports here at Andrew Lewis. Special functions of the club are football hops, and dances. This past year, the club gave a football hop, a Thanksgivi ng dance and a picnic at the end of the year. The initiation, which is held annually, was open to the public. The club, guided by Mr. Spruhan, is an inspiration to all boys whether they are in the club or not. The club stands for many things; clean sportsmanship is emphasized above everything. To be a member of the Monogram Club is a big accomplishment, for it requires long, hard hours of practice to win a letter in any type of sport. { 110 J SPORTS CLUB Joyce Herrin. . . . Ann Lewis. Marlene Gallion Mary Kolmer. . . . Madie Palmer.... . President . . . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms The Sports Club members have really been “On the Ball” this year. The year’s activities began with a fun-filled overnight hike. Next we sponsored the Home-Coming Hop which was very successful. At Christmas the almost traditional party was given for a group of Salem children. We sponsored two Basketball Sports Days which were enjoyed by girls from nearby high schools. A tea was given for our parents at which various sports were demonstrated. Tournaments throughout the year and several tennis clinics added to the girls’ activities. The highlight of the spring was the Annual Playday. The initiation of new members was fun for all. The aim of the Club is to promote interest in sports and in good sportsmanship. We feel that this year has been a very successful and enjoyable one for the Sports Club. MEMBERS Anne Bower, Norma Conner, Jean Cook, Martha Donaldson, Evelyn Early, Marcella Eller, Imojean Frye, Marlene Gallion, Millie Gillispie, Virginia Goode, Doris Gordon, Betty Jo Gresham, Jane Furrow, Joyce Herrin, Alma Hill, Mary Kolmer, Peggy Layman, Ann Lewis, Mary Ann Logan, Peg McCarter, Shirley Martin, Virginia Miller, Connie Mills, Geraldine McGue, Helen McGue, Betty Mae Neal, Madie Palmer, Nancy Peters, Marie Philpott, Katherine Powell, “Boogie” Stevens, Ruthie St. Clair, Beverly Taylor, Shirley Tuttle, Pat Templeton, Ann Webster, Rosemary Wyant, Charlotte Yost. { 111 BETA CLUB OFFICERS Wilson Kolmer.. Pete Garst. Lillian Wimmer. Joyce Herrin. Harold Pillow. Miss Dorothy Miller. . President . Vice President . . . . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor The Beta Club stand s for character, leadership, and ability. The purpose is to create a feeling of individual responsibility within each member. We have tried to accomplish this with the help of our new sponsor, Miss Dorothy Miller, who has assisted us in many ways. Sonny Loud was elected State President at the convention last year and we are all very proud of him. Also taking the spotlight is Mabel Ferguson, who won the National Poetry Contest at Spartans- burg, S. C. These two are typical of what our Beta Club tries to show, that hard work is the only way to achieve greater things. - Our activities have been few; but what we have done, we have done well. The Christmas formal was a success because of the cooperative spirit of the club and much planning by the officers. In the installation assembly we were proud to welcome twenty-four new members into the club who had fulfilled the necessary qualifications for membership. The convention was the highlight of the year with seven delegates representing Andrew Lewis. However, since it was held at the Hotel Roanoke, nearly all the members were able to attend. Bill Robey ran for Vice President of the State and was well supported. All in all, it has been a wonderful year, and we as Beta Club members have many good times to remember. First Row, Left to Right: Lillian Wimmer, Marion Atkinson, Merle Walker, Phyllis Bandy, Alice Roach, Wilson Kolmer, Daisy Long, Shirley Barnett, Marlene Gallion, Correnia Lou Henderson, Lois Sirry, Joyce Herrin. Second Row: Mac Minnick, Harold Pillow, Sonny Loud, Viola Vaughan, Gene Sellers, Pat Templeton, Doris Eller, June Deyerle, Frances Brickey, Mabel Ferguson, Frances Alls, Betty Parrish. Alice Viar, Patsy Willis. Third Row: Mary Ann Grisso, Joe Rushbrooke, Connie Eakin, Pete Garst, Kathryn Powell, Doris Gordon, Jo Anne Showalter, Bob Stanley, Sue Powell, Bill Robey. Not Pictured, Old Members: Marian Chapman, Elizabeth Garnand, Harry Simpson, Jennie Smiley. New Members: Joan Alls, Adrienne Anderson, Delora Argabrighl, Lillie Bohon, Billy Brogan, Genevieve Craighead, Iris Jo Cundiff, Jeanette Eggleston, Annette Garst, Jack Good, Carol Gregson, William Hurt, Barbara Morgan, Kenneth O ' Beirne, Mary Frances Plunkett, Claudine Sirry, Edith Six, Mary Spangler, Louis Spradlin, Beverly Taylor. First Row, Left to Right: Billy Young, Mac Minnick, Lillian Wimmer, Jennie Smiley, Dick Agee, Jeanne Lynch Hobbs. Second Row: Pat Whitescarver, Glenna Dulaney, Joe Matisco, Marian Chapman, Mary Sue Missimer, Eleanor Porter¬ field, Ellen O ' Neill, Betty Paxton, Diane Overstreet. Joyce Herrin, Elizabeth McDaniel, Ruble Smith, Bob Miller, Joe Rushbrooke, Jo Anne Showalter, Mary Alice Woods. Robert Carter. Third Row: Sonny Loud, Jo Anne McDaniel, Sue Powell, Martha Donaldson, Anna Margaret Young, Mary Ann I.ogan, Imogene Helton, Georgia Butterakos, Frances Alls, Sue Lilly, Shirley Garst, Patty Donaldson, Lorraine McDaniel, Marshall Mundy. Inset, Sponsors: Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Slrickler. National Forensic League Members FORENSICS “Phew-ee-ee-ee!!” What on earth is that weird noise? Oh, that’s only Mrs. Strickler’s public speaking class practicing for the “Uncle Remus Ghost Story.” “Come on up folks; here’s youth, beauty, grace, cunning art—anything you desire for half a hundred dollars,” Professor Bob Miller in our “Magic” program. “Hats off, the flag is passing by . . just one of our patriotic speeches entered for the American Legion Contest. There were eight speakers in this contest, but Joe Rushbrooke and Jo Anne Showalter came out with medals. Then, “Whistle, whistle, old wife, and you’ll get a hen,” exclaimed the heavy voices in the choric reading. “De man, he sot his eyes on de oman . . .” that was Georgia practicing her Negro dialect. “Cut!” No, we aren’t making a movie, but cutting speeches from books for the generations to come. There is an air of dignity prevailing when Mac and Joe give orations on the Constitution and Mac goes up for the district contest. Hark again! From room 106—Airs. Smith’s—excited voices resound through Old Andrew Lewis’ Halls. What? A Welfare State? Arguments pro and con! Humor, sarcasm, brains (?)! It’s not all fun— very worth-while debating—showing us there are always two sides to every question. All in all we feel that our time has not been wasted. Come join us! You don’t know what you are missing! { 113 Left to Right: Alva Conner, Peggy Miller, Mrs. Alexander (customer), William McMahan. Mr. Alexander (Sponsor), Josephine Winn, Johnny Hankins. Robert Mitchell, George Collins, Andrew Overstreet, John Obenchain. Barbara Overton, Sue Harris, Bettye Lou Rettinger. D. E. CLUB OFFICERS Peggy Miller —Delegate to State Convention... Robert Mitchell. Josephine Winn. Andrew Overstreet. John Obenchain. Barbara Overton. . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Parliamentarian Editor Promotion Manager Club activities are planned to develop leadership and give experience in committee work. Our club projects consisted of room displays in cooperation with the F. H. A. Club at the Salem Furniture Company, a square dance with the F. F. A. Club, Thanksgiving basket for a needy family, and caring for the display case in the hall. A going away party was held for a member leaving school, and an alumni party for all former D. E. students. The Area Convention was held in Roanoke with the Fleming, Jefferson, Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Bedford Clubs in preparation for the State Convention. During the State Convention the Andrew Lewis Club was rated a Superior Club, the second highest honor in State Distributive Education Clubs. { 114 } tl s ® . ■ 1 -ff ■ ? ’■ First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Putnam, S. Thomas, P. Stone, S. Eubank, C. Slroupe, G. Crawford, B. Monger, L. Foster, B. Harris, O. Hall Second Row: 5. Compton, P. Ferris, S. Webb, M. Eller, C. Houchins, V. Hailey, B. Carroll, L. Biggs, M. Monger, E. Sanders, G. Snider, A. Smothers, G. Spencer. Third Row: D. Slough, F. Robey, S. Tinnell, V. Fisher, A. Lee, S. Lipps, L. Lancaster, C. Martin, D. Jordan, D. Doyle, P. Deyerle, S. De¬ hart, N. Turman, J. West. Fourth Row: M. Mabes, S. Barnard, S. Garst, A. Blankenship, J. Goode, M. Baxton, E. Fleshman, S. Nunley, O. Nichols, C. Sink, L. Clem, M. Hall, B. Burk, C. Brammer. Fifth Row: 5. Boone, R. Manning, F. Crockett, J. Munsey, B. Conway, G. Hurt, J. Robertson, B. Henderson, J. Powers, M. Phlegar, V. Taylor, M. Wills, H. Williams, E. Wickham. Sixth Row: B. Spruhan, M. Hopkins, B. Hawley, J. Wertz, J. Hackman, A. Mills, F. Muse, A. Hartman, S. Hankins, B. Honaker, D. Willis, J. Furrow, P. Rutledge, E. Poff. Seventh Row: F. Headen, D. Terry, D. Broyles, M. Wilbourne, M. Hinchee, C. Hall, B. Hallman, D. Hall, S. Tolliver, A. Huffman, J. Henson, C. Jewell, R. Folks, M. Boothe. Eighth Row: G. Barnett. O. Blount, B. Black, M. Tichenor, B. Sullivan, S. Morgan, F. Painter, S. Blankenship, M. Smith, G. Smith, P. Long, D. Cundiff, R. Faries. Ninth Row: 5. Brown, D. Crawford, S. Boley, M. Ballard, I. Keyes, V. Poole, F. Reed, N. Smith, C. Moore, B. Miles, E. Earley. JUNIOR Y-TEENS OFFICERS Georgia Crawford. . . Libby Foster. Betty Jo Harris. .. . Carole Stroupe. . . . Oceile Hall. Betty Jean Monger Shirley Thomas. . . . Shirley Eubank. . . . Mrs. M. Putnam. . . . President .... Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Program Chairman . . W.orld Fellowship . Devotionals . Publicity . Sp onsor We, the Junior Y-Teens, have had quite a busy year; but it hasn’t been all work and no play. One of our greatest attainments is having our own newspaper, “The Y-Teen Chatter,” which is issued twice a month. We have participated in several of the projects of the local Y-Teen clubs, as well as some of our own. At Christmas we contributed chocolate bars to “Chocolates for Christmas,” and later, soap for “Soap for Korea.” We prepared a Christmas basket for a poor family in Salem. In February we sent Valentines and candy to the Veterans Facility. This year we sponsored a dance at the “Y, ” a skating party, a picnic, and a slumber party. We are proud of our accomplishments and hope we have lived up to our purpose which is: To grow as a person, to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, and nationalities, and to grow in the knowledge and love of God. 4 115 } First Row, Left to Right: B. Haynes, D. Williams, A. Leffler, Mrs. Houchens, S. Clemmons, F. Doyle, C. Davis, J. Good, J. Walker, B. Barnett. Second Row: J. Renick, J. Painter, D. Mitchell, S. Franklin, W. Carter, T. Shelton, L. Garst, W. Plunkett, L. Bohon, C. Leffler, D. Jarrett. Third Row: C. Musselman, W. Jamison, C. Wirt, J. Marshall, P. Johnston, E. Barnett, J. Lilly, C. Coleman, K. Johnston, E. Craun, M. Hancock, B. Eakin. Fourth Row: B. Tyler, G. Bateman, B. Alls, H. Adkins, H. Speaker. 4-H CLUB OFFICERS Jack Good . President Jody Walker . Vice President Faye Doyle . Secretary Curtis Davis . Treasurer Anne Shelton . Reporter Barbara Barnett . Song Leader Mrs. Virginia Houchens . Sponsor The purpose of the 4-H Club is to teach its members the better methods of agriculture and home improvement. Besides this, it provides social functions for its members and for the school. One of the major projects of our club this year has been the presentation of a United Nations Flag to the school in observance of United Nations Week. We also worked this year with the Student Government on the project of keeping the halls clean. We presented an assembly and gave a dance for the school at the end of National 4-H Club Week. On April 29, we observed Rural Life Sunday as one of our projects. We were honored this year when three members of our club were elected officers of the Roanoke County 4-H Council. Our motto is: “To Make the Best Better,” and we feel that we have observed this motto throughout the entire year. 4 116 } BI-PHY-CHEM CLUB OFFICERS Bates Killinger. Bill Robey. Betty Paxton. Faye Carter. . President President Elect . Secretary . Treasurer The science club was organized early in 1950 to help meet the needs of students with special interest in science. The club is affiliated with the Junior Academy of Science and Science Clubs of America. MEMBERS Joan Alls, Junior Boles, Lewis Brown, Faye Carter, Charles Charlton, Max Fretz, John Gibson, Edwin Hull, Bill Hurt, Ray Jennings, Bates Killinger, Rosemary Kinney, Jessica Kittinger, Mary Cook Kolmer, Ann Lewis, Kenneth O’Beirne, Betty Paxton, Geneva Peterson, Bill Robey, Leonard Shank, Coretta Shepard, Louise Shelor, Russell Smiley, Dickey Sossaman, John Stephens. 4 117 SNAPSHOTS i —Acting can be fun! 2 —Our P. T. A. in action! 3 —Dinner is served! 4 —English class certainly has changed! 5 —IVhat a relief—school is over. 6 —The Latin Club presents. 7 —How about a ride up town? 8— Cute, isn ' t he? 9 —Merry Xmas, Sonny! 10 —Our monitor system at work! 11 —Smile please! 12—The little man with the big book, Mr. Cannaday. 13 —Trying to meet the deadline! 14— Parley-vous Francais? IS —Trying to “ skip” class, Mrs. Shockey? 16 —It is with great pleasure that I give you this award. Left to Right: Loud, Hillenburg, Rushbrooke, McDaniel {seated), Kinney, Killinger, Tinnell, Hobbs {seated), Parrish. THE LATE CHRISTOPHER BEAN Written by Sidney Howard Directed by Blake Liddle CAST Jeanne Lynch Hobbs. Mrs. Haggett Sonny Loud. Dr. Haggett Rosemary Kinney. Abbey Jo Anne McDaniel. Susan Betty Parrish. Ada Greg Hillenburg. Rosen Bates Killinger. Davenport Clayton Tinnell. Tallant Joe Rushbrooke. Warren For its winter production, the Thespians chose Sidney Howard’s “The Late Christopher Bean.” A beautiful set was erected by the stage crew, and pro¬ vided the New England atmosphere needed to encourage the feeling of love, mystery, comedy, and suspense that was found in the play. ■ 6 { 120 CURSE JACK DALTON YOU CAST Mary Sue Missimer. Betty Compton. Dick Normoyle. Jeanne Lynch Hobbs. Raymond Lee. Faye Carter. Dick Agee. Mrs. Donna Dalton . Eloise Dalton . Jack Dalton . . . .Anna Alvarado . Egbert Van Horn . Bertha Blair . Richard Blair You’ve met villains in your time—who hasn’t? But you’ve never encoun¬ tered such a sleek, treacherous villain as Egbert. Aided in his crooked schemes by Anna Alvarado, a sly Spanish damsel determined to wed Jack Dalton, the villain succeeds in his plans until the hero, Jack Dalton, takes the maid for his wife and solves the whole play. The cast is also aided by Mrs. Dalton, Eloise, and Jackson, the butler. This hilarious melodrama provided some of the best entertainment of the year and proved to be one of the most successful productions. The costumes added the final touch to the already festive, CURSE YOU, JACK DALTON! Left to Right: Dick Normoyle, Betty Compton, Mary Sue Missimer, Dick Agee, Faye Carter, Ray Lee, Jeanne Lynch Hobbs. ■{ 121 fa Music Music Music Lickinq tie R zn interesting -Hum-m-m-m 1 m th L • First Row, Left to Right, Choir: Jane Tingler, Margaret Gore, Jo Ann Lindamood, William Loving, Ray Jennings, Jay Musser, Robert Carter, Wilson Kolmer, Rob Thompson, Myrtle Garrett, Doris Smith, Myra Draper. Second Row: Mary Alice Woods, Joyce Crosswhite, Helen Adams, Paul Crawford, Joe Rushbrooke, Dick Normoyle, Loretta Scott, Iris Jo Cundiff, Jeanne Lynch Hobbs, Coleen Robertson, Charlotte Burford. Third Row: Betty Glenn Price, Dot Douglas, Leon Ramsey, Harold Hartman, H. R. Stanley, Grady Campbell, Raymond Watson, Eugene Dixon, Marshall Dennison. Cast, Seated: Betty Compton, Douglas Ann Lewis, Joyce Plymale, Betty Parrish, Joanne Dodson, Eleanor Porterfield, Glenna Dulaney, Ann Thomason. Kneeling: Faye Carter, Paul Copenhaver, Bill Scott, Frances Brickey, Roy Byers. Standing: Martha Donaldson, Jackie Comer, Peggy Pasley, Mary Sue Missimer, Helen McGue, Jean Campbell, Bates Kil- lenger, Bob Stepp. CHRISTMAS PAGEANT CAST Betty Compton. Douglas Ann Lewis. . Joyce Plymale. Betty Parrish. Joanne Dodson. Eleanor Porterfield Glenna Dulaney. Ann Thomason. Faye Carter. Paul CopenhaverJ Bill Scott . .Sir Modred .Sir Bedivere . . . Sir Gareth . King Arthur . Page Sir Launcelot .Sir Percival . . . . Tristram .Sir Galahad . . . Shepherds Frances Brickey. .. . Roy Byers Bob Stepp . T. R. Barker j Martha Donaldson Jackie Comer Peggy Pasley Mary Sue Missimer Helen McGue Jean Campbell Bates Killinger. Blake Liddle. . Mary . Wise Men ... .Angels Ladies of Court . Joseph . Narrator { 124 } KING ARTHUR ' S DREAM Long ago in Britain lived King Arthur, and gathered around him were his Knights of the Roundtable. It was late one Christmas Eve and into the hall at Camelot came King Arthur. From the altar in the chapel he took the Bible and sinking into his throne-chair read until he fell asleep. In a vision he beheld two angels pass before him, and a veil hid what was behind them. The veil was lifted and he saw the maiden mother in the stable bending over the Christ-Child. The Shep¬ herds and the Kings came bearing rich and rude gifts for the Little One Balthasar, last of the Magi, gave his gift, a jeweled cup, Lo! One of the angels stooped and held it on high proclaiming that from this cup the Christ-Child, grown to manhood, would drink. Many people would seek the cup but none would find it, save those who were fit to stand in the presence of Christ. Arthur waked with the promise of the angels to see the Holy Grail if he could find the perfect gift for the Christ-Child. He called his knights together around the Table and sent them on their quests for the perfect gift. All the knights left upon the quest except Lancelot and Modred. Lancelot found the perfect knight, Galahad, and was explaining to him Arthur’s quest when he was overheard by Modred. Modred, the Black Knight, attempted to kill Galahad, but this failing, he tried to tempt him from his goodness with bribes of gold and fame and pride. Galahad refused the gifts saying they were not for him. At his refusal a maiden bearing the White Cross, a symbol of knight¬ liness, came forward and gave it to him. A year of searching for the gift went by and once again on Christmas Day the knights assembled. Sir Bedivere was the first knight back from the quest, with keys to castles he had taken. He laid his gift upon the altar, but there was silence. Sir Tristram with his captured weapons came. He laid the weapons upon the altar but silence greeted the gallant knight. They came in order, one after the other, with their gifts. Sir Gareth and his flag, Percival with a gleaming sword, but silence met them all. Only Lancelot was left. He came with open hands saying only the gift of a new manhood in the fellowship could bring the Holy Grail. So saying, he went to the door and called Galahad. At the entrance of Galahad, the sweet, tumultuous splendor of the heavenly music burst into the hall. The angels came, one on each side holding on high the Holy Grail. And as they passed through the hall the knights rose and followed. Only Arthur left with a dream come true. oo—IZmcrimp ' d Z-l l” oo —l—l - UO THE MAY QUEEN Martha Donaldson AND HER COURT Phyllis Bandy Barbara Bennett Jean Campbell Joan Farmer Annette Garst Mary Alice Woods Maid of Honor Nancy Garst Peggy Layman Mary Ann Logan Shirley Martin Mary Sue Missimer Sue Powell Loretta Scott Doris Smith Darlene Terry Shirley Tuttle Lillian Wimmer o Junior Miss Eai, Drink, and be Merry ° H to the R aces ■f ■ - ; % t i t ' {! | ; J i 1 i ' 1 ? ! ■ ■ t $ i l r-wFi I % i A. « JB ; n mSU fel,. £ r P3j 4 ” ?||§P Jssaa wt - P 1 • SHOTS YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY i. Sara Bohon 2. Eula Wertz 3. Joanne Dotson 4- Mary Ann Grisso 5- Ruble Smith 6. Doris Alderman 7. Sue Powell 8. Betty Price 9. Marie Housman 10. Barbara Bess 11. Sonny Loman 12. Mabel Ferguson 13- Dottie Hackman Advertisements Left to Right: Billy Young, Pete Garst, Maydene Hoback, Sue Powell, Mary Anne Logan, Jennie Smiley, Jean Mitchell, Ellen O ' Neill, Bob Miller, Marian Chapman, Myra Draper, Correnia Henderson (in door). ADVERTISING STAFF What are These???? Why the spunky, fighting advertising staff of this big, overflowing annual. They have struggled long hours soliciting ads so that you, the students, could have the best annual ever. So don’t slack them on credit; they deserve a lot! Stop! Don’t close your Pioneer now. In the following pages you will find many firms, not only our old friends but many new ones, who have helped make your annual a success. Remember them, patronize them, and return their favor, for without them this annual would not be possible. ✓ r i 4 134 f OUR ADVERTISERS A Friend.152 A Friend.164 Airheart-Kirk.168 Albert Brothers.153 Andrew Lewis Tavern.148 Appalachian Electric Power Co.140 Archie’s Restaurant.144 Baker Brothers.159 Barnett’s Taxi Service.163 Blankenship, E. F., Co.163 Bowman’s Bakery.157 Boyle-Swecker l ire Corp.163 Brandon Road Market.163 Brotherhood Mercantile Co.159 Brown Hardware Co.161 Bush-Flora.145 Bush Hancock.159 Cain, C. J.163 Cain’s Confectionery.163 Carl’s Beauty Salon.163 Carper’s Gifts.162 Carter Jones, Cleaners.148 Cates, C. Grady, Co.138 Central Typewriter.157 Chapman, Ben.163 Chapman, W. C.156 Check-R-Board.157 College Inn.159 Conner’s.160 Cornett School of Business.157 Dame Roofing Co.145 Davis Elliot Co., Inc.163 Densmore Poultry Farm.156 Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.151 Double Envelope Corp.151 Electric Service Corp.160 Felton Rug Furniture Service.164 Fink’s.161 B. Foreman Sons.156 Ft. Lewis Dining Room.163 Freezer Locker.157 Fulton Motor Co.157 Garst Bros. Dairy Co.141 Gearhart, I. H.145 General Finance Corporation.156 George’s Drive-In.157 Giles Bros. Furniture Co.162 Gilliam-Lennon, Inc.163 Gill’s Drive-In.157 Gittens Morton, Inc.162 Glenn-Minnich.158 Glenvar Garage.162 Glenvar Service Station.145 Good, Neil.161 Goodyear.163 Gordon’s Food Company.141 Grandin Court Grocery.163 Grant’s.163 Green Market.161 Growers and Producers Exchange.138 Hairfield’s Food Market.165 Handwrought by Lawton.162 Harris Hardwood Co.152 Haverty’s.155 Heironimus.146 Henebry’s.149 Hill, F. D.162 Hitch, George T., Jeweler.160 Holden Refrigerator.145 Home Lumber Corp.155 Horne’s.155 Hunt, R. D.155 Jennings-Shepherd Co.155 Jewel Hat Shop.165 Jewell, J. E.163 Jobe Florist.162 Kane Furniture Co.158 Katz Food Co.155 Kenrose Mfg. Co.165 Kirk’s Jewelers.161 Kress, S. H., Co.145 Lawrence Grocery.165 Layman Candy Co.165 Leggett’s.144 Little, D. J.158 Littrell Barber.158 Logan, J. M.162 Magic City Mortgage Co., Inc.155 Marie Beheler Studios, Inc.154 Maxey Cleaners.151 Meadow’s Bros. Garage.165 Metropolitan Cafe.165 Michael’s Bakery.152 Mitchell Clothing Co.160 Modern Dress Shop.159 Morgan’s.160 Morgan-Eubank.158 Moses Esso Station.165 Muddiman Electric Co.165 Mundy Motor Lines.142 McDaniel, G. E.163 McDowell and Wood.165 National Business College.168 National Sample Shoe Store.164 Newberry, J. J., Co.164 Noland Co.152 Normandie Inn.164 Norman’s.147 Oakey Cleaners.153 Oakey, John M.155 Oak Hall.161 Parker-Nimmo.164 Peacock-Salem.153 Phelps Armistead.154 Poole’s Esso Station.162 Price’s Esso.162 Propst-Childress Co.162 Provision, L. T., Co.153 Pugh, N. W., Co.144 Pugh’s Studio.167 Puritan Mills.147 Rainbo Bread Co.165 Reid-Cutshall.162 Renick Motors Co.154 Rettinger, John H.145 Roanoke College.143 Roanoke Record Shop.145 Rutrough Motors.164 Salem Bowling Center.154 Salem Brick Co.156 Salem Camera Shop.165 Salem Creamery.145 Salem Farm Supply Corp.164 Salem Foundry and Machine Works, Inc. 156 Salem Furniture Co.150 Salem Hardware Co.161 Salem Hosiery Plant.142 Salem Publishing Co.159 Salem Tractor Co.156 Sam’s.162 Scotties Restaurant.156 Sears Roebuck Co.149 Shank Furniture Co.158 Shelor’s.162 Shenandoah Life Insurance Co.139 Sherwin-Williams Co.164 Shopwell Food Store.158 Shufflebarger Motors, Inc.150 Sidney’s.160 Skyline Cleaners, Inc.164 Smead Webber.141 Southern Varnish Corp.156 South Roanoke Lumber Co.154 Spigel, Joseph, Inc.158 Spigel, Sam.160 Stanford, Inc.165 Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co.. . 170 Sullivan Supply Co.164 Sun Brand Notions Co.156 Swartz, W. P.154 Tarpley’s.159 Telephone Co., Chesapeake and Potomac. 136 Times-World Corp.146 Triangle Food Market.165 Triangle Service Station.160 United Pawn Shop.161 Valleydale.139 Virginia Galleries.164 Virginia Scrap Iron and Metal Co., Inc.. 165 Virginia Southern College.168 Walker Machine and Foundry Co.166 Wasena Service Station.165 Webber’s Pharmacy.150 Webber, Roy.162 Weddle Plumbing and Heating.144 Wertz.161 White Foundry Co., Inc.164 Wildheim Game Farm.137 Wiley Feed, Fuel and Supply Corp.161 Williams Drug Store.164 Williams, E. O., Co.154 Williams Supply Co.164 Windsor Court.164 Wood, H. M.159 Woods Brothers Coffee Co.154 Woodson Pontiac Co.168 Yale Towne.169 Zand’s.162 4 135 } A girl you’d like to know The way she speaks tells you that she is a girl you’d like to know. She’s poised and competent . . . friendly and helpful . . . and she’s very anxious to serve you in giving good telephone service. It’s quite possilde you do know her. She may live just around the corner. She might even have gone to yovir school. Now right through the year, she gives a good account of herself in an important joh at the Telephone Company. She’s the girl with that famous voice — “The Voice with a Smile.” And that means, of course, that she is your cheerful telephone operator. The Chesapeake Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia { 136 WILDHEIM GAME FARM J. J. BOWER Route 3 on Peters Creek (R. F. D. 3, Box 473) Roanoke, Virginia 4 137 WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS -FOR- Caterpillar Tractor Company Graybill Manufacturing Company John Bean Manufacturing Company John Deere Plow Company New Holland Machine Company And a Number of Others May We Serve You? The Growers Producers Exchange, Inc. 702-706 Nelson Street, S. E. Roanoke, Virginia Since 1921” C. GRADY CATES Distributor METAL BUILDING PRODUCTS AND SPECIALTIES Building Materials 20th Street and Chapman Avenue, S. W. Phone 3-2473 Roanoke, Virginia P. O. Box 2489 { 138 LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES Prompt, Courteous Service Alivays Shenandoah Life Insurance Company, Inc. Roanoke 10, Virginia Paul C. Buford, President WSLS, WSLS-FM, THE SHENANDOAH LIFE STATIONS 610 KC — 99.1 on Your FM Dial Home Office Agency, 128 West Church Avenue VALLEYDALE PACKERS, Inc. SALEM, VIRGINIA Dribble down the side line Shoot from the floor Right away Salem Let’s make that score! Racka, Dacka, Dacka dome Boom, boom, atomic bomb Fight, fight, with all your might Come on team, let’s dynamite! Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight Salem Fight, Salem Fight Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight Salem Fight, Salem Fight Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight Salem Fight, Salem Fight Yea, Team, Fight! GEORGE, DEAR, WOULDN ' T IT BE EASIER JUST TO TURN THE LIGHTS OFF WITH THE WALL SWITCH? ' Don’t overload your wiring system. When you build or modernize provide ADEQUATE WIRING. Appalachian Electric Power Company Compliments of SMEAD WEBBER and W. B. DILLARD YOUR PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS Since 1843 SALEM, VIRGINIA GORDON ' S FRESH POTATO CHIPS Salted Peanuts - Popcorn - Corn Snaps - Potato Sticks Nut Meats - Cakes - Cookies Peanut Butter Sandwiches Made Fresh Daily in Roanoke 2411 Williamson Road Phone 3-6161 Roanoke, Virginia 141 }! SALEM HOSIERY MILL Compliments of MUNDY MOTOR LINE ■Cl 1 42 )?«■ Blue Team, Blue Team Shoot that ball! Let’s play hard, But let’s not fall. Pull together, Altogether, Shoot from the floor! Come on Salem, Score, Score, Score! 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar— Everyone for Andrew Lewis Stand up and holler! Locomotive, Locomotive, Steam, Steam, Steam, Pull together, pull together Team, Team, Team Locomotive steam! Pull together Team Andrew Lewis High School is on the beam. Roanoke College Salem, Virginia For Over 100 Years a Superior College of Liberal Arts and Sciences H. Sherman Oberly, President M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D. Charles J. Smith, Provost M.A., D.D., Ll.D. 143 }£- Fight Blue, Fight White Fight Team, Fight, Fight! Catch it, pass it Dribble down the floor Come on Salem— Score, Score, Score! Jiqqths OEPT lr STOnE J Sea Food Steaks Chicken Archie ' s, Inc. Operators of Archie’s Lobster House Archie’s Gift Shoppe Heated Cabins with Showers Dial 3-4481 or 3-4482 R. F. D. No. 2, Box 251, Roanoke, Virginia 2 Miles North on U. S. Route 11 Telephone 2-0340 P. O. Box 742 Weddle Plumbing and Heating CONGRATULATIONS . . . and may success be yours through each coming year Contracting and General Repair STOKERS - OIL BURNERS GAS EQUIPMENT | llGrW 210 Fourth Street, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia One of Virginia’s Great Stores -€ { 144 } Clover Brand Dairy Products ICE CREAM ★ ★ ★ DIAL 3 6 4 1 736 West Fourth Street Salem, Virginia GOODYEAR SHOE HOSPITAL I. H. GEARHART 205 Main S treet Salem, Virginia G L E N V A R Service Station Lunch Route No. 3 Phone 2931 SALEM, VIRGINIA RETTINGER MERC. CO. DAME ROOFING CO. Since 1945 John H. Rettinger E. D. Rettinger Forced Air Heating and Air Conditioning GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dial 2471 Established 1880 Dial 3209 ROANOKE RECORD SHOP BUSH-FLORA SHOE CO. NEW AND USED RECORDS 78’s — 45’s — 33%’s 130 Campbell Avenue, West 13S. Jefferson Street Roanoke, Virginia Dial 2-7418 Dial 2-1955 Roanoke, Virginia SALES SERVICE Compliments of For Dependability Call S. H. KRESS COMPANY Holdren Refrigerator Service Service You Will Appreciate ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Two Stores to Serve You Salem and Roanoke Phone 2-3744. { 145 }? CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES! PAGES OF INTEREST TO ALL THE FAMILY • World-Wide, National, State and Local News • Menus, Recipes, Dress Patterns for Women • Sports News of Interest to Men • Editorials, Comic Strips, Features for All THE ROANOKE TIMES (Morning and Sunday) QJIjp Snanoke HUnrlh-Netoa (Evening) 4 14-6 { 147 Att rpto ICeuiiH Saltern Steaks - Sea Food - Chicken Virginia Country Ham’’ — Air Conditioning Routes 11 and 460, West of Salem Phone 2955 Congratulations to CLASS OF 1951 CARTER JONES Dry Cleaning and Dyeing, Inc. 502 11th St., N. W. Roanoke, Virginia 4 148 } CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class of 1951 SEARS, ROEBUCK and COMPANY 12-19 E. Church ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Registered Jeweler American Gem Society ROANOKE — SALEM Designers and Manufacturers of Andrew Lewis Class Rings SALEM FURNITURE COMPANY COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS NORGE APPLIANCES 113 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Consider Your Home First SHUFFLEBARGER MOTORS, INC. DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS Sales — Service 3 West Main Street Telephone 3831 SALEM, VIRGINIA 150 } THE A B C’s A T MAXEY CLEANERS Always bright Clothes 911 Front Street, Salem, Va. Phone Roanoke-5871 Salem-3621 Blue Team, Blue Team Strut your stuff, We’ve gotta team That’s mighty tough! You knock ’em to the left— You knock ’em to the right— You’ll tackle ’em hard— With all your might. Stack ’em up high, Then mow ’em down, Come on team, let’s go to town! ENVELOPES Plain and Printed More than 1,000,000 a day Double Envelope Corp. Roanoke, Virginia 4 151 } Compliments of A FRIEND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1951 MICHAEL ' S BAKERY Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of NOLAND CO., Inc. PLUMBING - HEATING INDUSTRIAL AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 1226 Center Avenue, N. W. Phone 5561 When You Build . . . Specify HARRIS BRAND OAK FLOORS Sold by All Retail Lumber Dealers Harris Hardwood Co. Incorporated Roanoke, Virginia 1 15 2 }¥ F. G. OAKEY CLEANER Compliments of the The Finest Cleaning L T PROVISION CO. and Pressing makers of Cash and Carry Green Hill Country Sausage and Delivery and Green Hill Delicious Franks Boulevard and Colorado Always a Treat Salem, Virginia Telephone 4611 PEACOCK-SALEM ALBERT BROS. CONTRACTORS, INC. — 1102 Tennessee Street Salem, Virginia LAUNDERERS AND HIGHWAYS RAILROADS CLEANERS HEAVY CONSTRUCTION i—i First and Alabama Streets Salem, Virginia Dial Day, 4741 — Night, 3122 E. O. Williams Heating and Ventilating Co. Oil and Gas-Fired Furnaces 2708 Shenandoah Ave., N. W. Dial 2-8048 Roanoke, Va. KITCHEN AND DINING ROOM Supplies and Equipment for Hotels - Restaurants - Institutions Wm. P. Swartz, Jr. Co. Incorporated 421 Luck Avenue Roanoke, Va. South Roanoke Lumber Co. HIGH-GRADE MILL WORK Everything for Building Franklin Road, South Roanoke 1 Block South of Underpass on Route 220 Roanoke, Virginia CONGRATULATIONS! KAISER FRAZER Built to Better the Best on the Road’’ Salem Bowling Center Compliments of Your Kaiser-Frazer Dealer West Salem Renick Motor Co., Inc. I’ll See You Over the Years” • 2239 Franklin Road (Route 220) Dial 6063 Roanoke, Va. Phelps Armistead FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES 20 East Church Avenue Phone 5518 Roanoke, Va. The Marie Beheler Studios Incorporated • FOX TROT • RHUMBA • WALTZ • TANGO • LINDY • SAMBA ,Special Rates to Schools” 1324 Grandin Road Roanoke, Va. { 154 . } y JOHN M . 4 OAKEY Magic City Mortgage Co. Incorporated l Thuienal (S irice k REAL ESTATE LOANS 1 316 CHURCH AVENUE. S.W l AND ; DIAL 6283 A U Jl ties pee ted Name Lnlhanok( j) FIRE INSURANCE 7 ESTAB j0y866jk 130 W. Church Ave. Roanoke, Va. KATZ FOOD COMPANY MILLWORK SPECIALISTS Distributors of Home Lumber Corporation FOOD PRODUCTS If It’s Building Material — We Have It ’’ 1621-23 First Ave., N. W. Cleveland and 17th St., S. W. Phone 2-3491 Roanoke, Va. Dial 2-3113 Roanoke, Va. WOMEN REMEMBER Compliments of HORNE ' S R. D. HUNT 410 South Jefferson Street for FARM AND ORCHARD Clever Clothes Custom-Made Hats SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS TOYS HAVERTY ' S Jennings-Shepherd Co. TRADITIONALLY FINE FURNITURE 411 First Street, S. W. Dial 3-6598 Roanoke, Va. On Terms Arranged to Suit You Specialists in Team Equipment 111 W. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Va. 4 155 fa Compliments of General Finance Corp. II 8 V 2 East Main Street Phone 3340 Salem, Va. Compliments of W.C. CHAPMAN Congratulations, Seniors! SALEM ELEVATORS For Safe, Vertical Transportation Manufactured by Salem Foundry Machine Works, Inc. Established 1889 Salem, Va. Compliments of Southern Varnish Corp. Roanoke, Virginia SALEM TRACTOR CO. Ford Tractors - Farm Equipment Dirt Moving Machinery Phone 3196 Lee Highway, Mill Lane DENSMORE POULTRY FARM Successful Breeders of Poultry for Over 45 Years Roanoke Virginia Sun Brand Notion Co. Wholesale Notions and Novelties Jewelry and Drug Sundries Salem, Virginia SCOTTIES RESTAURANT 5010 Williamson Road Try Our CHICKEN-IN-THE-BASKET FOOT-LONG HOT DOGS OLD VIRGINIA BRICK Salem Brick Co., Inc. Phone 2357 Salem, Va. GILL ' S Drive-In Hamburger House NEVER WORRY, NEVER FEAR 4611 Williamson Road Roanoke, Virginia GEORGE ' S DRIVE-IN IS ALWAYS HERE We serve strictly fresh Hamburger, ground daily in our own kitchen from Best Grade Choice Beef Compliments to the 1951 Class! TAKE HOME A BAG” Compliments of Compliments of FULTON MOTORS, Inc. Frigid-Freeze Lockers, Inc. 114 Franklin Road DISTRIBUTORS OF Roanoke, Virginia Chrysler Plymouth Libby Frozen Foods Quality Eggs Complete feed for l° ts premium quality eggs with Cornett School of Business The school’s main endeavor is to care for the individual’s efficient and rapid progress” |KI delicious flavor. Rely on Layena Dial 2-6401 — 3-1476 Roanoke, Virginia 17 Franklin Road Roanoke, Va. CENTRAL Compliments of TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE BOWMAN ' S BAKERY SMITH-CORONA DEALER BAKERS OF All Makes New and Used Portable and Office Machines Rental and Repair All Makes Sunbeam Bread - Sunbeam Cakes SALES - SERVICE - SUPPLIES and Telephone 2-8410 Boston Strause Pies 123 Kirk Avenue, S. W. Roanoke, Va. Dial 2-3485 or 3-0833 CONGRATULATIONS FROM SHOPWELL FOOD STORE Woody Angle and Harry Cannaday Large enough to serve you Small enough to knozv you 2825 Brambleton Ave. Roanoke, Va. KANE FURNITURE CO., Inc. 22 East Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia ’’Roanoke ' s Fast-Growing Furniture Store SPORTSWEAR — COATS SUITS — DRESSES Especially for the Junior Miss JOSEPH SPIGEL, Inc. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA MORGAN-EUBANK FURNITURE CORP. 14 East Campbell Avenue Dial 7357 ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Shank Furniture Company of Salem The Home of Fine Furniture” 2-4-6 West Main Street Dial 4420 SALEM, VIRGINIA Furniture and Appliances for Every Room in Your Home 158 b- Brotherhood Merchantile Company in Roanoke since 1889 There’s a Reason BETTER CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS for Men, Young Men and Students 107 South Jefferson Street Dial 6297 Roanoke, Va. BUSH HANCOCK CLOTHING COMPANY, Inc. P ' or Over 40 Years “The Man’s Store” Accessories for the Well-Dressed Man 106 Campbell Ave., S. W. Phone 2-0254 Phones: Shop and Residence 3441 BAKER BROTHERS, Inc. H. M. WOOD CASE FARM MACHINERY PLUMBING AND HEATING Sales and Service 37 E. Main Street 1402 Williamson Road Salem, Virginia Phone 3-2638 Roanoke, Va. Compliments of MODERN DRESS SHOP COLLEGE INN STYLES 209 East Main Street To Please Everyone Salem, Virginia Phone 3211 Salem, Virginia READ TARPLEY JEWELRY CO. The High School News IN Watches - Diamonds - Gifts THE TIMES-REGISTER ' ' Guaranteed Watch Repairing” Published, by SCHOOL RINGS SALEM PUBLISHING Telephone 2489 COMPANY Commercial Printers 17 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia 4 . 159 BECAUSE Style Comes First MitchelT 1 Vi r.T,OT IN(j J - 5 Roanoke, Virginia CONNER ' S PURE FOOD MARKET Fancy Groceries and Meats Main Street Salem, Virginia Phone 2341 Every lady’s pointing to Hotpoint” AT ELECTRIC SERVICE CORPORATION 26 West Church Avenue ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Triangle Service Station College Avenue and Boulevard G. W. Robinson Sinclair Gas and Oil Washing and Greasing Congratulations from GEORGE T. HITCH JEWELER 118 West Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia 591 SO. JifFERSOM STREET Compliments of MORGAN ' S SUPERMARKET Frozen Foods Groceries Fresh Meats 25 E. Main Street Phone 3521 Your Favorite Furrier” JJ Roanoke, Virginia Bridal Portraiture GREEN MARKET Fancy Meats Groceries NEIL GOOD Quality Produce PHOTOGRAPHER Dial 2370 Dial 2-4629 413 S. Jefferson St. 8 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia KIRK ' S Since 1889 JEWELERS “Over Sixty Years of Progress” Wearing Apparel for Men, Women Campbell at Jefferson Roanoke, Virginia Boys and Girls OAK HALL “Thru the Blok ” Fine Diamonds Gifts Roanoke, Virginia BROWN HARDWARE CO. “The Friendly Store” ★ ★ ★ Phone 4431 115 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Wiley Fuel and Supply Corp. UNITED PAWN SHOP Luggage Jewelry Everything in the Building Line Sporting Goods Coal, Paints, Oil and Glass Corner Salem Avenue Phone 3731 Salem, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia WERTZ OPTICAL COMPANY “We Sell to Sell Again” GUILD OPTICIAN SALEM HARDWARE CO. Room 113, Carlton Terrace Apts. F. E. Wertz, Optician General Electric Appliances Dial 9015 Roanoke, Virginia Salem, Virginia 161 GILES BROTHERS FURNITURE Since 1902” 16-18 E. Church Ave. Roanoke, Virginia SHELOR ' S SERVICE STATION Washing - Greasing - Service Calls 22 East Main Street E. H. Shelor SALEM, VA. GLENVAR GARAGE INSURANCE—ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Ask for it—We have it Phone 2291 HILL ' S FOOD MARKET Choice Meats and Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Phone 3420 R. F. D. No. 3, Lee Highway, West Silver Crafts Copper Crafts HANDWROUGHT BY LAWTON 427 Campbell Avenue, S. W. David B. Lawton Roanoke, Va. THEY APPRECIATE CARPER ' S GIFTS 119 E. Main Phone 3381 SALEM, VIRGINIA FLOWERS Roy L. Webber, Florist 4000 Williamson Road Phone 3-2469 Roanoke, Virginia Propst-Childress Shoe Company 305 South Jefferson Street Dial 9269 Roanoke, Va. REID AND CUTSHALL Better Furniture Since 1924 GITTENS MORTON, Inc. Specializing in Students’ Accident Insurance Salem, Virginia Compliments of JOBE ' S FLORIST H. H. PRICE ESSO STATION Corner Main and Union Streets Salem, Virginia J. M. LOGAN DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS 33 East Main Street Salem, Virginia SAM ' S QUALITY CLOTHING SHOES for the Entire Family POOLE ' S ESSO STATION Lunches—Beverages—All Night Service Courtesy, Honesty is Our Motto E. Main St. Dial 2904 Salem, Va. Compliments of ZAND ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 4 162 }» J. E. JEWELL Compliments of Contractor and Builder BEN CHAPMAN Route 1 — P. O. 57 Attorney Salem, Va. Phone 3112 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE CLASS OF ’51 Second Street and Luck Avenue Grandin Court Grocery Roanoke, Va. Phone 6217 GILLIAM-LENNON Compliments of The Home of Davis H. Elliot Co., Inc. ROGERS PEET CLOTHES Electrical Contractors Roanoke Virginia Roanoke Virginia Congratulations, Graduates of ’51 GRANT ' S Compliments For Better Bargains Fort Lewis Dining Room 21 W. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Va. BARNETT ' S TAXI E. F. Blankenship Company General Contractors Dial 2444 Salem, Va. E. F. BLANKENSHIP Phones: Office 4202 — Residence 2109 Main Street Salem, Va. BRANDON ROAD MARKET CAIN ' S CONFECTIONERY Open Every Nite Till 9:00 The House of Bargains Delivery 10:30 A. M.—3:30 P. M. 1102 Brandon Rd., S. W. Roanoke, Va. Phone 2-9180 Dial 3-9218 for Appointments CARL ' S BEAUTY SALON 418 Second St., S. W. Roanoke, Va. g. e. mcdaniel ROOFING AND SHEET METAL WORK Serving Roanoke Since 1913 Sheet Metal Work — Roofing — Ventilation Duct Work for Air Conditioning WORK DONE TO SPECIFICATIONS 1805 Shenandoah Ave., N. W. Phone 9567 Boyle-Swecker Tire Corp. C. J.CAIN Groceries - Fresh Meat - Feed- Dry Goods - Esso Gas and Oil Glenvar, Va. 163 FELTON RUG SERVICE Compliments of Rug Sales — Service — Storage Dial 3-4190 914 4th St., S. E. Roanoke, Virginia A FRIEND Congratulations to the Class WILLIAMS SUPPLY of ’51 Wholesale Electric Supplies WINDSOR COURT Roanoke, Virginia WILLIAMS DRUG STORE White Foundry Company, Inc. 422 13th Street, S. W. CAST METAL PRODUCTS Roanoke, Va. Dial 2-2917 Roanoke, Virginia INTERIORS The Virginia Galleries CHARLES W. FARRELLY 1402 Grandin Road Roanoke, Va. SULLIVAN SUPPLY CO. PLUMBING SUPPLIES Phone 2401 Salem, Va. SKYLINE CLEANERS, INC. SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 601 South College Avenue PAINTS - WALLPAPER ARTIST SUPPLIES Salem, Virginia 29 E. Church Ave. Roanoke, Va. Compliments of Rutrough Motors, Inc. USED CARS Salem Farm Supply Corp. Big Hill,” Across from Dixie Caverns B. J. Parrish, Manager Parker-Nimmo Supply Co., Inc. Compliments of Distributors and Jobbers NORMANDIE INN Industrial Supplies and Machinery DINING ROOM Salem, Virginia Phone 2335 Air Conditioned for Your Comfort J. J. NEWBERRY CO. NATIONAL SAMPLE STORE Remember, Sample Shoes Are the Salem, Virginia Best Shoes Made 211 East Main St. Salem, Va. 4 164 MEADOWS BROS. GARAGE 905 Norfolk Ave., S. W., Roanoke, Va. Shop Phone 3-0091 Residence 5068 You Wreck ’Em — We Fix ’Em” VIRGINIA Scrap Iron and Metal Co., Inc. 1600 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Va. STANFORD, INC. Outdoor Advertising - Neon Signs Dial Salem, Va. - 4323 RAINBO S DREAD MOSES ESSO STATION Atlas Tires and Tubes East Main Street Phone 2995 Salem, Va. McDOWALL WOOD Highway Contractors 1308 West Main St. Salem, Va. Kenrose Manufacturing Co., Inc. Ladies’ Washable Apparel 230 Center Ave., N. W. Roanoke 17, Va. JEWEL HAT SHOP Millinery and Handbags 1 W. Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Va. WASENA SERVICE STATION 1902 Main St., Wasena Roanoke, Va. Gas - Oil - Tires - Accessories J. A. DEYERLE, Owner TRIANGLE FOOD MARKET Fancy Meats, Groceries and Produce 2209 Brandon Avenue Phone 2-4397 Roanoke, Va. SALEM CAMERA SHOP Cameras - Supplies - Finishing 220 E. Main St. Phone 3271 MUDDIMAN ELECTRIC CO. 28 West Church Avenue Dial 3-4531 Roanoke, Va. METROPOLITAN CAFE Roanoke’s Foremost Eating Place” — Air Conditioned — “GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH 510 S. Jefferson St. Roanoke, Va, LAWRENCE GROCERY Groceries and General Merchandise Dial 2917 R. F. D. No. 3 Salem, Va. LAYMAN CANDY CO. Candies - Tobacco - Specialties Salem, Va. Phone Roanoke - 3-4471 Hairfield ' s Food Market Groceries and Meat Roanoke, Va. { 1(55 } • O aP t ( bts i C UlScS J a - Cl f. ZZl AXjl -n i, ' ' 7?)r @-A ? jZ ?A z , j cA(T T -, The Walker Machine and Foundry Corp. GREY IRON AND NON-FERROUS CASTINGS MACHINE WORK Dial 5556 ROANOKE, VIRGINIA ?z 6 ■{ 166 V :, 0 nS x —: V 0° e W cX — a v 0 - ' .jO C ° «c 0 . , - s c - W- V .« V . 0 e - i’ P fC. c ° . 0 ° 3 ° S° e ' Voter Official Photographer $ n •$ 167 }■ AMOCO PRODUCTS WRECKER SERVICE WOODSON PONTIAC COMPANY 1104 West Main Street Salem, Virginia Dial 4444 107 West Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia VIRGINIA SOUTHERN COLLEGE Departments: Kennett School of Commerce Accounting and Business Administration School of Secretarial Training School of Salesmanship Request Catalog L-158 Campbell Avenue at Third Street, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia To High School Graduates Whatever you plan to do after grad¬ uation—whether you plan for college or business—your mental development must continue. The National Business College is a distinc¬ tive, private school of professional grade. Day and evening courses prepare high school graduates for immediate earnings. Many graduates who have acquired experience are now presidents, vice-presidents, cashiers, sec¬ retaries, treasurers and controllers of large corporations—others are in successful ac¬ countancy practice. The selection of a commercial school for your business training is of vital importance to you. Write for beautifully illustrated cat¬ alog. National Business College Roanoke, Virginia Accredited by National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools. «§f 1G8 THE YALE TOWNE MANUFACTURING COMPANY SALEM DIVISION { 169 } APPRECIATION Before we close the 1951 edition of the Pioneer, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to those people who worked so hard to make this publication possible. Our sincere appreciation goes to Mrs. Gillespie, our sponsor, who guided us so willingly in all our work. To Mrs. Bertha C. Fisher, our adviser, we extend our gratitude for the help and advice she gave us. W e wish to thank Mr. Gerald Cannaday, of the Stone Printing Company, for his valuable assistance and advice to us in planning the layout. Our sincere gratitude goes to the Roanoke Times for the football pictures. To Dewey Clower and David Little we wish to express our deep appreciation for making snapshots for this Annual. We wish to extend our genial thanks to Mr. John Burns and other employees of Pugh’s Studio for their cooperation in producing the individual pictures for this Yearbook. Our thanks go to Mr. R. W. Culpepper for his patience in producing the group pictures for this publication. Without the cooperation of the entire student body of Andrew Lewis High School, we realize that this edition would not be possible. We wish to express to all of you our sincere appreciation for your help. .» )) It i A. (1 1 W ( w ( ,; J • c p ' t) JJ- J , 0 CS v 4 171 AUTOGRAPHS O ju A , y Z M i X JU cU - L Jl rCi - w JU, ■ ytA L $fft - e - ' Mas 79 jiAJsL y» . L. sZCS-CS- c ssiA n r «y AUTOGRAPHS A - -—y j XP A • —. nJA . r — : yic J- 4 -A 1 ZAX A-y - Hji 4 k. u jLc y- -eP xJ zAa juJ -A% 4- - — C ' V i .7 fU Aux jl u a U C Y r jp %. , JL- j( p j y - AA T aCLjx r A—- x ' x . A ‘ (§- L u ”p + k -ctXjj (yA- -J- - ft Ji JL X Pu X Yjj L ■ - jA jl JL OL p - Jo . X JL 41 — A-Cx AC. A«- — A—• - v X h C Z 7 nrWjL ' - - -s» T I r—- r fT {,. : I Jj j i l ■ I- I J f , ; 3 « ! 1 ggHf - ju- - «; ! f -3 fiip 1 — .%— ! r|l If IT’ TO ! P p i . n vr r r T- BT P ; I L r yl I IT i § c-f i tar ' - - LJ! l lJ - ■ ; r : , :—•. 1 fl T ' 3 f - r- ' : ffffl T . «k. ; fill-1 E| [ l M iiiii? uife lilt Sri ! •». K l,,E II • « |f| 11« ■ J j! It f I I » 11 “ o s « 1 1,1 1 ' ||4 m ill: — j ■ iSlf MU JSlil ill K |{ nil ifII • ' lH% iii | life . •-“ ssrrSS i im fSfi iih • ■llil. ISh! - fcyifesi • M :

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