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- ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem, Virginia m -• i CN -V To k I 3 % V 5 -Q Zke 1949 Pioneer Published By THE STUDENT BODY OF ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL SALEM, VIRGINIA DEDICATION To you who have brought immortal music to all of us, music that lingers everlastingly in every soul— To you whose untiring efforts in the past years have brought widespread fame for your wonderful work in the choir and in the band— To you who have always shown such great kindness, understanding, and friend¬ liness toward every one of us— It is to you, Mrs. Peery and Mr. Christensen, as a token of our love and deep appreciation for all you have done, that we, the staff of ’49, gratefully dedi¬ cate this edition of The Pioneer. - FOREWORD “The harvest is at hand”; the Class of ’49, having completed five years of preparation, is now ready to reap the golden grain—“graduation.” With high hopes for the future, the joys of new paths that lie before us, and perhaps also a sigh of regret for the past to be left behind, we pass on into the glorious sunlight of the future. This land of the future as it flashes before us on the screen is different from that of our parents. There will be new scientific advances such as television, already introduced, new social ideas, new scenes—in a word, a new world. We seek our “Eldorado”—our place in the sun—the golden horde of experience, learning, and human companionship. Some of us will become the “electricians” and “technicians” of this new world; others will gain the spotlights; the opportuni¬ ties are endless. But, wherever Fate may send us, whatever may befall us, the memories of those early days at Andrew Lewis will be with us. For a few brief moments let us concentrate on the television screen flashing before us familiar scenes of the past as well as those which are to come. May this ’49 Pioneer help us to relive the fun, the rare moments of success and achievement, and the familiar, unsuspectedly dear routine of our high school days. To the Readers of the Pioneer—Greetings and Good Wishes: The broad purpose of the American high school is to promote the develop¬ ment of its students for effective personal and social living, and to help them be¬ come worthy members of a democratic society. To the accomplishment of this purpose Andrew Lewis High School dedicates itself anew. As the years pass and new groups of students come for instruction and guidance, the school shall attempt to do all that it can through its instructional program and extra-curricular offerings to promote the worth and dignity of each member who may become a part of the Andrew Lewis family. To the Class of ' 49, I extend congratulations! Collectively and individually this graduating class has made its contribution to the ideals which Andrew Lewis High School cherishes. In the years to come may each of you be as good a citizen in the nation as you have been a good citizen in your high school. Faithfully yours, E. B. Broadwater Principal ■ ' :•■■■ . 1 . ...‘• p- : ' 7 ' ' •’ 4 . ■ ' •■ .» ;;.= •» V--‘ gY -.i.TT-.t „ ivaL-y- ac wmZ -Jca, -luJ-lox. ? ' JiaJUA ? A ..? - CUnLihx- f J yhjUulonpA, cs GL JsiulqjJL. JU nJLuurkuii. Us jbUttMVHj ... „ » " ' • •»,, . • ' : t • . i , Jfasnu-ihL. 0 -tUVUJUl C0Y7 [Senior ■f. :-. :i dtK: JfaucLO- CkutcJt,Cal xditr i . .:•■• ,W a C9 (m - fVtAwn. | ICCc 5 a •••. • vV l-A. L " c rw trreuivSs 4 »V atf ' - » • - ... if ...=„ , - !■■•:„. »-• ‘ .•». , .a.- " kv ' M Xj v.VV: iw Vv:V. $$$ • ■ • • • ! DIRECTORS Mr. Herbert M. Copenhaver Mr. E. B. Broadwater Principal Mr. F. C. Alexander Consumer Economics, Distributive Education Miss Katherine L. Arnold (Grade 8) Music and English Mrs. Adelle M. Bennett Librarian Mrs. Jewell Peters Boitnott Advanced Arithmetic Mrs. Dorothea F. Chick (Grade 8) Science, Mathematics Mr. L. Christensen Band Mr. Paul K. Coffman Science Miss Annie Virginia Cook Latin Physical Education, Assistant Coach Mrs. Margaret V. Easter History Mrs. Bertha C. Fisher English Mrs. Mary O. Garner History, Geography Mrs. Gladys E. Gillespie Mathematics Miss Charlotte Goodwin Science, Physics Miss Mary H. Goodwin Typing Miss Sarah Goodwin English Mrs. Barbara Gordon Home Economics Miss Mary Louise Hearing (Grade 8) Science, Social Science Mrs. Virginia L. Houchens History, English Mrs. Julia B. Hylton (Grade 8) Mathematics, Science Mrs. Lillian G. Jennings (Grade 8) Mathematics, Science Miss Aminee W. Jones Bookkeeping, Typing Mrs. Opal S. Keffer Mathematics Miss Alice B. Kidd (Grade 8) English, Social Science Miss Mildred L. Kidd (Grade 8) English, Social Science Mr. Robert E. Kinzie Agriculture Assistant Miss Marie Lewis (Grade 8) English, Social Science 4 6 DIRECTORS Mr. Blake W. Liddle History, English Mr. C. R. Little Shop Mrs. Rose F. Little English, Latin Miss Hazel Long (Grade 8) Mathematics, Social Science Miss Annie McConkey Geometry, Trigonometry Mrs. Nancie F. Miller Home Economics Miss Marilyn Mitchell History, English Miss Carolyn Montgomery (Grade 8) Algebra, Science Mrs. Mary S. Parrish (Grade 8) English, Mathematics Mrs. Carrie M. Pedigo English Mrs. Nelle H. Peery Music Mr. James E. Peters Agricultu re Miss Elsie B. Proffitt Stenography, History, Typing M rs. Louise D. Rice Algebra, Geometry Mr. Marshall Robinson Visual Education, Civics, Geography Mrs. Ethel S. Shockey Algebra Mrs. Forest M. Smith Civics, Debating Mr. G. H. Spruhan Athletic Coach Mrs. Pearl C. Strickler Public Speaking, English Mrs. Mary M. Vaughan English, French Miss Leslie V. Watkins Biology Miss Phyllis J. Watts Physical Education Miss Pauline Webb Chemistry, Biology Mrs. Elsie K. Wertz (Grade 8) English, Social Science Miss Mary E. Wright Science, Assistant Librarian Mrs. Sarah R. Alexander Office Assistant Mrs. Della M. Bradley Manager of Cafeteria Mrs. Nell D. Miller Secretary to Principal { 7 } PRODUCTION STAFF Ruby Kanode. John Ray Turbyfill Betsy Galbraith . . . John Cross. J. M. Young. Mac Minnick Bobby Stanley Joe Powell Dolores Chelf Martha Kime Bernard Hart. Hubert Bain Sue Robertson [ ... Donnie Spotts j Louise Fringer. Herbert Gordon. .. . . Editor-in-Chief . Business Manager . Assistant Editor Assistant Business Manager . Advertising Manager . Advertising Staff Circulation Manager . . . . Circulation Staff . . . .Activities Editor . Literary Editor Fay Boldish. . Editor of Classes Evelyn Cain. . .Assistant Editor of Classes Virginia Davis. Frances Wood Keturah Pillow Elizabeth Garnand ] Dorothy Hackman Joyce Wood Betty Eubank 1 . j Jimmy Kirkwood Charles Humphries 1 .... . Photographers Jimmy Johnson Betty Ann Owen . 1 Violet Jamison Mrs. Gladys E. Gillespie.. . Mrs. Mary M. Vaughan ) Mrs. Rose F. Little Mr. Blake Liddle •€{ 8 c A V . .;• ' ' : ; X .--.vX . •.’V . ' -O? .,r» v.V m ■:-W sitX V.-;. ■ • ■■ - ' v fc f-V.y.:V — X ’! -. ; . .•• ' » • .... Iv V V-W: wm .. X ' g%: v ' .: ! ;.■: v!: -VV f 4 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Joe Wilbourne. Jimmy Blount. Martha Kime. Pat Smiley. . President Vice President . . . Secretary Treasurer Many important events have occurred in the “49’s” throughout the centuries. In 1649 Charles I of England was beheaded; in 1749 the governor of Pennsylvania made Benjamin Franklin commissioner of the peace; in 1849 there was the great California gold rush; and now 1949 will be marked by a great event—our gradua¬ tion. This is the “Year of Jubilo” to us, this year of 1949. To some it is the Emancipation Proclamation, but to others it is the tolling of the death knell, for at the end of this school year they shall have to part with some of the friends they have grown to know and love. But all is not sadness. In the years that lie ahead we shall recall our high school days, and their memory will be a source of joy to us. Some will remember going to the football games and cheering for our heroes and our school; others will recall the formals, club meetings on Wednesday mornings, “butterflies” before exams, and getting an “A” on the test “I just know I failed.” We will never forget the Senior Program, the Senior Play, Senior Day, and the Junior-Senior Prom. These were ours alone and will always belong to us. Yes, to some it will be the tolling of the death knell, but is it the end? This is just the beginning of our lives, and in the years to come when we have settled down, we will rea lize that these were the best years of our lives, only because they were the first. 4 10 }y Spelled backwards, her name is “I moan,” But Naomi is cheerful at school or at home. x plus y 2 = U x for all the things you do An’ y 2 makes me now declare That I know U are no square. Paris chose Helen— Oh, gay Paree! May you and your Helen Ever happy be. At Smead and Webber’s mixing cokes Alice is cracking nuts—or jokes! Ellen’s sweet and “Tres petite,” Someone you would like to meet. When over his books he should be porin’, You’ll always find our Dalton, snorin’. As fine in school as on the guitar, Her personality’s never “bittar.” 4 A hlhnU Bouuac ) . ' Sfrsi , r r 11 A beaming light for all to see; A nurse in white she longs to be. Can you bake—a chocolate cake As well as read a book? Is your muffin—a tough one? Clyde—can you cook? Blosser blossoms a big A. L. His personality sure can sell. Though he’s Blount he’s really keen— Just shows how little a name can mean. Handsome Ben—he’s just one plan, You see, he’s really a ladies’ man. A gal whose heart is kinda gold-ish, But whose approach is rather Boldish. Cecil’s a modern Danny Boone, An F. F. A. boy—right in tune. A. L. will B AIT After U go, U C, 4 U R a QT. A happy-go-lucky, wise-cracking lad, Sometimes, but seldom, you ' ll see him sad. 12 Bill Shakespeare wrote about Hamlet— We’ll sing praises of Martha Bramlett. When Dr. Brammer comes to town, His pills and stuff don’t make you frown, They’re pills of happiness, we’ve found A hurry and a scurry Almost not in time, A bustle and a hustle But cute as a dime. Dr. Brown is a hit with the nurses, He sends them all away in hearses. A talking, walking cane, A candy cane, A sugar cane, Evelyn Cain, They’re all the same! Here’s a girl that tops them all, She’s really slender, tender, and tall. For every Snapp course she’s the slave, Poor girl! It’s freedom she docs crave. Tops in glamour as in Beta, Betty Jean’s really a “hot potato.” 13 K P ' (2 22 $ mt AlMAi Uf C-Vxujt. U yynQlvw ' ■ c -wiT (2 She wants to be Young And is headin’ for satin, Just so she’s not mixed up And cheerin’ in Latin. A modern Cicero Or else a “ Bing,” In television He’ll sure be king. As sweet as Chocolate is mighty sweet, She’s really a joy—and can’t be beat Here’s to our Queen Anne, The fairest of the clan. Hark! Hark! It’s Rhea Clark— He’ll make his mark. Night-hawk Sidney—really cute! He’s the pride of the institute. To president Fayth of the S. C. A.: We’ll miss you when you’ve gone away. Don’t forget Jan-et She’s swell, you bet. 14 j§8- Martha met George Washington And history was made then, Why don’t you meet a White House boy And have Martha there again? We’ve heard your praises often sung But always by some feminine tongue, You cannot help attract the Miss, Your fatal charms they can’t resist. I dinna ken Kenny But I bet ye a penny He’s as tight as Jack Benny, If ye ask for a penny. No need to Crowe, We all well know, In football He’s sure to show! This majorette’s a right slick chick, With swishing skirts and heels that click. To “dear-old-Cush” let’s drink a toast, Of this fine girl we’ll always boast. With mint juleps and magnolias We’ll toast this Virginia gal, To show how much we like her And want her for a pal. Her parents initiated her F. A. D., In school our favorite fad is she. «f 15 Where’s that gal they all want to know? “Peekaboo,” it’s beauteous Jo. « 1 D mpt r 6 0 " Up at Norman’s or out at the cabin, You’ll always find pretty Phyllis gabbin’. Nurse Betty, for pills I thank you, But next time take care; You see they removed my nose — The wart is still there. “15 cheers for the G. O. P.” The only one left is our own Billy. Phyllis, don’t kill us With your cooking— Phyllis, don’t chill us With your looking. A popular young lady is our Miss Eller, Some day she’ll cook for a regular fellow. If you’re lookin’ for our Snookie — Look outside —he’s playin’ hookie. Whether it’s rain or whether it’s snow, There’s always a camera followed by Bo. 4 16 Like $$$ bills he sure can fly, If you don’t believe it, ask Jeff Hi. The reason?—Ask Pat why! I bank, you bank, he banks. We bank on Eubanks, and You bet, Betty Eubanks! If she’s sweet, she’s Farmer’s date, We wonder what he uses for bait. That stuff in her head sure isn’t sawdust, A nice girl and rather modest. Good luck, by the truck To Jackie Ferrill, May Jack make “jack” By the barrel. Leo, the lion-hearted Ferris! If a lion appeared, he’d be embarrassed. Faith and bigorra, it’s Flannagan, She’s tops —and you can say that again. Ze Cisco keed she ees so smart, She knows how to take and break a heart. i. ■) •€{17 } • Once a Little Red Riding Hood Met a chap like this in the wood, “Pardon me,” said she, “Yum, yum,” said he, As he ate her as fast as he could. This gypsy lover is “Campus News,” A wonderful guy we’ll sure hate to lose. While beatin’ Beethoven, Or Chopin she’s choppin’, This smart little lass There’s no chance of stoppin’. The old maid’s heartthrob, Melvin Garman, He cultivates “tomatoes” in his farmin’. To leave ole A. L. This lass can’t bear it, Quite a kid, This Virginia Garrett. Charlotte Ann Garst We’d tell you if we darst That when you’re gone—we’re lost. This Good boy is tops with the tooter, And we think there’s no one cuter. A sweater green, and a carrot top, It doesn’t walk nor does it hop. It’s a sure cure for boredom— What is it? It’s Herbert Gordon. 4 18 fa Commodore Stanley eats his cracker, A fine fellow who’s surely no slacker. Trubie always goes for models; Anyone he’d like to coddle— (Airplane models, of course). W2H his formula is. In Math he surely is a whiz. Monsieur Charles speaks in French, Although he’s not Boyer. He’s right in tune—just hear him croon; “Parlez-vous francais?” Calm and quiet is our Eloise, She’s not hot-tempered nor in the deep freeze. We all go for Harmon eyes And a Harmon smile as well, We’d like to Harmon-ize ‘Cause Nellie rings the bell. Murlene, a siren, With a come-hither smile, Sister, we like your style. £jL.nL t U-.i x . : y lcx- 1 J { 19 } In ’49 we lose our Hart— A swell guy, and plenty smart. Here’s to our dependable Bobby- Painting the town’s his dependable hobby. ' ' 0 h $ if f t o 4 -uJ$- O $ ' o+ , Flash! his news is always hot-dated— Flash! he’s campaigning November 2— Flash! his logic can’t be debated — We know Tom will always come through. When is the Glenn a Hayes? (Please answer right.) When is the Glenn a Hayes? When the son isn’t bright. Charming Charlotte’ll dine on pheasant, ‘Cause her personality’s incandescent. In her “Little White House Just for Two,” We hope our Mae’ll never be blue. The unicorn Has a horn— But it’s true, Betty has, too. The sweetness of sugar, an’ strawberries an’ cream, A touch of spice—makes our Doris Jean. Old Mother Flubbard went to the cupboard. What did she find there? Little Pat Hubbard. A date in the dark For this camera shark— Means photographic mixtures To develop his “pixtures.” A sinister leer from Harry Means—“Ladies, be wary.” Here’s to independent Nancye, She’s cute and sweet, but rather “fancye.” Roses are red, So Violet’s not blue, No Dawn can compare In sweetness to you. This kind of girl keeps your head in a whirl, Not a bit like an oyster, although she’s a pearl. She’s ham and eggs—an’ a touch of caviar; The words to a song, and the spark to a star. A sweet glance from Nancy, Would enhance our fancy. He never moans, This boy named Jones, ’Though his troubles may be Heavy as stones. 4 21 P to « ? 4K J- - ' mJ yCj 7 rv — CrJbn Jtf f)- A r c fit-y- ' A word of gloom from Jo Ann You seldom ever hear, She brightens up our high school And fills it full of cheer. When she’s decoratin’ rooms Or somethin’ else instead, This ruby-throated humming-bird’ll Make ’em ruby red. When it’s time to be eatin’ The one always there is Keaton. Elizabeth, Liza, Lizzie, or Bess, A queen of a girl beyond a guess. There’s not a fairer lass in any sunny clime Than our own pretty May Queen, Martha Kime. Little Johnny Kinder Chopping up the timber, There was a heavy fog They thought he was a log, So now he’s just a cinder. I wonder You wander She’s Wonderful! They say, “All Lanes lead to Rome,” But this Lane leads to his lady’s home. 4 22 “Lavender Blue—Dilly, Dillv, Lavender Green,” She’s really tops—Dilly, dilly, A real Lewis Queen. A lawless Lawson helping Hedda Hopper, In “Et Cetera,” nothin’ it seems ’ll stop her. Comedian Dan—always gabbin’, Maybe C. B. S.’ll grab him. Da day fo’ Etta Mae, Da betta, betta day, Is da day—dat dey all say, “Etta Mae—Weddin’ Day. J J A “scatterbrain” in “stormy weather,” She’s cute as a dime and quick as a feather. J for Jazzy—that’s her speed, A for artful—better heed! M for merry—that’s our lamb, Put them together, an’ they make JAM. In this case it’s rather confusin’, When I’m seein’ one, I’m seein’ twos’n. Trie ?c 4 23 } The other one of the pair of two, We hear he’s a camera bug, too. Dashing, crashing Don McGhee, A gay caballero—fiddle dee dee. No. 71—McNutt, Who made that touchdown? Who else but! Who would ask for Moore? We do, When we need him, he always comes through. Morgan, the pirate gal is she, She’ll steal your heart and keep the key. James, James, good at games, He plays with boys, but prefers the dames. News staff Nancy with a nose for news, Personality plus really counts, she proves. We’re owin’ Our own Betty Owen A moan— ‘Cause she is goin’. Jean, are you a Jenne or a genie? Could you grant us our wishes 1, 2, 3? If you’re a genie, don’t be a meanie, Jean. 4 24 } Wanda, Wanda, don’t wander away, We really want you, Wanda, to stay. Don’t look for wings or a halo golden, If he’s had ’em, he probably sold ’em. So fast this perky Perkins makes baskets That he causes a big demand for caskets. When the sun shines bright on Capitol Dome, There John’ll be—right at home. Hello, Hello, Keturah Pillow! Wherever you go, We wish you the best of luck, you know. Little David plunk-at vour harp, Don’t Bb, B . Plywood Plybon, plenty tough — His heart is heavy as a love puff. When Dick Powell Is on the prowl Women howl! 25 C- Q p QVv Ks ' Sc ' Vvq tn. This gal’s neat An’ mighty sweet; You sure can’t beat Our very own Pete. “What news,” we asked, “is your food “A diet of Rice,” we conclude. Hard-boiled or scrambled — He’s a good egg. With a cheery smile For which we all beg. Harum, scarum, Madcap you— When you’re not here, What will we do? Strife rhymes with Rife, Rife rhymes with wife, With that we wish you a peaceful life. The initials of your name— If you add a “ling,” Make what we think of you — It says everything. If you prefer a blond, sir, Why would you Rush, sir, further? A Schaffer drawing With Shaffer pen, In math her grades Equal IO times io. Sir Harless Scott of chivalry, A knight in armor he longs to be. This colonel lets Yankees live in peace, son, As long as they’re north of the Mason-Dixon. Mary was a little shepherdess Looking for her sheep, Look in Wytheville, dearie, There you may happiness keep. A bit of a wit And always a hit. —She’s it! Pat’s “Pat” So that’s that! ! ! Ye gentle maide from ye olde Salem towne Remember to smile and never frown. Napoleon had his Josephine — This we guess is true, But “Nap” didn’t have a thing on us, We have a “Josie,” too. We think he’s as good as Frankie Boy, Our golden-voiced Wayne, But the only singing he ever does Is in the bathtub or rain. ■ Jt njL 4 27 h cZ n. JZ£z An ethereal “rebel” is D. A. R.—ling Donnie, Like her Y-Teens, she’s Sweet, bright, and bonny. She’s the jam of our bread And the “Peg of our Hearts,” We’ll be unpegged When she departs. Mary had a little lamb, Now all Alary eats is Spam, The cost of living causes this, mam. “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” If you find any on him, give it a toss. This gal has ‘Communist’ hair An’ she’s cute beyond compare. Aye, th’ lad’s a right braw Swain, He’ll tak’ ye, lass, doon lover’s lane. “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true,” They always say that daisies won’t tell, Tell me, Daisy, will you? ‘15 for Tommy Tingler,’ He’s a real bell ringer. 4 28 }• 0 . c Our football hero at “Andy Lou,” He’ll cry when he leaves, and so will you. Negative or affirmative, We’re positive he’s on top, There’s no debate about it, He surely hits the spot. Farmer Turner’ll make his mark some day, ‘Cause he learned his farmin’ the “scientific” way. This shy lass with the rosy complexion Has charms that spread like an infection. This little Wheeler rolls to the goal — She’d rate high in any Gallup poll. He’s the voice He’s on the ball He’s president Of senior hall. We’re really, willy, nilly, silly, About no sweller “feller,” Billy. Wirt worried, were it wise A wife to woo for Wirt? Wait, Wirt, a wife’s a worry Were she Wirt’s, or were she weren’t. WL4 4 29 Were it sad, it yet were so, From old A. L. we soon must go, Come back sometime and say “Hello.” v-a nc e 5 V ooc U)o«» li- ' b - ' jjawv ' $3 yv This wise little owl sits out on a limb, The one thing she wants most is to be with HIM. Some drink coffee, some drink cokes, “But you’re our cup of tea,” In ole A. L. you sure can sell Your personality. Here’s a girl with a smile That says “I’m your friend,” Her wit and her charm Win her friends no end. Here’s to a gal who’ll really go! ! A second Michelangelo. Whether she’s a Mrs. or a Miss Diana’s heart’s all gold; We’re sure of this. I. M. U. R InXTC 4 uxl In all U C. Honey chile, jes’ don’t you fret, The last is always best, we’ll bet. •» 2 { 30 } • 1. White Christmas 2. Cokes and gossip 3. Rah, Rah, for Salem 4. Ah, romance 5. Whatcha grinning about Betty? 6. The lookouts 7. Dolores shows them how it’s done 8. These camera bugs 9. “The play’s the thing” 10. Dead End Kids 11. Skipping? ? 12. Truman fooled ’em—and a lot of others 13. Hold him! 14. Stage Crew THE 31 } PIONEER Senior DALTON BAUGESS—PAT SMILEY A button is cute, and so is a bug, But neither’s so cute as they, They add loads of charm and pep To everything each day. HUBERT BAIN—LOUISE FRINGER When climbing the ladder of success They’re likely to reach the top— They always open up the door At opportunity’s knock. THE PI Mirror MARTHA CRAWFORD—BILL ELMORE The form, the face, the charming glance Are in the Senior Mirror— The whole reflection they enhance And make our school days dearer. JOE WILBOURNE—NORMA CUNDIFF When Mother Nature gave her gifts Of her music sublime— These, the most talented, came around For a second time! O N E E R Senior Mirror BILL CHILDRESS—JEAN LUCAS You know why they’re a hit And wanted everywhere— They’ve got a bottomless pit of wit That’ll take them anywhere. DONNIE SPOTTS—JOHN TURBYFILL They’ll make their mark In school or in town— They’re not schmots or squares ’Cause they’re best all-around. MARTHA KIME—BILL ERVIN The voice of the people makes its choice, It cannot go amiss; They all acclaim as with one voice, Our most popular Mr. and Miss! JIMMY McNUTT—D ORIS ROOP Sports they crave both day and night, For these they need no rest. In any game they put up a fight, Their sportsmanship is the best! 4 33 )• FORTY-NINE Senior Directory Naomi Darden Altice Home Economics Club, 3; Library Club, 3, 4. Hubert Linwood Bain Key Club, 2, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4; Hi-Y, 5; Beta Club, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Home Room President, 4, 5; Class Council, 4, 5; Senior Mirror. Paris Elbert Bain F. F. A., 3; Student Council, 5; Hi-Y, 5. Alice Cora Baker S. C. A., 5; Home Economics, 3; Public Speaking, 5. Ellen Lewis Baker S. C. A., 3; Home Economics, 3, 4; Latin Club, 4, 5. Dalton Oliver Baugess Music, 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Choir, 2, 3, 4; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y, 3, s; Art Exhibition, 3, 4;Operetta, 3,4, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Stage Crew, 5; Junior Class Talent Scout Program, 4; Boys’ Sports Club, 4; Senior Play; Senior Mirror. Lois Agnes Bayse Sports Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A., 2, 3,4, 5; Vice President of Girl Reserves, 1; Latin Club, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Choral Club, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 1, 2, 4; Softball, 1, 2; Ping-Pong, 3, 4. Virginia Rose Beamer Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 5. Clyde Elizabeth Beard Home Economics Club, 4. Warren Orlo Blosser Monogram Club, 4, 5; Football Manager, 3; F. F. A., 1, 2. James Maxey Blount Hi-Y, s; Key Club, 2, 3; Student Council, 4; Vice President of Senior Class; Stage Crew, 3; Class Council, 5. Benjamin Bohon F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5. Fay Boldish Annual Staff, 5, Editor of Classes; Y-Teens, 4, 5; Operetta, 4; Operetta Staff, 5; Junior Choir, 4, Treas¬ urer, 4; Senior Choir, 3; Annual Follies, 3; Staff of “Two-Bit Oracle,” 5. Cecil Allen Boone F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5. Iris Louise Boone Y-Teens, 4, 5; Home Economics, 1, 2; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4. Norvin Clyde Boone Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 5. Martha Gray Bramlett Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3,4, 5; Home Economics, 2; D. E. Club, 5. Robert Calvin Brammer Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, s; F. F. A., 3; F. F. A. Public Speaking Winner, 3; Public Speaking, 4; Stage Crew, 4. Ruth Alice Brogan S. C. A., 1,2, 3; Home Economics Club, 4, 5, President, 5. Don Wendell Brown Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5, Assembly, 5; Public Speaking, 3, 4, 5; Temperance Tourna¬ ment, 3,4, 5; W. C. T. U. Contest, 3, 4, Winner, 3; Knights of Pythias Contest, 4; Democracy Contest, 4; Home Room Treasurer, 8th Grade; “Ten Per Cent Tommy” play, 3; “The Ghostly Evening” play, 3; “The Christmas Carol,” 5; Key Club, 3, 4; Annual Follies, 5; Tennis, 2; Softball, 4; Track, 4, 5; Staff for “Two-Bit Oracle,” 5; N. F. L., Vice President, 5; Senior Play. Evelyn Julia Cain Class President, 2; Fashion Show, 3; Home Economics Club, 4; S. C. A., 3, 4; Annual Staff, 2, 3, 4, 5. Betty Jane Cammer Home Economics, 2, 3; Y-Teens, 4; D. E., 5, Promotions Editor. Betty Brown Campbell Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; News Staff, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Senior Play. Betty Jean Campbell Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 4, Vice President, 4; Senior Choir, 5, Vice President, 5; Basketball, 2; Newspaper Staff, 5; May Court, 5; S. C. A., 1, 3; Class Council, 2. Dolores Lorraine Chelf Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Student Council, 4, 5, President, 5; Assembly Committee, 5; May Court, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sports Club, 2, 3; Debating, 4; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Christmas Play, 5; Cheerleader, 5; Staff of “Two-Bit Oracle,” 5; Vice Chairman of Student Cooperative Association of Roanoke District, 4, 5; Senior Play. William Howard Childress Football, 1, 2; Baseball, 4; Junior Choir, Senior Choir, 3, 4, 5; Choral Club, 5; Operetta, 3,4,5; Senior Quartet, 5; F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Federation Speech Winner, 4; Annual Follies, 5; N. F. L., 5; Public Speaking, 5, Winner, 5; Stage Crew, 3, 4; Senior Mirror. Joyce Nita Chocklett Latin Club, 4. Anne Wharton Churchman Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 2; Beta Club, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Stage Crew, 4; May Court, 5; Senior Play. Rhea Kirby Clark F. F. A., 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5. Sidney Allen Combs Latin Club, 3, 4, 5. Fayth Ann Conner Latin Club, 3, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5, President, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 3; Ping-Pong, 4. 4 34 } PIONEER THE Senior Directory Janet Virginia Cox Y-Teens, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5. Martha Taylor Crawford Y-Teens, 3, 4, S, Secretary, 4; F. H. A., 4, 5; Senior Mirror. Dudley Sizor Engleby Latin Club, 3; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, s;Tennis, 4, 5. Robert William Ervin Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Football, 2, 3, 4, 5, Varsity, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Senior Mirror. Robert Lewis Croft Annual Staff, 4; Assembly Committee, 5; Public Speaking, 5. Betty Louise Eubank Home Economics Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4, Treasurer, 5; Annual Staff, 5, Sports Editor; Cheerleader, 5. Kenneth Arnold Crowe F. F. A., 2, 3. Marvin Curtis Crowe Football, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; F. F. A., 2, 3; Public Speaking, 1, 2. Norma Ellen Cundiff Y-Teens, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Choral, 3, 4, 5; Majorette, 4, 5; Head Majorette, S; All- State Workshop Band, 4, 5; All-State Music Festival, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 2; Senior Choir, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 3, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 2; Senior Mirror. Maria Moncure Cushman Tennis, 1; Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 1; Latin Club 2, 3, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 2; Annual Follies, 2, 3; S. C. A., 2; Choral, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 2, 3; Senior Choir, 4; Operetta, 4. Virginia Carolyn Davis Home Economics, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Y-Teens, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 5, Art Editor. Faye Arlee Deyerle Basketball, 2; Library Club, 3, 4; Library Assistant, 2, 3; S. C. A., 5. Joyce Evelyn Dillon Basketball, 2; Y-Teens, 3, 4; Softball, 2. Phyllis Anne Dooley Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Interclub Council, 5; Latin Club,3, 4, 5; May Court, 3, 4, 5; Cheerleader, 5. Betty Mae Doyle Home Economics Club, 3; Latin Club, 4; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, 5; 4-H Club, 5, President, 5; D. E. Club, 5. Billy Jewel Doyle Latin Club, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club, 4, 5; Senior Play. Phyllis Freese Draper Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 4. Janet Morine Eller Home Economics Club, 4, 5; S. C. A., 3. William Alfred Elmore Football, 5; Basketball, 5; Hi-Y Club, 4, 5, President, 5, Vice President, 4; Choral, 3; Monogram Club, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Senior Mirror. Virginia Camden Fariss Latin Club, 3, 5; Latin Tournament, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5- James Jimpsie Farmer Hi-Y Club, 4, 5, Program Chairman, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Baseball, 4; Annual Follies, 5; Class Council, 2, 4, 5; Vice President of Junior Class. Jack Eugene Ferrell F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5. Leo George Ferris Monogram Club, 5; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 4; D. E. Club, 5; Football, 2, 3, Varsity, 4; Tennis, 3. Frances Mary Flannagan Softball, 1, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Sports Club, 1, 2, 3, Sergeant at Arms, 3, President, 4; Student Council, 5, Secretary. Virginia Lyll Francisco Basketball, 1; Band, 1; Home Economics Club, 2; Beta Club, 3, 5; Softball, 2, 3; Tennis, 2, 3; Sports Club, 1, 2; Ping-Pong, 2. Robert Glenn Frank Public Speaking, 4; Hi-Y, 3, 4, 5, Sergeant at Arms; Christmas Play, 5; Debating, 5; State Contest Play, 5. Allan Washington Frazier Latin Club, 4, 5; Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, 5; Junior Varsity, 4; Operetta, 4, 5; Christmas Play, 5; Andrew Lewis News, 5, Feature Editor; Junior Assembly, 4; Tennis, 2; Temperance Speaking, 5; Senior Choir, 4, 5. Louise Joanna Fringer Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Junior Choir, 3; Senior Choir, 4; Operetta, 4; Public Speaking, 5; Senior Mirror. Melvin Eugene Garman F. F. A., 3, 4, 5. Virginia Faye Garrett D. E. Club, 5, Parliamentarian; Choral, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 4; S. C. A., 2, 3, 4, s; 4-H Club, 5; Operetta, 4. Charlotte Anne Garst Home Economics Club, 3, 4, 5; Library Club, 3. Melvin Lee Good Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 1. 4 35 FO RTY-NIN E Senior Directory Herbert Fairfield Gordon Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Key Club, 2, 3; Public Speaking, 5; News Staff, 5; Annual Staff, 5. Commodore Stanley Graham Trubie Ivan Graham Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; D. E. Club, 5. William Wade Hall F. F. A., 3, 4, 5. Charles Clinton Hancock Eloise Erlene Hannah Public Speaking, 1, 2; S. C. A., 5. Nellie Faye Harmon Y-Teens, 3; Public Speaking, 1, 2; Music, 1, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A., 5. ' Murlene Teresa Harris Y-Teens, 1, 2, 5; S. C. A., 1, 2; Public Speaking, 1, 2; D. E. Club, 5. Bernard Alvin Hart Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 5; Key Club, 3, 4; Student Council, 4, Vice Presi¬ dent, 4; Class Council, 3, 4; The Christmas Play, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 5, Circulation Manager; Senior Play. Robert Landrum Hartman F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A., 1, 2. Thomas Lee Hawley N. F. L., 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 5; Public Speaking, 3, 4; Debat¬ ing, 3, 5 ; Andrew Lewis News, 5, Sports Editor; N. F. L. Secretary, 5; Senior Play. Edgar Glenn Hayes Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Cho ral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Choir, 2, 4, 5; Operetta, 2, 4, 5; Senior Play. Charlotte Marie Hill S. C. A., 3, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 2, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Operetta, 4, 5. Virginia Mae Hill Library Assistant, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Library Club, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, Vice President, 5; Office Assistant, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 3. Betty Marie Horne Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4; May Court, 5. Doris Jean Hubbard Y-Teens, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5. Patricia Phyllis Hubbard Andrew Lewis News, 4, 5; Cheerleader, 4, 5; Tennis, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4; May Court, 3, 4; Public Speaking, 5; Speaker in American Legion Contest, 5; Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5, Sergeant at Arms, 3, Program Chairman, 5; D. E. Club, 5, Secretary, 5. Charles Bernard Humphreys Annual Staff, 5. Harry Carl Humphreys Latin Club, 2, 3; Football, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 4. Nancye Carroll James S. C. A., 5; Latin Club, 3, 4; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, Choir, 5; Operetta, 4, 5. Violet Dawn Jamison S. C. A., 5; Annual Staff, 5; Choral, 1, 2, 3, 4; Choir, 4, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Class Council, 3, 4; Secretary, Home Room, 2; Vice President, Home Room, 3. Marian Joyce Jennings Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Reporter, 4, President, 3, Program Chairman, 5; District Vice President, 3; District President, 4; State Vice President, 4; Sub Regional President, 4; National Treasurer, 4; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Program Chairman, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5; Girls’ State, 4; Secretary of Freshman Class; Secretary-Treasurer of Sophomore Class; Secretary of Junior Class; Class Council, 4, 5; Student Council, 5; Senior Play. Ruth Marie Johnson Latin Club, 4; D. E. Club, 5. Nancy Elizabeth Johnston Library Club, 2; S. C. A., 5; Library Assistant, 5. Julius Alois Jones Joe Ann Elizabeth Jordan S. C. A., 2, 5; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Library Club, 5; President, 5; Library Assistant, 2, 3, 4, 5. Ruby Gray Kanode Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4; S. C. A., 4; Beta Club, 5; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Editor-in-Chief, 5; Senior Choir, 5; Choral Club, 1, 2; Public Speaking, 3; Annual Follies, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 4, President, 4; Operetta, 4, 5; Tennis, 2; Christ¬ mas Play, s; “A Ghostly Evening” Play, 3; Ping-Pong, 2; Senior Play. Arnold Elmore Keaton Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 1, 2, 3; Senior Choir, 4, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Variety Show, 4; S. C. A., 5, 6; Stage Crew, 1, 2; Boys’ Choir, 3, 4. Elizabeth Harmon Kilby Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Y-Teens, 4; D. E. Club, 5, Treasurer, 5. Martha Sagendorf Kime Class Treasurer, 1, Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Patrician Council, 4, 5; May Court, 2, 3 4 5 ) Queen, 5, Maid of Honor, 4; Secretary of Senior Class; Beta Club, 5; Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4, 5; Head Cheer¬ leader, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 2, 3; Annual Staff, 5; Basket¬ ball, 4; Student Council, 4; Senior Mirror. Johnny Godfrey Kinder Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Football, 5; Public Speaking, 5. Wanda Colleen Kirby Public Speaking, 3; S. C. A., 4. 4 36 THE PIONEER Senior Directory William Gordon Lane Hi-Y, 5; D. E. Club, 5. Elva Sigma Lavender Home Economics Club, 3; Library Assistant, 1, 2; Basketball, 1; Softball, 1; Library Club, 1, 2. Betty Jean Lawson Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4; F. H. A., 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 5; Andrew Lewis News, 5; Public Speaking, 5 James Henry Leighton Robert Carl Leighton Dan Semore Leonard F. F. A., 3, 4; Hi-Y, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3; Latin Club, 3; Newspaper, 5; Varsity Football, 4; Senior Play. Etta Mae Lester Latin Club, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 2; S. C. A., 4; Y-Teens, 4. Jean Stewart Lucas Beta Club, 5; Y-Teens, 4, 5; Cheerleader, 5; Operetta, 4; Senior Mirror. Jane Ann Matheny Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 4, 5; Sergeant at Arms, 5; Basketball, 4; Volleyball, 4, 5; Softball, 4. James Pinkerton McCauley Key Club, 3. John William McCauley Key Club, 3. James Donald McGhee D. E. Club, 5, President; Baseball, 4, 5. James Maynard McNutt Varsity Football, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 3, 4, Presi¬ dent, 5; D. E. Club, 5, Vice President; Class Council, 4; Senior Mirror. John William Miller Ernest George Moore F. F. A., 3, 4, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 4, Varsity, 5; Class Council, 5. Jean Lynn Moore S. C. A., 1; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 2, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Secretary-Treasurer of Choral Club, 5; Senior Play. Eleanor Jean Morgan Latin Club, 3, 5; Beta Club, 3, 5; Home Economics Club, 3; Y-Teens, 2, 5; Basketball, 5; Volleyball, 3. James F. Mowbray, Jr. Hi-Y Club, 5; D. F„ Club, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 4. Nancy Joyce O’Neil Ping-Pong, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 2, 4, 5; Debating, 5; Newspaper Staff, 5. Betty Ann Owen Y-Teens, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5. Jean Frances Painter Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5. Wanda Lucille Patteson Y-Teens, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4; Home Economics Club, 5; Choral Club, 4. Robert McCleur Paxton Latin Club, 3, 4, 5. William Calvin Perkins Monogram Club, 5; Varsity Football, 5; Basketball, 5. John Smith Perrow Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Debating, 4, 5; N. F. L., 4, 5. Keturah May Pillow Home Economics Club, 3; Sports Club, 2, 3; Ping- Pong, 3, 4; Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 5. C. A., 3; Office Practice, 5; Annual Staff, 5. Edgar David Plunkett Fred Thomas Plybon S. C. A., 4, s; Hi-Y, 4, 5. Richard Bennett Powell Hi-Y, 4, 5, Chaplain, 5; S. C. A., 5; Annual Follies, 4; Christmas Play, 5. Judith Elaine Ramsey Softball, 1, 2; Basketball, 3; Y-Teens, 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Library Club, 5. Jack Edward Rice Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Tribune, 4, 5; News Staff, 3, 4, 5, Editor, S; Key Club, 3; Hi-Y, 3, 4, 5, Vice President, 4; Annual Follies, 5. Eldridge Lewis Richards Euna Lee Rierson Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, 5; Librarv Club, 3, Treasurer, 3; S. C. A., 5. Max Clinton Rife F. F. A., 1, 2; D. E. Club, 5. Ernest Lynwood Robertson Doris Ann Roop Home Economics Club, 3; Sports Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Volleyball, 5; Senior Mirror. Joyce Faithe Rusher Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 5. Phyllis Drummond Schaffer Y-Teens, 3,4,5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5. 4 37 FO RTY-NIN E Senior Directory Harless Hilton Scott D. E. Club, 5; Monogram Club, 5; Junior Varsity Football, 3, 4; Track, 4; Public Speaking, 1. Jack Sanford Shannon Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4; Projection Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Key Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Student Council, 5; Class Council, 5. Mary Jane Shephard Y-Teens, 2; Library Club, 3; Home Economics Club, 5. Betty Lee Showalter Y-Teens, 3. Katherine Jane Simpson Y-Teens, t, 2, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 5. Patricia Lee Smiley Class Treasurer, 4, 5; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Plebeian Consul, 2, Aedile, 3, 4, 5; May Court, 2, 3, 4, 5, Maid of Honor, 3; Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 2; Girls’State, 4; Cheerleader, 3, 4, 5; Junior Choir, 4, Secretary, 4; Public Speaking, 3; Annual Follies, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Tennis 1, 2; Ping-Pong, 2, 3; Senior Mirror. Phyllis Marie Smith Library Club, 3; Y-Teens, 3; Choral Club, 3; Tennis Tournament, 3; S. C. A., 5; Public Speaking, 5; Sacred Concert, 3. Ruth Josephine Spangler S. C. A., S; Music, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 4, 5. Wayne Eller Spangler Andrew Lewis Quartet, 4; Choir, 2, 4; Music, 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta, 4, 5. Thomas Howard Tingler F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5. Reginald Davis Tomblin Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 5; Varsity Football, 4, 5. John Ray Turbyfill Latin Club, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5, Business Manager, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Boys’ State, 4; Monogram Club, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; N. F. L., 2, 3, 4, 5; Winner Western District Debating, 3; Winner Western District Boys’ Prose Reading, 4; Key Club, 3; Basketball Manager, 4; N. F. L. President, 5; Senior Mirror. Albert Farmer Turner F. F. A, 4, S . Jo Ann Turner Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Y-Teens, 3, 5; Tennis, 2; S. C. A., 2. Betty Louise Turpin Evelyn Marie Wheeler Library Club, 3, 4. Joseph Carey Wilbourne President of Senior Class; Operetta, 2, 3, 4, 5; Music Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Monogram Club, 5; Student Council, 5, Treasurer, 5; Annual Follies, 3, 4, 5; Senior Mirror. Billy Marvin Wimmer F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. James Edward Wirt Mary Donald Spotts S. C. A., 3, 5; Projection Club, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 2; Ping- Pong, 2; Basketball Manager, 4; Sports Club, 5, Publicity Chairman, 5; Christmas Carol, 5; Stage Crew, 5; Class Council, 1; President of 8th Grade; Public Speaking, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; May Court, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4; Beta Club, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Y-Teens, 2, 4, 5, Vice President, 4, President, 5; Maid of Honor, 5; D. A. R. Award; Senior Mirror. Margaret Watson Staedel James Glenn Stamper Monogram Club, 4, 5; Basketball, 4. 5- Lamuel Allison Wirt, Jr. Ethelene Wiseman Choral Club, 1, 2; Junior Choir, 4; Operetta, 4; S. C. A., Betty Lou Wood Y-Teens, 1, 2, 3, 4. Evelyn Louise Wood S. C. A., 5. Theodora Frances Wood Latin Club, 4, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5, President, 5; Annual Follies, s; Annual Staff, 4, 5. Mary Russell Stanley Y-Teens, 3. Clarence Hubert Stone F. F. A., 2, 3, 4, 5. Anne Marie Stuart Tennis, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4; Y-Teens, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 5; Y-Teens Conference, 5. Hughes Critz Swain Latin Club, I, 2. Daisy Taliaferro Band, 1, 2, 3. Diana Miller Woodlief Y-Teens, 2, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, L 2, 3, 4; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 3. James Marion Young Home Room President, 2, 3, 4, 5; President, Sophomore and Junior Class; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, President, 5; Debating, 2, 3; Key Club, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 4, 5; N. F. L., 2, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Student Council, 2, 5; Football, 4, 5; Basketball, 4; Baseball, 4; Senior Play. Louise Martha Young Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Library Club, 1, 2; S. C. A., 5- 4 38 THE PIONEER JUNILT5 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Robert Gibson . . Sue Robertson . Lillie Plybon . . Jimmy Kirkwood .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer Impossible, you say? Nothing is impossible at Andrew Lewis. And our proof for that is—we’re going to be Seniors next year! Our Class had the same problem as every other Junior Class, that is, giving the most wonderful Junior-Senior Prom that ever enlivened the gym. Before this wonderful prom could be given, in order to raise money, our Class sponsored the annual basketball clash between the Junior and Senior boys. Next we sponsored an open house, and last, the school enjoyed our assembly, “Spring Variety of 1949.” Next year we hope to enjoy the “leisure” of Senior life and the dignity which characterizes all Seniors. 4 40 THE PIONEER Juniors Juanita Agee Lorene Aldridge Norma Assaid Joan Austin Lawrence Baker Doris Beahm Evelyn Bogle Almeta Bohon Gerald Boone Norma Boone George Bowling Helen Bowman Eleanor Brillhart Joanne Campbell Betty Jean Carper Charles Carper Janet Lee Carter Elizabeth Cawley Winston Chelf Robert Cofer Minnie Collins Wilma Collins Daurice Conner Joan Crawford John Cross Martha Jane Curry Pete Darnall William Davenport Annie Davis Vona Lee Deel DeLois DeHart J. Arthur Deyerle, Jr. Sarah Jane Dillon Jacqueline Doss Lena Edwards Nell Eller 4 41 } FORTY-NINE Juniors James Evans Edna Mae Fauber Lucille Fisher J o Anne Frazier Judith Furrow Betsy Galbraith Pat Gallagher Mary Sue Garnett Bubbles Garst Evelyn Garst Jack Garst Charles Gearhart Elizabeth Gibson Francis Gibson Janet Gibson Robert Gibson Bently Goodwin Julius Goodwin Chandler Graham Fay Gray Helen Gray Naomi Gregson Dwight Grisso Wesley Grisso Kay Groshart Barbara Grossman Charles Hall Betty Hancock Preston Hancock Helen Harter Jack Hartman Shirley Hartman Joan Haupt Marjorie Henry Anna Hill Lucille Hill 42 K If THE PIONEER Juniors Richard Hite Henry Holliday Regina Howard Iris Howery John Hull Robert Hurt Dorothy Jones Dorothy Karnes Bates Killinger James Kirkwood Alonzo Kittinger George Kolmer Doris Koogler Lucille Lee Carolyn Leffel June Logan Jean Lumsden Ralph Mabes Andrew Martin Janet Martin Kenneth Martin Bobby Masters Miles Masters Loretta Maxey Dennis McCarter David Miller Elinor Miller John Miller Robert Miller George Moore Stella Morgan Harold Morris Betty Jo Moses Darlene Mowbray Doris Mutter Wayne Nienke « 8 ( 43 K FORTY-NINE Juniors Sam Ogle Kenneth Otey Frances Overfelt Lillie Plybon Joe Powell Betty Powers June Propps Iris Reese Ann Renick Anne Robertson Fannie Sue Robertson Sue Robertson Elizabeth Sellers Wayne Shelor Helen Shephard William Simmons Ruth Sirry Elsie Smallwood Edna Smith Gloria Dean Smith Delores Sowder Annie Stanley Ann St. Clair Joseph Stoutamire Irene Swedberg Kathleen Taylor Charlotte Thomas Robert Thompson Hazel Tinsley Maxine Trevey Betty Jean Turner Nancy Turner Ruth Marie Turner Corbin Wade Mary Ellen Whitmore Joyce Wood Nancy Wood THE PIONEER .. . • ' • • - 0 v.v " ■ - . ' - ;. . ■ •Vjv. ■ • t - . ' • v ,-.r: SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Mac Minnick. President Marian Chapman. Vice President Peggy Miller. Secretary Harold Pillow. Treasurer As Sophomores, we are beginning to realize the intrinsic value of our school. We are not only receiving knowledge from our books, but also a better understand¬ ing of the meaning of life. A large number of our Sophomore Class is represented in many of our clubs. Out of two hundred and forty of our members, twenty two have been installed in the Beta Club. Among many of our other honors, the Sophomore Class received the plaque in the Intramural Competition and also won first place in the Window Decorating Contest. When the curtain rises for the Class of ’51, we, as Seniors, will look upon our Sophomore year as one of the greatest of our years at Andrew Lewis. • 3f } THE PIONEER Sophomores Helen Adams Doris Lee Alderman Claudine All Frances Alls Annie Barton Roger Beckner Betty Beeler Barbara Bennett Barbara Bess Sara Bohon Mabery Booher Bennie Boone Donald Bower Jerry Bower Samuel Bower Alan Carter Marian Chapman Robert Franklin Clark Roger Clark Jeanette Coleman Betty Jean Compton Alva Conner Jean Cook Paul Copenhaver, Jr. Betty Corbin Antoinette Cox Joyce Crosswhite Marvin Damewood Marvin Daniel Charles Davenport Alice Ann Davis Morden Charles Dodson Martha Donaldson Joanne Dotson Dorothy Douglas Myra Draper Betty Jane Francisco Don Fritts Carl Curtis Carman Elva Garman Elizabeth Garnand Myrtle Garrett Helen Garst Lewis Garst Walter Garst George Gearhart Lew is Gearhart Deloriese Gebhardt Doris Jean Gordon Margaret Ann Gore Mary Ann Grisso Jack Gunter Imogene Gussler Dorothy Hackman Gordon Hancock John Hankins Harold Hartman Ronald Hartman Robert Hatcher William Haupt { 47 } FORTY-N I N E Sophomores Ella Haynes Imogene Helton Peggy Ann Helton Wallace Helvey Eugene Hendrick Marie Henry Joyce Lee Herrin Alma Hill Gregory Hillenburg Maydene Hoback Jeanne Hobbs Marie Housman Anne Hudgins Colena Hunt Norvell Hunt Ray Jennings Burcelle Johnson Earl Johnston Stephanie Kiernon Wilson Kolmer Ray Lee Jo Ann Lindamood Mary Ann Logan Edgar Loman Sonny Loud Judy Lyons Doris Martin Rita Martin Woody Martin Joe Matisco Jean Scott McCormick J o Anne McDaniel Mildred McDaniel Ralph McDaniel Helen McGue Peggy Miller Mac Minnick Richard Minnix Jean Mitchell Christine Moses Wayne Mowles Louise Murphy Faye Murray Jeanne Myers Arline Naff Dick Normoyle John Obenchain Reba Otey Andrew Lewis Overstreet Barbara Ann Overton James Painter Madie Palmer Elizabeth Paxton Harold Pendleton Elwood Peterson Harold Pillow Joyce Plymale Hugh Poage Sue Powell Tharon Powell 48 Vv THE PIONEER Sophomores Betty Price William Rakes Ruby Reed Marcheta Reese Betty Lou Rettinger Thelma Rhodes Colleen Robertson Kermit Rowe Joseph Rushbrooke Bobbie Saul Xie Mae Saul Fred Schnautz William Sears Gene Sellers Pat Setliff John Shank Betty Sue Shell Lloyd Shelor Louise Shelor Joanne Showalter Nelson Simpson Virginia Simpson Josephine Sink Terry Slusher Doris Smith Philip Smith Ruble Smith Jack Staedel Robert Stanley Joe Stewart Eugene Stultz Ray Stump John Sweeney Betty Taylor Anne Thomason Eunice Thompson Peggy Tyree Dot Underwood Viola Vaughn Frances Vest Helen Wade Douglas Walker Muriel Walker Raymond Watson Anne Webster Opal Webster Eula Wertz Victor West Phyllis Wheeler Furman Whitescarver Lillian Wimmer Mary Alice Woods Margaret Young { 49 FORTY-NIN E I. Our talented H’s 6. Pyramid Club? ii. Ye good ole times 2. Glamour, Inc. 7 - What happened, Charles? 12. Back to classes 3 - Blake and Cookie 8. Little thinking? ? 13. Close-up 4 - Cameraman 9 - Life Gets Teejus, Don’t it? 14. Why so happy, Betty? 5 - What is it? IO. Mary Katharine on the “A” row in science 15. All dressed up . . . { 50 fa THE PIONEER FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Bill Robey. President Charles Wilbourne. Vice President Jennie Smiley. Secretary Sagen Kime. Treasurer We, the Senior Class of ’52, are just starting, but we are making a fine begin¬ ning. Already many of our class are showing promise of future leadership. Two Freshmen hold important offices in the Latin Club, one is a cheerleader, one is connected with the newspaper circulation, and one is the second best speller at Andrew Lewis. A genuine interest is shown in school activities by the Freshmen. We are well represented in the Student Christian Association, Latin Club, Library Club, Junior Y-Teens, F. F. A., Hi-Y and other clubs. You can be sure that the ’48-’49 Freshmen will be up front in the future. 4 52 A THE PIONEER Freshmen Novella Agee Betty Akers Robert Alls Charlotte Anderson Smiley Anderson Kenneth Argabright Jack Bailey Phyllis Bandy T. R. Barker Barbara Barnett Shirley Barnett Chryll Bateman Jimmy Bayne Jack Bayse Winfred Beahm Jimmy Bean Barbara Blackwell Betty Blackwell Shirley Blackwell Kenneth Blount Norris Boitnot Nancy Boone Odrie Bowling Bill Brice John Brice Frances Brickey Charlotte Burford Nancy Burress Georgie Buterakos Rose Caldwell Jean Campbell Nancy Carroll Robert Carter Frank Chapman Jack Cockran Ella Collins Jacqueline Comer David Conrad John Cooper Frances Craghead Paul Crawford Barbara Crotts Shirley Cruise Marshall Denison Gypsy de Wolfee June Marie Deyerle Harold Dillon Joanna Dillon Eugene Dixon Tommy Dooley Faye Doyle Nelson Dudley Glenna Dulaney Connie Eakin Everett Ellers Nancy Farris David Ferguson Edward Ferguson Agnes Ferris Tommy Fields FORTY-NINE Freshmen James Fleshman Danease Flowers Julia Fralin Jaquelyn Frazier Joe Ann Frier Imogean Frye Shelia Gallagher Marlene Gallion Winnie Lee Garman James Garner Dan Garst Shirley Garst Lillie Belle Gartman Darlene Gearhart Ellen Gilley Margery Gouge Imogene Graham Betty Gresham Roger Griffith Henry Griggs Edith Grisso Ruth Ann Grossman Harriett Grubb Mildred Grubb Robert Grubb Charles Gwaltney Harold Hale Richard Hale Barbara Hall Oscar Hall Tommie Hall Delores Harris Bernice Harrison Norma Jean Hartman James Hash Bob Haupt Correnia Henderson Sidney Jean Henson Herman Hill Nancy Hill Joan Hodges Elaine Holliday Doris Hopkins Janet Lee Hopkins Barbara Howard Estelle Huffman Edward Hull Nancy Hurt Arnold Janney Norris Janney Virginia Jarvis Dorothy Ann Johnson Robert Jones Edith Jordon Fred Jordon Donald Justice Donald Kemp Nadine Kesler Sagen Kime Doris Kirby 54 THE PIONEER Freshmen Peggy Ann Layman Ann Victoria Lewis Roy Lindamood Nancy Lipps Rosie Lee Lockett Pat Logan Daisy Long Blanche Lucado James Lyone Barbara Martin Frank Martin Lyle Martin Thomas Martin Bettye Massey Peggy McCarter Betty McCauley James McGue Hatcher McGuire Charles McNutt Jerry Meade Keith M EADOR Judy Meadows Connie Mills Evelyn Mills Raymond Mills Odell Minnix Barbara Mitchell Joanne Mitchell Bonnie Moore Margaret Moore Richard Moran Fay Mowbray Barbara Nichols Paul Noble Jerry Noblitt Charles Nunley Irma O’Bierne Ellen O’Neill William Overfelt Joyce Owens M ildred Painter Betty Parrish Peggy Sue Pasley Dorothy Patsel Nancy Peters Virginia Peters Geneva Peterson Dolores Pickett Ira Poage Betty Ann Poff Bobby Poff Eleanor Porterfield Audrey Jo Powell Katherine Powell Donnie Pugh Pauline Ray Barbara Reynolds Alice Roach Maidra Roberts Donald Robertson FORTY- NINE Freshmen Bill Robey Glenn Rowe Alice Russell Ellen Sample Helen Sarver June Saunders Bill Scott Loretta Scott Phyllis Secrest Henderson Short Rosa Shorter Mary Ann Simmons Harry Simpson Claude Sirry Lois Sirry Joanne Sisk Patsy Sisson Roy Sisson Virginia Smiley Marcelene Smith Eugene Snead Ralph Snyder Carrie Mae Sowder Tony Spraker Evelyn Sprouse Donald Stacy Janet St. Clair Barbara Stevens John Stevens Lois Stultz Mary Stump Sarah Sumner Hilda Taylor Josephine Taylor Betty Lee Thompson Lewis Thompson Joyce Tomblin Judith Trevillian Mary Ann Turner Sandra Turner Iris Turpin Eddie Tuttle Thomas Vest Richard Viar Mary Walker William Ware Estelle Webb Jimmy Webb Marlene Webb Franklin West Charles Wilbourne Franklin Wildhaber Patsy Willis Ed Wimmer Ray Wimmer Rachel Wiseman Lucille Wright Billy Young Donna Young Nancy Young w THE PIONEER EIGHTH QRFDE EIGHTH GRADE Patricia Johnston Jack Good. Peggy Charlton. . John Musser. .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer No longer is the Eighth Grade a myth. To us it has become a reality. Just as the three Graces in days of old spun their web, so are we weaving our way into the pattern of life at Andrew Lewis. At first our hands trembled as we took hold of t he shears; the thread easily tangled, and all was confused. But now our loom is more steady. We are trying to create a good pattern in various ways. The 4-H Club, the Projection Club, and the assemblies and meetings of the Eighth Grade are making the threads strong and colorful. We want our work to be creative. May our pattern be one of which Andrew Lewis may be justly proud. HOME ROOM 209 First Row, Left to Right: Dorothy Boone, Mary Jane Nunley, Shirley Moses, Betty McCormack, May Meier, Elizabeth McDaniel, Virginia Miller, Jo Ann Dull, Nancy Stanback, Shirley Kingery, Evelyn McCray, Martha Matheny, Iris CundiJJ, Frances Muse. Second Row: John Musser, Kenneth O’Beirne, Lewis Sisson, Brenton Mongan, Roscoe Martin, Harold IVorrell, Jack Good, Marshall Oliver, Don l andergrift, Wayne Smith, Rodney McNeil. •{ 58 } Eighth Grade HOME ROOM 210 First Row, Left to Right: Clara Crotts, Edyth Deaner, Peggy Farris, Jeanette Eggleston, Katherine East, Darline Crockett, Norma Jean Conner, Joe Ann Crews, Lottie Coffman, Vivian Coleman, Myra Conner, Georgenia Draper. Second Row, Left to Right: Jackie Crosswhite, Barbara Smallwood , Joann Edwards, Richard Duncan, Paul Coleman, IValter Dearing , Sammie Eubank, Sam Coffey, Clifford Davis, Jimmy Conner, Jolynne Draper, Delia D’Alessandro. HOME ROOM 211 First Row, Left to Right: George Poff, Imogene Reed, Alice Parsley, Betty Lou Pardue, Marie Phil- pott, Shirley Reese, Rachel Reese, Caynelle Puckett, Donna Poff, Dorothea Pruett, Norma Jean Peters, Betty Lou Preston, Raymond Phoenix. Second Row, Left to Right: Billy Pugh, Rodney Poff, Otis Reynolds, J. P. Philpott, Alonza Pliilpott, Donald Phlegar, Bobby Pugh, William Palmer, Randy Pierce, Ralph Patterson, Don Otey. 4 59 Eighth Grade HOME ROOM 212 First Row, Left to Right: Frankie St. Clair, Claudine Smith, Norma Tolley, Lois Terry, Shirley Tuttle, Jane Turner, Dorothy Robinson, Sara Taliaferro, Ann Smith, Mary Spangler, Frances Thomp¬ son, Anna Martin, Patricia Stuart, Elizabeth Underwood. Second Row: Richard Sossaman, Ronald Stephenson, Louis Spradlin, Curtis Snyder, Beverly Roberts, Clayton Tinnell, Edward Talley, James Bradley, Ralph Carroll, Harold Taylor, Joseph Speaker. HOME ROOM 213 First Row, Left to Right: John Ferguson, Phyllis Garnett, Rebecca Garman, Jean Sayers, Erna Ferguson, Nancy Garst, Norma Flinchum, Joan Farmer, Martha Goodwin, Velma Goins, Ella Glan- nagan, Jean Gentry, Mary Feld, Thelma Gordon, Ray Furrow. Second Row: Ralph Gearhart, Frankie Garman, Max Fretz, Norris Gearhart, Maurice Myers, Louin Garman, Raymond Gordon, Alfred Gordon, John Gibson, Robert Goff, Robert Farmer, Daniel Feazell, Alton Ferguson. 60 THE PIONEER Eighth Grade HOME ROOM 214 First Row, Left to Right: Nancy Jo Lyons, Eleanor Honaker, Shirley Johnston, Joyce Ann Mabes, Betty Jo James, Claudine Sirry, Robertine Hughes, Bobbie Ann Hurt, Vivian Huffman, Maxine Lightman, Mabel Lyons, June Leffel, Linda Lee Lucas, Norma Lee. Second Row: Bill Hurt, Raymond Kane, Franklin Kiser, John Kipps, Roy Lane, Norris King, Gordon Lee, Bill Leffler, Cecil Jones, William Loving, Clinton Lawrence, Edgar Kilby. HOME ROOM 215 First Row, Left to Right: Evelyn Saul, Margie Rutrough, Mary Roberts, Peggy McMillan, Barbara Ronk, Betty Mowles, Betty Brown, Ann Simpkins, Phyllis Richards, Edith Six, Barbara Minnix, Ann Shelton. Second Row: Nolan Maske, Horace Scanland, Freddy Nicar, William Scruggs, Scott Morrison, Leonard Shank, Calvin Rohrbaugh, Paul Sink, Bobby Martin, 0 . C. Simpson, Jr., Charlie Meador. Third Row: Riley Richardson, Harvey Shelor, Robert Six. 61 }■ FO RTY-NIN E Eighth Grade HOME ROOM 216 First Row. Left to Right: William Bowman, Robert Charlton, Janet Wright, Nancy Tyler, Patsy Carper, Shirley Campbell, Doris Bowles, Betty Brizendine, Zelma Clark, Sylvia Carroll, Deloris Bowman, Glenn Burroughs. Second Row: Thomas Brewer, Donald Carroll, Carter Clifton, William Carroll, Edward Childress, Roy Wood, Jess Chapman, James Candler, Charles Charlton, William Brogan, David Brown, Dennie Carroll. HOME ROOM 217 First Row, Left to Right: Fleeta Jane Higgs, Noma Hodgson, Phyllis Grubb, Danaleen Grubb, Pearl Gusler, Frances Hartman, Pearl Gnsso, Mary Ellen Hewlings, Dorothy Harris, Carol Gregson, Nancy Broce. Second Row: Randolph Harrison, Jimmy Hensley, George Hill, Stanley Hayes, Charles Chumbley’ Donald Hambrick, Edmund Hill, Maynard Greenway, Gary Hartman. 62 THE PIONEER Eighth Grade HOME ROOM 218 First Row, Left to Right: L. D. Wright, Betty Walker, Janet Young, Shirley Wilson, Frances William¬ son, Barbara Wimmer, Jo Ann Walker, Cecelia Zini, Martha Walker, Mickie Six, Lois Brizendine, Mary Ann Wilson, Elvin Williams. Second Row: Jack Wimmer, Ricky Woodson, Vernon Weeks, Bobby Whitley, Buck Wright, Warren Brown, David Whitmire, Roy Wirt, Rudolph Young, Hobey Wagoner, George Wood. HOME ROOM 219 First Row, Left to Right: Virginia Abbott, Joan Alls, Peggy Altice, Elsie Ballew, Jean Abbott, Lillie Bohon, Nancy Boones, Ramona Aldridge, Wanda Auvil, Adrienne Anderson, Edith Amos, Margie Anderson, Patricia Benois, Rebecca Altice, Ellen Barnett. Second Row: Eugene Blessard, Anne Bowie, Billy Ballard, Vernon Aldridge, Walter Alls, Alan Blosser, Donald Barker, Edward Argabright, Harold Adams, Junior Boles, Delora Argabright , Lloyd Atkinson. 4 63 FORTY-NINE Operetta THE GYPSY ROVER Left to Right: Wayne Spangler. Captain Jerome; Betty Jean Campbell, Nina; Ruby Kanode, Zara; Joe Wilbourne, Sinfo; Jimmy Evans, McCorkle; Preston Hanock, Sir George Martendale; Dick Ilite, Lord Craven; Jimmy Johnson, Sir Toby Lyon; Bill Childress, Marto; Mary Spraker, Meg; Nancye James, Lady Constance: Allen Frazier, Rob. May Court Left to Right: Jennie Smiley, Dons Turner , Julia St. John, Betty Horne, Anne Churchman, Phylli s Dooley, Donnie Spotts, Maid of Honor, Martha Kime, May Queen, Joyce Plymale, Betty Jean Camp¬ bell, Dolores Chelf, Mary Alice Woods, Sue Robertson, Pat Smiley. 6 4 f THE PIONEER r y.-- First Row, Left to Right: Paris Bain, Frances Flannagan, Dolores Chelf, George Kolmer, Joe Wil- bourne, Miss Webb. Second Row: Mrs. Strickler, Mrs. Boitnott, Nancy Garst, Lillie Plybon, Billy Young , Kenneth O’Beirne, Mrs. Little. Third Row: Pete Garst, Ben Chapman, Sonny Loud, Mac Minnick, Joe Stoutamire, Joe Powell, J. M . Young. Student Council Dolores Chelf . President George Kolmer .. Lice President Frances Flannagan. ... . Secretary Joe Wilbourne . Treasurer Miss Pauline Webb . Chairman Mrs. Louise Rice ' j Mrs. Jewell Boitnott Mrs. Pearl Strickler [•. Sponsors Mrs. Rose Little Miss Mary Louise Hearing The Student Council, consisting of sixteen members elected to represent the student body, is in its second year after a brief period of dormancy. Only plans were studied last year. The greatest accomplishment of the current year has been the framing of a new Constitution through the concerted efforts of the Student and Class Councils. This Constitution was read and ap¬ proved in all the home rooms. A vigorous clean-up campaign was held in the spring which developed a consciousness of cleanliness in and around the building. The Student Council also has worked to improve the integrity of the student body. A committee has worked diligently to provide better assemblies throughout the year. Several “open houses” have been sponsored by this organization, all of which have proved very successful. The cooperation and perseverance of our chairman, sponsors, and the student body, have made the attainment of these things possible. 4 6 6 fc- THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Marion. Chapman, Jean Campbell, Jo Anne Frier, Correnia Henderson, Daisy Long, Patricia Johnston, Nancy Garst, Peggy Charlton. Second Row: Peggy Miller, Ann Shelton, Cecilia Zini, Joan Alls, Patsy Carper, Lillie Plybon, Jeanette Coleman, Betty Taylor, Joyce Jennings, Jennie Smiley, Sagen Kime, Pat Smiley, Martha Kime, Sue Robertson. Third Row: Joe Matisco, David Conrad, Joe Wilbourne, Pete Garst, J. P. Philpott, Sonny Loud, Mac Minnick, Joe Rushbrooke, Jimmy Farmer, Hubert Bain, Jimmy Blount, Dick Hite, J. M. Young. Fourth Row: Larry Simmons, Louis Spradlin, Walter Derring, Ernest Moore, Ray Stump, Robert Gibson, Joe Stoutamire, Jimmy Kirkwood, Bobby Cofer, Billy Young, Charles Wilbourne, Bill Robey, Jack Bayes, Jack Good, Brenton Mongan, Richard Moran, Kenneth O ' Beirne, John Musser. Class Council The Class Council consists of the’four class officers and the home room presidents. The purpose of the Class Council is twofold: (i) It is a connecting link between the student body and the Student Council, and (2) it serves as a board of directors for the classes. 4 67 ]»■ FORTY-NINE Sodalitas Latina PATRICIANS Frances Alls, Ellen Baker, Barbara Bess, Norvin Boone, George Bowling, Helen Bowman, Don Brown, Betty Jean Campbell, Betty Jean Carper, Janet Lee Carter, Marian Chapman, Dolores Chelf, Robert Cofer, Donald Cook, John Cross, Norma Cundiff, Martha Jane Curry, Annie Davis, Sarah Jane Dillon, Dot Douglas, Myra Draper, Allan Frazier, Louise Fringer, Betsy Galbraith, Pat Gallagher, Elizabeth Garnand, Walter Garst, Doris Jean Gordon, Herbert Gordon, Lynn Hacker, Bernard Hart, Imogene Helton, Marjorie Henry, Joyce Herrin, Lucille Hill, Bates Kilhnger, Martha Kime, Jimmy Kirkwood, George Kolmer, Wilson Kolmer, Carolyn Leffel, Etta Mae Lester, Douglas Ann Lewis, Mary Ann Logan, Sonny Loud, Jane Ann Matheny, Joe Matisco, Jo Anne McDaniel, Elinor Miller, John Miller, Peggy Louise Miller, Mac Minnick, Richard Minnix, Eleanor Morgan, Darlene Mowbray, Ludwell Newman, Nancy O’Neill, Andrew Overstreet, Albert Painter, Elizabeth Paxton, Robert Paxton, Lillie Plybon, Joyce Ann Plymale, Joseph Powell, Sue Powell, Betty Glenn Price, Edward Lee Price, Jack Rice, Anne Robertson, Emma Robertson, Joseph Rushbrooke, Phyllis Schaffer, Helen Shepherd, Joanne Showalter, Pat Smiley, Donnie Spotts, Norman Stemple, Julia St. John, Kathleen Taylor, Ann Thomason, Doris Turner Charles Webster, Mary Ellen Whitmore, Joyce Wood, Alary Alice Woods, Anna Margaret Young, J. M. Young. PROVINCIALS Virginia Beamer, Anne Churchman, Sidney Combs, Maria Cushman, Phyllis Dooley, Phyllis Draper, James Evans, Barbara Grossman, Helen Harter, Glenn Hayes, Henry Holliday, Betty Horne, John Kinder, Lucille Lee, Miles Masters, Robert Masters, Jean Lynn Moore, Jean Painter, John Perrow, Ann Renick, Reginald Tomblin, Jo Ann Turner, Frances Wood. { 68 THE PIONEER Sodalitas Latina PLEBEIANS Helen Adams, Barbara Allen, Clara Altis, Jimmy Black, Sara Bohon, Gerald Boone, Eleanor Brillhart, Jean Cook t Mary Crawford, Bobby Creasy, Martha Jean Donaldson, Frances Eakin, Elva Garman, Bently Goodwin, Roger Griffith, jmogene Gusler, Charles Hall, Wallace Helvey, Sidney Jean Henson, Anna Hill, Greg Hillenburg, Elaine Holliday, Marie Housman, Burcelle Johnson, Earl Johnston, Bernice Johnston. Charles LaPrad, Jo Ann Lindamood, Dennis McCarter, Jean Mitchell, Jeanne Myers, Arline Naff, Paul Noble, Ellen O’Neill, Dianne Overstreet, Betty Parrish, Katherine Powell, Mary Roberts, Colleen Robertson, Glenn Rowe, William Scott. Pat Setliff, Virginia Smiley, Ruble Smith, Louise Spradlin, Arlene Stanley, Bobby Stanley, Pat Templeton. Sandra Turner, Richard Viar, Furman Whitescarver, Jr., Lillian Wimmer, William Young. J. M. Young. Pat Smiley. Martha Kime. Jennie Smiley. Jack Rice. Dolores Chelf. George Kolmer. Billy Young. Sponsors Miss Annie V. Cook Mrs. Rose F. Little Pontifex Maximus . Aedile . Patrician Consul . . Plebeian Consul . Tribune . Censor . Quaestor . Praetor The members of Sodalitas Latina have seen a variety of interesting programs this year. First, we saw our new officers and heard the revised Constitution . . . Then “We Were There,” with C. B. S. at the last days of Pompeii . . . The first of the two grand picnics of the year was a special “feature” which the teachers attended . . . “The Haunted House” program was murdered by those “infantes horribiles,” the first-yearers ... A mock radio program on “Caesar and Cleo¬ patra” was MC’ed “bene” by Joe Powell . . . but no chariots or pyramids given away . . . The Little ones showed us a film on “Roman Food” . . . “Saturnalia Day” was presented Christmas by the Virgil Class . . . Another “special” was the festive Christmas Party at the Woman’s Club . . . Professor Masters opened the New Year with a superbly illustrated lecture spiced generously with his sparkling wit ... In February the sixth-period boys captured the sixth-period girls in “The Kidnapping of the Sabine Women, ” and perhaps the same thing happened to the other members . . . at the Valentine Party . . . The second-year class gave a “Roman Romance and Wedding”. . . In the first of a series of lectures by professional people the Reverend Elliott warned us with “Flunko, flunkere’, faculti, fixum,” and followed with an interesting talk on, “The Classics and the Min¬ istry” . . . Judge Pence enlightened us on “Latin and a Lawyer,” and Miss Lovelace talked on “Mythology” . .. Our little eighth-grader, Mary Roberts, showed us her collection of Roman coins and poetry which she found in the East ... A solemn and beautiful Easter Pageant was shown in assembly in conjunction with the Music Department . . . The Virgil Class gave its “Swan Song” by presenting “Dido and Aeneas” ... In “Full Focas” the club gave its traditional and always dazzling May Day Formal and Court Presentation, as beautiful as a rose and as gay as spring itself . . . With sadness but satisfaction we closed our handbook for the summer and prepared “Tradere lampada vitae,” to pass on the torch of life to another year. { 69 FO RTY-NIN E First Row, Left to Right: Julia St. John, Betty Jean Campbell, Donnie Spotts, Betty Moses, Pat Hubbard. Second Row: Nancy O ' Neill, Jean Lucas, Charlotte Hill, Diana Miller, Phyllis Draper, Jo Ann Frazier, Martha Crawford, Phyllis Schafer, Pat Smiley, Betty Jean Lawson, Phyllis Dooley, Anne Church¬ man, Dolores Chelf, Betty Brown Campbell, Jane Ann Matheny. Third Row: Jo Ann Turner, Janet Gibson, Helen Harter, Martha Kime, Betty Owen, Polly Rierson, Anne Stuart, Norma Cundiff, Fay Boldish, Doris Hubbard, IVanda Patteson, Virginia Beamer, Mary Stanley, Jean Painter, Joyce Rusher. Fourth Row: Annie Davis, Sue Robertson, Eleanor Morgan, Mary Sue Garnett, Carolyn Leffel, Edith Harris, Stella Morgan, Norma Boone, Martha Jane Curry, Lucille Lee, Helen Bowman, Nancy Wood, Vera Simmons, Tootie Ames, Edna Mae Fauber, Doris Mutter, Fannie Sue Robertson, Miss Jones. Senior Y-Teens Donnie Spotts. President Betty Moses. Vice President Julia St. John. Secretary Betty Jean Campbell. Treasurer Miss Aminee Jones ) . Sponsors Mrs. Louise Rice J Under the sponsorship of Miss Aminee Jones and Mrs. Louise Rice, the Senior Y-Teens have had a splendid year. The year’s activities began with a Recognition Service in the Salem Presbyterian Church. The spiritual influence of this program has been a light of guidance throughout the year. Our assembly program in connection with the com¬ munity fund campaign gave a boost to the campaign here at school. The program was presented in the form of a skit in which the girls in the club took part. 4 70 } THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Martha Jean Donaldson, Maydene Ilohack, Douglas Anri Lewis, Carolyn Leffel, Mar y Ellen Whitmore, Ann St. Clair, Myra Draper, Dot Douglas, Joyce Owens, Lillian Wimmer, Joan Haupt, Sue Powell. Second Row: Betty Jean Turner, Margaret Gore, Joyce Herrin, Betty Powers, Lillie Plybon, Doris Alderman, Anne Webster, Jo Anne McDaniel, Anna Margaret Young, Jean Mitchell, Irene Szvedberg, Betty Francisco, Mary Ann Grisso, Phyllis Reid, June Logan, Ann Cecil Renick. Third Row: Joyce Wood, Jeanne Myers, Jean McCormick, Rita Martin, Jean Lumsden, Deloriese Gebhardt, Juanita Agee, Patricia Setliff, DeLois DeHart, Joyce Plymale, Helen Garst, Frances Vest, Peggy Tyree, Betty Beeler, Betsy Galbraith, Diane Overstreet. Fourth Row: Von a Lee Deel, Janet Lee Carter, Imogene Helton, Joanne Showalter, Mary Anne Logan, Mary Alice Woods, Evelyn Meador, Mabel Ferguson, Iris Boone, Jeanne Hobbs, Joyce Little, Jane Tingler. Senior Y-Teens The annual “Hanging of the Greens” ceremony was undoubtedly a success. The “Gathering the Greens” party at the Fraziers’ made this one of the most pleasant experiences of the whole year. Our Christmas formal was a beautiful and festive occasion and was enjoyed by all participants. Two open house dances were sponsored by our club at the “Y” in Roanoke. Delegates from our club attended four conferences, both local and district. The annual Football-Basketball Banquet was held as a conclusion to our social program for the year. As social service projects this year, donations to the Mercy House and a special overseas package were included. During April the girls carried on the Lily sales for the Virginia Crippled Children Society. One of the most outstanding features of the Y-Teens’ work has been the promotion of the Teen-Age Center. The cooperation and enthusiasm displayed by the girls of this group have made possible this very successful year. f 71 FORTY-NINE First Row, Left to Right: Nancy Carroll, Georgie Buterakos, Lois Stultz, Dorothy Johnson, Marcelene Smith, Evelyn Sprouse, Glenna Dulaney, Shirley Garst, Sagen Kime, Jackie Frazier, Boogie Stevens, Eleanor Porterfield, Ellen O ' Neill, Elaine Holliday, Barbara Mitchell. Second Row Mary Sue Missimer, Mary Buterakos, Margaret Moore, Phyllis Secrest, Sarah Sumner, Frances Brickey, Mary Ann Simmons, June Ann Saunders, Ellen Sample, Dot Patsel, Joe Anne Frier, Maidra Roberts, Fay Doyle, Marlene Gallion, Nancy Peters , Betty Parrish. Third Row: Mildred Painter, Patsy Willis, Judy Trevillian, Barbara Howard, Connie Eakin, Jackie Comer, Judy Ann Meadows, Mary Walker, Virginia Peters, Novella Agee, Nancy Boone, Charlotte Anderson, Bette Blackwell, Bettye Akers, Katherine Powell. Fourth Row: Lois Sirry, Carrie Sowder, Pat Logan, Alice Roach, Charlotte Burford, Phyllis Bandy-, Jean Campbell, Nadine Kesler, Darlene Gearhart, Mary Katherine Miller, Irma O ' Beirne, Joyce Tomblin, Doris Kirby, Belt ye Gresham, Audrey Jo Powell. Junior Y-Teens Sagen Kime. Jackie Frazier.. Shirley Garst. Jennie Smiley. Eleanor Porterfield. . Barbara Stevens. Ellen O’Neill. Shelia Gallagher.. Miss Marilyn Mitchell . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . . . Social Chairman Program Chairman Publicity Chairman . Worship Chairman . Sponsor The J unior Y-Teens, which was organized in February of 1948, consists of eighty freshman girls. The purpose of the club is to develop each girl mentally, physically and spiritually. The Service Projects this year included sending Christ¬ mas boxes to the Mercy House and mailing boxes overseas to Y-Teen groups in Europe and Asia. There were several social events also, including a cabin party in May which was held at the Y. W. C. A.’s Shaws- ville Camp. With the careful planning and leadership of our spon¬ sor, Miss Mitchell, we feel that 1948-49 was a very successful year for the Junior Y-Teens. 4 72 } THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Pete Bain, Fred Plybon, Dick Agee, Bill Ervin, Jimmy Farmer, Dick Powell, Bill Elmore, Don Brown, Bob Frank, John Stevens, Bill Davenport, Robert Miller, Tommy Dooley, Jr., Paul Copenhaver. Second Row: Bill Scott, Pete Garst, John Perrow, Ted Barker, Wayne Nienke, Bobby Stanley, Sonny Loman, Mac Minnick, Bob Brammer, Charles Carper, Bob Stepp, Paul Crawford, Mr. Coffman, Sponsor. Third Row: Eddie Tuttle, Alonzo Kittinger, Dan Leonard, Allan Frazier, Arnold Keaton, Buddy Bairn John Cross, Jim Blount. Fourth Row: Gieg Hillenburg, Norvin Boone, Joe Murphy, George Kolmer, Bernard Hart, Tom Hawley, John Obenchaiv, Dudley Engleby, Jack Rice, Bill Simmons, Everett Ellers. Hi-Y Club Bill Elmore. Buddy Baker. John Perrow. Don Brown. Bob Frank. Jimmy Farmer. Dick Powell. Mr. Paul Coffman . President .... Vice President . 5 ecretary . Treasurer . . Sergeant at Arms Program Chairman . Chaplain . Sponsor “To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character” has been this club’s full purpose this year. The Andrew Lewis Hi-Y Club got off to an early start. By sponsoring a football hop, assemblies, and other activities, the club has become a very popular one around the campus. This club held joint meetings with the Y-Teens for the purpose of forming a youth center in Salem. It had the pleasure of sending one of its members as doorkeeper to the Model Assembly in Richmond, and two other members were sent as delegate and senator. With the help of fine leaders and Mr. Paul Coffman, our sponsor, we believe that the influence of the Hi-Y has been far-reaching this year. 4 73 4 - FO RTY-NIN E First Row, Left to Right: Bobby Stanley, Joe Rushbrooke, Wilson Kolmer, Sonny Loud, Lois Bayse, Lillie Plybon, Frances Wood, Bernard Hart, Walter Garst, Gale Ayers. Second Row: Elinor Miller, Lena Edwards, Janet Carter, Nell Eller, Barbara Grossman, Helen Llarter, Ruby Kanode, Joan Crawford, Carolyn Leffel, Jean Lucas, Sue Robertson, Betty Jean Campbell, Martha Kime, Anne Churchman, Phyllis Schaffer, Donnie Spotts, Herbert Gordon. Third Row: Jimmy Kirkwood, Norma Cundiff, Annie Davis, Marian Chapman, Muriel Walker, Elizabeth Garnand, Ludwell Newman, Sarah Bohon, Doris Gordon, Mary Ann Grisso, Mabel Fergu¬ son, Hazel Tinsley, Naomi Gregson, Eleanor Brillhart, Louise Fringer. Fourth Row: Allan Llarris, John Turbyfill, Hubert Bain, Joyce Jennings, Virginia Fariss, Betsy Galbraith, Alice Viar, Joyce Herrin, Viola Vaughan, Joyce Wood, Fayth Conner, Frances Alls, Dolores Chelf, Mary Ellen Whitmore, Mrs. Pedigo, Sponsor. Fifth Row: Billy Doyle, George Kolmer, David Miller, Virginia Francisco, Fay Gray, Joanne Showalter, Robert Cofer, John Cross, Llarold Pillow, Mac Minnick, Jean Lynn Moore, Dickie Minnix, Eleanor Morgan, J. M. Young, Mary Crawford, Sarah Jane Dillon. Beta Club Jack Shannon. Frances Wood. Lois Bayse. Lillie Plybon.. Bernard Hart. Mrs. Carrie M. Pedigo . President . .. . Vice President . Secretary Assistant Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor National: The National Honorary Beta Club, organized in 1933, now has chapters in sixteen states, with an active membership of seventeen thousand, five hundred ninety-eight. Local: The Andrew Lewis Chapter, chartered in the fall of 1936, has three hundred sixty-seven members. The present enrollment is seventy-four. Scenes of ’49: Selling football programs. Social at Longwood, New Beta Song. Fall installation—informative, interesting speeches. Spring installation—guest speaker, the Reverend M. L. Minnick. State Convention at Hotel Roanoke—“Civilization on Trial” pre¬ sented Talent Night. Purpose: “I do solemnly declare that I shall always strive to hold fast to the principles of honesty; to constantly endeavor to maintain a creditable record; to cultivate in my life and conduct the principles which the National Beta Club is organized to encourage. I further pledge myself to cooperate with the members of this club in the promotion of a sense of individual responsibility to our school, com¬ munity, state and nation; to make right the master of might and to consecrate our comradeship to mutual understanding and the betterment of our fellow students.” 4 7f } PIONEER THE Donnie Spotts, Sue Robertson, Anne Cecil Renick, Joe Stoutamire, Charles Carper First Row, Left to Right: Miss Hearing, Sponsor, Don Otey, William Bowman, Dickie Sossman, Jimmy Hensley, Randolph Harrison, Vernon Weeks. Second Row: J ohnny Ferguson, William Brogan, Raymond Kane, Kenneth O ' Bierne, Lloyd Atkins. Third Row: Clarence Wirt, Brenton Mongan, Clayton Tinnell, Louis Spradlin. Fourth Row: Max Fritz, Vernon Alridge, Roy Wood, George Poff. Projection Clubs Charles Carper Joe Stoutamire. Anne Renick. . . Sue Robertson . Mr. Robinson .. . SENIOR CLUB . ... Chairman Vice Chairman . Secretary . Treasurer . Sponsor The purpose of the projection club is to teach the students how to use the audio-visual equipment. This year, with the capable assistance of our sponsor, Mr. Robinson, we have helped with shows, dances, and classroom movies. JUNIOR CLUB The Junior Projection group was organized for the first time this year in the eighth grade for the purpose of aiding the teachers in showing educational films. Only those in good scholastic standing are permitted membership. Successful accomplishment in the audio-visual material of our school will permit membership in the senior group. 4 75 FORTY-NINE First Row, Left to Right: Bill Childress, Nancy James, Iris Howery, Ruby Kanode, Betty Jean Campbell, Norma Cundijf, Joe IVilbourne. Second Row: Nellie Harmon, Norma Boone, Joan Haupt, Judy Furrow, Nell Eller, Joan Crawford, Mary Spraker, Sue Robertson, Josephine Spangler, Fay Boldish, Betsy Galbraith, Myra Draper. Third Row: Phyllis Bandy, Eleanor Brillhart, Violet Jamison, Charlotte Hill, Jimmy Evans, Jimmy Johnson, Preston Hancock, Dick Hite, Allan Frazier, Joyce JVood, Stella Morgan, Vona Lee Deel. Senior Choir Joe Wilbourne. Betty Jean Campbell Jean Lynn Moore. . . Ruby Kanode Bill Childress Nancy James Preston Hancock J Iris Howery Sue Robertson Betsy Galbraith Betty Jean Campbell Norma Cundiff Joyce Wood Mrs. Nelle H. Peery . President . Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Publicity Chairmen . Librarians Accompanists Director SENIOR CHOIR SCHEDULE Thanksgiving Program.November Christmas Program for Salem Music Club.December Burlington Mills Christmas Party.December Christmas Eve Program, College Church.December Music for Christmas Play.December Program—William Fleming.January Junior Chamber of Commerce Banquet. ... .February Music for Prayer Service at College Church.March Trio, Presbyterian Night Services.March Woman’s Club.April Sunrise Service, Easter Morning.April Operetta.April Music for Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises.. June 4 76 4 THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Raymond JVatson, Joe Rushbrooke, Doris Turner, Helen Ilarter , Barbara Grossman, Dick Normoyle, Philip Smith. Second Row: Deloriese Gebhardt, Douglas Ann Lewis, Doris Smith, Juanita Agee. Third Row: Louise Murphy, Martha Jane Curry, Anne Cecil Renick, Beverly Obenshain, Phyllis Wheeler, Mary Ellen Whitmore, Elsie Smallwood. Junior Choir Helen Harter . President Joe Rushbrooke . Vice President Doris Turner . Secretary Barbara Grossman . Treasurer Dick Normoyle . Publicity Chairman Martha Jane Curry . Librarians Doris Smith Deloriese Gebhardt 1 Mary Ellen Whitmore I . Accompanists Helen Harter Doris Smith j Mrs. Nelle H. Peery . Director The Junior Choir consists of sophomores and juniors who are preparing for the Senior Choir next year. The Junior Choir furnished music for religious assemblies, gave a program at the Veterans Hospital, and assisted the Senior Choir in the operetta, “The Gypsy Rover.” Seven denominations are represented in the Junior Choir which sings in church choirs throughout the community. 77 } FORTY-NINE The Band Charlotte Thomas 1 Norma Cundiff J- . Drum Majorettes Mary Ann Logan j Mr. Christensen. Director The Band, under the excellent direction of Mr. L. Christensen, has had a very successful year. It played not only for all home games and for the Danville game, but also for several college games. Several members of our band, Melvin Good, Harold Pillow, and Henry Holliday, represented Andrew Lewis in the All-State Concert Band. Norma Cundiff and Bobby Stanley were the representatives from Andrew Lewis in the All-State Workshop Band. The Band attended the State Music Festival at Martinsville, April 2. Three solos and the whole band received a rating of excellent, and the trombone duet received a rating of very good. The annual concert was presented in April. Clarinet Melvin Good Norman Stemple Charlotte Thomas Jimmy Evans Norma Cundiff Mary A ' nn Logan Mary Ann Turner Betty Lou Rettinger Mary Sue Garnett Doris Martin Shirley Kingery Judy Trevillian Dorothy Boone Nancy Stanback Cornet Robert Stanley Burcelle Johnson Alva Connor Victor West Paul Copenhaver John Miller Tommy Fields Ruth Jordan Helen McGue Gypsy de Wolfee Rosie Lee Lockett BAND MEMBERS Helen O’Bierne Rodney McNeill Roy Harris Wayne Smith Drums John Musser Richard Viar Kenneth O’Bierne Wesley Grisso Bass Harold Pillow Don Vandergrift Saxaphone Nancy Farris Melvin Good Trombone Henry Holliday Eddie Tuttle Jack Good Geneva Peterson Mellaphone Iris Cundiff Odrie Bowling Imogene Helton Baritone Alice Viar Henry Holliday Jack Good rj ' o i o jir THE PIONEER Mdrew Cewis News Jack Rice. Nancy O’Neill . Lucille Lee Thomas Lee Hawley. . . Allan Frazier. Herbert Gordon Betty Jean Campbell Betty Jean Lawson Sarah Jane Dillon Betty Jo Moses Joyce Crosswhite Dot Douglas Ann Lewis J o Ann Showalter Dennis McCarter Betty Brown Campbell Joyce Jennings Johnny Stevens Jean Lucas Joan Haupt Annie Davis Etta Mae Lester Virginia Francisco Mr. John H. Snapp. .. Editor-in-Chief Associate Editors ... Sports Editor . . Feature Editor Reportorial Staff Circulation Staff Faculty Adviser Each Friday morning the latest news of Andrew Lewis comes in the Times-Register edited by Mr. John Thornton. Mr. Thornton donates a page in the Times-Register for the Andrew Lewis News which is written on Monday afternoon by students of Andrew Lewis. Along with the news comes the latest flashes from Watson about people and happenings in Watson’s own famous column, Et Cetera. The staff would like to join Watson in expressing its ap¬ preciation for the students’ many nickels. 4 79 ) FO RTY-NIN E First Row, Left to Right: Charlotte Garst, Betty Jean Lawson, Frances Flannagan, Betty Eubank, Doris Alderman, Anne Webster, Irene Swedberg, Peggy Tyree, Jeanette Coleman, Joyce Jennings, Mary Jane Shephard, Virginia Davis, DeLois DeHart. Second Row: Barbara Bennett, Betty Taylor, Ruth Brogan, Janet Eller, Naomi Gregson, Josephine Spangler, Minnie Collins, Wilma Collins, Faye Murray, Alice Ann Davis, Almeta Bohon. Third Row: Mrs. Miller, Sponsor, Dot Underwood, Mabel Ferguson, Ima Wagoner, Wanda Patteson, Joyce Rusher, Ella Haynes, Betty Beeler, Mrs. Gordon, Sponsor. F. H. A. Ruth Brogan . President B etty Jean Lawson . Vice President Virginia Davis . Secretary Betty Eubank . Treasurer Frances Flannagan. Mrs. Nancie Miller i Mrs. Barbara Gordon j Reporter Sponsors Girls over a decade ago learned homemaking from their mothers, or learned the “hard way” by experience after marriage. Today, we of the F. H. A. can appreciate the improvement over the schools of yesterday. Under Mrs. Miller’s and Mrs. Gordon’s never-ending advice and super¬ vision, we are better equipped to face our future in any phase of community life. Improvement within ourselves today, makes better homes and stronger family ties tomorrow. ■4 80 } THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: William Broyles, Tommy Martin, Wesley Grisso, Dwight Grisso, Norris Martin, Rhea Clark, George Bowling, Rex Tenney, Marvin Damewood, Pete Darnall, Robert Richard¬ son, Ira Poage. Second Row: Jack Gearhart, Woodie Martin, Robert Clark, Nelson Simpson, Gerald Boone, Junior Wright, Harold Pendleton, Johnny Obenchain, Elwood Peterson, Jack Gunter, Bill Davenport, II. M. Morris, Ben Bohon, Jr., Edgar L. Terry. Third Row: R. E. Kinzie, Sponsor, Harry Simpson , Billy Garman, Albert Turner, Lyle Martin, Claude Sirry Bob Shelton, R. J. Garman, Melvin Garman, Curtis Garman, Randolph Mitchell, Hugh Poage, Cecil Boone, Buddy Baker, Kenneth Martin, Mr. Peters, Sponsor. Fourth Row: Kenneth Craig, Andy Smith, Eugene Dixon, W. II. Yates, Erwin Sumner, Kenneth Otey, Ernest Moore, Jim Peters, George Gearhart, Donald Leming, Lawrence Martin, Gale Ayers, William Hall, Jack Hartman. F. F. A. Francis Gibson . President Norris Martin . Vice President Dwight Grisso . Secretary Rhea Clark . Treasurer Wesley Grisso . Reporter Melvin Garman . Watch Dog Mr. J. E. Peters 1. Sponsors Mr. R. E. Kinzie The Future Farmers of America is the national organization of farm boys studying vocational agriculture in the public high schools throughout the United States. The primary aim of the Future Farmers of America is the development of agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. Through the leadership of these boys, we may expect a new agriculture—an agriculture lighted by science which will share with industry in the country’s general prosperity. Rural leadership is the greatest call of the hour. Our leaders who live up to the F. F. A. motto cannot fail in this task. “Learning to do—doing to learn—earning to live—living to serve.” 4 81 } FORTY- NINE First Row, Left to Right: Bill Rakes, Alonzo Kittinger, Bill Elmore, Joe Wilbourne, Reginald Tomblin, Bill Ervin, Jimmy McNutt, Marvin Crowe, Wayne Shelor, Buddy Baker, John Turbyjill, Jimmy Stamper. Second Row: Norris Martin, Jimmy Peters, Bill Perkins, George Moore, Billy Garst, Harless Scott, J. M. Young, Jimmy Black, Bill Snyder, Charles Webster. Third Row: Sonny Loud, Wilson Kolmer, Herbert Thompson, Harry Humphreys, Jimmy Farmer. Monogram Club Jimmy McNutt. .. . Buddy Baker. Bill Ervin. Marvin Crowe. . . . Mr. G. H. Spruhan .... President Vice President . Secretary .... Treasurer . Sponsor The Andrew Lewis Monogram Club consists of boys who, after winning a letter, have been initiated into the club. The club, under the able leadership of Coach Spruhan, has enjoyed a very successful year. The activities of the club included a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance with the Distributive Education Club, and an assembly in which letters were presented. The club had a successful initiation program for new mem¬ bers, which we hope will become an annual event. 82 } THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Annie Davis, Donnie Spotts, Jo Anne McDaniel, Jeanette Coleman, Fay Gray, Doris Roop, Sheridan Carter, Mary Anne Logan, Lucille Lee, Irene Swedberg, Janet Gibson. Second Row: Patricia Templeton, Helen McGue, Alice Viar, Betty Jo Taliaferro, Nancy Peters, Marlene Gallion, Jackie Comer, Stella Morgan, Jean Cook, Lucille Hill, Mary Sue Garnett, Regina Howard, Barbara Stevens, Miss Watts , Sponsor. Sports Club Doris Roop. Sheri Carter. Fay Gray. Jeanette Coleman Miss Watts. .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . Sponsor There is a club in Andrew Lewis High School And as to sports, its members you can’t fool. Most all the girls are really on the ball, They even play soccer in the third-floor hall, For others they’re always doing some kind deed, To some of these no one takes heed. Come Christmas time, weather rough or mild A party is given for every underprivileged child. Toward us the library should not sniff; To buy them a cabinet we gave a gift. The basketball playday was a big affair; Much fun was had by everyone there. The Playday, that was given in May, Was the Great Granddaddy of all playdays. Toward me is coming graduation day, But before I go I want to say: I hate to leave this club which is so thrifty, I wish I could be with you in 1950. So girls work hard and really strive To keep this wonderful SPORTS CLUB alive. Doris Roop, President 4 83 FORTY-NINE First Row, Left to Right: Alice Ann Davis, Joann Austin, Elizabeth Garnand, Jo Ann Walker, Patricia Johnston, Nancy Garst, Ann Cecil Renick, Jean Stewart Lucas, Nancy O ' Neill, Annie Davis, Pat Smiley, Betty Jean Lawson, Pat Hubbard, Anne Churchman, Betty Eubank, Frances Flannagan, Betty Brown Campbell, Fay Doyle. Second Row: Mrs. Smith, Sponsor, John Perrow, Louise Shelor, Virginia Fariss, Alice Baker, Eleanor Brill hart, Louise Fringer, Joyce Crosswhite, Donnie S potts, Fay D eyerie, Mae Hill, Doris Martin, Nellie Harmon, Phyllis Smith, Dolores Chelf, Lucille Lee, Llelen Bowman, Marlene Gallion, Paul Copenhaver, Jr., Mrs. Strickler, Sponsor. Third Row: Melvin Good, Bob Brammer, Don Brown, Preston Hancock, Bill Childress, Bob Croft, Joe Powell, Billy Doyle, Herbert Gordon, Tom Hawley, John Cross, John Turbyjill, Bob Frank, Bill Ervin, Jimmy Kirkwood, Mac Minnick, J. M. Young, Jeanne Hobbs. (N. F. L. Inset) Kneeling: John Perrow, J. M. Young. Seated: Pat Smiley, John Ray Turbyjill, Don Brown, Pat Hubbard. Standing: Mrs. Smith, Thomas Hawley, Bill Childress, John Cross, Dolores Chelf, Mrs. Strickler. Forensics John Turbyfill. Don Brown. Tom Hawley. Mrs. Pearl Strickler Mrs. Forest Smith . President .... Vice President Secretary-Treasurer . Sponsors In Rooms 102 and 106 news is made every day, such as—Bill Ervin pulling Bill Childress’s tooth—There’s John Perrow, our Demos¬ thenes—Frances Flannagan “vamping”—Little Orphan Annie “Davis” always full of giggles and speeches—Betty Brown Campbell trying witchcraft on us—Jeanne Hobbs impersonating Jesse James—Louise (Molecule) Shelor, our “colored” boy— Billy Doyle, beating his brains out over the “Federal Aid” speech— What? Just the Forensics! THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Frances Wood, Lucille Lee, Mrs. Smith, Sponsor, Jean Lucas, Nancy O ' Neill. Second Row: John, John Perrow, Bob Frank, Herbert Gordon, Tom Hawley . Debating Club At the beginning of the spring semester ten students, under the direction of Mrs. Smith, gathered in Room 106 to start this year’s debating class. The majority of the group’s debating experience was zero, but now we practically cross examine in general conversation. In preparation for the district meeting in May we debated with William Fleming, William Byrd, and Roanoke College. Our teams have de¬ bated commendably and often victoriously. The question this year is: “Re¬ solved—that the United Nations now be revised into a federal world govern¬ ment.” Whether or not our teams win, each of us will finish this year’sjdebating class with something more valuable than trophies—a deep interest in and a feeling of responsibility in international relations. 85 FORTY-NINE First Row, Left to Right: Elizabeth Kilby, Patricia Hubbard, James McNutt, Donald McGhee, Vir¬ ginia Garrett, Betty Cammer. Second Row: Mr. Alexander, Sponsor, Betty Doyle, Janet Cox, Murlene Harris, Martha Bramlett, Ruth Johnson. Third Row: Harless Scott, James Mowbray, Billy Lane, Trubie Graham , Max Rife. Distributors’ Club Donald McGhee . President James McNutt . Vice President Patricia Hubbard . Secretary Elizabeth Kilby . Treasurer Virginia Garrett . Parliamentarian Betty Cammer . Editor and Promotion Manager Harless Scott . Delegate to State Convention Mr. Alexander . Sponsor The Distributors’ Club is a club formed by those students taking the retail training course in the Senior Class. The purpose of the club is to learn about vocational opportunities in the field of distribution; to develop leadership; to integrate the Distributive Education program with other programs in the school; and to provide helpful participation by the members in civic affairs so that members may take their places in the community life after graduation. Our club has had three outside speakers, made field trips to the Salem telephone office, the Mick-or-Mack warehouse (where we were served lunch), and to Kroger’s new store in Salem to become more familiar with the problem of distribution. Social activities have been a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, a Christmas Party, and an Area Conference with the Distributors’ Clubs of Christians- burg and Roanoke at Longwood in Salem. •{ 86 THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Johnny Ferguson, Barbara Barnett, Betty Mae Doyle, Ruth Marie Turner, Patricia Johnston, Brenton Mongan, Faye Doyle. Second Row: Lois Terry, Shirley Tuttle, Judy Trevillian, Odrie Bowling, Virginia Abbott, Shirley Carter, Frances Thompson, Phyllis Richards, Elizabeth Underwood, Mrs. Jennings, Sponsor. Third Row: Tommy Alartin, Norma Jean Tolly, Patricia Stuart, Anna Martin, Alary Jane Turner, Janet Wright, Shirley Martin, Claudine Smith, Evelyn AlcCray, Betty Alowles, Rachel Reese, Jackie Wimmer. Fourth Row: Dickie Sossamon, Raymond Kane, Bobby Martin, 0. C. Simpson, Jr., Joanne Walker, Elizabeth Garnand, Barbara Smallwood, Maxine Lightman, Lyle Martin, Jerry Bower, James Wiley, Harold Worrell. 4-H Club Betty Mae Doyle Patricia Johnston Brenton Mongan. Johnny Ferguson. Barbara Barnett. Ruth Turner. Mrs. Jennings . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Song Leader . Reporter . Sponsor Last fall a new club, the Andrew Lewis Chapter of the National 4-H Club, was organized. The purpose of this club is explained by the official pledge, “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service and my health to better living for my club, community, and my country.” The fifty members of our 4-H Club have met regularly in the gym under the capable leadership of Mrs. Jennings, sponsor, Mr. Douglas, county agriculture agent, and Mrs. Margaret Svoboda, home demonstration agent. Our theme has been “Safety,” and numerous talks and contests have been held centering around this subject. This club has filled a definite need in the school and we believe that if we keep before us our motto, “To make the best better,” our club will grow in quality as well as quantity. 4 87 4 FORTY-NINE First Row, Left to Right: Charlotte Burford, Jackie Comer, Jean Campbell, Nancy Burress, Joe Anne Frier, Phyllis Bandy, Annie Barton, Margaret Gore, Betty Francisco, Grace Draper, Frances Brickey, Nancy Carroll, Bettye Gresham, Harriett Grubb, Novella Agee, June Deyerle Second Row: Faye Doyle, Faye Deyerle, Violet Jamison, Charlotte Hill, Nancye James, Joan Haupt, Imogean Frye, Nancy Boone, Betty Blackwell, Bettye Akers, Charlotte Anderson, Barbara Barnett, Edith Harris, Betty Lou Hancock, Deloriese Gebhardt, Joann Austin, Doris Beahm. Third Row: Ruby Feld, Regina Howard, Joe Ann Jordan, Judy Furrow, Joann Campbell, Juanita Agee, Tootie Ames, Paul Copenhaver, Jr., Tommy Dooley, Jr., Dick Hite, Alva Conner, Lewis Garst, Everette Ellers, Bob Haupt, Paul Crawford, Robert Cofer. S. C. A ♦ We believe that this year has been the best year in the history of the S. C. A. We have grown from a small group to one of the largest clubs in the school. The purpose of our organization is to uphold the standards of Christianity in the school. Fayth A,nn Conner. President Lois Bayse. Vice President Louise Fringer. Secretary Charles Carper. Treasurer Miss Sarah Goodwin ) . Sponsors Mrs. Jewell Boitnott if} 4 88 fa THE PIONEER First Row, Left to Right: Charles Carper, Fayth Ann Conner, Louise Fringer, Lois Bayse. Second Row: Marcelene Smith, Evelyn Sprouse, Jackie Frazier, Mary Ellen Whitmore, Carolyn Leffel, Edith Grisso, Correnia Henderson, Glenna Dulaney, Shirley Blackwell, Darlene Gearhart, Margery Gouge, Phyllis Smith, Nellie Harmon, Wanda Kirby, Eloise Hannah, Anne Stuart, Barbara Martin. Third Row: Miss Sarah Goodwin, Sponsor, Joyce Owens, Elsie Smallwood, Judy Trevillian, Betty Ann Owen, Jean McCormick, Rita Martin, Carrie Sowder, Donnie Spotts, Dot Karnes, Evelyn Wood, Beverly Obenshain, Elizabeth Sellers, Louise Shelor, Edna Smith, Polly Rierson, Robert Hartman, Billy Robey, Donnie Pugh, Mrs. Boitnott, Sponsor. Fourth Row: Ruby Reed, Lois Sirry, Pat Logan, Jalean Pickett, Nancy Turner, Nancy Wood, Loretta Maxey, Etheleene Wiseman, Louise Murphy, Dick Powell, Doris Smith, Arnold Keaton, Dick Nor- moyle, Nadine Kesler, Janice Musser, Judy Ann Meadows, John Stevens, Johnny Miller, Marjorie Henry, Jean Lumsden. S. C. A. The club had a daily project of putting Bible verses on the board in each room. During the first semester our meetings were inspired with Biblical character sketches given by the Reverend John Elliott. During the last semester the club alternated programs by having student participation and visiting ministers. The meetings have been helpful to all who attended. The S. C. A. sponsored a New Year’s assembly. The club also has conducted the devotions in several other assemblies. We have greatly appreciated the capable leadership of our sponsors, Miss Sarah Goodwin and Mrs. Jewell Boitnott. The future for the club looks promising. 4 89 jgc FORTY-NINE First Row, Left to Right: Marie Housman, Xie Mae Saul, Charlotte Burford, Marlene Gallion. Second Row: Thelma Rhodes, Norma Johnson, Marcheta Reese, Joe Ann Jordan, Mae PoJJ, Doris Alderman, Joyce Owens, Peggy McCarter, Alice Ann Davis, Martha Robertson, Elsie Mann. Third , Rx iy: Airs. Bennett, Sponsor, Tharon Powell, Jean Campbell, Pat Templeton, Blanche Lucado, Janet Gibson, Peggy Tyree, Dorothy Underwood, Phyllis Reed, Claudine All, Miss Wright, Sponsor. Library Club Joe Ann Jordan .. Mae Hill. Tharon Powell. . Joyce Owens. Mrs. Bennett Miss Wright j .... President Vice President . Secretary . . .. Treasurer . Sponsors The Library Club consists of twenty-four members, twenty of whom give their study halls to help with the routine duties of running the Library. These girls do the work of carding and shelving books, stamping and checking passes, writing and delivering fines, and they perform various other tasks which arise. The Club meets on alternate Wednesdays in the Reference Room of the Library. The programs are of a literary nature, featuring outside speakers as well as students. The Library Club celebrated Book Week by sponsoring an assembly for the eighth-grade students. Miss Elizabeth Stiff of the Virginia State Library, Richmond, held a story hour for them. The club had its annual Christmas party at which time gifts were exchanged. There are five office practice girls who type catalog cards card pockets for books and business letters; they also cut stencils and file cards in the librarian’s office. They are: Mae Hill, Nancy Johnson and Eloise Hannah, first semester; Keturah Pillow and Daisy Taliaferro, second semester. 90 )• THE PIONEER FOOTBALL J £- AjW cK- Andrew Lewis. 33 Andrew Lewis. o Andrew Lewis. 7 Andrew Lewis. 12 Andrew Lewis. 14 1948 Dublin. o Thomas Jefferson. 27 William Byrd. 26 William Fleming. o Jefferson. 21 WOLVERINES ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ " f care SnooKs " SEASON Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis 7 Lane. 7 Hampton. 6 Lynchburg 6 Danville. . First Row, Left to Right: Norris Martin, Bill Ervin, Marvin Crowe, James McNutt, Jimmy Peters, Reginald Tomblin, James Black, John Kinder, J. M. Young, Kenneth Wilson. Second Row: William Elmore, Bill Garst, Bill Rakes, Glenn Lewis, Buddy Baker, William Snyder, George Moore, Joe Wilbourne. Third Row: Charles Webster, Bill Perkins, Herbert Thompson, Harry Humphreys, Alonzo Kittinger. Varsity Football The Andrew Lewis football team started the season with a light and inexperienced squad. There were only six lettermen. The opening game, however, was a great success as the Wolverines shellacked Dublin 33-0. Wilson hit the line for three touchdowns, while Peters and McNutt added one each. Ervin kicked three out of five extra points. Andrew Lewis lost the next two games to two of the most powerful teams in Virginia, T. J. of Richmond, and William Byrd, by scores of 27-0 and 26-7. Lewis bounced back into the win column the next week with a 12-0 decision over Fleming. Lewis scored twice the first half and held on for the victory. Wilbourne, Ervin and McNutt starred for the Wolverines. Even though Salem lost to Jefferson, the game was the highlight of the season. Lewis scored twice the first half, and it was only with long passes and old “Lady Luck” that Jefferson pulled the game from the fire. Garst’s booming punts repeatedly set the Magicians back. Lack of reserves cost Lewis the game. The whole team was great, with McNutt, Peters, Moore, Ervin, Kittinger, Elmore and Garst particularly outstanding. Because of the injuries sustained in the Jefferson game, the state champions from Hampton easily beat Lewis 32-7. The Wolverines won their first Group I game over Lane High when Wilson took a short pass and went 60 yards behind beautiful blocking to score. The Wolverines lost a heartbreaker to Glass, 7-6. Ervin scored the only Salem touchdown, but missed the extra point. The following week the Wolverines ended the season by beating Danville 7-0. Wilson bucked the line to score in the final two minutes. Black, Wilson, McNutt, Peters and Perkins ended the season with good play. { 91 }b- THE PIONEER First Row Left to Right: . D. Prichett, Pete Taylor, Raymond Watson, T. R. Barker, Eddie Tuttle Donald I hompson, John Cross, Elwood Peterson, Coach Copenhaver. Second Row: Joe Murphy, Drew Moore, Frank Chapman, Bill Masterson, Bill Simmons, Jimmy Poff Bates Kilhnger. M ’ Third Row: Benny Boone, Jackie Beard, Ira Poage, Jimmie Webb, Corbin Wade. Junior Varsity Football Andrew Lewis. 12 Andrew Lewis. o Andrew Lewis. 7 Andrew Lewis. 16 Andrew Lewis. o William Byrd. 13 William Fleming. 26 Jefferson. o Jefferson. St. Andrews. 18 The Junior Varsity got off to a bad start, but improved a great deal after the first two games. Toward the end of the season the Jayvees did very well under the excellent coaching of Air. Copenhaver. d he team won only two out of five games, but since both of these were with Jefferson, the season was a success. 95 FORTY-NINE Wayne Shelor {Center) Herbert Thompson {Guard) Bill Perkins {Forward) Jimmy Peters {Forward) Jimmy Black {Guard) Bill Elmore {Forward) Buddy Baker {Forward) Billy Garst {Forward) Wilson Kolmer {Manager) Varsity Basketball A. L. . 34 A. L.. A. L. . 56 A. L.. A. L. . 41 A. L.. A. L. . 51—William Fleming. . 37 A. L.. A. L. . 49 A. L.. A. L. . 43 A. L... A. L. . 39 A. L... A. L. . 44 31—Roanoke College Junior Varsity. . 63 27—Lynchburg. 77 50—Hopewell. 35 42— William Byrd. 46 33—Jefferson. 46 43— William Fleming. 54 45—Roanoke College Junior Varsity. . 64 THE PIONEER Basketball The Wolverines did a wonderful job this year considering the fact that all of them, with the exception of Wayne Shelor, were inexperi¬ enced. As the season went along and our team gained experience, we made a much better showing against our old rivals from all over the state. Although the team didn’t win any Western Conference games, it did win two in the Eastern Conference. But the number of games won is not what really matters; what counts in the long run is the fact that the players played good, clean games, games which showed lots of hard fighting and a spirit of sportsman¬ ship that would be difficult to equal. Because of this, everyone is very proud of the boys on the team, and we mean it when we say—“Hats off! !” and “Fifteen for Team! !” With several experienced players returning, the team can look for¬ ward to a good season next year. BASKETBALL SNAPSHOTS Thompson and his ballet shot Elmore’s favorite Peters comes through again Whatcha lookin’ at, boys? Let go of our boy! Shelor shakes hands anywhere That Perkins hits from any angle Watch that basket! Wait a while, fellows •€•{ 97 f NO 1 SMOKING ' NO IQKING Cheerleaders “Pep with Spice”—they’re the variety in our lives. Dolores Chelf Mary Alice Woods Jean Lucas Julia St. John Phyllis Dooley Sue Robertson Pat Smiley Martha Kime, Head. Cheerleader Pat Hubbard Bubbles Garst Jennie Smiley 4 98 THE PIONEER LEADERS IN GYM CLASSES Miss Watts, Gym Teacher, Betty Jo Taliaferro, Sheridan Carter, Ann Webster, Stella Morgan, Barbara Bennett, Irene Swedberg, Doris Roop. Girls’ Sports This year at A. L. the Girls’ Physical Education Department has really been busy. In gym classes the girls have been very enthusiastic over square dancing. Everyone was busy promenading and swinging her partner. In addition to square dancing, basketball, and softball, other games were played. The fourth period was looked forward to by all the eighth-grade girls who had their own basketball tournament. Playdays on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week were sponsored by the Sports Club. All girls who were interested were invited to come to the gym after school where they were instructed in shuffle- board, badminton, peteca, volleyball, deck tennis, basketball, ping-pong, and other games. As usual, a great number of girls considered basketball the most interesting of all sports. There were two Odd and two Even teams. From these four teams, an honorary Odd and Even varsity was chosen. These teams played two out of three games for the championship. As last year the Odds won and thus gained io points toward the color cup. Volleyball is rapidly becoming an important after-school game. Softball comes next, with all the girls yelling, “Let me bat.” Let us not forget the individual sports. Sheridan Carter won the badminton championship, with Lucille Lee as runner up. Next comes our instructor’s favorite sport, tennis. This game takes a great deal of skill and patience, but under the leadership of Miss Watts, our girls will “come smiling through.” The competition between the Odds and Evens was very strong this year, and although the winner of the color cup has not yet been determined, we know it will be a close race. 4 99 FORTY-NINE Girls’ Sports “ODDS” BASKETBALL TEAM Clockwise: Patsy Sisson {Manager), Jeanette Coleman, Mary Ann Logan, Joanne Showalter, Dot Robertson, Dorothy Underwood, Claudine Smith, Doris Gordon, Joyce Herring, Jean Cook, Betty Jo Taliaferro, Helen McGhee, Doris Roop, Imogene Helton. “EVENS” BASKETBALL TEAM First Row, Left to Right: Irma O ' Bierne, Nancy Carrol, Pat Templeton, Shirley Blackwell, Betty Greshman, Irene Swedberg. Second Row: Margery Gouge, Marleen Gallion, Stella Morgan, Sheridan Carter, Faye Gray. Third Row: Peggy Pasley, Katherine Powell, Barbara Stevens, Sue Garnett. Fourth Row: Judith Trevillian, Ann Lewis, Peggy Mc¬ Carter, Fannie Sue Robertson. Fifth Row: Connie Mills, Nancy Peters, Odrie Bowling. SOFTBALL First Row, Left to Right: Margery Gouge, Imogene Helton, Jeanette Coleman, Irma O ' Bierne, Lucille Lee {Manager). Second Row: Betty Jo Taliaferro, Faye Gray, Doris Roop, Sheridan Carter, Jeanette l iar. Third Row: Alice Viar, Stella Morgan. Fourth Row: Jean Cook, Sue Garnett, Marleen Gallion, Irene Swedberg, Barbara Stevens. VOLLEYBALL Left to Right: Jeanette l iar, Jean Cook, Irma O ' Bierne, Sheridan Carter, Doris Gordon, Helen McGue, Irene Swedberg, Faye Gray, Barbara Stevens, Nancy Peters, Marleen Gallion, Pat Templeton, Margery Gouge, Stella Morgan, Betty Jo Taliaferro, Alice Fiar, Sue Garnet 1 . 4 . 100 } • THE PIONEER Girls ' Sports “R-ah” “Intercept that pass!” “Count off!” “Don’t be late, girls” “Champs ” “Swing your partner” 4 101 ) FORTY-NINE Take it easy, boys 4. Don’t miss, Peters! Reach a little higher 5. Hit ’im again, champ Patiently (?) waiting . . . 6. Spirit of Andy Lou 4 10 2 }• THE PIONEER mo ps fjt - . S y V- Wi? " iKVK ' Compliments of KASEY BUICK, INC. 1725 West Main Street Salem, Virginia Dial 3151 Better Buy Buick Att rehi ICeuiiH Sauent Steaks, Seafood, Chicken Route i i, West of Salem Phone 2955 4 104 ]• SALEM ELEVATORS for SAFE VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION Manufactured by Salem Foundry Machine Works, Inc. Salem, Virginia Established 1889 Compliments of THE YALE AND TOWNE MANUFACTURING CO. Specialties Division Salem, Virginia PAGES OF INTEREST TO ALL THE FAMILY • World-Wide, National, State and Local News • Menus, Recipes, Dress Patterns for Women • Sports News and Briefs for Aden • Editorials , Comic Strips, Features for All THE ROANOKE TIMES (Morning and Sunday) ®lfp Saauoke Morlfc-Nplua (Evening) 4 106 W. R. Cross J R. Goodwin, Jr. W. C. Goodwin GOODWIN INSURANCE REALTY CO., INC. " Dividend-Paying Insurance ’ 15 South College Avenue Salem, Virginia Compliments of SALEM CREAMERY Dial Salem-3641 Salem, Virginia DODGE — PLYMOUTH CARS Dodge Job-Rated Trucks Sales and Service Parts and Accessories SH U FFLEBARGER MOTORS, INC. 3 West Main Street ' Telephone 3831 Salem, Virginia d ior p- F. G. OAKEY CLEANER WOODWARD STUDIO The Finest Cleaning Photographers for The Pioneer Since 1923 and Pressing Cash and Carry and Delivery Phone 3391 Boulevard and Colorado 33 East Main Street Salem, Virginia Salem, Virginia ALBERT BROS. Congratulations CONTRACTORS, INC. to the 1102 Tennessee Street Class of ’49 Salem, Virginia from SALEM HARDWARE HIGHWAYS RAILROADS • O u HEAVY CONSTRUCTION General Electric Appliances Dial Day, 4741 — Night, 3122 SALEM HEATING CO. Plumbing and Heating Contractors Electrical Appliances 209 College Avenue Dial 4341 Salem, Va. BLOUNrS SERVICE STATION Lee Highway, Salem, Virginia Shell Gas and Oil Washing and Greasing Phone 2956 H. M. WOOD Plumbing and Heating Day or Night Salem, Virginia Phone 3441 (Day) Phone 2269 (Nights, Sundays, Holidays) BLUE ROOM RESTAURANT ' The Home of Good Food” 213 East Main Street Salem, Virginia Compliments of COLLEGE INN 209 East Main Street Salem, Virginia We Call For and Deliver RICHARD ' S — CLEANERS West Salem Phone 3121 WALKER MOTORS INC. Service Phone 2377 OLD VIRGINIA BRICK CO. (SALEM PRICK CO.) Phone 2357 Salem, Virginia { 109 Ka irwW A p par el for Living 309 South Jefferson Street “ Your Famous Furrier 1 ” JJ Roanoke, Virginia 501 SO. JEfttRSON STRUT T he | " | 0 Best Shou ' s in the Salem Most Comfort t Since 1889 “Over Sixty Years of Progress” Wearing Apparel for Men, Women Boys and Girls OAK HALL Thru the Block Roanoke, Virginia MASTIN COAL OIL CO., Inc. Best Grades Fuel Oil — Gasoline Phone 2622 Salem, Virginia Compliments of HARRY E. CAMPBELL DAME ROOFING CO. Compliments of Forced Air Heating and Air Conditioning SIGMA THETA TAU Dial 2471 Established 1880 SORORITY Students, Bring Your Families to THE LIGHTHOUSE Compliments RESTAURANT of the 511 South Jefferson Street Roanoke, Virginia ANKARATRA CLUB 4 110 Compliments of DARDEN TIRE CO., INC. H. R. JOHNSON CO. 19 Alabama Street YOUR WESTINGHOUSE DEALER Salem, Virginia Compliments of JOBE S FLORIST Sales Service For Dependability Call Holdren Refrigerator Service Service You Will Appreciate Roanoke, Virginia Phone 2-3744 ■4 111 } GLENN-MINNICH “ The Store with the Friendly Door ” HIGH SCHOOL SHOP THIRD FLOOR Key to a bright future If you’re looking for an interest¬ ing job with opportunities for ad¬ vancement, together with the advantages of attractive sur¬ roundings and good pay, you’ll surely want to consider the tele¬ phone business as a career. Telephone work is important work—the kind you can take pride in and enjoy doing. No wonder so many people say, “the telephone company is a good place to work.” The Chesapeake Potomac Telephone Company of Virginia VIRGINIA SOUTHERN COLLEGE PEACOCK-SALEM INCORPORATED Departments: Kennett School of Commerce Accounting and Business Administration School of Secretarial Training LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS Request Catalog L-108 - Campbell Avenue at Third Street, S. W. Roanoke, Virginia First and Alabama Streets Salem, Virginia 4 112 } WEBBER ' S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Purity and A ccuracy C. E. Webber, Pharmacist Pauline G. Webber Jean P. Webber Martha C. Gleason Phone 3851 Broad and Main Streets Salem, Virginia SALEM FURNITURE COMPANY Complete House Furnishings Norge Appliances 113 East Main Street Salem, Virginia AU10NAIIC NOMl l mif LEE HATS — MICHAELS-STERN SUITS AJJEARTKEK 107 West Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia 4 113 } ' Vt ' iCfutia Choice Steaks, Chops and Roasts 212 East Main Street Salem, Virginia Registered Jeweler American Gem Society BUSH HANCOCK CLOTHING COMPANY, Inc. For Over 40 Years “The Man’s Store’’ Accessories for the Well-Dressed Man 106 Campbell Avenue, S. W. Phone 2-0254 4—FIGHTS (Slowly) FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! SALEM, FIGHT, SALEM, FIGHT! (Medium) FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! SALEM, FIGHT, SALEM, FIGHT! (Fast) FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! SALEM, FIGHT, SALEM, FIGHT! YEA, TEAM, FIGHT! CHINA YELL Acka-Lacka Ching Acka-Lacke Chow Acka-Lacka Ching Ching Chow Chow Chow Boom-a-Lacka Boom-a-Lacka Sis boom bah Salem, Salem RAH! RAH! RAH! HOLD TEAM, FIGHT TEAM Hold Team, fight team, Rah, Rah, Yea team, hold team Rah, Rah, Fight team, fight, Team fight, hold, fight, Yea Wolverines! Fight ’em team, fight ’em! ANDREW LEWIS A-N-D-R-E-W L-E-W-I-S Andrew Lewis, Fight ’em, team, Fight ’em! A. L. A,L, Rah, Rah! A rah, L rah, A,L, Rah, Rah! ECHO YELL! W-W 0-0 L-L V-V E-E R-R I-I N-N E-E S-S (Wolverines whistle boom!) Fight ’em team, fight em! CLASS SWING They’ve got the class They’ve got the swing Salem’s team has everything! NORMAN ' S RESTAURANT 4 ns SKYLINE CLEANERS Quality Work Depetidable Service Phone 2233 601 College Avenue Salem, Virginia SALEM CONSTRUCTION CO. 1102 Tennessee Street Salem, Virginia Highways Railroads Heavy Construction Phone 751 “THE STORE OF SERVICE” SMEAD WEBBER Phone 3331 214 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia “THE REXALL STORE” W. B. Dillard Drug Co. Phone 2421 223 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Prescription Druggists Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. Drink a Bite to Eat 10, 2 and 4 o’clock 4 116 } BROWN HARDWARE CO. “The Friendly Store” Phone 4431 115 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia M A R ET A ' S Fort Lewis Hotel Building Phone 2461 Hualj-iHora (Hamjjamj Shoes of Distinction 130 Campbell Avenue, West Dial 2-1955 Roanoke, Virginia Come to Sam’s for your Sportswear, Dress and Work Clothes, Shoes for the Whole Family SAM ' S 114 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia WILEY FEED, FUEL AND SUPPLY CORP. Everything in the Building Line Coal, Paints, Oil and Glass Phone 3731 Salem, Virginia J. M. LOGAN DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS 33 East Main Street Salem, Virginia Prescriptionists Phone 9244 PATTERSON DRUG CO. Henry Street and Church Avenue Roanoke, Virginia H. H. PRICE ESSO STATION Corner Main and Union Streets Salem, Virginia Chelf ' s Conoco Service Station Courteous and Prompt Service 41 W. Main St. Phone 2935 Salem, Va. GITTENS MORTON, Inc. Specializing in Students’ Accident Insurance Salem, Virginia Compliments of KENNARD-PACE CO., Inc. Plumbing — Heating — Roofing Kitchens and Laundries Roanoke, Virginia DOUBLE ENVELOPE CORPORATION One Million Envelopes Daily Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of W. C. CHAPMAN Congratulations, Seniors! Insure and Be Secure SIGMON BROS. Realtors — General Insurance Dial 6258 Roanoke, Virginia CHAPMAN ELECTRIC 1. H. GEARHART COMPANY GOODYEAR SHOE HOSPITAL Westinghouse Appliances Laces, Dyes and Polishes 205 Main Street Salem, Virginia 4 ii7 )■ SALEM ESSO SERVICE John H. Moses, Jr., Prop. 405 East Main Street Phone 2995 Salem, Virginia Compliments of B. FORMAN SONS DIXIE CAVERNS An Underground Wonderland 7 Miles West of Salem on U. S. 11 BAER ' S Dial 3-1961 109 Campbell Ave., W. Roanoke, Va. Misses’ and JFomen’s Smart Clothes Propst-Childress Shoe Company 305 South Jefferson Street Dial 9269 Roanoke, Va. REID AND CUTSHALL Better Furniture Since 1924 MEN ' S APPAREL Haberdashery — Tailoring 200 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia W. T. NORRIS COMPANY Established 1852 MEN’S WEAR 216 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia Roanoke College Salem, Virginia Founded 1842 Liberal Arts and Sciences A.B. and B.S. Degrees Pre-professional work in Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, and Social Service Strong Department of Business Administration Co-Ed New Students Entering in June, September, February Member of Southern Association Charles J. Smith, President ■ At . Jit ' ' 1 COLONIAL THEATRE KANE FURNITURE CO., Inc. Salem, Virginia 22 East Campbell Avenue The Finest in Roanoke, Virginia u Roanoke s Fast-Savins. Motion Picture Entertainment Furniture Store " SALEM MOTORS, INC. SUN BRAND “ Your DeSolo and Plymouth Dealer " NOTION CO. 17 West Main Street Wholesale Notions and Novelties Phone 2381 Salem, Virginia Salem, Virginia ouR " WHITE CHRIST m f s ' OflNCt CLEAN-UP, 8U DO 4 119 f V UNITED PAWNSHOP Congratulations 16-18 South Jefferson Street FROM Corner Salem Avenue GEORGE T. HITCH Dial 5788 Jeweler Sam J. Krisch 118 West Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia READ LITTRELL ' S BARBER and The High School- News BEAUTY SHOP IN Modern—Sanitary THE TIMES-REGISTER Published , by 207 E. Main Street Salem, Virginia SALEM PUBLISHING Call 3261 for Appointment COMPANY Commercial Printers FLY For Business For Pleasure MODERN DRESS SHOP Marfin-O ' Brien Flying Service STYLES WOODRUM FIELD To Please Everyone Phone 3-2022 Phone 3211 Salem, Virginia Veteran Training OLDSMOBILE Compliments of Sales and Service MORGAN ' S COMPLETE REPAIR SERVICE SUPERMARKET — Phone 2364 — Salem Frozen Foods Groceries Fresh Meats HART MOTOR COMPANY 400 E. Main Street 25 E. Main Street Phone 3521 4 120 } GOTTSCHALK ' S GARAGE BARNETT ' S TAXI COMPANY General Automobile Repair 8-10 Broad Street Phone 4211 Salem, Virginia Bob Barnett, Manager Phone 2444 312 E. Main Street WERTZ OPTICAL COMPANY GUILD OPTICIAN 27 Franklin Road Dial 9015 F. E. Wertz, Optician Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of THOMASON ' S Jewelers Salem, Virginia 121 BECAUSE Style Comes First MitchelT CLOMING 13 KUCEE C Ml V- I R G I N I A Roanoke, Virginia Goodwin-Williams Chevrolet Corporation Sales Service ml i k CHEVROLET ¥ Phone 2375 Salem, Virginia WOLVERINES FIGHT W-O-L-V-E-R-I-N-E-S FIGHT! SCORE Catch it Pass it Dribble down the floor Come on Salem Score! Score! Score! PEP—STEAM TE-AM TE — TE (echo from audience) AM—AM (echo from audience) TE — TE (echo from audience) AM—AM (echo from audience) TEAM! TEAM! TEAM! KNOCK IT, SOCK IT Knock i t Sock it Put it in the basket Shoot the ball Make it fall Right in the basket How you can dance And you can sing But brother They do everything! Soooooo- Come on, Team Get on the beam And make Another basket! FIGHT F I G H T FIGHT! We’ve got the pep We’ve got the steam We’ve got the coach We’ve got the team Pep, steam, coach, team Fight! Fight! Fight! MAKE THAT SCORE Dribble down the sidelines Shoot from the floor Right away team let’s Make that score! TWO BITS, FOUR BITS Two bits Four bits Six bits, a dollar Everyone for Andrew Lewis Stand up and Hollerl i-2-3-4 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 All good Wolverines go to Heaven When we get there This is what we yell— Where is (JEFFERSON) ? W-e-1-1, W-e-1-1, W-e-1-1 SHOP AT Roanoke’s Most Popular Ready-to-Wear Store JOSEPH SPIGEL, Inc. roan oke P. O. Box 48 Phone 2231 THE CAMPBELL PRINTING CO. Commercial Printing 15 North College Avenue Salem, Virginia CONNER ' S PURE FOOD MARKET Fancy Groceries and Meats Main Street Salem, Virginia Phone 2341 116-132 NORTH JEFFERSON STREET ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Finis It’s all yours! The members of the staff have worked hard to bring you, the students and teachers of Andrew Lewis, this yearbook. It is our wish that you enjoy it to the fullest extent. We are grateful beyond words to Mr. Cannaday of The Stone Printing Company for his advice and many suggestions; to our advertisers for their financial help; to Mr. Woodward for his photographic work; to our faculty sponsor and advisers for their assistance and careful planning; and to all others who helped to make possible the 1949 Pioneer. Staff of ’49 1 . i Tf 1 L , | s i W-- V "

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