Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA)

 - Class of 1946

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Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 36 of 136
Page 36 of 136

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Page 36 text:

We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Six, realizing how few are our remaining days at Andrew Lewis High School, and now possessing a very great deal of intelligence, rare personality, and talent in many lines, do hereby bestow our numerous valuable qualities, as well as our eccentricities, upon our worthy ' and devoted lower classmen in this, our Last Will and Testament, not wishing them to be scattered to the four winds . . . Item —To Mr. Kyle the members of the Senior Class of 1946 leave their appreciation for his helpfulness throughout their high school careers, and bequeath many good wishes for the future. Item —To Miss Annie, our assistant principal, we leave our love and respect and sincerest appreciation for her contribution toward mold¬ ing our young lives. Item —To all members of the faculty, the Class of ' 46 leaves its sincere thanks for the hours of patient work and effort so necessary in preparing us for the goal we are about to attain. Item —To Mrs. Bradley and those who have helped in the Cafeteria, we leave the memory of the satisfied expressions on the faces of all those who have enjoyed the excellent lunches offered us. Item —To Mr. Bailey, our competent building engineer, we bequeath our very slightly used trash cans, our tracks in the front hall, our sagging locker doors, and our well-trodden campus. Item —Joe Ray Burnett, after much consideration, leaves the class presidency and his splendid oratory and athletic ability to up and- coming Dickie Bunting. Item —Peggy Ragland bequeaths her ever-ready smile and willingness to work to Mrs. Pedigo, her nice personality to Dot Jones, and her breathless quality to Pat Smiley. Item —Hazel O Bierne leaves her genial personality and splendid athletic ability with Miss Larson, and her witch’s shrieks with Mrs. Strickler. Item —Geraldine Rushing wills her sunshine hair to Mary Ann Smith and her travel experience to Sallye Perkins. Item —Ah! The Blacks, those high-stepping twin majorettes, leave their boots and brains to sister Joan for next year. Item —Carlos Hart bequeaths his red tie to Mr. Snapp for the purpose of reflecting someone else ' s blush. Item —Katherine Schilling gives her attractive smile to Cecilia Lucas and bids her use it generously. Item —Betty Marlowe leaves her seat in music class to Betsy McDaniel and wills her loyalty to all her many friends. Item —Ray Caldwell leaves his monogram sweater and agricultural interests to anyone who can be a home-room secretary, too. Item —Marie Moses wills her flashing smile and dark-eyed glances to someone like Betty Broughman. Item —Keith Edmunds relinquishes his high spot on the team and his keen eye for the basket to Charlie Webber. Item —Veta Bowling leaves her office notes to Hester Lee to be delivered next year. Item —Ralph Hart leaves his F. F. A. interests to the next planters of the trees and wills his home-room turmoils to 103. Item —Craig Sluss leaves those brogues to dainty dancing partners, and tosses Danny Boy into " The Wishing Well.” Item —Jeane Francisco, while picking up Martha’s straggling yarn, agrees to leave her good-natured smiles and nice voice to Wilma Edwards. Item —D. P. Dennison wills to Miss Annie his remarkable salesmanship at the candy counter in the Cafeteria. Item —Betty Westwood leaves her petite smile and ladylike manner to all those who know she’s really a swell person. Item —Bobby Caudle bequeaths his position as head cheerleader to the successor who can display as much animation. Item —Phyllis Underwood leaves her constant shadow to the library shelves, and hopes her spirit will be dusted just as frequently as her books. Item —Norma Cox leaves a sparkling, perfectly groomed impression of herself to all who’ve known her. Item —Mary Walthall wills her blond dignity and attractiveness to all the senior classes to come. Item —Charles David Deyerle bequeaths his dark and subtle ways to Paul Grubb who maybe can use them. Item —Hazel Young leaves her quiet, peaceful manner to grace Mrs. Smith ' s civics classes next fall. Item —Inez Bowen, after a lot of constructive thought, leaves her shy smile and her questions to Annette Auvil. Item —Gertrude Lynch bequeaths to 102 all memories acquired therein, and wills her working spirit to the library. Item —Helen Pillow leaves a very quiet attitude to those students who sometimes get a little too noisy. Item —Johnny Hudgens leaves his animated personality to anyone who can keep up with him. and generously wills the Crow Club to the crows. Item —Violet Wilson bequeaths her name to some girl who would like to be that much like a flower. Item —Bobby Bain leaves his privilege of answering questions in English class to anyone who can say as genially, " I don ' t know.” Item —Doris Flinchum leaves memories of those home-room giggle sessions to Mary Epperly. Item —Helen Ruth Maxey leaves her genuine “little girl” sweetness to all her friends who will want to keep on knowing her. Item —Martha Dame gleefully bequeaths her Girl Reserve cards, her tangled blue yarn and her infectious giggle to anyone who can fit in her shoes. Item —Marie Masterson leaves her typewriter to the slave who types copy for the Pioneer next year. Item —Joe Brogan wills his patronizing smile and “slap-on-the-back” friendliness to anyone who can measure up to him. Item —Mary Saul leaves her Irish character portrayal to Mrs. Perry who will give it to some other little “Noreen.” Item —Boyd Lugar wills all his toil to Miss Webb and all his niceness to his friends. Item —Paxton Prufer leaves his standing with the ladies to no one, if he can help it, and wills those left-over questions to Mr. Snapp. Item —Loretta Wirt confers her athletic interests to Doris Driscoll, and gives up her seat at Mr. Snapp’s desk to the English teacher himself. Item —Allen Chappel leaves his baritone voice, his Irish brogue, and his Beta grades to the next senior who can top him. Item —Joyce Missimer bestows her red hair on David McClung, who needs it terribly, and reserves all her special smiles and glances for her basketball hero. Item —Jill Wood cheerfully leaves her shy smile and good grades to quiet the effect of next year’s senior class. Item —Yetive Trevillian leaves her lovely blond fragileness to Wanda Sweeney. Item —Lessie Crouse leaves her ability to type Mrs. Pedigo ' s speeches and her small-size friendliness to Andrew Lewis. Item —Jack Hardie wills his happy-go-lucky attitude and his agricultural interests to Mr. Peters. Item —Sylvia Board leaves her lipstick and curls to some other cute, little gal who may wonder “Who is Sylvia?” Item —James Butts leaves “Barnes” forever to his high school days, but his ability to make people like him goes on with him. Item —Kermit Morris leaves his football fame on the Andrew Lewis grid to Clarence Maberry. Item —Anna Dodson wills her attractive smile and friendly manner to Ella Mae Draper. Item —Lena Mitchell leaves her adventures in Home Ec and Civics Classes to all those who were there. Item —Christine Light leaves her ever-ready smile and all her home-room acquaintances to Mrs. Strickler. Item —Dorothy Glotzer relinquishes her Friday morning task of selling remaining copies of The Times Register to Peggy DeHart. Item —Kathleen Webster bestows her tranquil manner on Barbara Epperly, hoping she may have some use for it. Item —Harry Beatty hopes to leave his two English teachers a can of sardines, and Joe Ray Burnett. Item —Page Nelson, in brotherly affection, leaves the cry, “Carry on,” to Garth, who does any way. Item —Mildred Reynolds bequeaths her basket-goal record to someone like Kitty Copenhaver and hopes she will keep it up. Item —Wanona Maddox leaves pleasant memories in the heart s of all her friends, and the wistful look goes with them. Item —June Day leaves her long-curled hair and all-round niceness for the good of Room 103 next year. Item —Hunter Miller wills his aloof good looks to anyone who can plow through football lines as he does. Item —Betty Lou Lindamood wills her quiet, ladylike manner and pleasant smile to Claudine Conner. Item —Ada Mae Stump leaves her smiling efficiency to Miss Howell who couldn’t do without her. [ 30 ]

Page 35 text:

Senior Mirror Best Looking Martha Price Harry E. Beatty Cutest Catherine (Kitty) Francis Vance Cannaday (U. S. N.) Quietest Harriet (Jill) Wood Martin Spangler Cutest Couple Joyce Missimer Keith Edmunds t 29 ]

Page 37 text:

Item —Mary Epperly likewise wills to Doris Flinchum those intense moments in home-room, so that between the two they will never be forgotten. Item —Martha Price wills her subtle smile and good looks to her rival Junior beauties. Item —Audrey McDaniel wills her dark attractiveness and her dramatic ability to Mrs. Strickler’s Public Speaking Class. Item —Mary Ann Campbell leaves her sparkling eyes to anyone who can roll them to the best advantage. Item —Evelyn Garnett leaves a promise to Mr. Snapp that she will look up all those theological questions and answer them some day. Item —Harriette Rowell confers her slender dignity upon some able senior of next year, and her splendid athletics upon A. L.’s memory. Item —Carl Graham leaves all interests to his brother and happily flies off into the blue. Item —Mary Catherine Sellers bequeaths her practical tongue, her lovely voice and her “Nora” to Ye Olde Choral Class. Item —Alzada Cook, whether she knows it or not, has decided to leave her nice smile to Frances Hill. Item —Scott Doyle bequeaths his drawing pencils and villainous operetta role to some member of next year’s caravan. Item —Dorothy Stewart leaves her interest in athletics in our good old Andrew Lewis gym. Item —Peggy Wintermeyer has decided to leave her fondness for the library with Mrs. Bennett, who has often depended on Peggy ' s help. Item —Ann Draper, the little scream, has decided to will her “Oh, Honey, " to a bashful gal like Mary Ann Smith. Item —Lois Argabright wills her first seat in English Class to some “A” who comes in next year. Item —Harlan Eller leaves his job as librarian to Mrs. Perry, who forgets and gives out the music anyway. Item —Madeline Price wills her gym classes to Miss Larson and leaves her friendship to everyone about her. Item —Jeanne Hann undecidedly leaves her job to the next News editor, and wills things like masculine rings, size forty sweaters, plenty of wit, and her good-natured self to people in general. Item —Bettie Jane Robertson wills her giggles to anyone who has the nerve to use them, and anyone who can get by with using them. Item —Thelma Eakin wills her very blond hair to Lois Agee, and takes her advanced Home Ec training with her. Item —Lois Mills leaves a quiet, gentle manner to grace all of the classes to come. Item —Jonsie Canup wills her dignity and friendliness to anyone who can please others as she does. Item —Ballard Wood confers his athletic fame upon next year’s chosen, and wills such items as identification bracelets and hearts to Lou Messick. Item —Anita Colley wills her basketball victories to Miss Cook and the Latin Club. Item —Ruth Baker wills her interest in debating and speaking to Mrs. Strickler’s famous class. Item —Jeanette Hamlett leaves her contagious laughter forever echoing in the halls of Andrew Lewis. Item —Rhoda Bower reveals to Marie Sink that tiny size is no measure of pleasantness. Item —June Crosswhite wills that tennis championship to the one who manages to take it from her next year. Item —Nancy Zehmer confers her vitality, charm and witticisms upon next year’s operetta cast, which couldn ' t do without a character such as she. Item —Betty Tingler leaves her alto support in Room 107 to aid in keeping its walls ringing. Item —Stella Moses leaves her quiet, gentle manners to Sister Lillian who is coming up through the grades. Item —Kitty Francis bestows her title of “Cutest” on the pint-sized senior of next year. Good luck to you in the future, Kitty. Item —Dorothy Cundiff wills her soft little voice to Mr. Snapp, who will give it to someone sitting on the front row next year. Item —Colleen Grubb, after much consideration, leaves her brains to Gwendolyn Johnson, and decides to keep her Dresden-China fair¬ ness for herself. Item —Martin Spangler leaves his quiet manner to Keith Jeffreys and his Cicero translations to Robert Stiff. Item —Frances Mutter leaves her soft utterances to all her classmates and hopes Mrs. Strickler doesn’t hear her. Item —Allene Garst leaves her bits of thread and buttons to her constant companion, Alma Gibson. Item —Roy Nienke wills his deep voice and Civics Classes to Mrs. Smith, who can probably use them after he leaves. Item —Jackie Sharpe leaves her dainty feminine appearance to Doris Jean Garst, her majorette baton to Peggy Taliaferro, and her smiling friendliness to all of Andrew Lewis. Item —Frances Dyer joyfully wills her absentee records to all the teachers she had to keep check on. Item —June Ross bequeaths her calm manner to Vivian Hart in order that Andrew Lewis may have a few peaceful moments next year. Item —Margaret Pendleton leaves her athletic interests and her fine personality to all her friends. Item —Lola Griggs wills her friendly efficiency to the Andrew Lewis business department. Item —Beverly Rakes leaves her sparkling eyes and rollicking laugh in Room 102 and hopes they will continue to brighten it next year. Item —Alwood Gallion leaves his sleepy smirk and his green tie to some old crony of his. Item —Mildred Crowe leaves her black curls and good disposition to someone like Bobby Graham. Item —Magdalene Swecker leaves her prima donna voice and her brains among Andrew Lewis’ famous, and wills her loyalty and friendli¬ ness to all her admirers. Item —Harry Blanton wills his limber spine to make comfortable anyone who can sit as far down in a seat as he does. Item —June Lynch wills her blithe spirit to the front hall of A. L. H. S., and her ability to put on Martha Dame’s lipstick to Martha herself. Item —Evelyn Copenhaver bequeaths her blond cheerfulness and her romantic interest to No One. Item —Louella Webb leaves her quiet, gentle smile .to grace 104’s memory next year. Item —Dot Layman leaves her school spirit to next ' year’s cheerleaders, and wills her loveliness to those many beating hearts. Item —Huylen Martin leaves his slow, stately tread through the halls to Glenn Draper. Item —Jean Smith confers her sly remarks upon next year ' s “wittiest,” and dares anyone to beat her Pioneer sales record. Item —Jean Cox leaves her twinkling eyes in Mrs. Pedigo’s room, and keeps all chewing gum out. Item —Bill Paxton leaves his smooth dance steps and the Projection Club to Willie Robertson, and wills his Frankenstein act to anyone who can duplicate it. Item —Frances Crotts wills her silent aspect to Mr. Snapp’s class, who fully appreciates her efforts. Item —Vance Cannaday leaves his famous smile and his effect on the feminine pulses to none other than Thomas Tobey. Item —Maxine Tatum bequeaths her quiet, studious and attractive manner to anyone who can use it with as much success as she does. Item —Lou Messick leaves her bangs and ready smile to all her gang and gives up a few of those “fan males” to little sister so it will all be kept in the family. Item —Lois Elizabeth Martin wills a congeniality and calmness to put a rein on some of the wildness around here. Item —Joyce Galbraith has not yet picked a successor for Locker 116 and for the Beta Club presidency. These two items are very special to her and mean lots of important memories. Item —Ernest Obenshain leaves his bow ties, his dates and his beaming smile to all those little junior hearts he stirs. Item —Ann Watson bequeaths her fresh loveliness and her popularity to cheer next year ' s football line. Item —Betty Ann Pasley leaves her brown curls and her ladylike gentleness to someone like Ann Clayton. Item —Bruce Wygal generously leaves his habit of being late to anyone who can use it and still get by Mr. Snapp. Item —Dematris Kittinger leaves her friendliness and dependability to a lot of you undeserving juniors. Item —Esther Wigington leaves her success in maintaining that cute girls are tiny, but she wishes to keep those almond eyes for her own use. . .... Item —Betty Masters has decided to leave her witticisms and braids to Miss Cook, and her inquisitiveness to Mr. Snapp. Item —Donald Young leaves several feet of his stature to Annie Davis, and wills his dignity and mystery to Robert Stiff, hoping he can find some use for it. , — - Item —Lucy Humphreys relinquishes the position of Pioneer editor to her unknown successor, and maintains for herself that remarkable intelligence and personality. Signed and sealed in the presence of proper witnesses, this fourth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-six. Class of ’46 [ 31 ]

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