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ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem, Virginia o 9 - n- - n3 •ns THE I 10 E E I! PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS SALEM, VIRGINIA DEDICATION We, the Staff of ’ 46 , wish to dedicate this edition of The Pioneer to all service men and women who have attended Andrew Lewis High School. A plaque has been placed in our school to honor our boys and girls who have served their country. This plaque also serves as a memorial for those who gave their lives that we might remain free. Although we can never repay them, we wish to express our deep appreciation for what these boys and girls have done. In a wish to honor them further, we pay tribute to each one in this dedication and extend to those who are returning to our school a hearty welcome. The Pioneer has at some time interested each of these boys and girls as students. They, too, have participated in the activities of our school and found enjoyment in doing so. They, too, were thrilled at the excitement of signing annuals, just as we are today. No doubt The Pioneer was just as dear to them as it is to us. May The Pioneer again be a treasure chest which will reveal fond memories and familiar faces when they again touch the pages of this dear book. You who fought and died for us and you who fought and now are returning—we proudly salute you. The NON HER Veterans’ Class OFFICERS . President . Secretary Assistant Secretary . Chaplain Wilfred Guthrie Robert Miller. . Charles Parris . . Peter Dobbins . . . FORTY-SIX Curry Ayers Connie Childress Paul Collins Peter Dobbins Fred Doyle Wilfred Guthrie Harding Houchins Joseph Hunter Kyle Logan Graham McMillan Robert Miller George Morgan Charles Parris Harvey Pasley Andrew Pillis Walter Taylor Carson Thompson Malcolm Tingler Page Wood Lucy Humphreys. . . . Joe Ray Burnett. . .. Robert Stiff. Joyce Galbraith. Billy Paxton Johnny Hudgens Dickie Bunting. Lou Messick Betsy McDaniel Bruce Wygal Harry Beatty Jean Smith. Mary Ann Smith. . . . Peggy Ragland Magdalene Swecker Ann Watson Dot Jones Marie Masterson 1 Mildred Crowe f Frances Mutter J Doris Jean Garst 1 Harry Slone j Dorothy Glotzer Colleen Grub j The Pioneer Staff . Editor-in-Chief . Business Manager . .Assistant Business Manager . Senior Edito r . Advertising Managers Assistant Advertising Manager . Advertising Staff . Circulation Manager Assistant Circulation Manager . Circulation Staff . Typists . Assistant Editors . Literary Editors Alfred Powell Mildred Reynolds J. Scott Doyle Joyce Missimer Brewster Robertson . . . Jeanne Hann Barbara Spencer Craig Sluss June Lynch [. William Garrett J Harrietts Rowell 1 Lanier Frantz J- .. . . William Robertson J Katherine Copenhaver. . . . Charles Dorsey. . .. Alice Hudgens 1 Evelyn Cain . Mrs. Mary M. Vaughan. . . Miss Evelyn Taylor Smith Mr. C. Reynold Little Mr. Seldon H. Watkins. ... Miss Clara Bruce. Miss Beulah Jones. Sports Editors Art Editors Activities Editors . Photographers . Junior Editor . . . Sophomore Editor . . . Freshman Editors . Sponsor . . . . Literary Advisor . Art Advisor Photography Advisor . . . Business Advisor . Typing Advisor FOREWORD In this atomic age we dream of rocketships shooting through space, of me¬ chanical devices whose sole power is found in a split atom, of our future homes which are to be managed merely by pressing the right button, of a marvelously happy world which is free from disease, trouble and war, and of other possibilities for the future which depend entirely upon the scientist and his use of the split atom. But even as we dream, we must also face the concrete realities of things that are happening at the present time. In facing these realities, we seniors present this edition of The Pioneer to all students of Andrew Lewis in the hope that they will be proud to own it and will cherish it forever. ’Neath its covers they will find the memories of their dear Alma Mater living in pictures and editorials. We, the Class of ’ 46 , are the first in five years that can leave Andrew Lewis knowing that we are entering a restless but peaceful world where there is a chance to make our dreams for the future come true. The peace that we are now enjoying was, to a certain extent, brought about by the atomic bomb and its devastating effects. As we seniors leave our Alma Mater, we are confronted by this new atomic age—by its vast problems as well as its unlimited promises for the future. For these reasons we have chosen the atomic age and the dreams it arouses within us as a theme for our annual. Now, as you turn this page and start your journey through The Pioneer, may you remember the joys you have experienced at Andrew Lewis. We sincerely hope that this annual will open for you a door through which you can see your teachers and classmates, bringing with them dreams of your school days, your clubs, the plays presented by your class, of Mr. Snapp’s “MacBeth,” of Mrs. Strickler’s poems, and of “Miss Annie’s” geometry. Then, finally, as you reach the end of your Pioneer may the memories come of that last day when lower classmen looked forward to a vacation followed by a few more years at Andrew Lewis, when juniors pictured themselves as dignified seniors, and when the seniors realized that their dreams had at last been fulfilled—they were receiving their diplomas and walking from the portals of Andrew Lewis to stand on the threshold of a new age—one in which dreams had become realities. Yes, we, the staff, will feel that ours is a job well done if you will open the covers of your Pioneer often and wander through its lanes of dreams and memories again and again in a wish to live once more your school days at Andrew Lewis. The Staff of ’46 Out of This Age Conies... coram • FACULTY • SENIORS • JUNIORS • SOPHOMORES • FRESHMEN • ACTIVITIES • ATHLETICS • ADVERTISEMENTS Mr. Z. T. Kyle Principal We, the members of the senior class, wish to express gratitude to Mr. Kyle, our principal. He is responsible for the efficient way in which our school operates, for the plan of study and entertain¬ ment which we are privileged to enjoy. His task is a difficult one. As we make our way in the world, we shall look back to our high school days and recall Mr. Kyle—a fine principal and a true friend. 1 10 ] FACULTY Mr. Z. T. Kyle Principal Mrs. Adelle M. Bennett Librarian Miss Vivian Bowman Mathematics, Social Science (Grade 8) Mrs. Bradley Cafeterian Miss Clara Bruce Latin and English Mrs. Natalie Carter English and History Mr. Lauritz Christensen Band Miss Annie Virginia Cook Latin Mrs. Crawford Science, Social Science (Grade 8) Mrs. Margaret Easter History Mrs. Ethelene Ferguson Biology, Science Mrs. Louise R. Freese English, Social Science (Grade 8) Mrs. Mary O. Garner Economic Geography, History Miss Mary Goodwin Typewriting Miss Sarah Goodwin English Mrs. Harry H. Hock Mathematics, Science Miss Hester Lee Howell Mr. Kyle’s Secretary Mrs. Julia B. Hylton Mathematics, Science (Grade 8) Mrs. Elizabeth R. Jamison Home Economics Miss Aminee Jones Bookkeeping, Typewriting Miss Beulah Jones Business English, Office Practice, Stenography, Typewriting Miss Mildred Kidd English, Social Science (Grade 8) Mrs. Virginia T. Kirkwood Algebra Mrs. Betty K. Kyle Home Economics Miss Jananne Larson Physical Education [ 11 ] FACULTY Miss Marie Lewis English, Social Science (Grade 8.) Mr. C. R. Litti.e Shop Mrs. R. F. Little English, Social Science (Grade 8) Miss Annie McConkey Geometry, Trigonometry Mrs. Nancy Milne Science Mrs. Mary Parrish English, Social Science (Grade 8) Mrs. Carrie M. Pedigo English Mrs. Nellie H. Perry Music Miss Jewell Peters Advanced Mathematics, Algebra Mr. J. E. Peters Agriculture Miss Elsie Proffitt History, Stenography, Typewriting Mrs. Louise D. Rice Mathematics. Science Mr. Alfred Routh Physical Education Mrs. Ethel Siner Shockey Algebra Miss Evelyn Taylor Smith Mathematics Mrs. Forrest M. Smith English, Civics, History Mr. J. H. Snapp English, Sociology Miss M. Spangler English, Citizenship (Grade 8) Mr. G. H. Spruhan Physical Education Mrs. Pearl Strickler Public Speaking, English Mr. George Thompson Debating, English, Mathematics Mrs. Mary Vaughan English. French Mr. Seldon H. Watkins Audio-Visual Education, Biology Miss Pauline Webb Chemistry, Science Mrs. Elsie K. Wertz English, Social Science (Grade 8) Miss Mary Ella Wright Mathematics, Physics, Science [ 12 ] STUDENT COUNCIL Joe Ray Burnett. President Richard Fry Bunting. Vice President Peggy Janice Ragland. Secretary Sarah Lee Smith. Treasurer Senior Representatives Joe Ray Burnett Evelyn Louise Copenhaver William Joseph Paxton Peggy Janice Ragland Magdalene Swecker Ninth Grade Representatives Wayne Allen Shelor James Marion Young Junior Representatives Richard Fry Bunting Bobby Hoover Greer Alfred Wilson Powell Charles Edward Webber Eighth Grade Representatives Joseph Daniel Stoutamire Helen Jeannine Bowman Sophomore Representatives Roy Melvin Hollandsworth James Harris Robertson Sarah Lee Smith Faculty Advisors Mrs. Forrest Miller Smith Miss Priscilla Pauline Webb One outgrowth of the guidance program at Andrew Lewis High School is the Student Council. The purpose of this organization is to promote cooperation between the faculty and students; to en¬ courage the open expression of pupils pertaining to improvement of school affairs; to create in the student body a feeling of responsibility for the conduct of the school, and to promote at all times the welfare of Andrew Lewis High School. L 13 J Tin; pioneer EVENTS OF THE YEAR September 7.Mr. Kyle calling all Eighth Graders September 18.Assembly—Speaker—Reverend Kenneth Bain September 24-25. . .Movie—“How Green was My Valley” September 25.Public Speaking Class performed in honor of Eighth Graders October 15.Assembly—Speaker—Father Finley, sponsored by Girl Reserves October 16.Beta Club initiation for Eighth Grade October 22-23. ■ Movie—“So Proudly We Hail” October 25.Bobo, the Magician Pep Assembly October 26.Assembly—Speaker—Rabbi Zeigler, sponsored by Girl Reserves October 31 .Halloween—Public Speaking witches hunt for Halloween husbands November 6.Assembly—Speaker—Dr. Wade Hampton Bryant, sponsored by Hi-Y November 9.Pep Assembly—yells, songs, etc. November 12.Armistice Day Program November 19.Burton Lynn Jackson—Marimbist November 21.Thanksgiving Program, sponsored by S. C. A. and Mrs. Perry’s Music Class November 29.Public Speaking Class honor Ninth and Tenth Grades— Speaker—Mr. Young for Girl Reserves December ii .S. C. A. sponsored Assembly Program December 19.Christmas Cantata January 10.Assembly—Speaker—Reverend Curry January 10.Eliott James—“Liquid Air” January 17.Student Council Assembly January 22.Exams over! Enough said January 24.Annual Follies February 5.Assembly—Speaker—Dr. Z. V. Roberson February 15.Jack Rank—Shakesperian Actor February 26-27. • - Movie—“Claudia” March i .The Burns Program, given by Beta Club March 4.Assembly-—sponsored by S. C. A. March 19-20. . .Movie—“Guadalcanal Diary” March 20.Assembly—Speaker—Chaplain Laing March 21.Fashion Show, sponsored by Home Economics Girls March 22.Cheerleaders elected March 25.Hollywood stars selected for Senior Play March 29.Civic Ballet—Floyd Ward School of Dancing April 5.Operetta—“The Wishing Well” April 18.Easter Cantata—Mrs. Perry’s Choral Classes April 23.Assembly—Speaker—Dr. Chester Swor April 23-24. • - Movie—“Sun Valley Serenade” ’Bye! We’re off to press . . . See you in June! The PIONEER Joe Ray Burnett. Ann Watson. Peggy Ragland. .. Ernest Obershain .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer t 16 ] Seniors Robert Milton Bain Ruth Kathryn Baker Harry Elliott Beatty, Jr. Bebe Jane Black Betty Jean Black Harry Milton Blanton Sylvia Earline Board Lois Inez Bowen Rhoda Jane Bower Veta Marie Bowling Joseph Allen Brogan Joe Ray Burnett James Perry Butts Charles Ray Caldwell Mary Ann Campbell [ 17 ] The PIONEER Seniors Vance O’Dell Cannaday JOHNSIE AlENE CANUP Bobby Ray Caudle Allen Harris Chappel Anita Carolyn Colley Alzada Bebe Cook Evelyn Louise Copenhaver Evelyn Jeanette Cox Norma Alberta Cox June Evelyn Crosswhite Frances Ellen Crotts Lessie Juanita Crouse Mildred Lee Crowe Dorothy Juanita Cundiff Martha Gaye Dame [ 18 ] FORTY-SIX June Marcelene Day Dennis P. Dennison, Jr. Charles David Deyerle Anna Dodson Scott Hamilton Doyle, Jr. Ann Ellyn Draper Nora Frances Dyer Thelma Dare Eakin Keith Casleton Edmunds Harlan Hernely Eller Mary Frances Epperly Doris Marie Flinchum Kitty Francis Jeane Clester Francisco Florence Joyce Galbraith [ 19 ] Seniors Wayne Alwood Gallion Evelyn Blanche Garnett Allene Ray Garst Dorothy Glotzer Carl Irvin Graham Lola Mae Griggs Colleen Marie Grubb Lillie Mae Grubb Jeanette Hamlett Jeanne Phyllis Hann Jack Randall Hardie Carlos Bowers Hart Ralph Staughton Hart Betty Ruth Haupt John Clark Hudgens, Jr. t 20 ] FORTY-SIX Lucy Adelaide Humphreys Rachel Maxine Jones Dematris Lucille Kittinger Edith Lorraine LaBrie Dorothy Bell Layman Christine Velma Light Betty Lou Lindamood Boyd C. Lugar June Elaine Lynch Oma Gertrude Lynch Wanona Ruth Maddox Betty Wicher Marlowe Helen Betty Martin Huylen Elwood Martin Elizabeth Lee Masters [ 21 ] Seniors The PIONEER Marie Elizabeth Masterson Helen Ruth Maxey Audrey Hope McDaniel Lou Anna Messick Jacob Hunter Miller Lois Irene Mills Margie Ashwell Mills Evelyn Joyce Missimer Lena Howard Mitchell Marie Moses Stella Darden Moses Frances Virginia Mutter Frank Page Nelson, Jr. Roy Leon Nienke Mary Magdelene Nowlin f 22 ] Seniors Ernest O’Neill Obenshain Hazel Irene O’Beirne William Edward Parrish Betty Ann Pasley William Joseph Paxton, Jr. Margaret Louise Pendleton Reba Irene Perdue Mildred Helen Pillow Martha Jane Price Reba Madeline Price Julius Paxton Prufer Peggy Janice Ragland Beverly Carney Rakes Mildred Louise Reynolds Bettie Jane Robertson [ 23 ] Seniors Brewster Milton Robertson Mary June Ross Harriette Rowell Geraldine Rushing Mary Cecilia Saul Katherine E. Schilling Mary Catherine Sellers Jackie Lee Sharpe Maurice Craig Sluss Louise Jean Smith Martin Lee Spangler Donald Edward Staton Dorothy Virginia Stewart Ada Mae Stump Magdalene Swecker [ 24 ] Seniors Maxine Tatum Betty Mae Tingler Yetive Lavern Trevillian June Phyllis Underwood Rosemary Waddell Mary Beth Walthall Anne Dauchy Watson Louella Elizabeth Webb Kathleen Amaryllis Webster Betty Jane Westwood Esther Mebane Wigington Violet Marie Wilson Peggy D. Wintermeyer Irene Loretta Wirt Ballard Preston Wood [ 25 ) Seniors Harriett Evelyn Wood Delmon Bruce Wygal Donald Tate Young Hazel Lois Young Nancy Jane Zehmer ★ Seniors Not Pictured Lois Marie Argabright Lois Elizabeth Martin Fred Watson Moore Kermit Abraham Morris Mary Ellen Parker Dorothy Marie Thomas Phyllis Marie Wise [ 26 ] Senior Mirror Most Intellectual Colleen Grubb Allen Chappel Most Personality Dorothy Layman John C. Hudgens Typical Senior Evelyn Copenhaver Bobby Caudle Most Likely to Succeed Joseph Brogan Peggy Ragland [ 27 ] Thi- piiuieeii Wittiest Jean Smith Robert Bain Most Athletic Jean and Jane Black Ballard Wood Most Versatile Joyce Galbraith William Paxton Most Popular Anne Watson Joe Ray Burnett [ 28 ] Senior Mirror Best Looking Martha Price Harry E. Beatty Cutest Catherine (Kitty) Francis Vance Cannaday (U. S. N.) Quietest Harriet (Jill) Wood Martin Spangler Cutest Couple Joyce Missimer Keith Edmunds t 29 ] We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Six, realizing how few are our remaining days at Andrew Lewis High School, and now possessing a very great deal of intelligence, rare personality, and talent in many lines, do hereby bestow our numerous valuable qualities, as well as our eccentricities, upon our worthy ' and devoted lower classmen in this, our Last Will and Testament, not wishing them to be scattered to the four winds . . . Item —To Mr. Kyle the members of the Senior Class of 1946 leave their appreciation for his helpfulness throughout their high school careers, and bequeath many good wishes for the future. Item —To Miss Annie, our assistant principal, we leave our love and respect and sincerest appreciation for her contribution toward mold¬ ing our young lives. Item —To all members of the faculty, the Class of ' 46 leaves its sincere thanks for the hours of patient work and effort so necessary in preparing us for the goal we are about to attain. Item —To Mrs. Bradley and those who have helped in the Cafeteria, we leave the memory of the satisfied expressions on the faces of all those who have enjoyed the excellent lunches offered us. Item —To Mr. Bailey, our competent building engineer, we bequeath our very slightly used trash cans, our tracks in the front hall, our sagging locker doors, and our well-trodden campus. Item —Joe Ray Burnett, after much consideration, leaves the class presidency and his splendid oratory and athletic ability to up and- coming Dickie Bunting. Item —Peggy Ragland bequeaths her ever-ready smile and willingness to work to Mrs. Pedigo, her nice personality to Dot Jones, and her breathless quality to Pat Smiley. Item —Hazel O Bierne leaves her genial personality and splendid athletic ability with Miss Larson, and her witch’s shrieks with Mrs. Strickler. Item —Geraldine Rushing wills her sunshine hair to Mary Ann Smith and her travel experience to Sallye Perkins. Item —Ah! The Blacks, those high-stepping twin majorettes, leave their boots and brains to sister Joan for next year. Item —Carlos Hart bequeaths his red tie to Mr. Snapp for the purpose of reflecting someone else ' s blush. Item —Katherine Schilling gives her attractive smile to Cecilia Lucas and bids her use it generously. Item —Betty Marlowe leaves her seat in music class to Betsy McDaniel and wills her loyalty to all her many friends. Item —Ray Caldwell leaves his monogram sweater and agricultural interests to anyone who can be a home-room secretary, too. Item —Marie Moses wills her flashing smile and dark-eyed glances to someone like Betty Broughman. Item —Keith Edmunds relinquishes his high spot on the team and his keen eye for the basket to Charlie Webber. Item —Veta Bowling leaves her office notes to Hester Lee to be delivered next year. Item —Ralph Hart leaves his F. F. A. interests to the next planters of the trees and wills his home-room turmoils to 103. Item —Craig Sluss leaves those brogues to dainty dancing partners, and tosses Danny Boy into " The Wishing Well.” Item —Jeane Francisco, while picking up Martha’s straggling yarn, agrees to leave her good-natured smiles and nice voice to Wilma Edwards. Item —D. P. Dennison wills to Miss Annie his remarkable salesmanship at the candy counter in the Cafeteria. Item —Betty Westwood leaves her petite smile and ladylike manner to all those who know she’s really a swell person. Item —Bobby Caudle bequeaths his position as head cheerleader to the successor who can display as much animation. Item —Phyllis Underwood leaves her constant shadow to the library shelves, and hopes her spirit will be dusted just as frequently as her books. Item —Norma Cox leaves a sparkling, perfectly groomed impression of herself to all who’ve known her. Item —Mary Walthall wills her blond dignity and attractiveness to all the senior classes to come. Item —Charles David Deyerle bequeaths his dark and subtle ways to Paul Grubb who maybe can use them. Item —Hazel Young leaves her quiet, peaceful manner to grace Mrs. Smith ' s civics classes next fall. Item —Inez Bowen, after a lot of constructive thought, leaves her shy smile and her questions to Annette Auvil. Item —Gertrude Lynch bequeaths to 102 all memories acquired therein, and wills her working spirit to the library. Item —Helen Pillow leaves a very quiet attitude to those students who sometimes get a little too noisy. Item —Johnny Hudgens leaves his animated personality to anyone who can keep up with him. and generously wills the Crow Club to the crows. Item —Violet Wilson bequeaths her name to some girl who would like to be that much like a flower. Item —Bobby Bain leaves his privilege of answering questions in English class to anyone who can say as genially, " I don ' t know.” Item —Doris Flinchum leaves memories of those home-room giggle sessions to Mary Epperly. Item —Helen Ruth Maxey leaves her genuine “little girl” sweetness to all her friends who will want to keep on knowing her. Item —Martha Dame gleefully bequeaths her Girl Reserve cards, her tangled blue yarn and her infectious giggle to anyone who can fit in her shoes. Item —Marie Masterson leaves her typewriter to the slave who types copy for the Pioneer next year. Item —Joe Brogan wills his patronizing smile and “slap-on-the-back” friendliness to anyone who can measure up to him. Item —Mary Saul leaves her Irish character portrayal to Mrs. Perry who will give it to some other little “Noreen.” Item —Boyd Lugar wills all his toil to Miss Webb and all his niceness to his friends. Item —Paxton Prufer leaves his standing with the ladies to no one, if he can help it, and wills those left-over questions to Mr. Snapp. Item —Loretta Wirt confers her athletic interests to Doris Driscoll, and gives up her seat at Mr. Snapp’s desk to the English teacher himself. Item —Allen Chappel leaves his baritone voice, his Irish brogue, and his Beta grades to the next senior who can top him. Item —Joyce Missimer bestows her red hair on David McClung, who needs it terribly, and reserves all her special smiles and glances for her basketball hero. Item —Jill Wood cheerfully leaves her shy smile and good grades to quiet the effect of next year’s senior class. Item —Yetive Trevillian leaves her lovely blond fragileness to Wanda Sweeney. Item —Lessie Crouse leaves her ability to type Mrs. Pedigo ' s speeches and her small-size friendliness to Andrew Lewis. Item —Jack Hardie wills his happy-go-lucky attitude and his agricultural interests to Mr. Peters. Item —Sylvia Board leaves her lipstick and curls to some other cute, little gal who may wonder “Who is Sylvia?” Item —James Butts leaves “Barnes” forever to his high school days, but his ability to make people like him goes on with him. Item —Kermit Morris leaves his football fame on the Andrew Lewis grid to Clarence Maberry. Item —Anna Dodson wills her attractive smile and friendly manner to Ella Mae Draper. Item —Lena Mitchell leaves her adventures in Home Ec and Civics Classes to all those who were there. Item —Christine Light leaves her ever-ready smile and all her home-room acquaintances to Mrs. Strickler. Item —Dorothy Glotzer relinquishes her Friday morning task of selling remaining copies of The Times Register to Peggy DeHart. Item —Kathleen Webster bestows her tranquil manner on Barbara Epperly, hoping she may have some use for it. Item —Harry Beatty hopes to leave his two English teachers a can of sardines, and Joe Ray Burnett. Item —Page Nelson, in brotherly affection, leaves the cry, “Carry on,” to Garth, who does any way. Item —Mildred Reynolds bequeaths her basket-goal record to someone like Kitty Copenhaver and hopes she will keep it up. Item —Wanona Maddox leaves pleasant memories in the heart s of all her friends, and the wistful look goes with them. Item —June Day leaves her long-curled hair and all-round niceness for the good of Room 103 next year. Item —Hunter Miller wills his aloof good looks to anyone who can plow through football lines as he does. Item —Betty Lou Lindamood wills her quiet, ladylike manner and pleasant smile to Claudine Conner. Item —Ada Mae Stump leaves her smiling efficiency to Miss Howell who couldn’t do without her. [ 30 ] Item —Mary Epperly likewise wills to Doris Flinchum those intense moments in home-room, so that between the two they will never be forgotten. Item —Martha Price wills her subtle smile and good looks to her rival Junior beauties. Item —Audrey McDaniel wills her dark attractiveness and her dramatic ability to Mrs. Strickler’s Public Speaking Class. Item —Mary Ann Campbell leaves her sparkling eyes to anyone who can roll them to the best advantage. Item —Evelyn Garnett leaves a promise to Mr. Snapp that she will look up all those theological questions and answer them some day. Item —Harriette Rowell confers her slender dignity upon some able senior of next year, and her splendid athletics upon A. L.’s memory. Item —Carl Graham leaves all interests to his brother and happily flies off into the blue. Item —Mary Catherine Sellers bequeaths her practical tongue, her lovely voice and her “Nora” to Ye Olde Choral Class. Item —Alzada Cook, whether she knows it or not, has decided to leave her nice smile to Frances Hill. Item —Scott Doyle bequeaths his drawing pencils and villainous operetta role to some member of next year’s caravan. Item —Dorothy Stewart leaves her interest in athletics in our good old Andrew Lewis gym. Item —Peggy Wintermeyer has decided to leave her fondness for the library with Mrs. Bennett, who has often depended on Peggy ' s help. Item —Ann Draper, the little scream, has decided to will her “Oh, Honey, " to a bashful gal like Mary Ann Smith. Item —Lois Argabright wills her first seat in English Class to some “A” who comes in next year. Item —Harlan Eller leaves his job as librarian to Mrs. Perry, who forgets and gives out the music anyway. Item —Madeline Price wills her gym classes to Miss Larson and leaves her friendship to everyone about her. Item —Jeanne Hann undecidedly leaves her job to the next News editor, and wills things like masculine rings, size forty sweaters, plenty of wit, and her good-natured self to people in general. Item —Bettie Jane Robertson wills her giggles to anyone who has the nerve to use them, and anyone who can get by with using them. Item —Thelma Eakin wills her very blond hair to Lois Agee, and takes her advanced Home Ec training with her. Item —Lois Mills leaves a quiet, gentle manner to grace all of the classes to come. Item —Jonsie Canup wills her dignity and friendliness to anyone who can please others as she does. Item —Ballard Wood confers his athletic fame upon next year’s chosen, and wills such items as identification bracelets and hearts to Lou Messick. Item —Anita Colley wills her basketball victories to Miss Cook and the Latin Club. Item —Ruth Baker wills her interest in debating and speaking to Mrs. Strickler’s famous class. Item —Jeanette Hamlett leaves her contagious laughter forever echoing in the halls of Andrew Lewis. Item —Rhoda Bower reveals to Marie Sink that tiny size is no measure of pleasantness. Item —June Crosswhite wills that tennis championship to the one who manages to take it from her next year. Item —Nancy Zehmer confers her vitality, charm and witticisms upon next year’s operetta cast, which couldn ' t do without a character such as she. Item —Betty Tingler leaves her alto support in Room 107 to aid in keeping its walls ringing. Item —Stella Moses leaves her quiet, gentle manners to Sister Lillian who is coming up through the grades. Item —Kitty Francis bestows her title of “Cutest” on the pint-sized senior of next year. Good luck to you in the future, Kitty. Item —Dorothy Cundiff wills her soft little voice to Mr. Snapp, who will give it to someone sitting on the front row next year. Item —Colleen Grubb, after much consideration, leaves her brains to Gwendolyn Johnson, and decides to keep her Dresden-China fair¬ ness for herself. Item —Martin Spangler leaves his quiet manner to Keith Jeffreys and his Cicero translations to Robert Stiff. Item —Frances Mutter leaves her soft utterances to all her classmates and hopes Mrs. Strickler doesn’t hear her. Item —Allene Garst leaves her bits of thread and buttons to her constant companion, Alma Gibson. Item —Roy Nienke wills his deep voice and Civics Classes to Mrs. Smith, who can probably use them after he leaves. Item —Jackie Sharpe leaves her dainty feminine appearance to Doris Jean Garst, her majorette baton to Peggy Taliaferro, and her smiling friendliness to all of Andrew Lewis. Item —Frances Dyer joyfully wills her absentee records to all the teachers she had to keep check on. Item —June Ross bequeaths her calm manner to Vivian Hart in order that Andrew Lewis may have a few peaceful moments next year. Item —Margaret Pendleton leaves her athletic interests and her fine personality to all her friends. Item —Lola Griggs wills her friendly efficiency to the Andrew Lewis business department. Item —Beverly Rakes leaves her sparkling eyes and rollicking laugh in Room 102 and hopes they will continue to brighten it next year. Item —Alwood Gallion leaves his sleepy smirk and his green tie to some old crony of his. Item —Mildred Crowe leaves her black curls and good disposition to someone like Bobby Graham. Item —Magdalene Swecker leaves her prima donna voice and her brains among Andrew Lewis’ famous, and wills her loyalty and friendli¬ ness to all her admirers. Item —Harry Blanton wills his limber spine to make comfortable anyone who can sit as far down in a seat as he does. Item —June Lynch wills her blithe spirit to the front hall of A. L. H. S., and her ability to put on Martha Dame’s lipstick to Martha herself. Item —Evelyn Copenhaver bequeaths her blond cheerfulness and her romantic interest to No One. Item —Louella Webb leaves her quiet, gentle smile .to grace 104’s memory next year. Item —Dot Layman leaves her school spirit to next ' year’s cheerleaders, and wills her loveliness to those many beating hearts. Item —Huylen Martin leaves his slow, stately tread through the halls to Glenn Draper. Item —Jean Smith confers her sly remarks upon next year ' s “wittiest,” and dares anyone to beat her Pioneer sales record. Item —Jean Cox leaves her twinkling eyes in Mrs. Pedigo’s room, and keeps all chewing gum out. Item —Bill Paxton leaves his smooth dance steps and the Projection Club to Willie Robertson, and wills his Frankenstein act to anyone who can duplicate it. Item —Frances Crotts wills her silent aspect to Mr. Snapp’s class, who fully appreciates her efforts. Item —Vance Cannaday leaves his famous smile and his effect on the feminine pulses to none other than Thomas Tobey. Item —Maxine Tatum bequeaths her quiet, studious and attractive manner to anyone who can use it with as much success as she does. Item —Lou Messick leaves her bangs and ready smile to all her gang and gives up a few of those “fan males” to little sister so it will all be kept in the family. Item —Lois Elizabeth Martin wills a congeniality and calmness to put a rein on some of the wildness around here. Item —Joyce Galbraith has not yet picked a successor for Locker 116 and for the Beta Club presidency. These two items are very special to her and mean lots of important memories. Item —Ernest Obenshain leaves his bow ties, his dates and his beaming smile to all those little junior hearts he stirs. Item —Ann Watson bequeaths her fresh loveliness and her popularity to cheer next year ' s football line. Item —Betty Ann Pasley leaves her brown curls and her ladylike gentleness to someone like Ann Clayton. Item —Bruce Wygal generously leaves his habit of being late to anyone who can use it and still get by Mr. Snapp. Item —Dematris Kittinger leaves her friendliness and dependability to a lot of you undeserving juniors. Item —Esther Wigington leaves her success in maintaining that cute girls are tiny, but she wishes to keep those almond eyes for her own use. . .... Item —Betty Masters has decided to leave her witticisms and braids to Miss Cook, and her inquisitiveness to Mr. Snapp. Item —Donald Young leaves several feet of his stature to Annie Davis, and wills his dignity and mystery to Robert Stiff, hoping he can find some use for it. , — - Item —Lucy Humphreys relinquishes the position of Pioneer editor to her unknown successor, and maintains for herself that remarkable intelligence and personality. Signed and sealed in the presence of proper witnesses, this fourth day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-six. Class of ’46 [ 31 ] Senior Directory Lois Argabright Choral Club; Home Economics Club, I, 2, 3. Robert Bain Gym Exhibit, 1; Basketball, 1; Shop, 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Mirror. Ruth Baker Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Public Speaking, 1, 2; N. F. L., 5. Harry Beatty Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y Club, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Senior Mirror. Jane Black Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 1, 3, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Tennis Tournament, 4; Sports Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Tournament, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Majorette, 5; Operetta, 4; Annual Follies, 1,3; Senior Mirror. Jean Black Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, s; Majorette, 5; Sports Club, 4, 5; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Tennis Tournament, 4; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Projection Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Tournament, 3; Operetta, 4; Annual Follies, 1, 3; Senior Mirror. Harry Blanton Shop, 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Y Club; Latin Club, 1. Sylvia Board Gym Exhibit, 1; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Inez Bowen S. C. A., 4, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Home Economics Club, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 5; N. F. L., 5. Rhoda Bower Gym Exhibit, 1; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Veta Bowling Gym Exhibit, 1; Latin Club, 3; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Office Practice, 4, 5. Joe Brogan Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Vice President, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 4; Hi-Y Club, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Burns Program, 5; Senior Mirror. Joe Ray Burnett President, Junior Class; President, Senior Class; Hi-Y, 3, Secretary, 4, President, 5; N. F. L., 4, Vice President, 5; F. F. A., 3, 4; Agriculture, 3, 4; Football, 5; Annual Staff, 4, Business Manager, 5; Student Council, 5; Public Speak¬ ing, 3; Annual Follies, 5; Monogram Club, 5; State F. F. A. Winner, 5; Senior Mirror. James Butts Basketball, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5. Ray Caldwell Class Council, 5; Hi-Y Club, 5; Football, 4, 5; F. F. A., 3; Monogram Club, 5. Mary Ann Campbell Latin Club, 4, 5; Library Club, 3; Girl Reserves, 5; Pageant, 1; Annual Follies, 4; Operetta, 4, 5; Choral Club, 3, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Debating, 5. Vance Cannaday Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Basketball, 3, 5; Football, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 5; Hi-Y Club, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Choral Club, 5; Operetta, 5, Senior Mirror. Johnsie Canup Band, 2, 3, 4, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 5. Bobby Caudle Basketball, 4, 5; Cheerleader, 3, 4, Captain, 5; Shop, 3, 4, 5; Senior Mirror. Allen Ciiappel Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Pageant, 1; Annual Follies, 5; Essay Contest, 4; Senior Mirror. Anita Colley Latin Club; Sports Club; Basketball; Softball; Tennis; Public Speaking. Alzada Cook Home Economics Club, 3. Evelyn Copenhaver Girl Reserves, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Newspaper, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1; Class Council, 5; Library Club, 2, 3; Public Speaking, 5; Senior Mirror. Jean Cox Gym Exhibit, 1; Home Economics Club, 3, 5. Norma Cox Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 3; Public Speaking, 5; Tennis, 4; Basketball, 5. June Crosswhite Home Economics Club, 2; Sports Club, 2; Basket¬ ball, 2; Softball, 2; Tennis, 2, Champion, 4. Frances Crotts Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4, 5. Lessie Crouse Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Public Speaking, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Library Club; N. F. L., 5. Mildred Crowe Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Club, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5. Dorothy Cundiff Girl Reserves, 3, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. Martha Dame Gym Exhibit, I; Pageant, 1; Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 5; S. C. A., 5; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, Secretary, 4; Public Speaking, 4; Choral Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3; Operetta, 5. June Day Latin Club, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5. D. P. Dennison Choral Club, 5; Operetta, 5. Charles David Deyerle Latin Club; Public Speaking, 3; N. F. L., 4, 5, Presi¬ dent, 5; Shop; Choral Club; American Legion Silver Medal Winner. Scott Doyle Class Council, 5; Latin Club, 4, 5; Shop, 2, 3; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4; Annual Staff, 5. [ 32 ] Senior Directory Ann Draper Latin Club, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 5; Projection Club, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 4, Beta Club, 5. Frances Dyer Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 5; Library Club, 5, Vice President, S. C. A., 5. Juanita Divers Beta Club, 4, 5; Public Speaking. Thelma Eakin Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4, 5. Keith Edmunds Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Hi -Y Club, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 5; Football, 5; Basketball, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Senior Mirror. Harlan Eller F. F. A., 4, s; Shop, 3, 4; Gym Exhibit, 1; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Librarian, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 4. Mary Epperly Gym Exhibit, 1; Choral Club; Home Economics Club, L 2, 3 . 4 , 5 - Doris Flinchum Office Practice, 5. Kitty Francis •Beta Club, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Library Club, 2; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 1; Choral Club, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Cheerleader, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Annual Follies, 5; Senior Mirror. Jeane Francisco Pageant, 1; Gym Exhibit, 2; S. C. A., 4, 5; Girl Re¬ serves, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, T reasurer, 4; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5. Joyce Galbraith Annual Staff, 4, 5, Senior Editor, 5; Student Council, 1; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, President, 5; Burns Program, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 3; Girl Reserves, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 2; Gym Exhibit, 1; Pageant, 1; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5, Librarian, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 3; N. F. L., 4, 5, Secretary, 5; First Prize, Library Art Contest, 3; American Legion Gold Medal Winner, 4; Senior Mirror. Alwood Gali ion Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Shop 3, 4; Hi-Y Club, 4, 5. Evelyn Garnett Latin Club, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Choral Club, 3, 5; Operetta, 5. Allene Garst Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4, 5. Dorothy Glotzer Annual Staff, 5; Student Council, 3, 5; Latin Club, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3, 5. Carl Graham Shop, 3, 4; Hi-Y Club, 4, 5. Lola Mae Griggs Home Economics Club, 1; Office Practice Club, 1. Colleen Grubb Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 3, 4, S; Burns Program, 5; Secretary, Junior Class; Annual Staff, 5; Projection Club, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Senior Mirror. Lillie Mae Grubb Sports Club, 5; Library Club, 2; Basketball, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, s; Track, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 5. Jeanette Hamlett Band, 1, 2; Library Club, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 3, 4, 5. Jeanne Hann Newspaper, 2, 3, Editor, 4, 5; Beta Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 1; Public Speaking, 4, 5; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Basketball, 2; Ping-Pong, 5; Tennis, 1, 4; Softball, 2, 3; Annual Follies, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Home Economics, 1; Student Council 1; Annual Staff, 5; N. F. L., S . Jack Hardie F. F. A., 4, 5, Treasurer, 5, Treasurer of Federation, 5; Shop, 1, 2; Baseball, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 5. Carlos Hart F. F. A., 2, 3; Agriculture, 2, 3; Baseball, 2. Ralph Hart Shop, 2; F. F. A., 2, 3. Johnny Hudgens Football, S; Latin Club, 4, 5; Hi-Y Club, 5; Band, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies. 5; Student Council, 2, 3; National Honor Society, 3; Vice President, Sopho¬ more Class; Senior Mirror. Lucy Humphreys Annual Staff, 4, Editor-in-Chief, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 5; Projection Club, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Tidile; Girl Reserves, 5; Basket¬ ball, 4, 5; Softball, 4, s; Burns Program, 5; D. A. R. Award Winner. Rachel Jones Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Library Club, 1, 2; Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 3; Softball, 1, 2, 3; Choral Club, 1, 2. Dematris Kittinger Latin Club, 4; Band, 1, 2, 3; Choral Club, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; N. F. L., 5. Edith Labrie Home Economics Club, 5; Girl Reserves, 3, 4, 5. Dorothy Layman Girl Reserves, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Office Practice, 5, President, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Softball, 3; Band, 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader, 5; Senior Mirror. Christine Light Basketball, 1, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 1, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 4; Sports Club, 4; Library Club, 4; Public Speaking, 5. Betty Lou Lindamood Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Library Club, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 4; Girl Reserves, 1; Sports Club, 4; Tennis, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Operetta, 5; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 5. Boyd Lugar Shop, 1, 3; Gym Exhibit, 1. June Lynch Girl Reserves, 5; Latin Club, 4; Home Economics Club, 4, s, Reporter, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Choral Club, 4, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Basketball, 3; S. C. A., 5; Tennis, 3; N. F. L., 5 - [ 33 ] The PIONEER Senior Directory Gertrude Lynch Latin Club, 3; Library Club, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 5; Choral Club, 1, 3. Wanona Maddox Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, Betty Marlowe Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Girl Re¬ serves, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Helen Betty Martin Huylen Martin Gym Exhibit, 1; Shop, 4, 5. Lois Elizabeth Martin Betty Masters Pageant, 1; Gym Exhibit, 1; Annual Follies, 1; Tennis, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 5; Home Economics Club, 3; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5. Marie Masterson Annual Staff, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Home Economics Club, 5. Helen Ruth Maxey Pageant, 1; Gym Exhibit, 1; Home Economics Club, Secretary, 4, President, 5. Audrey McDaniel Latin Club, 4; Public Speaking, 5; French Club, 3, 4; Girl Reserves, 5; S. C. A., 5. Lou Messick Basketball, 1, 2; Baseball, 1; Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Program Chairman, 5; Home Economics Club, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 4, 5; N. F. L., 5. Hunter Miller Shop, 3; F. F. A., 3, 4; Football, 4, 5; Monogram Club, 5. Lois Mills Home Economics Club, 4, 5. Margie Mills Joyce Missimer Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Fashion Show, 4; Annual Staff, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Senior Mirror. Lena Mitchell Home Economics Club, 3, 5; Girl Reserves, 5. Fred Watson Moore Kermit Morris F. F. A., 3, 4, 5, 6, Secretary, 4, 5, President, 6; Shop, 3; Football, 4, s, 6; Baseball, 5; Monogram Club, 6. Marie Moses Library Club, 2, 3; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Softball, 1, 2; Home Economics Club, 5, Secretary, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2. Stella Moses Frances Mutter Annual Staff, 5; Home Economics Club, 5; S. C. A., 5; Sports Club, 4; Choral Club, 1, 4, 5; Operetta, 5. Page Nelson Latin Club, 4, 5; Hi-Y Club, 5; Shop, 1, 3; Choral Club, 1; Annual Follies, 5. Roy Nienke F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Agriculture, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Shop, 1, 2. Magdalene Nowlin Ernest Obenshain Hazel O’Beirne Basketball, 1, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3; Girl Reserves, 5; Ping-Pong, 5; Annual Follies, 1; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2; Public Speaking, Home Economics Club, 5; N. F. L., 5. Mary Ellen Parker Latin Club, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Ping-Pong Champion, 5. William Parrish Betty Ann Pasley Library Club, 1, 2, 5, Secretary, 5; Home Economics Club, 3, 5; S. C. A., 5; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3. Bill Paxton Gym Exhibit, 2; Shop 1, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Annual Staff, 3, 4, 5; Student Council, 5; Projection Club, 3, 4, 5; Senior Mirror. Margaret Pendleton Home Economics Club, 3; Library Club, President, 5. Reba Perdue Home Economics Club, 5. Helen Pillow Home Economics Club, 5. Martha Price Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 4, 5, Secretary, 4; Fashion Show, 4; Senior Mirror. Madeline Price Sports Club, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 5; Operetta, 5; Choral Club, 1, 4, 5; Basketball, 3, 4, S; Softball, 3, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 3. Paxton Prufer Latin Club, 3, 4; Public Speaking, 1, 2; Annual Follies,1. Peggy Ragland Latin Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary 5; Sports Club, 4, 5, Vice President, 5; Girl Reserves, 1, 4, 5; Softball, 4, 5; Basketball, 5; Tennis, 4, 5; Student Council, 5; Annual Staff, 5; Burns Program, 5; Secretary, Senior Class; Senior Mirror. Beverly Rakes Home Economics Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 5. Mildred Reynolds Annual Staff, 5; Library Club, 1, 2, 3; Latin Club, 3,5; Home Economics Club, 4; Girl Reserves, 4; Sports Club, Treasurer, 4, Secretary, 5; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4,5; Soft- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Ping-Pong, 5; Tennis, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1, 2, 3; Debating, 5; N. F. L., 5. Bettie Robertson Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 3, 4. Brewster Robertson Annual Staff, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3, 5; Baseball, 3; Gym Exhibit, I; Annual Follies, 5; Monogram Club, 5. June Ross Gym Exhibit, 2; Softball, 4, 5; Basketball, 4, 5; Sports Club, 4, 5. I 34 J Senior Directory Harriette Rowell Softball, Captain, 3, 4, 5; Basketball, Captain, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 3, 4, 5; Sports Club, 4, 5, President, 4; Gym Exhibit, 1; Cheerleader, 5; Girl Reserves, 4, 5, Sergeant at Arms, 5; Projection Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Treasurer Junior Class. Geraldine Rushing Gym Exhibit, 1; Latin Club, 3, 4. Mary Saul Library Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 1; Public Speaking, 1, 2; Choral Club, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 5; Basket¬ ball, 1; Track, 1; Softball, 1; N. F. L., 5. Katherine Schilling Mary Catherine Sellers Band, 1, 2, 3; Pageant, 1; Softball, 1; Track 1; Girl Reserves, 1, 2, 5; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Library Staff, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5. Jackie Sharpe Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Majorette, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 5; Girl Reserves, 4, 5, Secretary, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Newspaper Staff, 4; Softball, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 3, 4, 5; Library Staff, 2; Choral Club, 5; Burns Program, 5; Operetta, 5; Reserve Cheer¬ leader, 5. Craig Sluss Hi-Y Club, 3, 4, 5, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, 5; Projec¬ tion Club, 4, 5; Student Council, 1, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Bi-Phy-Chem Club, 2; Minstrel, 3; Annual Staff, 5; Annual Follies, 3, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Baseball, 1; Gym Exhibit, 1; Cheerleader, 5; Choral Club, 4, 5, President, 5. Jean Smith Softball, 1; Tennis, 1; Gym Exhibit, 1; Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 5, 6, Circulation Manager, 6; Senior Mirror. Martin Spangler Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Senior Mirror. Donald Staton Dorothy Virginia Stewart Home Economics Club, 2; Public Speaking, 1; Sports Club, 4, 5; Basketball, 4; Softball, 2, 3,4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1. Ada Mae Stump Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Burns Program, 5; Home Economics Club, 5, Sergeant at Arms; Office Practice, 5. Magdalene Swecker Latin Tournament, 4; Annual Staff, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, s; Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Band, 2, 3 . 4 , Si Operetta, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 3, 4; Softball, 3; Burns Program, 5; Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Student Council, 5. Maxine Tatum Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 4; Public Speaking, 5; S. C. A., 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1. Dorothy Marie Thomas Betty Mae Tingler Home Economics Club, 4, 5; Choral Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Operetta, 3, 4, 5. Yetive Trevillian Choral Club, 2, 4, 5; Operetta, 5; S. C. A., 5, Secre¬ tary, 5. Phyllis Underwood Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Operetta, 5; Library 1, 2, 3, 4. Rosemary Waddell Home Economics Club, 5; Girl Reserves, 3. Mary Beth Walthall Home Economics Club, 3, 4; Girl Reserves, 4; Latin Club, 3, 4; Choral Club, 3; Gym Exhibit, 1. Anne Watson Annual Staff, 5; Student Council, 5; Beta Club, 3, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 5; Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Pageant, 1; Choral Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 5; Operetta, 4, 5; Sports Club, Vice President, 4, Treasurer, 5; Cheer Leader, 5; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Softball, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Tennis, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1; Annual Follies, 4; Burns Program, 5; Vice President, Junior Class; Vice President, Senior Class; Senior Mirror. Louella Webb Home Economics Club. Kathleen Webster Betty Jane Westwood Choral Club, 1, 2, 4, 5; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2; Softball, 1, 2; Girl Reserves, 4, c; Operetta, 5. Esther Wigington Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Gym Exhibit, 1; Choral Club, 3,5; Operetta, 5; Annual Follies, 5. Violet Wilson Home Economics Club, 5; Public Speaking. Peggy Wintermeyer Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 1, 2; Library Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral Club, 1, 2. Loretta Wirt Library Club, 2; Latin Club, 2, 3, 4, 5; Home Eco¬ nomics Club, 1; Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Public Speaking, 5; Sports Club, President, 5, Secretary, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, s; Softball, 2, 4; Gym Exhibit, 2. Phyllis Marie Wise Ballard Wood Latin Club, 3, 4, 5; Hi-Y Club, 4, 5; Annual Follies, 5; Student Council, 5; Football, 4, 5; Basketball, 5; Mono¬ gram Club, 5; Senior Mirror. Harriett Wood Beta Club, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3; Senior Mirror. Bruce Wygal Latin Club, 4, 5; Annual Staff, 5. Donald Young Football, 5; Basketball, 5; Hi-Y Club, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4, S; Annual Follies, 5; Monogram Club, 5. Hazel Young Library Club, 5; Home Economics Club, 3, 4. Nancy Zehmer Pageant, 1; Operetta, 4, 5; Choral Club, 3, 4, 5; Girl Reserves, 4, 5; Latin Club, 3, 4. [ 35 ] The NOIVREH [ 36 ] JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Richard Bunting. President Donald Boatwright. Vice President Doris Driscoll. Secretary Joan Black. Treasurer [ 38 ] Lois Agee Lawrence Akers Martha Aldtizer Juanita Aldridge Annette Auvil Richard Bain Clara Beard Joan Black Donald Boatwright Betty Bolling Sara Bowles William Bowles Mary Holmes Brand Ruth Brizendine Evon Brogan Betty Broughman Betty Brown Helen Brumfield Richard Bunting Kathleen Cain r 39 ] JV Juniors Lois Caldwell William Campbell Hilda Carter Virginia Clark Anne Clayton Claudine Conner Vivian Conner Katherine Copenhaver Gwendolyn Craig Danny Danforth Junius Davis Jeanne Dawson Peggy Lou DeHart Sherrye Deyerle Kathleen Dickerson Glenn Draper Doris Driscoll Allen DuBose Geneva Duncan Wilma Edwards [ 40 ] Patricia Emory Tom Engleby Barbara Epperley Richard Eubank Gerald Field Josephine Firebaugh Lanier Frantz Rita Friend Theresa Friend William Garrett Doris Jean Garst Alma Gibson Shirley Godsey William Goodykoontz William Gore Bobby Greer Shirley Grosart Betty Grossman Melvin Grubb Paul Grubb [ 41 J Juniors William Grubb Finese Harris Virginia Hardie Catherine Haislip Marcheta Harris Vivian Hart Betty Hill Kenneth Hill Frances Hill Wilma Hodge Esther Hodgers Sylvia Holliday Mildred Hoover Catherine Horne Mary Anne Hubbard Jo Ann Huff Mike Ide Edith Jessee Darline Jennings John James [ 42 | Juniors Gwendolyn Johnson Charlotte Jones Dorothy Jones Donald Keith Rosella Keys Edith Lagerholm Dean Lloyd Sanford Long Cecelia Lucas Clarence Maberry Marilyn Ann Marr David McClung Betsy McDaniel David Minichan Charlotte Moore Walter Moses Danny Mowles Carol Sue Murray Jean Old James Peters [ 43 ] Juniors Mabel Philpott Wilma Philpott Nancy Pillow Aileen Poff Frances Poff Alfred Powell Andy Renick William Robertson Betty Lou Roof Rubye Ross Marden Sewell Frank Shelton Randolph Sink Harry Slone Harry Slough Betty Jean Smith Mary Ann Smith Sallie Belle Speck Lawson Stacy Evelyn Stanford [ 44 ] Juniors Betty June Stewart Robert Stiff Wanda Sweeny Peggy Taliaferro Ramona Terry James Thomas Emory Thurman Thomas Tobey Dot Vance Jeryl Varney Velda Vaughn Detty Jean Verna Doris Jean Vest Gloria Vickers Grace Wade Buddy Walker Ralph Walker Julius Walthall Fred Watson Charles Webber Peggy Wells Dorothy Wertz Wilma Wildhaber James Christiansen Barbara Coleman Harold Dickerson NOT PICTURED Richard Hall Mark Woodrow Hunt Keith Jeffreys Sara Jett Edith Miller Mary Nowlin [ 46 ] Brent Huffman... George St. John. . . Sally Smith. Mary Ann Wilkins .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer [ 48 ] Sophomores Barbara Adams Shirley Agee Helen Ames Gwen Andrews Jeannie Assaid Jean Beamer Tommy Beason Martha Bennett Vernon Bess Frankie Bishop William Bishop Eleanor Blankenship Betty Blanton Ruby Blevins Warren Blesser Sammie Blount Alice Bohon Benjamin Bohon Leon Boone Margaret Boone Melvin Bowling George Bowman Christine Branch Nancy Brice Joyce Brizendine Eugene Brogan Darnell Brown Jean Brown Judy Brown Doris Bugg Janice Bureord Juanita Butt Buddy Butts Lloyd Campbell Shila Campbell Marie Campbell Creig Canup David Carr Billy Cecil Robert Chadwick Andrew Chapman Evelyn Chapman Lula Cross Chapman Carolyn Charlton Ruth Clark David Clifton John Cole Jean Combs [ 49 ] The PIONEER Sophomores Jimmy Comer Edsel Conner Shirley Cook Inez Crantz Jack Crawford Mary Crosswhite Doris Crotts Bob Custer Shirley Davis Clara Deaton Lynn Deyerle Charlie Dorsey Joan Johnson Ella Draper Gene Draper Charlotte Driscoll Lou Anna Etter Jack Ferrell Harley Ferris Leo Ferris Peggy Francisco June Frazier Otis Frink Louise Gallion Claudine Garman Mildred Garnett Anne Garst Virginia Garst Evelyn Gillespie John Glasgow Ella Goodbar Betty Goodwin Ellen Goodwin Evelyn Gregory Madison Grisso Sylvia Grubb Posie Hall Audrey Hamersly Irene Hardy Melvin Harmon Imogene Harris James Harris Boyd Harrison Jean Hartman Lee Hartman Edith Hayden Nadine Henderson Frances Hicks [ 50 1 Sophomores Dixie Blevins Lloyd Hinchee Nelvin Hoback Judy Holladay Melvin Hollandswortii Alice Hoover Joseph Hubbard Belle Hubbard Paul Hudgins Ethel Hudson Brent Huffman William Hughes Regina Hurt Richard Hurt Jane Jamison Elma Jean Jarvis Robert Jeffreys Evelyn Johnson James Jones Arnold Keaton Betty Ann King Elsie King James Kinzie June Kitts Ruth Lagerholm Doris Lane Faye Lavinder James Leighton Robert Leighton Stranna Leslie Ruth Lockard Rachel McCormack Mae McCray John Miller Ora Mae Miller Chester Mills David Mitchell Lillian Moses Jack Mowbray Garth Nelson Barbara Norris Betty Painter June Palmer Carrie Lee Patterson Glenn Perfater Sallye Perkins Marvin Peters Aubrey Plunkett [ 51 ] Till ' PIII IV K E IS Sophomores Ralph Plunkett William Poage Juanita Poff Sue Poff Joyce Price Daisy Reed Velma Reed Reba Reese Gladys Richards Virginia Roberts James Robertson Jack Roof Ruby Rose Lloyd Rowe Peggy Rushbrooke Virginia Rushing Emily Scott Jane Scott Edward Scruggs Jack Shannon Gladys Sherrand Helen Shilling Orville Sigmon Lorene Simpson Marie Sink Betty Jean Sisk David Sisler Glenn Smith Irene Smith Martha Smith Peggy Smith Sally Smith Barbara Spencer Cameron Spotts Jean Stanford Connie Stevens George St. John Harry Terry Alfred Thomas Ronald Toll Margaret Thomas Jean Thomas William Thompson Robert Thornhill William Thornhill Edna Turner Betty Tyler Betty Viar [ 52 ] Sophomores Catherine Viar Patricia Wallace Jeanette Watson Allison Weaver James Welcher Eugene West James Wilbourne Mary Ann Wilkins Jack Willett Helen Wingo Marie Wirt Marjorie Woods Jack Wright Harold Wright Nancy Wright Claudine Young Jack Gwaltney John Shank Barry Jamison I 53 J [ 54 ] | gp| FRESHMAN OFFICERS Nell Starkey. . . Audrey Nichols Joyce Jennings . David Plunkett .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer [ 56 ] Freshmen Fay Adams Betty Owen Adamson Lynwood Aldhizer Maurice All Naomi Altice Mary Elizabeth Andrews Bernard Arthur Hubert Bain Paris Bain Alice Baker Ellen Baker Odell Baldwin Dalton Baugess Lois Bayse Virginia Beamer Clyde Beard James Blount Cecil Boone Iris Boone Norvin Boone Max Bower Martha Bramlett Robert Brammer Norma Brice Mary Broce Ruth Brogan Don Brown Howard Brown Sue Burress Evelyn Cain Enola Calaway Margaret Caldwell Betty Cammer Jean Cammer Betty Jean Campbell Betty Brown Campbell Ralph Campbell Betty Jean Carter Dolores Chelf Louise Chrisman Rhea Clark Roy Clifton Lila Lee Collins Sidney Combs Fayth Conner Howard Conner Janet Cox Martha Crawford L 57 J The rillKKKR. Marvin Crowe Norma Cundiff Maria Cushman Doris Dale Virginia Davis Joyce Dillon Madeline Donahue Hugh Downing Betty Mae Doyle Billy Doyle Phyllis Draper William Draper William Elmore Dudley Engleby William Ervin Betty Eubank Virginia Fariss James Farmer Betty Lawson Nelda Wood Virginia Benninghove Elois Brown VINCIENT CLINEVELL Betty June Conner Alice Craver Jean Flinchman Virginia Garrett Peggy Godbey William Hall Eloise Hannah Nellie Harmon Donald Hatter Lorraine Hibbitts Alonze Hudgins William Lane Don Leonard George Henry Bobby Horne Alma Hubbard Alice Hudgens E. B. Huffman Charles Humphreys Harry Humphreys William Hursh Nancy James Violet Jamison Joyce Jennings Ruth Johnson [ 58 ] Jimmy Johnson Nancy Johnston Joe Ann Jordan Ruby Kanode Elizabeth Kilby Martha Kime John Kinder Wanda Kirby Etta Mae Easter Elva Lavender Virginia Mae Long Anna Ruth Marshall Lawrence Martin Dennis McCarter James A4cCauley William McCauley Edward McDaniel Herman McMahan Thomas McMillon Harriet Minichan Audrey Nickols Leo Normoyle Nancy O’Neill Betty Ann Owen J ean Painter Wanda Patterson Wi lliam Perkins John Perrow Keturah Pillow Fred Plybon Elaine Ramsey Lorine Ray Jack Rice Eldridge Richards Euna Lee Rierson Ernest Robertson Loretta Rogers Ida Ronk Herbert Sarver Reginald Saunders Harless Scott Dorothy Shank Wayne Shelor Mary Jane Shephard Carlotta Sutphin David Plunkett Cammie Shaver Betty Showalter [ 59 ] The I’ll)Mil Freshmen Homer Showalter Katherine Simpson Lois Sink Patricia Smiley Wilma Smith Josephine Spangler Wayne Spangler Oma Spencer James Stamper Mary Stanly Nell Starkey Clarence Stone Anne Stuart Alvin Stump Hughes Swain Daisy Taliaferro Cleas Taylor Joyce Terry Tommy Tingler Reginald Tomblin John Turbyfill Albert Turner Jo Ann Turner Betty Turpin Corbin Wade Hugh Waid Doris Webb Virginia Webber Charles Webster Evelyn Wheeler Juanita White Iris Willis Billy Wimmer Ethelene Wiseman Marian Wondree Betty Wood James M. Young Frances Flannagan Glorajean Flippen Robert Frank Allen Frazier Jo Anne Frazier Louise Fringer Roveta Frye Melvin G arm an Charlotta Anne Garst Jack Garst Melvin Good [ 60 ] Mildred Goode Raeford Goode Herbert Gordon Laura Graham Trubie Graham Nadine Haily Cary Harrison Doris Harrison Nancy Harveycutter Bernard Hart Robert Hartley Robert Hartman Thomas Hawley Edgar Hayes Charlotte Hill Virginia Mae Hill Betty Horne James McNutt Diana Miller Charles Missimer James Mowbray Lucille Poague Doris Price Katherine Price Harriet Reynolds Warren Richardson Ruby Roach Doris Ann Roop Joyce Rusher Elizabeth Saul Hazeltine Saul Matilda Simmons Vera Simmons Phyllis Smith Mary Alice Sox Rosemary Spence Anne Stokes Frances Turner Frances Tyree Joseph Wilbourne Louise Young freshmen not pictured Donald McGhee Edward Pendleton Christian Smith Ray Smith [ 61 ] Tin- HONKER Eighth (trade ROOM 213 Front Row, Left to Right: Darlene Cundiff, Joanne Clifton, Nadine Crockett, Dophene Creed, Mar¬ guerite Crossen, Joan Crawford, Jeannette Coleman, Ruth Clement, Sheridan Caster, Anne Cowley, Margaret Craighead Back Row, Left to Right: Frank Clark, Lee Conner, Winston Chelf, Kenneth Crowe, Donald Cook, Alan Carter, Donald Cole, Charles Carper, Allen Cronk, Grady Campbell, Stanley Crotts, George Collins, Joe Coleman ROOM 216 Front Row, Left to Right: Ann Cox, Joan Manning, Norma Jean Boone, Sylvia Ilartman, LaRue Obenchain, Kathleen Taylor, Alice Creasy, Nettie Jean Brogan Standing, Left to Right: Sellers Beckner, Ruby Clifton, June Clinton, Everett Miles, Lorene Aldridge, Dorothy Lee, Delories Ilartless I 62 ] ROOM 108 Front Row, Left to Right: Ruby Kilby, Irene Swedberg, Helen Divers, Anne Mitchell, Dorothy Bradbury, Virginia Lee Second Row, Left to Right: Danny Roach, Randolph McGrow, Robert Richardson, Kenneth Martin ROOM 212 Front Row, Left to Right: Helen Bowman, Martha Jane Curry, Barbara Ames, Eleanor Jean Brillhart, Doris Alderman, Barbara Anne Altice, Mable Jane Akers, Betsy Altizer, Mary Jane Brice Second Row, Left to Right: Robert Bower, George Bowling, Richard Burris, Iris Bess, Sybil Benois, Donald Bower, James Black, Gerald Boone [ 63 J The PIONEER Eighth IJrade ROOM 214 Front Row, Left to Right: Fannie Jamison, Nancy Kane, Alice Ilursh, Shirley Hartman, Helen Harter, Mary Ellen Whitmore, Claudette Kemper, Betty Lane, Louise Ilollandsworth, Ruth Jones, Anna Hill, Iris Howery, Lucille Hill Second Row, Left to Right: Allen Harrison, William Jarrett, George Kolmer, James Kane, Tommy Jones, Walter Kinder, Eugene Hicks, William Haupt ROOM 219 Front Row, Left to Right: Anne Robertson, Sue Robertson, Betty Sirry, Martha Robinson, Iris Reece, Betty Powers, Lillie Plybon, Fannie Sue Robertson, Ann Cecil Renick, Phyllis Pillow, Frances Overfelt Second Row, Left to Right: Bobby Sheppard, Sam Ogle, Frank Pendleton [ 64 ] Eighth Me ROOM 211 Front Row, Left to Right: Vivian Angell, Myrtle Bare, Dorothy Mowles, Elizabeth Ann Sellers, Helen Shepherd, Edna Carman, Jane Tingler, Joyce Little, Janie McGraw, De Lois DeHart, Mildred Sink Second Row, Left to Right: June Propps, Vivian Perdue, Wordie Martin, Curtis Wise, Julius Goodwin, Charlie Nunley, Doris Koogler, Vance Price ROOM 209 Front Row, Left to Right: Roberta Draper, Lois Edwards, Judith Furrow, Page Felty, Annie Davis, Eleanor DeVaughn, Joan Franklin, Vona Deel, Nell Eller, Edna Mae Fauber, Sarah Jane Dillon, Mary Jo Ferguson Second Row, Left to Right: Marjorie Henry, Ruby Ferguson, Lena Edwards, Margaret Dickerson, June Newman, Verleen Duff, Izona Doyle, Winona Furrow, Bobby Shelton, J. Arthur Deyerle, Spencer Frantz Third Row, Left to Right: Francis Faith, Mark Custer, Marvin Damewood, William Davenport [ 65 ] Eighth Grade ROOM 210 Front Row, Left to Right: Bubbles Garst, Barbara Grossman, Betsy Galbraith, Helen Gray, Evelyn Garst, Fay Gray, Lorine Graham, Marjorie Garrett, Edith Harris, Barbara Goodwin Back Row, Left to Right: Billy Garst, Robert Grubb, Preston Hancock, Robert Gibson, Chandler Graham, Ira Grisso, Stanley Gillespie, Jack Garst, Lilburn Gray, Robert Goodwin, Emory Hale ROOM 217 Front Row, Left to Right: Jenny Lou Wallace, Julia St. John, An?i St. Clair, Sara Thompson, Betty Turner, Geraldine Thompson, Ruth Turner, Louise Spradlin, Margaret Toler, Irma Thomas, Genevieve Tyree, Doris Turner Second Row, Left to Right: Silas Steele, Donnie Spotts, Joe Stoutamire, Donald Thompson, Eugene Thacker, Robert Thompson, Robert Templeton, Wanda Scarborough, Betty Taylor, Norman Stemple Third Row, Left to Right: Jack Staedel, Herbert Thompson, Guy Underwood, Paul Stewart, James Stump, Dolores Thomas [ 66 ] Eighth tirade ROOM 218 Front Row, Left to Right: Elinor Miller, Darleen Mowbray, Carolyn Leg el, Janet Martin, Loretta Maxey, Opal Musselman, Eleanor Morgan, Betty Messick, Stella Morgan, Doris Mutter Second Row, Left to Right: Douglas Ann Lewis, Ralph Mabes, Lucille Lee, Richard Normoyle, Norris Martin, Ralph McDaniel, Betty Moses, Joe Murphy, Donald Leming ROOM 215 Front Row, Left to Right: Henry Holliday, Jean Yarbrough, Drew Moore, Mary Sue Garnett, Aileen Almond, Charlotte Thomas, Almeta Bohon, Virginia Francisco, George Kikos, Irene JVharton, Nannie Sue Weaver, Ruby Witt, Dora Mae } ount, Joan Haupt Second Row, Left to Right: Frank IValton, Paul Wood, Robert Zirkle, Elbyrne Warner, Ralph Woods, Bruce Bohon, Billy Pojf, Kenneth Wilson, Charles Sumner, Burley Weeks, Paul Copenhaver, Bobby Moore, James Evans t 67 ] Cheerleaders Bobby Caudle. Head Cheerleader Anne Watson Craig Sluss Martha Kime Harriette Rowell Johnny Shank Dorothy Jones Betsy McDaniel “Pat” Smiley Thomas Tobey Dorothy Layman Rah! Rah! Rah! We’re cheerleaders! The most wonderful thing in all the world to be, we think. Being cheerleaders, we see and hear a lot around school, we know how the kids feel about our swell basketball and football teams, and we know that there is a world of school spirit here to back up the boys and our swell coaches. This spirit has been shown in all of our games this year and it has been just as high as ever when our score was low. Now we’ll let you in on a little cheer¬ leader secret—we have so much fun just being together and all our fun seems to center around our wonderful sponsor, Miss Larson. We’d like to say something to future cheerleaders: Have plenty of pep, love your school, and you’ll have that wonderful little feeling of inner happiness all your school life. The Cheerleaders 1 68 ] JD 1 Dickie Bunting. Pontifex Maximus Lucy Humphreys. Aedile Johnny Hudgens. Patrician Consul Pat Smiley. Plebeian Consul Anne Watson. Tribune Peggy Ragland. Prcetor Thomas Tobey. Censor Dorothy Layman. Patrician Quaestor Jimmy Robertson. Plebeian Ouczstor Miss Annie Virginia Cook 1 . Sponsors Miss Clara Bruce I [ 70 ] Since Latin requires all of the class period for study, the Sodalitas Latina was organized three years ago so that its members might learn more about the classics and also become better acquainted with each other through social functions. The Club has enjoyed well-known lecturers, movies, slides and programs with student participation. 1 he picnics, banquets, parties and dances have afforded the Latin students an oppor¬ tunity to meet the faculty and club members in a social atmosphere. ACTIVITIES OF THE SODALITAS LATINA September . Picnic at Longwood Business Meeting—Election of Officers October .Installation Program Comparison of Roman Officials with Latin Club Officers November. ..Program by First-Year Latin Students—- Roman Occupations December. . .Christmas Dance with the Home Economics Clubs January .Meeting of Officers—Completion of Plans for the Year February... .Girls’ Basketball Game with Beta Club Program by Cicero Class March .Members of Club were Guests of Honor at Dance Given by Latin Club at Roanoke College Program by Second-Year Latin Students April .Faculty Tea Easter Pageant with Music Department May .Presentation of May Queen and Court at Formal Dance Outside Speakers on “The Value of Latin to the Professions” June .Weiner Roast and Swimming Party PLEBEIAN MEMBERS Frankie Bishop. George Bowman. Billy Cecil. Norma Cundiff, Maria Cushman, Hugh Downing, June Frazier. Anne Garst. Bobby Greer. Imogene Harris, Nancy Harveycutter, Bill Hughes, Sara Jett, Martha Kime, Dean Lloyd, Marvin Peters, Edward Scruggs, Jack Shannon, Pat Smiley, Betty Jean Verna. Julius Walthall. Charlie Webber, Virginia Webber, Nancy Wright, Gwen Andrews, Thomas Beason, Melvin Bowling. Judith Brown. Sue Burress, Buddy Butts, Evelyn Chapman. Lula Cross Chapman, John Cole, Claudine Conner, Mary Lou Crosswhile, Glenn Draper, Theresa Friend, Louise Gallion. John Glasgow, Donald Keith, David McClung, Ora May Miller, Harriet Minichan, Nancy O ' Neill. John Rector, Katherine Simpson, Ramona Terry, John Turbyfill, Betty Viar, Marjorie Woods, J. M. Young, Helen Ames, Vernon Bess, Jean Brown. Andrew Chapman, Dolores Chelf, Anne Churchman, James Comer, Billy Doyle, Jimmy Farme r, Betty Grossman, Judy Holliday, Garth Nelson, Loretta Rogers, George St. John, Alfred Thomas, Margaret Thomas, Jean Beamer, M. Anne Boone, David Carr, Buddy Chadwick, Louise Chrisman, Lynn Deyerle. Jean Hartman, Barbara Norris, John Perrow. Joyce Price, James Robertson, Peggy Rushbrook. Jane Scott. Barbara Spencer, Connie Stevens, Bill Thompson, Jeannette Watson, Ronald Poll. PATRICIAN MEMBERS Annette Auvil, Betty J. Brown, Gwendolyn Craig. Ann Draper. Evelyn Garnett, Dorothy Glotzer, Melvin Hollandsworth, James Harris, Sylvia Holladay, Paul Grubb, Jane Jamison, Charlotte Jones, Robert Jeffreys, Danny Mowles, Mabel Philpott, Helen Shilling, Harry Slone, Cameron Spotts, Lawson Stacy, Jean Stanford, David Minichan, Inez Bowen, Allen Chappell, Joyce Galbraith, William Garrett, Colleen Grubb, Wilma Hodge, Mary Ann Hubbard, Gwendolyn Johnson, Betty Masters. Peggy Ragland, Andy Renick, Jackie Sharpe, Martin Spangler, Robert S. Stiff, Magdalene Swecker, Maxine Tatum, Patricia Wallace, Sara Bowles. Joan Black, Katherine Copenhaver, Charles Dorsey, Scott Doyle, Wilma Edwards, Doris Jean Garst, Jack Gwatnley, Johnny Hudgens, John James, Keith Jeffreys, James Kinzie, Betsy McDaniel, Marilyn Marr, James Peters, Alfred Powell, Mildred Reynolds, John Shank, Randolph Sink, Harry Slough, Mary Ann Smith, Sally Smith, Grace Wade, Buddy Walker, Freddie Watson, Bruce Wygal, William Robertson. Latin Club Members Not Taking Latin Harriette Rowell, Anne Watson, Lucy Humphreys, Ralph Walker, Paxton Prufer, Ernest Obenchain, Page Nelson, D. P. Denison, James Butts , Dorothy Layman, Jean Black, Jane Black, Jeanne Hann, H. E. Beatty, Charles David Deyerle, Betty Lou Linda- mood, Bettie Robertson, Keith Edmunds, Beverly Rakes, Craig Sluss, Dickie Bunting, Ballard Wood. Donald Young, Mary Ann Campbell, Jeannette Hamlett, Kitty Francis, Evelyn Stanford, Doris Driscoll, Shirley Godsey, Peggy DeHart, Billy Bowles, Loretta Wirt, Martha Price, Anita Colley. [ 71 | K Xv aV»J The PI ON MR MONOGRAM CLUB Ballard Wood. . . . President The Monogram Club is composed of boys who have won letters for their athletic achievements. Since letters are awarded only to those few boys who have achieved outstanding athletic ability, it is considered a great honor to be a member. Only three of the boys were members last year—they are: Richard Bunting, Charles Webber and Donald Keith. Ballard Wood is president of the Club. Charlie Webber Keith Edmunds Dickie Bunting Donald Young David McClung James Wilbourne George St. John Gerald Field Donald Keith Ray Caldwell Robert Hartley Joe Ray Burnett E. J. Miles Hunter Miller Jack Rife Coach Spruhan Brent Huffman Jimmy Robertson Ballard Wood Brewster Robertson t 72 ] projection an The Projection Club was organized to carry out the audio-visual program and to train students in operating the machines, caring for the equipment, and in taking pictures of school activities for various purposes. The Club is sponsored by Mr. Selden H. Watkins. Every semester the Club plans a well-rounded program of movies and stage performances for each month. These programs are planned for their educational as well as their entertaining value. The Club, at present, is composed of eighteen members. This year the girls assisted the boys in operating the projectors as well as doing the secretarial work. The boys operate and repair the equipment and take pictures for the annual. MEMBERS Billy Paxton, Craig Sluss, Jean Black, Lucy Humphreys, Colleen Grubb, Ann Draper, Harriette Rowell, Lanier Frantz, Buddy Walker, Joan Black, Garth Nelson, Lynn Deyerle, Edward Scruggs, Jack Shannon, Bill Thompson, Cammie Spotts, Willie Robertson, James Comer [ 73 ] OFFICERS Martha Dame . Dorothy Jones. . Jackie Sharpe. . . Dorothy Layman Lou Messick Mary Ann Smith . President . . . . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Program Chairmen MEMBERS OF SENIOR GIRL RESERVES Martha Aldhizer, Juanita Aldridge, Gwyn Anderson, Annette Auvil, Betty Blanton, Margaret Anne Boone, Mary Holmes Brand, Betty Jane Brown, Christine Branch, Juanita Butt, Mary Ann Campbell, Evelyn Chapman, Lula Cross Chapman, Virginia Clark, Claudine Conner, Shirley Cook, Catherine Copenhaver, Evelyn Copenhaver, Norma Cox, Mary Lou Crosswhite, Mildred Crowe, Dorothy Cundiff, Martha Dame, Jeanne Dawson, Peggy DeHart, Kathleen Dickerson, Anna Dodson, Ann Draper, Frances Dyer, Patricia Emory, Jeanne Francisco, June Frazier, Joyce Galbraith, Isabel Garrard, Anne Garst, Doris Jean Garst, Virginia Garst, Betty Goodwin, Ellen Goodwin, Betty Grossman, Colleen Grubb, Catherine Haislip, Jeannette Hamlett, Jeanne Hann, Marchita Harris, Jean Hartman, Murlene Harris, Nadine Henderson, Frances Hicks, Wilma Hodge, Judy Holliday, Sylvia Jo Holliday, Mary Ann Hubbard, Ethel Hudson, Lucy Humphreys, Charlotte Jones, Dorothy Jones, Darline Jennings, Evelyn Johnson, Gwendolyn Johnson, Joan Johnston, Betty Ann King, Dematris Kittinger, Edith Labrie, Doris Lane, Dorothy Layman, June Lynch, Cecelia Lucas, Wanona Maddox, Betty Marlowe, Marilyn Ann Marr, Betty Masters, Audrey McDaniel, Lou Messick, Ora May Miller, Joyce Missimer, Carol Murray, Barbara Spencer, Camtnie Spoils, Connie Stevens, Ada Mae Stump, Magdalene Swecker, Peggy Taliaferro, Jean Thomas, Doris Jean Vest, Rosemary Waddell, Patricia Wallace, Anne Watson, Jeannette Watson, Betty Westwood, Esther Wiggington, Mary Ann Wilkins, Loretta Wirt, Marjorie Woods, Nancy Wright, Nancy Zehmer MEMBERS OF JUNIOR GIRL RESERVES Mabel Akers, Lorene Aldrid ge, Helen Bowman, Mary Brace, Sue Burress, Betty Brown Campbell, Betty Jean Campbell, Pat Carter, Sheridan Carter, Dolores Chelf, Anne Churchman, Alice Creasy, Dolores Cundiff, Maria Cushman, Annie Davis, Vona Lee Deel, Dolores DeHart, Eleanor DeVaughn, Edna Mae Fauher, Page Felly, Mary Jo Ferguson, Joan Franklin, Joanne Frazier, Betsy Galbraith, Sue Garnett, Barbara Goodwin, Nancy Harveycutler, Louise Hollandsworth, Claudette Kemper, Martha Kime, Betty Lane, Betty Jean Lawson, Lucille Lee, Diana Miller, Harriet Minichan, Betty Moses, Ruby Poff, Ann Cecil Renick, Harriet Reynolds, Ann Robertson, Sue Robertson, Loretta Rogers, Catherine Simpson, Pat Smiley, Carolyn Snead, Donnie Spoils, Nell Starkey, Anne St. Clair, Julia St. John, Irene Swedburg, Eugenia Thacker, Charlotte Thomas, Sarah Thompson, Betty Jean Turner, Jean Yarborough, Jenny Lou Wallace, Betty Lou Wood SPORTS CLUB OFFICERS Loretta Wirt. President Peggy Ragland. . . . Vice President Mildred Reynolds. Secretary Ann Watson. Treasurer Madeline Price. Sergeant at Arms Jananne Larson. .Faculty Advisor Good sportsmanship, extra games, selling basketball and softball tickets, introducing programs for football, dances—“Turkey Flop,” “Holiday Hop,” and a Christmas party for the under-privileged children were just a few of the activities enjoyed by the Sports Club. No more hair-pulling! Why? The Sports Club placed more mirrors in the girls’ rest rooms. Notice those ping-pong games, the badminton sets, volleyballs, softballs and those bows and arrows. . . Well, the Sports Club bought ’em. Tramp! Tramp! Tramp . . . No—not the boys but the girls marching down Senior hall and they are seventh graders—the Sports Club brought them down for a tour of the building. Only 75 points for admittance—350 for a letter—come on, girls! You are all welcome! members Lois Bayse, Virginia Beninghove, Frankie Bishop, Jane Black, Jean Black, Joan Black, Ruby Blevins, Christine Branch, Juanita Butt, Delores Chelf, Anita Colley, Jean Combs, June Crosswhite, Charlotte Driscoll, Frances Flanagan , Peggy Francisco, Regina Garnett, Shirley Godsey, Lillie Grubb, Lucy Humphreys, Diana Miller, Hazel 0 Beirne, Frances Poff, Madeline Price, Peggy Ragland, Harriett Reynolds, Doris Roop, June Ross, Harrietts Rowell, Gladys Sherrard, Sally Belle Speck, Frances Tyree, Betty Viar, Catherine Viar, Ann Watson, Jeanette Watson, Loretta Wirt Barbara Spencer, Dorothy Stewart [ 75 ] The PIONEER 111 Y CLUB OFFICERS Joe Ray Burnett. President Gerald Field. Vice President Keith Edmunds. Secretary Craig Sluss. Treasurer The Hi-Y is made up of a group of responsible fellows who strive to carry out the Hi-Y purpose: “To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character.” To ally himself with the nation-wide fellowship of the Hi-Y, a student accepts the purpose of the Club. MEMBERS Joe Brogan, Dickie Bunting, Joe Ray Burnett, Glenn Draper, Gerald Field, Keith Edmunds, AlwoodGallion, Carl Graham, Trubie Graham, Boyd Harrison, Donald Keith, David McClung, Homer Showalter, Emory Thurman, Thomas Tobey, Julius Walthall, Buddy Walker, Ballard Wood, Donald Young, James Harris, Harry Blanton, Donald Boatwright, Bobby Brammer, Jaynes Butts, Jack Crawford, Ray Caldwell, Tom Eyigleby, Bill Ervin, Richard Eubank, Lanier Frantz, Otis Frink, John Glassgow, Lloyd Hiyichee, Johnny Hudgens, Arnold Keaton, James Kinzie, David Mitchell, Charles Missimer, Ernest Obenshain, Alfred Powell, Rob ert Stiff, David Sisler, Harry Terry, Jeryl Varney, Dalton Burgess, Harry Beatty, Howard Conner, Leo Ferris, Melvin Grubb, Bill Thompson, Jack Gwallney, Page Nelson, George St. John, Craig Sluss t 76 ] FORTY-SIX ANDREW LEWIS YEWS THE STAFF Jeanne Hann. Editor Charles Dorsey. Assistant Editor Evelyn Copenhaver I . Sports Editors Buddy Butts ) Peggy Lou DeHart. Circulation Manager James Edward Kinzie ) Roberta Draper 1 Rrnnrtrrt Maria Cushman Catherine Haislip John H. Snapp. Faculty Advisor As students ignore teachers on Friday mornings and read “Et Cetera” to find out who made gossip, members of the News Staff are busy turning deaf ears to people who are angry because they did—or maybe because they didn’t—make the column. Oh, yes—the Staff may take a verbal beating, but it’s still lots of fun (and a lot of work). Under the capable leadership of J. H. Snapp, the Andrew Lewis News is published each Friday in the Salem Times-Register through the courtesy of J. H. Thornton, owner and publisher. OFFICERS Lloyd Hinchee. William Grubb . Posie Hall. Harry Terry... Madison Grisso . Allison Weaver . President . . . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter . Watchdog F. F. A.’s fifty-nine members “outfarmed” even the first farmers of the country during the session. Supervised by J. E. Peters, this year’s group included thirty-six “green hands.” The chapter was proud of its work this year for several good reasons. First, there was Joe Ray Burnett, who won the State public-speaking contest, and next in line for honorable mention were the boys who won State championship in judging Hampshire hogs. Other highlights for the year included the planting of 2,250 trees as a forestry project, the attending of the F. F. A. Camp last summer, the winning of the F. F. A. Botetourt-Roanoke Basketball Tournament and the completing of the equipment in the chapter room. MEMBERS Cecil Boone, Leon Boone, Darnell Brown, Howard Conner, Jack Fenel, Richard Hurt, Ronald Ingram, Billy Poage, Billy Thornhill, Bobby Thornhill, Tommy Tingler, James Wilbourne, Eugene Brogan, Jack Crawford, William Grubb, Posie Hall, Sanford Long, Fred Moore, Roy Nienke, Aubrey Plunkett, Ralph Plunkett, James Welcher, Jack Wright, Herbert Sarver, Glenn Smith, Keith Sowder, William Campbell, Harlan Eller, Harley Ferris, William Gore, Madison Grisso, Richard Hall, Lloyd Hinchee, Mark Hunt, Homer Showaller, Harry Terry, Ralph Hart, Carlos Hart, Allison Weaver [ 78 ] BETA CLUB OFFICERS Joyce Galbraith. President Lucy Humphreys. . . Vice President Peggy Ragland. Secretary Jackie Sharpe. Treasurer The National Beta Club is an honor society for high school students, organized in 1933 and char¬ tered in 1935 under the laws of South Carolina. There are 1,000 chapters in 16 states, with a total of 20,477 active members. The Andrew Lewis Chapter, organized in 1936, has a total membership of 248. The aims and purposes of the club are: Encouragement of scholarship, the development of char¬ acter and leadership, and the stimulation of desire for service. The requirements for membership in the Beta Club are: Completion of two and a half years of high school work, behavior and character acceptable to the standards of the school, and an average of 4.3 quality credits for each term in school. This year the Beta Club has several projects and activities. In November the fall installation was held for five new members who were enrolled. In December, the plans for the Burns Program were begun. This program which consisted of speeches and pantomimes dealing with the life of Robert Burns was given on the afternoon of March 5th. More new members were enrolled at the spring in¬ stallation in March. The State Beta Club Convention was held in Roanoke the last of April. The Beta Club has made an outline for a handbook to be given to each freshman to aid him in becoming acquainted with the high school. Arrangements are also being made to change the numbers on the World War II service plaque in the front hall and bring it up to date. MEMBERS Inez Bowen, Jane Black, Jean Black, Joan Black, Vela Bowling, Joe Brogan, Allen Chap pel, Claudine Conner, Catherine Copenhaver, June Day, Kitty Francis, Joyce Galbraith, William Garrett, Doris Jean Garst, Bobby Greer, Colleen Grubb, Jeanne Harm, Vivian Hart, Catherine Horne, Lucy Humphreys, Darline Jennings, Gwendolyn Johnson, Charlotte Jones, Betty Lou Lindamood, Dean Lloyd, Marilyn Ann Marr, Betsy McDaniel, Walter Moses, James Peters, Peggy Ragland, Harriette Rowell, Jackie Sharpe, Harry Slone, Mary Ann Smith, Martin Spangler, Lawson Stacy, Robert Stiff, Ada Mae Stump, Magdalene Swecker, Wanda Sweeney, Ann Watson, Harriett Wood [ 79 ] Kv x- v ' ,- The Andrew Lewis High School Band, under the able leadership of Air. L. Christensen, kept its record at more than par this year. At three of the pep rallies preceding each game, band members were out in full force. Impressive formations, led by the majorettes, Jackie Sharpe and the Black Twins, were performed at each game. Jack Roof added to these formations by twirling out front. The Band presented two special assemblies for the students. This year Air. Christensen expects to take a group to the State Alusic Festival. He also plans to take the Band to Radford to present a concert at State Teachers College there. Highlighting the year’s events was the successful 1946 annual spring concert which featured the fruits of the winter’s labor. MEMBERS Aileen Almond, Jane Black, Jean Black, Joan Black, Almeta Bohon, William Bishop, Margaret Caldwell. Johnsie Canup, David Cecil, Vincent Clinevell, Paul Copenhaver, Norma Cundiff, Lynn Deyerle, Hugh Downing, Billy Draper, Glenn Draper, Gene Draper, Geneva Duncan, Jimmy Evans, Peggy Francisco, Whiz Friend, Sue Garnett, Virginia Garrett, Betty Goodwin, Melvin Good, Laura Graham, Madison Grisso, Edith Hayden, Henry Holliday, Mildred Hoover, George Kikos, Dean Lloyd. Bobby Moore, Drew Moore, Billy Poff, Juanita Poff, Sue Poff, Virginia Rushing, Hazelline Saul, Jackie Sharpe, Magdalene Swecker, Daisy Taliaferro, Charlotte Thomas, Jean Thomas, Hugh Waid, Buddy Walker, Julius Walthall, Jean Yarbrough l 80 ] CHORAL CLUB CHOIR OFFICERS Craig Sluss . President Anne Watson . Vice President Allen Chappell . Secretary Mary C. Sellers . Treasurer Joyce Galbraith 1. Librarians Harlan Eller Nancy Zkiimkii. . Reporter Magdalene Swecker, Senior ] Wilma Edwards. Junior Joyce Galbraith, Senior Mary Ann Smith. Junior Accompanists Lula Cross Chapman, Soph. ] Margaret Ann Boone, Soph. | Ella Mae Draper, Soph. The Andrew Lewis Music Department is directed by Mrs. Nelle H. Peery with Mrs. Herman Larson assisting. It is composed of a choir of sixty members, a credit class of eightv-four members, a choral class of fifty members, a class of one hundred and seventy-five eighth-grade girls, and a class of forty eighth-grade boys. 1945-46 PROGRAMS September .Patriotic Program, Veterans Facility October .Presented Soloists at Salem Music Club Meeting November . Boys ' Quartette Sang over WSLS Radio Station and on the “ Youth for Christ” Program December .Christmas Music for School Assembly Christmas Eve Midnight Service at Lutheran Church January .Sacred Cantata, " The Wondrous Light.” for the Public March .Burns Program with Beta Club April .Operetta, ‘‘The Wishing Well, ' Public Performance Easter Cantata. “Redemption’s Song.” by Eighth Grade Easter Pageant with Latin Club, Public Performance June .Furnished Music for Baccalaureate and Commencement Program MEMBERS Arbutus Agee, Eleanor Blankenship, Margaret Ann Boone, Judy Brown, Evelyn Chapman, Lula Cross Chapman, Shirlty Cook, Ella Mae Draper, Kathleen Dickerson, June Frazier, Louise Gallion, Claudine Carman, Mildred Garnett, Lula Gentry, Ellen Goodwin, Nadine Henderson, Jean Hartman, Frances Hicks, Elma Jean Jarvis, Elsie King, Betty Lou Lindamood, Ruth Lockard, Ora Mae Miller, Frances Mutter, Joyce Price, Madeline Price, Reba Ruse, Gladys Richards, Theodora Sava, Jane Scott, Lorene Simpson, Yetive Trevillian, Grace Wade, Betty Westwood, Mary Ann Wilkins, Marjorie Woods. Barbara Epperly, Peggy Rushbrook, Annette Anvil, Betty Broughman, Martha Dame, Anna Dodson, Evelyn Garnett, Evelyn Gillespie, Mildred Hoover, Dematris Kittinger, June Lynch, Betty Marlowe, Rubye Ross, Mary Catherine Sellers, Sally Smith, Esther Wigington, Doris Jean Garst, Peggy DeHart, Kitty Francis, Johnsie Canup, Jeanne Francisco, Joyce Galbraith, Charlotte Jones, Betsy McDaniel, Mary Saul, Jackie Sharpe, Mary Ann Smith, Magdalene Swecker, Betty Tingler, Ann Watson. Nancy Zehmer, Wanona Maddox, Wilma Edwards, Howard Brown, Andrew Chapman, D. P. Dennison, Gene Draper, Glenn Draper, Billy Draper, Harlan Eller, Madison Grisso, Paul Grubb, James Harris, Melvin Hollandsworth, Barry Jamison, Keith Jeffreys, Garth Nelson, Marvin Peters, David Sisler, Craig Sluss, Arnold Keaton, Lynwood Aldtizer, Maurice All, Dalton Baugess, Allen Chappel, Paul Cofer, Scott Doyle, Glen Hayes, Jimmy Johnson, Edward McDaniel, Wayne Spangler, Joseph Wilbourne t 81 J The PIONEER NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE OFFICERS Charles David Deyerle. President Joe Ray Burnett. Vice President Joyce Galbraith. Secretary-Treasurer Past: During the war years our activities were limited—but the Kiwanians, the Woman’s Club, and the American Legion came to our rescue by inviting us for programs. At the Asheville Congress our Roland was elected State Senator, however, he went to Germany for Uncle Sam instead. Joe Ray became a Cicero with his famous F. F. A. speech which passed the County, the District, the State, and went to the Southeastern Tournament. We graduated and “married off” all but three members in June, 1945, but Paul came in this fall and now: Present: The war is over! Once again we can plan for the future. We begin to find our stride again. Once more the air is filled with cries of, “Prove your point. It isn’t so!” The N. F. L. work is resumed with the Bluefield practice tournament, we prepare for the U. L. A. L. meet. Future: As a score of newcomers enter the portals of the N. F. L. we face the future confident that the years to come will find among our ranks confident, capable, young men and women who will carry their thoughts to audiences of all types and in many places. MEMBERS Richard Bain, Ruth Baker, Inez Bowen, Anita Colley, Lessie Crouse, Wilma Edwards, Paul Grubb, Jeanne Hann, Dematris Kittinger, June Lynch, Audrey McDaniel, Betsy McDaniel, Lou Messick, Hazel O ' Bierne, Mildred Reynolds, Mary Saul, Mary Ann Smith, John Ray Turbyfill, Loretta Wirt, J. M. Young t 82 ] FORTY LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Margaret Pendleton. President Frances Dyer. Vice President Betty Ann Pasley. Secretary Gertrude Lynch. Treasurer The Library Club is made up of thirty-one students, including the library staff and other students who wish to join. The Club holds meetings every other Wednesday in the Library, and the programs are of a literary nature. The Library Club sponsored the Magazine Drive, Book Week and also gave a tea for members of the faculty. STAFF The Library Staff consists of members of the Club and other girls who devote their time to work in the library. They stamp and file passes, card the books and put them on the shelves, mend books and magazines, type catalog cards, book cards and pockets, letters, book orders and countless other things to help Mrs. Bennett, the librarian. MEMBERS Frankie Bishop, Joyce Brown, Mary Lou Crosswhite, Doris Crotts, Shirley Davis, Frances Dyer, Jo Anne Frazier, Louise G allion, Mildred Goode, Lorraine Hibbitt, Jo Ann Fluff, Nancy Johnson, Gertrude Lynch, Margaret McCray, Stella Moses, Jean Old, Betty Ann Pasley, Margaret Pendleton, Mabel Philpott. Catherine Price, Mary Saul, Carolyn Snead, Betty Stanford. Phyllis Underwood, Peggy Wintermeyer, Marion Wondree, Hazel Young, Elva Lavender, Faye Deyerle, Enola Calaway l 83 ] OFFICERS Helen Ruth Maxey. Loretta Wirt. Dixie Blevins. Peggy Taliaferro. June Lynch. Ada Stump. . President . . . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter Sergeant at Arms The local club is affiliated with the state and national organizations of the same name. The goals of the Club are: Work for high ideals of home and family living, help with community and patriotic services, help improve health of people in the community, promote wholesome recreation, improve the school building and grounds, put the Club on a sound financial basis, improve and strengthen the local chapter of the Future Homemakers of America, help reduce the cost of living and the rise of inflation, and help produce and conserve food. MEMBERS Betty Adamson, Juanita Butts, Mary Holmes Brand, Dixie Blevins, Ruby Blevins, Hilda Carter, Doris Campbell. Shirley Cook, Betty Jane Cammer, Mary Kathleen Dickerson, Peggy Francisco, Bernice Gutherie, Frances Harris, Rosella Holdren, Elma Jean Jarvis, Rosela Keys, Ruth Longer holms, Mae McCray, June Palmer, Madeline Price, Helen Pillar, Virginia Porter, Daisy Reed, Gladys Sherrand, Lorene Simpson, Peggy Smith, Estelle Spencer, Mary Shelor . Peggy Taliaferro, Catherine Via, Dorothy Wirtz, Arbutus Agee, Shirley Agee, Jeannine Assaid, Jean Beamer, Betty Blanton, Joyce Brizendine, Janice Burford, Doris Bugg. Barbara Coleman, Marie Campbell, Ann Clayton, Shirley Davis, Regina Garnett, Virginia Garst, Sylvia Grubb, Mary Gaskins, Nancy Hartman, Alice Hoover, Marie Henery, Regina Hurt, Joyce Jennings, Edith Jessey, Jane Jamison, Elsie King, Marie Masterson, Rachel McCormick, Stella Moses, Frances Mutter, Juanita Poff, Betty Painter, Velma Reed, Irene Smith. Jenine Stanley, Martha Smith, Barbara Spencer, Violet Wilson, Dorothy Cundiff, Jean Francisco, Phyllis Higgs, Frances Hill, June Lynch, Helen Martin, Lois Mills, Marie Moses, Betty Ann Pasley, Reba Perdue, Dorothy Thomas, Phyllis Underwood, Rosemary Waddell, Luella Webb, Peggy Winlermeyer, Sylvia Board, Rhoda Bower, Alzada Cook, Jean Cox, June Crosswhite, Anna Dodson, Thelma Eaken, Mary Epperly, Aline Garst, Alma Gibson, Helen Maxey, Lou Messick, Margie Mills, [ 84 ] Lena Mitchell, Martha Price, Beverley Rakes, Betty Mae Tingler, Phyllis Wise, Lois Agee, Ruth Baker, Martha Lou Bennett, Betty Bolling, Nancy Brice, Lois Caldwell, Mildred Crowe, Martha Dame, Josephine Firebaugh, Audrey Hammersly, Irene Houdy, Virginia Hardie, Marchita Harris, Betty Hill, Esther Hodges, Jean Old, Frances Poff, Betty Rugh Tyler, Velda Vaughn, Peggy Jean Wells, Christine Branch, Frances Blankenship, Janet Cox, Mary Crantz, Charlotte Driscoll, June Day, Clara Deaton, Juanita Donahue, Madeline Donahue, Lola Mae Griggs, Nadine Henderson, Ethel Hudson, Nadine Hailey, Gertrude Lynch, Stranna Louise Lesley, Edith LaBrie, Charlotte Moore, Magdaline Nowlin, Hazel O ' Beirne, Carrie Lee Patterson, Florence Robertson, Ruby Ross, Virginia Roberts, Reba Reese, Marie Sink, Ada Mae Slump, Mary Saul, Wilma Smith, Frances Smith, Ramona Terry, Helen Wingo, Loretta Wirt, Nancy Lee Wright, Claudine Young, Mary Louise Crosswhite r 85 1 OFFICE ASSISTANTS CLUE Membership in the Office Assistants Club consists exclusively of seniors in the business diploma course. Although this year’s group is small in number, it does not lack in quality. Whatever you want, from a visitor’s pass to an inter¬ view with the principal, it’s the job of the office practice students. Records, bulletins, cutting stencils, reports—all these must have attention and you’ll find the office practice students right on the job. Under the supervision of Miss Beulah Jones, commercial instructor, and Miss Hester Lee Howell, school secretary, the office practice students help to keep things running smoothly. They are learning the business techniques and procedures that will help them to take their places in the business world. The Office Assistants Club meets weekly for the purpose of discussing problems related to business. During the year representatives in the business world are invited to appear before the group. Also films are shown on such topics as good grooming, interviewing for a job, and techniques and shortcuts that lead toward increased production in office work. Each member spends one hour daily in the school office for a period of nine months applying the principles learned from the discussions in the Club meeting. MEMBERS Vela Bowling; Doris Flinchum; Lola Griggs, Vice President; Dorothy Layman, President; Ada Mae Stump, Secretary- Treasurer. Miss Beulah Jones, Faculty Advisor [ 86 ] ENUNCIATIONS! EJACULATIONS! OS¬ CILLATIONS! SCINTILLATIONS! ULULA- TIONS! GESTICULATIONS! These and many other “lations” are produced in Room 102 in the Public Speaking Group. Remember those assemblies? Randolph murdered the “Vulture Eye” and Dickie bought a white fur coat, and Betsy the three hats. At Halloween, the witches had a night of revelry! . . . Dramatics! Oh, yes, the “Ring and the Look” and “Three Dying Swans.” Mrs. Strickler, Spo nsor Air. Thompson’s return—left, right, left, right, debating, march! I object, show me your authority! Our “Pullman” trip to Bluefield—twenty-five strong! Speeches, guttural, screechy, dramatic, oratorical, “funny, ha! ha! and funny, peculiar.” Plus oranges, brown covers, hot dogs . . . State Contests! Debates and more debates! Pleasant dreams! Happy motoring. MEMBERS Alfred Powell, Paxton Prufer, Richard Bunting, Evelyn Copenhaver, Katherine Copenhaver, Martha Dame, Doris Driscoll, Rita Friend, Betty Ruth Haupt, Dorothy Jones, James Edward Kinzie, Christine Light, Marilyn Ann Mary, Marie Masterson, John Shank, Randolph Sink, Dorothy Stewart, Violet Wilson, Joe Brogan, Colleen Grubb, Joyce Missitner, Lois Inez Bowen, Vance Cannaday, Norma Cox, Glenn Draper, Lanier Frantz, Joan Johnston, Jackie Sharpe, Maxine Tatum, Mary Ellen Parker [ 87 ] The PIONEER THE STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION First Term Richard Bain . President Second Term Jack Crawford . President The Student Christian Association, organized in the spring of 1945, is open to students throughout our entire school. It has grown from a small group of approximately a dozen interested students, who first had the dream of such an organization, to the present membership of more than one hundred. The S. C. A. has for its goal the fostering and strengthening of Christian character among our student body. It encourages leadership through participation in the devotional programs which are held each Monday. Through its endeavors a Bible Class is being conducted once a week, with an enrollment of some fifty members. It is hoped that our efforts toward the promotion of the more worth-while in life may be felt not only in Andrew Lewis but also in our community. MEMBERS Ruth Baker, Richard Bain, Lois Bayse, Inez Bowen, Margaret Ann Boone, Billy Bowles, Ruth Brogan, Judy Brown Janice Burford, Kathleen Cain, Evelyn Chapman, Lula Cross Chapman, Bernice Coffey, Doris Conner, Vivian Conner, Shirley Cook, Evelyn Copenhaver, Paul Copenhaver, Jr., Jack Crawford, Joan Crawford, Lessie Crouse, Martha Dame, Helen Divers, Juanita Divers, Gene Draper, Glenn Draper, Vivian Duff, Lois Edwards, Wilma Edwards, Harlan Eller, Lou Anna Etter, Jimmie Evans, Francis Forth, Spencer France, Jeanne Francisco, Judith Furrow, Louise Gallion, Sheridan Gardner, Claudine Garman, Evelyn Garnett, Mildred Garnett, Virginia Garnett, Virginia Garst, Lula Gentry, Evelyn Gillespie, Dorothy Glotzer, Ellen Goodbar, Belly Goodwin, Ellen Goodwin, Evelyn Gregory, Paul Grubb, Finese Harris, Marlene Harris, Vivian Hart, Jean Hartman, Nadine Henderson, Frances Hicks, Wilma Hodge, Henry Holliday, Iris Howery, Mary Ann Hubbard, Elma Jean Jarvis, Elwood Jarvis, Jane Jamison, J oan Johnston, Rosella Keys, Dematris Kitlinger, Carolyn Leffel, June Lynch, Marilyn Ann Marr, Mae McCray, Audrey McDaniel, Elinor Miller, Ora Mae Miller, Charlotte Moore, Drew Moore, Jean Lynn Moore, Lillian Moses, Darlene Mawbary, Frances Mutter, Jean Old, Betty Ann Pasley, Mabel Philpott, Wilma Philpott, Aileen Poff, Billy Poff, Peggy Rushbrooke, Geraldine Rushing, Mary Saul, Jane Scott, Mary Catherine Sellers, Irene Smith, Martha Smith, Mary Ann Smith, Peggy Smith, Sally Smith, Martin Spangler, Barbara Spencer, Cammie Spotts, Dorothy Stewart, Irene Swedberg, Wanda Sweeney, Maxine Tatum, Jean Thomas, Thomas Tobey, Yetive Trevillian, Doris Turner, Edna Turner, Jo Ann Turner, Genevieve Tyree, Frank Walton, Nannie Sue Weaver, Christine Webb, Mary Ann Wise, Jean Yarbrough I 8S 1 The year 1945 saw Andrew Lewis field a hard-playing, but light and inexperienced team. With only one returning letter man from last year’s squad, the fighting Salem eleven gave a good account of itself on the gridiron. This squad never stopped trying to overcome its opponents, but could not always accomplish this goal. Despite the lack of brawn and “know how,” the Wolverines put up a game fight in all the contests and even surpassed the expectations of many Salem followers. FOOTBALL Guy Spruhan. Coach Dickie Bunting. Captain If one judges solely by the won and lost column, it was not such a successful season, but the players enjoyed the game and learned much about it. The “T” formation, which was used this year by Coach Spruhan, undoubtedly worked better than another would have due to the absence of heavy players on the team. Many of the boys will return next year with a year of experience behind them, and with the expected return of several players from the service, Andrew Lewis will be able to field a team which is wiser in the ways of the game. The players bearing the brunt of the tilts were: Backs, Dickie Bunting (Captain), Charlie Webber, Ray Caldwell, “Abe” Morris and Vance Cannaday; Ends, Ballard Wood, Joe Ray Burnett and Keith Edmunds, with “Pinkey” Wilbourne and James Welcher doing a great deal of able substituting; Tackles, George St. John, blunter Miller and Ballard Wood; Guards, Jack Rife, E. J. Miles, Court- land Spotts and Brent Huffman, and Center, David McClung. All these boys played a great brand of football, and with everything considered, they did a magnificent job, of which all students of Andrew Lewis may well be proud. r 901 Vance Cannaday Ballard Wood Joe Ray Burnett Keith Edmunds Brent Huffman David McClung [ 91 1 George St. John Jack Rife E. J. Miles Richard Bunting Charlie Webber Ray Caldwell [ 92 ] Footb all FORTY-SIX Kermit Morris James Wilbourne Hunter Miller Robert Hartly, Manager Alfred Routh, Assistant Coach [ 93 ] Andrew Lewis 7—Galax o In the opening game of the 1945 football season the Wolverines were pushed hard to top a heavier Galax eleven. Play¬ ing on even terms during the greater part of the contest, it was a last quarter touchdown by Andrew Lewis which gave Salem the victory. This was a good test for the light and inexperienced team which was to represent Andrew Lewis this year and the showing made was good indeed. Andrew Lewis 44—Bedford 6 The Bedford aggregation was easily outclassed in this tilt. Although heavier, the Otters were no match for the fast¬ scoring boys from Andrew Lewis. Markers were pushed across from all over the field and to lead the scoring parade, Dickie Bunting, the only hold-over from last year’s squad, personally accounted for twenty-six points (during the fray). The experience gained in this game helped as the season progressed, for much stiffer opposition would be met from other schools on the schedule. Andrew Lewis 12—William Byrd 7 Played in a drenching rain and featured by many slips and fumbles, the Blue and White triumphed over the heavier boys from Vinton in the third game of the season. The two teams were very evenly matched and it was a sparkling run- back of an intercepted pass by Vance Cannaday which decided the outcome. The boys played good offensive and defensive ball and the spectators were very well pleased with their showing. Andrew Lewis o—William Fleming 14 Coming back from the past year’s defeat at the hands of Andrew Lewis, the Colonels gained .the decision over an outweighed and less experienced ball club from Salem. Playing what was easily their best game of the year, the Wolverines went down fighting and gained praise from all sides for the great battle they put up. This was the first setback for Salem, but the game was hard-fought and everyone had given a good account of himself and his school on the field. Andrew Lewis 13—Charlottesville 14 Traveling to Charlottesville for the first daylight game of the year, the Blue and White led its opponents in all but the scoring column. The squad from Lane High was definitely outplayed and the score does not tell the true story of the contest. Keeping its opponents on the defensive most of the time, Andrew Lewis played hard and well. This was a hard loss to take, but all the boys had done their best and each deserved praise. Andrew Lewis o—Jefferson 25 Jefferson High won the annual football tilt from Salem by sheer power and experience. The Wolverines held fast when pushed close to their goal, but allowed the Magicians to cross the last stripe from far out. Andrew Lewis never threatened seriously, although she did push fairly deep into Roanoke territory where Jefferson would then take over the ball. The team tried hard, but could not overcome the power and strength of the Roanoke eleven. I 94 1 Andrew Lewis o—Lynchburg 12 After a week of rest, the Wolverines went to the Hill City to meet the Glass eleven. This big, husky team, led by its All-State Captain Otey Merriwether, pushed across two markers to top the Salem squad. This was a very hard-plaved game with both sides doing great offensive and defensive work. The power and weight of the Hill- toppers told on the light Wolverines who put up a mag¬ nificent battle against the Lynchburg aggregation. Andrew Lewis 6—Danville 6 This was the first and only game of the year in which Andrew Lewis was equal in weight to her opponents. Salem started off well and played better football all the way through than George Washington High did. The first half saw Salem take the lead, but after the rest period, the Danville squad connected with a pass which made the tying score. This wound up a season that had taught the players much and that they had enjoyed to the utmost. (All the boys played well in these games and had upheld the name of Andrew Lewis wherever they played.) [ 95 ] BASKETBALL Guy Spruhan. Coach Keith Edmunds. Captain Winning eight games and dropping six—the Andrew Lewis five had a good season. The Wolverines earned second place in the city-county games and placed two men on the All City- County squad. With all of the boys playing excellent ball, Andrew Lewis was ably represented on the hardwood during the 1945-1946 basketball season. Taking the first four games, the Blue and White team was off to a very good start, but dropped its first game to Hampton in a contest that was undecided until the final whistle. In the win column, Salem twice defeated the two Class “B” teams of the county, William Fleming and William Byrd. Along with these, the Alumni, Covington and Radford fell prey to the Wolverines, with Danville losing the decision in Salem. Jefferson High, runners-up in state competition, tapped Andrew Lewis twice with Glass High of Lynchburg doing the same. Hampton won from Salem, also, as did Danville when the team traveled there. Led by the two hold-overs from last year, Team Captain Charlie Webber and Dickie Bunting, and paced in the point-getting department by Keith Edmunds, the Wolverines did a very good job on the court. Ballard Wood, Jimmie Robertson, and Donald Young shared in the work with James Wilbourne, Brewster Robertson and George St. John adding much to the game. We hope to see most of the boys back next year to play the game for Salem, and to those leaving, we extend our best wishes for the futui re. Date Team SCHEDULE Score Date Team Score December 21—Alumni. ■ ■ 42-34 February 1—Jefferson. . 25-43 January 4—Covington. ••• 34-15 February 8—Lynchburg. . 39-48 January 11—William Bvrd. ••• 31-27 February 15—Danville. . 39-29 January 18- — William Fleming. . . . . .. 40-19 I ' ebruary 19—Radford. . 39-29 J anuarv 19—Hampton. • • • 23-24 February 22- |efferson. . 37-51 January 25- Lynchburg. • ■• 30-43 February 23--William Byrd. . 55-35 January 29—William Fleming. . . . • •• 3 6 - 3 i March 1—Danville. . 31-38 [ 96 ] Charlie Webber Dickie Bunting Donald Young Keith Edmunds Jimmie Robertson Ballard Wood [ 97 ] Basketball Brewster Robertson James Wilbourne George St. John Jack Rife, Manager [ 98 ] This year baseball is replaced by tennis at Andrew Lewis. A practice period is planned to teach the participants more about the game so as to improve their play. Later a tournament by these players will be held. This will increase a sense of sportsmanship as well as increasing the playing ability of those taking part in the program. It is hoped that if the group shows enough promise, a team representing Salem will engage in contests with other schools in this vicinity. Providing much needed recreation for a number of persons, it will also arouse interest in another sport at our school. 1 99 j The N (INKER. 40-20 was the score of the 12th vs. 9th basketball game which decided the winners of the tournament. There were three eighth-grade teams, two ninth, two tenth, one eleventh and one twelfth-grade team that participated in the tournament. The upperclassmen had better watch those eighth and ninth graders— they’re good! 1 100 ] (URLS’ PHYSICAL EDUCATION The FI IIP] El! Softball Home Run! There go those last-year Juniors again! They’re Seniors now, but they are going to have some strong competition. Every class had its team, but the Juniors (now Seniors) took the top place. Tennis June Crosswhite was the last year’s tennis champ, winning over 50 girls who entered the tournament. The top seven girls played Jefferson one afternoon, but we won’t mention the scores! Ping-Pong Ping-Pong boasted a lot of enthusiastic partici¬ pants with 110 girls entering the school tournament. The class winners were: Mary Ellen Parker —12th Sally Bell Speck —nth Peggy Francisco —10th Nancy O’Neille —9th Pat Carter —8th The class winners had some close games, with Mary Ellen Parker winning all of her games. [ 102 ] ■ J.Htssi ntt SALEM PUBLISHING COMPANY Publishers of THE TIMES-REGISTER Salem, Virginia Roanoke College Salem, Virginia Founded 1842 Liberal Arts and Sciences A.B. and B.S. Degrees Pre-professional work in Law, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, and Social Service Strong Department of Business Administration C o-ed Accelerated Program — New Students Entering in June, September, February Member of Southern Association Charles J. Smith, President r 104 ] THE ROANOKE TIMES Says: “Good Morning’’ ❖ THE ROANOKE WORLD-NEWS Says: “ Good Evening " ❖ TWO GOOD NEWSPAPERS [ 105 ] NORMAN ' S RESTAURANT THIS IS WHERE YOU’LL FIND THE GANG After school, after football and basket ball games or almost any time. If you can’t find us in town just look in NORMAN ' S And we’ll all be there They Serve A most Anything the High School Crowd Can Think Up So if you want anything delicious, just come on down and give your order Main Street Salem, Virginia PEACOCK-SALEM INCORPORATED LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS i—i First and Alabama Streets Salem, Virginia [ 106 ] SALEM IS A GOOD PLACE TO SHOP J. J. NEWBERRY — also a good place to shop [ 107 ] BOTANY " 5 0 0 ' 7 SUITS Tailored by Daroff VAN HEUSEN SHIRTS SPORTSWEAR — TIES PAJAMAS L. COHN SO N 208 S. Jefferson Street Roanoke, Virginia - FOR - RELIABLE WATER SUPPLY WELLS That Stay Right CONTRAC T SOUTHERN DRILLING COMPANY Roanoke, Virginia DIAL 3-0240 THE Hl-Y CLUB P-4 “To create, maintain, and extend through¬ out the school and c o m m unity high standards of Christian character.” J. M. LOGAN ATKINSON ' S ELECTRIC SERVICE CONTRACTORS DRY GOODS AND NOTIONS Installation and Repairs 33 East Main Street Salem, Virginia Phones: Day—209; Night—814-R Salem, Virginia [ 108 ] SALEM FOUNDRY AND MACHINE WORKS INCORPORATED Watch out! Stop right here. This is the place to shop without a worry. They are skilled workers and if you buy machinery from SALEM FOUNDRY they will install it with perfection Ninth and College Salem, Virginia “WE SELL TO SELL AGAIN” HOT POINT APPLIANCE LINE SALEM TERMINAL APPLIANCE COMPANY “Home of Hoi point A ppliances ' ’ GREYHOUND AGENCY 306 East Main Street Phone 123 Salem, Virginia Compliments of SALEM CREAMERY Phone 163 Salem, Virginia [ 109 J H. M. WOOD Best Wishes Plumbing and Heating SAM J. KRISCH Phone 403 Salem, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia - FINE FLOWERS FOR EVERY OCCASION FALLON, Florist Dial 7709 JFe Solicit Your FIRE INSURANCE BOSWELL REALTY CO., Inc. Roanoke, Virginia H. R. JOHNSON COMPANY A ppl ' iances HARDWARE AND PAINTS H. E. Murray J. L. Flora MURRAY FLORA Realtors 24 Kirk Avenue, West DIAL 8803 ROANOKE, VA. SHELOR ' S SERVICE STATION Best Place for GAS, OIL AND TIRE RECAPPING Drive In TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION College Avenue and Boulevard Joe R. Hardison SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL IF ashing and Greasing Com pliments of JOSEPH SPIGEL BROWN HARDWARE CO. “The Friendly Store” Phone 121 BAER ' S Dial 3-1961 109 Campbell Ave., W. Roanoke, Va. Misses’ and IF omen ' s Smart Clothes WINDEL-LEMON, Inc. REAL ESTATE OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES EASTER SUPPLY COMPANY 120-122 Campbell Ave. Roanoke, Va. Com pliments of the ANKARATRA CLUB Cornett School of Business 17 Franklin Road Dial 2-6401 or 2-3051 The Ne w K A N N ' S 309 S. Jefferson Street The All-Inclusive Specialty Shop [ 110 ] BOYLE-SWECKER TIRE COMPANY Roanoke, Virginia [ ill ] CAMPBELL PRINTING COMPANY MEN ' S APPAREL For Commercial Printing, See Us We Have Prices to Suit Our Haberdashery — Tailoring Customers 13-15 College Avenue Salem, Virginia Salem, Virginia W. T. NORRIS COMPANY SALEM FURNITURE CO. Established 1852 Complete Home Furnishings INCLUDING MEN’S WEAR Norge Electric Appliances Salem, Virginia Bendix Laundry Zenith Radio Salem, Virginia WILEY FUEL SUPPLY CORPORATION Everything in the Building Line Coal, Paints, Oil and Glass Phone 88 Salem, Virginia PHELPS ARMISTEAD Furniture and Electrical Appliances i 13 Campbell Avenue, West Roanoke, Virginia PI KAPPA PHI ROANOKE COLLEGE Salem, Virginia Compare and You’ll Wear SHOES from STEPP STULTZ BUSH-FLORA SHOE CO. Plumbing and Heating 130 Campbell Avenue, West Repair Service and Contracting Roanoke 4, Virginia [ 112 ] WILEY-HALL MOTORS, Inc. IV e Are Always Ready to Serve You at Any Time YOU CAN ALWAYS GET GOOD VALUES FOR YOUR MONEY AT OUR STORE 1337 Main Street Salem, Virginia WEBBER ' S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS Purity and A ccuracy C. E. Webber, Pharmacist Phone 48 Broad and Main Streets Salem, Virginia Baptist Orphanage Printing Company Quality Printing at Reasonable Prices BAPTIST ORPHANAGE Salem, Virginia [ 113 ] BIG LICK MOTORS Distributor Wl LLYS FORT LEWIS HOTEL CARS — TRUCKS — JEEPS — Complete Auto Repairing Prompt and Courteous Service i—i BODY AND FENDER WORK PAINTING 202 East Main Street DIAL 3-2419 615 2J Street, S. W. Roanoke, Va. Phone 47 [ 114 ] REID CUTSHALL FINE FURNITURE 209-11 West Campbell Avenue Roanoke, Virginia MODERN DRESS SHOP STYLES To Please Everyone Salem, Virginia GITTENS MORTON, Inc. Specializing in Students’ Accident Insurance HOFHEIMERS, Inc. Shoes for Every Occasion 305 S. Jefferson Street Phone 2-2929 Roanoke, Va. FOWLKES KEFAUVER REAL ESTATE INSURANCE We believe business goes Where it is invited and stays Where it is well treated Ponce de Leon Hotel Building Roanoke, Virginia SALEM HARDWARE CO. Phones 89 and 789 Next to Post Office SQUARE DEAL BARBER SHOP 19 East Main Street Salem, Virginia COLONIAL THEATER Salem, Virginia GOODWIN-WILLIAMS CHEVROLET CORP. 8 West Main Street Salem, Va. [ 115 ] CALDWELL-SITES COMPANY FOR ENERGY AND - VITALITY PAPER MERCHANTS EAT STATIONERY AND MICHAEL ' S BREAD OFFICE OUTFITTERS Phone 7726 - 317 First Street, S. E. Phone 6241 Roanoke, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia 0 A K E Y HENEBRY ' S CLEANER offers a wonderful selection of - jewelry. For gift occasions, this store is the TOPS with us. So, The Finest Cleaning and Pressing if you guys and gals are looking for something special for your most ardent admirer “snag a - hack” to WE DELIVER HENEBRY ' S Salem - Virginia [ 116 ] A. 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Working in close cooperation with the editors and staff members of college annuals, our skilled artists plan the layout. Half-tone illustrations are made under the direc¬ tion of engraving experts. The utmost care in printing and binding produces a finished job of which any school may well be proud. The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Company Dial 6688 116-132 North Jefferson Street Roanoke, Va. [ 123 ] (rfutoflafihs j futoquafihs . . ' ' ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem, Virginia m mm ' mm mmmf - " ft ' ‘ ' l ■ • ' , -m a i WSk-aiKM ra) wW£ Tjv , ‘ % mm S- V HV 4 tf ' " ■V v - k sjifiCtif ' - ' ■ 9 «. ! 5 m ssassEtts? 9 l ‘A ' ii fflSk • v lit iSHjl V iv •• ' ■- :; ' ' V ' j V -t 4 . lV, ' v ,Yi ' w y V ; • • ' V ' -A; mm m MfiQO ■■ •. w m u H i? f f . , .. i , ’ ' •■ ' ' - t w V i i 3SBaSKS tSS: ' ' sTi i . ■ •:.?■■:. . .« .: . 5 Lv - ■ ,)f

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