Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA)

 - Class of 1937

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Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 37 of 92
Page 37 of 92

Andrew Lewis High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Salem, VA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 36
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Page 37 text:

of 193 7 ITEM—Carroll Wood leaves his fondness for Zoological specimens to his brother, Henry. ITEM—Buddy Johnson leaves his athletic fame to Paul McGhee. ITEM—Marvin White, Jon Longaker, and Kenneth Whitescarver leave their never-dying devotion for Mary Patton to Bob Bradshaw and Claude Stuart. ITEM—James Hall leaves his advanced ideas on farming to Forrest Wimmer, who will some day put them into practice. ITEM—Margaret Trent leaves her calm manner to Mary Jane Bliss in order that Andrew Lewis may enjoy a few peaceful moments next year. ITEM—Sibyl Stump leaves several feet of her stature to Dickie Walthall. ITEM—Vivian Sanford, the lady with the elastic jaw, leaves her capacity for chewing a whole pack of gum at once with the greatest of ease, to Walton Bowles. ITEM—Caroline Maxwell leaves her ability as guard to Jean. ITEM—Jon Longaker beneficently leaves his bass voice to Bobby Powell. ITEM—In order that the old Alma Mater will still be able to produce plays, Breithaupt leaves his willingness to help back-stage to Billy Yonce. ITEM—Markham Lewis regretfully bequeaths his neat, orderly habits to Victor Sisson. ITEM—Carroll Wood leaves his Hamlet papers and the hours spent on them to Martin Wilbourne. ITEM—Aminee Jones, after much consideration and with regret, leaves the “Moon” to her kid sister, so that it will all stay in the family. ITEM—Alma Darden wills her captivating ways to Jean Maxwell with the motto, “Carry on!” ITEM—Fred Cormell leaves his ability to fall asleep any time, any where, to Roy Whites¬ carver, but hopes he won’t use it too often. ITEM—“Weenie” Barnett leaves his interest in athletics to Bob Bradshaw. ITEM—Margaret Trent gives up her “fan males” to Alda Ruth Johnson. ITEM—Polly Fagg passes on her clever way of “Snooping in” and somehow discovering all the Secrets for A. L. News to Jane Haider. ITEM—George Peery leaves his every-ready desire to argue to Mac Whitmore. ITEM—Caroline Maxwell leaves her “feminine ways” to Jean Ann Wilfong, advising that she use them wisely. ITEM—Phyllis Wright leaves her cunning ways to “Wimpy” Lofland. ITEM—Preston Graves leaves his “taking” ways with the girls to Casey Jones. ITEM—Elizabeth Middleton leaves her alarm clock to Jane Haider, hoping that Big Ben will do a better job for his new mistress. ITEM—Betty Fleck says, “Trip it lightly, as you go” and leaves her love of dancing to Helen Chewning. ITEM—Rose Lee Wetzel leaves her booklet “On the Proper Diet” to Mildred Carper. ITEM—Irene Grissom leaves her “fetching” ways to lone Sisson. ITEM—Betsy Wiley decides to leave her “knack” for “blues” singing to Alice McGhee so that none of the “hit numbers” will be neglected. ITEM—Hazel Grubb leaves her charm and dependability to Geraldine Keith. ITEM—Keister Boone leaves his slow, stately tread through the halls to Dan Hurdle. ITEM—Dorothy Bruce leaves her gentle manners to Dorothy Kimmerling. ITEM—Jean Cheatham leaves her quiet, attractive manner to Edna Mae Miles. ITEM—Eugene Swann bestows his tranquil manner to Jack Marmaduke, hoping he will take advantage of it. ITEM—David Barger leaves his habit of being late to Jack Macom, but hopes he won’t use it too constantly. ITEM—Jo Hudgins leaves her Andrew Lewis “pep” and vigor to Emma Lyle West. ITEM—Thelma Poff decides to will her fondness for the library to Jean McClung. ITEM—Bernice Marie Jones leaves her ability to pronounce the big words to June Hoover. ITEM—“Weenie” Barnett leaves his false teeth to James Kincaid for use during his old age at A. L. H. S. ITEM—Petie Apostolou gives up his habit of “dodging” to Francis Musgrove. But watch the results! ITEM—A. 0. Rusher leaves his success in proving that men are not measured by their size to Dickie Walthall. ITEM—Walter Bain disposes of his graceful manner of walking through the halls by willing it to Mac Hough. ITEM—Alma Darden relinquishes the position of Editor of the Pioneer which she has so acceptably filled to a worthy successor yet to be named. Witness our hand and seal this second day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and thirty-seven. Sibyl Stump { 33 Siren of the Fates

Page 36 text:

THE PIONEER Class Will W E, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and thirty-seven, realizing that our days at Andrew Lewis High School are numbered, and now possessing a very great deal of intelligence, rare personality, and talents in many lines, do hereby bestow our numerous valuable qualities, as well as our idiosyncrasies, upon our worthy and devoted lower classmen in this, our Last Will and Testament. ITEM—To the faculty, we leave sincere appreciation for their willingness to help us at all times. ITEM—To Mr. Broadwater, we bequeath any money left in the treasury, hoping that it will erase from his brow all trace of financial worry. ITEM—The tracks on the floor after a rainy day we leave to Mr. Voci. ITEM—To the Junior Class, we proudly leave our reputation for silence, study, and school spirit, with the hope that they may add to these qualities. ITEM—To the Freshman Class, we offer this advice—Take Latin for it will be needed in Mr. Snapp’s Senior English. ITEM—The graduating members of the Music Department thoughtfully leave Mrs. Turner means whereby her walls may be made soundproof to protect both herself and her stu¬ dents from certain sounds which are emitted from the Music Room when beginners are 1 ‘ blowing the horns.” ITEM—Shirley Hoover leaves her knitting to Mr. Snapp who will give it to anyone who can use it and still make as good grades as she. ITEM—Jon Longaker leaves the pleasure of being Class President to anyone who can take a lot of comment. ITEM—Albert Snapp leaves his Latin papers to anyone who can use them and still pass the course. ITEM—Colleen Sanford leaves her keen eye for the basket to Betty Stuart. ITEM—After much deliberation, Mary Elizabeth Welsh has agreed to bestow her oratorical ability upon Betty Turner. ITEM—Marvin White generously leaves his Chemistry Experiments to anyone who can find them. ITEM—Lucille Hood leaves her lovely contralto voice with Mrs. Peery and her passion for brass buttons to Jane Haider. ITEM—Alma Darden, Elizabeth Middleton, and Aminee Jones leave their reputations to any who can take a lot of gossip. ITEM—Penn Kime, in brotherly affection, wills his dignity to Vic Sisson. ITEM—Alice Spessard leaves her giggles to anyone who has the nerve to use them. ITEM—-Kenneth Whitescarver bequeaths his standing with the ladies to Mr. Oglesby. ITEM—George Peery leaves his nickname to anyone who desires it. ITEM—Markham Lewis wills his trumpet to anyone who dares play it in Mr. Snapp’s presence. ITEM—Mary Frances Price kindly leaves her mathematical ability to Irene Bradley. ITEM—Virginia Holdren and Margaret Trent, after careful consideration, agree to confer their good looks upon Miriam Oakey and Dorothy Jane Hodges. ITEM—Peyton Richmond leaves her literary ability to Jacqueline Sharpe to be used in Mrs. Pedigo’s programs. ITEM—Nellie Myers cheerfully leaves her good grades to James Kincaid. ITEM—Nancy Pierpont and Betsy Wiley reluctantly relinquish their social positions to Mary Patton and Helen Chewning. ITEM—Francis West leaves to next year’s Civic Classes his ability to keep Mr. Oglesby from giving a test. ITEM — Preston Graves wills his talent for financing the Pioneer, along with his willingness to make all the speeches required by Mrs. Turner in the Subscription Campaign, to Gibson Maxwell. ITEM—John West leaves his composer’s ability to John Kinzie. ITEM—Lillie Ann McGrady gives her Irish eyes to the one who can use them to the best advantage. ITEM—James Powers confers upon J. Willard Brubaker his rhythmical dance step. ITEM—Sibyl Stump leaves her poetic talent to Jack Macom and her place at the piano to Wanda Black. ITEM—Polly Fagg relinquishes her Friday morning task of selling remaining copies of the Times Register to Frances Stoutamire. ITEM—John Bernard bestows his ‘‘role of Romeo” upon Martin Wilbourne. 4 32

Page 38 text:

THE PIONEER Class Prophecy The oracle, sage, and bard of this page Will show you the future events. These couplets express the marvelous success Of Lewis High ladies and gents. People find it hard to die, With Mildred Showalter, a nurse, nearby. Yale has the best coach it ' s ever known—- The well-known sportsman—Jack Stone. Jon Longaker, a Metropolitan bass, Made Lawrence Tibbett hide his face. Peyton Richmond, famous novelist lind poet, Has completed her book, “The World As I Know It. " A lady who has distinguished her name Is Alma Darden, a doctor of fame. Hospitals seem to have lost their curses Since Robertson, Reynolds, and Wertz are nurses. A teacher of primary kids—oh my! The best of her type, Miss Mary Voci. Snapp has gone to the Isle of Manhattan; Believe it or not, he’s teaching Latin. Lazy pupils meet their doom, When Almeda Waters comes into the room. People go to theatres all hours of the night To see the actress, Miss Phyllis Wright. Designers of dresses in colors that shimmer Are the famous Louise and Margaret Wimmer. Say, my friends, did you see the prize fight Between Johnny Helms and Ernest Wright? Senator Whitescarver’s favorite guest Is the famous comedian, Francis West. The stage ' s greatest productions this year Were Welch and Lolland in plays by Shakespeare. Chevrolet now presents Rubinoff’s twin, “Jack Summers, and his violin.” People applaud as to Queen and King When Betsy Wiley rises to sing. Walter Bain, long since to New York did go, Happily married to—well, you know. Nancy Pierpont made all Broadway feel small With Johnny Bernard in “My Life, My All.” " You can be a star and not have to sing— Thus saith Hollywood’s queen, Edna King. To be beautiful is easy today With Lillie Ann McGrady not far away. The greatest aviator we’ve ever known. Jack Peters— ' round the world he’s flown. Just study the methods of Cleo Hale If you want recipes that cannot fail. If you want to hear an alto who’s really good, Turn on the radio and hear Lucille Hood. As a typist, she’s the best of all, She keeps her reputation—Hazel Hall. Most magicians merely take rabbits from a hat; George Bower does greater things than that. An army officer, with coat of mail. We proudly salute Roy Hale. Policeman White, get on your duty I Here ' s Margaret Trent, the American Beauty. V. Sanford, long since, to New York did go, Happily married to—well, you know. Of all efficient secretaries Margaret Richardson is quite the berries! Go to Detroit, if you want a good dealer. And buy a Chrysler from Winton Shelor. Rose Lee Wetzel, as little as ever, Is noted for work in Christian Endeavor. What a great asset to the New York Sun Is its competent editor, Eugene Swann! This ' ll show you the teachers, the painters, and preachers Inventors and actors renowned, Congressmen, cooks, lawyers, and crooks. And other professions profound. By Sabra Thomas good work is done In a well-known New York beauty salon. As basket-ball coach at Randolph-Macon Colleen Sanford a position has taken. From start to finish, from finish to start, The best guitar teacher in Virginia is Helen Gearheart. She claims to be a spinster, but bachelors couldn’t bear it If they could not go to see Wilda Garrett. Paul Kilgore has a formula for age prevention. Due to his unusual interest in invention. Here’s to C. Maxwell, woman Senator of fame, Whose unusual speeches have made her a name. The mind of the designer of hats, Margaret Going, With new ideas is simply overflowing. Doris Earnhardt, who in piano was dominant, In a jazz orchestra is now very prominent. Misses Spessard and Kime, a comedy team, Are enough to make any audience scream. Who is the lady with so much ambition? Why Margaret Walrond, the famous technician. She goes about, helping people in need. Who? The Red Cross Nurse, Miss Alice Reed. An excellent teacher—one of the best— Frieda Walthall fills pupils with zest. A boy who once in a theater was usher Is now the manager—A. O. Rusher. The wildest pupils are somewhat meek When the chemist, Paul Reich, rises to speak. Pythogoras would bury his face in shame Should he hear of M. F. Price’s fame. He dances on stages for hours and hours In bright lights is written “Today: James Powers.” There’s a radio program that all of us know By name, “Harold Prichard and his ole banjo.” She goes through the air, an air-hostess fine, Miss Lillian Helton of Eastern Airline. She’s made herself famous in works of art, Miss Shirley Hoover, a genius thou art! Dawson’s name we see on every page, An expert of gasoline age. Ada Gardner, a singer, has yet to be married; She was too particular; too long she tarried. Jean Cheatham after much hard work Has done quite well at her job as clerk. Alma Cox, a chemist of note, Just published a book of theory she wrote. Drink to the surgeon, Fred Cormell, Patients respect him, but O! how they yell! Here’s to Ruth Flora, a well-known name! At interior decoration she’s won great fame. Thomas Adams has opened a new hotel, And we hear he’s doing remarkably well. The life of a party will never lag If it’s given by the hostess, Fleck or Fagg. Of orphanage matrons, as everyone says, The best of all are Holdren and Bays. Virginia Beach, of three-husband fame, Once again is changing her name. A toast to B. Johnson, who just confessed He made his fortune in Europe’s sports contests. Robert Barnett, noted airplane designer, Has completed his plans for a “crack” airliner. Next is a man of the very greatest fame, Barnett, Coach of Notre Dame. 34

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