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ANDREW LEWS MIDDLE SCHOOL Saiem, Virginia r S- The Pioneer of 1935 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Salem, Virginia Foreword This year, nineteen hundred and thirty-five, commemo¬ rates THE THREE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FOUNDING OF AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOLS. THE NATION-WIDE CELEBRATION NOW BEING HELD IS FOR THE PURPOSE OF HONORING OUR FOREFATHERS WHO LABORED SO DILIGENTLY THAT WE MIGHT HAVE THE AD¬ VANTAGES OF A PUBLIC EDUCATION, OF WHICH THEY HAD BEEN DEPRIVED. ON THE DIVISION PAGES OF THIS YEARBOOK WILL BE FOUND A FEW OF THE OUTSTANDING FACTS CONCERNING THE DEVELOPMENT OF SECONDARY EDUCATION. IT IS OUR EARNEST DESIRE THAT IN THE USE OF THIS THEME WE MAY HAVE ENHANCED, TO SOME DEGREE, THE PRAISE AND GLORY OF THE FOUNDERS OF OUR SCHOOLS. DEDICATION A l ss Annie McConkey W 0 WHOSE LOVELY NATURE AND RARE UNDERSTANDING OF THE ART OF TEACHING HAVE LEFT AN INDELIBLE IMPRESSION UPON US, WE DEDICATE THIS, THE SECOND VOLUME OF The Pioneer 02 The Pioneer of 1935 M essage from Our Principal The pleasure I have derived from my association with you in school will grow, I am sure, into the joy I shall have in noting your accomplishments in life Of. W P age Four Faculty Mrs. Clyde R. Turner English Mrs. Elizabeth Mr. R W House Mr. J. H Snapp English Moorefield Shorthand, Type¬ writing, Bookkeeping Mr L J Clark Spanish. History, Public Speaking Miss Mildred Worley Office Miss Jane Brown. Science French Mrs. Rebecca J. Fischel Home Economics Miss Marcaret D. Wright Librarian, English Mr. Richard Persinger English Mrs Carrie M. Pedico English Mrs. Clifford Rice Latin Mrs. Viola W. Vest History, Physical Education Mr D. E Denton Mrs. Ethel S. Mr. J B. Farley, Jr. Biology Mrs Nell H. Peery Music Mrs. Margaret Z. Easter History, English Mrs. W. G. Strickler English, History Mr R. E L. Chapman Mathematics Mrs. W. M. Earley Mathematics, Business Training Miss Pauline Miss Dorothy Thomas Office Mrs. Emily L. Raynor Science, Physics, Mathematics Mr T. E. Burke Agriculture Miss Annie Denit English, Mathematics Miss Louise Fulton Mathematics Page Five Yl -C The Pioneer of 1935 Pi loneer Staff EDITORIAL Augusta Saul . Editor-in-Chief Sarah Barnard . Assistant Editor Harold Craig . Assistant Editor Jerry Crawford . Assistant Editor Louise Dawson . Art Editor Helen Fisher . Assistant Art Editor Anne Taylor Wiley . Activities Editor Alice Spessard . Assistant Activities Editor Harold Depkin. Petie Bunting . Sports Editor Marvin White . Assistant Sports Editor Louise Overstreet . Photograph Editor Jake Showalter. . Assistant Photograph Editor Jane Akers . Scribe Betty Fagg . Senior Editor Virginia Williams . Junior Editor Alma Darden . Sophomore Editor . Freshman Editor BUSINESS Shirley Graham . Business Manager Richard Hitt . Assistant Business Manager J. C. Penn . Advertising Manager Gordon Maxwell . Assistant Advertising Manager Jack Stone . Assistant Advertising Manager Billy Haislip . Circulation Manager Logan Bowman . Assistant Circulation Manager Ida St. Clair . Typist Miss McConkey . Faculty Advisor Mrs. Turner . Faculty Advisor Mr. Clark .. ' . Faculty Advisor Page Six X IN 1635 THE CITIZENS OF BOSTON MET AND FOUNDED THE FIRST FREE SCHOOL IN AMERICA. ON THE “ 13TH OF THE 2ND MONETH 1635 " —THE TWENTY-THIRD OF APRIL, BY OUR CALENDAR, FIVE YEARS AFTER THE SETTLING OF BOSTON-THE CITIZENS VOTED- " THAT OUR BROTHER PHILEMON PORMONT, SHALBE INTREATED TO BECOME SCHOLEMASTER FOR THE TEACHING AND THE NOURTERING OF CHILDREN WITH US.” THIS EFFORT MARKS THE BEGINNING OF SECONDARY EDUCATION IN THE COLONIES AND BY THE CLOSE OF THE CENTURY POSSIBLY FORTY LATIN GRAMMAR SCHOOLS HAD BEEN FOUNDED IN NEW ENGLAND. IN THE MIDDLE AND SOUTHERN COLONIES, PRIVATE TUTORS FOR LARGE LAND¬ HOLDERS WERE MORE IN FAVOR. f . 1 hr- - -f % V V The Pioneer of 1935 0 O ' ,«« jf ' a „ r M V V rf •enior ;offi cers J. C. Penn . President Bob Barnett . Vice President Anne Taylor Wiley . Secretary Gordon Maxwell . Treasurer Motto: “Study to be what you wish to seem. " Colors: Purple and Silver —Socrates Flower: Iris Pioneers, We Behind us ties the course we have begun, Behind us lies the path that we have blazed, Before, a greater course for us to run, Before, unknown, and even uncharted ways. For we “who have the world before us " When high school days are passed, forever gone, Will have the thought that Lewis left to us: Push on! Push on! And ever on and on! " Howe ' er discouraged, we will ne ' er give up; We ' ll make new frontiers with our brain and brawn ; And future classes, just as we have learned, Will delete cry, " Push on, Push on, and ever on and on! " Forward! Advance! " this ever be our cry, For there are footholds firm that we must gain, New heights that we must scale; we cannot sigh For high school days: those sighs would be in vain. Our " Alma Mater " to us truly gave A greater, truer, nobler life — The dawn of our achievements; in her walls we learned Life ' s grandest theme, " Push on, and ever on! " Page Eight Jane Akers and Opal Craun Andrew Lewis High School Doris Cawley Akers Ability never goes unnoticed Latin Club, 1 ; Newspaper Staff, 4 Margaret Jane Akers Inlelligence heightened by understanding Girl Reserves, 3-4; Litera ry Club, 1-2; Glee Club, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Public Speaking, 4; Senior Play. Page Katherine Aliff It seems to me ' tis only noble to be good Vesta Amos Modesty is the color of virtue Lavinia John Andrews A sunny disposition is equal to the best Latin Club, 1-2; Glee Club, 4 Alexander Apostolu We want full measure of all your pleasure but we do not need your woe. Literary Club, 1 ; Football, 2-3; Spanish Club, 3; Basket Ball, 3-4. Evelyn Mae Ayers A very pretty pattern for girls Bible Club. 1 ; Home Eco¬ nomics Club, 3; Vice President of Home Economics Club, 4; Glee Club, 4. Kenneth Russell Bain There is no genius like the genius of energy and activity Bible Club, 1 ; Orchestra, 2-3; President of Orchestra, 4; Glee Club, 3-4. Ralph Thomas Barnett Silence, golden silence F. F. A., 3-4 Robert Lee Barnett The stars make no sound Basket Ball (Captain), 1-2— 3—4; Football (Captain), 1—2— 3-4; Monogram Club, 1-2-3-4; Vice President of Monogram Club, 4; Spanish Club, 3; Hi-Y Club, 3-4; Coach of Midget Basket Ball, 4. Page Nine The Pioneer of 1935 Charles Beller Honor is the chief content that the man in life is lent Raymond Bishop Very calm and not fat. But a man s a man for a that E. R. Black A steady youth, both mild and meek Public Speaking, 4 Robert Blackard There is no man who burns the midnight oil. Whose ways are not those lived with toil Lelia Evelyn Blankinship But, then, she always seemed happy Latin Club, 1; Baseball Squad, 4 Meredith Milton Boone Calm is the countenance where there is peace within Spanish Club, 3-4 Howard Payne Booth He works for his wits and his wits work for him Joseph Shelton Bower Men are not measured by inches Latin Club, 1-2; Literary Club, 1; Bible Club. 2; Track, 3; Glee Club, 4. - He ' s kind to everyone he meets, and everyone he passes greets Latin Club. 1 ; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Football, 3, 4; Basket Ball, 4; Annual Staff, 4. Murrill Bowman Fair and noble Spanish Club, 3; Glee Club, 2-3-4 Page Ten Andrew Lewis High School William Fitz Gerald Brand The world is good for him and he is good for it Latin Club, 1-2; Football, 4; Hi-Y, 4 Katherine Mathilda Brugh Eager to cooperate, diligent in work, bound to succeed Girl Reserves, 4; Senior Glee Club, 4 Dennie Mac Brown The only competition worth a wise man is with himself Latin Club, 1 ; Debating, 3-4; Newspaper Staff, 4; Glee Club, 4. Edward S. Brown One wise man is worth a thousand fools Douglas Bunting (C. C. C.) Cotton-head, cute and capable Latin Club, 1-2; Hi-Y, 1- 2-3—4; Spanish Club, 3; Presi¬ dent Sophomore Class, Treas¬ urer, Hi-Y, 4; Student Council, 2-3-4; Newspaper Staff, 3; •Annual Staff, 3—4; Senior Play. u if e k Beverly Harry Byrd My friends, keep calm Future Farmers of America, 1-2 Vera Naomi Calhoun I never speak of useless things Helen Doniphant Carson Her ways are ways of pleasantness Constance Viola Cheatham She captivates us with her charm Home Economics Club, 2-3 ; Girl Reserves, 4 Rilla Frances Cheek A good sport is one to be admired Home Economics Club; Tennis, 3; Basket Ball, 3; Captain Basket Ball Team, 4 Page Eleven J ames Merritt Cochran ' Tis better to work than idle, ' Tis better to play than work - RMAN CORMELL Where there are eats there am I also Basket Ball. 4; Hi-Y, Latin Club, 2; Spanish Club, Boxing, 4. Richard F. Cormell A really good fellow when it comes to play Science Club, 1 ; Spanish Club, 3; Football, 4; Basket Ball, 4; Latin, 2. ,« r ' jA t I ,, t A •• A iP ' i y Geraldine Crawford Art is power Girl Reserves, 2-3-4; An¬ nual Staff, 2-3-4; Newspaper Staff, 3; Latin Club, 1; Bible Club, 1; Literary Society, 1. Lewis Daniels Variety is the spice of life, but steadfastness is life Louise Dawson Lovely, sweet, and likable, Dark, friendly, and gay Treasurer Girl Reserves, 3; President Girl Reserves, 4; Newspaper Staff, 3; Annual Staff, 3; Assistant Manager, Basket Ball, 4; Student Coun¬ cil, 4. Natalie Elizabeth DeHart Leave silence to saints, I am human Girl Reserves, 2-3-4; Liter¬ ary Society, 1-2; Readers Club, 3; Glee Club, 3-4; Librarian Opal Lee Craun An ideal girl, rich in common sense and willing to cooperate Glee Club, 3-4; Literary Club, 3; Girl Reserves, 4; Home Economics Club, 4; Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper, 4: Senior Play. The Pion At CRiSwiftY y A , t , « c They say Cleopatra was a t ' Girl Reserves, 4 ' avid Vernon Cunningham God bless the man who first invented sleep Andrew Lewis High School Robert Lee Dew If I ' m wrong, then you ' re not right Glee Club, Litera Alfred Edward Dowdy Never let little things bother you Latin Club. 1-2; Bible Club, -2; Literary Club, 2; Orches¬ tra, 4; Glee Club, 4; Debating Team, 4. Earnest Lee Doyle All things come to those who only wait Literary Society, 1 Annie Eunice Draper A demure little lady t Latin Club, 2 John Dutton Nothing great was ever won without argument James Durden Success develops from effort and ability Posey Eades I had rather have a laugh to make me merry than experience to make me sad. Page Thirteen The Pioneer of 1935 Mary Ellen Earley Reserved, quiet, and likable John Clinton Eller Serious, yet not too serious, is a good rule F. F. A . 2-3-4; Glee Club, 3-4; Debatin g, 4 Luther Aubrey Engle am sure studies are enemies to life Fli-Y, 3-4; Spanish Club, 3 Roderick Ennis A man, if ever there was one F. F. A , 2-3-4, Basket Ball, 4 Fourteen Elizabeth Fagg A witty woman is a treasure A ivitty beauty is a power Glee Club, I; Girl Reserves, 2-3-4; Student Council, 3; Annual Staff. 4. Helen Elizabeth Fisher Life has no blessing like a real friend Literary Society, 2-3; Bible Club, I ; Secretary, Sophomore Class; Girl Reserves, 3-4; Glee Club, 2-3; Student Council 3; Annual Staff, 4. Ashland Gale Some attain moderation in work and play F. F. A 1-2-3-4; Basket Ball, 4 Evelyn Elizabeth Gardner Where is there any other such beauty in a woman ' s eye? A x ldUAi Charlotte Garst I n faith, lady, you have a merry heart Latin Club, 1; Glee Club, 2-3; Spanish Club, 4. Bessie Ella Givens It s her ways of pleasantness that make her lovable Andrew Lewis High School Shirley Graham Power flows to the man who knows how Football. 1-2-3-4; Basket Ball, 3-4; Monogram Club. 3— 4; Sports Editor of Annual, 2; Business Manager, Annual, 3— 4; Baseball, 4 George W. Gray He may be judged by the course he takes Public Speaking, 3; Newspaper, 4 Marie Adeline Gray A girl full of good will toward her fellows Glee Club. 4; Student Librarian, 4 Helen Mae Grey By my troth, a pleasant little lady Bible Club, 1 ; Literary Club.l ; Girl Reserves, 4 Lee Gutherie Mischief, thou art afoot! a 3 - lliam Maurice Haislip A good sport, and a boy among boys Latin Club. 1; Literary So¬ ciety, 1 ; Annual Staff, 4 Leonard Via Hale I am nothing if not positive Literary Society, I; Midget Basket Ball, 4 William Herbery Hall A lad who looks on life in a superior way F. F. A., 1-2-3 Charles Robins Hall They always think who seldom talk Latin Club, 1; Glee Club, 4 Fred Graham Hannah A person s sense is not always measured by his wit F. F. A , 1-2-3-4; Baseball, 4 Page Fifteen The Pioneer of 1935 Virginia Rebecca Harr If you would excel, then you must work Tall, silent, pleasant ' , knowing much, revealing little Baseball, 2-4; Football, 2-3-4 Monogram Club, 2-3-4 Dorothy Hatcher A daughter of the gods, divinely tall Trennie Izola Hess She is gentle and modest, retiring and good Vincent Sidney Hilton Why worry?—Things are bound to happen anyway Arnold Hodges Patience is the key to success Thomas Hodges The power of speech! Declamation, 3; Public Speaking, 4; Senior Play Cornelia Womble Hoge She adds a certain distinction to all she does Newspaper Staff, 4; Girl Reserves, 4 , Senior Play Ruth Davis Hollyfield Her friends—they are many; Her enemies—are there any? Glee Club, 1; Girl Reserves. 2-3-4; Literary Society, 1-3; Student Librarian, 3 Annie Hontz To-day is here, use it Page Sixteen Andrew Lewis High School Gilford R. Huff The tasks oj every day he meets in a quiet way Baseball, 4 Ruth Pauline Hundley Quiet and friendly as the day is long Literary Society 1-2-3 Myra Ingram Smooth runs the water ivhere the brook is deep Literary Club 1; Librarian Club, 4 Reba Ingram This world belongs to all of us; so 1 shall make myself at home Literary Club, 1 : Librarian Club, 4 Helen Edith Ireland A quiet and unassuming lass is she ■Girl Reserves, 4 Doris Jane Jeffries Cute things are twins Literary Club, 1 ; Bible Club, 1; Latin Club, 1 Dorothy Henrietta Jeffries Vice versa Literary Club, 1 ; Bible Club, 1; Latin Club, I Claude Cecil Johnson A country boy, perhaps, but not a swain ? Basket Ball, 3-4; F, F. A , 2-3-4; Hi-Y, 4; Monogram Club, 4. Aurelia Marie Jones She was just the quiet kind that never varies Girl Reserves, 4; Glee Club, 1-2; Baseball, 1-2; Home Economics, 1-2. Auvray M. Keith Popular is a synonym for blond Girl Reserves, 4; Glee Club, 3-4; Literary Club, 1; Home Economics Club, 2. Page Seventeen The Pioneer of 1935 Atlee Kidd Songs and smiles win top price in any market Bible Club, 1 ; Literary Club, 1; Home Economics Club, 4; Baseball, 4; Glee Club, 4 Jack Allen Koerner This world belongs to the energetic ■y Ellen Elizabeth Lambert Whatever she does she does well • Glee Club, 2; Girl Reserves, 2-3-4; Treasurer, Home Eco¬ nomics Club, 4. « Patsy Louise Lewis She has a voice attuned to silence Spanish Club, 4; Basket Ball, 4 Earl Grover Long You will be what you will to be F. F. A„ I-2-3-4; Spanish Club, 3-4 Lillian Frances Martin They serve only who give their best Spanish Club, 3 Luther James Martin A far-seeing lad, advancing rapidly F. F. A , 2-3-4; Reporter, 3-4; Senior Glee Club, 4; Spanish Club, 3-4. Frances Watson Maxwell She was ever sweet, steady, and true Latin Club, 1; Glee Club, 1-2; Girl Reserves, 2-3-4 Gordon Simmons Maxwell It ' s nice to be natural if you ' re naturally nice Football, 1-2-3; F. F. A„ 3-4; Treasurer, Junior Class; Treasurer, Senior Class; Hi-Y, 4; Annual Staff, 4. Alice McCai Quiet and modes helpful and huf Home Economics Latin Clu ' Page Eighteen i y c- Andrew Lewis High School 4 Thelma Louise Miller Cheerfulness and sincerity are God-given gifts Gladys Pauline Mitchell So happy, so kind, and so still! Home Economics Club, 3-4 Mary Moran Sweetness is most characteristic of her Girl Reserves, 4 Marjorie Ruth Morehead People and books are her friends Spanish Club, 3; Girl Reserves, 3-4; Newspaper Staff, 4 Mary Louise Morgan A miss who ' s full of worthy deeds Literary Club, 4; Home Economics Club, 4; Latin Club, 3; Spanish Club, 4 Thayer Miller Morris Tis fine to face life squarely J Thomas George Thomas Morris Don ' t bother me; I ' m thinking Football, 3-4; Monogram, 3-4 Lynwood Littrell Moses This l know — have to play Orchestra, 3-4 Edna Mowles Cheerful looks make every dish a feast Home Economics Club, 3 Girl Reserves, 2; Glee Club 2-3-4; Basket Ball, 3. Morris J. Murphy Time flies; let us live while we may Basket Ball, 3-4; Football, 4; Baseball. 4; Spanish Club, 3; Hi-Y, 4; Monogram Club, 3-4. if Page NiireteglKC The Pioneer of 1935 Nanette Musser j Radiantly gay and pretty X J - ' Aubrey R. Mutter Not unconscious, just thinking Latin, 4; Spanish, 4; Football, 3; Basket Ball, 4; Baseball, 4 Price Mutter Our content is our best having Lawrence Myers Why should I worry? Agriculture, 3-4 Herman C. IsfApF All things are subservient to diUgfrice Football, 2-3; Baseball 2; Monograpi Club, 2-3-4; Hi-Y, 4 X a ,j f IT i V II r ft Mildred A. Naff A baby voice and yet a lady Literary Club, 1 ; Latin Club, 1; Home Economics Club, 4 Ella Mae Nichols A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge Home Economics Club, 1 Clay Deyerle Nininger Quick of mind, quick of feet; Something of an athlete F. F. A., 1; Spanish Club, 3; Baseball, 2-4; Basket Ball, 3; Football, 2-3-4; Monogram Club, 2-3-4. A lass who dares to say, “ I know 1 can! " Glee Club, 2; Spanish Club, 3; Girl Reserves, 4 Cornelia Louise Overstreet Common sense and beauty are seldom so well combined in one person Literary Club, I; Home Economics Club, 1-3; Girl Reserves, 3-4; Annual Staff, 4. Andrew Lewis High School Virginia Claudine Owen First, say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. Latin Club, 1 ; Home Eco¬ nomics Club, 2; Tennis. 3-4; Girl Reserves, 4; Baseball Manager, 4 Richard Hartman Peery An ideal boy in every way, A kind not found every day Latin Club, 1; Orchestra, 3-4: Newspaper Staff, 4; Senior Play. James Clay Penn, Jr. can, I always could—and I always will, but I won ' t exert myself. Latin Club, 1; Hi-Y, 2-3; President, Hi-Y Club, 4; Foot¬ ball, 3-4; Basket Ball, 3-4; Boxing, 3; Annual Staff, 3-4; Spanish Club, 3; President Senior Class; Monogram Club, 4; President of Student Coun¬ cil, 4; Senior Play. Luke Pii.lis In school-day life he played his part Agriculture Club, 1-2; Foot¬ ball, 2-3-4; Boxing, 3; Hi-Y, 4; Monogram Club, 4. Claudine Poff She smiles at many, just for fun Literary Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2 ' l zi , Lillian Poff A friendly helper, a helpful friend Earl Willard Pctwell A master of music and feminine hearts Orchestra, 1-2; Secretary, Orchestra, 3; Vice President, Orchestra, 4; Literary Club, 3-4; Basket Ball, 3; Glee Club, 3; Treasurer Glee Club, 4; Debating Team, 4; Business Manager, Newspaper, 4; Hi-Y, 3-4. Josephine Darden Puckett Her voice was ever low and her manner courteous Home Economics, 2 Miriam Virginia Reese An all-around good student and friend Girl Reserves, 2 Pauline Rettinger A gay, attractive, little blond Home Economics Club, 2; Bible Club, 1 Page Twenty One ,y Edith Reynolds ' .efreshing, sweet, and gay Basket Ball, 2; Literary Club, 3; Home Economics Club! 1; Girl Reserves, 4; Reading Club, 3 , Glee Club, 4 Margaret Lee Rice A pale and unusual flower Ruby Rice She has quiet ways and a gentle smile Catherine Virginia Richardson A self-contained, accomplished, little lady Hazel Richardson Smile and pass your troubles by Home Economics Club, 2-3 Page Twenty-Two 7 jf T ■rr MARY ' LourfeE Rot A heart lives long Cheer Leader, 4; Basket Ball, 4; Baseball, 4; Home Economics, 4. James Sale A mind not to be changed by time or place Augusta Elizabeth Saul Responsibilities gravitate to the person who can shoulder them Literary Club, 1; Glee Club, Newspaper Staff, 1 ; Presi¬ dent, Freshman Class; Vice President, Junior Class; Girl Reserves, 1-2-3; President, 4; Student Council, 4; Annual Staff, 3; Editor-in-Chief, An¬ nual 4; Senior Play. Eldridge Lonza Shaver Will I ever grow up? Boxing, 4 Lena Virginia Shepherd A due sincerity governed her i deeds O - Jj 1 ) .j j , Mary Elizabeth Stone A girl of wit, intelligence, and friendliness Latin Club. 2; Glee Club, 4 • JL Pana Tu on u-Thrao ® V Page Twenty-Three y ' : 3b. Vf ooc , d x UsL . » n i jlaajlaX x Arthur Wilson Starkey To ind and give the best Daisy Dean St. Clair A friendlier, sweeter girl I have yet to meet Home Economics, 1-2-3; President, Home Economics Club, 4; Literary Society, 3; Basket Ball Squad, 3-4; Base¬ ball Squad, 3; Glee Club, 4 Jacob Lloyd Show alter A greaf men are dying — don £ eel so well myself Spanish Club. 3; Football, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Baseball, 4 Andrew Lewis High Jerry Eugene Sink, Jr. They conquer who believe they can Baseball, 3; Literary Society, 3; Monogram Club, 2-3-4 Arthur Woodrow Smallwood Eager to learn, slow to forget Bernard Snyder ] your studies interfere with so¬ ciety then give up your studies Hi-Y, 2-3-4; Monogram Club, 4; Football, 4; Basket Ball 3: Golf. 2 3, Captain, 4; Baseball, 4; : „ 1 A ennis, 3-4. zl ' rrfos Adi MwU Katherine Marie ' !BJk Spradlin Success is the reward for labor Treasurer, Freshman Class, 1; Girl Reserves, 2; Newspaper Staff, 3. Ida St. Clair - A cheerful, demure little lady, ever a cure for the blues Latin Club, 1; Annual Staff, 4 Earle Rosalie Stevens Haste makes dust — why work till you must? Girl Reserves, 2-3-4; Liter¬ ary Club, 1; Home Economics, 1-2; Glee Club, 2-4. Mary Louise Thomas 1 take li e as it comes and enjoy it Girl Reserves 3-4 Aubrey Lee Tucker It is her cunning ways that eat into your heart John Thomas Via, Jr I ' ve been asleep—what happened? Ruel Lef. Watkins Put off nothing until to¬ morrow that can be done day after to-morrow. Spanish Club, 3 Leo Wiley Whiticar Nothing so assures one of success as honest endeavor Spanish Club, 2 The Pioneer of 1 rf y%Sl B ' Frances Lois Whitlock tO " 7 A merry heart doeth everyone good Latin Club, 1 ; Spanish Club, 3-4 Anne Taylor Wiley To know her is to love her Student Council, 2; News¬ paper, 2; Home Economics Club, 1; Girl Reserves, 2; Secretary, 3; Treasurer. 4; Spanish Club, 3; Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Secre¬ tary; Basket Ball Manager, 4; Annual Staff, 3-4. Lois Goodwin Williams A striking personality and charming ways Girl Reserves, 2-3-4; Club, 1-2 o Ezella Witt Where knowledge leads, patience wins Page Twenty-Four Andrew Lewis High School S . ■ L--J-- ' - - . -MSharles Alexander - right, Jr. •; , ■ Vrnan (hat knows and knows that he knows Phoebe Ann Gilmore A likable girl and a good Jriend Literary Club, 2; Spanish Club, 3 Rachel Reese The mildest manner and the quietest Elizabeth Sidney Yonce When pleasure and studies clash, let the studies go smash! Home Economics Club, 1-2; Literary Club, 1; Latin Club, 1: Girl Reserves, 1-2-3-4: Glee Club, 3-4. 7 1 Mary Louise McGhee Happiness is that quality which makes girls attractive Home Economics Club, 2; Glee Club, 3 Harry Lee Branum Here is a man ; take him for what he is - ( To the Cl ass of Thirty-Five ti-A- - £ S3 ' Write us a poem, ” they ask As though it were an easy task. Should I to this end debase The sacred song of our race? What shall I write? I have not the might To place sweet melodies upon a page Or give justice to this modern age. Then, l think of our Senior Class And words naturally pass From my heart to my pen Our days in high school are past; The future is approaching fast. Each has his separate part, And must work with all his heart. We’ve braved the stormy gales ; We ' ve absorbed the same old tales; We ' ve shared our trouble and our joy, And pursued all knowledge, coy. Is there naught to break the spell For us to whom all seems so well? Tis a sorrow we can ' t dispel —- 4 6 The Pioneer of 1935 Senior Class Prophecy Salem, Virginia May 20, 1950 T HE LIBRARY of Andrew Lewis High School has been presented an interesting report, the result of a great deal of research on the part of Jane Akers, a librarian in Washington. This report contains some interesting facts concerning an important group of people, the graduates of this institution in the year of 1935, fifteen years ago. The following are excerpts from this report: No class since Salem ' s first high school was founded has had such a large percentage of celebri¬ ties as has the Class of 35. . . .Among the world-famous clergymen of the day are Ammon Sears, John Eller, Kenneth Bain, and Charles Wright. . . .The well-known judges, Garner Dobyns and Eldridge Shaver, are always good front-page news. . . .Four senators in Washington are lucky in their choice of Murrill Bowman, Vera Calhoun, Claudine Poff and Catherine Richardson as secre¬ taries. . . .The book, “Adventures of a Hitchhiker,’’ by Vincent Hilton, is a best seller. . . .When Hollywood scores a success, the heroine is either Louise Dawson, Nanette Musser, or Betty Fagg . . . . Ruel Watkins, the aviator, has just completed the first nonstop flight around the world. . . . Patsy Lewis and Ezella Witt are offering something unique in radio voices—and are making quite a hit. . . .Constance Cheatham and Auvray Keith have twice tied for the title, “Miss America’’ . . . .Two noted physicians in New York are James Cochran and Hubert Stanley. . . .The present president of Roanoke College is Mac Brown. . . .The most sought-after magazine illustrators of the day are Jerry Crawford and Louise Overstreet. . . High school girls of every country worship the movie heroes, Bernard Snyder, Morris Murphy, and James C. Penn. . . .Our most successful modern interior decorators are Phoebe Gilmore, Margaret Rice, Hazel Richardson and Laura Oakey. . . .Helen Fisher and Lois Williams have the most exclusive dress shop in Georgia. . . .Our Baptist missionary to darkest Africa is Louise Morgan.... Thomas Hodges is the star announcer on the Columbia network. . . .Augusta Saul is our present Foreign Minister to France. . . .Joe Bower, Richard Cormell, Thayer Morris, Leonard Hale, James Sale and Robert Dew have entered the relatively new vocation of recreational director in the largest cities of France and England.... Everyone wants to learn from the attractive school marms, Aubrey Lee Tucker, Alice Dooms and Dorothy Doss. . . . The three largest women ' s colleges in Virginia have very efficient deans; namely, Mary Louise Thomas, Elizabeth Lambert and Dorothy Hatcher.... Betsy Stone and Ruth Morehead are the literary critics of the New York Sun, which Opal Craun edits. . . .Billy Haislip and James Martin have just returned from Australia, where they supervised the construction of the world ' s largest bridge. . . .Wall Street ' s busiest brokers are Jack Koener, Aubrey Mutter, Ashland Gale and Edward Brown. . . .Sickness is a pleasure when the “girls in white” are Evelyn Ayers, Lelia Blankenship, Annie Hontz, Ella Mae Nichols, Trennie Hess, or Alice McCallum. . . . Gordon Maxwell is our present Secretary of Agriculture and Frances is his competent secretary.. . . The greatest Shakespearian actress of to-day is Mathilda Brugh.... Bob Barnett is making foot¬ ball history on the Southern California Team. . . .Arthur Smallwood, Billy Brand and Howard Booth have reached the U. S. Senate, and are quite influential members. . . .The most popular of the sister acts on Broadway is the one put over by the Jeffries twins. . . .Having a tender feeling in his heart for English students of his Alma Mater, Alexander Apostolou has recently completed a simplified translation of the ancient Greek works, Homer ' s “Iliad " and “The Odyssey,” into English.... Ruth Hollyfield is the head librarian of the Carnegie Library and is ably assisted by Myra and Reba Ingram.. .. Pauline Rettinger and Josephine Puckett are the most famous costume designers in Hollywood. . . .Thomas Via has become popular as a landscape engineer. . . . Jerry Sink and E. R. Black are the most successful criminal lawyers in Chicago. .. .Robins Hall Page Twenty-Six Andrew Lewis High School is the present Secretary of the Navy. . . .Mildred Naff has become famous as “the Second Grade Allen ’. . . .Logan Bowman is a world-famous brain specialist. . . .George Gray is noted for his remarkable contribution toward making television a reality. . . .N. B. C.’s most popular sports announcers are Petie Bunting and Norman Cormell. . . .Frances Cheek and Daisy St. Clair are athletic directors at Bryn Mawr and Vassar, respectively.... Most surprising of all, Cornelia Hoge is a noted lawyer and Helen Ireland, a daring aviatrix. . . .The drastic changes in the educational field of the last few years are due to the noted educators, Posey Eades and Luther Engle. . . .The best models in •all New York are Martha Crowley, Edith Reynolds, Helen Carson and Sidney Yonce. . . .Marie Gray is now teaching Latin at Andrew Lewis. . . Luke Pillis and Herman Naff are coaches at Yale and Harvard, respectively. . . .Natalie DeHart and Virginia Reese are the most popular comedy team on the air.... Richard Peery is an eminent scientist of the day.... The model farms of Raymond Bishop, Guilford Huff, John Dutton and Alfred Dowdy are the pride of the state. . . .Katherine Spradlin is a world-celebrated musician. . . .Marie Jones, Doris Akers, Frances Martin, Claudine Owen and Alma Cannaday are teachers in some of the larger business colleges. Some dignified bankers are Clay Nininger, Jake Showalter and Roderick Ennis. . . . Between trips abroad, Anne Taylor Wiley is known in Virginia as “the Second Dolly Madison " . . . . Louise McGhee, Lois Whitlock, Mary Louise Rothgeb and Ruby Wirt are very successful beauti¬ cians. . . .Lee Gutherie, Lewis Daniels, Earl Long and Arthur Starkey manage an automobile corporation which has designed some of the most unusual models in automobile history. . . .Mary Earley, Louise Miller, Ruth Hundley, Lena Shepherd and Virginia Harr are home economics teachers. . . .The most prominent railroad executives at present are Thomas Morris, Meredith Boone, Ralph Barnett and Fred Hannah. . . .Edna Mowles and Atlee Kidd are the most popular vocalists on the Columbia network. . . .The most energetic welfare workers in Virginia are Ruby Rice, Margaret Rice, Eunice Draper, Page Aliff and Vesta Amos. . . .Lewis Hash, Price Mutter, Earnest Doyle and David Cunningham are successful manufacturers. . . .Earl Rosalie Stevens, Bessie Givens, Charlotte Garst and Helen Grey are among the outstanding business women of the day. . . .Lavinia Andrews, Lillian Poff and Mary Moran are dietitians in a large hospital in New York. . . .Shirley Graham is now coach at Notre Dame. . .Harry Lee Branum and Lawrence Myers are operating a large chain of cross-country garages. . . .Beverly Byrd, Robert Blackard, Charles Ledford and Leo Whiticar are prosperous merchants in Richmond. . . .Lynwood Moses is the saxophone player and Charles Beller the tenor in Earl Powell ' s world-famous orchestra. . . . Gladys Mitchell and Ida St. Clair are teaching in a junior woman’s college in Virginia. Page Twenty-Seven The Pioneer of 1935 Senior Mirror Augusta Saul " Most Popular " Anne Taylor Wiley " Best All-Around " Constance Cheatham " Best Looking " Connie Hoce Most Attractive " Jane Akers ' Most Capable " Katherine Spradlin " Most Studious " Frances Cheek " Most Athletic " Jerry Crawford " Most Dignified " J. C. Penn " Most Popular " Petie Bunting Best All-Around " Morris Murphy " Best Looking " Jake Showalter " Most Attractive " Shirley Graham " Most Capable " Robins PIall Most Studious " Bob Barnett ' Most Athletic " Earl Powell ’Most Dignified " Paoe Twenty-Eight Junior Offi cers Herman Shortt. President John Thornton. Vice President Bob Woltz. Secretary Edward Barnett. Treasurer Rosa Altizer Charles Andrews Hazel Arthur Anita Benois Flora Bolton Jean Brooks Robert Butler Billy Chapman Ellen Coffey Charles Cook Dorothy Dean Lucille Deyerle Ural Ducan John Dutton Cora Dyrch Ruth Fralin Alma Frazier Bill Gardener Gwendolyn Garner Bernard Garrett Juniors Not Pictured Miriana Garst Erskine Goodwin Spottswood Goodykoontz Buelah Grant Lamar Grissom Herbert Hodges Genavee Howell Douglas Johnston Atlee Kidd Gertrude Kincery Milbuy Moorman Warren Moorman Mary Moran Ralph Morgan Hazel Mowles J ulian Mowles Price Mutter Eula Overstreet Frances Poff Margaret Poff Madeline Price Rachel Reese Andrew Richards Eleanor Robertson Homer Scott Riley Scruggs William Sellew Francis Shockey Charles Turner Russell Vest J immy Webb Mary Virginia Whitlock Charles Williams Lorraine Williams Ruth Wimmer Charles Witt Harold Wright Ella Zimmerman y A ' [p I tu Page Twenty-Nine he Pioneer of 1935 uniors Acy Adams Lee Akers Charles Aldridge Chester Bain George Baker Elizabeth Ballengie Sarah Barnard Edward Barnett Eunice Bishop Mary Bowman Carry Briethaught Melba Calaway Harry Clark Billy Coffey Nellie Coleman Pershing Collins Harold Craig Mildred Cunningham Eileen Darnell Hensii. Darnell John Davis Madge Davis Robert Dawson Agnes Dillard Frances Dillard Welford Dunahoo Helen Dooms Vergie Drewery Genevie Ferris Virginia Ferris Dan Finley Jean Fishburnf. Sarah Fleck James Fleshman Madeline Fleshman Virginia Fuqua Maxine Goens Robert Goodwin Virginia Grant Turner Graves Harry Gwinn Boyer Hall Myrtle Hash Geraldine Hatcher Richard Hitt Anna Bell Hobbs Franklin Hough Edith Hubbard Brownie Hubble Margaret Huff Page Thirty L C ' Cy- Andrew Lewis High School h «= f OJxAx, y8 U n t t - -f A i r« r» a4 Juniors Sam Hutson Margaret Johnson Ruby Jones Mary Preston Keesling Doris Kellner Billy Kellner Penn Kime George Floyd Kelsh Janet Martin Melva Martin Pauline Martin- Elizabeth McCormick Frances McDaniel Robert Meadow Frances Miller Woodrow Mitchell Ruth Murphy Sybil Perdue Elizabeth Perrow Hobart Pierpont Beatrice Ramsey Mildred Reed Virginia Rezek D. R. Rice Eileen Rucker Agnes Sale Colleen Sanford Geneva Sayers Homer Scott Nancy Lee Seanor Francis Shockey Herman Shortt Jack Slusser Nancy Sowers Virginia Staples Hattie Mae Steedley Mary Louise Stoutamire James Taney Hilda Thomas John Thomas John Thornton Billy Turner Algene Wertz Louise Williams Virginia Williams Marvin White Bob Woltz Raymond York Fern Young Page Thirty-One The Pioneer of 1935 Sophomore Class OFFICERS J ack Stone . President Robert Dooley .l. Vice President Nancy Pierpont . . K . Secretary Alma Darden. Motto: “ Wisdom is ofttimes nearer when . Treasurer than when we soar " Colors: Purple and White Flower: Violet Page Thirty-Two Andrew Lewis High School Sophomore Class Roll Jack Adams Thomas Adams Murrill Angell Peter Apostolou Van Armstrong Walter Bain Terrence Baker David Barger Robert Barnett Grace Bays Virginia Beach Irene Bradley Ruth Beckner Jack Blackard Louise Booher Keister Boone George Bower Mary Virginia Branch Helen Brillhart Margaret Brogan Hazel Brubaker Dorothy Bruce Ruby Bryant Mabel Buck Robert Bunting Catherine Byrd Ethel Byrd Henry Campbell George Candler Robert Carper Marguerite Carr Louise Carroll Emily Carter Ida Cecil Mildred Cecil Jean Cheatham Woodrow Clark Raburn Collins Sam Collins Mary Sue Cook Fred Cormell Edith Cornwell Alma Cox Anna Cox J ean Cox Gordon Craig Doris Crouch Wyvetta Croun Alma Darden Edith Davis Billy Dew Robert Dooley Helena Drain Helen Duffy Tress ie Duncan Doris Earnhardt James Edwards Polly Fagg Glenn Fitz Elizabeth Fleck Ruth Flora Frank Gallion Mildred Gallion Geneveive Gardner Wilda Garrett Virgil Garst Warren Gilbert George Glass Mary Stewart Goens Margaret Going Robert Graves Hugh Gresham George Grissom Irene Grissom Hazel Grubb Cleo Hale Hazel Hall Lillian Helton Lester Helvey Lucille Hendrick Hazel Hudson Virginia Holdren Eleanor Hontz Lucille Hood Eugenia Howell Brownie Hubble Josephine Hudgins Dan Hurdle Frances John Eva Mae Johnson Harry Johnson Louise Johnson James Johnson Aminee Jones Bernice Marie Jones Marvin Jones Geraldine Keith Leslie Keith Page Kesler Paul Killgore Barbara Kime Gladys Kingery Ruth Koogler Markham Lewis Frances Lafland John Longaker Virginia Loope Carol McGallum Mary Jean McClung Lillie McGrady Jack Marmaduke Janet Martin Alice Maxey Caroline Maxwell Edith Meadows Gladys Meadows Elizabeth Middleton George Miller Ruby Miller Dorothy Moore Emory Moore Frances Morris Raymond Mowles Nellie Myers Verta Nash Frances Nichols Lucille Nichols Marion Noland Margaret Parker Virginia Parker Margaret Paskill George Peery Elizabeth Perdue Frank Peters Jack Peters Nancy Pierpont Louise Poff Allie Poff Thelma Poff Virginia Poff James Powers Mary V. Price Harold Pritchard Bernard Prillaman Mildred Prillaman Glen Ramsey Janelle Ragland Alice Reed Pauch Reich Winzlow Reynolds Frank Richardson Margaret Richardson Josephine Robinson David Rucker A. O. Rusher Colleen Sanford Vivian Sanford Rachel Saul J EANETTE SCOTT Gloria Sempkin Elmer Shaver Winton Shelor Billie Shelton Wiley Shepard Mildred Showalter Opha Showalter Earl Sink Blake Smiley Dan Smiley Charles Smith Gilbert Smith Albert Snapp Warren Sowder Alice Spessard Hugh Stinette Jack Stone John Stump Sybil Stump Rose Stuart J ack Summers Eugene Swann Pauline Tate Ora Thomas Sabra Thomas Fay Towler Kolmer Turner William Turner Margaret Trent Cecil Vest Mary Voci Margaret Walrond Almeda Waters Cora Watkins Weldon Wirt Francis West John West Rosa Lee Wetzel Elizabeth Wiley Ray Willison Eugene Williams Louise Wimmer Margaret Wimmer Mildred Wimmer Carroll Wood Ernest Wright Phillis Wright Helen Wygal Katheleen Wygal Leslie Young Page Thirty-Three The Pioneer of 1935 Freshman Class Bobby Powell. William Frier. Charles Rowell. Eldridge Lee. Motto: Work conquers everything OFFICERS . President . Vice President . Secretary and Treasurer . Reporter Colors: White and Blue Page Thirty-Four Andrew Lewis High School Freshman Class Roll Jean Adams Helen Adams Catherine Akers Vera Akers Elsie All Virginia Amos Aldine Andrews Enid Babb Gilbert Beckner Oneda Beckner Wanda Black Margaret Blackard Pauline Body Juanita Boitnott Walton Bowles Lillian Bowman Leonard Broyles J Willard Brubaker Pansy Bryant Thelma Bryant Mildred Buck Vergie Burton Forest Bush Sarah Butts Catherine Campbell Gwen Campbell Nealure Campbell J esse Canada Elizabeth Carter Margaret Carper Lois Cecil Catherine Chaffin Margaret Cheatham Esther Clark Lucy Clark Charlotte Coleman Julia Coleman George Conner Buford Crafton Genevieve Creggar Ruth Crews Homer Cyphers Helen Deal Henry Dean Ned Dean Watson Dean Curtis Deese George DeHart Harold Depkin Edith Donahue Eva Jane Doughman Evelyn Duncan Georgia Duncan Hubert Dutton Edwin Dyer Nancy Echols Shirley Ellis Robert Epperly Dorothy Fibaugh Betty Fishburne Grace Francisco Oswald Francisco Stanley Garbee Thelma Garrett Kathryn Garst Roscoe Gates Muriel Gearhart Alice Gilbert Samuel Glass Rosalie Godby Michael Goodwin Carl Gottschalk Gladys Grant Roy Gray Ruth Graybill Sarah Greenwood Ruby Grubb Rurie Grubb Catherine Gunter Louise Gunter Frank Hale Euray Hall Virginia Hamlett Jean Haupt Edith Hawley Ralph Henderlite Ruth Hibbitts Dorothy Jane Hodges Leonard Hodges Eunice Hogan Leon Hollie Mary Hope Hollyfield Nadine Hopkins Mac Hough Lucille Huff Ann Hughson Billie Hurt Alonza Jarrett Cletis Johnson Everette Jones Mary Emily Jones Marguerite J oyce Ruth Keister Avis Kessler Dorothy Kimmerling Ethel Kingrey John Kinzie Audrey Kirk Aline Laffon Robert Lambert Frances LaPradd Harrell Lawrence Eldridge Lee Kathleen Leonard Pegie Lester George Lloyd Beatrice Lovern Bill Lovern Estel Lovern J immie Loving Marvel Loving Sam J ack Macom Juanita Maihl Gertrude Martin Lucy Martin Thelma Masincup Gibson Maxwell Jean Maxwell Mary Virginia McCauley Betty Jane McCollum Fred McDaniel Ruby McDaniel Elizabeth McGhee Anna Miller Evelyn Minter Mary Alice Morgan Nelson Moses Billy Mowles Garland Mowles Mildred Mowles Rachel Mowles Frances Murphy Virginia Murphy Francis Musgrove Nick Nicar Mary Norman Sallie Norman David Oakey Fanney Oakey Miriam Oakey Wincie Osborne Herbert Overby Eva Overstreet Emily Owen Gladys Oyler Leon Parris Gladys Parsons Lewis Pendleton Myrian Pendleton Owen Philpott Edward Poff Bobby Powell Mildred Powell Eugene Puckett Lorene Pugh Evelyn Price Virginia Price Talma Quarles Warren Ragland Ralph Ramsy Garland Reed Roxie Reese Preston Reynolds Billy Richards Robert Ridgeway Elbyrne Roberts Marion Roberts 2 Edith Robinson Edward Rogers Charles Rowell Lonnie Saul Jonny Sellew Donald Shelor Russell Shorter William Simpson Bessie Sink Emma Skelton Betty Smiley Dorothy Smith Ruth Smith Ruth Lee Smith James Spiggle Louise Sprouse Clay St. Clair Katherine St. Clair Ruby Steffy J une Stevenson Betty Stewart Jonnie Stewart Frances Stoutamire Rose Stuart Mary Summers Raymond Summers Roy Swain James Tate Geneva Thomas Jack Thomas Bettie Turner Doris Turner Mary Terry James Tynes Mildred Vest Hortense Webster Opal Webster Catherine Wertz Glen Wertz Sylvia Wertz Jurene Westwood Ashby Whitlock Clyde Wigginton Lena Wilcher Martin Wilbourne Doris Wilkerson George Wilkerson D. H. Williamson Forest Wimmer Howard Winner Melvin Wondree Henery Wood Louise Wood Ernest Wright John Wright Ruth Wright Verilin Wygal Vera York Ehner Zeigler George Zimmerman Page Thirty-Five The Pioneer of 1935 Constance Cheatham Ruth Hollyfield Louise Dawson Augusta Saul Auvray Keith Beauty Parade Cornelia Hoge Eva Mae Johnson Jerry Crawford Madeline Fleshman Sarah Barnard Page Thirty-Eight In the larger schools the boys were divided into “forms,” those IN THE SAME CLASS SITTING TOGETHER ON ONE BENCH. [THE ADVANCE FROM ONE FORM TO THE NEXT SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN MADE AT YEARLY INTERVALS. THE PRINCIPAL SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITY WAS DRILL UPON FUNDAMENTALS. ALLOW¬ ING THE BEST BOYS TO GO OUT IN THE OPEN AND CULTIVATE THE MASTER’S GARDEN WAS QUITE A MARK OF DISTINCTION. ANOTHER SCHOOL HONOR WAS THAT OF SAWING THE WOOD OF THE MASTER OR BOTTLING HIS CIDER. WHER¬ EVER POSSIBLE THE PUPILS WERE TAUGHT WHILE PLAYING; FOR EXAMPLE, THE INSTRUCTOR WOULD READ LATIN WHILE THE BOYS WERE FISHING. HOWEVER, THEY OFTEN “PASSED THEIR TIME PLEASANTLY IN TELLING FUN NY STORIES AND LAUGHING VERY LOUDLY. " And now, in 1935, a friendly conference table is rapidly replacing THE RIGID ROWS OF BACKLESS BENCHES. DISCIPLINE IS WON WITH UNDER¬ STANDING. RESPONSIBILITY SUPPLANTS HOSTILITY AND FEAR. FORMAL AB¬ STRACTION YIELDS TO CREATIVE ACTIVITY OF HAND, MIND, AND BODY. The Pioneer of 1935 Student Council OFFICERS J. C. Penn. Augusta Saul. Petie Bunting. Louise Dawson. Mrs. Emily L. Raynor . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor Senior Representatives Petie Bunting J. C. Penn Louise Dawson Augusta Saul Junior Representatives Sarah Barnard Herman Shortt John Thornton Sophomore Representatives Page Forty Lucille Hood Albert Snapp Andrew Lewis High School Newspaper Staff PERSONNEL Opal Craun. Editor-in-Chief John Thornton. Associate Editor Earl Powell. Business Manager J. H. Snapp. Eaculty Advisor REPORTERS Doris Akers Mac Brown George Gray Cornelia Hoge Lucille Hood Ruth Morehead Richard Peery Virginia Rezek Albert Snapp Katherine Spradlin Lucile White Page Forty-One The Pioneer of 1935 Hi-y PURPOSE “ To create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character throughout the high school and community ' OFFICERS J. C. Penn. John Thornton. Richard Hitt. Petie Bunting. R. E. L. Chapman. . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor Robert Barnett William Brand Logan Bowman Norman Cormell Robert Dawson Robert Dooley Luther Engle William Gardner MEMBERS Claude Johnson William Kellner Gorden Maxwell Morris Murphy Herman Naff Clay Nininger Hobert Pierpont Luke Pillis Earl Powell D. R. Rice Ammon Sears Herman Shortt Bernard Snyder Jack Stone James Taney James Webb Page Forty-Two Andrew Lewis High School Girl Reserves Louise Dawson. Anne Taylor Wiley. J erry Crawford . . Mrs. Frank Vest OFFICERS . President . Treasurer . Secretary Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Jane Akers Elizabeth Ballengee Sarah Barnard Mary Bowman Jean Brooks Dorothy Bruce Matilda Brugh Marguerite Carr Emily Carter Constance Cheatham Frances Cheek Alma Cox Opal Craun Jerry Crawford Martha Crowley Alma Darden Louise Dawson Natalie DeHart Helen Duffy Betty Fagg Polly Fagg Jean Fishburn Helen Fisher Betty Fleck Sarah Fleck Charlotte Garst Helen Gray Geraldine Hatcher Annabelle Hobbs Cornelia Hoge Ruth Hollyfield Lucille Hood Edith Hubbard Aminee Jones Mary Preston Keesling Auvray Keith Doris Kellner Barbara Kime Elizabeth Lambert Frances Loftland Caroline Maxwell Frances Maxwell J ean McClung Mary Moran Ruth Morehead Laura Oakey Louise Overstreet Claudine Owen Margaret Paskill Elizabeth Perrow Nancy Pierpont Mary Frances Price Edith Reynolds Virginia Rezek Peyton Richmond Eileen Rucker Augusta Saul Alice Spessard Earle Rosalie Stevens Mary Louise Stoutamire Mary Louise Thomas Margaret Walrond Lucile White Anne Taylor Wiley Betsey Wiley Lois Williams Lorraine Williams Virginia Williams Sidney Yonce Ella Zimmerman CREED AS A GIRL RESERVE I WILL BE: Gracious in Manner Impartial in Judgment Ready for Service Loyal to Friends Reaching Toward the Best Earnest in Purpose Seeing the Beautiful Eager for Knowledge Reverent to God Victorious Over Self Ever Dependable Sincere at All Times Page Forty-Three Mil te The Pioneer of 1935 Future Farmers o f Am erica Motto: Learning to live. Doing to learn. Earning to live. Living to serve. Colors: Gold and National Blue OFFICERS Claude Johnson . President Ashland Gale . Vice President J ohn Eller . Secretary Robert Dooley . Treasurer James Martin . Reporter Elmer Shaver . Watch Dog Mr. T. E. Burke . Advisor MEMBERS Acy Adams Ralph Barnett George Baker Keister Boone Robert Butler George Cardler Richard Cormell Hensil Darnell Garner Dobyns Wilfred Donohoo Ural Duncan John Dutton Rodrick Ennis Frank Gallion Ralph Gallion Virgil Garst Warren Gilbert George Glass George Grissom Boyer Hall Herbert Hall Fred Hannah Lester Helvey Hubert Hodges Douglass Johnston Leslie Keith Earl Long Gordon Maxwell Boyd Minix Julian Mowles Jack Peters Frank Richardson Riley Scruggs William Sellew Winton Shelor WiLey Shepherd Arthur Starkey William Turner Cecil Vest Francis West Ernest Wright Page Forty-Four Andrew Lewis High School r us Home Economics Club Daisy St. Clair. Evelyn Ayers. Geraldine Hatcher. Elizabeth Lambert. Mrs. Rebecca J. Fischel . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor CREED I Believe as a Girl of Andrew Lewis Joyous, courageous and courteous, Loyal and sincere in friendship, Truthful, considerate, and just. Too noble to speak ill of others, Willing to forgive and forget. Prompt and gracious in obedience, High School that I Should Be: Ready to do all possible service, Quick to appreciate what is done for me, Respectful to my elders, True to the best that is within me That I may become a fine and worthy woman. Evelyn Ayers Hazel Brubaker Marguerite Carr Mildred Cecil Mary Sue Cook Jean Cheatham Opal Craun Natalie DeHart Lucille Deyenete MEMBERS Helen Duffy Geraldine Hatcher Elizabeth Lambert Frances Miller Gladys Mitchell Mildred Naff Rachel Parker Virginia Parker Thelma Poff Peyton Richmond Eleanor Robertson Josephine Robertson Eileen Rucker Daisy St. Clair Rosa Lee Wetzel Algene Wertz Page Forty-Five Senior Chora I Club OFFICERS Edna Mowles. John Eller. Earl Powell. Dorothy Hatcher. Natalie DeHart. . Mrs. G. G. Peery . President . Vice President . Treasurer . Secretary . Librarian Faculty Advisor Evelyn Ayers Elizabeth Bali.engee Matilda Brugh Kenneth Bain Murrill Bowman Louise Booher Richard Burch Arthur Brubaker Opal Craun Garner Dobyns Robert Dew Natalie De Hart Alfred Dowdy Alma Darden Frank Deal Page Forty-Six MEMBERS John Eller Virginia Fuqua Marie Gray Preston Graves Lucilf. Hood Dorothy Hatcher Anna Belle Hobbs Josephine Hudgins Auvray Keith Atlea Kidd Frances Lofland James Martin Janet Martin Edna Mowles Nancy Pierpont James Powers Earl Powell Virginia Rezek Daisy St. Clair Vivian Sanford John Stump Sybil Stump Earle Rosalie Stevens Faye Towler Charlie Turner J immy Webb Marvin White Sidney Yonce Andrew Lewis High School Mrs. G. G. Peery. .. Kenneth Bain. Earl Powell. Richard Peery.. Linwood Moses. First Violins J ean Cox Lamar Grissom George Peery Earl Powell John Thomas Second Violins Alfred Dowdy Lucile Hood Sybil Stump Clarinets David Barger Dan Finley Sam Hutson Richard Peery Orchestra OFFICERS Trumpet Markham Lewis Trombone Carey Breithaupt Saxophone Linwood Moses Guitars Kenneth Bain Walter Bain Charles Turner . Director . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Mandolin Anna Cox Banjo Harold Pritchard Drums Erskine Goodwin Marvin White Piano Geraldine Hatcher Lucile White Page Forty-Seven fyffttiliH. M usic Department (Senior Choral Club , Glee Club, Orchestra) Under Direction of Mrs. G. G. Peery Jane Akers Aldine Andrews Lavina Andrews Hazel Arthur Walter Bain George Baker Virginia Beach Charles Beller Joe Bower Irene Bradley Mary Branch Margaret Brogan Mac Brown Dorothy Bruce Bobby Bunting Catherine Byrd Melba Calloway Henry Campbell Margaret Carr Louise Carroll Emily Carter Ida Cecil J ean Cheatham Mary Sue Cook Alma Cox Wyretta Craun Lucile Deyerle Page Forty-Eight GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Frances Dillard Helena Drain Tressie Duncan Doris Earnhardt Helen Fisher Betty Fleck Ruth Flora Ruth Fralin Frank Gallion Mildred Gallion Genevieve Gardner Wilda Garrett Miriam Garst Helen Virginia Gearhart Warren Gilbert Mary Stewart Goens Margaret Going Irene Grissom Lamar Grissom Ruie Grubb Virginia Gunter Clf.o Hale Robins Hall Lillian Helton Hazel Hudson Nell Hurt Aminee Jones Bernice Marie Jones Everette Jones Geraldine Keith Avis Kessler Barbara Kime John Kinzie Margaret Long John Longakf.r Virginia Loope Carole McCallum Lillie Anne McGrady James Martin Edith Meadows Elizabeth Middleton Milbry Moomaw Elizabeth Nolls Mirian Olsen Winnie Osborne Mavis Parker Elizabeth Perdue Elizabeth Perrow ARGARET POFF Miriam Poff Virginia Poff Bobby Powell James Powers Mary Frances Price Janelle Ragland Glenn Ramsey Alice Reed Edith Reynolds Winsloe Reynolds Peyton Richmond Josephine Robertson Eileen Rucker Lonnie Saul Janette Scott Gloria Sempkin Billie Shelton Betsy Stone Masel Sullivan Jack Summers Pauline Tate John Thomas Margaret Walrond Almeda Waters Katherine Wertz Rose Lee Wetzel Mary Virginia Whitlock Ruth Wimmer Phyllis Wright Wedding Bells By SALISBURY FIELD PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Andrew Lewis High School Auditorium April 30, 1935 Fuzisaki . Reginald Carter. Jackson . Spencer Wells. . Douglas Ordway Mrs. Hunter. . . Marcia Hunter. Rosalie . Hooper . CAST OF CHARACTERS .Petie Bunting .J. C. Penn .Earl Powell .Thomas Hodges .Richard Peery .Jane Akers .Cornelia Hoge .Augusta Saul .Opal Craun Director: Emily L. Raynor Page Forty-Nine Literary Group MEMBERS Jane Akers Sarah Barnard Dennie Mac Brown Opal Craun Natalie DeHart Alfred Dowdy John Eller Hazel Hall Thomas Hodges John Kinzie John Longaker Pauline Martin Ruth Murphy Frank Peters Frances Poff Earl Powell Virginia Rezek Agnes Sale John Thornton Charles Turner Jimmey Webb Phyllis Wright- Raymond York FACULTY ADVISORS Page Fifty Mrs. Strickler Mrs. Turner Mr. Clarke Andrew Lewis High School yj° Latin Club OFFICERS Frances Stoutamire. Doris Wilkerson. Mildred Atkinson. Mary Virginia McCauley Mrs. E. C. James. . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Faculty Advisor Flower: Rose Colors: Blue and Gold Motto: Non scholae, sed vitae discimus Catherine Akers Vera Akers Elsie All Virginia Amos Mildred Atkinson Wanda Black Margaret Blackard Sarah Butts J esse Canada Catherine Chaffin Margaret Cheatham Esther Clark Lucy Clark Harold Depkin Eva Jane Doughman Evelyne Duncan Hubert Dutton Robert Epperly Betty Fishburne MEMBERS Kathryn Garst Muriel Gearheart Sarah Greenwood Edith Hawley J ean Haupt Eunice Hogan Mary Hope Hollyfield Mac Hough Ann Hughson Billy Hurt Alonza Jarrett Mary Emily Jones Mary Virginia McCauley Lucy Martin Thelma Masincup Gibson Maxwell J ean Maxwell Anna Miller Evelyn Minter Francis Musgrove Eva Overstreet Gladys Parsons Nelson Reed Charles Rowell Catherine St. Clair Betty Smiley June Stevenson Mary Summers Raymond Summers Frances Stoutamire Betty Turner Doris Turner Hortense Webster Lurene Westwood Martin Wilbourne Doris Wilkerson Louise Wood Page Fifty-One Bo Shortt. Frances Cheek. Ammon Sears. D. E. Denton. ... Mrs. Frank Vest Monogram Club 4 ' s’ Ju-o. N OFFICERS . T. . . President . Vice President . Secretary and Treasurer . Faculty Advisor . Faculty Advisor Alex Apostolou Bob Barnett Frances Cheek Norman Cormell Richard Cormell Bob Dooley Frank Gallion Shirley Graham Lewis Hash Myrtle Hash Dick Hitt MEMBERS Brownie Hubble Harold Huffman Buddy Johnson Claude Johnson Thomas Morris Morris Murphy Herman Naff Verta Nash Clay Nininger J. C. Penn Sybil Perdue Hobart Pierpont Luke Pillis Agnes Sale Colleen Sanford Ammon Sears B o Shortt Jerry Sink Bernard Snyder Jack Stone John Thornton Anne Taylor Wiley Page Fifty-Two HONORARY MEMBER Robert E. L. Chapman Sports, in their true sense, were few; but in sum¬ mer THE GOOD STUDENTS WERE TAKEN SWIMMING. SOME PLAYED WITH BALL AND BAT, REMOTE RUNNERS OF BASE¬ BALL. SKATING AND COASTING WERE ENJOYED IN THE FEW HOURS GIVEN TO OUTDOOR SPORTS IN WINTER. GREAT ATTENTION WAS PUT ON PHYSICAL EXERCISE; SUCH AS, WRESTLING, RUNNING, AND LEAPING. TWELVE PLAY DAYS ONLY WERE ALLOWED EACH YEAR TO EVERY PUPIL. The Pioneer of 1935 Sports Review FOOTBALL T AKING into consideration the fact that Captain Bob Barnett and “Bo” Shortt were unable to play in the majority of our games because of injuries, and that our entire schedule consisted of the best high school teams in the State, we consider our season a successful one. We tied the team that won the state champion¬ ship when a score in our favor would have changed the entire standing of the state. Our prospects for next year are bright. Many of this year ' s letter men and many promising candidates who received their experience this year are returning. 1934 FOOTBALL RESULTS Salem Salem Salem Salem Salem Salem Salem Salem 13 0 0 6 6 6 19 6 BASKET Radford. .... 0 Graham. Roanoke. .... 7 Lynchburg. . ...33 Lane. .... 6 Danville. . ... 12 Vinton. . ... 12 Portsmouth. . . . .20 BALL Looking to the future, Coach Denton organized and used three different basket¬ ball teams, playing three separate schedules, with many of the games double and triple-headers. This Varsity team, as well as the football team, was handicapped by injuries. Out of twenty-two games played, the Varsity won eleven. The other two teams organized by Coach Denton, assisted by Captain Bob Barnett, were for the purpose of teaching the younger boys the fundamentals necessary before going into Varsity competition. Since only three boys will be lost from all the teams, the prospects for the coming year appear much better than formerly. GIRLS 7 BASKET BALL The 1934-35 girls’ basket ball season may well be termed the most successful in the annals of Andrew Lewis High School. The team secured for the second successive time the Roanoke County Championship by victories over Vinton and William Fleming, last year’s rivals. Numerous other victories were recorded over out-of-county schools, including Eagle Rock, Radford, Covington and Fincastle, as well as those nearer home. To designate for special mention any one of the members of the team would destroy that spirit of teamwork so manifested this year. Francis Cheek, who was captain, is the only member of the squad to graduate this year. The very successful season is due to the efforts of the coach, Mrs. Vest, and the girls who spent long hours in training. A precedent has been set for the future teams of Andrew Lewis to follow. Page Fifty-Four Andrew Lewis High School Football OFFICERS D. E. Denton. Bob Barnett. Hobart Pierpont. . Weenie Barnett . Coach . Captain . Manager Assistant Manager THE SQUAD Ends Barnett Hitt Penn Snyder Deyerle Hash Tackles Johnson Gallion Morris Guards Nininger Turner Altizer Graham Centers Hurdle Bunting Naff CORMELL PlLLIS Backs Mowles Rogers Stone Murphy Shortt Captain-Elect of 1935 Season. Page Fifty-Five The Pioneer of 1935 Boys 7 Basket Ball OFFICERS D. E. Denton. Coach Jack Stone. Manager Bob Barnett. Captain THE SQUAD VARSITY “A” Guards Centers Forwards Barnett Murphy PlERPONT Apostolou Shortt R. Cormell Penn Sears N. Cormell Thornton Graham “B” TEAM Johnson Guards Centers Forwards Gallion Peters Ennis Mutter MIDGETS Minnicks Turner Guards Centers Forwards Bunting Kellner Bowman Barnett Ledford Hurdle White Do iq Ciflw.Qiv PlERPONT Hale Peters Hough Page Fifty-Six % Andrew Lewis High School Mrs. Frank Vest. Anne Taylor Wiley Frances Cheek. .. Girls 7 Basket Ball OFFICERS ... Coach . Manager . Captain Guards Sarah Barnard Frances Cheek Virginia Grant Doris Kellner Margaret Parker Louise Rothgeb Virginia Williams THE SQUAD Forwards Beulah Grant Brownie Hubble Verta Nash Daisy St. Clair Nancy Lee Saenor Colleen Sanford Mary Louise Stoutamire Side Centers Edith Davis Mary Preston Keesling Agnes S le Centers Myrtle Hash Edna Mowles Sybil Perdue Page Fifty-Seven The Pioneer of 1935 D. E. Denton. Ammon Sears. Woodrow Clark Francis West. Baseball OFFICERS . Coach . Manager . .Assistant Manager Assistant Manager VARSITY SQUAD Pitchers Catchers Ford Collins Hash R. Gallion Peters Morris Naff I nfielders Outfielders F. Gallion Graham Gayle McGee Huff Minnix Ninninger Murphy Stone Shortt Turner Page Fifty-Eight Ad Preview Ihe staff wishes to express its appreciation to those BUSINESS FIRMS THAT HAVE EVIDENCED A BELIEF IN THIS “ PIO¬ NEER ” AND HAVE HELPED MAKE IT POSSIBLE BY ADVERTISING IN ITS PAGES. THIS THOUGHT THE STAFF WISHES TO LEAVE WITH THE STU¬ DENTS! THE FIRMS THAT HAVE ADVERTISED IN THIS BOOK WANT AND DESERVE YOUR PATRONAGE. OFFERING THE VERY BEST, THEY ARE ALWAYS READY TO SERVE. THEY HAVE HELPED YOU BY ADVER¬ TISING IN THIS BOOK AND NOW IT ' S YOUR TURN TO HELP. PATRONIZE THEM ! Augusta Saul, Editor Shirley Graham, Business Manager ROANOKE COLLEGE SALEM, VIRGINIA FULLY ACCREDITED Member Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States + + + B. A. AND B. S. DEGREES AND PRE-PROFESSIONAL COURSES + + + 1935 Summer School June 17 th—August 16th + + + Fall Term Opens September 18, 1935 Founded 1853 Page Fifty-Nine 88 FINE HORSES FOR SALE All Under the Hood of a Miracle-Ride Studebaker SEE Jarrett-Chewning Co. INCORPORATED ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Roanoke Hardware Company 109 West Campbell Avenue ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Witten-Martin Furniture Company Dial 2-2503 15-17 Church Avenue Opposite Bus Terminal REID CUTSHALL Come and Save Furniture, Rugs, Draperies, Radios, Westinghouse Refrigerators Dedicated to Better Homes Manufacturers of High School Rings I Ic AcbryJl oiA Jewelry 209 SOUTH JEFFERSON STREET Roanoke, Virginia Compliments of Thomason’s Jewelry Store SALEM, VIRGINIA MOST STREET ACCIDENTS Are Due at Least in Part to the Carelessness of the Person Injured " When in need of coal think of Protect Yourself by Being the oldest dealer in the city " Watchful and Careful Roanoke Railway and F. L. HATCHER Electric Co. Safety Motor Transit Dial 2-8723 Corporation Page Sixty COMPLIMENTS OF Lindsey, Robinson Co. Manufacturers of GAMBILL ' S BEST FLOUR We Sell to Sell Again Salem Hardware Company INCORPORATED Opposite Post Office Telephone 89 SALEM, VIRGINIA THE COLLEGE SHOP DOOLEY PRINTING OF ROANOKE COMPANY GLENN-MINNICH Commercial Printing 106 West Campbell Avenue ' Phone 244 Roanoke, Virginia SALEM, VIRGINIA AVERETT COLLEGE DANVILLE, VIRGINIA Founded 1859 Offers two years Standard College work and two years Standard High School. Special Departments as follows: Voice, Piano, Expression, Art, Business and Secre¬ tarial, Home Economics, and Physical Education. New Science and Music Building completed in 1928. College courses and High School fully accredited by State Board of Education, Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the University ot the State of New York. Member of American Association of Junior Colleges and Southern Association of Colleges for Women. Averett graduates may enter junior year of best four-year colleges. Summer school for men and women opens early in June. For Catalogue, Address DR. J. W. CAMMACK, President Danville, Virginia Page Sixty-One Class Rings, Pins, Trophies Invitations and Calling Cards Diplomas A A L. G. BALFOUR CO. Attleboro, Massachusetts SPRUHAN SPORT SHOP Authorized Distributor DRAPER-MAYNARD ATHLETIC GOODS Tennis Rackets Restrung R. D. HURT Country Hams COMPLIMENTS OF Norman’s Restaurant The Home of Good Eats THOROUGH SECRETARIAL TRAINING Enter Any Time of Year Concentrated Courses Enroll Now for Summer Classes Our Graduates Hold Good Positions Memoscript Secretarial School Roanoke, Virginia Brown Hardware Co. Everything in Hardware PHILCO RADIOS : HEATROLAS MAJESTIC RANGES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Telephone 121 123 East Main Street Salem, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF SALEM GROCERY COMPANY C. H. KESLER. President ARMSTRONG CROSS. Sec.-Treas. LOGAN PUGH COMPANY Dry Goods and Notions Salem, Virginia Page Sixty-Two Photographers to The Wolverine, 1935 WOODWARD STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photographers REPRINTS OF ANY PHOTOGRAPHS ALWAYS AVAILABLE ' Phone 8-J SALEM, VIRGINIA " Since 1889 " The New Deal finds Oak Hall, as usual, in the lead. Our prices lowered, our quality maintained; better service always + + + O AK HALl M os mbom £Sons: r iLi Dependable Clothes for Men, Women, Boys and Girls + + + JEFFERSON AT CAMPBELL THRU-THE-BLOK J. E. CADWELL COMPANY Jewelers : Silversmiths Stationers MAKERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS RINGS Page Sixty-Three Telephone 25 F. C. Wiley, Manager THE GLENMARY APARTMENTS “ The Best Place on Earth to Live " Langhorne Place SALEM, VIRGINIA O. G. LEWIS COMPANY, Inc. Ford Dealers . . Telephone 93 SALEM, VIRGINIA Shenandoah Life Insurance Company, Inc. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Page Sixty-Four SALEM THEATRE Gittens Morton INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, LOANS Salem ' s Oldest Insurance Agency 120 EAST MAIN STREET Salem, Virginia (Goodbye Anxiety) “At the Center oj Salem " Webber’s Pharmacy Headquarters for Salem High Students " Prescriptions Have Our First Attention ” Telephone 48 We Deliver SALEM SERVICE STATION Gas, Oil and Lubrication MAIN AND UNION STREETS Salem, Virginia The Pure Food Store THE VERY BEST AT THE LOWEST PRICE Telephone 180 JOHN T. BOWMAN, Proprietor SALEM FOUNDRY AND MACHINE WORKS Passenger and Freight Elevators SALEM, VIRGINIA Page Sixty-Five To High School Graduates Whatever you plan to do after grad¬ uation—whether you plan for college or business—your mental development must continue. The National Business College is a distinc¬ tive, private school of professional grade. Day and evening courses prepare high school graduates for immediate earnings. Many graduates who have acquired experience are now presidents, vice-presidents, cashiers, sec¬ retaries, treasurers and controllers of large corporations—others are in successful ac¬ countancy practice. The selection of a commercial school for your business training is of vital importance to you. Write for beautifully illustrated cat¬ alog. National Business College Roanoke, Virginia Accredited by National Association K Accredited Commercial Schools. Bowmont Farms Producers of Superior Quality Grade A Milk + + + The Bowmont Jersey Herd has been under Federal and State super¬ vision since 1917, and is fully accredited + + + KNOW THE SOURCE OF YOUR MILK SUPPLY Telephone 417-W-2 Smead Webber Established in 1850 The Oldest Drug Store in Western Virginia + + + SALEM ' S LEADING DRUGGISTS + + + “As Up-to-Date as To-Morrow " COMPLIMENTS OF Zelda Alexander, Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF S. G. LAZARUS Garst Bros. Dairy, Inc. Garst’s Dairy is the Most Sanitary, Modern and Scientifically Equipped Dairy in the State DIAL 5501 Page Sixty-Six G. E. PIERPONT General Insurance and Surety Bonds Farmers National Bank Building Telephone 329 SALEM, VIRGINIA BUSH HANCOCK “ The Man ' s Store ' ' A 22 W. CAMPBELL AVE. Saks Company tPlmencan theatre SButldmg SRoanoke.cVa. Frocks, Coats Sportswear Accessories We are proud to be the ‘Printers of the 1935 Pioneer The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co. Edward L. Stone, President Roanoke, Virginia Page Sixty-Seven S OUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided q; us with sufficient equipment, adequate 1 personnel, and ample resources to render k]J dependable service as artists and makers JFI of fine printing plates. That you will be jj secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 817 West Washington Blvd., Chicago, Illinois In the foreground - Ft. Dearborn re-erected in Grant Park on Chicago’s lake front. Illustration by Jahn ■ Ollier Art Studios.

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