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ANDREW LEWS MIDDLE SCHOQ Salem, Virginia ' ll 4-1 AXT ' V B xL - 50 bllTjil - 5iTV-CWi Ms. lane, W ?io 93V ° turner PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS JVttbrHu |CHiits Jicltoul SALEM, VIRGINIA ..JDjQ — V| Our New School j ubri ' ht II dui s ilitglt Srlnml THE FULFILLMENT OF THE LONG-CHERISHED DREAM OF PRINCIPALS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS AND PATRONS OF SALEM. WE, THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS, HOPE THAT THE FUTURE STUDENTS OF ANDREW LEWIS HIGH WILL REVERE IT AS WE DO 4-H Roanoke County School Board Bcincattmt C BECAUSE OF YOUR EFFORTS IN HELPING US TO OBTAIN THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW BUILDING, WE, THE GRADUATING CLASS OF NINETEEN-THIRTY-FOUR, DEDICATE TO YOU THIS FIRST YEAR BOOK OF ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Mr. Roland Cook Superintendent of Schools Miss Louise Darden Latin Miss Jane Brown Mr. T. E. Burke Science Agriculture Mr. R. E. L. Chapman Mathematics M McConkey Mathematics Mr. D. E. Denton Mr. J. B. Mrs. Rebecca J. Miss Louise Mr. R. W. House Miss Nancy Physical Education, Farley, Jr. Fichel Fulton Principal, Hoyle French Biology Home Economics Mathematics French English, Librarian Miss Emma J. Hurt History Mrs. E. C. James Mrs. Elizabeth Latin Moorefield Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping Mrs. Louise L. Morton Study Hall Mrs. Nell H. Mrs. Carrie M. Peery Pedigo Music English Mrs. Emily L. Mrs. Ethel S. Mr. J. H. Snapp Raynor, English, Shockey English Physics, Science Mathematics, Civics Mrs. W. G. Strickler English Miss Dorothy Mrs. Taylor Thomas, Secretary Turner of High School History Miss Pauline Miss Verba Wood Mrs. Viola W. Vest Miss Margaret Webb Spanish, English, Physical Education, Zink Chemistry, History History History English, History JVumtal Lucile White. Eileen Argabright. . . Augusta Saul. Harold Craig .. J. C. Penn. Jerry Crawford. Louise Dawson. Eugene Rowell. Petie Bunting. Margarete Warren. . Mont Junkin. Charlotte Fishburne Anne Taylor Wiley. . Marvin White. Clara Bruce. EDITORIAL STAFF . Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . Assistant Editor . Activities Editor . Assistant Activities Editor . Art Editor . Assistant Art Editor . Sports Editor . Assistant Sports Editor . Photograph Editor . Assistant Photograph Editor . Senior Editor . Junior Editor . Sophomore Editor . Scribe Editor Shirley Graham. Ross Depkin. Henry Garden. Miss McConkey BUSINESS STAFF . Business Manager . . . .Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Faculty Advisor Student obu (Officers Bill Joyner. Ross Depkin.. . Earl Watson .. President . Vice President Secretary- T rea surer W ith our first year in the new school , we have begun a custom which has proved itself valuable. It is that of having Student Body Officers. In this body of students we have three persons , elected by the student body , to represent us in inter-scholastic activities. CLASSES Senior Officers Mont Junkin. John Jett. Jeanie Richmond Gene Rowell. . President Vice President . . . Secretary Treasurer Motto: A winner never quits and a quitter never wins Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Wild Rose POEM We have a Rendezvous with Life That must he kept. No matter how the old school beckons Us back to it once again, That Rendezvous with Life Must be kept. Our happy, care-free voices Are hushed That once you heard re-echo Through the rooms and down the halls, The voices wise and thoughtful Are hushed. And now we ' ll face the world All by ourselves. To you, to me, no one will lend The helping hand the teacher lent, We ' ll step out in the world All by ourselves. We have to keep that Rendezvous With Life. Tho ' you prefer to be back there At school and classes once again, We have a Rendezvous to keep With Life. —William Joyner S ANDREW LEWIS HIGH S CHOOL ELLEN ONEY AGNER “ The only way to have a friend is to he one Home Economics Club, i; Reading Club, 4; Basket Ball, 4 JAMES ANDREW AGNER “Large was his bounty and his soul sincere EILEEN ANNE ARGABRIGHT “She has a way all her own Latin Club, 1, 2; Literary Society, 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserves, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4; Secretary Sophomore Class; Presi¬ dent Junior Class; Assistant Editor of Annual, 4; Business Manager of Newspaper, 4; Student Council, 4; Secretary of Literary Society, 2. LAWRENCE BAIN “Ilis modesty exceeds his valor Botany Club, 2; Bible Club, 3 CHARLES BALTIMORE “Strange to the world , he wears a bashful look F. F. A,, 3; Basket Ball, 4 MARY GORDON BARNETT “Her virtues were many and her faults were few Latin Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4 { 9 } THE PIONEER OF 1934 EDWARD LEE BAYSE “Shy and modest as the day is long” GEORGE PHILLIP BEACH “Faithful to every duty was he ” JOHN ROY BEAMER “A man ' s man for a’ that” Golf, 3, 4 LEWIS GLENN BLACK “In his simplicity, sublime” Oratory, 2; Public Speaking, 4 JOSEPH LANDON BLACKWELL “A good man and true” ARCHIE McKINZIE BOOTH, Jr. “A man’s brain is not measured by his wit” President of Latin Club, 2; Literary Society, 2, 3; Botany Club, 1; Spanish Club, 4; Orchestra, 4; Glee Club, 4. { 10 )■ • ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL GEORGE A. BOWMAN “ Nothing is so difficult that may not be found by seeking” HAZEL MAE BRADLEY “Her only fault was that she had no fault” Latin Club, 2; Spanish Club, 4 HARRY LEE BRANUM “ Slumber’s more sweet than toil” HAZEL ELIZABETH BROWN “She has a voice of gladness and a smile one never forgets” Spanish Club, 4 JAMES B. BROWN “As good as he pleased , when he pleased to be good” Spanish Club, 4; Secretary of Junior Class ARTHUR BRUBAKER “ lie has a peculiar talent of producing effect in whatever he says or does” Bible Club, 2; Latin Club, 1 At; 11 }A V 4n fyj fas 1 a THE PIONEER OF 1934 FREDA GRACE BRUBECK “ Cute things come in small packages” Girl Reserves, 3 CLARA KELLY BRUCE “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety ” Latin Club, 1, 2; Literary Society, 1, 2, 3; Girl Re¬ serves, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3; Annual Staff, 4; Newspaper Staff, 4; Reading Club, 4. EVA LEE BRYANT “ Those about her, from her, shall read the perfect ways of honor ” Latin Club, 2, 3; Home Economics, 3 RICHARD WEEDON BURCH “His heart was as great as the world, there was no room in it for the memory of a wrong ” Latin Club, 1; Hi-Y, 4; Manager Football Team, 3; Baseball, 3; (Captain, 4) Basket Ball, 2, 3, 4; President Glee Club, 4. BURGER STEVENS BYRD “Never do to-day what you can do to-morrow” Hi-Y, 4 GLEN WOOD CALLISON “Be useful and be happy” •» 2 { 12 } ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL VIRGINIA RUTH CANDLER “ IVhat ' s the use of worrying, it never was worth while” Home Economics Club, i, 2, 3; Glee Club, 3; Literary Society, 2; Basket Ball Squad, 4 HUGH LAWSON CARTER “For he ' s a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny” Glee Club, 4; Spanish Club, 4; Botany Club, 2; Bible Club, 3 EVELYN CHRYSTINE CLINVELL “A small body oft hides a great soul ” ROY WILLIAM COLEMAN “ I ' ll warrant him heart-whole” KERMIT COMPTON “Men of few words are the best men” LENORA ELIZABETH CORNWELL “ Take life too seriously and what is it worth?” { 13 } 3 «- THE PIONEER OF 1934 JAMES A. COX ‘Of a good beginning cometh a good end ” CHARLES WATSON CROMER “One who sees blue skies on a cloudy day” Literary Group, 4 CLAUDINE LOIS CROSSWHITE “Jolly but quiet was she” FRANK L. DEEL, Jr. “Happy all the livelong day, in his sweet and childish way ” F. F. A., 3, 4; Glee Club, 4 LUCY BELLE DENT “ ' Round her eyes her tresses fell; which were the darker none could tell” Basket Ball, 4 WILLIAM ROBERT DOUGHMAN “One cannot always be a hero but one can always be a man ” Student Council, 3; Hi-Y, 4; Latin Club, 1; Newspaper Staff, 2; Tennis, 3, 4 •£} I I f ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL GEORGE CHAPMAN DUFFY “Happy the man and happy he alone who can call to-day his own” RALPH NORMAN DUFFY “A wise man never loses anything if he has himself” VIRGINIA DUFFY “IVhat is more useful than sile?ice—it never betrays you” Home Economics Club, i; Spanish Club, 4 ALVIN EUGENE DUNAHOO “ True to his word, his work and his friends” F. F. A., 1, 2 CHARLES WALTON DYER “Silence speaks the loudest” F. F. A., 1, 2; Glee Club, 4 clf:o marie eakin 11 A little learning is a dangerous thing, Drink deep or taste not at the Syrian spring” Debating, 4 15 f (7 V m t 1 r THE PIONEER OF 1934 KENNETH VV. FANKHOUSER “ Happy am I; from care Pm free; why aren’t all contented like me?” F. F. A., 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2; Hi-Y, 3, 4; Vice President, F. F. A., 4; Treasurer Orchestra, 4 MARK WARD FAVILLE “ Better he small and shine than he big and cast a shadow ” Botany Club, 1 DELOIS VANDORAN FERGUSON “Dignity is in his step and friendliness in his smile ' ” Latin Club, 2; Orchestra, 4 GRACE ELIZABETH FERGUSON “Of a queenly kindness and graciousness” Latin Club, 2; Home Economics, 4; Glee Club, 4 GARLAND CHRISTOPHER FERRIS “Up! Up! my friends and quit your hooks ' ” Football, 4 NELSON EDWARD FIREBAUGH “Eat, drink and be merry for yesterday you might have died ” F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4 { 16 } ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL CHARLOTTE KATHRYN FISHBURNE “Oh, the wild joy of living!” Latin Club, 2; Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4; Literary Group, 2; Newspaper Staff, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Little Drama League, 4. MILTON DAVIS FITZPATRICK ‘ Born for success, he had the grace to win” Tennis Club, 3; Glee Club, 4 EGLENNA MARY FOSTER ; The hand that hath made you hath made you well” Spanish Club, 4 THALIA DONETTA FRENCH ‘Grace in all her steps, heaven in her eyes” • Literary Group, 4 j l £N r jyNonQdffierself cSuld be her parallel” Jd(nl$tserves, i,i r 4; Salem HiBand, 1, 2; ( liM’ 45 9 Club 4 Basket Ball Squad, 4; Spar 4 ' lrw.spaper Staff, 4; Debating Team, 4. Orchestra, lanish Club, S t IP k-e jJ RHIEL GARDEN, Jr. y l rfj His J life is gentle, yet all the world stands up O and says, ‘ This is a man ' .” Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper Staff, 3; Annual Staff, 3, 4; Student Council, 2, 3, 4; Debating, 4 7 THE PIONEER OF 19 3 4 LEWIS D. GARDNER “ Behold the paralyzer of feminine hearts!” ALICE ELIZABETH GARLAND “A jolly friend—a true friend to all” Basket Ball, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 3 ELDRIDGE GARRET “Here is my throne—bid kings come bow down to it” Golf, 3, 4 (Captain, 4) WALLACE GARST “ Hang sorrow; care will kill the cat, therefore let ' s be merry” F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 3; President, 4; Orchestra, 3, 4; Hi-Y, 4 WINFRED I. GARST “ The brown of his eyes spoke of Southern skies” Midget Basket Ball, 4 STUART W. GIVENS “ Live and have a good time while you may, You may never see another day” ' F. F. A., 1; Baseball, 3; Tennis, 3; Football, 4 4 18 )• ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL KATHLEEN I.ENORA GOODWIN “A gracious manner and a winning smile ” Home Economics Club, i, 2, 3, 4; Vice President, 4 Reading Club, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; Literary Society, 2 WALTER H. GOTTSCHALK “ Time waits for no man—not even Walter ” Newspaper Staff, 4; Declamation, 4; Glee Club, 4; Debating Team, 4 J. CARLTON GRESHAM “By the works are known the workmen” Treasurer of Freshman Class; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer of Junior Class; Orchestra, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer, 2, 3; President, 4 MARGARET ELIZABETH GRESHAM “Her smile shows her disposition” Home Economics Club, 1, 2 VIRGINIA IRELENE GUERNSEY Ilow can I study with love affairs on my mind? Mr. Snapp’s Secretary, j, 2, 3 4 RICHARD DEYERlE GUY tf Calm, serene and quiet was he, yet more of a gentleman I never did see ” Literary Group, 4; Botany Club, 1 l :{ 19 }• THE PIONEER OF 1934 J4 tr. EDWARD CLAYTORN HALE “halt so?” Literary Group, 4; Botany Club, 1 EMMA EVANS HALL “ Always a smile and a pleasant word for everyone ” Latin Club, 1; Vice President of Latin Club, 2; Literary Society, 2, 3; Glee Club, 3; Student Council, 4; Newspaper Staff, 4; Little Drama League, 4; Reading Club, 4; Man¬ ager Girls’ Basket Ball Team, 4. JOSEPH GEORGE HAYES “ Life ' s good if I can talk ” PEARL LEWIS HENRY “ IVe love her for what she is ” ROBINS HALL MARION WALLACE HANSBROUGH “ Beware , I may do something yet ” Girl Reserves, 1, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1; Home Economics Club, 2 “Siletice is the greatest art of conversation ” •Cj 20 }• ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL MOYER CONDER HESLEP “One who considers our need before our deserving” Football, 4; Basket Ball, 4 RICHARD JACKSON HILTON “ Forget, forgive, conclude and be agreed” ELMORE KEMPTON HOOD “Ability is a man’s wealth” Latin Club, 1, 2; Debating Club, 4; Glee Club, 4; Editor of Newspaper, 4; Hi-Y, 4 HELEN ELIZABETH HUFFMAN “Sincerity is the face of the soul” Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 LUCILLE ELAINE HURST “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” ROBERT HURT “Never in haste” THE PIONEER OF 1934 DOROTHY ELIZABETH JAMES “Much wisdom goes with fewest words” DOROTHY NEAL JENNINGS “ Her manner quiet and refined ” Home Economics Club, i, 2; Spanish Club, 4; Girl Reserves, 2 JOHN LETCHER JETT “Congeniality precedes popularity” Football, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 3, 4; Hi-Y, 3, 4; Botany Club, 1; Vice President of Senior Class, 4 WILLIAM BURNETT JONES, Jr. The small courtesies sweeten life, the greater enable it” Glee Club, 4 WILLIAM RYLAND JOYNER “He is not of an age, but for all time” Reading Club, 1; Latin Club, 1; Literary Society, 2; Declamation, 2; Monogram Club, 4; Hi-Y, 4; Football, 4; Basket Ball, 4; President Student Body, 4; President Student Council, 4; Public Speaking, 4. D. MONTAGUE JUNKIN “Nay, certainly I know the ways of woman” Hi-Y, 3, 4; President Hi-Y, 4; Monogram Club, 3, 4; Football, 3, 4; Basket Ball, 3, 4; President of Senior Class; Student Council, 4; Annual Staff, 4. 4 22 } ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SC HOOL JESSIE KEESLING “She came, she stayed and she graduated ” NELLIE GRACE KELCII “A friend may well be summed up the master¬ piece of nature ” Home Economics Club, i, 2, 3, 4 LUCY MILDRED KIDD “Steadfastness is a noble quality ” Latin Club, 1, 2 EDITH LOUISE LANIGAN “She is as sweet as the sweetest and as good as the best ” Latin Club, 1; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4 EDITH FRANCES LAPRAD “A soul sincere ” Student Council, 2; Home Economics Club, 4; Spanish Club, 4 JAMES LEROY LESTER “A big, gracious heart, the verdict of all who know him” 23 THE PIONEER OF 1934 SALLIE OLIVER LITTLE “She walks the way of friendly hearts” Llome Economics Club, 2; Spanish Club, 4 JUANITA VIOLET LOOPE “Who pleasure gives shall joy receive” Latin Club, 2; Botany Club, 1; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Literary Society, 2, 3 LUTHER JACKSON LOOPE “Wise men argue cause; fools decide” Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Manager of Baseball, 1; Manager of Basket Ball, 2; Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket Ball, 4; Track, 2; Boxing, 4; Spanish Club, 4. THELMA PAULINE LOVERN “Her heart is of gold” MARY LOUISE McGHEE “A girl with sweeter virtues we never knew” ROBERT IRVIN McGHEE “Earnest endeavor is worthy of all blessings” •Cj 24 ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL LILLIAN PEARL MONDIE “ There ' s a light within her eyes ” Latin Club, i RUBY GERTRUDE MANNING “ Her nature is too noble for the world ” ALBERT FURMAN MARTIN It talked; ye gods! how it talked!” Botany Club, i; Glee Club, 4 AMORETTE PRATT “She has a voice of gladness and a smile one never forgets” Home Economics Club, 4; Girls’ Hi-Y, 4 WILLIAM R. MOOMAW “Just being happy is a fine thing” AARON LESTER MANN “To seek , to find, and not to yield” Bible Club, 3 4 25 THE PIONEER OF 1934 ETHEL NADINE MOORE “ Merry and f ree, and sad for nobody ” HAZEL ELIZABETH MORAN “ Just a dear little, sweet little, cute little girl ” Latin Club, I, 2; Glee Club, 3, 4 GRACE ESTELLE MUSSELMAN “ ’ Tis women like me that make the world go around ” Home Economics Club, 1, 2 MILTON H. OVERSTREET “Of a good beginning cometh a good end ” INDIA ANNA PACE “ Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax. Her cheeks like the dawn of the day ” Spanish Club, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4 PHILIP TAW PERDUE “ A mind, perhaps” Latin Club, 1, 2, 3 26 4 ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL MARGARET LOUISE PERROW “Genius is an affair of energy ” Orchestra, 4; Glee Club, 4; Girl Reserves, 4; Reading Club, 4; Spanish Club, 4. HOWARD ROBERTSON PETERS “Oh, what a smile!” Basket Ball, 4; Spanish Club, 4; Debating, 4 MARY VIRGINIA PILCHER “Her modest look a cottage might adorn ” RUSSELL PHILPOTT “Ilis serenity alone will put him over Football, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 3, 4 ALBERTA LOUISE POFF “Neither too careless nor too glad , Neither too studious nor too sad ” Bible Club, 1 MARY CATHERINE POWELL “A sweet nature is many times blessed ” { 27 }i 0 THE PIONEER OF 1934 BEATRICE OLEATA PRICE “Her words are weighty ” Home Economics Club, 2; Girl Reserves, 3 EVA RUBY PRILLIMAN “ What’s the use to worry, it never did pay ” Spanish, 4 MARGARET CLAUDINE TOWLER “ With modest answer and graceful air, She is as good as she is fair” HAZEL RICHARDSON “Did thome one thay thomething?” Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3 LUCILLE WELSH RICHARDSON “Don ' t trouble trouble till trouble troubles you ” Girl Reserves, 4 RALPH A. RICHARDSON “He makes sunshine in shady places ” Agriculture, 1, 2 28 ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL ELIZABETH EUGENIE RICHMOND “Love ' s sweetness, goodness in her person shine ” Secretary Senior Class; Girl Reserves, 4; Basket Ball, 4; Vice President Glee Club, 4; Glee Club, 4 JOHN MARSHALL RICHMOND “And life, my friend, is what we make it” Glee Club, 4; Orchestra, 4; Basket Ball, 4 FRANCES ELIZABETH ROBERTSON “Black, alluring eyes in whose depths I lose myself ” Glee Club, 3; Home Economics Club, 1; Girl Reserves, 4; Spanish Club, 4 OZELLE GEORGIE ROBEY “Gentlemen prefer blondes” Literary Society, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 4; Literary Club, 4 CARLTON JAMES RONK “A laugh is worth a groan in any market” Spanish Club, 2 EUGENE ROWELL “Ever ready for everything” Botany Club, 1; Vice President Botany Club, 1; Basket Ball, 3, 4; Football, 4; Monogram Club, 4; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; Treasurer Senior Class; Annual Staff, 4; Spanish Club, 4. ■{ 29 J ■v FRANK SHELTON SEARS “lie eats not the bread of idleness ” MERRIMAN SEARS “Say, how ' s the weather up there? Botany Club, i; Track, 3; Boxing, 4 BENSON PHELPS SHANKl “Fate laughs at probabilities ” Latin Club, 1, 2; Annual Staff, 1, 2; Hi-Y, 3, 4; Treasurer of Hi-Y, 3, 4 FRANCES PEEOLA SINK “Better late than never ” Latin Club, 1 HOWARD WILLIAM SNEAD it 5 Tis men like me that make the world go round ” CHARLES BERNARD SNYDER “Few things concern him ” Hi-Y, 4; Golf Team, 3, 4 -£{ 30 k ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL U MARY FERN STUART “ The fruit of the tree of silence is peace ' RUTH GARRET STUMP “And, oh, how she could type! PRENTISS LYNWOOD TATE “ They are never alone who are accompanied by noble thoughts ,( fat’s t ■ GEORGE GRAY SOWDER , “ To God, thy country and thy friends be true F. F. A., i, 2; Botany Club, 1; Manager Track Team, 2; Football, 3, 4 JAMES WILLIAM STANLEY “Did you say food? Football, 3; Spanish Club, 3, 4; F. F. A., 3, 4 WILLIAM CABELL SOWERS Helping every feeble neighbor, seeking help from none ' F. F. A., 1,2; Hi-Y, 4 4 31 } THE PIONEER OF 1934 ALAN BARNHARDT TAYLOR “1 like the man who faces what he must with step triumphant and heart of cheer” BLANTON ADDERSON THOMAS “He dare do all that becomes a man , who daref do more is none” Latin Club, I, 2 CLIFTON WESLEY THOMAS “I admire a man with a head of his own” RUTH IRENE THOMAS “ A cheerful life, devoid of care; A happy laugh heard everywhere” Girl Reserves, I, 4 IRVEN EUGENE THOMPSON “ ’Tis well to be witty and wise” PHYLLIS AURELIA THORPE “Oh, hurry! Look at that man!” History Club, 1; Literary Society, 1, 2, 3; Bible Club, 2, 3 Girl Reserves, 1; Basket Ball, 4; Botany Club, 1 ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL JAMES WALKER “It is better to wear out than to rust out” MARGUERITE WILSON WARREN “Here I am!” President Botany Club, i; Glee Club, i; Literary Society, i; Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 4; President, 3, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Cheer Leader, 4; Reading Club, 4. DILLARD WERTZ “From great quietness often comes the greatest wisdom” ELSIE LUCILE WHITE “Her quest is not for self” Newspaper Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 1, 2; Annual Staff, 2, 3, 4; Editor Annual, 4; Student Council, 2, 3; Secretary, y; Literary Society, 2, 3, 4; Reading Club, 4; Girl Reserves, 3, 4; Glee Club, 4; Orchestra, 4; Vice President, 4. MARY MARGARET WIIITESELL “ The greatest pleasure of life is love” Botany Club, 1 NORMA WILSON WIGINGTON “Here ' s a girl with a laugh and a smile that makes the bubble of life worth while” Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3; Glee Club, 3; Literary Society, 2; Spanish Club, 4 4 33 4 THE PIONEER OF 1934 MILLARD GEORGE WILLIAMS “Oh, the sheik! Ilis eyes and hair the shades of light ” Spanish Club, 4; Hi-Y, 4 MARGARET BARNETT WILLIAMS “ Good humor is the health of the soul” Bible Club, 1 NELLIE LUCILLE WILLIAMS “ To love and to he loved is the greatest happiness of existence ” Home Economics Club, 2; Latin Club, 2 FRANCES LUCILLE WILLIAMS “ All her success in life is due to having been a quarter of an hour before hand ' ” Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club, 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 4; Literary Society, 2; Girl Reserves, 1; Secretary Girl Reserves, 1. WILLMER REA WILLS “ A light heart lives long ” ROBERT EUGENE WONDREE “Good humor is the clear blue sky of the soul” F. F. A., 3; Spanish Club, 4 » ■ §{ 34 ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL CORLISS DARWOOD WOOLDRIDGE “Nothing is so strong as gentleness ” Spanish Club, 4; Latin Club, 1 REUBEN FRANKLIN WOHLFORD “Indisputably a great, good, handsome man is the finest of created things ” Baseball, 3; Monogram Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 4 WOTEMAN HURST WOOD “ True as the needle to the pole, as the dial to the sun” Science Club, 1; Spanish Club, 4 GORDON VICTOR YONCE, Jr. “ Thou art too mild! Pray thee, swear a little ” Botany Club, 1; Debating, 4 JOSEPH EDWARD ZIMMERMAN “ Who to himself is law no law doth need, offends no law and is king indeed ” F. F. A., 1, 2, 3 •Cj ID }b HAROLD ROBERT HUFFMAN “He nothing common did, nor mean ” Golf, 4 THE PIONEER OF 1934 Senior Class History We, the Class of ’34, are pioneers. Just as the adventurous pioneers of old sailed from the Old World to the New, we have passed from the old Salem High School to the new Andrew Lewis High School. The voyage required four stormy years in which we learned to look to our captain, Air. House, and the crew, the Faculty, for support and guidance. Before our first semester was over and when we were getting used to the rigors of high school life, our high school was partially destroyed by fire, and so, for the rest of the school term, we went to school without a school, using College Avenue as our campus. As Sophomores we entered the renovated Salem High School in the fall of ’32. Despite the crowded condition of the high school and the knowledge that the word, “Sophomore,” meant “wise fools,” we worked faithfully on toward our ultimate goal, graduation. In ’33 we again entered the old building, but, as Juniors and with the vision of the new high school building ever before us to spur us on to greater efforts. Then in ’34 we entered the new Andrew Lewis building with modern equipment for study and recreation at our disposal and with the knowledge that we, as pioneers, would be the first class to graduate from Andrew Lewis. The last-minute rush is almost over, the announcements have been mailed, the Senior play is under way, and Commencement Day is just ahead, when we shall leave the care and guidance of Air. House and the Faculty to embark upon the seas of life. Alay we, the Class of ’34, realize our obligation to the Faculty and to the School to carry out the traditions and honor of Andrew Lewis as we journey through life, whatever our separate paths and ways may be. To you, the Class of ’35, we hand this flickering torch of knowledge, be it yours to hold high to guide those classes yet to come. { 36 ishburne Richmond iuson Richmond. J unkin Most Conceded ! Best 1All Around W hiU Gottschalk Garden Most Attractive Fishbu.rn ? Gardener Arfio bright Hood Most Studious Most Attieletic Rrrow Gottschalk Richmond Senior Class Mirror THE PIONEER OF 1934 Senior Class Prophecy [Excerpts from the Diary of Bill Joyner, found in the Year of iqSJ] June i, 1947 Hello There: I spent a wonderful day in New York with old Pete Burch, who, by the way, is holding down first base for the Yanks, and we ha d many things to talk about as we visited many of the old Salem High School boys and girls. As we walked up Broadway he pointed out to me a blazing sign which read, “Charlotte Fishburne to Appear To-day in Person.” Yes, I met her, a famous actress now. A little further up the street we met Garland Ferris, still dressed as though he were a fashion model. Roy Beamer, I understand, is doing the strong man act in the vaudeville. Glenn Black is a leading minister up here while Archie Booth is a famous pianist. Burger Byrd is a surgeon in Johns Hopkins Hospital and Eileen Argabright has charge of the Baby Department there. Harry Branum is making good down in Jersey and in the same town Mark Faville and Arthur Brubaker are leading commercial artists. Milton Fitzpatrick has written several volumes of poetry. Alvin Dunahoo has a large farm in the southern part of the country. Lucy Dent is married and living happily. Ken Fankhouser is still courting and driving around in large cars. Elizabeth Brown is a school teacher. George Bowman is still the home-town merchant. Luke Pillis and Russ Philpott are generals in the army and J. B. Brown is also some big shot there. Juanita Loope is the head Latin teacher in New York University. Polly Ferguson is teaching music in the same place. James Agner is a school teacher and in the same school. Charlie Baltimore is athletic director. Lawrence Bain is a popular radio star. Kathleen Goodwin is the head of a cooking school. Clara Bruce has now opened her interior decorating school on Park Avenue. Lucile White is playing the big organ in the Paramount Theatre in New York City. Bobby Doughman is now the champion tennis player. Ed Hale, true to form, is trying to fill Ziegfeld’s shoes. Luther Loope is now a football coach in V irginia. Carlton Gresham is playing the violin in the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. Gray Sowder is a large automobile manufacturer. Mary Whitesell and Frances Robertson are in the beauty parlor business. Eugene Rowell owns a night club. Mont Junkin is the owner of a beer concern and is living on Broad Street, in Salem, Virginia. Walton Dyer and Richard Guy are owners of the Roanoke- Washington Air Line. Virginia Guernsey is hostess on one of the airships. Norma Wigington is showing her heels on Broadway with Dorothy Hatcher. Moyer Heslep is coaching baseball at a high school in Tennessee. Billy Jones and Robert Hurt are running a garage. Thelma Lovern, Ruby Manning, and Mary Maxey are teaching school. Stuart Givens is an automobile manufacturer. Mildred Kidd is a social worker. Wallace and Winfred Garst are owners of a large orange grove in Florida. Eglenna Foster is a nurse in a large hospital. Dorothy Garden is the big lady and pianist in a musical show. Alice Garland is an expression teacher in Chicago. Joe Hayes is a big lumber man. Pearl Henry is a church worker. Helen Huffman is married to a hotel manager. Dorothy James is a Home Economics teacher and Dorothy Jennings is her able assistant. Nellie Kelch is quite a popular secretary. Edith Lannigan fulfilled her long ambition by marrying a millionaire. Jim Lester is a big electrician. Sallie Little is also a nurse. Louise McGhee is doing social reform work. Robert McGhee owns a large farm in Western Virginia. Furman Martin is a math teacher. William Moomaw is an aviator. Lillian Mondie and Ethel Moore are Red Cross workers. Elizabeth Moran and Virginia Pilcher own a beauty salon. Grace Musselman is a famous dancer. Milton Overstreet and Kermit Compton are chemists. Alberta Poff is married and stil l living in Salem. Mary Powell is a school teacher and Bee Price is a basket ball coach. Howard Snead is in the cigarette business with Frank Sears. Francis Sink is working in a night club. Ruth Stump teaches typing in a high school. Bernard Snyder and James Stanley own a liquor concern. Ruby Prillaman and Hazel Richardson run a boarding house. Ralph Richardson is still tinkering with automobiles. Carlton Ronk is writing wisecracks for a newspaper. Ethelene Reyn¬ olds is teaching French. Merriman Sears is a boxing instructor. William Sowers and Clifton Thomas are aviators. Mary Stuart is married and living happily. Prentiss Tate is a big business man. Barnhardt Taylor is a well known chemist. Blanton Thomas owns a large dairy. Ruth Thomas is quite a prominent 38 } ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL saleswoman. Margaret Towler is a nurse. James Walker is the Mayor of Salem. Dillard Wertz is a cigar manufacturer. Millard Williams is a fashion model, Adargaret Williams is a lecturer and Nell Williams is just back from Reno. Robert Wondree is a well-known novelist. Corliss Wooldridge is a newspaper reporter. Hurst Wood owns a chain of filling stations. Gee! but it’s swell to see and hear about so many graduates of the Class of 1934, and I hope I’ll hear from them all again and the rest of the bunch. [Excerpts from the Diary of Clara Bruce, found in the Year of 1986] August 6, 1942 Dear Diary: To-day I attended the Alumni Banquet of the old High School. I declare, it seems ages since 1934, when we were Seniors. I saw so many of the class and heard about so many more that I just must write about them. Elmore Hood is editor of the Roanoke Times, and on his staff are other alumni including Marguerite Warren. Emma Hall is a social reporter on another newspaper. Aaron Mann is a prominent advertising agent, working for various firms whose ads appear in the Times. Marshall Richmond, nationally known for his improvements on the radio, was there, and Jeannie, too—she sings over WYZ, New York. Margaret Perrow has proven to have great ability as a violinist. Henry Garden is a successful business man, and he and Benson Shank have just entered into a partnership. India Pace is now in the opera. Edna Mowles has just gone to Hollywood where, by the way, Louis Gardener is making a name for him¬ self. Walter Gottschalk and Howard Peters have entered politics; Walter is now our senator from this district, while Howard is in Congress. Loomis Kelly is an engineer and doing well. Virginia Hodges is director of athletics at the “Y” in Roanoke. Marian Hansbrough is a social worker—Hull House couldn’t do without her. Ozelle Robey is happily married to a wealthy manufacturer, and they came up for the Alumni Banquet. DeLois Ferguson and John Jett have reached the highest peak in boxing. Donetta French and Phillip Perdue are living in the same town, and they say they are still making eyes at each other. Bill Joyner, as editor, has brought the Literary Digest to the highest point of success it has reached yet. And, by the way, we have another man at Washington from the Class of ’34, Robins Hall. He is a member of the Cabinet. The class is widely scattered—Lucille Hurst lives in New Orleans, but stopped over for the banquet on her way from her second trip to Reno. Lucille Richardson has received all necessary degrees, and now signs her name with an M. D. attached to it. Eldridge Garrett is in the cigar business. Margaret Gresham is happily married to an army officer, and, as she told me, “—had the wonderful luck of being at home for the banquet.” She told me about literally scores of the class—I don’t see how she happened to know so much. She said Jessie Keesling was in Europe as As¬ sistant to the Ambassador to England. Victor Yonce is a member of the World Peace Conference that meets in Geneva this spring. Evelyn Clinvell and Marie Eakin are honored members of the faculty of the old Alma Mater. Frances Williams is married, likewise Eva Bryant, Hazel Bradley, and Ellen Agner. They all live in Salem. Ruth Candler is still playing basket ball on several teams. Edward Bayse is farming and making profits, too, they say. Firebaugh-Callison, Inc., are manufacturing cigars. Hugh Carter is a sheik in a big way, since somebody died and left him a fortune. Grace Brubeck is using her wonderful speaking voice in a number of ways, making speeches for various causes. Lenora Cornwell is working as a fashion model in a Richmond dress shoppe. Norman Duffy is another among the farmers of Roanoke County. James Cox is selling insurance for the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Eve Counts is still writing essays and winning medals. Roy Coleman is in Alaska on a gold-searching expedition. Landon Blackwell is working on an engineering project in South America. Frank Deel has one of the best small farms in the state. Charles Cromer is a large manufacturer of bicycles. Alary Barnett has returned to Salem to live after spending several years in Canada. George Beech is a big fire warden. Reuben Wohlford is now in Mexico mastering Spanish and the young ladies. Rea Wills is in a shipbuilding concern in Norfolk. Now, I hope I can see some more of the class soon and talk over old times. 39 Junior Class Ross Depkin. Augusta Saul. Anne Taylor Wiley Gordon Maxwell. OFFICERS . President Vice President . .. Secretary Treastner Motto: 11 Not on the heights but climbing ” Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: Rambling Rose 4 40 Y-ot ' JaJ .——-LXA-A- ' N- ' L4AKM—I (jUU u- Vv 1 - ■ 1 A . d 1 i James Agner Dokis Akers Jane Akers Page Aliff Robert Altizer Lavinia Andrews Alexander Apostolou Evelyn Ayers Kenneth Bain Robert Barnett Charles Beller E. R. Black Robert Blackard Lelia Blankenship Howard Booth Joe Bower Logan Bowman Murril Bowman Billy Brand Denny Mac Brown Edward Brown Petie Bunting Beverly Byrd Helen Carson Constance Cheatham Francis Cheat James Cochran Norman Cormell Richard Cormell Joseph Cox Opal Craun Jerry Crawford Louise Dawson Ross Depkin Robert Dew Natalie DeHart Alice Dooms Mary Early Luther Engle Betty Fagg [ 41 Helen Fisher Ashland Gale Leonard Gilbert Bessie Givens Virginia Glover Erskine Goodwin Shirley Graham Billy Haislip Leonard Hale Hubert Hall Vincent Hilton Arnold Hodges Ruth Hollyfield I Ka Doris Jefferies Dorothy Jefferies Claude Johnson Auvrey Keith Attalie Kidd Edna King Penn Kime Elizabeth Lambert Patsy Lewis Francis Maxwell Gordon Maxwell Alice McCollum Louise Miller Gladis Mitchell f K£ Ruth Morehead Thayer Morris Thomas Morris Lynwood Moses Hazel Mowles Robert Mowles Morris Murphey Nannette Musser Price Mutter Eileen Myers Lawrence Myers Mildred Naff Ella Mae Nichols 4 - 2 4 - Clay Nininger Laura Oakey Irene Overcash Louise Overstreet Claudine Owen J. C. Penn Marie Perrow Richard Peery Lillian Poff Earl Powell Madeline Price Josephine Puckett Virginia Rf.ese Edith Reynolds Margaret Rice Ruby Rice Catherine Richardson Pauline Rettinger Irene Roberts Augusta Saul Eldridge Shaver Daisy St. Clair Ida St. Clair Lena Shepherd Jake Showalter Arthur Smallwood Katherine Spradlin Hubert Stanley Dorothy Staton Earl Rosalie Stevens Betsy Stone Mary Louise Thomas Thomas Via Russell Vest Ruel Watkins Leo Whiticar Anne Taylor Wiley Lois Williams Charles Wright Sidney Yonce 4 43 ]g» Sophomore Class OFFICERS Harold Craig . President Earl Watson . Vice President Jack Stone . Secretary-Treasurer Flower: Carnation Colors: Green and Silver Motto: “Good, better, best; never let it rest, until the good is better, and the better is best” CLASS ROLL Acy Adams Jack Adams Bob Akers Lee Akers Charles Aldridge Evelyn Altice Rosa Altizer Alfred Alverado Charles Andrews Leon Arthurs Hazel Arthur George Baker Gladeys Baker Chester Bain David Barger Sarah Barnard Ralph Barnett John Bayse Anita Benois Eunice Bishop Jack Blackard Clarence Blevins Flora Bolton Ruth Bowles Carey Briethaupt Helen Brillhart Helen Broughman Odell Burks Robert Butler Melba Calloway Jean Cheatham Rosa Chesani Harry Clark Billy Coffey Ellen Coffey Nellie Coleman Pershing Collins Raburn Collins Sam Collins Charles Cook Fred Cormell Albert Counts Earl Cowan Juanita Cox Harold Craig Doris Crouch Eileen Darnell Hensil Darnell Edith Davis John Davis Madge Davis Raymond Davis Robert Dawson Helen Dent Vivian Dent Billy Dew Lucille Deyerle Agnes Dillard Frances Dillard Garner Dobyns Robert Dooley Helen Dooms Vergie Drewerie W lLFORD DuNAHOO Wral Duncan John Dutton John Eller Roderick Ennis Kern Donald Fankhouser Geneva Farris Virginia Ferris Dan Finley Jean Fishburne Glen Fitze Sarah Fleck James Fleshman Madeline Fleshman Laura Fralin Ruth Fralin Paul Francisco Alma Frazier Virginia Fuqua Ralph Gallion Frank Gallion Mildred Gallion Bill Gardner Evelyn Gardner George Glass Wilda Garrett Charlotte Garst Meriam Garst Dorothy Gittens Marie Glivier Robert Goodwin Spott Goodykoontz Beaula Grant Virginia Grant Turner Graves Helen Gray Lemar Grissom Lee Guthrie Harry Gwinn Boyer Hall Ellen Hambrick Fred Hannah Vinson Hardy John Harr Virginia Harr Bertha Harris Myrtle Hash Geraldine Hatcher Trennie Hess Dick Hitt Anna Bell Hobbs Herbert Hodges Thomas Hodges Doris Hollyfield Lucille Hood Franklin Hough Edith Hubbard Brownie Hubble Margaret Huff Sam Hutson Ella Isenhour Herman James Hazel Jenkins Frances Jobe Douglas Johnston Margaret Johnston Ralph Johnston Marvin Jones Ruby Jones Mary Keesling Floyd Kelch Billy Kellner Doris Kellner Page Kessler Bill Manning Jack Marmaduke James Martin Janet Martin Pauline Martin Elizabeth McCormick Frances McDaniel Rachel McFalls Robert Meadows Frances Miller Woodrow Mitchell Warren Moorman Louise Morgan Ralph Morgan Mary Moran Julian Mowels Raymond Mowels Ruth Murphy Verda Nash Eugene Overstreet Eula Overstreet Ila Pace Sybil Perdue Carol Parker Margaret Parker Rachel Parker Virginia Parker Mary Parsons Jack Pearce Elizabeth Perrow Frank Peters Hobart Pierpont Louise Poff Margaret Poff Thelma Poff Dorothy Poteet Oswald Pratt Mildred Prillaman Beatrice Ramsey Mildred Reed Paul Reich D. R. Rice Andrew Richards Josephine Robertson Melville Robertson Eileen Rucker Agnes Sale James Sale Collean Sanford Geneva Sayers Homer Scott Riley Scruggs Ammon Sears Elmer Shaver Katherine Shelton Herman Shortt Lowel Sink Jack Slusser Charles Smith Warren Sowder Howell Sowers Nancy Sowers Virginia Staples Hattie Mae Steedly Lynwood Stevenson Jack Stone Mary Louise Stoutamire William Salew Masel Sullivan Virginia Sutphin James Taney Horace Terry John Thomas Hii.da Thomas Ora Thomas Sabra Thomas John Thornton Geraldine Troutman Charles Turner William Turner Cecil Vest Earl Watson Jimmie Webb Mary Wray Webber Barry Welsh Mary Elizabeth Welsh Frances Wertz Malcolm Wertz Thelma Wertz John West Rose Lee Wetzel Marvin White Lois Whitlock Charles Williams Lorraine Williams Louise Williams Virginia Williams Ruth Wimmer Ruby Wirt Weldon Wirt Bob Woltz Phyllis Wright Harold Wright Helen Wygal Raymond York Fern Young Lois Young Ella Zimmerman Sophomores $ 45 } Freshmen 46 ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Freshman Class Bobby Bunting. Alice Spessard. Alma Darden.... Nancy Pierpont OFFICERS . President . Vice President . . . . Secretary . Treasurer CLASS ROLL Thomas Adams Mildred Atkinson Richard Altizer Peter Apostolou Van Armstrong Terrence Baker Robert Barnett Justin Bayse Grace Bays Virginia Ella Beach Louise Booker Keister Boone George Bower Irene L. Bradley Mary Virginia Branch Margaret Brogan Edward Brown James Brown Hazel Brubaker Dorothy Bruce Mabel Buck Bobby Bunting Ruby Bryant Catherine Byrd Ethel Byrd Walter Bain Gordon Craig Wynetta Craun Elmo Crosswhite Woodrow Crosswhite Elfreda Coulter Bill Craighead George Candler Margueretf, Carr Robert Lee Carper Emily Carter Ida Cecil John Chaffin Woodrow Clark Mary Sue Cook Edith Cornwell Alma Cox Anna Francis Cox Jean Leo Cox Buford Crafton Ernest M. Dale Alma Darden Patricia Davidson Helen Deal Watson Dean Helena Drain Helen Duffy Tressie Duncan Doris Earnhardt James Edwards Polly Fagg Betty Fleck Ruth Flora Lucille Fraylick Mary Francisco Genevieve Gardener Virgil Garst Helen Gearhart Warren Gilbert Margaret Going Carl W. Gottschalk Preston Graves Edward Grice Hugh Gresham George Grissom Irene Grissom Hazel Grubb Ruie Grubb Virginia Gurter Cleo Half. Hazel Hall Kathleen Henderson Lucille Hendrick Lillian Helton Lester Helvey Alva Hillman Virginia Holdron James Hodges Eleanor Hontz Elmer Howard Lake Howard Eugenia LIowell Josephine Hudgins Irvin Huff Dan Hurdle Nell Hurt Thurman Jobe Eva Mae Johnson Henry Johnson James Johnson Louise Johnson Aminee Jones Bernice Marie Jones Helen Jones Leo Jones Geraldine Keith Paul Killgore James Kincaid Audrey Kirk ETHEL KlNGRY Barbara Kime Ruth Koogler Markham Lewis Francis Lafland Margaret Long Virginia Loop James Loving Carol McCallum Lillie Ann McGrady Jean McClung Juanita Maihl Frank Martin Terry Martin Tennyson Martin Alice Maxey Caroline Maxwell Edith Meadows George Miller Elizabeth Middleton Ruby Miller Boyd Minnix Evelyn Minter Curtis Moran 47 } THE P I O N E E R O F 19 3 4 Frances Morris Irene Price Wiley Shepherd Coy Turman Emory Moore David Edgar Price Mildred Showalter Mary M. Vandergrift Randolph Morton Bernard Prillaman Earl Sink Mildred Vest Horace Moses Harold Pritchard Raymond Sink Mary Voci Mellie Myers Louise Profitt Dan Smiley Eldridge Wade Elizabeth Nalls Janelle Ragland Charles Smith Almeda Waters Lucille Nichols Glenn Ramsey Gilbert Smith Margaret Walrond Mary Norman Mary Alice Reed Harry Smith Cora Watkins Charles Olsen Paul Reynolds Ruth Lee Smith Catherine Wertz Wincie Osborne Winglow Reynolds Albert Snapp Francis West Herbert Overby Gaybor Rhodes Alice Spessard Ken. Whitescarver Mavis Parker Margaret Richardson Hugh Stinnett Mary E. Whitmore George Peery Peyton Richmond Frances Stoutamire D. H. Williamson Elizabeth Perdue Edith Robinson Rose Stuart Eugene Williams Jack Peters Elmer Robertson John Henry Stump Doris Wilkinson Owen Philpott Bill Robertson Sybil Stump Louise Wimmer Nancy Pierpont David Rucker Jack Summers Margaret Wimmer Allie Poff A. 0. Rusher, Jr. Eugene Swann Carroll Wood Miriam Poff Vivian Sanford James Tate Ernest Wright Virginia Poff Rachel Saul Pauline Tate Eugene Yeakley James Powers Gloria Simkin Fay Leslie Young Donald Pratt WlNTON ShELOR Betty Turner George Zimmerman Mary Frances Price Billie Shelton Kolmer Turner 48 ]»• J, A ACTIVITIES Student Council OFFICERS William Joyner. President Ross Depkin. Vice President Earl Watson. Secretary- Treasurer Senior Representatives Mont Junkin William Joyner Eileen Argabright Emma Hall Henry Garden Junior Representatives Betty Fagg Ross Depkin Petie Bunting Helen Fisher Sophomore Representatives Doris Hollyfield Earl Watson 4 50 Charles Smith Newspaper Staff Elmore Hood Editor-in-Chiej Clara Bruce Assistant Editor Emma Hall Assistant Editor Lucile White Assistant Editor Eileen Argabright Business Manager Jerry Crawford Assistant Editor Charles Smith Assistant Editor John Thorton Assistant Editor OFFICERS Walter Gottschalk Associate Editor • d{ 51 ]§ • Literary Group Ellen Agner Doris Akers Glenn Black Ruth Bowles Clara Bruce Ruth Candler Juanita Cox Opal Craun Natalie DeHart Francis Dillard Bobbie Doughman Kern Eustler Charlotte Fishburne MEMBERS Donetta French Harry Givens Lamar Grissom Richard Guy Edward Hale Emma Hall Lucille Hood Frances Jobe Billy Jones William Joyner Nellie Kelch Juanita Loop Margaret Perrow Earl Powell Edith Reynolds Lucille Richardson Jerry Sink Nancy Sowers Daisy St. Clair Lynwood Stevenson Charles Turner Marguerite Warren Jimmie Webb Lucile White Helen Wygal { 52 isilllRIIlllililllBlfisi Girl Reserves Club Augusta Saul. ....... Anne Taylor Wiley Louise Dawson . . . Jane Akers Eileen Argabright Sarah Barnard Clara Bruce Mary E. Clark Jerry Crawford Louise Dawson Natalie DeHart Betty Fagg Sarah Fleck Charlotte Fishburne Jean Fishburne Helen Fisher OFFICERS MEMBERS Dorothy Garden Dorothy True Gittens Marion Hansbrough Doris Hollyfield Ruth Hollyfield Mary Preston Keesling Doris Kellner Elizabeth Lambert Juanita Loop Janet Martin Frances Maxwell Margaret Perrow Lucille Richardson Eugenie Richmond 4 53 } ' .... President . . Secretary Treasurer Frances Robertson Augusta Saul Earl Rosalie Stevens Mary Louise Stoutamire Mary Louise Thomas Mary Elizabeth Welsh Lucile White Betsy Wiley Anne Taylor Wiley Lois Williams Virginia Williams Mildred Worley Sidney Yonce THE PIONEER OF 1934 Hi ' Y OFFICERS Mont Junkin . President Loomis Kelly . Vice President Gene Rowell . Secretary Benson Shank . Treasurer R. E. L. Chapman . Faculty Advisor Robert Altizer Robert Barnett Logan Bowman Petie Bunting Pete Burch Burger Byrd Norman Cormell Lloyd DeHart Ross Depkin Bobby Doughman Luther Engell Kenneth Fankiiouser Henry Garden Stuart Givens MEMBERS Carlton Gresfiam Edward Hale Richard Hitt Elmore Hood J ohn Jett William Joyner Mont Junkin Loomis Kelly Lu ther Loop Clay Nininger J. C. Penn Earl Powell Marshall Richmond {54 { 38 - Gene Rowell Edward Scruggs Benson Shank Herman Short Bernard Snyder Gray Sowder William Sowers Jack Stone James Taney John Thornton Earl Watson James Webb John West Millard Williams ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Orchestra OFFICERS Carlton Gresham . President Lucile White . Vice President Kenneth Fankhouser . Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. G. G. Peery . Director Mrs. G. G. Peery . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Violin Guitar Clarinet DeLois Ferguson Kenneth Bain David Barger Carlton Gresham Archie Booth IIarold Craig La Mar Grisson Wallace Garst Dan Finley Lucille Hood Charles Turner Sam Hutson George Peery, Jr. Richard Peery Margaret Perrow Charles Smith Earl Powell Hugh Stinnette Piano Trumpet Saxophone Dorothy Garden Kenneth Fankhouser Lynwood Moses Lucile White Loomis Kelly Millard Williams Marshall Richmond Accordion Drum Milton Fitzpatrick Henry Garden 4 55 } Glee Club OFFICERS Richard Burch. Eugenie Richmond. Edna Mowles. Mrs. G. G. Peery. Mrs. G. G. Peery. . President . Vice President Secretary-Treasurer . Director . Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Ruth Bowles Murrill Bowman Opal Craun Polly Ferguson Soprano Kathleen Goodwin Edith Lanigan Juanita Loop Janet Martin Elizabeth Moran India Pace Eugenie Richmond Laurine Williams Kenneth Bain Archie Booth Arthur Brubaker Tenor Richard Burch John Eller Garland Ferris Milton Fitzpatrick Billy Jones Furman Martin Dorothy Garden Alice Garland Lucille Hood Alto Auvrey Keith Edna Mowles Margaret Perrow M. L. Stoutamire M. E. Welsh Lucile White Sidney Yonce Hugh Carter Frank Deel Walton Dyer Baritone Walter Gottschalk Elmore Hood Loomis Kelly Earl Powell John Marshall Richmond 56 } Spanish Club Motto: To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield Flower: Pomegranate Song: La Paloma Colors: Red and yellow OFFICERS Reuben Wohlford. President Robert Barnett. Vice President Frances Robertson. Secretary Millard Williams. Treasurer Dorothy Garden. Reporter Miss Wood... Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Alexander Apostolou Madeline Fleshman George Baker Eglenna Foster Mary Barnett Dorothy Garden Robert Barnett Charlotte Garst Charles Beller Phoebe Gilmore Meredith Boone Harry Gwinn Archie Booth Edward Hale Murrill Bowman Ellen Hambrick Hazel Bradley Myrtle Hash Jean Brookes Vincent Hilton Edward Brown Annabelle Hobbs J. B. Brown Miss Nancy Hoyle Petie Bunting Dorothy Jennings Hugh Carter John Jett Nellie Coleman Edith Lanigan Richard Cormell Patsy Lewis Edith Davis Sally Little Helen Dent Edith LaPradd Virginia Duffy Eari. Long Luther Engell Luther Loop Edward Firbougii Frances Martin Milton Fitzpatrick James Martin Lillian Mondie Dorothy Staton Ruth Morehead Hattie Steedly Louise Morgan Mrs. Pearl Strickler Morris Murpiiey Mary Louise Thomas Laura Oakey Ruel Watkins Irene Overcash Lucile White India Pace Leo Wiiiticar Sybil Perdue Lois Whitlock Caroll Parker Norma Wigington J. C. Penn Anne Taylor Wiley Elizabeth Perrow Frances Williams Margaret Perrow Millard Williams Howard Peters Rea Wills Claudine Poff Reuben Wohlford Ruby Prilliman Bob Waltz Frances Robertson Robert Wondree Ozelle Robey Hurst Wood Carlton Ronk Corliss Woolridge Eugene Rowell Mildred Worley Mrs. Ethel S. Sliockey John Young Jake Showalter James Stanley Ella Zimmerman ■4 57 } THE PIONEER OF 1934 Latin Club Motto: Aut vine ere aut ware—either to conquer or to die OFFICERS Miriam Oakey. Alma Darden. Albert Snapp. Nancy Pierpont. Colors: Blue and yellow . President . Vice President Secretary- T reasurer . Reporter Peter Apostolou A4ildred Atkinson Mary Virginia Branch Dorothy Bruce Emily Carter Ida Cecil Alma Cox Alma Darden Polly Fagg Betty Fleck Preston Graves Margaret Going MEMBERS Hazel Hall Aminee Jones Virginia Loop Caroll McCollum Mary Jean McClung Lillie Ann McGrady Edith Meadows Evelyn Minter Nancy Pierpont Virginia Poff Mary Frances Price Alice Reed Gaynar Rhoades David Rucker Dan Smiley Albert Snapp Frances Stoutamire John Henry Stump Eugene Swan Betty Turner Mary Evelyn Whittmore Doris Wilkinson Louise Wimmer { 58 } ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Home Economics Club Marguerite Warren . Kathleen Goodwin Sarah Barnard. . Juanita Cox. . . OFF ICERS . President Vice President . . . Secretary Treasurer Evelyn Aires Polly Ferguson Alice Garland Helen Huffman Nellie Kelcii MEMBERS Edith LaPradd Louise Overstreet Eileen Rucker Daisy St. Clair Lois Williams 4 59 Future Farmers of America OFFICERS Wallace Garst. Kenneth Fankhouser. Frank Deel. Claude Johnson. James Martin. Mr. T. L. Burke. . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter Faculty Advisor Acy Adams James Agner Charles Baltimore Ralph Barnett John Bayse Roy Beamer Clarence Blevins Robert Butler Harry Clark Hensil Darnell Raymone Davis Frank Deel Garner Dobyns Robert Dooley Norman Duffy Alvin Dunahoo Wilford Dunaiioo Ural Duncan John Eller Roderick Ennis Kenneth Fankhouser Edward Firebaugh Ashland Gale Wallace Garst Leonard Gilbert Frank Gallion Ralph Gallion George Glass Boyer Hall Fred Hannah Harold Huffman Herman James Claude Johnson Earl Long James Martin Gordon Maxwell Lawrence Myers Oswald Pratt Billy Sellew Lowell Sink Elmer Shaver James Stanley Eugene Thompson Cecil Vest Earl Watson { 60 } Ross Depkin . . Bob Barnett. “Bo” Short Monogram Club OFFICERS . President Vice President . Sec.-Treas. Robert Altizer Charles Baltimore Robert Barnett Lloyd DeHart Ross Depkin Garland Ferris Shirley Graham MEMBERS John Jett William Joyner Mont Junkin Luther Loop Robert Mowles Morris Murphey Herman Naff John Naff Clay Nininger Russell Philpott Herman Short Jack Stone Earl Watson James Wiley { G1 )• Sawta Throw The Mon Down -Si-fire One “Snapshots” cJL .i .%u. Y M yu .) Snapshots : Best Lookin ; Miss Thomas Most A Hr active Miss Darden Most Popular Mr. Chapman Best All-Round Mr. House Most Capable Miss McConkey Most Sarcastic Mr. Denton Most Sympathetic Mrs. Shockey Most Dignified Mrs. Pedigo Most Interesting Mr. Snapp Most Willing Mrs. Strickler Jerry Crawford India Pace Charlotte Fishburne Louise Dawson Edith Reynolds Beauty Parade Virginia Guernsey Lucile White Auvrey Keith Ruth Hollyfield Jeanie Richmond ■{ 65 } Mr. D. E. Denton Head Coach Andrew Lewis High School ATHLETICS Football Squad D. E. Denton. Pete Burch. Hobart Pierpont OFFICERS . Coach . Manager Assistant Manager Ends Philpott De Hart Nininger Heslip Barnett Centers Loope Altizer Graham SQUAD Tackles Guards Jett Naff JOYNER DEPKIN Ferris • Short i ' • C Wi Stone ’Watson Wiley Backs Junkin SoWDER Mowles Chaffin 4 68 )3i- Seniors. ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Football, 1933 The 1933 Football Season may well be termed the most successful in the annals of our school. Starting out the year with better facilities than in the past years and with better than average material returning from previous years to Coach Denton and Pete Lavinder, an alumnus of Salem High School and graduate of Roanoke College. Victories, among others, were recorded over our old rivals, Jefferson, of Roanoke, and Glass, of Lynchburg. To pick out for special mention any one of the members of the team, would be to destroy that element of teamplay so manifested this season. Injuries to keymen in the latter part of the season prevented a perfect record. Pointing with pride to our victories and the manner in which the game was played throughout the entire schedule, a precedent is created for future teams of Andrew Lewis to follow. Bo Short was elected Honorary Captain for the season and Bob Barnett, Captain of the nineteen thirty-four edition of the Wolverines. Abingdon.... Covington... Jefferson.... Lynchburg. . Bristol. Radford. Graham. Clifton Forge SCHEDULE OF 1933 6 6 6 12 6 7 3 14 Andrew Lewis, Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis 7 32 20 24 o 21 o 6 4 69 4 THE PIONEER OF 1934 Basket Ball Squad D. E. Denton. Richard Burch. Gene Rowell. OFFICERS THE “A” TEAM Burch. Barnett. Junkin. Joyner. Earl Watson. . . Forward , . Forward Murphy. Baltimore. Richmond. Claude Johnson. Alec Apostolou Arthur Brubaker Shirley Graham Moyer Heslip SQUAD Luther Loop J. C. Penn Howard Peters MASCOT “Weenie” Barnett H 70 }3 - Earl Powell Ammon Sears Bernard Snyder John Thornton ANDREW LEWIS HIGH SCHOOL Girls’ Basket Ball Agnes Sale. Captain Mrs. Vest. Coach Forwards Guards Side Center Jumping Centers Eugenie Richmond Brownie Hubbell Agnes Sale Myrtle Hash Coleen Sanford Doris Kellner Sybil Perdue Frances Cheek Margaret Parker The girls’ basket ball squad had what may be termed a very successful season. The girls won more than seventy-five per cent, of their games. They climaxed the season by winning the County Championship from Vinton. Captain Sale was one of the outstanding players of the season. She was amply helped by Cheek and Hubble at the guard positions, Richmond and Sanford at the forward positions, and Hash at the center position. Cheek and Sale had the honor of being selected on the all-tournament team. 4 71 } Golf Team Eldridge Garrett.. Captain Bob Dooley MEMBERS Bernard Sugard Harold Huffman 72 } “Athletic Snapshots” MtifM ADVERTISEMENTS 1 Thanks u 1 .To the student body of Andrew Lewis for your loyal sup¬ port. Please always feel at home when you visit your own £alem Theatre. You will usually see a good show. Sound is always per¬ fect. Cordially, ■ BERNARD DEPKIN, JR. H ROANOKE COLLEGE Member Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States B. A. and B. S. DEGREES and PRE¬ PROFESSIONAL COURSES 1934 Summer School June 12th—Augusi nth + + + Fall Term Opens September 20, 1934 Founded 1853 SALEM, VIRGINIA FULLY ACCREDITED (greetings ! To the students of the Andrew Lewis High School we extend our cordial greetings. M ay this issue of The c Pio?ieer help to per¬ petuate the “Spirit” which the Staff has endeavored to portray and may pleasant memories be recalled by its perusal. We deem it a privilege to place at your disposal our more than fifty years’ ex¬ perience in the printing business. The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co. Edward L. Stone, President ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 4 . 77 } “We Sell to Sell Again” COUNTRY HAM Salem Hardware R. D. HURT Company SALEM, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF P. L. STARKEY Dealer in Fancy Groceries , Fresh OLD VIRGINIA and Cured Meats BRICK Fish, Oysters and Game in Season Telephones 133-134 3 14 MAIN STREET Gittens Morton INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, LOANS Salem’s Oldest Insurance Agency 120 EAST MAIN STREET Salem, Virginia (Goodbye Anxiety) LOGAN PUGH COMPANY Dry Goods and Notions SALEM, VIRGINIA The Pure Food Store BROWN HARDWARE COMPANY THE VERY BEST AT THE Everything in Hardware LOWEST PRICE PHILCO RADIOS : HEATROLAS Telephone 180 MAJESTIC RANGES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES JOHN T. BOWMAN, Proprietor Telephone 121 123 East Main Street Salem, Virginia { 78 } Smead Webber Bowmont Farms Established in 1850 The Oldest Drug Store in Western Virginia Producers of Superior Quality Grade A Milk + + + + + + SALEM’S LEADING The Bowmont Jersey Herd has been under Federal and State super¬ vision since 1917 , and is fully accredited DRUGGISTS + + + + + + KNOW THE SOURCE OF YOUR MILK SUPPLY! £ ' As Up-to-Date as To-morrow ” Telephone 417AV-2 G. E. PIERPONT GOLDSMITH General Insuratice and ATHLETIC Surety Bonds EQUIPMENT Farmers National Bank Building Roanoke Hardware Telephone 329 SALEM, VIRGINIA Company J. H. JOBE Pot Plants, Cut Flowers and COMPLIMENTS OF Funeral Designs Telephone 485 “SAY IT WITH FLOWERS” The Corner Store { 79 }S«- SALEM FOUNDRY AND MACHINE WORKS Passenger and Freight Elevators SALEM, VIRGINIA O. G. LEWIS COMPANY, Inc. Ford Dealers . . Telephone 93 SALEM, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF CARL GOTTSCHALK’S GARAGE “AT THE CENTER OF SALEM” WEBBER’S PHARMACY HEADQUARTERS FOR SALEM HIGH STUDENTS “Prescriptions Have Our First Attention ” Telephone 48 WE DELIVER 80 I TELEPHONE 25 F. C. WILEY, Manager THE GLENMARY APARTMENTS “ The Best Place on Earth to Live ” LANGHORNE PLACE SALEM, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF J. F. BARBOUR SONS Contractors of Andrew Lewis High School •»2{ 81 }i COMPLIMENTS OF JEFFERSON ELECTRIC COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT MARTIN COMPANY Class Jewelry for All Occasions GRANDIN THEATRE HENEBRY SONS Direction WM. S. WILDER Jewelry “Roanoke s Community Asset ” 209 SOUTH JEFFERSON STR EET Roanoke, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF MOIR TROUT ROANOKE, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF JOSTEN COMPANY “COME AND SAVE” Furniture : Rugs : Radios Westinghouse Refrigerators REID CUTSHALL ROANOKE, VIRGINIA SCHRAFFT’S CANDY 82 “SINCE 1889” The New Deal finds Oak Hall, as usual in the lead. Our prices lowered, our quality maintained; better service always. + + + hAK HAI 1 J nkosenlma £Son . £j Dependable Clothes for Men, Women, Boys and Girls + + + JEFFERSON AT CAMPBELL “ THRU-THE-BLOK ” COMPLIMENTS OF Salem Grocery Company + + + C. H. KESLER. President ARMSTRONG CROSS . . Sec.-Treas. Andrew Lewis High School Landscaped and Planted BY Sherwood Nurseries Incorporated SALEM, VIRGINIA Telephone 129 W1TTEN-M ARTIN Furniture “GOOD FURNITURE FOR GOOD HOMES” Telephone 3762 ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Business Administration and Secretarial Science { 83 } . ANDREW middle sew a Extern, Yrgiti

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