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ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL o o THE Ptalteme 193 3 VOLUME IV PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF SALEM, VIRGINIA The New Andrew Lewis High School To be occupied by the Student Body of Salem High School in the fall of IQJJ FOREWORD IF, SOME DAY NOT SO FAR DISTANT, THIS VOLUME WILL RECALL TO MIND THE FRIENDSHIPS MADE AND THE HAPPY HOURS SPENT AS STUDENTS OF SALEM HIGH SCHOOL, WE, THE STAFF, WILL FEEL THAT OUR EFFORTS EVEN IN THIS PERIOD OF THE DEPRESSION HAVE NOT BEEN IN VAIN. WITH THIS AIM IN VIEW, WE SUBMIT TO YOU THE 1933 WOLVERINE TO THE ONE WHO HAS SO PATIENTLY AND FAITHFULLY GUIDED US FOR FOUR YEARS THROUGH JOYS AND SORROWS, FAILURES AND VICTORIES, TRIALS (OF FIRE AND WATER) AND TRIUMPHS, WE MOST AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATE THIS, OUR ANNUAL, TO OUR PRINCIPAL, Mr. Robert W. House o — Miss Dorothy Alexander Commercial Mr. F. L. Bruce Mr. T. E. Burke English, History Vocational Agriculture Mr. Robert E. Mr. Roland E. Cook Lee Chapman County Superintendent Mathematics Miss Louise Mr. D. E. Denton Mr. Jack B. Darden Athletic Director, Farley Latin, Mathematics French Science Mrs. L. W. Fischel Miss Louise Mr. Robert Vocational Home Fulton House Economics Mathematics, History Principal Miss Emma Hurt History Mrs. L. G. Pedigo English Mrs. E. C. James Latin Mrs. Ethel Shockey Mathematics Miss Emily Lorraine Miss ARnie McConkey Mrs. J. F. Morton Science Mathematics Study Hall Mr. J. H. Snapp English Mrs. W. G. Strickler English Miss Dorothy Thomas Secretary Mrs. Taylor Turner Mrs. F. H. Vest English History, Social Science Miss Pauline Webb History, Science Miss Viola Wood Spanish, History 4 t s The Classes JT The WolverinelL l 1 933 J ' Senior Class OFFICERS President . Isaac Andrews Vice President . John Peter Saul Secretary . Dorothy Garst Treasurer . David Hitt Motto: “Labor omnia vincit” f Colors: Red and White Flower: American Beauty Senior Poem Double , double , toil and trouble, Our labors now have ceased to bubble. With smiles and joys and work untold , We have at last attained our goal. Through water , fire and smoke we came , But we have succeeded in winnuig our game. We leav e our Alma Mater with a sad adieu, Knowing the joys other Seniors will have , too , Thinking of the happy days we have spent , IIow we enjoyed our school days and every event. But to every Senior Fate tells the day When each has to depart and be on his way. —Frances Garst -—Frances Moran { 6 )■ r The Wol 1 • 1 verine t 1 933 JT ISAAC ANDREWS “ The only way to have a friend, is to he one” Science Club, I, 2, Secretary I, 2; Hi-Y, 3, 4, President 4, Vice President 3; Student Council, 4; Annual Staff, 2, 3; Newspaper Staff, 2, 3; President of Senior Class. WILLIAM J. AUSTIN “He whistles as he goes, light-hearted wretch” F. F. A. 2; Botany Club, 2; Literary Society, 3 JOHN WILLIAM BARNARD “His modesty exceeds his valor” Literary Society, 2; Football, 3; Basket Ball, 3, 4; Hi-Y, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 3, 4 VIRGINIA LOUISE BISHOP “Quietly she works away, Faithful to each duty.” Girl Reserve, 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3 ELSIE PAIGE BLACK “Study does not take all my time” Latin Club, 2 McCLAIN BOWMAN “Better late than never” Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Botany, 2; Literary Society, I, 2, 3; Declamation, 3, 4; Reading, 3 JOHN ROBERT BOWMAN “ The light heart lives long” Botany Club, 2; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Football, 3; Basket Ball, 3 EL IZABETH CABELL BRAND “She has a way all of her own” Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserve, 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff, 4 4 7 J r The Wolverinel 1 1933 I , c£ x a " CO ¥• RICHARD BURKE “Strange to the world he wears a hashful look ” Hi-Y, 3, 4; Football Squad, 2, 4; F. F. A., 3, 4 OZELLA LUCY BUTTS “What ' s the use to worry? It never did pay. " Girl Reserve, 1,2; Home Economics, 3, 4 ROBERT CLYDE BYRD “ Thou art too mild, Pray thee swear a little F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2 HAROLD DOUGLAS CARPER “ Good-natured; to all a friend ” High School Band 1; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Orchestra, 3 ALMA LUCETTA CARR “She hath always a cheerful face ” Girl Reserve, 2; Home Economics, 3 MARY ETHEL CARROLL “Silence is golden ” Girl Reserve, 2; Bible Club, 3 WILLIE BEATRICE CECIL “Beautiful but dumb does not apply here ” ELLA MAE CECIL “ And fair and beautiful, too ” Girl Reserve, 1, 2 V • 4 8 }!!«• S The Wolverinel 1 933 1 MARIAN LOUISE CECIL “ Why worry with the cares of life ” Latin Club, i, 2; Home Economics, 4 MARGARET LOIS CECIL “Fair without, faithful within” Latin Club, 2 JOHN B. CHEATHAM “Speech is great, but silence is greater” Literary Society, 2; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4 MARY ELIZABETH CLARK “A jolly girl, a true friend to all” Glee Club, 3; Latin Club, 3; Girl Reserve, 3, 4; President, 4 ROY JESTER COLEMAN “He is modest, he is shy. But there ' s mischief in his eye.” OLIVE AUSTRIA COLLINS “ Very quiet, and very sweet” THEADORE COMPTON “ The world is always in need of men who can do things” VALENTINE TICE CONNER “Never do to-day what can be put off till to-morrow” Science Club, 1; Botany Club, 2 4 9 mmi JT The Wolverine l 1933 I IANTHA RUTH CROCKETT “ What is more useful than silence ? It never betrays you.” Latin Club, 2 JESS WILLARD CROSSWHITE “ Maybe there are finer fellows, But we haven’t seen them yet.” MINNIE EVA CUSTER “ Always gay and happy, With a smile that never fades.” Latin Club, 2 LEWIS E. DAWSON, JR. “A laugh is worth a groan in any market” LEONA CHRISTINE DEW “Give me time and plenty of it” MARY ELLA DIVERS “ Knowledge is power ” BEATRICE MADELENE DRAPER “A girl true to each task” Latin Club, I, 2; Bible Club, 3 MAMIE BELLE DUFFY “ ’Tis the quiet people who are happiest and get the most done” Scrapbook Club, 1; Latin Club, 2, 3; Glee Club, 4 4 10 V ♦ M ♦ ♦ The Wolverine 1933 BETTIE NANNIE DUTTON “ All things are possible to diligence and skill” MARION ANDERSON DYER “By the work one knows the workman” F. F. A., i, 2 GEORGE THOMAS EADES “Why worry with the puzzles of life?” Monogram, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3, 4 SARAH MARGARET EUTSLER “Her smile shows her disposition” Literary Society, 4; Reader, 4 CLAUDINE MAE FOUTZ “ Blue eyes and golden hair, With just a touch of aristocratic air.” JACK BLAIR FRIER “He makes sunshine in a shady place” Baseball, 2, 4; Hi-Y, 4 MILDRED LEE GARDNER “Rose never bloomed that rivaled this fair bud” LILLIAN VIRGINIA GARLAND “ I’m sorta’ bashful But just let me get started.” Home Economics, 1, 2 4 11 ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ JT The 1 Wolverine 1 933 ALWIN BROWN GARRETT “ ' Tis men like me that make the world go ’round” ELDRIDGE GARRETT “One man, in his time, may play many parts” Golf, 4 W. WALTER GARRETT “Men of few words are the best men” F. F. A., i; Biology Club, i, 2; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3; Track, 3 DOROTHY WILLARD GARST “She attains whatsoever she pursues” President Home Economics Club, 2; Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; President 4; Debating, 3; Public Speaking, 2; Student Council, 4; Band, 2; Glee Club, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Secretary Senior Class; Secretary Sophomore Class. FRANCES ELIZABETH GARST “High flames the light of her intelligence” Latin Club, 1, 2; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; Literary Society, 4; Girl Reserve, 4 THELMA LUCILLE GARST “Wisdom is better, than rubies” Latin Club, 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserve, 4, Salutatorian WILBURN S. GEARHEART “ The longer I live, the more I learn” F. F. A., 1 THELMA GIVENS “Ever bright, gentle, and sweet” 4 12 V ♦ ♦ Jf The Wolverine ., 1 1933 I GEORGE K. GOODE “ A little body doth often harbor a great soul” Band, 2, 3 ANNE KATHERINE GOODWIN “A gracious manner and a winning smile ' ’ ' ’ Home Economics, 1, 3, 4; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4 DULCIE OLETTA GRAHAM “ The mildest manner and the gentlest heart” Glee Club, 2 ALICE LENORA HART “ Love ' s sweetness, goodness in her person shine ELEANOR VOCI HENDERSON “ Honesty is her virtue” MARY ELIZABETH HENDERSON “ How pretty her blushing was a?id how pretty she blushed again” Glee Club, 1, 2; Girl Reserve, 2; Annual Staff, 3 JAMES DAVID HITT, JR. “ He ' s kind to everyone he meets, And everyone he passes greets.” Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Literary Society, 2, 3; Vice President, 3; Declamation, 3,4;Treasurer, Senior Class; Golf. VIRGINIA HODGES “Of honest worth, truly one on whom we can all depend” Girl Reserve, 4 { 13 }■ JT The Wolverine! 1 1933 1 HORACE HOOD, III “ The laborer is worthy of his reward ” Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; Latin Club, 1; Science Club, 2; Literary Society, 1; Student Council, 4; Newspaper Staff, 4; Track, 4. BURT C. HORNE, JR. “ A good heart ' s worth gold " WILLIAM A. HOUSE “ Better toot your own horn, No one else will do it for you.” Botany Club, 2; Literary Society, 1; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Vice President, 4; Science Club, 1, 2; Band, 2, 3; Annual Staff, 4; Basket Ball, 4; Tennis, 4. BEULAH ALICE HUFFMAN “She has a manner that is gentle and refined " Home Economics, 1, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; Glee Club, 4 KATHERINE CARR HURT “Could I love less I would be happier " Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserve, 2, 3, 4 FRANK LEWIS HUTSON “Oh! the sheik. His eyes and hair the shades of night " Student Council, 2; Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 4; Botany Club, 2; Latin Club, 2 NANCY MARIAN JAMES “ And still her tongue ran on " Literary Society, 1, 3; Latin Club, 2, 3 ROME SCHLATER JOHNSTON “In youth and beauty wisdom is but rare " Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Secretary, 1, 2; Girl Reserve, 2, 4; Valedictorian { 14 } ♦ ♦ Wol verine 1933 SALLY REYNOLDS KEISTER “A maiden never bold in spirit, still and quiet” Home Economics, I, 2, 3, 4; Reporter, 4 VANNIS ANNE KINZIE “Her besetting temptation is to hear and not to speak " Glee Club, 1, 2, 4; Literary Society, 4; Girl Reserve, 2 ALEX LEONARD “Insist on your own, never imitate” VIRGINIA LEE McGRADY “Her ways are ways of pleasantness " PAGE OTIS MANN “How good is a man’s life, the mere living " Annual Staff, 4 ALICE NORERE MARTIN “ She that is thy friend indeed, She will help thee in thy need. " Scrapbook Club, 1; Literary Society, 1, 4; Girl Reserve, 2; Home Economics, 3 BETTY WATKINS MARTIN “She is as full of love as of kindness " Girl Reserve, 2, 4, President, 2, Secretary, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3; Annual Staff, 4; Cheer Leader, 4 4 15 }• ELON MARTIN “Neither too careless nor too glad, Neither too studious nor too sad. " JTThe Wolverinel 4 I 1933 I MARY ELIZABETH MARTIN “ Trouble sits but lightly on her shoulders” Literary Society, I, 2, 3, 4; Botany Club, 2; Latin Club, 3 MARY MAULSBY MARTIN “Filled to the brim with real personality " Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserve, 2, 4; Home Economics Club, 3; Cheer Leader, 4 ROBERT MARTIN “Oh, for a loud voice " Science Club, 1; Basket Ball, 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club, 3, 4; Manager of Track, 3 (X Of 1 (AS EMMA HUNTER MAXWELL “ Saints only have such faces " Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 2, Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Girl Reserve, 2, 3, 4; Student Council, 3, 4, ' • Secretary-Treasurer, 3; Secretary of Junior Class; Annual Staff, 4; Newspaper Staff, 4. FRANCES LOUISE MINGA “Lady, wherefore talk you sol " Glee Club, 2; Literary Society, 3 RUTH FRANCES MORAN “ She has a manner that is gentle and refined " Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2; Latin Club, 2 JAMES EDWARD MORGAN “His quiet ways are true marks of refinement " WILLIAM RUFUS MORGAN “He has a head and so has a pin " -f The WolverinelL 1 1933 I B. FRANK MOWLES, JR. “ Words count not—but deeds” Hi-Y, i; Monogram, 2; Football, 1, 2, 3; Baseball, 1, 2; Track, 3 LILLIAN JETT NASH “She eats not the bread of idleness " JACK L. OAKEY “He laughs and the world laughs with him” Golf, 4 NELLIE WHITE PIERPONT “ fVhen there ' s a man in ihe case, All other things give place. " Treasurer of Sophomore Class; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserve, 2, 4; Literary Society, 1, 2; Annual Staff, 3 BEN PILLIS “Better be small and shine than large and cast a shadow " WOODROW PILLIS “A man ' s a man for a ' that " HILDA MARIE POFF “She has a sweetness all her own " HERMAN LAYNE POFF “None but himself can be his parallel " 4 . 17 jr Th 1 " Wh. to Cu- 1 n e Wolverine l 4 1 933 1 OMEGA ARLINGTON POFF “ This sweet girl is pretty and gay; an ideal in every way " Girl Reserve, 4 THELMA BARNETT POFF “How can I be in love and be wise? " VIVIAN VIRGINIA PRINCE “ Be patient for the world is broad and wide " GORDON H. RAMSEY “Slumber is more sweet than toil " Botany Club, 1; Agriculture Club, 3, 4, Reporter, 3, President, 4 OTHA BURPEE ST. CLAIR “Shy and modest, as the day is long” JOHN PETER SAUL, III “ Ready in heart and ready in hand” Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Orchestra, 1; Football, 3, 4; Student Council, 3, 4, Vice President, 4; Annual Staff, 4; Newspaper Staff, 3, 4. FRANCES RICHMOND SHIELDS “Cute things come in small packages” Glee Club, 1, 2, 3; Girl Reserve, 2, 4; Literary Society, 1,2; Vice President of Junior Class JOHN JUNIOR SHOWALTER “A true friend to all” Literary Society, 1; F. F. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 2; Secretary, 3, Reporter, 4 i The Wolverine i 1 1933 i WILLIAM H. SLOUGH “ Good humor is the health of the soul ” JAMES LYNWOOD SOWDER “ Quietness is a sign of strength” WILLIAM ROSS STEVENSON “ The play is the thing ” Monogram Club, 3, 4; Mythology Club, 1 PASCHAL STOUTAMIRE “ ’Tis well to he witty and wise ” Agriculture Club, 2, 3 EUNICE MAE TAYLOR “Ever ready for everything ” Latin Club, 1, 2; Girl Reserve, 4 HERBERT ANDREW THOMAS “Each has his own knack” Agriculture Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 4 LEWIS PRESTON THOMAS “ Speak the truth , And shame the devil.” ELIZABETH SOUTH “She was as good as she was fair” Latin Club, 2 4 19 ♦ ♦ ♦♦ The Wolverine X 1933 JOHN WESLEY TOWE “ The light heart lives long " RUBY FRANCES TURNER “She hath always a cheerful face ' ' ’ HELEN ELIZABETH TYLER “A good sport in every way " Glee Club, 4 LAURIE JOSEPH TYLER “A big man with a big heart " Treasurer of Junior Class; Monogram Club, 2, 3, 4; Football, 3, 4; Basket Ball, 4; Baseball, 1, 2, 4; Track, 3 JOE BASCOM VOCI “For he ' s a jolly good fellow " MARGARET LUCILLE VOCI “It talked; mercy, how it talked! " Home Economics Club, 1, 2; Glee Club, 4 EDWARD K. WALKER “I ' ll warrant him whole-hearted " HESTER MABEL WEAVER “To know her is to love her, have we not said enough? " Bible Club, 3 { 20 JT The WoiverinelL 1 1933 1 ELIZABETH CRAWFORD WERTZ “I ' ll be merry and free, and sad for nobody” Bible Club, 2 ALICE EUGENIA WEST “ Her heart is as true as steel” Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4; Reader, 1, 3; Glee Club, i 2, 3; Student Council, 2; Girl Reserves, 2, 4; Home Eco¬ nomics, 3; Newspaper Staff, 3; Annual Staff, 3, 4. HELEN ELIZABETH WETZEL “As happy as the day is long” Home Economics, 1, 2; Literary Society, 1; Glee Club, 4 MURRAY K. WHITE “ Ever dependable, ever true” Annual Staff, 4 ORA MABEL WILKINSON “An ideal girl in every way” Glee Club, 4 EMILY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS “Silence is deep as eternity. Speech is shallow as tide.” ROBERT WILLIS “Happy am I, from care I ' m free; Why aren’t all contented like me?” EDWARD GARRISON WOOD “A man’s brain is not measured by its width” Band, 2, 3; Botany, 2; Mythology Club, 1 21 JT The Wolverine! I 1 933 J ' tJZ HELEN LOUISE WOOD “ Beware, when she meditates mischief is brewing” RUTH ELIZABETH WOOD “ A friend to those who need a friend” MILDRED KATHERINE WORLEY “ Live and have a good time while you may, You may probably never see another day.” Sewing Club, 2; President of Glee Club, 2; Literary Society, 2; Girl Reserve, 4; Cheer Leader, 4 GLADYS LOLENE YOUNG “Blue, alluring eyes in whose depth I lose myself” Home Economics, 1, 2, 3, 4; Vice President, 4 MARGARET ANNA ZEUHLKE “Quiet as a mouse, but busy as a bee” Home Economics, 2 31 n Inning umnurg of uur furutrr (Elassmatr (EnpuH Hum—3lmtr fi. 1015 Hirb—August 20, 1032 4 22 }£ • ♦ ♦ Wol verine 1 933 Senior Class History important we felt as the Freshman Class of 1928-29; and yet, how insignificant we seemed among our upper classmen as we assembled in the audi¬ torium to begin our high school career. Imagine the embarrassment caused by being unable to join in the singing of the Salem High Spirit , or in the lusty yells that welcomed the new school year. It was encouraging to know that Mr. House was a “Freshman” too. He has been the faithful guide and helper of the Class of ’33 through all its trials. We escaped without much hazing in our Freshman year and were relieved to become Sophomores at last. No more did we feel as though we were in everybody’s way! How superior we felt to all the lowly Freshmen! During this year the partial destruction by fire of our Alma Mater made College Avenue our campus. We felt like university students going to and from classes. The idea of the plaque on which the most outstanding Senior’s name was to be placed each year was inaugurated during this year and we are proud to have the name of a member of our class on this. I think most of us were very glad to resume our studies as Juniors in old Salem High School. The big event of the year was the reception we gave in honor of the departing Senior Class. Some of our class in the role of sailors aided the Seniors in embarking upon their voyage into the great world. “Seniors at last!” was the sigh we heard last fall. Whether one of relief, or one in anticipation of the added dignities we would be called upon to assume as Seniors was the question. The first part of the year was rather uneventful; but mid-term examinations! We “toiled and troubled” with our Senior English under Mr. Snapp and wondered if we would ever get through writing papers. Time passed more quickly during the last lap of our journey. The class pictures and class mirror caused a great deal of excitement. Dorothy Garst was chosen the most outstanding Senior—the one who had contributed most to Salem High School during her four years. Her name will appear on the honor plaque. Rome Schlater Johnston and Thelma Garst tied for the honor of being valedic¬ torian. However, by draw, Rome Schlater was chosen and Thelma was the salutatorian. We wish to express our hearty appreciation to the Juniors for entertaining us so attractively at the Junior-Senior Reception. Our high school days closed with the class sermon, the Senior play, and our graduation exercises on May thirty-first. With a wave of diplomas and a smile upon our faces, despite the sadness of the occasion, we said farewell to Salem High, feeling that the four years had prepared us for the battles of life.— Nancy James. 4 . 2 $ jf The Wolverine1 4 1 1933 J SENIOR CLASS MIRROR Best Looking Jack Oakey Emma Hunter Maxwell Cutest Jack Frier Frances Shields Wittiest Paschal Stoutamire Lucille Voci Most Capable John Peter Saul Dorothy Garst Most Attractive David Hitt Omega Poff Teacher ' s Pet William House Nancy James Most Dignified Jack Oakey Betty Brand Best Scholar B. C. Horne Eleanor Henderson Biggest Sheik Frank Lewis Hutson Lucille Voci Most Popular William House Dorothy Garst Best Athlete Larry Tyler Helen Tyler Best All Around David Hitt Betty Martin Most Sarcastic Garrison Wood Margaret Eutsler Most Experienced Frank Lewis Hutson Alice West Most Personality John Peter Saul Betty Martin Most Sophisticated Bill Slough Rome Schlater Johnson Most Bashful Otha St, Clair Elsie Black Blushes Most B. C. Horne Elizabeth Henderson Most Dependable Murry White Alice West Biggest Case Murry White Ozella Butts 34 Jf The Wolverine L 1 1 933 I FACULTY MIRROR Best Looking Most Attractive Miss Thomas Miss Darden Most Popular Most Interesting Miss McConkey Mr. Snapp Mr. Chapman Most Willing Has Most Pets Mrs. Strickler Miss McConkey Most Sarcastic Best All Around Mr. Denton Mr. House { 25 JF The Wolverineli 1 933 I Senior Class Prophecy Dear “Bishop”: May 31, 1945 lust docked in New York about two weeks ago after finishing up my latest job of reporting on the Geneva Conference and have bumped into so many of our old classmates, I simply had to write you about them. But first, let me congratulate you on your latest promotion—don’t work too hard even though you are the head librarian at Simmons College. I saw a number of our friends in New York and different cities on the way down to the old home town. John Peter Saul and Isaac Andrews are joint editors of the New York Times and they have chosen as associates two old classmates, Betty Martin and Ruby Turner. I could not resist calling upon them and they invited me to lunch with them the next day. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at the Hotel Astor and found the table laid for twelve. I could hardly wait to read the place cards. The first one I picked up was Margaret Eutsler’s. Seeing my surprise, John Peter said: “I suppose you know Margaret is starring in the latest M-G-M picture, Lavender and Old Lace. The other stars in the cast are Beatrice Draper, Virginia Hodges, Alma Carr, Bill Slough, Elsie Black and Ruth Crockett. Horace Hood is directing, assisted by Layne Poff.” About that time the other guests arrived, led by a stately gentleman, none other than John William Barnard, who is teaching math at Columbia University. While eating, we discussed some more of our classmates. Frank Lewis Hutson is simply tearing up Hollywood. His latest picture, The Sheik, has won him a place as Valentino’s successor. Roy Coleman is teaching English at Harvard. Harold Carper and Theodore Compton won fame in solving the “Dog and Cat Mystery.” When it rains it pours, sure enough, for lo and behold when I tuned in on WLW that night, what should I hear but “Jack Frier announcing for the famous Jack Oakey Cigar Hour, featuring Alice West, soprano, Lucille Voci and Paschal Stoutamire, comedians, and the Singing Cecil Sisters, Ella Mae, Beatrice, Louise and Margaret.” I stopped over in Baltimore several days and heard loads of gossip—most of it out at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. The head nurses, Nellie Pierpont and Thelma Poff, were hopping around in a swivet because Olive Collins had eloped the night before with one of the most promising young surgeons on the place and they were sending Frosty Martin and Lillian Nash, who rank high as nurses there, to the most impossible places to find another surgeon to operate on a special patient, who I found out later was Lewis Dawson, head of the Ducky-Wucky Incubator Manufacturers that you have been hearing so much about lately. Frosty told me that Ethel Carrol and Ora Wilkinson were holding down positions as secretaries in the Firestone Tire and Rubber Corporation and that John Cheatham was down in South America in charge of the rubber plantations of that company. Spending a week in Washington, I was thrilled to hear that participating in the conference for the benefit of the farmers were Jack Austin, Marion Dyer, Gordon Ramsey, Junior Showalter, Herbert Thomas and Robert Byrd. Nancy James and Thelma Garst have gotten together on their Latin and are teaching there in Central High. Nancy was absolutely ga-ga over Otha St. Clair’s latest book, Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady and told me that she saw in the paper that Laurie Tyler is directing athletics at Notre Dame. Ross Stevenson and his colleague, Mary E. Martin, have just won an im¬ portant case in the Supreme Court of the United States. The renowned Sarcastic Weekly has for its editor our old friend, Garrison Wood, and the chief news hound is William House. Ben Pillis and Alex Leonard are such close friends of the President of the United States that they have been appointed to the highly coveted positions of head elevator boys in the Washington Monument. In Richmond, whom did I find as speaker of the House of Representatives but David Hitt with Emily Williams and Elizabeth Wertz as his secretaries. Among the Senators were some we know— e Wol verine 1933 B. C. Horne, Edward Morgan, Billy Morgan and Woodrow Pillis. Mary Elizabeth Clarke is married to a millionaire and lives there. She had a delightful tea for me. Among the guests were Lenora Hart, Mildred Gardner, Thelma Givens, Elizabeth Henderson and Omega Poff. I can’t remember their married names. They told me that Page Mann is now in Paris and that Time of last week had a wonder¬ ful write-up of his latest painting, which threatens to rival the Sistine Madonna. Eunice Taylor is teaching French at Richmond College where Mamie Duffey is teaching History. I saw Edward Walker’s Circus—Mildred Worley, now an accomplished aerialist was the featured star and Alvin Garrett ring¬ master. While there I was delighted to hear Walter Garrett’s Orchestra, which played for the dances at Randolph-Macon. Annie Goodwin was an added attraction as vocalist. I met Emma Hunter Maxwell who has recently married one of the judges of the beauty contest in which she won first place. Well, after so long a time I arrived in Salem. I’m staying with Frances Shields. She’s married to a wealthy man from New York and has a lovely home just outside of town. With Frank Mowles as Sheriff and Richard Burke as Chief of Police, the old town looks like new. Wesley Towe is President of Roanoke College and George Goode is Dean. Speaking of deans, Frances said that Rome Schlater Johnston is the Dean at Vassar, where Mary Divers is teaching. Dulcie Graham, Eva Custer, and Claudine Foutz are running the Crazy Crystal Beauty Parlor of the new Robert Martin Hotel. Leona Dew and Howard Price have a darling little English house in the Langhorne Place. George Eades is now manager of the Salem Creamery and Wilburn Gearhart is Secretary and Treasurer. Willard Crosswhite is the newly appointed Game Warden of Roanoke County. Picking up the Music Critique yesterday afternoon I casually glanced over several pages but read every word of America’s Greatest Opera with increasing interest. Imagine how delightfully surprised at the end to see the signature “Dotty Garst”! I was so glad to be in Salem when our Alma Mater had its annual Alumni Banquet, because we old “Grads” had such a good time together. Vannis Kinzie, Principal of the High School, presided, and the main speakers of the evening were Lewis Thomas, President of the Farmers National Bank, and Frances Garst, now a famous poetess. Wish I could go into detail about everyone who was at the banquet but I won’t have time so I’ll just say a word about each one. Helen and Ruth Wood are social service workers; Katherine Hurt and Alice Martin are running a Gift Shop. Remember that big case up at the school between Ozella Butts and Murry White? Well, it’s materialized and they’re married. Lynwood Sowder and Tice Conner own one of the largest drug stores here; Virginia McGrady, Frances Moran and Eleanor Hen derson have opened a kindergarten; Robert Bowman is the President of MacBain’s store in Roanoke; Robert Willis has deserted Salem to join the navy and is now on a cruise in Havana. Joe Voci has taken Miss Wood’s place as teacher of Spanish at Salem High. Lillian Garland, Reynolds Keister, and Elon Martin are chief operators in the Bell Telephone Offices, in Chicago, and are home on a vacation. Helen Tyler is directing athletics at Hollins; Emily Williams, Margaret Zeuhlke and Helen Wetzel are giving daily classes in home nursing at the Salem Auditorium; Lolene Young won the State Championship this year in typing. Elizabeth South has added to the fame of “Ole Virginny” with expert permanent waving. Hester Weaver is secretary to the Town Manager while Beulah Huffman and Vivian Prince are in the office of the County Superintendent of Schools. Frances Minga, Hildah Poff and Bettie Dutton are very popular and successful Counselors of the Girl Scouts. The above paragraph sounds like a city directory, but I knew you wanted to know about them. Must stop now as we are going to hear McClain Bowman preach in Roanoke. He is Bishop of Virginia now and is holding a series of meetings in this section. Aren’t you proud of our old Class of ’33—I surely am !! Always, Betty Brand Louise Bishop Betty Brand 4 . 27 Salem High School { 28 if The Wolverine! I 1933 J ■4 29 Jf The Wolverinel 4 I 1933 1 The J unior Class OFFICERS President . Eileen Argabright Vice President ... G. G. DeHart Secretary .J. B. Brown Treasurer . Carlton Gresham Motto : Colors: Green and Yellow ft rj-y • ft 1 ry, try again Flower : Chrysanthemum Junior Class History It was in September, 1930, that we, a cowed body of Freshmen, first took our stand in Salem High School. We were only several hundred high school “rats,” who didn’t know our p laces and had to be con¬ tinually told. The first two weeks were very trying indeed, but the Class of ’34 could not be discouraged long. We got organized, elected Shannon Hardwick to be our President, and settled down to make the Class of ’34 the best that ever entered Salem High School. Things were looking somewhat better when, in January, 1931, our Alma Mater burned, and we found ourselves going to school in various churches. It was fun at first but soon the novelty of it wore off and we looked forward to the time when we could again assemble in the halls and classrooms of a real school building. With our sophistication we came back as Sophomores, prepared to be rulers of the whole school. A little older, a little wiser, we settled down to our studies, Gordon Ramsey being our President. After a long battle with Latin, Math, English and Science our Sophomore year became history. Last fall we came back to take up our added burdens as Juniors under the leadership of Eileen Argabright as President. We were rather amused by the antics of the Freshmen and Sophomores, but the smiles faded quickly away when we remembered that we, too, were once “rats” and “sophs.” We have worked hard this year and are looking forward to being Seniors in a brand new high school next year! —Eileen Argabright rvc Ellen Agner Webster Agner Eileen Argabright Lawrence Bain Charles Baltimore Mary Barnett Edward Bayse Roy Beamer Golda Boens Archie Boothe George Bowman Hazel Bradley Harry Branum James Brown Arthur Brubaker Grace Brubeck Clara Bruce Richard Burch Eva Bryant Burger Byrd Glenn Callison Ruth Candler Roy W. Coleman Kermit Compton Lenora Cornwell Eva Counts James Cox Charles Cromer Claudine Crosswhite Frank Deel G. G. DeHart Alice Dooms Bobby Doughman Chapman Duffy Virginia Duffy Alvin Dunahoo Walton Dyer Marie Eakin Mark Faville De Lois Ferguson Garland Ferris Edward Firebough Charlotte Fishburne Milton Fitzpatrick Donetta French Dorothy Garden Henry Garden Alice Garland Wallace Garst Winifred Garst Stuart Givens Kathleen Goodwin Ruth Goodwin Walter Gottschalk Shirley Graham Carlton Gresham Margaret Gresham Annie Lee Grubb Virginia Guernsey Richard Guy Edward Hale Emma Hall Marian Hansbrough Dorothy Hatcher Joseph Hayes Pearl Henry Vincent Hilton Howard Hobbs Elmore Hood Lois Howard Helen Huffman Lucille Hurst Robert Hurt Dorothy James Dorothy Jennings John Jett Billy Jones William Joyner Montague Junkin Jessie Keesling Loomis Kelly Mildred Kidd Edith Lanigan Edith La Prad James Lester Sallie Little Thelma Lovern Rijby Manning Furman Martin Mary Maxey Mary L. McGhee Robert McGhee Lillian Mondie Ethel Moore Elizabeth Moran Edna Mowles Roxie Mowles Thelma Mowles Constance Murphy Herman Naff Milton Overstreet India Pace Molly Parlor Martha Peery Virginia Pilcher Alberta Poff Mary Powell Beatrice Price Ruby Prillaman Claude Reed Edith Reynolds Ethelene Reynolds Hazel Richardson Katherine Richardson Ralph Richardson Cleo Riley OZELLA ROEfeY Frances Robertson Carlton Ronk Eugene Rowell Merriman Sears Benson Shank Grace Shaver Howard Shepherd Carl Smith Bernard Snyder William Sowers Brice Stultz Ruth Stump Dorothy Taliaferro Prentiss Tate Barnhardt Taylor Blanton Thomas Clifton Thomas Ruth Thomas Eugene Thompson Phyllis Thorpe Margaret Towler James Walker Viola Walker Marguerite Warren Lucile White Mary Margaret Whitsell Norma Wigington Frances Williams Margaret Williams Millard Williams Nell Williams Rea Wills Reuben Wohlford Robert Wandrer Hurst Wood Carliss Wooldridge Victor Yonce Edward Zimmerman yy u . 0 JT The Wol verine 1 1933 ' I l r Salem High School Beauty Parade Selected by the Faculty Betty Martha Margaret Madeline Betty Brand Crowley Eutsler Fleshman Martin Emma Omega Frances Alice Lolene Maxwell POFF Shields West Young { 33 }£- Sophomore Class ,XThe Wolverine! I 1933 1 The Sophomore Class OFFICERS President . Vice President . Secretary and Treasurer . Motto: “Nothing without great labor ” James Agner Alpha Akers Doris Akers Jane Akers Page Aliff Robert Altizer Rosa Altizer Vesta Amos Lavina Andrews Alexander Apostolue Evelyn Ayers Bessie Bailey Kenneth Bain Sara Barnard Edward Barnett Ralph Barnett Robert Barnett Charles Beller Eunice Bishop Raymond Bishop E. R. Black Glen Black Robert Blackard Meredith Boone Howard Boothe Joe Bower Lewis Bower Logan Bowman Mary Bowman Melva Bowman Murrell Bowman Billy Brand Jean Brooks Dennie Me Brown Edward Brown June Brown Bessie Bryant Petie Bunting Harry Burnett Beverly Byrd Vera Calhoun Hugh Carter Helen Carson Constance Cheatham Frances Check Harry J. Clark James Cochran Billy Coffey Pershing Collins Richard Cormel Albert Counts John Counts Earl Cowan Joseph Cox Jerry Crawford Pauline Crotts Martha Crowley Lewis Daniel Hensil Darnel John Davis Louise Dawson Dorothy Dean ROLL Charles Deaner Lloyd Dehart Natalie Dehart Helen Dent Robert Dew Garner Dobyns Evelyn Douthat Alfred Dowdy Earnest Doyle Eunice Draper Norman Duffy John Dutton Lola Dye Posey Eades Mary Early John Eller Norwood English Roderwick Ennis Betty Fagg Polly Ferguson Helen Fisher Madeline Fleshman Ashland Gale Leonard Gale Evelyn Gardner Bernard Garnett Lewis Garrett Charlotte Garst Leonard Gilbert Dorothy Gittens Bessie Givens Marie Glover Virginia Glover Erskine Goodwin Naomi Goodwin George Gray Marie Gray Millard Grey Helen May Grey Lucille Grice Trout Grissom Lee Guthrie Louise Guthrie Billy Haislip Herbert Hall Leonard Hambrick Thelma Hankins Lucille Hanna bass Robert Hannabass Fred Hanna Virginia Harr Bertha Harris Myrtle Hash Ruth Hess Trennie Hess Gertrude Hobson Thelma Hodges Ruth Holi.yfield Genanee Howell Lillian Howard Brownie Hubble Guilford Huff Reba Ingram Myra Ingram Buster Jefferson Doris Jeffries Dorothy Jeffries Claude Johnson Pearl Johnson Marie Jones Leona Keck Mary Preston Keesling Auvray Keith Atlee Kidd Penn Kime Edna King Elizabeth Lambert Earl Long Mattie Lovern Frances Martin James Martin Pauline Martin Frances Maxwell Gorden Maxwell Alice McCallum Alfred McDaniel Howard McDaniel Madeline McDonald Blanche McGrady Louise Miller Mary Moran Louise Morgan Thayer Morris Thomas Morris Hazel Moses Lynwood Moses Hazel Mowles Nannette Musser Aubrey Mutter Price Mutter Lawrence Myers John Naff Mildred Naff Ural Neighbors Ella Mae Nichols Frances Nichols Clay Nininger Lou Oakey Margaret Obenchain Irene Overcash Louise Overstreet Claudine Owen Richard Perry J. C. Penn Elizabeth Perrow Marie Perrow Dora Phlegan Hobart Pierpont Claudine Poff Lillian Poff Margaret Louise Poff Bernard Powell Earl Powell Charles Powell . . . .Douglas Bunting Katharyn Spradlin . . . .Helen Fisher Colors: Blue and Gold Agnes Price Madeline Price Josephine Puckett Mildred Reed Virginia Rees Rachal Resse Pauline Rettinger Catherine V. Richardson Katherine E. Richardson Irene Roberts Eleanor Robertson .Tames Sale Augusta Saul Edward Scruggs Riley Scruggs Ammon Sears Eldridge Shaver Lena Shephfrd Jake Showalter Frances Sink Arthur Smallwood Billy Smith Jane Spessard Katherine Spradlin Elbyrne St. Clair Daisy St. Clair Ida St. Clair Hubert Stanley Dorothy Staton Earl Rosalie Stevens Mary Louise Stoutamire Virginia Sutphin James Taney Horace Terry Neville Thaker Mary Louise Thomas Eugene Thompson Moncure Towe Eva Turner Cecil Vest Russell Vest Thomas Via Ruei. Watkins Mary Wray Webber Rachel Webster Bill Wertz Earl Wertz Malcolm Wertz Lois Whillock Leo Whiticar Anne Tayi.or Wiley Charles Williams Lois Williams Louise Williams Sam Wilson Ruby Wirt Bob Woltz Sidney Yonce John Young Lois Young Ella Zimmerman Freshman Class r The Wol verine 1 1933 t The Freshman Class OFFICERS President .Richard Hitt Vice President .Herman Shortt Secretary and Treasurer .Harold FIorton Motto: “ Colors: Green and White Green but Growing” Flower: White Rose Acy Adams Rogelle Carter ROLL VlRGIE DREWERY Bayer Hall Jack Adams Mildred Cassell Ural Ducan Ira Hall Bob Akers Jean Cheatham WlLFORD DuNAHO Ellen Hambrick Kenneth Lee Akers Rosa Chesani Herbert Eanes Page Hamilton Charles Aldridge Lloyd Childress Kern Eutsler Helen Hankins Benny Altizer Emma Clark Fred Evans John Allen Harr Alfred Alvarado Ellen Coffey Donald Fankhouser Mae Hart Charles Andrews Nellie Coleman Geneva Farris Virginia Hart Chester Bain Raburn Collins Virginia Ferris Geraldine Hatcher George Baker Sam Collins Dan Finley Ruby Hendrick Gladys Baker Charles Cook Jean Fishburn Emma Henry Jack Baker Fred Cornell Glenn Fitze Richard Hitt David Barger Juanita Cox Sarah Fleck Herbert Hodges John Bayse Harold Craig James Fleshman Doris Hollyfield Marion Beck Goldie Craighead Laura Fralin Lucille Hood Jack Blackard Davis Crouch Ruth Fralin Harold Horton Clarence Blevins Ernest Dale Paul Francisco Franklin Hough Martha Board Everett Dale Alma Frazier Hazel Hudson Julia Bocock Eileen Darnell Virginia Fuqua Margaret Lee Huff Flora Eva Bolton Madge Davis Frank Gallian Emma Huffman Ruth Bowers Mildred Davis Evelyn Gardner Sam Hutson Virginia Bowers Raymond Davis Geraldine Garst Lula Irvin Ferman Bowman Edwin Dehart Marion Garst Ella Isenhaur Carey Breithaupt Vivian Dent George Glass Herman James Helen Brillhart Billy Dew Robert Goodwin Hazel Jenkins Helen Broughman James Deyerle Virginia Grant Frances Jobe Nathan Brown Lucille Deyerle Turner Graves Douglas Johnston Cane Brewer Agnes Dillard Katherine Griggs Edward Johnston Odell Burks Frances Dillard Bill Grove Margaret Johnston Mildred Burton Robert Dooley Josephine Grubb Ralph Johnston Robert Butler Helen Dooms G. B. Gutherie Marvin Jones Benny Byrd Pleasant Dowdy Harry Gwinn Ruby Jones Milba Calaway Raymond Doyle Nellie Hale Leslie Keith { 37 AlvDi L i LctVIS W CuLta Salem, Virginia Jf The Wolverine! 1 1933 1 Floyd Kelch Page Kesler FIoward Kidd FIorace Lackey Charles Lacy Jack Marmoduke Melba Martin Elizabeth McCormick Alfred McDaniel Frances McDaniel Irene McDaniel Rachel McFalls Robert Meadows Frances Miller Roy Minnix Woodrow Mitchell Ralph Morgan Julian Mowles Raymond Mowles Ruth Murphy Verta Nash Charles Nininger Sybil Pardue Margaret Parker Mary Parsons Rudolph Philpott Louise Poff Thelma Poff Roy Pollard, Jr. Dorothy Poteet Alice Price Mildred Prillman Eugine Overstreet Eula Overstreet Beatrice Ramsey Marvin Rank Vermon Reese Paul Reich Dave Reynolds Leonard Reynolds Richard Reynolds D. R. Rice Andrew Richards Berkeley Riley Blair Riley Josephine Robertson Eileen Rucker Agnes Sale Coleen Sanford FIenry Saul FIamen Scott William Sellew Elmer Shaver Katherine Shelton Nannie Shepherd Francis Shockey FIerman Shortt Orpha Showalter Lowell Sink Victor Sissor Jack Slusser Charles Smith Warren Sowder Howell Sowers Nancy Sowers Calota Sprinkle Virginia Staples Lenwood Stevenson Jack Stone Hattie May Studley Masel Sullivan Elizabeth Thomas Hilda Thomas John Thomas Ora Thomas Sabra Thomas June Thompson Paul Trail Geraldine Troutman Charles Turner Helen Wagner Earle Watson Velma Weaver Jimmie Webb Barry Welsh Mary Elizabeth Welsh Frances Wertz Thelma Wertz John West Rosa Lee Wetzel Marvin White Betsey Wiley Lorraine Williams Marshall Williams Virginia Williams Mildred Wimmer Hazel Wingfield Weldon Wirt Charles Witt Dennie Wolfe Bob Woltz Paul Woodward Pauline Woody Harold Wright Fred Wygal Helen Wygal Kathleen Wygal Raymond York Ferne Young Lois Young Darnell Zirkle Activities I Th. 1 Wol verine The Wolverine Staff Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor . Assistant Editor . Activities Editor . Sports Editor . Photograph Editor. . Art Editor . Senior Editor . Junior Editor . Sophomore Editor. . . Freshman Editor. . . . Business Manager. . . Advertising Manager Circulation Manager. .Alice West .Betty Martin .William House .Lucile White .Shirley Graham .Betty Brand .Page Mann Emma Hunter Maxwell .Henry Garden .Jerry Crawford .Virginia Williams . . . .John Peter Saul, Jr. .Murry White .Dorothy Garst verine Student Council and Newspaper STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President .Isaac Andrews Vice President .John Peter Saul Secretary .Lucile White MEMBERS Seniors Isaac Andrews Dorothy Garst Emma Hunter Maxwell John Peter Saul Juniors Bobby Douchman Henry Garden Lucile White Sophomores Petie Bunting Anne Taylor Wiley Freshmen Richard Hitt Faculty Advisors Mr. Chapman Miss Harveycutter NEWSPAPER STAFF Editor-in-Chief .Dorothy Garst Assistant Editor .Emma Hunter Maxwell Associate Editors Lucile White Anne Taylor Wiley 4 41 Petie Bunting Bobby Doughman Henry Garden Richard Hitt John Peter Saul JT The Wol verine X. 1 1933 I Literary Contestants Reader .Margaret Eutsler Speaker .Dorothy Garst Declaimers .David Hitt and Loomis Kelly Faculty Advisors Mrs. Strickler and Mr. Chapman ■4 W ♦ ♦ J The WolverineT 1 1 933 jf Literary Society Faculty Advisor .Mrs. Strickler OFFICERS President .Dorothy Garst Secretary and Treasurer .Nathalie DeHart Jane Akers Eileen Argabright Marian Beck Sarah Bernard Flora Eva Bolton Clara Bruce Jerry Crawford Nathalie DeHart Beatrice Draper Margaret Eutsler MEMBERS Helen Fisher Alma Frazier Dorothy Garst Frances Garst Emma Hall Nancy James Leona Keck Vannis Kinzie Juanita Loop 4 43 Alice Martin Mary Elizabeth Martin Pauline Martin Frances Moran Phyllis Thorpe Geraldine Troutman Alice West Norma Wigington Lucile White JT The WolverineV. 1 1933 Girl Reserves Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Vest OFFICERS President .Mary Elizabeth Clark Secretary .Betty Martin Treasurer .Janie Spessard Marian Beck Louise Bishop Clara Bruce Mary Elizabeth Clark Louise Dawson Lola Dyer Betty Fagg Charlotte Fishburne Dorothy Garden Frances Garst Thelma Garst MEMBERS Dorothy True Gittens Virginia Hodges Ruth Hollyfield Katherine Hurt Rome Sch later Johnson Betty Martin M ARY Ma ulsby Martin Emma Maxwell Nellie Pierpont Omega Poff 44 Virginia Reese Augusta Saul Frances Sfiields Janie Spessard Eunice Taylor Mary Elizabeth Welsh Alice West Lucile White Mildred Worley Sidney Yonce Hi-y Faculty Advisor. Mr. Chapman OFFICERS President .Isaac Andrews l ice President .David Hitt Secretary .Horace Hood Treasurer .Frank Lewis Hutson MEMBERS Isaac Andrews John William Barnard McClain Bowman Robert Bowman Petie Bunning Nute Burke Harold Carper John Cheatham Jack Frier Henry Garden Walter Garrett Carlton Gresham Richard Guy David Hitt Horace Hood B. C. Horne William House Frank Lewis Hutson Mont Junkin Loomis Kelly Jack Loope Gene Rowell John Peter Saul Benson Shank JT The Wolverine! ‘ (p 1 933 JT Salem High Orchestra Faculty Advisor .M ISS W OOD Coach .Dorothy Garden OFFICERS President .Harold Carper Vice President .Loomis Kelly Secretary .Earl W. Powell Treasurer .Carlton Gresham Earl W. Powell. Violin Carlton Gresham. Violin Loomis Kelly. Trumpet Kenneth Fankhauser. Trumpet Harold Carper. Trumpet Claude Reed. Drums Dorothy Garden. Piano Clayton Hale. Banjo 4 46 JT The Wol 1 verine A Glee Club Faculty Advisor Mrs. Shockey President . Vice President Secretary . . . T reasurer, OFFICERS Emma Hunter Maxwell .Dorothy Garst .Frances Garst . . . Frances Moran Sarah Barnard Jean Brooks Clara Bruce Ruth Candler Helen Carson Nathalie DeHart Leona Dew Helen Fisher Alma Frazier Charlotte Garst MEMBERS Dorothy Garst Annie Goodwin Kathleen Goodwin Emma Hall Beulah Huffman Vannis Kenzie Elizabeth Lambert Juanita Loop Frances Maxwell Edna Mowles Alice Price Frances Robertson Grace Sliaver Kathleen Shelton Helen Tyler Lucille Voci Helen Wetzel Ora Wilkinson Frances Williams Lorraine Williams 47 Wolverine i 1 933 J Home EconomielvCIub Faculty Advisor .Mrs. Fischel OFFICERS President .Marguerite Warren Vice President .Lolene Young Secretary .Beulah Huffman Treasurer .Annie Goodwin Reporter .Reynolds Keister Marian Beck Mary Bowman Ruth Candler Louise Cecil Constance Cheatfiam Madeline Fleshman Annie Goodwin MEMBERS Kathleen Goodwin Emma Henry Beulah Huffman Helen Huffman Reynolds Keister Auvray Keith { W } Claudine Owen Daisy St. Clair Eva Tlrner Marguerite Warren Frances Williams Ferne Young Lolene Young ! The Wolverinel 1 1 933 JT Future Farmers of America President . Vice President.. . Secretary . Treasurer. . Reporter.. Advisor, OFFICERS .Gordon Ramsey .Herbert Thomas .Wallace Garst .Herman Naff Junior Showalter .Mr. Burke MEMBERS Acy Adams James Agner Charles Baltimore John Bayes Clarence Blevins Charles Brown Harry Burnette Beverly Byrd Robert Byrd Harry Clark Theodore Compton Raymond Davis Frank Deel Garner Dobyns Norman Duffy Ural Duncan Alvin Dunalioo WlLFORD DUNAFIOO John Dutton John Ellos Roderick Ennis Kenneth Fankhouser Edward Firebough Wallace Garst Winfred Garst Ashland Gayle Leonard Gilbert Millard Gray Boyer Hall Herbert Hall Fred Hannah Herman James Claude Johnson Earl Long James Martin Edward Morgan Lawrence Myers Herman Naff John Naff Clay Nininger Rudolph Philpott Howard Shepherd Junior Showalter Jerry Sink Carl Smith James Stanley Elbyrne St. Clair Herbert Thomas Eugene Tfiomason Earl Watson Robert Wandree Joe Zimmerman 4 49 Baseball Squad J The Wolverine!-, 1 1933 j Football The Salem High “Wolverines” began the football season of 1932 handicapped in many respects. Among these were lack of experience and of a playing field. But out of the forty prospects reporting to Coach Denton, a representative team was produced, improving steadily throughout the season. The annual tilt with Jefferson High School served to dedicate our new athletic field. Messrs. J. E. Shank, R. E. Cook, R. W. House and J. P. Saul made the dedication, prior to the game, which ended in a scoreless tic. It is contended that the “Wolverines” earned a moral victory. To say the least, the “Magicians” were not only held scoreless, but forced to play defensive ball. The most notable thing apparent the entire season was the whole-hearted, one hundred per cent, support of the team by the student body. Realizing the value of a good student body, there is no doubt why the “Wolverines” enjoyed a successful year. Future years and future teams have a right to view optimistically coming seasons, with a new school, a new school spirit rampant within its confines, excellent support and many traditions to be upheld. { 51 } The Wolverine I 1933 1 Golf Team Jack Oakey, Bernard Snyder, Eldridge Garrett, Robert Dooley Basket Ball Squad Manager . Assistant Manager . Coach . Forwards Centers G uards Altizer Barnard Barnett Burch Martin Brown Crosswhite Price House Tyler J UN kin 52 }• Advertisements ESTABLISHED 1850 SMEAD WEBBER, Inc. “The Store of Service” PRESCRIPTION DRUGGISTS 220 East Main Street Telephone 50 SALEM, VIRGINIA “WE SELL TO SELL AGAIN” Salem Hardware Company INCORPORATED Opposite Post Office .... Telephone 89 SAL EM, VIRGINIA Gittens Morton Incorporated Photographers to “The Wolverine A 1933 INSURANCE Woodward REAL ESTATE LOANS Studio Salem s Oldest Insurance Agency Portrait and Commercial Photographers + + + + + + 120 EAST MAIN STREET SALEM, VIRGINIA Reprints of A try Photographs Always Available + + + “Goodbye Anxiety” + + + ’Phone 8-J SALEM, VIRGINIA ROANOKE COLLEGE Founded 1853 SALEM, VIRGINIA FULLY ACCREDITED + + + Member Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States + + + B. A. and B. S. DEGREES and PRE¬ PROFESSIONAL COURSES + + + I 933 Summer School June I2th-August nth + + + Fall Term Opens September 13, 1933 SHERWOOD BURIAL PARK, Inc. u The Burial Park Beautiful” PERPETUAL CARE LOTS 100.00 AND UP Located between Roanoke and Salem Offices: No. 5 College Avenue Telephone 159 “AT THE CENTER OF SALEM” WEBBER’S PHARMACY HEADQUARTERS FOR SALEM HIGH STUDENTS Fountain : : Sandwiches : : Candy Telephone 48 “We Never Grow Old” We Deliver GOLDSMITH Shoes $2 up to $5 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT National Sample Store Roanoke Hardware Company 215 EAST MAIN STREET BOWMONT FARMS PRODUCERS OF SUPERIOR QUALITY GRADE A MILK The Bowmont Jersey Herd has been under Federal and State supervision since 1917 , and is fully accredited KNOW THE SOURCE OF YOUR MILK SUPPLY! Telephone 417-W-2 SALEM FOUNDRY O. G. LEWIS AND MACHINE COMPANY WORKS Incorporated Passenger and Freight Elevators SALEM, VIRGINIA FORD DEALERS Telephone 93 SALEM, VIRGINIA 56 fo Our Golden Anniversary flFTY YEARS —and the golden gift of experience and service to our customers. Indeed something of which we are proud. But our greatest joy lies in the most golden gift of all—the friendships we have made during the past fifty years. May this publication bring back golden memories of associations and friendships formed during the happiest period of everyone’s life — SCHOOL DAYS THE STONE PRINTING AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY EDWARD L. STONE, President ROANOKE, VIRGINIA 4 57 } BROTHERHOOD MERCANTILE COMPANY Perfect Fitting Clothes for Men and Students 107 SOUTH JEFFERSON STREET Roanoke, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF MOIR TROUT ROANOKE, VIRGINIA National Business College Business Administration and Secretarial Science The Pure Food Store THE VERY BEST AT THE LOWEST PRICE Telephone 180 JOHN T. BOWMAN, Proprietor SPORTING GOODS FOR EVERY SPORT Caldwell-Sites Co. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA LOGAN PUGH COMPANY Dry Goods and Notions SALEM, VIRGINIA BABY CHICKS Blood Tested Rigidly Culled State Certified SALEM HATCHERY 930 South Colorado Street Salem, Virginia SALEM BATTERY CO. C. L. OVERSTREET, Proprietor The Pioneer Battery Station of Salem Use Conoco Germ-Processed Oil and Save 40% to 60% Motor Wear WASHING AND GREASING Corner Main and Academy Streets Telephone 9167 COMPLIMENTS OF J. E. CARPER SON SPRUHAN SPORT SHOP Plumbing and Tennis Rackets Re strung Heating Spaulding—Reach—Wright Ditson Ken-Wel Athletic Equipment READ THE HIGH SCHOOL NEWS IN THE P. L. STARKEY Times-Register and Healer in Fancy Groceries Fresh and Cured Meats Sentinel Fish, Oysters and Game in Season Commercial Printing Telephones 133-134 SALEM PUBLISHING CO. 314 MAIN STREET 0. H. DOOLEY M. H. DOOLEY Littrell’s Barber Shop Dooley Printing Expert Barbers to Satisfy Company Your Needs (Commercial Printers Ladies’ Beauty Parlor Work Done by Appointment Telephone 64 SALEM, VIRGINIA 211 EAST MAIN STREET Telephone 244 15 College Ave. SALEM, VA. “Since 1889” The New Deal Finds Oak Hall, as Usual,- in the Lead OUR PRICES LOWERED Our Quality Maintained Better Service Always Dependable Clothes for Men , Women , Boys and Girls ' 0 0 Jefferson at Campbell “Thru-the-Blok” The Glenmary Apartments The Best Place on Earth to Live id ’Phone 25 F. C. WILEY, Manager BROWN HARDWARE COMPANY Everything in Hardware PHILCO RADIOS : HEATROLAS MAJESTIC RANGES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Telephone 121 123 East Main Street Salem, Virginia G. E. PIERPONT General Insurance and Surety Bonds Farmers National Bank Building SALEM, VIRGINIA Telephone 329 Lv

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