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ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem, Virginia WSL • S’ ' ?v. • " ‘vv. -4 » ■ or o o o o o o o o $ s o o o 4 y o o o O ' .▲▲A A Am 4 a Hi (iris v v o A I A v ‘Sr ▼Sr Sr i X, THE pflllferute 193 2 VOLUME III PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF jSakm |Mtglf jicljiuil SALEM, VIRGINIA W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 A patch of formal green broken by the Wide walk to never-to-be-forgotten friendships,- Tall, white column s. Strong, serving, stately, symbolic Of growing youth pointing upward To serve God and man. Crowded halls, seething with Bits of humanity, learning, living; Large windows, framing welcomed Views of trees, sky and the mountains,- Organizations forming the nucleus of Our school life, giving Friendship, companionship, fellowship,- Of all these Salem High School is, Upon all these we frame our book. WOLVERINE 19 3 2 We who stand loyal to our old Al ma Mater Dedicate this volume, as we lool to the dawn of to-morrow, To the successful future of our old institution In its new edifice to be built this year. WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Mrs. W. G. Strickler English Miss Annie McConkey Mathematics Mr. T. E. Burke Vocational Agriculture Mrs. Ethel Shockey Mathematics; Science Mr. Roland E. Cook County Superintendent Miss Pauline Webb History; Science Miss Viola Woodson History; Social Science Mr. Robert W. House Principal Mrs. L. G. Pedigo English Miss Emma Hurt History Miss Dorothy Thomas Secretary Mr. D. E. Denton Atheletic Director; French WOLVERINE 19 3 2 « ' «■» » « ' « Mrs. E. C. James Latin Miss Louise Fulton Mathematics; History Mrs. J. F. Morton Study Hall Mr. F. L. Bruce English; History Mrs. L. YV. Fishel Vocational Home Economics Mr. Jack B. Farley Science Mr. J. H. Snapp English Miss Dorothy Alexander Commercial Miss Louise Darden Mr Latin; Mathematics Mrs. Taylor Turner English Miss Winnie Slusser Science . Robert E. Lee Chapman Mathematics WOLVERINE 19 3 2 W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 THE WOLVERINE VOL.XXVH I PHIP AV t 3, I93Z No.tJ Commencement " Ex erases to be held In Salem The Sen iors Give . Barrel- La ' - ' 0 a-AxL V v y s Plans for Class Nile Complete WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Robert Fisher George Garst Mildred Cross Mildred Lam President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Motto: Upward and Onward Colors: Green and White Flower: Dogwood Class Poem Out into the world we ' ll go, Some in all directions; But Salem High will always stand Supreme in our affections. Some of us will seek renown, Some will strive to serve; All will win by faithful toit The honors they deserve. We ' ll never cease to work ' Till we ' ve attained success; And all the world will thankful be For dear old S. II. S. Evelyn Board, Class Poet ■4 8 ) A wonderful school is ours, Its dear old walls we love, Its happy memories we ' ll cherish When throu gh the world we rove. A wonderful class is ours, The class of ’32; Four years we ' ve worked together, And now our task is through. We ' ve often looked toward this day, And wished that it were near; But now we all feel strangely sad — We realize it ' s here. WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Emmett Andrews Although he came to us late in our school life, we feel that he has contributed a great deal to our class during his presence. We know that he will make the same reputation in college that he has in high school. Luck to you, Emmett! Hi-Y Club ’31-’32. Katherine Shirley Andrews Kitty’s laugh and versatile nature are con¬ tagious. She is the originator and leader of our most spirited escapades, yet she is a thorough sport and the best pal ever. Even if she is a big talker, she has talked her way into our hearts and we all love her. Girl Reserves ' 30— ' 31, ’31-’32; Glee Club ’32. Florence Virginia Arthur One could not know Florence and not like her. Her big blue-gray eyes are truly “the windows of the soul.” Florence plans to enter Fredericksburg next fall where she will specialize in commercial studies. Luck to you, Florence. Latin Club ’28-’29; Bible Club ’31-’32; Mythology Club ’27-’28. Mildred Frances Bain Mildred, though very quiet in school, is loved by all who know her. She always thinks of others and has a smile for everyone, making many friends who wish her a happy and successful life. Commercial Club ’28-’29; Literary Society ’29-’30, ’30-’31; Bible Club ’31- ' 32 (Reporter). Mary Louis Bays Mary’s cheery smiles and dancing blue eyes have made her one of the most popular Seniors. She is very studious and especially so in commercial work so that we know the man is lucky who shall call her his “stenog.” 9 WOLVERINE ;;;; 19 3 2 Douglas Blackard We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Douglas end up in the diplomatic service some day, from the interest he has shown in Civics class. Go as high as you can, Douglas, all your classmates are backing you up. Science Club ’28-’29. Evelyn Frances Board As one of our attractive and talented Seniors, Evelyn may count many students of Salem Hi her friends. Her ability to sing, recite and play the piano have made her popular with both teachers and classmates. Glee Club ' 30-’31, ’31-’32; Girl Reserves ’31-’32 (Treas.). James L. Bostwick “Jim” is one of our Seniors who got here just in time to graduate. He has the ability to make splendid grades and then he has more time to keep us giggling. We wish him all the success in the world and we also wish that we had known him earlier that we might have loved him longer. Charlie A. Boxley Charlie, our one and only. Smiles, personality and jokes; they’re Charlie’s traits. He’s a true friend at all times and we are sure with these characteristics he will soon have a “Rebecca” for his “Sunnybrook Farm.” Best o’ luck, Charlie! Helen Marie Bower Helen, a quiet, unassuming Senior, is not merely just another classmate but is a sweet, ever-helping friend to all. We do not know what her plans for the future are, but we wish her luck in whatever she attempts. Home Ec. Club ' 28- ' 29 ; Girl Reserves ’30-’31. 10 } WOLVERINE 19 3 2 4 ! 4 , A 4 4 William Bowman William, better known as Billie, is one of Salem High’s best students as well as one of Mr. Carter’s most accomplished piano pupils. We all hope that he will be as successful in his “music world” as he has been at Salem High. Ruth Brewer Ruth, if laughing makes you fat, beware!! Be¬ cause a new diet will have to be invented for you. If you have the blues Ruth will chase them away by that contagious little giggle of hers. Remember us, Ruth, and we’ll do the same for you. Latin Club ' 29. Garland Bruce Garland is one of our “transporte rs.” With his ready knowledge of mechanics he makes an in¬ valuable assistant in the carrying of Senior hikers back and forth to their destinations. May you succeed in other things as well as you have with your school. Ellen MacDonald Burke The merry twinkle in Ellen’s brown eyes, that immediately attract us to her, is just her good nature peeping through. So loyal and capable is she, it will be hard to find another able to fill her place at Salem Hi. Home Ec. Club ' 28-’29, ’31-’32; Girl Reserves ’30-’31; Glee Club ’30-’31; President of ’31-’32. Juanita Mattie Carper Juanita, better known as “Crip,” is admired by, all her classmates. With dancing eyes and smiling lips she greets us. “Crip” plans to go in training. Lucky will be the patient who gets her to nurse him back to health! Flower Club ’28- ' 31-’32. ' 29; Secretary Home Ec. Club ’30-’31. 4 11 ▼ ▼▼▼WWtt ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Lillian Carson Who is that girl always smiling? Why! That’s Lillian, the class pet. She always wants to help you and with a “lawsy, honey, that’s the way to do that,” she does it very expertly. Have you noticed her dimples and flashing brown eyes? Mythology ’28-’30; Girl Reserves ’30-’31, ’31-’32. Pauline V. Conner Pauline is one of our finest classmates. She is rather quiet and reserved but has a swell disposition. She has studied home economics, so we know she is well prepared for the life which we feel will claim her soon after leaving our midst. Gift Shoppe Club ’28; Home Ec. Club ’29. AdlLDRED DeYERLE COOK Mildred is full of school spirit and an all-round lovely girl. She has lots of friends, both boys and girls. She is just as popular in social life as in school life and we predict a most happy future for Mildred. Mythology Club ’28-’29; Girl Reserves ’30-’31, ’31- ' 32. Charmie Cordelia Cowan “ Corky ” is one of our most popular Seniors. She makes a success of her school work and her extra¬ curricula activities. We know that she will succeed without the help of luck, but we wish her heaps of that, too. Latin Club ' 28-’29, ’29-’30, ’30-’31; Mythology Club ’28-’29; Bible Club ’31-’32. Wilma Gleaves Cox “Willie” left us when we were in the fourth grade, but she came back in time to have her brown eyes shining in our annual. Interested in all school activities, especially athletics (!), she has become well known and loved by the students of Salem Hi. Girl Reserves ’31-’32; Glee Club ’31-’32. 4 12 } A AAA , A A A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WOLVERINE 19 3 2 George D. Craig, Jr. Old Lady Luck smiled on Salem High the day George came to us from Martinsville. He, who is one of our best students, is ever ready to help us in our work or play. Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous future at V. P. I. Literary Society ’30-’31; Hi-Y ’31-’32. Paul Rudolph Craige Paul has quite a few feminine admirers who appreciate brown curly hair and sparkling eyes. He has lots of school spirit and succeeds in everything he attempts. We are all sure that your future will be crowned with success. Bird Club ' 28. Vera Elizabeth Crawford Vera is one of Salem High’s quiet, refined girls and is loved and respected by all. She is ever ready to lend a helping hand to any of her many friends and her success in the future is assured by her capability and personality. Home Ec. Club; Bible Club ’31-’32. Mary Lucille Crockett Who is Lucille? Why, she is the dearest, sweetest, most lovable little girl in Salem High. Everyone loves her and is she a good sport? There is none better. She is quite an artist and we know she will make us most proud of her. Art Club ’28-’29; Latin Club ’ 30—’31; Glee Club ’30-’31-’32; Home Ec. Club ’31-32. Russel Cronk Russel’s lazy, happy-go-lucky attitude will always linger in our hearts. We hate to think of breaking up this class of ours but here’s hoping that when we meet again, Russel, we will see you as a great success in your chosen profession. 4 13 ▼ v v ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Mildred Cross Mildred is one of the sweetest girls you ever saw. Her sunny smile would brighten any classroom. She is always ready to help anyone, and her success along any line is assured. Here’s all the happiness in the world, Mildred! Secretary-Treasurer Mythology Club ’28-’29; Presi¬ dent Latin Club ’31- ' 32; Glee Club ’30-’31, ’31-’32; Girl Reserves ’3t-’32; Literary Society ’30-’31; Wolverine Newspaper Staff ’31-’32; President Junior Class ’30-’31; Secretary Senior Class ’31-’32. Jack Crosswhite Jack’s versatility makes him hard to describe. Those four splendid years on the gridiron—the basket ball court—and the baseball diamond! How we count on Jack to help us win our games! We hope some day to see him in the League. Football ’28-’29-’30-’31; Basket Ball ’28-’29-’30-’31; Captain Basket Ball ' 30-’31; Baseball Team ’28-’29-’30; Captain of State Champions in Baseball ’29-’30; Vice President Monogram Club ’31-’32. Lewis D. Crouch, Jr. Quite a ladies’ man is Lewis, and he is liked by everyone. Lewis has literary aspirations and we hope that they will be fulfilled. May life be packed full of success and happiness, Lewis. Frances Elizabeth Danner Frances has helped brighten our high school days mightily. She has done fine work in the Commercial Department. Her bright smile has won her many friends during the past four years, and we know that it will continue to do so. Commercial Club ’28-’29; Bible Club ’31-’32. Katherine Paulina Davis Katherine is the school favorite, always happy and laughing, even after a session in chemistry lab. She is our ideal of a fine all-round high school student. Best o’ luck to you, Katherine, in all you undertake to do. Girl Reserves ’30-’31, ’31-’32; Glee Club ’31-’32. ■Cj 14 fa o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ► ► ► o o o o ► o o o o o o ► o o o o o o ► o o o o o o o o o r— Jo WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Ray Leo Dean Among all those we love, Ray holds his place in each of our hearts, not simply because he is Ray, but for his sincerity and fellowship to all. We hope and pray that you will always remain just the same old Ray. Bird Club ’28-’29. Ruby Mae Deaton Ruby is one of our Seniors who “never says die” and is always on the job. Her faithfulness and stick- at-it-ness certainly contribute to the stability of our class. Lucky is the swain who gets Ruby’s hand. Commercial Club ’28-’29. Bessie Lee Deel Bessie is one of Salem High’s most popular girls; always radiating fun and lots of school spirit. She has friends among both the faculty and the student body. She is always listening for a certain auto¬ mobile horn. We wonder why! Here’s luck to Bessie. Art Club ’28-’29; Girl Reserves ’28- ' 29, ’30-’31, ' 31-’32; Glee Club ’30- ' 31, ’31-32. Verna Katherine Deyerle Katherine has been a very faithful student in her four years at Salem Hi. Her pleasing personality and bright intelligence have made her everyone’s friend and we all join in wishing her luck. Shorthand Club ’28—’29; Home Ec. Club ’30-’31, ' 31-’32 (Treasurer). William Oliver Divers Oliver is very quiet and quite a representative of the proverbial senior dignity. He is studying agriculture and we are sure he will be a credit to the profession. Best of luck to you, Oliver, we know you will be a great success in life. ■4 15 4 - WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Robert Driscoll, Jr. Robert is unusually adapted for chemistry and hopes to continue this work after leaving high school. We all hope he will succeed and so we send our best wishes with you, Robert. Science Club ’28. Carl W. Dulaney Whenever Carl comes into our midst, we are conscious of his poise and quiet dignity, and with his amiable disposition he radiates happiness and fun. Remember us, Carl, when, from the peak of old age, you look back upon your school days. Science Club ’28-’29; Hi-Y Club ’31-’32. Robert Samuel Fisher Robert is our ideal of the qualities which make up a fine student and classmate. He has taken an active part in athletics as well as in his studies and class activities. Robert certainly will leave a vacant place in high school life when he leaves. Botany Club ’30—’31; Wolverine Newspaper Staff ’30-’31; Football ’31—’32; Basket Ball ' 31-’32; Student Council ’31-’32; Secretary Monogram Club ’31— ' 32; Hi-Y Club ’31-’32; Wolverine Annual Staff ’31—’32; President Senior Class ’31-’32. Shirlene Fitzgerald Shirlene is a welcome addition to any gathering. She is cheery and happy and, above all, a good friend. We wish Shirlene every speck of good luck in the world in anything she undertakes. Latin Club ’28-’29. Carter Fleshman “How’m I doin’, folks?” that’s Carter. He certainly proves the saying, “Laugh and the world laughs with you,” for he usually keeps his fellow students with wide grins on their faces. This is a real gift, though, and some day we may see Curly’s grin featured in our theaters. Agriculture Club ’28-’29; Hi-Y Club ’31 —’32; Annual Staff ' 31— ' 32; Bird Club ’28-’29. 16 ' V ▼ ▼ V ▼ ▼ ▼ ’ KH o H i ■ W o I Krl ► II o o o o o ►1 o ol o |o c o 0 Et ► Jo ’OO WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Frank Francisco Frank is another of our cheerful classmates. He always has a friendly remark and a helping hand for all his fellow students. We don’t know what Frank intends to do, but we wish him all the success in the world. Science Club ’28-’29; Agriculture Club ’29-’30, ' 30-’31. Margaret Sangster Garst Margaret, a dark-eyed, smiling lassie, is always ready to give her earnest support in our school work. Her classmates have learned to love her well in the few short years we have been together. Success to you, Margaret, in whatever you attempt. Flower Club ’28-’29; Latin Club ’28-’29-’30; Glee Club ’30-’31-’32. Marvin Emory Garst Emory is the Class of ’32’s representative in the field of aviation. We know he will succeed in this, because of the record he has made in school. He always has a word of cheer and is a willing helper to those in need. George Emerson Garst George radiates the joy of being alive. He has the jollity of spirit and the love of the great open spaces that have enriched his nature. He is not only full of fun and vivacity but is capable and bubbling over with intellect. This is why he has made such a high record here. Vice President of Senior Class; President of Student Council ’31—’32; President of F. F. A. Club ’28-’29, ’29-’30. Maggie Cornelia Goad With her bright smile and her happy, carefree disposition, Maggie has found a place in every heart. She is quiet, refined and as sweet as she can be. Lucky will be the one who wins her for a partner. Much happiness to you, Maggie. Commercial Club ’28—’29; Bible Club ’31-’32. 4 17 WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Franklin H. Gwinn “I’m nobody, who’re you?” Frank has been with us only one year, but we have all learned to know that phrase and to admire his happy, carefree nature. No one who sits near him will have the “blues” very long for he is an accomplished wit and joker. His main weakness is—? “Haven’t we said enough ?” Roy C. Hambrick Now we see why girls rave. It’s all on account of a certain wave in certain hair. But, then there’s quite a bit to Roy besides a wave that adds to his attractiveness. Best o’ luck to you, Roy. Bird Club ’28-’29; Bible Club ’31-’32. Oliver DeWitt Hartman DeWitt is a fine representative of our county classmates. He is studying to be a bigger and better farmer, and we know that he will accomplish what he sets out to do. May Old Lady Luck be your constant companion, DeWitt. Bird Club ’28-’29; F. F. A.’s ’29-’30, Secretary ’30-’31, President ’31-’32. Wesley Franklin Hayden We have had all the Hayden family to graduate from our midst during the past few years, and we again welcome the honor. Wesley has made quite a name for himself while with us, and we can never forget him. Declamation Club ’28- ' 29; Botany Club ’29-’30; Literary Society ’29-’30, ' 30—’31; Debating Team ’31-’32; Wolverine Newspaper Staff ’30-’31; Wolverine Annual Staff ' 30— ' 31; Hi-Y Club ’31; Football ' 31. William Hilton “Billy” is a lazy, good-natured, fun-loving youth, who is nevertheless a prime favorite with all his classmates. We certainly do hate to see you leave S. H. S., but we know you will get along as well outside as you have while within our walls. Bird Club ' 28—’29; Hi-Y Club ’31-’32; F. F. A. ' 29-’30; Latin Club ' 30- ' 31. 4 18 }? W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 Margaretta Hisey She’s one of the cutest little girls you ever did see. Always has a friendly smile and a welcoming word. She says she wants to be a librarian, but we feel that because of her attractiveness such a position would be only temporary. Latin Club ’30-’31; Girl Reserves ’31-’32. Paul D. Hollyfield Paul has only been with us a year and isn’t a real, honest-to-goodness Senior, since he is taking post-graduate work. However, he has caught the spirit of our school and has made quite a name for himself on the football field. Football ' 31; Monogram Club ’31—’32; Hi-Y Club ’31 —’32. Bronsy Hudson Bronsy is quiet and dignified, and with these prevailing traits it is difficult to know what he expects to do. He has much school spirit and an eye for fun. Bronsy is very popular with his teachers as well as his classmates, and we know he will succeed in all his undertakings. Frances Evelyn James Frances is a very quiet, sweet girl, and she has many qualities that many of her more boisterous classmates might well envy. We hope that she will be as successful in the future as she has been in her school days at S. H. S. Home Ec. Club ' 28-’29; Latin Club ’29-’30; ’30-’31. Linelle Joyner That very twinkle in Linelle’s eye just makes you want to smile, anywhere, any time. Laughter is good for the health so keep it up, Linelle. So you tell me those fun ny little marks you’re making are “shorthand.” Here’s hoping you can persuade others to your way of thinking as easily as you do us. 4 19 4 ‘▼“Sr ' ▼▼▼▼▼ ' ■▼▼▼▼▼▼ W O LV E R I N E »»x » 19 3 2 w Mildred Virginia Lam Yes, that’s Mildred Lam, the girl with the smile for everyone. She is a most capable girl and we can certainly depend upon her always to take part in everything for she is too valuable not to be. So here’s love and success to Mildred from the Senior Class of ’32. Salutatorian ’32; Secretary Junior Class ’30-’31; Treasurer Senior Class ' 31-’32; Mythology Club ’2S-’29; Glee Club ' 30-’31, ’31—’32; Vice President Latin Club ’30-’31; Vice President Literary Society ’30-’3i; Girl Reserves ’31-’32; Newspaper Staff ’31-’32; Annual Staff ' 31-’32; Student Council ’31-’32. Charlotte Irene Rhomanza Linkous We know her by her broad smile, which she so generously gives to everyone. She has a big name, but we know her heart is just as big. If anyone needs any cheering up or a dash of school spirit, just call on Irene, that’s all you will need. Genave Blanche Lyerly Wavy hair, sunny smile, and a North Carolina drawl—that’s Blanche. No matter what comes up we can count on Blanche to pitch in and help us out. We expect that she will find quite a future in helping a certain gentleman along. Treasurer Latin Club ’28-’29; Girl Reserves ’30—’31; Flower Club ’29-’30. Martha Maihl Martha is ever ready to help us in time of trouble. She rejoices over all good news and laughs with all. She is one of our best girl Seniors. Best of success is our wish to you, Martha. Girl Reserves ’28-’29; Gift Shoppe Club ’29-’30; Scrap Book Club ’30-’31; Bible Club ’31-’32. Lewis Asbury Maury Asbury, who is that little brown-eyed “Miss” you’re always with? Oh! never mind to answer, for we know her to be a charming member of our senior class. Here’s success and happiness to the boy who has been a great asset to Salem High on the athletic field. Football ’29-’30-’31; Basket Ball ’30-’31-’32; Baseball ’30 ’31; Track ’32; Monogram Club ' 32; Kangaroo Club ’28; Science Club ' 29; Biology Club ’30. 4 20 }i V r (V 0 ; ■ ► O o o o o o o Mary Jane Maxwell Mary Jane is very quiet but that is just another of her good qualities. She has been a leader in all her classes and is known for her “stickability” and genial disposition. Our love and best wishes follows you wherever you go, Mary Jane. Latin Club ’28-’29, ’29-’30; Girl Reserves ’30-’31, ’31—’32; Glee Club ’30-’31, ’31-’32. Collette Loomis McCluer In Collette we see a kind and friendly classmate, always willing and ready to help. She ranks high in all her classes and has won the admiration of every one. Here’s luck to one of the sweetest girls we have ever known. Science Club ’28-’29; Girl Reserves ’31-’32. Lenis McGhee Our most vivid impression of Lenis is that of his labors in balancing his bookkeeping account books. It is a job, but he usually comes out on top. All you need, Lenis, to be treasurer of the United States is a little experience. Monogram Club ’31—’32; Agriculture Club; Baseball Team ' 29-’30, ’30-31. Earl Thomas Miller For the past four years we have been trying to tell the Miller twins apart. We haven’t succeeded yet, but we do know that Earl is the ideal school¬ mate. With his hearty grin he has made many friends, and we know that he will continue doing so. Mythology Club ’28-’29; Science Club ’29-’30. Richard Edward Miller Yes, this one is Richard, you really can’t tell our twins apart. They are as nearly alike in their abundant ability as in their looks, too. With such an excellent high school record, we feel that life holds nothing but success for Richard, and we hope that he receives as much as he deserves. Mythology Club ’28- ' 29; Science Club ' 29-’30. 21 } • WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Waller Moore We certainly like grins, and Waller has an un¬ usually hearty one. He has come through four years of high school making many friends and losing none. We know you will be a success in whatever you undertake, Waller, so aim hig h. Science Club ’28-’29, ’29-’30; Librarian 1931. Laura Jane Myers Laura is one of our small Seniors, small of stature but big of heart. She has a sweet disposition and a smile for everyone. We are sure that she will succeed in anything she may undertake. Best o’ luck, Laura! Mythology Club ' 28—’29; Bible Club ’31-’32. William Oakey William is one of our most dignified Seniors, you know. Maybe a pipe and wavy dark hair make him so. However, it is a great disappointment to quite a few of the young ladies hereabouts t at his interests seem centered west of Salem. Golf Team ’31-’32. Leo Erman Painter Leo is distinctly of the type seen, not heard, but the grades he gets are outstanding. He has plenty of school spirit too, and is a real friend to all his classmates. We are all sure that he will succeed in anything he attempts to do. Bird Club ’28-’29; Hi-Y Club ' 30- ' 31, ’31-32. North Hartman Plunkett North is one of the type that is always welcome at any gathering because his genial personality and good humor add so much to whatever is going on. However, there is more to North than just good looks and we predict a great success in his chosen field. F. F. A. Club ’29-’30; Latin Club ’30-’31; Botany Club ’30- ' 31. 4 22 } o l . k ► O k ! ► ' v ' V w w WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Howard Price Howard’s prominence in athletics and happy- go-lucky ways have made him one of our most popular Seniors. His witty remarks and thorough good heartedness have made him many friends who join in wishing him the best of success and happiness in life. Football ’29-’30- ' 31; Baseball ' 29- ' 30-’31; Track ' 32; Monogram Club ’28-’29, ’29- ' 30, ’30- ' 31. ' 3t-’32; Kanga¬ roo Club ’28—’29; Science Club ’29-’31; Biology Club ’29-’31. Margaret Elizabeth Rettinger Margaret is known throughout Salem High by her snapping, “naughty but nice,” black eyes. She has stood high in all her classes and has taken an active part in extra-curricula work. We do not know what you have planned for the future, Margaret, but the best of luck to you! Gift Shoppe Club ’28-’29; Home Economics Club ’29-31. Verna Rhodes An all-round better girl than “Pat” can not be found. Without her the Literary Society would have been lost and she has added much to many other phases of our high-school life. Her perser- verence and versatility have been an example for all of us and if she retains these qualities through life, her success is assured. Mythology Club ’28- ' 29; Literary Society ’29- ' 30. ’30-’31; Debating Team ’29-’30. ’30- ' 31, ’31-’32; Presi¬ dent of Reading Club ' 30—’31; President of Literary So¬ ciety ’31-’32; Girl Reserves ’3t-’32. Dennis Ray Richardson Did you ever see such white hair? And as a counter question, did you ever see such brains beneath any hair? Although he never studies that we can see, the high grades keep rolling in. What a life! What a man! Greer Robertson If ever you need a friend indeed, go to Greer. Greer has been a great help to us all during our high school career; and has shown his loyalty to our school whenever the occasion presented itself. Football Manager ’31; Treasurer Monogram Club ’31- ' 32; Hi-Y Club ' 32; Manager Wolverine Newspaper Staff ' 31; Assistant Editor Wolverine Annual Staff ’31; Science Club ’28-’29; Student Council ’29- ' 30-’31. 4 23 }■ WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Harvey Sears Though we have teased Harvey outrageously during his high school career, he has taken it all like the good sport he is. The class of ’32 will never forget you, Harvey, and sends its best wishes with you for a life time of happiness. Art Club ’28-’29. Katie Elizabeth Sears Katie is an all around good sport, a loyal worker, and a faithful friend in time of trouble or need. Salem High will miss her, but she will be able to look back over her days there, and note her success. Lucky the person whose nurse she’ll be. Vice President Art Club ' 28-’29; President Girl Re¬ serves ’30-’31; Treasurer of Junior Class; President Girl Reserves ’31—’32; End Ball and Baseball Team (captain) 28—’29; President Senior Home Room. James Edward Shank “ Ed ” is one of our favorites. In spite of “ Ed’s ” wisecracks he has a pretty level head. He is always ready to help somebody along and we know that if he keeps this quality he will go far in life. Science Club ’29-’30; Assistant Manager Basket Ball ’31; Manager of Football ’31-’32; Wolverine Newspaper Staff ’31-’32. Margaret Helen Shoffner I think even the dumbest of us will admit that it’s grand to have brains and that’s what Margaret has. Lot’s of them too because she surely shines in her classes. May your sojourn be always on the hilltops of life, Margaret. Flower Club ’28-’29; Girl Reserves ’30-’31. Mary Agnes Sites None could keep from liking Mary Agnes with her jolly smile and kind words for all. Her plans for the future are not known, but her disposition will assure success. The class of ’32 sends with you its very best wishes, Mary Agnes. Gift Shoppe Club ’28-’29; Flower Club ’28- ' 29; Secre¬ tary Literary Society ’29-’30; Botany Club ’30-’31; Bible Club ’31. 4 24 } k O ► o k O M O I I.’M 1 lol £ f 5 % I (V ' ' T O V (► £ i o o vyyy WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Nancy Bunting Smiley Black curly hair, dancing blue eyes and we know it’s Nancy. Her pleasing personality has made her many friends among both the student body and the faculty. Class of ’32 wishes you much luck, Nancy. Vice President of Mythology Club ’28-’29; Girl Re¬ serves ’30-’31; Latin Club ’29-’30. Nellie Ethel St. Clair When Nellie’s dark brown eyes look up in math class with that thoughtful expression one almost holds his breath, ’cause you know that in a moment Nellie will know the solution to that “unsolveable” problem. May you be able to solve all problems of life just as easy, Nellie. Home Ec. Club ’28-’29, ' 29-’30; Latin Club ’29; Liter¬ ary Society ’29-’30; Bible Club ’31-’32. Elizabeth Leighton Stevenson The world would be a poor place indeed, Elizabeth, if there were no girls like you in it, for it’s the person that thinks of others who makes the day seem brighter and the sky bluer. Our earnest wish is happiness for a dear little, sweet little girl. Latin Club ’30-’31; Secretary of Latin Club ’31- ' 32; Girl Reserves ’30—’31; Glee Club ’30-’31. Frank Stinnette Frank came to us from Bedford only this year but he has certainly made a name for himself. He is very popular, especially with the fairer sex, so if you’ve wondered at the worried look he usually has, cease your speculation! Only “be careful,” Frank, and don’t become ensnared before you have started on your successful career. Helen Newman Stump Helen is one of our most attractive students and is known everywhere by her good natured determi¬ nation. Helen has a tendency to spend her week¬ ends at Catawba, we wonder what the attraction may be; possibly horseback riding. Here’s luck to you, Helen! Secretary Mythology Club ’28-’29; Girl Reserves ’28-’29, ’30-’31, ’31 — ’32; Wolverine Staff ’31; Orchestra ’31; Literary Society ’31-’32. «g{ 25 }C Hr’V ' V’V w ' ▼ W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 Edythe Maude Thomas Quiet and unobtrusive is Edythe, but her very quietness and sweetness stand out from all the more boisterous actions of her fellow classmates. What a lovely little home maker she’ll make some day. Lucky the man whose home her brown eyes and curly locks will adorn. Bird Club ’29- ' 30; Latin Club ’30—’31; Bible Club ' 31-32. Glen Thomas We did not have the good fortune of knowing Glen until this year, but we are exceedingly glad that he came to Salem to complete his education and stand among all the Lords and Ladies of the Senior Class as one of us. Your capability and genuineness assure future success for you, Glen. Raymond Thomas Raymond is a mischievous tease, but we couldn’t do without him. His sparkling eyes and merry grin must have inspired his nickname “Monkey.” “Monkey” is going to be a progressive farmer and we know that he will succeed. Agriculture Club ’27- 28, ’28-’29, ’29-’30. Ruth Marie Thompson Quite friendly and jolly behind a very demure manner, Ruth is a typical Senior, and a fine student. While she will succeed in anything she undertakes, we imagine that she will take up the profession of home making in the near future. Mythology Club ' 28- ' 29; Bible Club ’31-’32. Dorothy Tysor A tender smile, a gentle voice and lots of per¬ sonality—Dot possesses them all. She is very popular with both boys and girls and her wonderful musical talent is admired and envied by all. The class of ’32 wishes you all the happiness in the world, Dot. Gift Shoppe Club ’28-’29; Flower Club ’29-’30; Girl Reserves ’30-’31; Botany ’30-’31. [ 26 } WOLVERINE " 19 3 2 Elinor Lee Walters Elinor is always laughing and she can make us laugh with her ready wit. Some day we will be proud to have graduated with such a budding young writer for Elinor is noted for her originality. May you succeed, Elinor, and send us a compli¬ mentary copy of your first book. Girl Reserves ' 28-’29; Art Club ’28- ' 29; Literary So¬ ciety ’29-’30. ’31 —’32; Paper Staff ’30-’3I, ' 31-’32; Student Council ’31-’32. Nellie Ruth Webber How proud we are to have “Nell” in our class! Her snappy eyes and brilliant smile have laughed their way into all our hearts. Although she is quiet and petite, she possesses that intangible charm that makes her a general favorite of S. H. S. Treasurer Sophomore Class ’29-’30; Latin Club ’28-’29, ’30—’31; Girl Reserves ’30—’31; Home Room Circulation Manager Wolverine Annual. Damaris Blair Wiley Personality, capability, and danceability all packed into one tiny person—that’s Blair! It doesn’t seem possible that such a small person could do so much, be so well known and so widely liked as Blair, but such is the case. As Valedictorian she leads her class. Valedictorian Class ’32; President Art Club ’28-’29; Student Council ' 29-’30, ’30-’31; Annual Staff ' 31— ' 32; Cheer Leader ’30- ' 31, ' 31- ' 32; Glee Club ’30-’31; Secre¬ tary of Glee Club ’31-’32; Girl Reserves ’28-’29, ’31-’32; Literary Society ’30- ' 31, ’31-’32. Nancy Wilkes A solemn sweet expression, a smile, a suppressed giggle—all are typical of Nancy and all add up to make a lovely little lass. In addition to her lovable qualities, she has her share of brains and has stood high in all four years of her high-school life. Lots of luck in your life’s work, Nancy. Latin Club ’30-’31; Literary Society ' 31- ' 32. Dorothy Jean Williams “Dot’s” good nature and sunny smile have won for her the admiration of her schoolmates. She is always ready to help in every possible way. It is certainly with sincere regret, but with many good wishes that S. H. S. bids “Dot” good-bye. Art Club ’28-’29; Girl Reserves ’28-’29, ’30-’31, ’31-’32; Glee Club ’31-’32; Botany Club ’31-’32. $ 2 T } W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 i O 4 0 i 0 o 0 0 0 o 0 0 4 4 4 4 4 4 ) 0 4 ' Gillie Elizabeth Williams Most capable and efficient is Gillie in everything she does. Her versatility and personality have obtained for her much popularity, among both the students and the faculty. Here’s success to the girl who is ever bubbling over with pep and enthusiasm for the undertakings of Salem High. Editor Newspaper “Wolverine” ’30-’31, ’31—’32; Literary Society ’30-’31. ’31—’32; Debating Team ' 30-’31, ’31-’32; Student Council ' 30-’32; Editor Annual “Wol¬ verine” ’31-’32. Aurich A. Woodson A handsome face with brown, dreamy eyes! Who is it? “Rick” of course. It’s going to be hard to fill your place in Salem High, “Rick,” but we’re hoping you’ll be as successful in life as you’ve been in school, especially on the athletic field. Football ’29-’30- ' 31; Manager of Basket Ball ’29; President Monogram Club ' 30-’31; Declamation ' 29. May Estelle Woody We can never forget Estelle no matter how far we are apart. Her merry ways are symbolic of a happy spirit and it gives us great pleasure to see the lovely, deep brown eyes of our “Venus” twinkling in our annual. Mythology Club ' 28; Home Economics Club ’29-’30; Girl Reserves Club ’31— ' 32; Baseball and End Ball ’28-’29. Emma Frances Worley We certainly were glad when Emma returned from Reidsville to finish at dear old Salem. Emma is studious and very faithful. One hardly knows when she is around because she is so quiet, but we miss her when she is absent. Good Luck, Emma! Flower Club ' 28- ' 29; Literary Society ’29-’30; Bible Club ’31-32. 4 28 W W ' V w w w v v O o ; o • o 0 : 0 0 : 0 V ► ► WOLVERINE 19 3 2 In Loving Memory and Tenderest Remembrance of Our Dear Friend and Classmate JRutI] lalizabeilj (ifflao 5, 1915 3Julg 22, 193D WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Most Popular Burke and Crosswhite Best All-Round Sears and Fisher Best Looking Cook and Oakf.y Most Attractive Webber and Fleshman Most Dignified Lam and Fisher Most Capable Lam and Fisher Most Studious McCluer and Craig Most Athletic Sears and Crosswhite Cutest Carson and Craige Most Conceited Hayden WOLVERINE 19 3 2 WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Wolverine Vol. LXII MARCH i, 1939 No. 3 ALUMNI MAKE GOOD AT THE CINEMA CITY Mr. Carter Fleshman, Hollywood ' s newest rage, was seen strolling down Broad¬ way surrounded by a bevy of beautiful ladies. Mr. Paul “Gable” Holly- field has been sued for breach of promise by Greta Garbo. M iss Vera Crawford, f amed actress, and her secretary, Mildred Bain, “washed their hands” of the Paramount officials to-day, because the insistance of the latter, that Miss Crawford say “cawn’t” rather than “can’t” was very annoying. DAWSON AND WOLVERINES PLAY HERE Mr. Louie Dawson and his well-known Wolverines are playing for Roanoke College Easter dances this spring. This orchestra has been making it hard for Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians to hold their place in the musical world. BELL BOYS ARE INJURED Mr. Charlie Boxley and Mr. George Craig, active bell boys in the Mayflower Hotel, were seriously injured when they tried to take the ele¬ phant ' s trunk up to the fourth floor. RECENT GREAT STEAMSHIP DISCOVERIES BALLYHOO — INVENTIONS LEFT TO-DAY Mr. Roy Columbus Ham- brick has finally discovered “The New Trade Route to India.” Mr. Ray Dean recently invented a method of tanning hides other than by the old hickory. Mr. Carl Dulaney has built a plane guaranteed to be safe. (It wont leave the ground.) Miss Bessie Deel has in¬ vented a test tube which can be heated, to her delight, without breaking. Miss Katherine Andrews and Miss Helen Bower, two eminent chemists, will soon reveal a discovery by which the dreaded bookworm may be exterminated. Miss Margaret Garst is broadcasting over Station WRBX for the Garst Bros. Dairy. Miss Dorothy Tysor pre¬ sented her piano pupils in a recital last night. The judges were Miss Ruth Brewer and Mr. William Bowman. Miss Evelyn Board’s lovely voice was greatly praised at the Metropolitan Opera House last week. Mr. Douglas Blackard re¬ ceived first prize at the Night¬ ingale Music Recital last week. Spigel’s Fashion Show Models Exhibited by Margaret Rettinger Models Designed by Margaret Shoffner The S. S. Ballyhoo left port early to-day, under the able guidance of Capt. Ed¬ ward Shank.— N. Y. Tribune. ALUMNI NOTES Misses Nellie St. Clair, Nancy Wilkes and Miss Emma Worley, nurses at the Walter Reed Hospital, are visiting in Roanoke this week. Miss Maggie Goad was hostess at a delightful tea given in honor of her guests, Miss Florence Arthur and Miss Pauline Conner, both of New York City. Mr. Frank Gwinn was badly bitten by a Chow- Hound when leaving the home of his “Dream Girl.” Miss Nancy Smiley was awarded first prize in a beauty contest last Friday night. Mr. Richard Miller, editor- in-chief of the Roanoke Times, is visiting his brother, Earl, who is a business partner of Mr. Glen Thomas in New York City. Miss Elinor Walters, the “Sunshine Girl” of Hobble Hospital, is visiting Miss Mary Jane Maxwell, a law student at Columbia. News was received of the elopement of Miss Estelle Woody and a promising young doctor of Johns Hop¬ kins Hospital. Miss Katherine Deyerle and Miss Ruth Thompson are in Chicago nursing gangsters who have had the misfortune of preventing stray bullets from straying far. Miss Frances James is suffering from a shock she Continued on Next Page) GREAT WORK I S D O N E B Y EDUCATIONAL LUMINARIES Mr. Robert Fisher, Presi¬ dent of Columbia University, gave a very interesting talk Friday night on “How to Teach Math to Every Living Creature.” Miss Katie Sears is giving daily classes in “Home Nursing” at the Salem Audi¬ torium. Miss Sears is an ad¬ vanced student of Miss Mildred Cross, head of the T. C. Medical School. Miss Mildred Lam gave a well-accepted speech at the recent meeting of the W. C. T. U. Miss Verna Rhodes is in Egypt searching for docu¬ ments explaining why the Sphinx, being a woman, never talked. Mr. Jack Crosswhite and Mr. Asbury Maury have been appointed Directors of Ath¬ letics at Princeton University. Mr. Paul Craige recently won a trophy in the Golf Tournament at Blue Hills. Mr. Howard Price has been appointe d Athletic Di¬ rector at Roanoke College. Circus! Circus! “George Frank Stinnett ' s Circus” will be in Salem next week. Nellie Webber, ac¬ complished aerialist is the featured star and Ringmaster William Oakey predicts a great show. WOLVERINE 19 3 2 WOLVERINE March i, 1939 INTERESTING DEBATE TO BE GIVEN HERE Mr. Ross Stevenson, stu¬ dent of Wheresis College, will take the affirmative side of the debate to be given at the High School to-night. The subject of the debate is, “ Resolved,that pencils should be sharpened at both ends.” Miss Edith Thomas upholds the negative side. -s. 11 . s.- ALUMNI NOTES (Continued from Preceding Page) received when she saw a mouse in her kitchen yester¬ day. Mr. George Garst is now a promising and prosperous fruit grower in the West. Miss Elizabeth Stevenson is now a teacher of chemistry in Salem High School. Miss Martha Maihl ac¬ cepts a position as secretary with the Wallar H. Moore Real Estate Agency. Miss Dorothy Williams accepts a position with the “James Bostwick Min¬ strels.” Mr. Harvey Sears has re¬ ceived the contract of erect¬ ing a new Salem City Audi¬ torium. Miss Laura Myers has been appointed chief operator in the Bell Telephone Office on Fifth Avenue, New York. Miss Blanche Lyerle and Miss Shirlene Fitzgerald are head nurses at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Miss Irene Linkous, who is considered the best expert at giving permanent waves in New York, has been visit¬ ing in Salem. Chief of Police Dennis Richardson received $5,000 reward for the capture of Burglar Bill. Mr. Louis Crouch is now the cartoonist for the “New York Sun.” Miss Ruby Deaton is pleading with the school board to install comfortable benches on the school ground so that adoring lads and adorable lasses may sit down to adore. Miss Lillian Carson and Miss Ellen Burke have pur¬ chased Russian Wolf hounds to keep away unwanted swains. Miss Mary Bays is the holder of the Worlds Cham¬ pionship in Typing. Miss Margaretta Hisey and Miss Katherine Davis hold very honorable positions in the Congressional Library in Washington. Mr. Garland Bruce has succeeded his father, Mr. F. L. Bruce, as teacher of Junior English at Salem High School. Mr. Barker Webber has been appointed the successor of Mr. J. H. Snapp, teacher of Senior English at Salem High School. Miss Linelle Joyner has been appointed principal of the Kirk Street Kindergarten. Miss Cordelia Cowan is the new matron of the “Howl Orphan Home.” Mr. Emmet Andrews is teaching mathematics at the University of California. Mr. Emory Garst is now First Lieutenant in the U. S. Army. Mr. Lennis McGhee and Mr. Leo Painter have ac¬ cepted positions as joint math professors at Harvard Uni¬ versity. Mr. Robert Driscoll is studying law at Duke Uni¬ versity. Miss Helen Stump has accepted a position as one of the four secretaries of Salem High School. Miss Blair Wiley’s Dancing School Open All Hours ' Phone 00000 Aurich A. Woodson Attorncy-at-Law Salem, Virginia Howl Orphan Home Cordelia Cowan Matron W. H. Moore Real Estate Agency ’Phone 63 Hope to Renew “Hitch-Hiking ’ 5 Mr. Russel Cronk and Mr. Bill Hilton, two of Salem ' s foremost citizens, are taking an active part in the attempt to repeal the ban on “hitch¬ hiking.” --s. h. s.—-—- BEST SELLERS Mr. Frank Francisco and Mr. Bronsy Hudson will re¬ lease their book, “How To Make Teachers Like You,” to-morrow. Mr. Greer Robertson and Mr. North Plunkett expect to complete their newest novel, “ Dyna Might,” some time in the near future. -s. h. s.- New Dancing School Opened Miss Blair Wiley, former student of Salem Hi, recently opened a new dancing school in Salem, on the fifteenth floor of the Flatiron Building. The school will accommodate two hundred pupils and will feature the new “Wiley Shag " so much in demand now. Grandin Theater Monday-T ucsday Wilma Cox in “WHY?” Wcdncsday-Thursday Lucille Crockett in “THE SCREAM” Friday-Satnrday Mildred Cook in “Hello Beautiful” Page 2 NOTICE Mr. Wesley Hayden has at last secured a hat which will not give him a headache from being too tight. Mr. Oliver Divers will speak to-night at the City Auditorium on “Speed.” -s. h. s.-- London Limericks Well Received London Limericks, a new comic magazine edited by Gillie Williams, is now on the market and has been very well received by both Lon¬ doners and New Yorkers. Kuddly Kitty Shop Frances Danner Juanita Carper Persian Cats a Specialty Tomato Plants for Sale See Raymond Thomas Registered Stock for Sale DeWitt Hartman ’Phone 677 Miss Collette McCIuer Classes in French ’Phone 123 Garst Fruit Co. Orchards in Indiana, Iowa and Idaho Cure Your Spring Fever at Hobble Hospital Toss Your Cares to the Airs and Enjoy Our “SUNSHINE GIRL” w o N E 19 3 2 Class History It seems to us that our four years of high school life could be very fittingly rep¬ resented by colors. Upon working this thought out it falls into the following plan. Green for the Freshman year. The greenest green imaginable. Poor little scared rats scattling here and there; blundering into Senior Classes and being razzed; ducking the merciless torments poured upon us by Sophomores and Juniors; asking questions and receiving misleading answers. Oh! could anyone have been as green as we ?! Next comes our Sophomore year-royal blue. The blue of lords and kings; the blue of princes and rulers; and most of all, the blue with which to welcome royalty. For our new principal, Mr. House, was certainly that! What overbearing, piggish little upstarts we must have been, justly deserving the name “Sophomore!” But it was a feeling never again to be encountered, and we are glad we experienced it. Then too, we must not forget a slightly deeper shade of blue, a mourning shade with which we felt the loss of one of our dearest friends, Ruth Stoutamire. Red for Juniors; the red of courage; the red of the conquerer; and even more the orange-red tints of fire. We were filled with determination and purpose. We must go to the heights, and we must work to get our start. Then came the awful fire which partly destroyed our school building. Will we ever forget the leaping red flames against the cold, wintery night sky, or the crowded days following, when we went to school without a school; the many tardies and excuses. O, what a year! For our Senior year, it is fitting to use our school colors, blue and white. The blue for sincerity and loyalty and the white for purity of purpose and character. We feel that even though we are not able to reach the top, we have our place, and our duty is to fill that place to the best of our ability. We know too, that if we are to do our best, we must keep pure in mind, body, and spirit and towards this end we will strive, since it and whatever goal we have are one. 34 WOLVERINE ' 32 THE WOLVERINE V O l . XXVII I FRIDAY MAY, 15 1932 NO. 13 Juniors to Entertain Seniors Plans for Junior Senior Reception B«W Maoc Junior Officers Ejected mm hu 1 ' Uvu ' f v U (4 i c i w )|UI |«1 v V j WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Junior Class Motto: A little learning is a dangerous thing Colors: Green and Gold Flower: Dayidelion OFFICERS William Slough . President Frances Shields . Vice President Emma Hunter Maxwell . Secretary Laurie Tyler . Treasurer 36 } WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Jack Austin John Barnard Roy Beamer Louise Bishop Elsie Black McClain Bowman Robert Bowman Betty Brand Gordon Brown Richard Burke Ozella Butts Harold Carper Alma Carr Ethel Carroll Ella Mae Cecil John Cheatham Copas Cheek Roy Coleman Tice Conner Ruth Crocket Eva Custer Mary Davis Leona Dew Mary Divers Beatrice Draper Mamie Duffy George Eades Claudine Foutz Lillian Garland Walter Garrett Dorothy Garst Thelma Garst Wilburn Gearheart Thelma Givens Annie Goodwin Dulcie Graham James Hamblin Eleanor Henderson Elizabeth Henderson David Hitt Horace Hood William House Beulah Huffman Katherine Hurt Rome Johnston Reynolds Keister Loomis Kelly Jack Lambert Page Mann Alice Martin { 37 ANDREW LEWIS MIDDLE SCHOOL Salem, Virginia WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Betty Martin Furman Martin Robert Martin Emma Maxwell James Mayo Virginia McGrady Frances Minga Elsie Moore Frances Moran Billy Morgan Frank Mowles Margaret Norton Jack Oakey Nellie Pierpont Woodrow Pillis Thelma Poff Anona Roberts Frances Robertson John Peter Saul, III Robert Scott Frances Shields Junior Showalter William Slough Elizabeth South Gray Sowder Lynwood Sowder Otha St. Clair Paschal Stoutamire Eunice Taylor FIerbert Thomas Lewis Thomas Wesley Towe Ruby Turner Laurie Tyler Lucille Voci Edward Walker Hester Weaver Dillard Wertz Elizabeth Wertz Alice West Helen Wetzel Murry White Robert Willis Garrison Wood Helen Wood Ruth Wood Mildred Worley Edgar Yates Lolene Young Margaret Zuehlke » :■ Jr y▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ ▼ ▼▼▼▼▼ o ► ► ► ► ► ► ► o ♦ { 38 } WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Class History On September 14, 1930, a memorable day for all of us, some two hundred odd, distracted and forlorn, bipeds of different degrees of greenness burst through the wide flung doors of Salem High, not only ready but eager to demonstrate our ability to run both the school and the universe. Alas! we had reckoned without consideration of that menacing host, the Sophomores. The memory of the “per¬ formances” demanded of us poor little harmless rats lingers with us still. That year was a perpetual surprise party. Those heartless assignments! We made history, we multiplied heartaches, we dissected our self-importance, translated our laughter into tears and declined all that made life worth while. Sadder but wiser we survived the struggle. At last we were Sophomores! The history of that year was unique and varied. We owned the earth. Education? Why seek it? We represented the sum total of all the knowledge of the ages, of all the tribes and nations of the civilized world. And still the wonder grew that our small heads could carry all we knew. We must not forget the varied impressions we made upon the unfortunate rats—vengeance is sweet. All went well until final exams. Then our vaunted knowledge vanished and many found a Waterloo. If only those terrible exams could be relegated to that barbarous past from which they came. In this year, also, our school building burned. Our school board was equal to the occasion, however, and arrangements were promptly made for us to hold classes in the various churches and other available places throughout the town. During the spring and summer our high school was rebuilt and was ready for us in Sep¬ tember. Stop, look and listen! Now we are Juniors! Many of our comrades have fallen by the wayside, some the victims of cupid’s arrow, some slain in Caesars battles, some asphyxiated with indolence, some to whom present comfort outweighs future attainments, and some whose horizon had not broadened as they climbed. But our broken ranks represent many, who are making records in classes and other school activities which reflect credit upon them and old Salem High. Oh! proudly now we hail the class of mighty fame, A class fo dear to every heart which bears its name, Oh! let us pledge in loving words and noble deeds The love that far and wide our eager lives shall speed While here within our Alma Mater ' s sacred walls Full many a cheer shall ring for “ Junior " through her halls. •Cf 39 } WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Class Poem We Juniors in the class Of nineteen-thirty-two , As tortured rats and haughty Sophs Have labored two years through. And ?iow we proudly tell you How happy and glad we are The rank next highest in ole “Hi” To the brilliant Se-ni-ors. We ' ll try to keep our spirit Which has been our loadstar And make distinguished Seniors Of the zealous Juniors we are. We ' ll always try to be loyal , To be faithf ul, and ever true To our emblems , our glowing colors The white and royal blue. And we ' ll do our best to add More honor and lasting fame In our remaining year To ole Salem ' s peerless name. —Frances Garst, Class Poet 40 } ■ WOLVERINE 19 3 2 THE WOLVERINE vu KXVH EH1PAV MAY I?. 992. NO.I3. Sophomore Class Organized Sophomores Elect Term Officers Sophomore Class Honored WOLVERINE 19 3 2 v ' ? WOLVERINE 19 3 2 ;;;; Sophomore Class Colors: Green and White Motto: We study not for school but for life OFFICERS Flower: Carnation Gordon Ramsey . President Ruby Akers . Vice President Eileen Argabright . Secretary Phillis Thorpe . Treasurer CLASS ROLL Agner, Ellen Agner, James Agner, Webster Argabright, Eileen Akers, Ruby Altizer, Robert Bain, Lawrence Baltimore, Charles Barnett, Mary Bayse, Edward Blankenship, Lelia Booth, Archie Bowman, Bonnie Bonnie, George Bowman, Melva Bradley, Hazel Branum, Harry Lee Brown, Charles Brown, J. B. Brubeck, Grace Bruce, Clara Bruce. Marian Bryant, Eva Burch, Richard Byrd, Burger Candler, Ruth Carter, Hugh Cecil, Beatrice Cecil, Louise Cecil, Margaret Clark, Mary Elizabeth Coleman, Roy Collins, Olive Callison, Glen Compton, Kermit Cook, Everett Cornwell, Leonera Cox, James Cromer, Charles Crosswhite, Claudine Crosswhite, Ray Deaton, Elmer Deel, Frank DeHart, G. G. Dent, Helen Dooms, Alice Doughman, Bobby Doughman, James Duffy, Chapman Duffy, Virginia Dunahoo, Alvin Dutton, Bettye Dyer, Walton Eakin, Marie Emory, Mildred Engle, Luther Fanfhouser, Kenneth Faville, Mark Ferguson, Polly Ferguson, DeLois Ferris, Garland Fishbourne, Charlotte Firebough, Edward Foster, Eglenna Foutz, Pauline French, Donnetta Frier, Jack Fuqua, Fred Garden, Dorothy Garden, Henrv Garland. Ai.tce Garst, Wallace Garst, Winnfred Goodwin, Kathleen Goodwin, Naomi Goodwin, Ruth Gotteschalk, Walter Graham, Shirley Gresham, Carlton Gresham, Margaret Guernsey, Virginia Guy, Richard Hale, Edward Hall, Emma Hall, Robins Hambrick, Leonard Hansbrough, Marian Hayes, Joseph Hilton, Richard Hood, Elmore Howard, Lillian Howard, Lois Huffman, Helen Hurt, Robert Hutson, Frank L. James, Dorothy Jefferson, Buster Jennings, Dorothy Jones, Billy Kelch. Nellie Kidd, Mildred Lanigon, Edith Laprad, Edith Lester, James Little, Sallie Loop, Juanita Mann, Aaron Manning, Ruby Maxey, Mary McDaniel, Howard McDaniel, Ruby McGhee, Louise McGhee, Robert Melvin, Viola Mondie, Lillian Moore, Doris Moran, Elizabeth Mowles, Robert Naff, Hermen Oakey, Virginia Overstreet, Milton Pace, India Parlor, Molly Ann Perry, Martha Perdue, Phillip Prilliman, Ruby Pillis, Ben Plunkett, Gordon Poff, Hilda Price, Beatrice Prince, Vivian Ramsey, Gordon Reed, Claud Reynolds, Edith Reynolds, Ethel Richardson, Hazel Richardson, Kathryn Richardson, Ralph Riley, Cleo Roberts, John Robey, Ozella Robinson, Harry Rowell, Eugene Sears, Merriman Shank, Benson Shepherd, Howard Shepherd, Lena Sink, Francis Sink, Gerry Sneed, Howard Sowers, William St. Clair, Bryon Stuart, Mary Stultz. Brice Stump, Frances Tallent, Billy Tate, Printis Taylor, Barnhardt Thomas, Blanton Thomas, Clifton Thomas, Ruby Thomas, Ruth Thorpe, Phillis Tickel, Martha Towler, Margaret Vest, Russall Via, James Wagner, Hazel Walker, James Walker, Viola Warren, Maruerite Wigington, Norma Williams, Frances Williams, Frank Williams, Nell Williams, Millard Wills, Rea White, Lucile Wondree, Robert Wood, Hurst Woodward, Harold WOLDRIGE, CARLISS Yonce, Victor Zimmerman, Harold Zirkle, Edward 4 43 } WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Class Poem When It’s Past The sun has past o ' er the western verge And there illumes before our eyes the great phantasmagoria , The wrathful image of what might have been Perchance that If were was. Then we look as through a glass Darkened by darting dwarfs dancing to and fro Burdened with the weight of the enormozis uncompleted And behold what life may be able to afford us. Anon , we snatch a puny artificial light And proceed to batter down the bulk of the past , The great spectrum is faded away And our souls cannot identify the pathzvay into eternal bliss. —Phil Horne, Class Poet -£{ 44 }• WOLVERINE 19 3 2 THE WOLVERINE VOl xxvii i FRIO AY MAY »J 1932 NO.I 3 Freshmen Eject- Of ficers Freshmen Receive Freshmen Sponsors AppointaJ WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Mr. Farley’s, Miss Fulton’s and Mr. Chapman’s FIome Rooms Mr. Denton’s and Mrs. Strickler’s Home Rooms Miss Alexander’s, Miss Hurt’s and Mrs. Turner’s Home Rooms WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Freshman Class Motto: To the Stars Through Difficulties Ad astra per aspira Flower: Red Rose Colors: Red and White OFFICERS Augusta Saul . President John Naff . Vice President Jane Spessard . Secretary Katherine Spradlin . Treasurer CLASS ROLL Doris Akers Pauline Crotts Dorothy True Gittens June Akers Hensil Darnell Bessie Givens Rosa Altizer Louise Dawson Robert Going Evelyn Ayers Dorothy Dean Erskine Goodwin Bessie Bailey Charles Deaner George Gray Robert Barnett Frances DeBusk Marie Gray Charles Beller Natalie DeHart Millard Gray Mary Bowman Helen Dent Annie Greer Murril Bowman Robert Dent Helen Grey Jean Brooks Robert Dew Lucille Grice Dennis Mac Brown Earnest Doyle Lee Guthrie June Brown Eileen Doyle Louise Guthrie Petie Bunting Lola Dye Billy Haislip Harry Burnette Mary Early Leonard Hale Benny Byrd Rodrick Ennis Mary Hamblin Helen Carson Betty Fagg Lucille Hannabass Frances Cheek Helen Fisher Robert Hannabass Billy Coffee Madeline Fleshman Fred Hannah Sam Collins Ashland Gale Bertha Harris John Counts Bernard Garrett Annie Lee Harshbarger Joseph Cox Charlotte Garst Ruth Hass Jerry Crawford Leonard Gilbert Vincent Hilton Hilda Creasy Oval Gillespie Gertrude Hobson Evelyn Crofton Phoebe Gilmore Arnold Hodges 4 47 }S WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Ruth IIollyfield Clay Ninnegar Jane Spessard Genavee Howell Laura Oakey Katherine Spradlin Verlie Hoy Claudine Omen Hubert Stanley Brownie Hubble Irene Overcash Dorothy Staton Gilford Huff Louise Overstreet Daisy St. Clair Ruth Humphrie Eva Parks Elbyrne St. Clair Myra Ingram Hester Payne Ida St. Clair Lula Irvin Ralph Payne Earle Rosalie Stevens Doris Jeffries J. C. Penn Betsy Stone Dorothy Jeffries Richard Peery Mary Louise Stoutamire Ralph Johnson Marie Perrow Virginia Sutphin Auvrey Keith Luke Phillis Dorothy Taliaferro Elizabeth Kern Claudine Poff Horace Terry Atlec Kidd Lillian Poff Neville Thacker Penn Kime, Jr. Margaret Poff Eugene Thomas Edna King Bernard Powell Mary Louise Thomas Charles Lacy Carroll Powell Pau l Trail Elizabeth Lambert Earl Powell Cecil Vest Alice McCullom Alice Price Thomas Via Irene McDaniel Madeline Price Thomas Wade Madeline McDonald Ruth Price Hazel Watkins Blanch McGrady Josephine Puckett Paul Watkins Frances Maxwell Mildred Reed Mary Wray Webber Claudine Medley Virginia Rees Rachel Webster Louise Miller Rachel Reese Bill Wertz Ethel Moore Vernon Reese Malcolm Wertz Mary Moran Pauline Rettinger Mary Whitesell Louise Morgan Leonard Reynolds Leo Whiticar Thayer Morris Catherine Richardson Lois Whitlock Thomas Morris Irene Roberts Anne Taylor Wiley Genetta Moses Eleanor Robertson Charles Williams Hazel Moses Frances Robertson Lois Williams Lynwood Moses Augusta Saul Louise Williams Edna Mowles Henry Saul Margaret Williams Morris Murphy Edward Scruggs Ruby Wirt Nanette Musser Eldridge Shaver Ezella Witt Aubry Mutter Foster Sheets Dennie Wolfe Price Mutter Alma Shepherd Clara Worley Eileen Myers Herman Shortt Charles Wright John Naff Jacob Showalter Sidney Yonce Mildred Naff Arthur Smallwood John Young Ella Mae Nichols Billy Smith Lois Young Frances Nichols Dudley Snead Ella Zimmerman 4 48 } yr yr yr yr y Tyr yT yr yr yTyTyT y yryr yr y? yT Sr V r yr yr WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Wolverine Annual Staff EDITORIAL STAFF . Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . Activities Editor . Sports Editor . Photograph Editor . Senior Editor . Junior Editor . Sophomore Editor . Freshman Editor BUSINESS STAFF Robert Fisher . Business Manager Carter Fleshman . Circulation Manager George Craig . Advertising Manager Gillie Williams. Alice West. Elinor Wa lters Wesley Hayden. Blair Wiley. Mildred Lam . . . Nellie Pierpont Lucille White .. Penn Kime, Jr. .. 1 so }y WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Student Council OFFICERS George Garst. President Robert Fisher. Vice President Emma Hunter Maxwell. Secretary-Treasurer SENIOR REPRESENTATIVES George Garst Mildred Lam Robert Fisher Elinor Walters JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES John Peter Saul David Hitt Emma Hunter Maxwell SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVES Lucille White Henry Garden FACULTY ADVISORS Mr. House AIr. Chapman 4 si V w ' y yt? ' w ' s yjr yr Nf yf y? ' W WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Wolverine Newspaper Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Gillie Williams. . Editor Elinor Walters. . Associate Editor Alice West.. . Club Editor Mildred Cross. . Alumni Editor Wesley Hayden. . Sports Editor Mildred Emory. . Exchange Editor Edward Shanks. . Joke Editor Helen Stump. . Personals Editor Mildred Lam. . Senior Reporter Elizabeth Henderson. . Junior Reporter Lucille White. . Sophomore Reporter Augusta Saul. BUSINESS STAFF Greer Robertson .Business Manager John Peter Saul. .Associate Manager FACULTY ADVISORS Miss Webb Miss Woodson 4 52 }i WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Thomas Nelson Page Literary Society Color: Blue and Silver OFFICERS Verna Rhodes . President David Hitt . Vice President Eileen Argabright . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERSHIP Ruby Akers Eileen Argabright Mildred Bain AIcClain Bowman Clara Bruce Ruth Candler Jerry Crawford Natalie DeHart Helen Fisher Dorothy Garst Kathleen Goodwin Emma Hall Wesley Hayden David Hitt Penn Kime Juanita Loop Mary Elizabeth Martin Frances Moran Hazel Moses Margaret Norton Louise Overstreet Claudine Poff Verna Rhodes Ozelle Roby Augusta Saul John Peter Saul Robert Scott Ammon Sears Elizabeth Stevenson Mary Louise Stoutamire Frances Stump Helen Stump Elinor Walters Alice West Lucille White Norma Wigginton Blair Wiley Nancy Wilkes Dorothy Williams Gillie Williams Sidney Yonce 4 53 } • t WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Robert W. House Literary Society Aim: Through reading to become a full man; through conference a ready man; and through writing an exact man AIotto: Be grateful for luck but dont count on it Colors: Blue and White Advisor: Mrs. Taylor Turner Flower: White Rose MEMBERSHIP Phoebe Gilmore Dorothy True Gittens Helen Grey Lucille Grice Billy Haislip Leonard Hale Lucille Hannabass Annie Lee Harshbarger Vincent PIilton Arnold Hodges Annie Hontz Genavee Howell Verlie Hoy Brownie Hubble Myra Ingram Reba Ingram Doris Jeffries Dorothy Jeffries Auvrey Keith Elizabeth Kern Atlee Kidd Penn Kime, Jr. Edna King Ethel Moore Mary Morgan Louise Morgan WOLVERINE 19 3 2 WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Hi=Y Club Purpose: The purpose of this club is to create , maintain , and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian living and character Advisor: Mr. Chapman OFFICERS John Peter Saul. Isaac Andrews. George Craig. David Hitt. .... President Vice President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer Emmet Andrews Isaac Andrews John William Bernard McClain Bowman Robert Bowman Harold Carper John Cheatham George Craig Carl Dulaney MEMBERSHIP Robert Fisher Carter Fleshman Walter Garret Carlton Gresham Wesley Hayden Billy Hilton David Hitt Paul Hollyfield Horace Hood -€■{ 56 } - B. C. Horne William House Frank Lewis Hudson Loomis Kelley Jack Loop Leo Painter Ernest Robertson Greer Robertson John Peter Saul WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Girls’ Reserve Club Colors: Blue and White Purpose: To Find and Give the Best Advisor: Miss Woodson OFFICERS Katie Sears. Evelyn Board. Collette McCluer. . President .... Vice President Secretary- T reasurer MEMBERSHIP Kathrine Andrews Louise Bishop Evelyn Board Betty Brand Lillian Carson Mary Elizabeth Clark Mildred Cook Wilma Cox Kathrine Davis Bessie Deel Dorothy Garden Dorothy Gittens Margueretta Hisey Catherine Hurt Mildred Lam Collette McCluer Emma Hunter Maxwell Mary Jane Maxwell Verna Rhodes Augusta Saul Katie Sears Nancy Smiley Helen Stump Elinor Walters Blair Wiley Dorothy Williams Gillie Williams Estelle Woody { 57 WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Latin Club Motto: Carpe Diem (Sieze the opportunity) Flower: Violet OFFICERS Archie Booth. Emma Hall. Elmore Hood. Mrs. E. C. James. Colors: Violet and White . President . Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer . Faculty Advisor Louvivia Andrews Doris Akers Eileen Argabright Archie Booth Howard Booth Joe Bower Logan Bowman Melva Bowman Hazel Bradley Billy Brand Jean Brook Dennie Mac Brown June Brown Clara Bruce Marian Bruce Pete Bunting MEMBERSHIP Garner Dobyns Eunice Draper Mamie Duffy Mildred Emory Charlotte Fishbourne Charlotte Garst Thelma Garst Billy Haislip Emma Hall Lucille Hannabass Elmore Hood Verlie Hoy Dorothy James Nancy James Mildred Kidd Juanita Loop 4 58 } Mary E. Martin Katherine Masoncup Claudine Medley Eileen Mires Richard Perry J. C. Penn Phillip Perdue Claudine Poff Foster Skeets Elizabeth Stevenson Ida St. Clair Betsey Stone Mary Louise Stoutamire Lucile White Lois Whitlock Ozella Witt WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Bible Club Motto: “ Search the Scriptures” Advisor: Miss Pedigo Aims: i. To Awaken an Interest in Bible Study 2. To Present a Collection of Bibles to the School Library OFFICERS Frances Danner. Phyllis Thorpe. Lawrence Bain. .... President Vice President . Secretary Rosa Altizer Florence Arther Evelyn Ayers Bessie Bailey Kenneth Bain Lawerence Bain Mildred Bain Mary Bowman Arthur Brubaker Marry Burnette Ethel Carrol Hugh Carter Lloyd Childress Cordelia Cowan Jerry Crawford Vera Crawford Frances Danner MEMBERSHIP Frances DeBusk Natalie DeHart Alfred Dowdy Beatrice Draper Garland Ferris Helen Fisher Marie Glovier Virginia Glovier Maggie Goad Roy Hambrick Annie Hontz Doris Jeffries Dorothy Jeffries Atler Kidd Irene McDaniel Martha Maihl 4 59 4 Claudine Medley Viola Melvin Laura Myers Beatrice Poff Rachael Reese Pauline Rettinger Robert Scott Nellie St. Clair Edythe Thomas Ruth Thompson Phyllis Thorpe Hester Weaver Elizabeth Wertz Margaret Williams Emma Worley Ruth Worley WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Home Economics Club Colors: Green and White OFFICERS Dorothy Garst. Ellen Burke. Juanita Carper. Katherine Dyerly. Advisor: Mrs. Fischel . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Ellen Burke Eva Bryant Mildred Burton Ozella Butts Ruth Candler Juanita Carper Alma Carr Louise Cecil Constance Cheatham Frances Cheek Lucille Crockett Kathrine Deyerle Lola Dye Dorothy Garst Annie Goodwin Kathleen Goodwin MEMBERSHIP Margaret Gresham Helen Hall Mary Hamblin Marion Hansbrough Eleanor Henderson Beulah Huffman Helen Huffman Mary Jefferson Reynolds Keister Auvray Keith Sallie Little Alice Martin Frosty Martin Ruby McDaniel Louise Overstreet Martha Perry Alice Price Mildred Reed Edith Reynolds Jane Spessard Daisy St. Clair Earle Rosalie Stevens Marguerite Warren Hazel Watkins Alice West Helen Wetzel Frances Williams Nell Williams Anne Taylor Wiley Sidney Yonce Lolene Young 60 W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 $ o o o o o o o o o o o o i o o o o o o o ip V o o t «» » ' Future Farmers of America Colors: GoW and National Blue Motto: Learning to Do. Doing to Learn. Earning to Live. Living to Serve OFFICERS DeWitt Hartman . President Dewey McGrady . President Junior Showalter . Secretary Herbert Thomas . Treasurer Gordon Ramsey . Reporter Mr. T. E. Burke . Advisor Benny Byrd Beverly Byrd Robert Byrd John Counts John Dutton Edward Firebaugh George Garst MEMBERSHIP Wallace Garst Winfred Garst DeWitt Hartman Charles Lacy Dewey McGrady Kenneth Morrison Herman Naff Luke Pillis Gordon Plunkett Gordon Ramsey Junior Showalter Carl Smith William Sowers Paschal Stoutamire Herbert Thomas ' yr ▼ Sr S|r WV WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Glee Club Motto: “Give me some music; moody food of us that trade in love ” Flower: Wild Rose Advisor: Mrs. Shockey OFFICERS Ellen Burke . President Mary Jane Maxwell . Vice President Emma Hunter Maxwell . Treasurer Blair Wiley . Secretary Evelyn Board . Reporter MEMBERSHIP Kathrine Andrews Louise Bishop Betty Brand Mary Elizabeth Clark Wilma Cox Lucille Crockett Mildred Cross Katherine Davis Bessie Deel Frances Garst Margaret Garst Annie Goodwin Katherine Hurt Rome S. Johnston Mildred Lam Elizabeth Lambert Juanita Loop Frances Maxwell Betty Martin Elsie Moore Frances Moran India Pace Nellie Pierpont Frances Robertson Augusta Saul Frances Shields Jane Spessard Dorothy Tysor Alice West Norma Wigginton Dorothy Williams Frances Williams Mildred Worley G2 } WOLVERINE • • 19 3 2 ► o o lo ► o o o o o o o o The above picture was taken from The Roanoke Times Football Squad Monogram Club WOLVERINE 19 3 2 Football Coach Denton’s 1931 football team may well go down in the school’s history as one of the scrappiest ever to represent our institution. Some evidence of this is given by the fact that in only two games of the season was it beaten by more than one touchdown. Although the team, as a whole, lacked weight and experience, it made a worthy name for itself in conference circles as a hard, clean-fighting team. One of the high lights of the entire season was the game with Maury High at Norfolk. While outweighed to a man, in some cases as -much as twenty pounds, the Salem team played great defensive ball and held Maury scoreless till the final minutes of the game. Against Jefferson the Salem team played in a fine game but were repulsed by the famous “ Jefferson Jinx,” this time in the form of Father Time. When only a few yards away from the tying score, the game ended. The most thrilling contest from the spectator’s point of view was the game with Danville. Trailing in the final minute, 6-0 the Wolverines scored, only to have the ball called back. Undaunted, Short, Salem quarter, tossed a pass to Woodson to tie the score just as the game ended. Prospects for the next year’s team seem particularly bright as there will be nearly all of the seconds and several of the first team back. Short, Freshman quarter back, looks good for coming seasons, and Saul and Eades should be ready by next season. In the line there will be Mowles, Philpott, Tyler and Brown from this year’s team and Slough, Via, Altizer and Stevenson ready to fill any vacancy. Burke, back from Greenbriar, may get the guard post left by the graduation of Fisher. Although not a successful team in regard to games won, Salem placed J. Cross¬ white on the All-State, at end while Brown, at guard, received honorable mention. First Team Crosswhite. Philpott... Fisher. Price. Brown. Tyler. Mowles. .. . Short. Woodson. . . Maury. PIoLLYFIELD. THE LINE-UP . end .. . tackle . . guard . . center . . guard . . tackle . . end . . quarter . . half . . half . . full . Second Team ...Barnett .Via .Stevenson . . . .Altizer .Slough . . .Garrett .Ferris .Saul ...Barnard .Cheek .Fades -C{ 65 V WOLVERINE » 19 3 2 Basket Ball The 1932 basket ball season, although not what might be called a successful one, had sever al features and bright spots outstanding in the losses sustained by the team. Forced to depend upon the generosity of Roanoke College for a practice as well as a playing floor, lacking any real student support and play¬ ing away from home a large portion of the time, the team could hardly be expected to be a winning one. A high spot of the entire season was the Wolverine’s conquest of Jefferson High’s Magicians on their own court early in the season. That night the whole team played inspired ball, their best performance of the year, and seemingly smothered all attacks with ease. The final score was 22-12. This was the first time in several seasons that any Salem basket ball team had accomplished such a thing, either on their own or Jefferson’s court. During several other games the team showed flashes of splendid form but never again did their efforts reach such a peak. Crosswhite and Maury, along with some reserves will be lost by graduation but they will leave behind them Robertson, a first class center who may return, Martin, a center and forward and Brown, a very dependable guard. Barnett, Altizer and two or three others of this year’s reserves should be fine material for next year’s team. Our new playing floor should be complete in time for the 1933 basket ball season and it is hoped that with its advent some of the old “Hi School Spirit” and loyal student support will return. { G6 } WOLVERINE «« 1932 I V ' l 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 | 4 | | ] 4 V’ K 14 i iA o 4 i Established 1850 4 1 Gittens Kime I Smead Webber Incorporated 4 | incorporated «S| Insurance 1 ‘‘The Store of Service” Real Estate [ j Prescription Druggists Loans 4 | © © © Q 1 T © © © 4 220 East AIain Street 4 120 EAST MAIN STREET 4 | ’Phone 50 4 4 SALEM, VIRGINIA SALEM, VIRGINIA QUALITY ABOVE ALL Herff=Jones Company DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY AND COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Official Jewelers to Salem High School 4 G8 } - |OI ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼ V VW Wv W WVArVWW WWW O O o o o o o o o si o o o o o o o s o o o o o o • o o o o o o ► o ► WOLVERINE » ■ 19 3 2 ROANOKE COLLEGE Founded 1853 SALEM, VIRGINIA FULLY ACCREDITED + + + Member Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States + + + B. A. and B. S. DEGREES and PRE¬ PROFESSIONAL COURSES + + + 1932 Summer School June Ijth-August 12th + + + Fall Term Opens September 15, 1932 Photographers to The Wolverine , 1932 Brown Hardware Woodward Company Studio Everything in Hardware Portrait and Commercial + + + Photographers + + + Telephone 121 Reprints of Any Photograph Always Available + + + + + + ’Phone 8-J SALEM, VIRGINIA 123 EAST MAIN STREET SALEM, VA. 4 69 ) W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 SHERWOOD BURIAL PARK, Inc. “ The Burial Park Beautiful ” PERPETUAL CARE LOTS $100.00 AND UP Located between Roanoke and Salem Office: No. 11 College Avenue Telephone 159 “AT THE CENTER OF SALEM” WEBBER’S PHARMACY HEADQUARTERS FOR SALEM HIGH STUDENTS Fountain : : Sandwiches : : Candies Telephone 48 We Never Grow Old We Deliver O. H. DOOLEY M. H. DOOLEY Dooley Printing ' Company Gommercial Printers SALEM, VIRGINIA Telephone 244 15 College Ave. 4 70 U Airheart=Kirk Clothing Co. 25 Campbell Avenue, West ROANOKE, VIRGINIA W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 SUCCESS COMES WITH BUSINESS TRAINING... Accounting ' , Banking, Business Ad¬ ministration, Secretarial Science— will enable you to reach an execu¬ tive position early in life, paying a HIGHER SALARY Write today for 74 page catalog and year book “X.” ROANOKE, VIRGINIA GOLDSMITH Footballs, Volley, Basket and Baseballs TENNIS AND GOLF SUPPLIES Roanoke Hardware Company COMPLIMENTS OF Albert Bros. Inc. (Contractors GAS IS FAST, CLEAN and CHEAP FOR COOKING WATER HEATING REFRIGERATION VISIT OUR SALEM OFFICE DISPLAY Roanoke Gas Light Company WOLVERINE 19 3 2 COMPLIMENTS OF Salem Beauty Parlor Shoes $3 up to $8 NATIONAL SAMPLE STORE 215 EAST MAIN STREET SINCE 1888 Thomason’s Jewelers MEMBERS OF (Ikunt Uatrljmakmi’ (£ml?i Telephone 77-J Salem, Virginia COMPLIMENTS OF MOIR TROUT ROANOKE, VIRGINIA The Pure Food Store HIGHEST QUALITY BEST SERVICE SAME GOODS FOR LESS MONEY Telephone 180 John T. Bowman, Prop. BABY CHICKS BLOOD TESTED RIGIDLY CULLED STATE CERTIFIED ®0® SALEM HATCHERY 930 South Colorado Street Salem, Virginia SALEM BATTERY CO. C. L. OVERSTREET, Proprietor The Pioneer Battery Station of Salem USE CONOCO GERM-PROCESSED OIL and Save 40 to 60% Motor Wear WASHING AND GREASING Corner Main and Academy Streets Telephone 9167 Sporting Goods Caldwell=Sites Co. ROANOKE, VIRGINIA { ™ WOLVERINE 19 3 2 The Spirit of ’32 M AY this publication help to perpetuate the spirit which the Staff has endeav¬ ored to portray and may pleasant memories be recalled by its perusal. We have given our personal attention to the production of this book and assure you that we will handle all other commissions entrusted to us in this same careful manner. We place at your disposal our experience of the past forty-nine years in satisfactorily pro¬ ducing creditable publications for an ever-in- creasing number of customers. The Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co. EDWARD L. STONE, President ROANOKE, VIRGINIA { 73 WOLVERINE 19 3 2 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Salem Brick Company Salem Creamery Co., Inc. SALEM FOUNDRY AND MACHINE WORKS 0. Q. LEWIS CO. Passenger and Freight Elevators FORD DEALERS Telephone 93 SALEM, VIRGINIA SALEM, VIRGINIA { 74 s W O LV E R I N E 19 3 2 T X TE recognize our responsibility to meet your demands for quality at the lowest price. In pre¬ senting Mitchell’s Clothing’ we have satisfied ourselves that these splendidly tailored suits for young men truly represent the most outstanding display of value-giving. © © © Mitchell Clothing Co. Incorporated 307 South Henry Street ROANOKE, VIRGINIA “The Store of Greater Values ” BROTHERHOOD MERCANTILE COMPANY (food (slothes for (Men, Toung cJdfen and ' Boys © © © 107 South Jefferson Street ROANOKE, VIRGINIA Littrell’s Barber Shop Expert Barbers to Satisfy Your Needs © © © Ladies’ Beauty Parlor Work Done by Appointment Telephone 64 211 EAST MAIN STREET SALEM, VA. COMPLIMENTS OF R. C. Bowman Co. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE © © © “TIME TO INSURE” Telephone 329 SALEM, VIRGINIA 4 75 V WOLVERINE mm [ISMS ri jJ . A A, .A, A. A f | :■ ' |o k o ' lo o o o o o o o o o o o i o o o o o i ,o ■o o o o o o o o o •jj ’ ' ?•• j, ••• iisi • ®p COMPLIMENTS OF The Qlenmary Apartments Robert Martin « - » The Best Place Company, Inc. on Earth to Live %oad Contractors « -» % ’PHONE 25 F. C. WILEY, Manager CORNER STORE Salem Theatre Building 77 Students Store TOASTED OR PLAIN SANDWICHES, SODAS, ICE CREAM, HOT DRINKS, COLLEGE STATIONERY AND NOVELTIES Candies : Cigarettes : Cigars Magazines : Pop Corn 5 £ Si , ■=£ E rr TOEAT1RE - Salem, Virginia Where Sound Sounds Best The pick of the latest and best productions on the sound screen presented in a building built for sound pictures Matinee Daily. 3 : 3 c) P. M. Children 10 cents : Adults 25 cents Nights. 7:15 and 9:00 P. M. Children 15 cents : Adults 35 cents IT’S WORTH THE PRICE AT THE SALEM THEATRE 4. 76 $ ' i m ♦ 0 o o o o o o 0 s o z o 0 o ► ! o o o 0 o o o 1 o ► o ► ► o l 0 0 0 o o o o s o o o ► £ ► o

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