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G Cy . y GC 3 1833 01877 6663 1 977 202 S08JMS, !;r .. : , - i» -wrt : .. ; !0i : -s ] - 6-19 • J [ T 1 1 1 im 1 1 ( F I •if ■ I i T -i ■ i ' M M AMERICANS the beautiful are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the American Revolution. Jackson Middle School, South Bend, Indiana, joins Americans everywhere in this bicentennial salute. We recognize the importance of our coun- try ' s history as it is reflected in our daily lives. [ i [•[•I r i ADMINISTRATION Education was scarce in early times, but it 1834 Horace Mann persuaded the Penn- sylvania legislature to make schooling a- vailable to everyone. Principal John Byers is aided by James Chambers and Everett Holmgren, assistant principals. STAFF MEMBERS PLAY Eve Arnett, Nurse Darnell Bailey, Bus. Ed. Leroy Baker, Industrial Arts David Berta, Science John Berta, P.E., Health Jean Binder, Reading Mary Brewer, Bus. Ed. Margaret Butterworth, Spanish Michael Celichowski, Science Sylvester Coalmen, English Terry Dawson, Band Beverly Donati, Social Worker Priscilla Duleh, Spanish Neil Edison, Mathematics Clara Edwards, English Wanda Flesher, Mathematics Candice Flora, Art Paul Frazier, Science Harry Ganser, Industrial Arts Patrick Gassensmith, Police Liaison Burt Gates, Science Betty Habegger, Home Ec. Genevieve Harris, English Elizabeth Hawes, Secretary Stephen Herczeg, Social Studies Rosalind Hoover, Librarian Robert Hunt, Science Marion Jackson, Mathematics Kathleen Jaroszewski, French John Johnson, Mathematics Joseph Karwowski, Phys . Ed . Karen Kaser, Speech Clin. Kleora Kelsch, Phys. Ed. Sylvia Kercher, Guidance Willie Keyes, Instrtfmental Music VITAL SCHOOL ROLES James Kobold, Soc. Studies Beverly Krogh, Home Ec . Thomas Kurzhal Ind . Ans Joseph Laiber, Health Virgil Landry, Guidance Mary Lawson, Soc. Studies Alice Mankowski, English Jack McDaniel, Soc. Studies Thomas Metcalfe, Soc. Studies Alton Meyer, Mathematics Jay Miller, Orchestra Pherbia Miller, Vocal Mus. Jeanette Moeller, Math Jane Moore, Librarian Justine Murray, English Faye Nelson, English Betty Nibbelink, Home Ec. Al Niemier, Mathematics Catherine Nowicki, Bus. Ed. Makrouhi Oxian, Science Victor Papal, Soc. Studies Dennis Perry, Vocal Music Gordon Polsgrove, Soc. Studies Lynda Primrose, Art Scott Rea, Science Terry Rensberger, Ind. Arts Barbara Rhoadarmer, German Susan Ritschard, Bus. Ed. John Robinson, Mathematics Rebecca Rodecap, Phys. Ed. Corine Ross, Para-Prof. Brenda Saunders, Phys. Ed. Judith Schymanski, Math JaySenff, English Marianna Sipotz, Secretary STAFF L. tor.--E. Zurawski, G. Wiktor, and L. Ebel Kay Slaby, Spanish Melvyn Smith, Para-Prof. Robert Snider, See. Studies Eileen Stevens, Food Serv. Joyce Stith, Guidance Robert Stutzman, Ind. Arts Larry Szczechowski, P .E . Barbara T ash, English Marianna Titus, English Florence Toll, English Marcia Toth, Science Ronald Turtle, Science Jane Vandewalle, Sec. , Bookstore William Wagner, Science Lee Weldy, Guidance Mary Ellen Widner, Sec. Not Shown: Carl Douglas, Para -Prof. John Dragovitch, Soc. St. Darrell Grabner, Para-Prof. Thomas Gustafson, Police Liaison Ronald Kronewitter, Art Violet Rohrer, Latin, Math STAFF Top to bottom, left to right: J. Peterson, J. Papp, R. Strong, O. Brandenburg, D. Lubbers, M. Mastagh, L. Tollar, M. Kulczar, B. Vanderbeek, D. Mendenhall, R. Hess, B. Medich, L. Campbell, J. Peters, L. Fall, G. Baughman, J. Freitag, E. Zielinski, R. Overmyer, J . Nagy AJ (±1 J I [WlUI I ! I M i SCHOOL CAN BE FUN Students of 200 years ago would be amazed to see all that hap- pens in our schools today. We read, write, sew, sing, cook, swim- -and that ' s just a beginning. We also join many group activities such as band, orchestra, choir, newspaper, human relations, and yearbook. SONG BOOK. ■ !■ m BK HP ' v|| m K Btv J|mHp k H l H EMH Jl f vr.; JH|; H « lk ] MB t V ; ' - ji b ■■ L 1 SEVENTH HOUR BAND EIGHTH HOUR BAND MUSICIANS Mr. Jay Miller has been tuning up the third hour orchestra this year. The Jazz Band, directed by Mr. Willie Keyes, played in the high school " Sound- sations " concert in March. Under the direction of Mr. Terry Dawson, nineteen members played in the fifth hour band . COUNCIL, BANDS At top is the Student Advisory Council sponsored by Mr. Lee VVeldy and Mrs. Sylvia Kercher, and the second hour band, directed by Mr. Willie Keyes. All the bands, including sixth hour (above) and first hour (left) worked on a variety of musical numbers, including modern and traditional tunes. CHOIR Choir members participated in the fall talent show, gave a Christmas concert, appeared on WSBT-TV, and performed in the bicen- tennial " Spirits of ' 76 " at the Notre Dame ACC. Above are early morning basses, left are early morning tenors, and below is fourth hour choir. TALENTED PERFORMERS I £k Jh - J}, L 9rW L Uil Fifth hour glee club sang on television during the Christmas season, along with the early morning altos at left. Sue Laing, Ann Gyori, and Jeff Gentry were among the talented singers in the talent show . 1 L ,Li ACTIVITIES At left is a group representing the Human Relations Club, sponsored by Mr. Melvyn Smith. Below are the early morning sopranos and the fourth hour orchestra, directed by Mrs. Pherbia Miller and Mr. Jay Miller, re- spectively. YEARBOOK At top and bottom are members of the yearbook staff working hard to meet their deadlines . In the middle is the yearbook staff. They met two or three times a week to arrange pictures and to write copy for the yearbook pages . NEWSPAPER Our newspaper staff produced an excellent pa- per this year, including a special red, white, and blue bicentennial edition of THE OLD HICKORY . Mrs. Faye Nelson was the sponsor, and Craig Landis took pictures all year for the paper and yearbook. Mr. Dave Berta also helped with photos for both publications. p fHM i v l HBB V rflB H t ' LJ l l H 1 r K i . w ' y wU H H BE| Hi B|L • Bfl BP J H iP J ' IrjMM P i " BABES IN ARMS " Mr. Dennis Perry, left, directed " Babes in Arms " for the spring musical production. Since Jackson has so many talented students, the play was double-cast. Most of the cast is shown in these photos, with another 75 students performing in the choms. SNOW DAY! Heavy snow and howling winter winds bring the most wonderful unexpected vacation of all- -snow day! With school closed for the day, we played in the snow, talked on the phone for hours, and trudged to the Scottsdale Mall to meet friends or to go shopping. Athletics have always played an important part in American history. For centuries the challenge of competitive sports has brought people together in good fun and health, just as sports at Jackson have brought Tiger fans together in good spirit. SPORTS The seventh grade football team was a small one, but they made up for their size with their hard work. The seventh grade cheerleaders (top) cheered the seventh grade Tigers loyally, while the eighth grade cheerleaders gave great support to the eighth grade. 1 1 B 4 ' li ' ' ' " jH B 8S pJ twP 1 L V fcJB . m h - s« i»a --- " -— :ii ■ jr - J W « . sHoxwra :«« ' » ' r . ' MMWHII m mm % ■ , rwT " - am m ' .m mk m „;.., . t i A ' ' l»iMBK - 9( AMHEHr B The freshman B cheerleaders showed great spirit for ' 76, and hockey players from Jackson par- ticipated on the Riley team . The eighth grade football team played like real Tigers and look very promising as freshman players for next fall . SPORTS The freshman football team had a good season of 4 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. They will surely be an asset to Riley ' s Wildcats next fall . The ninth grade cheerleaders did their part in helping the fans cheer the Tigers on to victory. SPORTS The seventh grade B team did a fine job this year. They spent many hours in ser- ious practice. Three freshmen played on Riley ' s tennis team. They played terrific tennis and cer- tainly look very promising for next fall . SPORTS The gills ' swim team did a great job as they swam with Riley ' s team. ]o Teumac went to state. The seventh A basketball really moved this year. In the city the ninth grade wrestling team finished second. SPORTS Skaters battle for the puck as the team watches the Riley- Marion game. Mr. Steve Herczeg gives a few pointers during wres- tling practice. Eighth grade B basketball team worked hard on de- veloping new techniques, skills, and game plans. i ' itiHi M IJL 1, - .-• i,7 i ' ■P H [ ■pi H r Gffls 1 HHSHBJ B ' ' r H ' W[ m m SH " ] I H I u ' t wl sJI NINTH GRADE VOLLEYBALL TEAM EIGHTH GRADE WRESTLERS SPORTS , Seven ambitious and strong swimmers went out for Riley swim team. ' }g The eighth grade A basketball team was really great. They competed in the " B " tournament. The Girls ' Sports Club has had a large turn- out of girls in every sport . SPORTS The ninth grade cheerleaders cheered their team against the " Fabulous Faculty " in a fantastic game. Working hard does bring about improve- ment- -and the seventh grade wrestlers proved that point. The Fabulous Faculty poses in their " uni- forms . " u i o " t • s ' ) MR 1 NINTH GRADE " A " BASKETBALL TEAM NINTH GRADE " B " BASKETBALL TEAM ■ 4 4 " " SSIfi f . .« 5 INTMC EASTEjgl MPMISPHER8 aJ f I l I ■ I [•¥•1 [ ' •! f M ikj [ 1 J 1 1 1 i •. jklmnop T ;i t; i Cl 1 j ;l be bi bo 111 I oc ' ,ci, cx) ru a ,k,xii do au xlliiTTHitni af the .-hirh ait lU uwort he iliy 0111 eom.o, iliy iaiih, asii is in 5 Ibis day onr fot ' vd us our c forgive tliom aiuft ui : -lud ciuptfttiDu, tnit U. A ' SCHOOL BOOKS School books were very scarce 200 years ago. Today, however, every Jackson student has at least one book for each class, and the library has more than 11,000 books available for research and reading. SEVENTH GRADE Abraham, Jan is Abrams, Susan Ackelson, Catherine Adkins, Fred AUbaugh, Duane Allen, Ann Allen, Elizabeth Alward, Kathryn Anastasio, Michael Anderson, Stephen Anderson, Tamala Anderson, Terry Andert, Nancy Andrews, Karrie Andrysiak, Lori Anglin, Carol Anselman, Jeanne Appenzeller, Mark Ashton, Frances Aukerman, Sharon Ayer, David Bailey, David Ballard, Jeffrey Balentine, Pamela Balok, Janet Barker, Kathryn Bamaby, Kraig Bany, Wanda Barton, Pamela Baumhower. Lisa Bazis, Mark Behre, J, Nicholas Bella, Susan Bennett, Steven Bickel, John SEVENTH GRADE Birch, Tracey Birmingham, Peter Biihop, Robert Blount, Carla Bolinger, Rebecca Boocher, Gerard Bourdon, Scon Boykins, Allen Brackett, Billy Bradford, William Brodbeck, Janis Brown, Dorothea Bruggemann, John Bunch, Christina Bunch, Randy Burden, Lori Burke, Deborah Burns, Tammy Canen, Kimberly Carrillo, Zoiliia Gassier, Victoria Castellon, Jacqueline Cerny, Carol Chapman, Kim Chandonia, Cindy Chapman, Patricia Cira, Sharon Cleghom, Patricia Cleveland, James Cohen, Jodi Coleman, Joyce Collins, Daniel Connors, James Considine, Meghan Cripe, Kathleen SEVENTH GRADE Crosiar, Chiis Cunningham, Thomas Czoch, CoUette Daniel, Julie Darmos, Dezso Daugherty, Timothy Davidson, Laura Davis, Daniel Davis, Jeny Davis, Troy DeBolt, Valerie DeFalco, Elizabeth Dekegelaer, Pamela Dent, Tommy Deranek, Karen DeWolf, Cindy Diggins, Valerie Dilts, Louella Doggett, Damon Dosmann, Gregory Doyle, Daniel Dudkowski, Richard Dunn, Robin DuVall, Stephanie Eddy, Kathie Eddy, Tina Edison, Nick Elbert, Bettie Elin, Jennifer Elin, Jessica Elston, Robert English, Patty Engstrom, Betty Ernsberger, Traci Eslinger, Kimberly » SEVENTH GRADE Esmont, Ronald Etes, Theresa Evanovich, Brenda Evans, Sherry Ewing, Pani Farmer, Connie Farner, John Feaster, Shari Feferman, Anne Fehr, Sheri Ferris, Manhew Fish, Norma Flint, Danny Floran, Daniel Force, Ed Fore, Donald Foreman, Robert Forkner, Michael Foster, Jackie Fox, Kelly Foy, Elisabeth Fozo, Amy Francis, George Franklin, Linda Franson, Allan Frash, Eric Prison, Bobby Prison, Connie Prison, George Fry, Paula Fuchs, Kelly Funk, David Gamauf, Christopher Ganten, Janis Garcia, Arturo SEVENTH GRADE Gardner, Thomas Gary, Anthony Gates, Valerie Gatson, Sheila Gavin, Timothy Gavros, David Gerwig, Kimberly Gettinger, David Gilligan, John Gills, Aaron Gizzi, Timothy Glassbum, Philip Goins, Connie Gonzales, Dolores Goralski, Lori Gorzkiewicz, Patricia Grant, Theresa Grebe, Robert Green, Darryl Gregorek, Tim Greider, Donald Griesinger, Debbie Grunden, David Grwinski, Bradd Guzowski, Glenda Hack, Amanda Hadrick, John Haines, David Hamilton, Michelle Happ, Donald Harkins, Karen Harris, Brenda Harris, Jerry Harrison, Andrea Harrison, Dallas SEVENTH GRADE Haughton, Randy Hawley, Brian Heilman, Debra Heilman, Donald Hellinga, Jim Henderson, Sam Hengel, Nancy Hennessy, Mark Herban, Tim Herczeg, Mary Herron, Gary Barter , Tim Hewitt, Amy Hoffman, Renee Hohulin, Jeanne Holland, Lisa Horvath, Julie Howard, Joyce Howard, Reggie Hubbard, Joseph Hudak, William Huegel, Doug Huffer, David Huguenard, Andrew HuUinger, Kevin Dins, Mary Imus, Thomas Irons, Robert Isbell, Elizabeth Jackowiak, Lori Jebelian, Dawn Jenkins, Erskin Jeske, Chantal Johnson, Anne Johnson, Carolyn SEVENTH GRADE Johnson, John Johnson, Paul Jones, Bruce Jones, Carmel Jones, Rose Jones, Ulysses Jordan, Barbara Joseph, Mindy Juday, Dave Kalafat, James Katona, Brian Kelley, Sean Keszei, Andrew Kinder, Sherri King, Renetta King, Ron Kirkpatrick, Brian Klein, Mary Kovatch, Kevin Knight, Carla Krakowski, Michele Krathwohl, Carl Kraus, John Krause, Steve Kruggel, Leslie Kuespert, Alan Kusmiez, Renee Lambert, Kim Lambert, Paula Lamont, Tamara Lannan, Tammy Larson, John Leath, Jeff Leavenworth, Gail Lee, Debbie SEVENTH GRADE Lemanski, Maria Lewandowski, Sharon Locke, Daniel Lohman, John Lottie, Michelle Lubbers, Becky Lubinski, Barb Lynch, Denise Lyon, Esther Maclnnis, Mary Magee, Diane Mahank, Tracy Manning, Betty Markham, Carl Markuson, Melinda Marley, John Marsh, Amy Martin, George Martindale, Beth Martinez, Jaime Marvel, David Maxwell, Noel McChesney, Jon McFarlane, Tim McGonigal, Carmella McKinney, Toya Medich, Tim Mellander, Carol Mendenhall, Camela Menhart, Rosalie Menzie, Dianne Merrill, Debra Metz, Todd Middleton, Debra Mikel, James SEVENTH GRADE Miller, Bilentia Miller, Dan Miller, Jennifer Miller, Joan Miller, Janice Milliken, Mark Mohr, Henry Moore, Shelley Morrical, Aaron Morris, Jennifer Mortensen, Mark Murnane, Kiely Musser, Greg Myers, Troy Nash, Martin Nelson, Perry Nering, Tim Newhouse, Becky Nolan, Dara Nolen, Jan Olson, Ramon O ' Neal, Julius O ' Reilly, Michele Osborn, Scott Ottbridge, Maurice Ottbridge, Vanessa Ottman, Chriss Ottman, Robin Overmyer, Karl Ovenon, Michelle Page, Jim Page, Tim Paluszewski, Kevin Parker, Chris Parker, Pamela .Jm. 1 m ww wm h Y mi SEVENTH GRADE Parker, Rufus Parsons, John Patton, Michael Paulson, Natalie Peck, Donald Peck, Rosie Pfotenhauer, David Pierce, Robin Pigee, Isaac Pomeroy, Margaret Poole, Michael Potter, Michael Powell, Patricia Priebe, James PuUiam, Michael Rafalski, Bruce Randt, Ronda Rasberry, Lisa Rector, Jacqueline Redmon, Eric Reynolds, Ernest Ritchey, Diana Rogers, Margaret Rokop, Steve Romer, Stacy Rosback, Anthony Rose, Pat Rosenstock, David Roth, Howard Rowe, Bethany Russell, Dana Russell, David Ryall, Beny Saba, Ronald Saltzman, Edward SEVENTH GRADE Saros, Mike Sauer, Sheri Schaut, Kimberly Schillinger, Donald Schock, Jeffrey Seese, Patrick Seitz, Linden Sell, Rebecca Shafer, James Shafer, Janet Shaffer, Lori Shane, Dan Shannon, Kathleen Sharp, Philip Shea, Timothy Sherman, Rodney ShindoUar, Eric Shisler, James Shulmier, Debra Siders, Rachel Sieradzki, Michelle Simeri, Holly Simmons, Terry Singleton, Joseph Smith, David Smith, Eddie Smith, Freddie Smith, Gary Smith, Susan Snyder, Dean Snyder, Susan Splawski, Susan Springer, Alfred Stanton, David Stealy, Denise SEVENTH GRADE Stewart, Mike Stoneburner, Scott Strange, Don Strasser, Tina Strarton, Dale Stoltqus, Brenda Streb, Jerrald Strominski, Kim Stuck, Mark Suit, Tim Summers, Bruce Swartz, Dan Swinson, Carmon Swoverland, Mark Talcott, William Taylor, Sam Tepe, Lynn Tetzlaff, Mike Teumac, Diane Tezich, Jami Theus, Tony Thompson, Connie Thompson, Melissa Thornberg, Susan Thrasher, Mike Thurin, Julie Tonkin, Brenda Toth, Douglas Toth, Julie Towell, Lora Trapp, Jacqueline Trensey, Teni Tretheway, Tim Troutmiller, Ka±leen Umbaugh, Douglas SEVENTH GRADE Unger, Robert Valdez, Robert VanAvermaete, Rhonda VanDePutte, Peggy Vanderheyden , John Vanderwall, Kay Vandewalle, John VanParys, Mark Vergon, Mike Voitel, Pam Vinson, Debra Waldron, Brett Walker, Brian Walker, Chris Walker, Dianna Walker, Greg Walker, Keith Walorski, Jackie Walton, Richard Wannerton, Tony Warner, Steve Warren, Kelly Waters, Danny Watkins, Charles Watkins, Jerry Watson, Kelley Weaver, Theas Weirick, Nicholas Weiss, Julia Wells, Eric Welter, Jon Werntz, John Werntz, Joseph West, Dianna Whisler, Kevin SEVENTH GRADE Whisonant, Wanda White, Falisa White, Richard Whiteford, Ron Whiting, Pam Wilczynski, Sue Williams, Joanne Williams, Jon Wilson, Anne Wilson, Matt Wilson, Roxane Winski, Wayne Winston, Jeff Wimmer, Steve Wojtysiak, Sandy Woods, Darwin Woodwaid, Roben Wuischpard, Charles Wuthrich, John Yaar, Yvonne Yaciw, Belann Yates, Gaylynn Yates, Robin Yee, Steve Young, Darci Zaderej, Natalie Zeiger, Dan Zeigert, Michael Zimmer, Andy Zink, Frank Zorich, Zora Zubko, Sue Zukowski, John " " ■3 l -.., far iiiil i i l ll B 85| HISTORY COMES ALIVE 1 ' ■ ? ' ■ !■ II ffT Vm ' ' ' M ' lh Km 1S . M ' LliWi . iu ' iia r |- ' Yil ri PS The bicentennial has given new meaning to the study of Amer- ican history. Laura Nelson ' s model of Inde- pendence Hall re-creates the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence . EIGHTH GRADE Abraham, Marian Abrams, Deborah Alkire, Claudia Alvarado, Jose Alward, Cheryl Alwine, Joyce Anderson, Charles Anderson, Judith Annis, Susan Arch, Cyndie Armstrong, Anthony Bach, David Bailey, Michael Baker, Julie Baker, Robert Ball, Robert Ballin, Janet Ballin, Ruth Banaszak, Jodine Barnard, Lisa Barnes, Nikki Battles, Robert Bauer, Karen Baugher, Lisa Baxter, John Bella, Andy Bender, Michael Bennett, James Bennett, Mary Benninghoff, Craig Beyler, Beverly Bickel, Sandra Birmingham, Mary J. Bishop, Murry Black, Robert EIGHTH GRADE Blacketor, Gary Blackston, William Blair, Kimberly Blue, Andrew Bognar, James Bogunia, Daniel Bohnsack, Christopher Bolin, Annette Borsodi, Judith Borsodi, Marjorie Bosell, David Botos, Holly Bowden, Sherry Boyce, Jeffrey Boykins, Norma Bradberry, Tina Bradley, Megan Branchick, Raymond Brazier, Eric Breen, Karen Brooks, Arvester Brown, Vincent Brunton, Roger Brzezinski, Sandra Bucher, Charmaine Buck, Shelly BuUard, Pamela Burns, Emily Burroughs, DonyeUe Butler, Huber Byer, Pamela Bytner, Jean Canniff, Roxane Cannon, Bart Carlson, Yvonne EIGHTH GRADE Carrell, David Caner, Glen Chambliss, Darvin Chapman, Peggy Cheak, Jennifer Chonody, Todd Clady, Karen Clark, Marilyn Cochran, Tina Cohen, Philip Coleman, Bertha Colley, Deanna Collins, Tania Comer, Cynthia Coplen, Melody Comn, Roger Cossey, Michael Cothran, Evelyn Cowan, Janice Cox, Charles Cox, James Cox, Scott Cramer, Phillip Crocker, Jodi Crumbley, Alvertis Dale, Deborah Danch, Debra Dangelo, Patrick Davies, Carol Davis, Glenn Dean, Brenda Deboe, Connie Debranek, David Derdak, Margaret Diggins, Samuel EIGHTH GRADE f K Dillard, Patrick Dillon, David Dillon, Mark Dillon, Stephen Donahue, Daniel J. Downey, John D. Duskin, Michael Eblen, Pamela L. Eddy, Rich Elek, Deborah Eller, Ladonna Ellis, Martha Elmerick, Dwayne Endres, Benjamin Epperson, Richard Eslinger, Dan Espy, James Evanovich, Yvon Everett, Beth Ewing, James Fader, Konda Fahey, Laura Fairchild, Todd Farkas, Peni Farrington, Becky Flannery, Robert Fletcher, Steven Fordyce, Patricia Foster, Christopher Foster, Timothy Franklin, Caroline Frankson, Eric Fredenburg, Shelly Freeman, Quentin L. Fries, Mark EIGHTH GRADE Prison, Electa Galloway, Timothy Gates, Jerome Gavros, Blake Good, Joi Goffney, Steve Goodin, Dana Gorzkiewicz, Michael Goshen, Sharone Gosztola, Devin Graham, Leslie Greci, Carl Greene, Gerald Gregorich, Bruce Grove, Linda Groves, Charlene Guin, David Hairston, Douglas Hamilton, Tammy Han, Amy Hanna, Judy Hans, Christine Harrell, Barbara Harris, Bobby Harris, Edward Harris, Robin Hartman, Kim Hass, Gregory Hastings, Valerie Hatfield, Patty Hawkins, Sandra Hays, Robert Heckman, Anthony Heilman, Kym Henderson, Kenyth EIGHTH GRADE Henderson, Michael Henry, Jeanet te Hernandez, Rita Herron, Patricia Heston, Ronald Hillman, Laura Hintz, Gwendolyn Hix, Rik Hobbs, Phillip Hodgetts, Tom Hoffmann, John Hojara, Theodore Hoover, Richard Horvath, Michele Howard, Mark Howard, Ricky Hubbard, Galen Huber, Daniel Hunter, Dwight Irwin, Stacey Isbell, Andrew Isbell, Robert Jackson, David Jackson, Stephen Jacobi, Norman Jenkins, Timothy Jenkins, Elaine Jener, Donna Jenner, Donna Jobin, Michelle Johnson, Firdia Johnson, Tamera JoUiff, Robert Jones, Gilbert Jones, Jeffrey EIGHTH GRADE Jones, Sherri Jozwiak, Mark Kalwitz, Lory Kane, Shelby Keays, Laura Kelly, Patrick Kendall, Allen Kendall, Mark Kesler, Gregory Kinas, Scott Kinder, Theresa Kingery, Julia Kirwan, Timothy Kline, Kristie Koch, Andrew Kolettis, George Kouroubetes, Michael Kovacs, Nancy Kresca, Scott Krizman, Michael Kubiak, Kathleen Kurz, David Kurzhal, Connie Kwiecinski, Ruth Labis, Robert LaFree, Sandra LaFree, Stephen Landry, Bryan Landsman, James Leary, Ruth Lee, Arletha Levy, Jeffrey Lewis, Cheri Lightner, Duane Lightner, Martin EIGHTH GRADE Linarello, Denise Ling, Kathy Limenfelter, Mary Kay Littler, Ralph Lovdahl, Frances Love, Scott Lybarger, Susan Lyvers, Todd Ma gee, Melvina Markham, Shari Martin, Lester Marvin, Gregg Ma lire, Frank Maurer, Timothy Mauro, Anita Mathews, Timmy McClintic, Thomas McFarland, Christian McGeath, Tracy McKenna, Thomas McEnany, Blake Mclntyre, Sheri McKee, Cheryl Meersman, Michelle Mellander, Janet Meilner, Timothy Mincey, Ida Miller, Rocky Morse, Charles Moore, Charmaine Morehouse, Joseph Morris, Ronald Moskwinski, Sharon Moulton, Shelley Musser, William ' ' A ' . S EIGHTH GRADE Middle ton, Larry Miller, Tom Milliken, Kelly Mills, Linda Mitchell, Elroy Mitchell, Jeffrey Mitchem, Gregory Moore, Angela Nemeth, Elizabeth Newbill, Kelle Niblick, Jeff Nickison, Kathleen O ' Callaghan, Kathleen Oldham, Anthony Olson, Jenny O ' Reilly, Patrick Ottbridge, Timothy Overmeyer, Lori Overton, Jack Pankow, John Pankow, Mark Parker, Timothy Paszli, Deeann Pemberton, John Perm, Annette Peterson, Paul Petzke, Kurt Piekarski, Mark Pietraszewski , Jessica Pigee, Willie Pletcher, Joy Poole, Marlene Pope, Katrina Poulson, Cathy Prout, Lynn EIGHTH GRADE Powell, Cecilia Rarick, Jennifer Reed, Thomas Reid, Daryl Repczynski, Mary Reznik, Gayle Riley, Chlstine Ritchey, Glen Ritter, Daniel Robinson, Kristopher Rodenbach, Robert Rogers, Kevin Rosbrugh, Timothy Rosemeyer, Mark Ross, Teresa Rowley, Mike Rozanski, Scott Rucker, Emanuel Runyan, Kathleen Ruth, Rebecca Sanders, J oanne Santilli, Frank Sarber, Dana Saros, Dan Scales, Marietta Schenk, Kimberly Schmidt, Debra Schosker, Sharyl Scholz, Carolyn Schnabel, Jeffrey Scott, Kevin Scott, Tony Scott, Vickie Seanor, Greg Sears, Bruce EIGHTH GRADE Sears, Karen Sells, Tim Senff, Scott Shane, Michael Shavers, Bobbie Shank, Rene Shaw, Craig Shaw, Sheryl Leigh Shortz, Audrey Sieradzki, Michael Simmons, Kelley Slater, Craig Smith, Janneane Smith, Jeannine Smith, John Smith, Linda Smith, Paige Smith, Steven Smith, Victoria Smith, Wendy Snyder, Robert Sparks, Tracey Spitaels, Randy Spitaels, Ronald Stafford, Gregory Staggers, Dale Stauffer, Jacqueline Steele, Felicia Steele, Mark Steinbeck, Otile Stewart, Laura Stewart, Kathy Stockton, Dennis Stoltzfus, Lois Stone, Loretta m - ' ■ f ■ ' ■■■:i---= ' imt p EIGHTH GRADE Stouffer, Eric Strange, Charles Strasser, Larry StuU, Dennis Swinson, Vanessa Swintz, Myra Switaiski, Manette Talton, Eileen Tarnow, Lori Taylor, Clarence Taylor, Karen Teeters, Julie Tepe, John Tesch, Lisa Teska, Tina Thomas, Bernard Thomas, Steven Thompson, Danny Thrasher, Michelle Thurin, Peter Tindall, Charles Todd, Charles Tom, David Toombs, Michael Toth, Frank Trost, Marcy Turner, Belinda Vanator, Russell Van De Putte, Sharon Van Durmen, Tony Vargo, Diana Vinson, David VLrden, Laura Vogel, Melissa Voorde, Kathryn EIGHTH GRADE UUery, Gary UUery, Karen Ulrich, John Unger, Mike Urbanski, Jeff Wagner, Deborah Waldron, Mary Walker, Ricky Walls, Johanna Walsh, Jeanne Walsh, Ronald Warner, Laurie Warren, Sharon Watts, Christi Wehner, John Weinkauf, Julie Welch, Clarence Werntz, Lori Wesley, Phillip Wesley, Victori White, Debra Whitmer, Thomas Whitmire, Tammy Williams, Patricia Wisler, Lisa Wilson, Kimberly Wilson, Ivan Witt, Nancy Wolfe, Rick Woods, Kimberly Woods, Keith Woolverton, Gina Wunder, David Yates, Jeffery Yoder, Melanie HK i 1 f If EIGHTH GRADE Teresa Reasons takes a break. Zakowski, Mark Zilkowski, Laura Zsedely, Diane Zsedely, Michael ' FRIENDSHIP From a small nation with small towns, America has grown to a large nation with huge cities . Large city schools such as ours (1, 600 students) give us friends from many different neighbor- hoods and backgrounds. Greg Walker and his friend, Rosemary Harsh, stroll through the halls. NINTH GRADE Achterberg, Dana Albright, Brian Alkire, Alexis AUbaugh, Cindy Allen, James Alvear, Cindy Alvey, Michael Amador, Annette Andrews, Robynn Ankney, Scott Ansell, William Apple, Tammy Arney, Keith Bagarus, Carla Bahler, Nanette Baker, Jay Baker, Kim Balok, James Banfy, Generose Banner, Shelly Barbsir, Myra Barker, William Bartell, Sheila Battles, Rita Bauer, Robert Beck, Bruce Beck, James Belakovich, Mary Belecz, Mary Bennett, Timothy Berebitsky, Jerry Berners, John Best, Rebecca Billheimer, Timothy Black, Donald §fi4 NINTH GRADE Blakely, Stephen Blodgett, Sandra Bolinger, Bradley Bolinger, Russell Borr, Esther Bostwick, Cheryl Bourdon, Jeffrey Bowers, Lori Bowling, Linda Boyce, Donald Bracey, Keith Bradberry, Judy Bradley, Donald Brandt, Robin Brenneman, Ronald Bressler, Sheryl Brogan, Donna Brooks, Yolanda Brown, Alan Brown, Darryl Brown, Denise Brugge mann, Joanne BuUard, Cheryl Burke, Pamela Burns, Anita Burns, Lawrence Bush, Steven Campbell, Robert Candler, Joni Cannon. Brett Carlo, Dawn Carrillo, Robert Cassler, Richard Castellon, Mary Chatman, Angelette NINTH GRADE Chism, Ernie Chrapliwy, Judy Christophel, Susan Cira, Christine Cira, William Clark. Tom Click, Jim Clemans, Tom Cline, Jill Coch, Ben Coder, Kathy Coffman, Kevin Coffman, Robert Cole, Sharon Coleman, Eddie Cook, Chris Cooper, Ron Cox, Robin Craig, Coleen Crain, Karen Crance, Tim Crone, Larry Crowner, Mike Daugherty, Diane Daugherty, Mike Davis, James Davis, Kim Davis, Sheila Davis, Tina Davis, Toni Dawson, Jack Dean, Joseph De Berry, Greg De Cook, Charles De Falco. Greg NINTH GRADE DeFreeuw, Stephen DelChambre, Mark Dembinski, Nicholas Denney, Susan Denning, J ulie Depaepe, Janet DeShone, Kelly Dietl, Richard Di lion, Paul Dosmann, Cathy Doyle, Eileen Drawert, Sharon Dudeck, Tom Duncan, Julie Duong, Nhi Eaton, Elizabeth Ebbole, Daniel Ehardt, Susan EUer, Bryan Engdahl, Debbie Enyeart, Don Espy, Jim Ewing, Amy Ewing, Kelly Fader, John Fahey, J ames Farmer, Ricky Earner, Elizabeth Feaster, Betsy Fehr, Rodney Fenis, Davis Filer, David Fishburn, Greg Fleming, Lafay Flint, Sherry NINTH GRADE Floran, Victoria Fodroci, David Fox, Kevin Franklin, Larry Franklin, Kevin Frash, David Freel, Christine Freel, Kenneth Freeman, Carmen Freeman, Sabrina Freitag, Frank Frey, Theodore Frison, Jane Fritz, Michele Fry, Charles Fultz, Denise Fultz, Yvonne Gantert, Julie Garberick, Diane Gardner, Robin Ganser, Denise Garner, Rhonda Gauldin, Beverly Gentry, Jeffery Gershoffer, Paul Gibson, Gregory Gills, Velma Gizzi, Beth Glad, Bryan Glassburn, Loid Glod, Patricia Godwin, Lisa Golubski, James Gorka, Christina Goss, Nancy k: NINTH GRADE Gosztola, David Gottschalk, Loretta Graeber, Karen Graczyk, Nancy Grande, Diane Grebe, Vicki Green, Cheryl Greenhut, Barry Greer, Leslie Gregg, Sally Gregg, Susan Gregorek, Theodore Griesinger, Ann Grogan, Patricia Guzicki, Debra Gyori, Anne Hahn, Marilyn Hall, Denise D. Hall, Mitchell Hamilton, Daniel Hamilton, Laura Hans, Michelle Hansen, Nancy Harris, Debra Harris, Johnnie Harsh, Rosemary Hartman, Cheryl Hartman, Kenneth Haughton, Rene Head, Peggy Heighn, Steven Heilman, Gregory Hellinga, Anne Henry, Robert Herczeg, Stewart NINTH GRADE Herron, Deborah Hickey, Jeffrey Hildebrand, Robert Hinton, Vicki Hoatli, David Hock, James Hoffman, Eric Hoffman, Kurt Hoffman, Rhonda Hohulin, Mark Holland, Norma Hordos, Carleen Horine, Mary Horton, James Horton, Edisto Horton, Mose Horvath, Joseph Howard, Freida Howard, Greg Hubbard, Wayne Hudak, Dale Huffer, Peggy Hughey, Debbie Huguehard, Charles Hunt, Diana Infalt, Linda Infalt, Lora James, Jacqueline James, William Jellison, Mark Jena, Douglas Jeske, Charleigh Johnson, Dan Johnson, Donald Johnson, Melissa NINTH GRADE ? t i Johnson, Michelle Johnson, Tracy Jones, Jeff Jones, Jimmy Kapshandy, Lisa Karacsony, Jerry Kelsey, Beth Kendall, Jerome Kerekes, John Ketcham, Mary Kirkwood, Candice Kizer, Christy Knight, Linda Konkle, Charles Kovach, August Kovach, Cindy Kovach, Jacqueline Kovatch, Lisa Krakowski, Kevin Kubiak, Daniel Kuespert, John Kurlowicz, Ronald Kurzhal, Donnie Kuzmits, Gregory Kwiecinski, James Kyle, Clinton Laing, Susan Lako, Christine LaMar, Linda Landis, Craig Laskin, David Law, Noel Lee, Tamara Lemanski, Jane Leonard, Sally NINTH GRADE Lewandowski, Mark Ling, David Lively, Dana Lofgren, Barbara Longbrake, Jay Love, Janice Lubbers, Faron Lubinski, Dianne Lundh, Monica Mack, Janine Magee, Thomas Mahoney, Lynn Malkewicz, Lisa Malone, Gregory Mankowski, Joseph Manning, Linda Marchbank, Kelly Mariottini, Daniel Mark, Phillip Markham. 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Arnold Sears, Lucy Sears, Nancy Seese, John Selmon, Michael Sepanek, Bryan Severs, Robert Shaw, Marsha Shelley, Vicki Shipley, Brenda Shirrell, Lisa Lynn Shisler, Judy Showalter, Greg Shupert, Roger Sieradzki, Jeffrey Simmons, Bobby Singleton, John Simon, Kimberly Smith, Delores Smith, Douglas Smith, Julie Smith, Kevin NINTH GRADE Snyder, Jeffrey Snyder, Lynn Spangler, Kathleen Spencer, Richard Spitler, Joyce Springer, Sylvia Stauffer, Michael Steele, Crystal Steele, Willa Stephan, Gary Stickler, Dorene StoUer, Sam Stoltzfus, Barry Stone, Debbie Stone, Paul Stonen, Lori Stout, Robert Stuck, Cynthia Stuckey, Priscilla Surgeon, Patricia Swan, Cheryl Swedeen, Pam Swintz, Robert Swisher, Kathy Swoverland, Ed Szakacs, Paul Szauer, Susan Tafelski, Cheryl Takacs, Steve Taylor, Berlinda Taylor, Clarence Taylor, David Taylor, Linda Taylor, Matthew Teumac, Fred NINTH GRADE Teumac, Joanne Tezich, Robert Thomas, Patricia Thurin, Martin Tierney, Jolene Todman, Stiven Torkelson, Deborah Toth, Jeanette Trapp, Jerold Traver, Kevin Troeger. David Trowbridge, Ann Troyer, Stephanie Tschida, David Tucker, Betsy Ullery, Robert Umbaugh, Janice Unger, Donald Urbanski, James Valdez, Bertha VanDurmen, Carl Voynovich, Daniel Waddell, Jerome Wagoner, Barbara Wagner, Carla Wagner, Wendy Walker, Gregory Walls, Jana Warner, Thomas Warrell, Brian Wattord, Daryl Watkins, Jeffry Watson, Kimberly Weber, John Weiss, Stephanie NINTH GRADE Weisser, John Weldy, Alan Wellfore, Michael Wells, Lisa Weides, Mark Wemtz, Robin Wesley, Robert West, Debbie West, Matthew Whisonant, Darlene Whitaker, Michael White, Brenda White, Nancy Widener, Alecia Wigent, Dennise Wileman, Mike WUey, Jim wmard, Tom Williams, Annene Williams, Robert Williams, Neal WHson, Dianne Wilson, Mark Wilson , Mark B . Wilson, Reggie sfoods, Lon Woods, Joel ' oodworth, Gary Wray, Kathy Wright, Margaret Wuthrich, Lori WyUie. Terry Yaciw, Mitchel Yates, Gerald Yordanich, Nancy L .M NINTH GRADE Young, Dick Young, Jeffrey Zane, John Zapalski, Rebecca Zernick, Charlotte Zink, Carolyn Zukowski, Eric Zultanski, Timothy Barber, William Baumhower, Leslie Brehmer, Marilyn Clark, Valerie Elias, Mark Glassburn, Roselyn LaBarber, Steve McDonald, Vanessa Shelley, Edward Stouffer, Greg Wheeler, Wendolin Yates, Lynn SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRADE Applegate, Debbie Bracken, Ronnie Canen, Kim Elder, Tami Farrington, Jon Firestone, Dee Goshert, Jeff Hullinger, Ken Kaufman, Rosemar Nelson. Laura Nelson, Jody Nicholes, Wendy Perry, Henry Ritter, Tammy Shipley, Darian Sneed, William Wehner, John Wirt, Thomas NINTH GRADE Ballin, Richard Bastock, Ron Carlson, Norman Carroll, James Connors, Cathy Davis, Paul Davis, Sharon Deal, Dennis Gary, Donald Hailey, Karen Hailey, Sharon Herban, Randy Irwin, Dave Johnson, William Ketcham, Mary Kirk, Salina Lewis, Mary Lonergan, Mark McDonald, Robert MenUl, Wendy Oakley, Candy Olson, Jenny Prout, Leif Ringelski, Jeanine Sayer, Sheila Stickley, Gloria Skillern, Scott Sparks, Tracy Stewart, Sara Weeks, John Wilkins, Chery Zellers, Julie THANK YOU The yearbook staff thanks all students who submitted photos and especially our fantastic publications photographer, Craig Landis. We also thank Mr. Paul Rairden and Mr. Dave Berta. Mr. Berta deserves special credit for the large " mirror " division pages, as well as group and candid photos. p 2 Arkf fll Kf igg B -:..,• ..«iv 2 l m ISril 1 1 ly H Ki S m 0 1 11 lt@B jj m ■n pyipl rflHH B H H. I M :3«C yji tl l Bl ■■ER ' i p ' ll 9 Bl, v.. ' jI hI P ' cTvPI 1776-1976 In the spirit of 1776 we dedicate thisAfolume . to the freedom and independence fostered by • our forefathers. May the Stars and Stripes fly forever over the land of the free and the home of the brave- - America the beautiful. Ref 373.9772 An25m 1976 LH Andrew Jackson Middle School (South Bend, Ind. ) 1976 Yearbook Ky . l-- 1-A --l. l« . iSM: :-

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson Middle School - Jacksonian Yearbook (South Bend, IN) collection:

Andrew Jackson Middle School - Jacksonian Yearbook (South Bend, IN) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson Middle School - Jacksonian Yearbook (South Bend, IN) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 61

1976, pg 61

Andrew Jackson Middle School - Jacksonian Yearbook (South Bend, IN) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 22

1976, pg 22

Andrew Jackson Middle School - Jacksonian Yearbook (South Bend, IN) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 20

1976, pg 20

Andrew Jackson Middle School - Jacksonian Yearbook (South Bend, IN) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 16

1976, pg 16

Andrew Jackson Middle School - Jacksonian Yearbook (South Bend, IN) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 50

1976, pg 50

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