Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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f ? MMA i U It P P It , , , , , ff- ff-f . ff! Si! vowwf I ' " L Fl N Q9 'I ll U., 2: F' N ll ? - fl? O g'f'f"P i N Ol 33' MQ Q22 if e fllf sm 1 Ea W? 5 - 41 A f if N' " ,.... W" -31, O 'f E55 55, 2.5 N .I .-.-'f22g f --!f'-' N if J?:4l3ANS-C2369 Published by the Senior Class ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL Cambria Heights, New York 1 959 Donomv BoNAwlr, PRINCIPAL A fi ? Yi f W . . .... ,, I , The Inside Story Principafs Message ......, Student Government ........ From the Editorls Desk s Pioneer Staff ...s..,. ..,....,., Administration . Department Heads . The Elite ....V..,...,r,.s.... ...,..,.s..,.. Random Thoughts of a Senior ..,..,. jackson '59 ....,., A ss.. ...V.n., . . .. Sing Story ..,..r., Remember? i,,..r.. Activities ...,..,.,.,... Sports Highlights ..,...s Farewell ........,..i.. Advertisements ..... Dear Jacksonites of '59: It's customary for a fond parent to give young people part- ing advice as they go out into the big world. I hope you will be taking away with you many happy memories of working and playing together. Your particular senior class can indeed be proud that through your school spirit and strong desire you instituted what we hope will be a long standing tradition-the school sing. During your stay the annual varsity show was revivedg many athletic championships were wong prize-winning LOGS and STARS continued to flourish, the DIGIT DIGEST was begun as a showcase for bright students of mathematics and scienceg serious concerts and variety shows drew their own enthusiastic audiences, and the Student Relations Club and the Human Relations Drama Workshop were organized to serve the school and the community. We have also seen a General Organiza- tion grow in responsibility and stature. At this writing you have the culminating occasions of the Senior Prom and of gradu- ation still to come. In other words, your hard work and coop- eration not only earned you diplomas and references for college and business but also left an indelible imprint on your school. It is all the more remarkable that you have witnessed this very solid development in school spirit and community rela- tions at a time when the school grew so rapidly that you had to change from single session to triple session. Many of you have already earned your place as undergraduates on our 'Jack- son on Parade' feature. As you go on into wider fields, may you continue to make 'Jackson on Parade' not only as names in an announcement but also as worthy spokesmen of a fine school of which you can all be proud. Our best wishes go with you. Keep us informed on the successes that I hope will come to each and every one of you. Sincerely, vt? fd?b'VL Dorothy Bonawit, Principal .....-J General Crganization m ',, Robert Mende ' City Representative Susan Weliky General Secretary Senior Council The time has come, the council said, To talk of many things: Of graduation fees and dues, Of senior hats and rings. f 4 n 5 , 5 I L C Harold Heisler X President P M Evelyn Graham George McMillan Executive Secretary Vice-President rar X WLT' K M x Beverly Torres George Cohn President of H. O. P. G.O. Adviser Y' ,ax , I 'y l M ' x ' f f. 1" ' . , 'iwgg,,,L . Iames Miley Treasurer ' f Lynne Bielemeier Historian fSittingQ Sandra Enteles, Frances Di- Emidio, Carol Pasternack, Mrs. Margaret Kaiser CSponsorl, Joseph Staiano fPresi- dentl, Carol Dohrmann, Judith Moore, Carolyn Hawkins, Alice Dragag fStanding2 Lois McVVhirter, Sylvia Farstendiger, Judith Hendel, Marilyn Coodfellow, Patricia Coleman, Edward Dudewicz, Steven Temlock, Barbara Cirillo, Barbara Stoeltzing, Lorraine Conrad, Carol Ryder, Miranda Huckleman. 340 Penleln l'6ln-Ce of fkeae fkinga wi prove a source of yuiufe I0 Zdliure. Mrgi l Y Q ,, ,,l PSHE: E From the Editor's Desk LI .553 W ,ll E Qi? E is -if ' K' 431' ' .. ...HQ You can always tell an album-keeper by the familiar trademarks: perennially pasty fingers, grooved thumbs from long years of scissors-holding, and a glazed stare from too much photo-gazing. Stooped nearsightedly over a pile of pictures, the album- keeper will enumerate enthusiastically the advantages of album-keeping, and he is right, for an album is the,best means of preserving memories of important events. Keeping an album, though, is tiresome work. The thin thread of patience is pulled taut when photos must be collected, sorted, and pasted into place. After a while the taste of glue becomes slightly annoying, and pictures are finally, 'pastily', tossed between pages and the album consigned forever to the limbo of an empty drawer. "But,,' says the album-keeper, 'cthink of the results of a little patience! Itis so won- derful to look back, years later, on familiar faces, remembered places-auld lang syne, you knowlv Again he is right. Unfortunately, however, not all of us are as patient as we would like to be, and a haphazard photo album awakens only haphazard memories. What to do? Our staff has found a solution: the '59 Pioneer. It is full of the pictures you would want in your own album. In fact, the Pioneer is your own album, a com- plete record of your career as a Jackson Senior. So put away your pastepots and settle down to an hour of comfortable reminis- cence, reliving your senior year and impressing it as indelibly upon your mind as upon these pages. Ilona Burstein Pioneer Staff '09 'ix 5 .affix ii E Marsha Messing Ann Kocin William Dirlam Ilona Burstein Carol Dohrmann Judy Spero Production . . . Literary Art Photography Editor-in-Chief Publicity Business ,- -Q' J, Ea. fSittingl Barbara Tedone, Linda Lebow, Bunny Milts, Adrienne Meyer, Anita Sipkin, Shcllie Goldstein, Marcia Gottlieb, Hinda Kolson, Marcia Kallmang fStandingj Mrs. Edith Kay VVallach CProduction Adviseri, Nicholas Ingoglia, Sheldon Krebs, Roberta King, Frances Tumbarello, JO Ann Schwenk, Judy Hendel, Lorraine Conrad fAsst. Photography Ed.j, Kathleen Daly, Susan Perchikofl, Bruce Binder 1Asst. Photography Edo, Lester Shafman, Mr. Francis Bopp CBusiness Adviserj. fNot picturedj Sonja Dixon, Paul Camel, Patricia Dagler, Luz Tapia, Eileen Stokes CTypistJ. Honorary Pioneers: Tom Oppenheimer CPhotosJ, Mrs, Wiltsey CHospitalityQ. W! ii Administrative Assistants Jack Deutsch, Elisabeth Brogan 1 qba RIEPORI ,ro umm GN, ,.,. ,nur vmwffw f'-v N MM K i. my 4 ,""' K V -. V i qv, Amr. First R. 7 -'J K W4 ii: J 'ig A' F - .- in ,L .V i V sv 5 gt? y -. , 'rkk '-.M f A .I ,,., f" A V . ffgf' - K . -'fl' 1,iiQQgL,1 r t A 'X PE: T 3 . M . 7 - K 2 . lulclxct' 5 Sigxmtu c , Y ' ' , ' Acted , ' , , Wt- ,.,,.,, ,,., ,. crxi,,-,.W, V ' Dean " isfaqfom. 5 i jACQKfiON fs-g,g3,s.2QS Deans bert Magdalin, Jeannette Amery, Saul Toder, Evelyn Waltz, Francis Grady, Louise Crehan mi Senior Grade Advisers Ruth Brown, Milton Blatt, Arthur Greenberg, Lila Ackerman Department Heads of S S y ,M y , .r m fr in 6 Q AM RW , K ,Q ,. , sw 478 Q, 5 la ,, ' N W sg e """"- -' .ie "' 42.1 Q is . if 5 X - D 51.152 ' 'fi X XR 'ff 10, , 1 - ., 5 FZ GX f. Q F X .1 f-f., 1 .-?. ff N 4 i , . 1 V'!ll fs ef , aa, N W -, I - gf ,wr - faf1ii,l' 4' 4, 'f f 1 , - W .122 N' I '::". R ir, 1 '.sl:s:fQ:Efa Ti1:' ..x J w , il, 1 l -, ales 'W' f' i 7 "im 232 via? 7 l 5 'ft' l,,, : ,e1"e ' ZeL'f I ., S ' as f fr ,eee S ,gl r ,' L ,.': M ., ,. , I ai E I V W . V I, .X Q We .. . in l i of X 4 J' .STPFV 1 Gm , I . S vu, M. gg' I v ' f 5 4 ML H X E , nl 7 . , w Q' 5 ' px -1 . I .N l I t m 1 r 'X . 'Run as 5 ann, 3 H rs kocm -' ' xillii Qi s. QM ' ' t 'bm gow fT0p Bowl Lester Schlumpf, Mathg Morris Jacobson, Languageg Harriet Gluck, Musicg Veronica McKiernan, Social Studiesg Henry Christ, Englishg Harry Goldman, Physical Scienceg David Sygoda, Biology. fB0tt0m Howl Norman Engoron, Artg Andrew Brennan, Boys H. Ed,g Marie Gray, Girls H. Ed.g Dorothy Fabel, Home Econom' - l ' Sie l ' ' ' ics, Iu es Coe, Secretarial Studiesg David ge , Accounting, MlltOH Schulman, Merchandising. MOST POPULAR Evelyn Graham Hal Heisler DID MOST FOR JACKSON jane Meltz Steven Temlock Jane Kennison PERSONALITY PLUS Iudy Spero George McMillan SCHOLARS Ed Dudewicz The Elite MAGPIES Alice Schwartz Bruce Binder SUCCESS-PHONE Rita Padnick Peter BelHore LIVEWIRES Lynne Bielemeier Howie Cloth APOLLO AND VENUS Alice Draga Bill Bates TEACHERS, TRIALS Beverly Torres Alan Melowsky l FLIRTS Dale Richner Mickey O,Rourke ATHLETES Carol Kaufman Peter Iurow BEMBRANDTS Ann Kocin Eddie Drayson 4 mu STAGE D00 iv if ff-Sf! fg FUTURE STARS Ilona Burstein Jerry Blatt FASHION PLATES Judy Wexler Lou Capiello IOKERS Linda Ehrenberg Howard Handler S UN B EAM S Carol Dohrmann Sheldon Krebs Dawn Iackson opens Day's begun Late bell- Run! FIRST PERIOD French Maybe? Must be- Don't know . . . Oh! Eyelids heavy . . Yawn Irregular verbs So-o sleepy . . . R-R-Ring SECOND PERIOD Math Trig? Algebra? What diiference- Test today? Imagine . . . Forgot to study I4 Random Thoughts of a Senior Breaks of the game Oh, well, try . . . Try- Oh, well . . . R-R-Ring THIRD PERIOD Gym Green suit Patriotic School color Strange class- Check S. S. stub Third Period: Oh English That's life. . . Fm famished H-R-Ring FOURTH PERIOD Eco 39 minutes to go . . . Engel,s law Luxuries Saturday night Blue taifeta . . . Yes, teacher Consumers have problems I do, too I must be a consumer 11 minutes to go . . . Dividends Stock market- Thick steak! R-R-Ring FIFTH PERIOD History Dull . . . Wars Treaties Foreign Relations- Good build About 28 Wedding ring- School ring? "N ew Deal? Concentrate! Frustrating Suppressed desires Q F reudj R-R-Ring T SIXTH PERIOD Gym Again! Hunger pangs . . . Sneak lunch upstairs Locker smells of tuna Funny- Mom packed salami Ugh! Volley ball and salami Some combo. . . Music Duke Ellington? N o Mrs. Gluck Senior Orchestra Downstairs again Locker won't open Home in a gymsuit? Horrors! R-R-Ring Day is done Time to go Rush- School bus gone Long walk home . . . Shellie Goldstein E S K S Q 9 E 5 3 5 X 5 s 2 E 5 2 3 5 2 E 3 E E E 2 3 E 3 E 2 E 5 S 2 2 X z 2 E 3 4 E K X E f 2 L E IOHN ADAMS HELEN AIKENS ALBA M. ANDINO 'E E IUDITH ADAMS Judy Phys. Lab.g Attendance Of- ficeg G.O. Representativeg Boostersg Chorusg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. SALVATORE P. ADDOTTA Sal Major "Ing Bowling Teamg G.O. Rep.g Guardg Lunch Patrolg I kson Patrol. 52 llwlrfsii HARRY AHL Sprut Bandg Orchestrag Lunch and Hall Patrolsg Iunior Chorusg Minor Service Pin. Senior Singg Secly to Teachers. DOMINICK AIBERICI Don Orchestrag Bandg Cafeteria Patrol. MARY ALEMAN Mickey Pitman Sten. Awardg Sec'y to Teachers MARY AMENDOLARO Sec'y to Teachers. Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachersg Log Typist. IANE ANDREWS Hist. Honor Classg Swim- ming Instmctorg Badminton, Tennis Clubsg Boostersg Pro- gram Ofliceg Attendance Monitorg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. JOHN APICELLA Johnny Cafeteria Patrol. IUDITH APPLEBAUM Apples Minor Service Ping Varsity Showg Sec'y to Teachers. WALLACE APTMAN Wally Aristag Track Team, Major "J", Music Award, Honor Classes, Band, Orchestra, Cafeteria Patrol. IOYCE ARMOCIDA Secly to Teachers. CLAUDE DONALD ASHBY Math, Eng., Eco. Honor Classes. IOHN E. AUGENSTEIN Arista, Rep. to Boy's State, Major Service Ping State Regents and Science Scholar- ships, Human Relations Drama Workshop, Sec'y to Teachers, Digit Digest, Sing, Band- Orchestra 5'5"06,J -eff BARRY AUSTERN Arista, Band, Sec'y to Teachers, State Regents and Science Scholarships, Natll M rit F CAROLYN AUSTIN Carol Honor Roll, Seciy to Teachers. ETHEL ASKEW Art Monitor DAVID AUSTIN Bowling Team, Major HJ". ROSALIE BAETZ Honor Rollg Eng. Honor Class, Library Representa- tive, Swimming Assistantg Secly to Teachers. RICHARD BAIL Eco., History Honor Classes, Orchestra, Bandg Bio. Lab., Guard. BRENDA BAILEY Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Chorus, Booster Squad, Ten- nis Clubg Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Sing. ROBERT BALABAN Bob 17 SAL BALESTRIERI Sal Baseball Team. GRACE BALZANO Locker Cuardg Attendance Ofliceg Seciy to Teachers. PATRICIA BARBARA Pat Language Honor Rollg Gym. Honor Classg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. RACHEL ANN BARBERA Rae Pitman Awardg Orchestrag Chorusg G.O. Representativeg Sec'y to Teachers. 4 Ha A Y .M 1, .l g isvl a get i'ae:'if." ,ar 32. 4-'55 . . gif. A Q .Q it i HOWARD BARLOW Basketball Teamg Hall Patrol. ANTHONY BARONE Tony Honor Rollg Sec,y to Teach- ersg Honor Earth Science. ROBIN JUDITH BARRACK Senior Aristag Minor Service Ping Earth Science Honor Certificateg Sec,y to Teachers. JOSEPH JOHN BARRATO Joe International Award-Band and Orchestrag G.O. Rep.g Sec'y to Teachers. EILEEN BARRETT Y Peanut Sec'y to Teachers. IACQUELYN BARTON Secly to Teachers. JOSEPH BASS WILLIAM BATES Guard Patrol. Jackie Bill GAIL BEATTY Hist., Eng. Honor Classesg Pitman Stenography Awardg G.O. Representativeg Sec'y to Teachers. PETER BELFIORE Pete Aristag National Merit Final- istg National Council of Teachers of English Awardg Editor-in-Chief of Starg Serv- ice Pinsg Honor Classesg President of Chess Clubg Russian Clubg State Regents and Science Scholarships. BARBARA BENDAS Babs Honor Rollg Program Comm.5 Singg Seciy to Teachers. JOYCE BENJAMIN Honor Roll junior Arista Eng Honor Class GO Rep resentatlve Secy to Teachers JANET BENVENUTO g Sam Pitman Awardg G.O. Repre- sentativeg Volleyhallg Basket- ball Awardsg Swimming Ass'tg Singg Badminton Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. GAIL BENZMAN Sec'y to Teachersg Lunch Patrol. LORETTA BERGAN Ra-Ra Library Representativeg Sec'y to Teachers. CAROL BERGER Honor Roll Arlsta Minor Mayor Service Pins Eng Hist Honor Classes Music Award Future Nurses Pin Chorus Senior Sing Secy to Teachers State Nursing Scholarship LAWRENCE BERCER Larry Honor Rollg Band JOHN BERNER Guard. ROBERT BERNHARDT Larry Lunch Captaing Sec'y to Teachers. EDWARD BERNIUS Red 19 LYNNE BIELEMEIER Lynnie Honor Roll, Arista, Major and Minor Service Pins, Home Eco. Honor Citation, English, History, Eco. H. Ed. Honor Classes, C.O. Historian, Leader in Gym, Publicity Editor, Star Art Staff, Cheerleaders, C.O. Rep., Swim. Assistant, Boosters, Sec'y to Teachers. BRUCE K. BINDER Honor Roll, Arista, Service Pins, State Scholarship, Hist., Eng., Eco. Honor Classes, Manager of Basket- ball Team, Pioneer Staff, Senior Sing Section Leader, Junior Prom Committee, Library Squad, Library Rep., Sec'y to Teachers, Program Committee. ELOISE BITZER El Honor Roll, Library Rep., Sec'y to Teachers, Attend- ance Oflice. ANNETTE BLAKELY Sec'y to Teachers, Senior Sing. YVONNE BLAKELY Pitman Certificate for Short- hand, Typist for Star, Sec'y to Teachers. SUSAN BLANK Seciy to Miss Bonawit. GERALD BLATT ferry State Scholarship, Queens Student of the Month, Music Letter, Co-Commissioner of Sing, Math, Eng., Eco., Physics Honor Classes, H.O.P., Orchestra, Student Relations Council, Human Relations Drama Workshop, Varsity Plays, Exec. Comm. of Junior Prom. ROSLYN B. BLOCHER Roz Honor Roll, Arista, Lang. Honor Roll, Eng., Eco., Hist., H. Ed. Honor Classes, C.O. Rep., Boosters, Progres- sive Party, Sec'y to Teachers. if M W, X:-w. ,- JEAN BOARDSEN Candi Library Squad, Sec'y to Teachers. ANTHONY BODENSKY MARYANN BOGOVICH Bio. Lab. Squad, Jr. Chorus, Sec'y to Teachers. JUSTINE BOHAC just Honor Roll, Pitman Stenog- raphy Award, Attendance Office, Sec'y to Teachers. FLORENCE BOHLEN Flo History, Eco. Honor Classesg G.O. Representativeg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. ALICE SUE BOLEN Eng. Honorg Service Pinsg Sec'y to Teachers. IRENE BOOKBINDER Vicki Minor and Major Service Pinsg Eng. Honor Classg Reorganization Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. CAROL BOYANCE Sunshine FAYE BOYD Spanish Clubg Senior Sing. JOHN BRADLEY Little Juan POWELL BRADSHAW Brad Honor Rollg Honor Englishg Swimming Squadg Lunch Patrolg Locker Guard. JOHN BRADY Big John Lt. and Capt. of Guards. pq. X , si' J .. ,, 5 642435. ,W Y ,F W K , P X as . i :Wx f ig Y 9-J 4 3 -w 'B' , Q ' , Q, 5 w 2 'A KAREN BRODERSEN Minor and Major Service Pinsg Gym Leaderg Minor and Major "J's"g Honor Gymg Tennis and Leaders' Clubsg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. MARTIN BROWN Honor Englishg Bandg Sec'y to Teachers. WESLEY BROWN PAMELA BRUNSELL Pam Honor Rollg Aristag Eng., Math, Eco., Hist. Honor Classesg Junior Chorusg Star Staffg Trinity Clubg Singg Reorganization Squadg Sec'y to Teachersg State Scholar- shipg National Merit Finalist. 21 RICHARD BUCKLEY BARBARA BUNDRICK Bobbie Star Art Staffg Bowling Clubg Badminton Clubg Sr. Singg Sec'y to Teachers. JOSEPH BURGESS Saint Track Team. LEONARD BURLAKOFF Befl Aristag Math, Eng. Honor Classesg Track Teamg Bowl- ing Squadg G.O. Rep. ROSEMARIE BURRIESCI Rode ILONA BURSTEIN Lonnie Honor Rollg Lang. Honor Rollg Aristag Service Pinsg State Scholarshipg N.C.T.E., National Merit Certificatesg Rep. to Girls' Stateg Honor Classesg Sec'y, Coordinator of Starg Editor-in-Chief of Pioneerg Varsity Playsg H.O.P. Exec. Bd.g Sr. Sing Choral Leaderg Swim Asst.g C.O. Rep.g Eco. Assemblyg Sec'y to Teachers. JOSEPH BUSCH Joe MARIA CAFARO Marie Pitman Awardg Program Committeeg Sec'y to Teach- ersg Junior Chorusg Senior Sing. l BARBARA CAHILL Bobbie Aristag Sten. Awardg Minor "J"g Service Shield in Health Ed. Dept.g English, History, Eco. Honor Classesg Honor Rollg Leader in Cymg G.O. Rep.g Swimming Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. LORRAIN E CALIENDO Sec'y to Teachers. PAUL CAMEL Junior and Senior Chorusg Pioneer Staffg Physics Lab.g Lunch Patrolg Music Award. MARGARET CANNING Margie Sec'y to Teachers. LOUIS CAPPIELLO Red Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrolg Locker Cuardg Sec'y to Teachers. VIVIAN CARR Curly Sec'y to Teachers. HAROLD CARTER Duke Two Major "fs" for Basket- ballg Singg Senior Chorusg Hall Patrol. IOHN ORUS CAVNOR Bowling Team. WWW , ,, . 'lnn , si 2? is 2 Z MARY ANN CERBONE Babs Bowling Teamg Sec,y to Teachers. OLYMPIA CHAPMAN Lzmpy Sr. Singg Sec'y to Teachers. RUTH CHIN Pitman Awardg Foreign Language Honor Rollg Hon- or Cymg G.O. Rep.g Sec'y to Teachers. VIRGINIA CIA Ginny Sec'y to Teachersg Bowling Club. JAMES CICIONE jimmy BARBARA CIRILLO Aristag Minor, Major Service Pinsg Music Awardg Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Senior Class Treasurerg G.O. Rep.g Chorusg Sec'y to Teachers. JAMES CITRO Jimmy Honor Classesg Basketball Teamg G.O. Representativeg Hall Patrolg Locker Guardg Senior Sing. GERTRUDE CLARKE Trudy Secretary to Teachers. 23 JOSEPH CLEMENTI Clem Eng., Hist., Eco., Honor Classes, Star Staff, Iackson Patrols. GERALDINE CLEVELAND Gerry Chorus, Sec'y to Teachers. HOWARD B. CLOTH Howie Arista, Minor and Major Service Ping Music Letter, Student Relations Council, Progressive Party, Lunch Patrol, Band, Orchestra, Bio., Chem., Library, Reor- ganization Squads, Program Comm., Senior Sing, State Scholarship, Eco., Eng., Hist., Phys. Honor Classes. EDITH COHEN Edie Honor Roll, Arista, Eng., Math, Hist. Honor Classes, Sec'y of Junior Arista, Minor, Major Service Pins, G.O. Representative, Student Re- lations Council, Senior Class Treas., Cheerleaders Pro- gram Comm., Senior Sing, Sec'y to Teachers. ELEANOR COHEN Ellie Minor Service Pin, Program Committee, Sec'y to Teach- ers, Emergency Room Asst. KENNETH COHEN Kenny Hist., Eco., Earth Science Honor Classes, Minor "J" in Track, Cafeteria Patrol, Guard. PENNY ANN COHEN Penny Boosters, Sec'y to Teachers, Cirls' Chorus, Senior Sing. ROSEMARIE COLAIACOVO Honor Classes, Log Stall, Sec'y to Teachers. JOAN COLEMAN Ioanie Secretary to Teachers. JOYCE COLEMAN Ivy Secretary to Teachers, Sr. Sing. PATRICIA COLEMAN Pat Hist., Eng., Eco., Honor Classes, Late Oflice Squad, Pioneer Staff, Secretary to Teachers. CHRISTINA COLLEIN Chris Future Nurses' Club, Secly to Teachers. MICHAEL COLLINS Mike Star Staifg Sec'y to Teachers. JOHANNA COMPETELLO Jo Bowling Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. ROSEANN CONNICK Library Representative. LORRAINE H. CONRAD Aristag Honor Rollg Foreign Lang. Honor Rollg Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Pitman and Typing Awardsg Minor and Major Service Pinsg Pioneer Staffg C.O. Rep.g Program Comm.g Library Rep.g Reorganization Squadg Sec'y to Teachersg Hickory Log Typistg Senior Treas.g Senior Sing. PATRICIA CONROY ARLENE COOPER a Secretary to Teachers. SHEILA CONROY Honey Star Staifg Sec'y to Teachers. RUTH CONSELYEA DOLORES CONTI Shrimps Pitman Awardg Sec'y to Teachers. app... MARILYN CORBERT Toni Library Rep.g Jr. Chorusg Sec'y to Teachersg Boostersg Green and White Partyg Badminton Clubg Girls' Chorus. DIANE COTCREAVE Di Music Awardg Secretary to Teachers. CAROLYN COTTIER Carol Girls' Chorusg Secretary to Teachers. 25 KAREN COVAL Program Committeeg Lunch Patrolg Sec'y to Teachers. SANDRA ANN CRISALLI Sandy Senior Chorusg Girls' Chorusg Junior Chorusg Secretary to Teachers. MICHAEL A. CRISPI, JR. Mike CLIFFORD CROSS Minor and Major 'Tsvg Base- ball Teamg C.O. Representa- tiveg C.S. Lab. -swf 'Ti ia K fr af 5 i X R... DOROTHY MARIE CUCURA Dottie Music Awardg Pitman Awardg Chorusg Senior Singg Secretary to Teachers. ROSALIND CULLY Roz junior Chorusg Boostersg Senior Sing. MARIANNA CURATOLO Lucille Chorusg Seciy to Teachersg Senior Singg Attendance Monitor. MARY CURTIN Honey Pitman Sten. Award. . . X. A "x, x if NN I JOAN CURTIS Eng., Eco., H. Ed. Honor Classesg Service Award in Gymg Gym Leaderg Ir. Chorusg Leaders' Clubg Swimming Clubg Bowling Clubg Tennis Clubg Hockey Clubg H. Ed. Olficeg Foreign Language Office. PATRICIA ANN DAGLER Pat Aristag Minor Service Ping Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Pioneer Staffg Usherettesg C.O. Rep.g Library Rep.g Boostersg Variety Showg Sec'y to Teachers. KATHLEEN DALY Kathy Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Star Art Stalfg Pioneer Staffg C.O. Rep.g Bio. Squadg Cheerleadersg Sec'y to Teachersg Swimming Assistantg Variety and Var- sity Show Committees. SUZANNE DANKNER Dunk Chorusg Modern Dance Club. BARBARA DANZIGER Secretary to Teachers. SHIRLEY ANN DAVIS Candie Boosters, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers. DOROTHY B. DAWSON Dotty Minor Service Pin, Usher- ettes, Library Squad, Sec'y to Teachers. BRENDA DICARLO Arista, Future Nurses' Club, English Honor, Attendance Oflice. LINDA-JO DECORATO Lollypops Junior Arista, Secretary to Teacher JOHN DEFALCO Math, Eng., Eco., Physics, Hist. Honor Classes, Arista, Book Room Squad, Track Team, Hall Patrol. IUDITH ANN DELIMON Judy Sec'y to Teachers, Library Representative. ELENA DELUCIA Pitman Award, Study Hall Assistant. ELISA DELUSTRO Lisa Junior Chorus, Secretary to Teachers. FRANK DEMARCO PATRICIA DENARO - Smiley Minor and Major Service' Pins, Chorus, Star Art Stalf, G.O. Representative, Sec'y to Teachers. . CYRIL DEROSA Eng., Hist., Honor Classes, G.O. Representative. 27 DOROTHY DEVINCENZO Dottie Sec'y to Teachersg Locker Monitor. ANNA DIACK Library and Study Guard. PHILIP DIAMOND Flip Honor Rollg Junior Aristag Minor Service Ping Eng. Honor Classg Chem., Bio., Phys. Labs.g Visual Aids Squadg Cafeteria Squadg Senior Sing. JOAN DICKMAN Aristag Major and Minor Service Pinsg Hist., Eng., Eco., Honor Classesg Editor of Logg Student Moderator of Human Relations Drama Workshopg Officer of Band and Orchestrag Swimming Assistant. , - fwfr., f...:vfSgazf5w:gfgz.g7sqg f AAA. T.-"' .2-ffl! RICHARD DICKNEIDER Minor "Jug Hall Patrolg Cafeteria Patrol. FRANCES DIEMIDIO Fran Service Shield from H. Ed. Dept.g Home Eco. Honor Citationg Hist., Eco., H. Ed. Honor Classesg Leader in Cymg C.O. Rep.g Future Nurses' Clubg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. ANNE DIERS Lunch Patrolg Secretary to Teachersg Senior Sing. BARBARA DIFLORIO Aristag Bandg C.O. Rep.g Hickory Log Staifg Sec'y to Teachers. THOMAS DIGRAZIA Tom MARIE DIPALO Bunny Honor Hist.g Honor Certifi- categ Minor Service Ping Sten. and Typing Certificateg Sec'y to Teachers. RACHEL DIPAOLO Rae Sten., Typing Awardsg Rec- ord Officeg Attendance Of- lice. WILLIAM E. DIRLAM Bill Aristag Honor Classesg Major Music Awardg Service Pinsg Pioneer Photography Editorg Bandg Orchestrag Chemistry Squadg Library Squadg C.O. Rep.g Green and White Partyg Trinity Clubg Spanish Clubg Reorg. Squadg Honor Rollg Language Honor Rollg Sec'y to Teachers. JAMES DIXON Junior and Senior Chorus. IVAN HOE DONALDSON Perry SONJA DIXON Eng., H. Ed. Honor Classes, Spanish Club, Boosters, Pioneer Stall, Secretary to Teachers. VIRGINIA D'OCA Ginger Secretary to Teachers. CAROL DOHRMANN Cedi Arista, Honor Roll, Math, Phys., Hist., Eng., H. Ed. Honor Classes, Publicity Mgr., Pioneerg Senior Treas.g Capt. of Usherettesg Cheer- leadersg Lighting and Amp Squadg Physical Science Squads, Program Commit- tee, Sec'y to Teachersg Swimming Assistant, Green 81 White. Track Team, Student Rela- tions Council, Human Rela- tions Drama Workshopg Eng. and Math Honor Classes, Captain of Patrol, Vieuior MARIA D OVAN Donnie Secretary to Teachers. PETER DORCHAIN Pete Math, Eco. Honor Classes. MAXINE RUTH DORFMAN Max Honor Roll, Leader in Gymg Lunch Patrol, Senior Sing, Sec'y to Teachers. .Ei-it ,... 2 .- 599,11 A- Ei, MICHAEL D'ORLANDO Mike FLOSSIE BEATRICE DOW Honey Honor Roll, Music Awardg English, Eco. Honor Classesg Chorus, Boostersg Progres- sive Party, Sec'y to Teach- ers, Senior Sing. EDWARD D. DOWNING Ed Lunch Patrol, G.O. Rep., Guards. ALICE DRAGA Princess Minor and Major Service Pins, Honor Roll, Sr. Class Treasurer, Major, Minor "Ing English, History, H. Ed., Eco. Honor Classes, G.O. Rep., Leader in Gymg Boostersg Spanish Clubg Ten- nis Clubg Russian Clubg Sec,y to Teachers. 29 EDWARD DRAYSON Captain of Stage Crewg Sec'y to Teachers DOROTHY DRESKIN Dottie Chorusg G.O. Representativeg Lunch Guardg Secretary to Teachersg Music Award. JOHN DRUM Dum-Dum Music Awardg Locker Guardg Hall Patrolg Lunch Guardg Gym Sec'yg G.O. Rep. MARY DRUM Chorusg Newman Clubg Bad- minton Clubg Program Com- mitteeg Sec'y to Teachersg Boostersg Green and White Partyg Hall Receptionist. GERALD DRUYAN ferry Music Awardg Variety Showg Invoke ar fr r 1?-42-Sw-J aibhfillli HENRY DUDEK Hank Servi e to eache ' Jackson Patro and Tearng H.0. 5 io ing. ilu EDVK RD DUDEWICZ Ar e Ed fri Q' a 'gERi ,keine Sc ars 5 ng., 'st., th , a or Classes- ' . nd Major Service nsg Phys., Visu Ai , Chem. qua ' St r , Spa nd Club ' Senio Treasurerg Senior Sing. ALICE DUFF IN Al Library Squaclg Attendance Office. ARNOLD EAGLE Co-Captain of Track Team. PATRICIA EARLE Pat Secretary to Teachers. FRED EGER Fritz LINDA EHRENBERG Lin Aristag Minor Service Ping Honor Classesg Secretary to Teachersg Reorganization Sq. MARVIN EISENBERG Handball Teamg Bio., Phys- ELIZABETH EVANS Lizzie ics Lab. BONNIE EISNER Lunch Cuardg Library Rep.g Swimming Asst.g Honor Gymg Honor Rollg Progres- sive Partyg Sec'y to Teachersg Sec'y to Miss Bonawit. SANDRA ENTELES Sandy Aristag Eng. Honor Classesg Minor and Major Service Pinsg Athletic Awardg Senior Treasurerg G.O. Rep.g Gym Leaderg Senior Sing. CAROL fl. ETTINGER Arista Minor and Major Serxicc Pins Honor Classes Program Comm Reorgam zation Squad Junior Prom Comm Progressive Party Clfeteria Patrol Varsity Play Secy to Teachers Secretary to Teachers. CHRISTINE EVOSKEVICZ Chris Secretary to Teachers. PATRICIA FALCONER SHIRLEE FALK Shzr Sr Chorus Service Squad GERARD FANCHER Jerry Intramural Awardg Bowling Team. SYLVIA FARSTENDICER Honor Rollg Aristag Lang. Honor Rollg Eng., Eco., Hist. Honor Classesg Major, Minor Service Ping Hickory Log Reporterg Co-Chief of H.0.P.g Senior Treasurerg G.O. Representativeg Chair- man of Sing Dance Com- mitteeg Sec'y to Teachersg Variety Show Comm.g Chair- man of Jackson-on-Parade Comm. CASSANDRA FAUST Chorusg All-City Chorusg Swimming Asst.g Variety Showsg Spring Concerts. ELLEN FEINCOLD Ellie Secretary to Teachers. 31 IULES FELDMAN Senior Aristag Service Pinsg Ecc., Hist. Honor Classesg Swimming Teamg Program Comm.g S to Teachers. STELLA F EOLA Stel Typist in G.O. Ofliceg Sec'y to Teachersg Study Hall Asst.g Senior Sing. DIANE E. FERGUSON Di English and History Honor Classesg Co-Captain Cheer- ing Squadg Future Nurses' Clubg Girls' Chorusg Senior Mixed Chorusg Lunch Patrolg H.O.P. Rep.g Cheerleadersg Senior Singg Secretary to Teachers. LENORE FERGUSON Lenny Honor Classesg Senior Aristag Senior Editor of Hickory Logg Library Squadg Bowl- ing Teamg Senior Sing. NINO FERNANDEZ Eng., Hist. Honor Classes 3' 1 1 f.f.g.u Sir f GV ROBERT FERNANDEZ Bob Honor Classesg G.O. Rep. PATRICIA FERRANTE Pat Honor Gym.5 Secretary to Teachers. BARBARA FERRARA Pitman Awardg Minor Serv- ice Ping Hist. Honor Classg G.O. Rep.g Boostersg Pro- gram Committeeg Sec'y to Teachers. ANN FEUERSTEIN Aristag Service Pinsg Honor Classesg Betty Crocker Awardg Star Art Staff Co- ordinator, Co-Editorg Sec'y to Teachersg Honor Rollg Senior Singg Home Eco. Squadg Student Relations Council. JARED FINESMITH Bandg Music Awardg State Scholarship. STEVEN FISCHMAN Steue Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Varsity Baseball Teamg Golf Teamg Cafeteria Squad. LAWRE NCE F ITZPATRICK Larry ISABEL FLERES Issy Pitman Awardg Minor Serv- ice Ping Seciy to Teachers. JOYCE C. F LORE Ivy President of Newman Club: Major and Minor Service Pinsg Booster Squadg Senior Sing. ANNETTE E. FORD Band. BARBARA FORD Q .. . fr A a gi. V, .V .- .. ,www f . . .g, .jws'.3:..i- .fr - , ' ? 3 P A Wm ELENA MAY FORGER Eng., Hist., Math. Honor Classesg Chorusg Star Art Staifg G.O. Representativeg Swimming Asst.g Boostersg Library Representativeg Pro- gram Comm.g Secretary to Teachers. BYRON FOSTER By Minor nj". vm i Q. in . Q , i S Q W a if We 1. 6? Q Q 1 LINDA FRANZ Receptionistg Orchestrag G.O. Rep.g Sec'y to Teachersg Service Pinsg H.O.P.g Spring Concertsg Major Music Award. PATRICIA FRANZINI Pat Senior Sing. ROBERT D- FRANCIS iiii ASTRID FREEMAN Bob Orchestrag Bandg Sr. Sing. MICHAEL FRANK Mike Eng., Math Honor Classesg G.O. Representativeg Lunch Patrolg Program Committceg Seciy to Teachers. Girls' Chorusg Senior Chorusg Senior' Sing. ARLENE FRENCH Frenchy Honor Rollg G.O. Rep.5 Honor Gymg jr. Chorusg Sec,y to Teachersg Program Committee. 33 HARVEY FREIBERG Fry English Honor Classesg Bio. Squadg Physics Squadg Sec'y to Teachersg Lunch Patrol. ELIZABETH FUCHS Betty Aristag Service Pinsg Honor C l a s s e s 5 Reorganization Squadg Ir. and Sr. Chorusg Hickory Log Staifg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachersg Rus- sian Club Sec'yg Honor Rollg Lang. Honor Rollg Bowling Club. LILLIAN FUCHS Lil Pitman 60 and 80 Word Certilicateg Typing Certifi- categ Junior Aristag Honor Rollg Sec'y to Teachers. SUSAN F UCHS Junior Aristag Pitman and Sten. Certificatesg Honor Rollg Honor Hist.g Orchestrag Seciy to Teachers. ' WILLIAM WAYNE FUCHS Bill Aristag Eng., Hist., Math, Eco. Honor Classesg Cafe- teria Patrolg G.S. Squad. HENRY CAI Hank Major "J's"g Bowling Team. MARYLOU GALEOTO Lou Secretary to Teachers. CAROL GALINKIN Honor Rollg Aristag Service Ping Hist., Eng., Eco., Math., Physics Honor Classesg Ed- itor-in-Chief of Hickory Logg Executive Comm. of junior Dance and Publications Danceg Student of the Month C0mm.g Senior Singg H.O.P.g Program Comm.5 Progressive Partyg Sec'y to Teachers. SANDRA GARDEN Sandy Human Relations Drama Workshopg Library Rep.g Boostersg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. ARLENE CEIGER Eco. Honor Class. ALLAN CENDELMAN Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Cafeteria Patrolg Locker Room Squadg Senior Sing. ELAINE GENGO Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Pitman Awardsg Sr. Singg Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. FRANCIS CERAN Frankie Math., Hist. and Eco. Honor Classesg Lunch Guardg Sec'y to Teachers. ELLEN GERDE Secretary to Teachers. LUCY GILBERT Lu Junior Aristag Eng., Hist., H. Ed. Honor Classesg Chor- usg Minor Service Ping Senior Singg Program Committeeg Sec,y to Teachers. ANNE GINSBERC Music Awardg Honor Eng.g Bandg Lunchroom Guardg Sec'y to Teachers. CAROL GLASS Cup Eng., Eco. Honor Classesg Usherette Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. OLIVER GLASS, IR. O. C. Bandg Track Team. DAVID CLAUBINGER Log Staffg Program Commit- teeg Science Clubg Library Squadg Chess Clubg Chair- man of Ticket Committee for Harvest Hopg Senior Sing. JAMES GODFREY jimmy Late Officeg Study Hall Door Guard. LINDA GOLDBERG' Lin Secretary to Teachers. SHELLIE COLDSTEIN Aristag Honor Rollg Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Service Pinsg Reorganization Squadg Bio. Squadg Program Comm.g Sec'y to Teachersg Pioneer Staifg Lang. Honor Rollg Senior Sing. SHANA CONOPOLSKY Dodi Minor, Major Service Pinsg Eng. Honor Classg Boostersg Chorusg Sec'y to Teachers. MARILYN COODFELLOW Hist. Honor Classg Minor Service Ping Star Art Staffg Varsity Showg Secretary -to Teachers. 35, MARY GOODINE my I we Q0 Kitten Senior Sing. LORRAINE GOODING Aristag Minor, Major Service Ping Eng., Math., Hist., H. Ed. Honor Classesg Log Staffg Chorusg Senior Singg Program Committeeg Reor- ganization Squadg G. S. Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. IRWIN GOODMAN ,Ak ,..a. ,.a, ,, -in 'Sie ... if BARBARA GOREL Barbie Aristag Math, Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Log Re- porter. G.O. Rep.5 Progres- sive Partyg Sec,y to Teachers. MARCIA GOTTLIEB Aristag Eng. and Hist. Honor Classesg H.O.P.g Major and Minor Service Pinsg Green and White Partyg Sec'y to Teachersg Program Commit- teeg Honor Rollg Pioneer Stagg Senior Sing. MARTIN GOTTLIEB Aristag Service Ping Math., Marty Eng., HiSt-, ECO- HOHOI' V , g Music A w a r d 5 Honor Classesa Late Office uada . Classesg Bandg Orchestrag , SCC,Y to T99-C FS- S . J Chem., Bio. Labs. g . f rif a . f l fm: is , . - fund . Q s lim! NN lg? N .' .. . ,.. - , . . , ri ff . ..i ' MICHAEL GORDON Mike Varsity Showg General Sci- ence Squadg Library Squadg Scciy to Teachersg Mimeo Squadg Visual Aides Squad. GERALD GOZ Jerry ROBERTA ANN CRABARNICK Bobbie Secretary to Teachers. TERRY GRADY Guardg Track Team. EVELYN GRAHAM Evie Eng., Hist., Honor Classesg Pitman Awardsg Executive Sec'y of G.O.g Captain of Cheerleadersg G.O. Repre- sentativeg Sec'y to Teachersg Language Honor Roll. CARMINE GRANATO Intramural Award. ROSALIND GRANICK Roz Eng., Hist., Honor Classesg Chorusg Sec'y to Teachersg Progressive Party. LYNN HOCHELLE GRANT Honor Rollg English, H. Ed. Honor Classesg 60 and 80 Word Shorthand Certiiicateg Bio. Squadg Program Com- mitteeg Sec'y to Teachers. MICHAEL C. GRANT Mike Music A w a r d g Honor Classesg Intramural Basket- ballg Variety Shows. JACQUELINE CRATT jackie Secretary to Teachers. BONNIE GRAY Bambi Sten. Awardsg Future Nurses' Club. DONALD CREENBERC History and Eco. Honor Classesg Cuardg Book Room Monitor. VVARREN GREENBERG Greenbug Radio Workshopg Traffic and Lunch Squadsg State Schol- arship. MILDRED CREENWALD Millie Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Lunch Patrolg At- tendance Monitorg Sec'y to Teachers. MARILYN CRIMES Grimesy Aristag Minor, Major Service Pinsg Chorusg Music Awardg Program Committeeg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. ARTHUR GRODSKY Artie Cafeteria Patrolg Sec'y to Techers. GLORIA CROPP Yoi Honor Englishg Secretary to Teachers. SHEILA GROSS Stenography Awardg Spanish Clubg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. 37 KARL GROSSMAN Aristag Minor Service Pin Major "Jug English, History, Math, Physics Honor Classes Bandg Orchestrag Physics Chem., C.S. Squadsg Pro- gram Committeeg Reorgani- zation Squad. EUNICE CRUSHKA Secretary to Teachers. ADELAIDE GUINES Addie Secretary to Teachers. LINDA CUMBS Secretary to Teachers. REGINA GUTHY Honor Classesg Girls' Chorusg Tennis Clubg Badminton Clubg Sec'y to Teachersg Honor Rollg Future Nurses' Clubg Boostersg G.O. Rep.g Senior Sing. MICHAEL GUZMAN, JR. Dimples Track Teamg Cross-Country Teamg Human Relations Drama Workshopg Student Relations Councilg Mimeo Squadg Track Team Trophyg Senior Sing. ROBERT HAAS KAREN HAGENAH Pitman Award, Honor Gym, Sec'y to Teachers. PETER HAJEK English and History Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachersg Library Rep. ROBERTA HALL Bobbie Secretary to Teachers. SANDRA HALPERT Sandi Bio. Squadg Variety Showg Senior Singg Secretary to Teachers. STEVEN HAMILTON Steve Service Guardg Senior Sing. PETER HAMILTON- JONES History Honor Classesg Sec,y to Teachers. ARLEEN HAMMEL Arl Honor Eng.g Chem. Squadg Program C0mm.g Sec'y to Teachers. HOWARD R. HANDLER Howie Minor "Ing G.O. Rcp.g Lunch Patrolg Bandg Honor Classesg Music Awardg Intramural Awardg Varsity Showg Con- ccrts. JOAN HANLEY Joni ANTHONY JOSEPH HANNA Chorusg G.O. Representative. DAVID E. HARRIS Cafeteria Patrol. WARREN HARRIS Sec'y to Teachersg Lunch Patrolg Progressive Partyg Senior Sing. MATTHEW HARTMAN Matt Eng., Hist. Honor Classes. CHARLES HARTMANN RICHARD HARVEY Cuardg Sec,y to Teachers. BMJ- Menlo? JOHN L. HARWICK Guardg Junior and Senior Chorus. SANDRA HASS Sandy Aristag Stenography Awardg Honor Rollg Minor, Major Service Pinsg Eng., Chem., Hist. Honor Classesg Varsity Showg Gym Leaderg General Science Squadg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. 39 CYNTHIA HASSON Cindy Library Squadg Decorating Committee for Junior Promg Sec'y to Teachers. CAROLYN HAWKINS Honor Rollg Lang. Honor Rollg Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachers. DELORES HAYNES Dee Chorus. BARBARA HAYWOOD Chips Junior Chorusg Boostersg Senior Sing. HAROLD HEISLER Hal President of G.O.g Aristag State Scholarshipg Minor, Major Service Pinsg English, History Honor Classesg Swimming Teamg Orchestrag Bandg Russian Clubg Senior Singg Host on Spotlight on Youth T.V. Show. BONITA HELLER Bonnie Library Squad. EILEEN HELLMAN Honor Rollg Aristag Eng., Hist., Bio. Honor Classesg Seciy to Teachers. MARC HELLMAN Lunch Patrolg Visual Aids Squad. IUDITH HENDEL Judy Honor Classesg Service Pinsg Pioneer and Star Staffsg Lang. Honor Rollg H.O.P. Publicity Chairmang Senior Treasurerg Boostersg Student Relations Councilg Home Eco. and C.S. Squadg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachersg Honor Rollg Program Com- mittee. , CAROLE HENNIGAN Secretary to Teachers. HOWARD R. HENRIKSEN Lunch Patrol. - 4 Lsglrujljl 4 s . ,, h JUDITH HERTZENDORF Judy Minor Service Ping English Honor Classg Singg Sec'y to Teachersg Library Squad. X JOAN HERTZOG Ioanie Eng., Eco. Honor Classesg Bio., Chem. Squadsg Sec'y to Teachers. VICTORIA HILLEBRAND Vicki Pitman Awardsg Honor Rollg Seciy to Teachersg Star Typist. EILEEN HINE Library Squad. FREDERICK C. HOLLWEDEL Fred Cafeteria Patrolg Locker Guardg G.S. Squadg Track Team. DIANA HOLTZMAN Aristag Honor Classesg G.S. Squadg Bio. Squadg Cafe- teria Patrolg Locker Monitor, Sec'y to Teachers. AUDREY HOERNINC Audge Honor Rollg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. HENRY W. HOLUBOWICH Hank Guard. MARVIN HOLZMAN Honor Classesg Secretary to Teachers. MARSHA HONIG Aristag Minor Service Ping Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Boostersg Swimming Asst.g G.O. Representativeg Senior Singg Program Com- mitteeg Bio. Squadg Reor- ganization Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. ANNE L. HORACE Pitman Awardg G.O. Rep.g H, Ed. Assistant. RICHARD HOROWITZ Richie Senior Chorusg Secretary to Teachers. CHRISTINE HOYTE Chris Boostersg Sec'y to Teachers 41 n if ata PATRICIA HUBER Pat Honor Cymg Secretary to Teachers. MIRANDA HUCKLEMAN Mitty Honor Rollg Lang. Honor Rollg Minor Service Ping Library Rep.g Pioneer Staffg Spanish Clubg Russian Clubg Senior Class Treasurerg Sen- ior Singg Sec,y to Teachers. OLIVER HUESTON Major "Ing Track Teamg Hist. Honor Classy Guards. CHARLES IANNAZZO Charlie RONALD IANSEN Visual Aids Squad. NICHOLAS INGOGLIA Nick Eng., Math, Hist., Eco., Honor Classesg Minor Serv- ice Ping Junior, Senior Aristag Pioneer Staffg Visual Aids Squadg Program Committee. LLENORE ISLES Lee Secretary to Teachers. JAMES IVORY Jim Baseball Team. KENNETH IACKSON EDWARD IACOFF RUTH E. JAHRSTORFER Aristag Minor Service Ping Honor English and Historyg Honor Rollg Usherettesg Sec- retary to Teachersg Program Committee. SUSAN JEANNETTI Sue Secretary to Teachers. CARMEN JIMINEZ Senior Sing. VERDA JOHNSON Letty Pitman Award for Short- hand, Library Rep., Seciy to Teachers. CHARLES JONES Handsome Basketball Team. CWENDOLYN ANNE JONES Gwen Typing Award, Basketball Award, Sec'y to Teachers. JANET JURGENS Ian Honor Roll, 60 and 80 Word Sten. Certificate, Junior Chorus, Senior Sing, Sec'y to Teachers. PETER ,IUROW Sam Eng., Hist. Honor Classes, Capt. of Tennis Team, Co- Capt. of Basketball Team, Sec'y to Teachers. MICHAEL KABACK General Science Squad. PATRICIA KAKOS Pat ENID KALEM Honor Roll, Senior Sing, Sec'y to Teachers. MARCIA JOAN KALLMAN Marsh Arista, Minor, Major Service Pins, Honor Roll, Lang. Honor Roll, English, History Honor Classes, Pioneer Staff, Sec'y to Teachers, Pitman Certificate, Boosters. MICHAEL KAPLAN Mike Arista, Eng., Hist., Phys., Math, Eco., Honor Classes, Capt. Golf Team, Chem. and Phys. Squads, Patrol.. SHARON KAPLAN Shari Honor Roll, English, H. Ed., History Honor Classes, Lead- ers' Club, G.O. Rep., Gen. Science Squad, Library Rep., Sec'y to Teachers. 43 BARBARA KARP Minor Service Ping Eng., Hist., H. Ed. Honor Classesg Human Rel. Drama Work- shopg Varsity Showg Student Rel. Councilg G.O. Rep.g Swimming Asst.g Sec'y to Teachers. ARTHUR KATZ ADELE KAZIN Honor Classesg C.O. Rep.g Sec'y for Iunior Aristag Aristag Jackson Rep. to Child Service Leagueg Major and Minor Service Pinsg Honor Rollg G.S. and Chem. Squadsg Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Sing. GERALDINE KELLER Of Artie jackson P a t r ol g Mimeo Squadg Library Squadg Cafe- teria Patrolg Senior Sing. NORMAN KATZ Physics Lab.g Amp. Squadg Service Pins CAROLE KAUFMAN Speedy Aristag Minor Service Ping State Scholarshipg Eng., Chem., Health Ed. Honor Classesg Sec,y to Teachers. Gerri Pitman Sten. Award. BARBARA ANN KELLY Bowling Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. 1 ' A ,gr an 4' T, W is f 11 EK' EUGENE M. KELLY Gene BARBARA M. KEMP Babs RICHARD KENNA Guard. LILLIAN A. KENNEDY Lil Library Representativeg Sec- retary to Teachers. JANE KENNISON Honor Rollg Math, Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Star Staffg Reorganization Squadg Program Committeeg Sec'y to Teachersg State Scholar- shipg Nat'l Merit Finalist. -.....,..M- f '--1 'wi H. ERDINE KENNY Deany Honor Rollg Secretary to Teachers. JEAN MARY KIELY 'fN:L' N'AA Y A' Jeannie Secretary to Teachers. rr ROBERTA KING Bert Honor Rollg Minor Service Ping Honor Eng.g Boostersg Senior Sin gg Progressive Partyg Pioneer Staffg Sec'y to Teachersg Seciy in Math and Homemaking Offices. VERONICA KIRSHMEYER Crunch E, gf, .3 SYLVIA KLEIN Syl Aristag Minor Service Ping Eng., Math., Honor Classesg Boostersg Senior Singg Pro- gram Committeeg Reorgani- zation Squadg Secretary to Teachersg Progressive Party. ANNECRET KLIE Kleo Major and Minor Service Pinsg Aristag Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Usherettesg Program Comm.g Green and White Partyg Secretary to Teachers. MICHAEL E. KLOTHE Math., Eng. Honor Classesg Chem., Phys. Squadg Certifi- cate for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistryg Digit Digest Staff. MARGARET KNAPP Margie Library Rep.g Sec'y to Teachers. WALTER KNEIBERT DONALD KOCH Honor Roll. f 4 ROY KOCH ANN KOCIN Aristag Honor Roilg Minor, Major Service Pinsg Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Pioneer Art Editorg Star Art Staifg Varsity Showg Year- book Conferenceg Swimming Asst.g Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Singg Eco. Assemblyg C.O. Rep. 45 LINDA CATHERINE KOLB Minor "I", Boosters, Sec'y to Teachers. HINDA ABBEY KOLSON Hin Eng., H. Ed. Honor Classes, Future Nurses' Pin, Pioneer Staff, Modern Dance Club, Human Relations Drama Workshop, Library Squad, Boosters, Senior Sing, Seciy to Teachers, Spanish Club. KATHLEEN KOOB Kathy Arista, Minor, Major Service Pins, Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classes, Star Staff, Attend- ance Office, Library Rep., Sec'y to Teachers. STANFORD KOPIT Stan QMQ, kia fewer XMM I 6 If ,J f M . as 'A x ii EL.-I I 2f.f Vi Wim' 1 .X vrrr X . fr I'-,rl ..1 f iv '- ws, CAROL KORMAN Ruthie Pitman Award, Honor Gym, Sec'y to Teachers. WILLIAM J. KORR Arista, Math, Eng., Phys. Honor Classes, State Scholar- ship. EDWARD DANIAL KOTZ Guard. Ed RONALD KRAUTHAMER Ronnie Arista, Manager of Basket- ball Team, Bio. and Phys. Squad, Lunch Patrol, Hand- ball Team. SHELDON KREBS Shelley Honor Roll, Arista, Lang. Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Class, Log, Pioneer Staffs, G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Cafeteria Patrol, Senior Sing, Human Relations Drama Workshop, Sec'y in H. Ed., Minor Service Pin. EDITH KRUGER Edie Honor Eco., Secretary to Teachers. DOLORES KUSTER Doll G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Sec'y to Teachers. PATRICIA KWARTA Pattie CAROLE KWASS Aristag Minor, Major Service Pinsg Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Editor, Hickory Logg Student Rel. Councilg H.O.P.g Columbia Scholastic Press Conferenceg Sec'y to Teacherg State Scholarship. ROSE MARIE LACKEY Typing Awardg Boosters. PATRICIA LAFALCIA Pat C.O. Rep.g Minor and Major Service Pinsg Secretary to Teachers. HARRIET LAINE Aristag Minor Service Ping Eng., Eco., Hist. Honor Classesg Varsity Playg Lang. Honor R o l l 5 Progressive Partyg Swimming Asst.g Scc'y to Teachers. CAROLYN LALIER Aristag Honor Rollg Hist., Eng., Eco. Honor Classesg Prog. Comm. g Usherettesg Sec'y to Teachers. JAMES F. LAMARCO Locker Guard, Track Team. DOROTHY LAMBERT Dotti THOMAS LANCAKER Tom Library Squadg Secretary to Teachers. Vx. , mi. .ya L all it e FM at Q ' 1' Ns NORMAN THORNLEY LARSEN Swede JEAN ELIZABETH LAUN Jeanie Secretary to Teachers. I MARILYN LAWRY Mar Secretary to Teachers. ROBERT LEACOCK Ford Mimeo Squadg Lunch Hall Patrolsg Sec'y to Teachers. 47 mf.. f 48 EQMX ,f fe jc, 4 ELAINE LEARY Lainie Honor Englishg Star Art Staffg Senior, Iunior and Girls' Chorusg Gym Leaderg Choreographer for Senior Singg Variety Showg Progres- sive Partyg Sec'y to Teachers. LINDA LEBOW Lynn Typing Certiiicateg Eng., Eco. Honor Classesg Pioneer Staffg Swimming Asst., Sec'y to Teachersg Attendance Ofhceg Future Nurses' Clubg Swimming Clubg Senior Sing. MARIE C. LEHNER Red Pitman Awardsg Typing Awardsg Honor English and Economicsg Secretary to Teachers. CATHERINE LELLA Cathy Typing Awardg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. f ' ff. w a, 1 . . Q, . ..1 ,xv ,- 1 ,- iw Q V . 1 A 5 H V. .,. w a A if' .. S - -L4 2 5555 1752255 -fizif' Q ' V ix .1 If qw r '4',g:Q251,f4, U rf' 522.-E.i, E - fmfffzsm, ff' ,sig v.,, . k.k,. . 3 JOYCE WANDA LERNER Shortie Senior Chorusg Secretary to Teachersg Bowling Teamg Basketball Awardg Glee Club Secretary. CAROL-ANN LEVE Hist., Eng., Eco. Honor Classesg Honor Rollg Attend- ance Monitorg Secretary to Teachers. JOSEPH LEVI Junior Chorusg Secfy to Teachers. MYRNA LEVINE Pitman and Typing Awards: Chorusg Boostersg Sec,y to Teachers. SHELDON LEVINE Shelly Eng. Honor Classg Chem. Squadg Patrol Squadg G.O. Rep.g Sec'y to Teachers. JW feifle: DAVID ALAN LEVY Dave Music Letterg Secretary to Teachersg Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg G.O. Rep.g C certsg and. 'X Q2-nf 1 A . X ff' '.., + BEVERLY A. LEWIS Beuy Senior Singg Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachersg Assistant to Grade Adviser. IOSEPH LICATA Joe General Science Squadg Re- organization Squad. itfiflwf N ?' WILLIAM LIEBING Willie .QQIIL iiieire Lui MQ ki ROBERT LINDSTROM Bob PETER LIOIO Pete SCINICG to Teachers ROGER LIST Orchestra WILLIAM LOEFSTEDT Bill Honor Historyg Patrol Squad. MICHAEL LORUSSO Library Squadg Library Rep.5 Sec,y to Teachers. FLORENCE MAHER F lo IOSEPHINE Z MAIOR Spamsh Honor Roll Sec y t Teachers Progressive Plrty H O P Senlor Smg Rs if 41. Q. XR- GLADYS MANGELS Late Oificeg Secretary to Teachers. LINDA MANCIERI Sister Honor Rollg Honor Classesg Bowling Clubg Secretary to Teachers. VERONICA MANCIERI Ronnie Sten. Awardsg Honor Rollg Eng., Eco. Honor Classesg Sec,y to Teachers, ROSE ANN MARCHESE 49 JOSEPH MARESCA Honor Earth Science CAROLEE MARKLIN Sec,y to Teachersg Senior Sing. MADELINE MARSIGLIANO M addy PATRICIA MARTIN Pat Junior A r i S t a 3 Pitman Awardsg Senior and Junior Chorusg Sec,y to Teachers. MARYANN MARTUCCI History and English Honor Classesg Sec'y of Newman Clubg Sec'y to Teachersg G.O. Rep.g Green and White Party. CHARLENE H. MARX Charlie Major Service Ping Pitman Cert.g Sec'y to Teachers. WILLIAM MATHEWS Bill CAROL DAWN MATSON Sec'y in Attendance OHice. ALBERT MAYER Thunderbm MARCUERITE MAZAIKA Cookie Hist., H. Ed. Honor Classesg Program Committeeg Gym Leaderg Asst. in Emergency Roomg Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Treasurer. PAULINE MAZZARA Chorus. GERALDINE MCCOMB Gerry Pitman A w a r d 5 Typing Awardg Locker Patrol. MARGARET MCCONNELL Peggy CECILIA MCDONALD Ceci Bowling Clubg Library Squad. ROBERT MCCREEVY Mac Music Awardg Honor Classesg Library Rep.g Bandg Orchestrag Green and White Partyg Russian and German Clubsg Varsity Show. PATRICIA MCKENNY Pat Swimming Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. JAMES MCLEAN Mac ROBERTA MCLENNAN Bert Honor Historyg Sec'y to Teachers. CAROLYN MCMICKEN Mickey BARBARA MCMILLAN Barbie Ir. Chorusg Library Squad. GEORGE DOUGLAS MCMILLAN Heavy G.O. Vice Pres.g Track Teamg Lunch Patrolg Hall Patrol. A RUTH MCPHERSON , Scottie Service Pinsg Leaders' Clubg Tennis and Swim. Clubsg Swim. Asst.g Leader in Gym. LOIS MCWHIRTER Lo Secretary to Teachers. LEWIS MEIXLER Lew Phys. Honor Classg Mimeo Squadg Stage Crew. 51 . i M 4 .. K .mia 5 fi ' 75 1.,,, . X 5 ui if 3i.1ggg,fifiWL MM 52 ANETTE MELISE Toni Secretary to Teachers. ALAN MELOWSKY Math., Eng., Hist., Eco., Phys. Honor Classes. JANE MELTZ Arista, Girl Leader of Senior Arista, Minor and Major Pins, English, Math and History Honor Classes, Green and White Party Manager, Hu- man Relations Drama Work- shop, Honor Roll, C.O. Rep., Seciy to Teachers, Host on Spotlight On Youth T.V. Show. ROBERT MENDE Bob Eng., Hist. Honor, C.O. City Representative, Major "J", City Champ, Swimming, Swimming Team, Sec,y to Teachers. " 2' .---" - , 1-Ei CARMEN MENDEZ Shorty Secretary to Teachers. CAROL ANN MEYER Ca Honor Roll, Program Com- mittee, Seciy to Teachers. x uf WILLIAM FREDERICK MEYER MENYWEATHER 'p-' .L I 'E 5 . ,. ci . ,ga : .stra ws f A In MARSHA MESSING iirlti IERROLD MEYERS Arista, Honor Classes, Honor ' A 'M jerry Roll, Language Honor Roll, I C.S., Chem. Squad, Library Pioneer Literary Editor, .3 Rejedy to Teachers. H.O.P. Recording Seciy, 3 ah Year Music Award, Minor , V PM Kb I2 Service Pin, Typing Award, A x. I Library Squad, Rep. to EI ' if 0 Q Columbia Conference, Sec'y c to Teachers, Band. I V - li' ..-..-- J ADRIANE MEYER A Arista, Service Pins, Honor Roll, Math, Eng., Hist., H. Ed. Honor Classes, Pioneer Staff, Reorganization, Gen. Science Squads, Senior Sing, Service to Teachers, Lang. Honor Roll, Pitman Sten. Award, Physics Award. WILLIAM MICELI Bill 1-Q .nun 8 . ..., , A ,V N.. , f f .. wwf.: "5 mngrz i vi :' 'li-sixrlis iiiiif-ff ' f ' ' - f .... W . , X . .. 3 A .. sp ,. . ,, l H , I 1 .L s .zz ffiwy ia 5 -1' '57 V E .i l ' Q5 2 3 , i n A .gs . .V ' firm.-si.. Q V, mGf.f.fe,ff:s.fw:e ,, ,. 'Q P E ' . A' 4- CERTRUDE MIDEAKER Trudy JEFFREY ALAN MILANO Jef Track Teamg Hall Patrol. BUNNY M. MILTS Aristag Service Pinsg Honor Rollg Foreign Language Honor Rollg Honor Classes, Pioneer, Digit Digest Staffsg Green and White Platform Comm.g H.O.P.g Swimming Clubg Lunch Patrolg Reor- ganization Squadg Sec,y to Teachersg Library Rep.g Sr. Sing. ROBERT MOELLER Bob Secretary to Teachers. 'fl AHF K A i - f , .L S an . K 'lb SHEILA MOLDOVAN Gen. Science Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. 'fy,,,,f A sisiiii T ANNE MONTAGNO A' V "' A ' Annie V A. I A Pitman Awardg Asst. in G.O. Office. ,, 5 W 5 if A Q f gm' . 'slow all in N VN Z! BARBARA ANN MONTEFUSCO Bobbi Secretary to Teachers JUDITH A. MOORE Judy Minor Service Ping Honor English and Historyg Senior and Girls, Chorusg Senior Treasurerg Sec'y to Teachers. -I . . QL MURIEL MOORE Pitman Shorthand Awardg Sec'y to Teachers. ANNETTE MOREA Pitman Shorthand Awardg Booster Clubg Secretary to Teachers. JEAN MORELLO Jeanie Secretary to Teachers. ELOISE MORGAN El Eng., IIist,, Eco. Honor Classesg Bandg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. 53 HARRIET MORRIS Harry Eco. and Earth Science Honor Classes MICHAEL MOSSBERC Migel Honor Classesg Lunch Patrolg Hall Guardg Stage Crewg Senior Sing. MARGARET MOTT Margie Honor Gymg Secretary to Teachers. IRENE MROZIK Pitman Awardg Secretary to F S Q Sw K. Q? ,yy M f W! 2 fic get L re X., 9 tw 93 . I L. . abil: : aaa .EMIS- Teachers. WARREN MUCHNICK Munch Senior Chorusg Bio. Lab. JEAN MUITZ Jeannie DANIEL MUNSCH U UNSINGE .fa I Q as W' -us ' S.. 'K 0 3 as ssi- fl ' ' V ' " or Mus' Student ' stra d tprg c'y D ch rs. L. 2 x , ,..q s , k-.,.... .re.. "Q, HAROLD E. MURRELL Speedo Basketball Team. ALAN NANESS Al Major "jug Golf Teamg C.O. Rep.g Cuardg Band. MARIA NEUKUM Honor Classesg Minor Service Ping Library Squadg Library Rep.g Sec'y to Teachersg Chorusg Asst. Attendance Officeg Senior Sing. CAROLYN NEWBON Pitman Awardg Minor Serv- ice Ping Leaders' Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. BEATRICE NICHOLLS Bea Honor Cymg Badminton Clubg Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. ROSEMARY NOLAN Rosie junior Chorusg Secretary to Teachersg Program Comm. MARILYN NOLL Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Minor Service Ping Senior Chorusg Honor Rollg Language Honor Rollg Swim. Clubg Trinity Clubg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. GERTRUDE NORMANN Gerry Typing Certificateg Honor Englishg Seciy to Teachers. DIANNE NOVACK Honor Historyg Sec'y to Teachersg Program Comm.g Star Staff. MARYELLEN OAKLEY Mary-L. Secretary to Teachers. JOHN O'BR1EN KATHLEEN OBRIEN Kay Newman Clubg Secretary to Teachers. ROBERT OBUTELEWICZ Gen. Science Lab.g Visual Aids Squadg Secretary to Teachers. CAROL JOAN OOHTENDUNG GRACE OGLESBY JOHN O'HARE Q 1. psf , Hall Patrolg Lunch Guard. 55 THERESA OLIVERI Terry Honor Eng.g Music Awardg Junior, Senior and Girls' Chorusg Pitman Awardg Sec- retary to Teachers. ANDREA MARY OLSEN Andy Sec'y to Teachersg Asst. in Eng. Ofliceg Bio. Lab.g Li- brary Squadg Attendance Oflicc. BRYAN O'NEILL Bry Asst. in Late Oflice. DOLORES ORTLEB Lorri Pitman Certificatesg Seciy to Teachers. .2153 :g3g,::.e!5 :Egg- ,fx,' ,:- K4 sfig ,g H 'ii' ' I ,. fl , .. in af- f -f A . W i exit. wk K? , is .P w i . ' , " EVELYN OTTO Eve Typing Certificate. Sec'y to Teachers. RITA PHYLLIS PADNICK Aristag Music Awardg Honor Rollg Language Honor Rollg Service Pinsg State Scholar- shipg Senior Editor of Logg Veep of Bandg Human Rel. Drama Workshopg Orches- trag Program Committeeg Sec'y to Teachersg Honor Classesg Rep. to C.S.P.A., N.C.C.I. Summer Camp Gonferencesg Student Rel. Council. LINDA PAKES Lin Secretary to Teachers. DOROTHY PAPE Dottie Aristag Honor Rollg Minor Service Ping Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Program Comm.g Orchestrag G.O. Rep., Library Rep.g Sec'y to Teachersg Lang. Honor Rollg Green 61 White Campaign Comm.g Swimming Assistant. Q in ' rii E ....,... w e ..-cya, ,- fe Q., A R G imp www sift. we BEVERLY PARGAMENT Bevie Minor Service Ping General Science Squadg Bio. Squadg Secly to Teachersg Record Office Asst.g Reorganization Squadg Emergency Squad. MARY ANN PARISE Bridie Secretary to Teachers. ELIZABETH PARKS Betty Secretary to Teachers. ERNEST AS ALINI Ernie I ? Z 'lu Q , +gh.LQl . vw- 'VR Y ,, K ... -.1., - JJ. qwrvff lug. Y 'i' ROBERT PASSAMENTI Bob Honor Classesg Orc estrag sec . Q! CAROLYN PASTERNACK Lee Honor English Classg Cheer- leadersg G.O. Rep.g Swim- ming Asst.g Ir. Chorusg Sec'y to Teachers. LORRAIN E E. PAULSEN ada FRA K PATI LLI jr. H QE I' ceg Mimeo uad- upplyf uadg Gen- eral ' dg V ard. A w , e4!.LAfiL- INELL PATTERSON Secretary to Teachers. LORRAINE PELLEGRINI Secretary to Teachers. SUSAN ANN PERCHIKOFF Sue Eng., Eco. Honor Classesg Lang. Honor Rollg Honor Rollg Pitman Awardg Pioneer Staffg Seciy to Teachers. MARTIN PERES Marty Math, Hist., Eco, Phys., Earth Sci. Honor! Classesg Lunch Patrol. :fi i .ii-. . 'W . rl, A . X., I CIM f A if GEORGE PERKINS Science Squadg Secretary to Teachers. MQKMM 2 IUDITH PETERS Judy Honor Englishg Secretary to Teachers. VIRGINIA PETERS Ginny Library Squadg Secretary to Teachersg G.O. Rep. JUDY PETRALIA Half-Pint Pitman Awardg Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. 7 GMLVV4 'xi X ff: k"""!A Nr V ELIZABETH PFAFF Betty Eco. and H. Ed. Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachers. LAWRENCE PFAFF Herby Cuardg Sec,y to Teachersg Patrol Squad. JANE PFANNKUCHE Janie Honor Histg Girls, Chorus. WILLIAM PHILCOX Hafmll Guard. IOANNA PICCOLA Io Bio. Squadg Chorusg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. ROSETTA CATHERINE PIEZZO Rose Pitman Awarclsg C.O. Rep.g Secly to Teachers. JOSEPH PINAMONTI Joe History Honor Class. LESLIE ANN PINE Les Eng. Honor Classg Library Squadg Attendance Ofhcc. CAROL PINSKY Fuz Senior Singg Secretary to Teachers. CAMILLE PINTO Secretary to Teachers. RICHARD PISKUN Richie Hall Patrolg Cafeteria Patrolg Sec'y to Teachers. ! - s J CAROL PIZZI Secretary to Teachers. GAY PLAIR Honor Classesg H.O.P. Rep.g Sec'y to Teachers. BARBETTE POLLACK Barbie Honor Rollg Eng., Hist., Earth Sci. Honor Classesg Bandg Orchestrag Sed'y to Teachers. KENNETH POPKO Poppy Basketball Teamg Seciy to Teachersg G.O. Rep.g Guard. JAY PORT Jay Honor Rollg Patrol, Visual Aids Squadg Seciy to Teach- crsg Gen. Science Squad. MARIS POSNER Pitman Awardsg Secretary to Teachers. FRANK PRAVATO Frank Secretary to Teachers. ELIZABETH C. PRINE Betty English and History Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachersg Attendance Oilice. DELLA PRUIT Secretary to Teachers. BETTY PUKEL Bet-Bet Honor Classesg G.O. Rep.g Variety Show Committeeg Varsity Playg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. DOROTHY QUAGLIA Dotty Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. CELIA QUIRK ELIZABETH RALLO Betty Library Squadg Ass't in Eng- lish, Attendance Ofiicesg Locker Guard. 59 SUSAN RANDELL Honor Classesg Swimming Clubg Russian Clubg Span- ish Clubg Boostersg Senior Treasurerg Sec'y to Teachersg State Scholarship. SVEND RASMUSSEN Rus LACY RAY Esquire Basketballg Track Teamg Major 'Tsvg Guardg Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Sing, SUSAN RAYMUNDO Typing Awardg Typist for Log Staff. MARLEIGH ANNE RAYNOR Mar Future Nurses' Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. LILLIAN REGAN Sec'y to Teachersg Locker Guard. NANCY REID Eng. Honor Classg Locker Guard. ALAN REISMAN Guard MARYANN RENDOWSKI Honor Classes. BETTY RHUE Sec'y to Teachers. EDWARD I. RICHARDSON Eddy H. Ed. Sec'y. EULA J. RICHARDSON Eco. Honor Class. DALE RICHNER Eng., Math Honor Classesg G.O. Rep.g Sec'y to Teach- ersg Senior Sing. GAIL RIDDLE Windy THOMAS RIMMER Tommy JUDITH RIVKIN Judy Eco. Honor Classg Sec'y to Teachers. JULIUS ROBERTS Eco. Honor Classg Basket- ball Teamg Hall Patrolg Lunch Guard. WILLIAM ROBERTS Bill Hall Patrolg Secretary to Teachers. JEAN ROELICH Honor Englishg Sec'y to Teachers. MARILYN ROESER Sec'y to Teachers. DANIELLE ROMANO Dany Swimming Ass'tg Sec'y to Teachers. HOMER ROSE Honor Historyg Swimming Team. 4 Wai FRANCES ROSEN Fran jr. Chorusg G. S. Lab. Squadg Sec,y to Teachers. ELLEN ROSENBERC I Honor Rollg Aristag Lan- guage Honor Rollg Honor Classesg Star Sec'yg Senior Singg Sec,y to Teachers. 61 MELVIN ROSENBERGER ANITA ROTTERSMAN Pitman Awardg Honor Eng- Count DOROTHEA A. ROSENHACEN Dotty Pitman Awarclg Honor Eng- lishg Senior Chorusg Seciy to Teachers. EDWIN JOHN ROSENHAGEN Ed Major and Minor "J'sUg Capt. of Bowling Team. AGNES ROTHMAN Aggie Pitman Awardg Typing Cer- tificateg Bowling Teamg Scciy to Teachers. lishg Secly to Teachers. MICHAEL ROZEA Math, Hist., Eng. Honor Classesg Chess Clubg Hall Patrol. IRENE RUBIN Aristag Chem., Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Minor Serv- ice Ping Bio. Squadg Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. ROBERT BUCK Bob PAMELA RUDMAN Pam Honor Classes. PATRICIA RUSSELL LAWRENCE RYAN CAROLANN RYDER Aristag Minor Service Ping Honor Classesg Hickory Log Reporterg Senior Singg New- man Clubg Secly to Teachersg Reorganization Squadg Li- brary Squadg Senior Treas- urer. -'Math hiv-QMS! ga ' ...fl h ifi ,, . Sf .1:,.::, . h ? rr ' :fel BARRY S. SALTSBERC Track Team' Band' Orches- tra, Secy to Teachers. RICHARD SALTZWEDEL Rich Eng. Honor Classg Track Teamg Swimming Squadg Amp. Squadg Physics Squadg Varsity Play. LORETTA SANTANGELO Lorrie Secyy to Teachers. PETER SCALA Pete PHYLLIS SCHALET Chips Honor Rollg Pitman Awardsg Typing Awardsg Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachers. EILEEN SCHEBLEIN Ruthie Sec'y to Teachers. CAROL SCHERER Minor Service Ping Bio. Squadg General Science Squadg Senior Sing. PATRICIA SCHERR Pat Honor History. PAUL SCHIEFKE Denny DAVID SCHIFF Dave Gen. Sci. Squad. 04. has ov'-ey FRANK SCHIPANI Honor Englishg Sec'y to Teachersg Varsity Play. LW! hw'-f' 5 CHARLES SCHNITZLER Chas Cross Country, Track Teamsg Stockroom and Library Squads. 63 JOYCE CAROL SCHOENBACH Joy Carol Honor Classesg Bandg Vice President of Bandg Sec'y to Teachers. HELEN SCHONBERGER Doll Service Pinsg English Honor Classesg Jr. and Sr. Chorusg Bio., Physics Squadsg Lunch Patrolg Boostersg Sec'y to Teachersg Future Nurses' Clubg Senior Sing. KATHRYN SCHRAUT Kathy Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachers. LILLIAN SCHUESSLER Sec,y to Teachers. .if , . . W an . if Q3 at ?' 1 XP + I -' -8, L Q MARGIE SCHUSHEIM Gregory Honor Historyg Orchestrag Senior Singg Sec'y to Teachers. BARRY SCHUSTER Cafeteria Patrol. RICHARD SCHUTZMAN Richie Math Honorg Bio. Lab.g Visual Aids Squadg Guardg G.O. Rep. ALICE SCHWARTZ Honor Rollg Eng., Math Honor Classesg Senior Singg Cuardg Sec'y to Teachers. CHARLES E. SCHWARZ Charlie English, History and Math Honor Classesg Swimming Teamg Program Committeeg G.O. Representativeg Sec'y to Teachers. NORMA SCHWARTZ Eng. Honor Classg Aristag Minor Service Ping Sec'y to Teachers. HOWARD SCHWARTZBERG Elgin Minor "Ing Honor History and Earth Science Classesg Track Team. KENN CHWEBER ' inor Servi Ping rd for Ex zce in u g Sec' ac ersg Di t i taffg tate Re s Science Schola . hysicsg Horno assesg ' m ' s C S AGNES SCHWEIGERT Aggie G.O. Representative, Bio. Squad, Boosters, Sec'y to Teachers. JOANNE SCHWENK In Arista, Service Pins, Music Letter, Digit Digest, Pio- neer Staftsg G.O. Rep., Jr. and Sr. Chorus, Honor Classes, Program Committee, Sec'y to Teachers, Trinity Club, Green and White Party, Boosters, Senior Sing, Foreign Language Honor Roll. RUTH ANN SCOTT Scotty Eco., Earth Sci. Honor Classes, Sten. Certificate, Sec'y to Teachers. MARILYN SEIBERT Eng., H. Ed. Honor Classes, Sec,y to Teachers. ROBERT SELIGER Bob Arista, Honor History, Math, English Classes, Minor Serv- ice Pin, Swimming Team, Golf Team, Visual Aids Squad. IOSEPHINE SERRANO Io Pitman Award, Swimming Assistant, Spring Concert Assistant, G.O. Representa- tive. MICHAEL SHACKMAN Mike Language Honor Roll, G.O. Representative, jackson trol. , Wu, Ju I LESTER SHAFRAN Jabber Honor Classes, Chorus, Pio- neer Staff, Senior Sing, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Base- ball Team. AARON SHAPIRO Captain of Guards, Ass't Leader of Senior Sing, Sec'y to Teachers. BARBARA SHEREMETA Bobbie Swimming Instructor, Sec'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. DENNIS SHLAEN Honor Classes. EDMUNEZSHUMBRIS Eddie ,UW JJ aa Mm! ,J-awww! 65 CATHERINE SIANI Cathy HENRIETTA SICHLER RICHARD SIEVERS Richie MARCIA SILVERSTEIN Marcy Progressive Partyg Publicity Chairman for Senior Singg Library Rep.g Secretary to Teachers. ROSE MARIE SIMONE ANITA ELLEN SIPKIN Aristag Minor and Major Service Pinsg English, His- tory and Earth Science Honor Classesg Honor Rollg Language Honor Rollg Pio- neer Staftg Leaders' Clubg Sec'y to Teachers. JOSEPH W. SIRAGUSA CARL SKINNER Patrol. JERRY SMALL Bandg Orchestrag Dance Bandg Guardg Service Squad. INGRID SMETKA , Joe Ingi Secy to Teachers. Sec'y to Teachers. LQRETTA SIRINEK V A ANNE SMITH Lori I M - Lunch Patrolg Sec'y to Secly to Teachers. , Teachers. EVERETT SMITH Kent filw' FRANCES SMITH Fran HARRIET SMITH Aristag Minor Service Ping English and History Honor Classesg Honor Rollg Gen- eral Science Squadg Library Squadg Spanish Clubg Senior Singg Sec,y to Teachersg Associate Editor of Star Staff. TONI SMITH Honor Classesg Orchestrag Sec'y to Teachers. DOLORES SMOLNIK Dee Honor Englishg Library Rep.g Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachersg Sec'y in At- tendance Office. PHILIP SMUKLER Phil Senior Aristag Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Editor-in- Chief of Digit Digestg Chem., Bio. Squadsg Star Staffg Reorganization Squad. GAIL SNYDER Sec'y to Teachers. IEANNE SOLLMI Jeannie Minor Service Ping Honor Earth Scienceg Library Squadg Sec,y to Teachersg Program Committee. MAXINE ANDREA SOLOFF Max Junior Chorusg Boostersg Sec'y to Teachers. CAROL SOLOMONS N.C.C.I. Camp Conferenceg Honor Classesg Minor and Major Service Pinsg Bandg Orchestrag Historian of Bandg Sec'y to Teachers. LEE SOMMER Hist., Eco. Honor Classesg Sec'y to Teachers. MARSHALL SOMMER Lunch, Bio, and Physics Squads. 67 RAYMOND SOMMERSTAD Stump Honor Roll, Captain of Base- ball Team, Captain of Bas- ketball Team, Six Major "Ins, Two Minor "Jus, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers. JOHN C. SOMMESE C.O. Representative, Swim- ming Team, Track Team. WILLIAM SPECHT Bill Honor Classes. JUDITH ANN SPERO Judy Cirls' Chorus, Senior Mixed Chorus, Major and Minor Service Pins, Business Edi- tor of Pioneer, Human Rela- tions Drama Workshopg Sen- ior Sing, Assistant in Read- ing Clinic, Sec'y to Teachers, Music Award. JOSEPH STAIANO Pres, of Senior Class, Band, Senior Sing, Prom Commit- tee, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers, Honor Classes, Bio. Squad. ROLAND STAIANO Jr. and Sr. Chorus, Service Squad. HERBERT STALZER Muscles Baseball Team, Swimming Team. Senior Sing. LOUISE STAR Oozzie Arista, Service Pins, Honor Classes, Program Comm., Leader in Gym, Leaders' Club, Tennis, Swimming Clubs, Variety Show. LAURA E. STECKMAN jr. Arista, Pitman Stenog- raphy Award, Minor Service Pin, Honor Classes, Late Room Squad, Sec'y to Teachers. ELLEN STEINBACK Marion Arista, Minor and Major Service Pins, Honor Classes, Reorganization Squad, Sec- retary to Teachers. VIRGINIA STEINIS Ginny Typing Award, Program Comm., Seciy to Teachers. ALDWYN STEPHENSON Joe Ni X LINDA STERLING Lynn Patrolg Swimming Clubg Sec- retary to Teachersg Senior Sing. BARBARA STOELTZINC Barbie Aristag Minor and Major Service Pinsg English and History Honor Classesg Leaders' Clubg Minor "Ing G.O. Representativeg Pro- gram Committeeg Secretary to Teachers. NEIL SUCHY Neil Bandg C.S. Lab.g Lunch Patrol. X JUNE E. SULLIVAN Aristag Honor Classesg Star Art StaHg Stage Crewg Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Singg State Nursing Scholarship. MADELINE TABLED Mady Pitman Awardsg Ir. and Girls, Chorusg Boostersg Sec'y to Teachers. LUZ TAPIA Lu Lu. Pioneer Staifg Chorusg Stu- dent Relations Councilg Fu- ture Nurses' Clubg Spanish Clubg Newman Clubg H.0.Pg Boostersg Library Squadg Progressive Party. YVONNE TAPP Vonnie Honor Historyg Usherettesg Secretary to Teachersg Var- sity Showg State Nursing Scholarship. MILDRED TARDUGNO Millie Basketball Awardg Sec'y to Teachers. is .8 f. ,. DORIS TATGENHORST Sec'y. to Teachers. CAROL WALLIS TAYLOR Aristag Major and Minor Service Pinsg Honor Gymg Leader in Gymg Sec,y to Teachers. BARBARA TEDONE Bobbie Pitman Awardg Honor Rollg Minor Service Ping Pioneer Staffg Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachersg Newman Clubg Senior Sing. ELIZABETH TEEL Beth Aristag Honor Rollg Eng., Hist. Honor Classesg Span- ish Awardsg Hickory Log Typistg Reorganization Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. 69 STEPHEN TEMLOCK Music Awardg Honor Class- esg Orchestrag Bandg Cap- tain of Lunchroom Guardsg Secretary to Teachers. FREDERICK TEPPER Aristag Minor Service Ping Math, Eng., Physics Honor Classesg Visual Aids Squadg Lunch' Patrolg Jackson Patrolg State Scholarship. 'X fg,Q4AI,uw,uw WJXLML JANET THOMSON Ian Aristag Service Pinsg Honor Rollg Minor "J',g Honor Classesg Leader in Cymg Tennis, Badminton Clubsg Sec'y to Teachers. CAROL THONE JUDITH TOPPER Tfwvy Pitman Awardg Chorusg Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Sing. BEVERLY RAQUEL TORRES Bev Honor Rollg President of H.O.P.g Honor Historyg Or- chestrag Boostersg Future Nurses, Clubg Green and White Partyg Human Rela- tions Drama Workshopg Li- brary Rep.g Program Com- mitteeg Seciy to Teachersg Citizenship Awardg Lan- guage Honor Rollg Library Squad. JOSEPH TOSTI CAROL TRIMBLE Smiley CATHERINE TROSSET Cathy G.O. Representativeg Boost- ersg Hall Patrolg Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. ANTHONY TUCCI Tony Hall Patrol. FRANCES TUMBARELLO Fran Honor Rollg Language Hon- or Rollg Minor Service Ping Pioneer Staifg G.O. Rep.g Sec'y to Teachersg Senior Treasurer. SAMUEL TURMAN, JR. Turk Minor "Jug Major "Ing Bas-- ketball Teamg Track Teamg Guardg Senior Sing. MARY LOU TURSI Secretary to Teachers THOMAS TUROWSKI Tyra Honor Rollg G.S. Squad. MARGARET UNDERDUE Margze Library Squad NANCY VAN VALEN Pitman Awardg English and History Honor Classesg Sec- retary to Teachers. SHEILA VERTER Pitman Awardg Major "Jug Music Certificate-g Honor Rollg Orchestrag Bowling Teamg Sec'y to Teachers. THOMAS VILLENEUVE Tom Guards. A THEODORE VAN RILLAS Library Squadg Attendance Monitor DONALD VINCI Vmce Baseball Team. RICHARD VOSS Richie f, JM, iff JANET VREELAND Ian Minor Service Ping Program Committeeg Secretary to Teachers. BEATRICE MURIEL WALKER Mabelline CAROLYN WALTERS Secretary to Teachers. 71 SANDRA WALTERS Sandy Typing Awardsg Sec'y in Study Hallg Sec'y to Teach- ers. WILLIAM A. WALTERS Bwana Bill Crafts Clubg Secretary to Teachers. JOAN WATSON Honor Classesg Girls, Cho- rusg Junior Chorus. MARY WEAVER 'Bs 1 I fi K gm ' al Q imenh A fr f S Mi FRANCES HEDVIG WEAVER Secretary to Teachers. JEAN WEBB Jeannie Service Ping Library Rep.g Secretary to Teachers. HELEN WEBER Snapper Gym Leaderg Secretary to Teachers. KENNETH WEBER JUDITH L. WEIMAN George Foreign Language Honor Rollg Service Ping Honor Classesg Cheerleadersg Sec'y to Teachersg Green and White Party. WILMA WEINTRAUB Willie Engf Honor Classg Pitman Shorthand Medalg Typing Certificateg Sec'y to Teach- ers. ELLEN WEISER English, History, Eco. Hon- or Classesg Program Com- mitteeg Secly to Teachers. JOHN WEISMANTLE Honor Classesg Bandg Or- chestrag Sec'y to Teachersg State Scholarship. Wm wk f f r rm., 3, -. 1 . 1.1-,s2f??l QL- ' , .W-: ,L .V Qi lf a N. K rg., .ma . MARTIN WEISSBERG Marty English and History Honor Classes, Guards. if 4, A ea L Q of s SUSAN WELIKY Arista, Gen. Sec'y of G.O., Honor Roll, Minor and Major Service Pins, Lang. Honor Roll, English, History, Eco., Chem. Honor Classes, Var- sity Plays, Orchestra, Human Relations Drama Workshop, Boosters, H.O. P., Senior Sing, Sec'y to Teachers. ELAINE WELLMAN Minor Service Pin, Eng., Hist. Honor Classes, Sec'y to Teachers, Senior Sing. JUDITH WEXLER ju Minor Service Pin, Honor Classes, G.O. Rep., Boosters, Progressive Party, Sec'y to Teachers, Iunior Chorus. DANA WHEALTON Minor Service Pin, Honor English, Library Squad, Star Art Staff, Pioneer Staff, Sen- ior Chorus, Seciy to Teach- ers. KEITH WHEELER Crane MAUREEN ANN WH ITE STEVEN WIEGAND Steve Mimeo Squad. ,- L .y i u . 1. , I - .,..-L, '- '-uf, .-, 'D ,cw- .1 MICHAEL WILENS Mickey Arista, Service Pins, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Senior Mixed Chorus, Chem. Squad. or ELLIOTT WILK Arista, Minor Service Pin, State Scholarship, Math, Hist., Eco., Phys., Eng. Hon- or Classes, Phys., Bio., G.S., Mimeo Squads, Lunch Pa- trol, Handball Team, Hick- ory Log Staff. DELORES WILKINS Bootsie Late Office Assistant. RODNEY WILKINS Rocky Honor Roll, Swim. Team, Honor Physics. 73 NAOMI WILKINSON Sherri Chorusg Future Nurses' Clubg Library Squadg Sec'y to Teachers. ROGER WILLIAMS Secretary to Teachers. TRESSA WILLIAMS Risa Music Awardg Officer of Bandg Orchestrag Treasurer of Senior Sing. GEORGE WIMMER Amp. Squad. JUDITH WINTER Judy Major-Minor Service Ping Honor Earth Scienceg Sec,y to Teachersg Bio. Squadg C0- ordinator, Star Art Staff. VIRGINIA WISSEL Ginny FRED WITTENBERG History Honorg Guard. EDWARD WOLFF Wolfe STANLEY WOLFSON Track T amg Captain, Visual ids S ad- Jackson Patrol. ,, CAROLE WOODROFFE Locker Guardg Senior Sing. SUSAN WORK Sue Senior Aristag Typing and Sten. CertiHcatesg Honor Classesg Star Art Staifg Li- brary Representativeg Sec'y to Teachers. THOMAS WORRAD Tom Guard. f 8 M A iw V,,,t is in is 3? Q ALBERT YANCHIK MERLE YANKLEWITZ Aristag Minor Service Ping Honor Classesg Progressive Partyg Student Relations Councilg Human Relations Drama Workshopg G. O. Rep.g Variety Showg Sec'y to Teachers. MARIE ANNE YELLE Honor Englishg Swimming Assistantg Sec'y to Teachers. GERALD YELLIN Screamin' Honor Rollg Eng., Math, Honorg Seciy to Teach s. as W . ii w X HARRY ZACHARIAS L Zach M1 JAM Kam Zach Honor History. ROBERTA ZAIFF Bobbie Honor Historyg Minor Serv- ice Ping Assistant in English Officeg Locker Cuardg Sec- retary to Teachersg Sing. ELLEN ZAVILLE Aristag Minor and Major Service Pinsg Honor Rollg Honor Classesg Progressive Party Seclyg Student Rela- tions Councilg Receptionistg Asslt in Attendance Officeg Secretary to Teachers. MARK ZICKERMAN JOSEPH ZITTER Joe Aristag Minor Service Ping Eng., Math, Hist. Honor Classesg Hickory Log, Digit Digest Staffsg Visual Aids Squadg Hall Guardg Russian Clubg S te Schol rs fo 1 ior Si , X , ,, A , M It NINA ZUCKEV Aristag Eng., H' t., co. Honor Classes ecretary to Teachers. CAMERA SHY William Alcock John Campbell William G. Carey Daniel Chichester Don DeLaune R F k oger ran William Franklin, Jr. Gifford Gibbons Frederick Goins Fred Goldstein Robert Gulizia Eileen LaDra Donald Maher Mike Mahon Ronald B. Matthews Stephen McLaughli H Jacqueline McMicken William W. Moore Francine Neiderman Colum O'Reilly Joseph Palmeri James Price Sandi Rindner Robert Rivkin Clare Rogers Samuel Rolison Marven Rosenblum Edward Schiffbauer Frederick T. Schrotz Katarina Schweiger Charles Sterry Valerie Gail Ware Francis W. Wirth T- '1 C 5 7 1 4 f lf ,UL Sing "We feel a SING coming on, And we're warning you, It's a victorious, happy and glorious new thrill? Out went the lights! A chord sounded from the piano and White-clad Freshmen entered, proclaim- ing the first Iackson SING! After four months of enthusiastic rehearsals under the direction of Mr. George Cohn, co-com- missioners jerry Blatt and Marion Blucher, and the triumvirate of class advisers, Mr. Sydney Vinitsky, Miss Joyce Denig and Mr. Harvey Ornstein, the musical interclass competition was presented on March 20 and 21. With a burst of bright yellow and dramatic black, the Sophomores began the program. Indig- nant at "being suppressed and oppressed and de- pressedv by upperclassmen, they "escaped" to the Army in an attempt to become more than "under- dogsf' but army life not being what they had ex- pected, they were soon longing to return to Iackson. Before an impressive backdrop picturing the Eiffel Tower and the Arch of Triumph, Iacksonls "middle children," the Iuniors, who had gone tres Parisiens, protested against "class favoritismf, Their woe was "just one of simple placementf, for they were "too old to plead Inferiority and too young to plead Superiorityf, Realizing, however, that they would soon arrive at their seniority, they decided to return to Jackson. Stor A masked, blue-costumed chorus next enticed the audience to "join the Seniors at Mardi Gras . . . forget your troubles, come on, get happy!" New Orleans, they advised, is the place to hide from high school problems of rising with the sun or serving detention, paying Senior dues, taking col- lege boards. Finally, sobered by the realization that "the four years here are now almost at an end," the Seniors chanted, "Oh, Jackson High we sing out with voices proud, Remembering all your help along the way. For we know itis true, we owe everything to you, And so we are thanking you today? Following the finale-a combined chorus, four hundred strong, singing a farewell-the judges, de- cision favoring the Juniors was announced. An un- forgettable jackson 'iirstf a triumph of school spirit, had become a treasured chapter in our Alma Mater's story. .SING 1959 JAC ES In ,N RA 1-1-fi 2 3 yin f x QL' 'ff NY M H if NXQN if JUNIOR CHORUS KT.. s Q .44 "'f v fn so V, ,lt-41 1 K W an r,,M,, ,kk, ,,, I n M SOPHOMOHE CHORUS Remember? . . . the day the lights Went out. 78 Sorry, you must take 5 mayors next term "Walt till next year! With a llttle bit 0 luck . . . "What, me studyiv' "Naturally, this IS a very rough sketch "Radcliffe? With your Board scores?' V597 xiew WH' 104 .Ng . bv' X Q X ,A SWS Highlighting the jackson sports year was Jacksons most impressive basketball season in two years. Finishing second in the South Queens Loop, the Hickories entered the playoffs at Madison Square Garden with a 10-4 record. Although losing by 25 points, the team and school supporters never lost their spirit. Mr. Smitlfs championship '57-,58 swimming team, ham- pered by "graduationitis,', fought I , ." . . 'N , -fr K " l"iu2r-18 '- , .--N ix, 5 Q W. X tm, 'I s' K.: 'Wfgm an uphill battle to place second in Queens. The team's outstand- ing performer was record-break- ing Bob Mende, who was the Queens 100 yard freestyle title- holder. In track, Jackson retained its title of Queens Champs but lost out to Boys, High in the City Championships. Jackson's top men were Andy Maceda and Mike Guzman. mak- ' 5 JA. Over hill and dale They hit the dusty trail. CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM Coach: Milton Blatt A tisket, a tasket- just drop it in the basket BASKETBALL TEAM Coach: Lew Grummond What makes them so fleet? Are there wings on their feet? TRACK TEAM Coach: Milton Blatt fk flor' N WA These mermen of our school Would make a splash in any pool SWIMMING TEAM Coach: Harry Smith It's a hole in one, two, three-Fore! GOLF TEAM Coach: Emil Gottman mm WA? Q, , , ,, , ..5'--""' ...-an-f' Game, set, match--our team, natch! TENNIS TEAM Coach: Walter Ross They work 'hand in glove' to win! HANDBALL TEAM Coach: Oakley Davis , L f "ff ,hkihwu 4 One strike, two strikes-up goes the score! BOWLING TEAM Coach: Emil Gottmann They hat 1000 with Iacksonites. BASEBALL TEAM Coach: John Wrenn "Pins,' has another meaning now! BOWLING CLUB Sponsor: Norma Hairston il Q W ll 1 1,2- - M ,1 5 H K - gas- atm. f' r ' hxbfarfdf l,f'?y0rp0'p mn I, 'TK I Beauty + ability I gym leaders. LEADERS, CLUB Sponsor: Nettie Hilbert They help you get into the swim. SWIMMING ASSISTANTS Sponsor: Hazelle Vogel 85 BAND Sponsor: Harriet Gluck SENIOR MIXED CHORUS Sponsor: Ruth Laverty mic, nfwwic eueryw are . . El .4 1 in N.. GIRLS' Sponsor: UAW! voices mise in cwmony ORCHESTRA Sponsor: Harriet Gluck ' if YL 1 :Q X Y ...i CHORUS Nelson F aerber li I IUNIOR MIXED CHORUS Sponsor: Ruth Laverty Star 'literaries, todayg literary stars tomorrow. 'Startists, todayg art stars tomorrow STAR LITERARY STAFF STAR ART STAFF Adviser: Julius Liebb Adviser: Mabel Morand nah- .vw- v....9-. They report the jackson story. They give us the facts in hgures. LOC STAFF DIGIT DIGEST STAFF Adviser: Lois Flynn Adviser: William Wulf W, I I Faith and Fellowship Fellowship and Faith NEWMAN CLUB TRINITY CLUB Sponsor: Ruth Heckman Sponsor: Dorothy Kasius 'av 'T H ablan espahol. Gooorycit po-riisski. SPANISH CLUB RUSSIAN CLUB Sponsor: Muriel Inker Sponsor: Morris Jacobson The cream of the crop, They rise to the top. ARISTA Sponsor: Frances Rose 90 Party spirit Party fight- PROGRESSIVE PARTY Sponsor: Joyce Denig Party platforms Turn out right. GREEN AND WHITE PARTY Sponsors: Maud Bell and Herman Schwarzenbach Delegates to GO. meetings Bring ns news of school proceedings G.O. REPRESENTATIVES Sponsor: George Cohn 91 GENERAL SCIENCE SQUAD Sponsor: Marjorie Lubell jfaeir mfbclf PHYSICS SQUAD Sponsor: Mildred Peskowitz CHEMISTRY SQUAD Sponsor: Dorothy Calderon ia ro ZCII6. BIOLOGY SQUAD Sponsor: Phyllis Cherot is 1529.1 r VARIETY SHOVV FALL PLAY Sponsor: George Cohn Sponsor: Margaret: Koehler Lg 5. 6LWL8lf'0'L. C LOVL. STAGE CREW LIGHTING AND AMP SQUAD SPOUSOT5 Saul Kaplan Sponsor: Walter Ross , UF- if L 3 Nw A S A L , gf A 5 LLLAA This group has a job to do Adjusting programs just for you. PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chairman: Charles Heckman Associate: joseph Weisman pa Need a book you just can,t had? Keep the library squad in mind. LIBRARY SQUAD Sponsor: Patricia Sheridan 94 They tell you whar Is your E R REORCANIZATION SQUAD Chairman: Harold Hendler The girls who greet you with a smile, And then escort you down the aisle. t, it it is f J :-. 1 ' The girls are here-theyire looking fit, With cheers-and boys-they make a hit. CHEERLEADERS Sponsor: Matilda Robins USHERETTES Sponsor: Elisabeth Brogan 455 Listen for the sound of school spirit! With boosters at games, you hear it. BOOSTERS Sponsor: Matilda Robins 1 1 . A ' , .-,. Thegfll make being sick a pleasure. All the worldls their stage. FUTURE NURSES, CLUB HUMAN RELATIONS DRAMA WORKSHOP Sponsor: Anna johnson Sponsors: Helen Loring and Maud Bell y r ' 7 Q '- bv- ' : 5' . 5 A .I gf L 5? 'W They stress Freshmen find Togethernesg Peace of mind. STUDENT RELATIONS COUNCIL HICKORY ORIENTATION PROGRAM Adviser: Millon Blatt Sponsor: Ruth Heckman jLanL4 ere we go, ' jar Aeahk . . . .CLP 4 . .- 2 gov larecioua euergngering mem orieri . Q , mifman I ' ' . it -,.. .iw ,,, W :::p4::::: ::::n-c:::::::::::p4::::: ::::::n-oac: YOUR CLASS RING was produced by BALFOUR - manufacturer of High School and College Jewelry, Commencement Announcements, Diplomas, Medals 8. Trophies L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY 52I FIFTH AVENUE New York I7. N. Y. ::::::bc:::: :: ::noc::b1:: Complimenfs of . . . :Joes oc::vc:J1:::9c:::rc:::bc::o1:::n-c:::r::::b4:::n-c::::l:::p4:: BEST WISHES RICHMOND'S PROM HARDWARE DEPT. STORE A FRIEND SPRINGFIELD BLVD. B+ IIa+h AVE. I-IOIIIS 5.sIso - 5I5I QQMpLIMENT5 Complimervrsof . . . OF DANNY'S BARBER sI-IOP A FRIEND 234-IB MERRIOK ROAD Flafwork. Shirfs. Umbrellas Repaired Toys - Sporiing Goods COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D BOMAT PLUMBING 81 HEATING II2-46 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. QUEENS VILLAGE 29. N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D OOMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. I. ACKER OOMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D MARY LOUGHRAN IO3 O4 22I STREET QUEENS VILLAGE 29, N. Y. GOOD LUCK CLASS OIF '59 A F R I E N D MARAN'S PHARMACY Rugs-All Sizes Zippers Repaired Sfafignery - Hobbies Ill-50 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. LOTTIE'S LAUNDERETTE ' F RNIT RE TINTING and DYEINQ SIIIIOP Iijnc CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY INC. 22505 MERRICK BLVD' ' ' zoe-oz HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, N. Y. LA 5-5I5I Laurelfon I3, N. Y. 230,0I MERRICK RQAD' COMPUMENTSWOF 'M ' Hours 8-6, Fri.8:OO, wed. Izoo pm. LA 8-4-H2 Laufelwn I3. N- Y- STIER'S DELICATESSEN A Complimenfs of . . . PLEASE pATRQNlZE DE LEON's LAUNDROMAT OUR ADVERTISERS BELMONT FOOD STORE I07'O5 NEW YORK BLVD. OF sr. ALBANSV PICK UP and DELIVER Jamaica 34 LA 5-9330 Our Mofio: "Colm-Iesi Beer in Town" v----:boc--:vo1:--:r1:---:vt--:ro4:--1--:vc .... - --r::r4:::ro o4::::v0c::D1:::Doooc-:rc- LAureIIon 8-7348 Free Delivery LAURELTON'S NEW FORD DEALER WEINER PHARMACY Formerly HOMEYER BROS. Pa'n+'C"aH SUPPIY Co" Inc' Daues - PREscRuPnoNs - COSMETICS JOSEPH MAHA' presideni. Painf - Varnishes - Painters Supplies Wallpaper - Ar'risI's Maferial '99-30 HOLLIS AVENUE BEST WISHES SCHOOL SUPPLIES I-IOIIIS 5-7696 230-02 MERRICK RD. Laurellon I3, N. Y- THE BOULEVARD BOWL Formerly FRITZ'S II3-I5 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. lIv1urdocIcAve.l WHERE YOUR TEAM BOWLS -1- FEATURING -1- I2 AUTOMATIC PINSPOTTERS AIR CONDITIONING ENCLOSED LOUNGE RESTAURANT 8: SNACK BAR LATEST IN DECORATIONS EDDIE AYLES - Props. - MIKE EMANUEL LEAGUE 8: CLUB RESERVATIONS PHONE HO 5-9836 l HOIIis 5-9374 Qualify Worlrmanslwip FLoral Park 2-0256 J. STEPHEN, Mgr - F BOYS d YOUNG MEN TRESS 0' an YORK TOWNE ELMONT Music CENTER COME IN and SEE OUR CLOTHING and FURNISHINGS for SPRING CLEANERS-TAILORS INSTRUMENTS sou: a. REPAIRED Largesl Seleclion on flue Island - Reasonably Priced ALL WORK DONE ON PREMISES PVOISSSIOUCI IHSITUCIIOFI AII'eraI'ions Included - Personal Service 20506 HOLLIS AVENUE Music Furnished for All occasions I y I y Ivy - Ivy is The flning. See I+ at Hs best Green Acres Shopping Cen+er LO I-I02l Hollls' N' Y' 296 MEACHAM AVE' Eimont L- In N. Y ::ho1::::5oooq:::b1::::roo:: H H ll H H H H I I H H H I I ::bc: I I I ------Aoc---- zvoooc--9o04:---:b-o4:--:poo1:---:bo ..... :r1:-:r1:-:bo-oc .... QQQQqQ9Q Riviera Resiaurani' and Pizzeria I DANIEL W. JOHNSON, SR. I ITALIAN CUISINE S LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER Beefand Wine HOME COOIGNG 2oo.2a LINDEN BOULEVARD Besi' Food in Town aI a Fair Price Sandwiches Our Spedalw Sf. Albans I2' NI Y. ROCCQ PIQCHULO LAureIIon 7-8400 COLLEGIATE CAP and GOWN CO. 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York I, New York Manufacfurers of CHOIR ROBES - BAND OUTFITS - ACADEMIC CAPS GOWNS and HOODS - SPECIALTIES A WARM WELCOME PROM EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP 2IO-I6 MURDOCK AVENUE Cambria Heighfs I 7. 9 . E LAu'eI0" 8 O0 ' WE DEW R Coon LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '59 PHILIP BLUMENFELD Branch Sfores Far Rockaway-I048 CENTRAL AVE. FIusI'Iing-I76-2I UNION TURNPIKE BeIIe Harbor-II3-O7 BEACH CHAN. DR UTOPIA MEAT CENTER, INC STRICTLY KOSHER Meafs, PouII'ry and Provisions 230-06 MERRICK BLVD. LaureIIon, L. I RECENT METAL PRODUCTS, INC POLISHING and PLATINC-3 4 and 6 BERRY STREET EVergreen 8-IO9I-7-350I--7-2994 Brooklyn II N Y - -4- -- -------- -----1::::1:::: I CAMBRIA Sc 8: l0c STORE B 8: B STATIONERY Grossman Dry Goods Sfore ARTHUR A. SIEGLER, INC. smrucmr PATTERNS . YARD eoons HEADQUARTERS for SCHOOL surruss DRY eoons GENERAL INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE All School Supplies and Everyday Needs Large Seleciion of Sfaiionery 8: Toys For +I'1e Enfire Family P"0P9"l'Y Managemenl 2I9-I5 LINDEN BLVD. l88-38 LINDEN BLVD. I99-I5 LINDEN BLVD. 200-I9 LINDEN BLVD. S+. Albans I2. N. Y. Cambria Heighis SI. Albans, N. Y. S1,AIb,gn5 I2, N, Y, LA 8-2357 LA 8-6644 COMPLIMENTS or A F R I E N D COMPLIMENTS or THE TOWN SHOP MARTIN PAINT 8: WALLPAPERS LAUREL ELECTRONICS Service - Sales B. WALDMAN I53-22 JAMAICA AVENUE LA 7-9337 T.V. . RADIO - PHONOI - HI-Fl . RECORDS 230-09 MERRICK BLVD. Jamaica' N. yi BURACHIO BROTHERS 205-05 LINDEN BLVD. JAmaica 6- I 796 ANN'S BEAUTY SHOP 227.10 LINDEN BLVD. BEST wlsHEs LINDNER'S CANDY STORE S A M G L I C K Serving Laurelion Homes for 30 Years J. J. FONTANA 224-I8 LINDEN BLVD. LINDEN SHOE REPAIR 230-II LINDEN BLVD. G 8: S DRUG CENTER 223-2I LINDEN BLVD. MILL END SILK STORE 89-39 I65 STREET JAMAICA, N. Y. Open Monday, Thursday, Friday Evenings SUNOCO LAureI+on 5-9600 GEORGE 8: FRANK'S SUSAN LYNN SERVICE STATION DRESSES - GOWNS - BRIDALS Scienfilic Tune-up wifh Genuine ISunI Equipmeni' 8943 'wh STREET SPRINGFIELD s. LINDEN BLvDs. OL 7'578O Jamaica 32, N. Y. FRANK VETRANO SI. Albans. L. I. :soot--oc--not-- 102 f1:::I:::::n4::::: :L:I::J::::::J::: PAUL MUELLER GLORIA VICKERY HORN'S BAKE SHOP BAKED GOODS for EVERY OCCASION Serving This Communify for 2I Years LOUIS PADNICK and SONS, INC. E. J. MURPHY Service Sfafion Compiimenfs of . . . U-HAUL TRAILER RENTAL EDWARD ALBANO 1, 207-05 LINDEN BLVD. :I 217-O5 LINDEN BLVD. DENTIS1' I 7 Alb N Y ff LAureI+on 7-3837 Cambriaq Heigh+s, N. Y. LAu'eIo" B' 760 Si' 'ns' ' ' I BEST VVIS-HES FROM I A F R I E N D Q CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES SCI'III.I.ER'S KOSHER MEAT MARKET II 228-03 LINDEN BLVD. I TO THE CLASS OF I959 A-Z SERVICE STATION 11 242-02 MERRICK BLVD. ll :I FROM YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER SHOE REPAIR II II5.7-I FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. ll I .RAEL PHARMACY " LA . I . MERRICK ROAD LAURELTON. N. Y. ff LINCOLN STUDIOS 8680 22923 i CUTLER BROTHERS gg ASTORIA JAMAICA HEMPSTEAD M04 MEWCK BLVD- Ii RAE'S FRUIT 81 VEGETABLE MARKET I III-40 SRRI-NC-FIELD BLVD. QUEENS VILLAGE 24, N. Y. H I EE EUS MEAT MARKET SUCCESS To 59GRADSfo SIMONE BROS. Q EDWARD WITTKE Prop SUCCESS Au-'lo Accessories mob NINETY.NINTH AVENUE, HOLLIS 23, N. Y. ij CHOICE MEATS - FROZEN FOODS n '0508 '50"h STREET ECHO SHOE SERVICE II O"Ymp"' 8'93'7 Jamaica 2oI.Iz HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, L. I. If 'S ' e e 'Ve' 'SGW' S O RC son' es 2os.oI HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, N. Y. 5123533313: 133:33 1:::3'3t:I::33'3t:1:33t:I:1-331:-A-399t'A'1t-'I-11:-L5 A-'-- -A --AA -'-'-A- - v-::--v----------::- 103 TOP NOTCH CLEANERS SAME DAY SERVICE Slip Cover 8: Drape Specialisrs 228-I9 LINDEN BLVD. Fieldstone I-0770 Cambria Heighfs, N. Y, CAMBRIA BARBER SHOP EXPERT BARBERS Specializing in Cl1iIdren's Haircurring 228-09A LI N DEN BLVD. Cambria I'IeigI'1Is, L. I., N. Y. TONY 8: RALPH, Props. EAGLE SALES CO.. INC. ALUMINUM wINDows a. DOORS Jalousies - Awnings - Shower Enclosures Porch Enclosures - Shades - Blinds II5 JERICHO TURNPIKE Mineola. N. Y. GEORGE BERC-BER Ploneer 6-6IIO-I-2 HANDLER'S STATIONERY 226-03 MERRICK BLVD. LA 5-9669 Laurelfon MALTEDS OUR SPECIALTY Sfore of Friendly Service OLympia 8-2000 Jamaica 32 N Y SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO STUDENTS of ANDREW JACKSON GREENWOLD Jewelers of Jamalca I64-I7 JAMAICA AVENUE Corner of l65 SI'ree'r Jamaica 32, N. Y. LAureI'ron 7-0232 VARLAR LINDEN Paini' and Wallpaper IMPORTED WALLPAPER PRATT a LAMBERT PAINT 229-28 LINDEN BLVD. sANITAs Cambria Heighls, I. I. Complimenfs of . . . MET PHARMACY MARTIN ETTINGER. Ph.G. 204-O8 HOLLIS AVENUE Office LA 5-83l9 Res. LA 5-6738 HUBERT S. GOODLETT REALTIST and BUILDER REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Member Allied Real Esraie Board, Inc. 200-27 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Albans I2, N. Y. SAMUEL MESSING INSURANCE II7-27 23IsI' STREET LAureI+on B-6774 Cambria Heighfs I ESSO LA 5-926I CAMBRIA SERVICENTER Complefe Au+omo+ive Service 8: Repairs Tires - BaHeries - Accessories 228-20 LINDEN BLVD. ALL THE BOYS GO TO HARVEY'S DRESS SUIT SHOP FORMAL WEAR TO HIRE Tuxedos - S+roIlers - Cufaways - While Dinner Jaclrefs Page Boy SuI+s 2I2-35 JAMAICA AVENUE Queens Vlllege L I HOIlis 4-8383 Hollis, L. I. LOUIS ROSEN Cambria HeigI'IIs II Enfrance on 2I2+h Place HOIIis 4-0720 Open Evemngs UnI'II 9 pm 104 ::r1::1:::l:::::1:::::I:::::- ao1:-:r-c-1c- - - - - - - - - -- - - ...... .--,----t --.. ------------------ Y- ...-.. v-- .-.... v ..,. --:T:-1 -:5oo4:-::-1-:r4:-:t-:booc-:bc-:T:--:l:-:b4:-v .-.. ----v- KLAHR AUTOMATIC HEATING CORP. SALES - SERVICE MOBIL FUEL OIL I93-I9 LINDEN BLVD. LA 8-I635 S+. Albans I2, N. Y. PRINTERS OF FINE PUBLICATIONS FOR OVER THIRTY-FIVE YEARS THE COMET PRESS, INC. 200 VARICK STREET WATkins 4-6700 New York I4, N. Y. Complimenfs of . . . ::vc:::::::::1::::1:::::T:::pot::nQ TI LAureI'I'On 5-0909-I237 5 MARCONE LUMBER CO. 5 McMaI1on's Liquor Sfore, Inc. IIUII-PING MATERIALS INSULATION PRODUCTS II II3-39 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. ll LINDEN 8. FRANCIS LEWIS BLVDS. HO'I"S 4-586' Sf. Albans. N. Y. Il E5 pleldsfone LOOI6 Closed Monday LAureI+on 8-8852 B. Markowifz, Prop. . . I MARIE 8: GEORGE HBIFSTYIISTS MERRICK -IEWEI-ERS If II Specialisfs - SILVERBLONDING - TINTING Daily TiI 6 p.m. 233-20 LINDEN BLVD. Thurs. 81 Fri. Til 9 p.m. Cambria Heighfs DIAMONDS - WATCHES - JEWELRY ,I Aufhorized Agenf - Omega - Bulova - Gruen EXPERT WATCH REPAIRS AII Work EIec+ronicaIIy Tesfed ll 233-08 MERRICK BLVD. LaureII'On I3 I-I L. Zickerman's Hardware Co. 227-I5 MERRICK ROAD LaureIIOn, L. I., N. Y. Opp. LaureI+on Theafre LAureI+on B-7506 For a good deal for your house :ee EDWARD BURSTEIN REAL ESTATE 224-I0 MERRICK ROAD LA 7-I660 Laurelfon I3, N. Y. LA 8-6II5 LAureITon 5-9547 P.S.C. Confraci' Carrier BUSTER'S BUS SERVICE, INC. BUSSES - STATION WAGONS SCHOOL and CAMP TRANSPORTATION 228-20 MERRICK BLVD. LAURELTON. NEW YORK :::::J::J::1::t::hoq:::r4::::Jc:1::1::bt::r::bo DEICHMANN'S STATIONERY SPORT .ma HOBBY SHOP A Complefe Line of Amsco and Regenfs Review Books I09-67 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. HOIIis 5-95II Queens ViIIage 29 WALTER O. 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Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) collection:

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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