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 - Class of 1957

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V K A W-A :X , WN v , wwf, K , M y,,, . V, , 1 gf 'N-.M Q X ,.-ali' 2 i S 1 li gf' ,,,,,,,-mum-wf?m'i 'M -mr fQ'- 'A V 'i ,M 4 , I 1115 'in I 1 'gg 553 if 1 A N., an I I!! I fn: if Y. E af ,f ,w YF I!! 'll Ili L4 gn im I Ay- ' V ' . Q -4,x V,.,. iff W Q . N , , A Q! f ' ',-,' A xx V, 1 G W N 'mf v . ' flu ' A fx ' tgp- zu, . J im - '?4-,l '?iJ- A '- -A N if 'M' 5355592 .-U. 7 , .ng X., ,4 - A f an ,:,k,:e -'-.- V - L: , -- mam 5 iv. f'f'f,1,'-N. ' ,Wi ' . J +471 4 ,J 2 ' wry A N, W :N .b g A M V -. fm R . 4 . , ..2Af5:Ig,! Ugg, 1. .F 'Q J-'Q ' -M.-V , ,H fu?f'vif , with , .. k ' . ' r ' bn JW! Q V147 ' W, ,, R' 74' 1 W' , , ., V, ,V xv H 'Mf,tW.,j , E lf. ., . N, ,Q X 1 '-: F':f.'--1 J X ,V q gglfib ,F -kyij , -ff. if A hero ,I f'.'f1' V ' 3 Grad 'Wiz' Y . ai-Lf ww , -an 17 v ,rx p., ,:,fHg'gfvf,:1y'f',x2w? ww, ,, ' mp, f' . ' ,, ' bm f ', ,Juv J-. 1 -- -5 Q , ' .Eff '-'- F-11 K - 355 L4 E255 A 'W f wr -gg,-,rm lk fa. . '- A ,,,, 34 ,A J. J 1 fg' 7' ' ,ff V , mf H nz, 1 I l . -fx -ff' ,. 4.5, i i' 1. l.!'J'R-I -F ,' 'J ' Wm-ff, 'www Yr-fy u ,rv fl ,bgis z 58 ki L, 'Lf I L :QE-55,?ig1',.,'g,'A Lew ' 4 ,Q- lHQd51fW559'.f.f! ff? if-'Q 1 . - ' 'lWfQ11' K-QIWS JM!! 1. 'Ta W '?f 3.-M5 W' M V A -f-if W R-ff. : M , .nf-wa, .r N ,.,..w' 51 -.M 1+ Y D fekfffx, J NV I Az' ' , gun, - -' :H H 'j-ff 3. J 1-N -,f 'Y ,124 3 . f ' 'UQ J 5 :ff H P W THE PJIQNEER 1957 ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL ST. ALBANS NEW YORK D hy B Ppl ?f i 1 i 5 W fi L 1 1 X fi ENN f M ,Q-,,,,f MQ NK Q K' OX!! WL XX 3 X X!! 'W fiv W . Z. AT . 'W ff ia A , 1,10 . 4 .TLV ,Twvw-iff-f -'71 gp-,Ww-- H- ' 1 if ' COMPASS a Y Imagine? an Deck Chatter the Ranks ...... M NNN-qMf Q' X.'i4,.Zf4a.m..L.,' -1 A Forew Four years ago we began our journey through jackson. This book com- memorates that journey. lfor many of us the trip has been calmg for others, stormy. But for all who receive this book the trip has been completed successfully. We wish to thank the teachers who have been our captains through many storms and our grade advisers who have piloted us onward safely to new experiences. Thus, we have chosen the sea as a theme for the yearbook. We are going to college or going to work for a living. We are no longer high school ado- lescents but young ladies and gentlemen in an ocean of people. The school itself has passed an important milestone. We all say happy twentieth birthday to you, Andrew jacksong yet I wonder if it is not also our birth, our emergence into the world as true and capable citizens of the United States. Most of us will look back with a nostalgic feeling at Andrew jackson, but we cannot help steal a glance at the future and all it holds in store for us. ' X: R ,V X E. '4 yr... E :ii ,. E Q X '75 pi QR I , A -Q-t X 5 x N 1 Xxk HO Captaln7 my Captam7 our ear ul trlp IS clone ff' The shlp has weather cl every rack the prlze we sought IS won The port IS near the bells I hear the people all exultmg u Whlle follow eyes the steady keel the vessel grlm and clarmg :::g-- I A 11 w Ji- K 5-iizfw . 'N 1-...J-. I 'X . .iiiii-iiI'.n,X. N P ef- X 11- N5 4' 55 QUT ,gigf .. . - VIE X Ni E . 'XX K. fx 6 is X' sri X sN.,i 1 -:, !fv,'4ll ', Niall: nj : X: '.n J I E 1 . ' my KQT t - I -- SX 1 fl T e , f 2,:XX x X -. 4- .l N HEAR THIS The class of june l957 is a very special class, the twentieth anniversary class. That fact must give you all a particular feeling of identifying yourselves with a school that has a proud history and tradition. Our former graduates are just beginning to come into the age group where they have had time to distinguish themselves in their personal careers and can, with a perspective of the years, look back to their high school days with appreciation of the line training they received in our school. May you take your places proudly beside them as you consider not only the many awards and honors that have come to the school in scholarship, in athletics, and for other special activities, but also the experiences for personal development and for group living as a start on your own future. In the four years that you have spent with us, our three publications have won twelve awards and our athletic teams nine championships. Seventy- three students attained our ninety percent honor rollg forty-two have won state scholarships and one hundred and fourteen students have earned thousands of dollars in additional scholarships. Hundreds of students and graduates have individually brought home honors in all kinds of contests. While at the time of writing this message it is too early to know all the honors that the class of june 1957 has won, early returns indicate that this class will prove notable for distinctions earned. As you go on to college, business, and industry may each of you cherish your individual memories of high school life and retain a feeling of loyalty so that you will act as am- bassadors of good will for the school in the community, and so that you will want to return to celebrate a twenty-fifth anniversary with us and many more thereafter. May this copy of THE PIONEER take its place on your bookshelf for another twenty years and longer. By then may you too have achieved success and satisfaction, not only in your careers but in your personal lives in family and community living. I salute the class of june 1957 as it joins jackson on parade. DOROTHY BoNAw1T DEDICATIO The Class of 1957 is very proud to dedicate its senior yearbook to Dr. George S. Monahan. A man of infinite patience, of great ability and understanding of human nature, Dr. Monahan was one of the outstanding members of our school's foreign language depart- ment. Those of us who know him remember gratefully the aid an the time he generously gave in advancing our studies and forming our character. We sincerely wish him a long life filled with the health and happiness he so richly deserves. TOP Adminisfrafive Assisfan! Jack G. Deutsch 'T arf' Administrafive Assisfanf Elisabeth A. Brogan E E X in - ' W Dean of Boys Assisianl Dean of Girls Grade Adviser Saul Toder Evelyn Wahz 1 Herman Assisfanf Dean of Boys Grade Adviser Francis Grady .leannofie Amery Elfruda Hodgskin Q'h' N 2 7 5 ,',,- Z g Gl'GdQ Adviser Grqdg Adviser Frances Adams Milfon BIGN Ruth Brown BRASS Home Economics Dorothy Fabel fjnrnnf' Social Joseph Brennan Accounli ng David Soigol L fr Vx English Henry Christ Lester Schlurnpf pil Boys Healflm Ed Andrew Brennan HGYYIBV Glllfk Sf I Studia: Physical Science Harry Goldman Jule! C99 aa , an f G A Robzri Waters Rose Goodman K rv Kg ,f g.v,x-.5 A Sf- languaga Art Morris Jacobson Norman Engoron 10 ! , HIPS Sept. 10-Today marked the beginning of the last quarter of our 4'voyage through high school. We thought we'd never get this far! . . . Sept. 11-We noticed strange men carrying paint brushes. Andrew Jackson is getting a face-lifting! Maybe it's a twentieth birthday present . . . Sept. 21-The Senior Council was elected today, which means it's time for us to start saving our money for senior expenses . . . Oct. 8-Mr. Blatt sacrificed a few locks of hair, requested by his fan club Clinglish 75Hj in love notes left in his letter-box . . . Oct. I0-Mr. Schlumpf's computer craze overtook Math 73H. QWhat one can't do with a cardboard box and a few light-bulbs.j . . . Oct. I7 -Carl Fredriksson was- elected Senior Class Presi- dent. With a Senior Council 9001, female, he's sure to make a hit . . . Oct. 22-Senior Arista members just couldn't make up their minds during the election of ofiicers at the first meet- ing of the year. Carol Silber and Dottie Offermann wound up sharing the job of Girl Leader, while Steve Rhodes was chosen Boy Leader .... Oct. 23-A serious note enters the ship's log. Today, the headlines of newspapers all over the country read, HUNGARY REVOLTS AGAINST RUSSIA .... Oct. 24-Today many of us tried our luck fand we mean luckj at the Merit Scholarship.. If nothing else, we managed to miss a few classes .... Oct. 25-Is this a pirate ship? No? Well then why is everyone wearing a patch? Oops! I forgot! It's Tuberculin Patch day! . . . Oct. 31-AHHH-CHOOO! The Senior Council trudged into Manhattan in the pouring rain to decide on a hotel for the Prom .... Nov. I-Our prom is to be held at the Hotel Biltmore .... Nov. 7-The country likes Ike! A straw poll at A. shows most jacksonites do, too. There is a Democratic Congress, too! . . . Nov. 8- No more worries about being sent to Student Court. The Hickory Orientation Program takes over .... Nov. I4-jackson's track team retained the City Cross-Country title. NVe did it again! . . . Nov. 16- NVhat's causing all the excitement around here? Why, Seabastic's arrived! What's it mean? Why, Season Basketball Tickets!! . . . Nov. 19, 20, 21-Long faces around A. J .... MIDTERMS!!! . . . Nov. 21 -A group of Jackson students and alumni gave a testimonial dinner for Mr. Blatt .... Nov. 27- QYawn and Ho-Humj jackson scholars rise early, to attend first scholarship session .... N ov. 28-Seniors view the Variety Show. Dave Kresh a hit! ! . . . Dec. 10-Congratulations are in order. Today we seniors felt proud to know there are four among us, Neil joseph, Dave Delgado, Alan Landman, and Dave Kresh, who are semi-finalists in the Merit Scholar- LOG ship Exams . . . Dec. 23-Filled with the Christmas spirit Qbecause we have a whole week off from schoolj we viewed our last Christmas assembly .... jan. 4- Alackson's most famous seniors were announced as the counting of the Senior Poll ballots was finally com- pleted. lVe found 3 votes for Elvis . . . jan. I2- Many of our college-bound Seniors struggled through the College Boards. Qlf only we hadn't taken turns each week learning our vocabulary words in Mr. Blatt's classy .... jan. 22h-WVe became the proud owners of our Senior jewelry .... jan. 24-Regents week just ended, but for many of us our tests weren't over. Today we took the Regents Scholarship. It was quite a test! YVe even used mechanical electronic pencils .... jan. 28-Our january Grads bid A. good-by .... Feb. I- Hickory Log is out of the red for first time in many years .... Feb. I5-Our basketball team defeated jamaica for the first time in three and a half years. An occasion such as this calls for no home- work-QNO such luckllj .... Feb. 19-YVhile we were still celebrating the jamaica game, our team defeated Far Rockaway to take the South Queens Championship!! . . . Feb. 28-lVe defeated Flushing in a play-off game .... Mar. I-We've a great track team too. jackson victorious in indoor track championship. Snails is the magic word for Alan Landman. His study of these creatures made him a finalist in the Mlestinghouse Scholarship and won him a trip to YVashington . . . Mar. 7-We felt quite important today. YVe had 22 buses and an entire subway train hired to bring 1,500 of us to Madison Square Garden to watch our basketball team play Com- merce. Our luck gave way, and we were defeated. They are still a great team .... Mar. 8-The face- lifting of A. is completed in time for the 20th birthday celebration .... Mar. 9-We had a very successful night Variety Show-the place was packed. . . . March I3--Green and White, Progressive nomi- nate candidates for G. O. elections. Who will take over After We're Gone? .... March I9-Happy Birthday A. J .... March 22-Seniors get better acquainted at the Senior Mixed Dance sponsored by the Senior Council .... April II, 12, I5-What again? MIDTERMSII . . . May 31-The night we were waiting for-Jackson guys and dolls whirled at the Senior Prom held at the Hotel Biltmore .... june I-jackson Seniors sing, Moan, Yawn, Grunt, and Groan to the tune of Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning! QWho went to bedPj. . . . june I4-We struggled over our History and English Regents. Oh! Well! . . . june 28- Graduation Day . . . The voyage is over!! SENIOR OFFICERS ,Q fa, S SENIOR CLASS ADVISER SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT Mrs. M. Kaiser Carl Fredriksson SENIOR COUNCIL 1. to R, First Row: Lois Chalill, Sue Koslosky, President Cari F1iCill'lliSSOI1, Mrs. Kaiser, Helene Katzoff. Second Row: Peggy Daly, Kay Bramwell, Lorraine Mueller, Rose Marie Gredel, Naomi Raynor, Renee Holzer, Doris Fife. Third Row: Dotty Oflermann, joan McMurray, Bob Arrnet, Karl Reiif, Valerie Zimmer, Pat Smith. 3 an ffl' I .wg 'e QT? qi? ,Q 5 55 ' G. O. OFFICERS ',z General Secrefary Judy Rhodes 6.0. Adwxer Dr. C. Mason Presidenf Bill Richling Execufive Secretary Yvon n o Toles H. O. P. Hisforidn Norma Eisner Piggy Johnson -vu 'Tir Treasurer Vice President Cify Rap. Edward McNamara Joel Bluff Erwin Budorf N TS Q..X M..,,,,, ,,4, ,, . , - . .. 5 X N, 51 ' if Q S iq Q E N E lr WY 4 wg 45 , ss., 4, ., '25 ff ' 0' Q wi Xwfk ,it-fl 4 CAN YOU IMAGINE Ilana Mirkin not well dressed Bill Stubing failing a test Mr. Schwarzenbach without a smile Howie Zimmerman not running a mile Judy Hoffman failing gym Lois Chaliff not in the swim Alan Landman not collecting bugs Jackson's floor covered with rugs Billy Richling not a man about town Mrs. Grehan wearing a frown Jeanette Bauer not good in sten Lois Oshman not liking men Joel Blatt saying ain't Abbot Gelerter being a saint Bill Botwinik not a riot Judy Mole keeping quiet Dorothy without the Behr Jerry and Roz not a cute pair Arleen P. not going with Sal Judy Koeppicus not a pal Anita Volland being dumb Ellen Auslander being mum Mr. Ross not playing cupid David Kresh being stupid Lynn Bayliss not being quiet Norma Simonson on a diet The chem lab without that smell 8th period classes not waiting for the bell Ruth Rapczyk not an usherette Angela de F azio a teacher's pet Janet Nack not liking Ike The amp squad without a mike Valerie Zimmer not being sweet Carolyn Neibuhr not being neat Neil Joseph not taking pictures The chemistry squad without its mixtures Carol Silber not knowing the answer Renee Gray not being a dancer Carolee Pollack with short black hair 10071, G.O. being rare Erwin Bedarf not well dressed Norma Eisner not doing her best Dr. Mason without the G.O. Yvonne Toles not liking to sew Judy Strassner without her ring Rose Mendozza not in the sing Lynda Aronin without her Bud Jackson's variety show being a dud Alice Himmel not going with Jerry Ronnie Obenzinger not being merry Carole Mayer without her Stan Joan Ziegenfuss without a man Dottie Offermann not up to par Kitty Jordan without her car Mr. Schlumpf not being a doll Pat Smith without her Carl Herbie Wexler without a Hower Jane Saurbrey being sour Miss McKiernan not owning stocks Jackson's lockers having locks Denise Ingoglia without her slang David Delgado without his twang Harriette Weimar being gloomy Jackson's halls being roomy Joyce Rella not being pert Alan Geller not a flirt Mr. Hammer not telling jokes Jackson's lunchroom serving cokes Joan Finley not being zany An important weekend not being rainy Barbara Ranft not being petite 7th Sc Sth study not a treat Barbara Trinkaus without Dick Meier Sue Koslosky not a live wire Mrs. Reeve without the Star Judy Rhodes not going far Barbara Walling without her Tom Jackson seniors without a prom Norma D'Amato acting mean Harold Bromberg not being seen Esther Lehrer being fat Senior Chorus being Hat Doris Fife not a great kid Mr. Weisman flipping his lid The Baretich twins looking alike Jackson students going on strike The Hickory Log minus Barry Weiss Mr. Blatt without good advice Bayla Keusch with no pony. tail Kenny Riley as slow as a snail Gerry Wolff without carrot sticks Jackson studes without their kicks Marian Taylor without a song Jackson teachers who admit they're wrong Girls' gymsuits without a tear Jackson halls without us there CE MOST POPULAR Carl Fredriksson-Val Zimmer MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED J oel Blatt-Norma Eisner L ITIES MOST ARTISTIC ry Kramer-Wendy MOST CHEERFUL Fred Flor-jill Leach A A LITERARY LITES David Kresh-Carol Silber MOST ATHLETIC BEST LOOKING Bill Richling-Annette Burkhart Tony Carris-Jeanne Stressler CLASS CHATTERBOXES Alan Geller-Elaine Kozak BEST DRESSED HEARTBREAKERS Pete Puleo-Irma 'Wilkins Charlie Johnstone-Pat Smith CLASS SCHOLARS Bill Stubing-Dottie Offermann CLASS FLIRT MUTT AND JEFF Frank O'Rourke-Marlene Jackman Harold Bromberg-Pat Harvey DONE MOST FOR SCI-IOOI, Ed McNamara-Judy Rhodes TEACHERS' TRIALS MOST SOPHISTICATED Bill Botwinick-Judy M016 Neil joseph-Pat Colaprete J B 1' s CHANNEL CHATTER Early Show .,.....,. 564,000 Question . . A Medic .......,.... Highway Patrol . , . Late Show ....,... I've Got a Secret ,,., Big Surprise ..,... The Millionaire Navy Log ..,,..i , i. 4. Private Secretary ..., Cavalcade of Stars , , . What's My Line . . . Stop the Music .,.,... Man Against Crime ...... You'll Never Get Rich . , Meet the Press .......,, Quiz Kids ,....t Life of Riley ...... Beat the Clock ..... Candid Camera ....... Chance of a Lifetime .... See It Now ,,........, Looney Tunes ...... Tinker's Workshop ..,, Home .,..,,..,,,,, Cofee Club .,...... Road to Romance ..... Search for Tomorrow . ., Time for Fun .......... Romper Room .....,.,. Stand Up and Be Counted Guiding Light ,........,... Brighter Day .,,.....,.. Game of the Week ,... Strange Stories ...... Two for the Money ...A City Detective ,...... Dragnet ....... Secret Files .,,, Climax .,,... . . . . Zero period ..... Will I pass? Bio Lab . . . Lunchroom Squad Detention . . . . I haven't got a pass . . . . . I'm graduating Mr.Bass . . . . Pioneer Theme Mrs. Long Variety Show . . . . . . . . Dramatics Class Miss Bonawit in assembly Mr.Toder . . . . . Teachers . . . Hickory Log . . . Honor Class , . . Early Session . . . . Almost late , . . t . , Neil joseph Passthefinal . . , jackson on Parade . . Orchestra rehearsal . . . . , , . Auto Mechanics At lastll . , . Teachers Lunchroom . , , Mr. Ross' chem class Friday . . , . A substitute teacher Gym , . Straw poll in assembly Mr.Blatt Afterschool . . Weekly math problems History . . . . The Edelman twins ........ Truant Officer HallPatro1 . Permanent record sheet Graduation J 41 'I 1 K n v 'sl .1 4'. In gk l f '. N Us . 'C-4 fiuffa . 1-n .1 f t ' sf T. F ',J,.: 1 1 5 Uv., ,gn J , ll fgigl rlg !F, 4 ! 2 4114- Q r ' Sv Us rv F- 652 J' ,Mp ' I f' 1'-12.f,fJ'f',4 'MQ S' ' 6 A, 6.5.3253 3, .':,,j5... s ', ,. . .--a f.- '7' 5 f'fff 'f 4 v nazi' n 4, uf 3 QA, f Q 2.-fm: 1+-' LA: '5l4'l ,gs 1 5' 'fs' O 5. 5,5 2? 'SS .E-By' 3gi,, i5f!'5 ! e-2, bf v- ,853 gm uf' 2 'skip' Qs-4 J EK-,B ary: L JM X' s 1'-4' 1.197 S.. ,1 , ' ',.. I, . . . , l,- .- - ', --- 'f. 1' , . ,- , ,. .avi 1' - I x: Q'.l2'fv., ' , 4 .gn . . .1 -, w,' ..s'..- -1. :- . '. , ij, .115 .. '4 -, Q 11.-, .n'f..,:5 1 ' t ' .g., ', -.1 -' . A' . ' I 9 'nl' '-' F , . ' ,'0' .. 1'-f. 1 .. I Y' '. 2 f. J . f'. j - 1 - , .1-f.-I n .7 . .1 . .A .J ! . Q . X . 4' ' 1' ,'- 7 . N..-I-.',' J! . -i ,J- rl ' .Q -. .I , . 1 . v' 434. f '1,' .:f7.+:'v ' . - .-' . Z- -'N' , 1. . ' -' ' P.. fb Q' ,j V: - ' . - . X ' vsl' H 'u ' f'l f .ta ' - .'- ' ..v:--: :.L' . ' 7' .ZH ' 'ar' ':.'.i,'p,- .4 V- 'rd' ' ,,f, 11,-'1v.',,. , - .W .'T ,JS tgwli: 211- :ff Fl ,.:fgz'j5l'.3' .'Z- .1 ' 'lj -:',' ,-'. n..- ,gi ,-Q J f ' 7 . ' . ' f.- : f f - flf' t . ' ,. '.,.'- .. . .' l , . .,y. vu, . , I . lx n..- I f' 35:-5-' ' g,a:.,'.' vt: -,-4.5: . gr? . - 1 ,- 4 A--1.1 5,1 an ,fi . . 0: .Jail .4 ,1. r. 1'-.' :.1-'ff' io : ': - -513' . 2, :Q gft al, .aff '..',,7'x ,UH 4 'S 'gf , 'fo qty? nil.. 4. ,Ln s r 5 -...-. . -' 54.6 4 s:1 .. '19 :?:' -51 4 fr' Ish . Dj - -.. v f.. grew- - 1-. -. ' .1 1' uf A! ' -. 4 'f . vias' . H as , Au , s . V ' . H 'V 9 22 - ' ' f N gf' 4 ' ,- ,JJ :gg -,- 'Sz . - . , 'gf ' ': C I fy -5 ..- 1 I. 1. , nh . ' nv' ,3' 'f A 1 I . ,rt r., ' Q. -. '- ' 7. gf -N, . wg :iii - 4 'fJf:'?'..4'. S L .-I ' ' 1 . .F nz' 1- A 1, , 7 ll , 1 -x.. 1 5-L ' 7. J y- 5+ ' w H, : 1 5 : IA 3 Q. 5 ' 3 , 5 1 I : , I I 2 I : 1 : . ,, 'V , . 3' A-Hi-ni, Grimpv GF CM? CARL ABRUZZO Band, Secy. to Teachers, Student Relations Council, Jump Band. HOWARD MARTIN ADELMAN Farmingdale College Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Swim Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Shop Video Squad. Engineer FRANK AIELLO College Lunch Patrol, jackson Patrol, Honor Roll. ALLEN ALEXANDER Business Liga K Howie JUDITH MARY ALLEN Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Pit- man Award. Secretary PATRICIA VERONICA ALLEN Pat G. 0. Rep., Progressive Party, Secy. to Teachers, Leaders Club, Minor Service Pin, jr. 8: Sr. Arista Honor Roll. DIANE M. ALMER Dee Berkeley School Honor Gym, Leaders Club, Pro- gram Comm., Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. Secretary ELAINE ANDERSEN Oswego State Teachers College Leaders Club, Star Art Staff, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Asso- ciate Editor of Star Art Staff. LORRAINE ANDOLENA Private Secretary Honor Class, G. O. Rep., Pitman Award, Honor Roll, Bio Squad, General Office, Library Rep. Actress JOHN ANDREWS Sonny College Honor Class, Lunch Patrol, Dra- matics Class. Pilot ROBERT ANDRUZZI Bob Band, Orchestra EUGENE ANTON Band, Orchestra, jackson Patrol. Musician BARBARA ANDERSON Bonnie St. 1ohn's University Secy. to Teachers, Volley Ball Medal, Senior Chorus. Psychiatric Nurse BARBARA S. ANDERSON Business IDA ANDERSON Tootsie Secretary To be a Model MARY ANDERSON Pat Clerical Work Marriage Rainey 'G- PRISCILLA ANTONUZZO Pris Work Secretary to Teachers. I. B. M. Operator MARIE APICELLA Teacher Secy. to Teachers, Major Service Pin. ANTHONY APRIGLIANO MI-ony.. Farmingdale College Guard MARY ARENA Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Library Rep. ELLEN AUSLANDER El Cornell Senior Arista, Secy. of Arista, Ex- ecutive Council of Student Rela- tions Council, Art Editor of Pio- neer, Secy. to Teachers, Chem. Squad, Reorganization Squad, Ma- jor 8a Minor Service Pins, School Rep. to N.C.C.j. Conference. Teacher JOANNE AXELROD Queens College Secy. to Teachers, Bio. Lab Squad, Student Court judge, junior Arista, Reorganization Squad, Library Rep. Teacher CAROL AYALA Oneonta State Teachers College Secy. to Teachers, Capt. Lunch Patrol, Green 8a White Party, G.O. Rep., Receptionist. Teacher WILLIAM BACHMANN Bill Queens College Honor Roll, Honor Classes. Secretary .Ti . .ifv U I' WF. i f H . ' ... A A.. f'55kf,,,, r .fi r ff X . wt' as s .,gy..V, h - ff ROBERT EDWARD ARMET Bob College Senior Council Member, Captain of Cafeteria Patrol, Minor Service Pin, jackson Patrol, Honor Roll. Physical Education Teacher PATRICIA ARMOCIDA Pat St. 1ohn's University G.O. Rep., Honor Gym, Secy. to Teachers. Teacher LYNDA ARONIN Lynn Queens College Historian of G. O., jr. Sc Sr. Arista, Service Pin, Leaders Club, G. 0. Rep., Library Rep., Progressive Party, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Classes. Teacher MARY LOUISE ASSENG Lou Secretary to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. Secretary Engineer CONSTANCE BADOMI Mount Ida Stewardess School Secy. to Teachers, Program Comm Newman Club, Journalism Class. Airline Stewardess SAFIYE BAKER Saf' Art School Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep. Honor Gym. Commercial Artist ROCHELLE BALKIN Shelley' Work I. B. M. Operator VIRGINIA RUTH BANNON Ginny Work Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Service Award. Art Designer 1 u mr-. , BARBARA ANN BARETICH Bobbi Private Secretary Cheerleader, Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol Captain, Late Office Squad, Variety Show, Library Squad, Pit- man Awards, Secy. to Teachers. Love and Marriage IVOLUE BARNHOUSE Business and then Marriage ANN MARIE BARRA Private Secretary Certificate Sten. and Type, Honor Roll, Main Hall Guard, Newman Club, Secy. to Teachers. To fulfill my dreams LORRAINE A. BATES Brooklyn College Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Ass't. in Gym, Re- hearsals, Dean's Squad. it ag 6 Q if , . M. 'fr ,sri LYNN BAYLISS Lynda Abilene Christian College Arista, Minor 8: Major Service Pins, Pioneer Stag, Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Re-organization Squad, Li- brary Squad, Badminton Club, Li- brary Rep., Secy. to Teachers. To do right SANDRA BECK Sandy College Honor Classes, Attendance Office, Secy. to Teachers. Medical Assistant, Marriage CAROL BECKER Becky Secy. to Teachers, Worked in Lost 8: Found, Lunch Patrol, Typing Award, Library Squad, Re-organi- zation Squad, Library Rep. Be a good Secretary-Marriage ERWIN BEDARF College Track Team, Variety Show, G.O. City Council Rep., Student Rela- tions Council, Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Hickory Log, Program Comm., Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Honor Classes, Minor 8: Major EVELYN BAUER Evita University of Connecticut Swimming Club, Minor Service Pin, Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Lunch Patrol, Lost 8: Found Squad. Homemaking Teacher JEANETTE BAUER Private Secretary Senior Arista, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Dramatics, Type 8: Sten. Certificates, Minor Service Pin, Bowling Manager, Secy. to Teach- ers, Major Letter. To achieve as much progress if suc- cess as my Mom dr Dad. BARRY BAUM Chuck' University of Vermont G.O. Rep., Swimming Team, Two Major J's, Major 8: Minor Service Pin, Chief of Patrol, Honor Roll, Captain of Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teacher. Dentist GRACE BAXTER Work Honor English, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Typing 8: Sten. Awards, Leaders Club. Secretary for a cute, eligible boss 1 Service Pin, jackson Patrol. DOROTHY BEHR Dotty Adelphi College Arista, Usherette Squad, Honor Roll, Service Pins, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers. Private Secretary EMILY BELKIN Emmy Honor Classes, Senior Chorus, Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Ceramics Club. Teacher EDWARD BELL Queens or Cortland State College Track Team, Major J. Physical Ed. Teacher FRANK BERADI join the Navy jackson Patrol. Artist Hgh ,, H, ,..,q,,, . , . gist si. Alas.. .- X. is .. -- -. K fi ,..:Ei' K . f it-1' szarfsf' -- - - - f . ,..,. , .,. , .. . . HERMES BERLIN Hem Allegheny College Secy. to Teachers, jackson Patrol. Retired Millionaire MARY ANN BERBIG Secy. to Teachers, Library Repre- sentative, Lunch Room Guard. JANET BERGHAUSER jan Secretary for Stock Exchange Leaders Club, Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Award, Honor Roll. To make all my dreams come true ARTHUR BERKOWITZ Artie Adelphi or Queens Biology Squad, Book Room Moni- tor, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teach- ers. Television or Radio Announcer BARBARA BIONDO Iggie Bookkeeper Secy. to Teachers To marry Bobby and take a trip to Hawaii DONALD JAY BIRNBAUM Heshy-Bemie Hall Patrol, Track Team Salesmanager MARION ELAINE BISSERT Secretary at Airport jr. and Sr. Arista, Library Squad, G.O. Oiiice, Secy. to Teachers, Jr. Chorus, Pitman Award, Honor Roll, Reorganization Squad To fly in a jet EVELYN LOUISE BLACK Evie Queens College jr. and Sr. Arista, Orch., Star Art Staff, Library Rep., Program Comm., Secy. to Teachers, Honor Classes, Honor Roll. ELIZABETH BERNET Betty Private Secretary Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Award, Typing Award, Honor Roll, Swimming Club. To get married and have six chil- dren NADINE BERTALOT Deana New Paltz State Teachers College Secy. to Teachers, Star Staff. To marry and to have an ice-blue Lincoln convertible BARBARA BERTINI Bobbie Secretarial Work Library Squad, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Award, Li- brary Rep., G.O. Rep., Lunch Pa- trol. To be a secretary RICHARD ALLEN BESTAFKA jackson Patrol OLGA BLAMOVILLE Freckles Brooklyn Polytech Library Squad Lab Technician JOEL RICHARD BLATT College Vice President of the G.O., Co- Sports Editor of Hickory Log, jr. and Sr. Arista, Basketball Team, Tennis Team, Honor Classes, Li- brary Squad, Honor Roll. GEORGE BLESSINGTON Hofstra College Secy. to Teachers, jackson Patrol Navy Flyer MARY BLESSINGTON Work Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Li- brary Squad, Badminton Club Airline Hostess STEPHEN BOHAC Carnegie Tech jackson 8: Lunch Patrol, Honor Classes, Physics Squad, Hickory Log Stalf, Volleyball Award. Electrical Engineering HELGA BONOW Honor Classes, Swimming Asst., Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, jr. 8: Sr. Chorus. Teacher MARGUERITE BORST Margie Work Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll Secretary WILLIAM BOTWINIK Bill C.C.N.Y. Honor Classes, journalism Class, G.O. Rep., Baseball Team, Honor Roll. Make a million its ss 2 W. 0. ,tg X X N Q M. --ws. ff ...sw -f-. .Y X ,, . - . f 1 . Q . - ,.--m:.Sfwiu3f - JACQUELINE BRITT jackie Bujalo State Teachers College Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Leaders Club, G.O. Rep., Jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Gym Asst., Honor Gym. Teacher? f HAROLD BROMBERG Elvis Queens College Minor 8: Major Service Pin, Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Track Team, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Chem. Squad, Program Comm., Pocketbook Store, jackson Patrol, Minor j. LINDA ANN BROOKS Lin Air Line Hostess Secy. to Teachers Marriage GREGORY BROWN Greg Marines Hall Patrol, Secy. to Teachers. Rodeo GLORIA BOURNE WILLIAM BROWN Bill Business School Secy. to Teachers, Gym Asst., Hon- Secretary or Classes, Golf Team, Major J, Lunch Patrol. Naval Ojicer PHYLLIS BRAAKENSICK Phil FRANCES BF-UCIA Fm Typist-clerical work College Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Late Newman Club, SeCY- 10 Teachers, Omce Squad- Lunch Patrol, Library Rep., Minor 5-cC,em,.y Service Pin. Model PATRICIA MARY BRACKEN MPM.. DOLORES BRUMME Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Newman Club, Library 8: Late Squad, Honor Classes. I.B.M. Operator KATHRYNB BRAMWELL Kay Cortlandxltdte Teachers ' 5 Secy. to T chili, Lunchf. Patrol, Senior Coxixcil, Honor Classes, Photography Editor offthe Pioneer, Minor Service Phi- jlreaders Club, Library 'Rep.,' Reorgfanization Squad, jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, I-Iuman Relations Drama Workshop. Teacher H. Ed. Asst. PAUL BRUNSELL Jackson Patrol. WILLIAM BUCHAN Concert, Variety Show, Senior Chor- us, Guard, Secy. to Teachers. DIONNE BURKHALTER Chickie Dressmaking School Honor Roll, Hickory Log Staff. Bookkeeper ANNETTE BURKHARDT College Major J-Senior Varsity, 8 Minor J's, Leaders Club, Secy. to Teachers, Major Service Pin. Government Work JAMES PETER BURROWS Jimbo Business Captain of Guards, Secy. to Teach- ers, Honor Classes. Pres. of large company ALBERT CACHIE Al College Major Track Award, Library Rep., Boys Chorus, Jackson Patrol A Food Inspector LORRAINE PATRICIA CAI-IILL Lor Secretary Sten 8: Typing Awards, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, General Science Squad, Hickory Log. To fulfill my dreams VINCENT CALABRESE Vinny Track Team, Lunch Patrol, Star Art Staff, Honor Classes, Honor Roll. ISABELLE CAMPANELLI Bella Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, G.O. Rep. To marry JAMES BUTSCHER Butch Work on I.B.M. Machines Jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol Navy, Work NATALIE DORIS BURTON UNM., Queens College Secy. to Teachers, jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Minor Service Pin, Band, Rep. to Volunteer Red Cross Work. Teacher REGINA BYRNE Jeanne City College Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers, Chemistry Squad, Biology Squad, Program Comm., Honor Classes, Library Rep., Dancing Club. To marry Elvis Presley ELSIE BYRON Terry Lunch Patrol Housewife OLIVIA MARIE CAMPBELL College Secy. to Teachers, Craft Club, Sen- ior Chorus, Library Rep., Junior Chorus, Library Squad, Minor Service Pin. To be a civil lawyer MARIE CANGEMI Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Award. Marriage ANDREA MARIE CARSEN Andie Business Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Minor 8: Major Service Pins, Hickory Log Editor, G.O. Rep., Sten 8: Typing Certifi- cates, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teach- ers. To be as understanding as my Mom, and To marry a guy as wonderful as my Dad. ARTHUR ROGER CASEMENT College Program Comm., G.S. Squad, Jack- son Jump Band in Variety Show 8: Dances, Band 8: Orch., Vice Presi- dent of Orchestra in 7th Term. Meteorologist i are 'Mn 'rims 1, S , .essm W Q-Qfxw'il? 'S i ii ir' ig: tv Kiki? sig- .2351 jir i I, wr ., ggi... ' ,-A f'.'5fQ'5l5fIfm MARY CASTAGNOLA lruing Trust Company Secretary to Teachers Secretary WILLIAM CASTELL Bill Secretary to Teachers, Mimeograph Squad. ALLAN PAUL CASTILLO Al City College Pilot MARIE CECCARINI Telephone Company Member of Bio. Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Gym, Physics Squad. Secretary--Marriage Queens College MARION CERTANI Chickie Honor Roll, jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Pit- man Shorthand Award, Home Eco- nomics Assistant, Library Squad. Business School LOIS ANN CHALIFF Lo Queens College Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Swim- ming Assistant, Hickory Log, Secy. to Teachers, Minor J. To always be happy JOAN-MARIE CHAPUISAT jo Brownes Business School Library Rep., Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers. Stenographer-typist MARIA CHIMENTI Blondie Pitman Certificate, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers. Secretary SALVATORE CIUFFO New York University Band, jackson Patrol, Mimeograph Squad. Dentist PATRICIA C jr. s, . . r m r Sec rs Clu ft Roll, Cheerleader, Se ' N urse WILLIAM FRANCIS COAN Library Squad, Guard, Locker Guard, Lunch Patrol. Trip to Phoenix, Arizona ALICE LINDA COHEN Lin RICHARD CI-IIN N.Y.U. jr. 8: Sr. Orchestra, Locker Guard, Secy. to Teachers. Engineer DEANNA CHRISTMAN Dee Typist Library Squad, junior Chorus. To work and get married FRANCES Cl-IUPKOWSKI Fran Secretary for Iruing Trust Company Secy. to Teachers, Newman Club, Library Rep., Honor Roll, Pitman Awards, Reorganization Squad, Chevron for,Volley Ball. Secretary SAL CIRELLA Republic Aviation Guard, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. Draftsman . usaln w ' 1 upatn unch- eachers, onor uncil. Bill Hickory Log Staff, Guard, Honor English, journalism Class, Secy. to Teachers, Service Pin, Senior Chor- us. Teacher FLORENCE COHEN Flo Bellevue School of Nursing Minor Pin, Nurses Pin, Senior Chorus, Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers. Nursing ROCHELLE COHEN Shelly Stenographer Pitman Stenography Award. Dance Instructor PATRICIA COLAPRETE Pat Nursing School Cheering Squad, G.O. Rep., Re- porter for 'Hickory Log, Member of Newman Club, President of Future Nurses Club, Secy. to Teach- ers, Honor Roll, Honor Classes. Nurse CONCETTA COLAVOLPE Connie Honor Roll, Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers. Secretary MILDRED CONWAY Nurse Secy. to Teachers, Gym Asst., Lunchroom Guard. BARBARA CORCORAN Work Attendance Office Asst., Newman Club, Library Squad, Lunch Guard, Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers. ARLENE CORDONE junior Chorus, Fall Concert, Secy. to Teachers, Gym Asst., Library Rep. ROBERT JAMES COSTA Secy. to Teachers, Lunchroom Guard, jackson Patrol. HOWARD ALFRED COLE Howie College Electronic Engineer MARY COLRAINE Mare Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Li- brary Squad, Honor Class, Library Rep., Sten and Typing Award. To fulfill my dreams ROBERT COMTE WILLIAM CRAWFORD Business Honor Math. DONALD CREIGHTON Don Business Secy. to Teachers. OLIVIA CROMWELL jackson Patrol, Captain of jackson Program Comm., Library Rep Patrol. Secy. to Teachers, Star Staff. MILDRED CONTE Gym Asst., Lunchroom Patrol. MARGARET ANNE CRONAN Newman Club, Secy. to Teachers. JOYCE CULLEN Biology Lab., English Book Room. JEANNETTE CUMMINGS Lunch Patrol, Program Comm., Secy. to Teachers, Orch., G.O. Rep., junior Red Cross, Art Staff Star, Honor Classes, Honor Roll. THOMAS CUNNEEN Visual Aid, Chemistry THOMAS CURLEY Library Squad. e Squad. RICHARD CURNOW G.O. Rep., Lunch Patrol, Sr. Boys Chorus, Program Comm., jackson Patrol, Secy. Music Dept. THOMAS EDWARD CURTIN Secretary to Teachers. CHARLES MELVIN CURTIS Band, Orch., jr. Orch., Arts and Craft Asst., Stage Hand Patrol, Bas' ketbal1'Team, Track Team. f, f A' - K' if 3 S KO. Xflf J 3 NX, X J - vt' Q1 RUTH DALLAND Pioneer Bus. Staff, Secy. to Teach- ers, jr. 8: Sr. Girls Chorus, Leaders Club, Concerts 8: Christmas Pro- grams. MARGARET DALY Peggy Secretary Senior Arista, Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep., Library Squad, Minor Service Pin, Senior Council, Honor Class, Honor Roll. Get rich and loaf PATRICIA ANN DALY Pat Work in Bank as Bookkeeper Secy. to Teachers, Swimming Asst., G.O. Rep. To marry a millionaire NORMA D'AMATO Normy' Queens College Girl Leader jr. Arista, Hickory Log, Honor Roll, Leaders Club, Booster Squad, Hon. Classes, Lunch Guard, Reorganization Squad, Stu- dent Relations, Prog. Party, Secy. to Teachers, Service Pins, Sr. Aris- ta. To teach little children DELOIS DAVIS Peggy Telephone Company Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Late Office, Library Squad, G.O. Rep. MARY ANN DEAN Blondie Mary Immaculate Hospital Newman Club, Future Nurses Club, Pitman Award, Honor Roll. Nurse CAROL DE CURZIO Teddy Bear Clerk-typist Secretary to Teachers, Glee Club. To get married and have 6 kids LOUIS DE FILIPPO Patrol Guard ELAINE DE LEO College To get married A long-distance operator DAVID DELGADO Dave Cal. Tech. Star Editor-in-Chief, Chem. Lab., Delegate to Queensboro G.O. Coun- cil, Track Team, Honor Roll, Hon- or Classes. Chemistry Professor THERESA DEMARCO Teri College junior Arista, Library Squad, Rec- ords Ollice, Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, Green 8: White Party, G.O. Oihce, Minor Service Pin. Honor Classes. LILA DENKER Lee Business School English Honor, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. Private Secretary ROSEMARIE DE PROSPO Work Glee Club, Gym Asst., Locker Guard, Secy. to Teachers, Junior Chorus. Secretary FAYE ANN DI GABRIELE Stenographer Honor Roll, jr. Sc Sr. Chorus, Lunch Patrol, Stenography Awards. To marry a sailor LEONORE ROSE DIGIOVANNI Lee Irving Trust Company G.O. Rep., Progressive Party, Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, Emergen- cy Room, Newman Club. Secretary PHYLLIS DI GREGORIO Phil Business Secy. to Teachers, Attendance Of- fice. ANN-MARIE DIROLF Jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Newman Club, Secy. to Teachers. Success THOMAS PHILLIP DE SIMONE Desi College Band, Orch., Secy. to Teachers. Electrical Engineer JAMES PAUL DESTEFANO Business BARBARA DE VINCENT Barb Accounting Secy. to Teachers, Locker Guard, G.O. Rep., Newman Club, Lunch Patrol. ' . 771. fx NMJY, , 'M if 'KK 'C MARIE DEVINE Bunny Business Secy. in Dean's Office. I.B.M. Keypunch Operator JOAN MARIE DONOVAN Jeanie Typist Secy. to Teachers, Basketball Club, Homemaking, Lab. Squad. To be an airline stewardess JEANINE DORCHAIN Secretary Secretary to Miss Fabel. Marriage LYNN MARGARET DORMAN Queens College Secy. to Teachers, Sr. 8: jr. Arista, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Recep- tionist, Green 8: White Party, Pro- gram Comm., Reorganization Squad, Lunch Patrol. Teacher jAMES DRAKE jimmy Basketball, Baseball Team, Jackson Patrol, Secy. to Teachers. To be a millionaire EDITH DREYER Edie Work Secy. to Teachers. To be a Secretary NORMA LINDA EISNER University of Missouri-journalism Hickory Log Editor -in - Chief, Chief Justice of Student Court, Head of H.O.P., Co-Capt. Lunch Patrol, Sr. 8: jr. Arista, Major 8: Minor Service Pins, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Sr. 8: Jr. Chorus, Lib. Rep., Student Relations Coun- cil, Secy. to Teachers, Latin Club. To get a Times by-line MARY ANN ELFLEIN Dee-Dee Queens Hospital Center Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Li- brary Squad, Late Oflice, Senior Council, Latin Club, Future Nurses Club. To become a Registered Nurse and devote my life to the care of the sick. ELIZABETH ELLSWORTH Beth Business-Bank Teller Literary Staff of Star, Pitman Award, Attendance Squad, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Program Comm., Secy. to Teachers. Marriage NORMAN EVENSEN College Engineer THERESA FATTIZZI Terry' Lunch Patrol. Secretary MARIE JUDITH FEDERICO Mindy. Secretary Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers. To get married RENEE SANDRA FENCHEL Frenchy' Fashion Institute of Technology Secy. to Teachers, Senior Chorus Star Staff. Fashion Designer ELLEN MARION ELSNER Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Guard, Swimming Asst., Honor Classes, Reorg. Squad, Newman Club, Mi- nor Service Pin, jr. 8: Sr. Chorus. Elementary School Teacher CAROLYN B. EMER Lyn Secretary Leaders Club, Dance Club, Lib. Staff, Secy. to Teachers, Jr. Chorus, Receptionist. Secretary CAROLINE ENGELHARDT Secretary Honor Roll, Pitman Awards, Lib. Rep., Library Staff, Secy. to Teach- ers. Secretary CAROL ESSIG Secretary Receptionist, Secy. to Teachers, Typing Award. To get married to Boobie JUDITH ANN FERGUSON Judy Fashion Designer Lunch Patrol, Asst. in Emergency Room, Secy. to Teachers, Minor Service Pin. To become a certain Mrs. and be a wonderful wife ROBERT FICKEN jackson Patrol. DORIS LOUISE FIFE University of Rhode Island Arista, Lib. Squad, Co-Art Editor Star, Senior Council, Lib. Rep. Home Economist JOAN FINLEY Queens College jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Honor Roll, Progressive Party Manager, Capt. Lunch Patrol, Jr. Chorus, Usherettes, Newman Club, Star Staff, Major 8: Minor Service Pins, Program Committee, Reorganization Squad. To be an Art Teacher ROSEMARIE FIORINO Ro Katharine Gibbs School Jr. and Sr. Chorus, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers. Secretary VALERIE FLEMING I.B.M. Keypunch Operator Secy. to Teachers. To have a mink coat FREDERICK FLOR Lunch Patrol, Locker to Teachers. Engineer ROBERT J. FORD College Basketball Team, Track Team Band, Orch., Guard, Hickory Log.' Teacher Freddie Guard, Secy. Val Bobby' VIRGINIA FRANK 'Ginny Stenographer for N. Y. Telephone Company Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Pitman Shorthand Award. To get married ALICE LOUISE FRANZ Francie Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Sten. Award, Honor Roll. To be a good secretary ALISON YVONNE FRAY Buddi Brooklyn College Chorus, Honor English, Cheerlead- er, Pioneer Staff, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Swimming Asst., Li- brary Rep., Swimming Club, Hu- man Relations Drama Workshop, Student Relations Council. Recreational Therapist CARL FREDRIKSSON Freddy College Sr. Class President, Nominee for G.O. President, Honor Roll, Cap- tain of Swimming Team, Handball Team, Sr. Orch., Band, jackson jazz Band, Hickory Log Report- er, Visual Aid Squad, jackson Pa- trol, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teach-N ers, Major and Minor J's, Intra- mural Award for Handball. CAROLYN FROST ,A Howard U 'iztarsigy , ' Secy. to eaghers, Honor' V lasses, Arista, Honor Roll. JACOB FUCHS Cortland State College Co-Captain of Swimming Team, jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Mimeo. Squad, Intramural Award in Volleyball, Secy. to Teaching TOBY LEE FUCHS Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Late Squad. RICHARD GAFFNEY Queens College Chem. Lab. Asst., Visual Aid Squad, Lunch Patrol, Track Team, Secy. to Teachers. Big game hunter QM! W L FR E Bill' s -My ,J ow?-Aisef , n rl JOYCE FRENCH jay Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll. MARY MARCELLA FREY Newman Club, Library Squad. ANITA FROEHLICH Secy. to Teachers, Attendance Of- fice. Marriage and Travel Q . .Jack .. Teachers. MATTHEW GAJ Many Baseball Squad, Band, jr. Orches- tra. Printer ROSLYN GARDEN Roz Beth Israel Nursing School Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin, Receptionist, Secy. to Teachers, Chem. Squad, Progressive Party, Li- brary Representative. Nurse BARBARA MARIE GAUTRAUD Bobbi Katharine Gibbs School Library Squad. To get married and raise a happy family. ABBOT GELERTER Gelert R.P.I. Track Team, Associate Editor of the Pioneer, Chem. Squad General Sci- ence Squad, Honor Roll, Arista, Honor Classes, Reorg. Squad, Ma- jor and Minor j's. Chemical Engineer HERBERT GEORGE Business NEIL GIAMBRONE jackson Patrol. Landscape Gardener MADELINE GIBSON Maddy Secretarial Work Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers. LINDA GILCHRIST College-Linden Hall G.O. Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Fu ture Nurses Club. ALAN GELLER Izzy N.Y.U. Jr. and Sr. Arista, Honor Roll, Mi- nor and Major Service Pin, Honor Classes, G.O. Rep., P.S.A.L. Medal, Library Rep., Reorg. Squad, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, Secy. to Teach- ers, Pioneer Staff. Engineer JOAN GENICEVITCH Private Secretary G.O. Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Pit- man Award, Typing Certificates. To marry Dickie and live happily ever after. LAURA GENUTH Queens College Secy. to Teachers, Receptionist, Minor Sc Major Service Pin, Senior Arista, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, Honor Classes. Elementary School Teacher CAROLYN ANN GEORGE Carol Farmingdale Agricultural dr Tech- nical Institute Secy. to Teachers, jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Dancing Club, G.O. Rep. THEODORE GINSBURG Electronics Research Band, Orchestra, General Science Squad. Electrical Technologist JOSEPH GIORDANO N.Y.U. Band, Orchestra, Track Team, Chem. Squad. Chemical Engineer NAOMI GISSER Queens or Brooklyn College Honor Classes, G.O. Rep., Special Chorus, Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Bio. Squad, Hebrew Cul- ture Club, Reorganization Squad. NORMAN GOLDMAN Hofstra Boys Senior Chorus, Cafeteria, Hall Patrol, Secy. to Teachers. Chemical Engineer ROBERT GOLDSTEIN Rocco C.C.N.Y. Accountant IAN GOLDSTONE N.Y.U. Lunch Patrol, jackson Patrol, Secy. to Teachers. Aeronautical Engineer JOHN GORDON juilliard School of Music Vice President of Band Orc stra, Variety Show, oc r ward, L ack Team.. 61' :Hr x ' DAVID GORGH' Ace City College ff jackson Patrol, Secyl to Teachers, Honor Classes. To be a meteorologist JUANITA GRAVES Peggy Kings County Hospital Lunch Patrol, Future Nurses Club, Booster Club. Nurse RENEE GRAY Cindy Dancing Secy. to Teachers, Late Office Squad, Receptionist, Cartoonist 8: Typist on Hickory Log, Art Staff of Pioneer. To be a Prima Ballerina MARY LOUISE GREDEL Lou Secretary Reorganization Squad, Glee Club, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Gym, Dramatics Class, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll. To be as good a parent to my chil- dren as my parents are to me. ROSEMARIE GREDEL Roe Secretary Honor Gym, Leaders Club, Secy. to Teachers, Senior Council, Glee Club, Reorganization Squad, Draa matics Class, Honor Roll. To be a carbon copy of the best original-Mother JANET E. GRAHAM Secretarial Work ANTHONY GRANATO Tony Navy To be a playboy DORICE GRANET Dorrie Business Honor Roll. Ogice Supervisor ELLEN ANNETTE GRANT El College l Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., L1- brary Rep., Hickory Log, Vafietl' Show, Bio. Squad. Teacher ANNE LOLA GREEN Annie' Bennington College Honor Roll. Psychologist PAULETTE GREENBERG Adelphi College Cliem. Squad, Secy. to Teachers General Science Squad, G.O. Office To see the world CAROLYN GREENLAW College Honor Classes, Library Squad, Secy to Teachers, Honor Roll. Nurse FRANCES GRIECO Fran' Work Pitman Award, Secretary for Teach- ers. Secretary PATRICIA HARVEY ,-.iv SARMITE GRINS May Secretary JOANNE WILMA GROTHEER NIO.. Private Secretary Glee Club, jr. and Sr. Chorus, Leaders Club, Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep., Honor Gym. To get married CAROL ANN GUERIN College or work jr. Chorus, G.O. Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Hickory Log Statf, Re- organization Squad, Honor Roll, Future Nurses Club, Pitman Award, Honor Classes. Private Secreatry and get married CECELIA GURAK Ceil College for Medical Assistants Hickory Log Staff, Secretary to Teachers, Biology Squad. JUDITH DIANNA HAGARTY , A' f-1-wwf sgfmrwrw ALICE HANLON Secretary to Teachers. JOSEPH HANEMAN J0e' Music School Band and Orchestra Musician ROBERT HANSON Bob' Grove City College Secy. to Teachers, Hall Patrol Bowling Team, Manager of Swim- ming Team. To go to college BERNICE HARRINGTON Secretary Secy. to Teachers, jr. Chorus, Hon- or Roll, Pitman Award. .Tatu Hjudy.. Become a Secretary Secretary to Teachers. Marry a bank president CAROL HAMILTON Cal Business Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Library Squad. To be a medical assistant FREDERICK HAMMANN Fred Business Guard. Work for Telephone Company WAYNE HAMMER C .C .N .Y. Chem. Squad, Physics Squad, Visu- al Aid Squad, jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Assistant to Mr. Ross, Mi- nor Service Pin. Electrical Engineer 'Equitable Life Insurance Company Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers. To better myself DORQTHP ,1g1AwRYLAK ,, 1.5, Q , ,J Dottie 'Fn.shion,Institl t fof Techno1ogy Honor gf'lQdllCg'lgoost ry: Cldb, G.O. Rep., Gfjunchroiirn qard,iSecy. to Teachers. , M-ff' ' Buyer of womenfclothes OLOF HEDQUIST Farmingdale Radio and T.V. repair work BARBARA HEILMANN Bob Parsons School of Design Star Art Staff, SecyL to Teachers. Fashion Illustrator INGRID HEJNA Queens College Honor Classes. To succeed KENNETH CHARLES HELD Business Lunch Patrol, jackson Patrol, Mimeo Squad, Secy. to Teachers. To make money LORRAINE HENRIS To go to finishing school Secy, to Teachers, Minor Service Pin. Private Secretary INGE BERTHA HERMANN Connie Private Secretary Honor Roll, Pitman Award, Honor English, Secy. to Teachers, Late Ollice Squad. To travel ALICE HIRSCH Allie Honor Roll, Pitman Awards, Honor Classes, Service Pin, Secy. to Teach- ers, Library Assistant. Stenographer WILLIAM HIRST Bill University of Maryland Basketball Team, Secy. to Teachers, Baseball Team. Draftsman ARNOLD HOCHMAN Business JUDITH HOFFMAN Shorty Cortland State Teachers College jr. 8: Sr. Arista, President of Lead- ers Club, Honor Roll, Minor Serv- ice Pin, Library Rep., junior Chorus, Secy. to Teachers, Swim- ming Club, Softball Club. Elementary School Teacher IRVING HERTZENDORF Hertz Cornell Physics Squads, Chem., Bio., General Science, Honor Classes, jackson Patrol, Program Oflice, Secy. to Mrs. Canter, Human Relations Workshop. Veterinarian EDWARD HIGGINS Higgie To be a cop MARILYN HILL Sugar Packer Collegiate Leaders Club, Sten Tutor, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers. To succeed ALICE HIMMEL Al Community College Pioneer Staff, Honor Roll, Hist. 9, Progressive Party, Minor Pin, Secy. to Teachers, Boosters, Honor Gym. Dental Hygienist SANDRA E. HOLLENDER Sandy Grove City College Minor Service Pin, Honor Roll, Green 8a White Party, Secy. to Teachers, Clerk for Student Court, Usherette, Minor J for Swimming, Cheerleader. Swimming Instructor EILEEN HOLMES Giggles Pitman Awards, Swimming Club. Private Secretary and to marry the boss's son. EVETTE HOLMES Secy. to Teachers, jr. and Sr. Cho- rus, Lunch Patrol, G.O. Rep. Medical Assistant RENEE HOLZER Queens College jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Minor and Major Service Pin, Library Rep., Lunch Patrol, Senior Council, Honor Classes. To see the world LEWIS HOUSE Lew College Honor Class, Secy. to Teachers, Stage Crew, Book Room. RUTH ELLEN HUDES Ruthie Queens College jr. Arista, Hickory Log, Swim- ming Instructor, Reorganization Squad, Honor Classes, Minor Serv- ice Pin. Math Teacher HOWARD HUEMPFNER General Science Squad, Lunch Pa- trol, Hall Patrol. JOHN RAY I-IUMPHREYS Locker Guard, Secy. to Teachers, Log Photographer. NORMA JACKSON Toni New York College of Music Sr. Chorus, Secy. to Teachers, Sec- retary to Mrs. Brogan, Volleyball Award, Basketball Award, Leaders Club. Singer GEORGE JAGICH Business WILLIAM JAKER Bill College Track Team, Star Staif, Hickory Log Staff, Lunch Patrol, Variety Show, All-City Radio Workshop, G.O. Rep., junior Unesco Con- ference Representative, Dramatics Class. Radio-T.V. Announcer CANDACE JAMES Candy Sr. Chorus. Private Secretary CYNTHIA HUNEKE Cindy Senior Arista, Biology Lab. Assist- ant, Library Assistant, Library Rep- resentative, Honor Roll, Pitman Award, Typewriting Award. Get married and live to be 100. Private Secretary BARBARA ANN HUNTER Hofstra College Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Minor and Major Service Pins, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Library Squad. DENISE INGOGLIA Dee College Secy. to Teachers, Honor Classes, Booster, Student Relations Council, Newman Club, Minor Service Pint Progressive Party, Program Honor Roll DUNCAN JAMIESON Little One Defiance College Mimeograph Squad, History 9. Ministry MARION JANTZ Newman Club, Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad. I.B.M. Operator for Irving Trust Company AUGUST JENET Biology Squad, Secy. to Teachers. fl To parler .frang'ai,y -Wall if gp ff'iQ '1yX,1- Auf MAR1-ENE JACK .AN I CHC + PATRICIA JENKINS Pat -Qnecus.College lb!-kfv ,,, ,VLX College jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Lunch Patro Sr. I f Honor Classes Secy. to Teachers. 1 - 1 1 U 7 7 Arista, Minor Service Pm, i mmm Hostess Staff, Math Tutor, Secy. to T ' ers, Radio Workshop, - onoyf!! Classes, Dramatics Class. X Psychoanalyst ' 5, 1 , is if 0591. ,. Qisliw ss X .5 , . Q k 2 5 33 255255 Hi sg s Q Q s, sg 5 is li at ,ii 'f 1' ifiilezfl-f,1Ei-'1 :V K 5- - slifiisiisizir ' lx -1 Eiga seg, N fe 'is -vis... . - is f igilik? ' Hazen. fl .,s , , - is .al ROBERT VINCENT JENNINGS Business JUDITH JENSEN Judy College Secy. to Teachers, Program Comm. Den tal Assistant ARLINE JETTER Jef Grace Downs School Secy. to Teachers, Junior Chorus, Honor Roll, Leaders Club. Airline Hostess ELAINE JOHNSON Lana Nurse HAZEL JOHNSON Cookie Dorothy E. Kane Business.School. ' V M-Z. V KATE JOHNSON Katie Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll. College Business . 'Wi Printer A PATRICIA JOHNSON Secy. to Teachers. To get married at CHARLES JOHNSTONE Chuckles 4lAggiell3 Dorry A 1 AGNES JONES A New York U niuersity Q -1. Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, ' Softball Club, Lunch Patrol. Mastefs Degree in Psychology DORIS JONES A Business School V Honor Classes, Senior Chorus. . Sfffffafv I I A leg Pilot ROBERT JORGENSEN Bob Queens College NEIL HOWARD JOSEPH Doctor VINCENT JOVENE jim College Supply Room, Library Squad, Jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Dra- matics Class. Architect ROSEMARIE KACZMAREK College Library Squad, Library Rep., Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Future Nurses Club. Nurse LEONARD KAHN Hofstra College Track Team Marine Biologist SONIA FAY KAHN Hofstra College Bio. Squad, G.O. Rep. Marriage Cookie 5 5: Union College Jr. Editor of Hickory Log, Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Major Service Pin, Bio. Squad, G.O. Rep., Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Track Team, Finalist in Merit Scholarship. , , ma if- ' M S if X wg' Q r sf 3 gi, ly 5 'W s il' ws t p wif X , -' L 7 g 4 I' X. R t. .Q Eg, 'QQ lf l V.. I A 5 . . - its f' .. C ' 3' if ROBERT FRANCIS KANE Red Electrician Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol, P.S.A.L. Award in Gym. join the Navy ELANA KATZ Ricky Queens General Hospital Secy. to Teachers, Bio. Squad. Nursing HELENE KATZOFF Queens College jr. Arista, Minor and Major Service Pins, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers, Senior Council, Spanish Honor Roll, Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol. Spanish Teacher JANE L. KEHOE Queens College Honor Roll, Usherettes, Leaders Club, junior Chorus, Secy. to Teachers, Gym Assistant, Minor and Major Service Pins, Pitman Award, Lunch Patrol, Program Comm., Booster Club, Honor KENNETH KESSEL Kenny Marines Play boy BARBARA KETTLEMEN Barbi New York University and Bellevue Hospital Library Squad, Honor Roll, Future Nurses Club. Nurse BAYLA KEUSCH Queens College Junior Arista, Cheerleaders, Minor 8: Major Service Pins, Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep., Lunch Pa- trol, Dramatics Class, Dance Club, Honor Classes. WILLIAM KIDBY Bill Business Lunch Patrol, jackson Patrol. Aircraft Mechanic Classes. Kindergarten Teacher JOHN KELLY jackson Patrol. JUDITH KENNEDY Judy Secretary Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Classes. To get married and be as happy as Mom and Dad MARIANNE K. KENNEDY Secretarial School Guard, Secy. to Teachers. Secretary LILLIAN KENNEY Chickie Secy. to Teachers, Attendance Squad. Private Secretary ALLEN KIRSCH Al' Track Team, jackson Patrol. U. S. Air Force Private Secr 3. Honor Ron, D nc 1' ' Leaders Club, Honor Iasses, . Rep., Secy. to Te , F' ickor' Lo Reporter andx ypist. , Get married and have five dre R JOAN KLARE? i K DAVID ISAAC KLEIN Davi3 Book Room, Honor Roll, Honor Classes. A nesthetist MARTIN KLEIN Marty N.Y.U. School of Retailing Secy. to Teachers, Locker Guard. A career in retailing RUTH KLEINHEINZ Lutheran Medical Center of Brooklyn Swimming Asst., Secy. to Teachers, Minor 8: Major Service Pin. IRENE HELEN KLEPPER Renee Queens College Secy. to Teachers, Junior Chorus, Lunch Patrol, Honor Classes, Hon- or Roll, Senior Arista, Booster Club. ROBERT KLUG Business JANET KNOWLES Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep. Secretary PRISCILLA KOOB Cilla College Star Staff, Secy. to Teachers, Hon- or Classes, Reorganization Squad, Honor Roll. SUSAN KOSLOSKY Sue Cornell University Literary Editor of Pioneer, Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Honor Classes, Minor 8: Major Service Pins, Senior Council, Lunch Patrol, Student Relations Council, Math Tutor, Progressive Party, Booster Club, Secy. to Teach- ers, Honor Roll, Dramatics Class, Rep. to Queens Borough Discussion Group, Essay Contest Winner, G.O. Rep. Mathematician ELAINE KOZAK Adelphi College Honor Classes, Log Staff, Secy. to Teachers. To be rich CAROL JOAN KOZLOWSKI Secretary for Airline Company Sr. Girls' Chorus, Honor Classes, Dramatics Class, Radio Workshop, Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Li- brary Rep., Pitman Award, Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin. JUDITH KOEPPICUS Judy Queens College G.O. Rep., Sr. Orch., Math Tutor, Jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Glee Club, Secy. to Teachers, Progressive Party, Boost- er Club, Swimming Asst., Lunch Patrol 8: Sr. Roll, Serv- , Secy. F N s Club. JEROME KOHN Dimp1es C.C.N.Y. Arista, Biology Squad, Capt. Phys- ics Squad, Visual Aids Squad, Hon- or Classes, Honor Roll. Engineer MARGARET KOLB Peggy Private Secretary '- Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. To get married CAROL JEAN KRAKER Sleepy Business fExecutive Bookkeeperj Secy. to Teachers, Honor Classes. To marry an Air Force Instructor and have twins. JEROLD KRAMER Jerry N.Y.U. Star Staff, Bowling Team, Lunch Patrol, Jackson Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Honor Classes. Law ROBERT O. KRAUS Bob College Boys' Chorus, Handball Team, Green 8: White Party, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers, Nominee for School Office. Lawyer or Teacher JUDITH ANN KREPPEL Judy Paramount Studios Secretary to Teachers. Animated Cartoonist AVID KRESH Dave A nor Roll Honor Classes Boy Er Jr ista Sr rista Mat PATRICIA LARKIN Secretary Secretary to Teachers. To be a success 5' 'College' Q hie r Prizes of ckory Log Staff, Minor j Variety am Comm B10 Lab Squa To w 'te 4' , A ch ns- ts Q - tive oard of t ent sk. ,:-- Council 'l ll u 'f r rl . ,U l CH . R . ., X' ... I .Nc ' , l ' 0 ' If ., ' . . I WANDA KRZYANOWSKI Queens College Honor Classes. To succeed LILLIAN LACAPRIA Lil College Newman Club, Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Honor Class fHis- toryj. Business i t Business GEORGE LAROSA To succeed and make LESLIE LAZARUS Secretary to Teachers. 1 1 .4 ,Q 10iANlLEACH money doing uhliun CORDELIA LACY Kitty F' k Colle . c jr. d , rs lub Vo leyball ward. Social Wo ALAN LANDMAN Library Squad, Bio. Squad, Reor- ganization Squad, Orchestra, Pro- gram Committee, Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Westinghouse Scholar- ship Winner. BARBARA MARION LANG Bobbie Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Secretary, Pitman Award. Secy. to Teachers, Lieiittenant of Lunch Patrol. -Vice Pres. Future Nqrsgs' -Club, Receptionist, and White Party. ,V Nurse . ?,af,w,.a b 1 ki X., i ALICE SANDRA LEBU Shrimpie Queens College Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers General Science Squad. Nurse GARY REYNOLD LECKSTROM Gabe' Business Secy. to Teachers, Locker Guard. Secretary Photo Engraver a , 1,1 ,J 'S S , BARBARA R, LANG NFJL ' ,sf A Wood Secretarial College e . Teac , Swim g Assist? Honor Class fHiSI.J, and 3 , Honor ml Lu Pan-01. Sten Certificates, Secy. to Teachers, . I . ,N 4 Star Staff-Typist, Honor Roll. ,I xy Private Secretary if . llffj 5' . ug y j X 5 ELIZABETH ANNE LANGE Betty Queens College Business Arista, Honor Classes, Swimming Club, Mimeographing Minor Service Pin, Squad, Library Squad, Secy. to Monitor, Ceramics Club. Teachers. TCGCMV ESTHER LEHRER CHARLES LEKUS Chuck Queens College Sr. Boys' Chorus, Valencia Night. Get rich MARIE LELLA La-La Secy. to Teachers, Honor Class fEng.j, Library Squad, Lunch Pa- trol, G.O. Rep. Fulfill my dreams BEVERLY LENNIE Honor Classes, Newman Club, Secy. to Teachers, Program Comm., Pit- man Award, Reorganization Squad. FRANK LEVY Secretary 271' Marriage SANDRA LEVINE Business Machines usandyn Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers. , , f To get married it lf 'A .-.Z . 3.,,,,, bw, , s , Q., s 1 '75, f 4Q,si..-1 .S L ffi- 351.5 ,. , 1' 'f nv fs Gsm. 272 Q1 , fT Q. W W MV. . I ,. Lf ., . .4 . 2' MIC, it if vin ' Q ' . Q' 'figs X A it. .. fs. . 1n:'i ::f . X13 , Az I L -1 ww' Y ,, J , C.C.N.Y. Lunch Patrol, Biology Lab. Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Class lHist.j. Business World SEYMOUR LEVY Secretary to Mrs. Canter. FLORA LEWIS Mitzi Dental Assistant Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers. Get married some day JERRY LIEBEN BERG Business SUSAN LINDENMAN Sue' Nursing School Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad. Nurse LOUIS LIVOTI College Honor Classes, jackson Patrol, Phys ics Laboratory Squad. Doctor WILLIAM LOMBARD Lunch Patrol. NANCY ELIZABETH LORTZ . .. Nance' Fashidn Designer ,l Library Rep., Pioneer Staff-Artist 'Late Oihce Squad, Swimming Squad. Career-Wife Q MICHAEL LOVE Mickey College Secy. to Teachers, Track Team, Book Room, Lunch Patrol. jOYCE LOVEN joy' Business School Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers Pitman Award. To be a success and see the world. VINCENT STEVEN LO VICO Business MARY BARBARA LUCIE Business Secretary to Teachers. Secretary and marriage EILE N WILLIAM S. LUTZ Bill Business Star Staff, Secy. to Teachers, E. R. Secretary Interior Decorator JOYCE M. LYSINGER Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School Honor Roll, Minor J, Homemaking Achievement Certificate, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Booster Club, Major Service Pin. Private Secreta I vt 1 lg, ' ' Quee 411 -,g , 8 Cheerl e if fa ono Roll, Ai t 'Q- ntee White , X L as cy. t chers, . .1 Squ f! I ch er JOHN MacDONALD State University of Agriculture and Tech. Institute Secy. to Teachers, Chem. Squad, Li- brary Squad. Designer in Air Conditioning MYRA MacLAEON Mike Irving Trust Co. Secy. to Teachers, Attendance Oliice. To get married JAMES MALONEY St. john's University Secy. to Mrs. Boehm, Shop Assistant. To enter business ROSALIND MANN Rozie Private Secretary Honor Roll, Jr. and Sr. Arista, Mi- nor Service Pin, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Reorg. Squad, Honor Classes, Dancing Club, Basketball Club. Private Secretary BRIGITTE MARACHI Senior Chorus, Visual Aids Squad, Clerical Asst., Secy. to Teachers. Housewife Eastman Business S hool Secy. to Teachers, onor Roll. FAITH MARTIN c H Secretary THOMAS MASON Tom College Dramatics Class, Lunch Patrol, G.O. Rep. Electrical Engineer i LILLIAN MATH Lill Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Reorganization Squad. To be a Secretary DIANE MATTHEIS Dee Secretary to Teachers. Secretary CONSTANCE MARCOUX Queens College Library Squad, Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Minor Service Pin, Jr. Chorus, Lunch Patrol, Leaders Club, Honor Roll. To love, honor, and obey CAROLE MARK Kitten Secretary Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers. Love and Marriage JOHN EVERITT MARKAKIS Business CAROLYN MARSHALL Carol Receptionist, Secy. to Teachers. To gain a sense of humor like my Mom and have a great ambition like my Dad. ..Fay,, CAROLE A. MAYER Mandi School for Medical Assistants Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, English Honor Classes. Medical Assistant, Wife, Mother RITA MAYER Business Newman Club, Stenography Award, Reorganization Squad, Secy. to Teachers. Secretary, Bookkeeper, or Stenog- rapher DOLORES MAYS Dee Mandle School jr. Sc Sr. Chorus, Honor Gym, Secy. to Teachers. Medical Ofice Assistant KATHLEEN M. MCCRAVE Kathie Art School Star Art Staff, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Late Office Squad. To become a commercial artist ELIZABETH MCMAHON Betty' Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Newman Club, Honor Roll. Secretary PATRICIA A. MCMULLEN Pat Business Secrtary to Teachers. Marriage JOAN LOUISE McMURRAY Ioany jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Senior Council, Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep., Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Pitman Award. To be a writer REGINA McNALLY jean' Business Library Squad. Secretary GERALD McCUE Jerry Brooklyn College Chemistry Squad, Physics Squad, Honor Classes. Aeronautical Engineer MARIE MCDERMOTT Secretary Library Squad, Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers. To be an Airline Hostess ALICE MCDOUGALL Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep., G.O. Rep., Lunch Patrol, Library Squad. To marry a millionaire DOROTHY MCGANN Dottie jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers. Marriage EDXVARD McNAMARA Red Cathedral College G.O. Treasurer, Program Comm., Secy. to Teachers, Emcee of Variety Shows, Rep. from School to G.O. Conventions, Visual Aid Squad, Lunch Patrol, Minor Service Pin, jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Reporter on Hick- ory Log. To be a Priest ELAINE MARY MCSWEENEY Mac Secretary to Teachers. To marry Al ELISE JOSEPHINE MEISTER Business Reorganization Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Dean's Squad. Secretary LAWRENCE MEKELBURG Larry Secy. to Teachers, Biology Squad, jackson Patrol, Bowling Team. Engineering ROSEMARIE MENDOZZA Ro Secretary to Teachers. Marriage ROBERT METZGER Lunch Patrol. Navy ALFRED MEYN Bowling Team, Service Navy LORRAINE MICHALSKI Lori Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Leaders Club. Marriage Admiral ..Al,, Squad. CECELIA MIGUEL Cell Hunter College-Cornell University School of Nursing Library Squad, Lunch Patrol, Jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Secy. to Teachers, Minor Service Pin, Future Nurses Club. Nurse ILANA MIRKIN Queens College Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Pioneer 8: Star Staff, Chem. Squad, Reorganization Squad, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers, Hebrew Culture Club Secy., jr. Chorus, Spring Concert, G.O. Rep. Biology or History Major MAUREEN MISKELL Moo Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll. To get married JOAN MITCHELL joanie Manhattan Medical Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad Lunch Patrol, Minor Service Pin Laboratory Technician DONALD MORGESE To be a Marine PATRICIA MORTON Adelphi or Hofstra College Secy. to Teachers, History 9, Hebrew Culture Club. Social Worker LORRAINE MOSS Business Secretary JOSEPH MUELLER Lunch Patrol, Jackson Patrol. MARSHA MITCHNIK Reorg. Squad, Library Squad, Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers. JUDITH MOLE Queens College Arista, Minor Service Pin, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers, Biology Squad. Majoring in English clr Psychology CAE MONDESIRE Gi-Gi College Lunch Patrol, Library Squad, Li- brary Rep., jr. Chorus, Honor Gym, Journalism Class. Social Worker THOMAS MONTEIRO Butch College jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Bas- ketball' Team, Boys' Chorus. Physical Education Teacher upattvn LORRAINE MUELLER College Newman Club, Senior Chorus, Hon- or Classes, Dramatics Class, Radio Workshop, Honor Roll, Senior Council, Secy. to Teachers. JOHN MULLIGAN Mui College Engineer JOSEPH ALTON MULLINGS Moon Commercial Artist Mimeographing Squad, Guard. Tuba player in a Ladies' Band GERALDINE MUMFORD Gerri Katharine Gibbs Service Pin, Jr. Chorus, Honor Classes, G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers. ,WK ,J,,,.,Ji. ,.V, , i 'P' ELIZABETH JANE NAVARRA Betty Secy. to Teachers, Junior Chorus, Honor Roll, Pitman Awards, Honor Classes, Senior Arista. Private Secretary RUTH ANN NEWMUTH Pitman Awards, Secy. to Teachers. Private Secretary CAROLYN NIEBUHR Mary Washington College Secy. to Teachers, Reorganization Squad, Hickory Honor Classes, Minor Service Pin, Honor Roll. To be a teacher of Spanish BARBARA JUNE NODELL Bobbi Community College Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll. Medical Technologist PATRICIA MUNFORD Cherry Mandl School Medical Assistant VALDA MURPHY Patty Secretary Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Sr. Arista, Minor Service Pin, Pitman Award, Honor Roll, Program Com- mittee, Jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Library Rep., Library Squad, Library Pa- trol, Journalism Class, Honor Classes. To lead as useful a life as my par- ents. JANET F. NACK Jan Mount Holyoke College Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Honor Roll, Minor 8: Major Service Pins, Honor Classes, Newman Club, Basketball Club, Student Relations Council, Secy. to Teachers, Program Com- mittee, Reorganization Squad, Pro- gressive Party, Pioneer Staff. To learn, then to teach JANET NAPOLEON Janie Work in Telephone Company Newman Club, Secy. to Teachers, Typing Certificates. To get married DENNISQANORDIN Denny .York University . Squad, Physics Squad, Visual 'Aids Sq uA'Guard, 'brary Rep., . H' 21sr:.e2?is'z?3f'f if . K fan, f' f DONALD NORMAN College RUTH NORMAN Cortland College Library Squad, Lunch Sec to Teachers, Orchestra, Club, Student Teacher RONALD OBENZINGER Ronny Union College Editor-in-Chief of Pioneer, Varsity Track, Rep. to Junior Red Cross, Senior Arista, Major 8: Minor J's, Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Pro- gressive Party, Chem. Squad, Public Speaking Class, General Science Squad, Reorg. Squad, Lunch Patrol. Doctor KATHLEEN ANN 0'BRIEN Kathy Nurse or Typist Secretary to Miss Flynn, Leaders Club. Marriage EILEEN 0'CONNELL Irving Trust Co.-I.B.M. Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Li- brary Squad, Senior Chorus. Marriage DOROTHY OFFERMANN Dottie Queens College Honor Classes, Program Committee, jr. 8: Sr. Arista, German Club, Hon- or Roll, Library Stall, Girl Leader of Sr. Arista, Dramatics Class, Major and Minor Service Pin, Pioneer Stall, Rep. to Girls' State, Secy. to Teachers, Senior Council. Teacher JAMES O'KEEFFE Butch Navy jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol. To join the Police Force CAROLE ORLI KOWSKI Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Hon- or Classes, Pitman Award. Secretary FRANK O'ROURKE Lover Entertainment Field Honor Roll, Boys' Chorus, Christ- mas Show, Variety Show, Locker Guard, Lunch Patrol. Hillbilly Singer aw' ' l DL IS osHMAN Q. all Community College Jr. 8: Sr. Chorus, Lunch P l, leyball .st Basketball , Q6 Rep., Pitmarw eq. o Teachers, ' ggnguf Wffff, M ERALDINE PALUBIN Gerri Clerical Work Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers. Typist-Marriage BEVERLY OLSEN Secy. to Miss Woyke, Swimming Asst., Lunch Patrol, Library Squad. PATRICIA O'MALLEY Sr. Girls' Chorus. Housewife. MARY EVELYN O'NEILL Business Marriage ESTELLE O'POLYN Stel1ie Community College Honor Class QHistoryj, Secy. to Teachers. Lunch Patrol, G.O. Rep., jr. Chorus, Minor Pin, Arista, Pit- man Award. Executive Medical Assistant GERALDINE A. PAPER Gerry Interior Decorator Biology Squad. Marriage ARLENE PARASCANDOLA Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, jr. and Sr. Chorus, Newman Club, Li- brary Rep. Housewife PATR A PAR' . Pat U.c.L ' 'J cy e che , tudept, e f A , n Pa o . o , R- , .42 ..,.. al e ' f fl H gl !l X JOANNE PASSANESI jo Fashion Institute of Technology Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Li- brary Squad, English Honor. EVELYN PERCHIKOFF Evie Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Ceramics Club. Private Secretary for lawyer CARL PESCE College Locker Room Guard, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Navy Patrol CAROLE PESKOFF Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad. I.B.M. Worker GEORGE PIERCE Terry' Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, jackson Patrol. Marines JEAN M. Prezzo RITA JOAN POWER Art School Sr. 8: Jr. Arista, Major 8: Minor Pins, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Glee LYN N P LATZ N University of Pe ,sylvania AL , ,J AV ' Honor.Classes, S imniingwand Gym Assistantk Sgcyy to5Teachers, ' Honor Roll,lLun3ch Patrol, Leaders Club, Pioneer Staff, Class LeaderLSchool Finalist lspeech contest, , ep. of School to Discussjorfs, Minor Service Pin, Public' Speaking Class, History Nine. KJ Occupational Therapist ' CAROLEE I AGJC Queens Col r. A ' . m u , ' tar Staff, ng uad, m Comm., eorg. S d, H sses, Green and W it, or Roll, Secy. to Teache ,Li rary Squad. Linguist-live in Switzerland. PETER JOSEPH POWELL Pete Library Squad. Detective WILLIAM POWELL Bill Pratt Institute Architect College Newman Club, Tutor, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Pitman Award. f - -- r , N ,, 1, F, REA ' , t Quee College ' Jr. 8: Sr. Arist! SXd-'Minor Service Pin, Secy. to Teachers, Math Tutor, Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Booster Club. Teacher nRita,. MARYANN PINGHERA Mar Private Secretary Attendance Oilice. To be successful in the business world CAROLE PIPP Pipsqueak Secretary Secretary to Teachers. Work and Marriage Club, Program Comm., Lunch'Pa- trol, Newman Club, jr. 8: Sr. Cho- rus, Leaders Club, Secy. to Teach- ers, Swimming Asst. Commercial Artist NORMAN PRESLEY Business Secretary to Teachers. ALICE PROCTOR Secretary to Teachers. PWc , I 1 ' qc f , ELENOR BAR P oss Secretary J S . ist Major ins, d lub, o or Rol .0. R ., onor Classes cy. ach- ers. Secretary JACQUELINE PROVO Secretary to Teachers. Marriage WILLIAM PRUMMEL Bill Long Island University PAUL PULCINI Queens College Library Representative Accountant PETER PULEO College Librarian of Orchestra, jr. 8: Sr. Or- chestra, Band. Design and build my dream house 'N A n X ,. BARBARA RAFFERTY Bobbie Secretary to Teachers. To be a secretary RICHARD F. RAMAIZEL New York University Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Hall Patrol. Major league pitcher NORITA RANDAZZO Bellhuue Nursing School Secy, .to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Minor and Major Service Pin, New- man QQ, 'Honor Classes, Senior Ciiorus, ramatics Class. Registered Nurse '- BARBARA ANN RANFT Bobbie Secretarial School Program Comm., Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Classes, Honor Roll. To get married PATRICIA QUALLIOTINE Pat College Honor Gym, Leaders Club, Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep., Lunch Pa- trol, Honor Roll. Medical Secretary ROY EDWARD QUALLIOTINE Lunch Patrol, Capt. jackson Patrol. Auto Mechanic arr in o ers . w0k1MNN' 4 .t f l we . Sr. 12 u l. S, . H s 0 9 rvtl , 'H Y gil, 'U ' xl' JOSEPHA RADLMANN jo jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Major 8: Minor Service Pins, Newman Club, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Typing Cer- tificates, Pitman Certificates, jour- nalism Class, Program Committee, Secy. to Teachers. To be a girl Friday to a V.I.P. RUTH RAPCZYK College Honor Classes, Captain of Usher- ettes, Booster Club, Pioneer Stall, Secy. to Teachers, Jr. Arista, Ger- man Club, Honor Roll, Minor Serv- ice Pin, Library Rep., Rep. State. Teacher ANITA READ De New Paltz College Secy. to Teachers, Leaders Club. To become a teacher KARL REIFF Rid City College Swimming Team, Major Letter, jackson Patrol, Late Oihoe Squad, Honor Class, Senior Council, School Play, Volleyball Award. Civil Engineer ' GEORGE REILLY Tom Aeronautics School Library Squad. JOYCE RELLA joy Queens College Honor Classes, Library Squad, Booster Club, Senior Chorus, G.O. Rep., Senior Arista, Green and White Party, Newman Club, Lunch Patrol, Minor Service Pin, Honor Roll. SEYMOUR RESNICOFF Sy Hofstra College New in jackson. Electrical Engineer MARY ANN RHEM Library Squad, Lunch Patrol, Hon- or Roll, Honor English, Secy. to Teachers, Hickory Log Staff. Secretary-Stenographer-Housewife JUDITH ANN RHODES Judy Cornell University Secretary of the G.O., jr. and' Sr. Arista, Progressive Party, Honor Roll, Honpr Classes, Student Court judge, Chem. Squad, Minor and Major Service Pins, Revision Editor of the Star, Public Speaking Class. Personnel Manager GARY RICHARD Business l s. CAROLERRICHARDS Zeak SecyT'to Teachers, Jr. 8: Sr. Chorus. Td be happy WILLIAM ISAAC RICHLING Bill College Honor Roll, G.O. President, Boy Leader of Senior Arista, jr. Arista, Captain of Tennis Team, Basket- ball, Co'Capt. Varsity, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Classes, Reorgani- zation Squad, Library Squad. To be a Lawyer IRENE DONALD RODI Draftsman Sr. Orchestra, Sr. Band, Drummer Dance Band for Variety Shows, Book Room Monitor, Lunch Patrol. College dr Play Drums RITA MARILYN ROESER Queens College Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. Nurse SHEILA ROOT Secy. to Teachers. Bookkeeper nior Chorus, PHYLLIS RIEGEL G.O. Office, Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Swimming Club, Pioneer Business Staff. Secretary CAROL RIGSBY Shorty Private Secretary Library Squad. Secretary KENNETH RILEY C0-Captain Track Team, City Champ Cross Country Team, In- door City Champ Quarter Mile, Queens Champ Quarter Miler. DAVID RIVERA Dave City College Lunch Patrol. Electrical Engineer ..D0n,. Shelly ROBERT MARVIN ROSEN Work out West if possible Chem. Squad, jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Bio. Squad, Gen. Science Squad. To major in Earth JUDY ROSENBERG Secretary Honor Classes, Lun to Teachers, Library Squad, Pro- gram Committee, S man Award Successful Secretary PAULETTE ROSENBERG College Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teache Progressive Party, B Marry a milliona're K ..l- BRENDA ROSENBLATT Bunny College To succeed ..Bob,, Physics Squad, Science ch Patrol, Secy. ten Tutor, Pit- oos rClu C WILLIAM H. ROSENER Bill College Secretary to Teachers. To be a Sports Announcer THERESA ROSENTHAL Terry Secretary to Teachers Secretary FRANCINE ROSS Fran Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Honor Classes. To get married' .IOHN ROTTKAMP Barney Business Stereotypers Union CECILIA SALVATOR Business Marriage COLLETTE SALVATOR Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Honor Class. Nurse at. Queens General BARBARA SANDS Secy. to Teachers, Gym Asst., At- tendance Squad. MARIA SA IAGO JOAN ELLEN RUBIN Joanie Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Pit- man Award, G.O. Rep., Library Rep., Program Comm. Private Secretary ANITA SAHM Nita Private Secretary Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Li- brary Squad, Honor Classes, Minor Service Pin, Pitman Award and Pins. To travel and marry CONCETTA SALLAH Connie Secretary Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Li- brary Rep., Honor Roll, English Honor Class. To marry and raise a family DONALD SALVADOR Sallie College Baseball Team, Library Asst., Guard, Secy. to Teachers. Engineer Hospital Nursin Schoo Soft l s A rds, Secy. to a e u ch Patrol. Nurse W Ma. .-W-.. . Secretary LEONARD SAPOFF Pace College C.P.A. ELIZABETH SARNO Betty Business Honor Roll, Honor Accounting, Pitman Certificates, Business Prac- tice Scholarship Certificates. Private Secretary JANE SAUERBREY Sourberry Queens College Library Rep., G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Swimming Club 8: Asst., Secy. to Teachers, Boosters Club, Honor Classes, Sr. Arista, Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin, Dramatics Class. Teacher JERRY SAVAS Business ANN SCHAEISLE ff 4, Q as ' I Secy. to Teachers, Dancing 8: Nurs- ing Club, G.O. Rep., Attendance Monitor, jr. Chorus, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Sr. 8: jr. Arista, Mi- nor Service Pin, Hickory Log Staff, Pitman Certificates, Student Relations Council. To see the world Mandl School for Medica As ' s Honor Roll, Secy. to Teac , gram Comm., Attendance Office, English Honor, Future Nurses Club. Medical Assistant JILL SCHAEF 1' JEANNE SCHEBLEIN Cookie Nurse Swimming Club, Pioneer Business Staff, Future Nurses Club. Marriage THOMAS SCHELL Business Service SHEILA SCHWARTZ Private Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Award, Honor Roll, English Honor, Service Award. To be on the first trip to the Moon DAVID ALLEN SEARCH Business BARBARA SEELEY Secretary Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Award, Chevron-Volleyball. Telephone Company ISABELLE SEEPAUL Bard College New to School Engineering CHRISTIANE BERTHA SCHMID Chris' Secretary Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers Secretary MARIE ELIZABETH SCHMIDT Smitty Airline Stewardess jr. Sc Sr. Chorus, Secy. to Teachers English Honor, Honor Roll. Que Sera Sera ROBERT jOHN SCHROTER Robbie' Navy , Advertising ALBERT ROBERT SCHULTZ HAI. Coast Guard Secy. to Teachers, jackson Patrol Lunch Patrol. NED STEPHAN SEGAL Nedicks Queens College Worked for Teachers, Amp. Squad. Accountant CAROL ANN SELDAL B.I. Lunch Guard, Secy. for Teachers. Secretary DONALD SEYMOUR Don Pratt Chem. Squad, Physics Prep. Squad V.A. Squad, Swimming Team-J.V., Manager of Swimming Team. Engineer 1 IVY SHAFTEL Sandy Queens College Reporter and Typist for Hickory Log . CAROL SILBER College Hickory Log Editor and Business Manager, Star Staff, Honor Roll, French Honor Roll, Reorganization Squad, G.O. Rep., Lib. Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Secy. of junior Arista Honor Classes, jackson on Parade Chairman. NORMA SIMONSON Secretary Gym Asst. Airline Secretary MARILYN SINDLE Pratt College Emergency Room Secy., Senior Chorus, Major Art, Pioneer Staff, oncert. Commercial Artist MARILYN SIRCUS Morgan State College Secy. to Teachers, Attendance Othce, Reorganization Squad. To be a Millionaire PATRICIA SHAY Secy. to Teachers. Business ANDREA SHEA Annie Secy. to G.O. Oflice, Reorganization Squad, Newman Club, Secy. to Teachers, Nurses Club. Doctor's Secretary LEILA SHULMAN Lee Queens College Honor Classes, Minor Service Pin, journalism Class, Chem. Lab., Secy. to Teachers Guard, G.O. Rep., Library Squad, Booster Club. To be a Biologist JAMES SIBILLA lim Coast Guard Teacher ERIC WILLIAM SKOGLUND Farmingdale College Honor Roll Surveyor PHILIP LEON SKRILOFF Chem. Lab. Squad, Swimming Asst. jackson Patrol, Library Squad Major J Swimming. PATRICIA MARGARET SMITH at Cortland Ch eaders, ch., ' asses Se . e s, wim ' Asst., D atics ls Council, Arista or oll o ncert, Lib. 8: G.O. Rep., ' orkshop, Program Comm. Teacher BARBARA SOLOMAN Bobby Colleg slr Nursing School Nurses Club, Booster Club, Swim- ming Asst., Sr. 8: jr. Chorus, Student Relations Council, Secy. to Teach- ers. Nurse REE LW 1to E Hickory fl Honor Classes O ge . a, . ,, . ' S ua Secy. to Teachers, 1 A '. , , P DIANE SORICE Di Secretary Honor Roll, Honor English, Secy. to Teachers, Bio. Squad, Library Rep. To be a Prima Ballerina LINDA SPAGNOLA Secy. to Teachers, Receptionist, Library Rep. ROBERT D. SPENCER Bobbie Ministerial College Amold L. Klein Award Author MARTHA STECKMEST Queens General Hospital Future Nurses Club, Secy. in Emer- gency Room, Secy. to Teachers. Nurse CAROL JUNE STEIN New Platz State Teachers College jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Major Service Pin, Editor of Hickory Log, Secy. to Teachers, Clerk in General Ollice. Clerk in General Office MADELEIN STEIN Maddy Secretary Library Squad, Reorganization Squad. To get married IRIS SANDRA STEINER Hofstra College Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Social Dance Club, Lunch Patrol. Teacher NANCY STADELMAN Irving Trust Company Secy. to Teachers, Gym Asst., Li- brary Rep., Honor Roll. To get married HILDA STALZER Kit Secretary Housewife WERNER STAUCH Flirt Work Co-manager of Baseball Team, Locker Guard Monitor, Swimming Secy., Member of Band, Member of Orch., Instrumental Instructor, Swimming Team. To Have a Harem KENNETH STEVEN STEARNS K.O. Ken N.Y.U. ' Bowling Team-Letter, jackson Pa- trol, Honor English. Engineer RONALD STIRRUP Business Library Squad, Bio. Squad, Library Rep., Jackson Patrol, Reorganiza- tion Squad, Boys Chorus, Chem. Squad. ukonnvf, BRENDA JEAN STOKES Secy. to Teachers, Hickory Log Staff. Professional Dancer JUDITH STRASSNER Indy Business Secy. to Teachers, jr. 84 Sr. Arista, Library Sep., Lunch Squad, Pro- gressive Party, Booster, English Honor Class. To get married and raise a family DOROTHEA STREIER Dottie Business Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll. Secretary JEANNE MARIE STRESSLER Secretary Booster Club, Lunch Room Guard, Secy. to Teachers. To marry my dream man WILLIAM CHARLES STUBING Bill Concordia jr. College junior 8: Senior Arista, Major 8: Minor Service Pins, Program Comm., Pocket Book Store, Ed.-in-Chief of Hickory Log, President of AJ. Trinity Club, Latin Club, Chem. Squad, Honor Roll, Secretary to Teachers, Math. Squad, Honor Classes. Clergyman THOMAS STURM College Handball Team Career in Electronics EDWARD K. SULLIVAN Business Guard, Swimming Assistant ..TommY,, MAJORIE JOAN SULLIVAN Library Squad, Newman Club, Li- brary Rep., Bio. Squad, Guard, Secy. to Teachers. hi, ROBERT SULLIVAN College Electrical Engineer JOYCE ELLEN TATGENHORST Girls Basketball-Chevron, Volley Ball-Chevron, Secy. to Teachers. MARJORIE THONE Business Secretary to Teachers Marriage REGINALD ASHMEAD THORNE Business Marriage MARIAN TAYLOR Kitten Brooklyn College Music School Secy. to Teachers. Singer W SANDRA TAYLOR Sandy Business School Secy. to Teachers. To travel and marry RONALD THEIL Ronny Farmingdale jackson Patrol, Hall Patrol, Varsity Swimming Team, Intramural Volley- ball. Radio-Television Technician JAMES THOMAS College Patrol, Chem. Squad, Golf Team, History Visual Aids, nor Roll. Chemistry Teach College FRANK TAYLOR 'PATRICIA TIMLER Pa Catherine Gibbs Sec. College fl Mimeograph Squ d, gy go! Teachers. I ' To travel Y!! xl ,0,,L i... ' YVONNE TOLES Adelphi College Arista, Executive Sec. of G.0., Stu- dent Relations Council, Leaders Club, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Sr. Chorus, Sec. to Teachers, Dra- matics Class, Candidate Student judge. Elementary Education RAGNHILD ANN TORNKVIST THELMA UPPERMAN Toni Ronnie -1., V A North Carolina State Queens College z q . Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, glxblz fly., ,, :A , 'AAA ,L A M A Y BOOSICTS, HOIIOY Classes. SY- Ch0I'US, Honor Roll, Honor Classes. X,1. 5 ' Honor. Gym, Student Relations Marriage Q, A ' ' Colfncll' ,2+ ' Social Worker MARE TORRE JOSEPH URCIUOLI IOC secretary A Star Staff, Secy.. to Teachers. Secy. to Teachers, G.0. Rep. A' . Q 1 Commwcml Afffff Marriage , - A ...,:- ' - f . .1 ll' A3 A sless Q1 s,sess A -zlr RAYMOND W. TOWNSEND JOHN VAN GELDER Ray H., i VLVLW' ' A .I College Community College ig, X Visual Aid Squad, Chem. Squad, Lighting 84 Amp Squad, Mimeo W ,ff Pl'0gfHm COIHQH- Squad Major Service Pin.. 'i'- i' Q, l ,',, pq., Commercial Pilot Electrical Technician A Iii Q 0 1 A A ' ,l,i V JOAN TRANCHINA ROSALIE VARGAS Rose Executive Secretary , A Miller Business School Major Service Pin, Honor Roll, , jr, 81 Sr, Chorus, Bio. Squad, Li- Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, brary Rep., Library Squad, Lunch Leaders Club, Attendance Monitor. Patrol, G.O. Rep., Secy. to Teachers. Marriage 'ii 2 ':'-f' ' Private Secretary 1 ,ar A , M M K 'ni' 542.2 , Q ' we 1 'pn Q ., X.: f - W sw. .,., jj 'VM ,gr s iv Q, gvfjvi ' 331,25 V - fifwgf K i .Q BARBARA TRINKAUS Barbie Wagner Lutheran College Sr. Arista, Major Service Pin, Ger- man Club, Honor Classes, Spring Concert, Boosters, Honor Roll, Sr. Chorus, Library Rep., Library Squad, Progressive Party. Kindergarten Teacher JANICE TURNER Ping Irving Trust Co. Library Rep., Library Squad, Senior Council, Secy. to Teachert. Advancyn Business, ,f .' A! I 1, MMM. .L .L f M' I 1 LILLIAN TWETAN Tweety Secretarial School Secy. to Teachers, Pitman Awards. To do my best HILDEGARD UNGER Secretary Secy. to Teachers s Bo Lin n Uni ty o 1, . 84 S . Ch - de Relati C , eaders CA E VA H Club ac A. Biochemist J PAUL VELLA Work Locker Guard To be an auto mechanic EILEEN VENABLES Business Secretary to Teachers. Marriage THEODORE VICKERS Teddy Minor 8.: Major Service Pins, Gen- eral Science Squad, Program Comm., English Book Room, Secy. to Teach- ers. Engineer .1 .iv gf! at be S, Q' X f x Ns 9' '13 r Q ri Q, rs. i. -if is it . w hi Q- fi ' xr, s 1 Rr... Z .2 X ,N q ,f be-. , -. . Wifi, fl' ., . A, Q W Q if sys LORETTA VILL Secy. to Teachers, Sten. Award and Typing Award. ROSEMARY VILLANELLA College Honor Roll, Leaders Club, Gym As- sistant, Secy. to Teachers. MARCIA ELAINE VINER Honey Secretary to Teachers. Certihed Public Accountant ALFRED VINGELIS Fritz College Honor Classes, Library Assistant, Jackson Patrol. Chemical Engineering LYNN VON GERICHTEN Iggy Southern Seminary junior Chorus, Secy. to Teachers. To be a model HARRY VON HOLTEN Von Service Squad, Civil Service Test. RICHARD WAGNER Rich Hofstra Hall Patrol Guard. Mechanical Engineer LINDA WALDMAN Lyn Oswego Teachers College Late Oflice Squad, Gen. Sci. Lab Squad, Attendance Ollice Squad, Secy. to Teachers. MARIE ESTER VOGEL Work Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Hon- or Classes. CAROL VOLL Ca Secretarial School Swimming Assistant, Locker Guard. ANITA VOLLAND A.V. Jr. 8: Sr. Arista, Band, Minor 8: Major Service Pin, Pioneer Staff, Secy. to Teachers, Orchestra, Stu- dent Relations Council, Executive Oflicer, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, French Honor Roll. Theatrical Arts CAROLE VON BUHREN Vonnie G.O. Rep., Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers. PATRICIA WALDREN Pat Newman Club, Library Rep., Short- hand Certificate. To be a secretary BEVERLY WALKER Di ples Queens College Scho f rsing Secy. to Te hers, S t R ations council. QAM Nurse EVANGELINE WALKER Evange Cortland State Teachers College Secy. to Teachers. HARMON LEONARD WALKER Queens College Honor Classes, History 9, Chem. Squad, Bio. Squad, Physics Squad. Chemical Engineer JAMES WALKER Jungle Jim College Mimeograph Squad. Teacher BARBARA WALLING Bobbie Business Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep., Lunch Patrol, Marriage LORRAINE WAMIEY Lori Work Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. Marriage ROBERT JOHN WARNCKE Bob Work Baseball Team, Jackson Patrol, Eng- lish Honor. Accountant BARRY JAY WEISS College Lab. Asst., Reorganization Squad, Minor Service Pin, Senior Arista, Hickory Log Reporter Sc Editor, Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Printing Production Manager MIRIAM WEISS Mim Cortland State Teachers College Jr. Arista, Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Library Rep., Reorganization Squad, Program Comm. Kindergarten Teacher LAUREL WELLS Dale Bellevue Nursing School Jr. Sc Sr. Arista, Secy. to Teachers, Swimming Club, Basketball Club, Leaders Club, Senior Chorus, Hon- or Classes, Honor Roll, Minor Sc Major Service Pin, Library Squad. Nurse JUDITH WERTHEIMER Judy Secretarial School Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep.. Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Minor Service Pin. Private Secretary PARIS W. WATKINS College To be a man! ROBERT C. WEBB Spider Business Secy. to Teachers. To succeed CAROL WEIGAND Clerical Worker. Secy. to Teachers. HARRIET WEI MAR Har Queens College Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers, Program Comm., Senior Arista, Booster Club, Student Relations Council, Pioneer Staff, Progressive Party, Minor Service Pin, Lunch Patrol, Library Rep., Honor Roll, Math Tutor. To go to France HERBERT WEXLER Wexy Farmingdale Co-Captain Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, Tennis Team, Hall Pa- trol. To make a million dollars JEANNE WHEELE A C.C.N.Y. , 1 of Jr. Chorus, Orchestra, Sr. Arist ,ix fleadhrs Club, Secy. to Tfgcgigers, I.1unch,'GH'ird, Swimming Aysstk Honpi floll, Minor Service Pin, Musicf-inward. Certified Public Accountant JOSEPH B. WHITTEL Joe College Guard. Teacher BARBARA WHITTER Bahs College Senior Chorus, Swimming Asst. Nurse HELEN WIESENTHAL Work Secretary to Dean. ROBERTA WILDOW Airline Hostess Library Rep., Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll. To travel IRMA WILKINS Smily Kings County Nursing School Orchestra, Honor Classes, Booster Club, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Guard. Nursing NADINE WILKINSON Na Kings County Nursing School f ' Pediatric N'urse ' . J I. x CAROL DIANE WILSON Kar Delehanty's Law School Secy. to Teachers, Typing Certifi- cates, Medal for Gymnastics. Policewoman Secy. to T PAUL MICHAEL WODISKA Art Squad, Library Squad, Visual Aid Squad, Physics Squad. CHARLENE PATRICIA WOLF Charle Work Secy, to Teachers, Hall Guard, Library Squad. Marriage and children BARBARA ANN WILLIAMS Barbie Work Secy. to Teachers, Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Shorthand Certifi- cate. To live, love, laugh, and be happy JOEL WILLIAMS College Arista, Orchestra, Honor Roll, Hon- or Classes. WILLIAM WILLIAMSON Bill College jackson Patrol. Lawyer ARTHUR STEWART WILSON Adelphi College Herald Tribune Rep., Visual Aid Squad-Captain. Architect . Ro ' e ou e SANDRA R. WOLF Sandy Night School Honor Roll, Honor Classes, New- man Club, G.O. Oilice, Secy. to Teachers, Leaders Club. Marriage GERAL E WOLFF Jerri Universi Rocheste ' Mino a Axervi in, Honor Roll . Sc rist onor Clas S d, .O ., aff, P gressi rty, ch tr orough ssion ,Se . to Teac , jr. R r Rep., Betty cker ema Award, Essay Winner. To be a teacher and an author GEORGE WOLKOFF Columbia University Secy. to Teachers, Track Team, Journalism, Honor Classes. Pharmacist BARBARA WOLTERING Bobbie Hfork Shorthand Award, Secy. to Teach- ers, Attendance Otlice, G.O. Office. Private Secretary rf .fwfqg-was-xy:-w-r,',-5fng.p-rtsHq'q,,y ...-.1 , L ,wr RONALD KURT WORCH Ron Cornell University Honor Roll, Hall Patrol. Chemist JOHN WOUDSMA to Teachers Swimming Asst., College Civil Engineer PENNY YEDELL Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School Secy. to Teachers, Star Staff, Hon- or Roll, Honor English. To get married and live in the country BARBARA YESALONIS Babs Retail Buyer Secretary to Teachers. To go to Alaska I ' - 'i 'W' - V JOAN EMILY ZIEGENFUSS llziggyil Secretarial School Library Squad, Secy. to Teachers, Lunch Patrol. To always be happy and make others happy VALERIE ZIMMER , Val College A 1 44 ' 1, Ass sit nt ,e HAT o4LPione , C4 t. of g erf., S re ry EF' nivor A I J ', Can ' , 'for ecretary :bf , GQ3 Q n and W te PartyjlfVari y Sh Is, Dgjaieit P . to T ach- ers,1 onor G1 s i C 'us, I xfifghm Comnilfu it lt. tro , . Arista, Major Serv' celfnn. To be able to realize when I'm wrong HOWARD ALAN ZIMMERMAN N.Y.U. Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Co-Cap- tain Track Team. Engineer DOLORES ZIMMERMANN Secretary , Secy. to Teachers. Get married and have 4 children 'fi JUNE LOUISE ZAKIAN School of Medical Secretaries Honor Roll, Leaders Gym, Secy. to Teachers, Minor Service Pin, Pro- gram Comm., Hickory Log, Pro- gressive Party, Future Nurses Club, Lunch Patrol, Trinity Club, Boost- ers. ROBERT ZAMBARDI Bob College To go into the restaurant business with my father WENDY BARBARA ZARO Parsons School of Design Secy. to Teachers, Star Staff-Art Editor. Be an illustrator ROSLYN ZDROWITZ Roz Community College Honor Roll, G.O. Rep., Secy. to Teachers, Library Squad, Lunch Squad, Minor Service Pin, Pitman Award, Leaders Club. Executive Bookkeeper CAMERA SHY BARON, WILLIAM F. CADARR, WILLIAM CAINES, EVELYN CALLAN, FRANK CANINO, ARTHUR CARRARA, MICHAEL COHEN. JOYCE R. coLLETTI, FRANK cUsUMANo, VINCENT DRAssINoWER, BERTRAM EAUTECK, KENNETH KAPLAN, GLORIA ANN JACKSON, MARY J. LUPIANEZ, EDWARD NIELSEN, CAROL PACENTE, JOHN RANDLE, WALTER RoMANo, ROBERT SCHNEIDER, EUGENE SEALES, PAUL SEAMAN, ROBERT sMITH, CAROL TARTARO, WALTER TAUBY, ALICE BARBARA vALLABAREs, LEWIS vRABEL, ROBERT A. YESNER, MICHAEL Omagh: HO QU 2-Otgm 25 525052 2 h Emma N EE 05: DES E36 4 VEEUEOS OC -gi!-DH-N: ng HSE-N mm 8-Baum be mga N GBC OES :DES E fait: E5 BE M02 H EQ use Huw H A205 Bm H 555 asm 'sglm 05 no EL DE EO :S PCO? Dam 5,50 og was :Un SEL 5:01 an :3 E509 H EVEEO we 'ASEE N M: wr-Eiga 3553! Es Scuba -EOEWXSUM V-Goes? E 2-:Umm OH da: wie IUEOW U23 OF EN-GEO OIF Mouzmm :QOL E-E38 UEOUUD msehvm U85 it 41 UE V-S E503 E858 HE? H rim: ig HM F-msg QE E :Wg EOE - ra go um v-Hum M: wma-O :AE We E nee Its: N HBE S he we-3 miigam Q3 N m-U55 :E N pulse USES FEB 68 5:55 sw NADPH 229 8 025: EE :NB in 0:2 2 RF-Mmm 4 EE? EE EOS MQEEEU E HM OU :DH 82 gg 23 BCL wee .UEOW SOE! UF-L H023 N mt: Easy UUEWEOM RUBEN: -WEOUBM .gem E 50 Um OF Uwe?-W ARE N EE Utw-Gam OF M922 Us Bm 2 H53 :gh 20:3 uma mm 5563 Us is Q SSN E56 2 mEeUEOm um E296 2 UE no :S S E3 mm Us N: EE :Ev H : :BT 2 we-'Osh Q2 E-H gig- E gum 2 gsm 4 MESA mm Eta Us 5:3 He U33 MEEUES EO V-83 22-3 4 H-26:6 BU: :E we MO so U58 OH --Emi Q om 2 :Ng USE m DEE :Um H wg:-:E on ou FH ow As:-EE mv OU 8 ig agp. 23 UE EEE H H2 5 365- 5-LF -Sem ME N ml: N EEE-:OU wp-8 Hema uw as Iva Eczema! SEQ he H620 HUM OF DMSO: as 5 EE Uggzuw OF M-dozommom E3-U HO :Daw H83 2 an sg :S N55 be Q Soni ESS blo wgrsaom UUFE Us MO waz:-2235: .Egg N UE Em E3 HH QOEUEVU MAE 55:3 2 623 E BME :smug E E rg he Eu-3 mieuuaom are BN :Ea AQQUMQM -35253 03 :BSN V--83 HOU has :Um XE E Us S :awww 4 E5 EN 2 2:8 an E53 BEL ,Eos 2-O on :sm om A8555 mv Ou 2 gm NEFF 3,30 :-Oni:-E 3:3 ge 0:2 H-:EU H NES mee .595 305- ULF Bong :EERE ME N 2 Egg: UMHUEECQ EE Aw!-Eb Rm-:HSM H233 U5 we one ugw Us no Em OIF QED: Xa N HES 26335 out zqzmmumm QQ 'Swim EGRL ugh ggwszmmaw M-:veg ESE is gi gh agbwwm MEEQ :NE-Kai :mm 2-QQ ENS Mai-EQ gssgsm WQSNSIN ha BSSQ QNEEH :gil Nwwzou osx wks Swag getetw ACTIVITIES I ' I' 'I I U PIO EER STAFF EDITORS Editor-in-Chief-Ron Obenzingerg Associate Editors-Valerie Zimmer and Abbot Gelerterg Art Editor-Ellen Auslanderg Photography Editor--Kay Bramwellg Literary Editor-Sue Koslosky. W fri X3 Q' yflyikyx D. 71 ,M 1 PIONEER STAFF L. to 1.-Alice Himmel, Harriette Weimar, Alan Geller, Gerry Wolff, Esther Lehrer, Ilana Mirkin, Alison Fray, Marilyn Sindle, Lynn Bayliss, Dot Offer- mann, Janet Nack, Ruth Rapczyk, Renee Gray, Anita Volland, Lynn Platz. .W ' 3 lf' A 1:14 is Q , N E, , . 'K . Q A , aim' V.-WM L. .,. A ' all k A e M 7 F A . Q ,, 1 if 3 , 1:3 ' Q 1 ggtffsiiiiggifhxfryggflg 1 1 F, Q-rr., 5 BUSINESS STAFF L. to r.-Ruth Dalland, Judy Rosenberg, Nancy Stadelman, Marie McDer- mott, Mrs. Rose, Sponsor. HUMAN RELATIONS DRAMA WORKSHOP This new organization has as its parent body the Nation- al Council of Christians and jews. Started only six months ago, it has already given nu- merous performances for church and civic groups. Un- der the leadership of Mrs. Loring the group presents playlets illustrating prejudices in various walks of life. 70 BASEBALL TEAM Under the able leadership of their coach, Mr. Wrenn, jack- son's baseball team has high hopes for this year. The base- ball season for jackson starts simultaneously with the publi- cation of this year-book and the staff wishes the team the best of luck. BOWLING TEAM The Bowling Team, the newest team in jackson, under the leadership of Mr. Gott- mann, finished its first season with a .500 record. The sen- iors on the team are Kenny Stearns, Al Meyn, Bob Han- sen, Bill Prummel, Neil Campbell, Larry Mekelburg. There were several very fine games thrown by the high scorer, Kenny Stearns. Jean- ette Bauer is the manager. SWIMMING TEAM Jackson's swimming team, this past year, has maintained the same high standards it has displayed for the past decade due to the fine coaching of Mr. Smith. This year, eight mennen represented jack- son in the City Championship, establishing a record for jack- son's representation in this event. The team also placed second in Queens with a 6 8c 2 record. Carl Fredriksson is captain and jack Fuchs is co- captain. SWIMMING ASSISTANTS These girls and Mrs. Vogel teach girls how to swim. Their duties also include checking at- tendance and maintaining or- der in the locker room. They are able to use the pool at their leisure and have plus 15 added to their gym mark. LEADERS CLUB The Leaders Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Hil- bert, helps the gym teachers to coordinate games and teach dancing. They are a vital asset to the gym and are- indispens- able to the Health Ed. De- partment. V 7 1 FUTURE NURSES CLUB The Future Nurses Club has about 100 members. Its sponsor is Mrs. Meyerson Coe and its advisor is Mrs. john- son. Meetings are held every first and third Monday of the month. Speakers are often in- vited to contribute to the club's program. The members have contributed in the T.B. Patch Program and X-ray Pro- gram. Pat Colaprete is the president, and jill Leach, vice- president. 72 ' PHYSICS SQUAD Some of the jobs of the Physics Squad, under the su- pervision of Mr. Manning, are to show films, assist in lab ex- periments and keep the me- chanical devices in working condition. LIGHTING AND AMP SQUAD This organization is vital to any stage production and as- sembly program. It is under the direction of Mr. Ross with Larry Flynn as captain. They regulate the lights and special effects used in school produc- tions. wiifaytm GENERAL SCIENCE SQUAD The General Science Squad, led by Mrs. Hamberg, is re- sponsible for caring for the General Science Lab and its equipment. In addition, this busy group has the job of set- ting up demonstrations for the General Science Classes. BIO SQUAD The Bio Squad, under the supervision of Mrs. Peskowitz, helps to make our Bio classes very interesting. They prepare the experiments, draw charts and care for the animals that are necessary to the course. CHEM SQUAD The Chem Squad is respon- sible for assembling apparatus for class experiments. Under the direction of Mrs. Calde- rone, the squad prepares the necessary chemicals and then delivers them to the proper teachers. 73 STAR LITERARY STAFF The Star, which is the art- literary magazine, is under the leadership of Carolyn Dimeg- lio. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Reeve. The Star presents awards for the best literary works. 74 MIMEOGRAPH SQUAD The Mimeograph machines are serviced and used by this squad. The boys print all school notices, tests and mid- terms. They must be ready to work hard and quickly. STAR ART STAFF The Art Staff, with the help of Mr. Nussdorf, its sponsor, makes the Star more interest- ing and entertaining. The va- riety of illustrations created by this staff adds to the popu- larity of the Star. The editor is Barbara Heilman. BOY'S CHORUS The Boys' Chorus, jackson's all-male vocal group, is a pop- ular feature of school concerts and music assemblies. Miss Laverty gives the young Ca- ruso's special training in songs of masculine character. frlvf 'PM X USHERETTES Sponsored by Mrs. Brogran the Usherettes serve as hos- tesses at many school activities. The girls are IL to RQ Ruth Rapczyk, captain, Maryanne Paulsen, jane Kehoe, Dorothy Behr, joan Finley and joan Richards. HICKORY LOG Andrew jackson's school paper, The Hickory Log, is under the supervision of Miss Flynn. The editors-in-chief are Bill Stubing and Norma Eis- ner. The Log, which comes out once a month aims to bring all Jacksons news to the Jacksonites. It features editor- ials, the Hickory Poll, Locker Chatter and Log Rolling. This year the Log is in tabloid form. 75 BOOSTERS The Boosters, under the leadership of Ellen Blucher and Doris McNeil, are the spark of our student cheering. At every game our faithful Boosters cheer the teams to victory. The faculty supervisors are Dr. Mason and Mrs. Goodman. CHEERLEADERS The cheering squad, sponsored by Mrs. Goodman, attend all the meets and games and lead the crowd in our school cheers. They are the symbol of our school enthusiasm and spirit. Val Zim- mer is the captain. TENNIS TEAM The Tennis Team, coached by Mr. Ross, last year Won 3 matches and lost 2. Bill Richling was ranked third among all the tennis players in the city and Bill plus Joel Blatt comprised the number 3 doubles team. STUDENT RELATIONS COUNCIL The Student Relations Council was organized in May 1956 in order to foster good relations among Jacksons national, racial and religious groups. The Council is advised by Mr. Blatt and represented by executive officers: Erwin Bedarf, David Kresh, Yvonne Toles and Anita Volland. LATIN CLUB GOLF TEAM The third year Latin Cicero Club The Golf Team, consisting of jack- was organized by Mrs. Todd for those son's youthful putting fans, Hnished a students who had taken two years of successful season last year. Headed by Latin and desire to take the Three Year Mr. Gottmann, the team hopes to enjoy Latin Regents. similar achievement this term. GREEN AND WHITE Green and White is under the sponsorship of Mr. Schwarzenbach. Valerie Zimmer is the party manager. With the coming annual elections Green and White will work hard to Win. PROGRESSIVE The Progressive Party, under the supervision of Miss McKiernan, had a clean sweep this year. joan Finley is the party manager. In the coming elections, Progressive will try to remain in power. SENIOR ARISTA The Arista Honor Society includes those juniors and seniors who have shown outstanding participation in scholarship, character and service to the school. The student leaders are Steve Rhodes, Dottie Offermann and Carol Silber, secretaries Val Zimmer and Sue Groner. Mrs. Johnson is the advisor. JUNIOR ARISTA Students in their second year are eligible for membership in junior Arista. The qualihcations are similar to those of Senior Arista. The student leaders are Steve Temlock and Judy London. Mrs. Johnson is the advisor. BAND The Andrew jackson Band is under the direction of Mrs. Gluck. This stu- dent group provides an outlet for the musically talented pupils in jackson. The band plays at our assembly programs, concerts and music shows. There are no string instruments in the band. ORCHESTRA The orchestra under the leadership of Mrs. Gluck does a wonderful job of making our assemblies and concerts more enjoyable. The strings, wood- winds, brass, and percussion instruments are finely blended under her baton. JUNIOR CHORUS junior Chorus prepares young Jackson singers for membership in the scl1ool's senior vocal group. Under the direction of Mr. Faerber, the chorus participates in assemblies, the Christmas program and the annual Spring Concert. v In ,. is ww. I S SENIOR CHORUS jackson's major vocal ensemble, the Senior Chorus, consists exclusively of upper termers. Led by Miss Laverty the group performs at assemblies, the Christmas program and the annual Spring Concert. THE SOUTH QUEENS CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM The Basketball Team, coached by Mr. Grummond, is one of the school's leading sports attractions. This year the team won the South Queens Championship with a final game total of ll won, 3 lost. After defeating both Flushing and Port Richmond in the City Champ eliminations, they partic- ipated in the City Champ Quarterfinals at Madison Square Garden. First Row, fL to RQ: Don Strong, co-capts. Don Stokes and Bill Richling, Bob Ford, joel Blatt. Second Row: Coach Mr. Grummond, Charlie Curtis, Dave Addison, Ray Sommerstad, Bill Hirst, Tom Monteiro, jim Drake, Hughie Nash, Richie Walsh, Manager Ronald Stephens. THE CITY INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP TRACK TEAM In winning the Indoor City Track Championship this term's Track Team, coached by Mr. Blatt, became the first in P.S.A.L. history to win all three city championship running titles-the Outdoor Track Championship. the Cross Country Championship, and the Indoor Track Championship. The Winning of the Indoor Championship climaxed the team's most success- ful indoor season to date. The point scorers in the City Championships were jim Cato, Dan Schultz, Doug Dobbs, Ken Riley, Neville Christian, Ivan Kaplan, Robert Stephens, Sam Mooney, Harold Wilson, Ed Bell, and Art Crichlow. Besides scoring in the Cities Ken Riley ran the 600 Yard Dash in the fastest time ever run by a schoolboy indoors, lZl3.9 and the Mile Relay Team, com- prised of Art Crichlow, Doug Dobbs, Neville Christian and Ken Riley, ran the fastest time in P.S.A.L. history, 3:26.l. The Track Team has truly given the school a twentieth birthday present! THE CITY CHAMPIONSHIP CROSS COUNTRY TEAM For the second consecutive year the Cross Country Team has captured the City Title. This repeat was mainly due to the return of four of last year's top runners. They are Ken Riley, Neville Christian, Ivan Kaplan and Bill jaker. Andy Maceda, a freshman, rounded out this year's City Championship scorers. Ken Riley placed second out of over 300 runners in the City Champ race. The same live mentioned above also combined to win the Queens Cross Country Title. Ken Riley again placed second. Some of the team's other members include Doug Dobbs and Sam Mooney. Last Will and Testament We Leave A seat in the stock exchange .. . . Sheckles ............... . . 40 electronic computers .... A box of chalk ......... A bigger Volkswagen .... Some chewing gum .... A richer G.O. ...... . A secret entrance .... ............, Some coffee to go with his puns The Grand Canyon ............. A new key ........... A zoot suit .... An S.S. stub ................. An album of Cha-Cha records .... A class of students .,.... . . . An automatic midterm marker .... A class that reads the newspaper .... An automatic keyfinder ......... A private line to the truant officer A polka dot vest ................ . A good theme ................... An electronic program computer .... . . A Pioneer Staff as nice as we ...... We leave ................ Cigarette lighters .... A pencil box ....... Earmuffs ....,... Wandering eyes .... Locks .......... For Miss McKiernan .. Mr. Hammer . .Mr. Schlumpf Mr. Wulf . . .Mr. Jacobson . . . Mrs. Reeve . . . Dr. Mason . .. The Deli . . . Mr. Shapiro . . Mrs. Charlton . . Mr. Goldman . . . Mr. Mercer .. . Mrs. Kasius . . . Mr. Safran . . . . Mr. Singer . . .Mr. NVeisman . . . Mrs. Grehan Mrs. Calderone . . . Mr. Deutsch . . . Mr. Engoron . . . Future Pioneer Staffs Miss Styles . Mrs. Sammarco .. Miss Bonawit Teachers' rest rooms . . . . . . Mr. Hunekee . . . . Mrs. Gluck . . . . Mr. Blatt . . . . The lockers Lgutographs . .iii 6.1 -l--.. ? '- -1: x Q Z Z Z Z2 7 5 QS Six M .Ill W' T3 -' X 'X fl...+'- --f 'Way L X ffw Q2 Z4 42 9 7 24 DQV S 'V X y f? f az f X A... fff LAurel+on 8-7853 We Deliver HENRY ZIMMERMAN Hosienv - Accessomes - sPoRT WEAR FANCY GROCERIES - DELICATESSEN CQRSETS Table Luxuries, Home Made Salads. Frozen Foods Clam Chowder and Fish Cakes on Fridays 230-'4 MERRlCK Bl-VD' Laurellon' L' l 230-I7 I4ls+ AVENUE Laurellon, L. l. LAurel+on 8-4453 Near Francis Lewis Blvd PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 1957 INTENSIVE BUSINESS COURSES PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE DRAKE 2 SCHOOLS in QUEENS DAY - NIGHT - 'AFTER BUSINESS' Classes Now Forming - Ask for Catalog SECRETARIAL - STENO 81 TYPE - COMPTOMETRY - BOOKKEEPING 90-53 SUTPHIN BLVD. JA 6-3835 COMPLIMENTS - of - BOHACK FOOD MARKETS SERVING LONG ISLAND SINCE naar' COM PLIMENTS - of - CRAFT 8. BRUCIA INC. 58 IRVING PLACE Woodmere, Long Island l. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Known wherever Ihere are Schools and CoIIeges CLASS RINGS and PINS Commencemenflnvifalions - Diplomas - PersonaICards Club Insignia - Medals 8cTropI'1ies MR. WILBUR G. PFORR 52I FIFTH AVENUE New Yorlc I7, N. Y. COLLEGIATE CAP and GOWN CO. 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York I , New York Manulacfurers of CHOIR ROBES - BAND OUTFITS - ACADEMIC CAPS GOWNS and HOODS - SPECIALTIES BEST WISHES from GALE STUDIOS INC. I62-I9 JAMAICA AVENUE Jamaica, N. Y. OFFICIAL SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS for THE PIONEER of I956 FINE PORTRAITS and WEDDINGS OUR SPECIALTY FLoraI Park 4-0079 VAlley Sfream 5-4747 Ion 8-7760 EDWARD J. MURPHY SCHEBLEIN BROS. BAKERY SERVICE STATION CAKES FOR ALL OCCASIONS U-I-IAUL TRAILER FOR RENT 207-O5 LINDEN BLVD. Sl, Albans. N. Y. Millions say: N body can make Ice Cream like Breyers ICE CREAM fr ff ,e 5 af Long Island Cify, New York 537 W. MERRICK ROAD Valley Sfream, N. Y. I85 FRANKLIN AVENUE Franklin Square, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS . of . CHARLIE and CLINT I I , n I I I I I QLJEENSBOFRC SCHOOL U Sound training for the superior secretarial and junior executive position. Also courses in all types of modern business machines-Individual promotional plan-Supervised oFIice experience-Successful placement bureau. We extend to you a cordial invitation to attend a full program of classes before registering. DAY and EVENING SESSIONS CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST BEGIN ANY TIME 160-16 JAMAICA AVENUE, JAMAICA 32, L. I. JAmaica 9-1981-1982 Over half a century of successful experience is our guarantee of pre-eminence E M A R COMPLIMENTS - of - AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL A 8 P Licensed by State of New York LEARN TO DRIVE X Safely Thru Traffic T L' B l 28 K V W PERCIVAL E. MORRIS - Direclor . R! Q -.5 , OLympIa 7-5500 FUOESTORESE all-no FARMERS BLVD. S12 Albans, N. Y. MERRICK PAPER STOCK IO7-45 MERRICK ROAD Jamaica. L. I. I I LA 8-5093 Telegraph Delivery l ROSEDALE Communlfy FIorIsT I FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Nursery and Garden Supplies 245-O6 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. y Rosedale 22, L. l. I THIS IS YOUR LIFE CAMBRIA RADIO and TV 224.I2 LINDEN BLVD. CANDLE LIGHT INN WE CATER TO ALL AFFAIRS 77-30 I64Tl'T STREET JAmaica 3-988i Flushing 66, N. Y. T JTO-AN'S THE STORE OF TOMORROW IBB-I3-I7 LINDEN BLVD. Cambria HGIQIWIS ll. N- Y- LAurelTon 5-0346 ST. Albans, L. l,, N. Y. , I-IINscI-I's DELIcATEssEN EDW- KATT l FLORIST WHEN HUNGRY EAT AT HINSCH'S I The Sign of Flowers Beaufifulu W II5-70 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. '80 I9 LINDEN BLVD , 5 'A'banS- NY- LA 8-2068 I 6+ sf. Albans RR. s+a+I0n l LAUVSIIOH B-2715 RI-IDOI-F FAI-KI PVOP- A S+ore WITII A Repufafion Unsurpassedn CAMBRIA BAKE SHOP QUALITY BAKED PRODUCTS Calces for All Occasions 223-03 LINDEN BLVD. Cambria Heiglwfs ll, N. Y. LAurell'on 8-5344 Jewelry and Diamonds A. TOMINOVICH EXPERT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING J Sole Agenf for Hamilron and Omega Wafclwes I90-O9 LINDEN BLVD. Sf. Albans, L. I., N. Y. S T E I N E R ' S PERMANENT LINOLEUM PLooRs I Il-22 JAMAICA AVENUE Vlrginia 9-I773 Richmond Hill IB, N. Y. Complimenfs of . . . NATIONAL SCHOOLCRAFTERS 396 BROADWAY New Yorlc Cify Complimenls of . . . MARANS PHARMACY SPRINGFIELD BLVD. Cor. II2+II AVE. HOllis 4-7777 G R O S S M A N DRY eoons STORE I99-I5 LINDEN BLVD. Sl. Albans I2, N. Y. HOllis 8-0960 HOllis 4-7045 SUPPORTA'S BEAUTY SALON BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Specializing in PermanenTs and Hair Coloring II3-55 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. Oueens Village Closed Monday-Open on Holiday Week LAurelTon 5-9492 Air Condifioned JOE'S BARBER SHOP 4 EXPERT BARBERS IN ATTENDANCE Booiblaclc -:- Manicure 227-04 MERRICK BLVD. J. CASTELLANETA Laurelfon I3, N. Y. JOHN CORDES DELICATESSEN SALADS - HOME COOKING 22I-O7 LINDEN BLVD. LA 8-ZI39 Cambria Heighfs Il, N. Y. LA 8-l498 ROSEDALE TAXI SERVICE 245-O8 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. Rosedale 22, L. I. INexl' To Florisfl PRINTED sv Taz Comzr Pluass, INC., 200 Vnxcx Sr., N1-:w Yonx I4 N Y 'QP wfb' .. V ..-M , , 11' V I A ' . ,' , r-A i . r 1 K 1 V V Y , X . 1 ' w 1 w P l Y 4. if I -1 -gr--W, Q 1 X M-'W . g WM x vpywfx . ' fe 5 ,.,,a-'lf' ,-3323, SAM WM X x mx vJw,,x,7xM , m . X V ...gff ,,,.,.. MW'-f.z,. - FQ N A xx hx W Q A., A X 'mx X, ' Xxx' M-1 - w. w xk , xg. XX . ' 'XK N . K V,:- 'L Q ,XX . A ,..f'k ' x X xx. .. J 1 V f .+ ' .f- Q L4 ,wa . XY knhx- M. kLW . i , E N43 W ' Q fy 3 3 'f . 9 E 3 2 2 . If W I . 4 r g . h A' M.,,QAN. ll 6 XA! .mii N K ,XS R 1-Q avg f 5 I Yi ...A 0 '--'--.- we I I -my 1... ,, Q? E1 K i . vw' 2+ W ,.-fr' ' Ei L f is , H5 . ' .v R fi f .pw 331- 3 Q ,M E 1 A . www e , m,,,.- ...,..,.-fl Fggwgy, ., VN, If kv ,i , Q 'X' Y ' , ' A if Y' .N K .. , ar l it M fx . g , . Arg L ,. , . g N , A Mn' f 1 L, ' K. -X K- fn in K A,s..w,., W- A .X f- t. W PF Q.. X'f g' L 5 . W.. ' Qfwf . , f. .ff 3:1 J. .1 y if i 1 .. fy. A , 2f31'f ffif fL'ffx . , . ,. . Md A Y Mhxiiw . . L' ' 'K K W Q'Af ' ' f 'L -gi X' f' : ' ,mx aw- - .. ., .X A. . ... , f . .. . ,.w,.,M,.. A. 4,4 1.'fN1 F. ima- J' qw if gnuimm A it K we-,pa Q. .r.b.4:r..-Wnu.,,f--M-w.9mww-nuffndmfi-. .umm --.,M3J-N .ff mwmw W 0 -was , f af an Q 1 . ,N -rv W A N . 4 6 ,Q '. Y 1 - Y ' I . . . W 1 - T' . ww - gn 2 - N-M . - .- E--ggi-ESSJ, I X M A k ',-. 2 f ,g k 7' ,X - , L' 'k45'! i'w 45 ' V ' AJ' -1' . V 'K wg, . - 2- ,i N31 -K Lf A -'ii . A 7' 'Q' m f Q.. if 1 ' ' -A 'fA:4'3i..iX?' fn'-1f fffffwe . ,M ' -4- f r A , 5 - W . fj'Y '1.. 15, '. . ' f-'fii-L1fM'. ' ' LW an Q-A YW J .QQ .f-,jf ' ' W kg ' 1 1f245,,V'm.-Q 'Q PQ X 'L . . .,. 9 Q .kk Vx 55 Ruiz ,F if .V in K: E. A. S I . ,Q W vi! . ' -wff, yg:f1+..1wfw M, . 3. f . A fgyg W - . . ini yy . ' iv K i 'VQKVW -' - - K. .fix 57 v' nf- A ' ' 7 Nseppgq wf'QfV1?f ,, i 1 -W .L - J. . 4. H A, - Y. , , f i 'hi ga - .S

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