Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 67 of 108
Page 67 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 66
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Page 67 text:

.az Wwe MARGARET VOLL J ' y" College Locker Guard: Minor Service Pin: Swimming Club: Bowling Club: Sec'y to Teachers To be as happy as my folks Happy and gay come what may. KATHERINE VON DOHLEN "Kay" Secretarial Position Arista: Major Service Pin: Basketball: Dancing Clubs: Program Committee: Sec'y to Mrs. Bernstein To visit Hawaii She's a true Jacksonite, sweet but shy. We all adore her, we all know why. ELEANOR ifrrnqeiii I' 'Nurse ij.: ,Lf ". iSec'y sto 'lNIn.5 Gfeenberg. ir. Bass Minot-, iyrajof seliwife ritnsgdgo. Rap. Receive my Rf N., see fthe world, and have a lzaplby' marriage Sil nc 's.s veeter than spee h. War, Wt I ANITA Voss djuyyfo College ' L Sec'y to Mrs. Brogan: Minor Service Pin: English Honor Class: Honor Roll: Bowling Club To marry Lucky are those who call her friend. THELMA IVACHSMAN College Sec'y to Mr. Toder: Lunch Guard: Glee Club About her we can truly say That she has always been o.k. ELEANOR IVALKER "Rusty" Marriage Science Lab Squad: Lunch Patrol Private Secretary It's a girl with a smile Who's always worthwhile. JOHN WALLACE "Johnny" Mechanic Locker Guard: Newman Club To be a mechanic is his aim, YVe're sure he will reach that fame. ll J, 1 grea uy and wrmAlly. . I 1 I J' ,J MARIE IVALSH College Honor Roll: Major Pin: Program Committee: Newman Club: History Forums: Sec'y to Teachers Vitality and personality are a fine com- bination. A fl MARY WALSH I Nursing - , Ja' . 'y t MILD' e , Mr. Haller: K?Ej Log' R,Prog' sive Party: PI-Rfnor ' ' I To 1 '1 4 bef 1 y God, and . 5- Ili we A A broad smile, sh 's 1 rriest the crew. -Q CYRIL YVARSHAYV Best of luck, always. PEGGY ANN YVASHINGTON "Bunny" College Library Rep.: Library Squad To teach commercial sulzjects Goodness me, did you ever see a girl so sweet and clever? Log' Mrs. Rep., 0 HHPPY Merrie brighten every 'Blondie' a r am house Shes a You niuxt she's a wonderful ga . JOSEPH IVEIGERT "Ace" College and job Art Club: Sec'y to Mrs. Boehm and Mr. Cashin Make a success of my life I-Ie's the "Ace" of the pack. DORIS WEINER "Dee" College Arista: Minor Service Pin: Lunch Pa- trol: School Play: Sec'y to Miss Rossi, Miss Morley, Miss Koehler To be a success in zuhateifer I do Always happy, never blue XVe know y0u're ambitions will come true. y y 6 3 Clubs .

Page 66 text:

HELEX 'lHliOlJOR1i "Hel" S1'1 1'f'1UI'i' Seev to Miss Fnbelg Honor Roll T11 111111'1'v ll 1111111 115 g111111 115 111v 171111 .11111 111' 11.x s11'1'11 11.9 111v A111111 .X grzintl gal ,X swell pal l'.X IRICIIA THIMIZ "Put" I.l3.1lI. f,II67'll101' 15.0, Rep.g Seei lo Teaehersg Lll1l'2ll'k Rep.: .Xltendzinee Ofliee T11 11111111116 R1'111111'111111l's ,45s1.SI11111' .X quiet girl that everyone knows, She leaves 1111 impression vvlierevei' she goes. RICZHARD 'I'HOR'liON I'11il1'11 .S'!1111's N111f111 K111' lel'XI'17'l' 111 I"111v11 li1'11111'll I"11'111 'I'11 111' Il 111111111 U111'1'11I111' "Dick" .Xl play and in lllS-l0l1, lle'll zilwzivs he zlhoxe the niob. .K ' .V. A f-. ff H K H 2- ,1L11.'jj5"zl."'f? - l'l'2lll l V I u I M111-'r111gw f Speeiql flhoiusg ,'S,l'l'X Po 'lefltlltglwg Swirl-yliiiiig 61111113 Cilieifi. Pulp Squhflg Clee Kill lm 'ii V ' 1' 'l'11,b1' 11111 fini 111 1'1gl1il' 1111: ,If11111l11 IIi1111'11si1111.g X' ' lllailj, shc liflt the liiltliflill. , KV !. V. 'l'0Rll0RU l'ORNQX'lS'l "l11l1v" I"11J11i1111 lI1111.v11lI1111l Sldlllllllillg' .Xss'lg l'illll'l'gCllIy Room Ass'l: Se1'v to Mrs. Gootlinzin. Miss Newinzin. Mr. Clark T11 111111 1111pj11111'x.v 'lil' 111111111 g111111 f111 11ll11'1'.s .X heart so ll'llC N'e alll lox e voll. N it . 11 11. Q' ii S W N . . N if trol: Of books For here's all TIQRESA 'IBRIOLO HK1lllCIllZililIlg' Depl.: Lunch brzirv Rep.: Seev to Teaeliers T11 get C111 1lI.R.S. 111'g1'1'1' .X little joy, a little cheer, Were zilivuvs glad when Terrv's near. RUBICR1' 'l l'RCfO'l"l'l'i "Bob" .ll111'1111'x Y. .X. Stpizid tlllllfl' Il 1111111111 11111111115 Bob vvill he ll success in unvtliing he iimlertzikes. 62 ibn eo. X X Q s SX 'X X Q N ' et i11Xi BA BA OM "Bobbi" .' 'UN 'I ' on ll. .5 'ec'v 'l'ezieliers "1 " " 11" S ll stnili ' trough life's every l I .xlli achieve her gozil to hc one of the best. GEORGE UNDER!-IILL T1'1c'p1101lf' C11111j11111y T11 be j11'esi11e11l of t111' FOIIIIIIIIIB' He'll never be a loss If he is hired as Z1 boss. ROBERT VAN OSTEN .1141 Sr1111111 69.0. Rep. T11 lIIIl1'l"X' 1111' B11ss's 111111g111111' .X hne spirit of determination XVill carry von far in the vocation. lfI.0Rl'1NCIli VAN RIPICR "Flo" f3'lll'l'lI.Y fI11111'g1? .xl'lSl2lI l.e111lers Club: Major "ju: Minor Service Pin: H. lid. .Xss'tg Honor Kllzlssesg Se1"v lo 'llC2lfllCl'S 'I'l1 111'1'111111' Il S1'11111'11 xlfflf enle :ind very siveel. "Flo" Sllllllly Cilllll be heal. DOLORICS VAN YVICKICI. "Dee" Ii11.s'i111'.vs Secfy lo Mis. leillin: l,lllll2lIl Typing Clerliliezllesg Generztl St'lClll'L' Squzul T11 1111111' f1'i1'111l.x, fllll 111111 f111l11111' She's the grzmtlesl girl in every way. "Vet" GD111'g'1',', ' it 4 Jifrzuek ' '2llIlQlLllIN'll :ind jackson Pa- lro Se1"v to .Mrsf Boelnn: Honor C. assesg x'l'flJfgI'Zll:l1 Committee M11tt111'wf2sl:l4 l Get to'know him, take our advice, He's so much fun and verv nice. MARY VICHOT "Mare" Singer See'v to Mrs. Ringler Full of life, full of fun, .Xlwavs pun. Del' Basket-

Page 68 text:

1 i Ri1c11x,x XVEISENBLOONI A-Reggie" b V-1 Leaders Clluhg Major "Star" Staff: ' Lunch l'atrol1 Sec'y to Teachersg Honor K Q fff fl 1 -A "-V, C113 :incl bright. X is "': tt ..Qx . - 3' i If X I 'X 1' 1 s SsRY3'?sA .yous XYIZISS ' Collpge f 5 Pi ieerg Ho r-Rollg r " ssesg fb X till ,I Bas e lf ' .H Ed. Q" f ' KT f, it 1 trol V ' ' fT1 111' ll lung Si? 1 s Us A great s he's hound to he. . GICORGIC wi-11'1tz1Q1, . . College s M O frllllllll V. .X.Sq11z1cl X - 5 X A X i f I'jlf'1'I11111l 1':lIgllll'1'I' X if N FL 55 CQeo1'ge wzitits lo he Zlll eiigiiieer. ' Ilt-'ll he oiit-f--114-it-1' fezu. ,ii AX 11 A . A N 1 i ANIJRICIC Wli'l"TliR1Xll H!xl'lllt'H ffllflfllllll Stall' 'I'1'11rl11'1'.v College K - i Arising l,L'klflCl'Q1h1ill0f Pin: 2 Minot 'L K "j's"g Sefy to Miss lVo.ike :tml Mr. f sm NVziIcrsg'Uy111 Asst 'I'n l1r'A1u'1'f'.v.sful 111111 111111 l111j1j1i111's.s 111 !'1'I'7'VflIfllg I 11111v 110. ,WV if .'N1'11it"s smile wziriiis ewlw lieairl. v K levi-:INN 'll.l.l.XN 'O "iam-" ll'r11k 1111111 11' 11's 'Q ' lloiior 4 St llill"l Iluhg Sefi' to ' lliC2lilll'l'.. I ll vicsqiil Ss: I.il1t'i:Ux it R . NJ! 'lx ag' X P 11 wfi W1-1!1'11zfz'l I9 fol'1'i1f11 111 il l ' Q i 1 J . i ' I wpf' vs-A . She sure lrcoiilie hrough with flying colcrs in' xllX1:1iei'e she cl! es. 1 l VIEAQ 1111 mSON Co i1'e'.il1c'1'1 wa V1 ' ' Qjfmivs: 1-3 H ench- erst HVXC . S: e ers th T iakf 1 1 Gofll 1 fam! if 111 Iy- sflf 1711121259 1 1 Q dertakizgs ire l alwaj ' ugk ith 7 s Il teacl . s'1e'll he :it he h s. J DONALD XVILLS "Don" Make-11111 Artist or Designer Quiet. yet oh so nice! A Ryu J , mt: T N HR' L?"1x1,1f' -Ayxfoll 'ei' X Yarsit Su' ninx run: Sees to Nlr. Ons fin, B II Eu en. Miss Eckert ' szzrfess V 'll suim in the pool of sticccss. 64 X sx it Me ,- ......l.i..4- NLXRYIN XYOI,lfG,XXG Const Gllllffl Bzuul: Guzu'dg Science and Nlox ie Squad In the future l1e'll possess The rewards of sticrcss. PRISCILLA XVOOD "l'ris" P1Ij'Sil't11 Erlzlrrltimz 'Tt'I1l'lI!'l' Yztrsityg Lezitlers: Major :ind Minor Letters: Minor Service Pin To teach Pliysiful Ed. is her zunhition. XN'e're sure she'll excel in this position. i1B1si1 s S111 V ' Cl K. gvlf " Mc u' c' C. p.: F If fl 1 . it -' ' m lr A ' A' ' 1 ' J e has always he i . '. N l 1 , ,, AA 1- f ' ' 1 , ,, I 1 ,lee 1 lllltl , 1 'ec' Mr. ncke rl ll ' 11Q1 IIUY lot Ll ii . ll ulx' .ix sh . 0 lx Rfjlglhllvlv YVUZNI.-XK UXVOIZYH 'IY1 I11'1'r11111' Il 1'11il1'0111l f'11gi11r'r'1' Illlll see II11' If. S. 1111111 Ihr' N111 of my lorr1111r1ti11c llis rozul Iezitls to sure Slll'1'CSS. 1 - 'i lflnflh-IJ6'iKlm,l'lNa3' , "mite" YIQPII1' lluuds X ' Slot tt halts. I 1sc'i11,wSPlss llrziiiil- friu, CI' 3 llrlvlqkflfg, Cluhg ling- igb, IA 1111 l l" 5 t , , To mar 1 guuvgrifl liw' llllflflffj' r'm'r fler , l Hziir of hlo1il'l'e. eyes ol' blue, ,Ks 21 lNe11tl,'sl1e's fillllllvlll :intl true. '1 I1I,QQEZkNI1X1li AN ,RJ Hoi" 13 IMI ess 5' gel Nh? BCllCl1faX l'nglish and Stcn. Clertilifatesg Lihfary Squatlg Honor'-Cdrtilirzilcs I,7'f'1lIlfC .S'rfc1'elary ,Xn asset to any ofhce. PHYLLIS ZIMMERMAN "l'hyl" Iiusiness Seey to Mrs.'BenenfeldgLihrary Squad: Typing, Sterf. gerhhcatesg Honor Cer- umpes 1.1-I ie Pri 1 gexirrtag' I W ff . jqice-35,5 'lflHll, A frien to itll. ROSENIARIE ZOTTA "Bun" College Sec'y to Mr. Bass, Mr. Cohn, Mrs. Ifonerg Swimming Cluhg Minor Service Pin To fIi111I1 the Matterhorn May she never stop tmtil she reaches the top.

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