Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 59 of 108
Page 59 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 58
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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 60
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Page 59 text:

MARIE PIQMILIA Secretary Honor Roll: Secretary for Mrs. Charl- ton Midget race car driving A good secretary she wants to be And a good one she'lI make, you'll see. DOROTHY RADIN "Dotty" College "Hickory Log'l Eclitorg Leaders Clubg Minor Service Ping Gym Ass'tg Hebrew Culture Clubg To be successful in all I undertake Shes just bubbling over with such goodwill That it's hard to keep her sitting still. e. ?3?'f Tl "fill Q5 i EYI EM. 'HAUdY " Pr vai Secretary Cirl's Varsityg Minor Service Ping Sec'y to Mrs. Poetzg Leaders Clubg Lunch Patrol To love every nzonzent I live A sweet gal A wonderful pal. LOUISE RAU "Lou" College Leaders. Volleyball, Basketball Clubsg Honor Classesg Minor Service Pin A girl worth knowing, A friend worth having. ml CAR f I "Chico" I e ct ' 1 K y V Q ZIV, TH' OIIT WHY to SUCCESS. fa ' . yy., I 1 I ' 4 . , I. , , LOIS REICHLE , " Private Secretary 5 Secretary to Mrs. oseg "Log" typist and Reporterg Honor Englishg Library Assistantg Typist Reorganization Squad Marry a swell sax player Success is her password. .ff EDWARD REIHER L'Edclie" Queens College and Cornell Bio Squadg Math Tutorg Lunch Squadg jackson Patrolg Program Committee Be a veterinarian Ed is a guy with ready wit In any league he'll be a hit. C. OL ' ER "Ca" S etary eer e ' to T ' hers onor ollg ri h 5 T ing tificateg G a hi rty z be wona' n mom ull pep, pus a d 0, ha s why people I her so. it 3. , 1 1 1 S 3,1 slr X .. f A x ,Auf QQ fs: f xx S N N 6-.1 X Xxx Q V. . my 5 , ' if X we xbass Q beak-f .,,gif,.AfS V! ALAN RICHARDS Cornell Veteriiiarian Good luck with all the knowledge which you're sure to gain at college. CATHLEEN RICHARDSON "Cathie" Nurses Training Srlzool Library Sq.g One Year Bowling Clubg Private nurse and to get married She'll spend her time dressed in whiteg Making aches and pains all-right. JACK Rlfilb-IQHI College 'I . Engineer He'll soar on w' s oi' e. Ai r F C iUlliQl1'5i'ifUff"+ 9 "Johnny" Colle ' Captwa W. 5 L Patrolg juni rch. Se i 1.3 Scc'y H. Ed. Doclor I-Ic's go the right formula for success. BARBARA RIEDMANN "Bobby" Coirzjitonzeler operator Library Assistant To travel 'I'he sweetest girl that one can know. AUDREY PHYLLIS RIIZVES "Audie" Hofslra College Leaders Clubg Basketball Clubg Sec'y to Teachers I wish, I can, I will-these are the three trumpet notes to victory. LORE'I"I'A NI, RIORDAN "Imogene" Nurse Honor Rollg Newman Clubg Tennis Clubg Sec'y to Teachersg Prog. Comm.: Minor Pin To see the world A friendly smile, gladly bestowed. BARBARA RIZZONE "Bobbie" Gr i to business Speci horusg Sec'y to Mr. Ornstein, Mr. Han ier, Lunch Patrol Go to b suess and get nzarrierl Good uck, ie, I your bitions. .6 V . Q 55

Page 58 text:

ROBIQR I' P,XSS.XX.XX'I' Best ol' l.ucL! I X 1 ii ' tffyyifllfb lil.l' lili' PX ' JN "Belly" jet "t. t 'IV' 'Q Swimr ' Bas- " 1 ,A 'un 1 Clubl W and ' ll' Imp ' llll 1 'C l lif till: c Nc Xgsv Payty Y I I l ' rr ' f' 'el.9yJ Her li ends r e rn y her enemies nc ne. at Slref' liked by ll lull of fun. RlCH,XRlJ l'.Xlll,SON "lJic'lQ" ffullrgr: or Illllflhlllllll .lacltson Patrolg Seoy lo Rlr. Clashin SM' Illr' zitoflrl NIZIY you lrzrxel along the lriglrwzry to strut-ss. 7 . 1' 'Nw' .S1'rr1'lnry l.lllltll Roonr Squzulg linglish llonorg Sec'y lo Nlls. Kasius 'l'o gel llllllflfll Ol all tht' tlrarrnrs she does possess, 'lhe best ol' :ill is lfriendlint-ss. P X fl l1l..Xl'Dl.X l'l'Il'l'QRlilN "Gland" If11.tim'.s.x .School Senior Chorus: Bowling Club: I.ibrzn'x Stall: tllee Club nlirlim' I1o.wlt'.xx Mary you llx with the wings of SIICCCSS. .XNILIRLO Pli'l'Rl'ZlliI.LO "-lr." College Dranraticsg Radio XVork Shopg Bio Squadg Lunch Patrol: Swimming Sec- retary Find llll' "Pol of Gold" 111 the and of flu' raillllozt' When you do, you will reach success. -IOHX PHILBIN lin to work jackson Patrol One swell fellow we all say, 'lhey don't come like him exery day. lilillt l'Hll.l,lPS "Bet" .llorlel or colrmmisl linglish Honor: Secs to Mrs. Kasiusl Library Squad: Lunch Patrol: 0.0. Rep. sfmrrllring old. Sflfllctlrirrg neu' Smnrllzirrg l:orrozt'f'rl, snnrellring blur Shes clrarnring. and gay She'll steal your heart away. 5-I ty ' Q iss. axswsk is A X iiigj- X K S if s ' . K- 5 I t fs . - Q ., 4 ' if Q .., 4' .1 - s . K - E., 1 f f 5 S g s me-4 5 ' A it'..s..k 1 t , 4 ,X ' 5 ,t, X if lm f ,f ., ' EQ ' In ,fi ' vp. can 1- w . L e W ? 5 -I 1 q "'S5'4rw . r Xj- Sai.. i ss. 'US X259 L. R - sg. N -nz,-Ns k f .1 X -A t Q .. ...ij . A" 1 F , X s W s x Q K Y' X x ' 'E . X t R 'E JOYCE PIPP ll'0rk Varsity Play: Special ilhorusg Clubs: Minor Sec'y to 'leaclrersg Glee Club To nzaintain my "Rav" of lrnppiness Short and Sweet. YVILLL N PISCIOK ' WO A, Bill" CW 04' ,' Se 1 fIrr g 1 rfh Patrolg Hoi r Roll: ty -Sh ' ' Dr. and play fl ff it ' Olllllly Smith Hay you strurn our tv ' success. ROBERT PL.-XNSKER "Boll" C.C,N.l'. Track Team: Lunch Patrol lingincer Bob really deserves the success That is sure to be his. liI.ll.'Xl5li'l'll POST "Betty" To he Il sru'1'1'ssfr1l .vr'crelnry Secretary to Mrs. Reeve. Mrs. Kasiusg Honor Roll lie Il .s'1tr'1'1'xs in nll I rzllrlerlrlluv With steno pad and type machine, her fortunes she will seek Sha-'s looking lor a pleasant job at 85 Zl week. l'.X'l'RlKll.'X POXVQEQI, "Pitt" ljnllegr' 'i it ttf x ' tlapyrirr'-'ol' Ilshereltesg Major, "jug lugrjusz' Seryicel Pinsg Ilonyor Roll: I1 essive Parry 'Eh follo1't"41,llr' lwsr' rulrji 1' by nly illom mul 'Dytll ll ' C111u:l'nre1'ry, carefree and gay SlJd'll succeed in every way. Rlllljl l'R.'X'l"l' "l3oo'I3oo" li11.sir11's.r Honor Roll: Bowling Club Get married Success to the n'th degree. HILIJFGARD PR1i'I'SCH "Candy" College Swim. Clubg Secretary to Mr. Testa- yercle and Mrs. Cardone To have Il big family and lo be able to cook like Mom A Hne ambition that of Candy, To be a cook that's Une and dandy. " Q .' Q35 I 1-P -:J Q u' J - r s , ' ' V' M " ' f has lo . e likes the girls and they like him X57

Page 60 text:

NLXRY ROB!-1R'l'S "Hickey" Library Squardg Seei to Xlr. 'I cstznc-r1le To Ull'lI Il "3-4" 11o:1'1l1'1-lfluf' 1"o11l 11111- 1'1'rlil1l1' One thing hetler than success is to he worthy ol' success. Wll.lfRlflJ ROBINSON if "Big Bill" Business Coll Swinnning 'e Rig , J- ckson Patrolg Lunch Patrol, Senior! Orche trag Con' b Q X I. ., . W . . - 1 . I' fi - lo lu' lHlllllllOllS 7 , V if .Xt the mention of his nznn 1 1 ' Ife VVC lhinkof luluile fanne. I NORNLX RODOLIKIZR ll'11.s'l1ingloi1b-Ii11.s1111'.ss Mlrool Swinnning Cllulmg Honor Roll: lllllllllll ilerlg 'ljping Kleit.g Scot lo 'l'1'zl1l11'rsg Svc'-'y lo Nlrs. llrogzin, llookrooin ,Xss'l1 llislorx llonoi Cllgrss. ,S'1'1'11't1113' lo ,hlllll .Sfmrlw I' l,0Yl'2lllll'. lilllgllillllliinrllllaialq fun, in r inillioi L Vnielf rs lh1 One 1 1 5' A - sun. nl l l ' . Rug: jfkomxi il. .nf Q .."R11" 11 li sf" big' 'W K 1' 'l Y111 1.x ,oy n 1 -1 ,J 4 A!'lhl2lC bll'1'rl11- lllhip' Honor Roll: llonur Wins eil S1-qw lo l5!':11lr1'rs1 Yill , ., y . 1 silt' hlilxwif 'V .l ?'r1'1liI lo my jrznqlllx 7Xg1'1'e:rlml1' :ind lull ol' lun Yes, sh1"s liked hx vwixolie. ICDWXRIT ROONI-LY "li1l1li1"' ll'ork 'lraick 'lcznng l'l1olop,1':ipln Clluhi Glen' Chili :rl Sl. .Xgiies ILS. Crt n1111'ri1'1l To know hirn is to like hiin. XVXRRIQN ROSIQIAND Coll1'g'1' Capt. of Swim. Tezung Nlajor Pin: -lack- son Patrol: Lunch Patrol To l11' I1 sz1'i111111ing 1nsfr11cl1n' His spirit of sportsnizrnship and fun Makes XVarren liked hy everyone. U l'Merx"' To 111101111 N.Y.l'. "Pioneer" Stall: Service Pinsg jackson Lunch Patrolg Reorg.: Chem. Supply Squad: Honor Roll B1'1'on11' 11 .YllFCF55f1ll dmitisl May xou always hare a "Drilling" success. MARVIN ROTHENBLRG "Marx" Collvgr' Iinter llll' f11'l1l of 51'i1'111'1' .X scientist he will he Xnd zu success undoubtedly. 56 GLORIA Ol"l' "Glo" .lirlin1'S 11' '1l1's.r .' 'y t iss l '1 1 . Iiss Jenner. Mrs. g ' r 'tn uh: Bowling Cluhg o or o gc ry "1 111111 enjoy life Qloria out wants to fly Her path to success lies up in thc sky. GEORGE -I. ROWAN College Class Captain: G,O. Representalixeg Locker Guard: Member of Library Squad To 1111101116 1111 Ellgllll'l'l' When the lights go on all over the world. George will he at the switch. XYILLLXNI ROZE.-X "Billy" .lzfirztion Good luck, Billy. L lQf3,z,4j FRANK K. RUANIC .lir 1'l!1!'I'!' Line Ollice Squad: Sec'y to Mrs. vvllllll Mr. Klzishin, Mr. Slnilh To o11'11 ll Hl'7l' "EIS" Ulfl.Y CUII'll!'7'lll7l!? llc hrighlcns the depth of your gloom- 1 ics! lnoods. .XNl'l.X Rlifilillilil To I11' ll .mr 1' .i Ill .x1'111'l11 ' Vx Howling fillll . '1 lo N llc 1 fvlrl ,, 'I'o 1'1l ?f"1llVji.' l1'H "1' rl 1' x1l1'1'1',s.v'll , 1o11s1'11'if i 1' " I We hope Cupid "N r. ' you RUl4liR'l' Rl'lSI "Holm" Q111'1'11.r College Yisuzrl .XidSqua1lg Hickory Log photog- rzrpherg History Honorg Honor Roll To lu' ll success Ifriendly and gay He's O.K. f' C1AROLf TX .L "J " S c 'Iarx' J 1 . a mer, N '. Mon- 1 . Ir, Ros , M T r, Library epresent 1 3 Lune rol Sparkling ey ,, a winning smile Your life will be well worth while. SACHNOFF A'Lenny" College "Hickory Logng Honor Roll: Honor Classesg Chem. Lab. Squadg Debating Cluhg Special Chorus Doctor XVe hope your arnhition will come true.

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