Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 55 of 108
Page 55 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 54
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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 56
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Page 55 text:

hlvy WM best. 0 lege-Nursing A "Hickory Log" Reporterg Spefial Chorusg Band Qtrumpet, layer? Marry f A sweet personality L Full of v't l't '. ' E v 1 a 1 y I, ULD KLARA MOOR "Claire" Business f Bowling, Swimming Clubsg G.O. Rep.g Journalismg Reorg. Squad To help my brother find that new twist in pretzels he never found Happy, smiling all the day May she always stay that way. CAROL MOORE Secretary Hlorker in G. O. Oflice To marry a man rolling in money Pleasant and sweetg A treat to meet. LOISB R4 1" Ixaz , . , X U10 tl 'N . fi -ev r ass 3 Sec'y to . "- - M.De1 chg Green A .1 tl ac' ' A ' mln Ju. fl was killed. I nt ny! ve if I ft' k ' elv o loo at elightful to knou. "Mickey" Receptirmist Glee Cluhg Senior Chorusg Bowling Club Always take the right road, And you'll never go astray. ROBERT KIORAN Jackson Patrol join the lllarines Make my first million, and retire So Bob wants to be a marine, In an officers uniform, he'll be keen. ALBERT MORANT "Al" College junior Varsityg Basketball Team May be a leader of men. voice you soar to MORGAN "Red" Business Supply Room Hlorkerg Seey to Teach- ers To go to work with children A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest En the Dusty will he at Ipos " Cand for 'lBaseb eam1 English Iacks t ol as much a scholar as a silver ollar. MARY . iPPC ' ib Repres ta- Sq acl as 71 st ndirg, vmg and y V par 1 swe girl, v ' l at '66, make L me for l to see. GLENN MUELLER A fellow like Glenn is great to meet, With his personality he can't be heat. ETHEL MULLANEY Model Worked for Miss Barone Marriage Pleasant and sweet a pleasure to meet. YVONNE MUNROE "Vonnie" College I Library Rep. , Grammar Sehool Teacher One of the best loved girls in the Senior Class ls Vonnie Munroe, this sweet little lass. 51

Page 54 text:

Y. FRANCIS T? . .'f!'l'HIlIlllll!lll ll'oVl: f,'ollf'gr'wlx'r1:mlm .Slate lfirst Aid Rootn: Visual Aid A box nho hasn't tnueh to say But uill succeed in his own Wily. ul'il"llll'iH , Q ms + W 1. s 'A N X N x ,tg ' N " e i W? SARAH MLKINLEA "Sally" - To go lo zollegf' l il", A Seey to Mr. Clohn and Miss Raynor' i Progressixe Party: Special Chorus: CIC: i Club i Q , N To rlrizfr' ll pink "1.lllI'UlIll' Io Crlli ' -Xh A X ' fornia - Hair ol gold, eyes ol blue H l We'll always retnenlber a girl like you. orivrx xttkxioni -im" ff o I lege M'ork lor Mis. Haber and Miss O'l'nien , f" A Uzmfu l.'n1lillfu"r'rn1zf1'rIil1lrf A ' AVL- wish nolltiilll less than snttt-ssl Y .. 3621's I C s f f ROSA IIICAN MAKNIKLIII "lloolsie" l'Hl'llllf!Il vllfllllllllllll .Always tlreerlul and xt-tx ellrtienl Slte'll be xi perletl Medical 'lethuitian 1 ' I in F 'srl 6 l A -lOSl'1l'Il xttN.xl.l.r flat-" ' Q it Colletgr' . iNl'WIllilll Club: Setrelaix lo Miss Yzn' ady: Hllitltorv Log," To IH'1'UIIl!' ll xl1r'r'r'.r.v in lifr' AVL' are sure joe will. THOMAS Mt'NElI.I, I College ,J E " 'Q , M A A S 4 tt at N xCo-Ca'ptain'A'5tT:ilx 'Track Team ' U ' ' . 1' . , Lilbllte firxl one lo run IITUIUIII the , ' A N f zvorlfl . I, C, ' my A vreat rttinre'i", rt' liC2ll friend, and n is 'A AL great guy. A is X 1 . V V V Q VS iet ier at play oriat her job Shedll 1'isehabcn'eftl'ke inob'.K"..1 ' 'V X , i . ' W- .' 1 7 l - A ' lx vw ' Q tt iii. , , t Nasir ff it ' . MICH. tl. Ilal' .N "Alike 'V S' ' H e er Cua Ll H ll 'atfolg G. O - ' . I, l ep. A , Izlffrlriml l',l1 ll ' A G . I ,S , Max sou soar I ie stings of SIICCCM. lk W , ' A A N 5 0 q3x.tL,.g- .W 1 DOROTHY MEISEL "Dottie" SI. jolinfs l.ll1l1'l'l'SllA' Swinnning Club: Progrann Cotnmitteeg Library Staff: Seeretarx to l'rincip:tl: Minor Service Pin lirzglixlt Teflelzer Hair of gold. eyes of blue. We'll always retneinber at girl like you. BARBARA MESSIN.-A "Bobbi" Legal Stezmgrrzplzer "Log" Editor: "Stair" Stall: Honor Rollg Honor Classes: Special Clrorusg OO. and Library Rep.: Newman Club To lze as zuottderftzl to my children as my parents were to me A 51111111 secretary she surely will be. EMILY MESSING Queenx College Girl Leader of Arista: Honor Classesg Star Slaffg Jr. Orch.: Secfy to Mr. fihristg Lunch Patrol Iilenienlary srlzool lencher A delightful combination of pleasing lnnnor and pleasant eoinpany CZAROI, MIDDLETON "Millie" .Sl1'!il'1'lIll'A' Y2ll'SllA'SllOWS1 'Al'ioneer" Business Slallg Bowling Clubg I.lllI'Zll'A' Rep. 'I'o ln' fix .tzueel ax mv lllollzer and Ax lllI!II'l',YlllIIIllllg' ns mx' ftllllfli llreains linger in her eyes, And peep out in soft surprise. llllJl'l'H Mll,l.lCR "Judy" Slnlr' 'I'1'fll. Sees' lor Mr. lleulselig I,untli Valrolg library .'Ass't Serrelllry Slle's just the "lype.' KARI, MlI,I.liR "fIliut'k" Iilef'lri1al will fllmlngrajnhir rultliser 'Ill a .sprite .ship In Mnrx 9ec'y to Mr. Smith Karl Miller wants to lly. His path to success lies up in the sky. ANNE MINDERMANN Queens College Aristag Major Service Ping Minor jg Sec'y to 3 Teaehersg Honor Classesg Honor Roll To be ll teacher She's full of personality Yigor, vim, vitality. FLORENCE MOIR "Flo" Private Secretary History Honor Lone, sueeess, and rielles 'l'here's no lack of opportunity in Held.

Page 56 text:

RICHARD NIVRCZOTI' llllltlll College Math Cluhg Service Pins: Lunch Pa- trol: .Xristag Sec'y in Math Office and to Mr. Iingoron To Ire u clzemist A regular pal and full of fun, Our Dick is liked hy everyone. MARY MURPHY "Hutch" Office zeork I.ihrary Squaclg Emergency Room As- sistant To get a "llI.R.S." degree Success in your degree. MIRIAM MURZIN "Mimi" Qtuferzs College Semretaryg Main Hall Receptionistg Bowling Club Ix'i11rl1'rg1trIrfn lm1r'lt1fr and get nmrriefl In lOIIlOl'lOW'S world shc'll take il part. I'or on high ideals shes set her heart. tiI.ORl.X Nik l'iR' "llt'lJt'l" llr .'.lr'11AIr:ll1'f' li . " I Z I . 'L-' . Q 2 '. Ill Lt S1 ul I tus Clnlm Int, llonoilg - een antl 'lite Party Illt'lll- lrer: I-.X ., 'lyp ' l"r .'et'y to Mrs. Drug" r. . l Mr. . V1lIll'IllJ2Itll 'l'o limi. owr, laugh, :tml ln' lmjrjzy Ability. clratnl, personality plus lhats why I-lorias the gal lor us. "Sneaky Pete" ra I luslilnlz' Switn learn: Yarsityg Art Stall "Slat"g Captain ol' Stage tirew lIomn11'r1'iz1l ztrlisl llluslrating is his desire In his ellorts he'll neyer tire. -I.XNIi'I"l'Ii NASH "Jann" lxeilrerine Gilrlnx Ser. School Basketball, Bowling Cluhsq Sec'y to Mr. 'I'oder. Mr. Grady, Miss Berko- witl. Mr. Christ, Miss Kresh For friendliness and lots ol' fun You couldn't lind a hetter one. f-Rav Col ege But all he '.k. is less homework. e agrees tv tidy and not to shirk, ISARISARA NICHOLAS xl 3' l I PI'l'I'IIlt' Secretary Minor Iidilor "Hickory Logu: I.i- - brary Ass't: Swimming Club X Gel Il1l1l'7'lf'll and be as llflllfil' as my A motlrer and futher 4 In an ollice she'll excel Ag ,I And at home she'll do as well. 5 'I N. Q 59 LORR.-XINE NIC1KI.IiSKI "Nicki" Slf'1l'Ilt'clc'SS Honor Roll: Sec'y to Mr. Greenhnrg. Miss Mcliiernan and Mr. Iingoran As nice as they come. .Xnd thaL's going some. ISARIBARA NICOL "Squeeks" Iiztsirzess world and be successful Sec'y to Mrs. Brogan, Mr. Greenburg. Mrs. Cardone. and Mrs. Ackerman To lu' zz good cook like "Mom" and earn a M.If.S. degree May your like he full. happy and free .Xml most of all, that you get that degree. ROBliR'I' NORD "Bob" IHS. Navy 'l'rack Tearn: G.O. Rep. l'4lSll!'l'lll!Ill May you sail on the waves of success. lSl'1VlCRI.Y NORMAN t'llev" College Sc-c'y to 'Ieaclrersg G.O. Rep.: Special illrorusg tloncertsg Min. Ping Drarnaticsg llon. Illasses 'l'o lm as .mtrwl as Mont .Intl IIHIVIVY Il man as wmtrlerful as Dad. .lust as clever as shc-'s sweet. Pretty, witty, and petite. DOROTHY NOSIQR "Dottie" Collegzf Special tllrorus, Secretary: Math 'l'utor3 ling. Ollice Stall' Y To Ile rt rnotlel mul l'Ill'lllll!llly fiml Ill.Y.S!'ll tl model lllllllllllfl Dottie, a girl ol' whom we're fond She's cute and sweet and very hloncle. IQDWARD NOVIISKY llofslm Art Squadg Scc'y to Mrs. X 1 ish Honor: Honor Rol t Success and lame XN'ill he his aim. Q M f "O'Bee" ometer operator "Star" Art Stallg Sec'y to Miss Ifahelg H. M. Lah. Squad-Mrs. Schwartz To ln' just like Mom A girl of cheerful yesterdays and con- fident tomorrows. JOAN O'BRIEN Business To get married May success around you spin And then may happiness set in.

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