Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 53 of 108
Page 53 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 52
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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 54
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Page 53 text:

MARY MANCUSO "Shortie" Good luck, Mary. Hm- Secretary Volleyball Cl Se in "3 Bowling C Se to'lN a ck Get married A little joy, a tle XVe'lre always vhen Di is near, HILDA MANKE "Hil" Secretary Honor Rollg Glee Club, Dancing Bowl- ing Clubg Sec'y' to Mrs. Fonerg Lib. and G. O. Rep.3 Sten. Certificate To be a secretary- and marry the boss Quiet, earnest, sincere and kind, Are Hilda's attributes well defined. JOEL BIARKOWITZ "jose" College Co-Capt. Track Teanig Service Pinsg Math Teamg Biog Chemg Treas. Arista Chemical Engineer joel's the type who will persevere And reach success as an' en 'neetx ANN M Siiuggyu Que Olly!! de ' lu ' I ag G.O. Rep.g e Cl , Library Sq.g English onor Teach" of rfracle tool A liveidy' s ' She'1l ma ier mark. Private Sec'y to an attorney Sec'y' to Mr. Siegel, Mr. Shapirog Honor Rollg Dancing Club To succeed in whatever I choose and have everlasting happiness Her time will be devoted to the service of others. DOLORES MASCOLA "Dee" To be a secretary and to get marriecl May you build bridges of success over streams of happiness. GERALD MASON ejeft-y" jackson Patrol Sheet metal worker Here's wishing you lots of luck! I' 't' AS. M 'Q' 'I ant ' img A . yi , in - 1 aft t 'Hx V 12' . on. f , D lay' ,ally 1 v' . in very port. f ,, ROBER'l'.X MATSON "Bobbie" Concordia College Leaders Clubg Special Chorusg Bowl- ing, Volleyball Clubsg G.O. Office lie a teacher It's nice to be natural when y'ou're naturally nice. MURIEL MATTHEXVS "Chubby" S ecre ta ry Secretary' to teachersg Badminton Club To be liappilyi married with 110 regrets ,X good secretary' Muriel will be. ? , 2P ,5iT' ?'ie' n1 '-W ' i 'H " Pat " l1'or I VW Se 11,5 rs , hey ierdg C.O. Rep.: Secr yi ' She'll go siniliig in . gh lifes every test, And conquer her goal, to be one of the best. ROBERT McCORM.- K Getla job . "The Mayor" Baseball 'learn ' Carloonist. Good luck, Robert ANNE MCCUE ' Secretary lo 1 Fislf To get 1 rs. lgrf Succ 4' ' receiyin our degree! l 1 HENRY MclJERMO'li'l' Intramural Basketballg Softballg Serv- ice Squad .X straight shooter with his eye on the goal. DOUGLAS MQGARR College-illanlzal an Nlewnian Club' iclvto y' L nor Squ d " ' 101 y- onk 'J' nl vr 111 .4-billy bat Let' each mat do his . '- -1 .S 5 2 'I 7 i ac" .--dlkollg Lu ch yztqjylwi t 'yiestl 'A loft ijt jA ja,' r a i d 1 I ' 49 , , . l

Page 52 text:

DOROTHY LORIS "D0ll,"' Xen' Paltz State Tezzrlzers College Honor Rollg Special Clhorusg C-lee Cluh: Secretary to Teachers To ltecome ll good teacher .Xll like her who have met her As il friend she couldn't be better. CZHARLES LOYEN "Cl1arlie" College jackson Patrolg Ass't to Dean l'eterinarian Sincere znnbition to do the best ls his password to success. "Lv Syracuse Aristag Honor Classesg Service Ping Bowling Clubg P1'0gT21ll'l Connnitteeg Varsity Showsg Sec'1' to Teachers At the 111e11tio11 of her nznne We all tl1i11k of future fznne .lOl-IN l.l'CliY "jmck" lfollegr' 'lll'2ll'li :nul 1:11185-l'0llllll'f IICZIIIIHQ llzlll l,2lll'0l lvlN'l'l'Xl'l' h1"ll go, wl1:1le1'er ht-'ll do YN'ilh high flying tolors hc's suit- to 1-111111 llllllllgll. ' .F XR O " illllvl X i 5 .' " Z ' 3 Yet rx ' A. 5 ' . '. 'A 'lllllll"',. ' lfzl- ' '11 ' ' .111'1'1'.s. ' 1: Illtlllfl 1 1 ' ' I l I' 1 flllll 811151.11 fhoius S to 1 f x I1 ful h NI hcl N r I ' lollin I 11 Il 1 1 ll 1 on ' lt 1 lt tl1 ll 1 1 llLJNl llc lh.1ts 1 . s no l llc Q ' hw1". 'IXCIK 1.1'xc:H "11m11c11-" .lrmy Go to trade srlmol for printing .Xll we wl1o know jack agree .X great success hes bound to he. PATBGIEIA LYNCH "Pat" Serret11ry Tennis and Swilnming Clubsg Secs to Mrs. Kresh To get lllllfflffl Pill would make ani' man happy. ROBERT IXONS "Bohn College May success distinguish his future. 48 1 .. J' 4 ft f Ms" I W3 ,A N1 1 fat, 4 . 3 4 3 1 4. 1 l 4 -4 315 QW' Q1 at . l'.X'I'RlClA NIXDDISN "Pitt" Business Swimming Cluhg Swim. .Xss't: Secre- tary lo Nlr. Shapiro Get a Alrs. Degree She's witty. pensive. and fair 1 And th'1t's '1 C0II1l7-ll'lAllOl1 ' ' J '-iv ' . . 1 te e .ox ' html. mu' x H , 0 g I 6 6 ' 0 ls Sep, Q Mrs: Boev , I Clark, Mrs. L , NI S 1 , G To 1 U tl1 t e 71151 n 1 l n d T o llerfe I1 studs ' 1111 i nz . is " 1 mg Club' e11. SCkllCCk l z in ' , :' 1 X ' nrarry ll m ' f'Fo dark and ct e. this ' miss, Who could forget u gir li 'e this? "Al" rm Lunch Patrolg Jackson P2lll'0lj Sec'y to Teachers To own a 1111511111111 team flllCCl'flll :mal mellow. he's ll good 11:1- turecl fellow. 1- xi - ' 1 ' ' . "Doc" ' - Q . .' ' :.'X1'isl:1: Seri- l 1 1'g1' 1111 M1'1li1'11l .'i1'l1ool f 111 u t V X S1111.11l 'e I llickory Log" Stull: Prof 11111 Cloinn llee i .ll o 1l 1 1 '1 l'Ull!Ill'.' 1 ox' you 1 .1lwa11s 1 11. DON.Xl,lJ 11,111.1-111 Hxttrherf To llzf tl 11'l1ol1'.s11l1' j1'11'1'l1'r 111111 11'11l1'lz f1.x1'r Ile is the it-wel of ic-wc-ls. .XXI NY NIAl,l'l'O Wllfllljn Col ""'- loo So you want t hecome Zlll eiigineerg You will make ll, never fear. "Burl" Acaderrzy of Aerorlzzztlifs Guard for Mr. FlllIJ2lll'lK'li .elif Force Aviation Cadet He'll always Hy high. JARMAN 11.xLTz jitter-' College JN. Basketballg Lunch Patrol Money Friendly and gay He's O.K. nan1

Page 54 text:

Y. FRANCIS T? . .'f!'l'HIlIlllll!lll ll'oVl: f,'ollf'gr'wlx'r1:mlm .Slate lfirst Aid Rootn: Visual Aid A box nho hasn't tnueh to say But uill succeed in his own Wily. ul'il"llll'iH , Q ms + W 1. s 'A N X N x ,tg ' N " e i W? SARAH MLKINLEA "Sally" - To go lo zollegf' l il", A Seey to Mr. Clohn and Miss Raynor' i Progressixe Party: Special Chorus: CIC: i Club i Q , N To rlrizfr' ll pink "1.lllI'UlIll' Io Crlli ' -Xh A X ' fornia - Hair ol gold, eyes ol blue H l We'll always retnenlber a girl like you. orivrx xttkxioni -im" ff o I lege M'ork lor Mis. Haber and Miss O'l'nien , f" A Uzmfu l.'n1lillfu"r'rn1zf1'rIil1lrf A ' AVL- wish nolltiilll less than snttt-ssl Y .. 3621's I C s f f ROSA IIICAN MAKNIKLIII "lloolsie" l'Hl'llllf!Il vllfllllllllllll .Always tlreerlul and xt-tx ellrtienl Slte'll be xi perletl Medical 'lethuitian 1 ' I in F 'srl 6 l A -lOSl'1l'Il xttN.xl.l.r flat-" ' Q it Colletgr' . iNl'WIllilll Club: Setrelaix lo Miss Yzn' ady: Hllitltorv Log," To IH'1'UIIl!' ll xl1r'r'r'.r.v in lifr' AVL' are sure joe will. THOMAS Mt'NElI.I, I College ,J E " 'Q , M A A S 4 tt at N xCo-Ca'ptain'A'5tT:ilx 'Track Team ' U ' ' . 1' . , Lilbllte firxl one lo run IITUIUIII the , ' A N f zvorlfl . I, C, ' my A vreat rttinre'i", rt' liC2ll friend, and n is 'A AL great guy. A is X 1 . V V V Q VS iet ier at play oriat her job Shedll 1'isehabcn'eftl'ke inob'.K"..1 ' 'V X , i . ' W- .' 1 7 l - A ' lx vw ' Q tt iii. , , t Nasir ff it ' . MICH. tl. Ilal' .N "Alike 'V S' ' H e er Cua Ll H ll 'atfolg G. O - ' . I, l ep. A , Izlffrlriml l',l1 ll ' A G . I ,S , Max sou soar I ie stings of SIICCCM. lk W , ' A A N 5 0 q3x.tL,.g- .W 1 DOROTHY MEISEL "Dottie" SI. jolinfs l.ll1l1'l'l'SllA' Swinnning Club: Progrann Cotnmitteeg Library Staff: Seeretarx to l'rincip:tl: Minor Service Pin lirzglixlt Teflelzer Hair of gold. eyes of blue. We'll always retneinber at girl like you. BARBARA MESSIN.-A "Bobbi" Legal Stezmgrrzplzer "Log" Editor: "Stair" Stall: Honor Rollg Honor Classes: Special Clrorusg OO. and Library Rep.: Newman Club To lze as zuottderftzl to my children as my parents were to me A 51111111 secretary she surely will be. EMILY MESSING Queenx College Girl Leader of Arista: Honor Classesg Star Slaffg Jr. Orch.: Secfy to Mr. fihristg Lunch Patrol Iilenienlary srlzool lencher A delightful combination of pleasing lnnnor and pleasant eoinpany CZAROI, MIDDLETON "Millie" .Sl1'!il'1'lIll'A' Y2ll'SllA'SllOWS1 'Al'ioneer" Business Slallg Bowling Clubg I.lllI'Zll'A' Rep. 'I'o ln' fix .tzueel ax mv lllollzer and Ax lllI!II'l',YlllIIIllllg' ns mx' ftllllfli llreains linger in her eyes, And peep out in soft surprise. llllJl'l'H Mll,l.lCR "Judy" Slnlr' 'I'1'fll. Sees' lor Mr. lleulselig I,untli Valrolg library .'Ass't Serrelllry Slle's just the "lype.' KARI, MlI,I.liR "fIliut'k" Iilef'lri1al will fllmlngrajnhir rultliser 'Ill a .sprite .ship In Mnrx 9ec'y to Mr. Smith Karl Miller wants to lly. His path to success lies up in the sky. ANNE MINDERMANN Queens College Aristag Major Service Ping Minor jg Sec'y to 3 Teaehersg Honor Classesg Honor Roll To be ll teacher She's full of personality Yigor, vim, vitality. FLORENCE MOIR "Flo" Private Secretary History Honor Lone, sueeess, and rielles 'l'here's no lack of opportunity in Held.

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