Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 50 of 108
Page 50 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 49
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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 51
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Page 50 text:

lJOR0'l HY KRXXICI-l 'Al'Jottie" C11ll1'g1' "l'ioneerii: Girl! Y1ll'silX1 Pres. Leatl- ere Ciluh: Honor Rollg Seex' to leath- CFS1 Gym ,Xss't 7411 111' ru fine II !ll'l'.S1Hl 11.x mx 11111111 111111 Illlll Bright and cheerful. full ot xim. Whatever her aim, Dottx will win. ROBERT KRIEGER "Boll" State l,'11iz'e1'5iIr 11ffN'. Y. T11 III? Cl 511111455 ill 1111 I dn He! Sweet as a lamh and alwayi neat Has a winning smile that 1'an't he heat. IRliNli KROIXHIXSKY ilflllllly 13iI111' Illalllllff, Clllfllgll Lihrary RClDll'Sl'lll2lllNl'l Spcc ial Choi ny S1-crctary to Nlrs. Cox Success will suit-lx llll'l'l ht-r and hapr pinvss will gl'l'1'l hm. "W To 11' II ,s1'111'l111x' 111111 1111111x' II11' Imnk ,s11ll.' Ilowlirig Klluhg Swinnning Kllnhg Gloc- flluhg ILO. Iivpu-w11l:1lix1'1 lll'lllj,1Zllll lllllllll Sqiiaul "Dol" is as xnrvl ax ther 1'o1m': Ns a s1'111'l:11x,xl11"ll nuilw lhiugs lunn. l1YNl'lll.X .X. l..Xlll'RN "Clinch" CL1'1:1-11 xuul Wliilcg I,il1. Mft: Sp. Chorus: l,lllllll Pauiol: S11'x lo 'lvauha ers Noi too quiet. not a lrixoloun gal. lust onc rou'1l like lo mall your pal, F .' 11 1 Q it ,S f 1 T1-3 , . .Q 'I 1 xv iq 1 1 5 , if 3' xx B:XRl3.'XR.X LAXNG .xvlllilllg Srlzool Bio Squad: GO. Rep.: Honor Roll: Secretary Q' To 161111 11 good liff' Oh! nurse, come here and hold inv haml. 1 N V II s1""t 'r I lip Bo ' , - , 1: imrary RClJl'CNClll2lllYC ' ' . 1 11 .we 'Q . Goocln mc. J ron cxer See . gill s s '1 5 1 ,' clever? , ., 1,11 fl'F!'f'fHl'l' , Senior Chorus Her spirit of sportsmanship and fun. Nlakes likctl hy cverxone. NANCY IARKIN !,'111111111'1'1-i11l .lrlixl Yarsilrg l.C2lIlL'l'S1 H. lifl. .Xsftl .Xlhlelici illuhs: I,llJl'Ill'X Rep. 'l'11 gr! ill111'1i1'1l 111111: looks ancl lilllt' noiw Slick Il girl wilh lots ol poise. lll'il,l'iN l..X'l l l4lRl'i "Bits" HIAIIOIKIYII ffullrgr -A I lI1'11l11l l1'1l1l1ul11gx' .Xlways ll sense of lunnoi. g -' 1 if J A J , 1ff 1. ,- T - - ,. .. 1 V 5, - 3 ' ' ' Um' nox,u.n I,,A1'X J 1-Ipgmwf' lf11ll1'g1' night xrhnol fjgllgl ff I V lliwlxvlllilll ' Ba ke halli 'llf:ziin, Xi rs If :incl ju 1i1 ' :Hr F111-11' A V Ya si lg ,Locker Cuax 1 Hon ' .gg- lnt0'Ihe ".wild blue yonder" he will go ' 119 'V lis 3 Sccfy to Mr. llorlcn Soaring his wax to suuem, uh ill kp fI'i11lIl0.ll. I - , ' lo make a million is hi-1 goal 6 We hope he enjoys Zl milliunairc-K role. QX. i1v.Xll0lr-TN .. ' "Carol" ' fe' i "" "'if'V 11015 LAXXYSQN 11111 1 1 lv . :mia Cojjgge Q C110 -fflllllfli Sw V i C- -, Bowling Cluhg Mimeograph Dept. Mill 1' SCVllfC ln! Villff Ball V T11 own Il ranch 1111! Zl'l'.Sif Swimm' 2 . -in Squad 'fo live out yyest T11 be artist .1 'S Is the best. X heart so true -X W V We all lore rou. 2 ' 3' ' X 5, Q51 N M-xl.. tid V A 1 . H "jot" C0'7fS"' See F ifa' 1 d er I II1' u .Sllfli6'.XS in I111.xir11'.v5 See? to B W . C ' and A ' Dc Xigrisg His ways are ways of pleztsantness. 3 -jglgeoqjlllbi Sp al h -U Xml all his traits are friendly. V7 151, gegjnla,-,-i llhe'S lf l un, of sp ce 1' Whi ll Zifillifls up 0 iteallxii 1 rL,,rA plaid I XM 46 X1 XJ l'illlL'I'gCIllf Rooin .hflg Bowling: Bax- KJ kelhall. Volleyball Clluhx: I.llJl'1Il'l' Rep: 111 l111zf1' Il .s11111'.s.sf11l limfilrxxx lifw. 1 4 r

Page 49 text:

PATRICIA K NNEY "Pat" N urse ! Secreta v t s Se 1 uorld C75 T sail the seven seas .'he'd go lay she only pleasures know. ii cretary Minor jg Leaders Clubg Minor Service Ping Honor Rollg Typing Certificateg Bio Lab. To see the world before I leave it Her virtues are many, her faults are few Her charm is delightful, her friendship true. MARY KING Private Secretary Secretary to Miss Rossig Secretary to Mrs. Hilbert, Mr. Safrang Swimming Club To many and raise a big family Cool, and quiet, sweet and serene, A girl so nice is seldom seen. ROCHELLE KIRCH "Shelley" South Dakota University Editor-in-Chief of f'Star"g Girl Leader, Aristag Maj. Pin: Sec'y to Mrs. Reeve: Leaders' Club Medical Profession To know her is to love her. nir- Co ege Sec'y to Miss Hlittlingerg Sec'y to Mr. Lazarusg Chem Squadg "Hickory Log"g Honor Roll Become a C. P. A. or a Lawyer His ambition we all can bet, YVill for him some honor net. BARBARA KLAUM 'ABabs" Adelphi College Secly to Mr. Brennang Attendance Of- ficeg Dancing and Swimming Clubsg Honor Classesg Trinity Club To be a success in whatever I choose Her charm, beauty and ready wit Make "Babs', a sure hit. JULIA KNAPP "Ninky" Glee Clubg Sec'y for Miss Raynor 'Io he a secretary and get married You'll be the apple of everyones "eye." MYRNA KNEESSY "Stinky" Secretary Honor Rollg Sec'y to Mrs. Haberg Li- brary Reps History Honor Work and then marry Happy and gay she'll make life that wav. S' ., as S , X . ' Z fi ' as W 9 fer? X R . rm l ,Qi 171 . Q sp'-xy, i 4 '97 ,C I f . 1 s I 4 ss e s if . yr 5 'V' if ,.. 2 X X rf- kt "' Xs W, e X X ,y 1 f fs. 1 .asf , fgfyy sfx SN Rf A 2 is X K9 S X f 1 X 4 f v Q H N ree is , 31 V I ff' -RW MARILYN KOCH "Cookie" Queens College History Ofhceg Swimming Clubg Ten- nis Clubg Attendance Ofiiceg Newman Clubg Student Court Airline Hostess Always ready with a smile. YIRG KOEHLER "Cinny" To, e success "Pioneer"i 'Stagg A Majorw Service Ping Min and Major: j'sg 'Leaders Clubg Trim ' Gp. R45 yping- Cert. I To' lie- .a commercial fis Lair? and ozuifhiy leet Loads of fun, h can't be beat Cinny will own a Fishing Fleet. BA ARA KOEPPICUS "Barbie" Coll ge 9-SHICICIIL Court Judgeg Lunch Patrolg Library: Treas. hile research and cheery, never blue 's no favor she wouldn't do. MARILYN KOGLER College-Hofstra Honor Rollg Minor Service Ping Sec'y to Mrs. Charlton, Miss Peyser, Mrs. Cox, Mr. Porter To he Il wife and be called mom just two words to describe her- simply swell. 0 rv .1fsC5Q1 fWi 1' 'tC0m1ie" ostume Designer for T.V. Sec'y to Mrs. Heckmang Locker Guard. 3 Terms Lovely to look at, delightful to know. AARON KOPMAN College Service Ping Pioneer Staffg Mimeo Squadg Chemistry Lab. Squadg Dra- matics Class lie a zloctor A willing, working, quiet soul, he's just the kind to reach his goal. MARILYN KORN "Lynn" College Service Pinsg Concert and Variety Show 'liicketsg Secretary to Teachersg Li- brary Representativeg Captain of Lunch Patrol To be successful in eiferylliing I do. A clever mind, a pleasing way, will bring success to her each dav. RITA KOTZ "Blondie" Secretary Volleyball, Softball Clubs Keep some man liappy Her life will always be a busy one. 45 K

Page 51 text:

l Pratt Illustrator We wish you nothing less than success. 5 t y music JOHN LEAVEY Honor Englishg Secretary to Mrs. Boege Piano teacher judy's pupils will think her grand For she will lend them a helping hand. His achievements iiorever. RICHARD LEIGH "Richie'i To be a brain surgeon He's always trustworthy and forever dependable Such 21 combination makes him highly comme lable ,J J SIG I R f'Sigi" Comme ee c r nrlent witlzcrnporl 0a7lqi477'f rm Birig t and cheery all the while Shes the girl with the lovely smile. ort an State Teachers College Hon. Rollg Maj. Ping Swim. "J"g G.O. Rep.g "Log"g Debatingg "Digit Digest"g Water Ballet To live a good life and never regret it Friendly, merry and spry, W'e can't say she's shy. JACQUELINE LEONE "jackie" Secretary Secretary to Miss Fabelg I'.S.A.L. Pin To see the world Jackie is really up to par She will travel very far. . Nl .. - ,I , , . it i J 'V i' "'Rho" College Service Ping Glee Clubg Varsity Showsg G.O. Rep.g Honor Classesg Leaders Clubg Program Squad "ZQ,1 To be a success in all I do , 04 I am sure 'ou w' l. 1' VW v iygwsgwwf lx' SUZ.-XNNE LIQVY "Sue" Queens College Honor Classesg Basketball: Swinrg Daneingg Leaders Clubg Girls Yarsityg Gym Asst.g G.O. Rep. Bio Chemist, Teacher Always so full of mischief and fun Sue is liked by everyone. KATHLEEN LEYVIS "Kathy" Service Certificateg See'y to Miss Fabel, Mrs. Ularburgg Leadersg Volleyball, Softball Club To be a nurse Nothing is impossible to an ambitious girl. MARILYN LINDE 'AMickey" New Paltz .State Teachers College Bowling Clubg Lib. Rep.3 Sec'y to Teachers To marry my cutest professor in col- lege Full of vigor, full of zest On a wave she'll be the crest. LORRAINE LOSSEL Secretary Honor Roll 6 Termsg Secretary to Mrs. Ringler, Mrs. Hedmang Honor Classes Private secretary in a large firm A girl worth knowing, a friend worth having. JOHN LOHNDORF College To be an auto ineclzanic He'll stand above the crowd. ROSALIE LOMBARDO Private Secretary Honor Rollg Bowling Clubg Secretary To go through life with a smile With her happy smile, Rosalie makes lile worthwhile. CECILIA LORIENZEN Business ' Special Chorus? Secretary to Teachers An asset to any business. GER.-XRD LORIG Navy To lead a norm life He'll sail se of t ess. all " e1ry" 11 7

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