Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 45 of 108
Page 45 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 44
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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 46
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Page 45 text:

l V lt' gy M 5 L ENMAYN A ' i Al e raptain, Baseball Teamg j.V. and Var- sity Baske all' Patrolg Sec" toms. y??t'f"I'awpq l Retibflf, 23, marry and raise a family Heres rooting for a great sport and a great guy! t B TY GYC-ER U "Bet" a 'zor 'chool of Af' 'ng .O. ' Min 'gy ate alle ' G 1 el V P , vim C ib ' p ' e l i rd always b zap L r r e . L , oz r I v Theres an art to being a "ni del" girl. l RICHART HACKETT "Dick" College Bandg Sec'y in Emergency Room Hes a swell friend, He'll be true to the end. "lam-' Singer Sec'y to Mr. Toder, Mr. Ornstein, Mrs. Kasius To sing my way to success The keynote to' success, You surely possess. ANNE LOUISE HAGER K'Al1nie" Secretary . Honor -Rollg Reorg. Squadg Library Squadg Bowling Clubg History Honor Class Be a good wife and mother Her success is assured. IOAN HAGGERTY "Joanie" College Sec'y to Miss Raynor Teacher Of books and studies she'll not tire For here's a girl we all admire. JUDITH HAIMOXVITZ "Judy" Interior Decorator Hebrew .Culture Clubg Library Rep.g Sec'y to Mr. Safran To follow in my parents' footsteps Aim hard, work hard, and you'll never go wrong. FAY HALE To be a secretary Swimming Clubg Bowling Club To marry a wonderful guy and have three children Fay is okay, She'll have her say. EDWIN HALLORAN 'ADoc' Amherst Agricultural College To get rich quick Every bit helps. AUDREY HALPERN "Shelly" Brooklyn College Business Course Sec'y to Teachersg Honor Classesg Dra- maticsg Honor Roll To get married Always so full of mischief and fun Audrey's loved by everyone. .JACK HAMEL Mechanic jackson Patrol Play the held Alert and ever ready. HERBERT HAMILTON 'lHerb" Commercial Photographer Stock Work We think he'll "develop" into a suc- cessful man. ROY HAMLIN jackson Patrolg Library Squad: Sec'y to Mr. Didie To work in Civil Service Agreeable and full of fun, Roy is liked by everyone. PATRICIA HANLEY "Pat" College Dancing Clubg Swimming Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Adamsg Library Rep. To be a Teacher May she get her wish. ELIZABETH HANSEL "Betty" "Star" Staflg Honor Rollg English Honorg Sec'yg H. Ed. Dept. To have the patience of my Mom .-Ind the sense of humor of my Pop.. Some ambition. that of Betty, We think she's found half of it already. BARBARA HAYDEN Queens College English Office, 2 Termsg Honor Roll: Honor English To be a Teacher Only the best comes in small packages. 4l

Page 44 text:

RMB ' rf vf vi--r"'ffu. College Yarsitt' Plat Psvclzologist Bob is the cream of the crop. We hate no doubt he'll reach the top A K - Y -fr . Tnrmes lie I1 llll.Sl7lI'.S.Y mon zmrl mflkc' 923,000 ll yflll' His manner and his friendlv air Make him welcome etertwhere. NlllRR.XY GRXBER College, .'l!'l'Ullfl1lllI'1ll Engineer Sefy to Dean, Miss Xhnke, Miss Bm'- dolf, Miss I.:nltin. Mis. .'xllllC'l'SUlll G0 Ollite Stlllilill l'lllll'l'gC'llKX Room lflx' lo lllr' moon or lnul . . . Always liztpps. never blue, W'e hope :ill xoui :unbitions nill coma llllt'. B.XRBARuN Cllnllft "l.ucx' Scot lo Mis. Nlolliu A To gr! nlrorierl mul rni.w Irn kirls Her twinkling exes :nul ready smiles XN'ill pull her Ilirougli liI'e's tlillicull trials. Nl.XRCL.XRl'I'l' GRli.Kl.lSll "N'l:irge" ,Nl'1il'I'lIllfX' llrznnzuics Trfliiel uroilml lln' zrorlrl Slit-'s the type to succeed. EDITH I.. GREENBERG "Edie" A71H'Sl7Ig' Sclzool G.O. Rep.: Library Rep.: Hebrew Cul- ture Clubg Sec'v to Nlr. Yllile To achieve mrirlesires A good sport and a good friend. fpki FRANCHOT GREENE "Frenchie" l'I'f'st l'7l7'gl71lIl State Track Team: Lunch Patrol Plzrsiml education teacher JOAN GREENE Secretary Sec'y to Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Lee She has proxen friendliness pays. 40 JOHN GREENE College Honor Roll Radio operator in the Nfzvr john will run away with success. f I "Sherry" Glee Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Heckman, Mr. Christ. Mrs. Bernstein: Honor Roll: Type Certihcate To be a .szlcccssfill Bnrbizmz Model Sparkling eyes and smile so merry. Success and happiness rill come to Sherry. " X' l'.XllI. GR N l Orclies sg .A c 'dz G. , Delegate: Light O 2 1 mp .quad , e ral ngineer to X' l'L I 1 ROBICR GR V "Bob" Alfflfllllll , ll 1' ' 'Q ' , ' ac 'son Patrol, X lell ' re lo find you. I nl 1 tol x L 'Jars X nlcr' II li ' 1 or 121151 Irjing ROlllf.R'l' GROSSMAN "Bob" Swinnning Tezuug Tennis Team: Band: Sr. Clllorusg Cfrali Club in Lu ling' ew' 5 'PQ Q Success is one percent it 'piralion And ninety-nine percent perspiration. Q x ROSICMARIE NANCY GRIJMM College H. Ed. Ass'tg Major Leaders Coiicert Pianist May you strike the right note all through life. PAT GUIDO "Red" .flir Line ess G nd NSN: Library Rep ' m vmang Bas- ketba , trimming C . To meet a terrific man and leacl a nappy life A cute red head full of fun, A swell gal, she's second to none. STEPHEN GUROXVITZ Brooklyn College Lieutenant of Lunch Patrolg Library Rep.3 Jackson Patrol Accountant A swell fellow with a stout heart, We're sure that he will do his part.

Page 46 text:

1. XRO1. HFCIHI .S1'1'11111.11' I'1111'1'1,11'11' ,Xl 111111 il 11011110 1.111113 N1i11111' 111111 N12l'l0l' SL'l'X1ll' P11113 H1111111' R111lg S01"1 111 NIH. B01'L1111'i11 l'.'11'1111'11I1111 SIIIIJIJI 'l'1'111111'1' 1 1 01110 1011.10 11101 1101. - I . 1011.11 110101' 11101 11011 X 1 ,N.111Hx H1-Q1 11. " .'f1Y-A ' l'f11g1111' 11111 X ,JU E 0 1111111111 1,21 1 11 .1-1'1 111 1 1 XYII11. . 11M '11 1"1. Mrs. ' 1 1 C K Q 1 'ill 11111 1 1' ' 161111 111' 1111' T Xi 1 1 IJUlL'I' C41 A' 1111 1111 1 . X 'J 1' 1 l511111s, 11111111-rs. 1111 1101110 X1 x 111111. X M 3 ,NMR 'l1'Nl'1 C-I'.R1 Rl'l11'. HICISICQ A'1f1'i111" '13 1 .SI1'11114q111j1l11'1 111 'l'1'11f11i.11'1111 V X S0111 111 N11,1.111111ll, N111 1111l'1Cl 111111111 111111511111 111111 1111111111 .XII lix11i11i1s1 Q Q 111111111 R1111: 1l1llll2lll 111111 1111, 11011, '- f1111l' 1111' j11111'11l.1 1111' 1111lIlQ1 l111'1' 1l1'- X ,Xl'Il'l' M 111111' 11111 IIM' 111 1111111' ,. 5 Slllfi' IX 11 l11'1 Jlllll. 2- 1 DON 11.11 11l'.X1X11".R "111111" l,'11111'Ig1' f1t'l1l'!1Il S111'Il11' 1'1l'I1. 5tIll211lf 11111111111 111111 111 81111111101 1,1111 11111 110101 sl1i111, 1-111 R1111g01 IW lllk 111111011 11111L. 111 ORIX 111-'.NSl'.1. lfl1,1l'111'.11 X11l111I1 S0111 111 10111110111 1l'JIl1l'lN f1llI111 1,1 11l'1ll'X ,XNYIQ 111111111111 1111111 'I'11 111' Il .11'111'1111'1' 111 2111 1111110 1110'll 1'x11'l 11111 All l1111111' s110'll 1111 111 11011. 1 1115-1'1" 11.1 '15 11' 11 2- 7? 1 4.6111111141 1 1 11.1 II7?g'107I Y1' 111111 1111' .S1'11'1'1111'11'.' "I'111111'01"': Sllll' 8111113 N1i11111' SCl'Y1kl' 1'i11: 101111011 61111113 N1111111' "3 C1111 .Xss'11 H1111111' 'lib '1111 111' .1111'1'1'.1'.1f111 111 1111 111111 I 1111 I1's 111110 111 110 111111111111 XX'1lCIl 1'o11'10 1111111121111 ll1lXC. H.XRR11i'I' HFRISIQRT "B111111i0" I?11s1111'.1zs S8001 111 M11 Clark 211111 N111 l'J011ts1'11 .1Illl1lIg1'11II'1If H01' 11111110 Illllf' 11111 110 11111sI11111li11g 11111 1101' p01's1111111it11 CCl'IZl1l11X' is. Nl.XR'l1N HliR1f1iXDORlf "NI111'l1" l31'11111111'11 P111-1'11'1 11. H1111111' R11113 NIi11111' l'i11: 3111111 C1111- 10s1: Yis11111 .1111 8111121111 11110111 5111111111 x13lll2igL'l'. B11Nk1'1l1111l 10111113 11111112 41111111111 1.11g" 1111111111111 l'.11g1'111'1'1' His 11111l11li1111 110 11111 1111 1101 111111111 l11111w111111'l11111111 1101. .10 7 5 1'.X'l'RICIIA HIi'l'lliR "1'11l" N011' 1111111 C11ll1'g1' S11'i111111i11g'. 13111111110 Clubs: S01"1' 111 l1'0111'l101's 511111111 7'l'!lf1ll'1' .X 1111111110 111' Yilll. vigor. 111111 11111li11. HOXVARD H1R'CIHli1. "H1111'i0" li'1111k '11 C1 V 1111' llfj' .. ' 1CQf1.S S 1S01"1' P11 ' .' ' H0 111111' s 111 ' 11mi0s1 111111110111s. 13.XRB.XR1X HIRSCHICNSOHN "l'11111111" 11'111'11 H1111111' R111lg SCC11' 111 Mr. Si0g0l 211111 N113 Gl'L'Cll11L'l'g1 H1111111' 1i11glis11 .S'1'1'1'1'l111'1' Q11i1'l1 s111111'. lxCl'll 111i111l, H01' 1111111111110 is 1121111 111 111111. .XNN1i'l1'l'1i HIRSCZHHORN 111111' 1111111111 Si1111i X1'111111l 111' Nll1'.X'1l1g' 1.11111'l1 1'1111'11l1 l1'C'llll1h, 111111111111 111111181 1,lK1gl'2lIll R1'111'g1111il11li1111 11111111114 S01"1' 111 Miss Slllllll 'l'11 111' 11 15111111 111111 .1111'1'1'.1.1l111 1'1'gi.1l1'1'1'1l l11ll'.S'lf 1l1'1' 11'i1111111g 111111. Will 1vi11 1ll'l' 111'11is1'. N1.X1,.XN11 1101"1"M.'XNN ' "1X11'l"J' J N fglII'l'1l.S lI11l11'g1' f '11 X I 1'2ll'1i 11011111 ' 1, ,V ' 13101111 l1'11 .11'1-111 111 1111? 1lIl1lI1Il'l!'1'5'll1f1 I1lI.S'1l 1' N W0 1111110 111111111111 L111f11gL1v1110 1.1.5111 111 s11110ss, X l1.XROI,YN 1lO1.1,liR I111111'1' 1101111 .S'111111'1' R11111111 S110 g111's, W11C11C S110 s111l1s 1111- l1111ly k111111's. IJOROTHY HO1.N1liS "DCC" T11 11111111 ll M1111111'11j1111 111111 11710 117 ll S'11lI1111'.s j111111r1' As useful 11s s110's 111'n11111011111l. .XR'I'Hl,TR HOLTZNIAN "Artie" uslllfu .1111 5111115 English 211111 A1'1O11100s A11l1111111l1z11' 111' I111111.S11'i111 IJ1'.1ig111'1' .X 111163 1l0101'111111111i1111 will 0111'1'1' 1011 fzir 111 any p1'11f0ssi1111.

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