Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 40 of 108
Page 40 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 39
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Page 40 text:

l.ORR.fXlNli l.1lX.X "Lo1"' To Il'U1'll 111111 111111 get II1f1I'7'167l1 Honor Roll: Typing Certilicateg Seev Lo Mrs. Bernslein We know 1.or vvill succeed Sl1e's just tlie girl to l2llxC llie lead. l5.XRB.XR.X DRAKE "Bobby" 0111111 11111 111' .S1'11'1'l111'v I.llJI'lll'f Rep.: Honor Roll Sl1e's like siigar-sweet and relined. ICLEANOR DRESCHER "lillie" Special fillUl'llNQ Lilnarv Repg Seo, lo Mrs, Gerslin, Mrs. .'Xelo11g 0.0. Rep 'l'11 111' Il 1111111111 A1f11'1'l111'v May ilL'li xvisdonn be llCl' guide. DOROIIIX l1l3ll,XS fZl1l'l'1lA fjollrgr ,Xrislag S1-rvime I'i11sg l1l11ilv Cll11l1g"l'i Ullt'l'lH lsllNlIlk'NN Stall: lS11si111-ss Mgi. 'I'11 .v1'1' l111' "Il1111111x Ing" llllllfl' 11 11111111 llere's lo llol, N1lL"h ll'lll' blue, illll' besl ol lurk vve vvisli lo you. lil.lf.Xlll'1lll l1l'l"l"Y "llc-111" Cllass ilaplaiil: l,il11z11v Rep. 111 111' ll .v1'111'l111y 111111 .grl 11111111111 hlle vvlll be l'L'llllX N'lll'll Ul1lNll'lllllllQ knocks. M. gggz ngfnzv rl '11 '11 Hl,1lln S1'1'1'1'I111'y NCWlll2lll CIl11l1g Seov to Mis. ljlllllllll. Mrs. Goodinan. Mis. Rullierfordg .Xl- 1e11dz111ee Ollice llllkl. Miss Ravnor T11 1i111'. 111116, 11111311 111111 111' 1111j111.v Her Cllllflll and poise are always sl1o1v11, Sl1e'll be liked WllCl'C'l' sl1e's known. lill.lil-QN DUNNI-1 "Dull" Tvpisl for1U1'l1'of111l1i1111 Life 111s111'u1111e C11111j11111v Seca lo Mr. lfoxg Honor Roll .lI111'1'v III-Y N11115' IIIIIII 111111 51111 azuay 011 l111' Zl'I11'1'.X of 1111j1.f1111ess liverv vvave will turn green 1vi1l1 enxv MllL'Il they see lliis have of joy. CLIQORGL DljRS1HOl"lf fzl11'l'1l5 College liiologv Club: l"1e111l1 Cllubg Log Re- IJUl'lCli lf111'1'1g11 C11111'.x'j11111111'11! Nine as can be We all agree. 36 'WG T Sy, ag. 6- XVlI.LlAlNI IQGLINGTON Good Luck! KA'l'HERINE IHSENHAUER "Ike" Hllll1l'IA College See'y Lo Mrs. Adams, Miss Styles and Mr. Wullg Honor Roll: Major Service Ping lllltl Pioneer Slllll .111 T1'111'111'1' Her siniles, friendliness and sweetness sl1e ollers lo everyone. ROBERT lil ER, "Bob" li11111111111i g 1111 U X' Cl S ' Honor Rollg A . 'vie l , Major Mgr. J 111 11i1 'FH111' 1 1' I 1' 'ng S lllll' 'io IC ' 'rov' . 111111 Ill lplll llgjllll 111 , b . .X 4llllCl lad, sineere 1 1 ' e, We vvisli our liI'lCIlllS vere all like you. C11111'111'1li11 C11ll1'g1' . Log Reporlerg Service Pinsg Sec'y lo Mrs. lirogaiig llonor Rollg Bowling Cllnb l'l'l'l, Cllll' illlil very neal. Sl1e's il gal YVIIUVS ol1 so sxveel. .via l'llllR 1-'.v 1.vNs '-,xi-111-" Q111'1'l1.x' f,'11111'g1f 'l liealre Cllassg 'l racfk 'liC'2llllQ Alllli. Sqiuadg l.ale Ollieeg llonor ixlillll and lf,11glisl1 'l'11 111111111 111111, 111111 111 1111 Ilis 111111 ,X Ullilllg, vvo1'k111g, quiet soul, lle's jnsl ll1e kind to reach l1is goal. 'l IIOMAS l".Xl.l.ON uiliflllln C11l11'g1f 'ffl 1111001 Ill all llie lar corners of Llie world, 'loin will llllllll l1is llag 1111l'111'led. EDWIN FALLS "liddie" Air Forte- jaekson Patrolg Seoy lo Mrs. Boehm 4Wings and stirs lor Eddie. . A, - 5 15 . 1 ' - Y' I- 1- I 4' l Y ir. 'MQRY iFAl'i' 1' 'ETTf To l11'c0111e ll 115111011 dwigner 111' Ll X score ry J General 'iexdce Squa l' L'lJrary Squad May X111 'A desig s 1 as Ill' as Mar' 1erself. Q J 1 JN .1a1.u1,nm 1 1.1

Page 39 text:

VIVIAN DALE "Cat-Eyes" Iitzsitzess School A Basketball and Swimming Clubs To he zz C. P. A. Sweet, friendly, gay and true She will never make you blue. EDITH DALLAND t'Sugar' Glee Club: Sec. to Miss lfabel and Mrs. Bernstein, Receptionist, Locker Monitor To IIFIRIHIIK' ll Sl'l'I't'lIl7'V and get mur- Tifll Heres to Edith. you're true blue, The best of luck we wish to you. ROBERT DALY "Bob" Iizrsrflmll Bob is full of pep and on "the ball." JA-L l llpsilllfthi .vid 5 1 f 'I'rxN'r NY 1 x. o 4 'Tonyu if JC llegr aw Gif ent, "St' LQLICO-editor, Aris- H, Sti1clent,'Cq,l'l-vb judge, " "cry Logo: Honof?'Roll: Green an,qL- rite To flfffcrhrl zulfrzlbgfg-hlQfYt And stfjl they gaael aria still wonder greryyl Tlizitfonemsrnzill read Could carry all he knew. HELEN DAUSEND Nursing' Srlzool Sr. Orchestra, Sp. Chorus, Sec. to Mrs. Hodgskin, Mr. Grady, "Hickory Log": Honor Roll Ambitious and efhcienlx Isn't that suflicienl? LILLIAN ITAVANZO Sfmiograplzer' Sec'y to Teachers See 'the world before I lean? il In business her charm. IVill do her no harm. '1Lilli" "Bobbi" ROBERTA DAVIS Honor Roll, Honor English, Sec'y to Mrs. Acton, English Office Pharmacist Always quiet, always steady, She's ambitious, ever ready. ELIZABETH DAWSON "Bette" Waslzirzgtmz Sec'y School Capt. Cheerleaders, "Pioneer," Major Ping Honor Roll, Variety Show, Sedy lo Deans, Math Tutor To be a success at whatever I do She's made of smiles, lun and spice, But best of all, she's so darn nice. ' . ,Q ' ! " .P tg we 174 fx f . Z9 fact. 2 f I W , Q , 2 as fl o f 7 X W ,L V W M5 4 Y f ff 7 97 I 4 fZZfff! fi, X WV! ff X fy ' ff., 9 , 'iffy fs I, ,. ,,V. - -u.: A 'Wx 'gb' V DCC jackson Patrol, Major Art Club Arquire zz UA. Degree Dee can always be counted on for e best. . ' C' ' -22- P' NCQ' Hofsim College Leaders Club, Lunch Patrol, Minor Is Clubs, Gym Assistant 'Io know her is to like her. MOZELLE DENNIS "Mozey" Setfy to Mr. Grady and Mr. Singer Flight nurse for Ihe Air Force She's so quiet and demure, Maybe. but don't be too sure. CARL DE PASQUALE "Babe" College Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol, Math and English Honor Classes, Sec'y to Mr. Deutsch and Mr. Cashin Crffiifierl Publis .lcmzuztanl A willing, working, quiet soul, Hes just th kinl to reach his goal. FR' NK "D" a 1 Ie 1 ol, Sygrmix g " :mi Drz - W 1 ' 'csg 'arsi ' .fhow,, 'arie v Show, 'NSI' es. of reentfzxl IV ' e lj To -he a acres f In .uccess l ai jf Fr r IVIIIIITCLEXII . I JOHN DIETI. "Izzy" Cily College Track Team, Library Squad Civil lf7lglllC'l'l' To be an engineer he has a yen, And we'll be proud to say, "We knew him when . . ." MARILYN DIM1GLI , " .S'1frr1'tari Srh l .v- . n istory Hot Cl I ade Adyiso LAS! .- ' ' Let s s b your aim, 61 R For your future fame. 4 Swimming Club: Minor J, SeC'y, G.O. Rep., Sec'y to jackson Patrol To go to business and get married. Success comes to those who deserye il. 6. 35 x L

Page 41 text:

w A L RE O HAI.. UPS o joi ze F rce a kso P ro, isual Aid Squadg to hI g Lunch Patrol ' , dark nd mmmm, good. Secretary Sec'y to Mrs. Peyser and Miss Newman To marry May the type of work you do Bring success and happiness to you. 049 zr U jackson Patrol Mat or General Scie L l!fBand rchestia e Failing n y r Y Lo - - I ' e uc S v v 4 ' uc ss in t f u ri - , fx teve you . I ' ' 1 VICTORIA FELCHLIN 'X ' kv" Katherine Gibbs I Sec'y to Mrs. Marks and Mrs. Hedman To be a secretary and comptometer operator Vickv's always full of fun With a ready smile for everyone. :J gy' ld , ' , - "Shorty", ng'z nb i A s ' ' 3 ' Ch ' CME ii 'P .I . 1 Succ ul if qi l l E AU, M i -- ge 4, L A D g J I y y n I a aa I Ja 3 ' , d I I ' f AIOYCE FERGUSON "joy", Private secretary to a government ofa frcial Ambition and personality equal success. LEILA FERNANDEZ "Lile" Secretary Attendance Ofiiceg Sec'y to Mrs. Poetz. Mrs. IVolfsong Glee Clubg Dancing Club ' At the mention of her name, We all think of success and fame. HARRY FERTIK Cornell University Editor-in-Chief "Log"g Pioneer Staff: Chief justice, Student Courtg Arista: Track Manager To be successful in business and nze- chanical engineering We know Harry will succeed, He's the one to take the lead. FIELD "jo" Major Service Pinsg' Aristag Major "j"g Leaders Clubg Chem Tutorg Sec'y to Mrs. Goodmans To be a teacher Agreeable and full of fun, joannes well liked by everyone. L. T. FIELDS Business School Post Guardg Lunchroom Guardg Ass't to Mr. Baldauf, Mrs. Mollin To be successful The key to success You surely possess. KENNETH FISHER "Ken" To join the Navy Hell sail his way to success. w 'fy' iEN'hL'g1T!tc2E 0 , lelphij ' Ji P i ef61falfSten hr p er , ,Ji ir of gol eyes fyblue, 7-j H- 'W 1 th 'N 'ust 'ou! e ga it or J J y J V ki J MARY FLEMING Sec'y to Mrs. Lewis To be as good natured as Dad and sweet as Mom "Beauty" and "Culture" are her assets. DANIEL FLYNN "Danny" Farmingdale Technical Institute Track Teamg junior Orchestrag Bandg Concertg Bio Squad Electrical Engineer Danny will ucngineerl' his way to fame. FRANK FLYNN 'AFlynn" Farmingdale A and T Track Teamg Major Have my few clreams come true There are limitless possibilities for the ambitious. DIANE FORD Secretary Sec'y to Mrs. Poetz, Mr. Blattg Lunch Squadg Bowling: Volleyball To work and to marry A cheery smile, A girl worthwhile. 37

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