Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1954

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 37 of 108
Page 37 of 108

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 36
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Page 37 text:

MARIE CALLAHAN Office Worker Honor Rollg History Honorg Secre- tary to Miss Rosenstein Iiilzerit a million dollars A nice addition to any ollice! Secretary to Mr. Toder, Mrs. Kaiser, Mrs. Bernstein Happy you'll be for success you shall see. CARLOS CAMPBELL "Beaver" Iles! Point Cross Country and Track Teamsg jr. and Sr. Orchs.g Major Letterg Variety Showsg Concerts U. S. Air Force Ogicer With an officer like Beaver How can we lose? ETHEL CAM E L "Supie" Pro. ice ska! fl sw ner, iaizcer ' Newman ' ' . leti ubg Historian h ea Vat ' letg Progressiv To mak' ' fun jo zers Her dan f ' are i ar b at. n a LINDO at W 'nt f' Lollcse . ,T I, Variety Showsg rack Teanmjackson Patrolg Concertsg Dancesg C.O. Rep. Lazuyer and Eizlerlainer His friends are many: his enemies noneg He's liked by all and full of fun. ROSE MARIE CANTELMO "Rose" Business School Sec'y to Mrs. Leeg Guard1 Senior Chorus Two of the qualities which you pos- sess Are gaiety and friendliness. GERMAIN CARUSO A Secretary 1 . Sec'y o I s. 'Legg S ming Clnhg Sec'y tsch ibr " epre- sent 't x To follow of ccess Ambitious n flicient Isn't that su lcient? FLORENCE CASE "Peachie" Business School Secretary to Mr. Gilman To take dictalion from a lzandsomr' lawyer and get paid for it too! That Peachie will succeed we'll safely sav, She's got what it takes cause she's O.K. .. 59 I fl 'fl 'R f way , A . . We , pg. W' - 5 I MZ. -yy A , 0 - I I I. e ' as ,M X iff 74 ,X wif f ew A ? ' 4f7 Q17 ,I . Q x 2 . t E I M ' ' s l "l ,fy yy' 5. V , 'fl ff' -1 - ' I :el , ., 2 f f - Us ff ,i,"' . f f 'L 394 , J V .. , .f 'QQ I . - if M fa., f.4' 7- Mba . , 1 'f m . f f' f, a I I f QI, f ' 'wi f fr ' ,, ,ri VV,y I 'fx ' Vg? rr,y .W I X in L' Y ",, ' ' 2 , ". -gf f' ' ' j , ,I Q. . 7 at A EVELYN CASAMENTO 'AEve" Secretary Honor Roll, Reorganization Squad An asset to any office. VLADIMIR CHLUIJ College 'Iirack Teamg Baseball Teamg JV Bas- ketball Teamg jackson Patrol lizisiness Slinrs the one for lots of fun. "Slim" FRANCIS CHRISTENSEN "Frank" tjollege-Annapolis Locker Cuardg Lunch Patrolg jackson Patrolg Sec'y Boys' Emergency Room zieconze an officer in U. S. Navy Success in everything you do And in serving your country in Navy Blue. "Cippy" Aflelplzi College Leaders Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Reeve, Miss Monseng Major Volleyball, Softball Clulasg Honor Roll Physical Education Teac-lzer A success she'll surely beg To all it's plain to see. MARILYN CLARKSON College Swimming and 'Iennis Clubsg Square Dancingg Sec'y to 'leacliers Success in whatever you do. BARBARA CLOHERTY To be a nurse 65.0. Representativeg Secretary to 'Ieachersg Secretary to Mrs. Brogan To be as zvoilclerfzzl as my mom Personality plus charm equals A'Babs!" "Bahs" ,IOYCEANNE COBB "Randy" Si. Agnes Hospital Special Chorusg Sec'y to Mr. YVile Mrs. Goodman, Miss Raynorg Lib. Rep.g and Honor Roll To .sllcceerl in Nursing .Xll the patients when they see Randy, Will know they have a nurse quite handy. 1 "Boston" Sll'71Og'l'llll2l1f'V- Typist lllllllllll Certihcateg Typing Certificate: Secretary to Mrs. Alexanderg Dramat- ics Classg Volley Ball Pin An asset to any office. 33 F

Page 36 text:

MARION BOSS St'C7't'll1Ty "Hickory Log" typist: Honor Rollg Sec'y 'to Mrs. Ringler To be like my mother A sweet girl, a sweet thoughtg May you gain the thing you sought. DAVID BRADSHAW "Dave" 'College Pres. Seni ass: p h rus: Lunch Wrolg X ' K", CHO. Rep.: u A , 1-lmniml Erzazriry WL o lfriendly and sinc re, X He will eyer puseyei RIVIXH BRADY "Ruthie" .S rr rfmry Ilonor Roll: Glcc Clubg Bowling Club: Setretziry to Mrs. Gootlinan, Mrs. lloell, Miss Lolnnan To upeii up II home for slrrly rloffs and young IH1l'llI'lUl'.Y 'Good l.lIl'lil . r- "l'hyl" Prizwl Sl'l'l'l'ifl 'x' 9 llonor l: lN1ilVA'Seryir'e!ii1: llowl- ing K tb: l,llllL2h'y' Rep. abd Asst. St-oy I ' ' cliers Y if ' rr 'nulioiirfl l3r'jmrl1'i' 5 's lull of pep :intl lull of fun, Xml always bright :us the morning sun RNYMOND BRAUN "Ray" 1ilerlror1i1's "Hickory Log" Reporter To relirr' at an early nge Nliscliief thou art afoot: Take thou what course thou wilt. lZ,X'l'HliRINE BREDE "Cathy" Serrelririrll Srliool Honor Roll: Honor Classes: Swim Club: Softball Club: See'y to Mr. Singer and Mr. Huneke To lie n .secrefflry 'Cathy is as sweet as they come: .Ks a secretary she'll make things hum. ., W. . '-J 'i. K , firi ni ifi lfiflfillliii-Qli itl' 1 3 ' N "Bob" Nnrfy l.Ii.M. Operator Your merit will carry you far. TYILMAX IEREITINGER "Millie" lflinib the liljfel Tower "Hitkory l.og"3 Sec'y to Mr. Porter, Miss Braunslein, Mr. Ponenianl Pro- gram Committee To low' ezwij' niomeizl I live Her twinkling eye, her merry line. Mill greet you alinost any tiine, Q0 C'ClilQ 'K "Angie" College English Book Room .-lutliorg Marriage In toniorrows world, she'll take a part. For, on high ideals she's set her heart. CELESTE ANDREA BROXVN 'lSnookie" Brooklyn College Leaders Clubg Gym Asst Teaelier Though she speaks but little lVhat she says is great. WARRIE B WN To go to 0 e l, li NES" BRYA "Er e" r Fo " fy 1' 'r ' T ' ap, son AIA I W uar L ' 1 play 2 or baseball 1701 x ' 1 st ee A great st ' ess he's cl to be. ft Ffh' VV l"l.0RliNCl'1 BURGICR " fuzzy" .S'le11ogrr1j1lzer and Priwale See'y Sec'y to Mrs. Eckert four years lllarry Il millimmire Cute and pretty in her way Fuzzy will Iinil siiccess some clay. .IANET BURKE "Burke" Secretary Secretary to Mrs. Rutherford and Miss Fabel janet is courteous and sweet To know her is a super treat. HEL'N BU KH4RDfi' 'lLyml" Priv e 'eq tary , ff'- Nei 1 bg nor Rolg eader Cl ' enni Club . c" iss M sen, Mrs. Hilbert To open up a li me for stm Vim, vigor and vitality, Make up her personality. DOROTHY BUTTNER "The VoiCe" Private Secretary Honor Roll 2 terms: Lab. Squad for Mr. Schwarzenbachi Library Rep. for Mr. Borten and Mrs. Hedman To get married and live lzappily ever after Always smiling. always gay, That's how Dotty is everyday. lil

Page 38 text:

ll.XRRllil CIOHEN Ul'lIlll'lL'N 1 ' QIOHN .1" ' f!dIl!'f'1lY f.'11l11'g1' 'QIYII' 111 ll111xli11gf.lul11 SCll'L'lLll'X lo Xll'N.c1OUll- l , X ' 1 NlL'l'C'lll'f" nnliils llilllllll lo l1is lllllll, N111 5lllllJll'U A CCI lx'111111f14q111l1'11 l1'111l11'1 ,L SP Hc'll 1 gil 11113 llilllilx 111cCl ll1'1'1"sNl11 l'l1ll'l'lL1 XUllilL' llllL' hluc. ' - QD 'l lic hut of luck we wish 111 you. I , " ' f Q ff All V , XIICIHAXIQI. CUHEX "Nlil:1-" lVALTON CRAIG "lW1lll fl-011,,u-1, fn -V AYIIY'-X' 117111 1117111 I11sl1l1111' ymsm Swilmmng 'lcmn , , I l.il11'z11'y Squad: 1IllCliSOIl l'z1l1'ol: -IX ' To 1,,, U ,-,,j,j,f,1i!,, , V ' Y, Swim: General Scicn1-c Squznl 15, 1 1 .A 3, . A 1 , li1'ic111lly Smile Zlllll ll l'L'2lKlX wcnsc 111 fy 17 X3 A Q K nl1'1'11111'1'1111'111 D1'1l11.Y11l!Ill 1: 1,mm,,-l X Huy hc hc one of the hcsl. 1 NQAX XX ' q 1 1 I J 1 IJ .' C'Ol,ONllK Hhllblllllll kll',,XN C.R.XNIllLll I ".Icz1111c 17 , lfpgp , l1ll.Y11Il'S.Y 811111111 U lNl'z11'i1'ly Q oi in X. S1111 IR 111: Yau- SL'C'IiL'llll'l' to Miss NGWIIIEIII Uiily Sh 1: .1Lso11 Ulwoll 1111014111 at ' 6 1ll111:1'.1' 111111 111' 111111111 l J J 11 11 1 1-1, P Clulc :incl quiet :ill lhc while I N ' 1 M1111 i 111l' 6111111 l.1111l S111-'ll Slllil'CCil with l1c1' sn1ilC. 1 1 1' ll ,sl 1 111 11' ' l ,X 111 lvllon Llllll n'4l lik1-11. Q I ' A ll0l'gE.l I I NXOR V .ll1f1lJ,. ' l3.XRlS.'XR.X CR.XXN'FORl1 "Bol1l1ic' , '111 C111 Q" I k'p .N'1'11' 1711111 C11111'g1' S11 llx lieIi.l 1', I 1111 l,og": llllllx liowliiig Klluh l1'111: N aim " 1 llouol filLlSSl'SQ Y. X. 811111111 'llf'l1I'11I'l' Squalmlrj 111111 Sllllll' lllll A l - 5lll' has lhc l0l'llllll2l loi' l1z1l111111cws. 'IX11 111' II ,XIIIIIIXS 111 Illl111II',XS 111111 Il N V, . " iv 11' 111'1111 111 1111' 111111111' 1 A ' l llc Kllllll go uiong. 'CZIIISC' 1118 ull V 11 '111 I " 'K ac., 'h' . X ' 'ul ANN CRKMS 11 1 1 . W 1.11 " '- u ' di' "l 1 1i1-" Niuming , 'Q M , ', , l.ll1l'2ll'Y Squzicl A"m" IH' mg MINI, 1 Mau' NVOII i'lIl'C zill Ylllll' ll'l1lll1lKS 'incl liiw ' l ltll' K1Ia1sa."g ' 111 flllllll K fx ' ' ' ' ' l.:1l1' 1 ,CQ linglish if 111 Q S1'111lz11x lo Mi. Singm X 71111 11111'1' II l111f1j1x' 111111 .s11111'.s.xf111 111111 V, 2 'i 11:1 1151 32 S Ylll' 111111 s uc 4, llllll 1 '. ,bn H 0 CIO .'l Y A'.loI11111y" I, C ,. ' 1111 11' if 1 Klan' on 1'ol' I.Illli'll lllllllilf Yzir- l gl' J' s ' B2lSli l1z1l fx ' ' 1. llltlvl' '11 1111 . mg .linbitioiis nd efficient. ' lsn'l 111111 s lfifflll? 1 " Art S11111111 l.u111'l1 and .Iz1cks1111 l'at1'ols: Scriicc 1111. 111 1,,1111v a. 1 .1 . l'i11: Lil11':11'y Rep. Y .51 R1'1i1'1: 111 25 1111111 Il 11111111111 1111111115 ' F11-13 hit helps. -IEXN CIOSIA ll11f.11111 .XI'lSlklI Nlinor Scrxicc l'in: Honor Classes: S061 to 'l'vz1c'l1c1'SZ Swi111111i11g S .Mill BQ1skcll1:1ll Club T11 11'111k 1111:1'11 t111' 1115162 ,s111' Ml l1f7H -fx' ' 111111 111'111' fllf' j1111l1'1 111 111111' f1'1'1'. 11111, 1 X 1 ig 1 . ,5- I 34 ' Yi' 112 ' ' ' 111175 , ' . ' f mlfw 4,mwWW 1 111 MW ?WW? 5 an I '91 yi '51 '51 fQf 9, f f 1 1 M5 1 yf f 7! X ffff 427 ! ' ii 31 f 1' :QTL I1-:111-I lhn- 1111111 lo S11111,-sw. l'HYl.I,lS KLROSSLICY "l'l1y" fJ111l1'g1' N111's1's Yifllillfilg SQU3' Io 'l'cz1c,l1c1': S11fll1:1ll Club: S1vi111111ing Club: Zlllfl Bowling Club 'I'11 111' fl 1'1fg1s11'1'1'11 1N'llT.S'I' ,Xg1'cc:1l1le zmcl full 111' fllll Shc's well likcrl by c1'c1'yo11c. OIF BAn61QJ9muw1 " wunv 1 . 1 S 1. fflz 1 .S 1'g.' I rllaorg. Sqn' l: I 11100 Squ'clg Lunch Patrol: " "y to Mr. 3 Hisr. 9: D651 ' cl Swi V Il 'Il ,luh T H11111 H' 111,111 A quiet 11:0 S adopts, But for us s1e's tops! HMEmEEEEEl!lEl!'Bmmw1 H11fs!1'11 Honor Roll: Arista: Editor "Hickory l,og": Serxice Pins: Scc'y Mrs. Boege: Enrolling Room Sec'y T11 llI1'I'C' I1 j11f1:f1'ct 111155 Happy smiling all the flux xliif shc always slay that 'waxy 1 gf,

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