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 - Class of 1954

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Throughout the following pages of our yearbook, we of the Pioneer Staff have tried to portray both the curricular and extracur- ricular activities of our last and most memorable term in Andrew Jackson. Turning the pages, we recall four years of preparation for the world which we are about to face. While most of our high school career was devoted to serious study, a great part of it was spent in acquiring new friends and participating in various activities. We look ahead into the future with a feeling of sadness as well as joy. Some of us are going to college while others are entering the business world or the armed forces. No matter what our choice, let us strive not toward personal gain, but rather toward the betterment of mankind. Love for our Alma Mater has grown throughout the years, and in the future, the class of '54 will always be ready to assist in upholding the good name of Andrew jackson. Janet Bienzle Editor-in-Chief 3 'jf 1,4 1111111111: 151111141111 1u11'1111i1111, X'i1gi11ig1 111111, N11111:1 1L11111s11'i11, 1Qz11111'1'i11c 1'11SC1l112lllC1'. 8111111111111 11111111111 11111-1111-1, 1111111 1'l'11I1x N14'lX1I1 R11s1'11l1111g, 41111111 Wciss, P11111 1'1l11C1'1, 112111111 1411111112111 N111, 1.11-111111, 511111111117 13111111111 1Xl'2l1l1111. ,S ,wal 1511111111111-fflrffff .,.............,................... .1:111c1 111611110 ,'1.S.11X1II1If 1111111111 151-111' 1l1111s1111, 111111101 f,11'C1'll11111ll 151'S1X1iSS 51.X1"1' 1'11I1'1l: ,lllilll 1'111'11i, 1ig1111c1i1111 11111 1J111111'11. Nliss 1g11ll1I151C1ll, 811111151113 k11111c I,c1111z11'11. 11111111 11111111c11111. Nlfmrlfngi 111110 1i4111c. 1111-111 frXgL'11. c11l1111111 1.l1131ll'll, R11111 R111111111'1, 112111110011 1,1'11'iS N121l1C O11YC1',.XI11l NI:1111111iz1. Kd -' ... fx 511 We, the Senior Class of june 1954, take great pride in dedicat- ing our yearbook to MR. GEORGE COHN, our friend and advisor. We hope in this way to voice the thanhs we have always felt, hut sometimes neglected to express. Although he too was a newcomer just four years ago, his understanding of teen-agers has already made him very j1ojJular with the students. He has brought a greater appreciation of literature to those of us fortunate enough to have him for our English teacher. His wonderful personality, warm smile, and friendly manner will lorzg he remembered. Qleclieation 5 9 Q Q 4'MfLClf9Cl S QSSCZQQ 'llo the Class ol' 1954: You have chosen wisely in taking your theme from -laques' famous soliloquy. "All the world's 21 stage" and each of you in your turn will play many parts. Graduation marks the successful completion ol' one role and the beginning ol a new and more challenging one. The stage setting for the parts you are now called upon to enact is a world in flux, a social and political arena in which the scenery is drifting rapidly. Among the roles you will assume are those of the citizen, the worker, the consumer, the family member, and-for some-the student once again. I trust that your years at Jackson have given you a firm foundation upon which you can build the edifice that is to be your life. I hope that you have developed a devotion to justice and liberty, a reverence for the rights of all men, and an enduring faith in the moral and spiritual values that are our greatest strengths.I hope that you are equipped to face the future with confidence, courage, and purpose. In the unfolding drama that lies ahead, your roles will be largely your own to create. However you are Cast, be true to your ideals and thereby achieve what a contemporary of Shakespeare called the "quiet rr1ind,'l the serenity and satisfaction that come with self-respect. I wish you every measure of success and good fortune. God bless you! JACK GORDON DEUTSCH 6 MRS. EVELYN VVALTZ Assistant Dean of Girls MR. FRANCIS GRADE' MR. SAUL 'TODER Dean of Boys MRS. ELIZABETH BROGAN Administrative Assistant Dean of Girls MR. JACOB ORNSTEIN Administrative Assistant Senior Grade Advisors MRS. CAssluY, MRS. TODD MR. BLATT, MRS. BROXVN Wjfzere gem Q rg Mr. Singer . . . Mr. Testaverde Miss Flynn . . . Mr. Hannner . Mrs. Joscelyne Mr. Hartung . Mrs. Charlton Mr. Blutt .... Mr. Schiilinun Mr. Schering . Miss Jenner .. Mr. Loe ... Mr. Wlllll .. M rs. Cray .... Mr. Vfrenn . . Mrs. Alexander Mr. Schlurnpf Mr. Porter . . . Mrs. Vogel . . . Mr. Shapiro . . Miss Kinsey . . Mr. Heeknian Miss Koehler . 8 lrcf Cglzat Before . . . . 4'Look in the book" E ..... "All right, boys and girlsy' in . . . "Try using the dictionary" . . .... "Morning, Cherubs" . . . . . Morgen, Kinder" E. . L'My brother up in Sing Sing" "Don't forget to Copy the notes" ii zz 97 Uh,there lack when I had niy 51537.50 Ford' ...... "Did I ever tell you . . .' . "How can ou be so stu id?' Y P i . . . . . . "Eyes on your copy' . . "Dunnnkopf' at 1 f0.K., chucklehead, see the nian' P .... "Don't take my notes, yet . 'KThe square root of 2 is 1.414 . . ....... "A la pizarra 5 ..... .... "A11in! It's not cold if iugh at my jokes and you'11 pass . . ........,. mln my day . "Now Mr. A and Mr. B . .... 'Corrie on, people F I" 1 1 r illlemnrietl JOSEPH CASHIN November 6, l953 We, the graduates of l954, mourn deeply the death of our close friend and swimming instructor, Joseph Cashin. As a person, he properly impressed us all as Cl man as completely honest in his thinking as in his Work. His fine competitive spirit inspired many a team to victory and won for him the highest regard and esteem of all his colleagues and students. ,,A, ?E!K i73T2i -. asf of Hn A A .-Q 5. M1 'f .? - -1- A " -:P N-Y . - Q E' 4,-b ..g- ,-- .-:.-,d M.. 4?-E-'L .. . .-,.,.,, A as ' .-, - '2"'-'-:i nf..- -. ....:::::r. -.. ..--.- f,. --1' ' X A, ,Jn-e5..g:3f:'1?2 1Pi!Qi45545ifse!g5'.. ' ' 'f:53:gefi532'!s! - E: L ' ggargg: .'.'f1,lA:- "'f -:gf - " NJ, A' ' -- -ef ' A -ii 5 1 - ' in "1 -: 125 3 ' fi' v F- ' ' - Q saga.. ' . ,.. -.. -- -' .. '- -1 - ',, ,,:. Q' "" n- -3' 15245.--if1a2ai,,..?'?'-fq,f5.. if X X W, 2115-tkxi E: - - f. .-.:.i:saa.::safa 1-a2,.-. wLf X f ' .921 4 :Sv , , Ti SAI-e-1 -::-:" "T":-'!57',,h.2.?' Q , ' wh ff f' -'ay l2:1r?.-iw' E - X' . f,4w"'5' f M T' 'ii iii-:SN ' 6 4 vii: ,, 'R r .ff N::1E?"1f!:3h-94LFP"1.-32'-MMA '. T- -ff f . ,-,S ima ': V '- .-46.:..,.L,:::sas:'15? 21'-'P' '1'a1-2-RWM' M Kfgv- 'ff 35.1 WHL-H' I -fl ,,L::5:1iZgsn: ' '-f1n,",M:n46vg1 1' iff '15 , ""' rq:-, -h -.-, 'fg A- W, I ,f.,- Z - 1 . .3 -'aff Q ag V- 5L - . 'f . 3' -:,5FQ:3g'ggg.3 N , Q 1 - -.-Q - 4-2 Q1 ' . XX ' , f. 1"- 1959 ' ,- ' L i IW-V? E in 'iff w , T if iw -- -- -. .Q -e 5 - T : fzgihfffg, , . -,- H J - .gy-Q' ' ..' " 2,,f' .... '- - 1 ' 'J . alia! - Q 3 . - -4 'I ., 1 Ax ' K g.- .Q , M " ,.... 3 gba- .,- it , Q .. -1 "- T4 - - -A - ' :. .... .. :s ,n-. ,.+ 'Q-I i i 4 - -: r -3-4 ESENH NJEPN of 8501718 53 IWUSHI' l'Ul'lf'l,.'llf 1'fY1f ff,f1'lwCfH1'f1f.9 l'1il1'1'll O'l51i1'11 .Xrlinc Xvcwk lflllllli l'ia1iul111 Slllllll Xvllillqlflilk 'lil sf SOPHISTIC1-1T1iS HEARTBREAKERS Hvlcn Schick Gail NIZIIIIIHY l3111'1'y Hoppcr Xvillllifi YVCHC Ric'h111'1l Kllclnplci 12 Af ry, CLASS ATHLETES CLASS FLIRTS Janice Rose Virginia Hfilliziiiis .Iznnes O!ROL11'kC .loc Pcrittinc TEACPIERJS TRIALS JACKSON IESTERS Denise Kane Carol luster Hfilliani XVidnier John Scollo Z 'II' enior ass Cqfjqcers xllllll' for-mk, kl2lIIll'N O'Rmulw, llclcn Sflmizk IQ 3 Gouncz .Spm15m': IJIA. Carlton Mason .sflllldlllgf Nlr, Bans. loam Framgipane. Amlmom lJ'A1nato, George Singhel, Ethel Finley. Seated Mr. Ornstein, Mr. llculsmln. 1-1 PATRICIA ANDERSEN "Pat" Secretary Lunch Patrol: Sec'y to Mrs. Leeg G.O. Rep. To be a loving wife and motlzer and raise a family as happy as my own. Always friendly, always gay She'll reach her goal in every way. HELENE ARNOLD Dalcroze conservatory President of music club in Evander Childs High School. Afusician She'll make music. Wherever she goes. JOHN AUSTIN "Jack" College Co. Capt. of Swim teanig Sec'y Mr. Cashing Lunch Patrolg Jackson patrol. To own a business. As Jackson's swimmer I-Ie's our man, If he can't do it Nobody can. NIKOLAJS BERZINS College Guard in Cafeteria. Played accordion in Speech Clinic Class Assemblies. To be an Electrical Engineer. Quiet, but effective. BRUCE BREINING Mining Engineer To be as wonderful a guy as my clad. A noble ambition Bruce does have, attaining it should make his dad glad. FRED BRUNJES "Fritz" Hofstra College Supply Squad To be a successful businessman A willing, working quiet soul. He's just the kind to reach his goal. GERARD BUCKLEY "Buckl' Electrical Engineer Served on Guards: G.O. Representative To join the Air Force May his cares be as light as the clouds. LAWRENCE BYRNES l'.S. Naval Reserve General Science Lab. t2 Yrs.j Lots of luck and success rss NN. JOSEPH CAMPANELLI "Joe" College To lie a success in Yl',IlIlf'll6'l' I do Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. LEONARD CHAMBERS "Red" Capt, Stagecrew: V. A. Squad: Lunch Patrolg Jackson Patrol: English Book- room To do many Broadway slvozvs His ambition we all bet Will win for him some fame yet. ELEANOR COLEMAN "Ellie" Secretary Library Squad To get married Okay, sister l'ou'll get your mister. EILEEN COLLINS To be a zypist and to get a ,II.R.S. Degree Carefree, gay Come what may. WARREN COLOZZO "Willy" College Band To be riclz, successful, retire young One swell fellow we all say They don't come like him every day. RICHARD CROSS "Richie" Jackson Patrolg Major Swimming Team Hats off to a hero of Jacksons team Richie's shown us that he really "is on the beam." DORIS DAVIDSON "Dee" Teaclzefs College Library Rep: Sr. Orchestra. Concert Committee Successful teacher and ll0!lSE'Zl'lf6 Just keep on doing as you ate. 15 t.If.ORGli R. DH' College Guard: Visual .Xids Ilffllfdl Trfltrzirizzzz .Xlways pleasant and efficient He'll make a Hne dental technician. "Hopf" lzntrr .Slate Teflt Special Chorus-two terms To get married and raise ll basketball team May you dribble your family to success and happiness. ROBERT DEPILLIS' "Bob" Quuvts Lollwgr' Jackson Palrolg Trinity Club: Hebrew Culture club Tn rliwmvv' my anzllitimz. We wish you :ill the success and hap- IHIIVNS. 4 ,XRUIIL ll. DIIBS Ihunlrlyn l.'r1ll1'gr llonoi ilnsses: Lunch l':1t1'ol: Glen- I lulii Su'y to Mr. Siegel, Miss l'll'lil'l'l. znnl Mis. Rutlierforml 'Io ln' n All!'t'I'.Y.SlIll rtrrotntlrzrrt ,Xlwaiys happy :md lull of fun If you want a winner Carole-'s the one. RICHARD DYER "Ditk" College ,'llfliSOll Vzilrol: Honor Roll Ili' ri millimmirr' llis manner and his friendly zur Will help him become a millionaire. NORBERI' EGE "Sport" To nmkz' II million .Kim high and you can't miss. ROBERT EVANSON jackson Patrol .Hake Il ,llillimz His winning ways Will yy in him praise. NIARILXX l"ECI'EIR.'X "Lynn" Cillbftlltlf, Tzflrjalzom' Co. Sec'y to Mrs. Lee. special chorus To mnrry' 1111rl rniw' II large family The key to success NYC know you possess lr? as I 'uf IRVING FINKELSTEIN "Iry" Pratt Art Institute .Xristag Service Pins, Editor "Suu" .Xrt Stall: Bio und Chem. Squzuls: Honor Roll: Spanish Tutor To trzufel to Dlnrs The world wills it .Xnd Iry draws it. RICHARD GERARD FOX Slate Tech jackson Patrol: Visual Aides Marry a rich wife so I d0n't lmve to zvork About hiin we can always say He will always be O.K. ROBERT HAND "Bob" Ile a jzlzotogrnplzer He'll Click his way to success. EDWARD HASSILDINE "Skip" ltelirr? at 35 I.ike death and taxes that stop never Skip's antics and smile will go on for- ever. DEI .ORICS H ERR MANN Good luck BARBARA HOELICR "Bobbie" .S'lt'l1l2g'7'!t1IllI?T Work for Mrs. Lewis l.i1fr', Love, Laugh rmrl lm 1IlllTTltfll Demure and sweet She can't be beat. IOHN HOFEMANN "Jack" Lunch Patrolg Sec'y to teachersg Special Chorusg Progressive Partyg Art Disf playsg History Honor Your name will be among the best. KENNETH HORN "Stretch" To be an exterior and interior jminter Stretch will paint his way to success. DONALD HUNT State Tech. Special Chorus Specialize in Science Because you're conscientious, pleasant and true I , V3' " The best things in life are destined for you. XVALTER JENSEN 'WValt" Shop assistant To be a milliolmire Success in your ambition. DENISE KANE Good luck, Denise! ROBERT KIEFER "Bob" Secretary to Mrs. Boehm, Mr. Ornstein, Mr. Engoren Own my own business Where there's a Kiefer, there's a way He'll surely accomplish his ambition some day. RICHARD KNEPPLE "Rikon To become a successful Interior Deco- 1-ator The ambition that you possess lVill help you reach your goal-success. LAWRENCE KORNBLUTI-If "Larry" College Jackson Patrol: Lunch Patrol: Chem Squadg Sec'y to teachersg Hebrew Cul- ture Club. May you travel on the road to success. BILL LENNON "Willie' Jackson Patrolg Sp. Chorusg Varsity Baseball Team Work and lmrfe a good time Stay on the ball to success. PATRICIA LEONARD "Mickie" Secretary Secretary to teacher To stay ltnppiv KVe're sure that life holds much in store for such a great girl. GAII. NIAHAFFY "Gay" Receptionist Sec'y to Miss Braunslein. Mr. Safran. Mrs. Kresh, Att. Ofhceg Swim and Soft- ball 1 To marry cz guy zvltlz looks, jzersorzm- ity and money Her personality will help her attain her goal. EUGENE MALDONATO "Gene" College Locker Guard To be an engineer A mighty Ene ambition, under any condition. ANNE MANKO "Shorty" Sec'y to Mr. Vleisman and Mr. Kass To see the world and visit Haiti Shorty Manko wants to roam. lVhen you're away think of Home. EDWARD MASSARO "Eddie" Queens College Jackson Patrol To be I1 'rarliologist lVe know your ambition will come true. IOHN MCSXVIGGIN "Mac" lackson Patrol To make money Here's to john. a boy of ambition He'll give Rockefeller some competi- lion. ELSIE MEKLO G.O. Representative: Secretary to Mrs. Duncan Ile Il singer The shining quality that Elsie pos- sesses ls sure to lead her to many successes. HENRY NIEKLO Jackson Patrol A quiet lad. sincere and true, XVe wish our friends were all like you. ANTHONY G. NIESSENIER "Tony" College Library Squad To be an nutlzor Ambitious and efficient Isu't that suflicient? 17 ,IOXN C11'S111NCi N111111.Xl-11,8 IAMES O'RO1'RK1i ".li111" HklOZll11Ci' C0lI1'g1' 11111111511 - 112186132111 'INCZHIII I.111'111'1 01111111 111111111' R11l1: 511. C1l111111s: Niinor Serv- 5 T11 111111111 11111111111 i1c Ping Sl'1l'L'1l1IA1' 10 xili. Bass, Miss ' an gg This guys 1121111 10 110111: one y1111'11 111111111111 R K 1 I 1 1. Slll'C1f 1i11c 111 111001. 'l'11 lim' 1111111 I 1l11' ' I Shc 11215 111c 1111111111111 1111 1111l111i11css. A - K 1 R1111111111' x111..xN11 '-1111111 ' FWBLRIQAVX P'xUF'fUM'H' ,I-0 IN, H HHHINMW 6111111 111111. R111111.1 O1'1'11cs11'11: 111111112 C11n1c1'1s: 561111 111 Miss 11111'1111c 111111 Nils. 1111111111111 ' . lining 111 Alllllllllffllll S1'l11111I of 11111111 1 M111 11111 111111 1l1c "Key" 111 s11111css, L ' 1 15121, -1 X1. 1 ' . ' " - " 11.111111 v11f1 0111.1 111111111 in 1' X X :j0l1'5'1l"1xRm 11111111 ..v- k -. -1'1' I1 1111 K 1fmi,,,,M H 1 1.i111'111'y 8111113 .X1lCll111ll1CC O1'111'cg Scc'y Cf., ,,,m.m,d 'Q 111 'I'c111'11c1's3 81111111111 111111 Dancing ,x1JQl'K'i'1l1J1L' 111111 11111 111 fun, Ejlubs - I sm-'1 11-11 l'1v1 1 - - -, g- 'F' "1"'i""" , , 1 I H H UUHHH Yury 11l11'111'1iv1- 111111 ncvcr 1n111'111'c. B,XllHgxlf,X x11,1g1 , .111s11111H 11113R1f1'1"1'1N11: "joe" 1,',1ll1'L1,1 Varsity 1111801111111 kl2ll'1'iSUl1 1'11tr111g 'l'11 l11'111lll1' Il l1'111ll1'1 Ifllllfh l'2lll'Ul 511111111111 is i111l111ssiI1111 Mflfff' M""",1' il-QIQI willilugllg-3111, ,Q N011l111g is i111l111ssi11l1' 1111 ll willing ,, 111-1111. - ' X 1 . , L ill W, 'A ,Rmm XMIM 1 id 1 -1' 1.1111111111 111f1s1:111 lf111I1j1l1111l1'l1'l' Uf11'111I111' 1,101i'l'CSslvC Plmly A I In Miss MlKim.mlH, Mixx 21111111 11.1 1111211' 11.1 1111A:11V11. ymmh, . 111 11,8 11111111 ll? my 11 11'1 I.i1f1', low' 111111 gf! ll lligh 511111111 111- wolidf 4151111101 l'X1"'f'5fA Nmlm 111-1' lll1l1111l' sw1'1'1111-ss. l11'1' 1'1'i1'1111s. 1111'1'1' 111'1' 11121111 H1'1' 1111's-1111' l1lL'l'C 11111? 1f111.1c12N 11'11R11aN "11'11" ' 1f11.1N11 1'1s1:1111'1px "1u11111111" gf,-,,f1,,,1y li1'11rg1' 11'11.1l1i11gl1n1 fiflllfglf SCLU1' 111 Miss Flynn. Mrs. ,X1121lllS, N111 1110111115 'W11111 3 115' Ci'1,l1'i"3 .151Ck50'l f,1iI1S1C11lI NQW1111111 11111113 Typist fm' 11-L. b 1'2llI'013 Illlllfil 1'21l1'11l1 Green 111111 "Hi1'L01'y IA1111"' A U A 11111110 1121111 'I-U IN, 2, 5,,FH,Sx in nfl, 1 '51 l'1'11f1'.s.sim111l 'l'1f11ni5 NVQ Q11-Q Sm-0 you 1,-111. R111'1l11ct, sne11kc1's, 11c1 111111 111111 n 1'11'2ll11K,S 1110 one 111111 wins 111cm 1111. 111.xN 11'1:11xNoR PM MN QVOORK Sc1"y 111 Mrs. 1'oc11, M13 S1111pi1'11 lie Il SllI'!'C'SSflll drfssmaker 1-Icre's to Fee, 21 girl with 21 grin He1'c's hoping that in 1ife's struggle sl1e'11 win. ,1I111I1'li11g .S'1'lm11l 6.0. Rep.: l.11JI'Z1l'1' Rcp.: 11IillIll2111CS1 Glcc C11111: Scc'y to Miss Brziunstein '1'11 Crt .1l111'1'i1'1l S111111 .X 311111131 -1111111 11'11111s 111 1113. 5111-11 bc ll Q111111 11110 :is 11111 11111 scc. ROBERT OLSFN J,ANE,I?ANSOME 5111111 lerlz. Worked in Li111'111'y: Sc1'1 111 Miss Barone, N111 Fisher 61111111 111111, 151111. 4 To 1111111131 ll 11111, Illlfk 111111 l111111Is11n11f ' man. ' W ' V-1-11CI'CiS no lack of 11ppor111ni1y i11 1 ' your f1C111. 1 1 N. 1114.1 " 1? 18 j.-XMES RICHES "Monk" Sell Pogo sticks to lame Kangeroos in Australia Monk wants to travel wide He will leave during high tide. jANICE ROSE 'tjan" College or Secretary Secretary to Teachers: Library Repre- sentativeg Glee Clubg Swimming Clubg Tennis Club Long to be remembered. LESLIE ROSENBLUM College illerchanclise lllanager Success is yours. SHIRLEY SARESKY Sec'y to Mrs. Leeg Lunch Patrolg Li- brary Representative To be a dental hygenist Two of the qualities you possess Are gaiety and friendliness. HELEN ANN SCHICK "Helen" Dental Ass't Sec'y Treas. of Senior Classg Sec'y to Mrs. Hilbert, Mrs. Goodman, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Mercer To be a success in whatever I do. Ive hope you achieve your ambition. ROBERT SCHMALENBERGER "Bob" Chem Squaclg Star Stafjg Swimming Teamg Jackson Patrolg Locker Guard To become a commercial artist Purple is a color odd just right for your hot rod. RICHARD SCHMI'IiT "Dick" U. S. Coast Guard Agriculture College Make a million He'll meet with success in the Coast Guard blue. ROBERT SCHNEIDER "Bob" College and St. jolzn's Law School Library Squadg Trinity Clubg Gym Secretaryg Teachers' Sec'y Lawyer ' A regular pal and full of fun, Our Bob is liked by everyone. ' wi 2 , are Tb... 5' ff at 2 I , 'I'I-IOM.-XS SMITH "Smitty" Lunch Patrolg jackson Patrolg PSAL .Xwardsg Worked for Mr. Ornstein lie a Hermit May he be one of the best. RICHARD STADNIK "Nick" Parsons Art School To he an illustrator for outdoor magazines He has the formula for success. KIOHN STREBEL 'jacks' Shop Assistants Retire early jack is sure to ride the waves of suc- cess. CHARLES STRESSLER "Charlie,' Army Swimming Teamg Baseball Tearng jackson Patrolg Locker Guard Become a good machinist In any business Charlie will be A huge success we're sure you'll see. PETER SUTTER 'il'ete" Navy To be a Playboy Millionaire May you always be the leader of millions. ROBERTA TESMAN "Bert" Oswego State Lunch Patrolg Sec'y to Mr. Deutsch, Mrs. IVolfson Elementary school teacher May success and happiness be yours wherever you go. GERARD 'I'RI'ESON Hjerryi' .loin the Navy As a Navy gob. He'll do his job. ELAINE VAN SLYCK Lilzrary rep. Her winning ways Will win her praise. 19 Q I 11' 1111, C'.X1 111'1R1NIf Xl-QRM1I.YI?.X M. l11l111'1 ll111J111111 I.i111111'1 R1-J1.: XCXKIIILIII 11111111 S1-c'1 111 X111 111111111 XJ1l111Hg .X 11111111 11111 11111-1111 I-'111 1111- 1101111 111111-S 1111110 ll good J1111. M XRION XN'.1I.LIiR .X'111'.1111AQ I.11Jl'i1I'1 R1-J1.1 13111 I.1l1JQ S1-1'1' 111 Miss W1-11011111 111' Il 1111111' O1 :111 1111- J11'111'1-ssi1111s 111is s111:'11 J1i111 111 IIIIISL' 1111- 111111114 111111 111-111 1111- sick. JOAN 1V.X1.S1I Ii11.1i111'1.1 1111111 S1-1'1 111 Mis. X1-i1li11 'I'11 l1f111l ll l111- 111 l111j1j1i1l1'11 111111 1111 11'1.1 W1- 111s11 11111 1111- 111-sl 111 1111- MXRIINX WICINIQR Civil .Sl'l1'1ll' .SI'1ll'IllPI' 'I'11 11111l11' 1111111' 1'111f1l111'1'1 ll lguml .11'1 11-11111- N11111I111's 1111111111 1111 LI 111g111'1' 11-11-1 111 11'll1'1A 111111 1111111111111 s111- will 11-11-1. YINKZICNI XVI-lR1.I'1 "Yi11111" XLIISIIN 1S:1s1-1111111 111111141 111'11 11-1111s: 11111111-11 1111' M11 O111s11'i11 T11 .11'll 11111-lr .1l1111'.1 III l1111111111g fIUllI11.1, IIIIIS 1111 111 ll "s11'1-ll" 111-111 111' J11111s1111's '111-11111 Yi11111's s111111'11 Ili 111111 111-'s I'C1l111' 1111 111C 111-11111. S'IJl'.XRT 11'III'I'IiIlOOK 1111111-gf' I.IlIIl'1l I'1111'11l: Bz1s1-1111113 I311skc1l111ll: S11'i111111i11g T11 11111111' 111111 111'1'111111' il'f'IlHlIJ' His IIIZIIIIICIS ZIIICI f1'i1-111111 IIII' NIll1sC 111111 11'cl1-111110 1111111'11c1'c. JOHN .1x111gRsON '1'H11111s 11.111ER 1-.1 1-R11111 1f111-11-.1'1'R11:14 1a1.1z.1111f1 H I-KOX R111111R'1 1111.11.11 JO.1x 11111. R111111R1 111.111R11.1x 111RR1' H111-1-1iR 20 ' 1 ' WILLIAM XVIDMER "Bill" I.1111'.1'1'1' Cl11J11. Of I.11111'l1 I'1111'Ol: I.igl11i11g 111111 , 'I ia ' .XIIIlJ. 8111111111 XVISIIZII .1111 S1J11111l To 111' 11 111110 I11'111'1' 1111111 "D1111 AIIIIIHH if If 11-11 is s11111c1l1i11g 111111 brings success 42 1 Bill will l1111'e PICIIIJ' III cxccss. 1 vw -f1-1 VIRGINIA XVILLI.-XMS 'AGIIIl1,"' I B111 Lab: S6CI'6l2ll'1' 10 Miss F1111cl ' G1-1 111a1'ri1'd 1 V f F1'ie11dl1' 111111 gnv. ,I pl J .. 5,.,, . , . +A I J ' .11 11-01-k Ol' 111 171211. X' 1 ' EDWARD YELSITS "Eddie" N11111- 611111111111 Of L1111c11 I'1111'0l3 XVO1'11cd for Mrs. 1311011111 Q' 111-'ll study 1I1Il'C1 111 le111'11 1110 sc11, ' .XIIKI 111011 Il IIIIC s11ilO1' l1c will 1113. I I ' - . V1 nu' J mf, A , 111011-- Colfwgl' G. O, Rep.: Sc11iO1' Class Vccpg Sccrc- lilly 111 'I'c111'11c1's 'l'11 111' 11s 15111111 as 11111 11111I111?r 07711 m111'1'1- fl 1111111 11.1 g1'11111I as my falher. N11 11111111-1' 11-11111 s11c 1111cs, S111- 11111-s 11 1111-11. -7 , .',"V X I 1 ' ff ,- CZITIQFCZ HARRIET Jl'S'I'ER JOSEPH KEAIING JOSEPH KENNEDY J.11113s 1.eR1'O 131.1z.111E1-H 111-11R.11'H .1R'1H1'R MILXER JOHN MOORE I-'REID N11:111'HR 19111, XVILLIAM NORTON DOROTHY 1-EREZ JO.1x R.1zz.1 ROGERS JOHN JOHN RYAN JOHN SCOLLO ROx,11.D SEE J.111Q1'1:L1'N sHE.1 1'.1I.I'.I',N f1,1.1N 1 li1'1111l1l1'11 lI11ll1'g1' IIO11111' R11l13 111111111' Classes I11111111' lies i11 1111111-s1 11111 'IHOMAS K.-XCZYNSKI I11 Mernoriam JOHN SHEEI-IAN DONALD SMITH GEORGE SMITH RICHARD STENN JAMES THOMAS JOSEPH YOGEL JEAN XV.-XLKER I 'l. WV' 31 fl' 5 2 aqua, W! . '11 S , S x x an my I 1 J f af 'unaw- fm! ffxw was sv-M Q L, f1A Xin WN, e if gm WF? wh. f M M Q X , 'Q S i '-C.. ww, 1 . fi? Y-I f v 1 . s 4' 4 X R! fs W ,lx , S Tis 9 X kvx .mi ' X INN , fl sw QL' 40 Qt! gy! 5 A xl tl' Q y t T F31-aJ"N rt is v f' N X 4 ' ' ,. lt I , ' 'g ,ff I, x , at QI N ' K K I LN' f x , 'J ' 4 K J. ,. ,- , X . ' '-, 'w f P' 1 A p i - ' ,cg , t ,- x I ' X 4. X f . :tbl X N5 I V 51 lf, wx fi f REX I-Xu .ith Q. -1- is .xnxx tx .N V mf' I X X-xf2?.xI3-hfgfbqagfgjg . ,M 1 f ' mr-Ig,: Q, Q93 x:rW'af:s.a.3. f1-,i ss fi' .s-cisavs SQ sax ' t - ',-Lsfzl 2419 'f,4f"'L'2l4 math ' , -. -5 . rf-2--'sf-' . ' : K 1 1, in 'HA' 4. 'ml' W "V ' ' I .,'A 1 ' ' df ' 'H ' t 11 ' 1 fit' ' . ' ' "A-:te X 'am 1. I 'New' 3 . ' 41,-an f WNW , vufjfg ' ' . - I V 2 A-up.-.4,, 9 XTWJ 1 N 1 I f ' I x l D X 'V v,nf5 -I . KT.. h. w ' ia I ' W Q-if I b, X' Q' , b i ' Efsann FREE. the mecor Till Then .................... Graduation One O'Cloeh hlnnzjz . . Dismissal of early session Oh My Papa ...... . . . Visit to Mr. Deutsch In lhe Mood . . . . For getting a diploma Dragnet .... ...... X Iackson Patrol IBeliezfe .......... ........... I 'll pass I f1in't Go! Nobody . . . . Oscar, the Skeleton Yon You Yon ............ Down to the dean Who Slole lhe Ding Dong? ........ No bells Three O'CIloch in the Nlorning '...... Coming home from the prom early lfronz Here lo Iilernily .... From the lockers to room 340 ,lnsl One Nlore Clnnzee . . Please, Mrs, Brogau ,lwIf7l!TI'7'Tj' ............ Telling Mom I failed Rugs lo Hielzes . . . . . From lfreshie to Senior CI' si hon .... ........ l Jr. Monahan Ain'l She Sweet . . . 'llo pass me in lico. Yon Alone ..................... Detention lfree Home TJK'IlLU?ISHYllTO7I .... Homemaking classes Slwnzger in lJamrli.s'e . . . Freshman in a Senior enrolling room Changing IJllTl7IC?T.S' . . ..... First period gym The Creep ...... . The graduation march Seerez' Love . . . . The blonde next to me in History Ehh Tide . . . . Draining the pool Offshore ............ .... ' fhe "Deli" The Deadwood Stage ......... School buses Stolen MOIIIFYZTS .... Doing Math homework in English class l'V!l7If6'Il ................ 65 on the Regents Good Old Mozzntftivz Dew ...... Prom punch There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight. . .'Cause I passed my Regents TTTIIHITKS for the Nlenzories .......... Jackson 22 C15 F-f F-wi - J - ,. '-""':-T 5 ,W V., ' -T if I W: V C L1- --- , M- X QQ, ,Z -,M - 1 W 2 TL :jg ' 4jj,gVSS55.: xf- - 2 ,, ,T N ,-f xv? . ,fi N -qv,-A,.M xl. if 'Z ' ' ' ' f- - E' 4,4 X X X fm' T :Z 4 ' x X Y QR W ' , Z: . arf f A L' .fd 1- 13. , xx 3 gi-4 N A ' 'LLT - , Qbi 'W vfxi .S 5, Q Qw fffwx XM lp ! ' 4-'4 1 - - - J g x- 'whx ,T 1- wf- fx f rar' - 5' , .. 519 X Illia f' 4 .-f 1 qs, f JZ, ' - ' . x f MX - if 5 - H d VLQE: Wf jx 5-:jg h.M -L -asks: ,jj f gj 5, N Y 1, X1 Liv? X 4 .. 'wx . Af' W -T... L v N - - .ts " -is ' - -f-f-1 T ' 51 ' 5 y ' ' 1 - P L : ff " Efssm-musk. Q4'll.O4' CZSS l'CQ4'.S' CZ? nn! M. Hle, the members of the Graduating Class of june 1954, have completed four years of education. XVe can recall the effort, the home- work, and the anxiety in preparing for examinations. But the in- evitable tasks in becoming educated are now fading in our memory. 'We now have the satisfaction that comes from meeting a challenge, completing a task, and gaining the ability and knowledge to face the problems that loom ahead. 'We can look back to the joy of friendship with our classmates and look forward to its continuance. The future may not bring us to- gether often. But wherever we shall be, we shall have in common our ideals of good will, of loyalty to our country, and of loyalty to God. David Bradshaw Senior Class Presidezzt 2-1 B I WG!! of CMTLQ W MOST POPULAR DONE MOST FOR QIACKSOIV Joan Frangipane Pat Gcraghty George Singhel Bob Emery ASON 2:6167 CLASS POLITICIANS LIVE WIRES Debbie Keltou Bcttc Gygcr Tony D,Amato Bob Sprottc I A 93 MR. Q .lllf.S'. SIIOIVHIZ MUSIC IVIINIJHIJ lflllbl C,1zmlalu'll Viviun N'Villi11111so11 lolmllx Clolrmmlm Duc-ky Clzllllplacll , I , JA-llxv Q ,HAI X.-ISTICIS IWUTT CF -IEIVF l'1 isclllgl Xlkmnl Iris Solomon lluxly Nlcnxllzamlo Pllil SIIIIIIIWHY 215 I-IEARTBREAKERS GOOD JOES Carol Boorman Mary Walsll Frank Devlin Jim Morris 1 TEACHERS TRIALS ,IACKSON .IESTER5 Ruth Bennett joan Parisc Doug McGzu'rett A1 Almasy v ps lf1'jfVIl3lffINlJ'ITS' IWH. 0 IVIHS. 1fNffl'ff1,f913lf1I1A Kzlllly l':iSi'llll2llll'l' l'1l2lillC IlllCl'l'2llllC l'c'lc' Mycrs I51'11c'c lioklzul 1.1T1iH,4l Z Y LICQHTS ffl VORITE TEA CHERS Roc-Iwlln' Iiil-cl1 Mrs. G1'ChZ1l1 llgmx 11-nik H11 Scl1wzz1'zC11bacl1 Y 1" "V f 4 f W' ' Aff 54,41 ffQ,ff'i6 'fi '1-D 5 HW' f '4 'f Q8 V " f A' - A , V ,, , 'f'f2'w'l7'1x ""'a" 'l DOROTHY ADAMS 'Dottie' Comptometry Secretary Have fun and get a good job Shc-'ll brighten any ofhce. KATHLEEN AGNEW "Tassy" liv0Hll'll,S Air Force Library Squadg Sec'y to Mr. Schwartz- enbach We know she'll go straight to the top. LORRAINE AGOSTINELLI "Lenie" Private Secretary Secretary to Miss Newmang Bowling Glubg Pitman Award: Attendance Squad-Mr. Lonoff Drive to California in a new con- verlilile If you stay as you are, you will go far GEORGE AHRENS To be an Auto Mechanic A quiet and sincere personality. GEORGE ALBERT Trade School Guardg jackson Patrol Here's a guy that's pretty slick Where'er he goes he's bound to click. v""5 . 'lv RBQBERT F '-Bob" To live it up All the girls will give you the nod, When you ride by in a hot rod. ALTHEA ALEX 'IEVHU A Business Career Secretary to Mrs, Rose, 2 terms We hope you achieve your ambition. JANET ALLBECK "Smiley" Swinimin 'Clnbg Engli7lr Honorg Sec'y to Mrs. Icolett-i - J iilqdel cr get nz 'ried m doesnlt Nlgdive muchi 0 say But he'llisucceed in herr own way. N BARB, X A LLEN zool Rollg Eng. Honor: Theater and Classesg Swimming Club To have a wonderful life Always gay and full of fun, Barbaras liked by everyone. ALEXANDER ALMASY "Al" Queens Hickor ' Log" A little humor tien, Is relished by the wisest men. ANNETTE AMATO "Brown Eyes Private Secretary Library Representative Be married and have a large family A secretary she wants to be And a good one she'll make, you'll see. ROCHELLE AMSTER "Sherry" Laboratory Institute of Fashion Merchandising G.O. Representativeg Library Assist- antg Swimming Clubg Secretary to Mr. Blatt To be a fashion buyer A swell girl we'll all agree She'll make a name for all to see. HARRIET ANDERSON New Paltz State Teachers College Honor Rollg Minor Service Ping Sec'y to 'lieachersg English Honor Classesg Senior Class Treasurerg Theater Class To marry the man of my dreams A winning smile, a helping hand, A real good sport, we think she's grand. LORETTA ANDERSON "Lorie" , 'Mirror Service Qing lv Jalljand Bowf' g lug- y - ing and l'itnla,n .5 Sec'y to' ea h- ers: -Lana' Office ,I 7' KL To marry a cool lzep-f,atY'Vl Q A mighty fine ainbitifin under any condition. MARGARET ANDERSON "Marge" Missionary Secretary to Mr. Borten Merchandising Buyer All who know her like her well In our opinion, Marge is swell! ROBERT ANDERSON 'KJame" College jackson Patrol Make a million dollars, and live hape pily ever after Ambition and wisdom, pep and vim Will make a sure success of him. 29 'l HONIAS ANDERSON Navy "Tom" He shall nllllllu from wave to wave. KATHERINE ANDREXVS "Kathi" lfrulzimz Amrleniy Library Squad Buyer Looking for a worth-while pal? You'll find Kathie is one swell gal. ANNA ARENA "Annie" l'1'i111zle S1'll'l'ltl7'y Library representativeg Class secretary To lu' just like my molller If you stay as you are, you're sure to go far. PHILL ' 'TGU iii. "At 'e" Colllfg Swi I 'a fl is Hr' " " or ui: my 'l'h ocean y l tuin ' 'n with envy Nllien they a" this y ve of success. ANTIIONY .XllRlGI'1NlM.iX "Tony" Bl'l,'07I1l! an rirrotlrtlunf Baseball: Bowling: Swimming By all "Accounts" a swell fellow. ROBliR'l' BAFFA "Bob" Nutty' College General Srienee Squad: Library Squad: Gym Seeyg Locker Guard lilectronirs He's the type Youre sure to like. re Varsity. G.O. Representative: Minor Service Pin: Leadersg Gym Assistant: Clubs To lie as .szveet as my Mom mm' as lll1dl'7'SfIl71IllIIg as my Dad Always keep this girl in mind, A truer pal is hard to Gnd. .XNNli'l"I'E BAPl'ER'l' "Anne" Sf'l'H'lI1l'j' Typist for Mr. Blatt: Secretary to Teachers: Reorganization Squad: Honor Roll: Honor History To be Sll!'C'f'S.SfIll al r'w'ry'tl1i11g I :lo jackson will be low . Q fx XA +1 .,,4i,, v if .wks V. sxfggn 5 9 HQ Fwy r' -I 7' Q I al l V Q ii 'x at 4 .- F' , a 'vp t 1 iii L .s X ,Q Q .i Xxx s V s .. ' -GEM? When Anne doth go. 4 f 30 Seryic- Sqrg Orelresgxigff-Variety Sho . 7 F, ls. Ii . 3 L ff' as-H - by XL- t neu llJ JJ2llllL' ' Y H 6N'eVaJ,Hft 1 k of u if . Sf. NIICHAEL BARIL "Mike" ll. S. Air Force Hall Patrol: Public Speaking Class To slzool down 11 AIIG He's the kind that's hard to find. GERALDINE BARTO "Gerry" job Library Representative Svrrelary Gerry is sweet in eyery way Helps to brighten every day. ll2"""' ,o ne ' ' Basketball Team: Senior Orchestra To lu' Il lllflllffll zlorlor llernard has metliral aspirations lle'll give his patients palpitations. STANLEY BAUM "Slim" Pm!! lnslililtf' Bio Lab: Bio Club: "Stair" .Xrt Stall flOllI7lII'Tl'lIlI Arlisl jackson will he low When Stan doth go. Bl'1VliRI,Y .XNNIC ISAXII. "Bunny" f3'1lI'l'7lS College "Hickory Log" Reporter: Guurflg See'y to Mrs. Lee To be an elementary sflmol lenrlter She's full of personality Vigor, vim, vitality. RlVl'H BECHTOLD Business School Attendance Ofliceg Secretary to Teach- ers A sweet girl and a true friend. 'IAHERIZSA BECKER "Terry" Sefretary The business world is now preparing for another great success. JAMES BECKERT t'Jim" St. ,Ioliifs Sec'y to Mr. XVrenn and Mr. Bren- nan: Guard and Sp. Chorus To marry a rich girl A willing, working quiet soul He's just the kind to reach his goal. RUTH BENNETT uCandy" I "5 Co rf Te er ll e Sp l Q ho tl lee Club: Lunch Sq N' n Ebac rsg ICCTISI C nas A' em lies Be a singer Carefr ' g y, Come what may. LYNNE BERNSTEIN Queens College Reorg. Squad: Sec'y to Teachers: Main desk recept.: Science Lab. Archaeologist Because you're conscientious, pleasant and true, All f-ine things are destined for you. JUDITH BERRY "Judy" College Sec'y to Mr. Christ for 3 terms To become an elementary school teacher 1 She's full of personality Vigor, vim, vitality. PAUL BESTAFKA College Honor Roll: Lunch Patrol May his cares be as light as the clouds. JANET BIENZLE "Jan" Adelphi College Editor "Pioneer"g "Log"g Aristag Maj. Ping Hon. Rollg Variety Showsg Trin- ityg Progressive To design and help build my own lzoine. One of the cute, one of the sage Jan's a hit with every age. JAMES BLAKE "Jim" Varsity Baseball To become a millionaire at 21. He's one of Jackson's Favorite Stars We know that Jim will go far. JACOB BLECHER "Jack" Queens College Retire with ll million dollars at 25 Industrious, courteous and efficient. . .4--ng if K. if 'Q X0 X E W 53 Q sl v Q is fc ., 4 L X l X . 50' N is-' M-, i l E3 '4 A New X I A 9 1 it EUGENE BLESSINGTON 'iJ0hn" Singing Career To get out of school, and get zz job Lots of luck to you. JOHN BLOHNI College Honor Rollg Captain. Lunch Patrolg Minor and Major Seriice Pinsg Math Tutorg Hall Patrol To be an engineer Where he met a stranger. he left a friend. BRUCE BOKLAN Union College Boy Leader Aristag Serxice Pins: "Star" Statfg Bio., Chem.. Physics, Squadsg Minor "J": Honor Roll To lie a doctor May you be a doctor of success. C ol l ege Library Ass't3 Sec'i to Mr. Ornstein and Mrs. Boehm: Lunch Patrolg Bas- ketball, Tennis. Softball Clubs Ix'inclergai'len Tezicliei' Neither shy nor bold As good as gold DONALD BOEL 'tDon" Aifialion School Richmond Hill High Swimming Teamg J.V. Gym Squad Leader To lnecoine a doctor of veteriizarian meflicine At play and in his job: He'll always be above the mob. CAROL BOORMAN "Ca" College I Capt. Cheeifig , , . di Major HJ I x711I'iC1'7 -, een ,ii c hi Party' ,. C Re J.: 4 ' if To rnalce ' i- . . am olflq gain lfllflllllf' nz. iz er gr w olfl. S o I 1 nl +4 te ii ' c l I l 4 , 0 ANNA BORCHERT Business Secretary to teachers Typist About her we can truly sax' That she has always been O. K. ANET URS l'Jan" Secreta Y r. McClintock: Presi- dent o 5 ish Class Jus 'fir iight, downright, all right 31 MARION BOSS St'C7't'll1Ty "Hickory Log" typist: Honor Rollg Sec'y 'to Mrs. Ringler To be like my mother A sweet girl, a sweet thoughtg May you gain the thing you sought. DAVID BRADSHAW "Dave" 'College Pres. Seni ass: p h rus: Lunch Wrolg X ' K", CHO. Rep.: u A , 1-lmniml Erzazriry WL o lfriendly and sinc re, X He will eyer puseyei RIVIXH BRADY "Ruthie" .S rr rfmry Ilonor Roll: Glcc Clubg Bowling Club: Setretziry to Mrs. Gootlinan, Mrs. lloell, Miss Lolnnan To upeii up II home for slrrly rloffs and young IH1l'llI'lUl'.Y 'Good l.lIl'lil . r- "l'hyl" Prizwl Sl'l'l'l'ifl 'x' 9 llonor l: lN1ilVA'Seryir'e!ii1: llowl- ing K tb: l,llllL2h'y' Rep. abd Asst. St-oy I ' ' cliers Y if ' rr 'nulioiirfl l3r'jmrl1'i' 5 's lull of pep :intl lull of fun, Xml always bright :us the morning sun RNYMOND BRAUN "Ray" 1ilerlror1i1's "Hickory Log" Reporter To relirr' at an early nge Nliscliief thou art afoot: Take thou what course thou wilt. lZ,X'l'HliRINE BREDE "Cathy" Serrelririrll Srliool Honor Roll: Honor Classes: Swim Club: Softball Club: See'y to Mr. Singer and Mr. Huneke To lie n .secrefflry 'Cathy is as sweet as they come: .Ks a secretary she'll make things hum. ., W. . '-J 'i. K , firi ni ifi lfiflfillliii-Qli itl' 1 3 ' N "Bob" Nnrfy l.Ii.M. Operator Your merit will carry you far. TYILMAX IEREITINGER "Millie" lflinib the liljfel Tower "Hitkory l.og"3 Sec'y to Mr. Porter, Miss Braunslein, Mr. Ponenianl Pro- gram Committee To low' ezwij' niomeizl I live Her twinkling eye, her merry line. Mill greet you alinost any tiine, Q0 C'ClilQ 'K "Angie" College English Book Room .-lutliorg Marriage In toniorrows world, she'll take a part. For, on high ideals she's set her heart. CELESTE ANDREA BROXVN 'lSnookie" Brooklyn College Leaders Clubg Gym Asst Teaelier Though she speaks but little lVhat she says is great. WARRIE B WN To go to 0 e l, li NES" BRYA "Er e" r Fo " fy 1' 'r ' T ' ap, son AIA I W uar L ' 1 play 2 or baseball 1701 x ' 1 st ee A great st ' ess he's cl to be. ft Ffh' VV l"l.0RliNCl'1 BURGICR " fuzzy" .S'le11ogrr1j1lzer and Priwale See'y Sec'y to Mrs. Eckert four years lllarry Il millimmire Cute and pretty in her way Fuzzy will Iinil siiccess some clay. .IANET BURKE "Burke" Secretary Secretary to Mrs. Rutherford and Miss Fabel janet is courteous and sweet To know her is a super treat. HEL'N BU KH4RDfi' 'lLyml" Priv e 'eq tary , ff'- Nei 1 bg nor Rolg eader Cl ' enni Club . c" iss M sen, Mrs. Hilbert To open up a li me for stm Vim, vigor and vitality, Make up her personality. DOROTHY BUTTNER "The VoiCe" Private Secretary Honor Roll 2 terms: Lab. Squad for Mr. Schwarzenbachi Library Rep. for Mr. Borten and Mrs. Hedman To get married and live lzappily ever after Always smiling. always gay, That's how Dotty is everyday. lil MARIE CALLAHAN Office Worker Honor Rollg History Honorg Secre- tary to Miss Rosenstein Iiilzerit a million dollars A nice addition to any ollice! Secretary to Mr. Toder, Mrs. Kaiser, Mrs. Bernstein Happy you'll be for success you shall see. CARLOS CAMPBELL "Beaver" Iles! Point Cross Country and Track Teamsg jr. and Sr. Orchs.g Major Letterg Variety Showsg Concerts U. S. Air Force Ogicer With an officer like Beaver How can we lose? ETHEL CAM E L "Supie" Pro. ice ska! fl sw ner, iaizcer ' Newman ' ' . leti ubg Historian h ea Vat ' letg Progressiv To mak' ' fun jo zers Her dan f ' are i ar b at. n a LINDO at W 'nt f' Lollcse . ,T I, Variety Showsg rack Teanmjackson Patrolg Concertsg Dancesg C.O. Rep. Lazuyer and Eizlerlainer His friends are many: his enemies noneg He's liked by all and full of fun. ROSE MARIE CANTELMO "Rose" Business School Sec'y to Mrs. Leeg Guard1 Senior Chorus Two of the qualities which you pos- sess Are gaiety and friendliness. GERMAIN CARUSO A Secretary 1 . Sec'y o I s. 'Legg S ming Clnhg Sec'y tsch ibr " epre- sent 't x To follow of ccess Ambitious n flicient Isn't that su lcient? FLORENCE CASE "Peachie" Business School Secretary to Mr. Gilman To take dictalion from a lzandsomr' lawyer and get paid for it too! That Peachie will succeed we'll safely sav, She's got what it takes cause she's O.K. .. 59 I fl 'fl 'R f way , A . . We , pg. W' - 5 I MZ. -yy A , 0 - I I I. e ' as ,M X iff 74 ,X wif f ew A ? ' 4f7 Q17 ,I . Q x 2 . t E I M ' ' s l "l ,fy yy' 5. V , 'fl ff' -1 - ' I :el , ., 2 f f - Us ff ,i,"' . f f 'L 394 , J V .. , .f 'QQ I . - if M fa., f.4' 7- Mba . , 1 'f m . f f' f, a I I f QI, f ' 'wi f fr ' ,, ,ri VV,y I 'fx ' Vg? rr,y .W I X in L' Y ",, ' ' 2 , ". -gf f' ' ' j , ,I Q. . 7 at A EVELYN CASAMENTO 'AEve" Secretary Honor Roll, Reorganization Squad An asset to any office. VLADIMIR CHLUIJ College 'Iirack Teamg Baseball Teamg JV Bas- ketball Teamg jackson Patrol lizisiness Slinrs the one for lots of fun. "Slim" FRANCIS CHRISTENSEN "Frank" tjollege-Annapolis Locker Cuardg Lunch Patrolg jackson Patrolg Sec'y Boys' Emergency Room zieconze an officer in U. S. Navy Success in everything you do And in serving your country in Navy Blue. "Cippy" Aflelplzi College Leaders Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Reeve, Miss Monseng Major Volleyball, Softball Clulasg Honor Roll Physical Education Teac-lzer A success she'll surely beg To all it's plain to see. MARILYN CLARKSON College Swimming and 'Iennis Clubsg Square Dancingg Sec'y to 'leacliers Success in whatever you do. BARBARA CLOHERTY To be a nurse 65.0. Representativeg Secretary to 'Ieachersg Secretary to Mrs. Brogan To be as zvoilclerfzzl as my mom Personality plus charm equals A'Babs!" "Bahs" ,IOYCEANNE COBB "Randy" Si. Agnes Hospital Special Chorusg Sec'y to Mr. YVile Mrs. Goodman, Miss Raynorg Lib. Rep.g and Honor Roll To .sllcceerl in Nursing .Xll the patients when they see Randy, Will know they have a nurse quite handy. 1 "Boston" Sll'71Og'l'llll2l1f'V- Typist lllllllllll Certihcateg Typing Certificate: Secretary to Mrs. Alexanderg Dramat- ics Classg Volley Ball Pin An asset to any office. 33 F ll.XRRllil CIOHEN Ul'lIlll'lL'N 1 ' QIOHN .1" ' f!dIl!'f'1lY f.'11l11'g1' 'QIYII' 111 ll111xli11gf.lul11 SCll'L'lLll'X lo Xll'N.c1OUll- l , X ' 1 NlL'l'C'lll'f" nnliils llilllllll lo l1is lllllll, N111 5lllllJll'U A CCI lx'111111f14q111l1'11 l1'111l11'1 ,L SP Hc'll 1 gil 11113 llilllilx 111cCl ll1'1'1"sNl11 l'l1ll'l'lL1 XUllilL' llllL' hluc. ' - QD 'l lic hut of luck we wish 111 you. I , " ' f Q ff All V , XIICIHAXIQI. CUHEX "Nlil:1-" lVALTON CRAIG "lW1lll fl-011,,u-1, fn -V AYIIY'-X' 117111 1117111 I11sl1l1111' ymsm Swilmmng 'lcmn , , I l.il11'z11'y Squad: 1IllCliSOIl l'z1l1'ol: -IX ' To 1,,, U ,-,,j,j,f,1i!,, , V ' Y, Swim: General Scicn1-c Squznl 15, 1 1 .A 3, . A 1 , li1'ic111lly Smile Zlllll ll l'L'2lKlX wcnsc 111 fy 17 X3 A Q K nl1'1'11111'1'1111'111 D1'1l11.Y11l!Ill 1: 1,mm,,-l X Huy hc hc one of the hcsl. 1 NQAX XX ' q 1 1 I J 1 IJ .' C'Ol,ONllK Hhllblllllll kll',,XN C.R.XNIllLll I ".Icz1111c 17 , lfpgp , l1ll.Y11Il'S.Y 811111111 U lNl'z11'i1'ly Q oi in X. S1111 IR 111: Yau- SL'C'IiL'llll'l' to Miss NGWIIIEIII Uiily Sh 1: .1Lso11 Ulwoll 1111014111 at ' 6 1ll111:1'.1' 111111 111' 111111111 l J J 11 11 1 1-1, P Clulc :incl quiet :ill lhc while I N ' 1 M1111 i 111l' 6111111 l.1111l S111-'ll Slllil'CCil with l1c1' sn1ilC. 1 1 1' ll ,sl 1 111 11' ' l ,X 111 lvllon Llllll n'4l lik1-11. Q I ' A ll0l'gE.l I I NXOR V .ll1f1lJ,. ' l3.XRlS.'XR.X CR.XXN'FORl1 "Bol1l1ic' , '111 C111 Q" I k'p .N'1'11' 1711111 C11111'g1' S11 llx lieIi.l 1', I 1111 l,og": llllllx liowliiig Klluh l1'111: N aim " 1 llouol filLlSSl'SQ Y. X. 811111111 'llf'l1I'11I'l' Squalmlrj 111111 Sllllll' lllll A l - 5lll' has lhc l0l'llllll2l loi' l1z1l111111cws. 'IX11 111' II ,XIIIIIIXS 111 Illl111II',XS 111111 Il N V, . " iv 11' 111'1111 111 1111' 111111111' 1 A ' l llc Kllllll go uiong. 'CZIIISC' 1118 ull V 11 '111 I " 'K ac., 'h' . X ' 'ul ANN CRKMS 11 1 1 . W 1.11 " '- u ' di' "l 1 1i1-" Niuming , 'Q M , ', , l.ll1l'2ll'Y Squzicl A"m" IH' mg MINI, 1 Mau' NVOII i'lIl'C zill Ylllll' ll'l1lll1lKS 'incl liiw ' l ltll' K1Ia1sa."g ' 111 flllllll K fx ' ' ' ' ' l.:1l1' 1 ,CQ linglish if 111 Q S1'111lz11x lo Mi. Singm X 71111 11111'1' II l111f1j1x' 111111 .s11111'.s.xf111 111111 V, 2 'i 11:1 1151 32 S Ylll' 111111 s uc 4, llllll 1 '. ,bn H 0 CIO .'l Y A'.loI11111y" I, C ,. ' 1111 11' if 1 Klan' on 1'ol' I.Illli'll lllllllilf Yzir- l gl' J' s ' B2lSli l1z1l fx ' ' 1. llltlvl' '11 1111 . mg .linbitioiis nd efficient. ' lsn'l 111111 s lfifflll? 1 " Art S11111111 l.u111'l1 and .Iz1cks1111 l'at1'ols: Scriicc 1111. 111 1,,1111v a. 1 .1 . l'i11: Lil11':11'y Rep. Y .51 R1'1i1'1: 111 25 1111111 Il 11111111111 1111111115 ' F11-13 hit helps. -IEXN CIOSIA ll11f.11111 .XI'lSlklI Nlinor Scrxicc l'in: Honor Classes: S061 to 'l'vz1c'l1c1'SZ Swi111111i11g S .Mill BQ1skcll1:1ll Club T11 11'111k 1111:1'11 t111' 1115162 ,s111' Ml l1f7H -fx' ' 111111 111'111' fllf' j1111l1'1 111 111111' f1'1'1'. 11111, 1 X 1 ig 1 . ,5- I 34 ' Yi' 112 ' ' ' 111175 , ' . ' f mlfw 4,mwWW 1 111 MW ?WW? 5 an I '91 yi '51 '51 fQf 9, f f 1 1 M5 1 yf f 7! X ffff 427 ! ' ii 31 f 1' :QTL I1-:111-I lhn- 1111111 lo S11111,-sw. l'HYl.I,lS KLROSSLICY "l'l1y" fJ111l1'g1' N111's1's Yifllillfilg SQU3' Io 'l'cz1c,l1c1': S11fll1:1ll Club: S1vi111111ing Club: Zlllfl Bowling Club 'I'11 111' fl 1'1fg1s11'1'1'11 1N'llT.S'I' ,Xg1'cc:1l1le zmcl full 111' fllll Shc's well likcrl by c1'c1'yo11c. OIF BAn61QJ9muw1 " wunv 1 . 1 S 1. fflz 1 .S 1'g.' I rllaorg. Sqn' l: I 11100 Squ'clg Lunch Patrol: " "y to Mr. 3 Hisr. 9: D651 ' cl Swi V Il 'Il ,luh T H11111 H' 111,111 A quiet 11:0 S adopts, But for us s1e's tops! HMEmEEEEEl!lEl!'Bmmw1 H11fs!1'11 Honor Roll: Arista: Editor "Hickory l,og": Serxice Pins: Scc'y Mrs. Boege: Enrolling Room Sec'y T11 llI1'I'C' I1 j11f1:f1'ct 111155 Happy smiling all the flux xliif shc always slay that 'waxy 1 gf, VIVIAN DALE "Cat-Eyes" Iitzsitzess School A Basketball and Swimming Clubs To he zz C. P. A. Sweet, friendly, gay and true She will never make you blue. EDITH DALLAND t'Sugar' Glee Club: Sec. to Miss lfabel and Mrs. Bernstein, Receptionist, Locker Monitor To IIFIRIHIIK' ll Sl'l'I't'lIl7'V and get mur- Tifll Heres to Edith. you're true blue, The best of luck we wish to you. ROBERT DALY "Bob" Iizrsrflmll Bob is full of pep and on "the ball." JA-L l llpsilllfthi .vid 5 1 f 'I'rxN'r NY 1 x. o 4 'Tonyu if JC llegr aw Gif ent, "St' LQLICO-editor, Aris- H, Sti1clent,'Cq,l'l-vb judge, " "cry Logo: Honof?'Roll: Green an,qL- rite To flfffcrhrl zulfrzlbgfg-hlQfYt And stfjl they gaael aria still wonder greryyl Tlizitfonemsrnzill read Could carry all he knew. HELEN DAUSEND Nursing' Srlzool Sr. Orchestra, Sp. Chorus, Sec. to Mrs. Hodgskin, Mr. Grady, "Hickory Log": Honor Roll Ambitious and efhcienlx Isn't that suflicienl? LILLIAN ITAVANZO Sfmiograplzer' Sec'y to Teachers See 'the world before I lean? il In business her charm. IVill do her no harm. '1Lilli" "Bobbi" ROBERTA DAVIS Honor Roll, Honor English, Sec'y to Mrs. Acton, English Office Pharmacist Always quiet, always steady, She's ambitious, ever ready. ELIZABETH DAWSON "Bette" Waslzirzgtmz Sec'y School Capt. Cheerleaders, "Pioneer," Major Ping Honor Roll, Variety Show, Sedy lo Deans, Math Tutor To be a success at whatever I do She's made of smiles, lun and spice, But best of all, she's so darn nice. ' . ,Q ' ! " .P tg we 174 fx f . Z9 fact. 2 f I W , Q , 2 as fl o f 7 X W ,L V W M5 4 Y f ff 7 97 I 4 fZZfff! fi, X WV! ff X fy ' ff., 9 , 'iffy fs I, ,. ,,V. - -u.: A 'Wx 'gb' V DCC jackson Patrol, Major Art Club Arquire zz UA. Degree Dee can always be counted on for e best. . ' C' ' -22- P' NCQ' Hofsim College Leaders Club, Lunch Patrol, Minor Is Clubs, Gym Assistant 'Io know her is to like her. MOZELLE DENNIS "Mozey" Setfy to Mr. Grady and Mr. Singer Flight nurse for Ihe Air Force She's so quiet and demure, Maybe. but don't be too sure. CARL DE PASQUALE "Babe" College Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol, Math and English Honor Classes, Sec'y to Mr. Deutsch and Mr. Cashin Crffiifierl Publis .lcmzuztanl A willing, working, quiet soul, Hes just th kinl to reach his goal. FR' NK "D" a 1 Ie 1 ol, Sygrmix g " :mi Drz - W 1 ' 'csg 'arsi ' .fhow,, 'arie v Show, 'NSI' es. of reentfzxl IV ' e lj To -he a acres f In .uccess l ai jf Fr r IVIIIIITCLEXII . I JOHN DIETI. "Izzy" Cily College Track Team, Library Squad Civil lf7lglllC'l'l' To be an engineer he has a yen, And we'll be proud to say, "We knew him when . . ." MARILYN DIM1GLI , " .S'1frr1'tari Srh l .v- . n istory Hot Cl I ade Adyiso LAS! .- ' ' Let s s b your aim, 61 R For your future fame. 4 Swimming Club: Minor J, SeC'y, G.O. Rep., Sec'y to jackson Patrol To go to business and get married. Success comes to those who deserye il. 6. 35 x L l.ORR.fXlNli l.1lX.X "Lo1"' To Il'U1'll 111111 111111 get II1f1I'7'167l1 Honor Roll: Typing Certilicateg Seev Lo Mrs. Bernslein We know 1.or vvill succeed Sl1e's just tlie girl to l2llxC llie lead. l5.XRB.XR.X DRAKE "Bobby" 0111111 11111 111' .S1'11'1'l111'v I.llJI'lll'f Rep.: Honor Roll Sl1e's like siigar-sweet and relined. ICLEANOR DRESCHER "lillie" Special fillUl'llNQ Lilnarv Repg Seo, lo Mrs, Gerslin, Mrs. .'Xelo11g 0.0. Rep 'l'11 111' Il 1111111111 A1f11'1'l111'v May ilL'li xvisdonn be llCl' guide. DOROIIIX l1l3ll,XS fZl1l'l'1lA fjollrgr ,Xrislag S1-rvime I'i11sg l1l11ilv Cll11l1g"l'i Ullt'l'lH lsllNlIlk'NN Stall: lS11si111-ss Mgi. 'I'11 .v1'1' l111' "Il1111111x Ing" llllllfl' 11 11111111 llere's lo llol, N1lL"h ll'lll' blue, illll' besl ol lurk vve vvisli lo you. lil.lf.Xlll'1lll l1l'l"l"Y "llc-111" Cllass ilaplaiil: l,il11z11v Rep. 111 111' ll .v1'111'l111y 111111 .grl 11111111111 hlle vvlll be l'L'llllX N'lll'll Ul1lNll'lllllllQ knocks. M. gggz ngfnzv rl '11 '11 Hl,1lln S1'1'1'1'I111'y NCWlll2lll CIl11l1g Seov to Mis. ljlllllllll. Mrs. Goodinan. Mis. Rullierfordg .Xl- 1e11dz111ee Ollice llllkl. Miss Ravnor T11 1i111'. 111116, 11111311 111111 111' 1111j111.v Her Cllllflll and poise are always sl1o1v11, Sl1e'll be liked WllCl'C'l' sl1e's known. lill.lil-QN DUNNI-1 "Dull" Tvpisl for1U1'l1'of111l1i1111 Life 111s111'u1111e C11111j11111v Seca lo Mr. lfoxg Honor Roll .lI111'1'v III-Y N11115' IIIIIII 111111 51111 azuay 011 l111' Zl'I11'1'.X of 1111j1.f1111ess liverv vvave will turn green 1vi1l1 enxv MllL'Il they see lliis have of joy. CLIQORGL DljRS1HOl"lf fzl11'l'1l5 College liiologv Club: l"1e111l1 Cllubg Log Re- IJUl'lCli lf111'1'1g11 C11111'.x'j11111111'11! Nine as can be We all agree. 36 'WG T Sy, ag. 6- XVlI.LlAlNI IQGLINGTON Good Luck! KA'l'HERINE IHSENHAUER "Ike" Hllll1l'IA College See'y Lo Mrs. Adams, Miss Styles and Mr. Wullg Honor Roll: Major Service Ping lllltl Pioneer Slllll .111 T1'111'111'1' Her siniles, friendliness and sweetness sl1e ollers lo everyone. ROBERT lil ER, "Bob" li11111111111i g 1111 U X' Cl S ' Honor Rollg A . 'vie l , Major Mgr. J 111 11i1 'FH111' 1 1' I 1' 'ng S lllll' 'io IC ' 'rov' . 111111 Ill lplll llgjllll 111 , b . .X 4llllCl lad, sineere 1 1 ' e, We vvisli our liI'lCIlllS vere all like you. C11111'111'1li11 C11ll1'g1' . Log Reporlerg Service Pinsg Sec'y lo Mrs. lirogaiig llonor Rollg Bowling Cllnb l'l'l'l, Cllll' illlil very neal. Sl1e's il gal YVIIUVS ol1 so sxveel. .via l'llllR 1-'.v 1.vNs '-,xi-111-" Q111'1'l1.x' f,'11111'g1f 'l liealre Cllassg 'l racfk 'liC'2llllQ Alllli. Sqiuadg l.ale Ollieeg llonor ixlillll and lf,11glisl1 'l'11 111111111 111111, 111111 111 1111 Ilis 111111 ,X Ullilllg, vvo1'k111g, quiet soul, lle's jnsl ll1e kind to reach l1is goal. 'l IIOMAS l".Xl.l.ON uiliflllln C11l11'g1f 'ffl 1111001 Ill all llie lar corners of Llie world, 'loin will llllllll l1is llag 1111l'111'led. EDWIN FALLS "liddie" Air Forte- jaekson Patrolg Seoy lo Mrs. Boehm 4Wings and stirs lor Eddie. . A, - 5 15 . 1 ' - Y' I- 1- I 4' l Y ir. 'MQRY iFAl'i' 1' 'ETTf To l11'c0111e ll 115111011 dwigner 111' Ll X score ry J General 'iexdce Squa l' L'lJrary Squad May X111 'A desig s 1 as Ill' as Mar' 1erself. Q J 1 JN .1a1.u1,nm 1 1.1 w A L RE O HAI.. UPS o joi ze F rce a kso P ro, isual Aid Squadg to hI g Lunch Patrol ' , dark nd mmmm, good. Secretary Sec'y to Mrs. Peyser and Miss Newman To marry May the type of work you do Bring success and happiness to you. 049 zr U jackson Patrol Mat or General Scie L l!fBand rchestia e Failing n y r Y Lo - - I ' e uc S v v 4 ' uc ss in t f u ri - , fx teve you . I ' ' 1 VICTORIA FELCHLIN 'X ' kv" Katherine Gibbs I Sec'y to Mrs. Marks and Mrs. Hedman To be a secretary and comptometer operator Vickv's always full of fun With a ready smile for everyone. :J gy' ld , ' , - "Shorty", ng'z nb i A s ' ' 3 ' Ch ' CME ii 'P .I . 1 Succ ul if qi l l E AU, M i -- ge 4, L A D g J I y y n I a aa I Ja 3 ' , d I I ' f AIOYCE FERGUSON "joy", Private secretary to a government ofa frcial Ambition and personality equal success. LEILA FERNANDEZ "Lile" Secretary Attendance Ofiiceg Sec'y to Mrs. Poetz. Mrs. IVolfsong Glee Clubg Dancing Club ' At the mention of her name, We all think of success and fame. HARRY FERTIK Cornell University Editor-in-Chief "Log"g Pioneer Staff: Chief justice, Student Courtg Arista: Track Manager To be successful in business and nze- chanical engineering We know Harry will succeed, He's the one to take the lead. FIELD "jo" Major Service Pinsg' Aristag Major "j"g Leaders Clubg Chem Tutorg Sec'y to Mrs. Goodmans To be a teacher Agreeable and full of fun, joannes well liked by everyone. L. T. FIELDS Business School Post Guardg Lunchroom Guardg Ass't to Mr. Baldauf, Mrs. Mollin To be successful The key to success You surely possess. KENNETH FISHER "Ken" To join the Navy Hell sail his way to success. w 'fy' iEN'hL'g1T!tc2E 0 , lelphij ' Ji P i ef61falfSten hr p er , ,Ji ir of gol eyes fyblue, 7-j H- 'W 1 th 'N 'ust 'ou! e ga it or J J y J V ki J MARY FLEMING Sec'y to Mrs. Lewis To be as good natured as Dad and sweet as Mom "Beauty" and "Culture" are her assets. DANIEL FLYNN "Danny" Farmingdale Technical Institute Track Teamg junior Orchestrag Bandg Concertg Bio Squad Electrical Engineer Danny will ucngineerl' his way to fame. FRANK FLYNN 'AFlynn" Farmingdale A and T Track Teamg Major Have my few clreams come true There are limitless possibilities for the ambitious. DIANE FORD Secretary Sec'y to Mrs. Poetz, Mr. Blattg Lunch Squadg Bowling: Volleyball To work and to marry A cheery smile, A girl worthwhile. 37 --is.i.i,r- RICHARD FRXNCIS "Skin Head" fillllfgl' jackson Patrol I'r1'si1lr'11l of tllr' I'r1iIt'rl .Slaics Vpon this laid our dough well stack 'F' J 'Pause we feel sure liek on the right -' ' truck. 7 i,oRR.xixu ifiuxeo "Lo" A Telzfjalimzr? Conijuuiy Lunch Pzitrolg Sec'y to Teachers . To lll1l'IlY.S' fun' ilu' ieorlcl with n smilr' by R .lnukltng eyes .ind stunning smile, , , You're sure to like her tliztrniing style. x A 5 X lo Q is .. 'osx l"R.XNGll','XNli y W flllI'l'll.8 Cl!lll'g'lf in ,Xristug Student Clouit Alllllgkf Nlzrjoi I'iug G.O. Seth: I'sliercttesg "Log . . c's . "1 lluwlvs lmw' rim . Loyatlmle. lziughztlmle. :ind lull ol lun fp Out- in at million. shes as hright :ts tht sun. flnllrgr Sify to 'le:u'lit'rsg llio Stluzldg l.ll1l'1ll'y Stlund: Ilonor Roll: llelmrew llulttut- I .H .l1'Z. li.XRlS,XR.X l'R.XNl "llolmImi" I'r'izfnl1' S4'rt1'I1lry Honor Roll: Sec'y to 'lezitliersg l.2llL ,Xss'l3 Swiuuniug Clulm: l.ilmr:u'y Sqilzidg llistory llouor Class S1'1'1'r'lrlry lo .S'UllI!'Ulll' in slum' lms'ir1r's,t llairlmzlrzi is sweet ,Xnd il trezll to incet. -IUNE l"RliIliRlXIlT'I'H X f11lf'l'l1.Y llollrgr' Special Chorusg Sec'y to 'lieachers l'f'l1'I'lIIlIJ'lIIIl Quiet. petite and sweet, To know her is Ll treztt. DOROTH Y l"ROS'1'L1i R College "bony" Lunch Patrol: Sec'y to Mrs. Cox, Mrs. l Yo-felg Swinnninff Club ' Twain' S1lfCC'SSflll?Il life V is , We like her well. 'Ns f XN'e think she's swell. ,if fa. X NANCY FROSTLER Nurses Training I Sec'y to, Mrs. Cox, Mr. Cohn, Mr. lfisherg Lunch Patrol To hs stlccesslzll in u'lmIz'1'er I do Nzincy's cheerful, Cll2lI'lIlll1g, and petite: ' Her future patients are in for at trezit. , "Nun" . .hw -J .' . 4., , , 38 XX '--n" .' 714, ,af t -dl: 9' iff' Q " - ' LUCIA lfRllCH'I'ENlCH'I' College "Hickory Log" liditorg "Star Stzlllng Minor Service Pinsg Arista Secyg Trinity Club To be S1lfl'l'S.X'f1ll in mieryllzirig I 1111- flerlalcc Mzty you have health, riches toog May you succeed in all you do. NIARLENE GAIGER .S'f'cretr1ry Sec'y to Mrs. Boege and Miss Fnbel ll'riIc'r Lovely to look nt. Delightful to know. if 'tllcybc' 'XLGANO "l'hyl" G Zh J' Clrrusg Wlorked for r. .oh Irs. Coit 1, :ind Mr. Singer o 'et nnrr' 'nisf' four kids Get o knovqi 1. t our advice, Shes so inuc fun und very nice. RICHARD G.'XI.l.O "Dick" lfllA'llIl'SS School lfIl.YllII'.YS lllllllllylfi' He will never lend tts into Il depression. IOIIN G.XMllARlllCl.l.,'X 'klttck' Collwgr' l.unch :ind jackson Pzttrolg Science Slllliltll Chem Squad: l.ot'la'er Guztrdg "ec'yf to Mr. Cztsllin . 'I'n :Io niorl: in lub Much study, no sadness .Xll good. no hztdness. S'l'liVl-1N GANG "Steve" College ' "Hickorj " Honor Roll and 'Lssesg ' 13460 ' ference' Quiet, earnest, sinc 1 kind All Steye's att" ned. ,ZOHN GARLAND "johnny" Work and wait for Uncle Sam to call me G.O. Representativeg Jackson Patrol Make a million and spend it Hell A'work" his way' to success. FRED H. GASSMANN "Freddy"' I'. S. Marine Corps Green and White Partyg Guard A leader of men. JOAN GAW "Joanne" Secs to Teachersg Clerk, Student Courtg Library Representative To become a teacher A little bundle of vim, vigor and vitality. ROSALIE GEMSKI "Rosie" College Sec'y to Mr. Deutsch, Mrs. Brogan, Miss Newmang Leaders Club To get the nzost and say the least A hne girl and a fine ambition. Q ueens 0 ege Biology Labg Lunch Guardg Dramatic Classesg Honor Classes Veterinarian The key to success You will surely possess 'gjaekieu iurses Training School Bowling Clubg General Science Squadg Seey to Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Ogulnick, Mrs. Bernstein Baby Nurse Wle like her wellg YVe think she's swell. SINCLAI GEORGE "Sinky" Busir e ' zool As t 'I ersg Glee ltib Tr fo all ' Gr p ake gr' len. Q . I, ., . L4lhX"l'RIC GERAG jr' ififassier' l Night C ege- eeper 5 J '- xzdfaiidlz 1 e la y lanagerg dhor Rol'l'f Theatre "Usher- ettesng Sec'v to Teacl ers , . , Happiness, Health and a h Liblllld with wealth ' ' Qjt Sweetness and friendliness go arm in arm. NANCY GERDES Katherine Gibbs Business School English Honor Class: Sec'y to Mrs. Lee. Mr. Testaverde To be a housewife Mischief and noise, Plenty of poise. FLORENCE GERKEN Library Reps Glee Clubg English and History Honorg Bowling Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Duncan and Miss Flynn To he Il housewife A red head who is liked by all. EMILE W. GERMAINS Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences Honor Rollg Bandg Shop Ass'tg Print- Shop Captain Printer May you have health and riches too And success in all you do. M.-XRLENE GLENN 'lMollie" Typist To nmrry the Boss's son The shining quality that Mollie pos- sesses, Is sure to lead her to many successes. GERTRUDE GLUCK "Gertie" S ee re I a ry Library Stalfg Swimming Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Cox, Mrs. Vlaltz, Mr. Huneke Her employer will be lucky. MARIE GODSELL "RC" To rise to the top and enjoy life 2Iec'y to Mrs. Fabel and Miss Leeg Swimming Clubg Bowling Clubg Glee Club Iieronze a buyer Best wishes for the future. 6.41i-.5ts'-g'Q,t t.,t ' jg tlli L lil "Lulu" Col rge u Cheering Squadg Variety Show: Service Ping Major "Vg Sec'y to Deansg Honor Class To leave my footprints next to my rislefs the sands of time who's full of fun, Carole "Ginny" Squadg Showg Service 1X'I21jQvu-I. y to,Deansg Honor prints in the sands looks brains personality MYRNA Q srf "I-Iicko" -. I ' one Art Staff ' 'S 7 Gradv' Ho I- ' 0 ' Cmnt ercia 'F' . 4 XVith talent suc 5- hers, N ' na u L have a full an 'HYCC the r so 'lo we .J l HTH A "R Syrae ' .. 'zirf v 4 g", ' ' -5 llfg ar" cv tc It r f' l1, " , ll ll' PAUL GOODMAN Good 'P Electrical Engineer It won't "shock" us to see Nc " he will do. 39 RMB ' rf vf vi--r"'ffu. College Yarsitt' Plat Psvclzologist Bob is the cream of the crop. We hate no doubt he'll reach the top A K - Y -fr . Tnrmes lie I1 llll.Sl7lI'.S.Y mon zmrl mflkc' 923,000 ll yflll' His manner and his friendlv air Make him welcome etertwhere. NlllRR.XY GRXBER College, .'l!'l'Ullfl1lllI'1ll Engineer Sefy to Dean, Miss Xhnke, Miss Bm'- dolf, Miss I.:nltin. Mis. .'xllllC'l'SUlll G0 Ollite Stlllilill l'lllll'l'gC'llKX Room lflx' lo lllr' moon or lnul . . . Always liztpps. never blue, W'e hope :ill xoui :unbitions nill coma llllt'. B.XRBARuN Cllnllft "l.ucx' Scot lo Mis. Nlolliu A To gr! nlrorierl mul rni.w Irn kirls Her twinkling exes :nul ready smiles XN'ill pull her Ilirougli liI'e's tlillicull trials. Nl.XRCL.XRl'I'l' GRli.Kl.lSll "N'l:irge" ,Nl'1il'I'lIllfX' llrznnzuics Trfliiel uroilml lln' zrorlrl Slit-'s the type to succeed. EDITH I.. GREENBERG "Edie" A71H'Sl7Ig' Sclzool G.O. Rep.: Library Rep.: Hebrew Cul- ture Clubg Sec'v to Nlr. Yllile To achieve mrirlesires A good sport and a good friend. fpki FRANCHOT GREENE "Frenchie" l'I'f'st l'7l7'gl71lIl State Track Team: Lunch Patrol Plzrsiml education teacher JOAN GREENE Secretary Sec'y to Mrs. Goodman and Mrs. Lee She has proxen friendliness pays. 40 JOHN GREENE College Honor Roll Radio operator in the Nfzvr john will run away with success. f I "Sherry" Glee Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Heckman, Mr. Christ. Mrs. Bernstein: Honor Roll: Type Certihcate To be a .szlcccssfill Bnrbizmz Model Sparkling eyes and smile so merry. Success and happiness rill come to Sherry. " X' l'.XllI. GR N l Orclies sg .A c 'dz G. , Delegate: Light O 2 1 mp .quad , e ral ngineer to X' l'L I 1 ROBICR GR V "Bob" Alfflfllllll , ll 1' ' 'Q ' , ' ac 'son Patrol, X lell ' re lo find you. I nl 1 tol x L 'Jars X nlcr' II li ' 1 or 121151 Irjing ROlllf.R'l' GROSSMAN "Bob" Swinnning Tezuug Tennis Team: Band: Sr. Clllorusg Cfrali Club in Lu ling' ew' 5 'PQ Q Success is one percent it 'piralion And ninety-nine percent perspiration. Q x ROSICMARIE NANCY GRIJMM College H. Ed. Ass'tg Major Leaders Coiicert Pianist May you strike the right note all through life. PAT GUIDO "Red" .flir Line ess G nd NSN: Library Rep ' m vmang Bas- ketba , trimming C . To meet a terrific man and leacl a nappy life A cute red head full of fun, A swell gal, she's second to none. STEPHEN GUROXVITZ Brooklyn College Lieutenant of Lunch Patrolg Library Rep.3 Jackson Patrol Accountant A swell fellow with a stout heart, We're sure that he will do his part. l V lt' gy M 5 L ENMAYN A ' i Al e raptain, Baseball Teamg j.V. and Var- sity Baske all' Patrolg Sec" toms. y??t'f"I'awpq l Retibflf, 23, marry and raise a family Heres rooting for a great sport and a great guy! t B TY GYC-ER U "Bet" a 'zor 'chool of Af' 'ng .O. ' Min 'gy ate alle ' G 1 el V P , vim C ib ' p ' e l i rd always b zap L r r e . L , oz r I v Theres an art to being a "ni del" girl. l RICHART HACKETT "Dick" College Bandg Sec'y in Emergency Room Hes a swell friend, He'll be true to the end. "lam-' Singer Sec'y to Mr. Toder, Mr. Ornstein, Mrs. Kasius To sing my way to success The keynote to' success, You surely possess. ANNE LOUISE HAGER K'Al1nie" Secretary . Honor -Rollg Reorg. Squadg Library Squadg Bowling Clubg History Honor Class Be a good wife and mother Her success is assured. IOAN HAGGERTY "Joanie" College Sec'y to Miss Raynor Teacher Of books and studies she'll not tire For here's a girl we all admire. JUDITH HAIMOXVITZ "Judy" Interior Decorator Hebrew .Culture Clubg Library Rep.g Sec'y to Mr. Safran To follow in my parents' footsteps Aim hard, work hard, and you'll never go wrong. FAY HALE To be a secretary Swimming Clubg Bowling Club To marry a wonderful guy and have three children Fay is okay, She'll have her say. EDWIN HALLORAN 'ADoc' Amherst Agricultural College To get rich quick Every bit helps. AUDREY HALPERN "Shelly" Brooklyn College Business Course Sec'y to Teachersg Honor Classesg Dra- maticsg Honor Roll To get married Always so full of mischief and fun Audrey's loved by everyone. .JACK HAMEL Mechanic jackson Patrol Play the held Alert and ever ready. HERBERT HAMILTON 'lHerb" Commercial Photographer Stock Work We think he'll "develop" into a suc- cessful man. ROY HAMLIN jackson Patrolg Library Squad: Sec'y to Mr. Didie To work in Civil Service Agreeable and full of fun, Roy is liked by everyone. PATRICIA HANLEY "Pat" College Dancing Clubg Swimming Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Adamsg Library Rep. To be a Teacher May she get her wish. ELIZABETH HANSEL "Betty" "Star" Staflg Honor Rollg English Honorg Sec'yg H. Ed. Dept. To have the patience of my Mom .-Ind the sense of humor of my Pop.. Some ambition. that of Betty, We think she's found half of it already. BARBARA HAYDEN Queens College English Office, 2 Termsg Honor Roll: Honor English To be a Teacher Only the best comes in small packages. 4l 1. XRO1. HFCIHI .S1'1'11111.11' I'1111'1'1,11'11' ,Xl 111111 il 11011110 1.111113 N1i11111' 111111 N12l'l0l' SL'l'X1ll' P11113 H1111111' R111lg S01"1 111 NIH. B01'L1111'i11 l'.'11'1111'11I1111 SIIIIJIJI 'l'1'111111'1' 1 1 01110 1011.10 11101 1101. - I . 1011.11 110101' 11101 11011 X 1 ,N.111Hx H1-Q1 11. " .'f1Y-A ' l'f11g1111' 11111 X ,JU E 0 1111111111 1,21 1 11 .1-1'1 111 1 1 XYII11. . 11M '11 1"1. Mrs. ' 1 1 C K Q 1 'ill 11111 1 1' ' 161111 111' 1111' T Xi 1 1 IJUlL'I' C41 A' 1111 1111 1 . X 'J 1' 1 l511111s, 11111111-rs. 1111 1101110 X1 x 111111. X M 3 ,NMR 'l1'Nl'1 C-I'.R1 Rl'l11'. HICISICQ A'1f1'i111" '13 1 .SI1'11114q111j1l11'1 111 'l'1'11f11i.11'1111 V X S0111 111 N11,1.111111ll, N111 1111l'1Cl 111111111 111111511111 111111 1111111111 .XII lix11i11i1s1 Q Q 111111111 R1111: 1l1llll2lll 111111 1111, 11011, '- f1111l' 1111' j11111'11l.1 1111' 1111lIlQ1 l111'1' 1l1'- X ,Xl'Il'l' M 111111' 11111 IIM' 111 1111111' ,. 5 Slllfi' IX 11 l11'1 Jlllll. 2- 1 DON 11.11 11l'.X1X11".R "111111" l,'11111'Ig1' f1t'l1l'!1Il S111'Il11' 1'1l'I1. 5tIll211lf 11111111111 111111 111 81111111101 1,1111 11111 110101 sl1i111, 1-111 R1111g01 IW lllk 111111011 11111L. 111 ORIX 111-'.NSl'.1. lfl1,1l'111'.11 X11l111I1 S0111 111 10111110111 1l'JIl1l'lN f1llI111 1,1 11l'1ll'X ,XNYIQ 111111111111 1111111 'I'11 111' Il .11'111'1111'1' 111 2111 1111110 1110'll 1'x11'l 11111 All l1111111' s110'll 1111 111 11011. 1 1115-1'1" 11.1 '15 11' 11 2- 7? 1 4.6111111141 1 1 11.1 II7?g'107I Y1' 111111 1111' .S1'11'1'1111'11'.' "I'111111'01"': Sllll' 8111113 N1i11111' SCl'Y1kl' 1'i11: 101111011 61111113 N1111111' "3 C1111 .Xss'11 H1111111' 'lib '1111 111' .1111'1'1'.1'.1f111 111 1111 111111 I 1111 I1's 111110 111 110 111111111111 XX'1lCIl 1'o11'10 1111111121111 ll1lXC. H.XRR11i'I' HFRISIQRT "B111111i0" I?11s1111'.1zs S8001 111 M11 Clark 211111 N111 l'J011ts1'11 .1Illl1lIg1'11II'1If H01' 11111110 Illllf' 11111 110 11111sI11111li11g 11111 1101' p01's1111111it11 CCl'IZl1l11X' is. Nl.XR'l1N HliR1f1iXDORlf "NI111'l1" l31'11111111'11 P111-1'11'1 11. H1111111' R11113 NIi11111' l'i11: 3111111 C1111- 10s1: Yis11111 .1111 8111121111 11110111 5111111111 x13lll2igL'l'. B11Nk1'1l1111l 10111113 11111112 41111111111 1.11g" 1111111111111 l'.11g1'111'1'1' His 11111l11li1111 110 11111 1111 1101 111111111 l11111w111111'l11111111 1101. .10 7 5 1'.X'l'RICIIA HIi'l'lliR "1'11l" N011' 1111111 C11ll1'g1' S11'i111111i11g'. 13111111110 Clubs: S01"1' 111 l1'0111'l101's 511111111 7'l'!lf1ll'1' .X 1111111110 111' Yilll. vigor. 111111 11111li11. HOXVARD H1R'CIHli1. "H1111'i0" li'1111k '11 C1 V 1111' llfj' .. ' 1CQf1.S S 1S01"1' P11 ' .' ' H0 111111' s 111 ' 11mi0s1 111111110111s. 13.XRB.XR1X HIRSCHICNSOHN "l'11111111" 11'111'11 H1111111' R111lg SCC11' 111 Mr. Si0g0l 211111 N113 Gl'L'Cll11L'l'g1 H1111111' 1i11glis11 .S'1'1'1'1'l111'1' Q11i1'l1 s111111'. lxCl'll 111i111l, H01' 1111111111110 is 1121111 111 111111. .XNN1i'l1'l'1i HIRSCZHHORN 111111' 1111111111 Si1111i X1'111111l 111' Nll1'.X'1l1g' 1.11111'l1 1'1111'11l1 l1'C'llll1h, 111111111111 111111181 1,lK1gl'2lIll R1'111'g1111il11li1111 11111111114 S01"1' 111 Miss Slllllll 'l'11 111' 11 15111111 111111 .1111'1'1'.1.1l111 1'1'gi.1l1'1'1'1l l11ll'.S'lf 1l1'1' 11'i1111111g 111111. Will 1vi11 1ll'l' 111'11is1'. N1.X1,.XN11 1101"1"M.'XNN ' "1X11'l"J' J N fglII'l'1l.S lI11l11'g1' f '11 X I 1'2ll'1i 11011111 ' 1, ,V ' 13101111 l1'11 .11'1-111 111 1111? 1lIl1lI1Il'l!'1'5'll1f1 I1lI.S'1l 1' N W0 1111110 111111111111 L111f11gL1v1110 1.1.5111 111 s11110ss, X l1.XROI,YN 1lO1.1,liR I111111'1' 1101111 .S'111111'1' R11111111 S110 g111's, W11C11C S110 s111l1s 1111- l1111ly k111111's. IJOROTHY HO1.N1liS "DCC" T11 11111111 ll M1111111'11j1111 111111 11710 117 ll S'11lI1111'.s j111111r1' As useful 11s s110's 111'n11111011111l. .XR'I'Hl,TR HOLTZNIAN "Artie" uslllfu .1111 5111115 English 211111 A1'1O11100s A11l1111111l1z11' 111' I111111.S11'i111 IJ1'.1ig111'1' .X 111163 1l0101'111111111i1111 will 0111'1'1' 1011 fzir 111 any p1'11f0ssi1111. ROBERT HOVNAN "Bob" Lunch and Jackson Patrolg Worked for Mr. Baldauf Work in a Recording Studio A fine boy and a line ambition. ARTHUR HOWARD "Howie" Dental Teclznicinn To get married May you have health, riches too, May you succeed i1 1 do. CAROL ' IN - 1 Te pho 6 fI tl! B ' R Ilubg O ice adg At- ten :nc ' qu 5 H cl to Mrs. 7 e reminds you f Q-"all American Girl" Fresh, wholesome, and a good sport. RICHARD HUMPHREY "Dick" College Jackson Patrol lou rnalist A success he'll surely be. NORN X I HUJ E Colle Glee . 1 3 J kso , Sec'y' to Teachersg r oss He. 2 p Till he rea CAROL HUNTER Katherine Gibbs Honor Rollg Student Courtg English. History Honor Classesg Clubsg Sec'y to Teachers To he Il successful business wonzzuz Her motto is laugh and be merry We know she always will. BARBARA Hnitsliie' Business School Swimming Club Secretary Barbara is the mastering kind, Success is what she'll mastermind. JOHN INGRASSIA "Johnny" lllllllllflflllll College Lunch Patrolg Jackson Patrolg Library Squadg Art Squad Chemist You "compound" a success. 5 'nw , X L f f , , ' ' 7 f if ' ff f f Q 5 f ,. '-1- .1 I if - t I7 'Y rotgiigifal n..s'f r, .s .. it1s z ,fIllIllIC'7'ClIll Artist At play and in his job He'll always be above the mob. ELAINE INTERRANTE Cornell and Medical School Stage Manager of Varsity Showg Sec- retary to Teachersg Chem, Physics and Bio Squads To he a medical research worker Always happy, never blue We hope your ambitions come true. MARY INTILI "Tillie" Sec re tu ry Gym Assistantg Attendance Ofhceg Re- org, Squadg Sec'y to Teachersg Locker Guard Get marriefl and raise a small family A girl upon whom we can depend to do what's right from beginning to end. CAROL JAEGER Bellevue Nursing School Aristag Service Pinsg Honor Rollg Lunch Patrolg Leaders Clubg G.O. Rep.g Gym Assist. To be ll blushing larirle, And raise a little tribe. A lively spark, She'll make her mark. MARILYN JEFFERYS "Lyn" To lie I1 private secretary Bowling Club and Dancing Club To work as a secretary for Il zvhile, and then to get married A sunny' disposition gilds the edges of lifes darkest clouds, BARBARA JOHNSON ftizolmyr illoflel Swimming, Bowling Clubs .irqziire a greater 'll71fll'TSl'Il7ICll7Ig of others Modeling will greet her with open arms When Bobby comes with all her charms. FRANCES JOHNSON 'KNell" Iuilliarcl School of Alusic Pianist Nell will play her way to success. META JOHNSON Secretary Aristag Minor Ping Pitman Awardg Honor Rollg Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Bowling, Trin, Clubs. To do Gods will in 6'Z!Gl'yllZi71gllII'0llgll all my life In an ofhce she'll excel, And at home she'll do as well. 43 LARRY KIOHXS l UNI-Q tfollegf' l.11a'rc'r Ready willing. and ahle. LYNX KIONES flllf'f'II.N College Lihrari Representatiie: Secretary to Bliss Flynn llislory 'li1'tl!llf'7' XYe're all lor ion. Linn! PICRRY .IOXIQS "l'e1'ci' .'l.s'.si.s1r1r1l Io lllr. llnlrlnlll To In' Ihr' Il'1l7'fIl'.N lrlilwsl jfolnlo 7l'l'lglIl'I' XYith talent such as his l'eity's sine to he a whif. NORMXN IIUOSI' Iyllll' lfollfgr' ,Xssistanl to Nh. Siegel: l.ilnznx Relne Sl'Ill2lllXt'Q Swinnning ,Xssistanl lle has the hrain. he has the lnaun Io win stucess and then go on. RON.Xl,lJ .IOIULICNSIQN "Red" fZlH'l'll.N Collritff' 'l'ra4k 'lieznnz llonor Roll: I.untli, jackson Patrol ll!llllirrzilliozzriirt' l'llgll1!'l'7' klllllllltill and persexerance will at hiexe SIIKTCSS. lS.Xlll'fI. JOSI-IPHER "Iwi" Arista: A'Hickory Logn: Bowling Cluh: Secretary in English Ollice: English, History Honor Classes Nurse, Marriage Interesting and full of fun, Always liked hi everyone. YIQRONIC,-X K.-XLAVSKY "Ronnie" To get n111H'l1'1l to Il swell gui' Sees' to Nlr. Grady and Nliss Rilflllllil 6.0. Rep. To lrazwl in the l'. S. Xfe like her well: XVC thinks shes swell. D.XI,l-I KXNE Modeling College Honor Roll: "Hickory Logn: Green and XN'l1ite Party: Basketball Club: Cheer- ing Section Retire at 21 zrillz H man zvillz fl fren' ful Good looks, brains and personaliti Are the reasons for Dales popularitx. 44 4- I an .f g x 3 A. ., xl X n X 7 ' B111 Air Fone Lunch Patrol: 'lirack and Cross Coun- trv Teams: Seca in Gym lil' an oflirer in .-lir Force. or go inlo lo re'.s'l ry Bill Katz wants to fly. His path to success lies up in the sky. ' X NANCY K.XUFBl.'XN A! fan",l HIJlI.Yl'ZL'lf!'N Y N K' Leader: I,nr' t ': c , ,Band:L0 U cliestrqg Jhlhitrafz SISC2' nyc: ch- ' Q13 ,S 5: L. To lu' linpj ily .ri led 5,',,' I' 'fl' Her smile ' yweetenetl hy her grayly. PHYLLIS K.Xl'lfMAN "Phill" l'r'i1f11l1' Sl'!'l'l'lIlI'j' To get my Mrs. lhgnff' Nlay your life he lull, happy and free, .Xnd most of all, max' You get that . . t degree. Nl.XRCQ.XRli'l' Kli.XS'l' "Peggy" ,S'1'r'1'r'l1try Bowling Cluh: Set'y to leachers: llonor Roll: G. O. Representative: llistory, linglish Honor Classes To lrnw'l Rings on her lllll2'Cl'S, hells on her toes, liveryone will loie her whe1'ex'er she goes. KliXNl'l'l Il Kl'll.l.liR "Kong" flIJHI'g!' Intramural in Softball To ln' fl yo-yo fflfllllfl lle's always well liked Wlierever he goes. K.X'l'l-lI.liliN Kl'II.l.Y "Islay" S!'f'l'lfl!lI'y I.ihrari' Squad: I,ihrary Representa- tive: Honor Roll Marry my sailor lilly mul sail oifer Ilia zwzwfs of sizfcfm. Kay is natural. that's "O.K.." She'll make the grade in every way. "Debbie" ll I-Iof.s'lra College ' - W Manage! fX?gke,l1f9iiMgQ-?L2,Krty3 Wat Q16 : lcporter: or Engliil3'Nd-8Mcii'l'Roll: Trinity C "3 Sivihptiing Club. 11 ' f7'lEI1d.Y and live a useful and lm ny life lt's easy to see she's a devil in disguise just take a look at her laughing eyes. ROBERT KENIPSKI "Bob" Lunch Patrol .-Iccountant Robert is a grand old name, Here's hoping it will luring you fame. PATRICIA K NNEY "Pat" N urse ! Secreta v t s Se 1 uorld C75 T sail the seven seas .'he'd go lay she only pleasures know. ii cretary Minor jg Leaders Clubg Minor Service Ping Honor Rollg Typing Certificateg Bio Lab. To see the world before I leave it Her virtues are many, her faults are few Her charm is delightful, her friendship true. MARY KING Private Secretary Secretary to Miss Rossig Secretary to Mrs. Hilbert, Mr. Safrang Swimming Club To many and raise a big family Cool, and quiet, sweet and serene, A girl so nice is seldom seen. ROCHELLE KIRCH "Shelley" South Dakota University Editor-in-Chief of f'Star"g Girl Leader, Aristag Maj. Pin: Sec'y to Mrs. Reeve: Leaders' Club Medical Profession To know her is to love her. nir- Co ege Sec'y to Miss Hlittlingerg Sec'y to Mr. Lazarusg Chem Squadg "Hickory Log"g Honor Roll Become a C. P. A. or a Lawyer His ambition we all can bet, YVill for him some honor net. BARBARA KLAUM 'ABabs" Adelphi College Secly to Mr. Brennang Attendance Of- ficeg Dancing and Swimming Clubsg Honor Classesg Trinity Club To be a success in whatever I choose Her charm, beauty and ready wit Make "Babs', a sure hit. JULIA KNAPP "Ninky" Glee Clubg Sec'y for Miss Raynor 'Io he a secretary and get married You'll be the apple of everyones "eye." MYRNA KNEESSY "Stinky" Secretary Honor Rollg Sec'y to Mrs. Haberg Li- brary Reps History Honor Work and then marry Happy and gay she'll make life that wav. S' ., as S , X . ' Z fi ' as W 9 fer? X R . rm l ,Qi 171 . Q sp'-xy, i 4 '97 ,C I f . 1 s I 4 ss e s if . yr 5 'V' if ,.. 2 X X rf- kt "' Xs W, e X X ,y 1 f fs. 1 .asf , fgfyy sfx SN Rf A 2 is X K9 S X f 1 X 4 f v Q H N ree is , 31 V I ff' -RW MARILYN KOCH "Cookie" Queens College History Ofhceg Swimming Clubg Ten- nis Clubg Attendance Ofiiceg Newman Clubg Student Court Airline Hostess Always ready with a smile. YIRG KOEHLER "Cinny" To, e success "Pioneer"i 'Stagg A Majorw Service Ping Min and Major: j'sg 'Leaders Clubg Trim ' Gp. R45 yping- Cert. I To' lie- .a commercial fis Lair? and ozuifhiy leet Loads of fun, h can't be beat Cinny will own a Fishing Fleet. BA ARA KOEPPICUS "Barbie" Coll ge 9-SHICICIIL Court Judgeg Lunch Patrolg Library: Treas. hile research and cheery, never blue 's no favor she wouldn't do. MARILYN KOGLER College-Hofstra Honor Rollg Minor Service Ping Sec'y to Mrs. Charlton, Miss Peyser, Mrs. Cox, Mr. Porter To he Il wife and be called mom just two words to describe her- simply swell. 0 rv .1fsC5Q1 fWi 1' 'tC0m1ie" ostume Designer for T.V. Sec'y to Mrs. Heckmang Locker Guard. 3 Terms Lovely to look at, delightful to know. AARON KOPMAN College Service Ping Pioneer Staffg Mimeo Squadg Chemistry Lab. Squadg Dra- matics Class lie a zloctor A willing, working, quiet soul, he's just the kind to reach his goal. MARILYN KORN "Lynn" College Service Pinsg Concert and Variety Show 'liicketsg Secretary to Teachersg Li- brary Representativeg Captain of Lunch Patrol To be successful in eiferylliing I do. A clever mind, a pleasing way, will bring success to her each dav. RITA KOTZ "Blondie" Secretary Volleyball, Softball Clubs Keep some man liappy Her life will always be a busy one. 45 K lJOR0'l HY KRXXICI-l 'Al'Jottie" C11ll1'g1' "l'ioneerii: Girl! Y1ll'silX1 Pres. Leatl- ere Ciluh: Honor Rollg Seex' to leath- CFS1 Gym ,Xss't 7411 111' ru fine II !ll'l'.S1Hl 11.x mx 11111111 111111 Illlll Bright and cheerful. full ot xim. Whatever her aim, Dottx will win. ROBERT KRIEGER "Boll" State l,'11iz'e1'5iIr 11ffN'. Y. T11 III? Cl 511111455 ill 1111 I dn He! Sweet as a lamh and alwayi neat Has a winning smile that 1'an't he heat. IRliNli KROIXHIXSKY ilflllllly 13iI111' Illalllllff, Clllfllgll Lihrary RClDll'Sl'lll2lllNl'l Spcc ial Choi ny S1-crctary to Nlrs. Cox Success will suit-lx llll'l'l ht-r and hapr pinvss will gl'l'1'l hm. "W To 11' II ,s1'111'l111x' 111111 1111111x' II11' Imnk ,s11ll.' Ilowlirig Klluhg Swinnning Kllnhg Gloc- flluhg ILO. Iivpu-w11l:1lix1'1 lll'lllj,1Zllll lllllllll Sqiiaul "Dol" is as xnrvl ax ther 1'o1m': Ns a s1'111'l:11x,xl11"ll nuilw lhiugs lunn. l1YNl'lll.X .X. l..Xlll'RN "Clinch" CL1'1:1-11 xuul Wliilcg I,il1. Mft: Sp. Chorus: l,lllllll Pauiol: S11'x lo 'lvauha ers Noi too quiet. not a lrixoloun gal. lust onc rou'1l like lo mall your pal, F .' 11 1 Q it ,S f 1 T1-3 , . .Q 'I 1 xv iq 1 1 5 , if 3' xx B:XRl3.'XR.X LAXNG .xvlllilllg Srlzool Bio Squad: GO. Rep.: Honor Roll: Secretary Q' To 161111 11 good liff' Oh! nurse, come here and hold inv haml. 1 N V II s1""t 'r I lip Bo ' , - , 1: imrary RClJl'CNClll2lllYC ' ' . 1 11 .we 'Q . Goocln mc. J ron cxer See . gill s s '1 5 1 ,' clever? , ., 1,11 fl'F!'f'fHl'l' , Senior Chorus Her spirit of sportsmanship and fun. Nlakes likctl hy cverxone. NANCY IARKIN !,'111111111'1'1-i11l .lrlixl Yarsilrg l.C2lIlL'l'S1 H. lifl. .Xsftl .Xlhlelici illuhs: I,llJl'Ill'X Rep. 'l'11 gr! ill111'1i1'1l 111111: looks ancl lilllt' noiw Slick Il girl wilh lots ol poise. lll'il,l'iN l..X'l l l4lRl'i "Bits" HIAIIOIKIYII ffullrgr -A I lI1'11l11l l1'1l1l1ul11gx' .Xlways ll sense of lunnoi. g -' 1 if J A J , 1ff 1. ,- T - - ,. .. 1 V 5, - 3 ' ' ' Um' nox,u.n I,,A1'X J 1-Ipgmwf' lf11ll1'g1' night xrhnol fjgllgl ff I V lliwlxvlllilll ' Ba ke halli 'llf:ziin, Xi rs If :incl ju 1i1 ' :Hr F111-11' A V Ya si lg ,Locker Cuax 1 Hon ' .gg- lnt0'Ihe ".wild blue yonder" he will go ' 119 'V lis 3 Sccfy to Mr. llorlcn Soaring his wax to suuem, uh ill kp fI'i11lIl0.ll. I - , ' lo make a million is hi-1 goal 6 We hope he enjoys Zl milliunairc-K role. QX. i1v.Xll0lr-TN .. ' "Carol" ' fe' i "" "'if'V 11015 LAXXYSQN 11111 1 1 lv . :mia Cojjgge Q C110 -fflllllfli Sw V i C- -, Bowling Cluhg Mimeograph Dept. Mill 1' SCVllfC ln! Villff Ball V T11 own Il ranch 1111! Zl'l'.Sif Swimm' 2 . -in Squad 'fo live out yyest T11 be artist .1 'S Is the best. X heart so true -X W V We all lore rou. 2 ' 3' ' X 5, Q51 N M-xl.. tid V A 1 . H "jot" C0'7fS"' See F ifa' 1 d er I II1' u .Sllfli6'.XS in I111.xir11'.v5 See? to B W . C ' and A ' Dc Xigrisg His ways are ways of pleztsantness. 3 -jglgeoqjlllbi Sp al h -U Xml all his traits are friendly. V7 151, gegjnla,-,-i llhe'S lf l un, of sp ce 1' Whi ll Zifillifls up 0 iteallxii 1 rL,,rA plaid I XM 46 X1 XJ l'illlL'I'gCIllf Rooin .hflg Bowling: Bax- KJ kelhall. Volleyball Clluhx: I.llJl'1Il'l' Rep: 111 l111zf1' Il .s11111'.s.sf11l limfilrxxx lifw. 1 4 r l Pratt Illustrator We wish you nothing less than success. 5 t y music JOHN LEAVEY Honor Englishg Secretary to Mrs. Boege Piano teacher judy's pupils will think her grand For she will lend them a helping hand. His achievements iiorever. RICHARD LEIGH "Richie'i To be a brain surgeon He's always trustworthy and forever dependable Such 21 combination makes him highly comme lable ,J J SIG I R f'Sigi" Comme ee c r nrlent witlzcrnporl 0a7lqi477'f rm Birig t and cheery all the while Shes the girl with the lovely smile. ort an State Teachers College Hon. Rollg Maj. Ping Swim. "J"g G.O. Rep.g "Log"g Debatingg "Digit Digest"g Water Ballet To live a good life and never regret it Friendly, merry and spry, W'e can't say she's shy. JACQUELINE LEONE "jackie" Secretary Secretary to Miss Fabelg I'.S.A.L. Pin To see the world Jackie is really up to par She will travel very far. . Nl .. - ,I , , . it i J 'V i' "'Rho" College Service Ping Glee Clubg Varsity Showsg G.O. Rep.g Honor Classesg Leaders Clubg Program Squad "ZQ,1 To be a success in all I do , 04 I am sure 'ou w' l. 1' VW v iygwsgwwf lx' SUZ.-XNNE LIQVY "Sue" Queens College Honor Classesg Basketball: Swinrg Daneingg Leaders Clubg Girls Yarsityg Gym Asst.g G.O. Rep. Bio Chemist, Teacher Always so full of mischief and fun Sue is liked by everyone. KATHLEEN LEYVIS "Kathy" Service Certificateg See'y to Miss Fabel, Mrs. Ularburgg Leadersg Volleyball, Softball Club To be a nurse Nothing is impossible to an ambitious girl. MARILYN LINDE 'AMickey" New Paltz .State Teachers College Bowling Clubg Lib. Rep.3 Sec'y to Teachers To marry my cutest professor in col- lege Full of vigor, full of zest On a wave she'll be the crest. LORRAINE LOSSEL Secretary Honor Roll 6 Termsg Secretary to Mrs. Ringler, Mrs. Hedmang Honor Classes Private secretary in a large firm A girl worth knowing, a friend worth having. JOHN LOHNDORF College To be an auto ineclzanic He'll stand above the crowd. ROSALIE LOMBARDO Private Secretary Honor Rollg Bowling Clubg Secretary To go through life with a smile With her happy smile, Rosalie makes lile worthwhile. CECILIA LORIENZEN Business ' Special Chorus? Secretary to Teachers An asset to any business. GER.-XRD LORIG Navy To lead a norm life He'll sail se of t ess. all " e1ry" 11 7 DOROTHY LORIS "D0ll,"' Xen' Paltz State Tezzrlzers College Honor Rollg Special Clhorusg C-lee Cluh: Secretary to Teachers To ltecome ll good teacher .Xll like her who have met her As il friend she couldn't be better. CZHARLES LOYEN "Cl1arlie" College jackson Patrolg Ass't to Dean l'eterinarian Sincere znnbition to do the best ls his password to success. "Lv Syracuse Aristag Honor Classesg Service Ping Bowling Clubg P1'0gT21ll'l Connnitteeg Varsity Showsg Sec'1' to Teachers At the 111e11tio11 of her nznne We all tl1i11k of future fznne .lOl-IN l.l'CliY "jmck" lfollegr' 'lll'2ll'li :nul 1:11185-l'0llllll'f IICZIIIIHQ llzlll l,2lll'0l lvlN'l'l'Xl'l' h1"ll go, wl1:1le1'er ht-'ll do YN'ilh high flying tolors hc's suit- to 1-111111 llllllllgll. ' .F XR O " illllvl X i 5 .' " Z ' 3 Yet rx ' A. 5 ' . '. 'A 'lllllll"',. ' lfzl- ' '11 ' ' .111'1'1'.s. ' 1: Illtlllfl 1 1 ' ' I l I' 1 flllll 811151.11 fhoius S to 1 f x I1 ful h NI hcl N r I ' lollin I 11 Il 1 1 ll 1 on ' lt 1 lt tl1 ll 1 1 llLJNl llc lh.1ts 1 . s no l llc Q ' hw1". 'IXCIK 1.1'xc:H "11m11c11-" .lrmy Go to trade srlmol for printing .Xll we wl1o know jack agree .X great success hes bound to he. PATBGIEIA LYNCH "Pat" Serret11ry Tennis and Swilnming Clubsg Secs to Mrs. Kresh To get lllllfflffl Pill would make ani' man happy. ROBERT IXONS "Bohn College May success distinguish his future. 48 1 .. J' 4 ft f Ms" I W3 ,A N1 1 fat, 4 . 3 4 3 1 4. 1 l 4 -4 315 QW' Q1 at . l'.X'I'RlClA NIXDDISN "Pitt" Business Swimming Cluhg Swim. .Xss't: Secre- tary lo Nlr. Shapiro Get a Alrs. Degree She's witty. pensive. and fair 1 And th'1t's '1 C0II1l7-ll'lAllOl1 ' ' J '-iv ' . . 1 te e .ox ' html. mu' x H , 0 g I 6 6 ' 0 ls Sep, Q Mrs: Boev , I Clark, Mrs. L , NI S 1 , G To 1 U tl1 t e 71151 n 1 l n d T o llerfe I1 studs ' 1111 i nz . is " 1 mg Club' e11. SCkllCCk l z in ' , :' 1 X ' nrarry ll m ' f'Fo dark and ct e. this ' miss, Who could forget u gir li 'e this? "Al" rm Lunch Patrolg Jackson P2lll'0lj Sec'y to Teachers To own a 1111511111111 team flllCCl'flll :mal mellow. he's ll good 11:1- turecl fellow. 1- xi - ' 1 ' ' . "Doc" ' - Q . .' ' :.'X1'isl:1: Seri- l 1 1'g1' 1111 M1'1li1'11l .'i1'l1ool f 111 u t V X S1111.11l 'e I llickory Log" Stull: Prof 11111 Cloinn llee i .ll o 1l 1 1 '1 l'Ull!Ill'.' 1 ox' you 1 .1lwa11s 1 11. DON.Xl,lJ 11,111.1-111 Hxttrherf To llzf tl 11'l1ol1'.s11l1' j1'11'1'l1'r 111111 11'11l1'lz f1.x1'r Ile is the it-wel of ic-wc-ls. .XXI NY NIAl,l'l'O Wllfllljn Col ""'- loo So you want t hecome Zlll eiigineerg You will make ll, never fear. "Burl" Acaderrzy of Aerorlzzztlifs Guard for Mr. FlllIJ2lll'lK'li .elif Force Aviation Cadet He'll always Hy high. JARMAN 11.xLTz jitter-' College JN. Basketballg Lunch Patrol Money Friendly and gay He's O.K. nan1 MARY MANCUSO "Shortie" Good luck, Mary. Hm- Secretary Volleyball Cl Se in "3 Bowling C Se to'lN a ck Get married A little joy, a tle XVe'lre always vhen Di is near, HILDA MANKE "Hil" Secretary Honor Rollg Glee Club, Dancing Bowl- ing Clubg Sec'y' to Mrs. Fonerg Lib. and G. O. Rep.3 Sten. Certificate To be a secretary- and marry the boss Quiet, earnest, sincere and kind, Are Hilda's attributes well defined. JOEL BIARKOWITZ "jose" College Co-Capt. Track Teanig Service Pinsg Math Teamg Biog Chemg Treas. Arista Chemical Engineer joel's the type who will persevere And reach success as an' en 'neetx ANN M Siiuggyu Que Olly!! de ' lu ' I ag G.O. Rep.g e Cl , Library Sq.g English onor Teach" of rfracle tool A liveidy' s ' She'1l ma ier mark. Private Sec'y to an attorney Sec'y' to Mr. Siegel, Mr. Shapirog Honor Rollg Dancing Club To succeed in whatever I choose and have everlasting happiness Her time will be devoted to the service of others. DOLORES MASCOLA "Dee" To be a secretary and to get marriecl May you build bridges of success over streams of happiness. GERALD MASON ejeft-y" jackson Patrol Sheet metal worker Here's wishing you lots of luck! I' 't' AS. M 'Q' 'I ant ' img A . yi , in - 1 aft t 'Hx V 12' . on. f , D lay' ,ally 1 v' . in very port. f ,, ROBER'l'.X MATSON "Bobbie" Concordia College Leaders Clubg Special Chorusg Bowl- ing, Volleyball Clubsg G.O. Office lie a teacher It's nice to be natural when y'ou're naturally nice. MURIEL MATTHEXVS "Chubby" S ecre ta ry Secretary' to teachersg Badminton Club To be liappilyi married with 110 regrets ,X good secretary' Muriel will be. ? , 2P ,5iT' ?'ie' n1 '-W ' i 'H " Pat " l1'or I VW Se 11,5 rs , hey ierdg C.O. Rep.: Secr yi ' She'll go siniliig in . gh lifes every test, And conquer her goal, to be one of the best. ROBERT McCORM.- K Getla job . "The Mayor" Baseball 'learn ' Carloonist. Good luck, Robert ANNE MCCUE ' Secretary lo 1 Fislf To get 1 rs. lgrf Succ 4' ' receiyin our degree! l 1 HENRY MclJERMO'li'l' Intramural Basketballg Softballg Serv- ice Squad .X straight shooter with his eye on the goal. DOUGLAS MQGARR College-illanlzal an Nlewnian Club' iclvto y' L nor Squ d " ' 101 y- onk 'J' nl vr 111 .4-billy bat Let' each mat do his . '- -1 .S 5 2 'I 7 i ac" .--dlkollg Lu ch yztqjylwi t 'yiestl 'A loft ijt jA ja,' r a i d 1 I ' 49 , , . l Y. FRANCIS T? . .'f!'l'HIlIlllll!lll ll'oVl: f,'ollf'gr'wlx'r1:mlm .Slate lfirst Aid Rootn: Visual Aid A box nho hasn't tnueh to say But uill succeed in his own Wily. ul'il"llll'iH , Q ms + W 1. s 'A N X N x ,tg ' N " e i W? SARAH MLKINLEA "Sally" - To go lo zollegf' l il", A Seey to Mr. Clohn and Miss Raynor' i Progressixe Party: Special Chorus: CIC: i Club i Q , N To rlrizfr' ll pink "1.lllI'UlIll' Io Crlli ' -Xh A X ' fornia - Hair ol gold, eyes ol blue H l We'll always retnenlber a girl like you. orivrx xttkxioni -im" ff o I lege M'ork lor Mis. Haber and Miss O'l'nien , f" A Uzmfu l.'n1lillfu"r'rn1zf1'rIil1lrf A ' AVL- wish nolltiilll less than snttt-ssl Y .. 3621's I C s f f ROSA IIICAN MAKNIKLIII "lloolsie" l'Hl'llllf!Il vllfllllllllllll .Always tlreerlul and xt-tx ellrtienl Slte'll be xi perletl Medical 'lethuitian 1 ' I in F 'srl 6 l A -lOSl'1l'Il xttN.xl.l.r flat-" ' Q it Colletgr' . iNl'WIllilll Club: Setrelaix lo Miss Yzn' ady: Hllitltorv Log," To IH'1'UIIl!' ll xl1r'r'r'.r.v in lifr' AVL' are sure joe will. THOMAS Mt'NElI.I, I College ,J E " 'Q , M A A S 4 tt at N xCo-Ca'ptain'A'5tT:ilx 'Track Team ' U ' ' . 1' . , Lilbllte firxl one lo run IITUIUIII the , ' A N f zvorlfl . I, C, ' my A vreat rttinre'i", rt' liC2ll friend, and n is 'A AL great guy. A is X 1 . V V V Q VS iet ier at play oriat her job Shedll 1'isehabcn'eftl'ke inob'.K"..1 ' 'V X , i . ' W- .' 1 7 l - A ' lx vw ' Q tt iii. , , t Nasir ff it ' . MICH. tl. Ilal' .N "Alike 'V S' ' H e er Cua Ll H ll 'atfolg G. O - ' . I, l ep. A , Izlffrlriml l',l1 ll ' A G . I ,S , Max sou soar I ie stings of SIICCCM. lk W , ' A A N 5 0 q3x.tL,.g- .W 1 DOROTHY MEISEL "Dottie" SI. jolinfs l.ll1l1'l'l'SllA' Swinnning Club: Progrann Cotnmitteeg Library Staff: Seeretarx to l'rincip:tl: Minor Service Pin lirzglixlt Teflelzer Hair of gold. eyes of blue. We'll always retneinber at girl like you. BARBARA MESSIN.-A "Bobbi" Legal Stezmgrrzplzer "Log" Editor: "Stair" Stall: Honor Rollg Honor Classes: Special Clrorusg OO. and Library Rep.: Newman Club To lze as zuottderftzl to my children as my parents were to me A 51111111 secretary she surely will be. EMILY MESSING Queenx College Girl Leader of Arista: Honor Classesg Star Slaffg Jr. Orch.: Secfy to Mr. fihristg Lunch Patrol Iilenienlary srlzool lencher A delightful combination of pleasing lnnnor and pleasant eoinpany CZAROI, MIDDLETON "Millie" .Sl1'!il'1'lIll'A' Y2ll'SllA'SllOWS1 'Al'ioneer" Business Slallg Bowling Clubg I.lllI'Zll'A' Rep. 'I'o ln' fix .tzueel ax mv lllollzer and Ax lllI!II'l',YlllIIIllllg' ns mx' ftllllfli llreains linger in her eyes, And peep out in soft surprise. llllJl'l'H Mll,l.lCR "Judy" Slnlr' 'I'1'fll. Sees' lor Mr. lleulselig I,untli Valrolg library .'Ass't Serrelllry Slle's just the "lype.' KARI, MlI,I.liR "fIliut'k" Iilef'lri1al will fllmlngrajnhir rultliser 'Ill a .sprite .ship In Mnrx 9ec'y to Mr. Smith Karl Miller wants to lly. His path to success lies up in the sky. ANNE MINDERMANN Queens College Aristag Major Service Ping Minor jg Sec'y to 3 Teaehersg Honor Classesg Honor Roll To be ll teacher She's full of personality Yigor, vim, vitality. FLORENCE MOIR "Flo" Private Secretary History Honor Lone, sueeess, and rielles 'l'here's no lack of opportunity in Held. hlvy WM best. 0 lege-Nursing A "Hickory Log" Reporterg Spefial Chorusg Band Qtrumpet, layer? Marry f A sweet personality L Full of v't l't '. ' E v 1 a 1 y I, ULD KLARA MOOR "Claire" Business f Bowling, Swimming Clubsg G.O. Rep.g Journalismg Reorg. Squad To help my brother find that new twist in pretzels he never found Happy, smiling all the day May she always stay that way. CAROL MOORE Secretary Hlorker in G. O. Oflice To marry a man rolling in money Pleasant and sweetg A treat to meet. LOISB R4 1" Ixaz , . , X U10 tl 'N . fi -ev r ass 3 Sec'y to . "- - M.De1 chg Green A .1 tl ac' ' A ' mln Ju. fl was killed. I nt ny! ve if I ft' k ' elv o loo at elightful to knou. "Mickey" Receptirmist Glee Cluhg Senior Chorusg Bowling Club Always take the right road, And you'll never go astray. ROBERT KIORAN Jackson Patrol join the lllarines Make my first million, and retire So Bob wants to be a marine, In an officers uniform, he'll be keen. ALBERT MORANT "Al" College junior Varsityg Basketball Team May be a leader of men. voice you soar to MORGAN "Red" Business Supply Room Hlorkerg Seey to Teach- ers To go to work with children A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest En the Dusty will he at Ipos " Cand for 'lBaseb eam1 English Iacks t ol as much a scholar as a silver ollar. MARY . iPPC ' ib Repres ta- Sq acl as 71 st ndirg, vmg and y V par 1 swe girl, v ' l at '66, make L me for l to see. GLENN MUELLER A fellow like Glenn is great to meet, With his personality he can't be heat. ETHEL MULLANEY Model Worked for Miss Barone Marriage Pleasant and sweet a pleasure to meet. YVONNE MUNROE "Vonnie" College I Library Rep. , Grammar Sehool Teacher One of the best loved girls in the Senior Class ls Vonnie Munroe, this sweet little lass. 51 RICHARD NIVRCZOTI' llllltlll College Math Cluhg Service Pins: Lunch Pa- trol: .Xristag Sec'y in Math Office and to Mr. Iingoron To Ire u clzemist A regular pal and full of fun, Our Dick is liked hy everyone. MARY MURPHY "Hutch" Office zeork I.ihrary Squaclg Emergency Room As- sistant To get a "llI.R.S." degree Success in your degree. MIRIAM MURZIN "Mimi" Qtuferzs College Semretaryg Main Hall Receptionistg Bowling Club Ix'i11rl1'rg1trIrfn lm1r'lt1fr and get nmrriefl In lOIIlOl'lOW'S world shc'll take il part. I'or on high ideals shes set her heart. tiI.ORl.X Nik l'iR' "llt'lJt'l" llr .'.lr'11AIr:ll1'f' li . " I Z I . 'L-' . Q 2 '. Ill Lt S1 ul I tus Clnlm Int, llonoilg - een antl 'lite Party Illt'lll- lrer: I-.X ., 'lyp ' l"r .'et'y to Mrs. Drug" r. . l Mr. . V1lIll'IllJ2Itll 'l'o limi. owr, laugh, :tml ln' lmjrjzy Ability. clratnl, personality plus lhats why I-lorias the gal lor us. "Sneaky Pete" ra I luslilnlz' Switn learn: Yarsityg Art Stall "Slat"g Captain ol' Stage tirew lIomn11'r1'iz1l ztrlisl llluslrating is his desire In his ellorts he'll neyer tire. -I.XNIi'I"l'Ii NASH "Jann" lxeilrerine Gilrlnx Ser. School Basketball, Bowling Cluhsq Sec'y to Mr. 'I'oder. Mr. Grady, Miss Berko- witl. Mr. Christ, Miss Kresh For friendliness and lots ol' fun You couldn't lind a hetter one. f-Rav Col ege But all he '.k. is less homework. e agrees tv tidy and not to shirk, ISARISARA NICHOLAS xl 3' l I PI'l'I'IIlt' Secretary Minor Iidilor "Hickory Logu: I.i- - brary Ass't: Swimming Club X Gel Il1l1l'7'lf'll and be as llflllfil' as my A motlrer and futher 4 In an ollice she'll excel Ag ,I And at home she'll do as well. 5 'I N. Q 59 LORR.-XINE NIC1KI.IiSKI "Nicki" Slf'1l'Ilt'clc'SS Honor Roll: Sec'y to Mr. Greenhnrg. Miss Mcliiernan and Mr. Iingoran As nice as they come. .Xnd thaL's going some. ISARIBARA NICOL "Squeeks" Iiztsirzess world and be successful Sec'y to Mrs. Brogan, Mr. Greenburg. Mrs. Cardone. and Mrs. Ackerman To lu' zz good cook like "Mom" and earn a M.If.S. degree May your like he full. happy and free .Xml most of all, that you get that degree. ROBliR'I' NORD "Bob" IHS. Navy 'l'rack Tearn: G.O. Rep. l'4lSll!'l'lll!Ill May you sail on the waves of success. lSl'1VlCRI.Y NORMAN t'llev" College Sc-c'y to 'Ieaclrersg G.O. Rep.: Special illrorusg tloncertsg Min. Ping Drarnaticsg llon. Illasses 'l'o lm as .mtrwl as Mont .Intl IIHIVIVY Il man as wmtrlerful as Dad. .lust as clever as shc-'s sweet. Pretty, witty, and petite. DOROTHY NOSIQR "Dottie" Collegzf Special tllrorus, Secretary: Math 'l'utor3 ling. Ollice Stall' Y To Ile rt rnotlel mul l'Ill'lllll!llly fiml Ill.Y.S!'ll tl model lllllllllllfl Dottie, a girl ol' whom we're fond She's cute and sweet and very hloncle. IQDWARD NOVIISKY llofslm Art Squadg Scc'y to Mrs. X 1 ish Honor: Honor Rol t Success and lame XN'ill he his aim. Q M f "O'Bee" ometer operator "Star" Art Stallg Sec'y to Miss Ifahelg H. M. Lah. Squad-Mrs. Schwartz To ln' just like Mom A girl of cheerful yesterdays and con- fident tomorrows. JOAN O'BRIEN Business To get married May success around you spin And then may happiness set in. PATRICIA O'BRIEN "Pat" Secretary Secretary to Mrs. Poetz To get married Her good nature and winning smile Make her a true daughter of the Emerald Isle. o ege Visual Aid Squadg Hall Guardg Lunch Patrol jet Pilot, Aeronautical Engineer May you soar on the wings of success. ' --willy" University of Pennsylvani a Minor Service Ping "l'ionee1"' Stallig Honor Classesg Minor Athletic Awardg Capt. Lunch Patrol To have a million friends and dollars Tall and handsome, lots of fun, Wally' is liked by everyone. LELA OGLESBY College Good luck! JAMES OCRADY "Duke" C. C. N. Y. Secretary to Mr. Mlrenn Be a major league ball player In tomorrow's world he'll take a part, For on high ideals he'll set his heart. JOAN O'KEEFE "Tex" Swim the English Channel G. O. Ofliceg Secretary to Mr. Rhindg Dramatics Classesg Special Chorusg Glee Club To be happy and some day marry that extra-special guy A splendid girl her classmates say, What better tribute could they pay? "Rec" City College "Star" Awardg Understudy Varsity Showg Latin Certificateg Bowling Club: Honor Rollg Honor Classes To marry Success is her password. KENNETH OLSEN "Swede" G0 to Kings Point and become an of- ficer Lunch Patrol To become a naval captain and retire young On the land or on the seag Always at home, "Swede" will be. Z ra 'Ss 9 V sy at X2 XS s f MARILYN OPPEDISANO "Lynn" Secretary Honor Rollg Secretary to Teachersg Bowling Clubg Dancing Clubg Library Squad To be as sweet as my nzotlzer and as zuonrlerful as my father .-X pleasant girl, a wonderful pal She's what we call Z1 regular gal. RICHARD OTTEN "Richy" College ' Lunch Patrolg Varsity Swimming Swimming Chemical Engineer He has nothing to fear. Richy will be a great engineer. "Blondie" Become a secretary and get married Special Chorusg Glee Club: Secretary to Mrs. Kasius, Mr. Clark, Truant Oflicerg Library Representative Always leave them laughing Millions of I'Vishes for Success. CLARE 'OWENS Coznptometer operator Get married Clare is a girl whos sweet and kind Another like her is hard to find. RAYMOND OWENS A man of few words! 1. 'rt JOSEPH PANARIELLO "Joe" College Visual Aid Squad lVork in U. S. lllint Joe will certainly be a success in the business world. OLYMPIA PARASCO Queens College Sports Clubsg Honor Classesg Minor Service Ping H. Ed. Ass't3 Capt. Lunch Patrolg Lab. Ass't To become an English and Biology Ieaelzer XVe like her well, XVe think she's swell. JOAN PARISE "Joanie" , Bu ' and w t staffg 36 lr pre- II' an' tb le n Fa to pa terslzip ' li in Mac- s Xls fri n ass Y. ,d . iv Q s ,s ilu, tw N i Alvl' ' y, lw A',' .ilk . A llike'h1s"can'tbelbe K l fi N X Ly SM A O Wi ROBIQR I' P,XSS.XX.XX'I' Best ol' l.ucL! I X 1 ii ' tffyyifllfb lil.l' lili' PX ' JN "Belly" jet "t. t 'IV' 'Q Swimr ' Bas- " 1 ,A 'un 1 Clubl W and ' ll' Imp ' llll 1 'C l lif till: c Nc Xgsv Payty Y I I l ' rr ' f' 'el.9yJ Her li ends r e rn y her enemies nc ne. at Slref' liked by ll lull of fun. RlCH,XRlJ l'.Xlll,SON "lJic'lQ" ffullrgr: or Illllflhlllllll .lacltson Patrolg Seoy lo Rlr. Clashin SM' Illr' zitoflrl NIZIY you lrzrxel along the lriglrwzry to strut-ss. 7 . 1' 'Nw' .S1'rr1'lnry l.lllltll Roonr Squzulg linglish llonorg Sec'y lo Nlls. Kasius 'l'o gel llllllflfll Ol all tht' tlrarrnrs she does possess, 'lhe best ol' :ill is lfriendlint-ss. P X fl l1l..Xl'Dl.X l'l'Il'l'QRlilN "Gland" If11.tim'.s.x .School Senior Chorus: Bowling Club: I.ibrzn'x Stall: tllee Club nlirlim' I1o.wlt'.xx Mary you llx with the wings of SIICCCSS. .XNILIRLO Pli'l'Rl'ZlliI.LO "-lr." College Dranraticsg Radio XVork Shopg Bio Squadg Lunch Patrol: Swimming Sec- retary Find llll' "Pol of Gold" 111 the and of flu' raillllozt' When you do, you will reach success. -IOHX PHILBIN lin to work jackson Patrol One swell fellow we all say, 'lhey don't come like him exery day. lilillt l'Hll.l,lPS "Bet" .llorlel or colrmmisl linglish Honor: Secs to Mrs. Kasiusl Library Squad: Lunch Patrol: 0.0. Rep. sfmrrllring old. Sflfllctlrirrg neu' Smnrllzirrg l:orrozt'f'rl, snnrellring blur Shes clrarnring. and gay She'll steal your heart away. 5-I ty ' Q iss. axswsk is A X iiigj- X K S if s ' . K- 5 I t fs . - Q ., 4 ' if Q .., 4' .1 - s . K - E., 1 f f 5 S g s me-4 5 ' A it'..s..k 1 t , 4 ,X ' 5 ,t, X if lm f ,f ., ' EQ ' In ,fi ' vp. can 1- w . L e W ? 5 -I 1 q "'S5'4rw . r Xj- Sai.. i ss. 'US X259 L. R - sg. N -nz,-Ns k f .1 X -A t Q .. ...ij . A" 1 F , X s W s x Q K Y' X x ' 'E . X t R 'E JOYCE PIPP ll'0rk Varsity Play: Special ilhorusg Clubs: Minor Sec'y to 'leaclrersg Glee Club To nzaintain my "Rav" of lrnppiness Short and Sweet. YVILLL N PISCIOK ' WO A, Bill" CW 04' ,' Se 1 fIrr g 1 rfh Patrolg Hoi r Roll: ty -Sh ' ' Dr. and play fl ff it ' Olllllly Smith Hay you strurn our tv ' success. ROBERT PL.-XNSKER "Boll" C.C,N.l'. Track Team: Lunch Patrol lingincer Bob really deserves the success That is sure to be his. liI.ll.'Xl5li'l'll POST "Betty" To he Il sru'1'1'ssfr1l .vr'crelnry Secretary to Mrs. Reeve. Mrs. Kasiusg Honor Roll lie Il .s'1tr'1'1'xs in nll I rzllrlerlrlluv With steno pad and type machine, her fortunes she will seek Sha-'s looking lor a pleasant job at 85 Zl week. l'.X'l'RlKll.'X POXVQEQI, "Pitt" ljnllegr' 'i it ttf x ' tlapyrirr'-'ol' Ilshereltesg Major, "jug lugrjusz' Seryicel Pinsg Ilonyor Roll: I1 essive Parry 'Eh follo1't"41,llr' lwsr' rulrji 1' by nly illom mul 'Dytll ll ' C111u:l'nre1'ry, carefree and gay SlJd'll succeed in every way. Rlllljl l'R.'X'l"l' "l3oo'I3oo" li11.sir11's.r Honor Roll: Bowling Club Get married Success to the n'th degree. HILIJFGARD PR1i'I'SCH "Candy" College Swim. Clubg Secretary to Mr. Testa- yercle and Mrs. Cardone To have Il big family and lo be able to cook like Mom A Hne ambition that of Candy, To be a cook that's Une and dandy. " Q .' Q35 I 1-P -:J Q u' J - r s , ' ' V' M " ' f has lo . e likes the girls and they like him X57 MARIE PIQMILIA Secretary Honor Roll: Secretary for Mrs. Charl- ton Midget race car driving A good secretary she wants to be And a good one she'lI make, you'll see. DOROTHY RADIN "Dotty" College "Hickory Log'l Eclitorg Leaders Clubg Minor Service Ping Gym Ass'tg Hebrew Culture Clubg To be successful in all I undertake Shes just bubbling over with such goodwill That it's hard to keep her sitting still. e. ?3?'f Tl "fill Q5 i EYI EM. 'HAUdY " Pr vai Secretary Cirl's Varsityg Minor Service Ping Sec'y to Mrs. Poetzg Leaders Clubg Lunch Patrol To love every nzonzent I live A sweet gal A wonderful pal. LOUISE RAU "Lou" College Leaders. Volleyball, Basketball Clubsg Honor Classesg Minor Service Pin A girl worth knowing, A friend worth having. ml CAR f I "Chico" I e ct ' 1 K y V Q ZIV, TH' OIIT WHY to SUCCESS. fa ' . yy., I 1 I ' 4 . , I. , , LOIS REICHLE , " Private Secretary 5 Secretary to Mrs. oseg "Log" typist and Reporterg Honor Englishg Library Assistantg Typist Reorganization Squad Marry a swell sax player Success is her password. .ff EDWARD REIHER L'Edclie" Queens College and Cornell Bio Squadg Math Tutorg Lunch Squadg jackson Patrolg Program Committee Be a veterinarian Ed is a guy with ready wit In any league he'll be a hit. C. OL ' ER "Ca" S etary eer e ' to T ' hers onor ollg ri h 5 T ing tificateg G a hi rty z be wona' n mom ull pep, pus a d 0, ha s why people I her so. it 3. , 1 1 1 S 3,1 slr X .. f A x ,Auf QQ fs: f xx S N N 6-.1 X Xxx Q V. . my 5 , ' if X we xbass Q beak-f .,,gif,.AfS V! ALAN RICHARDS Cornell Veteriiiarian Good luck with all the knowledge which you're sure to gain at college. CATHLEEN RICHARDSON "Cathie" Nurses Training Srlzool Library Sq.g One Year Bowling Clubg Private nurse and to get married She'll spend her time dressed in whiteg Making aches and pains all-right. JACK Rlfilb-IQHI College 'I . Engineer He'll soar on w' s oi' e. Ai r F C iUlliQl1'5i'ifUff"+ 9 "Johnny" Colle ' Captwa W. 5 L Patrolg juni rch. Se i 1.3 Scc'y H. Ed. Doclor I-Ic's go the right formula for success. BARBARA RIEDMANN "Bobby" Coirzjitonzeler operator Library Assistant To travel 'I'he sweetest girl that one can know. AUDREY PHYLLIS RIIZVES "Audie" Hofslra College Leaders Clubg Basketball Clubg Sec'y to Teachers I wish, I can, I will-these are the three trumpet notes to victory. LORE'I"I'A NI, RIORDAN "Imogene" Nurse Honor Rollg Newman Clubg Tennis Clubg Sec'y to Teachersg Prog. Comm.: Minor Pin To see the world A friendly smile, gladly bestowed. BARBARA RIZZONE "Bobbie" Gr i to business Speci horusg Sec'y to Mr. Ornstein, Mr. Han ier, Lunch Patrol Go to b suess and get nzarrierl Good uck, ie, I your bitions. .6 V . Q 55 NLXRY ROB!-1R'l'S "Hickey" Library Squardg Seei to Xlr. 'I cstznc-r1le To Ull'lI Il "3-4" 11o:1'1l1'1-lfluf' 1"o11l 11111- 1'1'rlil1l1' One thing hetler than success is to he worthy ol' success. Wll.lfRlflJ ROBINSON if "Big Bill" Business Coll Swinnning 'e Rig , J- ckson Patrolg Lunch Patrol, Senior! Orche trag Con' b Q X I. ., . W . . - 1 . I' fi - lo lu' lHlllllllOllS 7 , V if .Xt the mention of his nznn 1 1 ' Ife VVC lhinkof luluile fanne. I NORNLX RODOLIKIZR ll'11.s'l1ingloi1b-Ii11.s1111'.ss Mlrool Swinnning Cllulmg Honor Roll: lllllllllll ilerlg 'ljping Kleit.g Scot lo 'l'1'zl1l11'rsg Svc'-'y lo Nlrs. llrogzin, llookrooin ,Xss'l1 llislorx llonoi Cllgrss. ,S'1'1'11't1113' lo ,hlllll .Sfmrlw I' l,0Yl'2lllll'. lilllgllillllliinrllllaialq fun, in r inillioi L Vnielf rs lh1 One 1 1 5' A - sun. nl l l ' . Rug: jfkomxi il. .nf Q .."R11" 11 li sf" big' 'W K 1' 'l Y111 1.x ,oy n 1 -1 ,J 4 A!'lhl2lC bll'1'rl11- lllhip' Honor Roll: llonur Wins eil S1-qw lo l5!':11lr1'rs1 Yill , ., y . 1 silt' hlilxwif 'V .l ?'r1'1liI lo my jrznqlllx 7Xg1'1'e:rlml1' :ind lull ol' lun Yes, sh1"s liked hx vwixolie. ICDWXRIT ROONI-LY "li1l1li1"' ll'ork 'lraick 'lcznng l'l1olop,1':ipln Clluhi Glen' Chili :rl Sl. .Xgiies ILS. Crt n1111'ri1'1l To know hirn is to like hiin. XVXRRIQN ROSIQIAND Coll1'g'1' Capt. of Swim. Tezung Nlajor Pin: -lack- son Patrol: Lunch Patrol To l11' I1 sz1'i111111ing 1nsfr11cl1n' His spirit of sportsnizrnship and fun Makes XVarren liked hy everyone. U l'Merx"' To 111101111 N.Y.l'. "Pioneer" Stall: Service Pinsg jackson Lunch Patrolg Reorg.: Chem. Supply Squad: Honor Roll B1'1'on11' 11 .YllFCF55f1ll dmitisl May xou always hare a "Drilling" success. MARVIN ROTHENBLRG "Marx" Collvgr' Iinter llll' f11'l1l of 51'i1'111'1' .X scientist he will he Xnd zu success undoubtedly. 56 GLORIA Ol"l' "Glo" .lirlin1'S 11' '1l1's.r .' 'y t iss l '1 1 . Iiss Jenner. Mrs. g ' r 'tn uh: Bowling Cluhg o or o gc ry "1 111111 enjoy life Qloria out wants to fly Her path to success lies up in thc sky. GEORGE -I. ROWAN College Class Captain: G,O. Representalixeg Locker Guard: Member of Library Squad To 1111101116 1111 Ellgllll'l'l' When the lights go on all over the world. George will he at the switch. XYILLLXNI ROZE.-X "Billy" .lzfirztion Good luck, Billy. L lQf3,z,4j FRANK K. RUANIC .lir 1'l!1!'I'!' Line Ollice Squad: Sec'y to Mrs. vvllllll Mr. Klzishin, Mr. Slnilh To o11'11 ll Hl'7l' "EIS" Ulfl.Y CUII'll!'7'lll7l!? llc hrighlcns the depth of your gloom- 1 ics! lnoods. .XNl'l.X Rlifilillilil To I11' ll .mr 1' .i Ill .x1'111'l11 ' Vx Howling fillll . '1 lo N llc 1 fvlrl ,, 'I'o 1'1l ?f"1llVji.' l1'H "1' rl 1' x1l1'1'1',s.v'll , 1o11s1'11'if i 1' " I We hope Cupid "N r. ' you RUl4liR'l' Rl'lSI "Holm" Q111'1'11.r College Yisuzrl .XidSqua1lg Hickory Log photog- rzrpherg History Honorg Honor Roll To lu' ll success Ifriendly and gay He's O.K. f' C1AROLf TX .L "J " S c 'Iarx' J 1 . a mer, N '. Mon- 1 . Ir, Ros , M T r, Library epresent 1 3 Lune rol Sparkling ey ,, a winning smile Your life will be well worth while. SACHNOFF A'Lenny" College "Hickory Logng Honor Roll: Honor Classesg Chem. Lab. Squadg Debating Cluhg Special Chorus Doctor XVe hope your arnhition will come true. CHRISTINE SADLER "Chris" y Adelphi College I ff ffl' I A "Hickory Log" editorg "Star" Staff, Trinity Clubg Progressive Party, Honor ' A 4 Roll . f f , To gain success, happiness and content- 1 gym? Always happy, never blue Q VVe hope your ambition comes true. j' GERALDINE SAFRAN "Gerry" State Tech 4, Service Pinsg Sec'y to Mr. Siegel, Mr. i X Testaverde, Miss Kraemer, Mrs. Waltz, Honor Roll Z' V Dental Hygienist x ,I May you rill your way to s lccess. V 'A ' 'N by SAMPS "Sam" lursirg School W 3 Seniori1Ch J ' A g X rse s e Caring, for all manit FRANK SANTAGATO Good luck, Frank! I 'R ',E S l as zn on ecr School Library c Sec to Irs. eeves T be efficientlsecre 1 and to see Www ld I I A girl '. charlnin clever 2 id Rf' A fine a girl as youll ,car .IVKJ7 LOUIS SAPPIA "Chi Chi" Butcher Heres to Louis, a boy with a grin, Heres hoping that in life's struggle he'll win. VICTOR SCARPELLI A'Whitey" The Service Baseball Team To own a Butcher Shop Into business he will go To try to make a lot of dough. EVELYN SCHAEFER College Arista, Honor Rollg Ass't Bus. Mgrg T "Hickory Log", Honor Classes: Sec'y to Teachersg Lunch Patrol To be a success and travel all over the world She's sweet and gay in every way Whether at work or in her play. yi X , ,,,,', ff , Q f f ff ff M, y,yr - ff, ,X f fy X ? ef , , ' ,ff-fy .ref A asf, ' f If JANET SCHAEFER Office II'orl-c Sec'y to Miss Raynor, Mr. Bass To be like Mom Lots of luck in all your "plans" .IANICE SCHAEFER Business Clerk Health, happiness and success to you! H N HALF L IL. V -He . f- ,ffm i . , I ' Q e Cho ISQM wi LY lu 1 10 . 'V . , ., , 0 r vi ,es r l ' o f d, ' ei ri t rs ,i 'il ' njoy l ii al at sp end." R fu fl V f ' i ' i fg.yi.Rfis.jgx1v:.fs scH1Fi'iiAo1jER- e ltr I 5' N - ,, y ant Xllhi diy, Xlahiety Show, TQORQI ,WN i ' ara's!sur nb be a success in eve 1 3 - l 1- .f ,V Jthipg cies. ' I4 fl' . , . ,I A , . l FRED M. SCHILLER Printing Trade Guard on jackson Patrol Find the right girl Friendly, quiet, and on the ball, Ifred is liked by one and all. HERMINE SCHILLER College I,liJ1'2ll'y Ayftg S " ,Ld Tir. Safran lil It A' Q 'ur 1, V a i' C lx a he' and a sinil ' XV nakes the bubble 0? life worth- while. SYLVIA SCHILLER .Swrelrzry-pro :log hanrller Emergency Room Asst Marry a rich nzan Syl is one of the nicest gals, Truest of friends, and best of pals. r ia! e I PATRICIA SCHJIILLIXC , A'Pat" Business it ' li V- , Leziclersphikiglajoi' 'fI"iQ'a ity, Sec'y ld, Teachers, iowli ,'iI'ennis Clubs. Afhbry my dream ma To he a success is her aim And that we know, she'll surely gain. 57 58 J! Q17 W' ROBERI SCQHINDLER "Bohm Cily jul: Cup or I-'izemmz l-Iither he'll pound the heat or fight the heat. F V Alligf .' .alll plizmilselgli 51,1101 . ' qlgie Cllulmg gl ing . 1 W, To 111' 1 1' 1ie.s1' ry ll She'llf 1 snliilinf through i 's exeri lesl, .Xnd zuhieu. her gozil ln her xery hesl. ROBERI lf.Si1HNl-QIIDER "Bob" Crzllege jackson ll2lll'Ul l'iO?'1'.Sl lilllllgfl Ile lllllll go wrong 'manusc- lle's :ill right. li.XlIll-1lllNli SCIIIROIQIJIQR "Rulh" filllllllllllll ffollrlqz' llonoi Rollg I'1inilN llluhg Cilee Illulmg Spetizll Clhorus: Ynrielx Showsg Sc-ex lo lh. Nlzison 'l'u 111' 1l1'n1l of lIlI'll ul l'1ll1' l'rli1f1'r.s1'lv Suuess monies only ln hand work, Xml this is soinellnng she wont shark. lll'lNRY Sfllllilllf li l'i11ni.x'l 111111 flolivjfa 1'1Q+jLr ' Mui you wiiltfor min cr ktl rm sua- X cesif 1 L in 7 Q l A l . 19 df "J 4 f 71 "', li r Lvl " Alf. x fW Q .U RI'l'.X Si1Hl'NIl.XCK " ondalayan lf11l11'y'1' S Seei to Tezuliersg Captain Lunch Pa- lrolg Honor Classes: Minor Service Pin' .Xrislzi Dnnrsing 1J01'lOl' As at woniun in white She'll he the patients' delight. J.-KN El SCHIWIUI .lludel CO. Rep.: Honor Roll: Seey to Mrs. Brown: English Ofhce lie Il .YllfFl'SSf'lll morlel .X quiet girl, one of the few, .Xll suecess belongs to you. JUNE SCHVVARTZ BI1.Yi7lI'.YXiSfl'IlUg7'lIilll6'l' Arista: Seriice Pinsg Honor Classes: Lunch Pzitrolg Seey to Nliss Heike I'1M.si11lr I1 ffllllif Slt'l1!lg7'IIf?lIl'7' Sugar and spice. Xnd eierxtliing nite, "jan" "Red" if , Al l l I K Y ,. :-- Iv,, . ,,,, ., F 1 . ,Q 'V so Vyky 4, Cf, .L if - - 1 ' 1 xqfze . ' , , ggi, 55 ! ' sf 1.1. i , V,.,.V! i 1 be' 1 CAROL AN. SCZHXVEIKER "Carole" iYlll'.Yl'S ' 1' A ng S-ev N' i 1 , Mrs. .-Xclong l' Ch 1 ' mwlii fll 'l'll- essive Pau' ' 1 :urs 111 lllffj' II lznnd- . ne elm' X 'eet and fu" she seems to be. GEORGE SCIHWEITZER Pzzrdue General Science Squad: Pres.. Trinity Club lIl11'n1i1'11l 1'iI1glIll'f'l' .X quiet lzul, sincere and true. We wish our friends were all like you. "Cliurly" .0 io 'iekso 'P'1 'ol: Swxiee Pins' 'llr'1ck . N21 . l' ie in 'i N- right is sun. - 4 ROl'zER'l' SEE .Q ' "Bob" liroolrlyn Instilulz' . 5 1111 l '7H'l'S ml. . Ll I , 1 .un iilgrog e " 0 Mr. 1 V Io L A x A ll o ll , Ot . m qi . llzuidg jzukson Pzurol and Seey He will sziil on the ship ol' zunhition. He will lzuul ll: s succ' '. .XlJOl.l" SIQMON U-Illlll0l'l' f,'11ll1'g1' 'l'1':u'k lezung llonor Roll: l.lllI'2ll'y Repg I.unch Pztlrol I,1n1'y1'r Good lluk with :ill the knowledge Which you're sure to gain at college. x Rosh 1- Kifip-lyme' 1fl1'1'l1'11 I'I'll7ll'I'llI T to 1' 1111111 UMD! 'X 1 ahle l ll 4 ' fu' N i is lik I every ,. l CHARLES SE'li"I'GAS'l' Queens College Lunch Pzurolg Dramaties T0 become a president Y0u're sure to he a success. CAROLE SEEFERT "Shorty" Nurses Training Seey for Lost K Found, Mrs. Carpinog Math Honorg English Honorg Honor Rollg Dramaties To sucfeed in 1111 things begun .-Ind I0 follow as God Ie111ls me XVith a good wit, She'll make a hit. Secretary Se ' to ' oeg nd Mrs. Cassidyg Ho Roll, visor's Ofhceg Ho or Class lllake a mil live in Ireland Interesting and full of fung Always liked by everyone. ROBERT SHAVER "Bob" jackson Patrolg Locker Guard Interested in Atomic Energy His manner and his friendly air Make him welcome everywhere. MAUREEN SHEA "Moe" Marry Swimming Club To be something in the eyes of God and my parents Long to be remembered. THOMAS SHEA "Tom" Niagara Univerfty Swimming Teamg Major "jug Green and Hlhite To own a fleet of orange Cadillacs Full of pep, push, and go, That's why people like him so. NORMA SHEPHERD "Sheppy" College ' Special Chorusg Progressive Partyg Li- brary Squadg Sec'y to Teachers, Comm. for Dances, Concertsg Varsity Show To always have faitlz to follow a dream A sweet girl, a"sweet thought, May you gain the things you've sought. ' elzzgz V ni ersity Basketball Team, Sr. Orchestrag Band: Special Chorusg Guardg Track Team: "Progressive Party" X Get married 'Where he met a stranger He left a friend. LYDIA SIDIKMAN "Lyd" Queens College Special Chorusg Bowling Clubg Sec'y to Mrs. Selling Theatre Class To be a teacher After graduation she'll embark In some pursuit to leave her mark. EMILY SIEGEL "Emmy" Queens College Editor "Hickory Log"g Library Rep-3 Special Chorusg Hebrew Culture Club: Orchestra Commercial Illustrator Ive wish you success. RSF' S it QV ff f W: QN QI- V W .f , Y x'x ' X ' "J, ts. X s .,, ., NX A o, ,Z cf 'LWQ s fc , X-A V Q, , X ra X , Q.. ,Z I. Q rf X 1 V 1 XX X X f I f K . ta J 3. XX ROLF SILJANDER Successful he will be, Whether he's on land or sea. . -fm-' Pre-llled Course Aristag A'Hickory Log", Track Teamg Honor Roll and Classesg Math Teamg Debating Club Success in tlze llledical World Success in the N'th degree. S' ANLEY SILYE ZXVFIG "Sta " -M Course I T ' X iror c Aris i1RhiSei'iQ'eLPfng il cDTe mg Radi Hlorksshopg Honor Classesg Boyvgader' rw Happiness a d satisfQl'm,y..f,Tf'TV Stan will 'gghis way to sugs. I a -x--4 N K 155 i. LUC LE SIMO S A "Lucy" Coll ge, irlin oste ' I I A H o r m 1 sg ac io IVork- ' I , M shopg H n Cl ssesg G iardg Sec'y to . if- 'Tw'-'S Mr X'Vul I .X ' . ' To be successful in al things, as my - l . ftsysfxs x 1 K K x . .L ,f parents are S ss- 2' -f f X Q Vivacious, gay, lots of fun, X Lucy's like by everyone. af: i K , ' ' GEORG' INGHEL r - g Veep of .O.3 Varsity layg amalic 5 - ' 'f H gpg . A 4 Sgigssyy nginee ngSCl1o0l S - Q Q M I a I and, in ' I clime, V , 1 ' ' !'ii X14 are sure that George will shine. AUGUST US SIRACUSA Gus-Gus Q Georgia Tech 3 - Travel around the world ' 7 . ag v A M Loads of- pep and loads of fun, ' X w Gus IS liked by everyone. A ii M. 5 5 ' Nair. JW V4 ,I Ronnie X ' ft . tale Teclz I X .. Lunch Patrolg Sec'y to Miss Carson, X . X X Mrs. Newman 'W as S Become a buyer . 1 s fag- ,.. .' . . . . . rf S Q lhere are limitless possibilities for the ambitious. .U . "-' 5 if . R X.: Maxx? X SHEILA SMALLEX .. College SS N s.. 6 1 - - . Honor Rollg H ater Ballet, Swimming A ' Club: Sec'y to Mrs. Brogang Reorgani- . X . h 1 , f' Q N . t, ration Squad, Lunch Patrol I O if A X ' iff To be successful Q V Sheila is a girl whos sweet and kind. X ' FA , Another like her is hard to find. 59 Iil,lZABE'I H SMITH Nursing School Seey to 'lieachersg Leaders Club: Sert- ice Ping Trinity Clubg Lunch Patrol, Progressive Party To be ll nurse Tall and sweet, friendly and kind. A nicer girl is hard to hnd. VIOYCE SNIFFEN "jot" N urses Trai ni 11 g Sedy to Mrs. Bernstein, Mr. Rhind: English Honorg Honor Roll, Glee Clubp Mimeograph Squad Marry a IIUIIIISOHIE' 771iI1I07ZI1I7'C' Hers is a strange ambitiong For other things she should be wishing. ICLMU SOI,I.I'l"Ii0 Good lutk, Iiltno! IRIS SOIUNION "I" IflJUkliI'I'IH'l' Arislag Minor Service Pin: Yatsitx Show: IIUIICZIIII' Class: I.c-atlers Illubg Sec'y to Mi. Siegel To gain tizllrkx llns gal ts lull ol lun. She'lI be l'l'llll'lIlIJl'l'l'4I by eteryone. BARRY SONIIiRS'l'IiIN Collwgr' jackson Patrol, Captain Iinglisll 'I'z'11f'l1f'r 'I'he ambition that you possess will help you reach your goal, success. BARBARA SONNER "Bobby" Teleplzorie Conzpany Honor Rollg Bowling Clubg Library Squaclg Honor Classes To get married Like sugar. sweet and refined. KENNETH SOUTH.-XRD A'Kenny" Pratt Institute "Stair" Art Staff Ba' Il Crmznierfial Artist Full of pep, and full of fun Ken is liked bv everyone. KIOSEPH SP.XR.XCINO "joe" join the Navy Guard: Intramural Champ To lu' au l'flc'c!7'ical lingirzeer Firm as a rock in his ambition. joe will work with great precision. 60 I "lint" .o eve V ' D A - - - 5 Aa, Basketball illezlicilze ' ' we "W WY' ' -J J Here's a boy with great ambition ' .Xnd a matching disposition tx ta . X xl ou" Luqrch ll "t ' X Squard v o' '. ' ' - Smith A .I ove the mob. tguc .frRc:'-3 AN H Q kr U iff arsity Slulwg UNESCO student I,eal 'Q behlers CIIIIIQHPIOIIOI' Classesg , , 1 in I ' V NI' or P K ' o IIIIQ jX'IQoit's IlI1fiyxQ'Il'lS as II'I'l'IfII' as I1 1. Pcs 1,igVI1llgxIQIE+ zvitli N133 but hetgsel san be her equal. liI.IC.'XNOR S'I'IiCI'lNI.'XNN "lil" Hl'0'IUllIS Iizisilzesx School Sec'y to 'I'eaehersg Honor Roll lioolrlcrejfcr May your columns add up to success. ' v g',i,,..,f'd. , ff KOBIL:-R I Izifllzgf i I, lfotlegl' , .K .. 1 ',- W A. Squat junior Orclreyra: PSAI. J.Xwarcl J 1 ' ' To lah-rl ,a'h'rIf11f1y.1iH,1l .s111'fr'sxf11l lift' Nothing is n'n,'possible to a willing heart. I ,, .. HAI.. ALAN SI lf.IN To go lo 1iu.rim:.9.r School To be u Millionaire This guys hard to beat, One you're surely like to meet. MARILYN STEINBACH Aristag Minor Service Ping See'y to Mrs. Brogan, Mrs, Haberg Honor Roll ' Happy and gay, She makes life that way. V JOAN ANN STEINMETZ Metropolitan Life Insurance Company To marry Aim high and you can't miss. f l"-aff' PAUL STELLA i, College y J' Track Te Mgr., Cliunnerghjackson P3YfQi'2fhB 'eneral 2-iexnce squad- awry Isa :Y -" V, His iiiguner fiid his ixiiendly air Make hirdfwelcome everywhere. , , "Barby" . i . , . secretary on Pan American Airways Sec'y to Mr. Haller, Mr. Wrenng Li- brary Ass'tg Library Rep.g Pitman Cert.g Reporter for "Lpg" Tall, dark, and M-M-M, good. LELAND STOKES "Lee" Queens College Honor Rollg Minor Ping "Times" Youth Forumg UNESCO Rep.3 Library Rep.g Red Cross Chemist Hard at work, clever at play, He'll never waste his time away. ARTHUR STRAHLMAN "Artie" Visual Aid Squad A fellow of few but sincere words. LILLIAN STRENCK College Minor Service Ping "Star" Art Staflg Bowlingg Volleyball Club Get married and be a teacher To know her is a pleasure, As a friend she is a treasure. CAROL JEAN STRICKLAND Cortland Special Chorusg Pres., Leaders Clubg Major "Jug Minor Nj" in all Sports! Att. Officeg Gym Ass't Physical Education Teacher A cheery smile A girl worthwhile. MARGARET ST If 0 Bus' ess School ' N i an n, ll Clubg Sec'y t 09: ts r. r en rg, Mrs. S. 4' , ous an y. up 1 ii, Peggy's liked - I A n J l' 2: ' ' 1 "Bobbi" Quee s Coll Edit Hickory Log"g Leaderg "St Staffg PLIWSer1Vice Ping Honor Rollg Se " 7 N ' ' , , To get a .R,S. Bobbi want ge her mia X XVe're sure she won- if a helping hand. NICHOLAS SUDANO "Nicki" To be a mechanic As you sail over the waves of success, Don't forget A. H. S, IRENE SWANTESON Business Main Hall Receptionistg Program Com- initteeg Sec'y to Teachers Enter Convent A girl who hasn't much to say, just travels on her peaceful way. FLORENCE SYVEENEY K'Flo" Honor Rollg Sec'y to Mrs. Lerner Gel married For all she has a friendly smile. Knowing her is worth your while. GRACE TAIBE "Cooky" Secretarial Work Sec'y to Mr. Safran To live, love and be happy She'll "hle" her way to the top. -IUDITH TARMEY "Judy" Secre I ll ry Sec'y to Mrs. Alexanderg Library Ass'tg Senior Chorus To Und the best things to be found An all around gal, A real tI'llC pal. ROBERT TATUM College To be an Engineer He will find the key to success. kkklllilllik "Teena" 'y to lX . eg Glee lClubg Special leyball Club live nl , and be lzappy XN ars Teena's laughter XM never forget, even years after. DOLORES TAYLOR "Do Do" Secretary Bowling, Swimming, Tennis, Volley- ball, Glee Clubsg Library Staffg Swim- ming Ass't To find a guy as sweet as my father and to be as kind as my mother Happy and gay, She makes life that way. A 61 HELEX 'lHliOlJOR1i "Hel" S1'1 1'f'1UI'i' Seev to Miss Fnbelg Honor Roll T11 111111'1'v ll 1111111 115 g111111 115 111v 171111 .11111 111' 11.x s11'1'11 11.9 111v A111111 .X grzintl gal ,X swell pal l'.X IRICIIA THIMIZ "Put" I.l3.1lI. f,II67'll101' 15.0, Rep.g Seei lo Teaehersg Lll1l'2ll'k Rep.: .Xltendzinee Ofliee T11 11111111116 R1'111111'111111l's ,45s1.SI11111' .X quiet girl that everyone knows, She leaves 1111 impression vvlierevei' she goes. RICZHARD 'I'HOR'liON I'11il1'11 .S'!1111's N111f111 K111' lel'XI'17'l' 111 I"111v11 li1'11111'll I"11'111 'I'11 111' Il 111111111 U111'1'11I111' "Dick" .Xl play and in lllS-l0l1, lle'll zilwzivs he zlhoxe the niob. .K ' .V. A f-. ff H K H 2- ,1L11.'jj5"zl."'f? - l'l'2lll l V I u I M111-'r111gw f Speeiql flhoiusg ,'S,l'l'X Po 'lefltlltglwg Swirl-yliiiiig 61111113 Cilieifi. Pulp Squhflg Clee Kill lm 'ii V ' 1' 'l'11,b1' 11111 fini 111 1'1gl1il' 1111: ,If11111l11 IIi1111'11si1111.g X' ' lllailj, shc liflt the liiltliflill. , KV !. V. 'l'0Rll0RU l'ORNQX'lS'l "l11l1v" I"11J11i1111 lI1111.v11lI1111l Sldlllllllillg' .Xss'lg l'illll'l'gCllIy Room Ass'l: Se1'v to Mrs. Gootlinzin. Miss Newinzin. Mr. Clark T11 111111 1111pj11111'x.v 'lil' 111111111 g111111 f111 11ll11'1'.s .X heart so ll'llC N'e alll lox e voll. N it . 11 11. Q' ii S W N . . N if trol: Of books For here's all TIQRESA 'IBRIOLO HK1lllCIllZililIlg' Depl.: Lunch brzirv Rep.: Seev to Teaeliers T11 get C111 1lI.R.S. 111'g1'1'1' .X little joy, a little cheer, Were zilivuvs glad when Terrv's near. RUBICR1' 'l l'RCfO'l"l'l'i "Bob" .ll111'1111'x Y. .X. Stpizid tlllllfl' Il 1111111111 11111111115 Bob vvill he ll success in unvtliing he iimlertzikes. 62 ibn eo. X X Q s SX 'X X Q N ' et i11Xi BA BA OM "Bobbi" .' 'UN 'I ' on ll. .5 'ec'v 'l'ezieliers "1 " " 11" S ll stnili ' trough life's every l I .xlli achieve her gozil to hc one of the best. GEORGE UNDER!-IILL T1'1c'p1101lf' C11111j11111y T11 be j11'esi11e11l of t111' FOIIIIIIIIIB' He'll never be a loss If he is hired as Z1 boss. ROBERT VAN OSTEN .1141 Sr1111111 69.0. Rep. T11 lIIIl1'l"X' 1111' B11ss's 111111g111111' .X hne spirit of determination XVill carry von far in the vocation. lfI.0Rl'1NCIli VAN RIPICR "Flo" f3'lll'l'lI.Y fI11111'g1? .xl'lSl2lI l.e111lers Club: Major "ju: Minor Service Pin: H. lid. .Xss'tg Honor Kllzlssesg Se1"v lo 'llC2lfllCl'S 'I'l1 111'1'111111' Il S1'11111'11 xlfflf enle :ind very siveel. "Flo" Sllllllly Cilllll be heal. DOLORICS VAN YVICKICI. "Dee" Ii11.s'i111'.vs Secfy lo Mis. leillin: l,lllll2lIl Typing Clerliliezllesg Generztl St'lClll'L' Squzul T11 1111111' f1'i1'111l.x, fllll 111111 f111l11111' She's the grzmtlesl girl in every way. "Vet" GD111'g'1',', ' it 4 Jifrzuek ' '2llIlQlLllIN'll :ind jackson Pa- lro Se1"v to .Mrsf Boelnn: Honor C. assesg x'l'flJfgI'Zll:l1 Committee M11tt111'wf2sl:l4 l Get to'know him, take our advice, He's so much fun and verv nice. MARY VICHOT "Mare" Singer See'v to Mrs. Ringler Full of life, full of fun, .Xlwavs pun. Del' Basket- .az Wwe MARGARET VOLL J ' y" College Locker Guard: Minor Service Pin: Swimming Club: Bowling Club: Sec'y to Teachers To be as happy as my folks Happy and gay come what may. KATHERINE VON DOHLEN "Kay" Secretarial Position Arista: Major Service Pin: Basketball: Dancing Clubs: Program Committee: Sec'y to Mrs. Bernstein To visit Hawaii She's a true Jacksonite, sweet but shy. We all adore her, we all know why. ELEANOR ifrrnqeiii I' 'Nurse ij.: ,Lf ". iSec'y sto 'lNIn.5 Gfeenberg. ir. Bass Minot-, iyrajof seliwife ritnsgdgo. Rap. Receive my Rf N., see fthe world, and have a lzaplby' marriage Sil nc 's.s veeter than spee h. War, Wt I ANITA Voss djuyyfo College ' L Sec'y to Mrs. Brogan: Minor Service Pin: English Honor Class: Honor Roll: Bowling Club To marry Lucky are those who call her friend. THELMA IVACHSMAN College Sec'y to Mr. Toder: Lunch Guard: Glee Club About her we can truly say That she has always been o.k. ELEANOR IVALKER "Rusty" Marriage Science Lab Squad: Lunch Patrol Private Secretary It's a girl with a smile Who's always worthwhile. JOHN WALLACE "Johnny" Mechanic Locker Guard: Newman Club To be a mechanic is his aim, YVe're sure he will reach that fame. ll J, 1 grea uy and wrmAlly. . I 1 I J' ,J MARIE IVALSH College Honor Roll: Major Pin: Program Committee: Newman Club: History Forums: Sec'y to Teachers Vitality and personality are a fine com- bination. A fl MARY WALSH I Nursing - , Ja' . 'y t MILD' e , Mr. Haller: K?Ej Log' R,Prog' sive Party: PI-Rfnor ' ' I To 1 '1 4 bef 1 y God, and . 5- Ili we A A broad smile, sh 's 1 rriest the crew. -Q CYRIL YVARSHAYV Best of luck, always. PEGGY ANN YVASHINGTON "Bunny" College Library Rep.: Library Squad To teach commercial sulzjects Goodness me, did you ever see a girl so sweet and clever? Log' Mrs. Rep., 0 HHPPY Merrie brighten every 'Blondie' a r am house Shes a You niuxt she's a wonderful ga . JOSEPH IVEIGERT "Ace" College and job Art Club: Sec'y to Mrs. Boehm and Mr. Cashin Make a success of my life I-Ie's the "Ace" of the pack. DORIS WEINER "Dee" College Arista: Minor Service Pin: Lunch Pa- trol: School Play: Sec'y to Miss Rossi, Miss Morley, Miss Koehler To be a success in zuhateifer I do Always happy, never blue XVe know y0u're ambitions will come true. y y 6 3 Clubs . 1 i Ri1c11x,x XVEISENBLOONI A-Reggie" b V-1 Leaders Clluhg Major "Star" Staff: ' Lunch l'atrol1 Sec'y to Teachersg Honor K Q fff fl 1 -A "-V, C113 :incl bright. X is "': tt ..Qx . - 3' i If X I 'X 1' 1 s SsRY3'?sA .yous XYIZISS ' Collpge f 5 Pi ieerg Ho r-Rollg r " ssesg fb X till ,I Bas e lf ' .H Ed. Q" f ' KT f, it 1 trol V ' ' fT1 111' ll lung Si? 1 s Us A great s he's hound to he. . GICORGIC wi-11'1tz1Q1, . . College s M O frllllllll V. .X.Sq11z1cl X - 5 X A X i f I'jlf'1'I11111l 1':lIgllll'1'I' X if N FL 55 CQeo1'ge wzitits lo he Zlll eiigiiieer. ' Ilt-'ll he oiit-f--114-it-1' fezu. ,ii AX 11 A . A N 1 i ANIJRICIC Wli'l"TliR1Xll H!xl'lllt'H ffllflfllllll Stall' 'I'1'11rl11'1'.v College K - i Arising l,L'klflCl'Q1h1ill0f Pin: 2 Minot 'L K "j's"g Sefy to Miss lVo.ike :tml Mr. f sm NVziIcrsg'Uy111 Asst 'I'n l1r'A1u'1'f'.v.sful 111111 111111 l111j1j1i111's.s 111 !'1'I'7'VflIfllg I 11111v 110. ,WV if .'N1'11it"s smile wziriiis ewlw lieairl. v K levi-:INN 'll.l.l.XN 'O "iam-" ll'r11k 1111111 11' 11's 'Q ' lloiior 4 St llill"l Iluhg Sefi' to ' lliC2lilll'l'.. I ll vicsqiil Ss: I.il1t'i:Ux it R . NJ! 'lx ag' X P 11 wfi W1-1!1'11zfz'l I9 fol'1'i1f11 111 il l ' Q i 1 J . i ' I wpf' vs-A . She sure lrcoiilie hrough with flying colcrs in' xllX1:1iei'e she cl! es. 1 l VIEAQ 1111 mSON Co i1'e'.il1c'1'1 wa V1 ' ' Qjfmivs: 1-3 H ench- erst HVXC . S: e ers th T iakf 1 1 Gofll 1 fam! if 111 Iy- sflf 1711121259 1 1 Q dertakizgs ire l alwaj ' ugk ith 7 s Il teacl . s'1e'll he :it he h s. J DONALD XVILLS "Don" Make-11111 Artist or Designer Quiet. yet oh so nice! A Ryu J , mt: T N HR' L?"1x1,1f' -Ayxfoll 'ei' X Yarsit Su' ninx run: Sees to Nlr. Ons fin, B II Eu en. Miss Eckert ' szzrfess V 'll suim in the pool of sticccss. 64 X sx it Me ,- ......l.i..4- NLXRYIN XYOI,lfG,XXG Const Gllllffl Bzuul: Guzu'dg Science and Nlox ie Squad In the future l1e'll possess The rewards of sticrcss. PRISCILLA XVOOD "l'ris" P1Ij'Sil't11 Erlzlrrltimz 'Tt'I1l'lI!'l' Yztrsityg Lezitlers: Major :ind Minor Letters: Minor Service Pin To teach Pliysiful Ed. is her zunhition. XN'e're sure she'll excel in this position. i1B1si1 s S111 V ' Cl K. gvlf " Mc u' c' C. p.: F If fl 1 . it -' ' m lr A ' A' ' 1 ' J e has always he i . '. N l 1 , ,, AA 1- f ' ' 1 , ,, I 1 ,lee 1 lllltl , 1 'ec' Mr. ncke rl ll ' 11Q1 IIUY lot Ll ii . ll ulx' .ix sh . 0 lx Rfjlglhllvlv YVUZNI.-XK UXVOIZYH 'IY1 I11'1'r11111' Il 1'11il1'0111l f'11gi11r'r'1' Illlll see II11' If. S. 1111111 Ihr' N111 of my lorr1111r1ti11c llis rozul Iezitls to sure Slll'1'CSS. 1 - 'i lflnflh-IJ6'iKlm,l'lNa3' , "mite" YIQPII1' lluuds X ' Slot tt halts. I 1sc'i11,wSPlss llrziiiil- friu, CI' 3 llrlvlqkflfg, Cluhg ling- igb, IA 1111 l l" 5 t , , To mar 1 guuvgrifl liw' llllflflffj' r'm'r fler , l Hziir of hlo1il'l'e. eyes ol' blue, ,Ks 21 lNe11tl,'sl1e's fillllllvlll :intl true. '1 I1I,QQEZkNI1X1li AN ,RJ Hoi" 13 IMI ess 5' gel Nh? BCllCl1faX l'nglish and Stcn. Clertilifatesg Lihfary Squatlg Honor'-Cdrtilirzilcs I,7'f'1lIlfC .S'rfc1'elary ,Xn asset to any ofhce. PHYLLIS ZIMMERMAN "l'hyl" Iiusiness Seey to Mrs.'BenenfeldgLihrary Squad: Typing, Sterf. gerhhcatesg Honor Cer- umpes 1.1-I ie Pri 1 gexirrtag' I W ff . jqice-35,5 'lflHll, A frien to itll. ROSENIARIE ZOTTA "Bun" College Sec'y to Mr. Bass, Mr. Cohn, Mrs. Ifonerg Swimming Cluhg Minor Service Pin To fIi111I1 the Matterhorn May she never stop tmtil she reaches the top. IRXVIN LAZARUS "Duke" Shop Ass'tg Lighting and Amplification Squaclg Lunch Patrol Make lots of money and get married. Successful he'll always he. amera y KARL BEUSCHEL PAUL BRYANT JOHN CUSACK MARGARET DEAN ROBERT DEOAN ROBERT HANNWEBER RAYMOND HEINS ALAN MAROOLISH HOWARD MCDONALD ROBERT MILLER MARION MULLIGAN ROBERT O'TOOLE ALFRED SCHYVAID EDRIENNE SIEVERS YVALTER ISTENVART lf? RUTH WVALKER f fx' '1 X: I 45 W' ,ff 1 9fi?f1'l5 V", 'B' U 'F 1 ,," ., Hi fl?-2' f num- ,W 2 ,gg f, I Y IIY , M wvwwm Eggs j,U' ',-xfWff7f xW 1 WWW, K Q,:: W I 1 220 .WZ g'y Qd Xf A Q Liv' M ':2's. 44 ,,.. 111. x1illl11C1lll 1'CL1111llg COlll1l' books 1:l'21ll1i 13611111 11111111111 go111l looks 1111111 1-'11111gi111u1e 11111 Nllllllllliilllg l'111g1essi1e Dust1 N1Ol'lll2lIlC10 not really aggressixe 1,111-111 1'i1i1lC1l1Cll1C'1ll sent to the dean x1111kso11 Seniors n11t wezlring green Doug NICCQZIITCII 1vit111111t free 11111'i1'e X111111 1.Zll'1s1Il not being nice .june 1'iIC1Cl'lllll11l fZiLlS11lg 21 1iot N1e11l 1112115011 being quiet l'1is 11111111 11111 passing gym XY2ll'lL'l1 R4lNC12ll111 11111 in t11e 8111111 lllllxilbll 11111111111 ll 11'1llll11lg 1021111 611111111 N11e1s 11111 1111 111011611111 11111111 14111-111111 11111 11111111 s111'11 f.1ll'lll 1'XllC'll1ll1'1llS 11111111111 Ll Nllll'11 lll11x5lJll 11111111111 il l1l1'L'11llg s11u1111 ,111 1111' Sllll1C1l1h 1v11111i11g 1111111 X'i1i1111 11'i11i1uns1111 ll11l 111 1111' 11111011 s11111v 1Q1'111g1' Slllg1lC1 leeling 11111' I.11uis1' llllll 11111112 sil11 '11'1'n11 '11111111' 11111 21 1111111 linrolling l'00lll 11111111111 ll song I111111' 1l111'11s 1111ing wrong l.11111e1 1o11111s 1vitl1 su11i1i1-111 light .Xl111l'C11' jzickson witliout Green 111111 XVl1ite Seniors ull1111'e11 to stand 111 the aisle A1 Alrnasy not running the mile Lois Moore 1vi1h11ut ber gum I-llaine Interrante being dumb 11-116 Yearlmok staff not writing I'1lyIllCS Ginny Herb behind the times Al F1110 being 51111111 Iris 50111111011 being tall Bob Connor not right on the job fl, OU A 11111151111 hall witl11111t ll 1111111 C1110l Russell not Zl 11111 Gym floors not 1'o1'e1e1l 111111 1lirt C111111l Hunter acting 1101111111 ,X J11C'1iSOIl 11111111 11111 really forrnal Nliss 1121121111 1iCZ1L11l1gu11i1lC News" .Xrlie Fil-121118 missing his Cues -111113e l.1r11111111l 1Cll1'll1Ilg 111 knit 111111111112 suits lllzll 1'1:111ly 111 512111111 1'1Cl4llCll110I'1i 11111 ll Sfllflllll' .1:11'ks1111 Seniors willi 21 111l112ll' 11l11'1'Ly f1IllIllJ1JC11 11111 11l11wing bis 1lOl'l1 .I2lC'1iS01l'S 11111111 111111111111 some corn liiglith 1Cl'1Il 11111 11111: big whirl 1111113 fellows 111 e111t11 A1111'11s1111 girl Bunny Zottu n111 lust 1111 1111: list All of us not being 1nisse11 Dottie KI'lll'l1C1l being 111n1ei1e11 A j111'11s11n lC21IYl being 11efe11te1l Carol Hecht without 1111 answer Ann Marsh not a good dzincer l'11t Guido without red 111111 NI111ks11nites going 11111111 a 11111111 stair Norma Rodocker not getting into trouble Running 111 classes on the rlouble 4'lfLClgl.4'lQ . Slim Chlud thin as a rail Stan Silverman not telling a tale Mary XValsh not kidding around Finding your pen in the Lost and Found jim Spearman missing a goal Mrs. Joseelyne not calling the roll Bobbi Stucker not being frank Babette Cummings playing a prank .loanne Field being rude Barbara Koeppicus not thinking of food Bette Dawson not leading a cheer Jacksons rooms without us here Ginny and Carol not looking like twins Teachers without those suspecting grins Miss Koehler not being sweet Phil Shumway being petite joel Markowitz running slow Jimmy Morris not a good Joe XVally Otfermann not a good sport Pat Powell being short Mr. Cohn not loads of lun Staying awake during period otie Mr. Schiflman without a few jokes jackson kids not drinking cokes Pat Schilling not able to bowl The Hickory Log without a Senior Pole Mr. Hartnng wihout Joe Glutz Senior day anything but nuts Janet BlCll7lC not editor of Pioneer Mrs. Gray not calling you dear Bruce Boklan without ninety at least The lunehroom serying a feast Carol Landsberg not looking slick Carol Baier with a kick Mrs. Reeye without three rules to be specihc Mrs. Goodman not really terrihe Bob Emery not wanting to be a mortician Debbie Kelton not a born politician C.O. elections without paper plates Ethel Campbell without plenty of dates Andrew jackson with a third party Mr. Singer coming tardy Jacksons pool IlOt being cold Patti Steekman without hair of gold A class without a test john XVeiss not doing his best Kathy Eisenhauer not able to draw Don Laux not raising the score johnny Colombo minus his dancing feet , Chris Sadler not looking neat Mrs. Charlton not giving notes jackson students not carrying their coats Sue Lety thinking History Class marks not one big mystery Dot Raclin liking French A lunchroom table with a bench Rochelle Kirch without the Star Tony DH-Xmato not going far Andrew jackson not the best in the city And here ends our little ditty sw 1 X it , t Y Mfw, J . V ge., M,: ,,l is lt 4, n, , gg ' ff' . , X Lt X I t t C.0. COUNCIL Spo11.wn': D11 NILISOII 1Jl'f'XI'fff'II1I l'i1'2lIlk Ucvliu IvfI'l'-1,Vl'SfdK'IIf.' Clllurlcs Dzmicls Sr'r'2'z'fz11'y: Joann Colzlprctc Hi.sfm'fa11: Slllldfll Crciglllon off ilu' ruf1c'f'I.s' of 51111 1 g'UT'l'VII11II'lIf. GREEN AND WHITE PARTY S mzsrn M11 Sc'l1wz11'fc11bz1c'h Innnffcwsz Pz1t1'iciz1 CQCYZIQIIU DLbo1'z1l1 Kclton lllflrflrffll PIITID' Y . Q, -r SENIOR ARISTA Sponsor: Mrs. Johnson Boy L.C?IId6J'.SI Bruce Boklzin, Stanley Silvcrzwcig Girl l,z211a'ers: Rochelle Kirch, Linily Messing 'l'i'ffr1.sz11'm's: Anthony TD'.XlH2lKO, joel Markowitz Sf'm'fftf11'fe.9: Lucia Fruchtcnicht, Iszihcl tloscphcr, -Ioan Frzingipzinc Sl?l'T'1'C'6', SCIIOIIIVSIIIAP, and rlzfzrrwleii STUDENT COURT Sponsor: Miss MciKiernan Chief ulzzstzrez Hurry Fertik To see that juslire is done. JUNIOR ARISTA .S'l19m1.s-or: Mrs. Johnson Hoy l,ff1Id1frs: Gus Davis, Chzirlcs Lcvcnstcin Girl 1,em1ffr.s: Bzirlmziru London, Eleanor Cohen 'l'1'rff1.s111'ei's: Chzirlcs Greenhouse, Louisc Szivzird S6CT6fII'J'ff3S.' Dorothy Ruhino Elizabeth Lzickitt, Norma Bczrod A stffjvpiizg 510116 to SUHIIUT Arista Y 4 I I ju.. aovs SP8RE2l'S ENQEN 'W' 111111 811111 st 115 '15 Dustx 11111111 1111111 P1111 S11Lll1l 1 1,011 L111x 1111 Hitting .11111 H11b11 11155 11111 1 . 5 IJ 1 111101 1. 1 C11 11111111111111 111151111 s 11.1s111111111 M1111 has 111111 S111 11ss 111 111 1111 111s1 11111 s1.1s1111s 111111111011 XXL 11111 5 ss111 1 s IIIK1 C111 C11.11111111111s1111 11111 . Ill U 111 s 1 1 11 IL 11 11111111s1.1s111 1 111111 111 SL 1s1 1111 5111111 111s1 111 1 1 11111 "SS4"' '..'.S111' ' ' f V " '111-" ' "s1f:1s 'x I " ' .... 'l 511111 11111 ' '1- ' .' "1"' ' LW' K . ,NONE .X , , ,, , , , ' , . ,. . I I I, 1 'I K 1' U V i gr r 1 K' I A. ' 1 xx' fl 111111 ' " ' ' 5 - " , A-' ' - 111111 ."I51, .... ' "'S1ll,'vi1"' ' 1" '. ' I I Q' H5011 1' " 111 ' l1'l'Il5 ' ' ' . ' ' IJ '1' ' A - '111111 ' - I' 1: ."1i111' , 1 1 '-'- . , 11: sf 111- N1'11'1111wi 1 ' 1 ll 11N1'11, ' ' 1-1, 1 2ll,1 1 H1 1 1' '1 5: 1' 111 ' . i 'W ' " W111 i1111ivi1 li s1'11" 51 111-1111 5 1111' 1111-11151-lvcs 111111 1101130 11 win ' 1 1-11 ' vz ' . wi 1 g1'1-'11 111-1'1'111'111'111'x' .... I,z1s1 1 cus '1111 's ' 1' 1 iy r11C'll1 with 11 s ' ' 111111111 Pis1'i1111z1, has gz1i11c11 1z1111c 211111 11c1111w11 1111' ,X11C11'CXX' kIz11'11s1111. F1'1111k was 1121111611 the best boy tc11- 1115 l11z1y111' 1111 111C c111i1'c 131215101111 SC2i1JOZ11'd. Hy 11z11'1i11i11z11i11g i11 1'1111111c1i1ivC 511111115 thc 1110111- hcrs 111 11111' 11-211115 11111 11111y showecl their 2111110115 211111- i11, 15111 111511 110111611 111 1'z1isc s1i11 higher thc t1'z111iti1111z11 "QIz11-1151111 Spirit." ' f fri 1-ff f-if BASKETBALL TEAM Coach: Mr. L. Grummond C0-LYllbfIlI.7'1.S'Z Frank Mormaudo, Robcrt Popko C Cf, ,gg .s CHEERINC SQUAD Sjyorzwrz Mrs. Brogzm Cfzplfzinr Bette Dawson J-A-C-K-S-O-N I I I 73 LVM W SWVIMMING TEAM flrmrlz: A111 Smith 2-1YlfIfllfI1.SZ Cla-orgm' RlllJilli'll, liclwzlrcl Kimlnc y XVz1l'1'c-11 Rosrlzlllcl, Paul Monlc TENNIS TEAM CUKIIJII NI11 Gottmzum Czzpfnfzzz Frzmk Pisciotta TRACK TEAM Conrlzz Mr. Blatt Co-mpfains: Iocl Markowitz, Nfkllillid Hoffman, Thomas McNeil, Jack Lucey Captain-Cmss Courztry Team: Alex Almasy BASEBALL TEAM Coach: Mr. X'V1'CI1Il Capiain: Al GL1tSl1!l1ZiI1I1 , . 1 5 V - wk f 1 A . A ' A g ' 5' ig BVSKSUJE 2 "" A i QT W ,"', 11 ummm GIRLS SPORTS 1311010111 1111 1 11 11 x 1111s LVL' ' ' y1'11 1 V011 -1 xx "-11 ' ' 11111511111 111'11x'1111'11 101' 11s 115' 1110 HCll1t11 1i11llC'l11011 D1111'11'1111c111. E111-11 L'1'1l 1111'111'11s '11'c 111'csc11tc11 10 girls 0111s1111111'11 1 A Q ' 115 11 111111-11 they 11111'1i11i11111c1. P.S.A.L. 1' s, 1111-1110111111-1111111f1ic 111c11111s, 1'11cx'1'011s, 110x'11'cs, 111111 311111111 1110 ll 11-11' 01' 11111 1111'111'11s given 0111. X'111'si11 is 1111- 1JClJlI1'1lllL'll1,S 111111111' s01'i1'1y, 111111 L1 girl 11111s1 111111- 11111'111'11 11111' A12lj01' L1111111' 111 11112111111 101 1111-11111111's11i11. .X1111011g11 1111s 011g1111if111i1111 is s1111 y111111g, 1111 1101111 111 1111- 11111111' i1 11111 g1'1111' 111 1211402111 111'11x'1- 112111 111 s1'110111 2l112l11'S, , , . . 1,1111111'1's f11ll1J 11218 111'1'1'111111'11 111111 il 11'111'111w11111' 111111 11'i111'1y 1411111111 1111ix'i1y. 111111111 111'1l1i11g 111 11111111 . . , 11I1l112l11C'1' 111111 1L'1l111'l'51lllJ, Mrs. 1'1l1111'l'1, 1111' 1111113 s sl11111s111', 1111s 11111'11ys 111111 l'1'2ll1y 111g1X'1' 1'1'i1'11111y 1111vi1'1' 111111 1'll11JlIl'2l11'1'llI1'll1 11'1l1'll1'Y1'l' il 11'11s 111'1'111'11. 1'1ll1lll'L' llI1'lIl111'1'S.' l11'1'101'11111111'1- 211111 111'1's011111i1y 2l1'1'1'1l1'1'141'11 by . . , . . 110111 11'sls 211111 l1'1l1'1l1'l'5 1'1'1'111111111'111l11111111s l11'1111'1' .. ' ' 11 11'11111'-s1111s 1111- 11w111'111'11. 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'1'111's1' 211111 1111111y 011101 girls 1111v1: giv1-11 111111? 111111 C111111 10 11ssis1 1111- 1111-11111y gym 11'111'11c1's. , , ' ' 1 , 1 'TWX 15' 1 6 I 1 :ff -.xm..nn.1-1,..,,, Y 1 ,W V f 1' uf' V f wf 711 W , I I M 31 ,. , A 01,5 , , -11 1 vm Fixx - .4 K -1 S , SWIMMING CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Vogel Splash! ! ! I I .' LEADERS CLUB .spfmsm-1 Mrs. Hilbcrt President: Dorothy Kranich Vz'r'e-Presirlenls: Nancy Larkin, Ann Rodogna Secretary: Patricia Powell To develop leaderslzfp and clzzzrafler GIRLS VARSITY Sponsor: Miss XfVetterau President: Priscilla Wood Vice-President: Dorothy Kranich Secretary: Nancy Larkin Athletic Honor Society, R K HEALTH ED. ASSISTANTS Sponsor: Miss Mletterau BOWLING CLUB Sjmzzwrz Mrs. Cmuclmzul 'Iwo f1rm'f'll1 m"1'2'. SWIMMING ASSISTANTS .S'po11sm': Mrs. Vogcl SCRAMBLED EGGS .S'po11.s-or: Mrs. Gray A lloflge-poflgc of IlflllI?lI'f'S. HICKORY LOG Spmzsor: Miss Varady Edliflll'-ill-ClIff?f,SI Harry Fertik, Alexander Alnizisy T0 'report 5611001 news. STAR ART STAFF Sponsor: Miss Eckert 1fdIAfO7'S-l-ll-C111-Efl Irving Finkelstein, Roberta Green To ZIHZISITIIZG Ilze 'fStf1r." STAR LITERARY STAFF Spmzsorz Mrs. Reeve l'idI'f0l'.S-il'I-Cf!fCfI Rochelle Kireh, Ira Friedmzin To PTUYIIACIC an outlet for rrefztiwe nlzflziiy. I 1 'ff' 'Q-rf' 1'-Y' X, 'x Top JANUARY THAYV 1JIilY'I'fOl'I M iss Koehler C6311 lei' YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU Dfreciorz Dr. Manheim Boilom VARIETY SHOW Sponsor: Dr. Mason Directors: John Columbo, Al Thompson p A A Show 1 . A flylie S'll0Il1SiMii1'C 21 f . 5,--,VJ f,. Y,-V' , l cllsptlanyf, lol' xl'21ClQSOl1 s singing, dancing, instruimental and comic talent. 'l'he method for selecting the acts in the show is by audi- tion. Rehearsals are necessary if successful and enjoyable shows are to be produced. Johnny Colombo deserves much credit for his managerial work. Last year's Variety Show was highlighteffby music ol' a band' composed of Jackson stu- dents. gfraduatfzs fhxthe band arezl Phil Shumway, Bill Pisciotta, Danny hlasseiandujoeeliarboera. . , - . ' ' . , '5"Viviain Williaiiisonfslsiiiging ability, Ethel Canfipbelfs and JohnnyfCiolo1nb.o's dancing feet plus AFranlg,Devl1n's comedy were ot F' senior contributions to the show's success. K! f The Varsity and Variety shows are only two examples of the opportunities offered by Jackson to its talented and en- thusiastic students. Top LIGHTING AND AMPLIFICATION S UAD Q Sponsor: Mr. Ross Captains: Robert Emery, Donald Lundy To throw I1 little Iigllt on things Middle USHERETTES Sponsor: Mrs. Brogan Captain: Patricia Powell We guide the way. Bottom STAGE CREW Sponsor: Mr. Crisafulli Captains: Leonard Chambers Pete Myers To set the stage. iz The Variety and Varsity Shows play an important part in the extracurricular activities of Andrew Jackson. Last term's Varsity Show, "January Thawf' was a delightful comedy, directed by Miss Koeh- ler and starring some of Jackson's senior talent. The leads were taken by Arthur Fajans, Andree Mfetterau, Frank Devlin, and Rhoda Levy. Some of the sup- porting roles were held by Iris Solomon, Patti Steckman, Joyce Pipp, George Singhel, Johnny Colombo, and Robert Gordon. The importance of the people- behind-the-scenes in a production should not be overlooked. Prompters, costume, prop, and publicity managers along with ligthting and stage crews con- tributed to the success of the play. These jobs were taken by Elaine Interrante, Olympia Par- asco, Ruth Rommel, Joyce Leon- ard, Ann Marsh, Bob Emery, Peter Myers, and Don Lundy. ' IUNIOR CHORUS .S'jm1l.s'm': Mrs. P0111 aff SENIOR ORCHESTRA .S'jmnsrn': Mrs. Gluck f1EN10R CHORUS - x n 'vu in 1 - , ' R . Y? XV?-dx-it kk KRS-.lLxQ Q3-v i qfk. v Q!-LQM 1 , J ' x cirfgg wif K ,fi A' -- R - X V, -A I ! l,mj4i,f M Eponsm. M1s. Poetz PCM 5 1 lx Q .xii ..,,m ,wMbA wf'gf2 4 L G K Y ' ' L 'A 541, ' yr , , 5 ,H V fn "' -fff-M 4667 'Zig , , "N -fipfy , ,,L' QLQJIJ X' vffgw, ,LD x L'-f-xi-1' f f7 E' Of' ff nf F "'4iffZf',Q " 42? 1' f n 1, '- f -f f 1 f' AA J L7 ,f f ,JVM X AA, ,ffff if BAND Sponsor: Mrs. Gluck 1 51 M f,,0 www? HEBREW CULTURE CLUB .S'fJUII.SUl'I Mrs. Rosa' l'rr's1'r!f'1ll: Slzmlc-y SilYi'l'lXK'l'ig TRINITY CLUB Sponsor: Miss Vurudy Prcmdevztz George Schwcitzcr NEWMAN CLUB Sponsor: Miss Cosgrove President: oan Colaprctc J l HOMEMAKING LABORATORY SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Reit Ufe build better homes CHEMISTRY PREPARATION SQUAD Sponsor: Miss Reagan To prepare the set-ups for experiments. BIOLOGY LABORATORY SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Gartner To Care for the animals and "Osmr. GENERAL SCIENCE SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Hoefner To rnflintain the fzpparfmzs. ENGLISH OFFICE .S' M13 Clhrisl FRENCH CLUB .S'fNHI.S'O?'I Mm. Kzlsius C'r'x! IllIlgIl1Afl!1Il6'., SOCIAL STUDIES SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. BTCIIIIZIII 'HX ACCOUNTING AND MERCHANDISING OFFICE SfJU7l.S07'I Mr. Siegel LIBRARY STAFF Sponsor: Miss Sheridzm V 1 ATTENDANCE OFFICE Sponsor: Miss Raynor ' LATE OFFICE Sponsor: Mr. Singer C-.O. OFFICE SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Smith rf. vK'.1E'S" P" EMERGENCY ROOM ASSISTANT Spmzsn r: Miss Frcn ch PRINCIPAL'S SECRETARIES': Mrs. McClintock MRS. BROGAN'S SECRETARIES Sponsor: Mrs. Brogzm Captain: Nancy Evcuscu To aid in sflmol 11611111-III-Sfl'Ilff0II. RECEPTIONISTS .S'fNHl.S'IH'.SZ Mr. Ornstein, Miss Wfoykc To flssfszf Yfisflms. PROGRAM COMMITTEE Chairman: Miss Styles SERVICE OFFICE Sponsor: Miss McKiernan JACKSON PATROL Sj90r1sm': Mr. Fitxlazitrick To enforre ,SLf'fl0Ol regzzlzzlions LUNCH PATROL': Mr. HRITIIIIQIA Chief: John Columbo To 1.Il.SllT6 II well-rzzzz mfeterirz Q NIINIIQUCRAPH SQUAD xgsc 1555 Mm :mir EUIVILITY 1fm,si1 EEQIIQGIIZZQL QE MW .iz 6i'1Z'.aQu' HIQH SOBQOQL NIRS. BOEHM,S SQUAD S!JUIlA'UJ'I Mrs. Bocllnl r.mffcfa rum 1 Jun zum: cn: mizzrnzxaziaz zxsrnemff, us wniom Simi Dnimocnzsfw QF Emir: Emi xisszov Llffil zur, ILLY EUNIS TIIEII LEVIXEG' rzfncfnzzuzsi LCFQUKAQBQQE lam A Qmfcwrzn znvczior , Hr. 53:45 XIII-S, cvs 1 LL, A or nz 'f 1 ND Q-oon LQIJQ' or Lsoizgf ARTHUR STUDIOS INCORPORATED Official Photographer +o 'rhe Class of June I954 EXCLUSIVELY EOUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY 49 WEST 46+h STREET Belrween 5141 and 6+h Avenues New York I9, N. Y CI 7-4l 25 DISTINCTION VALUE L. G. BALFUUR UUMPAN Commencemenf lnvifafions - Diplomas Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals 8: Trophies 52I ElETl-l AVENUE New Yorlc I7, NY. QUALITY SERVICE CQMPLIMENTS OP 'T Xi ma X ESTABLISHED 'S I859 I il 'E I roon sr nsi THE GREAT ATLANTIC 8. PACIFIC TEA CO. COLLEGIATE CAP and GOWN CO. 366 EIFTI-I AVENUE New York I, New York Manufacfurers of CHOIR ROBES - BAND OUTFITS - ACADEMIC CAPS GOWNS and HOODS - SPECIALTIES K L A H R AUTOMATIC HEATING CORP. SALES OIL BURNERS SERVICE AUTHORIZED DEALER PETRO SUN-RAY ...FUELOIL... I93-I9 LINDEN BLVD. LAL1reIIon 8-I635 Riipubljg 9-8369 Res.: LAL1reIIon 8-5248 MURIEL E. SPENCER LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER Lisf wi+Iw Us for ImmedIaIe Sale IIO-34 MERRICK BOULEVARD Jamaica 33, N. Y. AFTER GRADUATION . . . DAY and EVENING CLASSES IT PAYS TO STUDY AT A GOOD SCHOOL Q SECRETARIAL o SHORTHAND o TYPEWRITING DRAKE SCHOOLS 93-53 SUTPHIN BLVD. JAMAICA-JA E-3835 ' 0 Sound Iraining for Jrlie superior secrelarial and junior execu+ive posirion Also courses in all Iypes ol modern business rnacliines-Individual prornolional plan Supervised office experience-Successful placernenl bureau. Over a ball cenlury of successful experience is our guaranlee of pre-eminence. DAY 81 EVENING SESSIONS - CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST BEGIN ANY TIME Cypress and Myrlle Avenue, Broolclyn, N. Y. I-lEgeman 3-2926-2927 I6O-I6 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, L. I. JAmaica 9-I98I-I982 I-IOllis 5-9836 CHAS. W. FRITZ'S BOWLING ACADEMY II3-I5 SPRINGFIELD BOULEVARD Queens Village, L. I., N. Y. Cornplimenls of YOUR LOCAL SUPER MARKET B O I"I A C K 224-I3 LINDEN BOULEVARD SI. Albans I I, N. Y. CHARLES JACQUES, Groc. Mgr. ANTI-IONY PALMIGIANO, Meal Mgr. Millions say: Nobody can rnalce ice cream like Breyers ICE EAM Long Island CiI'y, New Yorlc l Complimenls cl . . . I NATIONAL SCHOQLCRAFTERS, inc. 6 MURRAY STREET New Yorlc 7, N. Y. Maliers of ANDREW JACKSON SENIOR HATS I HOl'is 8-5965 CARL'S BAKE SHOP CAKES MADE FOR ALL OCCASIONS II4 69 FARMERS BLVD, SI. Albans. L. l. N. Y. OLympia 89625 Mohilqas 8: Mobiloil B. 81 B. SERVICE STATION LUBRICATION - TIRES Accessories - Ballery Service Cars Called For and Delivered I I3-26 FARMERS BLVD. BOB FRASER, Prop. SI. Albans, N. Y. I ROSE DEPARTMENT STORE l l :saw LINDEN BLVD. I lNear Farmers Blvd.l N I SI. Albans JAmaica 6-l397 We Deliver Everywhere Members F.T.D. TERMINAL FLOWER MARKET SAY IT WITH FLOWERS 92-33 NEW YORK BLVD. Bus Terminal Bldq. Jamaica, N. Y. SAM'S CYCLE SHOP Your Neiqhborhood Eranchised Schwinn Dealer We Sell The Besl and Repair The Resl BICYCLES - Boughl - Sold - Exchanged Repairs Done on Premises We Pick Up ancl Deliver Promplly 229-I4 LINDEN BLVD. LAurellon 7-4043 "lf Vou're in The habil ol ealinq Eaf al MILANO'5" MILANO'S CUISINE 233-I6 LINDEN BLVD. LA 5-9676 Cambria I-lelqhls ll, N. Y. Complimenls of . LINDEN TAVERN JOI-IN J. WI-IALEN I JDO, TRY OUR OWN HOME-MADE ICE CREAM and ICE CREAM CAKES LINDEN SWEET SHOP 223-I8 LINDEN BLVD. LAUreIIon 5-9643 Cambria Helqhrs, N. Y. J. and L. HARDWARE LARS JoHAIsISEN HOUSEWARES - DEVOE PAINTS BUILDERS SUPPLIES - GARDEN SUPPLIES 205-OI LINDEN BLVD. S+. Albans, L. I. Opposite SprinqIIeId Gardens NaIIonaI Bank LAUreIIorI 5-9260 LAureIIon 5-bI48 HUNTER'S DEPT. STORE 233 IO-I2 LINDEN BOULEVARD Cambria I-IeIgI'1Is, N. Y. EVERY DAY A SALE DAY VISIT Our Dress and Sporfswear Depf. For Your Lee RIcIer'S - LevIS and Wranqlers for Less LAureI+on 5-946 I HERMEN'S CONFECTIONERY I88-Il LINDEN BLVD. SI. AIbans I2, N. Y. Ice Cream Cakes Home-made Candy F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. IBB-33 LINDEN BLVD. S+. AIbanS, New York JOHN CORDES DELICATESSEN SaIads - TabIe Luxuries - Home Cookinq Beer and Soda on Ice 22I-O7 LINDEN BLVD. LAUreI+on 8-ZI39 Cambria I-IeiqI1'rS, L. I. CAMBRIA Sc and I0c STORE SIMPLICITY PATTERNS - YARD GOODS AII School 5UppIieS and Everyday Needs 2I9-I5 LINDEN BLVD. Cambria Heiqhfs ELIZABETH YARN SHOP YARNS - TRIMMINGS - ART NEEDLEWORK 200-33 LINDEN BLVD. LA 5-OIOI S+. Albans E. BOI-ILMANN LOADS OF LUCK 6 R A D S CAMBRIA RADIO 81 TELEVISION 224-I2 LINDEN BLVD. CambrIa I-IeIqIIIs, N. Y. CORNELL CHEMISTS ALEXANDER SIFF, PHO. 205-QI LINDEN BLVD. LA 7-3435 Sr. AIbans, N. Y. CHRIS DELICATESSEN HOME COOKING - FROZEN FOODS ZOI-O3 II4-III AVENUE HO 4-2I87 SI. AIbans TEDDY'S SWEET SHOP HOME MADE ICE CREAM and CANDIES I87-23 LINDEN BLVD. LAUreI+on 5-9817 S+. AIbans I2, N. Y. JOAN'S "Hue sfore of +omorrow" IBB-I3-I7 LINDEN BLVD. LAUreI+on 5-0346 SI. AIbans, L. I., N. Y. A. TOMINOVICH EXPERT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING Newesf Creaiions in JeweIry and Diamonds Weddinq and GracIUaIion Giiis I9O-O9 LINDEN BLVD, LA S-5344 Si, AIbans, L. I., N. Y, LAUreI'ron 8-7374 M. A. FORD ST. ALBANS FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I87-O2 LINDEN BLVD. SI. AIbans, L. I., N. Y. LA 5-6IO2 Across from Posi OFIice BEAUTY MART CARLO HAIR STYLES and PERMANENTS "Desiqned For You" 222-O3 LINDEN BLVD, Cambria Hqis., N. Y. LA 8-27I5 RUDOLF FALK, Prop. CAMBRIA BAKE SHOP QUALITY BAKED PRODUCTS Cakes For AII Occasions 223-O3 LINDEN BLVD. Cambria Heiqiwfs II, N. Y. CAMBRIA DRUGS, Inc. LOUIS CURE, Phe. 221.01 LINDEN BLVD. LA 8-BIOI-I I44 s+. AIbans, L. L LA 8-5928 GUSTAVE 81 ROSE EDEN ELVY INTERIOR DECORATORS DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE 2I9-O7 LINDEN BLVD. Cambria Heiqbfs, N, Y. ST. ALBANS MEAT CENTER Choice Grade Mea+s, PouI+ry and Provisions Fresin Frozen Foods Free DeIivery Prompi Freezers FiIIed ai VVIwoIesaIe Prices I87-2I LINDEN BLVD. LAUreIIon 8-7709 SI, Albans I2, L. I. LAUreITon 5-0466 Guns and Arnmuniiion ST. ALBANS HOBBY CENTER MODEL SUPPLIES - SPORTING GOODS Ari Xi Phofo SUppIies Fislwinq 81 Archery TacImIe American EIyer, LioneI and H. O. TFainS I87-29 LINDEN BLVD. S+. Albans I2, N. Y. LAUreIfon 8-5488 WM. OUIREIN ST. ALBANS FABRIC SHOP "QUALITY FABRICS AT LOW PRICES" ZOI-O6 LINDEN BLVD. SI. AIbans I2, N. Y. I-IOIIis 4-9542 Cusiom Made UDIWOISIGFV ST. ALBANS DECORATORS UPHOLSTERERS Drapes - Cornices - Slipcovers II3-3I FARMERS BLVD. SI. Albans I2, N. Y. ARTHUR POSTEL'S MEAT x. GROCERY MARKET LINDEN BLVD. LAUreI+on asses s+. Albans, N. Y. EICKEN DELICATESSEN 23I-I4 MERRICK ROAD LaUreI+on, L. I. LA 8-4965 GEORGE GERBER, Prop. I eERBER's BAKE-SHOP ORDERS TAKEN FOR ALL OCCASIONS 228-O8 LINDEN BLVD. Cambria I-IeiqI1+s Complimenis of . . . NAPPlE'S MARKET Compiimenfs of . . . MOTHERS' CLUB P. s. I47, QUEENS LAurelIon 849302 HENRY O. LOEB LOEB'S TYPING SERVICE DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING 22346 SO. CONDUIT AVENUE Springfield Gardens, L. I. LAurelIon 8-42I I GANSCAP CORPORATION FINE FOOTWEAR IBB-42 LINDEN BLVD, SI. Albans I2, L. I.. N. Y. LA 5-II33 MAX ZITOMERSKY LINDEN TEXTILES, Inc. "SEW and SAVE" Collons, Silks, Woolens, Curlains, Draperies, While Goods, Trimrninqs, Parlerns I88-22 LINDEN BLVD. S+. Albans, L. I., N. Y. LINDEN HOME APPLIANCES AII Sranclard Brands a+ Lowesr Prices GIFTS - CAMERAS and SUPPLIES 230-IIA LINDEN BLVD. G 81 S DRUG CENTER ETHICAL PHARMACISTS L. GOLDMAN, Plw.6. - N. SHERMAN, PRO. 223-2l LINDEN BOULEVARD LA 8-2242 Cor, 224+l1 S+. Cambria I-Ieiqlwls II, L. I., N. Y. LAurel+on 8-9I05 Orders Delivered FRED'S OUALITY MARKET PRIME MEATS ancl POULTRY Jersey Porlc and Boloqna 200-OI LINDEN BLVD. Come in, Call LA 7-4200 Cambria Hqrs., L. I. i:RED RAppI prop, gi, Albans III N, Y, KENNY'S DEPT. STORE ZIB-I7 LINDEN BLVD. Cambria Heiqlrls, L. I. LAurelIon 7-0330 Homesfead Floor Covering Corp. PLEASE Linoleum, Broadlooms, Carpefs, Ruqs, Tile 8: AII Forms of Floor Coverings 22i.o2 LINDEN BLVD. PATRONIZE Cambria Heiqlrls, S+. Albans II, N. Y. , OUR I"IINSCI"I S DELICATESSEN "WHEN HUNGRY EAT AT HINSCH'S" II5-70 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. Sf, Albans AND SAY HELLERMAN'S FOOD CENTER I25-21 MERRICK ROAD Conqrafulalions from . . . GENES Camera 81 Card Shop 228-I3 LINDEN BLVD. LA 5-6308 Cambria Heiqlrls, N. Y. YOU SAW IT IN THE PIONEER K , f. i V 1 l 4, I ""- ' Q -, ' fb ". "fy V' 441' w7 ff "' ' S .A T ' ' lm: 'H -: 5 'ID we: P Pk M44 P ff D-iw ' f Lu 5.5-F' if Sf S ' , XMLU' ggxpvyxy D I L x ax' ' N 1? Q, : iw I V A P T COMET Psfsswgioo vmcx sr. N Yo S65 - -- - f it , g ,A 6 ffiifw iv . . h I A 1 w , , QQIW4 7 , J . I, 0 ar A 1 ' V 44, mfr - 1' 1.3.17 " ' ' . 5 hw 3 - ' V F V K 'ar Ki -, f- . -- V V1 W f v ff ' bf gg ' ' ,+- ir-1! . 3' 'V '- L' ' ,Z , ev X A fr 1 'f15,'U' Ei 71 VV 'T 'QVJH1 ,.- 'r , ' k ' :ff fi lw. r 'N M f 1 in Q, ,- v -4 , , 4" A ' if , ,M ' .lv 1, V ' . ,k Q ., :H L '?fi71W2i'4lY1- ' 'N ,eafy fb 7 L , 41 , . 5 , r.. ' Y 1 f ' 8 ,25 f 5 1 ' ' , , yi! .Q I Y,,.. ,F 4 V z 3 "Z N . - ,, r j Q W I , Q JM 1 ' ' --W . ' , iff? T Ei ! N , ,, LU P . , N F H . -i I ,A , JF. N ev 1 -f L52 ' ' f W rf A i1 1 ,-4 m sf V A A " .Wi I '. , ,-L ' ' ' lfi L I 4 E Q r ,Q ,s w x . W x : 2 A' 511' V' -, ' F Q L 1 .1 N XJ I' v 'J ' ..INk! C, JL .V , , bi ffl' . f.. f W LM MM 79656 ,ML ff? af' ' wp? f Q W 17 ,W V" an-W Yvwf job wwf MMM mmm M ffl,

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