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mfmfmn-mmwnm fm 1.1. .mum 1 arm., vm - U . Q ANDREW JACKSON HIGH scHoo The Pi0IlllQI' JANUARY 1951 L Sl. Albans, New Yorlc lQalpl1W. l-laller Principal Vol. Xlll No. M .M A D MW pwmww A-.wwwu-ww wyANwmMmm m. ,mmmmmummwwfw wwwmwmwmmmmwi F M Q U- 1 f , - , V "I caught the fire from those who went beforeg The bearers of the torch who could not see The goal to which they strained. I caught their fire And carried it, only a little way beyond 5 But there are those who wait for it, I know- Those who will carry it on to victoryf' Alfred Noyes Foreword Now that we are nearing our day of graduation, we may takc time to look back on our four years in Iacksoni Those four years have been iilled with memorable things. The accomplishments we've made, the lessons we've learned, the friendships that have been formed, and the activities traditional to Iackson that have been carried on have helped to make our high school career something to be remembered for the rest of our lives. It seems that we are about to hand on to other classes the torch that we have been carrying through these years. We have borne it carefully, trying to develop the best that is within us, and in that way add to the reputation of our school. We are about to accept greater responsibilities as we take our places in life. Some of us will be going on to college or to other schools of higher learn- ingg some will be going into the business Worldg some will be joining the Armed Forces. For all of us, there will be more arduous duties in which we shall reilect all that we have learned at school and at home. In other words, we are accepting now a heavier torch that if carried nobly will light our path to greater services and nobler achievements. Let us all go forth from here with courageous hearts in these trying times, bearing high our new torches with cheer and valor, as we have carried the lighter one in high school days. BETTY GISTEDT, Editor-in-Chief 3 , Hli 'l'lllilXllC that you have selected for yo11r year book represents the ideal of l1u111a11 progress. l hope you will always atte111pt to follow the tl1e111c's i111plicatio11s i11 whatever you do or 111 whatever organizations you may Work. Carry O11 past traditions that are good, tl1at l1avc proved of value. 'l'akc tl1c best Ollt of past cxpcriciicc, improve O11 it, build o11 it, carry it forward 111 that Way. Your school has tried to follow this principle or practice all through its l1istory. Each class that l1as graduated llZlS, We hope, left so111ethi11g of value to tl1c school, l1as 111 so111e Way or other 11l3ClC tl1c school a better school. Other classes will take tl1c torch from yo11r l12lllClS a11d will carry it forward. If throughout yo11r lives you will adl1crc to the practices i11l1cre11t 111 your year book tl1e111e, you will l1avc helped to make your co111111u11ity, your state, yo11r country better places 111 which to live, a11d your lives and your Work will not ll2lVC bce11 spent i11 vain. RALP11 VV. IIALLRR rinci al 's essage 4 Mr. Saul Toder Administrative Mrs. 1f11sabcr11Bwgm1 , M r. I. Gordon Deutsch Mr. Francis Grady o Mr.Milton Blatt Senior Grade Mrs. Ruth Brown 0 M1'.Fred Schering , ml, 5 ,, v"95f 2ft!Hff5', Q mu I 1 S 2A: . 'lg' . , ' I ' Elf- ,i j I Editors I I 1:' H ,.:, ,.:: Norma Held I .,--rg Betty Cisteclt if :'V H yzV"' I '-""' I Pl1yllis lyloffa A I LITERARY Pioneer Sta f EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-Betty Gistedt ASSOCIATE EDITORS-Norma Held, Phyllis Molla CO-CHAIRMEN OF PHOTOGRAPHY-Marie Sieher, Ioan Heinsohn, Ioan IIOlIlTl21ll CHAIRMAN Ol" ART-Marie Sieber CHAIRMAN OF SECRETARIES-Theresa Lupo LITERARY STAFF-Cecilia Amoclio, Sylvia Druekerman, Bev- erly Eiehell, Ioan Heinen, Ioan Iohnson, Dorothea Iones, Marjorie Morgan, Marion Oltniann, Pat Reilly, Muriel Salrnonson, Irene Schultz, Evelyn Walsh FACULTY ADVISERS-Mrs. Hall and Mr. Bradley BUSINESS CI IAIRMAN-Catherine Powers CO-CHAIRMAN-Dorothy Ophals AUDITOR-Grace Cll1ClllC11lHlll BUSINESS STAFF-Lois Bauniaiin, Diana Fisher, Gloria Gol- lins, Ioyee Keys, Theresa Piazza, Beatrice Rayniond, Helen Riley, Dorothy Smith edication As WE LEAVE the halls of Iackson and venture into the unknown, which to-day is so uncertain-a world in which we can make no plans for the future-our thoughts turn to the boys and girls of jackson who preceded us. Some left the school in happier days, while others left at the call of their country. We are especially mindful of the latter, for we too will soon hear the call. To those boys and girls of Iackson who have already served in the Armed Forces, to those who are now serving, and to those of us who will soon sewe, we affectionately dedicate this book. We hope it will mean to all who read it, a reminder of happy, carefree days in the shelter of home and school and friends and all the things that the people of a democracy find Worth iight- ing for. H I FLAMES QQQESJDFN WC' -U4 WAI. 'X C 'QQO ..f" Q QMPEY B093 bhtsnois r 4"'J0R,E M""0 QMS u R QP5' p ECW Z C Q E TA Q 99,9 ye orb? 41,4 0 4'V.Jor4N 50 "Q L H UDF 6 'K T011 CH BE CICCICLIA AMODIO 'tCeil" Secretary 'tPioneer" Stall, "Hickory Log" Typist, llnglish, History Ilonor Classes, llonor Roll, Bowling, Volleyball Clubs, Typ- ing Certificate, Pitinan Award To sail with Dot on the end of a rainbow and reach that pot of gold Xlay your sail be as pleasant as your personality. AUDREY ANDERSON "Andy" IWedical Secretary Sec'y to Teachers To lead a happy and content life She will hit the keys that spell success. ARTHUR ANDREVVS 'tArtie" Vlfork To be a butcher Artie will "carve" his way to success. HDVVARD ANDREVVS Ulflasyl' N. Y. State Agricultural and Tech. Inst. Band, Lunch Patrol, Ilall Patrol To own a chicken farm liddie will always rate high with the "chicks" ROBISRT ANTONIO t'Bob" College Art Squad, Instrumental Class, Ilall Patrol To travel May you never have to use your thumb. MARILYN BAl"l"A "Lee" Katharine Gibbs Sec'y to Teachers, Library Staff, Lunch Patrol. Ncwinan Club To become a successful secretary. A boundless well of energy. IAMIQS BAILICY 'iB.B.', Queens College Guard, Locker Guard To be a SucceSSful millionaire Iinnny can 4'bank" on success. LOIS BAUMANN "Lo" "Pioneer" Business Staff, Prograni Connnittee, Swinnning, Volleyball, Basketball, Arts and Crafts Clubs, Sec'y to Teachers To lead a life of happiness and success Stay as sweet as you arc, and you will be happy. BARBARA BAUS t'Bobbie" OHice Stenotypist Sec'y Green and Vllhite Party, Swim- ining Ass't, Swimming, Newman, Vol! leyball Clubs, Late Oilice Sq.. Scc'y to Teachers Always be as understanding of others as my parents are of me. Bobbie is always full of fun and laughter. MARY ANN BAVARO Secretary Library Ass't, Typing Certificate and Pitman Award, Science Honor Class, Swinnning Club, Honor Roll To always be able to smile Sniile and the world smiles with yon. LOUISE BECKLFIN "Lou" College Ilonor Roll, Green and XVhitc Party, Sec'y to Teachers, Ass't to Mrs. Bro- gan, Library Ass't, Library Rep. To Live, Love and Be Happy VVe wish you all the joy that you can wish. ADAM BEISEL A'Buddy" Wfork Attendance Sq., Band 'I'o see the Dodgers win a Wlorld Series A quiet and sincere personality. VICTOR BICLICOVIC "Vie" C.C.N.Y. College Captain and Lieut. of Lunch Patrol, Visual Aid Sq.. Chcniistry and Physics Sq., Ilall Guard Industrial Chemist May you mix a forninla of success. CAROL BICNDICR A'Chicky" College Main Door Receptionist 'l'o achieve success as a buyer To know her is to like her. 9 DONALD BERC-AN A'Don" Policeman Swimming Team, Minor HI," Locker Guard, G.O. Rep., Member of Green and VVhite Party To grow another head Always underfoot, but nice to have around. BARBARA BERGELT HBabs" Iunior College Sec'y to 'l'eaehers, Bowling Club, His- tory llonor, Honor Roll Dental Hygienist or Dental Ass't Do not allow grass to grow on the road of success. CHARLOTTE BERNSTEIN Queens College H'l'winnie" Honor Roll, Math Oflice Sq., See'y to Teachers, Lunch Patrol To be a teacher School will be a pleasure with you as the teacher. FLORENCE BERNSTEIN Queens College UTwinnie" English llonor, 3 Terms, Honor Roll, 3 Terms, Library Rep., See'y to Teach- ers, Book Sales, Lunch Partol To be a teacher Florence will really make a wonderful teacher. BARBARA BLECHNER "Bunny" City College To become a top notch buyer Herc's hoping you buy out the market of success. LAVVRENCE BORBEE L'Skinhead" Work in a Textile Building Dance Band College and VVork His perseverance will assure him of success. HENRY BORGER "Hank" College Sr, Class President, Band, Ir. Orchestra Ambition??? Hank will always get our vote for president. DONALD BORST "Don" To get a job To make good in business In business you can bet he'll really rate. 10 ROBERT BOSSARDET A'Bob" Work To own a convertible and travel the U.S. May the road to your happiness be smooth. DOROTHY BRAND HDot" Wlork with an advertising firm Secly to Mr. Singer and Mrs. Horie, Reorganization Sq., Typing Certiiicate To travel at least as far as Alaska and Hawaii May your grass skirt keep you warm in Nome. IOAN BRAUTIGAM "Candy" Secretary Secretary to Mr. May May she always stay as sweet as her nickname. ROBERT BREEN HBob" Wfork Iackson Patrol, Health Service Ass't, Seely to Gym Teacher To travel around the world Ile'll travel far and fast in any under- taking. MARILYN BROADHURST "Toni" To work as a model Aquarium Club, See'y to Mrs. Cer- stin, Library Sq. VVc'll be looking for you in 'AVogue." ALAN BROSTOFF "Al" Wfork for National Broadcasting Com- DHVW Bookbinding Sq. Two Terms To be a radio announcer NVe will hear from you when we turn on our radios. DONALD BRUHNKE "Don" College Be an Engineer Don will engineer his success. ROBERT BRULL "Bob" Wfork Visual Aid 6 Terms To have ten Cadillaes You'll travel far. Typing Cert. MARILYN BUCK "Lynn" Policewoman To own a ranch in Arizona The woman we would like most to mcct in a 'Apinchf' RI'1'A BUCKLEY Secretary SCc'y to Mrs. Lee, Miss French, Ad' vanccd Swimming Club, PAL Meclal for Volleyball, Typing Award, GD. Rep. To be a permanent blonde "I'o be or not to be." IULIUS CAESAR L'Bob" Attend N.Y.U. for Corporation Law Honor Roll, Arista, Student Court Iudge, 2 Terms, Progressive Party, Major Service Pin, Bio. Lab., Y.O.U., Stamp, Bio. Clubs, Cancer Research Comm. President of U.S. VVith this record, there are no doubts as to Bob's success. ROSE CALIENDO 'fRoe" Green and VVhite Party, Ass't in Emergency Room, Pitman Sten Award, Typing Certificate, Swimming and Glee Clubs To go to Heaven Roe is always on the go. VIVIAN CALIENDO Work in the Telephone Company Typing Certificate, Honor Roll I Term To be successful As Lipton would say, "Always brisk and full of flavor." RALPH CARBONE Good luck, Ralph. BARBARA CARLON 4'Braeclets" College Honor Roll, Art Award, P.S.A.L. Award, Class Sec'y, Math., Fashion, Volleyball, Tennis Clubs, History Oflice Sq., Stage Crew To meet the "man in the moon" Say hello for all of us, Barbara! ELEANOR CARSTENS "Ellie" College Ilonor Roll, English Honor, Volley- ball Club, Attendance Oilice, Lunch Patrol Travel to Europe and perhaps teach some day Ellie will be a treat for any class. 'IUMASINA CERNIGLIA 'A'l'ommie" Business School Ilonor Roll, Honor Classes, Sten. Cer- tificate, Sec'y to Teacher To be just like my mother Always friendly as can bc- 'l'hat tits Tommie to a tee. ALBERTA CERNY HBert" Secretary Sec'y to Teachers, P.S.A.L. Award, Typing Cert. and Pitman Award, Ilonor Roll, GC. Rep. To commit the perfect crime May you and HMimi" make a perfect escape! FRANCES CERNY "Mimi" Secretary Honor Roll, Sec'y to Teacher, Library Staff, G.O. Rep., P.S.A.L. Award, To be a prison Wfarden and help Bert escape May you never be caught in the act. FRANCIS CIIIFFRILLER L'Frank" Cooper Union or Pratt Institute Lunch Patrol 6 Terms, Minior Service Pin, Varsity Shows, Student Court Clerk, Scc'y to Teachers, Art Oflice Staff To live like a millionaire May you achieve your ambition! NOEL CIIISIIOLM "Iimmy" Vtfork as salesman Capt. of Lunch Guards, Capt. of Hall Guards, Lunehroom Guard 8 Terms, Hall Guard 4 Terms, Special Patrol, GO. Rep. To marry a Woman for love and 355,000,000 'AGive me thy gold if thou hast any gold." TIIEODORA CHURCH "Teddy" College '4IIickory Log" Staff, Library Staff, Roller Skating and Bowling Clubs Teddy's quiet, we'll hear from her later. VIRGINIA CICCARELLI "Ginny" Vlfork in Chemical Bank Special Chorus, Sec'y to Mrs. Haber, Mrs. Mollin Take a trip to Europe Ginny will achieve her goal. GRACE CINQUEMANI , 'AGray" Queens College 'tPioneer" Staff, Arista, Honor Roll, Library Rep., Bio. Lab., Bio. Club, G.O. Rep., P.S.A.L. Award Nursing Grace is our favorite nurse. 11 BETTY IEAN CLARKE 'ABet" Go to college Sec'y to Mrs. VVaring, Basketball Club Social worker Ready! Wlillingl and extremely capable. ROSE INIARY CLAUD "Kitty" Business school and work in an office Sce'y to Teachers, Bowling and Basket- ball Clubs, Lunch Patrol To be successful As nicc as they come and lots of fun. RICHARD COLETTI "Dick" Continue my education and then go into selling Special Chorus To meet some girl who would support me Can you sell her this idea? WILLIAM CONKLIN t'Bill" Work General Seicnce Squad, Door Guard To take life easy 'tBetter to wear out than to rust out." IOSEPH A. CONLON 'lDeacon" College To get a job and get rich Riches come to those who strive for them. ROBERT EDWARD COX UCoxie" Syracuse College P.S.A.L. hledal, Swinnning Tcain, Visual Aid Squad, Iackson Patrol, Capt. 1 Term, Lunch Patrol, Green and XVhite Party Live, Love, Laugh and be happy Wc'rc sure that your ambition will COIHC true. IANE COYLE "Little lim" Cortland State Teachers College Sec'y to Teachers, Newman, Y.O.U., and Bowling Clubs, Reorganization Squad Physical education teacher In gymnastics may you succeed. ERIC CROSSLEY Wforlz Lunch Patrol, Bio. Squad, Instrumental Class, lr. and Sr. Orchestra, Band, P.S.A.L. Awards, Concerts To leave the city The wide open spaces are for Erie. 12 ROSE CIUFFO Business School Bowling Club, Red Cross Club XVe wish you all the luck and success in the world. PETER CURRERI "Poten Automobile Engineer Basketball Team, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teacher To own a new Cadillac convertible every year Pctc will 'lengineern his way to fame. BARBARA CURTII Private Secretary Sec'y to Mr. Engoron, Mrs. Grossfeld, Rollerskating Club, PAL Award for Volleyball, Honor Roll Marry happily A happy girl, a happy marriage. IOSEPH CUSUMANO "Casio" Carpenter See'y to Teacher Retire at the age of 25 May Ioc 4'carvc" his way to success. PIIILOMENA DALY 'APhil" Private Secretary Captain Ushcrctte Squad, Bio. Lab. Ass't, English Iournalism and Ilonor Classes, Lunchroom Patrol, Honor Roll To travel around the U.S. in a Buick Phil's personality will HDaly" bring her friends. ANNAMARIE DANIELSON 'AEve" Business School Glee Club, Special Chorus, See'y to Miss Larkin, Mr. Grady Secretary Eye will surely please her boss. RICIIARD DAVVES A'Diek" To go into business with my father Ilall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Baseball, Basketball Teams, lVIinor "I," P.S.A.L. Silver Medal, G.O. Rep. VVC wish you both luck. IOAN DEARING Stenotypist Scc'y to Mr. Safran, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club, Library Ass't, Library Rep. To End happiness Bc good, do good, and you will be happy. RICIIARD DE CENNARO "Slim" Art School G.O. Rep. l Term, Late Office l Term, Bio. Lab. 2 Terms Commercial Artist May he sketch his way to fame and fortune. DOROTIIEE DILLVENTIIAL' " Concordia Iunior College t'Dotty" Math., English, General Science Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Program Comm., Athletic Clubs, Scc'y to Nr. liisman Therc's no ship like her friendship. ARDEN DIS MOTT 'AArdie" Secretary Glee Club, Seely to Teacher To be an interesting homemaker YVC wish you the best in life. ALBICRT DFMPSIZY MAI" College Supply Squad, Ilonor Roll History teacher A fellow of few but sincere words. BARBARA DPI SIIXIONIY 'ABabs" Business School Sec'y to bliss Cardncr HCareer Girl" This 'ACareer girl" will be an asset to hcr employer. DONALD DICVLIN Attend college and major in chemistry G.O. Pres., Baseball, Soccer Teams, Iaekson Patrol, Bio., Prep Squad, Chem. Prep. Squad, Cen. Science Squad ????? Never try the effect of HQSO. on KCIOH. LIUONORA DI CARLO 'ALee" lvlary Immaculate Hospital for Nurses Training Minor Service Pin, See'y to Teachers, Volleyball Pin To help those who can't help them- selves She'll be a comfort in any ward. Hofstra College and Wfork Captain Golf Team To travel and see the 48 states, and then settle down May you travel along the highway to success. LLOYD DICGENS MDW" i PICGCY DILLON Ofhce work Sec'y to Teacher, Civics Club, Volley- ball Club To live, love, laugh and be happy May Peggy stay as sweet as her dimples. NICHOLAS DI STEFANO '1Niek" College To live to see the Brooklyn Dodgers win a Vlforld Series Best of luck and best of cheer. IOAN DITZEL "loam" Wlaitress until 21, then a policewoman "Star'l Staff, Textile Arts lfashion Show, Ilonor Roll, Typewriting Cert., Creative VVriting 4 To be as well loved and wonderful as my mother was XVC know you will always be quick on the draw. SIIELDON DOLITSKY "Don" Wfork Senior Orchestra, Lunch Patrol Lots of luck and success. LORRAINE DOLLACK Secretary Program Comm., Dancing, Volleyball, Basketball, Clce Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Program Comm., Honor Roll. Dancing Instructor Keep on your toes! IXIICIIAICL DOYLIL HMike" To go to college Pres. of G.O., Swimming Team, Co- Capt. of Queens Champ. Team, Queens Champ 3 Times, City Champ l Year, G.O. Rep., Locker Guard Nlake a million and retire at Zl More power to you! BERNICIC DRICSSNICR 1'Bee" Fashion Institute of 'Technology Book Store, Sec'y to Teachers, Ilonor Roll, Honor Classes Fashion Designer Bernice will Hdesignn her way to fame. DENISE DREYIVUS "Dee" Hunter College Honor Roll 3 Terms, Attendance Squad, Sce'y to Teachers To fulhll all my desires Fulfillment will come to such a nice person as Denise. 13 DANIEL DRUCKERMAN A'Dan" Queens College Honor Roll, History, English, Math., Honor Classes, Program Comm., Arista, Minor Service Pin, Hebrew Culture Club To travel llere's wishing you a one way ticket to success. SYLVIA DRUCKERMAN Queens College-lvlajor in Science Arista, Ilonor Roll, A'Pioneer" Staff, Lunch Patrol, Program Comm., Minor Service Pin, See'y to Teachers, Swim- ming Club To visit my pen pal in Holland All the sights she will sec along the Zuidcr Zee. IOIIN DUBON 'ilohnnyn Go to Photography School Craft Club Z Years To get a good job Friendly and popular, full of fun. MARGARET DUFILK "Maggiel' Doctor's Assistant Design Club, See'y to Mr. Ornstein, "Star," "Pioneer" Staffs, Bowling Club, Skating Club Get a yellow convertible and tour the world Have a wonderful trip, Maggie! MARCIA DUFUR "Marsh" Government Vffork Honor Roll, Varsity Shows, Assembly Plays, See'y to Teachers, Swimming, Softball, Volleyball Clubs, G.O. Rep. To be like my mother and marry a boy like my father Marcia is terriiie both on and off stage. MARIORIE ECKERSON 'AMargie" Criminology School Honor Roll, Minor 'Tl in Dancing, Scc'y to Teacher, Program Comm., Dancing Club Crirninoiogist, and to travel May you "track down" all of your ambitions. LAVVRENCE EGAN "Larry" Civil Service Have a new car and a new girl every year. Good luck on those Civil Service exams. CLAIRE EIIRIIARDT "Coe" Wfashington School for Secretaries Math., English and History Honor Classes, Scc'y to Teachers, Bowling and Skating Clubs, Program Comm., Rc- organization Squad Private secretary, then get married A quiet and sweet girl is Claire. 14- BEVERLY EICHELL A'Bev" Social Register Associates Arista, "Pioneer" Staff, Honor Roll and Classes, Mrs. Brogan's Squad, Sec'y to Tcaclrers, Minor Service Pin, Gen. Sei. Squad To tour the United States, Cuba, and the Bahamas Good things come in small packages. DOREFN ELKINS College, Stewardess for Air France English Office Squad, Library Staff, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teacher, Ten- nis, Badminton, Softball, Basketball and Volleyball Clubs Have my own airplane May your ambitions always fly high. MELVIN EPSTEIN A'Mel," HEppy" College To live happily ever after May the road before you be bright and clear. IOIIN ERVVIN "lack" Wlork and College laekson and Lunch Patrol, Math. Tutor, Student Court Rep., Sec'y to Teachers, Guard Patrol, GD. Rep. Make enough to live in Miami for the winter Miamils gain will be our loss. DENNIS FABIAN A'Den" College Hall Patrol, Track Team, Maior ul," Lunch Patrol To become richer than D. Rockefeller The best things in life are free. FREDERICK FALLER "Freddie" College Bio. Squad, Iaekson Patrol To play professional ball Fred is an A'All Star" fellow. MARGARET FEIIILLY "Peggy" Wlork Special Chorus, Reorganization Squad, Volleyball Club, Scc'y to Teachers To be just like my mom A girl as sweet as Peggy must be like her mother. LILLIAN FENIMORE "Lil" Retailing School Sec'y to Mr. Bradley, Mr. Carr, Skat- ing, Glee Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Typing Cert. T o own a Cadillac convertible "Lill' will travel in style. MARY ANN IVERNAU f" College Sec'y to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Ass't Librarian, Lunch Patrol, German Tutor Airline Stewardess She'll wing her way to success. AUDRICY I+'l'I'l'TE To find a good position Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Library Ass't, Sec'y to Teacher, Athletic Clubs To be successful in my business and social life A girl as sweet as Audrey is hard to find. VVILLIAM FINN "VVilly" College To own a Cadillac convertible May you have smooth driving all your life. DAVID FINNERTY 'tDave" College To make plenty of money. Here's hoping you l1it the jackpot! DIANA FISHER - Queens College "Pioneer" Staff, Honor Roll, English and History Honor, Spanish Tutor, P,S.A.L. Award, See'y to Teachers To be happy always Diana-the people's choice. FLORENCE FISHER "Flon Attendance Olliee, Reorganization Squad, See'y to Miss Kraemer, Typing, Homemaking Certilieates, G.O. Rep. A nicer girl can not be found. IANET FITZGERALD 4'Fitz" The Mount Sinai Hospital "Hickory Log," G.O. Rep., Program Comm., Green and VVhite Party, Sec'y to Teachers, Honor Roll Nurse Ianet will brighten anyone's day. RODERICK FOGARTY 'lRod" Service Squad loin the Navy Ili! "Admiral"! 'l'l'IRENCE IVOGARTY 'l'I'erry" Get a job Library Rep., Crafts Club, Iackson Patrol Own a Rolls Royce Terry will have a smooth ride to fame. VVILLIAM FOLEY "VVild Bill" College Iaclcson Patrol Live my life without a care and when I die, still have my own hair. Good luck to you, Bill!! FRED C. FRANK l'Fritz" Work Guard Post 1 Year, Guard Capt. l Year Retire after four years of unemploy- ment. May his insurance pay oft in rieh dividends. CHARLOTTE FREDERICKS QL", "Charlie" Work in an Insurance Company Newman Club, Sec'y to Teachers To be a stenographer Charlotte's smile will "insure" her happiness. RUTH FRIEDRICHS C "Riekil' Nurses Training at Bellevue Business Manager of Hlliekory Log," Special Chorus, Concert Comm., Math., English, History, Science and Dramaties Honor Classes Naval Nurse Aboard ship you'll be a life saver. ROBERT F ULLAM "Bob" Work Service Squad To have a million when I am 35 years old Keep your goal in sight. FRANCIS GALLAGHER A'Frank" Business Service Squad Znd and 3rd Terms To eventually have my own business Francis will be sure to succeed in any business task he performs. MARY GALLAGHER 1.B.M. Operator Secretary to Mrs. Haber To travel in the U.S. Mary has many friends and is without a foe. 15 LOIS ANN GASKIN HLo'l Queens College Scc'y of Arista, Honor Classes, Minor Service Pin, Program Comm., Secly to Teachers, Library Rep., Bio. Lab.. Athletic Clubs To travel Lo's ambitions will surely get her far. NANCY GEDGE New Paltz State Teachers College Y.O.U. Club, Sec'y to Teachers, Ath' letic Clubs, Three Major I's, Lunch Patrol. Stage Crew, Hall Patrol To become a kindergarten teacher Nancy will wield the golden ruler. FELIX GIACINI HPhil" College Ilall Guard, V.A. Squad, Library Rep., Instrumental Class, Ir. Orchestra Aeronautical Engineer Fclixlll keep 'em flying. DOROTHY GILMAN Business School Sec'y to Teachers, Volleyball Club 'I'o be successful May the 'Atype" of work you do always bring you success. PIIYLLIS GINSBURG 'APhil" To attend Queens College Ilonor Roll, Lunchrooin Squad, At- tendance Squad, Book Room, Ulliekory Log," See'y to Teacher To find as much happiness in life as my parents have. It's a friendly heart that wins many friends. GEORGE GISSER HSonny" Business Career Ilebrew Culture Club, Hall Guard, I. V. Track Team, Dramatic Class Play To live in the wide open spaces with all men's luxuries and a happy family May your dreams come true. BE'I"I'Y ANNE GISTEDT College Editor-in-Chief of 'APioneer," Usher- ette Squad, Arista, Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin, Bio. Lab. Ass't, Program Comm. To get the best out of life Betty will surely get the best, for she is thc best. IRA GOLDEN 1'Goldic" College IIall Patrol, Lunch Patrol, 'lllickory Log" Reporter To become a reporter VVe know you'll always cover the big news. 16 NIONA GOLDSMITII HMcg" W'ork "Hickory Log," Attendance Squad, Program Comm., Lunch Patrol, SeC'y to Teachers, Swimming, Softball, Bas- ketball Clubs To see everything there is to see A sweet gal and a real pal. GLORIA GOLLINS l'Glor" Airline Hostess '4Pioneer" Staff, Glee Club, Attendance Squad, See'y to Teachers, Green and VVhite Party, Basketball Club, English Ilonor Class Alwavs to remain happy Like a green light, always on the go. MELVYN GOODMAN 'lMel" Accountant Dramaties Club lPres.j, Radio Acting Club Song Vllriter VVe're sure you'll write many successful songs, Mel. MAUREEN GORMAN HGee Geel' Receptionist Secly to Teachers, Dancing, Volleyball, Aquarium Clubs, Program Com1n,, Special Chorus, Honor Roll Dancing Instructor Maureen will dance to success and happiness. CONSTANTINE GOVATSOS College 'fDir10" Soccer and Track Teams, Locker Guard Engineer VVe hope that through the 'lwindows" of our country you will realize all your ambitions. LAXVRENCE GRAV ER "Larry" XVork Guard, Scc'y to Teacher Become an ofiicer in the US. Army May you have happiness in whatever you do. MARTIN GREENBERG "Marty" College Menorah Club, Hall Patrol, Visual Aid Squad Retire at 25 with some money Don't spend it 'Aalll' at once. HOVVARD GREINER 'lChiiton" Wlork at a Flower Trade Ilonor Roll, Lunch Patrol Hortieulturist May life always be "budding" with SIICCCSS. ILICNIC GRIIQSMEYHR "Red" To become a secretary See'y to Mr. Clark A sports writer tbaseballj May Ilene cover all the big events. RICIIARD GRIM "Ricky" College General Science, Bio. Squad, Luncl1 Patrol To be cl Test Pilot Richard will fly to the height of success. SARAH GROSSMAN College Ilonor Roll, Honor Classes, Book Room. Sec'y to Teachers To always be happy Sarah's our girl of the year. IAIXIISS IIAGGILRTY 'fliininyl' Stay out of the Army Green and VVhite Party '1'o live a long life May he End the Hllountain of Youth." NADIA IIAIR "Nad" loin the VVAFS or go to business school To learn to Hy and to get married May she fly through the air with the greatest ot ease. KA'I'III.I'il'iN HANLEY f'Grundy" Business Newman and lunior Red Cross Clubs, Sec'y to 'l'eaehers, Library Capt., lour- nalisin Class To travel in the U.S. May you liavel far and always have success. RICHARD IIAUGIIICY A'The fhlodcl A' Kid" I Year Manager of Basketball Team, Ilall Guard Cartoonist Richard will sketch his way to success. HAROLD HAYIXIAN 'AHal" R.C.A. Institute Varsity Swimming 'I'cam, Iaekson Patrol 'I'o be a television engineer VVe'll all be "watching" for your success. IOAN IIILINEN Queens College Arista, "Pioneer" Staff, Senior Or- chestra, Sce'y to Teachers, Program Counn., Library Asslt, Volleyball and Softball Clubs To become a successful tennis player May her every stroke be a winner IOAN CAROLINIC IIICINSOIIN Business 'tCookie" "Pioneer Staff," Minor MI," P.S.A.L. Award, IIonor Roll, Sec'y to Teachers, Late Office Squad. Bowling, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball Clubs To own a cabin cruiser YVe'rc sure that life holds much in store for such a great gal. NORMA IOYCE HELD Berkeley School Ass't Editor of 'APioneer," Honor Roll, Major Pin, See'y to Grade Advisor, Teacher, G.O. Rep., Program Comm., Athletic Clubs To climb the ladder of success and happiness Sweet and cheerful every day. CHARLES HICLLER 'tCharIey" Air Force or Wfork Iaekson Patrol, Arts and Crafts Club To be an electrician May work never be a 'Ashoc-k" to yon. BRUCE IIPIMMICR College Mimeograph Squad, Distribution of Supplies Chemist May you mix the right prescription for attaining your ambition. RICIIARD IIICNNING A'Riehie" W'ork, then school Basketball Intramurals Champs, 2 Years, Ilall Patrol llotel manager IIis friendly manner will lead him to success. IOYCE HICRING "Im" Private Secretary Volleyball, Bowling Clubs, Scc'y to Mrs. Patton, Mr. Ornstein 'l'o be like my mother A real joy to cyeryonc. IOI IN IIERMANN t'Rnsty" College Visual Aid Squad, Lunch Patrol To become a billionaire XYhy not a millionaire?!l 17 IUNE IIERTZBERG "Iunie" State Tech. "Hickory Log" Reporter, See'y to Teachers, Swimming Ass't, Iournalism Class, Progressive Party Buyer An answer to a consumer's dream. CAROL AUDREY IIICKEY Secretarial School "Honey" Usherette Squad, English, History, Math. Honor Classes, Bowling and Swimming Clubs, English Office To have a happy family of my own Carol, may your life be sweet as honey. STEPHEN HIDDEN HCat eyes" Anything but work Track and Cross Country Teams, Green and VVhite Party, Lunch Patrol, Three Major and One Minor I's, G.O. Rep. Wfrestle alligators May he climb the "scales" to success. MARGUERITE HIERONYMUS Berkley "Margie" English Honor, Iournalisni, G.O. Oflice Sec'y, See'y to Teachers, Bowling, Swimming, Craft Clubs To have an ambition VVe hope, some day, you will End what you are looking for, Margie. IOAN MARGARET HOFFMAN Queens College Senior Class Oflicer, Usherettes, "Pio- neern Staff, IIonor Roll, Green and White Party, Math. Tutor, Math., English Ilonor, See'y to Teacher To marry lWr. Knox and live in his fort A happy girl with a much desired ambition. VVARREN IIOFFMANN College See'y to Teacher, Lunch Patrol, "Red Mill," A'Arsenic and Old Lace," Track Team, Progressive Party, G.O. Rep. Doctor An all around student and a swell fellow. VVILLIAM HOFFMAN "Lefty" College Baseball Team, Hall Guard, Library Representative, Sec'y to Teacher To make a million and save most of it May you someday open a bank of your own. CATHERINE IIOLZBAUR 'ACathy" International Business Machines Honor Roll, See'y to Teachers, Pitman Award To be happy You seldom meet a girl so sweet. 18 BARBARA HOPP "Bobbie" College See'y to Teachers, Tennis and Bowling Clubs May she travel through life with ease. MARGARET HRAB f'Peggy" Wfork To work for a couple of years, and then settle down May you live happily ever after. DOROTIIEA HUBER 'ADottie" Secretarial Vlfork See'y to Miss Gardner, Bowling Club, Honor Roll Marry a millionaire A millionaire would come in handy! MARY HUFFMAN "Liz" Clerical Wfork for American Telephone Co. Glee Club, See'y to Teachers, Reor- ganization Squad, Honor Roll To get married May Mary's line always be busy. PAUL HUGIIES '4Diek" Vlfork, Art School To be a commercial artist and marry a million May you "draw" upon the fortunes of life. MARION HUMMEL HMarr" Office Vlfork Library Stall, G.O. Rep., Typing Cert., Dramaties Stock ear driver, marriage Roll on to a '1slow" and winning ride. PETER INGRASSIA "Pete" N .Y.U. jackson Patrol, Visual Aid Squad Aeronautical Engineer Ile will always see his way through. MILDRED IEANNETTI 'AMillie" Business School Ilonor Roll, Math., Dramaties, and English Honor Classes, See'y to Teach- ers, Attendance Oflice Squad, Tennis and Roller Skating Clubs Secretary She will be as gentle as a kitten on the Ukeysf' RONALD IENSEN "Ronnie" Art School Hall Guard Become a commercial artist May he A'draw" his way to fame. WILLIAM IOCKLE "Bill" College Art Staff of "Star," Iackson Hall Patrol, Sec'y to Teachers To be a successful cartoonist We'll look for your signature in the comic strips. FREDERICK CHARLES IOIINSON Wfork, then school "Guy" G.O. Rep., 2 Terms, Basketball Intra- mural Winner Acrobat We're sure Fred will acrobat to success. GRACE IOIINSON "Ace" Receptionist Late Ofliee Squad, Pitman Award, Volleyball P.S.A.L. Award, Swimming Club, Library Ass't To pose for a "woman of distinction" ad As a receptionist, you will be a woman of distinction. IIELEN IOIINSON 'llohnnyn Queens College English Ilonor, Sec'y to Teachers, Gen- eral Science Squad To raise my own horses on my own ranch "A horse! A horse! my kingdom for a horse!" IOAN ELEANOR IOIINSON Berkeley School 'AIoanic" Treas. of Senior Class, 'ARed Mill," Student Court Chief Iustiee, "Pioneer," Mrs. Brogan's Squad, Athletic Clubs, Prog. Party, Major Pin To be as sweet as my Mom and as wise as my Dad A sure fire hit in every way! RUTII IOIINSTON 'LIohnnie" Business School Program Comm., Reorganization Squad, Dancing, Skating, Bowling Clubs, Math., English, History Honor Classes Vlfork, followed by marriage Ruth will always have bright and happy years. DOROTIIEA ELIZABETH IONES Business Career 1'Patchy" "Pioneer" Staff, Attendance Squad, English, History Honor Classes, Honor Roll, See'y to Mr. Toder, Typing Cert., Pitman Award To work myself into an executive posi- tion Dotty will succeed in every task she performs. RONALD KAISEN 'ARonnie" Vlfork Lunch Patrol, Visual Aid, Locker Guard Drive a Crossley clown Iackson's main hall NVatch out for the traffic cops! DOROTHY KASSAY 'ADottic" Stenographer Library Rep., See'y to Teachers To be happy in all I do Dottie will be an asset to any oflice. TI IOMAS KENNEDY '1Moose" H.C. Bohack Man Baseball Team, Basketball Team Alillionaire or bust! 'I'here's gold for all who seek and work for it. JOYCE KEYS Nurses Training School "Pioneer" Staff, See'y to Teachers, Library Rep., Ass't, Reorganization Squad, Book Room, Athletic Clubs To become a registered nurse Ioyce holds the "keys" to her future. VVILLIAIVI KITTREDGE 'lKitt" N .R.O.T.C. English and Math. Ilonor Classes, Pro- gram Comm., Lunch Patrol, Current Events Clubs, Seely to Teachers Electronics May your electrons and molecules Carry you along the current to happiness. CONSTANCE KLICII A'Connie" Secretarial Wfork Bowling and Skating Clubs To be as wonderful as my mother Your ambition won't be hard to achieve. GEORGE KLOUDA "Midget" Electrician Baseball Club, Major "I," Minor "I" To have a band of my own and to play a hot trumpet May he 'Asparklei' in all he docs. IOYCE KLUBERDANZ "Schatze" W'ork Ilonor Roll, Dramatics Club, See'y to Teachers, Library Staff, Swimming and Basketball Clubs To raise a family as happy as my own May all Ioyce's children be as sweet as she. 19 GEORGE C. KNIES A'Tigcr" Navy, then college Lunch Patrol, Band. Program Comm., Late Oflice, Concerts. Varsity Plays Psychiatrist May you succeed in your undertakings. RAYMOND KNIFFIN HRay" Chef Ilall Patrol. Sce'y to Teacher To retire at an early age We can always count on Ray to cook up something. EVELYN KNOX "Lynne" "Grace Downs" School Ilonor Roll, Attendance Office, Scc'y to Teachers Stewardess Shc'll reach the heights of success. CAROLINE KOEIILER Secretary Sec'y to Teachers. Mimcograph Squad, P.S.A.L. Pin, Typing and Shorthand Certificate To be a roller skater An all-around girl. CARL KOIILER 'APepsi" School or U.S. Air Force Ilonor Roll 2 Terms. Bio. Ilonor Class To see the United States True bravery is shown by performance. XVILLIANI KONIC Attend Queens College Baseball Team 1950, Lunch Patrol Electrical Engineer Teachers never flurry himg Girls never worry him. CAROL KOSTICR 'fKitty'l Ilofstra College Student Court Iudge, Ilonor Roll, Minor Service Pin. Reorganization Squad, Sec'y to Teacliers, Ilonor Classes, Y.O.U. Club, Program Comm., Tutor To be as rich and as loved by all as Santa Claus In striving for your ambition, bc carcful of the chimney. JULIE KOURIS HSmoky" Enter the field of art Scc'y to Teachers, C.O. Oftice, Civics Club, Typing Cert. To own a ranch May your life be very colorful. 20 S'l'I1IPIII+IN IULES KRAMER College Make money Nloney and success to Steve. BERTIIA KRANZ l'Bcrt,' Nurses Training Latin Cert., HStar'l Staff, Honor Roll, Sccly to Teachers, Bowling Club To make the sick well A worthwhile ambition for a nice person. ADA KRE'l'SCIIlX'IAN A'Snooky" Secretary "Hickory Logf' Ilonor Roll, Pitman Awards, Typing Cert. To make as much money as the mint. Ada can take it-Dictation. that is! GLORIA KUBICK HDimplcs" Fashion Institute of Technology Ilonor Roll, Minor Service Pin, ScC'y to Teachers, Stage Crew, Fashion Illus. Club, Library Rep., Textile Arts Fashion Show Fashion Designer Iler life will be as successful as her fashions. BARBARA KUIINE A'Bobby" Business Machines School 'lllickoiy Log" Sec'y Statt, Science Lab., Lunch Patrol, Swimming, Bowl- ing, Volleyball Clubs Secretarial position An etlicient secretary we know you'll bc. IAIXIES LA FORGE A'Iim" College Special Chorus. Concert Comm., Li- brary Rep., Chemistry Prep. Camp director His actions will direct his success in life. RAYMOND LAMBERT "Ray" College Varsity Basketball Team, Ilall Guard, Class Capt., Scc'y to Teacher Agricultural demonstrator May your fortunes "grow and grow and grown! RALPII LAURITANO UIerry" Academy of Aeronautics IIall Patrol, Lunch Patrol To get a good job in aviation Ralph will Hy to success. OAN I.I'I.-XIIY "Smiley'I lrivate Secretary See'y to lXlrs. Cerstin, Nlr. Iluneeke, Bowling, Swinnning, Skating Clubs. 'l'yping Cert. 'l'o be like my mother Ioan is as sweet as Iier smile! I 1 I'iI.I,I'lN LICIINIKUIIL 'I'll" Pace College I.ibrary .Xss't, Iournalisin Class, See'y to 'l'eaelier, Clee Club, Speeial Cliorus, Pitman and Typing Awards 'I'o liye a full and happy life lNlay your future lrold tlie realization of your ambition. IS.fXI3ICI,I..'X I.I'III3NI.XN "Lee" Secretarial Wfork See'y to Miss XVoyke, bliss Raynor, Mrs. VVolfson, Bowling, Swimming Clubs, linglisli Ilonor Class, Ilonor Roll To be as good to my children as my Mom is to nze Izzy's briglit smile will light up lier future. IUOROTIIY I.l'llSS 'lI7ottie" NVork llonor Roll, See'y to leaeliers, Ilistory and linglisli Ilonor Classes, Dramaties Class, Volleyball Club, Sten. .Xward 'I'o be u good ice skater Vl"e'll be looking for you in the Iee l"ollies of IOS-ll S'l'.XNI.I'IY I.I'lVINl'I "Tex" VC'orlc Clee Club 'I'o he a popular singer Stair will A'eroon" bis way to fame and fortune. II.-XRB.XR.iX I.ORR.XINI'1 LIGXVIS "Barbie, lfislc or lloward Universities Speeial Chorus: Seeretary to VIYCQICIICTS Singer Slie'll liaye musie wliereyer slie goes. VVII.I.I.'XM IIOXVARD LI'I"l' College 'l'raek 'l'eam. Iaelcson Patrol, Mr. Iieutselrs Squad, .Xrt Dept. Squad Lawyer "lf tliere were no bad people, tliere would be no good lawyers." IOAN LOICII Nursing Selzool, Mt. Sinai Ilospital llonor Roll, Ifnglisli Ilonor, Green and XVl1ite Party, .Xttendanee Ofliee 'Xss't, Program Connn., See'y to iliC2ll'llCTS 'l'o be a good nurse Slle'll be a eomfort to everyone YVILLIAIXI LUCICK "Lou" Take a long rest Visual Aid Squad 6 'llCl'lllS 'l'o keep out of the Army xV2IlCll out for the Nayy!! IIARRII'1'll I.UNDS'l'ROfXI Secretarial W'ork Ilonor Roll, Swimming Club To join the W'aves May you ride tlie Hwayesn to sueeess. 'l'llI'lRI'IS.'X IXIARIIC I.UPO 4"I'erry Law Secretary A'I'ioneerI' Stall, Hlliekory Log" 'l'yp- ist, See'y to 'l'eaeliers, Ilistory, ling- Iisb Ilonor Classes, blimeograpli Squad, Ilonor Roll, Pitman Awards To become an airline hostess. and travel around the world A sweeter girl yon eannot meet. PRISCILLA MAC lNI.'XS'l'I'lI College ' cnny" Ass't and Associate Iiditor ofulliekory Log," Columbia Seliolastie Press Con vention, See'y to 'l'eaeliers, Clubs See the world 'I'rayel on to sueeess MILDRICD lXl.'XGAI,IIAI'lS HlXlillie" Nurses Training 7 LIIIICII Iatrol, Stage Crew, Volleyball, Softball, Clee Clubs. See'y to Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Canter, C.O. Rep. Nurse May you sootlie many a feyerecl brow. VVAL'I'I'IR IXIACNUSON "Buster" Seryiee Squad 'I'o own my own farm May lie l'weed" out all liis troubles. RICIIARD MARSII "Diek" College I.uneIi and I.oeker Room Guard, I.ibrary Rep., See'y to Tcaelrers, laekf son Patrol Marry a girl with money and person- ality NVe liope you End your dream girl. AI.I3I'IR'l' IXIARSIIALI. VXI" College lackson Patrol, Art Staff, VA. Squad. Seely to Mr. XVeisnran, Radio Club IIe'lI always lend a lrelping band. 21 ROSEMARIE MASCOLA 'fRosie" Art School Editor of "Star," Honor Roll, See'y To Teachers, Iournalism, Typ. Cert., Lunch Patrol, Bowling Club, Creative VVriting, Public Speaking To see the world She who goes and returns makes a good journey. XVILLIAM MAURO "VVilly" Wlork till September and then go to Law School G.O. Representative Lawyer He'll talk his way to success. EUGENE MC ELROY 'lGene" College Health Education Teacher He who is true to one friend thus proves Himself worthy of many. MARY MC PARTLIN Wlork Seely to Teachers, Green and Vllhite Party. G.O. Asst, G.O. Rep., Typing and Filing Award, P.S.A.L. Award To own a sky blue convertible She's full of fun and liked by everyone. DONALD MEIER "Dutch" Enter Fordham fCollege of Pharmaeyl G.O. Rep. Fourth Term Play football VVe know you will reach your 'Agoalf' PATRICIA MERRINS l'Pat" Fashion Illustration T.A. Fashion Show, Honor Roll, See'y to Teacher, Library Rep., G.O. Rep., P.S.A.L. Award, Green and VVhite Party To get the most out of life, then write an autobiography May you reach your goal of success. IOAN MIROVVSKY Secretary Honor Roll, Mrs. Brogan's Squad, See'y to Teacher, "Star" Staff, Li- brary Rep., Bowling Club To go to Europe So very small and liked by all. ROBERT MITCHELL l'Bob" Queens College Physics Lab. and Chemistry Lab. Squads, Hebrew Culture Club Chemist May you mix your chemicals as well as you mix with your friends. 22 PIIYLLIS MOFFA "Phil" Finishing School "Pioneer," Honor Roll, See'y to Teach- er, G.O. and Library Rep., Library Ass't, Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball Clubs To be a career woman She's nice and sweet, cute and petite. MARILYN MOLLET "Lynn" Secretary See'y to Miss NVittlinger, Mrs. Poetz, Roller Skating Club, P.S.A.L. Award in Volleyball Marry a 6'2" millionaire Lynn, we receive but what we give. VVILLIAM GEORGE MONKS l'Aee" U.S. Marine Corps Rifle Team, Service Squad, See'y to Teachers To be a house policeman Always be quick on the draw. IOAN MORETTI Wfashington School for Secretaries See'y to Teachers, Honor Roll 5 Terms Private secretary Success to you in every way. MARIORIE ANN MORGAN N. Y. Telephone Co. "Margie" Arista, Sr. Class Treas,, "Pioneer," Honor Roll, Classes, Mrs, Brogan's Squad, Maior Service Pin, See'y to Teachers, Prog. Party To be just like my mother Margie's always full of fun. IIELENE INIOTTRAINI 'iLenny' Dental Assit Swimming Ass't, See'y to Teacher, Swimming, Skating, and Basketball Clubs To be a successful and happy wife May your life be a successful one and free from troubles. MARGUERITE MULZ HMargie" Secretary See'y to Mrs. Boegc, Iournalism Class, Ilonor Roll, G.O. Rep. To be a loving wife and mother. Loving she will be! ANNETTE MUNCII l'Munehie" Business School Library Ass't, Softball Club, Book Store, See'y to Teacher To own a chartreuse Cadillac It will be hard to forget Munehie. MARIO MUSILLI "Mae" Work Make a million ' Here's hoping your dream comes true. GEORGE MUSSLER "Mussles" Intramural Softball, Baseball, Math., Rollerskating Clubs, Iackson Patrol Lunch Patrol, Pre-school Patrol To work in National Cash Register Keep your lingers out of the till! 1 r MARIO MUSSO "Marty" Get a good job G.O. Representative Retire at twenty-five It will have to be a good iob to attain that ambition! DOLORES NIEDERMEIR t'Lurie" Brown's Business School Sec'y to Teachers, Math. Tutor, G.O. Oihce, Program Comm., Arista, Eng- lish, History Honor Classes A buyer for Dept. Store Tell us where to End you. MARION NELSON College Late Oilice Sq., Iunior Orchestra, Swimming Club Marry a successful businessman May you lead a successful life. IANET NEVVCOMB "lan" Nurse's Training at St. Iohn's Attendance Sq., Late Office Sq., See'y to Teachers, Volleyball Club, General Oflice Nurse To a doctor she will be a delight. WARREN WILLIAM NICKERSON College "Nick" 'APioneer" Business Staff, Hall Patrol, Mr. Deutch's OHiee, Locker Guard, G.O. Rep., Stockroom, Progressive Party Advertising Executive Lots of success to a potential executive. BEINA NODELMAN "Bee" College Math., English, Honor Classes, Iour- nalism, G.O. Rep., Mrs. Brogan's Sq., Sec'y to Teachers, Att. Squad To look like my mother and have a sense of humor like my father Beina is sure to get her wish. PATRICIA NOONAN , f "Pat" Nursing Special Chorus, Green and White Party, See'y to Teachers, Late Office Sq., Basketball Club To have a sense of humor like my dad, and be as kind and sweet as my mom May she bring as many laughs to her patients as she does to us. IAMES NUGENT "lim" College Track Team, Capt. of Cross Country Team, Cross Country Queens and City Championship, Varsity Swimming Team, Hall Patrol To be successful in future occupations lim will run away with success. IEAN OLSEN Office Vlfork Sec'y to Mrs. Charlton, Miss MeKier- nan, Swimming, Glee Clubs, Library Assistant, Program Committee To travel VVe hope lean will travel as fast as she types. IOAN OLSIIEFSKI 'tloanien Going to Business School English Ilonor, Ilonor Roll, Attend- ance Office, General Ofhce Spanish-English Secretary Salud, dincro, y amor. MARION OLTMANN College "Pioneer," Ilonor Roll, Ilistory, Math., English Honor, Major I, Three Minor I's, Athletic Clubs, General Science Squad To sing in the Metropolitan Opera House and be a member of that company She will find the key to success. DAVID OLTON "Bo" Lumberjack Service Squad, Craft Ass't, Farm Cadets Ioin the Navy May he never get a splinter. MARILYN O'NEILL "Mert" Business school Secretary to Teachers, Dance Club Have a family of six boys Marilyn is full of pep and on "the ball." DOROTHY OPHALS "Dotty" Secretary Co-Chairman of 'tPioncer" Business Staff, Green and White Party, Sec'y To Teachers, Newman Club, Emer- gency Room Ass't, Typing Cert. To ride with Cecelia on the end of a rainbow, and reach that pot of gold Dotty is worth her weight in gold. 23 GEORGE ORTII "Big" George Get a good job that pays well Basketball team A major league ball-player, or marry a girl with a million dollars May you always get a home-run in whatever you undertake. PATRICIA ANN PACILEO 'APat" College Attendance Squad, Scc'y to Teachers, IIonor Roll, Social Sec'y, G,O. Rep. A life of happiness Ilappiness will follow Pat wherever she may go. ORSALIA PANTELIA A'Lee" College Editorfin-Chief of "Hickory Logf' Girl Leader of Arista, Progressive Party, Honor Classes, Sec'y to Teachers To be successful in all my endeavors- large or small A real go-getter with a definite aim in life. MARY ANN PAPER Wfork and night school Attendance Squad, Special Chorus Reporter May she write her way to fame. ROBERT PATAKY "Bob" Get a job with a dance band Lunch Patrol, IIall Patrol To be a professional drummer May Bob "drum" his way to fame. ANASTASIA PECKIIEISER "Stacy" Cortland State Teachers College "Star" Staff, Leaders' Club, Sce'y to Teachers, Library Rep., Lunch Patrol, Stage Crew To gain success, happiness, and con- tentment May all your dreams come true. IOSEPII PENTOLA 'tjoen Marines or the Navy Study for a technical trade in the Service Iackson's loss is Nayy's gain. MARY PERIGO Katharine Gibbs Ass't Ed. of "Hickory Log," "Hickory Logl' Reporter, Newman Club, Basket- ball Club, Library Ass't, Rep., See'y to Teachers Travel around the world Always on time-for the late line. 24- ELIZABETH PFEFFER A'Bettie" Office worker Sec'y to Mrs. Cardone, Swimming Club, Glee Club, Concert, Library Representative Marriage Bettie will be a success in her chosen career. VVILLIAM PHILLIPS "Bill" Vifork for a newspaper Sports Editor of A'Hickory Log," Iour- nalism, Math., English, History, Chem- istry IIonor Classes, Honor Roll 4 Terms, G.O. Rep., Math. Tutor, Hall Patrol See California from a 1950 Cadillac Bill will keep the wheels rolling. TIIERESA PIAZZA . "Terry', Secretary IIonor Roll, A'Pioneer" Staff, Sec'y to Teachers, Dramatics Class, Dancing Club, Glee Club, G.O. Rep. To be well-liked by everyone Terry has fulfilled her ambition already. CHARLES PIETROVV L'Charlie'l College "Hickory Log" Reporter, Biology Squad, Iaekson, Lunch Patrols, Ticket Seller Accountant Charles will be good on all "accounts" KENNETH POLASKI 'ABugsey" Vlfork jackson Patrol, "Hickory Log" Rc- porter To follow in Rockefeller's footsteps Golly, will you be rich! CAROLYN POSON 'ACarol" Wfork Secretary to Teachers To be seen before heard Carol is a nice person to be both seen and heard. CATHERINE POXVERS "Cathy" Packard Iuriior College Chairman "Pioneer" Business Staff, Lunch Patrol, Life Saving, Softball Clubs, Library Ass't, Seely to Teacher To swim like Esther Vlfilliams Cathy's bubbling personality will keep her afloat. RALPH PRESCOTT College Iunior Orchestra, Band, Concerts, Color Guard Dentist May you Udrill" your way to success. JOAN PROSS Secretary Honor Roll, See'y to Teachers, Swim- ming Club To see the world before I get too old Ioan is quiet, sweet and reserved. SIDNEY RABINOVVITZ "Sidl' N. Y. U. Hall Patrol, General Science Labatory, Lunch Patrol, Mr. Ilartung's Door Guard, G.O. Rep., Scc'y to Teacher To become a medical doctor Patients -+- Sidney : Speedy Recovery. RICI IARD RANNUS "Dick" College Varsity Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Iunior Varsity Basketball, Gym Sec'y, Tennis Club P.S,A.L. Award To travel around the world May yon travel on the road to success. Bl'lA'l'RICI'l RAYlNlOND MBetty" Katharine Gibbs See'y to Mrs. Mollin, G.O, Office Ass't, Ilonor Roll, Program Committee, Pitman Award To get a MRS degree Vtle hope you attain your MRS degree. GLORIA Rl'1lHi'l'Z "Glo" Wfork as secretary Secretary to Mrs. Roseg Bowling Club To be just like my morn VVith efficiency and speed She will make a good secretary indeed. IANICT RICGO 'ljanl' College Become rr teacher llere's wishing you luck in the coming years. PATRICIA REILLY "Pat" College 'lPioneerl' Staff, Math., Ilistory and Iinglish Ilonor Classes, See'y to Teaeherg Swimming and Basketball Clubs Be the first woman President of the U. S. You're sure to make history. IIIEILICN RILICY 'AIIellie" Business school "Pioneer" Business Staff, G.O. Repre- scntative, Secretary to Mrs. Reeve, Newman, Tennis, Volleyball, Basket- ball Clubs Ilellie will be the shining light in every oflice ILYLVIA RIVERA Become a Laboratory Technician Library Representative Go around the world XVith perseverance Sylvia will achieve her goal. DONALD RIZZUTO "Don" College llistory llonor Classes, Seely to Teacher, Guard 2 Terms, Green and VVhite Party, V. Basketball, P.S.A.L. Medal To graduate for Professional School You'll travel the road to success. MARION ROBERTS Wfork Swimming Club, Ilonor Roll To become a private secretary, or have a good secretarial position Marion will make a perfect private secretary. IUNE ROHR Nurses Training School llonor Roll, English Honor Class, Sec'y to Teachers, Swimming Club To be a successful nurse and marry a rich doctor She'll be a comfort to every patient. IOAN ROLL Telephone operator llonor Roll, Library Ass't, Lunch Patrol, Reorganization Typing, Swim- ming Club To travel May you 1'Roll" down the hill to happiness! VVILLIAM ROLLINS "Rollo" Vlfork Service Squad, YVorked for Mrs. Boehm, Crafts Club To succeed "Hot Rod Happy" VVill a scooter do? IOSEPII ROONEY HDi1nplCS" College Visual Aid Captain, Camera Club, Late Office Ass't, Luneh Room and Speech Aid Squad To own General Electric May your future be charged with happiness. MABEL RYAN 'tMimi" Wfood School for Secretaries Attendance Squad, Green and NVhite Party, Sec'y to Teachers, Swimming Club, Typing Cert. To own a light blue Cadillac An asset behind any typewriter. 25 MURIEL IOAN SALMONSON College A'Pioneer" Stall, "Hickory Log" Staff, Stage Crcw, Arista, Honor Roll, Pro- gram Committee, Swiinining Club, Library Staff To see as much of the world as possible Going my way, Muriel? CIIARLES SALZMANN 'AChuck" Study Radio Radio Club, Senior Orchestra, Band Chuck will rcaeh the spark of success. PATRICIA HELEN SANDKUHL Wfork in Telephone Co. A'Pat" Leaders Club, Reorganization Squad, Sec'y to Teachers, Social Sce'y, Props. and Pub. for "Arsenic and Old Lace," Emergency Room Ass't To live a life of ease A life of ease is loved by all. RICHARD SARNA "Ricky" Get a job Become a photographer Your name will be among the best. SANFORD SAYPOFF Adelphi College Lunch Patrol, Iackson Hall Patrol, Dean's Squad Marry a rich girl Best of luck to you in all you undertake. IIARRIET SCHARFF 4'Red" Business School Special Chorus, Sec'y to Teacher, Swim- ming, Volleyball Club, Stenography Certihcate To become a secretary Assets many, liabilities few. CLAIRE TERESA SCHEINER Business School "Lucky" Tennis Club, Library Assistant Secretary A good secretary Claire will be. DONALD SCHLESIER 'ADon" College Agriculture May he "sprout" his way to fame. 26 CAROLYN SCHMIDT "Cassy" Business School Sec'y to Teachers, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Bowling Clubs To have a good time traveling May she travel all the roads of success. IOAN SCHMIDT "Bubbles" Stenographer Ilonor Roll, Reorganization Squad, In- strumental and Dramatics Club, Ten- nis, Volleyball, Basketball and Skat- ing Clubs To have lots of fun and friends A nicer girl is hard to find. NORMAN SCHNEIDER Best of luck, Norman BARBARA SCIIULTZ HMarion" 'tllickory Log" Staff, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, Stage Crew, See'y to Teacher, Volleyball and Tennis Clubs Raise a football team May life be iust one big kick. IRENE SCIIULTZ Stenographer "Pioneer" Staff, Iournalism Honor Class, Volleyball, Basketball, Leaders, Badminton Clubs, Typing and Sten. Certs., Sec'y to Teachers, Honor Roll To become a traveling secretary Irene is jolly, and loads of fun. MARION SCHULTZ "Barbara" Secretary Arista, Varisty Club President, Service Pin, Major and Minor I, "Hickory Log," Lunch Patrol Captain, Sce'y to Teachers To be a millionaire in everything but money Marion will always be rich in friends. HELEN SCHUTT "Dimples" Office work Secly to Mr. Christ, Mr. Clark, Swim- ming Club To be a successful business girl In the business world, "Dimples" will attract attention. NANCY SCHWALB To work or attend business school Honor Roll, History Honor, Creative VVriting, Swimming Club, Sec'y to Mr. Schering, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Cardner Go out West and raise horses May you "gallop" to fame and fortune. LENORE SCIIVVARTZ "Lee" Take a long vacation Library Staff, Tennis, Volleyball, Swim- ming, Skating and Basketball Clubs Registered nurse An angel of mercy to the sick. LUCILLE SCOTT "Skcezy" Hluilliard School of Music" Secretary to Teachers, Instrumental Class, Iunior and Senior Orchestra, Special Chorus, Volleyball, Softball, Swimming Clubs To become a music teacher Success comes to those who strive for it. MARY LOU SCOTT 'tLou" Business History, English Ilonor, Library Repre- sentative and Assistant, See'y to Teacher, Volleyball, Skating Clubs Private secretary A smart secretary she surely will be. LOUIS SEPE "Lou" Armed Forces Patrol Girard To become a handball champ Lou's a champ in his own way. IANICE ANN SHANE Good luck, Ian. IOYCE SIIERIDAN "joy" To work for a few years Secretary to Mrs. Charlton and Miss Hodgskin To get married and take a trip with a handsome Nfarine To get her Marine she may have to go to the "Shores of Tripoli." MARIE CATHERINE SIEBER Art or Secretarial School "Toddy" "Pioneer," '4Star" Staff, Art Medal, Certificate, Honor Roll, English Ilonor, Minor Service Pin, '4Hiek0ry Log" Car- toons, Stcnography Medal, Certilicate, Typcwriting Certiticate To lead a full, happy life Marie is a wonderful girl to know! SEBASTIAN SIMONE 'tBud" Work Visual Aid Squad, Sec'y to Teachers, Health Service Eam an honest living and retire at 65 A nobler ambition cannot be wished. IAMES SIMPSON "Jimmie" Art School "Star" Art Staff, Stage Crew, Major UI," Track Team, Minor "I" Cross Country, Lunch Patrol, Green and XVhite Party Steal teeth from a Gila Monster May you draw from the treasury of life. DOROTHY SMITH L'Dory" Secretary 'KPioueer" Staff, Swimming Club, Pro- gram Committce, Library Rep. To stay with the "happy people" Success will come easily to Dory. CLADYS SMITH HBO" Business school Sec'y to Miss Flynn, Mr. Todcr To secure a secretarial position VVe wish you all success and happiness. IOAN SMITII .,,,f Business Sce'y to Teachers, Art Office Staff, G.O. Representative, Attendance Ofiice To marry a lawyer May this life bring all the happiness and success you want. XVILLIAM A. SPROULL "Hopalong" Export, import business English, History Ilonor Classes, Base- ball 'l'eam Traffic manager May you 'tHopalong" to success. ANDREXV SQUAZZO t'Andy" College To be gay, free and happy VVc know your ambition will come true. IEAN STACK 'tIcanie" Secretary Honor Roll, Honor Classes, Creative VVriting, Dramatics, Iournalism Classes, G.O. Rep., Clee Club, Sec'y to Teacher To cook like Mom Iean's warm smile will brighten her days ahead. THERESA STEHN "Terry" To be a model Sec'y to Teachers, Attendance Oflice Ass't, Late Office Ass't, Library Repre- sentative, Volleyball Club Get married and raise a family Terry will make a "model" wife. 27 BARBARA STEXVART 'fBabs" Business school Seely to Teacher, Swimming, Vollcyf ball and Softball Clubs To be successful Your perseverance will bring you success. IOIIN STIINIPFL "lohnnic'l W'ork during day, go to night school Lunch Patrol Salesman A person such as john will have no difliculty in selling something. IOAN STRITZFL "Mi Mi" Office work Secretary to Teachers, Library Ass't To be happily married loan will always beam with personality. IOSEPH SULLIVAN Alloc" Wfork English Book Room To get a key for the back door of the U. S. Mint XVc hope you End the f'Key" to success. RONALD SZABO i'R0nny" Aeronautical school Flight engineer Ronald will wing his way to fame. IAINIES 'I'liISSl+lYMAN f'Big Tcssl' Uncle Sani has plans for nie "No clubs or scrvicesg I was a sleeper." To be a Znd Irving Berlin Lots of luck in all your "plans" ANDREA THOMPSON "Andy" Nurses training at Kings County Attendance Otliee, Emergency Room, Bowling Club, Scc'y to Teacher To be a success in any chosen profession Develop the good within yourself by doing thc best you know. LAXVRENCE TINDELL f'Larry" Vllork Train yellow-billed KifKi birds XVhy not parrakcets? 28 ROBERT TUCKER "Tuck" Alusician Dance and Field Band, Intramural Basketball and Softball, IIall Patrol, Green and VVhitc Party, Guard Patrol To take over when Gene Krupa retires Bob will 'ibeatn his way to success. TIIOINIAS VV. TULLY WIVOIIIH Enter Navy Member of City Championship Rifle Team 1948, Sports Staff of 'lllickory Log," Iackson IIall Patrol Become Veep. of VVCBS-TV As night follows the day-so will suc- cess follow him. DOROTHY URBAN "Dottie" College Associate Editor Mlliekory Log," Arista, 'fStar," Major Service Pin, Honor Classes, Biology Laboratory Squad To get the most and the best out of everything I do Ilcr ambition will make her happy. VVILLIAM VAN OSTEN "Van" Wlork To make a million Don't use your own printing press! ! IOIIN VASQUILZ University of Pennsylvania To get a higher education Good luck to an ambitious fellow. ROSALIIL VECCIIIONIL "Ro" Drake Business School Checring Squad, Sec'y to Teachers, Program Committee, Honor Classes, Ilonor Roll To own a race horse May you always be tl1e leader of the crowd. ICLEANOR VVACNER Clcc Club, Program Committee, Lunch Patrol, Sec'y to Teacher, Vol- leyball and Swimming Clubs Designer lflcanor has l'dcsigncd" her future. XIARLENE VVALDEN "Rustec" Ilunter College Ilonor Classes, Honor Roll, Dramatics and lournalism, 'fllickory Loglf Staff, Lunch Patrol, See'y to Teachers, Lead- ers and Volleyball Club To psychoanalyze the adult mind May she always remain the bright and happy girl we know. AUDREY VVALLACE Vlfork Sec'y to Miss French To marry an executive Success and happiness to you. EVELYN VVALSH A'Evie', Stenographer Vice Pres. of Senior Class, '4Pioncer,l' llouor Roll, History Honor, Secly to Teachers, G.O. Rep., Pitman Award To keep the friends I've made in school Sweet and neat, Evic can't be beat. MARTIN VVALSH "Marty" Vffork Special Chorus, G.O. Captain, Hall Guard, Locker Guard To live after 65 and collect social security Good Luck! PAUL VVALSH Wfhy keep it such a big secret? FREDERICK VVALTER t'Fritz" Navy Air Force Hall Patrol, English Book Room, Lunch Patrol To be a Private Eye You'll be the apple of cvcryone's Heyef' ROBERT VVARREN 'tBob" R. C. A. Institute Radio Club, 6 Terms, Radio Club Pres. Television engineer If you tune in ou the right channel, you're sure to spark your way to success. CLARENCE VVA'l"l'lCRS "Chick" Pace College Service Patrol Certified public accountant VVc'll all need him around March l5! IOAN VVEBER Business school Honor Roll, History Honor, Lunch Patrol, Library Staff, Sec'y to Teacher, Swimming, Tennis Clubs Secretary Ioan will be a success in her every undertaking. IRENE XVEISS "I" Bookkeeper Honor Roll, Library Ass't, Filing Cert. Reorganization Typing, G.O. Rep. To achieve success and happiness Success and happiness will A'balauce" your books. ROY VVELLMAN College Ilonor Classes, Iackson Patrol To get out of college Good luck to you, Roy! IUNE VVIIITTAKER Beaver College "Red Mill," Concerts, Science Tutor, Sccly to Teachers, Bowling Club Research chemist The units of the unknown will soon be revealed. PATRICIA VVICHELSON V' HPat" Business college Hllickory Log" Staff, A'Pioncer" Busi- ness Staff, Library Ass't, Swimming Club, History Honor, Honor Roll To travel around the world In her travels, may Pat find happiness. CAROL VVILLIAMS Business school Stenography Certificate, See'y to Mrs. Pearsall, Miss Raynor, Mr. Christ Secretary Carol is sweet, and a treat to meet. RICIIARD VVILSON "Dick" Undetermined Lunch Patrol To emulate Mr. Grady Lots of luck to you, Dick. GEORGE VVINTER College Bio Squad, Service Patrol Engineer Here's hoping you engineer your way to success. FLORENCE MARY VVIPF V! "Flo or Honey" To train at St. Mary's Hospital in Brooklyn Honor Roll, Sec'y to Teachers, Library Representative, Social Studies Squad '1'o live a life of Reilly, but not with Reilly VVhere she met a stranger, she left a friend. 29 v JAMES WRAY 'AEgbert" ' Air Force To own a flea circus Iimmy will "flea" to success ROY WRIGHT "Abe Wfork, night school Hall G a d ll 1' Workg retire at thirty with a million Why stop at one million! ! Camera Shy Iohn Bates George Bergen Raymond Custer Wallace Dufhn September Donald Bcll Gene Brandine Alan Brostoff Francis Chiltrillcr George Dahlstrom Lloyd Diggens Agnes Forde George Huges Concettina lannone 30 Richard Eschrnann Gladys Kiefer Charles Lingen Audrey Swenson 1950 Graduates Mary Ann Kempski Dennis Leary Frank Mailander Ioan McLaughlin Frank Perretty George Pike Richard Schneider Ianicc Anne Shane Leslie Shea Stuart Wadlcr HALL 0F FAME ,W www Sophisticates Pat Reilly Gvorge Mussler Class Lam bs A 1. Sun beams ,loam Johnson Bulb Tucker Rembrandts Marie Sieber ,lim Simpson Beverly Eicllell Fred Johnson 31 Good Joes Evelyn Wzllsll Henry Borger - Wi Wwf 32 Apple Polislmrs f' x PURE BRAINS ,lane Coyle Bill Kiltretlge Brain Trust Lee Pantelia Julius Caesar ,Iacksorfs Jesters Gloria Collins Felix Ciacini DUST TOBSHES r ,,.k g Ed and Emily Post Barbara Carlon Ed Andrews Heartbreakers Janet Fitzgerald Joe Cusumano S gwrfaaf' Athletes Nancy Gedge Jim Nugent I Qs. Chatterboxes Cecelia Amodio Richard Henning 33 Most Versatile Finger in Every Pie Barbara Balls jim Nugent 34 Personality Plus Dot Ophals Don Devlin Joan Hoffman Don Rizzuto Most Misunderstood Joan Heinsohn Don Bergan Tlwspians Marvin Dufer xXv2ll'I'l'll Ililiiillililll ,Mm 1' I' I' Most Popular Dol Uplluls Mike' Doyle' Eyvcutvllvrs Mimi Ccrny Joe CIISIIIIIZIIIO 35 Mr. and Mrs. Bop Favorite Teachers Mrs. Goodman Mr. Schwarzenbach Cathy Powers Bob Tucker 36 ad.. Mutt and ,Ie Carol Koster Al Dempsey Teachers' Trials Mary McPartlin Don Bergan msxm.. Livewires Gloria Collins Jim Simpson Long to Be Remembered Betty Gistedt Mike Doyle Most Likely to Succeed Lee Pantelia Julius Caesar Fashion Plates Grace Johnson Ronald Kaisen 37 L' Q w. Q hw 1 1 W, mil ff -Q ae,--" gi-,552 , Awww g 'Sv 5 57 Q :F gs P F 5 'fsfi :ji .-,' if 2 iv Q SE .ff rf .ff u Every a e Hear Mrs. Kasius-No loitering in the halls! Mr. Schiffman-lust wanted to see if you were alert. Mrs. Marks-Did you get it, clear? Mr. Hartung-Ioe Glutz and his gizzippee. Mr. Heckmau-I only work here. Mr. Singer-Yes, he's the Chinese ambassador to Turkey. Mrs. Brogau-Let me say- Mr. Hammer-I really love you, but- Mrs. Brown-You can put seven million lines through it. Mrs. Grossfeld-Now you can get the cleaning fluid. Mr. Testaverdc-That's right. Now say it a little louder. Mrs. Iocelyn-N ow, children- Miss Kinsey-In MY day- Mr. Rhind-I won't repeat this. 66 99 4 Ea E A 2 wiiimrf W A55 gy I X 6 .. Q w V Q3 A fm, E5 A, Rim we . 3 1 A A izvgaw 4 , WWE m SK M Q we V ???ss:YE,z' 9 'Mi-,ig 'WMS WW? Q ww- ,,-wr, 235. an iii iii 3 3 may Jun If eflections Ianuary, '47-Not only the beginning of a new year, but the start of four new and exciting years which will be remembered all our lives. Frankie Laine and Al Iolson were our song stylists, and no matter how proud our parents were, we were only lowly fresh- men. We had our first experiences with those 'fcartes blanches," the Delaney cards. The crowds in the halls bewildered us, and when we saw a Senior, we felt it a sacrilege not to give him the right of way. Slowly we learned where everything was. The day we didn't have to look at room numbers or S. S. stubs was the turning point in our scholastic careers. Ianuary, '48-We yelled "Freshie" but felt a little guilty, we were only just removed from that ignoble status ourselves. For the first time we noted a fact that was destined to be commented on frequently-"The freshmen get smaller every term." We were taking five majors now, and we labored at Herculean tasks. "Home- work from every teacher! I'll never Hnish it!" But we always man- aged to-somehow! january, '49-"The Seniors aren't such big deals." That was the prevailing topic of conversation, but nobody talked back to them. And who would be caught DEAD wearing GREEN on SENIOR DAY? Oh well, only one more year to go. Ianuary, '50-Seventh term was the last stepping-stone to the exalted Order of Seniorhood. We waited through it impatiently, but finally it arrived! The day we received our Senior hats we were on top of the world. We had made it, and soon the prom would arrive, and then graduation! There is more to being a Senior though than getting Senior hats and pins and going to the prom. We are ending four years that in later life we will perhaps long to live over, but will be unable to, except in our memories. Upon leaving Andrew Iackson, some of us will enter college, while others will enter busi- ness fields or the Armed Services. Today our graduation and our future are uppermost in our minds, but we shall never forget these four years. They have molded us into good citizens, which we hope we shall always be as we take our various places in this busy world. As A Student hinlwt Book Report Cutting High School Homework Failure Excuse for Lateness Ilall of Fame 5 minute bell Regents College The pass Freshman Up and Down Stairs Ambition FRESHMAN I'll get the best book I can End. I'd miss work. A place in which to further my education. I'll do 45 minutes in each subject. The world has come to an end. Sorry I didn't leave that extra halfahour early. They'rc wonderful, lust enough time for another problem. A whole week off! Nothing less than Ilar- vard. Something asked for only if urgent. Aren't we wonderful? It says down, so I'd better go down. To graduate with a 95 average. SOPHOMORH I can skip over a few chapters. Not today, I'm having a test. A place to stay in 'cause 1'n1 too young to quit. 30 minutes is plenty. I still have three more years. The bus was late. l'm sure to get picked. Time to pack my books. I'll read the text cover to cover. Maybe Columbia. Something asked for when the period is bor- ing. Glad I'm past that stage. IYIH in an awful hurryg I hope I don't get caught. To graduate with an 85 average. IUNIOR Classic Comic to the rescue. I might get caught. Guess I'll stick it out -only a half day of misery now. I'll copy it in enrolling room. VVhat! Again? The bus didn't take us around. Can't wait till Iylll a senior. Come on, bell! Ring! I knew I should have taken notes. C.C.N.Y.??? Something asked for to meet heart-throb in the hall. They get smaller and smaller. The teacher isnlt look- ing. VVho cares? To graduate with a T5 average. SENIOR I'll just read the sum- mary on the cover. NVill you Ex my at- tendance for mc? My sentence is almost up. She won't call on me. l'll scc you next term. The bell rang too early You vote for me, and l'll vote for you. Clear thc aisle! Can this be made up over the summer? XVho wants to go, anyway? VVho needs a pass? Did we look like FI'lAT?? VVho reads the signs? To graduate. 43 J 1,., gf : " ' . 'Nigga 1 ..,. : V ' .. 5 'K J' 1:31 15 ' if f H FX fi! ' -'-- z ,iz :.g .,,. 1 Q f ,.1. J E ,M M sw .. ig' We 'l ax, 3 5 l if My 34 3 Wwe f- . .. . f-H '1 j:- E:.::- .. , MX.. X v f '35 I .Q ,QQ sf egg, .,gQ... W5 New .7 xmp l g ' . Irene Srlwultz Belly Gistecll Lee Pan1el'a Mariorfe Morgan Grace Johnson Rosalie Ve:cl'1'one .Marie Sieber 8. 9. 10. ll. 12. l3. 14. 'Q I. .,,:, .I 61,2 .ee .. 1. V,?f- 22-: 11, A x Q ., ..4W""""l'f' 3? iw ,f,' x." f Joan Heinsohn Norma Held Barbara Kuhne Eleanor Corstens Barbara Curlh Joyce Kluberdanz Carol Hickey Margaret Fehilly Helen Riley l7. Joyce Keys Lois Gaskin Joan Dearing Carolyn Poson Joan Mirawsky 22. Marion Nelson 23. Claire El1rl1ardl8. Richard Henning Ruth Jol-mslon Audrey Fette Phyllis Moffa Sarah Grossman 28. Joan 81 William Hoffmann , Dorothea Jones . Theresa Lupo . Warren Hoffman . Dolly Ophols . Gloria Reefz . Marianne Fernau , Jean Olsen fl ,P 'S 1 'As 'T . 19" ,-wW,,,.--- Q ,u '.. k ., N vw. ,.........,,, M M. .....,,,,......,w.W hx or .mf wwmmff- w .3 X I 4 1 ln eta 7 ' .swf e .7 Wil. sq.:-N 2 up-3, QX if Came 5' , J '1 Q if f ' Q fl! fi WWF 50 51 52 53 54 55 T L 5. . sw .H I ,Z 1 .v MN. 36. Diana Fisher . Virginia Ciccarelli 37. Mariorie Eckerson Don Meier 38, Margueriie Hieronymus Nancy Gedge 39. Joan Heinen Joyce Herring 40. Beverly Eichell Phyllis Ginsburg Al. Harrier Scharff Barbara Hopp 42. Noel Chisholm Mel Gggdmgn 56 Howard Greiner Carol Williams . Margare1Hrab Philomenu Daly Vic Belicove Helen Schiff! Eleanor Wagner 57. Lorraine Dollack 58. Pa1Sandkuhl 59. Marion Roberts Denise Dreyfus Irene Weiss Bill Phillips 7 67 55 H95 or A ,l fiuiw X M...- x'ds-B-- ILL1. , A in 5' . we .X . XI. X X Sf Q5 r rkt w .xt Ax 5 N X. S i ai' fi My i 5 if is X PL ,A .f K' I 5 I' X A S is l 1 r I D fi WF , is M.. . gf 5 mf' 1" f fl fl . Terry Piazza . John Erwin . Helen Mottram . Lois Baumann . Rose Claud . Janet Newcom J x l 1 b Cecelia Ainodio keeping still Gloria Gollins being a pill Dotty Ophals not thinking of Otto L'Old Hickory and Victory" not our motto Pat Reilly reading a comic A. not atomic Marie Sieber remembering all No commotion in the hall Phyllis Moffa six feet tall Betty Gistedt not on the ball Willie Hoffman on a date Mr. Singer being late '9.'?.'?!?.'?CAN Y Bert Cerny not being a Hirt The locker room without any dirt Bob Tucker not being hep Barbara Baus not full of pep Lee Pantelia getting a zero Mr. Foerschner not our hero Ioan Heinsohn with straight hair Audrey Fette without a care Richard Henning talking slow Cathy Powers not on the go Every Senior hanging up his jacket A. students not making a racket Danny Druekerman not having an answer Sandy Saypoff a toe dancer Marion Oltmann not touching her toes Ioan Iohnson not making her clothes Sylvia Druckerman being stout Bob Mitchell not talking out Bev Eichell not talking about Voege Mona Goldsmith being an old fogey Margie Morgan not liking red Homemaking classes making bread 46 Terry Lupo not nice and sweet Peter lngrassia not really neat Ioan Hoffman not biting her lip Mike Doyle being a drip Irene Schultz in Special Chorus Bathing caps not being porous Mr. Testaverde weighing 300 pounds Bill Kittredgc not making the rounds Muriel Salmonson with hair of black Claire Ehrhardt talking back Ioan Heinen not a sport George Gisser cutting it short Ruth Friedrichs without her food Ioan Leahy in a bad mood Mary MePartlin being quiet Dr. Monahan being a riot Ioan Schmidt not dating "Moe" Dorothea Iones not a good joe George Mussler not being swell Iackson's pupils not saved by the bell Dotty Leiss not sweet and shy Warren Hoffman not a regular guy Carole Koster not progressive Assembly periods not a bore Pat Wichelson not possessive Senior trcasurers not asking for more Terry Piazza not gay Iackson students getting elevator rides Bill Litt with nothing to say The Visual Aid Squad without their slides Evelyn Walsh not neat Isabelle Leibman without a laugh Miss Lohman without a down beat All boys on the "Pioneer" Staff MAG NE.'?.'?.'?.'?.V? Ioyce Kluberdanz without her ring Helen Riley able to sing Marilyn Buck speaking in a loud voice Having an election without a choice Gym suits any color but green Andrew jackson without a dean Harriet Lundstrom not talking about Dick Someone in the emergency room really sick Pat Sandkuhl without a dimple A math problem being simple Iackson having a football team Cafeteria without ice-cream Iohn Vasquez without a temper The C. O. without a member Mrs. Hall not friendly and kind A lackson student having a mind Study hall with lounging chairs jackson students using the right stairs Norma Held without her jewel Mrs. Vogel in the pool Diana Fisher without a smile lim Nugent not running a mile Seniors without a "senior day" Teachers with higher pay The Cafeteria without a long line Cutting classes not a crime C. O. elections without paper plates Ioan Olshefski lifting weights The Bernsteins not playing piano Donald Borst being soprano Donald Devlin not G. O. President Dottie Urban being hesitant The Cafeteria being still Iackson not having an air raid drill Robert Antonio not able to draw A commercial student not taking law The locker room tidy and clean Iackson's Seniors not on the beam Gum chewers not cleaning the gym floor Freshmen knowing the score Seniors without their dressed up hats The gym class without mats Mary Perigo being on time Iackson's 'KPioneers" not able to rhyme. 47 s x Us K. he HX Y 6 if fx N-new , F. S f Q we Louise Becklein Rose Ciuffo . Warren Nickerson , Janet Fitzgerald lra Golden Carol Koster Marion Hummel 33 . it 5 ft ,uw ., 9 . f . Joan Roll Q 77. Marian Oltmann Mona Goldsmith Jaan Loeb Joan Stritzel Andy Squazzo . Joan Ditzel wg 1 ' Barbara Stewart Bob Mitchell Doreen Elkins .Julius Caesar Bruce Hemmer Nadia Hair Don Devlin Pat Noonan 91. Barbara Carlon Maureen Gorman Bill Kittredge Marilyn O'Neil Nancy Schwalb Mary Ann Cusano sur- 97. Dorothy l.eiss 98. Pat Pacileo 99. Marlene Walden 100. Felix Giacini lOl. Helen Johnson 102. Isabelle Liebman l03. Mary Ann Paper l04. Evelyn Knox Q .. 2 1 Ke. .ze- ,S 5. 1 i 11:1 5 2 'V iv "wr- to, he 4. 1,135.33 1 s eewf Q I +37 Y ,..-f .. i 'N 105. .lack Herman 106. Marcia Dufer 107. Mary Lou Scott 81 114. Marilyn Brouclhurst 108. Grace Cinquemani 109. Dorothy Brand 110. Lloyd Diggens 111. Joan Schmidt Rosemarie Mascola 119. Ellen Lemkuhl Bob Cox Mildred .leannetti Catherine Powers Joan Leahy Sylvia S- Danny Druckerman Jane Coyle 120. 121. 122 123 124 125 Muriel Salmonson Beina Nodelman .Joan Johnson Dick Marsh June Rohr Ada Kretschmcm 126. 127 128 129. 130 131 132 Dottie Urban Arden De Mott Florence Wipf Dorothy Smith Jane Whittaker Beatrice Raymond Bertha Kranz 133. Sidney Rclbinowitz 134. 135. 136. Ilene Griesmeyer Charlotte and Florence Bernstein Norman S:hneider 137. Mary Gallagher 138. Peter lnarassia 0They Remind Us 0 0 0 7 1 I ll Never Be Free ................... I Didn't Know What Time It Was ..... Fools Rush In .............. . Can't We Talk It Over ...,.. Music Maestro, Please ..... This Is The Night ....... Can Anyone Explain. . . Home Cooking .................... . . . ' 'lea For Two ............... I Didn't Slip, I Wasn't Pushed, Happy Feet ................ Dedicated To You .......... I Love the Guy ........... Vagabond Shoes ............ ' With My Eyes Wide Open. . . What's My Name? ........ That's My Desire ....... You've Changed ..... Solid As a Rock ..... ' Confess ........... A Simple Melody ..... Lucky Me! ................ My Silent Love ............. Give Me Five Minutes More. . . Night and Day ............. VVhy Shouldn't I? ........... Time On My Hands ..... Bonaparte's Retreat ......... Harbor Lights ................ . I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles. I Cross My Fingers ............ On the Outgoing Tide ....... Our Very Own ....... 50 'ire'ii.'.'.. ' . . . . .Progress Grade 10-8 ........Late Oflice . . . . .Main Session .......Dean's Ofhee . . . . . . . . .In the Lunehroom ...............TheProm Why freshmen are so small , . . . .Lunch Room Specials ...................Arista . . . . .Emergency Room . . . . .Miss Wetterau ...........Mrs. Hall . . . . . .Mr. Sehwarzenbaeh . . . .Lost my gym sneakers . . , . . ,First Period??????? ....I Lost myS S Stub . . . . . . . . , .Elevator Pass . . , . .Since Freshmen Days . . . .Good Old Iackson . . . . .Student Court . . . .Instrumental Class . . . . . . . .Graduation Day ..........Mr. Foerschner . . .To get dressed after gym ..............Homework . . . . .Cut that next class ..............StudyHall ................Histo1y6 . . .Ferry during prom night . . . .In the swimming pool . .That I'll pass the Regents . . . . . . .Main Hall at 12:46 .,.........Diploma 'YS if - .V .,":' V, f Q: ig .pw , . " , i f "' 'ff WW A 1 V4 n E 2 22 A 2 , g A"A- 4 s if , -Q V A .5 s 3: Q 5 . 0. Executive Council CScatccll Mr. Hallcr, Principal, Mr. Deutsch, GO. Co-ordinator. QStandingl Marie Bur- hans, Historian, Dr. Mason, GO, Sponsor, Donald Devlin, President, Roger Bulger, Vicc-Presi- dent, Gerry McCormack, Secretary, Mr. Bass, Treasurer. The GO. officers are the elected representatives of the entire student body. It is their duty to carry out the vvishes of the students as expressed through their enrolling room representatives. All activities which are necessary for the welfare and happiness of the student body are Within the province of the Council. ln this connection the GO. controls and plans expenditures of student funds. Among the activities to which the GO. contributes are athletics, school publications and club activities. It also makes, at times, special contributions such as were made for Iackson's War Memorial, The American Wing, and others. The Iackson book- covcrs are sold through thc GO. Discounts are generally available at most local stores to those who possess GO. tickets. 52 if iz. X UK 'ar if 23 was-W w DV 'lf 'V 31' X , A N , rx M. V-1 G- ,am My VN f 4 'H 'hr x, 0 L!! MIMEOGRAPH SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Bcucnfcld SPECIAL CHORUS Sponsor: Miss Lohman "HICKORY LOG" STAFF Sponsor: Miss Varady Editor-in-chief: Orsaliu Pzmteli BIOLOGY LAB. SQUAD Sponsor: M rs. Ruskin JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Sponsor: Mrs. Poetz SECRETARIAL AIDES Sponsor: Mrs. Sweeney Y' K QEXQ fx Eb ff wx Ssiviixiai L 2' :Q i gal jf .x...,- - X :QQ , Y r il 5 ,R ,, 'Q V .1 - , H, N ,fi w K 5 3 Er 4 if S 4 il , ,f ,Q Y ' H .gs , Qu 1 hw, .,Yl.Q mM,.,- ,ws 5, Q S ig ff ' Y,,fv Q .atl. .f: f . ' n 'x A 'x '35 '55 - Y 532231213 V" Qs uunj 5 1 'f 1-Q1 ,llw Mui YM, IKM S if ' . if gi Q if 5, xi WW if 5 wi? 1 "v.'V,.M '. Amy'-s ,xy am-1-.Q v ...N ' , N22 J?-5:fr.:Jx 5 -, 4 , M. vm my 3 , Y W vis., A w. ,aw f 1 'A Wi' GENERAL SCIENCE SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Greenberg GLEE CLUB Sponsor: Miss DeNigris ATTENDANCE SQUAD Sponsor: Miss Raynor LATE OFFICE SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Singer BAND Sponsor: Miss Lohman LUNCH ROOM OFFICERS Sponsor: Mr. Pollack DEANS' SQUAD Sponsors: Mr. Grady, Mr. Toder USHERETTES Sponsor: Mrs. Brogau Captain: Philomcnu Daly ENGLISH OFFICE SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Christ CHEMISTRY LAB. SQUAD Sponsor: NIL Clark MRS. BROGAN'S SECRETARIES Captain: Beverly Eichell EMERGENCY ROOM HELP Sponsor: Mrs. Lee ARISTA Sponsor: Dr. Anderson Girl Leader: Orsalia Palltcliu Boy Leader: Roger Bulger MR. DEUTSCH'S SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Deutsch PROGRAM COMMITTEE Sponsor: Miss Styles MRS. ALEXANDER'S SECRETARIES "STAR" STAFF Uiferaryj Sponsor: Mr. Poucmon STUDENT COURT Sponsor: Miss Frooms Chief Iustice: Ioan Iohnson , WE' ,M as , if ,Y max' Q if if Q X 's . J, X ua :f ng. . A .V 'au 'q PS' 1 RQ, .4 1 :Q ,yu ' f 'f 1' .,' 5 .mf ,Q swf S SN W sta 1., EQ X kg 'Y Mm 'S 3. Qs.. im" --.....,...-........,R .-...........,.,, 5 f 1 V , ,L SF, 5 6. mf " Zi WV ' Ea .. .:. wiv . . ,Q wif we '15 .. :a:E' :E " ' as Eg, ,af e ff! x Us ,W ? in wi LSA f N1 .,.,- his E 'K wgitil N i E f xx f'Wg" A ...f M . ., r x 2 T 'Y New 1, " X, Q N Xl 3' A H EW l 0+ KVA W QQ xv' ff? QA -fr I Q ff: "STAR" STAFF IAM, Sponsor: Mr. Ornstein G.O. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Sponsor: Dr. Mason ACCT. OFFICE SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Siegel E ag 2 Fe fshxgvirff 3 ,M Q NE? N M '31 Sig: ww in ,Q s A Q in Q si Q, QQ? 1 .V A 3 'X 3 N f ' Q' 5' A 7 M if I' wfia y 3-my 9 -b il I J i QJ jf! Q 'Es K mfr R V s 1:im- S -gf 3 :WRT rg Y W 3 ,Q N ,n., vW,, ,g .A :kk evf I 0 , xlwewqg gfgg1h,,a,f I., 'Q as- .tK ' l vim 1 R 4 x 'Qs 'il 1 eff' 3. Q - M. Q -- Wi 5 n as If S, 333: uifjffz ,,-v i - i ' 1- gi a V 4 A V Je ..,... X, Q wrt b Y w- Wu Q, YS fi k W flip' Y. ,pkg g,, in xx X Last Will and Testament We, the finished products of a four year grind fsome having had an added extensionj, being of doubtful sanity and exhausted body, do hereby proclaim this to be our final statement, to be read on the certainty that the last Senior has de- parted from this noble institution. In our struggle from Freshman to Senior year, we have lived safely in the assurance that very little of the knowledge with which we entered has been lost. Our days here have been, for the most part, pleasant. We regret, however, that during our final year extra-curricular activities were curtailed, for we would have enjoyed some of the sports and clubs of former years. On the termination of our high school days, we wish to bequeath the following to our Alma Mater and its celebrities: Mr. Haller ................,....... .... M any years of his usual good health The School .... Future Seniors .... Gym Lockers . . . Miss Kinsey ....... Visual-Aid Squad . . . Mrs. Amery ....... Biology Lab. .... . Mrs. Sweeney . . . Art Department . . . Dr. Manheim ......... 350 empty seats Courage . . . . . . . Supply of Airwick A U. N. without Russia . . . . . . An unbreakable projector Afree pass on theL.I.R.R. ....................Adissectedcatforstudy Automatic machine to put typewriter covers on . . . . . . . . . . . A ten years' supply of paint remover ..................AfreevacationinEngland Iackson's Commuters .... .... E lastic school buses to accommodate crowds Freshmen ............. ..... Mr. Heckman . . . Girls' Rooms .... Mr. Hammer .... Lunchroom ..... Mrs. Reeve ....... Health Ed. Dept. , . . . Mr. Testaverde .... Hall Patrol ......... Mr. Schwarzenbach ..... All of Iackson's teachers Neon-lighted numbers on the classroom doors Thatrarseinpay . . . ......,...... A new City Government . . . . . . . . . . . Something visible between the bread . A sound-proof, air-conditioned English room . . . . . . . . . Supply of Carbona for gum removal noiseless garbage truck for Iackson's collection . . . . . . . . . . . .Traffic lights to avoid congestion Thelishthatgotaway . . . . A happier spirit because of salary increase Mr. Rhind ................................................. A megaphone Mrs. Hall . . . Our appreciation for the service she gave to make this book a success Weary Students .......................,........................ Escalators Freshmen .................................................. Our sympathy Future jackson students ..............,........ A world of peace to grow up in In witness whereof, we affix our seal this twenty-ninth day of january, in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one. THE SENIORS A CASON HIC Witnesses: President of Senior Class-Henry Borger 1 'X Vice-President-Evelyn Walsh XV I 6' 6? S ' QD 2 ntl o 3 Ml: s l-' 5 - -'z li f S1 4L3ANS-096' Editor of A'Pioneer"-Betty Gistedt .g.g. - .g. - - - - .g. - - - - ln - - - - .L.g. .g.g. - - .g. - .g.q.g.Q.g.Q.g.g ARTHUR STUDICJS Official Phofographers +0 The Ciass of January I95I EXCLUSIVELY EQUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK P'I-IOTOGRAPI-IY l457 BROADWAY BRyan'r 9 7342 New York Cnfy 3.3.3. .3 .3 .3.3 .3 .3 .3 .3 ' .3.3 .3 .3 .3 .3 .3 Q.. -4. -4. .Q. ..g.g.. ...g.. ..q. - ..g. .g.g. -Q.. ..g. Q- -Q-Q.. - -Q.. .. -1. .g. .g. .g. -gr COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York I, New York Manufaclurers of Choir Robes - Band Ou'rfi+s - Academic Caps, Gowns and Hoods-Specialiies LAureI+on 8-7I40 CENTRAL BAKERY 200-I2 LINDEN BOULEVARD SI. Albans, L. I., N. Y. Ludwig Nunner COMLPIMENTS OF THE HICKORY LOG CAMBRIA 5c and I0c STORE Simplicily Paflerns-Yard Goods All School Supplies and Everyday Needs 219-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD LAureIIon 5-6049 - 98I4 LaureII'on Kosher DeIicaI'essen CATERING FOR ALL OCCASIONS Specializing in Puf-Up PIaHers . . 230-I9 Merrick Blvd. Laurelfon, IN. Y. Cambrla Helghls M. Kipnees - M. Sfavis Complimenls of LAureI+on 8-0042 HOHIS 4'2l87 DR. JOSEPH DRUCKERMAN CHRIS DE'-ICATESSEN VETERINARIAN Home Cooking - Birdseye Frozen Foods '34-22 232 STREET ZOI-O3 II4+Iw AVENUE Laurelfon, Long Island Sl' Albans' L' I" N' Y' USE O Complimenls of D O N ' S UR CHRISTMAS LAY-AWAY I89-27 LINDEN BOULEVARD SI. Albans, N. Y. PLAN For Service Call LAureI+on 8-4I2I - Prompi' Delivery SIumpf's Hardware 8: Housewares ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING SUPPLIES Window Glass - Lawn Seeds - Feriilizers Painl Producfs 230-O3 Merrick Road Laurellon, L. I. 'B 3"3"3-H-l"3-3-3-3'H -yi -.3-5-3-3-3-3-3-3-y-3-3-y-y-3-y-y-y- ' L 4 L L I I I I L I 1' I yi-yi-r-3i.i-ya-aaa-ya-:aaaaa-3 I, I, I, L I, L I, I, I, I. L I. I. I, I. L , L I, L L I, L I. .L I, I. I. I. I. I, L I, L I, .L I, L .L I, L I. , . . y 3 3 -3-3 -5-3 -5-3 -5-.3 -y-3 -3 -3 -5- : L G. BALFOUR COMPANY Officlal Jewelers 'ro ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL Dnshnchve Class Rings and Pms Commencemen+ Invi+a'Iions - Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia--Medals and Trophies 52I FIFTH AVENUE New York I7 N Y K K Q K K K-K-K-K-K-K-K '- - i-l- K- K-l- i-l'- K- 1 9 9 C . . . . . K L 1 L 1 l -.-1---g...g...---.g..g--Q.-------.. Q OUR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATES Mr. 8: Mrs. William Neddermann LINDEN SWEET SHOP 223-I8 LINDEN BOULEVARD Cambria I'IeigI'1'rs Long Island HOME MADE CANDY and ICE CREAM Ice Cream Cakes for Parfies I87-29 LINDEN BOULEVARD LAureIIon 5-98I7 CAMBRIA SWEET SHOPS DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM Candy - Luncheon 222-II Linden vd. LAureIIon 5-9799 Jim O Hara Bob McKeon LAureIIon 8 5560 SHEERS HARDWARE CO HARDWARE PAINTS HousEwAREs EIec+rIc 8: Plumbing Supplies 223 I7 I9 I.II'1Cl6I'1 Sl' Albans L Complimenfs of STATION BARBER SHOP II6-65 NEVVBUR6 STREET Sf. Albans I2, N. Y. GONSCOP THE QUALITY SHOE STORE OF ST. ALBANS I8842 LINDEN BOULEVARD Corner of Farmers I-IOIIis 5 2839 DUET HAIR STYLISTS COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE I99 22 HOLLIS AVENUE is 7 N 220 I9 I Ed s LuncI1eoneHe and Ice Cream Parlor We All Meef af Eddles for a Qulclc Snaclr and Drink nden Blvd Cambria Heighfs HO Ins 5 8225 PAUL SONN PAINT WALLPAPER PAINTING DECORATING LAURELTON WATCH SHOP WATCHES DIAMONDS JEWELRY 22703 MERRICK ROAD LaureIIon N Y LAureIIon 5 3364 B fern Treadeasy Sfalr Cushions, Inc MANUFACTURERS Au+I'1orlzed DISTfIbU'l'0I'S of Armsfrongs Linoleum Lees Carpeis I92 I6 Linden Blvd SI Albans I2 N Y LAureI+on 5OI93 Henry Sohl Prop SOHLS FOOD STORE Dellcafessen Frul'I's Beverages Groceries Frozen Foods Homemade Salads I9O I3 Linden Blvd Free Delivery BI ' ' i - - . - I. H oII' , . Y. I - . S ' I H h . . . I 200-I4 HOLLIS AVENUE , ' , -x-1-x-x-1-x-1-x-m-x -m -m -x-x -s-x-x -1 -m-x-1-3-vm-s-1-x-m-x-1-x-3-x-x-x x 1- K HEFFLEY OUEENSBORO SCHOOL Sound framing for flwe superlor secrefarsal and lumor execufuve poslfron Also courses In all fypes of modern busnness machines Induvndual promoflonal plan Supervised office experience Successful placemenf bureau DAY 81 EVENING SESSIONS CATALOGUE UPON REQUEST I6O I6 JAMAICA AVENUE JAma1ca 6 I98I I982 BEGIN ANY TIME Jamaica Long Island LAureIfon 70232 e Dellver LINDEN PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO SANITAS wAu.TEx Cheerfully ewan 229 28 LINDEN BOULEVARD C mbrla I-Ielglwfs L I N Y LAurelfon 8 7348 PAINT CRAFT SUPPLY CO Inc Wallpaper Arhsfs Maferlel 22604 MERRICK ROAD Laurelfon I3 N Y CONGRATULATIONS TO MANY OF OUR EMPLOYEES WHO ARE I95I GRADUATES ANDREW JACKSON F W WOOLWORTH FRESH MEADOWS LOUVIS CONFECTIONERY HAUBER BROS Prop :Sa 28 JAMAICA AVENUE Jamauca N Y RAEL PHARMACY 229 23 MERRICK ROAD Laurelfon N Y Free Delivery LAurelfon 8 6I80 I.AurelIon 8 4453 THE TOWN SHOP Hosnery Accessories Sporf Wear Corseis 230 I4 MERRICK BOULEVARD Near Cross Island Blvd Laurelfon L I HENRY 81 ANN'S .I DELICATESSEN AND GROCERY I Home Balung Frozen Foods .I 228 I9 LINDEN BOULEVARD ,Ig LAureI'ron 8 2992 Cambria Helghfs II. N Y urelfon 7 0770 Edge Cuflery 81 Grmdlng Shop SHARPENING AND REPAIRING I9004 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+ Albans. N Y I L L L L L L I' K K-R-L-g..g.g.g.g. ,.L.g. ,.g. ,q.. ,g.g.g. , , , , ,. .. ,.Q.. , ,q.g. ,.g. ,. , , ,.g.Q..Q.Q.Q.Q-g-g-g.g-g.g.g..g..g.g.g..g.g..g. A -I ig L II . ' . ' L ' ' , A . L . I I I . I: I O - . I 4' . T1 - I F . ' . I' . 1 ' .' . I I I I: ' 2 I . 'I - . T . I II L E I I y 'U I Z I ,I . E I, 'r' . I L I . I . Ii . II . I x ,, I 5 ' . L ua I . I - II . ' rn . In . ,I . I I I . A - -u I . I ' - 33 'I . 0 - I Z ' . II . ' :TI - f ' . ' 5: i' I 7 m 7 II C A 11 3 I 'U A - E I l'1'l A . vw I , r' ' I I I I I .,EIEE, I , I - I I I L I I hw- -S-1-3-x-1-I-m-I-x-m-x-x-1-x-x-1-3-x-x-I-x-m-1-x--1-3-1-m-x-x-m-x-x-m-x-x-m-x-x-m- -m-I 73 PQ -L. -1. .q. - .g. Q- - - - -Q. .g. - -5. -Q..g- -5. -4- -Q.. - -1. -g. .Q- g.g. LAureITon 7-2228 ASTELCO RADIO 81 TELEVISION CO. TELEVISION - SERVICE - INSTALLATIONS and SERVICE RENEWALS 222-O5 LINDEN BOULEVARD CAMBRIA HEIGHTS. N. Y. LAureITon 8 4OIO The Lu Jon Coiffure Salon BEAUTY CONSULTANTS S+ AIbans Smarfesf Shop 2I903 LINDEN BOULEVARD CompIImen+s of H OTTEN I70 22 I40+h AVENUE Sprmgfield Gardens General EIBCTFIC Appllances A J WILD Inc SALES REPAIRS RADIO RECORDS I88 36 LINDEN BOULEVARD LAureIfon 59456 Sf Albans Comphmenfs of AL S RESTAURANT 22I 20 LINDEN BOULEVARD Cambrla I-IeIgh+s Burkhard Schloff Herberf Saks CAMBRIA BAKE SHOP QUALITY BAKED PRODUCTS Cakes for AII Occaslons 22303 LINDEN BOULEVARD LAureITon 8 27I5 Cambma HeIqI'ITs II N 8 3600 ACE TELEVISION I99 I9 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+ Albans LAureIfon ConversIons-I0 and I2 Io I6 and I9 LAureIfon 8 3320 Guns and Ammumhon ST ALBANS HOBBY CENTER MODEL SUPPLIES SPORTING GOODS Arf and Phofo Supplles I87 24 Lmden Blvd S Albans I2 N Y TOYS GAMES P ACKMAN 88 38 LINDEN BOULEVARD S Albans I2 N Y SCHOOL SUPPLIES OUR SPECIALTY HOIIIs 5 IO022 Krlshs Ice Cream Cakes ICE CREAM IsL REpuIsIIQ 9 8330 L CanIor THE BON TON MISSES AND WOMEN S OUTER APPAREL 89 7I I65Ih STREET Around The corner from VaIenCIa TheaTre JamaIca N Y CHARLES OF ST ALBANS PHOTOGRAPHS THAT ALWAYS PLEASE We Supply Caps and Gowns S+ AIbans Theafre Block LAureI'ron B 6963 HENRY FREEMANS BAKERY BIRTHDAY WEDDING CAKES COOKIES OUR SPECIALTY I95 I9 LInden Blvd Albans L I K1 I I' L L L L L L L L L L I L I I f' 1' f' f' I' I' f' ' I - L - L I L . . , . L - - - - L . L - . l2. N. Y. I I' . . L ' I o L . 1 . . 1 - . T. . . . gh L I I 4 I I'. . . . E'- - ' ' . .Y. . - 0 A . . , I I '99-I4 HQ'-LIS AVENUE l9O-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD 1' HOII, . I. - T , ' I 1 I . . I I ' I , ',.. - ' . S+. ,..,N.Y. I W I -E-L-ll-K-WL1ll-K1L1l-rK1l1L-lK-ll-ll-KSK1K1K-l-K1CHL-L-Ku?lrR111K1K-K-R-IK-RHLSK-K-l-KsK-Q-Q-Q A I .I ,- J LAurelTOn 8-2744 I MARY'S FUR SHOP .I I- 1 O U A LIT Y E U R s L .I I- I I88-24 LINDEN BOULEVARD I .I ST. Albans I2, N. Y. I- E Resfyling-Cusfom and Ready-Made-Cold Sforage EQ I M. PanTelias, Prop. If 1 I- I I- 'E LAurelfon 8-6I48 Esfimafes Given I' .: 0 I A 5? CO. GI' SSITIBII S Dry Goods SIOTS gx 'f Licensed Plumbing, Heafing and Roofing l99'I3 LINDEN BOULEVARD f 1 General Confracfors - Rep. B"klyn Union Gas Co. S+- Albans Il' N. Y- i -I I99-24 Linden Blvd. s+. Albans U, N. Y. I- Q LAurel+on 8-7374 M. A. Ford Jflmalca 95993 g .. TRI-BORO RECORD SHOP ,- I ST. ALBANS FLORIST I. T FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS LARGEST RECORD SHOP IN QUEENS ,. Q! I8702 UNDEN BOULEVARD 89-29 l65'rh Sfreef Jamauca, N. Y. 1: 5: S+- Albans' L. In N. Y' Terminal Bldg. Opposi+e "Macy's Jamaica" :Q 'E l-AUVSIIOB 595481 9959 LAurel+on 8-5344 All Our Work Guaranfeed g .I OWL DRUGS. Inc. A. TOMINOVICH E 1 BE WISE--SAVE AT THE OWL EXPERT WATCHMAKER X1 JEWELER f E! LINDEN BOULEVARD 81 2Ols+ STREET I9O-09 LlNDEN BOULEVARD i -I s+. Albans, L. L s+. Albans, N. Y. I- 1 LAurelfOn 8-9063 We Deliver HOHIS 4.2531 i -I I B OAMBRIA MEAT MARKET DEI- CLEANERS E Li FRESH POULTRY . e-ROcERlEs SAME PAY C'-EANWG Q 4 2l7-II LINDEN BOULEVARD H4-63 FARMERS AVENUE I. 1 Joe De Falco, Prop. Cambria Heighls, N. Y. SI' Albans' N' Y' f if F' .E LAurell'on 5-I I33 Max Zifomerslry g- i LAurel+On 8-7566 A. Krogman, Prop. Inc. f 1 "'SEW AND SAVE" 1' I . . . I -1 Coffons, Snlks, Woolens, Curianns. Draperies, '- -E ST' Wlwife Goods. Trimmings, Pafferns a- T l88-22 Linden Blvd. S+. Albans, L. I., N. Y. f .I DIAMONDS ' WATCHES - Sl'-VERWAR5 LAUrel+on 7-0250 By Appoinfmenf Only 5- 1 CAMERA SPOT STUDIO i 1 199-os LIVNDEN BOULEVARD 1, H! GRADUATION PICTURES L 'E S+. Albans, L. l., N. Y. 224--20 MERRICK BOULEVARD g' H! Jack Bla+fer Laurelfon, L. I. i I I 131j131j1j13uux131j15131-1-3-3131113131nj111313-nj131j1j131j13131x1j131j1j1j zjzjgygxxj 131,135- Q. - ... - -5. .g- -1. - -5- - - - gl -1..g- - - -1. -9. .q. -Q.. - - - - - .g. -1-Q Q J I I ul I I I I I I LAurelTon 8-905l LAurel'ron 8-7958 A. 8: M. H OM ES VALUE plus QUALITY CARNATION AND LANDAU AVENUES ra Parlc ' C J Amocllo D. Musclllo HOIlTs as 5955 CARL S BAKESHOP BEST WTSHES FROM A B ' S SODA LOUNGE 81 LUNCHEONETTE CAKES MADE FOR ALL OCCASIONS II4 69 FARMERS BOULEVARD Albans L I 228+l'1 STREET 81 MERRICK ROAD urelfon L. I., N. Y. LAurel+on 5 9l85 JO LEE DRESS SHOPPE 232 07A MERRICK BOULEVARD Open Evenlngs Unhl 9 PM LAurelTon 8-I503 M. Ernczug IDEAL PHARMACAL CO WHELAN DRUG STORES Prescrip'fion Specialis-Is I9O-I7 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+. Albans, N. Y. HOllus 4 O8I9 HOLLIS CREST FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 200 2I HOLLIS AVENUE Corner 2Ols+ Sfreef Ho las LAurelTon 7 0330 Eshmafes Gwen Homesfeacl Floor Covermg Corp Lmoleum Broadlooms Carpefs TlIe 81 All Forms of Floor Covermg Good WOFRMBHSIIIP 220 I2 LINDEN BOULEVARD Cambria H lgI1+s S+ Albans Il N Y LAUTel+0TT 5.9547 socorw PRODUCTS THE LAURELTON SERVICE STATION TIRES - TUBES - ACCESSORIES 229+h STREET 81 MERRICK ROAD Laurel+on, L. I. I-lOlITs 5 4848 DR ERNEST A RABUANO suRsEoN DENTIST II3 02 202ncI STREET Hours by Appolnfmenf ST Albans ll WOr'lh Complimenfs of HYMAN SALMONSON COUNSELOR AT LAW Sl CHAMBERS STREET New Yorlr 2-2854 I ,I Flo I . ... l. I H! . i! . . I I T T R A T I T ' in gl! S+. , . ., N. Y. La I T T . I , ' H! . T . . ' . . T . T ' T I T bl - T T I' , N. Y. I I - . . I ' . I "LET US BEAUTIFY YOUR FLOORS" 1 T . T - T . I . .I ' e' . . T . . H! , I I ' - I I I 3 . . I I I I I i! . I ,I . Q! . . N. Y. I I lx- -T-3-x-x-x-x-1-T-1-x-T-T-x-1-x-5-1-x-T-x-T-1-m-3 3 76 LONG ISLAND'S LARGEST BRIDAL AND FORMAL SALON GOWNS FOR PROMS AND GRADUATION I59-I'O JAMAICA AVENUE JAMAICA L. LAurellon 8-7422 Resfylinq 8: Repairing SAUL GURAK OLD HICKORY AND FURMR VICTORY Lel us sing of Andrew Jackson, And be like him if we can. He was nearly always righl, Coafs Made Io Order 227-I3 Merrick Blvd. Laurellon, L .I. HOllis 5-5I5O- I C Complimenls of RICHMOND'S HARDWARE 'KC' - - ,,.,,,,,, K- -K- -K -K-K- -K- K-K- K- --1 I- 7 I T f A I ' A I 1 1 1 ' ' A And he dearly loved a light For he was a rnighly man. He was daring and audacious. I-le was sleadlasl and pugnacious. There has been no olher like him Since our hislory began. ' "Old Hickory and Vic'rory" Shall be our baffle cry As we gaily march upon our way: We will emulale his deeds each day. We'll do our besl' Io sland Ihe Iesl, And be valianl, brave and True: And ever we will lighl wilh honor and 'rhe right Old Andrew Jackson for you. APPLIANCES - PAINTS - HOUSEWARE II3-O9 SPRINGFIELD BOULEVARD 7 L ,.,,. 7 7c ,A,,, Y HOllis 5-3358 CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY 206-O2 HOLLIS AVENUE Hollis, N. Y, COMPLIMENTS OF LITERARY AND PHOTOGRAPHY "PIONEER" STAFF Qi 1 P I. I I' I I' 4 77 BEST WISI-IES LAWRENCE D ROUSE SI' Albans Funeral Home Fully Air Conclilioned I9I-O2 LINDEN BOULEVARD LAureIIon 8-3297 I , COIAPIIIMENTS 1 I I I OF I I I I Parenfs Associalion of I ANDREW JACKSON VICTORY .. .-,,. SONG Fight Tight Tiglwf for Ihe green and wI1iIe. FigI'I+: fight figII+ for a cause 'IIIa'r's riglfr. Firm and slrong, unifed are we: ANDREW JACKSON we IIonor 'rI1ee. We'lI raise +I'Iy praise in ringing Ione, Anol we'lI Iighf on forever for 'rI'1ee alone. K- - l- K- l- l- l- K- l- i-K-i- K J I I I I , , I .I , , I .I .I I .I .I I I .I I I I Andrew Jackson HIgI1 School COME AND JOIN Us 8-7623 BANZER S PHARMACY SERVICE EOR THE SICK I94-OI LINDEN BOULEVARD S+, Alb . . . . COMPLIMENTS OF THE BUSINESS STAFF PIONEER YEARBOOK Class of January I95I J .I . .I .I .I I .I .I .I .I .I .I I I LA I I urefon ul I I , ' I .I I I I I I I ans, L I, N Y .I I I L1 P ITED BY THE COMET PRESS, INC., 200 VARICK ST., NEW YORK 14, N. Y. 78 I F 4 4 Autographs ,,,,,,,.., ,,,,. . ,- .. x. , , .K . .. x 1 K U W . ,,, .W 1 .. ,,,,. . V! W, , ,,

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