Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1948

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1948 volume:

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M. , ,, , Q ... ..... X -. ,rv ,.h. ,. , ..,,, ... . , ,. , ..K. ,, W NL' ' W- ,Q -if "lp 'F' 'igkjskqt' mf 1 Ewa- X' 'Q 'XT sr Z " ask! f bf,-5' "-fwfr, ' H5 22 1' '- 1 ,g:,fQ,'1q,i' 5,12 TiE?l.3s-I..3f',ifwf,i:,iwie if fi ,,,.1"1"f lffnriifgflfm-55f'5i,ZL :-Q"Q 45 32 Y ' . ' 'A yr 0 G 'm 3 Y, 92 1 'Q rx 'I 3 4 Q wa r vi 5 1 W! 1 ,T :Y ' 'I 19 1 f ,i -s 1 J, af f, 7 V +1 'Y J, IQ, -1 N ,ik ZZ --1 pm' an ' ' 2 Q S! ,.-mf I lOI'ZQQ4f Yish:.s4-q:M""""" -Y " 5 ii. ,Q-M Andrew Jackson High School S+. Albans, New York Ralph W. Haller, Principal February I948 Volume X No. I OfQWOf ln graduafing from high school each of us has complefed anofher sfep in our progress foward being a beffer person, a more useful cifi- zen in our rapidly changing world. Our four years of sfudy and play fogefher have prepared us for our years of living and working fogefher as adulfs. The knowledge of hisfory, foreign languages, science, music. and arf fhaf we have received from a capable sfaff of insfrucfors has provided us wifh a small buf firm foundafion foward a beffer undersfand- ing of our world and ifs peoples. Buf our developmenf has depended nof enfirely on fhe informafion derived from fexfbooks. Supplemenfing our culfural and scienfific knowl- edge were fhe new friendships and acquainfances we made fhrough our confacfs in fhe classroom and in our exfra-curricular acfivifies. The hap- piness and fhe benefifs fhaf were gained in fhis way cannof be assigned a maferial value for fhe imporfanf role fhey have played in molding our characfers. Our nexf sfep will be enfrance info schools of higher educafion or info fhe business world. Which pafh we choose maffers nof so much, buf rafher if is of greafer imporfance fhaf we are moving forward. Lef if nof be said of any of us fhaf our developmenf has ceased wifh fhe receiving of a diploma. Rafher lef us bear in mind fhaf we may besf serve our God. our counfry, and our world by consfanfly working foward higher goals. Wherever our pafhs may lead, lef us sfill keep learning and lef us keep working for a world fhaf knows only peace. Wifh fhese fhoughfs fhe PIONEER STAFF wishes ifs classmafes of February, l948, fhe besf of luck. DONALD NASH ll ll zioneer Staff Edilor-in-Chief-Donald Nash. Associale Edilorsee Elizabelh Howard, Sonia Larsen, Olga Lupsha, Mari- lyn Rapporr, Richard Reiner. Secrelarial Slall-Dorolhy Erlc, Elizabelh Howard. Lilerary Slaicieaalilizabelh Howard, Marilyn Rapporl, Richard Reiner, Hope Dahl, Roberra Fleck, Carol Gisledl, lvlarie Greene, Edifh Gribbon, lrene Kahill, Nancy Lubash, Alice Munz, June lvlyclc, Pauline Paguelre, Felorina Picone, Mary Slrauss. Piclure Siari-Sonia Larsen, Olga Lupsha, Augusla Curreri, Virginia Dilzel, Dororhy Erls, Belly Lawrence, Joan Mchlicholas, Beverly Nor- ris, Rulh Perrine, Rose lvlarie Riervicenli, Sara Schafer, Roberl Senay, Janel Smilh, Virginia Walsh. Business Slalll-Gloria Colosanli and Bernice Giordano, Co-Chairman: Edna Schluler, Secreiaryg Elizabelh Burns, Lenore Baylis, Dolores Cer- vino, Lillian Sax, Werner Gans, Hilde Reimann, Dorolhy Fallqen, Phyllis King, Ann Gscheidle, Room Represenlalives. Facullry Advisers-Mrs. Hall, Mr. Bradley. rlnczyaa S essage Since you enfered high school abouf four years ago, fhere have been many significanf changes in world sifuafions. Some social and economic Trends have come fo sfand ouf in rafher bold relief. ln fhe brief space alloffed fo me here, may I empha- size iusf one imporfanf frend which, as fhe years roll on, will gain in imporfance. l refer fo a growing fendency foward alfruism. More complefely fhan ever before, will you, as exponenfs of a new generafion, have fo abandon selfishness. You musf learn and undersfand fhaf no individual is self-sufficienfg no individual is a law unfo himself: each one is merely a parf of a greaf sociefy which we are sfill sfriving fo mainfain fhrough winning fhe peace. From fhe fime of rugged individualism in our hisfory, our American way of life has been an evolufion info fhis ever-growing, social concepf. We have climbed slowly and painfully fo our presenf sfafe of welfare. We musf confinue fhe upward sfruggle. This fheory of unselfishness is nofhing new fo you in Jackson. Your fearns have been accusfomed fo if, fhey have won vicfories fhrough feam play-nof because of a desire for an individuals aggrandizemenf. As a sfudenf body you have fiffed info rules and regulafions which were meanf fo be besf for all: and on occasions each one of you has sacrificed some sfrong, personal desire, simply because following fhe pre- ferred course for you as an individual mighf have proven defrimenfal fo fhe welfare of fhe enfire sfudenf body. More and more fhe concepf of fhe common good musf become of paramounf imporfance in our counfry and in The world. Unless you are guided by fhis social ideal, if is my opinion fhaf you can nof affain fo your full value as a member of fhe sociefy info which you are enfering. Yours will be fhe decision, fo build furfher on fhis ideal, or fo refrograde. I hope fhaf your decision will be fo confinue fhe upward pafh. RALPH W. HALLER 4 Senior Grade Advisers Mrs. Jeanneffe Amery Mr. Milfon BlaH Mrs. Elisaberh Brogan Adminisfrafive Assisfanf Mr. J. Allison Sfevenson Adminisfrafive Assis+an+ Mr. Anflwony J. Bove Dean of Boys mln is tra tion 286560 tion To tile parents of the class of February, 1948 . . . To you, who have smootiiecl for us the rougii piaces in that ever-widening roaci of life, who have iieipecl us to face and to overcome the many obstacles that have iiinciereci our success, who have laughed ami cried with us throughout those precious years which we snail always remember, we, the graduates of the class of February nineteen hundred and forty-eight, wisii to dedicate this Book with sincere gratitude and love. This, we think, can snow but the smallest measure of our feelings. It is our nope that some clay we snail maize you proud of your ciiiiciren, as proud as they are of you, and in this way we siiaii prove that your earnest efforts have not been in vain. At this time, as we receive our diplomas and gradu- ate, we nope you, too, will feel tile thrill of that moment, for it was you, our parents, who spurred us on to strive for this important clay, anci therefore, we oieciicate THE PIONEER to you. Senior Stars WITTIEST BEST SPORT Joan Muller Sonja Larsen Jaclc Mullady Ken Gorman BEST LOOKING Joan Pollack CLASS FLIRT Audrey Gilce Frank Livingslon 'rl Bill Kelly l lflil LNB u-E1 M, TEACHERS' TRIAL BEST MIXERS fl 3: Jinny Difzel Janef Srnifn Jim Conn Jack Mullady MOST MISUNDERSTCOD CLASS DREAMER Lynn Proberf Frances Sloan Bob Senay James Van Siclen N- ...,,.., NW TL' QA " si r E: ww wl 'Hn sf QM E- X 'bud . 335 , 'lk CLASS CLOWN MOST DRAMATICALLY INCLINED Dol Winler Dolly Rippel Don Busch Bill Dulra Cl-VXTTERBOXES CLASS GENIUS Jaclcie Gordon Rulll Scoll Werner Gans Don Naslm 9 xggwf X Qs. CLASS MUSICIAN LIVEWIRE Belly Creiglwlron Joyce l-ligbee Bill Koehler l-lerlo Alexander MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED FASHION PLATES Belly l-loward Audrey Alfonsin George Conneman Bill Kelly fpigiwea in CLASS COMMANDOS MOST POPULAR Margie Unger Joan Pollack Frank Livirigsion Bob Mohler REMBRANDTS MOST SOPl'llSTlCATED Beverly Norris Evelyn Siclcles Ray Gooclbred Bill Kelly ED AND ETTA KETT KEEPERS OF Tl-IE FLAME Alice Munz Def Spenser Donald Nash Jack Mullady APPLE POLISHER SHYEST Beffy Heinle June Myck Bob Senay Bill Murphy emor ass cgfjqcers Presidenl-Roberl Mohler Vice-Presiclenl-Bernice Jordan Secrelary-Audrey Allonsin TREASURERS l-lope Alagia Lucille Gallup Lorella Clarkson Joyce l-ligbee l-lope Dalwl l-lelen Wissel I 3 ARTHUR ABRAHAM Long period of rest and relaxa- tion. G. O. Representative. To make Mother happy. When Artie's around we never rest. 'Cause he's one of the best! HOPE ALAGIA Vacation with Ann-Marie Mrs. Brogan's Off. Sq., Mr. Ste- vensonis Oil. Sq., Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Classes, Old Hickory Party, Sec. to teachers, War Stamp Rep., Senior Class Treas. urer. To be Happy Whom do we love? It's Hope. HERBERT ALEXANDER N. Y. U. Special Chorus. Swimming Team. Assistant to Mr. Vieillard, Sec. to Teacher, Operetta Ticket Col- lector, Honor Roll, Eco. Honor Class, French Tutor. llentisl To be a dentist you have to have pull. AUDREY L. ALFONSIN Art School-Pratt Institute Co-Ed. Art Staff ffStar,,' Swim- ming Ass't, Co-Mgr. Green and White, Volley Ball, Softball, Swimming Clubs, G. O. Rep., Class Sec., Cand. Green and White Party, Major Art, St. Gandens Medal, Journalism Class. To roam the prairies with Dewey! What! good for Saddle burn, Doy? PETER ANTONACCI Sampson College .lackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Pan-American Club, Glee Club, P. S. A. L. Pin, Inter-Mural Softball. To go to college with Bill There's a way where there's a will So youire off to college with Bill. FRANK ARCOLEO Work Sec. to teachers, Locker Guard. Baseball Team, Capt. of Baseball Team, Chair Repair Squad. To Talre It Easy A life of ease Our Frank will please. VINCENZA ARENA Typist Basketball Club, Lunch Patrol, Library Representative, Journal- ism Class, Typing Reorganization. To own a circus and ride the merry-go-round for free She'll be the best Arena in the Circus I4 ARTHUR ARONOWITZ Merchant Marine Office Assistant To Travel Going my way? THOMAS AZZARETTI Pace lnstitute Visual Aid Squad, Journalism Class, Honor Roll. To Succeed We hope you succeed in earning your Penny. ELEANOR BANNEMAN Work Eng. Honor Class, Volley Ball, Basketball Clubs, Library Rep., Library Asst., Special Chorus, Glee Club. Travel Around the world she goes, and where she'll stop, nobody knows. DOROTHY BARRY Bookkeeper Sec. to Teacher, Library Repre- sentative, Nutrition Certificate. To be happily married Here's hoping you have time for fun After you get your housework done! LENORE BAYLIS G0 to work Secretary to teachers, Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol, English .Honor Class, Journalism Class. To be just like my mother Sugar and spice And everything nice! GRACE BEERY . Business V G. O. Representative, G. O. Sec- retary, Green Sz White Party member, Cheering Squad, Honor Roll To help Dotty sell her cars. Gracie rates a cheer! ELSIE BEHR War Bond Rep., G. O. Rep., Sec. to teachers, Laboratory Sq., At- tendance Otl. Sq., Lib. Rep., Dramatic Club. Marry a man with a million dol- lars. Let's hope she cashes in. Nllllllilill lilillili Winrls N. Y. 'IH-I. Co. Sw. to 'l'eat'lu-r. l.att- Oflive Squatl. Nmsrnan Club, llonor Roll. C. l'. Certifivate. library Hep.. Dratnatirrs Class. To own un USIIII1' on Lung Islam! Silt-nt antl sweet Shi' 1-an't he beat. littl!lCR'l' ISENZINCICR fforne-ll "5tar" Staff, Chem. Prep. Sq.. Xssoviatt- lftl. lliokory Log. Pro- gratn Comm.. llonor Roll, Eng., llist.. lfvo.. Math., Chem. llonor tllasst--. Arista. Uperetta Sq.. tTovCapt. to Amplification antl Lighting Sq. To la' ll reseurrh rlterrzist lJon't pour H2504 on KCL03l lx Xlil. BERCSVIK Syrat-use lniv. llonor Roll. lfnglish llottor Class, llistory Ilonor Class. If not! 1'r'r'l111ologixl Xlakm- sure yon'rt- i'harlxing" up the right tree! till Xlil.l'lS lll.l'ilS'l'l'flN wlttfli Pilot llc-'Il fly through the air With tht' grt-ate-st of ea-1 .HHN I.. BULK Cnnttnervial Art School St'1'l't'lZ1l'y to team-hers, Honor Roll, Hollvr Skating Club, Library X-slslitttl, P. S. A. I.. Pin, Major Xrl Classes. To ln' happy and to he rz commer- riul artist. May you tlraix a th-sign for hap- pinvss. .ll'NIC BUNNHY Pratt lnstitute Co-Mgr. Green 81 Xvllite Party. Nlajor Art Classes. Softball Cluh. Ale-tnher fil't'k'll St Wltitrr, "Starr" Contribution. To lounz Iftt- prrlirivs with Day' Watvh those prairie wolves, Dewey! liUlSliR'l' BORST fif tl It-ge I.ot'lwr Cnartl, Door Cuartl, llall Cuartl. llonor Roll. .lnurnalism Class. Ch:-m. and Pliysics Honor Classes. I' ly to Moon Hel off, like a cheap toupcie On a windy clay. 'l'lll'1HlC5'X B0'l"l'lCl.ll'iRl Sevrt-tary Typing Certificates To grow six nmrt' lIIf',lQ'S A cute set'l't-lat'y. JAMES l'lllNKl'fli Business Worltl lnstrutnent Class, Autlitoriutn Cuartl, Typing t'ertifit'atf'. P. S. A. l.. Awartl. To fly rzrouttrl Ihr' worlrl on a buntblf' bt-v llope yllll 1lon'l get slungl EI.IZAlllC'l'lI HLKNS X Civil Service Works-r ' Sec. on 'fLog',. To marry my rirlt f'llllPlUyf'I' When l'ilizah1-th marries the boss Tho other tm-n will bt' at a loss. DONALD BUSCII Collegi- Rolle-r Skating Club. Clit-ntistty Prep. Squatl. Atnplifivalion Squad, "Hickory Log" Reporter. Pbolograpltic' llarkroont work. Progressive Party Member. Jour- nalism llonor Class. Locker Cuartl. Arr'hit01't Full of fun, without a frown. Don's our most famous clown. JOAN BUTLER Katherine Gibbs Business School Secy. to tvaoluws. l,lllll'll Patrol. Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming Clubs, P. S. A. L. Awartl, Prog. Party, llonor Roll. Eng. llonor Class, Eng. Dratnatics, C. 0. Rep., Major Art. Stage Crt-w for Varsity Show. To hatte ullzbiliolzs Ambition is a wonclerful thing lt :lt-ts y0ll almost anything. CATHERINE CACCAVALE Secretary to teachers, llonor Roll, Eng. and llistory llonor Classes. Ser-rclnry An employer coultln't ask for more. MONICA CALLAHAN St. Mary's College Newman Club, Mrs. Brogan,s Office Sq., Lili. Rep.. War Stamp Rep. To retire at rm early hour Monica---The Coltle-n Haired Sleeping Beauty I5 If fl .IAMES CANNOVA Work at fixture trade Sec. to teachers, History and English Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Business Jim will light his own way to fame. ANCELINA CARABILLO Business Sec. to teachers, Lunch Patrol, Special Chorus, Attendance Off. Sq. To bc successful in everything I do May your future hold the realiza- tion of your ambition. FRANCIS CARIELLO N. Y. ll. Locker Guard. Electronic Engineer Frank will bolt his way to suca cess CHARLES CARI,SEN Work Lunch Patrol Export Charles wants to uork at export Weire sure of his goal he won't fall short. ANN-MARIE CARLSON Vacation with Hope Swimming Club, Mrs. Brogan's Office Squad, English Journalism Class, Library Rep., Old Hickory Party. To fly around the world in a day. When you are on your way Don't lose Hope that day. PAULINE CARR Basketball Club, Attendance Squad, Secretary to teacher, Newman Club. Business Career A pleasant efficient secretary she will make. ' DOLORES CERVINO Delehanty Business School, then work. Secretary to teachers, Typing cer- tificate, Business Staff of 6'Pio- neerl' To be a social dancer Dolores will be a dancer rare Much better than Fred Astaire. I 6 THOMAS CHAMBERS Service Squad, A'Star,' Rep. To be a millionaire and take life easy Tom, although a real livewire, To take life easy is his desire. CAROL CHINA Barbizon Modeling School Glee Club, Lib. Rep., Honor Roll, Progressive Party Member, Asst. to teacher, Sec. to teachers, Eng- lish Honor Class, P. S. A. L. Award. To be a model Carol's our favorite g'China" doll LORETTA CLARKSON Secretary G. O. Rep., Sec. to teachers, Honor Roll, G. O. Historian, Member Old Hickory, Eng. Honor Class, Eng. Dramatics Class, Sec. on "Hickory Log." A full and happy life Our Loretta just couldn't be better DOROTHY COGCINS Secretary G. O. Rep., Usherette Squad, Honor Roll. To sell more ears than Mad Man Munlz A "Dot', with clash. MARY COLANGELO .loin Wacs Secretary to teacher, Late Office Assistant. To fly We hope you fly farther than the recruiting office GLORIA COLASANTI f Private Secretary ' Secretary to teachers, Typing certificate, Business staff of '4Pioneer," Honor Roll. T0 be just like my mother Just the kind that's hard to find HOWARD COLLINS College Late OH. Sq., Service Sq., Bio. Prep. Sq., Honor Roll, Math., Hist., Eco. Honor Classes, Eng. .Iournalism Class, Locker Guard. Business Upon this lad our dough we'll stack, 'Cause we feel sure he's on the right track CEORCE CONNEMAN State College of Agriculture Ed.-in-chief "Hickory Log", Re- org. Sq., Lunch Patrol. Bio. Club, Honor Roll, Journalism Class, Eco., Chem., Hist., Physics, Math., Bio. flonor Classes, Prog. Party. Arista, Minor Service Pin. A wife worth 3569.000 at 1196 int crest l Ct-orge is ont- who will succeed Wt- wish him luck, yes. indt-cd. CORRINE CONTE Fashion School Bond and Stamp Rep., C.0. Rep., Basketball Club. Volley Ball Club, Program Committee. Sec. to teachers, Co-Mgr. Old Hickory Party. Always bc happy Always neat, she can't be beat. JAMES CONTE Cornell Old Hickory Party, Chem. Prep. Squad, Chem., Bio., Eng. Honor Classos, Journalism Class, Honor Roll. Maha' ll million. Why stop at a million? Make it a billionl MARlE CONTI College Honor Roll. Eng. and History Honor Classes, Journalism Class, Stage Crcw, Library Rep., Sec. to teachers. Emergency Room Sq.. Bowling Club, Basketball Club, Lunch Patrol. Reporter for Log. Contest Pin, Chem. Honor Class. To be happy Friendship is the word of life. CORA CORNELL Work in an office C. O. Ofhce. Honor Roll Corn pmrn cl er We'rt- counting on youl .lOAN CRAIG Fashion lnst. of 'llccllnology War Bond Rep.. C. 0. Rep., Sec. to teachers. Honor Roll. To marry ll man with a million dollars 'l'hc Million Dollar Baby ROBERT E. CRAMER 'l'ulant' llniversity Eng. ,l0lll'll2lllFl1l Class, History and Physics llonor Classes. Aluzrspllpcr Reporter Our advice to you HBub' ls to first be a cub. nt1'1"t'Y CREIGIITON if Httsincss Special Chorus, Clee Club. Ty- ping Certificate, Honor Roll, ,lournalism Class "Log'l Staff. To be very happy with that "rer- tain fclloww For a golden voice B4-ttyis some choicel MARGARET CROSIER llnknown Not to get married until 1051 We hope you have fun between now and then. DOROTHY CROWSON Insurance Co. Attendance Squad, Sec. to 'l'i-aclter, Swimming Club, Boul- ing Club, Nutrition Certificate. To be happy. lt's nice to be natural When you're naturally nice. JOHN CULLEN Service Squad His graduation will leave a gap. AUGUSTA CllRRERl Business School Math., English, Chem. Honor Classes, Bio. Squad, "Pioneer" Staff. Honor Roll. Sec. to teach- er, Softball, Volleyball, Swim., Basketball Clubs, Math Tutor. Cussic's so popular, cute and clever. That we can't think of a squib that'll come up to her ever. HOPE DAHL Queens College Sec. to teacher, Major Ser. Pin.. Arista. "Pioneer" Staff, Sen. Class Tre-as., Lunch Patrol, Span. Tutor, Lib. Rep.. Swimming Asst. Swimming Club. Sr. judge, llist.. Chem. Honor Class:-s. Minor j, Honor Roll Fashion Illustrator llope is sweet in every way, Ilclps to brigxlitvn every day. HENRY W. IJAMM Printing .lznzkson Patrol. Lunch Patrol. Varsity Shots Ticket Seller l1'nsint'ss lVlanager of Printing Shop As night follows day. so will success follow him. I 7 LEONARD DANNEMANN Lunch Patrol, Locker Guard, Chair Repair Sq. Silence is golden And Leonard's I4 karat! JoAN MARY DAVIS College Math., Latin. Tutor, Math., His- tory, Eng., Eco. llonor Classes, Swimming, Bowling, Life Sav- ing Clubs, Ass't to teacher, Sec. to teacher, Honor Roll Serremry Full of laughter, full of spice We really think she's very nice. RALPII DILLINCHAM Cot married, I think that will take up most of my time Swimming Team, Lunch Patrol Capt. and Lieutenant of service Post A swell chap with a vast fund of energy. THERESA D'IMPERIO Key Punching Volley Ball Club, Honor Roll Office Worker Like a book, she's bound to please. VIRGINIA DITZEL Methodist School of Nursing Lib. Rep., Sec. to teachers, Emergency Rm. Squad, Attend- ance Off. Squad, Volleyball, Basketball Clubs, "Pioneer" Staff, Math.. English, Bio., Chem., Honor Class, Honor Roll, Major Art. Nurse Shelli be one of the white parade Who'll find it easy to make the grade. .IOHN DOHERTY Organized Hockey Stationary Engineer Big and strong and very nice John wants to play on ice. EUGENE DOLAN Work Ilonor Roll. Sec. to teacher, Jacks son Patrol. Locker Guard. Gym. Sec. Dancing instructor As merry as the day is long. I 8 JOSEPH DONNELLY College Swimming Team, Hall Patrol. Serrvice Squad, Captain lunch patrol, Co-Capt. Ser. Squad, Lunch Patrol, City Championship Team Member Mech. Engineer His manner and his friendly air Make him welcome everywhere. EDWARD DOWD Queens Chem. Prep., Operettas, Hlr. Miss", Lunch Patrol, Math.. Eng.. Hist. Honor Classes, Pro. Comm., Reorg. Squad, Visual Aid, C. 0. Rep., Arista, C0-Capt. Lighting 81 Amp. Squad. Covlt Work Ed will be tops in his trade. NANCY DUFFY Business Homemaking Squad, Sec. to teacher Secretary In business she will succeed She has everything shelll need. WILLIAM DUTRA Hofstra College Lead in two Operettas, Special Chorus To be u big gun in the business world If you can't be a big gun, be a big shot. MARTIN ECCERT Brooklyn Polytech Institute Capt. of Visual Aid Squad, Lunch Patrol, Chem. Pren.. Bio. Prep., Log Reporter, "Star,' Staff, Classical Club, Math and English Honor Classes, Minor Service Honor Roll. lfugi I1 eer May you Hengineerl' yourself to Jackson heights MARION EICH Co to business Jr. and Senior Orch., Band, Sp. Chorus, "Chimes of Normandy," 'gPirates of Penzane", Honor Roll, Sec. to teachers, Library Rep.. G, O. Rep. To span the world in a jet plane. Cute and friendly, fun and sweet, Marion's a gal hard to beat! LILA EIMER New Paltz State College C. O. Rep., Sec. to teacher. Cen. Off. Asst. Eng. Honor Class. Honor Roll, Bus. Staff "Pioneer". Own u motorcycle. A little teacher she would be. DOROTHY ERK Secretarial Position Book Binding Committee. Sec. to teacher, Sec. to Crade Adviser. Ofhee Assistant, Honor Roll, "Pioneer" Staff, Minor Service Pin, Typewriting Certificate, Program Committee, To go to California Sunny California here comes Dotty. -' EVELYN ERLACEN Secretarial Position Secretary to teachers, Typing certificate, Honor Roll, Reorgan- ization Committee To lze liappy Lovely blonde hair is Ev's high- light And to everyone it is a delight. .lEAN ESCHMANN Business School Seerelnry As to business school she goes, jean will ever be on her toes. JEAN FAAS Bergeley School Swimming Club, Math, English Honor Classes, Secretary to teachers, Honor Roll, Program Committee, Library Assist. Azlnertising Exec. A regular pal and loads of fun Our ,lean is liked by everyone. HENRY FAINT Business Enjoy life, if possible Wherever he'll go. whatever he'll do, With high Hying colors he's sure to come through. DOROTHY FALKEN Eventually study photography Library Assist., Library Rep.. Secretary to teachers, Field Hoe- key Cluh, Honor Roll, Badminton Club, Roller Skating Club, Bowl- ing Club, Chem. Honor Class, Yearbook Staff Trurel fur and wirle Student, sport, friend supreme With talents that are 1'arely seen. 'XHY FARIELLO 'lin be a secretary See. to teachers, Library Asst., Honor Roll. To lrrlrel Wie' hope you travel far and wide With good fortune at your side. JOSEPH FARRELL xf Wtirk Honor Roll, Sec. to teacher Graduate and get a good job lleis quiet and likeable. GERALD .l. FAY Take course in salesmanship Service Squad S1Ilt'SfIl!lIl Salesman, sell them a hill oi goods. DOROTHY FERTSCH Business School Special Chorus, Clee Club, Math, Hist., Honor Classes, Lib. Rep., Sec. to teachers, Honor Roll Legal Stenographer Her friends are many. her enemies none. Liked by all, and full of fun. JOSEPH FILANGERI College Honor Roll, Intramural basket- ball, football, softball , Engineer A friendly hello Always comes from Joe. OLlVlA FISHER L. I. ll. or ADELPHI Library Rep., Jr. Dramatics Club, Attendance Of'lice Squad, History Office Squad, Honor Roll, P.S.A.L. Award, "Pioneer" Business Stafl Social Worker Olivia we're sure will never shirk When she gets started in her social work. ROBERTA FLECK Magazine Work 'Z Bowling Club. Library Assist., journalism Class, Honor Roll. "Pioneer" Staff, Type. Certificate To be un interior decorator Blue-green eyes, and wavy blonde hair, Bobbie can decorate the scenery anywhere. DONALD FORBES Cortland State Teachers' College Eng., Chem., Physics, Biology, Math, History Honor Classes, Arista, Minor Service Pin, Honor Roll, Glee Club, Minor J, Major ,l, Bowling Team. Cen. Science Prep. Squad, Service Squad To be as good and successful a roach as Mr. Crummonrl Don's honest and square. Regular and fair. I9 CL.-XDYS FORSTER Work: Telephone Co. Bowling Club. Secretary to teach- t'l'S To ntnlre II lot of money Nlay you hear the ring of success. NlABl0N FRANK Business llonor Roll, Typing certificate, Secretary to teachers, Orchestra To olrn II 1947 Bllf!'!x' Convertible Glide to success on your pre- cision skates. IJEWEY FRENCER Queens College Math Honor Class, Skating Club, Late office Squad, Progressive Party member, Honor Roll lfngineer We hope of Dewey success to hear When he becomes an engineer. JANET FRIEDRICH Business Course Basketball, Volleyball, Leaders Clubs, Sec. to teacher, C. 0. Worker, Honor Roll, War Bond Rep. Business Career May you find happiness in busi- ness. BOSEMABY FRIEDRICHS Queens College Public Bel. Mgr. "Hickory Logf' Asst. Bus. Mgr. '6Hickory Log," l'o-Bus. Mgr. of 4'Hickory Log," Ser. Pin, Book Binding Sq., Honor Boll. Eco., llist.. Math Honor Classes, Discussion Club Vice- Pres.. Prog. Party Member. l"or'e1'gl1f'1' Adlf'l'I'll.Sl'f Sil Que! Dal ,lahl "Haire,s signs will get her far! JUAN FBlTZ Business School Bowling, Basketball Clubs. Sec- retary to teacher, Emergency Room. Ilonor Roll T'-IIl!f'I'f1fUfI Bt-st of luck to one who deserves the bestl .lUHN FURLINCEB W'orli Co-Captain Cross Country Team. Track Team, Service Squad To retire John will run into retirement. 20 VINCENT CALIANI l. S. Marines-Band Jr. and Sr. Orch., Band, Operetta. Varsity, Concerts, Secretary to teacher, All City Band. Honor Roll, Gen. Science Squad. Guard. Mu si firm "Rings on his fingers. bells on his toes, e sta ma e music ss ierexer H l ll k l he goes." IIEBMAN CALLATI Patrol Squad. Bio. Lab.. Nlath and History Honor Classes Good luck to a Nswell guy." We know he'll get by. CALLUP X Commercial Letterer Secretary to teachers, Craft Club. Journalism Class, Senior Class Treasurer, Honor Roll To be ll rnorlef Perfect in every way, l.ou is sweet, lively and gay. WERNER CANS Long Island University Service Squad, Lunch Patrol. History, English Honor Classes. Secretary to teacher. "Pioneer" Business Staff To be a big .suf'f'ess "The Talk of the Town" IURBAINE CIXNZI llofstra College Skating Club, Lunch Patrol. Service Squad. llonor Roll lnrwyer 'X nice ,girl with winning ways, Will get ahead in future days. lfll.ElffN ClflEB N. Y, Telephone Co. Secretary to lt"Llf'llt'li. P. S. A. l.. 'Xward To lraref nrnufnl tin' rrnrltl 'gWhat number, please?" was IIEVPI' sweeter. CASPAH CENN-TRO Business Ilall Patrol. Secretary to teaelt- ers. llonor Roll, Creative Writ- ing, Lunch Patrol Success will come his way. X1 IQDWARD CRRLACII ,luilliard fllce Club, Special Chorus, Op- eretta. Dance Band. Concerts. l.unch Patrol, llall Patrol. Roller Skating Club. Gym Oil. Sec. lllllllflllllfl? Sportsman .X life of ease bc'd choose NIXRILYN ClBl.lN 5v1'ttctut'y Special Chorus. Operelta, Con- certs, Swimming Asst., Swim- ming Club. C. O. Rep.. llonor Roll. Sold Basketball Tickets. Sec. to teachers, Attendance Study llall. Clee Club. Trinity Club ln' Slrfllcr Cibbit-is ottr choice for a good skate. 'Xl DRISY CIKH Rc nts Recording, Lunch Patrol, , ecretary to teachers, Honor Roll, Roller Skating Club. Swimming tllub. Nlinor Service Pin. Typing Certificate llarc fun Illlll lratfcl Xluays so full of mischief and fun Xudrt-y is likcd by eycryonc. BPIRNICIC CIORDANO Secretary library Assistant, Library Rep., linglish llonor Class, Dramatics Class. llontit' Roll. Business Staff of "Pionecr,,' Sten. Certificate lic ll lhlnccr Bernice uitl dance her way to 'lll'l't'!-S. CAROL CISTICDT Secretary llollnl' Roll. .lournalism Class, Crt-ativc Writing. Skating Club, Sec. to teachers, "Pioncer', Staff, Steu. and Typing Certs. lo lu' happy always Carol's sweet and Carol's wise, Shel the topmost in our eyes. JEROME COLDREYER Collegi- .lackson Patrol, Visual Aid Squad. Physics llonor Class .llillirlllfllrtf Nlay yoll shine in the picture of wealth. 'XTARY COl.DS'NlI'l'll Berkeley Secretarial School Library Rep.. Secretary to teach- ers. Art and Craft Club, G. O. Rep.. Locker Guard To lzcar I1 RIl.Y.SlHll say "YES, Polly is S'cute" and gay She rates in eu-ry way. RAYMOND GOODBRED Art Students League Service Patrol, "Stair" Staff - illustrator, Art office Squad Fine Artis! We'll be seeing Ray in the Louyre JACQUELINE GORDON Secretarial Position Aquarium. Basketball, l.eader's Club, Square Dancing, Swimming, Volleyball Clubs. Sec. to teachers, Swimming Asst., Honor Roll, Minor J's, Softball Club, Typing Cert., P. S. A. L. Medals. Own my own horse May he help you gallop to suc- cess. .lOllN K. CORMAN Notre Dame Basketball Team, Cross Country Team, Track Te-am. Eco., Math llonor Classes, llonor Roll. fi. O. Candidatc Physicfll Ezl. 7'caf-her Cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame Thcre Kenny will continue his famc. KATlll.lilCN GRANT Wtvrk Attendance Office Squad. l.ate Ofhce Squad, Clerk in boys' gym oflice To ln' lmppy Kitty is a lively gal Kittyls cvcrybody's pal. MARIE CREICNIC Duke University Special Chorus, Opcretta Con- cert, Regents Recording Comm., Emergency Room Asst., Sec. in C O. Office, Honor Roll, Library Staff, "Pioneer" Staff To lic as SIUGPI as "MolrL" One glance at her big beautiful green eyes Makes friends of ,Girls and swamps her with "guys" EDITH CRIBBON Business Typ ist for "Star," Lunch Patrol, Stcn. Cert.. "Plone-er" Stall, journalism Class To bc like my Molltcr Our girl, Edith Oribbon Will win a blue ribbon. JOAN ll. CRTM Sccretary Swimming Asst., Sec. to teacher, 'fllickory Log" reporter, Skating, Dramatic and Bowling Clubs. Concerts, Special Chorus, Honor Roll. typist for teachers, Make- up Squad, leader in gym To take Il trip to California Someday our ,lcrry Will be a fine secretary. 2 I MARGARET GROFF Berkeley's Business School Sec. for teachers, Swimming Club, Lunch Patrol, Asst. to teacher, Honor Roll, Fashion Show Not to lzonnce the bowling ball on the alley Cute and lively all the while Sheill succeed with such a smile. IRWlN GROSSMAN Musical Arranging Library Squad Become Professional Musician Irwin will arrange a successful musical career ANN GSCHEIDLE Secretary Honor Roll, Eng. Honor, Dra- matic Eng., Sec. to G. A., G. O. 'Rep., Sr. Dramatic Club, Lead- er's, Basketball, Vollyball Clubs, Typing Cert., Shorthand Cert., P. S. A. L. Medals, Make-up Sq., Business Staff of "Pioneer" To be like my Mom and have n husband like hers. Intelligent and very pretty, Ann is sweet and very witty. CONRAD HABERMAN Captain Service Squad, Lieut. Ser. Squad, Guard, Lunch Patrol, Print Shop, Honor Roll Drive a big rig To market, to market to buy a fat pig Conrad will drive in his big big rig. WILLIAM HARBRECHT Post, Gen. Sci. Sq., Physics Hon- or Class M eteorol ogist His eyes are on the stars AUDREY HARGEST Adelphi Sec. to teachers, Green and White Party, Lunch Patrol, Bowling, Volleyball, Basketball Clubs Min- or J, Attendance Sq. To live a life of happiness Her sweetness and her style The sunshine of her smile. ANNE HARRIS .hllege Ir. Dramatic, Bowling, Pan American Clubs, Stagecrew, Hon- or Roll, Math Honor, Chem Hon or Classes To pilot n plane Anne will fly to the height oi success. '22 ROBERT HECHT Travel Ass't. to teachers, Spanish coach To become a millionaire Bob will travel far and near When he becomes a millionaire BETTY IIEINLE Adelphi Capt. of Cheering Sq., Usherettes Sq., Historian of G. O., Mgr. of Old Hickory, Mrs. Brogan's Ofl. Sq., Mrs. McClintock's Off. Sq., G. O. Rep., Sec. to teacher, Hon- or Roll, Eng., Math Honor Class- es, Volleyball, Basketball Clubs, Minor Service Pin. Major J. Always busy as a bee With her fine personality. RICHARD HENNEL Not Camera shy, But reticent. LUCILLE HEREKLIAN Another ones .lust reticent She comes from Bryant High JOHN HERLIHY St. .lohn's Attendance Squad, Traffic Squad, Latin, Y. O. U. Clubs, Mr. Stev- enson's Office Squad, Cross Coun- try Track Team, Track Team Mgr. Lawyer "Never trouble trouble Until trouble troubles you." FLORENCE HERRLICH Business and Art School Swimming Club Asst., Swimming Club, Operetta Play, Eng. Dr. Class, English Honor Class, Maj- or Art, Progressive Party To be content in everything I do Success will be with Flo Wherever she may go. GERARD HICKEY Business World Auditorium Guard, Jackson Patrol, Chair Repair Squad, P. S. A. L. Award. He'll never take a loss If he's his own boss. JOYCE IHGBEE Berkeley Sec. to Teachers, Spanish tutor, ll. U. Rep., History, Math, Gen. Sci. Honor Classes, Journalism, Special Chorus, Honor Roll. Con- certs, Operetta, Minor Service Pin, Log Reporter, Senior Class Treasurer Radio Work Happy go lucky, popular and gay Her charming manner brightens each day. LORRAINE HIRN Lenox llills Hospital See. to teacher, Mrs. Broganis Office Squad, Lunch Patrol. Library Rep., War' Stamp Rep., Minor Service Pin, Honor Roll, Glee Club Nurse When at the hospital they see Lorraine Cone will be the patient's pain. ARTHUR HOLAHAN College Service Squad Engineer May you engineer your way to the top. CHRIS HORNBERCER College Basketball, Radio Clubs Engineer, Chemical Is he always so quiet??? ELIZABETH ANN WARD Secretary I Library Rep., Newman Club, Honor Roll, Secretary to Teach- ers, Motion-Picture Club, Libra- ry Asst., Clerical Asst., Book- binding Asst.. Fashion Show, Typing Certificate, English Hon- or Classes, Assoc. Editor of Year- book, Minor Service Pin, 100 wpm. Pitman Certificate, Arista To be as lovely as my mother Stay as sweet as you are, Betty. JOAN HUBERT Business School G. O. Rep. Secretary A sweeter girl we've never known The best of luck to our gal Joan. HARRIET HYLKEMA Office Worker 7 Volleyball Club, Aquarium Club, Swimming Club To travel. Sllelll travel in style With a song and a smile. ANTHONY IACONA Visual Aid Sq., Sec. to teacher, Pan-American Club, Intramural Basketball Award College A "swell" fellow and a good friend Tony's one on whom you can depend. WILLIAM JACEI. Naval R. O. T. C. J. V. Basketball Team, Swimming Team, Locker Guard, Captain llall Patrol, Traffic Squad. Co- Mgr. Old Hickory Party, Chem. Prep. Squad, G. O. Rep., P. S. A. L. Award, Stage Crew As a swimmer Bill well did do As he sails into the blue. MARION .IANTZEN U, Nursing School 'I Chem. Honor Class, Member Green and White party Nurse in a white hospital she will be Until she marries her favorite M. D. ROBERT H. JENSEN Undeelrlerl He who hesitates is lost. BERNICE JORDAN Secretarial Position Motion Picture Club. Sec. to teacher, Sec. in "Log" office, Hmk. Lab. Asst., Dramatic Club, Type. Certificate, Steno. Certificate, Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Classes, Journalism, Senior Vice-Presi- dent To travel We know our "Bunny" will go far. MELVIN .IESTER College Lunch Patrol, Jackson Patrol, Reporter for 'iflickory Log," Locker Guard, G. O. Rep., Eng. Honor, Amer. Red Cross Rep. Own zz ranch We hope you have a home Where the buffalo roam IRENE KAHILL Queens College Newman, Bowling, Glee Clubs, i'Star" Staff, "Pioneer" Staff, Special Chorus, See. to teacher, Math, Eco., General Sei., Eng- lish Honor Classes. G. 0. Rep., Library Rep., Honor Roll, Cre- ative Writing Class Radio Vocalist Her voice is as golden as her hair. 23 .IAMES KAYEL College or work Service Squad, G. O. Rep. Mech. Engineer Ilave no fear Jim will be a good engineer. EUGENE KELLER Work Service Squad Travel around llie worlfl Around the world Gene will go From the land of the palm trees to the land of snovs. .IOAN KELLY Nurses Training Volleyball. Basketball Clubs. Asst. editor and reporter on 'gllickory Log," Chem. and Jour- nalism Honor Classes, Sec. to teachers To be a Nurse She will soothe your aches and pains. WILLIAM KELLY Business Caf. Repair Squad, Member Old Hickory. G. O. Ren., Tratlie Squad. Locker Guard. English Dramatics Eng. Journalism. To strive for better haniluirgers ,lust an all-round good fellow. ELAINE KENALLY Off. W4i1'ke-1' Library Asst., G. O. Rep. Sfenagrnplter A cutc slenograplier she'll lie Slit-'s our Elaine Kenally. .IAMES KENNEDY Service Squad, Honor Roll A regular fellow you catmot deny All in all a pretty good guy ELIZABETII KIMMERLE Business and then college Swimming. Roller Skating, Glee Club. Special Chorus. Concerts, g'The Fortune Teller," L'Hickory Log.. Staff, Sec. to teachers, Hon- or History and English Classes, Honor Roll. To travel ezferyirliere We hope you'll travel far and wide And sec the sights on the other side. 24 PHYLLIS KING To obtain a position Sec. to teachers, Class Sec., Lili. Rep., Business Staff of "Pioneer" To go into the advertising field To Phyllis the advertising field A rich world of opportunity will yield. HERBERT KINZINGER Play Baseball Baseball Team, Locker Guard, Jackson Patrol, History Honor Class, Major Athletic Award. Honor Roll. Travel with Rollo Hits, runs, and no error JAMES KLEIN Big Shot in the Business W'orld Green and White Party Member, Shop Asst. to teacher. To Have a Harem Please don't have a harem. We like the plan of sharing em HELEN KLEMM Eastern School for Physician Aides History. English Honor Classes. Minor Service Pin. Late Office Squad, Sec. to teachers, Basket- ball, Volley Ball, Motion Picture Clubs, Journalism Class, Deten- tion Room, G. O. Rep., Library Rep.. P. S. A. L. Award. Clas- sical Club. To Always Be Happy Helen's best from Alpha to Omega ARDEN RUTH KLOPPER Accountant Special Chorus, Motion Picture Club. Glee Club, Library Rep. To hitch my wagon to a star She'll hitch her wagon to a star ln success may she go far LILLIAN KNAPP Business School Typing Cert., Sec. to teacher. Reorganization Sq., Bowling Club. Lib. Asst.. Honor Roll. Lillian's lovable, cheerful, and wise With a merry twinkle in her eyes ALBERT KNORR Orch. Sec. to teacher, P. S. A. L. Award, Concert, Varsity Show Operetta, All City Orchestra, Dra- matics Class. Musician Everyone likes our Al His playing makes many a pal lil..-XNCH KOBYLKA Secretary Sec. to teachers. llonor Roll. Roller Skating Club, Home Mak- ing Squad, Reorganization Squad, Typing Certificates. To Worth' llllll Win A winning way. a cheerful smile Wll,l.l'XfNl KOHLER Sampson College .l. Y. llasketball Team, .lackson Patrol. Visual Aid Sq., Intra- mural Auarels. Sec. to teacher, Dance Band. Chem. Honor Class. ln charge of Gym Equipment. Amer. Red Cross Hep. To go lo college with Pete With Pt-te he'd go to college To get them both some knowledge TIIERESA B. KUSHINIER Co to wlorli Special Chorus, Uperetta, Sec. to teachers. To mulre II for of money Sln-'s not sharp. she's not flat, Sl1e's just natural l'lll,EliN LALLY Trapliagen lnstitute of Fashion Cliecring Squad, Old Hickory Party. ll. O. Hep., Library Rep., Swimming Club. Honor Roll, English Dratnatics Class. To rchisrle "Yankee IJOOFHRB with lfncetln Biscuits in my mouth. Our Eilecn's tall and thin, As a model she will win FRANCES LaMANNO NV0l'lxlll'I position in office Sec. to teacher, English and Eco. llonor Classes, Honor Roll, Cre- ative Writing Class. , lic Slll'l'L'SSflll mul happy in worh' and marriage To know her is a pleasure As a friend she is a treasure ROBERT LAMBERT Dance Band. Field Band, Locker Guard. Door Guard. Math. Honor Class, Honor Roll. Come. Holi. and blow your horn And a trumpet star will be born l'A'l'RlClA LAlNlPETER Co to work llomemaking Sq., Volley Ball Club. Typing Cert. To be ll millionaire Remember! ltis the first million tliatis the hardest to get! DONALD LANCELOT Business To be II millionaire May you succeed in business SONJA LAHSEN Barbizon Fashion School of Modeling Assoc. Ed. of "Pioneer," Pitman Shorthand Cert.. Typing Cert.. "Hickory Log" Sec.. C. O. Rep., Skating, Volleyball, Square Danc- ing. Classical Clubs. Honor Roll. Eng. Drama, Minor J's, Teachers' ASM. To be ll '6Top Flight" model We "figure" your career is set. EVELYN LASKER College Square Dancing Club, Lib. Rep., Sec. to teachers, Eng., Dramatics Class, Ilonor Roll To he ll buyer This cute little miss is oh so pe- titc. And knowing her is no small treat! WlLl.lAll'l LAUER ll. S. M. M. C. C., Kings Point Special Chorus, "Fortune Teller," 'lChimes of Normandy," Stage Crew, Vis. Aid Squad, Bio. Honor Class, l'l1ysics llonor Class To "sean the world To see the world is his ambition Bon voyage to Bill were wisltiu' BETTY LAWRENCE llunter College Lunch Patrol, Sec. to teachers. Math., Eco., Sci. llonor Classes. Progressive Party, 'gPioneer" Staff, Eng. Honor, Bowling, Vol- leyball. Basketball Club, C. 0. Rep., Creative Writing, Honor Roll. MU!llC'llI!lfil'i!lI1. A cute number JANET LEDERMAN Art School 'iStar" Staff, Chem. Club, At- tendance Off., Sec. to teacher. Dramatics, Journalism Classes. Mrlgnzine Illlzstmtor-Designer May you illustrate your way to fame And for Janet Lederman make a name ELSIE LEYH Secretary Sec. to teachers, Honor Roll. Typing Certificate To be like Momf Sweet, smiling, and soft-spoken 25 If ,I V . tl' ELAINE LINDBERG I. College XX Clerical Work, Sec. to teacher, Honor Roll, Bowling Club, Dra- matics Class. Travel Charlie flew the ocean, Charlie flew the sea, , We hope our Elaine will do the same as he. FRANK LIVINGSTON College Major J, Basketball Co-Captain, Math.. Physics, Chem. Honor Roll, Hall Capt. To become a big gun in an office will: my boy Al. G. O. President, basketball star- Frank's set to go far DOROTHY LONZBERG General Office Work Sec. to teachers, Lib. Rep., Eng. Dramatics. Eng. Journalism, Typ- ing Reor. Squad, Glee Club, Typ- ing Certificate, Honor Roll. Your guess is as good as mine Our guess is the peak of success and happiness KAY LOS KAMP Art and Photography School Motion Picture Club, Mrs. Bro- ganis Squad, Bowling Club, "Star" Illus., Journalism, Eng. Honor Class, Sec. to teacher, Honor Roll. To be liked more than yesterday, and less than tomorrow Like Chesterfield, she satisfies LAWRENCE LOVEJOY Work Freshman Track Team, Guard. To earn a good income Give and you will receive FRANCIS LOWE College bg Cross Country Team, Track Team, Capt. Ser. Squad. Always on the run He's sure a lot of fun BETTE JANE LOWERY She comes from Far Rockaway High. 26 NANCY LUBASH Adelphi or Hofstra College L'Pioneer" Stall, Honor Roll, Hist. Eco. Honor Classes, Creative Writing, Eng. Dramatics Classes, Mrs. Broganis Squad, Mrs. Mc- Clintock's Squad, Sec. to teacher, Bowling, Swimming, Basketball, Ir, Dramatics Clubs, Lib. Rep., Typing Cert. To be a success To be merry best becomes you DORIS LUECK Business Sec. to teacher, Lib. Rep., Eng. Honor Class, Honor Roll, Typing Certificate. Secretary Words cannot express Her infinite sweetness OLGA LUPSHA Hunter College Sec. to teachers, Lunch Patrol. Lib. Rep., "Star" Staff, L'Pioneer', Staff, Progressive Party, Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball C l u b s , Honor Roll. To and happiness and success Happy and gay, she makes life that way PAUL A. LYLE Hofstra Service Squad, Jackson Lunch Patrol, Chem. Prep. Sq., Lib. Rep., History, Chem., Phy., Bio. Honor Classes, Locker Guard. Honor Roll. To be a millionaire Making a million is mighty tough We're sure Paul has the stuff JAMES MADDEN Work and school Instrument class, Sec. to teacher, Honor Roll, Typing Certificate. To earn a good income Always working, never shirking ROSE MAHON Business Clerical Work, Honor Roll, Sec. to teacher, Volleyball Club. To retire after graduation May Rose rest in the garden of relaxation LEONARD MANGIERI College Visual Aid. Industrious and earnest He's sure to enjoy life DOROTHY MARINO Secretarial Position Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Classes, Program Comm., Sec. to Grade Adviser, Bookbinding Comm., Newman Club, G. O. Rep., Type. Certificate. To own a farm Dot can use all her charms On the folks down on the farm DOROTHY MARIS g1't'l'l'l3l'y Sec. to teachers, Lib. Asst., Honor Roll, Type. Certificate. To be first woman president Charm and efhciency, a successful combination FRANCES MARSELER Business Cler. Asst., Asst. late office. To own a red Convertible coupe May you convert that dream into reality FRANCES MASTROGIACOMO Seek Employment Secretary Lunch Patrol, Lib. Rep., Sec. to teachers, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball Clubs, Honor Roll. To travel Two things may you always possess A cheery smile and happiness DIANE MATEO Secretary G. O. Rep., Sec. to teacher, C. P. Certificate, Typing Cert., Eng. Honor Class, Late Off. Sq., Honor Roll. To be the mother of "quadrup- lets.', Dianne or 'lDionne?" ARTHUR MAY College Lunch Patrol, Math., Physics Honor Classes, Red Cross Rep. Governor of New York He must have taken geometry He knows all the angles KATHLEEN MAZZANOBILE Working position Sec. to teacher, Typing Cert. To be a successful office worker Kathleen will be an asset to any job ROBERT McALLlSTER Not decided on school Track team, Queens Champion. Sec. to teachers. llall Patrol, Green and White Party, History, Eco. Honor Classes. Engineer If you want a real hot riot, Call on Bob and he'll supply it ARTHUR McAllLIFEE Business Lib. Rep., Attendance Clerk, Guard, Capt. Guards, Honor Roll, Baseball Team, G. 0. Rep., Traffic Squad. To be a star and come out at night Staying awake even Rip Van Witlkle Would see Art twinkle ISABELLE MclNNES Brown's Business School Lib. Rep., War Stamp Rep., Sec. to teachers, Information Sq., Bowling Club. Secretary .Always busy is Izzy BARBARA McKINNEY Business Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Class. Joumalism, "Hickory Log" Re- porter, Sec. Leaders Club, Bas- ketball, Volleyball Clubs, Minor Ser. Pin, Special Chorus, Glee Club, Creative Writing. Ta be happy If all girls were as sweet as she Jackson would a heaven be JOAN MCNICHOLAS Work, Night School4N. Y. U. Member Old Hickory Party, Swimming, Bowling Clubs, Sec. to teacher, "Pioneer Staff," Life Saving. Fashion Designer A "swell" girl we all agree, She'll make a name for all to see MARGARET MERRICAN Business School Newman, Volleyball Clubs, Honor Roll, Journalism Class. To visit Europe Blonde and sweet, Margaret will see All the sights along the Zuyder Zee. ALFONSO MILANA New York Institute of Agricul- ture Aquarium Club. To own a large farm Al should not have any alarm He will get to own his farm 27 ELIZABETH MILLER Telephone Company G. O. Rep.. War Bond Rep., Sec. to teachers. Honor Roll, To see the world What a cheery hello We'll hear on the 'phonel GEORGE MILLS University of Tulane Hall Patrol, Physics Honor Class, Sec. to teacher, Swimming Team, G. O. Rep. Travel with Shelly George wants to travel wide He will leave during high tide BRUCE MILNE Brooklyn Polytechnical Inst. Varsity Tennis Team, Lunch Pa- trol, Bio. lab. Squad, llistory, Eco., Math., Physics Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Eng. Jour- nalism Class. Chemical Engineer As an engineer Bruce will fix many a racket JAMES MILNER Cornell or Texas A. Sz M. Honor Roll, Journalism, Math., Hist., Eco., Bio., Chem., Physics, Eng. Honor Classes, Bio. Lab. Sq., Spanish Tutor. To breed, train and rare a Ken- tucky Derby Winner We'll bet on his horsel ALBERT MIRO ,loin the Navy Travel around the world To see the world is Al's wish Fun, folly, and plenty of fish. CAROLYN MOELLER Fashion Institute or Business School Mimeo. Sq., Sec. to teachers. Dean's Sq., Roller Skating, Bowls ing. Volleyball Clubs, Novice and Minor J., Honor Roll, English Dramatics, T. A. Fashion Shows, Typing certificates. To own 1948 Cadillac Convertible Instead of wings on her feet, Her roller skates can't he beat JOSEPH MOELLER To enter Aeronautics School Inter-Scholastic Track Team, Cross Country Track Team, Honor Roll, Service Co Wes! Go West, young man. 28 ROBERT MOHLER Work Senior Class Pres., Special Chor- us, Operettas, Concerts, Christmas Program. Singer or Choral Work Come, Mr. President, raise your voice Letls hear a song from the peo- pleis choice RICHARD MUESER College P. S. A. L. Awards, Intramural Softball and Basketball, Honor Roll, G. O. Rep. Business Executive Upon a desk will he his feet He is bound to success meet .IOHN MULLADY N. R. O. T. C. Chem. Prep., Lunch Patrol, Math., History, Physics, Chem. Honor Classes, Journalism. Ser- vice Squad, G. O. Rep., '4Hickory Logv Reporter, Co-Manager Pro- gressive Party. Honor Roll, Bowl- ing Team. Engineer With ,lack no other can compare lOAN MULLER Art School Stage Crew, English Honor Class, Journalism, Creative Writing, Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol, Emer- gency Room Asst., Glee Club, Sec. to teacher, Basketball Club, Dramatics Club, Bowling Club. Quien Srrbe? Though she's "Stinky,,' we love her ALICE NIUNZ Secretary Z' Library Asst., Bowling Club, Eng. Honor Class, Honor Roll, Jour., Typing Cert., Shorthand Cert., Sec. to teacher, Yearbook Staff. To live, love, laugh, and be lumpy Alice is courteous and sweet To know her is a super treat MARY FRANCES MURPHY Secretary Newman Club, Typing Cert., Volleyball Club, Honor Roll, Journalism. To be successful in all I do She,s efficient and dependable PATRICIA MURPHY Traphagen School of Fashion Swimming Club, Old Hickory Party, Honor Roll, G. O. Rep.. Secretary to teacher, Typing Cert. We hope you fashion yourself a happy career WILLIAM MURPHY Cootl luck. Bill EMILY MUSSLER Secretarial Position Sec. to teacher, Swimming Asst., Bowling Club, Skating Club, llonor Roll, English Honor Class, C. O. Rep. Housewife Emily wants to enjoy life By being a good housewife. .IUNE MYCK Secretary lf Sec. to teachers, Honor Roll, Typing Cert., Yearbook Staff. To marry lhc boss Blonde, with brown eyes and a winning smile. CLORIA NAPOLI Art School 1' Asst. Art Editor of "Star," "Star" Illustrator, Scc. to teachers, Spe- cial Chorus, g'Pirates of Pen- zancef' llonor Roll. Art Honor Class. To paint away, happily and un- conrernetl May you paint your "bowl of cherries" DONALD NASII Columbia llonor Roll. Arista. Editor oI Yearbook, Chem., Ampli., Bio. Squads, Program Com., Reorg. Squad, Minor Service Pin. Fresh- man Dramatics Club, Chief ,Ins- lice Student Court. Chem. Club. English, Math., History, Eco., Bio., Chem. Honor Classes. lfcronic famous with Dir-lr Ilepcndahle and eHicient-'that's llonl IIERNIIARDT NEIMAN N. R. O. T. C. Nlath.. llistory. English, Eco.. Physics llonor Classes. Swimming Team. llonor Roll. .llleflmnical lfIl,ZfIlllf?l'l' Bernie has chosen engineering And all can see success nearing RICIIARII NEIYNIAN W'ork Physics. Chemistry, Bio. llonor Classes, Swimming Team. .llalrc much IIIOIIUYV Ilert-'s the "guy" that wants the "dough" MARTHA NOBLE College Attendance Ollice. Bowling Club, Late Oflice. Journalistn, Eco. llonor Class, llonor Roll. journalist Sl1e'll enrich others with her knowledge BEVERLY NORRIS Art School Sec. to teacltz-rs, "Pioneer" Stall, Co-Art Editor to teachers, 5'Pio- ncer" Staff, Co-Editor of "Star," Honor Roll, Program Committee, Eco., Eng., Major Art, Honor Classes, Journalism, Creative Writing, Typing Cert., Arista. Health, Hope, Happiness, anal Horses Lovely to look at Delightful to know! FRANK NOWICKY Work Track Team, Major J, Co-Captain of Cross Country Team. Loaf Frank wants to work and loaf too lt's a good trick if you can do 'NIARIE OAKLEY Stenographer and typist Typing Certificate. To become a private secretary Neat and c-Hicient, Marie will bc After graduation as a secretary FRANK EDWARD O'BRlEN Long Island llniversity Swimming Team, ,Iackson Patrol, Math. Tutor, C. O. Rep., llonor Roll. College Tall and handsome, lots of lun Frank is liked by everyone JOHN .IOSEI-'ll O'CONNELI. N. R. O. T. C. English Bookrootn, Lunch Patrol, English llonor, llonor Roll. lf. P. A. Loads of fun and mighty gay ,lohn wants to be a C. P. A. .I EAN OCILNIE Business Volleyball Club. Sec. to teachers. Library Rep. To nmlfc the most out of life ,lust keep on doing as you are 29 THOMAS O'NEILL College Gent-ral Science, English, Chem., Physics, Honor Classes, Band, Sec. to teachers, Lunchroom Sq., Locker Guard, Radio Production, Chem. Prep., Bio. Prep., Ampli- fication-Lighting, Visual Aid Sq., Aquarium Club, Classical Club. Science Teacher To teach science he does aspire We're sure he'll reach his heart's desire KENNETH PALMER U. s. Navy V Physics, Math. Honor Classes, Bklyn. Tech. Swimming Team, Acrobats. Electronics Engineer An engineer will be our Ken The cream of the crop of all men RICHARD PAUL College Hall Patrol, Physics Honor Class. Sleep 'lil afternoon We hope you won't count sheep To pass the afternoon in sleep PAULINE PAQUETTE Work as Secretary ' Newman Club, Yearbook Staff, Journalism, Honor Roll, Roller Skating Club, Basketball Club, 30wpm. Typing Cert., English Honor Class, Sec. to teacher, Freshman Dramatic Club. To attain success Her friendly way, her smile Will carry Penny many a mile HOWARD PAULSON Queens College? Journalism Howard will always be right when he writes RUTH PERRINE Adelphi College Green and White Party, Yearbook Staff, English Honor Class, Cre- ative Writing, Dramatics Class. "Chimes of Normandyf' Glee Club, Sec. to teachers, G. O. Rep.. Program Office, Honor Roll, Bonds and Stamps Rep. To own a motorcycle Full of spirit, lots of fun, Ruthie charms us, everyone lSOLDE PETAZZONI Going to work Clerical Assistant, 'gHickory Logu Typist. Secretary Bright. cheery, never blue, Then-'s no favor she wouldn't do! 30 ARTHUR PETERS College Jackson Patrol, English and His- tory Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Chemist Arthur's ambition will never 'cpetern out! DONALD PHILIPP Enter Retailer's School X Sec. to teachers, Craft Club, Skat- ing Club, Track Team, Math. Honor Class, Honor Roll. Become a retailer or join the Bowery Bums To know him is to like him LAWRENCE PHILLIPS Juilliard School of Music Math., Physics Honor Classes, Visual Aid Sq., Roller Skating Club, Hall Patrol, Math. Tutor, Guard. Musir'ian His sense of humor will carry him through FEBRINA PICONE Work as a stenographer Newman Club, Yearbook Stall, Roller Skating Club, Sec. to teachers, Program Comm., .Jour- nalism, Honor Roll, 30 wpm. Typing Cert., English Honor Class, 100 wpm. Shorthand Cert. Become a secretary Quiet, shy, but ah! so sweet ROSE MARIE PIERVICENTI N. Y. U. Library Asst.. Honor Roll, Sec. to Teacher, Motion Picture Club, Softball Club, Library Rep., Yearbook Staff, Glee Club, Math. Honor Class. To own a rare horse Her heart is like a subway There's always room for more LAURA PLUNKETT Nurses Training School Special Chorus. Senior Orchestra, 'gPirates of Penzancef' WThe Fortune Teller,', Late Office Asst., Honor Roll, Glee Club, Journal- ism, English, Eco. Honor Classes. Regents Recording Concerts. To be happy and successful She won't "nurse" a grouch JOAN POLLACK Katherine Gibbs Swimming Club, Life Saving Club, Bowling Club, P. S. A. L. Pin, Sec. to teachers, Green and White Party. Red Cross Rep., Honor Roll, Stage Crew. To gron' another head! Shx-'tl be twice as pretty! IFRVKNK PORFIDIO ,loin the Navy Intermnral Softball, Service Sq. Gel marrierl ln how many ports? NINRY PRINE Bellevue School of Nursing Bus. Mgr. "Hickory Log," Re- organ. Squad, Basketball Club, Lunch Patrol, Bio. Lab. Squad, Sec. to teachers, C. O. Rep., English. llistory. Eco., Chem.. llio.. C. Sci., Math.. Honor Classes. Creative Writing, P. S. fl. L. Pin, Discussion Club, Prog. Party, Minor Service Pin. To be a Registered Nurse Ili-re's wishing success To one who deserves the best. LYNNE PROBERT Xdelphi College See. In teachers. Attendance Of- fice. Lunch Patrol, Math., Eng., C. Sei. Honor Classes, Jour., "Hic- kory Logfi Emergency Room Asst.. Basketball Club, Program Culltlll.. Special Chorus, Dramatic Club, Clee Club, Library Rep. To otrn a sailboat Lynne wants a sailboat to win. RITA PIILEO Work Sec. to teachers, 30 wpm. Typing Certificate. lie "Little Nick" and sing lo "Mr, Quick" .laekson's Rita .lust eouldn't be neater UTTO QIIALLIOTINE if Work or go into business ,lac-kson Patrol Captain, Art Crafts Club. Lunch Patrol, Art Crafts Class Asst., Swimming Sec. .4llHllH0fi1ll' Engineer Tootl tootl here comes Otto. "l fix ears" is his motto. TIIUNIAS QIIINN wiork Swimming Team llis good nature and winning smile Nlake him a true on of the Enierald Isle WI-ISI.EY RANG N. Y. Institute ot' Applied Arts and Sciences Bio.. Chem. Lab. Squad, English, Chem.. Bio. llonor Classes, Sec. to teacher. Ilall Patrol, Bowling Team. l.'hemir'al Engineer lleill ln- one-nexer fear MARILYN RAPPORT Stenographer and then Art School Co-Ed. "Star," Asso. Ed. "Pio- neer", Late Squad, Lunch Patrol, Arista, Stamp Rep., Dance Club Jr. Dramatics Club, Radio Work- shop, Eng. Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Regents Record. Comm., 80 wpm. Pitman Cert., Major Serv- ice Pin. Illustrator Eager for knowledge and fun WILLIAM RATHJENS College Varsity Basketball Team, Chem. Prep., History, Math., Eco., Eng., Chem., Physics Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Marry an heiress What care I how tall I be For all the world looks up to me CHARLES RAU College Aquarium Club Electrical Engineer He'Il be swimming in suctess ROBERT REED U. S. Army "Seven Keys to Baldpatef' "The Fortune Teller," Bio. Lab. Squad, Jackson Lunch Patrol, Jackson Patrol, Swimming Team, Math., English Honor Classes. Sec. to teacher, Asst. Mgr. City Cham- pionship Swim. Team, Honor Roll Captain, U. S. Armr Hupl one, two, three, four- Capt. Reed of the Army Corps. HILDE REIMANN Work! ! I Sec. to teacher, Honor Roll, Bible Club, Journalism. Math. Tutor, Yearbook Staff. To span the world six times May you never have to use your thumb RICHARD REINER City College Asso. Ed. of Yearbook, Honor Roll, Special Chorus. "Chimes of Normandy," "Pirates of Penz- ance," Band. Jr. Orchestra. Six- Footer Club, "Hickory Log" Stall, Prog. Com.. Reorg. Squad, Lunch Patrol, Journalism, Dramatics, Math., History, English. Chem., Physics. Honor Classes. C. 0. Rep., Minor Service Pin. Beconze famous with Don Like a piano, grand, upright and square MARIE REINIIIXRT Bowling Club. Volleyball Club. Short but snappy 3 I MARY REYNA, Work Sec. to teachers, Skating Club, Bowling Club. To take a trip to South America Her eyes are on the Southlands MARGARET RHO DES Vocalist if Sec. to teachers, Special Chorus, Bowling Club, Leaders Club, Vol- leyball Club, G. O. Rep., Typing Cert. To sing with a band She has a gay and winning way THOMAS RIDGLEY University of Vermont Lunch Patrol, Chemistry Prep. Squad, Journalism, English, His- tory, Math., Physics, Chem. Hon- or Classes, Honor Roll, Captain of Bowling Team. Chemist ln the field of chemistry Our Tom, a great success will be DOLORES RIPPEL Hartwick College Special Chorus, "Pirates of Pen- zance," "Chimes of Normandyf' HSeven Keys to Baldpatef' Math, History, Eco., English Honor Classes, Program Comm., Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol. Radio Actress Here's to a future star GLORIA ROCCO Clerical Work Volleyball Club, Basketball Club, Late Office Asst. To travel May she traverse all the roads of success! DORIS ROSS , Berkeley School 'J Swimming Asst., Swimming Club, Basketball Club, Lunch Patrol, Volleyball Club, Bowling Club, Progressive Party, Minor I in Swimming and Volleyball, Re- gents Squad, Locker Monitor, Sec. to teachers. To be like "Mom," Charming and capable NORMA RUSSO College ' Library Asst., Math Tutor. Cler- ical Asst., Sec. to teacher, Dis- cussion Club, Volleyball Club, Basketball Club, Honor Roll, Re- organization Sq., Bio. Lab. Sq., Newman Club, Eco., Bio. Honor Classes, Progressive Party. Teacher With her disposition She'll gain the position 32 ROBERT RYAN Stevens lnstitute of Technology Chem. Prep.. Phys. Prep, Visual Md Squad, English, Math., Eco., History Honor Classes. Electrical Engineer To be an engineer is his yen And we'll be proud to say, K'We knew him whenf, GEORGE SANDNER Parsons Art College Lieut. and Captain of Lunch Pa- trol, Library Rep., Sec. to teach- ers, Hall Patrol. Commercial Artist Quiet and efficient lsn't that sufficient? l,lLLlAN SAX Queens College Girl Leader of Arista, Bio. Squad, Senior Orchestra, Special Chorus, Captain of Lunch Patrol, Sec. to teacher, Leader's Club, Basketball Club, Volleyball Club, Softball Club, Newman Club, Vivarium Squad, M a t h . , English, Eco. Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Work in the field of Biology Lillian will make sound notes in biology FLORENCE SCHAEDLER Assist Photographer Sec. to teachers, Lunch Patrol, Typing Cert., Library Rep., Bowl- ing Club, Honor Roll. Photographer Welre positive she'll be a success with her negatives JOHN SCHAEDLER Pratt Institute Progressive Party, Late Office, English, Gen. Sci. Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Commercial Artist His pleasant disposition will yield A job in the commercial art field HELEN scHAEr1-ZR f' Swimming Club, Band. Sr. Or- chestra, Jr. Orchestra, Dance Band. To be tt nurse 'l'l1e answer to a patient's prayer MARIE SCHAFER Attendance Squad To become zz nurse She'll keep her patients in 'istitchesf' SARA D. SCHAFER College Program Comm., Sr. Dramatics Club, Chem. Prep. Squad, Library Staff, Radio Workshop, Sec. to teachers, Yearbook Staff, Swim' ming Club, '6Star" Stall, Stage Crew, History, English Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Bacteriologist Nothing to knock, everything to boost RUDOLPH SCHEER Auto Mechanics School Jackson Patrol Captain, Sr. Orch., J. V. Swimming, C. O. Rep. Auto Mechanic Rudy knows the ways of a car He will fix anything gone ajar ROY W. SCIILOER Co on a long, long trip! Own a night club Success will enable you to nail the Diamond Horseshoe over your door EDNA SCHLUTER Stenographer M Sec. to teachers, Honor Roll, 30 wpm. Typing Cert., Yearbook Staff. To marry the boss's son The man she wants to call "hon" Will be the boss's son. DOROTHY SCHMIDT iff' Jamaica Evening High School Fashion Model Dramatics Club. Lunch Patrol, Library Rep., Sec. to teachers, Special Chorus, "Fortune Teller," Honor Roll, History, Math. Honor Classes, Musical Concerts. To lalfe a boat trip to Bermuda We hope your plans don't get sunk JANE SCHOELER Receptionist Special Chorus To lizfe a full and happy life Sweet and neat From hcatl to feet JOAN SCHOELER Bookkeeper Sec. to teachers, Honor Roll, Swimming Asst. To be always able to smile May happiness keep coming your way IIELENE SCHOEN llunter or Queens College Library Rep., C. O. Rep., Eco. Honor Class, Honor Roll, Bowl- ing Club, Rollor Skating Club, Motion Picture Club, War Stamp Rep., Sec. to teacher, Dramatics. To be zz good lawyer She'll talk her way through life MYRNA SCHOEN Radio Music School Special Chorus, Motion Picture Club, "Hickory Log" Staff, Sec. to Teachers, G. O. Rep., Lunch Patrol, "The Pirates of Pen- zancef, Sing my way through razlio We'll be listening for you JOSEPH SCHUCHMAN Naval R. O. T. C. General Science Squad, Honor Roll. Automotive Engineer lle wants to join the Naval R. O. T. C. A success we predict he'll surely be RICHARD J. SCHULER Printing Print Squad Weill llelll' from Dick later. JOHN SCHULTZE lf a college won't take me, the Navy it is Chem. Prep. Squad, Swimming Team. Chemical Engineer Either one is a good choice! RUTH SCOTT Queens College Sec. to teacher, Program Comm., History, English, Eco., Chem. Honor Classes, Journalism. A pretty girl with lots of brains TERESA SECTER Business tl' Minor .l's, Basketball Club, Vol- leyball Club, Bowling Club. Honor Roll, Sec. to teachers, Novice Skating Club, English Honor Classes. 1950 Convertible Coupe Sheis full of personality, Vigor, vim, vitality 33 ROBERT E. SEIDNER Lehigh College Math., History Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Tennis Team, Jour.. Sec. to teacher, Lunch Patrol C. P. A. In his ambition to be a C. P. A., Bobis certain to go a long way ROBERT THOMAS SENAY Pratt Institute 'SStar" Stall. Yearbook Staff, Sr. Judge of Student Court, Craft Club and Exhibition, Art Honor Award, Sec. to Art Chairman, Art Squad Capt., Honor Roll, Jr. and Sr. Dramatics Club, Ra- dio Workshop, Classical Club, Aquarium Club, Service Award, Dramatics, Art Honor Classes. Magazine Illustrator Bobis the "apple" of our eye HAROLD SHANNON He's a very modest man! EVELYN SICKLES Adelphi College English, Math., Chem. Honor Classes, Sec. to teachers, Reorfr. Squad, G. O. Rep., Honor Roll, Bookbinding Committee. A glimpse of heaven, smiling down HAROLD SIEBER College Varsity Swimming Team, Chem. Club, Math. Honor Class, Honor Roll, P. S. A. L. Award. Chemical Engineer Ile has compounded the formula for success HARRY SILLA Cooper Union Honor Roll, Hist. Honor Classes, Journalism. Chemical Engineer Creat hopes make great men JOAN SINER Business Honor Roll, Typing Certificate. Secretary Who could be finer Than Joanie Siner? 34 PATRICIA SINNOTT Model G. O. Rep., Sec. to teacher. To travel Pat will travel to foreign lands Amidst the roars of blaring bands MARY SKEEN Pratt Institute Sec. to teacher, Volleyball Club. Honor Roll, Progressive Party, Bowling Club. To be an artist Modesty is a candle to thy merit FRANCES SLOAN Katherine Gibbs Honor Roll. Travel fwith Jayj May all your "dreams" come true JOSEPHINE SLOVER Modeling CFrances Fordon School for Modelst .Assistant Editor of 4'Hickory Log." To learn to fly fan airplane, that isfl May you fly high on the wings of success! CORRINNE SMITH Washington School for Secre- taries Basketball Club, Red Cross Club, Sec. to teachers, War Stamp Rep., Swimming Club, Swimming Asst., Minor J, Honor Roll, Special Chorus. To travel to Hawaii A secretary up to par Her ambition is to travel far .IANET SMITH Adelphi or Hofstra College Honor Roll, Sec. to teachers, Li- brary Rep., Lunch Patrol, Pro- gressive Party, Swimming Club Bowling Club, Swimming Asst. Basketball Club, "Pionee1'7' Staff Math. Honor Class, Contest Pin. To be happy through life A swell gal is our Janet She'd he a hit on any planet ROBERT SMITH Commercial Photography J. V. Swimming Team, Sec. to teacher, Service Post. To make money The girls will watch the pho- tographer instead of the birdie 1 w 1 IIARVIQY SOLOMON Indiana llnixr-rsity Eco. llonor Class, Service Post, Sec. to lf.'Z1t'llt'l'. Honor Roll. Ile can't go wrong. Bl'l'illlSl5 ln-'s all right GRACE SUNINIICRS Avuountant Library Rep.. Swimming Club, Softball Club, llonor Roll, Svc. to teacher, llramatics Class. To 11r'1'o111plisl1 1'1'ar-vlltirlg I srl out to 410 Your personality will account for your sllvves: AR'1'llliR SOMNllfliVlLI.lj llofstra College Travk T:-am. Cross Country Ma- jor J, St-rxiw Squad, Chem., Physics llonor Classes, Chemistry Club. ll. lid. Xssl.. Secretary to teacher. Vl'lt'fiI1lIf'l' A regular fm-llou his 1-lassmalt-s say, What more tribute van they pay? ICDWIN SUKICNSOW Collt-go Xisual 'lid Squad. Band, Chem., Math., Physivs llonor Classes, Journalism. To lm l'llllf'IIlt'lI ln all rvspt-vt. ut- ay "Nuts" to you! DOHUTIIX SPlfNClili Hofstra College Sw. to tt-avlim-rs. English llonur Class. llonor Roll. G. 0. Rep., Nlanagt-r Progrvssixe Party, Bowl- ing: Club. Roller Skating Club, Contest l'in. llc-organization Sq., l'irl1crgv11uy Room Sq.. Progrz-ssive Candidate, Novice J. To 1114111 II yvllou' ro111'r'1'1i11lc Personality plus l.lCIl.A SPIEIBICRC Qin-ens College Yollcy Ball. Softball Club. Lunch Patrol. C. 0. Ollie:-, Reorg. Squad, Math. Spanish Tutor, S1-v. to Teavhe-rs. Creative Wl'it- ing, Dramativs. Co-lid. of "Slang llonor Roll. English, llistory, Math. Bio., Che-ln.. Phy., Eco.. llonor Classes. Bookbinding Sq. l'fI-tsir'i.vl Into the world of atoms sl1e'll go. MARIIC CNTH. SPOLLEN Business Yolh-yball Club, Newman Club, Library Stall. llonor Roll, 30 wpm. Typing Cert.. Lunch Patrol In busint--s. Xlarie's sure to get ahead. is lx aw ni p' 1 it . ...,. an -s -av I M73 F' 'K RICHARD H. STAIII. Work Service Squad, Major Music l"irvn11111 To be a fireman is his desiri- llt-'ll run and extinguish many a fire. JOYCIC S'l'M.l,..l0lIANN f Nurses Training lf Roller Skating Club, Bowling Club, volley Ball Club, Progres- sive Party, Laboratory Squad. llonor Roll, Minor J, Noxivm- J To be a rlortofs wife As nurse she'll bt- clit-erlul and 335' Helping all who vonn- her pax lVIIl.TON ST HI NBAl t Nl Job Math, English, Cen. Sei. llonor Classes, Math Regents Commit- tee, llonor Roll lf11s1'11r'ss1111111 Milt wants to be a working man Ile'll be "tops" and not an 'Aalso-ranf' HELEN STIQVICNS Business Secrrtary A good st-crvtary lleh-n will be All tht- world may wait and sm-1-. ICLHANOK S'l'ICWAli'l' Business Svc. to tcaclu-rs, Roller Skating Club. To get the most out nf life May it be your boast That out of life you get the rnost. .l0YClQ STIMI-IR Business Se4'rf'tary to Te'aclu'rs, Bowling Skating and Intercultural Clubs. llonor Roll, Yearbook Staff, Typ- ing Cert. Primlv Secrzftary ln everything she has done Joyce has been lots of fun. WII.l.lAiNl li. STOLI. Printer Cena-ral Strin-nee Squad, Bio Lab Squad. Stamp and Bond Rt-p., llall Patrol, Secretary to Tvarh- ers. Mulrt' 11111171 IIIIIIIP-Y Bill a printer wants to bm- llf- van make- Iltlll'lt :none-x. 35 CORNELIA STRASSBURG Business School Art and Attendance Office Squads, Sec. to Teachers, Contest Pin, Yolley Ball Club, Basketball Club. Never anything but nice. 'NIARY STRAUSS N. Y. U. -f Green and White Party, Journal- ism, Public Speaking, Math Hon- or Class, Basketball Club, Volley Ball Club, Library Rep., Year- book Staff, "Hickory Log" Re- porter, English Office Squad, Ten- nis Club To have ll tan inthe mirlrlle of the winter A charming smile, a keen men- tality A friendly, helpful personality. CARLA SUERIG Go into business with John Sec. to teachers, Swimming Asst. Be happily married Neither shy nor bold As good as gold. NORMA SULLIVAN Employment Softball. Basketball, Volleyball and Square Dance Club, Sec. to teacher, Honor Roll To he ll secretary As Norma goes on her way A secretary she'll be some day. MARILYN SULZBACH Co to work Special Chorus, Library Rep., Secretary to Teachers, Program Committee, "Fortune Teller," Square Dance Club, Attendance Squad To be as happy as possible at all limes A joyful manner a friendly smile Lynnls really a friend worthwhile. CHARLES SWEENEY Fordham University Lalryer A lawyer's life you will find, Ts often sweat, toil and grind. HARVEY SWEETBAUM Queens College Lunch Patrol Captain, Service Squad Captain. Hall Patrol Cap- tain, Math. History, Gen. Sci. llonor Classes, Honor Roll Psyrhoanalyst or Psrvchirztrist Fine and smart to the core llarvey wants minds to explore. 36 KENNETH SWENSON Columbia University X' Jackson Patrol, History Honor Class Civil Engineer Ken's the type who'll persevere And reach success as an engineer. DONALD TASE Work ff Service Squad, Traffic Squad, Lunch Patrol, Lieut. of Service Squad, Honor Roll To be rz millionaire Don wants to earn many a dollar lf he doesnlt, we-'ll hear him holler. JOHN W. THOMPSON College Lunch Squad, Traffic Patrol, Hall Patrol, Visual Aid Squad, Secretary to Teachers. English, Math, Cen. Sci., Client Honor Classes, Locker Cuard. Journal- ism, Honor Roll Doctor To be a doctor is his aim We know he'll reach the Hall of Fame. DOROTHY TRENTADLE College Secretary to Teacher, Honor Roll Go to College She wants to go to learn some more. For her each college will open its door. MARIE TUNSTALL Vocalist Special Chorus, Swimming Club, Swimming Assistant. Minor J in Swimming. Nutrition-Certifi- cate To be well-lil.-eil Remain as nice as you are now. PATSI RUTH TLJRRENTINE Professional Ballet Dancer "Star,' Staff, Eco. Honor Class, English Honor Classes Shels always on her toes! MARGARET UNGER Queens or Barnard College Volley Ball, Varsity, Softball, Basketball Clubs, HStar" Staff, f'Hickory Log" Reporter, Leader's, History, English, Math Honor Classes, Minor ,Vs in Volley Ball and Swimming, Major J, Sec. to Teachers, Honor Roll Teacher She'll never stop Till she reaches the top. l'AlNlliI.A VALENTINE Adelphi College Swimming Asst., Secretary to Teachcrs. Attendance Squad, C. U. Rep.. Swimming Club. Honor Roll, Jr. Dramatics Club, Emer- gency Room Asst., Life Saving Club Visiting AIIITSK' Lovable. pretty, sweet and gay YVe'll always reinetnber Pam that way. FRANCES X XNCI RA Business Secretary to Teachers. Volley Ball Club. Ilaskctball Club, 30 wpni. Typing Cert.. ll. O. Rep.. llonor Roll To eltjoy lift- Aluays there to do a faxor. .IANIICS NAN SlCl.I'IN Rrooklyn I'olytc-cb? Math. Cen. Sci., Engxlisli, Ilonor Classes. Skating Club. Visual Aid Squad. l.uncli Roorn Cuard, l'ro- gzrcssiw I'arty To m11l.'1' my million Illlll llten lim- ll iifc of crmc To be a millionaire is his dream ,Tis Ito! so easy as it may seem. RITA Yl'fl.l.A Secretary Sevrctary to Teacher. llonor Roll. Clce Club. Bowling Club. Re- organization Squad. Neuman Club To risit Sunil: AlII1'l'if'Il Our "Rio Rilai' Makes life sweeter. IJTANNA YI OL0 Columbia Lniversity School of Journalism Engglisli llonor Classes, Creative Writing. .lournalism, "Hickory Logw Reporter, Sec. to Teacher, Library Rep., Contributions to "Starz" War Stamp Rep., Student War Effort Committee Writcr llcr pleasant uit and Charm it story Will bring our Ilianna glory. MARY XVALCH A business office of some kind Secretary to Teaeher To 111' lulppy always A maiden ni-ter sweeter. MARTIN TIIU. WALSII lllisim-ss Newman Club, C. O. Repir- sentative To lllllit' ll :cell-pl111111e1i 111111 sua' c1'ssf11l life Ile! on the right track. S 'Y .kr '1 'Q' f VIRGINIA WALSH To be a career woman Secretary to Teacher, Yearbook Staff, Typing Certificate To sail the .seven seas. To sail the seven seas she'ml go May she only pleasures know. ROBERT WALTER 1 Dental Technician School 2 Jr. Orchestra. See. to Teachers, Cafe Repair Squad. l'. S. A. I.. Award Denlrzl Tl'!'hl1il'i!IIl That's a 'fwide" open field. ROBERT WEBSTER Refrigeration School Cafeteria Repair Squarl You'll new-r have trouble break- ing: the ice. EVELYN WERST Katherine Gibbs Secretary to Teacher, Program Committee, Basketball Club To be able to sing Evelyn wants a voice like a inoek- ing bird Always enjoyed whenever beard. ROBERT WERS'l' ,Z--" To establish myself for life Iliologv Asst,, I.uneh Patrol. Rio Lab. Squad, Hall Patrol, Clee Club. Secretary to Teachers. Locker Cuard To lllll'H,l'S be hllllllll' Tltere's mischief in his glance, WALTER ll. VVERTII Sllilllllllhllg 'l'1'11m. Major J Walter! sure to swim in the pool of SlIt'l'1'SS. CHARl.l'fS WEST N. Y. State Institute of Agri- culturi- l,llllf'll Patrol. Service Squad. Ilonor Roll, l.atc Oflice Dairy l'lllflltt'f Mau power to you. 37 ADELE WHALEN Hunter College Secretary to Teacher, English Honor Class, Honor Roll To fly to China Than our Adele none is finer We hope she is able to fly to China. JOAN WHEELER Receptionist Wai' Stamp Rep., llonor Roll. Secretary to Teachers A full and happy life If a girl comes any sweeter We are yct to meet her. EUGENE WIER Air Conditioning and Refrig- eration School Locker Guard, Hall Patrol. Lunch Patrol. English Book Room. C. O. Representative Retire after graduation We hope you make a ucoolll fortune. DANIEL WILLIAMS College or Navy Honor Roll .ffcrorzuzztical Engineer We sincerely hope you can steer To your goal as an engineer. CIAIRE WILLIS Rusiness "I.og', Office Secretary, Basketball Club. Library Rep. To be II good skater She-'ll skate to the top. ELLEN WILSON Inrlecicled Emergency Room Asst., Basket- ball Club, Leader's Club. Honor Roll To 11111701 No small ambition that, to travel . . . l.ife's wondrous ways shelll eler unraxel. DOROTHY WINTER Nurses Training Varsity. Basketball, Softball. Vol- Iey Ball, Leaderls. Swimming Clubs, Sec. to Teacher, "Hickory Log" Reporter. Crafts Club. Eng- lish, History, Math. Biology Hon. Classes, Honor Roll, P.S.A.L. Medals. To travel Shels always ready for fun A friend to all, a foe to none! 38 ESTELLE WISHNIA Typist To be a secretary Estelle's as sweet as they come As a secretary, she'll make things hum. HELEN WISSEI. Adelphi College if Secretary to Teachers, Lunch Patrol, Special Chorus, 'Tirates of Penzancefl G. O. Rep., "Hick- ory Logv Rep., "Starr" Rep., Mo- tion Picture Cluh. Nlinor Service Pin, Senior Class Officer, Honor Roll 'l'car'hing Where she met a stranger, she left a friend. JANE WOJIECHOWSKI Business School Clec Club To be ll success in the business world Her name is pronounced 'most every may But she hopes to change it some fine day. RAYMOND W'llLF Business Economics, History Honor Class- es, Locker Room Guard, Honor Roll To be Il nzillionuire This is one Wulf who won't he turned from the door. ANTOINETTE XIIILONE College Library Staff, Secretary to Teach- ers, Honor Roll To be ll Laborntorjr Technician A little bit of sunshine. WANDA ZELENKO Queens College Swimming Club, Swimming Asst., Minor J, Volley Ball Club, Soft- ball Club, I.eader's Club, Sec- to Teachers, Spanish Tutor, Eng., Hist., Eco. Honor Classes, Honor Roll Spanish Teacher A student's dream come truue. AIEDREY ZINK Office Work .Attendance Office Squad, Sec. to Teacher Become a dressmzzlrer Audrey's sure to be a success With her name on the label of many a dress. ANN ZUPPARDO Business War Stamp Rep., Lb ry Rep., be-cretary to Teacher. Lunch Patrol, G. O. Rep To enjoy life Friendly and gay il O K 1 .ICS . . Gam era Shy Barrelli, John Canavan, John Davis, Edward Eggers, John l-l. Ferdinand, Charlolle Krekeler, George Kuehhas, Charles Weaver, l-larold McConnell, Thomas Moore, Jean Ocikas, George Roeckl. Joseph Seibold, John Taflurelli, Roberl Turney, James Qracfuates of cgeptemoefg 1947 Edwin C. Baum Arlhur L. Becker Slanley Burkarl Daniel Canlelmo John Carr Lorraine Eckman Guslave Eichholz Roberl Ellioll Beverly Eyih Michael Farrell Allred Forino George Gaslon Sanford Goldshinc- Joseph F. l-leslin Dolores Johnson Thomas J. Mascola Leonard Mayem Warren Mead Ralph Moller Nelson Nulrler William O'Neill Frank W. Pike William Roll Malcolm P. Smilh Dorolhy Sulzer George Veraldo Frank Whelan WWW .Adi Q Q M 3 Q QQ fb 3 Flu fgw ' mf . Y ' 3 2 fn .src ,W ' gy 1 ' M i 3 W3 Q V,,,'h il. , f T W M' ur if ,,. 31? A AcT I I ' A wA FlabbergasTed Freshmen: AmidsT The shouTs of scoTFing upper-class- men, we valianTly marched Through The giganTic and beauTiTul TronT en- Trance oT The school we were sure we would grow To love. lAh! The sweeT bliss of innocencell While we were conTinually TorTured wiTh Those micro- scopic Delaney cards which demanded us To divulge our mosT guarded secreTs, our minds were Tilled wiTh The lilTing words oT "Mairzy DoaTs." ThaT very TirsT Term we were gloriously shocked wiTh "The Wedding," a play presenTed aT assembly in which The hero acTually osculaTed The heroine righT on The sTage. lCan you imagine such scandalous acTions?l FlashlighTs were very much in demand as we TalTeringly .groped our way home during our TirsT and lasT Term oT laTe session, buT The inconvenience of laTe session was recompensed by The Thrill we goT aT learning ThaT "our school" had won The New York CiTy BaskeTball Championship, which, oT course, They couldn'T possibly have done wiThouT our supporT. ACT II SophisTicaTecl Sophomores: While TriumphanTly calling ouT "Freshie' To all newcomers, we wondered whaT our nexT subiecTs and Teachers would be like. As Time progressed, so did War Bond rallies, Red Cross drives, and pleas To donaTe To The New York War Fund. We gave cheerTully. IT we gave up desserT, wouldn'T we be ThaT much closer To a sTreamlined Tigure? ThaT mysTerious curTain oT TrighTening bewildermenT was agoniz- ingly unveiled when we Took our very TirsT RegenTs examinaTion. ACT lll Jolly Juniors: Carrying lanTerns, we sTumbled along The darkened sTreeTs, hoping To reach school by eighT a.m. Yes-This was our TirsT Term oT early session. One brighT Tuesday morning, we Tound ThaT we could no longer send The Freshmen To 3l5 via The boys' locker room-Thanks To The maps prinTed in The complicaTed Jackson handbook. ST. PaTrick Turned ouT To be a TraiTor on March I7 when, aTTired in green, we swarmed inTo Madison Square Garden To see our beloved baskeTball Team lose 40 The semi-Tinals To Erasmus. There were unconTirmed reporTs ThaT Mr. Pone- mon had asked someone Tor a broom To sweep away Trom 3l4E-The veTerans' enrolling room. Our class simply could noT pass up The TradiTional plea To Mr. l-laller Tor a Junior prom. The ineviTable answer came: "WaiT 'Till nexT year!" OUR SENIOR TERM SepT. 8: On This daTe, our hearTs Tilled wiTh ioy, we began our lasT and mosT imporTanT Term aT good old Jackson. OcT. IO lor ThereabouTsl: DaTeless girls Tor The Prom TranTically hoped ThaT ThaT "cerTain someone" in English who'd been giving Them The eye would break The ice and ask Them beTore iT was Too laTe. Oh, welll Nov. 3: The yearbook picTures came back. "Do I look like ThaT???l" Nov. 7: AT lasTl! ATTer a halT-Term oT impaTienT waiTing, we received Those coveTed green and whiTe crowns and Tell-Tale pins which proved To The world ThaT we were SENIORS. Dec. 9: OUR DAY was a greaT success. l.eTT-overs Trom our childhood days-Teddybears, pandas, dolls. and balloons were broughT along To help us celebraTe. Those unTorgivable wreTches who dared To deTy us were given Their iusT desserTs. Ignorance was no excuse on This-OUR DAY! Dec. I9: One would never have guessed ThaT Jackson girls could look so lovely. ThaT "awTully plain" liTTle girl in lvlaTh Turned ouT To be a veriTable beauTy. and ThaT "liTTle squirT" in hisTory looked so manly in his "Tux" in The charming aTmosphere oT The Park CenTral l-loTel. Seniors learned whaT iT was like To have The milkman arrive home beTore They did. No maTTer whaT eTTecTs The nexT day broughT To lighT, iT was a nighT oT nighTs and one long To be remembered. GracluaTion: Our Tour years aT Jackson have come To an end, buT They will always live in our memories, Tor iT is The place we en+ered as children and emerged adulTs. ready To Take our places in The world abouT us. Jr.. ,. 4I as Q cgtuczlent lzinketla FRESHMAN SOPHOMORE JUNIOR SENIOR Ambilion To graduale wilh To graduale wilh To graduale wilh To graduale a 95 average an 85 average a 75 average The 3 R's Reaclin', 'rilin' Recilalion Records Relaxalion and 'rilhmelic ' Red-lape Raplure Regenls Reporl cards Romance Remorse Service To gel on lhe To gel credil To gel oul To have some- good side ol lor Arisla ol lhe Sludy lhing nexl lo lhe leacher Hall piclure in Yearbook College Harvard Columbia Oueens Any Jackson ll's a big ll's a big ll's a ll's a maller beaulilul school school school ol opinion Teachers They know They know a lol They know To err is everylhing somelhing human Excuse lor Sorry, l clidn'l I missed lhe bus The bus was The bell rang laleness leave lhal exlra lale loo early hall-hour early Homework They say lo do 45 They say lo do 45 I'll do il She won'l minules, so I'll minules, so I'll in enrolling call on me do one hour do 30 minules room Failure The world has l slill have 3 Whal again! I'll see you come lo an end more years lo go nexl lerm The Lale Bell A signal lo be A signal lo A signal lo leave When l gel lhere, in my seal ready run lo my nexl my beau and l gel lhere. lor work class lrudge lo class Freshman Aren'l we 1 Mere children They gel smaller Did l look wonderful? each lerm. like lhal? Passing Regenls Whal are lhey? A whole week Where lhere's "Thal's My oll a will, lhere's Desire" a way High School A place in which lo lurlher my A place I slay in 'cause l'm loo Guess I'll slick il oul-only a hall My senlence is almosl up educalion young lo quil day ol misery now The Pass ' Somelhing asked lor Somelhing asked lor Somelhing asked Who needs only if il's urgenl when lhe period is lor lo meel a pass? is boring hearl-lhrob in lhe hall Reading l am sure il will Il I don'l read Jusl lhis once Hallelujah, no Assignmenls give me a beller il, he is sure 'cause lhere's a homework underslanding ol lo call on me lo lesl lomorrow lhe subiecl explain il The Prom Somelhing only Somelhing lo Why can'l we A dream heard aboul dream aboul have one? come lrue? Senior Day Aclay lhey lell you A day lhe leacher A day lhose One glorious nol lo wear green . . . is iusl where you Seniors become day of revenge or else . . .Ill like lo see her awlully bossy Smoking in Well, I don'l wanl The risk is loo The leachers do. Teacher, gol School lo anyway. greal lor lhe Why can'l we? a malch? pleasure. all OU Dolly Rippel nol being sweel? Richard Reiner nol seven leel? A girl more lun lhan Rulh Perrine? Schaedler and Frenger nol a leam? Mrs. l-lall wilhoul a smile? Ann-Marie Carlson nol in slyle? Jackie Gordon and Mr. Rhind Wilh a peace pacl, sealed and signed? Beverly Norris nol in painl? Margie Unger saying "ain'l"? Gym lloors run wilh carpels rare? The swimming pool wilh healed air? Belly Creighlon wilhoul a song? Rulhie Scoll ever wrong? Donald Busch wilhoul lhose lies? George Conneman lelling lies? Pam Valenline having a loe? Joan Pollack wilhoul a beau? Roberl Ryan making passes? Belly l-leinle wearing glasses? Joanie Muller nol called "Slinky"? Gym suils making girls look slinky? Roberl Seidner keeping quiel? Bob McAllisler nol a riol? Evelyn Sickles nol being prelly? Leila Spielberg never willy? Willie Koehler wilhoul his iive? Jackson wilhoul a "winning live"? in :ii 'E' magine Seeing Dewey wilhoul Doy? Lorella Clarkson wilhoul a boy? Typewrilers lhal don'l slop working? Mr. Bradley ever shirking? Eddie Sorenson nol "Nuls"? Mr. l-larlung wilhoul Joe Glulz? Nancy Lubash nol in lrouble? Helene Schoen wilhoul her double? Bob Lamberl wilhoul a swealer? Donald Forbes doing beller? Bob Mohler wilhoul his grin? Williie Dulra wilhoul his Lynn? Eddie Dowd blowing a luse? Sara Schaler wilhoul her views? Bruce Milne wilhoul a rackel? Bill Kelly wilhoul a iackel? Joan McNicholas never sewing? William Ralhiens never growing? Bob Senay wilh slraighl hair? A sludy hall wilh an easy chair? Mr. Grady wilh an alomic bomb? Penny Paguelle wilhoul her Tom? Lynn Rapporl ignoring her duly? Sonia Larsen nol a culie? Jackson l-lalls wilhoul a swinging door? Senior lreasurers nol wanling more? Jack Mullady wilhoul a laugh? The PIONEER wilhoul a slall???? 43 STumbling ..,.....,..... ,....,,......,..,.... .....,... NighT and Day .,.A... .., ........... .......,.. Je Vous Aime ,v,,,. Take Care .. . . ,... ,. A Friend oT Yours .... ... v... ..... STrange Music ..,. ' ..,...................,........,. ... Can'T You Read BeTween The Lines? eeeee . There MusT Be a Way ee..e..e...... Lazy Mood ..o....o.....,....,o..,..,....,o..,....Av..,..,. CigareeTs, Whuskey. and Wild, Wild Women .oooo,ao,oooo PreTending ..,......o..o......oo.,,o,.,.,. Who Told You ThaT Lie? .oo....,o o.o...o,.. GOT To Be This or ThaT ,sos....s Smoke GeTs in Your Eyes ,..,...,. ......,... l-low Deep ls The Ocean? ,s....o uo...,o,.. Whispering ,.......u...,..,......,.s,, ThaT's My Desire ,uo.,,, One o'Clock Jump .o...... I'll Never Be The Same ...... Feudin', Fussin', FighTin' L so A Fellow Needs a Girl ...... IT Takes Time sus,......,,..,. lT l'm Lucky ..,s.L..uL.L.,oL. Talk of The Town .ss,,,us,,.. lGeT a Kick OuT oT You Lcc. TempTaTion .,..............,......, You Are My One Love .cc.,..u, Smoke, Smoke, Smoke ,co..c,oLvccc GoTTa Make Up Tor LosT Time L so cc.,c You're Driving Me Crazy ccccc,cc Wearing oT The Green L Time WaiTs Tor No One .,cc As Years Go By ccc.,,,cc,c Miss You .,.L..o......,co..........,.......c.,, IT l l-lad My LiTe To Live Over L..,,,. Somebody Else ls Taking My Place ,,,,,,,,,,,, STanley STeamer L. LL....c,c..c...c,,..,..,,. Bless You ,c,.,,.cL..........., Fun and Fancy Free .cc.c. QCOI' off are My Young and Foolish l-learT L......,....,....... ' .Two minuTe English speech Freshman Doing homework They don'T Teach ThaT in school Use oT "gyp sheeT" Mr. Bove Sounds Trom Room 327 Language TranslaTions To The TiTTh Tloor Every day lnsTead oT Boys' l-I. Ed. l know The answer Excuse Tor no homework True or Talse TesT Chem lab. Physics problem ln The library Mr. BlaTT Dismissal bell ATTer Gym Senior oTTice elecTions To Take To The Prom To geT your Senior haTs and pins Passing RegenTs exams G. O. ElecTion Mr. Eiss CuTTing SweaTer in Gym Teachers' resT room Week beTore mid-Terms LaTin Senior Day Yearbook deadline Freshman To Senior A. J. l-l. S. l'd Take a general course Locker I948 GeTTing To The Prom For passing me ATTer graduaTion? G. O. COUNCIL QS Fronl Row: Secrelary, l-larriell Pelersonf Presldeml, Framlc Llvlnqslonf Mr. l-laller. Back Row: l-llslorlan, Barbara Phillips: Vice-Presidenl, Roberl Field: Mr. Sfevenson Mr. Hunelce. Ctivltzies 9.03 mg irzfgl iy, il' ARISTA Sponsor: Mr. Slevenson Boy Leader: Louis D'Isidori Girl Leader: Lillian Sax Secrejrary: Grace Becker Treasurer: David Jamieson LIBRARY SQUAD Sponsor: Miss Carman NEWMAN CLUB Sponsor: Miss Flynn, Miss Cosgrove Presidenlrz Dolores Paquelle g ,-X 'mn W if' 4 ' ' i M 6 , ,P , Y A-ff " 5' aw- H Q' Ag ar- V K ptglfwifi- N A is i ,,.,. "A Qi f 'inf J 7? " ,F ' ,rife . I Q' W xx i 1- ' ' 6 f g Q ii it R Q' XJ- 'ka ii is Pm A f ,,A 4 ' I W 65 lf flu W K V,A. 1, iq M ig, A 1 X S 3. Q 65-Q fi ft: ' Q 5,44 , gk 45 X ' in '-,4 Q T 1 1 A A k M gi .Ai Q ,E 4 , 4 1155 XILVQ 'Q' ar gf . - 1 W F 'ii 3 gs, A who STAR STAFF ILITERARYJ Sponsor: Mr. Ponernon Edifors: Leila Splelberg Dorofny Efory GENERAL SCIENCE SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Hoefner Capfainz PM Bfodc CROSS COU NTRY TEAM Sponsor: Mr. Bfaff Co-Captains: Frank Nowicky John Eurlinger SMHMNMN6 ASSGTANTS Sponsor: Mrs, Voqe1 ftrifPfHiVNfEdiH'1 0'Connor ENGLBH OFHCE SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Chrisf LEADERS CLUB Sponsor: Miss Monson K , bs .K . 4 o..,..gS-ilfk MIMEOGRAPH SQUAD Sponsor: VV1rs.BenenTeTd GIRLS' VARSITY Sponsor: Mrs. Lee Capfain: Nancy Jaeger ART STAFF Sponsor: fV1r.Orsfein Captain: Bob Senay CI-IEM. PREP. SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. SIIverberq Capfainz Lol-Ier Vogf LIGI-ITINC5 AND AMPLIEYINC-5 CREVV Sponsor: Mr. Schiffman CapIaIns: Bob Benzinger Edward Dowd TRINITY CLUB Sponsor: MISS Varady Presidenh David Jamieson USF-IERS AND USHERETTES Sponsor: Mrs. Brogan Capfain: Vivien Mifazzo STAR STAFF ffxmp Sponsor: Mrs. Walrz Edlfors: Beverly Norris Audrey Alfonsin LUNCH PATROL Sponsor: Mr, Nesfler STAGE CREW Sponnor: Mrs. Young Capiainz Herberf Hoffman VISUAL AID SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Schiffman FASHION CLUB Sponsor: Mini Kramer 99,1 nm, MW MR. STEvENSoN's sown Sponsor: Mr. Sfevenson BASKETBALL TEAM Sponsor: Mr.GrLJmmOr'1d Capfainz Bob Field Manager: Roger Pfewcfer HICKORY LOG STAFF Sponsor: Miss Varady Edifor: Georqe Conneman OIRLS' BOWLING CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Goodman SENIOR ORCHESTRA Sponsor: MISS Lonnnan CI-IEERLEADERS Sponsor: Mrs. Brogan Captain: BeIIy HeInIe Y. 0. U. CLUB Sponsor: Miss Pfafe Presidenfz John Halcrow Vice President Doris Rochford Secretary: Jean Ruof MRS. BROGANS STAFF Sponsor: Mrs. Brogan Cepfain: BeHy Heinle FIELD BAND Sponsor: Miss Lohman STUDENT COURT Spormzrz MBS Morley Cl1iclJus?lCfF:Donalcl Nawlw ARTS AND CRAFTS Spormorz IVlrs.Boel1m Prouidenl: Lucille Gallup Vice Pr0,lder1T:Car'la Seurlq 1 l I f LATE OFFICE SQUAD SpOm,Or2Mr.Slr1qer Cf1plainQ:lVlar'llyr1 Rapporl Jolw Sfhaedler Diane lvlaleo l ,I i 5 4 M. ' 9- . 9 , ., ., ,, 4 ff?N w my iv AV t 7. P 'ji' ,fm Q N, : ix :fl 'H I f. 3? ' A as 'xx 10? sf I' if W f M . , ,.,. xi S, '- t l ' . 553 f Q SA! , ,. KM g aww gh - f. Smit . K 1 , i 1..,. . . E S X P. A , 1 A ' M 1-Sf: is Y f Y A V r I 75 ik' 1' 3 x w A iv' . . I X A x Y 'l A A I ' ..,, W- , YV af., ' Nf L M A ff V w, g ,ASV in X. ' is Xu a 53-.J-sw , -X nw 4, A 'Q aw , .ye f , ws- fi " . gLgi3m. . ,Qi , M, x 3 if AX fm Ns' Y w X x . ,I A I' K ' ,K X- Q, ff, in M . ga W X Ms, A YT my V . an Q wwf kwa, N31 N N li WF 'U W, kck U , lk 5: - S.. 1-9-S'cQ'P'. " 3"JiW-wk gg Nr -,gxsyiigsii A, u,,. . ws Q Q -'vq 4. If 'Q X W N .s , Y ,S X R M X ,Av ,Gif is AUENDANCECWHCE Suonsor: Miss Rayner JUNUQR ORCHESTRA Sr Umor: Mrs. Warslwaw MRS MCCLWTOCKS SQUAD Syorw,c1r':Mrf,.MC Clinfoclc Crap ffm: Hope Dahl RADIO CLUB Sponsor: Mr. Schiffman Presideni:IV1arkGofdes GIRLS' VGLLEYBALL Sponsor: Mrs. Hifberf CHAIR REPAIR SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Vieilhard Caprarnz Norman Weeber PROGRAM I-IIELIDERS Sponsor: MISS SIyIes SWIMMING TEAM Sponsor: Mr. Caslwin CofCapIaIns: George I-IacIceII John Blackman VARSITY PLAY Sponsor: Mr. S. SCI'wwarIz ASSII Diredor: Elaine Iraufnnann Smqe Mor: Ferdinand Daqenais kfxfikf 54'IION7 RUN C153 fr'-1 9519 GLEE CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. Poefz SPECIAL CHORUS Sponsor: Miss Lohman I i! rf" fast and ciestament We, fhe graduafing class of February, I948, in a spirif of afonemenf for fhe mischievous deeds fhaf have been associafed wifh us in fhe years fhaf we have adorned fhe halls of Jackson, hereby bequeafh fhe following: Mr. Bove-a recording of ",Ain'f Misbehavingf' Miss Flynn-a sound-proof classroom. Dr. Schiffman-a "puddle jumper." Track feam-20-league boofs. Lunch room-somefhing visible befween fhe bread. Mr. Grady-an afomic bomb. Miss Lohman-an unlimifed supply of bafons. Andrew Jackson-a good dance band. Mrs. Canfer-a gold filing cabinef. Yearbook sfaff-self-counfing "Senior Sfars" ballofs. Mr. Tesfaverde-a laugh mefer and a copy of Joe Miller's ioke book. Mr. Grummond-2 squads of "7-foof" gianfs. Mr. Harfung-a closef for his family skelefons. Miss Tallarico-a pair of roller skafes fo gef places fasfer. Swimming class-mofh-proof swim suifs fhaf fif. Mr. Engoron-class of commercial Rembrandfs fhaf supplies own magazine. Mrs. Benenfeld-wrisf wafch wifh a second hand for dicfafion. Mrs. Brown-a googolplex and 7 million years fo work wifh if. Chemisfry classes-gas masks. Having deeply medifafed upon fhe guesfion, we have decided fo appoinf as sole execufor of fhis. our Lasf Will and Tesfamenf, a genfle- man, whose friendly ways and helpful spirif have enabled him fo carry fhings ouf no maffer how heavy fhe burden-Digby O'Dell, fhe friendly underfaker. We are confidenf he will nof lef us down. THE SENIORS WITNESSES: Presidenf-Roberf Mohler Vice-Presidenf--Bernice Jordan Edifor of Yearbook-Donald Nash 63 J.: "N-X, .R XXX .M "lim, ,wh m,.,sN x X 1 A i f Qu' 4-"X, QC :Ax , 32 0 ,K J an in WAMX N me-4 4' VW. X Ax Wil? I' 4. . l . ,,y-..::.2:,.p ww' v V A ,WM Mx ,M..,-w- - H, If ff X I , A, 5 1 4 kv Q : gg X A xx H z.. .W .,:.. X -. r , 1 "iL"'k mf ...if 4- Cgdacuftgg dutograpfzs ARTHUR STU DICS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS To rhe Class of February I948 EXCLUSIVELY EQUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY I457 BROADWAY BRyan+ 9-7342 New York Cify L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS 343'- Class Rings and Pins Commencemenl' lnvi+a+ions Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia Memorial Plaques FV' Represenled by--Mr. VV. G. Pforr 49I9-2I7 Sl. Bayside, Long Island New York COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York I, New York O Manufacfurers of Choir Robes-Band Ou+fi+s-Academic Caps, Gowns and Hoods-SpeciaI+ies PHONE HOIIis 5-7792 PROMPT DELIVERY J. C. SCHULTZE PAINTS - HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES IO9-7I FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. I206'rIw ST.I ST. ALBANS, L. I. Tel. LAureI+on 8.4211 Complimenfs of . . . GANSCAP CORPORATION FINE FooTwEAR EASTERN MEAT MARKET 112.09 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS HOMES 5.lOl38 AND FARMERS AVENUE L. I., N. Y. vw, x ESTABLISHED K Id59 FOOD, STORES LAureIIon 8-OO59 Eslimales Given LAureI+On 5-9555 Modern Equipmenl P , f, d D +, Reasonable Prices am ""-4' an ec? 'ng AL'S AUTO SERVICE 'NTER OR5"EXTER' R5 SERVICE - REPAIRIN6 - OVERHAULING - TIRES GERARD PAOUETTE GAS TOWING OIL '30-SI 223fd STREET NEW YORK and FARMERS BLVD. LAURELTON I3, L. I. JAMAICA' In IU N. Y. JOE SIMONTE LAUIEIIOR S-233I AND HIS ORCHESTRA A CA'-TIER! Music lor All Occasions DEPARTMENT STORE Telephone II4-45 I24Il1 Slreel 145.91 NEW YQRK BLVD- Vlrqinia 3-OHIO Soulli Ozone Park, N. Y. Ja,-najca 5! N. Y. You'll Feel Like New H H G A A MARKET JIM'S BARBER SHOP F. D.,mpe,io J. PAPSIDEROI prop, FRESI-I FRUITS AND VEGETABLES 22'-I' Linden Bwvdl St Aybdnsx L. In I36436 Farme?3ShOBrl2dLAUreHOn 8-25SIIErIrIqFIeId, I.. I. LAureIIorI 8-28OI LAurel'rOn 8-9393 LAureII'On 8-OI66 W C II d D I' e a an ewer CARWOOD STORES RED SEAL LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS - ALTERATIONS Rug Cleaners I45-IO9 New York Blvd. Springfield, L. I., N. Y. 229-20 MERRICK ROAD LAURELTON I3, N. Y. RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS - WASHERS APPLIANCES - RECORDS HOlIis 5-9758 COMPLIMENTS -Of- THE WICKERSHAM LUNCHES, DINNER and SUNDAY DINNERS 203-23 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, NEW YORK BANZER'S PHARMACY Service for fhe Sick I94-OI LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, L. I., N. Y. LAureIIon 8-7623 Mlssouri 7-OSI? HOLLIS CREST FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 200-ZI HOLLIS AVENUE Corner 2OIsI Slreer Hollis. N. CHARLES OF ST. ALBANS Phofographs Thai Always Please We Supply Cap and Gown I90-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+. Albans Tlweafre Block LAureI+on 8-43 I 6 E. 8: L. WATCH HOSPITAL "The House of Proven Accuracy" JEWELRY - GIFTS WATCH, CLOCK AND JEWELRY REPAIRING LVD ST ALBANS L I HOIIis 5-IOO22 K R I S C H ' S Ice Cream Cakes - Ice Cream - Fruif Ices I99-I4 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS. L. I. LAureIIon 8-6963 HENRY FREEMAN'S BAKERY Birlhday - Wedding Cakes - Cookies Our Specially - LINDEN B . . , . . l87 20 , I95-I9 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, L. I., N. Y Y B R O W N E 'S BUSINESS SCHOOL I I JAMAICA I49-I8 JAMAICA AVENUE Phone RE. 9-4046 'A' DAY and EVENING SESSIONS ' ENTER ANY TIME INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION A New Cafaloq on Requesf 1l , l V Y , WY, W, W , I1I I I I I I I I Iousenssoino Ts1cTiooL ' Sound Iraining for Hwe superior secrefarial and junior execufive posifion. Also courses in all Types of modern business machines- IncIividuaI prorno+ionaI plan-Supervised office experience-Suo I cessIuI placemenf bureau. "lBEGIN ANY TIMEA WH DAY 81 EVENING CATALOGUE SESSIONS I Jamaica Long Island UPON REQUEST 1 ' Im ,iw--,,,- Jfxmaaca 6-I98I - I982 I-" ' 'd I'IOIIiS 5-IOIOI COMPLIMENTS ' OI' C A M P U S Candy -Ice Cream - Cakes Coscia's Homemade Ice Cream "Cakes For AII Occasions" 205-O7 HOLLIS AVENUE 205-I3 HOLLIS AVENUE I-IOLLIS, N. Y I-IOIIis 4-0298 REPAIRING AIR-LITE VENETIAN BLIND CO. Manufaciurers of CUSTOM MADE VENETIAN BLINDS 2 I 2-22 JAMAICA AVENUE OUEENS VILLAGE, N. Y. I Herman's Confeciionery Sfore D0NOVAN'5 SWEET SHOP Home Made Ice Cream 8: Candy FOUNTAIN SERVICE-TOYS I88-II LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS '45-74 NEW YORK BLVD I LA 5346! LAure-Hon 5-9463 LA 8 4 LAureI+on 5-0234 g - -514 E. J. MCVEIGH I A. TOMINOVICH HA RDWARE I JEWELER Plumbing Supplies' - Painfs - House Furnishings I I9O 09 LINDEN BOULEVARD - S+ Albans N Y I45-IOI New York Blvd. Jamaica Soufh 5. N. Y. F. Manafaro P. Wagner M. 81 W. SASH 81 DOOR CO. QUALITY EURs GARAQCEIBESISSQQHLSSLZYNZASERAMES Resiyling-Cusfom and Ready Made-Cold Sforage FuII line of sform and combinaiion doors S Ib I88-24 EINDEN BOUI-EVQRD l42-56 Rockaway Blvd. Soufh Ozone Pk.. L. I. A ani I2'PN' ' L u"eIIon 8'2744 9 se+. I42 8. I43 S+. JAmaica 9-2I4o - Pam 'GSI 'OP- LA I - I3 I 5' 3 LOUlE'S MARKET LINDEN TEXTILES "Sew and Save" I CoHons - Silks - Woolens - Curiains - Draperies Whiie Goods - Trimmings - PaHerns QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES Fresh Frui-Is and VegeIabIes '88-22 230-06 SO. COr1dUII' Ave. RosedaIe I0 Opp- WOOlwOr+h'5 I LAureI+on 8-7679 Louis Braveffi, Prop. I-IOIIIS 5-8872 1 GEORGE NEWI COMPLIMENTS PRIME MEAT MARKET I 205-09 I-IOLLIS AVENUE -af- I . I A. N. CONTI, PI1armacIs'I' I C I' If . . . I Omp'menIS O I49-I3 JAMAICA AVENUE IMPERIAL CLEANERS "KNOWN FOR BETTER CLEANING" JAMAICA. NEW YORK Complimenfs Of PARENTS ASSOCIATION OF ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL COME AND JOIN US LAureI+On 8-4000 STEINBORO' LUMBER CORP. I3I-I5 MERRICK BLVD., SPRINGFIELD, L. I. LUMBER, MASONS' MATERIALS BUILDING SPECIALTIES PERRINE PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE P. W. Perrine, Prop. JAMAICA AVENUE 81 I75+h STREET, JAMAICA, N. Y. Phone JAmaIca 6-5389 I TEDDY's SWEET SHOP M 8' M APPUANCE CO' ms-34 FARMERS BOULEVARD AT NEW STORE SPRINGFIELD GARDENS I87-23 LINDEN BOULEVARD BENDIX WASHERS a. RECORDS LAureIIon 5-98I7 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES-RADIO REPAIRS CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY 206-02 Hows AVENUE HOllis 5-3358 HOLLIS, N. Y. "LA STELLA" Resfaurani and Piueria 229-O8 LINDEN BOULEVARD CAMBRIA HEIGHTS LAurelIon 5-9849 New York DAIRY SANITARY SERVICE SOAPS AND CHEMICALS I37-I2 l7IsI STREET Springfield Gardens LAurelIon 8-7172 LAurelfon 8-0849 The KIDDY TOWN Shops LayeHes and Shower Giffs Our Special+y I88-37 Linden Blvd. S+. Albans I2, N. Y. BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS VICTORY DELICATESSEN D. Blohm MI. 7-2328 204-I3 HOLLIS AVE. I CHAS. DENNINGER QUALITY rmsr PRovlsloNs J. HOLDSWORTH PRECISION JEWELER I88-O7 LINDEN BOULEVARD I-IA. 3-8582 88-II - 74th AVENUE Foresl Hills Crest L. l. Sl- Albans l2- l-V l-- N- Y- Phone LAurelIon 8-7374 COMPLIMENTS ST. ALBANS FLORIST ' Ol ' M. A. Ford Flowers for all occasions Telegraph-Delivery Service I87-O2 Linden Blvd. SI. Albans, L. l., N. Y. A 81 M FOOD STORE C. Schaerf, Prop. DELICATESSEN - GROCERY I99-I5 lI4I'h AVENUE S+. Albans I2, N. Y. WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING L E H N E R ' S NEW ADDITION ICE CREAM PARLOR Now serving you wifh Candies, Ice Cream and Bakery Goodies New York Blvd., Norfh of Bell Parkway CEMENT 8: MASON CONTRACTOR .IOI-IN PICONE Underporches Cemeni' Block Garages Brick Sfoops Cellar Floors Driveways Waferproofing Sidewalks Reasonable Ra+es Safisfaciion Gua ra n+eecl IOZEO9 2I7 PLACE, OUEENS VILLAGE 9, N. Y. Call for Eslimales-HOIIis 5-8565 HOIIIS 5-8544 James E. Cassidy, Manager CASSIDY FUNERAL HOME, lnc. Chapels in all Boroughs I98-20 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, N. Y. ROSE DEPARTMENT STORE I88-I9 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, L. I. Alexander Scheines A FRIENDLY PLACE TO MEET AND THE BEST THINGS TO EAT AL and JEAN Complir-nenls Ol: . . . MAYBAR GENERAL STORE I-IOLBROOI4, LONG ISLAND, N. Y. I-IOIlis 4-I890 K L E l M A N' S Men's - Ladies' - Cl'Iilclren's Wear D R Y G O O D S I89-O9 JAMAICA AVE. HOLLIS, N. Y. LUCK BROTHERS GROOERY and DELIOATESSEN I44.I2 NEW YORK BOULEVARD Jamaica Soulh 5, N. Y. I LAU rellon 5-0346 JOAN SHOPS LADIES and JUNIOR APPAREL l88-I3 LINDEN BOULEVARD Ronk. 8597 S+. Albans, L. I., N. Y. LAureI+on 5-9529 S A L E S R E P A I R S CIAMBRA'S SERVICE STATION RADIO APPUANCES RECORDS I4O-I2 FARMERS BOULEVARD A' J' LD' INC' - - I88-36 L'rIderI Blvd. SI. Alba s I2, N. Y. Sprmglneld Gardens, N. Y. ' LAUFETMOH 5-9456 A. BEHRENS ICE CREAM PARLOR 222-O5 MERRICK RD. Springfield Gardens, L. I. EAT WITH THE ELITE ROYAL CLEANERS DRY CLEANING - PRESSING - DYEING I Pressing While You Wai+ I45-94 NEW YORK BOULEVARD Jamaica 5, N. Y. SAM STAPEL FINEST QUALITY MEATS I45-bl FARMERS BOULEVARD Phone: LAureIl'on 8-IBZ9 Cedarhursf I544 We call lor 81 Deliver C. 81 M. BICYCLE SHOP Bicycles Boughf, Sold, Repaired 8: Recondilioned Carriage Repairs' T. D. Crocker--F. A. McKas+y, Props. 377 CENTRAL AVENUE LAWRENCE. L. I. LAurelTon 5-9800 Home Service Shell Boulevard Service S+a+ion AUTO REPAIRS AND LUBRICATION I37-42 NEW YORK BOULEVARD aT I4OII'I Avenue, Jamaica Soufh 5, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS .Of. M. C. KIMMEL ERNIE'S DELICATESSEN , Fancy Groceries, Home Made Salads and Cold Culs 205-I5 HOLLIS AVENUE RIBAKOVE PHARMACY, Inc. ZI9-Ol LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, L. I. HOIlis 4-44l2 Orders promplly delivered LAUFGIIOTI 5-9645-9437 LARGEST RECORD STOCK IN TOWN MAHLSTEDT 8: METSCHER I . METZ RADIO , ' nc , Wholesale Dealers In RECORD HEADQUARTERS OR' D STCC ES I Radios-Television-Appliances F E GN AN DOME l HE E I LADRELTON THEATRE BLDG. 97-33 'OOHI STREET 1 227-IO MERRICK RD. LAurelTon 5-4896 Vlrginia 7-68lO Ozone Park I6, N. Y. M O N A C O Ice Cream Parlor CANDY - STATIONERY - CIGARS I45-63 FARMERS BOULEVARD Jamaica 5, N. Y. HOUSECLEANING? LET us I-IELP You! OCEAN LAUNDRY I I37-25 I63I'I'I STREET ' Jamaica, New Yorlc LAurelTon 5-4540 HILDEBRANDT DELICATESSEN ZIO-I2 II4Tl'I AVE., ST. ALBANS II I I-lOllis 4-l905 Home Made Salads and Frozen Foods COMPLIMENTS OF- PATRICK KELLY 220 STREET 81 LINDEN BOULEVARD Chrisfian Wers+, Presidenf GEORGE WERST, Inc. FUNERAL DIRECTORS FRANK OGILVIE IN s u RA N c E 572 HART STREET 7 I -4I COOPER AVE. AI Evergreen Ave. SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, N. Y. GIenCIaIe, L. I., N, Y. BrooIiIyn, N. Y. HEgeman 3-8777 GL. 5-3I4O COMPLIMENTS ' . of . The MEL-O-DAIRS A HEALTHFUL, NOURISHING, . ENERGY FOOD Phone ILIinois 9-4690 DELICATESSEN and GROCERY HENRY SCHLUTER , 'ff 73-O3 88fI1 STREET GLENDALE, L, I.. N. Y. 'L T-A Cl-'T I . T- ... 7' V i' 7 I M :cn 'ciinur BREYER ICE CREAM CO.. INC LONG ISLAND CITY, N. Y. THE Co P ss, INC., 200 VARI S IN X K 14, N. Y. f' . Q. .2 Y: .1 R 4 . ,. . if 2: 1 'S m 4 . rwsiilw-f'f"Q5Em5:mJz1i 3.-.':vEWQ'rZ7f -rv 15225112-f'fzssiw,,,::Q."f-211':-fTl'f'T. 1kff"':w'N'E,:1" F4151 -.1?2:1f:.-,- fr 1' hisiH'i7?1'5.149a1!-'z-52?"-Y?1Ygi'1:1-,"1, ffl! ggflgx-"a:E:5q:'ff-'.s1:sf'f'::fifermli-f:wifAiden'-x..-w1':?Lf1E ' . if",'vgf1ff,m.wn,-:f1.:'fw:c1Ea.-'ffvffzg-'f-f:,'.,.mfim1sw'E'1.fP:1:Jf:.:.--'2s::ig.,: 'fvffz W' -2 1 f4ff+e..i'mevf'-ai-:-'f 4. 'L J.: gg , ,. 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Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) collection:

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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