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ibm W X? X 'Ps P The Pioneer Andrew Jaclcson High School S+. Albans, New Yorlc Ralph W. Holler, Principal June I947 Volume IX No. 2 PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE Uppermosf in your minds as you look forward fo graduafion is success in your nexf underfaking. In November, Dean Speighf, of Elmira College, delivered an address which each one of you mighf well read. If had fo do wifh characferisfics or qualifies needed for success. ln my brief message fo you foday l wanf fo call affenfion fo iusf one of fhe qualifies which Dean Speighf menfionedq namely, Willingness To Puf Forfh Efforf. Nowadays fhere is a fendency fo ascribe failure fo a lack of inferesf. Throughouf your high school career you have undoubfedly heard some classmafes excuse fheir poor work by saying fhey had no inferesf in whaf was required of fhem-or perhaps fhey claimed fhaf fhe work was nof made sufficienfly inferesfing by fheir feachers. l know fhaf only a small minorify among you have faken fhaf viewpoinf. To be sure, if will be easier fo render confinuous efforf when work is inferesfing, buf lef me say fo you fhaf in any work which you underfake, fhere will be uninferesfing aspecfs, some drudgery, many fhings which in fhemselves you won'f like fo do buf which have fo be done in order fo accomplish fhe fask which you have underfaken. To men and women who have accomplished fhings in life, fhe facf fhaf anyfhing had fo be done was all fhaf was needed fo make if inferesfing or fo arouse a desire fo do if. Each one of you wanfs 'ro succeed and, wifhin limifs of abilifyi each one of you can make a success of life. The quesfion is, "Are you willing fo puf forfh fhe efforf required fo gain fhaf end?" If you have fhe will fo do fhaf, success is assured. RALPH W. l-IALLER Mr. Anfhony J. Bov6 Dean of Boys Mrs. Elisabejrh Brogam Adminisfrarive Assislramf Mr. J. Allison Sfevenson Admimisrrafive Assisfanf Mrs. Marion Boeqe Senior Grade Advisers Mr. Milfon Blaff 14dminiA tration Wrewvrd Living as we do in This modern world, consTanTly hearing new reporTs on The laTesT deadly developmenTs oT The aTom bomb and also hearing re- porTs oT disagreemenTs among The naTions aT The U. N. conTerences, we are inclined To develop an inner Tear +ha+ all Those Things which have been The basis oT our happy living may suddenly be desTroyed or snaTched Trom us. AlThough a war has occurred during our lives, we young people were noT so deeply aTTecTed as oThers. We lived in comparaTive saTeTy in a counTry which has always been a reTuge Trom The devasTaTion oT war. The securiTy which we have had has made real Tear unknown To us. l-low- ever, This same securiTy, which has proTecTed us, is now The cause oT our vulnerabiliTy To This Tear. Because we have always been Tree Trom Tear we musT noT geT The misTaken impression ThaT life is a lovely garden where we can easily pluck The TruiTs oT success. No, Tar Trom iT, Tor liTe, as people. who are older and wiser Than we, can Tell us, is Tilled wiTh problems which we musT solve or They will conquer us. lf we solve Them as They arise. Then we shall go on To Tace greaTer problems, prepared To Take Them in our sTride. BuT if we cower beTore Them we shall be kepT Trom Those heighTs which we have always dreamed oT aTTaining. lvlosT oT us wanT To be successful in whaTever we choose To do wiTh our lives, and we Teel very ambiTious when conTemplaTing The soluTion oT Those problems which arise. BuT The acTual working aT The conquering oT Them is decidedly more diTTiculT. We musT, ThereTore, prepare our- selves gradually To meeT larger problems vicToriously by Tackling The liTTIe ones encounTered in our presenT living, wiTh courage and deTerminaTion guided by sTrong moral principles. Since The exTenT oT our success will be measured by how many Tears we have meT and conquered, we musT guard againsT becoming adulTs paralyzed by Tear and musT begin working now To achieve our goal. V BEVERLY A. RENNIE 4 bedication During The Middle Ages, sTudenTs were endowed wiTh quiTe a biT oT power over Their Teachers. For one Thing, They could hire or Tire a Teacher aT will, and hence, To hold a posiTion a Teacher had To be pleasing To pupils. If This were so Today, we could be sure ThaT a cerTain hisTory Teacher would never be ouT oT a iob. Besides being very aTTracTive and having an enviable TasTe in cloThes, she is eTTicienT and capable. No one will dispuTe The TacT ThaT hisTory can be a biT Trying aT Times, and yeT she made iT easily comprehensible. OT course we are reTerring To Mrs. Todd, whose classes are noT only inTormaTive, buT lighT and inTeresTing, Too. l-ler Triendly wiT and charming smile have TurTher endeared her To us. For These reasons and many more we are proud To dedicaTe The June '47 PIONEER To Mrs. Todd. 5 Snrial THE THESPIANS PERSONALITY PLUS Jolwn Wallace Rullw Barrill Marjorie Carlon Teclcly Nilsen Tl-lE CHATTERBOXES Tl-IE JOKERS Eranlc Venosa Joe Levy Eileen l-lunclerfrnarlc Barbara Reclwel l l 6 M llvginivr l THE APPLE POLISHERS Tl-IE BRAINS Eranlc Venosa Charles Eisenlwauer Dolores Boenlnq Rose Marie Erangipane TROUBLE INC. THE ATI-ILETES Jolwn Pyros Roy Wagner Barbara Judd Joan Pasquale FTW . r NX' ,S --.-Ms--..-...... .- V COMP!-ll Tl-lE SOPl-llSTlCATES Waller Jolwnson Barloara Mayo Eileen l-lunler Eugene Olsen FAS!-ll0N PLATES THE B.T.0.'S CUPlD'S TRIALS Eugene Olsen Donald Janeck Teddy Nilsen Berllma Democlfm Dorollmy Dersclw Eileen l-lunler 8 THE MIXMASTERS Bruce Nichol Pal Daly Rose Marie Frangipane THE VIRTLJOSOS Roberl and William Bearclfiell Alice Cursclmmann "LES ARTISTESL Armand Lopez lJean Aclcerman on lop of +l'1e flag pole.l Tl-lE SMILES Teddy Nilsen Claire Filzsimmons EASY TO LOOK AT PEOPLE'S CHOICE Teddy Nilsen Charles Eisenlmauer Bealrice Neubeclc Rullw Barrillr THE DREAMERS Hugh Grace EDDY N' ETTA KETT Isabel O'Reqan Slaflord Gedge Dolores Jones Rose Lee IO Can 'lfou Imagine ? Mrs. Boehm nol a lriend lo all? Nobody loilering in lhe hall? Barbara Judd nol on a diel? Barbara Rechel nol being a riol? Regenls nol lhe cause ol lears? Teachers calling all ol us dears? Teddy Nilsen wilh slraighl black hair? Lue and Bill nol a cule pair? Alice Curschmann singing llal? Dolly Dersch becoming lal? Dr. Anderson nol losing her glasses? Bruce Nichol nol following lhe lasses? Beverly Rennie wilhoul her poise? Andrew Jackson wilh Allas boys? Peggy Belle nol being Gorry? Pal McLean nol lelling a slory? Roy Wagner nol G. O. presidenl? Ray Kramer being hesilanl? Marie l-lanson singing commercials? Jackson's band wilhoul lhe Bearchells? Mr. Wrighl being wrong? Johnny Wallace wilhoul a song? Nancy lrwin being nicer? Jeannine Snow nol a de-icer? Gladys Ammon wilhoul her lroubles? The Lyman lwins nol being doubles? A drinking lounlain lhal really squirls? A ball poinl pen lhal really works? Red Keller looking blue? Norma Fishman lhal way loo? Waller Renneman lour leel small? Rhoda Fleischer six leel lall? Mrs. Kasius wilhoul a smile? Johnny Pyros nol leachers' lrial? Morlie Scheines nol pounding a desk? Jackson's campus picluresque? The delicalessen wilhoul a gang? Mrs. Reeve using slang? Joe Levy nol a clown? Claire Filzsimmons wilh a lrown? Eugene Norman nol wriling a poem? Everell Noren wilh a bald dome? Charlie Eisenhauer nol being smarl? Joe Thierman working hard? Joan Sleen saying "no can do"? Bernice Marlel coming down wilh lhe fl Morris Goldman voling "Righl"? Marie Manzolillo nol being brighl? Eco. classes wilhoul a snore? Richard ready lo open lhe door? Elinor Pond being loud? Jackson's halls minus lhe crowd? Jack Guido nol lols ol lun? Mr. Blall wilhoul a pun? Eileen l-lunler wilhoul her vels? The G. O. nol having debls? Edna Goldberg lhinking l-lamlel sane? Jackson sludenls prepared lor lhe rain? Phil Scalzo nol laking a dare? l-larry Lang having a care? Kids in lhe lunchroom nol needing bibs? The Yearbook Slall wilh original squibs? U Senivr C7444 Office:-A Presiclenl-Clwarles Eisenliauer Vice Presiclenl-Joan Anderson Secrelary-Janel Rooney TREASURERS Eileen l-lunler Jean Ackerman Rose Lee Nada Slorelli Claire Fifzsirnrnons Rullw Barrill Dolores Boening Dol VViHenner .lEAN ACKERMAN Fashion llluslrating Honor Roll, Engtish Honor Class, Senior Class Treasurer. Secretary to Teacher, War Stamp Repre- sentative. "Star" Art Staff, Major Art, Square Dancing Club. To be successful in the Fashion Eield. ,lean is goorl in fashion and art May she and success never part. EDWARD ADKIN Buyer in, Textile lndustry Yoaill keep the customers buy- ing. MARILYN ALPHIN Worlt' anrl to ,luilliarll School Special Cllorns, Licut. of Lunch Patrol. To be a good musician. She shall have music wherever she goes. CLADYS AMMON lfusiness Arista, Honor Roll. C.O. Office Asst., Library Rep., Library Asst.. Clerical Work. English Honor Class, Secy. to Teachers, Sten. and Typing Certificates, Reor- ganization Sq., English Office Sq., Senior Yearbook Staff. Law Stenographer. Always laughing with a smile 'illappy's" ,llIl'lf.Y0l1,S favorite chile. JOAN ANDERSEN kj' Secretarial School Senior Class Vice-Pres., Secy. of C.O., Prog. Party Mgr., Senior Dramatics Club Secy., Radio Show, Hickory Log Reporter, Program Comm., Cen. Office Asst., C.O. Rep., llonor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Eng., Hist. and Math. llonor Classes. Secretary. ller charm and personality rare lllahe her welcome everywhere. BRUCE ANDERSON ll. S. Navy Jr. and Sr. Orchestras. Special Chorus, llall Cuard Traffic Sq., Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance. The Fortune Teller. Ont of the Frying Pan, Ever Since Eve, Seven Keys to Bald- pate. Bible Club. Navy Radiotnan or Mechanic-- Diesel. As a musician he rlirl well In the Navy he'll really excel. PHYLLIS ANDERSON if Receptionist Secretary to Teachers. Typing Certificate. To become Mrs. -W --???? If capirl never misses, She'll become a "Mrs," LLOYD ANSTEY liasiness School Hall Cuard, Honor Roll. Certified Public Accountant. While l.loy1l's accounting His fame will be mounting. WALTER ANTHONY Telephone Company Service Squad. Own a season pass to Yankee Stadium. On the beam in every class. We hope he'll get that season pass. MILDRED ARMET Polstlam Slate Teachers College Honor Roll. English, Math and Eco Honor Classes, Arista Reor- ganization and A t te n d a n c e Squads, Lunch Patrol, Regents Recording and Program Commit- tees, Swimming, B a s k e t b a I l , Classical and Life Saving Clubs, Minor and Major J's. Swimming Asst.. Minor Serv. Pin, Student Court, Secretary to Teachers. To own a farm. As a friendly farmerette, .llillie is one sure ltetl EILEEN AUCER Work in rarlio Out of the Frying Pan. English Dramatics, Secy. to Teachers, Make-up Squad, Library, War Stamp Rep., Dramatic Club, Swimming and Library Asst. Explore the world. With her Pepsorlent smile She'll go many a mile. U JANET BAHNSEN lf Coaeorzlia Arista, Honor Roll. Math.. Eng.. Hist., Eco., Chem., Honor Classes, Library Assistant, Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, Reorganiza- tion Sq.. Program Comm.. Tutor. Classical, Basketball. and Bible Cluhs, Service Pin, Pioneer Staff. Teacher. ,4 pretty hlomle peach Who really will teach. DOROTHY BAILEY I?rowne's Business School llonor Roll, Tutor, Library Rep., Locker Monitor, Lunch Patrol, Secy. to Teachers, Chem. Honor Class. Executive Secretary In shorthand prohcient And very efficient HOWARD BAKER P.F.C. Marine Corps, Service Sq. Handsome Howard Baker ls a real heartbrealfer I 3 JOAN BAKER Work Secy. to Teachers, Clee Club, Late Office Sq., Honor Roll, Eng- lish Honor Class. If you strive with all your might Success will always be in sight. CAROL BANNISTER Berkley Secretarial School Secy. to Teacher, Library Rep., Library Asst., Yearbook Staff. Secretary. Carol will be A fine secret'ry. BEVERLY BARNETT Business School Hickory Log Staff, Library Rep., Typing Certificate, Library Asst. Secretary. As a secretary she will bloom And bring the sun to days of gloom. RUTH BARRITT VJ? Secretary Secy. of the C.O., Senior Class Treas., Cheering Sq., Usherette Sq., Old Hickory Party, English Honor Class, Hickory Log Staff, Typing and Sten. Certificates, G.O. Office Asst., Secy. to Teach- ers, Honor Roll. To fly a plane. Ruth, as a pilot, will fly very high For her ambition is to soar through the sky. GEORGE BAUER Executive Baseball Team, Hall Patrol, Honor Roll, P.S.A.L. Awards. Millionaire via an easy racket. If you always take a adore" You will surely be a millionaire. WARREN BAUSER College Jr. and Sr. Orchestras, Special Chorus, Service Sq., Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance, Ever Since Eve, Out of the Fry- ing Pan, Seven Keys to Bald- pate, Secy. to Teachers. Certified Public Accountant. In his ambition to be a C.P.A., Mike's certain to go a long way. ROBERT BEARCHELL Indiana University English Honor Class, Service Sq., Sr. Orches., Band, Spec. Chorus. Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance, P.S.A.L. Award, Pro- gressive Party, Radio, Bible and Skating Clubs, Varsity Shows, Music Concerts. Ministry. A good guide on the Stairway to Heaven. I4 WILLIAM BEARCHELL College Orchestra, Band, Special Chorus, Bible Club, Track Team, All City Band, Pirates of Penzance, Chimes of Normandy, Varsity Shows, P.S.A.L. Awards. Excellent musician. A second Whiteman, our Billy Will become, or will he? RUTH BEECHER Court Stenographer Square Dance Club, Honor Roll. To get married and be a good housewife. Don't get scared when you start taking down Reports of those 'fluicy Murder Trialsf, HELEN BEENE Queens College Honor Roll, Reorg. Sq., Chem., Hist., Eng., Math. Honor Classes. Arista, Service Pin, Clee Club, Secy. to Teachers, Bio. Lab. Sq., Library Asst., Program Comm. To become a doctor. To be a doctor is her aim We know shelll reach the Hall of Fame. WESLEY BERGEN Cal-Aero Technical Institute Service and Typing Squads, ln- tramural Softball Championship, Lunch Patrol, P.S.A.L. Award, Secretary to Teachers. Engineer. In your life we hope you'll steer To your goal as an engineer. KENNETH BERGQUIST Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Band, Jr. and Sr. Orchestras. Business Executive. .4 quiet guy whom everyone knows, He leaves a good impression wherever he goes. ANGELINA BERNARDO Stenographer Typing and Sten. Certificates, Honor Roll, Hist. Honor Class. Stenographer. Happy and gay, come what may. DORIS BICKMANN bf Secretary Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Typing Certificate, Bowling Club. To be happy and successful. She came, she saw She conquered our hearts. ARTHUR BIERLEIN Aviation Service Squad. liaseball Team, l'.S.A.L. Awards. Secretary to Teacher. Play with the New York Rangers. .llay you get your goal and glirle through life. RICHARD BIRD Wooster College llonor Roll, Math.. Eng., Hist. and Eco. Honor Classes, Clee Club, Spec. Chorus, All City Chorus, Basketball Team, Tennis Team, Pirates of Penzance. Math. Office, Program Comm., Service Post, P.S.A.L. Awards, Intra- mural Awards. Chem. Honor Class. Mathematician He'll never be A Square. ARTHUR BLACKBURN Poultry business llonor Roll, Hall Patrol. To own and operate a poultry farm with Robert Dods. He and the chicks are sure to be happy. LORRAINE BLATZ Secretarial position Secretary to Teachers. You are sure to make life worth while As you type, take Sten, and hle. LOIS BLYDENBURCH Eastern Sch. of Physician Aides llonor Roll. To have a nice home, good hus- band, and a maroon convertible coupe. Hope you get to aid a really Cute physician. JAYNE BOCKMAN . Business Honor Roll, C.O. Rep., English Honor Class, Secy. to Teachers, Sten. and Typing Certificates, Swimming and Leaders' Clubs, Minor J. Basketball Club, Sr. Yearbook Staff. To do the things that l enjoy. Jayne knows the reason Y. DOLORES BOENINC r Secretary Senior Class Treasurer, Cheering and Usherette Sqs., Old llickory Party, Minor Service Pin, Secy. to Teacher, G.O. Office Asst., Library and 0.0. Rep.. Attend. Sq., Typing Cert., Honor Roll, Capt. Mrs. Brogan's Office Sq., Yearbook Staff. To become famous. Dee, not being an ignoramus, Should had it easy, being famous. ROSEMARIE BOETTICER 5" International Business Machines Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Hist. and Eng. llonor Classes, Tutor, Chemistry and Biology Clubs. Late Office Sq., Program Comm., C.O. Rep., Clce Club. To be just like my Mom. Always be your some sweet self! TERRY BOHNINC Clerical Work Secy. to Teachers. Typing: Certs.. Log Representative. To travel around the world. May you never have lo use your thumb. DOROTHY BOLLAS Husiness To travel. ln business sheill be there on tlze spot. Who? Why our own little Dot. MARYANNE BOLTEN Telephone Company Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Secretary to Teacher. To model. See you on a magazine cover! THELMA BOND Be a Secretary ' Honor Roll, Eng. llonor Class. Skating and Glee Clubs, Hickory Log Typist, Asst. to Teacher. Tour U. S. 'Tis plain that Thelma's in the groove. Her ambition's to keep on the move. ROBERT BORCHERT Salesman, City College Service Squad, Secy. to Teacher, Typing Certificate. Buyer. You can be sure Bob Will be right on the job. STANLEY BORMAN Work Secretary to Teacher, Cafeteria Repair Squad. Become a millionaire. After you get a million Try some more for the trillion. I 5 DOLORES BOSSERT School of Nursing Emer. Room Asst., Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Latin and Bowling Clubs, Leaders' Club. Nurse or Beautician. In future years we shall see Nursing done by gentle Dee. CAROLYN BOYD Adelphi College Honor Roll, English Honor Cl., Late Otlice Sq., G.O. Rep., Year- book Staff, Bowling Club., Seoy. to Teacher. Secretary. Carolyn Boyd, always merry, Is sure to make a good secretary. JOAN BOZZO Secretary Honor Roll, Typing Cert., Skat- ing, Softball and Volleyball Clubs, Secy. to Teacher. To drive a ferry boat. May you pilot your life as you would a boat-- A straight, true course. JACK BRADY Michigan To be a gold digger. Hope you strilre it rich. MARION BREITENBRUCK lfusiness llonor Roll, Typing Certilicatv. Program Comtn., Special Chorus. Secy. to Teacher, Newman and Cl:-e Clubs. To be happy. llarion is pretty anrl blonrle, A gal of whom we,re very fonzl. MARION BRENNEISEN Secretary Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Class. Typing Certificate, C.O. and War Stamp Rep., Library Asst., Skate ing Club, Sc-ey. to Teacher. To have a full and happy life. Weill shout her praise in voires clarion, Our own dear, sweet, and spunlry -Varian. ELIZABETH BRINKMANN Commercial Artist, Pratt Secy. to Teachers, Bowling, Bas- ketball, Softball and Newman Clubs, Honor Roll, Minor Jis, Typing Certificate, McCreery's Art Award, Novice Award, C.O. Rep., Major .l, A.R.A.M. Always to laugh. As an artist, .laekson's "stretch" Will win great fame with a sketch. I 6 IVY BROCKHACEN Business, Art Srhool Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Library Rep.. Spec. Chorus, Sr. Orchestra. Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance, Typing Certificates. .Way your life be happy anfl long Un your lips a Iuneful song. JOHN BROCLE College Il. S. Navy, Hall Patrol. C.O. Rep., P.S.A.L. Award, lntraf mural Basketball, Secretary to Teacher. Live a life of ease. May you live a life of ease unrlcr- neath the apple trees. INCEBORC BROKER College Honor Roll, History, Chem. and Physics Honor Classes. Journal- ism and Creative Writing Classes. C.O. Rep., Luneh Patrol, Hickory Log Editor, Dramatics, Leaders and Life Saving Clubs. Secretary to Teacher. To develop my hobby. music. fllay everyone be "broker', than you! FRANK BRONZERT College ll. Navy. Special Chorus, City Chorus. Clee Club. Radio singer. If he follows his name, Helll surely rcaeh fame. BARBARA BROOKS Junior College Honor Roll, Enter. Room Asst.. Basketball and Volleyball Clubs. Seey. to Teachers. To Hy. To fly a plane is Boo's desire. Until she meets a nice young! flyer. ALBERTA BROWN Journalist Honor Roll. Journalism. Tutor, Typing Certificate, Roller Skat- ing Club. Lunch Patrol. Hickory Log Staff. To travel to Holland. Donlt get in "D11t1'lz.,, PATRICIA BROWN Queens College War Bond Rep., Honor Roll, Journalism, Creative Writing, Hist., Eng. and Math. Honor Classes, Library Rep., Library Asst., Tutor, Bowling and New- man Clubs, Program Committee, Secretary to Teacher. Success and Happiness. Easy to remember and so hard to forget. LILLIAN IIROWNE Work I'.S.A.I.. Awards, I.ibrary Rep.. War Ilontl Ile-p., Honor Roll St-cy. to 'l'cat:In-rs. To make millions. 1lere's ri girl we must rulmit Wlmfs gal pep anal plenty of nit. VINCENT BUCHANAN To go lo worh' Visual Aitl Squatl, Ilonor Roll. Secretary to Te-at-her. To be ll connnt-rcial Artist. lle'll rlruw ll Iliff! ml ThuI'll slurt many ll fail. KENNETH BUCK Army Secretary to Teacher, Serv. Sq., Shop Rt-pair. P.S.A.I.. Awards, Intramural Basketball, Dowling Tc-am. K To be a fireman. liurlr aspires To win fume at fires. JOSEPH BURNS Uxforrl, lfngluml Baseball Team, Hall Patrol, Honor Roll, Member of Green and Whitt- Party, Intramural Ilaskt-tball, Secy. to Teachers English Public Speaking Class. To go to Oxforfl with Cena. llun'I burn Oxford up. 1 JOHN BUSH Coll1',L'e U. Army, Craft Club, Ser-y. to Tearzlufr. Draftsman. We thinlr John Buss is really A-plus. 0 DANIEL CANTELMO liusiltess Srhool Service Sqnatl. Draftsman. W orln in nmzlarntion when you irlraft or else from ozierworh' yo11'll gn tlafl. GRACE CANVIN , Queens College 1 Ilonor Roll. Eng.. Ilist.. Ilhysics, Eco. and Chi-m. Ilonor Classes, Arista, Ht-org. Sq.. Program Com- mittee, Library Rep. anrl Asst., Spanish Tutor. Creative Writing and Dramatics Classes, Minor Service- Pin, Bowling, Chemistry, and Red Cross Clubs. To be a Spanish secretary. Una muchucha muy bonita. BELLE CAPEN lfusinems Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Creative Writing. Public Speaks ing anti Dramatics Class:-s. Yt-ar Ilook Stall, Ifrt-slnnan antl ,lr. Dratnaties Clubs, Softball anti Swimming Clubs, Set-rt-tary In lvavltt-rs. To be happy. Sweet and modest is our lfellv, fl girl who is esperially swell. MARJORIE CARLON College Library Rep., English Dranm Class, Sr. Dratnatios Club. Out of tht- Frying Pan, Se-vt-n K1-ys to Ilaldpate. Kindergarten teacher. illargie Carlon, pniserl mul r'hurn1- mg. .45 nn rzrtress, .she's lIl0.Yl :lis- arming. EDWARD CARNEY Photo Hngraver Itibrary Asst., Trac'k Ta-ant Mgr., Y.O.U. Club, Cross Country Mgr., Honor Roll. Millionaire. We Iftltlil wail to swf Ed in the class with J. l'. HELEN CARY Queens College Arista, Honor Roll. ,IournaIism. Creative Writing. St-rn-tary Io Teacher, Enter. Room, Hickory Log Staff, Reorg. Sq., PI'0g1I'llIll Comm., Newman Club. Math., llist. antl Eng. Honor Classes. To be healthy and happy. We think il isn't zieressrir-v To wish luvlr Io lleleu Cary. VINCENT CASSIDY College Hall Patrol, Serv. Squatl, Intra- mural Ilasketball, l'.S.A.I.. Aw'tI. 12.0. Rep., Grc-en and Whitt- Party. Library Representative lllI1lU1'l.1ll'1l so we see. hu! Neirlzer II lzorrowffr nor Il lenrlvr lm. ADELAIDE CHAMIIERLAIN lilisirzess Typing Ct-rt.. I'.S.A.I.. Mt-tlal, Volleyball, SWIIIIIIISQI, I"oIk Danv- ing and Skating Clubs, St-crm-tary to Tf'HCIlt'l'. Sevrotary. Ejfrient, gay mul sweet. As II serrelury she'll he lzrlnl Io heal. KENNETH CHASEN Baseball Team, Intramural Soft- ball Team. To travel arountl tht' U. S. As you travel through lhe states Dorf! be annoyetl by higher rules. I7 STANLEY CHOVNICK College Honor Roll, Physics and Chem. Honor Classes, Secy. to Teachers. Doctor. Dr. Chovnielf at your call to heal a wound or sooth a fall. CYNTHIA CHRISTY Business Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Reorg. Sq., Typing Certificates. To makes hay while the sun shines. But when it rains, it pours pen- nies from Heaven. ANTOINETTE CIRRISI Ojiee Worker On her way to success. Toni won't get the "brush off? EVELYN CLARKE .lournalist Honor Roll, English Honor Class. Creative Writing, Journalism and Public Speaking Classes, Hickory Log Reporter. Lunch Patrol, Pro- gram Comm., Softball and Curr. Affairs Clubs, Secy. to Teachers. To travel. Debating, traveling, writing too. Chielrie's the gal with super-do. CERARD COHEN Queens College English and Hist. Honor Classes, Visual Aid, General Science Prep and Biology Prep Squads, Biology Club President. Science teacher. He sure yo11r laboratory is shat- ter-prool l IRENE COLCAN lfusiness Honor Roll, Eng.. Math., Chem. and Bio. Honor Classes. P.S.A.I.. Award. Basketball, Volleyball, Leaders, and Tennis Clubs. To travel by air. May your "plane', of flight be high. FRANCES CONNER Katherine Gibbs Honor, Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Swimming and Glee Clubs, Spec. Chorus. War Stamp Rep. Secretary, Buyer. We know when you become a good buyer You'll remain so vivacious you'll never tire. I 8 WILLIAM COOK U. S. Navy, Assistant to Teacher. Lots of luck in all you dol ALFRED COOKE 2 months vacation! Honor Roll, Service and Biology Prep Squads, Field Rand, Sr. Dramatic Class, Craft Cluh, Secy. to Teachers. To he a chef. When he dishes up his specialty, No doubt it will be a delicacy. NANCY COONS Business Program Comm., Hickory Log Rep., P.S.A.I.. Medal. Sewing Club, Minor Service Pin, Secy. to Teacher. To see the world. Two things may you always pos- sess, A cheery smile and happiness. WILFRED COOPER Engineering College Honor Roll, Chem. and Physics Honor Classes, Lunch Patrol, Varsity Shows, Jackson Patrol. Minor J, Cross Countrv Teams, Track Team, French Club. Secy. to Teacher. Engineer. ln your endeavor to be an en- gineer, We lfnow youill have a very suc- cessful career. ALBERT COUNSELLOR Roosevelt Aviation School U. S. Navy, Track Team, Hall Guard. To he satisfied. Light up a Chesterfieldathey satisfy! . WILLIAM CRINNION Queens College Hickory Log Rep., Eng. Book Room, Secy. to Teachers. To he a fireman. y Billis life will be one hot timel MADELINE CRONBERRY Secretary Basketball, Bowling and Leaders' Club, Honor Roll, Typing Certi- ficate. A housewife someday. Never put bananas ln the refrigerator. ALICE CURSCHMANN Queens College English, llistory, Math. and Eco. Honor Classes, All City and Spec. Choruses, French, Sr. Dramatics and Glee Clubs. Something in the line of music ancl flraruaties. Clever in rnizxiz' aml lyrirs is Alive. She will perform in IIIIHI-V ll palare. .IOSEPHINE D'AIUTO Business llonor Roll, Typing Certificate. Library. War Bond and llivkory Log Rep.. Minor antl Major Serviee Pins, Lunch Patrol. Year Book Stall. Attendance Ofliee antl Dio. Lab. Squads. Library Asst.. Slot-kroom Clerk, Newman Club. A sueeesslul secretary. ln lJl1.YlIIt?S.V she will xlirreetl She has etferything xhe'll neetl. PATRICIA DALY College Arista. llonor Roll. Math.. Eng.. Ilist.. Eco antl Physics llonor Classes. Junior anfl Senior Jutlge. Yearbook Staff, Stage Crew. Make-up Squad. Prop Squad. Emer. Room Asst., Sr. Dramatie Club. Reorgz. Sq.. Soccer Club. Seey. to Teachers. Serviee Pins. English Dramatir' Class. 'llo see Ward's Antlers. llerefw to Pat, a fair colleen. lfren enter when she wears the green. ELLEN IYANDREA Crave lnslitule Arista, llonor Roll. Serv. Pins, Newman. French antl Dramatic Clubs. Seey. to Teachers. Library Rep.. Program Comm.. Public Speaking Class, Make-up Sq.. English Dramatirfs Class. Fashion Designer. .fllways a smile on Ellerfs face Her fashions will appear in the very best place. ANNE DAUSCHER Sewrelary llouor Roll. Reorg. Typing Sq.. War Bond Rep.. Volleyball. Bowl- ing antl Newman Clubs. Always be happy. Her life with happiness will lie replete Herause our Anne is rule ana' sweet. REBECCA DAVIS Syraeuse llniversilvv llonor Roll, St-cy. to Teaelter. Emergency Room Asst., Gym Asst., Volleyball Club, War llontl Representative. Social worker. When she becomes a social worker Ronnie will never lie a shirker. THOMAS DAY Business llonor Roll. Locker Guard, P.S.A.L. Award. To be a millionaire. Here's lurk. DOLORES DEBUS Paine Hall Szrhool llonor Roll, Contest Pin. Enter. Room Asst., Progressive Party. Yearbook Staff, English llonor Class, Senior Dramatic Club, Dramatic Class. llleelical Technician. Here's a girl that's pretty slieh' Wherrfer she goes she's liouml to click. MICHAEL DEIESO College llonor Roll, Tumbling Club, l1.S.N. Seabees. 'l'o get along. tllilre will :lo more than just get along .43 heix lil.'e1l by everyone in the throng GRACE DELANEY Pratt Institute llonor Roll. Attendance Squad. To visit the 48 states. You will be in many states. Lael: to one who really rates. ANN DELL 'AIRA Artist- -Pratt lnslititte Typing Certificate. To travel. The worlrl will eharm Ann .finrl Ann will win the world. BERTHA DEMOCII Alulrerl University llonnr Roll. Chem. Ilonnr Class, Ushcrette Sq., Program Comm.. Emer. Room Asst.. Minor Serv. Pin. Rowling. Skating and Clee Clubs, Minor J, Seey. to Teaeh- ers. To travel and see the world. Bertha ltelllorlz with her lovely brown tresses Always wears siuvh mlorahle rlresses. JANE DEMPSEY Lenox Hill Hosp. Srh. nl Nursing llouor Roll. Chem. and Evo. Ilon. Classes. Eng. Dramaties. Bowl- ing anfl Newman Clubs. St-ey. to Teachers. Nurse. She's "acute" ease. BEVERLY DHPASSE New Yorl: IlIllI7f'I'SllvV Ilonor Roll, Spee. Chorus. Sr. Orchestra. Varsity Show. .lr. Orchestra. Chimes of Normanrly. Late Dlfice Squafl. Seey. to Teachers. G.0. Representative. Library Representative. Journal- ism. Swimming and Craft clubs. Surgical Nurse. She's not one to 'grzurseu a grudge. I 9 DOROTHY DERSCH Bennington College Honor Roll, English Class, Green and White Party, Usherettes, Pro- gram Comm., Leaders, Basket- ball, Volleyball, Swimming and Clee Clubs. Typing Certificate. Minor .l's, P.S.A.L. Pin, Secy. to Teachers. Take it easy with Bea Ncubeck. Tall, willowy, blonde and vivaci- ous, Dottie always seems so gracious. LILLIAN DERSCH Columbia Bible College Honor Roll, Secy. to Teacher, Bio. and Bible Clubs, Journalism, English Honor Class, Lunch Patrol. To know Him and make Him known. Lillian. will discover Him And find real happiness. JAMES DICIOVANNA Queens College Honor Roll, Bio. Sq. Capt.. Hist., Eco., Chem. and Physics Honor Classes. If silence is golden, this fellow's richer than Midas. MICHAEL DINAPOLI Queens College Honor Roll, Eng. and Chem. Honor Classes, Traffic and Cen'l Science Prep Sqs., Stage Crew, P.S.A.L. Pin. To be president of R.C.A. And talre Nelsonis job away? JOSEPH DIRKS Columbia University G.O. and War Bond Rep., Track and Swimming Teams, P.S.A.L. Awards, Service Squad, Lunch Patrol, Asst. to Teachers. Mechanical Engineer. The world wills it, So .loe builds it. ROBERT DODS Poultry Business Honor Roll, Hall Patrol. To own and operate a poultry farm with Arthur Blackburn falso a candidatel. "The Egg and Bobf' ARTHUR DONNELLY Queens College Honor Roll, Eng., Hist., Chem., Math. and Physics Hon. Classes, Journalism, Library and War Bond Rep., Hall Patrol, Reorg. SCI-, Hickory Log Reporter. Engineer. A dapper fellow is our Artie. With the girls he is a smarty. 20 fd. VIRGINIA EILING Secretary Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Typing Certificate, War Bond Rep., Roller Skating Club, Asst. in Attendance Office, Asst. in Emergency Room. Roller Skate in competition. A good "slfate.', CHARLES EISENHAUER Columbia Sr. Class Pres., Seven Keys to Baldpate, Dramatics Cl., Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Pen- zance, Special Chorus, Math., Eng., Hist., and Eco. Honor Classes, Lunch Patrol, Honor Roll, G. O. Rep., Arista. Contented Mathematician. An all-around fellow, a person rare With him no other can compare. JOHN EKIN Merchant Marine Shop Repair Sq., Traffic Patrol, Craft Club, Asst. to Teacher. Cabinet maker. May he have luck as he knocks wood. HOWARD ELAKMAN College Chem. and Physics Hon. Classes, Visual Aid Sq., Y.O.U. Club, Secy. to Teacher. Cold Miner fdentistl. Yippie, Zowie! There goes Howie! MARILYN ELLIOTT -' Business School Honor Roll, Eng., Math. and Chem. Honor Classes, Public Speaking Class, P.S.A.L. Medal, Secretary to Teacher. Secretary. ln everything she's ever done, She's always been a lot of fun. ELEANOR EMANN Work Glee Club, War Bond Rep., Secy. to Teacher. Good wife and housekeeper. With the pots and pans of life May you never have to face strife. JEANNE MARIE EMMA Nursing School Honor Roll, G.O. Rep., Late Off. Sq., Leaders and Bowling Clubs, Secy. to Teachers. Nurse. .leanne's gaiety and pleasing way are sure to sooth even the sick- est patient CHARLES ENCELKE Queens College Honor Roll, Math. and Chem. Honor Classes. To he a scientific genius. His ambition we all can het Will for him some honor net. LUCILLE ERICKSON Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Stud. Court Clerk, Reorg. Squad. Minor Service Pin, Make-up Sq.. Emer. Room Asst.. Library Rep., Swimming Club, Yearbook Staff. Health education teacher. 11's nice to be natural, Luc, when you're naturally so nice. ELAINE ESSWEIN Business Roller Sl-gating. Volleyball and Leaders' Clubs. Lunch Patrol Sq.. Secy. to Teacher, Typing Certificates, Folk Dancing Club. To travel. Though traveling will bring you many new places, lllay you always remember olfl friemls mul olrl faces. MARCUERITE EURICK Clerical Supervisor 1 Marguerite ls really' "neat.', JOHN EVANS Queens College llonor Roll, llist. Honor Class, Secretary to Teacher. Archeologist. The strong, silent type. HUGH FARRELL Business llall and Lunch Patrol, P.S.A.L. Awards. To make plenty of monev 9Ii3ll1'f'e1F3E. ROSARIO FASOLINO Architecture Honor Roll, Chem. Honor Class, Co-Captain of Stage Crew, Chem. Prep Squad, Lllnch Patrol. To he one of the first to go to the moon. He'll go to the moon in a rocket ship The nation will say, "He,s really a pipf, DELIA FAY Secretarial Work Honor Roll, Typing Certificate, Library Rep., Typing Certificate, Late Office Squad, Radio Club. See the world. May you see the world through rose eolorerl glasses. JANE FEELY Business Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Bowling Club, Dramatics Class, Typing Certificates, Reorganiza- tion Squad. To be like my Hlllotnf' Time will tell. EDWARD FENSKE Music anzl Teletype Comrnunzca tions Army Air Force, three years. Music. Nothing can stop the .firrny Air Corps. ALVN FENSTER College Service Squad. P.S.A.L. Medal, English llook Room, intramural Basketball. South American explorer. Chivalrous, courteous, anal gal- lant. For smooth talking he has plenty of talent. CHARLOTTE FERDINAND Business School Special Chorus. Pirates of Pen- zance, Attendance Office Squad. Secretary. Charlotte's going to business school, In some of-hee she'll be a jewel. ANN FERRARO To he a buyer Secretary to Teacher, Typing Certificates. To travel. Smokey is her nickname But her heanty isn't clouded. JOAN FIFIELD Queens College Honor Roll, Secy. to Teachers, Jr. and Sr. Orches., Eng. Honor Class, Creative Writing, Swim- ming Cluh, Star Staff. Varsity Shows and Operettas Music teacher. If her music hath charms like our ,loan She won't spend her life alone. 2I WALTER FISCHER Work Hall Patrol, Special Chorus, Chimes of Normandy, Secy. to Teacher, Skating Club. To he a chef. May his life be as full of treats As the .food he prepares. MARION FISHER Secretarial Work Honor Roll, Arts and Crafts, Radio Club, Late Ofiice Squad, Typing Certificate. Be on time. If you are not on time You will never have a dime. NORMA FISHMAN Cornell University Honor Roll, English, Hist., Eco., Math., Creative Writing and Pub' lic Speaking Honor Classes, Arista, Minor and Major Service Pin, Library Rep., Year Book Staff, Reorg. Squad, Program Comm. Span. and Math. Tutors, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Leaders, Field Hockey and French Clubs, Minor and Major .l's, Secy. to Teacher. Health education teacher. Friendly, happy, and full of pep, These are things that make her hep. NORMAN FISHMAN New York University Honor Roll, Chem. Honor Class, Service Squad, Clee Club. Doctor. Basketball is his game, But to be a doctor is his aim. CLAIRE FITZSIMMONS Secretary ' Honor Roll, Treasurer Sr. Class, Secretary to Teachers, Program Comm., Contest Pin, Library Rep., Newman Club, Typing Certificate. Private secretary. "I"ritzsi" will be gay In work all through the day. RHODA FLEISCHER University of Miami Honor Roll, Minor and Major Service Pins, Service Squad, Pro- gressive Party, Year Book Staff, Program Comm., Reorganization Squad, Bowling Club, Secretary to Teacher. Buyer. While we're freezing and sneez- ing Rhoda will be sunning and fun- ning. MARIE FLEMING Secretarial Work Library Staff, Typing certificate, Secretary to Teacher. Wealth, health and happiness. Some boss a lucky man will be If his secretary is Marie. 22 IRENE FOGARTY Hofstra College Honor Roll, English, History and Math. Honor Classes. Chemist. Of all the adjectives that are nice, We hand Irene the biggest slice. ALFRED FORINO Aircraft Engineering. U. S. Navy, Pacific Duty. Aviation. As an engineer youill see what a sucess he will be. ROSE MARIE FRANGIPANE St. .losephis College Arista, Honor Roll, Co-editor-in- Chief of Hickory Log, Associate Editor of Hickory Log, Secretary to teacher, Program Committee, Tutor, Typing certificates, Major Service Pin, Newman, Senior Dramatic, and Glee Clubs, Math., Eng., Chem., Physics, Hist., and Eco. Honor Classes. Child Psychologist. A big branch on the "Hickory Logf, THELMA FRANKENFIELD .Merchandising Honor Roll, Secretary to teach- ers, Typing Certificate, Bowling and Skating clubs. Buyer. Brown-eyed, rerl haired, full of Pep 4'Thel' is never out of step. .IORENE FREITAG Pratt Institute Honor Roll, Program Committee, Secretary to teachers, Math., Eng., Hist., and Chem. Honor Classes, Bowling Club. Interior Designer. A career will be her aim Anrl we know she'll achieve fame. ANTHONY FUSINA Pace Institute Hall P a t r ol , Locker Guard, Assistant to teachers. To study in business administra- tion and later to go into business for myself. In your career as a business man we know you'll reach the zenith. MARION GAFFNEY Designing School To be or not to be. An unusual ambition---to be or not to be, But we say with conndence it'll be to beg you'll see. ALOYSIUS GAFNEY College U. S. Coast Guard, Visual Aid Squad. To be a success in my profession. The N. Y. C. traveler, or rounrl the world in 2 years, 9 months. ELIZABETH GARDNER Business School I.ibrary Assistant, Swimming and Bowling Clubs, Late Office Squad, Secretary to teachers. To own a ranch. May you never get a Hbuml' steer! BURTON GARFINKEL Johns Hopkins University llonor Roll, Physics and Chem. llonor Classes, journalism and Creative Writing Classes, French and Math. Tutors. G. O. Rep- resentative, Hickory Log and Ycar Book Staffs, Service Squad, Locker Guard, Civics and Lang- uage Clubs. Medicine. lle's got the right prescription for success. ARLINE GARVEY Nursing llonor Roll. English and Math. Honor Classes, I.ibrary Assistant, Glce Club. To be a good nurse. She'll spend her time dressed in white, making pains anrl aches all right. DONALD GASTAUER Lineman for Telephone Company Honor Roll, Captain of Service Squad. Tutor, Journalism, Hick- ory Log Staff, Biology and Chem. llonor classes. Travel and Fish. May you get a big catch ln the sea of life. PATRICIA GAUGHRAN Business Honor Roll, Softball Club, Sec- retary to teacher. To travel around the U. S. She's sweet and gay in every way, Whether at work or in her play. DONALD GAYNOR Work Service Squad, G. O. Represen- tative, Varsity and City Cham- pionship Swimming Teams, Co- Manager of Green and White Party, Major ,I's, P.S.A.L. Award, G. O. Vice President, Chair Re- pair Squad. To be a pencil pusher. Duck is sure to be swimming in success. STAFFORD GEDGE Dartmouth College Arista, Honor Roll, Major and Minor Service Pins, Editor-in- Chief "Slar", Associate-Editor "Hickory Log", Lunch Patrol Chief. Creative Writing. Journal- ism, Eng., Hist.. and Math. Honor Classes, Reorganization Squad, Tennis Team, Biology Squad and club. Diplomat. He'll never stop Till he reaches the top. THERESA GEMELLI Co to business llonor Roll. Reorganization Squad, Bowling. Leaders' and Volleyball clubs. To always be happy and have lots of friends. To always have lots of friends and be merry ls an ambition worthv of Terry. ELIZABETH GERDES Business School Honor Roll, Library Representa- tive, Secretary to teachers, Typ- ing certificate. Private Secretary. Betty is as sweet as they rome As a secretary shc'll make things hum. RICHARD GILBERT ll. S. Navy Honor Roll, English Honor Class. Service Squad. Aviation. Anchors Aweigh will be his song Weire sure "Lefty" won't go wrong. DANIEL GNAD ll. S. Navy Chem. Honor Class, Service and Trahic Squads, Public Speaking Class. English Book Squad. See the world. Let's hope Dan wonit use the knocker on the floor of Davy Jones's locker. EDNA GOLDBERG Q, ' University of Oklahoma Arista, Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin, Lunch Patrol, Visual Aid, Library, Reorganization, and Program Squads, Secretary to teachers, Bowling and Basket- ball Clubs, Stage Crew. Drama- tics Club, Yearbook stall. Lawyer. Pretty soon, Erlna will say, Yippee! At last! Oklahoma, 0.K. MORRIS GOLDMAN Queeens College "Star" Staff, Hist. and Eco. Hon- or classes, Honor Roll, G. O. Rep- resentative, Locker Guard, Sen- ior Orchestra, Instrumental Class, Current Events, Pan American, and Discussion Clubs. To enter politics. What a surprise! 23 EDWARD GOMES Work U. S. Navy, Swimming Team, Service Squad, Major Letters, Shop Repair Squad. To retire at thirty-five. Have fun at thirty-six. WILLIAM GORDON Travel Io South Africa Service and General Science Lab- oratory Squads. Special Chorus, Traffic Squad. Adventurer and explorer. We hope your safari may not bangle When you are traveling through the jungle. MARGARET GORRY College Honor Roll, Journalism, Public Speaking Class, Hickory Log Staff, Pioneer, Co-manager of Old Hickory Party, Secretary to teachers, War Stamp Represen- tative, Attendance Secretary, Bowling and Swimming Clubs, Lunch Patrol, To have a corner on the bubble gum market. Smart, attractive, on the ball She's a friend to be known by all. WILLIAM GOUGH Polytechnical Institute of Brook- lyn Math., Physics and Chem. Honor Classes, Dramatics Class, G. O. Representative, P.S.A.L. Award, Pan American Club. Engineer. In a few years, you will see that Bill an engineer will be. HUGH GRACE College Service Squad, Baseball team. Green and White Party, G. 0. Representative. Secretary to teacher. Lunch Patrol, Physics and Chem. Honor Classes. Farmer or Baseball player. Quite a guy is Hughie Grace As a farmer he'll set the pace. EVELYN GRAEPEL Secretary Skating club, Locker Monitor. To get married and to travel. Her friends are manyg her ene- mies, none, Sheis liked by all and full of fun. MARIAN GRAHAM To become a cosmetician Lunch Patrol. Square Dancing Club. Secretary to teacher. To be sucessful in my career. Charles of the Ritz had better watch out, Cause Marian Graham will put him to rout. -24 PAUL GRAHAM-RAAD English honor class. Journalism, Star Staff, Service Squad. Business career. Good luck to a future executive. SYLVIA GREENBERG Buyer Library Representative, G. O. Representative. To marry the boss's son. Weire sure life will be full of fun, When you marry the boss's son. LORRAINE GREIF Medical Stenography Honor Roll, Secretary to teach- ers, G. O. Representative, Typing certificate. To have a happy and prosperous future. Lilly Dache has a dangerous com- petitor in Honey. ETHEL GRIESER Business Reorganization Squad, Typing Certificate. Private Secretary. In business, Ethel Will do real well. JOAN GRIFFITH Business To appear on the cover of Life. We'll see her on the cover of Life "The nationis most successful wife." WILLIAM GROSSKOPF United States Navy Honor Roll, Secretary to teach- ers, Stamp Representative, Phys- ics Honor Class, Bio. Prep Squad. Glee Club, Special Chorus, In- strumental Class, Senior Dramat- ic Club, '6Chimes of Normandy", "Out of the Frying Pan", "Pir- ates of Penzance". Actor. We know that youill be a rage When you are on the stage. LOUIS GUERRA Honor Roll, Shop Repair Squad, Secretary to teacher. Own N. Y. Giants. Mel Ott, watch Guerra. MARION CUERRA Work Secretary to teachers. To be a secretary. Marion plans to go to work And we know that shell! not shirk. JOHN GUIDO Juilliard School of lllusic Service Squad, Shop Repair, P.S.A.L. Awards. Musician. Because a musician John wants to be, We know his life will be a mo'- oily. HENRY HAHN College Service and Traffic Squads, Or- chestra. To be a doctor. Healthy Henry Hahn never will be wan. ROBERT HAHN Maritime School Honor Roll, C. O. Representa- ltve. To be a lazy cad. Let's hope that being a lazy cad ls just a temporary fad. KENNETH HALL Business field llonor Roll. Jackson Patrol, Biol- ogy Squad, P.S.A.L. pins, Shop assistant. To retire at an early age. Among .lar'kson's men, we'll pick Ken. CERARD HAMPTON Colum b ia General Science Squad, Visual Aid Squad, Physics Honor Class. Start earning my second million. As long as you donit "Snap" any, yau'll be 0.K. RUTH HANSHE lf, V' llflediral School I Honor Roll, Library Representa- tive and Assistant, Nutrition Certificate. Doctofs Assistant. A noble ambition For n swell girl. MARIE HANSON Green Mt. Junior College Honor Roll, Secretary to teachers, A.R.A.M., Minor J, Contest pin. Yearbook stali, Library Assistant, Leaders', Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling, Roller Skating, and swimming clubs. To be in radio fSoap-liox- Operasl. May you face life with More joys than Portia. JOHN HARING Coast Guard Academy Chem. and Physics Honor Clas- ses, Chem. and Visual Aixl Squads, Special Chorus, Out of the Frying Pan, Pirates of Penz- ance, Seven Keys to Baldpate, Jackson Patrol, Drama and Thea- ter Classes, Sr. Dramatic Class. To be Victor Mario and win an Oscar from Ben Wilder. Watch out Clark Cable, here comes Jack! JOYCE HARPER Bucknell University Honor Roll, History, Eco. anal Chem. Honor Classes. Lunch Patrol, Classical, Skating, Swim- ming, Dramatics and Basketball Clubs, Secretary to teachers. To travel. lllay you always be able to rifle. when you're traveling far and wide. HENRIETTA HARTMAN Y To work Secretary to teachers, Clee Club, Special Chorus. To travel. By land or sea or air She may turn up anywhere. GLADYS HAVERKAMP U Secretarial Work ' Honor Roll, English Honor Class. Typing certiheate, Yearbook Staff, Star Staff. To always be "Happy", Slzeis full of fun and has lots ol Pep: That's our Happy, who's always hep. .IOSEPHINE HAYWARD Honor Roll, Program Committee. Newman and Clee Clubs, Secre- tary to teacher. To be happy and successful in whatever I do. Much happiness and success, Io, As thru the ways of life you go. ELIZABETH HEIL Business War Stamp Representative, At- tendance Oflice Squad, Program Committee, Year Rook Stall. Bowling and Skating Clubs, See- retary to teachers. To be happy and successful in whatever l do. We are all fond of this little blonde. 25 .IOHN HEINSTADT "Working for the Yankee Dollar' Math. Honor Class, G. O. Rep- resentative, Secretary to teacher, Service Squad, Basketball Team, Intramural Baseball and Basket- ball, P.S.A.L. Awards. 6'To have the world at my feetn. At your feet the world may fall Wealth, beauty, and riches all. MARILYN HELLER Work and then Aviation School Honor Roll, Vice-Chairman of Business Stali of Yearbook, Sec- retary to teacher, Reorganization and History Office Squads, Lunch Patrol, Library Representative, Typing Certificate, Swimming and Bowling Clubs. Aviatrix. As an aviatrix, Lyn will see many high places. MARION HERATY W ork-secretary Secretary to teacher. Secretary. As a secretary Marion will be a cheerful note in any ofice. 1 ROBERT HERRMANN College Honor Roll, English and Physics Honor Classes. Success in business. Bob is really very keen. As a success he will be seen. OLGA HOELL Secretary Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Reorganization and Regents Re- cording Squads, Program Com- mittee, Lunch Patrol, Secretary to teacher. To he happy. May you be happy as a lark From dawn to dark. JUNE HOFFMAN Queens College or business Girl leader of Arista, Honor Roll, Reorganization Squad, Library Representative, Program Com- mittee, Secretary to teachers, Year-Book staff, Chem., Eng., Hist., and Math. Honor Classes, English Public Speaking Class, Minor and Major service pins. A private secretary. With her pleasant smile and cheerful way Sheill charm her boss everyday. IRENE HOFFMANN Secretary Reorganization Squad, Secretary to teachers. To travel. A traveling secretary Irene will be She'll be very nice to see. 26 GEORGE HOLM Gold Prospecting Repair Squad, Hall Patrol, G. O. Representative, P.S.A.L. Award, Basketball Intramural. To own the world. Such a worllly desire. DOROTHEA HOLZMACHER Designer and Dress Maker Honor Roll. - Are you as good at romancing As you are at dancing? MURIEL HOOD Go to business Secretary to teacher, Star Rep- resentative, Newman Club, War Bond Representative, Reorgani- zation Squad, Hickory Log Staff. To be happy. We would if we could Be like Muriel Hood. ARNOLD HOWARD College United States Navy. Engineering. , Engineering up to now has never begun When Arnold arrives, then watch the cogs run. GREGORY HOWARD College General Science Laboratory, P.S.A.I.. Award, Typing Squad, Radio Club. To be a well educated and well informed person. Your ambition you'll achieve! MARIE HOWARD Business Secretary to teachers. Typing Certificate. Secretary. Marie as a secretary will be tops She will not take any flops. PATRICIA HUMES Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Library Assistant, Tennis Club, Contest pin. Librarian. Pat may be surrounded by books, but that will never harm her looks. ELEANOR HUMMEL Business Honor Roll, Assistant to teachers. To travel. She'll bring happiness to all the world as she travels. EDGAR HUMPHREYS Cornell Hall, Locker and Lunch guard, Gym assistant. Electronic engineer. Listen, my children and you shall hear Of a future electronic engineer. EILEEN HUNDERTMARK St. loseph's College Honor Roll, Special Chorus, Chimes of Normandy, Attendance Oilice Squad, Library Assistant, Swimming Club, Secretary to Teachers. Teacher. Agreeable and full of fun, She is liked by everyone. EILEEN HUNTER Honor Roll, G.O. Representative, Senior Class Officer, Secretary to Teachers. To travel. We "hgure" she'll be a great suc- cess. HELEN HUTTLE Typist and Clerical Worker Secretary to Teachers, typing cer- tificates. To be a success all my life. Her ambitionis clear, She'll make good, don't fear. SALVATORE IMPROTE Business Intramural Football, Journalism, P.S.A.L. Awards, Service Squad, Secretary to Teacher. To build a better mousetrap. We leave you a crate of holeless swiss cheese. NANCY IRWIN Lasell College Chem. Honor Class, Public Speak- ing Class, Swimming and Bowling Clubs, Co-Manager Old Hickory Party, Secretary to Teacher. To spend a vacation on skis. You -and your "pals" on a pair of skis, Going down a mountain shootin' the breeze. DONALD .IANECK University of Arizona Honor Roll, Green and White Party, Chairman of Progressive Party, Art 81 Crafts Squad, Chem. Honor Class, Secretary to Teach- ers, Library Representative. Senior Dramatic Club, Special Chorus, "Pirates of Penzancef, "Seven Keys to Baldpatef' Varsity Swim- ming Team, G.O. Representative. To own a race track. Zip A Dee Doo Dah l'ni filled with glee Don ,laneck is smiling at me. GORDON JOHNSON College Honor Roll, Math. and Chem. Honor Classes. Mechanical Engineer. No one need ever fear that Cordon won't be a good engi- neer. VICTOR JOHNSON Hall and Lunch Patrols, Intra- mural Basketball, Secretary to Teacher. Certified Public Accountant. Whatever he does he will be Victor. WALTER JOHNSON Student Served in U. S. Navy ZIA years. Baseball Team, Bio. Prep Squad. Make a million. Why stop at one, Make two? DOLORES JONES Business Green and White Party, Emer- gency Room Assistant, Secretary to Teacher, G.O. Representative, Mrs. McClintock's Office Squad. To join the Marines. It would 'really be a novelty If the Marines ever did see "Dee" HAROLD JONES Honor Roll, Bio. Lab. Squad Cap- tian, Secretary to Teacher, Locker Guard, Math. and Physics Honor Classes. Engineer. .lonesy is sure to engineer a great life. ALFRED JOSEPH Business School Bio. Honor Class. Push button executive. Ten strong fingers are a necessity Then a success you're sure to be. 27 DOLORES JOYCE Business School Honor Roll, Typing Certificates, Secretary to Teachers, Special Chorus, Senior Orchestra, Volley- ball, Bowling and Newman Clubs. To be a dancer. It is said that life is a game So we hope youill dance to fame. BARBARA JUDD Art School Secretary to Teachers, All-Round Athletic Medal, Major "J," Vol- leyball, Leaders, Basketball, Soc- cer, Bowling, Softball, Craft and Swimming Clubs, Emergency Room Assistant, Prop. Squad, Re- organization Squad, English Dra- matics, Program Committee, Year- book Staff, Varsity Club Member. To be Miss Rheingold of 1990. Barb will be competition to Dali Cause we know she's neat by golly. HAROLD KAISEN College G.O. Rep., Secretary to Teachers, Intramural Track Award, Swim- ming Team, P.S.A.L. Awards. Draftsman. Always "Skating Aroundi' is Hal, He always will be a real pal. FRANK KALSCH St. .l0hn's University Hall Patrol, Locker Guard. To become rich by being a school teacher. Are you kidding??? JOSEPH KANE College Honor Roll, P.S.A.L. Awards, Roller Skating Club, Tratlic and Chem. Lab. Squads, .lackson Pa- trol, Locker Guard. Politician. Don't kiss too many babies! RAYMOND KANEHL College Service Squad, Shop and Chair Repair Squads, Intramural Soft- ball Award, Swimming Team Man- ager. Success for Ray every day! AUDREY KATZ A ,V Syracuse ' Honor Roll, English, History, Chem. and Art Honor Classes, Arista, Library Assistant, Biology Laboratory Squad, Lunch Patrol, Secretary to Teachers. Biologist. A demure lass, She's really got class. 28 BARBARA KEHRER Work Secretary to Teacher, Reorganiza- tion Squad, Volleyball Club. To grow UP and not OUT! Active "Kitty,, is very pretty. JOAN KELLER Nurses Training Honor Roll, Student Hostess, Sec- retary to Teacher. To be a good nurse. A future nurse to cure your ills With pleasant ways and not with pills. ROBERT KELLER Mechanical Dentistry U. S. Navy Honor Roll. Dental Technician. He's one dentist who'll have plenty of pull! JOAN KEMP Business School Typing Certificate. Stenographer. She's mighty quiet but very nice. STANLEY KENDRICK Merchant Marine Honor Roll, Shop Repair. Success and Happy. All the girls think that Stan Really is "quite a manf' JOHN KENNEY Springheld College, Mass. U. S. Navy, Math. Tutor. Physical Education Teacher. This swell fellow is really mellow WILLIAM KIDD Honor Roll, Pan-American Club Johnny on the Spot, A Silver Lin ing, Harvey Sings. Commercial Artist. The lines Bill draw Will figure in his sure success. ALICE KILOR Business Typing Certificate. Time will tell. Time waits for no one so you'd better hurry up. OLIVE KIMBER Secretarial Work Honor Roll. Typing Certificate, Reorganization Squad, Secretary to Teacher. To open the door for Richard! Perhaps you wonlt need a key but that is something we've got to see. .IEANNE KIX Business as a secretary English Honor Class, Typing and Sten. Certificates, Volleyball and Newman Clubs, Contest Pin, Sec- retary to Teacher. To travel. Round the world Jeanne will go Front the land of palm tree to that of snow. ERWIN KLAISS Business Track Team, Traffic Squad, Shop Repair. Travel. In business he will be the best As he will go above the rest. CAROL KLEIN Business Chem. Honor Class, Minor Service Pin, Year Book Staff, General Office Assistant, Swimming, Life Saving, Basketball, Red Cross. Leaders and Bowling Cluhs, P.S.A.L. Medal, Assistant to Teachers. To have fun. For a gal who is so full of fun. We're sure her ambition will be won. KENNETH KLERK Roosevelt Aviation School Major Service Pin, Secretary lo Teacher, P.S.A.L. Awards, Chem. and Physics Prep., Lighting and Amplification Squad, Chem. Club, Visual Aid Squad. Midget Race driver and bachelor. Whizzl ROY KLINZING College General Science and Visual Aid Squads, Hall and Lunch Patrols, Track Team, Locker Guard. A better fellow is hard to had. ROBERT KOEHLER College Honor Roll, Chem. Honor Class, Service Squad. Law. Pepsi is never blue He's a friend, good and true. WILLIAM KOLYER College Honor Roll, Chem. Prep. Squad, Red Cross Representative, Jackson Patrol, Hall Guard, G.O. Rep. Chem. Engineer. A wolf is Willie, He drives girls silly. HERMINE KONIN x,..f Queens College Honor Roll, Arista, English and History Honor Classes, Journalism and Creative Writing Classes, Typ- ing Certificate, Program Commit- tee, Art Office Squad, Hickory Log Reporter, Biology Club, Sec- retary lo Teachers. To open Richard's door. We ean't supply the key to open the door, But we can wish you luck and a good deal more. EMMA KONRAD College Honor Roll, Secretary to Teach- ers, Typing Certificates, Swim- ming, Volleyball and Leaders' Clubs, G.O. Representative and Assistant. To travel and sec the world. Give me my seven league "boots" and saddles. GLORIA KOOPMAN Husiness School A 81 S High School Fashion Board. Photography. You'll always "eliek." ANNE KRAMER Queens College Honor Roll, English, History, Math. and Eco. Honor Classes, Arista, Math. Tutor, Lunch Patrol, Program Committee. Reorganiza- tion Squad, Jr. and Sr. Orchestras, Library Representative, Biology and Intercultural Clubs, Secretary to Teacher. To be a "Special" Pioneer. Anne's the gal with those cute little bangs. May she continue to give the guys pangs. RAY KRAMER Math Honor Class. Ray was gay Until the the day The Q 3 A Got in his way. 29 JOHN KREINBIHL 1 St. .lohn's University Honor Roll, Concerts and Operet- tas, Hall Patrol, Traffic Squad, Lunch Patrol, Varsity Shows, Dra- matics Class, Tutor, Physics and Chem. Honor Classes. Chemist. He has compounded the formula for success. GEORGE KREKELER Pratt Institute Jackson Patrol, Physics Prep and Visual Aid Squads, Special Chor- us, Assistant to Teacher. Electrician. With good nature and ready wit, That is how he'll make a hit. ELEANORE KROHN See the "worldf' Skating Club. Policewoman. The City's finest will become a little finer. CATHERINE LALOR Business Library Assistant, War Bond Rep- resentative, Library Representa- tive, Secretary to Teachers, Typ- ing and Nutrient Certificates, Re- organization Squad. To model. We know you will not toddle When you become a model. HARRY LANG Chemist of Paints Service and Chair Repair Squads, Locker Guard, Special Chorus. To be a bachelor and retire at a young age. In praise they sang about Henry Lang. BARBARA LANGAN Secretarial Work Honor Roll, Secretary to Teacher. Dancer. On the job from nine to five Then of for a session of jive. THEODORE LA PASTA Business Special Chorus, Chimes of Nor- mandy, Locker Guard, Service, General Science Prep and Shop Repair Squads, Track Squad. To graduate from high school. Mission accomplished! 30 JANE LAURITANO Long Island College Hospital Honor Roll, Chem. Honor Class, G.O. Representative, Emergency Room Assistant, Swimming and Skating Clubs. Nurse. .lanie will hand you many a pill and will dispense lots of good wil . IRENE LAYDEN Designing Volleyball, Swimming, Basketball, Softball, Bowling and Newman Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Minor J, Library Staff, Sec. to Teachers. Designer. She does every thing in style. EDWARD LEAHY Printer U. S. Navy, Honor Roll, Math., Honor Class, Skating Club. Be rich. Don't print money on your press or Sing Sing'll have you im its caress. ROBERT LEDFORD North High School, Wichita, Kan. Navy GM 3fc Business Administration. We know that Bob Made a really swell Cob. MARGARET LEE Business temporarily!-then flying School Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Typing Certificate, War Stamp Representative, Bowling and Soft- hall Clubs, Minor J, Secretary to Teacher. To be a good aviatrix. Peggy Lee will reach the greatest heights In all her future airplane flights. ROSE LEE Concordia Honor Roll, English, History, Chem. and Physics Honor Classes, Journalism, Arista, Spanish Tutor, Sr. Class Officer, Program Commit- tee, Hickory Log Associate Editor and Reporter. Medical Missionary. May your teachings spread far and wide And be acclaimed on every side. FLORENCE LENNON Working as a dental assistant To be a success. Ouiet but oh, so very sweet. You will always see her neat. MARY LEONARD Business Honor Roll, Library Representa- tive, Year Book Staff, Late Office Squad, Regents Recording Com- mittee, Secretary to Teachers. To loaf. A noble ambition. Co lo it! MARTIN LESTER Co to business Typewriter Reoair Squad. Locker Guard, Shun Repair Squad, Li- brary Asst. Secretarv to Teacher. l'.S.A.L. Award, Old Hickory Party. A wealthy business man. May your "Kisn1etl' have 31533. .IOSEPH LEVY College Sec. to Teachers, Library Repre- sentative, Traflic Squad. "Chimes of Normandy." Special Chorus. "Seven Keys to Baldpatef' "For- tune Teller," Junior Dramatics Club, English Drama, Creative Writing Class. To teach Dramatics at Jackson. An amhition to teach in Jackson has he, .lust cfm't teawr away from Ola' Hickory. HAROLD LIEBMAN Honor Roll. Hickory Log Staff. Radio Club. First Aid Squad, Chem. and Eng. Honor Classes, Journalism. Creative Writing. Private "Eye." "Big Hal" is his name And Criminology is his game. CHRISTINE LINDSAY Magazine Illustrator Honor Roll. Dramatics Class. Swimming Club. Secretary to Teachers. Retire and travel to China. Herlwork will "draw" much ad- nuratron. RICHARD LITELL Trip to Europe then Dartmouth lmaybel Honor Roll, Jr. Orchestra. To be a ski jumper. Instead of landing on your seat, We hope you land upon your feet. ARMAND LOPEZ Art College Visual Aid Squad To finish school--make moneyi retire. To make money and retire We agree is quite a desire. EDWARD LOPEZ Rehabilitation after H. S. Chem. Honor Class ,Lunch and Hall Patrols, Traffic and General Science Prep Squads, Classical, Craft, Current Events and Latin Clubs. Medicine. ln the obice of Dr. L. every sick man will be made well. CAROLINA LOWE Work. We'll hear from her later. BEVERLY LYMAN Long Island College Hospital Honor Roll, Program Committee, Year Book Staff, Basketball, Bowl- ing, Leaders, Volleyball and Girls Varsity Clubs, Minor .l's, Minor and Major Ser. Pins, A.R.A.M., P.S.A.L. Medals. Nursing. , Don't forget to keep "in trtlillifltt' While you're in training. HARRIET LYMAN N.Y.U. Honor Roll, Program Committee, Leaders, Basketball, Volleyball and Cirls Varsity Clubs. Minor and Major ,I's, A.R.A.M., l'.S.A.L. Medals, Year Book Staff, Red Cross Representative, Secretary to Teacher. To be a Health Education teacher. Coming back to Jackson? MARISA MACINA College Honor Roll, English, History, Physics and Eco. Honor Classes, Public Speaking and Sr. Dra- matics Classes, Pioneer Staff, Swimming and Y.O.U. Clubs Minor J, Secretary to teacher. Editor of the New Yorker. Though you may be head of the New Yorker, We'll always think of you as a rrorlrer. ELVIRA MACNUSSEN Business Honor Roll, Library Representa- tive, Reorganization Squad, Sec- retary to teachers. T ravel. Work hard anzl save your dough Then buy the tickets and "Let,s go. MELVIN MAHLER University of Southern California Honor Roll, History, Math., Chem. and Physics Honor Class- es, Swimming Team, Hall Patrol. Production or industrial engin- eer. Our boy Mel is really swell. 3 I DOLORES MAKUFSKI A Business V Secretary to teacher. Success and Happiness. Weire sure you'll get your wish Because you are a Cttle, sweet dish. STANLEY MALKIN Co into business Service Squad, Basketball and Softball Intramural Champion- ships. Successful businessman-million axre. '6Big', Business is the game for you. ROBERT MANZ Work Intramural Basketball Champion- ship, Reorganization Typing Squad. To be Z1 fireman. A srnolre eater he will be. Arsonists will surely have no spree. MARIE MANZOLILLO Private Secretary Honor Roll. English Honor Class. Typing Certificate, G. O. Rep- resentative, Skating and Bowling Clubs. Secretary to teachers. To lead a happy life. In her climb to the top Marie will never stop. RUDOLPH MARMARO N.Y.ll. Hall Patrol, Locker Squad. P.S.A.L. Medal. Lawyer. He will be up to .laclrson's par When he goes before the bar. JEANNINE MARSELER Eastern Air Lines Training School Library Representative. Swim- ming and Basketball Clubs, Swimming Assistant, Secretary to teachers. Air Hostess. Red hair and wings-Wowl BERNICE MARTELL Dramatics Class, Special Chorus, Pirates of Penzance. Regents Recording Committee, Year Book Stall, G. 0. Representative, Vol- leyball, Basketball, Softball and Leaders Clubs, Minor J, P.S.A.L. Award, Contest pin. To be a nurse and marry a doc- tor. Of all the professions this she'l! pick, To nurse the ailing, to help the siclr. 32 CORNWELL MARTIN University of Virginia Freshman and Senior Dramatics Clubs, Drama Class. Engineer. Heill not give the world a crooked steer, Not Cornwell Martin. our poten- tial engineer. DIANA MAYDAG , College I Honor Roll, English. Math., His- tory and Eco. Honor Classes. Journalism, Arista. Latin Tutor, G. 0. Representative. Hickory Log, Reorganization Squad, Em- ergency Room Assistant. To be happy and useful. A smart gal is our Dee, To happiness she's got the hey. BARBARA MAYO Your guess is as good as mine Library Staff, Secretarial Staff of Hickory Log. To lead a lazy life. Blue-eyed and blonde, Of Bobbe we're fond. DONALD MCADAMS Work Honor Roll, Softball Intramural Championship. To be a MBusiness Manu. Handy with any lrind of mitt- Don will always malfe a hit. THOMAS MCANDREWS IV. Y. C. Police Department U. S. Navy. To be a patrolman. As a New York City cop, We're sure youill reach the top. THOMAS MCCONNELL College U. S. Navy, Clee Club. Biology Squad. To study medicine. In a few more years you'll see Doctor Tom lUcC. PATRICIA MCDERMOTT Katherine Gibbs Honor Roll, Typing Certificate, Bowling Club, Minor .l, Reor- ganization Squad, Year Book Stall, Homemaking Laboratory Squad, Secretary to teacher. Be a conductor on Dee's trolley car. May you travel far Even on a trolley car ANN MCDONALD Business Honor Roll, Newman and Square Dancing Clubs, Hickory Log. Travel and see dear old Ireland. Don't forget lo let us lrnow how things are in Glocca Morro. RICHARD MCENROE Delehanty Institute Honor Roll, Service Squad, Swim- ming and ,I.V. Track Teams, Sec- retary to teacher. Own my own business. You will win what you deserve By your talent and reserve. FLORENCE MCKENNA Take a long rest Special Chorus. P.S.A.L. Award, G. O. and Library Representa- tives. Sing in Copacabana in Florida. When you are sunning on the beaches don't forget what Jackson teaches. MARIE MCKENNY Misercordia School of Nursing Honor Roll, Math., History and Chem. Honor Classes, Creative Writing and Dramatics Classes, Late Office and Biology Labora- tory Squads, Seven Keys to Bald- pate, Leaders, Individual Sports, Field Hockey and Soccer Clubs, Secretary to teacher. Nurse. Here's future nurse, M. McKenny. The patients she'll heal will be many. JOHN MCKEON U. S. Navy, Okinawa. Undecided. To be or not to be? What will be the decision? PATRICIA MCLEAN ,X Queens College Honor Roll, English, History, Math. and Chem. Honor Classes, Spanish and French Tutors, G. O. and Library Representatives, Stu- dent Court, Year Book Stall, Swimming, Leaders, Basketball and Volleyball Clubs, Minor J, Swimming Assistant, Secretary to teachers, French Club. Be ahead of time for once in my life. Nothing is impossible with a willing heart and a Bulova watchl GEORGE MCSHERRY Manhattan College English and Math. Honor Class- es, Locker Guard, P.S.A.L. Award, Visual Aid Squad, Hall Patrol, G. O. Representative. Math Teacher. At school the lfids won't scoff With George as their math. prof. LEIGH MELVIN Washington llnicersity Skating Club, Gym Assistant. A good time. The best things in life are free, So step in and talfe your pic-lr, Leigh. RENEE MEYERSON 'f Cornell University Honor Roll, English and Eco. Honor Classes, Journalism, French, Y.O.U. and Glee Clubs, Star Stall, Library Assistant, Cafeteria Aid, Secretary lo teach- ers. A Biologist. Taft's loss was our gain DOLORES MICCIO Work To he a successful typist. The keys on her typewriter will open the door to success. BETTY MICHAEL Business Library and G. O. Representa- tives, Bowling Club, Swimming Assistant, Secretary to teachers. Be happy always with Kenny. Betty M. has many beaux, But sheill never have any foes. ETHEL MILLER Cortland Teachers College Special Chorus, Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Glee Clubs. Physical Education Teacher. When Ethel goes to Cortland, She'll be part of Sportland. DONALD MUCHTIN Tufts English Honor Class, Journalism, Math. Tutor, Honor Roll, Sec- retary to teacher. Novelist. People will read what Don will write And in his books rheyill "see the light." DOROTHEA MUELLER Typist To be a success in the business world. Not alone in the business world, But in all she does our Dottie will succeed. 33 EILEEN MULDOWNEY Nurses' Training School Airline Stewardess. Passengers, pulses will fly high, As you journey through the sky. WALLACE MULLER Police Department Marines, Library Representative, Lunch and Hall Patrols. When directing traffic or pound- ing a beat, Adventure he is bound to meet. MARGARET MULLINS Pace Institute Secretary to teachers, Swimming Club, G. O. Representative, War Stamp Collector, Library Rep- resentative. To be a buyer. No one can go higher Than our red-headed buyer. ELIZABETH MURPHY Houghton College Honor Roll, Math. and History Honor Classes, English, Drama and Public Speaking Classes, Sr. Dramatic, Bible, and French Clubs, English Oliice and Reor- ganization Squads, Secretary to teacher. To give others the same joy I have. If Betty goes on as she is, she will surely get her wish. GILBERT MURPHY U. S. Navy, G. O. Representative, Science Prep. and Service Squads, Locker Guard, Secre- tary to teacher. To retire at thirty-five. Why wait so long? THOMAS MURPHY Special Chorus, The Chimes of Normandy, The Fortune Teller, G. O. Representative, Service Squad, Locker Guard. A musician always, He'll have many bright days. GLORIA NEAL Business and Dramatic School Honor Roll, Typing Certificate, Late Office Squad, Library As- sistant, Makeup Squad, Sr. Dra- matics Club, Seven Keys to Bald- pate, Secretary to teacher. Dramatic Actress lStage or Radiol. Your name will be in lights on many opening nights. 34 JOYCE NELSON To be a teacher and to get mar- ried. Stay as sweet as you are, Always up to par. BEATRICE NEUBECK Bennington Honor Roll, Library and G. O. Representative, Secretary to teachers, P.S.A.L. Pin, Minor J, Swimming Assistant, Manager of Green and Wllite, Swimming, Basketball, Leaders, and Glee Clubs, Program Committee, Jour- nalism. Take it easy with Dot Dersch. "Bn may be second to "An, But Bea is second to none. BRUCE NICHOL Princeton Honor Roll, English, Math., His- tory and Eco. Honor Classes, Arista, G. O. Representative, Math. Tutor, Chem. Club, Var- sity Swimming Team, Chem., Physics and Lighting and Ampli- fication Squads, Hickory Log Reporter, Stage Crew. To he a History teacher. Woe to the students of our boy ..NiC,,, History will be taught with a modern kick. WALTER NIEGISCH English, Math. and Eco. Honor Classes, Creative Writing and Journalism Classes, Arista, As- sistant Editor of Hickory Log, Associate Editor of Hickory Log, Chem. Prep., Amplification and Visual Aid Squads, Operetta Stage Hand, G. O. and Library Representatives, Secretary to teacher. Chemical Engineer. We can see the day when Walt will have atomic secrets in his vault. KENNETH NILSEN Concordia College Track Team. To enter the ministry. We're sure that our boy Kenny As a minister will convert many. THEODORE NILSEN College Honor Roll, Math. Honor Class, Old Hickory Party, Jr. Orchestra, Field and Dance Bands. My ambition is to be a big time salesman so that I can wear an "Adam Executive" hat. An "Adam Executive" you'll wear To cover up the loss of hair. EVERETT NOREN St. Johns College Honor Roll, Math. Honor Class, Hall Patrol, Band, Dance Band, P.S.A.L. Award, Locker Guard. Private HI". Looks like Dick Tracy's in for some keen competition. EUGENE NORMAN W orlr, College English Honor Class, English Ofhce Staff, Bookroom Staff. Physics Laboratory, Track Team, Special Chorus, Cross Country Team, Chimes of Normandy. Undecided. May he rhyme forever. GLORIA NORRIS Secretary llonor Roll, Special Chorus, Sr. Orchestra, Late Ohice Squad, Out of the Frying Pan, The For- tune Teller, Regents Committee. Craft Club, Secretary to teacher. To be a stenotype stenographer. lllorirfs friemlship is worth while. All her life sheill travel in style. RUTH O'DELL Katherine Gibbs Ilonor Roll, Typing Certificate, lliblc Club, Secretary to teacher. To be a dressmaker. W ith. patterns and pins and per- sonality plus, Think of the dresses she'll fash- ion for us. RU BY 0 DIN Secretary Library Representative. To fly. Walk. lt's cheaper. ELSIE OFFERMANN l" Typing Certificate. Varsity, Vol- leyball, Soccer, Leaders and Bas- ketball Clubs, Contest pin, Minor ,l's, Major J, Secretary to teacher. Full of life, full of fun, Always ready with a pun. PATRICIA O'KEEFE Queens College G. O. Representative, Library Assistant, Secretary to teacher. To become educated. Her duplicate-hard to find. EUGENE OLSEN Oxford Service and Chair Repair Squads, Varsity Swimming and City Championship Teams, Co-Man- ager of Green and White Party. Go to Oxford with Joe. Don't forget your umbrella! ROSLYN OLSEN Secretary Typing Certificates, Year llook Stalf, Library Stall, Skating. Swimming and Rowling Clubs, Secretary to Teacher. To be a successful secretary. Here comes a girl with eyes like stars. Who is it? None but our own Roz. WILLIAM O'NEILL College Biology Prep Squad, Assistant to Teacher. Electrical Engineer. Bill will be A clever E. E. DAVID OPPENHEIMER Hofstra College Honor Roll, English and Chem. Honor Classes, lliology Prep Sq. Capt., Dramatics and Creative Writing Classes. War Stamp Rep- resentative, Sr-cy. to Teachers. To make a lazy million. He'll succeed. Here's to Oppy. ISABEL O'REGAN Katherine Gibbs Honor Roll, Jr. and Sr. Dramatic Clubs, Square Dancing, Volley- ball and Basketball Clubs, Library Rep., Library Assistant, Locker Guard, Secy. to Teacher. To visit Hawaii. She'll look pert in a grass skirt. ROSE MARIE OSER Queens College Honor Roll, Eng., Hist. and Math. Ilonor Classes, Arista, Creative Writing Class, Program Comm.. Star Staff, War Bond Rep., Re- organization Sq., Minor Service Pin, Intercultural and Glee Clubs, Secy. to Teachers. Psychologist. May the workings of the mind be easy for you to zlehne. GERALDINE OTEY Adelphi College V Honor Roll, Hist., Math. and Eng. Honor Classes, Math. Tutor, Program Comm., Secretary to Teacher, Contest Pin, Sr. Orches., Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance, Gypsy Fortune Teller, Out of the Frying Pan. To live on a ranch. To Gerry, who is one of the best, We hope that you will live out West. KATHRYN OTTO Honor Roll, Eng. and Math. Hon, Classes, Eng. Drama and Public Speak'g Classes, Program Comm., French and Sr. Dramatics Clubs, Secretary to Teacher, Health, wealth and happiness Sweets to the sweet! 35 MARION O'TOOLE Katherine Gibbs Honor Roll, War Stamp Rep., Reorganization Squad, Glee Club, Secy. to Teachers. Secretary. A happy girl with a happy way. As a secretary sheill be 0.K. HUGH OWENS Hall Patrol, Special Chorus. Policeman. Hope you wonit be like the police- man in "Pirates of Penzance." BERTHA PABORSKY Business English Honor Class, Secy. to Teacher. To own my own yacht and go sailing. Watch out, Boom Boom, don't fall in. JOYCE PARCELS Civil Service Honor Roll, Library Rep., Secy. to Teacher. To be a private secretary. Rich antl .successful will be Joyce. She will hatfe more than one Rolls Royce. MARY PARISI Business Honor Roll, Sten. and Typing Certificates, G.O. Rep., Newman and Skating Clubs, Minor J, Lunch Patrol. To get rich. llflay you roller skate to happi- ness. .IOAN PASQUALE Cortland State Teachers College Honor Roll, Eng., Math., Chem. and Physics Honor Classes, Arista, Leaders, Basketball, Vol- leyball, Softball and Skating Clubs, Major .I's, Secretary to Teachers. Physical Education Teacher. With her you may compete, But you'll find her harrl to beat. CAROLINE PATURZO Library Assistant To be a success as a secretary. Abgood secretary Caroline will e. All the world may wait and see. 36 MARGARET PAYTON Katherine Gibbs Newman Club, Typing Certifi- cate, Library Rep., Secretary to Teacher. To work in the field of fashion. Dresses of fashion Label-Peggy Payton. MARILYN PEARSALL Bookkeeping Glee Club, Secy. to Teachers. To be a good bookkeeper. With Lyn balancing the books lim sure the banks won't fail. LEO WARD PEARSON Honor Roll, Ilist., Eng., Math., Eco., Chem., Physics and Bio. Honor Classes, Arista Secy., As- sociate Editor of Yearbook, Serv- ice Pins, Visual Aid Sq. Capt., Physical Science, Bio. and Amp. and Lighting Squads, Science Editor of Hickory Log, V. Pres. of Math and Chem. Clubs. To grow antlers, just like other moose. In the forest we see a moose, Noi Itis Pearson, on the loose. DONALD PECK Dartmouth Honor Roll, Math., Eng., Hist., Chem. and Eco. Honor Classes, Public Speaking, .lournalism and Creative Writing Classes, Hickory Log Reporter, Arista, Student Court, Math., Discussion and Y.O.U. Clubs, Spanish Tutor, Radio Workshop, Ticket and General Science Prep Squads, Secretary to Teacher. Medicine. fudge Peck, as a doctor, will cure any ill By merely using a vitamin pill. .IOSEPHINE PELLICI Evening School and work Honor Roll, Late Ollice Squad, Regents Recording Committee. To lead a happy life. Life is just a bowl of cherries, So fl0I1,l be late with a spoon. DONALD PELTON College U. S. Navy, Pearl Harbor, Stage Crew. Undecided. Success in everything you do. ROBERT PERGAMENT Champlain .l. and Sr. Orchestras. Dance Band, Hall Patrol, P.S.A.L. Award. , Life under a shady tree. Whafll poor Perg do when win- ter comes? WILLIAM PETRU Columbia University llonor Roll, Eng., Hist. and Eco. l'lon0r Classes, journalism, Pro- gram Comm., Hickory Log Re- porter, Orchestra, Operettas. Var- sity Shows, Classical and Clee Clubs, Secy. to Teacher. English teacher. lllalfe big money- -sell Ilelllttlls. RONALD PFEFFER Basketball Team, Service Sq., P.S.A.I.. Awards, Asst. Manager Baseball Team, Visual Aid Sq., Secretary to Teacher. Swoon-crooner. 1lere's to Ronnie, a boy of ambi- tion. He'll give Frankie some competi- tion. FRANK PIKE lle's not talking. LOUISE PIROZZI Priaate Secretary llonor Roll. Typing Certificate. Secretary to Teacher. To travel. Hope you travel farther, Lou Than monthly trips up to the zoo. JOHN PLANSKER lV.l".l'. lland, Sr. Orchestra, Dance lland Leader, Service Squad. Musician. As you go ap the "keys" to fame, fllay you rementlter from ,la1'l.'son you fame HAROLD PLACET lllelropolitan Life Insurance Eng. llonor Class, llall Patrol. Intramural Basketball, Bowling Team, P.S.A.L. Awards. President of Metropolitan Life. We can be safe notvl ELINOR POND Colby College Honor Roll, Eng., Math., Chem, and Physics llonor Classes. .lr. Orch.. Star Stall. Latin Tutor, llasketball, Volleyball, Swinfg llowling and Skating Clubs. Pro- gram Committee Pioneer Stall, Math. Regents Squad. To own a restaurant. Elinor as a frienrl is saperl Nothing short of tleath can rlape her! WILLIAM POWERS College Track Team, Lunch and Hall Patrols, Navy, Atlantic and Pacific Theatres. Theatrical Agent. Here we know is a real smart gent Who will be taking his ten per rent. JOAN PRATT Typist onrl Secretary Hickory Log, War Bond Rep., Typing Certificate, Roller Skat- ing Club, Secy. to Teachers. To travel and see the world. Through the world .lo will go, llonit go fast, skate slow. BARBARA PRITCHARD Business School llonor Roll, Eng. llonor Class. Spanish Tutor, Volleyball. Bas- ketball, Leaders and Tennis Clubs, Minor .l. Contest Pin. To see the world. To see the world is her arnlaish. We certainly hope she get her wish. JOHN PYROS College llonor Roll, English, Dramatic and Chem. llonor Classes, C.O. Rep., Progressive Party. Special Chorus, Swimming Team, Pir- ates of Penzance, Miuieograph and Chem. Prep Squads, Library Rep., S. and .lr. Dramatic Clubs. Secretary to Teachers. Lots of talk, plenty of charm Talre it easy, rlon't come to harm. WILLIAM RADCLIFFE .4tlaan1'etl lfasiness Training ll, S. Navy, Pacific Theater, Stage Crew Capt., Lunch and ,lackson Palrols. Library Asst. Accountant tC.P.A.l. An expert when it comes lo hg- ares. MURIEL RADKE Fashion Institute Honor Roll, C.O. Rep., llasket- ball. Skating, Leaders, llowling, Softball and Varsity Clubs. Maj. J, A.R.A.M.. Art and Poster work, Secretary to Teachers. To tnakc a "Ii00" howling score. Fashion smart we'll always say. Clothes zlesignerl by Hatllre. BARBARA RECHEL Business llonor Roll, Public Speaking Cl., Spec. Chorus, Varsity Show. Operettas, Publicity, ILO. and War Stamp Rep.. Volleyball, Square Dancing Clubs, Minor J., Secretary to Teachers. .4 secretarial Cyclonel 37 GERTRUDE REINHARDT Flower Fifth Ave. Nursing Sch. Honor Roll, Eng., Hist., Chem. and Eco. Honor Classes, Hickory Log Reporter, Journalism, Star Staff, G.O. Rep.. Sr. Orchestra, Basketball and Swimming Clubs, Minor J, Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance, Gypsy For- tune Teller, Varsity Shows. To be a nurse and then get mar- ried. Lihe death and taxes that cease never, Cerfs gal: goes on forever. VIRGINIA REINHOLD Pratt Institute Square Dancing, P.S.A.L. Pin. To he a dress designer Here's to a designing woman. JEAN REIS Fashion Designer and Illustrator Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Class, Bowling and Craft Clubs, Libr'y Rep., Secretary to Teachers. To aim for something better. Her designs will rival Adrian's some day. WALTER RENNEMAN Army Honor Roll, English, Chem. and Physics Honor Classes, Bowling and 1. V. Swimming Team, Library Representative. West Point. Tall, handsome Walter, certainly won't falter. BEVERLY RENNIE College Honor Roll, Eng., Hist., Chem. and Math Honor Classes, Arista, Year Book Editor-in-Chief, Stage Manager and Understudy Varsity Show, Usherette Squad, Drama- tics Classes, Program Comm., Minor Service Pin, Minor J, Swim'g Asst., Secy. to Teachers. Pioneer editor, Beverly Rennie, ls very sweet and lilred by many. PHYLLIS RICHARDSON William, Smith College Hon. Roll, Math., Hist. and Eng. Honor Classes, Arista, Hickory Log Staff. Co-Editor of Star, Minor and Major Service Pins, Major ,I's, Pres. of Leaders Club, Vice-Pres. of Girls' Varsity Club, Usherette Squad, Secy. to Teach- ers. To travel. A nicer girl eanit be found, Eyes of brown and brown hair crowned. JOHN RIDAY , College Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Journalism. Biology Laboratory and Hall Squads. English teacher. Remember not to .vulit the inhni- tive. 38 EDITH RIEDEL Business World Typing Certihcate, Leaders, Bas- ketball, Swimming, Life Saving and Bowling Clubs, Lost and Found Office Asst., Secretary to Teachers. Fly a plane. May your future in the business world be high flying. MURIEL RIEKERT Secretary Bowling and Skating Clubs, Secy. to Teacher. To be an efficient secretary. Because she is so sweet and merry, She's sure to make an efficient secretary. .IACQUELINE RIOUX Honor Roll, Hickory Log Re- porter, Bowling and Swimming Clubs, Program Comm.. Secy. to Teacher. To fly around the world. This charming girl will make hearts whirl. ROSALIE RITZ It Queens College H' Honor Roll, Math., Eng. and His- tory Honor Classes, Span. Tutor, French, Bowling, Leaders, Bas- ketball and Volleyball Clubs, Girls' Varsity, Major J, Secy. to Teachers. To travel. Modest yet full of fun. Sheis a friend to be won. PATRICIA ROBERTS Secretary Honor Roll, English Honor Class, War Bond Rep., Late Ofhce and Typing Reorganization Squads, Red Cross Club, Secretary to Teacher. Secretary to a good looking lawyer. May her wisdom be her guide. REGINA ROEDER Business School Honor Roll, Typing Certificates, Late Ofiice Squad, Regents Re- cording. Biology Club, Secretary to Teacher. To be a good secretary. Upon your job we know you'll sticlr, Battling your typewriter, click, click, click. DORIS ROLL Secretary Honor Roll, G.O. and Library Rep., Swimming Club, Secretary to Teachers. To own a cream colored Cadillac convertible coupe. Don't wrap it around a telephone pole. EMMA ROMAN Accountant Honor Roll, Secretary to Teacher. To make the most of living. Always be happy, Emma and yoifll never be in a dilemma. BERNICE ROONEY Secretary Honor Roll, Green and White Party, Typing Certificate, Swim- ming Club, Secretary to Teacher. To bo like Janet. Thafs easy, change your name. JANET ROONEY Secretary Honor Roll, Capt. of Usherettes, Green and White Party, G. O. Rep., Sr. Class Otlicer, Swim- ming Club, Secy. to Teacher. To be like Bernice. Thafs easy, change your name. MINNA ROSEN .4 Adelphi College Honor Roll, Math llonor Class, Concertmaster for Jr. and Sr. Orchestras, Swimm'g Club, Secy. to Teacher. Nurse, then wife. .loy to her patients shelll afford When Minna enters in the ward. AUDREY ROSENBURC - College "' Honor Roll, English and History Honor Classes, Journalism, Math. Tutor, Library Rep., Program Comm., Star Staff, Hickory Log Reporter. Math. Regents Comm., Asst. and Associate Ed. Hickory Log, Secretary to Teachers, Maj. Service Pin. The gal who turns things upside down, She's the one who's the talk of the town. EDITH ROSS Secretairyg Business Sch. Nights Honor Roll, Typing Certificate, Skating and Bowling Clubs, P.S.A.I... Award. Sccy. to Teacher. To become a sci-ri-tary. A willing hand lfrliels ready to lend. Of all in .larlrson sheis a friend. URSULA ROWAN , College Honor Roll, Eng., Math., Chem., Physics, History and Eco. Honor Classes, Latin and Math. Tutors, Major Service Pin, Reorganiza- tion Squad, Program Committee, Math., Bio., Y.O.U., Bowling and Leaders Clubs, Year Book Staff, Secretary to Teachers. Doctor. Ten years hence when you are ill Dr. U. B. Rowan will prescribe a pill. JANET ROWE Adelphi College Special Chorus. Swimming Asst. To be a nurse. With her smile and cheery way she'll cure her patients day by day. DONALD RUESCHER -1-' Coll ege LX Chem. and Physics llonor Class., .lr. and Sr. Orch.. Lunch Patrol. Serv. Sq., G.O. Rep, Co-Mgr. of Old llickory Party. Usher Squad, Basketball Team, Queens Cham- pionship Team. Become famous with Roy. May he always be able to make that set. CHARLES SA AR ll. S. Array and College G.O. Rep., Jackson Hall Patrol, P.S.A.L. Awards Establish my own business. He'll hitch his wagon to a star, That will be Charlie Saar. JOAN SANDMEIER St. .loseplfs College English Honor Class, Journalism, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey. Leaders and Bowl- ing Clubs, Minor .l,s, Lost and Found Service. Teacher. loan's ambition is to teach. She will surely be a peach. PETER SBARBARO Tulane University llonor Roll, Math. Honor Class. To he a composer. Great strains of music will come from Pete, The guy who has got that certain beat. PHILIP SCALZO Queens College Honor Roll, Chem. llonor Class, Spanish Tutor, Dance Band. Gym teacher. Une, two, three, four A- Phil'll really make them sore. JANE SCHEER Business Secretary Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Secretary to Teacher. To travel. By airplane and motor ear, by foot and by rail, "Junior" will travel o'er hill and o'er dale. 39 HAROLD SCHEINER Queens College Honor Roll, Eng., Hist., Math. and Eco. Honor Classes, Glee Club. High school music teacher. It's music that Harold wants to teach. We know this goal he'll surely reach. MORTON SCHEINES College Arista, Eng., Hist., Math., Eco., Chem., Bio. and Physics Honor Classes, Minor and Major Service Pins, Associate Ed. of Year Book, Star Staff, Hickory Log Editor, Bio. Lab. and Traffic Sqs., Pro- gram Comm., Journalism, Discus- sion and Math Clubs. Doctor. Mortie keeps the class alive, Wherever he goes we know he'll five. JEAN SCHONBERG Business School, Business Honor Roll, Late Ofbce, Secy. to Teacher. To be successful in business. Success is Blondieis ambition. Shell! surely live up to lacksonis tradition. LAWRENCE SCHIEBER lllaryiiille College and L.I.ll. Service Squad, General Science Prep Squad, Secy. lo Teacher. To become a good pharmacist and retire at forty. May your salary never be docked because of the mixtures you concoct. CAROLINE SCHMERSAL ,sf College Honor Roll. Chem. Honor Class, Swimming Asst., Swimming, Life Saving and Radio Clubs, Secy. to Teachers. To find happiness and success. Her spirit, laughter and fun .Wake her liked by everyone. JOSEPH SCHMITT Work in an Auto Repair Shop Honor Roll, Eco. Honor Class. Journalism. Visual Aid Squad, P.S.A.L. Awards. To own a repair shop. He will work in auto repair, But who knows when or where? SENTA SCHNELLE Business School Library Rep., Secy. to Teacher. To get there before Kilroy. You may get there before Kilroy, Hut maybe Kilroy's a kill joy. 40 JACQUELINE SHOFER Queens or lV.Y.U. Honor Roll, Eng., Math., Hist., Dramatics and Creative Writing Honor Classes, Maj and Minor Service Pins, Literary Editor of Star, J r and Sr. Dramatics Clubs, Hickory Log Reporter, Arista, Year Book Staff, Reorg. Squad, Capt. of Lunch Patrol, Make-up Sq., War Bond Rep., Volleyball and Motion Picture Clubs, Secy. to Teachers. Psychologist. .luckie's a gal we all like to meet. You will and her hard to beat. DORIS SCHROEDER Business Honor, Roll, Eng. Honor Class, Leaders, Bowling, Square Danc- ing. Softball, Basketball and Volleyball Clubs, Library Asst., Journalism. Get married and travel. May her marriage be like a nice voyage, Long and sunny. CORTLANDT SCHULT Brooklyn Poly-Tech Honor Roll, Physics and Chem. Honor Classes, Service Squad. Electrical engineer. A great guy is our boy Cort. When coming to success, he wonit fall short. ROBERT SCHUMAN Agricultural School Hall Patrol, Lunch and Repair Squads, P.S.A.L. Award. Retire. Co to work and get fired. That's one good way to become retired. EVELYN SCHWARZE Clerical Work Honor Roll, Skating, Basketball and Volleyball Clubs. To go to Colorado or to stay in New York and be a badminton champion. "Twinkle" is a Jackson star and we know that sheill go far. NORMAN SCHWASS Katherine Gibbs Typing Certificate, Library Rep., Year Book Staff, Secy. to Teach- ers. To become a receptionist. lVorma,s as cute as she can be, She'll be a ,line secretary. JOHN SCIORTINO College U. S. Navy, Asiatic Pacific Thea- ter, C.O. Rep., Swimming Team, Hall Patrol, Maj. Letters, Fresh- men Track Team. Hope you can swim through life as you swam through Jackson. INDIA SCOTT Howard University G.O. and Library Rep.. Library and Mimeograph Squads, Lunch Patr'I, Red Cross and Clee Clubs, Secretary to Teachers Social service worker. Lee will be a hne addition to Social Servire-her ambition. EARL SEAMAN Alaska Service Squad, Craft Club, St-ey. to Teachers. Prominent millionaire. As a 'sprominent rnillionaireu Earl will never get the airs- MARY SEEBACK Take a fob Honor Roll, Hist. and Math. Hon. Classes, Eng. Drama, Newman Club, Secy. to Teacher. To become a farmer. We havenit met A nicer farmerette. FRANCIS SEEBERGER N. Y. Telephone Co. English Honor Class, Service Sq., Varsity Swimming Team, City Championship Team, Intramural Award, P.S.A.L. Awards, Shop Repair Squad. To live a long life. .Way you live a century anrl never neerl new denture-y. HELEN SELMER Queens College Honor Roll, English and Hist. Honor Classes, Library Rep., Star Staff, Secy. to Teachers, Ras- ketball, Swimming and Skating Clubs. Helerfs hair is lilfe the sun. She surely is n lot of fun. RUBY SELTZER Queens College History Honor Class, Discussion Club. Spanish Tutor, Secy. to Teachers. Soeiologist or psychologist. Sol-iologist or psychologist- A Rally will be the best. DANIEL SEPHTON . Work Honor Roll, Chair Repair Squad. To own race horses. May you hare better luclr than rler liinglel CHARLES SEIDENSPINNER St. John's College Repair Sq., Assistant to Teachers, P.S.A.L. Business career. No one ever dares to mock Chas. Seizlenspinner, known as "Doa" MARGARET SERRAND - Honor Roll, Eng., Math, History. Eco. and Chem. Honor Classes. Skating Club, Library Stali, Library Representative. Business School. Margie is really one of the best. She can easily pass any test. THOMAS SHANNON ll. S. Navy Swimming Team, P.S.A.L. Awds., Stockroom Clerk, Secretary to Teachers. liutcher. Lilre a ball shot from a eannon Safveess will rome to butcher Shannon. ROBERT SHERMAN ll. S. Arm-V Clerical worker. We know that as a eleriral worlr- er lfob will never be a shirlrer. THOMAS SILK Merchant ll'llll'l.lll' Avaalemy Master Mariner. Upon the sea of life may you never have a storm. GLORIA SILVERMAN Queens College Honor Roll, Eng.. llist.. Math. and Eco. llonor Classes. Arista. Dramatics and Public Speaking Classes, French Tutor. Year Book Staff, Service Pin, Program Committee, Lunch Patrol, Reor- ganization Squad, French. Rio. and Y.O.U. Clubs, Secretary to Teaelter. interpreter. As an interpreter with the ICN.. .Wav you meet runny interesting men. HELEN SKLARSKY Katherine Gibbs Honor Roll, Attendance Office Squatl. Secy. to Tt'ill'lIl?I'. Private Secretary. A private seerelary she will be and a success umloubterlly. 4 I VERONICA SLAVIN Key Punch Operator llonor Roll, Typing Certificate, Attendance Oflice, Reorganiza- tion Squad, Lunch Patrol, Skat- ing Club, Minor J, Secretary to Teachers. To be a good key puncher. No one needs ash whether sheill succeed in her task. DORIS SLUDER Nurse or school for six months Honor Roll, Chem. Honor Class, Biology Squad, Skating Club, Secretary to Teacher. To be a nurse. Bringing cheer and curing all sorrow. GRACE SMITH Nurses Training Chem. Honor Class, Attendance Squad, Library Rep., Red Cross, Basketball and Volleyball Clubs. Success. As a nurse Grace will be grand. She'll always give a helping hand. MALCOLM SMITH Loaf Service Squad, Lunch and Hall Patrols, Secy. to Teachers. Midget Auto Racing fDriverl. He'll give us a thrill by taking a spill and then- Flowers on the sill of the hos- pital. MARY SMITH Secretarial Work Assistant to Teacher. To see the world. May you always see it through rose colored glasses. JEANNINE SNOW Katharine Gibbs Honor Roll, Cheering and Usher- ette Squads, Volleyball, Basket- ball, Leaders. Square Dancing. Tennis and Glee Clubs, Program Comm., Minor .l's, Secretary to Teachers, Major Service Pin. To go around the world. Her twinkling eyes and ready smiles Will pull her through the many miles. MARION SORENSON Concordia College Honor Roll, History and Math. Honor Classes, Arista, Minor and Major Service Pins, Program Committee, Hickory Log Re- porter, Attendance Office Squad, Softball Club. Swimming Asst., Secretary to Teacher. I wish I knew. A lovely girl, who is sweet and kind. We will always have you on our mind. 42 DONALD SORICE pf' Drafting Honor Roll, Jackson Patrol, Baseball Team, Major J, General Science Squad, P.S.A.L. Award. Major Leaguer. He'll fire ball his name to the baseball Hall of Fame. JANE SPENCER Adelphi School of Nursing Honor Roll, History Honor Class, G.O. Rep., Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Leaders and Swim- ming Clubs, Minor J, Secretary to Teachers. To travel through China. A noble aim has our Jane. ARLYNE SPENNINGER Washington Sch. for Secretaries Honor Roll, Eng. Honor and Creative Writing Classes, Junior Red Cross and Bowling Clubs, Secretary to Teachers. To remain contented through life. Try Carnation! STANLEY SPIVACK U. S. Navy, Service Squad. Automobile Engineer. The car of the future-by Stan. ROBERT SPRAGUE Work Chem. Honor Class, Service Sq., P.S.A.L. Pins. Grow squirtless grapefruit. Grapefruit juice, the answer to a swell fellow's problem. HAROLD STACK Business Lunch and Hall Patrols. Plastic Technician. May your life be molded into success. LAURA STAFFORD ff' Telephone Operator Typing Certificate, Library Asst., G.O. and War Bond Rep., Secy. to Teachers. To get married, have four chil- dren and a home of my own. A laudable ambition Here's wishin'.' JOHN STANG Keystone College Lunch Patrol, Freshman Drama- tic Club, War Bond Rep., Math. Tutor, Late Office Squad, Stud. Court., Secy. to Teachers. To get to college. In college rhey'll lilre you just as we rlo. RUTH STAUFENBURC Eastern Airlines Training School llonor Roll, Newman and Swim- ming Clubs, Library Rep., Secy. to Teachers. Air Hostess. The plane she reaches is sure to be high. JOAN STEEN College Honor Roll, Eng., Math., Hist., and Eco. Honor Classes, Arista, Dramatics and Public Speaking Classes, Math. Tutor, Math., Y.0.U. and Volleyball Clubs, Lunch Patrol, Associate Editor of Year Book, Program Committee, Major Service Pin, Reorg. Sq., Secretary to Teachers. Psychologist. A little girl of whom we're fond. She's cute and sweet and very blonde. RICHARD STEWART College Classical and Skating Clubs. Architect. His designs will carry him far. MILDRED STOLL Marriage Honor Roll, C.O. and War Stamp Rep., Swimming and Life Saving Clubs, Minor J, Contest Pins, Swimming Asst., Asst. to Teach- CTS. To have twins. May your twins be doubles of you- ' Sweet and true. NADA STORELLI ' College of Fine Arts, Syracuse U. Honor Roll, Sr. Class Officer, Usherette Squad, Star Staff. G.O. Rep., Leaders, Skating, Swim- ming, Basketball. Dramatic and Pan American Clubs. Lunch Pat- ml. Make-up Squad, Minor J, Contest Pin, Swimming Asst., Secy. to Teacher. Artist. Nada means nothing? Silly Boy! DAVID STRATTON U. S. Navy. Swimming Team, Lunch and Hall Patrols. David S. Will be a success! MARY SULLIVAN Secretary Typing Certificate, Hickory Log Secy., Secy. to Teacher. To loaf. lllary, Mary, with her blue eyes Will be a secretary to izlolize. ROBERT SULLIVAN U. S. Marine Corps, Iwo Jima, Service Squad. Lots of luck, Bob! CHARLES SURBER College and Work Honor Roll, Chemistry and Math. Honor Classes, Jr. and Sr. Orch., Swimming Team, Instrumental Class, Radio and Roller Skating Clubs. Chemistry. Charlie and chemistry'--ASu.rrr'ess STANLEY SVOBODA College C.O. Rep., Craft Club, Baseball Team, In'mural Basketball Team, Hall Patrol, Shop Repair Squad, Lunch Patrol, Green and White Party, Secy. to Teacher. Playboy. In your life you'll have time to play As the money you earn will last many a day. 'uf 'pt , HAROLD SWANSON English llonor Class, French Club, Stage Crew. Lunch Patrol. Shop Teacher. We hope that you will reach the top In your endeavor to teach shop. ROBERT SWANTON L.. Brown's Business Sr-hool Typing Certificate, Spec. Chorus. P.S.A.L. Med., Secy. to Teachers. Court stenographer Across the page his hanrl will race, Doing his best to recorrl the case. MARY SWENGROS College Honor Roll, Chem. Honor Class. Library Rep., Swimming, Pan American, Newman and Bowling Clubs, Library Asst., Secretary to Teacher. To travel. Europe, Asia and Africa she'll see. Then. baclr to the U. S. soon will rome she. 43 .IOAN SWENSON Get a Job Honor Roll, Square Dancing Club. To be a buyer. To be a buyer is Joan's desire. Everyone will want her to hire. WILLIAM TAPPE Academy of Aeronautics Serv. Sq., Library Rep., Year Book Staff, Locker Guard, Visua' Aid Squad, Secy. to Teacher. Aeronautical Engineer. He's blond and handsome, as you can see, And just as nice as he can be. ROBERT TEAGUE Rest Physics Honor Class. Service Sq., I.ocker Guard, P.S.A.L. Award. Robert Teague always does his best, Although. we know he likes to rest. JOSEPH THIERMAN lV.Y.U. Honor Roll, Math., Physics and Chem. Honor Classes. Locker Guard, Service and Visual Aid Squads, Math. and Chem. Clubs. Year Book, Secretary to Teacher. Medicine. .loc will crack jolfes and have all his patients in stitches+YUKl DAVID THOMPSON Business School Honor Roll Typing Certificates, Service and Reorg. Sqs., G.O. Representative. Traveling salesman and buyer. In the trade Heill make the grade. JEAN THOMPSON Wilson College Honor Roll, History Honor Class. Journalism Class, Spec, Chorus, Attendance Squad, Swimming. Volleyball, Softball and Basket- ball Clubs, Secy. to Teacher. To pilot a plane. "Come, Josephine, in my flying III!It'l1l.716'.U HELEN TIFFANY Pratt Honor Roll, English Honor and Creative Writing Classes. Library and G.O. Rep.. Bowling and Leaders Clubs, Secy. to Teachers. To grow a few inches ltallerl. S'Aa'ler Elevators" would further your aim, - But be sure the shoes in size are the same. 44 ANNA TONDI Business Library and Emer. Room Assts., Hickory Log Typist, Skating and Radio Clubs, Typing Certificates, Library and War Stamp Rep., Reorganization Squad. Secretary, typist. She's just what the business world has been waiting for. KATHRYN TORREGIANI ' Honor Roll, Eng. Honor Class, French Tutor, Creative Writing Class, Library Rep., Secy. to Teacher. To be happy always. Always happy, never blue. Thereis nothing that she can,t do. MARGARET TROY Work Newman Club, Secy. to Teacher. Travel. Short and sweet. A very nice treat. PHYLLIS TUMOLO He a Secretary Honor Roll, Eng. Honor and Journalism Classes. Basketball and Glee Clubs, Secretary to Teachers. To find happiness in everything I do. A versatile .lacl.'sonite, our little Flip. 00 the road to success never will slip. TERRY VALERIO Business G.O. Rep., Year Book Staff, Typ- ing Reorganization Squad, Secy. to Teachers. Never to have too many friends. We know thereis only one "Meat- ball." DONALD VAN CLEEF Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Chemistry. Physics, Math. and History Classes, Chem. Physics Prep Squad, Lighting and Ampli- fication Squad, Chem. and Dis- cussion Clubs, Sports Editor, Major Letter, Minor Serv. Pins, Secretary to Teacher. Mechanical engineer. His manner and his friendly air make him welcome every- wlzere. WALLACE VANDERCLUTE Salesman Track Team. City Championship Novice Track Team, Intramural Track Championship, Intramural Softball Championship, P.S.A.L. Award, Service and Repair Squads, Craft Club, Locker Guard, Secretary to teacher. To be happy and have plenty of friends. He will hand them quite a line That guy, Wallace, who is very hne. RUSSELL VARADY Business Stockroom Assistant, Biology Laboratory and Chair Repair Squads. Policeman. Gangstcrs, l1c'tvure.' FRANK VENOSA L,-"' Queens College llonor Roll, English, Physics. Chem., Eco. and Math. Honor Classes, Major Service Pin, Vis- ual Aid, Chem. Prep., Physics Prep. and Lighting and Ampli- cation Squads, Reorganization Committee, Chem. Research Club, Secretary to teacher. To become a millionaire. The sign of your future will be the dollar Sign. GEORGE VERALDO U. S. Army, European Theatre, Service Squad. As in the world in which you have grown, Success may be found in the un- known. CONCELIA VICTOR Business Honor Roll, Year Book Staff, Typing Certificate, Secretary to teacher. To have a glimpse of California. Don't forget to bring an umbrella. MARILYN WACHSMAN Go to work Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Typing Certificate, Swimming Club, Contest pins, Secretary to teacher. To travel. May your ambition reach frui- tion. BARBARA WACKENHUT Queens College if' Honor Roll, English, Chem. and Eco. Honor Classes, Star Editor, War Bond Representative, Re- organization Squad, Minor Serv- ice pin, Year Book Staff. To own a glass house with a waterfall and write a good novel. She'll own a house with a queer address and be a swell au- thoress. MARGARET WAGNER Honor Roll, English, History and Math. Honor Classes, Volleyball Club, General Office Assistant. Live a happy life. We know Margie will lead a happy life Free from tears and free from strife. ROY WAGNER Go lo college down South llonor Roll, Queens Champion- ship Team, Basketball Team, Usher Squad, Jr. and Sr. Orches- tras, Dance Band, Service Squad, Hall Patrol, Lunch Patrol. G. O. Representative, Old llickory Party. G. O. President, Secretary to teachers. Recome famous with Don. Popular and athletic-his future will be filled with glory. JOAN WALKER B usinesshft ceoun tan t Skating and Volleyball Clubs. To travel. North, South, East or West, loan will travel and lie the best. JOHN WALLACE Yale English, History, Math., Eco. and Chem. Honor Classes, Arista, Student Court, Special Chorus, Chimes of Normandy, Pirates of Penzance, Out of the Frying Pan, Seven Keys to Baldpate. Sr. Dramatic Club, All City Chorus, Chem. Prep. Squad. Radio. The logical successor to Caruso. CLARA WALSH Work in office or travel Library Staff, Bowling and Vol- leyball Clubs, Nutrition Certifi- cate, Student War Effort Com- mittee, Secretary to teacher. To live to the turn of the century. Long life and happiness! EDWARD WALSH Work Hall Patrol, Basketball Team, P.S.A.L. Awards. Artist. May you paint the town red! JOHN WARDROP College Band, Jr. Orchestra, P.S.A.L. Award, Hall Patrol, Traffic Squad, Skating Club. C.P.A. We know that C.P.A. doesn't stand for cleaning, pressing and alterations JANE WASMUTH Business Secretary Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Special Chorus, G. 0. Represen- tative, Secretary to teacher, Pro- gram Committee, Typing Certi- ficate. Commercial Artist. Wherever she goes she's sure to draw crowds. 45 CATHERINE WATKINSON Clerical Work Typing Certificate, Attendance Squad, Nutrition Club, Library Representative, Secretary to teacher. Dark hair, eyes of brown. Nobody can turn Kay down. NORMAN WEBER Alfred University Honor Roll, Service Squad, Traf- fic Patrol, Chairman Year Book Stall, P.S.A.L. Awards, Swim- ming Team, Secy. to teacher. Successful and happy. Life with Normie will never be stormy. JOAN WEILMAN Go to business Attendance Squad, Nutrition Certificate, Secretary to teachers. To travel around the world in my privately owned airplane. To see the world is her ambition So bon voyage to Jinx we're wishin'. LORRAINE WEINMANN Business Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Typing Certificate. Dressmaking. Although Lorraine is rather short, She still remains a real swell sport. ROBERT WEISS College Math., Physics, and Chem. Honor Classes, Traffic and Service Squads, Lunch Patrol, Swimming Team, Skating Club. May he take to success Like he takes to water. HAROLD WEISSMAN Business Visual Aid Squad Capt., Field Band, Orchestra, Dance Band Leader, Sr. Cvlee Club. Big Business. In Big Business a lot will be planned, .lust as when he led the band. MICHAEL WEISSMAN Business Secretary to teacher. Salesman. May you sell ice boxes to Eski- mos. 46 DIANA WENDT Katherine Gibbs Typing Certificate, War Bond Representative, Basketball Club, Secretary to teachers. To see the U. S. Carefree, gay- Come what may. JOSEPH WERNER College U. S. Marine Corps, Visual Aid Squad. College graduate. Good luck, Joel .IOI-IN WEST Drafting G. O. Representative, General Science Squad. Drafting. Mickey, our little boy blue, In four years, how you grew. .IOI-IN WESTERKAMP Queens College Jr. and Sr. Orchestras, Band, Chimes of Normandy. Radio Engineer. ,lohnill be the top in his trade cause that's the way that John is made. FRANK WHELAN Aeronautical Engineering School U. S. Navy, North Atlantic and Mediterranean duty. Aeronautical Engineer. A good engineer he'll be as every- one can see. THOMAS WICHERS Jackson Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Chair Repair Squad. Dairy Farmer. We know that life will be much calmer ln your life as a dairy farmer. CHARLES WICKS Cornell ' Honor Roll, Physics and Eco Honor Classes, G.O. Rep., Lunch Patrol, Locker Guard. Shop Re- pair Sq., Hall Patrol, Bowling Team. Mechanical Engineer. With Charlie on the job we can't go wrong. ROSEMARY WILEY Business Honor Roll. Secretary. A girl with sympathy or a smile, Ever doing the thing worth while. PIERCE WILLIAMS Civil Service Honor Roll, Secretary to teacher. Fur Rancher. You'll go "fur,' with that ambi- tion. BRUCE WILSON Physics and Chemistry Honor Classes, Library Squad, Hall Patrol, Secretary to teachers. President of G.M. Many great things will stem from the future president of GM. YVONNE WILSON Business Honor Roll, Arista, Lunch Patrol, Biology Laboratory Assistant, Skating Club, Minor J, Secre- tary to teachers. To travel. Willie is like sugar-sweet and refned. Joan Clarlce Yutwee Eng Paul Patterson Owen Shields Vincent Thomas JOHN BACKUS U. S. Armed Service. Last but not least. CAMERA Sl-lY Alfred Bucci DOROTHY WITTEMER Nurses Training Senior Class Treasurer, Manager of Progressive Party, Program Committee, Oflice Squad, Bowl- ing, Basketball, Volleyball, Lead- ers and Glee Clubs, Contest Pin, Grade Advisor's Assistant, A.R.A.M., Secretary to teacher. To whiz around on a motorcycle with Basil in the saddle bag. A "dot" with plenty of dash. ROBERT WOLFE College Hall Guard, Secretary to teach- er. Get ahead. As years go by we will see whether or not you've dropped the E. FRED WOLKOFF i , Cornell I Arista, English, History, Math., Chem., Eco. and Physics, Honor Classes, Year Book and Star Staffs, Creative Writing Class, Biology Laboratory and Traffic Squads, Math. Club. To be a butcher ia surgeon that is . Many a time it's often been said, "He'll get ahead, our boy, F red .' " JOAN ZIGMUND , Katherine Gibbs A Bowling Club, Secretary to teacher. Live in Virginia. Great happiness Ioan will know where the "cotton, corn and tnters grow." Maurice Fitzgerald l-loward l-lewson William Schuclc Anthony Spampinato Jerome Wechsler 47 Jaclavn ewan: REMEMBER ..... Freshman year ..... geTTing losT in The building ..... being The las+ class To have one solid year oT laTe session. . . how The girls screamed over Franlcie ..... going To The library and being aslced by Miss Carman wheTher we'd Tind a biography oT Abraham Lincoln in "TicTion" or "nonTicTion" . . .. lLaTer, in eighTh Term we were Told To go To "l." Tor iT.l G. O. elecTion promises-mirrors and escalaTors ..... The pangs The TirsT Time The bell rang and we were sTill on The sTairs ..... lOT course, as we grew more experienced, we learned To disregard The bell.l The Thrill when we asTonished our parenTs wiTh The TirsT phrases oT our Toreign language ..... NaTurally, The TirsT words we Tried on our daTes were Those oT The popular song "Besame Mucho!" Sophomore year ..... The TirsT big hurricane since l938 ..... learning To save passes Tor TuTure use ..... our disappoinTmenT when we learned There was a Mrs. BlaTT. . . 6. O. elecTion promises-mirrors and escalaTors ..... how we appreciaTed Tuel shorTage week ..... our TirsT RegenTs and our TirsT cold sweaT ..... saying "hubba-hubba" unTil our parenTs wenT nuTs. . . . . passing "STars" around wiTh plenTy oT obiecTion Trom Teachers. . . . The songs, "Rum and Coca-Cola" and "Don'T Fence Me ln". . . how shocked we were when The PresidenT died ..... VE-halT oT iT was over ..... Junior year ..... realizing ThaT we were living in a new era-aTomic .... VJ over The summer ..... being The TirsT class To have early session in TiTTh Term. . . 48 The TugboaT sTrike ..... llhere was school anyway.l The Time The gym locker wouldn'T open ..... G. O. elecTion promises-mirrors and escalaTors ..... being Toiled by The TaculTy ..... We had To keep a Term-by-Term lisT oT all books read Tor reporTs, and could no longer read The same book Ten Times. The VarsiTy Show, "OuT of The Frying Pan". . . . . bidding adieu To Dr. Mason ..... learning The knack oT crawling To class and sTill geTTing There before The bell ..... The songs, "Shoo-Fly Pie" and "One MeaT Ball". . . . . TirsT realizing whaT The misT in The Teachers' room was ..... how all The boys wenT crazy over Miss Frooms ..... ThaT among The missing were Mr. lFlaTlandl LanTz and Dr. lPiTTlel GreensTone ..... Senior year ..... no program changes .... The sack dress Tad ..... girls had The lasT laugh: boys had To wear gym suiTs Too. . . The currenT song and expression, "Open The Door, Richard". . . . . The blizzard and how we cried because There was no school ..... G. O. elecTion promises, in The "Log" This Time, buT sTill--mirrors and escalaTors ..... The audiTorium enrolling rooms and how we TirsT searched Tor lockers ..... all Jackson shed biTTer Tears when The Tragic news oT Lippy l.eo's suspension was announced ..... "l-learTaches" because we didn'T have dial phones. . . . The haTs, pins, and iewelry ..... SENIOR DAY ..... picTures-SouTh America, Take Them away ..... The scheming behind our prom daTes ..... and Tinally, ThaT June day when we suddenly realized-we were high school graduaTes! Senior MAN OF DISTINCTION FRUIT BOWL ROBIN HOOD Hdffifllcfad GAY PARISIENNE LOST WEEKEND PRECOCIOUS lil' zl - -- , as A I EE P after kata I-Iave You GOT Any Gum, Chum .,.,..........,..,.. . ..,. . ........,....... D r. Anderson There's No Business Like Show Business ....,,...,., ,............,... M ariorie Carlon Any MomenT Now ...,ss,....,,...,...,..,........,......,.....,,,.,....,. ..........., T he bell will ring All By MyseIT ...,.,,.,...,. ss..,,..,..,.,.... D eTenTion Period I-IearTaches,..,......,.......,,...,.. ....,............,,.....,...... R eporT Cards Small Fry s,.,ss,,s.........,,,.,,....... ..s.....,sss.,. ............. R o se Marie Frangipane IT's Been a Long. Long Time .,,.......... ss.,,..,... S ince We Were Freshies Give Me Five MinuTes More sss.s. .,..........,,,......,..,,., , ..WiTh The Pass No Can Do ......,......,,,...,,,......,....,....s., ...,s.,.,... ..,.,. M a Th Homework ThaT's For Me ,.,...............s,..,.....,...,.......,,.... ...,....... oo.,,.,,..,.... T h e Diploma The Old LampIighTer .............,,,,...........,..... .... . . ....,.ss,..s.,...... . , .s...,,,,..........,,.,.. Frank I Was Up WiTh The Lark This Morning ........,...........,.......,........,., s.,.a..s ,... M r . I-IarTung Sooner or LaTer You're Gonna' be Comin' Around ,.......... ...,,. ,..,..,.,,.. R e genTs l've GOT You Under My Skin ..,.................,......,.....D..................4.......,.........,...,.s. Shakespeare Rumors Are Flying .............,...,.,..,........,..,.............,.,,,......................,.........., On The School Bus Love in Bloom ...................,..,.,...,,...,. ....,.............,s, . ...Phyl and Don Symphony ....,,,,....................,...,.,.,,,........,.... .......,,,............,....,.,. T he OrchesTra SouTh America Take iT Away ...,.,.,.. u,.uuuuu.,.,ss G . O. EIecTion Promises Someone To WaTch Over Me .....u....,,. ,suuu,,,...,....,...,,.... .....,..,. A P rocTor IT's JusT a MaTTer oT Time V,...,s.......... ...... ...... ' T il GraduaTion LITT Every Voice and Sing, sars,...,....,,,, oMiss Lohman All Through The NighT ,..ssssaasasssaaa,...s U ,,sssss L saas sSTudying Tor Exams BeTTer NoT Rall Those Big Blue Eyes ,sss L , .ss..ssaa ssasaaa y.,a P e ggy Gorry One MeaTbaII ,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,ssssssss,sss,s,..,......,.,,,.. .,..... ,..., L L s.,. . I 5d Lunch Don'T Tell Me ThaT STory ..,..,.,ssaaaa sss.s.....,,uuassa.a, . ,,,,...,.,.....,.. . In The LaTe OTTice You'II Never Know,sa,,,,.,.,,,,,s,ssas ss....a,..,,.,,.s,s sa,sss , .,..., , , Why They spring TesTs IT MighT I-Iave Been a DiTFerenT STory... ,a.asasa sasaasasa. . .WIT I sTudied Oh! BuT I Do sasaaa.asr..., assssaaas......s...,,.,,sasass assssr.s..,..,a . . ,,,Know The Answer I'II Close My Eyes saaa assaaa ....,a......asasaa.,..s.aasa.s.,,auaasaa ,s... ,.., L a,ss sasasaaa aaa,,,,. ..aass L L sss.,.s..s I n E c o Ain'T Nobody T-Iere BuT Us Chickens... as L, A. r,sssas L GirI's Locker Room You'II Never Believe Me auuuuassusss.,,sss.., u.,,,a aaaaas L L aasas ,r.... I L eTT My I-Iomework I-Iome Talkin' Is a Woman ,aaasaaasa. ,L ..........., aaassassaas sa.. , a..a,a,,ass.,ssa,ssaa,a. sss...,,a.., aaasaa,a C5 e r T ReinhardT IT's WonderTuI uuuuaassasasasasasasaaaasa.ssa,,.......a,.s To Tind someThing in The LosT and Found The Beginning oT The End ...... ....a,.a asaasa a,.s...a.,. L I . a..,a,sassa L saaass,s., ,...... T r ip To Mr. Bove 52 Secrelary, Grace Beeryp l-lislorian, Lucille Eichornp President Roy Wagnerq Mr Slevensong Mr. l-lallerg Mr. l-luneke: Vice-Presidenl, Theodore Nilsen: Mrs. Broqan 14cti itie CI-IEERING SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Broqan Caplainz Belly I-Ieinle ARISTA Senale Leader: Mr. Slevenson Boy Leader: Jolin Wallace Girl Leader: June Hoffman GIRLS VARSITY Adviser: Mrs. Lee Presidenl: Marilyn Slriclcer HICKORY LOG Adviser: Miss Varady Cofdilors-in-Chief: Rosemarie Franqipane Waller Niegisch Bio LAB SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Raskin Leaders: Morfon Scheines Harold Jones FIELD BAND Direcforz Miss Lohman VOLLEYBALL CLUB Coach: Mrs. Mehrinqer QENERAL soiENcE sown Sponsor: Mrs. i-loeiner Leader: Phiiip Block ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB Sponsor: Mrs. BoeI'1m EARLY SESSION Y.O.U. Adviser: Miss IVIcKiernan PresidenI: GIoria Silverman CURRENT AFFAIRS DISCUSSION CLUB Adviser: Mr. I-Ieckman President David Jamieson LUNCI-I PATROL Diredor: Mr. NesIIer Capfainz S+aIiIord Gedge STUDENT COURT Adviser: Miss MorIey Chief Jusricez Pafricia McLean ENGLISH OFFICE SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Chrisf Leader: David Jamieson MR. srevemsorvs orrioe some CLASSICAL CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Todd STAR STAFF Adviser: Mr, Ponernon Co-Ediforsz Phyllis Richardson S+aPFord Gedge USHERS AND USI-IERETTES Sponsor: Mrs. Broqan Capfrain: Jane? Rooney SERVICE SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Fifzparrick Capfainz Leonard Mayern NEWMAN CLUB Advisers: Dr. Mononan, Miss Cosgrove President Eilen D'Andrea TENNIS TEAM Coach: Mr. BIDII Captain: Dick Bird ATTENDANCE SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Carpino Leader: Teresa Bohninq CHAIR REPAIR SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. VIoIIard Loaders: CI1arIes Seidenspinner DISCUSSIQINI CLUB AcIvIm0ri Mrf. Ackerman CHEMISTRY CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Silverberq President John Rispoli RED CROSS CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Alexander MATH orncr SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Deu+sch BOWLING TEAM Coach: Mr. Porfer LIGHTING AND AMPLIFICATION SQUAD Sponsor: Mr. Schiffman Capfain: Bruce Nichol AQUARIUM CLUB Adviser: Miss Wi++linge President Peier Sans STAGE CREW Adviser: Mr. Engoran Co-Capieinsz H. Swanson, A. Fasolino MiMEoeRAPH SQUAD Sponsor: Mrs. Be-nenfeld CHEM PREP SQUAD Adviser: Mrs. SiIverberg Caphain: LesIer Voqf JR. ORCHESTRA Sponsor: Mrs. WarsI'1aw MAIN SESSION Y.O.U. CLUB Adviser: Mrs. Heckman President Jean AIIis GIRLS SOFTBALL Coach: Mrs. Goodman GIRLS BOWLING CLUB Coach: Mrs. Goodman VISUAL AID SQUAD Adviser: Mr. Schiffmann Capfainz Frank Ve-nose ART OFFICE STAFF Adviser: Mr. Ornsfein Capfain: Roberf Senay MRS. BROGAIXVS GFFICE SQUAD Captain: Cmherine Razbormck GIRLS' SWIMMING CLUB Coach: Mrs. Vogel "FORTUNE TELLER" CAST Direcforz Miss Lohman SWIMMING ASSISTANTS Coach: Mrs. VogeI MRS. MQCLINTOCICS OFFICE SQUAD Cap+ains: Jeannine Snow Berfha Democh BASEBALL TEAM Coach: Mr. Davis Capfain: Frank Arcoleo SWIMMING TEAM Coach: Mr. Cashin Co-Capfainsz Geo. Haclceif, John Blackman TRACK TEAM Coach: Mr. Biaff Co-Capfainsz T. Spillane, W. Vander Clufe BASKETBALL TEAM Coach: Mr. Grummond XTR of SR. ORCHESTRA Sponsor: Miss Lohman Concerf Masrerz M. Rosen LIBRARY STAFF Sponsor: Miss Carman Capieinz William Peiru ROLLER SKATING CLUB Coach: Mrs. Grossfeld '81 5 4 3 .dx Pioneer Staff Edilor-in-Chief-Beverly A. Rennie Associale Edirors-Leo Ward Pearson, Morlon Scheines, Joan Sleen, Margarel Gorry, Norma Fishman Piclure Edilor--Palricia Daly, Assislanl, Lucille Ericlcson Secrerarial Slalll-Gladys Ammon, Jayne Boclcman Lilerary Slalli-Ursula Rowan, Edna Goldberg, June l-loliman, Janel Bahn- sen, Marisa Macina, Palricia McLean, Elinor Pond, Marie l-lanson, Gloria Silverman, Joseph Thierman, Ered Wolkoicf, Burlon Garfinlcel, Barbara Wackenhul, Jacqueline Schofer Business Slali-Norman Weber, Chairman, Marilyn l-leller, Vice-Chain man, Frances Reynolds, Secreiary, Connie Viclor. Palricia McDer- moif, Bernice Marlell. Carol Klein, l-larriel Lyman, Dolores Boeninq, Teresa Valerio, Gloria Neal, Carolyn Boyd, Dolores Debus, William Tappe, Mary Leonard. Josephine D'Aiulo, Roslyn Olsen, Belle Capen, Barbara Judd, Beverly Lyman. Carol Bannisler, Rhoda Fleischer, Norma Schwass, Elizabelh l-leil, Gladys l-laverlcamp, Suzann Ryberg, Gerry l-lenniban, Dorolhy Kaelin, Elsie Riemer 68 at Wil and 7eAtament We, lhe gradualing class of June I947, ailer inllicling undue damage, corruplion, and chaos upon lhe adminislralion over a period of four lor morel years, do hereby bequealh lhe following conglomeralion of mis- cellaneous arlicles: To all Boys' l-l. Ed. Classes-Suspenders lo hold up fhe works To Dr. Gall-A soap box To Dr. Anderson--A pair of ballel slippers 'For her dancing equalions To Mr. Rhind-A mandolin To Mr. Eiss-A longer lraclc To Mr. Blall-A shorfer fraclc To Miss Morley-An abacus To Morris Goldman-A "New Republic" To Mrs. Krieger-A +ypis'r +ha+ doesn"r peek To 'rhe Cheering Squad-A Jrhousand voices To Mr. l-larlung-A policeman's nighlclub To Mrs. Joscelyne-Managua Nicaragua To Mrs. Grossleld-A porlable sun lamp To Mrs. Kasius-An au+oma+ic zero pencil To 'rhe Visual Aid Squad-20-20 vision To lhe Roller Slcaling Club-Pillows To Mr. Schwarzenbach and Mr. Bopp-The fish +ha'f gol away To All Fulure Senior E. R. Teachers-Ear-mulls Afler due consideralion we have decided lo appoinl as sole execu- for of lhis, our LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, a man who has gained much experience in his many encounlers wilh lhe law-Leo Durocher. Wi'rnesses: Presidenl-Charles Eisenhauer Vice 'P'residen+--Joan Anderson Edilor of Yearbook-Beverly A. Rennie Tl-IE GRADUATES 69 p4ato9raplaA ?acultq p4utvg1-aplw I' ix if Q15 5+ ,, NK., r Mr ., ,xl If X 5 5 5, . Q ,..: 3 , Q x h , F 3 . QS I " wwf .X 4 i.f..m.3al8G!.ai wkwefsfw v- - , H Q viii I 'Bs 'Af' 'E ma K 5 fi .N ang 'UNO 15 f if 6' V af' if . Qtwnt gf L f n ,an 4 ,115 .Q-1 ll ' v.,gL.uX' . u W. :..,.',gt. . A 4 ! -"' . - I 0 in-9 nu X ,s XiN1 X www T 'U ' N4 . W S AQ If ,B , ,- 116' .LT 4al'F'Q-dr ARTHUR STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Io The Class of June l947 EXCLUSIVELY EOUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY I 457 BROADWAY BRyan+ 9-7342 New York Cllry Qualify and Service Tradi+ional wi+l1 L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASS. Manufacfurers of Fine Fra1'erni1'y and Class Jewelry ik Represenlafivez Mr. Wilbur G. Pforr 535 Filllw Avenue New Yorlc. N. Y. KRAKERS SPORT SHOP now localecl a+ 2 I 2-35 JAMAICA AVENUE COMPLETE LINE OF: GOLF - TENNIS - BASKETBALL BASEBALL - FOOTBALL AND BOWLING SUPPLIES CAMERAS FILMS AND PHOTO SUPPLIES OFFICIAL BOY SCOUT TRADING POST I-IOllis 5-lO208 MAln 5-I687 TRIO POLISHING CO. METAL FINISHERS REPAIRING - PLATING I87 DUFFIELD STREET Brooklyn I, N. Y. A . B E H R E N S lce Cream Parlor 220-O5 MERRICK ROAD Springfield Gardens, L. l New York The SUGAR BOWL Franlr 8: Mildred Schwahl LUCHEONETTE AND ICE CREAM PARLOR 247 40 JAMAICA AVENUE Bellerose, N. Y. Floral Park lOO8O l COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York I, New York RIF Ma nufacfu rers of Choir Robes - Band OuHi+s - Academic Caps, Gowns and Hoods - Special+ies ALBERT S. ZUBOW OPTOMETRIST nBs.1B LINDEN BOULEVARD S+. Alban. nz, L. L TOWN AND COUNTRY APPAREL The SPORTOWNE Shop :Be-23A LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. V. LAUreI+on B-T602 O. O. SCHNEIDER'S Prescripiion Pharmacy I26-Ol MERRICK ROAD, SPRINGFIELD, L. I.. N.Y. PHARMACIST and CHEMIST LAureI+on 8-2I5I LAureI+on 5-9595 'Phone For An Appoinfmenf MARIE'S BEAUTY SHOP I26-I7 MERRICK ROAD Springfield Gardens I3. N. Y. FISCHER'S MARKET I88-26 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS I2, L. I. GANSCAP, Inc. "The Friendly Shoe Sfore for Everybody" LINDEN BOULEVARD Corner Farmers Avenue Sf. Albans, N. Y. HERMAN and KARLS I88-II LINDEN BOULEVARD Homemade Ice Cream and Candies Phone LAureIfon 8-7374 ST. ALBANS FLORIST M. A. Ford FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I87'O2 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, L. I., N. Y. B ROWN E'S BUSINESS SCHOOL I49I8 JAMAICA AVENUE JAMAICA 2 ALL BUSINESS SUBJECTS DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS EXCELLENT POSITIONS SECURED HOIIis 5-3060 ERIC PETERSON UPHOLSTERER and DECORATOR 220-II HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens Village, L. I. SHOP Res. Phone LAureIIon 8-4047 Dlclcens 2-4093 HARRY WOLSKY STAIR BUILDER HARDWOOD STAIRS A SPECIALTY Circular Stairs BOHN'S DELICATESSEN III-32 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. QUEENS VILLAGE. N. Y. HOIIIS 5-7792 Prompi DeIivery J. C. SCHULTZE PAINTS - HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES IO9-I7 ERANcEs.LEwIs BLVD IZO6 ST.I ST. ALBANS. L. I. FIOIIis 5-960877 E E LUCKY RESTAURANT Special FamiIy Dinner Chinese XI American Food 203-OI HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS 7, N. Y. ALBERT FRANKEL AIberI J. Frankel MII-L WORK INSURANCE I3I-3I MERRICK ROAD I99-I6 HOLLIS AVENUE Near Farmers Blvd. Springfield, L. I. HOIIIS 7' N' Y' I-IOIIIS 5-6550 LAureI'ron 8-4000 I I s T E I N B o R o I Lumber Corp. I3I-I5 MERRICK BLVD., SPRINGFIELD, L. I. Lumber, Masons' Malerials I Building Specialfies QOMPLIIVIENTS KAHLIS STORE I -ol- BRUCE STUDIO DYEING SI CLEANING ZI8-87 I-IEMPSTEAD AVENUE QUEENS VILLAGE Queens VIIIage. L. I.. N. Y. I Long Island MARTIN ERICKSQN TOM'S DELICATESSEN Home Cooking-Salads ' 237-35 JAMAICA AVENUE BELLEROSE, L. I. PAINTING and PAPER HANGING 2I8-52 IIOIII AVENUE I Mlssouri 7-4097 Queens Villaqe 9, N. Y. Fleldsmne 3-5563 HOIIIS 56497 CORDES DELICATESSEN MARTIN'S BAKE SHOP FANCY eRocERIEs --Known for Bene, Quamyu Home Made Salads and Cold Culs Across from ZI9-I3 JAMAICA AVE. 205-I5 HOLLIS AVENUE I R. R. Sfalion QUEENS VILLAGE, N. Y. Mlssouri 7-4412 Orders Promplly delivere I I NIISSOUVI 7-2505 Nile Phone LAureI+on 8-0508 I 209-O6 HOLLIS AVENUE I Queens Village 9, N. Y. "McDERIv1OTT'S FLOWERS" WE DELIVER ANYWHERE I Flowers and Floral DSCOFGIIODS for AII Occasions I F R I E N D Harriel' and Beverly Lyman Complimenls of . . . J. T. SULLIVAN LUMBER CO. Inc. I33-32 MERRICK ROAD Springfield Gardens, L. I. IAureITon 8-27 I 5 CAMBRIA BAKE SHOP QUALITY BAKED PRODUCTS 223-03 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, L. I. Slip Covers Repairs UPHOLSTERING TONY DE PRIMA Drapes and Bed Spreads Made Io Order Eslimales cheerfully Given Tel. LAureI'Ion 8-5I6l 200-29 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. ROXY SHOE REPAIRING 200-27 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, N. Y. CARL'S SHOE SERVICE I93-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS Shoes Repaired While You Waii' Phone lvllss McKINLEY'S VaIe+ Service CLEANERS and DYERS ouri 7-0653 A. Zalcarian Ladies' and GenI's Tailors 8: Furriers I09-I9 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. Queens Village Lonq Island, N. Y. LAureITon 5-3637 L . W E D L E R Hardware -:- Houseware Trimz Wallpaper 204-O3 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS II, N. Y. LAu reI+o BANZER'S PHARMACY Service for The Sick I94-OI LINDEN BOULEVARD n 8-7623 S+. Albans, L. I HOLLIS PHARMACY Harrie? E. Freifhe 20I-30 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS 7, N. Y. ALL NIGHT SERVICE I-IOIIis ., N. Y. 5-6830 EDWARD V. SULLIVAN DELICATESSEN - GROCERIES HOME COOKING 81 DELICIOUS SALADS Tel. HOIIis 5-4337 I98-I5 HOLLIS AVENUE BIRDS EYE FOODS RAYMOND T. PUSH REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGES-LOANS 206-OI JAMAICA AVENUE l lCor. Francis Lewis BIvd.I Queens Village, N. Y. HOIIis 5-4583-4477 JOSHUA F.ROSS,D.D.S. I HERBERT G. FELDMAN, D.D.S. 202-I9 HOLLIS AVENUE Hollis 7, New Yorlc HOIIis 5-lO3I0 WEINER PHARMACY phone LAureI+on 8 9 Arfhur I. Weiner. Ph.G. W9-30 HOLLIS AVENUE. HOLLIS, L. I. TRIANGLE HOMECRAFT Phone HOIlis 5-9698-9695 COMPANY LAureIfon 8-2 I 39 DELICATESSEN JOHN CORDES 22I-O7 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+. Albans MEYN'S DELICATESSEN I9O-I3 LINDEN BOULEVARD SI. Albans, L. I. Phone Orders Delivered LAurelIon 5-OI93 Complimenls of . . . F R E D S 204-is HOLLIS AVENUE Roofing-I nsuleiion-S d ng 20I-O5 LINDEN BLVD sNY SI. Alban , MET PHARMACY Marfin EH'inger, Pl1.G. 204-O8 HOLLIS AVENUE, HOLLIS, L. Tel. HOIIis 5-10243-10244 HCQIIS 37258 Cain gnd D C O L O N I A L TAILORS AND FURRIERS Tailoring For 'Ihe Discriminafing Furs Remodeled, Resfyled and Sfo 220-29 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens Village, N. Y. T8 , ' Sound Training Tor The superior secreTariaI and iunior execuTive posiTion. Also courses in all Types oT modern business machines A Individual promoTionaI plan - Super- vised oT'Fice experience - Successful pIacernenT bureau. , I t-if-W .BEGIN ANY TIMEK- 2 T PAY E EVENING I I60-I6 JAMAICA AVENUE I CATALOGUE I I .YL Jamaica, Long Island REQUEST JAmaica 6-I98I - I982 CompIimenTs oT PARENTS ASSOCIATION OF ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL COME AND JOIN US Missouri 7-O4I6 KARL BOHN Home Made Sala-ds DeIicaTessen and Grocery 220-I8 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE R. A. SAAM HARDWARE EIecTricaI 8: Plumbing Supplies Painfs-Glass-Houseware Window Shades 207-22 HOLLIS AVE. I-IOLLIS, L. I., N. Y. MARY'S HARDWARE SHOP I88-24 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. Albans I2, N. Y. LAureITon 8-2744 Mlssou ri 7-0310 Archmoor SHOE SHOP NATURAL BRIDGE SHOES FOR WOMEN Shoes for Growing Girls, Misses and Children Slippers and Hosiery for Women 2 I7-O4 JAMAICA AVENUE Leo J. FiTzharris Queens Village, N. Y. Phone Tor Service Missouri 7-4250 THE VENOSA HARDWARE 81 PAINT STORE Housefurnishings, EIecTricaI and Plumbing Supplies II2-IO SPRINGFIELD BOULEVARD Queens Village Lonq Island, N. Y. CornpIimenTs of . . . M . K A U E M A N STATIONERY 204-O5 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. Albans, N. Y. LAufEl+ahEs-o9Eo9E MARCONE LUMBER CO. Building Ma'I'eriaIs- Insulaiion Producfs LINDEN X1 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVDS. ST. Albans, N. Y. Mlssouri 7-lI70 Aulhorized Keniile Dealer ALJAC FLOOR COVERING CO. Specialisls in Asphall' Tile Flooring Linoleums, Siair Cushions and Venelian Blinds For Slores, Offices, Showrooms, Kifchens and Basemenl Recrealion Rooms A. E. Gomez 202-I5 HOLLIS AVENUE J. A. Gomez HOLLIS, L. I., N. Y. Complimenls of . . . BOND LUMBER CO. 221-18 MERRICR ROAD LAureIlon 8-I4OO Telephone HOIIis 5-IOO22 KRISH'S Ice Cream Calres Ice Cream I99-I4 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, L. I. Sales - Wallpaper Removers - Pain? Sprayers For Hire - Service J A Y P E E ' S Lafesi Design Wallpaper - Painis I93-I4 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, N. Y. LAurelIon 8-6730 Complimenfs of . . . M Issou ri HOIlis BOB'S DELICATESSEN 2I9-I5 MERRICK ROAD Springfield Garden I3, N. Y. 7.1 IY44- R. E. Collins HOLLIS FISH CO. AND RESTAURANT 200-20 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, L. I. KESSLER'S STATIONERY 220-26 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE 5-8309 Oueens Village, L. I. Phone Mlssou ri 7-08 I9 HOLLIS CREST FLOWER SHOP Flowers For All Occasions 200-2I HOLLIS AVENUE Corner 20lsl Slreel' V. Schwaegler, Prop. Hollis, N. Y. HOllls 5-9758 THE WICKERSHAM Specializing In STEAKS, CHOPS, CHICKEN, SEA FOOD 203-23 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS 7, N. Y. LAureIlon 8-0929 Experf Permanenl Wave CHARRIETT'S BEAUTY SALON HAIR STYLIST Erna Bosserl 224-II LINDEN BLVD. ST. Albans II, L. I., N. Y. A C E D R U G' C O . Jos. Friecllander, Prop. Chas. Timen, Ph.G. 2I7-I5 JAMAICA AVE. Oueens Village, L. I. Phone: M lssou ri 7-2246 Also Queens Village Newesl Cul' Rafe 8: Prescriplion Drug Sfore WM. SCHIRMER'S BAKERIES 2OI-I7 HOLLIS AVE. 207-I6 HOLLIS AVE, Hollis 7, N. Y. Bellaire, N. Y. Mlssouri 7-0882 Missouri 7-3597 LAureIIon 8-4464 CHARLES OF ST. ALBANS Phofogrephs Tha? Always Please We Supply Cap 8: Gown I90-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD Sl. Albans Thealre Block GEORGE'S SUGAR BOWL LINDEN BOULEVARD 81 MERRICK ROAD Nexl lo A 81 P 7 I I I Window Glass Window Shades MILLER'S HARDWARE Phone, LAureIIon 5-2502 HARDWARE - PAINTS Housefurnishings - Elecfrical and Plumbing Supplies l25-I5 MERRICK ROAD ST. ALBANS, L. I. Complimenis of fhe . . . CENTER BAKERY 200-I2 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS OWL DRUGS, Inc. 200-33 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, N. Y. BE WISE-SAVE AT THE OWL WE DELIVER GROSSMAN'S DRY GOODS srone . . . Fon THE ENTIRE FAMILY 197-I3 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, N. Y. PETER HICKMAN PRIME MEATS and POULTRY BUTTER and EGGS III-44 SPRINGFIELD BOULEVARD Mlssouri 7-3345 Queens ViIIage, L. I., N. Y. GEO. NEWI PRIME MEAT MARKET Fancy PouIIry and Provisions 205-O9 HOLLIS AVENUE FRED'S MARKET Fred Ramen. Prop. CHOICE MEATS, POULTRY AND PROVISIONS 206-08 HOLLIS AVENUE Mlssouri 7-ZI43 Queens Village, N. Y. I-IOIIis 5-029i Have You A Hobby? QUEENS HOBBY MART MODEL BUILDERS' SUPPLIES SI1eIIs, Plasiics. Weaving and Ofher Crafis 220-I4 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens Village, N. Y. ALLEN HARDWARE HARDWARE - HOUSE FURNISHINGS Elecfrical and Plumbing Supplies Devoe Painfs and Oils LAureI'ron 8-6I48 I99-I6 Linden Blvd. HARRY HANSEN Missouri 7-I222 FROZEN FOODS Fancy Fruifs and Groceries 2I8-86 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens Village, N. Y. J. SELIG'S BAKERY We Specialize in Cakes For AII Occasions Birihday Wedding, Efc. ZIB-B0 I-IEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens ViIIage 9, N. Y. Missouri 7-3I66 JOYCE BROTHERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS ZOI-20 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Aibans, L. I. Edward Joyce LAureI+on 8-3050 IAureIIon 8-305i WRIEDEN'S CONFECTIONARY Homemade Ice Cream and Candy and Ice Cream Cakes 200-IB LINDEN BOULEVARD LAureIion 5-9329 SI. Aibans BUTT'S CONFECTIONARY I94-O5 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, L. I. Tel. LAureI'ron 5-9343 G I E S E L E R' S Home Made Ice Cream and Fruif lces 2I5-45 JAMAICA AVENUE QUEENS VILLAGE HOIIis 5-IO083 VICTORY DELICATESSEN D. BIoI1m Birds Eye Frosfed Foods 204-I3 HOLLIS AVENUE, HOLLIS Tel. Missouri 7-2328 S O N N 8: C O M P A N Y PAINTERS' SUPPLIES zoo-ofa HOLLIS AVE. Holla. 5-8225 Cold-Wavinq I-IOIIIS 5-9563 HOLLIS BEAUTY SHOP Wecl., Thurs.. Sai.-9:30-6 I98-I3 HOLLIS AVE. Tues., Fri.-9:30-9 Hollis 7, N, Y. G U S ' S M A R K E T HOTELS and RESTAURANTS SUPPLIED 2OI-IO HOLLIS AVENUE HOIIIS 5-9488-I354 LAurellon 8-2009 GOLDMAN'S DAIRY We Deliver Groceries - Appelizers - EIC. 224-I9 MERRICK ROAD Laurelion, N.'Y. CAMBRIA Sc and I0c STORE All School Supplies and Everyday Needs Simpliciiy PaHern 2I9-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS LAureITon 8-5344 All Our Work Guaranleed A. TOMINOVICH Experi Wafchmaker and Jeweler l9O-09 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. HOIIIS 5-3358 CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY 206-O2 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, N. Y. Complimenfs of . . . LAURELTON SUPER SERVICE, Inc. 224 STREET 81 MERRICK ROAD HERMAN HENNING DELICATESSEN .na FANCY GROCERIES Birds Eye Fros+ed Foods I87-25 LINDEN BOULEVARD HOLLIS FRUIT 81 PRODUCE CO. FRUITS and VEGETABLES 200-22 HOLLIS AVENUE PI'Ione I-IOIIIS 5-9476 FROM BUDDY PRINTING CO. 2o8.I3JAIv1AIoA AVE. Oueens Village 8. N. Y. Special Millwork, Masonife, Cemeni, Lime, Plasier Tel. LAurelTon 8-5260 MACROSE LUMBER 81 TRIM CO. LINDEN BLVD. and IQSIII STREET ST. Albans, L. I., N. Y. Skieefrock - Celoiex - Plywood ERNEST ROSENBERG Homemade Ice Cream and Candy 218-74 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens Village, N. Y. HOIIIS 5-B588 HOIIIS 5-IOO75 PAGE RADIO SALES 81 SERVICE RADIO 8: TELEVISION SERVICING Records 8: Appliances 205-29 HOLLIS AVENUE HOLLIS, N. Y. LAURELTON, N. Y. LYDOL PRODUCTS LAureITon 8-9429 NEMO'S PHARMACY H. U. Caminiii, PII. G. "The Complefe Drug S+ore" 2I9-O7 Merrick Boulevard, Springfield Gardens, L. I. Telephone LAurelTon 5-9447 A HEALTHFUL NOURISHING, Mmm M555 FOOD R O B E R T L Y N N E Aff.. HARDWARE 8: PITTSBURGH PAINTS , flfylf, 1 Eat ff! Hollis' Hardware Sfore wiI'I1 +I1e I ...TE-N--ff allay: Besf in Everyfhing S+anley - Miller Falls - Sargenlr - Dission Tools and Hardware BREYER ICE CREAM CO.. INC. Long Island Ci'ry I, N. Y. 200-09 HQLUS AVENUE Hollis, N. Y. COMET PRESS T 7 T I I I, I,IiIY1'Ell BN Tllli Comm' Pubs. IW., 200 XAIIICR ST., Nlaw Yomi 11, N. Y. -I 65 K ttggiqfrx PS2-sy If 'Jed' Tiff r, V W 1 i -Q -' W f ,Lz-,sc-spy .. ,. -S . y-:?fox,g.z. 45. 'His 1152: If I I D T' -4' ...SUIJSQZQI 1 Ir I N"z s 4 S f -,J IJ A ' BELLAIRE UPHOLSTERY-SHOP ,372 Idlgwy IQ, aL..f'f' Vi-4 ITP!"-:SF SNS, ALL WORK GUARANTEED WILLIAM OFFERMANN, Prop. C u S I o m UPI-IOLSTERING SLIP COVERS DRAPERIES and NEW FURNITURE and Odd Pieces MADE TO YOUR ORDER Mon+I1Iy Paymen'rs Arranged HOIIIS 5-484I 207-I7 JAMAICA AVENUE OUEENS VILLAGE C Iimenfs of . . . p Mr- gt Mrs. CROSS ISLAND SERVICE LOUIS PERGAMENT STATION and SONS 206-OI HOLLIS AVENUE I-IOLLIS, L. I. HOIIIS 5410266 ROSE BEAUTY SHOPPE FULL LINE 2IO-I9 HOLLIS AVENUE 5-lO45I BELLAIRE, N. Y. SOCONY PRODUCTS EDWIN J. DEBUS UDII MGH q 90-34 I6IsI Sfreef Th Equitable Life Assurance Sociefy Jamaica 2 N Y of The UFIITSd SIGIGS Phone Jfxmaiga 3-4I65

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) collection:

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