Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1944

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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f T571 254 :gr 5.5: Sf? s L'-.2 MEFF i r- H: 5 1 J 5 i x I l 2 J n 5 1 E 1 t. Y Q ! I F I 32 I e f 5 ! 1 . M , -4 . -1 'J I+ ' F i 'B 'K W W 'Q 4 r 1 -4 4 J 5. ,, 3 4 fi- if F' ' '1 'Q 4 .P W. 1' lbw f .9 4 Hi .1 ,J ' 1 S if W I A, ' 'f4f ,',1n W' Q-1' ' 5 '. vw !. w. s if '15 JUNE I944 T H E P 1 Q N EP R VOLUME 6 NUMBER 2 CBGONHIQ-9 S P2 RR . Jr. ,Q q4BANs-Gp RALPH W. HALLER PRINCIPAL ANDREW JACKSON HICH SCHOOL CONTENTS FRONTISPIECE . . . PRlNCIPAL'S MESSAGE . MR. HALLER'S PICTURE . ADMINISTRATION . . YEAR BOOK STAFF . FOREWORD . . . DEDICATION ...... TRIBUTE TO GRADE ADVISER . SERVICEMEN'S PICTURES . . CLASS HISTORY . . HALLOFFAME . . SAY IT WITH MUSIC . . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS . . SENIORS ...... CAN YOU IMAGINE? . CLASS SONG . . . BASKETBALL TEAM . . CLASS WILL . CLUB PICTURES . . CANDID SHOTS . . ADVERTISEMENTS . 2 Page 3 4 5 6 7 9 I0 I I I3 I4- I 5 I 6- I 7 I8 20 2 I-54 55 56-57 59 60 62-73 74-75 76-87 L PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE To +he Members of fhe Gradua+ing Class: l am glad +o know +ha+ you have selec+ed Ambi+ion as your keyno+e. I+ is an essen+ial charac1'eris+ic for success. Wirhouf i+ abiliry becomes im- pofenf, and ofher admirable fraiis can noi work ihemselves fhrough fo fruifion. However, you musi' always bear in mind fhe faci' ihaf ambi+ion alone will noi' guaranfee success. Ambi+ion lo become a surgeon mus+ be suppor+ed by fhe will +o follow +hrough, +he perseverance required for many years of preparalion, and +he for+i+ude +o malxe numerous sacrifices. The girl whose ambifion poinfs fo an execulive or an adminisfralive posi- lion in a business concern may have +o be willing fo under+al:e many minor jobs before she is given +he opporfuniry fo show fhe abili'ry which she +hinlxs she has. lmpafience and unwillingness +o +ravel over a hard and long road may offsef comple+ely fhe mosl' desirable degree of ambiiion. Then, foo, an inordina+e ambifion may resull in only inevifable failure. Know yourself, learn your own apfifudes and abilifies, and do noi' allow ambifion +o sef your goal beyond your reach. Do no+ +ry +o accomplish 'Phe impossible. Wifh such prescripfions I hope each member of +he June I944 class will aHain his and her highesi measure of success. RALPH W. HALLER 4 MR. J. ALLISON STEVENSON ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT MR. ANTHONY J. sovui DEAN OF aovs 6 MRS. ELISABETH A. BROGAN ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT STAFF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF-Terry Chrisly. ASSOCIATE EDITORS-Gladys Thompson, Evelyn Egger, Jerome Schlaclus, Sylvia Libes, Myrna Hershy, Elhel Schulhaus. EDITORIAL STAFF-Parricia Burkard, June Dersch, Norma Dorfman, Joan Drakerl, Anne Dworkin, Phyllis EIowi'I'1, Lenora Keilsohn, Arihur Kraff, Thelma Kunsr, Carolyn Newman, Paula Orms+en, Joseph Scheines, Fai+h Schilling, Erhel Schulhaus, Howard Slein, Jean Triebel, Elaine Ugelow. SECRETARIAL STAFF-Chairman, Edris Cook: Joan Bu'Hner, Renee Franzini, Eileen OH, Alice Schmidt ART STAFF-Ediror, EvereH Goldsreing Associale Edilor, Marilyn Mesling Secrerary, Kafherine Schmidh Gloria Gau+raud, Donald Hall, Mary Kerr, Winnie Marlin. BUSINESS STAFF-Co-Chairmen, Melissa Valenline, Jane Ehlers: Secrelary, Marie Verderosag Kalhleen Barron, Virginia Berlololli, Viola Bloom, Rudy Cassani, Karhryn Dammeyer, Doroihy Heilman, Barbara Lelhen, Thomas McGar+y, Jacqueline Mc- Kinney, Donald Monks, Frances S+orey, Bernice Weisman, Roberla Winler. ENROLLING ROOM COLLECTORS-Kalhleen Barlon, Virginia Ber+oIoHi, Doroihy Brazil, Lorraine Buonora, Rudy Cassani, Karhryn Dammeyer, Sfephen Fromm, Dorolhy Heiiman, Barbara Lelhen, Thomas McGar+y, Jacqueline McKinney, Donald Monks, Frances Srorey, Bernice Weisman, Roberla WinI'er. FACULTY ADVISERS-Miss Lois Flynn, Lileraryg Miss Frieda Eckeri, Arlg Mrs. Theresa Boehm, Assislanh Mr. Frederick Bradley, Business. Z 4 R h 1 N .,-.4 Nl-, . 5,4 . . I X 1 fn ,H - ' g.L,,g,m,, ,-5' f'5p4Sf. 1? T- :QQKT bl' . .A h ww, www- f : ' .. , , Z--'lfyff'-9ji'3.f L Q, ' - ' .' . , -.-N, xlw.,-4-,: - - - .i.',.vn yung-'2-' --, ,- , W,-...d A M-nv r PRELLJDE Affer having worked, sfudied, and played our way fhrough four years of high school, we are, af long lasf, graduafing. We are leaving fhe familiar halls and class- rooms of Andrew Jackson High School fo venfure ouf on our own. In fhis, our momenf of friumph, as we pause fo reflecf upon our high school career, lef us see whaf we have gained in addifion fo book-knowledge. Firsf of all, we have learned fo shoulder responsibilifies by acfive parficipafion in sfudenf organizafions and publicafions. Their ulfimafe success or failure depended upon us, and we gradually found fhaf fhe difficulfies weren'f so hard fo overcome as we had fhoughf. We discovered fhe value of cooperafion as we worked side by side wifh ofhers in fhe Chemisfry laborafory and fhe Hisfory classroom. The beH'er 'Phe collaborafion, fhe more we learned. School spirif and sporfsmanship became parf of our lives as we proudly wafched our afhlefic feams fake championship affer cham- pionship. Lasf, buf nof leasf, we formed many fasf friendships wifh sfudenfs and feachers which will be of greaf joy and comforf fo us in lafer life. We, fhe graduafes of June, I944, have complefed fhe firsf sfep in our climb foward success. We sei' our goal for graduafion as enfering freshmen, and now can look back wifh a cerfain amounf of pride, upon a career of achievement Af fimes we felf discouraged and dishearfened, for fhe road fo success is an arduous one. A number of our original class fell by fhe wayside, and we somefimes longed fo ioin fhem. Buf our firm desire and deferminafion fo win diplomas spurred us on. We, fhe graduafes of foday, shall be +he cifizens of fomorrow. When fhis greaf war is over, we shall be forced fo share fhe cares, froubles, and responsibilifies of fhe reconsfrucfion period. If will nof be an easy 'l'ask, and we shall have fo make good. Lef our high school experiences fhen, serve us in our lafer life. As we enfer new fields and professions, lef us firsf sef our minds fo a purpose, and fhen sfrive fo accomplish if. ln shorf, lef us always remember fhaf ambi'I'ion is fhe keynofe fo success. . TERRY CHRISTY 9 DEDICATKDN Our 'four years in high school have been regulaied, in par+, by Mr. Fifi. His genial personali+y ancl fhe efficiency wifh which he supervises our s'l'uclen'l' service organizaiions have made him famous fhroughoul' Jackson. Therefore, ihe Class of June, I944, +alxes pleasure in cleclicaling +his issue of The Pioneer lo MR. JGHN FITZPATRICK 4-341 4-CEEH1 ' ummm - ., : , ' X .f f l I-1.1 I ,f -Q : - 5' ' - ,!! 'o:a' -021215 - bla' I Hola Lyn Mswn I0 4 MRS. SYLVIA BERKGWITZ La Lengua es Espanol and confidenlially, if you'd like a franslalion, drop around 'lo see our grade advisor, Mrs. Berlcowil-1. Besides being an auihorily on mosl' maH'ers 'foreign lo newcomers fo lhe school, she reaches Spanish lo 'lhose 'forlunale enough 'lo be in her classes. A'Hrac+ive and clever, she is one of fhe mosl' popular members of our facully. A+ 'limes our problems seemed insurmounfable, buf afler a consul'l'a+ion wifh Mrs. Berlzowilz, were made surprisingly simple. Her ready smile and occasional Caramba! are 'familiar +o all of us who have spenl any lenglh of +ime in her busy liHle office. When we enlered Andrew Jackson as Freshmen, our ambilions were vague and undeveloped, buf Mrs. Berlcowilz helped cryslallize lhem. Now, afler having suc- cessfully compleled fhe 'four year course of s+udy which she so carefully mapped our for us, we, 'I'he gradualing class, exlend lo her our sincere gralilude. B 0 Q ? G AD ADVISOR! T1 42-TER 2 9 . -' X -2 uuuuuuu 45 r f X -1' ' W- EI .. ... W I W' ,ELM M i i Nix f X rf xr CZ Riff j 1 M 857151 waxy! ..b V.: wA 2 Q JAW 1 Q af K A- ,926 SENIORS IN SERVICE PICTURED Hop row, Ieff fo rigI1+I HAROLD DE FIORE KEITH CASSIS ARNOLD KINSTLER Iboffom row, Ie'H' 'I'o righ+I WALTER GUENDEL ROBERT ARDEN LE ROY HARRIS EUGENE MORTON NOT PICTURED ROBERT ANDERSON LEONARD D'ALLESSANDRO JOSEPH C. HUTCHINGSON DONALD FRANCIS LEAHY FRED LEIBOLD CONSTANTINE PORRECA ERNEST ROSITZKE RUSSEL VEINOT EDWARD WHITEHURST PAUL WIGAND YESTERTI-ICDLICHTS . . . when you were a freshman and Mairzydoafs was an undiscovered phenomenon? . . . Remember ? ? ? fhe school buses which made life so easy? . . . how you could play baskefball fhe whole period long, insfead of imifafing commandos? . . . all fhe privileges you fook advanfage of, like buying 6.0. sfubs, pennanfs, baskefball fickefs, because you wanfed fo be a real Jacksonife? .... fhe way your mofher bade you fond farewell af fwelve noon wifh fhe warning, You sfop in Joe's on fhe way home, and l'll break every bone in your body, and how you gof losf coming home in fhe dark? . . . how you firsf made Mr. Bove's acquainfance when you fried fo apply for Arisfa? . . . when girls could powder fheir noses in Enrolling Rooms wifh no boys presenf fo crificize? . . . how you were persuaded info vofing fhe righf way by promises of school hours of fwelve fo one wifh an hour ouf for lunch? . . . or have you forgoffen? . . . how you innocenfly planned a four year graduafion program wifhouf considering Remember? ? ? any such sfrange animals as war courses? . . . fhe mysferious widge+s ? . . . fhevfoofball championship Jackson would have won if we had a feam? . . . fhe very memorable Monday, lDec. 8, l94I,l when you were forcefully snapped info a sfafe of solemnify by fhe Presidenf's war speech? . . . or fhe following day when you were senf home, posf-hasfe, during our firsf air raid alarm? . . . how we Jacksonifes, nof safisfied wifh winning 'rhe Cify Baskefball Championship, fried fo capfure Times Square, buf were defeafed by fwo riof squads and a longing for supper? . . . how peeved Doc Swenson used fo gef because all of our air raid drills occurred iusf as Mafh 22H was geffing under way? . . . fhe way you devoured your nails as you sfruggled fhrough your firsf Regenfs? . . . do you? I4 JLJNIQR Remember ? ? ? . . . fhe baffle over girls' slacks during 'rhaf cold winfer? . . . fhe swimming feam which made a definife habif of winning championships? . . . when you saw fhe same March of Time in fhe audiforium fhree 'rimes in one day? . . . fhe service flag fhe English Deparfmenf hung ouf for Mr. Raubicheck and Mr. Ponemon? . . . fhe leffer from fhe Regenfs Board commending Howard Sfein for a perfecf Chem Regenfs paper? . . . when we losf fhe championship fo Madison's baskefball feam in fhe Garden, buf won fhe baffle of Duffy Square afferward? . . . fhe Gold Medal fhe Hickory Log won ai' fhe Columbia Scholasfic Press Associafion Conference, and how all fhe New York papers clamored +o sign up our sfaff . . . or don'+ you? SENICDR Remember ? ? ? . . . how we sfarfed our lasf year by copping mosf of fhe maior school posifions? . . . when Beffy Schroeder, spoufing poefry righf and leff, assumed fhe Ediforship of fhe Sfar ? . . . when Terry Chrisfy and Joe Scheines fook over fhe Lunch and Traffic Squads respecfively, and sfarfed sending wayward sophs fo Doris Allen, Sylvia Libes. and Don Monks, Senior Judges of fhe Sfudenf Courf? . . . how Sue Wells and Kafhie Driscoll sharpened fheir pencils anew upon becoming Co-Edifors of 'rhe Hick- ory Log ? . . . fhe day fhree hundred odd Seniors and one Soph lined up +o order class iewelry? lfhe Soph fhoughf he was on fhe prefzel linel . . . how cerfain feachers wenf info hiding when you needed fheir signafures for acfivify sheefs? . . . fhe day fhe warning bell rang an exfra minufe and Mr. Pollin observed an unusually long period of silence? . . . how fhe boys groaned affer fhe mosf feminine Senior elecfion in hisfory? . . . how your lasf spring in Jackson came in wifh a bang and a bump? lfhe bump was Bensen dropping a book in fhe daily dash from Gym fo Hisfory, and fhe bang was someone slamming fhe door on a raging snow sforml . . . how Bill Walker, wifh his leff hand in a casf, led our crack baskefball feam fo our second Cify Championship in four years, wifh a smashing vicfory over Beniamin Franklin af fhe Garden? . . . fhaf wonderful June 28 when you marched proudly up fo receive your diploma? . . . Of course you remember! How could you ever forgef? l 7 l I5 l-IALL OF FAME Phil Vander Leifli .,,,, Jean SorensenT TT Terry Cl'1ris+yT T Ellen Hund+T Terry Chris+yTT Eileen Donlin .r,, Joan Dralxerf TT Phil Vander Lei+l1 Jean Sorensen Terry Cltrisly T T Gladys Thompson Phil Vander Leilh Marilyn MeslinTTT Jean Sorensen Fran Sforey .,s,, TT Merry Bol1lmanT Peggy McLean Terry Murpl1yTT Renee Franzini TT Audrey Wescol'+T Elisabe'I'h Bailey Jean Sorensen, Myrna Hersl1yTT Carol Mahlsledhl' Peggy McLean1 Virginia Bove I6 TT T T MOST POPULAR T T T T TTTTT BEST LOOKING TT T BEST ALL-AROUNDTTTTTTTT NICEST PERSONALITY TTT.T. TT T MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED TT T T HEARTBREAKER TT T TTMOST INTELLIGENTTTTTT MOST ATHLETICTTT TTTT T CUTEST TT T TDONE MOST FOR SCHOOI MUSICALLY INCLINED TT TTTT BEST SPORTT TTTTT T T MOST ARTISTIC TMOST VIVACIOUSTTTTT TTTT WITTIEST TTTTT TT BEST DRESSEDT. T TTTMOST MODEST TTTT.T T TTTTTT CLASS FLIRT TTTTTTT T TT T BEST DANCER T TEACHER'S TRIALTTT T NEATEST DRAMATICALLY INCLINED TT MOST LOOUACIOUSTTTTTT T T TMOST CAREFREE TTTT T..TTT T ,TTTTTTTMOST COURTEOUSTTTTTTTTT TT .Frank Alagia TTTTTTTTTTAndy Gerry .TTFrank Alagia TT TTFelix Ciampa .T TT TTTT Howard S+ein Andy Gerry TT Howard S'l'ein TTFelix Ciampa T TTTTT TTAndy Gerry Joe Scheines TT Jacl: Rooney TTTTTTTTFrank Alagia Evereh' Goldslein Howard Spegman TTTT Joe Scheines ,TTTTTTTTFrank Kelly TT TTTTT Bill Walker TT TTTTT Bob Levy TTTTTElmer Slang TTTTDick Alexander TTTTTTTTT.TTFranlc Kelly TTTTJerry Schlacfus T TTTJoe Scheines TTTTDick Alexander TTTTTTTTTDon Monks 5 l 5 r 5 SAY IT WITI-I MUSIC Mairzy Deals and Dozy Deals And Jacksonifes ear prehels My Shining Hour , ,.Graduafion I Couldn'l Sleep a Wink Lasf Nighi Nighi Before fhe Regenis Old Acquainiance . . ,Mr. Bove and I All or No+hin' A+ All , I ,Terry Chrisly No Love, No NoI'hin'. Sialus of Jackson girls Shoo-Shoo, Baby ...,. ,. .Hall Palrol Jingle, Jangle, Jingle ., . . .. Barbara Lefhen Sfar Eyes. ....,.. .. ,....... .. H .Freshmen People Will Say We're in Love Jane and Rudy Show Me ihe Way fo Go Home Freshmen af the end of the fwelfih period Take If Easy, H Pal Burkard Do Nofhin' Till You Hear From Me Whaf ieachers say a+ Ihe ring of Ihe bell My Firsl Love Holiday for Sirings She's Funny Thai Way Lef Me Up , The Dreamer Speak Low Happy Go Lucky l'll Gel By . Heaven Can Weil I8 Bu! Mr. Blair The Tennis Team ,Fran Sforey Please, Mrs. Goodmanl Mickey Valenline ,ln ihe Library Frank Alagia . .,.,. ,Bill Roihschild lhe Drafl Board can'+ Lady Be Good ............ Or you'll go io Mrs. Brogan For The Firsf Time ...,.. .,.,.....,..., l did my homework Scafferbrain ,..,,. .,., , ,Joan China Embraceable You ..... ..... Eileen Donlin Besame Mucho ,,.,,,.....,.., ,. ,,,,., ,,,,.,. B ob Levy Oh, Look af Me Nowl ......,, ,,Af1'er swimming class Le+'s Have Anolher Cup of Coffee ......,. Jana Ehlers Come, Josephine, in My Flying Machine Felix Ciampa Sweef Slumber .,.. .,,,,,,. I n the Girls' lnlirmary There's a Man in My Life ...... ,. , ,. . .Where? Fighil Fighil Fighll for ihe Green and While Phil Vander Leith l've Heard Thai Song Before , , , ,... Mrs. Brogan Snooly Lilile Culie, ..,, .. Gladys Thompson The Nearness of You, ,.,,, ., Regenis Proclors The Talk of fhe Town .,,.....,. , , .Joe Scheines When Irish Eyes Are Smiling .Kafhy Powers I Guess l'lI Have Io Dream 'lhe Resl Absenlee nole I Wani a Tall Skinny Poppa , . Al Palminfere I'm Ridin' for a Fall ,.,,,,,,,...,,.,..,,., ...Margil TGNSOH in ihe Mornin' Paul Deguira Oh, How l Hafe fo Gef Up When They Ask Abou? You Permanenl records From Maine 'lo California , Boys' gym lo 34l Bir+h of lhe Blues , , , ,On leaving Jackson ,Q A 4 . :Sf ,F 212' cr- .2-fr H ,-mxfif' X 4 1. :Sf :J I :QL PHYLLIS VANDER LE H Presideni' Mfr ' s PEGGY McLEAN Vice7Presiden+ ELLEN HUNDT Secre+ary 'Q XX X GWEN MAUK Treasurer X , mf M W 5 JEAN SORENSEN Treasurer JANE EHLERS Treasurer SENICDR CLASS OFFICERS 20 JUNE IQ44 ELIZABETH AHRENS Coll qe Ari a, Maior Service n, Pro- :1r ' eoqraph, eorqanizafion, Malh Reqenfs Squads, Lunch Parr , Teach- er' Assisfanf, I h Mafh. S i r S ss, Junior Sfar Sfafi, Hono oll. Teacher The answer lo a sludenl's prayer. FRANK ALAGIA S+. John's Universify Presidenl of General Orqani- zafion, Co-Manaqer Old Hick- ory, Varsily Baskefball, Secre- lary lo Teachers, Cify Cham- pionship Baskelball Team, Baseball Team. Heallh Ed. Teacher Mr. Grummond's Pride and Joy Is our drapey Frankie boy ...., ENRICO A. ALBANO U. S. Navy Medical Corps Chemisfry Laboralory Squad. Chemisfry Club, Physics Honor Class. Honor Roll, Spanish furor, Spanish Cerfificale. Navy Doclor When you're in your navy blue Think of us and we'll +hink of you. RICHARD G. ALEXANDER U. S. Navy Slar Sfaff, Discussion Club, Band, Sr. Orcheslra, Crealive Wrilinq, P u b I i c Speaking Classes, Honor Roll, Hislory, Physics Honor Classes. Medicine He can l'aIk his way ouf of any- lhinq. DORIS ALLEN Business Career Minor and Maior Service Pins, Junior and Senior Judqe of Sfudenl' Courl, S.O.F., Usher- elfe Squads, Proqram Commil- Iee, Drama, Public Speakinq Classes, Radio Play, Merchan- disinq Honor Class, Summa Cum Laude, Teacher's Assisi- anls, Tennis, Glee Clubs. To Travel She's +he qrandesf qirl in every way. PHOEBE ALLEN Work Assisfanl +o Teachers, Swim- ming Club, Public Speaking Class, 6.0. Represenlalive. To always smile A cheerful rhouqhll BARBARA ANDERSEN Syracu M Fr h ish onor Cla ' 1 W fural, Glee s, Co er+, Teacher's Se Represenlafiv , or in Span- ish, Honor Roll, Reorqanizalion Squad, Proqram Commiffee. Librarian Sweel and inlelliqenf, Here's a qirl 'rha+'s cliliqenl. CHARLES ANTONIUS Oueens Collie nizal i or b,CLahn A n 2,1-TQ Ari fa, nqlish, panish i lh, 's r d ics org Calse, Liqhlinq and Amp :fi- calion Crew, Chemislry Prepa- rafion Squad, Journalism and Public Speakinq Classes, Li- brary Assislanl. Journalisl A comrade blilhe and full of qlee, Who likes lo lauqh oul' loud and free. CAROLYN ARNOLD Business Newman Club. Honor Roll, Library Represenlafive, P.S.A.L. Medal. Diclaphone Operalor Her charm and poise are al- ways shown She'll be liked wl1ere'er she's known LEEA VCI 'Iso . ll ll IJ q s ea iv ri inc n e ura CI Hillel oc aI'bAs- sisl f. ch rs ssi ani. Ho o ol, Suq ioHinQ, Pr iHej!y1nor Serv , I Colle I+'s easv 'ro see Thai swell i for Lee. E SABETH BAILEY 5: ' 'o quad, Ho or Ro , :- ers' A s' , Mrs. Br Ha s i ad Gle S i or a r Enq is and . Dani H or Classes ma T . TY I - I . Old Hickorv I, Lunch Pa- lrol, Lafin T r Reoroaniza- lion Sauad. Minor Service Pin. Denial Hvaienisl Of Elisalnelh we surely will hear Thar she'll succeed we have no fear. GRACE BARKER Nursing School library Represenlafive, Lunch Palrol. A Grace inspired by youlh. 2l qa' n S ' iory Loci, J ior D a- ELLIOT BARNETT Navy Swimming. We wish you luck in fhe Navy. KATHLEEN BARTON Business School English Drama, Journalism Classes. Secrefary Senior Dra- mafic Club. Honor Roll, As- sisfanf fo Teacher, Yearbook Adverfising Sfaff, Hickory Log. Journalisf She'll wrife her way fo successl JOSEPH BEBERMAN U. S. Navy Begqar on Horseback. Jun- ior's Mousfachef' Knicker- bocker Holiday, Sfock Room Clerk, Mr. Sfevenson's Office Squad, Dramafic Club, Enqlish Honor and Theafer Classes. Spanish Honor Class, Lieuf. on Service Squad. Fencinq Club, Swimming Secrefary, JV Swim- ming Team. To enioy life and see fha world. As an acfor he did excel ln fhe Navy he'll do as well. MARGARET BECKER Cadef Nurse Corps Secrefary To Teachers, Library Represenfafive Creafive Wrif- ing Class, Special Chorus, Con- cerfs, Lafin Tufor, Hisfory Honor Class Glee Club, Honor Roll, Newman Club. Nursing A quiel' girl, one of fhe few, All success belongs fo you. DONALD BENSEN English, French, Spanish, His- fory Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Senior Arisfa, Seven Arfs, Wrifers' Clubs, Liferary Rep.. Hickory Log, Sfar, Library Sfaffs. Wrifer He'll enrich ofhers wifh his knowledge. IRGINIA BERTOLOYTI ofsfra , Bask f ll Club urnalis Cl , l-lick g, ' a Honor C ss, ufor in , Assisfan Teagiersq ogor R l, nor , Q sf in. ook Sfdff. . 'pi o finish College l-lofsfra is hdr'choice for col- leqe, i She'll surely gel' fhrough wifh all her knowledge. 22 JUL BIONDOLILL us' ss - er n oo ss' . ve o am icanC n- fries Julia, l know, w sh a ree Will help our d Neigh- bor Policy. ALFRED BITTNER Marines Bio Lab Assisfanf, Service Squad, Honor Roll, P.S.A.L. Pin, Locker Guard, Assisfanf fo Teacher. Draffsman He can'f go wrong, 'cause he's all righf. VIOLA BLOOM Sargenf Lunch Pafrol, Swimming As- sisfanf, Hisfory, Physics, Eng- lish. Mafh Honor Classes. Bowling, Baskefloall, Swimming Clubs, Yearbook Sfaff, Honor Roll. Major and Minor J. Teachers' Assisfanf, Senior Life Saving Cerfificafe, Mrs. Bro- gan's Office Squad. Physiofherapisf Affracfive, helpful, grand and kind, A finer girl is hard fo find. ADELE BOENING Bookkeeper Mrs. Brogan's Office Squad. Typing Cerfificale, Secrefary fo Teacher, Rafioning Assisf- anf. To fravel When pep and ioy are desired She is all fhaf is required. MARILYN BOHLMAN Secrefary English Honor Class, Sr. Dra- mafic Club, Teacher's Assisf- anf, Honor Roll. Vocalisf wifh a band She's fhe besf dressed of our class. This cure liffle lass. RONALD BOHN Marifime Academy General Science, Elecfrician's Service Squads, Amplificafion Crew, Lunch Pafrol lLieuf.l, Teacher's Assisfanf, English, Mafh Honor Classes, 6.0. Rep.. Honor Roll. Merchanf Marina He'll sail fhe ships across lhe sea A beffer sailor l'here'll never be. ETHEL BONA Business Red Cross Club, Secrefary fo Teachers. ' Carfoonisi' If her life is as good as one carloon Success will find her easily and soon. VIVIAN BOSTWICK Pralf Bowling Club, Honor Roll, As- sis+an+ fo Teachers. Fashion Illustrator Fufure siyles depend on her. DOROTHY W. BOTT Sf. John's Hospifal Sugar Rafioning, Assisianl' lo Teachers. Nurse ln her pleasanl and quief way Dorofhy will reach The fop some day. VIRGINIA BOVE Professional School Teacher's Assisfanf, Spanish, Hisfory, English Honor Classes, Program Commiflee, Glee Club, Spanish Tufor, Honor Roll, Creafive Wrifing Class, Assisianf lo Grade Advisor. A Buyer of Women's Clofhes Conquering ever, Failing never. ZADA E. BOYER Secrelary Badminlon Club, English and Spanish Honor Classes, Teach- er's Secrefary, Honor Roll. Member of WAC To be a WAC is Zada's desire, We know in The Army she'll climb higher and higher. LUCILLE BOYSEN Beaufician Merchandising, Sewing, Glee Clubs, Honor Roll, Teacher's Assislanf, Sfamp Rep., Public Speaking Class, Sugar Rafion Board, Typing Cerfificare. To see fhe world Lucille has an eye for beaulry, She'll make each gal a sweel' pafoofie. FRANCINE A. BRAND ege I T a ers and rade dvis r H r oll, English, Ma n ss6S2'fiQra mlfi' olleyball, an-Ameri- ull ' Clubs, Major Service P'n, Mi- nor Scholasfic Pin, Teacher f ' Here's lo Francine May you achieve your ambi- lion. PHYLLIS BRATHWAITE College Program Commillee, Library Assislanf, Teacher's Assisfanf, Crealive Wrifing, Hisfory Honor Class, Volleyball and lnlerculfural Clubs, Honor Roll, Major and Minor Service Pins. Teacher She'll always work wifh zesf As a Teacher, she'll be af her besl. DONALD BRAUN College Mafh and Spanish Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Engineer Greer hopes make greaf men. DOROTHY BRAZIL Nursing School n Honor Roll, Assislanf fo Teach- ers, Yearbook Sfaff. , Navy Nurse Your charms are many, your faulls are few We wish we had some more like you. WILLIAM BRENDEL Sr. Orches+ra, Band, Knicker- bocker Holiday, Pre-Session Squad, Jr. Orchesfra. In fhe band William does play, One of The basl, Jackson- iles say. - 0 EDITH BRY ' Adelphi AH d S d, Honor Roll, Biol , A ifanf, Tulor in al' Red ross, Infer- culfural Secrelary lo Teacher. Nurse All who know Edilh agree A kgreaf success she's bound fo e. 23 fr E 1,51 ' hx J lyr CML T L! 1 CONNIE J. NORA y, U. S. Cad N rse C r Ottici l orn Preside , Ath- letic al, Minor cl Maior Pins, . .A.L. Pin olleyball, Baske ll, JL all, Leaders' Clubs, Honob' Roll, Library Rep., Typing Certificate, Con- test Pin. Navy Nurse An all round athlete is Connie LORRAINE BUONORA U. S. Cadet Nurse Basketball, Leaders', Badmin- ton, Bowling, Volleyball Clubs. Minor and Maior J's, Biology Club, 6.0. Rep., Typewriting Certificate, A.R.A.M. Medal. Navy Nurse JACQUELINE BURK Queens College Honor Roll, English, History. Spanish, Economics Honor Classes, Spanish, Latin Certifi- cates, Lunch Patrol, Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis Clubs, Teachers' Assistant. Research Chemist One ot the cute, one ot the sage, She's a hit with every age. PATRICIA BURKARD Adelphi A Yearbook Statt, Reorganization Squad, Secretary to Teachers, Arista, Swimming, Minor J, Swimming Assistant, Minor Service Pin, Swimming, Lead- ers' Clubs, English, Math, Spanish, History, Physics, Hon- or Classes, Honor Roll, Lunch Patrol, Drama Class. Teacher Versatile is the word tor Pat, ARLENE BUSCH Business School Merchandising Honor Class. Honor Roll, Typing Certificate. Attendance Squad. Secretary As Arlene goes on her way A secret'ry she'Il be some day. JOAN BUTTNER Business Secretary ot Discussion Club, Basketball and Leaders' Clubs, Honor Roll, Yearbook Staff, Newman Club. Pan-American Club, Hickory Log, Green and White Party, Public Speak- ing Class. Typewriting Cer- tificate. Secretary Ot all the adiectives that are nice. We hand Joan the biggest slice. 24 KATHLEEN CALLAHAN Business Art Club, Hickory Log Statt, Journalism Class, Merchandis- ing, English Honor Classes, Tutor, Honor Roll, Teacher's Assistant, War Stamp Rep. A quiet. unassuming miss Kay surely is iust this. MAXINE CAMING Business College Library Rep., Bowling and Glee Clubs, Honor Roll, Typ- ing Certificate. That Maxine will succeed we'll safely say She's got what it takes 'cause she's O.K. MARIE CAOLO' Busipess School Honor Roll, Sugar Rationing, Teacher's Assistant, E.R. Sec- retary. Typist Success will follow her earnest ettorts. ROBERT CAPUTO U. S. Navy Service Squad. Swimming Sec- retary, Library Rep. Commercial Photographer We're positive he'll be a suc- cess with his negatives. EDITH M. CARSON Queens College Lunch Patrol, Latin Tutor, English, Math, Economics, His- tory Honor Classes, Secretary to Teachers, Honor Roll, Latin Certificate. Science Teacher ln Bio, Physics, Chemistry A success, Edith will be. ANTHONY CASELLA Navy Sr. Orchestra, Dance Band, Track Team. Musician Here's wishing lots ot luck To this tine musician known as Tuck. t RUDY CASSANI Merchanl' Marine Academy Yearbook Slali, Malh Honor Class. Teachers' Assislanl, General Science and Chemis- 'rry Squads, Honor Roll, Vis- ual Educalion Squad, P.S.A.L. Pin. Naval Engineer Tall. dark, and handsome lsn r 'lhal' enough? ELAINE CASSIS Business College Secrelary lo Mr. Bove, Al- fendance S uad. q Secrefery Quiet earnesl, sincere, and lcind, Are Elaine's ailribules well defined. GLOf:f8JCl?9ELLA mess vmley lu efeze Slam Rep. K T e e success. K ay her cares be as Iighf as fhe clouds. L X C.. AMI - olle e 9 Englis ournalism r al- ' , lic S asses, sh Honor s ogram miH'ee, Ho r Ro, Sec- relary lo Teachers. Inferior Decorafor Always laughing, always falli- ing, She's a girl +l1al s never squawlring. JOAN CHINA Syracuse Universiry Lunch Palrol, lnformalion Squad, Teacher's Assislani, Lalin Cerlificale, Badminron Club, Honor Roll, English, Malh Honor Classes, Member of Sludenl Parly. Nurse She's iusl bubbling over wifh such good will Thai il s hard lo lreep her sil- ling slill. ARTHUR CHOVNICK Columbia English, Journalism. and Pub- lic Speaking Classes. Doclor To cure diseases is quife an ambilion He'll surely dispose of malnu- lrifion. TERESA E. CHRISTY Adelphi College Editor-in-Chief Sr. Yearbook, Pres. Jr. Dramalic Club, Lead- ers', Baslrelball, Sr. Dramalic Clubs, Maior Service Pin, Arisla, Chief Lunch Pafrol, Vice-Pres. lnfercullural Club, lnformalion Squad, English, Hislory, Malh, Economics, Spanish Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Summa Cum Laude. Psychielrisl She's small and cule, 'n' a nalural born leader, Terry's also go? brains, so no one can beal' her. FELIX CIAMPA Army Air Corps Cify Championship Team, Queens Championship Team, Co-Caplain Varsi+y Baslcefball. Service Squad, Teacher's As- sislanl. Aerial Phofographer He is Jaclcson's favorite slar, We know fha? Felix will go far. DONALD CLARK Rensselaer Polylechnic lnsli- lule Honor Roll, Traffic, Pre-Ses- sion, lnlersession. Service Principal, Friends of Freshmen, Mr. Slevenson's Office Squad, Supply Room Squad, Secrelary lo Teachers, Malh, English, French Honor Classes, Maior and Minor Service Pins. Chemical Engineer We hope you engineer your- self inlo your ambilion. JEAN COLLINS Business Teachers' Assislanl, Suqar Ra- fioninq, Typinq Cerliiicale. Secrefery Full of pep and push and qo. JEANNE COLLINS Office Work Baslcelball, Volleyball, Badmin- lon, Swimming, Tennis, Lead- ers' and Boxball Clubs, Four Minor J's, One Maier J, Four P.S.A.L. Pins, Library Assislanl, Swimming Assislanf, Typewrif- ing Cerlificale, Lale Oflice As- sislanf. WAVE A nice disposilion, a friend lo each. DORIS COOK Business School Enqlish, French, Hisfory, Malh, and Spanish Honor Classes, Honor Roll. To be a Secrelary Your hair is blond, your eyes are blue, There's always room for a qirl like you. 25 EDRIS COOK Business Enqlish, Merchandising Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Enrollinq Room Afiendance. Teachers' Assisfanf, Ralioninq Assisfanf, Badminlon Club, Public Speak- ing Class, Chairman, Secre- 'larial Sfaff of Yearbook, Typing Cerfificale. Secreiary Lively, friendly, smilinq, and g5Y- She is fha kind lhal makes life PGY- EDWARD COOK U. S. Navy G.O. Represenlafive, Biology Laboralory, Traffic Squad. College Loolrie, loolrie, loolcie, Here comes Cookie. JEANNE COOK Adelphi College Affendance Squad, Honor Roll, Lafin Cerlilicafe, Assisfanf fo Teacher, Physics Honor Class. Baslcefball and Volleyball Clubs. Nurse Blonde and vivacious Sweel and loquacious. WALTER COOKE College Secrefary fo Teachers, Pro- gram Commiflee, Mimeograph Squad, Latin Tufor, Class Sec- refary, Honor Roll, Creaiive Wriling, Hislory Honor classes. Dodor All lhe girls will always look For fhe young and handsome Dr. Cooke. VIRGINIA COPPOLA U. S. Cade? Nurse Corp. Teacher's Assisfanf, Honor Roll, Minor J., P.S.A.L. Con+es+ Pin, A.R.A.M., Lale Office Squad, G.O. Represenfafive, Baslcef- ball, Volleyball, Leaders, Box Ball and Ping Pong Clubs, Typ- ing Cerlificafe. Navy Nurse With Ginny as a Kay-def, The Nurse Corps will be all sei. M. H. CRAWFORD Business Program Commilfee, Lunch Palrol, G.O. Represenfafive, Typing Cerfificale, Leaders', Seven Arfs Clubs, Secrefary fo Teachers, English Honor Class, Honor Roll, Sugar Ra- lioning, Assisfanl in General Office. To find fun in overyfhing I do We hope you have a lol of 'fun And are successful when you've won. 26 MURIEL CRONIN Secreiary - Newman Club, Teachers' As- sisfanl, Honor Roll, Locker Room Moniror. Secreiary Sincere ambilion fo do 'the besl ls her password 'lo Success. THERESA CULL Cade? Nurse Corps Assis+an'r fo feacher, General Oflice, Sugar ralioning, Honor Roll. Nurse Oh fha? nurse, she sure is swell, Said Terry's pafienl while gef- fing well. JOSEPH DALY U. S. Navy Teachers' Assisfanl. Engineer Joe's 'lhe 'lype who'll persevere And reach success as an en- qineer. KATHRYN DAMMEYER Fashion Academy Library Assislanf, Library Rep- resenrafive, Lunch Fafrol, As- sisfanf lo Teachers, Seven Arfs Club, Yearbook Sraff. Designer She'll design her way fo happi- ness. GENEVI E D' ELO Busin ' ani 's - A ' f, I . nor , Uisfo V, q ish or C sses, P r Com- mi fee, 6.0. Repr lafive. Secrefary Smarl and sweel, So pelifel PAUL DE GUIRA U. S. Marine Corps Varsify Tennis Team, Manager Baskeiball Team, Service Squad, Sramp Represenfarive, English and Hisfory Honor Classes. Policeman On Paul DeGuire you can'+ lose. Once he gefs a good nighf's snooze. CORINNE DEL VECCHIO Pra+'r lnslifufe lnformafion Squad, Mrs. Bro- gan's Office, Library Repre- senfafive, Library Assisrani, G.O. Capiain, Tennis Club, Mr. S'revenson's Squad, Lunch Pafrol Lieufenanf. Inferior Decorafor A liffle icy, a liH'le cheer We'Le always glad when Cor- rinne is near. ROSE DENNERLEIN Secreiary io Teachers, Typing Cerfificafes. Secrelary May your fufure blossom like a Rose l URSULA DENON Business Sisfer of Freshmen, Ushereffes, Honor Roll, Typing Cerfificaie, Ralioning Commiffee, Newman Club, English Honor Class, Teacher's Secrefary, Hisfory Office Assislani. Travel As nice as +hey come, And 'lhafs going some. JUNE DERSCH Secrerary Yearbook Sralf, Slar Business Manager, Hickory Log, Teach- ers' Assisianf, Typing Cerfifi- cafe, Arisfa, G.O., General, Accounfing Offices, Lunch Patrol, Sisfers of Freshmen, Service and Scholasfic Pin, A.R.A.M. Medal, Minor J. Raiioning, Honor Roll. To Fly A lovely smile, a keen men- lalily, June has a charming person- alify. JACQUELINE DEVINE Business Typing .Cerfilicare, Service in John Adams. Secrafary The boys in Khaki All like our Jackie. VICTOR DIENER Ciry College Arisfa, Teachers' Assisianr, His- fory, Physics, Maih. Economics Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Lafin Tulor, lnferculfural Club, Minor and Maior Service Pins, Lunch Pairol, Hickory Log Srarl, Journalism. Engineering Here's ro Vic He'll do The Trick. HELEN DISILVESTRO Secrelary Honor Roll, Secrefary To Teachers, English Honor Class, Program Com., Typing Cerfifi- cale, Reorganizafion Squad, Locker Room Moniior. To Travel Helen D. wanfs 'ro roam, When you're away Think of home. FRANCES EILEEN DITTMAR Business Lunch Pafrol, Library Assisfanf, Defense Siamp Represenfaiive, Mrs. Brogan's Office, Informa- 'lion Squads, Secrelary lo Teacher, Vicfory Corps E, Old Hickory Parfy. To be a WAVE When she is a Navy Beauiy She'll release a man for duly. ELEANOR DODGE Business Merchandising, Hearihsfone, lnlerculiural Clubs, Lunch Pafrol, 6.0. Represenfafive, Typing Cerriiicafe. Honor Roll, Teacher's Secrefary. To always smile Full of life, full of fun, Always ready wiih a pun. EILEEN DONLIN Ml. Sr. Vinceni' College lnformafion Squad, Cheering Squad, Sludenl Parly, Program Commirree, Assisfanf in Lafe Office, Secre+ary fo Mrs. Bro- gan, Honor Rall, Junior Dra- maiic Club, Defense Slamp Represeniaiive, Secrefary 'ro Grade Advisor, Spanish Honor Class, Lunch Palrol, Bowling Club, Minor J. Spanish lnierpreier Eileen is so shorf and sweef, She's one girl you'd like 'lo meel. NOR A DORFMAN Cor II Universiiy Libr r n falifs, E o r, u ic Speaking lasses, Hon ll. To be happy f Health, happin s and succes lo you. JOAN DRAKERT Oueens College Mafh., Engli , Ph si , Ho Cl s, L n Cerfili- ca s +alT,'Secre+ary fo Te rs', Yearbook Slalil, Re- org nizalion Sq ad, lnfer cul- lural and Wriler Club ' a. Honor Roll, Mai r Ice Pin, Maih Teacher Joan has a goo lar? on fha? ascending pal Thar leads 'ro success in lhe lield of Maih, 27 I I X ollege Q Edilor-in-Chief of Hickory Log. Sporls Edilor. Newman. Secre- lary, Wrilers' Clubs, Meior, inor Service and Scholaslic Pins, Malh, Hislory, English, TH RYN uniscou. X Spanish Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Arisla. Slar Slall. Sec- relary lo Teachers, S.O.F., Library Assislanl and Repre- senlalive, Program Commillee, Band. Language Teacher Kalhryn is lhe cream ol lhe crop, We have no cloubl she'lI reach lhe lop. KATHLEEN T. DUFFY College ol Ml. Sf. ' Co-Manager Id I ory. Ush- erelle Teach ' ' nl, un r all sh H ,glasses Swim- ing,!ol , Bawlinq Clubs. Swim inq Assl., lnlercullural Club. Kay is one ol lhe very besl, We wish her luck, and all lhe resl. ROY DUGAN English, Physics, Hislory and Malh Honor Classes, Service Squad. Legerdemain Any lroubles he may have Will disappear like magic. HELEN DUNN Business Volleyball and Newman Clubs, Filing Cerlilicale, Secrelary lo Teachers. Secralary If you wanl somelhing Dunn Lal Helen do il. FREDERICK DURLAND U. S. Navy Air Corps Band, Jr. Orcheslra, Lunch Palrol, lnler-session Squad, Honor Roll, Malh, Physics. French. English, Economics Honor Classes Aeronmical Eknginier A prelly girl- all-racls his eye, Despile lhe lacl he's kind ol shy. I, ANNE DW R IN Universil onsin Eco ' . onor Classes, Tel: s relary, S crelary in n I' ice reshman GI u ish Tulor. S s Ce ale, Hickory Log Slalil. earbook Slall, Bond Salesman, lnlercullural Club. Spanish Inferpreler Charming, sweel, and so pelile, Jusl lhe qirl you'd like lo meel. 28 ELAINE EBERST K I Ou ns College 0 a S r r C Li rary . owin , nor J. Linguisl Always so willing, so brighl, so lair. EVELYN EGGER Ad lp 'College A Eng . Mal , 'sh, ' ory a s ,onor A s, r e Advis l, Swimming I anl, eorgani- zalion S uad. ' or Service Pin, Spanish Me . Honor'Roll. Secrelary ol I Kf1,5nt'l'T '! Palrol, Spanish Tulor, Avssociale Edilor of Year Book. I Navy Nurse She's beguiling, willy, and lull ol charm, You can bel your bools she's no false alarm. JANE EHLERS Wilson College Honor Roll. English Honor and Drama Classes. Minor J, Band. Orcheslra. Special Chorus. Yearbook Slall, Lalin Cerlili- cale, Secrelary ol Usherelles, Minor Service Pin, Secrelary lo Teachers, A.A.A.M. Award, Lunch Palrol. Reorganizalion Squad, Old Hickory Parly. Ten- nis, Leaders'. Baskelball, Volley- ball, Swimming, Bowling Clubs. P.S.A.L. Pin, Junior Dramalic Club, Treasurer of Senior Class. To conlinue lhe sludy of music Sweel and lovely. lair and lall. DOROTHY EICH Cadel Nurse Malh Honor Class, Delense Slamp Represenlalive, Allend- ance Squad. Honor Roll. See Europa Her charming smile and win- ninq way Become her more and more each day. PHYLLIS ELOWI11 College Hisl y and English or C sse live W 'g, Honor' ' - lificale, Libr esen ive, Lunc 6 rbog-EPP Secrelary Teach s. Bo Club. Program Comqni e. W.A.V.E.S. Orchids lo Phyl MARY ELSNER Ladycliff College Newman, Tennis, Bowling Clubs. English Honor Class, Secrelary lo Teacher, Old Hickory Parly. Personnel Manager Eager, willy, Charming. prelly. 1' ' -i---i id ' PETER EPHRAIM Army Lunch Pafrol, Tennis Team, Science Squad, Hisfory, Physics Honor Classes. Engineer An enqineer will be our Pefe, 'Tis an ambiiion hard fo beaf. FLORENCE ERRICHETTI Secreiary Volleyball, Leaders', Badminlon, Box Ball, Baslcefball Clubs, Minor and Maior J.'s, Pro- qram Commiffee, Honor Roll, Typing Cerfificafe, Confesf Pins, A.R.A.M. Awards, Enqlish Honor Class. Join fhe Waves An afhlefic qirl is our Flo She will qo far, fha? we lcnow. ROBERT EVANS U. S. Army Service Squad, Infersession Squad, Physics Honor Class. Engineer To be an enqineer he has a yen And we'll be proud fo say, We lcnew him when- FRANKLIN FABER Business Hisfory and English Honor Classes, Honor Roll, P.S.A.L. Afhlefic Pins. Commercial Arfisf He is The very smarfesf And will do well as an arfisi. MARCIA FARBER Smifh Colleqe , Secrefary fo Teach rs- Erfqlish Honor-, Qijmasiiimrifinq Classes, 'Spanish, Malik flilis- fory, Honor Q?1sseQ 'Asisl'anf in' Bio. Eabdfa ory, Reorqani- zafion Squad, Senior Orchesfra, Mafh Tufor, Honor Roll. Piano Teacher To feach piano, she does aspire We're sure she'll reach her hearf's desire. SABINA C. FARLEY Privafe Secrefary ' Cum Laude, G.O. Represenfa- five, War Sfamp Represenfa- five, Assisfanf io Grade Ad- visor, Teacher's Assisfanf, Ten- nis Club, Enqlish Honor Class, Rafioninq Board Assisfanf, Re- organizafion Squad, Lunch Room Squad. California, here l comel Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of ofher maidens are. JOHN FARRELL Army Honor Roll, Mafh Cerfificafe, English Honor Class, Locker Represenfafive. Guard, Mafh Tufor, War Bond Singer Here's fo Jack, a boy of am- bifion, He'll qive Frankie some com- pefifion. CLAIRE FEDER f Oueens olleqe , Ar'sfa, onor 'r , e 'h r' As' u v geny o s sisfan, gd' ' - , E qli s O onor Classes u r, eorqanizafion S Siam Rep e f , ickory Loq, I' ub Secretary of iel ocie fin Cer fy I - Jificafe, lnferculf Mafh Teaching Wise fo resolve nd pafienf fo perform. HERMINE FEGER Business Bowling, Newman, and Seven Arfs Clubs, Typewrifinq Cer- fificafe, Merchandise Honor Class, Honor Roll, Library Service, Office Squad. Secrefary Small and sweef She's all reef. SARAH FELDMAN Honor Rall, Enqlish, Spanish, Mafh Honor Classes, Spanish Medal, Public Spealcinq Class, Creafive Wrifinq Class, Drama Class, G.O. Capfain, Lunch Pafrol, Library Represenfafive Summa Cum Laude. Social Service Worlrer Sarah will be a shininq addifion To Social Service-her ambi- fion. JEAN FOLKARD P el fifufe f. 3 , S ar Rafioninq, s 'sfani' ea ' ' i T , I a e, ' Fi' qggfhi' cafe, r. Red ss. Traveling She'll keep her fiqures nice and neaf RENEE FRANZINI Business Career Ushereffe, S.O.F. Squads, Sec- refary fo Teachers, Newman, Slcafinq, Tennis Clubs, Honor Roll, Defense Sfarnp Repre- senfafive, Secrefarial Sfaff of Yearbook, Library Represenfa- five, Rafioninq Board, Mrs. Broqan's Office Squad. To Enioy Life Renee is shorf, preffy, and sweef 29 STEPHEN FROMM Iowa Sfafe Knickerbocker H ol id a y Chorus, Discussion. and Chem Clubs, Maior Service Pin, Sfar Sfaff, Chem Squad, Reorqani- zafion Squad, Special Chorus, Library Assisfanf, Mafh Honor Class, Hickory Loq. Medicine Sfeve's a boy wifh brain and wif In Iowa he'lI make a hill JANE FULLER Virginia Bapfisf Hospifal School of Nursinq e Honor Roll. Nurse She'II be one of lhe whiie parade Who'II find if eas io make 'fhe qrade. fi I ' LLI ' c oo ssis a o Y 1 very asf MA AB B es' h I f, ' + 1 . h , l T il .if 'Y 'I ,-S l In fhrouqh Iife's E 4 JA I ', 4 aff ' her qoal wifh The KAY GALLAGHER Kafharine Gibbs Spanish Tufor, 6.0. Repre- senfafive, War Slamp Repre- senfafive, Assisfanf in Library, Teachers' Assisfanf, Newman Club, Chorus. Publicily Sfaff- Sprinq concerf, Old Hickory Parry, Lunch Pafrol. To see fhe world Success fo fhe n'fh deqree MARIE GALLAGHER Kafharine Gibbs Library Assisfanf, Lunch Pafrol, Honor Roll, Assisfanf fo Teach- er, Typinq Cerlificafe. Privafe Secrefary Tall, slim, wifh hair so red, She's The fype fo qef ahead. EEORIA GAUTRAUD 'PraH Insfilufe Honor Roll, Lunch Pafrol Cap- fain, Library Assisfanf, Hickory Loq Sfaff, Flyinq Squad, Year- book Arf Sfaff, Discussion. Seven Arfs, lnferculfural Clubs, Spanish, Enqlish Honor Classes, Green 81 Whife Parfy, English rama and Public Speaking jglasses, Service Pin. Give me a man wifh a Sinafra voice A hearf so 'rrue We all love you. 30 DOROTHY GEHRI Pho? gra . . e es - . 've Vice , . - ' unc sisfanf f Phofographer . . f G 7 r I , ' s - 4 lin 'f h ' l v- I Li- rary ,Y . ac s As- I She's preffy as a picfure. Cherhi ' - 95 q : ' .- SUC . Jo at R J 6 i - - P 4 - ff n r cs Hon la's H' - fh ' ml :lv .I l i . cy oom ssi . Se ary No foo s r, nof foo qay She's a friend in every way. RU R , Bus ss' ool IA 'I' I' JEAN GERETY Cade? Nurse Corps Bowling and Swimminq Clubs, Swimminq Assisfanf, Cheerinq Squad, Affendance Assisfanf, Locker Monifor, Hickory Parfy. Army or Navy Nurse Demure and shy, cufe and neal' Girls like Jean you rarely meef. ANDREW G. GERRY Co-Capfain Varsify Baskefball Team, Cify Championship Team, Teacher's Assisfanf, As- sisfanf fo Mr. Bove. Physical Ed. Teacher Andy's sfar will always qleam, As if does upon our feam. COSIMO GIRARDI Marines Service Squad, Traffic Squad, Special Assisfanf fo Teacher. To see fha world To see 'The world is 'lhe aim of Gus, He'II do if eifher by 'rrain or bus. ARTHUR GLADSTONE College-U. S. Air Force Biology Prep. Squad Hislory Honor Class. Inlercullural Club, Honor Roll. Plasfic Engineering Happy lillle pebblel eens College age r , n h onor l s ng ish - af' s I ses n S d, Ho oll. ' isle - ay h spread good will fhrouq oul lhe land. ILLIAM GODFRE MILDRED BLA Priv t relary G aplain, cher's As- s an um u Honor Roll ward. Travel Her personalily is as allraclive as her red hair. HOWARD GOLDMAN Army Air Corps Engineer know him is lo like him. Slafe Michigan Slalli, Honor and Prelly and as a lark. EVERETT GOLDSTEIN New York Universily Track Team, Arl' Edilor ol Year- book, Ll. Traffic Squad, Service Squad, Inlersession Squad, Sfar Slall, Lalin American Club, English and Hislory Honor Classes, P.S.A.L. Pins, Bowling League, Honor Roll, Crealive Wrilinq Class. Commercial Arfisl' Wilh his arf and pleasanl' grin Friends and fame he's sure fo win. RICHARD GRAF Hislory Honor Class, Dramalics Classes. Conlribulor lo Sfar. Aller gradualion he'Il embark, ln some pursuil' To leave his mark. ARTH UR GREENBERG Columbia Universify T fl' S uad, Lun Pa ol, Fren r I-W Sp I , ysic, Economics Honor'C ses, Discussion and lnlerculf ' C bs' English Dramafi e C77 Wriling, Public Spe i . lasses, Sec- relary 'Io Teachers, Honor Roll. Accounlanf If is said of our Arl, I-1lere's a lad +hal's really smart IRWIN GREENFIELD Navy English and ' Malh Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Library Represenlafive. Musician He'Il fool his way lo The Greal While Way. MIRIAM GREVE Henley Baskefball Club, Volleyball Club. Marine To foreign lands Miriam will go And she will be successful in finding 'the foe. CHARLES B. GRIMES, JR. Columbia Universily Lalin Tulor, Traffic Squad, Honor Roll, 6.0. Caplain. Surgeon-U. S. A. A. F. When seen around in 'lufure limes, He'Il be known as Dr. Grimes. ALBERTA GRITZ Business School Library Assisla l', Hon r Il, Sp nlsh Honor urnal- i C sfglea er's Assislanf, Typ ing C rfific .O. Re esenfalive. Secrelary Alberfa is a peach In more ways fhan one 3I EVELYN GROSSKOPF Nursinq School Enqlish and Hisfory Honor Classes. Assisfanl 'lo Teachers, Honor Roll, Jr. Orchesfra. Nursing She'll be one of lhe while parade Who'll find if easy fo make The qrade. JUNE GROTT Business School Office Assisranf. Secrefary A beffer friend would be hard fo find. DONALD HALL U. S. Navy Lunch Pafrol, lnfersession, Serv' ice Squads, Locker Guard, Ari' Sfaff of Yearbook. Drafisman He'll 'follow a slraiqhi line fo The Hall of Fame. CHRISTAAN HALLER Teachers Assisfanf Drafisman, Navy ailinq he will ola E I m SARAH HALLER Business Career Secrefary fo Teacher, End Term Assisfanf. Secrerary If +he name means anyfhinq, She's sure fo be a success. VIRGINIA HAMJE Air Hosfess-Flyinq Locker Assisfanr, Secrefary To Teachers, G.O. Office. A lasiing smile When, an airplane she is in, Many friends her smile will win. 32 STANLEY HANSEN Traffic Squad and Loq Sfaff. Business We hope you qei The qrean liqhf in business. 74!O ZL7 1. Rn. H c frol, onor Roll, En- qlis H or Class. Me ani Suc veryfhinq you do Serving y r counfry in navy blue. THOMAS HARMON U. S. Marine Corps To gel somewhere in -the Marine Corps Your name is rhe same as a loofball sfar. We hope yours will lake you iusf as far. .. , RAY HARRIIySpTQNll-C 'X u aro. ervice qua, jew r ljS ' S d T er's Assis+an+, Sfar Rep. 'CPA ' A' c.r3A..4l'7e life for Ray. ELLEN HARTZMAN Reporfer Secrefary fo Teachers, Honor Roll, Flyinq Squad, War Loan Drive, Typinq Cerlificafe. Career Woman Very shy and very sweef and oh so very near! BETTY HAUG Y Bryn Mawr lnlormafion uad, un I Pafrol, R or nizafio qua Engl' h or Cla Ho Roll. A-,Lead rs'. 'nq, n- nis, B i on , Tea r's Assisi' , AH nce uad, Av fix ' ys hap an of you an a er, Be ' My Wwyy L MARY HAYWARD C.P.A. Honor Roll, Secrelary lo Teachers, Typinq and Filinq Cerlificales, Volleyball, Soil- ball, Skafinq Clubs, Program Commillee. To be successful in whafever llrdo. - A fine spiril of delerminalion Will carry you liar in any vo- cafion. DOROTHY I-SITIQAN Queens Colle e fr I-lislory, French, English and Physics Hon-or Classes, Baskel- ball and Bowlinq Clubs,.Honor Roll, Typewrilinq ' Cerlificale, Crealive Wrilinq Class, Lalin Cerliiicafe, Business Slafil of Yearbook. Nurse Lillle Dollie Heilman is a very winsome lass I-ler smile is always welcome in each and every class. DORIS HELLERT School of Voice Cullure Honor Roll, Enqlish Drama Class, Teacher's Assislanl. To sing wilh a band Full of pep, push, and qc Thal's why people like her so. PRISCILLA HELLSTEN Adelphi Colleqe Assisianl lo Grade Advisors, Baslcefball and Leaders Clubs, Sr. Dramalic Club, Journalism Class, Public Speaking Class. Economics Honor Class, Honor Roll, Library Represenlalive, Minor Service Award, Clerk Sludenl' Courl, Hickory Loq Slaff. Lawyer Green of eye, qold of hair, A sweel disposilion and ladylike air. GLORIA LEE HENDRIX Queens College Lafin Tulor, Secrefary 'ro Teach- ers, Honor Roll, All Ci+y Hiqh School Special Choruses, Maih Assislanl, Spanish, English Honor Classes, Journalism Class, Knickerbocker Holiday Sfafi. Professional Musician We're dependinq on you fo reach lhe hiqh noles of suc- cess. DOROTHY HERBST Alfendance Squad, Lalin Cer- filicales. Concerl Pianisi Good Luck, Dol' When you're on lhe spoil AGNES H. HERMANN New Jersey Colleqe For Women Reorqanizalion Squad, English, Spanis , arh, Hislory Honor Class s nish T lor, Honor Roll, ' .sses. To be a panish Inlerpreler When lhe Spaniards come aqui Aqnes is 'rhe one +hey'll see. STELLA HERSHENHA vl-llSoe 6 ' ed CCGSS. Secrelary 'lo :i i - ,eig- Roll, 'f -f - . d . . sl r - e. ' fv. 9 . 1 i ' c ol l tn., M re l I MYRNA L. HERSHY Universily of Michiqan Assislanl' lo Teachers, S.O.F., ,English and Hislory Honor Classes, Enqlish Drama Class, Library Assislanf, Seven Arls and lnlercullural Clubs, De- fense Slamp Represenlalive, Spanish Tulor, Honor Roll, Yearbook Slalil. English Teacher Wifh ready wil' and cheerful smile Knowing Myrna is worlh w ile. GRETA Hmsci-iHoR ' Colleqe , Associale T Sfar, Clif alive W nq Iss, E glis , Hislory Cla e , izmef Roll, 'crel y o , c ers, Seven Arls, e T nnis, lnlercullural rifer 'vi' To her virlugs ljhere's no,end, One word covers all-l'haT's friend , ,A .a. ELIZABETH HOELZL Secrelrary lo Teachers, Enqlish Honor Class, Ping Pong Club, Secrelary of Hearlhslone Club. Honor Roll, Arisla Member. Teacher You will win whal you deserve, By your Talenl' and reserve. AUDREY HOFFMAN Queens Colleqe Hickory Loq Slail, ec' Tary of Arisla, B'oloqy, arp La 'n Amer , ,rcu ural, I Ba mi I s, Se lary lo Tr h , Library ss' lanl,,- Hohor Classes, Seleclive S - ice' and Reqen s inq Commillees, Lai' and Spanish Cerlihcaies, Minor Scholasfic Pin. Language Teacher OI books and sludies she'll nol lire For heres a qirl we all admire. 33 uJ-'-'fax FQX4, nf DOROTHY E. HOFFMAN Secrelary Library Represenlalive, Al- Tendance Squad, Honor Roll, Typinq Cerlificales, Teachers' Assisfanl. Secrefary Eflicienl, qay, and sweefg As a secrelary, she'lI be hard lo beaf. MARILYN HOLMES Colleqe Information, Mrs. Broqan's Ol- fice Squads, Assislanl' fo Mrs. McClrn+ock. Secrefary lo Teachers, Honor Roll, Eco- nomics, Enqlish. Finch Honor Classes, Minor Service Pin, Lunch Pafrolgfxtndlish Drama Class. To Be A Nurse No? looking 'lor frouble, no? causinq qreal sfrife--Jus? quielly making a success of her life. FRANCES M. HOLZ Business Sfamp Represenlalive, G-.O. Capfain, Lafe Oflice Squad. French Honor Class, Minor J in Leaders' Club, A.R.A.M. Award, Baskelball, Bowlinq, Leaders', Pinq Ponq, Box Ball Clubs. Secrefary Only fhe besf comes in small packages. ALICE HOLZKE Secrefary lo Teachers, Library Represenfalive, Honor Roll, Proqram Commiflee, Ralioninq Assislanf, Glee Club. Privale Secrefary She can fake if-dicfarion, DOR Y HONS N rse adel Corps H ssi ra , Honor R , ypi oq ice, Typ- i , filinq. erfifica s, Teach- ,s As i an u in s Trav ho helps ers helps her- elf. ALICE HORTON Business Teacher's Assislanf, Lale Office Assisfanl, Swimminq Assisfanf, G.O. Represenfafive, Lunch Pafrol, P.S.A.L. Confesl Pin, Minor J., Baskefball, Volleyball, Box Ball and Self Ball Clubs. Success We wish you nofhinq less ll-ian successl 34 MELVIN HOYT Navy Dance Band, Orcheslra, His- iory, English, Physics, Mafh. Economics Honor Classes. Honor Roll, Annual Concerl. Knickerbocker Holiday. Engineer Agree-able and full of fun Yes, he's liked by everyone. JOAN HUMPHREY Privafe Secrelary Lunch Palrol, Honor Roll, Baskefball, Tennis and Volley- ball Clubs. Hickory Loq Rep- resenlafive. To Join fha WAVES Here's Good luck lo you ln your Navy blue. ELLEN HUNDT Praff lnslilufe 6.0. Hisforian, G.O. Repre- senrafive, Swimminq, Basker- ball, Volleyball, Roller Skalinq Clubs, English Honor Class. Journalism Class, Old Hickory Parry, Honor Roll. Secrelary of Senior Class. To see lho world To see lhe world is her ambifion Bon voyage lo Ellen we're wishin. MARGARET HU N Adelphi C lle e ' Creafive 'inq Class, Li- brary A iis ani, Represenlafive, Honor Roll, Spcrefary To Te s. , in i' ka herxgood nafure and helping hand lf is cerlain she will be in de- mand. ELAINE HUTIN Business School Secrefary Success is her password. BETT HU LE f . General Office Any- office will improve Wilh Belly fhere lo make lhings move. G. e ive, T 'TIA Ce 1 le, Teach 's ' . GERALD IRWIN Columbia Army Doclor We only wish we could have known him longer. ALBERT JACKSON Queens College-Air Corps Lalin Cerlilicale of Meril, Lalin Tulor, Sumna Cum Laude, Honor Roll, Sugar Ra- rioning, Room Capl., Arr Of- fice, Service Pin, Lunch Room Pafrol, Swimming Team, P.S. A.L. Pin. Hislory and Mafh Honor Class, Crealive Wril- ing Class, Secrefary fo Teach- er. Mefeorologis?-Aviafion En- gineer Jaclcson's Tavoriie son! MILDRED P. JAMPEL Juilliard lnsfifufe of Music Malh and Spanish Honor Classes. 6.0. Rep., Malh Tu- lor, Honor Roll, lnlerculfural Club, Program Commillee Secrelary lo Teachers, Minor Service Pin, Piano Teacher She shall make music Wherever she goes. ALlCE E. JEZEK Worlr Honor Roll, Glee Club, Secre- lary 'ro Teacher, lnlirmary As- sisranf, Dramaiic Class. Comedienne No finer lassie can be found We know lhal she is upward bound. DOROTHY JOERG Business Merchandising, Biology, Red Cross Clubs, Green and While Parry, Publiciiy Slaif for Kniclcerboclcer Holiday, Hon- or Roll, Typing Cerlilicale, Asa sislanr 'ro Teachers. Privafe Secrelary Dol's 'rhe gal lo have around, For success she's surely bound. OTTO JOMMERSBACH U. S. Army Locker Squad, Teacher's As- sisfanr. Merry info riches Besl wishes lo you for 'the lu- iure. LAVONA JORGENSEN Business Assislanr in Alfendance Ollice, Secrelary lo Teachers. Honor Roll, Library Rep., Typewriling Cerlificaie. Travel Rings on her lingers, bells on her foes, Everyone loves her wherever she goes. ESTELLE JOSIAH Badminfon, Leaders' Clubs, Mi- nor J, Secrelary fo Teachers. Honor Roll, Slamp Colleclor, 'brary Rep., glish, Hislory or Classes er in +h WAVES he is n ' y nor bold, Sh ' ' sf as good as gold. FLORENCE JOSIAH Tennis, Badminron, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Leaders', Bowling Clubs, Secrelary lo Teachers, G.O. Capl., Defense Slamp Rep., Library Assisfanr, Eng- lish, Creafive Wrifing, Public Speaking Classes, Minor J. Aviairix Losing or winning- Always grinning! JOSEPHINE JULIAN Business School Library Assisfanr, Secrerary lo Teachers, Hickory Log Rep., Typing Cerlificale. Privafe Secrelary Here's a girl you'd like io know You oughl lo meel our dark- haired Jo. HOWARD KATZ Cornell Pre-Med., U. S. Armed Forces English Crearive Wriiing Class. Public Speaking, Physics Hon- or Cl'ass, Honor Roll, Hall Pa- rrol, Tralrlic Squad. Laborafory Research Laborafory research is his field, Many a les? lube he will wield. HERBERT J. KAZDIN N.Y.U. Service Squad, Traffic Lieulen- ani, Lunch Pafrol, Secreiary lo Teachers, Malh Honor Class, Crealive Wriling, Sr. Orches- lra, Honor Roll, Economics Honor, Laborafory Assislani. Docior of Medicine His ambilion we all can bel' Will for him some honor nel. 35 LOUISE KECK Queens College Reorganizafion Squad. Spanish, Malh, English, Honor Classes, Aflendance Secrelary, Honor Roll, Parlicipanf in Radio Broadcasl, Vice-Pres. Bible Club, Mafh Tulor, Lalin Cer- fificale, Arisla, Service in John Adams. Teacher Sweel and capable al any lask Brighl, Yoo-whal' more could you ask? EDWARD KEIL College English Honor Class. Honor Roll. Arls Club, English Office Assislanl, Maior and Minor Service Pins. Engineering Edward has chosen engineering And all can see success is nearing. LENORA C. KEILSOHN Adelphi College-School of Nursing Volleyball Club, Pan-American Club, Jr. Dramalic Club, Bi- oloqy Club, English, Mafh, Hislory. Spanish Honor Classes. Assisfanl +o Teachers. 6.0. Rep., Yearbook Slafi. Honbr Roll. To speak Spanish fluenily Very sweel and frue lo hear? Lenora's a girl who's really smart. ALFRED KELLY Armed Forces Mafh Honor Classes, Baskel- ball Team, Bowling Club, Hon- or Roll. lnfersession Squad Capr., Traffic Squad Capt, Service Squad. Aviafion The sfralosphere won'l' be the rop For AI Kelly will never slop. CHARLES KELLY Army Air Corps Varsily T ack .Iwvyminq T m, nch , r , Traffic ern Jiard, Fire rs a, Mi ogrqph Sq ad mis quad, ' Lo ' Sfahl. Jo Specia Chor ssis ani 'ro Tea C ass, hysics H nor I ilo ie Kelly wanfs fo fly is palh lo success lies up in the sky. FRANK KELLY N.Y.S. Marilime Academy Tennis Team, Honor Roll, Band. The proof of his personalily is in his popularify. 36 MARY KERR Bible School Pres. Bible Club, Band, Or- chesfra, Special Chorus, Malh, English, Spanish Honor Classes, Yearbook Slall, Lunch Palrol, Library and Sfamp Rep., Hon- or Roll, To gel lhe mos? oul' of life Lei lhy words be few buf wisely chosen. KENNETH T. KETTGEN Army Air Force Service Squad. Chem Prep Squad, War S+amp Rep. Soldier A leader among men Tha? will be our Ken. MARY J. KINKAID Secrelary Teacher's Secrelary. WAVES She's a girl wifh brains and slyle And an ever-winning smile. ELAINE KINSTLER Marshall College Lunch Palrol, lnformalion Squad, Mafh and English Honor Classes, English Dra- malics, Program Commillee, Baskelball Club. Lafe Olilice. Teachers' Assislanl, Hislory Office. lnfercullural and Jr. Dramafic Clubs, Malh Tulor, Honor Roll. Psychologist She's full of personalify, Vigor, Vim, Vilalily. GENEVIEVE KI N Whealon Colleg French, Ma nishf En is Honor I e-s, Ba nlon Club. if of Bible u , Re- orga fi n Squa Program C .Q F e ufor, Hon- o ll, afh ice, Creaiive W 'ling Class, Public Speak- ing Class, Sec elary +o Teach- ers. Missionary Sweel' and considerale, and likeable, Righf on fhe iob and always reliable. AGNES KLEIN Cornell Universily Pres. of Newman Club, Arisla, Badminfon Club, Mafh Tulor, Sugar Rafioning, Program Commiflee. Hisfory, French, English, Economics Honor Classes. Honor Roll, Creafive Wriling Class. Lunch Palrol. Diefilian lnleresling and 'lull of fun Always liked by everyone. PHYLLIS B. KLOTZ Hoislra College Hickory Log Rep., Secreiary +o Teacher, Public Speaking Class, G.O. Rep., Service in Midwood Hiqh. Journalisi Phil will rise fo iame Since wrifinq is her aim. DONALD KNAPP Providence Bible lnsiiluie Band, Special Chorus, Lunch Pairol, Conceris, Knickerbock- er Holiday, Economics. Eng- lish, Physics Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Minisfry A fine boy and a fine ambi- iion. STEPHEN KOCIS U.S. Mariiime Academy Fire Marshal, Class Capi., 6.0. Rep., lniersession Squad, Trai- iic Ll. Assembly Squad, Lunch Pairol, lnlramural Swimming Award, Maih Honor Class, Secreiary io Teachers, Swim- minq Team, Service Squad. Navigaior Sieve leaves, Jackson qrieves. RAE KORBY Prail' lnsiiiuie Hillel Socieiy. Jr. Orchesira. Band, Hearfhsione, Merchan- dising, lnierculiural Clubs, Pro- oram Commiiiee. Designer No ambiiion will suil' her finer, Than io be a dress designer. JUNE KOSTER Trade School Vice-Press Sr. Dramaiic Club. English Honor and Dramaiic Classes, Volleyball, Baskeiball, Handball, Tennis, Leaders' Clubs. Minor and Maibr J's. 6.0. Capt, Class Pres., Class Secreiary, Honor Roll, Make- Up Commiiiee for Jeep Show. Archifeci' As qay and cheerful as ihe sun Sweei and kind io everyone. ARTHUR KRAFT College Ampliiicaiion Squad, Chem Prep Squad. Srar Siaii, Li- brary Siaii, Teacherls Assisiani, Jr. and Sr. Orchesira, Year- book Siaii, English, Physics. Maih Honor Classes, English Creaiive Wriiinq and Drama Classes, Honor Roll. Wrifer A wriier of plays, poeiry, and prose, He'll be a headliner, ihai, everyone knows. ROBERT KRAUS Mariiime Academy Service Squad, Bowling Club, Lunch Pairol, Locker Guard, P.S.A.L. Award. Engineer If he works as hard as he does in school, His achievemenis should lasi forever. THELMA KUNST Business Tennis, Swimming, Skaiing Clubs, 6.0. Office Secreiary, Teachers' Assisfanr, Lunch Pa- irol, English Honor Class, Honor Roll, Reorqanizaiion Squad, Yearbook Siaii, Ra- 'rioning Squad. Commercial Designing Her charm, beauty, and ready wli Make Thelma a sure hiil ANITA LALLY Business School Newman Club, Typing Cer- iiiicaie. Business Sweei and cure, Anila Lally ls noi lhe iype io dilly-daily. CLAIRE LALLY Secreiary SPAR-If l'm fall enough by +l1e lime l'm fwenfy. Sweel as a Lally pop. JOHN LALLY Navy Honor Roll. Drafisman John will manage qrear proi- ecis. HELENE LANG Business Honor Roll, Teachers' Assist- ani, German Honor Class. Secrefary Much siudy. no sadness. All good, no badness. 37 DNA LANGNER Adelphi Business Manager of Hickory Log, Aflendance Office, Li- brary Assislanl, Secrefary fo Teachers, Baskelball Club. Honor Roll, Journalism Class. Cedef Nurse With Edna as a cheerful nurse How could a pafienl become worse? ROBERT LAZARUS Johns Hopki n' , Boy Lea r i res. of logy' , sisianl Edilor ' ' o . rifers Cl - res n S anish o Hi L g, Jr l ar, ' ' , ganizalio and y Lab Squads, 1 ss n Squad. F nd l h , p ' , Hislory, glish, Eco- omics Honor Classes, Honor Roll. To be e success in medicine He'll stop pain like novocaine. LOUISE LEAHY Business Teachers' Assislanl, Filing Cer- fificafe. Accounfenf Her accounls will all add up 'ro success. MARGARET LEAHY Telephone Company Journalism Class, Secrelary +o Teachers, Red Cross, Emer- gency Room Assislanl. Business School A lovely lass is Peg, Stay iusl as you arel we beg. PATRICIA JEANNE LEE Special Speech-Radio From Texas 'fo Jackson iusl lo qraduafe wilh lhe class of '44. To have my own radio show. O'er a lelevision ser we'd like fo see This prelly Texan, Pafsy Lee. RITA LEITMAN Adelphi English Honor Class. Bowling Club, Baskelball Club, Volley- ball Club, Honor Roll, Roller Skaling Club, Leaders' Club. Nurse The guiding lighl Through a dark hour. 38 BARBARA A. LETHEN Elmira College Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin, lnformalion Squad, Lunch Pa- rrol, Lafin Cerfificafe, Lalin Tulor, Teacl1er's Assislanr, Li- brary Rep., Yearbook Staff, Bowling Club. Ralion Book Commillee, War Sfamp Rep., Old Hickory Parry. Bacferiologisl Barbara's 'Full of sugar 'n' spice. And, like fhem, she's awfully nice. ROBER-T L VY yC0v1S?qiElrYge Akademvggg ' uad Lun P ol S ues, P.S.i1. A rds, lnlra- sse lqlayy herffrilwsessld! V, ii rrfUtlN QwN7nE?1g, ervi e Squad, Honor oll, rea fo Teachers, Public S Swimming Team, Physi s Hon- or Ciass, Science Prep Squad. Business So Bob wanfs +o ioin lhe Mer- chanf Marinexf In an oFlicer's uniform h5e'll be keen. SYLVIA LIBES Que ns College En h S anish nch, co- n l nch Pair , G.O. ep., Assis Inf lo aryfr. Dra- m f Clu , hue 'flu ice Siu- d 'r r onor R'oll, Aijs- la, rv oe Pin r ok S+ , Pr af i el in any se ling. ESTE LE LIFFNER Business Career Newman Club. Secretary 'lo Teachers, Mrs. McClinlock's Office Squad, Minor Service Pin, Typing Cerfihcafe, War Loan Drive, War Sfamp Rep. To live in Souihamplon Brighl and cheery and never blue ROBERT LITT U. S. Army Air Corps Scenery and Sfage Commillee, G-.O. Capl., Sr. Dramalic Clubs, Service Squad, English Drama Class. Adveriising Execufive He'll.fgo zooming up lhe ladder of success. RUTH LOUGHLIN Jefferson Medical College Hospilal Badminion, Ping Pong, Glee Clubs, Emergency Room As- sisfanf, Lafin Cerjificafe. To be a nurse Her friends are mahy. L-elf' Z CAROL LUBIN Queens College SecreTary To Teachers. Reor- ganizaTion Squad, Spanish Tu- Tor, English and Spanish Honor Classes. Honor Roll, G-lee Club, Special Chorus, English Drama and Public Speaking Classes. Typing CerTificaTe. Singer Classical or pop Carol will reach The Top. RUTH LYNCH DenTal AssisTanT SecreTary To Teachers, Typing CerTiTicaTe, 6.0. Rep. To find all The happiness and pleasure possible Thai' my life has in sTore for me. She will sail on The ship oT ambifion She will land on The shores QT success. . MURIEL MacH Vassar C Teache s reTary, Spanish TuTer, 'b ry Rep.. English. Spa ' onor Classes, Honor R ege-Languages s a linguisT she will score. Who could ask Tor anyThing more? MALCOLM MAC LEOD HisTory and 'English Honor Classes, Service Squad, Pro- gram CommiTTee. SelecTive Service CommiTTee. Honor Roll. Mefallurgisf Upon This lad our dough we'll sTack, 'Cause we Teel sure he's on The righT Track. CAROL MAHLSTEDT Nursing School G.O. CapTain. Vocalisf wiih Band Happiness comes on wings oT song, Wifh a voice like hers, Carol can'T go wrong. 1, . V I f , RIC J. MANZO Ar ir C s l Serv: Sq fa hem l. uad. Eleciir' Squad., rT AssisTanT in Vi T y S D Engineer Where There' o, Th 's a way I Hell, make good engineer somexde - gf' .-JJ LAWRENCE R. MARTIN U. S. Navy lllusTraTor FirsT he'll Take his hiTch aT sea Then an illusTraTor he will be. ROSEMARY MARTIN SecreTary Honor Roll. English CreaTive WriTing and l-lonor Classes. Lunch PaTrol. Commercial ArTisT Success in arT is her aim IT is sure To bring her Tame. WINIFRED MARTIN lnTormaTion Squad. Old Hick- ory ParTy, G.O. Rep., Lunch Parrol. Newman, Glee and Jr. DramaTic Clubs, AssisTanT To Teacher. ArT STaTT of Yearbook. Commercial ArTis+ One oT The besT loved girls in The Senior Class. ls Winnie MarTin, This sweeT liTTle lass. TypisT . , gyr2eTal4' To Ifichers. T ing e ' ifi Te.l f -1Re?fJao4fRecr ' ' w M' Jackson will e low When Jo'apvdoTh go. JOAN MATH WY K P ,, Z, GWEN MAUK SecreTary and College 6.0. Rep., Volleyball Club. Pres. oT Bible Club, SecreTary To Teachers, CapT. of Lunch PaTrol, ConTesT Pin. Treasurer oT Sr. Class. Happiness and Success Lovely To look aT DelighTTul To knowl BEATRICE McCARTHY SecreTarial Work SecreTary To Teachers, Honor Rell, HisTory Honor Class. Ten- nis Club, Journalism Class. PrivaTe SecreTary AT The menTion of her name We all Think of TuTure Tame. 39 l ,I fi N7 JOAN McCORMACK Adelphi College Bowling Club, Three Minor J's, Bowling Trophy, Honor Roll. Commercial Pilof We hope Thel any Troubles you meeT will be as easy To lcnoclc over as Those bowling pins. THOMAS McGARTY MerchanT Marine Chair Repair Squad, Service Squad, AssisTanT To Teacher, Loclrer Guard, English Boolc- room, Yearbook Business STaTT. To see The world We hope he will do as well in The TuTure as he has done in The pasT. WILLIAM J. McGARVEY U. S. Army CapT. of Machine Shop Club, Machine lnsTrucTor, Shop As- sisTanT, Machine Shop Squad. AeronauTics Research Work, MaTh Honor Class, Library Rep. Chemisi' A chemisT of hiqh degree ThaT's whaT Bill will surely be. JENNY MCGILL Business Emergency Room AssisTanT. Typing CerliTicaTe, Merchan- dising Honor Class. Typisf Demure and sweeT She can'T be beaTl JOHN MCGUIRE Army Air Corps EnlisTed Re- serve . Lunch PaTrol, Service Squad, lnlfersession Squad, Tralilic Squad, English Honor Class. C.P.A. WiTh a reserve like Jaclf, how can we lose? s J JAC LINE KINNEY Y r T U i siTy sLs!anT Teacher, Lunch rol, Yea ook STaTT. rse A e url ThaT everyone ills She l ves an impression whe ver she goes. 40 ALICE McLAUGHLIN Brown's Business School Secrefairy Here's hoping for success To you And happiness in all you do. PEGGY McLEAN Queens College Girl Leader of ArisTa, Table Tennis, lnTerculTural, LaTin American Clubs, Reorganiza- Tion Squad. Lunch PaTrol, Eng- lish, HisTory, MaTh, French Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Minor J. SecreTary To Teach- ers, Vice-Pres. of Sr. Class. We will never TorgeT Peqqy'S name She's well on her way To glory and Tame. BENITA McRAE Misericordia Hospifal Lunch PaTrol, Bowling, Volley- ball, Leaders' Tennis Clubs, Four Minor J's, Two Maior J's. Cadef Nurse Tennis and bowling are her dishes. ThaT's why we're sure she'll gel' her wishes. BERNARD MEOLI School-Worl: Honor Roll, Teacher's AssisT- anT. Draffsman Since he's a guy who's really swell, As a draTTsman he's sure To excel. MIRIAM MEIE W usin s eac ers, ing q he crow r h ad' K-0 I . fl + Tv I' Here is a girl you cannol' bea'l'. GLORIA MESCH Business School Honor Roll, Lunch PaTrol, New- man Club, French Honor Class. Travel She may be very shy, BUT she's pleasing To The eye. MARILYN MESLIN Prall Hislory, English, Malh Honor Classes, Leader's Bowlinq, Bad- minlon, Lalin American Clubs, Associale Edilor Ari Slall Year- book, Lalin Tufor, Alfendance Squad, Alexander Arl Medal, P.S.A.L. Pin, Honor Roll. Adveriising Design May Marilyn's desiqns be as nice as Marilyn herself. ELAINE R. MESSINGER Queens Colleqe Enqlish, French, Spanish. Eco- nomics, I-lislory Honor Classes, Teacher's Assislanl, 6.0. Rep- resenlalive, Library Assislanf, Bowlinq, lnlercullural, Seven Arls Clubs. Honor Roll, Enqlish Dramalic Class. Teacher The key lo qlory, lhe door lo success, These are 'rreasures she'll ever possess. ELEANOR MEIZGER Kalharine Gibbs Honor Roll, Service in anolher school. Privafe Secreiary The culesl qirl you ever saw ls our friendly Eleanor VIRGINIA MEYER Here's luck, Ginny. MARY MIES Pace lnslilule Honor Roll. Public Speakinq, Economics Honor Class, Secre- fary To Teachers. Seven Arls Club. Sicreiary . Neal arid' llicienl. Mary will be Aller qraeiialion as a secrefaryf JEA MILFOR ro ' B ' Sco ss h ol lo Mrs. T vel arefree, qay- Come wha? may. ELEANOR MILLER Business Typinq Cerlilicale, Chairman of Flying Squad, Honor Roll. To lead a happy life. Two of fhe qualifies you possess Are qaiely and friendliness. JANE E. MILLER Oueens Colleqe Diel'ilian's Office Assislanl, ln- lerculfural Club, Arl Slall ol Yearbook, Enqlish, Malh, Eco- nomic Honor Classes. A reqular kind of qirl ol whom if may be said. Thar she has more 'lhan non- sense in her prelly head. JOSEPH T. MILLER Navy Phofoqrapher WhaT's Jackson's loss is Navy's qein. WILLIAM MILLHAM Office Work lor Governmenl Aflendance Squad, Library Squad, Enqlish Honor Class. To afiain high posiiion in Gov- ernmenl work Bill we know will be lops in his lrade Cause lhal's lhe way Billy is made. ELOISE MOHR Colleq Secre Teachers, Malh Hon a , r , r Sr. Or , German lor, ercullural an qer r. , Kms e Holiday, o rls. Teacher gqfa mrnil e, Ba Q u She'll n r 0' Z Till she reaches . X R. DONA NKS o Pre en o s U. S. N no II, ' l w- . rculfura and Dra afic , ecre- la , Kish Hon r lass, OI Hay a , .O. C s p- lain, P.S.A wards, lary 'ro Teachers, Proqram Commil- lee, Yearbook Slafl, Senior Jus- 'rice of Sludenl' Court To succeed in all I underlake Wherever he'll go, whalever he'll do Wilh hiqh Flyinq colors he's sure lo come lhrouqh. 41 V ff? wif? . .-u' I' kjfff fi K EILEEN MOORE .Slenoqrapher Honor Roll, Bioloqy Squad. Secrerary fo Teachers, Program Commiffee, Suqar Rafioninq, Library Represenfalive, Enqlish Honor Class. To be happy Her linqers are nimble and quick As a iypisf, shes quiie slick. delinq School refary To Teachers, Seven Arfs, Merchandisinq. Glee Clubs, Library Assislanl, Enq- lish Honor Class, Dramaiic Class, Yearbook Business Sialf, Publicity Sfalf. Model Variefy qirl she'll always be Havinq a qood Mme is her special+y. GEORGE MUNSON Armed Service When fhe foe approaches he'll be ready We can depend on Gveorqe in keep fhinqs sfeady. BARBARA MURCOTT Cadei Nurse Corps 05 Asslsfanr fo Mr. ve on, LMnch,Ffla+rbl. Lil5lrary'p:Cqs1isianl, Journalism Class. Sisfer lo Freshmen, Spanish, Enolish 2-loner Classes, Bowlinq Club. , 4'u'de Parry' H nor Rall. Iofba qoofnqri i , To Babs we fake off our 5 Cause fhere ain'l' many qals like fhaf. VIOLET TERESA MURPHY Business Pres. of Newman Club, Vice- Pres. Senior Drarnafic Club. Honor Roll, Sfamp Represenie- +ive, Enqlish Honor Class, Mrs. Broqan's Office Squad, Glee Club, Volleyball, Baslcefball. Handball, Deck Tennis. Leaders' Clubs, Raiioninq Commilfee. Lunch Pafrol, Hickory Parlv, Bowlinq Club. Secreiary Always lallcinq, smilinq, merry, ls our very mischievous Terry, HARRY MURRAY Merchanf Marine General Science Squad, Elec- frical Service Squad, Teacher's Assisfanl, Library Represen+a- live. Sfafe Police To ioin he Merchani Marine is his ambifion, Where he'll carry ou+ Jaclcson's fradifion. 42 RIE Mmm CARL MURZIN Colleqe lnrersession Squad, Enqllsh Journalism Classes. Enqlish, Hisiory, Mafh Hanoi? Classes. Malh Tuior. Engineer Each problem is a challenqe Each vicfory a sleppinq sfone. FLORENCE NEEDHAMMER .DQf'SCl'l0Ol 1 Service Squad, Honor Roll, , French, Enqlish, Honor C a Enqlish Journal- ism Class. Ygmgjl-Pairol, Lafin Ceriificanff' , ' 'r Secrefaryc. '- R' Lia Florence nev orries she's full of iun She iusf fakes sfhihis as they come. r ' T CA WAN Ou n a Q Ho Rol p is and Enqlish r ss r's Assisi- n , ary sisla T, Infer- c f , Vo all, Baslcefball, Lea s' s. Reorqanizafion Squa, Pr ram Commiiiee. Yearbook Sfaff, Maior J.. A.R.A.M. Medal. Nurse Her fwinlclinq eye, her merry line Will qreel' you almosi' any fi e. LAWRQE Nlvlrsxv Na V-I2 Chief er ' IC Lieufema , ersession Squad, Assisfanf +o Teachers, Locker Gua , nformafion Sq ad. Engl WA A fine en we're sun lie'lf be S Whien he refurnsf same + e sea. JANET E. NICHOLL Business Schoo f I War Sfamp -.-5 -9.1 ' - formalion S il.. A '- Privafe Secrefary . I Lovely fo loolc af ' Deliqhfful fo lcno E Nl L d B s ss eq eiar Tea rs. B li ub. Pr vafe crefa ry Up +he adder of success she'll qlide. EVELYN MARIE NICHOLSON Queens College Bowling Club, Hislorv, Honor Class, Teachers' Assislanf. 6.0. Represeniafive, Lunch Pafrol, Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin. Journalisl' She'll reporl' ihe news from over +here Wifh frulh, wif, and miqhiy 'fine care. MILDRED NOBLE Queens College Honor Roll, Enqlish Honor Class, Library Represeniafive, Secrefary fo Teachers, Baslref- ball, Volleyball, l..eaders', Box Ball, Badminfon and Roller Slcafinq Clubs, Minor J, Maior J, A.R.A.M., Conlesl' Pin. Healfh Educalion Teacher Afhlelics is her dish She's sure lo gel her wish. MARIE O'CONNOR Cade? Nurse Corps Library Assisianl, Assislani +o Teachers, Hiclrory Loq Repre- senfalive. Nurse , She'll be more 'rhan iusl all riqhl When she dons her dress of while. FRED OESTERLE - Army Air Force Lunch Parrol, Tralilic Squad, Service Squad. Mechanical Engineer An army pilol' he will be To do his share for viclory. ARLINE OLSEN Business School English Honor Class, Typewrif- ing Cerfificaie, Honor Roll, Secreiary lo Teacher. Secreiary We wish her success in every way And may her happiness increase day by day. EILEEN O'NElL U. S. Cade? Nurse Corps Nurse Her wish is noi spurred by vanify She wanis fo aid humanily. PAULA ORMSTEN Colleqe Hisfory, English, French, Eco- nomics Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Ping Pong, Bowlinq, Seven Arls Clubs, Assis+anl' io Teach- ers, Library Represeniafive. Lunch Pafrol, Yearbook Slafi. Journalism, Public Speaking Classes. High School Teacher lndusirious, earnesl' and sincere Paula's a girl who's full of cheer. GENEVIEVE OSNATO Business Honor Roll, Secrelary 'lo Teachers. Secreiary Ready, willing and able. EILEEN OSTRANDER Office Work Enqlish Honor Class, Secrelary lo Teachers, Rafioninq Board, Emergency Room Assisfanf. Be a good wife Eileen makes liHle noise Bur she has lols of poise. EILEEN OTT Business Baskeiball and Leaders' Club, Secreiary lo Teacher, Typinq Cerliiicafe, Raiioninq Commii- fee, Secrefarial Shall of fhe Yearbook, Mrs. McClin+ock's Office Squad, Flyinq Squad. War Loan Drive. Business unfil +he Navy comes home Tall, cule and sweei, fha+'s Eileen. ALVENA PALMINTERE Kaiharine Gibbs Teach 's Assis ani, rs, Bro- , ' qan' e , n Sp + H or lasses. Spanish Cerlifi e, Informa- lion Squad, Lun P ol, Minor J's,f' r , Basker- b , inion bs, Program Commiffee, S denf Pfrfy, A.R.A,M. Medals, J . afic, Glee Clubs. Secrefary , A dark and lovely lighfhearled qal, We expecf a lof of blifhesome Al. ANTOINETTE PAL INTERE Kalharine Gibbs Ush e, lnlo 'on' Mr. Br ,an's O quads, S i min , Li y Assisianf Par e be Program ming, Bo g, Bas -, u s Assislanl, Privaie ecrelary All who lcnow her ilce ln our opinion. Ann is swell 3 akolaf L P l e, X i .- ' I b. ' I l Aliendanc FH :J r' 1 I I l ll n. LUCY PARISI Sienoqrapher Join ihe Marine Corps Always quief, always sieadv She's ambifious. ever ready. LOUIS R. PFEFFER Dulce Universify Malh, Physics, Hisrory. Spanish, English Honor Classes, Varsi+y Track Team, Varsily Baslrelball Manaqer. Service Squad, Traffic Squad, Locker Guard, Honor Roll. Elecrrical Engineer If he manaqes his life as well as he did +he learn, he has nolhinq io worry abouf. DREW PHILLIPS Bucknell Physics and Maih Honor Classes. Honor Roll. Chemical Engineer Aboui him we can 'rruly say Thai he has always been O.K. JELI SA PICKLER ne I' , n afive. Ov fh boun q e'll H puness will slrew her frail. wiLLE rr our , Co ell i Colleqe -Ban Sr d Jr. Orchesfra, W xHi n lish, alh, hysics , i ono las s, P Com- o , l, e-Session K c r ocker Holi' d . Agricullurisi He'll improve fhe larminq con- difion By achievinq his ambifion. KATHLE POW RS olle ' o 5 -- o- olley- b ea e . ' an, Dis- cussi -Q. .O. Ca in. Lunc A ndance f- fice, D enlse S .xn enresen- fafive A . ra Afhlefic M d!! Q ' Laf ' ac - Mischie - 51 noise, And plerh f poise. 44 DORIS PUFAHL Brown's Business School Honor Roll. War Sramp Repre- senlafive, Assislanl fo Teachers. Private Secreiary A sweei qirl, a sweef fhouqhf May you qain rhe +hinqs you've souqhf. HELEN S. REDDEN Nursing Hisiory Honor Class, Teacher's Assisianf, Library Assislani, Li- brary Represenlaiive, Newman Club. Honor Roll. To iravel Around The world she qoes And where she'II sfop, nobody knows. FLORENCE REDFERN Secrefarial Posiiion Honor Roll, Typewriiinq Cer- fiiicale. To have people look up fo me Good rhinqs come in small paclcaqes. JOAN REUPER K'a'fharine Gibbs Secrefary fo Teachers, Typewrif- inq Cerfilicaie, Honor Roll, Suqar Rarioninq, Hickory Loq Represenfalive. Wave For aclive duly she'll free a qob Thar will be her war-lime iob. ANETTE REUSCHLE Cadei' Nurse Corps Glee Club, Lunch Parrcl, Li- brary Assisiani. Honor Roll, Library Represenlafive, Secre- rary 'ro Teacher, Baslre+ball. Handball, and Leaders' Clubs, Minor J. P.S.A.L. Pin. To find a Finnigen Pin A beauiiful fufure she's bound fo win Afrer she finds her Finniqen Pin. JAMES REYNOLDS Service Squad, Traffic Squad, P.S.A.L. Award, Door Guard. Shop Assisianf. Flyer Ai play and in his iob. He'll always be above The mob. JOAN RICHARD Business School Baskefball, Leaders', Bowlinq, Volleyball, Merchandise Clubs, Secreiary fo Teachers, Library Represeniaiive, Maior and Minor Service Pins, P.S.A.L. Pin. To Travel Thouqh rravelinq will brinq you many new places May you always remember old friends and old faces. DAPHNE RICHARDS Business School-Model Glee Club, lnformalion Squad, Teacher's Assisfanf. Baskeiball and Leaders' Clubs, Suqar Ra- iioninq Commifiee. To Travel We hope she sees ihe world fhrouqh rose colored qlasses. ILLIAM RIEKERT al Air Corps niersession Squad, Spanish Honor Class, Track Team, Microscope and Slee Clubs, ,Senior Band, Honor Roll. Cerfified Public Accounianf One swell fellow we all say They don'+ come like him every day. EUNICE RIVERS Lincoln School for Nurses Honor Roll, Enqlish, Hislorv, Spanish, Honor Classes, Teach- er's Assisfanly Presideni' of In- ferculfural Club, Hickory Loq Associafe Ediior, Class Secre- iary, Library Assisianf, Office Helper, Glee Club, Bus Tickel' Represenrarive, Reorqanizaiion Squad, Recordinq Commifiee, Seven Aris Club. Nurse As a woman in whife She'll be rhe parienfs' deliqhf. JANE RIVERS War Work Enqlish and Spanish Honor Classes, Enqlish Drama Class, Honor Roll. Model Jane Rivers sleek and slender As a model she'll be a sender. NEIL RODDEN U. S. Navy Radio As a navy qob, He'll do his iob. DOROTHY C. ROGERSON Adelphi Library Assisfanf, Teacher's Secrefary, lniormafion Capfain Ushereiie Capfain, Mrs. Bro- qan's Office Squad, Bowlinq, Glee Clubs, Minor Pin, War Bond Represenfafive, Old Hickory Parfy. Model Adelphi will qreei her wilh open arms When Doiiie comes wifh all her charms. DOROTHY ROLLINS Work Secretary +o Teacher, Honor Roll. Secrefary A liHle bundle of vim, viqor, and viialify. JOHN ROONEY Army Air Corps Manaqer of Dance Band, Senior Orcheslra, Honor Roll. 4 Band, Conceris, Knickerbocker Holiday, Teacher's Assisfani, Junior Orchesfra, Music Copy- isf ' 1 Musician He plays his music sweei' and hoi He's The bas? clarineiisf Jack- son's qof. LAURA RUTH ROSENBERG Zf. . M qan Univ rsify T f i qi if o i Club, 'lle o ief 5' 6 'n-f Ameri f- ' .-c '2 ' r or- afory Assisfanf, ,- Hisrory Ho r 3 ,547 our- nalism C ss, eorqanizajion Squad cr ry fo Te cher, Bask l, T ' -'J' 24- in- fon u s. - ' Laborafory Technician Goodness me! Did you ever See a qirl so sweer and clever? NADEEN ROSENBERG 0' Se T ial or ff o n sh C alive grigngf 1 4 Li r R p I cr , s S. f Y -7 ' e r ni' 've. ' ' ee+ if-MAWXJL gra uafion She's lovely, she sw She's afiracf' , . s near, EVELYN ROTHMAN N. Y. U. . , ' Hislory, Econorn' , Mafh, i fi Jr Frenc , S ' H nor , T 'I Cla 5, Ali ,Hile ' , . R iz' ion' 'fiefertfl-j ' Sq ad, G l, Tufor of . ranch an' . Join ine wAvEs , - Li , Evelyn wanis To :be a Wave, Q The whole world she pw fo 'jjh' save, ' 45 G:de+ Nurs orps WILLIAM ROTHSCHILD Army Air Corps Swimrninq Team. Archifecf Liqhlninq in wafer, Molasses on land. If you ask for his homework His face becomes bland. GERTRUDE RU GER l s Sla Represenlafive, All d c lhce Assisfanf. To b Army Lieufenanf Trudy w nl l loin lhe service lf she ie we won'+ be r7lfous. MURIEL SAMUELSON Business School Lunch Palrol, Journalism Class, Teachers' Assisfanl. To own a farm Here's a qirl 'rhal's prelfy slick, Where'er she goes she's bound +0 click. ROSE MARIE SANTO Sfenoqrapher Aflendance Squad, Baskelball, Volleyball, Clubs, Secrelary lo Mr. Bove, Spanish Honor Class, Honor Roll, Proqram Commit- fee, 6.0. Represenlafive, Spanish Honor Cerfihcafe, Typewrifinq Cerlificafe. Privaie Socreiary A qirl who's riqhlly named. JOSEPH SCHEINES Universify of Wisconsin Chief of Traffic Squad. Lunch Pafrol, Service Squad, Maior Service Pin, Track Team, Maier J, Yearbook Sfaff, Mafh, Enq- lish, Hisfory Honor Classes. Honor Roll, Bio. Prep. Squad. Bowlinq Club, Swimminq Secre' fary, Reorqanizafion Squad. Firsr Prize Slar Shorf Slory Con- lesl. Journalism Always on fhe run He's sure a lol' of fun. ROBERT G. SCHELLHORN Navy Sfock Clerk lnduslrious, courleous and effi- cient 46 FAITH SCHILLING Kalharine Gibbs Bowlinq, Tennis, Pinq Ponq Clubs, French, Spanish, Enqlish, Hislory Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Assisfanl' lo Teacher, Year- book Sfalil. Privafe Secrefary Small and dark With fhaf viral spark. JEROME SCHLACTUS Queens Cc-lleqe Associafe Edifor ol Yearbook, Traffic Squad, Service Squad. Jr. and Sr. Dramalic Clubs, English Dramafic and Public Speakinq Classes, Economics Honor Class, Honor Roll, Teacher's Secrefary, Jeep Show. Social Sludies Never silenf, always merry, Thaf's our pal, The acfor, Jerry. EILEEN SCHLESINGER Cornell Enqlish Dramafic Class, Glee Club, Lunch Parrol, Teacher's Assisranf, Assislanr in Emer- gency Room, Bond Commiflee, Honor Roll. Docfor A liflle qirl wilh hear? so lrue, Her ambition is sure lo come lhru. ALICE SCHMIDT Pace lnsfifufe Newman, Seven Arls Clubs, Secrelary fo Teachers, Year- book Sfalzl, Rafion Board, Minor Service Pin, Honor Roll. Secreiary Gel 'ro know her, lake our advice. She's so much fun and very nice. DOROTHY SCHMIDT Colleqe Enqlish and Economics Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Journalism Classes, Bowlinq and Newman Clubs, Teacher's Secrefary. Teacher A lovely girl, and very smarl To be bolh lhinqs is quife an arf. KATHERINE SCHMIDT Prarl Insfifule Honor Roll, Bowling Club, Secrefary io Teachers. Ari' Secretary of The Yearbook. Commercial Arfisf Though she speaks bur liflle Whal' she says is much. I LE DT Ma aculafe Hospiial- N Training w an Club, Aiiendance quad, Library and Teachers Assisiani Nursing Her winninq ways Will win her praise. JOHN SCHNEIDER Navy Band, Orcheslra, Dance Band Leader, Concerls, Jr. Orches- fra, Kniclcerboclcer Holiday. Musician Music haih charms! UDREY SCHOLER cref r'a chool T i rii i le, Secrelary fo Te r. Pr le Secrefary udrey's bound for a hiqher level ln lelriers and dicialion she will revel. BETTY SCHROEDER Long Island Universiiy Bialoqy Tulor, Library Repre- senlalive, Arisra, Teacher's As- sisfanl, Enqlish Office, Crealive Wriiinq Class, Honor Roll. Pro- qram Commiflee, Typewrilinq Ceriiiicafe, Wriiers' Club, Seven Aris Club, Edilor-in- Chief of Sfar, Enqlish. Eco- nomics Honor Classes, Raiion- inq. Here's io Beify, Jaclcson's own Sl'arl ll's dollars Io doughnuis ihai she'll qo lar! CLAIRE SCHUBERT Delehanfy lnsliiufe G.O. Represenfalive, Enqlish, French Honor Classes, Creaiive Wririnq Class, Honor Roll. To be successful The shining qualify 'rhal' Claire possesses ls sure fo lead her lo many successes. HELEN SCHUCHMAN Business Merchandising and Newman Clubs, Honor Roll, Teacher's Assisfanr, Filing Cerlificale. Sfenographer Cool and quiei, sweel, serene, A girl so nice is seldom seen. ETHEL SCHULHAUS Secrefarial School Presidenl of S.B.O.F.. Hillel Socieiy, Yearbook Slaii, Lunch Pairol, Arisia, Honor Roll, Teacher's Assisfanr, Spanish, Enqlish, Malh, Hisiory Honor Classes, G.O. Represeniaiive, Baslcefball Club, Minor Service Pin, Reorqanizalion Squad, Siylisi' A girl wilh brains and loolcs qalore, ' To rhe pinnacle of fame will F SOGF. BETTY SCHWARZ .4 ' s Hunier College . l-lislory, English Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Secre ary 'io Teach- er, Bowlinq Club To be a success A splendid girl her classmafes say Whai beiier fribule can ihey PaY- MARGARET M. SEFCHIK U. S. Marine Corps-Reserve for Women Honor Roll, English Office As- sisianf, Library Assisfani, Li- brary Represeniaiive, Defense Slamp Represenla+ive, Filinq Cerlilicafe, Infirmary Assisianl. Pl1o+ographer's Model A model, Maqqie wanfs fo be. She'Il be a good one as you can see. LUCILLE SEMON Sienoqrapher and Typisl Volleyball Club, Secrefary fo Teachers, Program Commiilee, Enqlish and Spanish Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Arisfa. Privaie Secrefary ln heiqhi she's noi' so Iall Bui' in school she passes all. GERTRUDE SE Business Bowling s e olleyball Clubfi rary i nl, Lib ai f fgep esenf i e. raffsrii W ' nrro u lo our ' rudie ,f e all agree s e is a cuhe. X ALICE SHEBENE Business Teacher's Assisianf To be a success May you have healih and riches loo May you succeed in all you do. 47 WILLIAM SHIELDS Good luck, Bill. GENE SHULMAN New York University Secretary 'ro Teachers. Bowlinq, Pinq Ponq, Baslcefball, Volley' ball, Leaders' Clubs. Business Career A business career is 'rhe wish of Jean We're sure she'lI qei il' 'cause she's really lreen. EDNA SIEGMUND Business Aliendance Squad, Teacher's Assisfani, Siamp Represenfa- live. Socrefary Smilinq, cheerful, and depend' able k Noihinq aboui her +haI's no? commendable. MARIE SIM Hunfer Colleqe French Honor Class, Pinq Ponq Club, Hickory Loq, Honor Roll, Lafin Tufor, Lafin Cerfificaie. Secrelary fo Teacher. Medicine and Music Wifh Marie's brains and iovial- :fy If is ceriain she'll benefit humanify. CARMELA SIMONETTI Secrefary Secrefary Io Teachers. Enqlish Honor Class, Honor Roll. Secreiary A qood secrefary she wants +o be And a qood one she'll make, you'lI see. LEONORE SINDEL Nursinq School Honor Roll, Maih Honor Class. Creaiive Wrifinq Class. Lafe Office, Laiin-American Club. Proqram Commifiee, Secreiary fo Teachers. To become a nurse Wifh brains and fine disposifion Leonore will succeed in anv posifion. 48 CAROLYN SKIDMORE Business Secrefary to Teachers, Suqar Ralioninq. Secrelary Jus? The kind 'rhaI's hard 'lo find. ELIZABETH SMITH Secrefary Enqlish Honor Classes. Lunch Pairol, Honor Roll, Assisiani Io Teacher, Sugar Ralioninq. Secreiary Charming, pleasant and pefife Knowing her is quife a freai. HELEN SMITH Business Journalism Class. Honor Roll, Typewrifinq Ceriiiicaie. Secre- tary 'ro Teachers. To be happy Her name may noi be ouisiand- inq Bu? her personaliiy ceriainly is. PATRICI N W ' Busin ggary I a ef- , V all. e Tennis lu on Journalist If anyfhinq suqqesis news Pai will surely follow Ihe clues. MARY SOFARELLI , e ral Ofli Wo k I II, . X, minion Clubs. Minor J in all abs. We hope yo er 'Ihe Waves Io ihe pe of suc- cess. RUTH E. SOF Conneciicul' eqe French. omi , Honor Iasse, or , Bowlinfl lu iiiorSS e,Pi ,Teach- ssisi T 0 a er r h and i s will be w n And ill e lished from fown Io fown. gf, V MARY SOLAZZO Secreiary Honor Roll, Teachers' Assisi- ani. Graduafion Af fhe menfion of her name We all Think oi success and fame. JEAN SORENSEN Drama School and Theaire 6.0. Hisiorian, G.O. Repre- senfaiive, Cheerleader, Sr. Drama Club, Enqlish Drama Class, Theaire Class. Honor Rell, Baskefball, Tennis. Swim- minq, Volleyball, Leaders' Clubs, A.R,A.M. Awards, Teach- er's Secrefary, Lunch Parrol. Treasurer Senior Class, Adress, Siege and Mofion Pic- iure We're all sure nofhinq will bar Jeannie from becominq a movie siar. PIERINA SOTTOSANTI Colleqe Lunch Pafrol, Enqlish Honor Class, Secrefary lo Teachers. Enqlish Dramaiics Class, War Sfamp Represeniaiive, Proqram Commifiee, Emerqency Room Assisfani. Ralioninq Acfress Jusl a qirl of our sorl' She's an all round qood spori. HOWARD SPEGMAN Bucknell-Navy Air Corps Honor Roll, 6.0. Capfain, War Siamp Represeniaiive, Jr. Glee Club, lnlrarnural Baskefball Championship Team, Teachers Assistant, Dean's Squad, 6.0. Office Assisiaril. Engineer His manner and his friendly air Make him welcome everywhere. KE H STA C H e'swishinq yi ll' f ck Z ELMER J. STANG Navy-Universiiy of Penn. Track Team, Spanish and Enq- lish Honor Classes, Service Squad, 6.0, Represenlaiive, Honor Roll, Sfamp Represenla- five. ' Business Tall, dark, handsome as can be. All 'rhe qirls siqh when Elmer +hey see. GLORIA ,STAUDT American Academy ol Drama- fic Arls Library Assisfani, Secrefary fo Teacher, Enqlish Dramaiics Class. Actress On The sfaqe she'll reach qreai lame, And everyone will know her name. EMILY STAVRAND Secrefary or Bookkeeper Honor Roll, Lunch Pairol,,En - lish onor l Li r rese iari' , lyinq Squad, Typinq Ceriificale. Suqa Ralioninq Commiffee, Secr WVPOK Teachefs. Wave .k ', . Quietidependable and clever Her virfues can qo on forever. ANN STEEN Business Honor Roll, lnfirmary Assislanl. Crealive Ari' Work Briqhl and cheery all 'rhe while She's ihe qirl wiih fhe lovely smile. DOROTHY STEIN Ari School Laboralory Assisfanf, Afiend- ance Squad. Commercial Arfisf Her pleasani disposilion will yield A iob in 'rhe commercial arl Held. HOWARD STEIN Columbia Olzlice Assisfant, Yearbook Siafi, Mafh Club, Mafh, Enq- lish, Hislory, Physics Honor Classes, Hickory Loq, Enqlish Journalism Class, Physicisi And sfill ihey qazed and sfill wonder qrew, Thai one small head could carry all he knew. JEANNE A. STOCKER Barnard Bioloqy Prep. Laboralory, Enq- lisb and Economics Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Lunch Pafrol, Proqram Commiliee. Bioloqy Club. Medicine She'll be more ihan a decora iion in any operalinq room. 49 ri DEULAH A. STONE U. S. Cadef Nurse Corps Specia Chorus, Gi e. lnier- cul l, yaskefball, owlinq C s, Ass nl + Teachers. .A. .Pi ni lion Squad. q ' h o ' lass. cv Nur ei h is n all around gal Th her personalify, she's a fine pal. FRANCES E. STOREY Business Honor Roll. Usherelies, Sisfer of Freshmen, Green and While Parfy, Yearbook Staff, Informa- fion Squad. English and Hisiory Honor Classes, Secrelary of Lafin-American Club, Library Assislanf, Emergency Room Assislanl. Locker Guard, Teach- er's Assislani, Bowlinq and Volleyball Clubs. Aviafrix Full Noi iokl 5 'and wise-cracks liooy , F S J Ol. sic Concerfs. lim r in 's ecmiary, Honor Roll, u ar Wi niyriiiifnqlish Honor a N, mf Glee Clubs. XR J-gig M Of k A 7 Nursi y all fhe rpfessions +his l'l! pic To nurse ihe ailing and help lhe sick. BERNIC VAN A Ip le L ch P frol, acre ar fo a hers, ibrary pr a- ve, n Class. :sm onor Roll. Service O ice, S.O.F., Minor Service Pin. Nurse A credii 'ro The school is she RAYMUND V. SUTTON Marin , r ' S l'aM'pgBQ nc Squad, Honor ll. 'n arine Raymund nb All ihe qui ill 1 C T ulion. SONYA T HAUSER English F iory. Sp hu Eco- nomic , r asses. e e W' Cla , each- ' Assi owling grinn- on, r an s, Pro- qrarn Comfrwld rqaniza- lion, S.O.F. quads, Spanish Tutor, Associaie Ediior of Siar. Adverfising Her charming smile and win- ning way Become her more and more each day. 50 MARGIT ARASOFF Singer Mgr ' sl LJ. Ho or Roll, Baskelba , Vol balm Bagvinlon Clu s. Typewrifinekfl il? o Code erlificaie, le , A.R.A.M e l. I Professional a e Marqii' has such a on rful smile Thai everylhinq she does seems worl'h while. EILEEN TARMEY Business Secrsfary. - She'll reach fhe fop because of her swell personalily. - I I K ROY TEICHERT English and Hisfory Honor Classes, English Public Speak- ing Class, Honor Roll. Enier faiher's business and be- come an enirepreneur. Enlhusiasm + Ambilion -l- Braing : Success in any line. BETTY M. THOMPSON Mary lm hqe School i Nurs Q las ers oTnci'ib Squad Public . 'Is 0 S : - - 0 :-Q , xi Com . r n and in Service n . I - . 6 . I ' Speak ass To be a nurse A good iob ahead For lhe head l'hal's done o good iob. GLADYS THOMPSON Queens College Swimming Assisianf, Capi. Swimming Team, Wriiers' and Dramalic Clubs, English, Mafh, Spanish Honor Classes, Or- chesiro, Teacher's Assisianl, Library Assislanf, Siar Slahi, Associafe Ediior of Yearbook, Typing Cerliiicare, Honor Roll. High School Music Teacher. Gladys has beaufy and brains lo spare She'Il go lhrouqh life wiihoul a care. JERRY TOMLINSON Musician His life will be composed of fame and happiness With his lalenl and 'friends he couldn r have less. LORRAINE E. TRAENKLE N. Y. U. Economics Honor Class, Honor Roll, Orchesfra, Chemisfry Club, 6.0. Represenfafive, War Sfamp Represenrafive, lnferculfural Club. Diefifian Good for rhe dief. M R UERITE TRICKA Dele anfy Business School P Tommiffee, Teacher's Secre ar , epchandis' g Hon- or Cl , Hong Ro , Typing Cerlifi . Privafe Qary Friendly and 'X shes o. ki 'P f, JEAN TRIEBEL College Bowling, Tennis, Ping Pong Clubs, French, Spanish, Hisfory, Physics, English, Mafh Honor Classes, Liferary Slaff of Year! book, Honor Roll, Teachers Secrefary. Tall and fair, friendly and kind A nicer girl is hard fo find. BETTY L. TRIOLA. Civilian Air Pafrol Spanish Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Typewrifinq ,and filing Cerfificafes, Second Place in Filing Confesis ,I WAFS She'll be doing her good share Flying for freedom in fhe air. ROBERT TUFANO Nofre Dame French, Mafh, Hisfory Honor Classes, Honor Roll, Lunch Paf- rol, Traffic, lnlersession, Service Squads, Tufor, Program Com- miffee, Supply Room Squad, Friend lo Freshmen, Arisfa, Special Service fo Principal, Minor and Maior Service Pins. Medicine To be a doctor is his aim We know he'll reach fhe Hall of Fame. DORIS TUMOLO Bu ess School losses, Honor Roll, Library Assisfanf, Seven Arfs Club, Teacher's Assisfanl. sh and Spanish Honor f laughfer full of spice Privale Secrefary ull , Q ally fhink she's very nice. JAMES TYSON Armed Forces Service and Traffic Squads, Shop Keyman, Gym Guard. Successful Business Man Af fhe menlion of his name, We fhink of fufure fame. s' f 1 ELAIN 1 ELOW,f Collng S a is Class, i glis urna' , Dramafics, u ' ki g Classes. Ye ook faff, Honor Roll, Pogram Commiffee. Buyer She's as live as a wire She'll make some buyer. MARY UHLENDORF Adelphi Honor Roll, Baskefball, Skafing Clubs, Lafin Tufor, Lafin Cerfifi- cafe, Secrefary fo Teachers. Nursing Success fo an angel of mercy. I DOLORES UNDERWOOD Business School Spanish Honor Class, Honor Roll, Hall Pafrol, Secrefary io Teachers, Volleyball Club, P.S.A.L. Award. Secrefary Words cannof express Her infinife sweefness. ELIZABETH UNDERWOOD College ' Hickory Log Sfaff, English Honor Class, Volleyball and Swimming Clubs. Nurse A fine nurse will Befly make, And all for her counfry's sake. MELISSA VALENTINE Sargenf English, Hisfory and Spanish Honor Roll, Lunch Pafrol, Swim- ming Assisfanf, Sr. Life Saving Cerfificafe, Teachers' Assisfanf, Locker Guard, Tennis, Basker- ball and Swimming Clubs. Physical Therapisl Mick is one of fhe nicesf gals, Truesf of friends, and besr of pals. 5I f jx, X ,JJ N Neff- , OTTELIA VALLADO Honor Roll, Reorganizalion Squad, Lalin, Spanish Cerlifi- cales, Tennis Club. l'm lhe silenl lype Whal is fhere To say? SALLY VAN COTT Buckley Assislanf lo Teacher, Lunch Palrol, Typing Cerlificale. Secrafary She's so pelile And ohl so sweel. PHYLLIS VANDER LEITH Connecficul' College for Women Caplain of Cheerinq Squad. Co-Manager of Old Hiclcory Parly, Wrifer of Co-ed Capers, Arisfa, Honor ancl Maior Serv- ice Pins, English, Hisfory, Malh, Physics, Spanish Honor Classes. Secrelary lo Teachers, Lafin Cerlificales. Latin Tutor, A.R. A.M. Awards, Presidenr of Senior Class. Pediafricien Telce charm and brains and personalily plus, And you get Phyllis wifhoul any fuss. LUCILLE VAN DORN Slenoqrapher Bowling and Badminlon Clubs, English Honor Class, Honor Roll, Typewrifinq Cerlihcale. Privale Secrelary Lucy is as sweel as lhey come, As a secrelary she'lI malre fhinqs hum. MARlE VERDEROSA John POIISFS School ,Finely-Peay Sfven,fAr+5j Club, alive rilinq, F nUhi l-lorffa m, O. presuhf: ' fi Se ary lo ,T i cuff ar V Sfailf' flffgzzr' mq Cer I scale. l I To be a model Heres lo Marie, you're lrue blue. The besl of luck we wish 'ro you. Y Joi-irfv f f I V lcTe , nl mural minq C pionshi Team, nl ses 'o quad, Secrelary JM Th 5 eer l o nny Verdi! 52 ALBERT VERITY Navy Malh and Enqlish Honor Class- es, Honor Roll. To make fhe Navy my Career. ln honor classes he did quile well ln lhe Navy he'll excel. BEATRICE VON HASSEL Business Secrelary lo Teachers, Honor Roll, lndexinq and Filinq Cer- lificale. Secrefary A friendly qirl is Bea, She wanls fo be a secrelary. LENORE WADLER College Secrelary 'fo Teachers, Lunch Pafrol, Library Assislanl. Designer Aff will be her design for a living. MARIE WAGENHAUSER Slenographer Honor Roll, Teachers' Assislenl, Enqlish and Spanish Honor Classes. She puls her friends al fheir ease By doinq all she can lo please. DOROTHY WAHL U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps. Enqlish Honor, Public Spealcinq Classes, Presidenf of Bible Club, Lafe Office Assislanf Typinq Cerfificale. Nurse Doro+hy's fine qualifies are always shown She will be lilced wherever she's lrnown. WILLIAM WALKER Sf. John's Universily Baseball Team, Vice-Presidenl' ol G.O.. Varsily Baslcefball, Service Squad, Teachers' Assisl- anf, Cily Championship Baslrel- ball Team. He's not much of a lallcer Bul we all like Bill Walker. GLORIA WALLACE Secrelarial Work Honor Roll, Typing Cerlilicale. Secrefary She's The lype You're sure To like. BETTY WEICH Busines Ho oll, Lunch Palrol, Li- ry epres n,+aii , Teachers' Assislanhf ' i g, Skafing u , ' ess S of Knick- ker Holi ay, Publicily lafl o nick r ocker Holi- day, Me 'ng Club. Privafe Greelings lo s Belly W. We hope fha? nolhing will 'Trouble you. RUTH WEILMANN Secrefarial Work Skafing, Ping Pong, Bible Clubs, Honor Roll. Secrelary Rulh we know will safisfy Wifh all requiremenls she'll comply. BERNICE WEISMAN Universily of Pennsylvania Honor Roll, Lunch Palrol, Infer- Culfural, Baskelball Clubs, Senior Orchesrra, Band, Secre- fary 'ro Teachers, Jr. Ensemble, Knickerbocker Holiday, Con- cerlo, Hisfory, English Honor Classes, Business Slafi ol Pioneer, Program Commiffee. Docior Very willy, very funny Bunny surely is a honey! ELLEN WEISS Business Honor Roll, Typing Cerlificale Secrefary Good luck To someone who's very sweer And a nice guy we hope you'll meel. LILA WEISS Maryland Universily, Then Balli- more Nurse's Training School. i Y ' rs, Lunch Pafrol, Eco, English Honor Classes, Lalin Tufor, a ' Cerlilicale, Emergency id. o Secrelar 'ro Teach Nurse She may be small bul 'rhal's okay Because we like her iusl Thar way. MARIAN WELLER Teacher's Assisfanl Telephone Operafor Here's whaf we say Aboul Marian Weller She has a personalily Thal couldn r be sweller. SUZANNE WELLS College Co-edilor-in-Chief and Asoci- ale Ediior of Hickory Logj Bowling, Badminlon, and lnler- cullural Clubs: English, Spanish, Physics and Malh Honor Class- es: English Journalism, Lunch Palrol, Honor Roll, Library Represenlalivep Assisfanl' lo Mrs. Brogang Regents Record- ing Commillee: Secrelary lo Teacher and Lafin American Club. Journalisl If you knew Susie Like we know Susiel AUDREY WESCOTT Cadel' Nurse Corps Teachers' Secrefary, Mrs. Bro- gan's Office Squad, Malh Honor Class, Honor Roll. Always so 'full of mischief and lun Audrey is liked by everyone. MARCIA WEST l-lunler College Library and Teacher's Assisi- anf, English Crealive Wriring Class, lnlercullural Club. Child Specialisl A clever mind, a pleasing way Will bring success +o her each day. JEANNE WHEELER Baskelball, Newman, Glee, Leaders Clubs, Minor J, Special Chorus, Lunch Palrol, Honor Roll, Latin Tulor, Library Slalil, Secrelary lo Teacher. Slenographer Always in lhe lead No doubl she'll succeed. IRWIN WIDMER Wesl Poinl Lalin Honor Cerlificale, Lalin Tulor, Spanish, Mafh Honor Classes, English Dramalics Class, Bio Prep Squad, Navi- gafion Classes, Malh Office Assislanr, Sugar Ralioning, Lunch Palrol, Honor Roll, Swimming Assislanl, Baseball Team Manager, Service Pins. P,S.A.L. Pin. OFl'icer A man of brains who is sure ro succeed. 53 EDWARD R. IL Bu :ness WMV L rary Re e ah , ickory g, 'Club, Shop onilor, Shop Sfoclc Cleric, ublic Speaking Class. Press Phoiogrepher lndusfrious and earnesf He's sure lo enioy life. JANE WILLIAMS Sf. Lul:e's Transferred from Colebroolr Academy, New Hampshire, English, Malh, Economics Hon- or Classes, English Public Speaking Class. To be e nurse lnfelligence and personality Will malce her a hi'r in any locality. WILLIAM WILLS Jr. Cooper Union Maih and His+ory Honor Class- es, Program Commiifee, Infer- session Squad, Lf. of Service, Traflic and Lunch Pafrol, Honor Roll. Engineer Billy wanis io be an engineer He'll be one-never fear! C ER NE INK A Se efa r e A M ' s L c ol. C I mefe O refer er man r hich' lor' land 953' ill ch office any day. ROBERTA WINTER College Honor Roll, English, Hisfory. Spanish, Maih, Honor Classes, Laiin Cerlilicaie, Business Sfaff of Yearbook, Sislers of Freshmen, Bowling Club, As- sisianf 'io Teacher. Laborafory Technician Charm, brains and ambiiion, Added io a grand disposiiion. CAMERA SHY Louis Holzbauer Francis Huefher Jenei' Lewis Margarei' Roberis 54 CLAIRE WITTENBERG Business School Secrefary fo Teachers, Assisi- anf in Laie Office, Raiioning Assislanf. Honor Roll, Minor Service Pin. To Become a Secrefary She will be welcome wherever she goes. JEAN YORSTON Music Conservatory English Honor Class, Teach- er's Secreiary, War Sfamp Rep.. Freshmen Commiffee. Music Degree May you srrilce fhe righf nofe all Ihrough your lifel DONALD YOST A-I2 Service Squad, Honor Roll, Bowling Club, Physics, Maih Honor Classes. Chemical Engineer He has compounded The formula for success RAYMOND YOUNG U. S Navy , Z C . - r ' Ten H llmigior e er, Old Hic or Parfyjlnframural Ten- nis CEM 'on Polific He sure has e raclre'r. MARILYN ZAIDENBERG Business School Typewrifing Cerfificafe. Join lhe WAVES A WAVE, Marilyn wanis fo be The whole wide world she plans 'ro see. NORMAN ZENKE U. S. Navy Physics Honor Class, Traffic Squad, Honor Roll. Drafisman Lasf buf noi' leasil CAN YCDLJ IMAGINE Kafhryn Driscoll nof doing well? A Jacksonife nol' praying for fhe bell? Peggy McLean being conceifed? A Jackson feam being defeafed? Jean Gerefy nol' looking neaf? A room wifhouf prefzels under your feef? Frank Alagia wifhouf an answer? Elmer S'I'ang no'I' a good dancer? Barbara Murcoff wifhouf red hair? Jacksonifes going down a down sfair? Hickory Parfy wifhouf Kay Duffy? Edris Cook being a foughy ? Jack Rooney nof geffing in frouble? Running fo classes on fhe double? Bob Levy nof on fhe prowl? A Jackson shower wifh a fowel? Gladys Thompson noi' kidding around? Finding your pen in fhe Losf and Found ? Efhel Schulhaus wifhouf her Sisfers ? Mrs. Grossfeld nof raising blisfers? Howard Sfein lolling in Joe's ? Ellen Hundf wifh a furned-down nose? Time affer gym fo gef fhoroughly dressed? A week in Jackson wifhoui' a fesf? Esfelle Liffner wifhouf her dimple? Mr. Bove making if simple? Felix Ciampa missing a goal? Mrs. Joscelyne noi' calling fhe roll? The library acfually wifhouf noise? Jackson being a school for boys? Donald Bensen noi' reading a book? Elisabefh Bailey learning fo cook? Audrey Hoffman failing a fesf? Jean Sorensen noi' looking her besf? Joe Scheines keeping quief? Jackson halls wifhouf a riof? Joan Drakerf noi' being frank? Agnes Hermann playing a prank? Eileen Donlin wifhouf a dafe? Evelyn Egger nof being lafe? x . Edna Langner being rude? - Joan China nof fhinking of food? Phil Vander Leifh nof leading a cheer? Jackson rooms-wifhouf us here? Sfeve Kocis nof being a good sporf? Fred Durland wifh a girl in every porf? Coach Grummond wifh a losing feam? Tom McGarfy nof on fhe beam? Bill Walker nof being plain swell? Chem experimenfs wifhouf a smell? Ann and Al Palminfere looking like fwins? Teachers wifhouf fhose suspecfing grins? Mr. Schiffman feaching Hisfory? Graduafion nof a mysfery? Jackson nof being besf in fhe cify? This is 'I-he end of our liffle diffy. 55 WE DCDCDD IT 140 5 fm4 oi,g, i,d4, f 4 HJ 4 J 4 ii 4 ii i i ! 5 i il 5 1 - 371 33255 T3 gg , if a Ui i 1 W 1 ,i 4 fm 4 , 51 ii J 1 J 34 4 4 g 4 1 J i J I J i ,L ffmgffi Jchglgkii-J if 7 5 J l Jil .rf EL near? year Jun - for-.r Jo am - bif- Music by Lyrics by GLADYS THOMPSON EVELYN EGGER gig? H NUI 3 M iff' 1 P Q czrlei ni ,J czme e e I we ave gfrx o ea bgy buf ix wg f M VI-ii iii1i JU32 C1J JiL,,,I-O,j Quia .,,a,,,iVi l 35 Q in 5 i f in y yay? H E1 lfjlll' My, 57 WWW ' 'I' W pfo - BASKETBALL TEAM The Class of June I944 joins fhe enfire school in paying +ribu+e 'Io Mr. Lew Grummond and 'rhe Jackson basIce+baII +eam NEW YORK CITY CHAMPIONS I943-44 The Team' Isi++ing, Ieff +o righ+I FRANK ALAGIA, GEORGE KEEFE, Co-cap'Iains ANDREW GERRY and FELIX CIAMPA, WILLIAM WALKER Is+anding, Ieff fo righ+I Manager LOUIS PFEFFER, EDWARD WAGNER, ROBERT BARRY, DONALD JOHNSON, Coach LEW GRUMMOND 59 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT SHORT FORM I040A We, +he graduafing class of June, I944, being sound in mind and body, despife our faculfy, do hereby declare 'lhis +o be our lasf will and iesfamenf, superseding all o+her conlracfs and commilmenfs enlered info during our confinemenf in 'Andrew Jackson High School. We broughl' nolhing in+o lhis school, bul ourselves. We can fake nolhing oul, bu+ ourselves, and even 'lhaf fook many, many years. Therefore, inasmuch as we have acquired divers and sundry arlicles of li'Hle or less value, +hese having accumulaled in our pockeis and pockelbooks lespecially pockelbooksl, we are obliged lo bequealh 'lhem fo various undeserving characlers. We hereby appoinl Mr. Haller our sole execulor laccenl' on ihe second syllablel and charge him wilh delivering 'lhe following ilems lo 'lheir designa+ed recipienls. A book on shorfhand lo Mr. McGarreH' A joke and a box of boomerang chalk +o Dr. Greensione lbe++er known as Angus Grindsionel A fhousand original squibs lo fhe nex+ Yearbook sfalif A whislle +o Miss Duhy A walerproof cigar and a floaling ash fray 'lo Mr. Cashin A pair of semaphore flags +o Dr. Anderson A foreign language class fhal' knows ils English fo Mr. Huncke A boy fo be shared among fhe Sl'en classes To Mr. Schiffman, anolher experimeni' which requires dus+ To Miss Morley, a gun fo shoof people who inlerrupl' her lessons To fhe English Deparimeni, one perfecf senfence, having unily, emphasis, coherence, parallel sfruclure lon paper wilh parallel linesl, seven commas, 'I'wo semi-colons, and only one period. ln wilness whereof, we affix our signafures 'lhis fwenfy-sevenlh day of June, I944. Presidenl' of fha Senior Class, PHIL VANDER LElTH Vice-Presidenf of fha Senior Class, PEGGY McLEAN Edilor-in-Chief of fhe Yearbook, TERRY CHRISTY 'Tha slafisfics on how fha? we came io be:- Enfering Freshmen ,, ..l,738 Passers of Subiecrs . I,533 Survivors of Cox's Falooka +o Commando Course 428 60 X, X Mgr C' me sun 6 I G.O. COUNCIL SPONSOR, Mrs. Brogen PRESIDENT, Frank Alaqia VICE-PRESIDENT, William Walker SECRETARY, Ellen Hopp TREASURER, Peggy McElroy 62 ARISTA SPONSOR, Mr. save LEADERS Roberi Ln .fus , Peggy McLean STUDENT COURT SPONSOR, Miss Mclflernan CHIEF JUSTICE, Sylvia Libes SERVICE SQUAD SPONSOR, Mr. Fifzpafriclr CHIEFS Joseph Scheines Lawrence Niviisky Terry Chrisfy USHERS AND USHERETTES SPONSOR, Mrs. Brogan CAPTAIN, Dorothy Rogerson INFORMATION SQUAD SPONSOR, Mrs. Broqan CAPTAIN, Elsie Cochrane 63 ATTENDANCE OFFICE SPONSOR, Mrs. Carpino 64 MR. STEVENSON'S OFFICE STAFF MRS. BROGAN'S OFFICE STAFF SPONSOR, Mrs. Broqan CAPTAIN, Elisabeih Bailey MRS. McCLINTOCK'S OFFICE STAFF SIX FOOTERS' CLUB SPONSOR, Miss Varacly PRESIDENT, Celesfe Orun SISTERS AND BROTHERS OF FRESHMEN SPONSOR, Mrs. Broqan PRESIDENT, E+I1eI ScI1uII'1aus 65 STAR STAFF SPONSOR, Mr. Pollin W EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Beairice Schroeder 66 PRINT SQUAD SPONSOR, Mr. Baldauf HICKORY LOG STAFF SPONSOR Miss Varady EDITORS Kallnryn Driscoll Suzanne Wells FLYING SQUAD sPoNsoRs Mrs. Krieqer Mrs. Loring Mrs. Canfer Mr. Cox LEADER Eleanor Miller BIO PREP SQUAD SPONSOR, Mrs. Raskin LEADERS Roberf Lazarus Jeanne Sfocker YEAR BOOK STAFF EDlToR.lN-cHlEF, Terry chfasfy 67 CHEERING SQUAD SPONSOR, Mr. Cox CAPTAIN, Phil Vander Leifh 68 J A SPECIAL CHORUS SPONSOR, Miss Lohman . I 'U r'- 1 . X .,,4.. L ,-x f 1,11 SENIOR ORCHESTRA SPONSOR, Miss Lohman CONCERT MASTER, Sefh Hiller FIELD BAND SPONSOR, Miss Lohman DANCE BAND SPONSOR, Miss Lohman 3 BASKETBALL CLUB SPONSOR, Mrs. Grossfeld LEADERS Marilyn Sylvesler Doroflwy Burrell 69 BOWLING LEAGUE SPONSOR, Mrs. Grossfeld be 70 TENNIS TEAM SPONSOR, Mr. Blah STAGE CREW SPONSOR, Mr. Engoran SWIMMING TEAM SPONSOR, Mr. Caslnin X f ii? QQAW, L, x.' 'f ,' if, K. SENIOR DRAMATIC CLUB SPONSOR, Mrs. ZeI+Iin PRESIDENT, Adele Leibowih GIRLS' BOWLING CLUB SPONSOR, Mrs, Goodman 7I aww lfwwzf Q, INTERCULTURAL CLUB SPONSORS Miss McKiernan Mrs. Canfer Mrs. Mollin PRESIDENT, Eunice Rivers SPONSORS Miss Cosgrove Miss Flynn PRESIDENT, Agnes Klein 72 BIBLE CLUB SPONSOR, Dr. Courfney PAN-AMERICAN CLUB SPONSOR. Mr. Singer PRESIDENT, Laura Rosenberg 73 Acfion behind Jaclcson's walls, Scenes from classrooms, labs, and halls, Loolc a+ lhem closely and you will see Jacksoni+es from A fo Z. NSW x,.Q,,gJ, , A 'TH A Boys in gym, girls in +l1e pool, UP and down, and around flue school. Sfuclenfs a+ work, sfudenfs al' PlaY This is Jackson every day. 75 ARTHUR STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 'ro Ihe Class of June I944 EXCLUSIVELY EOUIPPED TO DO YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY I457 BROADWAY BRyan+ 9-7342 New York Cify QUALITY AND SERVICE by L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY AH'leboro, Mass. Class Rings and Pins Commencemenl lnvilalions Diplomas - Personal Cards Represenralive- W. G. PFORR 535 FIIII1 Avenue New York Cily, N. Y. BANZER'S PHARMACY Service for lhe Sick I94-OI LINDEN lflLVD. LAurellon 847623 Sf. Albans, L. I. Telephone HOllis 5-lO022 F R E D K R I S C H ICE CREAM CAKES ICE CREAM :: FRUIT ICES I99-I4 HOLLIS AVENUE l-lollis, L. l. Birds Eye Frosled Foods THE MALL DELICATESSEN Henry Heissenbullel 207-I4 HOLLIS AVE, Queens Village Tel. LAureIlon 8-9l42 Orders Promplly Delivered N . B O H N DELICATESSEN and Fancy Groceries Home ol: Homemade Speciallies Birds Eye Erosled Foods l25-I7 MERRICK RD. S+. Albans, L, I. Phone HOllis 5-7792 Prompl Deliv J. C. SCHULTZE Painfs - Hardware - Housewares IO?-7I FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. I2O6l'l'1 Sl S+. Albans, N. Y. ery -I CARSTENS Delicalessen - Home Cooking 205-I5 I-IOLLIS AVENUE Tel. Mlssouri 7-44l2 Hollis, N. Y. C. G. FRANKLIN, Inc. HARDWARE - BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Aqfzni for Dravrme and Raynmldy PI-:infs and Varnishog I36-I6 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. LALVl:IIOH 8-I579 Sprinqheld Gardens, N. Y. Mluivourl 7I64O CONRAD SCHERM J e weIe r PII 55 JAMAICA AVE. Queenx Villaqe, L. I. Gvcufinqs . . . ANTON ROEFS' French Chocolafes AND HOME MADE ICE CREAM 230-I2 MERRICK ROAD Lnur'cIIon, L. I. GANSCAP, Inc. The Friendly Shoe Store for Everybody LINDEN BOULEVARD Corni-I Farvners. Awsnuu SI. Albans, N, Y. MEYN'S DELICATESSEN IQO-I3 LINDEN ELVD. SI. AII7anu, L, I. Phunf Ord--'s Dfvllvercd LAureIfon 5-OI93 BERTHA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Pernmnenf Waving a Specialiy Boauiy CuIIure In AII IIS Branches II3-37 FARMERS BLVD. Mlm, 73158 SI. AIbans, N. Y. HOBBYLAND l88'2I LINDEN BLVD. SI. Alban. N. Y. Toys Siafionery Compliment. OI . . . LAURELTON SWEET SHOP 229.12 MERRICK ROAD Evuy cup of Ehlers givol you thc soma rirh Oasla-becousl every pound ol Eldon in Ialandnd Oo the sums UNIFORM quality em COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN COMPANY 366 FIFTH AVENUE New York I, New York Manuiacfurers of Choir Robes - Band Ou+fi+s - Academic Caps, Gowns and Hoods - Specialfies LINDEN PET SHOP PleEoNs - PuPs - CANARIES - sow FISH Foods, Medicines and Accessories Piqeon Food a Specialfy I92-O9 LINDEN BLVD. GROSSMAN'S STORE of VALUES GENERAL DRY GOODS . I99-I3 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Aibans, N. Y. T H E V E N O S A HARDWARE and PAINT STORE House Furnishings, Elecirical, Plumbing SuppIies II2-I0 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. Mlssouri 7-4250 Queens ViIIaqe, L. I., N. Y. WH ELAN DRUG STORES Sales Agency J. R. Rubin 227-Ol LINDEN BLVD. cor. 227+I1 ST. LAureIIon 5-9843 SI. AII3ans, N. Y. ESI. I88I EDWARD T. JOYCE JOYCE BROTHERS FUNERAL DIRECTORS zoi-zo LINDEN BLVD. LAurcIion moss si, Albam. L. I. HOIIis 5-8225 PAUL SONN PAINTING and DECORATING 200-O9 HOLLIS AVENUE WHELAN DRUG STORES Sales Aqency FLOWER PHARMACY III-36 FARMERS BLVD., HOLLIS, L. I. Phone VIgiIanI 4-5555 S. B. Moniefel, PI1.G. LAufeI'ron 8-5344 Plafing of AII Kinds A . T O M I N O V I Expert Wafch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing AII Our Work Guaranfeed I9O-O9 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Albans, L. I. QUEENSBORC SCHOOL I I I I I I I I I 0 Sound Iraining for Ilwe superior secrelarial and iunior execulive posilion. Also courses in all Types ol modern business machines- Individual promolional plan-Super- vised olilice experience - Successful placemenl bureau. BEGIN ANY TIME DAY 8' EVWNG I o.ib JAMAICA AVENUE UESLAEQSHEST JAmaica' 6-I98l-l982 SESSIONS 6 I Jamaica Long Island Mlssouri 7-O8I9 V, Scliwaegler, Prop. HOLLIS CREST FLOWER SHOP gompigmenfs of , , , FLOWERS Fon ALL OCCASIONS A F R I E N D zoom HOLLIS AVENUE Corner QOISI Slreel I-lollis, N. Y. , CEIL'S BEAUTY SHOP Formerly JosepI1's Specializing in Feallwer Culling and Permanenl Waving I26-I7 MERRICK ROAD Springfield Gardens LA. 5-9595 GOING PLACES see HERSHY LET US PLAN YOUR VACATION TRIP Represenling all leading-Resorls-I-Iolels-Dude Ranches-Tours-Cruises Coasl-Io-Coasl Bus Ticlcels, American Express Travelers Clwecques All Air Lines - Inland Sleamslwip Lines - Free lnlormalion HERSHY TRAVEL AGENCY 226-II MERRICK ROAD LAURELTON, N. Y. LA. 8-3733 Linden Plumbing 8: Healing Co. LA 8-2963 Philip H, Maher l88-28 LlNDEN BLVD. Sl, Albans, N, Y. lGas bills can be paid herel A. BEHRENS ICE CREAM PARLOR 220-O5 MERRICK ROAD Springfield Gardens, L. l. Tel, Vlqilanr 4-lOll We Deliver GEORGE MOHRMANN DELICATESSEN 8: GROCERIES Home Cooking Our Specially IO9-I6 FARMERS BLVD. Come around and See Me Sornefime Bring Your Hair and We Do flue Resl' JACK'S BARBER SHOP IO9-I8 FARMERS AVE. Hollis, N. Y. FARM FRESH FRUITERERS IS7-33 LINDEN BLVD. Sl. Albans, L. l., N. Y. FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES LAurellon 8-727i Complimenls of . . NENE BEAUTY SALON l88-I8 LINDEN BOULEVARD. S+. Albans, L. l., N. Y. Cornplimenls of . . . MET PHARMACY, lnc. Marlin Ellinqer, Pl1.G. 204-08 HOLLIS AVENUE HOllis 5-IOZ43-IOZ44 Hollis, L. l. A. H. WILLIAMS PET SHOP IO9-I9 FARMERS BLVD. Hollis Missouri 7-IIO9 FRED BOHRSEN Tailor l99-30 HOLLIS AVE. Ml. 7-lO4l Complimenls of . HOWARD E. BROWN, D.D.S. TRI-BORO CONSTRUCTION CO.. II5-OI FARMERS ST. ALBANS, L. LA. 8-OI IO BLVD. I. ROOFING - SIDING - INSULATION LINDEN RADIO EXPERT RADIO REPAIRS Baffery Sefs EIecIrIIIed - Old Sefs Modernized AcIcIiIionaI speakers Io pIay from your sef Ins'raIIecI in any par? of II1e house SeI's called 'For and delivered Tel.: LAureI+on 8-2730 I88-I6 LINDEN BLVD. o. o. SCHNEIDER'S G E PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY .na chemin I26'0l MERRICK ROAD Springfield, L. 1, ST. ALBANS I2, L. I., N. Y O . C . H E I T M A N CANDY . TOYS . STATIONERY IO9-67 206fh STREET Hollis, L. I. HERMAN'S MEAT MARKET The Re 2I8422 MERRICK ROAD SpringIIeId Gardens . LA ureI'ron 8-2987 RALPH'S d Cross Shoe Rebuilder and Hafiers I88-20 LINDEN BOULEVARD SI. Albans, N. Y. IBLIICIIQINIIEIR S DRESSES and COATS FAMOUS for PROM DRESSES and EVENING GOWNS I59 IO JAMAICA AVENUE JAMAICA Small Enrrance IO a Large Srore A HeaI+I1'FuI Nourishing Energy Food ff! ja ICE CREAM Breyer Ice Cream Company, Inc LONG ISLAND CITY I N COM PLIMENTS OF STORAGE PRIVATE ROOMS General Sforage Warehouse O P p JAMAICA AVENUE aI IZOII1 STREET Rc mond I'InII L I N Y Movmg Packnng Long Dlsfance FIFSPFOOF Cons+rucI'ed Warehouse Vlrglnla 7 3060 PARENTS' ASSOCIATION of ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL COME AND JOIN US Y - , L. I. ,V vi-f' , . L A. I. REED C ., ro rIe1O ht ST ,XCRYTT iI1 ', . ., . . , . Y. Care for things you care for LAureI'ron 8-2068 EsIaIDIished I927 EDWARD KATT S+. Albans' ORIGINAL FLORIST ARTISTIC FLORAL SERVICE FOR EVERY OCCASION ISO I9 LINDEN BLVD aI' L I R R Sfahon Bonded Member Flornsrs Telegraph Delnvery Assn AL PETROSINO FRANK FERRARA BUY DIRECT AND sAvE1 ATLANTIC FURNITURE CO IO78 ATLANTIC AVENUE BROOKLYN N Y A Verdi Sales Manager Phone MAun 24444 sro? AT BUTTS CONFECTIONERY STORE I94 O5 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+ AD LA 5 9343 LOUIS R ISAACS D D S 200 05 LINDEN BOULEVARD 8 I C O O P E R S TAILOR FURRIER DRESSMAKING Y Q ep 9 q zoom LINDEN BLVD Alba S Schaefer s Ice Cream Parlor Ice Cea Candy and Sandwiches I I I I0 FARMERS BOULEVARD H E I N R I FINE GROCERIES d DELICATESSEN Beer nd All Kmds of Sod I36 36 HOOK CREEK BLVD oedal RGFTSH 224 I6 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+ Alb I 8: Geo qe Mc ad I REpubI c 9 R 8: G STORE Clofh ng Spo Is ea FOR MEN nd BOYS T LA5 4 STAHL S BAKERY Orders Taken for All Occasuons I66 I6 JAMAICA AVENUE I87 3I LINDEN BLVD S+ Alba s . I I I r m - ' . I ans, L. I. - Complimenfs of . . . A . C H . , . . . an , a ' a sf. Albans, L. I. - - R S B- L- LA urelfon -O4I9 I Fur S oraqe O U I O P Cleaninq, D einq, Pressin , R airinq, Remod Iin - 995- I-- I-- N- Y- - . SI. n , L. I. rene r Gr e Te.: I -8452 el, . .l22 . . I Panis f I - r w r a . - . . n I2, L. I R' I up ey HAND MADE CLOTHES AMERICA'S GREATEST VALUE vlslr ourz DEPT. STOIGS Pon woMEN Throughoui' MAN muonso 9,ea+e,. ALL suns COATS o ar e 9T:or NAlIecE:hoTns Every RIPLEY Garmenf Carefully Hand Tailored I65 I2 JAMAICA AVENUE Opp Valencia Thealer AS D FRIT BOWLING ACADEMIES 9609 Sprlngfleld Blvd II3 I5 Springfield Bvd Phone HOllus 5 IOOZ9 Phone HOIIIS 5 9836 QUEENS VILLAGE L l N Y 69 6l Grand Avenue Phone HAvemeyer 9 9866 IVIASPETH L I N Y W L L I A PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS IO9 I9 FARMERS BLVD Ho 5 MILLER S HARDWARE u cl cal S I25 I5 MERRICK RD Si' Alb nf I B n o d PHI: h D 5 ALBER S DELICATESSEN B ds Eye Frosled Fo ds I99 26 HOLLIS AVE S SMILEN BROTHERS I87 OI LINDEN BOULEVARD ST Alb N F les of Dshnc n CROSS ISLAND DELICATESSEN FANCY GROCERIES 206 04 HOLLIS AVENUE I-IO 5 H 5 olo d Onl Burners Sales and Servlce REINSTALLATIONS II343 FARMERS BLVD S+ Alba I C H . . Z S . ' ' , - ' ' I . F . M . I M S . . . ans, L, I., . Y. Illg Missouri 7-IIO9 Wi f F ' HP Phone LA urellon -2502 I Hardware - Pains h Ho sefumishings The PlnesIHSaIadsC8f gable Luxuries Ele ri and Plumbing upplies ome Oo Inq - . . ans, L. l. - Age s or e M ore an I s urg Palnls Tel. llis -8369 Hollis, N. Y We eliver Tel. I-lOIlis -88I3 Ollis Y5 Alfre R. Haas I Ir o - , Holll, L. I. . ns, L. I., N. Y.. H . G R E E N S P A N PLUMBING s. HEATING CONTRACTOR I I5-55 I73rd STREET ST. ALBANS Tel. JAm. 6-0506 Complimenfs of . . WM. WEISMAN AND FAMILY LA urellon 8-4464 CHARLES of SAINT ALBANS PHOTOGRAPHS THAT ALWAYS LIVE We Supply Cap and Gown I9O-I5 LINDEN BOULEVARD S+. Albans Thealre Block SCHIMMEL'S BAKERY IO9-33 FARMERS BLVD. MIS. 7-I526 Ollo Schirnmel, Prop. Plwone HOIIIS 5-9476 Orders Prompfly Delivered TONY'S FRUIT MARKET Wholesale and Refail - Vegefables Fresh Daily 200-22 HOLLIS AVENUE VICTORY CHOW MEIN TO TAKE OUT JIIIJ-In IIHI,I,IS AYIQNUIQ IIULLIS. I.. I. Upen -IJaIIy: ll u.III. lu IJ ll.llI. S:ItuI'IIays: Il a.III. tu I a.m.: Sunslaysz I2 III. to ll Ihlll. Victory Hollis Ifuml SIIUII Tel.: IIUIIIS S-9608 Complimenfs of . . . LOUIS M. JAMPEL AND Family Complimenls of . . , Mr. and Mrs. B. McGarI'y Tel. I-lOIlis 5-8562 CARMINE LONGO SANITARY BARBER SHOP 200-26 HOLLIS AVE. Hollis, N. Y Cornpllmenls of , . . C . B O D E Manager of H. C. BOHACK lO9-35 FARMERS BLVD. Hollis. L. I., N. Y. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 188-33 LINDEN BOULEVARD Sf. Albans. N. Y. Tel. LAurel1on 8-7374 ST. ALBANS FLORIST SAY IT WITH FLOWERS Flowers for All Occasions I87-02 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Albans, L. I CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY CROSS ISLAND BLVD. and HOLLIS AVE. HOLLIS, N. Y. Telephone: HOIIis 5-3358 BUY WAR BoNDs and STAMPS for a FREE woRLD and THE LIBERATION OF ENSLAVED NATIONS The P EER a y 4 The rmmedlafe goaI of every good clhzen IS The wlnnlnq of 'Ihe war To aHaln This end Ihe normal course of Ince of each one has been Iem porarnIy haIIed or changed Indlvndual welfare and GFTILJITIOUS musf be subordunafed Io Ihe all ou'r e1CFor+ for vncfory From ION of J nuar '4 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE THE COMET PRESS INC., 200 VARICK ST., N. Y., 14, N. Yue' G f5MM W-.Su-rf-12 3 7 E 'WWATTT 0 C3 R A P awww gli? MWMHMQM QSSQ . LK? . : V WX NSW My as Q ff W MM Tb!! My afym VMX'Q QfU fKW,Q,f' M?i,,+f W Q V if, M lk '- S2351 ,WWWW W 5, gb QMQMA4 fiwy , LPQ5 ?fW 1 ,l QW Qi gif W 4,9 , MZAM , U ll W f . r 1 RQ kxkwk y QW Ng Xxqff X N gi SX WW fm Q Q Q2 V42 Lx' 11 'Ar . T . .'-.f. .'. 4- ,vp ll, 'fl . -M .1 , sv' Q if w ,- A 1.-Wil: gw b, I'. vw.- Lv lbs, 1... 1 M- U '2- 4 w . .- 1 '.r .7.: . - lit 1 rp, .li ' 1 z,' . Y L T in y-. . 1 K L. ,Q-4. vp' A iv 0.4 I, V1 It ,I 4'- s . ,my Q1 ur .g I 1' . 'r .- If ix Jw' H J- r-' 'f Lf ff, f '..'E ,., ,. L, V -1 I1,.' ,,,,1.. .1 - --. .,, W4' 1 . if -Pg' A 'V Ll Q rif- iii lf' ...Q ,v ,. 'vi' nw.: . 'x ', ---'H' M K. JA 1 .g iv. A ,, auf- rf. -'x-if a ' ' nf! 4 '-fn - 'A l lug? 1 'fT1-V U A, I rr ? ix , .. ,i ,L , 'Q-' ' ,. h. ,rx . , ,.,. - w, 'L- 1, A. M .. 'f'- , .'- 79. .1 , .fqzua ' . li J -f 1.,- , -.wx ,. ,I - 1 . 3' Q j 1 4 f . 9-'rg . ,. ,1f'.--vin' ...- ., ,. 'qw , A x im. V f f'f ' f -5 ant.. . - W. .- v 5-..,. 1 Q! . ,.f.,., r T, l 1 'AAA 5' I Y. ,UQ 9. A ,bf 4 . . .1 V-ir . 1 1 4- , .MI,,', .. ' 'A H, M., ffe' ., ,. ,, ,A 4, 1 Q-, . ' bl' fl MT ,Ph ' f 1 l'L,5V. emfv- '2 4 i, .75-vvng 1 ....,g,,3f wg . fy ' if HSI-.151 - ,lwi -'lx ..- W .FQ 'pg' 1.4: 1 T' 3 'LV :.1',' J - . vw ' ef 2 ,E-iiij, Sid! U if 1' , 51591 41,1 ,n ' gf I '. ,Ji 1-,..,, yr, bf. ' Q: mv qu J. -I 1 ,- . . 1fA.+f 'A',L rg ,- M4 , u 4 W' ,f' 'VH' .'f-' We w '14-' . F122 1 Life .11' frfg . V v J .-1 v : ,ug -,u,..f V- E? 'df H- 'ffl I . --J , -fy, gil ' 1 'I I, ,yi . ,K .,'!, V 1- 'FWH - -n 4 'r1 354 - . A ,l,., .Y It ' rf. 1 + r If A -.-V, wx M I, ' Q -- ,11 rw ' ' X . , n 1 , X ' .tv . I' , Q I . e1 JJ-If , G, ,fu-:-L4 V K Wing! haf: ,v, Jn 9 . 4'Al3,.u3 A 'J ai wg ' w . , , 4 n A . v' , Pl

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) collection:

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