Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1941

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A. tn, F G. 4 3 -4 x, ,, .-.H k fi. 4 Y W QV' wx K A U- K i f v Q fin N., 1. , A 5. 3 za-. wg, 2 ik ,,,, 1: F ff, ii . 2' , i.. ,, !f ,En L51 M ,, P, A, ff L ,L-I , " C px 'N Q 21 32.5 L . tm Y 13 qi, 1, V 3. . ,gf-W' ,V V M . , , L- , 5104 ELC.. w 1 xv. 5325- ,X 1-,, ff sf, fe if' ' -f 'Y wi I fi' , 1 4, 3 7: v , --,fi ' JV' 4 x ,vm 'A 1 S 19' , r Gut' , xv? ,L M5 .T 4 l Q., . A rw. ' R , gn 1 -,,,.-: rf' i"' r:1y.,.f.',: 4,:,f.v-f'5f' V ' 'fu :Lg . J-., -1 A .t . ,-'. X:g2Q4-2,11 'ff '. , sf ffQg1:sf'f , if N- '1 Y .Q g .M ' :'s'vf:z-K 1 W , H5 . w-f'1w.-.,-an-L .fn Sis . .Aw- f Nw-, M V Y M .1-1: nw 1- ff.-v -11 Ma..', far-, ' W W-1" '1 M 'I--'51 -. - -' - fa- , ,M Myw- V f -Q.. .- . .,WM,,. ,iv ,Q -- , -W, k , X 1-,XJ Lx.,-,y-uw, -,gl , . t Y , 1 .'f,.,g17 'mga - . ' 'i fyrif-"1 " , " ' 1' ' ' ' T' Q , Qgifwf . A ' , L QQLQL-i L: 3 . ir if 2, 4-- 1..,f,4fg ww f' 1 ,ri -., V . 1' f A ' 31" . 2 1' V . 32? ""F5"3Q1f 'rw ' I 3, W ag M3 'xaff' ' jg my , .. ..' m'.53 4 1 5 Q , , - fx w 17 Q S 'Jw 4 ' 1 Q, , ' ff Us Q i' 2:52, C.i'QQ,,,,, A 1' Q, , 1 1fg:f,fff,'Fkjfff I. ig, i+"fi :Q N, K.: V- ,Aifffvaffamxvgsza-Tzwzw 1 1a -,L-mm,:.w3mrmL,mm Av, vi BEE DRIDCIDA T. means. n.v. W vowme 5 numsezn I AN NNN X AN f , , fl, . X zfk .f . ,f 41 ' .f"-" ff! f ff ,f g ,f f fa, . ' X J? xm NXWWXWWNKNWN Z I , V Z 7 Z ? Z ff W f if 4 3 . 1 ' ' tilflif T? "' Y JN .1 X we .giairif 0 Todayss every action and thought is hinged on world events. Unfor- tunately, the nature of these affairs seems to induce, especially in the inex- perienced youth of the nation, a shattering of ideals, a dampening of spirit, and even a cessation of hope. Why then harp constantly on a topic so alien to our aspirations? Nvhy oft repeat ideas that lead to an incuication of cynicism and a devastating prematuring of the mind? Admittedly, youth, as such, has heen too little played up. Who, if anyone, has more right to hring it into the limelight than youth itself? It is with this in mind that we ahandon our tradition of hasing our puhii- cation on the outside world and replace it with a theme of Alma Mater. But the words Alma Mater conjure up a stereotype of ivy covered walls, grim fore- hoding exteriors and frowning, solemn hails, which taken as a whole lack an air of reality. Surely nothing with life could he developed of such a beginning. Therefore, we must renovate the old maudiin interpretation with an its haughty ideals and add that we consider Alma Mater to signify the spirit of the school, which is revealed through the students. in this iight, an account of the Alma Spirit of this schooi would have to include the activities, local views, witticisms, half-vvitticisms, and local reactions of the Jaclcsonites, or in short, it would have to he a log of student functions. Therefore, it is in the capacity of hiographer of Andrew Jackson High School that We hopefully oiijer-the "Spirit of Jaclcsonf' X Jai., Me Cwfaf BJ cory cou today look upon our school which hears his name, and examine its growing traditions, he would he gruiiiy pleased torecognize our endeavors to perpetuate many of his most cherished and commendahie ideals. Jacksons hiographer, Marquis James. says of him: "Whatever the flaws in the character of Andrew Jackson, vaciuation, untrustvvorthi- ness and disioyaity were not among them .... Qniy the puhiic wehcare took precedence over the needs of a friendf, it in your four years at Andrew Jackson you have somewhat developed that degree of constancy which made Old Hickory admired hy hoth friend and toeg if you have huiit up For yourselves a reputation for trustvvorthiness such as every employer rates the most desirahie characteristic in an employee, and if the general concept of loyalty has hecome part of your make-up, you already have acquired assets which win prove invaiuahie for success in your next un- dertaking, whatever that may he. ' in ciass discussion, assemhiy programs, ciuh work, service groups, plays, athletic contests, and in community activities many opportunities have heen af- forded you to show leadership and decisiong to develop courage, self-reliance, steadiness, and trustworthinessg and to demonstrate unseliish loyalty to your class-mates, teachers, school, and country. As you peer into the future through your crystal giohe, may it he this enduring SPIRIT OF JACKSON that meets and holds your confident gaze. i RALPH n LER MR. S'I'EVliNSCDN NRS. BROGAN MR. BOVE I"f5. 08? Q XVE, the Senior Class of January 1941, in gri.LLefuI I'CITlClHlJI'fll'lCC of the iIlViIIllZ1lDlC advice and zlicl whiull S110 has rcnflcrccl us cluring our high school rarvvr, l'0SlJCC'lI.lIH5' clcclicntc this Class BOOL to MRS. Nmzmx l3oric:ri. 6 i U-fin ll! irwhv EDITQR-tN-CHIEF-Stanley Kanefslcy. ASSOCIATE EDWORS-Rita E. Dobbins, Paul Ruioel. EDITORIAL Srl-'AFFHGrace Connors, Robert Goldstein, Sam RiCI'1maH, Dorothy Gertacti, Bernice Finn, Charles Lininger, Winnie Gietitiardt, Florrie Lesster, Niarion Betefant, Marties Suerig, Minna Ktussman, Adele Forzani, Grayce McCaffrey, Dorothy Brennan, Pearl Stephens, Marion Rappotd, Constance Quarmlay, Margaret Mecort, George D. Witkeyson. ART STAFFP-Ctrairman, Dorothy Bahrentmurgg Joan Williams, Ruth Weiider, Gene Herzog, Violet Hansen, Arthur Abrahams. BUSINESS STAFF-Accountant, Phyllis Simpson, Ralph Bunker, Gloria Maietlo, Aase Andresen, Patricia Foley, twarie Terryn, Adelaide Boyle, Florence Korn. ADVERTISING STAFF-Chairman, Igine Det Vecchio, Helen Auer, Dorottiy Beekert, Renee Borow, Helen Davis, Ntzirgaret Farrie, Dot Rayner, Atfrect twitter. SlfCRl'1TARtAL STAFF-Chairman, Nturiel Hannekeng Jeanette Rniminson, I I0rCHCC IIOSIC. SPONSOR-Mr. William Rhind. ART ADVISER-Mrs. Evelyn Waltz. COHICFORQ IN SI NIOR FNROHING ROOMS Rilph Binter I IDL XICCCIIIQ Dorf IHC IXIIHI WCIIWCF I tl LDL lvlllfphy Lalita DGKHQF Al CIF 5 DOFOLIIQ HOIHI txetnert IdllUCI' BLKHQOFKI lxllf CFSCH I M r 1 4, LOCKERS-'V fl hearfbrcakff most mosi drawn etc P P4-l af' x, X best most best clr:SSCi Eg most glramaf ac nhffuesf, ...1 ... . qui most V L arfmstac Xnivfaol. .x rful Tnosi if basl ata lefe K L N 9 X XXX X NN X X x M x Ia, U ' V YK , X Q13 FEET AQH- WHS most Sernou9 FEET STC! dime most The School .., .:3'S9'P' 16222 -3 WW NNI Minna Klussman Muriel Garcia . Winnie Petersen Anita Spaine . . . Winnie lcvietitiarclt Florrie Lessler .. . Bernice Finn .. . . Muriel Hannelcen Florence Hosie . . lVlarlies Suerig . . Norma Palmer . . Roltierta McKinley Virginia 'Boriliwiok lVlauole Kammer . Muriel Lewison . lrma Boycl .. . .. Patricia Foley . . . Constance Quarmlay .. . . . l-lelen Qllxleill ........, Marion Rappolcl . ...... . Dorotliy Balirentnurg .. . . . Elsie Ericlcson ........ Kay rlolmson . Dorotliy Burns . Etldel Mayer .. . of illnie . . . Nlost Popular . . . . .. Best' Looleing .. . . .. Nicest Personality .. Cutest .... Best Dressecl .. .. .. Bestsport.. .... Best Dancer ... . . . Most Versatile . . . llflost Likely to Succeed , Most Sopliisticatecl . A . . Most Athletic . . . . . .. Heartlnrealeer .. . . .. Most Vivacious . . .. Most Serious . .... Neatest .. . .. . . . lVlost Clieerful . . . . . Best All-Arouncl . . . . Most Courteous . . Wittiest Dramatically lnclinecl ,... Most Artistic .. .. Bestlleacler . .. lllusically lncliriecl .. . .. Most Reserved .. . . .. Most Dignifecl .. . .. rlaclc Weir . ..... Bala Hampton . . . Artie O'Neill . . . . Allnert Lipp . ..... Bob Selnrler . ...... rloe Maloney Peril Marquardt . . . . . . Fred Greenwald . . . Diclc Beclljorcl . . . . Bob Sclnruler . ...... .laclc Weir . . . . .laclc Kenneally . . . . Bob Palmer . . . Bob Fleisctlauer . . . 'TOIT1 Rooney . ..... Eillgefle Fuss lgine Del Veccliio Charles Lininger , . . .... Eugene Faloian Billwilson Stanley Kanefslcy . ..... Dick Bedford rloe Cunningham . . . . Alan lVlcKinley Paulllulnel Rutla Allan . ..,... Done Nlost for tlie School .... Henry St. Germaine 9 d J W d 1 . W Q' qj encor It was way back in January, 1937, that a group of lusty barbarians, now reverentiy Icnown by au tower ciassmen as "The Seniorsf, arrived to gaze with awe-stricken eyes at the inspiring heights of Jamaica High School.. There midst high aspirations and the hoary traditions of the school of Red and Blue, we began our high school careers. We were, however, treated like grammar school chiidrenfhandied with a cold, austere efficiency by everyone from sophomores to juniors. Seniors, then as now, handled only sophomores and juniors with cold, austere efficiency. Some sort of corollary to the Stim- son Doctrine prevented them from recognizing that freshmen existed. Then, four months iater we were switched to the far hills of St. Albans and were delivered to our shining new building, which was stiu in its ceuo- phane wrapper. It was not long before a husthng student body got the school under way. he Hickory Log was startedg our school colors were selected by the fresh- an class, Ha rotting foo gathered no goong and Mr. Vierteiys General Science e ass hnany found a room with seats and desks. Double sessions started to alce way for a rapidly growing enrollment. Before we turned sophomore, clcson had a G. 0. constitution. At that time, we often wondered where our school newspaper and maga- th ugh the halts looking important. We also wondered how guards aiways se ed to know when we had no han passes and why they seemed to arrest on f freshmen. After a year in the yoke of the oppressed, we came to wonder iess and Im w more. in fact, we wondered iittie and knew wondrous much. in other w ds. we were sophomores. Then, with a year of high school under our belts, and those new-tangled e r jackets on our backs, we began to join clubs and meet other sophomores. ce in a white, in a purely academic and impersonal manner, a junior would '1 tuauy listen to fand Chuckie overj our opinions on some matter. Jacksons sports were organized with a swimming team, baseball and asicetban squads showing excellent promise. XV e sophs had such material o offer as Johnny Vxfeir, Joe Maloney and Ed Hubert. In view of these great accomplishments we now felt privileged to bully reshmen, but were disiihisioned in Finding ourselves not big enough for the job. i J. , zi e came from. Vxfe also wondered who those students were who wanted In f 10 eance a a It was tben tbat tbe scboot welcomed Mr. Hatter, our new Principal. Mr. Stevenson, wbo bad been acting as Principal, became Administrative A 'tant. Qur junior year saw tbe bard and gory . ttte bail? over, and Mrs. Le Sc act: discovered Bill Wilson. Larry Clinton was interviewed by the Hickory Log and someone even beard Mrs. Brogan ' mming Htxfty Reverief, Meanxnbite we seemed to begin to get Hconnections. , We knew tbe bait guards Vxfe bad access to necessary credentials. VV got to know teacbers, xx bo now treated us titre buman beings, sometimes. XV e ceased tbe practice of fresbman-baiting, excep very ifresb fresbmen. XV e treated tbem somewbat titre gross intruders, deman 'ng tbat tbey be good citizens and buy att tietcets, subscriptions, etc., witb bicb we saw Ht to furtber tbe interests of tbe scbootf, ie subject of scboot worlc became increasingly annoying ttirougb tbis period Consequently it was subordinated. in tbe closing weelcs of June, tbat year, Jactcso s baseball team fougbt its way to tbe City crown, and its boopmen were osed out of a Queens c ampionsbip by a rival Jamaica crew. ie scboot bad its first graduating ctass, and t is eminent journat was ounc ed. fateful yeartj obin Hoodn aroused cbeers and encores, an tbe tbespian fever even swinging out in a Htuindyn? ive bundred and some odd seniors enterec tbeir tast year at .lactqson witb 1 tieavy sigb tbo-bumj. Dick Bedford b eame Hickory Log editor, unc Cbartie tininger Justice of tbe new Student ourt. Mrs. Le Sctiactt got 1 o Blu Xvitson and passed bim on to bfliss oss. HGuiseppiH Cunning- tia and Pain Beatce were Jacksons matinee id s. 4 . ivtare and tbe swimming team won e City cbampionstiip, and tbe ot tbe tropby. Vxfendett Xvimcie sed Paul Rubet out of a nomi- iany eigbtb term boys put on a v ean stiirt for tbe first time, so ttiat ex coutd be pbotograptied for tbis ,rm,s Class Book fand maybe next term s atsoj. tcontin rl on puge 555 ti TI 'h . TI F I "R spread to ttie faculty. Xvbo win ever forget tbe s gbt of tbat august group F. . I ., . f . 5 QSJY5 11 -Mfnw 17 UK JDCIZSUH 40, Q I JCLECL6 Oil That's for Me ...-..... ......--. A n elevator pass l'll Never Smile Again. . ..... Alter English Regents The Same Old Story ............... ullm unprepared" l'll Pray lor You .............--. The next senior class My Piggy Banlc ls .lingling Again ........ Mr. Fairchild You're a Sweetheart ................... Pearl Stephens Maybe .............. ..4-. M ixed enrolling rooms Only Forever .......... ............ ..... H o meworlc Billy Boy ...--.-............... ..... B ernice Finn Now l Lay Me Down to Dream ............ Math Class l l'laven't Time to Be a Millionaire ........ Bob Schuler l'm Stepping Out with a Memory Tonight .... Mr. Rhind I Bought a Wooden Whistle --.-............ Mrs. Lee I Cried lor You ........................ Poor Freshies All This and Heaven Too ............ Graduation night Last Night in Dreams l Touched a Star. .Marion Rappold Our Love Affair ........-........-.. Elsie and Johnny Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga. .Mr. Cox's gym class The Breeze and l ....................... Bill Wilson The Pessimistic Character with the Crahapple Face ...........- ...... A ny teacher When lrish Eyes Are Smiling .--.. ..... E leanor Pyle Yours ls My Heart Alone ..... ........ B oh Hampton All the Things You Are. . . ..-'....... Rita Dobbins And So Do l ......... ..... VV ant a lootlmall team A Million Dreams Ago ...--... When we were freshmen Fools Rush ln ........ ............ T o .laclcson Head on lVly Pillow ...... ...... M onday morning lt's Foolish hut lt's Fun ..--.......... Senior Class Day Looking lor Yesterday ................. Alumni 1940 Never Toolc a Lesson in My Lite ..........,... Seniors Pushing the Conversation Along ........ English teachers What Would Shakespeare Have Said ll he heard us murder Hamlet l Could Malte You Care ......-...... Minna Klussman When the Moon Comes Over Madison Square Baslcetlzaall game I9 in , A Iairifuazi He's a Tough Homlzmre .......... . . . .Mr. Manheim lt's the Same Old Shillelagh ...... ..... T om Rooney Hit the Road ....-................--.... Paul Ruhel l Love to Watch the Moonlight ........ Marion Belelant Two Dreams Met ...--........ . . . .Audrey and Boln l Don't Want to Cry Anymore ....4 - .l want to graduate Wanting You .................. ......... D iploma Wait Till l Catch You in My Dreams ...... .Mr. Haller Lovalnle Sort ol Person .......A. The Moon VVon't Tall: .... Octave .lump ........... Darlc Eyes -......-... Sing to Your Senorita .... . . - - .Muriel Lewison . . . . . . . .Good thingl . . . . . .Joyce Rypinslci . . . . . .Grace Connors . . . .Joe Cunningham Today l Am a Father ..................... Mr. Grady You, You Little Heartbreaker You .... Roberta lVlcKinlay A Handlul ol Stars .........-... l Can't Resist You. . . Devil May Care. . . Little Boy Love ...,.... Baloy Face ............. - - . . . .Dramatic Club . . . . . .Mr. Wright . . . . .Stanley Johnson . . . . . . .Mr. Cosgrove . . . . . .Cynthia Pierce Oh, You Beautiful Doll ...... .......... P at Mccort You Do Something to Me. ....... One O'Clocli Jump ...... ..... Rum-Boogie ........ You'd Be Surprised ............. l Don't Wanna Go to Work ..... . x.w. . - - . . . .Mr. Heclcman Alter the sixth period . . . . . .Mr. Testavercle . .Your Regents marlis . . . .Stanley Kanelslcy A. F147 I " X ff' f' K f af" is-2 is I .af-'. Q 'I '- V 1 , . U 1 l ft. 0 5 is 4 . ' 34351 .Q . :sf fefex' ' ' F R Kg ,f ff Wesco AW ,Y .. , , f' 1. 1 44. - w . .' Q 5' 0 x Za'-int, 0 o, f fa 3 dw. . ., pu ml , I i . 1 fa N-xx Q W 5 Q P R s , 6 , I - xx A! D ,, , ,Li--fb, I- E' Q? L-3-:..c.g' A .' I , Q" . f I-1"'1"'v'J'f I' I J 1 x .- "' if "' 'lf ,lt .- A f . E ' f Q.: If AA xx Im, 5 5 'l ' 1 V1 ". f'.'i'iK T if .-0 0- s , Pnl. O ' I s A 'I ' 5 LQ' rr-N f' ' W " , - f ' I I. fs' at .0 1 ' 1 1' 'f' M, ' xx 1 , 0 X ,, I ti XX N hw 1 I I R X N "x., , o ., ., , . :Z.- . I F .gn ' ' u 't' A -'f x , g, ,. ,s.:',v'.?9':-.:, -., I ' ' ' I 3, 3 . AMC 1 Ig. -. 25' fy . 'id' - -4-., ., ' 0 , f I ' Sha. 25,-iv-it-,'rf "2.i'."-f - ' ' A , , , n -, .I 5. , ..M-6'-41:i3E1f??'es5z?-fi-.-Sim1.-'sh-. ff -U' n, . .- gf-,,'v, -,:. . .1:'. .N .. 3 -,J L . 1. '- . 'Jr' .yr . -V5 E". Z: ." f"C' ' '- EU' Z"'.' 3 :- 1f"3 -.:.- . '. I. I . . . . u, 1, ' ,4 .. -':": :-?I:f'fi?g:'-dqi'5?!"-- 'P . r' .'-ig. ,711- - : I-H:"l',:'.'111."."15 '.:-'-E-:'.j:1:"" :f::55' .5'5-!- :" ,- , . t,, -... ' - .- - D '.',',' .-.'. 3. . '.,.',2 ."-.'.-".' , -D ... - .-'-"1 . .'. .. .- . - 0 , . - 1 o 0 c ' 4 Q Q , 4 ' - ' L'- 7: if , s .. ,, - . .z- .B ,- ...-2 :."K'f. '::'?: -Q -'Jo ' - .54 f-11"' . - 'lsr' ,O n', . ' o, 7. Q .', .a . '.' C JOSEPH CUNNINGHAIVI President MINNA KLUSSIVIAN Vice-President VIRGINIA BORTHWICK Secretary WINNIE GIEBI-IARDT Tfea S U FCI' IVIURIEL GARCIA TFGHSLIYGF EDNV ARD CONDOLFF TIGHSLIFGF Q! tAQ .MC OF? ARTHUR M. ABRAHAMS Pratt Hall Patrol. Lieutenant Luncti Pa- trol, Attendance Otlice, Track Team, Swimming Squad. Cralt Clutn. Dance Band, Field Band, Art Stall, Senior Class Book, Circulation ot Hickory Log, Teacti- er's Assistant, Service League. Stage Designer Sincere amlvition to do ttie loest ls luis password to success. ETHELYN E. AHRENS Washington School for Secretaries Typing Clula, Reorganization Squad, Englisti Ollice Assistant. TCHCllCf'S Assistant, Court Sienograplier sincerity carries on. KENNETH AHRENS Sailmalcvr G.O. Representative, Bus Squad. Record Oltice Clerlc. Denise new metliods in an old industry tvtay ttie lwreeze till luis sail and carry tlim to success. CLAUDIA J. ALBERT College Frencti Ctutl. Fastiion Leaders, Hearttlstone Clulv, Baslcettoalt Ctutr, Volleyball Ctuta, Tennis Ctutm, Ctmrm Clula. TCilCllCI'S Assistant, Englisti Honor Class, Honor Roll, Program Committee, Lunctl Squad. To succeed in wliatever l urwlertalze Friendly, merry and spry, Vve can't say StlC'5 sliy. REX ALEXANDER Business or Queens College lvlattiematies Honor Class, Service Squad. Chemical Engineer He will "engineer" l1is way into cliemistry. RUTH ALLAN Queenstzoro Heffley Junior and Senior Judge, Arista Treasurer. Service League, S.O.F., Program Committee, Book Room Stall. Lilorary Statt. Service Otlice Squad. TCBCIICFIS Assistant, Ctmem- istry Clutm, Honor Classes, Honor Roll. Secretary A triendly smile and a ready sense ot liumor. BEDFORD ANDERSEN Deleliantyis Lunctl Patrol, Service Squad. Hall Patrol, Special Cllorus, President Salesmanstiip Clulw, Field Ctuts, Assyt Caslmier at Sllerwnod Oval, Teaclwerys Assistant. Policeman He's always trustwortlny and tor- ever dependalmlc. Snell a comlzination malces tlim tliglily COHlIIlCl'lflilbl0. JEAN ANDERSON Cornell Handtxall Cluli, Baslcettmll Cluti, Volleytuall Clulo. Red Cross Club, Luncti Patrol Captain, Teaclier's Assistant. Lawyer Success is tier password. AASE ANDRESEN Flusliing Massaging Scliool Clueering Squad, Teacliefs Assist- ant. Senior Class Boots Statt. At- tendance Ollice. ttonor Roll, Red Cross Club, Bowling Clutm. MllSSEllS0 Golrlen tiair Starlit eyes, lvly. lint don't you tantalize. MARTIN ANGELO Vyforle intramural Baseball, Intramural Baslcctlvall, P.S.A.L.. Business Xve tcnow t1e'll mind liis own tiusi- ness, and exceptionally well, ROGER ANTHONY Xvorlz anrl Niglit Scliool Service Squad, Luncti Patrol. Sup- ply Room Assistant, TCEiCl1CF'S As- sistant. A business of my own GKIOCI HHIICOS Zlny0nC p0pllllll' anywllere. BLANCHE ARKER College Secretary Gracious and clnarming. 'THEODORE ARONOVV City College of New York Lieutenant Lunch Patrol, Service Squacl, URobin Hood." Stage Squad, Biology Club, Honor Eng- lish Class, Service League, Biology Fit-Id Mechanical Engineer Vvlten better mechanisms are built, Ted will builil them. HELEN E. AUER Browne's Business School Program Committee, Hearthstone Club, Service Squad, Advertising Stalt Senior Class Book, Teachers Assistant. Business School Secretary Efficient ancl cheerful-fshe,Il be a perfect secretary. HOVVARD AUSTIN Business Bancl, Service Squad, Lunch Pa- trol, First Concert. To own my own business Vvorlc hard when you work: Play harcl when you playg And success will come your way. DOROTHY BAHRENBURG Pratt Institute Star Art Staff. Senior Class Book Art Stall, History Honor Class, Honor Roll, Basketball Club. Teachers Assistant. Library Assist- ant, Remington Rand Filing Cer- tificate. Court Cleric. Commercial Artist You have such a lovely way about you, You come uncler the Iieacling ol Art. AUGUSTINE BARCI Lincoln Aeronautical institute Recorcl Office Assistant. Attenclance Office Assistant, Locker Squad, Crafts Club, G.O. Representative, Honor Roll, Service League. Aeronautical Engineer He'II soar on wings ot lame. HELEN BARKIVIAN Columbia School of Oral Hygiene Honor ROH, EIIICIQCIICY ROOHI As- sistant, Teachervs Assistant. Oral Hygienist A nice girl is always well Iilcecl. MARGARET BARRY Delelianty Business School Reel Cross Club, Newman Club, Secretary She will never, never shirlc. Business is her chosen worlc. OLIVE BATCHER iowa State College Honor Roll. Library Assistant, File Cleric. Teachefs Assistant, Eco- nomics Honor Class, History Honor Class, Program Committee, Badmin- ton Club, Tennis Club. Dietitian She is quiet and yet so lrienclly. JOHN BAUER Business Varsity Track Team, Chess Team, Locker Guard, Intramural Basket- ball, Intramural Baseball, Chemical Agriculturist A straight shooter with his eye on the goal. DOROTHY BECKERT New York University President Hearthstone Club, New- man Club. Major Service Pin. Ma- jor Scholastic Pin, Personality Club. Charm Club, Fashion Leaders' Club, Typing Club, Better Sales- manship Club, Attendance Office, S.O.l:., Teachers Assistant, Pro- gram Committee. Department Store Buyer VVI1en she smiles so sweetly. Our hearts go completelyl DICK BEDFORD College Arista, Hiclcory Log Editor, Jour- nalism Class, Honor Roll, History Honor Class, English Honor Class, Lab. Squad. To get something published besides this A quiclc wit, a level heacl, and a Uswelln personality. ELSA BEHRENS Secretarial Xvorlz Erlitor-in-chiet of Star, Teacheris Assistant, Honor Roll, English Hon- or Class, Vvriterls Club, Reorgan- ization Club, Forum Assembly Pro- gram. To become an accomplished author lvlay the "Star" you have hitched your wagon to carry you on to tame. LAURA BEIDLER Xx'7!lSlIiTtgiUTt Sclzool for Secretaries Baslcetlmall Clutu, English Honor Class, Honor Roll, Tcacl1er's As- sistant, Secretarial Squad, Lunclu Patrol, Discussion Cluls, lJllil0Cilliill"t Society, Program Committee. Executive Secretary Aacl tllat smile. like sunslxine, clarts lnto many a sunless lmeartl MARION BELEFANT Queens College Arista, Srlrolastic League, Service Leaglie, Honor Roll, Sec. Biology Fielrl Clair. Niatli. Honor Class. lTl'!'l'llill Conversation Clulx, History Honor Class, Sec. Hillel Society, Englislu Honor Class, ivlalce-up Committee, Pricle S' Prejudice, 'rt-a1'ller's Assistant. Language Teaclier So rare, you lxave time NVilTmtll ot a Scluutxert air. Clnarming and cletmonair, those are tllc words tor you. ROBERT BENNET ivortlzeustern University Presiclent ot' Cllemistry Clulw, Niem- lyer of Cllemistry Club, Chemistry Lain. Squad. Assistant to Mr. Stev- enson, Sulvstitute Teaclmer fsciencel, Honor Roll. Camera Clulu, Gramo- pllllnff Lilllll. Cliemist it lie mixes in society as well as lie mixes luis cllemicals, lie is sure to succeed. IRENE BENNETI' Modeling Scirool Better Salesmansliip Clulo, Heartla- stone Clair, Service Squad. Muriel All tlrat lasllion clemands is com- posure ancl self-conliclence. MARJORIE BERGEN Teaclzefs College rl1CilCll0l"S Assistant, Program Com- mittee, History Honor Classes, Eco- nomics Honor Class, Dramatics Class, Honor Roll, Biology Honor CIRISS. History Teaclzer Slavs witty, pensive. and lair, Anil tlrat's a comlpination quite rare. PHYLLIS BERNARD Fine anti Applied Arts Plmilocalian Society, Englisli Honor Class, Baslcetlwall ClulJ. I:G.SlIi0l'l Designer Upon lier will clcpenrl tlle future tri-nfl in style. IRENE BIER Business lVirs, Brogan's Oltice Stall, Teach- er's Assistant, G.O. Representa- tive, Class Captain, Class Secretory. To ine a success Yet in llerselt slle clwelletll not. Vltllllllgll no lxome were llall so lair. EDXVARD BIMPSON Business Recorml Ollice. General Ollice. Serv- ice Squarl, Hall Patrol, Luncli Pa- trol, lntramural Baslcettmll. Transport Pilot Alter gracluation lle'll emlmarli Un some pursuit to malice a marli. DOROTHY BIRD ivlarylaml College for Xvomen Virgil Cluls. Special Clxorus, '.R0l,liH lyl00fl,n Glee Clulv. RPA Cross Clulm, Tennis Club, Badminton Clulv, Baslietliall Clulw. lvlinor HJ," Program Committee, S.O.F., Honor Roll. Star Representative. rlveacliing Her lovable qualities are always Sll0VVI'l- Dolty is liliecl wllcrever sl1e's known. PEARL BIRKE Eastern Secretarial Sclrool Vl1CilCll0l"'S Assistant. Clerical As- sistant. Secretary Charming ami sweet, Cute anal petite. FRED BISCHOFF Purdue University Lilirary Squacl, Teacliefs Assistant, Door Guard. Agricultural Engineer Time solution to tile famm protmlem- Fred. MARIE BLAINE Pace anal Pace Salesmanslmip Club. Clerical Vvorlc- er in Service League Otlice. Accountant Sine llas a lieart to resolve, a lmeacl to contrive, anrl a will to execute. ALYCE G. BLUIVI Business Sclrool Swimming Club. Swimming Oltice Assistant, Biology Office, History Office, Lunclm Squad. To be a success Full ol vigor, lull ol zest, On a wave sllelll be tlie crest. ELEANORE BONNEY Sclrool of Beauty Culture Cllcering Squad, Gtllice Assistant. To be u success A Ubonnicn lass is Eleanore FREDERICK BOOS Queens College Honor Roll, Englisb Journalism Classes. Englisli Honor Class. Dra- matic Club, Hiclcory Log Stall. Teacl1er's Assistant, Biology Honor Class. Minister Tlle sparlc ol endeavor is bis. RENEE BOROW City College rl-eaclierls Assistant, Reorganization Squad, Luncll Patrol. Honor Roll, Pliilocalian Society, Englislr Honor Class, History Honor Class. Eco- nomics Honor Class, Advertising Stall, Senior Class Boolc. Accountant A famous Mtiguren in business some clay. VIRGINIA BORTHVVICK La Salle University Secretary ol Senior Class. Cv.O. Clerli. Uslierette Squad. G.O. Rep- resentative, Honor Roll, Swimming Club. Teacberls Assistant, President Service League. Major Service Pin, Program Committee, Attendance Squad. Physical Erlucation Teaclrer Second Eleanor Holm IRMA BOYD Business Scliool Englisll Honor Class, Honor Roll, CLO. Accountant Secretary, Fasln- ion Leaders Club. Reorganization Squad, G.O. Representative, Luncll Patrol, Teacllersl Assistant, Tennis Club, Bowling Club, Volleyball Club. Private Secretary Her lmumor flavors lile. ADELAIDE BOYLE Paclzarzl Business College Stall: Senior Class Boolc, Spanisli Club, Volleyball Club, Heartlrstone Club, Red Cross Club, Bowling Club, Honor Roll, Clmarm Club. Private Secretary Cllarmingly sweetl MARY BRADY Holy Cross Acaclemy 'I'eacl1er's Assistant. Gramopllone Club, Reel Cross Club. Secretary Lovely to loolc at, Deliglltlul to know. FLORENCE BRASS Pratt Institute Englisll Honor Class, Honor Roll, Attendance Monitor, Office Assist- ant, W-l-be Gondoliersf' Special Cluorus, Program Committee, lVIajor Service Award, Service League Treasurer, Teacllerls Assistant. To become an accountant A friendly lxeart witll many lriends. PAUL R. BRENDEL College lllcaclxerls Assistant, Honor Roll, Service League, Radio Club, Serv- ice Squad. Radio Class, Minor Service Pin. Judge ot Student Court. Gramophone Club. Success in wliatever I umlertalze lVIay luis judgments always be as wise as in tlxe student court. DOROTHY lvl. BRENNAN Queens College Editorial Stall, Senior Class Boolc, Library Stall, Reorganization Squad, Drama Class, History Honor Class, English Honor Class, IVIatl1. Honor Class, Frencb Club, Pbilocalian So- ciety, Baclcstage Vvorlc on Assembly Program, Honor Roll. English Teaclier Quiet, yet oln so nicel JOHN BRESS . Broolzlyn Polytecl: History Honor Class, Economics Honor Class, Honor Roll, Special Cllorus. "Robin Hood," "Gondo- liers," Trig. Honor Class. Chemical Engineer Franlc and Ernest arenlt just boys' names to bim. ANNE BRICK Businvss Special Cl1orus. Tcaclicfs Assistant, Hcartllstonc Cluly, Better Salesman- sllip Club. Secretary A good minnl surpasses all. ALICE BROVVN Ballet Sclzool Pliilocalian Society, History Clulm, Heartlistonc Clull, Honor Roll, Per- sonality Clulb. Dancer You 0ugl1t to llc in pictures: you'rc wonclorlul to scc. EDITH BROVVN Businrfss Scliool HI'RFlllSl0HC Cluln, Cllarm Clulm, Pvrsonality Clulm, TOHCllCf'S Assist- ant, Assistant in Record Office. To mulee tlze most of everything To linow lxcr is to love licr. DOROTHY BRUDER Katlmrine Gilnlas Attcnflancc Squacl, Swimming Cluli, Vlloacln-r's Assistant, Class Captain. Cllami Clull. To succeed in tlle Business world Tlic liusinz-ss worlrl awaits lier. JOHN BRUHN Vtforlz Hall Patrol, Service Squacl, Lunfll Patrol, Secretary in Boys' Gym, Loclmr Guarzl. Printer Hc'll folio tllc wllolc worlcl in luis striclc. RALPH BUNKER Delelulnty Cralt Clulx, Book Room Squad. Stamp Club, Honor Roll, Economics Honor Class, Art Storcroom Squad. Hoolz and Ladder Climber Hu'll climlo tlmc laclclcr to success. CHARLES BUONORA College Medical Doctor Vvllercsoover l go, it is lor tl1c good ol liumanity. AUGUST BURKART Work Policeman Keeping orrlcr is lwis job. Hc can lmancllc any moim. DOROTHY BURNS Secretary uRoimin Howl." '-G11nclolifrrs," Spo- vial Cll1DIIlS, Englisll Honor Class. Honor Roll, Tcnclxcfs Assistant, llicliory Log Roportor. Mzisic Teaclier Slirfll lm on top. EDVVARD BURNS XVML Svrvicc' Sqllacl, Pail-Aim'ri4'im Clull. Fireman Don't play witli lirc, or youlll get ul3l1l'I'lS.n DOROTHY E. BUSH Business Attcnclancc Squnil, Hcartllstonc' Clulw. Englisll Honor Class, l.ilc Saving Clulu, Vollcyloall Clulm, llmslu-tlvall Clula, Bowling Cluln. Model .lolly, swell. lull ol lun, Slnc is nice to every onc. KENNETH BUSH Business Honor Roll. Honor Classes, lntra- mural Baslcetlmll, Trnllic Patrol, Pan-American Clulm, Spanisll Con- vfvrsation Clula, Crafts Cluly. 'I'cmfh- 1-r's Assistant, Secretary ol Craft Clulw, Lair. Assistant. To luring lzome tlm lvacon His worlc now sliows lxe'll limit- a "lat" income. MARY BUTFACAVOLI Xvorlz Hicliury Log Secretary, Biology Laboratory Squacl, R661 Cross Club. Reorganization Squaci, C a m e r a Cluln, Biology Cluln. Business world Vvlicrcver slie goes, wliatever slie AOCSV Nvitli iiying colors slieis sure to come tlirougli. EDXVARD CAHILL St. Iol1n's University Reel Cross Club, Economics Honor Class. Engineer Hell llclp lruilci tile world ot tile future. JOHN CAHILL Business Business Tile lic-y to success You will surely possess NINA CAMPBELL Kotlmrine Gibbs Sciiool for Secre- taries Girls' Varsity, Tennis Clulv, Baslcet- lwall Clutm. Badminton Clulw, lxlinor Htl," Lilwrary Stall, Program Com- mittee. Clic-mistry Clulz, Teacliens Assistant, Biology Honor Class, Englisli Raclio Class, Class Cap- tain, Honor Roll. Baclwlor of Science Degree Fair, square, ancl regular. VERDI CARSTEN Cornell University Camera Clula, Banci, Service Squad, Track Team, President Economics Class, Biology Lab. Squad. Medical Doctor Live to do goocli ELEANOR CECERE Flushing lwassaging Scliool Attenciance Oil-ice, Teactieris As- sistant, Program Committee. Honor Roll, Radio Club, Basketball Clulu. Softball Club, Refi Cross, Volley- ball Cluin, Bowling Club. Jour- nalism Class. Musseuse Siieis pretty anci neat, Cliarming ancl sweet. JOHN CHAPMAN Lincoln Aviation Scltool Biology Laiuoratory Squacl, Correc- tive Room Assistant, Cv.O. Repre- sentative, Real Cross. Aviator - Heill span tile eartli. FRANK CHASE Merchant Mcirine Navy Officer 'lille call ot time ticie is a wilcl cull Zlflil fl CICZH' call . . . LAILA CHRISTENSEN Business Sciiool anrl Aviation SCIIOOI lionor Roll, Englisli Honor Class. ilieaclxefs Assistant. Basketball Cluim, Bowling Clutx, Volleyball Clulu, Dramatic Club. Commercial Pilot A small strip taut a cracli pilot. .IULIAN E. CHUGERFIAN Cooper Union Radio Clutn, Radio Class, Englisti tionor Class, Journalism Class. l:I'0l1Cl'l Club. Service Squad. Bike Squacl, Biology Honor Class. Aeronautical Engineer Flying tmravely'-seems it so? Vliliereis a liirm lounclation clown llfflflvv. DOROTHY CHUNG Bellevue Hospital Assistant to Mrs. Brogan, Assistant to Nliss Slevin, Captain ot USllCT' ettes, Secretary ot Reel Cross. tieartlistone Club. Fasliion Leaciers Clulv, Hanrilvail Club. Volleyball Clulu, N. Y. Times Representative. ZNYHTSG I love lier for lier smile. iwer look. tier way ol speaking gently. MARION CLARK Cornell University, College of Home Economics Secretary ol: Arista, Scholastic League, President Chemistry Clulm, Leader Refi Cross Club, Honor Roll, SOP., Program Committee Tutor in Nlatlm., Glee Clutm, Baclminton Clutm, Honor Classes, Pluilocalian Club. Nursing A quiet girl that every one knows. Sire leaves an impression YVllCl'0VCl' sire goes. DOROTHEA COFFEY Business Filing Awaril in C. P., Englislx llonor Class, History Honor Class. To maize a million l wisli, l can, l will-tlicsc are tlle tllree trumpet notes to victory. EDYTHE COHN City College of New York VllCilCllCl"S Assistant. Honor Roll. Pimilocalian Club, Englisll Drama ct HSS. Business Sli:-'s sailing on tlie sea of amloi- tionl Slie'll anclmor in ilu: llarlnor ol success. HERBERT COHN Sturly for Sports Commentator, Business Service Squacl, Hall Patrol. To be a sports commentator A goocl sport. GLADYS L. COLBERG Business Englislt Honor Class, Economic GCKIQFHPIIY Honor Class, Teacticns Assistant, Honor Roll, Reorganiza- tion Squacl, Hcarllmstonc Clula. To lze successful Nlay slmc lxit tllc jaclcpot. ROBERT COLE Roosevelt Aviation Scllool Lilvrary Staff, Service Squacl, Hall Patrol, Loclccr Guarcl. lntramural Baslcctlwall. lvlaster Aircraft arul Engine Mc'- clranic llis luture is Hlixeclf' FLORA COLLINS Broolzlyn Hospital Baslietlaall Clulu, Soltlwall Clulm, Volleylmall Clulm, TCE!Cll0f,S Assist- ant, Lilorary Assistant, Honor Roll, To lm an air llostess Sllell ily lxer way to success EDNVARD CONDOLFF Business Assistant in Recorcl Ollice. Service Squacl, Lunclr Patrol, lntramural Baslietlvall. Aeronautical Enuineer A seconcl Seversliy. .IOSEPHINE CONK College Economics Honor Class, Englisll Raclio Class, Honor Roll, Lilmrary Service, Radio Clulu. Language Teaclier A lrienclly smile. gladly lacstowecl. JULIA CONNELL Business Scliool rl1CilCllCl"S Assistant, lvlercllanclising ITIUHOI' CIEISS. Telephone Company lt's a girl witll tlle smile XVl1o's always wortli wllile. GRACE CONNORS Sienoiype Sclrool Eclitorial Stall, Senior Class Boolt, Volleylmll Clulv. Teaclu-r's Assist- ant. Baslietlaall Clulm, Soltlwall Clulv, llrom Committee. Secretary Youvre so completely acloralmlel RUTH CONROY Business Scllool Biology's. Assistant, Reorganiza- tion Squacl, Englislx Honor Class, tlcartllstone Clulm. To be successful in life Tlmey can lnecausc tlmey luclievc tlxey Cflfll CATHERINE CORBETI' St. loseplfs College For Vtfomen Senior Dramatic Club, Reel Cross Clulm, pliilocalian Society. Raclio Clulm, Writing Clull, Tennis Club, Englislr Honor Class. Cvenuan Clullw. Englislt Journalism Class. "Edel- weiss," German Publication, Cast ol URevucs and Prevucsf' Clloral Recitation Group. Englisli Teaclier A girl wllo i1asn't mucl1 to say, .lust travels on llc-r peaceful way. GEORGE CORDES Stevens institute Service Squacl. Luncli Squad. Cliess Club. Honor Roll. A business man He'll stanri above time crowcl. RUTH CORNELL Dental Assistants Training Institute Volleyball Club, Pan-American Personality Club, Heartb- stone Club. Jr. Red Cross Club. Dental Assistant Her personality outsliines ller llair. THOMAS E. COTTER. JR, Annapolis Englislm Honor Class, lvlatb Honor Class, Library Stall, Luncli Patrol. Naval Officer Tom will quiclcly sail to tile port of SIICCCSS. DOROTHY COVELLI Business Teaclicrls Assistant, Heartlxstone Club. Private Secretary None but lmersell: can be lner equal. FRANK CRISTANDO Business Service Squad, Luncli Patrol. Business Executive into business lie will go. To try to make a lot of uflougbul XV. CRUZ College Army Aviator Let every man be swilt to bear ancl slow to spealc. HARRY E. CUENIN Delelianty Service Squad. Civil Service Position Goocl fellows belong in tl'ie Civil Service: Harry will surely get in. THOMAS A. CULL Queens College Honor Roll, Star Stall. Englislm llonor Class, intramural Basketball. Big Business Man One wlmo will forge abeaci. JOSEPH A. CUNNINGHAM College Special Clvorus, Annual Concerts, 'Robin Hemi," UGoncioliers," An- nouncer-lVlusical Program, Englisb Honor Class. Honor Roll, Camera Club, Locker Cvuarcl. To enjoy tlie pleasant life of a self-sufficient vagabond so many worlcls. so mucli to clo. HELEN DAVIS Fine anrl Applied Arts Pliilocalian Society. Biology Field Club, Biology Club, Emergency Room Assistant. Fasliion Designer Silt? will clesign Uwlwat time well- ilressecl woman will wear." CLAIRE DELKER Borougli Business Scllool Clmrm Club, Gramopbone Club. Secretary llnclerneatlx tbat pensive expression tlrere lies a will to succeed. CONCETFA DE LUCA Secretarial Scllool Glee Club, Teacbens Assistant. Secretary Quiet. lranli, anti lilceci by all. IGINE DEL VECCHIO New Yorle institute of Piiotogropily Vice-Pre-sirient Camera Cluia. Rep- resenterl A. .I. Camera Ciuiu at N. Y. Vvorlciis Isair '50 anti '40, Lieut. I.unrIl Patrol, File Cierii Boys' Gym, Sluop Inspector, T1-aclu-r's As- sistant, I.oc'Icer Guarll, Caneiiri Camera Xveeic Committee. Iiealtln Sc-rvivu Squari, Senior Class Book Stall, Stall Pixotograpilcr, Hicicory Log. C-'UlYIl1l!'TCiflI Piiotograpiler One tiring Imetter tilan success is to In- wortlly ol surress. ULGA A. DENIYEN Pratt Institute Special ciilfiflli, Emergency Ollice Assistant, Sewing Reel Cross Ciulr, IDIOZIFIIISIUIIC CIUID. Drvss Designer Paging Srlriapareiiil IIERIVIAN L, DEUTSCH N. Y. U. IAOCIUT Gllflfli, IAUHCII PIIIYOI, SCIV' ire Squad, Rafiio Class, IAGOHEIO- Iir-rs," Special Cllorus, Certified Puizlic Accountant IIis ways are ways ot pleasantness, anri all Iris patils are peace. GLORIA R. DINCIIELDT Business Heartllstone Ciuim. TPill1IlCf,S As- sistant. Reorganization Squad. Secretory Iinr spirit ol SDOIISIHFIHSIIID ami fun IN'IaIu:s Gloria Iiiieci Ivy everyone. MARVIN DINTENFASS College Cam:-ra Cluir, Biology Clulm, Eng- Iislx Honor Class. History Honor Class. IVIatIn Honor Class. Aviation Still water runs rioep. RITA E. DOBBINS fgueens College Arista, Associate Eclitor Senior Class Book, Service League, Treas- urer Dramatic Club. Honor Roll, Englisii Iionor Class. Iiistory Honor Class. Drama Class, Drama Class Play, rI4CHCilCfSt Assistant, G.O. Representative. Nialie-up Commit- tee, HGoncIoIiers,n Reorganization Squaci. Sciloiastic League. Lawyer A ciauglmter ol tire gocis, Divineiy tall ancI most divinely lair. pr PVIX .gpm 'VN ROBERT DORIS Queens College Honor Roll, Clicmistry Cluiw, Pan- American Ciuiw, Anrient History Clulo. Englisin Honor Classes. His- tory Honor Classcs, Loclccr Guard. cwIl!'l1IiSt IIe's a gooci HIIIIXPIHU EILEEN DONVLING Mary Immaculate Hospital I'If-artiistonc Club, VoIIvyImaII Ciuim, 'Iii-acluerls Assistant. GI:-e Clulx. I'an-American Club, Economics Ilonor Class, Drama Class, Honor Roll, American Refi Cross. AIIITSP Not too quiet. not a frivolous gal, ,lust one youll Iilic to call your pal. .IAIVIES DRESSEL Stvnograpiwer ,I4t'ill'IlCl"S Cleric, TPHFIICYTSI Assist- ant. IJ:-rsonality Clulr. Four! Stenogruplwr Cionsric-ntious vfllort is always rc- VVIHYIIPCI. NILDRED DRUCKER Quvvns College filiemistry Cluix. Englisix Honor CYIHSS, IVIOIIUI' Roll. CIUSS Illiilocaiian Clula, TC8CIlCF,S Assist- ant. Glee CIUIJ. ITIIQIISII Terlfiier Itvs a Iriencliy Iueart tlnat Ixas many Iriencis. IRVVIN EISEN Business Service Squaci, Camera Cluiw, Cut- ting Squati. Nr-ws Pirotograpiier Xve tirinii i1e'II Hrlcvelopu into a surcessiul man. GICRTRUDE ELLIOTT VVMI2 Better Salesmansixip Clulm. Secretory A little ray ol ciueerlulm-ss. VVILLIAIVI ELLSON College or Business Trait-ic Squail, Library Squad. "Hickory Logu Rep., Englisli Honor Class. lntramural Volleyball. To get o goocl, secure fob. Hebs a big man in laclcson, To liim we yielcl time place. He's exceetlingly good naturefi, You can see tliat in luis lace. Al .ICE ENGEL Katluirine Gibbs library Assistant, program Coma mittee. Service Club. A perfect secretory Depenrlalmle, capable ot any taslc, Vivafious too, wlrat more coulcl we aslc? REGINA ENNIS Business Scliool Heartlrstone Club. Baclminton Club, Teaclierls Assistant. To be successful Vivacious ancl elrarming. But never alarming. ELSIE ERICKSEN Queens College Girl Leacler Arista, Summa Cum Laucle, Presirlent Frencb Club, Vice-Pres. Biology Field Club. lvlatlx llonor Class, lVlatl1 Team. lvlatll Tutor, Rep.. History llonor Class, Tennis Club, Re- organization Squacl, Teaclverls As- sistant. Scliolastic League. Marti: Teoclier lvlincl cannot follow nor wnrcls ex- press llcr inlinite sweetness. MARILYN ESSIG Business College Englislr lilonor Class, l.uncl1 Patrol, Reorganization Squarl, Tr-acl'ler's Assistant. Pliilocalian Society. Accountant ller lite will be a liigliway ot suc- cess. EUGENE FABIAN Columbia Assistant in Recorrl Room. Lunclr Patrol. Service Squact. CPA. Xvatclr out lor time ligure ueiglitf' ELINOR FARR Business Sclwol or Nurse's Training Teacliefs Assistant, Luncll Patrol. Library Representative, Englistr llonor Class. lXltU'S9 One loolc at Elinor ancl recovery will be certain. FLORENCE EARRELL Nursels Training lluartlistone Club, Bowling Club, Englisli Honor Class, Clrarm Club. Fri-mflr Club. AYILFSE A treat to tbe eyes, and a greater treat to know. IVIATHILDE FAUL New Yorle University Basketball Club, Heartbstone Club, llonor Roll, German Club, Teacli- erls Assistant, Program Committee. Crafts Club, Bowling Club, Jour- nalism Class, Typing Club, Sales- nlansliip Club, Attendance Ollice. Secretory llrtrels a girl, we Inust aclmit, Vtlliols get pep and plenty of Hit." MADEUNE FAULHABER Modeling Scbool Nlorlel Xxlliere ut-iguresu are concerned, lxlaclelinels a umorleln student. EILEEN FINLAY Mciry immaculate Hospital Library Assistant. Teaclicrs Assist- ant, Program Committee, Honor Roll. Bowling Club. Registererl Nurse Slielll be a comfort in any ward. BERNICE FINN Metlloclist Hospital Red Cross Representative, Teacberls Assistant, G.O. Class Captain. Sutt- ball Club. Senior Year Boolc Stat-t, Heartlistonc Club, Volleyball Club. Nursing Sires little anol sliels wise. Ancl sbels a terror tor ber size ROBERT FINNEGAN St. lolnfs College I'Iall Patrol, Service Squacl, Bilie Squofl. Lunrll Patrol, Teaclmefs As- sistant, P.S.A.I,. Policeman or Fireman I'le'll always lencl a lielping liancl. DOROTI IY F ITZPATRICK Business Sclwool Heartllstone Cluln. Baslcetlmll Cluln, C.P.A. Slieis cute anal small. One ol time lmest ol all. REGINA FIX Business Lilvrary Stall, TCilCllK?f,S Assistant. Biology Ollice Assistant. Comptometer Operator Tile sweetest tllat one can Iinow. ROBERT FLEISCHAUER N.Y.S.IV1.IVl.A. Varsity Swim Team, I.,uncI1 Patrol. Englisll Raclio Clulv, TCilCllCf,S As- sistant. Special English Class. Cliief Engineer Rolwert will "engineer" Iiis way to lame. GEORGE .I. FLIEGER State lnstitute of Applierl Agricul- ture Swimming Team, Service Squad. Orrlanlerltril Horticulture Just a country lmoy at Iieart. CLAIRE FLIESS Business orul Nigllt College Arista. nl lieliory Log." Honor Classes, Plrilocalian Society. Hillel Society, Honor RQII, History Clull. Spanisli Cluls, Englisli Ollice, Pro- gram Committee. Reorganization Squarl, Ratlio Class, Journalism Class. lournalist Vvlien timings are popping Hover lllCl'0.H II you're wise, you'Il Ioolc lor Claire, EDGAR FLYNN Business llonor Roll, Craft Clulm. Ariisi Traclitionally-'talI, clarli ami liand- some. CLAIRE FOLEY Business Scliool Swimming Clulm. Teacllerls Assist- ant. Attenclanre Ollice. Stonogmplwr As Cliesterlielcl woulcl say, ulvlilcl, lmut liow you satislylu EILEEN FOLEY lvlury Immaculate Hospital Dramatics Class. Swimming Assist- ant, Y-l1CilCllCI',S Assistant. Luncli lla- trol. Rogislerecl Nlirsa "Patients" anrl mocls-sty are tlie vliixrzlcleristics ol a line nurse PATRICIA FOLEY Hunter College Business Stall, Senior Class Booli, Program Committee, Girls' Swim- llllllg Trcillll, lFl0n0l' Rllll, lilflllllljllll Clulw, Soltloall Club, Attendance Office, TPillillCf,S Assistant, llonor Classes, G.O. Representative, llis- tory llonor Paper. .lunior Lite Saver. Vl'l'flCllCl' A. F. ol L.. fAlways Full oi Lilell. FRANCES FORREST Kutlinrine Gilflzs Tennis Clulw. Irif-lil Hoclcey Clulr, Swimming Club, Lilurary Represent- alive. Business Business is tllis girlis ambition. Slufll surely live up to our class traclition. IIERNADINE L. FORSIIAVV Prolt lnstitutv -Astar" Art Stall, lXlliltllCIIIFltlCS Ilan- or Class. Artist II you liave any cares, lfvernanline ultI'lISlln tllem away. ADELE FORZANI Finishing Scliool Honor Roll. Editorial Stall Senior Class Book. TCHCllCf'S Assistant. Englislx Honor Class, Drama Class. Reorganization Squad, Vvriters' Club, Drama Class Play, Forum. To leave my footprints in tile samis of time Ancl licr moclcst answer ancl grace- lul air Sliow iier to loc wise and good as slie is lair. JOSEPH F. FOX Business Lieutenant, Service Squacl, Record Office. To clo lretter tllun tile lrest Anilwitiorl -l- Personality II Success. THOMAS K. F. FOX State institute of Applied Agricul- ture Intramural Baslcetlmall. intramural Baseball, P.S.A.l.. Baclge. Loclccr Squad, Luncli Patrol, Honor Roll, Service Squacl. Ornamental Horticulture or C.P.A. Tliomas will plan a garden rare Free irom trouiile, sorrow. and care. MARGARET FRASER Vtfusltington Secretarial College Personality Cluis, Heartllstone Club. Bowling Clulo, Secretary ot lvlatli. Office. Private Secretary Ftlif, SqHill'C, itlld fffglllilf. HENRY T. FUHRER College intramural Baslcetlaall, intramural Sottlnall. Teacliervs Assistant, Clmern. Lalb., Service Squad, Lunclx Patrol. Accountant So mucli is a man wortlm as ire esteems lnirnselt. EUGENE FUSS Columbia University History Honor Class, Math. 8 Hon- or Class, Englisli Honor Class, Eco- nomics Honor Class. President Camera Cluiu, TC8CilEf,S Assistant. Honor Roll, intramural Atliletics. Electrical Engineer Hxvattn a rnan. MATILDA GAETANO Business School Englisti Honor Class, Honor Roll, Reorganization Committee, Teach- er's Assistant, Attendance Commit- tee. To lze successful in whatever I unclertalze Youre sweet and youire pleasant. And you'll always iiave lots ot trienrls. JOSEPH GAJDOS Xvorlz Oltice Squad, Attendance Office. Hall Patrol. Policeman Ollicer Joe will make criminals go. LORETTA GANNON Vxfasliington Secretarial College English Honor Class, TC3Cl1Sf'S As- sistant, Bus Squad. Bowling Clulo. Comptometrisi Her silence cloesn't l1icle tier cliarm. iVlURlEL GARCIA Nvasliington Business School Commercial OH-ice, Attendance Ot- ticc, Glee Clull, Bowling Clulo, Heartlistone Club, Sewing Club. Honor Roll. Business Executive You're a sweetlleartl NVALTER GEISLER Pratt Institute Hall Patrol, Class Lilararian, P.S.A. l.., intramural Basketball, Gym Sec- retary, Honor Roll. Airplane Designer' Trail tmlazerl IRENE GELFAND Business Arista, Honor Roll, Englisli Honor Class, Volleyball Club, Discussion Clulx. TB8CllCT,S Assistant. Reor- ganization Squacl, Secretarial Squad. Vxflzolesale Buyer Youll never liave to tuuy happiness. FRANCIS GEORGE Traffic Patrol, Lalo. Assistant. Aeronautical Itlainienance Engineer VVHI1 Iwo Ilirst names, Ile Could never Ile Iast. DOROTHY GERLACH Commercial Field Editorial Staff. Senior Class Book, nRoIJin Hood," Tennis Club, Hon- or RoII, Englislr Journalism Class, Englisli Honor Class, Teaclrerls As- sistant. Secretary A private secretary slie will Inc, Allfl Ii SUCCCSS 'lllldDl1hlCClly. ROBERT F. GESSLING Pratt Institute Lab. Assistant, Assistant Art Eclitor, Bio. Publication Biology CIuI1, Camera Club, Teachers' Assistant, Tumlyling Squafl, I..uncI1 Patrol, Minor Service Award, Crafts Club, Honor Roll. Commercial Artist Anotlrcr Pettyi WINNIE GIEBHARDT Mary Immaculate Hospital Honor Roll, Assistant Captain, Luncli Patrol: Attenclance Ollice, TeacI1er's Assistant. G.O. Canfli- clate. Eclitorial Staff, Senior Class Book: S.O.F., Program Committee, I'IancItmaII CIuIx, Softball CIUIJ, Bas- ICetI1aII Air Hostess Twinkle in Iicr eyes, miscllicf on Irer lips, IVIi-rry is Irer way as into cacln Ileart slle skips. THOMAS GLEASON Columlzia Locker Guard, Intramural Baslict- I1aII. G.O. Representative, Englisli IIonor Classes, History Honor Classes. lxlatli. Honor Classes, Hon- Ul' Rllll. Clremical Engineer His talent Ieacls liim Vvllere inclustry neecls Iiim. ROBERT GOLDSTEIN Queens College History Honor Class. Eclitorial Staff, Senior Class Book: Clremistry Cluln Secretary, Journalism Class, Honor Roll, Clremistry Preparation Squacl, LAUIIFII Patrol. Allllllif People will reall wllat Boli will write. And in Iris Imoolis II1ey'II "see tlle light." 'GN ills as EILEEN GOODVVIN Tmpliagen Scliool of Design I Ieartllstone CIuIJ. Designer A sweet IittIe Iieazlaclre. ,IAIVIES GOODVVIN Scliool of Navigation Intramural Baselmall, Intramural Bas! Imtluall, Tumbling Squarl, Hall Pa- trol. Sea Captain He brightens tlie cleptlrs of your gloomicst moods. ROBERT GORDON xvorlz Clicmistry CIuIJ, I.iI1rary Stall., Ixlixccl Glce Cluiv, Special Clvorus, Scliaol Concerts, "The Goncloliersf' Mrrsicinn Ixlusic is Iilce time speeclr ol: angels. .IOI IN GRAF Business I.uneIr Patrol. Own a Shooting Preserve anal Game Iyllfffl A straigllt slrooter witI1 Iris eye on Ilrc goal. MARVIN GRAVE N.Y.U. Sclxooi of Commerce Service Squacl, Englislr Honor Class, History Honor Classes, Economics Honor Class, Intramural Baseball. Intramural Volleylmall Cliampion- strip, Honor Roll. lwauulactrrrer A Ilinc It-Ilow. anLI wcII liked. FRED GREENVVALD Business Ratlio CIuIJ, Stamp Clulo, Service Squad. Luncli Patrol. Successful Business Man He will never Iearl us into a cle- prvssion. DOROTHY GROB Xvtreaton Cottege Orctlcstra, Spa-riat Clmorus. Gtee Ctutn, Tezu'tu'rvs Assistant. To succeert at uvtmtever I rto To ttxose wtio tinow ttiee not No worrts can paint, Amt ttmse wtno know ttlcc Know tltat worots are taint. GLADYS R. GROMLING Business Attendance Otlire, Ottice Assistant. ttcarttlstone Club. To Ire successful in wtzatever 1 un- mtertutee A tim: determination Xvitt carry you tar in any vocation. HENRY GROSS N.Y.U. lntramurat Bastcettaatt. Special Cllorus. Att-City Ctmorus, Engtistl Honor Class, Honor Rott, Dramatic Ctulv, Cast ot URot1in Hooctf' Cam- era Ctuln. Biotogy Ctuta. Business Executive tftticiency is his coctc. NILDRED GROTZ Business anct tvigtzt Scttoot Bastiettnatt Clutn, Sotttnatt Ctutb. Stenogroptier tier smite is swcetenect try tier grav- itv. CATHERINE GUINAN Pratt Institute Sat:-smanstuip Ctutq, Teactiefs As- sistant. Buyer Ville jottiest ot persons matic time jottiest triencts. ROBERT E. GYSBERS Collage Special Ctrorus, UGonctoticrs," Frenclr Co-Ectitor, Frencti Paper: Ligtxting Crew, Pricte and Prejudice: Visual Airl Squad. Gen- erat Science Squad, Printing Squact, EltgttStl HIIIIOI Ctilss, Locker Guilfll, 'IODOI IQOH. Successfut Businessman Wtliit. Filn Oni? tiff pfnlllil, it tic isn't prouct ot tiis tricnds? AUDREY HAHN Queens College Library Assistant, German Club, ixtattr. Tutor. History Honor Class. To get a gooct position tt's a sure tlring. GEORGETTE HAJEK XVorte Better Satesmanstiip Club, Teacti- er's Assistant, Honor Rott. Typist Goort tortune strait the tnerst ROBERT HAMPTON lfmployment Special Ctxorus, Engtisti Drarnatics Class, Englisln Honor Class, intra- mural Bastcettoatt, Concert To tie successful in any undertaking tie came, tm saw. tte conquered our tu-arts. MURIEL HANNEKEN Detetlanty Secretariat Setioot Tennis Ctuta. Ptmitocatian Society, Program Committee, Teactrerts As- sistant, Class Captain. Secretariat Statt. Senior Ctass Book: Engtistr Honor Class. ttaro Secretary Sweet and gay. wittl time most toeau- titut rect hair we've ever seent PETER HANSEN Business Tr-ar:txer's Assistant, Honor Rott, As- sistant First Aid Room. C.P.A. At ptay anct in tris job, Hcftt atways be atnove tile mob. VIOLET M. HANSEN Xvastrington Secretariat Sctxoot Art Staff. Senior Class Book: Lunch Patrol. TCBCIICIIS Assistant. Secretary Tire answer to an employers prayer. ETIIEI- HARBIN Secretarial School .IournaIism Class. TeacI1er's Assist nnt, Dnmmtic CIuI3, Drama CIass, "Pride nn:I Prejudice," IY'InIce-up Stull. HRnI1in I'IooCI4': INIercI1ancIis- ing CIuIJ, HA Unicorn and a FisIl,H Prngmni CZUIIHIIIIIPC. To finxl a jot: lik? 'I4l'lIIIySUIl'S I?l'00k, SIIG goes OH Iyorever. VIRGINIA HARBRECHT Xx'tlSlllllQlIJYl Secretarial Selrool Ilisturiun. RecorcIer of G.O., Pro- grum Cmnmittev. Representa- tive, IIunor RUII. Secretary SIN- rvmimls you UI' IIle "All Amer- irnn UirI"-Ivresll. wIloIeson1e, unfI u goml sport. NVALTIZR IIARBURGER Business Svrvirf' SquzlcI, ILIII I3llil'0I. Fire Department It is nn 1-vi-rInsting rIuIy, tlie tIuty of In-ing Inrnve. ROBERT IIARVVOOD Agricultural College Cmlts CIuIm, Bookrooin Service, I.uImmt0ry Assistant. Farmer Aim IiigIl, worIi ImrcI, nnd you cun't go wrong. PEGGY HASSET Business Sclmol Tennis CIUIJ, Basketball CIUIJ, VIlIIf!y'llHII CIuIo. Secretary XXIIIEIICVCI' it takes to make a good secretary Peggy "I'Inssel.U MARY IIAYDFN Business 'Ive-nnis CIuI1, Bz1sIu'tIwaII CIuIv. ITPIIFIIPFIS Assistant, Emergency Ronin Secretary. CyYYl VIYPGCIIUY' I7uII oi miscIiieI ancl Iun. 'sf-Hx pn-f-.. GLORIA IIEGEXVALD Business SCIIUOZ Vollnylmll CIuI1, I'IenrtIistnne CIUIO. IJOFSUIIEIIIIY CIUII, CImrm CIUIJ, Red Cross CIuIJ. Cj0t7l.lJlUl1lGll'lSf A mznirI wI1o is CIlIlI'lIlIl1g, cIcver nnLI sweet: As Iine zu girI ns you'cI cure to meet. MARIE HIZII. Business SCIIOOI GrmIe AmIviser,s Secretary, LiImrzlry Assistant, 'I4enc'I1er's Assistant, Red Cross CIUII. Private Secretary AmIwiIiuus and ellicieni, Isn't tI1ut sullicient? PAULINE HELD Secretarial School II-l'ElCIICl',S Assistant, I"IenrtIistone Club. Successful Secretary YIAIICIC are IimitIess possiI:iIities Iur II1c mnlbitiuus. PI IYLLIS HEINIINGNVAY Bucknell 'I'ezucI1er's Assistant, IIearIIistone CIUIJ, Library Staff, Red Cross CIuIJ, To lie successful You IlilVCH,I I1earcI tI1c Inst of Iier. ENIIVIA HENDERSON Business Scllool 'I'eacIier's Assistant. Secretary I:uII of pep, pusI1 and go, Tlmtls wI1y peopIe IiIie Iier so GENE HERZOG Pratt Institute rI'encI1er's Assistant. BicycIc Squad, Service Squad, Art Service, Intru- murnI BnsIcetImII CImmpi0n. Commercial Artist Dashing. witty, and gay, IIe'II reacli tlle top wiIIiout c,IeIay. HELEN HEUSER Bmwnels Business Scliool Clerical Helper, Red Cross Club. Accountant Slit: quietly worlcs tier way to tlrc lront. ELLIAN HEXVVIT Business Scliool Honor Roll, Bus Squad. To always succeecl in what l do Presence ol mincl and courage in distress Are wortlm more tlian armies To procure success. MARION HIRST Business Scliaol Teaclierys Assistant, Clrarm Club, Economic Discussion, Heartlxstone Clulm, Library Assistant, Personality Cluln, Bowling Club. Secretary Frienclly is lier personality: Bounclless, ller vitality. B. HIRT New Yorlz University Adventurer His glory will weave a story. HAROLD HOFMANN Alabama University Attenclance Ollicc, Recorcl Ollice. Business Aclministrator Helll never tae a loss lt l1e's lrirccl as boss. VINCENT HOHMANN Business and Niglit College Trallic Patrol, Lunch Patrol, Serv- ice Squad, Program Committee, Class Lilorarian, Stamp Clula. Business Rcacly, willing, and alalc to lace tlie prolilcms ol lile. BERT HOLZBACK St. Iolmls University Locker Guard, Art Shop Squacl. Business A son ot tlne gods, Nolile ancl l.,y2.1. ISABELLE HORNE Business Honor Roll. Heartlistone Club, Eng- lislx Honor Class, Teaclxerys Assist- ant. Secretary It a girl comes any sweeter. Nye llave yet to meet tier. FLORENCE HOSIE Business Sclwol llonor Roll. History Honor Class, Englislr Honor Class, Teaclierys As- sistant. Secretarial Stall, Senior Class Boolcg Pitman Shorthand Cer- tificate, Volleyloall Club, Reorgani- zation Squacl. Secretary Sl1e'll go smiling tl1rougl'1lile's every test Anti conquer lier goal. to the one ol tlrc luest. ARLINE HUGHES Business Scliool TCHCl1Cf'S Assistant, Honor Roll, Program Committee. Secretary Could an employer asli for more? VVILBUR HUNTER A lab Mrisicion Youll play your way to lame. FLORENCE INNISS Executive Secretarial Vvrorlz Associate Eclitor Hickory Log, Hickory Log Stall. Lilarary Stall, Honor Roll, Journalism Class, Eng- lisli Honor Class. To rlo the lwest I can It l cannot olo great tliings, l can clo little tliings in a great way. DORIS INTEMANN Business Englisli Honor Class, Economics llonor Class, Honor Roll, Volleyball Clulm, Baclminton Clulir. Heartlistone Clulm, Junior Red Cross, Reorgani- zation Squafl. To excel in all my unclertaleings lsilie sugar. sweet ancl relzineci. MARY IRXVIN Woriienls College of Nortlt Carolina TC8CllCF,S Assistant, Englisll Honor Class, Program Committee. Secretary Tire loveliness ol: youl JANE ISAKSEN College Bowling Clulu, Clmrm Clulu, Swim- ming Clulw, Swimming Assistant. Tennis Clulm, Teaclierls Assistant, Heartlistone Club. Art Sweet, gracious, yet toucllecl witli pririe. THOMAS JENSEN Delelianty institute of Civil Service Honor Roll, lsnclcer Guard Civil Service Employee Your merit will carry you far. HENRY JOHNSON Dolelianty's Class Captain ol intramural Volleylmall, lntraniural Baslcetlwall. lntramural Baselmll, lntramural l lancllmall. Policernnn To lm amialmle is most vertainly a rluty. KATHERINE M. JOHNSON luilliarrl Miisic College Special Cliorus, ulloliin lloorlf' "Tile Gonclolic-rs," All-City lligli Scliool Cliorus, First Concert, G.O. Representative. Recorcls Office As- sistant, Class Secretary, Englisli l Honor Class, Raclio Class, Second Concert. Sing ami get paid for it Slit' sings anil tlie angels smile. STANLEY JOHNSON Cornell lntramural Baslcetlmall, intramural lnrloor Baselmll, Bowling Clulm, Gull Cluln, Teaelierls Assistant. Hotel Manager lrrienelly anol sincere l'le will ever persevere MARGARETTA JONES Secretarial Scliool llan-American Cluli, Lilxrary Assist- ant, Personality Cluln. Heartlistone Clulm, Englisli Honor Class, Spanislm Cluld. Spanisli Stenograplier llwliorougliness ancl ellicivncy are l1er guirling stars. XVILLIAM JORDAN Pnrles Aviation Scliool Airplane Designer llis clesigns will carry liim lar into tlie luture. ETIIEL JORGENSEN Cumlmerlanrl Street Hospital Tennis Cluln, Baslcetluall Clulu, Recl Cross, Cramoplione Club, Lilwrary Stall, TCElCl1Cf,S Assistant, Class Captain. Honor Roll, Economics llonor Class, History Honor Class. All-Arouncl Atliletic Medal. Pan- American Club. NIIYSG A lmroael smile, sliels merriest ol tlie crew, Alwatys willing a lrienclly cieecl to o. JOSEPH KAHL loin tlie Navy lwarn a trarle in tlze Navy Girls, lucware. Xvlien Joe is tliere. MAUDE KANMER llusiness l:I'!'l1f'll Clulm, Englisli llonor Class, lvlerclmanclising Honor Class, File Clerli, Honor Roll, Heartlistonc Clulm. TL'ilCll0fS' Assistant, Buyer sincerity is lvlaurlels rniclclle name STANLEY KANEFSKY New Yorle University Arista, History Honor Class, Eng- lisb Honor Class. lvlatll. Honor Class, Editor-in-Cbief Senior Class Book, Spanisll Club, Biology Club. Cbcss Club. Honor Roll Summa Cum Laude, Participant Town Hall Clroral Recitation, Latin Con- test. Vlfriter, Artist A regular fellow, intelligent, lricndly ancl popular. NORMAN KANTOR Long lslanrl University Camera Club, Clress Club. Make a million aml see llie worlrl NVQ wislr you luclil MARY KEAVNEY Business TOZlClICF'S Assistant, Better Sales- manslmip Club. G.O. Captain. Buyer in department store ln business ber clrarm XVill do ber no lrarm. JOHN T. KEEGAN College Camera Club, lntramural Baslcet- ball. Success He l1asn't clccidccl yet wllat to suc- ceed in. JACQUELINE KELLER paclearcl Business Scllool Softball Club, Basketball Club, Handball Club. Meclical Stenograpller Happy in spirit, gay in spcecb. EDVVARD KENEFICK Employment lntramural Baslcetball, l.. o c lc e r Guard, lntramural Baseball, Library Representative. Service Squacl, Hall Patrol. Printer in a printing advertising agency lvlay lie malce an impression on tlre pages ol time. JOHN KENNEALLY Colby College Service Squad, Dance Band, Leader DBFICG Bafld. To be successful in my ambition, wlwatever it may lze Ambition is tlre password to success DOROTHY KIES Traplragen Scliool of Design Heartlistone Club, Teacber's Assist- ant, Library Assistant. To lwecome a designer As a designer Tllerelll be none finer. JOHN PAUL KIETUR College Library Stall, Honor Englisb Class, Loclcer Squad, Operetta. Aviator Hc'll be in a world all bis own. RUTH KIMBLE Go into business Bus Squad, Teacliefs Assistant, Class Secretary. private Secretary ,Neatlr ber leet no grass will grow. ADELE KING Business Scliool Teachers Assistant, CLO. Class Captain. Expert Comptometrist Blond l1air, blue eyes. Sometliing a girl will always prize. M. DONALD KING St. lol1n's University Co-Captain Varsity Handball Team. lntramural Basketball, Lunclx Pa- trol, Service Squad, Loclcer Guard. Red Cross Club. Doctor A uKingu among men. FRANCES KIRCIIER Business SCIIOOI Lilwrary Stall. l.il1rary Representa- tivo. Accountant Tlie trirlis ol pleasing. tliou llast clisrlainecl, Yllliy worcls are plain, and simple all tliy ways. Yet tllrongs, nmlmiring, trvmlmle 'neatll your gilltt. ELEANOR KLIINIOFF Business Basketball Club, Volleyball Cluli. Swimming Cluli, lvlinor Swimming .l's, All-Arouncl Atllletic lvletlal, Soltlmall Clulm, Swimming Assistant. llamllrall Clulv. Run Orplmn Asylum VNU: liopi- wr' uorpllann liear lrom you. MIIDRIED KLOETZER Mary lnnnuruluta Nursing School T0iliTlltxTlS Assistant, Newman Clulr, Ri-organization Squacl, Program Committee, Frm-nrll Clulm. To lu' inrlvpvmlenl Little lait inclepenclcnt in ller wallil Rl'l'A KLGS Business llc-artlistonv Clulm, Tennis Clulm, Disrussion Clulu. Secretory How can we lielp but praise you all tlu' wllilv. Vxlln-n you'rt- so easy on tlwe eyesl MARIAN Kl.l7NlPF Fluslxing Hospital Volleylmall Clulm. Biology Ollice As- sistant, llonor Roll. Nurse SIIPVS Fllilflllillg illlfl gilyl Slielll steal your lieart away. MINNA M. KLUSSMAN Stvnotypv Srliool Vive-llresimlent Senior Class, Arista. Captain Clit-1-ring Squacl. Eflitorial Stall' Senior Class Book, Baslietlmall Clulm, Rarlio Cluir, Program Com- mittee, Englisli Honor Class. llonor Roll. Class Captain. Teaclierls As- sistant. private Svrrotury Lovalrle, laugllalmlv, aml of lun, one in a million, slir-is as lmriglit as tlne sun. CHESTER KOOP Xvorle Gym Door Guarcl. Service Squacl. 'llrallic Squacl. Scliool Dance Band. Srliool lrielll Bancl. lvlusician lxlusic luatli cliarms to sootlie tlle savage lveast. EDVVIN KOOSER Oimrlin Scliool of Mltsic Drama Class, Teacl1er's Assistant, l,alioratory Assistant, Star Art Stall, Class Captain. Orgonist mul Clnoirmaster of Sac- rn-rl Miisic llf- wlio sings praise twice. ITLORENCE KORN lfarlnizon lvlorlvling Sfll!li0 llsluerc-tte Squafl, lleartllstonc Clulr. 'lit-arllerls Assistant, Business Stall' Senior Class Booli. M!lllf'l Vitality anal personality are a line comlmination. IRVING KOTIN City College of New Yoric llall Patrol. Honor Roll. CwIl9HliCftl Engineer You ncompouml" a succe s FDXVARD KRAUSS Pratt Institute lfconomics Honor Class, lvlatll. llonor Class. Loclier Guartl, Honor Roll. Gramopllone Clulm. lingincer Vlllll' worlfl wills it Anil lzvuilfls it. IRENE KREINBIHL Business School Swimming Ollirie Clerlc, Lilmrary As- sistant. German Clulr, Tennis Clulq, llonor Roll. lilnrurian Quiet ancl capalrle. VVALTER KREISCHER Aviation School Service Squacl, Hall Patrol. Arts and Cralts Club, T68CllCf,S Assist- ant, Usller, Stage Crew, Fire Mar- slml. Assistant Property Man URob- in Hood," "One Sunday Alter- noon," HFaeulty Show." Aviation Hell certainly urisef' AGNES KRUMENACKER Long Island College Honor Roll, G.O. Representative. Heartbstone Club, T6HCllCf,S Assist- ant, Tennis Club, Basketball Club. Registered Nurse A beautilul lacly in wlrite, To a doctor SltC,ll be a cleliglit. ANNETTE KULIK Business Scliooi Teacliersy Assistant. Heartbstonc Club. lvlalie-up Committee uRobin Hooclf' Library Assistant. Secretary Sire possesses tlie lresliness of How- ers wet witli clew, Flowers so precious and so very few. VIRGINIA LACKEY Vlfasiiington Secretarial Sclxooi Program Committee, TCBCllCf,S As- sistnnt. To do secretarial work Sire wallcs in beauty lilce tlrc nigllt. MARGARET LA DUE Xvasliington Secretarial Scliooi TGHCll6f'S Assistant, Englisb Honor Class. Honor Roll. To travel Vvlicrever Peggy clmances to roam. Sliell never forget ller A. J. liome. CAROL LANDERS Cornell University Recl Cross Club, Historian Service League, TCRCllCf'S Assistant, Hancl- ball Club, Tennis Club, Badminton Club, Cl1emistry Club. Honor Roll. Program Committee, "Starn Repre- sentative, Biology Club, SGP., Lunclr Patrol. Nurse An angel ot mercy to tlie sielc. RUTH LANGE Business G.O. Class Captain, TEBCllSI,S As- sistant, Cvlee Club. Tennis Club, General Office Assistant, Badminton Club, Heartbstone Club, Reorgani- zation Committee. Secretary Briglit, clieery, never blue. TllCIC,S no favor slie woulcln't rio. ERNEST LARSEN Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute TCHCllCF,S Assistant, Laboratory As- sistant, Loelier Guard. Ciiemist Friendly and popular, lull ol lun. GERARD LARSON Diesel Sciiooi Lunch Squad. Diesel Engineer A pioneer in inzlustry. GEORGE LEARY Business Luncli Patrol, lntramural Basketball. lntramural Softball, lntramural Handball. Earn a commission in tile Naval Air Reserve Vvings over tire Navy. RUSSEL LE CLAIR Georgia Tecii . lntramural Baseball. lntramural Bas- lcetball, Traffic Patrol. Mechanic in fielfl of aviation Vvriglit -1 Curtiss f- Lindbergh 1- ancl Le Clairl DOROTHY LEEGE Katliarine Giizlns Secretariat School UStarH Literary Stall, Teaclxefs AS- sistant, Englislr Honor Class. Per- sonality Club. Volleyball Club. To write better than Thomas Mann ffm a rireamerl. Dreamers tells us tliat clrearns come true. GLORIA LENNERTZ McDo1i2ell Scllool Honor Roll, Teaclicfs Assistant. Lit- erary Stall. Baslcethall Clull. Hearthstone Club. Designing A pretty girl is lilce a melocly. HARRY LEONHARDT Hofstra College Orchestra, Bancl, Hcvondoliersfl Li- lnrary Assistant, lxledical Ollice, ln- tramural Buslietlvall, City High School Bancl. Teaching lxlay llarry have a life lull ol liar- mony. FLORRIE LESSLER Marry Immaculate Hospital Baslcetlpall Cluh. Soltluall Cluh. At- tenalance Ollice, S.O.F., Eclitorial Sn-lf Senior Class Boolc, Lunch Pu- trol, CLO. Representative, Teach- erls Assistant. Program Committee. Air Hostess Shelll always hc lloaling on air, Xvitll the wincl ancl the rain in lurr hair. MURIEL LEVVISON Pmu lnsizmfe Presiclent Typewriting Cluh, Volley- bull Club, Personality Clulu, Basket- hi-II Clulm, Soltlaall Cluh, llanillmll Club. flOlYll1l0YCil1IAfllSf Cine ol .luclisoifs sweet, lovalxle girls. CHARLES LININGER, JR. Brown University Chief .lustice Sturlent Court, Treas- urer Service League. Eclitorial Stall Senior Class Boolc. Captain Stoclc Room Squacl, Biology Lahomtory Assistant. Honor Roll, Chess Cluln, Chemistry Clulu, G.O. Representa- tive, Gym Clerlc, Teacherls Assist- ant, Stamp Cluh. lnclusirialist Because you're conscientious, pleas- ant, ancl true, All fine things are clestined lor you. ALBERT LIPP New Yorle University History Honor Class, Teachers' As- sistant. Service Squacl, lntramural Basehall Championship, Intramural Baslcctluall. Business Executive He'll he one ol the reasons why husinr-ss will picli up. AGNES LIFITMANN Business Volleyhall Clula, Baslcetlmall Cluln, Teacherls Assistant. Business World A pleasing girl with a pleasant smile. RUBERT LOCKVVOOD loin the Navy Service Squad, Hall Patrol. Lunch Squacl, Pre-Session Squacl, General Ollice. Tcacl1er's Assistant. Captain of my own boat l love to rifle the lerry. CONSTANCE LOMBARDI Business School unzl Xvorle Honor Roll, Tcacherls Assistant. Newspaper Reporter You may see her "lay-line" or scoop SOHH' flity. DANIEL LUCKVVALDT Business Himor Roll, Nlerclranclising Honor HSS. To get a guocl position llis perseverance will insure his success. GLORIA MAIELLO Xvasliington Secretarial School llearthstone Clulw. G.O. Represent- ative, Senior Reel Cross, Business Stall: Senior Class Boolc, Discussion Cluld. Bowling Cluh. Private Secretary Slue's happy-go-luclcy: she's peppyg tl1at's true, But heneath it all therels a heart true lolue. JOSEPH MALONEY College President Camera Clula, Secretary Camera Cluh. Captain Handball Team, Chess Cluh. Hickory Log, ln- tramural Baslcetluall. Service Squacl, .lournalism Class, Honor Roll. Teacher Rarest of all-a regular fellow. RAYMOND MALONEY Mercliant Mcirine Acaflemy Cliict Property lvlan URoloin Hooclf 110110 Sunday Alternoonf' Faculty Sliow, Service Squad, Locker Guard. Englisli Honor Class, Honor Roll, Stage Crew uQuality Street," Usweot Sixteen," "llc," lvlerclxani Marine Officer A girl in every port, MATITIEVV MARAULJA Business Miisician lnctermination wins lialt ol lilels luattles. PAUL MARQUARDT U. S. Navy Door Guarcl. Healtli Eolucation Service, Class Captain. Cliief Maclzinist Paul-our first line ol clelcnse. IVA MARSHALL College Junior Rnd Cross, Baslcetlaall Clulm, Teacliefs Assistant, Tennis ClulJ. Aviatrix From tliis small package we expect big things. LUCY ANNE MASTROPAOLO Pratt institute Vollcylnall Club. Heartlistone Clulzi, Baclminton Clula, Teacllcrys Assist- ant. Sewing Club, Bowling Clulu. Private Secretary Secretary?-alarmingl Slie's mucli too cliarmingl ETHEL DORIS MAYER Vxlasliington Secretarial School liresliman Program Committee, Luncli Patrol, Program Committee, Tcacliervs Assistant, Program Cliaire man Assistant, Englisli Honor Class, Lilxrary Assistant, Biology Honor Class, lfrencli Honor Class, Honor Roll. To get a position lvlay sire remain wise and sweet Ami never lmow tlie worcl defeat. GRAYCE NICCAFFREY Business llonor Roll, Luncli Patrol, English Honor Class. TBElCllCF'S Assistant. Recl Cross, Reorganization Squacl, Program Committee. Economics Honor Class, Heartlistone Clulo, Eclitorial Stall Senior Yr-ar Book. To 'Je successful in all I rio AgfCl!ill,7lC Rnd ot ILIH. Always lilcerl by everyone. MARIE MCCARTHY St. losepliys College Lilirary Stall, Teaclierls Assistant, lleartlistone Clula, Personality Clulm, Swimming Cluln, G.O. Representa- tive, Basketball Clula. lvlatln. Teuclier Small aml sweet, Dynamic tliougli petite. MARGARET P. McCORT Sl. Ioseplfs College Volleylpall Clula, History Honor Clitii, Itlflnlll' ClEKSS, Il0Il0l' Roll. Erlitorial Stall Senior Class Book, Baslietlnall Cluln. Tennis Clulu, Baclminton Clulx, Spanisli Clulm, Teaclierls Assistant, Library Stall, Fresliman Program Committee. Researcli Cliemist lt's nice to loc natural wlnen you're naturally nice. HENRY McGOVERN New Yorlz University lntramural Baselwall, lntramural Bas- lietloall, intramural Hanrllqall. C.P.A. llc will lie an asset anywlicre. KATHLEEN MCGONVAN Business Arista. Newman Clulo, Luncli Pa- trol, lliclcory Log Stall, Hockey Club, Volleyliall Club, Handball Cluli, Tennis Cluli, Teaclieris As- sistant, Secretarial Service Squacl, Englisli Honor Class. Honor Secretary A cliarming smile, a liven mentality, A trienclly, lielptul personality, LUCILLE MCGRATH XVasl1ington Scliool for Secretaries Attenclance Ollice, Teaclicrls Assisb ant. Lilvrary Stall, Englislx Honor Class, Program Committee, Basket- liall Clula, Honor Roll, Library Rep- resentative, Class Captain, Hiliing Clula. Raclio Class. Secretary A sunny disposition gilrls tlie edges ol litc's clarlcest cloucls. DOROTHY MCC-UIRE Xvaslnington Secretarial Scllool Spring Irasliion Sliow, Heartlistone Cllllj, DlFCUSSl0l'l Clulu. I-lwCZlCllCl'lS Assistant, Year Boolc Representative. private Secretary Heros a girl tliat's liarcl to lmealz Vvitli anyone slle can well compete. VERONICA IVICGULLAM Mciry Immaculate Scltool for Nurs- mg Basliollxall Cluli, Volleyball Clull. Glec Clula, Economics Honor Class, Teaclierls Assistant, Program Coni- rnitlcc, Cliarm Clulm, Gramopllone Clulm. Nurse A nurse wllo is lrotli pretty ancl in- lf-Iligr-nl is llie lcincl we want. VVC want V1-ronical ROBERTA MCKINLAY Potsrlurn lvormul Sclmol of lvlusic mlllie Cvomloliersfl "Robin Hood," Special Cliorus, Ts-acIicr's Assistant. Englisli Honor Class. Metropolitan opera singer, or radio singer tllal ever was joyous. ancl clear, and In-SI., tliy rnusic zlotli surpass. ALAN IVICKINLEY Bflllllflyll Cjllllegll Boy Loarler Arista. Vice-Presiclenl Clic-mislry Cluln, Gramoplione Clulo. History Clulr, IVIalI1. Honor Class. History Honor Class, TCHCl1CF'S As- sistant, Freslunan Committee, Tutor, Pan-American Clulw, Eco Honor Class. Rresr'orcl1 Cllvmist A quiet Iazl. sincere ancl true. Vve wisll our trienrls were all Iilce youl DONALD IVICNAB Dvlolionty's Service Squacl. Officer of tlre Law I'Ie,Il tracli clown Iris man. EDNA INICNAMARA VVorle Teaclierls Assistant, General Ol-lice Assistant. Private Secretary Grand all arouncl. CHARLES MEISNER New Yorle City College Accountant IIEII make a good account ol Iliin- SC' . STANLEY MERIVIELSTEIN Queens College Honor Roll, Englisli Honor Class, Raclio Class, Raclio Clulm. Ctiess Clulu, Teacliefs Assistant. Journal- ism Class. To soar tlirougli the years of tlie future on tlie wings of success If you lolluw lortunels tliglxts, You will loc present wllcn tame aliglwts. ROBERT METZGER Business Cliernistry Preparation Room, Teacli- orvs Assistant. New Yorle Fire Department IIc'II surely climlu tlie Iaclcler ol success. ALFRED MILLER Manlrattrin University Science Construction Clulv, I,ir-utc-n- ant Service Squacl. Hall Patrol. llis- tory Clulv, Attendance Squacl, Carn- era Clulw, lVIotion Picture Clnlm, Service Award, Intramural Basliet- Ixall, lvlecliral Room Clcrli. Lieuten- ant Lnncli Patrol, Senior Class Book Stall. Corporation Counselor Rc-rm-inlmer tllat tllere are liuman riglnts as well as property riglils. CAROLYN J. NIILLER Business Vlveacllerls Assistant. To succeezl in wllaterfer l unclertake Success sIxaII Ire Imrsl MARY MILLS Art Sclzool Clwering Squacl, Basliellyall Clulw, Volleyball Clulw, Soltlmall CIulJ. Vllvarllervs Assistant. Clothes Designer lvlay lVlary's cle-signs lie as nice is IVlary Iierscll. ADELE R. MISHKIN Pennsylvania State TC8Cl1CI,S Assistant. Emergency Room Assistant, Clwemistry Otliice Assistant, G.O, Class Captain, Biology Office Assistant. lournaiist Two ot tl1e qualities wl1icl1 you possess are gaicty and lriendliness. JUITA MITCHEL Mixnhattan Assistant Sciiool Special Cliorus, German Clulo, TCBCllCf'S Assistant. Dental Assistant May Juttals lile flow as smootiily as a song. IRVING J. MOORE Vxforle Bowling Clula, Lunclw Patrol, Serv- ice Squad, lntramural Baslcetlaall, Bilce Squad. Fireman Brave and true. JOHN A. MORIARTY Middlebury Assistant Lieutenant Service Squad, Lieutenant Pre-Session Squad. Medicine He'll lae a welcome asset to a wortiry protession. CLARENCE MOSKOVVITZ Cornell Service Squad, Hall Patrol, Camera Clulir, Study Hall Secretary, Luncli Patrol, Bicycle Squad. Veterinarian, If you l1ave a siclc pet, See Clarence. time vet. MURIEL MUELENAER Medical Center, New Iersey Captain Clieering Squad, Bowling Cluln, T6BCllCF,S Assistant, Heartli- stone Clutx, Volleyball Clulrn. G.O. Class Captain. Air Hostess One of the advantages of modern travel. WILLIAM MULRONEY St. loim's University Honor Roll, Englislm Honor Class, History Honor Class, Gym Squad Door Guard, Swing Band, Orclies- tra. Aviation Engineer Depenclaioility is luis password to success. BERNICE MURPHY Lincoln Scimol for Nurses Volleyloall Clula. Tennis Club. Nurse All our luclc tor your successl ELLA MURPHY Vxfork Teacileris Assistant. Private Secretary Tlwe power luelxincl tlre executive. EUGENE MURPHY Brooieiyn Academy "Robin Hood," tVlatl1. Honor Class, File Clerk, Honor Roll, Camera Club. Mining Engineer He'll lae ricil ore-1 EUGENE MURPHY Business Career Intramural Activities, lntramural Baslcetlnall, lntrarnural Handball. Business A small package ot big assets. MARTIN MURPHY Notre Dame Service Squad, lntramural Basket- lmall, Loclfer Guard, Assistant in Social Studies Office. Credit Man His lrislx eyes witli tlieir joyful gleam Will siiow llim tlme way to win esteem. FRED NEHRBAS Pratt Institute Service Squail, Stamp Club, Clmess Cluli. lflectrical Engineer lt won't uslnoclil' us to see uwattn lie will clo, ROSEMARIE NICOLELLO Modeling Scllool Attenclancc Squacl, Ollicc Assistant. ljresiclent Uslncrettcs, Heartllstone Club. To lm o model A sweet girl anrl a true lrienzl. XVILLIAM NOBLE College Lalmratory Squacl, Englisll Honor Class, .lournalism Class, History llonor Class, liconomics llonor Class, lntramural Clxampion, Gym Clerlc, Honor Roll, lVlatl1. Honor Class. Biology Teaclzer Vvilliam is nalrler tllan luis name DOROTHY .l. NORRIS Ailvlplii Tennis Clulm, Cllarm Clula, Gli-iw Clulm, Baslcetlmall Clula, Volleylmall Clulm, Program Committee, Econom- irs llanar Class, Gramoplmne Clulr. Tvaclier Smart anrl intellectual is sl1c, Anil a gaoml tr-arlier slnelll surely lac. MURIELE L. NORRlS Nurses' Training Sclzool Special Cllorus, llRIJlllH llooclf' Convert. Class Secretary. To enter tlwe medical profession ami llc goocl Lilo is a maze to lwe strugglezl tlrrougli. ANNE O'BRlEN Business Glee Clulr, lleartlmstone Clulo, ller- sonality Clulm. Secretary Slim-'s sw:-et ancl gay in every way, xxllltqlllff at wurli or in llcr play, if W 'z ,"" :vs r 1.1 K ,Qi 4 I R is f 'W' 4... En Rst EDXVARD O'BRlEN New Yorla University lntramural Baseball, lntramural Bas- lit'lltiill, llllfillllllfill lklilfllllbilll. C.P.A. Nolrility ul clnaracter ancl unalllecteil llrienclliness win tlue licarts of ull. GERALD O'BRlEN Business lntramural Baslietlaall, Class Cap- lain Post Office Amlsition anrl wisclom, pep anrl vim XX'ill malce a surc success ol llim. MARILYN E. O'l5RlEN Queens College Senior lDramatiC Clulm, Lilmrary Stall. Reorganization Squad, Drama Class, llistory Honor Class, Englisln Honor Class, Frencli Club, Pliilocalian So- ciety, Honor Rnll, Backstage VVorlc Ass:-mlmly Program. lfnglisli Teoclier A little ray ol sunslxine. a girl witll gelrlen tliougllts. DANIEL O'CONNOR Business Lilnrary Representative, Englislx Boolaroom Assistant, Loclcer Guaril. Fireman Ilis goocl nature anol winning smile lvlalce liim a true son ol tlle Emeralel ls C. ROBERT OEHLER U. Nariy Assistant Lieutenant Service Squacl, l'lall Patrol. U. S. Naval Academy Hels lmuilcling a sailboat of clreams. DORIS OESTERLE H0llyIt't70tllS MKDKIBZ SCIIOOZ Baslcetlmall Clulw, Baslminton Clulv, Soltlmall Cluln. Cluarm Cluly, Englisll HODDI ClilSS. A Professional Model Sllffli always in tluc llaslxion. Never out ol style: To llinrl anotller girl so neat, Youlcl travel many a mile. DOLORES OLSEN University of Florida Fasirion Stlow, Hearttmstone Ctuto. Cirarm Club, Fashion Leaciers. Blond and vivacious. Sweet and ioquacious. ARTHUR ONEILL Business Assistant ivtanager "Robin Hood." Ntanager Track Team. Service Squad, Traffic Patroi, Senior Dra- matic Ctutm, Varsity Straw. Christa mas Stiow, Class Captain, Bio. Latv. Assistant, Vice-Presirtent French Ciuiw, Baskettvati Ticket Squad, Boys' Nt:-ciicai Emergency Room. Humorous anct Witty. Soineciay t1e'ii be sitting pretty. HELEN ONFILL Kattmrine Giimtas Secretariat Sctloot Honor Rott, Teactrerls Assistant, Hr-artixstonc Ciutw, Engiistl Honor Class. Four! Stenograptxer Sire is, anct aiways Witt tae, putatic tunster No. I. NORMA PALMER Business Sctioot Sottimaii Ctrrio, Bastcettwatt ivtinor J, Pins. Tennis Ctutw, Teacimefs Assistant, Hanctioaii Ctutm. Ptiysioat Training Teuctier A migirty Hrnitef' ROBERT PALMER New Yortz University Luncim Patrol, Service Squad, Prize in Sricncr' Extlitwit. Aeronautical Engineering Xviien ire in-comes an engineer. For travelers tt1ere,tt ine no tear. PAUL PALMINTERE Brootetyn P0'YtPC,l intramural Bastcettoatt, Class Cap- tain, Senior Orchestra, Sctmoot Band. "Conciotiers," Honor Rott, Sciwooi Convert, G.O. Representative, "Hoosier Sciiootrnasterf' lntramurat IZFISCITIHH. Etectricat Engineer .iacirson's Tommy Dorsey. DORIS PATTERSON Business Sctioot Bastcettmii Ctuta. Votieytmatt Ctutu. Sottiuaii Ctutu, Tennis Club, Teach- er's Assistant, Reorganization Squad, t,unci1 Patrol, P.S.A.L. Pins, Honor Rott. Drama Class. Bowling Ctutn. Secretary A maint Wim is cirarming, ctever. and sweet. As fine a girl as y0u'r1 care to meet. MILDRED PEARLSTEIN Business Teactlervs Assistant, Reorganization Squad, Honor Roit. To ine a good secretary The answer to tile business man's silent prayer. ROBERT PEDERSEN Stevens Institute of Tectmotogy Service Squact, Office Squad, Floor Wtanagefs Assistant, Lunctr Patrol. Camera Club, Special Chorus, Usiier Squad, Teactrcfs Assistant, Locker Guard. Aeronautical Engineer A trienct to ati! THERESA PELUSO Secretariat Sctioot Honor Rott, Tcactwefs Assistant, Engiisti Honor Class. Secretory Success comes to tirose Wino want it and work for it. EUGENIA PETERSEN Business Tc-aciner's Assistant. Airplane Hostess Stlffvtt reactr time ineigimts of success XVINIFRED PETERSSEN Business School Swimming Club. Bartminton Ciutl, Gtee Ctutu, TCHCtlCf'S Assistant, Honor Rott. Secretary Sires cream in anyone's cottee. CYNTHIA PIERCE Kings County Hospital Toaclwrvs Assistant, English Honor Class, History Iionor Class. Ivlatix I'Ionor Class, Honor Roll, Reorgan- ization Squaci. Nrirse Always at tlie Iicarl ot Iier Class, Selrlorn will you limi a iaircr Iass. CATHERINE PILGER Xvasliiugton Svcroiariol Scliool Iionor Roll, 'l'eacI1er's Assistant, Sr-fri-tarial Squad. Better Salesman- sliip CIUI1, Hearttistonc Clutl. Vol- lC'ylHllI ctillli, BRISIKIYIIIRII Clllll. Prinaio Srfcretary Slices tIic "type" to succecrl. GLADYS POEHL Businvss Nowman Clulm, Hoartiistonc CIuIi, Bowling Clutm, VoIIr:yt1aII CIuIv. Succvssful Stvnoqraplwr Stay as sweet as you arc. ROGER POLAK Qiioerxs College Itnnnr Roll. Rnglislx Honor Class. Ilistory I'Ionor Class. Cticss Clulm, Ivlatli CIUIJ. IVIatIl Honor Class. Enginovr Always quiet, always steafly, IIe's amluitious ami ever roarly. EDXVIN F. PRACH Qumrns Collvgo Iionor Roll, Ivlatli Honor Class. Englisll Iionor Class, History Ilon- or Class, Intramural VoIIPyIJaII, Gramoplmnu Clutw, Clwmicul Engineering A "swell" lr-IIow, a stout Inf-art. Xvcxre surv tIiat Im will tio Iris part. MARIE PRICE Svcrotarial Scliool Honor Roll, Ilcartiistono Clutm, Teavlieris Assistant. To lm an vmciont and competent svcrvtury Kimi in manner anti gentle in speecli. i"Q!"" 'Q' .pn-ss., St . is MARGARET PUPPLO Fasliion Molloling VoIIOyt1aII CIUIJ, I.iI1rary Assistant. Newman Cluix. To tw a successful rnoilol 'I'Iioro's in art to tuning a "model" girl. ELEANOR PYLE Kutliurino Cilzlrs Scfcretarial Scliool Spvffial CIll7fl1S, Ogierctta. Englisli Ilonor Class, tiistory Honor Class, Ixiatli Honor Class, First Concert, Ilonor Roll. Illiilocalian Soriety, Seronrl Comfort. To tm a raciio singer Xvitli a smile on Iier lips anti a song in Iier Iieart. CONSTANCE QUARIVIBY St. Iolin's Hospital, School of Nurs- ing Ilistory Honor Class. Drama Class. trfconomics Honor Class, Ctiemistry Cluli, Plliloralian Society. Teaoii- or's Assistant, Program Commitlr-e, Reorganization Squacl. Eciitorial Stall Senior Class Book, Gramo- pllflllff Cillll, l'l0n0l' Izfili, To become a competent nurse Connio will If-acl tim wliite pararle. CHARLES QUINN Business ami Niglii Collage Vliracli 'Ive-am, Ciiess Clulm, Service Squad, Trallic Squacl. Iinglisii Ilon- or Class, Economics Honor Class. Electrical Engirwvr IIQ agrvvs to sturly anrl not to sllirii, But :III Inc asics is It-ss Iiomeworic. ROSEIVIARY QUINN Xvusliingion Scllool for Svcrviarics Uslwrvttc Squacl, Assistant to Doan ol Girls, Pri-sirlcnt Sfllr., Vice- Prosixivnt Hoartllstone CIUI1, Tennis C'IuIm, Charm Clutir, Personality Clulr, Rc-rl Cross Clulb, Clulm Fasli- ion Sliows. riieaciirrs' Assistant. Rosvurcli Secretary Tim liglll-llf'ilI'tl'fl, gay Iiinri ot Fllitflll you clisplay. ROITERT RAMBEAU Cooper Union Sonior Dramatic Clulr, Viirallic Pa- trol, Svrvifo Squatl, I.or'Iier Guarml, Ixiatli Honor Class, I.iIxrary Stall. CNllf'HllSf Xvo Iinow you Iuave IIN: Hlormulan to success. MARION RAPPOLD Vv'ugner Lutiieran Coiiege Varsity Stiows. Repertory Group Piay. URoInin Hood," Cilristmas Piay, Senior Dramatic Ciub. Reper- tory Group, TeacIxer's Assistant. EngIisI1 Honor CIass, Drama Ciass. Swimming CIuI1. Editoriat Staff Senior Ciass Booic. Make-up Com- mittee. To tae Lynne Fontaine's successor VVI1en sIie Iiad passed, it seemed IiIce tI1e ceasing ot exquisite music. DOROTHY RAYNOR Business Teaciieris Assistant, Assistant in Booicroom, Senior Year Book Stait. Fasiiion SI1nw. Inventory CIerIc. To aciiiove any accompiisiiments Doroliiy will never sI1irIc, For Iwusinoss is Iier ciiosen work. CRESSY H. REICHLE Business Coiiege Arista, IIeartI1stone CIuIo, Typing CIuI:J. TeacIier's Assistant, Reor- ganization Squaci, EngIisI1 Honor CIZISS, PIOHOI To Ile successfui in iife A sincere and InyaI person deserv- ing ot great praise. DORIS REILLY Pratt Institute VoIIeyIyaII CIUI1, Assistant. TLTKICIICIIS Assistant, IAUHCII Squad, Iviinor Service Ijin, IIonor Commerciui Artist Cooperation paves tIie way to suc- cess. KENNIZTH RICHARDS Queens Coiiege Band, BioIogy Preparation Squad, Ciicinistry Preparation S q u a d . I.uncI1 Patroi, ScIiooI Concert. Cimmist A Iiard worker wI1o will get to tIic top. SAM RICHNAN Iuiiiiurri Sciiooi of Music Senior Orchestra, .Iunior EnsemI'JIe, Frencil CIUIJ, Record CIerIC, uRoI'Jin Hood," HGoncIoIiers," History Hon- or Ciass. Engiisii Journaiism Ciass, Senior Ciass Book, Hickory Log, Honor RoII, Psyctioiogy CIUIJ, Gym CIerIc. A Musician Ixfiay tiicre Ioe no discord or IoIue notes in tI1e strains ot your Iite. ERNA RIEDLINGER Secretariat School Engiisii Honor Ciass, Reorganiza- tion Squad, G.O. Representative. Hearttistone CIUIJ, Sewing CIuI.n, Ciiarm CIuI1. BasICetIraII CIUIJ. Secretary As usetui as SIICDS omamentaI. JOSEPH RIZZO Mariiiattan Coiiege Iiiustrator Xve IiIce our Ile-men sI1y. JEANETFE ROBINSON Parsons institute Engiisil Honor Ciasses, "Robin Hood," Honor RQII, Teachers' Sec- retary, HancIbaII CIUIJ, Reorganiza- tion SquacI, Giee CIuiJs, Speciai Ctiorus, Senior Ciass Boot: Secre- tariaI Staff, Stage Set --Hoosier ScIiooImaster." Interior Architect Stie is a pioneer wI1o ciimbs, wI1o dares to ciimtm. RUSSELL RODGERS New Yorie University Track Team, Door Guard. LIIHCII PatroI, IntramuraI BasIietIJaII, Intra- muraI SoItIJaII, Iviaior J. Sports Vfriter ISIC CUVCIS EIII gHn'lCS. XVILLIAM RODIVIAN Boeing Sciiooi of Aeronautics Service Squad Lieutenant. Ticket Squad, Captain Lunch Patroi, TeacI1er's Assistant. Airiine Technician A grand Uguyf' PHYLLIS ROELICH VoIIeyIoaII CIuIo, Minor J, TCHCIWCTIS Assistant, Lunch Patroi, Personaiity Club. To be successful in whatever I unriertaiee A jewei in any setting. FRANK ROONEY Annapolis Hull Patrol. Attend Annapolis My soul is tull ot longing For the secret ot the sea: And the heart oi the reat ocean S Sends a thrilling pulse through me. GLORIA ROONEY Rhodes School Hearthstone Discussion Salesmanship Club, Newman Club, Teachers Assistant. Hike Club, Vol- leyball Club, Apparatus Squad. Nrirse She's not the kind to unursen a grouch. THOMAS ROONEY Hofstra G.O. President, G.O. Vice-Presi- dent, Swimming Team, Service Squad. Usher Squad, Locker Guard, Secretary to Mrs. Brogan, Teachers' Assistant, Print Shop Guard, Red Cross Club, Student Representative A. J. Party, Chairman G.O. Elec- tions Committee, Cheering Squad. Business Executive Mischief thou art atootg Take thou what course thou wilt. JOHN ROSENTHAL Dral2e's Business School Hall Patrol, Service Squad, Teach- er's Assistant, Locker Guard, Hon- or Roll. Accountant Hell make his presence known. ALFRED ROTH Special Assistant. Telephone Employee Youll be another Alexander Cv. Bell. PAUL RUBEL M. I. T. , Arista, Major Scholastic League, Star Literary Stall, Log Sport Editor, Teachers Secretary, Program Com- mittee. Associate Editor Year Book Staff, Gym Clerk, English Drama Class. Math Honor Class, Spanish Club, Honor Roll, Chemistry Club. lvlechanioal Engineering Brilliant at work, clever at play, Helll never waste his time away. EDNA RUELKE Dramatic School Vice-President Senior Dramatic Club, Special Chorus, Cvlee Club, English Drama Classes, English Honor Class, upride and Prejudice," Christmas Play, Poetry Club, Red Cross Club, Library Assistant, Teacher's Assistant, Ptrilocalian So- ciety, HRobin Hood." Actress Nymph ol: the downward smile and sidelong glance. RUTH RUTLIN Business School Hearthstone Club, Tcachervs Assist- ant, Locker Guard, Library Assist- ant. Secretary A superlative little lady. JOYCE A. RYPINSKI Iuiltiarct School of Music History Honor Class, Economics Honor Class, English Honor Class, Reorganization Squad, School Or- chestra, Teachers Assistant, Honor Roll, Red Cross Club, Music Ot- tice. To tue a female Oscar Levant, minus the insotence Joyce will be a success on the key- board ot lilo. GLADYS SANDBERG Business Secretary Bible Discussion Club, Hearthstone Child Nurse VVe hope you won't have any troubles to "nurse," SIGFRIED SANDBERG Government Mariner Service Squad, Pan-American Club. Honor Roll, Medical Ottice Squad, P.S.A.L, Award, CLO. Representa- tive, Gramophone Club. Ordnance To believe in the heroic makes heroes. KENNETH A. SAUER Queens College, Alabama School of Medicine Service Squad. Teacher's Assistant, Baseball Squad, Varsity Hockey, English Honor Class, History Honor Class, Spanish Club, Honor Roll, intramural Baseball. Doctor A worthy person fitted tor a worthy profession. CLAYTON SAVAGE Hawaiian Orcltestra Dance Orclir-stra. To start a Hawaiian orcliestra feu- turing myself on tlie electric Ha- waiian steel guitar. "Alul1a Oc," GEORGE J. SCHAEFER Business, Evening Scllool Captain Hall Patrol, Service Squacl. TCHCl1Cf'S Assistant, Attendance Ol- fire, Service League. Assistant Span- islt Paper HEI Sereno," Ivlerclxane ilising Honor Class. Business Success Ambition and worlc will assure bim ol success. MARGARET SCHEINER Nurses' Training, St. Catl1erine's Surgical Nurse Notlxing is impossible lor a willing beart. FLORENCE SCHEULEN Business Loclcer Cvuarcl, Teacbens Assistant, l"leartl1stone Club. C.P.A. A quiet and sincere personality, ARTHUR SCHIAVI N. Y. U. Niglit Scliool Lieutenant Hall Patrol, Service Squad. Loclcer Guard. Honor Roll. Business Executive lt brains are a commodity, Ile lms tbe goocls. GEORGE SCHLICHT Aeronautical Scltool Service Squacl. Library Squacl. Gym Clerk. Aviation A lriencl in need is a lriencl inrleerl. FRANCES IVI, SCHNEBAL Meclical lnstitute Loclcer Cvuarcl, Better Salesmansllip Club. Basketball Club, Heartbstone Club. Governess Sincere ancl loyal to every lriencl, To ber warm companionsbip tbere is no end. EDITH V. SCI-IULER Business Cvlee Club, Teacberls Assistant. Late Squacl. Business Ixlay ber wisclom be ber guiilc. ROBERT SCHULER Hofstra College Track Team, Cross-Country Team. Swimming Team, Class Captain, Teaclicns Assistant. Captain Usber Squacl, Hanclball Team. Civil Service A goocl sport wlm always swims witb us tislx. VIRGINIA SCHULTHEIS Queens Scltool of Beauty Culture Better Salesmansllip Club. Teaclt- cr's Assistant, Recl Cross Club. Beautician "Beauty" ancl uCulture" are ber assets. IVIURIEL SCHVVAAB Pratt lnsitute Honor Roll, 'lleaclmcns Assistant, Heartbstone Club, Better Salesman- sbip Club. Dietetics Cventleness ancl lcinclliness are clxar- actcristics ol a lady. JOHN SCOTT New Yorle University Deputy Cllief Service Squazl, Fire Marshal. Clwess Club, TC8CllCf'S Assistant. Civil Engineer Reacly, willing, anrl extremely able. RICHARD SCULLY lvlvrelmnt lvlurine Rarlio Clulm. Intramural Baslcetlmall, Intramural Bas:-lvall. To trumfl He liappily lmalances worlc ancl pleas- lIl'f'. MAURICE SEIDE Mzisic Scliool lVlusiciun Blow, Calrriel, lxlowl DUANE SEMCKEN Queens College Baselmall 'llc-am Ixlanager, Gym Sec- retary, Intramural Baslcetlwall Cllam- pions, Service Squacl, Hall Patrol, rlliclcet Squazl, lVlatl1 Honor Class, Englisli Honor Class. lnstructor of lvlutlu-matics lt's everyoncys Calculation Tliat in tln- evaluation OI luis minclls integration 'lllierzfs no clillerentiation. BERNICE SHAFRAN Paine Hall'xrary Assistant, Rf-A Cross Clulm. Englisli Honor Class, Pllilocalian Sofia-ty, Clerman Cluln, Program Committee. l'.al1omtory Tvclinician Slwill arlcl lilo to any lalmraiory. CAROL SHANV Business Scllool History Honor Class. Englislx Hon- or Class, Library Assistant, Attenrls ance Ollice, Honor Roll, Ancient History Clulv, li:I'CSltlTIFtIl Program Committee, Raclio Clull. Secretary Sweet, ever rearly anrl gay. MARY ALICE SHEA Lennox Hill Baslietlmall Clulm, Soltlmll Clula, Bowling Clulw. Nurse Lively, lilialmlc, jolly witll all, Rc-acly to answer to lun's lirst call. PHYLLIS SINIPSON Business Scliool Lilmrary Assistant, Teacliorls Assist- ant, Vollcylvall Clulr, Tennis Clulw, Bowling Clulm, Accountant Senior Year Booli. C.P.A. Sliels so quiet anrl rlemurc: lvlaylvc, luut clonyt Im too sun-l JOSEPH SIRECI College Intramural Hanfllnall. Intramural Cluampion, Intramural Baslcetlyall, Ancient History Clulw. To make ll million clollars lxlay lie Ive a cliampion in tlic lJusi- ness worlel as well as in tlie atliletic VVOTILI. MARION SLITER Kotlmrine Gilmlus llslierette Squacl, lVIatl1 Honor Class, Honor Roll, lvlrs. Brogan's Ollice Assistant. Program Commit- tee. Newman Cluln, Spanisll Clulm, Hiking Clulm. Private Secretary Success to tlm 'ntli rlegree. LEROY SLUDER Fnlistrnvnt in Navy C. P. O. in tlie Navy I must go Llown to tlio seas again. To tlle lonely sea ancl tlie sliy. Ancl all I asli is a tall sliip Ancl a star to ste:-r lier lay. PATRICIA SINIITH New York University Arista, Honor Roll, Teaclierls As- sistant, General Ollice Stall, Cralts Cluln, Bowling Cluln, Salvsmansliip Clulz, Reorganization Squarl, Typ- ing Squacl, Englisli Honor Class. Secretary Slie gave life a lovely llavor tlic clay slie Came along. STANLEY G. SMITH Mrissacliusetts lnstitute of Teali- nology Honor Roll, lVlatl1 Honor Class. Economics Honor Class, History Honor Class, Englisli Honor Class, Loelier Cvuard, Biology Preparation Assistant. Clic-ss Clulw, Presiclent GfilIHOplI0nC Clleminal Engineer Tall, quiet ancl strong, A man wlm can't go wrong. EDWARD SNEVILY VVork Lieutenant Service Squad. Aviator in tlie Army Ed can always lve countecl on tor l1is best. ANITA SPAINE Nurses' Training Personality Club. G.O. Class Cap- tain, Teaclrens Assistant. Nurse Sl1e's Uacuten case. AUDREY Nl. SPEIGHT Ballarrl Secretarial Scliool Englisli Honor Class, Honor Roll. TCHCllCF'S Assistant. Lunclw Patrol, Ticlcet Seller, Tennis Clulo, Spanisli Clula, Program Committee, G.O. Representative. Good paying position anal college at niglit 'Tis very sweet to loolc upon tlne lair. DAVID R. STEEN Queens College Honor Roll, Math Honor Class. Economics Honor Class, History Honor Class. Englisli Raclio Class, Gramoplione Club. U. S. Naval Clzemist A true trienrl, tl1ougl1 a quiet one. LORETTA J. STEINBERG University of Wisconsin Honor Roll, Secretary Pan-Ameri- can Society. Teaclmens Assistant. Lalworatory Assistant. Luncli Patrol. FTCSIIIHHH Committee, Heartlistone Clulo, Faslmion Leaders, Baslcettmall Clulx, Volleylvall Clulo, Tennis Club. To lie a success Her triencls are many: ller enemies, none: Slf1e's lilcecl lay all and full ot lun. PEARL STEPHENS Hunter College Honor Roll, lVlatl1 Honor Class, Eng- lislr Honor Class, Economics Honor Class, Teacliefs Assistant, Class Representative. Senior Class Boolc Stall, Library Assistant, German Clulm, Baslcetloall Cluln, Tennis Club. Volleyloall Cluln, Gramophone Club. Teaclier Sparkling eyes and winning smile. You're sure to like lxer clmarming style. LOIS STEVENSEN Business Scllool Teacl1er's Assistant, l'leartl1stone Clulu, Honor Roll. Program Com- mittee. To lzecorne valuable to the business world StlB,S precious to us alreacly. HENRY L. ST. GERMAINE Delelmnty Institute Commissioner of Police, Deputy Cl1iet Service Squacl. Fire Marshal, Lieutenant Luncll Patrol, Print Sliop Squacl. Co-captain Uslier Squad. Cutting Squaol. Bus Squad. New Yorlfs Finest Captain of tlne riot squacl. KENNETH STORER Business Service Squacl. Dulee University A uDulce" among menl EDITH STRATZ Business Scliool "Robin Hood." Personality Club, l'leartl1stone Clula, Recl Cross Clula, TQHCllCF,S Assistant. Secretory TIICIC are some people on wlmom we lcnnw we can depend. MARLIES SUERIG Model Hiclcory Log. Journalism Class. Delegate to C.S.P.A., Senior Class Boolc Statt, Drama Class, English Honor Class, Pliilocalian Club. Public Speaking Club, Mrs. Bro- gan's Assistant, G.O. Representa- tive. Psyclziotrist A term more lair, a tace more sweet Never liatli it lueen our lot to meet. ROBERT SULLIVAN College Fireman or Policeman Striving onwarcl toward tnis goal. Bolifs a conscientious soul. EDITH TANKUS College Teact1er's Assistant, Secretary in Emergency Ol-tice. Dental Hygienist Happy. smiling aii tile ciay. May sine aiways stay tiiat way. MARIE TERRYN New York Founctiing Hospital Attenrianec Office, Better Salesman- silip. Heartiistonc Cluin. Practical Nurse You're as grand as very few arc. It's grand tor us being wiiere you arc. FRANK TIERNEY Army Non-Commissioned Officer in time Army A icadcr of meni JAMES TINGUELY College Track Team, IVIatI1 Honor Ciass. Civil Engineer One step ahead of Mohammed- i1e'II move mountains to wtxere Ile wants tI1em. DORIS F. TOBIN Hofstra Coiiege Reel Cross Ciuia. To tae a court stenograpiler And siie was fairest of aii iIesI1 on -cartii. EVELYN TORTORIELLO Work Heartilstone Ciuto, Reeorci Ottice Assistant. .Secretary SI1e'II open a scnator's teiegrams. CHARLES TRIEBE Deieiwanty Senior Oreimestra, Senior Banci. Fireman Isireman, save my cI'1iIdI HERBERT ULIVIER Deieiianty Service Squaci. Policeman Herbert wiII ine Ilarci to "beat, RICHARD E. UNGER Draieo Business School Oil-ice Cierii. Stock Broker Tile icinci ot man tile worici wants anti needs. IVIURIEL VANDER LEITH Xvork Basicettmii Ciuiir, Voiieybaii Badminton Club, TCHCIICIIS Assist- ant. Private Secretary A good sport and a grand tricnci. FRANCIS VANEK Business Engiisim Raciio Class. Accountant Quite an atixtete anti as mucii a scimiar, Ciieeriui anti Imrigixt as a siiver dollar. ROBERT VOBORIL YVorIz and College at Night Engiistl Honor Ciasses. History Honor Ciasses, Economics Honor Ciass. IVIatI1 Honor Ciasscs, Honor Roii, Bowling Ciuio. Electrical or Radio Engineer Success is IW! inspiration and 99'Mz perspiration. HAROLD VV. VOIGT Stevens Institute of Technology Lieutenant Service Squad, Traffic PatroI. LuncI1 PatroI, G.O. Repre- sentative, Science CIuI9. Meciwmcai Engineer He wonvt Uguxn up" ttle works. DORIS VON HINKEN Long Island College tNurses' Training Sclwooii Emergency Office, TCHCT1CI'S Assist- ant, Library Representative. Surgical Nurse Sire can take me out any time. LOUIS VON HUGEL Machinist A good iota ami a yactlt One cannot aiways be a Iiero, But one can aIways Iac a man. HERBERT NVAGENBRENNER Cooper Union History Honor Ctass, IVIatI1 Honor Classes, Honor Rott. Ciiemicai Engineer He'II "engineer" iris way to success. RICHARD T. VVALSH Pace Institute of Accounting "Robin Hoocif' uSweet Sixteen," PsycI1oIogy Ctuta, Engtistr Honor Ctass, Economics Honor Class, Engiistr Book Room Statt. C. P. A. HSWCITU on all Haccountsf' LILLIAN VVARNKE Modeling School Liiorary Assistant. Teactierys Assist- ant, Tennis Ctutn, BasIcetIJaII CIuIJ, Hearttrstone CIUIJ. Model As sweet a girI as one couId find. ROBERT NVASHER Pratt Institute Matti Honor CIasses, EngIist1 Honor Ctass. History Honor Class. To Ive a musician or an artist. Ttle favorite son ot tI1e muses. VVILLIAIVI VVECHSLER Brooklyn Navy Yami English Honor Ciss, Math Honor Class, Honor ROII, Stage Crew HRoIoin Hood," Facutty Show, 'lone Sunctay Afternoon," Bike Squad, Senior CIass Captain, Li- Iurary Statt, Locker Guard, Lain. Squad. Pattern Making Chemical Engineer A IittIe nonsense now and ttien Is reIisI1ecI toy tI1e wisest men. RUTH IVI. VVEINER New York School of Applied De- sign for Women BasIiettJaII CIuI'J, Newman Ctutx, "Star" Staff, Senior CIass Book Statt, TeacI1er's Assistant, I'IeartI1- stonc Commercial Artist Two ot ttne quaIities wI1icI1 you possess Are gaiety and triendIiness. DOROTHY WEINSTOCK Queens Coitege Iiistory Honor Ctass, Economics Honor CIass. Math Honor Ctass, Biotogy Honor Ctass, nStarH Statt, Honor RoII. English Teacher As sweet and wI1oIesomc as stre is inteIIigent. Vve couIetn't say morei .IOHN VVEIR Coiumtwia Co-Captain City Championship Swimming Team. Ivtattr Honor CIass, EngIist1 Honor Ctass, His- tory Honor Ciass, Arista, Varsity CIuIn. Mectianicai Engineer A great swimmer, a great triend, and a great guy. AIVIELIA WELISCHAR College EngIist1 Honor CIass, IVIatI1 Honor Ctass, Honor RoII. Teachers' As- sistant, Ustierette Squaci, Locker Guarci, Announcer, Fastiion SI1ow,. SociaIizecI IVIecIicine Debate, VoIIey- Imll Club. Queens Service You're more than just a IJreatI'1 of' Spring: Ynu're everytiming come true. AUDREY WELLS Vtforle General Ollice Assistant, Attend- ance Squad. To sing witli a "swell" swing or- cliestra Talent scouts, I1ere's a Ulindnl KATHRYN VVERNER Business Scliool Library Representative, Library As- sistant, Teaclir-tis Assistant. Basket- ball Club. Volleyball Club, Junior Band, Tennis Club, Hearttlstone Club. To win friends anal influence people Success is inevitablei SUSAN NVERNER Business Scliool Heartlistonc Club, Volleyball Club, Tennis Club, Basketball Club, Li- brary Stall. To rnulee of my life a wliirlwind of gaiety, liappiness, and success. Aiming Iliglil IIORACE NVEST New Yorlz University Library Staff, Medical Room, Eng- Iisli Honor Class. Aeronautical Engineer His mind lIies Iirli, but Im bas Iris leet on tire ground. I IELEN VVHALEN College Teaclierls Assistant. History Honor Class, Englisll Honor Class. Interpreter A quiet sort ol person. A calm, unrullled one. Yet somewliere lurlcs a spirit of fun. MARION VVHITNELL Business Scliool Honor Roll, History Club, Englisli Honor Class, Ivlatiiernatics Honor Class. Secretary Never cliangc: youirc grand nowl VVILINIA VVIEGARD Barnard College Bowling Club, Camera Club. Statistician Sine is ncitber sliy nor bold: Slie is just as good as gold, GEORGE D. XVILKEYSON Queens College Sports Editor tiiclcory Log, Mattie- matics Honor Class, Englisil Honor Class, Laboratory Assistant, Journal- ism Class, Honor Roll, Editorial Start. of Senior Class Book. lournalist I'Ie'll never lose: He gets tlie news. JOHN J. VVILKEYSON Evening Teclrnicnl Scliool Vice-President Crafts Club, Teacli- er's Assistant, Service Squarl, Luneli Squad. Aeronautical Meclianic He inspires confidence. JEAN VVILKINSON Business Teacliens Assistant. Englisli Ollire Assistant. Heartlistone Club, Bowl- ing Club. Secretary Dreiarrls linger in Iier eyes And peep nut in solt surprise. RICHARD VVIIJ. Hofstra College Bilce Squad. Draftsman .-And Riclmrrl Vvilll JOAN L. VVILLIAIVIS Trapliagen Art Scliool Senior Class Book Art Stall. "Star" Art Staff, Englisla Honor Class. Honor Roll, Stage Set-f"t'Ioosier Sclmooiniasterf' Art Ollice Stalt. Commercial Artist For time dreamer wlio can worlc ami tlie woricer wllo can dream, Iile sur- renriers all tiiings. CYNTHIA WILSON Business Sclnool Tennis Club, Swimming Club, Swimming Assistant. Miisician lDrummer Girl, Sl1e'll clrum ber way to tame. EDITH MAY VVILSON Business SCIIOOI Swimming Club, Tennis Club, Swimming Assistant. Commercial Artist Brusll and palette in lier bancl, Sl1e,ll be famous in tlwis land. ETHEL VVILSON Business Scltool Englisli Honor Class. Economics Honor Class. Volleyball Club. Heartlnstone Club, American Red Cross, Swimming Assistant, Honor Roll, Library Representative, Pan- Amcrican Club. To gracluate Etbel will go a long way in a sliart wliile Because slic lias a Hswelln person- ality antl a nice smile. THOMAS VVILSON One malces onels own bappiness only by taliing care of tlie liappiness of otlters. VVILLIAM WILSON United States Naval Academy Bio. Field Club, Cbem. Club. Honor Roll. Senior Dramatic Club. lvlatli. Honor Classes, Englisli Honor Classes, Camera Club, So- cial Stuclies Discussion Club, His- tory Honor Classes, Ancient History Club. Hpricle and Prejudice," Staff ot "Collecting NCLH Drama Class. Naval Officer A miclsllipman Wllo barlis To tlic clarion call ot Marx. MARJORIE VVITTEMER Queens College History Honor Class, Honor Roll, Real Cross Club. TC8Cl1CE'S Assist- ant, Tennis Club, Volleyball Club. Teaclier Anal gladly would slie learn And gluclly teacll. ARTHUR WOLF Illinois College Senior Dramatic Club. Tumbling Squad, Hpreviews ancl Reviewsf, lVlalce-up Squacl for "Goncloliers," lntramural Baseball, lntramural Basketball, lntramural Handball. G. O. Representative. Reel Cross Rep- resentative, Luncb Patrol. To be a good tumbler He'll learn bow to talce lile's lalls witlwut getting l1urt. MURIEL WOLF Mary Immaculate Hospital Honor Roll, Teacllerls Assistant. Li- brary Assistant, G.O. Representa- tive, Bowling Club. Nurse Anyone woulol treasure ber popu- larity. JOHN VVRIGHT Aeronautical Scliool lntramural Baslietball, lntramural Softball. Aeronautical Engineer May Jobn carry out tl'1e uxvrigbtn traditions. FRANCES VVULFHOP Heffley's Business Scliool Cbarm Club. Basketball Club, O. Representative. Business Her winning ways will win ller fortune. DOROTHY YENGEL Typist Secretary A tbanlctul lieart is tbe parent ol: all otber virtues. DOROTHY YOUNG QUQQTLS Cllllege Biology Club, Biology Fielcl Club, Charm Club. Biology Laboratory Squad. Teaclwefs Assistant. Attencl- ance Office, Exlnibit to Science Fair, Journalism Class. Lawyer A member ol tbe bar sl1e'll be, Slielll get every client tree. MATILDA YOUNG Nursing School Teaclierxs Assistant, Cho. Vvorlier. Reorganization Squad, Heartlistone Club. Nurse .lust as clever as slie's sweet, Pretty, witty, and petite. DOROTHY ZEITLIN Business School llonor Roll, Ti-acl1cr's Assistant. Private Secretary Slic remincls us of Pcnrocl-1 innocent, miscliievous, and lovable. DORIS ZIEGELBAUER Comptomelry School Volleyball Club, Teaclieifs Assist- ant, Junior Red Cross, Cliarm Club, Honor Rall. Comptometer Operator NVE! "figure" slic'll lac a succcss GLORIA ZIMIVIER Vtfork Teacllers' Assistant, Better Sales- inansliip Secretary Little can lie said against licr. A lot can loe said for llcr. JUNE ziiviMER JOSEPH zENz1Us i'- ' Business Trade School tm Q F Vllcaclmens Assistant, "Robin Hooflf' Shop Assistant- A K f i' Honor Roll, Drama Class. Make-up Successful Tradesman W 'EEA I 5 E M Qmnmmcc' Joc looks quid' a wee bi' Shy. ig ,QW , Plo ire successful in tile Business But wlicn you lcnow llilll, HIGH'-'Oh M M , world my! Her motto is laugli anrl lar- merry. . A " Ewa! Anrl we linow sllc always will! A enior eance tconiinuecl from page lil His crystal lnall out of order at tliis time of writing, our Yogi coulCln,t tell us liow tlie swimming, lnaslcetlaall, ancl laoclcey teams made out in tlieir tournaments taut lriastenecl to assure us tliat a lwazy green and wliite in tlie crystal meant a successful season for eacli. Not only tliis, lbut tie tooli us out one starry evening after we lriacl lfinislied tlie clayls Class Boolc Worlc ancl sliowecl us two stars in a row, wliicli, as you all lcnow, stand for tlie periocls in tlie alimlareviation of a successful season for .laclcson atliletics, even tliougld we canlt lcnow tlie oletails of our victories at tliis time of Writing. F. D. R. receivecl luis vote of conticlence on Novemlner 5, and on Novem- laer 6, Cliarlie lsininger, a linlanlc loolc on lwis face, was liearci saying Woalcly over ancl over, "No Sith termln A few seniors liearci vague rumors of an impencling prom. Among tliose in attenclance was tlde spirit of rlaclcson, wlio unfortunately neglectecl to talce any pictures for tlie Class Boolc. Tliis laistory lninisliecl, tlie spirit tliat Wrote it graclually facles into clair- voyance, lout, alas, we leave liim a very Worriecl spirit-Regents, you lcnow. 55 olladf ,IM an Qffianient me, the Graduating Class of Ianuary 1941, of Andrew Iaclzson High School, being of allegedly sound mind and superfluous body, do hereby eftace, eradicate, and emancipate the last Uestigial remnants of our cerebral equilibrium in this our last mill and Yilestament. Having paid or dodged our obliging debtors for all the customary umustsu of graduation, we find ourselves in possession of a surplus of worthless acquirements. These we bequeath: To Mr. Hectcman-Steel helmet and rotting pin shetter. To Wir. Mare and Miss Johnson'-A quart of special tiquid heel soap. To Miss Ross-A de tuxe unabridged copy of Hpatmer Method Penmanshipf' To Udohnn-A self-service elevator and a pension. To Mrs. Rosett-A ctuhonnet inic pad. To Dr. Anderson-'A heated stahte for her hovine gum-chewing students, UEtsien and UEtmer.U To Mr. Cosgrove-A Chinese interpreter for his economics questions. To the Hickory LogHAn ax. To Tom TamtynHAn egg-heater for his hair. To Dr. Swenson-An honest hook puhtisher. To Mr. FitzpatrictcHA set of hoctcey playing hooicey ptayers. To the Lunch Room-Long ruhher hands to attach to the silverware as a sutmstitute for SS cards. To Miss Koehler'-A smoice house to cure her Hhamsf' q To Those We Leave Behind-Qur SS cards to Haunt in the faces of the guards. To the W. P. A.-A frame for their picture of Hstitln life. Vile hereby appoint the Senior Class of fune 19-41 to be Executioner of the above will and Utestameni. gin witness lagtrerenf, we have hereunto subscribed our name and affixed our seal this thirty-first day of Ianuary, in the year nineteen hundred and forty-one. SENIOR CLASS OF IANUARY 1941 Vtfitnesses: President of Senior Class-Ioseph Cunningham Vice-President of Senior Class-Minna Klussman Editor of Senior Class Book-Stanley Kanefslzy 54 'T .fdcluenfure in fkq jufure It was a hot summer day, and the sun heat down mercitessty on the tangled green growth. Two men, hactcing vigorousty, fought their Way through the steaming forest. Une of them paused and turned ahout. Hsayf' he panted, "tet,s sit down and rest. This is a heck of a hitcef' NOK. Say, tet,s prepare that report for the Archaeotogicat Society. Have you any idea what that peculiar huitding was that we discovered yes- terday? The one with the hig sign and those rows of seats inside? 'Tm not so sure, hut I deciphered the sign. It says, 'Tonitet Douhte Jactcpott' whatever that means." Hvxfait, Ht took it up.U He thumhed through a pocket dictionary. "Here, Jactcwhoys name. Pot-'cooking utensil. The place was evidentty a sort ot' gathering ptace where the populace watched some sort of human sacrifice." The men got up and resumed their stow progress. "That goes to prove my theory that these peopte were cannihats. Re- memher that discovery hy the Martian expedition of a year or so ago? They came across a store with the sign 'Red Hot Franks., Frantz is another man,s name." Suddenly through the dim jungle tight a huitding loomed. Upon ctoser inspection it turned out to he an ancient, crumhting, yettow structure, targe and ramhting. Vw' ith a gasp of surprise at their Find, the two men approached the otd edifice. It was atmost huried heneath a heavy toad of the forest vines and growth. HLootc-'over the doorway, an inscription. Can you decipher itrfn "Most of the tetters are ohtiterated. I can only matce out A - D R -f W J--K--N HH-H SC-O-L." 'Tm stitt in the dartc. Come on, tetys go insidef, After quite a hit of heaving and panting, they managed to force the ancient door to open on its senile hinges. They found themselves in a musty corridor, dark and rotted. It was littered with the detnris of the centuries. Suddenly from hehind a fatten mass of rusty girders an ancient Figure hohhted forth. He stopped the two intruders in surprise with an imperious gesture. From heneath the tangle of his long white heard the gtint of metat coutd he discerned. In a voice of seputchrat depths he cried, HSay, where do you tugs think you,re going? Get a tate passf, ROBERT C-oLDsrEiN 55 8 Ao Pe Olin? I can vividly remember an an-enveloping emotion tbat I felt one summer evening a year ago. My dog was running next to me and an evening breeze blew tbe First star into tbe sky. I stopped so suddenly tbat Toby looked up at me in a puzzled way. Fifteen-almost-sixteen is a borribiy young age, I tbougbt. But I didnyt feet fifteen-almost-sixteen. I felt so many, many years older. Tbe sun made a iast red rim on tbe far borizon, and I, like Eugene O,NeiH,s Robert Mayo, wanted to keep walking up tbe road, over tbe bill, beyond tbe borizon, and batbe in tbe red, red Haming clouds. I wanted to take big bites out of life. I was impatient to start, and now, at seventeen, I am stiii impatient but a little cautious. In tbe course of tbe past year I bave received a certain amount of mental burt tbat bas tempered my impatience a bit witb caution and tolerance. in otber words, I bave grown up enougb to know tbat tbere are bitter bites as wen as sweet. And tbis is tbe question I sbouid like to ask ali tbe people in tbe world wbo are older tban we, all tbe people wbo are supposed to be mentally of age: Have you kept your dreams and bopes and ambitions, and fmost im- portant of am bave you realized tbem? We, tbe youtb of today, wbo be- boid so mucb grief and despair in tbe world you are giving us, ask tbis question of you. For, you see, we bave dreams, too, but we want to be sure tbat we donyt take bites out of life tbat are too big, because we want tbe world we give tbe day-after-tomorrowss youtb to be safer for dreams tban tbe one wbicb we must use today. Ob, we,re not complaining. We,d just like to know wbere your plans for a Hbetter world!! went astray so tbat we won't do tbe same tbing. We're young and strong. We've got confidence and courage. And-weyve got dreams. America is so grand and wide and generous. After today,s fever 56 t at has spent itself, America will have to he the healing haim and today,s youth will have to he the protecting scah on the sore so that the day-after-tomorrow's youth wonyt have to contend with a new infection again. A long time ago there were men and women who had a dream of freedom. They planned for that freedom. The hope for it was their one amhition. They won, hut they paid a dear price. Therefore, they wrapped it in cotton and tissue-paper and kept it welt polished. In fact, they polished it so wen that it shone around the world and many more peopie won that dream. But somewhere in the ensuing years, the high citadel in which they had placed Freedom was stormed hy Jealousy, Hatred, Greed, ignorance, and intolerance. They Hung Freedom down and trampled on it. And it was hrolcen hut not destroyed. it can he pieced together again. Who is to do this? There is only one answer. You who are old have wasted all your energy through Greed and Hate and intolerance, and you didn't realize what you were hrealcing until you heard the crash in roaring guns and screaming people. That seems to he the heritage you have left us. We have heard some of you say that youth of today is callous, unsympathetic, selfish. if facing squarely what lies hefore us is heing callous, if despising the vices through which you have Hwonn your world is heing unsympathetic, if wanting an unending peace and justice and calm intelligence is selfishness. then we are an that. And so we piclc up the dream that was the one hurning desire of those who lived so long ago and make it our one hurning desire. Do not laugh at us and say, "You win find soon enough that you have a hitter hitef' Do not scorn us. Rather pray for us, and teach us all that is good in you, for we are not afraid. We who are young have courage and hope and this one huming desire. How can we fail? ELSA B51-IRENS 57 4"-'X f- I ,4,,,f09m,9A 3 3 Y U 'film " M1 . 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Brogan PICSIJCIIL'-',IOl'1I'l Weir Viccfprosidentgvxfilliam Bealce SccrctaryHBclLc Valentino T 1'c: as nnrQ 2 f-Peggy Conroy To oil 1,10 lLfl7l'I'IS of sluclvnl gomzrnlncnf 62 1 13 Cl IIfIiIQINC SQUAD HIISUI'-XXIII VIQFIUIIIUS ITUFZI C npluill-Ixlilmzl IXIlISSI!liiI1 Him' rm' Io SCIHPOZ spiril. ILXNIJ SIVUIISUIV-5IjSS I,ul11ni1n C gp IIIQNIFTRY C'l.lW5 OIISUI'-'I jf. 1XIlfIl'I'SHll l,I'K'QIClPlll-IQ4PIJUII Hvllln-l X IFC-.Pl'l'Si4ll'lll-'llxlilll Nlvlfin gcfcl'clul'y-R1ulwrl c1Ul1ISll'lIl V-l1I'CilSllI'C'I'-I' IUI'1'Il4'l' rl ii'l'IILW 1rI1'r1nr'r-lin'fcr1r1r1'lwl1gvufr'l14n11 In umrnzgy slmlvnls. NRS. IBROGJXNS OFFICE SQUAD Sponsor-Mrs. lf. Brogun In service for olfzcrs. ORCHESTRA Sporlsorf-F'1iss NI. Lolunan STAR STAFF Sponsors-Nr. KX. Poncmcn Fir. N. Emgoron Editor,-Elsa Fmclwrous ssocialc Editor--Do1'0LI1y Vvrcinsloc Pulling ou! lim nzuguzim lS,'XSKlC'l'I5fXl.l, TIQXNI SllUllSUI"-'XXIII crfllllllllibllil ,an 1 ill S-,an ' '. 1' ' ' SENIOR SXVIBINIINC CLUB S1'lUIlSHI"-:XIISS IQUQIIIU lj. .IUINISUII Xvnlvr franc! mul life saving. Q To lull all HICKORY H X1 S'llXlfl" , , 1 v SIJUIISUI'-'XXIISS hlllil X ill'cllIY Iiililill'-'xlyilgfilliil 4Q 7w1'11 1 1 X" l'IiltC l',cl1lu1's-l'r0cl Bmw lXI'll1llI'NilIlilS llzu :mms ufmul lllf'r,QQlIH . Q PLEASE KEEP FEET OFF SEATS , M K 1 ., 9 4 W ENGLISH ISOOKIQUOM STAFF Spolxsur-lXI1'. IJ. Mulllmcinu Tim 1:0H1'1'Iifu1 of t'l1l'fOfJIIS 111111 51114111151 uf nmfv qzmrlcls. CIXNERA CLUB Sp 1111 501'-bit. D. Sclmiflqnman IvfCSiiIf'fllP',I0C blaloncy Vice-P 1'n' Siclc11L-,gina Dol Vecchio Scvrclury-Rirlmrcl Rfmgfors 7711? prU1no!iu11 of ilu' url and science of PIIOIUQFUIJIU' in A. 11-mari-1515 wif ENGLISH OI"I"lCli SQUAD Spfwrmsox'-INl1's. Fleury C, Grnharn To lmlp 1111111 1110 CI0riz'r'1l work of I 0f,Gw. 110 , O6 x , o ' u , V ,v. it f me 4219 lJR.X5l,X'I'lC' C'I,l'l5 kfllblliill'-IXIIY Il IJ Rrwwll 'R lr: ffl:-rml-Alrm'1lf1'1l1Hrwrlfvm , 4 1 N , X If 1' IJl'i'Siili'Ill--lfllllil IQIIUHJJ Nw r 1 vla11'vfHHc'lIcr XilIl'lllHl1' 5 . . In fmllvl'-lxllu llwlvluln 11Ui,l'l'l'!H,PtllI irllvrwsl in flrczlmllirs SXH5 Hill, flflllllfl. MXNFI HI, C'l.l 'IS Xfllrll fm-:XIII 54'ux'c'r, Slcm , . IDI! IKIK'Ilt"lSK'fHUl'Kl .XIIfll'l'Ff'l'I v -1 X :rm I'wsiflcrllf-l'.flilf1 Qmrluml Nc c'rc'lz1ry-I.rmwllzl ISHHXVCQ !U4ll'I'1'!U,7 tl fwllwr Sc'N1l1g1 tlgllllfy. 7 IUNIOIQ SXX'lMMlNc1m'l1l'la XV . ..1, ,7 , 5-'U 5. Q1 ..V N1 ' r r J N,-X .K . n'--5-v, N rzlvr luzllwl mul lifv Sl1!'fl!f1. k W A . 2,535 L .4 44"- I IICKORY I ,OG DRfX5I,fX'l'lC GROUP f----r"' ,nqanunlnlU,f1 VIANDICRAFT CLUB qI'7LJI1SOI-BIPS. T1I'lCl'CSZ1 RIOSTITH Prosiclcnl-Joan Recs Vico-Prosidvnt-,L:fm Xviuqeyson To flcuclop an inicrcst in Imnclicraff floblmws. C18 ADVERTISEMENTS RTHUR TUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS of the Class of January 1941 1457 BROADWAY N. Y. C. BRyant 9-7342 Please Patronize Our Advertisers 70 LANMSHI A ,Inq MANUFACTURERS of SCHOOL IEWELRY 113 MONRGE STREET MArket 3-2614 Newark, N. J Mention the Senior Class Book 71 Compliments of . . ESYIIUSIIID I? S. SHAPIRO DIAMONDS - WATCHES - IEWELRY Precision Waichmaking - Iewelry Repair 95-09 2l8ll'1 Queens Village. L. l. Evergreen 2-9754 Boll lVlcEnroe LIN DEN LAUNDRY SERVICE Dry Cleaning - Rug Cleaning 115-35 227th STREET St. Albans, L. l. Hollis 5-8844 G. Miller, Pl1.G. IVIlLLER'S PHARMACY "FOR HIGHER STANDARDS" 218-84 HEMPSTEAD AVE. Queens Village, L.. l. GEORGE KOENIG CHOICEST OF MEATS Poultry and Provisions 220-24 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Near 22lst Street R O B E R T S DRY CLEANERS Hour 8 Service 250-16 MERRICK ROAD LAurelton 8-4690 Laurelton, N. Y. PERGAMENT Hardware ' Housewares ' ' Glass Plumbing and Electrical Supplies upergameni for Permanent Hardwarey, 223-19 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans, L. I. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 72 MCCARTHY 5- SIMON, Inc. MANUFACTURING SPECIALISTS 7-9 WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET Just Olll Fifth Avenue New Yorlc, N. Y Spcczulzsts Ln CHOIR VESTMENTS :-: PULPIT GOWNS CAPS - GOWNS - HOODS For Degrees Outlltters to Over 2,500 Schools, Colleges ancl Clmurclles Compliments of . . , l, L. Mueller, Pro STATE PARK BAKERY Orders Taleen for All Occasions 2l7-05 LINDEN BLVD. St. Alluans. L.. l. Compliments of ROSE DEPT. STORE 188-no LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans, L. I. P. ANDREVV JACKSON SVVEATERS IN STOCK AND MADE TO ORDER B E R T ' S APPAREL FOR MEN AND Boys 218-I5 JAMAICA AVENUE Quvm-ns Village, N. Y. WILBUR TAXI CO. l.4Aurelton 8-1622 LAURELTON SWEET SHOP Ice Cream - Candy - Soda - Luncheonetle 229-I2 MERRICK ROAD Laurclton, L. l. JAIIIIIICTRI f 1507 "Say lt witlx Flowers" T E R M I N A L FLOWER MARKET FLOVVIZRS FOR GRADUATION Special Rules lor Graclualcs VW: Deliver Evcrywlxcrc 92-35 NEVV YORK AVE. JAMAICA, N. Y Mention tlle S enior Class Boole 73 S T. A L B A N S AND VICINITY KOPPERS COKE COAL A Biacie loin Hanciied Wit te LAureH'on 8 8273 N L A R G E .. i ,, 193-OSLINDEN BLVD. ' ST. ALEANS Compliments of . . . H. C. BOHACK CO., Inc. SELF SERVICE MARKET 224-15 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans inxurvilon 857-1t' VINCENT DEI. vEcfCl no HOME INSULATION Congratulations to time Graduates from the 119754 xz-soil' S'l'REli'l' Sl. Alimzms. Y. of time i.Aurm'iKon 846167 FRED KLUSSMAN LICENSED PLUMBER I mt STREET imclfof., 1.. 1. SENIOR CLASS BOOK IRVINCVS for Sofia - Candy - Toys - Stationery fi C ' C t an Erecting arc s I l-63 FARMERS BLVD. St. Albans, N. Y. Please patronize Our Advertisers 74 QUEENS BLUE PRINT WORKS 92-33 UNION HALL ST. Jamaica, N. Y. Art Materials - Tempera Colors Oil and Water Colors - Crayons asels - Tables, Etc. Sold in Your School Sold in Your Neighborhood ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY, Inc. 34-09 QUEENS BOULEVARD STiIIweII 4-5000 Long IsIanoI City, N. Y. -df 0001! I"- I COMETPRESS BROOKLYN -l- V-V-1 R 7 I , ,MLW ., ' L I.AurI-Ilan 8-5 I WILLIAM LAR SON P,-IlN'l'ING mul IJIZCORATINC all Lowest Prices IST-26 LINDEN BLVD. SI, Allmuns, Y. I,Aurc-Ilan H-0030-0050 AUSTIQR E- HIRSCHHORN ' . ' v . 5fU'I0lIC'TS -'lreoneIIv mul fumlws ll?-72 FRANCIS IIIXVIS BLVD. Sr. AIIW . D , 1 , - , ,, I'or Irompl mul lourh-ous Svrvlcv full LA. H-ODI LIONEL MARKET Nuprenw Quulily Ml'UfS - Provisions mul Suu Fool I88-20 UNIDEN BLVD, Sl. Allmns. I.. I Mention the Senior Class Book 75 Serving the People of Queens and Long Island for 15 Years JAMAICA PAINT CO., Inc. JAMAICA WALL PAPER CO. ASSOCIATED PAINT - VARNISHES - VVALLPAPER JAMAICA AVENUE comer 169th STREET JAMAICA REpuI9Iic 9-4690-4691 IVII. TOcIIer - Mr. Lininger I..AureIton S-7140 QuaIiIy TeIIs CEN I RAL BAKERY FANCY BAKERY GOODS BauCl1IJCl'gCI' and Beck 200-12 CENTRAL AVENUE SI. AII9ans, L. I., N. Y. REpuIDIic 9-8536 I WINS DRESS SUIT PARLOR Evening Clothes, Cuiaways and Aceessor' s -- TO HIRE --1 92-05 168111 STREET INext tn Terrace Tavern, SOUIII OI Jamaica Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. IVIIssouri 7-2311 BRANDTS DELICATESSEN TABLE LUXURIES 113-04 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. LAurcIIon 8-7760 EDWARD J. MURPHY Service Station - Fine Used Cars 207-I9 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Albans, N. Y. LAureIton 5-0440 K I T T Y - L E E HOME MADE SWEETS we Mf.I..- up Fancy Gm Boxes for Omduafion 250.07 MERRICK BLVD. Laufelfon, L. I. IVIIssouri 7-2210 IMPERIAL DRY GOODS STORES Silks - Vx7OoIens - Cotton Goods 216-07 JAMAICA AVE. Queens VIIIage, L. I. HOIIIS 5-5049 A L L A N ' S "SOMETHING NEW and BETTER" 215-05 IIAIVIAICA AVE. Queens Village Hosiery - Curtains - Draperies - Slip Covers Ready Made and to Order I'IOIIis 5-5558 CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY FRANCIS LEVVIS BLVD. and HOLLIS AVE. Hollis, N. Y. MAU'S DeIicatessen and Groceries Home Cooking Our Specialty - Salads and COIII Cuts for Weddings, Parties'-fAutIIorizec1 Birds Eye Dealer IIS-70 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD. I..AureIton 8-4626 VVC DeIivcr Please patronize Our Advertisers 76 NIE I DRESSES and COATS FAMOUS for PROM DRESSES and EVENING GOWNS 159-10 JAMAICA AVENUE JAIVIAICA, L. I. - "Small Entrance to a Large Store" LILLIAN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE LAu'eI'0n 80350 I 115-67 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. S H IVIIssouri 7-0207 St. AIIJans. L. I. House Furnishings, Electrical and Plumbing Supplies LAurcItOn 8-2141 RANDS MOTORS, Inc. Beni. Moore and Pittsburgh Paints PONTIAC All Makes Repaired 125-15 IVIERRICK ROAD 128-11 MERRICK ROAD Sf. Albans, N. Y. SL A'banS- L- '- LAureIton 8-2070 PAUL VERDERESE Merchant Tailor SUCCESS TO GRADUATES 188.05 CENTRAL AVE. Sf. Albans, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. LAureIton 8-5260 IVIACROSE LUMBER 8- TRIM CO. Incorporated Screens, Masoniie, Cement, Lime, Plaster Sheeirock, Celofex, Plywood LINDEN BLVD. 6 1961I1 ST. Si. AIIM-ms, N. Y. BARNEY DAVIS .IAmaica 6-5995 R A L P H ' S TRI BORO RECORD EXCHANGE The Red Cross Shoe ReIJuiIJer and Hatters 50,000 PI1onograpI1 Records '-1 9C up 18830 LINDEN BLVD' St' Albans Bing Crosby - CI1arIic Barnet - Andrew Sisters ' GIenn IVIiIIer - Larry CIinton - Tommy Dorsey Mlssouri 7-4412 F ll L f Ph h nd A u ine o onograp s a ccessories C A R S T E N S PImonograpI1s Repairecl Delicatessen - Home Cooking AII Orders PromptIy DeIiverccI 8927 16501 STREET 205-15 HOLLIS AVENUE Jamaica. N. Y. - K - - Q 6 Mention the Senior Class Book 77 FORD MERCURY e LINCOLN ZEPHYR Where Customers Bring Tlteir Friends NEERGAARD MOTORS, Inc. YOUR LOCAL DEALER Showroom 63- Service: 216-02 Hempstead Avo. I'I0llis 5-0020 Used Cor Department: Cor. Springfield Blvd. 8- Hempstead Ave. HOllis 5-5220 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 626 218-14 JAMAICA AVENUE lVIIssouri 7-4616 Queens Village FRED'S MARKET FrerI'Ic Rammenstein, Prop. Clmicest of Meats and Poultry 206-08 HOLLIS AVENUE Mlssouri 7-2143 Near Francis Lewis Blvd. REpobl1o 9-2514 TERMINAL PANTS SHOP, Inc. SUEDE and LEATHER COATS PANTS - SWEATERS SPORTSWEAR for MEN and BOYS 92-57 NEW YORK AVENUE Jamaica, N. Y. Compliments of . . KEN CLEANERS 225-15 LINDEN BLVD. MARDER'S PHARMACY Fred Marder, PILG. - Registered Pharmacists 227-25 IVIERRICK ROAD Prescription Dept. Phone-LA. 8-8555 LAureIton 8-0572 J. Papsiclero. Prop. J lM'S BARBER SHOP and Beauty Parlor You'II Feel Like New 221-ll LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans. I... I. LA It n S-3723 me 0 GANSCAP, Inc. A L B E Y "Tile Friendly Slwe Store for Everylroclyn U"'w'S'e'Y and Slip C""e'S LINDEN BLVD. Comer Farmers Ave. 188-15 LINDEN BLVD. Sr. Albans, N. Y. Sr. Albans. N- Y. I..Aurelton 8-5852 Music for All Occasions LAurellon 8-5544 DUKE GARY A. TOMINOVI ' Expert Watch, Cloclz and Jewelry Repairing and Hls Omllesha Plating of All Kinds-All Our VVorIc Guaranteed 118-14 219tlr1 STREET St. Albans, L. I. 190-09 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans. L. I. Please Patronize Our Advertisers 78 LAure1ton 8-2068 EDWARD KATT ST. ALBANS' ORIGINAL FLORIST ARTISTIC FLORAL SERVICE for EVERY OCCASION 180-19 LINDEN BLVD. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. Free Delivery Service F1owers by Wire "The Mercury Way!! Bonded Member F.T.D. LAurr-11on 8-5 44 MILK DR. GEORGE COON OPTOMETRIST BUILDS Eye Examinations Hours: Dai1y 1 to 9 p.m. - By Appointme 1 Laurehon Professional B1c1g. 230111 ST. and MERRICK RD. Laurclton. L. 1. Mlssouri 7-0416 Home Made 51513115 Brokers-Appraisers LAL1rc1l0n S-5521-9554 KARL BOHN KENNEDY 8 SHERIDAN Delicatessen and Grocery Realty Investments - Insurance 220-IS HEMPSTEAD AVE- 187-28 LINDEN BLVD. St. A11uans, L. I., N. Y. MIS ' 7-5166 EDWARD METSCHER Som Ice Cream and Candy 200.10 LINDEN BLVD. BGLQW LAufclwn S-4297 St- Albans 218.80 HEMPSTEAD TURNPIKE Queens, N. Y. TESS VVEBERS Tri-Art Studio IRV and LEW , , , Dancing - Piano - Voice Arrow Shirts - Knox Hats Ballroom Dancing Private ,-1 Classes 217-21 JAMAICA AVENUE 028-OM 228111 QTRFFT LAure11on 8-4031 Louis Forcl, Prop. LAUN-hon 8.5554 Prompt Service Res. LAure1ton S-4051 1 ST. ALBANS FUEL DIL CO. Standard Oil 185-02 BAISLEY BLVD. 189-22 116111 ROAD St. A1bans, L. 1., Y. .100 Scrvcclin St. Albans, 1. Tell It with Signs ST. ALBANS SIGN SHOP Mention the Senior Class Book 79 S E E IT IT'S NEW B U Y I T IT'S BIGGER The New Forcl for 1941 .- See It at DIAMOND Motor Sales 8: Service, Inc. 130-07 MERRICK ROAD SPRINGFIELD GARDENS LAureIt0n 8-6900 MERCURY - LINCOLN ZEPHYR - FORD TRUCKS USED CARS NVITH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE SERVICE ON ALL MAKES OF CARS SONN'S PAINTING - DECORATING Paints - Varnisiies - IVIuresco - Vklall Hide 200-09 HOLLIS AVE. HOIIis 5-S225 Compliments of . , D R . D I N E R Graduate to Better Service at OSSIP Service Stations FOCH BLVD. at 219th STREET St. AIIoans, N. Y. LAureIton 8-7574 We DcIiver Anywhere ST. ALBANS FLORIST 116-60 NEWBURG STREET St. AIIxans, N. Y. LAureIton 8-8180 Piping Hot - Ready to Serve - at Wholesale Prices WONG'S CI-IOVV MEIN Delicious Chinese Food to Take Out Chow Mein Dinner for 2 to 4 - 55C 251-10 IVIERRICK ROAD I..aureIton, I... I OSCAR'S MARKET 201-10 HOLLIS AVENUE Call Anytime - We Deliver Fine HO1lis 5-9488 Hollis Compliments of . . . MAX SCHNEIDER Tailor 218-54 HEMPSTEAD AVE. Queens ViIIage Compliments of . . ADAMS FOOD MARKET Compliments of . . . MIA'S BEAUTY SALON 228-13 MERRICK ROAD LaurcIton, New York LAureIton 5-1155 "Sew and Saven LINDEN TEXTILES Silks - Wooiens - Coitons - Curtains - Draperies White Goods - Trimmings - Patterns 188-22 LINDEN BLVD. Opp. VVooIworlI1's St. AIIJans, L. I. LA. 8-5758 Agnes Frances IVIcGratI1, Prop The MARY-AGNES Dress Shop Lingerie - Housecoats - Hosiery 116-63 MEXICO STREET St. Albans, L. I Please Patronize Our Advertisers FOR THE FINEST BEAUTY CULTURE EDUCATION QUEENS BEAUTY INSTITUTE, Inc. MODERN SCHOOLS for IIAIRDRESSINO and BEAUTY CULTURE CornpIete and ITI'1OI'0llQIl Training in AII Ptiases of PraCticaI ancI Scienlinc Beauty CuIture and Hairdressing. InfIiVicIuaI Instruction. ExceIIent I:aciIities. EFFICIENT PLACEMENT SERVICE Your Inspection of Our New Training Center Is Cordially Invited. 90-O1 SUTPHIN BOULEVARD Licensed by the University of the Stale of New York Compliments of . . . GRAND LAUNDRY SERVICE 186-14 IVIERRICK ROAD SpringfieId. L. I. .IArr1aIca 6-5177 .IAIVIAICA LAureIton 8-2963-5108 PIIiIip H. IVIaI1cr, Prop L I N D E N PIumI9ing 8' Heating Co. Plumbing and Heating Contractors LAurelton 8-3304 "ELECTROLUX" 1 Gas House Heating - Ranges - Water Heaters T E D D Y S SpcciaI Rep. Brooklyn Union Gas Co. Ice Cream Parlor and Lunctieonette QGHS Bins Nlay Be Paid Here, Home Cooking - Candies and Ice Cream 137.29 LINDEN BLVD, Si, Albans, N, Y, 188-28 LINDEN BLVD. SI. Albans, L. I.. N. Y LAurcIton S-3612 Yes'-fVVe Deliver HERIVIAN LASSEN Delicatessen anct Fancy Groceries Table Luxuries and Salads CIROSSIVIANS Store of Values Yard Goods - Curtains 07141 Gefleflll Dry Goods 187-25 LINDEN BLVD. St. AIImans, L. I. 199-I5 CENTRAL AVENUE St. Albans, L. I. .IAmaica 6-0195 Jotrbers LAureIlon 8-5868 M A L K 1 N S ERNEST POSTEL Dressmakers' and Tailors' Supplies Meat and Grocery Market Hemstitcliing and Pleating 92-26 NEW YORK AVE. Jamaica, N. Y. 201-I0 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans. N. Y. UNITED DAIRY SAUL SMALL 125-21 IVIERRICK ROAD St. AIIJans, I. Full Line of School Supplies - Lofts Candy lI3-69 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. R. VVALT Stationery - Candy - Greeting Cards Best Ice Cream in I'IoIIis tBreyer'sJ 109-67 FRANCIS LEVVIS BLVD. HOIIIS 5-0706 Free DeIivcry Service LAureIton 8-2 I 5l O. O. SCHNEIDERS prescription Pharmacy 126-01 IVIERRICK ROAD SpringI:icIII. L. I., N. Y Mention the Senior Class Book 81 0 Sound training for tI1e superior secretariaI and junior executive position. AIso courses in all types of modern I:-usiness rnacI1ines.-fIncIivicIuaI prOmotiOnaI pIan,-fSuper- visecI Office experience,-SuccessIuI pIacement Ioureau. IVIemIJer OI NationaI Association of AccrecIitecI Commercial ScI1ooIs DAYIQ-EVENING BEGIN ANY TIME CATALOGUE ..-.SESNONS 160-16 JAMAICA AVENUE UPON REQUEST .ll- Jamaica, Long IsIancI JAmaica 9-1981-1982 8 HOIIis 5-9653 LAureIton 8-4848 Factory-Trained Iwechanics Repairs on AII Cars Time Payments Arranged .PAY AS YOU RIDE., AND HIS ORCHESTRA See Us for Certified Used Car Values CompIete Lubrication Service Inc. H IJ ST. ALBANS MOTOR SALES, inc. Buy More um u'ge'sEm More NEVVBURGH ST. near Linden BIVJ. I..AureItOn 8-4848 St. AIIJans, L.. I. LINDEN and SPRINGFIELD BLVDS. St. AIInans, N. Y. LAureItOn 8-4545 ANTON'S Ladies, Specialties and Sportswear 250111 ST. and MERRICK RD. LaureIton, L. I. MORTON RADIO Photography Supplies - Free Radio Check-up Expert on I'IancI to Answer AII Photographic ProIJIems 1 16-65 MEXICO STREET LAureItOn 8-5520 ' St. AII:xans, I... I. IVIIssouri 7-0819 V. ScI1wacgIer, Prop. HOLLIS CREST FLOWER SHOP FIDIUQTS f0Y' OCCGSIUHS 200-21 HOLLIS AVENUE Corner 20Ist Street HOIIis, N. Y. FIELDS CUT RATE VARIETY STORES Specializing in Knitting VVOOIS and Crochet Cotton - Housewares Cosmetics - Toys - ScI1ooI Supplies 187-27 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans IVIIssouri 7-4559 QuaIity Meats at Attractive Prices JOHN DI DIA AII Orders Delivered Promptiy No OrcIers Too SmaII or Too Large 220-05 HEMPSTEAD AVE. LAureItOn 8- 581 I Orders DeIiverecI AUGUST MEYN Delicatessen and Groceries Home Cooking Our SpcciaIty 190-15 LINDEN BLVD. SL Albans, N. Y. CompIiments of . . . 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Hollis 5-8588 Orders Delivered ERNEST ROSENBERG Home-Made lce Cream and Candy Our Specialty 218-74 HEMPSTEAD AVE. Queens Village, L. l. LAurclton 8-9672 .l. Lilnes, Prop. ISLAND SCREEN, SASH Er Doon Co. Screens - Storm Sasll - Combination Doors - French Doors - Garage Doors - Auto and Window Glass lnstallecl Xvliile You Wait 198-20 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans, L. I. 1lAmaica 6-9588 JAMAICA MEN 'S SHOP Halaerclasltery and Sportwear Headquarters for Arrow Sliirts 164-14 JAMAICA AVENUE Jamaica, N1 Y. Compliments of Gene Licari, lvlgr. DILBERT BROS. 188-59 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans. N. Y. Orders Delivered I..Aurelton 8-7655 CHARLES STUDIO Pliotograplls of tlle Better Kind Special Rates for Graduates VVe Supply Cap and Gown 190-15 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans Hollis 5-9695 IVlADELENE's BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Permanent Vvaving ancl All Branclles of Beauty Culture LAurelton 5-9655 THE KIDDY TOWN SHOP Young Folles Apparel - Layettes Our Specialty 109-21 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. Queens Village 188-57 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans. l... I. l..Aurclton 8-5101 We Call lor and Deliver Hollis 5-1508 C 0 0 P E R 5 . BOULEVARD SWEET sHoP TAILOR AND FURRIER Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing, Repairing, Remodeling 200-31 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans, N. Y. Sorlas - Candy - Toys and Stationery 107-56 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. Mention tlie Senior Class Boole 85 , f sf ' f. , 11-:L 'mv , 5 . ,, , , ' 'exg Q J-' , ww, 5. Ar Q W ,,,, 5,1 .5 H., JA .L -3--an rf - Z fri' A . Lr- X fs.-QT f:' - vv 4: ' ' f Ljsl, wmirg' , .vm 'z-:,ff 4 . 3-Lgj .UZ ,-J" ,xg Lf- 551- fl., 4 ,,!. M nffff' N. ,Ay W -' ' 1195. -yi ,,k 92 1:13- 1 .,. 1--5 3, fu , Aj 33. , .V k 'ff ikffffkf w?'a-G 1' 1 f ky. -bl L .sk wk a'Q. v' V J, v ,. g-LA-,V Q if , 1 ka rf . . xv..,v, 4 LS ,,'if"' ,. A . .1., , 4 ,..,, ,-, .s -, 1. . Mb? W 1 1 .D .sw A , 4. l 6 1 4, A Y 5 I V . ,, ix. ,L . X: 2,7 'X 1 - f 3 L, .Q- , ' 1 I , Q ' A. 'zi::h"+ 1-'W I K' Q Q LV ff iw, F :U , 1 vvf 15 I X A .Wil , , '- Vg. ew 42 ,J. ,fg 4, 47 Qc- 4'-M 'EM 14g'i 4 1, ' Q ff, "M MP. Q gf Hqngw 'V yr' 1 e . ,X "WSE , X, Q. . V, 'xv , mi 2 'Hifi If kxahwl' .-.', Af:-iewpyt my , fv wzw , -' 5 --'r-N A 1 Y "4ff,,,:.. Y Lr m - ,1, . 51,598 rw fvf w an' -1: V, V' f :',1-.s' N A f - ..4- Medi

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) collection:

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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