Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY)

 - Class of 1940

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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 90 of the 1940 volume:

A f Q A x ' R1 1 . x . , 1 f , ,,, , . 4: ' I 'I VP? 'fr' ' My .7 ' V 'i .ut fa- '- 'wll r 3 E1 .N f up Q ix F .. H P i"if'5fi'if13ffV.ifg E .L P yf 14.1. ,'5C5,:,.-LTN. l l Q .. fr U" 'T 'WW '7 " 1 a.. '07 "T" 'MLK' f 5 1 MV... V. .ws V AV 'x :.VV'?:L . FZ' I " ' fNgf'25HfL5 If WS. ' V ' ' 'Wh ,w-uf ' 5 JN, qfff' ', ' ' , FU Rf- "fn"':"2'f' , ,' -i ,TM '11 'Q ,LN 'V '..Ef"'5"!.,":'7i"i9?E 'L'-J ,'..7 fvffj' 'if' "T, 'G VF fftf '.i',3 'f .1i'l'F.,. -,g-"J't'H,'3-- . 4: L' :' - Wqfw . -'Y' fgaifld' 1 r'. Q5 WYXWV H'fV H :ffir V ff W' VI 1 3 o-frm. - 'QW X- V-Ai! 'Vw 4 E x 'Lf HV 1'-'V .5L.:X'-V 1' .-,!V,..5N,,,g.., , .Y .V Y- -.rv .Y U1-MV 0, U .I .x -'-- - .SQ V A- .,..-N" ,-.,.-.u.,,Vn 5.-Y L... HH.-.F , ,, . , ,X-. .1-1. My SW .Q Q .QI ,J . l . Q - .VIN 1, :Q .QL 3' -..,, -,r ,P . . 4 - . 'IL- f".1'. ' : V. .A , 5... .gm .,. .V:,.:.:-kV. fn. azwff . Vx.. -V . ' f 4- .. Q. ' V-if-:'V1..,,gLf1 gm ' 'K P' is Q ' w 'A 4?21viif'if5'?g?VMf+15fiE13?'11'F 4?+ -f3i' 4"Wrf'f?'. 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'- X .-Kr , ,1- ,N -I 'HH L I SENIOR CLASS BOOK JANLARY 19140 ANDREW JACKSON I-IIGI-I SCHOOL ST. ALBANS OUEENS RALPH W. I-IALLER PRINCIPAL VOLUME TWO fm NUMBER ONE N f T Www We have chosen "This Modern Age" as The of lhe Senior Class Book for January I94O because +he Senior Cflafsfof January l94Ofy will enier inlo a world 1'ha+ is iusl +ha'r-a Mod rrypffxge. 745-N ,WMM A i More changes have occurred iwrlhe - dred years in science, +ranspor'fa'rion, -,S n -g -Q3---,lig and e nomic life xai-ii 1'han in all fhe cenfuries beforef,wRayrn'oLiE"Il. sdick e 5- J' Q ne aspecf of 'rhis +ru+h whenffeiffia ysifiiiaiys qw he New Civiliza+ion"'l "No'rhing swifler 'rhan a 'ro li9,,y,w :--' -: -f Q Y , f TN i Thomas Jefferson. A le+'rer ' ameon lov , 1- me +ook ' . Iv' 'X - ll . as long 'ro deliver as one Nvfflqy - TW' PENS. " 1 , o my 'N ' I . ii 4 P .Env Al' 1" All 'rhe developmenfs in fhis mo er rs J nm H forward slaps in +he advance of civilizafion. Q, W AMW a godsend in Times of disfress llvhen ibyis needilgs 1' f :,'f9?5l, 7 K s 41. A iranspori 'rhe injured, buf lhis sgpgigne lihaf ca ies ii '-af .evil A lli. or fhe broken body of a man -fgglg i' pilal ca be us d +o bo 5- if innocenl' civilians and urban populalions. Chem: l pro ces medi- cines 'ro relieve human sickness and suffering: che ' ry afsgiqny poison gas and high explosives which cause F 'aiing p a 'R nd 1 I' O 9 horrible mufilafion of human beinbi.-3 b .A Q vs 0 - -isa -- ' 4 f' T The problem seems 'ro be "l'lwis,?g I f 1: - so P which have been made. and aqgjbpig fmade. , U ,be . . - il .', ,, , ',. V" 'Q42'v"o':"t"1'1m+ 'rhe benefil of humanify, or afew+ljegi9 iQg:ib:Ev!i+ulSpEd' def :Y 'Q if B +8.14-4 sl'rucl'ion of mankind? '?""+'l' V' -if QI as 4 I' 4 Sr. -5- 'Y' We lg vs' Vi' VJ 'f r '11 H 'iw if There exisf in 'rhe world Jrekla Wenguggsmaghigis, man' ovqenind Q, we Q. . - . by 4 - i" il brain power 'ro bring forlh dn ihls Qarrlh ag alvndanqe o fha? godid Q? lip fhings of life: 'rhere also exisi ih Th? wgrldjodaytenouglymacihinesk manga il' P' power, and brain power 'ro wipi' civiizalipn as we knomghif olfhrhe Qce SF T9 of fhe earfh. ls lhere enough chgacier and nhral powfr in me wg-Fld 4 To confrol The po+en+iali+ies of humanioeinggtand magriines ind use lhem only forrfhe enrichmenl' of humavp life? of li Tl-IIS MODERN AGE 5 Q f WI Nwxwyx , lg.. xswwyxh X XM l I IIA IMI' ff ? WW Fx W P K9 71 - Q' ll I IQ Qwfygf '4 41' Nwwxfxxwwxlila I' 9 b X Nj fi D .-f 'i Z ,. , f ki, 1. Q A 14' 1' 'MI' 'I in 3' fdxfiy V An Rkxqflyx V ' ' ff , Agggwf' wc' Fx f,?5 rs MIX U lg! 'ri Q Ex . pe 1, 11 GN A-.52 'HLPQDQ A x NM 22 44 2 ' f 'afbrf A-r' '- ' H1 'ff AM u . ' '31 " 1 -- 27 TEE 7' 11-11 ' Y' In , W QAFEE X ,W , U ,, ' u Q W J 'www - qw I F f , E T W Ja .mwwjw ll M , qi I - -if fb. A ,r X N. Al "1171w" H M. A N u f .Q 1'SNC.!KQs1 . " J f Wmj i L. - HIWNW 5 K - m U "w W M' 11' "F'I"Xd,-1' 1 W WIWITIVFT ' '55 W Wm NIV ry 9 Tl'fTwn'n"1 I? W 'H W , .-hifi? mm ll -., Tl ' 11 W WH 'WW if mzgmmii 11111: jg 'H 11 fm-nu Z ,W 'HW M '11 'W WW' 1 """" 111 . TTU W ' 1 lx' U H X L 1111 1 1 llllllll 1, -I -I -I D ? , FW ff - 'W Y E W 1 - mann on nn "c1 ' 'fm v 41 ' " . g ',1 ' 5 I if 1 5 G KAW ff- X1 an 4 581 ia Xi -17. 4 F- .SF uy 3' V 'Qui ul Qfiqg -. ,K 7:251- ,M Xa : X '!' -I , .- - f f M ff A ' X 1 l l i l l l 1 DEDICAT ION To Miss Margarel N. Cosgrove, Grade Adviser A lo flue Senior Class, who has helped us immeasurably loy lier counsel and underslanoling during our high sclwool career, we respeclfully and alleclionalely oleolicale lliis Senior Class Book of January l94O. A Mr. Haller Principal Mr. S+evenson Mrs. Brogan Adminis+ra+ive Assisfanfs Mr. Bove In Charge of P. M. Session lvlr. l-laller's Message The closing period of your high school career is coincidenl wiih a world si+ua+ion which will go down in hisiory as one inro which momenlous and significam' evenls have been crowded wifh unprecedenfed rapidiiy. However unforrunafe and disquieling 'rhese condifions may appear. 'rhey offer oppor'runi'ries by which you can profil, if you will. You have seen haired, bias, and iniolerance dominare and direcr 'rhe lcaleidoscopic evenls abroad. Amid 'rhe confusion, 'rhe uncer'rain+y, 'rhe haziness, and 'rhe con+radic+ions which have charaderized world evenis, I hope you have developed above all else a measure of abilify for deliberalive, refleclive, and cau- rious fhinking. Nof +o jump a+ conclusions, buf +o gafher fads and fo be reasonably cerrain of Jrheir accuracy before arriving ai' any judgment noi lo allow prejudice or emoiion +o color your decisions, nor To permir bias. haired. and inlolerance 'ro crowd reason and common sense from your ihinking: and 'ro have +he courage of honesl conviclions-+hese are invaluable lessons for you 'ro have learned. Remember +ha'r enlhusiasm for a cause, or violenl emofional opposifion 'fo it may warp your iudgmenf. I+ was David Lloyd George who once said. "All vengeance is unbalanced. Every vindiciive man or woman is parlly insane." Throughouf your school years. The aim of your Teachers has been 'rhe developmenf of an abiliiy for sfraighf. sound. honesl, valid fhinking. The period of infernafional unresi in which your Andrew Jackson career closes has afforded a mos'f unusual opporfunily for 'rhe exercise and developmenl of fhis abilify. I sincerely hope 'fhar you have 'rurned 'rhe opporiunily 'ro besl' advanfage. RALPH W. HALLER SENIOR CLASS BGOK STAFF Ediior-in-Chief Warren Search Associa+e Edifors Joseph Undreiner Richard Wilsoiw Edi+orial-Edgar Connar, Palricia Andre, lsabel Pizza, Harriel Dennis, June Price, Margarel' Schell, Edna Moyer, Gladys Brown, Aihalie Ganzer, Norma Eiermann, Kalhryri Hayes, Anila Forrest Alice Pulahl, Olga Bercilc, Audrey Bailey, Gloria Gordon, Bearrice Lasker, Theodore Zammif. Business-Grace Wichern, Accounlanf and Chairman: Rulh de Jongh, Helen Burden, William Bergen, Marion Brady, Elizaberh Booih, Eleanor Greeley, Marion Zimmer, Jane Fern. Adverfising-Jacques Sachs, Chairman: Theodore Zammif, Florence Birnn, Evelyn Brady, Pearl Heiss, Lore-Ha McGroory, Beafrice Rollender, Marion Slrauss, Evelyn Schanzerfxlice Pufahl, Margarel Hoagland, Mildred May, Alice Werner, Edgar Connar, Harriel Dennis, Anna Sleszynslci. Publici'I'y-Margarel Hoagland, Chairman, Mildred May. Ari-Mildred Parcels, Chairman, Jane Bouller, Virginia Giblin, Lydia Wolierman, Conslance LOH, Lorrayne Slarlaey, Beverly Hoffman, Raoul Quallioline. Secre+arial-Carolyne Weilloacher, Chairman: Dorolhy Becker, Mary Beaulieu, Vir- ginia Bevalac. Sponsor-Mr. Wm. Rhindg Ar+ Adviser-Mrs. E. Wallz. 7 1 ff fu i 9 MILDRE D PARCELS I-IALL OF FAME Aniia Forresl ..,A.,,,. ,, . , LL Marion Lockharr .., ..,, Grace Heller? .,e....., Gloria Gordon ...,ll Hazel Brengel ..,,,.,., Ann Magner L Isabel Pizza .,l,... Alice Theisen ....,,,,A,,,,.,,.,,,.,,. Florence Slewarl ..... Harrier Dennis Pearl Alexander ....., Bearrice De Lucia ,L Grace Quinn ..,........,.. Georgine Campbell Florence Kamp .,....., Alice Theisen ..A......... Virginia Giblin .... Hazel Brengel '..,...,,. Shirley Bagley ........, Jane Boulrer .......... Mildred May ............ Anne Sleszynski ..,.,. Karhryn Hayes ......... Audrey'Mead ,,ooooo,o Anila Forresl ............ Florence Birnn ......... L Mosf Popular .........zz,...zz ..,.,,,. Arno Kuhn Besf Looking Roberr Sigg LL z,.. Besl' Dressed ,,,...,.,... L .lloo. Edwin Allmendinger L LL Cufesi' ..,.,,..,.,,,. zz,,,,...... A rihur Schuck Mosi' Afhleiic Roberf Roelich L zooo Besf Dancer ....,... ...... Ralph Olaes Nicesi' PSFSODBIITY ...... LL ....oo,o,, Warren Search Mosl' Likely fo Succeed Mosf Arhshc Teachers Trial L Teacher s Pei' ,,..... LL L Mos? Sophisficafed L Drama+ically lnclined L L ,ls.r. William Bergen LL Raoul Quallioline L o.l..z ..,,,.. J ohn Hun'r Leonard lvlarsak L Gilberi Logue Jack Byspiel Mosf Flirfalious Olaes L. .... Class Lamb ..,......... ..,., T heodore Messinger L. L LL Mosi' Scholarly ......... LL ,oo,so, William Bergen .L LL ,l,s LL Hearfbreaker LLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLL K ennelh Traub L .LLLLLLLLL M-osf Vivacious ..L.. L.LL L John O'Loughlin Mosl' Serious LL L Joseph Undreiner Neafesl' Ted Srrisik .,L. Mosl' Cheerful .L.,..... LL ,LLL Richard Wilson Besl' All-Around LLLLL..L. Mos? Courfeous ..,..L L Bes+ SLpor+ LLLLLLLL LL School Worker WiHiesi' LL Warren Search Charlie Chung Arrhur Schuck Richard Wilson L LLLLLL LL Arlhur Wallers .si A :wr ily! ,JI -4 11, .xx 4 -. .'-rl' fi gff 5 53 w" I fi, if 2 H ze X-- .I i.vz..T. - 'lflfxif " .. ...1 . . .. , , , M.: -. .Q .- - .. 1 ,. Ec:'1'u:q ' r.-1-Q ' 'fx'-gg . , .l,i5,:.ngk.,?.Zfm'. -1. .011 K., ,-riot., L.. 51- - -.-.:.. . .-1-1.-gf'a,,m,: ..--.31-, U Jdngkiilkffu .V f - yg. Q S .Un-fi -. ,4?'?1' -2, 15.32 531' ' ,I ' 3 '.'1 l .r ZQL' fps. - '- ' . ,,.,.,. -E liv- Q ,, R. ,1 G, ww, ..z nga, sn- rp 1.5. .-.pz .5 --,YI Qs- sg 15-..':-, ffl" 'J 'Zu-, 2:5 -of .q... . .. 4. LW' x 15- 'isp 5-:gz r Efi, .-,ia .5-gg vs . 4' .' 'gin .iv -wu- 'rit - gl' Y 25.23 .PHI -' -mg-: ' nw. .Rn Jak. ggi Qi if. - ig. 35131 ff " 5515 ' ' 4: -v 4 M., 1... :if 154.-. S. .,,. . ln.. Unofzfw Jackron M' fr Jffroo f, , , 4 . ' X E M R x Q ' 'Y '- .1 i' , .Haig K .M Q s Y :AQ A f E.- 7 I MN xx W, ZS ' Sv 4 , ,.-, ,vm V M1 V I if s L04 5 x V ji? FS., 2 KJ 'f- ' ff F X- 14 R X . 44:.Q,',li,'1 1 5 ,aw :I RM M 'Q ff Q Q Q 1 I l N 3 0 v lr ig Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. I2 I2 I4 5 6 I6 I7 I7 20 24 28 30 3I CLASS DIARY 425 seniors come up for emancipafion. W.P.A. sfarfs work on 207Ih Sfreet 75 seniors affend organizafion meefing of Senior Class Book. I2 seniors dig up dimes lI5c fo non G.O.I for our firsf G.O. dance and help a collecfive group of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors hold up fhe walls. Swimming 'ream sfarfs off wifh a big splash. Senior class vofes for officers. Frank Rocco worries abouf cifizenship papers and liferacy fest Anifa Forresf buys new Iipsfick. Senior class sweeps Arfhur Walfers, Hazel Brengel, Isabel Pizza, Roberf Mosback, Audrey Mead. and Anifa Forresf info ofhce in big cloud of dust Second G.O. dance. Every one furns ouf for anfi-ickie week. Chief Jusfice Ted Sfrisik comes ouf wifh idea 'rhaf class song should be "If I Only Had a Brain." Class Book sfaff braves elemenfs fo affend convenfion al' Hofsfra Col- lege. Also sees Brooklyn College murdered in foofball by The Dufchmen. Firsf senior class meefing. Class President Arfhur Walfers, goes info ecsfasy over fhe I-lofel Asfor where fhe Prom is Io be held. I'lallowe'en. Jack Bonomi dons mask and frighfens freshmen. 3 and 4 Sfudenfs laugh as feachers frolic a+ Faculfy Show. 7 I0 I5 23 24 4 4 I5 I8 I9 2 I 24 I 5 20 30 30 Elecfion Day. Ralph Olaes casfs his firsf vofe. Seniors dance! Fellows discover fhaf Jackson is co-educafional. Midferms draw near. Sfudenfs cram. The demand for fish rises sharply. lBrain food-you "eel"I. Thanksgiving. Sfudenfs gel' 'Ihe bird. Sfudenfs recover from effecfs of bird. Class Kiddie Day. Bob Sigg-fhe kid in Ihe 'rhree-cornered panfs. Kiddie Day. Bus driver wouldn'+ sfop for Bob Mosback. Somefhing abouf unescorfed children under five years of age. Girl members of class sfarf reading "Glamour Magazine" fo be prepared for Prom. Found-Iwo sfifches dropped from Marion MagiIl's kniffing. Male members of graduafing class draw hard-earned savings from Chrisfmas Club in anficipafion of Prom. Day before Prom. Warren Search fries on pop. uncle, and grandpop's Iuxes. Decides Io sfay home. W.P.A. sfill going sfrong. Joe Undreiner lefs ouf horse laugh. Peggy Hoagland feeds him sugar. Ted Zammif admifs 'ro Senior assembly Iquofej "This is 'rhe largesf senior class I've ever been in." Deafh in fhe Afternoon. lRegen+s weekj Raoul Oualliofine refuses diploma. lThey spelled his name wrong.I Emancipafion granfed. Q'., ...- Q 'a .nn -- .. -- - . :. Niki- Arfhur Wal+ers X QFPIQEQS Presidenf 5 ,V M fy , Q12 4, .747 fvdywl-Iazel Brengel Vice-Presideni' fx- j4fy'JJ- , 15'-4'M ' , I, ,JJ fb' 'K fw, M259 UI!" K. ff' 1 Isabel Pizza Secrefary I4 Aniia Forresi Treasurer v xy' I df' .fix s' V ' V " V fj Audrey Mead Treasurer T -r' fx ,- Roberf Mosback Treasurer in W3 MXL LOUISE ABRAHAM Business Teachers' Assislanl. Soil Ball Club, Honor Roll, "Hickory Log" Typist Reorqanizalion Squad, Typewriling Club, Charm Club. Secrefary A mmmrle lzlilbe and full of glee. lI"bn dlzrer lo laugh nut loud arm' free. HILDA ACKERMAN Queens College S imrninq Club, Philacalian So- ' y French Club, 'German Club, .Aris+a, Boolcroom Slaif, Teachers' Assislanl, Reorganiza- foral Squad, English Honor Clas- JEconomics Honor Class. Honor Roll, "Edelweiss" Slaii. Srahl oi French Paper, Junior Life Saving. Bio-Chemical Research Glllklf llwlzglur, great feelingr rome Io ber like inrfinftr, un- f1u'.n'e. RICHARD H. AFFEL General Business To be self-supporling Conmmrl ,renre dirplaglr izfelf in lfii crery anion. EDITH AHEARN New Yorl: Cify Hospilal Teacher's Assislanl' Nurse Ai if 721171145 .rbe'll be rbeerful and guy. llelping all who rome her way. EDWARD E. ALEXANDER Business Work Liille man y0u'll lmre a bury day. FRANK ALEXANDER U. S. Naval Academy Cheering Squad, Hall Parrol, Service Squad, Camera Club, lnlramural, Baslxelball. Naval Officer To be 11 man of lbe world and an .zlvle Jemmzn, Jlvyll, X . . .6 .sll . V N fsifi PEARL VIOLET ALEXANDER Bellevue Nursing "Hickory Log," Chemislry De- parlmenl, Baslrelball Team, Teachers' Assislanf, Library Squad, Red Cross Club, Chemis- lry Club, Maihemaiics Club, Glee Club, Robin Hood. Good cools, perfecl' wife The uuzj' to a ffldlllj' lfeurl if llarougla bif Jmmacb. ED IN M. ' LMENDINGER U. 'I Mi ' - ' O ' milf.: Sbnio ry G ,, cols, , .,'. , nor R , Junior risia, ' oncpgl s Eco. Honor Class. I,-" Business Execulive Tbe world will lffke him ,refmn ly bemzne of bil' .lEI'l0lU'Ilt' I NORMAN ANDERSON Navy lnlra-mural Baslcelball. Mechanical Engineer I1e'll ,vpmz Ike world willy Jleel. PATRICIA ANDRE Hofsfra Club Esquire, Psychology Club, Swimming Club. Clerical Assis- fanr, Hislory Club, Charm Club, Proqram Commiilee, Senior Class Boolc, Senior 6.0. Represenia- live. Lawyer Pat will gn ez long way in a ,rbort while, For .1776 bm el "vwell" permnal- ity and 41 nire rmile. JEANNE ANTONACCI College Scribbler's Club, Wriler's Club. Handball Club. Dress Designer A renior clan will lmzfe to ,l'EcIH'b fm' to find 41 kinder, more generozu' girl. MABEL APSEY New York Inslilule of Diefelics S. B. O. F., Teachers' Assislani. French Club, Laiin Club, Medi- cal Office, Program Commillee. Diefician A quick wil, fl level bend. and cz ".ru'ell" permmzlily. I5 MARION ATKIN Browne's Business School Glee Club, Hearlhslone Club, Honor Roll, Bioloqy Lab. Assis- Tanl, Bus Palrol. Sfenographer 1,m-by zypeufriier. WARREN ATNES Norfhweslern College I lnrrarnural Baseball, ChemxslrY Club. Bialoqy Club- Foresi Ranger . Uv'f,,'W bw,-,J gf your fllllllfl'-' the Lone Ranger. EDWARD J. BADER Delehanly Insiiiule G. O. Represenlarive Fireman ' 7-Il rl We he w1ll run, Jure lo fe' I FHL' 6'1'6'Yj'0lle. JUNE BAGLEY Nursing School Teachers' Assislanf, Charm Club. Life Savinq Cerlilicale, Social Sfudy Club. Nurse Silence 11.11 lIZ.lI1'i' 11zl1'.111l.1ge.r. SHIRLEY BAGLEY Queens College Arisfa, Lalin Club, Proqrarn Com 'Hem , rnalism Class. T ' A n , 5'English Hon- or , isl 'F lxiiqnor Class. Econo 1' H sa French Conveilgl , 'lor of Lalin Paper, "Shar" Conlribulor, I-lonor Roll. English Teacher And i11ll Ibm gazed and .ilill the zmndvr grew, Tlaal one 11111111 bead could carry ull .flue 1511eu'. AUDREY BAILEY Business Teachers' Assisfanl, Senior Class Boolc, Swilchboard Operaror, Assislanr in Music Deparlmenr. Charm Club, Reorganizalion Squad. Caplain, Lunch Squad, Tennis Club, Assislanr Hisrory Office, Arr Club, General Oflice Assisranf. Honor Roll, Social Club, Assisranl English Office, Prom Commirfee. Hand Model The .sparkle of life ir ill Iyer evier. I6 I 1, HELEN BALLWEG Business Teachers' Assislani, Alfendance Office, Lieufenanr Lunch Pafrol, Honor Roll, Assisranr in Girls' EVWVQGUCY Room, Service Leaque. Fashion Designer Her rlolber will be knowfz Io all 11'a11ze11, 13111111 a'fe.rre,r to dame in, lo .ruirr for swimming. THOMAS A. BANGE Business Hall Parro ' quad, Bus Squad, ssis f. Locker Guard, i ary Slail. Acc nf llll'fJ 11 .1 111.111 u'n1'lb ur be .leemr lwmielf. ANTHONY BARONE Business School Jamaica Vocalional Newman Club. Business A lllllll ii jlldgfll 11111 by bil 11515 rrlune. GEORGE BARTELL Universify of Souihern California Bus Squad,sService Squad, Infra- mural Foolball. lnrramural Base- ball, lnrrarnural Baslcelball. Foresl Ranger II"r111d1m1n, .1 pure that tree, T1111rl1 rm! 11 .single lmughf HENRIETTA BAUER Pep Villl, and rigor. MILDRED BAUER S11111eo11e uvzrib krzozring. WARREN BAUER Universifv of Chicago lnframural Baslcelball, lnlramural Baseball, Hall Pafrol, Lunch Palrol. Business Magnaie lIe'i' got 11 porketfztl of dreamf. MARY BEAULIEU Business Handball Club, Tennis Club. Baseball Club, Honor Roll, Pro- gram Commillee, Teacher's As- sislanl, Charm Club, Senior Class Boolc. Secrefary A little girl we all agree. Tbere'J more to ber than the eye ran fee. DOROTHY BECKER Business Teacher's Assislanf, Charm Club. Tennis Club, Diciaphone Con- fesl, Swimming Club. Privafe Secrelary A Room will: a View, ' K ficie, " ooueuxs R. BECKER Uniled Sfales Mililary Academy Manager of Baseball Team. ghief ,of rol, Vice I ' nl emisiy Club. Visual Ai acl, Chemisfry Labora l, Lieufenanl Service Squad. Lunch Palrol, Ma+h Club, Hislory Honor Class. Economics Honor Class, Honor Roll, Service Pin, Arisia. Mechanical Engineer Still water fum deep. CHARLES BE E Business choo Busi m n I ca ' a to dream. H FRED BENZING Business Cralf Club, Teachers Assisianl, Hislory Honor Class. Cerlified Public Accouniani' A71-111716 you are will Jay, I1e'll be iz perfect C.P.A. OLGA BERCIK New York Universiiy Chemisfry Club, Moiion Picfure Club, Charm Club, Baslcelball Club, Lafin Club, Program Com- milfee. Honor Roll, Make-up commillee for "Robin Hood." Volleyball Club, English Honor Classes, Riding Club, Tennis Club, Ediforial Sialf ol' Senior Class Book, Crafls Club, Buyer Her .rufeetneu clmrmr uf, Completely disarm: uf. ARTHUR BERG Business Teachers' Assisfanl, Locker Guard Service Squad, Hall Pa- frol. Conslruclion Dorf! throw Ia monkey-wrenrb 11110 the marlatnery. MILDRED M. BERG Business School Baslceiball Club, Teacher's Assis- ianf, Honor Roll, Charm Club. Complomefrisi' Silerzre if more eloquent than wordf. JACOB M. BERGEN Business Program Assislanl' for Miss Sfyles, Physics Club, Radio Club. File Assislanf for Heallh Educa- fion, Secrelary fo Mr. Hammer, 6.0. Represenfafive for Class. Program Assisfanf io Mr. Mc- Garrell. 5 Radio Engineer , You'1fe gf? a lot to learn. no WILLI BERGEN Broolrl Polyfec nie 'lrgfifuie Boy Leader of Arisia. Capfain Maih Team! h mislry Club, As- social' Edii alh Pa enc , M - 0 re S6 Cub, Schola 1 in Honor -V , s ' gidenf Malh Club Chemical Enqinae In rbemiral engineering From ronxtant perrevering He will gain by rearing Theories well ufoftla rbeering. ANNA BERGMANN Business Charm Club, Hearlhsione Club. Secrefary I mint .ree Annie tonight. b ii ' 1 u s- -f -I ci : , 'i 55 Cl Ser acl, nior ci Bo - f Ba l, ei l ii P . l8l IC I7 GEORGE BETTS Business Glee Club. Economics Club, Cross-Couniry Club. L i b r a r y Stall. Bookkeeper Um' of lbw luhil. VIRGINIA BEVALAC Business Teachers' Assislani, Tennis Club. Bcskeiball Club, Handball Club. Baseball Club. Glee Club, Sec- refarial Squad, Pilrnan Certifi- cale, Diciaphone Coniesl, Sen- ior Class Book. Assisianl in Sec- rcfnriel Sludies Oflice, Charm Club. Couri Reporier Ai nmvi ill lbs Ililj' ir lang. HENRY BEVERS C.C.N.Y. Inlrcrnural Baskelboll, Honor Roll. Hall Patrol, Lunch Squad, English Honor Class. Chemical Engineer I'n11mli of periefvranre Plum lrmi nf irlzilily Gire Mr. Iftfflfj' Brsrcfrf A Ch. E. zlcgrcc. FLORENCE BIRNN I New York Universify I s Cheering Squad. Biq Sisier Ib Freshmen, Swimvininq Club. Hand- ball Club, Teachers' Assisiani, Bi- ology Club, General Science Club.. Senior Class Book. Enq- lish Honor Class.. Dramalic Club, Maior J. Teachers' Assisianl, Honor Rell. Biologisi I'i1'ariwz.r and rufcet, Dimuuir llmugb pelile. GERARD BLACKMORE Soufhern Illinois Hell Pairol, Bus Squad. Service Squad. Physical Training lnsirucfor Plalriiml edmxzlirnz forms Ilia mum, ROBERT BOHNE Frei? Insiifufe Teachers Assisianl. Hall Palrol. Service Squacl. Lunch Pafrol, Locker Squad, Gym Clerk. Engineer A lilllu Iillllililil' now and llvcw lx rcliilml by llve best of men, s all JOHN BONOMI Cornell Associaie Edu Log," Ediio o "Sian" al- isrn lub. nor R l, E omics H n lass. Ne teff ol "H cl: Loq." Bo r ' ol Asso- cialssjo " ic Log," Enq- lish Honor , Hislory Honor Class. y Lfwyer ll I hx I rllllll ,lL'7'.I1t'I7NgI. ELIZABETH BOOTH Finishing School Handball Club, Tennis Club. Teachers' Assislani, Arr Leaque, Senior Class Book Sfafi. Secrefary A mmlwl lHIl'0lIlf7l4lliIiIllQ girl, DALE BOSHOLD New York Insiiiuie of Dieieiics Volley Ball Club. Baslcelball Club. Tennis Club. Diefician A .ilill mlflll quiel fmm'iw1re. . MI JANE BOULTER , ' Queens College, JJ' Se.nior Class'B dTeachers' As- 'sfanh as Capfain, English Iss. Freshman Adviseg. c S yad. Swi 'no Clu . andball Club, 'b?Represen- lafive, Bioipikf Club, Hosfess Commilfeey Swimming Assislani. Honor ROI. To be on fha opposiie side of the desk If uiurdr could derrribe her rlmruz and gmfe, lI"e rould irrile .1 zvbole book willmul lenring .1 ipure, IDA BRAATEN Business Red Cross, Charm Club, Biology Club, Tennis Club. Ari Leaque. Secreiary A zlemufe. .r14'eel girl. EVELYN BRADY Praif Insiifufe Siaii of "Jacksonian." Commer- cial Office, Teacher's Assisiani. Chemisiry Office, Senior Class Book Siall. Glee Club. Honor Roll. Designer If lver future depends' on ber art, .ibdll go fur. MARION JOAN BRADY Finishing School Biology Club, Tennis Club, Teacher's Assisfanl, Ari League, Senior Class Book Sfall, Secrefary Could nu employer me for more? JEAN ELISE BRAUN Adelphi College Hobby Club, Slarnp Club, Enq- lish Honor Class, Baslcelball Club, Honor Roll. Public School Music Supervisor Ai vblrrzlziizg .11 Ike bei! of muilv. HAZEL BRENGEL Praff lnsiilufe Arisla, English Honor Classes. Teachers' Assislanf, Volleyball Minor J, Swimming-Two Minor J's, Backslroke Champion, Crawl Champion, Capfain ol Girls' Swimming Club, Capfain of Cheering Squad, Economics Hon- or Class, Girls' Varsify, Club Esquire, Honor Roll, Hislory Honor Classes, Vice-Presidenl Senior Class. Dress Designer lleullhty, zmppy, and aluwyr guy, Slufi full of joker throughout foe day. JOSEPH BRENNAN Academy Cul Squad, Band, Door Guard. Naval Aviafion. Hail, nrfialor, lmil, bold ron- queror of lhe air! Ifrer you'll be above lbe Jea, be il stormy or fair. WARREN BROCKER Business Teacher's Assislanl, Lo er Guard. ' ' 1 Civil Service , 'i ' No obilfrrle if loo 179:11 for lzim to I be in hir ,rlfi2!e. GLADYS BROWN Queens College Dramafic Club, Special Chorus, "Robin Hood." English Honor Class, Hisfory Honor Class, Mafh Honor Class, Honor Roll, Secre- +ary fo Teacher, Grade Adviser's Assistant Program CommiH-eih, Lunch Pafrol, Service League, Senior Class Book Slaff, Library Assislanf. Archaeologisf .Vlufll ,hui life info n dead ,rub- jeff. GEORGE J. BRUCIA N. Y. U. Locker Guard, Teacher's Assisi- ani. Avieiion lIe'll fly ufingr around the zvorlzi 1 f ' ,, . u V, s . iz' ' f ' . I l I ' ' I ff", ' BETTE BRYCKOSKY Delehanly Secrefarial School Teacher's Assisfanl, Orchesfra. Secrefary She ii fair bu! nerer proud, Ilcr,ier will be .rung aloud, WALTER BUl.l.lS Poly Tech ,If- lnfra-mural Baskelball. Siuoenl' Counbc2:1r ll a .kCQZ Aero ngine r TV e run aluuyx fount on Wfnll to do his bell. HELEN BURDEN Business Girls Glee Club, Special Cho- rus, Usherelfes, Charm Club, Lunch Pafrol, Honor English Class, Program Commilfee, Ten- nis Club, Senior Class Book Sfall, G. O. Represenlalive, Spanish Club. Deparfmeni' Sfore Buyer Mun hai lair zrill-bu! :woman bar ber uwy. KATHRYN BURKE Civil Service School Roller Skaling Team, Hockey Club. Baskelball Club, Volley Ball Club. Policewoman W'ben lrzler you bear of Sergeant Burke, You'll realize ber surfer: in work. JOHN BYSPIEL Brooklyn College Arisla, Biology Club, Vice-Presi- den? Dramalic Club, Dramalic Class, Fall Show, Red CFOSS. Reperfory Group, Spring Show. "One Sunday Affernoonf' "You Can'l Take If Wifh You," Honor Classes. Back Sfaqe Work on "Robin Hood," Radio Broadcast Holel Pennsylvania Show, Busi- ness Slall of School Shows. Teacher The milder! meimzefr will: the bmzfeft mind. I9 WILLIAM C:iLLAHAN - T cGie,eglClubS Honor Roll. Track Team, lnier-Class Baseball. Honor R ll. T: make enough moneY lo WP' Perf my mother and fefher ln their old age A Jan of IDG Sodff Noble and loyal. GEORGINE J. CAMPBELL le e Sfzeilclirs' Assisianf, Charm Club. Girls' Glee Club, Special ClnOfUS- Opereiia Casi. Swimming Club. Cheering Squad. Lunch Pairol. Volleyball Club. Tennis Club. Glee Club. Baseball Club, Hand- ball Club. General Science Club. Model . Tl1ere'J an ar! lo being a model girl. EDWARD J. A. CARLSON Hobarf College lniramural Baseball Champ, ln- iramural Baslceiball. C. P. A. , l , Fi uralireg Jpeukmg his logzr will ther. ALFRED CARPENTER Business Service Squad. Radio Club. Business Success We know he'1I mind hir own business, and extremely well. HAROLD CARSON Pace Insfifuie Baslceiball, Siamp Club. Experf Accounieni' May be be expert in all hir en- dezwon. LOUIS CASABURI S+. John's Universiiy Lunclh Pa ol,"'S'ervice Squad, Ho Rol anish Club, Span- ' Clu aper "El Sereno." Public Accounfeni' o will never lore hir equilib- ' nz in lmlancirig lair books. 20 YVONNE CHRISTENSEN Business Teacher's Assisiani, "Hickory Log" Siaif, "Siar" Siafi. G. O. Assisiani, Glee Club. Honor Roll. G. O. Represeniaiive. To become a sfenographer The anrufer lo an employevkr prayer. CHARLES CHUNG Delehan+y's Hall Pairol, Special Chorus, Dra- mafic Club, Teacher's Assisiani, Service Squad. All-Ciiy Chorus, Policeman or Fireman A crooner be will be, Well known from .rea to sea. JEAN CLARK Business School Typewriiinq Club, Teachers' A5- sisianf, Honor Roll, Basketball Club. Secrefary A lirzle bi: of all rigbz. MARSHALL COCHRAN Ari' Sfudenfs' League Hall Pafrol. Service Squad. Lunch Pairol. Aclveriising lllusfraior A Because yoiffe comrienliouh, ' plefuant, and true, f -' All lbe Une lhingxg are :lined for you. NM EMANUEL COHN Technology Chernisiry Club, Engineer lVe'll bear more of him. EDGAR CONNAR - Universify of New Hampshire Presi i of Social Siudies Dis- cuss' b en' r Class Book Sid. I i Clu Chess Club. c r'5 ' Eng. gslh. o o EELLO r Guard. on ics Dafbing, in y, an 4 , He'll reach lbe lop without e- lay. WILLIAM CONWAY U. S. Coasf Guard Academy Swimminq Team, Service Squad, Varsily Squad, Hall Pafrol. To sail lhe seas He'll mil the Jezfen .fear we think, And we know the ,rhip will never rink. EILEEN COONEY Hospilal of Nursing Crall Club, Tennis Club, Teach- er's Assislani, Ari Club, "Spring Show" Ticlcel' Commillee. Diefiiian She mme, rm! Jeen, then went her way. JOHN H. CREEL Business or Travel 'ghemislry Club. Lalin Club. -panish Club, Journalism Class, Track Squad. Honor Roll, Gen- eral Science Club. Gym Locker Guard. To be happily married on a sfeady income Good nnlure if an elernenl of Jurren. GERTRUDE CREW Business Teacher's Assislanl, Allendance Olilice, Honor Roll Sfalzl, "Hick- ory Log" Secrelarial Slafi. To become a sfenographer The hufinefr world awaits' her. RITA M. CRONBERRY Business Teachers' Assisianl, Reorganiza- lion Squad, Honor Roll, Slen- ography Medal. Secrelary A boon to any employer. LOUISE CROSIER Business Senior Jewelry Commillee, Teach- ers' Assislanl, Social Worlcers Club, Tennis Club, Red Cross Club. Charm Club. Secrelary Alwayr quiet, alwayr rteady, Amhitiouf and ever ready. JOSEPH CRUDO LaCrosse Sfale Teachers' College Varsily Hoclcey, City Champion- ship Baseball Team, Varsify Club, Gym Secrelary, Assislanf 'ro Teacher, Service Squad, Cham- pionship lnframural Baslcelball. Physical Education Teacher After college graduation, foe, Fortune will with reputation grow. JOHN DALY Annapolis Secrelary Gym Office, Service Squad, Bolany Club, lnlramural Baskelball. Discussion Club. Naval Career I'rn building n milhoat of dreurnf. Y RUTH DE JONGH Hunfer Colle e g ud e Slude 'r o rgwi ia, C655 f an Senlice Le . mm on Club, Tennis Club, Vice-Presid a 'n , "Robi o - p Slaff, "Wi,nle'r Sh perlory Group. DramalicXC , Program Com- millee, S. B. O. F., "Spring Show" Cosiume Commiilee, Sen- ior Class Boolc. High School Teacher The hind of nature that make! n friend worth having. FRANK DE KONING Manhaflan College Varsily Club, Varsiiy Hoclcey, Honor Roll, Varsily Baseball. Loclcer Guard, lnlramural Bas- lcelball. Hall Palrol, Lunch Pal- rol. Civil Engineering A ,rermon in rteel if good to all people. BEATRICE DE LUCIA Business G. O. Office, Charm Club, Sfen Club. To become a successful secre- fary Cute, Jweet, and lihewixe neat. FRANCIS DE MAIO New Yorlr Universily Wresilinq Team.' ,' Physical Educalion Teacher I am not a good orator in my own tame. ' 2l .fyfrgff HARRIET A. DENNIS N. Y. Medical Cenler Hearlhslone Club, Hisiory Club, The Wrilers Club. Public Spealnl ing Sociely, School Assisfanl. Molion Piclures Appreciation So- ciely. Senior Class Book Slafls, Hobby Club, German Club, Li- brarian of fhe Choral Groups. Honor Roll, Ari Apprecialion So- ciely. The Charm Club, Allend- ance Secrelnry, Social Sludies Discussion Club. Regislered Nurse and Becfariolo- gist Ai' refrerlaing or .1 doy in May W'ilb laughing eyei and z1'.l-yr Jo guy. ll"'e'll I'C'7lZC'7lIb6'7' ber fowwr anal ll day. , CLINTON DaW Business A Freshma oo? IW reshman Baseba, G IT T rn, Library Squad. Business In big frinmr be will be. Hill imou' Iris ffllflf from A to Z. EDWARD DICK Business Civil Service Silence ir one of :lie firmer of the u'i.ic'. GEORGE DOBBINS Business Library Sfall, Junior Varsily Bas- keiball. A successful business man George will ,fhlllll out in an outrmnding 11':l1'. GEORGE D R Sl. John' ersify ' Se i sued, Hall l, Cam- e l . El r el Engin lmmk .11 ' c arc no! jun! lwyr' mr 1 0 him. WILLIAM DOUGLAS Business Special Chorus. Biology Field Club. Research Becieriologisf A Microbu Hauler in flu' :malf- ing. X 22 :yn FLORENCE V. College Arisia, Sc eaque. - denl Spanish . Secrelary Spanish Club, e S . "Winler Show," Rehea l lor, Library Assislanl. Philoca Sociely, English Honor Class. Honor Roll, Teachers Assisfanl. Teacher A good mind poirciiev .1 king- dom. SHIRLEY M. DRESSER Business School Hiking Club. Baslreiball Club. Teacher's Assisianl, Honor Roll. Veriiype Operafor Spcuzleirzg of pep, ffm, and rigor. STUART Du BON Sf. John's Universily Exchange Edilor of "Hickory Log." Sporl Edilor of "Hickory "Log," Office Squad. Journalism Class. English Honor Class. Pharmacisi' A llldll of the old-time rirlnv ,md good foirla. MELVIN EASTER Long Island Universify Hall Palrol. Service Squad. Lunch Squad. Medical Ohhce Assislani, Cross Counfry Team. To melre good in lhe business world - ilu' Jllllllllllll uvll surely rome true, For lu' ir .1 fellow 111.11 we cull Ima blue. NORMA EIERMANN Business School Sollball Club, Baslcelbell Club, Honor Roll, "Robin Hood," Edi- lorial Siall of Senior Class Boolc, Business Commillee of Spring Show. To see lhe world llnillf her .v11'vel divpoiilion .rhe'll lmrel fur. WALTER ELLIOT Business Biology Club. Ari Club, Service Squad, Hall Pafrol, Lunch Squad. Travel Round and round be'll go. Am! where be'll flop, nobod-y'll know. IRWIN ELOWITZ College 1. rvice Sqliad, Cross u lr, ura BaQhe+ball 'Ch - s ip-5+h Tewmxvv-If-f' Radio Engineer Iru'in'J mrreir il deer reem, lVill rome in on cl mafia beam. DOROTHEA EMMERICH Business College Glee Club, Teachers' Assisianl, Diclaphone Conlesi. Secreiary Charming girl, .ro very fweei. Her lljlllilllg 112131 are lmfd lu bear. KATHRYN J. EMMERICH Business College Hearihslone Club, Glee Club, Volley Ball Club, Baslcelball Club. Secrelary Quier ami re,rer1'ed. EVELYN ESTEPONA Hunler College Wriler liar' ebilfmirlg per.if111.1lil-1' ii' .Hire to t'il1'111' ber far lzeyrfnd ber ml- lege j'e.1rJ. IRENE EVANS Gelfysburg, Penn. Adverlisinq Manager "Hickory Log," Business Slafl oi "Sian" Biology Field Club, Volley Ball Club, Tennis Club, Soilball Club, Journalism Class, Malh Honor Class, Teachers Assislanl. Science Teacher Alam fellozzw will ml? for ber Gelfbyrlzurg e1clzlre.i'.v. IRENE FAGAN Business Hearihsfone Club, Piirnan Cerli- iicale, Teachers Assislanl, Sec- relarial Squad, Diclaphone Con- lesl, Honor Roll. Secrelary Life .r11g.1r, ,l1l't'Fl and refned. EDYTHE FALCK ueens Dra mahc Red Cross Club, Tennis Club. Club, Biology Club, Club, Economics Honor English Honor Class, Hon- or Roll. lnlerior Decoralor Mild, yet .rbe Jalirfer. VIRGINIA FAUST Business School Teachers' Assislanl, Charm Club. Accounlanl' A friend ir nwrlh all li.1:.n'd.r we rim run. ARTHUR FENSTER Sl. John's Universily Traffic Squad, Assisiani lo H. Ed. Deparimenl, Ari Sfali of "Sian" Honor Roll. Lawyer He will flivzb fu grail lreigblr, Defending am' riglafr. GRACE FERGUSON Hofsfra College Glee Club, Soffball, Charm Club. Lunch Pafrol. Teacher llpc' bllpc' .lbe llfcff rljlplei, JANE E. FERN Business College Drarnaiic Club, Coslume Direclor ol Spring Show, Malce-up Direc- 'ror ol "Robin Hood," Visual Aid Squad, Glee Club, Baslcelball Club, Volleyball Cub, Ari Lea- que, Secrelary oi Charm Club. Teacher's Assisianr, Year Book Slaii. To Travel I am ferered wiib fbe .fiuzrel I am fretful with llve lazy For flye 1z'm1cler-lhirit ir mz me Arid my 1011! ir in Caibiry. ALICE FERNANDEZ Business Library Assislance, Junior Social Workers Club, Red Cross, Tennis Club, Charm Club. Compfomefrisl' Filled lo live brim zrilb jojuur glee, A fuer girl you nerer did ree. 23 GLADYS FEUSTEL Business Hiking Club. Honor Roll. Machine Operelor Alwayr pleasant, alwayx cheerful. LILY FICHOPOLOS Prefl lnsfilule Sewing Club. Tennis Club. Teach- er's Assisfanf, Baslaefbell Club. To become e fashion designer Srhiaperelli in the making. E ie rbr-zfeel' Bu ineps - mail Club. Teacher's Assisi- enf Assisfanf Edifogfoi German Paper. Lunch Pafrol,fQivarrn Club. , I' 1.fl.'lJ, Secreiery 'lf J F1 ' ' Nature deiigned h to he of good rheer. DOROTHEA FILTER Business World Beslceiball Club, Tennis Club. Honor Roll. Assislanl +o Mrs. Lee. Lunch Pafrol. Assisfanf 'ro Mr. Miller. Accounrenf A ,rincere friend Jhinex through her quiet manner. GERTRUDE FILTER Business Teachers' Assisianl. Honor Roll. Sfeno repher Thir happy girl if full of fun, She'll be remembered by every- 005. SHIRLEY FISHER Universify of Wisconsin Teachers' Assisienl. Hisforian Ser- vice League. Ho.nor Roll. A+- fendence Olilice Assisfanh Ac- counling Oilice Assisianf. Red Cross Club. Charm Club. Accounfing Teacher Gladly would she learn, and gladly teach. 24 RUTH FLAD Business College Charm Club, Honor Roll. Shori- hand Club, Teacher's Assislani. Assisfanl' in Gym Oilice. Secreiary Sweet ar a Jong. CHARLES FOLEY School of Diesel Engineers Bus Squad. Diesel Engineering To know him if to like him. 0"fi'4'+f4 COSTOS FONDOKLIS N. Y. School of Mechanical Den- fishy Denial Mechanic He'll make' your bridgework when you need il. ELEANOR FOOHS15 Business School AZ. Squad Sfenography Clu Secrefary Eleanor will be one of the best, Berauxe good nature ir always a .ru:re.r.r. Soflball Club. Reorg?li ANITA FORREST New York Universiry Treasurer of Senior Class. Sec- refary oi Arisla, "Hickory Log" Exchange Ediior. Caplain Cheer- ing Squad. Jaclcsonian Magazine Slalii. Senior Class Boolc Sfali. G. O. Recorder and Hisforien. Reorganizelion Squad. Usherelle Squad. G. O. Assisianf, 6. O. Represenlafive, English Honor Class. Honor Roll. Prom Com- miffee. Hosfess Squad. Journalisl' A charming permnality, a man- ner gay, A likeable rompanion in every way. ALICE FORSTER Queens College Special Chorus. Tennis Club. Glee Club, French Club. French Conversafion, Charm Club. Red Cross Club. Honor Roll. "S+ar" Represenfafive. Badminfon Club. Volley Ball Club. Teacher Charm and perferferanre ,whine through her quiet manner. JOHN W. FOSTER Business Hall Palrol, Service Squad, Tumb- linq Club, Cross-Counlry Squad, Lunch Palrol. Chemical Engineer Chemistry needs him. JANET FRANZNICK College Glee Club, French Club, Cheer- ing Squad. To sing wilh an orcheslra She has that rertain Irish wit. MARIANNE FREUND y Queens College Dra alic Qlub risla, Malh Club Frenc Club, German Club, Scho ayukfsembly Play, Tea s Assis l, Reorganiza- ic und, far" Coniribulor, Ma o Class. Hislory Hon- or lass, English Honor Class, Economics Honor Class. A Career in Chemislry Marianne, we hate lo see you 801 Berause we'1xe learned to like you so. AN-NA FU H RER Business Teachers' Assislani, Honor Roll. E irient, innorenl, sincere, friend o the friendless. RICHARD GALLAGHER Universily of Maine Music Insfruclor His "sharp'f wits are the "key" to success in ou an "fla1". K ' ' o 4 It . 1 r I ATHALIE A.'GANZER. Universim of Soulhem California Spanish lub, Hislory Club, Sec- r ary 'lo Teacher, Library Slali, L fill Club, Girls' Glee Club, Senior Class Book, Winler Show, Special Chorus, Volley Ball Club, Honor Roll, Slaff "El Sereno," Drama 6 Class. English Teacher Her pleasing personalily makes knowing her worth while,'ssew:',Q ,mvfriffii-29Fg27.7 LUCILLE GARCIA Underwood Elliof Fisher School Crair Club, Special Chorus. Ro- bin Hood," Honor Roll, Hand- ball Club. To do everyfhing lo lhe basl' of my abilify - I 1 Still arhiewng, still pursuing. ANN GENOVESE Business School Teachers' Assislanl, Emergency Room Assisfanl, Lu.nch Pafrol, Baslcelball Club. Handball Club. Soilball Club. Business Ann's one of the hesl. She'll meet any test. OLIVER GENTRY Kenluclry Sfale Universify Service Squad, Teacher's Secre- iary, Clerk. Locker Guard. Psy- chology Club. Doclor No mailer what-a "swell" guy. WILLIAM T. GERBE Duke Caplain Hall Palrol. Lieulenanl of Service Squad, Lunch Palrol, Bus Squad, Handball Team, Locls- er Guard, Service League, Honor Roll, Theodore Roosevell League. C. P. A. Ready, willing, and able. DONALD C. GESSLING N. Y. Insliiufe of Phofography Vice-Presiden+ Camera Club. English Book Room Assislanl. Class Capiain. Comm rci I Phologr her D illfee dire mi: gglash in eofz ." " Vigil JY? IDA GHIORSI DraI:e's Business School Red Cross Club, French Club, Charm Club, Spanish Club, Teachers' Assislanl. Ho.nor Roll, Volleyball Club. Privafe Secrelary Her humor flavors life. 25 VIRGINIA GIBLIN Queens College Volleyball Club, Baseball Club, Handball Club, "Hickory Log" Slall, "Slar" Sfall, Cheerinq Squad, Teacher's Assislanl, Enq- lish Honor Class, Lunch Palrol, Senior Class Book, Honor Roll, Arr Service Club. Commercial Arlisf A fnelfy pivlnrc in u prctiy frarrzle. WALTER GILLE College lnlramural Baslcelball, Honor Roll, "Hickory Log" Represenlalive. P. S. A. L. Engineer ll"l1cr1 be beromei .rn t'll4L'll16':1'. For lr.11'c'l1:rJ' lbcre will lm fm fmr. GLORIA GLASER New Yorlr Universily Teacher's Assislanl, Presiclenl of Hobby Club, Dramalic Club, Record Office. Designer A llilffj-L'vl't'll mplrliliurlu. THOMAS GLEASON Business College Business Man A noble Lid ulw will Ju .1 7ldl7lc' flr'ufc'iifr1lI lmlzle. GLORIA GORDON Brooklyn College Enqlish Honor Class, French Club, Volleyball Club, Drama Class. "Slar" Represenlalive, Coslume Comrnillee l"Robin Hood"l, Winler Show lcasll, Senior Class Boolc Slali, Dra- mnlic Club, Lalin Club, Sfall ol "Annexonian," Charm Club, Pro- qram Commillee, Honor Roll. Teachers' Assislanl. English Teacher Libr .1 mv' in llm .ik-if .lbL' duel ilriuv. G'lrn'i.1, ILL' iireet, luzulzlzf, fine. ELEANOR GRAFF Secrefarial College Honor Rall. Secrelary ller ,qm1'ily ii .lll'L'c'fl3l1L'd by bw' imile. 26 DOROTHY GRAU Business Tennis Club, Charm Club. Teach- ers' Assislanl. Honor Roll. Priveie Secreiary Her u'.1-yi' ilI'8 fllU.l.l'ilIll .xml gentle. ELEANOR GREELEY Business School Glee Club, Special Chorus, Vol- leyball Club, Badminfon Club. Baslmelball Club, Library Assisi- anf, Teachers' Assislanl, Sollball Club, Spanish Club, Senior Class Boolr, Red Cross Club, Honor Roll, Charm Club. To lravel Her innurcffzl fury will keep lwr our of lmulzle. GERALDINE GREENE Delehenfy lnslilufe Tennis Club, Baslcefball Club. Teacher's Assisfanl, G, O. Repre- senfafive, "Hickory Log" Repre- senlafive. Loclcer Monilor. Policewoman Shell gc! ber r11.n1. CLIFFORD GREIN Cooper Union Service Squad. Commercial Mim- eoqraph Squad, Commercial Magazine, Hall Palrol. Commercial Arlisi flrl fi' pr1u'w'. JOHN GRESSWELL Air Condifioning School Air Condifioning AlL'II of Ibnuglvt .Irv nfl .lml .l'llI'l'iI1g'. RENALD GRZYMALA Delehenly lnslifufe Spanish Club. Lunch Palrol, Loclcer Guard. Biology Club. Policeman fill az lJor.fc', or on .1 bail, TVU pily llre Z70Udlll!Il ln' m.1i meet. JOHN HAMBROCK Springfield College Baseball Team. Teacher He'll but fur! ax high in life, and lflzll .rpelli ,v11rre.rf. Q JOHN HAMJE Prail Insi of Technology Ca lub, Biology Club. or o. Capfain In mural a fb u , Class Capi ' he ' ngineer kJ!"fu l fellow," willy a .front heart. T if rbenziml engineer will do bir part o 111.1142 Ibe u'orld full of imp- pirzerr and rbeer. SAR Hnlylhjaeneu o ge- L ' .y X loam F5dCIUlIl, chem3Sry,LsUXS. iSfT1f1+. Halliliirolfi oniar Roll. rc iiecil , ' Iflylwhilllllilrle f9e'll f70.l'.f6.f,f the ,meet fruirr of .vurre,r.r. LORRAIN HANFT Business School Reorganizaiion Squad, Program Commiifee, Volleyball Club, Bas. lreiball Squad, Baslceiball Club, Jaclcsonian Magazine Slafi, Hon- or Roll. Secreiary E1'L'!'-Jlbillg ,1 barn' defife, GERTRUDE HARDT Washingfon Business School Handball Club, Volleyball Club, Sofiball Club, Teachers' Secree iary, Coniesi Pin, A. R. A. Med- al, Gym Secreiary. Business Woman A Jmile for everyone, a frouvz for none, Sl2e'll make many friemlf by tive Ilrllc' she? done. SHIRLEY HARRER Business Teachers' Assisianr, Charm Club, Hearihsione Club. Bookkeeper Sbe'll zrrile .r11rre.u1r in the pager of lime. DOROTHEA HASHAGEN Business Teachers' Assisianf, Honor Roll, Charm Club, Hearihsione Club. Secreiary Wfhom 1101 even rritirx vrilirize. ROLFE HASTINGS Cornell Universiiy Teacyhersl Asgisfanf, Affendance Office. L ,, 4 , Teacher 5 .- Q Srmzrll agldiirilellerffazl if he. A good leflrber bfll inrely be. KATHRYN HAYES Business School Dramaiic Club, Enqlish Honor Class, Ediforial Slaii of Senior Class Book, Tennis Club, Charm Club. Slenoiypisi' Her clmrnz and poise and Jin- eerily II"ill mrry ber far on life',i lyiglauwy. HARRY HEIMER Long Island Universily lnirarnural Baslceiball, Iniramural Baseball, Locker Guard. Chemisf He'1l find Ibe lflllllfllll la .ill bi: proble nr. LOUISE HEINICHEN Kaiharine Gibbs Libra ry Assisiani. Privale Secreifary A Hidden qualifier ibut will one day fire to Ike rzzrfufe. PEARL HEISS Business School 'r J, English Honor Class. ' ' Chorus Handball Club, Cu Tennis Cu iare an lib, ' lb. Cheeri qu., Freshmen Biq S' 'I , .Rf io Grade Ad- iseerrdsjglry n , Senior C Book, Br ram Eonbriiiieei Secr +E'N,c Bioloq lu e a Science-gubganiyiizi' I Biologisl' ,AQ qi 'K A .rweel failure, uitfjv Arffzl, prelfy fare. i '17 1' " A ' 'L I -X . L' .rw L27 - IRWIN HELFER Duke Universily , Tracl: earn, Loclrer . Ser- vice S a . rol. onor Roll, enc .Club, Dramalic Class. Degree Mem ' an qf .ut of hir 1'.1re. MARIE HELLER Delehanly Business School Teachers' Assislanl, Volleyball Club. Lunch Pafrol, Honor Roll, Typewrilinq Club, Charm Club. Privele Secrelary U"e're felling you fha! your am- bitiarrr will ronlifme. SYLVIA HELLER Business School Library Assislanl, Girls' Emergen- cy Room Assislanl, Bus Squad. Honor Roll, Molion Piclure Club. Execu+ive's Secrelary Fair of fare, lull of gmfe. WILLIAM HELLER f,,..- . ,, Ec ng is Honor H5nor ol. cw s ' B , - , , AI :gan xE0Jdq'.lLl7E.l1. Need I my rnore-nr len? GRACE H. HELLERT Kelharine Gibbs Volleyball Club, Swimminq Club, Ridinq Club, Service Squad, Baseball Club. G. O. Represenla- live, P. S. A. L. Pins l2l, Teach- ers' Assislanl. Privale Secrelary A dry humor aml 1-1 been Iongue make her deliglvflul ronzpnny. JACK HERLICH La Crosse Service Squad, Loclcer Guard, Hall Palrol Chief, Usher Squad. To be a college greduale A :harming nnile, ez been men- mliry, A friendly, helpful perrnnulily. 28 SHERWIN C. HERLICH Business Lalin Club, Volleyball Club, Bas- kelball Club, Sollball Club, Var- sily, P. S. A. L. Medals, Maior J, Minor J's, Hilcing Club, Scholar- ship Pin. Heallh Educalion Teacher The future Babe Didrickran. SOL HERNER Cornell Traclc Team, Cross Counlry Team, Boys' Glee Club, Special Chorus, Teacher's Assislanl, Hall Palrolh Velerinarian M ck Doggane ily lae'll be lbe mfr. I' Nr ERNEST HILL Business School Service Squad, Hall Palrol, Scholaslic Awards, lnlramural Bas- lcelball, Loclcer Guard. Office Manager Clnznte 10 dream. LEONARD HINDER N. Y. U. Service Squad, Hall Palrol, His- lory Honor Classes, H Roll, Teac ers' Assislanr, Clu Economics Ho ss, En sh ass, Science ronaufical Engineer IV'e never ,raw him "up in the air." MARGARET A. HOAGLAND Sf. Lule's Hospifal Dramalic Club. Chrislmas Play, Class Caplain, Teachers' Assisl- anl, Cheerinq Squad, "The Chop- per," Girls' Chorus, Lunch Pai- ral, Senior Class Bool: Slall, Decl- icalion Exercises. Nurse Lovely to look al, Deligb1ful lo know. BEVERLY HOFFMAN Prall Insliluie Library Slalf, "Robin Hood," Honor Roll, Senior Class Boolc Slaltl. English Honor Class. Commercial Arlisf Here .rlae comer will: brurb in halndf lffafrb ber rife up in fbi: land. GEORGE R. HOLLMAN Dulre Univsrsiiy Teachers' Assisfanf. Engineer George will build the bridge tba! goef over the rainbow. l. MARIE O. .f Swarfh olle ,V- Swi g Glub leyball -Club. i ubJ ' inq Glula. Seniopr ' 'gs C ffic l, Enql's Ij442Cl2ssesilg.'l,S1E,:T L. Pihs, Honor Roll. l Teacher Marie'r pupils will think ber grand, For ,rbe will lend them 4 help- ing lmnd. RUTH HUNDERTMARK Queens College Soffball Club, Handball Club, Basl:e+ball Club, Scholarship Pin, Tennis Club, Volleyball Club, Teachers' Assisfanl, Honor Roll. Coniesl' Pin. Teacher Her Jilenre if golden. JOHN HUNT Sf. John's Loclrer G rd, Hisfory or Class. Ec o ics Hon Class. Afien To fra He -u' I earl adow around the globe. FRANK HUTTLE Roosevelf Field Hall Pafrol Lieulenanf, Service Squad, Service League, Lunch Pofrol, Glee Club. Airline Transporf Pilof Hi: heart bar wings, CONCETTA INTERRANTE Business School Honor Roll, English Honor Class. Teachers' Assislanf. Program Commiffee, Service Commilfee. Secrefary Dark, lovely eye: lim! lanlalize. al-gee' 1.1 I-,Jr If LEWIS JANOFF Business f. gfiry I SP c er's Assisi c oo ress rrespondenf, d Cross se all co -ke 6091 U er. Baseba core-keeper If tlaou don play willy lnim al any game, thou art ,rure lo lore. CHARLES J. JONES PraH lnsfifule Honor English Class. Service Squad, Honor Roll. Chemical Engineer Chorley will engineer hir way to fame. idea SUMNER JUR Aniioch College Sfage Crew, Bi French Club. Ser ic Squad: J urnalism C on R ll. C i meer e :bull "born in" n his ferr. ROBERT KAISER M Nighf School Tumbling Club, lnframural Bas- lcefball. lnframural Soffball. C. P. A. He will be on anel anywhere. FLORENCE KAMP Business Teachers' Assisi nf. Program Commiflee, Seli e . His- f y Honor Cl Englixh Honor mics Honor Class. o r Roll. S cial Worker lVortl9y of her profeffion. MURIEL KIEDAISCH Business School Lunch Pafrol. Class Represenla- five for Red Cross. Red Cross Club, Charm Club. Boolrlreeper Her books are nlufayf in order. 29 DAVID KIERNAN Business School Proqram Commillee, Bus Squad, Locker Guard, Mimeoqraph Squad, Swirchboard Operaror. Codified Public Accounfani ll"e hope he keep! lyir mind on the right pgurer. CLARA KIRSCH Business "Hickory Log" Secreiary. Pass Hisfory Regenis A 1763111 ivllb mom fur erery- one. HELEN KLEIN Business Sienographer, fypisf, and recep- fionisf Sl7l'l.f the lypirl who will gel al U'rl!'Il1 refeplion nr a .i!wmgr.z- plver. RUTH KLOECK Rooseveli' Nurses' Training School Soiiball Club, Honor Roll, Laiin Ceriificaio, Ho.nor Class, Tennis Club, Volleyball Club, Scholarship Pin. Nurse Full of pep and rim .ind go. Tlrulfr why people like her io. FLORIDA PHYLLIS KLUGE lnio +he Business World School Library, Secreiary fo Teachers. Librarian A luurh of lmnmr, n murb nl rpire, Florida if t'I'6'fj'lbl71g tbizlfr nice. LAWRENCE KNERR ' College , Library 7!qbgfer Guard. Lunch Pairol, Siamp Club. Chemis ry T ir' Jfnbiliuur Ind if ben! on nm Ing ,vi m new r1L'C07I1f7ll.fZ7- git!! . il X 30 LlLLlAN KNOLL Business School Dramaiic Class, Hearfhsione Club, Charm Club, Allendance Office. Fashion Designer For .rbe um jeu" flve qulel bind lI" Il.lllH'8 uvrur ruffled. ARTHUR KNOPP Georgie Tech Liieraryefxrf Maqazine, Service Squad, Library Slali, lnlramural Baseball, P. S. A. L. Chemical Engineer tllllf .nz nprighl, flmwlriglwr. .111 flgbl felluux THEODORE KOENKE Alabama Universify Hall Pairol, Service Souad. Swim- ming Team, lnlramural Baslceiball, lniramural Baseball, Lunch Pai- rol, P. S. A. L.. lnlramural Hand- ball. Aeronaufics Engineer Gu mnlb, -JYIIHZ-Q nun. go m1fll2.' ARNOLD REICH Engineeri ool F b, Sfa rew, Ser- quarz r Roll. qn Mec 'Flwy mll 11111 Bud: IIe',r 41 regulnr fellow. AUDREY KOZIAN Prari' lnsiifufe Baseball Club, Handball Club. Teachers Assislanr, Library Sfalf. Dieiifian Dieti1i.zn.r ffl? inzprnmrzf people: Andrei' will fill tlve bill. FRED KRAFT Phofography School Service Squad, Slarrip Club, Glee Club. lnrramural Soffball, Healih Educaiion Cleric. Technicolor Mofion Picfures Fred Kmfl if entering 4 noble nuff. I. MARIAN KRANZ Virginia Sfafe College Baslcefball Club, Tennis Club Soffball Club, Volleyball CLub Badminlon Club. Physical Training Teacher Sbe'.r a good rporl. RUTH KREILING Queens College "Hickory Log" Club Sfalf, Teach- er's Assisfanl, English Office As- sisfanf, Volleyball Club, Glee Club, Program Commillee, Jour- nalism Class, Honor Roll. Teacher Slae'll brigblen Ilae zlurzbneff of your gloomierz day, Then all goin' .ror1'ou'f will pm.: mmj. WARREN H. KREWSON College Service Squad, Lunch Palrol, Bus Squad. Become a radio experl W'e'll mndenre flair propbery- Surfers. CHARLES G. KROUPPA Bosfon Universif Locker Gu' . Gym As- sisla I, B , Palrol, I T am. Hermn be civil in any rerrire. kj ARNOK KUHN Qu ns College V sif Baslcefball' risyxiltlonor ,. oll, oqiicsl fbnor ass, Jvlonor Class, ice-Presidenl' Var- sily Club. To have a delinile ambilion A fifket. u Mikel, The ball if in the lmflbel. VICTORIA KUNZWEILER Business College Teachers' Assislanf, Glee Club. Privafe Secreiary Short and Jzweel From bead lo feel. NORMAN LAKE Merchani' Marine Hall Palrol, Scholasfic Awards Service Squad, lnlramural Bas: lcelball. Masfer Mariner My .foul if full of longing For line .rerrel of the rea, And the heart of the great ocean Sendx cz llarilling pulse llarougb me. HENRY LAMPE Serv' Squaohfgll' Cub Bus Sq I T c , R. . T- . To se? fe world om all an- I g es v A Jufeellaearl in every porl. KENNETH LANDAU A 1' Business ,T I l Bas all cllh nlra K' H In and re 0 all - u . Ban esi enl C f K are f 4 MAE LANGE Pennsylvania Sfafe College Red Cross Club. Charm Club. Teachers Assislanf, Hisfory Club, Honor Roll, Mafhemalics Club, French Club. Teacher Like a fore in the winler. LUCILLE LARSEN Business School Baslcelball Club. Volleyball Club, Hearlhslone Club, Glee Club, Charm Club, G. O. Represenla- five, Handball Club. Secrefary Sure and .rmoolbf A .ropbirzimzion that ,iJleafe,r. I l BEATRICE LASKER -, 1 N. Y. U. 'll' C Dramalic Club, how,l,p English Honor 1 , Hisforyl, V Honor Class, Econ mics Honor' Class, Senior Class Boolc. Honor Roll, Drama Class, Debafe Club, Glee Club. Cerfified Public Accounianr There are .rome people on whom we know we mn depend. 3I HELEN LAWLOR Business Tennis Club, Assislanl' 'ro Teach- ers. Typisl v A lonr .mir hz! anywhere. ANNETTE LAYER Business School Teachers' Assislani, Emergency Aid. Accounlenl' The only way to have a friend if to be one. JEROME LEAHY Tri-Stale College Traflic Palrol. Lunch Squad. ln- framural Pingponq and Hand- ball, Shop Assisianl. Aviafion Club, Glee Club. lnlramural Ten- ms. Aeroneulicel Engineer A .refund Seversky! 5 CHARLES LEIBOLD Queens College nglish Honor Class. "Sl'ar" Con- lbulor Malhemalics Honor Mlass, Honor Roll. Aulhor or English Teacher The Sinrlair Leufix of 1960, ANITA LEVINE French Club. Spanish Club, Red Cross Club. Honor Roll. Tennis Club, Charm Club. To be successful If: a :ure thing. College PEARL LEVY New York Universily Baslcelball Club, Soliball Club. Sanish Club, Handball Club P Field Hockey. Program Commil- lee. Hiking Club. Buyer Sheff 4 Pearl of ftzhulour prire. 32 JAMES LINFORD Massachusells lnslilule of Tech- nology Pi Mu Epsilon Confesl, Lunch Squad. lnlramural Alhlelics. Build Bridges To river! and ltthcr He har what it taker. MARION LOCKHART Business Teacher's Assisianl, Program Commilfee. Program Office Sec- reiary, Red Cross Club, Typisi' Club, G. O. Represenlaiive. Honor Roll, Tennis Club, Vol- leyball Club. Privele Secrelary Alwayx Jmiling, always nite, lVith jun the right amount of Jpice. BOROTHY LONERFGN urses T aining Sc oo Engliwilonor Class, Hisiory HHHNQ, , Qi, conom'cs Honor Class, Tpgc eff-afissislanl. Lalin Club.,fl:Q9na3.olI Nurse Her smile will cheer. CONSTANCE LOTT Prall' lnslilufe Badminlon Club. Baslcelball Club, Glee Club. Special Chorus. Girls' Chorus. Teachers' Assisi- anl, Arr Sfaif of Senior Class Book, Reorqanizalion Squad. Honor Roll, Minor "J," Dedica- 'rion Exercises. Commercial Arlisl The very pink of perfertion. s AGNES Louei-MEN , I' ' Business Scho I .v"' ' scribes: cg! leiieybaln club. Swim 'ng, Ub. Mi or-" ," "All- "Arokycl Alhlekii' Teach- 'sl Assislanf, . L. Pins. ecrelery AJ 1 A11 Amerilurl Girl. x NORA Lvnci-i Business Discussion Club, Charm Club, Tennis Club, Sollball Club. Accounlanl Her beauty will u'in her many menu. QJJHJ' Gel B iness aming Sc ' i y Log," ish Honor 7 n . ewelry Commii- e, u airol. Handball, Base all. Field Hoclcey. Special Journalism Class, Honor Roll. Secrefary Pretty and petite, Cute and sweet. MARION ILL ANNE MAGNER Business College G. O. Represenlaiive, Teachers' Assisleni. Secrefary Parting it Jurb .rweet Jarrow. FLORENCE L. MAHER Queens College Baslcefball Club, Volleyball Club. Pan-American Sociely, "Hickory Log" News Sfali, "Hickory Log" Fealures Sfall. Teachers' Assisi- anf, Journalism Class, Honor Roll. Journalisl' In writing :ke will rnake the grade, For all ber efort: .rlJe'll be well paid. CHARLES MANN Purchasing Aqenl' Lunch Squad. Wreslling Squad. lnlramural Baslcelball, Inframural Sollball. Caddy Masler Mind your reef and dujferf! DOROTHY MANN Business Record Olilice Clerlc, Teachers' Assislani. Accounlanl A gentle nature, Kind to all alike. LEONARD MARS- Colu bia g "J 'r ! 5' ' f' - mi r Class. Pres i D am ' V- iolo I . , prlng Sh , hrislmas Show, H o Arisla. ' las ic Pin, Bioloqy ublicafion. Journalism Club, Secrefary io Mr. Nesiler. "Con- .fessionaI" lplayl . Lew "Little Napoleon." vw rm , ji V. ' nJ I f' 'I , P RICHARD MARTEEL Ur" Slefe Collegexq' Leader I: Dance Ba cl, Lieulen- anl' of Edqrice Sq 'Q Member of ,.,HqILgPalr is Mglvlvcber of Cify C . Gleg Clu . Member of Re lory! ,?'oup. Theodore Roo evelf Le gue. Member of Chess Club.5 High School Music Teacher Marie is truly tloe rpeerb of an- gels. JAMES MARTIN Nofre Dame Business Manager ' Ark me no quextiontg I'll tell you no lief. BEATRICE MATHIESEN Business Secrelary fo Miss Duffy. Tennis. Volleyball, Secrelary lo lhe As- sisfanf Principal, Baslrelball. Accounfani' Slve quietly work: ber way to the front. MILDRED MAY Business Lunch Pafrol. Girls' Chorus. Teachers' Assislanl, Senior Class Book, Jewelry Commiflee, Dedi- calion Exercises. Nurse Stay ax .rweet af you are. ROBERT MAYFORTH College Trellis: Palrol, Chernislry Cl , Camera , Ceriiii ale l Schola hi , erlilicale erif. ein . e' uild air to Ike .f- CORNELIA A. MCALEER Business College Baseball Club. Volleyball Club, Handball Club, Baslcefball Club. Spanish Club, Charm Club, Red Cross. Secrelary Har spirit of Jporlmzanrlaip and un Make: Cornelia liked by every- one. 33 ROBERT MCCANN Delehanly Insfifufe Wresllinq Club, Tumbling Club, lnframural Baslcelball, Hall Pa- lrol, Service Squad. Business Therefr mom for Bah. JAMES McCARTY La Cross Caplain of Swimming Team, Hall Palrol Capiain, Secrelary of Varsify Club, Treasurer of Var- sily Club, Vice-President of Sera vice League, Service Council, Member of S. B. of F.. Pholog- raphy Club. Enioy Life Happy am I,' from cafe I'm free, Why aren't they all ronienled like me? JEANETTE McG LDRICK Business Colle . I, English H r C ,I I Cross Club B efbau, lub Discussion Clu ecreljpvrial Squad, Teach- ers' Assijfanl, W' Reorqanizaiion Squad, Honor Roll, Pilman Cer- Iilicafe, Charm Club, Diclaphone Conlesl. Hearlhslone Club. Secrefary Her ,ure if hrighl, and hw' lhoughtr are rweet. LORETTA MCGROORY Packard Institute Discussion Club. German Club, Glee Club, Senior Class Book, Tennis Club, Spanish Club, Sera vice Squad, Teachers' Assislanl. Secrelary A hear! uiilh room for every- body. , GERARD McHUGH J N Y S M M A liliimblino Club. Nlllresllin Club, rl -f I I 'Q ,nframural Baslcelball. all JA, Navigalor Q Skilled in rhe glnhe and Jphere, J he gravely ,r.fand.r, And with hir mmparr meafurer mu and lands. - f- 9 gEENlE MTLAUGHLI ueens Col g Ha.+0kSg,'V5-live.-fri, crab. Hisio or ss. gculomics Hono lass, o Teach- er, Honor Rolls Teacher As refrerhing ar mint, ar Irirh as flue Shamrock. 34 PHILIP McMAHON Business Hoclcey Team. Successful in Business He had plenly of plurlz when parsing the puck. HELEN McNULTY Business Social Club, Soflball Club, G. O. Represenialive, Swimming Club. Courl' Slenographer She u'on'l he a four! Jtenogra- pher long, heraure some other .rtenogmphef will four! her. AUDREY MEAD Ballard Business School Honor English Class. Cheerinq Squad, Secrelary lo Teacher, Jewelry Commiflee, Handball Club, Honor Roll, Baseball Club. Maior "J," Treasurer of Senior Class. Secrelary Full of rigor, full of pep, Wfilh all the girly ,rhe keep: in step. MURIEL MEDLAR Kaiharine Gibbs Business School Lunch Pairol, Baslcelball Club, Volleyball Club. Handball, Honor Roll, Teachers' Assislanf. Secrelary To her humor lhwefr no end. ll"e are glad In mll her friend. SOPHIE MELNICK Business I Teachers' Assislanl, Ehtzish Jljcyig or Clas Red Crpfvssk C b, Dcla- phone Cont,e,sC,"Discusiori Club, Honor ,rl Privali' ecrelefy Tghe Jilencakihal if in the Ililffy .r y. THEODORE MESSINGER C. C. N. Y. Arisla, Malh Club Paper, French Club Paper, Chem Club, Hisrory Honor Class. English Honor Class. Economics Honor Class. Red Cross Represenlaiive, Honor Roll, Secrelary 'ro Mrs. Mollin, Journalism Club, Slamp Club. Physical Science Club, Camera Club. C. P. A. Al play and in hir job, He'll rzluf'.1y,r he ahore the mob. CHARLES MOESSER Wyomissing Polylechnic Inslifuie Hall Pairol, Service Squad. Commercial Arfisl' One of Pelly'J ronzpelitorr in llae future. DORIS MOLBEGAT Queens College Tennis Club. Badminlon Club, Volleyball Club, Baslcelball Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Glee Club, Handball Club. Red Cross Club, "Hickory Log" Slall, Dra- ma Class. Nurse Nite di.rpo.ri1imz .md friend 10 eizrb, In erery uczy rlJe'.r rl pearly. JUNE MOODY Business Honor Roll. Charm Club. Privale Secrefary Tlair girl will pmzfe lo be more than a piere of furnilure in any ufiff. MARY CATHERINE MORLOCK Business English Honor Class, Teach r's Assislanl, Member of Jew lry Commifree, Honor R , D - phone Conlesl. Privele Se efary Her .ru'eelne.r, .rincerily make r one l bert. WILLIAM MORRIS Nighf College Special Chorus, Glee Club, Fall Show, Sprinq Show, Dramafa Club, Reperlory Club, Hail Pa- +rol. Service Squad. Aclor "To be or not lo lie." ROBERT J. MOSB Fordham Ugrir ' , "I-liclcory,'XL gnquiringfweporl- er, C mah Club, Liclc r Guard, Teac fs .Assfslanl Journalism I, Engli o pr Class, Eco- ics Honor I s, Junior Red oss Club. 'Honor Roll, Senior Clas reiasurer, Chairman, Prom Com ' ee. Insurance Brolrer Il"here dill you get 111.11 rmile? EDNA MOYER Brooklyn Hospifal English Honor Class, Senior Class Book, Ho.nor Roll, G. O. Represenlalive, Glee Club. Nurse A quiel fort of permn, A mlm, rmrufled one, Yet .l'07IlL'1l'b6f!? lurk! 4 Jpirit of fun. CONSTANCE MULFORD Business School Secrefary Sweet ertronalily, Full of rizwcity. WARREN MUNRO C i fl I ybgliib, "Robin 0 X I , :sl I-I I ss. ' nor Cl s, as Special Chorus, Honor Roll. To Graduale A liifle fellow with big idear. FLORENCE MURPHY Business School Hiking Club, Volleyball Club. Glee Club, Honor Roll, G. O. Represenlalive. Secrefary Bubbling mer wilb perronalily .md rlmrm. EDNA MURRAY Grace Inslilufe I b- ff! Ch rin 'Squ d, slcef a u ,J , P. cffcff Minor J for Soffballv Ho or Roll. ,,,"5 Secrelary I - J ' .f Sbe has 'S perimtflfy 57142 mfr: I Iizfalef. JOHN MURRAY Fordham Newman Club, Secre+arial Squad. Dean's Olilice, Class Represenla- live, Locker Squad. Mefeorologisf All Thir and Heaven Too. 35 .f' rl . f H-I 6 U LYDIA MUTERSBACH Business Honor Roll, Charm Club, Hearlh- sione Club. Secrelery Urzderneulb tim! pemirc exprer- rim: There lie: a will to Jzrrceed. STANLEY MYCHOWSKI Business Hall Palrol, Lunch Palrol, Bus Squad, Glee Club. Successful Business Men May be nerer lend ui into 11 de- prerriou. LEONORE NASSENFELD Brooklyn College Spring Show, Winler Show, "One Sunday Aflernoonf' "You Can"r Take ll' Wilh You," Dramafic Club, English Honor Class, Rep- erlory Group, Program Comrnil- lee, Drama Class, "Siar" Rep- resenlalive. Adress The arzizrer lo Mrmrife Elm-lm' prayer. MARGARET NEARY Delehenfy Business School "Hickory Log," Journalism Class, Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Red Cross Club. Journalisf Marge will belp In prove lbal the written :ward .r1np.1.rreJ the spoken. HARRIET L. NELSON Queens College Lunch Squad, "Robin Hood" Chorus, Teachers' Assislanf, Enq- lish Honor Class, History Honor Class, .Ecoriomics Honor Class, onogfllloll. ' rie Dirfinely lrlll and rliriueiy rweef. ERIKA NEUBURGER Washingfon School for Secrefer- les S. B. O. F., Honor Roll, Vice- Presidenl' German Club, "Edel- D weis"1 iali, Girl Arisla l. d , l Cornrnilfee, Reeaofer Clubs Edilor.fFea llrqstf Pe:-l UHMIOVY l.I4'+I'2JLQ'ihers', ssisl- Wlory if-lonor Classf Enq, T v onor Class, Economics Honor Class, lhierscholaslic Ger- man C-lee Club. Official Courfwary Mincl nlrlnnf fu nu' jig ,wr ulnrflr expr'ei,r lwr illnllift' .fu'ec'l- 714111, 36 :Z , DOROTHY NICHOLS Texfile College Baslcelball Club, Volleyball Club, Charm Club, Glee Club, Teach- er's Assislanf. Texlile Chemisf Nulnre mul! gire uuzy lo art. MARION NOLAN Miss Dunber's Finishing School Charm Club, Bus Squad. Com- mercial Oflice, Teachers' Assisi- anl', Handball Club, Class Rep- resanlalive, Office Praciice Club. Privaie Secreiary Her lovable lflhliilifil' are rzluuryr .shouwq Marion rr liked ufberezfer rhe'.r ,5r1au'rz. WALTER NORMAN New York Universiiy lnlramural Baslcelball, Spanish Club. Gel' a good iob, encl one Ihai' pays llvbere lherehi' 11 will llrerefr iz uwzy. MARIE NORWIG Business Assislanl' lo Teacher, Honor Roll. Charm Club, Tennis Club, Red Cross. Secrelery Quielnerr lurk iii' mrrz rlmrm. FRED OAKS Boslon Universily Baseball Team. Locker Guard, Varsily Club. Hall Palrol, Teach- er's Assislanl, Baseball Club. Accounianf Big mzkr from lillle zICl11'!I.l' grow. KATHERINE C. OFTEDAHL Nurses Training Girls' Glee Club, Junior Glee Club, Biology Laboralory Assisi- anr, Lunch Palrol, Honor Roll. Nurse Noi too quiel, not .1 frimluzzr ffgtllxl fur! lone yau'd like to mil your plz. STEPHEN OHLER Business Service Squad, Culling Squad, Reperlory Group. Spring Show. Fall Show, Bus Squad, Teachers' Assislanl. Civil Service Good fellow: helong in the fizfil Jenfireg Steve will get in. RALPH J. OLAES Universiiy of Soulhern California Swimming Team. Junior Varsily Foolball, Junior Varsify Baseball. Criminal Lawyer Mi.rrhief, thou art afootf Take thou what eourzre thou will. L,-'L V ., N OLLQUGHLIN . Y. Uv Je elr kommilfee. Service Sq , Hall Palrol, Bus Squad. N:-lllor Roll, lnlramural Baslcel- Bpl. Eieclrical Engineer As merry heart goer all the day. VINCENT OSNAT Ruse olle e S ef ' Office. Inf B K ally! amera Cub, ch Pal , Servi Squad, Jwzaf . Musician Yea,' murir if the prophefx art, Among the giflr that God hath Jeni, One of the moi! magnihrent. MARY O'TOOLE Queens College English Honor Class. General Ol- fice Assisfanl, Jewelry Comrnil- +ee. Honor Roll. To be a success Prefenre of mind and eoinzrge in dinrexr Are more than armier to prorure Jucfen. PEARL PAGANINI Business School Volleyball Club. Minor "J's," P. S. A. L. Medal, Baslcefball Club. Baslcelball Conlesf Pin. Charm Club. Secreiary Her fmt name if typiral of her. MILDRED PARCELS Cooper Union Chairman of Arr Slaff, Senior Class Book: "Shar" Sfafli, Lunch Pafrol. Leffering Club, Secrelary 'ro Teacher, Typing Club. "Robin Hood" Operelra, Hislory Honor Class. Economics Honor Class, Arisla, Honor Roll, Ari Club, Bible Club. Dress Designer Women will looh their very bert Wfhen they wear a "Mildred dren." BLANCHE PAYNE Grace College Handball Club, Volleyball Club, Tennis Club. Baslcefball Club, Soflball Club, Science Club, Glee Club. Hockey Club, Honor Roll. Solicifor It. doeJn't pay to worryf let thingf pan. STEPHEN PEROTTI l, Nofra Dame Traclc Team. Q Wg Navy 'S Slephenfr job will he to fail,- He'll hring cz fhip through any gale. HAROLD PETERSON Georgia Tech. Service Squa, Loclcer Guard, Camera Club. Elecfrical n neer Dan'l g ' ur wirer mixed. Call I? and have them fixed. J GW ull IRMA PFOST Business College Sewing Club, Teacher's Assislanl, Tennis Club. Secrefary Her arretf far outfhine her lia- hilitier, HERMAN PHI LBRICK Navy English e, lnlramural Bas- lc all lramural Soflball. Ser- vi d. Airp He'l .fe new p hr in the Jhy. 37 PAUL PIERON C. C. N. Y. Service Squad, Lunch Palrol. ln- lramural Baslcelball Champions, Hall Palrol. Engineer ll"lJen llwreff ,iumeibing lo be mid, be .wiyf il. JEAN PITTENGER Washinglon Secrelnrial School Honor Roll, Office Assislanl, Secrelary lo Teachers, Member of Senior Dramalic Club, Mem- ber of Jewelry Commillee. Privale Secrelary Iliff fire feel with big blue eyer. Crilirf will fu'.1i,ie ber Ia lbe Jieiei. ISABEL PIZZA Katharine Gibbs Secrefary of Senior Class, Secre- lary of French Club, ViceAPresi- deni of Service League, Usher- elle Squad, Arisla, S. B. O. F. Chairman, Dedicelion Exercises, Program Comrnillee. Mrs. Bro- gan's Slaif, Teachers Assislanl. Senior Class Book Slafi, Club Esquire, G. O. Represenlalive. Honor Hislory and Economics Classes, Maior Service League Pin. Translalor Lovely and pure: Sweel and demure. ROBERT POIT 1. John's Uqiversii iervucie ag giarnural Bas kdrball, Laboralory Assislanfif, Codified Public Accounlanl' Wfe- publifly rerlify bim nn .ic- mimi. JUNE PRICE Business College Library Slafl, Emergency Ollice Slail, Heerlhslone Club, Charm Club, Teachers' Assislanl, Senior Class Boolc Slail. Pan-American Club, G. O. Represenlalive, Red Cross, Honor Roll, Psychology Club, Represenlalive of School Paper, Typing Club. Courl Slenographer Ar rlmrmirig ill' ber fifrl n.1n1c', AJ mlmzble ar ber Lift. ALICE PUFAHL College English Honor Class, Honor Roll, Advertising and Editorial Slaffs of Senior Class Boolc, Biology Club, Dedicalion Exercises, Cho- rus. Commercial Arlisl' A tbnrming, .ru'ec'l, and prelty mul, Sbeir worker! bard and won ber guul. 38 FRANK PUGLIANO Soufhern California lnlramural Baseball, lnlramural Baslcelball. Fireman He'.f fed but :mil going pl.1reJ. RAoui. QUALLIOTINE fi Business S! ff ' u , ll Service Ha Palrol, Crails gkssis nl, H. E. Door Guard, L ch Palrol, I mural Baslcelbarll, P. S. A. ,, Biology Assisjanf, Bus lad, fCralfs Club, Senior' ss Booic Sraff. Aerqnaulic e garlic Gmini rm rmfilml good ,reme mlznt er join. GRACE QUINN Business English Honor Class, Dramalic Club, Drama Class, Reperlory Group, Teacher's Assislanl, "One Sunday Aflennoonf' "Qualify Srreel'," "You Can'l Talce ll Wilh You," Courl' Clerk. Aclress A :ure mmbin.i1ion: .1 fine iw!- relr and .1 Jweet pem1r1.zliiy. THOMAS RADlGAN College Spanish Club, Service Squad, Hall Palrol, Locker Guard, Teach- er's Assislanf, Special Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Lawyer A member of live bar be'll be, Defemlirzg people in lbe of lbe free. LOUIS RAIMO O Pra'H' Gl e H P lro ervice r e e e, "Robin ." ea r Assislanl, Spe- cial Clwo , upil Teacher, Chess Club. Science Teacher He if mil iz fbip of tbe old blurb, but lbe old blorb itrvlf. EILEEN RAYNE Sl. Mary lmmaculale Teachers' Assislanf, Emergency Office Assislanl, Social Club, Volleyball Club. Nursinq So rbeerful ber greeting uilb a brigbf bella, That afier ber will .ill lbe ,fel- loutx' ga. 'jful I 1 : I.- 3 -. '. J WXLLMM A. REIMERST f afion School if ' 'Extramural .Sofnfirlllf lnlramural Basketball. cfsfi Club, Glee gflub, iHonor, Roll. ran puff Pilof Iylefii' with uingr. sl " ROSEMAIIIE REINHARDT Queens College Arisfa. Dr ma'Iic'Club, Chrisimas Pity, "Rc?bin Hood." German Club, English I-lo,nor,Clas5, Eco- nomics Honoclqlass, Honor Roll, Histofy 'Honor' Class. Commercial Arlisf and Designer Let your uirdonz he your guide. HAROLD REUEL Pace lnsfiiuie Mimeograph Squad, Discussion Club, Marionelfe Club, Craii Club. Cerfified Public Accounianf Hir life u'ill he iz mezrr of hg- Iliff. CLIFFORD REZNICK A friend in need, if a friend in- deed. MARGARET RICHARDSON Business Assisfanf fo Teachers. Privaie Secrefary Happinerr and .rurrerr . Conjizleniiully will he hen. PAUL RISS Business Service Squad, Crafi Club, Glee Club, Handball lnframurals, Bas- lcefball lnfrarnurals, Lunch Squad. Musician lVe hope he'll .c1l1l'al-'llf .rign lhe righl norer. RICHARD J. ROBINSON Worcesier PolyIechnic'IIfSIiI' Radio CI , o P El ieal ni 7 Eo endenror is hir. ,u-Ok FRAN Univ SI y oof' So Ihern California Ser e quad, porfs E ir of "H ry ' Ju ior arsiiy Fooi all, eb irol, Inira ur lcei all. Millionaire Here'r hoping he him Ihe fath- pot. CATHERINE ROEDER Business School Honor Roll, Baslcefball Club. Secrefary One of lhore people you mn'l help liking. ROBERT ROELICH Duke Universify ' l Varsiiy Basya , Locker Guardf- I ' erlc, All-Queens an way Pifcher, Vice-Presi- d oys Varsiiy Club. lay organized baseball hir hoy really har 'Uromefhing on the ball." ROBERT ROFF Business School Civil Service Research Chemisf Wfe hope thu! in rerenrrh quart You will mee! zrizh greizl .ruf- ferr. BEATRICE ROLLENDER Hofsfra College Baslceiball Club, Caplain Service Squad. Tennis Club, Teachers' Assisfanf, Emergency Room As- sisiani, Cheering Squad, Senior Class Book, Glee Club, English Honor Class, Minor "J's." Honor Roll, Maior "J." Teacher Hour tould rhe he anything hui ronzpetenl wilh 1h.1z personality. 39 ANTHONY ROSALIA Pralf lnsliiule .N Pen-Amaricqqtlub, Varsily Club. Aszislen ilk: Dean. Swimming Team. Vxkislanl jo Discharge and Trenslei Clark Allendance Sqhad, Classyldlffain. Modern Languagex ce Helper. Spanish Papej l'E,l-.L eno," Door Guard. Sindy Pl-lal Assislanl, Lunch Squad Lieulenani. Archileci Hir r.1.rtle.r in Spain won't topple and fall, Hif permnality will u'in ozfef all. CHARLES IUS P 'le sl' le Q1 .- lyn Pre. nf islry s , Presi- don C Q-. Cl f' Laboralory fm , n -5 Honor Classes, L . . Palro onor Roll Chemical Engineer A live wire. DIANA ROSENBERG Queens College Chemislry Club. French Club, Vclleyball Club, Teacher's As- sisianl, Library Assislanl, Malhe- malics Honor Class, Honor Roll, Tennis Club. English Deparlmenl fxssislanl. Laboralory Technician If you could but know leer, you'd underrtand lffby we all think that .rl9e'.r .ro grand. RICHARD RUDNER U. C. L. A. English Honor Class. "Slar" Edi- lor-in-Chief. "Shar" Assislani Edi- lor, Philosophy Club. Biology Office Assislanl, Lalin Club. Gym Office Assislanl. Aufhor A noted aullaor be will lie, In future yemr the world :lmll Jee. ALBERT RUGER lnslrumenl Ma " Servi S acl . Worlcer ' Li e Saving o or all. ec enical Engineer Silence lam many ad11.1nt.zges. ALFRED RYDSTEDT Delel1anly's Bus Squad, Lunch Squad. Soil- ball, Baskelball, Glee Club, Crali Club. Fireman Up ez ladder he will run, Hope be floern't min n rung. 40 JACQUES SACHS College English Oilice Secretary, Teach- ers' Assisfanf, Phoiography Club, Chess Club. Usher Squad. P. T. Clerk, Adverlising Manager for Senior Class Boolc, Psychology Club, P. S. A. L. Os+eopal'h A polished genllemtm. LEONARD M. SAK AIS Queens College . Senior Jusfice of Q.-5 Co H Y o y onc Ro -51 oasli Pa vice Pi rvice Squa H - roi. 8 - ,v sychology Club, I -in '- Baslcelball, Eng- lish H o Class, Hisfory Honor Class. Winler Show. Drama Class, Bus Squad, Secrelary lo Teacher. Denfisl You'll attain your ambitious .rim LORNA SANDKAUT Queens College Baskelball Club. Teachers' Assisi'- anl. Honor Roll. Spanish Club. Charm Club, Swimming Office Assislanl, Hiking Club. Glee Club, Volleyball Club. Chemislry Slae has a lovely fare and 41 gra- fioux air. GLORIA V. SAX Business Assislanl' 'ro Teacher. Honor Roll. English Honor Class. Privale Secrelary She Jeemr of tbeerful j'0.YlF1'ddj'.l' and ronfdent tomotrouxr. EVELYN SCHANZER F College Mr an S+ . Us e 'Bm S. og . F, r ice r l P o m om rose-nl' iv a m Club Honor Englis lass. ice-Presidenl o N. Y. C. Junior Red Cross Council, Senior Class Book Sraff, Hockey Club, Tennis Club. le e. Ar' C - fee . O. Rep. ' ' r Teacher Tall and atlmrtizfe like 41 imm- nequin: ll"illJ a di.rpoJilion that will al- uzzy: win. MARGARET SCHELL Brooklyn Hospilel LunLh Palrol Caplain. Library Assisranl, Edilorial Slail of Sen- ior Class Boolr. Honor Roll. Ten- nis Club, English Honor Class. Nurse Bnrlaful sincerity. 1 I. Rosen H. SCHOLL lpfusf P d . Sgivilhz S X B n?2hesfra, P. . e ary,' en.nis Team, ll,' lnframural Basket- Qsf Fein? A Benny Goodman fan. DOROTHY C. RAMM Queens Colleg Arisla. Dramaii ub, Reperiory Group, "Y an' alxe If Wifh Y u" r S , -Glee Club, . . ., Ser e Squad, Red C , r Commif- e, Dean s s . Honor Roll. Charm ub nqlish Honor Class. Lalin ulz. Mathemaiician Dr. SwenJon'.f partner in 1950. U ARTHUR SCHU . JI' ' I Oueens College C 12 Tenn Bm. V6"5l'fY Crulba rl-lo r QI. P. T. Secre- iary 1 -uard, Economics Honlor s, lniramural Basker- ball. Success Dorff quit: don't Hip? up' 'Til you win the Dawf CHP- ELEANOR SCHUSTER Business Assisianf 'ro Teachers. Ariisi 1 , , J What rf the artist: duty. . . . To praixe and celebrate Berauxe hi: love ts gfedft The lively miracle Of Uniuerxal Beauty. MARION SCHWARZ Business Secretary io Mrs. BrOQan- 5- O, F., Red Cross Club. TffQf1'5 Club, Handball Club. l'llli'n9 Club, Honor Roll, Teachers As- slsfanf. Buyer Sincere and 10741 10 EWU' friendg , , To her warm eolHPf"7'0"-YIWP there if no end. WARREN SEARCH Hofsfra - . Ediior-in-Chief of "Senior Class B Aris?a',," G '5ifY CIU ,r'P, Seq' a oclceg ' . i in e or er o fory Honor Class, E onor Class. Hanoi-'R ll, Sen'or Jew lr om- miifee, Camejjrj 9-nefal Science Club nlramural Baskei- ball. Docior of Medicine l . Hir arhievementx unll he aihtn- ing light, guiding thare who follow hzm. ik' L . , T5 W' QTW 'T'-f7?3"5?5'lh""'3' HOWARD SEIDENSTICKER Navy .. J Servic uad,f'Camera Club, Affenda . Llihflfqidrcgvg Train Squad. C Don't tinher, don't ,Gghtf Send for Howardg he'll hx it right. RUTH SHEINAUS , Queens College . Hisfory Clu Secretary i pe ' Club, Aris, , REGF ' ' a ion Squad. C slry Cflfljl Maih Clu r, nglish Honor Clas 8 Wfnier Show, "Robin Hoo " Tennis Club, Program Commiiiee, "El Sereno" Siaff Ari' Edilor, Mafh Club. Drama Club, Honor Roll, Social Sfudies Dis- cussion Club. Ari Teacher Herr if a quiet :harm and Jweetneu, She if the epitome of neatnen. TNERNER G. SIEGEL Dulre Universify Vaxsiiy Club, Service Club. Man- ager Tennis Team, Fire Marshal, Honor Rol'. Lunch Pafrol. Mechanical Engineer An anet to the engineering world. ROBERT W. SIGG Queens College Arisia, Varsify Tennis Team, Var- siiy Club, Service Squad, Honor Poll, Siudeni Courl Bailiff, ln- 'rramural Afhlelics, Teachers' As- sibfanf. To reach fha fop, buf noi 'lo go over A great tennif player, a great friend, a great gay. JAMES S. SIMPKINS Soufhern California Service Squad, Library Siafi, Room Capiain. Presideni Aim high, work hard, and you can't ga wrong. ANNA SLESZYNSKI Business School Teachers' Assisianlq Soflball Club, l-liking Club, Volleyball Club. Girls' Varsifv, Maior J, P. S. A. L. Medal, P. S. A. L. Pin. Jew- elry Commiiiee, Senior Class Book. Honor Roll. Privaie Secrefary She will nezfer, never Jhirh, Buxiness is her chosen work. 4l Airplane Mechanic I'1'J-1.4,-.1 K., JANE SMELLIE N1arsiu9.Training School' Swimming Club, Volleyball. Taaclcrs' Assisfanl, Grade Ad' viser's Assislanf, Enqlish Honor Class 7 and 8, Service League, Hanmr Roll. Nurse Natbing if izullmidlzlc for 11 ulill- ing heart. JOHN F. SMITH.. ' ' Coileqe - g 1 Hsin isifoi, sem s sw lrolw Bus uad' ' seball 5 uacl? Spanish' lu , l-lon R l d?fH"Tqonor C s o- nc is Honor sa l-lislory I o'or Class . S. A. L. AL2rd'. A To be uccess Nothing, ,ro berrmzcfr fl 211.01 .U madetfly. RUTH F. SMITH Business Typisl for Miss Farrell, Pianisl in Gym, Assislanf lo Miss Einslein, Honor ifcli. Sfenographer and Typisl Sbe will lmllfe u fail on llw Ley- bourrl of program. MURIEL SOCOLOW Hofslra College English Honor Classes, Handball Club, Teachers' Assislanl, Base- ball Club, Lunch Palrol, Honor Rall, Business Career Lallgfvirqu. c.1gvr, f7ll'iIlL" de Pie. A perl wifi' 1l'bl1 fI!c'sl1L'l lfwe, MARGUERIT PAI E Mary imma ' al Tearliers' islanf. Nuirsl ' L,,f4'l,iAx',eiZ1:Z,lA2 .1rf11l. ff K . NORMAN J, SPECTOR College Lunch Patrol, Orcheslra, "Robin r-loofif' Assisfanl fo Teacher, Blvlcoy Froiecf Worlr, Arl Slalf Cl "Sim," Medicine Hefll be just dnrlfy, bn! fmz .1 qfnrri. 42 fa " M' YVELINE STAP Traphagen School of Fashion "Winler Show," "Robin Hood," Teachers' Assislanl, English Honffr Classes, Drarnalic Club, Pvc-sirleril of French Club, As- sislanl Eoilor of French Paper, Honor Roll, Dramalic Class. Crafl Club, Molion Piclure Club, French Ccnversalion Club. Fashion Designer May ,rbe renmifz :vile izml ,rzrvef Arid ll6'l'E'f killlll' ills uwd "Jv- feat." LORRAINE STARKEY Business Senior Class Book Slafl, Honor Rcli. Glee Club, Ari League. Commercial Arfisf IVIIEIITKQEIZCE+AfliJ'fl'j'ZG671iU.f. DOROTHY STEUL Sfudy of Conlemporary Arls and Modern Design Secrelary lo Teacher. Scenery Comiiiiliee for Winfer Show, Honor Roll. Dress Designer Terrilsly fzltmrIi1'e. RAYMOND STEUL Mississippi Universily Service Squad, Loclrer Squad. Bus Squad. Federal Revenue Dsparfmenl' Hcfll get ,blerzly of "D.1ll.1.r" in Tex.1.r. FLORENCE A. STEWART Ari' School Teachers' Assislanl, Arisla, Ari Slaii ol' "Slain" Arr Service Club, Volleyball Club, l:la dball Club, Honor Class m Comm' e, eww . . O. F., S Clue and n ' Junio ed Cros G. re- senlalive, Hon edl, . S. A. L Pin Dress Designer Tll'iIli'lL' in lwr mer. mirrlvief ml bw' lipr. fllwry if liar licairf. .lr .fbrorzgb life .fha .i-Lipi. HELEN STIEHLER College of William and Mary S. B. O. F., Drarnalic Club, Spe- rial Chorus, "Robin Hood." Teachers' Secrelary, Handball, Baseball, Field Hoclcey, G-lee Club. Music Teacher A lillle my of c'bverfl1fr1ei,r flu! llllfl' bar blklllli .rf.1r. SAMUEL STORY Juilliard School of Music Orcheslra. Musician Hi: life will be full of happy notex. MARION STRAUSS College "Shar" Edilorial Slall, "Hickory Log," Senior Class Book, Honor Roll, English Honor Class, Dis- cussion Club. To be a Psychologisf Permnaliry plus' ability eqnali Jurren. THEODORE J. STRISIK N. Y. u. ' Chief Ju lice l Sl ourl, Ser ' e S Ha alrol, Cam- era , " kory Log" Pho- log her, he inq Squad, His- tory Hono I eachers' As- sisfanl, Ari , Prom Commillee, Junior Red Cross, Honor Roll. Cerlilied Public Accounianf The forte of lair own meri! maker lair u'ay,' W'l7ale1'er he doer will Jurely pay. WILLIAM SUESENS Soufhern California Hall Palrol, Service Squacl. Locker Guard. lnlramural Baskel- ball, lnlramural Baseball. Foresfer Hi: is lbe forex! primeval The murmuring .rpruce and lhe bemlorki. EILEEN SULLIVAN Packard's Business School Baskelball Club, Tennis Club, Spanish Club. English Honor Class Terms, 7 and 8. Honor Roll. Charm Club. Teachers' As- sisfanl, Volleyball Club, Hiking Club, Glee Club. Secreiary A .fmile if the trademark of a happy foul. HARRY SULLIVAN Columbia iv il' Swimm' e arsily Club. S Je r ommillee, Class ITT. F. T. Tea er Walrb out, Weirrrzullef'.' ENID SWEETBAUM Brooklyn College Scholarship Pin, Honor Roll, Real Cr-:ss Reporler, Book Room Squad. English Honor Class 7 and 8 Two Terms Allendance Squad. Spanish Club, Volleyball Club, Dramalic Club '37, Teach- ers' Assislanf. Governmenf She will govern all ber anion: To make .furcen of leer iram- arlionf. CECILIA ITAMASSIA Paine Hal Enqlisb sses Hislory r Cla ses. ' Assi a in GIQQ , rm . Me cal Assisfanf Cerilia bar proven by lex! Thai .flue if one of the bert. EVELYN TEICHERT Sweet gal and a real pal. ALICE E. THEISEN Queen: Collegen , Crchtsla "Hi kbry Log" Sl' T ees :gl , Pr ' 1' W, I r I ' h A! Cluql Edilor-in-Chief "Hickory Loqy lnlerscholashc , Algebra League, Associale, Eclilor Malhe- rnalics Paper, ya a' Club, German 1 CI holaslic German Giles Club ,C emislry Club, Teacher'5 Assislanl, Honor Roll, Journalism Club, Maior Scholaslic Pin. Journalism Math and Slsaberpeare rbe ran dinun. In fad, our Alice if inlelligenre plur. Sfa fur Coll Eco ics Hon s Hisfory Ho r Clas emisf Club. Ca era Club. Sci nlific Farminq "Tippy Tippy Tim." Joi-IN . ,IOI-IN TRACY Carnegie T8CI"l,e"'. 4 If Service fSquadl! -7Xlteril'i6efc5,-'Of- li Elkglislq 1972 and 8 ,Honor C , esflollsfory 7 and 8 Honor Clases, Economics Honor Class. Clwdmical Engineer. Brillianz at work. rleref at play. He'll never wane hir time auzzy. 43 R!CHARD TRECARTIN Washington College Gee Club, Service Squad. Hall Palrol. P. T. Teacher In tba! far of .rlate called Warb- in lon, IVe'll find Dirk growing strong. At bi: vocation having fun, Surfers will not take long. BERTHA TRUBENBACH Business Scholarship Pin. Dress Designer Upon ber, will depend our fu- ture trend in style. JOSEPH UNDREINER North Carolina University N Editor-in-Chief of "Hickory Log. Associate Editor ot Senior Class Book. Locker Squad. Jewelry Committee. Club Reporter "An: nexonian," "Ye Olde Chopper-' Teacher's Assistant, Intramural Basketball, Intramural Baseball, Camera Club. Bus Squad. Enq- lish Honor Class, Honor Roll. Dramatic Class. Shop Service. Journalism . If ,myzhing looks like news, joe will follow the rluei. BEATRICE UNGER izllizngall Club, Volleyball Club. Honor Roll, Handball Club. Charm Club. Teacher If ber profersion ir to tearls, She will surely be a pearlv. JOSEPH VANEK Accountant Certified Public Accountant Rare!! of all-a regular fellow. ROBERT VAN STRY Civil Service Service Squad, Hall Patrol, Lunch Squad. P. T. Assistant, Weight Lifting Squad. Engineering To Bob Van Slrly Engineering wil be ar easy as pie. 44 FERRlS VELTMAN Business School Varsity Basketball, Hall Patrol. Service Squad, Locker Guard. Business A "Jwell" fellow. DORIS VITAL Business School Volleyball. P. S. A. L. Pin, Teacher's Assistant. Honor Roll. D:actor's Secretary Sbe ba: permnalily, Pla: VITALf!y. LUCILLE VON DER GEEST Business Volleyball Club. Handball Club. Honor Roll, Program Committee, Reorganization Squad, Teachers' Assistant. Secretary An auet behind any typewriter. EDWARD WALSH American lnsfitute of Banking Dance Orchestra, School Orches- tra. Hall Patrol. Service Squad. Lunch Patrol. History Honor Class, Economics Honor Class. Stamp Club, Journalism Class. Honor Roll. Banking You ran "bank" on him to rearlr rlae lop. ARTHUR WALTERS Dramatic Club Health Education Secretary, Win- ter Show. Spring Show. Repertory Group, Dramatic Club, Public Speaking Club, Philocalian So- ciety, Hall Patrol, Teachers' As- sistant, Usher Squad, Dramatic Squad, Baseball Team Publicity Manager, President Senior Class, Hotel Penn Show. Jewelry Com- mittee. Stage Popular as ibe Jun. ROBERT WALZ University of Alabama Shop Service. Service Squad. ln- tramural Basketball. Bank President Work for him bold: no fearr. He'll be a Jurreu in the coming years. JOHN WARGANZ Praff Hall Pafrol, Bus Squad. Service Squad. Lunch Patrol, Inframural Basketball, Inlramural Handball. Elecfrician He if rertain to give the world a Jlzock. GLORIA WASHER Ari School Skelch Club, Glee Club, Tennis Club, French Club. Social Club. Charm Club, Teachers' Assisfanf. Ariisi Her determination will make laer a true artift. JANET L. WEAVER Middlebury College Special Chorus, Baskelball Club, Craff Club. Assisfanf 'ro Teacher, Ari' Reporfer on "Hickory Log," Honor Roll. Ar? and Craff Teacher W'e Jee, but bear you not. if 1 ' ' "'cA.ndL'FNE WEILBACHER siness Glee Club. Program Commilfee. Teacher's Assisfanf, Honor Roll. English Honor Class 7 and 8. Jewelry Commiffee. Senior Class Book Sfaff, Charm Club. Secrefary Grare, Jweetnerr, yet lourlred with pride. SEYMOUR WEINER Nothing backward about tbir bark .rtage boy. ALICE WERNER Business School Teacher's Assisranf, Senior Class Book. Red Cross, Library Club. Secrefary For Alife we will prophety Her .rweelnen will never die. N -rv 11545K-'ff4.a'g'1Fv'7K"4"i.+ ,, .A --.- ,j' WILLIAM WER-NER Bucknell Co4Ca Iain S immin T m, V A sify ral askef I. Me IC n N Big splash. EDWIN E. E Business f I i : Squ . us ad. Service 7- -0 ,t ry-, a rol. Locker I , lf! and, in ,, D, 1. . Sweet if ffl' the world go 17 . GRACE WICHERN Business College Honor Roll, Charm Club, Teach- ers' Assislanf, Senior Class Book. Cerfified Public Accounianf None but herself can be ber equal. MARGUERITE WILBURN Business School G. O. Represenlafive, Handbell Club, Wrifers' Club. Red Cross. Teachers' Assislanf. Reorganiza- 'rion Squad, Honor Roll, Arista. Orchesfra, Philocalian Sociefy. Business A good mind .rurpanes all. RICHARD wlLsoN X Queens Q Boy Leader isle ciafe Ediror of ' r I ook. Ad- verrisin anagqi "Hickory Log," afh e m, Honor Roll fxghggramar' ub. President of ourriali lub. P. S. A. L. Pi ' u Epsilon Confesf and Soci v. Scholastic Pin, Radio Program. Bugle and Drum Corps. Mafh Club and Paper, Chemisfry Club, Lunch Pafrol. Mafhemafician It'.r ereryonefr calculation That in the evaluation Of bit mind'J integration TlJere': no differentiation. RUTH WILTGEN College Teachers' Assislanf, Swifch Board General Office, Charm Club, Honor Roll. To be successful in whaiever I underfake A "Sweet Little Headache." 45 X DOROTHY WIRTENSON Business School Assislanl in Swimming Office, Volleyball Team, Handball Team, Baslcelball Team. Compfomeirisi Sbdll tell you what .rife lbinkr and zrlfy. MARION WIRTENSON Business School Handball Club, Tennis Club, Volleyball Club, Bus Squad. Courf Sfenogra her A.l.fL'fl' 77I.H1j',' Iiubililier faux ' r GEOR M ic' " Vl7L'l'L'l'fl0l'U1' I gn it if for Ilfe ,ffod of bum.mi1y." S Yi El S vice Squad. .J LYDIA M. WOLFERMANN Prafi lnsfifufa flfanior Ari Siali, Tennis Club. lolleyball Club, Red Cross Club, Teachers' Assislanf, Charm Club, German Club, Spanish Club. Commercial Arfisi Bfliflllltf l'17t"f ill full of fun, Slncfll :mike friwzzlr irifh cz'w'j'- one. MANUEL WOLMAN Cify College Swimminq Team. Successful Business Man IIe' if u':'II fll'4'fhII'6'6J In lvufl bil' lima' nbnrc' 1l'.lIt"f in lbs ,ilnavrzl of life. DORIS WOODS Finishinq School Glee Club, Sewinq Club, Record Office, Lunch Squad, Special Chorus, Dancing Club. Merchandise Buyer CIIIUIIFU' and c'h.n'n1 l1.11'c lbeir effect. 46 JOHN WOODS Civil Service School Civil Service A lilfle nlisrihicf by the uuzy, A Iillle fun I0 ,ipire Ike day. ROBERT WOODS Civil Servic Va , Me er o C'ly Ch s i ea 1 wim Clerk. .ny IuEi,Zf Servic d." Play Baseball In bn.firwf,r or behind lbe plane, IIi.f ,imrevr will mil Ile Idle. ARLENE WUNCH Lenox Hill Hospihsl Baslcelball Club, Swimminq Club, Spanish Club. Program Commit fee, Volleyball. Tennis, Hiking Club, Minor J's, All Around Afh- lelic Medals, Honor Roll, G. O. Represenlafive, Club Esquire. Glee Club, Conlesi Pins, Hand- ball. Nurse 11713716714 p:lIIE'IlI.l' will gee! 111111 quirk, Bemllfe of bw .fkill in rzurxing the rick. MITCHELL YACHNIK Alabama Serqeanf Bus Squad, Loclcer Guard, Handball Team, Secreiary Chemislry Club, Chernislry Squad. C. P. A. A C. P. A. fwfr Ilflllild I0 be. I-Ie'Il .zdd up fI4Qll1'L'f lu .1 "T." CATHERINE YOUNG-MAN College Assisfani io Teacher, French Club. Bioloqy Club. inferior Decoraior Kay will dn Ivor Ivrul lmrf. To lferp nur lmmei .xml lieartf dl Verl. THEODORE ZAMMIT Tri-Sfaie Universify Presidenl' oi Radio Club, Chem- isiry Squad and Laborafory As- sisiani, English Office Squad, Club Reporfer, Locker Squad and Clerk, G. O. Class Capfain, ln- lramural Baseball, Inlramural Bas- lcefball, Bus Squad, Senior Class Boolc Sfali, Camera Club, Prom Commiiiee, lniramural Handball Manager. Radio Engineer No! pl giulll, fm! .1 r.1p.1bIe fel- low. . --- . v R' .,.-. . . M, . . L R DERER JUNE ZENZIUS . College S ing T . Honor Roll. Member of Reorganizafion Ho r Hisfory lass, Honor Eco- Squad, Honor Roll, Charm Club. 'mics Class, Honor Biology Hearlhslone Club. Swimming lass. Club. EVIQIUBQF Diefifian Spirited, viral, gayly bold. To lop il Uf-tl hear! of gold. MARION ZIMMER Queens Night College Assislanl' on Chem. Lab Squad. TeacI1er's Secrefary. Service League. Secl. of Chem Club, Pupil Teacher, Senior Class Book Slaff. Chemisf Her Jufeelneff will brigblen any labomlary. JAMES P. BAGLEY HILDEGARDE BENNIGSON MARGARET CUMMINGS MARION GLINTENKAMP JEROME LUDWIG FLORENCE GRACE ORTH DR. RACHEL EVANS ANDERSON MISS JULIET B. BAYLIS MRS. HAITIE W. CANTER MR. AND MRS. E. CAPPABIANCA MRS. MATILDA L. CARMODY MR. DONALD C. CLARK MR. M. DAMATO MR. R. DEUTSCH MISS EVELYN ANN FLYNN MRS. S. R. GOODBREAD MRS. ALICE A. GUEST MR. GEORGE HARROW MR. ALBERT 'L. HEBERT MISS EDNA C. HOAG MRS. MAUD B. HORIE MISS RUTH HORIE MR. GEORGE D. HUNCKE MRS. VERA T. JOSCELYNE MRS. DOROTHY S. KASIUS MISS JESSIE M. KING A quiet and xinrere personality. I A CAMERA SHY STANLEY OSBORNE ,4EC4...,, RUTH OSTERHOUT ' ' WILLIAM PENGILLY , TERRY REARDON ' Lewis SCHLICK HARRY .losers-I wu.KlNsoN PATRONS MISS MARGARET L. KOEHLER MR. AND MRS. C. H. KREWSON MRS. ELEANOR GRAHAM LEE MISS ALICE C. LOEWENFELD MISS MARIE LOHMAN DR. CARLETON D. MASON MRS. FLORENCE MOLLIN MR. AND MRS. C. PRICE MRS. ISABELLA RHIND' MR. WM. A. D. RHIND MISS ETHEL M. ROONEY MR. AND MRS. J. SACHS MRS. CLARA B. SCHAAP MR. HERMAN F. SCI-IWARZENBACII MR. SAMUEL SLONIM MR. JOHN J. TESTAVERDE DR. C. L. VAUGHAN MISS HELEN M. WETTERAU MR. AND MRS. G. ZAMMIT THE MATH TEAM 47 Want will ann 'mtamrnt IGB, the Class of Ianuary IQ40, of Anrlrew Iaclzson High School, being of souncl mind and memory, :lo malee, execute, publish anal declare this to he our last and QIZSIHUIZIII, hereby revoking and annulling all former Wills by us made. After having pairl obligatory ftehts for caps and gowns, jewelry, pictures, Senior Prom, etc., we tzequeathz To 110 the Faculty UlJI'illllilltl'n Group-The Acaclemy Award. the Student Body,-'Can openers to he usecl when leaving school husses. To lVlr. Halter--One motor lrilcc with which to get thither and yon about the school. rlo ixlr. Stevenson-Five gallons ol paint to cover scratched surfaces ol school IJUSSCS. . To lNlrs. Brogan,-lrewer worries ancl more lree time. To To To To T To T To To To To To To To T 0 0 O To To lxflr. Bove-A pair ol lmrass lcnurlcles to use when handling Hlresh guys." lVlr. lvlason-Une waste paper haslcet lor olcl gags. lN'lr. Rhinel-Healy Lamarr lor Editor-in-Chiel' ol' the June Senior Class Book. lxliss Lohman-Blue orchiils lor all those uswelln musical programs. lvliss Cosgrove-A gfilclecl eclggecl copy ol' our cleclieation. lxlr. Hammer- Ten tree treatments hy Thomas. lVlr. lxlare-A pair ol ruhhers. Mrs. Rosett-Two tirlcets to the lmesl play in town. Mr. Viellarcl-An auclience for his super super voire. lwliss Koehler-An apple lor the tearher. lvlr. Gracly-fwlihanlis Bud." lwlr. Hebert-A stage lor his clramatic interpretations of Parisian lite. the Student Court--A mahogany gavel. the UHiClcory Log"-lirivate olliiees lor all the etlitors. the "Star",-The Heavens. , lxflr. Sehitllnan-A liew physics experiments that worlc. .Daw-'Q' f-'6V'ff""" the Cafeteria-A hall, chain, anal vault lor the silverware. Zin witness whereof xx!!! ltllllt? llPl'PtUll0 SltlJSCl'tlJ0t'l OLU' IIKIIIIP llllfl affixed our seal this thirtieth day of fanuary, in the year nineteen hundred and forty. We heretmy appoint the Senior Class of Iune 1940 to be Executor of the alww will and QCZSIHUIZUY- President of Senior Class-Arthur Walters Vice-President of Senior Class-Hazel Brengel Editor of Senior Class Book-Warren Search 43 SENIOR CLASS OF JANUARY l940 Witnesses Beauty in -This lvloclern Age By Marianne Freundlich This Modern Age has Tended To give us oT The rising generaTion The idea ThaT beauTy is unimporTanT in life, and ThaT making money as quickly as possible should Take The place oT almosT everyThing else. Many oT us have TorgoTTen ThaT The desire Tor beauTy lives wiThin us wheTher we know oT iT or noT, and are only reminded oT iT on The rare occasions when we seem To TorgeT our peTTy liTTle ego beTore The glory oT a winTer sunseT, The maiesTic arch oT a shimmering rainbow, or a sTar-sTudded AugusT sky. AT such Times we lose The selT-conscious Tear oT admiTTing ThaT we can be impressed by someThing ouTside oT, and possibly beyond, money-making. As soon as we reawaken To The world around us, however, as soon as we remember ThaT we are living in The Modern Age oT hard TacTs, mass producTion, and speed, we apologize To ourselves Tor The momenTary lapse Trom whaT we consider "realiTy" and wiThdraw back To The shell oT maTerialisTic insensibiliTy. Many OT us Tind no use Tor music, buT ThaT is no cause Tor Thinking ThaT such ones have no sense oT beauTy. lT may be buried a Ii++le more deeply in such people, aTTuned To diTTerenT harmonies, perhaps, Than Those oT The greaT masTers oT The pasT. Two people's TasTes may diTTer, Their concepTion OT beauTy in sound may vary, buT They boTh know beauTy, and There is none who can righTly say ThaT one or The oTher is wrong. BeauTy is measured by diTTerenT sTandards. One person may Tind The greaTesT enioymenT in symphonies or color: anoTher, in rhapsodies oT sound, buT boTh are beauTy in ThaT They appeal To The innaTe sense in The soul oT every individual which is his means oT appreciaTing The harmonious, no maTTer whaT Torm iT may Take. Some one once spoke oT "The Good, The True, The BeauTiTul," as being oT The greaTesT imporTance in liTe, buT whaT are These Three buT variaTions oT ThaT "elan" wiThin us which prompTs all our acTions which are above The animal! Were iT noT Tor our minds, we should be no more Than beasTs, driven by hunger and desire To Till The primiTive needs oT The body. BuT our minds, our souls, our higher emoTions, our power oT reasoning-The TaciliTies which give us The capaciTy To enioy The beauTies oT naTure, oT Tlowers and oT birds, OT sun and wind and sea-They are The causes oT our greaTesT ioys and Triumphs. l have Tound beauTy in music which is man-made. Though inspired by whaT musT be a divine power, and I have Tound iT in The songs OT lConTinued on Page 63l 49 5: SY .vi Ilia Ml nl nal HN. ,., ,N 'XXX x., i A A, X! X A ' Q Ay H O I Jpxxlu 0 unll J .-muah. Qaifwg, xumf mv'-"' 55 , on K Mu W nw Mid f, 1 lm ul.. Mu NX , -fxq un. Hlnfwy' Ninn ml, , mug N. ,Xxx -., M,,,yi'l-Kgk .,.: gr. :Ii -... . 3, ,-. folll, -' I I fb -r NWN 'h'i 125593: Eriigiisf 'misss Niiii Ng Jil: :ltr H22 :Q -'R' N 'll 5 3+ TDIAL DY JUDY Y TODCLIEJFADEDJ' FACULTY IH OW Tl-IE TQAVELEQJ sown of fuDliQuNTcNDENT.r 4.44.1 Ll' !wL""L'j v w:"7 l..'o--lv-5.1v,:' fu A l"' -'V .X U, . ,- .7, Q ,, .- J Miguw- -' '-QL " . "-To-af" ' gd- E 1 Q- ,N , LIICKQDY LOG v P O el- 4-41" ' -I 'A ,THQ . .,x:: ' 'Q A ' gt E- - vit 5' 1 7- I ,af-1-3 'f Q I ' 1' a - 5 P5 TDA If TEAM PDDCDTLIEDHIJTEDJ' OHL., FDEYLIMEN IEDVICE LEA GS S Qio CD :fn f .. 951' ., 1 J, " '61 3----.. Q V. .1 rg, .- in Tiff., J . . '-rf -'J 'lfffefl Ns' - -I Onse- Yi .. -Q A Q fx '4'. -x -s AQUTA ATTENDANCE IQUAD LIITWXIITDY wi +i5.'kj'x'3f, -'Q Q, nr 1 z " 'W' V . .V 1 r, .su ' .. . . gl.. 1, 1 ' .1 . , , x V, , , I ,ex l I' 'A K K' 5 r ' 4 I r 'E- . , ' 'ij . ., -'. T Y QA . ' il . , ,tl -V r' '. .', 4 1. 1 . ' n h ." 'L " UJUEI2 .VQUAD -pi: . Z7 'Lie' Q f B . a ' 4 :V 'W Sh. 4: .- ff E' gl 'B ' Cf Et 1: 1. 'v ' 'if-., lf-5 'S' ' 1 gf U . - X 'u 'gn IJ- 5' K J ka 1- , 5- A 9 z ' ' . ,L , DDAIVXATIC C UE3 4 ii Il ,I 4 l Ain, ax 'iS' Q' x l f, U lllllf W .P mm ,, ' ,k ' E ,f , gm 4 . ' A .. ,3 Q ' 40 , . 4- , A ,' 4 f A 5. A 1 y - 9, Q E JQUAD L .' '.-. ' il:-1,. 4' .y- 'H 'Q" . Y wg " x ' DIJ' CUJI ION CLUB CLIEEDING IQU DECODD OFFICE CLUED il ,JR X !A Ps I4r 252 U, P 2 ,V A xxx H i. "Own Bax ff v -19 , R Q. E1 1- 41 .Il -:.l I J YV VDENCLI CLUEJ AN AIVXEDICAN JOCI ETY EQIQLQQY FIELD CLUB X F--+1 JD Cl-I ' DUI ,o1 ?-I Quit CLUB cuzggm CLUB CJ LIEADTLIITCDNE CLUEJ DEDIONALITY CLUB 'if GENEDAL ofrucli JQUAD OFFICE AIIIITANTI ADTIAND CQAFU , -. .viii Vg ' ,5,,g:,,,. DEDEDTODY GDOUD ICLIOLAITIC LEAGUE . ADT IEDVICE E LEAGUE The Modern Age By Marshall Cochran . We are living Today in a world Torn by sTriTe, weakened by an economic upheaval of maior consequence, conTronTed by complex in- Ternal diTTiculTies. This ailing world, according To The Bard oT Avon, is a vasT sTage. Take a momenT ouT oT The misT oT Time. lT is Three o'clock, The aTTernoon oT SaTurday. November 4, I939. While sevenTy- six Thousand Trenzied Americans waTch NoTre Dame deTeaT Army on The gridiron, a French inTanTry lieuTenanT is glancing aT a maze oT gauges. l-le is deep in The proTecTive caTacombs oT The MaginoT Line. l-lis ears ring noT wiTh collegiaTe cheers, buT wiTh The ceaseless, pulsaT- ing rhyThm oT heavy pumps. The clock on The wall reads 9:00 P.M. CenTral European Time. AT The momenT l-larry STevenson oT NoTre Dame goes over Tor a Touchdown, PrivaTe Tarushi Kurishui is emerging from The shadows oT The Kobe railway sTaTion. A seasoned, worn veTeran oT The Chinese "incidenT." he glances aT The Police PreTecTure clock. IT is Tive o'clock oT The morning oT Sunday, November 5Th. Thus The American TooTball Tan, The French lieuTenanT, and The Japanese privaTe play Their humble roles in The pageanT oT living. The casT oT Two billion squirming organisms called men has iTs Tull complemenT oT heroes and villains, sainTs and sinners. lTs run would make "Abie's lrish Rose" or "Tobacco Road" blush Tor shame. lT has been playing To capaciTy audiences since The TirsT dim echoes oT human exisTence. We living Americans are noT in The audience. The audience is made up oT all Those who have "gone WesT." lT is our duTy To see ThaT The hero, l-lumaniTarian Progress, geTs The cenTer oT The sTage which aT The presenT Time is being "hogged" by Those arch-villains. War and HaTred. To geT rid oT These Twin-devils we musT become cognizanT oT The TacT ThaT The True ciTadel oT peace and democracy is The moral con- sciousness and Tiber oT each individual and noT The maTerial assurance oT eighT inch super-Tensile TurreT sTeel. EverlasTing peace musT be based on The reesTablishmenT oT The individual as an inTluencing enTiTy in This maTerial scheme oT Things. We musT reaTTirm The digniTy oT The human spiriT. Man is in The lasT analysis The TundamenTal uniT oT our social sTrucTure as The aTom is The basic uniT oT maTerial exisTence. Moral consciousness musT caTch up wiTh Technological advances. There will be war as long as Two morTals remain unless individuals are TaughT how To geT along wiTh Their Tellow men wiTh a minimum oT TricTion. 62 ThereTore, our Task is Two-Told. FirsT we musT cure The spiriT oT deTeaTism and impoTency oT The average person by showing The indi- vidual ThaT he is a viTaI Torce Tor peace and orderly progress. Sec- ondly, we musT uniTe These separaTe individualiTies wiTh oThers To Torm a sTrucTure which will be a poTenT Torce in shaping aTTairs because iTs primary sTrengTh is The person himself. We are sTepping inTo a man-sized underTaking, a problem ThaT would sorely Try The paTience oT even Job and The muscles oT I-Iercules. We musT endeavor To reconcile The undeviaTing precision oT The ma- chine wiTh recognized TrailTies oT human characTer. LeT no one living deny The enormiTy oT This underTaking. IT will TesT To The uTmosT our naTive TorTiTud'e and individual characTer besides giving ample play To The pioneer insTincT wiThin us. Beauty in 'I-his lvlodern Age lConTinued Trom Page 49l bird and waTerTall. I have Tound iT in color-in The Tields and in The sky, in The ocean and in The graniTe sand as well as in The TempesTuous painTings of Gauguin and The beaTiTic smile oT Raphaelian Madonna. I have found beauTy in The swiTT glide oT a young girl on skaTes, in The silver-gray sheeTs oT rain beaTing down on a deserTed counTry road: I have Tound iT in The maiesTy oT New York's skyline and in The humble silhoueTTe of my home againsT The purple and orange evening sky, in The smell of .dinner on a Sunday evening. and in The Tragrance and soTT- ness oT soap on my hands. BeauTy is everywhere and all-pervading in This age as in The pasT. IT is The greaTesT realiTyg iT is 'I'ruTh: iT has The power To creaTe happiness and ioy, a Teeling oT The divine in and abouT us, and Thus iT is good. LeT us seek beauTy wherever we are so ThaT we may remember ThaT we are made To enioy and noT TorgeT The divine spark in each oT us over The drudgery oT our daily Tasks. IT we seek long enough, we shall some day undersTand ThaT liTe is Tull oT beauTy. LeT us noT despair if we do noT see beauTy as oThers do. WhaT- ever seems beauTiTul To me is beauTiTuI Though oThers may see beauTy in iTs opposiTe. We are boTh righT. The imporTanT Thing is To remember ThaT in This Modern Age. BeauTy is as imporTanT as ever, ThaT in speeding up our living we musT noT skip over The beauTiTuI, Tor living To be enjoyable musT have room Tor enjoyment and where, iT noT' in a True appreciaTion and recogniTion oT The beauTiTul, can ThaT be Tound? LiTe is Tull, buT never Too Tull Tor The enioymenT oT BeauTy and is perhaps never really Tull wiThouT iT. 63 AUTCDGRAPI-IS fiwfbdfwe f AgwtQwT - W , ,.,.g,, ff'...f'f,,'. . n 0 4, 0b,,.,J'Ce,w..,.,.. a?,thewL- Advertising Luck and Joy Be Yours Forever v,!xU?kJ ROXANE STUDIOS 3 EAST 48+h STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. LQKIDKXJ Official Photographer For Senior Class Book PLE SE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS rlyafni' Cl Q POSITION? Tie .gnstitute SECRETARIAL SCHOULS MANHATTAN: 120 WEST 42 STREET-STuy. 9-6900 JAMAICA: 90-14 SUTPHIN BOULEVARD-JAm. 6-7997 MENTION THE SENIOR CLASS BOOK IAMAICA 6-3835-6-3836 DRAKE BU INESS SCHOOL LANGUAGE :-: STENO. DEPARTMENT ALL BUSINESS SUBIECTS DAY-EVENING-AFTER BUSINESS 9053 SUTPHIN BOULEVARD 0 IAMAICA CATALOGUE ON REQUEST Tel. 1-lO11is 5-8588 ERNEST ROSENBERG Orders Delivered HOME-MADE ICE CREAM 6 CANDY OUR SPECIALTY 0 218-74 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens Village, L. I. Let Us Clean and Press For You We Call and Deliver EXPERT HAT CLEANING KAI-II.'S STORES Satisfaction Guaranteed 218-87 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Near Springfield Boulevard Queens Village, N. Y. Phone LA. 5-1766 THE MITZI BEAUTY SALON PERMANENT WAVING and HAIR STYLING 131-23 SPRINGFIELD BOULEVARD Springfield Gardens Tel. LAurelton 8-5574 LAURELTON FLORIST K. Christensen, Prop. FLOWERS I-'OR EVERY OCCASION 230-07 MERRICK ROAD Compliments of MARIAY LADIES TOGS 219-23 IAMAICA AVENUE Queens Village, L. I. Mlss. 7-1613 IAmaica B-2789 STAGE AND BALLROOM PEARL TERRACE DANCE SCHOOL Rates made for your own group Instruction on Trumpet and Trombone 153-I8 Iamaica Avenue, Iamaica, N. Y. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS X g1llESlg PURITY GUARANTEED mms u Pmnmve ' C3 Q at STEINS l ib l X, Phone HO11is 5-10138 EASTERN MEAT MARKET CHOICE MEMS and Gnocznnzs 112-O9 Cross Island Boulevard Hollis, L. I. 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Accessories. Sport Wear, Corsets 230-20 Merrick Boulevard Near Cross Island Blvd., Laurelton, L. I. Phones LAurelton 8-9793-9779 LeROY DRUG CO. Rizzuto Pharmacy, Inc. 230-01 Merrick Road, Laurelton, L. I. GEORGE KOENIG CHOICEST or ivizprrs Pourrmr AND PROVISIONS 0 220-Z4 1-IEMPSTEAD AVENUE Near 221st Street LA. 8-6591 Max Zabelle MAXIE'S CYCLE CO. Wholesale and Retail BICYCLES SUPPLIES, SPORTING GOODS 189-33 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans, L. l. Tel. LAure1ton 8-4031 L O U - A N N SCHOOL OF DANCING Tap-Acrobatic-Ballet and Toe Evening classes for high school students 189-23 Linden Boulevard. St. Albans, L. I. D LAurelion 8-9441 J I Compliments S C H A T Z ' S Of - -- KOSHER DELICATESSEN Nut Shop With a full line of appetizers 230-19 Merrick Road Laurelton. N.Y. LAure1ton 8-5101 We Call and Deliver NEMO'S PHARMACY C Q 0 p E R ' S TAILOR AND FURRIER Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing, Repairing, Remodeling 200-31 LINDEN BLVD. St. Albans, L. I. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS MILK BUILDS WINNERS LAurelton 8-5676 PALMAR FARMS FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET Baisley Boulevard and Merrick Road Restaurants and Hotels Supplied Phone HOl1is 5-2548 Delivery Service HENRY P. MEYER I DELICATESSEN Everything Good To Eat Home Cooking 218-91 Hempstead Avenue, Queens Village GREATEST Metropolitan Shoe Repair 92-49 New York Avenue, Iamaica, N. Y. Welcome to students of Andrew Iackson and their friends Mlssouri 7-3307 HO1lis 5-8872 GEORGE NEVVI MEAT MARKET Poultry. Provisions, Sea Food Game In Season 205-09 Hollis Avenue REpub1ic 9-8704 BUCKNER'S DRESSES and COATS We Specialize in Evening Gowns 159-10 JAMAICA AVENUE Iamaica, L. I. Small entrance to a large store Tel. IArnaica 6-9628-9509 General Manager: S. D. Lee LEE'S GARDEN, Inc. Dining-Dancing-Entertainment 162-17 Iamaica Ave., Iamaica, L. I., N. Y. Lee's Hempstead Palace 64 Main Street, Hempstead. I..I.. N.Y. C0mP1im9T1TS Of Phone HOl1is 5-6839 CAMBRIA MEN'S SHOP A Complete Line of Men's Furnishings At Popular Prices 219-07 Linden Blvd., St. Albans, L. I. LAurelton 5-9472 Phone LAurelton 8-7287 IULIUS FREUNDLICH Hardware and Houseturnishings Agent for Moore's G Pittsburgh Paints 138-84 Cross Island Blvd., Rosedale, L. I. Near L.I,R.R. and Sunrise Highway I 1 - I I I LOEHR'S MARKET PRIME MEATS 219-09 IAMAICA AVENUE Queens Village, L. I. MENTION THE SENIOR CLASS BOOK Compliments to The Graduating Class JAMAICA ROLLERDROME L. I.'s Most Convenient Rink 0 Roller Skate To Nick Monte's Organ Swing Music o 168th Street off Iamaica Ave. Iamaica. L. I. o EVENINGS 8-11:15 FRI. SAT., SUN., HOL. 2-5 LAurelton 8-2887 By Appointment Only IACQUES SACHS SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE and snvm.AR sxpsnr TREATMENT PHYSICAL RE-EDUCATION License No. 189949 lamaica, L. I. 119-47 MERRILL STREET Tel. HOl1is 5-6228 NAN CONKLIN Home Made Cakes and Pies Made to Order 218-32 Hempstead Ave., Queens Village Tel. LAurelton 8-4331 Orders Delivered ERNEST BRUGGEMANN Delicatessen, Bakery and Groceries Home Cooking Our Specialty 121-61 Farmers Blvd., St. Albans, L. I. IArnaica 6-0076 QUEENS BLUE PRINT WORKS ART MATERIALS-DRAWING MATERIALS PRINTS AND SUPPLIES O 92-17 UNION HALL STREET IAMAICA, N. Y. REpublic 9-5291 FRANK'S BEAUTY SHOPPE All Branches of Beauty Culture Permanent Waving our Specialty-82.95 up 166-14 Iamaica Ave., Iamaica, N. Y. Phone LAu. 8-1142 SPRINGFIELD DRUG CO.. Inc. 136-25 Springfield Boulevard Springfield Gardens, N. Y. Phone LAure1ton 8-7374 ST. ALBAN'S FLORIST 116-60 NEWBURG STREET St. Albans, L. I. IRVING'S POR Soda, Candy. Toys, Stationery. and Greeting Cards 121-63 Farmers Boulevard, St. Albans, N. Y. Phone LAure1ton 8-1579 C. G. FRANKLIN. Inc. HARDWARE - BUILDERS' suPPL1Es Agent for Devoe and Raynolds Paints and Varnishes Rexoil Oil Burners and Equipment SPRINGFIELD GARDENS, N. Y. GEORGE TSALIKES ELECTRIC SHOE REPAIRING Hat Renovating and Shoe Shine All Work Guaranteed 220-16 Hempstead Ave., Queens Village, L.I. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Phone LAurelton 8-6240 WARREN S. SEARCH PLUMBING 6. HEATING 197-02 118th AVENUE St, Albans, N. Y. IAmaica 6-0195 Iobbers MALKINS TRIIVIMING STORE Dressmakers' and Tailors' Supplies Hemstitching and Pleating 92-26 New York Ave., Iarnaica, N. Y. Phone IAmaica 6-9369 Reasonable Prices QUEENS CASINO Chinese-American Restaurant Best Chinatown Style G Cantonese Food Special Sunday Family Dinners Lunch 30c-Dinner 45c 168-26 Iamuica Avenue, Iamaica, L. I. Tel. Mlssouri 7-2050 B E N ' S FRUITS-VEGETABLES AND GROCERIES Imported Olive Oil and Macaroni 220-22 Hempstead Avenue, Q. V. OSCAR'S DELICATESSEN Erwin Lummel, Prop. Home Cooking Our Specialty 107-34 Springfield Blvd., Bet. 107-109 Aves. EILEEN LATIMER'S STATIONERY SODA. ICE CREAM, CANDY 131-21 Springfield Blvd., Springfield Gardens EASTERN PRINTING COMPANY 0 PRINTERS and PUBLISHERS Q 33 FLATBUSH AVENUE Brooklyn, N. Y. Tel. STerling 3-0500 Phone LA urelton 8-8383 NICK'S FLORIST Say It With Flowers O Telegraph Delivery Service 218-26 MERRICK ROAD Springfield Gardens, N. Y. Compliments of THE PARKWAY DINER 233-01 MERRICK ROAD Laurelton, L. I. Tel. IArnaica 6-7853 Charles Allen, Prop. UNIVERSAL UMBRELLA SERVICE Umbrella Manufacturers Repairing and Recovering 9 Iamaica Arcade, Iamaica, N. Y. Bet. New York Ave. and Union Street Compliments of IOSEPH LUCANO BU'rcr-mn MENTION THE SENIOR CLASS BOOK Phone IAmaica 5-1397 WE DELIVER EVERYWHERE SAY IT WITH FLOWERS TERMINAL FLOWER MARKET FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS . . . SPECIAL RATES FOR GRADUATES 92-33 NEW YORK AVENUE IAMAICA, N. Y. Phone REpublic 9-8335 WINS DRESS SUIT PARLOR Evening Clothes. Cutaways and Accessories --TO HIRE- 0 92-05 158th STREET Cnext to Terrace Tavernl Souih of Iamaica Ave., Iamaica, N. Y. Tel. LAurelton 8-7750 EDWARD I. MURPHY SERVICE STATION Fine Used Cars 207-19 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans, N. Y. IIM'S BARBER SHOP 221-11 LINDEN BOULEVARD sf. Albam Phone LAure1ton 8-8759 H. ROGGE DELICATESSEN 0 232-05 MERRICK ROAD Laurelton, L. I. LAurelton 8-8060-1 Real Estate-Insurance FRED C. SCHMIDT 187-O4 Linden Blvd., St. Albans, N, Y. GANSCAP. Inc. "The Friendly Shoe Store For Everybody" Linden Blvd. Corner Farmers Ave. St. Albans LAurelton 8-2151-9552 We Deliver Compliments of FRED KRISCH Home Made Candies, Ice Cream Cakes. Ice Cream. Fruit Ices O, O, SCHNEIDER'S 199-14 Heuis Ave., Heuie, L. 1. Tel. HO1lis 5-10022 PHARMACY . Comphments of C' 125-Ol MERRICK ROAD Corner Leslie Rd. QUEENS RESTAURANT Mr. and Mrs. Geigis, Prop. 218-19 Iamaica Avenue, Queens Village, L.I PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Sold In Your School-Sold In Your Neighborhood fd I . gxsf allwn ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY, Inc. 34-09 QUEENS BOULEVARD LONG ISLAND CITY, N. Y STillwell 4-5000 PERGAMENT Hardware, Housewares, Paints, Glass Plumbing and Electrical Supplies 223-19 Linden Blvd., St. Albans, L. I. "Pergament for Permanent Hardware" Phone HOllis 5-3358 CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY Cross Island Blvd. and Hollis Avenue Hollis. N. Y. BROSHAN'S GOWNS - DRESSES COATS - SUITS Specializing in Gowns For the Prom 9222 NEW YORK BOULEVARD Iamaica, L. I. OPEN EVENINGS Tel. LAurelton 8-3604 BASSO BROS. room MARKET 232-16 MERRICK ROAD Laurelton, L. I. Compliments of KEN CLEANERS and TAl1.0RS 223-15 LINDEN BOULEVARD St. Albans LOCUST MANOR BAKERY 119-08 MERRICK ROAD Birthday and Wedding Cakes Hollis 5-10129 ARROW SHIRTS-KNOX HATS Compliments of WOOLWORTH'S supsn srons O l63rd and IAMAICA AVENUE Iamaica Phone IAmaica 6-5449 CRITERION ROOFING 6- SHEET METAL CO. BARRETT BONDED Aoors O IRV AND LEW 21721 AMAICA AVENUE 115-25 MERRICK ROAD - I Chas. Michels Iamaica, N Y Queens Village, N. Y. MENTION THE SENIOR CLASS BOOK Phone I.Aurelton 8-2068 EDWARD KATT St. Albans Original Florist 0 ARTISTIC FLORAL SERVICE For Every Occasion e 180-19 LINDEN BOULEVARD FREE DELIVERY SERVICE C' FLOWERS BY WIRE Bonded Member F.T.D. "The Mercury Way" IAMAICA MEN'S SHOP Largest selection of Arrow Shirts on L. L 0 164-14 IAMAICA AVENUE Iamaica, N. Y. Compliments of TED'S RADIO SERVICE 122-53 Nellis Street St. Albans LAu. 8-3186 Theodore Zammit Free Service Calls-Tubes Tested Free Phone HOIlis 5-2335 ERNA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 218-01 HEMPSTEAD AVENUE Queens Village, N. Y. Compliments of BECK PHARMACY 223-21 LINDEN BOULEVARD Mlssouri 7-0416 We Deliver KARL BOHN Delicatessen, Fancy Groceries. Home Cooking 220-18 Hempstead Avenue Queens Village, L. I. Karl Bohn, Prop. Tel. LAurelton 8-9582 H. I. Krausen, Prop. CAMBRIA HEIGHTS MEAT MARKET Prime Meats, Provisions, and Poultry Phone Orders Promptly Delivered 221-05 Linden Blvd., St. Albans, L.l., N.Y. For the Latest in Sportswear Visit IOAN SHOPS -the modern ladies shop- in St. Albans 188-23 Linden Boulevard Phone HOllis 5-5190-5191 BIG BEN Candy, Stationery and Toys Breyer's Ice Cream-Service With a Smile Cor. of Hempstead Ave. 6. Springfield Blvd. Ben Barnett, Prop. Queens Village, N.Y. Phone Mlssouri 7-3166 S. HOLONITCH BAKERY 218-80 Hempstead Turnpike Queens, N. Y. Phone HOllis 5-4582 CROSS ISLAND ELECTRICAL SERVICES We Repair Everything Electrical 109-75 Cross Island Blvd., St. Albans, N. Y. Compliments ot FEIN'S STATIONERY STORE 207-22 HOLLIS AVENUE Hollis, L. I. PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Phone REpublic 9-2314 TERMINAL PANTS SHOP. Inc. Suede and Leather Coats Pants, Knickers. Sweaters Sportswear For Men and Boys O 92-37 New York Avenue, lamaica, N. Y. ' Compliments of WALTER EY'S BAKERY 205-13 HOLLIS AVENUE LEARN BEAUTY CULTURE C- A profitable dignified proiession that insures you of a steady high salary position in the seventh largest industry in the world. O Expert beauty operators always in demand. Enroll now in Iarnaicds largest school of Beauty Culture. 0 Expert Instructors Pleasant Surroundings Terms Arranged Positions Secured For Graduates 0 Phone IAmaica 6-9741 ' Phone LAurelton 8-0330 or write for booklet. Window Glass Window Shades M Y L E S lVIILLER'S HARDWARE BEAUTY ACADEMY Hardware, Paints. Housetumishings. Electrical and plumbing supplies Iamaica's oldest and largest school 125-15 Merrick Road, sf. Albans, L. 1. 147-32 IHMAICH AVENUE Benj. Moore and Wallhide Paints ci Varnishes Iamaica, N. Y. I LAurelton 8-9060 Fine Toasted Sandwiches Phone LAurelton 843858 A- BEHRENS ERNEST POSTEL The Only Home Made Ice Cream Store MEAT HND GROCERY MARKET I in Town-All Kinds of Home Made Candies 201-10 Linden Boulevard 220-05 Merrick Road, Springfield, L. I. St. Albans Phone LAurelton 8-3005 Tel. LAurelton 8-9639-9656 PARISIAN TAI1.0RS 6: FURRIERS AUSTER 61 HIRSCHHORN Cleaning, Dyeing, pressing G Repairing STATIONERS, LUNCHEONETTE G CANDIES G- DSBGIHSI Prop- 115-72 Cross Island Boulevard 201-18 Linden Blvd. St. Albans, L. I. St. Albans, N. Y. Tel. LAurelton 8-5260 MACROSE LUMBER 6 TRIM Con Inc. HELEN s'roREY YARN sl-:op Screens. Masonite, Cement. Lime, Plaster 200-08 LINDEN BOULEVARD Sheetrock, Celotex, Plywood Linden Boulevard and 196th Street St. Albans St. Albans, L. I., N. Y. LM- 8-9570 HOllis 5-3824 IOSEPH KIEFER. Inc. 'rr-is MODEL SHOE sHoP mx STORES For I-'mest Services at Lowest Pnces 219-17 IAMAICA AVENUE I 219-13 Linden Boulevard, St. Albans Queens Village, L. I. MENTION THE SENIOR CLASS BOOK I-. Tel, LAure1ton 8-4010 THE LU ION COIFFURE SALON BEAUTY CONSULTANTS-ST. ALBANS SMARTEST SHOP 219-03 LINDEN BOULEVARD COX SONS AND VINING, Inc. Established 1837 131 EAST 23rd STREET NEW YORK MAKERS OF CAPS AND GOWNS ACADEMIC HOODS IUDICIAI.. ROBES CHOIR GOWNS CHURCH VESTMENTS BEST STYLES-MATERIALS-AND WORKMANSHIP and Rolls Delivered For Breakfast COTTAGE BAKERS We Specialize in Buns WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES Phone Calls Promptly Attended To 114-69 FARMERS BOULEVARD Tel. Mlssouri 7-5142 St. Albans, L.l. HO1. 5-9872 Orders Promptly Delivered H. COSTELLO GROCERIES 109-17 Springfield Blvd. Queens Village Phone LAurelton 8-8612 "Come Up and See Me Sometime" R. SCHRIEVER DELICATESSEN 6 FANCY GROCERIES HOME COOKING 219-15 Merrick Road, Springfield, L.I. Congratulations to the graduates from the Staff of the SENIOR CLASS BOOK PLEASE PATRONIZE OU R ADVERTISERS Q -G- ALAN-SHIMAN, Inc 113 Monroe Street Newark, N. J. 'H + Manufacturers of Senior Class Jewelry MENT ON T E SENIOR CLASS BOOK I T7 , F1 N F I ' 3 E J a- F Q u A Vu V A ' Q 4 v , A 1 1 ' v "' 1 1 . r , f 1 M Q I 'W' 'X J 'I x r 1 .v ii .., ff ,vw va -9 . P ' A, 01 . . .W- 'SU4 . 1 . , .4 - -rl " If ' 4.- 5 -, v 1, 1 ,x u A Q 4 V , ' . " J, 1 Ar 1' 1 u I ' 4 I 1 , . , 1 5 f , X .X rd 0 f ,.- -.W .f A, ' J' 25: . 11 1 ' J I L .z 9 .. J Q 3, Q . .A 5 v. 4 JI 'I Ag. me r 2 ' 'J' 4.1 I 1' ' n 'un Lv W. in -r .A -A- H . 1 wx, 4: 6,4 .f' 2 .LG . 4. 9 f - n 0 ,ii , . . w ,fx N: lg' .3 X. , ."QfHpj' 7-. ,"!'::.?:1 :fl 'I-rfv:-' 1 pix-'.l W , .emu 'x U ,,1., a,. ..,.,,, v.. , f wr. , K vzl A Q." x I x4 , .1-'11-' '--', 1 N ' 11? 'fx ' . '- . ' 'fn I if . 1 . zu., Y ra' '1 J ".- X. ff 4' ,of h.'-.- ,If-J, , , 1 .vii l. 1 A 6 1 ': 5. u' r 7 V. .1 5 4 v u 1 w 5 3 9 '1 -4 V 4 I V x i + P

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) collection:

Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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