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 - Class of 1939

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pcbspmi-wiQ,.,,Qd 3 . M HU A. 'V . 'T' JP 5 f- 'WWW' I T- , ' A ff"'K' T 7' it Tfvfff' . :.3.' 72"f' 1 3 -'7yT""-"'ff'3'H7C54?'9"' 37'7'I'9" P K" 5 T3 I 1 ,tg-k , , 2:24 gf' Vi It, 'gf Vi Q14 'f,'- -wi: 2 ,A-Irv' ff-..'Yf7f -A fr " 5: " ' jj' 'T M, , 'fy Q' ' I ri f , . ' ' ' V. x 1 f , an , vf 'V' r X '- , 'X - " V N . .. ,H M 4 ,, , , . , . , J , . , , 1 . f -'HJ ff v'.',. ' ,' "' :-Tj,-4 L, -'V N' . ' -1 M156 .,,ff - 2 .ll H '... I .W ,q - gg A 5 z,'x,,, -.thai A 1 LMYYQ swf 4, K ' 1 E E ? if F 'ir L 'J . l ' x .1 .1 1 I K Q r . PLE YQI' IRQ . 1 Hi , ' : f " v' ... a f - ' SENIOR CLASS BOOK ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL S+. Albans Long Island New York RALPH W. HALLER, PRINCIPAL J A N U A R Y I 9 3 9 To Mr. Ralph W. Haller, Andrew Jaclcson's 'Firsi' principal, we dedi- cafe lhe firsf Senior Class Boolc. TO MEMBERS OE Tl-lE GRADUATING CLASS OF JANUARY I939: You hear il said on all sides loday Thai we are facing a changed social order: Tha? lhe reguiremenls for success in The pasl are no longer sulificienlq +ha+ opporlunilies for advancemenl have dwindled: and Thai youlh faces a hopeless fulure. There is some laclual foundalion lor such conlenlions, buf coura- geous men and women are nol' afraid lo face discouraging facls, lo look unpleasanl lrulhs squarely in The lace. The world admires Jrhose who have sufficienf sfrengfh of characfer and power of will fo meef difficulf sifua- fions unflinchingly. Life for mosf of us is a series of friumphs and dis- couragemenfs. The infanf falls many fimes before he conquers equilib- rium. ' If may be frue fhaf fhose of you who will confinue your educafion in some insfifufion of higher learning will find a new social order wifh in- creased requiremenfs awaifing you when you are once ready fo fake your place in fhe world. Whefher you confinue wifh formal educafion or whefher you fake your place in 'rhe world immediafely affer graduafion, if may well be 'rhaf a longer period of preparafion will be required for en- france info fhe professions: for placemenf in posifions of responsibilifyi for appoinfmenf fo execufive and adminisfrafive posfs in business: and for leadership in fhe communify. One fhing, however, appears cerfaing namely, fhese posifions WILL EXIST. They WlLL be FILLED. l-lisfory will repeaf ifself. Will you be ready fo sfep in? A generous cifizenry has placed af your disposal precious educa- 'rional facilifies. Yours is fhe obligafion fo malce fhe mosf of your oppor- funifies. If fuller preparafion is now required fhan was demanded of an older generafion. do nof forgef fo evaluafe, in fheir frue relafionship, fhe meager advanfages which fhaf older generafion enioyed. Their handi- caps were greaf. There is room af fhe fop. There will ALWAYS be room af fhe fop. Have you fhe persever-ence fo gef fhere? There will always be places of frusf and responsibilify which can be filled only by superior individuals. Are you malcing superior individuals of yourselves? There is much worlc fo be done. Be willing fo do if. Sef yourselves wholehearfedly fo fhe faslc of preparing for whafever Life may offer. Be READY when your fime comes fo carry on. RALPH W. l-IALLER. Principal Y -fL,'.- 1 A History Andrew Jackson High School open- ed iTs doors To The sTudenT body on May IO. I937 when some 2700 pupils in The TirsT To TiTTh Terms aT Jamaica High were TransTerred in a body To our new build- ing. Thus aT lengTh was realized The long deTerred hope oT The surrounding com- muniTies Tor a cenTrally locaTed high school building which would be a monu- menT To educaTion and an open doorway T c To The TuTure aspiraTions oT The young women and men oT The neighborhood. Ground Tor The new building was broken on November I8, I935 aTTer The P.W.A. had alloTTed Tunds Tor iTs consTrucTion. George F. Driscoll, Inc. was The general conTracTor. The ToTal cosT exceeded 52,500,000 Preliminary work on The TransTer oT pupils was sTarTed aT Jamaica early in The Term, and arrangemenTs made whereby The 2700 pupils would be TransTerred wiTh as liTTle disTurbance To Their work as possible. A TaculTy oT sevenTy-Tive Teachers, wiTh Mr. STevenson as acTing principal, accompanied The pupils. ' GreaT was The saTisTacTion oT The pupils wiTh Their new surroundings. Some Things were noT quiTe Tinished, buT as Time wenT on, The building and iTs equipmenT were compleTed. The elevaTor, The library, The audi- Torium, The gyms and The pool all came in Tor Their share oT admiraTion. The pupils were Tirmly resolved To care Tor and preserve These valuable and beauTiTul new surroundings. As The Tall Term approached, brand new TexTbooks and supplies in almosT unending quanTiTies rolled inTo The building. AlmosT 700 new TirsT Termers were admiTTed. and addiTional pupils Trom upper grades oT oTher schools were admiTTed. We had grown in size To 3400, almosT enough To equal our capaciTy oT 3700. Mrs. Brogan, as adminisTraTive assisTanT, and Mr. McGarreTT, as program chairman, were kepT busy planning Tor exTension oT acTiviTies and classes. The General OrganizaTion goT under way wiTh Al Leibinger as iTs TirsT presidenT. On SepTember 23, The Hickory Log made iTs iniTial appearance. Formal dedicaTion oT The school had been posTponed Trom The spring To give The ciTy a chance To consTrucT proper sTreeTs abouT The building. IT was a memorable occasion when on SepTember 27, in The presence oT SuperinTendenT oT Schools Harold G. Campbell, Hon. Henry G. Turner, 4 1. ly iff! ol: Jackson l PresidenT oT The Board oT EducaTion, and many oTher no+ables oT The ciTy, Mayor La Guardia presenTed The key To The school To Mr. STevenson. Commissioner Johanna M. LindloT acTed as chairman. ParenTs' NighT oT Open School Week was an ouTsTanding occasion. The commiTTee worked long and sTrenuously To coordinaTe The TeaTures oT a program in which The school was on view and iTs pupils shown in acTion. The baskeTball l Team, coached by Mr. Dunleavy, and The swimming Team, under Mr. Mare's direcTion. puT Torward Jackson's green and whiTe in The Tield oT aThleTic compeTiTion. The spring Term oT I938 saw a growTh in size which carried The school populaTion beyond iTs single session capaciTy, and end-To-end sessions. which provided Tor Tull insTrucTional Time, were inauguraTed. New prinT- ing arrangemenTs were made Tor a beTTer Hickory Log. The TirsT dramaT- ic presenTaTion oT Three one-acT plays was 'eminenTly successful. The newly organized baseball Team did honor To Jackson on The diamond. On May 2, Mr. Ralph W. l-laller was assigned as principal and Took over ac- Tive direcTion of The school. The musical clubs. having perTecTed organi- zaTion. gave very crediTable enTerTainmenT and service To The school. On June 23. Jackson's TirsT graduaTing class oT Tive girls and six boys re- ceived Their diplomas. Commissioner l.indloT, Board oT EducaTion mem- ber Trom Queens. reTurned To make The commencemenT address. The evenTs oT The currenT Term are well known and amply recorded elsewhere in This volume. There is no need To reciTe Them here. The presenT graduaTing class oT some 250. a resoluTe band deTermined To succeed. will carry The Jackson banner ouT inTo The world. Our besT wishes go wiTh each and every one oT Them as we say "Godspeed" ln This brieT survey one cannoT record all The various acTiviTies ThaT have conTribuTed To The esTablishmenT oT The Andrew Jackson TradiTions and ideals. Our aims have been high. Service and deparTmenTal clubs are Tlourishing. Teachers and pupils have puT TorTh Their besT eTTorTs alike in The classroom and in exTra-curricular acTiviTies. All are working To keep Jackson preeminenT among schools. ln so doing, we are doing ThaT which is besT Tor ourselves. J. A. S. 5 , M 'feacwfl SENIOR COUNCIL SENIOR OFFICERS 6 ? xg QMN MRS. ELISABETI-I BROGAN, Chairman MR. J. ALLISON STEVENSON MR. FRANCIS SKIPP MISS MARGARET L. KOEHLER MRS. JULIA S. PEARSALL MRS. LILLIAN SCHILLING MISS RUTH B. SNYDER MR. WILIAM A. D. RHIND i WILLIAM MCGRATH, Presidenf LOUISE SCHAEFER. Vice-Presideni' GLORIA HAMILTON, Secrefary SALLIE GRAY, Tr easu rer Q Manuel Samuels Florence Chrislensen, John Ereyberg Dorolhy Kern, Who's Who Chairman: Eslher Rich- man, Prophecy Chairman: John Drexler, Barbara Supper, Edylhe Johnson, l-lelen Kuhn, Emmy Brunclc, Eleanor Donovan, Marion Moore, Rose Sallz, Madeline Kronmuller. l-lelen Ford, Accounlanlq Edward Gold, Grace Gleclcner, Irene l-laege, Dorolhy l-lulher. Peggy Gilbride, Chairman: Florence Taylor, Dor- olhy Scheclc, Joan Vanek, Elhel Duley, Virginia Lockwood, Doris Schulz, Lucille Davis, l-lelen Much, Raymond Cowan, Thomas McConnell. Gerald Geiger, Chairman, Eleanor Madden, Rulh Maffhews, Edwin Leise. Charles Kaye, Chairman: Elsie Erbar, Fred Arnold, lGloria Killans, Rulh Varvaro. Bernadelle Foley. Anne Kelly Sponsor, Mr. Wm. Rhind Arl Adviser, Mrs. E. Wallz Edifor-in-chief Associale Edilors Edilorial Slaff Business Slaff Adver+ising Sfaff Publicify Sfaff Ari' Slaff Secrefarial Sfaff A.. 7 xv Raw .vw Ml . B63 -I T 'H-I YQ, wx-vi ts s ' L, '71 m A-5: ,M 4. ,v X' '."x s 's 'I I R 'fc Lsflx-' V s-.v , 5, ,v, V , k. .-,.. t N. , , 2.1 J' , .p ... -x, ,, ,I v Aa, -X SKI K W 1 z f .VN I BOYS Bill lv1cGralh Tom McConnell Charlie Kaye l-lazen Coolc Joe Kruse Elmer Niebler Harry Voizard Bob Backus Bill Siclcles Bill McGra+h Warren Boege Harry Godfrey Bob lv1acGuire Bill Siclcles Ken Millard Willard Tosiman l-larry Voizard Jimmy Ean Bob MacGuire James Tighe Tommy McConnell Jim Slereil' l-larold Merlclen Bill lv1cGra+h I o H l-lall of Fame Mos? Popular Besi' Looking Bes+ Dressed Cufesi' Besi'-all-around Besi' Afhlefe Bes'r Dancer Nices+ Personaliiy Mosf Likely fo Succeed Done Mosf for School Mosi' Ar+isi'ic Teachers' Trai-L Teachers' Pei' Mos? Sophisiicaied Dramaiically lnclined Mos? Versafile Biggesi' Fliri' WiHies'I' Class Lamb Mosi' S+udious Hearibrealcer Liveliesf Mosi' Serious Mosi' Capable GIRLS Louise Schaefer Eleanor Donovan Maddy Kronmuller Nancy Gray Edyrhe Johnson Eslher Richman Kay O'Donahue Emmy Brunclc Leah Rappeporr Elsa Leib Ruih Varvaro Lorraine Campbell Rose Salfz Gloria l-lamillon Leah Rappeporr Kay Norihingion Regine l-laley Anne Wasmuih Eleanor Eausner Emma Baumann Gloria l-lamillon Lorraine Campbell Emma Baumann Elsa Leib ANNE H. ALBANO Business School "Hickory Log" Slalli, Teacher's Assisfanf, Arisra, Journalism and Hearfhslone Clubs, Jewelry Com- miflee. Journalisl' Mind cannof 'follow il: nor words express her infinife sweerness. WILLIAM ALBERS Columbia Universily Hall Pafrol, Door Guard, Affend- ance Office. Cerfified Public Accounlanl' Swelleganf fellow. FRANCIS R. ARMET Civil Service He knows his own mind: an un- usual phenomenon. FRED E. ARNOLD Business Trafhc Palrol, Library Sfafl, "Jack- sonian" Sfaff, Arr Sfaff-Sr. Class Book, Commercial Mimeograph Squad. Commercial Arfisf Sincere ambi+ion io do 'Ihe besf is his password 'Io success. ANN AXLER Business School Honor Roll, Dramaric Club, Hearfhsfone Club, Office Pracfice Club, Teachers' Assisranl, Olilice Assislanr. Privale Secrelary Such a kind heari is befier +I-lan all 'Ihe heads in 'Ihe world. R T B. BACKUS ess achers' Assislanl, Office Assisi- nr, Member of 'Phe S.B.O.F., Member of rhe Usher Squad. Linorypisf Humorous and wi'H'y Someday he'II be siHing preHy. I2 FLORENCE N. BANETH I-learfhsfone C I u b, Swimming Chevrons, Teachers' Assislanf, Dance Commiflee. Privale Secrelary Like champagne, she sparkles. LAWRENCE B. BARNETT Cornell Hall Parrol, Chemisfry Club, Biol- ogy Club, lnlramural Baskeiball, Biology Squad, Visual Aid Squad. Veferinarian I came, I saw-I'm leaving. ROBERT J. BARTOW lnrramural Baskerball and Base- ball. Business I always vofed af my par'fy's call And' I never fhoughi of myself af a . EMMA N. BAUMANN Biology Club, German Club lPresidenll, Teachers' Assislanf, Olilice Assis+an+, Arisfa, Won A. J. Essay Confesl. Cosiume Designer Lei your wisdom be your guide. GRACE M. BAUMGARTEL Scudder Office Assisrani, Teacher's As- sisfanf, Reorganizarion Squad, Jr. Glee Club, Archery, Hiking, Ten- nis, Hockey, Swimming, Baskelball, Lafin, Charm Clubs. Social Service Work A peach-'Ihe cream of 'Ihe crop. FRANCES A. BAUMGARTNER Washingfon School 'For Secrelaries French and German Club, Tennis, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Mofion Piclure Club, Charm Club, Teach- ers' Assislanf, Special Chorus and Glee Club. Privale Secrefary God is wiih Those who persevere. LORRAINE M. BECKER Teachers' Assislanf, Library Assisi- ani. Secrefary or Bookkeeper l1"s good io be merry and wise, I+'s good fo be honest and +rue. GRACE H. BETHON Business School Tennis Club, Special Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, French Club, and Lunch Squad, Teach- ers' Assisfanl. Bank Compfomefrisf Whgse liH'le body lodges a happy mm . FRED BLANCKMEISTER Door Guard-Boys' Gym. Business As a person, he's shy and refiring, As a siudenf, his record's inspir- ing. ARLEEN L. BOEGE Colby lMe.l Program Commiiiee, Assisiani fa Teacher, Swimming Club. Journalisl' , A blifhe head makes a blooming visage. WARREN R. BOEGE Colby lMe.l Bus Squad, Service Squad, Hall Pafrol, Swimming Team, "Hickory Log," "El Espanol" Sfafi. Commercial Arrisr Big splash - good io 'lhe lasl' drop. ROBERT B. BORTHWICK Engineer Who keeps his Tongue Does keep his soul. y 7?Jl.r,J6. MARY J. BREWER Queens Secreiary of German Club, "Edel- weiss" S+aFF, Red Cross Club, Arisfa. Teachers' Assisfanr. Hisrory Teacher Boih shori' and sweef some say is best EMMY B. BRUNCK Scudder School Teachers' Assisfanf, Swimming Club, French Club, Spanish, Dramalic Club, Honor Roll, Year- book Sfalili, La'l'in Club, German Club. Journalisr O, 1-hou ar+ fairer 'Phan -the eve- ning air Clad in she beaufy of a ihousand sfars. DONALD E. BUCKLEY Hall Parrol, Baskefball lnframural, Service Squad. Policeman He has a will fhaf none can bend, And he'll remain a sleadfasf friend. JOHN F. BYNO La Crosse Srafe Teachers' College Track Team, Cross-Counrry Team, Hall Pairol, Service Squad, Lunch Pafrol. Physical Educafion Teacher Your work on fhe horse will be a firm foundaiion. MABEL J. BYRNE Teachers' Assisranf, Member of The Hi-Yi. Nurse. l':fr happy naiure capfivaies us a . LORRAINE M. CAMPBELL U. of Souih Carolina Wriring Club. Tennis Club, Jr. Dramafic Club, "Hickory Log" Sfaff, Journalism Club, Honor Roll. Business A liH'le nonsense now and ihen Is relished by fhe wises+ men. I3 HOWARD R. CHANDLER Kansas STaTe Service Squad lLieuTenanTl, Hall Pafrol, Camera Club, Laie Squad, Honor Roll. Mechanical Engineer l will sTrive wifh Things impossi- ble, Yea, geT The beTTer of Them. FLORENCE L. CHRISTENSEN Business School Associafe EcliTor oi Yearbook, Sfaff Member of "Hickory Log," FeaTure EdiTor of "Hickory Log," Journalism Club, Honor Roll, Teacher's AssisTanT. Civil Service. SweeT and lovely-her whole- hearTed loyalTy and 'friendship is welcomed by all. THOMAS F. CLARK Hiram Locker Guard, Teachers' AssisTanT, VarsiTy Baseball, Sec. of The Var- siTy Club, Assisiani Sporis EdiTor of The "Hickory Log." Policeman He has The courage To Travel on The rough road To happiness. JOAN D. CLEMENCE Heffley Business School Baseball Club, Lunch Squad, Handball Club, Teacher's Assisi'- ani: Privaie SecreTary You make up in enThusiasm wha+ you lack in words. SHIRLEY V. CODY Pace lnsTiTuTe Tennis, Baseball, Glee Clubs, Jewelry CommiTTee, Teachers' As- sisTanT, Honor Roll. Secrelrary In quieTness and confidence shall be your sTrengTh. MILDRED COFFMAN Business School Teacher's AssisTanT, Office AssisT- anT, Tennis, Office Praciice, Val- leyball, and l-learThsTorie Clubs. CourT STenographer To praise her would be like gild- ing a lily. I4 HELENE COHN Queens Teachers' AssisTanT, Honor Roll, Tennis Club, French Club. To be successful She warms The cockles of our hearfs. JULIA M. COLLINS Business Teachers' AssisTanT, BaskeTball Club, Glee Club. Bookkeeper Because for much she's qualified, WiTh liTTle she'll ne'er be saTis- Tied. ROBERT J. COLLINS N. Y. U. Glee Club, Prinl' Shop-Service Squad, Honor Roll. Businessman He is The very essence T. courTesy. ROBERT S. COLODZIN Queens Journalisi An honesT man, close-buTToned To The chin, BroadcloTh wiThouT, and a warm hearT wiThin. HAZEN E. COOK Rensselaer Hall PaTrol, Service Squad, Cam- era Club, Visual Aid Squad, Treasurer of Social Club, Honor Roll. Engineer Merrily we roll along. RAYMOND J. COWAN Annapolis Senior Yearbook, ChemisTry Squad, Honor Roll, lnTramural BaskeTball. UniTed STaTes Navy Anchors aweigh my lads: he's off To The sea, A naval cadeT we'll have in our Alumni. WILLIAM E. CROPSEY Liferary Edifor Sfafl of "SI'ar," Service Squad, Hall Palrol. Silence has many advanfages. LZLUCILLE B. D IS Business Honor Roll, T Assislani, Prog Co ee, Senior Year- bob lub, Spanish Club. e lub, Swimming Club, arm Club. Privafe Secreiary Nice disposifion, a friend 'lo each, To use lhe vernacular, she's a "peach." MARIE E. DeGROOT Business Tennis Club, Biology Club, Teach- ers' Assisranr. Couri Reporier A sensifive mind for thinking clear, A characier noi open 'Io suspicion and fear. WILLIAM DeKONING Bill Dickey and Burleigh Grimes. ANN V. DEMYEN Business Office Assisfani, Teachers' Assisr- ani. Privaie Secreiary Agreeable and full of fun, Always liked by everyone. HARRIET G. DINKELBERG Business Office Praciice Club, Teachers' Assisfanl. Bookkeeper Nofhing can be said againsl fhe quief. JOHN J. DIXON N. Y. U. Service Squad. Track Squad, Siamp Club. Aeronauiical Engineer His glory will weave a slory. CHARLES DOERLICH N. Y. U. Service Squad, Siamp Club, Hon- or Roll, Teacher's Assisianf. Aeronauiical Engineer He's flying high on fhe wings of success. .Mobil ELEANOR H. DONOVAN Mellon-Friel Charm Club, Hearfhsione Club, Tennis Club, Class Book Slaff, Teacher's Assislani. Model She is charming and aflraciive 'lo us, in 'facf she's personalily plus. FRANK A. DREVES Michigan U. Service Squad, Locker Guard. Diesel Engineer Some day I'II learn 'fo drive fha? car. JOHN R. DREXLER Jr. Dramaiic Club, Yearbook Siaii, Chemisiry Squad, Infra- mural Aciiviiies, Teacher's Assisi- ani. Commercial Adveriising You can'+ iudge by size: fhink of Napoleon. EDWARD J. DUDAS Handball Team, Annex Baskeiball Team, lnlramural Baseball, Infra- mural Handball, Service Squad- Hall Pairol. Ceriified Public Accounianl The personificafion of a +eacher's Irial, He gol around 'lhem wifh his win- ning smile. I5 J l J Mi Dunb T e ssisra f, Senior Year- lalli, Charm Club, Lunch- room Parrol. Privafe Secrerary She is preHy +o walk wirh and wiHy io Talk wi+h and pleasanf, foo, fo fhink on. ETHEL J. DU Y .TQ JAMES R. EAN Alabama Publiciiy Manager of ihe Baskei- ball Team, Teachers' Assisranr, Publici+y Manager of The Swim- ming Team, "Jacksonian" Slaff. Wrifer. Personalify -1- wif : Jimmy. LEONA ENGELBOSCH Business College Tennis Club, Teacher's Assisianf, Soffball Club, Volleyball Club, French Club. Accounianf A maid who is charming, clever and sweef, As fine a girl as you'd care fo meer. ELEANOR ENGELHARDT Business Teachers' Assisranr, Office Assisi- anr, Girl's Chorus. Secrerary She isn'f second +o anybody- She's one in a million. ELSIE M. ERB PraH' Senior Yea Sfalif, Visual Aid Ofli e, Cha Club, Glee Club, Hea hsi' lub, Teachers' As- s a , hlice Assislanf. r inkling eyes and ready s iles ' pull her ihru life's difficulf hials. GILBERT J. FARMER Cooper Union Hisrory Office, Dramafic Club, Service Squad, Orchesira, Band, Ar? Sraff of "Hickory Log," Hall Pafrol, Locker Guarcl. Commercial Arfisr May your bull fiddle be as well drawn as your art ' I6 MARGARET M. FARRELL Teachers' Assisranr, Baseball Club, Tennis Club, Baskerball Club, Charm Club, Sren. Club. Always quief, always sfeady, She's ambifious and ever ready. ELEANOR R. FAUSNER Pra+'r Teachers' Assisranr, Girls' Chorus, Baskelball Club, German Club, Junior Glee Club, Special Chorus, Ohiice Pracfice Club. Commercial Arfisf When she has passed if seems like fhe ceasing of music. GEORGE J. FEELY Book Squad, Hall Palrol, Service Squad, Teacher's Assisranr. An even fempered lad. MILDRED L. FIENSTEIN Teachers' Assis+an+, Charm Club, Volleyball Club, 'Handball Club, Program Commiiie, s Squad, Lunchroom S u ci! Secrerary in G . Conn? C m . mall QQ!! BERNADETTE J. FOLEY 4! Teachers' Assisiani, Honor Roll, Senior Yearbook S+arF, Office Pracrice Club, Second Prize in Ciry Shorfhand Conresl. Courf Sfenographer Genfle of speech and beneficeni' of mind. rg HELEN M. FORD Washingron School for Secreraries Honor Roll, "Hickory Log" S+af'F, Hosress Commirree, Social Club, Swimming Club, Handball Club, Board of Eleciions, Teachers' As- sisranr, Senior Yearbook Accounf- ani. Srarisfician 3X-I-3Y:Success ,.-rf60'6" fe' WML mx .X X HAZEL FoRsTER X Business Baskefball, T e n n i s, Volleyball, Handball, Teacher's Assisfani, Glee Club, Special Chorus. Secreiary Deferminafion causes obsfacles io be liffed from her paihway. JEANNE M. FRANC Assisianf io Teacher, Office Duiy. Spanish Club, Charm Club. Successful Secrefary A graduaie of +l1e Charm Club- need we say more? JOHN FREYBERG Prafi Ari School Marioneiie Club, Junior Glee Club, Associaie Ediior of 'ihe Yearbook, Teacher's Assisfanf, Honor Rell. Theafrical Producer Like a nuggei of gold, genuine and priceless, is +he -friendship of John. I GEORGE E. FRIEDELL Hall Pairol, Service Squad. Radio Announcer The ink of a scholar is more sac- red fhan 'rhe blood of a mariyr. JOHN P. GALVIN Noire Dame Elecirical Engineering You'll shock fhem with your spark. MILDRED A. GARRY l-leffley Honor Roll, Volleyball Club, Social Club, Dancing Club, Base- ball Club, Teachers' Assisianf. Member of ihe "400" Such a fair ex+erior is a silenf recommendafion. ,A i W e Mig ,,., hike .X . V H , W1 if A R.. jj V A . A ,V " l GERTRUDE F. GEHRSITZ Kafherine Gibbs Business School Charm Club, Journalism Club, Special Chorus, Tennis, Scimonecs Club, Spanish Slub. Baskelball, Swimming, Jewelry Commiflee. Secrefary A dose of charm, a drop of wi'I', Makes her fhe kind ihaf will never qui+. GERALD R. eEleeR Z N.Y.U. ra ic Parrol Service Jacksonian Commercial Mlm of Baseball Te m nior ass Adveriising Ag "Presiden1"' of e largesf a er- fising concern, ls fhe name 1-haf he will rn. T Fi ' , g Sou , graph Squdd, Publicil Ma ek Q , l Book Sfaii, c GLADYS A. GENCORELLI Teachers' Assisfanf, Soffball Club, Jewelry Commifiee, Lafin Club, Sewing Club. Telephone Operalor A sincere and loyal person deserv ing of praise. EDWARD P. GERHARD N.Y.U. Lab. Assisiani, lnlramural Base- ball. Engineer Ed'll gel' by wifhouf us io prophesy. MARGARET D. GILBRIDE . JU-Z Duke . , Presidenl' oi l-learlhtiione , Charm Club, Tenrlisf Chu , Pan- American Club, ,Hiking Club, Y ook Siafi, Teachers' Assisi- ani ,'f , ' D ' iii nfl bf f nriihf he "To Love," "To elp" is file osi beaufiful. GRACE S. GLECKNER l-loislra Marioneile Club, Tennis Club. Riding Club, Dramalic Club, Journalism Club, Honorl Roll, "Hickory Log" Siaici, Senior Year- book Sfalif. Business Gracious Lady, cheerful and gay, To find anofher, you'd go a long way. I7 HARRY J. GODFREY lllinois Orcheslra, Dance Band, Red Cross Club, Service Squad. Professional Enlerlainer ln Hollywood and on fhe Greal' While Way This enferfainer will have his day. EDWARD GOLD N' 'U s sl d Tra 1 ro, e vi e q a , grap I quad, Senior C ss O , r l. 'T S' Accounling Teacher He'II grow and grow 'lil he reaches lhe lop, And affer fhal he slill won'l sfop. BERNICE GORDON Queens Arisla, Honor Roll, Teachers' As- sisfanl, Principal's Secrelary, Dra- malic Club, Secrelary of French Club. Broadway-here she comes! CONSTANCE GRAHAM-RAAD Cornell Philocalian Club, Tennis Club, French Club, Hockey Club, Bas- kelball, Poelry Club. Home Economics Teacher If brains are a commodify, 'lhen she's gof 'lhe goods. ,XNANCY GRAY Blue Ridge Secrefary of Arisla, Service Squad, Office Assislanl, Mask Club, Teachers' Assisfanf, Usher Squad, Dramalic Club, Tennis Club, Riding Club. Secrelary - Liflle women are especially capable. SALLIE GRAY Blue Ridge Treasurer of Senior Class, Honor Roll, Dramalic Club, Tennis Club, Riding Club, Mask Club, Teach- ers' Assis+anr, Usher Squad, Board of Elecfions. Secrefary Very affraclive and never inaclive. I8 YVONNE L. GREEN if Sf. Lawrence U. Honor Roll, Special Chorus, "Hickory Log" Sfaii, Swimming Club, Philocalian Sociely, Charm Club, Teachers' Assislanl, Glee Club, Service Squad, Riding Club, Volleyball Club. Chemisr Girl of 'roday-she may shock her elders, buf never her iuniors. RITA GREENBERG N.Y.U. Teachers' Assislanl, Honor Roll. Reorganizalion Commillee, Lunch Squad, Bus Squad, Tennis, Golf and French Clubs, Manager of Publicily Commilfee of French Club. Secrefary High erecled lhoughls, sealed in ihe heari' of courfesy. EILEEN GREENWOOD Teacher's Assislanl, Program Com- millee, Typisl for Commercial De- parlmenl, Soffball Club, Hand- ball Club. Confidenlial Secrelary Five-fool-'four and big brown eyes, Crifics will praise her lo The skies. MATILDA E. GROPP Teacher's Assislanl, Arisra, Presi- denf of Pan-American Club, Pro- gram Commirlee, Pan-American Medal. Courl' Slenographer Always iolly, always gay, She's sure fo go a long, long way. ANNA M. HAEBERLE Glee Club, Hearrhslone Club. Singer Those who are silenf defy 'line words. lRENE M. HAEGE HeFfley's Business College Teacher's Assisfanl, Tennis Club, Volleyball Club, Senior Class Book Sfaff. Secrefary A porfraif of a lady. REGINE M. HALEY Dance Club, Social Club, Teach- er's Assisranl. Privaie Secreiary An added afiraclion in any office. GLORIA M. HAMILTON Washingion School for Secrefaries Secretary of Senior Class, Board of Eleciions, Teachers' Assisrani, Honor Roll, Orchesira, Social, Sewing and Tennis Clubs. A lovely lady garmenied in Iighf from her own beauiy. VIRGINIA A. HAMMER N.Y.U. Glee and Movie Clubs, Teachers' Assisrani. Accounting Teacher Friendly is her personaliiy, Boundless her vifalify. WALLACE A. HASTINGS Columbia Service Squad, Hall Pafrol, Teach- er's Assisianr, Honor Roll. Capfain in lhe Merchanl Marine If IIIQYGIS anyihing he likes be'Her than a girl. i+'s Iwo of fhem. LEWIS H. HAVERKAMP Annapolis Service Squad. Lunch Squad, Larin Club, Siamp Club, Enfomology Club. Commercial Flying On 'Iheir own meri'I's. modesi' men are silen'I'. CATHERINE L. HAYDEN Charm Club, Tennis Club. Secrefary Here's fo a girl wi'I'l1 eyes of blue, Who's sunny smile comes shining Through. HELEN E. HENNINGER Teachers' Assisfaniq Service Squad. Honor Roll. Jewelry Commiilee, Office Pracfice Club. Secrelary I+ warms us, i+ charms us 'lo men- fion her name. WALTER L. HOOBS lnframural Baslcelball, Honor Roll. Ambifion and wisdom, pep and vim, E i a surzf u ce . HARRY D. HORN Service Squad, lnlramural Baslzei- ball, Locker Squad, Teacher's As- sisianf. No one shall "horn" in on his suc- cess. RUTH L. HOWARD Leaders' Club, Baseball Club, Lunchroom Squad. Teacher's As- sisianr. Nurse Her voice is genile end low: an excellenf Ihing in a girl. RD J. HU i dance O e I e Squa . A Roclz of Gibr lar: sieady e and sfable. LISA HUNDT Jewelry Commifiee. Teacher's As- sisfanr. Secrefary Such a fair flower will noi' remain long by fha roadside. I9 EDWIN H. HUNTER N.Y.U. Siamp Club, lnslrumenlal Music Class, Teacher's Assislanl: Civil Engineer He's iusf an uprighl, downrighf, alrighl' fellow. WILLIAM J. HUNTER Queens Hall Palrol, Service Squad, Chem. C l u b . Commercial Magazine, Lunch Palrol. Chemisl or Pholographer Ready, willing and able. DOROTHY E. J. HUTHER Teachers' Assislanl. Glee Club, Baskelball Club, Honor Roll, Col- leclion Slalii ol Class Book. Dress Designer If you could bu'l know her, you'd undersland Why we all Ihink lhai she's so grand. GLORIA IRWIN Nurses Training School Library Slail, Tennis Club. Regisfered Nurse A keynole of individuali+y. LUCILLE D. JACOBS Business College Arisfa, Dramalic Club, Spring Show, "Flallering Word," Teach- er's Assislanl, "El Sereno," Fall Show. Professional Model A sighl' Io delighi' in. DORIS A. JACOBSEN Nurses Training School "Hickory Log" Slalf, Charm Club, Service Squad. Nurse In her Iongue is ihe law of kind- ness. 20 EDYTHE M. JOHNSON N. J. Slale Teachers Teachers' Assislanl, Lunch Squad, Cheering Squad, Honor Roll, Baseball, Baslcelball, Tennis, Golf, Swimming Club, Philocalian Clubs, Eclilorial Sfalili Yearbook. Library Sfafl. Teacher The enlhusiaslic and pleasing il- lusion of youfh. WENCHE R. JOHNSON New York College of Music Volleyball, Handball Clubs, Swim- ming Club, Golf Club, Glee Club, Teacher's Assislanl. Pianisl A daughler of ihe gods, divinely fall and mos+ divinely fair. WILLIAM H. JONES Niagara U. Teacher's Assislanf, Swimming Tearn, Usher Squad, Service Squad, lnlramural Aclivilies. Aeronaulical Engineer High, wide and handsome. NORMAN H. KA ING j Business School Chief of Servi , lf' - Fire Marshal, r fi. , olor Guard, S. . ' osseCoun+ry Tr ck Team ea' ers' Assislanl. A mem fhe Honor Pairol, IS ' es may only be exfoled. DOLORES M. KARKHECK Baslcelball, Office Praclice Club, Teachers' Assislanl. Secrelary A body in molion lends 'lo slay in mofion. A body a+ res+ 'lends -buf never is. CHARLES J. KAYE Co l College T nni Team, Varsify Club, lnlra- ur B elb l,"Seni r Yearbook l n oll, ' r and nior lee bs Special Chorus. Podiafrisl' A real friend: a royal enlerlainerg a sferling companion, and a regu- lar fellow. I WILLIAM T. KEELER Syracuse Science Club, lniramural Baseball, Service S uad Locker Guard q , . d fo all who know him? JANE L. KELLER Miss Dunbar's Business School Teachers' Assislani, Dramaiic Club, Honor Roll, Swimming Club. Physioiherapisl She fries hard fo succeed-and always succeeds. ,ANA J. KELLY Nighl School Jewelry Commifiee, Senior Year- book Commiiiee, Glee Club, Hon- or Roll, Teachers' Assislani. Nurse A good invesimenf. JUOROTHY KERN Skidmore Office Assisfanl, Tennis Club, Teachers' Assisianl, "Modern- aires," Ediiorial Sfaii Yearbook, Journalism Club, Charm Club, Bus Squad, Sollball Club, Honor Roll, Glee Club. Surgical Nurse Full of pep, vim, and go, Thal's why people like her so X-ZGTORIA KILLANS Queens Glee Club, Philocalian Club, Vol- leyball Club, Honor Roll, Lunch Squad, Dean's Assisiani, Bus Squad, Yearbook Siaii. Successful Business Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why aren'l' 'lhey all conlenfed like me? BARBARA KING Vassar Riding Club, Swimming Club, Dramafic Club, Orchesira. Adress She'd be a queen if she weren'+ King. g v..i,,, 15.2, W' l 1 I is RITA D. KLEIN Tennis Club, Volleyball Club, Bas- lcefball Club, German Club, Teacher's Assisianf. Secrelary 'Tis well fo be nalural-when you're nafurally well. EDWARD A. KNIGHT U. S. Naval Academy lnlramural Baseball, lniramural Baskerball, Honor Roll, Teacher's Assislani, Office Assisfani. Naval Officer Personali+y insures popularify. RUDOLPH KNOTT Business Aviaiion He'll sel new pafhs in ihe sky. DOROTHY E. KNOX Duke "Hickory Log" Sialii, Swimming Club, J.H.S. Field Band, Glee Club, Pan-American Club, Slamp Club, Dramaiic Club, Teacher's Assislani. Psychologisl She'II be ihere when opporlunily "Knox." MARYANNE A. KOEHLER Columbia Business College Teachers' Assisianl, German Club, Biology Club. Privaie Secreiary "Maryanne Koehler," The prophel' cried, "ls ambilion personified." MADELEINE B. KRONMULLER Wisconsin Wrifing Club, Dramaiic Club, Tennis Club, Swimming Club, Yearbook, "Hickory Log" Siaff, Secreiary Journalism Club, Mask Club, Service Squad. Honor Roll, Riding, Usher, Social Clubs, Sani- 'lalion Squad, Teachers' Assislani. Inferior Decoraior Siyle is +l1e dress of -lhoughls. 2I Lg fella W MILDRED O. KRPALEK Washingfon School for Secrefaries Teachers' Assisfanf, Charm Club, Philocalian Sociefy, Tennis Club, Special Chorus, French Club, Modernaires Club, Maslcmalcing Club. Legal Sfenographer Like a bounding deer, she's al- ways alerf. JOSEPH H. KRUSE Texas Chrisfian Varsify Baseball Team, lnframural Baslcefball, Service Squad, Locker Squad, Varsify Club. The worId's a nuf-and he's fhe righf kind of a craclrer for if. ELENE J. KUHN Praff Business School Charm Club, Senior Class Book Sfaff, Teacher's Assisfanf. Secrefary Her smile is sweefened only by her personalify. VITO J. LA MARIANA N.Y.U. Lunch Pafrol, Traclc Team, Infra- mural Baseball, lnframural Baslcef- ball, Locker Guard, Glee Club. Civil Engineer When bigger and beffer bridges are builf, he'll build fI1em. VINCENZA E. LANDINO Business Teacher's Assisfanf, Glee Club, Charm Club. Secrefary Capable and agreeable. LORRAINE L. LARCOM Business College Office Assisfanf, Girls' Chorus. "Sfar" Sfaff, Spanish Club, Glee Club. Spanish sfenographer She can say in verse whaf ofhers can say in prose. 22 ESTHER A. LARSEN Tennis and Office Pracfice Clubs, Teacher's Assisfanf, Honor Roll, Pifman Shorfhand Pin. Privafe Secrefary Perfecf simplicify is unconsciously audacious. VALERIE E. LAWALL Business Teachers' Assisfanf. Privafe Secrefary Wif, wisdom and modesfy-- She's one of fha few fhaf has all fhree. ELSA A. LEIB J I-lofsfra Edifor-in-Chief of "Hickory Log," l-liking Club, Girls' League, Girl Leader of Arisfa, Dramafic Club, Glee Club, Journalism Club, Lafin Club, Program Commiffee, Win- ner of School Speech on Consfi- fufion. Journalism Smiling, cheerful and dependable, Nofhing abouf her fhaf is noi' commendable. ALPHONSE P. LEIBINGER -f U. S. Naval Academy Firsf G.O. Presidenf, Cheering Squad, Hall Pafrol, Usher Squad, Dramafic Club, ,Service Squad, Lunch Pafrol. U. S. Naval Officer Your faulfs are few, Your accomplishmenfs are many, We cannof say much more for you. EDWARD F. LEIDENBERG Swimming Team. Civil Service And sfill fhey gazed and fhe wonder grew Thaf one lone hearf could carry all he Imew. .X EDWIN T. LEISE Sf. John's Universify Book Squad, Service Squad, Pub- licify Sfaff of Yearbook, Teacher's Assisfanf. Cerfified Public Accounfanf I+'s nof whaf he says, buf how he says ifl PAULINE LENHARD Teacher's Assislanl, Tennis Club, 2nd Prize Award Shorlhand Con- lesl, Honor Roll. Privale Secrefary Beauliful in 'form and feefure, lovely as 'lhe day. cZWRGINlA L. LOCKWOOD Teacher's Assisfanl, Adverlising Slafl of Yearbook, Tennis, Baskel- ball, Swimming Clubs. Secrelary Elegani as simplicily and warm as ecsfasy. MARION G. LOHR Kalharine Gibbs Hiking, Tennis, Volleyball, Hand- ball Clubs, Teachers Assislanf, Office Praclice, Glee Club. Wriler Quick smile, keen mind. ROBERT C. MacGUlRE N.Y.U. Music Deparlmenl, Teacher's As- sislanf, Glee Club, Special Chor- us, Service Squad. Teacher Social Sludies The serious side has grae? appeal, So he'll be al 'lhe slep of Forfune's Wheel. EL ANOR L. MADDEN eens acher's Assislanl, Publicily Slalili i Yearbook, Allendance Office, Tennis Club, Baskelball Club, Base- ball Club, Spanish Club, Hearlh- slone Club, Honor Roll. Journalisl' Nofhin is so slrong as genfleness g r i Nofhing so genfle as real slrenglh. EDWARD G. MAHER Duke Varsily Hockey, Varsily Baseball, Varsify Soccer. Adverlising You will win whai you deserve, By your ialeni and your reserve. ELSIE L. MAIELLO Business Dancing Club, Teacher's Assislanl. Bookkeeper Her earneslness is evidence of compeiency. RUTH M. MATTHEWS if Berkeley Llewellyn Teacher's Assislanl, Bus Squad. Soffball Club. Secrelarial A lighl hear? lives long. THOMAS A. McCONNELL N.Y.U. Hall Parrol, Service Squad Lieu- lenanl, Oilico Assislanl, Teacher's Assislanl, "Hickory Log." Brillianl af work, clever al play, He'll never wasfe his 'time away. GRACE E. McELLlGOTT Business School Record Office, Bank, Gym Oliiice. Lunch Squad, Bus Squad, Teach- er's Assisranf, Movie Club. Glee Club, Drarnaiic Club, Volleyball Club. Privale Secrelary The ambilious who have her abil- ily are sure lo succeed. HELEN P. McGOWAN Baskelball, Handball, Hiking, Hoc- key, Tennis, Hearfhslone Clubs, Glee Club, Girls' Chorus, Jew- elry Commilfee, Teacher's Assisi- ani. Teacher To Modesfy-a handsome dish- cover lhaf makes us lhink fhere is somefhing good undernealh. WILLIAM- F. McGRAT.H Lf N. Y. lnsllfule of Banking Edilor-in-Chief of "Hickory Log," Lieulenanl Hall Parrol, Lieufenanl' Service Squad, Sergeanl Bus Squad, Presidenl' Journalism Club, Presidenl Senior Class, "Sfar" Slalii, Social Club. True fo his iob lo ihe very end, An aihleie, a scholar and a friend. 23 VIRGINIA M. McLAUGHLIN Praff Insfifufe Spanish Club, Vice-Presidenf Span- ish Club, Jewelry Commiffee Sen- ior Class, Hearlhslone Club, Of- fice Assisfanf, Dramafic Club, Spanish Office, Honor Roll, Arf Club, Teacher's Assisfanf. Commercial lllusfrafor None knew her buf fo love her, None Irnew her buf fo praise her. JOHN J. McMANUS Queens Locker Guard. Engineer Do nof measure greafness by size. HAROLD MERKLEN Cify College Poefry Edifor "Sfar" Magazine, Virgil Club, Wrifing Club. To Wrife An eager servanf of fhe muses. ROBERT G. MEYER Rufgers Sporfs Edifor "Hickory Log," Journalism Club, Service Squad. Journalism Men of few words are fhe besf of men. MARCELLA E. MIELKE Columbia Philocalian Club, Glee Club, Teacher's Assisfanf. To do fhings The noblesf mind fhe mosi con- fenfmenf has. KENNETH MILLARD Presiclenl' Dramaiic Club, Sfage Manager "The Florisi' Shop," Gen- eral Manager Spring Show, Fea- 'lure Edifor and Exchange Edifor "Hickory Log," Ye Olde Chopper. Liferary or Thealrical Producer Affer fhe log had been rolled and clipped, Kenny added his Hickory Chips. 24 SELMA N. MINTZ Syracuse Teacher's Assisfanf. Journalisl From fhe crown of her head fo fhe sole of her feef, Here's a girl fhaf can'f be beef. ROBERTA A. MOON Club Esquire, Teacher's Assisfanf. Marriage Joyous are fhe indusfrious MARION MOORE Hunfer Teacher's Assisfanf, Honor Roll, Ari' Club, Charm Club, Yearbook Sfafl, Journalism Club. Teacher Her sweefness, quiefness and sin- cerify make her one of fhe besf. HARRIET J. MORRIS N.Y.U. or Ciiy Glee Club, Office Praclice Club, Baskefball Club, Arisfa, Office As- sisfanl, Teacher's Assislanf. Cerlified Public Accounfanf A pleasanf companion and a fine friend. HELEN J. MUCH Business School Honor Roll, German Club, Hiking Club, Visual Aid Squad, Charm Club, Program Commiffee, Senior Yearbook Sfaff, Teacher's Assisi- anl', German Paper Sfaff. Secrefary Sweefer also 'rhan honey and 'Ihe honey combs. ALICE L. MURPHY Kafherine Gibbs Business Course Baskefball Club, Volleyball Club, Glee Club, Baseball Club, Teach- er's Assisfanf. Privafe Secrefary Her very frowns are fairer far, Than smiles of ofher maidens are JOHN L. MUZll Queens Track Team. Chemisf He has the formula for happiness. ANN NELSON A fuiure wrifer of renown. NORMAN R. NELSON N.Y.S.M.M.A. Hall Pairol, Fire Marshal. Sea Capfain Hearfs of oak are our ships, Gallani Tars are our men. ELMER F. NlEBLER Norfh Carolina Cap-'rain Baseball Team, lnframural Baskefball, Teacher's Assislanf, Li- brary Sfaff. Professional Baseball All-American Boy wilhoui a Wheafies endorsement ELEANOR M. NEURATH Tennis Club, Teacher's Assislani. Cerfified Accounianf Music hail charms, buf so has Eleanor. , , , M11 fl Llc? 5' fCHARLES S. NEVILLE S+. John's U. Baskeiball Team, Hall Pafrol, Serv- ice Squad, Locker Guard. New York Fire Deparfmenl Fireman Here comes Charlie wilh a clang, DOROTHY E. NIENSTADT Hofsfra Baseball Club, Hockey Club, Vol- leyball Club, Tennis Club, Riding Club, Handball Club. Teacher's Assisfani. Secre+ary Simple and sweet THOMAS L. NOLAN Fordham Cross-Counfry Team, Baseball Team, Varsiry Club, Publicily Manager Baskeiball. Raresi of all-a regular fellow. MARGARET E. NOLL Miss Dunbar's Sofiball Club. Volleyball Club, Tennis Club, Baskeiball Club, Glee Club, Honor Roll, Lunchroom Squad, Teachers' Assisfanf. Member of The "4-00" Shorf and sweei. KAY NORTHINGTON Universiiy of Michigan Presidenf Charm Club, Vice-Presi- denl Journalism Club. Edifor "Hickory Log," Edifor-in-Chief of "S+ar," Treasurer Arisfa, Service Squad, Library Service, Junior Glee Club. Psychiairic Nurse Personalify plus abilify equals success. CATHERINE A. O'DONOHUE Teacher's Assisfanf, Board of Elec- iions, Social Club, Charm Club, Sewing Club, Handball Club, Baseball Club. Secrefary She can 'Truck and she can swing, She'lI make success when she's had her fling. ROBERT L. OERZEN S+evens lnsfifule Inframural Baseball, Service Squad, Camera Club, Locker Guard, lnframural Baskelball. Engineer You'll a'Hain your ambiiious aim. 25 kfiol-IN om.ANDo ueens Colle e O 9 Honor Rall, Wrifing Club, Scim- onec Club. Teacher, High or College Speech is silver, Silence is golden. ROBERT J. PAPE No+re Dame Baslcerball Team Varsily, Hall Pa- irol. Courf Slenographer He may be quief, Ibui' The cheers for him are Io psf? CRAWFORD F. X. GTON Noire Dam ' Teac 's Assis Ci 'I sm d ed ar 'Ihey who call I friend. CHESTER E. PAUL Miami U. Teachers' Service. Engineer A boy who will reach fhe Iop rung in The ladder of success. NORMAN PEARCE Pace lnsfifufe Service Squad. Public Accounlanf Quieily he acis. while ofhers brood. ALBERT D. PEPITONE Hofsfra Hall Pa+rol, Dance Band, School Orchesfra, Inframural Baslmefball, Service Squad, Locker Guard. Musical Arranger A real swell boy, 'Ihey all say, He'II be a second Jimmy Dorsey. 26 LOUISE C. PERRIN Browne's Business School Charm C l u b, Reorganizafion Squad, Teacher's Assisfanf, Jew- elry Commiffee. Secre+ary Silence is as deep as eferniiy- Speech is as shallow as Iime. WALTER A. .PETERSEN Queens Hall Pafrol, Arf Office, Orcheslra, Special Chorus. An Officer in fhe Navy Shy - aspiring - and ambiiious ihoughf. DOROTHY P. PHILLIPS Dramafic Club, Publiciiy Com- miflee 'For Spring Show, Dramafic Club. Secrefary Everyone Iilres a good sporI'- Winfer or Summer. FRANK F. PISER Varsiiy Baseball Team, All-Queens Third Baseman. Quiei' indeed, he never gives a push. IRENE E. POWERS Nurses' Training Presidenl' Library Sfaff, Hearfh- sfone Club, Sewing Club. Nurse AhI She 'Flavors every'Ihingg she's Ihe vanilla of success. ALICE M. PRASEK Business School Glee Club, Girls' Chorus, Teach- ers' Assisienl, Office Assisfani. Bookkeeper We wish Ihai' we never before had used superlafives, fha? we mighf befier painf her virfues. ARTHUR A. PRESBY Swimming Team. U. S. Air Corps The key io glory which opens fhe door of success, ln 'lhe fulure he will possess ROBERT V. PRESCOTT C.C.N.Y. Dance Band, Teacher's Assisranf, Clerk in Commercial Office. Orcheslra Leader "Music is," said he, "like 'lhe speech of angels." THOMAS E. QUINN Cross-Counlry, Track Team, Serv- ice Squad. Fireman Don'1 under eslimafe fhe value of The quiet LEAH JANE RAPPEPORT Oueens Edifor-in-Chief "Log," "S+ar" Slalil, Dramalic Club, Arisla, Spring Show, Journalism Club, Organized Wrilers' Club, Lalin Medal, Riding Club, Mask Club, Puppel Club. Aclress and Playwrighl Veni, vidi, vici. HEDWIG L. REIMANN Hofsfra Arisfa, Honor Roll, Presidenl Ger- man Club, Edilor "Edelweiss," Chem. Club, Visual Aid Squad. Teacher's Assislanl. Social Science Teacher Today whaiever may annoy-lhe word for lhee is simple ioy. xfESTHER RICHMAN Oueens Teacher's Assislanf, Volleyball Club, Baskelball Club, Tennis, Club, Swimming Club, Handball Club, Hockey Club, Dramafic Club, Program Commiffee, Hiking Club, Yearbook, Arisla. Chemical Analysf A sincere worker, and friend, ever al hand, Her advice and friendship are always in demand. WILLIAM E. RIETHLE N.Y.S.M.M.A. Lieulenanl Hall Palrol, Lieulenanl' Service Squad, Cross-Country Squad. Officer in Navy or Merchanl Marine He knows 'lhe value of +eam work even 'lhough he is a sfar. JOHN J. ROSS Fordham Universily Affendance Ol'iice. Professional Baseball Graaf +hings in sfore for him . . . and he has lhe key. PAUL ROTH N.Y.U. Service Squad, Baseball Squad. Aeronaulical Engineer This ambiiious lad is benl on making some new accomplishment Rose M. sALTz if Business Firsl' Secrelary G. O.. League, Sen r , Aisle Reorganiz l" S ua ram ssislani' ess lee ra ahc C b an mm V leyball Club u m ub riva Secr y The salfs o The earfh are so invaluable. MANUEL SAMUELS Oueens Edifor-in-Chief Senior Yearbook, Associale Edilor "Hickory Log." News Edifor, Arisla, Dramalic Club, Journalism Club, French Club, Honor Roll, Dance Band, Or- cheslra, Presidenl "Old Hickory" Parfy, Spring Show Siege Man- ager. Journalisl'-Adverliser None hui himself can be his parallel. 1--f' e, . r'I Q ' , ' 1' 0 l , 1 i . ,Sp ' lu T ' u , S ' i g -a r ' Ba ll Ci :iq-. CI . P' ' 1 I' ANNA M. SAROSY Volleyball Club, Teacher's Assisi- anr, Jewelry Commillee. Secrefary Her many dee-ds so far unfold, Wifh pasi' records now unfold. 27 J LOUISE L. SCHAEFFER Dramalic Club, Florisf Shop, She Sfoops To Conquer, Vice-Presidenl' Dramalic Club, Vice-Presidenr Senior Class. Commercial Arlisi Her name will be in Iighis all over The iown, And she'II lreep smiling +iII ihe curfain comes down. WARREN W. SCHALLER Queens Service Squad, Hall Pairol, Base- ball Team, Varsiiy Club, Track Team. Engineering He will consirucr his bridges +he same sfable way he is consrrucfing his life. DOROTHY H. SCHECK Cornell Teacher's Assisfanr, Cheering Squad, Service Squad, Yearbook Comrniiiee, Riding Club, Volley- ball Club, Handball Club, Golf Club, Swimming Club, Glee Club. Die+i+ian Here's fo a girl wifh eyes of brown, Whose spirif proud you cannol down. DOROTHY SCHEIB Teacher's Assislani. Secreiary A nimble wif, has 'rhe girl wifh "IL" LEAH SCHENKER Business School Secrefary "Log" and Sian" Teacher's Assislanl. Secrelary A young sophisricaie. JOSEPH E. SCHIAVI Prail' lNighi'l lnframural Baslcefball, Inframural Baseball, lnlramural Handball. U. S. Army Air Corps A sfraighi' shooier wirh his eyes on ihe goal. 28 DONALD F. SCHMITT Noire Dame Service Squad. Engineer He'll span 'rhe world wifh sieel. DORIS J. SCHONBERG Pace lnsliiule Teacher's Assislani, Dramaiic Club, Tennis Club, Baslcefball Club. C.P.A. To lend a hand fo fhose in need, ls her daily helpful deed. FLORENCE R. SCHROEDER Teacher's Assisiani. Dress Designer True worfh is in being, nor seem- ing. YVONNE A. SCHROEDER Business School Volleyball Club, Baseball Club, Baslcelball Club, Tennis Club, Dra- malic Club, Glee Club, Program Commiilee, Lunchroom Squad, Honor Roll. Secreiary Vivacious and sweef, Dynamic 'Ihough pefife. DORIS M. SCHULZ yy Banlc Assislanl, Tea her's sisianf, Special Chorus, B e l 'Clu Senior Yearboolc. I Business ' J Acfions spealr lou r Ihan Yards. IRENE A. SCHURIG Blaclcsione College I-loclcey Club, Tennis Club, Hand- ball Club, Hearihsione Club, So- cial Siudies Club, Special Chorus, G-lee Club, Jewelry CommiH'ee. Hisiory Teacher Good humored, elifervescenl. Ii Un I STANLEY S. SCHWALM Norfh Carolina Slate Hockey Team, Service Squad Traffic Pa+roI, Lunch Squad, Infra- mural Traclc, Inframural Baslrefball, Social Club, Phofography Club. Travel A ioy io all his friends. EDNA H. SCHWAMB Ka+herine Gibbs Teacher's Assis+an+, Tennis Club, Volleyball Club, Soflball Club. Badrninion Club. Accoun+an+ Measured, and found nof wanfing. EVELYN SEIDNER Queens Tennis Club, Baslcefball Club, Baseball Club, Teacher's Assisfanf. Nurse Serene ye? sirong-maiesfic yei sedare. JOSEPH F. SHIELDS N.Y.S.M.M.A. Library Sfaff, Journalism Club, Loclcer Guard, Dramaiic Club. Vagabond Advenfurer Dependabiliiy and acumen Will have fheir own premium. WILLIAM E. SICKLES N.Y.S.M.M.A. Boy Leader of Arisra, Manager Swimming Team, Presidenl Mafh. Club, German Club, Edifor "L'EfincelIe," Varsiry Club, French Club, Tufor. True dignify abides wifh him alone. HELEN B. SIEGLER Ofilice Pracfice Club, Teacher's Assislanl, Bus Squad, Pifman Sren. Medal. Model Like sugar-swee+ and refined. GEORGE E. SMITH Queens Assisfani' Chief Traffic Pafrol, S.B.O.F., Usher Squad, Color Guard, Fire Marshal, Teacher's Assisfanf, Cross-Counfry Traclr Team. Any poei mighi be inspired By such a man wiih virfues fired. HOWARD W. SPEARS Columbia Service Squad, Traffic Parrol, Lunch Squad, Bus Squad. Criminology He'II gef his men: and his women, foo. - ELAINE E. SPEGMAN Queens Lafin Club, Biology Club, Poe+ry Club, Philocalian Sociefy, "Sfar" Sfaff, Program Comrniflee, Glee Club. Wrifer A crific, who 'Iends ioward Ihe cynic. ANITA D. SPIELBE y Queens French Club, Dramalic , Pub- lic Speaking Club, Arisla, g Show Slarl, Teacher's Assi , Roosevelf Medal, French Medal Qflice Assisranl, Physiography Club, Honor Roll. K French Professor She musf have been up +wice, when brains were handed our. CHARLES J. STANTON Fordham Service Squad. Library Squad, Locker Squad, Door Guard. Tree Surgeon His inieresf Iies in surgery, no? of men, nor beast buf +ree." JAMES W. STERETT Queens Service Squad. Ask me no quesfions, I'II +eII you no lies. 29 fr -XDOROTHEA V. STREIB Holsfra Orchesrra, French Club, Honor Roll, Presideni Marion Picrure Club, Yearbook Sfalf. Teacher As sociable as a baslrei of Iriffens. BARBARA R. S ER Praff lnsfifuie Senior Yea olc, Honor Roll, Serv' , Tennis, Hiking, s, Dramafic, French lub. Comme cial Ar+isr If fo her share some 'Female errors fall,-Iook on her hair and you'II forget fhem all. DOROTHY M. SUTCLIFFE Business School Teachers' Assisranf, Volleyball, Tennis, and Movie Clubs. Accounranr Quiefly and busily she accom- plishes much. f.f-a THEO W. SVENSSON uque Minisler Cheer up, fhe wors+ is ye? Io comel BLANCHE E. TAIT Business School Teachers' Assisfanl, Tennis Club, Jewelry Commiffee. Privare Secrefary You're deeds are Irnown in words 'thai lrindle glory. ANTHONY TAMBURELLO Service Squad. To secure gov'+ posirion Our counIry's 'lafe may well be placed in fhe hands of such a capable man. 30 iv.. mmm FLORENCE I. TAYLOR J Hofsfra Teachers' Assisianf, Lunch Squad, Volleyball, Baslcefball, Dramafic Clubs, Sfar, Journalism Club. English Teacher A Ii'HIe mischief by fhe way, a IiHIe 'fun fo spice 'I-he day. VIRGINIA L. THAYER Teachers' Assisranr, Hiking, Bas- lcelrball Clubs. Inferior Decorafor Sweef and shy. yef she'II gef by. JAMES J. TIGHE C. C. N. Y. Chemisr One way 'Io success DORA C. TOFFOLI Business School Teachers' Assisfant M e m b e r Spanish Club, Charm Club, Jew- elry Commiliee. Spanish Secrefary Her ways are pleasanfness, all her pafhs are peace. wu.LARD EDWIN TosrMAN f Wesleyan Hall Parrol, Service Club, Special Chorus, Spanish Club. Lawyer If BilI's your friend, be happy, because you're lucky indeed. RICHARD C. TREU Teacher's Assis+an+. Execufive He is as his name. ELEANOR M. ULRICH Ari, Hockey, Tennis, Dramaiic Clubs, Teachers' Assisranr, Honor Roll, Jewelry Commiiiee, Hearfh- sione Club. Professional Baller Dancer A pearl of greaf value. ELIZAB ANNE M. USIS Quee Wor e IC - re+ ry o oo qua g m Commi+Tee, in Club. Teacher The power of fh hi-1 e of mind. JOAN M. VANEK Volleyball Club, Spanish Club. Teacher's Assisianr. Nurse Sfudenf, sporf, 'Friend supreme, Wiih falenis fhal' are rarely seen. RALPH M. VAN NOSTRAND Brooklyn Service Squad. Teacher or Civil Service By fhe work, one knows 'the work- man. UTH VARVARO Cooper Union Tennis Club, Hiking Club, Lunch Squad, Teacher's Assisiani, Red Cross Club, Ari Sfaii of Spring Show, Bank, Afiendance Office, Board of Elecfions, Senior Year- book, Honor Roll. Commercial Ar+is+ An arrisi' designing a paifern for success in life. WILLIAM F. VOGLER N. Y. Trade School Traffic Pafrol, Teacher's Assisianf, Lunch Squad, Service Squad, Red Cross Capiain, Handball Inira- murals, Library Squad, Honor Roll. Where fhere's a "Will" fhere's a way. HARRY P. VOIZARD Yale Swimming Team. Capi. of Swim- ming Team, Varsiiy Club, P.T. A1- +endance Clerk, Teacher's Assisi- anf. Polirician The lady profesfs foo much. WALTER VOOS Spanish Club. Chemisfry Club. Big Business Man An energeiic leader. ALICE R. WALKER Hoisfra Tennis Club. Office Assisianf. English Teacher Wifh her you may compeie, Bur you'll find her hard io bear. LESLEY M. WARSHAW Wisconsin Capt of Hall Pairol, Track Team, Service Squad. Office Assisiani, "Hickory Log." Docior One swell guy, "Les," Don"l we all agree? YESI ANN B. WASMUTH Dramaiic Club, Spring Show, Teacher's Assisfanl, English De- parimeni. A Comedienne A regular spori of 'lhe iolliesi' sorf. MARGARET E. WELSH Tennis Club, Teacher's Assisfani. Privafe Secreiary Simplicify is a vir'l'ue io be highly praised. 3l ELLEN P. WENK Bus Squad, Lunch Squad, Gym OfITce. Nurse She came was seen and con- quered lour hearisl. HENRY H. WHITLEY Wesf Poini' LI. of Service Squad. Caplain of Lunch Pafrol, Cross-Counlry Team, Bus Squad. Olilicer in N. Y. N. G. He'lI lreep his honesI'y and 'Iru+l1, and move in manhood as in youfh-pride of his fellow men. WARREN A. WULFF Minneso+a session Squad. Trooper A genfleman-no wolf. EDWARD WYCKOFF N.Y.S.M.M.A. Hall Pafrol, Service Squad, Dance Band. Oflice Work. Merchanl' Marine A merry hearf goes all The day. Hall Pafrol, Service Squad, Pre- R T LEN .Y. Law S I acl'ier's ani, Volleyball, Tennis.J-I II Clubs. L r e ul, IiH'le earful. I CAMERA SHY HENRY MILLAN RAYMOND SCHNEBEL MR. GEORGE D. HUNCKE MR. AND MRS. MR. MILTON BLATT MR. AND MRS. MRS. MATILDA L. CARMODY MR. AND MRS. MISS MARGARET COSGROVE MR. AND MRS. MR. PALMER B. THOMPSON MISS MAY G. GREENHILL MRS. JOSEPH NICOLSON MRS. BELLA RHIND MR. JAMES RAE RHIND MR. WILLIAM A. D. RHIND MISS BETTY G. DONALD MISS HELEN I. DONALD EDWARD W. DONALD, JR. MR. AND MRS. A. BRAUNE MR. AND MRS. F. CAMPAGNA ARTHUR AND ANITA FUSCO RENATO NARDONI MISS HELEN G-RAF MR. ANTHONY ELLNER, JR. MR. AND MRS. A. ELLNER MR. WILLIAM J. MCKEON MR. AND MRS. PAUL GOMES MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. CHARLES MAY ELEANOR R. ZUPA Chemislry Office, Home Econom- ics Office. Secrelary Sf-xy as sweef as you are. PAUL WEINER GEO. LUTZELL E. MANN WM. McC5-RATH ROBERT VAN DeWATER DAVID SHEA R. ADICKES MR. AND MRS. JOHN HUTHER IRENE DAVIS MR. CHARLES S. KUHN MRS. J. C. KUHN. SR. HERBERT E. McCURDY MR. AND MRS. R. F. SUPPER MR. AND MRS. F. SCIMECA MR. AND MRS. L. J. MATTHEWS MR. AND MRS. E. G-ALSCHJODT MISS ANITA DORIS SPIELBERG MISS MARGARET KOEHLER MR. JOHN TESTAVERDE MRS. GERTRUDE M. MUNDORFF MR. AND MRS. WALTER BULLIS CTIVITIES WUHH fvinhuanuqnpgg yin-uhnsnagnq GENERAL ORGANIZATION ARISTA SISTERS AND BROTHERS OF FRESHMEN FRENCH CLUB HICKORY LOG STAR STAFF HEARTHSTONE CLUB CHARM CLUB 49 X A f 7' HOCKEY TEAM GIRLS SWIMMING CLUB BOYS SWIMMING TEAM TRACK TEAM P VARSITY CLUB CHEERING SQUAD BASKETBALL TEAM HALL PATROL DRAMATIC CLUB PHILOCALIAN SOCIETY PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB VISUAL AIDS CLUB GLEE CLUB ORCHESTRA SPECIAL CHORUS ALMA MATER 'fllzxz-ii ill zmh Uesiameni B the Senior Class of January, 1939, being in full possession of normal mind and having ourselves to blame for an indolent life, do conceive, publish, and avow this to be our last and hereby establishing a precedent for posterity which they may accept or discard as they please. If, after paying our obligatory debts, such as Rings and Pins, Caps and Gowns, Senior Prom Bid, etc., we have anything left, we give: To Mr. Haller-A student body with a 957, average. Second To Mrs. Brogan-More leisure time. Third To Mr. Stevenson-More modern Latin-lovers. Fourth To Mrs . Schilling-Candidates for graduation with four terms of hygiene. Fifth To Mr. Skipp-A gym class with energetic athletes. Sixth To Mrs. Rosett-A stage set with equilibrium. Seventh To Mr. Rhind-Warning !-Beware of mistletoe. Eighth To Mr. Fairchild-Quarters to burn holes in pockets. Ninth To Mr. Bove--Adhesive tape for inquisitive freshmen. Tenth To "John"-Legitimate passes for a lift. Eleventh To Mr. Grady-A class with an Irish sense of humor. Twelfth To The Star-Frequent and better contributions. Thirteenth : To The Log-Any-walled office. Fourteenth : To ARISTA-Boys who know it's there. Fifteenth To The Freshmen-Bigger and heavier books. Sixteenth To The Sophomores--Two years of doubt. Seventeenth: To The Graduates-A place in the world-if any. We hereby appoint The Senior Class of fanuary, 1939 to be Executor of the above Will and Testament. Qin witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our name, and affixed our seal, the thirtieth day of January, in the year nineteen hundred and thirty-nine. SENIOR CLASS JANUARY, 1939 Witnesses: President Senior Class-William McGrath Vice-President Senior Class-Louise Schaefer Editor Senior Year Book--Manuel Samuels L. 6. BALFOUR COMPANY ATTLEBORO MASSACHUSETTS Eoremosf in The Manufacfure of CLASS RINGS AND PINS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS DIPLOMAS - PERSONAL CARDS CUPS - MEDALS - TROPI-IIES OFFICIAL JEWELER TO TI-IE ANDREW JACKSON I-IIGI-I SCHOOL Represe I five- W. G. PEORR 535 EIFTI-I AVENUE New York Ci+y Phone JAmaica 6-I397 We Deliver Everywhere MISS DUNBAR'S SCHOOL I86 JORALEMON STREET BROOKLYN, NEW YORK SECRETARIAL TRAINING FOR GIRLS A SUCCESSFUL COMBINATION OF INDIVIDUAL COACHING AND CAREFULLY GRADED GROUP WORK ENABLES EVERY STUDENT TO ACCOMPLISI-I TI-IE MOST IN TI-IE LEAST TIME Placemenl Service Free Day Course Only Calalog ancl Lisl of Employers on Requesl Telephone TRiangle 5-7420 Fora Dizues CALL If Homes 5-15064507 "Say I+ Wilh Flowers" I-IONIGBERG'S PHARMACY, Inc PREscR1PTioN sPEciALlsTs TERMINAL FLOWER MARKET I-IOLLIS AVENUE, Cor. 209+h PLACE BELLAIRE, L. I. Flowers For All Occasions P Special Rales for Graduales IO9-O7 FARMERS BOULEVARD HOLLIS, L. I. Phone I-IOllis 5-2493 92-33 NEW YORK AVENUE Hollis Avenue and 207+h Slreel Bellaire, L. I. JAMAICA, N. Y. Phone Mlssouri 7-0843 McCARTI-IY 6' SIMON, INC. MANUFACTURING SPECIALISTS 7-9 WEST 36+h STREET NEW YORK Jusi Off Fiffh Avenue SPECIALISTS IN CHOIR VESTMENTS PULPIT GOWNS CAPS, GOWNS, I-IOODS FOR ALL DEGREES OuI'fi'rIers Io over I5OO Schools, Colleges and Churches COMPLIMENTS OF . . . S I M C O S H O E S Dis+incIive Foofwear for Women ALL ONE PRICE I-IOSIERY! S3 HANDBAGSL I63-3Ia Jamaica Avenue Jamaica, L. I. Shop Sirnco Firsf for Ihe Newe-sf in Smarf FooIwearI M A U ' 5 . if COMPLIMENTS OF... .Z DeIicaI'essen 8: Groceries I-Iome Cooking Our SpeciaI+y BRYCK DEPT. STQRE Salads and Cold Cuis for Weddings and Parfies II5-70 gR,aiirIELGNYD BLVD- I36-34 SPRINGFIELD BLVD. Phone LAureI+on si-4606 ' ' ' WE DELIVER SPRINGFIELD GARDENS- N- Y' Phone LAureIIon 8-7I83-7I84 J Phone I-Aurelfon 8-3868 CAMBRIA DRUGS Lf Inc. ERNEST POSTEL I-OUI5 CURE' PI'-6' Meaf and Grocery Markef The Rexall Sfore 22l-OI FOCI-I BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, N. Y. ST. ALBANS, N. Y. ZOI- I O LINDEN BOULEVARD Phone STuyvesan+ 9-6900 If Prepare For Your Future CIVIL SERVICE 0 AIR CONDITIONING 0 DIESEL -ELECTRICAL Q SECRETARIAL o SVVITCI-IBOARD OPERATING FILING 0 RECEPTIONIST 0 FINGERPRINTING o COMPTOMETRY CIasses Meefing Daily af I-Iours Io SuiI Convenience of SIudenI's THE DELEI-IANTY INSTITUTE II5 EAST I5+h STREET NEW YORK CITY COMPLIMENTS OF . . . CROSS ISLAND PHARMACY The Leading Drug SIore in Town CROSS ISLAND BLVD. and HOLLIS AVE. Phone Hollis 5-3358 HoLLls, N. Y L! ASHDOWN MOTOR SALES, Inc. De Sofo -:- Plymoufh ZI6-20 JAMAICA AVENUE QUEENS VILLAGE COMPLIMENTS OF . . . if MR. and MRS. DAVIS Phone LAureII'on 8-7I4O CARL I CENTRAL BAKERY QUALITY TELLS 200-I2 CENTRAL AVENUE ST. ALBANS, N. Y. Phone LAureIIon 8-403I . . . I- 0 U - A N N THE SQUARE CLUB lf- School of Dancing of T -- T - A Io I' I89-23 ST. ALBANS. N. Y. No- 342 COMPLIMENTS OF . . . ISABELLE B. EBBITT Jig COMPLIMENTS or . . . If J. A. STORK COMPLIMENTS OF . . . F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. BILL TAGER 'Z DRUGGIST Phone Mlssouri 7-4468 sf WALTER DUDAS Full Line Bakery and DeIica+essen II2-2I FARMER BOULEVARD Phone LAureII'on 8-7760 W EDWARD J. MURPHY Balrieries -:- Tires High Pressure Greasing FOCH BLVD., Wesf of SpringIieId BIvcI ST. ALBANS, N. Y. Phone REpubI7c 9-4625 A. Marry ROSEMARIE SILK SHOP Fabrics af Low Prices 89-54A - I65+h STREET JAMAICA, N. Y. I N CJRCESCHOLJ 0 Sound Iraining for I'he superior secreI'ariaI and iunior execufive posifion. Also courses in all 'rypes of modern business machines - Individual promoIionaI plan - Super- vised oiifice experience - Successful placemenl' bureau. Member of Nafional Associaiion of Accre-diTed Commercial Schools DAY 81 EVENING CATALOGUE SESSIONS I60-I6 Jamaica Avenue UPON REQUEST I -1-l"? Jamaica, Long Island Telephone JAmaica 9-I98I-I982 The "Bes+" now The "Neares+" Phone Lfxurelfon 8-2068 If EDWARD KATT CT fi YT TQGSK C EE Q v IT 1' S+. Albans Original Florisi ARTISTIC FLORAL SERVICE FOR EVERY OCCASION I80-I9 LIINIDEINI BOULEVARD IFREE DELIVERY SERVICEI Phone LAureITon B-3998 You Call - We Deliver FOCH BOULEVARD DAIRY 81 GROCERY ZI9-I7 EOCI-I BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS OF . . ANDREW JACKSON PHARMACY X S U C C E S S... TO TI-IE GRADUATES A FRIENDT EOR QUALITY AND PRICE SHOP AT ROSE DEPT. STORE I88-I9 CENTRAL AVENUE ST, ALBANS, N. Y. Phone LAureIIori 8-0929 IRMA'S BEAUTY SALON Permaneni Waving a SpeciaI+y 224-II LINDEN BOULEVARD ST. ALBANS, N. Y. L. .1- Phone LAureIlon S-9854 sf M A R D E R B R O S . SERVICE STATION. Inc. Foch and Springfield Blvds. Sl. Albans, N. Y. STUMPED? Ask George Ric:-iMoND's ,X Hardware - Devoe Painls - Tools Springfield Boulevard al' II3lh Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF . . . if M. H. RENKEN DAIRY CO. Burroughs - Moon-Hopkins - Monroe Lisling - Billing - Bookkeeping - Calculallng M A C H I N E S ADDISON BUSINESS MACHINE SCHOOL - Viclor Phone LAureIlon 8-I686 J FITZHARRIS DEPT. STORE 22I-O3 Linden Boulevard 395 Broadway New Yorlc Room I3OI Phone CAnal 6-2059 Phone LAurel+on 8-9639-9656 K AUSTER 81 HIRSCHHORN Slalionery, Luncheonelle Xi Candies Il5-72 Cross Island Boulevard Sl. Albans, N. Y. Sl. Albans, N. Y. Phone LAureIIon 8-9548-9859 tg' Phone Missouri 7-lm 3? I PRUDENT DRUG' STORES H. BRODERSEN 81 J. TOHL HTIW9 Elhical Drug SIOVSII Fancy Groceries - Delicalessenland Vegelables 200-33 Linden Boulevard Orders Promplly Delivered Cor. 2OIsl Slreel Sl. Albans, N. Y. II4'OI Colfax Avenue Ehong HOHIS 5.10225 r Phone LAurel+on 8-8445 For Appoinlmenl' I GAVENDA 3. TRIPMAKER L O U ' 5 E 5 V Powder Box Beaufy Salon Slalionery, Conleclionery and Cigars Louise Howell Prop II2-23 F B I d Permanenf Wave Specialisl for I2 Years Hermes You ever I37-22 Carson Slreel O 'S' ' ' Springfield Gardens, N. Y. Opp. Spr. Gar. Sta. Mlssouri 7-3307 Phones I-lOllis 5-8872! COMPLIMENTS OF . . . DIAMOND MOTOR SALES and SERVICE, Inc. GROSSMAN'S STORE OF VALUES YARN GOODS -o- CURTAINS and GENERAL DRY GOODS I99-I3 Cenlral Avenue S+. Albans, N. Y. tf GEO. NEWI MEAT MARKET Poullry - Provisions - Sea Food Game In Season 205-O9 Hollis Avenue For Beller I-Iaircul and lf erma enl Wave go lo X P . JIM'S BARBER SHOP and BEAUTY PARLOR 22I-II Linden Boulevard Bel. 22Isl 81 222nd Sls. Sf. Albans, N. Y. ' Phone .mfnofoo oows JOBBE MALKIN'S TRIMMING STORE DRFSSMAKERS' and TAILORS' SUPPLIES I-lemsfilching and Plealing 92-26 New York Avenue Jamaica, N. Y. RS if CAMBRIA cusrom TAu.oR lf' J. SIMONCIC, Prop. FIRST CLASS TAILOR and FURRIER Ladies' and Genls' Suils and Overcoals Made lo Order - Dry Cleaning and Pressing 227-O9 Linden Boulevard Sl. Albans, N. Y. ARTHUR sruolos, INC. 3 , OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER -:- FOR TI-IE -:- JANUARY 1939 SENIOR CLASS BOOK 5pEC1ALl5T5lN I3I WEST 42nd STREET SCHOOL ANNUALS NEW YORK CITY PRINTED AND BOUND BY THE COMET PRESS, INC,, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK 65 6, 4 4 X 1 1 4 " 1' fx 41 A 1" K' I 1rK"i5.1f:vZ41 ?'f'12f,-f'1+'r.f.-sv.-."W'f.1ivw ,ww wa, 12 ,- -1- 'S awww -' lr Q J X 'f J x 3,323 his 1, Jr, .fE,,g?.1:L3? 5 x f MM f WMF ,Q f V , . A 11 :V , .Vg .4 , . V . ., V 1 .1 , , Q .- , 1' 151. 5,51 ,,,,1f,,g,1,1, : A, 1 J 1 4 'g 1 6 ,Riva .gp ' UZ ' , "' A 4 ' 3.2 ,A k"g'.-31. ,:W32,1',.L Q31 I- yr , 'ni J' ,ix 4 . 1 4. . 5, N1 1 1, f - . ,- 1- V, 1. ' 1 . 4-1 ' Q. v A ,L 5 k'r',' 11, Mg -, 4, X X X ' L . 1' ., ,qv A I , J. . , ,F , L- "' Ll' 1 ' 'JHPK' QQ Q , I A iffii

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Cambria Heights, NY) collection:

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