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 - Class of 1955

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G, .,.,. I. A i fi? ' gf !f, .1 L f 'iv . sf :Q-'mai if '24 A 1 1 -.4 i H . I, ,Vi w , , , !v,,U, .,Vk 1-Q 1 -, -. uv Lf M-YQ - Y q hiliiintmxgsz ' . . ! l . n, .RA-f' -' ig Qi 7.533 a3':?E' Try' r . - 1 - "5' Lb':sEvS wg . ' F3437 Qui W N J, 12. 7 X I it in 'jx J ' 1 wg, RM FN, 7 fp .' ,. . - , ., g '- "fF:! -mf- ,- ,pf 'iff-4 ,1g,P..V4u 51- A 1 'aw v.. , ff , I 1 . Y 4 xtjx .,4Y 'VS A 1 F- 1 Lux- - i -1 .5 -A go X? NX W ye-' f'i955f eox1oRxAL STAFF - x MDG X UE STEWART .Z S +1 A -af GAYLE HARNS GEORGE CONNELL h RAMONA LANDRY OLEDA HRKLAND A it i BARBARA SHUFORD Kew! AMBER - Q Andrew Jackson Senior High Schooi -I 'i A . Founded . . . October 3, 1927 A... Enroiirnent .... 746 Students 4: if if ! This Yeor's Enroiirnenr . . . 2068 A lf ' -Q gg? .X I The ORACLE 1955 ANDREW JACKSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL JACKSONVILLE, FLomnA V-nu-nf.: TABLE OF CONTENTS t ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS JUNIORS SoPI-IoIvIoIzES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS CLUBS ADVERTISEMENTS F' F"' L- M... 1-4-QQ,-,H-v WW H Ill jlllg K -' r MWMW 1,-Q li ' pr K L, 3 ,,.. ,. ..... .. , ,,, H, liiww hfrfu, X , nr nn I llll llll Aitfhfh ny ' ' " 'WA 'W I 5-Qi-rv '77 fm vu rr if 4 ""-v-n Q 5 M f fi 'R J K Q .xsx ,sf-:nxxg K ,f 1 X X X XX X iilf S X: Fl J 'i' X f S3 X XX 'X 47 X X . MIN X' X X f - N -is x X X j X DEDICATICN O those who have cared for us through our ill- nesses, real or imaginary, sacrificed ever-generously for our material needs for wantsj 5 cheered us when we were downcast, strengthened us, though often against our wills, when we were weak, to those who, above all, have dared to DREAM unreservedly for us-to our PARENTS-we, the SENIOR CLASS, gratefully dedicate this 1955 Oracle. Dear Students and Faculty, Andrew Jackson is our school - a good one - but ours to make better. The spirit of Andrew Jackson is strong, a power for good, indicative of the trust teachers place in students and in turn the faith students hold for teachers. This is a wholesome exchange of trust for it is a tested truth that all phases of living demand cooperative planning, shared work, and joint responsibilities. It is my sincere hope that as we live together at Jackson we might learn to respect each other as individuals, that we may become aware of our common problems and strive always to solve them with fairness and justice. May our experiences here together at Jackson teach us to fear no trial with which we are faced and to decline no duty with which we are con- fronted. A realization of this hope will be proof of the quality of our school and our influence will be strong and good. My prayer for each of us is expressed for me by Reinhold Niebuhr in his often quoted words: HGive me the serenity to accept what cannot be changed, grant me the courage to change those things which can be changed and the wisdom to know one from the other.n My very best wishes to each of you. Si erely, Ra h N. Brown Principal MR. RALPH N. BROYYN P1'ir1c'ipal Missouri State Tcachers College, VVarrensbu1'g, Missouri, HA. in Educ'ationfl926 University of Florida, M.A. in Education-1938. -. .,.. ., .,.,-. ir, .,-FN, wg .,.,,,-wx ,lin MR. SAM I. SMITH, JR. Drury College B.A., Springfield, Missouri University of Florida M.Ed. F. mt Semexter MIS Florida St S CLAR A B. WELTCH ate University B.S. Columbia U ' ' n1vers1ty M.A. MR. WENDELL PARKER Unive rsity of Florida M.A. in Physical Education Seeo nd Semester ff ff N OUR V x , X, 4+ , C ,, 4 U F f f LT N SAW Q ' N' f-sf"N . Q 1:72 -X L, 2 1,4-"ag Q N i f EFX Y ,141 me XX sf' , '13 2931? X WM X I R+" Ny 5 Y' L U xxx y L V . xxx' X' 'f 1 Q5 -O ' P ' X X U, 5 4 f x X 'X X? x ff Ni X 1 ww ,Rx all lm 1 , U 'N f X my ' x ,X xx X Nj 'I.,2. M Wg NX T, M A, f 67 7 N N ,E f f X X I l xx W X K X X f f yt Y X I! ,X ffl X , X 7 D J M ' rj' , 'iff Vjfiw :W fwif J' in eff " MIM W " 7 E. X S53 F A U L T Y MRS. MARGARET R. COINS Enqlish MISS VIRGINIA F. BAKER MRS. SARAH J. COLLINS MRS. JOHNNIE COLSEN Wimhmp Colm, BA. M.A.. Enghsh Enghsll English , Fla. sim Irnivlg Univ. of Fla. Radford Teachers College, Fla. State Univ., A.B. Ga. State Collage for Women, B.S., Univ. of Va., A.B.: Univ. of Ga.. M.A.: Univ. of Fla. Fla. State Univ. MRS. KATHRYN MISS ELIZABETH HUNTER MISS HELEN KICKLITER HIGGINBOTHAM English English English Fla. State Univ., B.A., M.A.g Emmanuel Missionary College, Univ. of Vermont, A.B. Catholic Univ. of America B.A.: Univ. of Fla., M.A. MRS. GWEN LEGGETT MRS. PEARLE R. MAYHALL MRS. ANNA LEY WELLS English English English Univ, of Fla., B,A, B.A., INI.A.. Fla. State Univ.g John B. Stetson Univ., B.S. Univ. of Ga. l MR. JAMES WILKERSON MISS ELAINE WILKINSON MISS MILDRED ANDERSON MR. COLON D. BLUE, JR. English English Business Business Univ. of Fla.g L.S.U., B.S., M.A. St. Genevieve Catholic College: Fla. Southern. B.S.g Bowling Green College of Univ. of South Carolina Univ. of Fla. Commerce, B.S.: Western Ky. State, M.A. F A U L T Y MRS- LEIAQHE-SSCOLLINS MR. EVEIEETT GROOVER Miss ROSANNE HARTWI-:LL MR CERALD B HAZZARD ' .. Business ' I - ' A Jqdson College: Fla. slate Uuil'iiqii.s.. Un' V. Fl .si 1 U ' . B.s. f '. B"5'f'esS - Univ- nl Ala-, B-A' of Tenn., in Bus. a 3 e mv L ml' of Fla" 'lgckmnvlllc College ollNlus1c', B,M.E. 'QI- l MISS PAULINE JACKSON MRS. EDNA C. JONES MRS. LORA H. LERNER Business I Business Business Harding College, B.A.g Bowling Green Business Univ.. Alabama Colle-ze: George Peabody. M.A. B.C.S.g Miss. Sou. College, B.S. Univ. of Ala.. ILS. MRS. PATRICIA LORE MRS. BETTY: JEAN PEER MRS, LOUISE H, RICHARDS Business Business Business Fla. State Univ.. B.S. in Ed. Stetson Univ.. B.S.g Fla. Stale Univ.. ILS. Univ. ol Fla. MRS. HOPE C. SWEAT MRS. LENOIR WARREN MRS. SYLVIA F. WHITE MR. JOHN P. ANDRINGA Business Business Business History Fla. State Univ.. B.S.: Univ. Fla, Stage Univ., AIB. in Ed, Temple Univ.: Jacksonville Loyola Univ. of Chicago: Loyola ol Fla., M.A. in Ed. College of lklusic. B.lYl. School of Law, B.S., S.S. F A C U L T Y : ". 2 1 .J X M DR. EMILY H. ATKINS DR. FLOYD STEPHEN BAKER MR. PETE G. MR. JACK HUMPHRIES History History CARIBALTES. JR. ' HlSt0YY Fla. State Univ., A.B. fEdjg John B. Stetson Univ., History Univ. of Fla., B.A-, M-Ed. Dulce Univ., M.A. A.B.. M.A.: Univ. of Fla.: Univ. of Fla.. Univ. of Fla., Ph.D. Western Univ., Ph.D. A.B., lVI.A., A.P.G. MRS. ARLENE M. McKEE MRS. ETHEL W. MARTIN MR. LEO MEIZLIK H' t , P.A.D. H' t istory Fla. Ststgriylniv., B.A.E.g M. T. S.: Slacilexfeachers City College of New York. B.A.g Duke Univ. College, B.S.: George Peabody Univ. of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. College, M.A. 2 5. ' 1 .1 - V ax is -- MRS. CAEHERINE BAIN '-. ' S s fi' 1 . A G MR. MAYO cience c nce cience Fla. State Univ., B.S. Univ. o Fla., B.S. B.S.. Univ. of Minn., Univ. of MRS. STELLA B. PAPA MISS GLADYS RICHARDSON Science Science Ohio Univ.g Kent State Univ., Fla. State Univ., A.B.g Fla. State Univ., B,S. Univ. of Va., M.S, Kentucky. M.S.: Johns Hopkins Univ., M.P.H. MR. FRED A, WALLACE MR. C. H. HARRIS Science Foreign Language Univ. of Pittsburghg Univ. of Univ. of Fla., B.A.E., M.Ed Fla.. B.S.E., M.A.E.g . . 7 g Ohio State Univ. Q 'J , - ' 4 I 4 Jv- F A C U L T Y MRS. DORIS B. MCCLEARY MRS. GLORIA SPRAGG MRS. CATHERINE BROADUS MRS. MARTHA F. HOUSER Foreign Language Foreign Language H. M. Education H. M. Education Univ. of Mexico: Michigan State College, B.A. Fla. State Univ.. B.S. Fla. Southern College. B.S.g Univ. ol Fla.. B.A. F. S. C. W. gag MR. LEONARD C. MOODY Industrial Arts Univ. of Fla., L.F.S.U., B.S. MRS. AGNES I. HOWELL MRS. BERTHA JONES MR. WILLIAM H. DAVIS H. M. Education H. M. Education Mathematics Athens College, B.S.: Ala. Fla. State Univ. N.W. Missouri State College. Polytechnic Institute V ...,.. . 1 Q9 'K' JAX: ki B.S.gUniv. of Missouri, M.Ed. MRS. MARY L. HARRIS MRS. EMILY G. MILLER MR. HERBERT CLARK Mathematics Mathematics Industrial Arts Fla. State Univ., B.S. Univ. of Ga., A.B.g George Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Washington Univ.g Colgate UNIV-, B-S. Univ. of Fla., M.Ed. ii P 5 DR. HARRIS L. WILSON Industrial Arts Univ. of Ala., B.S., M.A.g Univ. of Wyoming, Ph.D.g Indiana Univ. MR. JAMES W. BRIGHTWELL Orchestra Jacksonville College of Music, B.M. in Ed. MR. PHILIP B. SPEER Band Mansfield State Teachers College, B.S. in Music: Fla. State Univ.. M.M.Ecl. F A C U L T Y , W gif? ' S 'WS MISS AVIS M. TURNER MR. AARON BROWN MRS. BETTY ANN SWARTZ MRS. PATRICIA A. RAIFORD Chorus Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education Univ, of Washingtong North- Univ. nf Fla., B.A. Pla. Southern College: Fla. State Univ.g Univ. of western Conservatory of Music, LUIV- Of F13-, B-S-, P-E- F13-, B-S-, P-E- jacksonville College of Music, B.M. in Ed. .fif MISS BERNICE L. WALTON MISS ADELE BOYD MISS CLAIRE BRANDIES Physical Education Study Hall D, C, T, B.S. in Physical Ed.. Fla. State Fla. State Univ.. A.B.: Univ, of Stetson Univ., A,B,g Fla, State Univ., M.P.H., Univ. of Fla. Fla., M.A.g Duke Univ. Univ., M.S.g Univ. of Fla. .F MISS MARY E. HOOKS MR. LaBRUCE D. KELLY MISS MADGE HUTCHERSON Guidance Speech Library Fla. State Univ.. B.S.g Univ. Univ. of Fla., B.A., lNI.A. Fla. State Univ., B.S. of Fla., M.A. MISS ELAINE WOODARD MRS. EMORY HARDEN MRS. ROMELLE OGDEN MRS, IMOGENE POWELL Library Office Office Office Ga. State College for Women, A.B.: La. State Univ., B.S. in Library Science ri 3 WE MUST HAVE A DIFFERENT HISTORY BOOK JUST BROWSING, 'THANKS NOW I'VE HEARD EVERYTHING CHEER, ANYONE? nnusunv--A X f f x Eff Xxxigag milf X7 B f ff+-ffff Z7f!- -S av CXKX- K .Y fzilf! 7 f , Q51 . Y K Yfr' iwi, 1-my-nv K! : ,. Y- X K A K ylyodifriirlffcf q 'C ' cL""'P 03 ' 5153? R 0 7 O fr ff-ff d 0 f 44 A 6 XF' T'-11:3 fl!---Vo 0 If 9 f ' -' X 0 x K kr i ff ' ' ff Q A i Q, fwfffv g ,Q x L- 1 , , , 2 ,f 4 f Q' 4 f 'iff ll X ix. ' K K gn V V Y 77 - ' X Z M ,f Jigs -' r ., ' , N MT-I f 1 4 I Q I fl 5 I f . 232-55 X X jj bf x f Z' xx 4' 4 TK N il -N - - ,K -Q7 1 - YHHM ',,,,,,,A X, X I X iff l , ' RX r' ' 7 A ff: k- f N Wm 1, AE Q42 fi M ? ! W Q aff f V! ff a UO OOO X01 0 O 0 0 5 ,OO D OU 0 K my D XXX K C Z z fy Cf Q C Xp!- ,, 5, if-it 13835. P5055 ll! ' fl if V A ALA f f ef -M gf' a LIN JANUARY GRADU TES CLASS OFFICERS Knwling, L1-ft lo Right: PAT SVLLIVAN, Svz'rf'tary.' MRS, KAY H1c:c:lN1ao'l'1xMI. Sf10lI.X07.' CAROLE DAWSON, 7'1'1'a.s1n'f'r.' C:lIARLO'l"I'E NIILL5, Clzzlplzzirl. Standing: IJIANNIS VVIIITINIAN, Vim' PI't'.Yidt'IIf.' EYliRlC'l"l' Mc:Com11fzx,Prwi11w1!.' Gr1RA1.n W1f:s'r, Sf'flQf'0IIf-flf-.A77715, Sa .little Dane, 6666 460:74 a Ze ABDELNOUR. BILL General 'Delta Hi-Y. 2. fl, 4. Treas.: Sr. Fellows Club. 41 Baby Team Basketball: Talent Night. 2: Sr. Fellows Minstrel. 4: Track Mgr. 4: Biz Wheel. ALLEN. NOWELLE Business. ANTONE. RALPH---Business-Kappa Hi-Y. 2. 3. 4. Tri-as.. 4: Jr. Boys Club. 33 V,-Pres.. Sr, Boys Club. 4: Baby Red Football. fl: Baby Red Basketball. fl: Sr, Ft-I4 lows MiilstI'el. 4. BAUCOLI. DOROTHY General- -Future Nurses Club: Jr. Chorus. BETHUNE. BOBBIE JEAN-General. BRINSON. MARLENE General---Spanish Club. 2: Soph. Chorus. 23 Jr. Chorus. 23 Girls Glee Club. 33 Sr. Chorus. 43 Future Nurses. 4: Gamma Y-Teens. 4g Sr. Girls Club. 4. BROWNING. HAROLD'-'Business Ili-Y: Sr. Fellows Clubg Jr. Boys. CALLAHAN. GENE Businessfjr. Boys Club. 2: Kap- pa Hi-Y. 2, 3. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 43 Basketball Team. 2: Class Night. 43 Baby Tigers Football. 2: Bonfire. 43 Sr. Fellows Minstrel. 4. CAMPBEI.l.. LANGDON-nlGeneral D.C.T.. 2. fl. 4: Astronomy Club: N.F.L. CANADY. ALICE HELEN--General. CARTER. MlTCHEI.l.fGeneral, CAUSEY. MARY LOU- General. CLAXTON. BOBBYfflent-ralfGannna lli-Y: Garden Club. 2, 3, 4. CONNI-IR. ROBERT A:-Gm-neralfD.C.T.3 D4-lm Ili-Y, CONYERS. ARNOLD F.--Generalf G.A.A.. 2: Beta Y- Teens. 2: Sr. Girls Club. 43 Class Night. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Christmas Pageant. 4. COON. IRENEW -General. COPPS. ANN RICHIVTONDffGeneralfLibrary Council. 41 Sr. Girls Club. 43 Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Future Horne- makers: Parliamentarian. 43 Beta Y-Teens. 4: Prayer Council. 4: Class Night. 41 Big Wheel. 4: Christmas Pageant. 4. CRAUSWELL. JOHNNY RAYfBusinessfBasketball. 2. 3: Band. 2. fl. 4, :JS N K- ik es vue. . t '22, .3 fs. fl ..., my . 5 . . i . 1, wt Qs. . .4 - X l' C 'K .: B. sis... Q ' s, .gc s.g,.s.: sur... CRAY. liIl.l.Ili FAYIQ General G.A.A.. 4: Sr. Girls Club 4 IJl'NLAl'. Sllli Gt-in-rzil Future Nurses Club: Gru- t-1.ll Churus: Spanish Club. Dlll"I"lN. ROGER Ge-nerzil Delta lli-Y. fl. DUFFIN. BARBARA Llili -General Gvxieml Chorus: Spanish Club: Class Night: Sr. Girls Club: 'liulent Night. ilillircl l'lzu'4'. DOUGLAS. .IAMIES Gc'1u'i':xlf'Dt-ltzx lli-Y. 2: Kappa lli Y ii DAWSON. CAROLIQ Rl'l'A General-Spzuiisli Cluh: Pcpperettes: lic-'ta Y-leeus: Sr. Girls Club: GL-u. Chorus: Orzirli- Stull: Sr. Girls .Iubilt-eg Class Night: Sr. Girls Club 'lim-ust1i't'l'. EVANS. KAREN JO- Culleuf- G.A.A.. 2. Il. 4: 'l'rt-iw.. 2. V.-l'rt-s.. fl. Pres.. 4: Girls lizisketbull 'll-zuu. 2: Girls Softball lezxiu. 2. 4: Girls Vtillvy Ball illtillll. 4: N.Il.S.. 4: Who! W'hu "Must Atliletir"'. 4: Class Niqht. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. liLMlZR.v4CYNTIIIA Coll:-me G,A.A.. 2: N.Il.S.. fl. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Gziuuuu Y-'l'z-eus. V,-Pres.. fl. 4. EATON. RALl'll llUR'l'ON. JR. Cullt-uv Astiwuiuiliy Club 4' Srieure Club 4 l-'Rl'l"l'S. MlLl7RliU I-ILOISIC Gvlwrxtlf-l'epper1'ttes. 2: G1-u. Chorus. 4: Sr. Girls Club, 4: Si. Girls jubilei-. 4: Class Niuht. 4. FREEMAN. SANDRA' Gviu-rulf--Nlasrtit. Kappa Hi-Y. 3. 4: Must l'upulzu'. 4: Alpha Y-TL-uns. 4. Chap., 4: Drzuuu Club. 4. V.-Pres.. 3. Pres.. 4: Svrtutrl l'lzu'e ill Miss Andrew Jufksuii Ctuitcst. 4: J.G.C.. 3: Persnmllity Night. 3: Sr. Chorus. Treas.. 3: A. AI. Sextette. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 41 Stull. Dirf'rlnr. Class Night. lit-sr Artress. 4. FLYNN. OSCAR Gem-riil. l"'I'ClllCR. LlCW'lSf Cullt-ge Oirlwstrn: Latin Club: Senior Felltms Club. GLOVER. AlAXlNlf Geiieuil Sr. Girls Club: Gvu. Cluirus: liiu W'lu-el: Class Night: Sr. Girls Jubilee. GIDDENS. WILSON fGeuvral Sr. Ft-lluws. 4: Alpha lli-Y. fi. 4: Club. fi. 4: Bxtsvlxall. 4: Basin-tllzxll. 2. fl. 4: lfmitlmll. fi: jr. Boys. fi: AI. V. Basketball, 2: J. V. lizxst-liall. 2. GEAR. MARY l3ttsiiivssfffSnpli. Clmrtts. 2: jr. Chorus. l 5 4 1 1 is fi: Girls Glve Club. 2: Spanish Club. L. f. : lil Club. 4: Gziuuiui Y-'l't'eus. 4: Sr. Girls llubilve. 4: Class Niulit. 4. GOODWYNIZ. SADIIZ GL'iu'rztlf-Sr. Cluirus. 2. fl. 4: Girls Glen- Club. 2: Jr. Chorus. 3: Pt-pperz-ties. 2: His.: Wheel. 4: Alpha Y-'lien-us. 2. li. 4: Drauiatir' Club. 2. fi, 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Jr. Girls Repurtn-r. fi: Clirifstiuzis l,2ikZl'2illI. 2. fl. 4. GREEN. lfLlZAlll"l'l'll-f-GA'iu-i'alfSr. Chorus, fl. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. Pres.. 4: Draututic Club. 2. 3. 4: Thes- pizxus. fi. 4: Alpha Y-'ll-eus. 2. 3. 4: Wlufs VVhn. 4: Class Night. 4: Club Mascot. 4: Christmas l'nQeunt, 2. 3. 4: Miss Amlrexx llavkstui Cunt:-st. fl. 4. GURR. BARBARA HUNT-Business-Tiger Band, 1: Tiger's Claw. 2: Jr. Girls Club. 1. 2: Pepperettes, 2: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Class Night: Sr. Girls Jubilee: Gamma Y-Teens. 3. HANSON. JOHN-General-Track Team, 2: Delta Hi- Y. 2. 3: Safety Council. 2: Sr. Fellows Club: Who's Who. "Best Lookingug Dramatic Club, 2. HIERS. RICHARD-General-Var. Football. 3. 4: Var. Basketball. 3. 4: "J" Club. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Wh0's Who. "lVIost Popularf' Class Night: Calendar Boy. 3. HERRING. MARY O'NEAL-BusinessAfDramatie Club. 3. 4: G.A.A.. 2, 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Class Night: 3-1 Art Plays. 4: Pepper:-ttes. 2: Jr. Girls Club. 3: Thespians. 4: Beta Y-Teens. 3. 4. HERNDON. CAROLYN-General. HAWKINS. MARIANffBusinessfTiger's Claw Rep.. 2. 3: jr. Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sponsor ol Lee- Jackson Game. HILL. GAIL --Kieneralfl'epperettes. 2: Dramatic Club. 2: Girls Glee Club. 2: Sr. Chorus. fl. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Jr. Girls Club. 4: Beta Y-Teens. 4: Sr. Girls gagena Night. 3rd Place: Class Night: Christmas Pageant. HOOVER. TllOlVlASfCollt'gC. HOLLAND. FRANK-GeneralfSr. Fellows Club, 4. HOPKINS. NANCY-f-General-Sr. Girls Club: Masrot. Sr. Fellows Club: Sponsor of Lee-Jackson Game: Jr. Girls Club: Whols Who. "Best All Roundgn Sr. Girls Jubilee: Beta Y-Teens: Class Night: Jr. Chorus. KIRKWOOD. NADINE--College-Sr. Chorus: Latin Club: Dramatic Club: G.A.A.: Big Wheel: Beta Y-Teens: Talent Night: Sr. Girls Club: Class Night: Sr. Girls Jubilee. JONES. DANNY Ef General. LUTINS. TONI-BusinessfBeta Y-Teens. 2, 3: Prayer Council. 3: Sr. Girls Club: jr. Girls Club: Spanish Club. 2: Sr. Girls Jubilee. LOEB. 'l'HUMASffieueralfVar. Football, 3: The Gar- den Club. 2. 3. 4. LEWIS. CAROLYCleneralnG.A.A., 3: Beta Y-Teens. 2. 3. 4. V.-Pres.. 4: Girls Glee Club. 2. 3. 4: Sr. Girls Club: Sr. Girls jubilee: Class Night. LEMEN. ARTIlURffCollege--Band. 2, fi. 4: Library Council, 4. LANIER. DONALD General-Baby Team Football: Var. Football: Alpha Hi'Y. LAMB, I5E'l'TY--AGeneral-jr. Chorus. 2. MEDLOCK. CAROLYN GeneralfSr. Girls Club: Beta Y-Teens. MEEKS. WANDAfGeneralfMa-iorettes. 2. 3: jr. Girls Club. 3: Dramatic Club. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4. Chaplain, 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee: Prayer Council: Class Night: Alpha Y-Teens. 4: Big Wheel. 4. MENDENIIALL. RU'I'II E. General---D.C.'l'.. 4. MILLS. CHARLO'I"l'E BRENDA--College-G. A. A,: Swimming Team. 2: Beta Y-Teens. 2. Pres.. 4. V.-Pres.. 2: Prayer Council. 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club. 2. Chaplain, 3: F, N. C.. 4: Sr. Girls Club: Sr. Class, Chaplain: Sr. Girls Jubilee: Class Night. MIZE. LLEWELLYN4-Gent-ral -Library Counril. MOSLEY. ROBERT- General. MUSSLEH. NORMANftGeneral-fGaunna Ili-Y: Baby Tigers Football: Var. Football, 2. MrCLURE. DORIS-fBusiness4Camma Y-Teens. 2. 3. 4. Sec., 3: Jr. Girls Club. 3: Spanish Club. 2: Oracle Staff, 2. 3. Asst. Editor. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee, 4: Class Night. 4: Christmas Pageant. 4. MrCORMICK. EVERET'I'fCollege---Alpha Ili-Y. Chap- lain. Pres.: "J" Club. Chaplain. V.-Pres.: Sr. Fellows Club. V.-Pres,: Sr. Class Pres.: Football. 2. 3. 4. Capt.: Baseball. 2. 3. 4: Basketball. Jr. Var.. 2. 3. Var.. 4: Sr. Fellows Minstrel: Harvard Award: N,II.S.: Key Club: Mascot. Alpha Y-Teens. NeSMIrI'II. DELORESfGeneral Prayer Council. 3: Girls Glee Club. 3: Beta Y-Teens. NICHOLS. ,IAMESfGeneral. NORMAN. PATRICIA ANNfCoIIegi-fjr. Girls Club: F.I'I.A.: Pepperettes. 2: Sr. Girls Club: Beta Y-Teens. 21 Future iliearhcrs. 3. PAULVS. FREDERICK II.-General. PIZACOCK. ROYCE EDWARD---General. PEAVY. LEON RAY-Ct-neral. PI.O'l"I'. MAR'I'IIAfBusinessfClen, Chorus, 2: Girls Glen- Club. 3: Jr, Girls Club. 3: Beta Y-Teens. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Jr. Chorus. 3: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Class Night. 4: Christmas Pageant. 4. POLLY. SARA College'-Whois Who. "INIost Originaln: Jr. Chorus: Girls Clee Club: Sr. Chorus: Jr. Girls Club: Pepperettes: Sr. Girls Club: Beta Y-Teens: Sr. Jubilee: Class Night. PRINCE. IILENWOODY-ILenc-ral--Beta Hi-Y. Rrpmu-I. 4: Cflulx. ll. 43 Kvy Cluln. L. fl: lima-rl Clam. 2. Il. 4. Sports lfslilur. 43 Sr. Fellows. 4: lXlimtr1-l 43 Sr. lfq-'lmu lS1ml'ilm'. 4: ifluxx Niulll, 4: Must Li'- Iu Stlm'L'l'n'4l 4. RAIXICS. vI4.XRI5.XR.X E- .-1 L.. .. .. L: . Llulv. .11 X.ll.5.. 5. 4: Sl. f.n'IxCl11lr.41 .X 1 '- rl 41 Cfluu Niulll. 4: Sl. fvirlr. llulwilvv. 4. IQICICSICQ. lYll,l,lXNl livin-1'1ll liulxy vlhvlllll F4101-lmzxll. 15: X.u'. Iwmllmall. 4: Llmx Xlulll. 43 Mm! Ornqlllzxl. 4 lxappu HI-X. 2. fl, 'lll'amll'rl. Q51 llguul. 2. lil',Xll.l'.X. I70X.'Xl.ll limlurw .Xlplm Ill-X. 2. fl. l 1 um lx: t ' 5R'l'RllJf'li. i .. - "4 91- 0 . fxillllnillu Hur.. L f. 'Q ia . 4- '. Lg I . 'urs' '. .XR'l'. 'G . ' '- -4. TH, Q- " 1 2 avr lu I lima-mal mu - '-u Zxzmwv. '21 ax- '-:z1l:.'. A-1. '. 'I'. S, .1 S- in . L: .. L . ll.,'...'. "n 'ax "'u1..ul'.L.f, I 'L . '.. I f.w,"141l. "'1x' f . "'iN'. if. J -M Q gmixluv fl . L: , . E'- ...:..- .111 A-rm-.L...., "1 ff' 1 . 1. '.. 1 f. . 3 ka' Eff. L. 1. . .1 Q ' . L. 2 ' -' -'I LK- ' '--ull.f. fwl 3 fu ."f . 3 Y '. A , . . . - . - I . h. Q' T .l:.'. . , I . 1 -1 . 1. fm L, L2 fw Q -- f . fi 4 ul' X. . '.- " : '. f: 1 . - I . L. f: Q '. Ins, XXX. ,, , . .. , . . . , Q' f :."nir Q' 4 1 QL 1 . I'llUfXl.XS. M.XRllIlC llvlwlxxl Srnim Gil'-. 1- Vvlv pvrrllos. 2: Spgnm . . L: r.. .. L. .1 ' Wln l: Svllim' Uirlx hlulwilrr. I: Claw Xiulll. 4: Cllrislul l':xum':mI. l, l'llOMl'SOX. .Xlfl I TN 1.4-nu-ml. . , . . . , , . , , IHOXIISOX. I',l..XIXl4, f,1'lu'lnl Il. C,1rlxf.l11lr. .lg .Il Cilmrm. li: Sr. Hurlx llulullcr. 4: Clurlxllnzu l'nu1-Lml. 4 wx m IUXIIKINS. li.XRl4,XR,X Um-xnvrqll Sm-Him' Uirlx lilulx l: lim-In Y-'Ia-vm. 4. I'OlJIJ. RUN.XI,lJ firm-ml Svuim' Fm-llmu illulx. 4 ffl1:1pl.1ill. 4. VOGT. CAROLYN JEAN-General-'Cheerleader, 4: Dramatic Club. 2. 3. 4: Senior Girls. 4: N.F.L.. 4: Thcspians, 3, 4: A. J. Contest. 3. 4: Three one-act plays. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. 3, 4: Talent Night. 3, 45 Calendar Girl. 4. WATTS, ALTON-General-Senior Fellows Club. WEST. GERALD-Ctillege Sr. Class Sgt.-at-Arms: Sr. Fellows Club. Reporter: Sr. Fellows Minstrel: Kappa Hi-Y, 2. 3, 4, V.-Pres.. 4: Var. Football. 3. 4. WHITMAN. JOHN DENNIS. JR.fC0llegef-Track. 2. 3. 4: Football. 3. 4: Kappa Hi-Y. 2. 3. 4, Pres.. 4: Sr. Fellows Club, Pros., 4: Senior Class. V.-Pres., 4g Senior Girls Club. Mascot. 4: Class Night. 4. WHITNEY, FRED---General-Band. 2. 3, 43 Gamma Follows Club, Pres.. 4: Sr. Class V.-Pres.. 4: Sr. Girls Club Mascot. 4: Class Night. 4. WILLIAMS. JACK C. -Generalfliootball Manager. 2. 3, 4: Beta Hi-Y. 2. 3. 4: Senior Fellows Club. 4. WILLIAMS. MARLENE General-G.A.A.. 2. 3. 4: Volleyball Team: jr. Chorus, 4. WILLIAMS. TOMMY-General-Football. 2. 3. 4: Basketball. 2. 3: "J" Club 3. 4. Pres.. 4: Senior Fellows, 45 Big Wheel, 4: Class Night, 4. WILMOT. GEORGE-College-Delta Hi-Y, 'lg Senior Fellows. 4. WINfiA'I'If.. CARL' Uvncralffscnior Fellows Club. 4. YATES, ALFREDfBusint'ss-fSenior Fellows Club: Baby Red Basketball: Gamma Hi-Y: Baby Red Football: Whols Who, Best-all-Round. 1 JUNE GRADUATING ROY WULFF President WINKIE JACKSON WATFIE CRADY LARRY PAULK Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CHARLES COOPER EDWARD SALISBURY Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms "Step Out From Among the Surging Crowds ond Make Yourself Q Master" . 0 Clay Mus.Dcgklsuxrcczrmkv ponsox Z.. 5' All ALBRITTON. SHIRLEY-College-G.A.A.. 2. 3. 4. Treas.. 3. V.-Pres., 4: Girls Basketball Team. 3: N.H.S.. 3. 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 4. ALDRICH. BOB-Business-Band. 2. 3. 4: Senior Fellows, 4. ALLEN. ELAINE-General-Band. 3. 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 4: Student Assistant. Gym. 4. ALLEN. SYLVIA-ffGcneralfD.C.T.. 4: G.A.A.. 2: Senior Girls Club. 4: Tigers Claw. Rep.. 3: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Class Night. 4: Talent Night. 4. ALLRED. DWIGI-lTAfC0ll0ge-Gamma Hi-Y. 2: Sr. Fellows. 4. ALVAREZ. GLORIA-fGeneralfNational Forensic Lea- gue. 2: Tigers Claw. 3. 4: Quill and Scroll. 4. AMBER. KELLYfCollexze-Lat. Club. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Boys. 3. Veep. 3: Stage Crew. 3: Kappa Hi-Y. 3, 4: Orchestra. 2. 3. 4: Oracle Staff. 3. 4: Tigers Claw. Phot.. 4: Sr. Fellows. 4. ANDERSON. CHARLES-General-Jr. Boys Club. 3: Senior Fellows. 4: Gamma Hi-Y. 4. ANDERSON. ClIARLES--Generalgjunior Chorus. 4: Gym Manager. 4. ARMSTRONG, BILLY--Business-4Baby Team. 2: Key Club. 3: Var. Football. 3: Mascot. Delta Y-Teens, 3: Pres.. Alpha Hi-Y. 3: Sr. Fellows Club, 4: Sponsor ol Thanksgiving Game. 4. ARNAU. RONALDfGeneral. ARTHUR. MARY JO-Collegt-fLatin Club. 2: Dra- matic Club. 2. 3. 4: Thespians, 3, 4: Lib. Conn., 2. 3. 4: Pres.. 4. Chap. ol County Lib. Council, 3: Jr. Girls. 3: Sr. Girls. 4: Gamma Y-Teens. 4: 'I'iger's Claw, 4: N.l-LS.. 4. ATK I NSON. JOYCE-General. BAKER. PATTIE-General-Gamma Y-Teens. 4: Dra- matic Club. 4: Student Assistant. 4: Jr. Chorus. 4. BALLARD. CLARA--General. BANKS. JOYCEW General--Sr. Chorus, 4: Student As- sistant. 4: Latin Club. 4: Girls Glee Club. 3: Operetta, 3. 4. BARBER. BARBARA ANN----llusilwss. BARNETT. ELIZABETH-Beta Y-Teens. 3: Jr. Girls. 3: Dramatic Club. 3. 4: French Club, 3. 4: Oracle, 3. 4. Asst. Ed.. 4: Usher A. J. Contest. 3. Student Dir. A. J. Contest. 4: Delta Y-Teens. 4: Sr. Girls Club, 4. BARNETT, MILDRED-General-Jr. Girls. 3: Band. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 2. 3, 4: Sr. Girls, 4: Jr. Chorus, 4: Dramatic Club, 4g Thespians, 4. BARTON, MARGARETfBusiness-Beta Y-Tec-ns. 2. 3: jr. Chorus. 2. 3: Jr, Girls Club, 3: Girls Glee Club. 4: Sr. Girls Club, 4. BAXLEY. Wll,EE'l'Afliusincss. BAZEMORE. DEANNE-Collegm-+Lib. Council. 2. 3, 4. Sec.. 3. Treas. 3, Pres.. 4: National Honor Soc.. 3. 4: Fr. Club. 3: G.A.A.. 4: Future Teachers of America. 41 Lib.. 4: Tigers Claw Rep., 4. BECK . BILL-BusincssfD.C.T. BEg.L4 DELORES-General+Sr. Girls, 4: Jr. Chorus 2, , . BELLAMY. DOROTHYfGenm-ral. BERRY. CHARLENE--General-Beta Y-Teens. 2. Rr-- porter, 3. Pres.. 4: Talent Night. 2, 3: Dramatic Club. 3: Future Teacher's Club. 3. 4. Sec., 4: Jr. Girls, 3: Sr. Girls, 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee, 3, 4. BLAKE. JOSEPHfCollegef-Science Club. BOWDEN, JEANNIE-GcneralfGamma Y-Teens. 2: Girls Glee Club. 2, 3. 4. Rep.. 4: Talent Night. 2: Spanish Club. 2: Operetta. 4: Pepperettes. 2: Calen- dar Girls, 3. BOWEN, ETHELfGeneralfMajurette, 2, 3: Alpha Y- Teens. 3: Beta Y-Teens, 4: Talent Night, 3: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Junior Girls Club. 3: Sr, Girls Club. 4: Dramatic Club. 3: Girls Glee Club. 4. BRAGG. JOEY---General-Talent Night, 2. 3: Per- sonality Night. 2: Band. 2. 3. 4: Orchestra. 2. 3, 4: Gamma Hi-Y. 2. 3: Jr. Boys, 3: Sr. Girls Jubilee, 2. BRANSFORD. MILTON-BusinessfGolf Team. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Hi-Y, 4. BRASWELL, CHARLENE-General. BRAY, BILL-General-French Club. BRIGHTWELL. CHARLEswc1en.-mlknami. 2. 3. 4: 'i Orchestra, 2, 3. 4: Gamma Hi-Y, 2. 35 Talent Night. .. BRINSON. PATRICIA-Generalffl.A.A., 2: Sr. Girls. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee, 4: D.C.T.. 4: Talent Night. 4. BRITT, MARGARET-College-G.A.A., 3: N.H.S., 3. 4: Sr. Girls. 4: Oracle Staff. 4. Feature Editor. 4: Science Club. Reporter. 4: Dramatic Club. 3: Miss A. 1. Contest. Usher. 4. .AQ I x yn.. HQ swf use H BROOKS, BONNIE-General. BROWN. HAZEL-Business--Spanish Club. 25 Sr. Girls, 43 .ll'- GiflS, 31 Alpha Y-Teens. 3. 45 Dramatic Club. 35 Sr. Girls Jubilee, 45 G.A.A., 3. BROXSON, BIARVELLE 7 College-National Honor Society, 3, 45 Library Council, 2: Sr. Girls Club, 45 French Club, 3. 4. BUFORD. PATfGeneral4Miss Andrew Jackson. 45 Al- pha Y-Teens. Rep.. 2. Treas.. 3. Pres.. 45 Delta Hi-Y, Mascot, 45 Dramatic Club. 3. Hist.. 45 Thespians. 3. Hist.. 45 Jr. Girls. 35 Sr. Girls. 45 Calendar Girl. 45 Majorette. 2, 3. 4: Gen. Chorus. 3: Jr. Chorus. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 3. 4. BULLARD. GLORIA--GeneralfSoftball Team. 3: Sr. Girls. 45 Sr. Girls Jubilee. 45 Beta Y-Teens. 45 Tigers Claw Rep., 4. BUNCH. WlLLlAlWfCollt-ge-Jr. Varsity Basketball. 35 Varsity Basketball. 4: Kappa Hi-Y. 2. 3, 45 Key Club. 3. 45 Pres. Jr. Boys Club. 3: Sr. Fellows Club, 4. BUNTING. MARY CATHERINE General-Jr. Girls Club, 35 Sr. Girls Jubilee. 35 Swimming Team, 25 Dra- matic Club. 25 Delta-Y-Teens. Social Chairmaug Sr. Girls Club, 45 Oracle Staff. 3, BURNETT, RICHARD --General-Allaby Tiger Football, 25 Varsity. 3, 4: Jr. Varsity Basketball. 25 Varsity. 3, 45 Track, 2. 3, 45 Kappa Hi-Y, 2, 3. 45 Key Club. 3. 45 "JL Club. 3. 4: Mascot of Jr. Girls Club5 Sr. Fellows Cu . . BOOTH. WlLLlAMf-CGena-ralfAlpl1a Hi-Y. 2: Foot- ball Managcr, 2. 3. 4. BOWLES. ROBERTf-GeneralfJr. Varsity Football Team. CALDWELL. JERRY CALLAHAN, PATRICIA--GeneralfSr. Girls Club. 4. CANNADY. JOYCE-General--G.A.A.. 2. 35 Spanish Club, 2. CARMICHAEL. JEAN-f-GeneralfFrench Club. 2. 3, 45 Alpha Y-Teens. 3, 45 Dramatic Club. 2: Jr. Girls, 35 Beta Y-Teens. 4: Sr. Girls. 45 Girls Glee. 45 Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4. CARMICHAEL. RONALD--COLLI-Xiligliappa Ili-Y. 45 Baud. 2. 35 Sr. Fellows. 4. CAMPER. KATHERlNEfCollege 'f-' G.A.A.. 2. 3. 4: Girls Softball team. 25 Girls Varsity Softball Team. 35 Manager Girls Varsity Basketball Team. 35 Deans Office. 45 Andrew Jackson Bowlerettes, 4: Sr. Girls Club. 45 Alpha Y-Teens. 45 Student Gym Assistant, 35 Jr. Girls Club, 3. CARTER. CLAUDIA---ClencralfFuturi- Nurses Club. 3, 4, General Chorus. 2. 3. 45 Jr, Chorus. 3. 4: Girls Glee Club, 4. CAVIN. LYNNIEA-College-Band. 2. 3. 45 Dramatic Club. 3. 45 Thespians. 4: Gamma Y-Teens, 3, 45 Sec., 45 National Honor Society. 3. 45 Reporter, 45 Sr. Girls gauh, 35 Orchestra. 2. 3. 4: Vice President. 4: Jr. Girls .ub, . CHAPMAN. JUNE ANN-Genc-ral-Pepperettes. 2: Spanish Club. 23 Beta Y-Teens. 2, 33 Jr. Girls. V.- Pres.. 3. Pres.. 4: Jr. Chorus. 33 Sr. Chorus. 3: Sr. Girls. 4: Girls State Representative. 43 Sr. Girls Jubilee, 3. CHAPMAN. RUBERT-General-French Clnb3 Delta lli-Y. CHOLERTON. NIARY EVELYNfGeneralfLibrary Council. 3: Prayer Council. 2. 3, 4. CHRISTEN. MYRNA MARIE-Gent-ral-Alpha Y- Teens. 2. 3. 43 Dramatic Club. 23 Latin Club, 2: Jr. Girls. 'l'reas.. 33 Majorette. 33 Sr. Girls. 43 General Chorus. 33 Sr. Girls Jubilee. 3. CLARK. ANGELA-V-General-Head White Majoretts-s3 Red Majorettes: Alpha Y-'l'eens3 Dramatic Club. Re- porter: State Band Contest3 Jr. Girls Jubilee: Sr. Girls Jubilee: 'l'hespians3 Dramatic Plays. CLARK. MARGIE ANNiGt-neral-G.A.A.. 2. fl: Stu- dent Assistant. 3: Sr. Girls. 43 Red Cross Representative, 2: D.C.'l'.. 4: Pepperette, 23 Sr. Girls Jubilee, 43 Sopli. Softball Team. 2: Talent Night, 43 Class Night. 4. CLARK. WALTER-llltsinessf-Sr. Fellows. 4. COBB. NANCY FAITH-BusinessfFrench Club, 2. 33 Band. 2. 3. 43 Orchestra. 2. 3. 4. COE. ELAINE--Gent-ralfliand, 2. 3. 43 Orchestra. 2. 3. 43 Orchestra Council. 43 Spanish Club. 23 Sr. Girls. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4. COMSTOCK. J. ROSALIEff-CollegefDramatic Club. 2. 3. V.-Pres.. 4, Pres.. 43 Thespians, 3. Pres., 43 Cheerleader, 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 2, 3. 43 Miss A. J. Con- lest: Talent Night. 33 Sr. Girls, 4: Jr. Girls, 3: Sr. Girls Jubilee, 43 3-l Act plays. 3. 43 Oracle Business Staff. 3. CONLIN. PATRICIA-CommercialsBand, 2. 3. 43 Jr. Girls. 33 Sr. Girls, 43 Gamma Y-Teens, 2. 3. 4. CONNER. DORIS LOUISE--General. COOK. DAVID ---- CollegefLatin Club, 2, 3, Vice Pres.. 43 N.Il.S.. 3. Pres.. 43 Jr. Boys Club: Sr. Fellows Club: Astronomy Club. Sec.. 3, Pres.. 4: Science Club, Pres., 4: Kappa Hi-Y. Chaplain. 4: Usher for Grad. 8: Bacc. COOPER. CHARLES-Coll:-gefBand, 2. 3, 43 Sr. Chorus. 43 Sr. Fellows. 43 Prayer Council. 43 Sr. Class Chaplain, 4: Future Teachers. 33 Latin Club. 2. COOPER. I.OUISEfGeneral-Jr. Girls. 33 Sr. Girls. 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 3. 4: Dramatic Club. 4. CORNELL. GENEVA LOUISE--General. COUNAL. JERRY-General. COURTNEY. JOHN T.. JR.fCollege-Sr. Fellows. 4. ad COWART. l'.'Yl'RIGl.'K .NNN limiiu-xx FIi4'lll'll Club 4: Hem Y-'l'm-4-ns: Sr. Girls. 4: Sr, Girls jubilee, 4 Dx-'uu's uwislalll. fl. 43 Spzulisli Club. fl. COX.,BARl5AR.'Xf-limim-sa Spanish Club. fi: l.ibrzu'y f.mu1m'll. 21 f-..K,.X.. 1. 5. 4. CR:Xll'l'RlfE. lSll.l. Grill-l'ulff-Sl'. lfvlllnssi ji. lluys Kappa: lli-Y: lizxby lvzuu Fuullxull. CRADY. VVA'liFll"1 Business Sr. Girls Club. 41 Ser., 4 National Hunnr Sucivly. 3. 43 Clmplaiu. 43 Draluatis Club. 3: Beta Y-Tecnsg ji. Girls Club. 15. Chaplain. 3 l Sull 5 -1 s I l 5 l W'llil0 liilllll. L: Ri-Ll l.x . f. 1 Sr. Girl' Juli rv. 1. -. DANESH. JOHN li.fCollt'uf liuiul. 2. fl: fiiillllllkl. lli- X: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Lulu: Klub. DANNKE, ROGER lhisilxvss llzurlmzxll. fl. 4. DARBY. PERRY lillsiiww- Sr. Ft'lluwS Club, 4. DAVIS. CII.-XRLIES D. GL'lwl'al. DAVIS. JERRY-f-Ge11x'r'z1l 'Foull1zxll. 4g Club. 4: Delta lli-Y. 4: Sr. F4-lluwx Club. 4. DAVIS. l'A'l'RICl.-X ANN--Gem-ml Mujurellrw. 3: Jr. ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' "mls Killurun. Z1 Girls Glu- -lilub. ix 4-1 K-..X..'X,. .lg Sr. GIA Club. 43 Sr. Guls jubllm-. 4: l'.Il..'X.. 4. DAVIS. WIl.I.l.-XM C. Gvnerul 'Fl'Q'IlCll Club. 43 Sr. Fellows Club. 4. DQARINION. CAROLYX G4-llurul l':'ppPrl'IIcw. 2: Jr. Girls Club. fl: Sr. Girlx Club. 4. DFAS. VVlI.Hl'R R.-XY Gvncral 'il1l'2lIISl,Pl'l't'll '34, DEESE. DOROTHY- Grnvral Girls Glev Club: Sr. Girls Club: G.A.A.: Ijllllllkilli' Clubq Ops-rm-lm. DI-ZLETTRE. AIIMMIE --- Gvuerul D.C.'l'., 4. Sul.-ab Arllls. 43 Delta lli-Y. 43 Sr. I-'ellnwx Club. 43 Sr. Fvl- lcms Miuslrvl. -l. DELORGE. Cll.XRI.ESf-General-'Mqr. Football T:-am. 2: lwigr. 'l'rzu'k 'l's'znu. 2. fly Sr. Fm-lluws Club. 43 Frc'm'll Club. 2. DENKINS, CLYDE' Gem-ral liawlmll. fl. 4: llzxlvy 'l'm-inn lianlu-tball. DENT. Cll.'XRI.liS GonvrzxlfffOrurlv llmm' Ruum Rvp- rvSvl1t2ltix'i', 3. DILL. IDA l.URliNl'i Genvral' Band. 2: Sr. Girll. Club. 4: G.A.A.. 2, DOUGLAS. JAMES Wll.ILY-wCollr-ge Dean's Olliee. 2 DUNKLICY. DAVID College Spanish Club. 2: Iianll. 'I 'S 4 II1ulDiuln'NI ' 4 -. .. : -1 ' . ajur. , EDENFIELD. ROSENIARY College --'I'iger's Claw. Circulation Mxzr.. 2. II. 4. Editor. 4: Alpha Y-Teens. II. 4. V.-Pres. 4: Delta Y-Teens. 4. I'rz-s.. 4: Qllill 8: Serull. 15. 43 'lilu-spians. 4: Dramatic Club, 4: Sr. Girls Club. 43 Spanish Club. 4. Chaplain. 4: Prayer Couneil. 4: Inter- Club Cnnnril. 4: Spanish Chorus. 4. l'iI.lAN. MARY-f Business Girls Glev Club: Sr. Chorus ICLROD. ROISIZRT 'College liand. 2. 3. 4: Urvliestra. " 'i 4 'IR-as 'K VHS '5 4' Astronrnn' Club '5 4 Pres.. 3. V.-Pres.. 4: SK'it'l1t'v Club. 4. V.-Pres.. 4: I.atin Club. 3. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Iioys Club. 3: Orarlv Staff. ii. EVANS. JOAN General. EVANS. I'A'I'RlCIA 1.0RAINli---General D.C.'l'.. fi. 4. Chaplain. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. 4. EVERS. BARBARA JIQANW-Ilenrraln-G.A.A.. 2: Sr. Virls Club 4 I'AI.AG.-XX. RAYMOND General-Dvlla Ili-Y. V.-Pres.. fl. Chaplain. 4: Mascot. Ganuna Y-Trl-ns. 4, FAUST. IIIJIVISRLY Businessw'Library Council. 2. 3. Ser.. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: N.ll.S.. 3. 4: Freurh Club. ,, .4 IVERIIIQR. GEORGICT Culln-ae-i Kappa Ili-Y. 2. II. 4: Sr. Fellows Llub. 4: Swlninnln: ll'kilIl. 4, I"IIil.DING. NIQLSUN-ffllllsiilessff liela Ili-Y. 2. Rewri- l er. 5. See.. 4: Ixey Llub. 4: Sr. I'm-llnws Llub. 4: Sr. Fellows Minstrel. 4. FINCH. IIARRIET General lima Y-Teens. 2: Library Council. 2. fi. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Ganirna Y-Teens. 4: G.A.A.. 4. FISII. WlI.l.ARD Culleue Gamma Ili-Y: Sr, Ifm-lluws Club FORBES. ,IUDV--CulI4-gn-iCalendar Girl. 23 lvlajurelles. 2. 3. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. V.-Pres.. Pres.. 4: Fri-nm-li Club. 3. See.. 3: Alpha Y-Teens. 2. 3. 4. Sneial Chair- man. 2. Chaplain. 3. Sec.. 4: Dramatic Club. 2. 3. 4. Chaplain. 4: Thespians. 3. 4. Chaplain. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. 5. 4: Spanish Llnb. lg I'.II.A.. Z. FUS'I'I:1R. JERRYWCullei:effDelIa Ili-Y. 2. fl. Sm-1'.. fI: Kvy Club. 2. II. 'lirm-as.. 3: Cheerleader. 3: hir. Ilair of Mr. N Miss Fam' Clullesl. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4. FREEDMAN. FRANK Gr'-College Iianil. 2. Il. 4: Or- chestra. 2. 3. 4: Spanish Club. 4: Talent Niizhl. fi: Var. Ilanrl. 4: Dramatic' Club. 4: Slam' Crew. 4. FREEIWAN, PATRICIA A.--Busiliris G.A,A.. 2. fl: Girls Club. 33 Beta Y-Teens. 2: Sr. Girlx Jubilvc. fl: Sr. Girls Club. 4. FRIES. liE'l"l'Y LOUISE -Gem-ml Sr. Girlx Club. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. 4. FROST. I.liSI.lli WAYNE 124-nrrnl. GALES. EDWARD GALES. MARIIQ---GL-lu-ral Pepper:-lu-s. 2: Girls GI:-0 Club. 3. 4: Jr. Clmrus. 2, GALLIHER. RILVONDA- G1-nm-ral. GILL. .0 ANN' liusiuvss A'IZlj0l'?ll4'S. 2. fl. Hencl Mu- l jurvth-. 4: Alpha Y-rl-f'!'IlN1 Sr. Girlw Club: Sr. Girlx jubilee. Class Niulu. GWENS. GERA1,IlINli-- Gvnrrul- Jr. Girls Club. fl: Dflta Y-Tex-us. 41 F.H.A.. ff. 4: Sr. Girl? Cll1b.A-lg Sr. Girls Jubilee. 43 jr. Clumrus. Z. 3: jr, Girls Julnlm-. .l. GOFORTH. VVANDA BIAE limillcws Spuulsli Club. 2 91' f'lrlQ Club 4 GOOGE. jEQANlTI"l'lif'Genrra-lf-IQ,A.A.. 2: Jr. Chorus 43 Beta Y-lveus. fl. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. GOOGINS. BYRON Gem-rul-fAlplm lli-Y. 3. 4. 'l'rz'zus 4: Jr. l,ezxders Club. 3. 4. GUUIN. RAYNIUND Gvuf-ral lizlml. Q, fl. GRANT. HERDINA -Gmu-ral. GREENE. GLliNNf--Gem-ral. GREEN. llllR'l'A Ge-ru-:nl-'-Spanixli Club. fl. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. GRlECO. DlANl'i CllRlS'l'lNl2 fliusilu-ss Xlusvol Gum- ma lli-Y. 4: Majnrm-tres. 2. 3. 4. 'l'rc-as.. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Bela Y-'IRM-rms. 2. 3. Chaplain 8: V.-Pres. 4: Spanish Club. 23 Drauuulir Club. fl. 4: Sr. Girly jubilrv. 3. 4: Jr, Girls Club. 3: Wlmk Wlm. Mm! l'upul:u:. 4. GROVE. VIR! ilNlA"'fil'llk'l'8l. CUYE'l"l'li. JACKIE Gvllvlzxl-Dl'all1a Club. 2. ll: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Library Cuunril. 2. fl. 4: Spanish Club. 2. 3: Future Nursn-s Club. 4: Gzumnu Y-Teens. 4: Sm-r.. Library Cuunril. 4, HAGANS. JOE W. 'General f Baud, 2. 3: Gamma Hi- Y 4 4 '. f. 3 Sr, Fellows Club. 4. HALL, JAMES PAL'L College. llAl,l"ORD. GEORGE EDW'ARDffljusiness-Jr. Var. liasltetball. Il: Var. liasleetball. 4: Var. Football. 4: St. Fellows Club. 4: Key Club. 4: Club. 4. llAMlL'l'ON. RONALD Lrfbusiness- Alpha Hi-Y, 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4. llAMl"l'ON. JUNE College' Sr. Girls Club. 4: Span- ish Club. 3: F.H.A.. 2: Gamma Y-Teens. 3: Drama Club. 3: bliss Andrew Jarltson Contest. 2: Sr. Girls Lhorus. 4: lnrls Clem- Llub. 3. HAMMAC. BROOKS ColleqeffGalntna lli-Y. 2. fl. 4. Pres.. 4: Key Club. fl. 4: Spanish Club. Q: Sr. Fellows l'lub. 4: Czilentlar Hoy. 4, HAND. JliANli'l"lil-I Hnsiness Spanish Club. 2: Band. 2. fl. 4, HANCOCK. DOROTHY General---Sr. Girls Club, 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 21 D.C.'l'.. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee, 4: Soph. Girls llasltetball. 2: Dean's Offiee. 2. fl. HANCOCK. RICHARD General-f Spanish Club. 2: Drzuuatie Club. 3. 4: Gamma lli-Y. 3. 4: White Band. 2: Red liantl. fi. 4: Orrhestra. 3. 4. STANLEY. HARDY General Var, Football: 'liratlti Sr. Fellows Club: Club. HARKEY. luittimfzi, Enix -c1.,11.-...Lf rzamma Hi-Y. " ' "'x4veffs'a4 4: Sr. l'ell1msf.lub. 4: lN.ll.S.. .. , .- .. . HARRIS. JEAN Dr General- -Jr, Girls Club, 3: Jr. fhorus. 43 N.H.S.. 3. 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 4: G.A.A., 2. il. 4: Student Assn.. 4: Gen. Chorus. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Bowling League. 4: Mar.. Girls Softball 81 Basketball 'lk-nuns. 2. 3. HARVEY. JOHN 'Business Sr. Fellows Club: Projer- tors Club: Alpha lli4Y. llA'l'CllE'l"l'. 'l'liRRELl. -General. HAWKINS. ROH-ER'l'A General -ff- Band, 2, 3. 4: Freneh Club. 2. fl: Futura- llolnelnalters of .AlllPI'lC3. 2. HAZOURI. DONALD College Sr. Chorus. 2. fl, 4. Pres., 4: Gannna Hi-Y. 4. V.-Pres.. 4: Drama Club, 4, Reporter. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Thespians. 3, 4: Sr. Girls Talent Night. 3: M. C.. Jr.-Sr. Prom. 3: M. C.. Christmas Danre. 4: Oracle. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee, 4: ii-l Art Plays 84 Sr. Class Play. 4: Contest. 4: '55 Calentlar, IIIZRRINGTON, JI1ANli'l"l'E---Business. IIICRRON. lili'l"l'E --Ceueral. Q HICKS. GEORGE Ii. G1-ue-ral Var. Fuutball. 4: jr. Var. Football. 2. 31 Cl11b. 41 Sr. Fellows Club, 4. IIICKS. ROLAND .Xu GPlu'ral Sr. I"1'll11ws Cl11b. 4. IIOLLEY. IOMf-Cullcze-fliaiicl. 2. 3. Capt,. 2: Spau- isb Club. 25 Gauuua lli-Y. 3. 4: Rev Clllll. 4: Sr, I:t'lA lnws Club. 4. HOOD. EI.lZAl5Ii'I'II cl9IlQ'l'2iI"fl2iIIlIllH Y-'I'1-1-us. 41 F.l-I.A.. 4g Prpperettvs. 2: Gen. Cl11ur11s. 23 jr. Cl1Ill'll5. fl. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. HORNIS. WILLIAKI H.- General' Var. I"u1vtball. 22 Var. Football. 3. 41 jr. Var. Basketball. 2: Var. liaskvtf ball. 3. 43 Cl11b. fl. 4: Alpbu Hi-Y. 4. IIORNE. LAS'l'I.IiY- - Business. IIUVVARD. jIl.XNI':'I"l'E--Hinsiuvss Sr. Clurrlis. 4Z 4 Girls GIEB Club. 2: Cborus. 2: N.l'l.S.. f. HOWELL. ELIZTIIli.-X--B11si111-ss Sr. Girls Llub. 4. I-IOWLAND. AIAMES S.-Collcuv--lialicl. 2. Ii. 43 Or- chestra. 2. 3. 4. Studvut Clf!llCIllCIIll'. 2. fi: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Lati11 Club. 23 N,H.S.. fl. 4: jr. Boys Club. fl: AsI1'1u11uny Cl11b. Ii. HUISISARD. VIRGINIA Geut-ral Sr. Giils Club. 4. IIUGIIES. DORIS- Ge-1u'ral. IIUGIIES. MARIORII-2 ANN -Geurralff-G.A.A,. 2, fl. lr, Girls Cl11b. 15: Sr. Girls Cl11b. 4: Gen. Cluxrus. 4: l'1-pperettes. 2. IIUNT, RICHARD Ii. Cullvuvfflialzy Red Fmmtlyall. 2 33 Baby Rrd liaslu-tball. 2: jr. Var, I511sk1-tbull. 4. IlLfN'l'IiMAX. lill.l. Cull614effRacliu Club. 4g Sr, Fvl lows Club. 4. IIYIIRS. CURTIS IIIINIIll'YS"IIlllHI. 2. Ilg Spanish Club 2: Sr. Felluws cllllll. 4: Gauuua Ili-Y. 2. fi. 4. Ser., 4 jACI'iSON. XIARY LOUISE G1-111'raI- -IN1aj1r1'1'tt1'. 2. fl 41 Masrut. Cl11b. 41 Sr. Girls Club Rrp.. 4: Ura iuatil' Cl11b. Fl. 4. Seth. 4: Alpha Y-'I'01'11s. 2. 3. 4 'l'1-cas.. 4. Surial flIl3Il'lllZlll.'I4l: Thvspians. 4. S1-r.. 4 Sr. Girls jululee. 3. 43 jr. I-urls Cl11b. fl: Calcxulau' Cuu test. 4: 3 - I Art Plays. 4. jACKSON. WINGATE Af-4fnllezvfspanisli Club, 2 V.-P11-s.. 23 Library Cuu111'il. 23 liaby liaskc-tlmull. 2. fl Rey Cl11b. 2. 3. 4. 'I'r1-as.. 4: Bela Ili-Y. 2. 3. 4. I'rcs. 43 Sr. I"1'lI1uws Minstrel. 41 X.II.S.. fl, 41 Buys State-. fl jACUHS. SHIRLEY MARGARIi'I'fGP111-ral I'Ppp1'1 vttvs. 2: Girls Club. fl. Sr. Girls Cl11b. 4 AIHNNINGS. PICNNY Business. JOHNS. Nl.-XR'l'll.'X Wll.l.liNli G4-ut-ral Sr. Girls Club 4 IIUHNSON. GILES llusiuess. JONES. EUR.-k'l'll.X Business' Freurb Club. fi. 4: Sl Girls Club. 4. JONES. LEON.-M Gulleqe Guutua Y-Teens. 2: G..-X..X.. 'l Full' Nl' 'l 4 St Virls Club 4 -Z Ill' . .Mem ,. Z '. 1 . . . . .li DKDAN. CIZDRIC Culleue. JORDAN. S'I'.-XNLEY' General- Sr. Fellows Club. 4 llzlby Football. fl: Chorus. 4: Kappa Hi-Y. 4. jOSEPH. ROISERT General. JOYNER. J.-KCKW General. jUNKlNS. MONA --General. KANAGU. H.-XRBAR.-X GA-uerul lhulcl. 2. 3. 4. KENNEDY. ANN' General--Majureltes. fig Hzultl. fi: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4: Latin Club. 2: Future Nurses Club. 2: Della Y-'l'eens. fl. KENNEDY. lilC'l"l'Y General 'lrunsferred from States- buru. Gu. KIMHRUUGII. ANNf-Gull:-ge G.A.A,. 2. 3, 4. Ser.. fi. 4: Var. llzxsketlmll. 31 Var. Suftbull. Q. 3: N.H.S.. fl. 4: Future Nurses Club. 4. KINDRED. JAMES NN. Business Sr. lf:-lluws Club. 4 KINES. SH..-KS Gvlu-rul Var. Fmitbull. 4: Jr. Var. lliusketball. fl: Baby Rt-tl Basketball. 2: Switumiuu. 4: Su Fellows Club. 4. KING. ,l:XMlfS limitless- Baby Red Fuutball. 23 Var, Football. fl. 4: Var. Basketball. 2. ff. 4: Var. Bust-ha fi. 4: Club. 2. fl. 4, Pres.: Sr. Fellows Club, 4 KING. AIUHN I. Cullegef' Latin Club. 2. fl. 4. Treas.. U. Pres.. 4: Calendar. 3. 4: Dratuatlt' Club. 2. 3. 4 Treas.. 4: Tllespiam. 3. 4: Maseul. F.H.A,. 35 Sr. Fel- ltms Club. 4: Key Club, Sm-C.: jr. Boys. V.-Pres.. 33 .Il Gburus. 4: Sr, Chorus, 4: Honor Guard Grad.. jan. Julie. '54: l.ibrury Cuuufil. 2. 'K N-wa KING. MARC.-XRI'l'I' Iiiisiiwsm Iiilllllllki Y-'llvn-ins. fig Si. Girls Club. 4: Gym Student Axsistzuit. fl. KlRKI.AND.QM, MARIIIA limiiu-xx Sr. Girls Club, 4: Galumu Y- I vvm. 4. IQIRKIJXND. UI.I'lD.X -Iiusiuc-ss G,:X.:X.. 2. II. 4: Ui'ac'lt'. II. 4. I"Lu'uIty Iiditnr. 4: Sr. Gills Club. 41 l'sl14'r. Mixs .'Xl1Llrl'u ,Izu'kwn Cnutvst. 4. KNIGIII. CONNIE ,IRAN Ilusimfx IQOCCIQ. II.-XRISARA ANN--Colle-uv I"rrnc'Ii Club. 2. fl. 4. SA-mx. 21 Draulutic Club. 2: Sr. Cluxrus, 41 Sr. Girln Club. 4: Sr. Cirlx Jubilvt-. 4: ji. Cliurus. 2. 45 Cbristulas l'u21'unt. 2. 3. 41 Glrlx film-6 Club. fl: I"rc'm'll Club Pluyx. 2. 3. I..-XXIII. SHIRLEY' 'Central Snpb. Girls Club. 23 lin-lu Y-Teeux. 23 I'e-ppm-11-ties. 2: Draiuatit' Club. 4: F.II..-X., 43 Sr. Girlx Club, 4g Gvu. Cluuuxg Cluislluus llsugc-zuu: Dt-Ita Y-'Il-em. 4: IJ:-au'-' Office. 2. fl. 4. I.AfvIl5IiR'I4. .IOE Gviu-ml. IUXINIMONS. W'II.I.I:XINI INI. Gt-nt-ral D.C.'l'.. fl. -I. I'urliauu-utariuu. 4: Orrlieslru. 2. ll. Mar.. 21 Sr, Fvl- lows Club. 4: Miustrrl. 4. l..'xl'R:XlNIURI'f. RUIII Gf'u6r1iI Czullxlla Y-'l'vt'm. fl. 4: Future Nurws Club. fl. 4. I'i4w.. 4: Sr. Girlx Club. 4. l.IiE. JAMIQS Ii. College- Spuuixb Club. 2. I.EIiCIi. VIRGINIA GQ-iwral Spzuiisli Club: Ge'm'rzxl Clmrux: Girls Glev Club. LIQUNARD. DICK' CullPgt'- Sr. F:-lltms Club: Kap- vm III-Y: Km-y Club: I'rujetlnrx Club: Iizxby 'I'n'tuu Ifmxt' bull. I.I'I"IlLE. II. Il.. JR. General Iizxby Rc-mls. fl. Sr. Fol- luwx Club. 4: Gamum Ili-Y. 4: Sr. Ifvlltmx Cluu lNIiuxtrn-I, I.UVIf'I"Il. ERVIN .X Cvnvralf Kc-y Club. fl. 4: Dvltn III-Y. 2. II: Jr. Var. Football. II. Capt.. Fl. Alpha Y- Illvem lNIascnt. 43 Sr. Fvllowa Club. 4: Spnmnr. Tlizuilo- uiviuu Fmmllmull IIHIIIP. 4: Calendar Huy. 4. LYNN. SYLVIA I'Iusixu's5-Jr. Cirlw Club. fig Sr. Girls Club. 4: G..-MA.. 2. 3. 4: Var. Iiusketbnll 'I'z-aiu. II Suph. Basketball T1-am. 2: Dt-Ita Y-Irena. 4. LYONS. SIIIRLIZY Iiumiiless ll..'X.:X.. 2. fI. 43 Sr Girlx Club. -I-: Library Council. 2: Spanish Club. 2. lNI.'XRGAROW'IZ. FRXNCIQS Ilusim-M Gills Gln-r Club INIANGUNI. lSl5'I"l'Y -I0 Geilvlal. MANNING, l'ATRlClAfCieiieralfflim-ta Y-Teens. 2. fl: Delta Y-Teens. 4. V.-Pres.. 4: Spanish Club. 25 Library Counril. 2: Girls Glee Club. 3. 4: Sr. Girls Club, 4: l'm-pperettes. 23 Dramatic Club. 3. 4. MANSFIELD. DORSEY---Gi-neral D.C.'I'.. 3, 'tg Cam- era Club. 2: Sr. Fellows Club. 4. MARjliNllOFl". lilC'l"l'Y- Generalf-Hand. 33 Orrhestra, 2, fl. 4: Spanish Club. 3. Alpha Y-Teens: Dramatir Club: Orarle Rep. MARTIN. BARBARA ANN- Business -Latin Club. 2. fl. 4' Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. fl. 4: F.Il.A,. 3. 4. Pres.. 4: Beta Y-Teens. 2: Gamma Y-Teens. 4. MARTIN. ELIAS .l.flillSlIll'SS"V2il', Football. 2. 3. 43 Kappa Ili-Y. 3. 4. Pres.. 4. Sat.-at-Arms. 3. Chaplain: Sr. Fellows Club. 41 Bonfire: Minstrel: "J" Club. 3. 4. MARTIN. l'A'I'RICIAf-Kieneralfl'eppereltes. 2: French Club, 2. Zig -Ir. Chorus. 4: Christmas Cantata. 43 Thanks- uivinu Program. 4: Dezin's Offire. fl, 4: Sr. Girls Club, 4: Sr, Girls Jubilee. 4. MA'l"l'llliWS. JOYCE-IJeux-ral-fG.A.A,. 2: Alpha Y- Teens. 2. 3. 43 Dranlatir Club. 4: Gen. Chorus. 35 Tiizc-r'x Claw. 3. 4. Exrhanqe Editor. fl. Advertising Mgr.. 45 Sr. Girls Club. 4: Jr. Girls Club. 3, MATHIS. ANNICTTE Business. MA'I"l'OX. llA'l"liY Sflif'General-fMaseot, Jr. Boys Club. 3: Cheerleader. fi: Sr. Girls Club, 4. M.-KULDIN. RICHA FAYIZ- General G.AA.. li. 4. MAYU. NURMA FAYIC General Future llomeniakers nl Amerira, MAYES. GHNICVIEVE General Alpha Y-Teens. 4: G.A.A.. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. N1rAl.I.lS'l'liR. GLIZNDA General. Xlc'Cl.El.l.AN. VERA Business F.Il.A.. 23 Spanish Club. 2. fl. 4, M4'l'il,HANEY. KA'l'lll.EEN Business lieta Y-Teens. 2: Gamma Y-Teens. 3, 43 N.H.S.. fi. 45 Orrlieslra. 3: Band. 2. ll. 45 Quarterniaster. 3. 4. MeGRAW. DELCIIZ ll.f-Business--1"renrh Club. l'res. Sr. Chorus: Sr, Girls Club. MrKl2NDRlilQ. EUGENE G.- General. MeMll.l..XN, JAMES Generalf-Dean's Offire Stall, McNA'l"l'. BARBARA -fGeueral. MEAD. KIAH GeneralfTraclt. MEDICK. 'I'llOMASffGeneral -Swimming Team. 2: Dramatir Club. 2. MIEEKS. JERRY--College. MERCER. LAWANDA--Business Spanish Club. 23 Girls Glee Club., 2: Orarle Rs-p..N2: Sr. Chorus. 3. N.H.S.. 3: Sr. Girls Club, 43 D.C.l.. 4. METHUIN. CAROLYN - General --- G.A.A.. 2: Girls Glu- Club. 2. 33 Spanish Club. 2: Sr. Girls Club. 2. MEYERS. MAHELf-liusinvss Sr. Girls Club. 43 Dra- matic Club, 4. MIDDLETON. VIRGINIA-Colle-ze jr. Girls Club, 3. Sr. Girls Club. 45 Beta Y-Teens. 31 Spanish Club, 2: Library Council. 3. 4. Chaplain. 3. Sr. Girls jubilee. 4. MILFORD. M.fXRY ANNfC0lle'gt'---,lik Girls Club. ii: Sr. Girls Club. 43 Alpha Y-Teens. 2. 3. 43 Sr. Girls ,lu- 'J bilec. fl. 43 Dramatic Club. 33 Latin Club. 2: Hand. -. 3. 45 Librarian. 43 N.ll.S.. ll. 4. Social Chairman. 4, MIDDLETON. CAROLYN--GeneraliAlpha Y-'l'rcns, 2. 3. V.-Pres.. 4: Dramatic Club. 2. fl. 4g Tlirspians. 43 Jr. Girls Club, 33 Sr. Girls Club. 43 Spanish Club. 2: Miss Andrew Jarkson Contest. firrl Plare. 4. Majoretle. 2. 3. 4.3-1 Art Plays. 4, MILLS. HAROLD--General'-Band: Swimmivu: Team MOORE. RITAfGeueralffPeppvrettes. 2: Jr. Chorus. 3. Arfompanistg jr. Girls Club. fl: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Gamma Y-Tvcus. 43 Spanish Club, 4. Parliamcntarian. 4. Social Chairman. 43 Varsity Show. 43 Sr. Chorus. 4g Talent Night. 3: Christmas Cantata. 43 Vl4llHl1lCSElViIlkf Program. 3, 4. M ULLANEY. BILI.--Coll:-gc. MULLIS, SHIRLEY ANN--General-French Club. 2. 31 G.A.A.. 3.. Sec.. 4: Sr. Girls Club, 4: Gym Assistant. 4: Var. Softball. 2. fl. 4: jackson Bowling 4: Who's Who. 4. MURPHY. PATRICK ll.--Colleerf-'Astronomy Club. Il. NEAL. MARLENE KAYA-Genvral Frenrli Club. 2. fig Jr. Girls. 33 Beta Y-Teens. 41 Alpha Y-'l't'ens. fl. Girls Glen Club. 3. 4. Treas.. 4: Dramatic' Club. 2. fig Sr. Girls Club. 43 Sr, Girls jubilvt-. 4. NFHER. THELMA-GeneralfF.ll.A.. 2. 3. 4. V.-Pros.. 3. SPF.. 4. llr. Girls. fig Sr. Girls. 4: Sr. Girls jubilcv. 3. 4: Gamma Y-Teens. Reporter. 4. f-.A.A.. 2g Band. 2. 3. 4: Quartcrluastcr. 2. 3. 45 Girls Club. 33 Gamma Y-Teens. 3. 41 Sr, Girls Club. 4: N.H.S.. 3. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee. 4. NORMAN. MAMIE JUNE--College -Latin Club. 2: NORRIS. .IESSIIC lla-lu-rul Sr. Girls Clulr 43 Girls Gln-Q' Clulr. l'rc-x.. 4: jr. Cliurus. NORTON. .ll-IRRY lillsilims lluucl. 2, ll. 4: lhulllulil' Club. fl. 4: 'l'lu-spiuus: Sr. Fellows Clulm. 4: Slum' Crew. fl. 4: Stull' M:nlzu:t'r. 4: Sr. Class l'luy. fl. 42 Sr. Claim Niulu. Il. 4: Sr. l"rllmvs Mimlrrl. 15. 4. ULSEN. ,IACK firlwrul Cllmux 4: lirtu lli-Y. lf. Il, OSISURNIC. l"R.XNiilCS fim'iu'r.xl, 0'S'l EEN. lS.'XRlS.'XR.'X llusiiu-xx. UWVIQNS. ROSUUE Um-lu'rul Clunus IHXUONIS. 'l'lllCRl'1S.X Hviu-ral Clu-vrlruclvx. Ii. 4. llrucl. 4: Mzxwot. Kappa lli-Y. 4: Culvmlal' Girl. fl. 4: Alplm Y-'l'm-m. Q. IS. 4: "Misx 'l'vs-Ili". 4: Wham! WN'lux. 4: Sr. lliilx fllulv. 4: fiirls Club. 3: 'llulvlll Niulll. 4. l'v.XYNl'l. ,l.XCQL'Ii lhlsiurw lluucl. 2. fl. 4: Kiuunuu 4 - l vvux. 1. IUXYNE. RUlSliR'l' Cullvur jr. llnyx Clulm. fl: N.ll.S.. ll. 4: Sr. F1-llmss Clulr. 4: Sr. l"n-lluwx Miuslxvl: Astrnll- uluv Club: l,uIiu Clulx. 3. 4: Sc'l'ut'auI-ul-Aims. 4: liaucl. 2. Il. 4. l'.XRKl'lR. CLAY Cnllvuv 'l'l'umfvil'c'rl frmu Luke City. l'.-KRRISH. MARY ANN limiiu-xx Sr. iiiulx Clulm. Clmplzliu. 4: Sr. Clluruw. fi. 43 fiirls Ulm- fllulv. 2: X.ll,S.. fl. 4: jr. Girls Clulm. 15. V.n'i1'ly Slurw. 4. l':K'l"l'l'lRSUN. DUX.'xl.ll flvllviul Vursily Flmtlrull. 2. fl: liuwlmll. 2. 3: liznxkx-tlwzill. 2. fl: l"r4'lu'li fllulm. l'AUl,K. LARRY lic'iu'rul Mzmwlt. livlu Y-'l'n'n'l1s, 41 M. C.. Mixs A. Clmlli-sl. 4: Sr. Fm-lluwx Miuslrvl. 4: Iieas.. Sr. Claw. 4: Draiuavic' Clulm. 4: M. C.. Tal:-ul Nixzlli. 4: M. fl. Sr. Hills 'Iulmilvr. 4: Vzlrivty Slum. fi. 4: Jr. Cllnruw. 2: Sr. Chorus. fi. 4: Qllzlrlvllv. 4. l':Xllfll4. HXRY fl:-m'rul linlw Ifumlmall. 2: Vzuxily Fmntlmall. fl: Clulr. fl: S,l7.C., fl: .Xlplia lli-Y. Svr.. fl: l.ilxrury Cnuuril. 2. l'lllNN.lfY. LYNX fic-luvrul Si. fiirlx fflulv: fl,.X..X. llrulliutlt' Clulv. l'lCKlC'I"l. DOfN'.'Xl.lJ lu-llriul Suiuiuiiuu. lf: Dc-un' Uflwr. 4, l'0S'l'ON. l"R.XNffl'lS llvluwul l,iln:uy flilllllfll. Il livin Y-'l'c'L'm. 2. l'Ul'l.OS. CHRIS CQ1-lu-rul liulmy Frmllmull. 2: .Xlpllu lli-Y. Y: ,ll'. lluya Clulm. fl: Sr. Fellows Clull. 4. Ulf," ,nn-Hx N AL POWELL, MARY-'Ge-neralfjr. Chorus POWELL, PATRICIA-'-General- Latin Club, 2: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. PRICE. JAMES INIONROE - College Senior Fellows Clubi 4. PRUITT, ROGER S. 'College Basketball. 43 Ilaseball. 4: Key Club, 2. fl. 4. Treas.. 3. Pres,. 4: Safety Coun- cil. 2. 4. V.-Pres.. 4, Sr. Fellows Club. 4. Honor Guard. 3. 4: Delta Hi-Y. ll. 4. RACHLIN. ROBERT I".--Husiness-Cross Country Traek, 2. fl. 4, Sr. Fellows Club, 4: Gamma Ili-Y, 4. RAGAN. LEIIINIAN Wl. General'-Sr. Fellows Club. 41 Sr. Chorus. 3. 4. Treas.. 4, Gamma Hi-Y. 43 Dramatie Club. 43 Tigers Claw Reporter. 4. Sr. Fellows Mins.. 4. RAKER. JACOB -College. RAY, CHARLES--Generalf-Kirby llanrl. RAY. IAIARRIETT'-Business-Jr. Girls Club. fl: Gen. Chorus, 2: Jr. Chorus. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Tigers Claw. 43 G.A.A.. 4: Gamma Y-Teens. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. 4: Gamma V.-Pres., 4, Christmas Paueant, 33 'l'l1anksxgiviing Program. 3. REA. GLORIA---Genexab Dramatic' Club: Library Council: Delta Y-Teens: Oraelr Staff: Sr, Girls Club, Sr. Girls Jubilee. RENEKE. JAMES AI,LENf Colleze Sr. Fellows Club. RENSHAW. liE'I'TYE SUE- General. RENSIIAW. RAY KENT General. RICIIIE. CATHERINE General G.A.A.g Girls Glvc Club: Sr. Girls Clubg Sr. Chorus: Ops-retta. ROBERTS. JACKIE General. ROBERTS. VIRGINIA General jr. Chorus. 4. ROBERSON, JACKIE General llaby Team Basketball. Baby Team Football. ROBERSON. SHIRLEY'-Generalf'Alpha Y-Teens. 2. 3. 4, Sgt.-at-Arms. 3: Mascot Beta Hi-Y. 43 jr. Girls Club, 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Cheerleader, 3. 4, Asst. Ilead. 43 Talent Night. fig Jubilee. 3, 43 Pres., Gen. Chorus. 35 Miss Andrew Jackson Contest. fl, 43 Tigers Claw, 2. 3. ROBINSON. HRM.-X Coll:-gc' Bancl. 2. li. 4: Library Counril. fi. 4: Latin Club. 2. fi. 4. l'r0s.. 4: ,ll'- fiifb Club. fl: Sr. Girls Club. 4: N.l'l.S,. fl. 4. lreas.. 4: Astrmunuy Club. fi: Srienre Club. 4. Ser.. 4: Gamma W. , . ,N Y-lvvns. 2. .41 :Klpba X-lvvtls. 4. RODGERS. JIM- -General-fBancl. 2: Orrlu-stra. 2: Baby Fnolball. fl: Var. Basketball. 3. 4: Var, Basvball. fi: Var. Fuothall. 4: Club. Sm-r.. 4: Pray:-r Council. 4: Mas- tut. Sr. Girls Club. 4. Rl N QIQRS. JOYCE Cullrut-. ROGERS. NIN.-X .IRAN Gvns-ral Orrlic-slra. 2: 'lalrnt Niubt. 2: 'liurrs Claw. fi: Ganuna Y-'l'c'z'ns. 12: Dramatic ' 'J ' , -' 1 Club. -. .li Sl, Girls Llub. 4. ROW.-KN. WRlGll'l' Coll0qe'fSpanisb Club: Ganuua lli-Y: Key Club: Sr. Frllnw- Club: Baby Rvml Funtballl Calvnrlar. ROY. NELL -Cullrux' Chorus: Girls Glu- Club: Sxinislt Club: Girls Club: Sr. Girls Club: Futura' l Tvarht-rs Club: Draniatir Club: Th:-spians, RUSIITON. MIRIAM l'iS'l'llliR Gvncral Latin Club: llmne li1'mim1iit's Club. RUSS. VlRGlNl.-X G4-nm-ral G.A.A.. 2: Alpha Y-Teens. 2: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilct-. 4: D.C.'li.. 4: 'lialent Night. SAl:'I-'lLR. l"LORl2NCl'i Gl'nt'l'al--Ft'vm'li Club: junior Clinrusg Gannna Y-'l't'vtts. SAIG. ROSEMARY Gvneral Brta Y-'l'vt'ns. 2. fi. -l-1 Calm-udar Camlidatv. 4: G.A,A.. 2: Girls Volleyball. 3: jr. Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls ,Ittlwilx-v. fl. 4: Clieerlrarlm-1. 4: Sr. Class Night. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4. V.-Pres.. 4: Draniatir Club. 4. S.-KI.S'l'AD. l,A'I'RlCl.-N Cinllt-uc Sr. Girls Club. 4. STANFORD. BE'l"l'Y Gt-nl-ral. S.Xl'I'. JOYCE Gcnvral. . ,n , ,. . . ,. , S.'ll'l,. NtNDlxl1"liPlll'I'2ll Latin Club. 2: Glm' Club. .l: Sl. Clurrus. 4: Girls Club. 5: Sr. Girls Club. 4. SAl'l'. YVONNB Busint-ss. SALISBLRY. EDWARD General Baby Fuutball. 2. fi: Var. Football. 4: Track. 2. fl: Key Club: Drlta Hi-Y: "l" Club: Sr, Fellows Club: Swinnninu. 4: Calendar. '55: Sr. Fvllmss Minstrvl. SA'I"l'ERWllI'l'E. C.-XROLYN-'College Cluurus: Girls Glen- Club: Sr. Churus: Latin Club: Sr. Girls Club: Gan. Cburus: Usher for .lubilPP: Opervtta. 1. 2. SAUCER. JOANNE- Grlwrul-'fLilJt'al'y Cuunril. fl: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. 4, g :sw SAXON, JIMMIE ANN-General-Sr. Girls Club, 4: D.C.T.. 3. 4: Talent Night. SCHEFFER. WILLIAM W.. jR.ACollcgeABaby Team Football, 2. 3: Baby Team Basketball. 2: Orchestra. 2. 3: Band. 2: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Office, 4. SEARCY. HERBERT-Business-Delta Hi-Y, 2: "J" Club. 4. Sgt.-at-Arms. 4: Swimminq Team, 2, 3, 41 Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Sponsor. jackson-Lec Game, 4. SHAI-IOOD. GEORGE ALLEN--College-Banzl. 2. 3. 4: Delta Hi-Y. 2. 3. 4: Sr. Fellows Club, 4. SHEEHAN. PEGGY-College---Ci.A.A.. 2. 3. 4. Senior Rep.. 4: Girls Var. Basketball. 4: N.H.S.. 3. 4: Future Teachers, 4. V.-Prcs,. 4. Student Assistant. 3. 4. SHEELY. ELVIN L.-General-Football. 2. 3. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Track. 2, 3. 4: Baby Team Basketball. 2. SHEPARD. KEN NETH-College. SHONE. CARL F.fGeneralfCross Country Team: Track Team. SIKES. CLAIRfGe'neral-Pepperettes. 2: Jr. Chorus, 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Beta Y-Teens, 2. SKIERSKI. WANDAfGencral. SLOAN, JllVllVIYfColleg1efRadio Club: Science Club. SMITH. CAROL ANN-Business-Alpha Y-Teens. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Jubilee. 3: Calen- dar Girl. 4: Cheerleader, 4: Dramatic Club. 4. SMITH. DELMARIE-fBusinessfG.A.A.. 2, 3: Latin Club. 2: Jr. Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Alpha Y- Tcens. 4. SMITH. ELAINE KATHRYN-G1-neral-Spanish Club, 2: Future Homemakers of America. 2: Dramatic Club. 2. 3: Alpha Y-Teens. 4: Jr. Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls Club, 4: Gen. Chorus. 3: Tizers Claw Rep.. 3. SMITH. FAYEf-General. SMITH. FENTRICE--AGeneral-D.C.T.. 3. 4. SMITH. MARGARE'l'fGcncral D.C,'l'.: Sr. Girls Club: Talent Night. Usher. SMITH. MARLA ANITA-ABusincssf-'Gamma Y-T4-ens, 2. 3. 4. Tri-as., 2. 3. 4: G.A.A.. 2. 3, 4: Jr. Girls Club, 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls Jubilee: Y-Teen Annual Fashion Show: Calendar Girl. 4: Peppereltes 2: Dean's Office, 2. 3, 4: SMITH. ROBERT Cent-ral. SMl'l'll. CHARLIIC STEVE. JR. f Business Fuulbull. 3. 4: Alplm lli-Y. 4: Club. 4. SMU.-Ui. JAMES A. C0111-i'ul Sr. Fvlluws Club. 4: Club. 4: Baby I-Rmtlmll. 2: Var. Ftmlbnll. fl. 4: Sr. Fvlluvu Club. 4: Sr. Fvllmxs Minslrvl. 4. SNUWDICX. lCI,IZ.XlSli'l'll Ct-tu-ml Ct-u. Clturus SI'Al'I.DlNC. FRED firm-rznl. Sl'AUI.DlNC. PIQCCY H1-tu't'uI. S'l'Al"FORD. JEAN f Crneral jr, Churuxg CllI'ihllllilx Cantata: Thaukxqiximg I'ruet'atn. STANFORD. IAVERNE--Cctwral Sr. Cirlx Club. 4. STANLEY. JE.-XX Cs-in-ral -C.A.A.. 2. 33 Cirls Club. fig Spanish Club. 2: Girls Sultball 'l't'1itll. 2. S'l'ARRli'l"l'. lil.lZ.XlllC'l'll Us-install -lr, Cirlx Club. fig Gym Ofiirc Clvrk. 4. STICIN. DONALD Cull1'uvf'fliaml. 2. fl. 4. lat l.t.. Slu- tleul Cunclurturi 01'rlu'stt'u. fl. 4: Sr, Ft-llmw Club. 4: fiiillllllkl lli-Y. 41 Latin Club. 2: Aslrrmmlly Club. fl. I was.. 4. S'l'EW'AR'l'. JAMES lillsinvsf W- Ot'c'lu-strzl. 2. fl. 4: Frm-url: Club. 2. 3: lixxutl. 2. fl. 4: Stutlt-nt Cmirlurtur. 2. fl. 4: llaucl Council. 4. Mxgr.. 4: Var. lizxnrl. 4. Mer.. 4: X.lI.S.. fl. 4: Sr. F1-lluws Club. 43 Drutllutir Club. 4: Tlwapiaus. 4: Studi-ul Pmsium-ss Htl. Cuntt-QI. 3. SlhWARl. lx.XRl.l'.l'.X-mfivltvral. S'I'II.I,M.-XX. FRANKLYN Cullcxzx- liautl. 2. fl. 4: Latin Club. Q. Il. 4: Sr, Fe-lluwx Club. 43 Sricnrc Club. 4: jr, Buys Club. fl: .Nstruluunv Club. 4. STC JSE. C.'X'I'llliRYX Cvuc'rztl. S'l'OVAl,I.. WILLIAM ll. Cullc-qv ffizuutuza Hi-Y: Sr. Var. Ftmtlmll: Capt.. Rui-VVl1itv Calm-3 St: Fvllmu Miuslrt-lg Claw Night: llunlin- Cuu1luitll'l'. S'I'RlCKl..XXD. FRAXCIZS MARION liuxim-xx .-Xlulxu Y-'l'c'vttx. fl. 4: Sl. Girls Club. 4: Claw Niulllg Iii: Whee-l. SL'I.LlV.'XN. IRM,-X JEAN fQL-tl0t'z1l- D.C,'l'.. fl. 4: Sr. Cirls Club. 4: l.utiu Club. 2: lzxlrul Night. 4. T W. 12.2214 .4 ""Z.'If' SUTTON. RONALD-Business-Alpha Hi-Y, 2. 3. 4. V.-Pres.. 4: Baby Tcam Football. 2: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Golf Team. 4: Jr. Boys Club. 3. SWEARINGEN. ALlCE General-f Jr. Chorus. 4. SWlLLEY. DARWlNf GeneralfFootball. 2: Baseball. Q: Baby Team Basketball. 2: Sr. Fvllows Club. 2: Span- ish Club. 2. TAMARGO. MARY ANN -ff General Pres.. Spanish Club. 3. 4: Social Chmn.. Sr. Chorus. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Andrew Jarksnn Sz-'ctr-ttc. 4: Varsity Show. 4: Opcrel- ta. 3. 4: Spanish Week-end. TAMPLIN. JOE BOYD. JR.--Coll:-av 'Beta l-li-Y. 3. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4. TAYLOR. ALBERT FLETCHER -f-- College-'-N.F.l.,. 2. 3. 4. Rvporter: Latin Club. 2. 3. 4, Aedilt-. Trcas: Sr. Fellows Club. 4. TAYLOR. HAROLD. JR. -4 College-D.C.T.. 3. 4. Pres.: Hi-Y. 2. 3. SPC. 81 V.-Pres.: Key Club. 2. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Orarlc. 3. 4: Usher. Miss Andrew Jack- son Contest. 4: Sr, Fellows Minstrrl. 4. TERRY. JESSE WALTER. JR.WGeneralfVar. Foot- hall. 2. 3: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Trafk: Ds-lta Hi-Y. THEIMANN. MARY ANNf-General Beta Y-Teens. 2, 3. 4: G.A.A.. 2. 3. 4: Girls Club: Sr. Girls Club: Girls Glef' Club. 3: Sr. Girls Jubilee: Chorus: Typing Contest. 3: Operetta. 3: Ps-pperettes. Q. 'l'llIGl'liN. Gl1.BER'I' Gcurral. THIRLWELL. DICK- Cinlleuft-fliuy' Club. 2: Co-Capt. Track. 2. 3. 4: Baby Football. 2: Var. Football. 3. 4: Delta Ili-Y. 2. 3. 4. Chaplain. Pres.: City Hi-Y Coun- Cil Pres.: Latin Club. 2. 3: Club. 3. 4: Sr. Fellows Club. THOMAS. LATRELLE'General -F.H.A.. 4. Chaplain. 2: D.C.T.. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Jr. Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls Jubilcv. 4: Talvnt Night. 4. 'l'llOMl'SON. BILL Gt-nt-ral. THOMl'SON. MARlLYNfBusinoss Drama Club. 2: G.A.A.. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Y-Teens. 3. 4: Fri-nch Club. 2. 3. Sec.. 4: Spanish Club. 2. 3. 4: JF. Girls Club. 3: Sr. Girls Club. 4: N.H.S.. 3. 4: F.H.A.. 2: Sr. Girls Jubi- lee. 4, THOMPSON. MARY FRANCES Gencralfllr. Girls Club: Sr. Girls Club: Sr. Girls Jubilcv: G.A.A.: Beta Y-Teens: Oracle Stall. TOMLINSON. BOBBY-fBusiucss Golf. 2. 3. 4: Jr. Follows Club: Alpha lli-Y: Club: Jr, Boys Club. TRADER. l.ARRY-- Gene-ral. TRAWICK. CLARENCE-General. TRAWICK. SUSAN .XNN Business Spanish Gluh. 2: llnnie Ronin Ser.. 2. ll. 43 Prayer Council. fl. 43 G..-MA.. li. 43 Girls Var. Snlthall 'lk-aiu. 3. 43 Gym Student As- sistant. 43 N.ll.S.. il. 41 Sr. Girls Club. 43 Sophninnrt- 'lik nn " I..-KNIJRY. K.'XMON.'X Gvnrrul Girls Cluh, il: Drulnatir Clulr. Il: Sr. Girls Glulr. 43 Sr. Girls Aluliilvt-. 43 Jr. Chorus. 43 Ornrlt- Stull. 4: Sr. Erlitflr. 43 fiylll Ulliu' Assistant. 43 -lurksmi linwll-rrlle's, 4. 'l'l'GKl'iR. M.XR'l'll.-X G:-iimxil l'ruyvr Cnnnril. 2: li,:X.:'t,. 2. 3: Sr. Girls Gluli. 43 Sr. Girls lllllmilvr. 4: Ulf. I.. 4: Class Night. 4. 'l'l'Rl5YFll.l.. ll,-XROLD--General Rasa-hall. 2. fl. 4: liasktftlmll. 43 "j" Club. lreas.. 43 Alpha lli-Y. 2. fl. 4: Kvy Cluh. fl. 43 Sr. Fellows Cluh. INSON. lSll.I.Y Gt'rwl'1il. VARNIQR. l'iclxx.ircl Gvnerzil l.ilrrury Glnh. fl. 4. V:Xl'GllN. K.'X'l'IlliRlNI2 GL-nvrul Girls Kflul13 Sr. Girls.Cluli3 Sr. Girls ,lululvrg Guinum Y-il-PPIINI Vullvy- hall lraini, V.'Xl'GllN. l'.'X'l'RlGI.-X ANN- Gvneral Draluatir' Clnli. .l. Ll:-ik. 4: lima Y-lex-ns. 43 jr. Girls Club: Sr. Girls Cluh: 3 -l Act Plays: Sr. Girls qlnlrilev, VIGKHRS. -llf.'KXlf Grnrrnlf l'l-ppr'i'eltc's. 21 livin Y- 'l'm-vns. 23 Drzunatic Gluh. 2: liihrnry Cnunm-il. 2: IJ.C.'l'.. fl. 4. Vicv-l'1'L'sirleiit. 43 Sr. Girls. 4: Swiinininu. 2: Sr. Girls ,Iuhill-r. 4. VICKICRY. ,lUl'i liusinvss Var. Hawk:-tlmall. 2. fit Var. llaskvllmall. 41 'liru4'k. 4. Mgr.. fl3 Sr. Fellows Cfluli. 4: .Xlphzr lli-Y. 4: KU' Gluh. 43 jr. Boys Gluh. fl. W'.fXYBl.'XX. 4N'.'Xl.Klili Y Grnr'rul-',lr. Kilim-ns. 4: Sr, Cflnwrus. 4: lxzxppai ll:-X. 4: Sr. Buys Club. 4. WY.-Xl.'l'l'lRS. GEORGE Gviufrzxl Sr. Fm-llmss Glulm: Ggunlnu lli-Y. W.rX'l KIXS. IQIJVV.-XRD Cnllvuf' llanml. 2. 3. 43 lV,l'2l- inutir Clulm. 41 'lilivspiansg Sr, Fvlluws Gluhg I.1itiu Glnlm. Sul.-:xt-.'Xrlus. 4: N,ll.S.1 llmnr Rmnn l'rQ-s.. flg Stinge- Grvu. 4. W'l'1l.l,S. M.-XRY C?."t'I'llliRlNIi Gt-tu'r:ll Gulnxuu Y- 'l'vvns. il. Chaplain. 43 G..X,:X.. 3. 43 Girls Cluh. 3: Sr. Girls Gluh. 43 Stuclm-ut Assistant. 43 l'rppm'rt-ttr's. 2: Spanish Clnh. 2, Wl'lI.I.S. lNl.'XRVAI7liAN -Business l,?lJlJl'lil'lIQ'N. 2: Fru- turc- Editor. 'lim-rs Claw. 3. 43 V.-Pres. N Pres.. Gain- lnu Y-'l'vvns. 2. 3. 43 Thcspiuns. 3. 43 Drzunutiv Glulx. fi. 43 Jr, Girls Cluh. fi: Sr. Girls .Iuhilt-0. fl. 4: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Variety Shovs. 4: Mistrt-ss ol Ccrvllmliis-s. Fusli- iun Slum. fl. Wllll.lJl'iX. l.Ul'lS Gm'nc'r:il linucl. 2. fl. 4. Gull.. 4: l Oirln-stra. 2. ll. 4. Pri-s.. fi. 43 l'irm-iicli Gluh, 2. 4: llnlnt- Runnin l'rt's.. 4: Fla. State' c,I'Cll?NlI'L1 Glilliv. ll. 41 Si. Frllnms Klinslrvl. 2. fi: Glass Niulll. il. Wlll'l'l'l. JOAN Cnllvue Sr. Girls Cluh. 43 fiilllllllil Y- 'l'vvns. 153 llunn-niukrr .-Xwnrcl. 4. lVlll'l'lC. K.'X'l'IlRYN G:'n6ral- Sr. Girls Glulr. 43 Del- lxi Y-leans. 43 Drailiutir' filllll. 3, 43 Sr. Glnxrus. 43 Sr. fillls juhilf-c. 4: City Wide- Play. 4: Ops-rvttzx. fl. 4: jr. Girls Glnlm. fi: Spanish Club. 2: l'e-pperettm-s. 12. WI-II'I"l'LIi. CLIFF EDWARDfKit-neral Delta Ili-Y. 2. 3: Sr. Fellows Club: Sminnninq. fl. WILKINSON. EDGAR LEON---General Alpha Ili-Y. 4. WILKINSON. l'A'I'--Generali-Spanish Club. 21 l'ep- perettes. 2: Ganuna Y-Teens. 2: jr. Girls Club. V,4l'rt-s.. fl: Frenrh Clttb. 3: Sr. Girls Jubilee. fl: Sr, Girls Club. 4. WILKERSON. BILL -Generalf-Kappa Hi-Y. 2. ll. 4: jr. Boys Club. fl: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: jr. Chorus. 4. WILLIAMS. CHARLES- General' Beta Ili-Y. 2. 3, 4: Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Sr, Fellows Minstrel. WILLIAMS. C. I... JR.- General, WILLIAMS. IZLEANOR-fGeni-ral Sr, Girls Club. 4: Sr. Girls jubilee. 4: Gannna Y-Teens. 4: Latin Club. 4, WILLIAMS. ' WILLIAIYIS. JOAN CAROLEM-lltlslltess-ffjtx Girls Club: Sr. Girls Club: Girls Glee Club. 2. 3. 4. Reporter. 4: Gamma Y-Teens. 2: Alpha Y-Teens. fl: Beta Y-Teens, 4: Freneh Club. 2. 3. 4, WILLIAMS. ,lOHNNlIi- General. WILSON. H. I.L'ClLli General. WINNEY. VIRGINIA-f-Generali-Spanish Club: Gannna Y-Teens. 3: G.A.A.. 2. 4: Oraele Rep.: jr. Girls Club: Sr. Girls Club: Calendar Contest. 4: Dean's Oflire: Girls Glee Club. fl: Operettn. fl. WOOD, NANCY? 'Gent-ral-Sr. Girls Club: Sr. Chorus: Jr. Girls Club. Reporter: Sponsor. Jackson-Lee Game: Nliss Andrew jarkson Contest: Calendar Contest: Klas- ent. Alpha HiAY: lleta Y-Teens: Girls Glee Club: Sr. Girls Jubilee. M I LLISR. WAYNE Business WULFF. ROY ALTON--Colleue"Key Club. 2, fl. 4. V.-Pres.. 4: Delta Ili-Y. 2. 3. Reporter. 3: "Mr. Teeth". 4: Jr. Var. Basketball. 3: Var. Football. fl. 4. Club. 4: Latin Club. 2. 3. 43 Sr. Fellows Club. 4: Sr. Fellows Minstrel. 4: Sr. Class Pres. YARIIURO. CAROLYNW General. YIEATON. CONNIE-College-G.A.A.. 2. 3. 4. Snph. P 3 Pl h 4 St I A S 4 Rep.. 1. Jr. Rep.. f. uv. C tnn.. . uc. ssl.. f. Volley Hall Team. 2. fl: Softball 'IK-atn. 2: Ilasketball Team. Il: Sr. Girls Club. 4: Future 'I'eaelu-rs. 4. Chap. 4: Safety Council. 2. YEOMANS. JEANNE ANNETTE-General-Pep er- ettes. 23 Girls Glee Club. 23 Operetta, 3. 45 Girls Sex- tette, 43 Sr. Chorus, 3. 43 Dramatic Club. 45 Sr. Girls Club, 43 Alpha Y-Teens. 4. ADAMS. ANN-General-Sr. Girls Club, 4. "I am not bound 'fo win, but . . to be true" L Lincoln J .V ' um 9 six Ab r.- l'l,I..-XII. NETTIE R E RRR W f fi I JU ADAMS. EDGAR ALISERT. SHIRLEY NIORS Al,I'JERNI.-NN. CZLEND.-X ALDERMAN, JERRY ALLWARD. CAROLE AL'l'M.'XN. YVONNI-I ANDERSON. .IEAN ANDERSON. VERNON ANDREWS. EDMOND ANDRING. DEANNA mms. JOAN Axsrmn, HARRY ARPEN. MARILYN .fX'l'KlNS. BILL mm' BASSE'I"l'. DONA BA'l"I'EN. CLINT l9A'l"l'S. jUDI'l'H ISEACII. VIVIA BECK. ELAIN ISELI.. JOAN liIiI.O'I'E. AI.lC HAADER, HE'l"l'Y BAILEY. HEL! BAKER. IIELE BALLENTINE. Cl BALLENTINE. FF BARBER. CAR1 R Q , J 3' zz "' f 3 S Q2 ' X gig K FIIZLIJ. GARY RAND. WILMA ESI-IEARS. l.IZABE'I'II . 11.5. .mcrrulz RD. Jo,xN ' :'Qgfi.5' 533. fi? f ISISIIOP. LUCI LLIC ISLACKMAN. ROBERT IILAIN. CLARA ISLAKESLEI2. C.-XROLYN ISLANCIIARD. SARA ANN 1R.nonnuT1u BER.BILLY lBER.jEAN ER. NORMAN ER.HERMAN IARIIIKIHHIE RR.FRED 1s1.ouNT. HAZEL 1s1,oL:N1'. my nokmz. JEAN nosncwx, csmnv ...if . ,. qqiz. . . I Wulf BR.-XNNEN. BILLY IIRASWELL. RONALD IKRAWLEY. JACK I "" .N IK ini NN A IIRAWNER. JIMMY BRIDGES. TRAVIS f ...uv X N-as ISRIGANCE. IIOIVARIJ 1 A f an A x if .,-.sf 5 X -s. '.: BRINKLEY. BILL - . M - ' , 5, X :T .ig 2 1. 'U jf.. BROWN. CAROL BROWN. FLORENCE ANN BROWN. JESSE BROWN. POSTELLE BROWN. SONNY BUNC H. BETTY BUNK. ROBERT 'Win BURCH. ELIZABETH BURCH . MARY RAY 5 'W BURNS. GEORGE BLRNSED. ANNETTE BURNSED. BETTY JO CANNON, HELEN CARLTON. BARBARA n X .. 2 CLARK. HELEN CLARK. MAXINE CLARK. SHIELDS CLATTERBUCK. NORMAN CLEMENTS. JACK CLEMENTS. JOHNNY CLEMENTS, MICHE1 CARROLL. CHRISTII CARROLL. DOUGLP CARROLL. ETHEL CARROLL. JAMES CARTER. MABEL CARTER. PATRICIA IIOFFEY. EVA JANE COFFEY. MARIAN COFFMAN. JOAN COLLINS. MARY COLLINS. ROBERT UMPTON. JEANETTE CASON. MILDRED ASTLEBERRY. DICK CAVE. DOTTIE CENTER. EUGENE IHANCEY. WARREN CHESTER. BERT ZHRISTIAN, HARRY CONNELL. ANN CONNELL. GEORGE COOK. JOYCE COPPAGE. BETTY CORBITT, MARY JANE N. N COSBY. ARTHUR COX. SUE CRAVEN. GAYLE CRAWLEY. JIMMY ,Nr , gum CREWS. ALLENE CREWS. FRIEDA CRIBBS. BARBARA CRISP. LARRY CROFT. KATHERINE I A as . x 4 43 ' . 0 f .,. f A X ff' CRUCE. J UANITA Q H w 1111 ,P 7 IXI DAVIES. KIANICE DAVIS. AILI-ILX DAVIS. KENNY DAVIS. KENT gf M ., ' x an X . .X an FIELD. ISII.I,Y FINCH. JOY FLETCI-IER. JOYCE .Ii'I'CHER. WALLACE 'LIiQII'I'. RAYMOND 'I.OOD. MARGARET 31'IiOSI'l. BARBARA IIVGGAN. CIIARLES Dl'NN. BILLY DURRELI.. ELIZAISETII DYAI.. KLLENDA DYKIZS. PA'l'SY EDDY. SUNSIIINE FC HSTIQR. AR'I'II L'R FOPNTAIN. FRANKIE FOWLER. GERALD FRASER. CHARLES FRASER. NANCY l"RE'I'WIi1.l.. BLD FRETWELL, MAX FUDGE. IIILI. FUQUA, ELTGENIZ x , 'X WN FUTRILL. SHERON GALLAGHER. MIKE GARCIA. GAYLE SI 1 UARRETIA. CHARLIQNE GARRICAN. RICHARD Q nw! X S it .x Sh , S .Sw 9 . . I-,l.. ,IANII CEDDINFS. FERALD I-IAZOURI. ROBERT HAZOURI, SANDRA HELM. LINDA HENDRICKS. CECIL HENSON. BUDDY HERRINCTONI. LARR ...IA--1 HERRIN. JANICE " "" 4 1 ,E GEIGER, DORIS ' I wh GEISENBURG. LINDA ., R g, N.,, 4.:qQ , Kim , i XX , Q 2 I .1 ,',,Z I I RR R GIDDENS. LAVATI-IA GLOVER. DARLENE GLOVER. RICHARD - ff f 9 GOODIX. CLARA GOODSON. I.UCRE'I'l,X GORDON. DEIAINIC GORE. TERRY M 'F VR' I 'ii ' ff I .::, we X...----' A 6 I I S I RI 'Q-I I I 5 GOTTLIEB. SIIEILA GRAHAM. ,IIZANNINIZ GREEN. VIRGII, GRIEVE. JIMMY GROSS. DIANNE HALFORD. KATIE J HALL, LARRY HAMPTON. MARGII IIARBIN. DORA HARDEN, DEE ANP HARPER. CAROLYP IICKMAN. BERA HIERS. HENRY HILL. JOYCE IKMAN. DOROTHY IODGES. DORIS IODGES. PEGGY LIARPER. ,IODY IRRIS. BROWNIE IARRIS. GAYLE RRISON. SAMMIE HARVEY. ANN ASKINS. KAREN HAWS. DAISY ,L IIOLLAND. DOROTHY IIOLLEY. TOM HOLLIS. CAROLYN HOOD, BARBARA HOPE. BOB HORTON. MARJORIE HOWES. DAN I-IUDNALL. CONNIE IIUFFMAN. STANLEY 0 a UGHES, Gwax W HUGO. TED HUNT. LINDA gf' mf' Ziff' QIVJWLW 'S ,Im 'X I -556. X HUNTER. FAYE I-IUSNEY. MELVIN . HUTTO. BEATRICE 5 .E W Q vw fi ' INCHES. SANDRA JACKSON. SHIRLEY JACOBS, AL -Webs 4 .251 7. J A X al 5 N8 S5 , .. qw A W 6' ailissb 2 .M - -: ..: . ' ,,.:' if Q S . A A Q k f g if 321 -f L we -. 3, N 55415 ga 3. 9: N s aff? ' S36 Sw W gig .Z -4.-5.15. g' X JANZ. MARGARET JAY. DAVID JOHNSON. DICKIE 'L All 'L N -iv JOHNSON. MABLE JOHNTRY, THOMAS JONES. BILL JONES. ELIZABETH 5. ..,., ..,..,,,.,. . Sew. -' E3x:E5:wf-5 , . ,. .J . . . :iE25ESif 'N xg Q- YE 5 Q as N H . -1 I I N Q . 3 A R Q . ' K WN y IN ws I SLM.. -"' Q JONES. FRANCES JONES. RONALD KAIST. THOMAS KALEEL. RAYMOND KAM LAH. ALBERT .YM f T KOONCE, RONN KORNEGAY. SANI KRAZIT. FREDII KURZ. CHARH LAMMONS. ERN LAMPE. SKIPP' LANE, ANN KATSIKAS, JIM KEARCE. MARY J KELLER. OLIV KELLEY. MERI KELLY. ROSAL KENNEDY. CLIFF .J I: U .-.,... 'E , hz 1 X I 'v,- li' - , : ",' if? Z . aj , . .v QA E Nl I . R , U Iil' D i Z, Xp ' ,, ,f .2 ..I,: Z Icu, I -!E-:4 , i A ..--lx R IANE. RAYMOND IARISCIY, ,IUNE IARNER. JOHN Xl'R.XMORli. NANCY ,liDFORD. HAROLD Llili. UIC RRARD KEYS. GARY KIDD. ICMMI-I'I"l' KING, RITA KING. RUTH RK LAND. W.-KI,l,ACli KNIGHT. EARL KOUN. RL"l'll LllfLfQll'l"l'. MAX LIQVE Rli'I"l'. .'Xl,'l'ON 1.1zw1sA JOAN LIMIS.-XL'KLll. S'l'Iil'IlllY LOCKE. ML'RRlliI. . IK1,liR.lSl,ANZ C LOIZ.-XKICS. lil,IZABIi'I'll LUNG, .fxxxljxxlg LONG. 1sARn.fxRfx ANN l,0Vl'l'l"l'. EVELYN LOWDER. SYLVI.-X LOWRY. DAVID ? 3 I .. ,Q .X ,X QW LYNCH. PERRY MANCQUNI. SHIRLEY NLICY. lS.'XRli.XR.X A ,F x .Rx MANNERS. MARY lk. MARCHANT, ,IUNE MARVIN. CAROLYN IA WX 2 A Q -,-::. K -f -: 5f'5fZ"EI in 5 1 1+ if W 6 , gi. ,wvh .f 9 MATHEWS. I-IAZEL MEADOWS. BE'1"I'Y J. MELTON. EI,SIE ti MELVIN. EUNICE MERROW, MARY MICKLER. MARILYN MICKLER. PATTY MCCULLOUGII. SANDRA MCGRAW, MARVIN MCGRAW. SANDRA MCKELVY. MARIE MCLEOD, CALVIN MCLEOD. SYLVIA NATIONS, HOWARD 1 Miami.. GAYLE .Qggigmfdl c7!q7 m1.1.ER. LILTRICIA MILLER. SAMMY MINTZ, PAT mxox. IAMAR MOCK. ELIZABETH MOLL. GERTRUDE MONK. MARSHALL MOON. NANCY , MOORE. WINONA ' . MORGAN. I.II,I,IE MAI YE'I"I'1,ES. THOMAS QEWSOM. BARBARA NEWSOM. GERARD NICHELSON. JEAN CICHOLSON. JERRY NOLAN. SANDRA MORGAN, SARA IORRIS. BETTY JO MOTES. DALE MOYER. EDWARD MURRAY. PEGGY MCCLELLAN, WILLIAM MCCRAY. JULIA NORRER. MARY NOWLIN. SHIRLEY OVERIIOLSER. LOIS OVERSTREET. JOHN PALMER. ROBERT lv A X ' . , . PARKER. GENEVA PARKER. RONALD PARRISH. CATHERINE PARRISH. JO ANN Q M-A A Lg. PATTEN. EUGENIA PAULK, ROBERT PEAVY. ROBERT Q .Af PELHAM. EDWARD PIKE. ALLAN 1 f 1 PIKE. FLORENCE PLASTER, GA PLAYER, LURA POLK, CARL PONDER. HERBERT PONDER. LARRY POWELL. DOROTHY PRESSON. DIANNI-I PRINCE. JOAN RADCLIFFIZ. PAT RAIIAIM. ANITA RAINES. BILLY RAWLS. JANE RAY. PATSY REID, DONNIIQ REMSEN. CURTIS A Q , A X 1 Sf . .Ru K, W. VND- K. I If ' If ROGERS. THURSTOF ROSE. HORACE ROSIER, DELORES ROUNDTREE, JOE ROWE. ELAINE RUBENS. MURRAY RUCKER, LELA RICHARDS. BARISAR RICI-IIE. MIKE RICKETSON. ALTO! RICKS. NELLIE RUT RIVERS. MARCIEI. ROBERTS. CICORCIJ H , I ms: ,mlllv Rf- 2. Y- . A F" . .. f K gg , 'I 1 1 C I -gf ,QAM 2. . ,, , ,,,, , 4 I .94 Q .I A ' , 'M "Es 5 - as ' c I 'H 0s'II Q. -' 3. 1., 3 R Ra xwx RUDD. MAXINE RUDD. JIMMY RUSSELL. LINDA SANDERS. SONJA SADDLEWIIITE. CHARLES SASSER. SANDRA BERTS. MARGARET ROBERTSON. CAROLYN IOBINSON. ELICE OCIIER. JOHNNIE RODRIQUEZ. BENNIE IDGERS. CHARLES ROGERS. ANNE Q 5 uf i JH w ,ws an 5 I! SAULS. WANDA SAYR15. CLARA JANE SCARBORO. MARY SCHENRCR. ROBERT SCIIROPE. NANCY Z X '.7 1 I "A2 , '. X? ' ...: g ',,, E ,. SCHUMAN, SYLVIA SCOTT. HEYWOOD SELLERS. BILLY SELPH, SHIRLEY SHACKLEFORD, JIMMY SHUMAN. JANE SIM PSON. MARTHA I 535 A .A f ziiir-Sw ' , I I ! ax .E A Qin ' A . H Q . '15 SIMPSON. RAMONA SINCLAIR. BARBARA ,I ' P 5: R Sf' i 'R SI NORIC. TERRY a Qs N I X nf A 5 'RIN SQ SKAK SGS. CAROLYN SKINNER. MERLE SKIPPER. MARGARET SKIPPER. MILTON SLOAN. MERRY PAT SMITH, DWAIN A SMITH. JEAN SMITH. JERRY SMITH. JERRY SMITH, Joy TTR I I A In .. X xi EQ M SMITH, PATRICIA SMITH. WAYNE SNYDER, TRAVIS SORENSON. SHIRLEY SPARKS. GENE STRICKLAND. DELORES STRICKLAND, ELLA JEAN STROUD. EUGEN STROUD. JAMES STROUD. Lols suucs. MAURICI SUIT CHARLENI SPEIR, EDWARI SPINELLA. .IOSEPHINE SPIRES, TOMMH SPRADLEY. REB SRESOVICH. GEOF STARLING. LERC T IMMERLIN. GLENN ' sU1"1'ox. JAMES suwox. JOEL rAkRAx1'. M.-xM1E TAYLOR. DEVAN THIGPEN, IDA AM THOMAS. AUSTIN THOMAS. EVELYN THOMAS, LYNDA THOMAS. JERRY THOMAS. TERRENCE FEVENS. WILLIAM STEWMAN . CHARLOTTE ,TOKES. LUCILLE STONE. MAX 'OVALI.. BARBARA STOVER. BRUCE LICKLAND. CAROLE at THOMPSON. JAN THOMPSON. MARYLENA THROWER. ULENDA TISDEL. LINWOOD TQQEEE- , W .. .uv-L, wx - L ag, X. lf... . Lf' - X E . 1 f . X Tlsox. CARL TOMLIN. J. cz. Q wsox. BILLY TYUS. DOUGLAS URSURY. RUTH VEAI.. UI-IR.-XLD VICKERS. PATRICIA 1 y NI WADE. RUTIIIE WALDRON. VOHNCEII. WALL. SYLVIA WALLACE. BI-ITTY WALLER. RALPH 9 ' .,.. WARD. JACK WATERS. REESE WEAVER, ALIDA WEBB. DALE 1 1: . 4 I N i I . A I I , - URK A N N 1 R. ' QL' wr .' :.- 3 -5 'fig 4 A I.. A ' Q I 1 P. J WEBB. TERRENCE WEINBERG. CATHERINE WIGELSWORTH, EDWIN WILCOXSON. RAY WILLIAMS. DAVID WILLIAMS. MARCELLA WILLIAMS. OTI-IELI.. WILLIAMS. VOIINCEIL WILSON. DONALD WILSON. JEAN WINGATE. LENNIE WOODHAM. CHARLOTTE WRIGHT. ROBERT WYNN. JIMMY WYNN. SHIRLEY ZEIS, ANN MARIE 7? DHT. KIII.fXRI,liS SIIVFURIJ, li.XRl5AR.X Mc:MICl-IEI.. LAMAR HOPPINU. JOHN DAVIS. JAMES HREN'I'NEl.l.. ROBERT BOYD. liVIiRli'l"l HBABY TALK" "A SAD ENDING" Abernathy. Robert Abid, Theresa Adams. Althea Adams, Barhara Adams, Gwen Adams, Kenneth Aderholt. Farrell Adkins. Robert Adkins, Sara Airrett Doroth . Y Alderman, Delois Alderman. lnell Alderman. lnez Allen. Claudette Allen. Jerry Altman. Claudine Alvarez. Wayne Alvarez. Bernard Alvarez. Dan Alvarez. Jinnny Anderson. Aliee Lee Anderson. Carolyn Anderson. Jo Ann Anderson. Marcia Anthony. John Ara. Mary Aramoonie, Claudette Arbuelde, David Ard. Margie Arzie. Evelyn Assaf. Frank Atkinson. Wanda Atkinson. jay Auher. Myrtire Avera. Martha Sue Bailey. Bobby Barron, Eddie Bass. Ronald Bass. Kenneth Battle. Larry Bazemore. john Baine, Beverly Bealey. Helen Beerhower. Robert Bell, Gloria Birberk. Bolm Barnwell.Martha Bland. Lnrie Blanc. John ... X i s ..,,, ,,,, . , . A '11-12 - i ., ge Bingham, Janice Blair. Billie Anne Bloom, Charles Bohanon, Barbara Boney. Becky Boney. Evelyn Boone. Shirley Booth. Bobby Boren, Faye Bowrie. ,Ioan Bowje, Joni Braddorlc. Esther Bramlitt. Wayne Branch, Loretta Brantley. James Bray. Geraldine Brett, Barbara Brewer. Ellis Britt, Mary Ann Brown. Betty Brown, Dorothy Brown. David Brown. David Brown. Fredrick Browning. Eddie Bryant. Hudson Bork. Lyndal Bowden. Diane Box, Annie Ruth Bozeman. Barbara Buie. Patsy Bunker. Jerry Burch. Nanry Bureh, Rirhard Burroughs. Tommy Cavallaru, Anne Causey. Caudill, Frances Castleman. Betty Q 5 X xg 3 B sk . ,. t t sf? 5 , .1 F K 'Xi :Egg ' iii Q "ii .1 1 : Q5 i Q ..., , .. an r ef.. fi .BNN N94 5? ,ESA ,.... N. .. ! sl Q- gs 1 N,,..,. .Q . u 4. N x W? X J .. , ..,, ig 5 A - N' mah. x.. 1... . , 1,3 , r Q- . '- 4. ., ---- : 3:5 -Q X vi - s - -'.:- . .. N.,..: fa . is ' 5 lk Q 5 il i is 1 is ,i 1 .3 s s - y. ix ' .g ss. A . x X -,-, In x i me 5' . ft C l lil? in ' S 'Si , 1 i. f' - ' ' x .1 'Q' ve . if 'f ' ., e 1 ...M V . ' 51. as E Z i R5 Q5 Q- Q il if sf an 5 . i in i E . .S .s .- A D, 3' an-. Carrier. Phyllis Carrens. In-ne Carter. Willcne Cart:-r. Wayne Carter, Nancy Carter. jerry Carlson. Robert Cannimzton. Nancy Camplejohn. Majol Campbell. Row Campbell. Joyce Ann Campbell. Gloria Caldwell. Elizabeth Chanet. Morris Chaney. Catln-rine Chanclor. Gladys Clark. Charles Charon. Wayne Clark. Franres Clard. Danny Cloud. Charles Clark. Billy Claiborne. Michael Cobb. Sandra Cockrell, E. L. Coker. Emma Coker. Collins, Cooper, Coo er. Conliey. Connell, Conner, Conner, Conners, Contos. Congers Corbin, Corbin. Coursey Mary Kate Charles John Marlene Charles Wally Faith Jacklyn Tracy Billy james Barbara Jean Patricia Ann Mary Alice A ...xt N Crawford. Evelyn Crawford. Jesse Crews. David Crews. jimmy Crews. LaVerne Cribbs. Gary Crocker. Sylvia Crosby. Violet Crotts. Judy Crow. Charles Crawn. Ernest Cruce. Frances Cruz, Pedro Cox. James Ray Coyner. Norma Jean Cunnimzham. David Curtis. Patricia Mixon. Dallas Darden. Sandra Daugherty. Ann Davis Davis. Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis. Dawk Dean. Abbie Sue Donald Geraldine Grace joe Joe johnny Nerlene IS, Jimmy Linda Dean. Oralee De Berry. David De Florin. Rivllard De L1-tire. Bobbie Desch, Ivo Dinkens. Peggy Dickerson, Shirley Dicks. Wesley Dill. Susan Doane. Raymond Dobson. Shirley Dowell. Janice Drayton. Judith Drury. Yvonne Du Bon, Jerry Duhberly. Bobby jack Dukes. Shirley Dumas. James Dumond. Rose Dunaway, Curtis Durham, Albert Eaddy, Vance Early, Raymond Edenfield, Norma Jean Edmiston, Peggy Edwards, Alton Edwards, Margaret Edwards, Yvonne Ehmler, Phyllis Elliott, Murriel Ellison, Barbara Elly. Catherine Eminiser, Kay Evans. Ann Farmer, Glenda Fake. Lamona Farah. Freddie Faucett, Mary Jane Faulkconer, Beth Finney, Peggy Fitz Simmons, Grace Fiveash, Brooks Flowers, George Floyd. Owen Flynn. Lloyd Foreman, Fred Forsyth. Robert Foster, James Fountain, Warren Foxworth, Jerry Franklin, Louis Funderburk, Ann Ganas. Donald Gantt, Johnny Gardner. Anita Gardner, Park Garner, Donald Garner, Ronald Gear, Gloria Gidigetti, Paula Geiger. Bonnie Geisenberg, Frank Gilbreath, Patricia Gilbert. Mary Gildersleeve, Pat Givens, Dora Sue Glover, Harvey Goode, John Goosbv, Claude Godbold, Faye Gohagen, Jo Ann Gormly, Mary Gradick, Dick Gregory, Donna Green, Joyce Green. Selma Lee Greenway, Mary Ethel Griffin, Ann Griffis, Richard Griffis, W. L. Griswold, Loren Grosso, Robert Grove, Eugene Gurr, Carolyn Gurr, Fatty Hagel, Ruth Hall, Eunice Hall, Martha Hancock, Franklin Hancock. Pauline Hammock, Billy Hardy, Bill Harden, Richard Harden, Jackie Harper, Patsy Harris, Buddy Harrison, Linda Hart, Wiley Harvey, Betty Harvey. Billy Harvey, Sandra Harshaw. Frank Haskell. Harold Haskell, Franklin Haynes, Cleda Bell Hazouri, Johnny .5 5 ft 27: li E: -it if Q A , Wil? ' E tt 3 H. - :- '- ..,::. -1 , .S ,.., .:..a- f as 'Q - " Jael Fe y 5 -,.i . f Q if .,,. X W, A ,t . -1 1 if f 4 Q Q Rr S Y 4 X .K R , . .,, , , W if-nv . -:-- f ai: .Q 5, N S fi is N . aiww ik MT. ...X 5,15 I ' g:-., , as is . s . In iv . H in :ek-sg. 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A -. 1? 5 J E - ...Sli ws X H in J ?..?i A ss kr S4 ,p" in' ir 3 in ,ff J l JS' - R f f . :'- if ,,'- s 1 . f l . f X' A1 I 'J' A 2 A 51 s A 5 Q . S ws ,sf Q X ,. J " as M 5 6 R, G .. Q: v 5 its A P ' X gi . ' J 1 L i i A ' f "ga: ,..: fy X in ,,. s ig., C . L X: A -ts Jw ,,-ew Q A ' , 4- ' ' 1 I il V K i N . - -5 :"' ' R Fw, X K, i 3 :W .ri zz' "S:2:' . '- Q . A 7 .Six ni'-if i . 'S' as T X ,E gi C' 32' Q -Q3 Y wi Q' J ' ,.,, ' j' 5 :L ,... ' X ' A .. K K I J . 'BQ X 1 . " N. N . ' - . - Q 5:-I .,.. f f G1 .ts S' f Y Q- f Q- 1, is w . 4 ss ," "': 3 , Qt Y K . O S f my Q .fm sf' wp. -:ss Helbert. Anita Henderson. Donald Henderson. Robert Herrin. Bobby Hettrick, Wilma Higgs. William Higginbotham. Edward Highsmith. Kermit Hilford. Cynthia Hilliard. Sammy Hinds. Judy Hinneberg. Bobby Hobbs. Bobbie Sue Hockman. Janice Hodges. Donald Hodges. Mary Jo Hodges. Virgie Holcomh. Billy Hollender. Jimmy Holliday. Albert Holmes. Johnny Holt, Wilma Hooks. Jo Ann Hood, Walton Hopkins. Chester Horne. Jimmy Hornsby, Michael I rvitz, Fredia oward. Barbara Hubbard. Catherine Hucks. Albert Hurks, John Hughes. L. J. Hunter. Earl Hunter, Raymond Hutchinson, Ann Hutcherson. Robert Hutchinson, Wade Hyman, Ann Ivy. Robert Jackson. Melba James, Mills Jarrell. Jackie Jacobs, lrma Jacobsen. Nikki Jackson, Martha Jenkins, Carolyn Jenkins, Jerry Jenkins. Jim Jean. Rudene Jennings. Frances Jones, John Johns, Judith Johnson . Johnson. Johnson , Johnson. Johnson. Johnson, Johnson Betty Jane Catherine Hershel Jackie Kathleen Marymac Vernon jones. Jones Jones Jones. Jones Jones. Jones Jones Claudia Don Edwin Everett Lanny Lenora Lewis Molly Joseph. Barbara Kearee. Shelby Keene, Harriet Keith. Cordon Keller. Richard Kendrick, Barry Kendrirks. Gloria Kent. James Kiggibine. August Kilby. Ronnie Kinchen. Johnny Kindred, Mary Kirland. Shirley Kirkland. Vanis Kiser, Kay Kite. Mike Klein, Lynn Kline, Mary Ann Kornegay, Sara Kowalski, Annette Kristof, Barbara Lacy, James Lewis, Patsy Lewis, Fred Lewis, Diane S. Lewis, Diane LeRoy, Carolynn Leonard, Nancy Leddy, Tim Lee, Shelby Lee, Mon Lechner, Robert Leber. Carolyn Larson, LeRoy LaRue. Linda Large. Barbara Lovehart, Ruth Lane, Maena Lampe, Skipper Lacky, Bobby Lightbody, Doris Lindsay. Brooks Line, Sybil Lippard, Joyce Lipsey, Imogene Lloyd. Victor Lockwood, Joyce Loizakes, Julia Long, Ada Long, Agnes Long, Barbara Long, Barbara Jean Long, Betty Jane Louder, Ronald Lowery, Gloria Love, Shirley Lloyd, Gene Lucas, Laverne Lucas. Shirley Lumpkin, Deanne Lyn. John Lyncker, Jerry McQueen, Peggy McQueen, Jimmy McNatt, Donald McMichael, Peggy McManus, Robert McLeod. Betty McLane, Nc-oma McLain, James Mcliierman, John McKenzie. Lee Roy McKinney, Norma Jean MCC-lammory, Betty McElhaney. Dot McDougal. Jean Ann McDonald. Winifred McCoy. Carol Ann McConnell, Margaret McClure, Lee McClain, Juanita McClain, Billy McCance, D. J. McCallum. Elaine McCallister, Robert Murray. Don Murphy, David Mullins, Betty Moye. Deanne Mosley. Robert Mosley. Margaret Mrmsely. Ann Mosebcrth. Gerald Mobbs. Sandra Morgan, Ronnie Morgan, Eleanor Moore, Julia Moore. Joseph Moody. Shirley Moody, Donald Monson. Miki- Mizell, Hubert Miiitz. Richard Mims, Billy Millington, Cecilia Miller. Shelva Miller, Lynell Miller, Gordon K . y S L - :f . 6 . K ,H gt-is ss 2 .4 Q ff H 3. ,.,. X S 5, an -f " , . I fl 35 , I Q Q lm Q S 83 1 1,3 ,., , J ,p 5 1 Q5 ,K W f A f cccc eaayyye i s a ee, .. e as ir ' S Q Y, -- Q F153 W f e ..f ":'i L J .,,, J , N y Zi, in G sl ,. 2 ,L 5 .,-.... s w J: "il 4 on 1 Af ' "": -.-- 1 .L , C ' ' . s Q E? ll? ' ...J ,file - .1 X Q if ,. . J .,,, V . ...,. ,,.. . . in K J., I . , 'N in 5 yya, E 2 il A.-- - V I I Avi' "" S' A 1 'F EI gala. 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Bohhy Medlin. Billy Mays. Dorothy Massey. Donna Marvin. Bernard Martin. Susan Martin. Veatrice Marsh. Betty Jean Marell. Billy Marcelino. Henry Mann. Kitty Maloy. Vivian Malone. David Maines. Betty Mackm ll. Renee Maclntyre. George Nelms. Richard Nettles. David Neuhaus. Carol Newsome. John Nichols. Buddy Nichols. Lanny Nisbet. David Noegel. Marine Norman. Carl Owens. Richard Owens. Alvin Oversheit. ,loan Osborne, Raymond Oquinu. Fay O'Neil. Robert Ogden. Mickey Odom, Frank O'Connor, Pat Pais, B arhara Palmer. Bill Palmer. ,lanelda Parker. Gerald Parker. Ronnie Parnell. Rose Marie Parker. Norman Parr. Davis Payne. Charles Payne. George Payne, Mirian Peake. Freddie Pearson, Barbara Pellet. .leannean Perryman. Calhoun Pierce. Barbara Pike. Patricia Pittman. Donald Pitts. David Allan Plott. Hubert Pleasants. Doris Poe. Renia Polk. Stanley Pomar. Betty Pope. Walter Ponce. David Potter, Charles Powell. David Powell, Glenn Powell, Marizaret Powell. Wendell Presley. john - Y . N. . :', . 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'P' " 9' E J' 'ze ' .., .X .,.. ' , 1 i ,mx , - i l L x S' iv . i f mialiliei , U ii , "Ln Reid, Calvin Reinke. Christopher Rencke. Martha Reynolds. Georgeanne Rhoden. Jeanette Rice, Nancy Richer. Charles Richardson, Annette Ricks. Charles Rigdon. Jo Ann Rizgins. Ray Riner. Barbara Larry Riddle. Roberts. Barbara Billy Cola Roberts. Roberts. Roberts. Donald Roberts. Ethel Robinson. Raymond Margaret Robson. Rodd, Jeanette Rodeheaver. Ray Roden. Jo Ann Roerig, Ronald Rogers. Betty Rogers. Peggy Rohman. Joyce Rountree, Edley Rowan. Billy Rowe. Barbara Ann Rowe. E. Rowell, Juretta Rowland. Bonnie Rowland, Dorothy Rowland, W. A. Rudd. Jimmy Russell. Cuylar Rushinz. James Rushton. Thelma Ryals. Jean Saffer. Joe Sallas. Gayle Salsburg. Kenneth Salter, Kay Samuel. Jimmy Sapp. Jimmy Sapp. Katherine Sattvrwhite. David Sanls. Vernon Srarborough. David Scheibe. Marion Schulte, Tommy Scott. Annette Scott. Charles Scott. Marion Srotten, Janet Ann Seamann. Russell Searcy. Donald Sears. Mary Alice Sellers, ltlartha Shannon. Betty Shepard, David Shields. Lorillc Shiver. Anne Shiver, John Sikes. Betty Lou Sikes. Donald Sikes. Marjean Silas. Frank Silcox. Juanita Simmons, Donald Simmons. Ferris Sinclair, Faye Sinclair. Wade Sineath. Jimmy Sing. Cora Ann Skipper. Barbara Skipper. Martha Slater. Hill Smith. Ella Jane Smith. Ji-an Smith. Jerry Smith. Nick Smith. Robert Smith. Ronald Smith. Sue Snow. Sylvia Snow. Vireinia lb by ,1 1 lik N 11 xx 111114. Q 5 11 Q' a D .I C B 6 Q 1. 1 111 Q N X A Q1 1 11. R 11 1 1 1 1 , 5 , Q 1 1,611 '11 Q 11 1 F 21 3 1... v . 1 3 XI 1 5 Y 1 1 -QS zff 7: " we -L... A 1 SNL 1 W 1 1 ,911 59.1 13 M6111 X I ,. 1 - 1 R 1 ..,, 1. 1' 1 Q . 1 . 111 1 11 1 X2 1,1 1' ' ' Huw 1 if Q11 as . . 1 11111 1 Ngo 1 Q t Q 1Yt.f? X 'I Q A fa' . t N x 1, 11.2151 1 1 1 ,s 1 1 -1 A-si 2 1 1 1 ,.,. P SM 1. 1 Qi 1 112 'C th Q ' 1 11' Q1 1 , 'Q---v - 1 1 - .. 1 , Qbl 1 1 . 1 - Er-. t E A Q if 1 111 1 ,,,. f . 5 Wiz , : z 31 1131. 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Kenneth Kurlin. Richard Weaver. Billy Simmons. Joh n Tanner. Anita V v , W, X' SQ .ff ..J'a s Wm 1 is ai . i IE N, . X S s 'F ,f: :: .iQ':f" A 2 in . W S if Qi , if 1 K rf- i n ' . x Q. " .Q -.,, 5 V 4 -' b,'. ., g e "'t" ' ' L ff s F " bb 4 , , I 1, , ,, cr. N . 4 - . . Q "P. f i. 'A ei I 1 1 -:':' R ' i V 'fj fs - '1' I ' - .rr ii' '- Q f ' Q' 5 Q F I - ,',' . Q g. wg ., S b Z, , in he D , .., 5'f L Q ,--..,i- . :Q , so . ' ' g " .. aw , . , ,Q-4565 , H" , Q . . , i. - , e . ,Q 5 . , ,I ,U i, , ' "s' 0 I "' 1 ,E is P . V Q. ..., , Q- I . ,mi 1 S:-' iw . , - E V li m , ,Q 7 . Q -' ,, ' A i' N " ' ' ' ' H .ms ' , e 3 .. ' K :E 3 ,... 'f ' - 3 e . s fs., . 'Q C . f e - 4 ,... ' A . ,,V-g-g:.-. ,il gr li i, .. -I ,H fi ,f ',',, i':'i izi' i 'Q L ' A I' or an 'I' XS N R X . X X, 4uw A . Sim X SQ M ,,.,-A ff X XX, ff' X x W X JI!! ix xx x' xxx N gin K ff f if Q 1 QQ x .x ,X ll, ii X K Z 'QJIZY xx? .xvxh 'Lk 7 C sg 'N ig ' 7' 7f taxi! 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Miss MULLIS AT JACKSON JANuARv's Most Popular RICHARD HIERS "JEEPY" . . . good-looking . . . versatile . . . well liked . . Mr. HIERS SANDRA FREEMAN SANDRA . . . pretty . . . vivacious . . . sparkling personality . . . Miss FREEMAN JUNE'S Most Popular DIANE onneco DIANE . . . everyone's friend . . . sweet . . . cute . . . Miss GRIECO J I M R O D G E R S JIM . . . friendly . . . outstanding . . . a smile for everyone . . . Mr. RODGERS WHO'S WHO JANUARY'S Most l.ilcely to Succeed D O N R E M L E Y DON . . . ambitious . . . sincere, industrious . . . Mr. REMLEY CYNTHIA ELMER CYNTHIA . . . considerate . . . re- freshing . . . Valedictorian . . Miss ELMER JUNE'S Most l.ilcely to Succeed ROSEMARY EDENFIELD ROSEMARY . . . a hard worker . . . Tiger's Claw editor . . . iust swell, Miss EDENFIELD D A V I D C O O K DAVID . . . intelligent . . . liked by all . . . congenial . . . Mr. COOK AT JACKSON JA N U A RY 'S Best All 'Round C H U C K Y A T E S CHUCK.. .lots of fun . . . good natured . . . likeable . . . Mr. YATES NANCY HOPKINS NANCY . . . little and cute . . . everyone's friend . . . full of pep, Miss HOPKINS J U N E ' S Best All 'Round BILLY ARMSTRONG BILLY . . . friendly . . . vivacious sincere . . . Mr. ARMSTRONG THERESA PAGONIS THERESA . . . personality plus . . . sweet . . . fine cheerleader . . . Miss PAGONIS if ll WHO'S WHO JANUARY'S Most Criginal S A R A H P O L L Y SARAH . . . full of laughter . . . witty . . . clever . . . Miss POLLY WILLIE REESE WILLIE . . .fun to be with . . .sense of humor . . . mischievous . . . Mr. REESE JUNE'S Most Original MARY JAcKsoN MARY . . . lots of fun . . . personality, cheerful and sunny . . . Miss JACKSON CLIFF WHITTLE CLIFF . . . lighthearted . . . witty, sense of humor . . . Mr. WHITTLE AT JACKSON JA N U A R Y ' S Most Athletic B 0 B B Y S M I T H BOBBY . . . energetic . . . good football player . . . friendly, Mr. SMITH KAREN JO EVANS KAREN JO . . . basketball star . .A . a smile for all . . . Salutatorian . . . Miss EVANS JU N E 'S Most Athletic SHIRLEY ALBRITTON SHIRLEY. . .sports loving . . .full of energy . . . just swell . . . Miss ALBRITTON J A M E S K I N G "SNOOKY" . . . all 'round sport, agile . . . well liked . . . Mr. KING VOMMY WILLIAMS NADINE KIRKWOOD MAXINE GLOVER DANNY JONES BILL ABDELNOUR SADIE GOODWYNE J A N U A R Y ANN LIOPPS RALPH ANTUNB 'I 9 5 5 i JESSE SMITH W ANDA -53" ff f 'wlvs NMVNAWQ as X . f 5' 'fl' r , N xv., X S ' W M M S ff X w "n- 'xx I k III MARGIE 'IIHK DMAS NORMAN MVSSELEH FRANCES STRICKLAND BOBBY BOWLES N11 V 'W 3 f X ix ' YQ . nffmf fb 4 ' ' - ' X 11 fi .gfigbw fp ,R f . Y ' J! B , "3 WW' 1 9 5 5 CAROLYN MIDDLETQN JUDY FORBES HERBERT SEARCY SILAS KINES PAT BUFORD RAY FALAGAN LOL SMITH HAROLD TURBYFILL ROSEMARY SAIG DICK BURNETT MISS ANDREW JACKSON CONTEST SPONSOR: MRS. GWEN LEGGETT STUDENT DIRECTOR: LIZ BARNETT JUDGES: DICK STRATTUN LINDA ATTER AL BURT JOY REESE Second Plan- Miss ANDREW JACKSON Third Place SANDRA FREEMAN PAT BUFORD CAROLYN MIDDI F ION PRESENTED BY THE ORACLE STAFF H all-M-' : H zll'M-' z .,Q'QlrilLE AUQTAM RUNNERS UP R23nSflilk Cfllllii-OUR lfirxt Row, Lefl lo Right-W Nilllfy VVo0d, Bzlrbzlra Nm-wsom, Rosaliu- Comstock. Semond Row. Left lo Right' xIl'2lI1IliIll 1 Carolyn Vogt, Larry Paulk QM. CLD, Shirlz-y Robvrson, Liz Grvcn, Not Pictured-'Joy Finrh, Sandra Nolan, Connie- Hudnxl EXCIIIANCINC OF FLOWERS 'LEE-JACKSON GAME SPfjNSQjRS 01: LEE,I.MjKg0N GAME R 'HIE THREE ML'SKE'l'EERS WIIERFS 'VUE 'l'E.'XMl' O ill El n CLASS NIGHT CIRCLE A-I RANCH "THE PLVM TREE" , N BASKETB.-XLI,, ANYONI-1? YICITQ DRY! .n.-...............-. M. ATHLETIC ACTIVITIES M ?wZfMII'xMw f -l I I If ' " X' f 4f??FTTR -Zi. in , , W f ' ' I K 1' -1- In f f I A I f 1, fff ' " w ' 7013 if K Eff? I '1 Ii ffl, W of 1 I A QI If A , Q5VQf xf ' f A I if K fi I ' 'f ffm IQ X If I W ,W 1 I I LM . 2 I ir I X5 l 1 ml 4 VI , 'B 1 -- ,O 1 , 2331 " N ' QS ANDREW JACKSON W' . . .r r ATHLETIC soosmzs ll 'ad First Row, Left to Right-Mrs, Harry Connor, Mrs. G. VV. Duggan, DIRECTORS Mrs. C.. A. Hrrrmg. Second Row, Left to Right--MI. L. L. rlhump- son, Mr. R. N. Brown. Left to Right- 'Mrs. Raiford, Miss VValton, Mrs. Swaru.. First Row, Left to Right'-Mr. Stanaland, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Parke-r. Second Row, Lefl to High!-Mr. Ham-lwooci, Mr. Brown, Mr. Kelly. Ss 54 SCHEDULE JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON JACKSON ALL CITY DuPONT MIAMI SENIOR BOONE HIGH POWELL ITenn.I COMMERCIAL ISQ LANDON DAYTONA MIAMI EDISON HILLSBORO LEE SPANKY MANN BOB SMITH POSTELLE BROWN RICHARD HIRES DICK BURNETT v'h VARSITY F0 EVERETT McCORMlCK, Capt. BUD FRETWELL DAVID DICKS sms xmas GARY muon sos sMnH A . I ' I 1 M f 5 OTB LL DICK THIRLWELL SNOOKY KING JIM RODGERS .JIMMY CRAWLEY 'I :C I DENNIS WHITMAN RICHARD HIRES GERALD WEST REESE WATERS FRED EVERETT BILL HORNE DONALD PARKER ED SALISBURY DONNIE REID VARSITY FOOTBALL , I Ip, ELVIN SHEELY, Capt. ELIAS MARTIN ROY WULFF GEORGE HICKS DAVID CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM REESE STEVE SMITH .IAMES SMOAK MACK HIERS DAVID BROWN HERSCHELL HEMMINGWAY HARRY CHRISTIAN GEORGE MucINTYRE JESSE SMITH, BILL BOOTH, MERRILL WILLIAMS, C. L. THOMPSON JIMMY LOWRY, ED WIGGLESWORTH JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL Fin! Row, Left to RightfBuddy Henson, Jimmy Alvarez, Kenneth Sutton, Jim Heddy, George Maelntyrv. Second Row, Left to RightfLewis Combs, Gerard Newsom, Jack Williams, Ray Kitchens, Lee Causey, Hu- bert Mizell, Coach Kelly. First Row, Left to Rightfiloaeh Stanaland, Wayne Alvarez, Don Suber, Larry Williams, Leon Green, Tommy Thomson, Richard Koonee, Don Vaden, David Malon, Bob Johnson, Martin Rubin, Buddy Haskew, Raymond Carter, Jerry Foxworth. Second Row, Left to RightfRichard Castleberry, john Shiver, Merele Kelly, Richard Hunt, Robert Powell, Jack Williams, Jimmy Rudd, John Hazouri, Vernon Sauls, Venson Kirk- land, Wayne Salis, Martin Patterson, Bob Smith, Coach Hazelwood. VARSITY BASEBALL COACH STANALAND DAVID CUNNINGHAM DICKIH NELMS I.1'fI In Righl--Ruger Dahnke. Kenneth Etheridge, Dale Bverhnwm-r. Fin! Row, Lvl! In Righl+Roger Dahnke. Jim Rodgvrs, David Cunningham. Kenneth Etheridge, Charles Rodgers, Aaron Kelly. Jim Wright. Srrond Row, Left to Right-WSP ren Fountain. Charles Dixon, Dickie Nelms, Clinton Batten. Harold Turhylill. Snooky King, Runnie Smith. jim Alvarez. Us-urge Mrlntyrr. Roger Pruitt. Dali' Bevrlmuwer. La- mar Mrlvlichael. Coach Stanaland. KENNETH ETHERIDCE HAROLD 'I'URBYFII.l. CHARLES RODt I-RS ,I I M RODGERS SNOOKY KING 1955 TIGER'S TRACK TEAM MR. BROWN POSTELLE BROWN ARTHUR FOSTER SPANKY MANN DICK TI-IIRI,WEI.I, DICK THIRLWELI. BUD FRETWICLL ROBERT HAZOURI SPANKY MANN ARTHUR FOSTER DICK THIRLWELI. BUD FRETWELL ROBERT IIAZOURI QI First Rnzu, Lcft to Right-Bud Fretwell, Reese Waters. Carl Shope. Jimmy Wynn, Willis Jarrell, David Dicks, Charles Daly, Pat Radcliffe, Robert Blarkman. Sermzd Row, Lrfi tn Right-Coach Brown, Arthur Foster, Kiad Mead. Virgil Green. Rnbert Hazouri. Dirk Thirlwell, Spanky Mann. Third Rom, Lwft to Right-Postellv Brown, Hardy Stanley, Vanis Kirkland, Tommy Thompson. TANKERS of 1955 l MR. HECHT HERBERT SEARCY 100 Yard Breaststroke "Captain,' "Scnior,' Firxt Row, Left to Right-Bill Slater, Carl Weddle, Lynwood Tisdel, Dalton Albert, Robert Bri-ntnell, Robert Mobley, Wayne Carter. Second Row, Lflt to Right-Herbert Searcy, Tim Leddy, Arthur Cosby, John Shiver, Tom Nettles, john Berry, Vic Lloyd. Third Raw, Left to Right-Frank Assauf, J. E. McGowen, George Burns, Bobby Mc- Manus, Glen Powell, Ray Falagan, Bobby Graddick, Fourth Row, Left to Right-Coach Hecht, Bob Lackey, David Sheppard, Don Pickett, Dan Howes, Bill Fudge, Gene Williams, John Williams. ROBERT BRENTNELL WAYNE CARTER 100 yard Freestyler Diver "Junior" 200 Yard Freestyler "junior" TOM NETTLES CARL WEDDLE 50 Yard Freestylcr 100 Yard Freestyler 'Junior' Q' fo nfl, ..,.4-1 ULD MEMBERS GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION X. w i R . ix xtsw. I-'rant Row, Lrft to Right--lG.A.A. Olfirvrsl-f-Sanlnly Jn Harrison, Rvpg I'c'szqy Shu'- han. Sr. R0p.: Shirlvy Albritton. V.-Pres.. First Smlu-'stP1'. I'rvS.. Svruml Sn'l11vslvl'g Knrvn .In Evans. I'lcs,1 Dorothy Ilnllancl. Sift.-at-.fkrlxlsq Snmhinv Etlcly. 'livin'-ilx'1'l': Ilnrlmrn Rinvl. .nj EXYANS Stfunri Rn:n', Lfft to Right Sum- Trnwick. Sllirlvy I,ym1x. .Nlucllvy Riuuina, Nm-llir Kirks. K3lIIt'l'Illl' Cainpvr. Jean llarrix. Lurillc llislxop. file-mln 'lln't-urr. Sm-iul St-rx: Mary I .1 Katlu-rim' Welle. Ann Ilzxru-y. Carolyn lilzikt-,lot-. 'l'hir1l Huw, 1.1 ll In Right It-ru' Smith. Pri-siclvnt MISS WALTON, MRS. SWARTZ Ella Jvzul Strivklnnfl. Sllirlvy Ivynn. .Ioyrv Cook, Sllirlvy Mullis. llrnwrlilnl Svc.: Marilyn 'l'hmnpmn. Mary Ann Tliirlnnn. Nikki Jalrnlm-vu. l.y'nvlI lklillm. lfntntli Rum. lmfl In Ix'igl1l---.'Xilvnc Davis. Carolyn llvnkim. Connir Ya-ntml. Pulilicity Chnm.: llvtly Bunch. Maxinv Ruflrl. Oleda Dircllnnol. linlmbic Cox. Toni Crutt. limit Ruff. l,rfl In Righl .Xnn Ifunclvrlmrk. Iizxlhzira Dtirlmy. Ruth King. Slut-il.: floltliclm. NEW MEMBERS I-'irxl Rom, Left In Right-Nancy Schrope. Rem-e Markmil. Shirley Kirklwncl. Cum Ann Simi. Carolyn Miller. Letriria Miller. Gayle Sallas, Sandra Nolan. Faith Conner. Xa-onm MCLam'. Joan Evans. Franvis Jones. Srmnn' Rmr, l.rfl In Right Claurlinr 'l'nylm'. Dorothy Mrlillmam-y. Donna Un-gory. Francis Watson. Ann llymun. Xznirv II:-vnnnrlt-1. Snplx. Rep.: Ann Klariv Zeis, Cynthia Ililforcl. Mary ju lluclux-s. lim' U'Quinn. 'liliirrl Rom, Im!! In Right--.-Xnn Vmnclrun. Virginian Winnvy. Fzxyr Ilnntrr. I'l.iwi. in-nm Mayes. Sandra Drffastrn. Marin- Mrlim-Ivy. Rx-lm lXlauldin, limi. Rim. lmll In Right Barlvara Carlton. Donna Mnsxey. IN'inifr1-cl Nlrhunzllfl. Nlzunin- 'I'.n'rnnt. Nlniimi Svntt. Df-anne' llnlf-lnm'v. The cheerleaders had a very successful year. They had a dance after most of the home football games and made two out-of-town trips to Miami and Tampa. Their square dance and semi-formal dance after the Lee-Jackson game were both gay affairs. On the next page are pictures of their activities. NETTIE ABDULLAH SANDRA NOLAN JEANNINE GRAHAM MABEL CARTER THERESA PAGONIS, HEAD CHE LEADER MRS. CATHERIN BROADUS, SPONSOR SHIRLEY ROBERSOI' ASST. HEA CAROL SMITH SANDRA FREEMAN CAROLYN VOGT ROSEMAR' SAIG ROSALIE COMSTOC CHEERLEADERS' ACTIVITIES PAGE MISS HAIR MR. HAIR ANNETTE JERRY KOWALSKI FOSTER MISS LIPS MR. LIPS DIANE DUAINE GRECIO ALDERMAN MR. NOSE MISS NOSE JEEPY BARBARA HIRES NEWSON MISS COMPLEXION MR. COMPLEXION SANDRA GEORGE NOLAN FERBER MISS EYES MR. EYES SANDRA EVERETT FREEMAN MCCORMICK MR. TEETH MISS TEETH ROY THERESA WULFF PAGONIS ATHLETIC AWARDS Culest Couple at Square Dance z .5A. E ..,.. . ,V,, V V BAND Couples from Left to Right-Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Tullis, Chaplain: Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Andrf-ws, Treas- urvrg Mr. and Mrs. B. Cox, President: Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Elrod, Corn-sponding Sm-crm-tary: Mrs, B. A. Brvntnvll, Rcvording Secretary: Mr. :md Mrs, C. E. Cobb, Vicr--Pre-sid:-nt. QNot Pictur:-d.5 W , :,1.wv ' ff -4 . fm Ar I DAVID DI' NKLEY Hs-nd Drum Major MR. PHILIP B. SPHER Band Dirn-rtor ul ,au 5 5 P30113 A---1 5 Nr x 'XM . I ..... 1 zltx I, .3 E W SAMMY MILLER Asst, Drum Maim- 1 s 5 X Si it sin I x DAVID DUYKLEYI- Drum Malo' THE ANDREW JACKSON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND JO ANN GILL. Head M1-llnflflf' SAM MILLER- ASS! Dflllll MHJUY Philip B. Speer. Diredm. BROOKS GOING. Baton Soloist r1.UTi:s an-my Majtglhtyff TENOR SAX TRUMPI-:Ts Fi-fd Lt-was mah BASS 'I'YMI'ANI Clara Blain Jlfmlfay f iam Elaine Cie Rmb 1 Ald fh Marv Aim Milford R' 1 d H d ' K' fn Izlfank tlfreednian iziggelwlclltlgzan Mike MdMillali DhaBi1aAAnd:inz Dale M47l4'5 ljliineg ar en 'llm dh' lx A my ,mm Y Dianne Presson BARITONE SAX 'lay Atkinson Cllg::leRlgn:l:?llall BELLS Margaret janz Barbara Millet' Robert Payne Jo Ann Scott Ruth Thieman Connie Wieelsworth Richard Hancock jim Smiley Clyde Ballentine Charles Briehtwell ,lim Cox Gayle Garcia BARITONES Edmond Andrews Mildred Barnett Pat Conlin El' CLARINET ALTO CLARINET M55 SAX Eugfnf Ki!Cl""'t Fred whitney Nanry Cobb David Dlmkle Danny Clark Edward Mlfklf-'I' Robert Elrod 'Y LCFPICIH Mlllfl' TROMBONIES BASS CLARINET 013015 Jerry Morgan ' Bb CLARINET Kay Blount Annie Ruth Box Charles Cooper Vivian Edwards Dirk Gradick Selma Green Linda Geisenberz Patty Gurr Barbara Kanago Gloria Kendrick Charlotte Beckley Erma Robinson SOPRANO SAX Watfie Crady ALTO SAX Dorothy Cavt- Cliarles Crow Don Jones Franklyn Stillman Francis Clark Sandra Inches Lenora Jones Kathleen McEllianey Linda Russell BASSOON , .loc Davis George Flow 's Sue Ann Houtsma Charlene Sult Jerrell Norton Robert O'NeaI ,lim Rudd Donald Stein Edward Watkins Catherine Weinher Pat White E FRENCH HORNS Mike Gallagher Larry Jones Cynthia Elmer James Howland Charles Payne Ronald Stewart James Tisdel Linwood Tisdel Ronald Tullis Patsy Vandiver Eb BASS David Cusic George Shahood Lynnie Carin Donald Smnsel Florence 'Iiompkim Louis Whilden MAjORE'I"I'ES 1 1 y Pat Buford Sl Illlxl' ,BASS Angela Clark Louis Whilden Judy Furhcs Clara Goodin jo Ann Gill DRUMS Dianne Grieco Eddie Barron joe Bragg Jim Katsikas john McKiern:in Bill Stevens Bill Whittle Merrill Williams Robert Scheuck Karen Haskin Mary Jackson Ann Kennedy Evelyn Lovett Sandra MeCullous.glt Carolyn Midtl Linda Russell leton BAND COUNCIL Left to Rig11t+Louis Whilden, Captain: Donald Stein, First Lieutenant: Robert Aldrich, Second Lieutenant: Ronald Stewart, Manager: Erma Robinson, Head Librarian: Mary Ann Milford, Librarian: Charlene Sult, Librarian: Mamie June Norman, Ht-acl Quartermaster: Kathleen McElhaney, Quartermaster: Bill Whittle, Quartermaster: Sam Miller, Ass't Drum Major: jo Ann Gill, Head Majorette: David Dunkley, Drum Major, lg.: Ill s so LEADERS OF MARCHING BAND Left to Right---Sam Miller, Ass't Drum Major: David Dunkley, Drum Major: jo Ann Gill, Head Major:-tte: Brooks Going, Baton Soloist. 'Uv V J M 25" Left to Right. 1x'r1f'e'Hng --Bs-tty Cloppugc, Joycc winv, Gail Plustc-1--Il.-url, Cynvllc- xNllllLlIIlS, Hvt Clmuory. SFCOIIII' Row Juzmitu Cr11c'z', Milfj' 1 R ty l X Cours:-y, -Iilfl-ill' llrc-Stott, Bvth l":111lc'0m'1', M111 JO ANN CILL MISS AVIS TURNER Skippl-1-, Ill-acl Mzxjorvttv Dirvctnr iiif gllsrgli 1' 'E ini? 1 akqll. 2 als I Left tn Right--V Dinnv Grivvo, Mary -l2li'l'iSOIl, Carolyn Middlr-ton, Angm-lu Clark, .Mm Kr-nnmly, Jucly l"orlws, Put Buford. Left to Right--Mary Jackson, Judy Forhvs, Claire Goodin. Second Row Y--Angola Clark, Karon Haskins, Szmclm MCCullough, Diunv Grin-co, Carolyn MiLldl4'ton, Evclyn Lovctt, A1111 Ki-nncdy, D- Left to Right f--' Kzlrvn Haskins, Evvlyn Lovvtt. Second lfozz' Cla Cooclin, Linda Russel. Bark R0za'fSur1clrn Mi'clllllClllEl1. BROOKS Gi JINGS .W ,pw ' .F 'Z v 'fV'. . Y ...rg 1 1, .N ..1.x f mf . ww wa W. wax .. 1 -1. -v-353 N sm , W.. . .K 1 . .,:..:,..v'N. 5 5 -S Qfx f 55751 .vs-at .35 R . ,, . Q x 6.3 -1 Ska. , J 'M Q Q S . aus v z+,x,,.,,e K-mf? Lf' 75511, ,,,i..fy' ,ikfkf -5-5 ,Q .' fix, 1 tli ' L l K tx im, AF. xv V om . YS 'P 'VK X. Q' , Q . 1 ' .,, -Sway 3 :iyj,?,,.xA ,,. if iq my., . -' Im S3 S ' 'S Q x 3 X N5 lk is wsfwgU'.. QQ-fgw fq .3 ,Q I Q A if 1 ak. ' Q.-H ..ff . wnix .-'ni - F 1,435 -"e.w"w " lv MA ali 5 33' fl? Ltr? 4' 1' Q? .W . W, x my 4 93, :xi ,W Luv . V Q' 3' i. +, fn 1 Vi, 53. jf 'Tv Z. f f Y, s"f 1 " 3 A ' 3 se 1 ' Wm i -. . I . -25-'I .FW 5 4? U X . J . . . Q. 1, -fl. ,fy 25. x W- VE ist, Kfyfx, A W x. U. 5 - 'U kigu 5. X i 1 .. A i F L .N K , x sz, ',, ,.Xx M.: .WWWMMMM-wif-f--' T-'Mt-'M Q W J f 'Q 3 J x 'Y A ' 5' 'Q 4 2 5 ' 2' 3 Q v I 1 . ww.: 9 A ? x.Wx .Q - Q b . ' th... . W Af. W. Y W MW , gf- W' , 9 A xg - f J . sz. . 1 K A 1 f is . 3,-S W' .4 . ' . 3' G N' . E' X 3 Q ' Tg, -' 'JN mf-,E 2 5- i .. wi 'L ' k,,gf'W Q Q, gf Q. E L Q. 5' 1 . A ' .. L X J - L xi X x v A . V xg H L+' 'S' S 1, Q s A -ix if . 1, N M. ..., .,....,. 2 ix if - ff' if 1 . ' ' '-"' ' . E ' M 1 . . .,,, i 5 . A , . W my Q if . ww eg siffiw W ...MV - ff . is -,--, -- . i -3 r ff 'K Q..-' 2:-.1 '- Ns'www,w.,...:'-Pzwfq ,ww - 55,5 -- . .. x udwzlzkferr' - ." .' T ' ..', ' .5 " " .' " ff-'fi x ' ' 2'-Qi-fl 7 U - .. K M 5' ' ,, 1. 'gf S . g., V ---' 1 Sr Qziiw , 5: 4 M . ' . Wx W 5 Wx .V .www w k qs fi Q K M .8 A M K X . . I L N l ., - f V-S S' Q ' A .W -iw . . gf if: -rv:-Q. , 1 , X K y :lr ,Nga X V vgfghxx AQ . Vg. an + A r X iv 5, . -Nb vga .Rui - J.. . . K x . , I g?f1?v?fH'fgfg41s..iffi:s .2521 A 1+.f-:az W1 :fi 5. - f 2 W gigsx Piggy? ,gn Jil' Rslgllissmigxgggggvgqff' my W rw Nt, krxqifxkivgzzi M ITU w ri A K -if ,Ip ,qi-tie .S K . Q , 2 4 . QMVQA ,QL Wg. ,X sv K . 'Nr .iff - 3f1E5'i5lil?.QZgif' img i'4'A? WM 'A . TTA 4l55lf"vSk'T2 'lm' ." X i if .ta gfmQ5gQs,ana-,iffaf SW.. Y.- - , : --- N . A. - . - N A-ww' Q wg slim? 7' A . Y ' K' -f Yi .g..E,. h:v'i5I::1 g..t254i- X 3 fgsgx--' I - K Lf is-:J x 5 f . , 5WfF'Ethl'Y A .4 .g ifS??EE 9fMQ1xkf ' . --,-- 'riuf 5 ' y V Riffs'Q-hnhfg-l'1Qq i . T ,Q 5 'NK f 'K - 4 ... Q Y . W ' ' . :elf .1 -,Z 3 F x r gxfgx 3399, Q ,Q K K -Q . A f 5' f f- iv . K' P v 3sg, . 1 T.. 5 fa! Xi, A Y ff. y ,' - f,4: a1x'g"' 3"?1'+"? 'P , W A .Q xi' W - ,. Q ,4 ug. W if A ' Af wyswzfg Q W W . . L- , - :X .... .I In J if E.ww:,fw,ff?A: ki 1 2 - . f. xp XX V3 'b 1 4 -' ' 'A ,M 'E . ' W- 'Q 14. A ,w7f?VW"?q .32fQ1..?'1 -1. . sera' Gif . M if . s V l x- 'XRTQ1 ?xf!'5l'i' 'E ! , , fri, l , R " Wwfgfa . I si ' . ' . ' !!1'f35s 4.- X F I !'1Iv 1- J Q ,Q ki A 3 Q k Q Mx f 5 1 if f I Q' KS i N x' - A H . . , f - 1 ' Q nw Q 1 8 . a X Vmqwv 'W Q38 , x x 'MM 4 Q1 ltor Bowl Menmxk Gimv 3 Band m Stindi 4 New Ycals Du, 55 5 GOXKIIIOIS Mwnsxon 'xll'1h'1s .XX -'ai' -5 .- ,g 'I . 3 - . ' l 'WP l ff Q35 X llk 498A X ' X X N 546414 lax 3 gl." ,- g,m v ' -'W - -1 1 'ls lo! ma 'lf f F R ia.-gs. . K X' 1 X my ff? ,ff I 3-F ,H V Wig A ia X1 A ff X I 1 W I xx 1 7 f 'P r f " as A 1 f ' 1 NX, Q, 1 + , 5 0 Q ' 'll M? 'ix N . ag ,417 Q., ff ,K , X., I ' f Zgffw ffxjff Mwiwfmf f f VIQW W1 I 7 W ALPHA Nlasvut NANCY WOOD rvslllrnt liVl2 RlZ'l"l' M1111 DRM ICR ViK't'-llI'l'NlCll'lll sl'l'lAl'i11l'Y RONALD Sll'l"l'ON IIAROLD 'l'URl5Yl"l I,l. 1'l'1iNilI'A'l' Rl'plYl'iC'I' BYRON GOOGINS DON RIZMLIGY Chaplain MARY PAUGH First Row, Left to RightfByron Googins, Treasurer, Don Remlcy, Rr-porter: Evert-tt MC'c.lOYIl1lC'k, Pre-side-nt: Nancy Wood, Masrot: Ronald Sutton, Vice--President: Harold Turhyfill, Scwrctary: Gary Paugh, Chaplain. Second Row, Left to Righty' Mr. Milt-y, Sponsor: Rohcfrt Tomlinson, Charlvs VVright, Kenneth Virkcrs, Robert Grvmi, Nick Smith. Third Row, Left to Right-George Mvlntyrv, Edward Wilkinson, Robert Blackman, Larry Harring- ton, Bill Armstrong. Fourth Row, Left to Rightflidwin Wigclsworth, Don Lanier, Mack Hiors, Boh johnson, Robc-rt Hope, ' 'om Schulte. Fifth Row, Lefi to Rightfflrrald Veal, Tvrry Sinorc, Raymond Avvritt, YNY-slr-y Wright, L1-on Crm-cn, onald Hamilton, Buddy Hinson, Milton Bransford. Xlalwul SlllRl.l'iY RUlSl",RSON - 'esulelll VYlNlilll .l.XCliSUN Y lee-l'1'i-sirlelit BRUCE Sli JVER 'iemry NELSON l"llfl.DlNIE 'l'rvasurer Reporter LARRY PONDER llllR.'XRD NIQVYSOKI Chaplain JERRY SNIIT ll First Row, Left to RightfNelson Fielding, Seeretaryg Larry Ponder, Treasurer: VVinkie Jackson, President: Shirley Roberson, Maseotg Bruce Stover, Vice-President: Gerard Newsom, Reporter: Jerry Smith, Chaplain. Ser- ond Row, Left to Right-Ben Zimmerman, Charles Crow, Larry Nichols, Jimmy Katsikas, W'ayne Miller, joe Tamplin, Charlie Wlilliams. Third Row, Left to Right-Neil Curtis, Harold Taylor, Sammy Miller, Raymond Flight, Stanley Huffman, Don VVilson. Fourth Row. Left to Rightgjark Williams, jimmy WN'ynn, Cecil Hen- dricks, Bill Brinkley, Jaek Brawley, Clinton Batten. Mr. D. D. Melnnis, Sponsor, not pictured. GAMMA HI-Y Sfsifsz. M T, 4 Skffinw 'Fiffp 3' if -S 1 Niffq 1513 :ify,3. s it ,. yiffrggvp Secretary " of Y-M-C-A. President MR. OTIS HINNANT BROOKS HAMBIAC 'if as 1 . R x V i Qfi,Wsfv, R Q Y fx ' 3 Vice-President 46 5K'CfUl2il'7' DON HAZOURI R Q i J ,L I CURTIS HYERS ,.,, . , gs, ,Ng , ,M 1-wx, .Q X 1 4 ., ..., ,...,, . ,A Wi-bd., A . k . - K R is - , x .gifs ' Q, ' --rv' ' ---- - ,Q ,. , ' sfw- -'QL f- -X gm-xr,gEax,e '- 1 -6559 -rw,:.3g-,M if "' ii . - ' , ...,. 5 'Q , Sponsor Treasurer M R, JACK HUMPHRIES WRIGHT ROWAN Chaplain RONALD JONES Reporter Mascot ROBERT PEAVY DIANE GRIECO First Row, Left to Right-Robert Peavy, Reporterg Curtis Hiers, Secretary, Brooks Hammac, President: Diane Grieco, Mascotg Don Hazouri, Vice-President: VVright Rowan, Treasurcrg Ronald Jones, Chaplain. Second Row, Left to Right-Mr. Humphries, Sponsor: Tom Holley, Joe Hagen, Glenn Ncrhling, Billy Stovall, Richard Han- cock, Bill Whit:-. Third Row, Left to Right-Barry Kendrick, Robert Brentnc-ll, Earl Little, Charles Anderson, Willard Fish, Fourth Row, Left to Rightf-Lehman Ragan, Mike Harkc-y, Don Stein, John Dam-se, Robert Palmer, Robert Rachlin. DELT Masecmt PAT BUFORD President DICK THIRLWELL Secretary Vice-President VIRGIL GREEN JIMMY CRAWLEY Treasurer BILL ABDELNOUR R,,p,,,,e, ARTHUR FOSTER Chaplain RAY FALAGAN 1, Firxt Row, Left to Right7Ray Falagan, Chaplain: Arthur Foster, Reporter: Dick Thirlwell, President: Pat Bu- ford, Mascot: Jimmy Crawley, Vice-President: Virgil Green, Secretary: Bill Abdelnour, Treasurer: Roger Dufhn, Sgt.-at-Arms. Second Row, Left to Right3Mr. Horton, Sponsor: Ralph Waller, Charles Viekery, Freddy Kra- zit, Terrence lNebb, George Shahood. Third Row, Left to Right-Donald Simmons, Eugene Kitchens, David Malone, Tommy Burrows. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Herman Barker, Pat Radcliff, Ronald Parker, Harry Anstead. Fifth Row, Left to Right-Jimmy Cox, Tracy Connors, Frank Chapman, Jimmy Dc-Lcttre. Sixth Row, Left to Right+Bill Fudge, Dan Howes, Wade Sinclair, Ernest Craun, Roger Pruitt. Fifi! Razr, Left to Right-Tommy Bnney. Set.-at-Arms: Ralph Antone. Treasurer: Dennis Whitman. President: Sandra Free- man. Mascot: Gerald VVest. Vice-President: E. J. Martin, Chaplain: Dwain Smith. Secretary: Jim Sharkleford. Reporter. Sn'- nnd Razr, Lrfl to Righ!fJiminy Sineath. Kelly Amber. Dick Leonard. Bill Slater. Jan Thompson. Third Row, Imfl In High! fCharles Daly. Devan Taylor. Bobby McManus. David Cook. Fourth Row, Lrfl In RightAfAl Javolxs. Ht-rsrliell Hemmineway. Kim-ne Callahan. George Ferber. Fifth Row, Left lo Right-Bobby Stroud. Ronald Coons. Billy linnrh. Dick Burnt-tt. llulxert Mizelle. Srmrid Snrzeavtn' l7ffiu':'.vfE. J. Martin. President: Dwain Smith. Vire-l'rt-siclent: Jimmy Sineath. Secretary: Ilmvurml Nations. Treasurer: Tommy Honey. Srzt.-at-Arms: Jim Shacklelord. Report:-r. .x ... my 5 5 lfizsl Razr, Left to Right-Floyd Owen, Barbara Stovall, Jane Shuman. Pat Daly. Vice-President: Mary Jo Arthur. President: Deanne Bazemore. Treasurer: Jackie Guyette. Secretary: Vohnct-il Williams, Publicity: Brownie Harris. Semnd Rnzv, Left to Right-'James Ctxsic. John Bazemore. Pat Gilhreath, Claudine Taylor. Barbara Roberts. Ann Copps. Charlene Garrett, Wayne Webb, Llewellyn Mize. Donald Ganas. Third Rmb, Left to RighlfMorris Chaney, Jacob Raker, Arthur Lemen. James Lowry. William Rodvheaver . ii-7 an Presitlt-tit SQ f L5 l'.X'l' lil'l-'ORD " Secretary JUDY FORBES F .. 'Q 1... - A - 1 t. Chaplain SANDRA FREEMAN KK -. Sponsor MISS LERNER x 4 F .N Treasurer MARY JACRSC JN Reporter ANGELA CLARK Mascot EVERETT MCCORMICK Vice-l'resitlent CXROLYN'I'ON First Roar, Left tn Righ1fSandra Freeman, Chaplain: Mary Jackson. Treasure-rg Pat Buford. President: Everett MrCormiek. Maseot. Carolyn Middleton. Vice-Presidentg Judy Forbes, Secretary: Dnra Harbin. Sgt,-at-Arms: Angela Clark. Reporter. Serorld Roar, Left lo Righlffxliss Lerner. Sponsor: Caroyln Vogt. Theresa Pagonis. Joyce Matthews. Carol Smith. Rosalie Comstork. Myrna Christian. jo Ann Cill. Millie Barnett. Third Row, Left In RightfLonise Cooper. Jean Harris. Elaine Smith. Catherine Camper. Betty lNlarjenhoff. Fourth Rose, Left In Righ1fMartha Sue Averitt. Norma lNICKenley. Gloria Kendrick. Patsy Vancliner. Fifth Rozr. Lvl! to Right Joni Honye. Marilyn Thompson. Claudia Parrish. Lenona Jones. jerry Smith. Joy Finch. Sixth Rum, Left to Righlf-Nancy Clover. Pat Smith. Joy Smith. Franres Strickland. Liz Green. Hazel Brown. Sadie Goodwin. Srrfnlli Rong I.rll in Righl-'--Ella Jean Striek- land. hlary Ann Nlilford. Irma Roberson. Mary Jane Dixon. Bobbie Reehner. ,Indy Batts. Eighlll Ron-, Lrfl in Righl -lklarion Srott. Mary Ara. Barbara Raines. Shirley Albritton. Barbara Newsom. Genny Mayes. Sondra Darden. Lnla Mona Tnrnaee. Bobby Sue llohhs. Linda Helm. Irma Lammons. Annette Yeomans. lst Semester 2nd Semester President President CHARLOTTE MILLS CI-IARLENE BERRY R .,:. .. !1SMM , Secretary Treasurer GLENDA THROWER MAXINE RUDD Chaplain Reporter DIANE GRIECO MABEL CARTER ,X Sponsor lvlasrot MISS HARTWELL LARRY PAIQLK lst Semester 2nd Semester Viet--Pi'es1dent Vice-President CAROL LEWIS DIANE GRIECO 1 i i l I t First Row, Left to Right-Charlene Berry, Watfie Grady, Mable Johnson, Glenda Thrower, Charlotte Mills, Larry Paulk, Carol Lewis, Diane Grieco, Maxine Rudd, Margaret Sue Flood, Sunshine Eddy, Second Row, Left to Right-Wanda Meeks, Latricia Miller, Nancy Schrope, Kay Johnson, Gayle Sallas, Nancy Hopkins, Ann Ticneken, Patsy Wolfe. Third Row, Left to Right-Betty Sikes, Gail Hill, Elizabeth Mock, Mickey Ogden, Eu- nice Hall, Rosemary Saig, Mary Frances Thompson, Ruth Thieman. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Ann Averitt, Sonja Sanders, Betty Harvey, Brownie Harris, Sara Sutton, Helen Bealey, Mary Ann Thin-man. Fifth Row, Left to Right-Sara Polly, Martha Plott, Marline Neal, Barbara Darby, Merry Pat Sloan, Carol Dawson. Sixth Row, Left to Right-Barbara Thompkins, Jeanette Googe, Ann Copps, Joan Williams, Pat Vaughn, Annijane Long, Carolyn Marvin. I Q ie.: ' Ai as 5 is 3, E- A , Prr-sidvnt Virc-Presitlcnt MARVADEAN CYNTHIA ICLMER WEIALS i .,z:, - EL: X Secretary Masrot LYNNIE CAVIN RAY FALAGAN is 1 'Y .,..:rL Chaplain Reporter MARY CATHERINE SUE STEWART WELLS Sponsor MISS ANDERSON Q sieve 1. as Q ss, First Rowfllay Falagan, Mascot. Second Row, Left to Right-Marvadean Wells, President, Cynthia Elmer, Vice-President. Third Row, Left In RightwLynnie Cavin, Secretary, Mary Catherine Wells, Chaplaing Sue Stewart. Reporter. Fourth Row, Left tn Right- Barbara Stovall, Vohnceil Williams, Katie ,Io Halford, Harriett Ray. Fifth Raw, Left ln Right-Martha Kirkland, Iva Martin. Doris McClure, Jackie Guyette, Janice DeMott. Sixth Row, Left to Right-Patty Baker, Margaret King. Barbara Martin. Fayz- Stafford, Pat Conlin, Thelma Nebcr. Seventh Row, Left to Right-Mary jo Arthur, Elizabeth Swan. Beth Hood, Beverly Faust, Carol Strickland. Sandra Inches, Kathleen McElhaney. Eighth Row, Left lo Right-Mamie June Norman, Eleanor Williams. Miss Ander- son, Sponsorg Mary Gear, Hazel Mathews, Charlene Sult. . . A f .... 554 Q , i Q ks A NY I ,EJ A ' f ,:. ev 4, pl my 4 'N L f Q PA 1 :fa:::-M. 2' 1 0 . M -, :-1 1 W ' X 5 is f is x s - , 'X Q H .. A 5, a President Secretary Treasurer Vice-President ROSEMARY EDENFIELD GAIL PLASTER SANDRA KORNEGAY PAT MANNING Chaplain Reporter SANDRA NOLAN KARY INLOW ' ff' 1 mafia :J . 2-1'-.-1'-W in -.qi 3.31, Sponsor Mascot AIRS. INIARTIN BILLY ARNISTRONG Front Row, Left to RightfMary Bunting. Social Chairmang Sylvia Lynn, Project Chairmang Sandra Kornegay. Treasurer: Rosemary Edenfield. Presidentg Bill Armstrong. Mascot: Pat Manning. Vice-President: Gail Plaster, Secretary: Evelyn Lovett. Parliamentariang Kary Inlow, Repnrterg Di-anna Lumpkin. Program Chairman. Second Row, Left lo Right-Mrs. Ethel Mar- tin, Sponsorg Joyce Redwine. Majel Camplejohn. Renia Poe. Shirley Selph. Johnnie Clements, Janet Scotten. Betty Mullins. Joan Randall. Third Row, Left to Right-Jeanette Ray, Francis Silas, joan Annis, Elizabeth Millan, Gloria Rea, Ruth Hagel. Fourth Row, Left to Righlfjean Ryals, Alice Lee Anderson. Nancy Hernandez, Elsie Melton, Sara Kornegay, Jean Ann Mc- Dougal. Fifllz Row, Left to Right!Juanita blyers, Kay Eminizer, Georgeannc Reynolds, Norma Jean Edenfield. Mary Kate Williams. Betty Fries. Sixth Row, Left lo Right-Beverly Willhelm, Marymac Johnson. Shirley Lamb. Sara Morgan. Carol Allward. Pat Gildersleeve. Pat O'Connor, Sandra de Castro. 1 so .k,. in 1 DAVID COOK President 3 ERMA ROBINSON Treasurer MIKE HARKEY Vice-President 7 M9 ix MRS. HARRIS Sponsor '21, I- ,Z nik: - ' 1, ' , .. fx . "-. , SUE STEWART WATFIE CRADY Secretary Chaplain SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP CHARACTER SERVICE LYN.TJ,?.,.?.'TV'N . Q . First Row, Left to Right-fWatfie Crady, Chaplaing Sue Stewart, Secretaryg David Cook, President, Mike Harkey, Vice-Pres.g Erma Robinson, Treasurerg Lynnie Cavin, Reporter. Second Row, Left to Right-Mrs. Harris, Sponsorg jackie Biddle, Marilyn Thompson, Shirley Albritton, Ann Kimbrough, Edward Watkins, Doris McClure, Beverly Faust, Mary Ann Parrish. Third Row, Left lo Right-Sue Trawick, Marie McKelvey, Mary Ann Milford, Sandra Sasser, Margaret Britt, Peggy Sheehan. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Karen Jo Evans, Deanne Bazemore, Barbara Raines, Cynthia Elmer, Kathleen McElhaney, Marvelle Broxson. Fifth Row, Left to Right-Gerald Veal, Terry Sinore, Mamie june Norman. Sixth Row, Left to Right-Douglas Carroll, Robert Payne, Donald Stein, James Howland, Robert Elrod. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS AMERICA President BARBARA MARTIN Vice-President Secretary JERRY SMITH MARCIEL RIVERS 5 M:L ::,:,:i:E .W - , lj: :im 1: 5-LE 1 k Tri-asurcr Mascot Reporter TIIELMA NEBER BOBBY SMITH ROBERTA HAWKINS . "Picture Nol U it Available" N I ' :g X lg ::,, 3 ' Chaplain Historian Parliarnentarian Sponsor CAROLYN SKAGGS BETH HOOD ANN COPPS MRS. HOUSER First Row, Left to Right-Beth Hood, Historian, Roberta Hawkins, Reporter: Marciel Rivers. Secretary, Barbara Martin, President: Bobby Smith, Mascot, jerry Smith, Vice-Presidentg Thelma Neber, Treasurer, Carolyn Skaggs. Chaplain, Ann Copps. Parliamentarian. Second Row, Left lo Right4Mrs. Martha Houser, Sponsorg Ella jc-an Strickland, Glenda Thrower, Geraldine Givens. Gloria Camp- bell, June Hampton. Third Row, Left to Right-Pat Dowling, Faye Bennett, Vera McClellan, Delores Green, Norene DeLoarh. Sara Kornegay. Fourth Row, Left to RightfDor0thy McElhaney, Mary Ann Britt, Mary Ara, Linda Hunt, Claudia Parrish, Ann Lane. Fifth Row, Left to RightfLinda Waterman, Shirley Lamb, Sarah Morgan, Norma Mayo, Patricia Davis. W' JOAN PRINCE Sweetheart ROGER PRUITT President JOHN KING Serrutary KEY ,- l X' '1 ' C '17 ' VIRCIL GREEN ARTHUR FOSTER Reporter Chaplain ROY WULFF Vive-l'resident WINKIE JACKSON Treasurer CLUB lfirxl Row, Lrfl In Riglzl-Winlcie Jaekson. Treasurer: Roger Pruitt. President: Joan Prinre. Sweetheart: Roy Wnllf. Vice-President: John Kina. Secretary: Arthur Foster. Chaplain. Ser-arid Razr, Ld! in Right-Mike Kelly, Sponsor: Ronald Braswcll. Ralph VValler, Ns-il Curtis. Brooks Hannnae. Billy Armstrong. Third Roar, Lvl! In Right-Nelson Fielding. Harold Turhylill. W'rizl1l Rowan. Jinnny Rodgers. Charles Rodgers. Fourth Row, Left lo Rightffllenn Green. Billy Bunch. Dirk Burnett. D. C. T. Firxt Row, Loft lo Right-jimmie Saxon.. Secretary, Dwain Smith, Rc- porterg Faith Manning, Treasurer, Harold Taylor. President: Jeane Vickers, Vice-President, Jimmie DeLettre, Sgt.-at-Arms: Patricia Evans. Chaplain, William Lammons. Parliamentarian. Second Row, Left to Right-Miss Brandies, Dorothy Hancock, Irma Sullivan, Margie Clark, Janie Murphy, Patsy Brinson, Ruth Mendenhall. Margaret Smith. Third Row, Left lo Right-Lawanda Mercer. Sylvia Allen, Virginia Russ, Latrclle Thomas, Martha Tucker, Nancy Frasser. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Dorsey Mans- field, Bill Beck, Mike Riche. Jack Clements, Jimmy Brawner, Fentricc Smith. Fifth Row, Left lo Righl--Robert Conner, Ellis Graham. 1:- President HAROLD TAYLOR INN' Vice-President Secretary ,IEANNE VICKERS JIMMIE ANN SAXON O V ' - I A ' , it 1 Treasurer ' , Parliamentariar FAITH MANNING WILLIAM LAMM l 3 A Q ., JL -.f- ik ' A x if Reporter Sgt.-at-Arms DWAIN SMITH JIMMIE DE LETTRE X X F in President Slum W Vice-Prejiileiit JEANNINE J . KLKRY . .il oR.xii,xx1 MRS' PUR DIXON JUNIOR GIRLS - :V . X S - . , tt? '- . f milf lx , . el. Q 5 ' Y , . ,Qi ,ri My Secretary lklascot Reporter Chaplain IXETTY COPPAGE JERRY THOMAS I.lZ JONES DORA HARIHN Fin! Rau-, Left tn Right-Dora Harbin, Julia Gresham, Treasurer: Jeannine Graham. Jerry Thomas. Mary Jane Dixon. Betty Cop- page. Liz Jones. Sfcond Row, Left to Rightilxlettie Abdullah, Lynda Thomas. Yvonne Altman. Sandra McCullough. Marreil Rivers. Ella Jean Strickland. Jo Ann Bailey. Lucretia Goodson, Sandra Nolan. Jeanette Thompson. Mrs. Peer. Third Row, Lvl! to Rfglztn- Pat Mintz. Johnnie Clements. Nancy Schrope, Sandra Kornegay, Barbara Newsome. Alida Weaver. Evelyn Lovett. Deanna Andrinu, Sandra Hazouri. Herta Green. Fourth Row, Loft to Right-Sandra McGraw. Joan Coffman, Merry Pat Sloan. Jane Shoman. Diane Gross. Brownie Harris. Sylvia Lowder. Joan Prince. Fifth Row, Lvfl in Righl-Joy Finch. Frances Jones. Julia McCrary. Helen Clark. Pat Smith, Jean Barber. Janice De Mott. Dolores Rosier. Sixth Razr, Leffl In Righlf-Carol Brown. Marnie Tarrant. l'e22Y Crnmpton. Gail Farmer. Peggy Hodges. Sandra Inches. Svrrnllz Razr, Left to Right-Delaine Gordon. Linda Helm, Patty Mickler. Linda Hnnt. Liz Dnrrvl. Charlotte Stewman. Marilyn Thompson. Joyce Fletcher. Eighth Rum, Lwfl lo Right-Gayle Harris. Ann Edwards. Juanita Cruce. Darlene Glover. Clara Goodin. Jewell Daniels. Ninlh Razr, Lfft lo RightiJndy Batts. Sandy DeCastro. Sarah Blanchard. Betty Bunch. Pat Dowling. Gail Craven, Margaret Flood. Barbara Richards. Charlene Snlt. Trnllz Razr, Lvl! In Right-Lela Rucker, Dot Cave. Katie Jo Halford. Frances Eldridge. Sonja Sanders. Bea Hntto. Elsie Melton. Gail Plaster. Merle Skinner. Dee Ann Harden. Jackie Biddle. S . F I N it 3 l Secretary President Vice-President E Treasurer CHUCK DENNIS EVERETT RICHARD YATES WHITMAN McCORMICK S HIERS T -. H xr M3 JT ,,,,. . - - Reporter Chaplain GERALD RONALD H A " WEST TODD , Q9 - fs, . I .1,., , .V . --'1 Sponsor Ma5C,,t MR- JACK NANCY HUMPHRIES HLDPKINS CLUB First Row, Left to RightAMack Hires, Sgt.-at-Armsg Chuck Yates, Secretary, Dennis Whitman, Presidentg Nancy Hopkins, Mascot: Everett McCormick, Vice-Prcsidentg Richard Hiers, Treasurerg Ronald Todd, Chaplain, Gerald West, Reporter, Serond Row, Left to Right-Ii, J. Martin, Bill Thompson, Charles Anderson. Earl Little, Brooks Hammac. Ralph Antone, Harold Taylor. Bill Stovall, Billy Armstrong, Mr. Jack Humphries, Sponsor, Don Haznuri, Charlie Williams, Curtis Hyers, Tom Holley. Don Remley, Ronald Sutton. Fourth Row, Left tn RightfCharles dcLorge, jack Williams, George Shahood, Frank Stillman, Dwight Allred, Fred Whitney, Bobby Smith. Roy Wulff. Bill Abdel- nour. Fifth Row, Left to Right-Roger Duffin, Willard Fish, Ronnie Hamilton, Lehman Ragan, Wesley Wright, Gene Callahan. Sixth Row, Left to RightfDivk Leonard, Roger Pruitt, Bobby Elrod, Kenneth Priest, Harold Browning, Jesse Smith. Bill Wildersun, Silas Kines, George Halford. Seventh Ron-, Left to Right-David Cook, Alton Watts, Billy Whittle, Ervin Lovett, Glenn Nehrling, Larry Paulk. George Fc-rber. Leon Peavy, Eighth Row, Left to RightfLewis Fletcher, jim Price, William Lammons, John Harvey. Wright Rowan, Bill Scheffer, Harold Turbyfill. Ninth Row, Left to Right-Robert Rachlin, John King, Mike Harkey, Bob Stroud. Tenth Row, Left to Right-Winkie Jackson. Jim DeLettre, Dick Burnett. George Walters, Bill Bunch, Robert Payne. First Row, Left In Rightiliilly Contos. Prt-sidentg Mrs. Wells. Sponsor: Gene Fuqua, Pianist: Sandra Nolan, Vice-President. Sfrnnd Row, Left to Right-Maxine Clark. Rosemary Edenfield. Donald Douglas, Doris Pleas- ants, Myrtis Auher. Wanda Meeks. Nancy Zaruba. Third Row, Left In RightfLucile Wilson. Ann Copps. Toni Lutins, Elsie Melton. Elizabeth Millan. Cynthia Hilford. lfnurtlz Row, Lfll to Right-Joan Evans, Carolyn Middleton, Dianne Gross, Lula Morea Turnage. Fifth Row, Lvl! to RightfSue Trawirk. Mary Cholertun. Judy gorbes. Jewell Daniels, Carolyn Hollis. Sivlh Rmr, Imfl to Righlfjirnnlie Roqers. Charles Rodgers. Charles .onper. Fifi! Razr, Imft to Right--Nlargaret Roberts. Secretary: Ruth Lauramore, President: Nlzxrlenv lirinson. Vive- President: Ruthie Wade, Chaplain. Srmnd Roar, Lvl! to Righl---Lucretia Goodson. jackie Biddle. 'l'ht-llna Rushton. Frances Eldridge. Charlotte Mills. Sue Dunlap. Annette Burnsed. Tliizd Row, lmfl In RiglitfAqnes Long. Laverne Lucas. Helen Hailey, Frances Caudill. Edith MCCance. Leona jones. Ifuurlli Row, Lrft lo Right --Ann Kimbrough. Nancy Hernandel. Gayle Craven. Pat Daly. Hazel Mathews. ORACLE EDITORIAL BARBARA SHUFORD GAYLE HARRIS SUE STEWART Club Editor Junior Editor First Semester Editor Pictured, Left to Right-Gayle Harris, Dec Ann Harden, Oleda Kirkland. JIMMY RUDD, Sports Editor Picture Not Available DON HAZOURI MRS. GWEN LEGGETT SDOYYS Sponsor STAFF KELLY AMBER Photographer MARGARET BRITT Art Editor OLEDA KIRKLAND Faculty Editor 5 'I .X ELIZABETH BARNETT I . .r - A H vs.. v SOPH. Seated, Left to Rightfjackic Stocksdale, Marymac Johnson, Claudia RAMONA LANDRY Parrish. Standing, Left to RightEAnnc-tte Richardson, Cola Roberts, Senior Editor ORACLE BUSINESS MR. COLC DN BLUE Sponsor STAFF Left to Right-Jerry Meeks, Jewell Daniels, Gloria Rva, Pat Coppeclge, George Connell Sponsor - MR. COLON BLUE Business Manager- GEORGE CONNELL Advertising Manager - PAT COPPEDGE "Whatever you find, do with all your might. GEORGE CC DNNELL Busmess M2lIl2lLIt'I' II SOLOMON 1 .- ,.,v X21-REQ r Vw IBS' lr ' 1 gl' IE P? . V h l'r4-sid:-nl Dlil,Clli Mc'UR.fUA Vive-I'x'm-aiml--:ll CAROI. BARBER Chaplain CAROLYN HOl.l.lS Sql.-at-Arms MARVELLE BROXSON bponsm MRS NICCLEARY Asst. Rr.-porlvr CllARl,O'1"I'E STEWMAN t , 'l'rmm1n-1 'l'R.-XVIS BRIIJUICS Rm-pm-avr SANDRA NUI.,-KN i lfirxt Rn:n'. lmfl lu Righl Sandra Nolan. Rcpurtvrg lNfarv1:ll0 Broxwn. Sgt.-ai-Arnls: D1-lcie lNIrGrnw. l'rrsicl0l1!q Carol lizxrlu-r. Vim--l'11'wicl1-Ill: Carolyn Hollis. Chaplain: Clxarlotlu Slvwman. Asst. Repm't0r. Srvurzli Razr, Lvl! in Riglzl Mrs. MrClrnx'y. Spun-ur: l-'at Pillslmry. llrare FlllSllllIll0Il5. Franca Clark. Maruarvt Edwards. Charlutn- lim-rklm-y. Liv Harm-tl. Third Run. I.fft fu Rrghi ,Juan Oxcrstrvet. juan Hmlyv. Peggy lrViszzim. livtty lIxxx'v02'. Eunicx' Hull. Clara julia' Szlyrv. l"nu1ll1 Row, I.rfl In Rlylll -Iurklv Sluckszlallfs. Naury I.zu1ralnure. Nlnrtha Ldxsurrlx. Faye Smc'lan'. Glenda MCAllix!1'r. Carolyn Skzxuqs. lulllaxlwllx Kim-lllv. -lffflll lfnxr, lmft In lfighl- -Rirlmrcl fillwer. Arnold I,xslinuc'x'. llarrivl Kvrlw, liurlmrzx Kmguv. -lumly linux. Liluln lh-lm. .Szxllr Rm:-, 1.1 fl In Rzghl Blll Bray. AIHIIIPN Kusirk. K1-rmil llixzhsmith. Billy Fic-ld. Lumix Wllildvn. Bull Hillx llnrxf-y. cllhllllllllll. I'nsASu.Rur SG'-'W-TLBV -. ig . C RAE lit N fa, R1-lAMgNThmm l3E'f"T Hu.iALA-ll ,- 111 411 X , f" , ,Q ' " fav . f 1.41. ,, J ' if -s.f. ,..S I-2 ..f-,- Z.f-- ' . U - I ,Z F Y J - ewes- Pnmoewr F- J 5 , Zi..-'Z ,.-ff', JL, A ,,,,- ,.f Y 171 -- ' P-V7 f-'- cg-f-M 2 --. ,, T- R6 PQ RTMQ R11 4 . ROSE 1 EDEN , -1' , Z K K ! tl 2 jfillji igg FRee'MaN ggguoa THROwl.R z ,gk cu 7 4 5 fly?" I 1 ,I , Jf - 4 X ' , iq . FJ ff' ' 'Pifff 1" f X, ,,'4 C- fha s P o N s o R s IFJZM5, it ' V0 , f I H0115 ii: 'i'K- K 77vf,.12 Zi ,"'7 'A':"3 l .Q I J I 5, Q .5 ' Zigi! V - MISS SPRAGG MR. C. HARRIS lifg W 5?-J gf, fl- Pj ,J Pl' P4 ' ' gif -1112 f' i .il ...f- SPANIS CLUB Q First Rong Lwft to RightfGlenda Tlirower. Reporterg Frank Freedman. Sgt.-ab Armsg Mary Ann Tamargo. President: Ann Marie Zeis. Vice-President: Betty l Coppage, Treasnrerg Rita Moore. Parliamentarian Knot picturedl. Swrond Row, 5 Lwft to RightfMiss Spragg. Jessie Eldridge. Marilyn Thompson. Sonja Sanders. S Betty Marjenholf. Shirley Kirkland, Claudine Taylor. Renee Mafkoul. Donna N Gregory. Betty Mullins. Joan Williams. Mr. Harris. Third Row, Left In Right- Lavatha Giddens, Charlotte Woodhan, Patsy Vandivere. Marie Noegel. Deanna Andring, Janice DeMott. Lucretia Goodson. Gloria Bell. Fourth Row, Left to RightfMerry Pat Sloan. Alice Amderson. Shirley Jackson. Janvt Scotten. Joan I Randall. Fifth Row, Lfft In Right-Bohhy Bailey. Jimmy Katsikas. Sara Sutton, Martha Reneke. Nancy Hernandez. Dickie Gradick. Sixth Row, Left to Right- Edgar Adams, Barbara Stovall, Margaret Janz. Jean Ryals. Jean Ann McDougal. Svrfizlh Rmu, Lfflt In Right-Margaret Powell, Jnanita Myers. Annijane Long. Carolyn Marvin. Kary lnlow. nnidt-ntilied. Eighth Row, Left lo Right-Ann Funds-rburk. unidentified. unidentified. Pedro Cruz, Pat O'Conner, Jo Ann Rho- den. Sue Smith. Ninth Rmv, Left to Right-Tim Jenkins. Charles Collins. Jimmy Lowry. Albert Kamlah, Sammiv Miller. Hilda Cuatero. Jimmy W'ynn. Marion Stott. Charlene Sult. Bobbie Pearson. .. , X THESPIAN if " 'rf 'i x Q. V X JMR. - .,.., ,- in wld . SANDRA FREERTAN RUSJXLIE DELAINE GORDON V1'rsich-Ill COMSTOCIQ S:-4'rL'lLu'y Vi1'v4l'r1'xich'x1l E Il'DY FORIH-IS VX1' ISUFORD DON HAZOURI Chaplain llimuigm Rc-porin-r llmm lvlfl In lfultnm 'l'u'nvul'vr. .Inhn Kina: Klum .-Nrthur. Liv 15:1-ell. Carolyn Vout. Cluxrlvur Sull. 'MII Roy, H.xl'x:1rh':11x WN's'lls. Alum' Slmxlmn. .Irrry Nurlnn R " X , , , , E -'Q1 "CK3l.I.EC'l'UR'S l'l'ENf" MR' L1-fl In Riuhl IJIYII Huvmlri. Czuwrlyn x1idlHl'I0ll, Anzrlix D111-flux' 3 '-THE PLUM 'l'RIiE" fig ""' ,,,,.,. 1 f L W'l IAKERSUN Cn-Dil't'1'Im "TH E STORM" "SUGAR AND SPICEA' Gurdon. Larry lan Lrfl lo Riglltf-ffXIzu'v Alarkwn. Cathy Whilv. De-I .flint ' :lk ' M6 Dire lfirxl Row, Lrfl In Riglrlf- Don llzxzmlri. qlully Fnrluw, lh'l,nllu' lGm'1loll Sandra Freeman. Rmaliv Culnstuck, John King, Mary ,lu Artlxur. l'zxl Buford. Swrnrzlf Ruff, Lvl! In RigllI--fMn1'vxul1'nx1 W1-lls. Lynnim' Cnxin. Charlene Sult. .Il-rry Norton. Alum- Slmnmn, N1-ll Roy. l,i1 C511-4-11. Cnmlyll Vogt. Third Rmb, l,rf1 In Riglzl--Sir. Kvlly. lislunrcl lN'nllcim. llvnnnax Llunplcili. Rosemary liclrnfielfl. Juyrc Mallwws, Lil llxlrnvtl. Snllclral Nnlun. Claudine Taylnr, Anal-la Clark. Carolyn Midrlla-ton. llulmlmy Slrnurl. Mr. Wlilkersun. lfnurtfl Razr, l,rll In Rfglll -.lvrry Smith. Sllllllfll lIlFlll'5. Sun- MR, L. B. clra Halonri. I.uniw Cooper. Sandra Mr'Cnllnnuh, Shirlcy Kirkland. Kathy W'l1lt0. Millie Barnvtl. fiftlz Rmb, Lrfl In lfighl- llvlly Jo Xlorria. ,lnvkiv . jarrell. Mary Karr: Williams. Jeanne MrD0uual. Mary Nasser. Mary 0'N4-al llvrrinu. Eunice llall. Nlirkm-3' Oqclrn. Sixlh Rn:l', l,4'fI lvl Riglzl Martha Juvkxml. .luallitzn Mvyvrs, Alive Ima' .'xlNlt'l'NOIl, Xlulwl Myvrs. l.ll Nlork. lmllnra Jonrs. S'1':'1'nIll Rum, Lffl In Rl,Qllf7!xlllli'lll' Yvmnans. Maury Jzlrlcsnlm. Sllirlcy lrillllll. lliunn' MR Grleco. Kary lnluw. Lil .Imam-s, Eiglzlll Rnzr, 1.r-fl In Riglll-'-Clalii VVlsv. llmwvtllv IM:-xv. l'nI Vallmlmn . Raman. Ninth Rnzr, Lwfl In Riglll Alton Eclwurcls. Juv Vllle'm'vlxl'x'4-, .Iinuny Ruclcl, Vu Ks-ller. flvraltl Veal. llvquy Vwugills, nut shown, . I.:-hnlun I - arm' Will! " us. Ulivvl SENIOR GIRLS Svruncl Sm-lnester Nluscnt Svrunll Selllvstvr I'r0si1I:'llt S"meNtf-r President First Senlestf-r Mzxsrnt IAIZ GREEN DENNIS VVIIITNIAN JIM ROIXIERS 4Il'IJY FORBES Sa-crclmw' 'I'l'eas1nr'e-1' Reporter First SVIIIFSIFI' Chaplain Sn-fund Senna-stvr Chaplain M XIFIIQ CR.-XDY DIANE GRIECU MARY .IACIQSON WANDA MEEKS MARY ANN l'.-XRRISII is ...J ,..........I lfirvl Rmb, lmfl tn High!-f Mary .-Xml FI'I1ic'nmn. Vircinin IN'Il111c-y. I'1tty Suv Mattux. Myrna CI1ri5tIatl. 'I'IlPrt-sn I'aumtis. Elaink' Smith. llvnnix VVI1Itln2xn. SI1IrIry Rulwrsnn, Iivtty Ann W'IIcIt-N. Nlaximl Hzlvxkinx. Carol Smith. Sandra Fra-1-nlan. Nzulvy Ilupkinx. .Yunrzrf Rrfzr. Lrfl In Riglll ,Ivan Ilzlrris. Maxim' I-Imvr. Sum I'nIIy. Sadir' fInurIux'lu'. Margie .Nun Clark. Pat VVIIkI1lsmt. IIzlrIxzu'ax Hurr. Durix NICCIHIP, CIun'Iutlv Rlillx. CIurnI Lmxix. Mary Friitlftls IIIIIUIHDNUII. Sfary CalIxs'rIne YNUIIN, Ruwnlary Edt-nfie'ILI. Gail Hill. 'l lmfl Razr, l.rfl In Righl Kzxtlu-rim' Calliper, Pnl Martin. Nluluarvt Britt. Ann K9llllClIf. Charluttc- lim-rklvy. Durnthy Ilallrork, Olcllzx KIrkIaxmI. Rosalie Cuxnsturk. Xullfy WRNJLI. lfnufllz Rnzv. Lrfl In Ifiglllf-fllnatllu' SLulc't'r. Lynnic Calvin. Frzntrex Strickland. Virginia NIicIcIIt-ton. ,lunc .Kun Clmptnzut. Nlaruarrt Iiurtun. Mary O'Nv1xI Hr-rriuu. Pat Callahan. I-'iflh Rnzr. l,4fI In Right Nluxww-Ile Iiruxsml. Iilctln-u Ihmt-II. Viruinin Runs. .'Xnnvttz' Yvnlxmm. SI1IrIv5 I,zxmIv. Klarlvxlc' WViIIian1w. Martlta I'Intt. Ih'tt3 Ifrirx. Slxlll Rnzr, l.ffl lu lfigl1IffRzmmnu l,amIry. Sylvia .XIIPIL Faye Smith. llvzunlw VirIu'rx. Mzxxwarlt-2111 W'vIIm Swfwrrfll Run, Lffl Iv High! ffatIu-rim' Rirhir, I4uImIuim- Smith. 'IAI1vImu Xt-In-r. Harlem' Iirirwvn. Sur Sh'xs1n't. Nlsuy fn-zu. IIm'Ivzxr1t Ruim-N. IlurI1.nn 'Iun1pIiim. 41 SENICDR GIRL 'CLUB - JUBILEE - Sponsor MRS. ll.Xl N lfirxl Run, 1.111 In Riglll fVVanila Mevkx. Chaplain: Watfir Crady. SL'Crc'tary: Liz flrvelt. l'rL'siClEnt3 Dcnnix Whitman. Mawot: .Indy Forhvs. Vim'-l,1'4-silla-lit: Dram' Grit-ro, 'l'rraxurm'r: Mary Jarkson. Reporter, Srrmld Rmb. Lrfl In Righlmblary Ann l'zn'rish. lirraltlim' Gin-n. Di-lorry Ure-rn. l,aVVnncla Mcrver. Rosvmary Saiq. Marla Smith. Harriet Ray. Carolyn Nlicldle-ton. joyrv Mzltlwwx. Mary lfmn- rew Cuoprr. Martha Kirkland. Jvssir Norris. Ethcl Mar Bowen. Gloria Bullard. Charlene' Berry. Mary linntinq. Mrs, Hain. Sponwt. 'l'hirn' Rmr. Lt-fl lo Right Pat Manning. Pat Freeman. Eloisr lfritt-. Liz Barnett. Shirley Lyons. Vat Powvll. Ann Coppx Mary .Xnn Milford. Millic Barn:-tt. .Mnuvla Clark. lfnurlh Ruzr. Lrf! In Right Wanda Gofnrth. Ann Adams. lirevcrly Faust. .Xuflrvy Riuuinx. Gloria Ren. lfiflh Rmr, I.1'fl In Right---Latrellv Tholnaa. Patricia Daxis. Toni Lntins. Niabel Slayers. -Io Ann Gill, Sun' 'l'r1mirk. .Vixlh Run. Ltft Io Right ji-am-ttv Gonna-. Barbara liven, Carolyn Mvdlock. Barbara 0'Slreen. Carnle Dawson. Lillian l'hinnn-y. Sfsvnllr Rn:r, IJ-fl In Right Maruarvt Smith. Willie Bea- Selle-rx, Narlinr: Sapp. Margaret King. Mary jo Arthur. lirina Robinson. .Ioan limm. Ifighllr Razr, 1.411 In Righlf-flNlarqiP Thonlax. Martha Ti1r'kvr. Naclim- Kirkuoml. Nllilllll' June Nornlan. llnrrirt Finch. Sylxin Lynn. Dorothy ljovw, 2 Now 0 E3 S!1X'l I1'I'I'li lim! Ifmr. I.ffl In Riglzl lllilzxlmrllx flrrc'll. 'l'1'n-mxlu-l': l'uI Sullixzm. Vi:'v4l'l'4-xlxlz-xll: Dmuxlsl lluvmui. l're-sirlcnlg Szunlra l"'l'Q'CIll2lIl. Sc-rr:-lzxry: Larry l'aulk. Rvp. Sfunrd Ruzr, Lvfl In Rzght ull 'Nlury lflizm, llvln-l1Cl,u'li. ff.u'r1l5ll Sxlllvrwxlxits-. Jxllllfllt' Yvuxlmm. June' Hampton. Iithel Curr . lfifxf Ruiz l.i1 I-rf-n-11. Sufzlrixrl lfmr l':llrirl.n Szuliv fiumlmyllr. .Irzulrllv llmszxrrl. Thirfl Rum. Lffl In High! Juyfr' Banks. Slllrlc-y l'z-xrlly. NlllllN-ill, .Nlllrlm l'n'm'l1u.1I1, lhzfrl lx'nv:r Snr.: l'xuIln-1'im- lNhile-, Elilulme-Ill Klillun, Nznwy Wlmcl. ,Ivzul W'ilsrm, lfvurlh Row, Lvfl in Right- l'ullv. fianl llull. I-ffznlll Ibm' ,Xnm-lu' Xa-mlmm f42lllll'l'lllf' Rim-hiv Nnrlim- Supp. Dc-lm'L-3 Slrirklnml. Jum- Cllzxplllam, Klary Ann 'l'urn1:1r1:u. Suu ully, I'-fllh Roar, l,ffl In Righl liarlmzwn Kuuuv. Nuclllu- Klrkxumml, Dvlris- lNlCCQrzxw, Hull lllll. llilaxlxvlll ,Imn-N, Sixlh Run, 1,111 In Righl W'ul're'l1 Rlmrlvxl. Kvxlnvtlx l'1'it'sl. Raylllulul lluulm. filxrxrlvs Cuupl-1'. liilly limlmlxrw .Yfrrnlll Row, I.1lt In Righl Rrmniv liraswvll. lfrlnwt ffrziull. linlrlyy Slnwurl. l.vlmmn Rmqzul. Ulm-nn G11-vim. l'ifxI Run. l,1fl In Righl .lcuulniv linwclvn. .Iarkiv ,Iuln'll. Drxulm' Crow. ,Io .Xml lla-ny. Nlarlvlu' Null, llclvn Hn-.xln-5. ,Mfffrzfl lffm. 1.111 In Righl Vixizm M.1lu5'. Hvlvn Cummn, Dnrnlln llurklxmlx. .Iran Carxxlirlmixvl. Kzxtlmlvr-u lhwkxsmucl. All-viz' Xulllx, Nun:-5 Zzunlm ,Xnn 'l'icnc'krn. 'lkhirfl Run, l.rfI In Rfghlf-l'v.-aux Wlquixls, Lurilll' Rx-1-cl. Marian Dallivlx. Samdru llufmui. llzlrkiv Slrivklulul. Sllcllu Nlillx-I. lilxiv Mvllml, -In .Kun ilvuulmuull. Miss,Mix'l'n1rrn'r. lJin'1'lrn'. lfnuflll Rnzr, 1.411 In Rrghl- l'm-aul filvvn. l.gnm1l1o Willimnx. Sally Sllrrvnwy. litlu-l Mau- limwn. Gln-mln Mc:-Xllislm-r, Slum-llny Kcarrv. Carolyn Miller. lfiflll Rfm, lmfl In Righl lin-My .Imm Uimlcln-lv. .ln Riuclun. Marie' Gul:-N. Rlmcla W'allu'r. .XIIIIPIIC lhxxmed. .Kun VVilliumx. .Yixlh Ruzzx 1.111 In Ifzghl llnrmlly IL-vw. livin' -In Xlunix, .Ioan Wlllizxlm. Dzulvm- fllmvr. Karp' lnlmx. .Yfzrrrlh Rum, I,ffI In Riglzl--Dulorvs Nm-Smilll. Gloria l,nwry. llulvl Mullin-xv, ,lvux-I llzulivlx. liiyhlh Run: l,rfl In Iffylll--NInrQzn'n't Sur Flmvrl. Ruth W'zulv. Cznrnlyll llullix. liunirm- Kim-lxin. H4-ltv .lu Xlurlulllll, Firxt Row. Left to Right-Barbara Newsom, President: Patty Sue Mattox, Vice-President: Carolyn Brooks, Secre- tary: Loretta Branch, Treasurer. Second Row, Left to Right-Patty Pike, Agnes Long, Jeannette Rhoden, Ca- therine Connington, Marie York, Ann Gardner, Shirley Boone, Lynda Dean, Grace Davis, Barbara Pais, Eloise Fritts. Third Row, Left to Right-Nancy Garter, Toni W'ilson, Hilda Westberry, Nancy Lauramore, Mary Gil- bert, Betty Johnson, Iris lflichelson, Marcia Anderson, Betty Long, Kathryn Chanly, Ethel Roberts, Elizabeth Snowden, Annette Beam, Faye Smith, Miss Avis Turner, Director. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Mary Hodges, Barbara Duffin, Bruette jordan, Mary Faucett, Sandra Harney, Ann Harvey, Mary Powell. Fifth Row, Left to Right-jo Ann Bird, LaVerne Stafford, Ruby Woodard, Betty Ray, Barbara De Lettre, Claudia Carter, Beverly Baine. Sixth Row, Left to Right-Frances Crearce, Miriam Payne, Muriell Locke, Peggy McQueen, Ann Hyniun, Carol Burdette, jo Ann Staley, Pat Wright, Clarice Wheeler, Gloria Gear, Betty Radcliffe, Bonnie Geiger. Seven- th Row, Left to Right-Virginia Terce, Mary Ann Cavallero, Lorna Turbevide, Mary Wadsworth. Eighth Row. Left to Right-Sara Blanchard, Sarah Lewis, Lorna Lewis, Ann Edwards, Eleanor Morgan, Lula Morea Turn- age, Patty Mickler, Delois Alderman, Shirley Lamb, Maxine Glover. Ninth Row, Left to RightkLa Verne Crews, Louise Wolf, Ada Long, Marjorie Horton, Nettie Raulerson, Nancy Leonard. OFFICERS SNOOKY KING ....A........ CHARLES RODGERS ....... JIM RODGERS .................. HAROLD TURBYFILL ...... HERBERT SEARCY ....., DICK BURNETT ..,.,... DICK THIRLWELL ...... MARY JACKSON ........ .........President Vice-President .........SeCrvtary ,.......Trcasurer ....,,.Sgt.-at-Arms .......Reporter .........Chaplain ..,...Mascot MARY JACKSON Mascot l First Row, Left to Right-Harold Turbyfill, Treasurerg Dirk Thirlwell, Chaplaing Snooky King, Presidentg Mary Jackson, Mascot: Charles Rodgers, Vice-Presidentg jimmy Rodgers, Secretaryg Dick Burnett, Reporterg Herbert Searcy, Sgt.-at-Arms, Second Row, Left to Right-Coach Stanaland, E. J. Martin, Billy White, George Halford, Roy Wulff, Ed. Salisbury, Gary Paugh, Tommy Boney. Third Row, Left to Right-jerry Davis, Harry Christian, Postelle Brown, Fred Farah, james Smoak. Fourth Row, Left to Right-Elvin Sheely, Billy Horne, Hardy Stanley, Steve Smith, Toby Ogden. l"ir.vl Row, Left 'lil'i'iiSl1l'l'TI Mrs. hrzlrinnz Connie- to Right-V Poggy Shu-han, Vive'-Prrsidont: Joyro Cook: Clnra Jani- Sayrv, L. YN'nrrm-n, Sponsor. Sefonrl Row. Left to Riglit-Dmiriiiv Bam-niorv, Li- Ymton, Chaplain: Dorothy Holland, Prcsiclm-nt: Bzirhzirzi Carlton. No! .vlmzvn Chnrlcnv Bm-rry, Gloria Cm-nr, l'll'lt'fl1l llnrliitx, Shvllm Juni Mille-r, Toby Ogclz-n, Nm-ll Roy, Czxil Plnstvr. f l"ir1vt Razr. Left Io Right--joycv Cook, Cathvrini- Wells, Ann llzxrwy, Patty Baker, Mrs Ruiforcl. Sezrnnn' Row. Left fo Right- Conniv Yt'2lt0Il, Dorothy llollanrl, Snnnnif' .lo l'l1lI'I'lSOI1 Tllinl Row. Lzfff In Rihghf- lvfnmnrvt King, Pogsy Shcvhzin, Faye- llnntvr, Bnrlmzwu Carlton T I G E R ' S C L A .lackson's Newspaper TH li ST,-X lf lf' 2-5 HOWARD NATIONS Sports Editor Fin! Row, Left to Right'-V-Nina Rogers, Lucretia Goodson, Mary Jann- Dixon. Second Row, Left In RightfKcnncth Davis, Gloria Alvarr-1, Joyce Matthcws, Bobby Stroud. W STAFF Fin! Row, Lefl to Right-- Charlottm- Stvwmun, Tom Holley, Marvadcan Wm-lls. Second Row, Left to Right-Harrivt Ray, Dora Harbin, Simone Rm-agor, Mary jo Arthur. , 4.--. RUSEMARY EDENFIELD Editor-in-llhivf MRS. ARLENE MCKEE Advisor 4 1 VHF STAFIF ORCHESTRA STRINGS I mlmx Rulwxl lflrml .Im-an Allin' McDougall Cllarlex Saltslrvvlxili' l"11-Llvl'ic'k Panlnx David Pills Ruben Hazunri Shing lfrlxy LL-wis Whilclen Frank Ogden l'iuIn.x Shirlvy Duhsnn Ju? Vlll9nx'1'nx'r Crllm Lx-wir Flk'lr'lu'1 Elaine Cue lin-11-ll liuycl WOODVVIXDS Nanry Cnhln H:-tn B13fjt'IIlltll'l' Sandra lnrllex Clmrlvlle Sul! Frank Fr:-eclnlan BRASS Charles Hriqhlvxrll Donald Stein Jallu-N Str-war! l'liRCl'SSION 'llvlnlmui Alun- lirnqu Xuan D1 mul Jinlnly Kzxlsiknx Pat Callahan Punm Lynniv Cuxin Clam NNN' x 5 1 We . 7 f A A l J' 5 all I0 X 1 K , MR. JAMES lsRlf:m'wE1.1. 7 llWlly-.55 Dlrerlm KMA PARENT-TEACHER First Row, Left to Right7Mr. Ralph N. Brown, Principalg Dr. Emily Atkins, Mrs. Lumpkin, Mrs. C. H, Jones, President: Mrs. C. E. Pcavy, First Vice-President: Miss Clara B. Weltch, Mr. Colin Blum-. Second Row. Left to RightfMrs. Harvey, Mrs. Hernandvz, Mrs. C. N. Long, Mrs. Dunkley, Mrs. Gordon, Mrs. A. C, Holland, Mrs. Salisbury, Mrs. Middleton, Mrs. Barkr-r, Miss Avis Turner, Mrs. Sykes. JUNIOR BOYS Vice-President Sertetntx HARRY .XNS'l'E.'XlJ l lik Nl D Yli Xl President CH.-XRl.liS FR.-XSER 'l',-eamlae, Chaplain ELT GENE CENTER N 5 gr ,lm .4 .wi MR. SAM I, SMITH lst Sem:-ste: Sponsor Sgt.-at-Arms Mascot RONALD llR.fXSWl'll.l. Mll.DRED CASON MR. PARKER 1Not Picturedl Second Semester Sponsor l"i1xl Rong Left In RightfRonalCl Braswell. SC'I'2l'LlllI-lil-KRFIIISI George Connell. Chaplain: Harry Anstead. Vire- Presidentg Charles Fraser. President: Gerald Veal. Secretary: Eugene Center. Treasurer. George Roberts. Reporter. Srrmtll Rnze, Lrfi In RigltlfMr. Smith. Sponsor: Vernon Anderson, Edgar Adams. George llurns. Mildred Canon. Mascot: Cecil Hendricks. Mn-lxin Hussney, Murray Rubens. Virgil Wainwright. Tllird Roar, lm!! In Right-fRoherl Srhenek. Fred Krazit, Emmett Kidd. Ralph Waller. Raymond Kaleel. jimmy Ratsikas. I-'ouzlh Rum, Imfl lo Righl-Robert Hrentnell. Ronald Parlu-r. Douglas Carroll. jimmy Wynn. Eugene Fuqua. ,Iinnny Grieve. Fiflll Rong l.rfI lo Riglzl- George Sresovirlx, Duaine Smith. Leroy Starling. llill Fudge. Dun llowes. Oliver Keller. Not pirturetl. Mr. William Parker. Second Semester Sponsor. UEORKZE CONNELI. 4461 6' "STILL LIFE" IF I KNEW YOL' WERE COMING, I'D HAVE BAKED A CAKE!" 'I' 'I' 'LTHE GANCYS ALL HERE!" "TRY AND GET IT!" "C1ARPEN'I'ERSE"' HSELX IND CIHILDIIOC JD, MAYBE? NGO, DADDY - O!" '4HELP!!!" ' .' 04547, J,,fMf MP2 5 . -.V W' , W xMZg,,,J Q5 , V f' Q W a. 1 ff ' f H K . , X: A ' v I A . t Q .lx J lL,Tl,kg .F M ' N ' A 'LJ' N , C iff' 1' - l.x54Y, H U A My W1 . X .. x? f y . '--'Lxs 'I 1 ' I6 ' Qgiwll? 1162, 1 . " . t r ' -. 'ff- , ., . X, ,if ,pq k 1 ,,25,,0 ,If , Vi - x ' Q v.f' Q f ' Qi? .ff fffqif-5--P ' ln.l.." -'N 1. ' " ,W ' k X . 4' Q - V. K. ,V 514013. nf ,Q 'AA ., J' x h -- D K if Igimfc if ,ff A V -. ' ' , U 5 ,f x 44'h . iuvlt. X- do .' V. ! ,-!, X A A XX! V .sax 4 Milf, . X. .b, Nlxii 4 J Q. -f',1jqqL, , ,va '- Y 0. V M . Q Q Q' if 127 .y 5 ' A 9 Nr Qs, fr , Q QRS Gs' 'YAY 'xff'.f'W fb' ' ' 'o B w Xi. h HMM' 1 A, , X' - A Y ' ' ' w X ia .5 ws wr ' - . A A A Xl! x kv Tx - - , K ,A 1 X I PQ .V i"1.+lKN- Nb, , A ' ,, fl' 3 f ,' .Mn s v 51, X TP ' Q -, X . g L 4 ri wk 3 as N X3 X QE RAXSX ,.. 3 KA", 5 X .Q ,QF ' AT 2 3 il A .NE 'fmfifq 2 2 1, f 2 M 7 1:1 A3 A K E 2+ K fipg AW! - , My f N E fu, A uTs,5?.1.3! xxx Tw ? f sw' -f t mf if ' yy u " ffydydl! ' Q X wk A' f n! , ll, ff , q - ,X f A r 7 f i x Q W1 My In A r-'E sfyf J ' V' g V , ' I ' IJ nf 'NJ 'JI Qhfry rv' . J J ,X -V 5, IX EDUCATION That person has not yet lived who could value a good education in dollars and cents Our democratic form of government has provided institutions of learning to serve our children of all ages. We owe it to ourselves to properly educate our youth-To insist that they avail themselves of these educational opportunities. The future destiny of our nation is determined by the education given our children today! I A 1 I r 9 1 I I J - s 7 4 1 r , , ' , ff f tr ,A C , CITY COMMISSION 5 I ,ef n M yf' , 1' I I ' CITY' UTILITY DEPARTMENT ,I 'l ,uf W. HAYDON BURNS - Mayor - Commissioner ERNEST S. HASELDEN , Commissioner Hiways - Sewers - Airports I df!-TC" 1 1' ' 'S "4 .NM l f fx. ' S- . ,Ar I I f . I. DILION KEININETDV Utilities Commissioner GUY L. SIMMONS Commissioner Finance - Parks - Zoo CLAUDE SMITH Commissioner Health - Sanitation . ,wkk 5 Shih ,3Q.L.YJ ' N N.. 0'-3 -N5--Sf X' Mylan QLN lun-,...9-3. RQ: Sshxgr-a X I -'N' n-.5 1 :Exim-5- ? 6' ri" CB.: 'You 're ALW ATS on Uwr on 71 ol . .-Xa..g-M1 We keep a Ferpelual honor roll of all Oracle MA Akxx"Xj portraits. Ylours is available by order at any lime. 'fuiqltktx '51 lx- ,I P . 1 r J jjj 4, " ja l J 4 A X F3 s Q! Pj 7 1 N J ,f " , ' ' l,-f - . J Eff! r V, I F ' J! ,H 3 , Nl' L fu if" 1. 1 3 ' , 1 J.. far, 'nv JJ, 'ffl' . I - -3 ,J I ll ' I ., J fx , A .1 If e ' I .. t , V , F .97 6 I 'la V l S 'T U D l 0 ' I. . tlbb E. FoRsYrH-EL 5-9765 Your Annual Photographer i Dina 731 27 l7"L 'LY v N ,Q aa wgglsgl 1 - '-4 I , . W I K 1 . l, . V' ff- ", 1' -4 lf flu- .' ' ' P' ' . , . 1 I f . . ill' Q - '1 lf ,Q X W, HAROLD COWAN PHONE: EL 3-5626 COWAN CONCRETE BLOCK CO., INC. MANUFACTURERS OF Besser Vibra Pack Concrete Blocks 81 Brick 2403 Market St. at Fourteenth "Plenty Frenc ies On All San wic No Alcoholic Beverages Sold BAILEY'S DRIVE INN 'I2-Inch Hot Dog - Bar-B-Q - French Fries Good Hamburgers - Thick Frosted Malts FRESH ORANGE FREEZE We EMM JAX 6, FLA. PHONE: EL 4-9292 Compllmenls COMPLLMENTS of OF MERITA CRUSADER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Bread and Cake PHONE: EL 4-0173 PHONE: EL 6-0411 25 K Q95 --WZ!! X X 0 Q39 lg X 0629, ' .1 H k CONGRATULATIONS M x , KENT WARREN CO. I' -- -fu-M: --:""L ini' YQ: "Head to Foot Outfitters For Men and Young Men" 'f 2,7 I ' 222 w. ADAMS sr. 5 " E P ' LL PHONE: EL 6-8486 FREEZERS -- WASHERS - IRONERS - RANGES TELEVISION - RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS Highsmith Brothers SALES AND SERVICE 3864 Pearl St. at 30th Phone: EL 6-8775 GASOLINE 8. 0llS xwu 1-WLBIIIU Q, Youre FRLENV Best Wishes Laura 8. Monroe Jacksonville's Smartest Specialty Shop A GOOD RULE TO FOLLOW . . . CHOOSE . . . Class Rings and Class Jewelry from DUVAL JEWELRY CO. 34 W. FORSYTH -- 1003 PARK ST. JacksonvilIe's largest selection . . .Many beautiful styles to choose from . . . Your selection will bear your school crest! WEAR WHILE YOU PAY PAY ONLY 51.00 WEEKLY fx . yr Viv ' .fxk Afffjyw Xfw I .J sq , vi' wth 1' ' fran I-rd you co. f ,J , A BEST WISHES sf rg' 10 IOGAPLST. n YK CQMBLETE 'BRAKE -LSQRING r' 4' l V ana P I4 7 4 , f 'V 'WHEEL kI2fGNING,2HVICE"" 'A . if 0 6 V .1 X X X-f OF ff CURRY THOMAS HARDWARE Best Wishes To The Class OI 1955 KELLER FLORIST Congratulations To The 1955 Graduates GENEVIEVE K. MEDLOCK 203 E. 21st STREET Justice of Peace 3rd District COMPLIMENTS OF POTTER'S HOME OF MUSIC- 216 west BEAVER-st. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. 5 V 0902 obs -? li "Q, it gif Q 4 s v' x 2 3 9 C -5, 1 'rf , 0 1 wr - - 'l' .1 I Where sghool-day friends Quild business careers in g friendly atmosphere and pleasant surroundings. - "," dx GULF urs INSURANCE .COMPANY I "A Southern Institution Since 1911" Home Office: JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA J .,,. I 1 - ,K .X .1 EJ v,.'.i-A ,. 1, . ' ' . lx., - .- .' TIjIE BARNETT NATIONAL lf fins a Gfarcer far V011 f If I I A CAREER IN BANKING OFFERS: INTERESTING WORK-the aspects of banking are many and varied PM STABILITY-the bank is the keystone of the community ' f I POSITION OF PRESTIGE-an opportunity to assume responsibility and leadership AN OPPORTUNITY TO CONTINUE YOUR EDUCATION-through the educa tional program of the American Institute of Banking A KEY POSITION IN THE GROWTH OF THE COMMUNITY THE BARNETT NATIONAL BANK of jacksonville MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION M lgfliiiijifw if I U.. 87 1 I JW W I ' I uoulownio-neu: ovnablwyi ' tx ' J 5, A v, I ,,-fb ,-f ,I so I .ofI I 'fI l . if of rut e 12-was I ,Nj-I F 'T' x Lv JEQALJX-gigiikivf JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Q .-,jab LJ -rf J ' 51 - V J if P71 V. , -7! f bfi! I Yid ig LV! jf f I ' ig L7 FD!! "Fav ' , X . COMPLIMENTS or EELBEIIK MILLIIIII GUMPMIY, IIIO. Distributors and Manufacturers of Meal, Grits, Rice, Syrup, 5. . Beans, Peas P. O. BOX 6398 JACKSONVILLE, FLA. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1955 CHARLES IWIII5 PHONE EL 3 9953 SPRINGFIELD GRAIN and SUPPLY FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER - GARDEN SUPPLIES AND LAWN EQUIPMENT 23rd and MAIN STREETS JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Ronald Ghioto 81 Vincent Ghioto .ff Graaf me in elatlzing SCHWO IL "SUITS THE SOUTH" BEST WISHES SPRINGFIELD ATLANTIC BANK Member f F d ID p I I surance Corporal E B B ' S DRIVE INN RESTAURANT STEAKS - cI-IoPs SEA Eooos - CHICKEN DINNERS THICK SHAKES - BANANA spurs DINING ROOM s. cuke SERVICE 4106 MAIN ST. Refreshment is a good idea JACKSONVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Dowling and Daaglcu. 0. Specializing In Spirit 81 Stencil Duplicating Machines 81 Supplies 3406 Main Street-Phone EL 3-4361 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA I Il 'B f f 7 L f X A-1 K PM-v W Q' of Q' lv x . - Y - 0 V Q5 A KLA K: -f X . g- QQ 0 pf ,Y ' ijt'-LX i 1 '-F ,R N X -,lk Qkw HJ, Q . 1. 1 I " r L Li gl Q! 'R K !, v , Cxam mga ff gf WUN I fr V , O- . w :NAL gk 'Lv ,Y f ' , ' I 'FH czrqqmounasmanfa E R.. K , F HQ, We scvzgooga ' .QR I 1 ' ULTUJZ 15, J 0 T E 9 S SINCE 1897 REP. TRUMAN FLETCHER Box 358 - Marietta, Ga. J xp 2 A "THE BUY-WORDS FOR FINE FOODS" X4 I Qi Ni I'-5 kj N 6 J T M R fx E -3 2 f R F f fi 5 FFFR F E ,Gp 3 i ? ,E 4 A .,.,.4...,,,,,.. ,..,, . ,..,.,,..,.,..,.,A.,.,.,.,F,,,... ..FA .,,.,.,.,4F,A.,,.,.,.,. ,,,.,4,.F.,., .Q.,, ..4..F. F.,,: -:-:':h: 1. 5 F- xg J S U P E .,, ORE? 'F J X- J - ron FINE FOODS? .5554 JJ J., E ffl- .f F , 1 RI .f.Z.:.1.:f::,:,1:1::::,::1::::::1,::.: i .fF:l,,.::.:.:4::1.:i4.,:, 1 ,,.4.,F,,, , F' ZII Iii :,: :lziz :FI lli I I i ...f.::: Q Z j 5' K? A l 7 ' 3 1 3 ' FR F ' F, EE. A N 1 ME M fi fi if F-2 A v. '- ' 1 K Q? L-' iifx "34 MODERN SUPERMARKETS TO SERVE YOU" WM 7'fff5M W WV I 'iff W M W v CONGRATULATIONS A Cfongralulatians To THE GRADUATES f MAIN STREET DRIVE IN THEATRE DIANA SHOPS C North, .IocksonviIIe'sE Finestx 1 Do...db-v-74' and Most Modem Dnve In Theatre I he Look For The Revolving mm usignn The Lltest in Motion Picture ' JAX CAMERA CENTER, INC, 211 W. Adams-Phone EL 4-3308 Entertainment- J JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA .Q 0 f "It's a Pleasure' tq Bank at The Atlanticv 4 1 The Atlantif fatiqlfalm Bank of Jacksonville S MemberFed 1Dp tI C p t X T Wdawaatiedpmt We ' lie CONGRATULATIONS from ELIIRIIIA STATE THEATERS 'A' 'A' 'A' FLORIDA SAN MARCQ We'Il be happy io guide you in your first perfect PALACE IMPERIAL Choice of CHINA-CRYSTAL ARCADE EMPRESS nd EDGEWOOD CAPITOL S T E R L I NGG S I L V E R BRENTWOOD UNDERWQQD JEWELERS HOGAN at MONROE L I W Q 472:11 sERS'IiE,'yiJ5jLI P1491 SINCE 1889 . If" CUNN AM S "A name that means morelin furniture" FORSYTH at BROAD TELEPHONE EL 4-4591 T - 19 .I ' I 5 , f ' ' mf , l-I COMPUMEM-8 OF ' 3 ft A5949 LemX',Turner Road Phone PO 4-6911 ' I v ' 1 s ' I I ,LQNEWSOM LUMBER ' N A . X 8. SUPPLY co. 1 Q I I ,I I 4 IA Q- Ll INSTALLATION - SIDING - ROOFING ' .I - X H - I lily E. Newsom Jacksonville, Flu. 'I I- t . 0 r I Y-1 , ' ' T IAQ F. OGFILVIE 8. soNs , ' MANUFACTURERS OF LUMBER Rouie 3, Box 610 Phone EL 6-3434 ' JAcKsoNvlLus, FLORIDA .il Compliments ,E-5 of .5555 mobs LIQWQIQTS Where che South Shops to Save! 1.3: Ugg HQZZEIZCIZQ qjfozicfa dvafionaf Banff' Uongzafufafsa U55 gfzacfuafing Cyan of 7955. ipfaaaa coma Un. ana! Kmaif fwfiffg 'ui Qfwgan 'fwfa gan. Bs of Service f7 NATIONAL , s g QFLURIDA :BIAN K mmm! i ,f i or ACKSONVILLE 'k FLORIDA 55-ZFX, "ff NATIONAL o ff-1 frfyfl xr ji 'i ,1 f-,,I.-13'-5:2 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Jw ff ANY Jgfgllg gi' Q 'AT Q3 we fqgx ff I aQ7ff?,f-Zfllffpway Many of your friends of earlier classes are now members of the telephone family We join with them in wishing you every success and good fortune for the future SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY IJ I Qfrigg jlff: f Kooors Drug Sforo 2527 MAIN ST., CORNER I6th ST. Q Q HIIIIPEII-GIIFF SALES., INC. Appliance Sales 8. Service L, 601716 Ono: Homo ,411 Flyers to the Czyors DEH 7LEIBO'S Mews sl-lop 1 4- 1- REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. IHIIICNS FIIIEST OVERALL 0 SINCE T850 NEWSPAPER cArAl.oo Farquhar Machinery Co 2120 Market Street Jax, Fla. Phone EL 5-647I INDUSTRIAL 8. CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES STEEL - IRON - PIPE METAL 8. WOODWORKING EQUIPMENT Conrgrotulatiom From Your Favorite Theater IL IaI,IIIl,IIII,II Ilxsxjv MVLIFHJW1 QW W ne: ELgin 4-09 5 1815 Main SIreeI LESTER C11-IULTTY, Agent 3716 Pearl St. at 27th ' JAX, FLA. Phone EL 4-7271 Sfafe Farm Insurance Co. Auto - Life - Fire DUVAL LAUNDRY ZORIC DRY CLEANING PHONE ELgin 4-8371 WALNUT ST. AT NINTH COMPLIMENTS OF ARCADE MEN'S SHOP SPRINGFIELD BRANCH 1744 MAIN ST. PHONE EL 6-0803 CLOTHING FOR FATHER 8. SON WORK - DRESS - PLAY CHARGE ACCOUNTS 13 .ifrw.,1,.fg,LLf'. 7734 i5L,,-,,,7!'-f',J if .Giclclenys Punera1 Home 116 Riverside Ave. Phone EL 4-4631 Kogcrs Drug Sim' , in , X,-3,41 MARTINEZ BAKER ELECTRIC CG. SUPER MARKETS and 25? MAN ST' Food Stores f. COME SEE! . . . COME SAVE! . . . At A 8. P JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1955 y FARM any ' DAN? HARDAGE Sr SGNS FUNERAL HOME K . W . A-4 I . ' '- V . .I 5,1 W, H, 1--vx , "1 3 g s., :,f T.,-ff Q LA' " ' .-cL3T5'Wv - I w:b7'27g V, f i n -lt T 'T 5 S e , 'L fri .1 :Iii :E E LELJ d w,ggsgi5 p f 'mi Q? -5: ?g 'ENV iiiifb 4 K - ' U , V'- I I ' 4 . r Q 5 Iv 4 I , I Across ,frofn Evergreen Gemekex yx . A Main af"g4th sm. , Rhone EL .5-3551 k ',f . 1 , AMBULANGE smvgef , Pipe Organ 5'Non-Secthltian ,- Crepmtiqqx an - 'I ffq5.k"!,i' 3 5' . I 1 I QA il N Ili' ' Hqxfiiifl 14' "' u . i:uq"i,i?J 52.415, fy JQi'f.fiIs 'KISNIIX N 5 1.l.i.... ..- 1 I NANUTAUUMN , S Gsmnonsng I E C A A 52551 EEE: fg D E GRAVFR5 III!! EE I I 'YV- ' 'WHIIIII WM f 5' 'iii Qiiiif '::::, I gif? 'M "is 5 ' , IIIIIH , UEQNEVQ , ' IRI Engng grgegi ,nag ' ' 'I' IIIIIIIIIIIIII I " -ffef-A "" ' "" ' "I M rl IH' . T W IIIIIIIIHII I HI ' m,,,,,, bl, V I Q Q EL -'Zi 1 f' . --- ,.h.--' M "' W 11- -:"'L T' ' f , So Qs A if J 0 'S f V fi " S. I9 55 .0 iii? Q, Je 6 Q, OFFICE EQUIPMENT 76,7 09 OFFICE SUPPLIES Y AH ENGINEERS a ARCHITECTS SUPPLIES 'SIE BLUE PRINTS ' PHOTOSTATS ARTIST MATERIAL H+ SOCIAL ENGRAVING RUBBER STAMPS f SEALS R STENCILS I855 K fumgfaffxjfffx yi! ,Q ,ff A 10 A W Q- 1 . . mi? 1 . X . N .,. . ' 58 My - 09 A j r r Ak Q3 Kr' V , . 1 1 fi 5 I .4 ' a .f f g,me? h ' K f ,M 4 If ' h MA O 'fl S x 4 0 6 Nm 5 of ,, Q 2 dy ? X QV Q 1 I I xx Q A 9' If X F L I ' 2M Wfww W ,M MMWM R Ka ,m' .1 ' W G! J . 1 Qfl'n:., 6 U ,TMJ rw Ve Awww-WMM? dilfsggf M W m W cl Qwgdcf v - 0 IX'1'M 1Jy WWW got , NJA ,bfi Q? ,, AX ' :.1-5, x ' , ' M52 ' g f L 1 . 1 W3 W, W Q 5 fa ILA- ' .Y .:,.. Q. . A Mmm Mfg 1' PM 5431? xl -is fs. , . fgl3',?"91 5551555 ii. ww 137, -' iff' 1 ' ' N555 5, m ,Q ' .345-m 'mgm' ,I 'xl -. . v x "f . 5 'lt T 17 ,jigf A , yi' fi ' iid? ' ?,.-4 . 'ff 4 uuuunknlt'i 'sr X ' - A .,. -- 'P ' 523110 ' 'L ' ' . - "' --r'3L,V' ' , ' 1 ..kZ r f : lr' f' ,QM M: I. sf 'MY Jxfp, 3 34 'ag' Eid ixLQ'3"Lv-Q 3 A'f?W , x :XJ -1 IX A, 'X -1314.1 J Va '-K 'X- I' ' A ' x -.' ga , , 2, is f 'Lx' 5351 vt, 955' .,.gJ,M.!, 'i 4 X. , V 1 A41 X was x fkvf X ,. .... ,., . , ' , 5. , A -up ' f A I

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