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 - Class of 1946

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1946 volume:

N MHW LUATQH 7'ZwEn, X CGSTLC ffm Manco J? -14: l 1 - I 1 NATL MON L4 MEN F' .1212-' il ,,f"'4" t fx GD , Lf- lf ' ' ff '47 ,f2,J-' ' f' ff 1 1 . ,ff Af If fyf' W y xg 'i'Y'1 1,-Jf' If MW- 9D?af' I h f 'fff.v"v E ,,,, , womp WML I Memoraim. :' i. 4 2353-?fE3 MEMQMAL PAZK, ' Q' 3, "" J,ofczcs0fvvvllE,'?1'!01wzv'a ii 2' -, ,,-'Ji' 1 : Q N 59 z?"pw'7,Qf14:e- ' S ,4,, I Wy- f . nv H MI m N 1, 'r we- H M , IM: I fn' H rf W H Q All I y f ' n 3155 'a',.MgfW,,,.511,. Y 4' if, C'.a5rLE MAR , 1 -wt: V I I' A X A I K It ,'1,.,"Wvl7",l,,Qf5 NATIQIVALI qynem ! f" pf i ' i, ,gf H l pjfggldi. 5'r4af,u5rrNe,75r f 2, I -Izihiiv . .J',,: - l - ' . ,A I j,rW?"4?' ?3'?P I 6'ff'3M 'A A f 4' Ml! Vu ng' p . , 9 My ?7a. If ffff Q'f I' 'MA V 1, fix f-17' 7 Sva.:1A-ffifk x 1335 f' , wif 'WR , -A -V 1"f 'C!!z-3 ..' 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K 'A V i , 1 ,A 1 yi, , 1 .V , ,Q ' I I , 1 If X, I, . I ,,-"""l2+. Q 1 I,-'ff V V ' f . noun: v , r W R f!! 'fl 'fy' 1A 1, is ' 111111 11 11 1 W 1 . 4 1 K d f """' ' -. ,f fl!! 1f 1' , f f A ' ' -M' 1 13114 55321 1 Y EFWQ -A-'L AN K A Lx- min J: mv- r I lung-p lq ri ,--4-. " ' , ' - ,?,LgS' . ..- - W if if 1 1 -1 .-L J mf 1 -T Y ' : 1, " CST'-f' 1 'Zin--1' If QQ-" Q 'X 'i2fB5-17111-'1 -- .1 - , '-lf as-,,,,,..Y -1 35,7 -- --AQVV.,-,gf:1ii'T1. -5- L 3 -:fffW?' 317-IDHNS Z?H'EK MQWMENT H: JHQKJONVI' HEJ T70fLr2f81 'f i L I ' V , Y ',T - ff Q - fqggi- F, ,Q- , g ' - f W5 ffl fi fi' 3-,j'fQ,Z ng?-f-'igxlfj 5, -iz: 1 5 ?' -21, ' ' .3 ' :'g' 'f??lQ,f 1gglT1f'e'i 'Q1 ' M ff '-:- '1- f"-LJETQ-Ld - I - f". ,1-"' It lg ' fllzj A 'K Wig: I. ff-f 1351 F Z K A V1 ' 4, 4 , ' X 1 11"-QS ,Zak , , ' ' i ,sm I-ff'-,- 'EZ " - -1,...., - - ici-wr"-"-S-k-fo, ' p'i'L-Q - yawn 7-fggfda Esau: 1-res ,f, "V 2 1 ,,. . if ' 7 W 1 1 I 6 5 1 - 'I V l ' ,xixy-Jr. ff I I I A 11, L T if- , 1 Q' 1 'N 1 " ' I , ,ff 4.1 1 . 1 . -, -'3'JS"'4'?? 1 I 1 7 351' .a ' 1 1' 'JR' . ,, 11 CWS" 1' T',4,4.?3.9,,.fZL' Y' 1 1 ' 11,'.:'4, 1 4, :I-,- ,ypy bk I I 1 , ,I ,. 1 . . - ,E 1 . A-ijxall, X . f . , fp-fn,.t 1175" X' 1' ' I ' r X ' I . 1 N I I W 1 4x 1 V . 11- : 1 .l'v 1 1 1 1 , . 11 , X r 1f, f Z 5 'ff if X Xxx M G ,L Gif? 2 Mx N1 ' ,1 Q N ' X WI' WI ff , N 1 ,1,,".1,1 1 1, 1 W M1 ' . WMF 11 1 a.'1rx'K" N11 X 111111 W ulf! f 1 'HIT SN, lb "'1 1 M Q' ' AHM1 gg 1 . 43- 11 1 '1l I 1 I 1 I N ??5"Tff, V 1 , 1 1 , ' f, A ' IV- 'li' 5 Y -f '-1 1 1212 f ,1 gf gQ, g,'!1gj" 11 + ff 11 1 ! 51 3 , N1 , 25, - 1 lx S ff lI,,. X , K 1Y1r9'5N15 5f'g X125 .gel '65 11-1 1- , .11 TL K I 5 I XL E XIF' mv 41115 li, lfffgfiy x 'kYQ1f'.h g ' 1 K I 111131 T ' lA N. ,, 925 1 , ,X U Vf fjfflvii 1 X 'J ' ,f ,f , -' f,ffq?5 1 1 1 11, xp- - 1 I 1 . .. 1- WMS1 ' ' w -,,Q1:1 ,E KHQN , , ,-if A f . 11 1 11 1-fa! 'rf fzfi 'f- ---f -1 1 +1'ff,,.NX 21,131,11 5 f Wgfyg 75wEK I QQFCSI GPR 1, X -LQLAKE Wififaiggjl 4 "v 511,014 Ah .1 'fn-4 Ml sw L x wr , "QQ L -. 4, . 1 .-.. A .M 1 E r-.. M fu'-J 5.9, f 4 v V. , .,J, ' "ny. W L -gf 3- ff ' mu " ' t ' X Jim X , , V . , X ,M ' ng. -. " .4 . 4 , -4 X , ,Q - ,V 5 Q, tg. ,v fx, .3- THE CRACLE E Q ' If-xx ff, , A - K' 2 5 , v P A 'jf , ' v - M my . 3 ' - ' . ' 1 ,. ,xzafgiruzxvry igggvwv -- . ' ,W 'J - v -- 'Hd--'W-Af ffl, , . ,. ., MM- .- ' , - ' ' R v .. , ML-3-.K .sn . ., ,v v.,.m,5J,,iIfT,5E,H,Z,,3:,Z4:2w16,5c4i?MgJJF gl 1 5 X I I I I nf U , "ww, .nf Q . , , .1 , f , - 4 , V 5 ' "W v -fl Je.. H ' L N 1 l I " jf -'F j 1-I V friff Id , J.,-5 T7 9 , f 4 12 Y X, -' Wm . ., I , , 3 ,, I EV: se' X fl r fl? 5 T - I 1 I I 4 l f Iii J z l A V . ' I V, I i gy 4: A , 1? I ' ' ffg ig lj' 5951 ' , 'Z V I1 Q, 3 ' ' , 1 .F V I R 3 wpf1:,,,yL,,. .V it wt. N? G- , V ,uw X f . 1 - ff? f' ff ? W Af- fl FD! if , ' ff? fi I ,, n 2 N ' I' yggniffqi .'ff'2U,:39"Q"E I ' 1' X ' ' ' f fjfi ,Xiu -f igsf 1-ii' V ' , ' A ,i1.EEfi, , ' . ' -"ff F52 ' ' ' "f, mg, ,MM 1946 Andrew Jackson Senior High School IACKSONVILLE, FLQRIDA FOREWCRD On March 3, l945, Florida completed its first century of state- hood. Her recreational facilities, industries, schools, scenic beauties, and historical monuments all attest to her achievements in those hundred years. l-ler fame has reached not only national but international proportions. This school year, l945-1946, has marked the beginning of Florida's second century of progress. With the ending of the War Florida has already put into motion its plans for an even brighter future. As its part in that future Andrew Iackson High School is attempting to produce citizens better trained for par- ticipation in its state's civic, lousiness, social, and cultural affairs. We present this volume as a picture of the activities of the students of Andrew Iackson in their relation to the life of Florida. The Qracle Staff. ,mf 1 H " iw V .A 'f4,1f,"LfQ : f , 2' fm W ' Y f wh M BCXLSON H1 Q N . I 6' S ,N Mi db pf' LS , '55 K- J FIDELITAS ' ,I 0 Z gif - ax A N TE ,f I.. 433 -v 'Q . f , X5 MCMXXVU 4 3 -- -W-J., X 'A 5 Q,42,f1AcKsoNv1z-L FLORIDA J FORT SAN MARCO St. Augustine, Florid ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY MAIOR W. DANIEL BOYD Superintendent of Public Instruction NOW IN SERVICE TO YOUTH, THE BETTER TO BUILD OUR COUNTRY DR. RAY V. SOWERS General Supervisor M. A. DEMOREST Principal, Otterbein College Duke University, B.S., M, Ed. I E E lll Mika.. C M W ff.-,M w 217 ld CLARA B. WELCH Dean of Girls Florida State College for Women, E.S. Columbia University, MA. M. F. WILSON Assistant Principal De-an of Boys University of Florida, E.S.p Dulce, MA. gk.. ,, W ,f ,aff , 14,55 QM ' , Wig' 03 .f WW ,,f ww ,f 7 , , 7? ,auwm,, .. 'Q " '...... WELLS, MRS. ANNA LEY. English. Iohn B. Stetson University, BS McKEE, MRS. ARLENE M. English. Florida State College tor Women, A.B. Sponsor, Red Cross Club, Majorettes. WOODWARD, MAUDE. English. Head ot English Dept., Peabody Col- lege, B.S. Columbia University, A.lVl. MCCASKILL, MRS. ISABELLE. English. University ot Georgia, A.lVl. GLOVER, MABEL. English. Florida State College tor Woinen, A.B Columbia University. Sponsor, De baters' Club. University ot Florida. COCHLEY, MARY E. English. Florida State College for Women, A.B Sponsor, Iunior Girls' Club. SANDERS, SARA LELAND. English. Converse College, B.A, Sponsor, Sophomore Girls' Club. DE LAITSCH, MRS. MARION K. English. St. Olaf College, A.B. Norlhwestorn University. TAYLOR, SANNA IANE. English Speech. Florida State College lor Women, A.B. Sponsor, National Thesplan I-lonor So- ciety, Dra1nat,c Club, Director, Senior Lirls' Iubilee, Senior Play. BIBLE REEVES, MRS. MARGARET M. Bible. Keulca College, Iohn B. Stetson Uni- versity, A.B., A.M. E N G L I S I-I DEPARTMENT HIEB, MRS. DORIS. English. Valley City State Teachers College, B.A. TALMAGE, MABLE. Engl'sh. Agnes Scott College, A.B. University of North Carolina, A.M, Co-Sponsor, Oracle. WILDER, MRS. CAROLYN F. English. Florida Stale College tor Women, A.B. 'u 25 i u MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT BOYD. ADELE. Algebra. Florida State College lor Women, A.B. Duke University SUTTON, MRS. EDNA KABLE. Geometry. l-lead oi Mathematics. Northwestern University, A.B. BYERS, MRS. LOIS. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. Aurora College, A.B. MCDONALD. MRS. SARA D. Algebra, Business Economics University ot Pittsburgh, A.B. CONHMERCIAL DEPARTMENT HECHT, MARY. Typing. Florida State College tor Women, B.S HUDSON, MRS. HELEN. Typing. Tennessee Wesleyan College. Com mercial Diploma. PROCTER, MRS. DOROTHA B. Busi- ness Arithmetic. Michigan State Normal College. WARREN, LUCIA. Typing, Shorthand Alabama College of Women, A.B. NOWLIN, MRS. MARY B. Bookkeep- ing, Oiiice Assistant. Florida State College for Women, B.S. COLLINS, MRS. LELIA G. Business Arithmetic. University of Alabama, A.B. BRENNER, MRS. ANN. Shorthand, Oi- iice Practice. Radcliffe, A.B., A.M. Harvard Uni- versity, Ed. M. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLARK, HERBERT W. Drafting. Worcester School of Technology. Colgate University, A.B. CUMMING, ALBERT A. Metal. University of Florida. SAARE, E. IOHN. Woodwork. Head oi Industrial Arts Department. Bradley School of Tech- Y nology, B.S. Coach oi Track. HECHT, MILTON Aeronautics. Roosevelt School of Aeronautics. WALSH, AMBROSE. Electricity. Royal Naval College, Queenstown, Ireland. D111 LAY, MRS. MARIORIE LITTLE. Diversi- fied Cooperative Training. Illinois Wesleyan, B.S. University of Illinois. Sponsor, Sale of Bonds and Stamps and D.C.T. Club. FRIEDLIN, GERTRUDE. Commercial, Business Arithmetic, Commercial Geography. Florida State College for Women, B.S. Sponsor, Globe-Trotters. SWINDLE, MRS. CARRIE M. Bookkeep- ing. Bowling Green College of Commerce, B.C.S. Sponsor, Senior Girls' Club. School Treasurer. FRANCIS, EDWARD E. Business Law, Business Arithmetic, Salesmanship. Western Carolina Teachers' College, B.A. MCDONALD. MRS. SARA D. Algebra and Business Economics. University of Pittsburgh, A.B. MASON, EVA W. Business Arithmetic. University oi Mississippi. IONES, MRS. EDNA C. Shorthand. Typing. Head of Commercial Department. Bowling Green Business College, B.C.S. Mississippi Southern College, B.S. Sponsor, Honor Roll Students. X4 f HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT THURMAN. MRS. ELIZABETH. Foods. University of Kentucky, A.B. COMSTOCK, ELEANOR. Child Development. Homemaking. Uniyersity. University ot Florida. Stetson University. RAMSEY, MRS. IEAN B. Clothing. University ot Tennessee, A.B. University of Florida. HOUSER, MRS. MARTHA. Homemaking. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT t EPTING. ROBERT. Biology, Physics. Newberry College. University ot South Carolina, AB., B.S., M.S. RICHARDSON. GLADYS. Head oi Science Department, Biology. Flcrida State College lor Women, A.B, Sponsor, Oracle Business Staff, Cheerleaders. ROBERTS, MRS. BETTY SUE. Biology. Florida State College for Women, B.S. WILSON. GLEN A. Biology. University of Florida, B.S. REEVES, GORDON C. Chemistry. St. Petersburg lr. College, lohn B, Stetson University, A.B., A.M. Business Manager of Athletics. School Photographer. Sponsor of the Oracle. - I' Z 5... AYRES, LORINA L. Assistant Clerk. he .,,, . t , DICKSON, MRS. ARLIE. Records Clerk. -" ' A Western State Teachers College. fc . . HISTORY DEPARTMENT 15 IONES, MARY OLIVE. History. 0 University of Alabama, AB., A.M. Q HOWE. MRS. RUTH. History. -- . Mammoth College, A.B. I is .ui R in SCRIVEN, MRS. ELIZABETH. History. Shorter College, B.A. Sponsor, Science Club. ATKINS, EMILY. History. Florida State College for Women, A.B. Dulce University, M.A. Sponsor, Tiger's Claw, Ouill and Scroll. PHILLIPS, PAUL C. Problems of American Democracy. Western Maryland, A.B. Columbia University, A.M. lohns Hopkins. BURDETT, SUSAN. Head ol Social Science. Florida State College lor Women, A.B. Columbia University, M.A. Oxford University. National University of Mexico. ROBERSON, ELVA. History. Bessie Tilt College, AB. TRAGITT, ELIZABETH W. History. University of Chicago, A.B. Head of Home Economics Department. University of Calilorn Florida State College lor Women. Florida Southern College BS LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT SMITH, IEAN A. Spanish. Brenau College. Florida State College for Women, A.B. Sponsor, Spanish Dramatic Club. PFEIFER. MRS. HARRIET. Latin. Wooster College, Pl'1.B. Sponsor, Latin Club. SCALISE. IOSEPHINE. Spanish. Head of Spanish Department, Fairmont State College. West Virginia University. University ot Florida, AB. Sponsor, El Circulo Panameri- CCIHO. A' f LIBRARY PITTS, MRS. MARY BYRD. Librarian, Landu College, AB. University of North Carolina, A.B.L.S. Sponsor, Library Council. CORAM. MRS. IIMMY. Lincoln Memorial University. ......,.-, -,.,..s., .s ,fr 7 W V WM I A f-1, W MUSIC DEPARTMENT LAWRENCE, MRS. LILLIAN. 1 Head of Music Department. Northwestern University, B.M. American ' Conservatory ot Music. l WEARY, M. B. Band Director. University of Illinois. DEVORE, MRS. IESSIE IAY. l Crchestra Director. Fairmont Academy, Concert Master, Friday ' Musicale, Symphony Orchestra, First Violin, lndianapolis Symphony. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT WALTON. BERNICE. Physical Education. Florida State College for Women, B.S. Co-Sponsor, Pepperettes, G.A.A. SMITH. RUTH. Physical Education. Florida State College tor Women, BS. Co-Sponsor, Fepperettes, G.A.A. HOOKS. BETTY. Physical Education. Florida State College tor Women, B.S. Co-Sponsor, Fepperettes, G.A.A. ELLER. PAUL. Physical Education. University ot Florida. CORAM. IAMES H. Physical Education. Milligan College, Coach. Sponsor, Veterans' Club. HUDSON, RANKIN. Physical Education. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, BS. Sponsor, "I" Club and "l-li-Y". Athletic AB. Varsity Basketball Coach, Assistant Varsity Football Director. TONCOFF, IOHN. Physical Education. University ot lllinois, BS. PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION As a member of the National Council of Parents and Teachers the Andrew lackson PTA. is seeking school improvement and a closer co-ordination of the school and the home by becoming better informed regarding our school, its needs, its Work, and how it affects the lives of our children. This year the PTA. sponsored a graduation dance for both the lanuary and May classes, a beautification of the building by the relandscaping of the entire Main Street approach and aided in securing one of the finest sound movie projectors for classroom use. The Andrew Iaclcson PTA. is constantly striving to carry out a program which will aid in the prevention of juvenile delin- quency. OFFICERS Pr sident ,,,,r, ,, ,,,, MRS. HOMER T. IONES Treasurer ,,,,,r,,., MRS E E HAIRE Vice President ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. .,,, MRS. LEON FORBES Historian ,,,,,,, ,,.,,.. M RS C A SALLAS Reggrdmq Secretary ,,,,s,, ,, ,, MRS. FRED TURNER Auditor .,.,r,,,,,, rr,,rr MRS, M A DEMOREST Cont-55 ondmg Secretary ,, . ., MRS. l'l. V, FULMER Board Member .... ,.,,.,., M RS R V RAlNS SENIORS FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH St. Augustine, Florida JUNE CLASS OFFICERS KENNEDY, ROLAND S. General. "Rollo". President, Senior Class, Alpha Hi-Y, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Senior Fel- lows' Club, 4. BARKER, WILLIAM FRANKLIN. College. "Bill". Vice-President Senior Class, Who's Who, Baccalaureate, 3, National Honor Society, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3, Treasurer, 4, Sophomore Boys' Club, 2, Senior Fellows' Club. DIXON. CARRIE BLANCHE. College. "Sluq". Lumberton, N. C. Secretary, Senior Class, Editorial Supervisor, Oracle, 4, Classification Editor, 3, S.L.F., Charter Member, Chaplain, 2, 4, President, 3, Dean's Office, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Senior Girls' lubilee, 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, National Thespian Society, Reporter, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Busi- ness Manager Athletics, 3, 4, G.A.A., 2, Pepperettes, 2, Red Cross Club, 3, Manager's 3, Stripe, 4, Pop Con- cert, 2, 3, Class Night, Student Di- rector, 4, Iunior Girls' Club, 3, Se- nior Play, 4. FARRIS. RAYMOND. Colleqe. "Ray", Senior Chorus, 3, 4, Senior Fellows' Club, 4, Beta I-li-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, 3, Treasurer, 4, Pop Concert, 3, Baby Tigers, 2, Senior Play Cast, 4, Mascot of S.L.F., 4. MCCOMBS, PAUL RAYMOND. College. "Happy". Van Buren, Ark. Sergeant-at-Arms, Senior Class, 4, Vice-President, "I" Club, 4, Senior Fellows' Club, 4, Beta l-li-Y, 3, "I" Club, 3, 4, Varsity Football, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, Sergeant B. O. T. C., 2, Orchestra, 2. WYSE, ROBERT WILSON. General. "Rabhit". Treasurer, Senior Class, 4, Chaplain, l-li-Y, 3, President, l-li-Y, 4, Lieuten- Cmt R. O. T. C., 2, I-ll-Y, 2, "I" Club, 4, Senior Fellows' Club, 4, Veterans' Club, 4, Track, 3, 4. ALBERT, CHARLEY MOSE. General. "Wild Man". Detroit, Mich. Beta Hi-Y, 3, 45 Senior Fellows' Club, 4. ALLEN, IACK. General. "Harry". Thornaston, Ga. ALLRED, MARILYN LAURENE. College. "Duke". Savannah, Ga. National Thespian Society, 45 Na- tional Honor Society, 45 Senior Girls Club, 45 S.L.F., 45 Dramatic Club, 45 Pan Aniericano Club, 45 Senior Girls lubilee, 45 Senior Flay Cast, 4. ANDERSON. WOODROW. College. "Woody". Douglas, Ga. Alpha H1-Y, 45 Senior Fellows Club, 4. ASPINWALL, KATHRYN MARIE. College. "Kathy", 'Whos Vfho, 45 National Honor So ciety, 3, 45 G,A,A., 25 Trophy, 3, 45 Reporter, 45 S. L. F., 45 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Ouill and Scroll, 45 Las Es- trellitas, 45 Tigers Claw, 45 Senior Girls' lubilee, 4. ATCHISON, PEGGY IUANITA. General. "Pegalina". Ouitrnan, Ga. BAKER, IOSEPH HARTFORD. General. "Ioe". Ocala, Florida. Sophomore Boys' Club, Z5 Fted Cross Club, 2, 35 Beta l-li-Y, 2, 3, 45 Secre- tary Beta l-li5Y, 3, 45 Junior Boys' Club, 35 lunior Band, 25 Band, 3, 45 lunior Orchestra, 25 Orchestra, 3, 45 Track, 2, 35 Mascot, S. L. F., 35 Presi- dent Senior Fellows' Club, 4: Ser- geant-at-Arms, National Thespian, 4. BAKER, WILLIAM HENRY. General. "Bashiul Bill". Cadiz, Ohio. BARBEE, BETTY IEAN. College. "Hall-Pint". Spanish Club, 3, 45 Reporter, 35 President, 45 Secretary Dramatic Club, 45 Editor-in-Chief, Spanish Newspaper, 45 National Honor So- ciety, 45 Senior Girls' lubilee, 45 Dean's Oiiice, 45 Sports Editor, Span- ish Newspaper, 45 Debaters' Club, 45 G.A.A., 2, 3, 45 Secretary, 45 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Faculty Editor Oracle, 45 S.L.F., 4. BARBER. VIRGINIA PEARL. Commer- cial. "Ginnie", lay, Fla. Senior Girls' Club, 45 Peppeiettes, 3. BARNETT, GLORIA ANN. General. "Blue Eyes". National Honor Society, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 4. x BASS. QUINN, IR. General. "Q. B." Branford, Fla. BEAGLE, ALICE G. College. "Bea". Senior Girls' Club, 45 G.A.A., 45 Se- nior Girls' lubilee, 4. BENNETT. LOIS MARIE. General. "Dimples". G.A..1-X., 2, 35 Debate-rs' Club, 45 Dra- matic, 3, 45 lunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 4. BERKE. VIRGINIA LEE. General. "Ginn". Elgin, Ili Iunior Girls' Club, 3, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Globe Trotters, 4, Senior Girls' Iubilee, 4, Talent Night, 4. BERRIER, EDWIN LEE. College. "Two Gun". Senior Fellows' Club, 4. BOERWINKLE. ELIZABETH. College. "Lizzy". Cleveland, Ohio. Who's Who, National Honor Society 3, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4, S.L.F., 3, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, Senior Girls' lubi lee, 4. BONTS. DONALD R. General. "Buddy". Alpha Hi-Y, 4. BOOTI-IE, DORA EUGENIA. Com- mercial. "Ieannies". Waycross, Ga Senior Girls' Club, 4. BOOTH. VERA HAZEL. General. "Lashes". Santa Rosa, Fla. BOYETTE. MARY ELEANOR. Commercial. "Eleen" Chicago, Ill. 'R' BRADBERRY. DOROTHY LOUISE. General. "Doltie". National Honor Society, Secretary, 3, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Dramatic Club, 4, G.A.A., 2, 3: lunior Girls' Club, Chaplain, 3, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, Pepperettes, 2, 3, Senior Girls' Iubflee, 4. BRANTLEY. BETTY IO. Commercial. "Rusty". G.A.A., 3, Senior Girls' Club, 4. BROWN. CHARLES DICKSON. General. "Pigstand". Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Globe Trotters, 4, Senior Fellows, 4, "I" Club, 4, Beta I-Ii-Y, 3, 4, Baby Tigers, 3, Track, 4. BROWN. RALPH. General. "Brownie". BUNCH. IOAN ALLEAN. College. NIO.. sentofoifis' ciub, 4, GAA., 4, sci- ence Club, 3. BURKHALTER. ROBERT ALBERT. General. "Bob". Treasurer, Debaters' Club, 2, 3, Vice- President, National Forensic League, 3, 4, President, 4, Treasurer, D.C.T., 3, Gamma Hi-Y, 3, Chaplain, 4, Sports Editor, Oracle, 4, Business Manager Athletics, 4, Sophomore Boys' Club, 2, Globe Trotters, 3, Se- nior Fellows' Club, 4, R.O.T.C., 2, Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4. BURNETT, EDITH. General. "Edie". Live Oak, Fla. Girls' Glee, 2, 3, Iunior Girls' Club, 3, Senior Girls' Club, 4. CHURCH. IEANETTE MAE. Commercial. "Cupie". Pepperettes, 2, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Secretary, Home Room, 4. CLANTON. IAMES D. College. "Iimmie". Pembroke, Ga. Sophomore Boys' Club, 2, Alpha I-li-Y, 2, 3, 4, Senior Fellows' Club, 4, R.O.T.C., 2, Science Club, 2, lunior Boys' Club, 3. CLARDY, MARSHALL MURRELL. General. "Pussay". Gamma I-li-Y, 3, 4, Baby Tigers, 2. CLARK, GEORGIANA. General. "Geqe". Holly Hill, Fla. Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, Iunior Girls' Club, 3, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Se nior Girls' lubilee, 4, Majorette, 2, 3 CLARY, FRANCES IOSEPHINE. College. "Io". Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, lunior Girls' Club, 3, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Senior Girls' lubilee, 4, S.l..F., 3, 4, Secretary, 4. CLEMENTS, NANCY. General. "Clem". Asheville, N. C. lr CLIFTON, IOAN. General. "Io". Sophomore Chorus, 2, lunior Chorus, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4. COBB. IRMA RUTH. General. "Red", Fitzgerald, Ga. COLE, RALPH E. General. "Blondie". R.O.T.C., 2, Sophomore Boys' Club, 2, Alpha I-li-Y, 3, 4, Senior Fellows' Club, 4, lunior Boys' Club, 3 CONNER, KENNETH CLYDE. General. "Kenney". Globe Trotters, 4, Senior Chorus, 2, 3, 4, Ft.O.T.C., 2, Male Quartette, 3, 4: Pop Concert 2, 3, 4, Debating So- ciety, 3, Chaplain, 2, Beta I-li-Y, 4, Senior Fellows' Club, 4, D.C.T., 3, Tiger's Claw, 2, Varsity Football Man' ager, 2, Talent Night, 4, Master of Ceremonies, 4. COPELAND, MARGIE ELIZABETH. General. "Beth". Tiger's Claw Representative, 4, D.C.T., 4. CRADDOCK. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH. Commercial. "Betty". Tampa, Fla. Senior Girls' Club, 4. DALE. CHRISTY DUNCAN. Colleqe. "Red". Lieutenant R. O. T. C., 2, Science Club, 2, lunior Boys' Club, 3, Se- nior Fellows' Club, 4, Baby Tigers, 2. DARROW. RUTH LAVONNA. Commercial. "Vonnie". Muskogee, Okla. DAVIS, IACK H. Commercial. "Curley". Columbus, Ohio. D.C.T., 3, 45 Senior Fellows' Club, 4. DAVIS, IACQUELINE. General. "Iackie". Cleveland, Ohio. DAY, AMELIA. CAROLINE. General. "Carol". Kissimmee, Fla. Girls' Glee, 45 Senior Girls' Club, 4. DAVIS, EUNICE. Commercial. "Peanul". Macclenny, Fla. Senior Girls' Club, 4. DEAL, ROBERT. College. "Sonny", Gamma l-li-Y, 3, 45 Secretary, 45 lu- nior Boys' Club, 35 Senior Fellows' Club, 45 Library Council, 3, 45 Oracle Staff, 45 Co-Editor, Home Rooms, 45 R.O.T.C., 2. DEAN, IOSEPH CARL. Commercial. "I. D." Argyle, Ga. DeBEVOISE, MARY LOU. Commercial. "Baby", Bedford, Ind. D.C.T., 4. FP' Y- DIAZ, BARBARA. General. "Bobbie Fort Myers, Fla. Pop Concert, 2, 35 Thanksgiving Pro- gram, 2, 35 Girls' Glee, 2, 3. DILLARD, CATHERINE LOUISE. General. "Cathy", Hickory, N. C. Senior Girls' Club, 45 Pepperettes, 45 Junior Girls' Club, 3. DOHERTY, IOHN BISHOP. College. "Iaydee". Sports Editor, Tiger's Claw, 35 Sopho- more Boys' Club, President, 25 Presi- dent, lunior Boys' Club, 35 Senior Fellows' Club, 45 Library Council, 35 Secretary, 45 Dramatic Club, 2, 45 Secretary, Gamma Hi-Y, 3, 45 De- baters' Club, 25 Stage Crew, Class Night5 Football, 35 Oracle Advertis- ing Staff, 25 Track, 3, Vice-President, National Thespians, 45 Talent Night5 Senior Girls' lubilee, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Cast, 45 Quill and Scroll. DRIVER, WILLIAM CHARLES. College. "Willie". Newport News, Va. R.O.T.C., 25 Debating Society, 2, 3. DUDLEY. SARAH ELIZABETH. General. "Beiiy". Sherman, Florida. DUNN. IANET. Commercial. "Blue-Eyes". Senior Girls' Club, 45 Girl Reserves, 45 Band and Orchestra, Z, 35 Tiger's Claw Staff, 45 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 4. DURRETT, IOHN RICHARD. College. "Iohnny". Oracle Reporter, 45 Beta l-li-Y, 45 Track, 4. EDWARDS. ROY PIERCE. Commercial. "Preacher". Alpha Hi-Y, 3, 4. ELEAZER, WALTER BURLEY. General. "Bubba". Sophomore Boys' Club, 25 President, 25 Vice-President, 25 R.O.T.C., 25 Ser- geant-at-Arms, Science Club, 25 Presi- dent, Junior Boys' Club, 35 Gamma Hi-Y, Treasurer, 35 Senior Fellows' Club, 45 Pop Concert, 2, 3, 45 Globe Trotters, 35 Band "J", 3, 45 Orchestra Emblem 3, 45 Senior Girls' Jubilee, 3, 45 Talent Night, 3, 45 Band, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. ENTREKIN, MARY LOUISE. College. "Lou". Editor-in-Chief, El Panamericano, 45 Dramatic Club, 45 Senior Girls' Club. FLOYD, JOHN THEODORE. College. Hleny... Band and Orchestra, 2, 3, 45 Gamma Hi-Y, 3, 45 Ft.O.T.C., 25 Senior Girls' Jubilee, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play Cast, 4. FOLSOM, LIBBY IO. College. "Lib". Pompano, Fla. Quill and Scroll, 3, 45 Junior Editor, Oracle, 25 Assistant Editor-in-Chief, 35 Editor-in-Chief, 45 Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 Vice-President, Junior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Char- ter Member S.L.F., 2, 3, 45 Chaplain, 35 Treasurer, 45 Toast to Seniors, 35 Pop Concert, 2, 35 Red Cross Club, 35 Treasurer, 35 Talent Night, 45 Na- tional Thespian Society, Treasurer, 45 Dramatic Club, 45 Senior Girls' Jubi- lee, 3, 45 Mascot, Sophomore Boys' Club, 25 Mascot Junior Boys' Club, 35 Business Manager Athletics, 3, 45 Manager's 35 Stripe, 45 Student Director Senior Girls' Jubilee, 45 Class Night, 45 Business Manager Senior Play, 45 Mistress of Cere- monies for Talent Night, 45 Dean's Office, 4. FOSTER, JAMES BARFIELD. IR. College. "Fos". Senior Chorus, 2, 3, 45 Beta I-li-Y, 2, 3, 45 Who's Who, 45 2nd Lieutenant R.O.T.C.5 Cheerleader, 2, 3, 45 Head Cheerleader, 45 Senior Fellows' Club, Secretary-Treasurer. FREELAN, CLARICE. General. "Rica". G.A.A., 4. FULMER, RACHEL VANE. College. "Rae". Pepperettes Award, 45 Pepperettes, 3 45 Senior Girls' Club5 Senior Chorus 2, 3, 45 G.A.A., 25 Globe Trotters, 3 GAULE, ELEANOR ELIZABETH. General. "EGaule". lee, 45 Sophomore Chorus, 25 Girls Glee, 3, 45 Pepperettes, 25 Pop Con- cert, 2, 3. GEIGER. RUTH I. Commercial. "Blondie". G.A.A., 2, 35 Treasurer, G.A.A., 35 Majorettes, 45 Senior Girls' Club, 4. GILMOUR. ROSE MARGARET. General. "Peggy". Tampa, Fla. Senior Girls' Club, 45 S.L.F., 4. GODWIN, LAURA BELLE. General. "Red". GOFF, SHIRLEY ANN. General. "Snip". G.A.A., 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Pep- perettes, 4. GREENBAUM, WILLIAM. College. "Greaseboat". Brooklyn, N, Y. Senior Fellows, 45 Band, 45 Orches- tra, 3, 4. Senior Girls' Club5 Senior Girls' Jubi- GRINER, MARY FERRELL. General. "Daytona", Alachua, Fla. Senior Girls' Club, 47 Pepperettes, 4. GROSSMAN. BEN. General. "Shorty". Senior Fellows' Club, 4. GUYNN, GERALDINE. General. "Ierry". HACKNEY, I. MARVIN. College. "Razorkeen". Tampa, Fla. Secretary-Treasurer, Iu nior Boys' Club, 35 Chaplain, lunior Boys' Club, 37 Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Alpha Hi-Y, 45 Tiger's Claw, Art Editor, 3. HADDOCK. IOYCE. General. "Little Ice". R.O.T.C. Sponsor of Company C, 25 Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 45 Vice-Presb dent, Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, Chap- lain, National Thespian League 4, Student Council 2, 41 Iunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 4, Girls' Glee Club, 37 S.l...F., 3, 4, Pop Con- cert, 37 Oracle Editorial Staff, 3, 45 Classification Editor, 45 Red Cross Club, 2, 37 G.A.A., 27 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 4, Globe Trotters, 37 Dean's Office, 2, 47 Talent Night 4, Class Night, 45 Senior Play, 4. HALL. EARL WILLIAM. General. "Great Ard lI". I-lighsprings, Fla. Senior Fellows' Club, 45 Alpha l-li-Y, 3, 4, Baby Tigers Football, 3. HAHDIN, EMILY DEAN. General. "Wootie Toot". Rome, Ga. Senior Girls' Iubilee, 45 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Girls' Glee, 4, Globe Trotf ters, 4, Iunior Chorus, 3. Q HARROLD, OLGA IEAN. General. "Monkey". Senior Girls' Club, 45 Iunior Chorus, 3 HARVEY, WILLA MAE. General. "Blondie". Palatka, Fla. HAYES, MARGARET LORENE. Commercial. "Marqe". Senior Girls' Club, 4. HELMS. WILTON EDWARD. General. "Churchill". Reidsville, Ga. D.C.T., Sergeant-at-Arms, 4. HIGGINBOTHAM, ALMA. College. ."Higgie". Callahan, Fla. G.A.A., 25 Senior Girls' Club, 45 S.L.F., 4, Orchestra, 47 Senior Girls Iubilee, 4. HIGGINBOTHAM. L. C. General. "Elsie". HIGGINBOTHAM, ROSA LEE. Commercial. "Rosie". Senior Girls, 4. I HIGH, CHARLOTTE IRENE. College. "Blimp". Sponsor Lee-Iackson Game, 3, Beauty Contest, 3, Miss Andrew lackson Contest, 4, Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Cheerleader, 2, Assistant Head Cheerleader, 4. I-IINSON, OPAL IEANETTE. General. "Op". Columbus, Ohio. D.C.T., 4, Girls' Glee Club, 4, Senior Chorus, 4. HOFFMAN, HUBERT. General "Dink" I-layesville, N. C. HOGGATT, WILLIAM HENRY. General. "Bill". Franklinton, La. Senior Fellows, 4. HOUCK, LAURA FRANCES. General. "Frankie". Live Oak, Fla. Pepperettes, 2, Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 4, lunior Girls' Club, 3, Senior Girls Club, 4, Senior Girls' lubilee, 4, lu- nior Chorus, 4, Oracle Staff, 4, As sistant Editor Club and Organiza tions, 4, Latin Club, 4, Senior Play 4, Talent Night, 4, Class Night, 4. HOVAN, IOE CHARLES. General. "Country". HOWARD, BILLY LOVON. General. "Stob". Baseball, 4. HOWARD, CHARLES FREDERICK. College. "Root". Who'S Who, 4, "I" Club, 4, Old Timers, 4, Senior Girls' Mascot, 3, Se- nior Fellows' Club, 4, Varsity Foot- ball, 4, Baby Tigers, 3. HUDSON, WANDA ALICE. General. "Funny Face". Buffalo, N. Y. Dramatic Club, 2, 3. HUNTER, MARGARET DERLIE. General. "Peqqy". Senior Girls' Club, 4. HURLBERT, MARIE LORA. General. "Mcxe". Senior Girls' lubilee, 4, S.L.F., 3, Sophomore Girls, 2, lunior Girls, 3, Senior Girls, 4, Leader Pepper. ettes, 4. HUTCHISON, BETTY IANE. General. "Bet". Chicago, Ill. G.A.A., 2, Senior Girls' Club, 4. IAMES, IACK THORNTON. General. "Pinky". Varsity Football, 4. IOHNSON, LOIS CORNELIA. Commercial. "Gamma-Gal". President, Vice-President of Senior Girls' Club, 4, Mascot Gamma Hi-Y, 4, Who's Who, 4, Secretary, Na- tional Thespian Society, 4, Feature Editor, Oracle, 4, Dramatic Club, 3, 4, Reporter, 4, Winner lunior Girls' Popularity Contest, 3, 4, Red Cross Club, 2, 3, President, lunior Girls' Club, 3, Talent Night, 3, 4, Senior Girls' lubilee, 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, Charter Member S.L.F., 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4, Pop Concert, 2, 3, Senior Play Cast, 4, Dean's Staff, 4, Class Night, Stu- dent Director, 4, Mistress-ot-Cere monies, Talent Night, 4, Ouill and Scroll. IOLLY ROBERT H. College. "Bodgey". Beta l-li-Y, 2, 3, 4, "I" Club, 4, Iu- nior Boys' Club, 3, Track, 2, Baby Tiaers, 3, Varsity Football, 4. IONES. HARRY GORDON. College. "Ionsie". Oracle Advertising Staff, 2, 3, Li- brary Council, 3, 4, National For- ensic League, 4, Student Council, 4. KASEI., ANNA MAE. General "A. Mae". D.C.T.. 4. KEEN, BETTY LOUISE. General. "Lu". Callahan, Fla. Orchestra, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4. KENNEY. DOROTHY LOUISE. General. "Dot". Secretary, Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, Dean's Office, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Globe Trotters, 3, Iunior Girls' Club, 3, Student Council, 4, Red Cross, 3, Assistant Feature Editor, Oracle, 4. KERNS, IEWEL VIRGINIA. Commercial. "Ginny". Senior Girls' Club, 4, Senior Girls' lubilee, 4, D.C.T., 4. KING, GENE. General. "Tody". KIRKLAND, CORDEAN. General. Q "Dean". De Funiak Springs, Fla. Las Estrellitas, 2, 3, Senior Girls Club, 4, Band, 3, 4: Orchestra, 3, 4: S.L.F., 4. KNIGHT, EARL FREDERICK. College. "Freddie". Palmetto, Pla. Band, 2, 3, 4, Gamma Hi-Y, 3, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. KNIGHT. SARAH ELAINE. General. "Stinky". Treasurer Sophomore Girls' Club, 2, Junior Girls' Club, 3, Senior Girls Club, 4, Senior Girls' lubilee, 4, Girls' Glee, 4, Senior Chorus, 2. KOIVISTO, SAMUEL. General. "Sammy". KRATZ, LORRAINE. General. "Sl1orty". Birmingham, Ala. Pepperettes, 2, El Circulo Panameri- cano, 3, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Senior Girls' Iubilee, 4, Senior Girls Club, 4, S.L.F., 4, Secretary, Latin Club, 4. KRISTOFFERSON, KARL. College. "Gus" . KUI-IN, FRANCES ROBERTA. General. "I"ran". Savannah, Ga. Head Drum Maiorette, 2, 4, Majorette 3, Band Concerts, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Club, 2. 1 1 LANNEAU, EARL M. College. "D. B." Tampa, Fla. Sergeant-at-Arms, Sophomore Boys' Club, 27 El Circulo Panamericano, 3, 47 Vice-President, 3, 47 Chaplain, 47 Business Manager, 47 Junior Boys' Club, 37 Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Gamma Hi-Y, 3, 47 Sergeant-at-Arms, Dramatic Club, 47 National Forensic League, 47 Library Council, 3, 47 R.O.T.C., 27 Gamma Hi-Y, 3, 47 Vice- President, 37 President, 4. LAASK. EDITH JUDY. College. "Eadie". G.A.A., 2, 3, 47 Las Estrellitas, 27 President, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 S.L.F., 47 El Circulo Panamericano, 47 Dramatic Club, 47 Senior Chorus, 4. LATHAM. DAVID A. General. "Foots". D.C.T., 4. LEA, EDWARD FRANKLIN. IR. General "Brother". Chaplain, Alpha I-li-Y, 47 Debaters Club, 2, 37 Alpha Hi-Y, 2, 3, 47 R.O.T.C,, 27 Senior Fellows' Club, 4 LEE, PAYE. Commercial. "Fay". Cairo, Ga Senior Girls' Club, 4. LIVINGSTON, CATHERINE LA VERNE. General. "Kitty". Memphis, Tenn. LEVY, LILLIAN. Commercial. "". Senior Girls' Club, 4. LONG, IUANITA. General. "Nita". De Soto City, Fla. G.A.A., 2, 3, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 S.L.F., 2. LOOP. CARL B., IR. College. "Loop". Senior Play Cast, 4. MALONE, DOROTHY IEAN. College. "Muscles". Arlington, Ga. S.L.F., 3, 47 Senior Girls' Jubilee, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Iunior Girls' Club, 37 Science Club, 2, 37 Pop Concert, 4. MARCHANT, I-IERMON EDWARD. College. "Ed". Vice-President oi Class, 27 Treasurer of Class, 3. MARK, PAULA DORIS. College. "Bunny". Entered Senior Year7 Senior Girls' ' Club, 4. MASSEY, PERRY JACKSON, IR. General. "Repair". Senior Fellows' Club, 4. MATHISEN, CARMELITE. General. "Cam". National Honor Society, 3, 47 Library Council, 2, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 El Panarnericano, 3. MAXWELL. HELEN RUTH. General. "Bunch". Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 Orchestra, 3: D.C.T., 4. MCALLISTER. CAROLEE. General. "Lee". National Honor Society, 3, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 lunior Chorus, 27 Se- nior Chorus, 3, 47 Pop Concert, 2, 3. MCCORMICK, MYRA IULENE. General. "Mac". Wellborn, Fla. G.A.A., 27 Pe-pperettes, 2. MCGOWAN, SARAH RAMONA. College. "Sadie". Chaplain, S.G.C.7 Senior Girls' Club, 47 G.A.A., 47 Student Council, 3, 47 Pop Concert, 2 MCLAUGHLIN. WILLIAM VINCENT. IR. College. "Billy". Senior Chorus, 3, 47 Talent Night, 37 lunior Boys' Club, 37 Las Estrellitas, 2, 37 Globe Trotters 37 Gamma Hi-Y, 37 Secretary ol State Hi-Y Congress, 37 Senior Fellows' Club, 47 R.O.T.C., 2. MCMANN, BETTY IEAN. General. "Mac". Houston, Texas. Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 Senior Girls' Club, 4. MCMILLAN, MONTAGUE. College. "Bud". Band, 47 Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. MIDDLETON. MARIORIE SUE. Commercial. "Margie". Starke, Fla. G.A.A., 27 S.L.F., 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 47 Dean's Office Staff, 4. MILES. JACK. College. "Yards". Columbus, Ga. MILLS. MICKEY. MAXIE. Commercial. "Mick". S.L.F., 2, 37 Dramatic Club, 3, 47 Science Club, 2, 37 G.A.A., 27 Sopho- more Girls' Club, 27 lunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Band, 3, 47 Orchestra, 2, 3, 47 Talent Night, 2, 3 47 Senior Girls' lubilee 47 Pop Concert, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club, 2, 37 Senior Play Cast, 4. MITCHILL, MARIORIE ELAINE. College. "Margie". Ashland, Kans. S.L.l:'., 3, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 lunior Girls' Club, 37 Science Club, 37 Deans Of- iice, 3. MORDT, EUGENE. General. "Mardi", Orange Park, Fla. Senior Fellows' Club, 4. MORRIS. MARGIE ANN. General. "Marge", Moultrie, Ga. G.A.A., 27 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Las Estrellitas, 3. MOYER. CATHERINE LOUISE. General. "Susie". Talent Night, 2, a.A.A., 2, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4. 'T NELSON. IOHN C. College. "Brooks". R.O.T.C., 25 Baby Tigers Football, 35 Varsity Football, 45 Beta I-liAY, 3, 45 "I" Club, 45 Senior Fellows' Club, 45 Globe Trotters, 4. ODOM, ESTERLYNE. Commercial. "Pie Face". Macon, Ga. G.A.A., 35 Senior Girls' Club, -1. OGDEN, BETTY ANN. General. HB O... Girls' Glee Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Senior Chorus, 2, 4. OLIVER, CHARLES. General. "Gopher". Old Tirners5 Baby Tigers5 Varsity Football. OLCOTT, RICHARD M. College. "Dick", Long Beach, Calif. Chaplain, l-lomeroom, 45 Corporal in R.O.T.C., 2. O'QUlNN. VIRGINIA MAE. Commercial. "Ginny". D.C.T., 4. OSBORN, HAZEL LEVINIA General. "Kid". Madison, Fla. Sophomore Girls' Club, 2. fn? T9 PARKER. EDWIN HANCEL. College. "Hans", Treasurer and Chaplain, Senior Fel- lows' Club, 45 Beta Hi-Y, 3, 45 Se- nior Girls' Iubilee, 4. PATRICK, IACK. General. "Pat", Quitrnan, Ga. PAUL, ELIZABETH MARGUERITE. General. "Maggie". Ocilla, Ga. PEACOCK, MABEL ELISA. College. "Eliza". Senior Girls' Club, 4. Pepperettes, 4. PENN. HELEN. College. "Stinky". Student Council, 45 Globe Trotters, 35 Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 Iunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Red Cross Club, 3. PETERSON, ROMANA ARLENE. College. "lVIona". Pepperettes, 4. POSTON, IOHN HUGH. General. "Charlie's Aunt". Senior Fellows' Club, Vice-President 45 Globe Trotters, 45 Beta Hi-Y, 3, 4 "l" Club, 35 Secretary, 45 Athletic Manager, 3, 45 Senior Play Cast, 45 Talent Night, 4. POWELL. SAMMY EDWARD. General. "Muscles". PURSELL, LENA VIOLA. Commercial. "Bow". G.A.A., 2, 37 Las Estrellitas, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 4. RABB, CARITA VONCILE. College. "Vonnie". National Honor Society, 37 Chaplain, 47 Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 lunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 3, 47 Talent Night, 3, 47 S.L..F., 3, 47 Oracle Staff, Editor of Clubs and Organizations, 47 Business Manager, 47 Dean's Staff, 47 Pop Concert, 37 Las Estrellitas, Treas- urer, 37 President, 47 Red Cross Club, 37 Senior Play, 47 Class Night, 47 Quill and Scroll, 4. RABB, KEITH ELLSWORTH. IR. College. "Crab". - Gamma Hi-Y, 3, 47 Varsity Foot- ball, 4. RANDLE. RICHARD LLOYD. General. "Pinky". Sophomore Boys' Club, 27 Dramatic Club, 27 Oracle Advertising Statt, 2, 3j Senior Fellows' Club, 4. RENTZ. BEVERLY IEAN. College. "Bev". Student Council, 47 S.L,l7, 3, 47 Se- nior Girls' Club, Treasurer, 47 Las Estrellitas, 47 National Honor Society. 3, 47 El Circulo Panamericano, Sec- retary, 47 Library Council, 3, Treas- urer, 47 Orchestra, 47 Senior Girls Iubilee, 47 Talent Night, 3, 47 Busi- ness Manager El Panamericano, 4. 1 RICH, THOMAS ALLEN. General. "Tommy". Alabama City, Ala. Senior Boys' Club, 4: Gamma I-li-Y, 4: Sophomore Boys' Club, 2. RYALS, BONNIE PAYE. Commercial. "Baby". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Sophomore Girls' Club, 2. ROBERSON. LAWANNA EARL. Commercial. "Trecie". Georgetown, S. C. Dramatic Club, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Globe Trotters, 47 Pepperettes, 2. ROBINSON. GEORGE. College. "Yankee". Columbus, Ohio. ROBINSON. TOMMY ALLEN. General. "Robby". Charleston, S. C. Secretary, Old Timers, 37 Veterans' Club, 47 Hi-Y, 47 Baby Tigers Basket- ball, 2, 37 Varsity Basketball, 4. ROWE. IUANITA. General. "Nita". SALLETTE. IOAN. General. "Io", Senior Girls' Club, 4. SAMSON. LEONA MARILYN. College. "Lea". Savannah, Ga. Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 Iunior Girls' Club, 37 President Student Council, 47 Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 47 Reporter, 27 Treasurer, 3, 47 Tiger's Claw, 27 Dean's Office, 37 G.A.A., 27 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 3, 47 Red Cross Club, 2, 37 Pop Concert, 2, 37 Span- ish Club, 3, 47 Secretary, 47 Oracle, 2, 3, 47 Editorial, 27 Circulation Man- ager, 3, 47 Debaters' Club, 2, 37 Na- tional Forensic League, 47 Corres- ponding Secretary, 47 Thespian So- ciety, 47 Girls' Glee, 27 Senior Chorus, 47 S.L.F., 2, 3, 47 Reporter, 37 Society Editor of El Panamericano, 4. SAPP. WANITA MARGARET. General. "Sap". Starke, Fla. D.C.T., 4. SCHENCK, DOROTHY LUCILLE. General. "Dot". S.L.F., 2, 3, 47 G.A.A., 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 47 Dean's Office, 47 lunior Chorus, 47 Girls' Glee, 4. SCHREIBER, BOBBIE IEAN. General. "Bob". Paris, Tenn. SHAHOOD, DOLORES. Commercial. "Dee". G.A.A. Emblem Medal, Le-tter7 G.A.A., 2, 3, 47 President, 47 Red Cross Club, 27 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 47 S.L.F., 47 President, G.A.A., 4. SIMMONS, NORMA NELL. College. "Cookie". Mr. Wilson's office, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 4. SINGER, DORIS LEE. College. "Cupcake". Orlando, Fla. Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 lunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Reporter, 47 S.L.F., 2, 3, 47 Vice-Presi- dent, 27 Senior lubilee, 3, 47 Debat- ers' Club, 27 Reporter, Debaters' Club, 37 National Forensic League, 3, 47 Treasurer, 37 Secretary 47 Dra- matic Club 2, 3, 47 President, 47 Red Cross Club, 2, 37 Reporter Tiger's Claw 27 Dean's Office, 37 G.A.A., 27 Spanish Club, 37 Talent Night, 27 National Honor Society, 47 Editorial Staff Oracle, 27 Business Staff, Z, 3, 47 Circulation Manager, 37 Business Manager, 47 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: Pop Concert, 2, 3: Senior Play Cast, 4. SIRMAN, IULIA ANNIE. General. "Little One" Valdosta, Ga. Senior Girls' Club, 4: National Honor Society, 4. Ja ur SKIPPER, BETTY LOUISE. General. "Skipper". lunior Girls' Club, 37 Library Coun- cil, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Sopho- more Girls' Club, 27 Band, 3, 47 Tal- ent Night, 3, 47 Pepperettes, 2, 37 Se- nior Girls' lubilee, 3, 47 Pop Concert, 2, 4. SLEAP. SILAS EUGENE. General. "Gene". "I" Club, 47 Alpha l-li-Y, 47 Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Varsity Football and Basketball, 4. SMART, ROSEMARY. Commercial. "Roza". Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Library Council, 47 Pepperettes, 47 Globe Trotters, 47 Na- tional Honor Society, 4. SMITH, ELIZABETH. General. "Liz". Senior Chorus, 4. SMITH, GLADYS. General. "Specks". Senior Girls Club, 4. SMITH, MARY LOU. Commercial. "Mary-Poo". Senior Girls' Club, 4. SMITH, PERCY CHARLES. Commercial. "Hot Lips". President Band, 47 Band and Orches- tra, 2, 3, 47 R.O.T.C., 2. SOHN. HERBERT ALVIN. College. "Sunny". Charleston, S. C. Debating Society, 35 N.F.L., 45 Dra- matic Club, 4. SPICER. ELLA GRACE. Commercial. "Gracie" Ocilla, Ga. Pepperettes, 3. SPIDLE, FLORENCE CHRIS. Commercial. "Fifi", Atlanta, Ga. Senior Girls' Club, 4: Pepperettes, 4. 'M STARLING, BENNIE WILLARD. General. "Ben". D.C.T., 45 Vice-President, 4. STRATTON, RICHARD H. General. "Coach". Staten Island, N. Y. Sergeant-at-Arms, S enior Fellows' Club, 45 Business Manager Football, 35 "I" Club, 2, 35 Old Timers' Club, 2, 35 Globe Trotters, 45 Talent Night, 4. STEIN, ROBERT BARNETT. College. "Einstein". President, Stamp Club, 35 National Honor Society, 3, 45 Sergeant-ab at-Arms, 45 Senior Fellows' Club, 45 Sophomore Boys' Club, 2. STEPHENS, IAMES IOSEPH. General. UL L., D.C.T., 4. STITT. GLORIA LEA Commercial. "Bo". Glenwood, Ga. Senior Girls' Club, 45 lunior Girls' Club, 35 Pepperettes, 2, 35 Globe Trotters, 4. STOKES, IOHN ERNEST. College. "Ernie". Macon, Ga. D.C.T., 4. SUMLIN, H. ALVIN. College. "Al" Beta I-li-Y, 3, 45 Latin Club, 45 Track, 4. SUMNER. ELIZABETH LA TRELLE. General. "Trel". S.L.F., 35 lunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 4. SWEARINGER. BARBARA W. Commercial. "Willie". Senior Girls' Club, 45 Pepperettes, 4. SWINDLE. ROBERT B. General. "Bobby". Treasurer, Sophomore Boys' Club, 25 Library Council, 2, 3, 45 Stage Crew, Senior Girls' Jubilee, 3, 45 Talent Night, 3, 45 Vice-President, Iunior Boys' Club, 35 Senior Fellows' Club, 45 President National Thespian, 45 National Thespian, 35 Dramatic Club, 45 l-li-Y, 45 Treasurer, 3. SWINT. SHIRLEY ANN. Commercial. "Swint". Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 Charter Member S.l...F., 2, 3, 45 Secretary, 2, 35 Reporter, 45 Oracle Advertising Staff, 2, 35 El Panamericano Club, 35 Re- porter, 35 Iunior Girls' Club, 35 Na- tional Honor Society, 3, 45 Treas- urer, 45 Secretary, 45 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Secretary, 45 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 3, 45 Tiger's Claw, 3, 45 News Editor, 35 Editor-in'Chiet, 45 Who's Who, 45 Library Council, 35 Quill and Scroll, 4. SYMONS, MARGARET IEAN. Commercial. "Ieanie". Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 S.l...F., 2, 37 Junior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 4. TALISMAN. ARTHUR BERNARD. College. "Mole". Cleveland, Ohio. Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Senior Cho- rus, 47 Debaters' Club, Sergeant-at Arms, 37 Parliamentarian, 37 Na- tional Forensic League, 2, 37 Class Night, 4. TALPALAR, ROSE. General. "Rosita". Habana, Cuba. Spanish Club, 2, 3, 47 Secretary, 27 Vice-President, 37 President, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Dramatic Club, 47 Las Estrellitas Club, 4, TAYLOR, IUNE O'WEDA. College. "Rockie". G.A.A., 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Pep- perettes, 3, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 47 Dramatic Club 3, 47 Oracle Staff, 47 Pepperettes Award, 4. THOMAS, MARIORIE ANNE. General. "Tommy". Winston-Salem, N. C. TILLMAN, PEGGY. General. "Peq". St. Petersburg, Fla. Senior Girls' Club, 47 Mascot Alpha Hi-Y, 4 tEntered Senior Yearl. TIRRELI., THELMA. General. "Smiley". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Girls' Glee Club, 47 Pepperettes, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 4. -H THAWICK, WILLIAM L. College. "Billy". Senior Fellows' Club, 4. TURNER, MARY IUANITA. College. "Nilc1". Chaplain Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 Red Cross Club, 27 Secretary, 37 Na- tional Honor Society, 37 Vice-Presi- dent, 47 President, 47 S.L.F., 27 Vice- President, 37 Junior Girls' Club, Fie- porter, 37 Acceptance of Mantle, 47 Student Director, Senior Girls' lubi- lee, 47 Pop Concert, 2, 37 Oracle Ad- vertising Staff, 2, 3, 47 Library Coun- cil, 2, 47 President, 47 Winner lunior Girls' Popularity Contest, 37 Oracle Beauty Contest, 37 N.F.L., 47 Dra- matic Club, 4j National Thespian, 47 G.A.A., 27 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Stu- dent Council, 47 Tiqer's Claw, 3, 47 News' Editor, 47 Ouill and Scroll, 4. TYRRELL. BARBARA MAXINE. Commercial. "Mac". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Iunior Girls' Club, 37 Majorette, 27 Chorus, 27 Se- nior Girls' lubilee, 47 Student Coun- cil, 4. ULSCH. ROBERT MALCOLM. General. "Bibo". Alpha Hi-Y, 2, 37 President, 47 Who's Whoj Senior Fellows' Club, 47 "I" Club, 47 Captain Track Team, 2, 3, 4. UNDERKOFLER, BOB IOE. General. "Curly". Cherry Vale, Kansas. Senior Boys' Club, 47 Orchestra, 3, 47 Band, 3, 4. VAN LANDINGHAM. CONNIE MAE. General. "Kennie". Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 lunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 S.F.L., 27 Talent Night, 47 Class Night, 4. VAN LANDINGHAM. IUANITA. General. "Nita", Cochran, Ga. Senior Girls' Club, 4 VEST, BETTY RUTH. General. "Stinky" Portsmouth, Ohio. Senior Girls' Club, 47 Girls' Glee Club 4. VOGHT, GOLDA L. General. "Goldie" G. A. A., 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Dean's office, 4. WADE, DOROTHY OMEGA. General. "Flat Top". Pepperettes, 47 lunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 lunior Chorus, 37 Senior Chorus, 47 Pop Concert, 2, 37 S. L. F., 47 Girls' Glee Club, 4, G. A. A., 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 4 Senior Play Cast, 4. WALDEN, IAMES. General. "Iimmie". Globe Trotters, 3, 47 Las Estrellitas, 47 Senior Chorus, 3, 4. WARREN, ORISKA. Commercial. "Rit" Senior Girls' Club, 4. WATTS, FRANCIS ANITA. General "Nita". Bremen, Ga. Globe Trotters, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 4 WEAVER, IOYCE OLEAN. Commercial. "Icy", Inverness, Florida. lunior Chorus, 27 Girls' Glee, 27 S.L.F., 2, 3, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Pepperettes, 47 G.A.A., 4. :lf- '25 WEBB, MILDRED. Commercial. "Mill". Iunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Girls' Glee Club, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 4. WEBB, MILTON F. General. "Milt". Las Estrellitas, 2, 37 Globe Trotters, 2, 37 Senior Chorus, 2, 3, 47 Pop Concert7 Talent Night, 37 Class Night. 'WESTBERRY, RICHARD CLINTON. College. "Diclr". Iesup, Georgia. Sophomore. Boys' Club, 27 Dramatic Club, 27 Science Club, 27 lunior Boys' Club, 37 Beta l-li-Y, 2, 3, 47 Senior Fellows' Club, 4. WHITE, IOHN E. Colleqe. "Iohnny". Band, 2, 3, 47 Orchestra, 2, 3, 4j Beta Hi-Y, 3, 47 Sophomore Boys' Club, 27 Baseball 2, 3, 47 Talent Night, 4. WILKINSON, IOANNE. General. "Iackie". S.l...F., 47 G.A.A., 3, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 47 Dramatic Club, 47 Dean's Office, 4. WILLIAMS IIMMY IERMAN. College. "Dangle". Science Club, 27 Beta Hi-Y, 27 Secretary, 37 President, 47 lunior Boys' Club, 37 Senior Fellows, 47 Track Team, 3, 47 National Honor Society, 4. WILLIAMS, IR., MARVIN FRANKLIN. General. "Buddy", Fitzgerald, Georgia. D.C.T., President, 4. WILSIE. DOROTHY IEAN. Commercial. "Cookie". S.L.F., 25 Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 Iunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Talent Night, 45 Class Night, 4. WILSON. EVELYN. General. "Eva", WILSON, PATRICIA ANN. Commercial. "StuH". S.L.F., 2, 35 Reporter, 25 Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 lunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Globe Trotters Club, 45 Red Cross, 2. WOLF, ROBERT S. College. "Lobo". New York, New York, lunior Boys' Club, 35 Senior Fellows' Club, 4. WOLFE. IOAN SHlIU.EY. College. "Wolfie". Sponsor, R.O.T.C., 25 Sponsor, Who's Who, Contestant in Miss Andrew lackson Contestg Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 S,l..F., 25 lunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Mascot, Senior Fellows' Club, 45 Globe Trot- ters' Club, 45 Oracle Advertising Staff, 2. MIKELL, DANIEL CARROLL. General. "Deacon". D.C.T., 4 WOOD, FRANCES ELISE. Commercial. "Elsie". Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 Charter Member Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 45 President, Z, 45 Dean's Staff, 2, 35 Pop Concert, 2, 35 Secretary lunior Girls' Club, 35 Red Cross Club, 2, 35 Debaters' Club, 2, 35 Senior Girls' lubilee, 3, 45 Tiger's Claw Staff, 35 Globe Trotters' Club, 35 Corresponding Secretary, 35 National Honor Society, 3, 45 Vice-President, 45 Student Council, 45 Senior Girls' Club, 45 National Forensic League, 45 Treasurer, 45 Senior Picture Editor Oracle, 45 Head typist, Oracle, 45 Dramatic Club, 45 Oracle Advertising Staff, 45 Talent Night, 45 Business Manager Senior Play, 4. WOOLLEY. LOUISE. General. "Woolley". Mascot Beta l-li-Y, 45 Cheerleader, Z, 35 Assistant Feature Editor Oracle, 35 Sophomore Girls' Club, 25 lunior Girls' Club, 35 Senior Girls' Club, 45 Red Cross Club, 35 Secretary Globe Trotters, 45 Sophomore Chorus, Z5 Iunior Chorus, 35 Senior Chorus, 4. WRIGHT, ELSIE. "Right". Commercial. St. Augustine. ZIGLER, MARGARET LA VERNE. General. "Magqie". Talent Night, 25 Old Timers' Minstrel, 25 Senior Girls' lubilee, 2, 35 Las Estrellitas, 2, 35 Vice-President, 25 Senior Girls' Club, 4. IENNINGS, LESTER WINDSOR. College. "Head". Okeechobee, Fla. Beta l-li-Y, 45 "I" Club, 45 Varsity Football, 4. JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS ROSENKRANZ. MORTY. College. "Rose Bud". New York, N. Y. President Senior Class, 47 Received Traditional Hatchet, 47 National Honor Society, 37 Sergeant-at-Arms National Honor Society, 47 President National Honor Society, 4j Senior Fel lows Club, 47 N.F.L., 47 Lieutenant R.O.T.C., 37 Captain Baby Tigers Bas ket Ball, 37 Salutatorian, 47 Tigers Key, 47 Debaters' Club, 47 Class Night, 47 Christmas Pageant, 47 Who's Who. LOCKHART, HELEN. Commercial. "Mecmie". New Orleans, La. Vice-President ot Senior Class7 Sopho- more Girls' Club, 27 lunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Science Club, 27 Class Night, 4. LEONARD. MILDRED. College. "Millie". Quill and Scroll7 Secretary of Senior Class, 47 Accepted Mantle, 37 Presi- dent oi Senior Girls' Club, 47 Pepper- ettes, 27 G.A.A., 2, 3, 47 Tiger's Claw, 27 Oracle, 2, 3, 47 lunior Girls' Club, 3j Oracle Business Manager, 41 Cheerleader, 3, 47 Class Night, 4: Senior Girls' Iubilee, 4. ADEEB, IOSEPH, IR. College. "Biscuit". Color Guard, 47 Treasurer, Senior Class, 47 Beta Hi-Y, 2, 37 "I" Club, 47 R.O.T.C., 27 Lieutenant R.O.T.C., 37 Senior Fellows, 47 Baby Tigers, Var- sity Football, 4. USSERY. VERNON CONRAD. General. "Vern". Macon, Ga. Chaplain ot Senior Class, 47 Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Gamma Hi-Y Club 47 Who's Who, 47 Senior Girls' lubi- lee, 47 Class Night, 47 Christmas Pag- eant, 47 Mascot, Senior Girls' Club, 47 Veterans' Club, 47 Secretary, Se- nior Fellows' Club, 4. 1 MASTROGIANAKIS. DENO. College. "Iones". Sergeant-at-Arms lor Senior ClUSSj "I" Club-Chaplain, 4j Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Globe Trotters, 47 Beta Hi-Y 47 B.O.T.C., 27 Lieutenant R.O.T.C., 27 Baby Tigers, 2, 37 Varsity Track, 2, 3j Varsity Football, 4. BAKER, ALICE PAYE. Commercial. "Irish". Girls' Glee Club, 2, 3, 47 Pepperettes, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 F.L.S., 3. BASS, DANNIE MERITA. General. "Rita". Canal Point, Fla. Senior Girls' Club, 4. BERMAN. MADONNA LOUISE. General. "Donna". Iunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 4. BIRD, NETA IDELL. General. "Birdie", Savannah, Ga. BURNS, HUBERT IAMES. General. "Bernie". CAMPBELL, EDWARD ALFRED. General. "Eddie". Band and Orchestra, 3, 4. CAMPBELL, REBA. Commercial. "Evil Eye". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Commercial Award, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 47 Class Night, 4. Wt CARIBALTES, GEORGE ANTHONY. General. "Duke". Gamma I-li-Y, 47 Globe Trotters, 4j Track, 47 Baby Tigers, 3. CLANTON, BUDDY. Commercial. "Ears". Christmas Pageant, 47 Class Night, 4. COKER, LA RUE DORIS. Commercial. ,,IudY,,. Senior Girls' Club, 47 Pepperettes, 4. DE HASS, DORIS ROSE. General. "Dotty". Asheville, N. C. Science Club, Treasurer, 37 Science Club, Chaplain, 47 lunior Girls' Club, Treasurer, 37 Tiger's Claw Represen- tative, 47 Oracle Circulation Staff, 47 Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 Senior Girls' Club, 47 S.L.F., 2, 3, 47 Science Club, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Glee, 47 Junior Chorus, 27 Senior Chorus 37 Pepper- ettes, 47 Tigers Key, 4. DENMARK, LECY MARIE. General. "Tese". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Girls' Glee, 37 Who's Who, 47 Class Night, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 47 Christmas Pag- eant, 4. ELLISON, MERIAM ELIZABETH General. "Red". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Girls' Glee, 2 EVERS, MYRTLE IUANITA. General. "Myrt". Girls' Glee, 37 Senior Chorus, 47 Se- nior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 4. FEINBERG. ELLA. General. Tampa, Fla. G.A.A., 2, 3, 4, lunior Girls' Club, 3, Senior Girls' Club, 4, Class Night, 4, Christmas Pageant, 4 POOR. WILLIAM. College. "Blackie". Debaters' Club, 2, 3, 4, National For- ensic League, 4, Senior Fellows' Club, 4, Christmas Pageant, 4, R.O.T.C., Corporal, 3, Class Night, 4. FREDERICK. CORRINE SELMA. General. "Connie". Pittsburgh, Pa. Senior Girls' Club, 4. FRITH. GLADYS IRENE. General. "I-lappy". Perry, Fla. GIGL. WILLIAM C.. IR. College. President D.C.T., 3, 4, D.C.T., 2, 3, 4, Alpha l-li-Y, 2, 3, 4, Armed Forces, june 28, 1945. GILBERT, NORMA IEAN. General. "Ieanie" Tiger's Clow Representative, 3, Se- nior Girls' Club, 4, Debating Society, 3, Senior Girls' lubilee, 4, Class Night, 4. GRAHAM, BETTIE LOUISE. General. "Cracker". Pepperettes, 2, 3, Globe Trotters, 4, Senior Girls' Club, 4, G. A. A., 4. ' ku 'ifr- Vaii' 4 .ir ,:' r.... ga V' ,. t ' 'E Y 4, GRAY. WILLIAM RICHARD. General "Handcart". Sergeant-at-Arms, Gamma Hi-Y, 2, 3, Parliamentarian Student Council, 4, Gamma l-li-Y, 3, 4, "I" Club, 3, Se nior Fellows' Club, 4, Tiger's Claw Reporter, 4, Varsity Baseball, 3, Class Night, 4. GREENE, EVELYN RUTH. General. "Peewee". HALL. ERNESTINE. General. "Ernie". Corclele, Ga. HAMM. FRANCES MARIAN. Commer- cial. "DimpIes". Timmonsville, S. C. National Honor Society, 4, Valedic- torian, 4, Who's Who, 4. HEYMAN. BERNARD EDWIN. College. "Bone Head". Vice-President, Stamp Club, 3, Se- nior Fellows' Club, 4. HOGARTH. VERA A. Commercial. "Hogqie". Concert Master of Orchestra, 4, Pep perettes, 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4, Se nior Girls' Club, 4. HOLMES. GEORGE E. General. "Ge0l'9ie". Jacksonville, Fla. KENNISON. ELIZABETH V. General. "Libby". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Library Club, 47 Pepperettes, 3, 4. KOON, ALICE ELIZABETH. General. "Koonie". Pepperettes, 2, 3. KOONS. LOIS MYRTLE. General. "Maior". Las Estrellitas, 37 Red Cross, 27 Majorette, 2, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Girls' Glee, 47 Head Majorette, 47 Class Night, 4. LANCASTER, DOROTHY MAE. General. "Dottie". Senior Girls' Club, 47 G.A.A., 3, 47 Pepperettes, 2, 3, 47 Class Night, 47 Christmas Pageant, 4. LEE, DORIS. General. "Peanut". Vice-President, Science Club, 27 Sec- retary of Band, 47 Secretary, lunior Girls' Club, 37 Chaplain, Senior Girls' Club, 47 S.l..F., 47 Band, 3, 47 Cr- chestra, 3, 47 Vesper Services, 3, 4: Class Night, 3, 47 Graduation, 3, 47 Senior Girls' lubilee, 37 Band Cone cert, 47 Who's Who, 4. LORD, EVA BERNICE. Commercial. "Bernie". lunior Girls' Club, 37 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Sophomore Girls' Club, 27 Girls Glee, 2. MCKELVY, IACKIE LOUISE. General. "Ishill". Majorette, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 4. O'BRIEN, VERNON TRAVIS. General. "Flash". Cheerleader, 47 Hi-Y Alpha, 3, 47 Baby Tigers Footballg Class Night, 4, PEARSON, PEGGY CHRISTINE. General. "Peq". Reporter, Globe Trotters, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 4. PERLMAN, AARON MARTIN. College. "Itchy". Chicago, lllinois. Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Flag Bearer, 47 Baby Tigers Football, 37 Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4. PETZINGER, HARRY HOWARD. General. "Patsy". Hi-Y Club, 3, 47 "l" Club, 3, 47 Se- nior Fellows' Club, 47 Baby Tigers Football, 27 Baby Tigers Basketball, 37 Varsity Football, 3, 4j Varsity Track, 3, 4j Class Night, 4. PORTNOY. MIRIAM. General. "Mickey". PRESSON, NOEL IMOGENE. General. "Ignomie". Savannah, Ga. Senior Girls' Club, 47 lunior Girls' Club, 37 lunior Chorus, 27 Senior Girls' lubilee. PRICE, LEILA EVELYN. Commercial. "Red". Girls' Glee, 47 Senior Girls' Qluig 4 SETZER, BESSIE. General. "Bets". Senior Girls' Club, 4 STRONG, CAROLYN. Cemmercial. "Lyn". . Senior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 4. TARVER, ALICE RAY. General. "Shanq". Morgantown, Ky. Senior Girls' Club, 47 Class Night, 4. TAYLOR, GLORIA. Commercial. "Glory". Waycross, Ga. TOMLINSON. IUANITA. General. "Niia". Senior Girls' Club, 47 Mascot Senior Fellows' Club, 47 Globe Trotters Club, 47 Girls' Glee Club, 4. TURNER, MARY FAYE. Commercial. "Turnip". Ashburn, Ga. Senior Girls' Club, 4. WIGGINS, CHARLOTTE LUELLA. College. "Blue-eyes". Reporter, El Circulo Panarnericano, 47 Las Estrellitas, 27 El Circulo Pana- mericano, 3, 47 Senior Chorus, 2, 3, 47 Iunior Girls' Club, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 4. WIGGINS, OTIS KLOSKY. General. "Bulldog". Secretary of Old Timers, 27 Treasurer oi Old Timers, 37 Old Timers, 2, 3, 47 Senior Fellows, 47 "I" Club, 3, 47 Baby Tigers Football, 27 Varsity Foot- ball, 3, 47 Baby Tigers Baseballg Who's Who, 4f WILLIAMS. THELMA IRENE. General. "Renee". Buffalo, N. Y. Winner Essay Contest, 37 Recipient of Orchestra Emblem, 3j Oracle Adver- tising Staff, 2, 3, 47 Globe Trotters, 47 National Forensic League, 47 Senior Girls' Club, 47 Science Club, 27 Stu- dent Council, 2, 47 Talent Night, 2, 3, 47 Senior Girls' Iubilee, 37 Red Cross, 4. WYNN, FRANCES EUGENE. General. "Gene". Senior Fellows' Club, 4. I 4 1 r 1 2 McKEE IUNGLE GARDENS Ve-ro Beach, Florida LOW SENIORS AND IUNICRS 1 14, sl 0 x 0 S 2 X Hz' 63.2331 ' 1 Y, , .Baz if Rf Q Q- .1 ,, kr v, ,j 13 - , 4-3' LOW SENIORS :qv , ' R Qixii . N, as L. R 5' Q 1: X A S 3' x 1' X L , I x X ii'f,f 2 fyulx I 1, I , 1 , ' , 1 , ,ff X' ,gg 1.-AL"1G w, Y, ,, ',' M1 'Q ,Lk 'f - 145 A Xvk, ABDULLAH, LU ABRAHAM, MARY BAZZELL, SARAH BEAZLEY, MARY IANE BROADUS, LOREN BROWN, JOYCE BURKHALTER, FRANCES COTHERN, MURIEL DUNCAN, FRANCES DOUGLAS, BILL DOWNES, CATHERINE ELLIS, IAMES FELTMAN, IAMES FULFORD, PRYOR FUTCH, EUNIES GREICO, MARY LOUISE HASTINGS, MARY HILL, EDWARD HODGE, EDYTHE HUTCHINS, ELEANOR KAMP, ELLEN KENNISON, LEWIS KNOWLES, ROSA ANN KRISTLE, GENE MARTIN, ROBERT MCKINNON, BILLY PAUL PHILLIPS, BETTY PHILLIPS, CHARLOTTE RAULERSON, CAROLE RICHARDSON, GRACE ROBERTS, EUGENE ROMAN, ETHEL THENOILS, IOHN SMITH, DANNIE MAE VcmDEVELDER, FRANK WALL, MARIAN WILLIAMSON, IOLYNE ABBOTT, FRANCES ABRAHAM, IDA AGESON, DORIS ALEXANDER, DORIS ALVAREZ, ELIZABETH ARBUCKLE, JANE BACCASH, LOUISE BARNETT, MARIAN BARTMAN, MILDRED BATTEN, BETTY BLANDFORD, BILLY BLANTON, BETTY GENA BOERWINKLE, IANET BOLASKY, SYLVIA BOYETTE, ELIZABETH BROCHMANN, EVELYN BROINI'-I, SHIRLEY BROVJNING, MAXINE BUCHANON, IACK BUFORD, ARLENE BURNETT, IEWEL BURSON, GENE BUSBY, DICK BUSSE, BOBBY CANNADY, HILDA CANNON, VIRGINIA CARTER, EDWARD CASON, BILLIE CATHERINE CHURCH, HELEN CLANTON, KENNETH CLARK, MARY COLEMAN, BARBARA COLEMAN, RUBY COPELAND, MABLE COMER, FLORENCE CRAVEY, FRANCES CRAWFORD, DORIS CREWS, IACKIE DANIELS, IANE DAVIS, BONNIE IO DEDGE, MADELINE DIRGHALLI, MOSE DQMOTT, DON DICKINSON, DORA DOSS, DORIS DOUGLAS, FERNE f 'ify f A-if by Assg 9533- V115-' 1?-47-" " .. ...W ,, an V 1 -dams 5'-ra 4, ,db f ff ' f 4 W9 23, 2 r If d A ff fs f I yf W ,gy . i,,5y1,:m 1 A A 'G S is Q 'nm 1, T Www, EX-2,51 1? , ,. I f ' 'S Q ' ff 42. 3 2 -'T I' . -1 J' :' , , ' n YJ ,Q , 5, 5 v -. , M: V: f l? - 1, '-af,2g,-- Q -:W fgx , 1 4 N -Q ' V Q55 ,gfsvfgi 12: pg ,f hi s uf 4 : f X 'va N'-if X. , f.. ' , .S:,:41A--,. ,:,. ,1 I H 31 N . AQ' DOWLING, DOLORES DUKES, IEAN DUNCAN, BETTY DUNCAN, DORIS EASTMORE, GENE ELLIS, BILLY FAVER, RATTY REAGLE, LORRNE RLAUMAN, ABE FORBES, RUTH FORRESTER, NORRIS GALLOWAY, HENRY GASKINS, IACKIE GARRETT, EUGENE GAULE, CATHERINE GENEREUX, IEAN GIGL, BETTY ANN GILCHRIST, BETTY GILL, JANET GLASS, BETTY FRANCES GODDARD, JOAN GOFF, DANELLA GRAY, NANCY GREEN, ELIZABETH I-IACKETT, INA I-IAGAN, LEE I-IARDESTY, ETI-IEL I-IAZEL, SARA LEE HESS, IIMMIE I-IIERS, IRENE I-IITZING, LOVEL I-IOBBS, CECIL HOLBERT, WILLARD I-IOLLINGSWORTH, EVELYN I-IOUSER, JAMES I-IUMPHRIES, DORIS I-IUTSON, MARGIE IENNINGS, ADA IONES, CHRISTINE IONES, MARIORIE KALCI-I, HELEN KEELER, BILLY KELTON, LOU KING, ANNIE LAURIE KINSEY, VIRGINIA KIRBY, LYRIL KRAUSE, IEAN LAMB, ROBERT LASELER, ESTELLE LEE, DELORES LOWRY, DOROTHY LUKER, IESSIE LUMPKIN, YVONNE MAIDA, MARGARET MARCUM, CAROLYN MARI, JOHNNY MARTIN, MARTHA MENOR, M. L. MCCLELLAN, RALPH MCCANDLESS, LILLIAN MCCULLY, LUCILLE MCMULLER, PEGGY MILLER, MARTIN MIMMS, BILLY IEAN MIZELLE, FRANCES MOODY, IULIA MORGENSTERN, PAYE NEWSON, HELEN NORTON, MENARD OWENS, BETTY IO OWENS, GLADYS PARKER, GEORGE PEARSON, DOTTIE PEPIN, IRIS PERRITT, IEANNIE RUTH PORTNOY, IDELINE POWERS, BARBARA PRICE, IACKIE PRICE, LILLIAN PRIESTER, NORMA IEAN PRINCE, ERNESTDEAN PRUITT, CHARLES PUGHSLEY, VIRGINIA PURSER, BETTY RAEBURN-, BETTY REID, MARTHA REVELS, DORIS RICHARDSON, MYRA REINS, FRANCES ROBINSON, IACK ROGERS, MILDRED ROONEY, THELMA ' "H, 4: T. , I ff l f V? , f N' A , , , f A f Y 6 f X ,' 111.1 f. ,. f 1 , ,. y - Y C , -Q-M I If, H - My N .,, an ,, , 2 , " Q, , -3 , ,ff 3 23452 2 ' 2 , f fffff 2152" f ,,m,,, f -1 Wiki L fllfwwi iw, 41 M , , ,,m,, Afm,2 , I ff? Z! .,g 'Q ,, if -w. ..: , '-1.5: U 5 t Luv ff f , A A- I filw 'WXFLY V, my 5 a ,W . Us s V , f A 1 f 9:91 I W, we 1' .' A' 'C XfWfw'w qfwff y f Q f fa! REQ? 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' 4' 1 iw S N wx X xx Q Q X O , SALTER, LAVERNE SEALS, AGNES SELLERS, MILDRED SHEFFIELD, PEGGY SHINALL, SAM SIKES, CLARISE SILCOX, GERALD SIMMONS, ANN SIMMS, REBECCA SISTRUNK, IUNE SKINNER, AUDREY SKIPPER, IOHNNY SLOAN, CORRINE SLOAN, IOY ANN SMITH, BARBARA SMITH, PHYLLIS SNEED, DOUGLAS SNEED, MARY ANN SPEED, RAY STEFANIC, IOSEPH STEFANIC, LOUIS STERLING, HERBLRT STEWART, HENRY STOY, KATHERINE STOY, KARL SWEAT, FAYE TARTE, MARY TATE, CHERRY TAYLOR, ELAINE TAYLOR, LENORA THOMAS, HAZEL THORNE, LUCILLE TULLUS, RAY TURNAGE, GWEN TYSON, ELEANOR VARNADOE, ILLA MAE WALKER, BERTHA WARD, LATRELLE WHEELER, DOROTHY WHIPPLE, AUDREY WILLIAMS, RUTH WILSON, DORIS WOOLWINE, IUANITA YATES, EVELYN YONGE, CATHERINE ZOSLOW, MYRA PARKER, DORA LEE I I 1 v I I MOUNTAIN LAKE SINGING TOWER Lcxke Wales, Florida SOPHOMORES ,,.,.......-- Qt W HOME ROOM 102-Mr. Phillips--First Row: Denner, Strother, Sheily, Weaver, Wolfe, Spears, Williams, Williams, Trawick, Mr. Phillips. Second Row: Thomas, Stovall, Shayhood, Rowell, Whittier, Pageant, Wallstone, Wiqqins, Snow. Third Row: Brown, Wolfe, Rowe, Stroud, Abernathy, Walker, Bremer, Sullivan, Smith, Von Gink. V ,...-...A HOME ROOM 103-Miss Traqittffirst Bow: Bland, Childs, Butler, Clanton, Cribb, Edenfield, Boyd Henry, Dougherty, Bunbrick. Second Row: Duane, Foster, Batton, Lacy, Bruck, Hiqhsmith, Dyess Gott, Brunson, Reeves, Miss ljraqitt. Third Bow: Strickland, Crabtree, Edge, Forbes, Fish, Cowart Mace, Blount, Force, Geiger, Walker, Anders, Coleman. Not in picture: Rankin, Hobbs. HOME ROOM 106-Miss Roberson-First How: Hendricks, Viner, Kelly, Newsome, Ke-qebine, Kinmon, Hentz, Goff, Purcell. Second Bow: Loest, Williams, Iones, Barton, Petty, Paris, Valentine, I-lurlbert, Davis, Miss Roberson. Third Row: Sved, Iackson, Lindsey, Pillsbury, Mock, Harrie, Ivey, Bowers, Nevin. Back Row: Hhoden, Hunter, Mosely, HOME? ROQM 107-Miss Scziliseflfirst Rcwf Sumner, Baines, Boles, Carter, Bullinqton, Barnett, Aqeson, Um91't-211, BUYUGYT, Miss Scalrce. Second Row: Brown, Connell, Cannon, Barihlow, Brown, Champa, Clements, Clark, Anders. Third Row: Conway, Barbee, Chambers, Adams, Carter, Bennett, Crevasse, BPH, Ewom, CLJUC9, Carter. Fourth Row: Burnwell, Carter, Burke. ' was K fn. we V. . . 1 li I QW 71 ff HOME ROOM 202-Miss Cochley--First Row: Voqht, Wickless, Walker, Wester, Wellman, Warrington, White, Warmock, Second Row: Yandle, Wade, Wainwright, Vickers, Tuten, Wynn, White, White. Third Row: Vam Sickle, Wright, Wallace, Webb, Wallace, Wilson, Williams. Fourth Row: Zaher, Vickers, Wynn, Halsall, Woodward. HOME ROOM 203-Mrs. McKee-First Row: Sykes, Strickland, Tate, Sterling, Tyson, Smith, Stubbs, Sterns, Sullivan, Sutton, Mrs. McKee. Second Row: Sohn, Stewart, Pearson, Treece, Sumner, Stinqle, Tatum, Sperlanes, Strickland. Third Row: Archer, Smith, Thomas, Starr, Tatum, Tillus, E I gl 1 Hooks, Stokes. Not in picture: Taylor. I H' if 4 Vw Y 6 L E E HOME ROOM 218--Mrs, Wilder-First Row: McGinnis, Sontag, Scott, Burnsed, Gainey, Griffin, Miller, Chadwick, Leuders, Mrs. Wilder. Second Row: Mock, Martin, Blount, Moore, Fennell. Third How: Mixon, Wetherington, Maclntyire, lohnson, McCallum, Mossman, Pickett, Mays, Bryan. Fourth Row: Eason, Martindale, Mann, Butler, Maines, Gaynon, Merritt. Not in picture: Morgan, Moitt. ,-.......J .ai HOME ROOM 220-Miss Taylor-First Row: Edmunds, Feth, Dyal, Douglas, Greene, Gill, Hamilton Gories, Granger, Miss Taylor. Second Row: Eunice, Feener, Eubanks, Hadden, Futch, Feener Dedmon, Dirghali, Geiger. Third Row: Erickson, Drayton, Green, Goodmark, Dewitt, Gay, Dowdy Glover, Gardner. Fourth Row: Foures, Gattis, Durden, Griffin, Faircloth. HOME ROOM 228-Miss Talmage-First Row: Leggett, Hardesty, Johnson, Lovett, McKenzie, Hart, Lord, Inman, Iohns. Second Row: Kershner, Iones, johnson, Livingston, Lammons, Lewis, Iones, Ledford, Hutcheson, Miss Talmage. Third ROW: Lucas, Hendry, McDowell, Iones, Kirkpatrick, Lepper, Knapp, Hay, Fourth How: McGinnis, McKelvy, Higqinbotharn, McCombs, Helmly, Holton, Henderson. l l "lv Q 1- 1 , f .---W ati, Q X sw, -,:,r. 1 "' , - Q' . E 2 -n ,- T Le fig, .NMMQW 1 3 t, i warm, ,xr ef? . N , .,.... Mft, . A 3. 2 is . , .nam . , 1 .. ifw :I 3 K f W Km in V W AI -4 -1 Q ff .t 1 .V f ,-..J you HOME ROOM 224-Miss Hechtflfirst Row: Smith, Safriet, Plott, Slauson, Shysparcl, Howard, Sessions, Sikes, Shuman, Sibley, Miss Hecht. Second Row: Smith, Simmons, Hoqqat, Sharp, Safer, Rushing, Lloyd, Smith, Sapp. Third Row: Sanders, Shiver, Heatherly, Sussurns, Sirman, Shumaker, Skinner. 5? T in 3 -4 I 41 1 if in 'I I HOME ROOM 225-Miss Glover-First Row: Riser, Richardson, Wainwriqht, Phillips, Lampkin, Rhyme, Richardson, Pylant, Miss Glover. Second Row: Price, Rogers, Robinson, Roberson, Rigqins, Pittman, Pilcher, Roberson, Powell. Third Row: Ransom, McElroy, Robertson, Roche, Legler, Ward, Poland, Robertson, Rush. Fourth Row: Prince, Roberts, Pritchard, Ritch, Sharnpine, Powell, Starling, Liles. HOME ROOM 226-Mrs, Hudson-First Row: Murray, Ogden Peacock, Pattison, Miller, Miller, Moody, Phillips, Mosely, Mrs. Hudson. Second Row: McDaniel, Allen, Morris, Miles, Owens, Miller, Nelson, Miller, Loose, O'Neal. Third Row: Nolan, Parmenter, Pettiqrew, O'Steen, Perkins, Petty, Miles. ,,,,, ,,,, ., .. . W ZMH 5:1 , ' -. 5 E 'ENV' ff Q' HOME ROOM 229 Mr Clark-First Row McGraw Leroy Loun Luke Lloyd McCorm1ck Ne-Smlth Mcbowan Mr Clark Second Row: McElhaney Marker Mazza Maddox Lumpkm McCall Luders Ba-as Matlns Tlmd How: McClarty, McM1l11an McKae McC1yde HOME ROOM 302 Mrs Delatsch Frrst Row Martm Mashburn Perry Melzer Mcrr1ll Norton Pylant Moody, Martm Mrs DeLa1iscl'1 Second ROW Presson Prrce Martm Myers Marlowe M1195 Oqburn, Price Osbourne Moore Thrrd Row Medlm Rhodes Maxey Massey Rrqqms Ne-Q1 Fourth Row: Newsome Quarles Oehler Martrn Mrller Rambach Parker Not 1n plcture Newsome HOME ROOM 303 Mr Eptmq-First Row Kmq Hester Feltman lackson H111 Hrqqmbotham lones lohns Lacy Mr Eptmq Second Row Hrcks Krcklxqhter Hrqqmbotharn Lastmqer Ledheiiy Keller Kruer lames Iackson Third How: Hrqqlnbotharn Lancaster Hoelizel lenlcms Stlllman Krestul Horton, Kelly fi HOME ROOM 305-Mr. WilsonfFirst Row: Williams. Second Row: Smith, Touchton, House, Taylor, St. Iohn, Van Landinqham, Wilson, Williamson, Skaff, Mr. Wilson. Third Row: Wilson, Sessions, Williams, White, Shimp, Thomas, White, Speiqler, Walters, Thomas. Fourth Row: Van Benchoten, Yeaton, 'Tre-dinnicl-1, White, Syminqton, Santora, Shaffer. HOME ROOM 309-Mrs. Hauser-First Row: Levin, Hearn, Hamilton, Gibson, Denmark, Ioyce, Teague, landon, Iohnson, Strickland, Mrs. Houser. Second Row: Stokes, Farah, Lee, Davis, O'Quinn, Stevenson, Long, Dukes, Dale, Hazel, Third Row: Jones, Taylor, Forbes, Patten, Worrnan, Vanzant, Edison. Fourth Row: Newnham, King, Graham, Joyner, Daniel, Murray, Sheffield, Millis. HOME ROOM 310-Miss Hooks-First Row: Falis, Custer, Dyer, Cooper, Floyd, Edison. Second Row: Feinberg, Evans, Dauphen, Confers, Dorey, Costello, Evans, Miss Hooks, Third Row: Comer, Dykes, Geiger, Drury, DeLoach, Crolly, Folsom, Gavles, Crews, Curtis. Fourth ROW: Phillips, Edmonds Crews, Olson, Fulford. Back Row: Combs, Strube, Dees, Corey, Strom. x. ftwff it KWXQW IIB! game ,.....J HOME ROOM 310-Miss Walton-First Row: Gordon, Garst, Gray, Handbury, Handbury, Googe, Guyton, Poe-,lMiss Walton. Second Row: Goodell, Hardiman, Gormley, Harris, Glisson, Haddock, Hall., Phillips. Third Bow: Harper, Morrow, Hayes, Crews, Stinson, I-lelmiclc. Fourth Row: Haddock, Head, Garrish, Hawkins, Strube, Halman. HOME ROOM 312-Miss Comstock-First Row: Collum, Cohen, Brittain, Caruthers, Cannon, Cauley, Clary, Brower, Campbell. Second Row: Boney, Bowers, Collins, Clemens, Combs, Burnett, Caulsey, Carroll, Carmichal. Third Row: Burck, Burrows, Blankenship, Bowden, Champa, Chachos. Fourth Row: Taylor, Trent, Brantly, Blackman, Billingsley, Calhoun. HOME ROOM 312A-Mrs, Ramsey-First Row: Mock, Smith, Thomas, Whitehead, Tapley, Riser, Bell, Mrs, Ramsey. Second Row: Walker, Taylor, Smith, Vice, Mosely, Spence, McCrone, Willcln, Third Row: Reed, Allen, Bridges, Zaher, McGrili, Mosely. , t "' w........4 HOME ROOM 315-Miss Freidlin-First Row: Belzer, Atchley, Beasley, Bell, Benneit, Abraham, Louder milk, Atkinson, Miss Freidlin. Second Row: Amy, Albritton, Alvarez, Adams, Bell, Bamford, Barker Barta, Baccash. Third Row: Barnwell, Be-all, Bass, Dewitt, Peeples, Andinq, Baker, Fourih Row Barts, Allen. Not in picture: Arnett. , f I , , Z ff 1 f ,Lf ga, X ,wifg 5 2 5 x , 5 E 3 , 5 EE ,EE f M ,M . fi", x xnxx WE lbw 4 , 52 i Q HW E M. A. Demorest, Principcrlg Cliff Horton, Vice-Presidentg Guy Simmons, Presidentg L. A. Broadus, Secretaryq M. F. Wilson, Asst. Principal. ANDREW IACKSON DADS' CLUB The Andrew Iackson Dads' Club was organized by the fathers who were interested in the welfare ot the students ol Andrew lackson High School. This organization meets once each school month and sponsors many worth- while projects. During this school year the Dads' Club sponsored a special football program and raised sullicient lunds to lurnish the School Band with new uniforms and equipment. They also provided cars to take the players home upon their return irom trips and are working on a project for larger and better school grounds with a track and all the modern improvements. FEATURE SECTION CLDEST HQUSE St. Augustine, Florida ag ' ' V s C LQWNS DOT 8a 'I'H3xmON xfiviv if GQL fmnnf YK RL ISC, DUV' 65g91UNTY Q5 QW Y-... Bic:-QHQ1' . I. ,i,,ma1 F IHAT Q Li'sLL,Mw' , MR. 8: MRS. FOURTH PRIAE LE ff.. um ofuc B. DOT ffezxawm 'BIRDS OF ,fa Fh.uTr:3L'f-2 LCJVBYS LEG COOKIE s I 4 Q-7 MSM, W. f, Most Oriqinczl f I mwsq 15 , ffm, , ,fyd 'fin if 'piijl 2,05 ffyfyy f "QQ: , ,, ., W iff ff X. ' Q as 1-5 J Q 1 if KENNY .X .,Ns,wamxxwa1e.s gggfbvw- LOIS IOHNSON-JIMMY FOSTER Best All Around HELEN PENN-LOREN BROADUS f 3? I mi 4 1' 437 1 fm 'Q '9 yr 1 ff if Lf., fi f wfiwfff . f W Best Dressed N 1222 mf? YMW7 Q ,Z ,WI NANCY GRAY-BLAND SIMMONS Best Looking PEGGY TILLMAN-IOHN THENOILS ,- rf, W! ffl 2 1" ' f '72 1 V , f ,,V, 4, I .5. E, , V ff A f A, ,V QQ Q: ' f . 9' Z 2, ,. . af , , J .f Y 1 o 'f 6 , 4, . , ,. , , ,fvaw m Z!?"" " V. ' ., 1 ' 4 " E' 1 2,1 y ..ja::.,.-,fvf J- - ' 1 f 6' . ,W . Y ,lv . , . ' . , 4f1 'fg2F W' - , ,.,., , . ,,.. , K. J .-5,1,,, .M ygfmr X Y' ,, .,, at f ,amy ' ., ,,,,e,.Mw.f 'ff " . ', 4.1 .- 'si 1, ' NL A . WM W " ' W, gy I U K 0: . R NY LW 'if 1 ' VM 2,5 Q f U'-.1-,X ,A fhfff . 1 w,fl' in ffm, X H K J Qj,,j3x, if .g.k b A ,yy fam , M fi '.., - f QM , ' g an A ,ff Am , A j Q, ffv it 5 A I if ' 'jg' ,Q gg vfzigifi g.v42f?4hfg?, yy- 4 74, f 'fx f, 31, f l, A ,,,,t,,'j1i ,I 1 N f:,x5ffi+ggJ,.' 5 fy X f A yy, 4 'K ., 52:68, 'Q W ,,,.. 3 ,.,,,,a ' . X I ,Fifi fm ' 5, If Q' 'iixf ,, T H Q V L- 'Rx kk 'Q Sk ff! lily, , ,,, MVQ- K , f. Eg ,fi '. - e "Q ' ,Af ,N 4 exif , g -' ". ' V Nm ,.. AFXZ , S , A L k - ww Q ,f x Q , , i w Xjif' 1 9 ,, 'SN Q E A 1 q,'??, i.,12 I , X, In 5 Q lrkr - vt m g xx Q X Z i " 3 K gqxgpy kkf NTLK . -Q wi' 'Yi 'x X m i ...X ."' fu , Awxyl Wg Y i'ifgjS:K5 X RA L Kr QQ, K xy! s Q1 gfww, , Y YQ XI? 4. rv 5- uf f is r 'T Iune-Most Original LOIS IOHNSON-JIMMY FOSTER Vfkmb the ., uf 1 is S fm- 4 y rl Kg Nl 4 W , Q fx sz 'Ysi in we ' ' sy ,g X , '1 . fr' .gy ,., 4 v. ., x, 1. " w Y , ,sy gm X if v sf Q ' a H if ' X. Qix x f I K Q- i, .Qxi.' 1 it F 5 Q ig Q X 'E s s. H f X Y wa. Ni QE Y NX , 'G 5 if Q. v tx six Q.. K 'xx Y X AX A X ww' .fi Q 4 +P l we -K 'bt X Li 3 8 i Q V53 it Q 'iw Q ' Q JF 1 Q5 Q ii r . , K X! , x 5 Q X.. ,X xx ii - . if is 4' AX ,, QQ I bb A , - U he X Q. ,. , K, K 8 , I A .. - K 1 xxx 2 Q55 Q "' .1 H X . ., X.. if - fi 'ai' 9 G ' i K Ex' 1 ' R A 'J Z: I Q V. 3, C ' 1, - ' m 1 jf? ' ' b .'-L l E34 if 7 4 3 f iff' '1 VX ,Z F . Q 6 .V N A ,,A, V n W ,. , 53? , . gb - , X 5 4 ' .' f -r 'K' f if s 4 ' 'Xftx ' ,xfg Q f' ,,, . ' , Q. cfm wr., , f f ,n ,,,f,,,, J, ', Wfafy Q , . "nuff K, , 3, -, 34- ,. , .Vwr Z, ,. Ms, , , of x X, " Iune-Best Looking IOAN WOLFE-BOB ULSCH I., 1 vqyg, ' ,393 j1i""k Q mx Q fx E 1 " " , '72-jg? A ., ' 2 6 Q , , Q 'Q 4' Y 'Ks Q 'sr Q., ' 'Q w M N " - a- Q, . -Sin ' w,i. .'.kwX .xlF1 .1 ,i , 'Q 3. . X via, " Y' Q H + p. ' 'qi X' Q V 1 -1 :plan -ivzzfmg.. awww . ,q 2 W1 ww? ' N y J 5 ,U 5 P-ff Q1 ru' - ' -V 5. eil . I - 1 ,Xl . .,.-vw '12 M .,., Vw, fl, I ,VQVL ' Q I u fv- , I ,f,,:g, .,,..j, f Lx, f,' Y If W i , , w, ,ff ,-"fLW' ' ,S 5 ,Q .bi ww! J, A- x JM n 5 .xv -Q-' my W . - Ql"NqQ . XQHSFW ,,,,f ' W V ' ,,.,.-f- V 5 WY, if 44 9 I I W4 zur ,.f-' 'fyfiff' ig? , n,,,,..n- u, 3, ' Q, ' 92 MY - I L by 1 f J' f ,, , . Q5 if 4? 4,3 AX ,U ,fix f 'A ,f y 4,' f ' ' M, 4424- . '- 9 V' "Lg, ' ' -,..f"' 4 X bg' si Q- af " 9 M.. ,VV , . swf, vi: 9 745 , ff, ,, ,. f +,,.1 A vi mzwfgg if -,,, 1' sgwp ,. N' f'- -2' ,, 4-1 'Q,s,f7ak,',. "'a.'-5!-'lY,"w5,,' U. , , ' M ' MQ ,. ,, .0 ,. ,,,,,, M 4 Q. Q a f, .0 ' -.512 A . I Iune-Most Athletic KATHHYN ASPINWALL-FRED HOWARD Ianucrry-Most Service to the School MILDRED LEONAREP MORTY ROSFNKRANTZ Iune-Most Service to the School SHIRLEY SWINT HERBERT FEVEC 15. M ,QQ 4,4 W QNf,,.,4 QA V . ..x-Q1 14 ' WQ- ' . 1+ ':L,-ff' R w,,2f.+,g ,. ,X ,X - ff-5-537. A ,u A YARN 3 E , f " :fir h s 5 Wx 5 , x 1 Q QQ.-gm ifc- -if.. K 'X ,X , 5, Q-Y ,A 1 3 W b syn A 4? , . '59 ffm Q Q -M- fx rf M , . rv" ., fw E: 1. x .ww .pi Iune-Most Studious WILLIAM BARKERM ELIZABETH BOERWINKLE sg? Y 4, ,Q ,J 'f'47'.- 41- CHARLOTTE HIGH This year the Oracle sponsored its first Hlvliss Andrew lackson" contest. Alter tree ballots were distributed throughout the school, the nominees were elected by votes cast by the students. Con- testants were divided into three divisions-redheads, blondes, brunettes. Alter one week ot intensive campaigning by students, the following winners were announced: Ianet Spaulding, redhead, Betty lean Childs, blonde. Miss Charlotte High won the contest tor the brunettes and topped all the other contestants to receive her title as "Miss Andrew lackson ot l946." Left to Right: IANET SPAULDING, BETTY PHILLIPS, CHARLOTTE HIGH, PEGGY TILLMAN, BETTY IEAN CHILDS "MISS ANDREW IACKSONH CONTEST Left to Right: BETTY PHILLIPS, IANET SPAULDING, CHARLOTTE HIGH, BETTY IEAN CHILDS, PEGGY TILLMAN E . Sponsor Business Sicxif MISS GLADYS RICHARDSON THE ORACLE Circulation Mcmciqer LPONA SAMSON I I Advertising Mcmcrqer ETI-IEL ROMAN x I ' ' E ' I I , . Business Manager Doms SINGER 'ii'ii 'f22iL1f'i 'I " ":.':::-i:'.k1 v j, ir gfrzg 'in d -' I I iz Sponsor Editorial Sicii Ai , MISS MABEL TALMAGF X ' X .X ' A ' X X , BUSINESS SIIAFF Asst Editor-in-Chief ELAINE TAYLOR Editor in Ch1ef UBB Y' IO FOLSOM , 6 f v I M 1, .rj 1 X X 3 V W? M yf 1 I LE' If fy, 72 j24Ql,,,,,,u ,'5i'Ff,j,. 13,3 i -' V. ,Q 'fp Editorial Supervisor CARRIE DIXON 72-, . Q fm, fix f 5591 A iw V, ,- was Cami YE OLD CQURJ. TURNABOUT LAND 5503 31.1 LA TRUCK SECOND PRIZE J Iv O NG W-27 ' A THIRD DM e Tw ,VPLTRUL if Y' flu... MaI'3'I'ICN M-IU ' 3 ,K xg, ga3:yLE wxcmzf ' ORIENTAL GARDEI Iqcksonville, Florxd CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 1 lst Row: Betty Bryant, Betty Barbee, Williprn Barker, Elise Weod, Nita Turner, Shirley Swirft, Voncile Rabb, Robert Stein, Betty Ann Giql Margaret Le Roy End Row: Mary Hastings, Francis Abbott, Iolyne Williamson, Rose Mary Smart, Elizabeth Green, Carrie Dixon, Lula Abdullah Iessie Luker, Ioan Goddard, Carolyn Marcurn 3rd Row: M. A, Demorest, Beverly Rentz, Dorothy Bradberry, -Elizabeth Boerwinkle, Carol Raulerson, Doris Singer, Elaine Taylor Virginia Cannon, Loraine Dratz, Nancy Gray 4th Row: Menard Norton, Lewis Kennison, Iirnrny Vxfilliams, Ianet Boerwinkle, lean lones, Eugene Eastmore, Robert Busse NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, our pride and joy, Raises highest standards tor each girl and boy. Its tour chief objectives tor now and ever after, Are Scholarship, Loyalty, Service and Character. I MORTY ROSENKRANZ ..... ,,.. NITA TURNER ,,,,....i.......... .... DOROTHY BRADBERRY SHIRLEY SWINT ,.,,...,,....... . HERBERT FEVIC ...... VVILLIAM BARKER ..... M. A. DEMOREST .,.,.,. OFFICERS President .... . ViceAPresident . Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor NITA TURNER ELISE WOOD .. SHIRLEY SWINT WILLIAM BARKER VONCILE RABB ROBERT STEIN M. A. DEMOREST lst 3rd 4th Sth Sth Und Row: Tones, Richardson, Luker, Samson, Mahon, Zoslow, Beasley, Clary, Hamilton Row: Glass, Smxth, Padgett, Barthlow, Hearn, Wood, Richardson, Bracewell, Trawlck, Green, Skaff, Mrs. Mclffe Row: Rooney, Costello, Wainwright, Miller, Voqht, Duncan, Perry, Wolfe, Morrill, Whipple Row: Blanton, McGowan, Turner, O'Quinn, Miller, Haire, Sutton, Iackson, Mathis, Iohns Row: Entrekln, Kenny, Haddock, Edison, Warnock, Morgan, Sikes, Reynolds, Bruck Raw: Smith, Kennrson, Iohnson, Iones, Gustafson, Ohler, Hall, DeWitt, Iones, MCEll'1aney, loncs STUDENT COUNCIL Organized last September, the STUDENT COUNCIL Has fervently tried its job to fulfill, ln its work, growth has been reflected, And its duty has never been neglected. OFFICERS President ......,,,, .,,,,,,,,..,, ,,,,,..,,,,,,,,.. Vice-President ...,. ...... Secretary ..................,....,, Corresponding Secretary ,,,., Treasurer ,,.,........,,........... Chaplain ..,,. Reporter ...... Historian ...........,., Parliamentarian .... LEONA SAMSON IESSlE LUKER MYRNA ZOSLOW MEMORlE HAMHJTON GRACE PJCHARDSON ,,,,, HARRY MAHGN EMMA IANE BEASLEY IEAN IONES GWENDOLYN CLARY Center: Danella Goff, Doris Haire, Doris Alexander, Yvonne Lumpkin, Frances Mizelle, Loren Broadus, Mi-ss Talmage Clockwise: Frances Duncan, Catherine Yonqe, Carolyn Marcum, Ruth Forbes, Ethel Roman, Marjorie Iones, Dottie Peirson Nancy Gray Elaine Taylor, Ianet Boerwinkle, Grace Richardson, Betty Gena Blanton, Lucille Thomas, Norma lean Priester, Betty Gigl Mary Hastznqs DAN ELLA GQF F ...........Y BETTY GENA BLANTON BETTY ANN GIGL ......,.t. CAROLYN MARCUM .,.. YVGNNE LUMPKIN ....,... CLARISE MURPHY .....,,. MISS MABLE TALMAGE LOREN BROADUS ...,....,. L. F. S. A club that is faithful, loyal, and true, To all its members, both old and new To all Iaclcson ideals ever a friend lt's L. F. S., a leader to the end. OFFICERS President .. Vice-President Secretary ....,... .,,,,,, Treasurer .,...... Chaplain .,..... Reporter ,,,, Sponsor Mascot ..,... DANELLA GOFF DORIS ALEXANDER ELIZABETH ALVAREZ YVONNE LUMPKIN DORIS HAIRE FRANCES MIZELLE MISS MABLE TALMAGE LOREN BROADUS l In I B all W "" am Z f , , "'V V g K V. ' yi 2 ff J , , ff' 17 v, ff ' ' ,qi ' 7 .A f W v .. .1 v J , ,dy , conf. 4, WMA , , E551 fl , gf , QL f ,ff ,ff, f L ,, ,fgfi f I ,,,, , f ' ' ' Q 1 f l f ,ff , I 4' f 5, Center: Raymond Farris lst Row: Delores Shahood, Voricile Robb, Libby Folsom, Elise Wood, Io Clary, Carrie Dixson, Betty Barbee, and Lois Iohnson 'f Vf 2nd Row: Hrarxces Houck, Margie Middleton, Ioanne Wilkinson, Lorraine Kratz, Mrs. Hieb, Ioyce Weaver, Ioyce Haddock, Beverly Reritz, Alma Hxqqmbotham, and Edith Laask S. L. F. To lace lite squarely is S. L. Pfs code Along life's narrow and hard road, We purpose always to do our best Whatever may be lile's hardest test. OFFICERS President -,,-,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, E LISE WOOD Treasurer ..... ..,. L IBBY FOLSOIVI vmpfesidem ,,,,, .,,.............. L ois IOHNSON chaplain ............................ ...... C ARRIE D1XsoN Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 osEPH1NE CLARY sponsor ......................,.......... ....,.. M Rs, DORIS H1123 Mascot ,,,,,.,,,,....,,........,...,,.. ........... R AYMOND FARRIS lst Row: Iimmy Hicks, Bobby Brooks, Eugene Sleap, Robert Ulsch, Peggy Tillman, Roland Kennedy, Edward Lea, Roy Edwards, lames Feltman 2nd Row: Iames Houser, Dick Busby, Donald Bonts, Harry Mahon, Iohn Anderson, Iimmy Clanton, Bobby Horton, Lloyd I-lead, Ralph Cole, Iames Beal, Billy Douglas, M. F. Wilson 3rd Row: Herman Alexander, Gordon Savage, Bob Murray, L M. Hackney, Billy Paul McKinnon, Walter Butler, Robert Wyse, Robert Bussey, Max Frank, Earl Hall, Woodrow Anderson ALPHA HI-Y Who's World famous, Who'll never slflirk? From a little play or a lot of l'1ard'Work? Yes-'theyre known both lar and Wide, lt's ALPHA l-ll-Y, our joy and pride. OFFICERS President ..,.,,..u,u ......,.... R OBERT ULSCH Treasurer ..... ..... K ENNETH HANSEN Vice-President ..,,. -r------- R OLAND KENNEDY ChUPlGi1'1 ------ ..-....... E DWARD LEA Secretary ...,.... .-------'---f-r-r E UGENE Sl-EAP SPOUSOT ---vw-------"--'-'----------'--- ----... M . F. WILSON Mgggot ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.l,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .............. P EGGY TILLMAN it ei 1 , -.ww it 5 em 1 ' A 'Q 'VVA'qq ' ,b.,. i f lll, 1A1-'A"A L l WWWL li -41: a,MWmmp2WY ,. ., A - ' i Q" -'f: ',.'? v'. ' - -. V' ,716 7 lst Row: Gerald Silcox, Ioe Baker, Iimmy Williams, Louise Woolley, Loren Broadus, Raymond Farris, and Camille Sallas 2nd How: Billy Searcy, Richard Westberry, Tommy Coleman, Edwin Atkins, Fred Morrow, Don De Mott, Howard Prince, Tommy Robinson, and Iohn Durrett BETA HLY There is a small club organized at "lack" Which can never be classified as a "sad sack" lts title is short, but its aim is high, lt's known lar and wide as BETA l-Il-Y. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, I IMMY WILLIAMS Chaplain ..........,....., ,,,,. G EFALD SlLCOX Vicepresidem ,,,,,, ,,,Ar,, L OREN BROADUS Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,,., ,...,.... C AMILLE SALLAS Secretary ,,-,,,,, ,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,, I OE BAKER Mascot ....,,,,...,.,.,,,,,, ,,...r L OUISE WOOLLEY AYMOND FARRIS Sponsor ...,. ,.,.... L , A. E-ROADUS -,NXQQA . lst Row: Paul Albritton, Walter Eleazer, Robert Deal, Lois Iohnson, Earl Lanneau, Bob Burkhalter, Fred Knight, Russel Shasten, Francis Barker, M. A. Demorest 2nd Row: Leonard Strickland, lohn Doherty, Thomas Rich, Marshall Clardy, Iames Vickers, Lee Gaqan, Raymond Poole, Curtis Tillis, Keith Rabb, Ray Lullos, Calvin Roads 3rd Row: Cecil Hobbs, Paul Bosworth, lack Buchanan, Bobby Swindle, Ierry Floyd, Frank Abernathy GAMMA HI-Y GAMMA l-ll-Y is small and not Very old, But its members are known tor its ideal three-told, They Work to serve, but when day is done Tl'1ey're always ready for a little fun. OFFICERS President ...,......,, ,.,., E ARL LANNEAU Chaplain .,..........,.... ,..... B OB BURKHALTER vice President ..,,.. ....... C ECIL HOBBS Saraaant-at-Arms ............. ........... I IMMY ATKINS secretary ,,...,.,... ..,.......,.,.. ..... R O BERT DEAL Treasurer ......, ...r.................. , ...... W ALTER ELEAZER Mascot ..,,...,.,...,.......,.,,...... .,..,..,...... L OIS IOHNSON NATIONAL THESPIAN LEAGUE They've done their share of Work, these few ' z 1 if In the plays or on the stage crew, But the NATIONAL TI-IESPIANS have their share ot fun, too With each dramatic part they do. President .,...,.,.,,. Vice-President Secretary ,......, Treasurer ........ lst Row: Iohn Doherty, Bobby Swindle, Ioe Baker 2nd Row: Libby Io Folsom, Nita Turner, Lois Iohnson, Leo! Samson Grd Row: Miss Taylor, Ioyce Haddock, Carrie Dixon OFFICERS BOBBY SWINDLE IOI-IN DOHERTY LOIS IOHNSON LIBBY IO FOLSOM Chaplain ............. Reporter ............... Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor . ...,.....,..,,,... IOYCE I-IADDOCK CARRIE DIXON IOE BAKER MISS SANNA IANE TAYLOR 'vii 0' 3 am, ,, .. , on QUILL AND SCROLL The QUILL AND SCROLL, a Well-known name, Always succeeds in Winning tame. The best ot scribes its roll ever numbers Ot ORACLE and TIGERS CLAW stait members. lst Row: Nita Turner, Elise Wood, Shirley Swint, Libby Folsom, Carrie Dixon, Lois Iohnson, Voncile R a b b, Betty Gena Blanton, a n d Kathryn Aspinwall 2nd Row: lohn Doherty, Herbert Fevic, B o b b y Swindle, Leona Samson, Elaine Taylor, D o r i s Singer, George Griffith, B o b Burkhalter, and Frank VanDevelder Swearinger, Smith, Scarborough, Serman, Davis, Hardin, Abraham, Abdullah, Barbee, Hutchinson, McGowan, Swint, Iohnson, Howard Williamson, Rentz, Singer, Smart, Middleton, Pursell, Higginbotham, McCam1iss, Shahood, Roman, Hastings, Phillips, Gaule, Long, Penn McMann, High, Spidle, Watts, Wilsie, VanLandingham, Bunch, Aspinwall, Laask, Clark, Wood, Clary, Houck, Symons, Turner, Levy Knowles, I-ligginbotham, Stoy, Greico, Clifton, Tirrell, Samson, Wade, Haddock, Kenney, Zeigler, Downes, Geiger, Smith, Roberson, Wilkin son, Schenck, Odom, Van Landingham, Berke, Weaver, Dudley, Warren, Webb, Bradberry, Kratz, Boerwinkle, Boothe, Gilmour, Richardson Morris, Kirby, Tillman, Simmons, Fulmer, Brantley, Allred, Mills, Talpalar, Beagle, Taylor, Woolley, Folsom, Rabb, Knight, Skipper Goff, Church. SENIOR GIRLS' CLUB TI-IE SENIOR GIRLS' Cno boys 'cept onel, Is really one club in which its members have tun, The enjoyment received tram the activities this year, Can clearly be seen in the faces shown here. OFFICERS MILDRED LEONARD PreSide-nt ,......... .,................ L OIS IOI-INSON LOIS JOHNSON ..........., ..,..i. V ice-President ...... ,...,., I OLYNE WILLIAMSON SHIRLEY SWINT ..,.. ..... S GCIGICIIY ...... .......... S HIRLEY SWINT BEVERLY RENTZ ....,. ..,.. T IGCISLIIGI ...... .,.....,.. B EVERLY RENTZ DORIS LEE ...,........... ..... C hCIp1C1ir1 ...... ...... S ARA MCGOWAN DORIS SINGER ............,,..,,, ,.,,, R reporter ...... .............., D ORIS SINGER VERNON USSERY ,,,,.......... ....... M CISCOI ...., ...,.......,,,..,,, F RED HOWARD MRS. CARRIE SWINDLE ..,,... ..,.. S ponsor ....,. MRS. CARRIE SWINDLE Hiqh Seniors Honored At Earn Dance The Bird Cage Maker Senior Girls' lubilee Bird School- Senior Girls Iubilee Senior Girls' Ted mar Y' mn.-scams' sum :AW awww: mx wgwkglg M8 vt www mum fx is mul Nmawul is-sawn: dams 'Q an fx 'QQ' -XS- s ilu-I 3 lst Row: Al Pratt, Herman Alexander, Iimmy Foster, joe Baker, Ioan Wolfe, Ted Carantza, Hancel Parker, Wesly Tyler, Guy Alvarez 2nd Row: Percy Reed, Bill Douglas, Arthur Talisman, William Hoqgat, Raymond Farris, Iohn Poston, Kenneth Conner, Richard Westberry, Ii mmy Clanton 3rd Row: Eugene Mordt, Woodrow Anderson, Roland Kennedy, William Barker, Tyler Aldrich, Robert Deal, Christy Dale, Ralph Cole, Robert Stein, lack Davis 4th Row: Dick Brown, Eugene Sleap, Robert Ulsch, William Greenhaum, Fred Saunders, Cecil Iohnson, Walter Eleazer, Iohn Doherty, William McLaughlin 5th Row: John Nelson, Charles Albert, Perrey Massey, Iames Williams, Richard Stratton, Edwin Berrier, Marvin Hackney SENIOR FELLOWS' CLUB Do you need help oi any kind? Pertaining to Work or play? li only a SENIOR FELLOW you'll tind, He'll help you in every Way, O F F I C E R S President .......... ............ l OE BAKER Chaplain ....... .... H ERMAN ALEXANDER Vice-President ,... .,.-.. T ED CARANTZA Reporter ......,....... ............,... G UY ALVAREZ Secfgigfy ,,,,,, .,,,, I IMMY FOSTER Serqeantat-Arms ..... ,,,,,, W ESLY TYLER Treasurer ..,. ,,--------,-,---- H ANGEL PARKER Mascot ------------'----------,----,A,-., ...... l OAN WOLFE Sponsor ...,.......,,..,....,........... .........,......... M . F. WILSON OUR EMBLEM 'immnf' 4 Q e S 'im l lllllllllllu' .WWW Wm, ' lk S xx . I, 1 , l all 'lib r 'ifvaleri up ,Alla Senior Fellows Club Officers And Mascot KNames on Precedinq Paqel .51 t"'X' Y what lst Row: Carol Swinson, Sylvia Edwin Atkins, Ianet Morrison, 2nd Row: Danella Goff, Carolyn ces Abbott, Elizabeth Greene 3rd Row: Leonora Taylor, Myrna I I.--1 .--Y-N W Nix Bolasky, Betty Gena Blanton, Frances Mizelle, Ferne Douglas, Nancy Gray, Lou Kelton, Billie Iean Mimms, Maxine Browning Marcum, Betty Gigl, Catherine Yonge, Doris Wilson, Ann Simmons, Latrelle Ward, Marjorie Iones, Fran- Ellen Kamp, Charlotte Phillips, Alice Lunsford, Peggy McMullen, Mary Ann Sneed Zoslow, Margaret Maida, Iudy Moody, Ruth Forbes, Bonnie Io Davis, Jessie Luker, Doris Haire, Virginia Cannon, Bonnie Scarborough, Virginia Murry, Doris Duncan, Doris Crawford, Doris Humphries, Estelle Lasseter, Claire Thompson, Doris Alexander 4th Row: Betty Brice, Helen Carter, Mary L. Grieco, Billie C, Cason, Thelma Rooney, Elaine Taylor, Lillie Fulmer, Marilyn Barnett, Elizabeth Alvarez, Rosalie Winters, Audrey Martin, Betty lean Swinstord, Doris Revels, Ethel Roman, Martha Martin IUNIOR GIRLS' CLUB Look around the corner and you will iind A club that is never tar behind, From its "Spring Frolicsu it's Won its tame The IUNIOR GIRLS' CLUB is its name. O F F I C,E R S NANCY GRAY ,,,,,,,,,,, ..,...... P resident ...... ........ N ANCY GRAY FERNE DOUGLAS ,,,,,,,, ...., V ice-President ,,,,, FERNE DOUGLAS CATHERINE YONGE ,,,,, .,.... S ecretary ...,.. ..,.......,,. L OU KELTON ELAINE TAYLOR ,,,,,,, ,..... T reasurer ....,. ...,.. F RANCES MIZELLE DORIS WILSON ,,,,,,.,,,,,.,, . ,. Reporter .,,,.. ,,....,......,....,.,.,......,.,,......,,,. B ILLY MHVIMS FRANCES MIZELLE ,,,,,,,,,,,.ttt,..,.. ...... C haplain .........,,,.,i,,.,............... BETTY GENA BLANTON Mascot ..,.., ................................. E DWIN ATKINS lst Row: Tommy Coleman, Sam Cole, Max Frank, Charles Pruitt, Iimmy Houser, Nancy Gray, Lee Hogan, Dick Busby 2nd Row: Aaron Leonard, Kenneth Hansen, Ray Tullos, Ioe Iohnson, Billy Ellis. Menard Norton, Charles Cloud, Paul Rawlins, Gene Eastmocre, Fred McMurry, Marshall Ferguson, Edwin Ioseph, Gene Burson, Henry Stewart, Howard Prince, Edwin Spence, Randle Nobles, Iaines Kodak, Nowell Bullock, Harold Carrin. President ........... Vice-President .,... Secretary .....,.r.,. Treasurer ....... IUNIOR BOYS' CLUB Who are the boys on Whom We rely, For ready initiative and spirit undashed? lt's a group that will never be surpassed They're the IUNIOR BOYS of Iaclzson High. OFFICERS UMMY HOUSER ,,,..,.Cl-lARLES PRUITT LACK PRICE LEE HAGAN Sponsor ....,,....,...............,........ Reporter ....,..,. Chaplain ...,.,.,,,,,,...., Sergeant-at-Arms ..,.... Mascot .,,,..,,,,,.,..,...,..,, ,,,,,.,... .....i IOHN E. SAARE DICK BUSBY ROBERT BUSSE MAX FRANK NANCY GRAY lst Row: Margaret Skaff, Lily Fulmer, Lila Ruth Brown, Roslyn Wilson, Doris Haire, Gwendolyn Clary, Dorothy Wolfe, Memorie Hamilton Gladys Smith Qnd Row: Marilyn Barneti, Ruth Feliman, Mary Ann Morgan, lean St. Iohn, Be-ity lean Swinsford, Ioyce I-Iarris, Iackie I-Iiqhsmiih Barbara Henry, Elizabeih Dory, Barbara Trawick, Marguerite Drulcer, Miss Sanders SOPHOMORE GIRLS' CLUB Iackson has a club that is many years old, But its members are young and noi Very bold, They always come over with sweaters and pearls, They, my dear friends, are the SOPI-IOMORE GIRLS. DORIS HAIRE ......,,,., SHIRLEY EVANS ..,. ,. DOROTHY WOLFE ,.., LILLIE FULMER .,,,,,li,. IOYCE BRACEWELL IANE WYNN .......,,,,... MISS SARA SANDERS OFFICERS President Vice-Pre-side Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Reporter Sponsor nt GWENDOLYN CLARY ROSLYN WILSON MEMORIE HAMILTON ,. LILA RUTH BROWN MARY ANN ADAMS JEAN ST. IOI-IN MISS SARA SANDERS lst Row: Bobby Swindle, Iohn Doherty, Nita Turner, Earl Lcmneau, Beverly Rentz, Billy Paul McKinnon 2nd Row: Mrs. Pnts, Rosemary Smart, Betty Skipper, Robert Deal, Faye Sweat, Harry Iones, Mrs. Coram LIBRARY COUNCIL Whenever you visit the library stacks To loorrow a book or verily facts, The LlBBARY COUNCH. and sponsors, too Are always ready with help for you. President ......,,r... Vice-President ...... Secretary .,...... Sponsor ,,,,l.. Treasurer ..........,,,., Chaplain ....,,,,.... Sergeant-at-Arms Co-Sponsor ,.,......l..... OFFICERS NITA TURNER EARL LANNEAU IOHN DOHERTY MARY BYRD PlTTS BEVERLY RENTZ PAUL MCKINNON BOBBY SWINDLE IIMMIE LEE CORAM Ist Row: Sylvia Bolasky, Eiise Wood, Bob Burkhaiter, Frank VanDeveIder, Doris Singer, Iackie Falis, Betty Barbee 2nd Row: Gerald Sohn, George Boney, Delores Feinburg, Ruth Forbes, Nita Turner, Leona Samson, Harry Iones, Kenneth Levin 3rd Row: Herbert Sohn, George Griffith, Earl Lanneau NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Speech, debate, and declamation- Yet We have tirne tor recreation, TI-IE FORENSIC LEAGUE with all its might Speaks up to boost the red and White. BOB BURKI-IALTER ...........,..,... FRANK VAN DEVELDER ,,,,..,, DORIS SINGER ..,,,,..,,,,,..,. ...,,,.. LEONA SAMSON ........ ..,,.. IDLENE PORTNOY ........... MISS IVIABLE GLOVER .r... OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Sponsor FRANK VAN DEVELDER BOB BURKI-IALTER DORIS SINGER IACKIE FALIS .. ...,..,,............ ELISE WOOD MISS MABLE GLOVER lst Row: Sylvia Bclosky, loyce Haddock, Lois Iohnson, Betty Barb ee, Bob Burkhdlter, Dori: Singer, Leon: Samson, Earl Ljznnecru, Louise Entrekin, Dorothy Wolfe, Bcxrbcxrcz Trcxwick 2nd Row: Miss Scmncr lone Taylor, Edith Lcidsk, Currie Dixon, Ho se Tulpclldr, Marilyn Allred, Herbert Sohn, Iohri Doherty, Mickey Mills, Elise 'Wood, N113 Turner, Idckie Fctlis, Elizabeth Dorey, Libby lo Folsom 3rd Row: Bobby Swindle DRAMATIC CLUB The DBAMATlC CLUB you will eosily soo, ls mode tor its drotmcr ond comedy. lt has plenty ot tctlent cmd lots ot spirit, And otlwctys produces plays that ore lull of merit. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,. .............. D ORIS SINGER Treasurer ,,,,,,, Vice-President ,,,,,,, ......, B OB BURKHALTER Cl1ClplCIir1 ....,... Secretary ,,,,.,.,, .......,............. B ETTY BARBEE Reporter ,,,,i,,,,,i.,,.t,,,,,,,,,.,.,,.. Sergeant-Crt-Arms ...........,...... .......i........ E ABL LANNEAU LEONA SAMSON lOYCE HADDOCK LOlS IOHNSON YM i" i i lst Row Betty Gilchrist, Leona Samson, Betty Barbee, Earl Lanneau, Rose Talpalar, Nancy Gray, Sylvia Bolasky 2nd Row Betty Bryant, Mary Lois Paqett, Edith Laask, Ioan Goddard, Lou Kelton, Elaine Taylor, Ioan Bryant, Marilyn Allred Beverly Rentz Adele Ballctqher, lanet Gill, Teddy Panos, Miss Scalis EL CIRCULO PANAMERICANO BETTY BARBEE .,,,.,. ROSE TALPALAR LEONA SAMSON NANCY GRAY ,,.,,,t "Nino, nino, de los llanos, Conmigo Ven a jugar Todos los ninos de America Siempre nos hemos de arnarf' OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer EARL LANNEAU ..,,..,.,,..... ...,.. C hclplcun ........ CHARLOTTE WIGGINS ...,.. ......... H eporter ........... LELAND IACKSON Sergeant-at-arms ROSE TALPALAR .. EARL LANNEAU LEONA SAMSON NANCY GRAY LELAND IACKSON BETTY BARBEE TEDDY PANOS lst Row: Betty Anne Gigl, Vonicle Robb, Yvonne Lumpkin Qnd Row: Danella Goff, Elaine Taylor, Delores Feinberg, Walter Butler 3rd Row: Gerald Sohn, Miss Smith, Iackie Falis, George Gi-iffiih, George Boney, Kaiheryn Aspinwcxll LAS ESTRELLITAS LAS ESTRELLITAS, with song and dance, Will always Win praise and ever advance. They are always lousy Irom morning 'til night To put on a program for your delight. VONCILE RABB .....,. BETTY ANNE GIGL ELAINE TAYLOR ,..ii WALTER BUTLER .,,,. OFFICERS Presideni Vice-President Secretary Treasurer YVONNE LUMPKIN ......., .,,.i.. C haplain ...... MAXINE BROWNING Reporter MISS SMITH .......,..,......... ,,...,, S ponsor ..... VONCILE RABB BETTY ANNE GIGL ELAINE TAYLOR YVONNE LUMPKIN DANELLA GOFF ,, WALTER BUTLER MISS SMITH F35 lst Row: Coach Coram, Coach Eller, Coach Toricott, Farris, Cook, Wood, Roberts, Thenoils, Farford, Seyler, Howard, Broadus Coach Hudson End Row: Poston, Nelson, Stratton, Cole, Simmons, McCombs, Merritt, Iolly, Douglas, Keeler, Oliver, Coach Saare Srd Row: Baker, Ienninqs, Sleap, Hobbs, Kino, Hewitt, Silcox, Sallas, Feltmon, McKinnon, Edwards, Brown "I" CLUB Football, baseball, basketball, and track, Participate in these, boys, and a "I" you Won't lack, Then do your best when this honor you'Ve Won, To uphold the clubs motto, "All tor one". PAUL SMITH ...,........ LOREN BROADUS ..,,.,. IOI-INNY POSTON .,.,,,, .,.,.. ALEX COOK ...,..,.,,,,,,.....,,, .. DENO MASTROGIANAKIS SAM COLE ...,,,..,,,,.,,,..,,,,.,,,.t RANKIN HUDSON ..... OFFICERS President Vice-President , Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor LOREN BROADUS RAYMOND MCCOMBS IOHNNY POSTON GILBERT EDWARDS MILES KING RICHARD SEYLER RANKIN HUDSON 4 1 1 K 2 ss X K YYY 9-ax X? J f -. lst Row: Coach lim Coram, Ted Carantzcs, Larena Ayers, Herman Alexander Znd Row: Fred Sanders, Guy Alvarez, lame-s Sams 3rd Row: Allen Pratt, Cecil Iohnson, Tommy Robinson, Wesley Tyler VETERANS' CLUB We, the Veterans of World War ll Organized the VETERANS' CLUB, quite new With feeling ot democratic brotherhood true, Between the veteran and the President .......,,,,, Vice-President .,,,.. Secretary ,r,,,., Treasurer ..,,,,,, Chaplain .....,.......,,.,, Sergeant-at-A1 ms Mascot ..i,....,. ,.,.., Sponsor ..,. OFFICERS faculty, too. TED CARANTZA I-IERMAN ALEXANDER ELWOOD BOHANNON BURKY CRADY HARRY RICHARD IAMES SAMS LORENA AYERS COACH lllvl CGRAM 'Ji' i n.nv",Q ' fgbs Q 3 7 , .'x ,Q .. lf, q-5 EU Volume Xl ANDREW JACKSON HIGH, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, MARCH 5, 1946 W Number 7 ROLAND KENNEDY 35 5 1 e be . s l ' ev 3 ,,V . , ,Q ' ..'L .1 '.k-. 2 : D, Y '.'X. - 5.-gg, YVILLIAM BAHKER Jackson bWilis,LosesIn 0rIandoq Debates The Alulrifw .lm-kson N. F. L. NJ-LS. pnrticipatetl in lhree debates with the Orlando rhuptcr of N. F, l. nn February 15 in the. Orlando Senior High Si-hnnl. The question for the hnto, which was scheduled M., wus resolved: That bodied male citizen ln the States should he required one full y--rn' full tinu training lwfnn- uf 24. The Jackson It-nm wnn mv-r the Lin- L-:ani in Lhis Turner, tlu lirst xp--ukvr. pointed out .-xlstlnp, wmlnl cond wry milllnry training: is tr, our tynnlinuecl national we Elise Vlkiwi, the ec-cond lap:-nker, fivflznded these 'L'ompulsol'y military trainink rl:-airnblo and :L iniuroves the he-ulth ami v-niuvlztion of our youth. ,'l'lu- Orlanlln in-gatlvn team nom- I-lygptl gf Rnlwi-rt Snxylht' and 'Bill Qwalker 1, that I-x volun- 'llury Sym.-nl ni military training lwnuld he :ni Q-ihcienr plun nf de- ffrin:-P if lin- ,-truly xterm: rnade at- lm--tiv-: -fmmgri tn outset more ,mon to -fnllul I The qiwilit'-u ul thi' srrmincl de- .lmte was also tht- nzalinmxl ques- tion ll, un hui-1 :mm f,'f iial.-fly inner uw mr.: fine Thr .Jaifksfm nvgntive hymn -Onigwsi-nl' of Doris WSlnger mm ritlraltl S-,hp flehcztwrl .lunn Hisvorlc nhd Hnrlmv-fl .lc-an 'Mm-gan fn' Uzlzlmlo Thi' d-'vision was for lhv :uf:rn:utea'c whi- :tressed thu ft-llc-warn: issu--P1 There is gi nl-nd ton prnli,'tl1iwl1 and vnrnpu lan ry mililnrv Lrainmg 'meets this ni-rd in lhzlt it adds tri ,future pmit-tlwn, sLmiuIutPs the Jvnluutem' rxrmy and givvf ta well trained il-xi-rw. A four month iwountvr plan in plume -'ii' the vm- year of mulilury training: whuli was prr-pflxucl by llw Ainezuuzri Legion was atlvmaled by the riegntlv-x At a hirthrlny lxmqurfl givz-n by thc Orland-1 N. P. ll., 11 hvirnorous dehatf- wort sf-lvfriuled The qulw- Nou wan rt-slllxwl: That the wff- man should unnr tht. punts in the fannly. lli'lt'nriur.g Lhv questmn were Flntly lilnvzx and .lc-:mmf Clnufl on the fiffxrmutixfv of Or- landn. Earl Lslnrwzm null Bob Burkhallci' tmnposrii tht- negatlve tr-:lm from ,lnrl-csrm, The ilecnsirlli again Was for, the llrinri-ju afiir- muLlv+r who defended thi' follow- ing Lsgucs: ffrsl, thr' wwrnun should wear the punts in the fnmlly be- Cause she is already tlw boss, effig- ondf for pmt:--'ti--n, tliirrl, for ero- nomy, and. lourth. to rv-gain hx-r husbands aff.-rtmn Our nega- llve team contended that the pants rightly belong in 'he mnn, women ire unfit to wear them, and the supply of pzmls would he srarce if Women won- them. STUDENTS SUPPORT I POLIO DRlVE Andmw Jrwks,-,r, :stu-lents Con- tributed .7-E-7,12 in the ruvent dfiw for the infantile Purnrlysge Fund, according ln Mrs, Arlene Mcliev, sponsor of the Student Council, who was responsible for making HM. miiwrmn N.l-LS, INDUCTS 27 NEW MEMBERS 'Tho Andrew Jackson chapter nt' the National Honor Soviety hvld a vmidlvlight inducxilnn service ln the auditorium February 26 for the purpose of initiating into full nit-nihf-rahlp 26 students who have reet-ntly lulfillcd the reqxuirernrnw for cntrxxnre. Thr- prvsidvnl, Nita Turner. Stn- tml tht- olxjw-Rlxws nf the Honor S0- vif-ty, plnriling out the ideals of chziravtf-r, scholarship and service. Elise Wood, thc: vice -president. slrexsf-d ln her talk on " , ship, that the wn"' -" nsnizes nr xennfnv nun amen Euacfin ro LEAD simon cuss SCHOOL COM- MENDED FOR SAVINGS PROGRAM Amir.-W Jackson High School has been file-.l by Mr. Fx-rd A. Vinson, Secretary ui' Treasury. lm' distinguished service Tt?lldf'l'0fl in behalf of the sc'l1m:il savings pm- , . fel Q 5 1 M. 6 Roland Kennedy WBA glepted president and William Bax-leexgwas elected vice-president of the June graduating class by the N834 seniors during auditorium period Thursday. February 12. Other oi- ilcers of the class elected thy the nigh seniors are secretaryg Carrie Dixong treasurer. Robert Wyse: Chaplin, Raymond FQTHBQ. ser- geant-at-arms, Raymond Mc- Combsg sponsor, Miss Mabel Tail- maclge, Roland Kennedy is president of he 'Alpha Hi-Y Chapter and n mber of the Senior Fellows Mary 1259 .f i, , 1 :Q if - -1:5 V. ' .1 4 X it 5312 V BAYMUNTJ FARRIS Chaplain Xfonallfi llnhb, Br-vcrly lb-ntz, Rob- fxrl Stun, Slmlej: Swinl, Nxla Tur- nfr, Jnlyiai- Wiliuium-n Elm- Wwnd, Dnwtliy Brmlln-r1'y, Fran- Ces Abbott, I'utz'i-'lzt limrrlan, John Hwy, Jun.-1 131 ,.,- r-,-.wukl--, Hobirl Buzmw, Bc-ilu: Pry:-nt, 'Exig-Arne Pltftinnifr--, Nnmx Gray, l31,-'ly Mm Gilirl .lttrln flml-,l,iril, Elim- belh il:-wil. Lfilanil .l:n'ksnn. .lvmi ,lfiniq-, Alurtgnr--l lmll-fy, Jessie Lu- lw r. Villtlliiut' Mfiii um, Flluinc Tay- !l-r, TAIL: .llvdllllnli .lunm5' SUI- ll-uxp :md liwvty Rmb-w. Latin Club Formed: Holds Eleciion The Latin Club of Andrew Jackv sawn lm-: br'--ri riyviwcl in response ln rwpf-nlvrl rtqiiesls from the Paris-er f-lzuw-s mid llllflffiflg from llir- fspirltwl 4:li:f.t.nn held recently ilu' rcvixnl is lmilml with enthusi- npm, Tlx:-Jw any til-1 offkct-rs: prvslv dent, Carolyn hlziriiiuwg Vive prun- idcnt, Iflilk Pt-ltigrvw, secrrlary. floriv-time lirmitzg lrvnsurer, Betty Lynn, reporler, Mi-nioruf bee iiamillfzn nnfi vhaplznn, Juan Bush- man. Miss Harriet Pl--lfvr is the sponsor. The purposn of tht- z-lub 15 to give greater riponrlumly than tlu- tzlass period pfwmlts of using the language in song, short plays, and contests ag well as ln inrrease the cultural backgruuncl of Lhe stu- dent. The first. program will be based on the nnrlent Gr-'-eks and Ro- mans, the musical instruments used and the pan played by the chorus in the early drama. lt is to be hoped that the club mem- bers will derive both pleasure and benefit from the meetmza. 42. , , -:pg , A' ,.,, :gif 2 -151,3 M -we ,1l-11.g-gQI- T' gb V 1 , L 5b.' .. ..., ,,,:.,. I, L V, A jp L. 'v i 12' :ZHSQQL . ,494 V- 'L?.'1"1v , , CARRIE nrxozv Secretary members and they itll pledged themselves to uphold the high ideals ul' the society, to build a strong chnratter. to further lhe Ixrivaiwenient of scholarship. Us carry the torch of leadfw-ship, and to serve the school, communitv and the country in the interest ol' nunmnity, Mr M A, Demorcst, sponsor of the chapter, Welcuined the new members The nf-W members who were ui- itialvcl were Franrgns Abbott, Pa- xrimu Beunmn, John Huy. Janet Boffrwlnklfe. Robert Busse. Bettie' Brjfanl, Eugene Eastmonre. Nanny Cray, Bt-try Ann Gigi, Joan Gmi- dard, Elizabeth Green, Leland .lacknon, Jean Jones. Margaret Le' Roy. Jessie Luke-r, Carolyn Mur- vivnx, Elaine Taylor, Lula Abdul- lah, Jimmy Williams, Betty Bar- bee Vi-ri-x Ledock, Nnrlon'Mennrrl. Arthur Rhodes, Audrey Skinner, Julia Sirmm, and Virginia Cunf non. BARBEE AND BOLASKY HEAD "EL PANA- MERICANOH Blflty Barbee :xml Sylvia Bn- lasky were elected to head the llfklti stuff of the HEI Panameri- lgnriffu the Spanish newspaper. Oilifr mernbers of Lhe editorial stall' un: Lou Kelton, feature ed- ivr-it Eluino Taylor, ,society edi- tor. limi Edith Lesekfsports edi- tor The business xtaff is composed of Beverly Rentz, business mana- ger, Betty Bryant, circulation rnanugerg and Bt-tty Gilchrist and Joan Brivan, advertising manxgers. The paper, written entirely ln Spztnish, contains gossip items. sports events, crossword puzzles, inn..-vera.-.ff Mtn. mm the flag lor , 7' -aw-I ' eww , ROBERT SVYSE Treasurer In the Seventh War Loan Drive pupils and teachers purchased enough bonds and slnmps to pro- vide for a hospital unit at the Jacksonville Navnl Air Station Hospital. Founde-r's Day ls Observed By P.-T.A. The Parent-Teachers 'Associa- tion observed F'ounder'e Day on Vlhrdnosdny. February 6, 1946. Mr. M A. Dvmf-rest wclrrmiecl those present. - Mrs Lillian Luwrenre dlrcrtofl lhc Glue Club in a short rnuslmil p1'figfr:un including' "Vacation" by Wilson and "Lovely Spring" by Cnennn. Beverly Rentz played a piano solo "Nocturne" by Grieg, Mr Gordon C. Reeves ol' the Sci- ence Dffpelrtrmrnt gave a devotion- al 'Continued on page 4. h at Jaskson. During his ,hmmm year at Klrbyvsmith he "ment of the entire stu- f and president of the tives Club. VVhen aak- felt he said, "Il am very leeply honored. I'll do cl I am sure that if we together we will have ..he best graduatlons that li has had ln years," attending Jackson Wil- Barker has been a member National Honor Society, Boys Club and at Kir- he belonged to the Re- Club, William said, great honor to have been vice-president and I will my best to make thin graduae tion the finest we have ever had." Carrie Dixonfwho belonged to the Representatives Club at Kir- by-Smlth. ls a member of the Quill and Scroll, National Honor Sof-iety, National Thesplan So- ciety, Oracle Staff, Senior Girls Club, and S.L.F, at Jackson. She said. "I am very happy to be one nf the clam officers and I appre- ciate the hmmm- more deeply than I can sity" Hubert Wyse who was electee class treasurer is a regular mem- ber of the United States Navy but while attending Kirby-Smith he was 11 member of the Representa- tives Club. At Jackson he belongs to Alpha Hi-Y, Senior' Fellows Club, "J" Club, the track team and was e Lieutenant in the R. O. T. C. He said. "I am deeply grate- ful for the honor recently given mc. I pledge my support to the lvrefurlcnt and the other officers and I ask the Senior Class to be be-hinll us one hundred percent." Rnvnannd Farris was a member of tht- R-fprffeentatlves Club and thc' Pvp fHub when he attended Ku-by-Smwlh. Al Jackson he is A member oi the Sz-nior Chorus, the Sumo: F'ullfnv,1 Club. Beta Hi-Y, tht- Llmtlc Sunf, thc Tigers Claw, tht- "J" Club, tht- Youth Council. the lnqvball tl-nm and is president of tlw Home Room Representa- Lix-rs Raymond said, "With the 6-K-opf'rulimi of every member of the class we can and will have thc- he-sl June- graduation class thnl has ever left Andrew Jackson High I would like to thank all NIP -M iwrs and faculty lor all UWB' hem- .lone to make our C1885 the best," Cmxtinueri on page 4 THE TIGER'S CLAW Puisusuizo BY me sruuzms or ANDREW xncxsou msn scnom. mcxsouvma. FLORIDA F,li:wi'1P-fhrf-I ll, ,vp Riff-- Rfzci f Imam lip f,'-f l. Hill-Jr Hri,,ll4:i'1'n I"! 7 4 Fi'ir.n" Mcmilxfztfr kv fl 'i Aviv ww: Princilrnl Shirley Swim Hilo Turner Herberl Fevec . lohn Doherty Belly Gena Blanton Minh? Swmdle Nc-wnli B-illonk Eugene Mordt . Miss Emily Atkins . M. A. Demoresi lielziliflaw lfnmfyn Asyiinwfzll, Eliza-beth Green, George Griffith, Gerald ficiin Evnnu lam Betzeiey, Mary Hastings Dorothy Pearson, du 4 K ' ' , ' Y , ,..........a ' ' , UWA I 4 Z Z4 lst Row: Margaret Strickland, Mabel Copeland, Lorraine Mock, Mary Lou DeBevoise, Ioan Eaddy, Anna Mae Kasel, Wanita Sapp, Ramona Nelson, Mrs. Lay, Coordinator 2nd Row: lewel Kerns, Kathleen Hodges, Agnes Bourie, Hazel Thomas, Ieane Krause, Virginia 0'Quinn, Margie Copeland 3rd How: Bennie Starling, lames Fields, lohn Stokes, Calvin Rogers, D. C. Mike-ll, Wilton Helms, Bruce Woodard, Tommy Cameron, Marvin Williams 4th Row: Iirnmy Stephens, Floyd Mclflhaney, Carson Roberts, lack Iames, David Latham, Harold Wesley D. C. T. There are the D. C. T, members, who are lucky, we say, To go to school four hours, then work halt a day, And only with a leader like Mrs. Marjorie Lay, Could they receive expert training from September till May, OFFICERS President ....,. .. ..... MARVIN WILLIAMS Treasurer ,,,..., ,.,., lx flARY LOU D3-BEVQISE VicefPresident ,,,, ,.,. B ENNIE STARLING Chaplain , ,,,. ,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, D, C, MIKELL Secretary ....... .... L ORRAINE MOCK Sergeant-at-Arms ,,,,, ..,. W ILTON HELMS Violins:Pr1tt.hard Cohen Dedqe Krrstle Glass Smrth Hutson Rentz Lorst Rogers Clary Cellos: Peacock Harrrs Petnqres String Bass lfhqqlnbotham Busby Flutes: McCul1ey Dtrqhallr Clarlnets: Whlte Iohnson Parker Blount Srmth Mrlls Iflrkland Wolf SlCl13pE'T Buiorcl Shmall Hess Saxophones Brown Butler Edlsm Langford Horns: Gustofson Cawley Greenbaurn Baritone: McM1llan Sharretts Trumpets: Srmth Floyd Martm Sharretts jordan Cordray Stokes Hackett Carm Tromloones Prurt Dungan Brscopmk Brooks McM1llan Tuba: Underkoiler Faulkner Drums: Champs Ioyner Tympani: Eleazar Piano: Rentz Grql Bland 7-uv lst Row: Rhyne Cnql Glass Mt.Corm1ck Peaco k Atchley Swrnson Bryont Lumpkm 2nd 3rd 4th Sth 6th Row Row Row Row: Row ANDREW IACKSON BAND WITH THE MAIORETTES lst Row: Alice Lunsford, Evelyn Brochman, Ruth Geiger, Middle: Frances Kuhn 2nd Row: Dottie Ageson, Mildred Bartman, Elain Taylor lst Row: McMillan, Brooks, Biscopink, Duncan, Martin, Iordan 2nd Row: Skipper, Smith, Parker, Mills, Buford, Blount 3rd Row: Dirqhalli, Butler, Langford, Edison, Shinall, Iohnson 4th Row: Gustafson, Smith, Floyd, Carrin, Greenbaum, Underkofler Sth Row: Champa, Eleazer, Kniqht GIRLS' GLEE CLUB lst Row: Goaqe, Inqle, Gaule, Browning, Poe, Hardin, Vener, McCurdy, Wilson 2nd 3rd 4th Sth 6th 7th Row: Row Row: Row: Row: Row: Keqebein, Duncan, Craun, Bethea, Roman, Brise, Carter, Grieco, Humphreys, Crawford, Zoslow Duncan, Yates, Whited, Marcum, Kinkliqhter, Hucks, Tate, Gories, Atkinson, Clary, Brown Ogden, Price Folsom, Adams, Williams, Salter, Iones, Wilson, Whipple, Blanton, Priester, Pearson, Dedqe Lammons, Tirrell, Schenck, Evans, Rooney, Kelton, Howard, Dudley, Edwards, Vest White, Snow, Crews, Crews, Hollingsworth, Lumpkin, Davis, Iohnson, Lacy, Diaz -an ,Q il' Q., ,.,- ,r 'AA 5 l """ E was r V y . Sa TTT! 1311 :M 3 CO 1 KAZZ a fl RK' JS x. Q. g v,K s. -. -:r:. -:.e -:::11g' ,.r.--ey rrzzsle -11-Leg' ,:r.e: :p:1.:1:g 142 -.,- --., --. '--.- - ---- :-..'-v. 7.2: : ..-- --... --.. ,-...- ----.. --'-- w A . - " un ' - -:-.:1 -,..t. .,-.....,. ' - .1 - --.. -.. wr- .v.,.- '........, "'-....- 'HY QL--- 1r..- W- X- e GLOBE TRCTTERS The GLQEE TRCTTEFS CLUB visits the fsfcrld Lexziiig the ister? cf every 21:1262- -t travels C: sea :md i: the sir, Y':-' .L ' : .-.. ' --F ,-W-H HL- -.- -.:1:',. .eawiig -ee :.3:e-C---- ,--::.,. O F F I C E R S ' ' ASQ, ,,,,A Presieii , S.l.f.f fffflf A- -:,--::'-w:f- .,:,.:,-.: , fx-s .---, vvvh "K"'Q" -v--x-x-- -xv -- 'vx.,-..L, ., AX.. - ....,'-.. -xA--x---.- Av-,-- -X- ,, ..x, Uv .... x...----. 1" -I-f-xfx-x .. ex... ' -. b:':x---...J r 'Q-1 -' ffmwy?m?fW5 I A -T332 f f 'A , ' Q, ,,4,,,.! J ,W-: N, .1 SPORTS RINGLING ART MUSEUM Sarasota, Florida N. .r.. ...l, ,Iv ..,, ,. - . CHEERLEADERS The cheerleaders led by l-lead Cheer- leader limmy Foster, added color to the past season. Miss Gladys Rich- ardson sponsored this group, composed ot six girls and six boys who perfOI'H'1Gd stunts and tumbling on tl'1e field. MY, Wausau- Y 5 '-on 'Nh N7 A sr lst Row: Catherine Yonqe, Cliailnllo l-liqli, Bully Phillips, Frankie Cawley. Und Row: Kenneth Hanson, Franklin lones, Ilnnny Fosler, 'Tommy Coleman, Iolin Lloyd Not shown in the picture are: Bobble Givens, Vernon O'E-rien and Mildred Leonard. U fv sf' iff? .WV X? , fk Z 4 4. ff ff f. 4 N' va! fxff wmum-W .nz Q lst How: Cook, Sleap, Mastroqianakis, Howard, Sallas, Poe, Feltrnan, Silcox, Nelson, lennings. 2nd Row: Edwards, Rabb, lolly, Broadus, Fulford, Cole, Thenoils, Simmons, Adeeb, Wiggins, Siler, King, Wood. 3rd Row: Coach Hudson, Coach Saare, Poston lMgr.b, McKinnon CMgr,l, Oliver, McKenzie, Petzinger, Hewlet, McCombs, Merritt, Bryon, Eastmore, Iames, Farris, Hodges CMqr.l, Houser lMqr.J, Coach Toncoff, Coach Coram. FOOTBALL The 1945 football season proved to be one of the most successful in recent years for the Iackson Tigers. This year under the leadership of Head Coach Rankin Hudson and Line Coach lim Coram the Tigers copped the elusive City-County Championship title for the first time in a decade. The belated season opened October 5 in a blaze of glory for the Tigers as they used every man on the squad to trounce the West Palm Beach Wildcats SU-6. The next game was against Hillsborough High of Tampa, and Iackson lost 26-6. The Tigers played a great game and the highly favored Terriers did most of the scoring in the last quarter. The Tigers made a spectacular comeback the next Week by running roughshod over Gainesville High to the tune of 5242. On Cctober 26, Iackson romped to a 33-6 victory over Plant High of Tampa. Then appearing far off their usual form and twice fumbling at crucial periods of the game the Tigers suffered a crippling letdown in a 20-6 defeat at the hands of Miami Edison. I Then came November 9, when a Wild, cheering mob saw the Tigers explode in the faces of the amazed Landon Lions and Wallop the favored Southsiders 33-7. The Lions had their goal line crossed for the first time in five consecutive games during this upset. Next the invading Columbia, South Caro- lina team was added to the list of victories with a score of 27-l3. On November 23 for the first time since l935 Iackson beat Lee on the annual Turkey day game and won the cherished City-County Championship. The Generals had a 6-U lead at the half but the Tigers took to the air at the start of the third quarter in an uninterrupted touchdown march. They tallied again in the opening minutes of the last quarter, winning with a score of l3-6. Besides capturing the City- County Championship and the Rosenblum trophy, the Tigers earned the right to oppose the Middletown, Connecticut team here in the annual Kiwanis Club Charity Game. ln the last regular game of the season the Tigers defeated Mainland High of Daytona Beach l3-7. On December 7 in a game which was rated as the best presentation in the thirteen years of the Kiwanis Club Classic, the Tigers defeated the Middletown, Connecticut combine 34-7. This completed the season with eight wins out of ten starts. Throughout the season the Tigers featured deception with a skilful band of backs running behind an alert, hard-charging line. Several members of the squad won berths on the mythical All State eleven. The Tigers' tailback, Loren Broadus, was appointed honorary Captain. Dave Wood was elected a guard on the second team and Iohn Thenoils, one of the third team backs. BROADUS BRINGS IT BACK Uackson-Lee Camel lst Row: Coach Saare, Iones, Horton, Mahon, Ulsch, Broadus, McCofnbs, Beal, Harris, Wolf, Clark, Neal find Flow: Spence, Allred, Iohnson, Galaway, Parham, Dixon, Douglas, Savage, Burrows, Sharp, Poe, Silcox, Rushing, Hauser 3rd Row: Duret, Mari, Hall, Blackman, Poole, Hanson, Bowden, Mcliensie, Stafford, Nobles, Sallas, McMurry, Bosworth, Brown, Doherty Butler, Christopher TRACK The Iackson track squad has shown a vast improvement this year. So tar during the season the Tigers placed first in the Triangular Track and Field meet, second in the Tri-County meet, third in the Big Ten meet and the Lee Relay, and fourth in the Lee invitational meet. The Track squad is coached by E. Iohn Saare and under the leadership of Captain Loren Broadus and Co-captain Bob Ulsch. MAIORETTES lst Row: Evelyn Brockmann, Harriet Adams, Frances Kuhn, Head Majorette, Mildred Bartman, Doris Ageson Standing: Ruth Geiger, Elaine Taylor, Alice Lunsford This i945-46 school year our Baby Tigers Cincluding all players except the varsityl made a fine record in the City Iunior Conference in football and Won over all their regular opponents in basketball. T BASKETBALL-lst Row: Iones, Blackman, Hoqqatt, Bosworth, Fe-ltman 2nd Row: Coach Saare, Bullock, Hagan, McKe-nsie, Lindsay, Houser AN ANGLE ON FOOTBALL lst How: Coach Coram, Sleap, Keasler, Uriderkofler, Cook, Corey, Poston fManaqerJ. 2nd How: Whitehead, Syler, Williams, Stefanic, Sharretts, Farford, Broadus BASKETBALL Completing the season with thirteen wins against nine losses, the Andrew Iackson basketball team, coached by Iim Coram, shared honors with Lee for the City-County Cage title. Highlighting the season, the Tigers with a young and inexperienced team lost 29-33 to the more experienced Lee team. Then reaching their stride, the Tigers defeated the Landon Lions 29-24, and then went on to chalk up another victory at the expense of the Lions 35-24. Next came the all important game with Lee which was to decide whether Lee was to gain the title completely or if it was to be thrown into a two way tie between Iackson and Lee. The Tigers won that game 45-29 and also their right to share the title. The Tigers competed in the Big Ten Conference Tournament and the Class A Regional Tournament. ln the Class A Tournament Iackson sur- vived the first round of the contest by defeating Leon of Tallahassee only to go down to defeat in the second round at the hands of Miami Senior High. Q . M 'ff r w- Q G KWSN W. E 2 I t Hi, f ,ty f 41 ' f I, My 7 A 'WMzm'z',,f,' W V ,Wim wi , ,gf af: ww! y f V A: , ,J I 4 . f ,zffif ,f 3? ' my , iff wwf ,W M Z my 2 In the photo sitting on ledge is Iohu Thenoils. In the first row, left to right, are: Billy Keeler, Sam Cole, Arthur Farford, Alec Cook, Cecl Hobbs Eugene Roberts and Coach John Toncoft 2nd Row left to right, are: Franklin Iones, Floyd Bridges, Iohn White, Gene Cahoon, Howard Prince and Barnum McCarty 3rd Ro lett to right: Bradley Tredinnick, Ted Forsyth, Robert Maz za, Louis Statanic, Tack Wilson and Walter Eleazer CITY-COUNTY CHAMPIONS BASEBALL The Iackson Tigers completed the regular season undefeated with eleven wins to their credit. in trimming the other local high school teams lackson Won the Third District crown making them city and county champions and giving them the privilege ot representing this district in the state title compe- tition. Atter beating Leon ot Tallahassee 6-5 in the tirst round ot tournament play the Tigers suttered a defeat in the semi-tinals at the hands ot Lakeland by a close decision ot 6-5. Lakeland went on to become state champions. During the regular season the Tigers deteated the local Lee Generals twice and the Landon Lions once. Alec Cook and Cecil Hobbs made the All-State honorary team. Helen Church, Margaret Skaff, Betty Batten, Dolores Shahood, Dorothy Paul, lean Sikes, Betty Brittain, Selma Abraham, Edith Laask, lune Taylor, luanita Long, Margaret Maida, Betty lane Nelson, Sara Hanbury, Eleanor Hutchins, Bobby Rainey, Catherine Downes, Danella Goff, Alma Higginbotham, Frances Mizelle, Eunice Futch, Frances Clanton, Betty Carter, Dorothy Weaver, Margaret Shahood, Mary Kegebein, Iackie Norton, La Vern Salter, Gwendolyn Richardson, Betty Haddock, Pat Patterson, Carlean Rogers, Shirley Higginbotham, Ruth Stevenson, Doris Clemons, Margaret Livingston, Dorothy Wade, Ioyce Wade, Arlene Buford, Iris Valentine, Charlotte Mock, loan Glisson, Bootsie Horne, Ioanne Wilkinson, Dorothy Schenck, Renalda Futch, Shirley Skimp, Barbara Anders, Pat Ledbetter, Evelyn Roberson, Ioan Riggins, Patience Workman G. A. A. The G. A. A. in an organization established to incourage the participation ot lackson girls in sports. The members are eligible to receive emblems, medals, letters, and cups through taking part in various tournaments and games offered by the association. This year the girls are under the successful leadership ot the Misses Ruth Smith, Bernice Walton, and Betty Hooks. OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester President ............ ............... .... ..... D O L ORES SHAHOOD President ............ ...............................,, D OLORES SI-IAHOOD Vice-President ...... ................. E UNICE FUTCH Vice-President ....... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,w, E UNICE FUTCH Secretary ........ ..... BETTY GENA BLANTON Secretary ..........,. ..,. B ETTY GENA BLANTON Treasurer ..,,............. ..., . . FRANCES MlZELLE Treasurer ...,.......,, .. ,,,,,, FRANCES MIZELLE Sr. Representative ..... ...... B ETTY BARBEE Sr. Representative ,, , IOAN WILKINSON lr. Representative ........ . ARLENE BUFORD lr. Representative ..,...... , ,,.,, ARLENE BUFORD Soph. Representative ...... GERTRUDE GOFP Soph. Representative .. EVELYN ROBINSON ls: Rot-f: Margie Demar, Georgia Loun, Peggy McMullan, Pat Patterson, Margaret Green, Betty Brittain, Beit Houcks Edith Goou e Mar Y t Q I Y Kegeloern, Bobby lohnston, Estrelle Lesseter. ind Ron-1: Iolyne Williamson, Vesta LeVina, Gwen Richardson, Reg ena Smith, Betty Batton, loan Dauphin, Helen Nielson, Margie Pylant, Mary Aiiiinscn, 'ffilhelrnina Sv-fearinger 3rd Ftcnvz Marilyn Barnett, Betty Bryant, Elizabeth Floyd, Lulu Abdullah, Mary Abraham, Geneva Richardson, Leona Campbell, loyce bloody, Catherine Spears, Betty lane Nelson 11h Ftow: loan lanes, Marguerite Dukes, Frances Eurhalter, Sarah Handberry, Dolores Lee, Sybil Smith, Emily Thomas, LaFern Salter, Ali:e Townsend, Betty Miller In Row: Mary Ovferi, Shirley Hiaginbotharn, Dorothy Paul, Barbara Bell, Frances Clanton, Marie Mosely, loyce Weaver, Anna Fountain, Martha Bundrislc oth Row: Marian Sperlanes, Audrey Skinner, Betty Haddock, Marian Wall, Elise Peacock, loan Higgins, Frances Lacy, Pat Collins, Flora Davis, Patience Vforkznan, Ruth Stevenson, lane Atchley 7th Row: Helen Boslee, Peggy Sutton, Mary Stevens, Shirley Confer, Iean Sikes, Doris Clemons, Elise Sheppard, Sally Kabrick, laclcie Lloyd, Connie lfvlalston, Peba fackson, Helen Sessions, Betty Sessions, Lyril Kirby, lohnriie DeLoach, Grace Spicer, Margie Hutson, Lillian Price, Christine Iones, Peggy llewsorn, lune Taylor, Marilyn Allen, Grace Richardson, Patty Favor, Ioan Glissonk Donna Carlin, lris Valentine, Dorothy Moody, Margie McLarty, Shirley Golf, Virginia Pughsley, leanette Church PEPPERETTES Showing a vast improvement in their third seas on, the Pepperettes with over l2O girls in their or- ganization added much to the enjoyment of the spectators at the football games by their colorful exhi- bition of marching proficiency. They performed at all the local held games on the Tigers schedule and also made the trip to Gainesville with the team to perform there, also. The Pepperettes are under the direction of Miss Bernice Walton, Miss Ruth Smith, and Miss Betty Hooks, and their student leader for the past season was Miss Marie Hurlbert. Not only did this group of girls perform at the football games but also they marched in several parades and collected money for charitable organizations. All together they've had a very busy season. 0HemwmHw MRS MRS MHS m-wmHmOOw Q9 Tw Om 9553 .gm DBMS: H55 0155 B21 .-4-P+-O 5530 751243 HHH Qgdfls :saw Kim QQQ Sus: Sand :LQJD 312 mo 52C 0545 ?O2 05711 Uifzwh 209' fflgk' 532 LQ Q ag! 535 H'-1 5 9, :gi rag Hgm EES Egg ESQ OH- OE :wfw U1 855 Qgg 9.0551 ,gs- 58 moi' EVE' 2959- lim :a-amz: corn. E"t"':J2lUCII-1OO"".l annual banquet for the football team. HmGO2ww MRS. MRS. HUMPHRIES CALLAHAN PRICE VINAL HENDRY a W 5 ADVERTISING SILVER SPRINGS Qcodcx, Florida :- L. H .vgfg'wX,.fQ, fm 2,24 4,,,g-M ..,. 33 32,1-gxwx-vs.,vf'w if-X . UP X fum , , f My ,, X " ,tx .-'1fz,. ' K Q-,V4 nf .5..1':x: 'H' , ,, w Q52-,LX .--,,,g,f,-.fyzf sg, Our colnpliments to a fine Annual Staff of an excellent School . . THE RECORD PRESS, Inc. Saint Augustine, Fla. .TEVVELERY LUGGAGE SPORTING GOODS Whatever the Sport, We Furnish the Equipment HARRY FINKELSTEIN CO. 631-639 VV est Boy Street, Corner Ietterson doncxldson, inc. Something Different in Men's Wear R E N T 1 117 WEST ADAMS STREET Why Buy Towels, Coats, IACKSONVILLE FLORIDA ond Aprons? C. H. BROWN COMPANY Photographic Supplies BLUE PRINT AND PI-IOTOSTAT PRINTS 118 West Boy Street Phon 5 6670 IACKSONVILLE PLA For the Finest in IEWELRY U N D E R W O O D IeWe1ers Registered Iewelers AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY Hogoln St. ot Monroe GEHEHH1 LIHEH SUPPLU CUHIPHHU Phone 5-3065 411 EAST BAY STREET The Cutest Iuniors in Town 0 K' ' Y ' 'T 1 A ?' f+1A11f?Q5f1EVffi HW' QF' " 'Q e llf 2 WE?'-mfs. f!'5o1o:o'ff Sas -e on-'I . NIM !!5"W's--eggqlgg gn?L,,,.!p:5 gp W' figgjqffym ., soums Luoffva Funxm-'ns 1gsf., l,l.x,14:n . W .l.,...i N VN ' I ,HLWQFE J w N inn i n bi., 1, QT4 3:"l.' ff 9fTf ?'? -'frm 1 , 229 221 Laura Street . nm 4: wfviffimw A I I Phone 5-9181 Forward w1th Flonda Since 1857 Zilimhiaagyaf 'figzmandaiag ?l3mx Mrs. I. K. SOMERSET, Prop. 2822 Mom W W by "Walk in Beauty" in gmggunmue, jluriha PAXsoN's BEAUTIFUL sHoEs P A X S O N ' S 27M W. Forsyih Si. Congratulations graduating class of Andrew Jackson FLCRIDA STATE THEATRES 0 Florida O Palace O Empress 0 Arcade 0 Temple 0 Imperial 0 Roxy 0 Brentwood O Capitol 0 Fairfax 0 San Marco PIG 'n WHISTLE FOOD - SODA Compliments of 9th and Main Sts. E. F. LEA ARCADE MENS SHGP Electrical Contractor 43 W. Forsyth JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Em Em 1. c. PENNEY co., iNc. I-las Better Values for Every Member of the Family! T I-I O M A S Florist Compliments of E3 WEET MONEEE ETEEET SEAWRIGI-IT'S PI-IAEMACY 24th and Pearl Streets Congratulations to the Class ot l946 MATERIALS PRoDucTs "We Deliver the Woods" NEW YORK LAUNDRY ZORIC DRY CLEANING Phone5-6115 To the Members of the Graduating Class of 1946 of Andrew Iackson High GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! JACOBS .TEVVELERS LAURA AND ADAMS IOSTEN'S APPRECIATES SERVING IACKSON HIGH with Americas Finest Class Rings TRUMAN FLETCHER, Represeniaiive. Through JACOBS IEWELERS, INC. FLETCI-IER'S Mays Restaurant To PGY Cash ADAMS AND IULIA STS. at the n Fletcher Terris Hagan Besi Wishes M A X W I T T E N ' S Men's Wear 52 W. Forsyth Jewei Bax Iacksonviiles Cash Ieweier 326 Main St. Read the fflnriha ZEime5:71ifIninn BOATS STEEL CRAFT and STREAMLINERS OUTBOARD MOTORS - KERMATH ENGINES IACKSONVILLE MARINE MART Foot Newnan St.-Phone 5-1955 Compliments of DIANA SHOP B d cl F yth St 1-Ph A Name Thcrt Established Mecms MORE l889 To the Clcrss of '46 in Fufflifufe Cunningham 'S C . Fnrnztnre ongrcttulation cmd Best Wishes PQRSYTH CORNER BROAD for CI Bright Future Compliments ot sinus, nufaucu and cu. W0 LAURH 5 4163 1ACKsoNviLLE's SMARTEST sPECiALTY sHoP Compliments ot llllllllll THHHSIT CU. Iohh Z. Fletcher, Pres. PHONE 3-0282 Compliments mnnafvs Of emmme Ciipparel 161li11fZif2Tf Sfffm PANAMA S E RVI C E Compliments of E m 0005 Mum sf. Phone 5-0120 220 MAIN STREET B. H. MUSLEH, Prop. Diamonds - Watches - Ieweiry ,1,i.-iw' V SMARTER FOOTWEAR tor ALL OCCASIONS W A L K E R ' S SLIPPER SHOP I8 W. Forsyth BIRTHDAY CAKES, WEDDING CAKES and PARTY CAKES - OUR SPECIALTIES FEDERAL BAKE SHOPS 22 West Forsyth St. Phone 5-8831 Compliments of N. CI-IEPENICK of SONS Compliments of C5710 HQRTQ Congratulations to the Graduating Class ot ANDREW IACKSON Gompany sk Better Brakes 1020 Hogan st. FU RCI-IGOTT'S A. G. Horton Clitt Horton "The Store Accommodatingu Our Sincere Best Wishes to THE GRADUATION CLASS OF '46 D U V A L D1AMoNDs IEWELRY COMPANY III MAIN STREET CONVENIENT TERMS LINOLEUM - CARPETS ASPHALT TILE CQNGQWALL VENETIAN BLINDS ASSOCIATED FLOOR COVERING CO. Complete Floor Covering Contractors MAIN AND SIXTH STREET IACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA TELEPHONE 542484 Compliments ot GROFF HOSIERY COMPANY Compliments ot STERCH IS MAIN AND ADAMS Complete Home Furnishings Department Store Compliments of C. QS C. GROCERY No. 3 2702 PEARL CACTUS INN Restaurant and Drive Inn Foot of Main Street Bridge E. G. GOLDER CO. 2329 BouIevard FUEL OIL Phone 5-0426 0075 0 r' W xx' ! ,. 1 ,t lv tl f 5- "V OPPOR I U I I Y ' WW jf, if "A W My W i f f -P - fyfffw W 'T A N ,f g X, f, ' iff f5,'2'f V , tl fJ'T-.ggVffmt' I- wif I ,M A H .Qf 251 a'-,A ,mt ff 'f , A , mf, p w, , qf:e' fma. tx.,-M 7-f. f' yt jf f.,i'15wp ' W' A,,,, , 9-:ft ffftfffifq ff-N 2 ft 1 ff W f Av fwi A gem W1 A fi . . ll Yfrif- " ffSx'q'XQf1: WJ 'VI -Y I 1 . ' ' ,mi 'MW sl Q f t t a :t iff! 'QKetmf111fa if' V 'ste f 1 fiii?-2 I .' FY I My i If ytfw ,ln L-l .!' f -- SQ-'xx' A ,lf Mg. fm ' P I .1 I 7 -5-X X XQ'3'orf'x , " N4-' 11,41 gtfltt N .tnmf 'ft Nl ft I MVN 'lu "?"A'WFf A M Hi" l E Uv. f tl I.,x,ziQ.g4 1lf!H'T, ,, b2 tl I .fl " H1 , II ' '-'f igl W4 - -If 9? 'E 'MPL 1 W 'HI U A 513f3Qm,V Wxj,la . A Q l 2545 V ffflf A ll Urfxl 'Eff A I "J Lfxrftl "- VTP! 7 'ZA ' I ff5iZ'i"f I ' "Q ' fm 'Vw 'z . 7 '-T7.- ' ,yriftf I W' J 11. P? 1 H Wal y qfl J at 5" ft 'J 'EMM "'. ff5'7Qal'L, , 1,-hkqg l:l'jr'I'1'iI"r1,-.Z.l Iy?,QNx41f ,hs id x , g J A ff ' A , ax f mf Lg. ',., ,35.sfj'g: .'.'. : gza I5 V,t,, try fl 1 Eglilgvfw- -Inql I ,..! , ' tl c'x.,:,5'1, zftfrfzttiitim A t W4't'i1EH'.'. " wif MW-',Y v' 'ttt- u ll " LMEEQ gif: ii 11,1 j f f. N ,,,e7tg-1Mff13':J W iff 'sf 4 Wt, AQ-I'f.gIf1,z.:,11g't Y I' NIV, 'II I' 6321 - 1 V 1,N,'1- ---1, 4' ,' 'mx X mix , W 7 f7S'1ee1'?T ,f i f f 'qmfi-Qfwgxmff of.f'.'-ww. QE- if Q M ,, " Fw , , Ms:F:t. AN zi7ifgiiQQQgfqfQ.iqi! 45:1.f? V "XX V 'I 9 5' ,fa-"1'f f'QK 4 ff- JN. MXH XKNXQ ' fi? ,xujfgnaf-TE -x SN 1 f' 1' ' +64 V! I E? -14-S X fze doors qfffze Telepbone Buz'fa'z'fzg open to tfze 1946 Girf Graduate cz Buszhefsfufure as wide as tie Nafz'0n Z'f.S'QM A bzzxzheys with cheriyfz ea' z'a'eal.v and new Aopex, z'a'eczs and 0pp0rtzmz'fz'e.v. EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 325 West Adams Street SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY INCORPORAT ED WATCH YOUR MONEY PYRAMID WITH A SAVINGS ACCOUNT . . 0 Time and again, We have watched small savings accounts grow over the years into sizeable fortunes. And We have observed, with the inner sense of satisfaction, how these savings accountsihave nourished the independence and bolstered the security of the savers. 0 We invite you to open a savings account with us. Decide on a definite amount for regular savings. Then deposit this amount every payday. 0 And as your savings pyramid - your pride in thrift and your confidence in yourself Will likewise mature. 0 Come in today and talk l it over with us. We will be happy to suggest a savings schedule in har- mony With your budget. C0-Captains 0 HEALTH and ASTE FUHEIHUST c'Forward With The Tigersu 1NTERNAT1oNAL MCcoRM1oK - DEERING MOTOR TRUCKS FARMALL TRACTORS UUINN R. BARTON COMPANY 1AoKSoNv1LLE FLoP.1DA KENT WARREN CO. Heod to Foot Outfitters Ior Men ond Young M Compliments of 222 VEST ADAMS ST. IACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Hoverty Furniture Co. Complirnenis of Louro ot Duvol Phone 5-155 II8 MAIN ST. I k 'II FI Mor Lou RS1FMd1 ' S k Sealtest Klfffhen Ch I MAIN STREET AT SIXTH I k 11, FI 'd Ice Creom S B ki -I. h-D' F R Ph 3 I947 SOUTHERN DAIRIES A. MARVIN MULLIS O RALPH CRAWFORD, A M Compl' t I men S O M I L L S the rionrsr, inc, 33 West Duval Street PIIOUG 50714 I I K 7 S E E R S IACKSONVILLE I, FLORIDA SUPER STORES Compliments of NNE GIFTS Howard Biser's Restaurant CHARLES LWELLS ' llCKSONtlIllIZ.m- PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY FILLED 3rd 6- WALNUT PHONE 5-0908 IACKSONVILLE, FLA ELECTRIC POWER OW WORKS FOR PEACE WINNING the war . . . helping build the ships, planes and other items that did the job . . . that Was the most important job electricity Was caiied upon to do in its long history ot aid to mankind. But now that the War is over, electricity can again return to its role ot building tor peace and prosperity rather than tor destruction. I And you can be sure that supplying peace-time industry with electricity your City Electric Department will do so with the same singleness of purpose that characterized our con- tribution during the War: abundant electricity Where it is needed-when it is needed- at the lowest possible cost. City Electric Department UTILITY BUILDING IACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA THE BEST DRESSED MEN WEAR USCHWOBILT SUITS THE SOUTH" A GREAT NAME IN CLOTHING Let Us Help You with Your Trucking Problems GENERAL TRUCK COMPANY 1838 West Beaver Street lacksonville, Florida Phones 5-3908-5-3909 THE LUGGAGE SHOP 24 West Forsyth St. FINE LEATHERWAREH Dozier and Gay Paint "BEST FOR THE SOUTH" ln Business 46 Years Part ot Everyday Lite Drink ,. , it lt 1 0 it f ,tt 7 t X CQ- q T runs-Mun I . , in Bottles 'gf Q T X I COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 5 KLOEPPEL HOTELS IN ELORIDA GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL 10022 Air Conditioned MAYFLOWER HOTEL l 00 CQ' Air Conditioned FLAGLER HOTEL Taclcsonville, Fla. GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL West Palm Beach, Fla. Y Ccmld Pidit ly Byrh P H1 ROBERT KLOEPPEL P cl D A .Q Y P .4 up ghwf x . ' tj LVQTS, 'ew 2 f H 5 fu 1 N. 14:1 ,nl U 4 3' . wr! K .Si .gp X -k x-. AK 41, , is LJ 'TQ 'Q- ljll, Jf.'+ - 'm ,fl H!! ,OVW .n. 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X K 1 121. -.V ' JW' ' e 5749.9 1 . fig, 4. 5. Y . "LI7.! ll.-L '1- Y wwf- 4. .K lg, V V ,- ,.l V ffg r V: 2 V K . .. .,.2 .. 2 f,.. , ' V .' -, HF' -. 1 4 "fl . . ye., I i -,,. 3 X... -- - V .QV ... pw igrwu. -vs-M r' fff - J my!-Q,- L,. E4 ., , . J-fa' diy. . . ' LQgEV..,., fl Jgqgngl-,. sg N .V ,i. I, L' . X . .Mr 'Z 'if " '31 'F'-'..-' .Viv 7.. ,ffgJ?f' . f -sa' 0 f , I ' 3 c?Qf'7.X-gk , .i'..PvlfS"?fi' t"f' xii nr -'12 . . . ., :pug 3 V, , . , ,Ji ,Nr . . Y ' 'pw 5.1 ,..- - ' 'isi- .xx -A -118 "f ' N MRr'N WATQH, Ewen, i 5' . .Cafrv-rs fnfv Mnncof 8-F-X NMJ1. Mo1vuMENl' 754. Ti' S71 ,91Ac.5fu,57'MfE,77a. F fiutfl wh, , I 6 72, ' 1 ..Q-U cb n ' s w 'rv 1 T' -, " N r .N tk W J1wfLmf-, f- T ,- 'fff,'v'Q - U V1"ii' .ef ' 1 7- 1 -AL P14114 - -'- ii f 1 :e,1 -5 M 7 ' f -"i ' 7g . fn 'f -fi ..fTi1A' 1- .-Q " . Q 2 if 45 ' A . - 9 4 f WWW . 'gg - - ' Qiiigg fi Tr fl , 4' 41 X J ' W0 A , - 'Q'1, ' , It H H l m 6271 52 I A X 'r' WAXGLI- 17,1 i ',1lI',Lg'4:fff:1-fill YJ? 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Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) collection:

Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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