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 - Class of 1944

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1944 volume:

 ... ‘♦ ’5- • vAndrew Jackson Senior .High School ) JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA | IFLORIDAJ. W. GILBERT Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction, Duval County RAY V. SOWERS General Supervisor of Education, Duval CountyANDREW JACKSON As a Young Officer Painted in Oils by Thomas J. Appleyard Class of 1944ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTYJ. W. GILBERT Acting, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Duval County CAPTAIN W. DANIEL BOYD (J. S. Air Corps Superintendent of Public Instruction Duval County On Military Leave in combat zone of Pacific RAY V. SOWERS Genera! Supervisor of Education, Duval CountyM. A. DEMOREST B.S., M. Ed. Principal Otterbein College Duke University The student body owes much to the fine men and women who make up the administration and faculty of Andrew Jackson. Always ready to lend themselves to the interest of their pupils, tolerant, and capable, they guide us in the way we should go. Not only do they teach the basic fundamentals of education, but, also, center their interest around the mental development and character of the pupils under their care. The faculty members are true friends and advisers of Jackson’s students and we of the student body would like to express our appreciation to them for their untiring efforts in our behalf. MADGE G. ROWERS A.B. Dean of Girls — University of IllinoisMRS. ISABELLE McCASKILL. English. University of Georgia, M.A. Adviser, Home Room 221. MISS MABEL GLOVER. English, Speech. A.B. Florida State College for Women. Columbia University. Ad- viser, Home Room 225. MRS. DORIS HIEB. English. State Teachers College of North Dakota, B.A. Sponsor, F.L.S. Adviser, Home Room 217. MISS MAUDE WOODWARD. English. Head of English Department. Curriculum Consultant in English. Peabody College, B. S. Columbia University, M.A. Director of Graduation. MISS MARY JOHNSTON. English. Mercer University, A.M. Wesleyan College. A.B. University of Florida. Adviser, Home Room 220. i S ENGLISH DEPARTMENT AS. English. Florida State College MRS. THELMA HAAS. English. Florida State College for Women, A.B.; Duke University. Adviser Home Room 223. MRS. ARLENE M. McKEE. English. Florida State Col- lege for Women, B.A. Sponsor, Red Cross Club. Ad- viser, Home Room 115. .MISS GENEVA EPPES. English and Speech. Hendrix College, B.A. University of Wisconsin. Adviser, Home Room 210. MRS. ANNA LEY WELLS. English. John B. Stetson University, B.S. Adviser, Home Room 204. MRS. JOY COLEMAN. English. John B. Stetson Univer- sity, A.B. Adviser, Home Room, 202. MISS ANNE MORGAN. English. Georgia State College for Women, B.S. in Ed. Sponsor, Junior Girls’ Club. Adviser, Home Room 218. MISS MONTERY WHITTLESEY. Typing. Florida State College for Women, B.S. Adviser, Home Room 227. MRS. DOROTHA B. PROCTER. Business Arithmetic. Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti. Adviser Home Room 217. MRS. EDNA C. JONES. Head of Commercial Department'. Shorthand, Typing. Bowling Green College, B.C.S. Mis- sissippi Southern College, B.S. Sponsor, Honor Roll Students. Adviser, Home Room 222. MISS MILDRED ANDERSON. Shorthand, Typing. Flori- da Southern College, B. S. Sponsor, S.L.F. Adviser, Home Room 224. MRS. MARY FLEMING. Shorthand, Typing. University of Florida, B.A.E.; Tampa Business College; Sterrotype Institute. Adviser, Home Room 226. MISS MARY BENNETT. Bookkeeping, Typing. Florida State College for Women, B.S. Office Assistant. V1IS.S THAYER i: R H IM. Commercial Geography. Business Correspondence. Vanderbilt University, B.A. Adviser. Home Room 203. MRS. LELIA G. COLLINS. Business Arithmetic. Univer- sity of Alabama. A.B. Adviser, Home Room 317. MR. MILLARD F. WILSON. Business Law, Economic Geography and Economics. University of Florida, B.A.E. M.A.E. Sponsor, Alpha Hi-Y Club; Treasurer, Athletic Association; Chairman. War Bond Staff. MRS. CARRIE M. SWINDLE. Bookkeeping. Bowling Green Business College, B.C.S. School Treasurer. Ad- viser, Home Room 201. GF'ORGE F. HADDOCK. Business Arithmetic. Florida Southern College, B.S. Adviser, Home Room 3J5. MRS. ANN BRENNER. She thand. Office Prac- tice, Salesmanship. Rad- cliff College, A.B., A.M. Adviser, H o m e Room 304. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT HISTORY DEPARTMENT MISS MARY OLIVE JONES. History. University of Alabama, A.B., A.M. Adviser, Home Room 212. MISS ELIZABETH W. TRAGITT. History. Uni- versity of Chicago, A. B. Adviser, Home Room 103. MISS CLARA B. WELCH. History. Head of Social Science. Florida State College for Women. B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Ad- viser, Home Room 105. MISS ELVA ROBERSON. History. Bessie Tift College, A.B. Adviser, Home Room 106. MISS SUSAN BURDETT. History. Florida State College for Women, A. B. Columbia University, M.A. Oxford University. National University of Mexico. Adviser, Home Room 101. MISS EMILY ATKINS. History. Florida State College for Women, A.B. Duke University, M.A. Sponsor, The Tiger's Claw. Sponsor, Quill and Scroll. Sponsor, Sophomore Boys’ Club. Sponsor, Senior Class. Adviser, Home Room 104. MR. PAUL C. PHILLIPS. Problems of American Democracy. Western Maryland, A.B. Columbia University, A.M. Johns Hopkins University. Ad- viser, Home Room 102. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT HOME MRS. ELIZABETH THURMAN. Foods. University of Kentucky, A.B. Adviser, Home Room 311. MISS ELEANOR COMSTOCK. Head of Home Economics, Homemaking, Child Development. University of California. Duke University, Univer- sity of Florida, Stetson University. Adviser, Home Room 312. MRS. JEAN B. RAMSEY. Clothing. University of Tennessee, B.A. University of Florida. Adviser, 312A. MRS. MARTHA HOUSER. Homemaking. Florida State College for Women, Florida Southern College, B.S. Adviser, Home Room 310. MISS ADELE BOYD. Algebra, Aircraft Mathematics. Florida State College for Women, A. B. Duke I niversity. Adviser, Home Room 305. MRS. EDNA K. SUTTON. Geometry, Head of Mathematics. Northwestern University, A.B. Adviser, Home Room 313. MRS. LOIS BYERS. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry. Aurora College, A. B. Adviser, Home Room 316. YHTMENT MRS. SARA D. McDONALD. Mathematics. University of Pittsburgh, A. B. Adviser, Home Room 318. A' I 7‘ SCIENCE II E P A II T MENT MR. JOHN T. HARCOURT. Physics, Chemistry. Cornell University, A.B. Stanford University, University of Miami. Adviser, Home Room 303. MISS VIRGINIA McDANIEL. Biology. Harding College, Searcy, Arkansas, B.S. Sponsor, Sophomore Girls Club, Science Club. Adviser, Home Room 307. MISS GLADYS RICHARDSON. Head of Science Department. Biology. Florida State College for Women. A.B. Sponsor. Cheerleaders. Sponsor, Business Staff of Oracle. Adviser, Home Room 306. MRS. FRANCES BEDELL. Florida State College for Women. Adviser, Home Room 308. MR. GORDON C. REEVES. Chemistry. St. Petersburg Junior College, John B. Stetson University, A.B., A.M. School Photographer. Sponsor of The Oracle. MUSIC II E P A II T HI ENT MRS. JESSIE JAY DEVORE. Director of Orchestra. Fairmont Aca- demy, Cincinnati College of Music, Indianapolis College of Music. Concert Master Friday Musicale, Symphony Orchestra, Jacksonville. First violin in Indianapolis Symphony. MRS. LILLIAN LAWRENCE. Head of Music Department. North- western University, B.M. American Conservatory of Music. MR. GEORGE BOUTWELL. Director of Band. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT MISS JOSEPHINE SCALISE. Spanish. Fairmont State College, West Virginia University, University of Florida. Sponsor, Las Estrellitas. Adviser, Home Room 211. MISS VERNA SODERSTROM. Spanish. Head of Spanish Depart- ment. Friends University, A.B. Sponsor, Spanish Club. Adviser, Home Room 107. MISS HARRIET PFEIFER. Head of Ancient Languages, Latin. Wooster College, Ph.B. Adviser, Home Room 314. OFFICE MRS. MARGARET ALDERMAN. Clerk. Georgia State College for Women. MRS. ARLIE DICKSON. Records Clerk. L.I. Western State Teach- ers College, Kalamazoo, Michigan. STUDY II A I. L MRS. EVA MAE WE H MEYER. Study Hall Supervisor. University of Texas, B.S. Adviser, Home Room 213. faPHYSICAL EDUC A TION HEAD COACH L. JACK SMITH, University of Florida, M.A.; West Kentucky State Teachers, B.S. and A.B. Sponsor, “J” Club. MISS BERNICE WALTON. Physical Education. Florida State College for Women, B.S. in Ed. Co-Sponsor, Pepperettes, Majorettes, G.A.A. Adviser, Home Room 310. MISS RUTH SMITH. Physical Education. Florida State College for Women, B.S. in Ed. Co-Sponsor, Pepperettes, Majorettes, G.A.A. Adviser, Home Room 217. ASSISTANT COACH ANDREW J. HEWLETT. Davidson College, N. C., B.S. Sponsor, “J” Club. LIBHAUY MRS. MARY BYRD PITTS. Librarian. Lander College, A.B.; University of North Carolina, A.B. L.S. MR. BEN B. LESTER. Assistant Librarian. College of William and Mary. SHOP MR. ALBERT A. CU.M MING. Vocational Instructor, Metal. University of Florida. MR. GEORGE MERCER. Auto. University of Missouri, State College of Missouri, Stout Institute, State College of Montana, State College of Illinois. DIVERSIFIED COOPERATIVE TRAIMAC MRS. MARJORIE LITTLE LAY. Pre-Flight. Illinois Wesleyan, B.S. Related study teacher Naval Air Station. D.C.T. Adviser, Home Room 210. MR. B. R. STOFFORD. Co-operative Training. University of Florida, A.B. M.A.E. Sponsor, D.C.T. Club. Adviser, Home Room 210. II K A FTING MISS MARY C. McQUAID. Drafting. Syracuse University, B.F.A. New York University, Na- tional Head of Design School. Sponsor, Art Club. BIBLE MRS. MARGARET MAXFIELD REEVES. Bible. Keuka College, Keuka, N. Y.; John B. Stetson University, A.B., A.M.First Row: Mrs. William Gundlach, Mrs. T. M. Swindle. Mrs. S. H. Murlbert, Mrs. L. L. Smith. Mrs. Julian J. Taylor, Mrs. 11. S. Dumpier. Mrs. M. A. Demorest. Mrs. Henry Richardson, Mrs. Madge Bowers. Second Rote: Mr. M. A. Demurest, Mrs. I). R. Dingle. Mrs. Fred Turner. Mrs. Aufus Tatum, Mrs. William I). Webb, Mrs. Hampton Haddock, Mrs. H. V. Fulmer, Mrs. Fred Williams, Mrs. C. J. Pfeiffer, Mrs. F. C. Haire, M rs. M. F. Swint, Miss Gladys Richard- son, Mrs. Lillian Lawrence, Mrs. C. E. Haas. Mrs. R. M. Pitts. Miss Mabel Glover, Mrs. Anna Ley Wells. Mot in Picture: Mrs. Merchon Ritch. Mrs. I). C. Augustine, Mrs. Geo. R. Register, Mrs. V. S. Greene, Mrs. Ray Foxworth, Mrs William Stratton, Mrs. L. R. Poe, Miss Clara Weltch. I» . T . A . Objects of Parent-Teacher Associations TO PROMOTE the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church and community. TO RAISE the standards of home life. TO SECURE adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth. TO BRING into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child. TO DEVELOP between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education. () F F I C E R S President...............MRS. JULIAN J. TAYLOR Vice-President..........MRS. MERCHON RITCH Recording Secretary..........MRS. L. L. SMITH Historian..... Corresponding Secretary .MRS. S. H. HURIBERI Treasurer..................MRS. H. S. DAMPIER Auditor....................MRS. T. M. SWINDLE ....MRS. M. A. DEMORESTOLDEST HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES Saint Augustine SENIORS OFFICERS IIAIRE. ROBERT MITCHELL. “Beans”. General. “Cooperating with sincerity; leading with integrity". President Senior ( lass (4t : Na- tional Honor Society (3, 4) ; Secretary Home Room (2. 3, 4) ; Secre- tary Sophomore Class (2) ; Hi-Y Club (Alpha) (2, 3. 4.) Senior Fellows Club (4) ; Secretary Alpha Hi-Y (4) ; Spanish Club (3) : Band (4); Orchestra (4); Vice-President Spanish Club (3). UNE CLASS HOBBS, RUSSELL DEAN, JR. “R. D." Commercial. “Ace high scho- lastically and athletically”. Vice-President Senior Class 41 ; Sports Editor Tiger's Claw (4) ; Quill and Scroll (4) ; Hi-Y (3, 4) ; Secre- tary Hi-Y (4) ; Red Cross Club (2, 3, 4) ; Treasurer Red Cross Club (3) ; Senior Fellows' Club (4) : J Club (2, 3. 4); Mascot Jun. Girls (3ub (3); Winner Jr. Girls Club Contest (3); Tiger's Claw Staff (4) ; Sophomore Boys’ Club (2); Secretary .1 Club (4); Color Bear- er Graduation (3) ; Treasurer Home Room (4» Kiwanis Charity Football (3, 4) ; Baseball (2, 3) ; Football (3, 4) ; Basketball (4) ; Sgt. R.O.T.C. (2, 3); Lieut. R.O.T.C. (4 ; Hi-Y Circus (3); Talent Night (3). NEIDLLNGER, MIRIAM CAROLA. “M di”. College. “Every inch a queen!” Secretary of Senior Class (41; President of Home Room (2, 3, 4) ; Sophomore Girls' Club (2) Secretary Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Red Cross Club (2,3,4) : Reporter Red Cross Club (3) ; Secretary Red Cross Club (4) ; Oracle Staff (2. 3, 4) ; Junior Editor Oracle (3) ; Editor-in-Chief Oracle (4) ; Junior Girls’ Club (3) ; President Junior Girls Club (3) ; Spanish Club (3) ; A.W.V.S. (3) ; Tri Hi-Y (3) ; Usher at Commencement (2, 3) ; Baccalaureate (3) ; Talent Night (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Christmas Pageant (3) ; Senior Girls' Jubilee (3. 4) : Prom Committee (3) ; F.L.S. (4) ; Youth Council (3, 4) : National Honor Society (3, 4) ; Vice-President National Honor Society (4) ; President National Honor Society (4); Vesper Service (4) ; Winner D.A.R. Pilgrimage (4) ; Dean’s Office (2, 3. 4) ; Who’s Who (4) ; Assistant Captain (4) ; Good Posture Club (3). RAY, ROBERT EARL. “Bobby”. General. “A little bit of all right”. Treasurer Senior Class (4); President J Club (4); Chaplain Old Timers (3) ; J Club (4) ; Senior Fellows Club (4) ; Hi-Y (2) ; Lieutenant R.O.T.C. (4) ; Varsity Football 3, 4) ; Baby Tigers’ (2) ; Varsity Basketball (4) ; B Team Basketball (2) ; Boxing (4) ; Track (4); Kiwanis Charity Game (3, 4); Who’s Who (4). POE, LESLIE NEW TON. College. “A quiet humor- - tis no wonder be has so many friends ’. Chaplain Senior Class (4) ; Beta Hi-Y (3) ; Band (2); Orchestra (2); Football (3,4); Swimming (4). ATTER. PHILLIP TOM. “Flip”. Commercial. “If friends spell success he’ll never be a failure.” Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Class (4) ; Treas- urer Old Timers (3) ; President Old Timers (4) ; Vice-President J Club (4) : Old Timers (3, 4) ; J Club (2. 3. 4) ; Senior Fellows' Club (4); Hi-Y (4); Oracle (4); Senior Fellows Bonfire (4); President Senior Fellows' Club (4); Winner Junior Girls' Club Contest (4); Manager Baby Tigers (2) ; Manager Varsity Football (3, 4) ; Man- ager Varsity Basketball (2, 3): Who’s Who (4). MISS EMILY ATKINS, Sponsor. JUNE ALLEN, ELMER LAZONE. College. Fun, fair, and talented. Nat. Honor Soc. (3, 4 ) ; Sec. S.F.C. (4) ; Director of Talent Club (4) ; Youth Council (4); Cheerleader (4) ; Business Manager of Tiger’s Claw (4) ; S.F.C. (4); Hi-Y 4 ; Talent Club (4); Officer in R.O.T.C. (4) ; Kno-Jax Club (2) ; Hi-Y Circus (3) ; Talent Night (3) ; Winner Talent Night (4); Who’s Who (4); Class Night (4); Teen Town Talent Night (4) ; Old Timers Vodvil (4) ; Sec. Nat. Honor Soc. (4) ; Quill and Scroll (4). ALBRITTON, ANNETTE. General. Quiet? Yes, at times. ANDERS, ALENE CHASE. “Taffy”. General. A lovely voice and beauti- ful green eyes. Jr. Chorus (2) ; Sr. Chorus (3, 4) ; S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; J.G.C. (3); S.G.C. (4); Thanks- giving Program (2, 3, 4); Christ- mas Pageant (4). ANDERSON, REGINALD A D AIR. ‘‘Reggie ’. General. Does nothing in particular and does it well. APPLETARDTh. THOMAS JEFFER- SON. “Blossom”. College. Merrily he rolls along. S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; Christmas Pageant (4) ; Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Cantata (4) ; Jr. Band (3); Orchestra (4) ; Oracle Staff (4 ; Band (4) ; R. O.T.C. 2, 3, 4); Comm. (3, 4); S. F.C. (4); Dramatic Club (4); Class Night (4) ; Hi-Y Ballet (4) : V.-Pres. Science Club (4) ; Red Cross Club (4) ; “One Ghostly Evening” (4). ASHTON, CORINNE. Commercial. One of a crew where credit is due. ATKINSON, JACK WALTON. “Smil- ing Jack’’. General. “Xl eye that wanders; the smile thff$ remains”; Vice-President Debaters Club (3) ; President Debaters' XXjyh (4) ; Co- Sports Editor Tigers ' Claw (4) ; Sophomore Boys’ Clfcp (2 ; Alpha Hi-Y (4); Dramati Glub (4); Sen- ior Fellows’ Club f4] ; J Club (4); Quill and Scrolly (4) ; Sergeant R.O.T.C. (4); Bvby Tigers (3) ; Varsity FootbalQfX); Captain Track Team (4). AYRES, LORINA LEIGH. “Rena”. Commercial. “A medley of fun and friendship”. Senior Girls' Club (4) : Tri Hi-Y (3) ; War Bonds and Stamp Representative (4) ; Junior Chorus (2); Pop Concert (2); Can- dlelight Service (3) : Christmas Can- tata (2): Volleyball Championship Team (3) ; Business Manager for Football, Track, Basketball. Base- ball, Tennis, Golf (4). N I 0 R BAKER, I GQr. “Buggy”. College. “Wide-eyed innocence”. Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Red Cross Club (2, 3, 4 ; Junior Girls’ Club (3); Prom Committee (3); A.W.V.S. (3) ; Tri Hi-Y (3); Spanish Club (3, 4 ; Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Senior Girls’ Jubilee (3, 4) ; Oracle (4) ; Treas- urer Red Cross Club (4) ; F.L.S. (4); Tri Hi-Y Bazaar (3). PARKER, EDNA REE. “Rissy”. Gen- eral. “Blithely industrious”. Senior Girls' Club (4); D.C.T. Club (4); Volleyball Tournament (4). BARKER, G. VIRGINIA. “Ginny”. Commercial. “A maiden never bold is she; how sweet and fair she seems to be.” Majorette (2, 3, 4) ; Sopho- more Girls' Club (2); Junior Girls’ Club (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Y.W.C.A. (2) ; Girl Reserves (3) ; F.L.S. (I): Tri Hi-Y (3); GJLA. (4) ; Sophomore Chorus (2) ; Junior Chorus (3); Senior Girls’ Jubilee (3, 4) ; Vesper Service (2) ; Class Night (4) ; Captain Gym Team (4) ; Assistant Captain (3). BARNARD, THELMA IRENE. Com- mercial. “Intent of purpose”. Pepper- ettes (2, 4). BAUGH, MARY LOUISE. “Mary Lu”. General. “Soft peace she brings when- ever she arrives.” Vesper Service (2) ; Christmas Cantata (2); Peppcrettcs (2, 4) ; D.C.T. (4). BEATY, KATHRYN JOYCE. “Nut- chie”. Commercial. “Radiating sun- shine”. G.A.A. (4); D.C.T. Club (4). BENNETT. DOROTHY JEAN. Com- mercial. “The only way to have a friend is to be one”. Junior Chorus (2) ; Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Junior Girls’ Club (3); Senior Girls Club (4) ; Senior Girls’ Jubilee (4 ; Tri Hi-Y (3); Spanish Club (3). BENNETT, PAULINE VELMA. Com- mercial. “Sparkling with the joy of living”. Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Maj- orettes (2, 3, 4) ; G.A.A. (4) ; Cap- tain Gym Team (2) ; Senior Girls’ Jubilee (4).JUNE CASEY, MARTHA ESTELLE. General. ‘'Diving into life's many fields with hearty spirit". Sponsor of R.O.T.C. Company C (3) ; D.C.T. Club (3, 4) ; Orchestra (2, 3). CLARK, EVELYN. General. “Life's sunny side is on the funny side”. COBB, CARRELL EARL “Buddy". College. “Perseverance prevails where violence fails". Band (4); Orches- tra (4). CORBETT, MILDRED EVELYN. Gen- eral. “All-round athlete with a flare for the practical”. G.A.A. (2) ; Pep- perettes (4) ; Assistant Captain (3) ; Captain (4) ; Basketball Champion- ship (2, 3) ; Volleyball Champion- ship (2); Diamond Ball Champion- ship (3). BLACKMAN, JOYCE MARY. “Miss y". General, “tier voice sinks deeply in our hearts”. President Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Secretary Junior Girls' Club (3); Student Council (2) ; Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Junior Girls Club (3) ; Senior Girls' Club (4) ; Red Cross Club (2, 3, 4) ; Tri Hi-Y (3); Girl Reserve (3); G.A.A. (3) ; Christmas Pageant (2, 3, 4) ; Talent Night (3) ; Christ- mas Cantata (3) ; Senior Girls’ Jubi- lee (3, 4) ; Pop Concert (3) ; Senior Chorus (2, 3, 4) ; Vesper Service (2) ; Senior Play (4). BOYER, KATHRYN L. “Kaffie”. Com- mercial. “Serenity of mind and calm- ness of thought". Pepperettes (2) ; Junior Girls Club (3); Senior Girls Club (4). BOYER, MARY JEAN. General. “Good cheer is no hindrance to a good life”. Glee Club (2, 3) ; D.C.T. Club; Baa- Altet ball (2, 3); Volleyball (2, 3). BRADDOCK, JENNIE FAY. College. “Sincerity, patience, and judgment”. National Honor Society (3, 4) ; Sen- ior Girls’ Club (4) ; Pepperettes (2) ; G.A.A. (3, 4) ; Orchestra (3, 4); Senior Girls’ Jubilee (4) ; Accept- ance of Mantle (4) ; Vice-President National Honor Society (4) ; Cham- pion G.A.A. Basketball Team (3). BRENNAN, SHIRLEY MARIE. “Snoo- kie”. General. “Life is a song she cheerfully hums' . French Club (2) ; Junior Girls’ Club (3) ; A.W.V.S. (3 ; Christmas Pageant (3, 4) ; Sen- ior Girls’ Club (4) ; Senior Girls' Jub- ilee (4) ; Pop Concert (3) ; Bac- calaureate (3, 4) ; Sophomore Chorus (2) ; Girls’ Glee Club (3) ; Senior Chorus (4) ; Christmas Cantata (3, 4); Commencement (3, 4) ; Class Night (4). BRENAN, PEGGY VIRGINIA. “Short-Stuff”. College. “Amiability in abundance”. Sophomore Chorus (2); Senior Girls’ Club (4) : Girls' Glee Club (2); Science Club (3); Sen- ior Chorus (3) ; Cantata (2); Pep- perettes (4); Thanksgiving Program (2, 3); Baccalaureate (2, 3). ROWN, CALVIN LIONEL “Farmer”. General. “There's honesty, manhood, and good fellowship in him”. Hi-Y Club (4) ; J Club: Baby Tigers (2) ; Varsity Football (3, 4). jorS BROWN, JAMES RAYMOND. “Jim- my". General. “A contented man is never poor”. Senior Fellows Club (4). BUSSE, JAMES ARTHUR. “Jimmie”. General. “A hard worker with a genial interest in everything”. Alpha Hi-Y (2, 3, 4) ; National Honor Society (3, 4) : Sergeant R.O.T.C. BROWN, GEORGIA. General. Senior Gi CALLAHAN, PATSY MAE. “Pat”. College. “She has an easy humor with no rough edges”. Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Soccer Medal (3) ; Student Business Manager Football, Basket- ball, Baseball (4) ; War Bonds and Stamps Sales Representative (4); J for Student Business Manager of thletics (4». VJUNE CORDRAY, MARY MARTHA. ‘Stub- by ’. College. “Languidly lovely”. Pepperettes (2); Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Senior Girls' Club (4) ; Advertising Staff of Oracle (4) ; Sen- ior Girls’ Jubilee (4) ; Tri Hi-Y (3). COTSONIS, VAN LEE. General. “His laughter booms out as richly as his song’ . Hi-Y Club (4); Junior Chorus (2, 3) ; Senior Chorus (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Cantata (2, 3, 4); Christ- mas Pageant (2, 3, 4) ; Pop Con- cert (4) ; Baccalaureate (2, 3, 4); Graduation (2, 3) ; Vesper Service (2, 4); Thanksgiving Program (2. 3, 4) ; Bond Selling Program; P.T.A. Programs (2, 3. 4) ; Dedica- tion of Honor Roll Plaque (3) ; Youth Convention. CREWS. LERANELL. General. “A smile of hers is an act of grace”. DAM PIER. HORACE S. “Buster”. College. “Always on the ball”. Sopho- more Boys’ Club (2); Who’s Who (4). DANIEL, JAMES FORREST. “Worm”. College. “Gravity charged with wit”. J Club (4) ; Hi-Y (2, 3, 4) ; Secre- tary Beta Hi-Y (3); Debaters’ Club (2, 3); Senior Fellows (4); Foot- ball Manager (4). DARROW, ROBERT EUGENE. “Bob”. General. “Individuality is his forte”. DAVIDSON, RUTH. General. “Friend of the people”. DAVIS, ALICE MORTIMER. College. “Calm and serene”. Commencement 12, 3); Band and Orchestra (3, 4); Senior Girls Club (4) ; Senior Girls Jubilee (4) ; Class Night (2. 3) ; Christmas Pagean . (3, 4); Christ- mas Cantata (3, 4). SENIORS DENMARK, GENEVE BULAH. “Jen- ny”. General. Truly “Sweet Geneve”. Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Vice- President Sophomore Girls’ Club (2). DELANEY, BETTY. General. “What's new” DETERS, CAROL. Commercial. “An investment on the bright side”. Spanish Club (3, 4); Vice-President Spanish Club (4); G.A.A. (4). DIRGHALLl, SOLOMON. “Sammy". College. “The wit of his namesake’s wisdom”. Red Cross Club (2, 3, 4); Vice-President Red Cross Club (4) ; Treasurer Red Cross Club (3); Chaplain Red Cross Club (2) ; Sci- ence Club (2, 3, 4) ; Reporter Sci- ence Club (4) ; Secretary Science Club (4); Baccalaureate (3) ; Com- mencement (3, 4) ; Senior Chorus (3) ; Sophomore Chorus (3) ; Dra- matic Club (3, 4) ; Dramatic Club Director (4) ; Lieutenant R.O.T.C. (3) ; Captain R.O.T.C. (4); Club Council (4) ; Secretary- of Club Coun- cil (4); Treasurer Dramatic Club (4) ; Casting Director of Dramatic Club (4); PTA Play “Maid of France” (4) ; Director of “One Ghostly Evening” (4) ; Tiger's Claw Representative (2, 3) ; Thanksgiv- ing Program (3) ; Bible Broadcast (3) ; Junior-Senior Prom Committee 13); Oracle Art Staff f4) ; Talent Nite (4); Color Bearer Kiwanis Football Game (4) ; Armistice Day Parades (2, 3, 4) ; School Repre- sentative to General Red Cross Council (4) : Senior Fellows’ Club (4) ; Class Night (4). DOUGLAS, GLORIA. College. “Mirth inspirer, merry companion '. DOWLING, DONALD McKENZIE. General. “People have more fun than anybody”. Secretary Old Timers (2); President Old Timers (3). DOWNS, SARA ELIZABETH. “Betty”. General. “Diligently attending to the smaller details”. G.A.A. (3, 4). EVAN S, WILLIAM CLIFFORD. “Dippy”. General. A “knockout for knocking about”. Vice-President Old Timers (4); Sgt.-at-Arms Old Timers (4) ; Home Room Representative (4) ; Old Timers (3, 4); Beta Hi-Y (3, 4) ; Senior Fellows Club (4); Baby Tigers (3, 4). SENIORS V JUNE FENNELL, DOROTHY LILLIAN. “Dotty”. General. “When in doubt turn to the lighter things”. Cham- pion Volleyball Team (4) ; Captain Team (4»; Junior Girls' Club (3); Senior Girls' Club (4) ; Business Staff Oracle (3); Assistant Cap- tain. General. FLIESS, JEAN. Commercial. “An all- around sport and a sport at all times' . President G.A.A. (4) ; Re- porter Spanish Club (3) ; Vice- President Spanish Club (4) ; Presi- dent Art Club (4); Science Club (2, 3); G.A.A. (2. 3, 4); Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Red Cross Club (2) ; Art Club (4) ; Diamond Ball Medal (2, 3) ; Ping Pong Medal (2) ; G.A.A. Emblem and Medal (2) ; G.A.A. Let- ter (3); Who's Who (4). FORTENBERRY. WILLIAM. “Billy". General. “Time out for fun”. FOSTER, BETTY JOYCE. “Shorty”. Commercial. “Her charming smile our hearts beguile”. Senior Girls Club (4) ; Sophomore Girls’ Club (2); Junior Girls' Club (3); Na- tional Honor Society (3, 4). FOUTS, DOROTHY MADELEINE. “Dottie”. College. "Where there is laughter, there is ‘Dot’ ”. Vice-Presi- dent G.A.A. (4) ; Chaplain Junior Girls Club (3); Vice-President Sci- ence Club (4); Oracle Representa- tive (3) ; Tiger’s Claw Representa- tive (2); G.A.A. (2, 3, 4); Tiger’s Claw Staff (4) ; Sophomore Girls' Club (2) ; Junior Girls’ Club (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Science Club (3, 4) ; Spanish Club (3) ; Tri Hi-Y (3) ; All Star Basketball Team (3); G.A.A. Medal; Who’s Who (4); Sen- ior Play (4). FOX WORTH, G R A C E LOUISE. “Foxy”. College. “A bright smile, a charming manner, a willing worker”. Treasurer G.A.A. (3) ; Red Cross Club (2); Dramatic Club (2); G.A.A. (2, 3, 4) ; Sophomore Girls’ Club (2); Senior Girls’ Club (4 ; Home Room Representative (2) ; Oracle Representative (2) ; Tiger's Claw Representative (2); Spanish Club (3) ; Senior Girls’ Jubilee (4); G.A.A. Volleyball Captain (4). FRANKLIN, HUGH ELLIS. General. “A serious nature brightened by a smile”. FULFORD, WYNELLE. “Winnie”. General. “A winning courtesy in school and sports' . Girl Reserve (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Captain Team (4). all gkb Secretary- Dramatic Club (4) Club Play tee (4); (3). AUL1NE LOUISA. "Polly”. Enthusiasm for Jackson in Talent Club (4) ; rer Talent Club (4) ; ) (4) ; Senior Girls’ ; Oracle (4) ; Dramatic (4) ; Class Night Commit- Champion Baseball Team GAULE, TOM F. General. “A set goal in view—a straight path to follow”. Captain R.O.T.C. (4); Major R.O.T.C. (4). GEBERT, EDWARD SEIBERT. Col- lege. “One of the boys”. Science Club (2) ; Spanish Club (2, 3). GEIGER, WILLIAM A. “Billy”. Gen- eral. “His dry humor makes every- one smile”. Football and Track (4). GIVENS, GLORIA JEANETTE. “Stinky”. Commercial. “As likeable as lookable”. Mascot Alpha Hi-Y (4) ; Sponsor R.O.T.C. (3) ; Junior Girls' Club (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club (4); Winner of Beauty Contest (4) ; As- sistant Captain (4) ; Who’s Who (4); Mascot Old Timers (4). GLOVER, VIRGINIA LEE. General. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. Mascot Beta Hi-Y (4) ; Sponsor Jackson-Lee Game (3); Senior Girls’ Jubilee (3, 4); Senior Girls' Club (3) ; Sophomore Girls' Club (2) ; Tri Hi-Y Club (3) ; Home Room Representative (4) ; Treasurer Tri Hi-Y (3); Tiger's Claw (3) ; Prom Committee (3). GODWIN, LILLIAN. General. “Life is short but there is always time for courtesy”.JUNE SENIORS GRAY, ELLA MARIE. “Pud". General. “Would that the whole world were as soft and beautiful”. Transferred from Pinetta; Basketball (4) ; Vol- leyball (4); Softball (4). GRIFFIN, EDWARD LEWIS. “Eddie”. General. “Soft-spoken and polite—the essence of a gentleman”. GRIFFIN, THOMAS WOODROW'. “Woody”. Commercial. “A business man in every sense of the word”. GUINN, MARION. General. “Carried along on life’s tide with lively spirit”. GUNDLACH, WILLIAM, JR. College. “None but himself could be bis parallel”. National Honor Society (3, 4); Treasurer National Honor Society (4) ; Youth Council (3, 4); Captain R.O.T.C. (4) ; Lieutenant R.O.T.C. (3); President Beta Hi-Y (3, 4); Science Club (2, 3, 4); President Science Club (2); Vice- President Science Club (3); Chap- lain Sophomore Boys’ Club (2); Quill and Scroll (4) ; Associate Edi- tor Tiger’s Claw (4) ; Lion Cub of Month (4); Beta Hi-Y (3, 4); Red Cross Club (3, 4) ; Band and Or- chestra (2, 3, 4) ; Tiger’s Claw (4); Club Council (4) ; Sophomore Boys’ Club (2) ; Senior Fellows’ Club (4) ; Baccalaureate (3, 4) ; Hi-Y Concert Ballet (3); Hi-Y Ballet (4); Hi-Y Speaker (3) ; Senior Play (4) ; Who’s Who (4). k} r y GIJYTON, MARY LEE. “Maisie”. Gen- eral. “Minutes with her are never dull”. D.C.T. Club (4) ; D.C.T. Chap- lain (4) ; Junior Girls’ Club (3) ; Junior Chorus (3) ; Senior Chorus (4) ; A.W.V.S. (3) ; Pepperettes (2) ; Tiger’s Claw Representative (4); Volleyball Tournament (3); Soccer Tournament (3). HAGAN, JOYCE SOPHRONIA. “Jo”. Commercial. “Gentle in manner— firm in reality”. D.C.T. Club (4); Basketball (2, 3) ; Volleyball (3); Track (2). HAIRE, FRANKLIN EUGENE “Jeep”. General. “What his words don’t say, his pen does”. National Honor So- ciety (3. 4) ; Spanish Club (4); Who’s Who (4). HARNAGE, BETTY RUTH. General. “A light heart lives long”. Sopho- more Girls’ Club (2) ; Reporter Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Junior Girls’ Club (3); A.W.V.S. (3); Good Posture Club (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club (4); Senior Girls’ Jubilee (4). HENRY, JACQUELYN. “Jackie”. General. “Placidness is apparent but action surges forth”. HICKS, THOMAS WILLIAM. College. “Well known for the laughs he gave his classmates”. Dramatic Club (4) ; Dramatic Club Play (4) ; Debaters’ Club (3, 4) ; Science Club (3, 4); Orchestra (4). HOFFMAN, FRANK. General. “Gen- erously good-natured”. HOTZ, ROSE MARIE. “Bud”. Com- mercial. “She is a good friend to everybody—what better could we say?” National Honor Society (3, 4) ; Sophomore Girls’ Club (2) ; Junior Girls’ Club 13 ; Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Senior Girls’ Jubilee (4); Tri Hi-Y (3) ; Senior Chorus (3, 4); Pepperettes (2); Girls’ Glee (2); Girl Reserve (3) ; Baccalaureate (2, 3, 4) ; Graduation (3); Thanks- giving Program (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Cantata (3, 4); Pop Concert (3) ; P.T.A. Convention (3) ; Volleyball Tournament (2); D.C.T. Club (4). HOWARD, EARL P. “Buster”. General. “A stalwart guard in life as in foot- ball”. Chaplain Senior Fellows’ Club (4); Varsity Football Letter (4) ; Sophomore Bovs’ Club (2) ; Junior Boys’ Club (3); Senior Fellows’ Club (4) ; Senior Chorus (2, 3, 4); J Club (4); Baby Tigers (2) ; Man- ager Football (3) ; Varsity Football (4); Senior Play (4). HUBBARD, FRANCES. “Jack”. Gen- eral. Interesting as a surprise party. S.G.C. Jubilee (3, 4); S.F.C. Bon- fire Comm. (4); G. C. (2); J.G.C. (3); Dramatic Club (2, 3) ; Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. (3); S.G.C. (4). HUTCHINSON, J A M E S NEAL. “Hutchie”. College. Always ready to give his opinion. National Honor Society (3, 4) ; Band Letter (3); Hi-Y (2, 3, 4) ; Band (2. 3, 4) ; Sr. Chor. (3, 4) ; All-City High School Orchestra (2) : Spanish Club 12, 3. 4) ; Spanish Paper (3); Span- ish Orchestra (3, 4) ; Co-op Club 14) ; Orchestra (2, 3, 4) ; Oracle Staff (3,4).SENIORS JUNE JACKSON, LEWIS SMITH. Central. He has a definite swish to his per- sonality. S.B.C. (2); Intramural Football Championship (3). JOHNSTON, PETER RAMSAY. “Pete”. College. An affable lad with diversified interests. Sports Editor “El Espejo” (3); R.O.T.C. Cadet Officer (3, 4); S.F.C. (4) ; Sec. . S.F.C. (4) ; R.O.T.C. Lt. Col. (4). JOHNSON, ROBERT POPE. “Bobby”. College. A quiet reserve, a firmness of character that manifests itself in all his acts. S.F.C. (4) ; Oracle Staff (4). JOHNSON, EDWARD WORRELL, JR. “Ed”. College. Shooting at the target of cooperation. Co-op Club (4); R.O.T.C. (3). JOHNSON, MARGARET CECILE. General. Gentle of speech; beneficent of mind. JONES, BETTY FRANCES. Commer- cial. Happiness gives us energy. JONES, JACKIE ELOISE. College. All around excellence. Cheerleader (3, 4); Asst. Head-Cheerleader (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (3, 4) ; Com. Christ- mas Pageant (3); Sec. S.G.C. (4); Tri Hi-Y Bazaar (3) ; Comm. Jr.-Sr. Prom (3); Comm. S.G.C. Tea (4) ; Who's Who in G.A.A. (3); S.G.C. (3); Pepperettes (2); G. . . (2, 3, 4) ; J.G.C. (3) ; Tri Hi-Y Club (3) ; S.G.C. (4) ; Science Club (4) ; Posture Club (3) ; All Star Volley- ball Team (2) ; Member of Winning Team in G.A.A. (2) ; Softball Tour- nament (4); Captain, in Gym (2.3.4). KEGEBEIN, M ILDR E D LEONE. “Mickey”. General. Worrying is no advantage to anyone. KENNEDY, MARGARET AILEEN. “Peggy”. College. Portrait of reserve, framed by ambition. Treas. G.A.A. (4); H. R. Rep. (4); G.A.A. (2, 3, 4); S.G.C. (4); S.G.C. (2); S.G.C. Jubilee (4); Member Winning Softball Team G.A.A. (2); Member Winning Volleyball Team G.A.A. (3). KILPATRICK, COMALEA. “Pat”. Commercial. Conscientious, compe- tent, and charming. Poster Club (4) ; National Honor Society (4). KINCHEN, MARCUS ADRIAN. Col- lege. Hale and Hearty. Sophomore Chorus (2); Jr. Clio. (3); Sr. Cho. 14); S.F.C. 4 ; S.B.C. (2); Of- ficer in R.O.T.C. (2, 3, 4) ; Baby Tiger Football (3) ; Varsity Foot- ball (4). KING, GLORIA ALICE. “Cowboy" Commercial. Amiable cut-up with a sack full of tricks. V.-Pres. Science Club (2); Science Club (2 ; S.G.C. (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4). KINKLE, "MA RGA RET LOUISE. Col- lege. But there’s only one like her. Art Editor “El Espejo” (3) : S.G.C. (2); J.G.C. (3); S.G.C. (4); Red Cross Club (3); A.W.V.S. (3); S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; Christmas Pa- geant (4). KINKLE, MARJORIE LEE. “Margie”. College. She comes double. Sec. A.W.V.S. (3); S.G.C. (2); J.G.C. (3) ; S.G.C. (4) ; Red Cross Club (3) ; A.W.V.S. (3) ; S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; All Star Volleyball Team (2). KIN LAW, JOHN. General. “Happy-go- lucky”. Senior Chorus (3, 4). KIRKLAND, M A R Y ELIZA BETH. “Kirk”. Authority on friendliness and sincerity. Girls’ Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; S.G.C. (4) ; Girl Reserves (3) ; G.A.A. (2, 3, 4).SENIORS JUNE KITE, JEAN. Commercial. Sweet and gay. G.A.A. KLOEPPEL, ARTHUR J. C. College. Good humored friendliness. Hi-Y (3, 4); Baby Tiger Football (4). LAKE, NOEL R. College. Wisdom keeps silent. LASTER, BETTY JANE. College. The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. S.G.C. (4); Oracle Staff (4). LEONARD, RUTH. College. Riding to higher achievement on her steed of ambition. Spanish Club (4) ; Na- tional Honor Society (3, 4) ; Pep- perettes (4); S.G.C. (4). LEWIS, MOSES. “Moe”. General. A casual babble of congeniality. Pres. S.B.C. (2) ; Chap. Old Timers’ Club (4) ; Sgt.-at-Arms Hi-Y (4) ; Rep. Old Timers’ Club (4) ; Escort Lec- Jackson Game (4) ; Student Coun- cil (2) ; Old Timers (4) ; Hi-Y (4) ; S.B.C. (2); S.F.C. (4); J Club (4); Mgr. Varsity Football (4); Baby Tigers Football (3). LOHMAN, EDMOUND LEWIS. Col- lege. A bright hello for everyone. Science Club (4). LOPER, DORIS VIRGINIA. “Dragon- ette”. General. Trailed by sparks of joy as she flits here and there. Band (£ 3, 4); Orchestra (2, 3, 4»; S.G.C. (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4); Class Night (2, 3, 4) ; Commence- ment (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Pageant (3, 4) ; Christmas Cantata (3, 4); G.A.A. (4). MacINNES, ANNE. “Annie Lou Har- moniously combining charm, wit, and music. Entered Junior ’tear. Accomp. Senior Chorus (4) ; Accomp. Talent Club (4) ; Classification Editor (4) ; Sec. G.A.A. (4) ; Senior Girls’ Talent Night (3, 4); Junior-Senior Prom Committee (3) ; G.A.A. (3, 4) ; Sen- ior Girls’ Club (4) ; Senior Girls’ Jubilee (4); Chirstmas Pageant (4); Oracle (4) ; Thanksgiving Program (4 ; Baccalaureate (4) ; Commence- ment (4) ; Red Cross Club (4) ; Di- rector S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; Vice- President Red Cross (4) ; Chaplain National Honor Society (4) ; M.C. Talent Night (4) ; Vesper Service (4) ; Pop Concert (4) ; G.A.A. (4); J Ping Pong Champ. M A DR A Y, WILLIA M FR A N K LI N. “Bill”. College. Tho’ modest on his unembarrassed brow Nature has written 'Gentleman’. MAHON, JOHN. General. Eloquent without a word. Second place in Spelling Contest (4) ; Varsity Foot- ball (4). MARTIN, SHIRLEY MAE. Commer- cial. Sweet and sincere. MATTOX, ALICE VIVIAN. "Shortie". For she was just the quiet kind whose nature never varies. McBRIDE, ALICE JEAN. “Mickey”. Commercial. Full of enthusiasm for making friends. Tigers’ Claw (2) ; S.G.C. (2); A.W.V.S. 13); Girl Re- serves (3) ; Oracle H.R. Rep. (3) ; G.A.A. (3); S.G.C. (4); D.C.T. (4). McBRIDE, PATRICK WYLEY. “Pat”. Commercial. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Orchestra (2. 3, 4); R.O.T.C. (3, 4 ; Band (2, 3, 4) ; Commencement (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Cantata (2, 3, 4) ; Class Night (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Pageant (2, 3, 4). McCORMICK, SADIE BELLE. Com- mercial. A gracious smile that charms.JUNE SENIORS dr McCULLERS, EDWARD C. “Dopey”. College. He aims to please and hits the mark. Officer R.O.T.C. (4); Color Guard (4) ; Senior Chorus (4) ; Hi-Y (2, 3, 4) ; Sophomore Chorus (2); Junior Chorus (2, 3) ; Vesper Services (3) ; Hi-Y' Ballet (4); School Fire Warden (3, 4) ; President Inter-Club Council (4) ; President Hi-Y (4); S.F.C. (4); Red Cross Club (4). Jr • i •4 4 McCullough, paul julian, jr. College. He serves to our advantage. Quill and Scroll (4); Red Cross Club (2, 3, 4); S.F.C. (4); Adv. Mgr. Tiger’s Claw (3, 4); Adv. Mgr. Oracle (4) ; Talent Club (4); Member of Inter-Council Club (4). McDonald, gloria barthel. “Giggles”. General. High designs for a secretarial career. D.C.T. Club (4). McKINNEY, JAMES CURTIS. Com- rnercial. A contented man is never poor. Senior Fellows’ Club (4). McKINNEY, GENEVIEVE RUTH. “Ginnie”. General. Efficient, willing, uud oh what fun! S.G.C. (2); J.G.C. (3): S.G.C. (4); G.A.A. (2, 3, 4); Science Club (2, 3, 4) ; Oracle Staff ; . (3, 4); Sports Editor of Oracle (4) ; Chaplain Science Club (2) ; Rep. Science Club (3) ; Pres. Science Club (4 ; National Honor Society (3, 4) ; H. R. Rep. (4) ; S.G.C. Jubi- lee 14) ; Baccalaureate (3, 4) ; G.A.A. vs. Faculty Volleyball (4) ; Captain Baseball Team (3) ; Captain Volley- ball (4). McGUIRE, FRANK. General. Still waters run deep. McLENDON, LILLIAN CARTER. “Battle-Ax". General. The best hearts are ever the bravest. D.C.T. Club (4). McLEOD, ROBERT WILLIAM III. “Bob”. College. Ever the business man when pleasure is the job. S.B.C. (2); Science Club (2); D.C.T. Club (3, 4); Secretary D.C.T. Club (4). McRAE, DOROTHY CATHERINE. “Dottie”. Commercial. An all weather friend, worthy of acquaintance. G.A.A. Medal (4) ; Letter G.A.A. (4) ; Sec. G.A.A. (3); G.A.A. (2, 3,4). Xu.cJ • 0 McVEIGH, SHIRLEY A. “S. A”. Col- lege. Merrily measuring life with stacatto notes of fun. MILLER, A 1)1)1 E MAE. General. Like an echo—only when spoken to. MILLIGAN, ADDIE MARGARET. “Bacca”. General. Silence speaks. D.C.T. Club (4). MITCHELL. LINUS DURWOOD. Gen- eral. A man whose able mind will bring him success. Soph. Cho. (2); Senior Cho. (2, 3, 4) ; Tiger’s Claw Rep. (2, 3, 4) ; Asst. Feature Editor (4) ; Feature Editor (4) ; Editor-in- Chief (4); S.B.C. (2); Sec. S.B.C. (2) ; Science Club (2,3,4) ; Debaters Club (2, 3, 4) ; Vice-President De- baters’ Club (4) ; Dramatics Club (2, 3, 4) ; Teen Town (4) ; Candi- date for Mayor (4) ; Quill and Scroll (4). MORGAN, BEVOLYN NEAL “Bev”. General. And heaven’s soft azure in her eyes are seen. Senior Girls str: LESLIE. “Jimmy”, ive-wire bit of perpetual uill and Scroll (4); Boys Club (2); Tigers (4); Senior Fellows Club (4). MOSS, PEGGY LAUREN. “Peg”. Col- lege. It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice. National Honor Society (3. 4) ; Reporter Na- tional Honor Society (4) ; Pepper- ettes (2) ; Sophomore Girls’ Club (2); Junior ( iris’ Club (3); Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; Senior Girls' Jubilee (4); G.A.A. (2. 3, 4); Vice-Presi- dent G.A.A. (3); Tri Hi-Y (3); F.L.A. (4); Red Cross Club (2, 3, 4) ; Treasurer of Red Cross Club (4) ; President Red Cross Club (4); Oracle Staff (3, 4) ; Tigers Claw (4). as MJUNE SENIORS MOULTON, BARBARA MOORE. “Babs” General. Efficiency plus, with a flair for the imaginative. Senior Girls Club (4) ; G.A.A. (2. 4) ; Tigers Claw Staff (4) ; Senior Girls Club Jubilee (4). MURFF, MARY LEE. General. The eyes have it! Senior Girls Club (4). NEWMAN, R 0 R E R T HIIDMON. “Bob”. College. He came; he saw; he made friends. Band (4) ; Senior Fellows Club (4); Hi-Y (4); Youth Council (4); Orchestra (4). NUNEZ, RAMONA ELAINE. “Ron- nie”. General. A piano in sight— potential dynamite. Sophomore Girls’ Club (2); Junior Girls' CluB (3); Seniors Girls’ Club (4); Junior Chorus (2); Senior Chorus (2); A.W.V.S. (3) ; Red Cross Club (3, 4) ; Chaplain of Home Room (4); Senior Girls’ Jubilee (3); Talent Night (3. 41 : Reporter of Junior Girls’ Club (3) ; Pop Con- cert (3); Vesper Service (3). PARTIN, CAROL LORRAINE. Com. mercial. A lady and a scholar. Na- tional Honor Society (3. 41 ; Senior Girls’ Club Jubilee (4) ; Baccalaure- ate (3); Senior Girls’ Club (4). PATRICK. CRYSTELL Commercial. Enriching the lives of others with her quiet capability. PAUL, MELVIN. College. Pursuing the essential things in life. Lieutenant R.O.T.C. PICKETT, MILDRED LENA. “Shorty”. Quiet! Perhaps, but she knows what she likes. PLUMMER, MARGARET LUCILLE. “Maggie”. Presenting a merry mix- ture of mirth and joviality, (.apt. Pepperettes (4) ; Pepperettes (2) ; Girls’ Glee Club (3); Junior Chorus (3) ; Sophomore Chorus (2) ; Senior Girls' Club (4). POE, CLAIRE ESTELLE. “Poe”. Col- lege. And when she danced, oh heavens her dancing. Sponsor R.O.T.C. (2) ; Cheerleader (2, 3) ; Dramatic Club (2); G.A.A. (2, 31; Talent Club (4); Posture Club (3); Girls’ Glee Club (2, 3); Sophomore Chorus (2) ; Business Manager Talent Club (4) ; Publicity Agent Talent Club (4); Talent Night (3 ; Girl Reserves (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club (4); Tigers Claw (41; Senior Girls’ Club Jubilee (4). PORTER. ETHEL MARIE. Commer- cial. Those sparkling eyes reveal an energetic worker. D.C.T. Club (4). PRATT, EMILY FRANCES. “Idjit”. General. Quietude crowned by a Lou”. And oh what those five feet can do! French Club (2) ; French Medal (21; Red Cross Club (2. 3, 4); Reporter Red Cross Club (3) ; Chap. Red Cross Club (3); Pres. Red Cross Club (4) ; Dramatic Club (2); Tigers’ Claw (2, 3); Girls’ Glee Club (2, 3) ; Sophomore Chorus (21; Senior Chorus (4) ; Junior Girls Club (3) ; Charter Member Tri Hi-Y (3); Mascot Beta Hi-Y (3) ; Sponsor Co. “F” R.O.T.C. (3); A.W.V.S. (3); Senior Girls’ Club (4) ; President Senior Girls' Club (41 ; Vice-President Senior Girls’Club (41 ; Senior Girls’ Club Jubilee (4); Scenario Comm. Senior Girls' Jubilee (41 ; Christmas Pageant (3, 4) ; Charter Member Teen Town Club (4) ; Feature Editor Oracle (4); Inter-club Council (4); Talent Night Comm. (4) ; Winner Beauty Contest (4) ; Red Cross General Council (4) ; Baccalaureate (3) ; Concert and Ballet (4) ; Tri Hi-Y Bazaar (3) ; P.T.A. Play (4) ; Can- tata (4) ; Pop Concert (3, 4) ; Ves- per Services (2, 41 ; Kirby-Smith Concert (3); Hi-Y' Circus (3) ; U.S.O. Program (3) ; Senior Play (4). RAINEY, BETTY JANE. Commercial. A carefree heart; a good athlete; and a good sport. RAINS, DAVID E. “Bubbles”. College. That intangible something only no- ticed by its absence in others. Treas. Beta Hi-Y (41; Sgt. R.O.T.C. (2); Lieutenant R.O.T.C. (3) ; Captain R.O.T.C. (4) ; Hi-Y (3, 4) ; Senior Fellows Club (4) ; Tiger’s Claw (41 ; Oracle Staff (4) ; Senior Chorus (4) ; HI-Y Circus (31 ; Hi-Y Ballet (II. RANDOLPH. LOIS DEANE. Commer- cial. Amiable, sincerity, with a will to do. Junior Girls’ Club (31 ; Senior Girls’ Club (41 ; Oracle Staff (3) ; Senior Girls’ Club Jubilee (41; Pep- perettes (2); Posture Club (31.JUNE REYES, MARY LOU. “Lou”. General. It's Juckson’s horn she's tooting. Rand (4); Orchestra (4). RHODEN, MAURICE MARVIN. Gen- eral. Doing what he finds to do in a pleasant sort of way. Sgt. R.O.T.C. (4). RICH A R DS, J A M E S GR AH A ME. “Jim". General. His speech dynamic! President of Co-Op Clui» i ; De- baters Club (2) ; Dramatic Club (2); Hi-Y Club (2, 3, 4); Co-Op Club (3, 4). HITCH, SARA ELIZABETH. “Tank”. General. Versatility at work. Cheer- leader (2, 3) ; Head Cheerleader (4) ; Winner J.G.C. Popularity Contest (3) ; President of Soph. Class (2) ; Feature Editor Oracle (3) ; Asst. Editor-in-Chief Oracle (4) ; Beauty Contest Winner (4) ; Student Coun- cil (2 ; Treas. Sophomore Girls Club (2); Vice-Pres. Junior Girls Club (3); Vice-Pres. Posture Club (3) ; Talent Night (3) : Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. (3); Tri Hi-Y (3); Deans Office (3. 4) : Senior Girls Club (4 ; Senior Girls Jubilee (3, 4) ; Comm. S.G.C. Luncheon (4) ; Senior Play (4 ; Comm. Soph. Tea (4 ; Tri lli-Y Bazaar (3) ; Senior Fellows Bonfire Comm. (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Pageant (3); P.T.A. Program (4). ROBERTS, F RANCES JOYCE. “Frankie”. A kettle of fun always boiling over! Sophomore Chorus (2. 4); Junior Chorus (2 ; Girls' Glee Club (3); Baccalaureate (3); Vesper Services (2, 3, 4) ; Thanks- giving Program (2, 3, 4); Christmas Cantuta (2, 3. 4) ; Pop Concert (3, 4) ; Frost-King’s Daughter at Kirby-Smitb (3) ; Sophomore Girls' Club (2) ; Junior Girls’ Club (3) ; Senior Girls Club (4) ; Senior Girls’ Club Jubilee (3, 4) ; Charter Mem- ber Tri Hi-Y (3) ; Red Cross Club (4); Oracle Staff (4): A.W.V.S. (3) ; F.L.S. (4) ; Comm. Senior Girls’ Tea (4) ; Tri Hi-Y Bazaar (3); Comm. Jr.-Sr. Prom (3); Comm. Sen- ior Fellows' Bonfire (4) : Class Night 4 ; Talent Night (4) ; Asst. Capt. (3). RODDENIZER, ALICE. General. Ami- able. jolly, and witty. ROONEY, MARGARET ELIZABETH. “Rooney”. General. A pretty girl is like a melody. ROSE, WILLIAM HELMAN. “Rose- bud.” College. Geared for action with an eye on the future. Sophomore Boys’ Club (2) : Junior Boys' Club (3) ; Senior Fellows Club (4) ; Tiger's Claw (4) ; Debaters Club (4) : Red Cross Club (2); R.O.T.C. Officers Club (4). SENIORS RUSSELL, MAVIS ELIZABETH. “Bunny”. Commercial. A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. Beauty Contest Winner (4); Senior Chorus (4) ; Who’s Who (4) ; Winner J.G.C. Popularity Contest (4). SALLAS, JUANITA. “Shorty”. Com- mercial. Radiant in appearance. Girls’ Glee Club (3) ; Senior Chorus (4) ; Senior Girls' Club (4). SAMBLE, DORIS ELAINE. “Dot”. General. Capable and competent. D.C.T. Club (3, 4). SCARBROUGH, E A R L MARVIN. “Crane”. Commercial. A winning courtesy in school and sports. Ser- geant-at-Arms Old Timers (4) ; Co- Captain Football Team (4) ; J Club (4); Old Timers Club (4); Senior Fellows Club (4) ; Home Room Rep- resentative (4). SCHEIBE, ELIZA BETH E L L E N. “Betty”. Cooperative, kind, and jolly. Senior Girls Club (4) ; G.A.A. (4) ; Senior Girls Club Jubilee (4) ; Pep- pereNes (4). j SCOTTEN. HELEN MAE. “Scottie”. Commercial. Good things come in small packages. Treasurer Sophomore Class (2) ; Mascot Sophomore Boys Club (2) ; Chaplain Sophomore Girls Club (2) ; Sophomore Girls Club (2) ; Junior Girls Club (3) ; Senior Girls Club (4) ; Senior Girls Club Jubilee (4) ; Sponsor Lee-Jackson Game (4) ; President Home Room Representatives (4) ; Treasurer Jun- ior Girls Club (3) ; Tri Hi-Y (3); Junior-Senior Prom Committee (3) ; Senior Fellows Bonfire (3, 4) ; Tri Hi-Y Bazaar (3). SCOTT, JUANITA MAE. “Nita”. Gen- eral. Tranquil temperament belying her red hair. D.C.T. Club (4). SEALS, HAZEL EVELYN. College. A sweet personality enveloped in sim- plicity. JUNE SELBY, BEBE MARIE ‘Rio”. Com- mercial. Fortune rewards those who strive. Senior Girls Club (4) ; G.A.A. (3, 4) ; War Bonds and Stamp Rep- resentative (4) ; Business Manager for Football, Track, Basketball. Baseball, Tennis, Golf (4) ; J for Stu- dent Business Manager of Athletics (4). SHEPPARD, M A R G A R E T BEN- NETTE. “Benny”. General. Ginger with a snap. Senior Girls Club (4) ; Business Staff of Oracle (4) ; Senior Girls Jubilee (4). SHEPPY, MARY PHYLLIS. Commer- cial. Splashing to victory. G.A.A. (2, 3, 4). SHIPPY, W1LLA. General. A good- natured person is always welcome. SHOLAR, MAXINE. “Mac”. General. In her moments of leisure, dancing shall please her. Who's Who (4) ; Hi-Y Ballet (4); Talent Night (3). SKELTON, HANSON BLAND. “Sonny”. General. The birds can fly so why can't I? Hi-Y (2, 3); Baby Tiger Football (3, 4). STANLEY, MYRA JEAN. College. The pretty dimples of her cheek and chin. Student War Bond Committee (3, 4); Student Business Manager for Football and Basketball (4) ; Spanish Club (3, 4) ; Chaplain Span- ish Club (3). STEPHENS. M A R Y KATHLEEN. “Kitty”. Commercial. A smile is ever on her countenance and it is good to be with her. G.A.A. (4) ; Senior Girls Club (4) ; Senior Girls' Jubi- lee (4); Band (4). SENIORS STEWART, DOROTHY LUCILLE. General. She has a quiet manner which charms all. STILES, ALMA CHRISTINE. Commer- cial. Doing what she finds to do in a cheerful sort of way. Senior Girls Club (4). STOVER, WILLENE. General. Friend- ly and conversable. STRICKLAND, ANNA VIRGINIA. General. I am sure care is an enemy to life. TATUM, JO AN. “Jo”. College. A lit- tle independent in her poise. Reporter Debaters Club (2) ; Treasurer De- baters Club (3); Debaters Club (2, 3) ; Senior Girls Jubilee (4) ; Re- porter Tiger's Claw (2); Assistant Poetry Editor Tiger’s Claw (2) ; Publicity Chairman All-City High Orchestra (2) ; Treasurer Spanish Club (3); Red Cross Club (2) ; Tiger’s Claw (2) ; All-City High Or- chestra (2); Spanish Club (3, 4); Girl Reserves (3); G.A.A. (3). TAYLOR, RUBY DORIS. “Doris Lou". College. Give to the world the best that you have and the best will come back to you. National Honor So- ciety (4) ; Chaplain National Honor Society (4) ; Red Cross Club (4) ; Secretary Red Cross Club (4) ; Sci- ence Club (2, 3, 4); Treasurer Sci- ence Club (2); Chaplain Science Club (4) ; Spanish Club (3); F.L.S. (41 : Band (3. 4 ; Orchestra (3, 41 ; Junior Girls Club (3) ; Senior Girls Club (41; Senior Girls Jubilee (3, 4) ; Talent Night (3, 4) ; Stu- dent Director Senior Girls Jubilee (4) ; Oracle Staff (4) ; Clubs and Organizations Editor Oracle (4) ; Class Night (2, 3, 4) ; Commence- ment (2. 31 ; Class Play (3, 41 ; Christmas Pageant (2, 3, 41; Pop Concert (3, 4) ; Vesper Services (2. 3, 41; Hi-Y Ballet (41; Thanks- giving Program (2, 3, 41 ; Hi-Y Cir- cus (3) ; Band Concert (41. THOMPSON, GWENDOLYN. “Gwen”. Commercial. Neat and precise in all her undertakings. TOWNSEND, SHIRLEY ANN. “Anni- kins”. College. Pleasant in voice and manner. Sophomore Chorus (2) ; Girls' Glee Club (31 ; Senior Chorus (3, 4) ; Baccalaureate (2. 3, 4) ; Commencement (2, 3. 41 ; Christmas Pageant (3, 41 ; Christ- mas Cantata (2, 3. 41 ; Vesper Serv- ices (2, 4); Pop Concert (3, 41: Thanksgiving Program (3. 41 : Girl Reserves (31 : Senior Girls Jubilee (3, 41 ; Spanish Chorus (31 : P.T.A. Programs (2. 3. 41 : Senior Girls Club (41 ; Volleyball Tournament (41 : Talent Niffht (31 ; Dedication of Honor Roll (31 ; Youth Conven- tion (41.JUNE TURNER, WILLIAM MARGO LIS. “Bill”. General. A musical heart and a pondering mind. D.C.T. Club (4) ; Vice-President D.C.T. Club (4). I RY, MURIEL CAROLINE. Commer- cial. Competence behind the type- writer. VALENTINE, BETTY ARLENE. Com- mercial. She’ll never miss her aim. VANDERPOOL A L I C E. General. There’s a song in the air. V ANLANDINGHAM, MINNIE LEE. “Mimi”. Commercial. Fun-loving but always with time for sincerity. VINCENT, PAUL. General. Amiably meandering along. VONDERAU, HARRIET LEE. Gen- eral. Free front care and happy am I! Senior Girls Club 4); Junior Chorus (3) ; Girls Glee Club (4) ; Christ- mas Pugeant (3, 4) ; Senior Girls Jubilee (4). W ALDRON, GENEVA. General. Blonde advocate of ease and agility. WALKER, MARIE. “Spike”. Gay and lovable; a personality which in- spires love and friendliness. Quill and Scroll (4); Sophomore Girls Club (2); Junior Girls Club (3); Senior Girls Club (4); Treasurer Senior Girls Club (4); A.W.V.S. (3); Tiger's Claw (4); Feature Editor Tiger's Claw (4) ; Tri Hi-Y (3). WALTON, HOMER THURSTON. Gen- eral. Fascinating fellow with a yen for fun. WHITE, VIRGINIA LEA. “Va” Gen- eral. Amiable sincerity with the will to do. Art Club (4). WIIJCS, KATHRYN. “Kat”. Commer- cial. All around athlete. G.A.A. (4) ; Senior Girls Club (4) ; Tiger’s Claw Staff (4). WILLIAMS, BETTY LEE. “Little Bit”. General. Busy as a bee and honey sweet. Girls Glee Club (3); Pepper- ettes (4). WILLIAMS, BETTY YVONNE. “Red”. General. Styles and smiles. Winner J.G.C. Popularity Contest (4) ; Sophomore Girls Club (2); Junior Girls Club (3) ; Senior Girls Club (4) ; Christmas Cantata (2, 3, 4) ; Vesper Services (2, 3, 4) ; Thanks- giving Program (2, 3, 4) ; P.T.A. Pro- gram (2, 4) ; Talent Night (3); Tri Hi-S' (3); Tri Hi-Y Bazaar (3); Senior Girls Jubilee (3, 4). WILLIAMSON, CHARLIE F. College. Behind that grin, an encyclopedia of fun. Vice-President Hi-Y (3, 4) ; Hi-Y Cluh (2, 3, 4); Club Council (4) ; Senior Fellows Club (4) ; Tiger's Claw Staff (4). WOOD, CLARENCE. “Alley”. General. Taking life as he finds it and twist- ing it into an endless twist of fun. Senior Fellows Club (4) ; Senior Play (4) ; Varsity Football (4) ; Baby Tiger Football (2, 3).JUNE SENIORS WOOD, JAMES STOLLENWERCH. “Slough-foot ’. College. Connoisseur of all of the fun and much of the fune. Vice-President J Club (4); Sergeant-at-Arms Old Timers (4); Rand Concert (4) ; Captain Basket- ball (4 ; Who’s Who (4) ; Talent Night (4) ; Senior Fellows Club (4); Old Timers Club (4); J Club (4); Orchestra (3, 4) ; Band (4) ; Cap- tain R.O.T.C. (4) : Senior Play (4) ; Varsity Basketball (2, 3, 4) ; Old Timers Vodvil (4). WOODWARD, ANITA JOYCE. “Shorty”. General. She’s darling. WORLEY, JUANITA ALTHEA. “Nita". General. A good heart is worth gold. Reporter G.A.A. (3); Girl Reserves (3) ; G.A.A. (3); G.A.A. (2, 3, 4) ; Junior Girls Club (3) ; Posture Club (3); Tiger’s Claw Staff (3) ; Senior Girls Club (4) ; Red Cross Club (4) ; Pepperettes (2) ; Senior Girls Jubilee (4); All Star Basketball Team (4) ; G.A.A. (3) ; Volleyball Tournament (4). YATES, HELEN GWENDOLYN. “Sis- ter”. General. She independently thinks of greater things. Girls Glee Club (3). MITCHELL, BARB A R A JEAN. “Mitch”. College. A newcomer with a host of friends. Senior Girls Club (4); Senior Chorus (4). THE HALLS STAND SILENT MAREES, JOHN MICHAEL. Commer- cial. “Goonior”. Though small in sta- ture it is his nature to he much about and doing. Quill and Scroll (3, 4) ; Received Hatchet (4) ; Who’s W ho (4) ; News Reporter Tiger's Claw (2); News Editor (3) ; Editor-in- Chief (4) ; 1st Lieutenant (3); Sergeant (3); Adjutant (4); R. O.T.C.; Debaters Club (2, 3) ; Kno- Jax Club (3) ; Treasurer S.B.C. (2): Howling Club (2) ; Student Council (2, 3); National Honor Society (3); President National Honor Society (4); President Spanish Club (3, 4); President Senior Class (4) ; Saluta- torian Senior Class (4): Cheer- leader (4); Home Room Represen- tative (2 ; Usher. Baccalaureate (2, 3) ; Vice-President Home Room (4) ; Hi-Y Program (4) ; Christmas Pageant (4); Class Night (41; S. G.C. Jubilee (4) ; Toastmaster Sen- ior Luncheon (4); Tiger’s Key (4); Spanish Medal (4). HONEY, JOE W., JR. General. ‘Tiger’’. Every pack of cards has its joker. Sergeant-at-Arms S.B.C. (2); Chap- lain S.F.C. (4) ; J.G.C. Popularity Contest W inner (3); Vice-President Senior Class (4) ; Senior Play (3) ; Talent Night (3) ; Oracle Staff (2) ; Junior-Senior Prom Committee (3); R. O.T.C. (2. 3. 4 ; Who’s W ho (4) ; Assistant Stage Manager (3) : Class Night (4); S.B.C. (2); S.F.C (4): .1 Club (4) ; Baby Tiger Football (2) ; Varsity Football (3, 4); Intramural Diamond Ball (3). McBRIDE, JOHNNIE. General. “John- nic ’. They don’t come any better. Chaplain S.G.C. (2); Chaplain S. G.C. (4); President S.G.C. (4); Representative G.A.A. (3) ; Pepper- ettes (2): S.G.C. (4»; G.A.A. (2, 3, 4): F.L.S. (4): Faculty-G.A.A. Volleyball Game (4) ; Intramural Basketball Medal (4) ; Secretary Senior Class (4). Co-Sponsor MRS. BYERS .JANUARY SENIORS ARONOWITZ, MADELINE ANNE. College. “Madeline”. A bright smile, a charming manner, a willing work- er. G.A.A. (4); Pepperettes (2) ; Kno-Jax Club (2); S.G.C. (4). JANUARY OFFICERS of the SENIOR CLASS HURLBERT, MARJORIE JOYCE. Commercial. “Tootsie”. A pretty girl is like a melody. Treasurer Senior Class (4); S.G.C. (4); S.G.C. Jubi- lee (4) ; Class Night (4) ; Christmas Pageant (4). ST. JOHN, HERBERT LEGRANDE. Commercial. His actions speak for themselves in a veritable roar. Chap- plain Senior Class (4) ; Co-Captain Football Team (4) ; All State Foot- ball 1942; President J Club (4); Sergeant-at-Arms S.F.C. (4); Who’s Who (4) ; S.B.C. (4) : J Club (2, 3, 41 ; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4). ALBRITTON, JOHN FRANK. College. Championship material on any score. Sergeant-at-Arms Senior Class (4) ; Vice-President S.F.C. (4); Class Night (4) ; Christmas Pageant (4) ; Hi-Y (2, 3, 4) ; Cadet Officer (3. 41 ; Who’s Who (4) ; J Club (4); Baby Tiger Football (2, 3); Varsity Foot- ball (4). Co-Sponsor MISS BURDETT ANDERSON. MARGARET ANN. Com- mercial. “Maggie”. Diminutive in size twice her quota of charm. Junior Chorus (3); S.G.C. (4) ; Oracle Staff; Christmas Pageant (4) ; Class Night (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4). BAILEY, HELEN JUANITA. Commer- cial. “Helen”. Without love and laughter life is nothing. S.G.C. (4).JANUARY BELL, ALWYN ORLEAN. Commercial. “Alwyn”. Love and sweetness in her person shine. BROWN, RUTH MILDRED. College. “Brownie”. 1 Jove life. J.G.C. (3) ; S.G.C. (4). BURKH ALTER. DOROTHY LICE. General. "Dot”. Earnestly attempting —successfully completing. Vice-Presi- dent Kno-Jax (3) ; Kno-Jax Club (2. 3); G.A.A. (2); S.G.C. (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; Christmas Pa- geant (4) ; Sophomore Chorus (2); Junior Chorus (3) ; Christmas Play (2); Vesper Service (2); Pepper- ettes (2) ; S.G.C. Tea Committee (4) ; Class Night (4). BUSSELL, GERALD BUSSELL. Col- lege. "Buddy”. Always on the sunny side of everything. CAHOON. FLOYD WILLIAM. Gen- eral. "Floyd”. A carefree chap with a cheerful personality. S.F.C. (4) ; Junior B.C. (3). C A R I ICH A EL. M R V J EA NETTE. Commercial. "Comical”. Ever ready for a joke. COX, SARAH HELEN. Commercial. As fastidious in all things as she is in sports. G.A.A. (2. 3); Who's Who (4) : Winner of Bowling Trophy (2, 3) ; Pepperettes (2); Sophomore Chorus (2); Junior Chorus (3); Girls Glee Club (3) ; Senior Chorus (4)5 S.G.C ( 1» : S.G.C. 2 J.G.C. 13); (.lass Night (4); Posture Club (3) ; Christmas Pageant (4) ; Bac- calaureate (4); Red Cross Club (4). CRAWFORD, AUDREY MACK. Gen- eral. “Blondic”. pleasing counte- nance is no slight advantage. Who's Who (1» : Hi-Y (3. I) ; S.B.C. (2) ; J.B.C. (3); S.F.C. (4); Chap- lain J.B.C. (3): J Club (4); Mascot SG.C. (2); Baby Tiger Football (3) ; Varsity Football (4). SENIORS CRIPPEN, MARQUIS FLOYD, JR. General. "Mark”. Ability and skill at the easel. Art Editor of Oracle (4); Oracle Staff (4); First Prize Industrial Arts Contest. DAVIS, ROBERTA GORDON. Com- mercial. "Bobby”. A sweet smile is hers. Posture Club (3); S.G.C. (4) ; Junior Chorus (3) ; Girls Glee Club (4) ; Sophomore Chorus (2) ; Christ- mas Pageant (2, 3) ; S.G.C. Jubilee (4). DICKSON, VERA KATHRYN. Gen- eral. “Country”. A spirit sure and fearless shines in her dark brown eyes. S.G.C. (4) ; Sophomore Chorus (2). DORMAN, BETTY HARRIS. General. “Betsy-Button”. Life is a song she cheerfully hums. Winner of Talent Night (3) ; Girls Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Talent Club (3); S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; Christmas Pageant (4); Oracle Staff (4); Christmas Cantata (2, 3, 4); Baccalaureate (3); Thanksgiving Program (3) ; Vesper Service (2) ; Pop Concert (2) ; Class Night (4); Junior Chorus (3, 4) ; Orchestra (2); Frost's King Daughter (3). DOWLING. EVA ELIZABETH. Gen- eral. To hurry and worry is not my creed, things will happen so what’s the need. Senior Girls' Club (4). FRIERSON, MARY ELLEN. General. "Red”. A would be angel of mercy. Class Night (4) ; Sophomore Chorus 12) : Junior Girls Club (3) ; Senior Girls Club (4) ; G.A.A. (2, 3) ; Kno- Jax Club (2) ; Pepperettes (2); Oracle Staff (2). GARMON, JACK MILTON. College. “Country”. As sincere in act as in thought. Band and Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Solo Clarinet (2, 3, 4); Entered Service November 15, 1943. GARNER, HAZEL LOUISE. Commer- cial. Living her life in harmony.KILBEE, CECELIA ELIZABETH. General. “Cel”. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Representative S.G.C. (4) ; Kno-Jax Club (2, 3); G.A.A. (2, 3); Girl Reserves (3); F.L.S. (4); S.G.C. (4) ; Sophomore Chorus (2) ; Junior Chorus (3); Christmas Play (2) ; Vesper Service (2); Pcpperettes (2) ; Committee S.G.C. Tea (4) ; Model Garment in P.T.A., Model in Cloth- ing Fashion Show (3) ; Faculty vs. G.A.A. Volleyball Match (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4) ; Class Night (4) ; Christ- mas Pageant (4). MALONE, SYBIL ROWENA. Commer- cial. Fashionable and poised. Queen’s Attendant Junior-Senior Prom (2) ; Sponsor, Jackson-Lee Game (3) ; S.F.C. Mascot (4); Who’s Who (4) ; S.G.C. Jubilee (3, 4) ; Secretary Home Room (2); President Home Room (4); Secretary J.G.C. (3); S.G.C. (2) ; J.G.C. (3); S.G.C. (4); Tri Hi-Y (3); Tiger’s Claw Repre- sentative (3) ; Christmas Pageant (3) ; Assistant Feature Editor Oracle (4) ; Talent Night (3) ; Student Director of Class Night Skit (4) ; Tri Hi-Y (3); Tiger’s Claw Reporter (3) ; Volleyball Tournament (4) ; Christmas Pageant (3) : Assistant. Feature Editor Oracle (4) ; Talent Night (3) ; Student Director of Class Night Skit (4) : Tri Hi-Y Bazaar (3) ; Class Night (41 ; Committee S.G.C. Tea (4) ; Senior Fellows Bonfire Committee (41; Christmas Pageant (41 ; Committee Beauty Contest for Oracle (41; Winner Beautv Contest (41. McNATT, ERMA CLARICE. General. A placid manner as refreshing as a soring shower. Class Nieht (41 ; Christmas Pageant (41 ; S.G.C. Jubi- lee (41; S.G.C. (41; Talent Club (41 ; Oracle Staff (41 ; Talent Club Costume Designer (4); Volleyball Tournament (41. MILLIS. JEANNETTE MARIE. Gen- eral (Co-op 1. “Jean”. Vivacious with a sparkling smile. J.G.C. (3) ; S.G.C. (41: D.C.T. Club (41. MOBLEY. RUBY. Commercial. Gen- erous with time and energv. S.G.C. (41 ; S.G.C. Jubilee (41 ; Christmas Pageant (3, 41 ; Christmas Cantata (2. 3, 41 ; Thanksgiving Program (2, 3, 4); Vesper Service (2, 31; Pop Concert (41; Commencement (31; Baccalaureate (2, 3, 41 : Class Night (41 ; Music Memory Contest Medal (21 ; Senior Chorus (41 ; Girls Glee Club (2, 3, 41; Christmas Play (21. HURLBERT. ERNESTINE ELIZA- BETH. College. The day is always hers who works with serenity and great aim. Home Room Secretary (21 ; Home Room Secretarv-Treas- iirer (41; S-G.C. (41; Chaplain S.G.C. (41; Girls Glee Club (31; Senior Chorus (41; Clothing Show Model (41: S.G.C. Tea Committee (41 ; Tiber’s Claw (3. 41 : Exchange Editor (41 : Christmas Pageant (3.41 : Senior Chorus Concert (41 ; Rac. ealaureate (41 : Thanksgiving Pro- pram (3, 41 : Christmas Pl»v (3. 41 ; Concert at Kirbv-Smith (41 : Cham- pion Basketball Team (31 : OuiH and Scroll (41 ; Ouill and Scroll Kpv (41 : S.G.C. Jubilee (41 : Senior Fel- lows Bonfire Committee (41: Tier's Kev (41 : Student Director for S G.C. Jubilee (41 ; Hi-Y Ballet (41 : Class Nmht (41. MOCK, HELEN. General. “Little-One”. No ceiling on pleasantness. Kno-Jax Club (3); S.G.C. (41. MOORE, JAMES F., JR. General. Think at ease but work on. GREENE, DOROTHY MAGDALENE. General. “Dotty”. The mildest man- ner and the gentlest heart. Senior Girls Club (4); Christmas Pageant (4). GREENE, MARY ELIZABETH. Gen- eral. “Betty”. A hint of laughter in her eyes. G.A.A. (2, 3, 4 ; Tiger’s Claw (2); Pepperettes (2) ; Senior Girls Club (4); Sophomore Chorus (2); Junior Chorus (3); Girls Glee Club (4). GRIFFIN, VERNAJEAN. College. “Jean”. There’s language in her dancing. Senior Girls Talent Night (3); Class Night Committee (41; Christmas Pageant (4) ; Senior Girls Jubilee (41; Senior Girls Club (41 ; Sophomore ('horns (21 ; Junior Chorus (3); Girls’ Glee Cluh (4). HAWKINS, ROBERT BERTRAM. General. “Bob”. Ready laughter that is welcome everywhere. HERLONG, YVONNE MARIAN. Co- op. Happy am I, from care I’m free. Co-op Club (3, 41. HOWARD, EDITH MAE. General. “Lil Eddie”. The tasks of every day, she meets in a quiet way- Science Club Secretary (21; Science Club Treasurer (3). JOHNSTON, CHARLES HAROLD. General. Noisy in a quiet sort of way. GEIGER, LEONARD EARNEST, JR. General. “Preacher”. Taking life as he finds it. Sergeant R.O.T.C. (2) ; Christmas Pageant (4); Class Night (4).SENIORS JANUARY MOORE, WILLIAM GLENN, JR. General. His actions speak as words could not. Home Room Treasurer (2, 3); Chaplain Hi-Y (4) ; Com- mencement (3); Cadet Officer R.O.T.C. (3, 4); Color Bearer (4); Christmas Pageant (2, 3, 4); Ves- per Services (2) ; Christmas Cantata (3); Class Night (4); Baccalaure- ate (2, 3); Science Club (2) ; De- baters Club (2) ; S.B.C. (2); Hi-Y (2, 3, 4); Sophomore Chorus (2); Junior Chorus (3) ; Senior Chorus (3) ; S.F.C. (4); Tigers Claw (3); Tiger’s Key (4) ; Baby Tiger Foot- ball (3, 4). MURRAY, EDWARD HUBERT, JR. College. Watcha laughin’ at? De- baters Club (2, 3, 4) ; Science Club (2). OLIVER, BETTY JOAN. General. She strikes the happy medium. “Bingo”. POLATTY, MARY ELIZABETH. Gen- eral. A cheerful heart makes for a cheerful countenance. RIMES, CHARLIE BENNETTE. Gen- eral. She drifts through life in placid serenity. “Baby”. S.G.C. (4) ; Sen- ior Chorus (3) ; Christmas Pageant (3) ; Thanksgiving Program (2, 3) ; Baccalaureate (2,3) ; Vesper Services (2, 3); Oracle Staff (4); Girls Glee Club (3); S.G.C. Jubilee (4). RING, DOROTHY LAURICE. General. Dexterously pursuing her interests. “Dottie”. Orchestra (2, 3) ; Junior Chorus (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4); Dramatic Club (2) ; Oracle Staff (4) ; Debaters Club (4) ; S.G.C. (4) ; Representative Debaters Club (4); Christmas Pageant (4) ; Thanksgiv- ing Program (4) ; G.A.A. (2) ; Pos- ture Club (2); Peppcrcttcs (4). ROBERTSON, BETTIE JANE. Com- mercial. Boundless fun. splashing away the silence of the hours. “Bet”. Secretary G.A.A. (2) ; S.G.C. (4) ; S.GC. Jubilee (4) ; Christmas Pag- eant. SCHEFFER. THELMA CARROL Gen- eral. A gracious smile that charms. S.G.C. (4) ; S.G.C. Jubilee (4); Class Night (4). SMITH, MARGARET ELOISE. Com- mercial. One of life’s merrymakers. “Margie”. STOKES, WILLIAM DESMOND. Col- lege. In spite of all the learned have said I still my own opinion keep. Kno-Jax Club (2); Hi-Y (3); Or- chestra (2, 3, 4) ; Commencement (2, 3) ; Tampa Music Festival (2); Class Night (2, 3); Committee Junior- Senior Prom (3); Christmas Pageant (2, 3, 4); Oracle Representative (4); Senior Chorus (4); Baccalaureate (3); Tiger’s Claw Staff (2) ; Vesper Service (3). TANNER, W ANDA CAROLYN. Com- mercial. “Bonnie”. She’s a good friend to everyone, what better could we say. Who’s W;ho (4); Span- ish Club (2) ; S.G.C. (4) ; Oracle Staff (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4); Class Night (4) ; Christmas Pageant (4) ; Basketball Tournament (2); Volley- ball Tournament (4). TAYLOR, EARLENE SHANNON. General. Vivacity and reserved sophis- tication. S.G.C. (4); Committee S.F.C. Bonfire (4); S.G.C. (2); J.G.C. (3); Class Night (4); Spon- sor R.O.T.C. (4); S.G.C. Jubilee (4); Christmas Pageant (4). THEIS, ELLEN JO. General. Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind. Who’s W ho (4); S.G.C. (4); S.G.C. Jubi- lee (4) ; Christmas Pageant (4); Class Night (4). WEISS, MARTIN. General. “Weezy”. Pleasant mixture of good nature and seriousness. W'ho’s Who (4); Staff Officer in R.O.T.C. (4); President Spanish Club (4). W ESSELL VIRGINIA LOUIS. General (Co-op). The merry light in her eye offsets her winsome reserve. Coopera- tive Training Club (3, 4). WOOD, M. ELIZABETH. Commercial. A scholar who finds time to be of service. Acceptance of Mantle (4); National Honor Society (4) ; Senior Chorus Accompanist (2, 3, 4) ; Christmas Cantata (2, 3, 4); Christ- mas Pageant (2, 3, 4) ; Thanksgiv- ing Program (2, 3, 4) ; Vesper Serv- ice (2, 3, 4) ; Class Night (2, 3, 4) ; Pop Concert (4); S.G.C. (4) ; String Ensemble (3, 4) ; Orchestra (2, 3, 4); Who’s Who (4) ; Commencement (2. 3, 4) S.G.C. Jubilee (2, 3, 4); Hi-Y Ballet and Concert (4); Vale- dictorian (4).Marshall. Standing: Mat bison, Neidlinger, Lane, Mrs. Swindle. Ellison, Crews, Brown stem, Hewitt, McCarty, Hartley, Kelly, Yi ilson, Lueders, Lo t Senior Home ■looms HOME ROOM 303—Mr. llarcourt—First Row: Brakes, Padgett, Brinkley, Bronson. Robinson, Beall. Rhoden, Smithers. Second Row: Borkson, Ridge, Quave, Barbee, Burt, Slump, Owens, Sapp, Smith, Roman, Adkins, Osteen. Mr. llarcourt. HOME ROOM 304—Mrs. Brenner—First Row: Clark, Hilton, Villeneuve. Herrin, McCormack, Pittman, Browning, Y'anderpoel. Second Row: E. Brown, James, Williams. Knight, Wilson, Howard, M. Brown, Carter, Mrs. Brenner.RINGLING ART MUSEUM Sarasota JUNIOR CLASS i I HOME ROOM 102—Mr. Phillips First Row: Augustine, Baacke, Atkinson. Altman, Barker, Bass, Tuttle, Abdullah, ‘e, Archibald. Second Row: Wynn, Bailey, Alverez, Andre, Bartlett, Evers, Harris, Son ford, Simpson, A. M. Wright, fright, Jones, Womack. Lee, Adams. Third Row: Arnau. Cothern, Clardy, Broom, Phillips, Palmer, Adams, Wood, HOME ROOM 103—Elizabeth W. Tragctt—First Row: Brochmann, Brown, Burck, Wright, Smith. Bullington, Calhoun, Stephens, Buchanan. Second Row: Minton, Baker, Buckets, Dennard, Drager, Williams, W. Brown, V. Brown, Garmon, Burnsed, Redmond, Brooker, Blalock. Third Bow: Whaley, Johnson, Bracewell, McFarland, Canady, Anding, Baker, Miller, Brantley, Elizabeth W. Tragett. Not in Picture: Binckley, King. HOME ROOM 106 -Miss Roberson—First Row: Jerrall. Cascone, Cohen, Mosely, Johnson, Dampeir. Second Row: N. Jones, Bryan, Knight, A. Jones. Johnson, M. Cusic, E. Cusic, Krauss, I angston. Hamburry, Crum, Kieth. Miss Rober- son. Third Row: E. Johnson, Keyes, Nissel, Cross, Jenkins, Kaleel. I inneau, Keeler, Lanier, Ingram. Hutchipson, Kirkpatrick, Crews, H. Johnson. HOME ROOM 107—Miss Sodcrstrom—First Row: Davis, Raybrook, Burnette. Morrell, Wiggins, Flauman. Durban, Short, Dickson, Davis, Day, Durrance. Second Row: Miss Soderstrom, Cotton. Wager, Dyal. Dorsey, Willis, Sikes, Faucette, Deaton, Deal, Ferguson, Faulkner, Eberling, Farren, Perlman, Kelley, Whittington, Tredinnick, Dean, Edwards. HOME ROOM 203—Miss Barnhart—First Row: Garcia, Guinn. Goff. Grant. Second Row: Grooms, Goodwin, Martin. Howard. Gallon, King, Green, Gillis, Futrelle. Third Row: Miss Barnhart, Hastings, Wells, Carrier, Geff, Haley, Holton, Futch, Mclntiere, Griner, Goodell, Gilley, Kelly, Friedman, Garcia. Not in Picture: Peyton, Frith, Haryar, Bishop, Eubanks. HOME ROOM 212—Miss Jones—First Row: Roberson, Campbell, Burns. Second Row: Morgan, Traver, Tomlinson, Bryan, Campbell, Seyfert, Street, Buchanan, Carter. Third Row: Pedersen, Thomas, Strong, Berman, M. Roberts, Cain, E. Roberts, Taylor, Coker, Rosenkranz, Miss Jones. Back Row: Miller, Tillman, Clanton, Taylor, Adeeb.HOME ROOM 218—Miss Morgan—First Row: Archer, Kir by. Joiner. VSecond Row: Nelson, Lancaster, Rriles, Leonard, Lee, Hogarth, Eville, Hayes, Kennison. Third Row: Miss Morgan, Speigler, Daly, Lord, Carantza, Austin, Rates, Padgett, Lamb, white, Dennis, Hamm, Goff, Koon, Bell. Not in Picture: Joyce, Lockhart, Harper, Hamner, Roberts, Criswell. HOME ROOM 223—Mrs. Haas—First Row: Robinson, Gandy. Mastrogianakis, Poe, Poston, Spooner, Register. Second Row: Fineberg, Fredrick, Boylin,' Denmark, DeHaas, Presspn, Parrish. Third Row: Dungan, Mrs. Houser, Gillmer, Gilbert, Gaskin, Freeman, Price, Ellison, Hilton, Greene, Pojtnoy, Peace, Sack. Fourth Row: Petzinger, Robinson, Marchant, Edwards, Methvin. t HOME ROOM 224—Miss Anderson-r-y irst Row: Deane, Gilbart, Mattson, Matthews, Sellers, Middleton, Musleh, Morrow, Masters, Mizelle, Bellamy, Altman, Alsobrook, Middleton. Becond Row: Moe, Moore, Moore, Michael, Sirman, Sawyer, Floyd, McCall, Shuman, lh wetsAPeepIes, Meeks, Leslie , ppling, Miss Anderson.HOME ROOM 225—Miss Glover—First Row: Martin, Williams, Long. Bennett, McGavic, Lunquist, Margol. Second Row: Martin, Wiggins, Turner, McAllister, Lord, McCurdy, Joiner, M. McCall, D. McCall, Marshall. Third Row: McCall, Crady, Wallace, Mann. Bonchillon, Flanogan, Wyse, Willis, McGraw, Lucas, Stedman, Fleming, Livingston, McCullough, Gardner, Lewis, Miss Glover. HOME ROOM 310—Mrs. Houser—First Row: Smith, Earl Turbyfill. Ernest Turbyfill, Thompson. Second Row: Tritt. YanLandingham, Tarifa, Taylor, Webb, Tuten, Thompson, Williams, Stanford. Stapleton. Third Row: West, White, Stimson, vonDohlen, Spivey, Weeks, Stovall, Thompson, Weiss, Danson, Mrs. Houser. HOME ROOM 310—Miss Walton—First Row: Hudson, Wiggins, Hearn, Silas. Second Row: Lawhon, Eacon. Beck, Owens, Sikes, Hinton, Smith, Holland, Hardesty, Miles, Miss Walton. Third Row: Spaulding, Patterson. Butler, Helmlz, Hodges, Smith, Rabien, Hurlbert, Monies, Howe, Humberston, Harrell. Williams, Holmes, Chessar. Not, in Picture: Crews, Tiliis, Tully, B. Thurman, J. Thurman, Sterling, Wrilkinson, Wells.HOME ROOM 312 Miss Comstock—First Row: Portnoy, Price, Pfeiffer, Revels, Haltiwanger, Pharr, Richards, Nel- son, Potts, Pearson. Second Row: Gray, Petynia, Ramsey, Ryals, Schondelmaier, Sharp. Parks, Pearson, Guyton, Sapp, Hayes, Ritchie, Scheer, Quave, Ratliff, Miss Comstock. Third Row: Scarborough, Pinzer, Patterson, Rackley. Not in Picture: Rosier, Pederson. CO-OP HOME ROOM 210—Miss Lay—First Row: Howell, E. Donaroma, Loun, Levy, F. Donaroma, Harvey, Verlon, Reid, Gigl, Forbes, Rountree. Second Row: Mrs. Anne Franz, Lt. Zeigler, Alexander, Johnston, Roberts, Kruer, Nudel- man, McLeod, Brice, Bradford, C. Turner, B. Turner, Ensign Meyer, Mrs. Marjorie Lay. HOME ROOM 208—Mr. Spofford First Row: Scott, Perry, Baker, Hoffman, Morgan, Richards, Pittman, Scott. Sec- ond Row: Wohl, Hotz, Acosta. Guyton, Bowles, Strong, Casey, Carasik, Hurst, Cook. Third Row: Sundberg, McKee, McLendon, Vann, Baugh, Milligan, Beaty, McDonald, McBride, Porter, Hagan, Fleming, Samble, Hicks, Boyer, Powell, Barker, Hutchinson, Mr. Spofford. Not Shown: Ellis.SOPHOMORE CLASS YACHT PIER V est Palm BeachHOME ROOM 101—Miss Burden—First Row: Cowley, Abraham, Atter, Church, Burkhalter. Bentley, Brown, Cook. Second Row: Miss Burdett, Ashton, Cothern, Altman, Abdullah. Boothe, Clayton, Archibald, Cason, Brown, Barns. Bullock. Third Row: Boch, Broad us, Bell, Chandler, Bowen, Butler. HOME ROOM 105—- V .SS If eltch—McGowan, Kamp, McCIarty, Knowles, Johnson, Mattox, l ngo, Logan, Lloyd. Mc- Candless. Second Row: Miss Weltch, Little, Messic, Martin, Youmans. Moody, Kirby, Miley, Johnson, Moye, Kenni- son, McNiel. Third Row: Lamb, Mayberry, Kodatt, McKenzie, McCall, -McGregor, King. HOME ROOM 204—Mrs. Wells- First Row: Stitt, Morris. VanLandingham, White, Fulmer. Second Row: Mrs. Wells, McMellan, Reed, Mosley, Colson, Kastmore, Rogers, T. Williams. S. Williams, Griner. Third Row: DeGarmo, Fouls, Liles, McMann, Floyd. Hackney, Osteen, Ellis, Foor.HOME ROOM 211—Miss Sralise—First Row: Tuten, Mitchell, Malone, Kelly, High. Beckham, Joyce, Abrams, Daniel. Wagoner. Second Row: Williamson, Rountree, F. Turner, H. Turner, Maycumber, Thompson, Floyd, Stratton, Hubbard. Parks, Wynn, Croft, Miss Scalise. HOME ROOM 213—Mrs. Proctor—First Row: Lanneau, Jones, Hatred. Second Row: Edwards, Waldron, Williams, Weaver, Hall, Watson, Warriner, Voght, Vest, Watts. Third Row: Kelly, Wade, Waters, I.ester, Aldrich, Handlee, High. Lea, Jolly, Clardy, Lee, Wester, Warren, Mrs. Proctor. HOME ROOM 213-—Mrs. IVehmeyer—First Row: Waterson, Westberry, Whichard, Wiggins. Second Row: Wright, Wingate, Wilson, Zigler. Wood. Wilsie, Wooley, Wilkes, W illiams. Third Row: Whitlow, Wilson. Woodcock. W ilkerson, Wright, Walden, Ulsh, Williams, Wimpy, White. Wolf. Zambito, W'estner, Worth, VanLandingham. Mrs. Wehmeyer. HOME ROOM 217—Mrs. Hieb -First Row: Barker, Barnhart, Arnett, Baker. Second Row: Bowers, Bennett, Benkley, Barnett, Alderman, B. Barbee, Aspinwall, Anson, V. Barbee. Third Row: Anderson. Borrie, Beazly, Borgett, Bowman, Atkins, Bellflower, Berrier, Baker, Albret, Boriwinkle, Booth, Mrs. Hieb, Bonts. HOME ROOM 217 Miss Smith First Row: Smith, Ross, Bellamy, R. Brown, Harris, Bracewell, D. Brown, Newman. Sec- ond Row: Bruce, Burdgess,Samble. Bradberry, Moyer, McKelvy, McClellan, Dray. Third Row: Brantley, Newman, Brown. Burkhalter, Seyler, Beckham, Latham, Bryan, McCarty, Browning, Moad, Breland, Miss Smith. HOME ROOM 220—Miss Johnston --First Row: Hodges, Frith. Hall, Seals, Steinmuellcr, Hapi'fson, Johnson, McKqy. Second Row: Osborn, North, Buck, King, Renfrew, Dutton, Hickcns, M. Clements, N. Clements.HOME ROOM 221 Mrs. McCaskill—First Row: Richardson. Santiso, Smith. Newsom, Roberts, Smith, Riens, Nash, Sahlmon. Simmons, Penn. Second Row: Player, Ryals, Raulerson, Patterson, Scarborough, Purser, Robbeson, Smith, Phillips, Phillips, O’Steen, Mrs. McCaskill. Front Row: Pitzke, Shinall, Sapp. HOME ROOM 222—Mrs. Jones—First Row: Carter. Cordray, Couly, Curtiss. Warwick, Colson. Second Row: Casper, Church, Comer. Cooper, Clary, Curtright, Copeland. Jefferson, Clark. Third Row: Clark, R. Cole, Hazouri, J. Cole, Crum, Campbell, Cash. Carpenter, Drury, Cooley, Clanton, Nash, Coker, Mrs. Jones. HOME ROOM 226—Mrs. Fleming—First Row: Malone. Everett, Foster, Deal. Doherty, Eleazer. Second Row: Dunn, Folsom, Atchison. Estes, Dixon, Ellis, Erwin, Doss, Davis. Third Row: Fevic, Dillard, Driver. Denmark. DeMott, Douglass, Floyd, Dean, Farris, Dale, Fortenberry, Pearce, Davis, Mrs. Fleming.IIOVIK ROOM 227- Miss Whittlesey— First Row: Appling, Goodwin, Rornstein. Second Row: Bazzell. Lee, Galbraith. Crichlow, Allen, Sapp, Duncan, Broach, Candeto. Third Row: Jackson, Bryan, Archer, Nissle, Boswell, Conner, Howell, Helms, Carihaltes, Coker, Baker, Miss Whittlesey. HOME ROOM 229 Miss McQuaid -Seated: Gibbons. First Row: Gwynn, Harold, Goff, Gaule, Greenmail, Hardin. Guinn, Godwin, Harvey. Second Row: Green, Gladden, Holsall, Hall, Grossman, Green, Haddock, Geiger, Miss McQuaid. HOME ROOM 306—Miss Richardson—First Row: S. Williams, Wall, White, R. Williams, Strickland, Williamson, Stoy, Tucker, Smith. Second Row: Vinson, Develder, Whitehead, Wells, Wood, Smith, Williams, Norton, Miss Richardson.HOME ROOM 307—Miss McDaniel—First Row: Heyman. Herring, Billy Howard, Fred Howard. Second Row: Hinson, Hunter, Houck, Higginbotham, Howell. Harrow, Hodges, llurlbert. Third Row: Hutchison, Higginbotham, F. Johnson, C. Johnson, Jackson, Johns, Horn, James, Hovan, Hodge, Roche. Hunter, Miss McDaniel. HOME ROOM 308 Mrs. Bedell Front Row: Loop, Kowisto, Jones, Kristie. Kristoferson, Kennedy, Kennard, Lewis, Knight. Bark Row: Kazel, Lloyd, Lassk, Long, Knight, Kenney, Kicklighter, Till, Kratz, Koons, Kerns, Kirkland, Keen, Levy, Mrs. Bedell. HOME ROOM 312Y--Mrs. Ramsey—Front Row: McCormick, McMurry, McLaughlin, Massey, McCombs. Second Row: Pitts, Middleton, Nowlin, Matthews, Mills, Mcthvin McAllister, McMann. C. Miller, Mrs. E. H. Ramsey. (tU) J fartij . E. Miller, Mikell, McElhancy, Maxwell, Mathisen, HOME ROOM 314—Miss Pfeifer—First Row: Parham, Parker, Morris, L. Mock, B. Mock, Moyer, Olson, Penn, Ogden, Rowland, Patrick. Back Row: Mordt, Padgett, Oliver, Peoples, Page, Patten, O'Brien, Olcott, Nelson, Padgett, Nolan, Newman, Miss Pfeifer. HOME ROOM 315—Mr. Haddock—First Row: Tiller, Touchton. Second Row: Summer, Tirrell, Taylor, Searinger, Swint, Stoke, Thomas, Suber, Symons, Turner, Spidle. Third Row: Stafford, Sullivan. Starling, Stringfield, Stein, Steele, Trawick, Swearenger, Thenoils, Southard, Swindle, Sumlin, Stephens, Stokes, Stiles, Mr. Haddock. HOME ROOM 316—Mrs. Byers—First Row: Earles, Hernandez, Drawdy, Edmunds. Second Row: Hocking, Hodge, Givens, Hutchins, Davis, Druckes, Hastings, Downes, Grieco. Third Row: Futch, Hazouri, Gore, Harper, Edwards, Gladden, Freeman, Greenbaum, Douglas, Feltman, Farris, Du Bose, Mrs. Lois Byers.HOME ROOM 317—Mrs. Collins—First Row: Pharris, Rountree, Pescara. Randell. Second Row: Peterson, B. Roberts, Ross, Rentz, Purcell, Rowe, Roddenizer, Perrett. Third Row: Powell, Register, Rich. K. Rabb, E. Reed, Russell, V. Rabb, Phillips, Roberson, M. Reed, H. Rogers, E. Roberts, C. Rogers. HOME ROOM 318 Mrs. MacDonald- First Row: P. Smith, J. Smith, Sohn, Sleap, Simmons. Second Row: Brantley, Samson, Singer, Simian, M. Skipper, Shahood, B. Skipper, Scarborough, G. Smith, Scruggs. Third Row: Sallette, Schrieber, Jewel, Sheffield, Smelser, E. Smith, Schcnck, Setzer, Sikes, Foraker, Mrs. MacDonald. IN MEMORIAM MARY MEGAS August 24, 1926 August 29, 1943 The charms of youth at once are seen and past; And nature says, “They are too sweet to last.” So blooms the rose; and so the blushing maid. —Sir William JonesMr. Spofford, Mr. Alsobrook, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Horton OLD HICKORY OAR'S C I, I R The old Hickory Dad’s Club is made up entirely of men who are inter- ested in the welfare and in the students of Andrew Jackson High School. This organization is willing to help and cooperate with the school in any- thing they are able to do. They boost the football games and other school activities. “Dad’s clubs, and kindred organizations,” says Mr. I. C. Alsobrook, president, “are very essential to the successful operation of our educa- tional system. Let me urge all parents to affiliate themselves with one of the parent organizations of our school.” OFFICERS President.... Vice-President I. C. ALSOBROOK Secretary. ..GUY SIMMONS Treasurer B. R. SPOFFORD CLIFF HORTONSANLANDO SPRINGS TROPICAL PARK Orlando CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONSFirst Row: Hetty Foster, Sylvia Flauman, Jennie Flauman. Earl Silas, Hobby Haire. Hill Gundlach, Jennie Fay Braddock. Miriam Neidlinger, Elmer Allen. Anne Machines. Peggy Moss. Doris Taylor. Carol Partin. Second Row: Rosalie Mc- Allister. Coma Lea Kilpatrick. Hetty Farren. Virginia Baacke. Ruth Leonard. Marion Cusic, Gail Davis. Joan Tatum. June Musleh, Hetty Petynia. Frances Smithers, James Husse. Eugene Haire, Mr. Demurest. Third Row: Ada Mae Wright, Jane Alvarez, Pansy Atkins, Elizabeth Goff. Jane Thompson. Dottie Rvals, Glenda Scarborough. NATION A I, HONOR SOCIET Y The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service and promote leadership and encourage the development of character. An average of not less than a “B” grade is required for membership. The members of this club are carefully chosen by our principal, Mr. Uemorest and several teachers. OFFICERS First Semester Officers President.................................JOHN MAREES Vice-President...........MIRIAM NEIHUNGER Secretary............................ELIZABETH WOOD Treasurer................................ELMER ALLEN Chaplain.................................DORIS TAYLOR Reporter..........................PEGGY MOSS Sponsor..................MR. M. A. DEMOREST Second Semester Ofjicers President................MIRIAM N El DU NGER Vice-President..........................JENNIE BRADDOCK Secretary.....................ELMER ALLEN Treasurer................................BILLY GUNDLACH Chaplain......................ANNE MacINNES Sergeant-at-Arms.................EARL SILAS Sponsor..................MR. M. A. DEMORESTThis year llie Cadet Corps, as reorganized under the direction of Coach Hewlett, has taken on new life and is rapidly becoming an efficient well drilled organization. Company A—C adet Captain Bobby Hay, Sponsor Ruth Knigbt; Company H—Cadet Cap- tain Solomon Dirghalli, Sponsor Alice Davis; Company C—Cadet Captain Joe Mikalus, Sponsor Joyce Haddock. I1 f i «i : ' ' i a Company D—Cadet Captain Billy Gundlach, Sponsor Marie Walk- er; Company E— Cadet Captain David Rains, Sponsor Shirley Thomas; Company F — Cadet Captain Adrian Kinchcn, Sponsor Mavis Russell. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Pete Johnson, Sponsor Joan Wolfe; Cadet Colonel Clarence Aiken, Spon- sor Betty Greenman; Cadet Major Tom Gaule, Sponsor Virginia Glover.First Row: Unus Mitchell. Margaret Johnson, Dorothy Fouls, Louise Hutchinson, Marie Walker, Elmer Allen. Second Row: Jack Atkinson, R. D. Hohhs, Paul McCulough, Joe Mikulas, Charlie Williamson, Jimmy Morgan. Not in Picture: Rill Gumllach. 7 ((IJILL A II S C II O L L The Quill and Scroll is an international organization for high school journalists who have distinguished themselves in some field of journalism and at the same time remained in the upper third of their class. Member- ship awards have been made to qualified members of the Tiger’s Claw staff since 1936. Jackson is proud of its members in this honor society. For the first time this year six members of Tlic Oracle staffs Doris Taylor, Genevieve McKinney, Miriam Neidlinger, Dorothy Mathews, Anne Machines and La Feme Quinn have been nominated to membership for their outstand- ing work on the year hook. NEWS BRIEFS “SOUTHERN COACH AND ATHLETE TO FEATURE JACKSON The SOUTHERN COACH A ATHLETE magazine will feature Andrew Jackson High in its April issue. This magazine is published monthly during the school year by coaches from various southern high schools and colleges Linus Mitchell. Dorothy Mat- thews. and Doris Simger, mem- bers of the Tiger's Claw staff, were in charge of material on school activities. Pictures of Jackson student life that will ap- pear in the magazine were taken by Mr Gordon Reeves Coach Jack Smith, Coach Andrew Hew- lett. Miss Bernice Walton, and Miss Ruth Smith of the physical education department, wrote ar- ticles on the activities of the re- spective classes Coach Smith is a member of the Advisory Board of the SOUTH- ERN COACH A ATHLETE mag- azine. TIGER’S • BOOK GIVEN TO SCHOOL FOR SEAL SALE Andrew Jackson recently re- ceived the book. "Health Educa- tion," from the Duval County Tu- berculosis Association for the school's being 100V in the 1943 Christmas neal sale The book was presented to the Red Cross Club. APRIL FOOL • DON'T GIVE UP GIRLS! Madame Curre-AII. the eminent s.-ientist. has discovered a marvel- ous new solution which will enable • ne to keep one’s hair In place without the aid of one hairpin. This miraculous solution consists of liquified hairpins, one and one millionth ounces of horse-tail glue, and thiee pans of dirty dishwater. ■ Please note that the latter In- gredient must be extremely dirty.) It is believed that this discovery will replace the old hairpin for- ever. APRIL FOOL • JACKSON AWARDED CUP The Teen Town Club Loving Cup was presented to Andrew Jackson Friday. January 7. at the Cohens’ Roof Garden Dance! The cup was awarded to Jackadl for having ths largest membenhyp In the Teen Town Club TV trophy was given to Jackson as iie climax of the contest between the three local high schools Jackson came in first place witr ° 323 members wffiv'' London 180 ■Lee had 296 and CLAW TIGERS CLAW STAFF ANNOUNCED Editor’s Note By LINUS MITCHELL "A miss is as good aa a mile.” Five per cent stands between Jackson and her war bond goal. It’s not that Jackson is unpatrlo- "t. (how would she have accumu- lated eighty-five per cent?) Per- haps it’s a cas - of. good, «put not good enough? Do you like to'have that said awout Jackson? War is an expensive proposition. We’re fighting to the tune of 175,« 000 dollars per minute. It should not take much reasoning to esti- mate how important every penny la. when you realize that it has taken Jackson more than a month to pay for thirty-five seconds of war. At best, the United States may be in war for another two years, and you’ve got to pay for it. either by war bond savings, or by taxta. The intelligent thing to do would be to buy war bonds be- cause you get your money back plus a handsome rat© of interest. Of course, all this la disregard- ing the human element. War is horrible, bloody. There’s nothing in it to make it worth itself, since It defeats its own purpose. War makes millionaires but it also makes casualties Those who are expecting to be oasualties are buying bonds They’re giving double. Is It asking too much of the potential millionaires on the home front to do half as much? After all. it’s for our own good to Insure our present safety and our future security. • JACKSON SELLS $12.738.50 IN DRIVE During the Andrew Jackson War Bond Drive which began on February 11, a total of $12.736.50 In bonds and stamps have been sold. The purpose of the drive is to obtain the Treasury "E" for excellence. Mr. M F. Wilson is In charge of the drive, t What A Tiger's Claw MITCHELL APPOINTED porter Will Do EDITOR-IN-CHIEF For A Story Linus Mitchell, former feature editor of the Tiger's Claw has been appointed editor-ln-chlef of the paper. Other new appoint- ments Include Marie Walker, fea ture editor; and Margaret John- son. exchange editor. Associate editors are Charlie Williamson and Bill Gundlach. Jimmy Mor- gan Is circulation manager. R. D. Hobbs. Jack Atkinson. Elmer Al- lan. Joe Mlkulas. Paul McCul- lough. and Louise Hutchinson will have the same staff positions as they did last semester. News reporters are Doris Sing- er. Dorothy Fouts. Mercedes In- gram, Joyce Williams, Mllllcent Tritt. Dorothy Matthews, and Bob Newman. Members of the feature staff Include: David Ralna. Doris Singer. Claire Poe, Dorothy Fouts. Artye Futvelle. and Jimmy Mor- gan. Those on the sports staff are Peggy Moss. Bob Newman, and Robert Peters. Mary Roman. Barbara Mitchell, and Marlon Cuaic compose ths advertising staff. Donald Degarmo and Don Kicby are on the art staff of the paper. Miss Emily Atkins is sponsor of the Tiger s Claw. „ —1 -—1 1 Ernest Brown Is Spelling Contest Winner Ernest Brown, member of the high senior class, is the Andrew Jackson champion In the spelling contest being sponsored by the Jacksonville Journal, according tc an announcement by M. A. Demo- rest. principal, with John Mahon, senior, as seepnd place winner. Betty Ann Petynla. a member of the junior class and third place winner, will act as alternate. Brown will receive a $25 war bond offered to the winner in each school by the Jacksonville Journal. There comes a time In the life of every Jackson student when he asks the age old question ”« wonder how many window panes there arc in the auditorium Well, you need wonder no longer there are four hundred four not counting those in the doors. The auditorium is illuminated by one hundred thirty-six lights hung from thirteen chandeliers. We eal in the cafeteria on forty- six tables and are sitting on one oi the three hundred thirty-two chairs Youi assignments are written on one of the two hundred twenty- five blackboatd and the answers are found in one of the seven thousand, five hundred books m use by the students. Nine-tenths of every students earthly possessions arc found in one ior more» of the fifteen hun- dred ninety-two lockers in the hallways Your pencils are kept sharp on one of the thirty-seven pencil sharpeners in the classrooms. You tell time by one of the forty-nine clocks in one of the forty-six rooms. The lights are turned on by one of the one hundred twenty-one light switches. There are six gold fish in the court pond, and there were eight pennies and a red point. And according to a conservative estimate the students ask appro- ximately ten million questions daily- WHERE, OH WHERE IS MIKE? Mike, the drooling tiger for- merly used In the heading of ths Tiger's Claw, has resigned his po- sition on the stafT and at present is being used on-the Andrew Jack- son decal transfers. Be sure and get one for your car or notebook from any member of ths Sopho- more Boys’ Club. John’s Other Mother-In-Law I’m about to relate a sad story that I know all of you have ex- perienced I turned on the radio the other day (unmindful of my approaching fate) and lo—this is what I heard. "Mr. Anthony, this Is my prob- lem- my wife ran off with some other wife’s husband and left me with the 16 kids to raise. Now It’s not that I mind her leaving but she took the laundry with her. "My advice to you dear sir la— go-go-go-get your laundry st any cost. You can always get s wife but laundry is something different. Have I helped you solve your prob- lem. sir. have I?" But that was the wrong pro- gram. What I wanted was John’s Other Mother-in-law Ah. here it Is pow, Just starting. "Good morning ladies (ha. hai How are you this lovely, lovely morning? Now I’ll tell you Just what to do. Run, not aklp. down to your cellar pantry and get a big expensive size box of Kldlddle- hopper'a Breakfast food. Now settle down In your easy chair with a tub full of Kidlddlehop- per’s Breakfast food and get ready for our story of the every day. you and I. people of Snodgrass Village, and their true to life events on the successful road to happiness." "Now as we left John yester- day he had Juat tied one mother- in-law to the track waiting for the 6:15 to come and lift one burden from his young Innocent life. The other mother-in-law. the one we’re really concerned with. Is sitting In the living room winding s time bomb thinking It to be an alarm clock Now we listen as we continue the atory. the other mother-in-law apeaka" "I wonder If this clock is right. It's 6 14? ni bet John’s mother- in-law Is having the time of her life. I wish something would happen to me I want to get a kick out of Ilfs." Boom!- a big explosion Is heard and a train whistle In the back- ground. "Well, did the train get ths one mohter-ln-Iaw today or wlU her life Just linger on ? And about the other mother-in-law. did she get her wish? Listen In tomor- row and aee what happens. 8o ends today's episode In this touch- ing. human story" "And now for our special offer of the morning—now I tell you what I'm going to do—you send me in s box of KldlddlehoppaTa and HI «end you back absolutely free, post paid, a box top. now an’t that lovely?" "Now until tomorrow at this same time. I remain your, obedient •lave— Maxy Roseblooming ’’ Now I aak you. could any mal human being sit and to that all day long? - First Row: Ted Newman, Bob Newman, Curtis Deal, Edward McCullers, Gloria Givens. Bobby Haire, Edward Rountree, Harry Petzinger, Clark Wilkinson, Bucky Rountree. Second Row: Mr. Wilson, Van Cotsonis, Jamea Busse, Ernest Turbyville, Jimmy Clanton, Johnny Fletcher, Jack Atkinson, Robert W ise, Arthur Kloepell, Ray Garcj ,' Earl Turbyville, Alfred Peterson, Clarence McCrone, Frank Vandervelter. ALPHA II I - Y Alpha Hi-Y of Jackson has continued this year to be one of the most active organizations in the school. Alpha again assumed responsibility for the upkeep of the school patio. Several members also worked in the cafeteria managing a lunch counter as a voluntary contribution to the school. A “Ballet of the Zephyrs” was presented to aid in current War Bond Drives. Other activities included the manning of the air-raid and fire system and the sponsoring of several bond drives. The club also enjoyed several socials during the year. Alpha Hi-Y looks forward to another year of service to the school and community. OFFICERS President............EDWARD McCULLERS Secretary....................BOBBY HAIRE Vice-President........BILLY THURMAN Treasurer...................CURTIS DEAL Chaplain..................JAMES BUSSE MR. M. F. WILSON Sponsor Mascot GLORIA GIVENSFirst Row: Joe Pfieffer, R. I). Hobbs, Jr., Bill Gundlach, Charlie WTtfiamson, David Rains, Moses Lewis. Second Row: Waring Barbee, Elmer.Allen, Joe Garcia, Clifford Evans, Virginia Glover. Klip Alter, Charlie Albert, Alvin Samlin, Richard Westbcrry. flack Row: Calvin Brown, Carl Neidlinger, Jimmy Williams, Tommy Fouls, Milton Brown, Forest Daniel. BETA II 1 - Y The Beta Hi-Y Club is an organization of boys in our High School com- mitted to its purpose and platform. The purpose of the Beta Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian char- acter. The platform . . . clean . . . living, speech, athletics, and scholarship. Some of our year’s highlights were the Hi-Y Ballet and the Hi-Y banquet. OFFICERS President.................BILL GUNDLACH Sergeant-at-Arms Vice-President.....CHARI.ES WILLIAMSON Chaplain.............. Secretary......................R. D. HOBBS Mascot........ Treasurer......................DAVID RAINS Sponsor....... .....MOSES LEWIS .....JOE PFIEFFER .VIRGINIA GLOVER COACH JACK SMITHFirst Row: Miss Eppes, Marie Walker, La Feme Quinn, Johnny McBride, Jackie Jones, Earnestine Hurlbert, Cecile Kilbee. Second Row: Gloria Givens, Rose Marie Hotz, Anne Maclnnes, Margaret Anderson, Helen Scotten, Sara Hitch, Pauline Bennett. Edith Howard, Helen Mock, Bennette Sheppard, Betty Williams, Jennie Fay Braddock, Ann Townsend, Shirley Brennan, Peggy Brennan, Betty Schiebe, Mary Kirkland, Joyce Blackman, Miriam Neidlinger. Second Row: Peggy Moss. Lois Randlof, Roberta Davis. Joyce Hurlbert. Peggy Kennedy, Margaret Kinkle, Margery Kinkle, Alice McBride, Sybil Malone, Dorothy Fouls, Juanita Worley, Katherine Boyer, France Roberts, Doris Taylor, Elaine Nunez, Peggy Baker, Ruby Mobly, Dorothy Burkhaltcr, Ruth Brown, Grace Foxworth, Carol Partin. SENIOR GIRLS’ CLUB The Senior Girls’ Club is one of Jackson’s most active clubs. This year the seventeenth annual Senior Girls’ Jubilee was presented in December under the capable direction of Miss Geneva Eppes, club sponsor. The theme was the Gay Nineties with the title of “Remember When.” Talent Night was another outstanding event of the school year. The club’s aim is to promote co-operation and understanding among its members both socially and scholastically. 0 F F I First Semester Officers President.................JOHNNY McBRIDE Vice-President............LA FERNE QUINN Secretary.......................JACKIE JONES Treasurer................................MARIE WALKER Chaplain............................EARNESTINE HURLBERT Reporter...............................CECELIA KILBEE Sponsor......................MISS GENEVA EPPES C E R S Second Semester Officers President....................LA FERNE QUINN Vice-President..............................NELL DUNCAN Secretary..................................JACKIE JONES Treasurer...................................MARIE WALKER Chaplain....................................PANSY ATKINS Reporter..................................FRANKIE DINGLE Sponsor....................MISS GENEVA EPPESFirst Row: Louise Hutchinson, Betty Jean I-anier, Mercedes Ingram, Barbara Lanneau, Margaret Johnson, Fanny Sanford. Second Rote: Shirley Thomas, Imogene Presson, Nell Duncan, Dorothy Mathews, Doris De Haas, Mildred Ixonard. Betty Calhoun, Mary Owens, Grace Prevatt, Shirley Krauss, Barbara Buchanan, Jeannclle Brown, Betty Joyce. Third Row: Sue Hilton, Shirley Stephens, Artye Futrelle, Frankie Dingle, Mary Roman, Miss Morgan, Joyce Williams. Lucy Stapleton, Carolyn Strong, Lucille Bailey, Bernice Lord, Jean Faucette. A'ot in Picture: June Musleh, Mary Rose JUNIOR GIRLS’ CLUB The Junior Girls’ Club is composed of Junior girls who are interested in promoting school activities. These girls have helped in forming a closer relationship among the student body. President OFFICERS BARBARA LANNEAll Treasurer . .BETTY JEAN LANIER Vice-President. . .. MERCEDES INGRAM Chaplain FANNY SANFORD Secretary MARGARET JOHNSON Reporter .LOUISE HUTCHINSON Sponsor ... .MISS ANN MORGAN I'irst Row: Shirley Swint, Pal Wilson, Nita Turner, Carolyn Miller, Miss McDaniel, Joyce Haddock, Elaine Knight, Betty Roberts, Mickey Mills. .Second Row: Pat Crenshaw, Libby Jo Folsom, Joan Wolfe, Patsy Ross, Doris Singer. Rosemary Smart, Ruth Maxwell, Georgianna Clark, Helen Penn, Jean Symons, Leona Samson, Elise Wood, Jean Wilsie, Frances Duncan, Carol Knapp. THE S » I» II O 1 O It E GIRLS CLUB The Sophomore Girls Club was organized for the purpose of promoting friendship among Sophomore girls. This year, with the help of our sponsor, Miss McDaniel, we, of the Sophomore Girls Club, have tried to the utmost of our ability to create a better understanding among ourselves, our fellow- students and the faculty. OFF President..............................CAROLYN MILLER Vice-President...........................JOYCE HADDOCK Secretary................................HELEN CROXTON C E R S Treasurer...............................ELAINE KNIGHT Chaplain..................................NITA TURNER Reporter...................................PAT WILSON miss McDaniel ■ mamFirst Row: Miss Soderstrom, Eugene Haire, Geraldine Stovall, Virginia Baacke, Jean Fliess, Carol Deters, Betty Ann Petynia, Joan Tatum, Carolyn Ramsay, Alvin Burt. Evelyn Candeto. Second Row: Ruth Leonard, Mildred Smith. Dorothy Ryals, Billy Cohen, Earl Slump, Paul Smith. Third Row: Miriam Cusic, Gail Davis, Inez Augustine, Jane Thompson, Myra Stanley, Lois Taylor, Peggy Baker, June Musleh, Wanda Brown, Marie Moe. Fourth Row: Ray Owens. EL CIRCULO I V A 1 I It I C A O LA JUNTA DIRECTIVA Presidentes...........................................MARTIN WEISS, JEAN FLIESS Vice-Presidentes......................................JEAN FLIESS, CAROL DETERS Secretarias..........................................MARIE MOE, VIRGINIA BAACKE Tesoreras..................................EVELYN CANDETO, BETTY PETYNIA Capellanes...............................................PAUL SMITH, PAUL SMITH Reporters........................................RUTH LEONARD, ALVIN BURT Consejera..................................................VERNA SODERSTROM PROGRAMAS DEL ANO I Iniciacion II Velada musical III Hora de “quizz” IV Actividades de Navidad V Discursos—“The Pan American” VI Dialogues VII Pelicula—“Our Neighbors Down the Road.” VIII Merienda de mate IX Gira campestre “No one has yet discovered a better key to understanding the culture and mind of another people than its language.”First Row: John Marees, President; Elmer Allen, Secret ary-Treasurer; Joe Doney, Chaplain; Sybil Malone, Mascot; Frank Albritton, Vice-President; Herbert St. John, Sergeant-at-Anns; Andy Hewlett, Sponsor. Second Row: Jack Atkinson, Audrey Crawford, Clarance Wood, R. I). Hobbs, Kenneth Whittington, Phillip Atter. Third Row: Adrian Kinchen, Earl Howard, Glenn Moore, John Mahon, Moses Lewis, Warren Wood. SENIOR FELLOWS CLUB First Row: Kenneth Whittington; Eai rHoward, Chaplain; Moses Lewis, Treasurer; Phillip Atter, President; Jackie Jones, Mascot; Scarborough, Sergeant-at-Arms; El Forrest Daniel, Jack Atkinson, Ja Wood, R. D. Hobbs, Thomas A Haire, David Rains, Charlie Willia Dirghalli, Edmond Lehman, Ed ? Johnston, Secretary'; Coach Andy Hewlett, Sponsor; Earl Allen, Reporter; Clifford Evans. Second Row: Bobby Ray, usse, Clarance Wood, Clarance Aiken, John Mahon, Warren yard. Bill Gundlach. Third Row: Curtis McKinpey, Bobby on, Theron Crews, Jimmy Morgan, Adrian KiuAljpn, Solomon McCuliers, Ray Green, Bob Newman. Second SemesterHH1 O I II TIMERS’ The object of The Old Timers’ Club is to sel a high example for all lower classmen and to create a feeling of cooperation between members of the club and the faculty. ■UMBER From lower left clockwise: Moses Lewis, Wendell Clardy, Richard Dennis, Otis Wiggens, Dewey Cothern. Robert Sawyer. Everette Williams, Dick Bracewell. Angus Hastings, Richard Stratton, Jimmy Wood. Left to right: Phillip Atter, Miss Barnhart, J. R. Wilson, Gloria Givens, Tommy Tillis. 0 F F I President................................PHILLIP ATTER Vice-President......................J. R. WILSON Secretary...................EVERETTE WILLIAMS Treasurer........................TOMMY TILLIS Sponsor............MIS!: C E R S Chaplain..............................MOSES LEWIS Reporter..............................JIMMY WOOD Sergeant-at-Arms...........DEWEY COTHERN Mascot.......................GLORIA GIVENS THAYER BARNHARTst Row: Frances Roberts, Peggy Raker, Solomon Dirghalli, Anne Maclnnes, La Feme Quinn. Peggy Moss, Miriam ieidlinger, Doris Taylor, Margaret Johnson, Paul McCullough, Leona Sampson. Second Row: Carolyn Miller, Mercedes Ingram. Louise Hutchinson, Bettye Jean Lanier, Mary Roman, Pansy Atkins, Mary Rose Howe, Nita Turner, Doris Singer, Delores Shahood, Shirley Swint, Elise Wood. Third Row: Bill Gundlach, W'illiam Fortenberry, Richard Dean, Joe Baker, Mrs. McKee. RED CROSS CLUB The Red Cross Club, organized in 1932, has been of great service to the school. “We Serve” is the motto. The purpose of this club is to help everyone in time of distress and to offer and give friendship to all. This year the club sponsored the Membership Drive, the Christmas Seal Drive, and the Infantile Paralysis Drive. OFFICERS First Semester Officers President................LA FERNE QUINN Vice-President.......SOLOMON DIRGHALLI Secretary............MIRIAM NEIDLINGER Treasurer.............................PEGGY MOSS Reporter.............MARGARET JOHNSON Chaplain.................LUCY STAPLETON Sponsor........................MRS. McKEE Honorary Sponsor.......................MRS. WELLS Second Semester Officers President......................PEGGY MOSS Vice-President................ANNE MacINNES Secretary....................DORIS TAYLOR Treasurer........................PEGGY BAKER Chaplain.........................TOMMY FOUTS Reporter..................PAUL McCULLOUGH Sponsor........................MRS. McKEE Honorary Sponsor..................MRS. WELLSFirst Row: Coach Jack Smith. Herherl St. John, Dewey Cothern. R. D. Hobbs. Lonnie Worsham, Karl Scarborough, Philip Alter, Coach Andy Hewlitt. Second Row: Russell Floyd, John Mahon, Karl Howard, Clarance Wood. Joe Doney, Harold Anderson. Tommy Tillis. Moses Lewis. Third Row: Forest Daniel, Kenneth Whitington. Billy Renfrow. Dick Brace well, Audrey Crawford, Bobby Ray. Fourth Row: Milton Brown. Adrian Kinchen, Frank Albritton. Kverett Williams, Calvin Brown. Fifth Row: Alvin Burt, Bobby Bishop, Jack Atkinson, Jimmy W'ood. THE 4 ‘ J ” CLUB The “J” Club of Andrew Jackson High School is made up of hoys who have attained letters through participation in a sport on a varsity team. The various sports in which a hoy may participate toward attaining this goal are: football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and swimming. This club was organized for the purpose of creating an understanding among the boys who show their athletic ability. The members of the club operated a concession stand in order to raise money to buy “J” keys for its graduating members and also to finance a banquet to which members and their dates were invited. OFFICERS First Semester Officers President........................HERBERT ST. JOHN Vice-President....................PHILLIP ATTER Secretary...........................R. 0. HOBBS Treasurer.....................LONNIE WORSHAM Chaplain....................................DEWEY COTHERN Sergeant-at-Arins........EARL SCARBOROUGH Second Semester Officers President.........................BOBBY RAY Vice-President............................JIMMY WOOD Secretary...........................R. D. HOBBS Treasurer...................LONNIE WORSHAM Chaplain...................................JOHN MAHON Sergeant-at-Arms..............DEWEY COTHERN Sponsors.......COACHES ANDREW HEWLETT and JACK SMITH■ UUIL I Seated: Belly Jean Lanier. First Row: Barbara Lanneau, Margaret Johnson, Mary Owens, Mrs. Doris Hieb, Artye Futrelle, Nell Duncan, Mercedes Ingrain. Third Row: Shirley Krause, Fanny Sanford, Boh Newman, Doris Taylor, Joyce Williams. F . L . S . The F.L.S., a branch of the Junior Y.W.C.A., is a typical Jackson club. The purpose is to develop character and promote square living. During the year, the members of this club have participated in the scrap paper drive and other patriotic activities. Joint meetings have been held with the Hi-Y Boys for the purpose of promoting a better relationship between boys and girls. OFFICERS 'I President BETTY JEAN LANIER Chaplain ...MERCEDES INGRAM . % Vice-President NELL DUNCAN Reporter .MARGARET JOHNSON Secretary MARY OWENS Sergeant-at-Arms BOB NEWMAN « Treasurer BARBARA LANNEAU Sponsor MRS. DORIS HIEB Mascot BILLY MADRAY Kneeling: Kuth Maxwell, Doris De Hass, Pat Wilson, Patsy Koss, Doris Singer, Elisc Wood, Shirley Swint, Carrie Dixon, Libhy Folsom, Lois Johnson, Jean Wilsie. Standing: Jean Symons, Carol Knapp, Catherine Downs, Frances llorick. Miss Anderson, Hetty Roberts. Dorothy Bradberry, Mickey Mills, Nila Turner. AW in Picture: Helen Croxton, Juanita Long, Virginia Estes, Leona Samson, Rliona Du Bose. S . L. F . The S.L.F., a new addition to the Y.W.C.A., has entered wholeheartedly into the activities of school and community. Its capable and enthusiastic sponsor. Miss Anderson, has assisted the club in promoting better relation- ship and understanding among girls through the various activities offered them by the Girl Reserves. During the annual March of Dimes, the S.L.F. collected for this drive several times daily for a period of one week at the Capitol Theatre. Girls from the club helped in caring for the children at the 'V.W.C.A. nursery at Christmas and at the Brentwood Project nursery during the spring months. The S.L.K was one of the sponsors of Dr. Grace Sloan Overton when she spoke at Jackson. President Vice-President Secretary...... OFFICERS ...ELISE WOOD Treasurer..............VIRGINIA ESTES ..DORIS SINGER Chaplain.......................CARRIE DIXON SHIRLEY SWINT Reporter..........................PAT WILSON Sponsor MISS ANDERSONKneeling: Doris Singer, Barbara Buchanan, Solomon Dirghalli, Sue Hilton, Mary Rose Howe. Frances Lockerman, Patsy Ross, Dorothy Mathews, Barbara Altman. Standing: Richard Westherry, l.intts Mitchell, Thomas Hicks. Mariam Portnoy, Joyce Haddock, Pauline Gage, Thomas Appleyard, Clara McCarty, Leona Samson, Claire Poe, Jack Atkinson, Boh Burk- hulter, Richard Randle, Miss Eppes. r ■ -1, I» It A « A T I ( S CLUB OFFICERS President.............MARY ROSE HOWE Vice-President............SUE HILTON Secretary.......................FRANCES LOCKERMAN Treasurer...........SOLOMON DIRGHALLI Chaplain...............BILLY THURMAN Reporter..................PATSY ROSS Sponsor...............MISS GENEVA EPPES The Dramatics Club is devoted, as the name indicates, to fostering dra- matic talent in Jackson High. For years it has furnished an outlet for his- trionic ability among the students. During this season the club produced two plays: “Maid of France”, a Christmas play given for the Parent-Teachers Association; and “One Ghostly Evening”, a comedy given for the benefit of the China War Relief. These activities, which help to sustain and carry on the record and reputation of the club which has become an institution in Jackson, are worthy of commendation. The Dramatics Club is proud to be typical of the Jackson Clubs.Kneeling: James Cordray. Walter Brown. Bob Burkhalter, Linus Mitchell. Jack Atkinson, Frances Lockernian, Curtis Tillman, Thomas Hicks. Standing: Edward lee, Kenneth Conner, William Driver, Norma Jean Gilbert, Betty Freeman, Miriam Portnoy, Mary Rose Howe, Arthur Talisman, W'illiam Rose, Mrs. Coleman. AW in Picture: William Foor, Bob Peters, Elise Wood, Doris Singer. FORENSIC ACTIVITIES The aim of the Jackson Debating Society is to promote, stimulate, and encourage interest and ability in debating and to educate its members along the lines of public speaking, clear thinking, and logical reasoning. Mem- bership in this organization grew to such an extent this year that it became necessary to limit the size of the society. The league enjoyed a banner year in debating activities, defeating the Orlando Forensic Leaguers, state cham- pions, in three out of five debates, thus winning the coverted “Bob Peters’ Debating Trophy”. The society gained national recognition by being asked to join the National Forensic League, which allows only 500 chapters in the United States. OFFICERS President..................JACK ATKINSON Treasurer Vice-President............LINUS MITCHELL Reporter. Secretary...........FRANCES LOCKERMAN Chaplain. Corresponding Secretary.... CURTIS TILLMAN Sponsor BOR BURKHALTER .JAMES CORDRAY ...THOMAS HICKS ...MRS. COLEMANSeated: Madonna Bermin, Helen Locklnrt, Doris De Haas, Thomas Appleyard, Genievc McKinney, Solomon Dirghalli, Doris Taylor, Dorothy Malone, Charlotte Phillips. Standing: Ella Lineburg, Doris Lee, Richard Westberry, Betty Farren, Braxton Cotton, Mickey Mills, Norma Gillnicr, Miss MacDaniel. SCIENCE! C I. 11 B OFFICERS President...........GENIEVE McKINNEY Treasurer..................DORIS DeHAAS Vice-President.......THOMAS APPLEYARD Chaplain..................DORIS TAYLOR Secretary...........SOLOMON DIRGHALLI Reporter.................BILL GUNDLACH Sponsor................MISS MaeDANIEL President...... Vice-President. Secretary...... Treasurer...... S O V II O 1 O II E II O V S C L I H OFFICERS ....JOHN DOHERTY Chaplain.......................JOHN WHITE ....WALTER ELAZER Sergeant-at-Arms.............TOMMY FOOTS ....JOHN STAFFORD Mascot...................LIBBY JO FOLSOM ....BOBBY SWINDLE Sponsor.................MISS EMILY ATKINS First How: John White, John Stafford. John Doherty, Libby Jo Folsom, Walter Elazer. Bobby Swindle, Thomas Rich. Second Row: Ralph Cole, Joe Baker, Robert Wolfe, William Barker, Bob Burkhalter, Earl Lanneau.| F1H ■ ' -.-----r-—■ 1 • First Row: Cary Harvey, Clyde Loun, Verlon Keid, Frank Donaromy, William Gigl, Bill Turner, James Richards. Boh McLeod, Edward Rountree, Richard Forbes, Albert Levy, Earl Howell. Second Row: Lillian McLendon, Betty June Fleming, Ethel Porter, Mary Louise Baugh, Rose Marie Hotz, Elizabeth Acosta, Juanita Bowles, Jackie Strickland. Estelle Casey, Peurl Wohl, Louise Hurst, Imogcne Cook, Jeannette Scott, Juanita Scott. Third Row: Mrs. Anne Franz (head coordinator of D.C.T. program in Jacksonville), Richard Sundberp, Herman Alexander, R. B. Roberts, Yvonne Her long, Virginia Wesscll, Geneva Vann, Addie Milligan, Joyce Beaty, Gloria McDonald, Alice McBride, Doris Samble, Joyce Hagan, Mildred Hicks, Jean Boyer, Lillian Powell, Edna Ree Barker, Charlotte Carasik, Elliott Donaroma. Mrs. Marjorie Lay (Related Study Teacher N.A.S.), Mr. B. R. Spofford (coordinator). Fourth Row: Robert Perry. Homer Pittman, Karl Kruer. Judson Brice, Bernard Nudelman, Melville Bradford, Clifford Turner, Jim Hutchinson. Frank Hoffman, Clyde Baker, Lioncil Morgan, Marin Johnston. Not Shown: James Ellis. II . C . T . CLUB The Jackson D. C. T. Club (more familiarly known as the Co-Op Club) is composed of the students in the Diversified Cooperative Training pro- gram. One of the largest clubs in school, with a present enrol ment of fifty- six, this club is affiliated with the State Federation of D. C. T. Clubs, which includes 22 D. C. T. programs in high schools all over the state. The purpose is to give the students of this program an opportunity for extra-curricular activities, both social and cultural in nature. We strive to make the name 6iCo-Op'’ significant of all our activities. 0 F FICERS First Semester Officers President.......................ROBERT NICOLS Vice-President.................JAMES RICHARDS Secretary...................VIRGINIA WESSELL Treasurer........... ...............BILLY GIGL Sergeant-at-Arms..............EDWARD ROLNTREE Second Semester Officers President...................................JAMES RICHARDS Vice-President............................WILLIAM TURNER Secretary..................................ROBERT McLEOD Treasurer.............................BILLY GIGL Sergeant-at-Arms.....................CLY DE BAKERHAND Jimmy Michael, Nell Duncan, Ted Smith, Doris Loper, Betty McCullum, Miriam Portnoy, Guy Cone, Percy Smith, Fred Knight. Caroll Cobh, John Lyles, Bill Flanagan, Pat McBride, Mary Rose Howe, Arnold Adams, Jimmy Wood, Jack Anderson, Bill Leuders, Bob Newman, Doris Taylor, Alice Davis, Lenora Sterling, Carlton Holmes. O II C II i; S T K V Frankie Dingle, Vera Hagarth, Thelma Williams, Nonna Gillmer, Barbara Altman, Thomas Hicks, Gracie Durbin. Doris Buckles, Doris Daly, Royce Williams,(Robert MartinJ Joe Baker, Mary Lou Reyes, Percy Smith, Doris Lee, Betty Jo Webb, Jimmy Wood, Jerry Floyd, Jimmy Michael, TMward Cambel, John Dungan, Pat McBride, Raymond McCombs, Kathleen Stevens, Jeannette Dunn, Doris Loper, Jennie Fay Braddock, Betty McCullum, Joan Tatum, Miriam Portnoy, Walter Elazer, Bill Leuders, Jack Anderson, Doris Taylor, Alice Davis, Mickey Mills, Inez Augustine, John White, John Spooner, Tom Kennard, Lillian Edwards, Nell Duncan, Lenora Sterling, Ted Smith, Beverly Reims, Betty Calhoun, Vir- ginia Goddell, Bill Flannagan, Betty Laster, Frances Carman, Mary Rose Howe, Arnold Adams, Fred Knight, Betty Polly, Margery Henry, Reynolds Heriot, Carlton Holmes, and Mrs. DeVore.CxXj t SENIOR CHORUS First Row: Mary Jo Morrow, La Feme Quinn. Joyce Blackman, Juanita Sallas. Charlotte Wiggins, Laura Jo Dyal, Ann Townsend, Ruth Knight, Mary Guyton, Julia Villeneuve, Jeanelle Brown, Peggy Brenan, Anne Maclnnes. Second Row: Shirley Brennan, Alice Vanderpool. Betty Jean Lanier. Fanny Sanford. Joyce Williams, Rosalie McAllister, Alene Anders, Marie Moe, Naudine Sheffield, Mavis Russell, Lois Cross, Rachael Fulmer, Artye Futrelle. Third Row: Frank Hendricks, John Kinlaw, David Rains, Robert Lamb, Kenneth Conner, James Hutchinson, Milton Webb, Billy Thurman, Van Cotsonis, David Alsobrook, Linus Mitchell, Edward McCullers, Jumes Vandewelder, Jimmy Foster. G I H L S ’ GLEE C L U II First Row: Helen Yates, Betly Mizellc, Lillian Sharpe, Shirley Stephens, Jean Deal, Fay Baker, Evelyn Candeto, Betty Greeman, Barbara Buchanan. Second Row: Virginia Estes, Shirley Thomas, Louise Hutchinson, Mary Kirkland, Frances Smithers, Bevelyn Morgan, Evelyn Wallace, Dorothy Wade, Lois Gallagher. Claire Poe, Leona Samson, Mildred Carter, Eleanor Gaule, Joan Tatum. Third Row: Cecile Johnson, Mary L. Kirkland, Annie Jo Peace, Iris Cook. Willannie Methvin, Evelyn Price, Betty Hurlbert, Mildred Webb, Lois Quave, Frieda W ilson, Elaine Knight, Opal Hinson.First Row: Lena Pursell, Betty Calhoun. Second Row: Pat Crenshaw, Cordean Kirkland, Catherine Downs, Shirley Stephens, Edith Lassk. Third Row: Jeannelle Brown, Mary Louise Crieco, Grace Richardson, Betty Harris, Annette Albrit- ton, Louise Hutchinson, Mary Rose Howe, Beverly Rentz, Charlotte Wiggins, Miss Scalise, Marjorie Marshall, Diane Cash, Joyce Williams. LAS EST It EL LITAS OFFICERS President................JOYCE WILLIAMS Treasurer Vice-President..........MARGARET ZIGLER Reporter. Secretary...............MARY ROSE HOWE Chaplain. LOUISE HUTCHINSON ..SHIRLEY STEVENS ....BETTY CALHOUN Sponsor MISS SCALISE W A It It O N II S A IV D ST A M P S BUY WAR BOYDS Mr. Wilson, Sponsor, Patsy Callahan, Marie Selby, Myra S tanley, David Alsobrook,HIGHLANDS HAMMOCK STATE PARK Sebring FEATURESGashouse ueethearte Porever■ The Graceful Zephere Snap Shot Contest Boreeomel ffoursome] Second Place yWherej ia Eddie? Ufaitln for the Eus Phi Old Institution |Anne and I Genevieve] Little Boys Oomph Tender Comradi Third Place ’Leaning J postp Dudes Love Match Here Th y AreJanuaryJanuaryMEMBERS OF THE CLASS WHO’S WHO CLASS OFFICERS Kid .1 A M U A It Y C L A S S SENIOR FELLOWS CLUB■ Ht st Looking John Thenoils Mavis Russell Best All Around Jackie Jones Philip AlterT II E O K A C E E II E A LT T V C O A I E S T Free ballots were given to every member of the home rooms. When the votes were counted, the ten highest ranking contestants competed in a three- day contest at a penny a vote. The Contestants Nominated Earline Taylor. Mavis Russell Frances Wynn, Sybil Malone irginia Glover, Jackie Jones Sara Hitch. Patsy Ross Gloria Givens. La Feme QuinnFirst Place—Mavis Russell T II E « l( A C L E It E A E T Y C O T E S T Second Place—La Feme QuinnT II i' » It A C L K It I] A I T Y ( O A T E S T Fourth Place—Sara Hitch Fifth Place Gloria GivensSnafu atcha Doin ■Frankie High Shot Mavis Miriam Snap Shot Contest e Brown Looka That 'The Purple HeartggSpi’lpg la ll Boomps a Daisy j Ain’t Love Grand Mmmm! David Mike, the Mascot Glorious 'he J enter of ThingsiCATCHING SAILFISH Oil Palm Beach SPORTSFirst Row: Mr. M. A. Demurest, Mrs. Henry Richardson, Mrs. C. N. Vina], Mrs. Guy I.. Simmons. Mrs. W. D. Ramsay, Mrs. J. F. Johnson. Second Row: Mrs. Fred V. Cooper, Mrs. Arlie Dickson, Mrs. W. F. Weaver, Mrs. J. M. Peeler, Mrs. W. H. Naugle. ATHLETIC BOOS T E It S C L U It The objects of this club are: 1. To bring to the attention of Andrew Jackson Senior High School and the City of Jacksonville the value of clean athletics in this said school. 2. To establish the fact that the fair and effective way of bringing public opinion to bear on athletics is thru the constructive methods of emphasis on the best encouraging leaders and participants; not thru criticism. 3. To encourage attendance at all games in which students of Andrew Jackson enter as contestant or contestants. 4. To give our inoral, spiritual, and physical support to all hoys and girls who have won honor and distinction for Andrew Jackson High School. 5. To study the games in which our boys and girls take part so as to boost more intelligently. OFFICERS President..........MRS. GUY L. SIMMONS Secretary.................MRS. W. 0. RAMSAY Vice-President........MRS. W. C. HENDRY Treasurer.....................MRS. C. N. VINAL Corresponding Secretary...MRS. W. O. WATKINSS I» O A SOUS F O It LEE -JACKSON GAME Elmer Apple, Annette Jones, E. W. Revels, Gloria Doug- las, Barbara Lanneau, Helen Scotten, Thomas Zorn, and Moses Lewis. fat MANAGERS FOR 1948 SQUAD “Klip” Alter, Kenneth Conners, Kenneth Whittington, and Alvin Burk.iJA F O O T 1C A L I Each year Andrew Jackson’s major contribution to the world of sports is its football team, of fighting Tigers. And each year our boys go out to do or die, some do and some die. This year under our new men- tors, Jack Smith and “Andy Hewlitt, we won the opener by a single touchdown against our central Flor- ida rival, Orlando. Our first home game against the Southsiders, Landon, missed being a tie by one point; they converted, we didn’t, result: Landon 7, Jackson 6. With Lee we fared even worse; they scored three times while we failed to cross the pay-off line. Plant of Tampa came up and set us on our heels, 12 to 6. But there is always a silver lining to each cloud. Miami Edison was given a treatment which reversed the score suffered at the hands of Plant: Jackson 12, Miami Left to right: Herbert St. John, Co -captain, Dewey Cot hern. Bobby Gay, Dick Bracewell, Don Love, Calvin Brown, Harold Anderson, Joe Garcia, Jack Thenoils, Clarence Wood, Wendell Clardy, Billy Renfroe, Frank Albritton, Karl Scarborough, Co-captain, Bobby Ray, Bland Simmons, Marshal Griggs, Joe Doney.Edison 6. Landon added insult to injury by winning a well-fought heartbreaker 6-0. By this time the Tigers were out for blood and we got it from our San Jose rival; Jackson 47, Bolles 0. This brought us up to the annual Thanksgiving Day classic against Lee. The bands played, the people cheered, the Pepperettes marched; but our team lost, 20-0. The 1943 season ended in a blaze of glory and revenge when we played the first and fourth quarters of the Kiwanis Charity game against Fletcher and Lee respectively. We handed out a drubbing in each case making us feel much better The squad as a whole played hard and strong this year under skillful coaching and another year the Tigers will really howl. • Left to right: George Garcia. J. K. Wilson, Merrit. Lonnie' Hobbs, Milton Brown. Audrey Crawford, Adrian Kinchen, U tvin Pharr, Buster Howard, Lamest Wheeler, Leslie High, lafsell Floyd, John Mahon, Pete Knight, Jack Atkinson, Paul orsham, Lucius Arnau, Tommy Tillis.Aetion at the Lee-Jackson Game. T II E 1 A JOKE T T E S 66Jackson9» Prancers99 Lois Coons, Georganna Clark. Pauline Bennett, Virginia Barker. Maxine Tyrrell, Frances Kuhns.The cheerleaders, led by Head Cheerleader Sara Hitch, added zestful color to the football games this year. Six girls and six hoys made up the squad performing stunts and tumbling on the field. Buddy Wilson, former head cheerleader, and Guy Alverez are now in service. Two of the members, Buddy Wilson and Sara Hitch, have served three years on the squad l B Not shown in individual pictures are Johnny Marees, Guy “XZ? Alverez, Aileen Bell, Ronald Livingston, and Buddy Wilson.First Row: Hansen Skelton, Dewey Cothern, Jimmie Wood. Everett Williams, Lonnie Worsham. Rudy Brinn. Richard - Bell, Bobby Ray, Alvin Burt. Second Row: Coach Jack Smith, E. W. Revels, A1 Johns, R. D. Hobbs, Elmer Apple, Lester Knight, Hugh Johnson. Earl Scarborough. It A Skill; A L L The Jackson Tigers completed a successful basketball sea- son this year. Out of twenty-two games played, our cagesters won thirteen. Some of the most outstanding games of the sea- son were: the defeat of Bolles by a score of 50-20; the victory over Landon by 2B-27: also the victory over Lee by a score of 24-22. Our total of points made this year amounted to 621. If A S i: II A I. I. Jackson’s baseball team was highly efficient this year. So far the Tigers have twice defeated Orlando. 1943 State Champions, as well as Fletcher and Palatka. First Row: George Floyd, Hte rf-y Cothern, ttol n Williams, Elwyn Danson, Joe Garcia, Clarence Wood, Earl Scarl) mngh. Earnest Brown. Second Row: Coach Shepherd. John Mahon. Manager, Lindy GuiUi, Billy Steele,v Evcrett Williams. R. I). Hobbs, Elmer Apple, Lonnie Worsham, Johnny Poster, Manager Goach Hewlett.irst Rote: David Alsobrook, Paul Smith. Red Kin?, Harry Richards. Leslie High, Everett Williams, | Joe Pfeifer. Beta Coker. Fred Turner, Deno Mastrogianakas. J. B. Bryan. Second Row: Horace Tay- lor, Sam Cole. Hansen Skelton, Arthur Kloepel, Clarence McCullough, Hewitt Phillips, Joe Garcia, Ray- mond Farris, Coach Jones. ic i; ii s WHITES BABY BASKETBALL TEAM “City Champs, 1944" Bottom: Coach Hewlett, Fred Turner, Ralph Poe, Buckie Roundtree, Deno Mastrogianakas. Top: Marshall Clardy, Billy Renfroc, Tommy Rohinson, Dick Stratton, Aaron Pearl man. First Row: llarry Petzinger. Wilbur Middleton. Angus Hastings, Gary Austin. Loren Broadus, Dave Wood, Velma Sirmons, Timothy Elffi;. Philip Merrit. Second Row: Bobby Hudson, Milton Wood, Elwood Bohan- non, Hock Farford, Gleiiu Jlloore, Jimmy McMann, Bobby Register, John Cascone, Asbury Kelly. Coach Heath. Third Row: Redvjioward. Gene Sleap, M. C. Harden, Eddy Gillmore, Clyde Harper, Carroll West, Marvin Shaw. Dbofn Danson, Francis Jarrell, Alec Cooke.CuJ First Row: Marjorie Middleton. Naomi Watson, Lena Purcell. Virginia Barker. Pauline Bennett, Rosalie Brochmann. Marie Selby, Mickey Mills. Delores Shahood. June Musleh, Betty Ann Petynia, Dot Pouts. Jackie Jones. Dorothy Brad- berry, Virginia Goodell. Betty Freeman, Edith Laask, Leona Samson, Iris Gaskin, Ellen Fienburg, Margaret Curtright, Second Row: Alice Miles, Anne Maclnnes, Genevieve McKinney, Betty Hutchison, Marie Mae, Jewel Futch, Carol Deters, Charlotte Kaybrook. Sally Briles, Jean Kite, Peggy Kennedy, Jenny Fay Braddock. Anita Woodward. Norma Gillmar, Doris Sample. Third Row: Janie Ray Whittington, Betty Kichy, Joyce Beaty, Mary Roman, Ruth Geiger, Sue Mahan, Juanita Worley, Jean Fliess, Betty Townsend, Phyllis Shoppy, Artye Futrelle. Nita Turner, Barbara Moulton, Milicent Trill, Grace Foxworth, Betty Downs, Betty Ferns. (;iKL S’ A T II L FT 1 C ASSOCIATION The G.A.A. is an athletic organization which provides participation in various sports and games, arouses interest in girls for athletics, and en- courages sportsmanship. Members are eligible to receive the following awards: Emblem, 200 points; medal, 300 points; letter, 500 points. Points are obtained by taking part in tournaments and the many games offered by the association. This year the girls were under the successful leadership of Miss Ruth Smith and Miss Bernice Walton. OFFICERS President.............. Vice-President.......... Corresponding Secretary ....JEAN FLIESS DOROTHY FOUTS Recording Secretary Treasurer........... ...JEWEL FUTCH PEGGY KENNEDY ....ALICE MILES i%L tt'k T E A N V ' O Although Andrew Jackson began track for the first time this year, the members have shown good spirit and plenty of promise. The squad has participated in several invitational meets and also in the Big Ten meet held at Robert E. Lee. To have so many disadvantages and obstacles in their path, the boys did very well under the competent leadership and guidance of Coach L. Jack Smith. G I It L S S I» OUTS W I A I It S Top: “Smitty” and Jean; Anne; “Gennie”; La Feme; “Bernie”; Ruth and Betty. Bottom: Champion volleyball team of 43; “Smilty” and “Bcrnie”; Champion basketball team.P E I» I» E II E T I E S The Pepperettes, under the direction of Miss Bernice Walton and Miss Ruth Smith, made impressing performances this year. Although they were not organized until late in the season, they were out for nearly every game in their effective red and white uniforms creating attractive designs and figures on the field. Since there were no Pepperettes last year the instructors had to start off with brand new girls which of course, took longer to train. Nevertheless, they brought forth thrilling spectacles of color, and were given an award for the most colorful exhibits. This group of ninety girls was under the student leadership of Margaret Plummer. Each member received a letter for her year’s work. T' • rt.Wftfl PpW-WA '' ri+srtrtir SUNSET ORACLE STAFF AND ADVERTISINGCirculation Staff First R nc: Leona Samson, Ben net te Shepherd, Dorothy Mathews, Circulation Manager, Joyce Williams. Doris Singer. Second Row: Betty Kilbee, Mercedes Ingram. Not in Ficture: Joan Wolfe. This year our circulation hit a new high due to the persistent efforts of this group. T II K O It A CEE S I A I I I 4 I Advertising Staff Additional ads secured by the staff helped to meet our budget in this war year. First Row: Barbara Buchanan. Ray Green, Mary Roman, Business Manager. Paul McCulloughs, Louise Hutchinson. Second Row: Nita Turner. Richard Randel, Mildred Leonard, John Doherty, Shirley Swint. Not in Ficture: Thelma Williams, Harry Jones, John Kinlaw.First Row: Genevieve McKinney, Sports Editor; Doris Taylor, Clubs and Organisations Editor; Sara Hitch, Assistant Editor; Miriam Neidlinger, Editor-in-Chief; Libby Folsom, Junior Editor; La Feme Quinn, Feature Editor; Anne Maclnnes, Classification Editor. Second Row: June Musleh; Hubert Johnson, Photographic Assistant; Solomon Dirghalli, Art Editor; Doris Singer; Frances Wynn; Mercedes Ingram; Frances Roberts, Staff Secretary; Peggy Baker; Thomas Appleyard; David Rains. Not in Picture: Phillip Atter, Jimmy Wood, Mary Rose Howe, Don Kirby. Don De Carmo, Betty Laster. From January Class: Sybil Malone, Assistant Feature Editor; Margaret Anderson, Assistant Classification Editor; Erma McNatt, Wanda Tanner. T11E ORACLE STAFF 1044 The Oracle staff has endeavored, despite the problems presented by the war, to present this year a book which will record the memories of days spent in Andrew Jackson. We have tried to have more and a greater variety of pictures and arrange them in an interesting and artistic manner. SPONSORS Mr. Reeves—Editorial Staff Miss Richardson—Business StaffThis annual was printed and bound by RECOfiD PRESS Jnc. DESIGNERS ond PRODUCERS of DISTINCTIVE PRINTING Saint Augustine, Florida Today more than ever before it is necessary to dress up your product with "eye appeal" based either on sparkling color or well- planned layout. This is especially true with print- ed matter. If the eyes of your prospect are not first attracted, your message is lost. The Record Press, Inc., is well versed in the needs and require- ments of Florida printing. We are eager to extend our service to you that your printing may bring results. We offer complete service in design, composition, printing and binding in all types of workCongratulations graduating class ol' Andrew Jackson FLORIDA STATE THEATERS • Florida • I'alacc • Empress • Arcade • Temple • Imperial • Itoxv • Brentwood • Capitol • Fairfax • Kan Marco — Registered Jewelers — American Gem Society • UNDERWOOD JEWELERS Monroe and Hogan Streets Compliments of LEMUEL SHARP Councilman Fourth Ward Compliments of Satchwell Joseph Electric Co. 609 Laura Street Phone 5-1593 SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Sears luts given 57 years of service to the nation SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY Jacksonville’s family store, supplying all home and apparel needs FORSYTH AT RROA1) ST.☆ Congratulations to the Graduating Class of Andrew Jackson FURCHGOTT'S "THE STORE ACCOMMODATING" ☆ Phone 5-4832 “Portraits” “Copies” Tooley - Myron Studios “Foremost in the South” 225 West Adams Street S. G. Salabes Manager Jacksonville, Florida Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. "Supplies for the Home Front" FERRELL Up-to-date Optical Department Repair Work a Specialty Compliments of RAY GREEN County Commissioner Compliments of Smoak's Quality Groc. Mkt. 3864 Pearl Street Phone 5-0620 Compliments of SETZER STORES Our Sincere Best Wishes to THE GRADUATION CLASS OF '44 DUVAL JEWELRY COMPANY 111 MAIN STREET Diamonds Convenient TermsCompliments ot Clyde Simpson PAXSO N S “Walk in Beauty'’ Phone 5-9331 M. J. WOLF WOLF'S LITTLE FOLK'S SHOP INFANCY TO 14 YEARS 227 Hogan Street Jacksonville, Florida Best Wishes MAX WITTEN'S MEN’S WEAK 52 W. Forsyth It Pays To Pay Cash at the Jewel Box Jacksonville’s Cash Jeweler 326 Main St. RENT — Why Buy Towels, Coats, and Aprons? GENERAL LIREfl suppLy company Phone 5-3005 411 East Bay Street "The Home of Quality” LEVY'S ADAMS AT HOGAN The Best Dresseil Men Wear mm 37 West Forsyth St. Jacksonville, Fla.“fl Tanker lUas Lost.. BUT never fear . . . the war effort goes forward . . . the mili- tary leaders expect to lose some tankers from enemy action . . . discount that loss in advance. It's the tanker that never sails that upsets calculations ... delays victory . . . the tanker which could not sail because oil was wasted. You can help eliminate waste by using electricity wisely . . . keeping your refrigerator door closed . . . repair leaky hot water taps . . . use lights for seeing and safety, not decora- tion . . . follow electric service- serving cooking methods . . . and you'll serve yourself and your nation. Save now ... to bring VICTORY sooner. City flectric Department GEORGE A. PIERCE Commissioner of Utilities Utility Bldg. Foot of Laura St. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Compliments ELLIOT W. BUTTS Forward with Florida Since 1867 PnONE 3-0282 HUM'S eminine cApparel 16 WEST FORSYTH STREET JACKSONVILLE 2, FLA. Phone 5-7683 donaldson's Something Different in Men's Wear J17 WEST ADAMS STREETWe help, KEEP ’EM ROLLING tyvun. Here to. Victory INTERNATIONAL y ut Gan cJl Lp, fey JlenAincj, EXPERT MECHANICS M'CORMICK-DEERING FARM MACHINES AN D IMPLEMENTS f IjcuiA, Money to " m p ■ From UNCLE SAM FARMALL TRACTORS y2 ton to feuy • • 10 ton • • 111 BONDS All Types of Farm Equipment • • PARTS • • PARTS • • SERVICE B Y Quinn r. BflRTon co. 1205 W. Forsyth St. • • SERVICE B Y Phones 3-1145-6-7 EXPERT MECHANICSPhone 5-2213 THOMAS Florist 23 West Monroe Street Compliments of PURCELLS Laura at Monroe Compliments of ProCessional Insurance Corporation Hospitalization, Health and Accident Insurance ☆ NEW YORK LAUNDRY ZORIC DRY CLEANING Phone 5-6115 ☆Compliments of J. Ollie Edmunds Thorough Training and Efficient Employment Service Massey Business College Phone 5-0763 304 Main St. Hartmann Luggage for Particular Students Exclusively at THE LUGGAGE SHOP 24 West Forsyth Street Compliments of Standard Furniture Company Itt-atl the Jflortba EtmesUmcm To the Members of the Graduating Class of 1944 of Andreiv Jackson High GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! mm JEWELERS LAURA AND ADAMSPublic Safety Iteyins With You It E X S H E A T Compliments of N. CHEPENICK SONS E. G. GOLDER CO. 2329 BOULEVARD Fuel Oil Oil Burning Heaters Insulating Material Ventilating Fans Phone 5-0426 ☆ Dedicated to the Service of Our Country for the Duration foley Lumber Industries Jacksonville, Florida ☆COCA-COLA BOTTLING C Cold... Ice-cold., pure as sunli Pause. • • at the familiar red cooler Compliments of CRYSTAL MARKET 1044 Park Street Compliments of Associated Floor Covering Co. 6th and Main St. Phone 5-2959 COMPLIMENTS of Qozy Instaurant GUS ROMAN, Prop. COMPLIMENTS of Panama Service Station 8005 Main St. Phone 5-0126 B. H. MUSLEH, Prop.Caterpillar Tractor and Dirt Moving Equipment MARINE ENGINES BURGMAN TRACTOR COMPANY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA COMPLIMENTS of NATIONAL CONTAINER CORPORATION Compliments of SEASHOLE FUNERAL PARLORS GUY W. SEASHOLE, SR. GUY W. SEASHOLE, JR. JOHN W. SEASHOLE 323 Riverside Ave. Phone 5-6713-4 Compliments of Tire Engineers, Inc. Compliments of KENT WARREN CO. 222 W. Adams Street ★ Compliments of Southern Pine Chemical Co. ★5 k I, O i: I’ P E L II O TEES I ! F E O II I II A GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL 100 Air Conditioned MAYFLOWER HOTEL 100 Air Conditioned FLAGLER HOTEL In War Service for the Duration Jacksonville, Fla. GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL West Palm Beach, Fla. You Can Judge Florida Hospitality By These Fine1 Hotels ROBERT KLOEPPEL. President-Director II OUT. A . II I, i M REAL ESTATE FIRE INSURANCE 210 Hildehrandt Bldg. Phone 50974 V

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