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J vi ,MQW , Q Xb' 'Z' I I A, a -1 X 2 W ,I f Rf "Uv 2-.2 4 . J 1 .jg A-4' I -, ' v 5 Hx 4 L 4, 1+ W., F 9 gf . L 'i 4 4-1 S' X A 1,815 1 I' S' X A , 6 ' -li -. ,M V ,f . ' Al.5fg,,,igg , ,gb -1 .S 13.-.Vp ' 3 EF? " f, 1'-. " df ,. J-QA.. M 1, V ., 41 f- Lf., :Lg .,y.v' -V "h h ,--1-. f ' 1-,3 -, ,lf-"'g.'7 V - v:'f,:,f.. K' . - En' 1 , 2.4 1, .,,-:s,., ' 142 ." . :rf-rt' ' 'wiv ,xv , , A. ,- H wg Q 'Ki ,5wlf'F. ,L '. A , N ,'Pff ' 4 3,1 . :-5v- - 32-.L 1' ' f A V . 1' - 1 in 514 E1 . - 5 , . ' afnmxmm .fm-5.23. " 1' H3-4-A 'X . f. Yr s 'I IS' , ff. U A Y ' ' 'Q A f 4 1 ' A T 'K i' jew, '1 ,7', " A-.H . . .f.,.:,M V R, , ,,.,g,,f.4.,,,- . . , -.QM . b-,gg-1. ffi N, 'VW , V. . ,H ,W YY 1 . if .Rn ,f 1, -M, 4 'ai ,, ,.. 1 , L 1 ,, fi ,im f ',-53 ,, M V W ie' 'Vu 1 - T r " 5 R' - 1 ne' gf .am N.. 1 A f 6 . Q b lf.. 5z.!HJf7' ffjfw 61,4 ZV4...fLwJf7f!' Q '67 fi fUW'f7 , 3? w ,u 1 W ,W My 1-ww H ' .WJWYK -Af ' ' YH 0-J' -!.4fA14.A.a:-u L W- QQ Mr-wi A A w ' 'VV4 I -,....-'J'-L -0-----L DA I "L 5z""aY9'v""'- Vi -A ,- rv i' M ,M ,, ' ' , . QF. . w .V:v!J k.,. :, 1 'fit 1 ifizxfxwv, A141717-f v. A I ., ,. . :v. l, H V. W5 -K V- 6-fr-Y' 'f ,V Qnalfld . .734 1, I , . , , 1 1' ' x . ' 1 N, .54 . , . ',wf"" t ' . 1 -. f" ' ' ' p . A Y ' a ' . 'Vu ' , -11 1 V , , '. -, ' , I W SN... N. . jg -,511 K V Q A I' . v 2- i V' Nl Q Q.. I st 4' . 31- , gsm? ni , 'j',,,' 35+ K , ' "1ZL.f. . - . '54 .. ,fu I ., A -- - Nu ffl Jrg ' , .Vf5,fiby , ,xii i. 1 -' Q I' - , i l:f-'tiff 'F ' , K A 4, 4 Q 4 ft . N ':, ww? - 12 f-fL ' ,Qkfi i W . ' ,'251g' j-243 ab. ' , 'rw aw - -' ,.' '1QfffI. , w . '1 , , I Q ,.,N.4-,EL ,M ,A . W 1 --j. V - wk . - I - J, , - a' ' . up - " . 4 wasp-pk." .. " ' . ',, . , ,:' 1' Lwihwr -3,5 , Y ,. I, :'- 1 YJ, 1 w- 'f 'z "Q:-.V J. 'Q ,.j-53,5 , . 43,-7 W- 4 -1, , . 4-'v R ,S ruizlf-'w w x . . S 'f-. iw-,,, . 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'A ' A 4,- 11 V ' V. if' i , ' 'S , 6, W 15 51 IM' ,,. . 4, W I. ,J 9 'T , I tv ' A J.. LS , , , RAINING schools Ihr officers of the fleet and leaders of civic projects are comparable, we think. Anna- polis uncl Andrew Jackson High School are both striving to grad- uate students to whom the United States muy turn for protection, the urlvunccment of civilization., and the hetterment of stamlzlrcls in the whole world. --rs, ,f MX ?f'r 4 1 ,- " gg' '41, X' -MMV-W-.Wm .6.M., ,B X ,A..W ,,,,,, W, , , .,M..,...,... ..,,, - - ' H - L' - u M--AMW.. A,,.M.W.,M,.,.,,,.,,,M,M-,,N,.,,,,..,,h,,, .,-.w,. x xx ,X KSN, X X A A A MQ' A 4 -A 11554-g M Yg4' ,..,,, .,,. W . MM ..-, .V CRY' R 1 ,gi gr f'4 'W ffgffiw- 'TIF' -..:" lf!! 0 1 rx, Till I X29 . fi xy G-,X G AX 8 N X, s w J39"k j GX x A X 'L ., .ffm ff f f ' 3 A 'J 113' 5 elzlfffk' N ,, A156 -1, 'ml-45'f',sw .tg N12 4 fwmsf 6 . ,H A--fkKEfgw,Sf3'i:Q f 9W53fmt.C5,fft,L4?f?'iVilT Y - 'fqiilfvk'--' 'iflfzwzafim I K , 1, WW -V 5. , , , W N . V L ik -- 5 T . ifvw41f9sg,,4af1:2f9gD?9:,ee2H Pg, 5 - , , 11,3453 png z,i'rffGwsg3: 2:iggs:'-ksw M " A 14iAi- :HY ,,,mi41e5w5 2 2 WN" :Q ' mf 'S-Qiikfwillmk-,'f1eiFQi My aff 4 P 1 A 4255.52 .1313 Q' I I g A 1, ,, ,rv KA A V r V K "T r 1 1 I i i, x E I E 2 k i I E K i i ! l L Il , f L v ..,, f ncaa- W M., M 1.1 me :Q wi M 2914 I M E52 N4 113 :mama 4-L :qw f wvf.u-www nun 3- :nu 3- 111 ZZ! ....... :: ..... Es: but 3 111911 umm gg anne' 5 nurnulna -M.-v MXUM' In ' was szvhhlv-4 f-'fl' MIK gg B 11? 11 gg f mmtw Av-nam warms 4w.,,,,..v g Mwlw- f'ff QWW., . .,.. fi , 53.33 mwwm I Www- W-A V x .,.-, , .Q M gg f MMM! , , ' mxgfgsg 5 ..-pig. ISE? . K ww ww sm' Q 3 45.1114 3 my 1 1 if .1- N x X x P f .1---A E-X 8 X? X ST E af 4 4 if fi if ETERIA 'X q' gf k Z i. QQ-A Savane Lumen nv ru: CAF I I llAR'l'IX11 an Slllllnrl course is llnc I I I 11510. 'flu' cllurl is ilu- lonnflulion of I QT tln- trip unel is lllvrf-lore the most 33. X important part. A good fonnclulion I . I prow-nts lnuny nnslukvs, and lmr- I llllllly anul ucvlnrawy rm-ign suprvnw. ' I Knowing that snvvvss of grzul- nah-s largely clm-pc-nals npon their N' , curl-fill, training in school, ilu- All- ministration xsorlxs cliligvnlly to ollbr lllf' slnclm-nls llw lu-st program ,,"-,,, 1wy-f is I possilmlv. Al Antlrvw ,luclxson wc- I llzuv rolls-gc, 1'0llllll1'l'l'l1ll., gL0ll1'l'All., ' ' zunl 1-ooporutixv 4-onrsm-s. 'lllwsv urs' plalnnvcl to nn-1-I lln- ncwl ol' ll mlixvrsiflml group. I I I I I Ed. I I I I Ln....... or, . . ...,-.......,.... A , .., AA, , - - A ,...4.....-,.. ..r-.........., .,- .. A.. ,W o,..,, first step iowurfl il snvv0ssf'nl voy- -' M ! Ei L film gi- -' Y Q' 1--wr, , , , A .L 1 A ,M f , ,,,. A x ff' ix ,, 4, , A x ...., 5 ,Q J v iz 2.163 .. Q? , ., 4:44 ff : 'f ' IDHIN 1 1- 4 v I T 'fki IUX I Seated, left to right: Chairman BROWN WHATLEY and Superintendent R. C. MARSHALL. Standing: School Board Members W. C. RIVERSQ JAMES ETHEREDGI-:g PERCY L.THOMASg MARGARET G.WEEn, and OLIN WATTS, Attorney. School Board The guiding hand at the helm of the school system is the school board. This group of trained and efficient men and women working for the betterment of Duval County Schools has done much toward the improvement of our school system. The members set the policies of the schools, and have charge of all financial matters. Mr. R. C. Marshall, Superintendent of the Duval County School Board, has done meritorius work in this office. 1 Dean Familiar to all the girls attending Andrew Jackson, and well-known to most of the boys, is Mrs. Madge G. Bowers, dean of girls. Through her conscientious elforts, she has helped to establish a closer under- standing between the administration of the school and the student body. MAME G, BOWERS Assistant Principal Mr. E. L. Lounsbury, assistant principal of Andrew J ackson,has done exceptional work in his office. He has, by his earliest ef- forts and cooperation, increased the attendance of the school, in- fluenced the students for the better, and has brought them E. L. LOUNSBURY into a closer companionship with the faculty and with one another. Page Fourteen Msn BENNETT I AKDFMOREST g V, Prine mlxinw dgiiiiiifies To Mr. M. A. Demorest, our principal, we wish to express our gratitude for the support and service he has given toward the progress of Andrew Jackson during the past five years. Although a very busy person, he is always willing to help the students solve even their most trivial problems of school life. He is sponsor of the National Honor Society of Andrew Jackson which is composed of pupils making honor grades. Mr. Demorest is assisted in keeping the school records by Mrs. Arlie L. Dickson, Mrs. Augustine L. Colson, Mrs. Nina P. Ketzleg and Miss Mary Bennett. Athletics Boasting not only a fine group of athletic teams, but also some of the best instructors in the state, Andrew Jackson has an enviable record in the field of athletics. A wide variety of sports is offered by this department, some J of them being football., basketball, baseball, track, swimming, golf tennis., badminton, vol- ' NANCY E. Lurz Mncs Housan leyball, and soccer. These sports not only develop the students physically, but tend to create among them a sense of sports- manship and fair play. Mr. Mike Houser is the boys' coach and Mr. Walter Middlekauff and Mr. R. C. Mort, his assistants. Miss Nancy Lutz is instructor of the girls. R. C. Moar- CLARKE Ksrzua- Mr. Clarke Ketzle IS treasurer. WALTER,MIDDLEKAUFF , Page Fifteen M..- .-A--.M .-....-. .. . , .. ...'...-, ....... , ,.,, -, -..Y .4 iv ,AM ,, , l F i 5 -' ' "W " "' - -1-num RMA S OCKWE 3 VIVIAN NIAISSHALLQ MABEI. GLOVER Z iivdnv-f Msum CREIGHTON Woonwsnn English Department The English Department of An- drew Jackson is acknowledged as one of the best in the state, pri- marily hecause of the conscien- tious work of Miss Maude Creigh- ton Woodward, city-wide English head, and of the twelve other teachers working in this depart- ment. Q12 , 117 MARJORIE IJAYQ MARY L. JOHNSTON: ESTHER CHASEQ FRANK S. HL'DN.AI,I. ,W Am, ben' ofa-1 rv f M- fs as get R --Q.. HELENM,ARY FRITSCH CLAIRE L. wlILLlAMS ISABELLE MCCASKILL ANNA LEY WELLS THELMA S. HAAS Page Sixteen W -. lag.- ..,, L L -,, , , ,L , ,.,, ... ,W , ,..--.,L....,.....L-r, .,:.,pw.- AT. W .. ..-Y - We -----r--V --.--, ANN BRENNERg MARY BENNE1'1'g FLORENCE BEEVER 1' Aa vp, t, Q N 1 n Y .. ' Q EDNA C. JONES Connnercial Mrs. Edna C. J ones, department head, and her staff of twelve teachers make up the commercial department of which we are jus- tifiably proud. Shorthand, typ- ing, and bookkeeping are the principal sub jects of this depart- ment. Other interesting commer- cial subjects are also taught. is EVA W. MASON? RUTH BURNSQ SARA D. MCDONALD: MARY E. BELL NINA P. KETZLEQ CAMILLE MARION GENEAUQ B. R. SPOFFORDQ JEWELL KELLY: BERTHA WOTSCHAK Page Seventeen ...Wam ,CNN , 13,352 1 if ,If NE i L C 5 GEORGE S. MERCERQ HERBERT W. CLARK ORIN J. AUSTERUDQ R. C. Mom t Industrial Arts Y The study of industrial arts in the schools has many objectives. , Qi ,V Activities involving the use of tools and materials develop manual z ' ' skill, initiative, and creative thinking. Equally important is the appreciation, fostered by school train- ing in industrial arts, of the value of industrial work and its place in society. Pupils are taught to cultivate an inquiring mind regard- ing the various industrial processes, the people concerned in them, and the conditions under which they work. This leads to a concep- CLARKE KETZI-E tion of the dependence of one group on another, which is educa- tional and essential to sound economics and social life. Mr. Clarke Ketzle, department head, Mr. Herbert Clark, Mr. Orin J. Austerud, Mr. R. C. Mort, and Mr. George Mercer teach industrial arts. t 7 0 Social Science Civic illiteracy is one of the most outstanding threats to American democracy. The teachers of our social science department strive to lessen this danger, iirst, by presenting an historical account of . our predecessors, their customs, their religion, and their political viewpoints and the relation which they bear to our present system ' of government, and second by explaining the basic principles of a democratic form of government and the importance of the active participation of each citizen. This vitally important work is con- ducted under the guidance of Miss Clara Weltch, head of the de- partment, and her seven teachers. CLARA B- WELTCH yn t C Wfmi. :':-. , IQ PAUL C. PHILLIPS: ARLENE M. MCKEEQ EMILY ATKINSQ MARY OLIVE JONES, SUSAN Bunnrrrg ELVA ROBERSON Euzsasm W. Tmcn-T Page Eighteen ---H AH ... A... , 4.7- ,. MW., M. ,, , .' Ang.. M Mun, --.-I--.rmw-F-f . 'T -ev Pai 'MTV A GAA, .M ,, af - , " 1 U wi ,. GRADY L. PETTICREVVQ AI,FREIJ B. PANKEN GLADYS MARIE RICHARDSONQ LEoL1NE SUE GATES J. F. Srnouu Science Science as a whole is broken up into many parts. Biology deals with living things, chemistry, with composition of substances, and physics, with forces such as heat, light, and electricity. These subjects are useful to the student not only after graduation, but also while he is attending school. They teach the student to observe his surroundings more carefully and to put these observations to practical use. They also help to increase the student's power of deduction and his ability to think clearly. Those who teach science are Mr. J. F. Stroud, department head, Mr. C. L. Pettigrew: Miss Gladys Richardson: Mr. A. B. Pankeng and Bliss lieoline Gates. Ilom e Econo m ics The general aims of education are stated to be the promotion and direction of inthe adjustment and growth of the indi- vidual so that he may live worthily in an ever changing societyf, The home economics department here at Jackson has accepted that challenge and through the teaching of homemaliing, foods, clothing, home hygiene, child development, and personality hopes to attain that goal. Teaching are Miss Eleanor Comstock, head of the depart- ment, Mrs. Martha Houser, M rs. ,lean Ramsey, and Mrs. Elizabeth Thurman. -ld' ,..u-Jipvf' ...,. 1, ELEANOR CoMsrocK EI,IZ,XIlETH THUn:smNg MARTHA HOUSERQ JEAN B. RAMSEY Page Nineteen in V s 5 w w I A . t L I V t l N i n 1 I N w r ..-ir v-at VERNA SODERSTROM CHESTER Cownmavg MARY OLIVE JONESQ HELENMARY FRITSCH Languages Languages live, grow, and die, as do people. They record the march of history. French, Spanish, and Latin are taught here in Jackson. In Latin, taught by Miss Harriet Pfeifer, depart- ment head, and by Miss Helenmary Fritsch, one studies tl1c conquest of Gaul, the life of Caesar, and other interesting events together with the correct usage of grammar. Spanish, the lan- guage of our neighbors in this Western Hemisphere, is pre- sented by Miss Verna Soderstrom, who is head of Modern Lan- guages, and Mr. C. C. Cowdrey. Miss Mary Olive Jones is an instructor of French. Msg f 5, Mathematics HARRIET PHEIFER This department strives to encourage a sympathetic understanding of the culture, history, and social institutions of other peoples through its study of their written and spoken languages. One of the most important facts about the material world is that the EDNA K. SUTTON Loxs BYEHSQ KATHLEEN TURNEY Page Twenty objects in it can be counted and the masses can be measured. Pure mathematics--the science of num- ber and quantity unconnected with any material object - includes arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. These four constitute elementary mathe- matics. In its higher forms mathematics becomes a form of logic, a method of reasoning, in which the scholar follows through to their result any assumption that he lays down as basic. This subject is taught in J ackson by Mrs. Edna Sutton, who is head of the departmentg Mrs. Kathleen Turneyg and Mrs. Lois Byers. .i ,.......-.,..1. , W.. ..., , 4. , .,., A , ,....-,,- -nl-W Difversijiefl Co-operative Training This program provides training and experience to students who are occupational minded about their future and who desire to fit themselves for the type of work in which they plan to engage after graduating. Part-time training under real work conditions in business and industry gives the trainee an opportunity to 'cfind himself" and to become adjusted to the requirements of their occupational field. Lilgrayy GREGORY XVOTSCHAK as , The library is not a mere storehouse for booksg it is an educational and recreational center. It should be looked upon as a ucontinuation school," available to every student who wishes to increase his knowledge by consulting hooks other than school texts. A collection of noted. fiction md non-fiction books are in the library and are placed under the direction of Miss Ella Harwell, the librarian, who assists the students in the study of literature, and in procurinff es sential material and necessary information needed to unlock ELLA HARWELL "mysterious gatesi' opening on avenues of learning. LILLMN LAWRENCE 1, .if . CHESTER Cownmsvg JESSIE DE VORE . .4 Dluszc Of all arts, music has the universal ap peal. Mrs. Lillian Lawrence, city and department head, is director of the Senior Chorus, Junior Chorus, Sopho more Chorus, and Girls, Glee Club In addition to participating in vocal music one may also join the orchestra and band which are directed by Mrs Jessie de Vore and Mr. C. C. Cowdrey Page Twentg one avlium- ...,.. . .S --nv-V -.M--v-T O ,.,. ., , . ,,, Faculty Activities MR. M. A. DEMOREST, Principal. Otterbein, B. S. Duke University, M.Ed. Sponsor, National Honor Society. MISS EMILY ATKINS, History. Florida State College for Women, A. B. Sponsor, Knojax Club. Adviser, H. R. 104. MR. ORIN J. AUSTERUD, Electricity. Stout Institute, B. S. MISS FLORENCE BEEVER, Business Law, Commercial Geography, Business Economics. Florida State College for Women, B.S. Adviser, H. R. 309. MISS MARY EUCENIA BELL, Business Arithmetic. Florida Southern College, B. S. E. Sponsor, Sophomore Girls' Club. Adviser, H. R. 310. MISS MARY BENNETT, Bookkeeping, Shorthand. Florida State College for Women, B. S. Office Assistant. Adviser, H. R. 315. MRS. MADGE GUNDY BowERS, Dean of Girls. University of Illinois, A. B. MRS. ANNA ARONIEVBRENNER, Business Training, Business Arithmetic. Radcliffe College, A. B. Boston Normal, M. A. Adviser, Balcony H. R. MISS SUSAN BURDETT, History Florida State College for Women A B Columbia University M A Program Chairman P T A Adviser H R 101 MISS RUTH BURNS Bookkeeping Florida State College for Women B S School Treasurer Adviser H R 201 MRS LOIS BYERS Algebra Geometry Aurora College A B Mid term Senior Class Sponsor Adviser H R 316 MISS ESTHER CHASE, Fnglish Florida State College for Women B S University of FlorIda M A Sponsor Junior Y W C A Adviser H R 221 MR HERBERT CLARK, Metal Colgate University A B MISS ELEANOR CoMSTocK, Head of Home Economics Personality Home Hygiene University of California Duke Unl versity Adviser H R 312 MR CHESTER COWDREY Spanish Music Toledo University A B Spon sor School Band Adviser H R 211 MISS HELENMARY FRITSCII, English Latin Florida State College for Women A B Sponsor Tigers Claw Adviser H R 203 MRS LEOLINE GEIGER, Biology Florida State College for Women B S Sponsor Pepperettes Adviser H R 307 Page Twenty tuo MISS CAMILLE GENEAU, Shorthand, Typing. Florida State College for Women, B. S. Sponsor, Bankers' Club and Radio Guild. Adviser, H. R. 213. MISS MABEL GLOVER, English, Speech. Florida State College for Wom- en, B. S. Sponsor, .Iunior Girls' Club. Adviser, H. R. 225. MRS. THELMA SUMNER HAAS, English. Florida State College for Women, A. B. Sponsor, The Oracle. Adviser, H. R. 213. MISS ELLA HARWELL, Librarihn. University of Chicago, Ph. B. MRS. MARTHA HOUSER, Home Making, Child Development. Florida State College for Women. Florida Southern, B. S. Spon- sor, Les Gourmet. Adviser, H. R. 309. MR. MIKE HoUSER, Head of Physical Education Department. Univer- sity of Florida' B. A. E. Peabody, M. Ed. Sponsor, J Club. MR. FRANK S. HUDNALL, English. University of Florida, A. B. E. Sponsor, Junior Boys' Club. Adviser, H. R. 202. MISS MARY L. JOHNSTON, English. Mercer University, A. M. Adviser, H. R. MRS EDNAC JONES, Head Commercial Department Shorthand Typ mg BowlIng Green Business College B C S Sponsor Honor Roll Students Adviser H R 222 MISS MARY OLIVE J ONES History French University of Alabama A B A M Sponsor French Club Adviser H R 212 MISS JEWEL KELLY Typing Shorthand Florida State College for Women B S Assistant School Treasurer Ad vIser H R 227 MR CLARKE KETZLE Head of Industrial Arts Drafting Bradley Pol Inst B S University of Missouri Treasurer Athletic Department Business Manager 1' he Oracle MRS NINAP ICETZLE Shorthand Typing Florida State College for Women B S Columbia University M A Spon sor Senior Girls Club 0fliceAss1Stant MRS LILLIANM LAWRENCE, Head Music Department Northwestern Umver sity B M American Conservatory of Music MRS MARJORIE LITTLE LAY English Illinois Wesleyan B S Sponsor Senior Class Adviser H R 217 . , . . . . . . . 220. 9 ' ' , 1 . . . , . . . Y u s i A ' . i . , . . . . , - . , . , . . . . . I . , . . . ' v . . 1 '- - 9 - -9 , . , . . ' . I , . D . . . , . , . . . 1 . . , . . , . , . . , . , . . . ' . . . , . . . , . . . . n Q . , . , . . 5 . . ., . . . , . . - 9 s 9 , . , . . . . . , , . . , . . . . . . . . , . . , . . - , . , . . - - s - . , . . , . , . . . . . . . . , ' ' , ' a - J s . . . . , . . . , . , . . . 9 . . , . , . . . , - . , , . , . . . . , . . . . v .I U -unnur-uppqq-, .,- .-.W I Faculty Activities MR. EDWARD LEE LOUNSBURY, Assistant Principal. Scarritt-Morrisville, A. B. Oklahoma University,-A.M. Sponsor, Old Timers' Club. MISS NANCY LUTZ, City Head, Physical Education. Florida State College for Women, B. S. Sponsor- G. A. A. MISS VIVIAN MARSHALL, English, Speech. Florida State College for Wom- en, A. B. Director, Senior Play. Sponsor, Story Tellers' League. Adviser, H. R. 223. MRS. EVA MASON, Business Arithmetic. Mississippi College for Women, B. A. Adviser, H. R. 317. MRS. ISABELLE MCCASKILL, English. University of Georgia, M. A. Adviser, H. R. 210. MRS. SARA D. MCDONALD, Business Arithmetic. University of Pittsburgh, A. B. Sponsor, Parliamentary Club. Adviser, H. R. 318. MRS. ARLENE MCKEE, History. Florida State College for Women, B. A. Chairman, Auditorium programs and Majorettes. Adviser, H. R. 115. MR. GEORGE S. MERCER, Auto. University of Missouri. Stout Institute. MR. WALTER J. MIDDLEKAUFF, University of Florida, B. A. Sponsor, Sophomore Boys' Club. MR. R. CLAYBORN MORT, Woodwork. Nebraska Teachers College, A. B. Sponsor, Hobby Club. Adviser, H. R. 229. MR. ALFRED PANKEN, Biology, Physics. University of Florida, B. S. Sponsor, Senior Fellows' Club. Advertising Man- ager, The Oracle. Adviser, H. R. 304. MR. GRADY PETTIGREW, Chemistry. Lincoln Memorial University, B. S. Sponsor, Chemistry Club. Adviser, H. R. 302. MISS HARRIET PFEIFER, Head, Ancient Languages, Latin. Wooster College, Ph. B. Adviser, H. R. 314. MR. PAUL PHILLIPS, Problems, American Democracy. Western Mary- land, A. B. Columbia University, M. A. Adviser, H. R. 102. MRS. JEAN BORDEN RAMSEY, Clothing. University of Tennessee, B. A. Adviser, H. R. 312A. MISS GLADYS RICHARDSON, ' Biology. Florida State College for Women, A. B. Sponsor, Red Cross Club. Sponsor, Debaters' Club. Adviser, H. R. 306. we 0 MISS ELvA ROBERSON, History. Bessie Tift College, A. B. Adviser, H. R. 106. MISS VERNA SODERSTROM, Head, Modern Languages, Spanish. Friends Uni- versity, A. B. Sponsor, Spanish Club. Adviser, H. R. 107. MR. BERWYN SPOFFORD, Salesmanship, Shorthand, Typing. University of Florida, A. B.g M. A. E. Sponsor, Shorthand Speed Club. Sponsor, Parliamentary Club. Ad- viser, H. R. 226. MISS IRMA STOCKWELL, English, Speech. Florida Southern College, A. B. Adviser, H. R. 115. MR. JACK STROUD, Acting Head, Science Department, Biology. Emory University, A. B. Sponsor, Biology Club. Adviser, H. R. 308. MRS. EDNA K. SUTTON, Head Mathematics Department, Geometry. North- western University, A. B. Sponsor, Student Coun- cil. Adviser, H. R. 313. ' MRS. ELIZABETH THURMAN, Homemaking, Foods. University of Kentucky, A. B. Sponsor, Les Gourmet. Adviser, H. R. 311. MISS ELIZABETH TRAGITT, History. University of Chicago, A. B. Adviser, H. R. 103. MRS. VIRGINIA KATHLEEN TURNEY, Algebra. Peabody College, A. B. Adviser, H. R. 305. MRS. ANNA LEY WELLS, English. Stetson University, B. S. Adviser, H. R. 218. MISS CLARA WELTCH, Head Social Science Department, History. Florida State College for Women, B. S. Sponsor, National Honor Society. Adviser, H. R. 105. MISS CLAIRE WILLIAMS, English. Florida State College for Women. Spon- sor, Tiger's Claw. Adviser, H. R. 204. MISS MAUDE CREIGHTON WOODWARD, Head English Department, City Head of English Departrnentg English. Peabody, B. S. Columbia University, M. A. Chairman of Graduation. MRS. BERTHA WOTSCHAK, Shorthand, Typing. Ohio State University, A. B. Adviser, H. R. 224. MR. GREGORY WOTSCHAK, Cooperative Training Head. Ohio State Univer- sity, B. S. Sponsor, Coop. Club. Adviser, Coop. H. R. Page Twenty-three mg, A-..... A.. -... ..,M,.g..... .-..L...,,L.... .-.LL . . .... 1.-. .-.. L .. s i t t t s L W z V 1 V L... NE of the important details of Navy lifb is the learning of lllil- neuvers. TIN- strategy of battle- thr- mutions :mtl other lllillll'tlYt'I'S is an 4-ssvntial lxIl0WVl0tlfLC Ihr the mid- Shipman. Clussvs ut Andrew ,l1lt'lxSOIl mu- neuvcr to acquire tcchnim-ul train- ing which gixvs tlllulll an tIl0I'0llg,Ill prepzlraltion Ihr flxrtlxvr study, tbr thc' lmlfling of jobs illllllmlizltety upon grtullultion, and llmr am upprv- cizntionof tlH't'lllttlI'f'0f.1'tNtliZAtliOll. -71 if 7' 1111 UIAMIQL 432 JANUARY OFFICERS Doms DARDENQ JAMES Cnucg BETTIE JANE POTTER A successful year was completed by the January graduating class which was headed by the following officers: president, James Craigg vice-president, Bettie J ane Potter, secretary, Doris Darden, treasurer, Walter Griggs, chaplain, Johnny Johnson, sergeant-at-arms, Tommy Shrewsbury. Several class aff airs were given and enjoyed by the senior group. Among them were Kids' Day, Class Night, Senior Girls' Tea at the home of Principal and Mrs. M. A. Demorest, and the Senior Class luncheon. xt Pr A rf Ah Q UNE OFFICERS TOMMY COCHRANQ HARRIET CHAMBERS? FRANCES BEDELLQ BETTY Snomg BILLY GOLDSTEIN. The June graduating class is proud to say that they are now completing a most successful year with the following as the class officers: president, Billy Goldstein, vice-president, Frances Bedellg secretary, Harriet Chambers, treasurer, Tommy Cochran, chaplain, Betty Shortg and sergeant-at-arms, Mack Bishop. The members of this class enjoyed many pleasur- able activities of which a few are Kids Day, Class Night, Senior Class Luncheon, and Bacca- laureate Services. Page Twenty-six JUNIOR LHHHCERS The Juniors are prepared and happy to slip into the niche vacated by the graduates. The officers of this class are president, Albert Kenyon, vice-presi- dent, Clarence Heyng secretary, June Bowden, treasurer, Barbara Barker, sergeant-at-arms, Mike Castronisg chaplain, Steve Stratford. ,sank Mus. Lois W. BYERSQ Mas. MAIIJORIE LAY. SOPHOMORE CHHHCERS The Sophomore Class of 1940 have come into our rather busy world with the following. as officers: president, Billy Mimsr, vice - president, Lacy Mahon, secretary, Alice Rowe, treas- urer, Martell Williams, chaplain, .loe Price, sergeant - at - arms, Randolph Cooper. .I - ...,,I,. .,.4....4 N Ib!!! L'PC'f: -5- Zi 7143 I ,, lalg I P' I. ALBERT KENYONQ JUNE BOVVDEN7, MIKE CASTRONISQ BARBARA BARKER, CLARENCE HEYNQ STEVE STRATFORD. SPoNsoRs Mrs. Lois W. Byers, the sponsor of the January graduating class, is shown at the left and Mrs. Marjorie Lay, the sponsor of the June class,is at the right. These two lovable and understand- ing teachers have contributed more than mere words can express toward making our years at Jackson enjoyable ones. Their influence will be felt in our hearts for a long time to come. We feel deepest regret that these pleasant relations must end. LACY MAI-IoNg ALICE LEE RowEg RANDOLPH COOPER, BILLY MIMSQ BTARTELL WILLIAMS. Page Twenty-seven ,AI ,... ,L A. M... ....,. I.. ,, ...'..., , 3 I X l - d' JANUARY 1940 an 1-gr x -sq ELBERT Ac0sTA LOIS ALDERMAN CATHRYN A. BARBER THOMAS J. BAXTER i' BILLY BENNETT VINCENT BISNO STANLEY BLACKMAN THOMAS BLACKMAN 'A' SIDNEY MERRILL BROUSE CLARENCE BUSH IDA ARALEIGH BYERS 3 f' ALTHEA CAMPBELL 'u vw' i' DOROTHEY E. CHOATE ANDREW COLLINS EDWARD 0. COMER 4' ASA F. COOPER f M., A ir JACK CORNELIUS JAMES A. CRAIG MARY LEE CRAIG CLEO CREWS Page Twcrzty-eight See pages forty-eight to fifty-nine for activities i L....+AIA.. ..- ,-, .. JANUARY 1940 ir DORIS MARION DARDEN BARNWELL O'NEAL DAVIS FRANK DE LOACII IRENE XZIVIAN IDENBIARK i' MARY CAROL DIGGETT KATIIRYN NIAZELLE DU BOSE THOBIAS B. DUNN CHARLES M. FERM, JR. ir . if sfff GEORGE FISHER . CATHERINE LAURA FOSTER DOROTHY FRIERSON J. D. GARCIA i' N xx: N WALTER P. GRIGGS X N? ROBERT M. HARPER ' x 5 ! FLORENCE HARRISON , - BIARGARET HOPE IIAYES ,k . MILIIRED VIOLET IIEAPE FRANK IIOEERIAN MARY HELEN HOI.I.AND REUREN N. HOLLINGSWORTH See pages fOrty-aight lo ffly-nine for ac'tiz'ities ..........4 , , , ,,., 4.4 -4 4 A - --- 'il - Page Twenty-nine va. JANUARY 1940 if I, .YG .,,,. , BIARJORIE ELIz,xI:I:TII HOPKINS CAROLYN IsAAcs JOHN CALVIN JOHNSON, IV NIERTICE SUE JOHNSON 'A' BILLY J0sI:I'II FLORENCE lil-LNNICDY ALFRED KING LYNDALI, IXNIIQIIT -lr IIIIQNI-2 SIIIIILI-:Y KIIISTLE INEZ Lli'1'CIIXVOR'l'H LUCILLIL LLOYII NIAIIII: .XI.Ir:I: INIAIISIIALI, Qs, 4- 'A' IIAROLD Nv0RlIAN NIATHENY WYNI:I.I.I-1 CIAIIIIIIQ DIATHIS A. CIEIIIIILIIII: MCCORMICK TIIEIJIIA 1xlARll-I AICEACHIN Page Thirty if JIMMY MIZILM HUGH BIQIINAIIII 5IIDDLETON BETTY JEAN MOOIIIE CLARICI: MOOIII-3 See pages forty-eiglzt to Rfty-nine for activities JANUARY 194-0 JEWELL ANICE MOYE M V ELEANOR f1ANELLE BIUNSON E g SARAH NASH ROMA LEE NORRIS ir JAINIES W. NUNN NIILDRED O,DI-ILL TAYLOR OVEIKBY VIRGINIA PADGETT i' EARL PETERS NIILLICENT JUANITA PIIILLIPS HELEN LINCO POINDIZXTER BETTII: JANE POTTER ir TRACY L. RIDDLE ARTHUR ROBERTS LANCE C. RODGERS WILLIE ROSENBLATT if HORERI' RUVVAN J A Q K. DOROTIIILY IEOLORIZS SCIIEMER BEATRIQZE SICASE ANN SHATTLER See pug:-s fmty-eiylzl In fifty-lzino for actiritiw Pf1S0T11fl'!?'-0110 'i' V ? 1 I I I . E JANUARY I 1940 P THOMAS L. SHIKI-IWSBURY HENRY H. SINEATH V, ALBERTA SMITH FX CHRISTINE PORTER SMITH I 'A' I EDNA :UAE SPI-ZARMAN N Q CLAUDE C. STARR t THOMAS STEPHENS I FRANCES SWEARINGEN i 1 -A' i .- I ALICE SWVOPE EDITH ELAINE TAYLOR JEAN L. TAYLOR Sf 0' AfvIRGINIA LOUISE TAYLOR uk 1 MILDREII AGNES THOMPSON RUBY ETHEL TIMMINS JIMMY TRANTHAM T ROBERT TYLER i . IARY UGILLE VINSON ALBERT AVATSON FERRELL WHILDEN PEGGY WILSON P P Page Tllifly-lw0 See pages forty-eight to fifty-nine for activities A, E, LA-, A, , .A ,,I..,,..L M-. , ,.I.....L,- ,. .A ,,,-.,......-I.E,.-L ,LL 1 fn" ' ' ""'1 JANILARY 1940 11' HAROLD H. WINTERS HELEN WOOD MILDRED WOOD GRENADE WOOTEN i' LAWRENCE ZELL JUNE 1940 f ROY AGREE BETTY ADAMS FLOYD L. ALTMAN SIDNEY JUANITA ALVAREZ 'A' EDITH MILAM IXRBISTRONG JEANETTE H. ARNETTE MARION E. BAKER ADOLPH BAILIOUER 'A' HELEN BEVERLY BARBER WILLIAM BARNETT JAMES BAIINETTE JACK LEO BARWICK See pages ffIl'lj'-Gigli! I0 +47 ff Q ffly-nine for 1u'tiI'ilivs ' 5 D f f5',Clf1"4 Z ,. f ,Eff-' " ' gJ,.,N , , V,-V A!4.,., ,ff 1 V 1 -Ll Q, v V1 'A T13 f ff f , . f A J!! antiq- 'I r I V ' Afmqyfj IQ. I f . J Page Thirty-three I 'A' if 'vm 4' LX L! 0112! . ,. AWWA L. Q If af ,ijff , ,., .'!x . 1, E if 0 ki" I .. J V, L.EE L - . 1 YJ A.. T, FV' Eff' . . a,p Lf fx, 'q'! l xl! 'JDJ -.. - NY P U' JUNIZ 1940 4 LL'ClLI-I BASSETT DORIS BIARII-I BAICIII-:I.DER BILLIE UAUMAN FRANCES BEDELI. Yvqypmns Rmb-ll 'A' EDWIN J. BELL ALICE LOUISE BENNET1' , fl R. I ov K A ZZ . i' 1 PH 5 J ERVIN BEVILLE 5wN'3,.,L 1 ,f-I A ERMA BELL lgIBBY MACK BISHOP JEAN BLANKI-'IELD XM-Eff i CHARLES A. BLISSITT CHARLES WM. BLOUNT BIARJORIE EARLE BLOUNT RUTH BOATRIGHT 'A' JIJLIAN BORKSON SARAH FRANCES BRAND LOUISE BRENNAN EDXVIN BRIGHT P4130 Thiff3"f0lU' See pages forty-eight to fifty-nine for activities W 45' ,I UN E 1940 'A' IIELEN BRIGHT BILL BROWN BURTON W. BROWN EFFIE BI!-IRLE BROWN i' gl .Ld,fa4... , FRANCES L. BROWN IVIILDRED BROWN TH:-:LMA BRYAN NANCY ANN BURCK 2 ,fn fr KJ f , , 'i M sf RA CTIZURNEY I BOB BYRD J ETHEL SIANADY FRANK CAN uno if f-ff' , , I ,7Lff.+'ig.z:r,-vLxT.J5'f' ,. A MARY CAIRUTIHLRS ' -I fx ANNA L,,xx'14:l ETTA IQATHICRINE CHAFF1-LE IIARRIET CHAMBERS NELI, CIIANlll,lili IJOROTHY Mu: CHRISTHNSILN Jnuzs W. CHRISTY, JR. ALBERT IS,xlrN14,sAIl.ER1RNTS 6' f A Y ,x i:f!'I I Li! J .. .. lf- ., ,Y I 1 IG- ,,.-- 5.4,-'.! .. ' , I fx I Svc przgvs fnrly-eight In fifly-nine fur uvtirities l'l1HG'Tl1il'lj'-fil'C' 4-W . ra , 4 W mfg .A 4 V' I W gif JUNE D 1940 R --1 'QQ -" f V ff Jw :fi A JJV'4f'i'k THOMAQ H. CO RAN EVELYN COFFEE JUANITA COLE " DIABEL JOYCE COLLINS N I i' PRESTON COMER ' "' JAMES CONNELLY NATHALIE COOK ERNEST WESLEY COOPER Pdf i' R FRED COOPER JOSEPH E. COPELIN -Ji A ,,, HELEN CLAIR COPPEN . I g 'K fha WILLIAM Cox W 'Sr i' THOMAS CRAWFORD DOROTHY DEAN DAUGHERTY GEORGE DAVENPORT if? VIRGINI.A DAVIS ir if I R VONCILE DEAL N LUCILLE DE LETTRE DOROTHY DE MERIT 1 ' LOUISE D,ETTORE Pf1geThifty-Six See pages forty-eight lo fifty-nina for activities , me UR. JUNE Q 194-0 LV N , LUCY ANN DEW NIINERVA NIAXINE DEWITT DOROTHY MAE DONALDSON RAINSFORD VIRGINIA DORMAN ir ALTER B. DOWELL, R. Sal, JAMES DUDLEY HERBERT EUGENE W. DUNTON ALMA CLYDE EASTMOORE ir MARY LOUISE EGLI LOUISE EISER DORIS ELEAZER LESLIE ELLIAS ir LAMAR EZZELL L.. JIMMY FANKHAUSER JIMMIE FARRAR ANNIE LAURA FEINBERG 'I' i' CLAIRE FIELDS GOLDIE FLETCHER BARBARA FLOWERS ROBERT E. FOOSI-IEE See pages forty-eight tu fifty-nine for activities Page Thirty-seven J F 9' I "- 'Q Q I N. VY . ',.,.,,.-'.,g2 Q MA ,.. X, VL ykffp, xf ' 1 A I x 'VJ L, P,-511,41 f JUNE 1940 XYI1.BI-IRTHOLAND Foul XX ALDO FUSTER BIEKRILL I.. l+'oU1's, Ju. GERTRIQDE ANN FREIDI, LILLIAN FIKIGU ALM. XvIliCINl.X FROHOF flew-wb Gm . A IDNEII ROSA-LEE CICIGER 1' . Li f- M- ,f A W jk E 1, ,L EIJXVARD C1-gonclz IQATHLEEN CWENDOLY R. GLENN WILLLUI IIARULD GOL i' ETHEL Y. QQOKHLEY ANITA A.Cxm1Lx1s1 LESLIE IIAGUIQ Khin' HELEN HALL K if FRANK HANULEE JL',xN1'1'A ll. IIARIIER JOHN W. Hxnms H1-:IMLMNE IIEMINCER ,M . lo fffjullillf' for ll 7 3 LI- WW., JUNE A ff- ' 1 ,- 1 9 4 0 My A L ik gg I U I W fl? t, , CARLYE xTENl41'I"l'A HIQNIIRY AI.IcE IQARI-IN IIENN BE'r'1'Y Hlcss SIIEILA EL KINIZ HIIIER ir DOROIIIY IIOKI-I VER I LILA IIOLLANIJ GEII'I'RL'DE SYLVIA HOLLINGER XVILLIAM HOLLINGSWORTII f RALPH H ILISTER SARA CAROLYN HOR'l'0N MYRTLE IIO'I'z BETTY LUIIILIIE HOWARD ir PAULINE HUSKIN CATHERINE GIGL IssAAc JOHN F. IVEY HARVEY M. JACKSON AX 1 -A' ...J ELIZAIIETII J.-KCQUICLINIC JANES TOM JEEFERIES ELIIIO JOHNSON Em: XR MACK JOHNSON Sec pages forty-eighz to Hfty-nine for uctivitzjgx jf A is 'N if Z3 H-.. T. 7, YK? -,J I- 5. VD: . N .- vs I ,J I Pagv Tlxirly-nina' 1 'aff I ,if J fr.-Qi ' J 1 4 I 1 I I Y A ...E J 7,4 A., .rf ff E fi' XJ QV I? L K L JIYNE I 1940 'A' 3 ISABELLE FRANCES JOHNSON MCKAY JOHNSON ROY C. JONES, JR. VIRGINIA K. JONES l' i' ELIZABETH KEYS .1 GEORGE T. KING PHYLLIS DAPHNE KITE DIYRTLE IRENE KNIGHT Ik ROSE MARIE KOWKABAN ' CONSTANCE BEATRICE LAMB Q J, DOROTHY DEANE LANGSTON i' .z ,,,, CHARLOTTE LAWVRENCE ERNESTINE LEE ,f 'RI I GERALDINE PENNY LE GRACE ELAINE LEE LILLIAN E. LEWIS LEROY LIENAU XVALTER LIENAU BETTY LINCOLN P1130 FOHJ' See pages forty-aight to fifty-nine for urtirities EIJNA KUCHLER My f A JY V. 1 J 1940 . ' EMMA JANE LUKE NINA XVYNELLE DIADDOX " NIILDKIGIJ BIAHONI-I HAROLD MAINES J. D. BKIANN CHARLES RAY NIARTIN CHARLES RIARVIN N OIVA BIATHESON 3 Q X WY .RJ il' E HILDA BIATTOX I DORIS BIAULL LA x7ANE BICCALL DIARY BICCLENDON ir ROBERT NICCLURE CLAUIIIA BIAE DICCORMICK ELIZABETH MCCULI.0UGH ALVIN BICDANIEI, 'A' We HUNTER NICELIATH BILLIIE :NICEYVEN HERBEIIT MCGALLIAIID DOROTHY NICGHII2 See pugvs forty-vight to fifty-nine for affinities Page Flirty-0110 ?f 4 R, I 1 I E I I I I i , I I C 1 -A if 1' Yqxov-'M I i E r S I I, I L 4' 1, -5,4 :- I JUNE j EL 1940 ir QA Q THOMAS Mclirjlg SALLY BICIIENDON EUGENE MCLEOD SUSII: IWCIRAIC Yi' , 3 ff LAWIII-LNCII A. MIDDIEIOVNSQ, OLIN BIIDIJILTOT , W' , 1 BILL BIILLER HJ ' 'ii' XLIJW, WAL CR R. BIILLER, JR. LINTON 31O0DY MAIIY FIIANCIQS MOON MAIIIIIA NVOOII MOORE , - f, f. IU!- 'k WILIII2I.MINA EWOORE ' -v 5 MOIIGIQNSIIQRN DIARION BIORRIS 4' fNIII.ImIiII NIORRIS QJESTIQLLI: Im-:NIJ BIOIQLTON JUANITA IQAYIZ NICKENS Q ANNY Nlssm BIQIIIIIQ NOIJII: Page Forty-Iwo See pages forty-eigizt to fiflj'-llilllf for activities X M114 X ' Q, X we I LLOYD MIQIIIULI, F . fl 5 .I 1,1 .1 I JUNE 'f ,. ff, -J 1 9 4 0 ff K "qi M EDISON JEROME Numaz, Jn. BILLY OCILVIE FRANCES OLLIEIP JACK A. PACE 'A' ,N KATIIl.PIIiN PAIIKEII ' SARAIIQII PARKER - JJ' HEIIDI.XN PAIIIIISII VJ AGNES PATRINI-ZLY fy., f ik 4gi,:'i,mn- PEN NY PATIIINELY TIIEIIUN PEAcocIi BILLY PERRY JABIICS PLIIIGS .Tp 'ir I by "rn I by NIATIIII-II PFTTIS ' - .. , Ng, PEGGY PHILLIPS I 5 ROY LEAIIIWIUN PHILLIPS- MIIIIIIIQII PIERCE if . I ef KJ 1 1 EIIITII l LIGDCICII A ilu .4 1 DOIIIITIIY LEE POULIAIY - - Jo AN NI-3 POTTS A ' CHAIILIE POWVELI. See pugvs forty-viglzt to ffly-nine for uctiuiticx fx 4. vii" .nv :Sf Q -6' C17 Page Forty-three Xa, WWSSS SWWWWS S' S , A-V Jx ,V ,, If .Y If SO SS YW fijji' 2 'JN J U N E f' . f sf? 'R nr -0' fer CNN ' 'sy A 19642 X , I-4 X4 'RS if nfl vi' ' PAWS' SYLVIA PRICE MAURICE RAMSAY EFFIE CLEORA RAND OLGA REYNOLDS in JANELL RHODES DON RIVIERE HENRY ROBERTS ROSCOE ROBERTS ir CHARLOTTE ROSE JACK E. RYLES MARY JANE SAYE - HARRY SCHEMER CARROLL SCOTT JEAN M. SCOTTEN MELISSA SEARS CONSTANCE SEE R 'U ,",f"YX,j wma ,236 an if LYLE E. SHIFERDEK BETTY ALLISON SHORT HAZEL SIBTHORPE VIRGINIA SIKES 4. ,QQ 515Tn,07xJ I Pa eFurty-fi fri ji. jlfs See pages forty-eight to fifty-nine for activities 6 , 'V C f ' v ,V .Andi Q, t 1 i .EHIM 'JV - - I "lb, J .- . Q., fee " Y A I U,, ,v5' AJ A sid JUNE 1940 if P FRIMIT SILBERSTEIN NELLE DRANE SIMPSON MARTHA Jo SKEN1-: A ' A i E ELOISE SKINNER wy , gall! Xl' . MARTHA SLIGN I JEWELL LA VERNE SM 7?44-ti , WYNPILI,E SMITHIE JACK SNIDER ak DONALD STARBUCK AL ST. J 01-IN MARIE STOKES J q an 5 A MARY ELIZABETH STOKES K t WY, ALBERT STRICKLAND ELOISE STRICKLAND ELEANOR EUNICE SUBER Bon SWEARINGEN 'A' ROSALYN TALLEY NETTIE FAYE TATE JUANITA TATUM Lmwoon EARL TAWES A See pagbs forty-eight to fifty-nine for activities Page Forty-five ,J 'v .... A, L, , ......,...- -.....,-.... ... ,L1.,- ,T.......,, ,A -.....,.. V. ., 3 s- ! JUNE 1940 L f"?i,-gg.-pg 47. I I RUTH ELEANOR THOMAS EIARRY THOMPSON CAROLYN THORNTON IQATIE THURINIRXN N dl' N LOIS TILLMAN NIITCHICLL TONEY ALFRED TOWVLES IQENNI-ITH TRAI OR 'k CHRISTINE ANNETTE TRAXVICK BETTE LOU TREECE '-'i WII.SON LAWERENCE TRIPPE JAMES TURNER ' 1 ' ' ,L W2 A A. 714' fm' K V f 5' ELOISE VAN GUNDY DAN VAN SICKLE M V ' f. ARTHA 15353115 W0!fi46uVV ,rljf-af?-1. , f-U71 , MARC ET VON DOHLEIV .X xX'X,Q5.x53b.:-, U xxw' 'A' DICK WALKER CRYSTELLE WARREN RUBY Iilili WESLEY FRANCES ELEANOR WHEELER 4 .- V W, b",f4J,A-! if I I Pf1geForzy-six See pages foray-eight to fifty-nine for activities Yv ,Elf YU ff M9 ,E N? N gi 95 ' JUNE 1940 WILLIAM CHARLES XVHITE KENNETH WILLIAMS MIRRIAM WINTER BILLY WINTERS al' STEPHEN BIUNROE WOOD CERALDINE VIRGINIA WMHT 1 E f V if cf I I V I Rl' I SPECIAL f AIICIE HARVEI' NFQN in B I A I . H 0 f fax? See pages forty-eight to Hfty-nine for activities Page Forty seven ...Www .... f-W---------Y - Q . .. . ,,..ppqg,,,,,,, ,... . .i,. ,W A ----W . .,... W-g.. . . JANUARY CLASS 1940 Activities ELBERT ACOSTA LoIs ALDERMAN S. G. C. 141 3' Tiger's Claw 141 3 Christmas Pageant 1413 Jubilee 1413 Who's Who Com. 141. CATHRYN A. BARBER Dean's Ol'lice 1413 Christmas Pageant 141. THOMAS J. BAXTER Class Night Com. 141. BILLY BENNETT S. F. C. 1413 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Class Night 1413 Wrestling 131. VINCENT BISNO STANLEY BLACKMAN THOMAS BLACKMAN Christmas Pageant 141. SIDNEY MERRILL BROUSE Football Mgr. 131, 1413 Baseball Mgr. 141 3 Tiger's Claw 1413 Oracle 1313 WhO's Who 1413 Valedictorian 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Quill and Scroll 141 3 N. H. S. 141 3 Jubilee 141 3 Intra. Diamond Ball Key 1313 J Club 131, 1413 Tiger's Key 1413 Athletic Key 141. CLARENCE BUSH Treas. Old Timers 141 3 Shop Foreman 141. IDA ARALEIOH BYERS Christmas Pageant 141 3 S. G. C. 141 3 G. A. A. 141, 131: Soph. G. C. 121. ALTHEA CAMPBELL Les Gourmet 1413 S. S. C. 141 3 Spanish Club 141, 131. DOROTHEY E. CHOATE Coop. Club 141 3 Chorus 141 3 S. G. C. 121 3 Tiger's Claw 131. ANDREW COLLINS EDWARD 0. COMER Treas. N. H. S. 121, 131, 1413 Radio Guild 1413 Rep. S. F. C. 1413 Who's Who 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Class Night 141. ASA F. COOPER Pres. Old Timers 141 3 Swimming 131 3 Wrestling 1315 J. B. C. 1313 Track 121. JACK CORNELIUS MARY LEE CRAIG S. G. C. 141. Page F orty-eight JAMES A. GRAIG Pres. Class 1413 President Student Council 1413 Sgt.-at-arms N. H. S. 1413 Executive Com. 1413 Oracle 1413 Football 1413 Student Youth Parley 1412 Athletic Key 1413 Whos' Who 1413 Christ- mas Pageant 1413 Color Bearer at Graduation 1413 Quill and Scroll 1413 Kiwanis Game 1413 Tigefs Claw 141, 1313 Stage Mgr. 141, 1313 J Club 141, 1313 Student Council 1313 Baby Tiger Football 1313 J. B. C. 1313 Talent Night 1313 Soph. B. C. 1213 Intra. Football Key 121. CLEO CREWS 3 Girls' Glee 1413 Radio Guild 1413 Christmas Pageant 141. DORIS MARION DARDEN Sec. Senior Class 141 3 Class Night 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141. BARNWELL OJNEAL DAVIS S. F. C. 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141. FRANK DE LOACH IRENE VIVIAN' DENMARK Sec. Coop. Class 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Class Night 1413 Coop. Class 131. MARY CAROL DIccETT Sec. N. H. S. 141 3 Chap. Spanish Club 141 3 S. G. C. 1413 Sr. Cho. 1413 Who's Who 1413 Class Night ,141 3 Luncheon Com. 141 3 Jubilee 141 3 Christmas Pageant 1413 Jr. Orchestra 1413 Jr. Chorus 1313 Girls' Glee 1213 Commencement 131, 121. KATHRYN MAZELLE DU BOSE G. A. A. 1413 Debaters' Club 1413 Radio Forum 141 3 Pres. Story Tellers' Club 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Class Will 1413 Jubilee 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Chap. N. H. S. 1413 Class Night 1413 Radio Guild 141 3 Dean's Office 141 3 Essay Contest 131 3 Tiger's Claw 131, 121. THOMAS B. DUNN CHARLES M. FERM, JR. Pres. S. F. C. 1413 Luncheon Com. 1413 Class Night 1413 Student Council 1413 Bankers' Club 1413 J. B. C. 131. GEORGE FISHER J Book 141 3 Oracle 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Class Night Com. 141 3 Quill and Scroll 141 3 Class Night 1413 Treas. S. F. C. 1413 Baby Tiger Foot- ball 141, 1313 J Club 141,1313Tiger's Claw 141, 1313 Baseball 131 3 J. B. C. 131 3 Talent Night 131. CATHERINE LAURA FOSTER S. G. C. 141 5 Jubilee 141 3 Class Night 141 3 Christ- mas Pageant 1413 S. S. C. 1413 Dean's Office 141. 652 M3 ...qw- JANUARY CLASS 1940 Activities DOROTHY FRIERSON J. D. GARCIA Varsity Football 1413 J Club 141, 1313 J. B. C. 1313 Basketball 131 3 Baby Tiger Football 121. WALTER P. GRIGGS V. Pres. S. F. C. 1413 Treas. Senior Class 1413 Home Room Rep. 141 3V. Pres. Story Tellers' 141 3 Christmas Pageant 1413 Who's Who 1413 Rep. Bankers' Club 141 3 Class Night 141 3 Intra. Foot- ball Key 1413 Rep. J.BfC. 1313 Oracle 131, 1413 Tiger's Claw 131, 1412 Talent Night 1313 Coop. Club 1212 Rep. S. B. C. 1213 Tiger Key 141. ROBERT M. HARPER Christmas Pageant 1413 N. Y. A. 131. FLORENCE HARRISON MARGARET HOPE HAYES Pres. Les Gourmet 141 3 S. G. C. 14.13 J. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 121. MILDRED VIOLET HEAPE Coop. Club 141 3 Class Night 141 3 Christmas Page- ant 141, 131, 1213 Bankers' Club 1313 Senior Chorus 131. FRANK HOFFMAN Football 1413 S. F. C. 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 J Club 141, 1312 Baby Tiger Football 13.13 J. B. C. 131. ' - MARY HELEN HOLLAND S. G. C. 1413Jubilee1413Who's Who Com. 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Bankers' Club 141, 1313 Girls' Glee Club 141, 1313 Jr. Cho. 1313 J. G. C. 131. REUBEN N. HOLLINGSWORTH MARJORIE ELIZABETH HOPKINS Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 121 3 Commence- ment 131 3 State Music Contest 131 3 Orchestra 131, 1213 Class Night 131, 121. CAROLYN ISAACS S. G. C. 141 3 Jubilee 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Cho. 141. JOHN CALVIN J OHNSON, IV Chap. Class 141 3 Who's Who 141. MERTICE SUE JOHNSON BILLY JOSEPH A Christmas Pageant 14135. F. C. 14191. B. C. 1313 S. B. C. 121. A 'est FLORENCE KENNEDY S. C. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 S. S. C. 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Class Night 1413 J. G. C. 131. ALFRED KING LYNDALL KNIGHT Rep. S. G. C. 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Jubilee 1413 Class Night 141 3 J. C. C. 1313 Bankers' Club 121. IRENE SHIRLEY KRISTLE S. G. C. 14135. S. C. 1413 G. A. A. 1413 J. G. C. 1313 Girls Reserve 1313 Christmas Pageant 1313 Girls' Glee 1313 Soph. C. C. 121. INEz LETCHWORTH Christmas Pageant 141. LUCILLE LLOYD MARIE ALICE MARSHALL 'Christmas Pageant 141 3 S. S. C. 141. HAROLD NORMAN MATHENY WYNELLE CLAUDIE MATHIS Coop. Club 141. A. GERTRUDE MCCORMICK Christmas Pageant 1412 French Club 141. 'TIIELMA MARIE MCEACHIN JIMMY MECAS HUGH BERNARD MIDDLETON I Coop. Club 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141. BETTY JEAN MOORE S. G. C. 1413 Pres. Spanish Club 141, 1313 Story Tellers' Club 141, 1313 Tigefs Claw 141, 1313 C. A. A. 141. 131, 1213 Christmas Pageant 1313 Will Com. 13131. G. C. 1313 Spanish Club 1213 Soph. G. C. 121. CLARICE MOORE ' Luncheon Com. 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 S. G. C. 141 3 Treas. Story Tellers' Club 141 3 French Club 131. J EWELL ANICE MOYE Coop. Club 1413 S. G. C. 1413,Jubilee 1413 Christmas Pageant 141g Class Night 141. ELEANOR GANELLE MUNSON Who's Who Com. 1413 Class Prophecy 1413 Christmas Pageant 141. SARAH NASH ROMA LEE NORRIS Page F arty-nine ....,,. W- ......-.f... Q . -- --f Yf I - -"f- -w---av-rllnnuqp JANUARY CLASS 1940 Activities JAMES W. NUNN DOROTHEY DOLORES SCHEMER Track Captain 1453 Track 135, 1253 Baby Tigers G. G. C. 1253 J. G. C. 1353 S. G. C. 1255 Jubilee 125 3 Christmas Pageant 1453 S. F. C. 145 3 J. B. C. 145 3 S. G. C. 1453 Class Night 1453 G. A. A. 125, 135, 1453 R. C. C. 1453 Radio Guild 1453 Debaters' Club 1453 Christmas Pageant 125, 145. MILDRED 0,DELL S. S. C. 145. BEATRICE SEASE TAYLOR OVERRY VIRGINIA PAIJOETT EARL PETERS J. B. C. 1353 Talent Night 1353 S. F. C. 145g Bankers' Club 1353 Story Tellers' Club 1453 De- baters' Club 1453 Christmas Pageant 1453 Class Night 1452 Intramural Football Key 1453 Intra- mural Basketball Key 1353 Intramural Baseball Key 135. MILLICENT .JUANITA PHILLIPS Vice-Pres. Chemistry Club 1353 S. G. C. 1453 Chairman VVho's Who 1453 Christmas Pageant 1453 Class Night 1453 Jubilee 145. HELEN LINGO POINDEXTER Coop. Club 145, 1352 S. G. C. 1453 Christmas Pageant 145 3 Story Tellers' League 145. BETTIE JANE POTTER Vice-Pres. Class 1453 Pres. Debaters' Club 1453 Sr. Cho. 1453 Jr. Cho. 1253 Vice-Pres. N. H. S. 1451 S. G. C. 1453 Who's Who 1453 String En- semble 1353 Orch. 1353 Story Tellers' Club 1453 French Club 1253 Radio Guild 1455 Junior Re- viewers 145, 135 3 G. A. A. 145 3 Accepted Hatchet 1453 Presented Mantle 1453 Jubilee 1453 Class Night 1453 Christmas Pageant 145, 135, 1253 Commencement 135, 1253 All-City Orch. 145, 1353 State Music Contest 145, 1353 Exec. Com. 145- TRACY L. RIDDLE Football Manager 145, 135 3 J Club 145, 135. ARTHUR ROBERTS S. B. C. 145 3 Christmas Pageant 145. LANCE C. RODGERS Bankers' Club 135, 1453 Oracle 1452 Class Night 1453 Who's Who Skit 1453 Intra. Football Key 145- WILLIE ROSENBLATT Mgr. Baby Football 125 3 Chap. Class 125 3 Basket- ball 145,1253Sec. J Club 135: J Club 145, 135, 1253 Mgr. Football Team 145, 135, 1253 Vice- Pres. Old Timers' Club 145. ROBERT ROWAN Page Fifty Sec. S. G. C. 145 3 Sec. Spanish Club 145 3 G. A. A. 145 3 R. C. C. 145 3 Debaters' Club 145 3 Story Tellers' League 1453 Christmas Pageant 145, 135, 125 3 Sr. Cho. 145, 13536. G. C. 125 3 Jr. Cho. 135. 1253 Soph. G. C. 1253 N. H. S. 1453 Radio Guild 145 3 Jr. Y. W. C. A. 145 5 Jubilee 145 3 Whols Who 145 Class Night 145 3 Commencement 145, 1253 Tigefs Claw 145 3 Homeroom Rep. 145 3 Bacc. 145, 3 . ANN SHATTLER Coop. Club 145. THOMAS L. SHREWSBURY Christmas Pageant 1453 Class Night 1453 WhO's Who 1453 J Club 145,1353Soph. B. C. 1255 J. B. C. 1353 Sgt.-at-Arms Class 1453 Track 1353 Wrestling 145, 135, 1253 Baby Tiger Football 1253 Football 145, 135. HENRY H. SINEATH Intra. Football 125, 135? Chap. S. F. C. 1453 Student Council 145g Class Night 1453 Tiger's Claw 145. ALBERTA SMITH Oracle 135. CHRISTINE PORTER SMITH French Club 1253 Christmas Pageant 145, 135, 1253 G. A. A. 145, 135, 1253 Jr. Cho.135, 125g Sr. Cho. 145, 1352 String Ensemble 145, 1355 Jr. Orch. 145, 1352 Sr. Orchestra 145, 1353 Story Tellers' Club 145: Jubilee 1453 Class Night 145, 135 3 All-City Orch. 145 3 State Music Contest 145, 135,1253Bacc.145,1353Debaters' Club 145, 135 3 Senior Play 135Q S. G. C. 1453 Commencement 135. EDNA MAE SPEARMAN S. G. C. 1455 S. S. C. 145. CLAUDE G. STARR Christmas Pageant 1453 Class Night 145. THOMAS STEPHENS Baseball 1453 Intramural Football 125. FRANCES SWEARINGEN Who's Who 145. - H. .. aiu... ,, L Ti., .,....,g,-ilu.. ....Q.....,.... L4-3-M . - .- ...1..... .- A LA. ,..4.. V- - -1.7 - JANUARY CLASS 1940 Activities ALICE SWOPE Class Night 141. EDITH ELAINE TAYLOR Pres. S. G. C. 141g Rep. N. H. S. 141 3 J. B. C. 1313 Student Council 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 G. A. A. 141,131,1213Soph. G. C. 1213 Sec. Story Tellers' League 141 3 Tiger's Claw 141 3 Quill and Scroll 1413 R. C. C. 141, 1313 S. S. C. 1413 Class Night Com. 1413 Jubilee 1413 Who's Who 141. JEAN L. TAYLOR Coop. Club 1413 Christmas Pageant 141. VIRGINIA LOUISE TAYLOR French Club 1213 Sr. Cho. 131, 1213 S. S. C. 141Q S. G. C. 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Class Night 141 3 State Music Contest 131. MILDRED AGNES THOMPSON G. A. A. 1313 S. G. C. 1413 Coop. Club 1413 Jubilee 1413 Christmas Pageant 141. RUBY ETHEL TIMMINS G. A. A. 131, 1213 Pres. G. A. A. 1413 Letter 1413 Sweater 1413 Star 1413 Soph. G. C. 1213 Prom Com. 1213 J. B. C. 1313 Carnival Com. 1313 S. G. C. 141Q Class Night 1415 Who's Who 1413 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Jubilee 1413 Oracle 131 3 Tiger's Claw 141, 1313 N. H. S. 1413 R. C. C. 1313 Chap. R. C. C. 141 3 Vice-Pres. S. S. C. 141 3 Story Tellers, League 141. JIMMY TRANTHAM Story Tellers' Club 1413 S. F. C. 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Class Night 141. ROBERT TYLER MARY LUCILLE VINSON I Soph. G. C. 1213 Christmas Pageant 1413 Cho. 141, 131- ALBERT WATSON FERRELL WHILDEN PEGGY WILSON HAROLD H. WINTERS Intra. Football 1313 Christmas Pageant 141. HELEN WOOD G. G. C. 1213 J. G. C. 13135. G. C. 1413 N. H. S. 1413 Pres. S. S. C. 1413 Class History Com. 1413 Bacc. 1413 Who's Who 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Class Night 1413 Story Tellers' Club 1413 Jubilee 1413 G. A. A. 141, 1313 R. C. C. 1413 Tigefs Claw 141 3 Salutatorian 141. MILDRED WOOD GRENADE WOOTEN LAWRENCE ZELL Football 1413 J Club 141. JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities ROY AGREE Baseball 141, 1313 J Club 141, 1313 Sgt.-at-Arms Coop. Club 141. BETTY ADAMS FLOYD L. ALTMAN SIDNEY J UANITA ALvAREz EDITH MILAM ARMSTRONG JEANETTE H. ARNETTE MARION E. BAKER Coop. Club 1413 Drafting Contest 141. ADOLPH BALAGUER --S----Q-limi--AW A--'A-ur' H--H -A --A -A "--'-1anr- -- -- HELEN BEVERLY BARBER WILLIAM BARNETT JAMES BARNETTE JACK LEO BARWICK Coop. Club 141. LUCILE BASSETT S. G. C. 1413 J. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 1213 Girls Reserve 121. DORIS MARIE BATCHELDER BILLIE BAUMAN Girls Clee 141g Christmas Pageant 1413 Cantata 1313 Music Plays 121. Page F ifty-one ff - -1nQr- uni- -A ' ' M21-nnnr 3 -f- FRANCES BEDELL JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities EDWIN BRIGHT Vice-Pres. Class 141 3 Jubilee 141 3 Exec. Com. 141 3 Debaters' Club 141 3 Home Room Rep. 141 3 Vice-Pres. S. G. C. 141 3 Student Council 141, 131 3 Tiger's Claw 141, 131, 121 3 G. A. A. 141, 131, 1213 J. G. C. 1313 Y. W. A. 131, 1213 S. G. C. 121. EDWIN J. BELL Mgr.'Baby Tiger Football 121 3 Mgr. Football 131 3 J. Club 141, 131. ALICE LOUISE BENNETT S. G. C. 141. CHARLES H. BERC, JR. JEAN LOVE BERKHAN ERVIN BEVILLE Spanish Club 141g J. B. C. 1313 Soph. B. C. 121. ERMA BELL BIBBY Jubilee 1413 Coop. Club 1413 G. A. A. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Jr. Y. W. 1313 Sgt.-at-Arms J. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 1213 Cho. 1213 R. C. C. 121. MACK BISHOP J Club 141,131,1213S. F. C. 1413 R. C. C. 1413 Baseball 141, 131 3 Football 141 3 Kiwanis All-Star Game 141 3 Sgt.-at-Arms S. F. C. 141 3 Tigefs Claw 1413 Honorable Mention All-State Football 1413 Honorable Mention All-Big Ten Football 141 3 J. B. C. 1313 Prom Com. 1313 Baby Tiger Football 1313 Talent Night 1313 S. B. C. 1213Hi-Y1213 Intra. Key 1213 Mgr. Baseball 1213 Baby Tiger Basketball 121. JEAN BLANKFIELD Oracle 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Girls' Reserve 1313 J. G. C. 1313 S. G. C. 121. CHARLES A BLISSITT CHARLES WM BLOUNT C 41 J B C MARJORIE EARLE BLOUNT Tigers Claw 131 RUTH BOATRICHT Sr Chorus 131 ,I ULIAN BORKSON Chorus 141 131 Spanlsh Club 131 French Club SARAH FRANCES BRAND LOUISE BRENNAN Cha1rmanS S C 141 Jub11ee141 S G C 141 Treas French Club 141 Soph G C 121 Sec Class 121 Sec French Club 121 G G C 121 Page Fifty two HELEN BRIGHT BILL BROWN BURTON W. BROWN '1'vnn Treas. Coop. Club 141g Intra Horseshoe Key 131. EFFIE MERLE BROWN S. G. C. 1413 Tiger's Claw 1413 Oracle 1313 J. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 121. FRANCES L. BROWN Tigeris Claw 141, 131. MILDRED BROWN Coop. Club 141. TIIELMA BRYAN NANCY ANN BURCK G. A. A. 121. RAY C. BURNEY BOB BYRD Band 141, 1313 Orchestra 141, 1313 Tiger's Claw 131. ETHEL CANADY S. S. C. 1413 Parliamentary Club 141. FRANK CANDETO Coop. Club 1413 S. F. C. 1413 J. B. C. 1313 S. B. C-131. MARY CARUTHERS ANNA CAYER Radio Guild 141 ETTA KATHERINE CHAFFEE C 14 S S C 141 Jubilee Ta ent Night 131 121 Radio Guild 131 HARRIET CHAMBERS Exec Com 141 Student Council 141 Oracle 141 Class Night 141 Jub1lee141 Pres Bankers Cu 141SGC141ChapSSC141GA A 141 Rep R C C 141 Tigers Claw 141 J Book 141 Sec Class 141 N H S 141 131 State Commercial Contest 131 J G C 131 Chap Bankers Club 131 Vice Pres Class 121 Soph Hop Com 121 Tennis Club 141 NELL CHANDLER Jubilee 141 Commencement 131 J G C Rep Soph G C 121 Cho 121 Prom Com 121 Carnival 121 s.r. .1 Q.. cap. S.'G. . 13 . . i. .3 ' 1413 l I lb 3...g3 121- i ' A ' A ' f ig as . Oracle 141 3 Tigefs Claw 141 3 N. H. S. 141 3 Social Oracle 141 3 Rep. S. G. C. 141 3 Tiger's Claw 141 3 - - - S ' 3 - .- - 3 ' 3 . 3 . . .1313 .Y .-J...-,- V LW- f--- A-I A JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities DOROTHY MAE CHRISTENSEN JAMES W. CHRISTY, JR. S. F. C. 1413 J. B. C. 1313 Basketball 1313 lntra. Football 131, 121 3 Chap. Soph. Class 121 3 S. B. C. 121 3 Baby Tiger Basketball 1213 Intra. Baseball 121. ALBERT BARNES CLEMENTS S. F. C. 1413 J. B. C. 131. THOMAS H. COCHRAN Treas. Class 1413 J Book 1413 Escort Kiwanis Game 1413 Escort Lee-Jackson Game 141, 1313 S. F. C. Vodvil 141, 1313 Vice-Pres. Dehatersi Club 131 3 Pres. Debaters' Club 131 3 Talent Night 131 3 Intra Basketball Key 131 3 Vice-Pres. Student Council 1313 Prom Com. 1313 Pres. J. B. C. 1313 Radio Guild 1313 R. C. C. 131, 1213 Oracle 141, 131, 1213 Tiger's Claw 141, 131, 1213 Basketball 1213 Hi-Y Club 1213 Carnival 1213 Soph. Hop Com. 1213 State Debaters Contest 1213 Debating Club 121 3 Student Council 121 3 Pres. Soph. B. C. 121- EVELYN COFFEE S. G. C. 1413 Bankers' Club 141, 131, 1213 Radio Guild 131. J UANITA COLE R. C. C. 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Pres. Jr. Y. W. 1413 Knojax Club 1413 G. A. A. 141 3 Vice-Pres. Jr. Y. W. 131 3 Asst. Cheer Leader 131. MABEL JOYCE COLLINS S. G. C. 141 3 Tiger's Claw 141 3 Radio Guild 141 3 G. G. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 Bankers' Club 131, 1213 Oracle 1213 Senior Play 141. PRESTON COMER JAMES CONNELLY Sgt.-at-Arms Old Timers 1413 Pres. Old Timers 141aBaSebal1141,131,121aJ Club 141.131, 121- N ATHALIE COOK ERNEST WESLEY COOPER Old Timers 1413 Varsity Football 1413 J Club 141, 1313 J. B. C. 1313 Baby Tiger Football 1313 Sr. Cho. 131,1213Sec. S. B. C. 121. FRED COOPER S. F. C. 1413 J Club 1413 Cheer Leader 141, 131 3 Cheer Leader Kiwanis Game 141 3 Debaters' Club 1413 Tigefs Claw 141, 1313 R. C. C. 141, 1313 Oracle 141,1313Vice-Pres. J. B. C. 1313 J Book 1313 Mascot J. G. C. 131g Talent Night 1313 Prom Com. 1313 Sec. Soph. B. C. 1213 Carnival Com. 1213 Mascot Soph. G. C. 121. JOSEPH E. COPELIN Pres. French Club 1413 Sec. Biology Club 1413 Jr. Academy of Science 1413 Rep. French Club 121.. HELEN CLAIR COPPEN S. G. C. 141. WILLIAM COX THOMAS CRAWFORD Exec. Coop. Club 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 Coop. Club 141. DOROTHY DEAN DAUGHERTY GEORGE DAVENPORT Capt. lntra. Football 141. VIRGINIA DAVIS Sr. Cho. 1413 Story Tellers' Club 1413 Biology Club 141. VONGILE DEAL Jr. Y. W. 1313 Girls' Glee 121. LUCILLE DE LETTRE Treas. Class 131 3 S. G. C. 141 3 DOROTHY DE MERIT G. A. A. 141 3 Girls' Glee 141 3,Cantata 141 3 Christ- mas Pageant 1413 Tiger's Claw 141, 131, 121. LOUISE D,ETTORRE Treas. Spanish Club 141 3 Vice-Pres. Spanish Club 131. LUCY ANN DEW Entered from Landon High School Senior YCHFQ S. G. C. 1413 R. C. C. 141. MINERVA MAXINE DEWITT Girls' Glee 141, 131 3 Christmas Pageant 131. DOROTHY MAE DONALDSON S. G. C. 141 3 Cantata 141, 1313 Jr. Cho. 1313 Girls' Glee 1313 Christmas Pageant 1313 Girls Reserve 1213 Cho. 121. RAINSFORD VIRGINIA DORMAN Jr. Y. W. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Girls' Reserve 1313 Jr. Cho. 131. WALTER B. DOWELL, JR. JAMES DUDLEY HERBERT EUGENE W. DUNTON Knojax Club 1413 Hobby Club 1413 Sec. French Club 141. ALMA CLYDE EASTMOORE S. G. C. 1413 Girls' Glee 141, 1313 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Jubilee 1413 Cantata 141, 1313 Com- mencement 1413 G. A. A. 121. Page Fifty-three 1 JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities MARY LOUISE EGLI S. G. C. 14135. S. C. 1419 Jubilee 1413 N. H. S. 141, 1313 Oracle 121. LOUISE EISER DORIS ELEAzER LESLIE ELLIAS Intra. Football Key 141. LAMAR EZZELL JIMMY FANKIIAUSER Cho. 1313 Coop. Club 141. J IMMIE FARRAR Sec. Old Timers 141 3 J. B. C. 1313Soph. B. C. 121. ANNIE LAURA F EINEERC S. G. C. 1413 J. G. C. 1313 G. A. A. 1313 Girls' Reserve 121 3 Soph. G. C. 1213 Jubilee 141. CLAIRE FIELDS S. G. C. 1413 Story Tellers' Club 1413 Jr. Y. W. 1413 Jubilee 1413 Home Room Rep. 1413 Girls, Glee 121. GOLDIE FLETCHER Girls' Glee 1413 S. G. C. 141. BARBARA FLOWERS S. G. C. 1413 Treas. Jr. Y. W. 1413 J. G. C. 1312, Girls' Reserve 1213 Soph. G. C. 131. ROBERT E. FOOSHEE WILBERT ROLAND FORREST S. F. C. 141. WALDO FOSTER S. F. C. 1413 S. B. C. 121. MERRILL L. FOUTS, JR. S. F. C. 1413 S. B. C. 121. GERTRUDE ANN FREIDLIN S. G. C. 1413 Program Com. Spanish Club 1413 Costume Com. Spanish Club 131. LILLIAN F RICO Coop. Class 141. ALMA VIRGINIA FROHOCK Commencement 131 ' Christmas Pa eant 13 . S 1,1219 G. G. C. 131,121. GRACE GARDNER Chorus 121. ROSA-LEE GEIGER Sec. S. G. C. 1413 Sr. Cho. 141, 1313 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 Jubilee 1413 French Club 141 3 Story Tellers' Club 141 3 Oracle 141 3 J. G. C. 131 3 State Music Contest 131 3 Commencement 131, 1213 G. A. A. 1213 Girls' Glee121 Soph. G. C. 121 3 Sec. S. G. C. 141 3 Chemistry Club 141. Page F ifty-four EDWARD GEORGE Chap. S. F. C. 141 3 Tiger's Claw 141 3 Oracle 141 3 1313 Sr. Cho. 1313 Sgt.-at-Arms J. B. C. 1313 Christmas Pageant 131, 1213 Cho. 121. KATHLEEN GWENDOLYN GIBSON R. E. GLENN lntra. Basketball 1413 lntra Diamond Ball 1413 Football 141, 1313 Sgt.-at-Arms J Club 1313 Baby Tigers 121 3 Intra. Volley Ball 121. WILLIAM HAROLD GOLDSTEIN Pageant 141, 131, 1213 S. F. C. 141 3 Pres. Sr. Class 1413 Mascot S. G. C. 1413 Escort Kiwanis Game 1413 Student Council 1413 Jubilee 141,131, 1213 Band 131, 1213 Class Night 131, 1213 Sr. Play 131, 1213 Commencement 131, 1213 State Music Con- test 1313 All-City Orchestra 1213 Talent Night 1213 French Club Mascot 121. ETHEL V. GOURLEY Tennis Club 141. ANITA A. GRAHAM Orch. 141, 131, 1213 Sr. Cho. 141, 1313 G. G. C. 1213 G. A. A. 1213 Christmas Pageant 131, 1213 Jubilee 141, 1313 Class Night 1313 String En- semble 141,131,121. LESLIE HACUE Track 121. MARY HELEN HALL FRANK HANDLEE J UANITA G. HARPER . G. A. A. 131, 1213 Letter3 Coop. Club 141. JOHN W. HARRIS Home Room Rep. 141. HERALDINE HEMINGER Tigeris Claw 141 3 Oracle 141 3 S. G. C. 141 3 Story Tellers' Club 141 3 Tennis Club 141 3 Jubilee 141 3 Student Council 141. CARLYE VENETTA HENDRY S. G. C. 1413 Sr. Cho. 141, 131, 1213 Sponsor Lee- Jackson Game 1413 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 121 3 Jubilee 141 3 Kiwanis Sponsor 141 3 Received Hatchet 1413 J. G. C. 131. ALICE KAREN HENN R. C. C. 141, 1313 Vice-Pres. Jr. Y. W. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 Sec. Jr. Y. W. 1313 J. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 1213 Sec. Girls' Reserve 1213 French Club 1213 Cho. 121. BETTY HESS Sec. Soph. G. C. 1213 G. G. C. 1213 Sr. Cho. 141, 1313 S. G. C. 1413 Tiger's Claw 141. --H -----M - '-- -4- aan-ur -Hnnlnininni-4 --1 -'-' eiae -10 -A-f W- -- - -A f-M x---4-4fM-1-4--- s -- - -A' :mains-'A-1' A '--he A--1-Y-viii-2----MI4 - .,.v..g ,, JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities SHEILA ELAINE HIDER French Club 141 3 Vice-Pres. G. A. A. 141 3 S. S. C. 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Jubi- lee 141. DOROTHY HOKE S. G. C. 1413 S. S. C. 1413 J. G. C. 1313 Com- mercial Contest 131. VERA LILA HOLLAND G. G. C. 141,131,1213S. G. C. 1413 Les Gourmet 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 G. A. A. 141. GERTRUDE SYLVIA HOLLINGER R. C. C. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Girls' Glee 1413 Bank- ers' Club 131,121. WILLIAM HOLLINCSWORTH RALPH HOLLISTER S. F. C. 1413 Chap. J. B. C. 1313 Talent Night 131. SARA CAROLYN HORTON S. S. C. 141 3 G. A. A. 141 3 Vice-Pres. Les Gourmet 1413 S. G. C. 1413 French Club 141 3 Jubilee 1413 Parliamentary 1413 Tennis Club 1413 Vice-Pres. S. S. C. 141 3 Pres. Les Gourmet 141. MYRTLE HOTZ BETTY LUCILLE HOWARD G. G. C. 131, 1213 Coop. Club 141. PAULINE HUSKIN CATHERINE GIGL ISAAC S. G. C. 1413 Oracle 131. JOHN F. IvEY N. H. S. 141, 1313 Christmas Pageant 141, 1313 Tigeris Claw 1413 Oracle 1413 Vice-Pres. Student Council 1413 Sr. Cho. 141, 1313 Bacc. 141,131:, R. C. C. 141 3 S. F. C. 141 3 Story Tellers' Club 1413 Sec. S. F. C. 141 3 Treas. S. F. C. 141 3 Color Guard at Commencement 141 3 Pres. Student Council 141 3 J. B. C. 1313Treas. J. B. C. 131. HARVEY M. JACKSON ELIZABETH JACQUELINE J ANES Jubilee 141, 1313 All-City Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 String En- semble 1413 Cantata 141 3 Commencement 141, 131, 1212 Oracle 1413 Jr. Orchestra 141, 1313 Music Festival 131 3 Class Night 131, 121 3 Sr. Play 131, 1213 State Music Contest 121. TOM J EEFERIES 'I'iger's Claw 1413 S. B. C. 1213 Baby Tiger Foot- ball 121. ,,. .A ... ....g,...1. .,,,, IA. A... -W-A,.,.......-.....- ........ , .I ELMO JOHNSON EDGAR MACK JOHNSON Coop. Club 1413 Class Night 1413 Drafting Con- test 141. ISABELLE FRANCES JOHNSON S. G. C. 141. MCKAY JOHNSON lntra. Football Key 141. ROY C. JONES, JR. VIRGINIA K. JONES Parliamentary Club 1413 S. C. C. 1413 C. A. A. 1213 Soph. G. C. 121. ELIZABETH KEYS Jubilee 1413 Oracle 1413 R. C. C. 1413 S. G. C. 141 3 Story Tellers' Club 141 3 Debaters' Club 141 3 Biology Club 1413 Prom Com. 1313 J. C. C. 131. GEORGE T. KING PHYLLIS DAPHNE KITE MYRTLE IRENE KNIGHT S. G. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 G. A. A. 1413 Mixed Cho. 1413 J. G. C. 131. ROSE MARIE KOWKABANY EDNA KUCHLER CONSTANCE BEATRIGE LAMB G. A. A. 141: Jr. Y. W. 141. DOROTHY DEANE LANGSTON CHARLOTTE LAWRENCE S. G. C. 1413 Sr. Cho. 141, 1313 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 State Music Contest 1313 Girls' Glee 1213 Tiger's Claw 121. ERNESTINE LEE GERALDINE PENNY LEE S. G. C. 1412 J. G. C. 131. GRACE ELAINE LEE G. A. A. 131, 1213 Treas. G. A. A. 1413 S. S. C. 141 3 Letter 131 3 S. G. C. 141 3 Parliamentary 141 3 Tennis Club 141. LILLIAN E. LEWIS LEROY LIENAU WALTER LIENAU BETTY LINCOLN Y. W. A. 1413 R. C. C. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 G. G. C. 141- Page F ifty-five x,,',,,3nW-rm , .-. ,,,.. ...M JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities EMMA JANE LUKE N INA WYNELLE MADDOX Jr. Y. W. 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 S. S. C. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Dean's Office 1313 Cho. 121. MILDRED MAHONE J. G. C. 1313 S. C. C. 141g G. A. A. 1313 S. S. C. 141. HAROLD MAINES J. D. MANN CHARLES RAY MARTIN S. F. C. 141. CHARLES MARVIN 0IvA MATHESON Coop. Club 141. HILDA MATTOX DORIS MAULL LA VANE MCCALL MARY MCCLENDON S. G. C. 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 S. S. C. 1413 Jr. Y. W. 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 N. H. S. 1313 Sr. Cho. 131, 1213 G. A. A. 1212 Glee Club 121. ROBERT MCCLURE CLAUDIA MAE MCCORMICK Coop. Club 141 3 Bankers' Club 141. ELIZABETH MCCULLOUCH S. S. C. 1413 N. H. S. 1313 S. G. C. 121. ALVIN MCDANIEL HUNTER MCELIATH BILLIE MCEWEN Golf Team 141, 131, 121 3 Intramural Football Key 121. HERBERT MCGALLIARD DOROTHY MCGHIE THOMAS MCKEE SALLY MCLENDON Soph. G. C. 121 3 Vice-Pres. J. C. C. 1313 S. G. C. 1413 R. C. C. 1413 Sec. Y. W. C. A. 1415 S. S. C. 1413 C. A. A. 1213Jubi1ee 141. EUGENE MCLEOD Page F ifty-six SUSIE MCRAE Soph. C. C. 1213 Bankers' Club 141, 131, 1213 French Club 12131. G. C. 1313 Oracle 141, 1313 S. G. C. 1413 Cheer Leader 1413 Mascot S. F. C. 1415 Jubilee 1413 Sgt.-at-Arms R. C. C. 141. LLOYD MERRILL LAWRENCE A. MIDDLETON Baby Tiger Football 1315 Captain, Intramural Football 131. OLIN MIDDLETON ' BILL MILLER WALTER R. MILLER, JR. LINTON MOODY Old Timers 1413 Sr. Cho. 141. MARY FRANCES MOON Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 Sr. Cho. 1213 Orch. 141, 131, 121 3 Jubilee 141 3 Class Night 141, 131, 1213 All-City Orch. 141, 131, 1213 Cantata 1413 Sr. Play 141, 131, 1213 S. G. C. 1413 G. A. A. 1213 String Ensemble 141, 1313 Commencement 141, 131, 1213 State Music Contest 131. MARTHA WOOD MOORE Radio Guild 1313 Pres. Biology Club 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Christmas Pageant 1413 G. G. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 Cantata 141. WILHELMINA MOORE ANNE MOROENSTERN - G. A. A. 1413 S. G. C. 1415 Jubilee 1413 Radio Guild 141. MARION MORRIS Sgt.-at-Arms J. B. C. 131 3 S. F. C. 141 3 Pres. Coop. Club 1413 Prom Com. 131. MILDRED MORRIS C. G. C. 141, 131 3 Christmas Pageant 1413 Home Room Rep, 1413 Tiger's Claw 131, 1215 Bankers' Club 121. ESTELLE IRENE MOULTON Spanish Club 1313 Cho. 121. J UANITA RAYE N ICKENS Jubilee 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 S. S. C. 1413 S. G. C. 14131. G. C. 131. DANNY NISSLE S. F. C. 1413 J. B. C. 131. - JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities BETTIE NOLTE THERON PEACOCK R. C. C. 141: N. H. S.141s131QS. C. C. 1413 Dean's Office 1413 Tiger's Claw 131, 1213 Christ- mas Pageant 131, 121 3 Oracle 131, 1213 Orchestra 131, 1213 All-City Orchestra 131, 1213 .l. G. C. 1313 Mascot J. B. C. 1313 Operetta 1313 Music Festival 1313 String Ensemble 1313 Soph. G. C. 1213 State Music Contest 121. EDISON JEROME NUNEZ, JR. S. F. C. 141 3 Tiger's Claw 141 3 Oracle 141 3 Com- mencement 141, 131, 1213 Class Night 141, 131, 1213 Jubilee 141, 1213 Cantata 141, 1313 Christ- mas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 French Club 141,1213 Sr. Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 Concert Master Jr. Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 Concert Master All-City Orchestra 141, 1313 String Ensemble 141, 1313 Festival 1313 Sr. Play 1313 S. F. C. Vodvil 1313 Carnival Com. 1213 S. G. C. Play 1213 Talent Night 121. BILLY OGILVIE FRANCES OLLIFF C. G. C. 1313 Coop. Club 141. JACK A. PACE Treas. Soph. B. C. 121 3 Pres. Debaters' Club 131 3 All-State Cho. 1313 Rollins Music Festival 1313 Sr. Cho. 141, 131, 1213 S. F. C. 1413 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 Sr. Play 141. SARABOB PARKER A Pres. S. S. C. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 Parliamentary Club 141 3 Vice-Pres. R. C. C. 1413 G. G. C. 131, Sr. Cho. 141 3 Oracle 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141 3 Home Room Rep. 141 3 lntra. Soccer Key 1413 N. H. S. 141, 13131. G. C. 1313 G. A. A. 131 3 Comm. 131 3 Tigefs Claw 121 3 Pres. S. G. C. 1213 Student Council 1212 Jr. Y. W. 1413 Vice- Pres. Story Tellers' 1413 Banquet Committee N. H. S. Sr. Play 141. KATHLEEN PARKER Girls' Glee 121. HERMAN PARRISH AGNES PATRINELY Bankers, Club 121 3 C. A. A. 121 3 Girls' Res. 121 3 S. G. C. 1413 J. G. C. 1313 Tiger's Claw 1413 Jubilee 1413 R. C. C. 1413 Jr. Y. W. C. A. 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 G. C. C. 141, 131, 1213 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 121 3 Commencement 1313 Sr. Play 141. PENNY PATRINELY G. A. A. 141, 131, 1213 Parliamentary Club 1413 Cheer Leader 1413 Bankers' Club 141, 1313 R. C. C. 1413 S. C. C. 1413 Oracle 1413 Jr. Y. W. 141, 1313 S. S. C. 1413 Tiger's Claw 131, 1213 J. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 121. - - v- emma--A4-----M - fun- -M - ---ana--M-X-I-----adm " "tb -Y-Y--0 - - ---if ' ' BILLY PERRY Chorus 1413 Senior Play 1413 Bacc. 1413 Vaude- ville 1413 Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 Drum Major 141, 1313 S. F. C. 1413 All-City Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 Jubi- lee Class Comm. 141, 131, 1213 Talent Night 131, 1213 Coop. Club 131. JAMES PETROS Sgt.-at-Arms S. S. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 S. F. C. 1413 Talent Night 14131. B. C. 1313 Prom Com. 131, 121- MATIBEL PETTIS ' S. C. C. 1413 Sec. S. S. C. 141 3 Jubilee 141 3 Oracle 141 3 R. C. C. 141 3Parliamentary Cub 141 3 Senior Chorus 141 3 lntra. Soccer Key 141 3 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1213 Tiger's Claw 1313 G. A. A. 1313 Commencement 13131. C. C. 1313 C. C. C. 131,1213Bankers' Club 1313 S. G. C. 1213 Rep. Jr. Y. W. 141 3 Sec. Story Tellers' 141. PEGGY PHILLIPS Band 141, 131, 1213 Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 All- City Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 Christmas Pageant 141. 131, 1215 Commencement 141, 131, 121: Jubilee 131, 121. ROY LEAHMON PHILLIPS MILDRED PIERCE J. G. C. 141. EDITH PLEDGER DOROTHY LEE POOLEY Soph. G. C. 12131. G. C. 1313 S. G. C. 1413 Bank- ersf Club 1213 R. C. C. 1313 Sr. Cho. 141, 131, 1213 Jubilee 1313 Tiger's Claw 1213 Oracle 121. Jo ANNE POTTS Oracle 141, 131,1213Tiger's Claw 141, 1313 G. A. A. 141, 131 3 Student Youth Parley 141 3 Quill and Scroll 1413 N. H. S. 1313 Pres. N. H. S. 1413 .l Book 1313 J. G. C. 1313 Chairman Tag Com. I. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 1213 Girls' Reserve 121. CHARLIE POWELL S. F. C. 141. SYLVIA PRICE Coop. 14131. C. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 131. MAURICE RAMSAY ' Pres. Soph. Class 1213 Pres. Ir. Class 1313 Alt. Capt. Baby Tigers 1213 Baby Tiger Basketball 1213 Soph. B. C. 1213 Escort Lee-Jackson Came 121 3 Football 131 3 B. Team Basketball 141, 131 3 Alt. Capt. Football 141 3 All-Star Game 141 3 Hon- orable Mention All-State, All Big Ten, All South- ern Football 1413 J Club 131, 1213 Pres. I Club 1413 Prom Com. 1313 Student Council 131, 1213 Christmas Pageant 141. Page Fifty-seven EFFIE CLEORA RAND VIRGINIA SIKES -...W-....4uquuu1.., -...-www..-..-, -W-A-. ,.., M... ,G--A.,.1.,.,. .... ,. 41. JUNE CLASS 1940 Activities S. G. C. 1413 G. A. A. 121. OLOA REYNOLDS Oracle 141. J ANELL RHODES DON RIVIERE HENRY ROBERTS Vice-Pres. Band 1413 Orchestra 141, 131, 1213 S. F. C. 1413.ChristmaS Pageant 141, 131, 1213 Commencement 141, 131, 1213 Band 131, 121g Jubilee 131, 1213 All-City Orchestra 131 3 S. B. C. 121. ROSCOE ROBERTS CHARLOTTE ROSE S. G. C. 141 3 Jubilee 141 3 Tiger's Claw 141 3 Chap. French Club 1213 G. A. A. 121. JACK E. RYLES J. B. C. 1313 S. F. C. 1413 R. C. C. 1413 Parlia- mentary Club 1413 Cheer Leader 1413 S. S. C. 1413 Commercial Contest 131 3 J Club 141. MARY JANE SAYE S. G. C. 141. HARRY SCHEMER Basketball 141, 1313 J Club 141, 1313 Home Room Rep. 1413 Baby Tiger Basketball 1213 Intra. Key 121. CARROLL ScoTT JEAN M. SCOTTEN 3 G. A. A. 121 3 Vice-Pres. Soph. G. C. 1213 Chair. Soph. Hop 121 3 Pres. J. C. C. 131 3 Student Coun- cil 1313 N. H. S. 141, 131 3 Prom Com. 1313 Coop. Club 1413 S. C. C. 1413 Commencement 131. MELISSA SEARS S. G. C. 1413 N. H. S. 1413 Coop. Club 1413 Jubilee 1413 Soph. G. C. 121. CONSTANCE SEEGAR LYLE E. SHIFERDEK BETTY ALLISON SHORT Soph. G. C. 1213 C. C. C. 1213 Jr. Y. W. C. A. 141, 131, 1213 Oracle 1413 Chap. R. C. C. 1313 Class Night 1413 Treas. R. C. C. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Chap. Class 1413 Chap. Story Tellers' Club 1413 Jubilee 1413 Prom Com. 1313 Tigefs Claw 131. HAZEL SIBTHORPE' Knojax 1413 R. C. C. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 J. G. C. 1315 Soph. G. C. 121. Page Fifty-eight 9 . J. G. C. 1313 S. G. C. 14135. S. C. 1413 State Commercial Contest 131, 141. F RIMIT SILBERSTEIN Vice-Pres. French Club 141 3.R. C. C. 141 3 Oracle 1413 Jubilee 141 3 Parliamentary Club 1413 S. G. C. 141 3 French Club 121 3 Tigefs Claw 121 3 Intra. Key 1413 Vice-Pres. Chemistry Club 141. NELLE DEANE SIMPSON MARTHA JO SKENE French Club 1413 S. C. C. 1413 R. C. C. 1413 Biology Club 141 3 Tiger's Claw 141 3 Radio Guild 1413 Sec. Chemistry Club 141. ELOISE SKINNER G. A. A. 1413 Sr. Cho. 141. 131, 121 3 S. C. C. 1413 Tigefs Claw 1413 Commencement 1313 J. G. C. 1313 Soph. G. C. 121. MARTHA SLIGH Chap. S. C. C. 1413 R. C. C. 1413 Jubilee 1413 Jr. Y. W. 1413 S. S. C. 1413 Rep. J. C. C. 1313 Tigefs Claw 131 3 Soph. G. C. Treas. 121 3 G. A. A. 1213 Cho. 121. J EWELL LA VERNE SMITH G. A. A. 1413 French Club 1413 S. C. C. 1413 Oracle 141. WYNELLE SMITHIE JACK SNIDER Soph. B. C. 1213 J. B. C. 1313 S. F. C. 1413 Carnival Com. 121 3 Bankers' Club 141 3 Debaters' Club 131,1213Tiger's Claw 141, 131, 1213 R. C. C. 1413 Radio Guild 131, 1213 Story Tellers' 1413 Rep. Bankers' Club 1313 Treas. Debaters' Club 141- DONALD STARBUCK ' AL ST. JOHN Vice-Pres. S. F. C. 1413 Vaudeville 1413 Escort Lee-Jackson Game 141 3 Sec. J. B. C. 1313 Library 1313 J Book 1313 Oracle 141, 1313 Debaters' Club 1313 Tiger's Claw 131, 1213 Treas. Soph, Class 121 3 Pres. S. B. C. 1213 Vice-Pres. S. B. C. 121 3 French Club 1213 Student Council 1213 Talent Night 131 3 Sr. Play 141. MARIE STOKES Tiger's Claw 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 S. S. C. 141. MARY ELIZABETH STOKES ALBERT STRICKLAND ' S. F. C. 141. ELOISE STRICKLAND Story Tellers' Club 141 3 S. S. C. 141 3 R. C. C. 141 3 C. A. A. 1413 S. G. C. 1413 Parliamentary Club 1413 J. G. C. 131. '- -'-- -euif.-Lf-J-Mr-2---- - f v.-.,- +1-U -I!--Y--V. .. .. 'sl . alum. .-3154 ---4--7-rqll... .. . JUNE CLASS 1940 flctivities ELEANOR EUNICE SUBER G. A. A. 1213 J. G. C. 1315 G. G. C. 131, 1215 R. C. C. 1415 S. G. C. 1415 Oracle 1215 Intramural Soccer 141. BOB SWEARINGEN ROSALYN TALLEY N ETTIE F AYE TATE Tiger's Claw 1415 Oracle 131. J UANITA TATUM LEEWOOII EARL TAWES S. F. C. 1415 Football 1415 lntra. Football 1315 J. B. C. 1315 J. B. C. 121. RUTH ELEANORQTHOMAS HARRY THOMPSON Sr. Play 1415 Bankers' Club 141, 1315 Story Tellers' 1415 All-City Orch. 141, 1315 Orch. 141, 131, 1215 Christmas Pageant 141, 1315 String En- semble 141, 1315 Nat'l Music Week 1315 Com- mencement 1315 Bacc. 141, 131. CAROLYN THORNTON Les Gourmet 141 5 S. G. C. 141 5 Rep. Story Tellers' Club 1415 Jubilee 141. KATIE THURMAN Commencement 141, 1315 Cantata 1415 Home Room Rep. 141 5 Parliamentary Club 141 5 Christ- mas Pageant 1415 Sr. Cho. 141: Jubilee 1415 Oracle 1415 R. C. C. 1415 S. G. C. 1415 J. G. C. 1315 Girls' Glee 1315 Cantata 131. LOIS TILLMAN MITCHELL 'TONEY ALFRED TOWLES KENNETH TRAINOR CHRISTINE ANNETTE TRAWICK ?51f'.lStII13S Pageant 141 5 Jr. Cho. 1315 Girls' Glee BETTE LOU TREECE S. G. C. 141 5 Story Tellers' Club 141 3 Jubilee 141. WILSON LAWERENCE TRIPPE Coop. Club 141. JA'MES TURNER S. F. C. 141 5 Basketball 141 5 Treas. Class 141. ELOISE VAN GUNDY Soph. G. C. 121 5 Debaters' Club 121 5 N. H. S. 141, 1315 Coop. Club 141. DAN VAN SICKLE Wrestling 141, 131, 1215 Baby Tiger Football 1315 Football 1415 J Club 141, 1315 Track Team 131, 1215 lntramural Football Key 1415 Intra- mural Basketball Key 131. MARTHA VICKERS Treas. S. G. C. 141 5 Oracle 141 5 Girls' Glee 141 5 Jubilee 141 5 Christmas Pageant 141 5 Cantata 141 5 Treas. J. G. C. 1315 Cho. 131, 1215'PrOm Com. 1315 Chap. Soph. G. C. 121. MARGARET VON DOHLEN Soph. G. C. 1215 J. G. C. 1315 S. G. C. 141: De- baters' Club 141 5 Biology Club 1415 Oracle 141 5 G. G. C. 141 5 Christmas Pageant 141 5 Jubilee 141 5 R. C. C. 1415 Cantata 141. DICK WALKER J. Club 141, 1315 Old Timers 1415Intra. Key 1315 ' Basketball 131. CRYSTELLE WARREN RUBY LEE WESLEY Debaters' Club 1415 S. G. C. 1415 Radio Guild 1413 Jubilee 141. FRANCES ELEANOR WHEELER S. G. C. 1415 Jubilee 1415 Parliamentary Club 1415 S. S. C. 1415 Bankers' Club 131. WILLIAM CHARLES WHITE Football 131. KENNETH WILLIAMS A Tiger's Claw 141 5 Story Tellers' Club 141 5 S. F. C. 1415 J. B. C. 1315 S. B. C. 121. MIRRIAM WINTER BILLY WINTERS STEPHEN MONROE WOOD Soph. B. C. 1215 Christmas Pageant 141, 131, 1215 Sr. Play 1315 Debaters' Club 1215 Sr. Cho. 141, 131, 1215 Intramural Football Key 1215 Talent Night 131 5 Sgt.-at-Arms S. F. C. 141. GERALDINE VIRGINIA WRIGHT S. G. C. 1413 G. A. A. 1315 J. G. C. 131. SPECIAL ARCIE HARVEY ' ' -if-A---if '-A -- -' "-11-----H - Page F ifty-nine F' 'Q ,f if xnw' ,, J J W H. R. 204-First row: H. TRAPP: V. Mmnsg E. Nolrrow. Second row: F. SAVITZQ M. MINTONQ M. SHAHOODQ ' M. NIADDEMQ V. BROWN. Third row: W. Kmcg M. COKERQ V. SArPg D. NILFIIRAYQ M. CLARK. Fourth row: M. FORBESQ L. Bowsllsg D. COTSONISQ E. MILLISQ E. LEA. J. CHOULATQ J. Cr,ARKg B. NIASTROCIANAKISQ A. V NIOSCOVITZQ D. Liang J. LESx.m'. H. R. 227-Firsz row: J. ELIANQ M. GLASSQ B. MATHEWSQ O. Cmswsg J. PENNQ D. FULMERQ F. Dow. Second row: B. J. GEIGERQ J. POWELLQ B. GARCIAQ F. Powlznsg N. Pmnsrnng M. REYN0Lusg S. ROBERSON. Third row: G. SHEPARDQ J. Smzmxng P. WEBB. G. SMITHQ D. M. Rosmcg F. SMITHQ V. Wonsnza. Fourth row: J. BOWDENQ H. L. 0vERBYg A. KENYONQ L. FORDHAMQ J. CRIMMINCERQ D.R1c1-uansg L. PADGETT. Fifth row: W. PRITCHETTQ A. SEYLERQ W. PACEQ S. Pnmcmsg E. RAMBACH. Page Sixty C' L ,, , . .. ,. ... H , WL. Y ........,....H .-- lk , Y--I1 I ,V .N if! + H. R. 313-First row: C. ARNOTTQ M. XVRIGHTQ T. BARKICTQ I. ALSOBROOK, JR.g T. CARTER. Second row: B. LEEQ L. I'IADLERQ B. HOWELLQ R. JANES3 B. IQENTQ C. CROSBY. Third row: M. WOODVVARDQ H. ROSENBLATTQ H. RAYg M. O,QUINNQ A. SHEDDANQ C. S. WEMP. Fourth row: R. L. BARIGANQ K. ARNOLDQ T. WILKINSONQ J. IIAIIRELI4 D. ELEAZERQ L. WHITP1HEAD. Fifth row: Y. HAsIcENg H. IIOLLINcEIIg A. VERNONQ E. HUlIPHREX'SQ N. XVII.- LIAMSQ J. HOST. Sixth row: M. XVALKERQ M. WHITEQ M. XVILLIAMS. Coop. f12BD Standing: B. HmEsg R. S,xNPTEsg H. GREENEQ N. HINTONQ M. WILLIAMSQ F. C,uILsoNg M. ELLIOTT. H. R. 201-First row: C. PAIIKERQ M. GAYLORDQ J. POWELLL J. ROBERTSQ Z. ROBERTSONQ C. JONES. Second row: A. BALDNVINQ R. GREENEQ K. Gmvg M. HERLONGQ B. DIETIIIcHg J. HILL. Third row: M. DOwNsg B. J. FRANKQ B. Ross. Fourth row: S. GREENQ G. FIELDINCQ E. FLOYDQ G. FOUNTAIN? C. BROWNQ W. RICIQETSONQ L. GREEN. Fifth mw: A. FOUNTAINQ R. BENSON3 V. DAUGIITREYQ B. DAVISQ T. DAMPIEIKQ M. E. DAY. Page Sixty-one 1 .,,..ku.. -L ,,..IE.... .. A ""'7 l 4 i I - 4 .W A . A C H. R. 213-First row: E. DANSONQ J. BOVVDENQ M. CARTERg B. Coopnug J. BROADUSQ D. CocKcn0F'r. Second row: A. DIXONQ C. Kmcg K. KELI.YQ R. Ovsmwg C. I-IAGUEQ J. WEAvEug R. JAMESQ J. BOATYVRIGHTQ J. Ivlzns. Third row: T. Hxccmnorrnomg M. LEEQ V. BIINTZQ S. MEGONIGALQ F. MENTEQ D. MENOTTEQ B. RIONT- c0MEnYg J. Mxznnumg C. SUu.Iv,xN. Fourth row: B. STUTTsg L. W1-:Nzr:Lg E. Pnossmg M. HARBISONQ A. KNICHT2, II. QUINCIQQ I. SM1THg M. SMITHQ I. WYYLIE. Fifth row: A. WHEPZLERQ A. MUIIIKAYQ A. SMITI-lg L. STEwAl:'rg C. RUSS!-.I..ANIJQ J. STAFFORDQ C. STAlmATg E. THOMPSONQ J. TURNER. Sixth row: L. V.x1.1cN'r1N1-:g C. WARN0cKg J. STOKIZSQ E. Wmsu: B. TL:RNsug R. Nluunmfg L. THIGPENQ H. WxI.soN. . If 3 H. R. 218-First row: N. JVIASTROGIANAKISQ C. SAMBLEQ L. MATHENYQ L. NIAHONI, F. GAKIBENQ C. NYEL'fHl-QRSLYQ B. BARRENS. Second row: Q. SAMMONSQ R. MINORQ I. Long D. MCLEINIJONQ B. Mlnuzkg D. CARY. Third row: W. LUCAS. M. Cmxvsng C. WIGGINS5 M. WIGGINSQ K. WILKSQ HlI.UERT MAncol.g HOWARD NIARGOL. Fourth row: W. Ocmvmg J. MARKSQ J. Lomsrzg E. MCCI.AMg N. KITCHI-INSQ W. M0Y1.g B. MAxwrgu.. Fifth row: M. BENNETT: NI. SHEETSQ L. LUTEN. Page Sixty-two Ln.-. ......,--. . L... W.. ...W A. .. L . -........n-L N :- H. R. 225-First row: T. Munmwg G. KOWKABANYQ J. T. LINDSEYQ N. Osrnomg H. PETTIBQNEQ R. RIDENOURQ M. HOPKINS. Second row: C. J1-:I-'FERSQ B. CLARKQ H. BONHAMZ, M. HANDQ W. HANEYZ, V. HARMoNg N. IJILTON. Third row: II. K1cKL1cHTr:Rg A. KURLINQ E. O,STEENg D. MAULLQ C. Mmmzasg P. HERLONGQ M. J. HERON. Fourth row: B. JONES5 J. HUTCHINSONQ G. LEAKEQ V. JACKSONQ A. JOHNSONQ R. Hovsmxg L. JONES. Fifth row: F. RRAnLm'g L. Cursg G. COBBQ J. DEIKL. H. R. 226-First row: B. Donsxzvg R. ELLIASQ B. FLEMINGZ J. SLATTERYQ J. GEORCEQ W. DEAL. Standing: A. LEWIS. Second row: R. FRADENQ E. Duccmg G. D'AMAT0g E. ERICKSONQ L. CHOATEQ R. FANELLI. Third row: M. COOK? L. COTHERNQ, D. Commmrg E. COTTONQ M. Cmcwsg J. DE GARMO. Fourth row: S. M. ROBINSONQ B. fhANDYQ M. IFIFEQ M. DOVVLINCQ E. FORRESTER. Standing: B. FLOYD. Page Sixty-three ln A 1"- 'ii'1"1'1 - 4... MAL, .- --gg- ff H. R. 229-First row: L. R. GREENEQ F. HARNAGEQ F. HANCHEYQ J. GILLILANDQ R. GRAPERQ H. HALTIWANGER. Standing: W. Coolc. Second row: M. HARIKISQ B. BARKER5 G. SKENEQ L. CARTERQ R. HARDINQ M. TRUSSLER. Third row: J. HARDENQ P. TAYLORQ D. SWEETQ J. JONES? J. GUNTERQ R. GREENE. 'H H. R. 302-First ron-: R. lNM0Ng C. HEYNQ B. HUGHESQ C. KINTCHENQ C. BARTLEYQ L. HIGGINBOTHAM. Second row: E. Irzcovnzg J. BERNRUETERQ E. JOSEPHQ B. Bl.AKEg G. BISHOPQ M. HIGGINBOTI-IAMg I. BENNETTQ H. ANDERSON. Third row: W. BLOUNTQ D. ASI-ITONQ E. JONESQ G. ALTMANQ J. HODGESQ B. ADAMS3 M. KELLY. Fourth row: J. HENDRYQ M. ISAACSQ J. HADDOCKQ S. JONESQ C. KELLYQ E. JENSENQ B. ALEXANDER. Standing left to right: B. VOGLEQ T. KABRICHQ B. MURPHYQ H. OSTEENQ H. JONESQ J. DAvlsg K. BAXTER. Page Sixty-four .., . , ng . ..., - -4- .... I ... Mil AA II. R. 306i First row: V. I'nocToKg M. RE51I.EYg J. L:-:IKEQ J. .-X. Dnxsg C. CIORGETTIQ R. Pmcocu. Second row: A. PETERSONQ D. XYIu.I.n1s5 B. DAVIS? D. PEAKEQ T. GRAHAAIQ H. PARKER. Third row: L. PICKETTQ C. PARTINQ H. MCCLEARYQ I..RANso1vIg R. VFURNAGEQ G. REGISTER. Four-1h row: D. ROIIERTSQ E. POXVELLQ S. RUBINQ A. PIEHEQ L. H.KRlKOLD. Fifzh row: B. TAYLOIIQ F. L. SHAXVQ S. RADY. w n M in ...V .9 I-Q IE.. II. R. 30TfFirsz row: H. XVALTONQ H. SCOTTENQ G. ULMOQ L. SILYERMANQ D. WALKERQ II. SMITH. Second row: T. P1LcIIERg M. MCCALLQ S. IOSCANIQ M. STOKESQ A. Woong N. WILSON. Third row: B. WRIGHTQ K. SCOTTQ II. DENIVIAIIIQQ W. GEIGI-IRQ D. TILI.1Eg E. WARREN. Fourth row: EVELYN SMITHQ M. EDNVARDSQ C. DYALL J. XX-YARRENQ L. ZAIIICR. Fifth row: B. WOLEE. Lgg. . ..-......L...,, A , ,WA ,. Page Sixty-five IWW Ir' 'L F fl , mf Tw- -'f-X --f ---W 4-- H. R. 308-First row: R. LUNuQU1sTg HENDRICKSQ B. BRANNENQ D. Buns. Second ww: B. Gmfung M. PITTMANQ F. Jownsg P. IWURDAUGHQ J. KNAPP. Third row: H. CRAwFoRng H. MILLICRQ B. SACHSQ R. KENNEDYQ A. GRIFFITH. Fourth row: J. Bumcsg D. LEBIOINEQ W. Nswsmmg K. L. Lovzg V. C. USSERY. Fifth row: P. SAMSONQ VV. Srzuliwu-:ng V. SMITIIQ F. PALMERQ A. PINE. pw .-.L-wv.... .. ,.f ' -A-Vw, . C9 ge 11 4' cs X . .P G H. R. 312-First ruur: Y. Lmlcg A. LANIHRQ N. NICBRIDEQ F. LACY. Second row: V. L1v1Ncs'1'0Ng M. MAu0z1s: N W. McLANEg E. Crmimg G. SIMMONS. Third row: J. A. MCDONALDQ M. IMLOEPPELQ V. Mfvrunwsg C.L1awxsg Q A.BICXVII.I.IAMSQ J.P.NlA'l'SON. Fourth row: H.SliAHOODQ E.LLOYI1Q M.L.KNAPPg M. R0UNTm:Eg A. LEHMANQ J. SCOTT. Fifth rm:-: W. SIINICIIINI-KNQ L. S. SHIELDSQ E. MAREEsg W. M. NIAINESQ M. SHIVERQ L. 5-XF!-LRQ N. ' LYLI-is. 1 i V Page Sixty-six W T .- ,...-- ,db aaa, ,,,,,,, A ,..g,A , A.. ,..,. 4,,..lhA.,. . W f H. R. 313-First row: R. Wfmng H. W. SANDERSQ D. O. SCHUFFERQ H. TRAVISQ R. Donsmg N. DAYISQ W. GAS- KINS. Second row: J. NENQ T. NIXONQ L. NUNNQ F. NASRALLAHQ Y. OYVENSQ J. DIQCKNVORTHQ M. REHBERG. Third row: 0. FIELDSQ C. MIDDLETONQ C. MOOREQ J. MEDFORDQ B. MOOREQ G. MOOREQ T. LEE. Fourth row: E. :VIURPHYQ L. M. MOSELEY: J. MORGAN? R. MENOTTEQ H. MEGASQ R. MOI.ERllEY. H HK r 1. ,,...M , Q1 H. R. 314iFirsz row: E. VAl.L1sg B. TOPPINGQ K. TOWNSENDQ E. WYCHE? H. PEPPER, IIg F. D01ss0N, Ilg R. ROCKLEY. Second row: C. TIRRELLQ J. S1'AHL1NGg S. STRATFORDQ N. S'rE1Ng E. C. STEELEQ B. THOMSONQ A. PAOLIICCI. Third row: L. RANSOMEQ K. STANTONQ M. RILEYQ F. ROBERTSONQ C. PATRINELYQ T. RANDLEQ G. PADGETTQ T. REYNOLDS. Fourth row: N. PICKETTQ J. PINKERTONQ B. POPWELLQ B. Srmzng M. PERRYMANQ E. Ronnwrs. Fifth row: J. PAncE'rTg M. PEASEQ D. PowE1.L. Page Sixty-seven ...Jn-.. A... -A A-um M- -A -... .. . ... .. 4-1,- 7 w V I L x 1 -7 45.5 if V Vws- .. H. R. 315-First row: H. BROWNQ E. COCKKANQ W. C. GRIFFINQ XX . HENIIIRIQLIQSQ C. Col.I.1Nsg J. F. COLLINSQ N. PAOLUCCI. Second row: A. CLAKKSONQ T. Fosnzkg M. MANNINGQ D. Vrcrgg P. AIKENQ P. Wumsg S. BRANNONQ L. BRYSON. Third rmv: M. Cmmig M. BURCK1 V. CAMPQ B. J. CA1v1PI.14:Jm1Ng I". C-xsc0NR: M. Cx-m.l.Ig J. Bunn. Fourzh mfr: D. Borrow: D. Bum.: M. Buowruxcz M. C.as2LR0N1a. .U ' . V1 N I ' YQ mix W H. R. 317-First row: A. ADOMATQ C. ALI-IXANDER3 C. BEHRriNsg J. Anxomz N. li.xn'm1ANg R. BA5Mc.xu1'NER. Second row: M. BASS!-ZTTQ M. Bl-:ATYg R. ANDERSONQ 0. Culus1'r:Nsr:Ng T. B1:0Al1s'1'um:'1'g B. Dozn-JR. Third row: F. CASONQ V. ANDERSONQ E. CoMv1'0Ng H. BEKNIQUETEM D. CAR'l'l'IlKQ H. Lui. Fourth row: H. BL.+.cuMANg M. BLACKWELLQ E. BLOUNT2 A. BREL.xNng D. BUNNQ M. BAHKER. Fifth row: L. AIKUIQLLAHQ A. BI. Br:N'rLr:x'g D. .ANDERSONQ J. .X'rcm.EY. Page Sixty-eight H. R. 101-First row: J. ABaRr:RxMmEg R. Amusg B. An.1.r:Ng F. Au.sNg J. AxuuRsoNg W. ANSONQ D. ARNOTT. Second row: C. Bxwxrixg J. B.xL.xNKYg J. BARROYVQ M. ASPINWALLQ A. Busg A. B,xTcHELmgRg L. BATTI-:N. Third row: J. BAxu:Rg H. BOLASKYQ D. BLAKEQ L. Brwcug E. IJLACKNIANQ C.B15HoPg L. BEATY. Fourth row: B. BARNHARnrg B. ABRAMOVITZQ B. ALLENQ M. ADAMSQ E. D.xv1sg B. BARROWS. Fifth row: A. BARTLm'rg L. BEAMg A. BLOYXTQ A. BIESSENTQ O. BLOCKER. Q. I II. B. 102-First rozv: M. BR.KlSlIfKNIQ E. BRuN1Nug B. BRI'r'rg M. CH.u'PELLg lj. CAVENDEII. Second row: S. BOW- INIANQ M. Brmwuug P. BURNICYQ B. GRIFFISQ B. BoYL:Rg F. BURT. Third row: V. CANm5T0g B. CHAFFr:Eg C. BROXVNQ L. BUEDICKQ B. SRTZIQR. Fourth rozr: F. CAINQ J. CARN1zYg W. C.xRm'g J. CLICMENSQ M. BICCORMICKQ J. CHAMBERS. Fifth row: B. BROXVNQ M. B0RNsT1f:1Ng J. Bvgssmmsg F. BRL'N0g R. BRASXVELLQ J. BRADFORD. Page S ixty-nine M -H H. R. 103-First row: J. COLLINSQ W. COLLUMQ B. Cmzwsg F. Cmzwsg J. CULVEYHOUSEQ D. PUSHEQ B. DYAL Second row: H. SANSONQ W. COPELINQ B. DUNKLEYQ T. DOMBROSKIQ D. CUSIC3 J. ELLIOTTQ M. DELOACH Third row: T. EASONQ H. CRAIGQ C. DYKEsg J. EMBRECHTSQ G. Coxg V. Coxg T. DYER. Fourth row: M CRAwF0mJg A. KRISTOFQ L. DAVISQ E. CRICHLOWQ L. DELANEYQ D. DELOACI-If M. J. DEMONBREUN. Fifth ron-. M. DICKSONQ M. DINGLEQ I-I. EFFLERQ B. DUKEg N. EMERSON. E1 in rr f1 H. R. 104-First row: B. SPILLE: O. GARDNERQ F. GARDNER? C. DAVENPORTQ E. Gonsg C. BAHFIELD. Second row: J. S. GRANTHAMQ L. GREENQ J. GREGORYQ H. LINDQUISTQ H. LEWISQ H. LuKEg M. LYONS. Third row: S. NATIONQ 0. MATHEWSQ M. OGIERQ E. WALDREPQ H. Mmmxng W. OGILVIEQ B. Mms. Fourth row: J. PERKINS. A. N. Pznsnsowg W. PAscHAx.g H. PONCEQ C. PETERSQ R. WALKER. Fifth row: B. RAHAIMQ E. SHIVERQ C. STALVEYQ E. TARTQ M. WILSONQ J. WALTHALL. Page Seventy ... . M ,, ,..,.... . . A A-A .. . H., .. A . -... 0-.--z.hA-A......A,.A....,...-.. WW? . -A i -W v v.. H. R. 105-First row: J. RIESSICQ E. M. MILLIRONSQ B. NIARGO. Second row: A. PYKEQ M. PLUMMERQ C. MA- LONEJ R. NASSAUQ E. MURRAYQ J. PERRYQ T. RADY. Third row: M. Pumuvsg E. PHILLIPSQ E. PINKERTONQ R. Mnroxg F. PARKQ D. PATTERSONQ W. T. PURDY. Fourth row: J. PATTERSONQ E. L. TAYLORQ B. MINCYQ T. MALONEQ S. MOCKQ M. E. JONESS, F. MERCER. Fifth row: W. MATTHEWSQ C. Pmssg I. PARISOTQ F. MOOREQ M. Mossufg R. POLLARDQ F. MAssEY. H. R. 106-First row: B. SMITHQ P. SAYLESQ M. STUAR'rg C. TIPPINSQ M. TUCKERQ V. WESTBERRYQ M. YOUNG. Second row: M. MILLERQ A. MOSELEYQ B. A. PRASSERQ D. Rmnnxcxg H. ROSIER: J. HAYSERS J. P. JONES. Third row: J. JoHNsg E. LOHMANQ M. KAUFMANQ L. Kmcg J. KINGQ B. CLEMEN'rsg W. CHAPLIN. Fourth ron-: M. JARRELLQ L. BARFILLDQ B. HUNNICUTTQ M. S. ATKINSONQ D. R. HORNEQ A. HLTNTERQ D. JARRELLS. Page Seventy-one M -H ..,.,,,.....,,. ..... L-. Am, K 1, A.- H+., , H. R. 107-First row: B. JIARGROVEQ S. GENOVESQ V. HA1xIM0Nng F. HANSEN. Second row: J. HARTLE1'Q C HENDEIISONQ M. IIEETHQ li. IIAYNESQ V. HAWKINSQ R. IIEETHQ M. IIENDRIX. Third row: M. HOLCODIBQ E HOBIESQ J. HEIiI.0NGQ G. II1cc1NBoTII,xMg F. NILLQ K. HIGl1SDIITHQ A. HODGES. Fourth row: B. HOIITON: D HOScHg A. HUNTEIIQ C. How mug A. HUFFg R. HAINESQ J. HIXIIIKIS. Fifth row: G. Hung C. JEFI-'I-IRSQ P. IJYLYONZ P. INGIIAMQ P. HUmzUTg H. JACKSONQ B. JENKINS. F' I 5 i H. R. Balcony-First row: S. WILKESQ E. IQORNSCHUTZQ D. BENNETTQ C. WEBB? W. FRAMC. Second row: F GREc0IzYg M. WYICLLSQ C. XYILKINSONQ H. WILLIAMSQ S. SILIIEIISTEINQ C. NVELLS. Third row: L. J. WILLIAMS: M. WILI.IAMsg E. WENHOLDQ N. XVIMBEIILEYQ J. YOUNGQ J. XYELLS. Fourzh ron-: V. WILLISQ D. PARKERQ G WESTQ M. WYCHEQ B. CRAIG. Page Seventy-two ,EW .... AW, ..... H ,.......E-- ...., . Q H. R. 202-Standing, left to right: R. WALKEIQ W. TAYLOR. First row: J. WAINVVRIGHTQ P. THOMPSONQ M. L. TATEQ E. SORENSENQ G. TRAINOR. Second row: H. SUTTONQ E. TOXVNSENDQ B. TOMLINSUNQ T. TAYLORQ T. C. TURNER. Third row: 0. VOGELZ, B. TURNERQ J. TOPPINGQ E. TRAw1cKg D. VOIGHT. Fourth row: A. WATKINSQ J. STRICKLANDQ M. R. TAYLORQ D. TISONQ M. L. TARIFA. Fifth row: E. L. TOMLINSONQ L. TATUMQ D. TAYLORQ M. L. TARvERg E. TERRELL. H. R. 203-First row: M. GASSERQ V. GREENEQ P. GREENEQ C. GREER:, J. KING. Second row: M. C. Evlsnsg M. FARFORDQ G. FERGUSONQ V. FINLEYQ J. FLYNNg A. HALL. Third row: R. HARREI.Lg B. I-IARTLEYg Bm' HARTLEYQ E. ENGLISHQ C. ESTERLINEQ H. HALL. Fourth row: B. GREENEQ J. GRIMESQ H. HAILEYQ N. HADDOCKQ E. HARRELL. Fifth row: A. ELIANQ E. EUBANKS3 R. GOODMANQ E. GARRETTQ J. FOWLER. Page Seventy-three , .,.., IAA... .4 , L.. . . . L 4 ...V ,v - -in H. R. 210-First row: C. IQICKLIGHTERQ T. KIENCEQ G. JoNEsg C. HUNT. Second row: B. KITCHENSQ J. GREERQ K. GLENNQ H. Kmcg H. J. DANSON. Third row: S. Pmclzg J. CLARKg M. M. HIARSHALLQ E.KUHNq C. DUNN. Fourth row: E. JoHNs0Ng B. JANESQ M. KEITHQ M. A. JoHNsoNg S. KIRKLAND. Fifth row: L. KENNEDX'Z NI. JOHNSON? L. JoHNsoNg L. M. JOHNSTONQ M. STOPPELBEIN. H. R. 211-First row, front to back: W. L. THORNTONQ E. TAYLORQ C. WILLIAMSQ P. TAYLORQ SWEARINGEN. Second row, front to back: J. SUTTONQ C. J. WATSONQ B. WILLIAMSQ V. WILSONQ A. WILLIAMS. Third row, front to back: I. WHIPPLEQ A. WESTERQ I. WHITLOWQ V. TRAPPQ J. TAYLOR. Fourth row, front to back: F. STRIPLINCQ L. Zmrsnxownng D. ZAHERg I. TANNERQ B. TRYON. Fifth row, front to back: F. WATSONQ W. WELCHQ I. Wssrg C. WILSONQ E. TAYLOR. Page Seventy-four AA V Aus- ...Y g. . -Y AA-Y V H. R. 212-First row: B. HOFFENBERCQ A. R. HART3 L. HL'RLBERTg A. KooNsg L. KING. Second row: R. JONESQ G. HENNQ M. Lvuzsg E. LUTENQ L. HORNE. Third row: M. HURLBERTQ P. HURLBERTQ W. LUNDQUISTQ J. R. JACKSONQ J. LINCOLN. Fourth row: F. Honcasg G. HOLMESQ V. LEVYQ F. KNu:HTg E. JONES. Fifth row: E. HARVEYQ P. HUBBARDQ A. KERNQ P. KOWKABANYQ F. KEGLEY. H. R. 220-First row: O. SAIGQ V. Romzmsg O. RICEQ W. RANSOMEQ B. Ssurg L. LITTLEQ J. SCHLEICHER. Second row: M. SIMPSONQ K. Scmmoxog M. SM11'Hg B. SMITH3 A. SHAnKEYg B. SLOANQ J. SANDBQRN. Third row: V. SORRELLSQ M. STEPHENSQ H. SPEIGLERQ W. REYNOLDS? C. RAINEYQ F. STEPHENsg D. STAHLING. Fourth row: K. SAMMONSQ B. Sc0T'rg A. Scofrg H. SMITHQ B. SEAwARDg F. RIENSQ L. ROBERTSQ M. E. RENTROP. Page Seventy-five MA A...J-...........H...,A J, 4 ,H , L JF M A V HA, -- w-Y-ff' -'Y' -F---M f- v -- --vw--v 1 . .aqu- H. R. 223-First row: H. Lrgv1Ng W. Mfxncong D.MARc1-1ELLEcKg H. Lorzg E. LE'1'CHWVORTHQ J. MAYES. Second row: F. RAGGETTQ R. LEDKEg E. LLOYDQ R. LUcAsg V. MALLARng B. MCKEE. Third row: J. Lmnslavg F. ROBERSONQ H. MANNINGQ M. Lorzg A. Loosg F. McGAv1c. Fourth row: J. LANIIADIQ G. LEMOINEI, M. H.ARRISQ D. LEAGUEQ B. MEEKERg B. RITCH. Fifth row: B. LANIERQ T. MCLEODQ M. Mmmoxg G. PARKERg G. Lmsg H. LINDSEYQ J. Loclcwoon. H. R. 224-Standing, left to right: P. PEARSONZ, C. PATTERSON. First row, front: B. NOLANQ R. OLCOTTQ M. PAncE1'Tg M. D. HESLEPQ F. PARISH. Second row, front: ,G. Monmsg C. NEWs0MEg V. MCGRAWQ F. FLETCHERQ R. SCHRECKQ V. Nomus. Third row, front: A. PIFRCEQ P. MALLOYQ W. Moonvg M. Moomzg W. MORGANQ G. YANCEY. Fourth row, front: DQ METTEQ B. NIILLERQ E. MILLERQ M. MILLERQ B. MITCHELLQ E. PERRETT. Page Seventy-six n Ma.. .. . . ,.K.......,,,. A -.,..g. MAA,-,,,...A... H. AML. ... --dingy.. .... Ju-H. ..,.. .. . ,...-- ....... . .- -Y. . , f'- -.Y . . --- -- - ...............,.,.....-.. ,,,-,3,-, H. R. 304-First row: M. H. ROGERSQ R. N. PRUITTQ OLA M. ROWLANDQ M. F. RILEYQ L. REGISTER, JR.g M. R0wEg J. RAY. Second row: J. PRICES J. ROGERS? J. REEDQ M. PONCEQ M. ROBINSONQ J. RILEYQ L. ROWE. Third row: P. ROGERSQ H. REGISTER: D. REAGORQ A. RIVERSQ V. RODGERSQ R. RAINS5 B. ROUNTREE. Fourth row: M. ROBERSONI, A. RoEg A. RowEg P. PRATTg A. RADFoRDg D. J. ROGERSQ F. REED. H. R. 305gFirsr row: L. ASHLEYQ J. BRANDQ M. ALTMANQ B. BUHLESONQ J. BASSQ J. ALLEN. Second row: M. BAILEYQ J. BRINNQ J. BELLQ B. BELLQ C. BROWNQ V. ADDISONQ W. BARKER. Third row: H. ALEXANDERQ B. BAKER? I. BROWNQ F. ANSONQ W. BROWNQ T. BISHOP. Fourth row: P. ABDULLAHQ R. M. BIANCOQ E. BACONQ J. BROWVNLIQEQ R. BAACKEQ E. BEASLEYQ B. ALsoER00K. Page Seventy-seven 5 r L i X x 5 J i v L W P N 5 Y w w E 5 f F I I i V a i E r l E L.. 'i"'FQ' ' H. R. 309 fHouserJ-First row: R. WESTBROOKQ C. G1LI.1A1v1g E. HADD1-:Ng B. GUNDLACHZ V. FUOEA. Second row: M. A. GORMLYQ M. A. GARRETTQ R. GRIFFINQ M. GILMANQ L. C. FLOYD. Third row: J. GRAHAMQ D. HARRISQ B. J. EPPERSONQ C. HADDOCKQ S. HAEELE. Fourth row: C. FREEMAN? M. FITZHIJCHQ E. GREENQ B. GILLIAMQ M. CLOVER. Fifth row: M. GOETHEQ H. EPPSQ H. FORBESQ H. B. B. GERRISH. Standing: W. GREEN. H. R. 309 fBeevcrJ-First row: M. THOMPSONQ L. METZERQ A. FENDERQ A. L. GASKINQ B. WOOD. Second row: P. MURILLOQ E. ALLREADQ M. Gossg E. Tlcl-:g B. SUTHERLANDQ W. CARASIK. Third row: C. BELQTEQ J. WHITEQ A. ANDERSONQ J. SOUTHARDQ E. SPROUSE. Fourth row: E. BROWNQ A. BANDQ B. JACKSONQ H. HOLLANDQ L. WALKER. Page Seventy-eight 4----Y -A -4---ilg-A+ --47g4..L.-- A-. . 44... .A .. ...H . . - .lv r ' -W f H. R. 310-First row: E. STOKES? A. LAMONTQ N. BULLARDQ I. AnAMsg J. Ssufg M. STRATFORD. Second row: D. S1-xELT0Ng G. SKIPPERQ S. STARRQ M. SMITHQ V. SMITHQ A. SNELLERQ R. SPTVAKQ J. SMITH. Third row: K. STEPHENS? M. ROYALQ C. STOCKTONQ B. SHUGARTQ L. BREwERg J. SACT-Isg M. SADLERQ W. Sc!-IRECK. Fourth row: C. RUSSELLQ G. SALTERQ R. SHAsHYg S. LA VAUCHNQ R. SIRBLINQ J. SHADBURNQ H. Clmwronng H. SIBTHORPEQ J. SKINNER. H. R. 316-First row: B. DEP1Avog H. DONAROMAQ L. Duccrzng H. ECHOLSQ D. CALHOUN. Second row: D. COOKQ G. C00K:, E. COPELANDQ J. COWARTQ L. DANSONQ H. BRYAN. Third row: G. BUCHANNAN3 B. BURcERg V. BURICHALTERQ E. CARAKARQ B. CONN. Fourth row: J. D0RNl-:Yg D. DUCKWORTHQ R. DUNN? T. EASONQ E. BUTTS. Fifth rou-: B. CARvERg J. CHANCYQ P. COPELANDQ M. CRAIGQ C. BYRD. Page Seventy-nine 1 I i 1 N 4 1 1 i i l x l 5 4 1 I N 1 1 I 1 4 5 1 4 -I 1. v ---, , - ,, .- ,,,,-,vw -..-.v,Y,.,..Y--V-vi--.vf-vff.vfv Y--YW T Annapolis, many different sports are offered. Football and basketball are tlle principal ones, hut other minor sports are also played. It is interesting to note tllat the navy has the largest imloor swimming pool in the worlcl. Our sports program is as varied as our interests. Altllougln lirotball and basketball are still our major organized sports, we have keen in- terest in many others. ...J--Y - .---. .-A-4 Y-H - ., .. . ,A--M 'i.....A-mm 77' "UMR -Y ---- - --aww s rv-Y "W" ,K ,,ppq,, , . V ar- vi -,.. - Y ..-..,. YW. v ' , Kem, Q 5 ,w-"4 ' .. . - s. A-gawk N- V -...V K l'0liT v , ...Mau . ., , HM, A A -, -M - - ---:gnu------f OUR GUIDING LIGHTS " V M' Q df? wig' 5 Q . .Vg A13 Q rs: Og, Y' bf' M. A. DEMOREST MIKE HOUSER WALTER MIUDLEKAUFE s NANCY E. Lurz CLARKE KETZLE Andrew Jackson Athletic Association Since the establishment of the school in 1921, the athletic association has provided the students with the best equipment in all sports, whether it be the smallest item in the intra-murals or the largest in major sports. Equipping the band with lmiforms and pub- lishing one of the best school papers in the State, are two more of the various accomplish- ments of our athletic department. A complete motion picture set purchased by the department provides the students with up-to-date films on the latest sports of the school and outside activities. It plays an im- portant part in carrying out the program of health education for the students. Splendid support by the faculty and the ever prevalent school spirit of the students have made this progress possible. Page E ighty-two 2 ,. 1" .55 s 2 li f Q Q Y 3 it -. x Blliiix the-sauna X-Ajquu 1 i .st First row: BELL5 FLOYD? KENYONQ COOPERQ WILLIAMSON? RAMSAY iAlternate Captainbg PAcI:g Cooxg GRIFFIN. Second row: BLOUNTQ HOFFMANQ VANSICKLEQ HENDRYQ CROSBY iCaptainJg Lovsg Bowsnsg BISHOP. Third row: Bnoussg ALSOBROOKI, HORNEQ GLENNQ KIRKLANDQ LEWISQ HEYNQ HUGHESQ RIDDLE. Fourth row: MIMSQ TAwI:sg WHITEQ Bmcnrg CASTRONISQ ZELL. The Season Past- Hampered by injuries., ineligibilities and the lack of seasoned players, Andrew Jackson ex- perienced a mediocre season in their past gridiron campaign. The Tigers' played the strongest teams of the State and outside ranking football opponents. Win or lose, Jackson was always in there fighting, playing their best, and displaying the highest type of sports- manship at all times. Final statistics show them winning 3, losing 6, and tying l out of their 10-game, hack breaking schedule. Praise should be given Coaches Houser and Middlckauif for their great service toward building a team and especially for molding our athletes for teams of the future. The work of Baby Tiger Coaches Bono, Mort, and Parfitt for their Junior City Champions P-The Baby Tiger Reds and the Baby Tiger Whites teameeshould also be given recognition. With numerous lettermen, able reserves and ood material available from the Bab e u u g w y Tigers, Jackson should produce a winning team for their next football season. Page E ighty-three ,M M A... ....- .. Am, 4 1 'll CQ 'lg u 1 ak .1 J' 1 Ii? I F 5 i r r l l 15 l is.-.....s...,..,. .--U Cfffbw .Q ww'-""""" " '- wvmlmmr- -' f - tvrfj . , 1. . N x il All . llfal l wx ...Q - 'Ml' 3 5 ll 1-Y. x 'B ua- zf NA . It 1. B. MIMS 6. K. Love Quarterback End 2. A.LEWIS 7. W.Co0K Tackle Halfhack 3. C. HEYN 3. I.ALsom1ooK Guard Fullback 4. L. ZELL 9. D. HORNPZ Tackle End 5. E. BRIGHT 10. C. CROSBY, Capt. End Center-End Pigskin Parade '6Winning the Game was always secondary to observing the rules of the game and the traditions of sportsman- shipv-The Andrew Jackson Tigers opened their grid- iron season with a smashing 53-6 victory over Immacu- late Conception. ,lourneying downstate the team ran into a little difficulty and were finally subdued by the strong Raiders of Miami Edison, 19-6. Rebounding from this defeat, Jackson took revenge on the Wildcats from West Palm Beach by walloping them 39-O! Then the in- jury jinx struck! Encountering a heavy and formidable Petersburg., Virginia team, the Tigers not only came out on the short end of a 25-7 score but injuries to key men darkened their chances for future clashes. Playing their first game in the drive for the city championship, Jackson was eventually downed by a fast and tricky Landon team, 13-6, with several sopho- mores and second stringers holding forth for the ailing regulars. The large and equally powerful team of Miami High proved to be the Tigers, next nemesis. Although outweighed Page Eighty-four 6 fa y .rr-1 I, lm no Yi? 11. M. RAMSAY,Alt.- 16. A. KENYON ii Capt., Quarterback Halfhack 12. H. WILLIAMSON 17 L. PADGETT Fullback Tackle 13. M. CASTRONIS 18. T. S1-mswssuav Tackle Halfback 14. R. GLENN 19 D. VANSICKLE End Guard 15. L. Bowrns 20. J. CRAIG Guard Center considerably by the present State Champs, .lackson put up a spirited fight, but a last half surge of power gave the Stingarees a 30-7 verdict. Another invasion took the Tigers to Gainesville where a midseason slump found them content with a 6-6 stalemate with the 'Turple Hurricane? But this letdown was too much so Jackson uwent, saw, and conquered" the Green Devils of St. Petersburg 12-'Yl The 'gPanthers" from Tampa, were keyed with their annual Tiger Clash, resulting in a 6-0 loss to the boys from Plant High. The traditional Turkey Day game with Lee brought another defeat to the Tigers with the Big-10 champs winning by a 31'-7 score. Jackson knotted the tally at 7 all at the half but could not stand up under the pressure of the Generals, thus drawing the curtain on another gridiron campaign for Andrew Jackson High. With only 2 seniors graduating and numerous lettermen back from last season's squad, Jackson will indeed be rich in material for another pigskin season and should produce a championship team. Page E ighty-five v W .-W... vgu., F.-E-'U e Nnxsuad twfsof fi' mtg vt ' H501 First row: Manager, J. HARDINQ C. AHNOTTQ Manager, P. SAMSON. Second row: B. Mnvisg C. Brmmnsg B. Hum-nzsg L. PAncETTg Captain, Cxossvg I.A1.soBRooKg D. HORNEI, H. Scmzivnzng A. Bnzsg B. Sacus. Third row: HOWARD MARGOLQ W. SCHEMERQ HILBERT MARGOLQ E. BEAsx-:LEYg M. DELOACI-13 H. MITCHELLQ R. HARDENQ J. LOCKWOODQ B. ALSOBROOKQ C. CULV!-:YI-I0UsEg J. TURN1-:Kg Coach, HOUSPIR. T 3' qi 4b 'i P' X 5, I? S li W F Q - .a, C . s i f t? h 3 at p.-,,....... ,L h , . K . v as If nrt" .ye . 'Q 5 A!! r "" ii Ji A f A ' -. C... I -V . S fs 25 . ....... . Ji ' T L- f Q f 1 , H va lt., - C --if Our Iloopsteirs- The Jackson Five had a conlplote seasmfs record of winning 19 and losing 11 of' their 30-game fslmdule. Fu- tering the district playoff. the Tigers suffered a first round defeat, hut two viv- torivs in the consolations qualified them for the State Tournament. Drawing a strong Hrst round opponent. Jackson finally howed their - heads in defeat thus draw- .. f. .r .,, ,- . Q ing to a closo another issuo -i . tg? 1 of the Tiger hoopmcn. Page Eighty-six ' v' W-' ' ' ' f " 'W 'C V 'W"i""l W 33 iii is ff' 1 lt'S .fl Hit- Although handicapped hy im- proper facilities at their im- mediate disposal, Jackson has always developed a good base- ball team. Tutored for the first time hy Coach ltliddlekauff, the squad will have to start from scratch and rebuild a team which was robbed of its 1 stars hy graduation. However, 1 all men on the present nine 1 will he on hand for several 1 seasons: so future teams will 1 he very strong and potent. 1 A review of last season's ac- colnplishments shows a record 1 of 12 wins and 0 losses, scoring 156 points against 94 for their opponents. ln sweeping aside all city teams and those in the district, the Tigers captured both loop honors in style. But ill g luck has always dogged the squad in the state tournament. Never have they won the State ' Q. W title but have participated in the finals three times out of the last four years. 1 First row: Manager J. COLLINSQ E. BELL.: L. PICKETTQ P. Mummucng A. BATES, B. ALSOBROOKQ B. Woufsg B. 1 HUGHES, B. Mnwsg M. O,QUINNQ Manager M. CRAIG. Second row: Coach MIDDLEKAUFFQ D. VANSICKLEQ M. Btsnopg R. Actmng R. KENNFIDYQ C. CROSBY, I. ALso1mooKg J. CONNELLYQ E. Beast-gtxg H. Rug R. HARDIN. 1 1 1 4. an lm ' at 1 Page Eighty-seven 1 1 -B . aaa .+ ai .-...-. v... ,,, A VYYV Y-W On Your Mark- The lack of adequate fa- cilities has always handi- capped Jackson in this sporting event, but plans are now underway for the construction of proper cinder track and grounds for field meets. If and when this is completed, Jackson will have worthy athletes carrying the col- ors for them in the city, f- - 1 county and state tourna- Franz row: H. Rug W. PICKETSON' D. CARY- H. SIBTHORPE- W. COLLUMQ F. t D L t th JON!-:sg D. VANSICICLEQ A. STRICKLZXND. Back iow: M. DELo1:cHg T. GRA1-1AMg mlen S as seflsoni e J. MERHI.-xMg M. Toougg C. HEYNQ K. Lovsg C. BYRDQ D. BONDQ B. Cl-IAPPELLQ Tigers took third place B. PERKINS. . in the county field meet, but with ace lettermen returning and prospective tracksters on hand, the outlook for our track season is very bright. Coach Mort will again guide the activities of our track squad. Ace .' Although lacking in facilities and the time allotted to tennis, Jackson was very potent in the racquet game last year and are expected to go places again this year. A glance at the pre- ceding record 'illustrates the fine showing of our Tiger netmen. ' In games with other school teams,.lackson de- an feated the strong' Bolles and Lee netters and gained a tie with Landon. In the state tournament, the schoolwaswellrepre- ffm. sented up to the quarter- finals, where a ranking Southern player elimi- natedourlasthope. With strong newcomers and able veterans reporting, the game should strike a new high in the annals of school history. Left to right: B. Doznzng W. MAncoLg L. SAFER. Page E ighty-eightl - - -LA--...R .... . -,?....A-...-.............,,,4, ...ah W . nh, Aww - W? f"'?5 ifwiiw., ' 7 'S ' Q' ill it ---0 ---1-- Hole ln One Golf, even though a minor sport in the school, has always attracted many candidates and a record number of men turned out in an attempt to qualify, with the re- sult that five linksmen will represent .I ackson on the greens this season. 'Trofit by experiencew -this fact will prove very valuable to the pres- ent seasonis Tiger golf- men. Although the squad Left to righzi C. Kr:L1.r:Yg M. lhssn-1'1"rg W. T.n'uMg of last 'ear did not ca - 5 P ll. McEwizNg H. BRYAN, M. Jo1iNsoN. ture any titles, they were always a strong threat to our opponents. Match plays participated in by the team provided much experience that will help them go a long way i11 their quest for golf laurels. With vet- erans reporting from last year and talented newcomers, Jackson should have a fine, well-hal- anced team representing them. With a strong squad composed of M. Johnson, B. McEwen, M. Bassett, C. Kelley, and captained by H. Bryan, the Tigers will undoubtedly go a long way i11 their city match plays against other local schools. 1'lDtI'llfHIllI'lllS Intramurals have always played a very important part in the development of students both physically and mentally. Not o11ly does it help them in creating a sound mind and strong body but it teaches them character, fair play, leadership and the carrying out of assignments. We might say that intramurals are the basic foundation for all minor and major sports of the school. The pick of the athletes from each gym class are selected and form teams in which- ever sport they may take part. Champions are de- termined by elimination contests andthe members of each winning team re- ceives a handsome medal ashisreward. Each sport is under the supervision and personal direction of Coaches Houser and Mid- i it dlekauff. Sportsincluded inthisprogram are: foot- ball, basketball, volley ball, diamond ball,wrest- ling, horse shoes, and ping pong. Page Eighty-nine A 4 1 1 1 1 l J l l 4 1 J GIRLS' ' BASKETBALL L. MENGE, C. MEADOWVS, J. BOWUEN, L. DELETTRE, S. MCRAE have Intramural Keys for SOCCER SUSIE MCRAE, Captain of the champion Soccer SPORTS VOLLEY BALL S. MCRAE, L. MENGE, C. MEADOWS, J. BOWDEN, L. DELETTRE have Intramural Keys for Basketball. Team. This team Volley Ball. was awarded with Intramural medals. HOCKEY TENNIS 1. A Hockey Team ready for action. 3. Who is going to win? A. CLARKSON, M. WRIGHT E. VALLIS, H. CHAMBERS, H. HEMINGER. DIAMOND BALL PING PONG 2. A Diamond Ball Team "warming up." E. Co'r'rOgvx,' 4. All ready for a game in the "J" room. M. CAYLORD B. Gmrrts, D. BOLTON, M. BURK. " J. TURNER. BADMINTON 5. J. POWELL, Badminton Champion, and J. LANHAM. Page Ninety L A..----.. '.-k.........-...W -................. .... -.... . . ll... ,. ' i ,... ,.4.,... .J ..,.,,,.1. A . was-Sv--v' Y' Y ' """"' 'i"'-"W"-"T?""q"""' " ' """""i'i """'1 SU MMARY ANDREW JACKSON FOOTBALL SCORES FOR 1939 Jackson 53-1. C. ..,...,,...., 6 Jackson 6-Miami Edison ,.., 19 Jackson 39-West Palm Beach. 0 Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson 7-Petersburg, Va.. . .25 6-Landon .......... 13 7-Miami High ...... 30 6-Gainesville ,...,. 6 Jackson 12-St. Petersburg ..,. 7 Jackson 0-Plant .....,.,.... 6 Jackson 7-Lee High .....,.. 31 ANDREW JACKSON BASKETBALL SCORES FOR 1940 21--St. Paul ......... 39-Daytona Beach 18-Bolles .,......... 22-St. Paul .......... 19-Lee .,....,...... 23-Gainesville .,.... 31-Landon A ........ , 20-Orlando ,........ 30-Daytona Beach 24--Miami Edison .,.. 34-West Palm Beach. 24-Miami Senior .... Jackson 27-Miami Beach ..... 31 Jackson 19-Lee ............. 31 Jackson 24-Hillsborough Jackson 28 Jackson 25 ....23 -Bolles ........... 41 -Miami Edison , . . .22 Jackson 41-Miami Beach .... 19 Jackson 29-Miami Senior ..... 27 Jackson 24-Plant ......,...,, 36 Jackson 32-Gainesville ...... 26 Jackson 39-Orlando ...... . .25 Jackson 30-West Palm Beach 15 Jackson 30-Landon ,....,.... 32 Jackson 26-Hillsborough .... 20 Jackson 29-Plant ............ 23 Big-Ten Standing: Won 115 Lost 53 Third Place REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Jackson 21-DeLand ,........ 22 Jackson 3 7-Landon .,,..,.,, 21 Jackson 40-Ocala ,.......... 21 STATE TOURNAMENT Jackson 21-Plant .......,.. .33 ANDREW JACKSON BASEBALL SCORES FOR 1939 18-Bolles . . . . . 12-Lee .... ..... 1 0 18-Palatka . . , 6-Landon ....,... 13-Lee ...,,....... 0-Daytona Beach. . . 7-Orlando ....,,,. 7-Landon ..,...... Jackson 20-Bolles .......... 2 Jackson 7--Cocoa ..,....... 1 Jackson 2-West Palm Beach.10 Jackson 1-Fort Lauderdale. . 5 Jackson 10-Orlando ,....,... 12 Jackson 6-Landon . . . . . , l Jackson 10-Lee ..... .... 2 Jackson 9-Landon .. ...... Z :MA , lil Jackson 4-Lee ......,.,.... 11 Jackson 3-Florida Freshmen. 12 Jackson 3-Orlando ......, 5 K State Tournamentj Total Total Points 156 Points ......... 94 Won 123 Lost 6 Back row: R. COOPERQ S. STRATFORDQ J. RYALSQ F. COOPER KH. CJ. Front row: A. WATKINSQ G. DAMATOQ P. PATRINELLYQ L. LUTENQ S. MCRAE. 7 . sf ,,.,,4,..,L,,,,,.. M.- .,c.....,,,,,,.. .... . . ,Ai-, ,A Page N inety-one N activity engaged in by the entire regiment is the dress puruclc. Nearly all visitors ut Annapolis dc- sirc to sec this colorful spectacle. Clubs arc on dress parade when their uctivitivs, merit school-wiclc uttvntion. The coronution of our king und queen is onc of the most iniportunt acnvidcs of thc school ycur. r L s --.Amt -Ms -st A.--sAt A M. r ,ts - - ... Q . ,Q 6193524 W if QQ 1 Essfsiq wig-.:,-2 2 mi as Q. 4, 'iw 'is K we 1' + 5' , af. , s wt' . 1 I W Y y Q -f fl'l'll 1l S .iL...,,.,-,,.....A...,.,..,.. ,,.4.,A ..... HWQ.. . ,...A-rg.. 'Fir First row left to right: J. Foursg J. PACEQ E. GEORGEQ J. Ivmzg T. CocHRANg A. Sr. JOHNS B. GOLDSTEINQ M. Bxsl-rovg H. OVERBY. Second row left to right: L. Wmrsx-Imng E. NUNEZQ H. MCELIATHQ F. Coovrng M. ToNEYg A. BALACUERQ G. KING. Third row left to right: K. WILLIAMSQ R. HOLLISTERQ L. Tswssg J. SNIDEB5 C. BLOUNTQ D. Ls Moms, W. Gluccsg Fourth row left to right: W. Fonssrg D. Ric:-IARDSQ H. MENOSQ B. CLsMENrsg B. Bsnssng J. CHRISTYQ R. Pmtursg E. RAMnAcHg W. Fosrsng I. BOWDENJ C. Msnvmg R. Rom-Jars. Fifth row left to right: H. DUNTONQ M. Momusg T. BARKETT. For They Are Jolly Good Fellows To carry out the aim of character, leadership and high ideals of the school the Senior Fel- lows' Club has been highly successful in scholastic and social affairs. The members of the club, united as one, tried to promote fellowship, friendship and cooperation among the students and to set examples for the rest of the students. A series of dances which were held in the gym were enjoyed by the student body and the members. A mid-term banquet was held for the graduating seniors and another held for the June graduating class. The club owes a great deal of its success to Mr. Alfred' Panken, the cluh sponsor and Susie McRae, the club mascot. The officers for the first semester were: president, Charles Fermg vice-president, Walter Griggs, secretary, John Ivey, treasurer, George Fisher, chaplain, Henry Sineathg sergeant- at-arms, Stephen Woodg and reporter, Eddie Comer. Those elected for the second semester were: president Albert St. John, vice-president, Ralph Hollister, secretary, Billy Goldsteing treasurer, ,lohn Iveyg chaplain, Eddie George, sergeant-at-arms, Mack Bishop, reporter, Jack Pace. Page Ninety-four ...-.....,.,.. . --.- , ,-. .l.4................,,..,mn.n,... ...A ..-.,n.. Je. ...--...1-. J... ......,,,,,,s, a 1 -uumpm..-,JnnIuq.-lf- -- "" a is vi-.J ...QF ai 1 3 Center front: B. Gonnsrsm. First row: B. LINCOLNQ B. Suonrg M. Sucx-rg N. CHANDLER, M. VICKEBSQ F. BEDELLQ R. GEIGERQ M. WILLIAMSQ J. COLLINSQ A. MORGENSTERN. Second row: P. PATRINELYQ C. Rossg G. HOLLINCERQ F. SILBERSTEINQ B. HOWARDQ M. KNIGHTQ C. WARRENQ I. JOHNSON. Third row: S. PARKERQ H. CHAMBEnsg M. MCCLENDONQ E. Sumzag D. Hot-mg V. Sucssg J. BLANKFIELDQ L. Bssssrrg S. MCLENDONQ L. MENGE. Fourth row: M. Parris, A. FEINBERcg L. SMITI-IQ J. ALVAREZQ B. AnAMsg J. NICKENSQ C. Fuannsg E. LEE, E. B. Bxsnvg E. RAND. Fifth row: B. B. GEIGERQ V. BROWN: A. HENNQ E. BROWNQ E. KEYS, M. VON DOHLENQ J. A. Porrsg F. Wmzsusng R. Wssuzrg M. SKEEN2 T. BRYANQ M. L. Ecug H. HEMINGERQ E. SKINNERQ B. Nouns, C. THORNTON. Sixth row: S. ROBERSONQ A. Vrnmzng B. Hrssg L. BRENNANg B. L. Tmsrcsg V. JONESQ S. HIDERQ P. LEEg C. CHA:-'Fang E. STRICKLANDQ L. BENNETT, C. HENDRYQ K. THURMANQ S. MCRAE. With Malice Toward None An Outstanding club of Andrew Jackson High School is the Senior Girls' Club. It is ever active-and well organized. It has gone far in creating a closer and friendlier relationship among all Senior Girls at Andrew Jackson. In December the girls presented the annual Jubilee which proved to be a tremendous success. They gave a Bar-B-Q for the members and their escorts, and the low Senior girls of the club gave a tea honoring the graduating members. The success of all affairs can be attributed to the clubis sponsor., Mrs. Clarke Ketzle. The first term oflicers were: president, Edith Taylorg vice-president, Frances Bedellg secretary, Beatrice Seaseg treasurer., Martha Vickers, chaplain, Martha Slighg reporter, Nell Chandler, mascot, Billy Goldstein. Those elected to represent the club for the second semester were: president, Frances Bedellg vice-president, Mabel Williamsg treasurer, Martha Vickers, secretary, Rosa-Lee Geiger, reporter, Nell Chandler: chaplain, Martha Slighg mas- cot, Billy Goldstein, and sponsor, Mrs. Clarke Ketzle. Page Ninety-five ...4g,,,.,. ... ... ...... Jmm,.m. Q ... - .. ...Q ..... .. W.. .. ...S m. C? First row bottom to top: H. MAINESQ R. CooPERg P. SAMSON, E. CocHRANg J. KELLY, B. Mnvisg S. STHATFORD. Second row: M. Hiuuusg E. ERICSONQ H. LEE, J. GILLILANDQ J. MCDONALD? B. THOMPSON. Third row: J. HENRYQ K. Lovsg H. HALTIWANGERQ C. PARKERQ F. PRATT, C. BROWN. Fourth row: G. REGISTER, L. SAFERg C. HEYNSQ R. GREEN? T. REYNOLDS, B. FLEMINCQ H. PEPPER. Faithful Forever As a reminder of their past successes and of a club bound by friendship and harmony, the Junior Boys' Club still holds its high standard and an unhlemished record. Composed of boys in the junior class Only, the club forms ready means of recreation and in its program gives knowledge of club life. This organization tends to develop the scholastic and execu- tive ahility of the members for future years and exercise in them, conduct and efficiency as citizens of the city. The oliicers of the cluh who served for the first semester were: president, Abdenour Lewisg vice-president, Clarence Heyn, secretary, Hugh Haltiwangerg treasurer, Jack Gillilandg sergeant-at-arms, James Henryg chaplain, Kenneth Love, and reporter, Steve Stratford. The mascot of the club was Margaret Harris. These officers served also in oilice during the second semester. Mr. Frank S. Hudnall Was sponsor. Page N inety-six M., ...H . . ..,.... s.:...... -A . M- H- .,l, ,ni .a.., ,,,, W A H. .K A. -..A ..,, U HA.. , MNM. .anal-h v - ... . --i-f--7---wp--7 - - - --- -W 7- -v-Y --Y-- Yif - f-Y.- kai - H . .l First row: W. HENDRICKSQ M. Canvsng M. Hamnsg J. BOWDENQ A. LANIERQ B. MASTROClrKN.NKI5Q P. Wsssg D. Fu.MsRg B. GARCIA. Second row: V. Mnmzwsg N. Pmssreng D. BOLTONQ R. FR.xnnNg E. VALLISQ C. XVARNOCKQ A. XVHEELERQ M. D0wNsg L. S1-ionrzg E.JENsENg D. BENNQ D. Waucung M. Knox-1PPi:Lg E. J0Nss. Third row: R. GRAPERQ M. HECHTQ M. Coolcg G. Bisusoifg M. BLOUNTQ M. Rsmuzvg S. Mrl!LONIGAI.Q C. KINTCHEN2 S. JONESQ C. KINGS P. AIKEN. Fourth row: M. Isaacsg J. Turmsng D. POOLEYQ M. TCNAPPQ R. GRM: P. HERLONGQ M. BROYVNING. Fifth row: G. D'AMA'r0g H. MEGASQ B. CAMP1.rJoHNg F. SHAW. They Couldn't Be Sweeter - Forming the nucleus of the Junior Class, is the Junior Girls' Club. These girls are our future leaders. As an active club, this organization has sponsored many enjoyable entertainments. There have been candy sales, the annual Sophomore Tea, and the J unior-Senior Prom given at the end of every school year. The club's sponsor for the year has been Miss Mabel Glover. . The oflicers elected for the first semester were president, Nell Priesterg vice-president, Wancla Hendricksg secretary, Margaret Isaacsg treasurer, Virginia Mathewsg chaplain, Bessie Mastrogianakisg reporter, Barbara Garcia. Those elected for the second semester were: president, Wanda Hendricksg vice-president, Evelyn Vallisg secretary, Margaret Isaacsg treasurer, Virginia Mathewsg chaplain, Bessie Mastrogianakisg reporter, Barbara Garcia. Page Ninety-sezren 1 i 4 1 5 4 i 1 1 i 1 413A """'r -' " H' """ -' """"' rv' ' -- v----.,... ..4,,,.., --. Y- my ng, ,f??W'f"' 'W 4 A ' A V 'W c 5 Standing: M. Cluucg C. DAVENPORT, W. Manson., I. Pmcsg B. Cnswsg R. Si-:Asn-wg R. Ancorrg B. Sswumg B. LANIER. Seated: D. BLAKE, A. Rows: W. Moncang T. Rzmv. Accent on Youth Binding the Sophomore boys of Andrew Jackson into a tie of friendship, the Sophomore Boys, Club upholds a standard of tradition, honor, and fellowship. Although organized the latter part of the semester, this club has made a success of the year and has upheld its usual high standards. Cooperation and a direct thought of action toward problems and activities have existed among the members of this club to give them au opportunity to become ac- quainted with those with whom they will finish school and to promote a closer relationship with the faculty. This club owes a great deal of its success to its sponsor, Mr. Walter Middle- kauff. Oflieers elected the first semester were: president, Buddy Crews, vice-president, Randolph Cooper, secretary, Grady Morris, chaplain, Billy Meeker, sergeant-at-arms, Wilbur Margolg mascot, Alice Lee Rowe, reporter, Joe Price. Officers elected the second semester were: president, Buddy Crews, vice-president, Wilbur Margolg secretary, Joe Price, treasurer, Robery Shashyg chaplain, Donald Blake, sergeant-at-arms, J ack Gregory. Page Ninety-eight V. f.- ..1--.wgIlul- W3 1H'21 Nil Left to right:B. Asnomovrrzg B. Duxsg C. Wsnng M. J. DEMONBBEUMQ M. L. FITZHUGHQ F. G.4nnNEsg H. Rsclsrsng A. Bsmmrrrg H. Porrenr, R. SPIVAKQ A. WATKINSQ B. A. Jozvssg J. LANONQ B. Hsnruavg M. H. Rocsnsg F. Sscx-xsg B. Gnu-'rxsg A. Wltusmsg V. BUHKHANQ M. A. GARRETTQ J. BRINN3 C. SCARBOROUGI-IZ B. SULLIVAN. Seated: B. Arsosnoox. Second Yearlings . To encourage new and everlasting friendships among the newcomers of Andrew Jackson High School, the Sophomore Girls' Club was formed under the guidance of Miss Mary Bell. The girls are willing to cooperate with the faculty and upper classmen at any time they are needed. - The Sophomore Girls' Club helps the girls to prepare themselves for their stay at Andrew Jackson, and they become acquainted with the rules and regulations of the school. Those girls elected to represent their club are: president, Patricia Herlongg vice-presi- dent, Adelaide Watkinsg secretary, Dorothy Bunng treasurer, Arnelle Petersong chaplain., Bette ,lonesg and reporter, Ruth Spivak. Page N inety-nine ' -Ml --'- - -- 'A---------u-nnnkime '---- 7 Y- i--f..-E-qv-we A 4 - . il! ll 2 SQ gf!! 25313 3 H fl:- - - M 775 1- Firsz row left to right: K. LovEg M. CASTRONISQ D. 'VAN Sre1.Eg NY. RosENm.ArTg H. WILLIAMSON, H. SCHEMER, L.'KmKI.ANng J. CoNNELI.Yg L. PADGETTQ F. Cool-EH. Second ron- left to right: B. DOZIERQ D. GR1EE1Ng M. Bxsnorg C. Amvorrg I. ALSOBROOKQ M. RAMsEYg C. CROSBY, M. HERLONGQ W. PACEQ J. HENDIKYQ E. Blnclrrg li. AGREE. Third row left Lo right: M. HOUSERQ W. NEVS'BORNg W. Coorcq C. HEYNQ A. LEWIS: B. Sfxcnsg I.. BOWERS, D. R. HORNEQ A. K!-TNYON. Letterlnen The MJ" Club of llndrew Jackson High School was recently re-organized under the leader- ship of its sponsor, Coach Mike Houser, for the purpose of creating an understanding among the boys who show their athletic ability. To bc eligible for membership, one must have earned a letter in any major sport such as football, basketball, baseball, track, tennis, and swimming. For the purpose of getting material for the physical education department, the club sponsored a series of dances held in the school gym. The school is indebted to the members of the club for all they have done and wishes to thank each one that has made the club one of the outstanding of the year. The olhcers elected were: president, Maurice Ramsey, vice-president, Bing Crosbyg secretary. Clarence Heyng treasurer, Irving Alsobrookg sergeant-at-arms, R. E. Glenn. Page One Hundred ,,,,.,AA,ns -UA .,,,..... . ... . 4.11. Aa First row left to right: J. PINKERTONQ B. MASTROGIANAKISQ P. PATRINELYQ S. Hmsng L. MENGEQ F. SMITHQ E. VALLIS2, E. LEE, H. MEGASQ D. BOLTONQ A. FExNBERG:, Second row left to right: S. RUBIN5 D. METTEEQ B. Glsmusug M. Firznuncng B. GEIGERQ J. HUTCHINSONQ M. CARVER2, H. REGISTER, H. CHAMBERS, D. Connmsvg J. SHEPARDQ L. SMITH. Third row left to right: S. BOWMANQ K. GRAY, S. TURNERQ E. COTTON, F. HANSENQ B. Gmrrrrug F. CASCONEQ V. VINSONQ D. DEMEnrrg M. KNAPPQ P. WEBB3 J. Porrsg R. GRAPER. N 0 Zllafnfs Land 'B The Girls, Athletic Association is an organization that is open to any girl attending Andrew Jackson High School. The only requirement is that she must be interested in sports, and in the promotion of better sportsmanship. One of the purposes of this club is to produce a greater interest in athletic activities. Any girl who receives enough points by playing in games, being on a winning team, or other numerous ways, receives a letter HJ". The spon- sor, Miss Nancy Lutz, has helped interest many girls in such sports as basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, badminton, handball, hockey, baseball, tennis, and many others. The officers were: president, Sheila Hiderg vice-president, Loretta Menge, recording secretary, Fannie Smith, corresponding secretary, Evelyn Vallisg treasurer, Elaine Lee, and reporters, Helen Megas, Doris Bolton. Page One Hundred One ,JV asm.. LJ:-i,4h,.,..:,.......v.,,d.x..Q. ' Mr.. ...,. r,,,.,. r, ,M-,, A, ,A . . ., ..-mln... . . , ,, , ,,,.,..,, U-, V .1 1 3 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 I L I 3 .1 FL-V .,vY - Y vT, --e--W' -W. X r . W V 1 a i 1 I ..-A - Seated left to right: B. SHORT, K. THURMANQ M. VoN DOHLEN, L. SMITH, R. Gaiam, J. IVEY, H. CHAMBERS, 3 M. Parris, L. BRENNANQ E. NUNEZQ F. SILBERSTEINQ E. GEORGE, S. PARKER. Standing left to right: V. DAVIS, I E. KEYS, L. WHITEHEAIJ, L. MENGE3 J. GILLILANDQ H. HALTIWANGERQ M. BISHOP, M. HARRIS, N. CHANDLERQ C. FISHER, J. HENDRYQ I. PRICE, D. BOLTON: E. VALLIS: J. LANGSTONQ W. Gmccs, J. Porrsg 3 S H. HENIINGER. Insets: MR. ALFRED PANKEN1 MR. CLARK:-3 KETZI.E, and MRS. C. E. HAAS, sponsors. E L The Fountain of Youth Originality has been one of the main objectives of the Oracle staff. We hope that the many innovations introduced will meet with the approval of the faculty and the student body. f Members of the editorial stall' were: editor, Harriet Chambers, assistant editors, John Ivey, Matibel Pettisg sports editors, Walter Griggs, Doris Bolton, club editors, Frimit Silber- steing Eddie George, feature editor, Heraldine Hemingerg art editors, Sarabob Parker, Jo Anne Potts, typists, Nell Chandler, Louise Brennan, summaries, Evelyn Vallis, Nelle Deane Simpson, and photographers, Joe Price, E. J. Nunez, Jr. U Those on the advertising staff Were: Ellie J. Harden, Carolyn Thornton, Sheila Hider, Mary White, Dorothy Donaldson, Alma Wood, Hugh Haltiwanger, Walter Griggs, Elizabeth Keyes, Katie Thurman, Margaret von Dohlen, Loretta Menge, Jean Smith, Nell Chandler, . Martha Vickers, Joe Price, Mack Bishop, Rosa-Lee Geiger, Fred Cooper, Nelle Deane Simp- g son, Sally McLendon, Lance Rodgers, J ack Gilliland, and Layton Whitehead. Page One Hundred Two 4 First table, reading clockwise: H. HALTIWANGERQ M. BISHOP, J. GILLILANDQ L. THIGPENQ L. WHITE!-IEAD. Second table: J. SNIDER, J. A. Porrsg L. Suas, F. COOPER, E. VALLIS. Third table: F. BEDELLQ H. CHAMBERS, H. MEGASQ B. Hrssg H. HEMINGER. Seated left to right: M. KLOEPPELQ J. COLLINS, F. BROWN, P. HERLONGQ A. WATKINS, M. HARRIS, L. JONES, E. JONES5 J. BAKER. Standing left to right: N. CHANDLER, L. NUNN, R. HARDENQ M. J. SKENE, T. LEONARD, J. HENDRYQ L. BRENNANQ P. AIKEN, C. Rosa, C. KING. News Hounds Representing Andrew Jackson High School, the school newspaper, The Tigefs Claw, stands high in the circles of inter-scholastic journalism. This organ of school life represents the students more than any other part of the school activities. Pupils who help to publish the paper are: editor, Louis Safer, associate editors, Fred Cooper, ,lo Anne Potts, feature editors, Heraldine Heminger, Betty Hess, society editor, Frances Bedellg exchange editors, Harriet Chambers, Margaret Harris, art editor, Louis Thigpeng reporters, Patricia Aiken, ,lean Baker, Louise Brennan, Frances Brown, Nell Chandler, Rex Hardin, James Hendry, Patricia Herlong, Margaret Isaacs, Leola Jones, Margaret Kloeppel, June Lanham, Thelma Leonard, Helen Megas, Evelyn Vallis, Adelaide Watkins, Vfilliam Deal, Clara King, Howard Travis, business stall, Hugh Haltiwanger, Mack Bishop, J ack Gilliland, and Layton Wlhitehead. Faculty advisers are Miss Helenmary Fritsch and Miss Claire Williams. Page One Hundred Three .., .... V. . ...v.,.....,A,h3,g,,.....s.. .... :M ,,,,...,,,,, ... Q 4, . . w --f-- mf- --'- 4 First row: B. LINCOLNQ P. PATRINELYQ H. MEcAsg H. CHAMBERS, A. HENNQ D. WILLIAMS, B. Snonrg S. PARKER, M. Hsmusg E. VALLIS. Second row: E. STRICKLANDQ R. Coorsng B. BOLTONQ E. Susan, F. SILBERSTEINQ G. D'AMArog L. E. Osram, A. Wsrxmsg L. NUNNQ S. MCLENDONQ M. SKENEQ M. VoN DOHLENQ E. KEYS, M. Sucu. Third row: S. Srnsrronng J. Pmcsg J. Couzg M. HOPKINS, J. IVEYQ F. Coopsng J. SNIDERQ M. BISHOP, M. PETTISQ J. GILLILAND 3 J. RYLESQ R. WRIGHT. Service Above Self The Red Cross Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Gladys Richardson, has accomplished much work this past year. The most important job it had to do was to make the school one hundred per cent Red Cross which was accomplished before any other high school in the city. This organization was well represented in the Armistice Day parade. Meetings were held for the first time with the other Red Cross Clubs of Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach. It has done much in helping a poor family selected from among the student body. Early in the year a buffet supper was given for the members at the home of the sponsor. l The officers of the club were as follows: president, Deyo Joseph Williams, vice-president, Sarabob Parker, secretary, Margaret Harris, treasurer, Betty Short, reporter, Harriet Chambers, and chaplain, Alice Henn. Page One Hundred Four 0 A Am-Agm-AL..-BIAMAMMMMMA-Md-AM,MA,AK,AAMM-A M. s.....4. -,LV L.. . Atga-f-sihgggi:-M.-r4Q1wL'4ggmi:.n-me-A ... V. ..,,. ,W ,St ,. , . First row: M. PETTISQ H. CHAMBERsg J. Psrnos. Second Row: S. PARKERQ E. Leng F. WHEELERQ J. RYLES. Third row: V. SIKESQ S. MCLENDONQ D. HOKEQ M. MCCLENDON. Fourth row: S. HORTONQ L. BRENNAN, M. L. Ecu, S. Hmm, K. CHAFFEE. Take A Letter, Please One of the newly reorganized clubs of Andrew Jackson is the Shorthand Speed Club. It was organized to improve the speed and accuracy of the students who intend to become stenog- raphers after graduation. It also improves their ability to secure a position and to keep it. To be eligible to join this club, the students must have taken at least one year of shorthand and have maintained average grades. One of the main events of the year was a play given entitled 0ut in the Cold Cruel World. The plot of the play was to show the different types of girls who apply for stenographic positions. In order to observe how the court stenog- raphcrs record the proceedings of a trial, the club visited the Federal Court of the United States during the latter part of the year. This club has proven very helpful to the students due to the successful leadership of Mr. B. R. Spofford. The officers were: president, Helen Wood, vice-president, Ruby Timminsg secretary, Matibel Pettisg treasurer, Sheila Hiderg chaplain, Harriet Chambersg reporter., ,lack Rylesg social chairman, Louise Brennan, and sergeant-at-arms, James Petros. Page One Hundred Five 1 U .... ,.. .....uL....,....... .- . 5. --- . . ... ... .. -we First row lefz zo right: B. CHAPPELL, N. HINTONQ B. MURPHY, M. BAKER, J. FANKHOUSERZ, T. SHAW, B. VOCAL, B. THOMPSON, F. SIMPSON, R. MCCLUREQ T.CRAwFoRn. Second row left to right: H. GREENQ M. BROWN, M. SEARS, J. HARPER, M. Bonmsco, A. HAGERQ K. BAXTER, E. VAN GUNDEN2 M. WILLIAMS, F. CARLSON, J. LANGSTONQ S. PRICE, F. OLLIFF. Third row left to right: M. ELLIOTT, C. DRANEQ C. BLISSITTQ B. Hnms, H. OSTEENQ O. MATHESONQ R. ROWANQ B. BROWNQ M. BAKER, G. Worscuucg M. JOHNSON, R. SANGSTERZ B. nr-:LoRcE, J. BARWICKQ T. McKEE, L. MERRILL, C. MCCORMICK, M. Momus, T. Ksmucng W. Tmrx-E. 0ne For All, All For One One of the most practical clubs of Andrew Jackson High School is the Coop. Club. One can see by its name, which stands for co-operation, that the purpose of this club is to help students. Any student who wishes to find employment during his high school career, may do so by joining this club. Other than outstanding in business life, this organization has been prominent in the social life of Andrew Jackson. The ofiicers who served for this club in the first semester were: president, Marion Morris, vice-president, Lloyd Merrill, secretary, Irene Denmark, treasurer, Burton Brown, sergeant-at-arms, Roy Acree, chaplain, Juanita Harper, and reporter, Mildred Heape. The officers for the second semester were as fol- lows: president, Marion Morris, vice-president, Lloyd Merrill, secretary, .lean Scotten, treas- urer, Burton Brown, sergeant-at-arms, William Hires, chaplain, Juanita Harper, and re- porter, Thomas McKee. Mr. Gregory Wotschak is the sponsor. Page One Hundred Six . . 1...--- M-.. .. au..- ...M . .Y . , 7 -Y - -.WY -.5 0 'ir First row left to right: H. HALTIWANGERQ H. DUNTONQ W. Bmmowg B. ALLENQ J. F. COLLINS. Second row left to right: B. Dnsrnlcng V. DAUGHTERYQ C. STAN'roNg B. DUKE, M. DEMoNr1sm-:UMg B. Bovlzng J. Couag F. HANSEN. Third row left to right: G. BISHOPQ M. HECHTQ P. Pnznsoxvg BISHOP, E. MURPHY, C. KINCHENg C. Wxccms. Let,s Go Sightseeing V For the first time in club history, an organization has been successfully conducted to help students who are interested in learning mo re about and seeing the most interesting places in and surrounding Jacksonville. It has lJ86Il11211'llCfllllB Knojax Club. Under the successful management of its sponsor, Miss Emily Atkins, the club has visited many places of interest, among which are St. ,lohns Bluff, Fernandina, and St. Marys, Georgia. Parties and picnics were enjoyed throughout the year. A program is planned for each meeting, and members who have visited interesting places in Jacksonville tell their experiences to the club. The officers for the year were as follows: president, Geraldine Bishopg vice-president, Mary Hechtg secretary, Cleone Kincheng treasurer, Betty Dukeg chaplain, Betty Blake: reporter Shirley Reuben, sergeant-at-arms, Blanche Dietrich: program chairman, Wfilliam Barrow. Page One Hundred Seven ...M .... 1... , ..Jkt,,,-. -..-.. .. mmm, ,AL A --- ---Y--W -W - -Y -Y iv-W-Y' f 4 A 3 Seated left to right: E. VALLISQ A. HENNQ B. FLOWERSQ J. Couag S. MCLENDONQ D. BOLTONQ M. PETTISQ B. Snonrg M. MCCLENDONQ B. oLN. Standing left to right: V. DORMONTQ C. Fnzumsg S. PARKERg P. PIER- SON, P. PATRINELY, E. CRICHLQ g C. LAMIQ J. Summaries. Ni. Q . Little Women A branch of the uationall fknown Young Wbmenis Christian Association, the Junior Young Women's Christian Asso 'a ion was unusually active this year. The officers elected to Qc ve wiere: president, Juanita Coleg vice-president, Alice Hermg secretary, Sally McLendd'ng treasurer, Barbara Flowers, chaplain, Doris Boltong and reporter, Matibel Pettis. This hggganization is sponsored by Miss Esther Chase. nw First row: J. COPELANDQ J. STRICKLANDQ F. S1I.BEHsTEINg L. BRENNANQ H. DUNTON. Second row: M. CHAPPELL2 B. Hfxacnovsg E. VALLISQ R. L. Guess. Third row: B. SILBERSTEINQ M. SKENEQ L. Srvnrng E. ITSCOVITZQ J. PINKERTONQ E. NUNEZ. Another La nyuuye In order to promote a better understanding and knowledge of French customs, Le Cercle Francias was re-organized this year under the able leadership of Miss Mary Olive Jones. Those selected by the students to represent the club were: president, Joe Copeling vice- president, Frimit Silbersteing secretary, Herbert Duntong treasurer, Louise Brennang and reporter, Jackie Strickland. Page One Hundred Eight w-wr' ' H , ,WWA ,TW First row from left to right: H. Porrrng E. Cmci-u.owg L. HARRIS, H. REGISTER, A. WA1'K1Nsg E. BROWN, A. Bslrrtsrrg J. REED, A. Davis. Second row from left to right: N. MCBRIDEQ Y. OWENSQ C. KING, J. D1:GAuMog R. Lunmzg E. BRUNINGQ G. FREIDLINQ L. NUNNQ L, D'ErroREg G. Cox. Standing from left to right: E. Fonmssrslxg A. ADOMATQ D. CARY, N. BARTMANQ N. Lvnssg S. Pmcag L. Cooxg B. ALEXANDER, F. SANTZQ' B. GUNDLACHQ M. ROGERS, R. GRIFFEN, M. WILLIADISL A. SHELroNg B. POPWELLQ A. MCWILLIAMSQ R. Smviucg J. WYLIEQ J. TURNER, G. REGISTER, E. BEVILLEI, H. DUNTON, E. COCHRANEQ C. PARUN. El Circulo Panafmericano The outstanding activity of the club during the first semester was the "Fiesta de la Comidan given January 20. Miss Soderstrom presented each of the graduating members, Beatrice Sease and Carol Diggett, with the coveted club pin. A Christmas program in which holiday customs especially that of the '6Pinata" were featured, was given on December 24. The club was also instrumental in bringing to Andrew Jackson the lovely film "MeXico,, produced and sponsored by the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The future plans of the club are to celebrate in some manner uPan America Dayu April 14 and 'LCruz de Mayof, May 3, the latter probably in the form of a "Verbena" at the home of Betty Jean Moore. A film '4Don Quixotev will be presented on Cervantes Day, April 23. The officers are: president, Louise DeEttoreg vice-president, Gertrude Freidling secretary, Lillian Nunn, reporter, George Register, treasurer, Barbara Alexander, chaplain, Clyde Partin. Page One Hundred Nine r '-" aunt i-1 A 1" l First row: J. Fsmumg H. SAuNnsRsg W. ROSENBLATTQ A. Coornag B. CAMPBELL, J. CoNNsu.Yg J. BOATRIGHTQ T. KENYON. Second row: J. DUDLEYQ E. Coomsng E. GREENE, R. Msmuavg B. SWEARINGENQ W. DEAL. Third row: W. DAv1nsoNg T. Lsrg G. KING3 J. Du-znmcng L. Moonrg J. Iwsns. Fourth row: F. CALHOUN, L. Hizouxu. Naughty But Nice On November 3, 1939, a group of boys who had attended school for three years or more gath- ered together to form the Old Timers' Club. They elected the following officers: president, Asa Cooper, Vice-president, Willie Rosenblattg secretary, James Farrar, treasurer, C. L. Bush, sergeant-at-arms., James Connelly, chaplain, Dick Walker, and reporter, William Deal. Mr. E. L. Lounsbury was elected sponsor and Miss Barbara Campbell, mascot. The aim of the club is to promote better feeling between the faculty and the student body. The officers for the second semester are: president, James Connelly, vice-president, Elliot Green, secretary, William Deal, treasurer, Bob Swearingeng sergeant-at-arms, Harold Saunders, chaplain, John Boatwrightg reporter, James Dudley, Barbara Campbell, mascot, and sponsor, E. L. Lounsbury. Page One Hundred Ten QS , --.-.-..-.1...., A ,, ..-.WBA .-.-A .A -. -ni'-V .-s- - -N--adu.nihh -- - - ---.-.-.--Y-7.---.-.v.,.,,i,-.,:, , .....J md 3? W4 ,W . ...-.,....... AI' F' WALTER J. MIDDLEKAUFF: J. L. Tluersg W. A. Warmer, AND J. L. Pmcs. 4 1 A The Helping Hand and in the students of Andrew Jackson High School. This organization is willing to help and cooperate with the school in anything they are able to do. The most important piece of work to be done by this club is its unequalled work in obtaining an athletic field for the school. In 1929 this club was organized with Judge J. M. Peeler as first president. He was elected for three years and was succeeded by Mr. S. N. Cornwall. Some of the other presidents were Mr. C. N. Chapman, Mr. Howard Crawford, Mr. VV. W. Helveston, and Mr. Herman Sledge. The officers for 1939-40 were: president, Mr. VV. A. Wallaceg vice-president, Mr. J. L. Trippeg secretary, Mr. W. .l. Middlekauffg and treasurer, Mr. J. L. Price. Page One Hundred Eleven gg--A--M4-. e A A. -.........J The Old Hickory Dads, Club is made up entirely of men who are interested in the welfare l .ff . , , .H ww N First mu-: AIRS. J. L. PRICE, MRS. HENR1' BRYANT, MRS. W. 0. WATKINS, MRS. W. W. BURR, MRS. F. V. COOPER, MRS. O. L. WILLIAMSON. Second rmv: MRS. W. A. vll'Al.L.-SCE, MRS. LEo H. QQRIIVHCS, MRS. C. V. SHEFFIELD, MRS. W. R. HUMPHRIES, MRS. W. F. WEAVER, MRS. GEORGE BURNS, MRS. HENRY RICHARDSON. Rah! Rah! Tecmn! Although the Athletic Boosters Club has just recently been organized, it has been helpful by buying trophies and giving the football players an annual banquet which is the club's largest Social function of the year. It is at this affair that the football players of the varsity team were awarded letters. The members of the Baby Tigers Team were awarded keys for their supurb playing and for winning the Junior City Conference. The cheer leaders were also given letters. The goal of this organization is to obtain money for the expenses incurred by the athletic teams. To secure this money, the club has sponsored many social events throughout the year. The oiiicers of the past year were: president, Dlrs. .l. L. Priceg vice- president, Mrs. Henry Bryantg recording secretary, Mrs. Henry Richardson, Correspond- ing secretary., Mrs. W. B. Ramsay, and treasurer, Mrs. W. R. Humphries. Page One Hundred Twelve L M., ,, .4 H Aux A First row: MR. M. A. DEMORESTQ BIRS. HENRY RICHARDSONQ MRS. P. GUY Cnswsg llrIRS. 0. W. TOPPINGQ DIES. H. W. DAMPIER. Second row: MRS. F. H. BURKHANQ MRS. E. E. MENGEQ MRS. J. H. CAMPLEJOHNQ MRS. M. A. DEMOREST. Third row: MRS. L. B. MCWILLIAMSQ Miss CLARA WELTCHQ Miss ELLA HARwELLg Mas. W. R. HLMP1-inlssg Miss SUSAN BURDETT. The Training of the Child An organization which was formed to promote child welfare at home as well as at school is nationally known as The Parent-Teacher Association. All parents and teachers who are interested in joining this club may do so. The Parent-Teacher organization gives aid and advantages in many ways to children who would probably not receive them otherwise. They are given physical, mental, and spiritual education. One of the most important aims of this organization is to create a friendlier and more sociable feeling between the parents and the members of the faculty. The officers are: president, Mrs. P. Guy Crewsg vice-president, Mrs. A. H. St. ,Iohng recording secretary, Mrs. L. B. Mcwilliamsg corresponding secretary, Mrs. George Hollisterg treasurer. Mrs. W. R. Humphriesg auditor, Miss Mary Bennettg historian, Mrs. O. W. Topping. Page One Hundred Thirteen -mal , H-. .... .. A, 4 .Y . 771, ,, egg.. gig... f 3 Seated left to right: B. Rossg J.SN1msng B.MAsrRoc1ANAK1sg M. Hfxmusp H. Crmmmsksg E. VAl.I.1s: J. HUTCH- INSONQ L. D'E'rToREg C. Kmcg E. COFFEE. Standing left to right: B. DUKE: A. Rlvmsg R.Sv1vAK: H. Msmsg B. BURLESONQ C. MCCORDIICKQ J. YOUNGQ G. BUCHANNAN5 A. KEMS. as Y No Spendthrifts A very important and helpful club to the students is the Bankers' Club. It has done much to promote thrift and savings among the pupils. A cashier with whom the students bank their money is chosen fIOlll each room. There is no stated amount that must be banked every week. Some students save enough money through this organization to enable them to have a college education. It has proved itself to be even more useful this past year under tl1e able leadership of Miss Camille Geneau. The officers are: president, Harriet Chambersg vice-president, Juanita Hutchinsong recording secretary, Evelyn Vallisg corresponding secretary, Margaret Harrisg treasurer, Bessie Mastrogianakis: chaplain, Elizabeth Browng reporter, Vlfalter Griggs. 1 Page One Hundred Fourteen L. rr ,r....M.....r. . , rr. ,... N , . ...4 ri - ' it-W4 WW' if First row: A. CLARKSONQ L. MENGEQ J. PINKERTONQ Chaplain, H. CHAMBERSJ Y. OWENSQ E. VALLIS5 Treasurer, S. PARKERQ Sergeant-at-Arms, M. L. Ecug Secretary, L. BRENNAN. Second row: B. POPWRLL, R. GRAPERQ E. VAN GUNIJYQ J. MCDONALDQ J. TURNERQ M. SEARSQ President, J. A. Porrsg J. SCOTTENQ F. BROWNQ T. WILKIN- SONQ E. COCHRANQ M. KLOEPPELQ M. PEASE. Third row: T. NIXONQ L. SAFERQ R. RIDENOUR. Fourth row: L. FORDHAIVIQ A. MOSCOVITZQ M. BROWNQ B. NOLTEQ Vice-President, J. IVEYQ M. MORRIS. Inset, MR. M. A. DEMOREST, Sponsor. The Brain Trust In order to become a member of the National Honor Society, a student must have a LGB" average for three consecutive semesters. ,,.,..ao1 X , a., MLW .tw , 'xmas PEW? ,Xin Seated left to right: F. BEDELLQ H. HI-JMINGERQ Vice-President, B. GOLDSTEINQ President, J. IvRYg Secretary, B. POPWELLQ A. LEWISQ J. HUTCHINSONQ T. COCHRANQ N. PRIESTER. Standing left to right: B. MIMsg L. SAFERQ H. CHAMBERSQ A. KENYON. Inset, MRS. EDNA SUTTON, Sponsor. Government by the Students The Student Council is a Club organized to represent the student body of Andrew Jackson High School and to discuss the problems that arise in the scholastic and social affairs of the school. ' Page One Hundred Fifteen ,I... A , ..., jk.-.,...A.,.-,., MM, nn... ... -A--A, .- ' tt F- .... . ., ,, Q?,y.,.. ,W Seated left to right: M. PITTMANQ W. Canasucg G. WESTQ B. GERRISHQ R. OLCOTT. Standing left to right: A. PINEQ M. SKENEQ M. VoN DOHLENQ Secretary, J. COPELANDQ G. BISHOPQ President, M. MOOREQ Treasurer, B. DUKE5 Vice-President, M. CHAPPELL. Not in Picture: Sergeant-at-Arms, BILLY BROVVNQ MEGONIGAL. Inset, MR. J. F. STROUD, Sponsor. Chaplain, SALLY Nature Lofvevs Biology Club of As a guidance for all those who are interested in the works of nature, the Andrew Jackson High School was formed. 5... First row left to right: Z. ROBERTSONQ B. DAVISQ T. NIXONQ L. SMITH. Second row left to right: PETTIGREW5 Vice-President, F. SILBERSTEINQ Secretary, M. SKENE. Third row left to right: E.BEVILLEQ Reporters, C.HEYNQ E. NUNEZQ R. GEIGI-IRQ J. TURNERQ G. FREIDLINQ R. MENOTT. Fourth row left to right: V. VINSONQ H. HoUcKg R. WESLEYQ R. KENNEDYQ D. Woong C. MOOREQ R. BOATWVRIGHTQ M. BORREGOQ N. BURKQ H. BoNHAMg R. MALONEYQ H. OSTEEN. Not in Picture: President, STEVE STRATFORDQ Treasurer, HUGH HALTIWANGERQ Chap- lain, ELVA MURPHYQ and Sergeant-at-Arms, HERBERT DUNTON.Il1Sel, MR. GRADY PETTIGREW, Sponsor. Atmn S mashers A club organized to encourage the students in furthering their interests in Chemistry is the Chemistry Club. Page One Hundred Sixteen 4. if gl if A- . .., . AA- 'A--are V--A A -.-A. Aw -A--4:11--eu.aa-+3-A-M --- ,......,w- - :aan First row seated left to right: Vice-President, J. NICKENSQ Parliamenlarian, M. HOPKINSQ Secretary-Treasurer, P. PATRINELYQ E. VALLISQ C. GIORGETTI. Second row seated: President, M. MCCI.ENDONQ J. COLE, E. STRICKLANDQ F. SILBERSTEINQ L. BRENNANQ M. L. EGLIQ M. PETTISQ S. PARKER, T. WILKINSON. Third row standing: M. STOKES, F. WHEELERQ E. CANADYQ E. JONESQ V. HOLLANDQ S. JONESQ J. GILLILANDQ V. JONESQ E. LEEQ B. LINCOLN, R. GRAPERQ N. MATTERNQ S. HIIJER. Insets, MRS. SARA MCDONALD and MR. B. R. SPOFFORD, Sponsors. According to Rules The chief purpose of the Parliamentary Club is to teach students the proper procedure in con- ducting a. meeting. . N, VF-4 E1 i E. PROSSERQ J. KRYOWISKIQ C. THORNTONQ B. A. PR0SSERg Vice-President, S. HORTONQ Treasurer, L. WENZELQ E. MCLAINQ Chaplain, H. MEGASQ F. GARDNERQ Reporter, E. WENHOLDQ Secretary, M. TUCKERQ H. SHAHOOD. Not in Picture: President, MARGARET HAYES. Insets, MRS. BIARTHA HOUSER and MRS. ELIZABETH THURMAN, Sponsors. Everybodyis Problem A club formed to train the future homemakers is the Les Gourmet or Home Economics Club. Page One Hundred Seventeen -Af--4--4-fir-A-4 L. , ....g.....-.... -M ,MM , . qi: l W ' , y A . Standing: J. SANBORN: B. PERRY: A. GRAHAM: H. THOMPSON: R. GRAY: H. ROBERTS: A. PIEHL: M. LYONS: E. LOHMAN: J. MCDONALD: A. HOFE: R. JANES: H. OVERRY: L. FORDHAM. Seated: H. POTTER: B. GUNIJLACI-1: E. STEELE: E. JONES: T. GRAHAM: E. NUNEZ: M. SMITH? M. F. MOON: S. ROBINSON: A. WOOD: Z. RORERSON: M. CARRETT: G. WEST: J. BROMLEE: C. WARNOCK: J. STEELE: B. BROWN. Row two: M. MILLER: A. FOUNTAIN: R. INMAN: L. MENGE: B. DAVIS: M. WYCHE: J. LOPER: J. LESLIE: D. CARY: B. J. JANES: C. DAVENPORT: R. WRIGHT: A. POE: J. HILL: B. BYRII: G. SAMBLE: L. HADLER: G. SALTER: H. EPPS: V. WALDON: F. Dow. Inset, MRS. JESSIE JAY DEVORE and MR. CHESTER COWDREY, Sponsors. H arznonic Interlude This group of musically inclined students who make up our fine Andrew Jackson orchestra is under the direction of Mrs. Jessie Jay Devore and Mrs. Lillian Lawrence with Edison Nunez as concert master. First row: A. CLARKSON: M. GARRETT: L. FORD!-IAM: L. HAIJLER: C. DAVENPORT: L. MENGE: T. GRAHAM: B. BYRD. Second row: B. PERRY: C. WARNOCK: R. JANES: E. LOHMAN: A. POE: R. INMON: E. STEELE: E. COCHRAN. Third row: W. L. OGILVIE: B. DAVIS: H. OVERBY: F. Dow: G. SAMRLE: G. WEST: M. SMITH: H. ROBERTS. Fourth row: M. MILLER: A. HUFE: M. LYONS: 0. CHRISTENSEN: H. ELPS: B. BROWN: B. DUNLAP. Strike Up the Band As a representative in the musical field of Andrew Jackson the band has been most Outstand- ing and prominent under the sponsorship of Mr. Chester Cowdrey. Page One Hundred Eighteen .E , , , .. .. .AA , ,,:,, , ... .. ...4...,...,.. ..,- A+. -'..,...'., , 4.4,,,..,.., , J. R A l '? ij ggm. 1 2 I f -! t-Q wmv lfi K. X sl 4 First row left to right: B. COLEQ M. MOONQ M. Psrrlsg H. Scorrg E. VALLISQ M. DEW11'Tg C. THORNTONQ L. Zixnrng R. Gmcskg R. GRAYg H. BLACKMANQ S. P.xRKsng M. DEWITTQ D. ASHTON. Second row left to right: E.SK1NNEug S. KooNsg S. MEGONICALQ C. LAwRENcEg M. Moonsg A. CLARKSONQ D. Rmcoiig M. AnAMsg Z. ROm2RTSONg J. :XTCHLEYQ E. STEELQ A. GRA!-IAMg B. l'oPw'ELLg C. KINTCHEN1 B. Biumowsg I. LOTTSQ E. Frovng B. Bmmzg K.THLYRMANQ C. HENDRYQ B. Hass. Third row left to right: R. HARIJENQ J. PRXCEQ J. PAGE: D. MYILLIAMSQ M. CRAIGQ J. BORKSONQ B. SETzERg H. Mmzosg L. MOODYQ R. ROBERTSQ R. BRAswELI.g H. THOMPSONQ C. DILYHONQ T. TAYLOWQ M. Hormxsz K. XYILLIABISQ B. Prmavg J. Ivrvg H. GILLIARDQ S. PPZIIKINSQ R. MENOTTE3 J. KING. Inset, MRS. LILLIAN LAVVRI-TNC!-Q, Sponsor. On Ifings of Song Because singing is a practical hobby for them. these students have been selected by their director to be a member of the Senior Chorus. Firsl row: M. Ftrs: M. Mmmoxg P. ROGERsg F. Sxrgris: A. B.uiTl.ET1'g H. Bi:Rvm:i"rr:li: M. KLOEPPEL: L. Hmiiumg D. SHELTONQ M. Is.xAc5g N. PRIESTER: E. SL'm:R: L. HURLBERTQ V. Coxg J. I..-wimzwl. Second ron-: J. XYi'1.u:g N. BOHANNON: M. BROVVNINGQ J. HARTLHY: D. Rocmzsg B. BROWNQ E. Waning G. ODOM: C. Nh:-xnmvsg G. FLETCHI-:Rg I". Simwg E. COMPTON: M. VONDO1-il.:-:Ng M. X.ICKliRS2 L. JOHNSONQ M. XVALKI-in: L. B. Cmimvsg D. SWEET. Third row: N. COOKQ M. PllIl.l.IPSi M. LYLES: E. MILLER: C. Fu-:Lnsg L. FRIGO: M. XX urrizz J. EMBRICKOL M. J. Sriufg L. BURDICK! M. BIUORI-I2 V. Mmns: E. NIILLERQ D. E1.mzERg L. EISER: A. l'lkVl'TvlUREQ C. COOK. Su-vet Nlusic For talented girls who have inspiration for voice culture, the Girls' Clee Club, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Lillian Lawrence, was re-organized. Page One Hundred Nineteen Mir... Seated left to right: J. BAKER: V. Mfarrmzwsg F. Brmzrtg J. SNIDERQ M. HAmusg L. Wnxrrnmng L. OSTEEN2 H. OVERBYQ M. VoNDo1-ILEN: H. TRAVIS. Standing left to right: G. RICHARDSON, M. HOPKINSQ P. AIKENQ R. Wrsusyg E. Kavsg L. SAFER. A nother Afrgum ent The Debaters, Club, one of the more educational clubs of the school, has done much in development of character among the members. This organization develops one's speaking voice, appearance before the public and teaches the fundamentals of debating. Any mem- ber is permitted to bring up subjects related to state, national, or international affairs. During the year debates were arranged among the schools of the city. The winner of this section was advanced to the district tournament and then to the state tournament. The officers of the club who served for the first semester were as follows: president, Bettie Jane Potter, vice-president, Layton Whiteheadg secretary, Margaret Harrisg treasurer, Jack Snider, chaplain, Louis Saferg and reporter, Betty Jane Camplejohn. The ofiicers who served for the second semester were: president, Layton Whiteheadg secretary, Margaret Harrisg treasurer, J ack Sniderg chaplain, Louis Saferg and reporter Betty Jane Camplejohn. Miss Gladys Richardson is the sponsor. Page One Hundred Twenty Seated leh to right: D. Rsvnxmsg J. Smmang J. Ivmrg H. THOMPSON. Standing leh to right: President, C. FIELDSQ Vice-President, S. PARKER, Secretary, M. PETTISQ H. HEMINGERQ Reporters, C. THORNTONQ V. Dixvxsg B. LINCOLNQ M. DEWITTQ Chaplain, B. Suonrg E. STRICKLANDQ A. Ksvsg Treasurer, A. Hi:NNg R. Gmcsng R. WINDQ C. Gian., C. CHAFFEE. Inset, Miss VIVIAN MARSHALL, Sponsor. Dnce Upon A Time To acquire experience in story telling and public speaking, the Story Tellers' Club of Andrew Jackson High School was organized. -..ey First row leh to right: M. MINTONQ T. BRYANQ C. HENDRYQ Treasurvr, P. .AIKENQ H. OvERuYg Reporters, R. GEIGERQ J. COLLINS, Secretary, R. L. Wssusvg Student Director, C. Ci-iAFFEEg M. TONEY. Second row left to right: L. WHITI-:HEADg Radio Log Chairman, M. SKENEQ B. TREECH. Not in Picture: Music Critic, EVELYN VALLIS. Inset, Miss CAMILLE GENEAU, Sponsor. Station AJHS For those students who are interested in any form of radio work, the Radio Guild is an ideal organization. Page One Hundred Twenty-one HERE is one uhopw of the year about which traditions have been growing and over which the aura of sentiment hovers at Annapolis. That is the Ring Hop which has grown out of sentiment attached to the class ring. Our school term is full of Hhigh spotsi' with activities for all class- 111e11. In the snapshots which lol- low are a few scenes which lypify life at Andrew ,lili'kS0ll.'lill0 Junior- Senior Prom is the major social nlllCliOll of the year. ,,fi...,..,.,.....,i A.,.A,,.,. AH, AHL .,',.,. -. 4 Jvlrw' WT 1 l s P V 5 I 1 v w 1 I I I W P i E 4 L I 3 . l L P i F E P t l r 5 L i L LLLLLALL A JANUARY CLASS WM: ,Njqj W3 1, f V, .,,p,f ' kg "mf S - 'T' . A 5 . 5 'L ' L- , , A f S f S I Enrrn TAYLOII WlI.I,lli ROSENBLATT Br:'r'rY JANE P0'1"rER JAMES Cano Page One Hundred Twenty-four JUNE CLASS :pn- i """ HW, ......... ......... FRANCES BEDELL FRED Coovsn if S ,W A is ff: BILLY GOLUSTEIN SUSIE MCRAE J ANUARY CLASS JUNE CLASS BEATIUCE SEASE SIDNEY Brzousn EDWARD COMER IIELI-:N WOOD A NIARTHA Vlcmzus JOHN hm' wi ,H NIACK JOHNSON Jo ANNE l'm'1's Page Um' llluldrvrl TIFUIIIQ'-fil.'P JANUARY CLASS F ii. -.. K6 Pug TOMMY SHREWSBURY RUBY TIMMONS f ,Q la i ll JOHN Nm' JOHNSON FRANCES SYVEARINGEN e One Hzmdrwl '1'u'enty-six JUNE CLASS DUHOTHY DEMERI1' NIAURICE RAMSEY KE LUCILLE DELETTRIC LESLIE HAGUE JANUARY CLASS STANLEY BLACKMON CAROL DIGGETT WALTER GRIGGS VIRGINIA PADCRTI' JUNE CLASS 4. .Q Nz CARLYE HPINDKX' BILLY PERRY 'ask , Q 1 al? - I NIILDRED BIORRIS J ACK PACE Page One Hundred Twenty-seven - - -- -V -- ,...7V SENIORS WILL MISS L'T1cEn's CLAW,, C.XFIi'l'liRl x I3I,Ac1us0A1m STUDY K ?J HALLS TROPHY Czxsn Page Onv Hundred Tzrvrxty-eight liUl.I.l2'rl N Bonn 8iUYIMER'S +9 'Q l'fSiv7 'XJ ,, 4 ' ... 5 f"l,,!, , , . J :LN "Bic Snow" Doon SCHOOL BAND , 1 .,-LL Q ,X . ,If QA L Xin wifi R li, T S -A'h L -wg' 'ji K, 'g i t S3H saef Q is t 9 f 5? f ' h ml ip . iz , ff' jj, X. J g ist N5 Q W ,N if fi 1 .I , Q .,-.rqzggffzaim-M . 4 I f 6 -' LI'l"l'l.Ii CUHTIQSIHS SOPHOMURES WILL CRY OVER REPORT CARDS DETENTION HALI. ETERNAL TRIANGLE MR. LOUNSBURY,S OFFICE N0 DATES TEACHERS INTERCEPTING NOTES LESSONS STRANDED X L ' 'ri Page One Humlrvd Twenty-nine R N A ,B The Boor The Boor, a Russian play directed by Miss Erma Stockwell, was presented in the District Contest held at Gaines- ville. Al St. John played The Boorg Kylene Scarboro, Mrs. Popong and Katherine Chaffee, Luka. Page One Hundred Thirty A. Y -5,-. ., Senior Pla y "Skidding,,' the annual Senior play presented April 19 in the school audi- torium, was a Hardy Family story. The characters were Aunt Milly, Saraboh Parker, Andy, Jack Sniderg Mrs. Har- dy, Jeanette Arnetteg Judge James Hardy, Harry Thompson, Grandpa Hardy, Eddie George, Estelle Hardy Campbell, Juanita Cole, Marion Hardy, Joyce Collins, Wayne Trenton 3rd., Jack Pace, Mr. Stubhins, Al St. John, Myra Hardy Wilcox, Agnes Patrinelyg Vivian Marshall, Director. -- - -- -- ---.,,V - - - - --f Y--v -- - Senior Girls, Jubilee In accord with tradition, the Senior Girls, Club presented their annual J u- bilee on December 8 in the school au- ditorium. The theme of mountain life was carried out by the hill-billy danc- ing and singing chorus and band. A short comedy of school life was given by the Junior Girls' Club. Iunior Girls' Skit- L. NUNN, B. MASTROGIANAKISQ M. Hscurg N. Pmrsrrng W. HENDRICKSQ D. POOLEYQ H. MEGAS. Standing: S. MEGONIGALQ S. JONES, E. VALLISQ P. AIKEN, R. GRAY, M. KNAPPQ M. WILLIAMS, G. BISHOP. Dancing Chorus-M. Moomzg H. HEMINGERQ S. MCLENDONQ N. CHANDLERQ A. Essrmomsg F. Wussnsng C. FIELDS, L. ALDEHMAN3 J. NICKENSQ S. B. PARKER3 J. BLANKFIELDQ J. CoLLlNs. Characters In Play The Senior Girls, skit, a'Comin' 'Round the Mountain," was an idyll of moun- tain life. The cast included Maw ,lud- kins, Anne Morgensterng Pap Judkins, Katherine Chaffeeg Daisy Judkins, Betty Short, Zeke, Ruby Lee Wesleyg Dynamite Ann, Carolyn Thornton, Mrs. Hortense Belmont Cliff, Agnes Patrinelyg Millicent, Alice Henng Carey, Betty Lou Treece. Singing Chorus- B. J. Porrxzn C. SMITH D. SCHEMER Page One Hundred Thirty-one ...-.FE H 'm 9' 9 H 94 W- ,, I M, J J 7 5 .Q not YNY a SCO OYCY 1 15 3 if Way? 9 age One Hundred Th irty-two Jffyf 55... T-. Mxke s Waltgn funk tg of Billywu All dressed u W P "HH--Q -unq- K X f, Y - , ,., H W -..... ,... .... , , . WA... .... A . .....,-... M... MA. WM... .-N.. . .,..W. , .xQX,X xx Lunch ll E v 4 12 Dism issal ig Stand 1 5,-:Q Comingto school A any V I n 1 1 A 1 i ' QQ 7 1 Tommy AND H15 CAMERA RUTH AND HER BO0Ks JACK AND His POEMS ALWAYS ALWAYS F I A . 'ff xii 5. .4-A Qj 1- If if TIGER AND His "BUTcH HAIRCUT,, ' R. E. GLENN AND His Fo0D 1' J JOYCE AND BIARION Lows AND Hrs GIGL AND HER LIPSTICK 4'T1cEu CLAVVU XYORRIES Page One Hundred Thirty-four ...................i , iw , A ,MMM AW4.,,A,A-A JVQTLI -A j f 7 Ls 1 If ,QM it I JEAN BAKER THUMBING A 'LGLAMOUR NVITH A "J" SWEATER I wigefxwwiafi fmii? WfhQQ . ,fy hJ,, M L, . .1 5 ,- f f A , ,,': A wi I ' --A I , F E AT U R E A xv lfg I xx qv ,V AL WITHOUT TOMMY ,ml Q I 0MIvIY WITH AN ADMIT T0 SPEECH CLASS I S-N 4,- ALSOBROOK WORKING MARGARET VON DOHLEN DANCING DICK WALKER WITH A GIRL VIRGINIA PR0CToR WITHOUT THE GANG Page One Hundred Thirty-five Q? Y OU 4481! to the W evis ain't love IIE! EE!! llll as ,Juv on my hands ...lhu-. ,W ,gl 5 nu busy K I Q .S H an School s out. I Q 'gs "" 4 'U "Come on- I'm in a hurry." Page 0110 Hundred Thirty-six L V s 'Cm F. I 1s N.. XL., ,ei ' A . .K ,. ,a,. 1 I J C ,ML ll Can 1 have abate, EfneS130F?n 0 iw It as had as that eh ?n Ding Dong Bell . 7,3 . ...www ,,.M'-.,N Barbara? :K False Page One Hundred Thirty-seven . ,,., ...,1.A.. . , , hun' AH , . , , x 'ff' 4 +f 4- +.."'ie 'Aw ef . . .., NH. Lf-, ---,.-w'n.w-..,+-,v-.g-- -'W-ann-nv-Y---W-,WWW -.W-7.----YW,-lwvlqr ' A 55' 'Q' A ,, I ,fy ff ' ' ,V 5-rf' 1 .,. , W Lf - u '- 1 9 ,Mi "M " Q Mk-P LR, ,-,YL.,'.g,:5g, - ' .fk::f'.l5ii-1 ' . ' . ,wa,.,,,.. v, 1 ' ,fj.' 'U ' 9',1f7El,' f L I gf:-x A I 5Q.l'Q-- , gb .J ,-. V. w :,., ,K ,- 'Wf' '1 f':,2u1g,,?1i-ff, ,r . -fr - v 1 R. "Ji'1s,: , ' -14, k, - 1 , vii: 'J'-if " 'A 'Qww?i1j ' ' , , Z, - ,FY ' IAQ , ,fi , 'f,'Zm.a,e,' , 5 . i....A h....-M-.. . , . .. H w....:-- HESE ARE THE ESENTATIVE RCI-IANTS UF OUR CITY t WM MMP INDEX T0 ADVERTISERS Akra Brothers .. .. Baptist Book Shop , ....... . Barhler 81 Beauty College .,.. Berriers ,,.,,..,, ......... Coca-Cola , . . ...... . . . Cohen Brothers . .. . , Daylight Groceries , .... . Dubs Jewelry Company .,.... Dunlap Sporting Goods, Inc. . . . Duval Jewelry Co. . . .,.. . . . Donaldson's ........... Drew Company ........,, Economy 81 Thrift Cab .,.., Elsner's . .,,. . Ferrell Jewelry Company ....... Finkelstein, Harry . ..,. . Florida Pipe 81 Supply Company . Florida Times-Union Foley Lumber Company .,...... Fulton Loan Company . . . Furchgottis , .,.. . Glidden Paint Company ......,.. Golder, E. G., Company, ,....., . Great Southern Trucking Company .... Haddock Business University ..., Haddock Cleaners . ...,. . Haverty Furniture Company .,.. Haydon Burns ............. Jacobs Jewelers , . ..., , . Jacksonville Paper Company .... Jefferies Market ......,,.,..... Jenks .e....4.......,. Keller Florist . ..... , . . . Kentucky Home Life Insurance, , . Kloeppel, Robert .,.,....,.,... Page . . . 4 Levy's .,............ .... . . . ,, , 2 Linde1l's Boot Shop . . .. . . . . .. . . . 10 Macon Furniture Company . . . . , A 2 Massey Business College .,.. . Mangel's Dress Shop , .,.. . 3 Maytag Washer Company . . . . . 8 McDaniel's Gift Shop . ......... . A 7 National Container Corporation . . 9 3 ..4 Norwood Grocery ....,, , .4.. . Penny Company, J. C. .... I 1 Purce1l's .,..... ......., . r I A Quality Shop .,,........... . . , R. C. Motor Lines ....... ....... Respess Engraving Company .,... Rosenblum's . ,..,,... , I 6 Rudemar Beauty School , . . . . . . . 3 Royal Crown Bottling Company , . 3 1 11 , 7 9 I I 2 Revlis Shop . , . .,... .... . . . . 2 Safety Cab Company ...,...... ' 7 Sandwich Inn . ....,., . ' 4 Sears-Roebuck Company ..... ' 2 Service Electric Company .... ' 3 Shad 81 Tucker . .,,....... . ' 7 Setzer's Stores .......,....,.. . . . ' 7 Smith, Dr. Claude .,4.... . . ........ . . . ' 3 Southeastern Greyhound Company ' 4 Sparks Theatres ....,.,.... ...,. ' 2 Sterchi's . ..............,...... . St..Iohn,Al,.,. - -- 10 Sweat, Rex .....,. .. . 10 Thomas,Earl, - 5 Tooley-Myron Studios .... - - 2 Tutewiler Press ..., . - A 3 Walker Slipper Shop ..,.. . . 3 Walsh, Joseph Company . . . . Witten, Max , .....,.... . Page 5 2 2 6 3 8 7 6 8 4 8 9 7 9 8 11 .. 11 2 8 2 5 5 7 9 8 3 5 7 10 8 4 12 6 10 9 2 l W THE H.8iUJ.B. EUHIPHIIU Pnhrers - liffzograpfrers fngravers ez Specializing Genuine Steel Engraving f 431' JAC KSUNVILLE, FLORIDA if This issue of THE ORACLE was produced in our plant I E11 123105:--ft,,, .......t,.t -,., .. ,-, .L I A? , .,.. ,.....,.n., ,W ,.i.....,,. , ,... .. .. . .... , A..4...,.. '-vp' ' Books point the way onward and upward We can supply any book in print Bibles, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children BAPTIST BOOK STORE 216 W. Church St. Phone 5-3738 Compliments of LINDELUS Boot Shop 115 West Adams Compliments of THE GLIDDEN PAINT STORE 50 West Bay St. "Time Tested Mark of Quality" MAX WITTEN M enis lnear 52 W. Forsyth St. Compliments of SANDWICH INN S OF JACKSONVILLE Main at 27th Park at Gilmore Miami Road in South Jacksonville When You Build See FOLEY LUMBER COMPANY Complete F. H. A. Service THIRTY-s1xTH AND MAIN STREETS Congratulations To The Graduating Class REVLIS SHOP Your Dress Shop 218 MAIN STREET Read FLORIDA TIMES-UNION BERRIERS, Compliments of 20th and Main Compliments of MACON Eat Streets FURNITURE At Best Place toEat HAYDON COMPANY Open All Nife BURNS 230 Broad street J ef1k5 "WeServetoPl ease " Phone 5-1993 E21 -in IA Y. -f -- in-nnnnnnJ , . ,,,qb,,,,.. E. G. Golder Company, Inc. 2329 BOULEVARD Fuel Oil, Motor Driven Oil Burners, Circulating Heaters, Insulating Material, Ventilating Fans PHONE 5-6413 Hot Air Furnaces, Phone 5-4417 G 0 B Y B U S I See Monm- H ' ' . HADDOCK Save MORE- ' 1 Q fy, I I ri, CLEANERS Have M0REAF1m! .. .. ' : -f'l?:V"::'ilm2 ,, Q- mm .A . H -r1'F1I1a:1:lMfll.?wL . . 1 h:g,:.1,!4-VE Quality Cleaning ---,mr-f ' fr' ff-:n!'Q7H.f!:wL'ri'1"'vt"'fA""'" . 'Q ' , ' A ' "' ,, ' V L 1 M8111 SI. if Phone 3-0282 FORWARD WITH Phone 5-5719 FLORIEZSINCE mlonaldson, inc. MANGEL,S 'A' Sgggiiig Feminine f- In Menu Wear APP"'el mvhvwgmlhw 16 We, W, Our Sincere Best Wishes to THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '40 Diomomk Convenient Toms .x , uva En.. 111 MAIN STREET lm, -, , ,,.,:-.- ,. ,-.-... .qi V.,.,,,,,,i,, 5, , ,, oun f 1 h - Ph' 52213 Ypinesg Illefyelfgs on how SERIOUSLY y 0 u t a k e y o u r studies. THOMAS AKRA FLORIST B RO Congratulations Three to the Graduating Clas 23 West Monroe St. Department of Stores ANDREW JACKSON Congratulations andOurBest Compliments gf Wishes "The Store Accommodati TO THE CLASS J. C. PENNEY OF '40 COWIHC' HAWETY WI s DUO M May YOUR Share of It Be ABUNDAIVT Wholesome DCIICIOUS A M " MVS W r ,i Wyfg X 1 1' lt rf 14v The Pause That Refreshes JACKSONVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY ...--,...,,. . 1lwf-- E41 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES ROBERT KLOEPPEL President-Director . HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON HOTEL MAYELOWER HOTEL FLAGLER Jacksonville, Florida HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON West Palm Beach, Florida 4 OTPDINT APPY " OMES 4,23 AVE Q A OTPOINT Ranges-Refrigerators Washing Machines-lroners Dish Washers-Water Heaters -BUDGET PLAN- SERVICE ELECTRIC CO. 424 MAIN PHONE 5-2551 Shop at Sears For 54 Years Serving America With Quality at Lower Cost SEARS - RUEBUCK AND 00. Jacksonville's Most Complete Department Store Compliments of LEVY' S Florida's Finest Apparel Store for Men and Women JEFFERIES' MARKET Fresh Meats, Provisions and Groceries "Leaders in Quality for a Quarter of a Century" Phones 5-0472, 5-0473 416 West Forsyth Street Compliments of HE SPHRKS' THEHTRES 'FLORIDA 'ARCADE .PALACE 'EMPRESS 'SAN MARCO 'CAPITOL 'IMPERIAL 'ROXY "Always the Best in Entertainment" .V V.. ,..,s, , , COMPLIMENTS OF National Container Corporation 0 Th gh B T g d Em t E pl y t S A Y I d p d TUTEWILER PRESS SPECIAL RATES We Think As Well As Print" MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE HARRY FINKELSTEIN CGMPANY IJEWELRY- LUGGAGE SPORTING Goons WEST BAY STREET, CORNER JEFFERSON l6l ,Q ,,,,, ., D .U B S Compliments "A Position for Best Wishes from jewelry Store of Every izadumev SHAD E99 WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELERS R. 0- Haddock We Repair , B , Jewelry Motor lines usmess Jewelefs of All Kinds Inc- Unlverslty Eye Glasses 734 West Adams St. Kodaks and Kodak Films Kodak Finishing and Enlarging MCDANIEL GIFT SHOP 33 West Forsyth JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA GREETING CARDS FOUNTAIN PENS Compliments of GREAT SOUTHERN TRUCKING COMPANY Kliodakls and MArtisti ' ' 'n t ria s 'ms I g 8 e Complete Home ELSNEWS F umishefs Portrait and Commercial Photographers 26 West Forsyth Street S . P. Cregihqgngalids antltlgllgrcies ISS For Personal Loans, See F U L T O N LO A N 20 West Adams S E R V I C E FREE 521 GRAHAM BUILDING DECORATIVE Phone 5-1937 SERVICE AA-, , A An-in A Y . A,...,,-....., M--A - -f sixth "We Feed the M ultitudeu ws" t,,,,,.,66. 10011 Owned and Operated in Jacksonville TEN BEAUTIFUL STORES Addresses on Back Clover of PHONE BOOK Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of Kentucky Sheriff of Keller Florist Home NORWUOD Duval County 2619 Liberty St. Mutual Life GROCERY Florida Ins. C0- Compliments of Compliments of For 3 Generations Compliments of Fla. Pipe 31 Dr. WS "M PURCELIJS Supply CO. Claude Smitll ROSENBLUMS, Laura at Monroe Y 'RE MONEY AHEAD OU TA XI with MAYTAG SEE IT on TRY IT CALL-3-2160 MAYTAG WASHER CO. 414 MAIN STREET EDWARD J. Voss, Mgr. Phone 537800 "Ride Safely with Safrtgv Svafrtg Olahz, Elm. GUY MARVIN A ,A A, - rats ,, ' . -7 -W V-if'-W-W V . Dunlap Congratulations t Sporting ro the Goods, Inc. Graduating Class Compliments of "The The " S SETZER S STORES P0"S,, QUALITY Center SHOP ik 212 West Adams St. JOSEPH H. WALSH CO FOUR COMPLETE SERVICE STATIONS United States Tires 'A' Texaco Gasoline Phone 5-3012 UP-TO-DATE OPTICAL DEPARTMENT Diamonds ' Watches ' Silverware FERRELL JEWELRY COMPANY CHINA AND ALL JEWELRY . . . EASY TERMS 220 Main Street 29 Hogan Street SCHOOL ANNUAL I LAYOUTS H HEADINGS v' DRAWINGS COPPER HALFTONES -' ZINC ETCHINGS ,5 'L PROCESS COLOR PLATES Yhe RESPESS ENGRAVING CO. gnc JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA 'fmxf M In - 0 , 1 1 , lf 'W ' S JACK SONVILLE I9l L ...nL,.. -, , ,A -ahmgx mm-.V W, ir ,wiv To Members of The Graduating Class of 1940 Of ANDREW JACKSON HIGH Our sincere good wishes for a full and successful life for each of you. Uur congratulations for your achievements during your high school years. We appreciate sincerely the privilege of having served as official jewelers for your class of '40 and we will appreciate your further patronage. Good Luck To All of You acohsdeweler INC. LAURA H ADAMS Be.....f..1 Iacksonville Paper Company Bestwrhes Graduation JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA to the Shoes Distributors of . Southern Maid and Eyerest WALKER'S Slipper Shop 18 W. Forsyth St. Fillers, Tablets and Composition Books "Rest 'Your Eyes By Using Eyevest, I Natures Own Way" Graduating Class A. H. CAD St. John YOUI' TAX ASSESSOR COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND , , T ' f1'r1 d Florlda Barberlng and Ariogfan S Barbering and Beauty Culture Colleges Beauty Cuhurep "Positions Awaiting Graduates" SHYS Building 11 Broad St., Jacksonville, Fla. C- S- SHOEMAKER l 10 l ..-'--fs -A-s-1.i-- . F- ......,.. Y,., ....v ,..,... . .....-.Y,-v- A .. . nf .. .. . L. ,,,i,.,.,..,.., Be Compliments of Drink Independent , For Life 'A' Thflft Cabs Train Anne Complimems of PHONE 5-mos RUYAI. CRUWN RUDEMAR A. FRIEND ' CUM Beauty School it Economyllahlio. 122: igflda S PHONE 5-7993 ffgest by . I. , Jacksonvilzilglfrla. Rate 10c Taste Test PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of SPORTLAND BOWLING ALLEYS HIDERS WOODYARD GOODY SHOP WM. A. HALLOWES, 3,RD HALLIDAY,S MAIN ST. PHARMACY LEMUEL SHARP CENTRAL DRY CLEANING SILVERS 5 Sz 100 STORE L. STARLING BERNARD WELLS CLOSE W. C. fShOrtyj ALMOND WILLIAM C. JOHNSON THOMPSON REALTY CO. ROSE AWNING SHOP HARRY,S MENQS SHOP E111 . -. . ii.........4di- YA..-HY ,. , l.-.,-.1.4. ...L pq B 4" " We offer our congratulations to the Graduating Class and our sincere appreciation as official photographers for this annual." TooleyfMyron Studios "Foremost Photographers in the South" 223 West Adams Street E121 A ,1-, f-A--uu- .na Y . new rWsw,,n,i.rW,..,., V Q , . W , . ' kv Q pwfff- ' ' ' . ,AJA - L U xx :.,. 'Q a x E H ' - 1 A , f fa ' .' - - A V Jw . ,. xg l I . 5511 ,L A - ' . -' fa. V f Hi? 'lf A' 35? wi: r"'9'g'i i .' , . ', 2df?' . f ",14+ QMS- EQ. 155, 09, Z 1 ,I , . wg V ,, QE, M ' I ' "' ' - ' in VVV. A S9 J s 4 34 "' f u 'f T'h'fi 1 V ' ' .' Q' Mr? ' .Aifey 141 -. V 24 fix 4f.ff?'3' 9' .ai S uw! GJ . '35 at M 5 Q . b XN7 ,fn , 3, Jhgewffwmwh '2-Ji ZW? ,txaaxfuexf ' 6:77 fa 4:L,q,vf'f611,a1Zr.w"E"2aaeg, ' ... fb' xgggbi ' . ffff 5 Mg, 2 I l ,al S J 'ang 1 Q . Q ' . , .fue ,, . ., Q 3.-. , 1 , k'M34.M, U - x I I 1 3 ' . 1ff':,..-145-. fn , 1 1 ,l.,f' . . " , 'A ff .1 4 Q, A A-. ,, V W , , . 2. . . , X - , .. -, , . -.-yy wg. ,fx 1- ,wr . , gi .. ,ff ,, V. . 1 V -'.,-.,,f, ,. - . . , W 'nv " .,.- ,4. " "3'9"if' f?4" "E'4- - - , 9 -, f' - fi '-"T Q'kT" 4? ff ' ' ?f ' f "2 ' 31,-X :Prizm ,. Q 'YY' W. -, . , 1 ," 4' :- ' -.4-' :Qi , ' -,- ,G-2 ,fx ' ' ' ' ' --4-lim .' 1-z -'A' '- " -.-:Q,,.,,, ' h 5. A, - . --if ." ' ' ' ' W xp:-"' fpfff A. 5 M..- -- nw fyg,-wh ' 3, .+ Qff- . awk WQCfifE'fkf1Q'3,W W , Q X139 AM' We M L'fjfwg6fa ,YM W w , Q -, . ', ,,3 Qpwf , aw 1 145-ff-A0 ,,1K,fl,,gl1ll IX , , A . Qxw ' JO f.J.,,.Q ggi, Mk M I U15 M JA Q- 'Z '.- 13- ,L g,.'g.,,,WR,-,f QLI?-'x'AFL Kf.1.H:X . JW ' N- 11" XL R 6 J - -I fs' ,TW ik-U-iw ' M U Mk ff ,vw M44 mr! . fx -fu 'pn I t" X 4,541 XV' QA 731 , J' f F5 if F ,A it fi . -. K " - . f V 'JL Sf y"Yr-"XX J, ,' . 3 P r l w9"M , , V v x V' f x Vy b 1,1 ' el Y' Brrxf' SA, XJ w fu' ,.! I' 1 X 'l 'y 1 ' av' 'I-I i Ax 3 0 Vx , X' 4-Vlr, Fx of if if V A M , lx 1? ' wa M yi! rjf mf, - r ' V' 'J Q-- x X tyf ' 1 AJ ' Qsrw' lI'y11x"' ' 1-gh V, R Q .x 'L' .6,.:?,-LQ 1 , i :I A- 1 .- J . L gf 1 4, ' , J R ff ' fx 4 4 1 uf + 5 14' ,I Val... , 11 N' .v-- . - N, , vs , I h L f f'-4, 4' 1' 1 Q . N ru, . 'ci fly ,hywl-I fl, gl? ya- f ,,. 3? 'L 'A K T. Q 7, ',.f- I Jg,L-3,1-w,1f""'r, q?"fff'QH.q ' Lf .,j-fgfqtx .ill Qw., ' f . ag? irq-Q Q, Q an xg -

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