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Text from Pages 1 - 90 of the 1938 volume:

Q25 QUHR-A EIL-IE 1958 H NIU A VOLUME X PUBLISHED BY qhe SENIUR CLASS oF AN DREW JACKSON I-I IGH SOCI-IOOL JMKSUNVIJLLE, FLURIDA THE Q Q 0BACl.El938 Q Q 0 Q 'gcgncgguegpvCgp,qy.q5nqpoCf,9Qf45.,ff9,Cg3aqsnfgafgsccgfgpscgpcqpacgpaqsocgyuaaa lf E? lib Q F 0 ll E W 0 B D 4? ll' 3 fl? o 7 -lf' fins UIQAXCIJC staff of was W. X9 has chosen for its theme the life of Andrew jack- YO, 'L 3' lp son, one Of the Soutlfs greatest generals, the first E . . , , J Et territorial governor of I'lO1'lllZl. and the seventh Qi 62 President of the United States whose name our 15 school bears. X As Andrew jackson spoke of his success, "T 3 6, did my best". so we. the Oracle Staff, feel that 'G' we have done our very best. XVe give this book ig to you with the hope that you will justify the fix pride we take for ourselves in its preparation. file 'il -lr il' P9-i6iDfQDeebDf3esQ3Pei?Piles?-P05329450232fx5fifP-'Qbsiiefiffwibvibnsbfgvviiv-622, Pago Tim ANDREW JACKSGN j1ff3,fgsf.Cgof,-gpqfiggfp3f9,fg,Gfg9,fg.q5a 4s0ff,3Kf5.ff9Qf1,3.,f ggcfgpnqsnfgfgcfgafgndi 42 ll y LG fl fi Q1 if U l is D E D I C A T I 0 N Q! i G U l -G ll' , 5 .O li? To YOU, the parents of the stu: eu s o 1 uc rew ac 'sou ' i 1 fc 100 , we. 1e , j lt fXl jr llglSll ti X ii feuior Class of 1938, do dedicate this hook. if 'l1l'll'0llgl1 these high school years, you have guiclecl ll . fy our footsteps zuicl uot once cleriflecl the hopes and its lf flreams of youth's fond fancy. lu returu for -ll Q 13, your guidance aurl care, we hope that within these g covers you may hurl some small expression of 15 our love for you. l l 'll 'L pq ,gnqgsM31UqgpUig,ge,e,fg3Qipngprg,ig,4:.,gsvgg,.,Qg3Uqg,ngD,QJ5.Qg,WQ,,fqgwgwgpg, Page Thrcr TH E0llAl'LEl938 In M0ln0l'l3Dl C7 lHl memorx of l LCLXL H XINIOWITL and llrrl Nl mx Sxmnlzus uc deahcate tllli Inge lhcll supemor sgholarbhlp and lox al Qgrxlne to the school haue left a lastmg IIUIJFES sxon on the minds. of thelr fellow students and tcaahers XXl1ll6 then m1t:.taml111g pers0nal1t1eS have YPQSFX ed a Ll'lCl1bllCfl spot 111 the heartS of ill xx ho knux them . I 2 f 1. 'swf , . , 11A . Y ,A v Q, Y A fx . , ' - ,, , , . Page Four '1 ., A V N, 12. - - R ' an - fr. 2 , af Q. Q jg S A If 3 I. 1 .E . " ,Q ., if I A 4 gm + ,, rl ,. L- v ' ' Extchwmvlmvvef -V'-f 'W-gg W .1 :x.,,,,,,w.Mm.,fQ:.e,w+xWmmfAwm-swmwwvmmwm . , L' :- LW , ' 55 , -Q 'V ' .5525 ffw,1.fw23., i' -rf , - . ' i:'f'r1s' S' 'A 1 .wmgsw H ,f,-a w , . . ,mia 5frWf'fwmn .wi -, iw, .. - - k , ,kggggmfgfg Ate,---J .. , , , . . .. , , a .af 2 ' A W , Y W ask , ,, Q i bx -WFQHQI -. . 5-Lwq N W x uf f gf q ,R . W , . if ,mp 1,4 K1 my r 2, 1 ' ' ' nw, ,4,..,...,.,..v ,ws H' 1, E' 42.15-5 1'fi':gQ ' - inlay - ' f, A gf , , , if-uk . V--M ,f 5:57 M V ,K I s" V " 'wif i -i?'ff""f3"" " V Ha, V ., -- W .. gg, ' . , .r 1 , 1 , g 3' fm' ' wt 2:0569 fx. r E' 2 M Y N .iv ' 1 1 A , f A - VF '. '- 1 4 KW .1 L 1 f 5 H 1 A -.. if m - ,W ,522 sg 1 Q ' g if, J, a ,1 W ut K, W f, -sk . .V , 'wi' a,, A F S sl D 1: i ,W 'V 1: f -s ,n .K Q 4. W Si. , ' . ' 4, g 3 4' " 1 L 14 A Q f VY Q Ma ' QQ? 2 Q ix ml it 'Q A' I I 4 fu f 4 fi 5 ' A Q 'Viz -a H , L' A g ' 1 I L f ,F ,Q QQ' 4 R Q A sa, .3 2,5 5:7 a - -f-2 , ,N-We Awww: V' 5 . ar, V ,lfw K an V 1 899 , . 'L d fy K, '3 A J. ' ' 1. ' b Qdizwhfw '11 5 2- ,x, ,, f ' 4, X iswf-an lhZ3lfl7Z6UU fi A If A W fx it ' lllri f 4 it ff? ff f f ii ' f X-H F l, S The Brave Boy of the Waxhaws 9 ith his brother jackson was taken prisoner by the British. It As A , a'nl'T w , , , is said that one of the ofhcers commanded the lads to clean his boots. They both refused, "Sir," said Andrew. pruudly speaking for them both, 'Al um a prisoner of war and demand to be treated as such." ' ' B 't':h otllcer. "Black those 'I have never heard such iusolcuct , lutned the ri ls boots instantly." "I am not a servant to any Briton tia J ' , , British officer struck at him. Instiuctively Andrew raised at his head, is said to have broken his arm. His l tlreextllesv he returned coldly. Thor- oughly infuriated. the his arm, and the blow, aimed hund bore the scar to the end uf his life. TH EOIlACLEl938 Paar Tm Administration R. C. NIARSIIALL Sullwfriilimldelzf of Public lII.Yfl'1'Lf'l'l0ll of Duval County BI.xuu.xR12T XYEED , Cliairmalz of flu' Board of Public ,l15fl'l1Cfl0l1 DR. C. C. CULLINS PERCY THOMAS Board lWm11I1Pr Board lVIvmbez' BROWN XVIIATLEY XY. C. RIVERS Board M vmlavr Board M amber' - THOMAS C. PRINCE Cwzfral Szefwrwisor of Education in Duval Counfy KUERRICK A. DE51lJREST Pl'lllCl'17C1l0ffllldJ'CiUf!lL'A'50I! Hiylz School E. I.. LOUNSBURY INIADGE GUNDY BOWERS Assi.vta1ztPrinripal Dean of Girls AiN D B E WY J A C K S 0 N Faculty W' ' L4r'L f,"N x ,, N , V V , Head of bwnlltgg Ilvmi nf Hand of I IIDIIZK' Iffnzmuzirx ' j.ffl'H1lfIY'lH'I1filIlI Chnl-1m'f'rim1l INN. Jlmznal .-lrix I,11.1.1.xx I.Mv1ufxr'+i :XNXA E. Moum-1 H.XRl!IIi1'PFP1Il7ER H. F. SMITH CIY3'-l'Vidc llvml of Ilmd of Ilvad of llmdnf11lnxic Snfif1l,S'rim1rr Latin Srimm' iff ,Z f-gf , f XvliRNA So1mr:Rs'1'imxl EIJNA KAIs1.12 SUTTUN MALZDE C. XVoo1mw.xRIm V Af' A' I If Ilvmi of Ilfaa' of Cifj'-Ilfirlv .Uudfrnl Ltl7lfllIl1fll'.Y :l1f1f1lL'IlIGfil'.X' Hvnd of English Pays Elcfwz V L6 LX W TllE0llAlTLEl938 Faculty K - N EMILY CYR1's E. SUSAN WRUTH RIARY Lois VV. ATKIXS .ANDERSON BLKRRETTE BURNS BENNETT Bw-:Rs 4 lfuglislz C-I7HllllL'7'!'lYUI Sufial Suimzrz' Cmmncrczal C0l7Il7IFI'fl01 JlIl1f11f'll1Hf1I.i' 6.3-L? Ma. FSTHER CHARLES E. HI-QRBIERT XY. ARLIIC L. CHARLES L. I-IIELIENMARY C1-1 ASE V CoRE CLARK IDICKSON Donsox FRITSCH lizzglixlz Srwial SL'fL'lIl't' Jlmzuul ,1r't.v Svlznnl .S'vfr'vIar'y Srivrlfe Iinglislz RIAIZEL NIINNIE S. HEl!IiEIiT FRANK S. LIARY L. JICNVICLL l,iLm ER GRIN!-IS IJAI Muwl'1'Z HVUNALL -IUHNSTUN KIQLLY Izzzglzxll Suivfzfv Cm11n1m'r1'nl lfnglzslz linglixlz C'rmu11vf'm11 '1'uEommRE AIAR-IURIE NANCY E. EVA XV. SARA D. CATHERINE KOSL'l1I.RR LAY LUTZ IHASON BJCIJONALTJ A1IiRRIC'K ,1flllI1ltlI."l1'fX Enylzslr Plzyximl Edzrmtiou Czmzuxwrial C01r1uzc1'fiaI Mmlrru 1.aug11ayc Pagv Tzafvlwf - 1 .ANIIREW .JAG 0N Faculty L iw XYA1.'1'eaR Suu M.xmmR1aT XY. XINA SARA PAUL C. xIIlJI1I.EIf.XLfFF x1lTRIIZL fjLTROG1ilE PARRAMURE PHP!-ER PHILLIPS flxxf. Coacfz lzrzylrxlz Axxl. .S'vw'rIn1'3' Cavzfzlmviul Ifuylzxlz Soma! Sfmzrc' x Jmx B. IELVA HELEN B. R. J, F, L1esLu1c F. I RA N-I SEV I Ronlikf-:UN Sox NLUX Sl'oFF0m1 S'l'RUl'Il SYKES llama l:mn1rm1n'.v lfzzglislz .Uudrrnz I.1111g1u1g1v C,vlJ1lIJl1l'l'l'f01 ,S'virm'r .lIfIlI1lHIZ1I'f.f H. F. EL1z.xBmH ELrz,xm:'rH K.K1'HJ.l4.EN CLARA B. T1-um PSUN TH me M AN TRAfaI'1"r , TURNHY XVELTQH fllmzmrl .flrlx Ilnmr' Emlmulifs Snfifll Sfzmm' Commcrczal ,Snf1al.Srn'11N FACULTY MEMBERS .ADELE BOYD .........,,. J1-155112 J. IDI-ZXJORE .. ELLA HARXk'ELI ..., GH:.xL111NE HUNT .,...... ISABELLE S. LICCASKILL. RliR'l'H.X Gklmom' CIIESTER G"3ORm'3 MERCER ---' -"-- XVOTSCH .xx XYOTSQTI AK Coxvnkrzv CUH1HIFl'L'iL11 Votafiorxuf .1It1U'L'I'II Language Guidauff A-hi:'i,wr CLAIRE XYILLIANS Iiuylislz NOT PICTURED ,,,., ..,JIut11z'mutirs ...., flluxif . . ,Librarian , , , Seizure , . ,,.... .Enylixh , , .Xlcmnal Arts Page Thirteen THE IIRACL El938 Student Council Development of genuine leadership and cooperation among students of Andrew Jackson High School has been the foremost aim of the Student Council. They found immediate re spouse to calls for cash for the Salvation Army and supplies for Christmas baskets. The sale of Christmas seals for the prevention and curc of tuberculosis met with huge triumph, BTIAIULJRIIZ B1-:NNI-:TT PHILIP CRAIG LORETTA l2LL1.fxs NIILDRED james jonx LIUIJRLL Page 1'A0lU'fF6l1 Y OFFICERS Prmizlmlf , , . . . ,... .AIIELINE NVOOD Vice-Prcxidwzl . . UHELLN NOLTE Secretary , . j.xcK HUBIPHRIES Adviser' ., , EDNA SUTTON MEMBERS XV.xLTER M020 SARA Bon PARKER MAr'R1cr: RAMSEY LAURA SEA NVARD T HPINRY Smmoxs JULIUS SLOAT HOBIER STILL ALBERT ST. JOHN L. C. TINSLEX' 6-705583 f'-., K " f A ' gp 5: - :sg 71,25-"' Qm :3. . "' ' , eww ,fi I7 Sq X0 nfl!-j,g,f7?S'Asr1-1 Sgvu-LE NA SWIXUX' fbeufm o. 0 ' - 0 tlnf Qushler C10 Nw 5 WW!! WZ, N Aqgi f i xy ffl, , f 101 ffwqm Qcenw 91,00 laid! fi 5 D liars,f A V ' .2115 '1 U t ' 1094 f +211 . aka, at ,790 ,,.ia:fQ L' i .. h V gi? s , a f fi, . aff a l '15 ,. 'ffg '1fe. .r X -" ff: --A- 1111-wwf.-E-1".f .1 1317 if 2 - 'ISN ' Atgxj q , . A Check for Education '1i7::'fglN A BEIAEVER in education, Andrew Jackson was an active supporter of Cumberland College at Nashville and an officer of its forerunner, David- son Academy. This check, made at a time when jackson was strivng to pay the debts of his trad- ing house, was probably in payment of tuition for his various wards. Checks were commonly can- celled in that day by tearing off a part of the sig- nature. TIIEUIIACLEID38 Senior Class 0fl'icers L. L. TINSLEY fPresirlc11l2 Pres. Sr. Class: Capt. Foot- ball: Pres. j. Club: Student Council: S, F, C.: lli-Y: Track: j. IS. C,: Class Night. BILL Ckoivtaizru-1 Kl'i4'f'-Pr'rsidM1tj Vice-Pres. Sr. Class: Sr. Play: Class Night: S. lf. C.: lr. Reviewers: J. B. C.: to- op. Club: VVho's Who. FLOYCE NV.-tRR12N f,S'r'rrr1aryj lX. ll. S.: Sec, Sr. Class: Jubilee: Jr, Reviewers' Club: Vice-Pres. S. B. C.: Chap. G. R. C.: Monitors' Cluh: Latin Club: Treas. R. C. C.: Library: Treas. Ci, R. C,: S. G. C.: Christmas Pageant: Sr. Play: Class Night: Who's Who: Tiger Key: Soph, G. C. MILIDREIJ jomzs I 7'rea.v1:r'rrf N. H. S.: Treas. Sr, Class: S, G. C.: G. R. C.: Student Council-: Treas, jr. Class: Latin Club: Oliice: Sr, Play: Class Ni Ht: Who's VVho, Fun-:xii L1-:x'Rir:'1'1' f,S'cr'gvl1rxt-at-Arom, nl. Club: Sgt.-at-.Xrms, Sr. Class: Football: VVho's Who: Class Night. MARYBELLIQ W RIGHT fcfmpmno S. C. C.: Jubilee: Sec. N. H. S.: Cheer Leader: Letter: Cho.: Cho. Play: Latin Club: G. R. C.: R, C, C.: jr. Reviewers: Sec. G. A. A.: Chap. Sr. ClasS: Dean's Of- hce: S, B. C.: Library: Christmas Pageant: Sr. Play: Class Night: Oracle: Tiger Key: Diamond Ball: All- Star Volley Ball. Page Sixteen February June I it iggg Q ' i' L X It -' 'i -N t t:f3,15ff't Q 'li f Y a .4 m i Lf' 5: Q , , . ,. W-M .. ,. . sm.:-ig , . :ew-.s wg, . - . oz ' 3. WB . fa. , 4 1' f 'li 1 fl! ,. "P z fl "f we 5 1333 ' l hiatt 5 K . . . , 'li Y as 1' 1 ' e .. .. " - .. , - xii 'W i W , S -f S 5 14" juuus Rox' SLOAT fPr-crifleniry Pres. Sr. Class: Tiger Key: Pres. S. F. C.: Varsity Foot- ball: N. H. S.: Who's VVlio: Class Night: Ir. Reviewers, Club: Jr. Rotarian: Sr, Play: Treas. J. Club: Tiger's Claw: All-State Football: Track: Uraclc: Pres. jr. Class: Pres. Student Council: Vice- Pres. Student Council: Car- nival Com.: Color Bearer at Graduation : Sgt, - at- Arms, Monitors' Club: Pres. Soph, Class: llaby Tiger Football: All-Hig Ten Football. Cmtn. XVoI.rsoN fl 'iff'-l'l'usil1f'r1!j Tiger Key: Vice-Pres. Hi-Y: gmt Team .Xll-Big Ten: A11- Star Football : Honorable Mention .Xll-State: Honor- able mention .Xll-Southern: liasltetball: Track: Mascot: Al. G. C.: Sgt,-at-.Xrms jr. Class: Vice-Pres. Sr. Class: VVbo's Who: Sgt.-at-Arms J. Club: S, F. C.: Prom, Com.: Chemistry Club. MARY LI-:E jomss f,S'f'v1'1'tar'yj Vice-Pres. Soph. Class: Sec. jr. Class: Sec. Sr. Class: Al. Ii. C.: S. li. C.: Sponsor Lee-jackson Game: S, B. C.: Vice-Pres. Jr. Reviewers' Club: Cho.: Jubilee: Tiger's Claw: Oracle: Sr. Play: Office: School Publicitvy: Who's Who: Class Night, Flmyttlas PAIGE COLLINS l7'r'f:as1n'f1-J Tiger Key: Treas. Sr. Class: S. G. C.: Rep. S. ll. C.: Oracle: Who's VVlio: N. ll. S.: Christmas Pageant: ii. R. C.: Office: School P'ublicity: Ch0,: Vice-Pres. li. C.: Founders' Day Program: Jubilee: P. T, A. Play: Chap. Sopb. li. C.: Treas, Soph. Class: School Essay VVinner. X l R Mozo K5 du, -at-.4rn1.rj Pre, I -X : . Club: J. ll. C.: ulent ouncil: Sgt.-at- .X , S, F. C.: Football: I ball: Oracle: Who's io: Class Night. Jon KENNELLX', JR. IClzaplai11j Pres. J. li. C.: Prom. Com.: Oracle: 'l'iger's Claw: Cheer Leader: Chap. Sr. Class: Pres, S. ll. C.: Carnival: Reporter F. C.: Mgr. Track Team: Debaters' Club: Commencement Com.: Stu- dent Council: Cho.: J. Club! 'lass fight: Sr. Play Com. t brlflnfyqflff' -' M. ANDREW' JA VETA B. ADDISUN J. G. C.g Cho.g Christmas Pageant: S. B. C.: Soph, G, C.: Class Night. JOHN E. Amuxs N. H, S.: Cho.: Chu. Play: Christmas Pageant: Choral Vespers. HAYES Lows APPELI. HAZRI. ARMSTRUNG State Commercial Contest: ll. EC. GEORGE D. ARNliTTli S. F. C.. Sec, J. la. C. OLI or atv B . . 'IA 2,CQ1bilee: Vie' ' ww FRANK PAGE AsP1Nw,x1.1. Treas, S. F. C. 3 I. B. C. B. ll. S.-National llonor Society R C , . C.fRed Cross Club S, B. C.iSchool Banking Club 3. F. C.-Senior Fellows' Club . G. C.-Senior Girls' Club S. C.-Shorthand Speed Club C.-Boys' Glee Club Seniors . I' K I .... .l'.l.l.XlJ Ei. li. if ---- liirls' Glen- Club 1. R. V.-Girl Reserve Club 5, ll. li. V,-llolnv lfcunnmics Club Al. ll. if--,luniur Huy! Club I. cs. 1',-,lrwiur rains cum. GRACE Tiger's Claw? C.: Chu.: G. G Pageant: N. ,ll. '13f,u.fJ., JA Mus B. N. ll. S.: Cn CARULYN Eusrzxm BARKER French flulr: French Tigcr's Clznr: Oracle joul. RICHARD BARWICK S. lf, C.: French Club: Pres rhemimy Club, JEAN BEAT FRANCPIS BECK N. Il. S.: Clvznp. S, li. C, ,lulvilecz I. G. C.: S. ll. ff. French Club: Nlonilors' Club Trans. Suplx, G, C. A. L, B15maNRAUcQH Cl'ls'i Yiflxl' Oracle' Christ .. . 5 . , , .- mas l'zrge:mt: liahy Tiger Fnulball. Sopll. ll, V.-So1ulm111orc lloys' Club J , Suxlx. G. C.+So7l1un1ol'e G'rls' Club Iallf' 5C7f'l7llfL'V77f . , , Y - l l A l l . A. A.-Gxrls Athletic Assucxatmn Clm.-Llwrus Tiger lfmyumll 0llACLE Seniors B1-:111u1xs,jk, . T sg I xl NIF TJALIQ IRIQLL S.m3,c'.:Jum1fv1 T V C' M ARJORIE BI-:NNr:'1"1' 'X H 9: fhzup. S. ll Hang. ima . '.l"l'liR I x I 1 lcl 3 fan' x K'mn,: I, Il, Chg nl. Vmn, A 2" WILLx.x1x1 Illavls BARBARA Jo Bmw S, G. C.: G. A. A.: Munitors' fluhaglvw MARY B1sHm- G. G. C.: Christmas Page-ant: Fho.: Lihraryl Sr, Phny. pg.. f X Page Iffflllffffl lr. V.: Jubilee: Stu- onncilq Mm1iturs'l'Iuh: 1938 Murum, Bmcklxfox uw. IJ1-:N Nmn: Lmrvm' Mrzuxx Bmw: Pho.: French Club. Lmuv MM: I3n.xmmcK ,I I if f ' 161,245 :buf Xfg ing, 1'I.xm'w1c1.I. Bulimia S. F. Cf.: Poop. Club: Stage Mznmgerg VI. ll. C.: S. B. C. M. L. BROWARD S. F. C.: IJean's Office: Class Night. Rl'1'H Rrwwx I'upperettes1: Offxcec Monitors' Vluh: Sr. Play, f gy I 'Cf ANDB CARLTUN PECGENIH lgL'RLliSON Class Night: Christmas Page- ant: Sub. Mgr. Tigcvls Clzmz Oracle. GRACE Ev!-:LVN Bvuxlcx' ELISI-1 CA1.1nx'l-LLL S, G. C.: G, G, C.: tl, A. .L SIHLEY C.xl.Hm7N 11 fi.. J. Ia. Q. Hl'iCTTlJR CA Mmzox, JR. 5.1-IC.: N, H. S.:I.R.l'.: Latin Club: Mmmitors' Club, IDA Lois CARLYUN Christmas Pageant : Class Night: Sr. Play: N. ll, S.: State Com, Contest: Cho.: Monitors' Club. JIM M n-L CAR'rwRlc:11'r Vice-Pres, S. ll. LI: Mascut S. G. Og Sec. Ili-Y: IH-um. Com.: Oracle: Carnival: VVhu's Vlfho: Chemistry Club, I W J A Seniors ly g l 32 - 5551 . AL.. 21 9821 K Ck., ., x , at .. m.. , ' 45, U. ' ,Z mf , .. ,,., CKSUN RoL'c'oC.xx',x1.Ir:R XY11.Lmx1 CHAIR!-IS S. lf. C, 7, . M ,uw Lffmmr .xx Ixgel' sflaxr: f..f1,C,I ll. li, C.: Cluristmns Pageant. E A of X '7!'1ymf-,C .f0g7-'ff' Q 6 , Rxvxloxlw CHAS1-1 A . , V ' l.u.LI,xN CHRISTINI-1 W - . L , CLEMENTS - . Q 1 . . 4 , S,1l.C.:IN.ll.S.:1'renClv W. 9, v .1 514.3 ,f : 51- . . 1. . y. . 3 ,fl K K lub, Iwenth 1 1.15. .' v H . . ?f,fAw! , .V l..x XYAXNA CLI-gx11aNTw isa .1 Plzyv Nifwtvmz l'l38 TllE0llACl.E . SA M M112 Com: S.If.C,:Cl1aLCnom,l'l11lv: 1 1 Cl1ap,j. ll. C. I1ARULD XY. C011-'11c1.11 if f I 1 121 7 ,c-411,991 Z ,. HURAl'P1 Ccmcanunx K'l1ristmasPageant: Fha.: Sr. lylzly, RAYMOND W1L1.1.x A1 COHEN Debaters' flub: Christmas Pageantg flm. MATTHEW L, COLEMAN Class Nightg Cl1ri:t1r1as Pageant. BETTY COLLIER Club. W D ALMA COLLINS s. G, 011. G, cg Soplx. G. C. Page Twenty vrs' CLA L'111A RAL C0014 01911. f'lul13 Sr, Play: Class Night: l.1l11'z11'y: 11. A. A, Blassllc GRACE Cox l'1'cs. Owls, flulvl Christmas Pugcznltt Sr, Play: G. .X. .X.: ,l. G, V.: IJca11's llfflccg Ur- clxestra: Class Night. p . WMM ,T Lu-I , ' 1' AP' xx LIARY LUL' CRISMAN S, 11. C.: cz. A. A.: J. rs, C. RUSALYN CROLKER X. II. S. G, C.: Jubilee: French Cllnlwg Mo11ito1's' Club: ,l. G. V. LUCILLE CRU M ARTIIZ 5.l:.C.:C1111.:c1.r1.c.g cz. fi. u AIARY liLLIZN CRUMWI-:LL G. CJ Treas. Ifre1'1ch Club: Treas. G. R. C5 Oracle! J. G. C.: Soph. CQ. 1,5 French Plays: J. li. C. Playg G. A. A.: Rep. Tigerls flaw. XfARY CROSBY A N ll ll .if ANNIE LAURTE DALEY Tiger's Clawg S. B. C.. Chu. WVILLIAM DANIEL ERNEST J. DAVIES S. F. C. DOROTHY DIEFFENXY'lP:RTH S. G. C.: Cho.: J. fi, Cf.: Jubilee: Christmas Pageant. LARRY Donn S. F. C.: Cheer Lezulerg M gr. Basketball: Trans. Hi-Yg J. li. Llg Prom, Com.: Who's Vlllmg Class Night. JAMES E. DOYLPZ Cho.: S. F. C.g J. li. C. WW JOHN DE B0sE l Oracle. . v . - . - It W J A l It S 0 N S Q eIll0l'S Neff? V3- siilgrgkt 51 I b I gk .25 i 2 , I EVELYN DIJCKWORTH ' :Z . . 21" 'Qi -' I Coop. ClubI Chnstmas Pag- .-1 f.. gf ' ' 25 f, 'ff 5 i ezmt: Sr. Play: Class Night' fl fl if Ii- -' 1 'ragews Claw: J. G. C.: , 5 " I .fix W t ri I N l'I'om, fum. ,L,. H ' W.: 1' 1 J. J SARA DUNCAN V af. V 11 fi, lg.: Calracgg: CTigeg's - ,. .. ' I1 au: Io.: . -. .2 4, ' 'Q PI:-y: Ch-ss Nigmz C-hri -i s f mas l'zIgeaIIt. as ,. -.aff 1 , J ' ,- gi , . I '," . "- gi K . 4. - . I K .1 A " it: y a V W E n':'m".4 .Q fr J gi ALIC'P1lJUKSIflD . 1 'i' A mp. A. A.. s. cz. C.: SQPII. 'Q L . FA J g f 12. C.: Pepperettes. f s 4 4 I, 3z1.f"f. ,.,.. ' ' . l":IDNA clu PONT Vluemistry Cluhg Oracle. . I. 'f r Q mf ,E L . f BILLY PLADSON S, I". ll.: WlIo's WIIOC Mgr I ,. , .J , ,P If.-.IIIIAIIQ Mgr. Baseballg f Q lli-Y: J. g'IlIIyI. lk tl .Q ...s . fam Ig,5-gf. Q . 1 K! fi XYIRGINIA EASTMOORE fjl lf' ,, 9, ,,: ' g . F. C: ZUJI.. 'G. cz. A I' cz: CIM.: Library. S 1 1 gy Q? A M" 1 'J I. . I7 ,-JZ"-'D 15 VERNON EBERLING i. I A 1 f . 1 I. ' ., . ' I' '- a'S" ':4 ' Page Twenty-011 C .ffi E I TlIE0llAl'l,El938 V' FRANK Enwixlzius MARRY EIYVYARIDS I. In. c.. s. If, ct.: J. mu.. FLOYD O. IQLANII cmui.. Club. LORETTA ELLIAS Tiger Key: Pres. S, G. C.: jubilee: N, ll. S.: Student Council: ii. A. .X.: Letter: Vice-Pres. Ir. Class: Treas. I. fs. C.: Rec.-sec. ca. .x. A.: Sec.-Treas, Latin Club: Pres. Soph. G. C.: Vice-Pres, fi. R. C. TRUITTE ELKINS .. , . . X ice-I res, Conn. Club: Treas. Coop. Club. NIXULA FARRIS Tiger Key: N. Il, S.: S. G. C.: Jubilee: Vice-Pres. Cl. .X. .x,: Leiter: Sweater: .XII- star Basketball: Diamouml Hall and Vulley Hall: J, Ki. C.: R. C. C.: Pres, French Club: Treas. French Cluh: Treas. G. R. C.: Oracle: I Vice-l res. Soph. Ki. C.: Deanls Umce: Violin Quar- tell City-Wimle Urcllestrzlz Ticket Mgr. Sr, Play, JOE FAULKNI-ZR S. F, C.: Class Nightg VVbu's Who, I . ,age T1c'z'I1iy-two Seniors . i .I .... . I . .1 H ' 5,9 my K' Bizrrv JEAN FIELDS S. G. C,: G. G, C.: G. A. A.: Al. ll. C.: Jubilee: Christmas Pngczxntl Carnival Com.3 Li- braryl Vesper Service: Class Night? Valley llnll. GRPLTHEL FIELDS mop. chu.. ji M Iss VVILLIAM FIELDS Club . F. C.: S, B. C1 Latin AIARGARET VVILLIS FINCI-I ,l. G, C.: Vesper Service: G. R. C.: S. G. CJ Clio.: ,luhileeg Christmas Pageant. M ARIAN ELEANOR FI NEFROCK Sr. l'lay: Class Night? Christmas Pageant, XVILLIAM H, FLETCHER N. ll. S.: Monitors' Club? llusiuess Mgr, Sr, Play: Class Night. CIQCILE FOSTER S. G, C.: Rep, G. R. C.' Cho.. Christmas Pageant: Gf .X, A.: Sr. Play: Class Nagin. AND in SIMM . mnclfmcu. DAX'll7 FRIEIIMAX lfnntball: J. Clnlyg lli-Y. JO-BETH GEER C. S. G. C.: jubilee: Vlm: J, Is. C.. spunasll Imly. JEANETTE GEoR1:E ph. G. C.: J. cs, ct. S, ma. C,g Uracle. HELEN GIBSON RICHARD H. GIFFIX BIILIIREII XVIOLA GILLELANIJ S. G. CJ Jubilee. LEATHA GODDARD .I f 1 . E HEY' J A If Seniors .z :W .i A-gafgfess if I y sitzf T hw t ' :tifz ' I . ' V I .. .. 4 ,if ' ff: 132.5 ,u:..,, . If' is .15 K .. . - M-.1-I . i - . U ':..: ' J YP ,ss E ' ll 3 F , 1 R KSIIN GEORGE D. GoFIf, IR. Iiandz Treas. J. ll. C.: Vice- Pres. S. F. C.g TigeI"s Clawl Oracle: Pres. Art Club: Class Night: Carnival. Sr, l"lay: Hi-Y. A JA AI ES HOW'ARI7iR GK GRAHAMLJR. lfrenclx Club: Tiger'5 Cla I Imp. J. Is. C.. Chap. S IA C.: Carnival Com.. C . Monitors' Club: Otis ei Frenvsh L'l"b Skit: Publicity Mgr. Sr. Class: l'rumKConI. WILLIAM J. GREENE Q7 W. X! S. lf. ll: J. li. C. LILLIAN JESSAMINE GRI-ZENO X. ll. S.: Coup. Club: J. G. C.. Pellperettesg G. A. A.: lf. R. L. DIIRUTH I' JEAN GRICE Cho. DORIS NELL GRIER Christmas Pageant: Class Night. JOE GRooM s Baseball: S. F. C.: Class Night. Page Tuwriy-tlL1're 'I' II Ii 0 Il I I' I. IE I 9 Il Il JOSEPHINE Gkomus Christmas Pageant: Class Niglxtg VVl1o's Who. HENRY A. Gkorn' Sr. l'layQ Class Night. M.xRcsAluz'1' Glmuvm: If XM' FRANCI-Ls .ALIIJA HAlJLl'lR ,l. G, CJ Commercial Cun- testg Coop, Cluh. FRED L. HAFIQR, jk. S. lf. C.: Comn1encenu-ul C'om.q Carnival Cum. SYLVIA HAINlIJXN'ITZ Chap. Debaters' Club: S. G. C.: N. H. S.: Christmas Pageantg Monitors' Clulr: Who's Whog Urchestra: Carnivalg SAM HALL Pago Twenty-fam' Bos HAMM1-1RsLA lfomllallz J Clubq J, B. C.: Chan. jr. Class: Vice Pres. Monitors' Clulv: Ili-YQ l'luristn1as Pageantg Sr. Play: Class Night. Airman Hlxmwlzv 41,411.1 If lluxxxl. T. HANCUCK Coop. Club. THOMAS HARDMAN J. D. HARl'lER S. If. C15 S. ll. C. DOROTHY HARRoLn "3"4'lgf44-'I . "r I-'LZC' I EDITH HELEN HAYNES Coop. Clubg Librnryg G. A. A.3 J. G. C.g Monitors' Clubg Volley Ball: Ofliceg N, H, 5,5 Oracle. S Ib H l .XNIBIBIEWV .lxrli ff-uf ...L CHARLES HAZOURTJ JR. VI. Club: Hi-Y: Florida All- Star Football. HPII.EN CATHERINE HEI-:RTN Pres. G. R. lf.: Chap. S, ll. C.: G. A. A.: Letter: 'l'iger's Claw: Soph. G, C.: J. G. C.: S. G. C.: llebaters' Club: R. C. C.: Jubilee: Cho.: Oracle: Badminton: Horseshoe: Yol- ley llallg llasketllalli Dia- moutl Hall: Hockey: Soccer. RUSIIC AZAIQ HELLTXN' S. fi. CA J. G. C.g Snph. C.. C.: Monitors' Club. H1XRRY HELVENSTON ,l. ll. CJ J. Club: Football! Hi-Y: Chap, Jr. Class: Prom. Com.: Christmas pag- eant: Sr. Play: Vlass Night. Seniors - n Tig 1 A Vt, KI.. l .A .. QU... 3. , .e SARAH HOPKINS N. Il. S.: S. G. C.: J. G C.: Monitors' Club: Soph. G. C. HPZIQIIIER1' HUUGHTON Ax N141 HUVAN Coop. Cluh. ROBERT L. HUTCHINSON, JR. Tiger Key: Cho.: Orchestra: School Trio: N. ll, S.: S. F, C.: Coop. Club: Ir. Rotarian: State Music Contests: Tig- or's Claw: Spanish Plays: J. ll. C.: lloys' Operetta: Schonl Quartet: Oracle: Val- eflicturizul: .Xll-City High Scluml Urcluestraz Music Festival. l,0ROT H v ISAAC Q Ml' ARMQNTINE IANNIZ JENNINLJS u ' F.wEJENN1xrzs G. A. A, KATHLEEN Hoczftx f. sopn. G, C.: 1. G. c.g s. cz. .. E ggi CJ Jubilee. V 5 ' lg V EL: " gi Pix. EARL HOLLEN' H lk " , . if ,. . .. Alek " flu- . . 4+ g '-' , QV ' - .. . . . it 2-4 - MARY ELIZABETH 1 .gr 3 if If H HONEYCUTT . 1 . ' Tiger Rey: s. G. C.: Juni- 2' ,f x H 'W I - lee. s. R. C.. Carnival: Rec. 7, . gg QQ -Q sec. ts, A. A.. Letter: All- ,, '1 I 7 Class Teams: lyepperettesg 'g':iwt'sA. ,V R Prom. ttQm.5 J. ms, cz.. R. C. I N 5 V , CT 4" R' C' hbfy JC 49" 1- Page T-zcfr11f3'-flu' Mk W l AX W 'l'lIE0llAlfl.El938 REGA ZOE JOHNS Soph, G. C.: J. G. C.: S. G. C.: Sr. Play Com.: Jubilee: Carnival Com. LILLIAN JOH NSTUN JEAN JOLNES BILL JONES Tiger Key: Pres, N. Tl. SJ Vice-Pres. N. H. 5,2 VVhO's Who: Class Night: Tiger's Claw: All-City Orchestra: Oracle: Cho.: Christmas Pageant: String Trio: J. li. lf: Cho. Plays: S. F. C. CHARLES JONES S. F. C4 J, Ia, C.: lli-Y. Lihrary: J. Club: Ca rt. Cheerleaders: Oracle: Sw Tr ming Team: Track Team. J CLEO JONES Cho. JOHN JONES Page' Seniors i'G3fu LUCILLE JONES s. c.. C.: J. G. C.: Cho. VVIELIAM FRANCIS JORDAN Plf'fli KALOOERAKUS J. B. C, lVI,xRv If,-XNIOSKY Coop. Club: Soph. G. C STANLEY Klxss S. F, C. FRANK KlINNI'IIJY AARCHIE KING A N ll R LORENA KING K ..- Y' IVIARION KI 'cz Ji' s. If. C., W ga E If Y 'XXX I WILLIAM W, lil NI: Su imming K kt I 7 Q x ig EW' JACIKSCDN Seniors P: 'I 'si .... 'QI 'Q F ' JI- I .I I JOHN KRUHR j Nd-A, J,X,,,,j,zs1 e . aid' F lx ,gp If .I l Z5 rw Wi Z' I7-412130 INIZZ KUIIN Rosa KIARIE KVHX D A! ' FII. KIRKPA'l'liICK ' I P Class Night: VVlm's VVIIU: - D- LACY Chrislmas Pageant: Pres. - 5 K3 llamlg Orchestra. Vi: i ,Ig 4. 'Q T . K 'A K " i . ml IRM Ymuh - PAUL D. LMII-RL' K.ummencemeIIt Lum.: De- 0 - f , , haters' Club: farnivznl Ummm.: - Q .S F. if 7, ' 4f Q1 A- vw N Q in Z! ,ffl MICFI W" F' ., l1I.k:7' jx " Q W-324' - , 3133 fel I- -Q-1: f l ' l M 1. ' ' ? I , if L Q A A HENRY LASIIIS mf Elfki, KIM 'gg' My Swimming Team: N. Il. S. YI 3, 2 C. t 5 ' Y v t 1 Zfdfyfof I lk OI.I.II: KNICEHTQ '. ZA 1 L . ROBliR'l' L,xsRIs T Club: Mgr, Football: Class W . k -:H S, ll. S.: Swimming Team. Night. 4 . I -1" I Page Twnzly-xvf'mI 'I' Il li ll ll .1 1' I. E I 9 Il 8 CHARLOTTE LEA I. G. C.: S. G. C. LORRAINE Lntxmzus S. B, C.g G. G. C.: l'lIenI- istry Club: S. KD. C: Sr, 1'lay. X 'QA' MARr:.xIIE'rI.I:wIs U 'J S, fi, C.: 'l'iger's Claw: ,l. li ,. XR 'f V.: Prom. Com.: l'zIrIIivzIl X J- Jubaleei sec. soph. mms: ,V French Club: ll. E. C: 1 ,' French Play, K .' X X EIINVARIJ J, LINc'm.N, jk. S. F. C.: Chemistry Clulr: Oracle: J. ll. CT. efW.I D II-ZL'-I Ivsox S. ' ,: hu Sgt.-at-.XI'IIIs. j. I .3 h mas lyageautz Sr. Play. C! JUYITE LLOYll LLCILLI- B LIIIIII Tiger's Claw: Orac 3 Ulm Seniors I : I Q -...M 3 X ,I M U .rl V, 5 5 5 5.1. 5 Paw Tiilfllf-ll-Cfjflll FRANCES JULIA LocKwo0n XIYRLI-I AIARIE LOHMAN ' op. Clnbg S. 13. C. 4Q..:..1?,, Huw Ossm LEI2 RIILLER EMMA LYKINS Class Night. ALBERTA LYLIQS R. C. C.: S. G. C.: Jubilee: Mnnitnrsl Club: G. A. A.g Sec, G. R, C,5 Oracleg Sr. Playi Class Night l.L'cII,LI: R. MACK S. Ii. C.: S. B. C.: OrclIeslI'a. RELLI-3 INIARKOYITZ S. CI. C.g J, KI. C.: Soplx. ll. C,g Pcpperettes. ANDREW' JACICSIJN ge NELL DEANE M .xR5H,xI.L Sponsor LeeAIackson Game? Whols Who Com.5 Tiger-'s Claw. ELOI SE M ATTOX - 0 Ev 1-:LVN M A l'RliR MILIJREII BICCRARY Oracle: Pepperetlesq French Cluhq French l'laySg Chu. NIILIIRED MQKINNEY S, G. C.: Oracleq Tiger's Claw: Jubilee: Class Night. FLoR.x lXIALil.EAN S. fi. fl.: Sr, Play KATHLEEN lNIcl.EUn N. H. S.: Treas. S. G. C.: Julxileeg J. G. C.. French Club. Seniors MARY FRANCES MCLEOD Emu EARLE MCRAE N. ll. S.: I. G. CJ Txger's Claw. FRANCES MCRAE S. G. C, VVILLIA M Nfl-ZEK J, ls. ci: F, C. -A! RUTH H0l'E BIILLHN S. li, C.: N. H. 5.3 jubilee: Uracleg Tiger's Clawg State Commercial Contest. GEORGE LEWIS MILLER Vlass Night: Monitors' Cluhg I R C A NW DAP11 NE LUNSFORD Puyr Ticwzlg'-Jlilxr aff I Wh W Qvldagl , ' ,' bf' fungi KX W TIIEIJRA ANNE MOON French Club. 7759.7 eas X ll S eter C e- vieviels Cho Oratle ,uni- ee: fass VVillg , . 'ayi Dean's Office: ,Class Night: ice Pres, Latin Club: Tige er's Claw: J. G. C.: Whcfs Who: Tiger Key: Capt. Dia- mond Ball: Basket llall: Yol- ley Ball: Semi-Gnals Barl- minton Tournament: Te: nie: Tournament. M.XIiY LYNN NIORPSAX Tr '. .'. . S.: R. C. ll: S. fi. li.: Pre . ii. X, A.: Lt 5 L R.Cg h.u ' ' ' : . .z ' : I I I Ll Sr ll 44-v EARL EIJGAR MORRIS, JR. S. F. if DEFORI-:ST MORROW Sgt.-at-Arms. S, F. U.: Hus- ket Ball: Sgt.-:xt-.Xrnw Snph. Class Kgliadwfghwfimivf HERBERT A. MoL'L'rON S. F. C.: Monitors' Club. MAZIE NAT.xl.l1-: IWUNSUN G, C.: Jubilee: Christmas Pageant: Sr. Play: Class Night: Wlm's VVhu. NVESLEY ML7uR,w J. U. C. Page Thirty Seniors " , Y eggs: 1 I T 5- YQ' E' .2 lei.. :-... . . . ,: , -92, L., .2 5 . , .,., .1 :W . K i' 4.2. -' my 'Wir ' ' I ., , . if. , - use 4- A " 't ug , fl VW. , .E .. ,Elie 5? ,. '- HG!! - .' Q '- L 1' 5 -. w O' . . . . ,.., ,, , .3 Q is-52, 5 ,tar H ' ' ? I 1 I ' J ' 4 -1 f' Xl " "" H' f .. 3 . f-5.. sf " EISA ' V32 - .1135 .55 if Qs -. -. sq: it F 1 wfN'5L f.wgM-xQy+7 Q .wrfsv. ws5MN5Xfwx f f . if 1:15455 ,axis-aiiig, ' W-,elif fF.fI:.vf 1' 'f vfznffi -bfi: is .L 1-,Q- .f,.....1 1. Z, 5 '79, .. S-:H I , .. -5. H N . 1.- Q -. QM. 5 . 27 Y ff 25921: .1 ' J' 343 31 f .Q KF ,, he ..- ., . 'rf 1 v ' 1 . sag, -. .12 1 . - l ii E ., e ,kg rw, . -ga. i?kiwQE5QQQQQf .,.'rL1 .. - 12 i 2 ' f ...L K .mm - ' 2515351 3 'T --.11 - , n,. kg- . H1326 L J. i 1 R ... P 14. , V.. A . trq1.,.. 1: 11 1-i nav ERA? 'F , it ai' Q 1 r L . . I g : 3 as 1 1 sv 2 f -nf 1 If v, . 1 J., Y A 1 , , , 9 ' M 4 ffi 'Sli' .-it-if - 'z 5 'H " : ' f in ' ..- ,mf Tk x- - T: +32 1 T- -' . 43? .zisgff 'si gi... .- mif.gaqs.iE' rg' ,gh if-1 . 1 . 'i Ni ' - L, 'l::'J'1 Eg 'f: : "NZ-.v I Q '. . , 1 ' ww-V,-1 A 55' -1-3 v353?F'k 'fffix , ,.,. .. . . , :ai ' mi? sg ff masse. w - 2 if if ' ' Q I" '- ,, -' . A -f ' ar. 11' . g, 2, ' ss, .. ,."' . A ' 5:95 . : Y- ,, . if X'-Risk' .V - 'lakh' , we . .L,,y. 1 1 --1 f J zY'fE3i13s,.sw x-l CLEl938 IVIILDRED NASH Christmas Pageant: Whu's Who: Class Night: Sr. Play. THOMAS NATION LELANU NPILSKJN Class Night. RALPH G. NELSON S. F. CI: Vice Pres. I. U. C.: VV'lm's Who: Class Night. RIADELINIZ NORSE DON O'BRIEN Sr. Play Com. ALLEN B. ODEN .ANDREW JACKSIJN Seniors -av 'fi BYRON Plxnmzxz V9 Osxxyg? Olnuvvya N.: -', Ji Vi hl b I ' Cll11lE?:Ix?f3?Rill': alulifg 5 f .ij?'l 'E' L' 27, W, i J' f V, 1 Y WILLIAM E, OKQIER LAURAH OLLIFF llracle: S. ll. C.: Carnival: Sr. Play Cnm.g Class Night. JOSEPHINE ALM A PAGE Christmas Pageani: Class Night: Sec. jr, Class. CAROLINE ELIZ.XBE'l'll PACKARI1 N. II. S.: Vice-lyres. tl. C.: jubilee: Pepperettes: Sr, Play Com.g Oracle: Rec, Sec. G. A. A.: Pres. G. A. .Lg Letter: Sweater. All-Star llaskethall and Volley Hall, fam. Basketball and Valley Ball: Soph. G. C.: J. G. C.: Jr. Reviewers' Clnhq furni- val Com. LOCI s PAnGH'r'r Oracle. ROBERT PARHAM S. F, C.: Oracleg Class Night. gy .yes E N' 4 2 255 N Q x. ii' .sf 'ggik ' - , ss . .Q 3 "f :wfaewLLf21 " M6 , 'tue , , 31, gg .ar ,, 4. ,.. L, . .N Q T ai: lllfxnnz PARTIN nr' 5 Q QS 1 2 x .s J ,H ., IZINVARD PARTRIDUE J. ll, C.: Sgt.-at-Arms, Latin Vlnb: Monitors' Club? N, ll Q hIlLl'PRl"IIl PA'rscH IJOROT 11 Y PHAKR 5 mf Q an gl I A 3' l- ff-1 izfw . . L 'J 1.5. fs' A , " Q W Q Boxxlu Pmncri 21232 It 5 f A ., J ,T -' , if ' W' T' ' 3 W ' 1554? . , . .... .. , rf , ,. ., .,... A - ' 15 A ' ' 15- 1 A b1.lxnvs PEER 2' 4 :g 1 .if f 1 Q I- ul i g xg' 45 Page Thirty-one pb. .rc ll la 0 ll I 'I' ' A 1' I. E I938 JACINTA LI-:wIs PENN Rep SGC'Re J K' K' p..,..: Tiger's Claw: Jubilee: G, A. A.: Cho.: Soph. G. C. HARIE' LF 5' LIPS S. G. .: il l 'mls G. .L .Q 1. 3 R. C. l'. G, C.: , r, ny. EVILLYN ERNI .x PlCKI'lT'l' BILL POTTER Ozat MPM JUNE Powrzm. '1'iger's Claw: li. lf: T. li. ct.: II. E. C.: lfr-emi mm. DELORIES PR.'Yl'Hl2R S. G. CZ Al. G. fl Rox' Russ:-:LL PRICE Page Tlxirly-info Seniors if KWWL, ii 9114 INA MYRI. RAINEY G. G. C.: J. G, C.: S. G. C.: jubilee: Christmas Pageant.'1I RAPID Cho.: Christmas Pageant: Sr. Play: Class Night. TIIIQLNIA RAY S, li. C.: S. S. C.: juhileel j. G. C.: Christmas Pageant: Sr. Play: Class Night. CHARLES RICH Cant. Golf Team HENRY RICHARDSON Asst, limi. Oracle: N. H. 5.3 S. F. C.: Cho.: Orchestra: Rami: Library: R. C. C.: Latin Club: Debaters' Club: Cho. Flay: li. G. C.: Christ- mas Pageant: Cho. Contest at Rollins: Garden Club: Sr. Play: Who's Who: Class Night: Tiger Key. JACK E. RICHARDSON FRANK D, RITTER Capt. Bahy Tiger Football. A N ll ll M ARGARET En 1TH RoBi:R'rs S, G. C.: G, R, C.g G. G. C. Roniim R. Roux-:vars Jr. Reviewers' Club: Chin: Latin Club: Libraryg Christ- mas Pageant: Sr. Play: Whn's Whog Class Night. MILDRI-:n Ruurzursox XVILLIAM Roissmsnm Baby Tiger Football. CI.AR1cNc1-1 Roislxsurv jr. Reviewers' Cluhp Latin flubg Rifle Team: Camera Club: Christmas Pageant: Sr. Play: ClassVNiglitg Busi- ness Mgr. Sr. Class. KATH RVN ISRAEL ROSENBLATT Footballg I Club. W V P X. at-7 li . L W' JA FRS Seniors 1... , ly.. .M . . 1' '31 ' , H -sw-. M i ig. H 2 . -1-H. 11 f' -44 :2?.23 :Ei ,- ':.:. ss 1 1-ff' is 3 1 , a 3 i i 2- ! .. ,.. .. gh, 1 X pi ' 1 ,sages ws, .Jews ,ff 1-.. ,X .-. af i ' 1 ' . ,fa 1- , sa -aifzsa 'Q -1 . 2. 1 :Q 1.1. . 4 5 , . R f J, 'fi izfzwvsff- ., . ,, . . W if X' iw L N . Y if Ifii " 543.1 A i P5 . - 2 .. 1.1 ' k A . " 1. 5' , 4 1 ' f. if i K f f if . f2r"?f ff ff . . f -2 Q' . " 5 ff ' 12. ' ii '? , . 4' .tf...i'?' - - ws- 1 is '7 "1 A ,.: 2 'F fa. rl? 1. . 1511 -- 'fg .IA M . . ,. V. ei: ' 03 Fiuxcz-gs B. Ross S. G. C3 S. B. C.: II. E. CJ G. A. .X.: I, Ki, C.: French Club 1211.15 B. RUNYAN S. F. C.: Oracle. JOHN S.x131N Alt. Capt. Foutball: J Club: Sr. Playg Wl1o's Whug Class Night. BETTY SUE SAGVOLD N. H. s.. s. G, c., G. A. .xg Ser. jr, Reviewers' Clubg G, R. C,g Christmas Pageant: Volley Hall: lliamonil Ball? Snpli. G, CQ Jubilee: Pres. Latin Club: Debaters' Club: Vlass Night: Sr. Playg Wl1o's Vtlliol Tiger Key. .Iusi-:vu L. SAIC JQL J.- ,Afx..7 0 Pmxsv SCHEMI-:R N. H. S.: S. G. ci: Jr. Re- viewersg Monitors' Club: jubilee: Class Night: J. ll. 11.2 Vvllols Wl1O, ISADORE SETZER Letter: Track: Debaters' Clnhg Clio. Play: Clio.g Christmas Pageant: B. G. C,g Swimming Teamg Music Contest at Rollinsq Operettag Eisteflrlfocl. Page Tlzirty-tllrvc' LX W A5 Q TllEOBAlZl.E.l938 Seniors PAUL SI2rI.r:R J Clin.: If0.m,.III1 Class Night. MATlLll.X SHANE 'I'iger's Clawz S. li. lf: S. S. C.: Jubilee: Art Clnh: S, l.. C.: Monitors' Club: Red Cross Radio Program: Christ- mas Pageant: Sr. Plziyq Class Night: VVhn's W'h0. ALICE SHLIc9.xR'r S, fi. C.: Cor. Sec. tl. A, A.: G. R. C.: :1"l2er's Clawi Ura- cleg J. Li. C.: R. L.. C3 Soph. G. C.g S. It. C.: ll. li. C. ' ,xzJZ.,..7a.,z,'l- JUSTINE SISTRLYN K LILLIAN XVIRKQINIA S M ICDLEY EDXVARIJ R. SMILIQY cflmwv' MARY ALICE SMITH Coop. Club: G. G. C.: G. A. A.: Libraryg Class Night. Page Thirty-fnm' :WINNIE IVIERLE SMITH ,l. ti. C.: G, R. C.: French Clulmg Oracle: G. A. :LC Soph. G, C.: Sr. Play: Class Night. DoIe0'rI-IY C. SNEED Coop. Club. ,L Smal, SIIINI-Lv SNIQLLER Clm,g State Commercial Contest. AN NA NIARGARET SORENSEN Class Night MARY l.ouIsI-: SIWERS A CA V YN SP K Al. ll. C.g . fi C.g Rep. S. H, C.: S. S. Ii. CJ Mascot S. F. C. : Sponsor Lee-Jackson Game: VVho's Whuq Class Niglitg Sr, Play Ctwlf I1 1' CK ABI: SPIVAK S. B. C.: Sgt,-at-Arms, N. H. S. ,l ANNIIIIEWV JACKSUN HENIRY H, STEGER N. ll. S.: S. F. C.: Football? I. Club: YVho's VVhog VWinmzr in State lisstfy Contest. l f Q .F ,f l Qi . ., W J, .59 W' X f , v i omlik E. STILI., JR Tiger Key: Pres. N. ll. Vice-Pres. N. Il, S.: Student Vouncily S, F. C.: J, ll. lf: VVinner in State and Na- tional lissay Contest: Vice- Pres. llebaters' Cluhq Tigers Claw: Monitors' Club: Orn- cle: Whois Who: Christmas. l'z1gennt: Sr. lvlayi Debating TcamiState Tuurnznnent, f' 1 Gm . ,THA fokn Oraclfeg Tiger-'s Claw: J. li, C.: Hi-Y: Carnival: French Club: French Club Skim lVho's VVIIO: Clio.: Class Nightl Sr. Play. JEANNE'1'TIi STRA1-H S. G. C.: G. R. C.g Oracleg Pepperettes: Prom. Com.: sr. Play cm. B1-:TTY STRICKLANII Pres. French Club: Vice' Pres. French Clubg Rep. li. R, C.: French Play: Rep. Soph, G. C.: G. A. A.g Oracleg f-,fb . If, f I .'f' V ,. ' i Do UTHY M xr TXTI EARL TAYLOR S. B, C.: Coop. Clubg Class Night. Seniors M .xRu.xkr:'1' 'TAYLOR l'hristmaS Pageant: Class Night: ll. E. C.: Wlmls Vtho. ILA Trzukrzu. Coop. Club. lllmw 'l'HtmAs S. H. L15 Ulm.: il G. C. IJLLIAN Tlckos IJURIS Tlsux 5. lv. L.: Alulnlcci Al. C.. C. Luis Tcnx1l.1NsoN 1 X 1 +714 MARJORI15 JUANITA TIDOLE Page Tlzirly-j'lf'c' K f . ffwcovu N Q T ll E CORNEIL Enwuum ffjl Tcmm-:RT NIARY NAUM1 TUVVNSI-:Nu J. G, C.: Tiger's Claw: Clm,: jubilee: Christmas Pageant: Hi-YY Mascot: S. G, C.: N. ll. S. CHARLES TURTLI-1 Rifle Teanu MA IRENE E. VVALKICR Oracle: Tiger's Flaw: Pell- perettes: Soph. li. C.: j. G. C.: S. G. C.: G. A. A.: R. C. C.g Thanksgiving Play: Letter: Basketball: Volley llallg N. H. S. LUCLLLQ-: Wann G. fi, C. DORIS VVEISS S. G. C.3 Monitors' Club: N.ll.S, Louis:-3 GRANTHAM WELLS Oracle. Page Tlzirty-six QIBALLE Seniors ' l938 DOROTHY ALICE XVEST 5. C-. C: Sec. J. G, L ' ' ' 7 N II S Latin Clnlrg Lln.: A , . Rosr: VYI-1151-:L1-:R to-9,.1L?,-2 LfA'rHr:1z1N1-: XVILDICR ll. C. BILLY F. VVILLIAMS Coon. Club. HUB:-:RT VVILSEY Ulm.: i'lu'istnms Pageant: Class Night. fl ' l I , ' V 5lrTY VVILSON , I '.: Ching G. R. C . T.: Oracle: G. A. I X 1 X f E NQQLLY VVILSON .X U-5 ii DREW .IAYK Emu E. XVILSON N. H. 5.5 Feppercttcs. Seniors . 'QP' -1 J S GDN ' k :tp , XYERNA ELIZABETH XVILSON . fr .5 'A Z cms Night. L , '...m.. - I MURRY XYOLFSON n N j-- J. u. C.: S. F. ci.. Baby 'A Tiger Fcwothzxll: Carnivzll Gun.: Prom. Cum. Vff' Q K 1 U 4 .V 'K . ,Q :XIIIGLINE XVmm 'A W Tiger Key. N. ll. 5.1 cs, .x. f ' . .X.: S. KD. C.: Pres. Student ' 1' Llumcilz Oracle: Jnhilev: lJezm': OFfwe: .XII-Star Pus- X. kethall Team: Pres. I. ,ik 'E F.: Trans. Ir. Vlassg P1-mn. ' - fum.: Tigefs Clan: Vice- K. V Pres. S. U. C.: Soph. ll. C.: ,kia Sr. Plnyg lfurnivul C'-nn. lXl.xvNAR1v Wmm A 5 5 sec, s. lf. et.: 'Jigs'-'S Claw. Vice Pres. Al. 15. C. .fun c "gg: 1 E' iff f I Qgf L Romzwr XYuun W. ' K .. .5 Page Tlzirty-sewn llE0ll.ll7l,EI'I!8 LLQLAAA- Wwyvvfv Sophomore Class IJ T1 tg Jlt NIIIIEW' JAYKSQ Sopholnore Class llffieers I N f'z'z'xi11mrf I',iL't'-PV'4'.Vfflf'lIf Trr1rx11r'w' SI'l'I'f'fII!'j' .S'gft.-ai-,-'wnza 1XI.xl'R1c'1f: H.xRkw:'r'r Arxuzm' Lovlsrz Ifmx K R.xx1s1av CHm1lz1fxs ST. jrmxs Bmzxxu C.XI.HUL"N Sophomore Class Page Tl1i1'ty-uinc' Tll E0llAl7LEl938 Junior Claiss 0i'i'icers , Qs ,H T'-nf. . ' ' 1 9 . A ' Aw ' ' A i -zz L,. , , .. -1 , ig k - ' 1, J H l in , jx-,,-V., ,g I, if , 1 35 is Y W , 13' - W' ' if , ii I , f ' X V l " 1 i 1 4' ' 9 1 ER 1' Y -' - gr, -f fi, Q X L iQa152?1?2'f'::1f 122 Ll a 3 gl 1-1 -K ' Q. I Q V . X ,f 'ss - L -1 we ,f 2, 1 . 17l'l'.ViZiVVlf Y17'l'U.VI1l'4'l 5511.-111-f4lr'f11.v Clmjvlaiw lf'iw'-PmwiflullI I x JAHK I.utH.1l 4Xl.IiX HELEN flL'MI'HRIIi5 SI..Xl'l1I1ll 1 XULTIC Plalc Page Forty Junior Class X-, iHfALff1z5 x i f' '1 '. l 1 K .:.':ff.'.' A W 'cf Q' -ff' ',7,57?.1f lljijf- of we --1' Tfw jwl. f 35 'Al ' 'i51?f'-I-Q'.3- KZ vy. 1" , Z A v .fs'Ei?'1f."- A f cg 3' ' uf ff-X 4 X f A ly' f G h ' 'X -4 1' Z W ' fy ,sl f ff' 1 1 ' ',f, 2920? ,,,4 ff' f '1 ll ll' i I "Tx 1,1 ii . N X ., f X -.. 0ld Hickory lrjlflillxlli the Creek lndiau Wa r, -lZlCliSU1l won for himself the name Old Hickory" which came to he applied to him as a title of endear- ment among his soldiers. They would proudly tell each other that the general was "tough as hickory" and could he depended upon just as surely. Later, jackson served i11 the XX'ar of l8l2, and won for himself much renown as El soldier and :in lll'lllYi ' - ' ness to hi: f X' ' ' ' H mg llflllll for fzur- s lJLs and hrfwery 111 lmzutle. ZX X ff 'I'Hli0llAl'I.EI938 Athletic Directors M. A. DEMOREST Prinrifal N.NNt'Vl.l'1'Z Muir: Housiak Tmrlim' of .Hfflff Of V Pl1yximl Iizlirmfinrr Pl1y.m'al lzdncutzmz fm- gi,-lx XVALTER lYlIDIJLEKA UFF Cvktfs E. ANnERsoN Baxflmll Couch AUiLm,,,, Cnafyl ATIKE Holismc, JR. lllaxvof The spirit of the striped tiger of Andrew Jackson was shocked into renewed vigor with a goodly dose of athletics. This past year, the tenth in its history, has been the greatest and most abundant annum for Andrew jackson, in so tar as competitive sports are concerned, The ledgers of the treasurer of the Athletic Department relate this year as the biggest financial success in the history of our school. Employing a new system of play during the season of 1937, the football team showed a definite improvement over the luckless combine of the year previous by winning a majority of the contests played. Basketball proved to be the greatest source of success by enriching the heritage of this school with three championships in one season, namely: Second District, Big Ten Conference and Florida State. The proceeds from the successes experienced by the Red and W'l'1ite Athletic teams, have enabled the athletic department to purchase a greater variety and a better quality of equipment and to settle debts which were incurred during the leaner years of the school's athletics. May many more banner years such as the one just enjoyed be the lot of the future athletic teams of Andrew Jackson. Page Forty-two N Y e C xx e 1514, may ANDREW' JACKSUN Cheer Leaders J Club f KX W 'I ,n Ar... . c""'4-s MKJZU Q1 . er liibl SVR ' sl I Ili If If . ga, - t fm. lr ' I 1 , M - eww A' V 'fa lzrlllulrl' 'iv X U 1.1.1-5 X 9' M fhlfffillmf' FIQXIJ Emi lhzlfimrk as ,,f lil ,f . " K 'fo x N H Ill 1111 ' ul. K A-Q ., '- ff 0 A lx Sl Xl L X11 Uumnfu .oh 'xl gkx 's qx ,,, it .KAM , --g,.:: ., 4 f y. I ,. NI.YI VR , 6,1 zz XIJIXXIJXX ml Cwzlrr I1 il ,l XYI 7m1f'I.v'ln1f!' , MllJlJl.lfK.XL F17 . .'1.x1vI. Llullffl ll.XZlBL'Rl Hulfluxrl IIAIQNMR lluljfuulc li ll PXKF Umlm' IQXIJSUX llumzyw Ii -X HX 'l'ltLl'LNS MIND lm If . ' L , 'Adi-1.444 H S0451 'P R ljuffwgk XX ' 1 R '- lnuf AIMMQS 4 Arm X N Fl! I IQIJM ,XX lfnd 'H pw llN5ll N l.l'5ljX 1111 kh ,FE 'l'llE0ll.ll'l.El938 Florida State and Big Ten Basketball Champions For the second consecutive season the powerful basketball team. of Andrew -lackson High School won the Florida State and District Basketball Chamixion- ship. In addition to these two titles, the cage team also emerged victorious in the Big Ten Conference of this State, This brilliant, well-balanced, smooth-working team generated some basketball play that was beautiful to witness: indeed, it effected more interesting play than had been achieved before and truly glorified the game. The incomparable feats which our basketball combine has achieved will he ever remembered by all. lt will be a long while before they will be duplfieated. RECORD OF -I.-XCKSONS STATE lj.-XSKIQTBALT. CONTESTS They Jackson Hillsborough . . . . 25 34 Miami ..... . . 34 35 Orlando .... . . 22 24 E3 5? S. .A l Page Forty-.ri.1' F 20 NDIIEW JACKSO bf2,94f-pf-v , PJFt X uEong'," illlaI9J8 Girls' Athletic Association Snapshots I' t 3 gl! ANDREW' JAFKSIIN Girls' Athletic Association The G. A. A. holds tournaments each year in the following sports: Yolley Ball, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, SXVl11llHlllg, ljaclnlinton, Ping llong, Hand- ball, and Horseshoes. OI"IfICIZIQ S-1 st SEM ESTER l'f'1'sz'1fIIIIi., . , .... Ill 1'ifI'-I'I'z'.virI'rI1t ,... . . CU!'l'l'.YI71J71l1I'lIfj lff'lif7I'1HlI.fl Svvy. ..,.. , 7lI'UC1.YHl'C7' ......., . , .'Izl-Uixcz' .,,.... ...... OFFlCERSs-Zncl 1,!'l'.YilIl'7IZl ... . ... .. I"Irv-PI'v.v1'dv1It .... . . .xRx' LYNN MIIIRLAN M.xRc:.xRIf'r lfualss ,S'm'3'. ..MARYIsIcI.I.Ic XYRIGI-IT ,CAR41I.INla PAUKARII ll'lELl'IX IZQIIIQN ......NANz'v l..l'TZ SEMESTER CAROLINI-1 P.xvK.xRIm NIXIILA F.xRRIs CU7'!'t'Sf7IJlllfillfl Sury. . ...... xl.XXINE lJIiN'1' lf1't'I77'L1lIIjj .S'1'ry. . . , . . XLXRY I'l0NEYCU'l"l' SVYEATER MEMBERS CARIILINI: PACKARII Num PATTERSON LETTER MEMBERS LoRI:T'rA EI,I.1n.s ELIZABETH OSTEEN h.l.XRY HQNRYCUTT HPILEN BOWEN M.xRGIxRIzT FI.I2Iss EIINA BARNHILI. lRIf:NI2 XVALKER NIxoI.A FARRIS EVIQLYN Yrtoxmxs ll.-RRY LYNN llIlURIiAN JIIHNNIIL B. 1lORROW Page Foriy-1Ii11L' 'I' I IE Illljl l.l'.'IItJUjyl3 .. WW Baseball Team I --I .al I 1 Iffy Track, Tennis and Golf fffidd ,J The President jixc'lcsoN and his sharpshooters fought the final X'iCtOl'l0llS Buttle of New Orleans in the NYz1r of lSl2. Later, -l2lCliSO1l beczune governor of Florida after his successful invasion of that territory :luring the Seminole Indian W'ar. Realizing that because of these victories jackson was a hero in the eyes of the connnou people, political lend- ers saw in him :L strong eaudiclate for the presidency. Their choice provecl to be a wise one for jackson, a powerful and popular iigure. holds a unique place in the political history of the nation as one of its greatest presidents. XX W Tll E0ll.llfI.El9Zl8 flllytllll Sllzifh . lim King .... fa-nzrx King ., . Julia DFLVHI .... . Clinton, lJfL'Vitt ..,. Alflvy Rofkcr ..,..,. 110111.50 Pilgrim .... Lora' f1lllI17'f?'ZU Cnvviurz Cnrintliia ...,......., Dr. fade IJFil!7IIllil'l' .... 1Ji7'!'L'f0I' ,...,...... Sfilyifig 4. Page Fifty-two Senior Play "ADAM AND EVA" . . , . .HiJRiKCli COt2BL'RN , . . , BIARY Lien 1014125 ...,.jUL1L's Rov SLUAT ,.......M.xRy BISHOP . . . . ,GEQRGE Gow . , . . .Amauxa WOOD . . . .Gniokrsn STR.xT1foRD . , , .DANIEL J. L1PsoN . , . . . .RUTH BROWN , ,...,.. HOMEK STILL .......,.,BIlSS SARA P1-zrvrpiz Mus. Is.xBEI.LE BICCASKILL N DBEW JACKSO Puyv Ifift If HE I 0IlACLEl'DJ8 I 1 I'ifly-four Leisure Moments ANBBEW JACKSO Leisure Dlolnents Pagfv lift f TllEOIlACLEl938 Sophomore Boys' Snapshots The Sophomore Boys' Club was organized in September, 1937, for the purpose of developing leadership and cooperation among the boys. The meetings were held every other week at the George Washington Hotel. Tommy Cochran was the first president. The Club organized a baseball and a basketball team. The baseball team was coached by Herbert VVilliamson, the players being Fred Cooper, James Dudley, Gerald Dyal, Morris Felder, John Lewis. Vilalter Pace, Ervin Paul, Maurice Ramsay, Henry Roberts, Carrol Scott, Claudos Spears, Albert H. St. John, Leewood Tawcs, Ken Williams, and Stephen W'ood. The basket ball team was coached by Albert St. John, the players were Frank Calhoun, Fred Cooper, james Dudley, Morris Felder, John Lewis, Jack Pace, Xvalter Pace, Carrol Scott, Claudos Spears, and Herbert Vlfilliamsoii. Although not victorious in baseball or basketball, the sports were thoroughly enjoyed, The Club has had many delightful entertainments this season, among which were a Sophomore Hop, on which the boys cooperated with the Sophomore Girls. a wiener roast given at Orange Bluff on November 15, a Carnival booth with a bowling alley, and a cake auction on April 22, To climax a successful season, the club gave a dance in the school gymnasium on May 20, music for which was furnished by Blaine Sikes' Orchestra. Page Fifty-sir lynn zkzafzbfzs ff if e 17 i W 1' p 'ii X 3 53,5-f,,., A . gg X ' A.. ' 9 314' Q, Nfl' ,.,' 4:6 .f ti . , ,, V I S. It p p .ws -7 -7, ": "' 'L 'J'JeJ,! ,Kali J 4 rf' i. sz . J J A wsigff '-V '- TN-aww. 1, RL :feel K -l in -r'gTr1.': , 1-X 5 S.: VKZM7 E. fl -. W' MY!" lf 1 .1 5,' . 1 , f -,, 5 ' --if W 01? t -.. it x J Q- .,- gy. ,-.fs y t 0 1 ,I Ufvli ww .5-5 X 6 .. 7 114-gf' ,gi vw, Qfjslvo. r Z If 532451 7 ,A 4 I Q: v 1,4 fra,-,, , , W - x .- ' - - -' 1 7 -- ' ? z?. f mmfui.1mlu4m 'U'l'lll.lQll 4 5 5434 H752 i -' 3,4-fr ow.. 'Z zu? N lg, 51,1 it r j ra pi ,W W I ...T-1 if Zn J' i -1-xi-ix 'lf Tmiwf- e4-fe f '47 " E152 , Jig "Y 'ff iff- f-H' 62? Tina HIZRMITAGIQ, home of :Xndrew -laekson which he built to please his lovely wife Rachel. was located on l'lL1llt6l'iS Hill, Nashville, Tennessee. Considered to be one of the most beautiful and elab- orately furnished homes in the South, it was noted for its gracious hospitality which was enjoyed by all who entered its doors. Speaking of the llerlnitage, Rachel said. "We have a cheerful fire for our friends and a prospect of living at it for the balance of our lives." At the age of lifty-ive jackson planned to devote the rest of his life to his home and family. V The Hermitage TllEORACLEl938 Bankers' Club The Bankers' Club of Andrew Jackson, aided by the cooperative efforts of the student body, has developed in the school an interest in systematic saving to heights heretofore unattained in Jackson. The number of student depositors has been boosted steadily from week to week by the encouragement of the club cashiers. Aside from these efforts. social alfairs have been promoted by the club, among which were Wiener roasts and other Uget- togethersf' Returns from candy sales have been seen tn bear the smiles of Fortune. Ess1laM.x1zAn.'xMs llfwnm BAII. Elma li,xRNulL1. CARsn'l-LLL llRowN Jnver: CnI.1.lNs NNTHNLIE COOK CLARENCE IJANIEI. LOUISE D'E'r'roRis IXIYRTLE EIKQE CHARLES FERN Jnins FiE1.1vs Page Fiffy-figlzf OFFICERS I'1'v.rifIw1! . . ........, . . .Jnia K1cNNiii.1.Y I'iw-I'r'u.rizlv11l . . , .Jin xl na C.XR'i'WRIt-ll'l' .5il'l'I'I'fL1l'j' ..., .. ...,, AGNES 'l1L"l"I'Lli 7JI'l'U.VIlVCl . . . ..... XJERNE XVARRI-ZX Clmjvluiiz. ,, ...Al.XRjURIlC RENNI-L'i"r Reporter, ., FRANc1is lQo1.I.1Ns :Id-:'ixw2 , ...MRs. I-.. L. JONES MEMBERS l.,xwRENcic FORIHHAM Bicssn-1 HIN'l'llN Nix N N IE KiXTliHIN1'0N G1-:R'1'RL'nEHni.1.INrsi-:R KIARY HoNEYc'L"r'r Horns JENSEN l.'fjl'Ill.-X L,xL'nnINcznoL'sE M YRLIQ LoH1n,xN lJoR,x LEE lliARY ll.lAl-IUN Svzv MCRAE KQATI1 r:R1NE XVILDIQR AczNEs P.vr'rR1cN1.x' HILL PERKINS Ii1.iz.xn1s'i'H RUCHER H.XZl12l. SIIITHURPIQ JEAN SKMLLIN IRM NG SLlY1"l' HAXRRN' Tnomifsnx M I'l'L'l1ELL TUNEY JANE Ton'NsENn .XcaNEs WH ITE IJi.x NA XYH l'l'TlNli'1'UN ANDREW JACK SON ' ,L Chemistry Club ,ML During the last semester of the past year the members of the Chemistry club have made bi- weekly visits to industrial plants of the city, among' which were the YYilson 8: Toomer Ferti- izer Plant, the Thornton Chemical Laboratories, the Chemical Retort Plant, the jacksonville Glass Factory, the Photographic Laboratories, .lncl the Ho-Kay Perfume Laboratories. These trips have made Clear to members the actual use of chemistry in the industrial world. JA nies C.xu'rwRIcQH1' CEVIL HUL1. BIARJORIE INGRAM OFFICERS Prcsidcnl ..,,.. ..... . IQICHARIJ BARWICK Sr'rrffi1ry-Tn'z1x111'v1' ,,,, XXVARIJ Cock-IRAN Ifffwz-tw' . .. .,,, , EDNA DL' PUNT Yll'f1l1Xf07'flIfitI7I, . .,... DON l.. Rlvllikl-3 ,1rf:'i.wr' ...,... ., CI-mln.:-.s Dunsox MEMBERS J. D, KENN1-im' IADRRAINE L15l'nERs EIIXVARIJ LINCOLN JUANITA PHILLIPS JEAN SKAGLIN LILLIAN VVILEE CECIL VVOLFSON Page Fifty-nine lk W AX W W Tll EUIIACLEISDS8 Prcsfdmzf ,,.... Iviff'-1JJ'!'XifIl'71f .S'I'rl'I'faI'y, , . . TI'I'IIx1:I'0I'. . , Clzaplaiu ........ .5'vrgc'a11t-at-AI'1II,v 1II,vtI'11rfnI'. , , ,. IIIA ABIIIJLLAH 1issII: MAL AIIAMS JAMES BAILEY LIITA BERRIER BARBARA BIRD FRUMA BLA1"INIsR AIOLLIIE BLATTNIZR XYIRGINLX BUSSIQLI. NIARY CHAPMAN SAM MIIC COBB CYNTH IA Cme HARULII C01-'I+'1I5I.I1 HORACIZ CIIGBURN GI-ZRALIII NE CRUZ IJURUTHY CURLEIE FLOYD ELANIJ ARTHUR Esnis CI.Ii4I GRA HAM Pngf Siriy 5 Cooperative Class OFFICERS MEM IEERS TAYLOR GRAHAM LILLIAN GREIQNII BIQN GRIFFIN IZIIIIIIQ GRIFFIS XX'AL'I'I:R GRIIIQIS ITRANKIZS HAIILIZR JACQ L'1iLI NI2 HANRIQRSOX A N NE Hmxxx HAZEL HIILSIQNBI-:QR ROBERT H UTCH I NSON XYILLIAM HL'TQ'lllSIDN ,-XNNII: Lou IACKSIIN FAYI: jrzmvlxus XIARY KANIOSKY VIc'I'ImRIA KAXIYJSKY RIIRY KEIQSPIY' PI-IVLLIS KNIilH'l' Y IRIIIL LUTIQY ,NJOHN CI-IVRCII 'I'RI'1'r'I'Ii ELKINS HANNI-1 HARIIIQN LIYRLIQ LIIHMAN . T110 MAS CTI.Xl'I'l'QLL . , .IJUYAL IXIANCOCK GRIIIIORY xY0'l'SC'l'I.XK EI.cI1sIi IY1.XT'I'0X ALI-:X BIERRILI. Hlflill XIll'7IJI.l'f'1'0X EIIWARII BTILLER ELIAQANOR Mmm RIADEIJNIE NORSI: HIQLIZN PENTIFOFF Rm' PRICE HILL RIIWAN ANIIUS S1-I ELFER IJIIROTHY S NEED DOROTHY TATI: ILA TIQRRIQLL lX1ARgl0RlE TOIILE XYILLIE MAE XYOGI-1I. BILLY XYILLIAMS IJIIRLVIIIY XVINTIQRS EM II. XVITTEN ANDREWV JACKSQJN ? I . AX . X! llebaters' Club Members of the Debatcrs' Club have evidenced marked improvement in their ability to debate publicly by competition in intra-scholastic debates, enjoying successful outcomes from a debate with Robert E, Lee High School and from the State Debating Contest held in Gaines- ville. XVILLIA M BURNEX' RAYMOND CO1-:EN CLARENCE DANIEL JOE KEN NELLY OFFICERS Prmiflmzt ,.....,,,.......,... Iiavixrz SLo'r1' I"x'rz'-P1'f.virim1l .. ..,.,... J. D. KI-INNIZIIXA 5'0crrIary ....... MARIAN JXLICXANIJER TI'A'0.?Il7'l'l'. . . ...... STICPHEN XYOOD Clzaplainz .... Svwm I'IAlRIONVlTZ i4di'i,vm' , . I'IliRliliRT H.xlMowl'1'Z MEMBERS ERNEST KIILLER HLVtlH OVEREY ISADURE SETZER JACK SNYIJI-ll? HENRY STEGER HQMER STILL JANICE VFATUAI ELOISE XYAN Grxiw Page Sixty-om' M ARIAN .ALEXANDIQR HELEN HEEKIN XIARGARET RoBER'rs THE URACLE Girl Reserve Club The Girl Reserve Club has been extremely active this year. Having unusually good fortune in their candy sales, they have raised money that they needed to distribute baskets to poor families at the Thanksgiving season. Their Wiener roasts, waffle suppers, and other social affairs have proved thoroughly enjoyable. OFFICERS Prv.vidm1 ....,,, .... ,,... H E LEN HEEKIN I"im'-I'rixviiIi-:if . ..., IJOROTHY SMITLH .5'vrn'rtary .,.... . . , , , .ALICE HENN Tm1.vm1'r. , , , ,,... VERNE WARREN Chaplain. . BETTY SUE SAGVOLU Reportrr , ,..,,, CECILIZ FOSTER ,f1ri':'i.vfr NCLAIRIE VVILLIAMS MEMBERS 1938 h1II.IJRED ALT Ni AN LCCILLE BAssETT FRANCES BEDELL JEAN BLANKE1ELn HELEN BowEN Lois BRENNER LCCILE BUNN FRANCES COLLINS IHYRTLE EDGE ,ANNE FEINBERC BIARGARET FINCH BARBARA FLUNVERS CECILE FOSTER HEI.EN H:XRT Page Si.1't3'-Tien :ALICE HENN MARJORIE INGRAM IEYELYN JOHNSON MILDRT-in JONES HARIQIET KPINNEY IRENE KRISTLE L'OL'mA LAUGHINGHOUSE l-ol'1sE LEE LA VoHN RIAXWELL FRANCES HANCOCK SARAH IWIIZNOTTE AGNES PATRINELY lXl.VI'Il!EL PETTIS Jo ANNE POTTS BETTY SUE SACvoLn LAURA SEANVARIJ MARJORTE SELLERS BETTY SHORT ALICE SHUGART LUCTLE SL.-KUGHTER DOROTHY SMITH JIEANETTE STRATH ELOISIC VAN GlfNIlY IRENE WALKIER FLOYCE VVARREN VVERNE XVARRIEN ISABELLH XVHIPPLE DIANA W111TTINf:ToN ANDREW JACKSIIN Ili-Y Club 2 Although not organized until February of this ytar, the Hi-Y Club has been prominent in school affairs. Its entry in the Annual Spade Club jubilee earned a second award. This year, for the third consecutive year, they sent four delegates to the Annual Hi-Y Convention held in Gainesville. Unusually active in local sports circles, they have organized high caliber teams in haskcthall and diamond ball for inlrzumirzxl and city conipctitioii, HERMAN BERNREVTER LIiSLlli HAGEE NORMAN Dooiyuiq RALEIGH DOWLINQ OFFICERS Pntrzdirzzi ......,.. .,,..,., X VALTER A1020 , . , . I nw'-I m'.ml.'11f , , . .Sl'r'm'ii11'-x' , . Clibll, XYOI.ifsoN ..,, ... JA mics C.xR'1wx RIGHT Trzfaxizrcr ....,, ....,..., L Amex' Donn Srrycuzzt-at-,-Iruix . . , CHARLES Hrxznuiu Clmplain . . . . , ...... . . LEO PERRY Illaxvnt . . ll'l.XRY TOXVNSENIJ flilwisrz' . . . . ,XXA1.'1'ian xllI1IlI.ICK.XlTFF MEMBERS BILLY FfxnsuN lJAv1ivFRliim1AN JACK Hum-HR1Es NORMAN NIILLER HILL STo'r'r GEORGE Srxxrrokn Dick VVALKER Page Sixfyfiirm THE 0llACl.El938 Junior Boys' Club The Junior Boys' Club climaxecl an unusually successful season by a Jackson Talent Night on April 1, 1938, thc competitors being popular Jzicksou entertainers. Their annual banquet, followed by a fiance, was an aiiair enjoyed tlloroughly by members of thc Club and their guests, OFFICERS Prc.viI1I'u1 , JALAIQ H L'MI'HliIlZS l"icI'-Pa'r.v1'zI'I'1lI . . . . . HARRY LvoNs f .S'I'I'1'cta1'y TVl'fYX!II'l'l' . . . . JOIIN LIlmELI, PHILII- HIELUNX' Clzaplaiu , ,. ,.. . ,... JAMES LUc.xs ,S'v1'yrar1t-af-11rnzx VVILLIAM DITRDIQN Rrpartcr ,. , XVALTIQR KENNIQIW Illlmrol ,, Umm CHILDERS flIIz'i.fM' CYR US :XX IJICRSOX DAVID HAIL KEI2hIIT BARBER R1XYKIi1NI1BlI.L FRANK BURCH ,ALEX COKER HIXIQOLID CH I'RCII PHILIP CRAIG Pays SlI'fj'-f0HI' MEMBERS GIQORIQI-1 HliI.l7Xl' L. T. I'll'RY BILLY Jusiai-H Rovcii LANII-:R ALEX llll-ERRILL PI li N Iasr M I LLI-QR JIIHN FAIL H. J, PHILII-s Rox' Poou-:v W ALTER Rooms PAUL XVEISS JIMMY XVJLTSHIRE CH N NIJLER YORK GRURGE YORK ANIlREW'!JACKS01Xl', J.: ' I f Q7 X 4 x Junior Girls, Club X K I OFFICERS Pr'c.vi1I7I'I1f . . , . . . , . , HP1LI2N NULTE I'vil'L'-P7'L'.Vl'fft'llf AIARGARIUY XX'.xIIswOR'I'H .S'I'cI'vtzII'y .. AGNES TCTTLI-I TI'fH.Y1ll'Fl' HINIJRIICTT IQENNEY C'1IafIIaiII XYIERNE XVARREN Rrfvortrr' LORITA ZNLONROIC SI'I'IfccIIII'-al-I-IrIII.v . XLXRGARI-fT JOYNIZR JldT'I.Irr .... . . . EMILY .ATKINS .llasfof . JOHN H.XRN.1XKiPI FRANCES BAZAR BETTY BRIIIIITWELL LFCILLE BUNN RVBY BURCH RUTH CORBITT ALICE JEAN IJAYIS JVLIANN Ihvrs BIAXTNE DENT AIYRTLI-2 EIRIE XII-IRCY LEE FARRIS DOROTHY FRIERSIIN ISABI-:LLE GORMLY BETTY HARPER BESSIE HINTON MEMBERS HELEN I'IOLLANll XLNRIUN HQJLLEX' XIARJURIE INGRAKI IDORIS JENSEN DOROTHY JOH NSON XVIRLQINIA JOHNSON ICLIZABIZTH JONI-is DoRIs LEE LUUISE LEE PI-:NNY LEE LNYOIIN RIAXXYEIJ. XLIRGINIA MCGINNIS JEAN MILLER A'IARGARli'l' RN NIBACII JUNE RICIIARIISQN TOMMY RYLIES LAURX SEANYARII XYIRGINTA SMITH ALXRY ST.xRRA'I'T EVELYN SULLIVAN CIIRINNE TERRELL I,OREIx'rIIA TUNQY1-IT CLARA XLXLENTINE GOLIDYE XYEHN DORIS VVELLS ISABELLE XVHIPI-LE BETTY XNOOII AIAREJORIIEZTI'P1iRI"IR FRANCES KNIGHT Puyr ,S'i,I'ly-f'ff'I' TH EIIBACLE 1938 Le Cercle Franqais l r In order to better understand the spirit and customs of the French people, the French Club staged a progressive supper as a "Tour Through France" on December 21, 1937, in the homes of Louise Brennan. Frimit Silberstein, and Hctty Strickland. In addition, numerous parties have instilled a feeling of fellowship among the meinbersg among these were a Bingo party given February 26, in the home of John Liddell, and a special feature party held April 7, at which new French games were initiated. A wicner roast at the beach on May 6 and a luncheon Franeais on june 3 closed a notable yCEll'. IQICHARD B.x1zw1cK ROSALYN CROCKER NIERILYN DUBE ALICE HENN Page Sixty-.ri,v OFFICERS President ,....,,,, ..., l imrv STRILTKLAND Vfcr-I'r'v.v Sr crelary Trmlxilrcr. , . Reporfrr, Clzafvlairz, ,'lla.vr0t . Adz'i.rrr' , zdmzl LoRr:AT11,x Toxfzcwr Lorise BRENNAN .,,...JoHN LIIJDELL . . , . . Joie Co1'1iLiN . . . LfHARI,oT1'li Rosie . . BILLX' Go1.nsT121N .....,Cx'1'Hl2RiN1i RIERRICK MEMBERS SHEILA HIIDER ELL1o1' Holfifmmx BoBB1E MCNALL Suzv MCRAE ANNE MOON E1m1soN NUNEZ FR1M1'r SILBERSTEIN Vin'-P1'v.ridm1t ......,, Homin STILL ANDREW JACKSIIN National Honor Society Andrew Jacksoifs Chapter of the National Honor Society was well represented by its members and sponsors at the Hrst State Convention of the Florida Chapters of the National Honor Society held in Daytona Beach. December 4, 1937. The chapter gave a banquet in February, honoring graduating members. A "College Day" program and Federal Theater play "She Stoops to Conquer" were sponsored by the organization. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER President .....,,....,......... BILL JUNES Senrvtary ,,.... . , , TFEU.VllI'FP', , . . , , Clzafvluin .....,,... SrfymnI-at-.llrmx.. , ,1d'I'i.Yl'l' ...,..... SECUN Przxridwzl, ,. . ., Virc-Pvmxridvfzf. . . Sccrrtary. . . , Trenximv' ...,.. . Chaplain., ... . Swyfalzl-af-Arms ,-ldfixm' ..,. . . lwIARYm:1.i,r: XVRIGIIT lNI.xm' LYNN Mokcsax .,,MARjoR1r: BENNETT . . Ami SPIYAK , .. M. A. llmiouicsr SEMESTER ....,,, Houma STILL ,.... , ..liILI. jomzs Mnnjoung B1-:NNx-:rr . UHENRV STEGER SARA Hlll'KINS LoRm'r.x E1,Li.xs ,. M. A. Diaxioimsr Page Sixty-.rrwn fo W TH E0BAlll.EIl938 Eziilrzr'-iII-Clzirf ..., nlrIizIi!iI'.I Edil1II'.,, CIIIII Editor.. .... lrfllfllff' Ea'I'taI' ,, . PhrIfngr'afI11 lidifor . SI'IIiI'II' PiI'1IlI'I' Ifdilm' . .4rlf'I'I'fi.viIIg lJIU7Il1fjl'l'.Y ..,.. JOYCE COLLINS BILL FLETCHEII JOE KENNELLV BETTY N0l.1'I5 CAIwI.yN BARKER JA LIES CAETWIIIIQIIT 1'IliI.liN CASSIMIYS RALEIGH Dowuxu JOHN DUBOSE EXVNA nu PUNT DICK CIIFFIN JEAxE1"I'E GEQIIIIE I,owIc KIRK NIXIJLA FARRI S BILL FLETCHER ch-IORGI-I Gow Pays Sixty-cigln llracle Staff JI7LII's SI,uA'I' .. ETHIZI. JIINEs CLAIIEIWI-3 IJANIEL , . .IXLICE SHLIQAIII' ., IXTIXULA FARRIS CAROLINE PAUIQAEII S IRM A XYALKIiR ' ' I ST.xNI.EY RASS rypfm . . .If1'z'I'rtIxIIIIf .Sl't'I'4'fl1 lfdI!m'iI1l .'I1ft'i.I'Iv'J. ,'ld:'I'I-I'ixirIy , ldz'i.frI !3II.vIIII'.v.v .14Iz'I.vv1', . GENERAL STAFF Jo A N x li PcI'r'I'E NHTTIIE FAYI-1 TATE IIIENI-3 XVALKICR AIJYIERTISING STAFF HANS KIVI XYALTER Mum I,l'L'ILE MAUK M II.IIIzI:II TXICCICARY RIEIXII TNTILLI-IN XYIRGINIA PAIIuE'I'T HAIIRIICTI' PHILLIPS HILL P0'14'I'l'IR SUBSCRIPTION STAFF HOWARD GRAH A M LILLIAN GREENII I JA was LI.xu'I'wRIIIII'I' 1 IEIIITII HAYNI-gs L M .XRY LEE JONES . . . . , LAURA OLLII-'If S Es'rHI-:R CHASE ' ' ' ' I KLAIZEL GLUVI-:R Hl'1RBI'2Ii'l' HAIMOWITZ . .CI..xIIKIa KIIIZLI-1 IJIIIIIVIHY VVAI.L,XCl2 BILLY VYATKINS AIIELI NIC VVIIOII LTARYBICLLE XYRIIIIIT JI'NE RICHAIIIISIIN JEAN NETTE STRATI1 IJORUT HY TATI-3 HARULII XYARNEIYUIC IJoIIIs XVI-:LLS LOUISE XVI-:LLS Bl'l'l"l'Y XVILSIIN ICVIQLYN YEIIIIIANS EIIIYAIIII I.INc'rII.N BILL JONES LLCILLE MACK IMXVRA OI.l.IFF ANIIIIEW' JACKSIIN I X Senior Chorus The Senior Chorus presented a wonderful musical background to the annual Christmas pageant presented by seniors graduating iII February. These songstcrs have offered school programs for the P. T. A. and for various clubs of the city. The chorus has appeared in many religious services, singing at St, JolIn's Episcopal Church and conducting a very in- spiring vesper service at the school. MEMBERS Dl'l'K'Cf0l'-LILI.lAN LAWRENCE NIARIAN ALEXANDER HERMAN BERNREUTER VVILLIAM BIscHoFE STANLEY BLACK MAN LOIS BREI-:NER VVILLIAM BURNI-:Y BETTY BURNS BETTY BYNUM ELISE CONOVA ALICE CHOATIC DoI.LY JEAN Coma RAYMOND COHEN FRANCES COLLINS LUCILE CRUMARTIE IDOROTHY IDIEFFENXVIERTH MARGARET FINCIAI MILIIREII HEAPE CARLYY-II'IENI1RY BETTY HOWARD Bon HUTCHINSON DORIS JI-:NsEN LUCILE JONES J, D, KENNEDY ROYCE LANIER JOHN LIIIIIELI. IJAVID LILLY DAN LIPSON ERNEST MILLER XTARY FRANCES Mo0N MARY LYNN MORGAN MARY MCCLENDON NVINSTON NICQUIDDY NINA PATTERSON BETTY JANE PUTTER RUTH RIJIEERTS l,oIiIsE RUFF ISAIIORI-1 SETZER SIDNEY SNELLER JANICE TATVM GERALII TAYLOR VIRGINIA TAYLOR LLJREATHA TONQUET PATSY TRACY BILLY VVATKINS DORIS VYELLS .ARTHUR VVHITLIIW STEPHEN VVoon Page Sixty-I1i1ze M asc ot .......... ff' I XX X1 I 'l'IlE0llAfLEI938 Senior Fellows, Club A spirit of fellowship has been established by the Senior Fellows! Club, cementing friendship and cooperation by taking a very active part in the social and Scholastic life of the school. Social affairs have been frequent, with a novelty tea dance held at the Springfield lV0man's Club heacllining the list. An enjoyable wiener roast was given at Lake Forest. ' OFFICERS Prcsident ,,......,........ JULIUS SLOAT GEORGE ARNETTE IQICHARD BARVVICK HERMAN BERNREIITER HARTVV'ELL BREMER J. L. BROWARD FRANCIS BYNUM SAMMY COBB ERNEST DAl7lES BILLY EADSON M.ABRY EDWARDS JOE FAULKNER JAMES FIELDS Page Seventy Vim-Prrsidmzt . . Scrrciary, .... . . Twasurcr ..... Chu plain .,,..,,......... Sv1'gfan1-ai-A mix ,.... Azivixzfr . . . . ........ GEORGE GOFF lNlAYNARIl WOOD , .... PAGE ASPINXVALL HECTTOR CAM ERON , DE FOREST MORRONN' CAROLYN SPINK . . .HERBERT l'lAIMOVVlTZ MEMBERS DAVID FRIEDMAN HOWARD GRAHAM WILLIAM GREEN RICHARD GROOMS FRED HAFER BILLY JONES CHARLES JONES STANLEY KASS JOE KENNELLY MARION KING TOM KIRKPATRICK HANS KIvI EDWARD LINCOLN DANNY LIPSON WILLIAM MEEK JADIE MIMS EARL MORRIS WALTER Mozo EVERETT NEWBERRY BYRON PARKER ELLIS RUNYON HENRY STEGER LELAND STEWART HOMER STILL MURRAY WOLI-'SON ANDREW' JACKSIIN Senior Girls' Club In order to inaugurate its activities for the year, the Senior Girls' Club honored the sophomores with a reception in the school gymnasium. On December 3, at 8:l5 P. M., in the auditorium, the members presented the eleventh annual Jubilee, As a Final activity of the year 1937, the Senior Girls' Club distributed Christmas baskets to families in need. The members of the February graduating class were honor-guests at a. tea given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Demorest. During the month of April, the sale of tickets for the Federal Theater play was sponsored by the members of the Senior Girls' Club. The annual luncheon completed a very successful year's program. OFFICERS Prrsideut .,...., ...., L oiu-:TTA Ei.L1As Vire-Prvndcnt , . . .... CARULINE PACKARD Secrrtarg ',.. .... . . . . . .IO-BETH GEER Treasurer .... . . , KATHLEEN MCLEOD Chaplain ..... ...... F RANGES BECK Relzortrr ..... ...,.., J ACINTA PENN Mascot ,... JAMES CARTWRIGHT f1dt'isN'- CFirst Semcsterj .Miss HELEN SCANLON CSecond Semesterj. Mus. MARJORIE LAY Pago Scvclzty-ozzc Q7 K. W T ll ' la0IlAlFI.El9Zl3 JAMES BOWIIEN FRANK CALHOUN FRANKII-I CANDETO LIORRIS FELDER JACK PACE WALTER PACE Page Seventy-iwo Sophomore Boys' Club OFFICERS l"rv.Iidm1t. ......,,. ALBERT H. ST. JOHN I'vft'L"Fl'f?Xili!'lIf , , , ,...,, JOHN LEWIS Svcnrtary ..,.... ..... I TRED COOPER T7'!?l1S1lI'L'l' ,,.....,. . . . . .JAMES DUDLEY Scrgrarzt-ni-.AIrarzx, . ..., JIMMY CHRISTY Chaplain .....,,. . . .GERAL11 IJYAL I'nI1licit3' ..., CARROL SLUTT Reporter ,... .... E RVIX PAUL Mascot .... .. N1ONTE LOWE ,f'lz1'z'i.w1' . . . ...., J. F. STROLTIJ MEMBERS XYALLACE PRITCHETT MAURICE RAMSAY HENRY ROBERTS PAUL SAMSON ,TACK SNYDER CLAUDOS SPEARS LEEwooD TAWES KEN VVILLIAMS HERBERT WILLIA M SON STEPHEN Woou JACK FOUTS ANIIIIEYV .IAYKSIIN Sophomore Girls' Club A wicner roast, April 8, and several candy sales have furnished necessary funds to carry out the club program. To climax the year, the members presented LL sophomore :lance in May JEANETTE ARNETTE LUCILE BASSETT FRANCES BEDI-:LL JEAN BLANKFIELD LOUISE BRENNAN EFFIE BROWN ARA LEE BYERS BARBARA FLowERs ROSA-LEE GEIGER OFFICERS Prfsideul .,,,. SARA-Bon PARKER l"irr'-Prrxridvlrl . , , , , . , .JEAN SCQTTI-:N .S'r'r1'ftnry .... . 7iI'1'!l.Y1U'l'I', . . . Urafvlain ..., llnlwlirify. ,. ,lIn.vr0i. . . .ldvfxrr .. . . . . Il:-:TTY H1-iss ..,, XIARTHA SLIKQH . .AlAR'I'IlA YICKERS Nl'1l,I, CHANHLI-:R .,. . . . IfRr3n QlU0l'l'IR lgliR'l'IIlX XYo'1's1'I1AR MEMBERS ALICE HENN Suzy MCRAE SALLY MCLENITUN NIAUDE MINTON BETTY NOLTE NIATIBEL PETTIS DOROTHY POOLEY Jo ANNE POTTS NEL1. PR1EsTER NIARGARET REX'NOLIJS IWELISSA SEARS BETTY SHORT ELOISE SKINNER ELOISE VAN GUNUY VIN'IAN V1NsoN NIARGARET VoN DOHLEA NIARCELLE VVILLIAMS Page 5'v'z'L'r1fy-tlzr T r' A K5 W I 'J ,T TnQkj'0nA1L:l.E 19:13 if Tiger's Claw Staff Editor-m-Chief ,... ......... . . . , . .JACK HUh1l'HRIIiS Stag' Asxixtauts .... .... 3 LXRGARET JUVNER, JEAN NIITCHELL Sports Editor' .... ,,,......,.,....,.,......,,.... J ULIUS SLOAT Sportx Reporiurs ,, ..... JANE MIMS, IRENE XVALKER, PAUL SAMSQX Stab' Plzotographmc ,. ,,....,.. ,.,.... H ELICN NOLTE Exchange Editor ,.....,,..,.....,.. .,..,., G LORIA THOMPSON Senior Clam Rz'fv0rfvr.r. . . . . . 3 LAURIE Junior' Cluxx Reporter. ..... .... .......,...,.......,,,.,. L U CILLIE BUNN Sophomore Class Rz',ho1'Ic'r .... O .... BETTY NOLTE Fzfafzfrc Editor , . . . . . ...,. , . .,.., .,...,. ,,.,. ....,.., ,......,,. B E T T Y XVADIJILL lfvafzrw' Rcfortcfxv. . , HJUNIZ PLMELL, RIARGARI-IT Lrzwxs, BLXRY TowNsENI1, IXLICIC SHUGART Bu.virzc's.r Manager ..., ,. , ., . . ,...,,.....,..... BILLY XVATKINS Advertising Managrr .. .,....v.......,.,,.....,.......,..... SIDNEY BROWSE - - ' 9 'J . I ' . ' ' OR H ' Adwrtmnq Aqmm .Hmmm ,HHH Q SANAE MORK E1xsTERx, ISRIMIT SILBFRSTLIN, D OT R ' ' 1 POOLEY, SHIRLEY ROBl',RSON, CHARLOTTE LAWRENCE Promotion Stajf.. GEORGE Gow, IIOVVARU CERAHAM, NELL DEAN MARSHALL, MAYNARD YNOOU ' .. .CYRUS ANDERSON Adwsm' .,.,... . .. .4.....,,.,, . .......,.,,.....,,. . . , . . Pago Scwlzfy-four XNIDREW' JACICSIDN iff 'SB' "I Athletic Boosters' Club The animal football banquet held after the close of "pigskin" season, at which the pre- the hi 'hlight of Z1 brilliant year seutation of a trophy was made to the teanfs captain, was g nf the Athletic Boosters' C lub. In order tn show the nne spirit of welcome extended to all visiting' teams, the Boosters appropriately decorated the football stadium for each game. OFFICERS Pzxxriclwit .......,.,.... MRS. E. D. IEIARVEY Vin'-P1'cxidv11l . . . . . ,Mus XY. G. DLXQUIII Rrmrdiug Svcrmzry. .MEs. XV. D. RAIx1sEY C0l'7'f'Xf701lf1'ilIg Sl't'I'l'ft17'j' Mks. H. l3R0wNE'rT Trmz.mrcr ....,..,.. ...,, lb lks. J. L. PRICE MEMBERS MR. M, A. IJEMUREST Mus. L. H. Glam-Ls MR. Nlllili Housl-:R Mies. VV. R. I'IUMl'HRIlZS M lss NANCY LUTZ Mus. W. H. NAl7GLli MRS, j. M. PEELER MRS, VV. H. BRYANT Mics. G. XV. BL'RNs Mus. LILLIAN BURR T. R. CHIENEV DR. VV. A. CLEVELAND MRS. TDNVIGHT CRUMBEQKER M 14 s. Mus. Mlzs. Mies. Mks. MRS. Mas. BELL PE1zKlNs HENRX' RIcII,xRns0x C, V. SHI-:EE11-:Ln VV. A. VVALLACE W. F. VVEAVER T. S. VVRIGHT Page Scwzzty-fit' l 'I'HEOIl.lI'l.El933 'F 0141 Hickory Dads' club After the close of the football season last year, a banquet was given in honor of the players by the Old Hickory Dads' Club of Andrew Jackson, in cooperation with the Athletic Boosters' Club, Some time later, another banquet was sponsored, honoring the football players and their fathers. The work of this club towards obtaining an athletic Held for Jackson has been unparalleled by any other club at school. CY IANDERSON OFFICERS Prfsideni ..... i........,.... H ERMAN SLEDGE View-Plvsidrnzt ,.., . ..,, Jl'nr:E R. E. COPELAND S'f'crrfary ...., .,..... X Y. J. MIDIJLEKIIUFI-', SR. Trcamnfw- .............,........... A. N, KELLY lmmvdinrv Part Prrxideuf. . .W. W. HELVENSTON Pa.rtPrf.vidr'11t Past President Past Prmidmzi CH .xR1.Es M. CHAPM .xx HUWARI: E. CRAWFORI1 ELLIS CRI-INSHAW P. GUY CREWS M. A. DEMoREsT W. E. DUBosE DR, C. E. FOSTER S. J. HART VV. W. HEl.XVliN5TON IRIIM Sv-zwzly-si.I' ,,............,HOVN'ARIl CRAWEoRn .... ..,,,CuARLEs M. CHAPMAN M. PEELER MEMBERS MIKE HOUSER GEORGE W. Jlil-'FERIES DANIEL A. KIRK E. L. LOUNSBIIRY J. MEGONIKSAL VV. J. MIDDLEKAUk'F, JR. GEORGE VV. Mozo VV. A. N ICOLS JUDGE JAMES M. PEELER J. J. PoUNn J. L, PRICE N. PRIESTER S. C. REIIDICK HfXROLID SIBTHORPE GUY L. SIMMONS R. D. SLATTERY H. F. SMITH A. H. ST. JOHN P!-IRCY L. THoMAs J. J. TRIPPE R. D. VVYTHE as ANIDIIEW' JAIZKSIIN Parent-Teacher Association Among the accomplishments of the Parent-Tcaclier Association this season was thc dedication of a tree and plaque to the memory of the beloved Jackson teacher, Miss Charlotte Kennard. Capes for the school orchestra, an addition which has met a need of long-standing, were obtained through the efforts of the association. The Parent-Teacher Association Carnival, held on April 22, was participated in by all jackson clubs. OFFICERS President .,......., .. .MRs. HENRY RICH.KlXDSilN l"icc'-Pwsidvlit ,......,.. MRS. Jill-IN M. NYRRLH1' RPC1Il'd1.l1jj Secretary. ,,... MRS. O. XV. TOPPING Corresponding SL'CI'f?f0l'y ,,,,,. Mics. C. E. FOSTRR Treatrurcr ....,......,., MRs. VV. R, HUhlI'HRIES Hisforzazz ,,...... ........... lX 4Rs. D. E. BAII, Prilrfiffalw. ..... , .,..., MR. M. A. DEMURIQST Mus. C. N. ANneRs M Rs. Ro1s1aR'r BAKER MRS. MADGL G. BONYERS COMMITTEE CHAIRM EN lxlkrl. A. H. IDRYGAS MRs. G. D. 1:11-ILDS MRS. R. S. FLIESS M Rs. L. l.. PA1"1'i1RsuN Mus. M. C. Pr:RMRN'i'i:R Mies. W. L. Ro1mERs Miss SUsAN BIIRIJETT MRS. FRED L. HAP'Eli MRS. A. H. ST. Joux Mus. JOHN CHURCH Miss ELLA HJXRNX'P1I.L MRS. NV. A. W,xLLixci: MRs. C. C. COLLINS MR. M. A. DEZMOREST Mics. M. A. DmioRRs'r MRS. E. T. LAY MRs. CARLE P. Noni: MRS. VV. O.XVATK1Ns Miss CLARA VVELTCH MRs. R. E, XVRIGHT Pagr Swciily-.rcrwz 1 Y 'l'llla0llACLEl938 W Compliments of r JACKSONVILLE AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION 1 r BROOKS-GILLESPIE MOTORS, INC. 823 Laura Strrvt N BURWELL MOTOR COMPANY 924 Laura Strevt I J. C. CARTER COMPANY 575 Riverside Avenue WILLIAM CATLIN, INC. 500 West Adams Street W. A. ESTAVER COMPANY 712 Hogan Street GATE CITY OLDSMOBILE 802 Laura Street HAL LYNCH MOTORS 331 Hogan Street CLAUDE NOLAN, INC. 1001 Main Street DOWNTOWN CHEVROLET COMPANY PACKARD FLORIDA MOTORS KO . 1302 Main Street I 605 Riverside Avenue DUVAL MOTOR COMPANY 1005 Wthst Forsyth Street 3 THE KEENE CO. 1 DR. S. B. SCHUMACHER, Optometrist ' 127 WEST ADAMS STREET PHONE 5 4126 A NDREW JACKSUN ZINK'S Beautiful Graduation Shoes DOZIER and SERVICE AY' PAINT WALKER'S G S STATION llth and Main Streets KARL C. ZINR SLIPPER SHOP 18 WEST FORSYTI-I STREET Best for the South 38 Ybars in ,lavksonville E. G. GOLDER COMPANY Ray Automatir' Oil Burners Oil Burning Circulating Heaters Oil Burning Ranges for Hotels, Restaurants, and Institutions FUEL OIL For All Makes of Oil Burners and Circulating Heaters 2329 BOULEVARD JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA PHONE 5-6413 S H O P A T S E A R S For 52 Years Serving America With Quality at Lower Cost SEARS-HUEBUGK AND UU. GATE CITY Compliments of Compliments of MATTRESS and , ' CARPET SANDWICH INNS DuPRE BROS. WORKS of Jacksonville Inc. 3722-24-26-23 Main Street Phones 5-1736, 5-1131 Nl'ay As You Sleep" Main at 27th Park at Gilmore Miami Road in South .Iuvksonville 324 W. Forsyth Street Phone 5-7212 ii l'lIli0llAl'I.l'1I9Z18 RUBBER STAMPS Join Your Friends for a Thorough Compliments of SEALS Training at Consolidated H. MAIJLETT HADDOCK BUSINESS Automotive ul UNIVERSITY CO. West Ashlc-yStreet 517 Laura SL Phom' 54836 J,xcKsoNv1l.u-1, FLORIDA ,IEFFERIES7 MARKET Florida Mirror Maison Victoire Fresh Meats, Provisions and Plate Glass CO- Beauty Shop Groceries GLASS .lacksonville's Leading "Leaders in Quality I Permanent Wave for a Quarter of a Century" for All imposes Shop Phones 5-0472 5-0473 215-19 E. Bay Street 41 West Monroe St. 4-16 Wfest Forsyth Street Jacksonville, Florida Phone 5-2466 x COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN PINE AND CHEMICAL CO. Up-to-Date Optical Department DIAMON ns WATCHES SILVERWARI-1 FERRELL JEWELRY COMPANY China and All Jewelry Easy Terms 220 Main Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Congratulations to the Graduating Class of ANDREW JACKSON HARRYIS MEN'S SHOP Main at Duval W 111 KYIIIIEW' QIAFKS COMPLIMENTS OF CUNNINGHAM'S l "We Feed the Multituden M ykvguf ..1,V !:, Agri, Groceries -Me Sea-foods-Produce ' 100W Owned and Operated in Jacksonville EIGHT BEAUTIFUL STORES To members of The Graduating Class of 1938 Of ANDREW JACKSON HIGH Our sincere good wishes for a full and successful life for each of you Our congratulations for your achievements during your high school years We appreciate sincerely the privilege of having served as oflicial jewelers for your Class of '38 and we will appreciate your further patronage Good Luck To All of You aeohsfhlewele 5 LAURA Sz AD AMS iv 'I'lIE0llACl.lil938 Y 1 T 1 1 E Your Dress Shop V REVLIS SHOP Lompllnients of the C"""'li"'e"'s of 218 Main Su-ee: HAVERTY I ,k " ,F 'fl Jac' somille lori a E Silvefeiagsglgiesscs 317 Main Street HOSWVY and "It's Easy to Pay the Hawrty Why" E Undvrwvur N i JOSEPH H. WALSH CO. CHARLES 5 ' Compliments of Five Complete Building Contractor Service Stations Fine and United State Tires 170 West 67th St' 206 Main Street Texaco Gasoline Phone 3.0109-J HARRY FINKELSTEIN Y COMPANY 1 JEWELRY if LUGGAGE Y SPORTING GOODS 4 A WEST BAY STREET, CORNER JEFFERSON i V NIIREW' JAIZKSO W I S D O M May YOUR Share of It Ba ABUNDANT Wl10les1 Jlll e Delicious ll i it The Pause That Refreshes JACKSONVILLE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY LAZOS, , CANDY AND BAKE SHOP STANLEY Compliments of Most Exclusive Place in the City SILVER S Frvsh Homemade Candies STATION 5C 81 100 PASTRIES - ALL KINDS MADE DAILY STORE All Kinds Hot Salted Nuts wth and Main Street Cor. Bay and Laura Phone 3-0345 Phone 39175 JAcKsoNvxLLE, FLORIDA Compliments of EARL THOMAS, FLORIST Compliments of BERRIERS, F Al 20111 and Main St my W COGSWELL of Coon Ens "Since 1921" and 25 West Adams Street REFRESHMENTS V1 lIE0liAlI.l+II9ZI8 OUR SINCERE BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS 1 ALLEN Bnos. Cl,ARK,S MARKET A. K. DAVID HAWKINS y 2257-2259 57 Hendricks Avc. 1518 King St. Grocery and Market l Oak Street South Jacksonville Phone 7-2151 2601 Main Phone 7-2131 Phone 3-0820 1232 McDuH' fCor. 16tl1l Phone 7-1092 Phone 5-5927 lwACK'S Mn.LEn's Storm StMoN's SMoAK's l Grocery and Market 6754 Buffalo Ave. Cash Store 3864 Pearl 649 Stockton 2027 Pearl 1Cor. 30thJ Phone 7-1612 Phone 5-2650 Phone 5-5568 Phone 5-0430 ' Fm 1112 llulllllllllllill env Em. Phone 5-0647 JACKSONVILLE, FLA. donaldson. inc. Something Different in Men's Wear 117 West Adams Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA W Compliments of J. J. DALEY TIRE CO., Inc. 701 Wcst Forsyth Street In Jacksonville Ifs HARRY HOWELL DUNLAP SPORTING GOODS, Inc. "The Sports Center" 212 WY-wst Adams Strcet Flowers For All Occasions Buy them where they grow TRESCA, THE FLORIST HER MAN SLEDGE r l l l Photographer to Jackson High School vii KNIIIIEW' QIAYKSI ? I-nfl LI.I3w'f"g.I I - A q7i7S,2:.""-.1-il?-IL' I 5' ' 'P I Q Everything for the Home :P and ' Each Member ofthe Family Wnhmywmm ?. '?'?-?-?-?-?-?-? DO YOU NEED MONEY? We supply extra cash on short notice and without en- dorsers, Repayment terms lo suit you. Inquire! FULTON LOAN SERVICE ?-?-?'?'?'?'?-? 521 Graham Building Phone 5-1937 ROBERT H. COWAN, President TELEPHONE 5 380a SOUTHERN HARDWARE 81 BICYCLE COMPANY Manufacturers, Distributors and ,lobbcrs WHOLESALE ONLY ROLLFAST BICYCLES, VELOCIPEDES, SKATES and BICYCLE SUPPLIES RCA-VICTOR RADIOS, ELECTRIC FANS, ELECTRIC REFRICERATORS 2336 LIBERTY STREET JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE CRADUATING TUTEWILER PRESS CLASS MOTOR TRANSIT COMPANY "WZ: Think As Well As Print" 7,7 , U viii THE 0RACLE Our Sincere Best Wishes m I THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '38 Ll Diamond Mercha DUVALJEWELRWD. 1 ll MAIN STREET 1938 y iw to E EEEEEETWT TE, Compliments of LEVY'S Fl0rida's Finest Apparel Store for Men and Wnilien w 4 M AN GEL'S Feminine Apparel 16 West Forsyth Street JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Phone 3-0282 ' G' 1 J ki S Compliments of Zigi pgiliylm Potato hips, eanuts, N , , L and Peanut Butter l Milligan a W Sandwiches Service Station Compliments of Manufactured by Corner Duval and BARRETT Newnan Streets Foon PRODUCTS ' I I COMPANY Jacksonville Florida 201 Florida Theater W '9 nc' . , Building 915 Main Street Jacksonville, Florida Phone 5-9938 Phone 5.3514 ix NDREW' J-ll'liS0.N Compliments and Best Wishes of ROBERT KLOEPPEL Owner-Director HOTEI. GEORGE WASHINGTON IIOOQQ Air Conditionerlj HOTEL MAYFLOWEIR 110072 Air Conditionedj HOTEL FLAOLER JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA HOTEL GEORGE WASHINGTON, Vllcst Palm Beach, Florida Congratulations to the GIIADUATING CLASS THE QUALITY SHOP 221 Lallra Sl. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA RAINBOW GRILL I L1 IIIII pliments of Omm E. Lmms A C- A. Mt""'ge' A PERRETS I6 East I"OrSyth Street T ' DAIRY .Ia0ksOnville, Florida Phone 5-9347 Congratulations to the Graduating Class of ANDREW JACKSON F U R C H G 0 T T ' "The Store Accommodalingv S MASON LUMBER COMPANY The Department Store of Building Material Main 0fIiCe and Yard 2324 Edison Avenue Phone 7-2164 'qirerylhing to Build Anythingl' Our Thorough Business Training and Eflivient Employment Service Asaures Your Independence SPECIAL RATES MASSEY BUSINESS COLLEGE 'l'lIE0llAl'LEl9J3 A THE H. VV. B. DREVV COMPANY 1 Printers, Lithographers, Engravers A I 1 T Specializing Genuine Steel Engraving T T 3 JACKSONVILLE, i FLORIDA I THIS I SUE 0F THE ORACLE WAS PRODUCED IN oun PLANT To the Students of ANDREW JACKSON HIGH May we continue with your good will N A CONGRATULATIONS 1938 ORACLE STAFF ZVVRIGLEY ENGHAVING COMPAB X Your E ngraver LL ,L

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