Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL)

 - Class of 1924

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Andrew Jackson High School - Oracle Yearbook (Jacksonville, FL) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1924 volume:

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A QQ' 2 ., " A . gs ?.i-5325- 5' ."V.:V.VVA V :fV .g ,g..Ve-.Vg'V. g 3,12 mi V'33g?2lffgSj V :gg . A ,. 5"A'A?Q.f 55.5 rf' .??sl7'?3 -V- t:Ef':" 5f' .5 A "V 4Q"'?'+i: 'f 'sw f' V-zo ' V . A Y FM 7' . .1 ' -, 5'5?2Lf'.V':f' 'A' :A ' ' . .V 'gi:A'f1VV FV-A,,'.V3s1r'fAi Vw-'Ari A? ' V AQ! "V EMA. , "V .fif35f!? "'4:."1iVA1 V. - . ' AV " V... :Vi ' ' V . ' 'g V' f i Ef2Vfff' VV ,'hS fT5 "V-TV YZ VV Pfff' r- fr' f- V ' V 732' V V . ."fVfV M VA.-s-V-M -EA VK .VK . :VV AA VH- ' V- .V VV"F. x'-V V .A 2,-VVUV VQVVQ V - V ,, ,V4-V ,, A V -mu J- rv- "V,VzV'VVQ-. V ' 2fVV?V?"A2 V Q" 'h1." VV ws -sw. A avg: -A 9. .VV --V. Wifi' 'ie -" -EJ in 4' ffgiitvm .:V "V': --' 111' Jw 5339?-EV 13' J 'Magik fe? 3?" 'gY5i55f"'fV'T?'. 2 in ' VV' 'i ' "5 " 4 ' V 1 R EV AV "'5eESf,3 -:V 'fA 'fi ' 'gf' ' ' Qi V: M... fV Vg Q' rw- 'QQJL' 1 V 'Q ' V' ,V-1 V' J.. 'f , .-V' .-F'-3'fV Us Vgi 4' " ' V b 4 ' " A' V 1 f W' - ' wi ' 2:55am ,.V1r'V?EPf4:-. . "V? ,-VV. ,s:5iA'.5 e , 1V wr! V V-'A' ' V V V 29.4--V V. V. V ,V , VV. m f. -V V: . .gg lv. 5. .V .. JVV Q. eV. VV he 41 -ff h Q V .. V VV.A-V V 1 4 2 2iV"E5'i'g V ' 'af 5571 . xii fi if Ag' .EVE rf 3 -, ?'.1'i5: 5' -Q ' s f 3 i f ' V' E354 VA -V51 V- . A ., 5,5114 ,,g,:..V Z1 H-2- ir JV '5'jffh-,' Ea 1,1 " V1F g , V , A grit f 'V ?.' 's. "' '- Vein. :W 'V' 5" 2' if A ' " ' 'f v . V1 '29 V -V V- , VV .Vkg-V1-.VVV. ,amy-A ,Vf V., .. -V . ,V, ,,VV,.. ,,,V V P, -f.V , V. -VF -A.. .Vg ,g,.,VV.i VV V. , V.. V , -im. -V, V ,Af mf -V JV. VV -V Q w V4'i'Aa: 'NE ,4Vf, Va V Vive- 3114. - Vv AQgu,1n-1f3eg-g3- ' 2. -V -1 V, ,V VM- 1 451 , .VV-7 u .V ,-aw. fp. 5... max-V .VVf. cific' Viv V. wg, t'A V'q'V ViV ifAw 3 .3 VW' V- ' THE- A ,V 2-lgvS5'?VVg1: 45 V14 ' 'ww VV .5 i?'f6'f f -VTVQVVV ' ' ' .V,V: . SSA A':?'a 5gg.e!aV,2 f'H' - ef A 3. 355 '-1-'ai-.24 F5 VAVVZ.-. f ' 21 A ' V." A ". 2- .V A- 1-'iifi-e .1 1 JVVV? .- .V V 345"Vs4A VV -.f-':V V ' ff- 3 . gig V "f M ' V+- 'VV-.'VV , si ,g v:V'V f Ja. 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Everything you Want to wear is ready,whenever you say the Word, to give you complete satisfaction that has made CPORTERKS' famous Euverythzhcg zh Jifenlf and Boyf' PWM In the Heart of Four Cities" NASHVILLE NEW ORLEANS BI R MINGHAM JACKSONVILLE II THE u fum A ORACLE D-I-I-S 'NIQQ4 '1i'!""'i?9 '5?'77,,t"" ,,, I W : ,W 'X 'T-W 'X 'Cla XX Gil' 'NEB' XX 'DCD-'XX ' f ' 'TT' fx + . if .ga ' fi- A -x 5 . .- X I 'fir ' Q as-EQ --- j:1?fSLSs' fl , 'E X Y - X V I-' F: ' A 1 " , 'Q H, 1 1. - - 1 x i S 4 Q 'li ' " , I - - J ' 1 f 4 ' . 1' ' 1 "l .4 v 9 o - Qt, REMEMBER 'THE GRADUATES WITH A DHAMCCDND CDRVVATCRI purchased from us in exchange on a larger stone 7Xlllfff ' 5 - ' . , , DHAMQN DS f5,gii,iQaAgQ0 , QwU Pmed at 535, fig, fp, 575, me-G':" ? 1- 'ffl' ' 'f-R f Q? P. ' for the Graduate , I I -Qrgfhzgikkf. P lslogdgd UP- d n ' -' l 5 .e 'L Y I 5 1 v 4 2 Iivery Diamond is a pure-white, Y 1 .E "A-' f ll on F 5X0 Owllqn iz perfectandofunusuallifeand color. if 1 A 3 week mont The mnumings are is-K white and X I i V 1- 52 Down ZZ a Week green gold. Hand pierced, in a va- X , s ' J' ff riety of the newest designs. X' 5 V' "' Term.: desired v " LID ', :,- 1 Ei ,,-.--,-- ov,-.- .Q W h f' B - N 'A L- A atc OI' the oy -::Jf:::I:-::- n 'N re' J 1 "" ' 5? """"' 2: 5""" 4g O llza! wil! train him 10 Ls 4,7 '25 U if 3 unflual and exarlin rw- iS1.,c,"W7'f'L,x i 7 P .L 17-jewe1E1,csIN P I' thin modelin white f Guamnteed Bracelet Watches They are the lowest priced, dependable, rectan- gular VVrist YVatches on the market. Each has a I5-jewel accurate movement in an engraved white gold case. A value that defies comparison. or green gold case. x x ' 'I 554 A! 0 Qfmgmfy' p ' X' ' ' i e.. , f 'E it 1 3 5 i qblq 45 JDUVAL JEWELRY CQMRANY III ullllllll THE ORACLE gllu '41, D-H-S S1924 wdlnw -xxm,xxQn:xxSabxx .nl lh. C, f 1 ' 1' . . . -..- af., ..-., nf., lgijy ' A 'j - - ,fly--... M' -fist, 25 WHIDDON'S Coflz Store! 7350! DISTRIBUTORS OF IC-RU FANCY GROCERIES W e Lead - Others Follow 3 THERE IS ONE NEAR ' YOU VALUABLE COUPONS GIVEN WITH ALL PURCHASES ffoefy lfeelneselay, ez Double Coupon Day Premium Department-7.8 W. Duval St. COURTESY CLEANLINESS QUALITY 52 IV We Pay Taxa: and Litense in Duval Counly WEN THE ORACLE ur 1 DH sN19 4 fX' x S... .lllllll llllll V. :bf .1 Q. r, , - - W Y V H -,--..,,,.-.'z:,2...v..,..,..-a.n:.,..-a.. ,fa .J mi ,Q,',1?-QTSG-TG'-F1162-isis'-f-i-1X""--'PNFP 'J:fc":.4 ., s . ,, ,, T 126 Door fo .Qzmhkjf lil Trzhtzkzg IKE the ANCIENT CITY GATES of Saint Augustine, the Door ofthe Record Building is always open to people who prefer particular printing, and many are those who enter therein to take advantage of the direct advertising service the Record Company offers. of HE busiest and most completely equipped print- ing plant in this part of the world is one of the show places of historic St. Augustine. The service we oiier and the facilities that are at the command of our customers are equally as inviting as the main entrance to the home that is ours. THE RECORD COMPANY-P701-:kia Tr-zhterf jAcxsoNvn.L1z BRANCH, PEN1Nsu1.,uz cAsuAL1-Y BUILDING JACKSONVILLE, rnonxm Mzmbzr ry' Yarksonvflle Chamber ry' Cammerre film f4QQ:-f1- H11 ann 1111614 ff 4.11 W -ul THE ORAQLE Sql? ly? D-H-S S1924 Q, ' Lum Mann-, -w-mu W-iznbwwffb xv 1- X DU K N g:,., ,G "Rl V+? cy' ' rl! Q, 'ZF Qs 'f 2 ,359 A. , 1,.'. 'h ' ,. 5 J' f . X 14,1 - 'nf "" f ":52:.'f:f ' V ' 1-:H N 3 4 .,f.::-.- - s . 1 1 ,Z-5 3 ' - :A 52? Q. i . , CONGRATULATIONS VALSTUDE Tx Cfclff gf '24 We hope that every one of you may at- x tain great success in 3 1 your future pursuits 'E .3 N, zj vliicilfif V ' -rf ,lifrleffffjm A+ , ?i!31j.Qi3?v.fis'Ei". 1121: '1Q'fgEfskf!Ag1if1g?l',f. . . I ififiifif-EQEW ,f 'D 1 , ,,,v.,., . l of" U Lv Thanking you for past favors-we ' hope We may con- -fz Local Agency rinue to receive 1, , Q Sl1Jafa'ing'.r your patronage- V . , ff Atfzletzc Goody s ' . . ' f 1' i s " Resperjullyv, I, F P. -. . Q Q y,.b.. i e THE H.5'lY.B. A Gzft .wp I f - - Qf ,Qyualizjv 5 ' Exrlmivenefs SIATIHNIRKEDHK ANDAPI 5 TURE. zz ro go and 45 ro 49 VVest Bay Sr. 46 Wes: Forsyth Sc VI ummm THE ORA "lf ,... , O, '"-'AW--"'"""""""s""" "f ' e Y A is Table of Contents Foreword .... Dedication ........... Farewell to '24 ......... ..... Farewell ................r............... Farewell to the Faculty ....,.... Farewell-Class President ..,.... Individual Pictures-Graduates Senior Class ,....,........................ .... Class History ................ To the Seniors of '24 ........ Class Song ..,.......................... Those Studious Students .r,...... Brickbats and Bouquets ..... Reddest Letter Days ,....... Red Letter Days ......... Those Seniors .....,... The White Rose ....,.... Them Kids ........... ........... Class Future ..............,.......,....... Who's Who in Class of '24 ...o... Senior Fellows' Club Picture .,.. Senior Fellows' Club of '24 ,,.,.. S. F. C. Vodvil of '24 ,.......... S. G. C. Jubilee Picture ......... Senior Girls' Club Picture ,,.... Senior Girls' Club of '24 ......,.. S. G. C. Jubilee .....,........,..... Senior Play Picture ...,,...........,.,,.. "Whose Little Bride Are You?" The Seven Deadly Sins of '24 .... Senior Literary ,,.........,....,.,,,.., Bright Lights of Duval ..... junior Class Picture .... Junior Class Oliicers ,,.,,... junior Literary ...,......... PAGE 3 4 5 6 7 ..... .. 40 41 42 43 45 54 55 56 59 60 61 65 66 67 67 69 70 71 71 72 73 74 76 80 82 83 84 v Sophomore Class Picture ....,,. Sophomore Class Officers .....,. Sophomore Literary ........ Freshman Class Picture ...... Freshman Class Oflicers ...... Freshman Literary ....,... Football .....,,r.......,..,...... Baseball ..,..,....,,... Boys' Basketball s..... ,... Girls' Basketball ..,s... Tennis ................,..,. Soccer ...... ,..,...,,...... Swimming ........,....... PAGE 88 89 90 92 93 94 96 100 101 102 103 104 105 Girls' Swimming ....... 106 Duval's Captains ,...... ...... 1 07 Faculty Sports ............. ...... 1 08 Peggy Young Club ........ ...... 1 10 Hi-Y Club ........,.......... ...... 1 ll junior Boys' Club ....... ....., 1 12 Junior Girls' Club ...,..., ....r. 1 13 La Rouche ....i.......... ,,,,,. 1 14 Latin Club ...,,....... ,,.iri 1 15 Chemistry Club .....,, ,ri,,, 1 16 Glee Club .,................. ....... A,,,,, 1 1 7 Orchestra Picture .,....,.......,,......i., ,,,r,4 1 18 Duval High School Orchestra ...,.... ,..,,. 1 19 Oracle News Staff Picture ,....,, ,,,,,, 1 20 The Oracle News ....,..,..,,.....,,,., ,,,,,, 1 21 News Staff ,......,.,....,. ,,,,,. 1 22 The Duval Tiger .,,,.,, 122 Exchange .......,,,,...r....,.,4,,....r,,..,,, ,,.,.. 1 23 Jokes ....,......,,.,...,,...,.,,,...,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 1 24 Oracle Annual Staff Picture .r.,,,r, ,,,r,, 1 26 Annual Staff ,.,..........,........,..r,,.,. ,.,,,, 1 27 In Appreciation .,..,.. ,,,,,, 1 28 Advertisements .,.s,,. ,,,,,, 1 29 Ifl IMIIIIMNIIEX --- HE ORACLE MJEH D-H-s N 1 924 - f-1--r-m --1--.---f---zfafzar-Kzgsz,-iri,....f g,E TLHIIL W WW. :i,?5if:,jigi:.2aagtiqisi Foreword In presenting this Annual to you, it is with the hope that it will be a fitting instrument in the recalling of a happy and successful finish to a glorious four years at Old Duval. May it bring back pleasant memories to every student who has sought knowledge within these walls. It has been a great pleasure to work upon this book and we have earnestly striven to make it a worthy representative of our school. With this wish we present to you our handiwork, hop- ing that it will please you and perhaps help you over some of the darker spots of life. ' Sincerely, The Editors of ,24. lg E21 THE QRACLE ff -X 3 ff' D-'1-I'WS'7f' 1229.61-Q - -' ELPH' ":5'.Z!i4::f3f: Q 3, , , 51-Miss jlilauhe Melunhtnarh HONORARY RIEMBER S. G. C. In dfdimting flzis fcolznm' of Nw Oracle to you, 1Wi55 Wfoodwczrd, who haf afwrlys 178171 our .Yj,'77lP!llllIE'fZ-C' lzflpfr and advisor, wr, ffm Cfzlsx of '24, wish you to regard it as cz small oufzcfard fxprfssion of ffm grfaf low and fsfwm ccfzicfx cw hold for you. l 3l Am-'mlm THE ORACLE I 41 D1-1sN19Q4 , Ii' all ' l f" 1- ,- v . ...'.:a:.v.i..,....,-Q.a: a ,:..,, ,, ,Q .Ii I-sig W , -151 YY .-. 1 I' ."u4L ' 1, 5 . 'J - LA ' A ':1ED"'io-?!2 Farewell to '24 Farewell dear class of '24, It seems so hard to part, Yet thoughts of you forever more Shall linger in each heart. Again farewell dear '24, The best of luck to thee, When you shall leave this friendly shore, To sail on life's wide sea. 5 1 K E41 - " ..,,, ,INN- THE ORACLE D-H-s N192-4 ----V -f-F , --1. ---J, ul y f-am-V -X -ma XXRDDX-292: -4 ffbrv- 214.1 Farewell NINA LOUISE BYRD Farefzvell to you, dear pals of old Duval! Our happy high-school days are o'er. Our steps to hright classroom no more W'ill astray, nor up the steps, nor thru the hall Of Alma lllater. True, we heara' the fall Wfith will to prove our worth, though ne'er heforv Wz"ve realized hozc' 'very near the floor Of life ive stand, such hopeful Seniors all. In eaeh and every heart of us lets lurk A stern and stiff resolve to do our hestg To stand up stauneh and true thru all the strife. mlm! let us surpass all the overeoming tests. God, mahe us strong and full of pluck To lead a straight and perfeet life. E51 Klum THE RACLE M1924 was he fir-Q .... 'GE some "WMP 'W Farewell to the Faculty Lommnk BLITCH We have corrie to the parting of the ways, and as we, the Class of J24, bid farewell to the Faculty, it is with the realization that we are sujering an irre- parable loss. We will always remember you, not only as our teachers and instructors, but as the truest of friends. You have guided us through four turbulent years, and with the greatest of patience and forbearance you have helped us attain our ulti- mate goal-graduation. When we have slipped just a bit you have always been ready to forgive us and help us on with your practical advice and high idealism. What there is that is worthy in our Class we owe to you and we freely give you full credit in grateful acknowledgment. And now that the end of our high school career has come and "Finis" is written on the records of the Class of ,24, we bid you a reluctant and fervent farewell-our friends, our counselors, our teachers. V E61 Booos, FRANK DEAN "Energy and persixtenre M0'I'1'0Z mnquer all things." Let': Rofw, Not Drift. S- F- C- C412 S. F- FLOWER: Shasta Daisy. COLORS! Blue and Gold. 7 President s Farewell C. Vodvil 143: Class President Ml: Hi-Y Club Ml : Editor Tiger MJ: Tap member S. F. C. 131: Basketball f3l. 123 : Football 131: Baseball 131. ELLOW SENIORS-'l'l'lC time is at hand when friends, of four short sunny years at Duval, must part, and launch themselves forth upon the troubled sea of life. It is with mingled emotions that I bid this last farewell to you and to members of the faculty. I feel great sorrow at leaving an institu- tion so dear to our hearts, and great joy at attaining at last the treasured goal for which we have striven so earnestly. VVith our high-school career at an end, our future lies in our own hands. Some will enter immediately into various lines of business endeavor while others will continue in quest of knowledge. Whatever we undertake, how- ever, may we always remember our motto, "Let's Row, Not Drift." llfiay it spur us ever onward to greater and nobler efforts and finally crown us with the laurels of sweet victory. Let us meet every adversity, not with the resignation of a drifter, but with that famous Tiger spirit, so gloriously dis- played upon many a hard-fought athletic field, and success shall be ours. To the faculty, those who have instilled within us such high ideals, and guided us so kindly and considerately through the trials of high-school life, we, the Senior Class of I924, owe a great debt and to them we extend our heartfelt thanks. And to dear old Duval, it is with the greatest difficulty that we bid fare- well. During the four-year span just past, the problems that we have met and conquered and the joys we have experienced are stamped indelibly upon our memories, but only the inexorable passing of time can bring to us a true realization of what she has meant to us. In bidding a final farewell to you, fellow classmates, my heart is sad. However, that you may take up the work for which you are best fittedg that you may be successful and enjoy happiness, is the sincere wish of Your President, FRANK Booos. E71 ADAMS, FRED "Good in all he undertalzes, for efven his failings leantowardfv1rtue'ss1de." Entered Sophomore year from Detroit, Michigan. ALDERMAN, M.ARTHA "Fair, Oh fairest of lilies fair, Who rould not for thee rare?" S. G. C. 1Chaplain: 41 : Class Secretary 141: Oracle News Staff, Exchange 141: Annual Staff 1Exchange, "Those Seniors" : 41: Business Staff Senior Play 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : Seven Deadly Sins 141 : Tap member S. G. C. 131: P. E. P. 131: Latin Club 121. ANTHONY, CHAT1-'IELD "The fairest fiofwer of them all Her golden tresses all enthrallf' S. G. C. 141: Annual Stalf 141: Busi- ness Staff. Senior Play 141 : Seven Deadly Sins 141 : Tap member S. G. C. 131 : French Club 131: P. E. P. 131: Oracle News Staff 121, 111. ARNQLD, LUCRETIA "Lufretia Arnold is her name, Alfways quiet and shy of fame." S. G. C. 141 : Latin Club 121: V. I. M. Club 111. BALFE, ALEX. "And he smiles, and smiles, and smiles." S. F. C. 141 : Annual Staff 141 : French Club 141 3 Tennis Club 141. 131, 121. 1113 Class Treasurer 131: Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 131: Hi-Y Club 121: Boys' Club 131. 8 BARKER, KATHLEEN "Once your friend, alqcays your friend." S. D. C. 141 : S. G. C. Jubilee 141 3 Tri- P 141: Glee Club 123. BASS, HAZEL ROBERTS "I sometime: hold it half a sin, To put in words the thought.: I feel, For sword: like Nature, half reveal And half eonreal the .foul fu:ithin." BEAGLE, ALICE KING "Full of pep, full of life, A little fworld of happir1e.f.r." Entered Sophomore year from Louis- ville, Kentucky. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 g Peggy Young Club 141 3 Tri- P 141: Glee Club 131, 121.. Biocs, OLIVETTE 1'Sl1e is good natured ever and ha! a good word for all." BLITCH, LORIMER H. "Whatever task he was ralled on lo acfomplish, he did it fwellf' S. F. C. 141: Oracle News Staff 141, 131: Editor 141: Annual Staff 141, 131: Editor 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil Business Staff 141 3 Hi-Y 141 : Baseball 141.: Tennis Club 141, 131, 121, 1115 President 1413 Tennis Team 141, 131, 121 : Tennis singles cham- pion 141 3 Doubles champion 131, 121, 111: Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 131: Assistant Editor News 131 3 Assistant Editor Annnual 131 : Secretary Tennis Club 131, 1215 Boys' Club 131. 9 BLUM, HELEN LOUISE "Fair Helen, deserving of praise For .rhe is a friend alfwaysf' S. G. C. 145: Glee Club 145, 135, 125, 115 : Latin Club 125. BRADLEY, PAUL "Jolly, good-natured Paul We'll nefver forget. If he ha.fn't reformed He'.f lisping yell' S. F. C. 145: S. F. C. Vodvil 145: Annual Staff 145: Business Stalf, Senior Play 145: Boys' Club 135: Spanish Club 135: S. R. R. 135: Hi-Y Club 135, 125. BROCK, KATHLEEN "She's as constant as the star: that newer -vary." Spanish Club 135: Glee Club 135, 125: Latin Club 125 : Track Team 125. BRODMERKEL, ALEX. "Who deserves L-well needs not an- other'.r praise." Annual Staff 145 : Latin Club 145, 135, 125, 115: Spanish Club 135. BROWN, ROBERT A. "Hang fare! Sorron,v'll lzill a tat, And, therefore, let's be merry." S. F. C. 1Treasurer: 45: Class Treas- urer 145 : S. F. C. Vodvll 145, 135 : Oracle News Staff 145: Tennis Club 145, 135. 125, 115: Vice-President 145: Doubles Tennis Champion 145 : Tap member S. F. C. 135: S. R. R. 135: Boys' Club 135: Orchestra 135. 10 BROVVN, CHARLES "rl genuine friend-original, too, Taken all round-true blue." S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 1415 Boys' Club 131: Latin Club 131, 121. BRYSON, JOSEPH HENRY' ".-Ilficays fwilling, alfway: ready, The kind tba! is true blue." Oracle News Staff 131. BURKS, CORINNE "Little said is .foonext mended." S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 141: Chemistry Club 1415 P. P. P. 131: Glee Club 131. BYRD, NINA LOUISE "She is a good sport, Jolly, good natured and true, A fair maiden to behold, Warning be efver so mrefulf' Entered Sophomore year from Green- castle, Ind. S. G. C. 141 5 S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Oracle Annual Staff 1415 Business Staff, Senior Play 4 ' Pe Yo n 1 1 . Hey u g Club 1415 French Club 131, 121: Latin Club 131. 1215 Tap member S. G. C. 1315 P. E. P. 131. CANNQN., ANNA MAY KENDRECKS "The fate: to this fair lady have been kind, Beauty, Lwit as -well ax a brilliant mind." Entered 1921 from Savannah . Georgia. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee. Executive Staff 141 : Oracle Annual Staff 1Advertis- ing: Those Seniors: 41 5 Oracle News Staff 141 5 Class Mascot 141 : Senior Play Ticket Committee 1Chairman5 41 5 Chemistry Club 1415 Vice-President. Peggy Young Club 141 5 Assistant Editor Tiger 141 5 S. G. C. Tap member 131 : P. E. P. Chaplain 131 :French Club 131, 121. ll CAPPS, PARKER "The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatefver you do, without a thought of fame." S. F. C. 141 : Oracle News Staff 141 : S. R. R. 131 :Track 131 3 Class Basketball 121. CARRELL, FRANK E., JR. "He is something sterling that will slay When gold and silver melt away." Entered 1923 from Woodlawn High, Birmingham, Ala. S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141: Annual Staff 141: Oracle News Staff 131: Baseball 141, 131 : Boys' Club 131: Spanish Club 131. CHAPPELL, ADQLPHO RAYMOND "His ability as an actor is only ex- ceeded by his knowledge." S. F. C. 141: Latin Club 141, 131, 121: Georgie Tobin, Senior Play 141. CHELF, IVIILDRED "She speaks, arts and hehafves as she should." Entered Sophomore year from Palm Beach, Fla. S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 141: "Florence," Senior Play 141: E.:-ltin Club 131, 121 : Metropolis Reporter 21. CLARK, SARA "Sara enjoyed no fun, Unless 'twas shared by efveryonef' S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 1413 Publicity Stalf, Senior Play 141: Tap member S. G. C. 131 : P. E. P. 131 3 Latin Club 121, 111. E121 CLAYTON, LEWIS "For -very young he seemed, tenderly reared, Like some young eyprexs, tall and dark, and .rtra1gl1t." S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141 3 Annual Staff 1Those Seniors: 41 : Tennis Club 141, 131 : S. R. R. 131 :Spanish Club 131: Latin Club 121. CLYMORE, ISABELLE "Quiet, modest, dehonair The fruits of knofwledge hath made thee fair." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Orchestra 141: Peggy Young Club 141: Latin Club 141 : Entered Senior year from Vienna, Illinois. CONDON, i1fIILDRED "Mildred is :een a girl of .ftately mien, Poxsexxing the esteem and beauty due a queen." COXWELL, LAURA "Thy form and mind, .ffweet maid ran 'Z.C2'f0fgt'l, In richest ore the brightest jefwel Jet." S. G. C. 141: Oracle News Staff 141: Peggy Young Club 141 : French Club 131 : P. E. P. 131 : Tap member S. G. C. 131: Latin Club 121: Glee Club 121, 111. CRENSHAVV, ELIZABETH "Lizzie is the ideal girl of Duval- Jfweet, loyal and popular-fwlfll Awe rerkonfn President. S. G. C. 141 : S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : Annual Staff 1Club Editor: 41 : President, Peggy Young Club 141: Tap member S. G. C. 131: President, P. E. P. 131: Vice-President. Class 131: Spanish Club 131, 121 : Class Secretary 111. 13 CRIPPEN, ROY "With his agitated manner-his pleasant, rustic' graee, One can see that he is longing, his diploma to embrace!" For he's a senior,' he's a seniorj He's a senior now." Baseball 141, 121: S. R. R. 131. DANESE, JOHN B., JR. "A more jolly fellofw is hard to find." S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141 : S. R. R. 131 : Hi-Y 121, 111 g Secretary 121. DARBY, HAROLD . "Stauneh and substantial, and efvery- hody's friend." S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141 : Boys' Club 131: S. R. R. 131: Latin Club 121. DAVIDSON, CHARLES "Quiet, smiling, manly, tall, A gentleman lofved by all." S. F. C. 141 3 S. F. C. Vodvil 141 : Annual Staff 141: "Algernon," Senior Play 141: Orchestra 1413 Track Team 131: Boys' Club 131: Hi-Y Club 121. 111. DAVIDSON, MABHE "She has just enough sense and non- sense to make her a eharming g1rl." S. G. C. 141 5 Tap member S. G. C. 131: Oracle News Staff 121. 14 DUWLING, RIILDRED "1'm happy as I ran be for I newer trouble trouble till trouble trouble: me." S. G. C. 141 3 S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Peggy Young Club 141 Q Chemistry Club 141 1 French Club 141 : P. E. P. 131. IJLRKEE, -IOSEPH H. "nl jolly, good fellows, Friendly to e-very one,' Efver ready for a 'lark' .-llqrays full of fun." S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 1412 French Club 1President: 41: Mascot, S. G. F. 141: Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 131. FI..-XRREIE, H rzmxmzr "Jolly, straigbtforficard, .rim'ere, and true-11 loyal frzendf' S. F. C. 141: Football 141 : Track 131 : Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 131. Knox, JOHN "lt'.v nife to be natural, if you are naturally nieef' S. F. C. 141: French Club 141: Tennis Club 131, 1211 Boys' Club 131: S. R. R. 131. lfxmzl., RIARCUS "Ile is jolly, fwitty and most likeable." s. F. C. 141: s. F. C. Vodvil 141: French Club 141: Swimming Team 141: S. R. R. 131. 15 EVANS, NANCY JAN E "In her heart fwere the birds and the sunsh1ne." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 1412 "Dolly," Senior Play 141: Seven Deadly Sins 141 1 Tap member S. G. C. 131 1 P. E. P. 131 1 Class Mascot 121 1 Latin Club 111. EVANS, r1lINLEY "True greatness lies in being quiet and humble, alfways reliable, and ever prepared to smile. Such an one is he." FALIS, HARRY "H standby, a student, a friend." Oracle News Staff 141, 131 1 Track Team 1311 Spanish Club 131: Latin Club 131. 21. FARRIS, ALICE "Dainty and neat and small And a dear little smile, That is meant for all. S. G. C. 141 1 Treasurer, Chemistry Club 141 1 Peggy Young Club 141 1 Tap member S. G. C. 141. FINKELSTEIN, LEONARD "fl popular man beeomes more pofw- erful than pofwer itself." S. F. C. 141 1 S. F. C. Vodvil 1411 Busi- ness Manager and Musical Director 1411 Oracle News Staff 1Business Manager: 41 1 Annual Stall' 1Business Stall: 411 Orchestra 141, 131, 121, 1111 Vice-Presi- dent 141 1 Leader 131 1 Business Manager, Senior Play 141 1 French Club 1Treasurer1 41, 131 1 Tap member S. F. C. 131 1 Secre- tary S. R. R. 1311 Track Team 1312 Assistant Business Manager, Oracle News 131 1 Assistant Business Manager, Annual 131 1 Latin Club 121 1 Class Basketball 1211 Drum Corps 121, 111. 16 FINNEFROCK, ARNOLD A. 'hlsflldll in stature, but, oh! of such zmportancef' Vice-President S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 1Assistant Stage Manager: 41: Baseball 141. 131, 121, 111: Captain 141: All State 141 3 Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 1315 Class Basketball FITCHNER, EUGENE "We don't know 'who wrote 'The Sunxhine of Your Snule,' but we are :ure that Gene impzred 1t." S. F. C. 141. FITZ, LILLIAN "Wi.rdom and mmmon .fenxe are fvirtues, And Lillian ix the most virtuous' girl I know." Entered Sophomore year from Atlanta. Ga. S. G. C. 141 : Peggy Young Club 141 : Chemistry Club 141: Oracle News Staff 131. FLOWVERS, BENEVA "Sfweele.vt flofwer that efver grefw, Lip.r of red and eye: of blue." S. G. C. 141 1 S. G. C. Jubilee 141 1 Tri-P 1415 Tap member S. G. C. 131: French Club 131: P. E. P. 131: Glee Club 111. FoRREsTER. KESSIE "How ran you be true to eyes of blue When you look into Ke.v.fie'.r brown?" Entered Senior Year from Green Cove Springs, Fla. S. G. C. 141. 17 FOVVLER, BEN "No man fwho needs a monument efver ought to halve one." S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141: Spanish Club 131. 121 : Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 131: Boys' Club 131: Oracle News Staff 121. FRAZEE, NIARY LOUISE '24 fwinning personality, and a sunny smile, That makes esveryone happy all the fwlzilef' S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 141: Chemistry Club 1413 Glee Club 131, 121. 11. GANTT, EUGENE "fl manner so quiet, .4 lzrazn so fne, :I betler man is hard to find." GIIZBINS, DOROTHY "She speaks but seldom, but herfwords are full of fwzsdomf' Entered Junior year from Montgomery, Ala. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 I Peggy Young Club 141: Chemistry Club 141 : Tennis Club 141 5 Latin Club 141. 131. GRAY, LESLIE HBE"LL'ifCl1i7lg eyes, a fwinning smile, and a s-weet personalny, .ferrets of Leslze's popularity." Vice-President, S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : Seven Deadly Sins 141 3 P. E. P. 131: French Club 131, 1213 Tap mem- ber S. G. C. 131. U81 HAAS, I':L'L.XLIE "Come, and trip it, as you go, On the light fantaxtiz' toe." S. G. C. Jubilee 141: "Dance," Senior Play 141. l'1ADLlZY, l1'IARIAN "Quiet, :fweet hut alfways fharmingf' S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 1412 Chemistry Club 141: Spanish Club 131: Tap member S. G. C. 131 : Glee Club 121. H.xRRE1.I,, .IAN ELLIS "She is a danfing, .9-wret, handxome thzng, O! guileless heart." S. G. C. 141: Seven Deadly Sins 141: Tap member S. G. C, 131: P. E. P. 131: Oracle Staff 111. H Arnocx, GEORGE Hllfomen, fwomcn, hofw I adore them." S. F. C. Secretary 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141, 131, 121: Orchestra 141 g Football 141, 131, 121: Reporter, Tiger 141: Tap member S. F. C. 131 g R. R. R. 131 : Boys' Club 131 : Class President 121 : Hi-Y Club 121: Latin Club 121: Spanish Club 121: Class Vice-President 111 : Oracle News Staff 111. l'll?l,VENSTON, GEORGE RUDOLPH ".Jpollo! Ilfith -what afwe and ad- miration mu!! you 'UIZUIU your nrfu' .f1u'rz'.v.for!" S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 1Sta1re Manager: 41 : Baseball 141. 131, 121 5 All State Second Team 141: Hi-Y Club 141: Tap member S. F. C. 131 : S. R. R. 131 1 Drum Corps 121, 111. 19 HINSON, HELEN "She doe: as she fzcould be done by." Entered Senior year. S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 141. Hooc, RIARGARET '24 fviolet by the running brook Ain't modester nor ,rfweeler." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 3 Tap member S. G. C, 131. HOGG, l1'IILDRED "Her eyes are blue, her face is fair, lmpzrzng frzendxlzzp everywhere." S. G. C. 141: Tri-P, Secretary 131, 141: Glee Club 131 3 Latin Club 121. HOLMES, HARRIET "She is jolly, good-natured and true, And her .share she is A-willing to do." Entered Senior year from Baltimore, Md. S. G. C. 141 3 Peggy Young Club 141. HLTDDLESTON, FLEMMING "Tho the dayx of your life may be many, Tho the days of your life may be fffwf Don't mis: the ofrasion, if any, To meet a friend, and true-like Flem." 20 HCRLBERT, NELLIE "Everybody lofvex Nellie-just herazue .she'.v Nellie and they tan't help it." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: French Club 1Secretary: 41, 131: Oracle News Staff 141 3 Oracle Annual Staff 141, 131 : Tap member S. G. C. 131 : P. E. P. 131: V. I. M. 111: Glee Club 111. JACKSON, CARL "His hair is not more sunny than his heart. S. F. C. 1413 Hi-Y Club 141: S. R. R. 13 . u JACOBS, ALBERTA '24 .smile is a trade-mark of a happy Joni." S. G. C. 141 1 S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Mas- cot Tri-P 141: Oracle News Staff 141: Annual Staff 141: Tap member S. G. C. 131: Spanish Club 131, 121 g P. E. P. 131. JAMMES, SYDNEY HOUSTON "Be .rlofw in considering hut resolute tn action." S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141, 131: French Club 131: Latin Club 131, 121. JoHNs0N, JACK "Quietne.fs is an indimtion of the ability to think." 21 JOHNSON, SARAH "None lznefw her but to lolve her, Nor named her but to praise her." S. G. C. 141 3 S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : Tri-P 141: Tap member S. G. C. 131: P. E. P. 131: Latin Club 121: Glee Club 121, 111. JONES, RUTH ELEANOR "But 'tis not only her air, her fway, her face, 'Tis also the mind that shines in efv'ry grate, ' And chiefly in her foquzsh 'een." S. G. C. 141: Oracle News Staff 141, 131: Annual Staff 141: Chemistry Club 141: Secretary-Treasurer, Orchestra 141: "Mrs, Tobin," Senior Play 141 : Latin Club 141, 131, 121: French Club 141, 131: Re- porter Tiger 141: Spanish Club 131: Metropolis Reporter 121. JORDAN, VVILLIABI "He wears a smile that fwon't erase, We're glad to see his cheerful face." French Club 141, 131. KATZ, SOLLIE "Newer do today 'what you fan put off 'til tomorrow." Soccer 141 : Basketball 141, 131 : Oracle News Staff 131: Class Basketball 121: Baseball 121, 111. KENNEDY, HERBERT DUFFIELD "A real gentleman, quiet and re- serlved, 'who nefver falls a frzendf' Entered Sophomore year from Paonia, Cal. S. F. C. 141 : French Club 141, 131 : Tennis Club 141. 131: Hi-Y Club 1415 S. R. R. 131 : Latin Club 131 : Boys' Club 31. E221 KINSEY, MARY "ll'e admire her for her beauty, Respect her for her intelligenre, And lofve her beeause fwe ran't help it ll Entered Sophomore year from Atlanta, Ga. S. G. C. 141 : S. G. C. Jubilee 1Chair- man Executive Staff: 41: Oracle News Staff: Subscription Manager: 41 5 Annual Staff 1Subscript.ion Manager, "Those Seniors": 41 Class Vice-President 141: Vice-President. French Club 1415 Busi- ness Staff, Senior Play 141: Treasurer, Peggy Young Club 141: Tap member S. G. C. 131: P. E. P. 131: Spanish Club 131, 121: Metropolis Reporter 121. KNOTT, RIILES H. "Like a babbling brook, Hi: tongue runs on forefverf' Entered Sophomore year from Ashe- ville, N. C. S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141: S. R. R. 1313 Latin Club 131. LEATHERMAN, JACK KLINE "Don't try to estimate fwhat there is in a quiet fellofwf' LEBARON, EARNEST "lVith his talent and personality, fwha can .ray that he will fail?" Entered Sophomore year from Cocoa. Florida. S. F. C. 141 3 Art Editor, Annual Stat? 141. LINNING, MARY "Knowing her as -we do, fwe fannot help but lofve her." S. G. C. 141: Oracle News Staff 141: O1'acle Annual Staff 141 3 S. G. C. Jubilee 141 3 Business Staff, Senior Play 141 3 Vice- President. Chemistry Club 141: P. E. P. 131 5 French Club 131. 23 vu LIVINGSTON, HELEN LoUv1N1A "Shining, sparkling, and bright is her personality as the polished diamond." S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 1412 Glee Club 111. LLOYD, MARY ELIZABETH "Her music hath rharms But her personality, more." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 3 Glee Club 141, 131, 121, 111: Annual Staff 141 : Vice-President, Tri-P 141 : Tap mem- ber S. G. C. 131: Spanish Club 131, 121. 111: Latin Club 121. LORD, BERTRAM "Just for a moment he paused to he fwith us, Just for a moment 'we joy'd in his glance, Nofw he has gone, hut pray fortune to gilve us Another fwho like him has grate to enhanref' S. F. C. 1413 French Club 141. 1312 ?racle Staff 131 : Secretary, Spanish Club 21. LORD, NIILDRED "Quiet, yet so friendly is our popular Mil, But, fwhen there's a game, she just tan't he still." S. G. C. 141 : French Club 141, 131 : Basketball 141, 131, 121, 111 I Captain 141 3 Spanish Club 131 : Latin Club 121. LORRAINE, CHARLES CABELL "A lion among ladies is a dangerous thing, 'Hot Lips."' Chaplain, S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141: Orchestra 141, 131: Soccer 141. 131: Chaplain, S. R. R. 131: Tap member S. F. C. 131: Oracle News Staff 131, 121, 111: Annual Staff 121: Vice-President Hi-Y Club 121. 24 Lcwn, XVINIFR ED "Sim flL'1l.l' Il girl llriglzt and gay ,-Ind hrr rye: ru lzlur as the .sky in Dizzy." S. G. C. 141 I S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : Chem- istry Club 141 3 French Club 131 3 P. E. P. 137- l.UcAs, XYERGIE "Knofwlfdge ix former." S. G. C. 1413 Peggy Young Club 141: Glee Club 141: P. E. P. 131: Spanish Club 121. 111. IXIARKH.-xm, JOHN "lVloth1'r'x pridf, fathfrff joy, and John'.f drliglltf' S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141, 131: 3 Soccer 1411 Tap member S. F. C. 111: S. R. R. 131: Latin Club 121: Cass President 121. KI.-XRTIN, GEORGE "fl fwilling and morn faithful fworker could rmvrr be found." Entered Junior year from Staunton Military Academy. S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141: Business Staff, Senior Play 1413 Spanish Club 131. MATHEWS, -I. CHESLEY "He has ll frifndly, pleasing person- ality fwhifll makn him the but of romradex. Oracle News Staff 141 5 Latin Club 141, 131. 5 M ELSON, PAUL "A rrtan, be the heafvens praised, is sujfietent for hzmselff' S. F. C. 1President: 41 3 S. F. C. Vodvil 1Assistant Business Manager: 41 : Tennis Club 141. 131. 121: R. R. R. 131: Tap member S. F. C. 131 3 Tap member R. R. R. 121: Drum Corps 121, 1113 Assistant Football Manager 121. NIOBLEY, XVILLIAM M. "One ftshrfs sturdy, great, and tall, Alfways ready tn serfve all." Entered Senior year from West Palm Beach. Fla. S. F. C. 141 3 S. F. C. Vodvil 141. MOORE, SCOTT "Nothing so beromes a man as mod- esty, stillness, and beauty!" S. F. C. 141: Basketball 141, 131: Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 131. l1IORANT, DOLORES "Her blush is as sfweet as the morn- mg rose." S. G. C. 141 :French Club 141. 131, 121: Latin Club 141, 131, 121 5 Chemistry Club 1413 S. G. C. Jubilee 1413 Peggy Young Club 141: Business Staff S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Tap member S. G. C. 1313 P. E. P. 1313 Glee Club 121. 111. MORWAY, ARNOLD "Quiet and steady, allways ready." Entered Senior year from Orlando, Fla. 26 Moss, RALPH "Sometimes fwitty, often hrightg Alfways treats his fellofws right." Football Squad 141, 131 :Hi-Y Club 131 : Spanish Club 131, 1215 S. R. R. 1312 Baseball 111. l1IL'LLIS, IVIARION "Marion, a lzrofwn-eyed youth of Dufval Is a 'very handsome lad, strong and tall. A student of fair ability, Al booster of sehool aetilvityf' f F. C. 141: S. R. R. 131: Latin Club 3 . IVIURPHY, CLAIRE "She -was nice, sfweet, and lovable as possible." S. G. C. 141: Seven Deadly Sins 141: Oracle Annual Staff 141 3 Tap member S. G. C. 131: P. E. P. 131. NI LRPHY, IVERS "Love not sleep lest thou tome to poverty." S. F. C. 141: S. R. R. 131: Tap mem- ber S. F. C. 131. RIYNIHAN, HELEN "Tho hundreds she does newer make Her grades are such as al-ways elate." S. G. C. 141: Chemistry Club 141: P. E. P. 131. l27l NICCALL, ELIZABETH "Charming, pretty, and petite, But not more tharming than she is sfweelf' S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 1413 French Club 141: Treasurer, Tri-P 1413 Tap member S. G. C. 131 : P. E. P. 131. NICILVAIN E, JAIVIES H. "To lyfven in delight fwas e'er hisfwone For he 'was Epzsurus' ofwne son." 1 F. C. 141: Spanish Club 131: Hi-Y 2 . MCLEOD, HELEN "Fair as the day and sfweet as May, Fair as the day and alfways gay. Of :whom else is this any more true, For he wrote it just to apply to you." Sergeant-at-arms. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Oracle News Staff 1412 Annual Staff 141 : Class Sergeant-at-arms 141 : Cheer Leader 141 : Peggy Young Club 141 1 Chemistry Club 141 3 Basketball 141, 131, 121: Manager 141 5 Tennis Club 141 1 Tap member S. G. C. 131: P. E. P. Spanish Club 121. l1'ICl1IURRAY, RIARY "If aught of prophecy he mine, Thou Lwilt not lifve in fvainf' D. A. M. 131 Q Treasurer, Class 123551. BICNEESE, PAULINE "Big brofwn eyes and a rharming smile, You eertainly are a Miss fworth while." Entered Senior year from Dothan. Ala. S. G. C. 141 5 Pei!!-EY Young' Club 141. 28 N ESTOR, josEPH1N E "fl quiet way, a cheerful :mile A girl fwho IJ a friend fworth -while." Entered Junior year from Pittsburg. Pa. S. G. C. 141: Tennis Club 141: Chemistry Club 1413 Peggy Young Club 141 3 Tap member S. G. C. 141. NEW'BlAN, JIM THADEN "Jim .fo tall and :lender-yet he make: up for it a humfred timer fzuitlz his jolly, good disposztionf' Entered Junior year from Decatur, Georgia. S. F. C. 1415 Hi-Y Club 141: Tennis Club 131. NEWMAN, NATH.XN "He look: the fwhole 'world in the face And he fear: not any man." S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141: S. R. R. 131. NORTON, STANLEY PALLAS "True as the nerdle to the pole, or as the dial to the Jun." S. F. C. 141: Baseball 141, 131, 111: Spanish Club 131: Tap member S. F. C. 131 : S. R. R. 131. OGRAM, ARTHUR "Quin and dfpfndable-taco' good qualities." CyKELI.Y, NATHANIEL uv Aathaniel is just six feet four, A good friend, a fine loyal fellofw You rould not ask for any more." Entered Junior year from Gainesville, Fla. S. F. C. 141 : Soccer Team 131 1 S. R. R. 131. PADGETT, ELLVVOOD PILLSBURY "Mixed reason fwith pleasure and fwisdom fwitlz mzrthf' S. F. C. 141 5 S. F. C. Vodvil 141 3 Busi- ness Stalf, Senior Play 141 : Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 131: Hi-Y Club 121- PAGE, ANNE GREENE "Sweet, fapalzle, jolly, good-natured, altogether adorablej more adjectvves, please." Secretary S. G. C. 141 : S. G. C. Jubilee 141 5 Peggy Young Club 141 3 French Club 141, 131 5 Annual Staff 141 1 Tap member S. G. C. 131: Class Secretary 131. 1212 P. E. P. 131: Oracle News Staff 121: Latin Club 121. PAYN E, AIIXIAR "Good nature and good sense are efver joined." S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141': Orchestra 141: Oracle News Staff 131: Tap member S. F. C. 131: S. R. R. 1311 Latin Club 131: Boys' Club 131: Class Basketball 121. PECK, NORMAN "A man most fair and square." Entered from Lanier High, Macon, Ga., Sophomore year. S. F. C. 141. 30 PITTMAN, l1qILDRED "Mildred is a airl quite rare, ' She look: like a lily 'white and fair." Entered Junior year from Concordia. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: "Mrs. MacEckron," Senior Play 141 5 Treasurer. P. E. P. Club 131. PLATT, KATHLEEN "She is so bright, .ra 'very quiet and, 0! .ro fvery nice." S. G. C. 141: Latin Club 141, 131, 121: Tap member S. G. C. 131 3 P. E. P. Club 131: Glee Club 131. PONCE, ETHEL "None but herself ran he herself." PREVATTE, ETHEL "Ever dependable, loyal and true, Always -'willing life'.r tail: to do." Entered Junior year from Middleburg, Fla. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 1413 Tri-P 141: Glee Club 131. PULLEN, HARRIET "A violet by a mo:.ry stone. Half hidden from the eye! Fair ax a Jtar, when only one I: shining in the slay." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: "Maggie," Senior Play 141 : Seven Deadly Sins 141 3 Tap member S. G. C. 131 Q Vice- President, P. E. P. 131 3 French Club 131 3 Class Mascot 131. 31 PULDEY, PAULINE "Sweet, modest, retiring, and shy The violet personified." S. G. C. 141 5 Chemistry Club 141: Glee Club 131. REEVES, MILDRED "Preeious gifts come in small pack- ages." Entered Senior from Cantland, N. Y. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Peggy Young Club 141 g Glee Club 141. RIPLEY, JOE "Truth makes the faeehifl that of that person shznes who owns 1t." RIPLEY, WAYNE "When one stops to ponder on you, dear frzend, All losses are restored and sorrofws end. 1 S. F. C. 141: Hi-Y 141: Baseball Club 31. RAWLS, ALENE "Be sllofw in considering but resolute in act1on." S. G. C. 141 :Tap member S. G. C. 141 1 P. E. P. 131 1 Spanish Club 131. 321 RUDLAND, IRIS "Like glad .ffweet muxif falling A: perfume from the, fldrniring friend: enthralling, Her life a queen di.rclo:e.v." Entered Sophomore year from Atlanta, Georgia. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : feggy Young Club 141: Latin Club 141. 31- SAULNIER, JEAN "Of all the hoyx this year in ole Duval, He -was the brainiest of them all." SA U Ls, NIALCOLIXI "lt i.r often .raid that the author of 'Why Girls Leafve Home' 'was inxpired by Malro1m'.r pleasing perxonality and rharm." s. F. c. 141: s. F. C. vodvil 141, 131: Annual Staff 141: Assistant Business Manager. Senior Play 141: R. R. R. 131. SCUITTI, WALTER "Hi: heighth is exreeded only by his lofve for ladie.r." S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141: An- nual Staff 141: "Singleton," Senior Play 141: Latin Club 141, 131, 121 : Treasurer 131: Spanish Club 131: Boys' Club 131: S. R. R. 131 : Hi-Y Club 121. SECORD, FLORENCE "She ha.r a fworld of ready fwealth, Our mind: and heart: to bless Spantaneou: wisdom hy health, Truth hlened by cheerfulne.f:." S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 141: Spanish Club 131 : Latin Club 121. 33 SELBER, HYBI.XN "Quiet and still, -well desrrihe him. But men of few swords are the hes! -workers." SHAD, MARY "Modest and simple and sfweet, The -'very type of Priscilla." SHAD, THELMA "Here is a true, industrious friend." S. G. C. 1413 P. E. P. 1315 Glee Club f3l SHIMP, ROBERT C. "An intellert fwith forte and skill, To strifve, to fashion, and fulfill." s. F. c. 443, Latin club 423. SMITH, Lois FRANCES "The forte of her ofwn merit makes her Sway." Entered Junior year from Los Angeles. Cal. S. G. C. 141: Chemistry Club 141: Peggy Young Club 141 3 Tennis Club Q41 Z Tap member S. G. C. QED: P. E. P. Q3J. 34 SMITH, AIARGARIZT "J .rmile you II long Quay." S. G. C. 141:Tap member S. G. C. 131. ST.xRR.xT'r, GRACE Louisa 'Z-Is mfrry as tlif day is long." Entered Senior year from Columbus. Ga. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Glee Club 141: Tri-P 141. STERNS, cilZORGl5 "Qui1'In1'.v.r ix an indiration of allility to think." 4 Q 5. r. c. 141. S'ris1xxim'isR, CORINNIZ "Ihr eyfs arr star: of taciliglit fair, Likf' tfLc'ilig1l1t'.v, too, lirr duslzy hair." STEPHENS, ALEXANDER H.xMu.ToN Hfflffver, brilliant and a 'shfikf ln'- .r1de.v." Oracle News Staff 1Literary Editorial: 41, 131, 121: Annual Staff 1Literary Editor, Art Department: 41: "Dr. Bel- lows," Senior Play 141 : President, Spanish Club 131 : Winner Prize Essay 131 5 Second Prize Winning Essay 121. l35l STIRK, ROBERT L. "He is jolly, witty, fwith an original laugh and a friend through and through." Oracle Staff 111: Oracle Annual Staff 141- STEWART, NATALIE "Quiet, Oh! so quiet, but oh! hofw sweet." Entered Sophomore year from Green Cove Springs, Fla. S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: President, Tri-P 141: Tap member S. G. C. 131 3 P. E. P. 131 : Latin Club 121. STRINGFELLOW, FRANK "The spirit of cheerfulness sheds a radiant light on the souls of all." S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : French Club 131, 121 : S. R. R. 131 : Oracle News Staff 111. THAMES, MIRIABI DELORIS "So meek, so shy and yet so sfweet, And in truth, she can't he heat." S. G. C. 141 g S. G. C. Jubilee 141 gTri-P 1415 Peggy Young Club 141g Glee Club 131, 121, 111- TOWNSEND, EVA MAE "A waking eye, a prying mind, A heart that stirs is hard to find." S. G. C. 141 1 Glee Club 141. 36 rl1L'RNER, RIARY EDITH ".-lge fannot 'wither her, nor fuslom stale her infinite fvarietyf' S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Oracle Staff 141. 131 : Chemistry Club 141 : Oracle Annual Staff 141: French Club 131: Tap member S. G, C. 131: Latin Club 121. VRIEZE, EDWIN H. "lVhatefuer he did fwas alfway: the same, He kept the rule and played the game." S. G. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141: Business Staff, Cheer Leader 141: Track Team 131. 121 : Cross Country Team 131 : Tap member S. F. C. 131. u YVALKER, VIOLET ALBERTA "Always pretty, happy and gay, Allwayx mode.rt-tl1at's her way." S. G. C. 141: Chemistry 141: P. E. P. 131: Oracle News Staff 131, 121: Glee Club 121, 111. XVALK ER, MARY "Here'.f to a 'very .rweet girl, May 'we alfway: see Her as bright and fair .45 :he seems to be." S. G. C. 141: Peggy Young Club 141: Chemistry Club 141: Glee Club 141. YVALLACE, BIARKELL, JR. "find he greeu it fwitlz joy, fwilh joy, and the heart in his llreeut doth leap." S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil 141 : Hi-Y Club 141, 131 : Oracle Annual Staff 141 : S. R. R. 131: Boys' Club 131: Oracle News 111. 37 WALL, CLEMENT J. "A man of fe-w -word:,' fair and square." Entered February, 1924. S. F. C. 141: S. F. C. Vodvil 141. WACHTEL, ALEX. "Digni1fed and full of common sen:e." Entered Sophomore year from Lanier High. S. F. C. 141: French Club 1Mas- cot: 41, 131: Oracle News Staff 131: Tennis Club 141, 131, 121. WHITE, SARAH ELIZABETH "Our most loyal girl-a good :port- alfwayx in for efverytlzingf' S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 1412 Cheer Leader 141 : Tap member S. G. C. 131: P. E. P. 131. WHITE, ELLA SESSIONS "Be thou the rainhofw to the storm: of life, The evening beam that smile: the cloud: afway, . And tint: tomorrofw with prophelze my!" S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Annual Staff 141: Chemistry Club 141: P. E. P. 131: Spanish Club 121: Latin Club 121. WILKERSON, MARYLOUISE "To Mis: Marylouise Wilkerson, Here'.f to a jolly little girl." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: Tennis Club 141: Oracle Staff 141, 111: Annual Stall' 141: Spanish Club 1311 Fxtin Club 131, 121: Glee Club 131, 121. 1 . 38 XVILLARD, DOROTHY "ln her earnest fare There's sufh a -world of tenderness She needs no other grate." S. G. C. 141: S. G. C. Jubilee 141: French Club 141 1 Tri-P 141 : Tap member S. G. C. 131: Glee Club 131, 121: Latin Club VVISE, .AGNES "Just one of those, fwho go about their -work in a quiet, orderly Away, one fwho fwill he an asset to any institu- tion." S. G. C. 141:Tri-P Club 141:Glee Club 141, 131.121.111- NVITTEN, SAM "Ile had not his rhance to show his worth For there was no derlamatzon fon- test this year." S. F. C. 141 : S. F. C. Vodvil141 5 Tennis Club 141: Annual Staff 1413 "Augustus May," Senior Play 141: Tap member S. F. C. 131: Spanish Club 131: Baseball Club 131 : S. R. R 131. You Non ERG, H ELEN "S1weet and demure and altogether lovely." Entered Junior year. S. G. C. 1413 S. G. C. Jubilee 141 : French Club 131 : Tap member S. G. C. 131. ZE.AxI,v, M.xm.E ELJGENIA "To know her is to love her, .-Ind lolve hut her forever." Entered Junior year f1'om Richmond, Va. S. G. C. 141 : Glee Club 141 : Chemis- try Club 141 5 Pemry Young Club 141. 30 THE ORACLE D'H'3 "19?4, Q, , EM, Q., , NU, ,, ,., .,, .Jw ,, 1, .-.V-Q ff - 5, 'f :Inky-'I'-' Xvffv W""1"' JP' MC' " TE WH" z Effiv . x awww wsugf - K y in ,L ' , Lx 9 ti f L 5 E Y, I3 5 , . ki 5 ff ,Y sf K' 5 , F A F4 1 'E i. , 5 gy A g,. Ly b,, 9,1 L A 44 Q xg mfg M Q, . M E W E5-f:zt?i'ffifv , as 7 has xiq 89 "!'Q"'N'1 'R-2 ' Q Q ' S NSPS, .Q':?E?i E :WS yQM '22 ywQQQyQwy uw s E45- : 1 ev 55335 s iiiifil :Q W K'-A ', X722 " 7 ' , ' f , fff Wgjw W W f f f' i' 1 4 My ff? ff f qw f Q 1 WZ W f f f 1 n f M Jw . QW , T56 . A 'fry QE 1 .8 4 ZW . wh, X 1924 SENIOR CLASS, Kilim, THE ORACLE 2 ri sm., ml -sm., ciQDg,xc.,DDm dim.-gwg ,1. ami -qv D-H-S M1924 Db-ffceihhg "CDe'f'13a"'er'-'if -- .' i-ilu!-II,,I H- ex' 'X x it at ,.,.v llll ' i ,lx li ii, 'fl History of t e Class of '24 BoL'T four years ago there appeared on the Duval High School horizon a huge horde of green little Freshmen, affectionately termed "Rats" by the lordly upper classmen. That great crowd of scared, innocent and ignorant youngsters has since become that renowned and most august assemblage of wisdom4-the Class of ,24.. But it was a perilous journey and many things came to pass before that great transformation took place. After the shorn locks of its many victims had been swept away and comparative quiet and peace had been restored, the Class of ,24 received its first real taste of high-school life. Under a capa- ble corps of olhcers they contributed much to the school work and spirit and were at all times ready for anything that was for the good of Old Duval. The next year, of course, this motley crew be- came the mighty Sophomore Class and in their turn subjected the incoming "Rats" to many cruelties. However, under the stern rule of Pro- fessor Rutherford matters soon returned to their normal plane and the Class of '24 passed rockily through its second year and became the Juniors of ,23. As juniors, they were the embodiment of steadi- ness and studiousness. Again, under competent officers, they played an important and active part in the affairs of school life. The leaders of the junior class were beginning to talce prominent places and make themselves felt in school activi- ties. So they passed severely through their third year and inherited the well-deserved crown of Seniorship. In the course of three years, many old faces had dropped out and had been badly missed. However, to balance the scales, the Class of '24 had wel- comed many new members to its roster. Thus, they had come to their fourth and last year at Old Duval, a class great in size, spirit, and talent. Nlany things were accomplished by this Class of '24, the most important being the erasing of a big debt left upon the Annual. The class has always contributed to every high-school activity, its athletes bringing fame and prominence to Duval throughout the South, while it has also brought forth dramatic and literary stars of the Hrst magnitude. It has published a wonderful Oracle News- and ffnnual, its Class play, its Vod- vil and its Jubilee were great successes, and last but far from least it has given to the world about one hundred and seventy-five young and ambitious future citizens. ' The Class of y24 is no more, but its wonderful record and achievements will remain in the minds of its members long after their high-school days are over and the great old class is but a sweet and lingering memory. 411 mllllllllllm TO THE SENHURS, 1924 O, Seniors! ALEX STEPHENS Think not in your hearts that the goal is attained! Your day has this moment begun! The years you have passed-the follies disdained- The toils and the struggles-the desires you re- strained- Were but knocks at your door,' And your learning and lore To prepare for the prize to be won! Wake, Seniors! Think not in your hearts you have now won the fight! - ,. The glorious dawn is at hand! For the sun in his splendor is bursting in sight, To announce that the day will be followed by night,' For to rest, all must work, And a task never shirk: Not a moment in idleness stand! Work, Seniors! There are drones in the hive of the' world, you will yfndf 0f this kind not a one will we be! As we leave the dear halls of our school far behind Let us treasure her lessons deep down in the mind, And on sea or on land Let the brain and the hand In a unison labor, care-free! Win, Seniors! Let's remember Success shines on few at their birth, While the many go hungry to bed! But the man who will work with a heart full of mirth Has a grip that can hold all the treasures of earth! Noi the spoil that we take, But the fight that we make For the gold of a crown fits the head! On, Seniors! Let us leap to the race at the sound of the gun! Let us lose not a moment in play! Let us scatter our smiles by the way as we run,- Let us count nothing lost if the race but be won! And at last we'll lay down All our work for a crown At the end of this life's fitful way! H21 AMW TI-IE ORACLE H lj D H S 1924- , .4 us ...Tn .,-,-, --..-va-Iaifjpfqxa A ,ff .V - 4, 3 xl Li gfgggaii AQZQQ.. . -,N1- . 6141- qi..-Q v ' xx--. W ,w'.'h S , . -4 x ,Wg if K Duval High, Dear Duval High QMARYLAND, MY MARYLAND, MAHY LINNING These years with thee have swiftly flown, Duval High, Oh, Duval High! Four happy years our hearts have known, Duval High, Oh, Duval High! And now that high sehool's o'er at last, We bravely face the world, .so vast, And proudly do we view the past, Duval High, Oh, Duval High! All hail the class of twenty-four, Duval High, Oh, Duval High! Our day with thee is almost o'er, Duval High, Oh, Duval High! We cherish now no vain regret, And when through life we're sore beset, Our high-school days we'll ne'er forget, Duval High, Oh, Duval High! V E431 AIKR. A THE ORACLE ip-' D-H-S -199.4 ad :fb-ur wmwf -'ap MQW 1 '-' -V IIII !.l, "Gang 'D D'QmL'XXC"'C- H QGDDV- AMAA-'az ,X BRICK-BATS "Z Q . . 4 ,.s" QQ, D-J BOUQUETS fl I t I I nmavls'-n NELLIE HURLBERT ALEX BRDDMERKEL ELIZABETH LLOYD CIIESLEY MATHEWS PAUL BRADLEY CHARLES DAVIDSON Brick FRED ADAMS fm-QIGQQQDID--fn lmzts and Bouquets ALEX HALEE For Fred, the man from Tampa, Alex, our nirest boy, Some roses red and fwhite,' W'e all lofve him so ' Ilfhen he forgets what he learned there, I1e'll b ' ' 8 ll 'LULFB 771071 quite. RI.-XRTHA ALDERMAN To Martha, our popular hea t If ' u y, I e gwe a telephone That she may go, her answer Call, fwhile afway from home. CHATFIELD ANTHONY To Chatty fwe'll gifve, .4 niee bohlzed hair, So that she may Be made more fair. LUCRETIA ARNOLD To Lurretia 'we ' gzfue a frank, So she fwon't he so slofw, I-Ind 'we knofw that if she uses it, 1t's hound to make her go. f45 , Please take our names with you elnd fwrzte us fwhen you go. ALICE BEAGLE With this fair one lVe all fwill plead, Lest our nohle Algernon To his death she'll bleed. OLIVETTI2 BIGGS This dark- d eye maiden, lVill get a knife, To fut the sorrofws That may rome into h er life. LORIMER BLITCH To Lorirner Blitrh Our hard-fworking editor, A summer of rest, So the U. he'll h J e ready for. mm T1-IE ORACLE 1 5 D 1-I S S1924 un' . . I V. -1... .I 'I Lil' 4. ri f- f"' ..,.. -,,--...-,4:.,.',r:z:.,.,.fQ.e:i.1SZ iZ1111, X ,I jiLQ,:i5:::3q, iQ-iii" 4-T1 'W' -fl: ' T QTQIW' - H . :N 1 ,, lfx . 'J SYQL K-' FRANK Boccs To Frank, our squares! boy, We give a lot of joy, And take away misjudgments And leave him carefree now. HELEN BLUIVI To this bright lass, By name of Helen Blum, Who works so hard To make her glad fwe'll give a plum. PAUL BRADLEY To Paul Bradley, our jolly good fellow, Is left a host of friends, So he may often run about And joy to him we may send. KATHLEEN BROCK To Kathleen we will give A nice new violin string, So after this Her mandolin she'll bring. ALEX BRODMERKEL To our own Alex Broadmerkel, The Physics shark so bright, We give Sir Isaac Newton's book "The Waves of Sound and Light." ROBERT BROWN To Robert Brown, our cutest boy, Who is brunette, not fair, We give what we do.think he needs- Some Stacomb for his hair. CHARLES BROWN From this famous actor We'll take away his voice, That all the girls may Consider him most choice. JOE BRYSON ' Joe is so quiet, We'll give him "peppy" books That he may go enjoy them In one of his pleasant nooks. CORRINE BURKS Here is the happy mixture Of grace and joyousness combined, She is sure to cheer you with her presence Here the missing joy you'll find. NINA LOUISE BYRD To Nina Byrd, our artist, We give a studio, That to it she may take her paint And therein study so. f46 FRED BERTELS To Fred who writes description And in Chemistry does shine, We give this rare prescription It's uses he'll divine. ANNA MAE CANNON From Anna Mae Cannon We take her candid speech, We know you do not need it, Bobby, So forgive us, we beseech. PARKER CAPPS To Parker we give some machinery, With which to work all day, That he may keep occupied And not pine his life away. FRANK CARREL To Frank, our baseball man, A present of some books, For there is nothing we can give, To better his good looks. ADOLPHO CHAPPELL Adolpho is the only sheik Of which South Jax can boast,' He lives by famous Pottsburg Creek Where 'gators fly in hosts. MILDRED, CHELF Mildred's a girl that we all like to know, For she's pretty as pretty can be,' But lest she grow vain because of our praise No more of her wares we will let you see. SARA CLARK To Sara we give some dancing shoes, So she can dance for usp And then she cannot quite refuse To please the lot of us. LEWIS CLAYTON ' To Lewis, the lad who always seems To be in lots of trances, We give a great big pile of books To keep him away from dances. ISABELLE CLYMORE From Isabelle we ask Her many, many books, That she may have the time To search for pleasant nooks. LIILDRED CONDON This little lady is so very sweet, And nice to gaze upon,' If you have not met her You have missed a lot of fun. 1 THE ORACLE L llllmmm Im D 1-1 S - 19 4 .af I. .LJ ' X ' ' 9 ,QL I Y' on 1- Q' ..-,,--,,--f..--1,-f-K-.I-ep-.f.-K--.-,-v.f.P-0 -ef I av Q Nui--ff-D"'-'I-PR'-""'-"""""" ' "--- ' -f- ., I K, LAURA COXWELL A smile and a ready cheer For every one she meets, She's always making the world brighter, By speeding joy to whom she greets. ELIZABETH CRENSI-IAW From Lizzie we take her charming ways, And give them to some other, And give to her some other clubs The president's plaee to cover. ROY CRIPPEN To Roy, first baseman of our Nine, lVe give a brand-new mitt, That he may play a real good game And get muth fame from it. JOHN DANESE To John Danese, the studious f?j boy Who loves his lessons so, We give a tome that you at home May ever wiserggrow. HAROLD DARBY To our sweetest boy Who is so nice and shy We all wish him luck Before we say good-bye. CHARLES DAVIDSON Oh, Charley, we would like to take Some of your wit and glee, But we view with alarm That it would possibly harm Your "rep" for jollity. MAMIE DAVIDSON We give to Mamie Davidson A handsome buen senor, That she may shine in Spanish As no one has before. MILDRED DOWLING The longer you know her, The better you like her way,' And if you ain't acquainted, You ought to be, 'cause it pays. JOE DURKEE For our own Joe Durkee He's a hundred in Freneh, too, We know very well when he gets it He'll say, "0ui, merti, beaueoupf' HERBERT ELARBEE To Herbert, the "Duke of Elarbee," We give a nice, new horn, For him to put upon his Ford, And honk from night to morn. JOHN ELTON To John, our music genius, We give a violin That he may not wear out His faithful mandolin. MARCUS ENDEL Marcus Endel, round and plump, For plunging he has got 'em, For when he drops he never stops 'Till he's brought up the bottom. NANCY JANE EVANS Nancy is the little girl Of fhildish ways demure, But do you think she'll stay this way? Of this we are not sure. TINLEY EVANS ' Tinley is a good boy, And a good and thorough student. From us, the Imps, he gets a cane To give him rapid movement. A HARRY FALIS Harry is so studious We'll give him a book of Spanish, That he may speak the language In a way most mannish. ALICE FARRIS If Aliee Farris with silken hair Should e'er her tresses bob, She'd have less hair, we do derlare, And thus her beauty rob. LEONARD FINKELSTEIN From busy Leonard Finkelstein His many fares we take away, So thru the year he'll have the time, Upon his saxophone to play. ARNOLD F INNEEROCK What shall we give to Finnefrock, Our flashing baseball streak? He well rould be a hero But never be a sheik. EUGENE FITCHNER Gene, with his sunny ways, New fads he'll always beget, So a memory book to him Of the Imps, lest he forget. LILLIAN F ITz From dear Lillian Fitz, what tan we take? We know-1t's her typewriter, And now this lady eannot say We really meant to slight her. f 47 1 .lnlllllllllllm D I-I S 1924- I THE ORACLE 124342 - - - llgargl-11-114-iLl13fi7b'fJilfifpifiw-i :-4-T, iffiqiyuhl I1lW,iflIS Z3-JF' i. ' iL" 'Zi K 5 ,a . num ,ima NL . BENEVA FLOWERS To Beneva, a great musician, We give pianologues, So she'll have some practice, Which we will then enjoy. KESSIE FORRESTER To Kessie Forrester We'll give a little brassie, That when she golfing goes She'll be a highland lassie. BEN FOWLER To Ben, the boy Who is so slow, We bequeath some monkey glands To make him go. MARY LOUISE FRAZEE Now we have the very studious girl, To her lessons she is true,' But although she may leave them for a while, She's always back to see them tlzru. EUGENE GANTT Now what's to be done with Eugene? Duval on this is agreed, GEORGE HAYDOCK To our popular boy We give a car, Equipped with shock absorbers, That he may never jar. RUDOLPH HELVENSTON To Rudy, so' versatile, We'll give a yodel song, So he can pass away the time From early eve till morn. HELEN HINSON To Helen we give a drum So she can beat and play, Then each one has a chance To meet her every day. MAROARETT HOGG To Margaret we give one hundred In her loved Geometry, That she may make a passing grade In Wetzel's Chemistry. MILDRED HOGG From Mildred we take her few shy ways And give her noise to make, We'll get him a Ford, and shove him aboard And then she will take a few steps So he can show some speed. And be full of loads of pep. DOROTHY GIBBINS HARRIET HOLMES ' To Dorothy Gibbins a saxophone, From this newest girl, Now please do play it well, Who loves to flirt, And always play the nicest tunes, We'll take away the pangs Lest the family depart for a spell. From the many hearts she's hurt. LESLIE GRAY FLEMMING HUDDLESTON From our Leslie Gray To Huddleston of woodshop fame, We know what we'll take, Our rising architect, It's some of those ways We give the contract, Miles to tame, That so charming do her make. A new cage to erect. EULALIE HAAS NELLIE HURLRERT Oh, Pavlowa, light-foot lass, To Nellie, our good old worker, You're bound to lose your "rep" We wish her worlds of success, For Haas will soon outclass And hope that she will beneft All those who lightly step. And by Duval's help be blessed. MARIAN HADLEY CARL JACKSON We all like Marian How doth our Carl his "Flaming Youth" Because she is so nice, So bravely advertise? And from her we will A talent great has he in truth, All steal a slice. Excuses to devise. IANELLE HARREL ALBERTA JACOBS Uh, what can we take Alberta Jacobs gets From this damsel fair? A pretty stick We know now what it is- That she may ever do A lock of her fair hair. A funny little trick. f48 1 TI-IE ORACLE IH Tl D I-I 8 '-'19'24- Mfllwnm awe - - ,. , ,, - - . . ev -4 - A .,-fii-'-I-.A 14.21. Fifa-.. -ff A 3 'U W N' 1 t5.'?4QTa'lxa.i1 -13. . J- Axx- 51.1.-gx-LY . .lx SIDNEY JAMMES To the boy who works so much We donate a boudoir cap, That he may himself refresh With a little afternoon nap. JACK JOHNSON For Jack a pair of boxing gloves, To aid in his professions We hope that in the fight of life They'll be a prized possession. SARAH JOHNSON To Sarah we give more time That she may each day observe, And then not miss her teaching For Spanish class reserved. RUTH JONES From Brilliant Ruth Jones, We'll steal some of her wit, For we know some others Who need it just a bit. WILLIAM JORDAN From William we would like to take Some of his shining curls, For we have heard from a little bird, They're all the rage among the girls. SOLLIE KATZ We understand that Sollie Is always in the gym, So he gets a new suit That will keep him trim. HERBERT KENNEDY By Herbert's quiet way The Imps are held at bay, So we will give him pep, That he may get there yet. MARY KINSEY n T'o Mary we give a limousine, That to the printers' she May hurry there and hurry back, Hfithout loss of energy. MILES KNOTT To Miles, our youthful genius, We give a universe, That he may do experiments And no one be the worse. JACK LEATI-I ERMAN To Jack, our greatest little genius, We give a Cicero, Tho he's a skilled machinist, Still he loves his Latin so. E49 EARNEST LEBARON To this fne lad We'll give good looks, ' To make him glad To leave his books. MARY LINNING From Mary we take some knowledge, To enlighten other students, And give her time to go around Enjoying life's amusements. ELIZABETH LLOYD For Elizabeth Lloyd, our pianist, We have a grand instrument, We hope that she'll always enjoy it, And play it to her own content. WINIFRED LORD To Winifred we will give A little deck of cards, To while away her time She will not had it hard. BERT LORD On Bert, so serious-minded, "Snappy Stories" we bestow. And hope that he may fnd it Some joy on earth below. MILDRED LORD To Mildred Lord, our quiet girl, We give a bit of pep, That she may learn to talk a lot, And lose that "quiet rep." CHARLES LORRAINE This sheik of school, Who is our graceful one, Will get a lock and key, To keep the girl he's won. VERGIE LUCAS Vergie is such a good sport That she will never tattle, So she gets a little gun To help her win life's battle. HELEN LIVINGSTON For her we wish great happiness Before we wish her 'bye, And give a lot of joy, So cover o'er each sigh. GEORGE MARTIN From George we take his blushing face And throw it far away,- For no more does he need it, We all agreed today. J TI-IE ORACLE 1 AMHWWR 1 D1-I S'-'19'24 .. I. Q- .- ,- ,,A J , ...N AV ...A Y e .ie ..., ,-..- .tg ,544 W ,,f.23fs521-Z1i:faxi5--9-3 fm-figi-'fP- . f .wx . ,, 1 ut -5' ' I.- CHESLEY MATHEWS The Gospel according to Mathews, This vile world would reform, If we the tea-hound's way choose It can do us no harm. PAUL MELSON To Paul, whose mouth is rather large, And sometimes does abuse it, We give a great big juicy cork, And hope that he will use it. BILL MOBLEY Here's to Bill, the saxophone hound, And tho we don't like to berate,' In order to comb his golden locks He carries a comb as big as a rake. SCOTT MOORE This athletic boy Will get from us a basketball, For this he will enjoy And also please us all. DoLoREs MoRAN'I' For sweet Dolores Morant, A permanent pass to Cocoa,' And just as soon as she gets it To Cocoa she will hurry so. RALPH Moss To Ralph we give a pendulum From 'Fessors ancient clock, So he may see the period Of which our scholars talk. MARION MULLIS Marion Mullis is so nice, That we cannot decide, But away from him . A We'd. like to take his stride. CLAIR MURPHY Clair, with her dreamy eyes, From us will get some glasses,' X ELIZABETH MCCALL We take from you, Elizabeth, Your time to run around,' And then some day soon, You'll weigh two hundred pounds. JAMES MCILVAINE A To James, who tunes in P. D. Q. And famous S. A. P., We'd tell more of this tale to you, But this is Q. E. D. HELEN MCLEOD To Helen we give a basketball That she may play good games, For then she may practice And for Duval win great fame. MARY MCM URRAY To Mary, our nice, tall Senior, We give a bunch of books, For then she won't stand up so much, And taller grow and grow. PAULINE McNEEsE To Pauline, the charm of '24, We give pleasure galore, That she may always have the fun She has had in years before. JOHN MARRHAM And now from John We Imps will take A little .bit of his conceit. And then more friends he'll make. ARNOLD MoRwAY From Arnold, our blond-headed boy, We take his golden hair,' Lest some young lady, with intentions Entrap him in a snare. JOSEPHINE NESTOR For blissful Jo Nestor We have a nice surprise,' To save the men who die from her look, By playing very good Mah .longg And thus benefit the masses. She may have it as a prize. IVERS MURPHY JIM NEWMAN For Ivers an alarm clock, To Jimmie Newman, our thinnest boy With voice to raise the dead, We give a cake of yeast,' No longer scandalous wit's talk And know that he will broader grow, May call him sleepy-head. If he'll upon it feast. HELEN MYNIHANN NATHAN NEWMAN The words quiet and reserved Here is the bashful little boy, Should be mixed in with her name,' Who doesn't like to make a show, But although she does not make much fuss, But when you twist his ear too much She gets there just the same. Everyone should lie very low. I 50 J 1 miimlumm THE ORACLE D I-I S --1924 IX, dun s ,,, ... .. - .,. - , - - . .-,,-:nf:2g.- -.., -f,.1.1eL.s,... . ,,,, , - ' .lu 'W Mix - -31x-- - A iii? 1--e-x- - - -'iX- ies-iv: Q-is v1 : ' -H ' Qi-rl, -f ' L- ' STANLEY NORTON And to Inky we'll bequeath A little gift vhe'll like, A nice, neat baseball that he can use To make his fame in life. ARTHUR OGRAM To Arthur Ogram we do give A joke book for a while, And if he reads it thru and thru We know he'll have to smile. NATHANIEL O,KELLY He is one of the largest ofthe Seniors Both in size and in soul,' But he is every inch a truest friend, And after him-they lost the mould. ANNE PAGE To Anne we give a kodak And films by the roll,' So she won't have to buy them And rolls of bills unfold. AIMAR PAYNE The boy called "Treetop" Of Vodvil Minstrel fame,' Will get a new director, To make him sing again. NIILDRED PITTMAN To Mildred, our newly made actress, We give her time to practice,' We want her to make a show, We'll let her loose and let her go. ETH EL PONCE We know what Ethel wants, It is always to sing and dance,' And so that she may have a chance, W e'll send her to Paris, France. KATHLEEN PLATT A pair of specs for Kathleen, She studies so very much,' But still we hope in years to come She will have no need of such. ETHEL PREVATT For Ethel, our quiet girl, We have a mandolinf That she may lots of music make, And sing as if her heart would break. PAULINE PULDEY This is the dainty little girl Of size and height so wee, But when it comes to being a scholar She has us up a tree. ISI HARRIET PULLEN To Harriet we give some poems, To give her ioy every day, For she pleases many people Who would recite her way. ALENE RAWLS To Alene whose Geometry Pythagoras would excel, We give a little Q. E. D., Which maketh all things quite well. MILDRED REEVES Mildred Reeves, our naughty child, Your plight indeed is serious,' For you must always talk and smile, When teachers are imperious. JOE RIPLEY Joe Ripley is the rural boy Who never saw a train, But tho his hair is highly colored He's noted as the rustic swain. WAYNE RIPLEY One thing alone We Imps do all agree, To Wayne-long pants, A man to make him be. IRIS RUDLAND To Iris, whose classic mind, Sees Mercury in the clouds or on the wind A fare .for Charion on the Styx is given,' But lighter sprites must send her on to Heaven JEAN SAULNIER Verily, verily, the stars would fall, And the sun would hide its face, If his hair wasn't parted in the middle And a hair was out of place. MALCOLBI SAULs This boy with such a voice, Will from us get a song, That he may others please By singing all day long. WALTER SCIUTTI To Walter Sciutti, our good-looking boy, ll - ' i The one with that school girl complex We give a bar of octagon soap, Which spares us much perplexion. FLORENCE SECORD And to this sweet girl Who is so very prim, We'll give a world Of pep and vim. I on,' HYMAN SELBER To Hyman we will give A large set of histories,' So in later life He may solve its mysteries. MARY SHAD To Mary we give a story book That she may always read,- And never then a moment waste, And nothing more she'll need. THELMA SHAD This is the ex-athletic girl, Who in her younger days a large But since she is a Senior grand, We see the "P" no more. LOIS SMITH To Lois Smith what shall we give? She is with charms replete, We wonder what she ever does To keep so very sweet. MARGARET SMITH For Margaret, a powder puf, To keep her young and fair,' We know it is just what she wants, And so we have it there. ALEX STEPHENS To Alex we give a saxophone That he may learn to play, And not wake up the neighbors, And drive them all away. CORRINE STEINMEYER We give to Corrine Steinmeyer A jumping-jack in a box,- So she won't have to hire Energy with which to jump. GEORGE STEARNS George's name is full of fame, 'Tis known in many worlds, But even as arsenic for the rats It's deadly on the girls. LOUISE STARRATT To Louise, our jolly girl, We'll give some work to do, So she can't laugh and play all day While others theirs' get through. ROBERT STIRK Robert, with his charming ways, And ever-smiling face, In old Duval has jollied all, We hope he keeps this pace. ,TIWWIWMR THE ORACLE L15 DHS'-'19 4 I' t 'Ebb f- f- Q .... - -f.. - . i.v,.i.: 52:4 .. .4a,.-T-'agiizi' llvg-:MILE ffxw- ..., , ,L.. .-. fax-5 - -:?xg1.-Tex?-f.,., "P" wore, 52 NATALIE STEWART This is the girl Who feared her Trig so much, But as she is such a nice little girl We won't speak further of such. FRANCIS STRINGFELLOW From firting Frank Stringfellow, We ask for his wink,' He uses it quite too often We Imps all do think. MIRIAM THAMES Here is the fair young lady Of ways so meek and mild, But! If you only know her, Boy! She's nothin' else but wild. EvA TOWNSEND To Eva, our golden-haired Senior, We give a lot of joy,' And take away her glasses, ' So she can't study so hard. MARY EDITH TURNER T'o our coquettish girl, We bring a little fan,' That she may have no trouble In finding the right man. EDWIN VRIEZE We give a bathing suit That Ed may always wear, Also a thread and needle, In case it should ever tear. VIOLET WALKER For Violet Walker, A house to keep. And also a broom That with it she may sweep. MARY WALKER Mary is a bashful little girl, As retiring as can be,- But we predict when she comes out, Some struttin' you will see. MARKELL WALLACE Markell Wallace is his name, And a better boy you never knew,' He always has for you a smile And as a friend he's always true. CLEMENT WALL Clement, with his curly hair, A Marcelle from us gets,' And now the girls for him will fall The Imps will surely bet. J VZ. I I U E 'Il ll! . f e -- . . , I It , I 'r' V " '- Q 1 , ,., 4- , 'I 1 1 ax .gn , f,,.,,, ...,s . 4 L- ALEX YVACHTEL From Alex Wachtel we ask His argumentary powers,' By them he oft' has his own way, Then sometimes we'll get ours. ELLA WHITE To Ella, the pleasantest girl, That ever one did know, We give a new harmonica, That on it she may blow. ELIZABETH WHITE And now to this maiden, The one ralled Elizabeth llfhite, We'll give a hook and line That all the men will bite. NIARYLOUISE WILKERSON For Mary Louise a phonograph, With records full of jazzy That when too tired to talk and laugh Her double she now has. AGNES WISE Agnes does not come before the public, Nor seek the world's applause,' But when it comes to being a real true friend She's a jewel without flaws. DOROTHY WILLARD To Dorothy, our youngest bride, We give the joyous greetingsf And hope she will not wish to hide From us life's happy fleetings. HELEN YOUNGBERG This girl so shy Is known as "Boots", She'll get a horn That she can toot. MABEL ZEALY To Mabel, our diligent worker, Who works and does her best: We give the time to hob her hair, Before her time for rest. JIM BOB BROWN To Jim, our deepest student, A set of Latin books,' To men so wise and prudent The world for guidance looks. HAZEL BASS To Hazel Bass a hundred In Virgil we will give, Tho Miss Dale's desk we plunder And in our guilt do live. 4113:- Al-.ll-L ll llllk ian -nllll lllll Ylll llll ll!! 'llll l!lll IIY i 'www WMM llll' "llllI . .V . g A o 7 K ss1 J T1-IE ORA D-H-S M1924 j A-aka ACD," ii? "-.ails-' ' ff--V 'xll I lkub tlnulwiif- A -Han: -x vm: wqcxafbxxwcanb xx fDxiE WA NS6W""'f 'HE "Cf-:AM Pf2eN" X I E QQ! 5VlR0AU7.?0 R yn M h I H S wc M- liliil l MU ,, ,WW C ' ,ON 4 "M fs' 'F' 'fs 'ff f'f,cj " '- ' ' ' f ' X 0 E2x? 'X 0' 'g Ja x: " ' - K XX lf-.A fb? 5 f r A . Qi ,S Lf' X ' 2- ' i L LL H , 5 7' www WCB i,7t'Z21MlEE? fig- llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllh gy, AH gf 9 3 o E52 EEE Ogg! ffl 4 . Z ff 414.4 S :wa " YFUQAQO EEP 415 5' -aff 'X Q WW ,, 4 hlgg-H . 0 9,1 Af Y 55,352 w N o 5' V .Q 5' T sag: at W , Q Q 4355: jifx .., V hfffx NX XX. V7 ' 1 , I if' f f: T':Q",NQ at Qi 'J ug 51505233 1 T -1 'S.GaHm1+Q 1 122 F 5 .. .-. lp . ov: snow - . w0 -I l-- - I Ll l-T 4 I L g. E 'X Mo.NNY' usullua 1 1 ' ' ' - 1 'W ll ' EIU, 'Q' -X I I I X l x 'mfllllfulllllllllllauhmll' 1 gpg AQZOHQ K Q A AY .ATo.f0r MOTHERS lj Q 4 " PM T0 B E THE A f-.1 'Q m? 1 Q QUEEN oF7HE , T f E MAYv WHEEEEEEE9 ' ' 0 in Q f - - il-iii-i V ' 2-I Y Q7 X N uf Qwfllllggglllllllliv 'mum , Tggvww- 5 rj I-7' W x 'A Q1-wg Z ,Zh u Qg 5 71. -'J 42 if , ay ' f .LlTI':I::.SgRID L: ' X I E 5 hah I 1 llllll llllllmlllllllill 5 , f - 3 .H f c , REDDEST LETTER DAYS E541 N 1924, s 1 I 1 l l I mm ll II! W! , i gf, . 221 -A E I 1924 M' f, 111 y f ff I I mga 5053.510 su' ln' , M ly ll 59.910 1112Q91 ,sllflj fn W1 y Q 16171819202 if If 0.31 p g i uisfl 3232-4252627281 , is .. Ag 2,9 1 ff yf' it ' llll Red Letter Do you remember the days that: School opened, with numerous haircuts? S. F. C. officers were elected? The S. G. C. chose their leaders? The Senior Class of '24 elected ofhcers? Duval lost to Tampa? Our soccer team won the state championship? The Jubilee was staged successfully? The Christmas issue of the Orafle News ap- peared-with the Portuguese Bugle? School closed for atwo weeks' vacation? Merry Christmas! School reopened and the Annual campaign was started ? The Tigers opened the basketball season with a win over Gainesville? The Peggy Young Club organized? The 1924 Annual was assured? The Tigers lost to Alachua? I Days of '24 A great success was scored by the Senior Fel- lows in the Annual Vodvil? A Hag was presented to Duval High School by the Patriotic Order of America? Duval opened her baseball season by defeating Lake City? Duval's Tennis representatives made a good showing at DeLand? The Tiger ball club lost to Summerlin in the state tournament? The last issue of the News appeared? Senior dramatic stars won new laurels in the presentation of "Whose Little Bride Are You"? The Senior Fellows initiated the Junior taps? The Senior Girls performed the same rites up- on their victims? Final exams occurred? The ORACLE ANNUAL was presented? We graduated? ssl fil'-lllmm Z-ff Luau H THE QEQQEE D-I-I-S 'S' 19 '24 anne. ,,.m, eed:13,ee.:,,,D xx GQDXX QQUDXXQE .tl rl! Y , ,ado 'f 'i in 1 4, l""lI..,,:,Nil!liEg v MARY KINSEY ELLA WHITE .AI dj erti-ve Agreeahle , Ad roit ,.,, , Amiahle ,,,,,,,, Name ,.Adams, Fred ,.,,, , Alderman, Martha Attractive ,,,,, ,,,...Anthony, Chatfield Arnold, Lucretia,,. Blushing, ,, ,,,,, Balfe, Alex,,, Bantam , ,,,,,,.. Barker, Kathleen Brooding ..,,,, Bass, Hazel , Bahyish .,,, ,, Boyish Bright , Beautiful, Busy Baffhng ,.....,...... Beagle, Alice ,,, ,, Beckwith, Donald , Bertels, Fred , , Biggs, Olivette , Blitch, Lorimer, , Blum, Helen ,,, 0 YVALTER Scnyrri MARTHA ALDERMAN Lewis CLAYTON ANNA MAE CANNON Appropriate Song Air Castle Pet Expression ,,,,,'tA Good Man Is Hard To Find" .,,,,., ,......,,,............,........ 'I 'o be an auto mechanic Y,,, L'Sure" tt it at it it at It You Darling You" ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Agnes Scott ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' Longing For You" ,,,,,,, ,,,.,, T 0 be a sutfragette, ,,,,,,,rr , Are You Playing Fair?" ,,,... To be an A1 typist A,,,A,,,,,,, M Life On the Ocean Wave'!,.To be an admiral , ,, ,, ,"That Red Headed Gal" .,.,.. To get thru in Spanish,,,,,. "Kill 'Em With Kindness',,,To be interesting ,,,,,, , .... .. Foolish Child" ,,,.,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,.. To Hunk C.A.B .,,,,,, Roaming in the Gloamingu .....,.,..,....,.......,... .To be a lecturer ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, U You'd Be Surprised" ..,.,.,,,,,.. To be mayor of Jax, ,.,,, , it it 44 it When Dreams Come Truen.. Oh! VVhat a Pal Was Mary" ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,.. V7 I Hear You Calling Me How Can You Love Somebody Else ?" ,,,.,..,,,,,,,,,,. f'Who Knows?", , .,,...,,,..,.. ,, .I n Beguiling Boggs, Frank ,, Bouyant ,. Brock, Kathleen , Bashful. r ,.,,, Brodmerkel, Alex ,,,, ,..,. . Blonde , ,,,,, Brown, Charles, ,, Brainy V ,,,, Brown, Jim Bob ,rr, ,,,,., ' 'Boy O' Mine" .....,.,..,,...,...,,,., To be a Senator, Badn H V, VV,,., Brown, Robert, ,, ,,,,,. "Oh! You Little Son-uv- a-gun" ,,,.... ,,,...,..,,,.,...., ........ T o graduate ...,.....t.,,,,, ..,t. , ,," Brilliant, .t,., Bryson, Joe., .f f " " BQHCVQICHI ,,,,,.r.. .BUI'liS, Corinne, ,, ,,,,.,.... ... Blithe ,..,, . .,.Byrd, Nina Louise , Beaming ,,,,Bradley, Paul ,. ciandid YVYVVVVY ,,,YA,, C Tannon, Anna Mae ,,,,,,,,, Cheerful ,, ,,,. ,, .4 At it it an Capps, Parker ,. ,, ...,, Chivalrous ,,,,,,, Carrell, F'rank , ,, Conscientious Capricxous ..,,,.. Charming ,.,,,.., Comprehensive. Courtly ,,,,,,...,,.,. .. C Congenial ,, Calm ,. ,, ,, , ,, oy,,, .,,,,, ., ., Chappell, Adolpho Clark, Sara ,.,, ,,,,.... Chelf, Mildred ,, .I it it tt Clymore, Isabelle, , .... ,." Clayton, Lewis ,, , Condon,Mildred , Coxwell, Laura ,,, Criswell, Gussie .......,,,.., it it at Don't Feel Sorry For Me",,, School Days". ......., ,.,..,.,,,..... . Slow and Easy INIISSUUFI VS altz" ,.., ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, VVhen the Lights Are Low ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, When Irish Eyes Are Smlllllgll ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,.,,,, , I Never Knew" ..,, ,.,,,. Minding My Bizness" , ...,, . Over the Fence Is Out", If You Could Care",,, ,,.... To get 100 in History, Goodness gracious" "Please do" Goodness !" "Ah-h-h I" "Good night" Uh-huh Don't'! Do'n't get angry" VVhy-er-yes" No, I've got to go to a lecture" Mary' ..i.i., ., ,, ,,,,,, , ., , ,.,. "Tie that outside" .To make others happy ,,.,,. "You don't say" Sophie ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.t,r , , ,,,,,,,,, " To be an artist, ,rrr,r ,,,,,, , Chaucer II C,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, To be a second julian Eltlngea, ,,,,.,,,,.,,.,.,.,,,, To he an architect ,To be a private secretary.. A' To To ,Lomax ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, , ,, .To speak French,,, ,, ,,,,,, ,..f' To be a Big League Pitcher" ,Georgie ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,...., " be Nell Brinkley II ...,., ' he an M. D .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,..,,, ' ' " .Woman of letters .,,., H" Who Cares ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,, When Shall VVe Meet Again P" .,,,, ,, ..,,,,,..,., ,.....,, . . A Modest Violet'!.,, ,, Oh! Sister, Ain't That rv Hot! , ,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,, ,, Dear Little Girl O' Mine",, I'm Nobody's Bahy" ,,,, ,,,,,,, T o Our Yesterdays" ,,,, ,, ,,,, ,,,,, , T0 E561 ,Senior Play ',,, .,,,,,,,,, To To To teach school ,,,,,,, be a contractor ,,,,,,, ,,,,. ' ' rate exemption ..,,,.,, ,... ' ' be a missionary ',,,,,,,,,,,,. " be a stenographer ,,...... " Get quiet, Seniors" Huh ?" Yes" Heck" gCom0 se va ?" Think we!!! make it?" Oh! well-er" My goodness!" tWait-t-t 2" Well, listen kid" You're crazy" Now, 'fessa" Aw g'wan" Oh! Mother!" Stop that" My goodness" My word !" Say not so" 'N everything" Well I don't care" Gee!" mmm D I-I 8 S1924 -, -i n E 0 RAC LE t A ill' ' " -.- V- - . . e-, --. ..v,..'-.:E4,-1-arf.-iGfi.1zr4..I 'AT 2 :Mini ,?.Til'---I isisii-:X-9 - a-1sx--f--gx1- -1.:,s.i.23 .. , Adjective Capable .,.....,..,..,, Carefree .,...,........ Different .,.,A Daring ,,,,......,..,,.. Darling ,..,,.......,.. Delightful., Dear ...,.,....,.......... Dashing ..,.., Expert .,,,,.,. . . Earnest ...,,...,....... Exclusive .,., Enormous ....,....... Elusive .....,., Fine ,,.........,.,,......, Finished ...... Faithful ..,,., Fearless, .,,..,..,., .. Firm ,....., ,.,, ,.... ,.,,. Fitful ,.,....,.,. Fair .,.,,,,..,..,,.,.,.... Frall .......... Foolish ,,....., Frivolous ......,..... Good ..,...,.... Game ...,..,,........,,. Generous ,,...,... .,.. Genuine ........ Heavenly .,....,,,... Human ,..t.,,,,.,...., Hilarious, ,... . ...... . I think so too, 'Fessa' Name Appropriate Song Air Castle Pet Expression Crenshaw, Elizabeth... ,.,"Strut Miss Lizzie" ,..,,,............ To teach kindergarten ,,,A,t "Now Jenny" Crippen, Roy i,,,,,,,,,e,...,,.... ."Deeze, Doze and Dem" .......,. To play with the Giants," Danese,-Iohn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,t,,,,t,. "Pass Around the Bottle And We'll All Take A Drink" ..,..........,...................... Havana-"Oh man" ,,.,,,A,,, "Oh, move" Davidson, Charles t,..,,,.,,. "It Takes a Cruel, Cruel Mama" ..............,..,.,..........,..... To play with Ted Lewis."Oh Boy!" Darby, Harold ,,AA,A,,,,,,,,,,,, "Little Love, 3 Little Kiss"... Avondale ,.,,i,,,,,Y,,,,,,,Y,,v,,,,A,,. "HON" Davidson, Mamie ,,,,r.,,,,,.. "Faded Love Letters" ...........- To have 'oodlesof money,,,"Oh deargf' Dowling, Mildred ,,,,...,..,. t'Dearest" ..............,....7....,.........,, To own a tea room ,,,,,,,,,A, "Dear ME!" Durkeebloe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, "Last Night on Her Back Porch" .....,,,..,.............,,. Broadway .,,.,,,,,,,r,,,,,,., ,,,,, ' 'Clmicegv 'Two-Time Dan" .,,......... Elarbee, Herbert .,,.....,...... ' Elton, john ,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,... "Why Don't My Dreams tt Evans, Nancy ....,,., ,,....,. Yale --.....,..., ,...... ' 'You said you would" Mama Loves Papa" ,r......,....,. J My Pillow and Me" ,,........,.., Come True ?" ,...,..,,...........Y... Endel, Marcus ,,.,,. ....,..,. ' ' Evans, Tinley ....,,, ,,,,.... ' 'Out of the Shadows" ...,., Tomorrow" ..... . .........,..........,.,, Falis, Harry .......,...,........,. H ' ' tt Farris, Alice ...,,,,,.,,....,...... Magic Of Your Eyes" ..,,, Eddie Steady" ,,,.......,...,.,........ Finkelstein, Leonard ...,... " Finnefrock, Arnold ,,......,, " ......Bootlegger.,...,,, U French ,.,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,r,,, rr,,,,, ' ' ,,.,.,To be a. millionaire ..,.,.... .." Just Been Wonderin' " ......... To play vvith the Pitts- burg "Pirates" .,.,,, ,,,,,,,, Fitchner, Eugene .............. "In My Harem" ,.,,A,..V,.. ..,..,.. T o own a harem. .,.,.Y..,.. . . . . ,, Fittz, Lillian .,....,..,,........,,. Flowers, Beneva, .,.....,..., ., Forrester, Kessie .,....... ...,, Fowler, Ben ..,.,.,,,.,............ ' Frazee, Mary Louise ........ ' Resignation" ............................ "Mighty Lak' a Rose" ....... "Sweeter As The Years By" .,......,...................,.............. 'I'm Goin' South" .......,..,......... Go 'I Never Miss the Sunshine"I'o be a nurse .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In a Little Town Nearby" ..,. Geltgey, John .....,,,.,. ...,.... ' ' H Gantt, Eugene ,............,.... Gibbins, Dorothy ,,.,,,,,.,,... Gray, Leslie ,......,.,. ...... tt n is Haas, Eulalie ...,..,............. Hadley, Marian ...,...,......., ' Beside a Babbling Brook" .... Fish ,,,,..,,.,...,,,,.r,,,,,r.,,,r,.,,,A, Dreamy Melody" .....,.,.,.,, Wonderful One" ..,.. .,.,.... Spanish Dancer" .,,.. ., 'Love Tales" ,......., .,,..... Haydock, George ,,....,....... "Dancing Dan" ....,..,. .. ......To have middle initial changed to "O" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ......Pavlowa l 'O gee!" ......To go on Keith's circuit..." ack .t,., ,.,.,..,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,.., Y,,,, , f f .To be a statesman ,.,,,,ii,,i,,, " ......To travel,..,.,..,,.,,.,.,.,,,,.,.,,,,," ,Heif-itz II and Josephine." KK .VVeddlng Bene ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ff u Elspeth ...,.,..,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sweet Briar ,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, " .To be a secretary .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' Doggone" Good-night"" That Frenchman-" Oh! heck" I'll say" Scuze me for livin' " I'll bite" You know me Al" "O pshaw l" Is that right P" Oh! Me!" To get IQO in French .,...,,... "What?" -Al- FlCld,S ,...............,,.,.. "Powder pgffsu Gosh" "Let's get to the point" K4 H Yep 'Good balls of mud" For goodness sakes" Horrors!" I'll tell the world" Stop that stuff" 'Bless my soul" O goodness" Gosh l" Really" Deed I do" Heartless i,,,,.,.,.,. Harrell, Janelle ..,.,,,,..... So This is Love" ..... ....,... T 0 find if he means all he says ,.,.,.,,.,i,,,,.i,,, ,,,, ' ' Handsome ,.,... ...,. H elvenston, Rudolph ....... "Silver Moon" ............,...........,.. T 0 be a famous yodelerm' Healthy ,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,, Hinson, Helen .....,.,,.,,....... "Midnight Rose" ............i,.,..,... To hear wedding bells ,,,,,, " Hopeful ,,i,,.,,,,,.,., Hogg, Margaret .,,.,..,,...... "Watch, Wait and Hope" ...... A certain young man ,,,,, " Honorable ,.,.,,.,,., Hogg, Mildred ..,....,,.,....... "I Love a Little Cottage" ...... Orange blossoms ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, " Happy ,..,,.,.,..,.,.,.. Holmes, Harriett ,............. "Annapolis Blues" .....,...,........ Beverley ...,...,,,..i,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, " Handy ,,,,,,...,,.,,.... Huddlestan, Flemming..."Sittin' In A Corner" ,,.......... ..,Tp be a civil engineer,.....' Hospitable.. Humorous... ....... . just ..,......,.....,..... jubilant ,...,.,.,,..., judicious .,,....,..... Jesting .......,......... Darling Nellie" ,.,.......,..,.....,.. .To be a feminine Hurlbert, Nellie ................ " "Ain't You Ashamed?".,. Hull, Winthrop ...,.,.,,.....,.. .Jammes, Sydney.. Jackson, Carl ,...,.,, ta it Paderewski ...,.....,..,,..,.,... " Graduations ....,,,,....,....,,,..,., " That Old Gang of Mine"... Aggravatin' Papa" ...,,.,.....,,.. AI spose so" When do we eat?" Heck, I don't know" .To be a chemical engineer.."Oh boy" Johnson,Jack .,,.,...,,,,,,..,,., "Cheer for Old Duval" ....,... Jordan, William ...,.,,,....... Down on the Farm" ............. .To have curl hair .,,i ,. just my luck" U. of F' .,........,,....,,....,,.,....,.,, U To pitch in world series.,.' .To own Certain ..,.......,,..,.. "What do you do?" 'Gosh darn" Honey child" y . .... , S100 a week ......i....,,.........,... "Say" .To weigh 102 lbs ..,. ,......,... ' 'My gosh!" joyous .................. J ohnson, Sara .....,,,. ,,..,,..... ' 'Oh Promise Me" ....,.............. jovial ....,,,,........... J acobs, Alberta ,....,.....,,.... "Pack Up Your Sins" ....,......... jolly ............,.,...... jones, Ruth ,........ , ..,..... "I'll Say She Is" .................... . Knightly ........,...., Katz, Sollie .,.....,.,., ......,.. ' 'Cheer For the Red and Knowing ...,,.,..,... Keen ...,... .,,, . loading ,,,..,,,,..,,.. Likable ........ White" ........,.,......................... Kennedy, Herbert ...,,....... 'tOut Where the West Begmsi' ........,..,......,,,.,,........... Basketball .....,........,...........,.. "Censored" .To be electrical engineer," Why-er-l-" Kinsey, Mary ......,. ,.....,. ' 'When You're Gone I'll Not Forget" ........,.,.....,..,.....,. Lorimer ..,.......,.,....,,,.... ...., ' 'Tuddle-de-duh" Knott, Miles ....,,.........,,,,,,. "I Ain't Nobody's Darling",.To get famous ........ ,.,... ' 'Hello" You Don't Know" .,....,...,,..... Leatherman, jack ..,.... ,.., . ." I Literary .,..,...,..,... Linning, Mary ,,.,,, Ladylike ..,..,..,..... Lovable ................ Livin stone Helen g. , i,-,i,---P- ts Lloyd, Elizabeth ,....,...,.,.,. ' 'Freckles" .........,,,......,,,....,...,.... To be comfortable" ............... 'An Old Fashioned Garden" E571 .Literary career .r...,..,......,,,.. "Well I think" .To be freckleless ............. A. 'tMercy me" To be exempt in History...' 'Miss Schoenmann, I- ' ,St. Cecelia II ..,.....,,............. "My gosh" Mmm. f THE ORACLE ilbf D-I-I"'S S1924,--..--f.-fs:-1:4---.--f-fafifizifff-fe -1. 1. V 3?fiG2fsilF1ifs5FiE-:iwi fesf- ' -fs wgwl'-'lf ' Adjective Name Appropriate Song Air Castle Pet Expreuion Learned .............. Loyal .,................. Loving ...........e..... Languid ..,.......,,.. Large ................... Lively .................. Lucas, Vergie ......... Melodrous ,,4.,,,4.,, Martin, George .e.... Morphean .... Mushy ....v....Y....... Manly ..,.r.....r....... Merry ...,....... Mysterious ..,,..... .Murphy, Ivers ...,.,.. ,Mobley, William .............. ' ,,,,,.,Morant, Dolores......,........ ,Matthews, Chesley ........... ' Le Baron, Ernest ............. ' Moss, Ralph ....................... ' . . -L0rd,Be1't ,,4,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,..,.,,,. "La Marseillaisen ....,.... .........., Lord, Mildred .... .,..,r ' Lorraine, CharlesQ..,i,.,Q .... ' .Loyd,Winifred ..... ....... "A Kiss In the Dark" ...,. 'On You Duval" ....................,. 'Hot Lips" .................................. .Excitement ...... 'When Will the Sun Shine...- For Me ?" ....,.................,..... 'Wonder-If She's Lonely" 'I'm Drifting Back to Dreamland" ..................,........ 'Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning" .....,....,. 'Steal a Little Kiss While Dancing" ......,..,....i.... ,, ...,. . ..... . 'just A-Wearyin' For You" 'Dreaming Melody" .,...,.......,. 'Lead Kindly Light", ,.,,........ . Nobody knows ..,...... ...,.,,,, ' ' Athletics ...,.........,,,. .,,,,,,, ' ' 'That's choice" Beth .......,.,.,......,,....,.., ,,,,r,,,, ' .To rival Cole Phillips ....... ' Ah cawn't tell" Good lands!" 'Listen here" 'I'll say" To have bobbed hair ......., "I finished mine" Natalie ...,..................,............ "Where do you get that stuff ?" To sleep 23M hours a day..."Aw-now" To be a Sheik .,...,,.,,.....,....,, "Going the other way" To heat Bert Lord in Lit..."Miss Woodward, I-" Cocoa, Florida ..............,...,. ' .To be a minister .........,....... ' 'Oh goodness I" 'Now, listen" Marvelous ,,,,.,4,,, Moore, Scott ..........i........... "They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me" ..............,.... T o sleep peacefully .,.....,.... "Look-a-here" Meddling ,,,.,,...... Mullis, Marion ,..............t. "Not Here, Not There" ..,,..... To get a 100 in Com- mercial Law ........... .,... ' 'Hey, What's the answer? Megk ,,,-.,,,.,,,,,,,4,,, Mor-way, Arnold ..........,... "Left All Alone Again Blues" ...................................... To pass English .................. "Sure thing" Magnificent .,A.,... Markham, john .,.... "I Love Me" ............................. To be an actor ......... ......... ' 'I nominate-" Melancholy ,,,,,,4, Murphy, Claire ...... "Salt Your Sugar" ................,,. To be a poetess ........ ......... ' 'Hey" Merciful ,,,,,.,,.,,,,, Mynihan, Helen .,... "For Old Time's Sake" ........... To be a teacher ................. ."Miss Schoenmann' Meritorious i,,,,.., Melson, Paul ..................... "I Love the Ladies" ............... S. F. C .,.......,.,.,.,........ .......,. ' 'Naw" Mgdegt ,,,,,,i,,4,,,.,,, McCall, Elizabeth ..,.,......, "Georgie Porgie" ...........,...,..... George ..,,.................,. .,....... ' 'Uh-uh" Migehievous ,i..... Mcllvaine, James ............ "You'll Never Know" .......,.... Golf ........................................ "I don't know" Modern i,.,,,,.,,,,,,, McLeod, Helen .................. "Pal O' Mine" ........,.............,, Susan Lenglen II ,....,.......... "Because" Memorable ,,..,,,., McMurray, Mary ....,....... "Admiration" .........,................... You never can tell ............. "Shoot" Mild ..... ......... Noisy ............,...... McNeese, Pauline ............ ' Newman, Jim .... .... , ........... "Stumbling" ......,............,,,,.,,..... Negligent ,.,,,,...... Newman, Nathan ............. Newsy ........... Naughty ....... Omnipotente Obliging ..,.... Particular .....,..... Penstve ...... Pleasant ....,,.... Pretty .......,.... Nestor, Josephine .......,...,. ' ,......Norton, Stanley....,............ .......O'Kelly, Nathaniel Ogram, Arthur ....... Page, Anne i.......... .......,..... Padgett, Elwood ............,.. Payne, Aimar ..... .... Peaceful ,,,,,,.,,...,. Peck, Norman ......... Prudent ......,........ Pure ..................... Platt, Kathleen ....... Ponce, Ethel ......,..... 'Smiling Through" .,.,.....,.. At at cc "Kathleen Mavourneen" ........ "Only just Suppose" .......... 'Don't Feel Sorry For Me" .,.. 'Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" .,............................... "L1nger Awhxle" ........,...........,.. Somebody's Wrong" .............. Whose Sorry Now?" ........... Waiting" ..,................................ .,,...To gp back to Philadel- To be loved always ........... "Oh, Garfield" .Southern Enterprises ......... "No seats downstairs" .To succeed Prof. Smith ..... "D1dn't read that far" phxa .......,............................ "Oh heck!" Babe Ruth II ....................... "Great guns" .To be a bookkeeper ........... " To be a civil engineer ....... " Tallahassee .......................... " "Take, Oh, Take Those Lips Away" .......................... .To be a banker ......, ......,. ' "A Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way" ............................ To be a draftsman ............. .,.,...Pittman, Mildred....,........ 'Perfect Kxss"........................... "Old Pal, Why Don't You Come here" I don't know" Don't" 'Aw-no" "Well, now, let's see" ,Hugh ,........... .......................... ' ' Answer Me ?" ...........,...,,....... To break Johnnie Weismueller's record .... " To succeed Miss Dale ,,...... " ......To teach Normal Train- ing ..,...................,,............... it Greetings" Dawgone" Oh my l" Quiet" Patient ,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,, Prevatt, Ethel ...,................ "Long, Long Trail" .....,...,..... Exemption in French ......... ' 'My dear-r-1--r" Precious ,,,4,,,,,,,,., Puldey, Pauline ................ "Whose Baby Are You ?" ,...,. To be tall ............................. "Fiddlesticks" Plaeid ,,,v,,,,,,.,,,,,, ,Pullen, Harriet ................ "Maggie, Yes Ma-am" ............ Tennessee ....,................ ..... ' 'Well, listen" Regular ....,,.i....... Rawls, Alene .......... "Swinging Down the Lane",..To keep house ,,r,4. ,.,,,,,., ' 'Oh land" Rosy .......,. ...,.,.,.. R eeves, Mildred ..........,.... "It's the Little Things That Count" ..................................... To get big ............................. "Oh hang" Rustic ................... Ripley, Wayne ....... 'Baby, Won't You Please Come Home ?" ...................... To be a sure-nuff man ,....., "Shueks" Reliable .....,......... Rudland, Iris .......... "Auld Lang Sync" ......,........,... To teach school ....,..,,.,,.,,.,,, "Ye gods" Red .,..................... Ripley, joe ........... "I Ain't Afraid of Nothin' That's Alive" ,.,..,..,............,., To get married ........ ..... ' 'Search me" Serious ........,........ Saulner, Jean ......,.. "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" .........,......,,.,.........,..... To learn trig ............,.......,.. "Well" Satisfactory ,.i....., Sauls, Malcolm .....i........... "That's How I Believe in You" .....,................................... T o rival McCormack .....,.. "Darned if I know" Sincere ................ Slow ...,.... .. ,Scuitti, Walter ....... ., ..... Selber, Hyman ....... . A 'I Love You Truly" ................ Martha ........... I ...................... "Bu-ru-ther, howdy" l53l Lonesome-That's All" ........ To vamp a girl .................,. " Ye-uh" 'II-IE ORACLE 4 H WWW Ai . . I is 1195 D-H-S .Qu A. ,,- . , , , ,,.--, .-,,,,-,.,,,,,-, ...,. ,.,,..- n:,5,.,-a. ,,,T ., :gi W W QIQTL ai. ialiiiz-as-Q - hiss- -in--:gs-V a -5..sn5ggL,s-- A f - . ,, s singing nv . K , v Pet Expression Well now" Quit that" Oh birdie!" Merciful Heavens" Dun-no" Adjective Name Appropriate Song Air Castle Shy ..,..,......,.......... Shimp, Robert ,.,.......,,....... 'fNohody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" .......,.,..... To beachemical engineer." Select ..,..............,., Starrett, Louise ,..,,,,,,,,,.,... "Gypsy Love Song" ,........,..... Georgia .,.,...............,............. " Sedate ,....... ....... S ecord, Florence ..,............ "Memories" .,v................. ........ T 0 sing like G-alli-Curci.'t Sterling ................ Smith, Margaret .,...,,,4,,.,,, "If Winter Comes" ....,,,,.,........ Live in an apartment ......., " Suitable .......,.,..... Stearns, George ,..,..,,,.,,,,,, "Just Keep a Thought For Me" .,..........e..,........,,...,..,, 100 in Commercial Law..." skillful .........,...... Shad, Thelma ................... "Mona Va.nna" ,,,,,,..,..,,,,r,,,rr,,,. To be a concert singer .,,,,.. Sure .... .................. Solemn ................, Smith, Lois .,..,,.,,,.., ,,..,,,, Slender .......,........ Ste hens Alex Serene ................,. Smart .......,......,.,., Sweet .,......... Silly ...r......,...,,...... Thoughtful ........ Tidy .................... Shad, Mary ,... ........ ..,....., tl u p , Z ......,,.......... ' 'Big Blonde Papa", ...,,,.,,,r.,,,, . Stewart, Natalie "Little Bit of Heaven" .,..,.ttt.. Sfirli, Robert .......,...,.......... "Ain't We Got Fun" .....,,..,, Steinmeyer, Corinne ........ "Smiles", ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .. Stringfellow, Francis ...,.. "Dapper Dan" ,.......,.. .Thames,Mir1an .........,,,,,. "Just For Tonight" ...,,, ..., .Townsend, Eva ..t.,...,,......, " H Temperamental.Turner, Mary Edith.. Versatile ............. Wholesome ........ Willful ....,.......... Working ............ . Wonderful ..,...... Winsome ............. Winning ,....,....... Willing .,..........,, Wedded ,.........,.... Well-bred ........... Wakeful .,...,....... Witty .....,....,,....... Youthful ....,,...... .Vrxeze, Ed ............,,.,,.,,..,... "Takes A Good Man to Do Mary Dear" ...,..,...,,.,,.,,,e......... I'm Longing For You" ,..,t,t. ....To To teach ..... .................,,....., . ." "Well I'll Be" Sure" .Eliiciency ...... 2 ......................., "Oh! my soul !" To be a enius ,.,..,...t . .... " To be nice ...........,,..,.., ,...,. ' ' To S George .A.,....Y.,.,.,..,....... ...... ' be an architect ..,,.......... " dance. ,,..,..........,,.,...,......, " Dogged if I know" 4That's good" Well listen" Do tell" Hello, darling" Oh hang" I ain't proud" ....To be a school ma'm.........."Oh my soul" Nobody But You" ,,,,,tt,,,t,,,.,t., To teach at Tallahassee..." I Love You" ............................ Love in a cottage ................ " That" .................,.......,,........ To graduate ........................ " .Walker, Violet .................. "Oh! Didn't It Rain" ....,.... .Walker, Mary .,.,,,,,,,,. .Wallace, Markell ...,.. The Rosary" ............................ "You Can't Make a Fool To make 100 in History .... H To own a music store ....... " Howdy" I like that" You don't mean it" Gimme your hook" Well, Prof. West, I-" Out of Me" ,.,,.,,,....,,,,,,,t,,,,,i,, University of Florida ....... "Bull" .Waehtel, Alex ................. "So I Took the S50,000" ......... To be prosperous ............... "Gee Whiz" White, Elizabeth ....,....,,,,. "Kiss Me Again" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,s,,,,, T o be happy always .......... " White, Ella .....,,,,,,,,..t,.,,,,., "My Buddy" ,s,,,,4,.,,V,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,., To have a good time .......... "Wait on me" .Wilkerson,Marylouise .... "Old Pal, Why Don't You Answer Me" .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, To be tennis champion ...... "Hells bells" Willard, Dorothy ............. "Here Comes the Bride" ,,.,,,,, To make Waverly a good wife ........................ ."Oh dear" Wise, Agnes .......... ......... ' 'I Won't Say I Will" ,........,,,,t, To teach school .................. " .Wall, Clement .............,,,., .W1tten, Sam .......... ..Youngberg, Helen ,,,,,,,,,,,, " Zealous ................ Nealy, Mabel ,,,...,, u u 'Saxonolan ..................,,.. .....,.. How Dry I Am" ...... ........ At Dawn1ng" ........ ........ .To play a saxophone ..,...... ' To speak Spanish correctly ...................... ....-" To take the place of Eleanor Duse ..............,... To be a success ......... ....4 'Well say" Looka here, Senorita" Goodness me" Do tell" Waiting" ..... .... . The White Rose ANN PAGE I wandered alone in a garden Where grew a beautiful rose,' And charmed by its delicate fragrance, I wahed it from repose. As I gazed in each soft, creamy petal Sparkling with silvery dew,' lily being so thrilled with its beauty lily soul was born anew. I yearned to know the mystery That lingered in each foldf So I pressed it gently to my lips, Its secrets to unfold. Then gently on the night wind, It whispered low to meg A message soft and tender As a dreamy melody. Greater than outward beauties, Did this wondrous rose discloses And I prayed to God to beep me Pure, untainted as this rose. E591 FM T' h5-4 Y' I Ill '19 33" 'ZEKCZD 'X .MIM M- , THE GBA? it P-H18 719294 ,nn s A , , f . .gi ,, - X E ix, -,Yu t 1 2 -g EX .c3,,f , y , , -f--, so 'ic X. P KN S59 tdlvlidilcllll ' --fl flfllqllx ALEX BALFE lvl.-XRYLOUISE WILKERSON RUTH joxes Y CHATFIELD .ANTHONY llntrodlucztzion s THE graduation of the Class of 1935 drew near, Prof. Rutherford one day was looking over the records of the past classes, when he happened to come upon the record of that good old class of 1924. A fond desire to know what had become of this famous class possessed him. So he went upstairs to the library and asked llliss Harwell for the 1934-35 "VVho's VVho" of the Class of '24. He tenderly opened the book and reminiscently perused its pages. Fred Adams, owner of a Packard garage. Noted for the speed and quality of the work. Alderman, lllartha, Harrison Fisher's choice for the prettiest woman in America. Anthony, Chatfield, Park Commissioner, works in perfect harmony with Sam Witten, the Nlayor. Arnold, Lucretia, head stenographer and secre- tary to the president of Baker Sz Holmes. Balfe, Alex, naval architect. Designs Steamers for the Cunard Line. Barker, Kathleen, swimming instructress at a big gymnasium. Bass, Hazel, teacher of English at Duval. Greatly loved by all her pupils. Beagle, Alice, traveling in Russia for the Geo- yI'fII3,lil'11l fllngazine. Bertels, Fred, writes for the' Refvieu' of Re- tvimcs. Authority on international affairs. Biggs, Olivette, designs fashions for the But- terick Company. Blitch, Lorimer, editor of Timex-Union. Tennis champion. Blum, Helen, head stenographer for Cohen's. Bradley, Paul, Doctor of high social standing. Advocates Coue's Theory. Brock, Kathleen illustrates stories for the Red Book jll!1gIlZi7lI'. Brodmerkel, Alexander, radical scientist who is always predicting the end of the world. 3 Brown, Robert. has taken over Paul VVhite- man's Orchestra. Has refined jazz. Brown, Charles, actor of fame, plays female roles under the direction of David Belasco. Bryson, joe, drew plans for new Senior High School. Foremost school architect. Burks, Corinne, private secretary to New York bank president. President of Professional Wom- an's Club. Boggs, Frank, President of the American News- paper Publishers' Association. Foremost news- paper man in America. Byrd, Nina Louise, illustrator for l'ogur. Rec- ognized as authority on fashions. Cannon, Anna lllay, originator of the most original club in Jacksonville. Capps, Parker, mining engineer. Discovered oil in West Florida. Carrel, Frank, leading comedian with the Nlack Sennet Bathing Beauties. Chappell, Adolpho, ship chandler. Supplies the VVhite Star Line. Chelf, lllildred, teaches dramatics at Chicago University. Clarke, Sara, society editor of the Times-Union. 'Prominent in social circles. Clayton, Lewis, designed the new public schools for Hillsborough County. Clymore, Isabelle, protegee of Jane Cowl. Com- ing dramatic actress. Condon, lllildred, owner of Cup 0' Tea, a tea- shop in Palm Beach. Coxwell, Laura, missionary to Japan, and head of the Girls' School inTokio. Crenshaw, Elizabeth, President of the Ameri- can Federation of VVoman's Clubs. llost promi- nent clubwoman in America. Crippen, Roy, first baseman for the Giants. Has a batting average of .500. l61l mmm "fl-i.. r 1994 Criswell, Gussie, owner of Business College in Gray, Leslie, teaches violin with George Orner. Atlanta. Darby, Harold, has experimented with and per- fected the truth-telling drug. - Danese, John, construction engineer. Built fa- mous bridge over Hogan's Creek. Davidson, Charles, invented noiseless saxa- phone. Has been publicly thanked by many long- suffering neighbors. Davidson, lliamie, social secretary to llfrs. Henry Ford. Dowling, lllildred, co-partner of Mildred Con- don in Cup o' Tea. Durkee, Joe, headliner with George Haydock on Keith's Circuit. Elarbee, Herbert, big bear on VVall Street. Elton, John, discovered fifth member of Halo- gen group. America's most learned scientist. Endel, lllarcus, has devised a series of "Get Thin to lNIusic" exercises that have rejuvenated the world. Evans, Nancy Jane, society leader of Chicago. Renowned hostess. Evans, Tinley, lVIanager of lllunicipal Docks. Has ameliorated the shipping conditions in Jack- sonville. Farris, Alice, owner of The Smarte Shoppe in New York. Rival of Paul Poiret. Falis, Harry, United States Ambassador to Spain. Famous diplomat. Finnefrock, Arnold Ardell, manager of the White Sox, and has piloted his team to the cham- pionship for three consecutive years. Finkelstein, Leonard, owner of only honest pawnshop in Jacksonville. Has reduced rate of percent from II per cent to 2 per cent. Fitchner, Eugene, editor of Lifef leading wit of the day. Fitz, Lillian, traveling correspondent for Asso- ciated Press. Flowers, Beneva, popular public entertainer. Her smile makes her loved by all her audiences. Forrester, Kessie, has written a book of harm- ony which has won the approval of Hofman. Fowler, Benjamin, States Attorney for Florida. Now running for Governor. Frazee, Mary Louise, head of a charitable in- stitution in Brooklyn. Gantt, Eugene, owner of a canning factory in Mayport. Has developed the fishing resources of Florida. Geitgey, John O., prominent florist of Jackson- ville. Originator of the "Say it with Flowers" slogan. - Gibbins, Dorothy, female Ted Lewis. Ac- knowledged as a saxaphone authority. Leading woman violinist of Jacksonville. Haas, Eulalie, Pavlowa II. America's most wonderful dancer. Hadley, Marian, wife of a prominent clubman, she, herself, being a social leader. Harrell, Janelle, best woman ball-room dancer. Has danced with the Prince of Wales. Helvenston, Rudolph, famous yodler with the Ziegfeld Follies. Makes records for the Victor Company. Hinson, Helen, has been appointed Postmis- tress-General. The first woman to hold this posi- tion. Hogg, Margaret, head nurse at Bellevue Hos- pital. lllost efficient of her staff. Hogg, Mildred, principal of lVIurray Hill School. Holmes, Harriet, prominent journalist. Writes "How to Keep a Husband" for the Newspaper Syndicate. Huddleston, Flemming, construction engineer, competitor of John Danese. Hurlbert, Nellie, head of an exclusive school in New York, "L'Ecole de Francais." Jackson, Carl, owner of wholesale grocery and competitor of the Consolidated Grocery Company. Jacobs, Alberta, head of a vocal school that trains prima donnas for the lkletropolitan Opera Company. James, Sydney, Public Librarian of the new Memorial Library in Washington. Johnson, Jack, pitcher with the Yankees. Has had a remarkable record this past year. Johnson, Sarah, interior decorator. Has been commissioned by Mrs. Vanderbilt to furnish her new estate on the St. Johns. Jones, Ruth Eleanor, international interpreter. Indispensable to the diplomatic service because she speaks English, Spanish, French, Russian and Hindoo. Jordan, William, runs a model dairy, using only three parts water to one part skimmed milk. Katz, Sollie,basket ball coach with Florida Military Academy. Kelly, Cyril, expert horticulturist, working with Luther Burbank. Kennedy, Herbert, prominent radio authority who has eliminated the static from radio sets. Kinsey, Mary, clairvoyant and psychic. Holds exclusive seances for the lovelorn of Jacksonville. Knott, Miles, has out-theoried Einstein, and is considered a man among men. Leatherman, Jack, furnishes all the leading newspapers with his clever cartoons on political subjects. 6:1 llmillllx .. IEW. ff O E .. - M Le Baron, Ernest, popular cartoonist. Has taken lNIcManus' place in public favor. Linning, Mary, has taken Bliss Venable's place as a popular English teacher at Duval. Livingston, Helen, proprietress of Seminole Hotel. Lloyd, Elizabeth, has been instrumental in in- troducing music in the public school. Lloyd, Winifred, companion to an old woman of means. Lord, Bert, leader of a New Thought Colony and a very radical iconoclast. Lord, Mildred, playground director of Ohio. Authority on basketball. Lorraine, Charlie, bugler on the Battleship Florida. Practices in mid-ocean to his heart's con- tent. Lucas, Vergie, private secretary to manager of Marshall Fields. McCall, Elizabeth, plays ingenue parts on Broadway. Recognized as an example of everlast- ing youth. Mcllvaine, James, golf professional at the Florida Country Club. McLeod, Helen, permanent American repre- sentative at Olympic games. Holder of many records. lWcMurray, Mary, business manager of the Atlanta Journal. McNeese, Pauline, the American Ethel M. Dell, and wife of an author. Markham, John, poses for Arrow Collar Ads. Still the same handsome brute. lVIartin, George Noble, is now directing the Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties. Matthews, Chesley, missionary just returned from Fiji Islands. Has just published his master- piece entitled "Now Cannibals Listen to Rea- son !" lVIelson, Paul, great politician and United States Senator from Florida. Mobley, William, has made the Dixie Serenad- ers famous. Moore, Scott, doctor, and discoverer of a pow- der which enables one to sleep with one's eyes open. Especially adapted for study-hall use. Morant, Dolores, owner of the most modern orange grove in Florida. Very successful in her work. Morway, Arnold, vice-president of Armour 8: Company. Has recently enlarged the plant at Jacksonville. Moss, Ralph, dealer in antique snuff-boxes and considered quite an authority on the subject. Mullis, Marion, leading poultry dealer in Flor- ida. Has the patronage of all the high-class hotels. llflurphey, Claire, hair dresser and manicurist with Irene Bourdini. An artist to say the least. Murphey, Ivers, scientist. Studying the Dar- winian theory. Mynihan, Helen, principal of the Junior High School in South Jacksonville, the city made famous by Professor Vernaelde. Nestor, Josephine, woman golf champion of the United States and Nlissouri. Newman, Jim, manager of the Southern The- atrical Enterprises. - Newman, Nathan, most prominent chiropodist in Jacksonville. Norton, Stanley, foremost real estate man in South Jacksonville. Deserves much of the credit for the growth of this city. Ogram, Arthur, chief engineer with the State Highway Engineering Department. O'Kelly, Nathaniel, arctic explorer, colleague of Amundsen. The first man to really reach the North Pole. Padgett, Elwood, a literary critic with the Pathfinder. Page, Ann, owner of an exclusive photograph- er's studio in New York. Caters to the Broadway trade. Payne, Aimar, has perfected a clarinet that won't squeak. Statue to be placed in the Hall of Fame. Peck, Norman, electrical wizard and successor of Steinmetz with the General Electric Company. Pittman, Mildred, scenario writer with the Fa- mous Players-Lasky Corporation. Platt, Kathleen, teaches Mathematics in Stet- son University. Ponce, Ethel, America's most illustrious colora- tura soprano. Puldey, Pauline, proprietress of a beauty shop. Has perfected the permanent wave. Pullen, Harriet, Chautauqua reader of national fame. Rawles, Alene, historian. Has written a text- book that Miss Schoenman considers within the grasp of her Senior classes. Reeves, Mildred, advisor to the United States Senator from Florida. Ripley, Joe, scientific farmer and social leader of the Pottsburg Creek district. Ripley, Wayne, chemical engineer. Has con- cocted a chemical to destroy the hyacinths in the St. Johns. Rudland, Iris, head of the Latin Department in the Atlanta High Schools. Saulnier, Jean, trigonometry teacher in Har- vard. Authority on logarithms. Sauls, Malcolm, end man in Al G. Field's Min- strels. E631 mmm THE ORACLE like D-H-s - 19Q4 -: yi-fm --f----tif---L --H -,-. Q--f Qjnmlj S?--1 W, 3-fe, W in qi, ss C- 155153153 41 Sciutti, Walter, president of Brooks-Scanlon Lumber Company. In spare moments poses for the Woodbury Soap ads. "Keep that School-Girl Complexion." Secord, Florence, woman evangelist. "The Angel of Broadway." Selber, Hyman, shoe-store proprietor. "Where the Styles are Shown First." Shad, Thelma, edits The Tozun Scandal, suc- cessor to The Silhouette. Shimp,, Robert, chief justice of the Supreme Court. An authority on international law. Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, editor of the Atlantic llfonthly. Publishes one of his ten-year- old Oracle poems in each edition of the Monthly. Stringfellow, Frank, the second Al ,lolson of Broadway, now singing his latest song hit, "Wom- an, Woman, Please Believe Me." Stirk, Robert, joke editor of Judge. Occa- sionally supplies the Oracle News of his Alma Mater with a few new jokes. Stewart, Natalie, woman lawyer and judge of the Juvenile Court. Steinmeyer, Corinne, sonnet writer for the Literary Digest. Stearns, George, cashier of the Barnett Bank, and President of the junior Chamber of Com- merce. Starratt, Louise, society belle and recently crowned queen of the Revelers. Smith, Lois, poetess of renown, writes for the Atlantic lllonthly. Smith, lklargaret, woman surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Thames, lVIiriam, teacher of English at Agnes Scott. Townsend, Eva, teaches Normal Training at Tallahassee. Turner, Mary Edith, not a professional woman, but the dearest little wife in the world. Vrieze, Edwin, chief life-guard at Atlantic City. Possesses many medals for bravery. Wall, Clement, colonizer in Cuba. President of the Rotary Club of Havana. Wallace, Markell, leader of the debate in the State's Legislature, advocating higher salaries for the teachers. Wachtel, Alex, a map expert with the Rand- McNally Company. , Walker, Violet, now Mrs. Bob Whitehead. Walker, Mary, senior partner of Walker and Williams, a music store in Richmond, Va. White, Elizabeth, china-painter and interior decorator. White, Ella, costumer with the lyletropolitan Opera House. Wilkerson, Marylouise, suffragette and presi- dent of the Anti-Saloon League. Willard, Dorothy, a housewife who has done much to make housework systematic. Witten, Sam, Mayor of Jacksonville, who has recently succeeded in getting the car line to the beach. Personal motives actuated this move. Wise, Agnes, only Woman who has been super- intendent of Public Instruction. Succeeded G. Elmer Wilbur. ' Youngberg, Helen, has just published a book on Mah Jongg which out-Hoyles Hoyle. Zealy, Mabel, art connoisseur for the lNIetro- politan Art Museum. Professor Rutherford sighed as he closed the book, and smilingly remembered how often he had placed many of these self-same names on the eight- period list. "All the while that I accused them of being loafers and good-for-nothings, I knew that they would all make their marks in this world." Toast to Seniors Cecn. Ross Here's to the grand old Senior Class! It's radiant future, glorious past! Wlzilff we are playing, free from toil. They u'ork and burn the midnight oil.' Their 'works are tidy, ne'er unkempt. Franz final tests they're all exempt. Audacity is quite unknown To those who in their high realm roam! So here's to them, may they never fail In traveling Life's long, rugged trail! l64l THE ORACLE wif' qv D-H-S N 1924 M- 'f 5- ---an Y afxggag..-A--.. ---. fgli nul 'w1mlml,Iqx:-, -x-new A fm: ?' xx if cnc-X83 Cwhds Cwho in the Class of '24 .' 9? Q' 39' a 3. " X wg " E ., ' y - Q , lgh X 55, i1 ., :g. xv .. W Q- - 1 - I' V K ' fi 2, if 'E T T119 1 1 1 T ' " K sf A iff p "- .". ." '. v 'a ja :E 3 rf: Q U Q e,5L Do Ce , O5 Affroffjve lIlg!. . My My f if H Q + g l lg g , 1, Q :I , 1- - X , T .Q A 5- f E A WBC , Q ' A 3 ! V L U' , , . Q3 f . ,-,G .3 X m Q ..-. N1 annum? Midi finest? T ? 3 .E mt X. 13 'K mfg: X fx' -.5 i I N E, ,, 1 5 ww' Q g a ' fm , I E651 Mmm? Simx-rf Qa1n'E X www Q X Www QNX Xwwxw Q W xxx M BNN wx X X EQ TS xg S S LN Nw X. xx Q i Q Q M N E Q X S mi NS Q: Q Sis if S is W- Ki SR si E? ii N SX 5? W N 35 i - Q x L 16 ,fy if fx fm' J QQ C? uf, , , 1 Z 2 Z 2 A 1 F v u E E661 x wx X x X 9 9 EH 5511 EFT E5 50 EF' :W few agu- fig in Q1 SF QCD fl Ep- QLD U0 if-li 5 E 5 5 F91 CLUB WS' FELLO OR NI SE aimiw ,pn x he Senior lielltltvs' Club of '24 HE Senior Fellows' Club of '24 held their first meeting at the home of Robert Brown, on October I6, 1923. The following of- were elected: President, Paul Melsong Vice-President, Arnold Finnefrock, Secretary, George Haydock, Treasurer, Robert Brown 3 Chaplain, Charles Lorraine. Charming Miss Elizabeth Johnson was chosen as Mascot and Professor O. P. VVest was unanimously elected as Honorary member. Black and gold, the colors of previous years, were retained. The fellows numbered sixty-two active mem- bers, and during the year lent their whole-hearted support to everything at Duval. The Oracle News subscriptions were supported one-hundred per cent as was attendance of athletic games, Oracle Annual subscription, season baseball tickets, the Senior Play and all other school activities. The S. F. C. turned its energies to the produc- tion of arecord-breaking Vodvil. The Vodvil and Annual Banquet, the two outstanding activi- ties of the club, number among the most delightful events of the school year. The Vodvil of ,24 was produced under the capable direction of Prof. Gilbert and Prof. West. On Friday, lilarch 21, The club Thespians promenaded before a de- lighted audience, and when the curtain finally fell after the last act, the lwinstrels of ,24, everyone enthusiastically declared Vodvil a complete success. The Annual Banquet was held VVednesday night, June II, at the Seminole Hotel. This is one of the most looked-forward-to events of the ficers Senior year, and well it might be, for the Banquet was indeed a brilliant affair. A delicious course dinner was served, during which toast-master, Paul Melson, the President of the club, presided. After the dinner, dancing was enjoyed until the hours grew small and the Banquet of ,24 was but a pleasant memory. Although these are the outstanding activities, the Senior Fellows by no means limited themselves to these two festivities. Tap Day and the Senior- Junior fights were indulged in with a vigor and many a valiant Senior Fellow has the captured colors of the Juniors tacked up in his room as a brilliant reminder of the gory battle. The initia- tion of the Tap Juniors is also a memorable night for the Senior Fellows in which he revenges him- self and passes on the indignities he suffered when he, himself, was an humble Junior. As the Fellows of ,24 pass through the glories of Commencement and leave the future of the S. F. C. to the Junior Boys who will guide its destinies through ,25, they start on their various paths of life with a happy feeling mingled with regret. The happy high-school days are over and never again shall the carefree circle of faces gather to talk over plans for the improvement of the S. F. C. Yet, as each Fellow turns over his place to the advancing Juniors, he feels that the Club of ,24 has been benefited by his membership and he will always have a warm spot in his heart for the good old S. F. C. of ,24. The S. li. C GEORGE HAYDocK HE S. R. O. sign was hanging outside the Duval Theatre on the night of lwarch 21, 1924. The S. F. C. Vodvil and Greater lXIinstrels of ,24 drew a "full house." Each year the Senior Fellows' Club produce their Annual Show. The production this year was a wonderful success and the efforts of the club "vaudevillians" brought round after round of applause from the delighted audience. Many declared that the aim of the capable directors of the Vodvil, Prof. Gilbert and Prof. West, to produce the "best ever" had been accomplished. The club donated the net profits of the show to the Oracle Annual fund, and it is safe to say the fund was considerably enlarged by this addition, as the performance was a complete financial suc- cess. Vorclfzvil of '24 Leor-man Finxzztsrem The evening's entertainment began with thc opening address by Paul Melson, the President of the S. F. C. 'll-ians von Smash," the Senior act, a side-split- ting farce, depicting the ludicrous situations a Dutch immigrant gets himself into as a result of his meager knowledge of English, came next on the program. Hans von Smash was played by Sam Witten, and his manipulation of the Dutch brogue was very clever as was his make-up and acting. Katie, an Irish servant-girl, was admir- ably played by Marcus Endel, who also was very clever with his brogue. Winthrop Hull as Mr. Batch, the farmer who employed Hans, closely approached the professional in his acting. Frank Boggs as Henry Dasher and Robert Brown as John Prettyman, were very well fitted for the part 671 vllllllllllllllw THE ORACLE pl -, C s or D-H-S N 1994 - +14-f-1--f----M , , ,Ye---, W -. -r-'P --,K -0.7 V Yi, wi-nu.. ydgizu eggs, ee xm., ee astra, ee :EDD ce C79 xx cm, of handsome young suitors and carried their roles in splendid shape. Two female impersonaters in the persons of Charles Brown and Miles Knott rivaled the famed Raymond Hitchcock with their very ingenious make-up and portrayal of the part of two sweet young ladies. "Foolishly Speaking," with George Haydock and Joe Durkee furnishing the foolishness, ap- peared next. These two kept the audience in gales of laughter with their mock acrobatic feats and jokes. Durkee was attired as a business man while Haydock's make-up as a country rube was extremely comical. The Musical act followed. Leonard Finkel- stein, "the Daddy of the Violin", with the ac- companiment of Robert Brown at the piano, ren- dered some very difficult selections. A saxophone quartette tried its hand at the dispensement of harmony. The saxophonists were: William Mob- ley, Charles Davidson, Clement Wall and Leon- ard Finkelstein. Charles Lorraine also appeared with his educated trumpet and added to the syn- copation. "Taking Father's Place, ' the Junior act, was a one-act comedy showing the havoc a college grad- uate with text-book ideas of business caused in his father's office during the father's temporary ill- ness. Charlie Edwards, the graduate, was played by Aaron Oberdorfer, who was possessed of a very good stage presence and carried his part well. Tom King played the part of Dennie, an office- boy, and his interpretation of this difficult role was splendid. Charles Tutewiler was a gum-chewing stenographer, and Wayne Gregory as Tom jones, a bookkeeper, played these characters excellently. William Barfield in the role of Mr. Grabbit, a customer of the firm was extremely clever. George Mozo, as Gladioala Penrose, a book agent, and Gordon Blitch, as Mrs. Edwards, the wife of "Father," impersonated the weaker sex in such a way that some of the audience were in doubt as to whether these characters were boys or girls. Tom Dechman as Henderson Edwards, the ill father, was admirably fitted to the part and his acting was of the best. , Ralph Cooper and Rudolph Helvenston, in "Flukes and Ukes," delighted the audience with their catchy songs, funny jokes and a banjo-man- dolin duet. That they were a hit was evidenced by the fact that they were encored time after time. After a short intermission, the climax of the performance was under way. The curtain rose displaying an elaborate minstrel setting lighted up in many colors. A large electric sign hung from the middle of the stage containing the word "Duval." In all the setting was the best and most expensive ever seen produced in a Senior Fellows Club Vodvil. As interlocutor, John Markham would have 7 been hard to beat. He spoke clearly and made a very good appearance. A special chorus of ten men added much to the melody of the songs, being divided into alto and bass sections. This chorus included Harold Darby, Malcolm Sauls, Win- throp Randolph, Rudolph Helvenston, Paul Bradley, Paul Melson, Walter Scuitti, Frank Carroll, George lwartin and Ed Henry. To assist them in carrying out the lead were: John Danese, Markell Wallace, Joe Durkee, Ed- ward Anderson, Lewis Clayton, Elwood Padgett, Sidney Jammes and Nathan Newman. Ralph Cooper and George Haydock were very clever in the jokes and songs, and proved worthy of their position as extreme end men. Charles Davidson, Jack Addington, Ben Fow- ler and Aimar Paine also showed their ability as black-face comedians and caused much laughter among the audience. Each helped put their part over with a song. One of the feature specialties of the Miiistrel was a clown dance by Frank Boggs, Charlie Tucker, Sam Witten, Winthrop Hull and Tom Slade. Especially clever was Sam Witten, who demonstrated his dancing ability by performing many difficult steps, while the other four paired off indulgingly, in love scenes. This dance received the most applause given that night and was en- cored four times. In other specialties Frank Stringfellow as an Egyptian dancer, Miles Knott as a Japanese girl, and Jimmie Wadsworth as "Old Black Joe," add- ed much to the finish of the Minstrel. Paul Melson, Paul Bradley, George lVIartin, Rudolph Helvenston, and Malcolm Sauls, un- dertook the burden of producing the ballads, and accomplished their tasks well. Malcolm Sauls proved to be the prince of the ballad singers and was applauded exceptionally well. The music was furnished by the S. F. C. Orchestra composed of Leonard Finkelstein fleaderj, violin, Robert Brown, piano, Charles Lorraine, trumpet, and Henry Boyer, '22, drums. The program included the following songs: Ofverture--Ensemble. ', ' ' , Solo-"In the Land of Rice and Tea," Paul' Melson, Nofvelty, Orchestra-End Men. Solo-"When Will the Sun Shine for Me?" Paul Bradley. Dancing Dan-"Lip-Stick" Davidson. "Mamma's Gonna Slow You Down," by "Creosote" Haydock. Solo-"Last Night," by George Martin. Dance-f'Breath of Spring," by the Quintette. Negro Spiritual-"Way Up Yonder," the Dixie Melody Ten. "Shouldn't Taste From Herring," by "Tree-Top" Payne. "Take Those Lips Away," by f'Oswald" Addington. Solo-"How I Believe In You," by Malcolm Sauls. "Pm Going South," by "Powder-Puff" Fowler. "Yodel Song," Rudolph Helvenston. "Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo," by 'fPrudential" Cooper. Finale-"A Little Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way," Ensemble. 631 v" THE ORACLE All D-H-S N 1 QQ4 5-3"' Q' H ff ff CMC ff If J-B 'f ig in-Ai77f1-,-1943: -mfriiiiiw. ' fa, ,fm ,Ay if ,, 4, , f, , . . ,,, ,,,, ,, , L. 'v ? M, Za li ff 4 f Z 2 H af l 7, W f , u fl? ' ' 4' wi, ' I nfl 1 ?,L:Y,,- Q51 ,, .1m,,, .QVC ,, QUQ ,, dv, ,, qi.. i 3 1 Q , 1 fi i Q, , , 1 i , 4 .gg-J1"d'f- Wm ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,, ,,,,, f W ,,,,, , N ,,,,,. ,, W, WW. .M ff M-I Avvrr I ,,,, WMWWMM ,,,,f A WW. ,,,,,..,,,, V ,,,,,ff,,,ff,,,,,,,ff 0 , W,,M,Wc ., f-' 'i gb! gan. ,- I .J .HJ 1 ,. I Sw fu, Q W ji' 1. . ,-fl Y. 2 2 3 3 i .V S 3 g A 5 5 . 1 'kv WWWW, ,,,,,, M .. .,,.,,,., N ,,,, WWW ,.,W,,., Z if 2 QM g 1 if ZZ QA 1 . W 8.2 , A Z 4- 75 , . 5 , in F .Qi . IW f . 3 A ,N Z, 4 , Y' ,. F! if hifi! ii' f, f 1? r', V? 1' K. A4 AY w 4, wi 22 QQ W, Z Q , .rig . 5- .Q I - ' , ii X ff i' X us Y , 'Q 5' ,' ,. My , My A 1 1 5 A, ff 5 . 51- 4 WV W ,,,, Y., . Y .,,, , V,,,,, ,M ,,,, M WWW, ,,,ff. .W,,,W,,,W, I l70l ,,,,, ,, EE 1 J Q s 1 9 4 G 1 u G Q 2 xl fi RLS' CLUB GI SENIOR H UL' Q1 5 cv H Q1 e,LS,. J . ij TL' I CD I P-4 ao w as XP THE ORACLE 5 D H S N19 "i' l 1 ...mull hllllu... . .. - - . . -,.,..s .. Q- -147 -i-f -,iz 3:5714 . 5,7 3, wx Q Nm difqekfi :gave-.G Eiza.-:. -1-y- - - -1sx- -1- --x-:1::-.A-!- -1- .,c.- , . Senior Girls' Club CTOBER I 1, 1923, was a day of great excite- ment among the Senior girls. The first meeting was held for the purpose of elect- ing ofiicers for the coming year. Those elected to lead the club were: Elizabeth Crenshaw, Presi- dent 3 Leslie Gray, Vice-President 3 Ann Page, Sec- retary, Mary Averitt, Treasurer, lylartha Alder- man, Chaplaing Helen McLeod, Sergeant-at- Arms. lilr. Payne was chosen to be the Honorary member. One of the most important oliices to be filled was that of mascot. Joe Durkee was the fortunate winner. On the morning of October 16th, at recess, his initiation into the S. G. C. circle took place. At the second meeting the pledge and rules of S. G. C. were read and accepted. Plans were then discussed for the initiation into the club, of those Seniors who had not been tapped the year before. This proved to be quite an exciting event. Leslie Gray offered her home in the country for the initiation. On the afternoon of October 25th, pandemonium reigned supreme. The girls gathered in front of school and went out in cars. As for what happened after that, well-just ask one of the unfortunate ones!!! About this- time an important addition was made to the club, Miss Maude Woodward being made an Honorary member. For the next few weeks all Senior girls were very busy preparing for the grand event of the year-the S. G. C. jubilee. This clever entertainment was pre- sented in the Woman's Club on the evening of Decem- ber 7th, and proved to be a "howling success" in every respect. Another "Red-Letter" day for the club was on Febru- ary Sth. At this time under the auspices of the club, Mrs. Florence Gilbert Hanscomb, a talented reader, gave a recital in the auditorium of the Central Gram- mar School. Her selections were a number of clever pianologues and several delightful readings. Always ready for something new and exciting, the girls set aside March 14th as "Kid Day". On this day, every single girl, yes, every single one, no matter how dignified and proper, dressed in kid clothes. Short dresses and hair ribbons bobbed here and there in the halls. At recess, kid games were played while pepper- mint candy and peanuts passed here and there. This day will always remain as one of the happiest of our entire year. As is the custom, at the close of each year the girls who were tap members in turn tap some Junior girl into the club. This interesting event took place on May 15th at recess and the following Friday, May 23rd, the task of initiating them took place. These are only a few of the good times of the Senior girls, of ,24-. They will always remain the brightest, happiest days of our whole life. For such days leave a sweet and tender memory of our care-free, happy girl- hood. Senior Girls of '25, we bequeath to you the record book, the Jubilee custom, and best of all, the high standards of S. G. C. Be loyal and stand by it in all of its undertakings, keep true to its highest ideals, and its purposes of upholding Duval and making it a better and worthier institution. S. G. C. Jubilee RIDAY night, December 7th, in the VVoman's Club, the Senior Girls' Club of 1924 pre- sented the annual Jubilee. The club house was taxed to its capacity. When standing room was no longer available, the doors were closed and many were turned away. An appropriate overture was rendered by the Duval Orchestra under the leadership of lilr. Gilbert, following which Elizabeth Crenshaw, president of the club, made a speech, telling brief- ly the purpose of the club and its entertainment, and thanking everyone who had so kindly con- tributed to its presentation. The first number was a quaint little folk dance given by eight girls dressed in peasants' costumes. The next skit was given by the junior Girls' Club. It consisted of an interpretation of modern songs by sev- eral of the modern girls. Elizabeth Meacham's inter- pretation of "My Buddy" and "Downhearted Blues," by Toppy Dart, were exceptionally good. The next part of this act was entitled "Duval's Shining Stars." This was a clever portrayal of Duval football stars, preparing to make a touchdown. . Following this was an "Uncle Remusn Pantomxme presented by four Senior girls. Mary Kinsey as Br'er ll Rabbit and Bobby Cannon as Br'er Fox created much amusement. Isabelle Clymore was splendid in the dramatic read- ing entitled "Zingarella.', One of the most amusing numbers on the entire pro- gram was the Symphony Quartette under the direction of Alberta Jacobs. Their rendition of the "The Three Blind Mice" kept the audience in an uproar. Eulalie Haas next gave a dance which was greatly appreciated. The Seven Ages of American Women were cleverly and artistically presented. Mary Averitt as a belle of 1860 was charming and Helen McLeod as the golf girl was quite striking. The final act, a play entitled "Miss Parkington," proved to be the crowning event of the evening. It was staged excellently and those who took part are to be commended for the splendid way in which they per- formed. The closing feature was the ensemble by the Senior Girls.of '24. At this time joe Durkee, mascot of the club, was introduced to the audience. The jubilee was a financial success, two hundred dollars being given to the Oracle Annual. The great success of the Jubilee would not have been realized but for the skillful management of the execu- tive staff and the able direction of Miss VVoodward and Professor West. 711 THE ORACLE 1 D-H-S f1924M k EW, .2 .T ,, ,, fO,..,, QW, ,, QW, ,f Un, ,, f SJXX fuk- XX-uf, A mrfxx 1 D X. 71 H E., ig Nfxfk. x a--...J If E721 . TID Ml Mlm THE ORACLE D-H-8 N 1924 -' 5' 4 va- 1 1 - rf: 1 9 Nu T 1 - n iT-'-:-xQL--F-xxx--V--xxx: -r-L..-.-lg,5A,.,.. - -, ' Axw..-1,3 :i,:.3.e:.,..f" ii"yTf"' 731,13 ,gg fTj3 , -1 -N ,,,u,xx "Whose Little Bride Are Yom?" N presenting "Whose Little Bride Are You ?" to one of the largest and most enthusiastic audiences ever assembled at the Duval Theatre, the Senior Class of ,24 added new laurels to Duval's name in the dramatic field. The play was given on the evening of Friday, lllay 16, and its great success was due to the well-trained cast, the untiring efforts of the coaches, the various com- mittees composing the business staff and every one who assisted in its staging. The play, a lively little comedy, is from the facile pen of Edith Ellis, and in selecting this vehicle the class broke away from the established precedent of presenting amateur plays and invad- ed new fields-"Who's Little Pride Are You ?" is unique in that no one character is the outstand- ing star and its success depended upon the united efforts of the entire cast. The plot is a pleasing rollicking one, the stage settings were admirable and the costuming excellent. The play is a story of a mistaken identity and romance, abounding with all sorts of complications. The action of "Whose Little Bride Are You ?" takes place in the living room of Dr. Bellow's residence in Rahway, Florida. The doctor, a well-to-do widower, comes across some old love letters from a boyhood sweetheart, which causes the old flame to burn once again and deciding to remarry, he sends for his Amelia whom he re- calls as tall and slender, with limpid eyes and a rosebud mouth. His daughter is not desirous of 'Zhi-T Y Yiiir' if-if a wedding in the family unless she is the bride and information is received of the intended visit of a young man, matrimonially inclined, who is the nephew of an old college chum of her father. The young man is to arrive on Thursday and to impress his expected guests the physician engaged a butler through an employment agency, who is also to come Thursday. The young man and butler get mixed on arriving time and the daugh- ter, wearing an apron, is taken for the maid, the latter having dressed up to attend the circus. The entrance of Mrs. Tobin, the bride-to-be, who weighs two hundred pounds and possesses a very strident and positive manner, with her young son, Georgie, cause more complications. Another visitor, a widow, with a small but knowing daugh- ter, has already marked the widower as her own and is about to lose him, when daughter, kept in knee-length clothes and socks to disguise her mother's age, gets the badly matched and badly mixed people straightened out. The curtain finally descends on five couples, all more or less in love, about to set sail on the sea of matrimony. Alexander Stephens, as the retired physician, with an excitable disposition and a tendency for romance, portrayed his part most admirably. Ruth Jones, the designing widow, conqueror of four husbands, played her role very capably. Sam Witteil, as the stocky English butler with a cockney accent, brought forth every bit of humor from his role. 4' 'rg 1. p , f ff -1 eeeu 5-' 1 , .g g , , it I 731 . mfllllllllllu . L "FV 'f C d fair' 'mil' 'LES'-' " "f "-A III. I Il,al "f1EB'2' xx -413: wguzbxx di v Jul lv . , v THE ORACLE ffqllf' "Ip DPH-S N19 4 2? 'Em Q'5avanDeudl Sinai of 1 FM nwwgwf nw l unnmwm WWW S W W I f'i N N ! W' SLOTI-I . . INTEMPERANCE PRIDE . . PASSION . . BOLSHEVISM . GLUTTONY . TEMPTATION . TI-IE DEVIL . I74I Chalhela' Anthony Elizabeth Yohnmn Martha Alflerrnai -7!lfT6!l6 Harrell Leslie Gray Harrie! Pallen Claire Murphy Winthrop Hal! T1-IE ORACLE fm DH s 19 4 1, ,.mllll.IIIIllum -,..,,,-,. M-,-,--f 4, Wi , N Q A V ,L bqxz K , T . -,... -X,...--x...,.-- -1 -1157 ' ' ,- SENIIOR LITERARY Xf, Ziff X KEf' -'fl1if R5 j KL Q X lgxx sv 1.5 X F2 X ,ff gf' jg! X 'ZX Q I75I WWW r D-H-S N 1994 e 'ff Egw5YQJ:!Twyilr:?rQl?e1'Sii:51Sis--953ifEv My Dream-Place PARKER CAPPS Y DREAM-PLACE is calling, for it is twilight -the time of day when I like to steal away from the noise of the world and dwell for a while with Nature. Day is reluctantly gathering up her subjects, Toil and Care, and retiring westward in all the splendid glory of a powerful sovereign, retreating before her inevitable successor, Night. It is a wonderful time, this breathless interval between the retreat of Day and the triumphant descendancy of Night. My dream-place is a hidden spot, sheltered by the overhanging moss, and as I gently guide my canoe among the water lilies I scarcely breath lest I frighten away the wood-spirits and the water- fairies that dwell there. I pause at the doorway of their peaceful abode before I drift around the edge of the clear pool, now molten gold from the reflection of the fading heavens, to sit and marvel at the handiwork of Nature. This little fairy home, with only the sky as a roof, is bounded by willows that dip their long fingers into the cooling depths of the pool and whisper secrets to the azure blossoms that drink at the water edge. The tiniest of ripples play along the miniature shore line of the darkened pool. Even the little white pebbles seem content. Night has fallen. I glide slowly away, carrying with me a never-to-be-forgotten vision of my dream-place. Q1-4GQS59w-ku To a Rose SARA CLARK Your petals wet with dewdrops Give out a fragrance rare. Your cheeks are pink with blushes, 0 Rose, so sweet and fair! Old memories you bring me 0f a moonlight night now gone, Of a nightingale a-singing A sweet old Southern song. Old dreams of a vine-clad arbor, Of a rose in its full bloom, 'Twas wet with tears from Heaven, And the fragrance of the June. And she who plucked it, fairer Than the rose she gave to me, With her eyes alight with star-beams, And her hair a midnight sea. But the rose is dry and faded, The hand that pluckifd it, gone, But its fragrance lives forever, ln my heart like an old love song. 761 X' D S 1924- TI-IEy ORACLE thfllfl Ulf D-H- - -"-1'1 gW.- . .1 -Hiif -,gsm ---. P .'VI. M 'W twigs.-' ,W .e , N lost illllss. of the "3lnferno" iliecently Biscobereo ! , gf' W nh as il maDe my Dreary tnay o'er the arch which crosseh j A Y.,h i' Q the gap leaDing to the tent pit, Zi hearD boices as of souls W Q. i 3 up murmuring in a confuseo roar. QnD as 3 ga3eD fixeDly in, ' gi jr to the Depths yalnning beneath me, lo, there came to my nos- 4 trils the oDors of a burning region anD the infernal fumes ' ' 'D anD carbon bisulphiDe. The tphole pit lpas as of nitric oxi e enhelopeD in bapors of bromine anD of sulfur. Jfear smote me anD il tooulh fain liabe DeparteD from that region of gloom anD suffocation. Nut my noble leaDer sayeth unto me,".1fear not, for thou tpast in thine earthly life a scientist who DeigneD not to make of thyself a quaD: rupeD that thou mightest unDerstanD biology. jaor DiDst thou Drinb of the fountain of aqua fortis to ascertain tphether it tooulD be a plague to ' thy stomach anD a burning to thy bitals, as that honoreD prophet of olD ll lphom ye in your blasphemy tnoulDst call 'illincle QBbie' DiDst foretnarn I you. Chou DiDst not Drink the alcohol or Display thy musical skill up: on the trash can." So, thus encourageD, Il DescenDeD the long incline I anD tuonoerful to tell, the bile bapocs fleD before me anD a shaft of light I tnas left penetrating to the bottommost Depths. Qll arounD me 35 perceibeD nothing but Dirt anD confusion. 2-'lt ,I length Lil became accustomeD to the uproar anD behelD a company of ' TE their tpretcheD ears tnere SbaDes bounD in a reclining position. o fasteneD huge trumpets of great tneight, one of tnhich extenDeD into the t black maters of the Satygian stream. Qlnb 3 ,air anD the other into he tnquireh of my noble leaDer anD in such h1orDs he maDe anslner to me: ibearest thou not? These are those false musicians tpho tpoulD rob man of all peace anD quietuDe tpith their clamor. Ulihey are tormenteD ' eberlastingly by the barbaroiis saxaphone. QnD so are the trumpets affallllfb that they must enDure ebery note twice." ?lnD as il tpent fortparh in my course il behelD another group all UHSUP rttgageo in a seemingly literary pursuit. Ulihey tprote in a Dark UUIU which eber anD anon seemeD to banish as soon as they haD tnritten. ?lnD 11 again hesought my stneet leaDer, "who is that fell monster tnho stanDs ober them, holDing eben as they, pen anD parchment?" QnD he lf'2Pll2U,"ZEbat is he tphom they in the brighter tnorlo tnere mont to call Jfl?55U1' 3h s.' Ulhey are tpriting 'sections' anD he holDs in his hanD ELI eber the orDer to conDemn to the lotner torments the first tpho may cease in his labor." Qllso 35 perceiheD a thirD group anD he straighttpay explaineD un: I heresies upon the Wmff 'TEDBSB are they who publisheD their fou blaclzboarD anD thus DiD corrupt the gentle spirits of the Jfreshmen anD 'b nto ou all of the horrors lphich 4 the inDustrious stuhents Qlnh il shall not be able to Descri e u y that fearsome place incluDeD. Gne banD there mas tnho in their sore Distress crieD eternally night anD Day ",1fessor!,1fessor!" Ulhere also MP2 H1052 'Bbq lpere compelleD eher to laugh anD so great mas their Distress that, pitiable to relate, they haD lost nearly all human features ahh 8DPeareD to my astonisheD eyes like unto that most noble of his binD. the Donkey. when DID Il inflate myripings lpith helium anD maDe haste to flee f'Fm,fbat ffuflffmon lnhich Doth not habe any regarD for the Dibine principle of the ltfonserbation of Energy." Qlcx ie. mrobmerlael f ff ll' W ll! ' ,,"t ,l,,,!,, ,VNVV I In I mlllllllllllllllu THE ORACLE D-H-S - 1924 -- ff---in-if--0I-1-141:iii--1-F6111-iii?- izf?4 M ss xmq W :max-nazi XX In the Palazzo Dei Famesi JIM Bos BROWN 1ETRo ascended the stairway before me. It was with a strange mixture of awe and en- chantment that I followed. Grasping the finely wrought iron railing I raised my eyes to the ceiling of the venerable palace, so many years the home of his fathers. Past us shot aged pillars in the shapes of slender urns and from their lips high above us issued vines and foliage, which, winding itself about the massive supports, finally was lost in the twilight of the groined arches above-a garden in stone. To the right was a wall of solid masonryg on the left we steered down into the audience hall now obscured by thick shadows. All was gloomy and fast losing form in the twilight. Now at the head of the stairway, my friend turned to the right, and throwing open a light door framed in bronze, he stepped out upon a nar- row balcony overlooking the surrounding territory for miles. As the door opened and I followed, again I stepped into a land of dreams exquisite beyond compare. Moonlight Hooded the entire scene: the flashing waters of the bay belowg the peaks and crags that fringed it to the southward, and in the far distance beyond, the impassible, silent and majestic plains of the desert. Pietro was silent. As he gazed below he recalled the visions of his beloved Arnalh as he had viewed it from the old monastery on the heights above. He thought of his own life, cheq- uered as it was, like the leafy arabesque wrought by the creepers and vines on the wall behind him, and instinctively there came to his lips the words of his countryman of Sorrento: Qual rugiada o qual pianto qual lagrime cran quelle che sparger vidi dal notturno manto e dal candido volte de le stelle? etc. As he completed the stanza of Tasso-I caught sight of a figure pacing the narrow beach below. Extending my arm over the railing in its direction as in question, he answered me, "It is the hermit of the rocks of the Sidra." Handing me a pair of glasses he added, "Look closer and you will dis- cover the reason for his unseasonable vigils." I looked, and viewing more minutely his fea- tures, I found him buried in deep thought. "Ah! the same as ours," I replied. "Yes, the same," murmured Pietro, turning from the scene with emotion. Together we descended and sought sleep in the chambers of the Palazzo dei Farnesi. The Storm SARA CLARK The wind has lashed the waves into a rage, And hurls them, wild and stormy, on the shore. It shetches figures on the grey sand-page Of green-eyed water nymphs of old sea-lore. The sand has heaped theadunes in mystic mounds, And robed the palms in deathly grey-white shroudsg The waves blend with the wind in war-like sounds, And blach-clad horsemen ride among the clouds. The roar and flash of arms announce the storm, A steel-grey sheet of rain clouds land and sea, Then spirit-like the Sun-God takes his form And stills the wave and quiets the tortured tree. He sweeps away the blach and cloudy pall And spreads his azure mantle over all. Life Sco1'r Moon: I stood and heard the ocean's ceaseless roar, I watched the foaming breakers rise on high .fls they have risen centuries gone by, And will continue when we are no more. Thus we may see this life is but the shore Where human beings like the sea shells lie, A few short years to live, and then to die. Belonging to the sea forever more. For death is but the tide that we await To wash us on into eternity. The tide that reaps its harvest day by day, That gathers every man-some soon, some late, Regardless of how high his state may be, Respecting neither golden hairs nor gray. E781 RTMIWEX To lllost wondrous of the flowers, Is the bright-blue phlox, Now freshened by the showers,-- The best of Nature's stock. Far above the common rose, Or others that will Drink the dew and soon will close, Is the flower of the hill. a Plilax Joe BRYSON Your presence is a delight, It brings a little cheer, And helps make our burdens light You are welcome all the year. Of the flowers that sip the dew, Some red, and others blue, And all the shades, however new, You are the one forever true. To a Carnation Thy scarlet flash of beauty, lllidst the garden's solemn green, Helps to make the world more happy Than to us it now may seem. It adds a bit of color To the dreary winter day, When all the world seems other Than cheerful, bright and gay. So when I'm sad and weary Disheartened or forlorn I come to thee, mon cheri, And my spirits are reborn. Farewell Ocle to the Oracle MARY LINNING 4, 0 Oracle, our farewell thoughts of thee, Are like unto a beauteous melody, Through gladsome strains a minor tone is heard, As oft recurs in lilting song of bird, A dominant undertone in soft refrain, Sad music makes, for joy is mixed with pain, That soon old Du'val's doors will open wide, As we go forth on Life's long road, untried. So let us now pay homage unto thee, Dear 0racle,' we pledge true fealty. E791 F THE ORACLE D-H-S M1994 1 " 'W 'f 'ww' W " 'M " 1iiwSaa..Q,?.gLm 'mg A 'mv X' WMD 1 BRIGHT LIGHTS OF DUVAL E801 .lb THE ORACLE D-H-S N 19124 EM -L H GDL ff fm? ff arp ff- wp ff me " 3L,wMWJu,' -K--:nb A 'EJ W Umbxxmb A mwv, qu, S j:4 Q, A , 5 ifiij g 7 X f 355' .Q "id K Q W "iff K 417' -WW ,c+,4j-s fg, 124- ..., ISI! QWWWM ,,,,,,, . ,,,,.,,, N ,,,h ,. ,,.,, ., ,,,,, , ,, ,NM ,,,,, ,, ,,, , ,Jw f we ZH 4 2 2 V77 4 Qui ,D Lg, Q95 ii f ,,, THE ORACLE D-H-S -1924 pm ""uq..., Wd. lk, v ff,,W,,,M,,, 'W ffff W-MH f ff-.f-fff.V H ,W ,, . ,,,,,, ,.,, , ,W V ,,,,, MM, , ,,,. ,,.,, N ,,,W1-fy., ,,,,,, ,.,, , . ,MW . ,,,. ,,,, ?,,WW,wmxVL.. .. ,,.,,.., , ,, ,W ,,,,,,, ,. ,,.., WW MM, f . .f f ff PE f f Z W f Z W X W ffff , , Z W W W 4 W z Wi 52? Z, fi E Q, fi 5 4 fi i Wa W M2 24 7 E321 ,N W.,,, , fffvvff W ,,,, ,,,,,,,,M,,,M, q ll lr J 5 Y. U Q U m u Q -E r 9 F f f F U 4 9 V 4 Q 2 OR CLASS JUNI W? THE ORACLE il s 1 D-H-S N-199.4 .H 1. nam., A-,-gg., xx-uibxx-:gpg xtq .- -e-35" Jggg Jil 5 .1 4 L :ff ii 'vi ailhf' , 'wi ' :..Paii i:SJ: 7 2'.q ,, H vi QQ-- 1 ,ff-.., M, Z , .1 vumioir Class Officers Top-GORDON BLITCH, Serretaryg ELIZABETH MEACHAM, Mano! Bottom-MARY BRYANT, l'i1'1--Pr1sid1nt,- Tom DECHMAN, Presidrntg Rxcrulzn BARNES, Trrasurer Nature ED. BEARDSLEY Pivturf Il 11i11, Il rising sun, 11 r11in-s-z1'1'111'1l rifvifr on the rung Put in some glistening morning dmv, 111111 in thf' Ili5f!l7ll'l' ll 11110 or tivo. 11 rabbit hopping o'1'r the turf, y'Ill'i7ly no notin' of th1' mirth. Of tho frrsh gfl'l'7l 1111111115 on X'LL'l1-Viilg trres, 1110111111 by flu' su'1'1't Spring morning 11r1'1'z1'. Trrfs, fiouvrs, birds, rifu lVi7lf!'f', Spring, Sunzmer, F1111,' Liff11' X1!'f'fJj' l1111111s that 11711111 is ,V11tur1f, if it 1331 The sf1'111f11y 1'r1'1'ping of Il sn11l'1', Thr !'f0I1l'i7ly frogs out in the 1IlZ'f' Hmong the flowers b1'ne11th the trrrs fl drow of nwtar-s1'el'ing bers. KIIIOU6' 1111 this, p11int in the sky 1-1 florl' of f!'l'I'jf 11011115 on 11igh,' Tint the l'10lld5 zvifh Il 1l1'1i1'11t1' pink, Put in sonzr gulls that risf' and sink rr, 1111, nod,- isn't God? J WWX . Illlllln., g I p 'ips D-H-S --1924 -Us ss inf --- -EE X- nll N A Utopian School LTHOUGH it was evident that I would be late to school I made no effort to hurry but sauntered across the street, my mind in a dreamy haze as to what excuse to offer for not preparing my English theme, and wishing very earnestly that the school would fall in, burn down, or do something equally as improbable. In this state of semi-consciousness I saw an automobile approaching and although I made every effort to dodge it I was glad a little later that I hadn't, for if I remember correctly it picked me up ever so gently and carried me to the very door of the most magnificent and enormous school that one might conjure. It must have been three hundred stories high. Cn opening the door an electric rolling-chair came into place in front of me. Presuming this was for me, I got into it. I had no sooner done this than the chair moved forward until it came to a large room with a sign over the door: "Prin- cipal's Office." Entering this room I saw a kind-looking gentle- man sitting in one of the many Morris chairs which decked the office and reading a fur-covered book entitled: "How to Pass Students Without Study." He looked up at my approach and told me to sit down and throwing his book down he explained to me that he preferred fur-covered books because they were so quiet when dropped. Next he introduced himself as Prof. I. B. Liberal and handed me a box of bon-bons, saying that chocolate candy was distributed regularly in his school as he thought it essential to high mental and physical development. just at this moment the rolling chair came up and a student appeared. He was greeted by a cheery "Hullo! Better late than neverlu from the principal, who, turning to me, explained that he approved of students being late as it gave them more time to sleep late in the morning. He next asked me what class I preferred to enter and when I selected the Junior Class he looked very grave, and said that the entrance examinations to that class were ,very hard as the entrant was com- pelled to understand the meaning of five out of ten jokes taken from the College Humor Magazine which he stated had a wide circulation in his school. He informed me that he would have the examination ready on the following day and that I need not bring pencils or pens because he would supply them so as to leave my mind free from all care and for today to go to my classes with the boy whom he introduced as Will B. Tardy. We went into the hall to catch the elevator go- ing up and while waiting Will explained that it was a general rule for the pupils to have the first two periods so that they might get their lessons, as home-work was forbidden, and also for those whoawere late, so that they would not miss any classes, as this was considered a serious offense, and only a very good excuse was accepted, such as over- sleeping, or the car being late. We then got into an elevator with big rocking chairs here and there and were carried to the top fioor where VVill's class was to begin. This class was a study of the Back to the Land Movement and the pupils were forced to descend in elevators to the first Hoor to appreciate this movement. The fourth period consisted of making a proper menu for lunch and was indeed a very brilliant class as a whole. Recess was occupied by serving these menus to their respective compilers and ex- tra dessert was given for exceptionally good menus. Fifth period embraced the ideas advanced by a skeptic society that every cloud has a silver lining and that there were none so blind but what they can see. Sixth period was given to the technical knowledge of proof-reading of comic papers. The seventh period class is entirely for those who wish to stay for athletics or bathing purposes. VVill said that this class was unusually very well attended but that we had better go down stairs to the base- ment and see the motion-picture show that was given every evening by way of recreation for the students' overtaxed minds. While going down the brake lever must have gotten stuck for all I can remember was a breath-taking descent, a hor- rible crash and a voice by my side saying: "Doctor, do you think he will be all right?" and an answer of: "I hope so, but he is in a very serious condi- tion. That automobile must have been coming pretty fast." s+1 B. " nitllm THIN .1 H u., E O E xg, Spring GILBERT TAYLOR I t's Spring! The birds are calling, Their voices falling Un the ear, Sweet and joyous notes sounding Far and near. It's Spring! All the flowers gay Smile the live long day At the sky, And watch the fleecy clouds as They jioat by. It's Spring ! When all the things are glad And colors are mad, Happiness lt's Spring! And the green leaves new Cloathe the trees in bright hue And the time I-las come when poets think of Making rhyme. It's Spring! Just a while ago All was under snow. Everything Was sad and dull, but now for Joy they sing! As betokened in every Breeze's caress. To a Water Oak Rxcnmm BARNES Thou noble monarch of our trees, Whose arms to Heav'n extend, Owning dependence to that Power, Which doth thy strength send. And at thy feet, when springtime comes, The pale wild violets bloom. There, in thy cool, refreshing shade. They brighten up the gloom. Among thy boughs the evening winds Play with the Spanish moss, Waving it slowly back and forth, Like so much silken floss. And, oft upon a summer night, The mocking bird doth sing Upon a high and moonlit bough, And makes the woodlands ring. Here in the vast green solitude, ln place by God selected, - You do the work he planned for you, Alone and undetected. I 85 J N .ILHIMM , THE ORACLE D-I-If-S 'S' 1924 ,W-,"-'-f --- ,wer--Q , - -P , 3, --,, f -Q, ,jill K FIV, noun., A -gp., W qnnf Kamp xx QM XL -1 H.: A fi-E A Dreolmerys Fate ELIZABETH LARZEI ERE fl hoy sal zlrranzing of Ihr' timf Uflzmz srhool would hr no morr find hr foulrl sjwnzl his only dime To fsh along the shore. Hut it was limi' to Ihinl' of Frenrh, .ind hr was far away! llzf sau' a riwr and a bench lfVh1'rz' hz' rould dream all zlay. lyhilr hr was dreaming irlfasant dreams Of frzwlom by the brook, Thr' lvarlzffr with his eyrs aglfanz Glamwl at his half-rlosm' hook. N"'S i.. N? X "Boy, boy! Come rraa' for mf."' fl slfrn 'voirf fallfzl hinz harly' "VVhy, sir," l'l'if'Il starflfvl Billy LW, "I zvas "way off the fraflxu Poor Billy did his 'very brst But that was wry poor, flnd so he trottrd dozen the hall His mind slill on the moor. Anil if you 1lon't lilsf' to go Ilome as did poor Billy, .lust l'!'f'f7 your thoughts on Frenfh and srhool And a'on't zvorl' zlally-dilly. mf Q. O fall lf X ff ls 86 1 THE ORACLE , D-H-S N 1924 grm- ff-img 'W-fair ff ww If - Y :EMjy,f -VHP 'X dm:-KEEPS Y' QDDY' 'A ' :CE -ji-?iWK,,AV, ag 91 X fx 9 ' Efii. pf X F ' XI .J J Q 5 I bg, w b 1 -- ., 5 uf Q-I -jf Q J wf Q LES I 'I fa' XE fs 4 '15 auf 4 6 P l J Lg -N '.3Q1-4,!, .fgiil W1 if- -4 r I'-' f? N 1 f ,. A' l fF13 i55ff 7'i l ff' :SR I-fa W 3 125. xx xHfX ' Ax jj Q1 I 1 Ai ' nf. Xf f?:-- 1Xfi"'L?Y'V K ,,,-f -5 A ' R ,fl R 4 K X ,,Q"'- X ' Y Y X X, ,.,, -xx - '? 'T-X f f g ff A WSA f X Q Q M ,I ffl fa fy fwvamgq ffl! Q 654 E371 THE ORACLE f,Il+'5Q2T3,1p-' D-H-S N192-4 e.1jII:I:,'l 'X X' I ,ij sb f-:rss m- C-nab wc1z:::xxQ'eF!,Q-1111--X-,GE N ophomore ClIc1Iss U oers TOP-N.-XNCY ALLEN. Srcrrtary,' FRANCES BAKER, Maxmt Bottom-MARGIIRET BAKER, 1'zrr-President,' MIKE HOUSEK, Prrszdfntg 'I'oM BROVVN, Trnuurrr A Toast to the Class of '26 M.-IRGARET DICKINSON AY the Class of '26 create such beautiful influence as to bear an afhnity with the true meaning of the daisy-loye and fidelity, which was chosen as the class flower. The daisy folds up its florets on the approach of rain, unfolds th:-In once again on the sniiling face of the Sllll. The daisy has long been :I favorite with poets and lovers of natureg characteristic as it is hy lllillly of the fairest sulnnier scenes, its hlos- sonis gem the pastures. Chaucer writes of the daisy: "To llIl'Ul'S1'l'Il fl1iI'j7frzI'f'rrigmzst flu' .Vll1IlIl'Kf7l'l'l1l' IIYIIFH if riA'ex early by the nlorrntc' Thar blissfzzl sight X0ffl'IIl'fll all my sorro'za'." ln the days of Chivalry tlIe daisy was the enibleni of fidelity, often borne at tournainents by the knights and ladies. VVhy could it then not he Olll' einhleln of love and fidelity, for our school, Olll' teachers, and for 0116 another, with truth as oIIr guide, trIIe to oIIr aim, the glory of our school Zlllll the advanceinent of our education. H91 WWW -llllll ol. ,, - E D'H'S N19Q4 1 L S To Duval CWith apologies to Longfellow, L1LL1AN LAND The hours of time were fleeting fast, When southward bent, on Main street passed A youth who bore fno snow and icej, A stack of boobs with strange device To Duval l His brow was sad, while in his heart, He ruminated on that part Uf every day he passed in woe, Inside his school-room's mournful door In Duval! He passed the drug stores-gave a sigh At sight of sodas, heaped shy-high, Ahead the walls of Duval shone, And from his lips escaped a groan To Duval! "Oh stay," temptation urged, and rest Thy weary head with pleasure's zest." A tear stood in his bright blue eye, But still he answered with a sigh, To Duval. Alnd so the boy, when teachers cold Called "Johnny Jones," his name unrolled, Could scarce suppress a heartfelt sigh But answered with a clarion cry In Duval. Moonlight on the lndian River DAN DECHMAN ' HIE rising moon, a ball of molten gold, peeps over the trees, sending its friendly rays over the mighty river. Higher and higher, it rises and casts long ghostlike shadows from the shore. Perhaps the beautiful silver will be brok- en by a splash of the porpoise hunting for a late supper, leaving a path of snowy brilliance behind. This porpoise does not mar the tropical beauty but seems rather a part of it, showing the beauti- ful balance of God in Life and Death. VVh0 is the one that could be so cold and unromantic as to miss the beauty of this place? lt is a message of God-an immortal fragment of heaven. A Springtime Plan Susie Baown Wlzen there are tasks to do And out-of-doors it's May, lVe've found I1 plan to help us through And make our chores more gay. lVe open every window wide Before we e'er begin, Ilhen if we cannot be outside The outside can come in. E901 1 IIIIIIIIIIKI ny O CLE N H JW D-H-S N 1924 ---A-f-v----f--4-1-'-4-A--:fish -ff -V Lx It W "Mi-Q-giivagixg-raa-px! --i- xx---V---51:-1-:51,--v-f,x- 23 mm mb mf, um, Wm mmwmguf G 3 w +- Y V N ! f XL? If H 5 W ig 5 4 f 1 ' 6' , Z , if rl ' N la X U Q W gg . w bfffrl "'V X 5, 4 27, W S-2 , ff , f ,f y if 1' .f j 2 1 N .g I f - 5 W W , Q? f 625 Z , ,,,,gf Ml f ,Ma ii' MWQ pQM QW 4 , f' ' '-:D Y A"',',,,,!! U , 1 ff X5 ' L ' F 1 6 Q V X W vi, if X 3 N E Q Q A 1--. 'iily U .,.,, W fly , , 1 X f I 1 is Y Q H 9 U Wiblmiahlfm 152, im lm f.Q:Sf.cQf,fQf.f3f,4Qf1faf,4QfiXf E913 THE ORACLE Q' D-H-S M1924 gan, QW, ,, Q,-. ,, fYmN,, .Wie ,, GM. ,, QW, ,, N' " 3... we-HO ,X-,Q xx-,g1,XXj,,,, xx awww, QMWX .ig af si! 1 4 1 w is if fa ff V W W EV 5 5 5 1, , 2 2' M W Z Z 9 ii 2 5 92 W YQ 1 1 1 4 ,,,,,,,,,,,. 7::W,,,,,,,i ,,,, I L ,,,,,,,, ...,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,, , 7 I f ffl U ffffmfwh ffvff W4WWWQf,,W, L92 FRESHMAN CLASS K fvinllllwf . THE ORACLE D-H-S N 1994 g -I 'Z' fa-1-4 'Eliiwo 1 2'-1 -"-A I Mygi-Y A,1e-++ 1',.., ,- 'gif reslwtman Class Omcers Top--RUTH WASHBURN, Serretaryf NORMAN BROWN, Sergeant-at-Armsf CLARA HOUSER, Mascot Bottom-JAMES NOIAN, Treasurery JOHN IMESON, Preszdentg DOROTHY BROVVN, I'1re-President The Freshman Class Umcers SULLIVAN BEOELL To thosr of you who do not kno-w Thr lrazlrrs of our rlass, l'll do my wry host to show You 0-v'ry lad and lass. Oh. .lohnnif is our jnrrsizlont, J strong and stalwart youth, llr's usually at ploasurr hont But !1l1C'tlj'S tolls tho truth. Dorothy Ln' is next in line, tl wry brilliant girl. Slufs hrlzl hor job through rain and shine, Oh, shffs a wry prarl. Our sn'rotary's namr is Ruth, ,1 Illflillfll wry fair, Wvhosf' rf'rorzls allzmys toll the truth, Slztfs allways frank and square. yes Thr treasuror who l'f'c'ps quita safe Our rash--his llllllll' is .lim- hr, Is all the things he ought to W7o'ro quitf' proud of him. tJIZOflll'7' maizlrn of our flass ls Clara, fair and bright, Sho is a lmnnir, 11'l!l50llIF lass Will!! ilzows with footstffps light. Last but not lffast l'0ll1!'.S' .Vorman Brofvn lffho lihffs flu' girls l hear Jnzl fur admit thwy lik? him too, Thry simply think has rlrar. l hnou' 'zu' arwft a hit hrfhinrl lVith sinh a nirf' rolloction, Wall trait and sw' who -1012 fan had ,lt our Safvh 1-lass f'lc'1'tion. 1 TI-IE ORACLE D-I-I-S '-' 1 924- -- .,.-,,--...ifqxspzxzgi,.f:az3,5.u-, -14 2133: Alllll Q It ,lI,' is-'47 :ru -x gmc, -X cuz? ugh xx lf You Were Busy If you -were busy being kind, Before you knew it you would ,End You'd soon forget to think 'twas true That someone was unkind to you. If you were busy being glad And cheering people who are sad, Although your heart might ache a bit, You'd soon forget to notice it. JOHN Gnoss If you were busy being good And doing just the best you could, You'd not have time to blame some man Who's doing just the best HE can. If you were busy being true To what you know you ought to do, You'd be so busy you'd forget The blunders of the folks you've met If you were busy being right- You'd fnd yourself too busy quite, To criticize your neighbor long Because he's busy doing wrong. Memories of '24 When I am getting very old, Say, thirty-five or more, I'll dream about the dear old days In Nineteen Twenty-four. Perhaps I'll think I helped make A dirty, chalky floor, Or maybe of that Latin quiz In Nineteen Twenty-four. EsP1csA Ross And I'll recall the piles of work- Enough to jill a store! The books I read, the themes I wrote In Nineteen Twenty-four. But I expect that I'll forget The things that make me sore, And dream about the happy days In Nineteen Twenty-four. .I 'imma 1. I A Rat Farewell Bsnmcs RICHARDSON 0 girls and boys of 124, We Freshmen wish to say We'll miss you more and more and more When you have gone away. 'Tis you, dear friends, who've made Duval A school that's on the top,' With might and main you've worked for us, Such spirit naught can stop. We're sorry you are leaving us, But, then, we all shall try W hole-heartedly and with full trust To keep our standard high. Farewell, O Seniors, all so dear, A last farewell to youg Go forth to conquer without fear, To all our dreams be true. E941 Aiiim THE ORACLE D-H-S N 19124 51 5- H QL! 11 -aw ff giw lf nn- If dna- ff -.:' NIIW Mal A fmz- A ian! W Qclzn-Xxizzzzno xx om:-1 C41 4 H' rfb p fu, I-ml, V V V' 1 ' ., 4" 'll' I... dk 1'1lIuHw,JlP . x - 1 1 ,. 4,5 is fagi .ff 0 4' ff, ,1 ' N ECN 352 v Ei?'yX,x L. Xxx QE-Ni in xx KAW ,K ,f RK UXX HNXXX Y ,EX K' X, 4' ,pf x X Un gg ,MQ r W 'L N " I If 1 ,,f' xlux N . .- f-- X fif Q IQ, Fa, ,, L 1 UI' 'f X V WJ, if , , f, r N' ' I fl PSX' ug Lxggx J-:fav 415163 , -1x' Liiff K' ini- ,..-1 4 Lf Bfxkgg A 1914 E951 nlllllllllllllu THE ORACLE pl' ul D-H-SNIQQ4 -I 1. .1 1 'fl i 'Fi il, 1:91-H'-ff-f-'I-fl'4i 5 ly,, ,f -s UE: 'X 224 KX ECDC- -s 1 '-S5 4-532 1 V,fx"ui g .4-IPLSRL v ll .1 FOUTBALL HE 1923 Football season at Duval was one of success from a view- point of games won and lost. Duval did not win the State champi- onship, but she lost only one game, and that to the Tiger's ancient rival, Hillsborough High of Tampa. Led by Captain Joe Bryan, who was easily the outstanding star of the team, Duval succeeded in winning six games, tying one, losing one. The consistent play of Bryan, Barfield and Houser on the line, and Lowenstein, Wadsvvorth, lVIehrtens and Bianco in the backfield featured the season's play. The Tigers exhibited a team that was in the game fighting every mo- ment, and one with a never-say-die spirit. This is ably demonstrated by the fact that both the first game of the season, with Leon High of Talla- hassee, and the second game, with Orlando High, were won by Duval after the Red and White had been held scoreless the first half. The scores were, Duval 19, Leon o, and Duval 13, Orlando 0. Lake City furnished the opposition in the next game and were glad to quit after being clawed up by the Tigers to the tune of 37-O. The Charles- ton Bantams came here confident of victory after their win of last year, 21 to O. They put up a splendid fight, but the Bengal troop trounced them 6-0. A disastrous result of this game was the loss of Winthrop Ran- dolph, stellar guard, who sustained a broken leg in the fracas. Not content with their victory over Charleston, the Duval boys in their next game smothered Miami 26-O. Probably the best brand of foot- ball put up by the Tigers was when they fought the Phillips High of Birmingham to a 6-6 tie. This was a clean, hard game with very few penalties on either side. Next, St. Petersburg surprised the Tigers by holding them to a 9-9 score during the first half. . However, the second half told a different story, as the boys went back in the game with the spirit to do or die and when the final whistle blew the game was checked away on the right side of the ledger by a 16-9 score. It was tragic indeed that such a brilliant season should end in a bitter defeat, the Bengal team losing a fiercely contested scrap to Hillsborough High of Tampa, 10-O. Had the backfield been in form, or played the kind of football the line did, the story would likely have been different. Duval lost, but she went down fighting, and Tampa's victory was hard-earned and merited, for they played a clean game. Joe Ryan was elected captain for 1924. Suffice it to say that Duval is proud of the boys who sacrificed so much in an attempt to win the cham- pionship. Although their efforts were not crowned with success, yet the record of only one loss makes the fame of the 1923 team secure. Joe. Duval's all-state tackle, was one of the best leaders who ever wore the Red and Whitekg-is set his men a terr' pace by his splendid playing. and as for stopping or ,X CAPTAIN JOSEPH BRYAN QWAR HORSEJ l96l hurting the unconquer- able "Warhorse," it wasimpossible. Again through his position was about as easy as sliding uphill back- wards. e K W l RALPH COOPER QCOOPJ In spite of his light weight. Ralph got right in there at halfback and showed the opposi- tion how easy it was forhimtogain through their line. His shifty running and speed made him a hard man to stop. Duval will miss him next year. WILLIAM NEWMAN tBILLj Bill made it hard to gain through his guard position. He put up a regular brick wall in the face of the opposi- tion and anything gained over him was well ear ned indeed. His weight and playing greatly strengthened the Tiger line. um--, MEX TI-IE ORACLE P' 1 D I-I S -S1924 1 ,I ll 5 .. mmlm. -',, V . '. e., 4, is - - W 1 -gli.-1:1-,...J..- W W -.., .tv-1 ---, --.., 4 .541 ty 'W I9 ills YYYY 1 sv. - 1.7 W 533,17 71.91-Wggif -,,,,,x,, ' 'Own ' I 9. , ., 1, ,I ,- GEORGE HAYDOCK QCREOSOTE5 George had the worri- some habit of fre- quently circling the opponents' line and throwing their star back for a thudding loss. He also made the speedy backs try- ing to circle his end look foolish by dodg- ing their interference and playfully laying them on their ear. MARCUS HOUSER 1 MIKEJ The "Fighting Irish- man" was one of the main cogs of the Tiger machine. His ever- ready smile covers an indomitable fighting spirit and an extreme- ly good nature. Mike's work at center was a big feature of the team's play. His re- covery of the enemies' fumbles rolledupmany a score. l97l JAMES WADSWORTH CBOOTSQ Duval loses a good backfield man in Wads- worth. He can boot the ball high and far, and places it with un- canny skill. Few can equal his speed when running with the ball, and he was unani- mously voted a hard man to stop by the op- position. ROBERT LOWENSTEIN fLUCKYl "Lucky" is a triple- threat man of the best type. He excels, how- ever, in punting. His boots generally travel quite a distance. I-Ie is a terror offenijwly and is always ood for consistent gaining. " Lucky" also possessed the ability to heave long forward passes in an accurate manner. i 1 mm THE ORACLE D-H-9 N 1924 , ,,,--- T-isrx-.hh-:M If --na: ss -Elf ss-nnbx-Eclzdfxx-zczbpx WILLIAM BARFIELD QBILLYJ Billy was always in the thick of the fray at the right moment. Always consistent, he proved a tower of strength, and de- veloped the habit of breaking through the enemies' line and blocking punts. This often embarrassed the other team and result- ed in Duval scoring. TOM DECHMAN This husky guard clearly demonstrated his sterling qualities during the past sea- son. Tom was always in the thick of the fight and few gains were made over his position. Hewill make a valuable man next year. mn s 3sH,..m.."' -iss. 'Faux CHARLES 1-Ucxmz QCHOLLYQ Charlesshowedhecould give a good account of himself wherever placed. He made Duval a valuable play- er. and one who she hates to lose, for he graduates this year. His play has been a great help in bring- ing victories to the lair of the Tiger. THOMAS JONES QTOMJ There is always some player whose work is never spectacular, but who gives his best for the school, plays stead- ily and hard. Such a player is Tom, and this sort of fellow is always a success, both in play- ing the football game or in the greater game of life. E931 i JOHNNY DONAHOO .lohnny's middle name is pluck. He possesses a never-say-die spirit, and has the important faculty of imparting that spirit to his men. At quarterback it usu- ally took several men to stop him when he had the ball. Truly, Johnny was a nifty player. WALTER MARSHALL QGIVE US A KISS? Duval's plucky end gave the opposition a hard task to gain around his position. His brilliant play helped stave off defeat and win many a game for the Tigers. Walter is a Junior. Marshall is the type of end that always plays jam-up football. WILLIAM MEHRTENS KSUGARQ "Sugar" exhibited a sweet type of playing at quarterback. He ran his team well. and was always good for several yards gain when it was'needed most. One of his best qualities was his abil- ity to keep the other team guessing what play he would use. WINTHROP RANDOLPH QFATTYQ In spite of his weight, Randolph could move swiftly, and few men gained over his guard position. His work on the line was a wonder to behold. and Duval felt his loss keenly when he suffered a broken leg in a game against Charleston. IIDOCD UPCHURCH nllllllllllllllm. THE ORACLE ll D-H-S -'1924 -'QQ-v exwrqee-QD-has e 415 ,. xv 1 ' 'ig 1 . ' l,. v,1.-.A-.,,Q:.a H -..W WY -12932 rf-. . -...., sig-l,v 'W V, xs.b e 1 A!tv....1h, 'ng Vex , Wea' I-hy.,-. SINNOTT. Manager E991 JAKE BIANCO 1 BEAUTYJ This boy bore the ma- jor portion of the line plunging, and many a game was tucked away in the win column by the aid of his consist- ent playing at the halfback position. He will gain much ground for Duval next year, and added weight should make him mighty hard to stop. J s VVILLIAM AYCOCK CWILD BILLJ Bill certainly deserved his nickname. He could twist, turn, and sidestep better than anyone on the team. He made up for his light weight by his speed. The opposition generally found him there when they thought they had him here. and when they ran over there to get him he was back here reeling off yards. COACH MARSHALL J! KTHW ,nlllllll it ll THE ORACLE iiqllii'-iEQllv' D-H-S -1924 F 'e 15' EE' 'X '3E":"W"b X iam!" N BASEBALL HE baseball season of '24 was in all respects the best ever enjoyed at Duval. It is doubtful if any team in the State played so extensive a schedule, and won as many games as the Tigers. man bad luck seemed determined to camp on the jungaleers' trail, however, for Duval, conceded by everyone to be one of the three strongest teams in the state, dropped the opening game of the High School Baseball Tournament at Orlando by the one-sided score of 8 to 1. Failure to hit the ball at opportune moments lost the game for the grimly fighting Jungaleers who never gave up hope until the last man was out. Duval opened the season by trouncing the team representing Lake City High 7-3. From that moment the Bengal Troupe made trouble for any and all op- ponents, running up a total of 139 runs to the opposing teams' 46 and batting a team average of .288. The infield was taken care of by "Beauty" Bianco, third baseg Ken Hodges, shortstop, "Hungry" Haygood and Lorimer Blitch, second basemen, and "Wildcat" Crippen, Hrst base. These boys were all good fielders and hard hitters, and a better aggregation of infield talent is seldom found in high school baseball. In the outfield, "Beanie" Smith, left fielder, who failed to make an error all season, Captain "Pit" Finnefrock, center fielder, and "Lightening" Norton, right fielder, made up the sweetest trio of outer gardeners in Flor- ida high school circles. Behind the plate "Rudy" Helvenston handled the Ole' pitchers' slants in big league style, besides pegging well to the bases and slugging at a .371 clip. The major portion of the pitching job was borne by the reliable veteran "Lefty" Carrel, and the smooth working Wilton Cason, righthander. Cason pitched the majority of innings, 65, striking out 66 men and allow- ing 36 hits. Carrel twirled 58 innings, struck out 67 and allowed 33 hits. Cason, besides pitching in sen- sational style, was the best utility man in the state, especially at second base. He hit .371, an extraordinary feat for a pitcher. Captain Finnefrock showed that he could twirl also, winning two games for the Tigers by his masterful pitching. johnson, Brown and McCor- mick, pitchers, and johnson, catcher, showed that with additional training they will make good men next year. Helvenston, Hodges, Cason, Bianco, and Crippen were the men who Hnished the season batting over .300. In conclusion it may be said that every man was in there fighting for Duval all the time, and the team well merited its successful season. Tiger's record: Duval 7, Columbia 3. Duval 24, Putnam 0. -Duval 12, F'. M. A. 0. Duval 4, New Smyrna 3. Duval 6, Folkston, Ga., 2. Duval 11, St. Augustine 6. Duval 4, New Smyrna 6. Duval 2, Florida "Rats"5. Duval 3, F. M. A. 2. Duval 13, Williston 2. Duval 11-7, Putnam 0-0. Duval 6, St. Augustine 5. Duval 20, Columbia 5. Duval 1, Summerlin 8. Duval 8, Williston 2. f1001 ,lltlllllllllln I TI-IE ORACLE D-H-S 'S' 1 99.4 ,,,,,,,,,i,.,,4i3 .i,s1a.2:a223if-2:12fiaiiflg-L hm! . . x v W g , cc in 'fp sim:- lmlu' x X 3 r .nm ' 4 BIANCO, Houses, ROTHSTEIN, BRYAN CCaptainJ, KATZ, FELSON Boys? Basketball Team ACING one of the most difficult schedules ever undertaken by a Red and White cage machine, the Tiger Basketball team of 1924 annexed seven out of the twelve games played, going into an unex- plainable slump towards the end of the season and losing their chance for a championship when eliminated in the first round of the State tourney at Gainesville by the quintet from Alachua. VVith such men as Katz, Moore, Smith, Rothstein, Felson and Bianco to mould a team from, Coach Mar- shall built up what was at the first of the season con- sidered to be one of the finest ever to represent Duval. The first game of the season, with the strong Alumni quintet, confirmed this opinion. That game proved to be one of, if not the most, interesting and hard-fought games ever played in this section of the State, the fracas finally ending in a 47 to 47 tie, after four extra periods had been played, establishing a record for long-distance games in this city. Two victories over Columbia High, two over Gaines- ville, and defeats administered to St. Petersburg, and Tampa, the Tiger's old foe, ended the entries upon the right side of the ledger. A jinx then climbed upon the back of the Tiger and stuck there like the Old Man of the Sea until the season closed. A journey into Alabama for two games, one with WVoodlawn High, and the other with Phillips, both of Birmingham, resulted in bitter defeats. But then came the bitterest of all. In the first round of the basketball tourney at Gainesville, Duval, an overwhelming favor- ite to win, was defeated by Alachua by the heart- breaking score of 11 to 14. No alibis can be offered. It was just the Tiger's day to lose. A week later Duval was again defeated, losing a hotly contested battle to Hillsborough High by the nar- row margin of two points. This dose was repeated the following night, when Tampa nosed out Duval in an extra period by the score of 21 to 19. Considering the fact that these games were played on the home court of a team that had just won the State championship, the Tigers deserve great credit for the gallant stand they made. Although Duval did little more than break even on their schedule, it can never be said that the Tigers of 1924 were not a fighting machine. No team ever wrested a victory from the Red and White without realizing they had been in a great battle. Every man in the squad did his utmost to bring home a Duval victory, and when it was impossible, he went down scrapping. And although a championship was lost, it cannot be said that Duvalis fame has been lessened. Wherever Duval has lost a game, there is her fame secure. For the Tiger is always the greatest against odds, always fighting the hardest and squarest when going down in defeat. The co-operation and team work was of such a high order that it would be impossible to pick individual stars. fl011 THE ORAQLE D-H-S N 1924 EDL' H 'UTP ff 'D-2 ff Geo ff- awe ff Q-fa ff -J' ,,i'wg-fglilvwif .X -Lge, xx Q-fe' exam. --gags. ,H Xlxxx i SHORE, BO.-XRDMAN, SDMPAYRAC, -IEFFERS, MCLEOD, BRDWARD, KALTENB.xcK, LORD, JACKSON QCoachj, YERKES, M. LORD fCaptainl, HXVDE, BARTHLEMESS CCoachJ, PONDER, GRIERSON iris? asleetlhdll Team WING to the lack of a coach and a place to practice, the Duval basketball lassies found themselves handicapped from the start. Indeed, considering these mis- fortunes, their record is a tribute to their spirit and prowess. Led by bliss Klildred Lord, captain, the 'liigerines proved themselves practically invincible before the end of the season. The first game, February 16, was played in Gainesville, and resulted in a loss. The following week the Duval girls journeyed to Lake City and again met defeat by the score of 20 to 15. In a return game with Gainesville, the Tigerines were forced to bow in defeat, but exhibited a scintillating type of play that forced the Gainesville lassies to extend themselves to the utmost to win. Sweet revenge was obtained in the return game with Columbia, for the Red and YVhite trounced the opposition 20-I4.. Owing to lack of athletic funds, the out-of-town trips were cancelled. Duval's quintet joined the City League and proceeded to show that they were capable of superb basketball, winning no less than six games in a row, and amassing a grand total of 170 points to 4.5 for the opposition. The last of these games, and the one which secured the city championship for the girls, was with the jacksonville Athletic Club. This game was expected to be hard fought and the score close, but the Tigerines upset the dope by completely outplaying and outclassing the -I. A. C. 22 to 9. The pennant was presented to bliss Lord at the Palace Theatre with all the girls of the City League present. The outstanding player for the season was bliss Helen KIcLe0d, forward. Her play could not have been exceeded by any other girl in the State. In only one game did she fail to win high-point honors. Credit must also be given to the splendid play of the entire team, which was always doing its best to insure a Duval victory, and well merited the City League Championship. H021 ge t-m or. H-WS -1924 I al Ih vi, iq 'Iv ,- -' 1' 444.5 Cqlisttva. .- nr- r"::3:E,,- Jenna xx -:H '-'E ' f1"'lIKu-v-,l If ' . ,,Mun". ,. . . . . , S I KING, Buren QCaptainj, WEST Qffoachj, Snape, Hnzscn Tennis Team OR the first time since the State High School Tennis lleet was inau- gurated Duval failed to win the championship. Nevertheless, the Tigers lost very little as they gained the reputation of having one of the hardest fighting and most sportsmanlike teams in the State. The team this year was composed of Lorimer Blitch, Tom Slade, Tom King and Bennett Hirsch. Blitch and Slade played both singles and doubles while King and Hirsch formed the other doubles combination. Blitch reached the semi-finals in the singles defeating lVIorrison of St. Pe- tersburg, VVaite of Daytona, and losing to Freuer of Miaiiii, in a hard- fought match at 7-5, 6-3. Slade defeated Harris of Hillsborough in the first round, but bowed to Romph of Nliami, in a close match at 6-4, 6-3. In the doubles Blitch and Slade went to the final round, defeating in turn the teams representing VVinter Park, St. Petersburg, Kliami and VVest Palm Beach. After a desperate fight they were bested in the finals by Romph and Freuer of Niiami by the score of 9-II, 6-1, 7-5, 6-4. King and Hirsch had been defeated in the semi-finals by the same pair at 6-3, 6-2. Although the championship did not come to Duval, the tennis season may be considered a success as two tournaments were successfully staged and a splendid-showing made at DeLand. The four players mentioned above easily took all local titles. In spite of the fact that Blitch and Slade will be lost through gradua- tion, the team of ,25 is expected to make an excellent showing at next year's tourney. H031 THE ORACLE f - D-H-S - 1924 E 2:- frat- ,I fm-If --we ff-C--:Q ff -rn-' f Y- f tx'm' t'2C'3"x""E' xx QDDDXX QHDXXQGZ , ..,.... . .. , , , , " ,,,,,, , ., ll aw ZW: if f f fr f I 3 . E ' i i I , i , l i i T l ' -'A" f ' a ' --4 ,, , Top-KENNEDY, ROBERTS, HENRY, CHAPMAN CCoachJ. Center-JACKSON, WA1'rLEs, MARKHAM, LORRAINE, SULLIVAN. Bottom-KATZ, ARDEN, SALZER, Eci-io1,s, ELEMS Soccer TeoLm+Sztt1Lte C talmpzions HE year 1923 marks the second year of this sport in Duval. Owing to the inexperience of the players, the team of last year did not meet with much success. But this year, under the expert tutelage of Charles Chapman, coach, and with the aid of diligent practice,the Duval athletic walked away with state championship honors. The opening game of the season was lost to Suwannee High School of Live Oak by the score of I-0. ln this game the Tigers showed their grit and determination by holding the state champs to such a low score. The University of Florida was Duval's second opponent and trounced the Tigers 2-0. Duval's teamwork in this game was of a high caliber, and the play of Henry and Kennedy, fullbacks, was the features. This game did not count on the state title. The next tilt was the return game with Suwannee, played in jacksonville. The Duval boys, after losing the first two games of the year, went into the game with grim deter- mination, and at the end of a bitter struggle emerged victorious 2-0. KIarkham's excellent play was outstanding. This game made necessary a deciding contest, which was played in Gainesville. VVith the same fighting spirit that had characterized their play- ing the first three games, the Red and XVhite soccer artists prceeded to defeat Suwannee 4-2 on a field several inches deep in mud, and with a drizzling rain keeping it soft. This secured the championship for Duval. The school presented the players with maroon- colored sweaters. lylr. Graham contributed twelve bronze medals, Nlr. Hones gave a medal to the best player-Captain Robert VVattles. The soccer team added to the Duval Trophy collec- tion a handsome loving cup, which had been donated to the F. H. S. A. A. by the Rotary Club of Live Oak to become the property of the first team winning it three times. from 2 Qs E S 3? TI-IE ORACLE tf.I!2??551l -' D-H'-S '-' 1924 lu ta Yheiyj. DE M 'While ii" ' -0- -'-Auf' ,ul C51""mt' 'X 'ml' X'i3D'x'cm-' x ' .ff"-'u..5f9""- ,sf f x hh ..: . . ati A l K gg, s rg i .S g Q r ,m,, m.,L.,L ,. ., I xiqq gk g , ENDEL, JUDY, WALL, TUCKER QCaptainJ, KENNEDY, SAWYER Boys? Sfwimm in Team REVIEW of the Duval swimming season for 1924 shows a victory over St. Augustine, a loss to the Jacksonville Y. M. CA., and one place in the State Aquatic lyleet. At the beginning of the season it was necessary to replace the entire team excepting one-Captain Tucker. The other positions were filled by Stewart Wall, Judy, Saw- yer, Kennedy, Endel, Snyder and Flewellen. In the first meet of the season, the jacksonville Y. NI. C. A. snatched a victory from Duval by winning the relay. Up to this point the Tigers were leading, but the splendid swimming of lNIur- dock Barrs, Y. anchor man, proved their undoing. In the swimming meet at St. Augustine, Duval scored in the following events: 100-yard dash, Jack Judy. 440-yard dash, Stewart WVall. Backstroke, johnny F1ewellen. Diving, Ralph Snyder. In the State Aquatic Meet at Winter Park, Duval stood seventh out of eighteen. Captain Tucker, the only man left, as has been said before, from last year's team, had many disadvantages to contend with, having to act as captain, manager and coach at the same time. He did his best to develop a good team with the raw material at his command. He did well, however, and this ma- terial ought to show up to advantage next year. Although Wall was the only one to place in the State Aquatic Nleet, taking second in the 440, the others made a close fight for honors in the various events. The Duval line-up in the Aquatic Nleet was as follows: 50-yard dash, Sawyer. 220-yard dash, Tucker. Plunge, Endel. 100-yard dash, Judy. Fancy diving, Sawyer. IIOSJ T1-IE ORACLE D-H-S N 1924 5. ZW., ,, gm, ,, ,DAN an: ff an-f fl GQ- H i,b'v!J!,G, A-in-f w':c:m:Cfxx:-rfb A Q-Dov. Qu,-X, .di ' 44 X "'N..r5.5.IIl"'-X.. ' , L 'fi My 4 a , , 7722 Z f +,f as: ff 1 s 5 l l Top-KEEP, Bari., THORNTON. Bottom-F1.EwE1.I,1N, HERl.0NG, H.AXS'KINS iirlsl Aqvuwutzic Climb LTHOIJGH the girls had no swimming team in competition this year, they formed an Aquatic Club for the promotion of water sports among the girls. A good team for next yearls high-school meet will probably be formed from its roster. f106l ullllllfdllln THE ORACLE I H S S1924 ' ,.l lr, 'E wf' D " '- .V,.,, H , f. ffm -,.,V, TQ-T?-TIMIDIIA-F-Y:y!'1fqi? ,,fQ-1. A Tm:- ,uemD ,X QNDXJ. ,,,.,.r'q Dzumvalys Capztams LORD MARHALL Girls' Basketball Athlelic Dirertor WATTLES BRYAN Sorrer Football BLITCH BRYAN fl mms Basketball . f...Q.i,,, L..-.-, .......s-. 4-1 f1o7j r11L'CKER FINNEFROCK S74'llllllllllg Baseball TI-IE ORACLE D-H58 S1994 gm 51.5, Qu. ,, -man QED ,, QQ, ,, Lag. ,, ,..,..1,Il W gba HD., ,X E, cc1gy,xcqi,.1. cc QDUQXX Caliper qs- ' vin Ill .5 v 4? l....- l ' FACULTY SPURTS "ff, '-Z-LK: I .. N -"" V! ,, .N mwjilbwx 1: 0 X ' 'A i-' . lfh L- 'i- QL-..r 1-".'l',L- 4' 5 NIAOA 9-is ' Q f N A, Xi -Q f7 xi N X Q , - yff , K X! V fx ff X f I A i 7 1 X X ff fl Z X fff ,, PROFESSOR XFERNAELDE VVINS FROM JANITOR IN Six REELS First Inning Vernaelde kicked off forty yards to Barrenger, who received the ball over third base and dashed for the basket, but was downed at the Nth hole. Second Quarter VVetzel hit a hot one, but Rutherford trumped it and the referee called it a personal foul, so Uncle Obie picked up the marbles. Third Ifole Gilbert sent a hot one down the green only to be gathered in by the net man which reduced the score to deuce. West was short with a put. 4 Set Four Payne comes to the bat and on the second serve was called out for being off sides. Illrztch Five Smith made a clean dive, but Vernaelde passed him at the last hurdle which Barringer fouled, and Rutherford shot him on the wing. Wilbur, and the gong rang, served a toe-hold. Lap Six Nlarshall hit tackle for third base, but Gilbert laid down a royal Hush and checked him causing him to foul out to the catcher. Wilbur lobbed a left to the jaw, forcing Payne to punt, but as his bat had a few strings loose he missed the basket. Uosj O CL f H S 1924 In ,Mx gh D- .. 8. H, , Y ,. --. I-Lim, gi' -cm-- mg xr- 'C-CLD-:XX 4,1-I X ' .xl I-V," X .f N Aff' in 1 ' f .,q'. ' l. ll , , Rx 4--'-""":'-ii,-,.i:x mq ff! M myfgff G' '9 ' Y 51091 DIE-5 W7 THE ORACLE 05154, D-1-I-S-1199.4 .1 lillllllllh.. 'se P i '- '! I ', , 2' 1- . 4' , f v,1f-..2,,1- .777 ---., W -aiigxpz Q19 .--... rfirg,-A in 'w ,I K..- X ig-gp diana, tc ggggtyxx Capo xx Q:-D: X355-:. x 1 nfdullh-gil, WX, v if , .I - I Ill l 4 The Peggy Young Club His year, 1924, the Peggy Young Club was organized as a result of the Gipsy Smith Campaign and Mrs. Roy L. Jarmon was chosen, by an advisory committee, as our leader. One day in the month of January we met at the First Presbyterian Church to organize. The selection of officers were: President, Elizabeth Crenshaw, Vice-President, Anna May Cannong Secretary, Martha Houser 5 Treasurer, Mary Kin- sey. It was also decided we should meet every Friday from 2:30 to 3:30 at the Y. VV. C. A. where we were kindly welcomed. The purpose of such an organization as the Peggy Young Club is to stress all the higher and uplifting things in life. Such an organization for girls has been lacking at Duval for several years and was therefore graciously received. Much care is taken also to stress all four phases of life as religious, mental, physical and social. It was ar- ranged to have a meeting of each phase every month, Ann Page acting as chairman of the re- ligious committee, Lucille Campbell of the physical committee, Jenny Burns of the social committee, and Iris Rudland of the mental committee. Our membership consists of about sixty-five girls from the four classes of Duval. Any high-school girl will always find a warm welcome awaiting her at the Peggy Young Club, and under the very ellicient leadership this club has proven a wonder- ful success in 1924. It is the desire and earnest prayer of the club of this year that the girls of Duval next year take just such an interest in the Peggy Young Club and make it go on and on, doing as much good for the girls in years to come as it has for us. 51101 film ,,. fq,.,, 4.-FL. ,f Gif, 7 .km .,,.'.2-. Wi W, 43g.,..-mg, cc fm., hfqgpaxcignz, Y Z. .:'?'55-.6555 11"-N- THE ORACLE D-H-S --1924 1 Qfjvumt K y l-MY CLUB jonN DoNAHoo N THIS year of nineteen hundred and twenty- four, the Hi-Y Club of Duval High School reorganized for the purpose of carrying out the high ideals of the organization which is nation- wide in its scope-namely: clean living, clean speech, clean sports and a high standard of fellow- ship among the students of Duval. llr. YV. J. Brown, Boys' Secretary of the local Y. BI. C. A., called the boys together for or- ganization and met with them at all gatherings. lXIr. Brown has proved to be an able leader and by his wonderful personality won a place in the heart of every member. The officers elected for the year were as fol- lows: Ralph Cooper, Presidentg Bill Newman, Vice- President 5 johnny Donahoo, Secretary, Buck Frederick, Treasurer, Professor Gilbert was chosen as Honorary member from the faculty. Professor Gilbert aided the club in various ways, namely, studying of the Bible, readings and helpful talks. The Older Boys' Conference was held in jack- sonville this year and was made a wonderful suc- cess through the aid of the local Hi-Y. The Hi-Y had a peppy and loyal group of mem- bers and without their faithful support the oflicers could have done nothing. lt was by their help that the leaders were able to promote the high standards of this organization. The Hi-Y Club collected approximately seven- ty-five dollars from the student body for the purpose of building a much-needed trophy case for our school. Because of Professor Gilbert's prominent part in the Vodvil, we have been un- able to accomplish this. lt is hoped by each and every member that the club of 1925 will not only carry on the Hi-Y work but also present the trophy case to Duval as a monument to the Hi-Y Club and the high ideals for which it stands. finl Hamm ,.,.. , - 1- gjlwm! - -ml W-in: -C-cm: X- E'!5Dx?HrDx+si . 1 M - ,- THE ORACLE D-H-S N-IQQ4 . 1 . .Q er, -r .lvumior Boys' Club N THE year 1920, the Junior boys of Duval first organized themselves into the Junior Boys' Club. This club has been, during its existence, one of the most popular ones in the school, and this year, although many new boys' clubs were or- ganized, the Junior Boys' Club did not falter as shown by their membership of fifty-four enthus- iastic members. The aim oi the club is to each year promote con- geniality among the junior boys, and to better the annual festivities that the juniors participate in. The main financial burden in the hands of the club, as with the Junior Girls' Club, is to raise money to give a bigger and better Prom each year. The Prom is given in honor of the Seniors near the end of the school term every year. It is the biggest event of the school season, in the form of a dance. A big banquet is also given. The Club this year was headed by Walter lVIar- shall, who has proven an exceptionally wise presi- dent and is liked by all the boys. The meetings were held at the homes of the members in different parts of the city. The co-operativeness, congenial- ity, and patriotism of the Junior Boys' Club of Old Duval during the 1923-24 season will long be remembered as the most successful of the club's history. 51121 ,mx 1 lllllmllln A THE ORACLE D-H-S N 1924 ---m--f------f-i1 -L-V--if-rlhiiiiaii-Six 'gdblylji1?,,,:,-i-,,,,,, -::,wif22WW5-v-T4-legen--I-gm-J .lunior Girls' lub N THE afternoon of October 18th, the Jun- ior girls met in the Study Hall to elect their officers for the ensuing year. Of course, be- ing girls one would naturally think that the meet- ing went off smoothly and noiselessly. But it was quite to the contrary as Professor Rutherford came up to see if anyone had started a strike and sug- gested sending for the police and fire department! After chaos was dispelled the following officers were elected: Elizabeth Broward, our efficient Presidentg Virginia Bisant, the charming Vice- President, Rachel Paxon, the journalistic Secre- taryg Elizabeth Meacham, the honest Treasurer, Mary Ellen Cooper, the pious Chaplain, Lavinia Rose, the quiet Sergeant-at-Arms. October 24th, everyone was surprised to see Jack Judy prancing around the streets, like a gal- lant war horse wearing great green and white rib- bons, and led by our charming president. This most fortunate boy has been chosen as the Junior Girls' lVIascot. Our meetings were held at the homes of various members, at which meetings we would discuss various ways and means of getting funds for the Junior Prom. This was the biggest thing in the life of all Juniors. Was it a success? Why, of course! The Juniors had charge of it. just before Christmas many of the teachers were surprised to see the junior Girls wearing great green-and-white bows and goggles, making them appear very superior and Wise CU. This was Junior Girls' Day and it was a "loud" success. And next year, what are we going to do? VVhy, have the best S. G. C. of Duval High. So here's to the work of the Juniors and the Junior Girls' Club of 1925. f113fI J TI-IE ORACLE till llllli D-H-S N 1924 -fcn - -a::a,.Q.s-IP 7 '-- V V 1-'QW lilu Mis' A tt Qmbw QED 'X C-DSX CDH--PE , . , , N. , M , ,HW NWEF. lg I L Lai Rouche NELLUE HURLBURT A ROUCHE-NY'hHt memories of good times that name will bring back to French students! The meaning? Any of Professor Vernaelde's pupils can tell you that it means "The Beehive." The officers who lead the club through this past year are the following: Joe Durkee, Presidentg Mary Kinsey, Vice-Presidentg Nellie Hurlbert, Secretaryg Leonard Finkelstein, Treasurerg Ruth Jones, Sergeant-at-Arms, and Alex Wachtel and Carolyn Bond, Mascots. Our honored Honorary member was Professor Henri Vernaelde. The original motto, "Sur qui le vive" fAlways on the alertj was kept and the fleur-de-lis was our emblem. For the first time in the club history, First- Year French students were admitted. Hitherto this honor was restricted to Second- and Third- Year pupils. lvleetings were held regularly once a month and were always socially successful. It would be ex- pecting too much of anyone to conduct these meet- ings strictly 'len francais" so we had to speak English. The purpose of the club is to cultivate the spirit of good fellowship among French stu- dents. The Portuguese Bugle will be long remem- bered. This department of the Christmas issue of the Orarle News was the fruit of many weeks of hard work on the part of the French Club. VVe sincerely hope that the members of the club who do not leave Duval this year will have a suc- cessful club in ,25. 51141 Annika, in was-V -E Q: Gunn sg..-:FF-L 1- GH-ww 'JE .....,l' ' -- THE ORACLE t D-H-S N 1 924 W--....,,-4,.ip an?i7g?g7iT25?1fQAEPLILMLL: IW, T-3-, -K A ' XX 'X NJ mmm Www-WW IIQJFW and i 0 N, , ' 4 1 i 4. . E ' is 5 5 H- 1-ykww, ,,ff,,,Wffy,,L x5f,,v.4g3g7 M v , iiyja.,,zf.,,,A..,,v.ffr" ., 5 , I ' KfKTHI.EEN PI,A'l'I'. '24-MARY BRYAN, '25 L'CH to the disappointment of the second, third, and fourth year Latin students, the Latin Club was not reorganized until very late this year. Consequently, no attempt was made to carry out an elaborate program. How- ever, the members of the club displayed their enthusiasm for the study of the language and customs of old Rome in the varied and interesting program presented at the last regular meeting, and on the whole we think that the club has been very much of a success. Contrary to the usual custom, the deserving Sophomores were not com- pelled to go through the ordeal of initiation this year. ln November the Latin Department received five beautiful pieces of statuary and six pictures which were purchased with the money obtained from the motion picture, "Julius Caesar," shown last year at the Palace Theater. The statuary includes two large busts, two standing figures, and a large relief. The two busts are of Apollo, the sun-god, and of Diana, the goddess of the hunt. The standing figures, three and one-half feet in height, represent Hehe, the cup-bearer to the gods, and Nlenerva, the god- dess of wisdom. They were placed on beautiful brackets of Roman design between the windows in Room 33. The relief is a reproduction of Guido Reni's "Aurora," All the statuary is very beautiful and gives one the true conception of a Roman diety. The six pictures include the "Aurora," "A Roman Chariot Race," "The Tiber with Hadrian's Tomb," "The Colosseum," "The Cumaenan Sibylf' Both the statues and the pic- tures stimulated in all the Latin classes great en- thusiasm for the beauties of Roman art. The officers elected for the year were: Richard Barnes, president, lfster Boardman, vice-presi- dentg lllary Bryan, secretary, Billy Barfield, "honorable tax-collector." To Bliss Dale, the Klother of the Club, we owe our sincere thanks for her efforts to make the club influential and successful. VVe only hope that the Latin Club of 1925 will create as much ardent interest among its members as ours of 1924. fl151 Uwe g,:a.:fb MS if is-2 f-cm-, QED-' 'amz' xx QQSDXX Qriaaaxaqg THE Q13A9L.F2, PeH:S fleas will N W, .. ........,.,,,xxxx... ........,, , ,. .xx,x, ............ . , ...... , ,, .... .. . ,i E .. . mmm.m.... . m,mmmm.m.....Y, .. . mm.m..... . mmm... .mm.mmm.....xxxXxx , , .xxx. iz SI , i l l l i i 1 l 1 3 Q XS . X... .,...... . .. ...... ....... ...... .M ....... . ..... ..... . ......... , .,.. . ...... .... .... .. hemisftrjy Club HARRY S1NNo1'r OR some time students' interested in science have realized the need for a department or- ganization such as we already have in the Latin, French and Spanish departments. Early in April an organization was formed by students in the Chemistry department. Credit for the organi- zation of the club must go to Allan Poppell who first aroused general interest in the idea. Professor VVetzel and Professor Payne supported the plan and a meeting was called of all the Chemistry classes for the purpose of organizing. The officers chosen for the year were: President, Joe Crain, Vice-President, Mary Linningg Secretary, Harry Sinnottg Treasurer, Alice Farrisg Sergeant-at Arms, K. D. Colson, llascot, Professor VVetzel. The membership of the club is limited to those having a high class standing in chemistry. Since the membership of the club is limited to chemistry students, the aim is to increase interest in that particular phase of science. The club hopes to do more than increase interest in the study of Chemistry, however, primarily it is a high-school organization and as such took its part in all school activities. It was not possible to carry the plans of the club very far during the past year, but an important step has been taken in the formation of a permanent organization. fuel Lnlllulllln THE ORACLE D-H-S init: ...pane-rG' 1'iff Ewing .UM T-ii: -:e:3XsuL is ff 'hhh "'h k"mk' C , f ' liffll hhhf .A..M....Y fffQf'Qfff.,.fi ..Y....., in '-w fW The Glee Club BETFYE PEACE OT every one in Duval High School realizes the value of a Glee Club. About half the students did not know there was a Cvlee Club at Duval this year until graduation in June. The Glee Club of l24 is composed of about sixty members, all of whom are girls, from the different classes, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. Nlrs. Woodman has successfully trained the Glee Club this year as in the past and we wish to extend to her our sincere thanks and appreciation. The object of the club is to sing at the graduation exercises in June. Since the first of February the meetings have been held every lN'Ionday in the girls' study hall and the attendance this year has been unusually good. Elizabeth Lloyd and Bettye Peace have been pianists for this year's club. The club of ,25 will greatly miss Nliss Lloyd who graduates in June. She has played the piano for the club for four years and in her graduation thesingers willexperienceagreat lox. The best vocal talent in the school is included in the club. There are three divisions, sopranos, second sopranos, and altos. No-there are no basses because there are no boys. A few basses would be a great help to the club and, in the future, the boys of Duval may become interested enough to join. 51173 THE ORACLE X' 1- D-H-S M1924 f, ii ? f f f Z Q9 W, gf .V ' X Z if P 'WL 1 f, ew, 2 ? '5 3 Egg 52 2a 11 i'l 's fa. f mm. XX fan,-. X4-Q32 'Q f . 881' 1 f 3 in gang, ,, qua ,f Y-m1,, KMQ ,, 1.6. ,, Gm., ,V ,-L1 11S '!l9:,!1i-'heur.b- xx -Jan., xx':cnQfxxf,.,1, xx earn w 4, C'IlliI..95J1lllv.x, v X, M M E W W , f 1 4 4 x L .5 1 r f x i 1 i " - ,, ,, ,, A,, , , L11s1 ORCHESTRA WWW T1-In ORACLE D-1-1-S N 1 g g A ffl. -1. -g,l-.I.g? I5 Ei,i2 'ik 1Tfifk lilllill l2i2:ifi:'i74i9i9'iiXT"!U!lHlQl'ljl4Q.-lll?X?jl- wool High School Orchestra N Novsivrnen of 1923, Prof. Gilbert organized the first all-school orchestra that Duval has had. Every one who could read music and keep time was invited to belong, regardless of the length of time that they had studied. About twenty- three f23J people came out for the first practice. At the second meeting Prof. Gilbert suggested that the orchestra organize and elect officers like other school organizations. The following officers were elected: VIRGINIA BISANT .......... President LEONARD F'1NKELs'rEIN . . . . Vice-President RUTH Jones ...... . . Secretary-Trearurer KATHEMNE SOLLEE . ' . . . . . . . . Librarian It was decided to meet every Wedriesday after- noon at 2215 in the Boys' Study Hall for the regu- lar weekly practice. The orchestra had only been organized for about three months when they were called upon to furnish the music for the S. G. C. Jubilee on December 7th. As the time was so short Prof. Gilbert found it necessary to select a special group of those who had had more experience in orchestra work. Before school closed for the Christmas holi- days the orchestra had two advance engagements for the coming year. One of these was at the Educational bfleeting held at Central Grammar School, and the other was at the regular Tuesday Rotary luncheon held at the Seminole. The or- chestra was next called upon to play at a banquet given in the Y. lil. C. A. in honor of the delegates to the Older Boys' Convention of the Hi-Y Club. About a month later Mrs. Frank Brown, presi- dent of the Mother's Club, asked the orchestra to play at one of their regular meetings. When the two new Junior High Schools were opened, Dr. Hathaway asked the orchestra to furnish the music for both of the schools. A selected group, led by Prof. Gilbert, played in the Follies Parade. The committee in charge of the Father's Night Program invited the orchestra to play several num- bers. Because of the limited space in the orchestra pit of the Duval Theatre, a special group fur- nished the music for the Senior Play on May 16th. But the crowning engagement of the year was Commencement. For this occasion the orchestra had practiced all year, and their work showed a finesse worthy of much more finished musicians. The outstanding honor that was paid to the orchestra during the year, was the prize of fifteen dollars which was awarded to them for the best orchestra in the Follies Parade. This honor came rather unexpectedly since they did not know that they were competing for the prize. With this money Prof. Gilbert purchased six music racks, so that many of the musicians would not be obliged to carry their racks in addition to their books and instruments. The personnel of the Duval High School Or- chestra is: Pianists: Virginia Bisant and Florence Field. First Violins: Isabelle Favis, Celia Engler, Eugenia Gilbert, Leonard Finkelstein, Ruth Jones, Moses Safer, Katherine Sollee and Sarah Sompayrac. Second Violins: Crowther Boyd, Isabelle Clymore, ,Tack Loewenkopf, Lorlie Tate, Ray Watkins, Florence Coxwell, Lorraine Harrell. Saxaphones: Charles Davidson, Steve Goggins, Cyril Kelly, Kenneth Fiske. ' Flutes: Annie May Hobson and Anne Overstreet. Trombone: Edward Beardsly. Trumpets: Charlie Stoddard and Charlie Lorraine. Clarinet: Aimar Payne. ' Drums: George Haydock. Appreciation HE orchestra wants to express it's gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all those who have taken such an interest in the organization and through various ways have helped it to attain to such success as this first year of its existence has shown. The orchestra and Prof. Gilbert feel that special thanks should be given to Dr. Hathaway and the Board of Education not only for the music and chairs which were purchased for them, but also for the personal interest shown. To the Junior Chamber of Commerce belongs a good share of the appreciation because of their encour- agement and promises for the future welfare of the organization. Then, also, to the Oracle News, the school page in the Jacksonville Journal, the organization wishes to express its gratitude for the many write-ups about the orchestra and for the publicity thus gained. f119l TI-IE ORACLE S L fy- D-H-S M1994 , K , QU, ,, mi, ,, 'eff'-'4?" ,3,,,,M.m, ,WQDJ xxtgpxx W, ,N M E 5 .:m,,,, .,mb,, mu, ,M,,,, ,U X Mudd- -.- f M f z A ffwmw ff ,fffim zz , y mfwf "fff M ,fmxfvf ' ff iw ' ' f , .WW ? W 5 5 Iii? 'JC 'V , px! if ,, egg Q 3 ' 3 ' f , s -1 gf , X Aff ' WU, W, A wi 1 b f S X Wx . I1 iii W4 f ' i ! W4 5 iw, A 5 ki gf f 1 4 , 4 E 1 if Zigi' , fi . , 1 A E r a 5 ' .Ll X ,, M , ,, V , VV, V , VV,, , , , Uzoj STAFF ORACLE NEYVS . Mlm THE ORACLE I D-H-S N19Q-4 .1 L il, v,-..,.-,,--..-v -.:. .,..Li: -.-I V ,.., nvwrvrlnh X 43:51. , rg. wnrfm, eau-V A-Lao W:-:nw-x'mn: xF?'45:x4'5'3:-Ji SVA lF'1i gg gg I , I ' l V1 H Ill l. ll 1- ll E ' Pm I Win 5 -"- 1 A I W - 1 Pr lf z "" ' 1 ' Ev .QE Q31 E ienlliw E ' A I f Q f f ., . HA L ,X ' .1 I I gifix Li 5, 1 f. Aff' :X QF TQ. X' ,W , I - ffl! Ln - A . . .. f L1 I ..... Ng, . B I LJ ':.n UU 'gn mu I M A f'f- 'v' f -Y-L L: ' -- igill Volume s Number s THURSDAY, MEL ard, 1924 som-lomoluz V, - F S. F. C. VODVIL BIG SUCCESS "WHOSE LITTLE BRIDE ARE HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTED WITH MARSHALL EXFLAINS IDEA RE- vou", to be presented by Fl-AG WEDNESDAY GARDING ATHLETIC Buocsr CI f ' . i' FOR DUV nu... sm. a. -zo P..a...n... "' ' M There vu gmt excitement and M' 1 - iov in Semi.. u.u .-A 1 - T I PI W Il M G The s, F. c. vodvl 14, . me After 5 'FE I I I 'mul N ibm: Mu:-1' nn greatest evvnls of L' Q 400 11 tigation by E OF L- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' year, which took r' 'lf 'fl Mr. West, "I I i iT' of Much 2151, W, Q,'Q 0 ,I Mr' 4 ,fig 1 'arshnll plans Lo end once cm, ', 'am ,, for ' Spmn lf' lilfill ' uw monelnry worries nf pmm the 1 00,1736 'A -1,0 . 1 ..l I ,4 PLUG A1 'ious athletic teams, md Mm, nn- pn- ,W 11 1.9 'Q 4f 4' V ' ' ' ":'L""a I-n upon I sound nr-.nml . I , winch me Q'-vf5:,,0'l',.'2'O We Q' '54 ' N "UW . , ., f... fr, 'f ,, +5 The Orac e ews f my be ' 0 " dv I ' th TEAM cars LETTERS ,400 ooxd. I ,f Uizisugysf AND SWEATER5 ave, 4.4. Y- if , n Onan' if If J-Q 'md in other l. aa G 'I - f' ' ki 0 ' v -2 V . I5 a- 'q 'V 0 K . sum... s-...Im Av.-'au fvafaf '?o,,,. hav ,jx wnf '64, "of Q Q, '93, 'S' ms i.. "' 'M 'f-42 --S Intl glare: nwcn ng? A ,-"'Q0'Q',.' ox, 'uf ,4 1. .nh A . , . Seventeen happy football men fuled 1 . 5 'sm' L 1 905.500 53, 3896? Q 1 into Prof. Rutherford's ofhce on 323 ' 9 4 9? .lb nh 0,,p4wpW1u Tuesday, January B, and as Coach - -' 0520 1, 0. bfpsff G+ Vx? Mnrshlll called ull' their names one ,N J 6 'Q '90 160009 403 050 ooo' by one received their maroon sweat-V ' LORIMER BLU-CH Q7 40 Qu 0 gl iwfaoa- is ,PP so ers, in the center of which were B-X Editm-imchief oo vi ,Bongo .mf kk ons Q, 1-9, ,fp inch "Dm" ' LEONARD FINKELSTEIN V ',"4,. ':., '6 00, 4 A 'oo ff, e,, ' 6 Fl: These lmen and -warm yverel Business Manager 310 40,0 45, 125.940 4-of' 6 " 1, 'O '12, nwlrdod by the Athle0'Y1.ommlt.!ee MARY KINSEY A - ob .gb 0,6493 Dpocqpa no 5",..0- '51, 0,49 to thou players wr-V ken pm subsenpnon Man-:er ,, 4 064, ,4 fo ,L 4 'Q 'DQ in . mum um' GV- 9' im' Au-:XALNUER HEJEZVENS fe L 'Q 42 "4of'o,,, "g"HQ',,, lg' I y d . U. n nnures, CU nersry , gp ,, ev , 4 A :nz eww 493' Q ,wish alum- sL'ry LETTERS Jossrx-1 CIIAIN rqovoqv pogboroofawnpq on Q H , rx el xx .en AN 0 Edxtor - Q. 0 .9 0 Q, 91 Q f mor' Q19 0 'H qv, 4 TA CL sp ff lb "a- iv 1 " 0 01, ' h 40 A Aw J' W" ' :I IU-9 Eugen Lockvberfis 'AQ ,df-,., 0, 1' 44 " ' " ,- 0' wx .W vc ""' Claus: MARTHA ALDERMAN --9 . ' qc W NY' 'CD ii?" P ben Exchange Editors ' Q c o .+V C0 1 ei' 1 " .n f x X .' e nc , 0 or ng, good bo 6.4.4- . -.X 1 N49 3'-Q1 10 .M YV """'fso 1 y "' K"-4"""f XXI w,:f-Qxivm,4,a5le,nN xp' ww you what ,Mauve GENERAL s'rAFF ' 'l t!' 1 e ,Qs e va A ,v nf I Y 'll C lv B ln, Anna Maejlnnnon, X '--1 4 Q11 f' wh ,A+ .KN NVE f955 ,I ffwl. Sanz Bf,',f,j'Qeo'N.n1, Aaron oberdm-fer. 0, 4 f W, J Wvlwx NN. vb vc I Cc' . Q bottle: Mary Edith Turner- Mm' I-i""i"l' v 69 X , L ' e. rv' qxxvfau' GSW is 50 WO" J Chfmis Mary Louise Wilkerson, Laura Cox- qt Q, f .I 4 lf' . yi , ,ox 5? ia P ,1" .xi In need well, Edward Anderson, John Mlfk' dag W , 5 4 ham 96 Xe-X6 M E' sv? WMV 56 K, bv as gf. ham Q h M4 ' " '-1 -,I Jlke:f"Qq,Sf"1 ' ,QV 4x or ,nf zvxx. Nw., ' 00 E M " 1 hgh d 6 5. ,JSJP 0 5' we N02 . AIS O 64. ? r Q ' '0 s . , , -.. iw -Sw . T: . . '+. Nl. ' than one Ye 03' 9.5 wvhv ,Xia ,ode Ed Evita' Tom Dechmln, lll0!?3tDfxf:::y:'0' lx ,043 tx 'Q -L YW' "hw h' ,629 NJ ps, 5' Q eq wv 0' 4' ge? JI:-lkglmignnlvlclgend. Albenazhcobs, if Q EZ, 'Ya 'IAQ h These stars wx V sl' ,ec QS- vel' QW 969' 50.95 ' ls' Joe Wim-mky. QL "A P , 0,14 "A, 4, qi' Nw- ..v, 0. , Ae ,, ,Q ,nv ,. ' BILLY STIFF By Alexand lr-gn, BI YUUVE ENOUGH TUQN IN I:121:l 0 1-, E ORACLE. D'-H-S N 1924 A w-- -I---1------1 ----.-QELQI-f-W,-i-Tifi' JT .'l' l'k-ivgijfllg gigi G-ig5. 'i-iixii-i3igQif5gg ..,.,,x,,l.f. llu S ORACLE NEWS STAFF E Editor-in-Chief ......,, ...........,...A....... L ORIMER BLITcI-I Business Manager ....,.,,. ........ L EONARD FINKELSTEIN Subscription Manager ..,, ...,.........,,.,,......,. M ARY KINSEY Literary Editor ............. .....,..... A LEXANDER H. STEPHENS Sport Editor .............. Exchange Editor: ...,,., JOSEPH CRAIN EUGENE LOCKE-LEWIS MARTHA ALDERMAN General Staff CAROLINE BRASH, ANNA MAE CANNON, BONNIE O'NEIL, AARON OBERDORFER, MARY EDITH TURNER, MARY LINNING, MARYLOUISB WILKERSON, LAURA COXWELL, EDWARD ANDERSON, JOI-IN MARK!-IAM, CHEsLEY' MATHEWS, RUTH JONES, PARKER CAPPS, JOE BRYsoN, NELLIE HURLBURT. Business Staff - TOM DECT-IMAN, JOHN DONAHOO, WINIFRED JOHNSON, ROBERT BROWN, HARRY FALIS, HELEN MCLEOD, ALBERTA JACOBS, JOE WILENSKY. Typing Staff LOIS BROWN, JACK JOHNSON, ALICE RUI-'F, WILBUR SMITH. '21-4IG21!93rv-,Q The Duval Tiger HE Duval Tiger, edited by students of Duval High School, through the courtesy of the Jacksonville Journal, made its ap- pearance for the first time this past year, and was most enthusiastically received by the student body and all of Duva1's alumni and well-Wishers. The policy of The Duval Tiger was to boost all Duval activities, and throughout the year this policy was conscientiously adhered Ito, accounting to a large extent for the well-merited popularity of this publication. A short time after the opening of school, the first edition was published, and thereafter made its weekly appearance each Saturday afternoon. The Duval Tiger endeavored to touch upon every phase of high-school life, especially featuring club news and athletics. Other interesting fea- tures of the page were: the personal sketches of various members of the faculty, the personals un- der the well-known "Katty Korner," and the in- dispensable advice of Aunt Lottie to the Lovelorn, as well as a snappy joke column, "Tiger Ticklersf' Never before in the history of the institution has Duval been so well advertised, due to the efficient. work of the Oracle N ews, the official paper of the school, and of The Duval Tiger. Duval has been exceedingly fortunate in having two publications such as these. As a result of the earnest efforts of the members of the staff, The Tiger has won recog- nition which insures its appearance during the coming scholastic term. The personnel of the staff of The Duval Tiger includes: Frank Boggs, '24, editorg Anna May Cannon, '24, assistant editorg Ed Newsom, '26, assistant editor, Ruth Jones, '24, reporter, Har- riet Wendel, '24, reporterg Katherine Brown, '26, reporter, and George Haydock, ,24, reporter. These proved that they possessed real journalistic abilities, and with Ed Newsom, Katherine Brown and Harriet Wendel back next year as a nucleus, The Tiger staff should fulfill all expectations. Duval wishes to extend a vote of appreciation to both Jacksonville newspapers, the Times-Union and the Journal for their generous columns of publicity. The Times-Union, especially, through their complete sport pages have done much to- wards securing crowds to support Tiger athletic attractions. IIZZJ Y mariah V.. lilllln. 1 1-1-IE o RAQLE if W g 9 4 -A vi Y -I. E-V4--..-Y nigniggg-143,-4,,,,,,g,g,.1,5g4:. ,,, U abwlm l ,J2uJ ?'g3?5i -infix!-v I-12 -"- 1 X""""N1' "'7?-bYr7llL3l""T ut E C .. f i I 2' +233 'WD rw 444-U H I "fl W , A' C i ..lf it X 'l i l me, HE exchange department of the Oracle News is very proud to present the following list of exchanges for 1924. There has been a decided increase in the interest taken in Duval by other schools throughout the United States, and the reputation of the Oracle News thereby established is an enviable one. It is hoped that this department will continue to improve and expand: Academite, Hebron, Nebraska. Acropolis, Newark, New Jersey. Aurora Borealis, Aurora, Minn. A High Light, Aurora, Indiana. Antelope, Kearney, Nebraska. Agate Sparkler, Agate, Colorado. Ben Franklin, New Castle, Penn. Budget, Galesburg, Illinois. Brocktonia. Brockton.. Mass. Bailey Bayonet, Greenwood, S. C. Boys' High, Charleston, S. C. Blue and White. Los Angeles, Cal. Blue Stocking, Presbyterian College of North Carolina. Brown and Gold, Jackson, Michigan. Blue and Gold, Conshohocken, Penn. Cepfral High School. West Palm Beach, a. Commerce, Springfield, Mass. Cocoanut. Cocoa, Fla. Clinton News, New York City. Co-Ed Leader, Atlanta. Ga. Connecting Link. Kingston. N. C. Coquina, St. Augustine, Fla. Denfield Criterion, Duluth, Minn. Davidsonian, Davidson, N. C. Echo. Shiloh, N. J. Echo, Kearney, Nebraska. Emory Wheel, Emory University, Ga. Florida Alligator, Gainesville, Fla. Glenville Torch, Cleveland, Ohio. Gulf-Hi-Life, New Port Richey, Fla. Graham Cracker, Graham. N. C. Ganilacad, Georgia Military Academy, College Park, Ga. Gryphan, Ironton, Ohio. G. H. S. Comet, Gainesville, Fla. High School Pep, Haxtun. Col. High School Gazette, Charleston, S. C. High School Review, Alger, Ohio. High Times, Lynchburg, Va. Hi-Standard, Memphis, Tenn. Irwiuner, Pittsburg, Pa. Interlude. South Bend, Indiana. Invader, Auburn, Washington. Junior Pioneer, Fall River, Mass. Ledger, Cleveland, Ohio. Lewis and Clark Journal, Spokane, Wash. Latimer Life, Pittsburg, Penn. Molecule, Champaign, Ill. Mirror, Birmingham, Ala. Monroe Tattler. Key West, Fla. Mirror, New York City. Medford Hi-Times. Medford, Oregon. Monitor, New Castle, Penn. Munsonian. Muncie, Indiana. Maroon and White, Uniontown, Penn. M. J. S. Anesthesia, New York City. Owlet, Hartford, Conn. Oracle, Bradentown. Fla. Optimist, Atchison, Kansas. Observer, Ansonia, Conn. Oak Leaf, Dayton, Ohio. Oredigger, Golden, Colo. Oracle, Montgomery, Alabama. Oak Leaf, Alameda. Cal. Orange and Black, Madison, Fla. Palmetto and Pine, St. Petersburg, Fla. Putnam Prattler, Palatka, Fla. Porteg Military Academy, Charleston S. . Punta Gorda Gungler, Punta Gorda, Fla. Pioneer, Honolulu, Hawaii. Porpois, D. H. S., Daytona, Fla. Panorama, Binghampton, New York. Peppery Pep, Fork Union, Penn. rrzsj Quill, Cisco, Texas. Recorder, Syracuse, New York. Rambler. Charlotte, N. C. Red and Black, Tampa, Fla. Ring-Tum-Phi, Lexington, Va. Racquet, Portland, Maine. Rollins Sandspur, Winter Park, Fla. Red and Black, Fostoria. Ohio. Rainbow, Lima, Ohio. Red and Black. Bellaire, Ohio. Red and Black, New Port. Rhode Island. Stivers News, Dayton, Ohio. School Bell, Big Stone Gap. Va. Spokesman, Plant City, Fla. Steele Lion, Dayton, Ohio. Student. Portsmouth. Va. Sifter. Lake City, Fla. Sara-So-Tan, Sarasota, Fla. Spectator, Chicopee, Mass. Southerner. Minneapolis, Minn. Stingaree, Miami, Fla. Su Huta. Lake Crystal. Minn. Spud, Alliance, Nebraska. Shattuck Spectator, Faribault, Minn. Technical News. Omaha, Nebraska. Tattler, Mineral Wells, Texas. Times, Kearney, Nebraska. Utica High School. Utica, New York. Vanguard, Honolulu Military Academy. Honolulu, Hawaii. Western Star, West Somerville, Mass. Washington Irving High School, New Mexico City, New Mexico. Willow Messenger, Red Willow, Neb. Whisp, Wilmington. Delaware. West Side News. Jackson. Michigan. X-Ray, Sacramento. California. X-Rays, Columbus, Ohio. . lllllllllllllmll jj j THE ORACLE fin' may D-1-1-S N 1924 1 1'-1-evff 'slim' 'lf 'nl Kim, wqnznws-can ss -FE:-xx canada-Es' .,w"A N., se. , Wi ' ' 1 6 'HUMOR' as Prof. West: "Scott didn't write any real good love stories." Stockton Broome: "I-Iuhl I just read a good one.'l Nlr. Edwards Qtaking picturesj : "If Miss Jones will just get upon the coping-" Ruth Jones: "I canyt get up and I won't walk around." Mr. Edwards: "Now if we just had a der- rick-! l" Miss Schoenmann: "Just what is meant by the 'Yellow Menace' ?" Balfe: "Mah Jonggf' - Father: "Son, you failed in the same subjects this year that you did last." Son: "Sure, they asked me the same questions." "Professor Bernard lost his job." "How's that ?" "He doesn't teach me any more." Absent-minded Professor: "Broome, board." Stockton: "I'm not here, Professorf Professor West: f'Very well, I'll send Adams." MM go to the r lVIiss Moore: "Some one tell me the names the three greatest Americans." Marcus Endel: "Hart, Schaffner and Marxf' of Frank B.: "I put my whole mind into this poem." Miss Haag: "Yes, I see, it's blank verse." We notice a local undertaking establishment under the name HGETER Sz BAKER." That might be called a hot one. junior: "I saw three very stout ladies all under one umbrella and none of them were getting wet." Fresh: "I-Iow'd that happen ?" Junior: "It wasn't raining." Ruth Jones: "I'm going to be the fat lady in the Senior Play. She weighs two hundred pounds." Phynque: "Gee, y0u've got to reduce in a hurry." Professor: "Success, gentlemen, has four condi- tions." Voice from the back row: "Tough luck, the Dean will kick it out of the college." Lewis Clayton: "Hope I'm not tiring you with my presence." Harriet Pullen: "What presents. PH "Do you know 'Sleepy' Murphy ?" "Yeah, he sleeps in my class." Math Instructor Cscratching his foreheadl : "Is ?YY this plain Student: "No, its solid." Morton R. ifafter an hour's sessionj: "Hello, hello central! Can't I get a better line ?" Central fwho has heard most of itl : "Say, boy, I donlt see what's wrong with the one you have l" L1z41 'nm' Vu nv llllilllm. Bill: "Don't you think my wife has a fine voice P" John: "Eh ?" Bill: "I say, hasn't my wife a fine voice ?" John: "That woman's making such a horrible row that I can't hear a word you say." Prof. fduring quizz to student with book openl: "Do you generally have your book open during examinations, sir ?" Student ftaken unawaresl : "Yes, sir, I gener- ally try to." John M.: "What was the idea of trying to kiss me when the lights went out? Charlie L.: "Force of habit, I suppose." Nice Lady: "Do you go with girls much P" Alex Stephens: "No, I spend Sunday nights at home with the family." She: "How did you keep your room warm last winter ?" Nancy Evans: "Oh, I just left Johnny Mac's letters around on the table-" Mrs. Wetzel: "Do you know you haven't kissed me for six weeks P" Prof. Wetzel fa trifle absent-minded, at timesj : "Good heavens! VVho have I been kissing, then ?" Prof. : "Young man, how dare you swear before me ?" Young Man: "Oh, I beg your pardon, Profes- sor. I did not know that you wanted to swear first. Go ahead." Devil: "What are you laughing at ?" Assistant: "Oh, I just had that flapper locked up in a room with a thousand hats and no mirror." U. H. S. EX. Little Boy lfpassing high school during recess and looking at Inky Nortonl : "Look at the clown, mama, the circus has come to town l" Mama: "No, dear, that's only one of those high-school boys." Judge: "And what are you here for, young man ?', Young Man: "Hic, er-I'm here for frag- rancy, yo' :honor--hic-I've been drinking per- fume." lNIy eyes are nearly closed And everything is dim, For I just told a fellow What I thought of him. 1. ..i Daughter: "Father, why doesn't the hair grow on the top of your head ?" Father: "Daughter, why doesn't the grass grow on a busy street P" Daughter: "Obi I see. It can't come up through concrete." Somewhere we read that history repeats itself. As a matter of fact we know it did this term. Soph to new Fresh: "You want to keep your eyes open around here." Fresh: "Do I? Why " Soph: "Because people would think you were crazy if you went around with them shut." Fresh: "Where do you bathe " Soph: In the spring." Fresh: "I didn't say when." IF So, RAISE THE RIGHT HAND. Breathes there a man with soul so dead, Who never to a cop has said When past the limit he has sped, "Gee, why doncha pinch that guy ahead ?" Harold: "Where ya been ?" Paul: "To the cemetery." Harold: "Any one dead?" Paul: "Yep, eve'y one of 'em." 'Fessor IVest: "Are you sure your theme is original ?" Fred Adams: "Well, you may find some of the words in the dictionary." "That's a good joke-I'll tell the world," said the broadcast operator as he reached for the microphone. Whatever trouble Adam had, No man in days of yore Could say when he had told a joke I've heard that one before." Mr. Wetzel Cholding picture in front of himl : "Now there isn't very much in this picture but there's something very fine behind it." f125:I Yi f 'Yr 32 f126j 52 W W V Z W 7 2 9 W M! Q V 52 M 25 Z e 2 , Z Z , Q 22 Q Z U A 5 2 flag Wg Z 3 Z ,M ,M Z if Z Z 6 fW Q K Q ? Pi Kia EQ W W C3 Q E4 i W QCD ei 2 HSD 5 AFF T L S ANNUA fm .nllmlm I. 13,IIL ' - - J ggg I, .EEA S -'199.4 LORIMER BLITCI-I AH? LEONARD FIN KELSTEIN Editor-in-Chief Bzuiness Manager N9 Q Editor - in - Chief LORIMER BLITCH Faculty Advisors MIss WOODWARD MR. WEST Business Staff LEONARD FINKELSTEIN ,,,,.AA,,,,,,.A,,,,,,A,,,,, Buyineu Manager JOHN DONAHOO ,,,, . ..,,,....,,,,, Assistant Bu.fine.f.r Manager MARX' KINSEY' ...,,,,,,.... ,,,,..,A,,,,. S ubscription Manager GeneraliLiterary Staff General Business Staff ALEXANDER H. STEPHENS MARY LINNING FRANK CARRELL ANN PAGE ELIZABETH LLOYD NELLIE HURLBURT' ALEX BRODMERKEI. PAUL BRADLEY CHARLES DAVIDSON CHESLEY MATHEWS MARYLOUISE VVILKERSON CHATFIELD ANTHONY AI.Ex BALEE RUTH JONES MARY EDITH TURNER ROBERT STIRK ANNA MAE CANNON ELLA WHITE YVALTER SCUITTI LEVVIS CLAYTON MARTHA ALDERMAN EUGENE LOCKE-LEWIS JOSEPH CRAIN WILLIE DEE WILLIAM ELIZABETH CRENSHAW MARY KINSEY Sulufription Manager MALCOLM SAULS JOE WILENSKY SAM VVITTEN flEORGE MARTIN HELEN MCLEOD ALBERTA JACOBS BONNIE O'NEIL Typing Staff LOIS BROWN JACK JOHNSON ALICE RUEF WILBUR SMITH Art Staff ERNEST LE BARON NINA LOUISE BYRD CARL JEFFERS ' AARON OBERDORFER fum uvllllllllllllu .. I THE ORACLE ifqlllld , yff D-H-S N 1924 ,.,...,iQizf5 .a12 4Tja?y: ll Q' in A egg: A ,g5, W iggr N APPRECHATHU In this yinal word the Oracle wishes to thank every one who has assisted in the publication of this book. Especially do we wish to express our appreciation to our advertisers listed below and to assure them of our hearty support and patronage in the future. PAGE PAGE Baker Bros. ..,,,.,....,...,,, . xiv Jacksonville Sporting Goods Co .,,,,,,, ,,,,, x vii Balfe Hardware Co. .,........ . xiii Jacobs, V, Eu C0 ,-,,--'--,,A,A,,---,---4,,, xix Boone's Drug Co. ,,,,,..,,.,,,,....,. ..... x vii James gl Paxon A-,----Y.-- xiv Brooks-Scanlon Corporation ,,,rr. ix Jax Cracker Works----mWMM- xi Cheek'Neal Coffee C0 "'t"""A"""A' ' xi jones Brothers Furniture Co .,,,,i.... ,, xii Chelf Drug Co' 'A""'"'""""""""""A" ' Kinney Shoe C0 ..........c,...........,,.. xii City Commission of jacksonville ..,....,.... L' F. M. Store xvii Cohen Bros. ..,,,,....,,.....,,,,..,i....,..,,,. . xm L- , Y C - ' I - . Cummer Lumber Co .,..,,, . xvi wings on Onge O xvi Documg Inc- - xv Luggage Shop ...,............., xii Drew H. at W. B. Co .,,.,cc, . vi Maflfs SamPle SMP -'-'-ee--- xi Duval Jewelery Co. -,--'- iii Mills the Florist, Inc. .,.,,., xv Duval Motor C0 ,,,,,,A-,- X Morgan Auto Supply Co ...,, xvi Elamls Music Shop ,,tc.....t. . xv McCants-Hall Co. .....,...... xix F'0rdit Co. .,Y,,Y.........,Y,.,VY,.....,., . xvi Peninsular State Oil Co ..,,,... xii Florida Electric Supply Co ..,,., .. xi Porter Clothing Co, ,,AA,,A,,, ii Frieseke, Harry .,,,,...,.t..,,, . xiii Putnam Lumber Co. o..,.t,, viii Furchgott's ......,,,,,,,,.c.....,, ..... x iii Record Co .,.....,,, .,,,,,......,.,,......,,,,,,..... . . v Gamble 8: Stockton Co ..,.,. . xv Respess-johnson Engraving Co .........,,,, xvii Golder, E. G ...,,,.,c, ,,..,. . ' xv Specialty'Shoe Shop .......,,.,,,,...... xvi Gray's Pharmacy ..,,,..,.. . xv Standard Clothing Co. xiv Greenleaf Sz Crosby Co .,.,. x Temple Barber Shop ..,.... xvi Hawkins' Dye Works .,,.i... . xv Walk-Over Shoe Store ,..,....,.. xv Hess 8: Slager, Inc ....,,.,.. . vii Whiddon's Cash Store .... iv Independent Drug Co ........ . xiv Wilson, P. K. ..,........... xvi X 3 7 we TAANK, woo !- V affix, 'CWC 'SC"S""',f Cif5i'A I iz: il. '-is 'i- , L-Xiagkjl I, M F ki! 1 -Q V AMN, A A,! A , wx. -9-its-'-51' A lj pi v 51281 THE ORACLE A D-H-S '-199.4 fn, -,I .-A-.Q ff .Q--- ff GDB N 'gnu Y, -MQ., xx 131, v- infu- v- - 'qw .xx -:E ww Uzvj THE ORACLE :wif qv D-H-S -J 19424 J " "CDH" Q-ED ".aa.F" If auf- If MIIIIJWLJIIIM kenaf: -X A :cms wren- W e mee pleasure in su6mz'ffz'ng fzerewifh an enfargea' deszgn .vfzawzkzg Qing we fur71zMeez'fZr ifze Qraa'uaz'z'72g Cfass of .7NQ,nefeefz Yuwenfy -j74ve z ess Sfezger fm. fewelers Atzfractifue Gnzduatiozz Gffb Dependable Qualify Sixteen Wes! Forxyrh Sr. V WW THE ORACLE H 15 D1-is 1924 .II Iv. ,A l ff If I , W, , , 7...-,4::3-iQg-f.-I-pidai-is' fiiaf , .I , I If.i i- ifiF5:?-X!:"-?X"- '--QS? ' ' 7 fl--,W " N..+'1Q'sL , -f - ,ff I- WOB P dT MLF If P AJVI S y utnam umber Co. Cable Address ' ' P UT NA M ' ' Jmznufdcfurerf LONG LEAF SUWANEE RIVER PINE Annual Caparity 80,000,000 F I TIDEWATER SUWANEE RIVER RED CYPRESS A'nmnzl Caparily 30,000,000 Feet Please Address All Communications to the Company Tklepbone 3606 s7dC,5.f07Z'ZJl'!f8, Florida VIII WWW THE ORACLE fl 1 DH-SN19Q4 ,. cm, ccgggbvgmnuerggm .beg .il Ill. ti f 'fi i if 1- ,., a-fFJ3i?3:r, '. ,i iii- im 'uf I, fi.- n-.,.- w 4:'x-.MHLAQ jullgalivbxx , Brooks f Scanlon Corporation Manufacturers Long Leaf Yellow Pine We invite your inspection of our most modern plant, producing normally One Hundred Million feet each year, without undue haste or strain. Mills, Yards, Docks and Office located twelve miles from Jacksonville, on St. Johns River. 'E EASTPORT, FLORIDA IX f.4iNQ , THE ORAQLE D-I-I-S 'NIQQQI-Xmhvw ,, .fmnff wc " Q'-V " Gm' 1"1"jm Judd Q -'AD' A Tm' ' ' 111 11111011 1 C5 1 if 1, ,H 1 Y! '07 :Z if I ' 6321, ' N wofzafsjzfi Jzbrpijfea' Ayn 7151? fa ow' Gfforg, GZTEENLEAF C59 CROSBY CO CIE WELERS GJF7' ' GIWNG GOODS 4! W DAY STREET Duval Motor Company Lmcoln med Fordson Tefeplzone 7077 1005-1011 WEST FORSYTH STREET ONE B1oCK ERoM UN1oN DEPOT ...rrmullmmnt I THE ORACLE ffqll ll Pjii 'Iif2'3:mi mst as Mark's Sample Sh .Qadz'ef' Pnfar 23 W. Adams Street QJXTULA YW 0-S6 '04, Q CLASS 961924 19 We carry one of the largest assort coats, suits and dresses in the moderately priced "Mark My Word" It will be a pleasure to show ments of JAX B I S C U I T S Cookies, cakes and crackers, deliciously light, crisp and fresh Butter Wafer one of the 122 kinds, recog- nized byits brown edge and golden center JACKSONVILLE CRACKER WORKS Corzgratalatzbm fo Clays gf '24 'E FLORIDA ELECTRIC S U P P L Y COMPANY ffarksonville, Florida Tampa, Florida It Lzkfwz! Maxwell House TEA is asgooa' as Maxwell House COFFEE .I f Wen iam., LA- f 1--S HS--rl ' --- Sq? 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X4-5 riginal Cul-Prifr Drug Slore I k ll . . n 116' JUMFI 6 INDEPENDENT DRUG COMPANY Prescriptions Called for and Delivered MARKET VN B Stre Phon 83 866 2 aww 63-9 Taxon General Insurance and Surety Bonds I5-I7 Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida MUTUAL LIFE BUILDING BAKER BROS. Yfze STANDARD CLOTHING CO. 3 Jlffajor Cofvzhgton 0-ferr his compliments lo the Class of '24 XV THE ORACLE mllllilml -H-S N' 1924- .ll lln, 'ly-9 D n: Qf1-44 If -fm H wc ff mg- 1 urn ,I 31-,Mama .X ma aamanmmj A W-:xvfquhx as A 1.0 s ... UN.- Y Gray? Plzmfmafzkf, Inf. ' Hm It" Phones R-1316 - 9206 A Druggist in Need is a Friend Indeed "QUALITY AND SERVICE " Comp!z'ment.r ' ad?-Guer SHOE STORE I5 West Forsyth Hawkins Dye Vvorks Elam's Music Shop Qualify PIANos, PLAYER PIANOS Cleaners and Pressers SSPFJEQWIISIA PHONOGVPHS - o on Euxy Termr- Servjw PLAYER ROLLS, RECORDS 221 W- Adams Phone 93 204 Laura Street Phone 9593 flowers Everything in Season, Most Artistically Arranged for Every Occasion. 1-1 MILLS THE FLORIST, Inc. Fourty-Six West Duval Street Compliments of Gamble Sc Stockton Co. Manufacturers and Distributors of High Grade CLAY PRODUCTS 327 Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida Student Patronage is Appreciated 'E DOCUM E. G. Golder Co. RAY FUEL OIL BURNE RS 'E 303 Main Street, Jacksonville, Florida XV THE ORACLE Ifiyli' D-H-s N19Q4 ---M -f---- 1-iffixife55'-l'91i'i"Ji'ii'Tirt' ,llv I'lI. if :INI,,i Lie-af -'f-if- -Heixs: -w:-x!-gfe:- RENT A NEW CAR -- DRIVE IT YOURSELF C H E L F ' S Cut Prices 22 VV' Forsyth St' Phone 142 215-217 W Adams St. Jacksonville, Florida Morgan Auto SUPPIY CO' LIVINGSTON-YONGE Corner Eighth and Main Sir. Gas and Oils McClaren Tires , , , Batteries Electrical Work Relzable Eleclrzcal Merelzandzfe Batteries Recharged I General Repairs The Home M Real Service I6-I8-20 East Adams St. Temple Barber Shop Exclusive Parlorfor Ladies and Children Plain Hair Cut 354: Fancy Hair Cut 5oc V I Get Father or Mother to buy the Piano, or Player, or Small Grand from P. K. W ILS ON 314 East Second Street "Out ofthe High Rent District," and thereby save enou h in the cost to bu ou a new suit Masonic Building - 215 Main Street g or a beautifulydiiess u e zz b M' mm 746,772 ercio' Keep on Keeping on Cypress Lumber and Wliffl Crate Material 3 JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA Always Sometlzbzg N ew! The Specialty Shoe Store IO3 Main Street THE ORACLE D-H-S R- 19124 as-L f Q.:--fl -we-ff also ff' QM- If cas- If -fix 'I' ss ---fb xx 'A-QQ W eazbw Y-:IDD Y. -:I ie Every Home Builder Who is Seeking the' Most Modern and Economical Way of Cooking should include An ELECTRIC RANGE Your plans should include Wiring of suilicient capac- ity to carry the Range load as the difference is so slight over the usual cost ofwiringforelectriclights RANGES ARE SOLD ON TERMS TO SUIT THE PURCHASER. Visit Our Display Rooms at No. 15 N. Ocean St., and See Our Complete Line of WE SELL EVERYTHING for Men,Women am! Children from Head to Foot Our Store Miro i SATISFACTION OR YOUR MONEY BACK JACKSONVILLE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY "The Sportsman's Store" 129 West Bay Street - Bell Phone 748 Ranges B O O N E' S -'-'- D R U G S T O R E Mum and Monroe Clty Cornrnlsslcn Prescription Service a Specialty of Jacksonville TELEPHQNES 7 046 and 3 2 1 7 THE ORACLE f:f5l?:3W D H s 1924 qlll ls. -u. U 1 f F, , -" 1- 1- os.: h-X . E6-71 i....1:,,----.A-,.-4----,--... -,4 . - 'fx 'if vM1:,.,,x-v...-5X.4,--xxx,-..-,xx-QV.-Q - nf, :Q,::i:i!4lnIYQ 5s N V XVIII T1-IE ORACLE O D-H-S -S1924 ,N ,, M., ,, J! ,X ,,1L , O .Q ,,XN 3.1 U 5 ji D . .33 WFOQSYTH O .JEWELEQS Foe 50 YEAQS " MCOants-Hall Company LINCOLN A A A FORDSON X . , Cars, Trucks, Tractors Pfzanef 376, 377 ADAMS AND JULIA STREETS, ONE BLOCK FROM POST OFFICE 5X THE ORACLE gf' 5 DHS 19 4 Anlllllllllltxn. 2 at ,Y .. - N. Q I' x .lin xvzil 1..- izii iiiaza-Q., y,1 -1 A ml- 5. VJ 3i-.fggxiinC .i11xi- 1 T-pxaa m1-5 1 ,f4"wun.L.'-1.164 HA . 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