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. . . am waiiing for a rebirih o wonder . . . . . . and I am waiHng for ihe Age of Anxiety fo drop dead ... " THE RIGORS of school life prove too much for Dave Bashover as he snatches a snooze In the library. ALTHOUGH free time is scarce, Kathy Culhane, (top middle) helps underprivileged children and Keith Claro (right) improves his sailing skills. INTRIGUED BY the various growths in the roots of an upturned tree, Cheryl Jacobs investigates. W ' X . . . and I dm waiHng or ifiQ siormQ of life io be over ... " . . . and I am waiiing for foreQiQ and animalQ io reclaim fhe earth as fhe rs. ON THE WAY home, Jolie Parker pauses to feed the horses that live next to school. ALTHOUGH training championship dogs is a favorite pastime of Carolyn Leakey, " all work and no play " can prove tiresome and an occasional break is required. ♦.., „ ' ,?. le A RE.TURN to nature was popular with JHS ' ers this year. Nan Lutes (above) fondles a frog; Lynne Keller (top middle) spends a day fishing; and Gary Van Huffel (left) hikes through the wilderness. New Flexible 9cheduling Allows More Time To help relieve the overcrowded conditions of the classrooms and to lessen the 3:15 p.m. rush from the parking lot, students were given a choice of exit times this year. Juniors and seniors attending 7:10 a.m. classes were al- lowed to leave at 1:15 or 2:15 p.m., and DE and ICT participants left at 11:30 as usual. Although shorter school hours helped stu- dents on jobs and gave them more time for personal hobbies; club activities lagged as many students were not willing to return to school at 3:15 for meetings. Despite the varying schedules, Jackson life went on as usual. Freshmen were introduced to the meaning of Jackson Pride at the first fall pep assembly and surprised the rest of the student body with their lively response to " Bat- tle Cry. " In-school activities ranged from imi- tating Peter Fonda for an English skit to smugging food from the cafeteria. " EASY RIDER " Kaye Casad demonstrates her con- cept of a hero during an English class skit. MR. JOHN CLAYTON mans the ticket office during noon hour on Thursdays and Fridays before games. For Homework, Hobbies CINDY SHULTZ smuggles milk and sandwiches out of the cafeteria for a hungry sports editor. FOOTBALL manager Mark Vanderwall checks the equipment during the Jackson-LaSalle game. EACH STUDENT in basic art class sketches his own version of model Sue Smith. ENJOYING the Little 500 race are Charlotte Bradberry, Rhonda Brown, Karen Hay, and Rita Stockton. Robert Gordes Fund Tops Goal; Conditioning 10 Machine in Memonal Room A two-thousand dollar goal was exceeded by three hundred dollars after a three-week campaign to raise money for a Universal Gym machine. Fund-raising activities included the traditional Ugly Boy contest and the Little 500 bike race, along with some new projects. Homerooms collected pop bottles for refunds; and faculty ping pong games, a candy walk, basketball free throws, and dancing not only enlivened the atmosphere of the gym during noon hour but also brought us closer to the goal. The weight machine was purchased in memory of Mr. Robert Gordes, a student teacher who was killed in a trampoline accident at Jackson in 1969. W S MONtY-RAISING activities ranged from raffles to ping- pong. Steve Wechter (left) challenges a teacher, and Nancy Kennedy wins a tape player from Mr. Herczeg (below). GREG LOVE and Mike Powers don feminine clothing and bring in the second win for homeroom 152. FACULTY STAR Mr. Steve Smith, " Property of the City Sewer Department, " takes his turn at bat. PHYSICAL EDUCATION class makes full use of the new Universal Gym conditioning machine. 11 " MUNCHKIN " Diane Cul- hane returns to Oz for a pep assembly skit. THE BRIGHTEST spot In the evening was the crown- ing of Becky DeShone, escorted by Bob Hillebrand. MR. JAMES L. EARLY (upper right) helps Lori Claro and Dickie Morgan prepare for Homecoming activi- ties. " WORTH AT LEAST one touchdown, " Coach Wally Gartee said of Tiger fans ' loyal support of the team, evidenced by a pre-game tunnel (center right) and packed stadium (right). 12 Raindrops Kep+ Falling on Our Heads On the night of Homecoming 1970, it was destined to rain. But the spirit of JHSers was not dampened by the weather or by various mishaps. After going through yards of red tape, several juniors gained possession of a con- demned house and tore it down to use the wood for the annual bonfire. When demolition of the house was complete, a city-wide ordinance banning school bonfires was made public, much to the dismay of both the house-wreckers and the rest of the student body. After several weeks of work, the Homecom- ing float was completed. On the afternoon be- fore the game, students were driving it down U.S. 31 when a semi whizzed past, sucked the crepe paper out of the chicken wire, and left Jackson with one very naked float. A sudden downpour during halftime ceremonies and a one-point loss polished off the evening. PARTICIPATING in Homecoming festivities were YFU students Susie Schmidt (Germany) and escort Joris Reymer (Belgium). Branka Stirn (Yugoslavia) was es- corted by Chris McVay. 13 MEMBERS of the 1970 Junior Prom Court and escorts were Dave Jessup, Connie Pacay, Rick Morrison, Janet Sharp, Bob Shonkwiler, Chris Seaborg, Jeff Schoppe, Marilyn Reasor, Kim Crofoot, Gary Midia, Cindy Springer, Larry Burcham, Jim Lipp and Kim Beach. PINNING a bouton- niere on Dean Reinke appears difficult for Kris Hildebrand. 14 7 1 Class Breaks Tradifion With New Prom 9He Held amidst an atmosphere of beauty and excitement, the 1970 Junior Prom will hold lasting memories for many. Decorations re- flected the theme, " Sounds of Silence, " and Eddie Knight and his orchestra provided the music. For the first time, the Junior Prom was held outside the Jackson gym, at the Morris Park Country Club. The highlight of the evening was the introduction of the court and the crowning of queen Marilyn Reasor. Mr. Eugene Hudson was the class sponsor. LINDA SHORTZ and Ken Drake leave their wraps with coat check girls Hope Heemstra and Sally McDermott. MARILYN REASOR poses proudly after being crowned queen of the 1969 Junior Prom. 15 ' Happy Fridays ' Herald Coming of Weekends Getting away from the hectic life was a prime goal for JHS ' ers. Weekends were anxiously awaited for dates, relaxation, or a much needed time to finish off a term paper. During football and basketball seasons, Village Inn, Barnaby ' s, and Pizza Hut were frequented by Jackson sup- porters after the games. During school hours students could forget homework for a while at lunchtime or in creative classes such as art. With a large per cent of Jackson ' s populace living outside the city limits, many owned horses and other animals. BAREBACK RIDING in an open field is invigorating exercise for both Sue Heaney and her horse. JEFF TROEGER and Nanette Lutes enjoy the natural beauty of the Elkhart Conservation Club. ISOLATION CAN BE achieved in even the most crowd- ed of study halls. A " student " becomes engrossed in Mad ' s version of the heroics of General Patton. 17 Mini — Midi — Maxi Hair and Fashions 9how Originality Impatience, rebellion, and concern were all evident this year in the youth of our school and our nation. Women united in a campaign that swept our nation to seek equality in job op- portunities while college campuses demon- strated for ecological and social causes. Fashions took a dive with the inaugurating of the midi and the country look. Tie and dyes were the rage, both homemade and store- bought versions. For those unwilling to go long, pants made the perfect transition between midi and mini. Gauchos, pant suits, and jump- suits were practical, comfortable, and per- missible to wear to most places of work. Wire- rimmed glasses perched on many noses, while Spiro Agnew and Mickey Mouse adorned the wrists of fashion-conscious clockwatchers. 18 LOOKING COMFORTABLE and stylish, Kim Crofoot models gaucho pants, a familiar look at Jackson. SENIOR Stefanie Selden, wearing a skirt she bought in Africa, begins work on an art project. SPORTING wire- rimmed glasses, Seniors Rick Sprague and Michelle Geoffrey study together. WEARING A MINI SKIRT, Linda Kruslnski displays one of the many lengths worn at Jackson. LISA INFALT, dressed in a midi-vest and matching pants, examines a mobile in art class. 19 CONCENTRATION AND agility are essential for Don Bauschke to be able to hold a yoga posi- tion. SENIOR TOM EVERLY looks for distinct marks that indicate the bottle is an antique. Most of his collection was ac- quired by digging in the banks of rivers. ■ 20 Body Contortions. Meditation Characteristics of Ancient Yoga Unusual hobbies occupied the free hours of many Jackson students. Along with the more common pastimes of reading, watching T.V. and rock collecting, yoga classes attracted those who wished to learn more about the ancient philosophy and meditation. Others merely joined for the sake of exercise. The occult sci- ences mystified junior astrologers who plotted their natal charts, and believers in reincarna- tion delved into " past lives. " Knitting and crocheting baskets were seen in the classrooms as girls caught up on their needlework during movies and discussions. Em- broidery too was revived and various peace signs, monograms, and flowers adorned blue jeans and shirts. In order to keep up with the latest fashion without damaging bank accounts, girls sewed their own clothes. Many made their boyfriends wide silk ties for Christmas. Antique collections sent buffs digging through second-hand stores, most notably Thieves Market, in search of special finds. Rec- ord collections ran into hundreds of albums, with music fanatics spending hours immersed in sound. ERICH SEGAL ' S Love Story touched off a trend tow- ards romanticism in novels and movies. Kathy Gibbs becomes emotionally involved. DRESSED AND READY to go, " Conductor " Dave Mar- shall prepares for his hundredth train ride. 21 THE VICTIM OF a sud- den ambush, Bill Davis attempts to brush the snow from his head. WITH a firmly packed snowball in hand, Nancy Nelson prepares to get even with the " enemy. " f.r ' r. 22 New Snow Means i 4 4- •■- ' --i i s ? ' . -% »: r . i — , 1 ■ — -r Skiing. Shoveling; Maybe No School Falling snow means something different to everyone. Some count the days toward skiing and tobogganing excursions or just weekend snow fights. Some, however, begrudgingly con- template the hours they will spend shoveling driveways or the approximate number of times they ' ll get stuck in the course of the season. Those in 7:10 classes had plausible excuses for tardiness: " But Mr. Neff! The snow plows haven ' t even started clearing the streets yet! " The unplowed parking lots offered exciting new activities to break up the monotony of the day. There was, of course, the ever-popular " Snowball Dodgem " as well as the more daring game of How Many 360 ' s Can You Do In One Run? Despite the several drawbacks, every Jacksonite must confess to that tingling sense of anticipation received when listening to the early morning road reports and wondering: " Will they close school or not? " MELTING SNOW marks the beginning of spring as Mary Kocy and Sue Frame walk to school. WINTER brings out playful instincts in all of us. Cindy Springer eats a handful of snow. 23 ■ ■G jjjjgl . " A ' S MR. JAMES EARLY con- gratulates Queen Kitty Gates and King Dave Fiscligrund at the home- coming ceremonies. ADDING finishing touch- es to " King Tiger " , Pam Butterworth (middle right) contributes her part to the freshman hall. " REFEREE " Jeff Botich demonstrates his " impartial- ity " towards John Whisler in the pep assembly skit. 24 9enior Tiger Town Takes First Place In Hall Contest With weeks of preparation, basketball home- coming was an event long anticipated by Jack- son students. Every class worked to choose a theme and decorated its assigned hall with hopes to win first place in the hall-decorating competition. In an early morning pep assembly, the court was introduced to the student body. During half-time ceremonies Kitty Gates and Dave Fischgrund were crowned queen and king by Mr. Early. Other members of the court were Becky Meyer, Rick Streich, Jeff Vervaet, Gretchen Woodcox, Denny Zimmer, Barb Allen, Dave Staples, Linda Lutes, Marti Doyle, Tom Everly, Holly Tolle, Norm Crider, Pam Goltz, Steve Trenkner, Linda Krusinski, and Bill Sharp. v " - K - - - .-■« » . ' .-.•-•— DAVE DILLON (above) introduces " opposing " cheer- leaders (left). Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Kercher, and Mrs. Smith were given a standing ovation for their cheer: " Strawberry shortcake, Huckleberry pie-V-l-C-T-O-R-Y. " 25 26 . am snxiouQ y waiiing for ihe Qecrei of eiernal life fo be c iQcovered 27 Administrafors, Counselors Guide Jacksonites Toward Academic Goals Jackson in 1970-71 had an academic staff of 73, headed by Principal James L. Early and Assistant Principal James Chambers. Mr. Chambers, formerly a counselor at Nuner Ju- nior High, replaced Mr. Charles Welch who re- signed to work on his doctorate at Ball State. Mr. Early was a member of the Board of Control of the Indiana High School Athletic Association and served as its representative to a national convention in Seattle last summer. The school gained " half a counselor " as Mrs. Anita Landry divided her time between the guidance of- fice and the classroom. Mrs. Eve Arnett, school nurse since the building opened six years ago, was for the first time at Jackson on a fulltime basis. PRINCIPAL JAMES L. EARLY WAS the school ' s number one booster of " Jackson Pride. " ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL James Chambers had responsi- bility for student activities and attendance. SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT Donald Dake started the practice of lunching with students in SBCSC schools. 28 REGULATING JACKSON HEALTH standards is the job of Mrs. Eve Arnett, fulltime school nurse. SECRETARIES: Mary Staszewski, bookstore; Mrs. Georgiana Buehrer, counselors ' ; Mrs. Mary Widner, attendance; Mrs. Charlotte Mikel, main office; and Suzann Nowostawski, main office. COUNSELORS MR. LELAND WELDY, Mrs. Anita Lan- dry, Mrs. Sylvia Kercher, and head counselor Mr. Everett Holmgren help underclassmen choose classes and guide upperclassmen toward careers and college. 29 JOSEPH CATANZARITE B.S. Indiana, M.A. Notre Dame ..U.S. History, Government. . .enjoys wood- working DAVID DUNLAP B.S. Indiana .Government . swim, tennis coach. . teaches a Sunday School class STEPHEN HERCZEG .A.B., M.A. Ball State Social Studies assistant football coach TIM MOJZIK B.S. South Dakota Social Studies Freshman football coach idealizes Vince Lom- bardi V Qocial Qtudies Covers Election, ii » ' Basic Events ' and Black History DURING A U.S. HISTORY course on world wars, Tam- my Olson studies World War M relics. THOMAS HOYER . . . B. S., M. S. Notre Dame . . . U.S. His- tory . . . department head ... is a year around swimmer. Basic Events, American Political behavior. Educational problems in America, and Ameri- can Government beset all social studies buffs. Seniors in Government-Sociology classes had the opportunity for the first time to meet at 7:10 a. m. with Mr. Neff. Mr. Dunlap ' s sociolo- gy classes researched the ups and downs of the American educational system today and the ever-present grading procedure. Mr. Hoyer ' s B. E. quizzes were an essential part of the juniors ' U.S. History courses. New additions to the social studies department were a former Central teacher, Mr. Joseph Catanzarite, and Mr. Tim Mojzik. ysik 30 GORDON MUESSEL ADDS the final touch to an Eiffel Tower made for a social studies class project. . B.S. Indiana, M.A. Notre Dame. . .A.V. .. .sponsor. . .is " ham " radio FLOYD KUZAN Social Studies, operator ROLLO NEFF A.B. Manchester, M.S. Indiana... Government. Student Council adviser VICTOR PAPA!. . .B.S. Indiana State, M.A. Indiana. U.S. History, Government . Frosh basketball coach ERWIN WEGNER B.S. Northwestern, M.S. Indi- ana .History Athletic Director .former football coach ALISON BLAD and Laura Strycker take notes on Ameri- can artists during Mr. Hoyer ' s Art Appreciation Day. NBC ELECTION REPORTERS Sandy Neidigh and June Thomas tabulate the senatorial poll results. 31 Junior English Program Consis+s of Three MARGARET BERGAN . . A.B. St. Mary ' s, M.S. Indiana .. .English. . .came this year from Central High School MARIANNA BUYSSE. . . B.S. Purdue ... English .. . enjoys sewing, refinishing and antiquing furniture FRANCES SMITH ..B.S. Bethel, M.A.T. Notre Dame ...English, Journalism . .Publications Adviser ZOETSA DALE. . B.S. Bowling Green State. . .English, Spanish. . .likes embroidery, home decorating GENEVIEVE HARRIS . B.A. Bethany ... English . . was high school cheerleader and valedictorian JOHN KAUSS B.S. Indiana ... English, Drama... director for South Bend Civic Theater in summer CHRIS NYE REGRESSES to childhood days of popcorn and horror movies in a speech class presentation. 32 1 2-week Mini-courses Instead of taking the customary American Literature class, the Juniors embarked upon the new English Electives program. The course in- cluded intensive studies in the works of Shake- speare and Nobel Prize authors as well as the more general topics of love, politics, or war. Each student chose three courses that inter- ested him most from a field of fifteen. Twelve weeks was spent on each unit. Interest in speech class was so high that two classes were formed. Kimberly Beach placed second in the St. Joseph County Tuber- culosis League contest with her interpretation of a TB germ. A coffeehouse was held in mid- December, complete with pastries, coffee, and students reading prose and poetry selections in a darkened atmosphere. STELU THOMAS. Dame. . . English . pastries LAWRENCE TIHEN...B.S. Indiana aplst. . .writes all kinds of music .A.B. Mount Union, M.A.T. Notre .uses ancestral recipes for Greek . Speech Ther- CLOTHED IN THE traditional Hebrew garb, Geoff Roth explains Jewish customs described in The Chosen. THE DISCOMFORT of having a bug in her ear is ex- pressed by Mari Cook through pantomine. (middle left) FAYE NELSON .B.S. Ball State ... English, Speech Creative Writing . .Manuscript Sponsor. . .4-H leader FRANCES SMITH... B.S. Bethel, M.A.T. Notre Dame . .English, . .says her husband is her special prize JEANNETTE SMOGOR. .A.B. St. Mary ' s, M.S. Indiana . . . English . .taught at Central before coming to Jack- son PATRICIA STAHLY. . . B.A. Purdue. . .English. Boost- er Club Sponsor .was high school valedictorian 33 EXHIBIT OF JUDAISM is arranged in the library dis- play case by Gil Sharon who formerly lived in Israel. THE AMAZING STORY of Ralph Hurd ' s giant mask unfolds in a Spanish class presentation. MARGARET BUTTERWORTH . . . B.S. Rockford College, M.A. University of Filisofia y Letras Ude Mexico . Spanish KATHLEEN JAROSZEWSKI . . . B.A. Marian College, M.A. Indiana. . .French. .. French Club sponsor... likes home ec. Library Expands Media; 34 THE LATIN CLUB ' S Saturnalia is characterized by the traditional candle-lighting ceremony. Foreign Languages Lure JacksonHes Abroad wr IsJ ROSALIND HOOVER . . . . enjoys canoeing detector B.S. Ball State . . . Librarian . treasure-hunts with metal JANE LUKE . . A.B. Stephens College, M.A. Ball State . . . Librarian . . . would like to take a world cruise BARBARA RHOADARMER . . . B.A. San Francisco State . . . German . . . German Club sponsor . . . family lives in Poland JAMES STEBBINS . . . A.B., M.A. Indiana . . . Latin . . . Latin Club sponsor . . . directs Foreign Study Pro- gram TERRY WILHELM instructs sophomore Shelley Win- stead in the use of the micro-film projector. Engrossed in acquiring another language, French, Spanish, German, and Latin students widened their vocabularies and knowledge. The usual Christmas parties with " pinatas " and " bouche de Noel " again found their way into the holiday festivities and Latin classes held their annual banquet in December. Three Jackson seniors spent summers in various countries as participants in the Honors Abroad program — Kathy Kretz in Mexico, Mickie Mooney in France, and Cindy Shultz in Italy. By using the language among the natives Mickie and Kathy were amazed to see how easy it was to pick up a second language. The library continued to be an ever-present help in times of disasters and term papers, sup- plying everyone with newspaper and magazine articles as well as books. 35 chemistry II Added o Science Curnculum; BILL HOWELL PATIENTLY ROTATES the bunsen burn- er to evenly heat the chemical solution. JOYCE TRAPP finds the dissection of fetal pigs one of the less pleasurable aspects of Biology II. JOHN CLAYTON . B.S. Indiana, M.A. Notre Dame. . Earth Science, Physics ticket manager STEPHEN FREEMAN B.S., M.S. Purdue Chemis- try, Biophysical has two children at Jackson ROBERT HARKE Physics Human class sponsor B.S. Purdue Biology, Bio- Relations sponsor Sophomore 36 Pigs Replace Cats ,2 fc». % Fetal pigs were introduced to the science department since they cost less than the cats of previous years. Biology II students also spent twelve weeks on a microbiology unit in which they grew bacteria cultures. Biology I intro- duced the concepts of genetics, DNA molecules, and Darwin ' s Theory. Earth Science, an alternative to Biology, probed the mysteries of the earth, including geology, meteorology, and oceanography. Bio- physical Science consisted of one third each of biology, chemistry, and physics. Chemistry II was reinstated as a continuing course of study of things learned in first year chemistry. PLOTTING THE SUN ' S movement on a globe for Earth Science are Bob Styles and John KIrsits. y CAREFUL NOT TO contaminate the nutrient broth, Kim Heckaman streaks the agar plate with bacteria. JOHN KOELLNER .. .B.S., M.A.T. Notre Dame... Chemistry. . .attends N.S.F. at Notre Dame in summer ROBERT SMITH, . B.S. Notre Dame, M.S. Indiana. . . Biology. . .department head. . .enjoys fishing 37 Mathematics Challenges Infellecf; ICT, DE Provide On-job Training PROVING THAT THE two sides of an isosceles triangle are equal is sophomore Cindy Hill. ON HIS JOB at Don IVIedow Pontiac, ICT member Chuck Mark repairs a car body. B.A. Earlham, M.A.T. Notre . went skiing in the French DOROTHY ALLEN . . Dame . . . Geometry Alps this winter. LEON BENDIT . . . B.S., M.A. Indiana . . . College Algebra, Calculus . . . Department head . . . enjoys camping, sports, sailing DENNIS BODLE . . . B.S., M.A. Ball State . . . ICT, VICA . . . ICT, VICA Coordinator . . . enjoys playing golf LLOYD CONRAD . . diana . . . Geometry ian and debater B.A. Goshen College, M.S. In- . . was high school valedictor- JAMES FENTERS .B.S., M.S. Indiana . D.E. .. . (elipse) DECA sponsor .once worked as an air traf- fic controller Knowing the " why " ot mathematics was the main goal of math classes. Equations, null sets and inequalities were taught to freshmen stu- dents in Algebra I, while juniors learned to cal- culate angles of objects, sines and cosines in Trigonometry and Algebra II, Sophomores were challenged by learning how to prove facts con- cerning polynomials, triangles, trapezoids, and inequalities. Seniors struggled through hours of homework learning to differentiate and inte- grate, all the while wishing they had never seen the word Calculus. A note of levity was added when iVliss Hartman gave a prize to the student who best completed the sentence, " I find Algebra fascinating because. . . " MARCELLA HARTMAN western . . . Algebra . of fifteen . . B.A. Indiana, M.A. North- . entered college at the age 38 . ' ROXIE HOLDERMAN sprays a customer ' s hair as a part of her training in the ICT program WITH THE HELP of an overhead projector, Mr. Leon Bendit explains a problem to his Algebra II class. SUE HUMPHREYS WINS a game of Geometrical Bingo and checks her numbers with Emily Coffey. EUGENE HUDSON . . . B.S., M.S. . . . Indiana . . . Algebra-Trigonometry, Geometry . . . Senior class sponsor . . . teaches at lUSB LARRY MORNINGSTAR . . . B.S., M.A.T. Notre Dame . . . Algebra I, II . . . Cross country coach, assistant track coach DALE REMS . . . B.S. Purdue, M.b. Indiana . . . H.S. Math . . . wrestling coach, assistant football coach WILLIAM SCHLUNDT . . . B.S. University of Dayton, M.S. Indiana . . . H.S. Math . . . track coach . . . teaches Driver Ed. 39 Classes in Business Education Prepare Potential Qeoretaries Overcoming the habit of the hunt-and-peck system, typists practiced to new music in iVIr. Ford ' s class. Among the courses offered to business-minded Jacksonites were Bookkeep- ing, Accounting, Office Training, Introduction to Business, Shorthand, and Typing-Notehand. These courses were designed for students interested in the world of business as secre- taries, accountants and professional business- men. Lectures and guest speakers added to curriculum and expanded interest in the Busi- ness classes. Advanced classes performed ser- vices by typing home room slips and mimeo- graphing school report forms. TABULATOR RELIEVES some brain work for senior Gwen Brunton, but there ' s a matter of co-ordination. MARY VANDEGENAHTE .B.S., M.S. Indiana Busi- ness Education . . has cottage in Northern Wisconsin MRS. DEVRIES ATTEMPTS to keep Mike Gilbert out of trouble by carefully supervising his bookkeeping. PAM CHRISTY ATTEMPTS to concentrate on her short- hand assignment in the midst of a busy classroom. 40 DENNIS ZIMMER ' S ABILITY to concentrate is put to the test by the wiles of Laura Simeri. MARY LOU BREWER. . .B.S., M.S. Indiana Short- hand, Typing . .Social Sen ice Club sponsor, .lives at Wawasee BERNICE DEVRIES .B.S. Indiana Accounting, COE. .COE coordinator. . .sings in church choir HENRY FORD. B.S., M.S. Indiana State . Business Ed. . . received Meritorious Service Award in Army JOE KREITZMAN. A.B. Hanover. Business Ed- ■. • ■ basketball coach ... set free throw record in high school 41 TEDIOUS HAND STITCHING is an integral part of sew- ing. Kay Altman bastes the lining to her cape. PATTY URBANSKI discovers that greasy stoves must be cleaned as an aftermath of a class in cooking. SUE HILL, LISA RITTER, and Sue Vas work together in Cooking I class to produce a sponge cake. 42 ' Homemaking ' Holds Top Priority in Foods, Clothing, Family Living FOURTH YEAR STUDENT Val Gerbeth ' s project was a " wet look " vinyl cape with fake fur lining. ELLEN CAPUTO . . . B.A. Mundelein ... Family Living, Foods. . .worked for Head Start in Chicago last sum- mer MARTHA TERLISNER. . .B.S. Eastern Illinois. . .Cloth- ing. . .taught Home Ec. at Riley last year Learning to sew, cook, and manage house- hold problems are a few of the goals of girls in Home Economics classes. For the novice seamstress, Clothing I pro- vided the foundation for sewing techniques — what material to use for a proper interfacing, how to cut on the " straight of the grain, " and how to put in a zipper. Clothing II was a class for expanding ward- robes and exploring the new looks of the sea- son. Among these new looks, the " peasant " and the " midi " seemed most popular. A new type of sewing was added with the teaching of how to make lingerie. Family Living classes, offered only to seniors, gave many students new insights into the age- old institution of married life. Classroom de- bates ranged from discussions on whether the mother should work after she has children to heated arguments for and against the legaliza- tion of marijuana. SURROUNDED BY ASSORTED sewing paraphernalia, Beverly Burdick sews on the seam tape to her dress. 43 Industrial Arts Correlate Qkill With Knowledge Giving practical experience and knowledge is the purpose of the industrial arts depart- ment. Boys gain experience in television and auto repair and learn the basics of reading blueprints. Up to five girls are allowed to enroll in the drafting classes because there is a de- mand for women in interior decorating and planning. Much sketching and dimensioning in Drafting I provide a solid foundation for ink de- signing and pencil renderings in Drafting II. Electronics I classes are taught the principles of electronics while the more advanced classes familiarize themselves with equipment in preparation for doing TV repairs. JOHN HOFFMAN carefully puts the finishing touches on a five and ten-ton hy- draulic door jack. DALE EMMONS . . . B.S. Indiana State . . . Machine Processes . . . Ushers club and stage crew sponsor 44 MR. PRAKLET ADJUSTS the carburator on a lawn mower as Jim Doyle and Dan Mastagh observe. JACK COCHRAN and Lee Atchley assist each other in adjusting the automatic choke. HARRY GANSER . .B.S., M.S. Ball State Graphic Arts. . .assistant football coach WALLACE GARTEE. .B.S., M.A. Ball State . Draft- ing... head football coach .. .teaches Driver Ed. in summer RICHARD PRAKLET ..B.S. Ball State. Power and Auto Mechanics likes hunting, fishing, and bowling RICHARD SAUNDERS B.S. Purdue Electronics .taught at North Liberty before coming to Jackson THIS SCALE MODEL locomotive he built in machine shop brought top honors to Rudy Hanson at a state Industrial Arts exhibit this spring. 45 i DANCE BAND MEMBERS include: Front row — Sue DeShone, Karol Coney, Dave Leary, Kent Marburger, Paul Tash. Second row — Dave Stroop, Todd Howell, Rob Colten, Tim Kapshandy, Bob Overgaard. Third Row — Bill Meilner, Bob Brubaker, Richard Cullar, Rick Sprague. Al Zimmerman, and pianist Fred Meyers. TERRY DAWSON .B.S. Indiana State .Assistant Band Director. ., has pilot ' s license . likes photog- raphy THOMAS DESHONE .B.M.E., M.A. Northwestern... Band, Pep Band has three children at Jackson HAROLD KOTTLOWSKI . B.M., M.M. Butler... Or- chestra . . .South Bend Symphony. . .violinist. . .plays in string quartets DANIEL MILLER B.S. Wittenberg, M.A. Notre Dame . . .Vocal Music, Harmony. . .Choraliers 46 Artists, Music-makers Add Culture As Each Investigates New Media Culture was not lacking in the Jackson curriculum this year. Students in Basic Art familiarized themselves with painters and their lives and works, along with color, composition, and depth. More advanced art connoisseurs Dracticed in various media to develop their tech- lique and perspective. Commercial artists got practical experience by designing posters for plays and concerts. Harmony was offered to all aspiring mu- sicians who were anxious to understand the composition of music. Harmony I and II were taught simultaneously, to give the more ad- vanced students a chance to help other mem- bers of the class. Dance band and pep band met during the 1-A period, and devoted many of their Friday and Saturday nights to home basketball games. HOPING TO CREATE a water color in an abstract design for art class is junior Mark Gilliom. EQUIPPED WITH ASBESTOS gloves, Karen McCarthy skillfully slides her enameled creations into the kiln. ROBERT THOMAS A.B. Indiana, M.A. Notre Dame . . Art. . .designs chess pieces. . .enjoys painting and ceramics RUTH ANN SMITH ..B.A. St. Mary ' s. . .Art ... likes sewing, photography and all sports, especially skiing 47 CAROLYN JUDD...B.A. Franklin, M.A. Indiana... P.E. . . .GAA. . .once worked as a dental assistant JOSEPH LAIBER . . B.S. Notre Dame, M.S. Indiana. . . Health .hobby is saving silver coins CUYLER MILLER. ..B.S. , M.A. Western Michigan... P.E. assistant basketball and varsity baseball coach STEVEN SMITH B.A. Evansville. swim coach, intramural director .P.E. . . .assistant Health, Physical Education, and Qafety 48 STUDENT DRIVER Cindy Lehman conducts a brief safety check under the supervision of Mr. Robert Taylor. Make for ' Better Life ' The finer arts of tumbling, swimming, and maybe even making a basket were taught to all freshmen and sophomores. This year some of the males could be seen in swimming caps while some of the girls with shorter hair did not have to wear them. The athletic season started with soccer, progressed to Softball, through football, gymnastics, bowling, basketball and volleyball. Driver ' s Education was again offered to 16 and 17 years-olds who were ambitious enough to brave the open highways. The course con- sisted of a two-week session in the summer with two hours of class and two hours in the car daily. TIM WILSON STRAINS to bat the ball over the net in a strenuous game of volleyball. ROBERT TAYLOR B.S. Ball State, M.A. Notre Dame . . .Health. .Junior class sponsor MARILYN TIMBERLAKE B.S. Butler... P. E cheerleader sponsor. . .girls ' swim coach 49 p ' ' ir " L 50 4 . . . I am waifing for fhe loQi music io sound again . . mn 51 Jackson Players Create Fantastic ' Adding Machine ' Bill McGrath and Sarah Bowers in the lead roles of iVIr. and Mrs. Zero, headed the cast of performers on an unforgettable trip into a fantastic dream world. Rolling smoke, gigantic machines, headless men, and unusual sets characterized the Jackson Players ' production " The Adding Machine " on Nov. 19, 20, and 21. Lighting effects added to the aura of fear and foreboding. Flashing lights created a sense of the old- time movie days. Directed by Mr. John H. B. Kauss, the actors spent long hours rehearsing and perfecting. The stage crew encountered difficulties in building the monster adding machine but the finished product was termed " well worth the effort. " The " Adding Machine, " written in 1924 by Elmer Rice, has been called a prophetic night- mare because it attempts to show man ' s van- ishing worth in an age of computers and machines. JUJIU " ■ A GIANT LOLLIPOP backstage helps to calm Brenda Bauer ' s nerves before her cue is called. THE DREAMS OF Daisy, Kimberly Beach, were finally realized after death with Mr. Zero, Bill McGrath. 52 J JLar IN REMINISCENCE OF his past, Shrdlu, Chris McVay, describes various aspects of his life. GROTESQUE MASKS added to the horror and symbol- ism of the sets as jury members Debra Ellis and Sue Merriman wait to pronounce their verdict of guilty. f Wf EXEMPLIP ING the con- formity of society, Mrs. Zero, .Sarah Bowers, and Mrs. One through Six converse. DILIGENTLY adding and arguing are accountant Mr. Zero, Bill McGrath, and secretary Kimberly Beach. 53 Area Qchools Combine Talents To Produce Musical Extravaganza A NEAR capacity crowd filled the Notre Dame ACC to watch the musical production " Motion and Com- motion " . On Feb. 10 the South Bend grade and high schools presented " Motion and Commotion " to an audience of 9,000 at the Notre Dame Athlet- ic and Convocation Center. The musical extra- vaganza, called " Calvacade of History, " de- picted music and general atmosphere from the pioneer days to the " Mod, Cool, Mod " era. James L. Casady directed the cast of 2,000. Jackson was assigned modern music. The Choraliers sang two songs from the musicale Hair, " What a Piece of Work is Man " and " Good Morning Starshine. " The finale was " Aquarius- Let the Sunshine In " with all the schools joining in and Jacksonites dancing. At the close of the show the dancers lay down in a gigantic peace sign. BARB ALLEN, doing a modern ballet routine, shares the stage with other JHS dancers. DURING " Aquarius " Sarah Bowers, masked in gold paint, portrays Libra while Tami Nelson dances. 54 GETTING INTO the mood of the music, Kathy Ham- mer tries to convey the spirit of the Age of Aquarius. 55 STUDENT COUNCIL: Front row: Marcia Paulsen, Tina Nellans, Steve Trenkner, Dave Fischgrund, Kitty Gates, Judy Kinney, Deborah Pancheri, Linda Pore. Second row Kris Hildebrand, Carol Rzeszewski, Lori Collmer, Michelle Midia, Pat Shidaker, Kaye Casad. Third row; Kathy Hildebrand, Darcy MidIa, Marcia Lowe, Mark Schurr, Sharon Rothe, Scott Bibler, Pat Lefler, Karen Newman, Kathy Johnson, Jamie Andres, Vicki Wolfe, Diane Culhane. Fourth row; Joan Dunville, Lynn Truex, June Thomas, Gretchen Bohnsack, Debra Grady, Randy Floyd, Dave Johnson, Maurice Hurwich, Dave Trenkner, John Sill, Andy Anderson, Carl Thompson. Fifth row; Becky Meyer, Larry Dunville, Jeff Botich, Bill Thompson, Frank Wahman, Robert Colten, Jeff Troeger, Bill Haack, Tim Wilson, Joe Kocy, Dave Dai- ley, John Whistler, Dave Frick, Mr. Neff. Sixth row; Mari Cook, Bill Sharp, Jim Bellows, Bob Reminih, John Wissman, Gary Midla. LARRY DUNVILLE SELLS Frank Wahman on the idea of a Jackson T-shirt. The sale of the shirts netted a profit of over $120. 56 SEVERAL STUDENTS show their thoughtfulness by signing a Christmas card for nine-year-old Robert Miller who was stricken with an incurable disease. Mail Qervice, Jackson T-shirts Prove Profitable TB seal sales reached an all-time high with the initiation of a Student Council mail service. During Christmas season, students were able to send cards to friends in their homerooms at a price of five TB stamps per letter. An average of 200 letters a day were delivered. Mr. Tim Mojzik ' s junior homeroom 143 surpassed all other homerooms in collecting food and money for the Thanksgiving Basket drive. At the end of the two weeks, a total of 4,958 pounds of food and $300 in cash was collected. Over 30 baskets were delivered to needy families. A petition containing 967 names was sent to North Vietnam pleading for the release of American prisoners. VIA STUDENT COUNCIL mailbox, Sue Stravinski sends letters to her friends with TB Seals as stamps. TREASURER RICK SMITH is faced with the task of sorting Christmas seal letters from the S.C. mailbox. 57 Varsity, Frosh, and B B-team cheerleaders demonstrated more than cheering ability as each made her own out- fit. Several varsity and B cheerleaders attended a one-day clinic at Converse, Ind. Many of the cheers they learned downstate such as " Git ' em, Git ' em, " and " Go, Fight, Win " were taught to the students during pep assemblies. For the first time, freshmen cheerleaders were elected to heighten enthusiasm at freshman games. Guardian Angels also played an important part in keeping the spirit of athletes up. " Angels " secretly decorated the lockers of swimmers, wrestlers, and basketball players. Some included poetry ( " Go Jim, Get a Pin " ) and candy for " that extra spurt of energy. " BOOSTER CLUB: Paula Abraham, treasurer; Deb Decker, secretary; Kathy Hammer, vice-president; and Sally Helms, presi- dent. B-TEAM CHEERLEAD- ERS Nancy Kennedy, Priscilla Seaborg, Linda Bloom, Mari Cook, and Karen Crowel. 58 Cheerleaders— Guardians of Jackson 9pirH VARSITY CHEERLEAD- ERS are Jean Kennedy, Kitty Gates, Jan Stick- ley, Chris Seaborg, and Carol Rzeszewski. FRESHMAN CHEER- LEADERS are Karen Hildebrand, Joan Dun- ville, Sue Heller, Terry Shaw, and Kathy Hilde- brand. 59 OLD HICKORY STAFF: Front row: Ryan Hanawalt, Bill Howell, Marti Doyle, Greg Phillips, Dianne Brodbeck, Don Lowe, Sherry Knutson, Ron Shaw, Dave Hugus. Second row: Paul Tash, Cindy Shultz, Pam Hostetler, Kitty Gates, Tami Nelson, Lynn Schenck, Janice Bus- sert, Tracy Ragland, Karol Coney. Third row; June Thomas, Jon Meek, Greg Lofgren. LYNN SCHENCK, business manager of both publications, checks over advertis- ing contracts. PAM HOSTETLER calls an advertiser while Paul Tash and Marti Doyle proof- read a story. 60 Editors Keep Cool Despite Hoi News, Weekly Deadline Under the leadership of editor-in-chief Tami Nelson, the Old Hickory kept up its weekly chronicle of life and thought at Jackson. For the first time a full color picture was printed in the Christmas issue; and for the first time staffers attended the National Scholastic Press Association convention in Chicago during Thanksgiving vacation. For the sixth year the Student Directory was prepared and sold, not only as a service to the school but as a fund-raising project for publica- tions. Some 1000 students had newspaper sub- scriptions representing almost every Jackson family. A school-wide survey by the business staff indicated that more than half the readers were influenced by Old Hickory advertising. JUNIOR CARRI LANDIS staples addresses to news- papers to ready them to mail to other schools. A CONSTANT RECHECKING of proofs is a weekly or- deal for editor-in-chief Tami Nelson. 61 JACKSONIAN SENIOR STAFF clockwise: Connie Pa cay, Student Life; Linda Lutes, Seniors; Keith Claro Sports; Nancy Claus, Editor-in-Chief; Greg Lofgren Photographer; Cheryl Jacobs, Underclass and Index Sue Solnoky, Advertising; Dave Hugus, Photographer Rhonda Hill, Activities; Sandy Neidigh, Academics Cathy Scholz, Faculty. Not pictured: Michelle Geoffroy, Copy; and Jon Meek, Head Photographer. PUBLICATIONS, JUNIOR STAFFERS Seated; Pat Brown, Ami Simon, Carri Landis, Carolyn Leakey, Ju- dy Kinney, Laura Strycker, Debbie Burton. Standing: Sue Stravinski, Kassi Borr, Ame Place, Kevin Siade, John Whisler, Frank Wahman, Joe Kocy, Bill Borden, Kathy Vanderheyden, Barb Dickerson 62 9taffers Find ' Yearbooking ' Is Time-consuming Activify Jackson yearbook editors have been calling their advisor " Mama Claus " for the past three years, but this time it was legitimate as Nancy Claus guided the ' 71 Jacksonian into print. Choosing excerpts from Lavi rence Ferlinghetti ' s poem " I am Waiting, " the staff sought to por- tray not only the people and events of the school but also the variety in life styles. A three-month-long search for just the right cover ended happily v ith the discovery of a vifoodcut entitled " Cubicles " by JHS art teacher Mr. Robert Thomas. Student cameramen covering school activi- ties were frequently joined by ' 70 graduate Jack Drake. Other photographers were Jon Meek, Greg Lofgren, Dave Hugus, and Bruce Storin. CHERYL Jacobs (above) finishes a layout while Laura Strycker and John W hisler add names to the index. WITH A TRADITION of four consecutive Ali-American ratings to live up to, editor-in-chief Nancy Claus finds " yearbooking " a full-time occupation. 63 GLEE CLUB: Front row: Kathy Hildebrand, Pam Butterworth, Lisa Henry, Connie Guin, Nelda Falrchild, Mary Bastian, Brenda Bauer, Paula Moses, TerrI Powell, Cheryl Anderson, Rachelle Powell, Laura Simeri. Second row; Robin LaMar, Maureen Miller, Debbie Hard- man, Susie Schmidt, Becky Arnold, Debby Lohman, Cathy Ogden, Michelle Geoffrey, Kathy Smith, Laurie Sell, Pat Ditto, Lori Henry, Sue Frick. Third row; Carol Pope, Susan Burks, Sue DeWachter, Kristi Geoffroy, Sue Cochran, Larry McLaughlin, Terry Stults, Terry Zimmer, John Sill, Keith Jebelian, Debra Zellers, Sue Scott, Cindy Marmon, Mary Ann Damon. Fourth row: Debbie Moellering, Debbie Kraft, Patricia Stanek, June Thomas, Mickie Mooney, Ken Jebelian, Wayne Sills, Bill Meilner, Pat Hohl, Sheree Knight, Elinor Gramenz, Anita Stump, Francie Bone, Karen Anderson. Fifth row: Barb Allen, Lynne Keller, Kris Thornton, Nancy Stump, Jim Met- calfe, Jerry Jipping, Billy Alexander, Dave Zane, Jane Merri- man, Gail Knight, Linda Hilborn, Robin Hill, Maria Wilkin, Sixth row: Kathy Kretz, Lisa Funston, Pam Hostetler, Linda Shortz, Kathy Vanderheyden, Jon Gardner, Greg Phillips, Chris Jones, Frank Buczolich, Roxie Holderman, Holly Tolle, Kim Robin- son, Sue Merriman, Martha Merrlman. I CHORALIERS: Kristi Geoffroy, Karen Ander- son, Martha Merriman, Sue Dewachter. Second row: John Sill, Larry Mc- Laughlin, Third row: Wayne Sills, Roxie Hold- erman, Bill Meilner, Jer- ry Jipping, Sue Scott, Michelle Geoffroy, June Thomas, Mr. Miller. Fourth row; Lynne Kel- ler, Sue Merriman, Chris Jones, Jon Gardner, Bil- ly Alexander, Maria Wil- kin, Linda Shortz, Jane Merriman. 64 Musicians Join in ' Motion and Commofion ' Orchestra, conducted by Mr. Harold Kottlow- ski, was a five-day-a-week activity. The mu- sicians celebrated Christmas with their tradi- tion of playing carols in the halls on the last day before vacation. In April the orchestra and dance band held their first combined concert. Instrumentalists, Choraliers and Glee Club members participated in the all-South Bend- school musical extravaganza, " Motion and Com- motion, " on Feb. 10 at the Athletic and Con- vocation Center, Notre Dame. The Choraliers, directed by Mr. Dan Miller, entertained civic groups such as Kiwanis Club and the Masons throughout the year. Both Glee Club and Choraliers presented their annual Christmas programs of old and new carols. BASS PLAYER Bill Evans leads the way as the orches- tra plays carols before the Christmas break. ORCHESTRA: Front row: Paula Moses, Chris Johnson, Loretta Bax- ter, Kristi Geoffroy. Sec- ond row: John Sill, Ken Jebelian. Third row: Pat Boocher, Debbie Hard- man, Wanada Baxter. Barbara Wilhelm, Keith Jebelian, Cathy Grogan, Laura Panchow, Bill Meilner. Fourth row: Mr. KottlowskI, Tracy Rag- land, Michelle Geoffroy, Sandy Neidigh, Becky DeShone, Debbie Schlif- ke, June Thomas, Kevin O ' Brien, Bill Evans. Fifth row: Bob Court, Randy Vanderheyden, Rick Cullar, Rick Spra- gue Dave Stroop, John Carey, Jack Leary, Rob- ert Colten, Bob Over- gaard, Tim Kapshandy. Michelle Mooney, Bob Micinskl. 65 " T Two Full Bands Involve 1 44 JHS Musicians School spirit pervaded the atmosphere of Jackson, especially in the band. For the first time, the bandroom walls were plastered with spirit banners and " power posters. " Women ' s Lib also found its way to the musicians, as the fairier sex was finally allowed into the pep band. Marching season was highlighted by a per- formance of the " Rubber Duckie " which wad- dled down the field pulled by drum majors Dave Stroop and David Leary. Football season finally gave way to concert season featuring concerts in December and May. The NISBOVA (Northern Indiana State Band, Orchestra and Vocal Association) held its annual solo and ensemble contest in January. Jackson mu- sicians again brought back numerous first di- vision awards and honors. THE TIGER BAND spent many mornings practicing for the football games. A familiar pre-game sight was the forming of the traditional " Tiger Tunnel. " VARSITY BAND, ' Front row: Carol Pope, Sue Scott, Gilda Walz, Kim Heckaman, Susan Clauser, Kathy Kretz, Jolie Parker, Pam Butterworth, Debbie Court, Carol Bergan, Lisa Funston. Second row; Mr. DeShone, Jon Shaffer, Susan Gerbeth, Laurie Sill, Lisa Henry, Gail Parent, June Thomas, Debbie Schlifke, Kathleen An in, Debbie Gohn, Karen Anderson, Diana An in, Cindy Lehman. Third row; Elaine Woodworth, Emily Morris, Dwight Thomas, Rick Sprague, Tom Molnar, Denny Greeno, Bill Howell, Al Zimmermann, Randy Vanderheyden, Richard Cullar, Brian Tinny, Dean Stroop. Fourth row; Mickie Mooney, Bob Court, Rick Dolan, Bob Barnes, R. Miller, Dave Stroop, John Carey, Jim Kruk, Don Lowe, Tom Overgaard, Randy Neiter. 66 1 A f V ) t iL , ' »,«» t} P E Lr r ' B HI HBfl v ni ' ' . lJ V wltv kM L jM KA fl i .5 V . r l f B HJI B . Br H l HB H ■ 1 P a • i- S tafi 1 U ( lli flfi il tiMTi rir ! B-BAND, ?TonX row: Susan Skaggs, Janice Wall, Karen Adams, LouAnn Miller, Pat Wertz, Beth McGhee, Pam Phipps, Kathy Smith, Wendy Pehling. con6 row: Mr. Dawson, Darlene Elmerick, Mike Bennett, Dave Jordan, Linda Brown, Michele Wittner, Dave Yates, Barbara Gorman, Arlan Fillerup, Pete Roth, Jane Wilhelm, Deanna Frick, Mr. DeShone. Third row: Curt Loutzen- hiser, Debbie Pollex, Bryan Nafrady, Bill Alexander, Harold Grebe, Ken Griffey, Tim Gibson, Don Rexstrew, Jim Stevens, Luke Woodward, Cindy Styles, Linda Nib- lick. Fourth row: Jim Metcalfe, Bill Obenour, Doug Pagett, Dennis Mitschelen, John Volk, Steven Christo- phel, Lori Henry, Paul Elliott, Judy Farrlngton, Rick Yates. Fifth row: Wayne Sills, Dave Forsythe, Steve Weyhrich, Brent Petty, Dave Frick, Tom Welsh, Allen Woodlee, Mark Moore, John Jacox, Bruce Kersey, Bob Miller, Jim Gutknecht, Mike Battles, Tim Miller, Nancy Keb. Front row; Tracy Ragland, Michelle Geoffroy, Cathy Ogden, Lyn Truex, Becky DeShone, Sandy Neidigh, Scott Sill, Gene Hains, Fred Meyers, Linda Hudson, Kevin O ' Brien. Second row: Sue Enyart, Debbie Crow- ell, Cindy Farrand, Marcia Lowe, John Hugus, Bruce Gindelberger, Sue DeShone, Kent Marburger, Chris Nye, August Zeiger, Paul Tash, Mr. Terry Dawson. Third row: Jon Lewis, Bob Brubaker, Scott Binder, Rob- bie Colten, Bob Overgaard, Tim Kapshandy. Todd Howell, Dave Melton, Dave Phelps, Dave Leary, Karol Coney. Fourth row: Jack Leary, Larry Wechter, Bob Styles, Steve Freeman, Tom DeShone, Mark Heller, Rarv Frick, Bill Evans, Bill Meilner. 67 ti Qpanish Club ' s ' Penny Pinata ' Raises Money; With 80 per cent of Jackson students bussed in, their after-school activities have always been limited. Language clubs, however, have flour- ished through extension of classroom projects and such occasional " happenings " as the French Club ' s trip to Chicago for dinner in an authentic French restaurant. The Latin Club had its Saturnalia when members wear togas and the German Club this year took advantage of the opportunity to know Germany better through German exchange student Susie Schmidt. The Spanish Club ' s main project was to raise money to adopt a Mexican child. A " Penny Pinata " was set up in the cafeteria for contribu- tions during the Christmas season, making the adoption a school-wide drive. Spring activities included picnics and parties for the Spanish and German Club, highlighted by native food and games. SPANISH CLUB: sitting on ladder (right) are Sue Shellhouse, president; Kathy Kretz, vice-president; and Kamie Buddemeier, secretary-treasurer; standing are committee chairmen Karen Adams, Laura Perkins, and Geoff Roth. LATIN CLUB officers are Leslie Daniels, secretary; Linda Krusinski, president; Cindy Shultz, vice-presi- dent; Bob Krusinski, treasurer; Joe Kocy, sergeant-at- arms; and Rob Colten, publicity chairman. FRENCH CLUB: June Thomas, president; Kassi Borr, vice-president; Ami Simon, secretary; and Mickey Mooney, treasurer. GERMAN CLUB: Tracy Ragland, president; Joris Rey- mer, vice-president; Sally Bowers, secretary; and Deb- bie Schlifke, treasurer. NHS Inducts 51 Members The sixth annual induction of the National Honor Society took place Nov. 19 in an upper- classmen ' s assembly. The thirty-four juniors and seventeen seniors were honored afterwards along with their parents at a breakfast in the cafeteria. Tom Gatewood, Notre Dame ' s varsity split end, spoke at the induction ceremony on the values of being a NHS member. Many of this year ' s Monogram Club members bought official letter jackets. Also the club initiated the policy of electing an offensive and defensive player of the week during football season and posted the names in the trophy case. The Human Relations Club sent a repre- sentative to the Youth Coalition, a city-wide organization of teens. MONOGRAM CLUB: Rick Streich, president; Dean Reinke, vice-president; Jeff Botich, secretary; and Steve Trenkner, treasurer. NHS: Gary VanHuffel, vice-president: Jim Julow, treas- urer; Don Whitfield, president; Kandy Kobar, secretary. HUMAN RELATIONS CLUB: Gail Smith, vice-president; Laura Strycker, secretary-treasurer, and Jolie Parker, president. tt DECA, VICA, COE Members Find Challenge After three morning classes, students in- volved in vocational co-operative education left Jackson for their jobs in the community. This program is designed to aid those wishing to enter into business after high school. Every type job from beautician to veterinarian ' s assistant is available to enrolled Jacksonites. Members of Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), to raise money for their or- ganization, sold Jackson decals for fifty cents apiece. VICA (Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America) was a practical on-the-job training for boys interested in applying their knowledge in industry and technology. COE (Co-operative Office Education) em- ployed girls each in a secretarial capacity. Members of all clubs may compete in state contests. SHARON WAGNER, Debbie Ray, and Dan Perkins pre- sent a gift to the Family and Children ' s Center. VICA: Front row: Sharon Huffaker, Connie Burkhart, Chuck Mark, Tim Nemeth, Steve Payne. Second row: Sue Sigrist, Sherry Smith, Becky McKelvey, Karen Pax- ton, Patty Woody, Mike Rhine, John Stuglik, Phil Kurz- hal. Third row: Diana Doutt, Debbie Freeman, Cindy Marmon, Shari Crocker, Carmen Parsons, Ken Chapo. Fourth row: Dorothy Kulczar, Sherri Swint, Barb Thorn- hill, Rusty Amerpohl, Roxie Holderman, Don Albright, Lorie Thompson, Jim Landesman, Steve Cooper, Tom Molnar. Fifth row: Mr. Dennis Bodle, Gary Nimtz, Roy Morris, Danny Wright, Marc Blume, Bonnel Ray. 70 in Jobs FUTURE SECRETARIES: Front row: Lynn Micin- ski, Janet Sailors, Sue Lacay, Pam Keb, Debbie Stout. Second row; Sue Heaney, Cathy Whaley, Sharon Huffaker, Cathy Bloom. Third row; Mari DECA (left) Front row; Cheryl Terry, Paul Nash, Kathy Overmyer. Second row; Mr. Fenters, Judy McKelvey, Sharon Wagner, Carrie Zeltner, Rox- anne McGarrity, Debbie Ray. Third row; Kermit Blume, Debbie Ellis, Laura Mueller, Renee Ewing, Beth McGhee, Sherry Creal. Sue Mc- Ginnis. Shaw, Dan Perkins, Brad Dunivant, Bill Baker, Rosemary Craig, Jeff Schoppe, Tom Bradberry, Dave Johnson. COE: Front row: Kathy Cripe, Chris Czecell, Avis Puckett, Sue Cochran, Becky Woodcox, Alice Hektor, Janet Sailors. Second row; Pam Christy, Debbie Lilves, Karen Pyclik, Nancy Goodspeed. Third row; Brenda Smet, Cheryl Claywell, Kathy Szuba, Sharon Sarber, Debbie Zellers. 71 1 4«| L LIBRARIANS: Front row: Marilyn Quance, Carol Welling, Geoff Roth, Mary Flanagan, Susan Wunder. Second row: Linda Hechlinski, Kay Disler, David Smith, Car- olyn Quance, Penny Topping, Shelly Wittner, Becky Tuttle. Third row: Terry Zimmer, Rose- marie Bruns, Bill Oben- our, Bob Micinski, Stef- anie Selden, Julia Gates. br 1 f j » A Volunteers Contribute Valuable 9ervices At a crucial moment in the movie " Cyrano " the film breaks, and a trained audio-visual man has it spliced immediately. The crowd all comes at once to the school play or the basketball game and the Jackson ushers, wearing new of- ficial blazers, find seats for everyone. Library materials pile up at the book drop each morn- ing, and student librarians shelve them cor- rectly and promptly. Phones ring all day in the various school offices, and they are answered by volunteer student office workers who also relay messages and guide visitors around the building. In all these service areas, the reward was the satisfaction of being " involved " and the opportunity to develop greater initiative. BILL DAVIS, Dave Yates, and Gary Edwards, members of AV Club, are kept busy with repairs on broken projectors and other equipment. OFFICE HELP; Front row: Jane Volk, Pam Goltz, Peggy Hartman, Linda Bloom, Elaine Coryell, Gwen Brunton. Second row: Pat Shida- ker, Kay Altman, Judy Parmley, Carol Ringle Third row: Debra Fisher, Caria Martino, Julie Lu chov ski, Kim Robinson Sue Carder, Terry Cline Marsha Nixon, Joy Di vine. Fourth row: Linda Sowers, Barb Geyer, Valerie Yordanich, Cathy Peterson, Leslie Farn- ham. Sue Thomas, Kim Heckaman, Debbie Crowell, Denise Cole. 72 AUDIO VISUAL: Front row: Candy Kinner, Sue Nelson, Debbie Youngs, Debbie Waddell, Gary Edwards, Lynn Barber, Sally Mer- chant, Laura Marshall. Second row: Mr. Kuzan, John Mark, Dave Abraham, Martin Katz, John Thomas, Chuck Witmer, Louie West, Linda Bradberry, Daren Hoffman, Kim Zehner, Beverly Burdick, Har- old Grebe, Weston Brigham, Jim Gutknecht. Third row: Jeff Selden, Tom Genrich, Peggy Merchant, Gail Grenert, Deirdre Rourke, Nancy Peck, Cindy Styles, Cheryl Shuppert, Sue Hill, Ralph Gallegos, Dave Yates, Tim Gibson, Bob Miller. Fourth row: George Koucouthakis, Curt Loutzenhiser, Rick Yates, Bob Micinski, Jeff Clemans, Paul Bradburn, Randy Floyd, James Metcalfe, Nancy Nelson, Terry Hany- zewski, Arlan Fillerup, Stev e Christophel, Don Watts, Dan Gaboury, Stephanie Weller. Fifth row: Diana Dekker, Lynn Micinski, Paul Pat- terson, Shelly Wittner, David Faltot, Bill Davis, Jack Cochran, George Miller, Mike Breza, David Forsythe, Doug Pagett, Sue Cole, Kathy Byers. Sixth row: Bill McGrath, Guss Zeiger, Anita Stump, Chuck Mark, Richard Kazmierzak, Leon Kominowski, Albert Torok, Ken Richard, Bruce Storin. USHERS: Front row Sally Merchant, Karen Thompson, Jack Coch ran. Shelly Wittner. Sec ond row: Ruth Morris Sue Shonkwiler, Frank- ie Kirkwood, Chris Mil ler, Kris Halter, Sue Humphreys, Cindy Hill Third row: Pat Clemans, Linda Brown, Sue Smith Michelle Halter, Sheila Gramenz, Elinor, Gra menz, Debbie Waddell, Denise Peters, Mr. Em mons. Fourth row: Mike Celie, Paul Bradburn, Randy Floyd, Ray Celie Jeff Miller, Ryan Wilder, Clement Craig, Robbie Colten, Weston Bris- ham. 73 74 -m 1 . . . sm A 3i ' ng io gef QOme infimafions of immorialify . . . ' 75 Cross Country Tallies Best 9eason Ever; Led by Senior captain Dean Reinke, Coach Larry iVlorningstar ' s 1970 cross country team compiled a record of eight wins and three losses, best in school history. The harriers ' 3-2 conference record earned them a second place tie with Marian and LaSalle. The team finished third in the City meet, sixth in the New Prairie Invitational, eighth in the sectional and ninth in the LaPorte Invitational. Reinke set a new school record of 9:26.5 against St. Joseph at the Erskine Golf Course. He also set a new record in the City meet, finished second in the Sectional, second in the New Prairie Invitational, and fourth in the La- Porte Invitational. Reinke ' s heroics over- shadowed fine performances of seniors Tom Wharton, Jim Julow and Craig Stoner. Wharton became the second in school history to break the ten-minute barrier. TENNIS, Kneeling: Don Bauer, Larry Wechter, Steve Treni ner, Gary Midla. Standing: Jim Pa- len, Andy Z a d e r e j , Coach D av e Dunlap, Tom Everly, Dave Fisch- grund. CROSS COUNTRY Niles 46 . . 17 JHS 23 35 Washington Clay 49 15 JHS 19 42 Riley Penn 22 39 JHS 31 24 LaSalle N. Liberty 46 17 JHS 23 33 St. Joe Adams 28 31 JHS 25 . . 30 Marian MIshawaka 29. 27 JHS " MOST VALUABLE " harrier Dean Reinke (center) holds the school record of 9:26.5. 76 Netters Lead Conference . Coach Dave Dunlap ' s 1970 tennis team com- piled their best record in Jackson history, fin- ishing with nine wins and three losses. They also snatched the Conference crown, remain- ing undefeated in four efforts. The Tiger net- men finished a respectable third in the sec- tional out of twelve teams. Heading a team with tremendous depth was number one man Steve Trenkner. Positions two and three were occu- pied interchangeably by Andy Zaderej and Gary Midla. The number-four man was Jim Palen, while Tom Everly and Dave Fischgrund alter- nated at positions five and six. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM, Front row: Jamie Hillman, Mike Celie, Chris Miller, Chuck Goodman, Jeff Julow. Second row; Scott Gibbs, Randy Floyd, Scott Hertel, Terry Miller, Rick Smith, Greg Love, Paul Carlton. Third row: Mgr. Weston Brigham, Chris Nye, Jim Bellows, Jim Julow, Craig Stoner, Tom Wharton, Gary Neiter, Chet Wright, Gary Van Huffel, Dean Reinke, Coach Larry Morningstar. ONE DIFFICULT return after another under a blazing sun is the challenge of tennis. Here Dave Fischgrund wins his point. TENNIS Penn 0. . . .7 JHS 7. . .0 Riley Washington 0. . . .7 JHS 7. . .0 LaSalle Adams 3. . . .4 JHS 5. . .2 Jimtown Mishawaka 4. . 3 JHS 5. . .2 Plymouth La Porte 4. . . .3 JHS 6. . .1 Clay Concord 5. . 2 JHS 7 Penn Lafayette Jeff Doubles Tourney — Seventh Sectional — Third place MOVING OUT AHEAD, Tiger cross country men start up the first hill at Erskine, their home course. Football Team Posts Forlorn 2-7 Qeason 1970 VARSITY FOOTBALL, Front row: Coach Mojzik, Jeff Troeger, Greg Landry, Bob Kelsey, Larry Green- wood, Mike Powers, Keith Claro, Jim Olson, John Kirsits, Rick Streich, Mike Gartee, Brad Brown, Coach Gartee. Second row; Coach Rems, Bob Winenger, Greg Cothran, Norm Crider, Terry Bartell, Jim Hoffman, Mike MacHatton, Dave Faltot, Rick Morrison, Rick Lipka, Jeff Botich, Mike Casad, Jim Kosanovich, John Brim, Coach Ganser. Third row; Coach Herczeg, Dean Payne, Doug Vyyerburg, Mike Battles, Mike Jacobs, Dave Moreland, Jim Santa, Scott Cline, Terry Thomas, DEFENSIVE TACKLE Larry Greenwood dem- onstrates what is called the best pass defense, the pass rush. Mike Kovatch, Mark Huegel, Bill Sharp, Bob Berta, Bruce Gindelberger, Bob Overgaard, Howard Stryker, Gary Poynter, Brett Deepe, Coach Papp. Fourth row: Frank Buczolich, Mike Peters, Jet Taylor, Ron Thomas, Pat Hohl, Bob Styles, Scott Sill, Chris Jones, Jim Dud- zinski, John Szuba, Mike Prister, Tom DeShone, Jim Kirw in, Brian Wilde, Tom Eichorst, Ken Pflugner, Don Brandt, Jim Doyle. Fifth row: Chris Halter, Ray Celie, Mark Vanderwall, Ron Brandt, Pat Lavelle, Steve Parish, Mike Lehner, Gus Zeiger. 78 Againsf 9fring of Top-ranked Opponents ' - ' ' f »«» . r,™ msr Sometime or another all suffer defeat, and the Jackson High footballers suffered in the 1970 season. It has been said that it does not matter whether you win or lose; it is how you play the game. Although this phrase may be a worn out cliche, it best describes the feeling of the Tigers in three one-point defeats. The team went for the win and not the tie when possible, but lost in the final outcome of the games. One-point defeats were Riley (7-6), Clay (14-13), and LaSalle (14-13). The lack of depth on the Jackson team hindered the play as most of the time seven players were going both on offense and defense while other teams had separate offensive and defensive units. Although the season record was rather bleak, the 1970 Tigers showed a fighting spirit all the way. After losing the first three of four ball games by one point, the Ti- gers had to look forward to playing the roughest part of the season with five state-ranked teams left. State ranked teams played were in order LaSalle, Michigan City, St. Joseph ' s, Marian and LaPorte. TIGHT END Rick Streich goes for extra yardage after making a catch against LaSalle. FOOTBALL Riley 7. ..6 JHS 13. . . . 14 Clay Penn 0. . .9 JHS 13 . 14 LaSalle Mich. City 41. .12 JHS 7. . . .29 St. Joe Marian 51. ..0 JHS 12. . . .40 LaPorte North Liberty 6. .26 JHS MAKING A HEROIC attempt to block a punt in the Riley game is senior tackle Jeff Botich. 79 NIVC Coaches Honor 1 7 Tiger Gndders with AS QUARTERBACK Greg Landry punts the ball in the LaSalle gridiron battle, Dean Payne crumples a defender. TIGERS HELP the referee signal the touchdown in the Clay game as Greenwood picks off a tipped pass. 80 All-Conference Mention To conclude the 1970 season, the NIVC coaches picked 17 players from Jackson to the All Conference teams. Three players on the of- fensive team and five from the defense were named to the second team. Nine players were named to the honorable mention squad. Second Team OFFENSE: Position End Tackle Guards Mike Powers . . . Center Keith Claro . . Backs Larry Greenwood Honorable Mention Bob Kelsey John Kirsits . Jim Olson Greg Landry Mike Gartee Jeff Troeger DEFENSE: Position Second Team Honorable Mention End Rick Streich Tackles Larry Greenwood John Kirsits Guards Rick Morrison Mike Powers Linebackers Bob Kelsey Jim Olsen Deep Backs . . Mike Gartee SHARING Coach Gartee ' s suffering from the sidelines is Pat Lavelle, holding the down marker. FRESHMEN FOOTBALL , Front row: Coach Mojzik, Jeff Koepkey, Charles Huddlestun, Bruce Knutson, Jim Mathews, Tim Cira, Doug MacHatton, Jeff Parsons, Roy Tepe. Second row; Coach Papp, Mike Lawecki, Tom Jena, Jim Metcalfe, Ron Harper, Bryan Nafrady, Manuel Koucouthakis, Gary Tepe, Andy Anderson. Tfiird row: Bob Miller (Mgr.), Rick Wallace, Tim Booch- er, John Manchow. Kevin Sowers, Jeff Dierbeck, Greg Kazmierzak, Mike Shisler. Rick Siede, Larry Berebitsky, John Thomas. Fourth row; Ralph Gallegos (Mgr.). Greg EttI, Mike Sailors, Pete Roth. Bill Dodds, Mike Kirwan, Brian Burkart, Dave Trenkner. Chuck Ellar, Ken Hill, Kurt Belknap, Mark Vanderheyden, Tom Troeger. Not pictured: John Wade. Frank Kozar. 81 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Front row: Coach Cuyler Miller, Head Coach Joe Kreitzman, Mgr. Steve Rader. Second row; Doug Vyverberg, Greg Landry, Dave Moreland, Mark Myers, Gary Pflugner, Dean Payne, Al Smith, Captain Dan Smith, Jeff Troeger, Terry Bartell, Mike Gartee. NEW HEAD COACH Joe Kreitzman studies the game intently with B-team coach Cuyler Miller. FORWARD ALAN SMITH outjumps the opposition as playmaker Terry Bartell (30) looks for the ball. 82 Basketball Team ' Gets Experience ' Under New Coach When Coach Joe Kreitzman took over the Tiger cagers this year, he had a tough decision to make. He formed the varsity largely from in- experienced underclassmen with the idea of building for the future. Although they won only six games, the team developed stamina and improved skills. Their morale remained high, and the season brought some rewards. Junior Alan Smith, one of the top scorers in the area, was named to the Tribune ' s All-Conference sec- ond team. His brother. Captain Dan Smith, set a Jackson record of 42 consecutive free throws without a miss, and the team as a whole had more assists recorded than had any previous Tiger team. TiatRs A] t DAVE MORELAND (40) makes a move in the Penn game while Mark Myers adds help for the play. CAPTAIN DAN SMITH fights for a rebound from the opposition as center Gary Pflugner (50) stands by. 83 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL: Front row: Tom Troeger, Perry Smith, Dave Arch, Jim Mathews, Jeff Julow, Dave Trenkner, Harold Grebe, Mgr. Second row; Coach Victor Papai, Mike Lawecki, Bruce Knutson, Don Brown, Dave Daniels, Tom Youdbulis, Paul Smith, John Wade, Randy Smith. Tigers Reach Finals of Basicetbal! Qectionai The Tiger basketball team v on two games in the LaVille Sectional before losing to cham- pion Plymouth in the finals. Against Bremen in the opener, Alan Smith got 23 rebounds, a school record for a single game. He led the team in total rebounds with 190 and in scoring with an average of 18.7 points per game. Fol- lowing Al in scoring were sophomore forward Dave Moreland with a 16 point average and senior Dan Smith with 11. Only three varsity men, Dan Smith, Doug Vyverberg, and Gary Pflugner, will be lost through graduation. BASKETBALL Plymouth 86 63 JHS 66 74 Mishawaka Riley 91. 67 JHS 76 81 Washington Jimtown 97 73 JHS 74. 85 Bremen LaVille 60 63 JHS 40 62 St. Joe Marian 61 59 JHS 61 60 New Prairie La Salle 81 50 JHS 59 84 Ft. Wayne Snider Clay 83 64 JHS 43 66 LaPorte Penn 87 59 JHS 73 60 North Liberty St. Joe 88 63 JHS 55 83 Adams Northridge 85. 87 JHS 56. .49 Bremen Glenn 65. 72 JHS 66. .94 Plymouth BTEAM BASKETBALL: Front row; Mike Casad, Mike Kovatch, John Manchow. Second row; Coach Cuyler Miller, Dick Butler, Jim Kosanovich, Ken Pflugner, Jerry Gapinski. 84 Fantastic Fish Coniinue Winning Tradition . . SWIM TEAM: Front row: Scott Jessup, Dave Jessup, Gary Midia, Bill Dodd, Dave Gladura, Steve Wechter. Second row: Mark Priebe, Coach Dave Dun ' tip, Dave Staples, Randy Sharp, Mark Schenk, Jeff Saylor, Jim Huguenard. Third row; Tim Lies, John Wissman, Chris Jones, Duane Dart, Kim LaMar, Mr. Richard Altman. Fourth row: Dan Lysohir, Brent Petty, Felix Johnson, Mark Thompson, Chris Johnson, Randy Stoeckinger, Mark Vanderwall. COCAPTAIN BILL DODD accepts the sectional trophy from meet official Mr. Leslie Daniel. 85 SCHOOL RECORDS 200 medley re lay C. Jones, D. Jessup, D. Dart, B. Dodd 1:45.4 200 free D. Jessup 1:51.0 200 IM B. Dodd 2:07.1 50 free D. Jessup 23.0 Diving J. EttI 233.55 100 fly C. Jones 55.0 100 free D. Jessup 49.8 400 free 8. Claus 4:04.2 100 back D. Dart 59.5 100 breast B. Dodd 1:04.5 400 free relay C. Jones, D Jessup, B. Dodd, S. Jessup 3:20.1 COACH DAVID DUNLAP (left) takes every meet seri- ously and the fans attending the state swim meet (right) post optimistic signs. Take Ciiy, Sectional, NIVC; 1 1 Qualify SCOTT JESSUP HURTLES from the starting block in hopes of bettering his fastest time. 86 To Place Third Downstate The Jackson Tigerfish are swimmers of another breed. Not only do they continue to break records, but they have extended their dual meet streak to 46 consecutive meets over a period of three years. In February, after win- ning City, Conference, and Sectional, Jackson went downstate with high hopes of the state championship. However, even the tremendous depth of the Tigerfish could not compensate for the superstars of defending champion Bloom- ington. The valiant efforts of the team netted them third place (behind Columbus) and a first in the 400 free relay. Every day before and after school the entire team met for three hours of practice, Saturdays and holidays included. Perhaps being together for so many hours a day was what brought this team close together. Swimmers were known for their standing by each other and helping cheer up teammates when their times were off. This closeness and respect, not just the times, was what made all Jackson swimmers superstars. 40 Ft. Wayne Snider .38 Munster 37 Wash. ,33 Clay 33 Elkhart 32 Adams 33 LaSalle SWIMMING Penn 41 53 JHS 55 Riley 44. . . .51 JHS 57 Bishop Noll 291 2 651 2 JHS 56 Mishawaka 39. . .56 JHS 60 Kokomo 32. . .63 JHS 62. . Valparaiso 35 .58 JHS 63. LaPorte 31 . . 63 JHS 61 St. Joe. Mich. 35 70 JHS City Meet . . . first place Northern Indiana Valley Conference Sectional . . . First place. First place hA (iUALITlUS or A Ti(;nurisn COULD y©u QiiflLli Y ■ ! • LAMftR r flfS; 1 .-w.«- .»ij »5 cent (,.( ' ear 4c jirl). 2 All K««c buat.Ul t ' J All K4«£ i ff K ' r. 5 Tfc«y re rttJf {• yr tiit on fUy C»mii0m% It irf im b tt r ' t TkcYV«AW« Uo«M-|««k £•( tMlIf, Mr Mtlfcclcft, ( i Tfity r«n«Lin l«y« ' cucri M n i»4 fUy hardly fcf Cliyl " w« ooWT ncss nifji ' iL M Ev«r Mk«ft 4k«yV« 4 ,« U.t. H«y S flw r«sp«Ci far Hk. ' 5 TK.y u tr ijt » fo, fc«;r- 3 VOli ' in: ALL KIM LAMAR ' S Guardian Angel Cheryl Jacobs set down rules for Tigerfish on Kim ' s Locker. CHRIS JONES congratulates Mike Kearney of Bloom- ington after Kearney ' s record-tying victory in the 100- yard butterfly at the state meet. 87 Rick 9mith Wins Qectional; WRESTLING Niles 36 .16 JHS 13. . LaSalle 25 17 JHS 26. . Riley 27. .18 JHS 14. . Marion 8. .33 JHS 33. . St. Joe 2. .39 JHS 27. . Penn 33. 21 JHS 30 Ft. Wayne Snider 20 LaVille 30 Mishawaka 11 Clay 16 Brandywine Last year, Jackson ' s most spectacular wres- tling successes were in the heavyweight cate- gory with Bob Shonkwiler, but in ' 70- ' 71 the spotlight shifted to the lighter weight members of the team. Rick Smith, wrestling in the 114- pound class, was undefeated in 22 matches until he lost, like Shonkwiler, in the finals of the Gary Regional. Freshman Don Bauer, 108- pound class, topped a winning season with a third in the 16-team South Bend Sectional. The team finished with a 5-6 over all mark and 3-2 in the Northern Indiana Valley Conference. In the Conference meet, held in Mishawaka Ma- rian, Smith won a championship and four oth- ers reached the finals: Tom DeShone, Mike MacHatton, Mike Powers, and Jim Hoffman. Since all 12 varsity wrestlers will be returning next year, Coach Dale Rems sees the future as promising " if the boys do not all bunch up in the same weight classes. " THE REFEREE DECLARES junior Rick Smith (right) the winner at the sectional wrestling meet and Coach Dale Rems (left) looks on as his Tigers vie for the Sectional title. VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM: Front Row: Coach Dale Rems, Doug MacHatton, Mike MacHatton, Mike Pow- ers, Jim Hoffman, Jim Doyle, Coach Tim Mojzik. Back Row: Mgr. Randy Nieter, Dean Stroop, Don Bauer, Rick Smith, Bob Court, John Sill, Tom DeShone, Brian Fox, Mgr. Kurt Loutzenhiser. 88 All Varsity Wres+lers Returning Next Year B-TEAM WRESTLERS Kneeling: Mike Battles Coacti T i m Mojzik Standing: John Thomas John Sill, Bill Dodds Dan Horine, Jeff Koep key, Dean Stroop. GRAPPLER Don Bauer strives toward a take- down against a strong Penn opponent. 89 Despiie Miller ' s Mighty Bat Baseball Qeason Disappointing Coach Cuyler Miller ' s 1970 baseball team had its ups and downs, going from the Northern Indiana Valley Conference cellar position to a respectable Sectional showing against the eventual Indiana State Champion Clay. Com- posed largely of seniors, the squad racked up a 6-15 record. The season ' s highlight, accord- ing to Coach Miller, was the victory over Marian which knocked the Knights out of first place in the NIVC. Back to lead the Tiger attack in ' 71 were mainstay hitters George Miller and Steve Trenkner, along with other lettermen Larry Mc- Laughlin, Tim Lockwood, Greg Landry, and Terry Bartel. Miller, an outfielder, had a .400 batting average going into his senior season. GEORGE MILLER provides a strong backbone for the team as another hit ups his batting average. fi. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM, Front row; Coach Cuyler Miller, Tom Vogel, Merle Carmichael, Brian T ' Kindt, Craig Juday, Bruce Wanstall, Fred Mercer, Pat Bartell, Juan Gallegos. Second row: Terry Bartell, Greg Landry, Jeff Vervaet, George Miller, Dave Moreland, Gary Pflugner, Bob Kelsey, Craig Talboom, Tim Lockwood, Larry McLaughlin, Steve Trenkner. 90 Adams Clay St. Joe LaSalle Plymouth Marian Clay Penn LaVille 12. 15. 3. 8. 7. 3. 17. 10. 2. BASEBALL .2 JHS 8. JHS 0. JHS 8. JHS 4. JHS 13. JHS 4. JHS 8. JHS 0. JHS .7 Riley .1 LaVille .4 N. Liberty .5 Penn .7 Plymouth .5 Penn .0 N. Liberty 16 St. Joe IT ' S A LONG WAIT for a pop foul to come down as catcher Greg Landry stands ready. SENIOR BOB KELSEY displays the follow-through necessary for the execution of a successful pitch. 91 Tiger Trackmen Place Fifth in Conference; Led by Coach Al Bias and Assistant coach Larry Morningstar, the Jackson tracksters finished the 1970 season with a 4-4-1 dual meet record, including a 2-3 conference record. The Tiger trackmen also finished a disappoint- ing fifth in the NIVC meet and sixth in the All-City meet. Although the win-loss record was less than spectacular, three new school records were es- tablished. Dean Reinke set two of them; one in the mile against Riley with a time of 4:38.3, the other at Penn in the Northern Indiana Valley Conference Meet with a time of 9:52 for the two-mile. The third was set by Rick Streich in the shot put at the NIVC meet with a heave of fifty feet, two inches. Dean qualified for the regional in the two-mile, and Rick quali- fied in the shot put. 1970 TRACK TEAM, Front row: Craig Stoner, Larry Greenwood, Rick Streich, Dean Reinke, Jim Julow, Jeff Botich, Mike Gartee, Dee VanCamp, Ken Reece, Rick Staidine. Second row; Ronald Brandt, Carl Whit- aker, Bruce Stevens, Larry Owens, David Oellerich, Bob Berta, Mark Kilbey, Jeff Troeger, Greg Love, James Kosanovich, Tom Walsh, Chris Nye, Pat Cira. Third row: Rick Sprague, Jack Leary, Mike Buckner, Scott Hertel, Jim Olson, Brad Brown, Robert Over- gaard, Tom Wharton, Bill Sharp, John Kirsits, Mark Huegel, Don Hershberger, Coach Larry Morningstar. Fourth row: Dewayne Hauck, Daniel Bell, Donald Watts, Scott Gibbs, Randy Floyd, Rod Kaley, Kevin Sarber, Roderick McNeill, Greg Elliot, Rick Morrison, Larry Lies, Robert Thoner, Dave Stroop, Coach Al Bias, Back row: Donald Brandt, Brent Yaciw, Keith Logue, Frank Buczolich, Brian Hay, Mike Bennett, Jon Baney, Dave Fallot, Mike Peters, Greg Nail, Randy Sharp, Gary Nieter, Richard Cullar, Steve Claus, Mike Battles. 92 Two Place In Qectional PRECISE TIMING and coordination are vital to record holder Rich Streich as he tosses the shot put. St. Joe 561 2- .611 2 LaSalle 66 .... 52 Riley 58 55 Concord 52 .... 52 Penn 82 ... .36 NIVC . . . fifth place All City. . . . sixth place 1970 VARSITY TRACK JHS 54. JHS 78. JHS 86 JHS 52. JHS .64 Marian 78 New Prairie 32 Clay .44 Goshen CRAIG STONER exhibits the fine running form, stam- ina, and determination necessary to a miler. 93 Golfers Win 9econd Straight NIVC Title; Led by Howard Bucher and Bill Clemens, who jockeyed for first position of the team, the Jackson golfers of 1970 produced a season mark of 22-3 in regular season play. The golf- ers also received first in the Northern Indiana Valley Conference with ten wins and no losses. The team posted another victory in the Ernie Kaeppler Memorial Tourney, then went on to win the sectional title for the first time in Jack- son ' s five-year history. The golfers finished second in the regional and eighth in state play. The varsity was coached by Mr. Joseph Kreitz- man and the B-team by student teacher Mr. Edward Bloome. GOLF ISCZS Elkhart Marian Wash. Goshen Marian B. Harbor Riley St. Joe Marian Bridgman Adams N. Prairie Adams 332. 333. 343. 335. 332. 331 320. 332 340 169. 314. 194. 331. .315 .314 .305 .324 .298 .329 .311 323 .316 311 292 .315 .305 JHS 325. JHS 305. JHS 324. JHS 298 JHS 314 JHS 329. JHS 311. JHS 323. JHS 311. JHS 292. JHS 315. JHS 327. JHS .315 Mich. City .339 Clay .321 LaPorte 300 Penn .345 LaSalle 324 Riley 330 Mishawaka .411 Central .321 Clay .311 Penn 346 LaSalle .340 St. Joe B-TEAM, Front row; Bob Kohen, Mike Tinny, Scott Jessup. Second row: Kim Lamar, Chet Wright, Lloyd Estes, Mr. Edward Bloome. VARSITY GOLF: Bill Clemens, Larry Dunville, Mike Medich, Howie Bucher, Chris Tinny, Coach Kreitzman, Doug Vyverberg. 94 1 j f!)spt, ' Intramural Leagues Formed y -• - . : Two leagues competed in intramural basket- ball — freshmen and sophomores at one level and juniors and seniors at another. The upper- class division came down to the wire and the championship was won in the last game with two undefeated teams meeting. The Bruisers were victors over the Boozers 46-32. The win- ners, coached by Doug Vyverberg, consisted of team members Larry Greenwood, Rick Streich, Bob Kelsey, Jeff Botich, Keith Claro, and Larry McLaughlin. The Pacers took the underclass title with a perfect 5-0 slate. DOUG VYVERBERG, (left) four year varsity man, shows good form in this shot. DENNY PALMER works out on the parallel bars. The upper deck was also used for hockey games. HERBIE REINKE drives in for a layup during Recrea- tion, sometimes referred to as " Barnyard Basketball. " 95 GIRLS ' VARSITY SWIM TEAM — Front row; Miss Brenda Gross, Diane McPherson, Kathy Culhane, Melanie Kase, Karen Slauson, Kathy Kretz, Julie Hein, Jean Kennedy, Jolie Parker: Second row: Judy Crance, Hope Heemstra, Darcie Midia, Joan Dunville, Jill VanCamp, Sue Priebe, Cathy Meilner, Diane Culhane, Kathy Gilroy; Third row: Rosemarie Bruns, Kitty Rose, Michelle MidIa, Roberta Mortensen, Emily Coffey, Ame Place, Debbie Grady, Nancy Kennedy, Sue Heller. Girls ' 9wim Team Practices 9ix Hours a Week 96 LEARNING TO BREATHE without getting a head full of water is the goal of a backstroker. e for Rfth Winning 9eason it The Girls ' Athletic Association (GAA) was inactive this year, but the girls ' swim team, the " Porpoises, " worked out in the pool from Octo- ber to iVIarch at all sorts of odd hours, most frequently from 6 to 7 p.m. Their meets started in late February at the end of the boys ' swim season. As usual, Adams provided the strongest competition. DIVER PATRICIA O ' BRIEN executes a reverse pike perfected over four years of practice. B-TEAM SWIMMERS — Front row; Becky Lyoshir, Robin LaMar, Valerie Mazar, Linda Tubbs, Terri Powell, Emily Morris, Cindy Milewski; Second row; Carol Rosemeyer, AS MISS GROSS SOUNDS her whistle, the girls dive off the starting blocks in practice. Debbie Ackard, Kathy Johnson, Cathy Bloom, Elaine Davault, Michelle Borror, Michelle Kindig, Pam But- terworth, Gail Knight. 97 98 L . . . am waiHng hr life io begin . . . 99 DON ALBRIGHT — ICT 4; Industrial Arts GREG ALDERFER — General course ALMA ALFORD — Spanish Club 1,2; GAA 1; College preparatory GLENNA ALFORD — GAA 1,2; German Club 3,4; College preparatory BARBARA ALLEN — Basketball Homecoming Court 4; Cheerleader 2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Choraliers 2,3; " Oliver " 1; German Club 1; College preparatory KAY ALTMAN — Student Council 1,2; NHS 4; Swim Team 1,2; Office Help 4; College preparatory PAUL AMERPOHL — General course KAREN LYNNE ANDERT— NHS 3,4; German Club 1,2,3; College preparatory KATHLEEN ARVIN — Band 1,2,3,4; College prepar- atory BILL BAKER— DE President 4 PEGGY JO BALOK — Student Council 3; Swim Team 1; GAA 4; Business course CATHERINE BARCOME — General course BOB BARNES — General course DON W. BAUSCHKE — General course LORETTA SUE BAXTER — Orchestra 1,2,3,4; College preparatory KIMBERLY BEACH — " Oliver " 1; " Skin of Our Teeth " 2; " The Enchanted " 3; " Babes in Arms " 3; " The Adding Machine " 4; College preparatory SENIOR CLASS officers: Belinda Leonard, Social Chairman; Carol Rzes- zewski. Secretary; Rhon- da Hill, Treasurer; Bill Sharp, President; and Bob Hillebrand, Vice- president. 100 Upperclass Qiatus Achieved After Four-year Qtruggle For the fourth consecutive year, the class of ' 71 won the homecoming hail-decorating con- test with the production of Tiger Town U.S.A. Various students were proprieters of shops such as Con-Con ' s (Pacay) Bon Bon Shoppe and Peggy Balok was proclaimed " The Girl Next Door. " English classes studied World Lit. and Black Lit. and the " ever-popular " Crime and Punish- ment. No matter how far in advance they were announced, year-end term papers were almost always a last-minute rush. Senior slump was quickly cured by finals week and midnite mara- thons were necessary to " review " nine months of material. GRADUATION MARKS the end of four years of hard work. Gwen Brunton awaits the ceremony. JAMES MAYO BELLOWS — Student Council 4; Cross Country 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Wrestling 1; Bowling Team 1,2; " Motion and Commotion " 4; Monogram Club; College preparatory KATHLEEN BERGER— Stage Crew 3; Librarian 3; College preparatory KRISTINE BERGER— Stage Crew 3; Librarian 3; College preparatory RICHARD BILINSKI — General course KIM BINDER — Football 1,2; College preparatory ROBERT BINDER — Band 1,2,3,4; College prepara- tory MARCIA BLODGETT — " J.B. " 2; Junior Achievement 3,4; President 4; Band 1; College preparatory MARC BLUME — VICA; College preparatory JEFF BOTICH — Student Council 3,4; Monogram Club 4, Secretary 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2; College preparatory LINDA BOWERS — General course SARAH BOWERS— NHS 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Choral- iers 2,3; " The Adding Machine " 4; Junior Achieve- ment 3; German Club 1,2,3; College preparatory PATRICIA BREZA — French Club 1,2,3,4; College preparatory 101 JOHN BRIM — Student Council 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3; Baseball 2; Wrestling 1,2,3; Monogram Club 3.4; College preparatory DIANNE BRODBECK— Old Hickory 3,4; Glee Club 3; Junior Achievement Secretary 2; French Club 1,3; Social Service Club 2; College preparatory BRAD BROWN— Football 1,2,4; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; College preparatory BRENDA BROWN— Spanish Club 3,4; College pre- paratory DAWN BROWN — Future Secretaries 3,4; Junior Achievement 3,4; Business course JOYCE BROWN — College preparatory LINDA BROWN — Band 1,2,3,4; Junior Achievement 3; Spanish Club 2; Ushers Club 4; Business course GWEN BRUNTON— NHS 4; Office Help 4; GAA 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2; College preparatory GREG BUCHANAN— Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2; Orchestra 1,2; German Club 1; College preparatory BEVERLY BURDICK— AV 1,2,3,4; College prepara- tory CONNIE JEAN BURKHART— Student Council 1; Bowling 1; Glee Club 1; Junior Achievement Sec- retary 1; VICA Secretary; Social Service Club 1; Vo- cational course DIANE CAMPANARO— Basketball Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory SUE CARDER — Swim Team 3; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory JOHN CAREY — NHS 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 3,4; Pep Band 2,4; Junior Achievement 3; German Club 1,3,4; College preparatory KENNETH CHAPO — VICA 4; ICT 4; AV 1; German Club 1; College preparatory REX CHARLES — Great Books 1; College preparatory PAMELA JEAN CHRISTY — COE 4; Business course BRAD CLARK — Wrestling 1; Band 1,2; College pre- paratory KEITH CLARO — Student Council 1,4; Jacksonian 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Mono- gram Club 2,3,4; College preparatory NANCY CLAUS— Old Hickory 1,2; Jacksonian 3,4 Editor in Chief 4; NHS 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Swimming Help 2,3; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; German Club 1,2. Secretary 2; College preparatory CHERYL LEE CLAYWELL— COE 4; GAA 1; General course SCOTT CLINE — Football 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2; Baseball 2; Track 3,4; Monogram Club 4; College preparatory TERRY LEE CLINE— GAA 1; Stage Crew 2; Office Help 4; Human Relations Club 4; Latin Club 3; Col- lege preparatory SUSAN COCHRAN — Band 1; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; COE 4; FHA 1; Future Secretaries 3; GAA 1; Busi- ness course 102 Three Chosen for Honors Abroad Program MIKE GILBERT AND MIKE MORRIS heighten spirit during football games with horns and Mickey Mouse ears. DEMISE COLE— NHS 4; Office Help 4; Junior Achievement 3; College preparatory STEVE COOPER — ICT 4; General course NORMAN CRIDER — Football 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; College preparatory KATHY CRIPE — Future Secretaries Vice-president 3; COE Vice-president 4; Business course SHARI CROCKER — ICT 4; German Club 1; College preparatory KIM CROFOOT — Basketball Court 1; Junior Prom Court 3; Swimming Help 2,3,4; College prepara- tory BRUCE CROWEL — Bowling 2,3; College prepara- tory KAY JO CROWEL — " Motion and Commotion " 4; Stage Crew 1,2,3; College preparatory DEBORAH CROWELL— Band 1,2,3,4; Office Help 4; College preparatory JANE CROWNER — Junior Achievement 3; Stage Crew 3; Library Help 2; Spanish Club 2; College preparatory KATHY CRUTCH FIELD — General course EDWARD CSERESZNYAK — College Preparatory 103 All 9eniors Enrolled in Government Classes RONALD ALLEN CUKROWICZ— College prepara- tory KATHIE CULHANE— Student Council 3,4; Swim Team 3,4; " Skin of Our Teeth " 2; Stage Crew 2 Social Service Club 3; College preparatory CHRIS A. CZ ECELI — Band 1,2,3; COE 4; OEA 4 Vocational course MARY ANN DAMON— NHS 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Cafeteria Help 3,4; College preparatory LINDA DART — Library Help 2,4; Cafeteria Help 1,3; College preparatory DAVE DECKARD — Basketball 3; College prepara- tory STEVE DECKARD — Business course BRETT DEEPE — Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; College preparatory JOHN DEITSCH— Football 1; College preparatory SUSAN DENNING — Junior Achievement 3,4; Pro- duction Manager 4; Library Help 1,2; AV 1; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; College BECKY DESHONE — Class Secretary 2; Student Council 1; NHS 3,4; Football Court Queen 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; College preparatory WILLIAM DODD — Student Council 2; NHS 3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; College prepara- tory DIANA DOUTT — Swim Team 2; VICA 4; Junior Achievement 3.4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; College pre- paratory MARTI DOYLE — Student Council 2; Old Hickory 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Basketball Court 4; Stage Crew 2,3; College preparatory BRADLEY DUNIVANT— Baseball 1,2; Bowling 1,2,3,4; General course LARRY DUNVILLE — Class President 1; Student Council 3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; College preparatory GREGORY ELLIOTT— Track 2,3,4; College prepara- tory DEBORAH ELLIS — " The Adding Machine " 4; Fu- ture Secretaries 4; College preparatory RONALD ELLIS — Band 1,2; College preparatory THOMAS EVANS— Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Col- lege preparatory 104 THOMAS EVERLY— Tennis 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Monogram Club 4; Basketball Court 4; College preparatory RENEE EWING — Bowling 1,2,3,4; Future Secre- taries 3,4, President 4; Junior Achievement 2,3,4; French Club 2; Business course SANDRA EWING — Old Hickory Junior Achievement 3; College MICHAEL FAHEY— Football 2; 1; Swim Team 1,2; preparatory Swimming 2; Cross Country 3; Latin Club 1; College preparatory RICHARD HOOF stands watch over the machine to see that everything runs smoothly. . L. LESLIE FARNHAM — Glee Club 1; Junior Achieve- ment 3; Office help 4; College preparatory LEWIS FELDMAN — German Club 3; Rifle Club 3,4; College preparatory KENNETH FERSHIN — Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Basketball 1; AV 1; Monogram Club 3,4; College preparatory DIANE FIGG — General course DAVID FISCHGRUND — Student Council 2,3.4; Pres- ident 4; NHS 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3.4; Publications 1,2,3.4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Swimming 1,2.3,4; Basket- ball Court King 4; College preparatory CHRISTINA FOZO — Band 1,2; Junior Achievement 3,4; College preparatory DEBBIE FREEMAN — Band 1; Glee Club 1,2 ICT 4; VICA 4; Spanish Club 1,2; College preparatory RONALD FRICK — Football 1,3; Band 1.2,3; General course 105 9eniors Discover 9AT ' 9 a Necessary Evil CARLOS GARCIA— Football 1,2; Track 1; Wrestling 1,2; General course KITTY GATES — Student Council 1,4; Secretary 4; Old Hickory 3,4; Tribune High School Page Re- porter 3,4; NHS 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; Basket- ball Court Queen 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; College preparatory JOHN GEISLER — Band 1,2; College preparatory GLORIA GENRICH— NHS 4; Bowling 1,2,3,4; French Club 1; Ushers Club 3; College preparatory MICHELLE GEOFFROY— NHS 4; Jacksonian 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 3,4; Choraliers 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; College prepara- tory VALERIE GERBETH— Latin Honor Society 3,4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory KATHIE GIBBS — French Club 3; College prepara- tory MICHAEL W. GILBERT— Track 1,2,3,4; Swimming 1; General course PAMELA GOLTZ— NHS 3,4; Basketball Court 4; Cheerleader 3; Swimming 2,3; Office Help 4; Tu- toring 1; French Club 2,3; College preparatory NANCY GOODSPEED — Glee Club 3; GAA 1,2; COE 4; Spanish Club 2; Business course DEBRA GRAYDEN — College preparatory LARRY GREENWOOD— Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; College preparatory RIG MORRISON AND FRANK UMBAUGH consult each other on a drafting class assignment. 106 MICHAEL GRIFFEY — Student Council 3; Football 1; Track 1; Band 1,2; College preparatory BILL GRIFFIS — Track 1; College preparatory KENNETH P. GROSS — College preparatory RUDY HANSON — General course PEGGY HARTMAN — Business course DENNIS E. HARTZLER — NHS 4; National Merit Semi-finalist; Junior Achievement 3; College pre- paratory LORAINE HATTON — Student Council 1; NHS 4; Latin Honor Society 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,3; College preparatory KIM HECKAMAN — College preparatory ALICE M. HEKTOR — COE 4; Social Service Club 2; Business course MARK ALLEN HELLER— Wrestling 1,2; Band 1,2, 3,4; College preparatory CANDACE HENDRICHS — NHS 4; College prepara- tory KRIS HILDEBRAND — Student Council 4; NHS 3,4; Football Court 4; Cheerleader 3; Cinderella 2,3,4; GAA 1; College preparatory WHILE WAITING for her ride, Connie Pacay enjoys the refreshing coolness of a early fall shower. THE SENIOR CLASS held its prom May 15 at the Notre Dame Convocation center. Court members vjere Lauren Thompson, Linda Krusinski, Holly Tolle, Marti Doyle, Rhonda Hill, Kris Hildebrand, and Nancy Claus. 107 i RHONDA HILL — Class secretary 4; Jacksonian 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Football Court 4; Swim Team 3; Swimming Guardian Angel; College preparatory ROBERT HILLEBRAND— Class Vice-president 4; Student Council 3; Tennis 3,4; Wrestling 1; Swim Team 2; College preparatory VICTOR HOCTEL — Band 1,2; College preparatory JOHN HOFFMAN— General course ROXIE HOLDERMAN— NHS 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 4; Thespians 2,3,4; Social Service Club 2; French Club 1; General course MARY HOLLIS— Band 1,3; Swim Team 1,2; Office Help 3,4; Junior Achievement 3; College prepara- tory ROY HONOLD — College preparatory PAMELA HOSTETLER — Student Council 2; Old Hickory 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; NHS 3,4; National Merit Commendation 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3 AMY HUDDLESTUN — Student Council 1; NHS 4 " The Skin of Our Teeth " 2; " The Enchanted " 3 " Babes in Arms " 3; " The Adding Machine " 4 French Club 2; College preparatory LINDA HUDSON— Band 1,2,3,4; Junior Achieve ment 3; Spanish Club 1; College preparatory SHARON HUFFAKER — Business course RALPH HURD — Baseball 3,4; College preparatory CHERYL JACOBS — Class Secretary 1; Jacksonian 3,4; NHS 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; GAA 2; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; Spanish Club 1; College prepara- tory TERI ANN JAN KOWSKI— Stage Crew 2; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory DAVID JESSUP — Swim Team 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; College preparatory DAVID JOHNSON — Student Council 3,4; DECA 4; Business course STEVE JOHNSON — Band 1,2,3; Swim Team Mana- ger 3,4; Track 3; Junior Achievement 3; Photogra- phy Club 1; College preparatory TOM JOHNSON — Band 1,2; Football 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Swim Team 1,2,3; Business course CHRISTOPHER JONES— Football 1,2; Track 1; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 1,2; College preparatory JAMES JULOW — NHS 3,4, Treasurer 4; Cross Country 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; College preparatory PHILIP KAHN— NHS 3,4; Cross Country 1,2; Swim Team 1,2; Track 1,2; College preparatory LEO KANE— Football 1; VICA 4; General course JANE KANZIG — Bowling 1,2,3,4; Junior Achieve- ment 2; Stage Crew 4; Business course DEBBIE ELLIN KATZ— DECA 4; Spanish Club 2,3; College preparatory 108 Working, Marriage, College in Future Plans LYNNE KELLER — Class Vice-president 2; NHS 3,4; Swim Team Manager 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choral- iers 4; " The Skin of Our Teeth " 2; " The Enchant- ed " 3; " Babes in Arms " ; " The Adding Machine " 4; College preparatory ROBERT KELSEY — Football 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; College preparatory MARY ELLEN KIEFER — Student Council 1; Junior Achievement 3; College preparatory KANDY KOBAR — NHS 3,4; Synchronized Swim- ming 1,2; French Club 1,2,3,4; College preparatory JACK KOBALD — German Club 4; College prepara- tory SHARON KOZAK — Basketball Guardian Angel 4; General course DEBRA KRAFT — Glee Club 2,3,4; Choraliers 4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; German Club 1; Col- lege preparatory MARY BARBARA KRAMER — Student Council 1; Basketball Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory KATHY KRETZ — Student Council 2; Indiana Honors Abroad Program in Foreign Languages 4; NHS 4; National Merit Semifinalist 4; Swim Team 3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Vice-president Spanish Club 4; College preparatory LINDA KRUSINSKI — NHS 3,4; Basketball Court 4; Junior Achievement 3; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Vice- president 3, President 4; College preparatory DOROTHY JAN KULCZAR — General course PHIL KURZHAL — Football 1; Wrestling 1; ICT 4; Vocational course BONNIE LAFREE — German Club 4; College pre- paratory KIM LAMAR — Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Golf 2,3,4; Col- lege preparatory JAMES LANDESMAN — Rifle Club 2; Business course CAROL A. LARSON— Adams H.S. 1,2,3; Thespians 2,3,4; College preparatory BELINDA LEONARD — Class Social Chairman 4; Swim Team 1; Swimming Guardian Ange l 4; Office Help 4; GAA 1; College preparatory TIMOTHY LIES — Swim Team 1,3,4; College pre- paratory CINDA ANNE LILVES — ICT 4; General course DEBRA LYNN LILVES — COE 4; Business course 109 Increasing Age Means Added Independence VARSITY CHEERLEADER Chris Seaborg takes a philosophical view of the game and the score. SIGHTING A familiar face, Linda Lutes and Nancy Claus emerge from " The Screaming Yellow Zen- ker " . LARRY LISTER — General course TIM LOCKWOOD — General course JULIE MARIE LUCHOWSKI — General course DAVID EDWARD LUKASIEWICZ — Band 1,2,3; AV College preparatory LINDA DARLENE LUTES — Jacksonian 3,4; NHS 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Basketball Court 4; Swim- ming Guardian Angel 4; German Club 2; College preparatory MARCIA MACDONALD — Spanish Club 3; College preparatory MARSHA MACDONALD — Student Council 3; Swim- ming Guardian Angel 4; Spanish Club 2,3; College preparatory SCOTT MACQUIVEY— AV 1,2; College preparatory JIM MANGUS — Baseball 2; College preparatory JAMES MAPEL— NHS 4; AV 1; College preparatory SUE MARBURGER— NHS 3,4; Betty Crocker Home- maker Award 4; German Club 1,2,3,4; College pre- paratory CHARLES P. MARK— VICA 3,4, President 4; AV 1,2,3,4, Vice-president 3,4; Stage Crew 1,2,3; Gen- eral course 110 BOB MARTINDALE — Vocational course CARLA JO MARTINO — Office Help 2,3; General course STANLEY MATHEWS— Football 3; Baseball 2,3,4; General course BONNIE MCELHANEY — Future Secretaries 3; GAA 2,3; College preparatory KENN ROBERT MCENDARFER— Rifle Club 2,3,4; College preparatory ROXANNA MCGARRITY — General course WILLIAM MCGRATH — Wrestling Manager 1; " The Skin of Our Teeth " 2; " The Enchanted " 3; " Babes in Arms " 3; " The Adding Machine " 4; AV 1,2,3,4; Business course BECKY MCKELVEY — Band 1,2,3; Swimming Guard- ian Angel 4; VICA 4; AV 1; GAA 1; General course JUDY ANN MCKELVEY — DE 4; College preparatory LARRY MCLAUGHLIN— Baseball 1,2,3,4; " Oliver " 1; " Babes In Arms " 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Span- ish Club 1; College preparatory KARIN LYNN MCNERNEY— Student Council 3; Cin- derella 3; Spanish Club 3; College preparatory CHRIS MCVAY— " The Skin of Our Teeth " 2; ' The Enchanted " 3; " Babes in Arms " 3; " The Adding Machine " 4; College preparatory BILL MEILNER — College preparatory MARTHA MERRIMAN— Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choral- iers 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; College preparatory VICKI MERSICH — Swim Team 3; Cinderella 2,3; Latin Club 1,2,3; College preparatory REBECCA MEYER — Student Council 2,4; Basketball Court 4; College preparatory GARY STEPHEN MIDLA— Class Treasurer 3; Stu- dent Council 2,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Monogram Club 3,4; French Club 1; College preparatory GEORGE MILLER— Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2; Basketball 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; AV 1,2,3,4; College preparatory RICHARD W. MILLER — Band 1,2,3,4; College pre- paratory TOM MOLNAR — Band 1,2,3,4; General course MICKIE MOONEY — NHS 3,4; Indiana Honors Aboard Program in Foreign Languages 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Orchestra 4; Glee Club 4; French Club 2,3,4, Vice-president 3, Treasurer 4; College preparatory MARK MORELAND — Football 3; Swim Team 1; Spanish Club 1,2; General course LARRY MORRIS — Baseball 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 4; College preparatory MICHAEL PAUL MORRIS — Student Council 1; Swim Team 1; Drama Club 1,2,3; VICA Treasurer 4; AV 2; College preparatory 111 Qenior Countdown Started in September ROY STEVE MORRIS — General course RIC MORRISON — Football 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Band 1,2; Dance Band 1,2; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Gen- eral course ROBERTA LYNN MORTENSEN — Swim Team 1,2,3, 4; Swimming Help 4; Rifle Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 1,2,3; College preparatory MARK WAYNE MULLIN— Football 3; College pre- paratory STEVE MULLIN — Football 1,2; College preparatory ELLEN MURNANE — Junior Achievement 4; French Club 2; General course PAT MURNANE — French Club 1,2; GAA 1; Business course SANDY NEIDIGH — NHS 3,4; Jacksonian 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Cinderella 3; Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; College preparatory FREDIE NELSON — College preparatory TAMARA NELSON— Old Hickory 2,3,4, Editor-in- Chief 4; NHS 3.4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; " Oliver " 1; " J.B " 2; " The Skin of Our Teeth " 2; " Babes in Arms " 3; French Club 2; College preparatory GREGORY NEMETH — Football 1; Vl restling 1; Bowl- ing 2; Junior Achievement 2,3,4, President 4; Col- lege preparatory TIM NEMETH — General course CAROL RZESZEWSKI converses with Gary Midia as he attempts to concentrate on game strategy. AMUSED BY A classmate ' s remark, Teri Jankowski is the perfect example of a " happy senior. " 112 KAREN NEWMAN — Student Council 1,4; NHS 3,4; College preparatory GARY NIETER — Cross Country 3,4; Wrestling 1; Track 3,4; Bowling 1,2,3,4; Junior Achievement 2,3,4, President 4; College preparatory GARY NIMTZ — Vocational course RICHARD NIMTZ — Football 1; ICT 4; General course MARSHA NIXON — College preparatory JAMES OLSON — Kiwanis Club Award Winner 4; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; Track 1,2,3; Wrest- ling 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; College preparatory KATHY OVERMYER — Band 1,2,3; DECA 4; General course CONNIE PACAY — Class Social Chairman 3,4; Stu- dent Council 2; Jacksonian 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Junior Prom Court 3; " Oliver " 1; Tutoring 2; Swim- ming Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory JOLIE PARKER — Swimming 3,4, Tri-captain 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; Human Relations Club 3,4, President 4; College preparatory CARMEN PARSONS — Business course KAREN PAXTON— VICA 4; Stage Crew 3; General course STEVE PAYNE— Basketball 2,3; General course KARL PEHLING — General course GARY PFLUGNER — Football 1,2,3; Basketball 3,4; College preparatory DAVID L. PHILLIPS — College preparatory GREG PHILLIPS — Penn H.S. 1,2; Glee Club 1; Swim Team 2; Old Hickory 4; Swim Team 3; Glee Club 2,3,4; College preparatory LINDA PORE — Student Council 4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; Cinderella 3,4; Future Secretaries 3; Junior Achievement President 3,4; Social Service 4; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Business course PAM POWELL — Junior Achievement 3; Spanish Club 3,4; College preparatory AVIS PUCKETT — Bowling 2,3,4; COE 4; Junior Achievement 4; Business course SCOTT PULLIN — College preparatory matim KAREN PYCLIK— COE 4; Social Service Club 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Business course BONNEL RAY— ICT 4; General course DEBBIE LEE RAY — Business course DEAN REINKE— NHS 3,4; Student Council 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; Kiwanis Club Award Winner 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Foot- ball 1,2; College preparatory 113 i ROBERT REMENIH— Student Council 4; Track 1, 2,4; Cross Country 1,2,3; College preparatory JORIS REYMER— YFU Exchange Student 4; NHS 4; German Club Vice-president 4; College preparatory MICHAEL JAMES RHINE— Football 1; ICT 4; Gen- eral course BRAD RHODES — Basketball 1,2,3; Football 1,2; Track 1,2,3; General course ANTHONY B. RICHARD — Track 2,3; College pre- paratory CAROL ANN RZESZEWSKI — Class Treasurer 4; Stu- dent Council 3,4; Football Court 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4, Captain 4; " Oliver " 1; College preparatory JANET SAILORS — Junior Achievement 4; COE 4; Future Secretaries 4; GAA 2; Business course JAMES SANTA — Football 2,3,4; Baseball 4; Col- lege preparatory SHARON SARBER — Bowling 3,4; COE 4; Business course VICKI SCHELLENBERGER— Business course LYNN SCHENCK — Publications Business Manager 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3,4; DAR Avi ard Winner 4; NHS 3,4; Junior Achievement 3; Latin Honor Society 3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3; College pre- paratory SUSANNE SCHMIDT— YFU Exchange Student 4; Glee Club 4; German Club 4; College preparatory CATHERINE SCHOLZ — Jacksonian 3,4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory JEFFREY SCHOPPE— DECA 4; General course THOMAS SCHROFF — Cross Country 2,3; Track 2; College preparatory SUSAN SCOTT— Band 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 3,4; Social Service Club 2; College preparatory 114 ' Qenior Power ' 9ymbol of Class Pride CHRISTINE SEABORG — Student Council 2; Junior Prom Court 3; Football Court 4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Swim Team 1,3; " Motion and Commotion " 4; Col- lege preparatory STEFANIE M. SELDEN — University H.S.; Library Help 1,2; German Club 1,2; Drama Club 1,2; Jack- son: " The Adding Machine " 4; " Motion and Com- motion " 4; Library Help 4; German Club 4; College preparatory THOMAS B. SHAFER — Football 1,2; College pre- paratory JANET KAY SHARP — Class Treasurer 1; Student Council 1; Junior Prom Court 3; College preparatory 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Student 1,2,3; Football 1; Monogram RANDALL F. SHARP — Swim Team 3,4; " Oliver " 1; College preparatory WILLIAM SHARP— Class President Council 4; Basketball Court 4; Track 1,2,4; Cross Country 1; Wrestling Club 4; College preparatory KERMIT SHAW — College preparatory RONALD ERIC SHAW— Old Hickory 3; " The Skin of Our Teeth " 2; " The Adding Machine " 4; Junior Achievement 3,4; College preparatory PATRICE DIANE SHIDAKER— Student Council 3,4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory LINDA SHORTZ — Glee Club 2,3,4; Choraliers 4; Junior Achievement 4; College preparatory CINDY SHULTZ — Old Hickory 4; Indiana Honors Abroad Program in Foreign Languages 4; NHS 3,4; Quill and Scroll 4; Latin Honor Society 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-president 4; College pre- paratory SUSAN JOAN SIGRIST— College preparatory SCOTT SILL— Football 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Bowling 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 3; " Motion and Com- motion " 4; Junior Achievement 4; Monogram Club 4; German Club 4; College preparatory ANDREW W. SIRI — Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 2; Col- lege preparatory BARBARA JEAN SKILES — General course PATRICIA SKONER— NHS 4; German Club 2,3,4, President 3; GAA 1; College preparatory KAREN SLAUSON — Publications 3; Swim Team 1,2, 3,4, Tri-captain 4; Basketball Guardian Angel 4; College preparatory BRENDA KAY SMET — Future Secretaries 3; OEA 4; Business course DAN SMITH— Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Cap- tain 4; General course PHIL SMITH — Football 1; College preparatory 115 Marshall Park Favorite Hangout During BILL DODD, Mark Vanderwall and Tom Shafer partake in an old time poker game in a Speech pantomime. SHERRY SMITH— VICA 1; General course SUSIE SMITH — Business course JANE SNYDER — Swimming Guardian Angel 4; Ju- nior Achievement 3,4; General course LYNN SUE SOLNOKY — Jacksonian 3,4; Cinderella 3,4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; Latin Honor So- ciety 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Social Service Club 1; Latin Club 1,2,3; GAA 2; College preparatory RICK SPRAGUE — Cross Country 1; Track 1,3; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; College preparatory CINDY SPRINGER — Basketball Court 1; Junior Prom Court 3; Football Court 4; College preparatory DAVID STAPLES — Swim Team 3,4; Basketball Court 4; College preparatory GARY STEPHENS — General course BRANKA STIRN— YFU Exchange Student 4; Junior Achievement 4; German Club 4; College preparatory CRAIG STONER — Cross Country 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Band 1,2; General course RICHARD STREICH — Basketball Court 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; German Club 1; College preparatory HOWARD STRYKER— Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; College preparatory 116 After Qchool Hours i S STUGLIK— VICA 4; Vocational course ANITA STUMP— NHS 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4- Debate Club 1; AV 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4- Social Service Club 4; Tutoring 3; Library Help 2- ' College preparatory j r , e= SHERRIE LYNN SWINT— VICA 4; Junior Achieve- ment 3,4 Treasurer 4; Library Help 1; Office Help 3; General course CRAIG TALBOOM— Football 2,3; Track 1; Baseball ,3A; College preparatory CHERYL TERRY— DECA 4; College preparatory DWIGHT THOMAS — Band 1,2,3,4; Football 1; Track 1,2; College preparatory SUE THOMAS — Office Help 4; College preparatory LAUREN THOMPSON— Football Court 4; Swim Team 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; General course WILLIAM THOMPSON— Student Council 4; Swim Team 1; Bowling 4; College preparatory BARBARA JOAN THORNHILL— VICA 4; Junior Ac- helvement 4; Office Help 3; General course NANCY TIBBETTS — Glee Club 1; Social Service Club 2; College preparatory GWEN TOLLE— COE 4; General course HOLLY TOLLE— NHS 3,4; Basketball Court 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 3; " Oliver " 1; College pre- paratory MICHAEL TOMPKINS — College preparatory STEVE TRENKNER— Student Council 1,2,3,4, Vice- president 4; NHS 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Football 1; Wrestling 1,2; Monogram Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4; College preparatory REBECCA SUSAN TSCHIDA— Spanish Club 1; Busi- ness course GIANT WOODEN plaques of the Zodiac signs char- acterized the finale of the musical " Motion and Commotion. " Kris VanNamee helps paint Leo the Lion. 117 9enior 9wimmers Capture Honors M 9+ate Meet GUARDIAN angels surprised their wards with decorated lockers. Sharon Kozak adds the finishing touches. Wff SUE MARBURGER was the winner of the annual Betty Crocker Home- maker Award. FRANK G. UMBAUGH — General course STEPHEN URBANSKI— General course JAN VANDERHAGEN— NHS 3,4; Cheerleader 3; Swimming Help 2,3,4; Cinderella 3,4; Synchronized Swimming 1; GAA 1; German Club 1; College pre- paratory MARK VANDERWALL — Football Manager 4; Swim Team Manager 4; AV 3; General course GARY VAN HUFFEL— Class Vice-president 1,2; NHS 3,4; Football 1,2; Track 1,2,4; Cross Country 3,4; Band 1,2,3; German Club 3; College preparatory KRISTINE VAN NAMEE — " Babes in Arms " 3; " The Adding Machine " 4; " Motion and Commotion " 4; Swimming Guardian Angel 4; Spanish Club Vice- president 1,2; College preparatory GEOFFREY VERVAET— Basketball Court 4; Football 1; Baseball 2,3; Monogram Club 4; College pre- paratory JANE VOLK — Office Help 4; French Club 2; College preparatory DOUG VYVERBERG— Football 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; College pre- paratory SHARON WAGNER— DECA Vice-president 4; Span- ish Club 1; Business course LORI WALSH — Glee Club 1; College preparatory RICHARD WARNER — General course 118 LAURA ANN WATKINS — Student Council 2; Swim Team 3; Band 2; OEA 3; Social Service C lub 4; Hu- man Relations Club 4; Office Help 3; Latin Club 2 GAA 2,3; General course GARY WEESE— Stage Crew 1,2; German Club 1,2 College preparatory TOM WHARTON — Cross Country 2,3,4; Track 3,4 Baseball 1,2; College preparatory GLEN WHEELER— Rifle Team 1,2,3,4; College pre- paratory DON WHITFIELD — Student Council 1; NHS 3,4, President 4; Latin Club 4; College preparatory CHRISTELLE WINSTEAD— Spanish Club 1,2; Col- lege preparatory JOHN WISSMAN — Student Council 4; Swim Team 3,4; Band 1,2,3; College preparatory MICHELE WITTNER — General course GRETCHEN WOODCOX — College preparatory REBECCA WOODCOX— Glee Club 2,3; COE 4; Busi- ness course PATTY WOODY — ICT 4; Business course GEORGE WOOLLEY — College preparatory DAN L. WRIGHT— VICA 4; Business course DALENE YOST — Junior Achievement 3; College pre- paratory DEBRA ZELLERS — Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Library Help 2,3; Business course DENNIS ZIMMER — College preparatory JOHN ZIRCHER— VICA 4; Business course CRAIG ZWICKL— Track 2; Library Help 1; Ushers Club 2,3; College preparatory JOSE OLIVEIRA— YFU Exchange Student from Brazil A STEADY sprinkling of rain during Homecoming in- creased to a downpour at halftime ceremonies. 119 Powers, Troeger, Landry and Kirsits " Junior Power, " proms, and class rings — that ' s what the junior year is made of. With the first Jackson prom to be held in the new American bank build- ing and the first two girls in the dance band, the Juniors were first in many things. The quarterback of the football team and the drum major of the band were both members of the class of ' 72. There were also the headaches of chemistry class and Mr. Hoyer ' s Basic Events quizzes forever looming over them. As " guinea pigs " in a new English elec- tive program, juniors were allowed a choice of widely varied 12-week courses, often with three different teachers as well as subjects. IffiEfi Paula Abraham, Karen An- derson, Jeff Annis, Kent Bailey, Debra Bale, Rozilyn Barber, Kathleen Barr, Thomas Barth, Brenda Bauer, Eugene Bel- ledln, Brenda Bentley, Rob- ert Berta, Scott Bibler, Alison Blad, Linda Bloom, Shirley Boer- sema, Patricia Boocher, Bill Borden, Kathryn Borr, Mar- garet Bosson, Paul Bradburn, Earl Brad- shaw, Donald Brandt, Wes- ton Brigham, Kathleen Brossart, Patricia Brown, Rhonda Brown, Robert Bru- baker. Rosemarie Bruns, Michael Buckner, Kamilla Budde- meier, Deborah Burton, Janice Bussert, Pam Call, Paul Carlton, Kaye Casad, Raymond Celie, Greg Chid- ister, Michele Clark, Janet Cline, Jack Cochran, Debra Coddens, Emily Coffey, Randy Collmer, Robert Colten, Karol Co- ney, Mari Cook, Edward Copenhaver, Elaine Coryell, Deborah Court, Clement Craig, Sherry Creal. 120 Receive NIVC Menfion Bob Cripe, Teri Crocker, Greg Crowner, Nathan Csakany, Janice Cunningham, David Dailey, William Davis, Janet Dean, Deborah Decker, Diana Dekker, Nancy DeShone, Barb Dickerson, David Dillon, Elizabeth Di- vine, John Divine, Larry Dodson, Rick Dolan, Marcia Dudeck, Joan Dylejko, Robert Eder, Gary Edwards, Nancy Ed- wards, Jerry Eichorst, Tom Eichorst, Linda Ellis, David Elmerick, David Faltot, John Farnham, Cynthia Farrand, Deborah Fawley, Debra Fisher, Carol Ford, Marcia Fox, Barbara Freeman, Deanna Frick, Gary Frick, Lisa Funston, Maria Galle- gos, Patricia Gerencser, Barbara Geyer, Marcia Gib- son, Kathy Gilbert, Mark Gilliom, Robert Gilroy. 121 Debbie Gohn, Robin Gor- don, Elinor Gramenz, Rick Grant, Robert Grant, Terry Grimmer, Linda Gushwa, Janet Gutknecht, William Haack, Gene Mains, Chris Hall, Ryan Hanawalt, Ted Hanyzewski, Paul Hardwick, James Hartman, Julia Hatton Paula Hauck, Karen Hay, Susan Heaney, Hope Heemstra, Sally Helms, Scott Hertel, Scott Hickey, Deborah Hill, Michael Hitson, James Hoffman, Daniel Horine, William Howell, Kenneth Huff, Jeff Huffaker, James Huguenard, David Hugus, Kevin Hundere, Steve In- falt, George Jacox, Jerry Jipping, Denise Johnson, Linda Kabel, Richard Kaz- mierzak, Thomas Keays, Pamela Keb, William Ken- nedy, IVIark Kilbey, Judy Jane Kinney, Gale Kinsey, John Kirsits, James Kir- wan, Kurt Kline, Sherry Knutson, Gregory Koch, Joseph Kocy, Charles Koczan, Richard Kohlmey- er, Denise Kolacz, Leon Kominowski, Paul Kozloski, Ronald Kruk, Brenda Kuhn, Susann Lacay, Carri Landis, Gregory Landry, Patrick Lavelle, Carolyn Leakey, Jack Leary, Cynthia Lehman, Jon Lewis, Richard Lipka, Ran- dall Lister, Gregory Lofgren, Gregory Love, Donald Lowe, Thomas Lukasiewicz. 122 JUNIOR Don Wroblew- ski uses his musical tal- ents to express himself. Juniors Find 9a+isfacfion in Art, Music Robert L u m m , Nanette Lutes, Michael MacHatton, Cynthia Marmon, David Marshall, Laura Marshall, Karen Martin, Penny Ma- thews, Daniel Maxwell, Carrie May- er, Karen McCarthy, Sarah McDermott, Elizabeth Mc- Ghee, Sue McGinnis, Rod- erick McNeill, Pamela Mc- Nerney, Diane McPherson, Cynthia Medich, Kathleen Medich, Michael Merrick, Frederick Meyers, Lynn Micinski, Kathleen Middleton, Kath- leen Miholich, Norman Milcherska, Mau- reen Miller, Terry Miller, Deborah Moellering, Linda Molnar, Jacqueline Monk, William Montgomery, Gary Moon, Chris Moore, Michael Mor- row, Laura Mueller, Theo- dore Munsell, Richard Mur- ray, Mark Myers, Georgia Niedzieiko, Randolph Nie- ter. 123 Firsi To Hold Prom in American Bank Building ALTHOUGH KAROL CONEY displays agility and skill, riding a unicycle is not as easy as it looks. m Jacqueline Norris, Christopher Nye, Deborah Oatman, John Obenour, P at r i c i a O ' Brien, Tammy Olson, Mac Orcutt, Robert Over- gaard. Jeffrey Owens, Larry Owens, Sue Pagett, James Palen, Dennis Palmer, Jill Palmer, Deborah Pancheri, Laura Pan- kow. Judy Parmley, Kay Parmley, Carol Pehl- ing, Deborah Penn, Michael Peters, Kathy Peterson, Rob- ert Peterson, David Phelps, Nancy Pickles, Rod- ger Pierce, Amy Place, Mary Poczik, Carol Pope, Michael Powers, Gary Poyn- ter, Steven Rader, Tracy Ragland, Pam- ela Ray, Paula Rex- strew, Gregory Rice. 124 Kenneth Richard, Carol Ringle, Debra Rogers, Sha- ron Rothe, Kevin Sarber, Jeffrey Say- lor, Susan Scheid, Mark Schenk, Marc Schillinger, Deborah Schlifke, Dorothy Scott, Deborah Sennett, Jennifer Shafer, Penelope Shaffer, Gil Sharon, Melin- da Sharp, Susan Shellhouse, Leonard Shidaker, Kevin Siade, Pamela Sibert, Wayne Sills, Ami Simon, Melissa Skaggs, David Smet, Alan Smith, David Smith, Gail Smith, Rick Smith, Susanne Smith, Christo- pher Spiek, Patricia Stanek, Jeff Stevens, Janice Stickley, Rita Stock- ton, Randy Stoeckinger, Debra Stout, Susan Stravin- ski, David Stroop, Laura Strycker, Robert Styles, Peter Sumrall, Dale Tar- novi , Paul Tash, Roger Tetzlaff, June Thomas, Ronald Thomas, Victoria Thompson, Robert Thoner, John Tilton, Michael Tinny, Rhonda Toole, Penny Top- ping, Albert Torek, Joyce Trapp, Mary Trevino, Jeff Troeger. 125 Efs ICE CREAM CONES make fair weather friends as Judy Kinney shares hers with a Saint Bernard. Linda Trowbridge, Kathe- rine Turfler, Rebecca Tut- tle, Owen Tyler, Kathleen Vanderheyden, David Van- derwier, Sharon Voyles, Deborah Waddell, Frank Wahman, Anita Wal- len, Steve Wechter, Bar- bara Werner, John Whisler, Edward White, Mark Wil- liams, Rebecca Witt, Gregory Wittner, Shelley Wolfe, D e b r a Woodcox, Pamela Woodcox, Chester Wright, Donald Wroblewski, Frank Wruble, Valerie Yor- danich. Debra Youngs, David Zane, Kim Zehner, August Zeiger, Kenneth Zeltner, Alfred Zimmermann. 126 9ophomores Hold ' Record ' for Most Parties Debra Ackard, Michael Ac- kard, Karen Adams, Vicki Addison, Charles Albaugh, Ronald Albaugh, Dianna Albright, Billy Alexander, Jacqueline Allen, Mark Al- wine, Cheryl Anderson, Christi Anderson, Kevin A ndert, Jamie An- dres, Cheryl Arney, Diana A r V i n , Daniel Axelberg, Jody Bailey, Mary Baker, Gilbert Ball, Terry Bartell, David Bash- over, Mary Bastian, Mic- hael Battles, Debra Bean, Elizabeth Beitler, Daniel Bell, Michael Bennett, Jody Berebitsky, Carol Ber- gan, Ron Berkheiser, Terry Berkheiser, . Kent Beutel, Cynthia B I e n k e , Cathy Bloom, Marie Blume, Gretchen Bohnsack, Fran- ces Bone, Betty Borkowski, Donald Bornmann, Michele Borror, Karen Bott, Sally Bowers, Richard Bowman, Raymond Boyer, Charlotte Bradberry, Linda Bradber- ry, Ronald Brandt, Lavanna Bratcher, Cindy Buck, Frank Buczolich, Stacey Burling. Encountering a skeleton in the health class or amoebas in the Biology room were not uncommon experiences for this year ' s sophomore class. The many hours spent with obtuse and acute angles proved to be sometimes impossible, but always challenging for the novice geometry students. Sophomores spurned formal dances sponsored by large groups but found al- most every weekend occupied by informal parties at each other ' s homes. Excelling in sports, the sophomores had five of their members as regular starters on the basketball team. u 127 Qophomore Class Plans Ac+ivHIes, Elects Officers SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS are: Larry Wechter. vice-president; Cathy Johnson, social chairman; Dick Butler, president; Diane Culhane, secretary; and Jeff Whitmer, treasurer. Deborah Bussell, Richard Butler, John Campbell, Mic- hael Carmichael, Michael Casad, Deborah Chapman, Joseph Chapo, Connie Cheak, Dale Chlebek, Stephen Christophel, Patrick Cira, Robert Clark, Jeffrey Cle- mans, Patricia Clemans, Peggy Collins, Dennis Coney, Debra Cooper, Pamela Coo- per, Peter Copeland, Greg- ory Cothran, Janine Coth- ran, Robert Court, Nathan Cox, Judy Crance, Karen Crowel, Cathy Cukro- wicz, Diane Culhane, Rich- ard Cullar, Leslie Daniels, Janice Dare, Duane Dart, Elaine Davault, Patricia Davis, Scott Den- ning, Thomas DeShone, Deleesa Dill, Donna Diltz, Kay Disler, Patricia Ditto, Vicki Dodson. 128 Colleen Dolan, Sheila Do- Ian, James Doyle, Janet Drzewiecki, James Dudzin- ski, David Dutrieux, Jacque- I i n e Eberhard, Richard Eichstedt, Paul Elliot, Diane Ellis, Re- becca Ellis, William Evans, Donna Fahey, Nelda Fair- child, Pamela Falan, Fran- cesca Farias, Judith Farrington, Antoi- nette Flatoff, Sherlyn Flesh- er, Randall Floyd, Brian Fox, Becky Fozo, Stephen Freeman, Susan Frick, Kenneth Fritz, Terry Fuller, Barbara Fulmer, Julie Gable, Jerry Gapinski, Kev- in Garbacz, Gregory Garrett, Michael Gartee, Julia Gates, Thomas Gay- lor, Kristi Geoffroy, Step- hen Geraghty, Scott Gibbs, Debra Gilman, Bruce Gin- delberger, Terry Gizewski, David Gladura, Steve Gosc, Debra Grady, Sheila Gra- menz. Dennis Greeno, Cheryl Greulich, Lynn Griffis, John Groves, Constance Guin, Gayle Gur- bick, Patricia Gurzinski, Christine Haack, Darlyn Haley, Chris Halter, Michele Halter, Kathleen Hamper. A MINI-BIKE provides fun along with the perfect transition between a bicycle and a car for Pat Cira. 129 Qophomores 9tudy Homework but Dream David Handschu, Janet Hansen, Laura Hatch, Brian Hay, Linda Hech- linski, Julia Hein, Lisa Henry, Don Hersh- berger, William Hetzel, Elizabeth Hewitt, Cyn- thia Hill, Linda Hill, Gregory Hodges, Dennis Hoffer, Patrick Hohl, Stephanie Huddle, Mary Ann Hudson, Mark Hue- gel, Susan Humphreys, Terry Imbro, Lisa Infalt, Mic- hael Jacobs, Kenneth Jebelian, Susan Jenkins, Scott J e s s u p , Carol Johnson, Chris Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, David Jordan, John Jordan, Thomas Kaade, Rodney Kaley, Linda Keb, Jean Kennedy, Nancy Ken- nedy, Deborah Keresz- tesi. Robert Ketcham, Arthur Kimbrell, Roxanne Kim- mel, Brian Kinner, Can- dice Kinner, Franklyn Kirkwood, Karen Kline, S h e r e e Knight, Jeffrey Kobold. Paul Koch, Robert Koh- en, Fred Kominowski. 130 of 9ummer+ime Fun Judy Konzen, James Ko- sanovich, Kenneth Kos- ki, George Koucouthakis, Michael Kovatch, Diane Kozak. Robert Krusinski, Sherry Kuska, Jeannine Laiber, Fred Landesman, Henry Landman, Patricia Lef- ler, Michael Lehner, Ken- neth Leilo, Keith Logue, Suzanna Lopez, Carole Lubbers, Rebecca Lyso- hir James Magnuson, Ken- neth Mapel, Kent Mar- burger, Kenneth Marnocha, Danny Mastagh, David McColley, Curtis McFarlane, Jon Meek, Sally Merchant. L k DAVE HANDSCHU PREFERS instant immersion via slide as better than the wading-in method. 131 9ophomores Find Excuses for Avoiding Gym Jane Merriman, John Mer- sich, Rosann Messana, Mi- chelle Midia, Timothy Mil- ler, Dennis Mitschelen, Dave Moreland, Ruth Ann Morris, Wendy Moses, Judy Motts, Kathleen Mrofka, Jane Mul- lin, Diana Myers, Marilyn Neese, Susan Nelson, Greg Nicholos, William Obenour, Kevin O ' - Brien, Thomas Overgaard, Gregory Paczkowski, Gary Pangrac, Gail Parent, Ste- phen Parish, John Parker, Mary Lou Parmley, Paxton, Ronald Jeannine Perkins, Kenneth Phipps. Pendl, Denise Pfluger, James Payne, Lauren Peters, Pamela WHEN SIXTH HOUR study hall is optional, studying can prove futile unless there is someone to study with. Mary Shidaker and Jon Shaffer concentrate. 132 Marina Poulos, Rachelle Powell, Mark Priebe, Mic- hael Prister, Debra Prough, Carolyn Quance, Marilyn Quance, James Rabbitt, Karen Rafalski, James Ramsey, Ronald Reed, Jo- seph Rerick, Robert Rice, Donald Richard, Debra Ris- ner, Peggy Roper, John Rose, Kathleen Rose, Carol Rosemeyer, David Rosemeyer, Geoffrey Roth, Kim Rozanski, Robert Ruth, Robert Samuels, Shari Schmid, Donna Sch- raw, Mark Schurr, Priscilla Seaborg, Leslie Seall, Jon Shaffer, Kim Shaffner, Ran- dolph Shaw, Mary Shidaker, Sue Shonk- wiler, Laura Simeri, Linda Sims, Richard Siri, Diane Sirotek, Mark Slagle, Don- na Smith, Janis Smith, Mike Smith, Pamela Smith, Sandra Sprague, Jeffrey Springer, Douglas Sprunger, Kurt Stevens, Craig Stinson, Alan Stoffer, Bruce Storin, Deborah Storm, David Stout, Susan Szeberenyi, John Szuba, Brian Tal- boom, John Taylor, David Tepe, Daniel Tetz- laff, Kim Thomas, Terrence Thomas, Carl Thompson, Karen Thompson, Mark Thompson, Kristlne Thorn- ton, James Tilley, James Tovey, Lynette Truex, Margaret Tyler, Patricia UrbanskI, Randy VanderHeyden, Lynn Vanderwall, Mark Vangoey. A C° A 133 A THIRTY-second pit stop enables Scott Jessup and Mike Jacobs to replace a wheel at the Little 500 race. Gophomores Dominate Girls ' Qwim Team Melanie Veger, Debra Vo- gelgesang, John Volk, Jan- ice Wall, Gilda Walz, Paul Watkins, Raymond Wat- kins, Donald Watts, Larry Wechter, Carol Well- ing, Patricia Wertz, Cathy Whaley, Annette Wharton, Larry Wheeler, Jeffrey Whit- mer, Brian Wilde, Karen Wiley, Kim Wiley, Charlotte Wilhelm, Terryl Wilhelm, Maria Wilkin, Gary Williams, Nancy Wilson, Robert Winenger, Shelley Winstead, Elaine Wolfe, Vicki Wolfe, Caria Wolff, Brent Yaciw, David Yates, Andrew Zaderej, Terence Zimmer. 134 Frosh Qpint Qhakes Jackson at Pep Rallies The usual apprehension and astonishment that confront freshmen were not totally lacking in this year ' s newcomers. The frosh quickly overcame any doubts they might have had, however, and stepped into sports, dramatics, and other extra-curricular activities. The newly appointed freshman cheerleaders led the spirited class as they out-yelled upper- classmen in the " Battle Cry. " In Social Studies class many freshmen went door to door, polling the community on their party favorites in this year ' s Congressional election. Among the ranks of the freshman class are five pairs of twins, while the other three classes combined can boast only four pairs. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS are: Andy Anderson, president; Tom Troeger, treasurer; Sue Dosmann, sec- retary; Greg EttI, social chairman; and Dave Leary, vice-president. David Abraham, Lisa Addi- son, Robert Alson, Andy Anderson, Ramona Ander- son, William Anderson, David Arch, Eric Arnett, Rebecca Arnold, Kim Atch- ley, Jeanne Atkinson, Re- becca Avery, Michael Ba- con, Patrick Baker, Michael Bartell, Carol Bastian, Brenda Battles, Donald Bauer, Wanada Baxter, Lynn Beach, Richard Behn- ke, Kurt Belknap, Lisa Beninati, Larry Berebitsky, Bruce Beyler, Sally Binder, Timothy Boocher, Michael Breza, Beth Brodbeck, Rob- ert Brossart, Donald Brown, Jenifer Brown, Debra Bryant, Jacqueline Burger, Brian Burkart, Su- san Burks, Daniel Burns, Pamela Butterworth, Kathy Byers, Elizabeth Casad. 135 Michael Celie, Carole Chris- man, Timothy Cira, Susan Clauser, Kay Cline, Susan Cole, Lori Collmer, Marjorie Colten, Cindy Conklin, Patti Cook, Bruce Crawford, Thomas Crocker, Chris Crofoot, Mic- chael Cruickshank, Gregory Csakany, Linda Csereszn- yak, Lucinda Cukrowicz, James Cunningham, David Dan- iels, Matthew Davis, Peggy Davis, James Dekker, Laur- ie Denning, Susan DeWach- ter. Jeffrey Dierbeck, Mary Dille, Mary Dits, Bill Dodds, Susan Dosmann, Darlene Dudeck, Joan Dunville, Su- san Edwards, Kenneth EIek, Charles El- lar, David Elliot, Gary El- liott, Darlene Elmerick, Su- san Enyart, Dennis Enyeart, Dawn Eppse, Yvonne Eppse, Gregory EttI, Joan Evans, Timothy Evans, Randall Figg, Arlan Fillerup, Sharon Fishburn, Todd Fisher, Michael Flaherty, Mary Flanagan, Michael Fodroci, David Forsythe, Nancy Fos- ter, Teresa Fox, Suzanne Frame, Richard Freeman, David Frick, Daniel Ga boury, Rafael Gallegos, Mary Garcia, Candy Gates Cathy Gates, Rhonda Gav ros, Patricia Geisler, Thomas Genrich, Susan Gerbeth, Timothy Gibson, Kathleen Gilroy, Kim God- win, Charles Goodman, Barbara Gorman, Barbara Grady. 136 Frosh 9urvive Taunts of Upperclassmen Harold Grebe, Gail Grenert, Terry Grice, Kenneth Grif- fey, Catherine G r o g a n , James Grose, Laura Guil- ford, James Gutknecht, Mark Guzeko, Kim Hall, Di- ane Haluda, James Haney, Terry Hanyzewski, Daniel Harder, Deborah Hardman, Ronald Harper, Teresa Hauck, Erin Head- lee, Samuel Heiter, Susan Heller, Lori Henry, Rodney Hershberger, Linda Hil- born, Karen Hildebrand, Kathy Hildebrand, Kenneth Hill, Robin Hill, Sue Hill, James Hillman, Elizabeth Hitson, Daren Hoffman, Jerry Holt, Richard Holt, Claudia Hoo- ley. Randy Hoover, Michael Howard, Todd Howell, Charles Huddlestun, John Huguenard, John Hugus. FRESHMEN teachers have a habit of seeing double. The five sets of twins are Matthew and Peggy Davis, Marcia and Michelle Paulsen, Perry and Randy Smith, Can- dy and Cathy Gates, and Karen and Kathy Hilde- brand. 137 Frosh Poll Community Before Fall Election SBt ' lf Wayne Hurd, Maurice Hur- wich, Steve Irvin, Sarah Jackson, John Jacox, James Jarratt, Keith Jebelian, Thomas Jena, Jeffery Julow, Timothy Kap- shandy, Melanie Kase, Mar- tin Katz, George Kazmierzak, Nancy Keb, Charles Kelly, Bruce Kersey, Michelle Kindig, Carrie Kindt, Catherine Kinner, Marsha Kinner, Michael Kirwan, Nancy Kletka, Ken Klopfenstein, Gail Knight, Bruce Knut- son, Mary Kocy, Jeffrey Koepkey, Linda Kohrn, Debra Koontz, Frank Kosar, Manuel Koucouthakis; Rose Krawczyk, James Kruk, Bridget Kubley, Frederick Kuhn, Ann Lacay, Robin LaMar, Ellen Lavelle, Michael Lawecki, Robert Leader, David Leary, Jeffrey Liechty, David Lies, Larry Livengood. 138 Debby Lohman, Stephen Long, Timothy Long, Rich- ard Lonzo, Curtis Loutzen- hiser, Marcia Lowe, Daniel Lysohir, Robert MacDonald, Douglas MacHatton, John Manchow, Kimberly Man- gum, John Mark, Marie Marozsan, Robert Marsh, Valerie Marsh, Victoria Mar- shall, James Mathews, Valerie Mazar, Debra M c C I u r g , David McCubbins, Sue Mc- Garrity, Terri McGeath, Vir- ginia McVay, Karen Medich, Cathleen Mellner, David Melton, Margaret Merchant, Susan Merriman, James Metcalfe, Dennis Mickow, Robert Micinski, Darcene Midia, Cynthia Milewski, Christo- pher Miller, Jeffery Miller, Lou Ann Miller, Melodye Miller, Robert Miller, Shir- ley Miller, Pamela Monk, Mark Moore, Emily Morris, Barbara Morton, Paula Moses, Gordon Muessel, Keith Mullin, Kim Myers, Andrew Myszak, Bryan Nafrady, Darlene Neese, Tina Nellans, Laurie Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Mic- hael Nemeth, Linda Niblick, Gail Nimtz, James O ' Brien, Catherine Ogden, Janet Orcutt, Doug- las Pagett, Scott Pankow, Thomas Parrett, Jeffrey Parsons, Paul Patterson, Marcia Paulsen, Michelle Paulsen, Kathy Pavey, Nan- cy Peck, George Pehling, Wendy Pehling, David Pet- ersen, Brent Petty. 139 Freshman Cheerleading 9quad Organized James Petty, Debra Pollex, Rennie Porman, Terri Pow- ell, Susan Priebe, Dennis Rader, Diane Ranschaert, Nancy Remenih, Donald Rexstrew, Donna Richardson, Lisa Ritter, Donald Robarts, William Robins, Kimberly Robinson, Mark Rosheck, Peter Roth, Brian Rotruck, Deirdre Rourke, Dale Rushton, Judy Russell, Thomas Ruth, Paul Rutledge, Michael Sailors, Theresa Santa, Lori Scheid, Susan Schenck, Janet Schneider, Jeffrey Selden, Laurie Sell, Ronald Sharp, Theresa Shaw, Michael Shisler, Linda Shultz, Cheryl Shup- pert, Richard Siede, John Siegel, John Sill, Sharon Simcox, Susan Skaggs, Katherine Smith, Paul Smith, Perry Smith, Randolph Smith, Kevin Sowers, Allen Sowie, Mic- hael Spiek, Jack Spillman, Gregory Staples, Linda Stephens, James Stevens, Patrick Stewart, Susan Stickley, Dean Stroop, Larry Strycker, Nan- cy Stump, Cynthia Styles, Jane Swartz, Diane Szabo, Brian Szalai, Lori Tanner, Gary Tepe, Roy Tepe, John Thomas, Stephen Thomas. 140 Jimmie Tilley, Brian Tinny, James Tisdale, Pamela Tot- ten, David Trenkner, Thomas Troeger, Julie Trump, Linda Tubbs, Gregory Underhill, Jill Van- Camp, Mark Vanderheyden, Susan Vas, John Wade, Judith Wagner, Richard Wallace, Kathye Ward, Michael Warren, Kimberly Wasoski, Stephanie Weller, Thomas Welsh, Louis West, Steven Weyh- rich. Tod Wickman, Dawn Wilde, Steve Wileman, Barbara Wilhelm, Cynthia Williams, Mark Williams, Robert Wil- lis, Gregory Wilson, Tim- othy Wilson, Charles Wit- mer. Dean Woodcox, James Wood lee, Luke Woodward, Elaine Woodworth, Joann Wray, Susan Wunder, Rich- ard Yates, Thomas Youd- bulls. Scott Zachek, Diane Zane, Sheryl Zielinski, Joel Zim- mer, Karen Zwickl. 141 Competent Cooks Prepare Meals For 1 500 Eaters Mrs. Eileen Stevens, supervisor of the cafe- teria, helped plan menus and saw to it that the kitchen was in order and the food was served properly. Even with the rising cost of living, the plate lunch still offered the best bargain in town. Hundreds of cookies, pies, and cakes were baked each afternoon. Although students are responsible for clear- ing their own trays from the tables, the cafe- teria help did more than their share of clean-up after D lunch. % V k. M SEEING THAT everything runs smoothly in the kitchen is supervisor Mrs. Eileen Stevens. i CAFETERIA STAFF: Front row; Toshiko Wolff, Jane Vandewalle, Sarah Feldman, Joan Dillon, Molly Mas- tagh, Jo Peters, Ruth Hess. Second row: Cecelia Kirkley, LuVeda Tollar, Joan Racine, Donna Menden- hall, Lil Campbell, Mary Thomas, Bea Medich, Sara Sprague, Maribel Thornton, Sally Kesler. CAFETERIA HELP: Front row: Laura Muel- ler, Mary Ann Damon, Debbie Stout, Kris Bur- ger, Terri McGeath. Sec- ond row: Bob Cripe, Chuck Kelly, Randy Hoover, Gary Frick, Jim O ' Brien. 142 LAUNDERING GYM UNIFORMS and towels is the task performed by Agnes Zablockl and Loretta Ebel. DAY CUSTODIAL STAFF: Oscar Brandenburg, day en- gineer, Mrs. Louise Wynn, Robert Strong, John Papp, and Ed Zeilinski. Building, Grounds Well Maintained By Custodial 9taff w ORDERING SUPPLIES and posting schedules are among the endless jobs of head custodian, Mr. John Papp. NIGHT CUSTODIAL STAFF: clockwise from lower left: Lester Ellis, night engineer, Raymond Brenneman, Richard Overmyer, Joseph Freitag, Joseph Nagy. 143 144 . . . am wa Hng io Qei Qail for happiness 145 Ireland Plaza Businesses Offer Many With the addition of several stores at the newly completed Ireland Plaza, businesses competed for the patronage of Jackson stu- dents. An ice cream parlor, a pizza place, and furniture stores added variety to the shopping environment of the south side. Also the busi- nesses increased job opportunities by hiring Jackson students part time. After several years of planning and contracting stores, the Scotts- dale Shopping Mall developers finally broke ground. The south side was not the only area of South Bend affected by expansion. The down- town skyline was completely altered by the addi- tion of the high rise American National Bank Buildi ng and two parking garages. The ball- room of the bank building was the site of the junior class prom. An Ayr-Way store and a new movie theater were added to the Town and Country Shopping Center. FOR THE UNUSUAL in flowers and gitts, call 291-2250, FLOWERS BY STEPHEN, 4325 S. Michigan St. DEBBIE RANCH ERI gives some serious thought in selecting just the right card, She ' s sure to find it at BUSCHBAUM ' S PHARMACY, 2305 S. Miami. CHIPPEWA LANES is the place of recreation for these Jackson juniors. Steve Infalt (seated) is surrounded by Dave Dillon and Joe Kocy. 146 Jackson Students Jobs THE WISHING WELL, 1430 Calvert St., is a favorite place to shop for Sue Smith, Paula Abraham, Diane Campanaro, and Julie Hatton. BASKIN ROBBINS, located in the Ireland Plaza, boasts 31 varieties of ice cream and also these Jackson em- ployees: Linda Bloom, Diane McPherson, Ken Jebe- lian, Tom Lukasiewicz, Greg Paczkowski, Lynn Truex, Rick Sprague and Maureen Miller. SHOELAND SALESGIRL Leslie Farnham assists John Whisler in his selection at the 4321 S. Michigan Store. EVANS ANTIQUES, located in the Ireland Plaza, offer an array of distinct selections. Here Jan VanDerHagen is shown some tableware. 147 Jacksonites 9hop for Flowers, Pictures With many students employed, their buying power increased. Generally careful shoppers combed shops for the best buys. The raccoon and assorted other fur coats of the 40 ' s era were eagerly snatched out of attics and Good- will stores. Usually worn with jeans or other casual attire, they added a touch of bygone glamour to the feminine wardrobe. MIAMI FLORIST AND GIFT SHOPPE, 2208 Miami, cap- tivates Pam Hosteller with its lovely garden setting. For flowers or gifts call 287-2811. Visit ZEHRING STUDIOS OF CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY in their new location in the 800 block of East 12th Street, Mishawaka, to arrange for portraits, movies, and even aerial photography. COCA-COLA appears to be a favorite with freshman Roy Tepe. " Things go better with COKE! " The COCA- COLA Bottling Co. located at 1818 Mishawaka Ave. o. GRAFFIS FURNITURE will solve any decorating or furnishing problems for every room in your house. Go to GRAFFIS FURNITURE at 60379 U.S. 31 or call 291-1660. t 148 YOUTH FOR UNDERSTANDING student Suzi Schmidt examines travel folders with H. C. Overgaard, owner of OVERGAARD TRAVEL AGENCY, 2253 N. Michigan St. Have vacation plans? Phone H. C. OVERGAARD: 232-2253. KATHY VANDERHEYDEN prou dly displays her father ' s new line of air conditioners for ' 71; For quality un- surpassed, visit the SOUTH BEND ELECTRIC CO., 439 E. Colfax Ave., specializing since 1919. 149 It ' s BERG ' S JEWELERS, 109 W. Jefferson Blvd., for Jackson class rings, watches, charms, and other gifts. Berg ' s is celebrating its 48th year as a Registered Jeweler by the American Gem Society. 150 Miclcie Mooney, Michael Merrick Often Help Dads Mind Their Qtores Many a Jackson student gets business ex- perience working in his or her family ' s store or salesroom after school and during vacations. Kassi Borr answers the phone at Honda of Michiana; Michael Merrick makes chocolate sodas at Merrick ' s Pharmacy; Mickie Mooney shelves stock at Mooney ' s Market. They all ad- mit they get a lift when JHS friends come in to shop. And Jacksonites shop everyhere, from North Liberty to Miami and Ewing to down- town South Bend. INWOOD ' s downtown hardware and gift store, 425 S. Michigan, is a favorite place to browse. Get a corsage for just a fraction of the price you might expect for fresh flowers. MERRICK ' S PHARMACY is a landmark in North Liber- ty, its friendly sign a reminder of the Merrick family ' s dedication to service to fill the community ' s wants and needs. TFT Fit 1 : vrC " -- " Hi.5- MOONEY ' S MARKET, 59570 Mayflower Rd., is espec- ially convenient for Greene Township food shoppers. Jacksonite Mickie Mooney fills the shelves with goodies. 151 Area Merchants Provide WAITING TO HAVE his locks trimmed is Bill Borden at the BROADMOOR BARBER SHOP, 4328 S. Miami Rd. Appointments accepted. THE BUTCHER BLOCK with its finest of freshly cut meats keeps many a customer satisfied. Here Laura Strycker picks out a frozen turkey. THE BUTOHtK BLOCK is located in the Ireland Plaza. 152 Goods and Qervices io Jackson Qiudents Saturdays sent flocks of Jacksonites shop- ping downtown or at stores scattered over the city. A number of novelty shops opened, giving South Bend a great variety of unusual and often hand-made goods. Gift shops abounded and most students had little difficulty in selecting the right gift. Gates Chevrolet provided the cars that were used in the football homecom- ing parade. VAN GATES and the varsity cheerleaders invite you to come and see Chevy ' s new small car, the Vega. " Putting you first keeps us first. " GATES CHEVROLET, Inc., 333 W. Western Ave. Cheering on the Vega are Kitty Gates, Chris Seaborg, Jan Stickley, Carol Rze- szewski and Jean Kennedy. CIRA ' S SUPER MARKET Is a fast and efficient place to shop as Terry Cline keeps the check-out lines run- ning smoothly. CIRA ' S, located at 2904 S. Michigan St., specializes in quality meats. TO FIND A VARIETY of knitting worsted, go to HOBBY HAVEN, 1410 E. Calvert St. Here Sue Stravinski gets instruction in fundamentals of knitting. 153 DICK KENNARD P.O. Box 40127 Indianapolis, Ind. 46240 Newsfoto Yearbooks GRAPHIC COUNSELORS BOB HEINTZELMAN R. R. 7, Moore Road IVIuncie Ind. 47302 BUD LEUTHOLD 6322 Brookline Drive Indianapolis, Ind. 46220 Don ' s body shop 291-5070 Don E. Huffaker President QUALITY FIRST 2715 South Main St. Oak Ridge Dairy " We quench the lunch-time thirst of 1400 Jacksonites. " 2516 Lincolnway West Mishawaka FORD ' S DAIRY QUEEN, 59573 U.S. 31 South, is the greatest for icy treats of all kinds. Ice cream cones are the choice of Belinda Leonard and Sue Solnoky. . personalized -: Stereo For the Finest Quality Furniture and Appliances J.E. Walz, Inc. 3400 S. Michigan St. South Bend, Ind. 46614 154 Let ' s Have a Paper Drive South Bend Waste Paper Company 429 W. Indiana Avenue, Phone 288-4664 THE ECOLOGY PEOPLE THE SURENESS OF QUALITY PLACE AND COMPANY. INC Phone 291-4011 - v. Hans HttU5 2803 So. Michigan St. Phone 291-5522 German Food Our Specialty Created with Old World Atmos- phere. Specializing in German and American Foods. South Bend ' s Finest Banquet Rooms The Alpine Bavarian Rooms Serving Business Men ' s Luncheons Open 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Closed Sundays and Holidays Through these doors pass 1,200 people who enjoy their jobs. If youd like to make it 1,201, call 284-2392. a Congratulations to the Class of 71 from ASSOCIATES CORPORATION OF NORTH AMERICA and Subsidiaries 1700 Mishawaka Avenue, South Bend, Indiana 46624 A GULF + WESTERN COMPANY ASSOCIATES 155 Index Abraham, David 73,135 Abrahom, Paula 58,147 Ackord, Debra 97,127 Ackard, Michael 127 Adams, Karen 67,68,127 Addison, Lisa 135 Addison, Vicki 127,167 Albough, Chorles 127 Albaugh, Ronold 127 Albright, Dianna 127 Albright, Donald 70,100 Alderfer, Gregory 100 Alexander, Billy 64,67,127 Alford, Alma 100 Alford, Glenna 100 Allen, Barbora 54,64,100 Allen, Mrs. Dorothy 38 Allen, Jacqueline 127 Alson, Robert 135 Alfmon, Kay 42,72,100 Altmon, Mr. Richard 85 Alwine, Mark 127 Amerpohl, Paul 70,100 Anderson, Andy 81 Anderson, Cheryl 64,127 Anderson, Christi 127 Anderson, Karen 64,66,120 Anderson, Mark 56,135 Anderson, Romono 135 Anderson, Williom 135 Andert, Karen 100 Andert, Kevin 127 Andres, Jamie 56,127 Annis, Jeffrey 120 Arch, David 84,135 Arnett, Eric 135 Arnett, Mrs. Eve 29 Arney, Cheryl 127 Arnold, Rebecca 64,135 Arvin, Kathleen 66,100 Arvin, Diana 66,127 ASSOCIATES 155 Atchley, Lee 45 Atchley, Kim 135 Atkinson, Jeanne 135 Audio-Visual 73 Avery, Rebecca 135 Axelberg, Daniel 127 B Bacon, Michoel 135 Bailey, Kent 120 Bailey, Jody 127 Baker, Mory 127 Baker, Patrick 135 Baker, William 71,100 Bole, Debro 120 Boll, Gilbert 127 Bolok, Peggy 100 Bond 66 Baney, Jon 92 Barber, Rozilyn 73,120 Barcome, Catherine 100 Bornes, Robert 66,100 Borr, Kathleen 120 Bortell, Michael 135 Bartell, Pot 90 Bortell, Terry 78,82,83,90,127 Berth, Thomas 120 Baseball 90 Boshover, David 4,127 Bosketball 82 BASKIN ROBBINS 147 Bostion, Corol 135 Bostion, Mary 64,127 Bottles, Brendo 135 Battles, Michael 67,78,89,92,127 Bauer, Brendo 52,64,120 Bauer, Donald 76,88,89,135 Bauschke, Donald 20,100 Baxter, Loretta 65,100 Baxter, Wonada 65,135 Beach, Kimberly 52,53,100,162 Beach, Alison 135 Bean, Debro 127 Behnke, Richard 135 Beitler, Elizabeth 127 Belknap, Kurt 81,135 Bell, Daniel 92,127 Belledin, Eugene 120 Bellows, Jomes 56,77,101 Bendit, Mr. Leon 38,39 Beninoti, Lisa 135 Bennett, Michael 67,92,127 Bentley, Brendo 120 Berebitsky, Jody 127 Berebitsky, Larry 81,135 Bergon, Carol 66,127 Bergon, Miss Margaret 32 Berger, Kathleen 101 Berger, Kristine 101 BERG ' S JEWELRS 150 Berkheiser, Ron 127 Berkheiser, Terry 127 Berto, Robert 78,92,120 Beutel, Kent 127 Beyler, Bruc e 135 Bios, Mr. Al 92 Bibler, Scott 3,56,120 Bilinski, Richord 101 Binder, Kimbol 101 Binder, Robert 101 Binder, Sally 135 Binder, Scott 67 Bishop, James Blod, Alison 31,120 Blenke, Cynthia 127 Blodgett, Morcia 101 Bloom, Cathy 71,97,127 Bloom, Linda 58,72,120,147,162 Bloome, Mr. Edward 94 Blume, Marc 70,101 Blume, Mori 71,127 Bodle, fAr. Dennis 38,70 Boersema, Shirley 120 Bohnsock, Gretchen 2,50,56,127 Bone, Frances 64,127 Boocher, Patricio 65,120 Boocher, Timothy 81,135 Borden, Bill 62,120,152 Borkowski, Betty 127 Bornmonn, Donald 127 Borr, Kossi 62,68,120,127,150 Borror, Michele 97 Bosson, Morgoret 120 Botich, Jeff 24,56,69,78,79,92,101 Botf, Karen 127 Bowers, Linda 72,101 Bowers, Solly 68,127 Bowers, Sarah 53,54,101 Bowman, Richard 127 Boyer, Raymond 127 Brodberry, Charlotte 10,127 Bradberry, Linda 73,127 Brodberry, Tom 71 Bradburn, Poul 73,120 Bradshow, Earl 120 Brandenburg, Mr. Oscar 143 Brandt, Donald 78,120 Brandt, Ronald 92,127 Bratcher, Lovonna 127 Brennemon, Mr. Raymond 143 Brewer, Mrs. Mary 41 Brezo, Michael 73,135 Brezo, Patricia 101 Brighom, Weston 73,77,120 Brim, John 78,102 BROADMOOR BARBER SHOP 152 Brodbeck, Beth 135 Brodbeck, Dianne 60,102 Brossart, Kothleen 120 Brossart, Robert 135 Brown, Brodford 78,92,102 Brown, Brendo 102 Brown, Down 102 Brown, Donald 84,135 Brown, Jenifer 135 Brown, Joyce 102 Brown, Lindo 67,73,102,161 Brown, Patricia 62,120 Brown, Rhonda 10,120 Bruboker, Robert 46,67,120 Bruns, Rosemarie 72,96,120 Brunton, Gwen 40,72,101,102 Bryant, Debro 135 Buchanan, Gregory 102 Bucher, Howie 94 Buck, Cindy 127 Buckner, Michael 92,120 Buczolich, Frank 64,78,92,127 Buddemeier, Komilo 68,120 Buehrer, Mrs. Georgiano 29 Burchom, Lorry )4 Burdick, Beverly 43,73,102 Burger, Jacqueline 135 Burkort, Brian 81,135 Burkhart, Constance 70,102 Burks, Susan 64,135 Burling, Stocey 127 Burns, Daniel 135 Burton, Deborah 62,120 BUSCHBAUM ' S PHARMACY 146 Bussell, Deborah 128 Bussert, Janice 60,120 BUTCHER BLOCK 152 Butler, Richard 84,128 Butlerworth, Mrs. Margaret 34 Butlerworth, Pom 24,64,66,97,135 Buysse , Mrs. Morionno 32 Byers, Kothy 73,135 Coll, Pomelo 120 Componoro, Dione 102,147 Compbell, John 128 Campbell, Mrs. Lil 142 Caputo, Mrs. Ellen 43 Corder, Sue 72,102 Corey, John 65,66,102 Carlton, Paul 77,120 Carmichoel, Merle 90 Cormichael, Michael 128 Casad, Elizabeth 135 Cosod, Kaye 1,8,56,120 Cosod, Michael 78.84,128 Cotonzorite, Mr. Joseph 30 Celie, Michael 77,136 Celie, Raymond 78,120 Chambers, Mr. James 28 Chapmon, Deborah 128 Chopo, Joseph 128 Chapo, Kenneth 70,102 Charles, Rex 102 Cheok, Connie 128 Chidister, Greg 120 CHIPPEWA LANES 146 Chlebek, Dale 128 Chrismon, Corolene 136 Christophel, Stephen 67,73,128 Chrisfy, Pomelo 40,71,102 Ciro, Patrick 92,128,129 Ciro, Timothy 81,136 CIRA ' S SUPER MARKET 153 Clark, Bradley 102 Clark, Michele 120 Clark, Robert 128 Cloro, Keith 4,62,78,102 Cloro, Lori 12 Clous, Mrs. Lois 32 Clous, Noncy 62,63,102,110 Clous, Steve 92 Clouser, Susan 66,136 Clayton, Mr. John 8,36 Cloywell, Cheryl 71,102 demons, Jeffrey 73,128 demons, Patricio 73,128 Clemens, Bill 94 Cline, Janet 120 Cline, Kay 136 Cline, Scott 78,102 Cline, Terry 72,102,153 COCA-COLA 148 Cochran, Jock 45,73,120 Cochran, Susan 64,71,102 Coddens, Debro 120 COE 71 Coffey, Emily 39,96,120 Cole, Denise 66,72,103 Cole, Susan 73,136 Collins, Peggy 128 Collmer, Lori 56,136 Collmer, Rondy 120 Colten, Morjorie 136 Colten, Robert 46,56,65,67,68,120 Coney, Dennis 128 Coney, Korol 46,60,67,120,124 Conklin, Cindy 136 Conrad, Mr. Lloyd 38 Cook, Mori 32,56,58,120 Cook, Potti 136 Cooper, Debra 128 Cooper, Pamela 128 Cooper, Steven 70,103 Copeland, Peter 128 Copenhover, Edward 120 Coryell, Elaine 72,120 Cothran, Gregory 78,128 Cothron, Jonine 128 Court, Deborah 66,120 Court, Robert 65,66,88,128 Cox, Nathan 128 Craig, Clement 120 Craig, Rosemary 7] Cronce, Judith 96,128 Crawford, Bruce 136 Creol, Sherry 71,120 Crider, Norman 2,78,98,103 Cripe, Kothy 26,71,103 Cripe, Robert 121 Crocker, Shori 70,103 Crocker, Teri 121 Crocker, Thomos 136 Crofoot, Chris 136 Crofoot, Kim 14,18,103 Cross Country 76 Crowel, Bruce 103 Crowel, Koren 58,128 Crowel, Kay 103 Crowell, Deborah 67,72,103 Crowner, Greg 121 Crowner, Jane 103 Cruickshonk, Michoel 136 Crutchfield, Kothy 103 Csokony, Gregory 136 Csakony, Nathan 121 Cseresznyok, Edward 103 Cseresznyok, Linda 136 Cukrowicz, Cathy 128 Cukrowicz, Lucinda 136 Cukrowicz, Ronald 104 Culhone, Dione 12,56,96,128 Culhone, Kathleen 4,96,104 Cullor, Richard 46,56,65,66,92,18 Cunningham, James 136 Cunningham, Janice 121 Czeceli, Christine 71,104 Doiley, David 56,121 Dake, Mr. Donold 28 Dole, Mrs. Zoetsa 32 Damon, Mary 64,104 Daniel, Mr. Leslie 85 Daniels, David 68,84,136 Daniels, Leslie 128,68 Dore, Janice 128 Dart, Duone 85,128 Dort, Linda 104 Davault, Elaine 97,128 Davis, Matthew 136,137 Davis, Patricio 128 Davis, Peggy 136,137 Dovis, William 22,72,73,121 Dawson, Mr. Terry 46,67 Dean, Janet 121 DECA 70 Deckord, Dovid 104 Deckord, Steven 104 Decker, Deborah 58,121 Deepe, Brett 78,104 Deitsch, John 104 Dekker, Diana 73,121 Dekker, James 136 Denning, Laurie 136 Denning, Scott 128 Denning, Suzanne 67,104 DeShone, Becky 12,65,67,104 DeShone, Nancy 121,46,67 DeShone, Mr. Thomas 46,66,67 DeShone, Tom Jr. 46,67,78,88,128 DeVries, Mrs. Bernice 40,41 DeWochter, Susan 46,64,136 Dickerson, Barbara 62,121,160,161 Dierbeck, Jeffrey 81,136 Dill, Deleeso 128 Dille, Mory 136 Dillon, Dovid 25,121,146 Dillon, Mrs. Joan 142 Diltz, Donna 128 Disler, Kay 128 Dits, Mory 136 Ditto, Patricio 64,128 Divine, Elizobeth 72,121 Divine, John 121 Dodd, Williom 85,104,116 Dodds, Bill 81,89,136 Dodson, Lorry 121 Dodson, Vicki 128 Dolon, Colleen 129 Dolan, Rickie 66,121 Dolon, Sheila 129 DON ' S BODY SHOP, INC. 154 Dosmonn, Susan 135,136 Douft, Diana 70,104 Doyle, James 45,78,88,129 Doyle, Marti 3,60,104 Drake, Ken 15 Drzewiecki, Janet 129 Dudeck, Darlene 136 Dudeck, Morcia 121 Dudzinski, James 78,129 Dunivant, Bradley 71,104 Dunlop, Mr. Dove 30,76,85,86 Dunville, Joan 56,59,96,136 Dunville, Lorry 56,75,94,104 Dufrieux, David 129 Dylejko, Joan 121 Early, Mr. James L. 12,24,28 Ebel, Mrs. Loretta 143 Eberhord, Jacqueline 129 Eder, Robert 121 Edwards, Gory 72,73,121,166 Edwards, Noncy 121 Edwards, Susan 136 Eichorst, Jerry 121 Eichorst, Thomas 78,121 Eichstedt, Richard 129 EIek, Kenneth 136 Ellor, Chorles 81,136 Elliot, David 136 Elliot, Paul 67,129 Elliott, Gary 136 Elliott, Gregory 92,104 Ellis, Deboro 53,71,104 Ellis, Diane 129 Ellis, Mr. Lester 143 Ellis, Linda 121 Ellis, Rebecca 129 Ellis, Ronald 104 Elmerick, Dorlene 67,136 Elmerick, David 121 Emmons, Mr. Dole 44,73 Enyort, Susan 67,136 Enyeort, Dennis 136 Eppse, Down 136 Eppse, Yvonns 136 Estes, Lloyd 94 EttI, Gregory 81,135,136 EVANS ANTIQUES 147 Evans, Joan 136 Evans, Thomas 104 Evans, Timothy 136 Evans, William 65,67,129 Everly, Thomas 20,76,105 156 Ewing, Renee 71,105 Ewing, Sandra 105 Fahey, Donna 129 Fahey, Michael 105 Fairchild, Neido 64,129 Falon, Pamela 129 Faltol, David 73,78,92,121 Farias, Francesco 129 Farnhom, John 1 21 Farnham, Leslie 72,105,147 Farrand, Cynthia 67,121 Farrington, Judith 67,129 Fowley, Deborah 121 Feldmon, Lewis 105 Feldmon, Mrs. Sarah 142 Fenters, Mr. James 38,71 Fershin, Kenneth 105 Figg, Diane 105 Figg, Randall 136 Fillerup, Arlon 67,73,136 Fischgrund, David 24,56,76,77,105 Fishburn, Sharon 136 Fisher, Debra 72,121 Fisher, Todd 136 Flaherty, Michael 136 Flanagan, Mary 72,136 Flotoff, Antoinette 129 Flesher, Sherlyn 129 Floyd, Randall 56,73,77,92,129 Fodroci, Michael 136 Football 78 Ford, Carol 121 Ford, Mr. Henry 41 FORD ' S DAIRY QUEEN 154 Forsythe, David 67,73,136 Foster, Nancy 136 Fox, Brian 88,129 Fox, Morcia 121 Fox, Teresa 136 Fo2o, Becky 129 Fozo, Christina 105 Frame, Suzanne 23,136 Freeman, Barbara 121,165 Freeman, Deborah 70,105 Freeman, Richard 136 Freeman, Stephen 67,129 Freeman, Mr. Stephen 36 Freitag, Mr. Joseph 143 French Club 68 Frick, David 56,67,136 Frick, Deonna 67,121 Frick, Gory 67,121 Frick, Ronold 105 Frick, Susan 64,129 Fritz, Kenneth 129 Fuller, Terror 129 Fulmer, Barbara 129 Funston, Lisa 64,66,121 Future Secretaries 71 G Gable, Julie 129 Gaboury, Daniel 73,136 Gallegos, Juan 90 Gollegos, Mario 120,136 Gallegos, Rafael 73,81,136 Ganser, Mr. Horry 45,78 Gapinski, Jerry 84,129 Garbacz, Kevin 129 Garcia, Carlos 106 Garcia, Mary 136 Gardner, Jon 64 Garrett, Gregory 129 Gartee, Michael 78,82,92,129 Gartee, Mr. Wallace 45,78,81 Gates, Candy 136,137 Gates, Kitty 24,56,59,60,106,153 Gates, Cathy 136,137 GATES CHEVROLET, INC. 153 Gates, Julia 72,129 Govros, Rhonda 136 Gaylor, Thomas 129 Geisler, John 106 Geisler, Patricia 136 Genrich, Gloria 106 Genrich, Thomas 73,136 GeoHroy, Kristi 64,65,129 Geoffrey, Michelle 19,64,65,67,106 Geraghty, Stephen 129 Gerbeth, Susan 66,136 Gerbeth, Valerie 43,106 Gerencser, Potrico 121 German, Barbara 67 German Club 68 Geyer, Barbara 72,121 Gibbs, Kathie 21,106 Gibbs, Scott 77,92,129 Gibson, Morcia 121 Gibson, Timothy 67,73,136 Gilbert, Kathy 121 Gilbert, Michael 40,103,106 Gilliom, Mark 47,121 Oilman, Debra 129 Gilroy, Kathleen 96,136 Gilroy, Robert 121 Gindelberger, Bruce 67,78,129 Gizewski, Terry 129 Gladura, David 85,129 Glee Club 64 Godwin, Kim 136 Gohn, Debra 66,122 Golf 94 Goltz, Pomelo 72,106 Goodman, Charles 77,136 Goodspeed, Nancy 71,106 Gordon, Robin 122 Gormon, Barbara 136 Gosc, Steve 129 Grady, Barbara 136 Grady, Debra 56,96,129 GRAFFIS FURNITURE 148 Gramenz, Elinor 64,73,122 Gromenz, Sheila 73,129 Grant, Rick 122 Grant, Robert 122 Grayden, Debra 106 Grebe, Harold 67,73,84,137 Greeno, Dennis 66,129 Greenwood, Larry 78,80,92,106 Grenert, Gail 73,137 Greulich, Cheryl 129 Grice, Terry 137 Griffey, Kenneth 67,137 Griffey, Michael 107 Griff is, Lynn 129 Griffis, William 107 Grimmer, Terry 122 Grogan, Catherine 65,137 Grose, James 137 Gross, Miss Brenda 96 Gross, Kenneth 107 Groves, John 129 Guilford, Laura 137 Guin, Constance 64,129 Gurbick, Gayle 129 Gurzinski, Patricia 129 Gushwa, Lindo 122 Gutknecht, James 67,73,137 Gutknechf, Janet 122 Guzeko, Mark 137 H Haack, Christine 129 Haock, William 56,121,122 Hains, Gene 67,122 Holey, Dorlyn 129 Hall, Chris 122 Hall, Kim 137 Halter, Chris 73,78,129 Halter, Michele 73,129 Haluda, Diane 137 Hammer, Kathleen 55,58,129 Hanawalt, Ryan 60,122 Hondschu, Dovid 130,131 Honey, James 137 Hansen, Janet 130 HANS HAUS 155 Hanson, Rudy 45,107 Hanyzewski, Ted 122 Hanyzewski, Terry 73,137 Harder, Daniel 137 Hardmon, Deborah 64,65,137 Hardwick, Paul 122 Harke, Mr. Robert 36 Harper, Ronald 81,137 Harris, Mrs. Genevieve 32 Hortmon, James 122 Hartmon, Miss Morcello 38 Hortmon, Peggy 72,107 Hortzler, Dennis 107 Hatch, Laura 130 Hatton, Julio 122,147 Hotton, Loroine 107 Hauck, Dwoyne 92 Hauck, Paulo 122 Hauck, Teresa 137 Hoy, Brion 92,130 Hoy, Karen 10,122 Headlee, Erin 137 Heoney, Susan 17,71,122 Hechlinski, Linda 130 Heckoman, Kim 37,66,72,107 Heemstra, Hope 15,96,122 Hein, Julia 96,130 Heifer, Samuel 137 Hektor, Alice 71,107 Heller, Mark 67,107 Heller, Susan 59,96,137 Helms, Sally 58,122,160,161 Hendrichs, Candoce 107 Henry, Lisa 64,66,130 Henry, Lon 64,67,137,164 Herczeg, Mr. Steve 11,30,78 Hershberger, Don 92,130 Hershberger, Rodney 137 Hertel, Scott 77,92,122 Hess, Mrs. Ruth 142 Hetzel, William 130 Hewitt, Elizabeth 130 Hickey, Scott 122 Hilborn, Linda 64,137 Hildebrond, Karen 59,137 Hildebrand, Kothy 56,59,64,137 Hildebrond, Kristine 14,56,107 Hill, Cynthia 38,73,130 Hill, Deborah 122 Hill, Kenneth 81,137 Hill, Linda 130 Hill, Rhonda 2,62,100,108,163 Hill, Robin 64,137 Hill, Sue 42,73,137 Hillebrond, Robert 12,100,108 Hillman, James 77,137 Hitson, Elizabeth 137 Hitson, Michoel 122,150 HOBBY HAVEN 153 Hoctel, Victor 108 Hodges, Gregory 130 Hoffer, Dennis 130 Hoffman, Daren 73,137 Hoffman, James 78,88,122 Hoffman, John 44,108 Hohl, Patrick 64,78,130 Holdermon, Roxie 39,64,70,108 Hollis, Mary 108 Holmgren, Mr. Everett 29 Holt, Jerry 137 Holt, Richord 137 HONDA OF MICHIANA 150 Honold, Roy 108 Hoof, Richard 105 Hooley, Claudia 137 Hoover, Rondy 137 Hoover, Mrs. Rosalind 35 Horine, Daniel 89,122 Hostetler, Pomelo 60,64,108,148 Howord, Michael 137 Howell, Todd 46,67,137 Howell, William 36,60,66,122 Hoyer, Mr. Thomas 30 Huddle, Stephanie 130 Huddlestun, Amy 108 Huddlestun, Charles 81,137 Hudson, Mr. Eugene 15,39 Hudson, Linda 67,108 Hudson, Mory Ann 130 Huegel, Mark 78,92,130 Huff, Kenneth 122 Huffoker, Jeff 122 Huffoker, Sharon 70,71,108 Huguenord, James 85,122 Huguenord, John 137 Hugus, David 60,62,122 Hugus, John 67,137 Humphreys, Susan 39,73,130 Human Relations Club 69 Hundere, Kevin 122 Hurd, Ralph 34,108 Hurd, Wayne 138 Hurwich, Maurice 56,138 Imbro, Terry 130 Infalt, Lisa 19,130 infolt, Steve 122,146 Intromurols 95 INWOOD ' S 151 Irvin, R. Stephen 138 J Jackson, Sarah 138 Jocksonion 62 Jacobs, Cheryl 4,62,63,108 Jacobs, Michoel 78,130,134 Jocox, George 122,161 Jocox, John 67,138 Jonkowski, Teri 108,112 Jaroszewski, Miss Kathleen 34 Jorrotf, Jomes 138 Jebelion, Keith 64,65,138 Jebelion, Kenneth 64,65,130,147 Jena, Thomas 81,138 Jenkins, Suson 130 Jessup, David 14,85,108,160 Jessup, Scott 85,86,94,130,134 J. E. WALZ, INC. 154 Jipping, Jerry 64,122 Johnson, Carol 130 Johnson, Chris 65,85,130 Johnson, David 56,71,108 Johnson, Denise 122 Johnson, Kathleen 56,97,128,130 Johnson, Steven 85,108,165 Johnson, Tommy 108 Jones, Christopher 64,78,85,86,108 Jordan, David 67,130 Jordan, John 130 Judoy, Craig 90 Judd, Miss Carolyn 48 Julow, James 69,77,92,108,165 Julow, Jeffery 77,84,138 K Koode, Thomas 130 Kabel, Linda 122 Kohn, Philip 108 Koley, Rodney 92,130 Kane, Leo 108 Kanzig, Jane 108 Kapshandy, Timothy 46,56,65,67,138 Kose, Melonie 96,138 Katz, Debbie 108 Katz, Martin 73,138 Kauss, Mr. John H.B. 32 Kozmierzok, George 138 Kazmierzok, Greg 81 Kozmierzok, Richard 73,122 Kearney, Mike 87 Keoys, Thomas 122 Keb, Linda 130 Keb, Nancy 67,138 Keb, Pamela 71,122 Keller, Lynne 7,64,109 Kelly, Charles 138 Kelsey, Robert 78,90,91,109 Kennedy, Jean 59,96,130,153 Kennedy, Nancy 11,58,96,130 Kennedy, William 122 Kercher, Mrs. Sylvio 25,29 Keresztesi, Deborah 130 Kersey, Bruce 67,138 Kesler, Mrs. Solly 142 Ketcham, Robert 130 Kiefer, Mary 109 Kilbey, Mark 92,122 Kimbrell, Arthur 130 Kimmel, Roxonne 130 Kindig, Michelle 97,138 Kindt, Corrie 138 Kinner, Brian 130 Kinner, Candice 73,130 Kinner, Catherine 138 Kinner, Marsha 73,138 Kinney, Judy 56,62,121,122,126 Kinsey, Gale 122 Kirkley, Mrs. Cecelia 142 Kirkwood, Franklyn 73,130 Kirsits, John 37,78,92,122 Kirwon, Jim 78,122 Kirwon, Michoel 81,138 Kline, Karen 130 Kline, Kurt 122 Klopfenstein, Ken 138 Knight, Gail 64,97,138 Knight, Sheree 64,130 Knutson, Bruce 81,84,138 Knutson, Sherry 60,121,122 Kobor, Kondace 69,109 Kobold, Jack 109 Kobold, Jeffrey 130 Koch, David 122 Koch, Paul 130 Kory, Joseph 56,62,68,121,122,146,164 Kocy, Mary 23,138 Koczan, Charles 122 Koellner, Mr. John 37 Koepkey, Jeffrey 81,89,138 Kohen, Robert 94,130 Kohlmeyer, Richard 122 Kohrn, Linda 138 Kolacz, Denise 122 Kominowski, Clara Kominowski, Fred 130 Kominowski, Leon 73,122 Konzen, Judy 131 Koontz, Debra 138 Kosonovich, James 78,84,92,131 Kosor, Frank 138 Koski, Ken 131 Kottlowski, Mr. Harold 46,65 Koucouthokis, George 73,131 Koucouthokis, Manuel 81,138 Kovotch, Michael 78,84,131 Kozak, Diane 131 Kozok, Sharon 109,118 Kozloski, Paul 122 Krofi, Deborah 64,109 Kramer, Barbara 109 Krowczyk, Rose 138 Kreitzmon, Mr. Joseph 41,82,94,166 Kretz, Kathy 64,66,68,96,109 Kruk, James 66,138 Kruk, Ronald 122 Krusinski, Linda 19,68,109 Krusinski, Robert 68,131 Kubley, Bridget 138 Kuhn, Brendo 122 Kuhn, Fred 138 Kulczar, Dorothy 70,109 Kurzhol, Phillip 70,109 Kuska, Sherry 131 Kuzan, Mr. Floyd 31,73 Lacay, Ann 138 Lacay, Susonn 71,122 LoFree, Bonnie 109 Laiber, Jeonnine 131 Laiber, Mr. Joseph 48 LoMar, Kim 85,94,109 LaMor, Robin 64,97,138 Landesmon, Fredie 131 Landesmon, James 70,109 Londis, Carri 61,62,122,161 Landman, Henry 131 Landry, Mrs. Anita 29 Landry, Greg 78,80,82,90,91,122 Larson, Carol 109 Latin Club 68 Lovelle, Ellen 138 Lavelle, Patrick 81,122 Lowecki, Michoel 81,84,138 Leader, Robert 138 Leokey, Carolyn 6,62,122 Leory, David 46,67,135,138 Leary, Jock 65,67,92,122 Lefler, Pot 56,131 Lehman, Cynthia 49,66,122 Lehner, Michael 131 Leilo, Kenneth 131 Leonard, Belinda 100,109,154 Lewis, Jon 67,122 Librarians Club 72 Liechty, Jeffrey 138 Lies, David 138 Lies, Lorry 92 157 Lies, Timothy 85,109 Lilves, Cindo 109 Lilves, Debro 71,109 Lipka, Richord 78,122 Lipp, Jim 14 Lister, Larry 110 Lister, Randall 122 Livengood, Larry 138 Lockwood, Tim 90,110 lofgren, Greg 60,62,122 Logue, Keith 92,131 Lehman, Debby 64,139 Long, Stephen 139 Long, Timothy 139 Lonzo, Richard 139 Lopez, Suzanna 131 Loutzenhiser, Curtis 67,73,88,139 Love, Gregory 3,11,77,92,122 Lowe, Donald 60,66,122 Lowe, Morcio 56,67,139 Lubbers, Carole 131 Luchowski, Julie 72,110 Lukasiewicz, David 110 Lukasiewicz, Thomas 122,147 Luke, Mrs. Jane 35 Lumm, Greg 123 Lutes, Linda 62,110 Lutes, Nanette 7,16,123 Lysohir, Daniel 85,139 Lysohir, Rebecca 97,131 M MocDonold, Marcia 110 MacDonold, Marsha 110 MocDonald, Robert 139 MacHotton, Douglas 81,88,139 MacHollon, Michael 78,88,123 MocQuivey, Scott 110 Mognuson, James 131 Monchow, John 81,84,139 Mongum, Kimberly 139 Mongus, James 110 Mopel, James 1 10 Mopel, Kenneth 131 Marburger, Kent 46,67,125,131 Marburger, Sue 110,118 Mark, Charles 38,70,73,110 Mark, John 73,139 Mormon, Cynthia 64,70,123 Mornocha, Kenneth 131 Marozsan, Marie 139 Marsh, Robert 139 Marsh, Volerie 139 Marshall, David 21,123 Marshall, Laura 73,123 Marshall, Victoria 139 Morstellor, Charlotte 27 Martin, Karen 123 Mortindale, Robert 111 Mortino, Coria 72,111 Mostogh, Danny 45,131 Mostogh, Mrs. Molly 142 Mathews, James 81,84,139 Mathews, Penny 123 Mathews, Stanley 111 Maxwell, Doniel 123 Mayer, Carrie 123 Mazor, Valerie 97,139 McCorthy, Karen 47,123 McClurg, Debra 139 McColley, David 131 McCubbins, David 139 McDermott, Solly 15,123 McElhoney, Bonnie 111 McEndorfer, Ken 111 McForlone, Curtisroy 131 McGorrity, Roxonne 71,1 1 1 McGorrity, Sue 139 McGeoth, Terri 139 McGhee, Elizabeth 67,71,123 McGinnis, Sue 71,123 McGroth, William 52,53,73,111 McKelvey, Judy 71,111 McKelvey, Rebecca 70,111 McLaughlin, Lorry 64,90,111 McNeill, Roderick 92,123 McNerney, Korin 111,145 McNerney, Pomelo 123 McPherson, Dione 96,123,147 McVoy, Chris 13,53,111 McVoy, Virginia 139 Medich, Mrs. Beo 142 Medich, Cynthia 123 Medich, Karen 139 Medich, Kolhleen 123 Medich, Mike 94 Meek, Jon 60,131 Meilner, Bill 46,56,64,67,111 Meilner, Colhleen 96,139 Mellon, David 67,139 Mendenholl, Mrs. Donna 142 Mercer, Fred 90 Merchant, Morgoret 73,139 Merchant, Solly 73,131 Merrick, Michael 123 MERRICK ' S PHARMACY 151 Merriman, Jane 64,132 Merrimon, Martha 64,111 Merriman, Susan 53,64,139 Merjich, John 132 Mersich, Victoria 111 Messono, Rosonn 132 Metcalfe, James 64,67,73,81,139 Meyer, Rebecca 56,111 Meyers, Frederick 46,67,123 MIAMI FLORIST AND GIFT SHOPPE 148 MIAMI SERVICE STATION 150 Micinski, Lynn 71,73,123 Micinski, Robert 65,72,73,139 Mickow, Dennis 139 Middleton, Kothy 123 Midio, Darcene 56,96,139 Midlo, Gary 14,56,76,85,111,112 Midlo, Michelle 56,96,132 Miholich, Kothy 123 Mikel, Mrs. Charlotte 29 Milchersko, Norman 123,150 Milewski, Cynthia 97,139 Miller, Christopher 73,77,138,139 Miller, Mr. Cuyler 48,82,84,90,161 Miller, Mr. Daniel 46,64 Miller, George 73,90,111 Miller, Jeffery 139 Miller, Lou Ann 67,139 Miller, Maureen 64,123,147 Miller, Melodye 139 Miller, Richard W. 1 1 1 Miller, Robert 67,73,81,139 Miller, Shirley 139 Miller, Terry 77,123 Miller, Timothy 67,132 Mitschelen, Dennis 67,132 Moellering, Deborah 64,123 Moizik, Mr. Tim 30,78,81,88,89 Molnor, Bruce 62,63,102,110 Molnor, Linda 123 Molnor, Thomas 66,70,111 Monk, Jacqueline 123 Monk, Pomelo 139 Monogram Club 69 Montgomery, William 123 Moon, Gory 123 Mooney, Michelle 64,65,66,68,111,151 MOONEY ' S MARKET 151 Moore, Chris 123 Moore, Mark 67,139 Moreland, Dove 78,82,90,132 Morelond, Mark 1 1 1 Morgan, Dick 12 Morningstor, Mr. Lorry 39,77,92 Morris, Emily 66,97,139 Morris, Larry 11 1 Morris, Michael 103,111 Morris, Roy 70,111 Morris, Ruth 73,132 Morrison, Rick 14,78,92,106,111 Morrow, Mike 123 Mortensen, Roberta 96,111 Morton, Barbara 139 Moses, Poulo 64,65,139 Moses, Wendy 132 Motts, Judy 132 Mrofka, Kathleen 132 Mueller, Laura 71,123 Muessel, Gordon 31,139 Muessel, Richard 2,50 Mullin, Jane 132 Mullin, Keith 139 Mullin, Mark 111 Mullen, Steve 111 Munsell, Theodore 123 Murnone, Ellen 1 12 Murnane, Patricia 112 Murray, Richard 123 Myers, Diane 132 Myers, Kim 139 Myers, Mark 82,123 Myszok, Andrew 139 N Nafrody, Bryan 67,81,139 Nogy, Joseph 143 Noll, Greg 92 Nosh, Paul 71 Notional Honor Society 69 Neese, Dorlene 139 Neese, Marilyn 132 Neff, Mr. Rollo 31 Neidigh, Sandra 31,62,65,67,112 Nellons, Tina 56,139 Nelson, Mrs. Foye 25,33 Nelson, Fredie 112 Nelson, Laurie 139 Nelson, Nancy 22,73,139 Nelson, Susan 73,132 Nelson, Tomi 54,60,61,112 Nemeth, Gregory 112 Nemelh, Michael 139 Nemeth, Timothy 70,112 Newmon, Karen 56,113 NEWSFOTO YEARBOOKS 154 Niblick, Linda 67,139 Nicholos, Greg 132 Niedzieiko, Georgia 123 Nieter, Gory 77,92,113 Nieter, Randolph 66,88,123 Nimtz, Gail 139 Nimtz, Gory 70,113 Nimtz, Richard 1 13 Nixon, Marsha 72,113 Norris, Jacqueline 124 Nowostowski, Miss Suzonn 29 Nye, Christopher 32,67,77,92,124 Ootmon, Debbie 124 Obenour, John 124 Obenour, William 67,72,132 O ' Brien, James 139 O ' Brien, Kevin 65,67,132 O ' Brien, Patricio 97,124 Odgen, Catherine 64,67,139 Oellerich, Dove 92 Office Help 72 Old Hickory 60 Oliveiro, Jose 119,163 Olson, James 74,78,92,113 Olson, Tommy 30,124 Orchestra 65 Orcutt, Janet 139 Orcutt, Mac 124 Overgoord, Robert 46,65,67,78,92,124 Overgoord, Thomas 66,132 OVERGAARD TRAVEL AGENCY 149 Overmyer, Kathryn 71,113 Overmyer, Mr. Richord 143 Owens, Jeffrey 124 Owens, Lorry 92,124 Pocoy, Connie 14,62,107,113 Poczkowskr, Greg 132,147 Pagelt, Douglos 67,73,139 Pogett, Sue 124 Polen, James 76,124 Palmer, Dennis 95,124 Palmer, Jill 124 Pancheri, Deborah 56,124,146 Pongrac, Gory 132 Ponkow, Laura 65,124 Ponkow, Scott 139 Papal, Mr. Victor 31,84 Papp, Mr, Al 78,81 Popp, Mr. John 143 Parent, Gail 66,132 Parish, Stephen 132 Parker, John 132 Porker, Jolie 6,66,69,96 Pormley, Judy 72,124 Parmley, Koy 124 Parmley, Mary 132 Porrett, Thomas 139 Parsons, Carmen 70,113 Parsons, Jeffrey 81,139 Patterson, Paul 73,139 Poulsen, Morcio 56,137,139 Paulsen, Michelle 137,139 Povey, Kothy 139 Poxton, James 132 Poxton, Karen 70,113 Payne, Deon 80,82 Payne, Ronald 132 Payne, Steven 70,78,113 Peck, Nancy 73,139 Pehling, Carol 124 Pehling, George 139 Pehling, Karl 113 Pehling, Wendy 67,139 Pendl, Jeonnine 132 Penn, Deborah 124 Perkins, Dan 70,71 Perkins, Lauren 68,132 Peters, Denise 73,132 Peters, Mrs. Jo 142 Peters, Michael 78,92,124 Petersen, Dovid 139 Peterson, Kothy 72,124 Peterson, Robert 1,3,124 Petty, Brent 67,85,139 Petty, James 140 Pflugner, Gary 82,90,113 Pflugner, Kenneth 78,84,132 Phelps, David 67 Phillips, Greg 60,64,113 Phillips, Dovid 60,113,124 Phipps, Pomelo 67,132 Pickles, Noncy 124 Pierce, Rodger 124 Place, Ame 62,96,124,161 PLACE COMP ANY 155 Poczik, Mary 124 Pollex, Debro 67,140 Pope, Carol 64,66,124 Pore, Linda 56,113 Porman, Rennie 140 Poulos, Marino 133 Powell, Pomelo 113 Powell, Rochelle 64,133 Powell, Terri 64,97,140 Powers, Michael 3,11,78,88,124 Poynter, Gory 45,78,124 Proklet, Mr. Richord 45 Priebe, Mark 85,133 Priebe, Sue 96,140 Prister, Michael 78,133 Prough, Debra 133 Puckett, Avis 71,113 Pullin, Scott 113 Pycllk, Koren 71,113 Quance, Morilyn 133 Robbitt, Jomes 133 Racine, Mrs. Joon 142 Roder, Dennis 82,140 Roder, Steven 82,99,124 Rafalski, Koren 133 Roglond, Trocy 60,65,67,68,124 Romsbey, James 133 Ronschoert, Diane 140 Ray, Bonnel 70,1 13 Roy, Debbie 70,71,113 Ray, Pomelo 124 Reasor, Morilyn 14,15 Reed, Ronold 133 Reese, Ken 92 Reinke, Deon 14,61,77,92,113 Reinke, Herbie 95 Remenih, Nancy 140 Remenih, Robert 56,114 Rems, Mr. Dale 3,39,78,88 Rerick, Joseph 133 Rexstrew, Donald 67,140 Rexstrew, Poulo 124 Reymer, Joris 13,68,114 Rhine, Michael 70,114,166 Rhoodormer, Mrs. Borboro 35 Rhodes, Brodley 1 14 Rice, Gregory 124 Rice, Robert 133 Richord, Anthony 114 Richard, Donald 133 Richard, Kenneth 73,125 Richardson, Donna 140 Ringle, Carol 72,125 Risner, Debra 133 Ritter, Lisa 42,140 Roborts, Donold 140 Robins, William 140 Robinson, Kimberly 64,72,140 Rogers, Debro 125 Roper, Peggy 133 Rose, John 133 Rose, Kathleen 96,133 Rosemeyer, Carol 97,133 Rosemeyer, David 133 Rosheck, Mork 140 Roth, Geoffrey 33,68,72,133 Roth, Peter 67,81,140 Rothe, Sharon 55,125 Rotruck, Brian 140 Rourke, Deirdre 73,140 Rozonski, Kim 133 Rushton, Dole 140 Russell, Judy 140 Ruth, Robert 133 Ruth, Thomas 140 Rutledge, Paul 140 Rzeszewski, Carol 56,59,100,112,114, 153 8 Q Quonce, Carolyn 72,133 Sailors, Janet 71 Sailors, Michoel 81,114,140 Samuels, Robert 133 Sonto, James 78,1 14 Sonto, Theresa 140 Sorber, Kevin 92,125 Sorber, Shoron 71,114 Saunders, Mr. Richard 45 Saylor, Jeffrey 85,125 Scheid, Lori 140 Scheid, Susan 125 Schellenberger, Vicki 114 Schenck, Lynn 2,60,114,144 Schenck, Suson 140 Schenk, Mark 85,125 Schillinger, More 125 Schlifke, Deborah 65,66,68,125 Schlundt, Mr. Williom 39 Schmid, Shari 133 Schmidt, Susonne 13,64,114,149 Schneider, Janet 140 Scholz, Cotherine 62,114 Schoppe, Jeffrey 14,71,114 Schrow, Donno 133 Schroff, Thomas 114,133 Schurr, Mark 56,133 Scott, Dorothy 125 Scott, Susan 64,66,1 14 Seoborg, Christine 14,59,110,115,153 Seoborg, Priscilla 58,133 Seoll, Lesley 133 Selden, Jeffrey 73,140 Selden, Stefan ie 18,72,115 Sell, Lourie 64,140 Sennelt, Deboroh 125 Shofer, Jennifer 125 Shofer, Thomas 1 15 Shoffer, Jon 66,132,133 Shoffer, Penny 125 Shoffner, Kim 133 Sharon, Gil 34,125 Sharp, Janet 14,115 Sharp, Melinda 125 Sharp, Rondy 85,92,115 Sharp, Ron 140 Sharp, Bill 56,78,92,100,115 Show, Kermit 71,1 15 158 show. Randy 133 Show, Ron 60,115 Show, Thereso 59,140 Shellhouse, Suson 68,125 Shidaker, Leonard 125 Shidoker, Mary 132,133 Shidoker, Pat 56,72,115 Shisler, Michael 81,140 SHOELAND 147 Shonkwiler, Bob 14 Shonkwiler, Sue 73,133 Shortz, Linda 15,64,115,140 Shultz, Cynthia 9,60,68,115 Shultz, Linda 140 Shuppert, Cheryl 73,140 Siode, Kevin 62,125 Sibert, Pamela 125 Siede, Richard 81,140 Slegel, John 140 Sigrist, Susan 70,115 Sill, John 56,64,65,88,89,140 Sill, Laurie 66 Sill, Scott 51,67,78,115 Sills, Woyne 64,67,125 Simcox, Sharon 140 Simeri, Laura 41,64,133 Simon, Ami 62,68,125,161 Sims, Linda 133 Siri, Andrew 1 15 Siri, Richord 133 Sirotek, Dione 133 Skaggs, Melissa 125 Skaggs, Suson 67,140 Skiles, Barb 115 Skoner, Pat 115,165 Slogle, Mark 133 Slouson, Karen 96,115 Smet, Brendo 71,115 Smet, David 125 Smith, Alon 82,83,125 Smith, Don 82,83,115 Smith, Dove 125 Smith, Donna 133 Smith, Mrs. Frances 25,33 Smith, Gail 69,125 Smith, Janis 133 Smith, Katherine 64,67,140 Smith, Mike 133 Smith, Pamela 133 Smith, Paul 84,140 Smith, Perry 84,137,140 Smith, Phil 115 Smith, Randy 84,137,140 Smith, Rick 57,77,88,125 Smith, Mr. Robert 37 Smith, Mrs. Ruth 47 Smith, Sherry 70,116 Smith, Mr. Steve 11,48 Smith, Sue Ellen 73 Smith, Sue M. 9,116,125,147 Smogor, Miss Jeannette 33 Snyder, Jane 1 16 Solnoky, Sue 62,116,154 SOUTH BEND ELECTRIC 149 SOUTH BEND WASTEPAPER COMPANY 155 Sowers, Kevin 81,140 Sowie, Allen 140 Sponish Club 68 Spiek, Christopher 125 Spiek, Mike 140 Spillman, Jock 140 Sprogue, Rick 19,46,56,65,66,92, 116,147 Sprague, Sandra 133 Sprogue, Mrs. Sara 142 Springer, Cynthia 14,23,116 Springer, Jeffrey 133 Sprunger, Douglas 133 Stahly, Mrs. Patricio 33 Stoldine, Rick 92 Stanek, Patricia 64,125 Staples, Dave 85,116 Staples, Greg 140 Staszewski, Miss Mary 29 Stebbins, Mr. James 35 STEPHEN, FLOWERS BY 146 Stephens, Gory 1 16 Stephens, Linda 140 Stevens, Bruce 92 Stevens, Mrs. Eileen 142 Stevens, James 67,140 Stevens, Jeff 125 Stevens, Kurt 133 Stewart, Potrick 140 Stickley, Janice 59,125 Stickley, Susan 140,153 Stinson, Craig 133 Stirn, Branka 13,116 Stockton, Rita 10,125 Stoeckinger, Randy 85,121,125 Stoffer, Alon 133 Stoner, Croig 77,92,93,116 Storin, Bruce 73,133 Storm, Deborah 133 Stout, David 133 Stout, Oebra 71,125 Strovinski, Sue 57,62,125,153 Streich, Rick 69,78,79,92,93,116 Strong, Robert 143 Stroop, Dove 46,56,65,66,88,92,125 Stroop, Dean 66,89,140 Strycker, Larry 140 Strycker, Laura 31,62,63,69,116, 125,152 Stryker, Howard 78 Student Council 56 Stuglik, John 70,117 Stults, Terry 64 Stump, Anita 64,73,117 Stump, Nancy 64,140 Styles, Cynthia 67,73,140 Styles, Robert 37,67,78,125 Sumrall, Peter 125 Swarlz, Jane 140 Swimming (Boys) 85 Swimming (Girls) 96 Swint, Sherri 70,117 Szobo, Diane 140 Szaizi, Brian 140 Szeberenyi, Susan 133 Szuba, John 78,133 Szuba, Kathleen 71 Talboom, Brian 133 Talboom, Craig 90,117 Tanner, Lori 140 Tarnow, Dole 125 Tosh, Paul 46,60,67,125 loylor, John 78,133 Taylor, Mr. Robert 49 Tennis 77 Tepe, David 133 Tepe, Gory 81,140 Tepe, Roy 81,140,148 Terlisner, Mrs. Martha 43 Terry, Cheryl 71,117 Tetzloff, Daniel 133 Tetzlaff, Mike 125 Thomas, Dwight 66,117 Thomas, John 73,81,89,140 Thomas, June 31,56,60,64,65,66, 68,125 Thomas, Kim 133 Thomas, Mrs. Mary 142 Thomas, Mr. Robert A7 Thomas, Ronald 78,125 Thomas, Mrs. Stella 33 Thomas, Stephen 140 Thomas, Sue 72,117 Thomas, Terrence 78,133 Thompson, Carl 51,56,133 Thompson, Karen 73,133 Thompson, Lauren 70,117 Thompson, Mark 85,133 Thompson, Victoria 125 Thompson, William 56,117 Thoner, Robert 92,125 Thornhill, Barb 70,117 Thornton, Kristine 64,133 Thornton, Mrs. Maribel 142 Tibbets, Nancy 117 Tihen, Mr. Lawrence 33 Tilley, James 133,141 Tilley, Jimmie D. Tilton, John 125 Timberlake, Mrs. Marilyn 49 Tinny, Brian 66,141 Tinny, Chris 94 Tinny, Michael 94,125 Tisdole, James 141 T ' Kindt, Brian 90 Tailor, Mrs. LuVeda 142 Tolle, Gwendolyn 117 Tolle, Holly 64,117 Tompkins, Michael 117 Toole, Rhonda 125 Topping, Penny 72,125 Torok, Albert 73,125 Totten, Pamela 141 Tovey, James 133 Track 92 Trapp, Joyce 36,125 Trenkner, David 56,81,84,141 Trenkner, Stephen 56,69,76,90,117 Trevino, Mary 125 Troeger, Jeff 17,56,78,84,92,125,166 Troeger, Thomos 81,135,141 Trowbridge, Linda 3,126 Truex, Lynette 56,67,133,144 Trump, Julie Ann 141 Tschido, Rebecca 117 Tubbs, Linda 97,141 Turfler, Katherine 126 Tuttle, Rebecca 126 Tyler, Margaret 133 Tyler, Owen 126 u Umbough, Frank 106,118 Underbill, Gregory 141 Urbanski, Patricio 42,133 Urbanski, Stephen 118 Ushers Club 73 Von Camp, Dee 92 Von Camp, Jill Ann 96,141 VonDeGenahte, Mrs. Mary 40 VanDerHogen, Janet 118,147 Vonderheyden, Kathleen 62,64,126, 149 Vonderheyden, Mark 81,141 Vonderheyden, Randy 66,133 Vonderwall, Lynn 133 Vanderwall, Mark 9,85,116,118 Vanderwier, David 126 Vandewalle, Mrs. Jane 142 Vangoey, Mark 133 VonHuffel, Gory 7,69,77,118 VonNomee, Kristine 117,118 Vos, Susan 42,141 Veger, Melanie 134 Vervaet, Geoffrey 90,107,118 VICA 70 Vogel, Tom 90 Vogelgesong, Debra 134 Volk, Jane 72,118 Volk, John 67,134 Voyles, Sharon 126 Vyverberg, Douglas 78,82,94,118 w Woddell, Deborah 73,126 Wade, John 84,141 Wagner, Judith 141 Wogner, Sharon 71,118 Wohmon, Frank 56,62,126 Wall, Janice 67,134 Wallace, Richard 87,141 Wollen, Anita 126 Walsh, Lori 118 Walsh, Tom 92 Walz, Gilda 66,134 Wonstoll, Bruce 90 Ward, Kothye 141 Warner, Richard 118 Warren, Michael 141 Wasoski, Kimberly 141 Watkins, Laura 119 Watkins, Paul 134 Watkins, Raymond 134 Watts, Donald 73,92,134 Wechter, Larry 67,76,128,134,165 Wechter, Steven 11,76,85,126 Weese, Gory 1 19 Wegner, Mr. Irwin 31 Weldy, Mr. Lelond 29 Weller, Stephanie 73,141 Welling, Carol 72,134 Welsh, Thomas 67,141 Werner, Barbara 126 Wertz, Patricia 67,134 West, Louis 73,141 Weyhrich, Steven 67,141 Wholey, Cathy 71,134 Wharton, Annette 134 Wharton, Thomas 77,92,119 Wheeler, Glen 119 Wheeler, Larry 134 Whisler, John 24,56,62,63,126,147 Whitoker, Carl 92 White, Edword 126 Whitfield, Donold 69,119 Whitmer, Jeffrey 128,134 Wickmon, Tod 141 Widner, Mrs. Mary 29 Wilde, Brian 78,134 Wilde, Down 141 Wilemon, Steve 141 Wiley, Karen 134 Wiley, Kim 134 Wilhelm, Barbara 65,141 Wilhelm, Charlotte 134 Wilhelm, Jane 67 Wilhelm, Terry 35,134 Wilkin, Maria 64,134 Williams, Cynthia 141 Williams, Gory 134 Williams, Mark 41,126 Willis, Robert 141 Wilson, Gregory 141 Wilson, Nancy 134 Wilson, Timothy 49,56,141 Winenger, Robert 78,134 Winsteod, Christelle 119 Winstead, Shelley 35 WISHING WELL 147 Wissmon, John 56,85,119 Witmer, Charles 73,141 Witt, Rebecca 126 Wittner, Gregory 126 Wittner, Michele 67,72,73,119 Wolfe, Elaine 134 Wolfe, Shelley 126 Wolfe, Vicki 56,134 Wolff, Corlo 134 Wolff, Mrs. Toshiko 142 Woodcox, Dean 141 Woodcox, Debra 126 Woodcox, Gretchen 119 Woodcox, Pamela 126 Woodcox, Rebecca 71,119 Woodlee, Allon 67 Woodlee, James 141 Woodworth, Elaine 66,141 Woody, Potricia 70,119 Woolley, George 119 Wroy, Joann 141 Wrestling 88 Wright, Chester 77,94 Wright, Danny 70,119 Wroblewski, Don 123,126 Wruble, Frank 126 Wunder, Susan 141 Wynn, Mrs. Louise 143 Yociw, Brent 92,134 Yates, David 67,72,73,134 Yates, Richard 67,73,141 Yordanich, Valerie 72,126 Yost, Dalene 119 Youdbulis, Thomas 84,141 Youngs, Debra 73,126 Zoblocki, Mrs. Agnes 143 Zachek, Scott 141 Zaderej, Andy 76,134 Zone, David 64,126 Zone, Diane 141 Zehner, Kim 73,126 ZEHRING STUDIO 148 Zeiger, Gus 67,73,126 Zellers, Debra 64,71,119 Zeltner, Carrie 71 Zeltner, Kenneth 126 Zielinski, Mr. Ed 143 Zielinski, Sheryl 141 Zimmer, Dennis 41,119 Zimmer, Joel 141 Zimmer, Terence 64,72,134 Zimmermonn, Alfred 46,66,126 Zircher, John 119 Zwickl, Craig 119 Zwickl, Karen 141 159 Acknowledgment is due to many persons who have contributed to the 1971 Jacksonian: to Mr. Robert Thomas, JHS art teacher, for the woodcut which appears on our cover; to Mr. Dick Kennard, representative from Newsfoto Yearbooks, who gave us advice on graphic ef- fects; to the South Bend Tribune for the use of two pictures, one of the tutoring program, page 4, and one of Dan Smith on page 83; to Jack Drake, a JHS graduate who took, developed and printed many of the pictures throughout the book; to Mr. and Mrs. Gene Zehring and Mrs. Donna Buckles of Zehring Studio, who al- ways came through when a deadline was press- ing; to Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Jacobs who checked and rechecked names for the under class section and index (Mrs. Jacobs also as- sisted by typing several pages); to Mr. and Mrs. Tim M. Meek who surely will be relieved when their photographer son gets a driver ' s license; to the teachers at Jackson who have cooperated in our efforts to cover this year ' s activities; and most of all, to Mama Claus, our adviser, who patiently guided us through this book. Excerpts from " I Am Waiting " have been used by permission of New Directions, 333 Sixth Ave., N.Y. 10014, publishers of A Coney Island of the Mind, Poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The Editors 160 . . . am waiiing for Alice in Wonderland io iranQmif io me her ioial dream of innocence ' £ - vii - -V A BROKEN LEG PROVES to be quite a conversation piece with Linda Brown ' s decorated cast. AN INVASION of Women ' s Lib? Sally Helms. Barb Dickerson, Ame Place, Ami Simon, and Carn Landis dress for the Junior-Senior football game. PROMOTING " GREEN POWER, " George Jacox (top left) recalls Mark Twain ' s celebrated jumping frog. BASEBALL COACH MR. CUYLER MILLER (left) ana- lyzes his team from along the sidelines. PICTURE of innocence (far left) is Jill Van Camp. 161 WAITING FOR INSPIRATION to strike can be time- consuming. Creative Writing student Kimberly Beach has a wastebasket full of false starts. INJURIES, ILLNESSES, and forgotten gym clothes are legitimate reasons to get out of gym class. " f msmsmsf- 162 " ... and I am waifing for some strains of unpremediiaied ari fo shake my fypewrifer ... " BIG BIRD OF SESEME STREET appeared in the toy department of a downtown store at Christmas. Rhonda Hill (inside) entertains her little sister. JOSE OLIVEIRA (upper left) joined the Jackson stu- dent body mid-year on the YFU program. TRACK CINDERELLA LINDA BLOOM appears unaware of the flurry of action behind her. 163 . . . am waiiing for my number io be called LORI HENRY squeezes in a last-minute conversation through the window before the bus pulls away. " UNCLE JOE WANTS YOU! " Joe Kocy ' s speech won him the election for Junior class vice-president. 164 BARB FREEMAN HELPS Larry Wechter get ready back- stage. Swimming manager Felix Johnson (below) keeps a casual hold on the warning flags. PAT SKONER AND JIM JULOW scan the program at the Junior Prom. The Sounds of Silence. ..,5 165 JEFF TROEGER (above) disagrees with a referee ' s calling; Gary Edwards (upper middle) is caught off guard in industrial arts class: and Coach Kreitzman calls a quick conference (top right). DENISE COLE (right) weighs chemicals; and Vicky Addison and Mike Rhine (far right) talk between classes. 166 . . . and I am waifing for fhe day ihaf makeih all Ihings clear . . . 167 . . , and I am awaifing perpefually and forever a renaiSQance of wonder. p

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