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OEH ALLEN COUNTY PUBtl ' 1 IBPCP 833 01877 6184 GC 977 202 S08AJH, 1970 JACKSONIAN 1969-70 ANDREW JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH BEND INDIANA VOL. 5 This is our ivorld — our world of Jackson High School. Ours is a crazy ivorld, full of plate lunches and parental release forms. Our ivorld has a history, crammed with such events as the Battles of Hoyer Hill and the Little 500 Bicycle Race. The Jackson globe is filled with the pageantry of proms and courts and the shoivmanship of music pro- grams and school plays. The people of this world work on worthy proj- ects like the AFS and Thanksgiv- ing basket drives. This world is part of another world, the Earth. It ' s also a little crazy, with some men starving be- cause they haven ' t enough to eat and others starving themselves be- cause they eat too much. This world has a much broader history, with such events as man ' s first step on the moon. It has the pageantry and showmanship of the World ' s Fairs. Teams of its people work on proj- ects such as heart transplants and control of pollution. The 1970 Jacksonian presents the story of our world of Jackson High School to our other world, the Earth. This is the story of Our World in Our World. OUR WORLD IN TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I STUDENT LIFE 1— 41 ACADEMICS 42— 57 SPORTS 58— 79 OUR WORLD PART II FACULTY- ADMINISTRATION 81— 87 SENIORS 88—107 UNDERCLASSMEN 108—127 ORGANIZATIONS 128—145 ATHLETIC TEAMS 146—153 ADVERTISERS 154—163 INDEX 164—168 Ref 373.9772 An25J 1970 Andrew Jackson High School (South Bend, Ind. ) lh Yearbook Little 500, Ugly Girls Sponsor AFS ' ers Culminating the traditional AFS fund-raising drive, the Little 500 race proved an exciting first in JHS history. A take-off on the Indianap- olis 500, the race provided fun for Tiger fans as they cheered their teams on. The race was enhanced by antics of the riders and the fever pitch spirit of the viewers. An Ugly Girl contest was also held to raise funds. EAGERLY GRABBING for pennies are Ugly Girls Terri Trammel!, Sally Mc- Dermott, and Cindy Springer. THE PACE CAR is ready to begin as riders line up for the race. GREG NALL displays his version of CRAIG ROTHE HOPES his last bit of the Hitch-hike at the Little 500 dance. wind will last for the final lap. BIKE RACE brought eventual victon- to red-clad riders of Homeroom 152, fatigue for Scott Robinson (left), and a pleasant outing for spectators Sue Adamson and Kathy Urbanski ar left). Most Jacksonites Work at Summer Jobs SOPHOMORE LARRY OWENS sweeps up the remnants of an afternoon of housework. Jackson students spend their sum- mers in many different ways. Many take summer jobs and make money while they learn. Others work around their homes, building patios, setting up flag poles, painting and replastering. Some of us spend our summer on the road. We head for all cor- ners of our great nation; a few are even fortunate enough to leave it altogether and visit foreign countries. Some students, along with most of our teachers, spend the summer gathering knowledge at institutes and workshops. Wliatever we do, we enjoy sum- mer in our world. AL ZIMMERMANN (left) uses a commercial roller to paint, while his sister Karen tries a more subtle approach. The Zimmermanns painted their spare room this fall. PART TIME JOBS brought unusual ex- periences to summer participants. Mike Rose struggles to fit a customer. PRUNING SHRUBS and tending the grounds are chores designated to Debra Risner. On Any Warm Weekend Tigers Take Tower Hill Summer comes and the hot sun beats down on a mass of uncaged Tigers. To beat the heat, the Jack- son populace disperses to nearby beaches, including Tower Hill, probably the most popular of area beaches. At Tower Hill, Jacksonites soak up sun, build sand castles, swim, and surf. And most of all, they build memories. Memories of wonderful, sunny afternoons that will last a life time. - . LINDA SPALDING and Chuck Poczik (left) engage in beach front battle at Tower Hill. Linda (above) emerges victor. WARM SUNSHINE, white mountains, and waves rippling around our feet drown out thoughts of school, homework, and the rest of the outside world. 0 s. RACING THROUGH SAND to surf are Ann Brown, Linda Spalding. Lisa Heller, Pat Shidaker. Laura Strjcker, Bruce Crowel, Al Taggart. Chuck Poczik. Jack Learv. Randv Stoeckinger, and Roger Stahi. HAVING FORGOTTEN her lunch, Usa Heller demonstrates JHS resourcefulness. EXUBERANT YELLS and unprece- dented spirit are trademarks of Senior Power. FRESHMEN EXPERIENCE FEAR, ex- citement, and wonder on that first ' tense ' day. C i 9 m[ V iL ,1 10 Jackson Enters Fifth ' Spirited ' Year Summer finally passes us by. Autumn comes. Football and march- ing band practices start. Students go shopping for new school wardrobes. One last night out on the town, and then . . . It happens. Andrew Jackson High School opens for business again. Freshmen enter the world of JHS for the first time, while seniors prepare to bid it farewell. Football and tennis seasons start, along with the subscription drive. The booster club and cheerleaders plan our first pep assembly. Homework again shows its ugly head. .V.V .v.v .V.V FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORE, JUNIOR, and senior spirit reached an all-time high this year, but the team spirit was the major cause of Jackson pride. HOURS OF PRE-SCHOOL preparation enable music makers to achieve per- fection. 11 ALL SYSTEMS GO for takeoff, Tom Gostola mans control of his Cherokee. TONIGHT, with Dennis Lynch and Betsy DeCroes, boosted subscription sales. MARK SCHURR PROVES scouting makes the man as he and his troops go hiking. ' Adventure ' Is Hiking, Flying, Cycling The average Jackson student leads an exciting life. We all do our own adventurous thing. Many of us find excitement in driv- ing cars and motorcycles. Tigerfish take to the water with their scuba gear. Other Tigers fly planes or climb mountains. Some go hiking or camping. Some Jacksonites find excitement in summer stock and school plays. Still others take part in music pro- grams. Then, of course, there is the exciting world of Jackson publica- tions. But no matter what we do, we do it with traditional Jackson spirit. SHOWING OFF his homemade dune buggy, Bruce Crowel takes her for a spin. TRUE GRIT ' is sho«Ti by Rick Sprague as he plays a solo with a broken arm. SCRAMBLING OVER OPEN FIELDS is the pastime of Yamaha O ' wrier Steve Ford. SOPHOMORE KEN ZELTNER, portraying a somewhat the Tiger. Fans saw the float for the first time on the football bedraggled St. Joseph Indian, awaits his fat e at the mouth of field at half-time. The float took two weeks to build. ,m4b VICIOUS TIGER Dave Young demon- strates the punishment for Jackson opponents. VICTORY IS JUST A SWALLOW AWAY! boasted the 1969 Homecoming float. Being engulfed by the massive Tiger head, Ann Brown adds some papier mache to the jaws. 14 Homecoming Promotes Jackson Pride ' Breaking tradition, this year ' s Homecoming was held with St. Joe instead of LaSalle. Holly Heemstra was crowned queen during halftime ceremonies. The junior class won the hall decoration contest and the bonfire held behind the school on the night before the game helped to build school spirit in more ways than one. Even though our supply of wood was burned by vandals two nights before the date set for the fire, stu- dents worked together and man- aged to build up another pile as large as the first. The Jackson float, titled Victory is Just a Swallow Away, featured a large orange-and-black tiger swallowing an Indian. We lost the game, 22-14. SILHOUETTED BY THE St. Joe bon- fire, Kitty Gates promotes enthusiasm. GLOWING EXCITEDLY are homecom- ing royalty Holly Heemstra and Chuck Poczik. SHARING A TAiXDEM, Sandy Ncidigh and Rick Sprague stop by the roadside to admire the autumn scenery. UP WITH PEOPLE , goodwill am- bassadors, radiated happiness at JHS. 16 P Making Friends Is Best Part of School Friendships flourish in the class- room, the cafeteria, and the gym. Ideas are exchanged; myths are ex- ploded. Jacksonites often complain about being too busy, but most of them seek involvement for fun and satisfaction. One imaginative scheme was a random sample poll at Christmas time which asked Which Jackson teacher would make the best Santa Claus? The winner, Mr. Al Bias, was persuaded to pose for an Old Hickory photographer in a costume especially created for the occasion. WHEN BETSY DECROES EXPOUNDS on her philosophy, classmates Loretta Baxter and Jeff Botich are not likely to underestimate the power of a woman. • i ' FRIENDSHIP IS . . . being invited to sign the cast on the girl behind you. A SANTA WITH SOIL was Mr. Al Bias in a beard made of cotton balls. 17 Involvement Takes on Many OFFERING AID and comfort to the bedridden, Shelley Wittner spends her spare time candy striping. BRIAN MICKOW awaits the timers ' verdict after the 100 butterfly. Evasion of studies shows itself in many ways. Some of us interest ourselves in sports activities, either through participation or as spec- tators. Some rely on outside inter- ests to break up the monotony of textbooks. The variety of experiences offer an added scope and meaning to our lives. The anxiety during a tense moment of a game, the satisfac- tion of helping others in need, phys- ical exhaustion after a race and mental exhaustion after a test all are a part of existence in our world. ELAINE WOLFE tells class of the qualities of an old-fashioned dress. 18 GEORGE WOOLLEY finds cross coun- try can be exhilarating but exhausting. Varied Forms STUDYING THE DARING ADVENTURES of the Submariner appears to be more interesting to Norm Crider than grammatical diagrams and verb conjugations. A ROMAN impatient for his dirmer is portrayed by Vicki Hughes during a home movie. ART DEPARTMENT HEAD Mr. Robert Thomas listens to a student ' s problem. 19 Excessive Snow Fails to Dampen Spirits On Jan. 8, at the end of third hour, chaos broke loose as the voice of Principal James Early announced the closing of school due to heavy snow. Immediately students evacuated classrooms and headed for the cafe- teria, where lunches were being served. Tigers with cars left the building, while others remained in the gym. Shortly after school was dis- missed, snowmobiles began to ap- pear in the driveways and parking lots. Snowball fights broke out on the front sidewalk. Students pushed stalled cars in an effort to start engines. Finally, buses arrived and transported people home. The cold and snow may have been enough to stop school, but nothing can stop the pursuit of fun. GIRLS contact rides as heavy snow pro- vides an unexpected vacation. 20 DEBBIE PIERCE AIMS carefully in retaliation after an ambush. SLIDES, SPILLS, and thrills are all in the game as JHSers enjoy an icy slope. STEVE TRENKNER and Rick Kohl- meyer indulge in an afternoon of skiing. ALTHOUGH THE WEATHER outside is really frightful the beauty of the fresUy fallen snow captures the wishful thinking of freshman Jane Merriman. IT ' S USUALLY a convenience to drive to school but many students discover the hazards of a winter blizzard when they are forced to push a snowbound car. 21 THE MANGEBOIS sisters, portrayed by Pat Nuner and Ann Brown, look on as Rick Hammond pleads with the Inspector. INSPECTOR Bill McGrath makes plans for the ghost ' s murder with the execu- tioners Mark Slagle and Dick Samuels. 22 Jt The Enchanted ' Features Comedy, Ghost DISMAY, SHOCK, and sorrow are displayed by the little girls as the doctor delivers his verdict. Thus the ghost farce is dropped and a real ghost is born. Critic and patron-acclaimed, ' The Enchanted, Jackson ' s first play of the ' 69- ' 70 season, is the story of Isabel, a French schoolteacher in the early 1900 ' s, who falls in love with a ghost. Director John H. B. Kauss cast Betsy DeCroes as Isabel, while Chris McVay played the part of the ghost. As the supervisor, Dennis Lynch was a young man torn be- tween political duty and his love for Isabel. Rick Hammond and Bill McGrath, as eccentric public of- ficials, added humor. Sets by the art department en- hanced the magic of the play. THE INSPECTOR incurs Suzy Wright ' s ENCHANTED BY THE TOUCH of his hand. Betsy DeCroes freezes as the ghost. wrath by killing her caterpillar. played by Chris McVay. enters for their midnight rendezvous. 23 Musical ' Babes in Arms ' Presented Dramatists and musicians com- bined their talents for the presenta- tion of Rogers and Hart ' s musical comedy Babes in Arms. The show centered around the frolics and follies of tlie group of teenagers who work at the Sand and Surf sum- mer stock theater in Cape Cod. The 43-member cast and 25-piece orchestra told the 1940 ' s story through various songs, including The Lady is a Tramp, Johnny One Note, and I Wish I Were in Love Again. The play, which was directed by Mr. John H. B. Kauss, featured Betsy DeCroes and Dennis Lynch as co-o vTiers of the theater. Dale An- derson was Valentine White, a bud- ding young composer, and Sue Miller played Jennifer Owen, star of the Silver screen. Rick Ham- mond gave an outstanding perfor- mance as Gus Field and Jane Merri- man, as Susie, an apprentice. BETSY DECROES bursts into her own interpretation of The Lady is a Tramp . 24 METRO ' S LITTLE DIVIDEND, Sue Miller, inspires Dale Anderson into song. THE CREW is on the verge of sub- mission when Jane Merriman delivers a pep talk. in March DENNIS LYNCH, co-owner of the Sand and Surf Theater, reprimands Valentine White (Dale Anderson) for his attack on Bill McGrath, author of The Deep North. CAST MEMBERS close Act I with a lively rendition of Babes in Arms. RICK HAMMOND and Kim Beach step into a softshoe routine during their duet. 25 Journalism Provides Creative Outlet Hard work, not only during school, but also after school and on weekends, was responsible for this year ' s Old Hickory and Jacksonian. The student photographers, head- ed by Jack Drake, took pictures at school events throughout the year. Dann Schultz, as advertising man- ager, worked for both publications. Kathy Streed was in charge of the paper, while Craig Merrick edited the Jacksonian. Rick Hammond was the award- winning sports editor of the Jack- sonian and Dick Samuels was layout editor. Vicki Hughes handled fea- ture stories for the paper and Karen Groves worked with layouts. SEEKING ASSISTANCE from Jacksonian editor-in-chief Craig Merrick, Nancy Claus wonders Is this cutline okay, or is it too schmaltzy? TERESA KUBLEY and Rick Hammond brighten up the yearbook room walls with posters and other paraphernalia. 26 CHERYL JACOBS keeps busy between GREETING Olda Hick (Ann Brown) on a Tonight Show spoof, Pammy Pub (Pat deadlines by tidying up the newsroom. Nuner, left) expresses her delight as Jackie Sonian (Betsy DeCroes) watches on. RETT! REECE. Karen Groves, and Mike Rader pick out details for a caption. ONE OF THE ADVANTAGES of being newspaper editor is the chance to meet celebrities. Kathy Streed interviews psychic Jeane Dixon. 27 CO-CAPTAIN Steve Claus concentrates on team strategy during a meet. JACKSON STUDENTS doing their own thing are: Craig Moore, Nancy Tibbetts, Scott Jessup, Kathy McCarthy, Rick Hammond, and Steve Slagle. ' Doing Our Own Thing ' American youth ' s resounding cry in 1969-1970 was Do your own thing, and we did. Whether it was swimming three miles a day, play- ing Oh Susannah on the har- monica, or keeping a bowl of gold- fish in a locker, it was in if it re- flected our real personality. Our moods were changeable to fit the occasion — merry or melan- choly, philosophical or fearful, lazy or longing, looking for happiness in our world. 28 I Meant Playing the Harmonica or Swimming EVEN IN THE RAIN. Gretchen Wood- cox and Floyd Husvar enjoy a football game. AUNT HOURS of hard work and plenty of imagination went into decorating the halls for Spirit Week. 29 Shonkwiler Named First Homecoming King A turnabout dance and the crowning of the first homecoming king were added to the basketball homecoming festivities this year. Bob Shonkwiler was cro vned by homecoming queen Shelley Wiley at the dance sponsored by the Booster Club. The theme of the dance was King of Hearts, with music fur- nished by the Poor Yorik. The gym was decorated in red and white with large playing cards. The queen was crowned during the half-time ceremonies at the homecoming game, which was played with Penn this year. HOMECOMING KING Bob Shonkwiler smiles proudly after he is crowned. SURPRISE and joy show on the face of Shelley Wiley as she receives her crown and bouquet. 30 HEAD BASKETBALL COACH Bob Taylor gives instructions to a player on the floor. Beside him are assistant coaches Joe Kreitzman and Cuyler Miller. CHEERLEADER Carol Rzeszewski watches a jump shot enthusiastically. MIKE WILSON and Greg Drover clean up during the homecoming pep assembly. THE 1970 BASKETBALL HOMECOM- ING COURT included Rick Shidaker and Mindy Meyers. Steve Slagle and Terri Trammell. Denny Bratcher and Debbie Pierce. Howie Bucher and Shelley Wiley. Jo . nn Scott and Pat Prister, (substituting for John Rosen- baum) Vicki Porman and Bob Shonk- wiler, Vicki Freel and Chuck Poczik, and Debbie Lytle and Craig Moore. PEP BAND regular Rob Cohen supplies music during half-time ceremonies. 31 CAMPUS LIFE MEMBERS discover punishment for losing the Time Bomb Game is only a tick away. Craig Juday ruefully accepts his fate. JUNIOR LIBRARIAN KAY DISLER searches for a magazine needed for an English project. EXPERIMENTING IN BROADCASTING on WSBT brings new interests to Jackson High students; junior Ron Shaw signals the go-ahead for senior Jim Burton to start the turntables. 32 . Varied Activities Occupy JHSers ' Time LINDA SPALDING, helping athletic director Mr. Sam Wegner, checks the football schedule for the date and time of the next game. 4» Jackson students ' lives are en- riched as they share in community services. Learning while working, Jacksonites prepare for future jobs while helping in the office and li- brary during their free periods. After school hours, those interested in broadcasting gain experience in television at WSBT. Many find ful- fillment in tutoring. Some church- sponsored groups help elementary school students once a week in vari- ous fields of study. One JHSer vol- unteers as a Head Start aide on Saturdays. LITTLE BOYS like Calvin (above may find school a lonely, forbidding experi- ence without a ' ' head start on classroom activities. Head Start tutor Belinda Leonard (left introduces Calvin and a friend to the arts of crayon design and working together. 33 nrif f JACKSON ' S BAND demonstrates pre- cision marching in South Bend ' s streets. TWIRLER Jeff Spear leads the march- ing band in the Thanksgiving parade. HOURS of practice resuh in perfection as Laura Pankow enchants the crowd. 34 Solos, Concerts, Contests Part of Musicians ' Lives Led by Mr. Tom DeShone and Mr. Harold Kottlowski, the Jackson bands and orchestra added a fall concert to their yearly activities. Jeff Dayman and Dave Stroop again led the marching band, while Mary (Jeff) Spear joined Kathy Overmyer as a twirler. Members of the Jackson orchestra joined the dance band to play the score for Babes in Arms. KENT MARBURGER and Bob Over- gaard prepare for upcoming dance band contest. DRUMMING UP SPIRIT, Garj- Crewel invents a new purpose for popcorn. ARRIVING at school in August, band members await position assignments. 35 Junior Achievers Get ' Beyond Our Control ' Our world of JHS prepares us for the big world outside. Gi-oups like Junior Achievement teach us skills to be used later. Those of us that show exceptional talent are re- warded in various ways, such as National Honor Society. Organiza- tions teach us to handle responsi- bilities and duties. Hobbies such as scuba diving improve our insight into our world. IN TELEVISION (right), the tables are often turned. A Boy Scout is aided across the street by Dave Beveridge, Betti Reece, and Bob Soos. AN UNCLEAN FACE MASK (left) can be hazardous to a scuba diver. Leonard Copeland takes precautions before his descent into the underwater world. 36 MEMBERS OF THE BOOSTER CLUB gave much time to make signs which help boost school spirit. Karen Groves adds the finishing touches to a poster. NICE GUY, but oh, that dandruff! thinks Marcia Blodgett as she gazes at husband-to-be Tom Hojnacki during a parody on Head Shoulders com- mercials. INJUN TOM HOJNACKI and Rex Noble (George Papp) rely on Sue Den- ning to prompt them during the actual filming of Beyond Our Control. GREG DROVER helps Marilyn Miller light her candle at the NHS induction. MECCI ENK listens intently as she re- ceives advice from the director. 37 School Atmosphere Is Thrilling, Tedious, JERRY SCOTT and art project, Snoopy, await the green light and 3:15. EVEN WHEN you are ahead, a quarterback-coach conference is essential. Rick Shi- daker and Coach Gartee discuss ways of keeping our lead. JACKSON TRADITION; a gift to the school from the class of 1969. 38 and Tranquil Nervousness over tonight ' s game, bus rides, sleeping while waiting for the light to change, teachers and classrooms are all a part of our everyday existence as students of Jackson High School. School is more than going to classes, studying and learning par- ticular subjects. There are study halls; where we study if we have strong powers of concentration, but probably read a magazine or sleep if we can get away with it. After school there is a game, play prac- tice, or a club meeting. MR. KOELLNER uses the overhead pro- jector with hopes of enlightening stu- dents in the concepts of chemical formulas. A DAY AT SCHOOL may mean a bus ride, cafeteria lunch, and a rest in study hall while thinking about tonight ' s game. SCHOOL BUSES are not comfortable, but this is a small price to pay for being able to get away from school. ALONG WITH NEW STYLES there are also the traditional saddle shoes. New Styles MAXI OUTFITS can be seen anywhere throughout the school. They provide a means i ' ?? 5t!: by which a girl may exhibit her sewing talent and fashion know-how. INTEREST IN SECULAR DRAMA ex- tends beyond the classroom of Mr. Kauss. 40 Follow Dress Code Revision HeK:-i The Student Council revision of the dress code caused an elaborate change in fashions this year. The change in girls ' styles was most noticeable as standard skirts and blouses were traded in for slacks and maxis. Boys changed to saddle shoes and blue jeans. Tennis shoes were also popular. Facial plumage came into full bloom this year as restrictions on beards and mustaches were lifted. Muttonchop sideburns were also popular. Our new dress code showed the increased freedom for which both of our worlds are striving. LINDA AND NANETTE Lutes take advantage of the comforts of shorts and slacks, acceptable under the new dress code. CATHY JOHNSON AND JLLIE HELN model the long and short of the skirt issue. PRACTICALiri ' AND STi ' LE combine to keep Peggy Kase warm. 41 Our World of Academics Data Processing Course Added to The knowledge absorbed today w ill be the building blocks of the future. For each of us must leave our ivorld of Academics to face the responsibilities and the problems of the tvorld of business, service and adult life in general. SENIOR JOHN DOBBS (right) studies to obtain computer knowledge that will be useful to him in the future, while Dennis Darrow and Jan Stoeckinger of Wheelhorse Products Inc. (above) utilize Electronic Data Processing in their everyday business world. 42 -J » Curriculum A data processing course was added to Jackson ' s business cur- riculum this year. Students learned about computers and how to read punch cards, and they took field trips to places like Associates and IBM. Boys invaded office training. Dann Schultz and Floyd Husvar learned along with the girls how to file, answer the phone and run an adding machine. Typing relays spurred speed and sparked enthusiasm for Typing I students. Each row worked together to complete a copy block first. Mrs. Brewer ' s Typing-Notehand classes typed Santa Claus pictures around Christmas time. COMPETING AGAINST both the clock and his classmates in a l) ' ping relay, Mike Rader passes Suzy Wright a copy block to finish typing. OBSERVING THE EFFECTS of a unique typing project, students discover they can draw Santa Claus on the type- writer. SENIOR MARY GEYER concentrates on reading her assignment in shorthand. 43 Optical Aids ustrate Math Laws Geometry students again this year obsen ' ed Mr. Conrad ' s optical il- lusion exhibition. This display demonstrated that you can ' t always believe your eyes. The students enrolled in Calculus studied the computations of areas as limits, and the definite integral and functional theorems, while Algebra II students learned cosines, tangents, and logarithms. The high school math classes covered adding, subtraction, and story problems. AN OPTICAL ILLUSION changes the tunnel ' s opening from the right to the left. V - i PONDERING one of the examples written on the board, senior Tom Beck compares it mentally to the solution he obtained on his assignment in College Algebra. A STUDENT grips her pencil like a dagger as Mr. Rcms tries helping her with a pressing problem. 44 1 DE, ICT, COE Give Job-Experience A class in Distributive Education was offered for those considering sales-connected careers, and a class in Industrial Cooperative Training was given for others oriented to- ward industiy. A third course, Co- operative Office Practice, attracted aspirants for secretarial positions. Students enrolled in these classes left school at noon to work in jobs arranged by the school ' s vocational coordinators. PRACTICING WHAT he has learned about cutting meat, Bob Garrett slices some beef for a customer. HELPING at Chippewa Animal Clinic, DoUy Sharp soothes a frightened dog before she cuts the tape off his ears. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION partici- pant Joyce Potts serves customers as an employee of Meyer ' s Hardware. 45 Health, Phys. Ed. Supplement Academics Along with the more academic courses, classes in physical, health and Drivers Education were offered to JHS students. Health classes taught them how to take care of themselves as well as to help others. Through practice on a plastic dummy, the art of artificial respiration was learned. Films and lectures gave students an insight to the drug and alcohol problem in the U.S. Volley ing mammoth balls over nets and attempting grace on the balance beam and trampoline plagued the ninth and tenth grade girls who primarily make up the phys. ed. classes. Boys participated in such activities as prison ball, swimming and gymnastic stunts. A summer offering. Drivers Ed., was open to 15 and 16-year olds. The course involved class work and practical driving experience. WHILE LISTENING to instructions on how to play basketball, Debbie Sennett assumes a comfortable position. m JERRY GAPINSKI discovers both that mental and physical strength are needed to perform a forward flip in boys ' physical education. 46 ENCOURAGED by the rest of the boys ' physical education class, Mike Tetzlaff executes a spread eagle on the vaulting horse. MAKING A MAP of the city for Drivers Education requires Patty Young to count the lanes on downtown Michigan Street. SH. RON VOYLES enlarges a diagram of skin tissue so that her health class can see it better. 47 Home Ec, Industrial Arts Provide Practical Skills Foods classes kept white mice to observe the effects of diet on ap- pearance and behavior. One of the mice ate foods from the basic four food groups while the other mouse ate foods found in the average teenage diet. THE EYE of a needle can be elusive as Shelly Wittner tries to thread it. Besides sewing the required suits, dresses and culottes, and presenting the traditional style show with its 107 entries, clothing students made Christmas presents. Family Living classes discussed problems ranging from dating to home decorating. Machine and Vocational Process- es classes trained students for such careers as tool and die and heat treating. Working with small engines and low-powered machines was under- taken by Power Mechanics classes. Vocational Electronics class did repair work and special projects such as speaker cabinets and acous- tics design. Students proficient in Drafting I and II took Vocational Drafting in which they designed and con- structed model homes. FEEDING WHITE MICE Mortimer and Oglethorpe, Sue Kramer and Cindy Streich observe the effects of different diets on their behavior. FUTURE COUTURIER? Clothing III student Sandy Koch designs and pro- duces a paper dress for Sue Sigrist. 48 ACCOMPLISHED in the art of welding, Tom Kurzhal secures and strengthens one side of a trailer he made in Vocational Machine Shop II. PERPENDICULARS, obtuse angles, and congruent triangles are common elements used in drafting. Rick Spraguo works over a scale drawing. IN AUTO MECHANICS Terry Work- man carefully chisels off a stubborn bolt on the bottom of an air filter system. 49 Harmony Class Reinstated, AFTER HOURS of wrapping, pasting and drying, a papier mache dog finally takes shape. Freshman Linda Hechliniski adds a coat of bright paint. PONDERING what the next note will be, Senior Greg Whaley composes a stanza for second hour harmony class. IMAGINATIVE CREATURES were de- signed and created by Basic Art students. BEFORE THE REGULAR band class holds its daily warm-up, Jon Lewis gets in some extra practice on a particularly hard part. 50 Artists Exhibit Ingenuity While the bands and orchestra were playing music, the harmony class was learning the theory behind it. This course was reinstated this year after a year ' s absence. Basic Art students created tooth- pick structures and papier mache figures. Designing packages, posters, and fashion illustrations were projects undertaken in Commercial Art. The course taught the basics in advertis- ing layout and lettering. Painting I classes practiced the techniques used by the Old Masters. Instead of brushing paint on can- vas, they used other methods such as putting paint on with putty knives or sponges. ANITA WALLEN and PoUy Olden work together to stretch canvas in Painting I. B-BAND: Front row: B. McKelvey, J. Wall, C. Czeceli, D. Gohn. C. Bergan, P. Wertz. B. McGhee, P. Phipps. R. Grant. L. Ellis. Second row: D. Jordan. C. Whaley. E. Davault. J. Crance. L. Henry, L. Brown, S. McDermott, K. Adams, R. Bruns, G. Sharon, D. Prick. Third row: Mr. DeShone, R. Siri. M. Bennett, J. Meek. D. Yates, B. Gindelberger. J. Shaffer. S. Wittner. D. Arvin, H. Robinson, J. Wilhelm, J. Farrington. P. Elliot. Mr. Amussen. Fourth row: K. Huff, R. VanderHeyden, T. Obenour. D. Thomas, G. Wittner. B. Hay. D. Adams. P. Falan. D. Greene, C. Nye, J. Ranisbey, C. McFarlane. J. Rerick. N. Milcherska. M. Schurr. Fifth row: K. Hundere. M. Lewis. B. Obenour. R. Neiter. T. atkins. J. Volk. D. Coney. D. Mitschelen. M. Hitson, B. Alexander. D. Bornniann, D. Handschu. D. . lbright. M. Battles. J. Scott. M. Jacobs. Sixth row: L. Wechter. B. Stales. B. Clark, J. Tovev. R. Kruk. D. Marshall. 51 Students Produce Movies for English The English department, includ- ing many new teachers, added a cre- ative writing course to the curricu- lum this year. The course, which held an enrollment of nine, showed students writing and film-making techniques. Senior English classes worked on movies, sets, and cardboard moun- tains for presentations while study- ing Greek Literature. Speech class students got extra practice by deliv- ering announcements over the PA system every morning. Journalism students learned the concepts of newspaper and yearbook writing and put them to use. SPEECH class skills aid Fred Mercer as he gives the morning announcements. ORIGINALITY PLAYS an important part in Mrs. Thomas ' senior English classes. Kim Hitchcock films Judy Medich and Teresa Kubley in their Greek movie. WAITING FOR their skit to begin, Mike Griffey, Jeff Schoppe, and Sharon Huffaker get into position. 52 1 Im- . ». MARI COOK winces as Hope Heemstra pierces her ears in a demonstration speech for sophomore English. I 4 THE QUIET ATMOSPHERE of the Hbrary proves relaxing as well as intellectually stimulating as Geoff Pangrac takes advantage of the facilities. 6 COMO ESTA USTED? Junior Rhonda Hill writes down the answers to Spanish questions such as this one in an oral test given in language lab. Social Studies Adds Course A new course joined the ranks of government classes offered to se- niors. Contemporary Society in- cluded a semester of U.S. govern- ment and a quarter each of econom- ics and sociology. Making movies, drawing charts, and doing reports were methods used in teaching Introduction to So- cial Studies. Students were made aware of different forms of govern- ment and our economic system. A TYPICAL GRADING SCALE from Mr. Neffs contemporary society class. L 54 » HONORS ABROAD Latin student Jill Daniels helps Mr. James Stebbins look for es- sential information in the department file boxes. Languages Bring Insight Third year French students cre- ated a small boutique where they displayed objects that would nor- mally be sold in a smaU French speciality shop. Besides the regular trips to the language lab for oral practice driUs and the routine classroom work of reciting, translating and writing, Spanish students put on colorfid skits and an exhibition. DAVE TEPE films an imaginary press conference in which Vicky Wolfe talks to re- porters Chris Halter and Sue Horvath about the Gross National Product. EXPLAINING HIS CHART of the stock market changes to Mr. Floyd Kuzan provides a challenge for freshman Greg Suiter. 55 Science Students Learn From Nature, X f? 1ft :h ' L 1 CAREFULLY dissecting a cat in Biology II, Bonnie Bastock examines one of the leg muscles of her specimen. NANCY Kennedy stretches to capture one more precious specimen for her but- terfly collection in Biology I. r The smell of formaldehyde, the observation of amoebas, and flying red rubber balls are all symbols of our world of science. New physics books helped Jack- son students understand principles of Pascal ' s and Newton ' s second law. Students studied centrifugal force by spinning around red rub- ber balls, and found the heat of fusion by melting ice cubes. Chemistry courses were cut back to six chemistry I classes. Students learned about the periodic chart, the traditional mole concept, and the gas laws. Biology II students kept polluted aquariums in class to observe the effects of chemical and thermo- poUution on the metabolism of fish. IN EARTH science Bob Overgaard and Bill Montgomery duplicate Eratosthenes ' experiment to find the earth ' s circum- ference using shadow angles. 56 Laboratories CRAIG MOORE clocks the metabolism of fish kept in polluted water. GARY ' ANHUFFEL. Carl Whitakor and Dennis Lynch work as a team in pn, ,.. proving to themselves the relationship between mass and acceleration. 57 Our World of Sports Baseballers Hustle to 1 0-1 3- 1 This was the year the amazing Mets won the World Series, and New Yorkers made heroes of them and their coach, Gil Hodges. Baseball fans in South Bend, however, had their excitement in mid-summer as veteran Leo Du- rocher and his Chicago Cubs led the National League for six months before fading in the final stretch. Such frustration is part of our world of sports, along the way from practice, to prowess, to pride. HEAD COACH Cuyler Miller (right) practices the relaxed technique of Chi- cago Cub manager Leo Durocher (above) . 58 f Season Under New Head Coach Miller CATCHER Tom Vogel waits for the ball, knowing that with this pitch another victory in a long season will be under the belt of the Tiger squad. Led by senior co-captains John Hummer and Dave Petty, the 1969 baseball team scored a 10-13-1 season record. During sectional play the team de- feated a tough Washington club 7-6 but bowed to NIVC conference foe St. Joe 10-0. Merle Carmichael, star pitcher, pitched 43 strikeouts for the sea- son high while junior George Miller led the homerun department with two. The team returned this season after losing five seniors. New coach Cuyler Miller believes the upcoming season promises to be a good one. For statistics and team picture, see page 151. . v .jf ' FIRST BASEMAN Dave Brooks watches for the tlirow to first and an out. HURLING THE BALL home. Merle Carmichael hopes for a no-hit game. 50 Track Men Place Fourth in City Meet The Jackson trackmen came out with a 4-4 dual meet season and placed second in a triangular meet with Concord and Goshen. Under the leadership of coach Harry Gan- ser, Jackson placed fourth in both the Northern Indiana Valley Confer- ence and All-City meets. Senior Greg Nail held the sea- son record for the 100-yard dash with 9.9 seconds. He also took the 220-vard dash with a time of 22.0 seconds flat. Another record-holder. Dean Reinke, ran the two-mile in the time of 10:09.1. The team returns this year after the loss of five seniors. Last year ' s team contained 14 award winners. For statistics and team picture see pages 146-147. CUTS, SCRAPES, AND BRUISES are a common occurrence to Tiger trackmen. Jeff Troeger winces as Andy Siri administers first aid. : - ■l TRACK COACH Harry Ganser relates statistics to student trainer Dan Stump. BRACED for the landing, Frank Miko completes a successful jump. 60 SPEEDSTER Craig Moore explodes from the starling block to gain the momentum needed to clear upcoming hurdles. READY for the last stretch, Rick Stal- dine takes off in the 140 relay. ONWARD to victory! Doug Palmer surges ahead (above) for a first place ribbon from Chris Widener (below). 61 Tennis Team Nets Best Season So Far Netting the best season in JHS history, the 1969 tennis team tallied a 3-9 record. Coach David Dunlap worked with the six team members throughout the summer months in preparation for the September schedule. The number one man, Gary Fos- ter paced the team during regular season play while junior Tom Ever- ly was Jackson ' s only sectional win- ner. AH but one starter will return next year. For statistics and team picture, see page 146. IN AN EFFORT to outplay his op- ponent, Dave Fischgnind returns the ball. COACH Dave Dunlap rations supplies to netmen Gary Foster and Tom Everly. NUMBER ONE starter Gary Foster STRUGGLING to up the score, Gary demonstrates his skill and agility. Midia smashes a volley over the net. 62 Reinke Paces Two-milers To Victory Under the direction of head coach Larry Morningstar, the 1969 cross country team compiled a season rec- ord of eight wins and four losses. Considered by many as one of the area ' s powerhouses, the team lost the running ability of captain Ken Reece. Reece suffered a back injury before the first meet and was out for the season. Junior Dean Reinke led this year ' s team with first place ribbons at the New Prairie Invitational and the city meet. Reinke also nabbed second place in the sectional run and eighth in regional competition. For statistics and team picture, see page 147. SPEED, stamina, and long legs are necessary for excellence in cross country. Junior Dean Reinke combines all three for a victory. 63 Tiger Squad Completes 4-4-1 Season. Pride was on the lips of every sports fan as the 1969 Jackson gridiron crew took to the field. After tieing the first game 6-6 with Riley, the Tiger team won their next three games and found them- selves tied with Marian for the num- ber-one spot in the Northern Indiana Valley Conference and once again o vners of the traditional wagon wheel with La Salle. Losing the next four games, the team ended the season by defeating North Liberty 32-0. For statistics and team picture, see page 149. ■1 r2 9 ■ 1 K ■ H K ■| -J 2J Ljl 1 %. 1 m m JK m ' 1 r ir T i 1 ■ w ■ ' ( 1 « s b K i SPRINTER Doug Palmer runs for good field position against North Liberty. FACING one of many tense moments in a football game are coaches Wally Gartee and Dale Rems. HALFBACK Frank Miko gets the need- ed distance for a first down. Miko rushed 240 yards this year for a 3.5 average. 64 SENIOR Pat Bartel discusses post-game highlights with teammates Bob Peterson and Bob Berta. DEFENSIVE COACH Steve Herczeg barks last minute details to the animal squad. 65 UNABLE TO EXECUTE a pass, quar- terback Rick Shidaker runs for a short gain against conference foe Clay. WELCOME BACK! Students created a human tunnel after a suspenseful half at the Riley game. WAITING for contact between player and ball is senior Greg Nail. 66 ' Animals ' Defeat La Salle To Capture Wagon Wheel DOUG PALMER sweeps left and takes advantage of his blockers to gain big yardage for the first down. COMPOSED of one part spirit, one part ability, and the rest pure guts is this year ' s Tiger team. BRUCE WANSTALL watches as Ken Fershin shouts encouragement to the team. jfr 7 t y-rg|l| ♦•?%» e 4. -J lit ' ' ' ' ' ' l l B V ' . Mf 67 Basketball Team Shows Improvement Co-captains Merle Carmichael and Brian T ' Kindt led the Tiger bas- ketball squad through a rough re- building year. The transfer of high scorer John Rosenbaum to Jackson barely helped head coach Bob Tay- lor ' s varsity squad through the 7-14 season, due to the lack of height and experience. Things improved, however, as we entered the sectional and defeated Argos, 63-55. The Tigers went on to the semi-final round, but were beaten by John Glenn. Five varsity players will return next year. f SENIOR STARTER Brian TKindt goes up for a quick two points against Bremen. WITH TENSE MOMENTS to go, Merle Carmichael leaps high for the rebound. SOPHOMORE Al Smith gets a drib- bling lead as Mark Sickmiller races to aid. JOHN ROSENBAUM and his opponent grapple for control of the ball. DEAN REINKE performs one of his manv maneuvers around a Bear block. ::n Cagers Get to Sectional Semi-finals PROTECTING the ball from his Snider opponent, senior Mark Sickmiller drives senior toward the basket for a shot. TIGER roundballers John Rosenbaum and Dean Reinke scramble for a loose ball with a Marian player. HOPING to calm down jittery Tigers, head coach Bob Taylor ventures a few steps onto the court to emphasize his point. IGNORING the futile effort of a Penn Kingsman, junior Dan Smith watches his two-pointer rip the nets. 70 JOHN ROSENBAUM nets two points in an airborne attempt to up the score. 71 THE TALENT and spirit of the team, led by the expert coaching of Mr. Dun- lap, brought about another undefeated BKIAN MICKOW receives congratula- tions and a second place medal while first place teammate Chris Jones watches. DESPITE a limited seating capacity, over one hundred students obtained tickets to back their team downstate. Tankers Dominate Sectional, 72 EARLY MORNING and after school practices pay off as Jackson edges ahead. MOMENTARILY air borne. Bill Dodd begins the individual medley. NIVC; Extend Dual Winning Streak to 3! CO-CAPTAIN Jim Oakley comes out of a turn for another lap of his 2(X)-yard specialty. He owns that school record and is a member of the state champion relay team. Winners of 31 consecutive dual meets over the last three seasons, the 1969-70 Tigerfish swam to Sec- tional and Conference titles and to third place in the state meet held at Ball State University in Februan. ' . The meet ' s highlight for most of the 100 Jackson fans who followed the team to Muncie was the final event, the 400-yard freestyle relay, which was won by the Tigerfish in a state record-breaking 3:21.4. Coached by Mr. Dave Dunlap, the 18 varsity swimmers worked out three hours a day. from October to February, and by the end of the sea- son had broken all but two school records. As expected, tlie rivalry with Ad- ams provided the most excitement. A dual meet was won by Jackson. 50 to 45; and in the City meet Adams came out ahead. 100 to 99.5. For team picture and records, see page 152. 73 Wrestlers Compile Winning Record as Starting the season with three straight losses, the wrestling team under Coach Dale Rems fought back and scored a 5-4-1 season rec- ord, for second place in the NIVC conference. Bob Shonkwiler, Jackson heavy- weight, starred throughout the sea- son and compiled a 24-1 record. Winning the sectional in his weight division, Bob advanced to Portage, Ind., for regional matches; pinned his first opponent, but fell in the final match. For statistics and team picture see page 148. MIKE MacHATTON awaits the ref- eree ' s decision on his takedown. A MARIAN MATMAN gets into a predicament and Tom DeShone gains two points. 74 ' Shonk ' Stars A CLIPPED CHIN for Mike Powers re- quires medical attention from Coach Rems. HEAVYWEIGHT Bob Shonkwiler is congratulated bv teammate Rick Smith. TRYING to gain control of the situation, Mike Powers drives for a take dov,-n. 75 Golfers Take Title; New Coach Named In their second year of competi- tion, the Jackson golf team com- piled a 13-1-2 season record for first place in the NIVC race. The crew started the season by winning six straight matches before tieing their next two with Marian and Clay. They then went on to win their remaining matches except one. Doug V ■ •erberg snatched the Junior City Championship for the second year while teammate Howie Bucher was medalist in the South Bend Jaycee tournament. Returning lettermen in 1970 had a new coach, Mr. Joe Kreitzman. CITY JUNIOR CHAMP Doug Vyver- berg chips out of a trap and onto the green. FORE! A Jackson golfer prepares to tee off in hopes of a victory. EYE ON THE B ALL, golfer Howie Bucher awaits the outcome of his putt. MIKE MEDICH uses a wood to drive his ball up the fairway towards the green. 76 RIFLE BUFFS practicing for regional competition are Kim Wiley. Kurt Stevens, Scott Denning, and Greg Drover. A GOLF LL had better be clean, reasons Mike Medich. just in case he has to look for it in the tall grass. Rifle Team In Regional Competition In addition to varsity sports at Jackson is the rifle team, open to both boys and girls. The marksmen, sponsored by the South Bend Recre- ation Department, participated in a state junior rifle match at Culver and then went into regional play at Michigan City. Feminine partici- pants were Shelley iley. Roberta Mortensen, and Linda Pore. SHARPSHOOTER Randy Nieter aims at a distant target. 77 NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN are familiar words of Swim Coach Miss Link as she gives advice to freshman Jean Kennedy at another rough and tiring swim practice. TO KEEP HER BODY in good shape, Pattie Boocher does the spread eagle on the mimi-tramp during after school GAA while her friends look on. Swim Team, JHS girls were involved in two competitive sports: swimming and volleyball. Under the direction of Coach Sandra Link and co-captains Becky Avrett and Debbie Lytle, the swim team completed another suc- cessful season. The girls were re- quired to swim 2800 yards a night and to attend Saturday practices as well as others during the week. For team picture and record, see page 129. GAA members again formed a volleyball team which played against others in the city. In addi- tion, they enjoyed such inter-squad sports as golf, basketball, and soft- ball. 78 GAA Offer Athletic Opportunities DISBELIEF AND DISAPPOINTMENT are registered on the faces of the girls ' swim team during a losing effort against John Adams. Final score: Adams 43 — Jackson 34. BRAVING tired fingers. Mari Cook en- gages in Saturday morning bowling. VARSITY divers Holly Heemstra and Patty O ' Brien work after school to per- fect quarter twist and layout dives. This is also our world. Our world of people. Important people. People that we see every day. Units of people grouped together for a com- mon cause. Student Council. Band. Swim Team. People tvorking. Working for Jackson High School. Our other world is full of people, too. VIPs. Neil Armstrong. Richard Nixon. The guy who owns the corner store. Teams of people with a com- mon purpose. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. United States Congress. United Nations. People working together for People. The most important product of our world. People. People to run our worlds of the future. This is Our World of People. MANY MEN from the outside world affect us in our daily lives. Some of these men are (top) South Bend Mayor Lloyd M. Allen, (upper right) President Richard M. Nixon, (above) Notre Dame coach Ara Parsegian, (middle right) Vice-president Spiro T. Agnew, and (right) John Lindsay, mayor of New York. 80 This is also our world. Our world of people. Important people. People that we see every day. Units of people grouped together for a com- mon cause. Student Council. Band. Swim Team. People ivorking. Working for Jackson High School. Our other world is full of people, too. VIPs. Neil Armstrong. Richard Nixon. The guy who owns the corner store. Teams of people ivith a com- mon purpose. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. United States Congress. United Nations. People working together for People. The most important product of our world. People. People to run our worlds of the future. This is Our World of People. OUR WORLD IN 80 n n r n I T I MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES ARE: seated, J. Chester Allen, Mort Linder, Dr. Gladys Frith, stand- ing: Paul Ivankovig, Howard Goodhew, John Wagner. The death of Louis V. Bruggner left a vacancy which had not been filled in March. Donald Dake Made Head Of SBCSC Heading the South Bend Com- munity School Corporation is Don- ald A. Dake. Formerly Assistant Superintendent in charge of Instruc- tion, Mr. Dake took over as head of the system in June 1969. when Dr. Charles Holt left to become super- intendent in the Proviso Township (111.) school system. The School Board met regularly on alternate Mondays to discuss such issues as human relations and building repairs. All executive of- fices are now housed in the Edu- cation Center located at 635 S. Main St. The building was a gift from the Studebaker Corp. SUPERINTENDENT Donald A. Dake was honored by being asked to speak at the convention of the American Association of School Administrators in Atlantic Citv. 81 ' — MR. JAMES L. EARLY, head adminis- trator, decides on Jackson school poli- cies and presides over staff meetings. Fifteen New Under the leadership of principal James L. Early, the teaching staff of Jackson High School again returned to the task of educating local stu- dents. Sixty-four teachers went to work at this enormous task. Mr. Everett Holmgren returned as head coimselor after a year ' s ab- sence. Mr. Holmgren had spent a year studying under a fellowship at the University of Florida at Gainesville. Due to the losses of Mr. William Madden, Mr. Thomas Meilstrup, and Mrs. Elaine Schenck, Mrs. Lois Glaus took over as head of the En- glish department, Mr. Guyler Miller became physical education depart- ment head, and Mrs. Mary Van De Genahte headed the business de- partment. During the Up With People as- sembly, the faculty demonstrated their leadership abilities. MR. CHARLES WELCH, assistant prin- cipal, is in charge of student activities. HEAD COUNSELOR Mr. EvereU Holm- gren helps students plan schedules. 82 SYLVIA KERCHER . . . B.S., M.S. Indiana . . . Guidance . . . also a registered nurse . . . involved in many civic ac- tivities . . . enjoys reading and music. LELAND WELDY . . . B.S. Goshen College, M.S. Indiana . . . Guidance . . . National honor society adviser . . . summer activities include golf and gardening. EVE ARNETT . . . B.S. University of Cincinnati . . . School nurse . . . was a public health nurse . . . traveled East to Gettysburg and Williamsburg last summer. DOROTHY ALLEN . . . B.A. Earlham, M.A. Notre Dame . . . Geometry, Algebra-Trigonometry . . . was a research engineer for the Philco Corporation. FRANK AMUSSEN . . . B.S. Utah State, M.S. Notre Dame . . . Band . . . collects match book covers . . . would like to direct a symphony orchestra. WILLIAM BALDWIN . . . B.S., M.S. Indiana State . . . Power mechanics . . . spends summer building and de- signing homes . . . also builds and sells dune buggies. Teachers Add Talents to Jackson Staff JOANNE BENDALL . . . B.S., M.S. Purdue . . . Clothing . . . Collects antique glassware . . . judges 4-H Fair clothing exhibits . . . commutes from Rochester. LEON BENDIT . . . B.S.. M.A. Indiana . . . Algebra, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Calculus . . . Board of control, Adm. Council . . . enjoys sailing and sports. ALFRED BIAS . . . B.S. Tennessee State, M.S. Indiana . . . U.S. history . . . assistant football coach . . . during summer coaches Little League baseball. DENNIS BODLE . . . B.S., M.A. Ball State . . . Industrial Cooperative Training coordinator . . . ICA sponsor . . . spends half day at Clay . . . enjoys golf. MARY LOU BREWER . . . B.S. Indiana . . . Shorthand. Notehand-typing . . . served 18 months overseas as a WAC . . . enjoys swimming, boating. MARGARET BUTTERWORTH . . . B.A. Rockford. M A. University of Filosofia y Letras Ld e Mexico . . . Spanish, Spanish Club sponsor . . . enjoys water sports. LOIS CLAUS . . . B.S. Northwestern. M.A. Notre Dame . . . English, Journalism . . . yearbook, newspaper adviser . . . writes for South Bend Tribune magazine section. JOHN CLAYTON . . . B.S., M.S. Indiana . . . Physics, Earth science . . . ticket manager . . . gives lecture series on scientific proof of existence of God. LLOYD CONRAD . . . B.A. Goshen College. M.S. Indiana . . . Elementary .Algebra. Geometry . . . during summer does interior and exterior painting and travels. TOM DESHONE . . . B.M.E.. M.A. Northwestern . . . Band . . . Pep band . . . would like the Jackson band to be the first on the moon. BERNICE DEVRIES . . . B.S. Indiana . . . .Accounting. T)-ping . . . likes to raise flowers and arrange floral bou- quets . . . sings in the church choir. KAY DOHERT ' . . . B.S. University of Oregon ... En- glish . . . Social Service club sponsor . . . traveled in Europe for a year. 83 SECRETARIES: Mary Staszewski, main office: Gcorgiana Buehrer, counselors ' office; Mary Widner, attendance; Char- lotte Mii el, main office; and Peggy Scott, bookstore. DAVID DUNLAF . . . B.S. Indiana . . . Government So- ciology . . . swim, tennis coacii . . . was a meter reader for I M Electric company for seven years. DALE EMMONS . . . B.S. Indiana State . . . Machine Processes . . . stage manager, concessions . . . goes by the nam ' Woody . . . during the summer drives trucks. HENRY FORD . . . I5.S., M.S. Indiana State . . . Note- hand, Typing . . . has traveled in twelve countries . . . owns woods in Parke County, Indiana. PATRICIA FORHAN . . . B.A. Ihsuline College ... En- glish . . . Social .Service Club sponsor . . . has traveled in six European countries . . . got married last summer. STEPHEN FREEMAN . . . B.S., M.S. Purdue . . . Bio- physical .Science, Chemistry . . . has children at Jackson . . . enjoys gardening and auto-mechanics. HARRY GANSER . . . B.S., M.A. Ball State . . . Woods, Graphic Arts . . . assistant football coach . . . was once a pots and pans salesman . . . built his own home. WALLY GARTEE . . . B.S., M.A., Rail .State . . . Drafting . . . head football coach . . . won .second prize in Beautiful Baby Contest in 9M.. ROBERT HARKE . . . B.S. Purdue . . . Biology, Bio- Physical Science . . . received a grant to study at Northern Arizona University two summers ago . . . enjoys gardening. GENEVIEVE HARRIS . . . B.A. Bethany . . . English . . . husband is a Lutheran minister . . . was a cheerleader and valedictorian in high school. MARCELI.A IIARTMAN . . . B.A. Indiana, M.A. Notre Dame . . . French . . . Sophomore Class .sponsor . . . French Club .sponsor . . . entered college at the age of fifteen. STEVE HERCZEG . . . A.B., M.A. Ball State . . . Intro- duction to Social Studies . . . assistant football coach . . . during summer coaches Little League haseball. ROSALIND HOOVER . . . B.S. Ball State . . . Librarian . . . Library Assistants ' sponsor . . . has lived in eight states . . . enjoys camping and fishing. THOMAS HOYER . . . B.S., M.S. Notre Dame . . . U.S. History . . . claims the greatest moment of his life was being told he was needed at Jack.son High. EUGENE HUDSON . . . B.S. Indiana, M.A. Notre Dame . . . Plane (Jeometry, Algebra-Trigonometry . . . Junior Class sponsor . . . during summer is instructor at I USB. CAROLYN JUDD . . . B.S. Franklin, M.S. Indiana . . . Physical Education . . . enjoys reading . . . has taught swimming . . . once worked as a dental assistant. 84 ROGER KA ' nKHHKINHICM . . . R.S. Hall State . . . DislriFiiilivc Kdiifalion . . . i-njoy» (folf . . . br- ' ,ami- a n«-w father wli ' Ti Ills Kori was horn Nov. 30, 1%9. JOHN H, R. KAIJSS . . . B.S. Indiana , . . Knj li).h, Drama . . . collects itcniH from the twenticH anri thirtif« . . . only man in the Kn flish department. JOHN KOKI.I.NKR . . . H.S., M.A.T. Notre Dame . . . ( herniHtry ... in charfre of exlrarurrieular science activi- ties . . . in»tallH TV ' s at Memorial Hospital part time. Faculty Goes to School During Summer HAROLD KO ' ITI.OW.SKI . . . R.M., .Vl.M, Rutler . . . Orchestra . . . also leaches Jr. Hi h ( )reheslra . . . has six birds . . . hohhy is playing; in slrin;. ' quartets. JO.SKPH KRKI ' IZ.MAN . . . A.I5. Hanover, .M..S. Indiana . . . Business Relations, Introduction to Business ... as- sist;] nl h. ' iski ' lhall coach, (. ' oif coach . . . likes to fish. FI,f)YD KIjZAN . . . U.S. Indiana, M.A. .Notre Dame . . . Introduction to Social Studies . . . A-V coordinator . . . old car buff who recently acquired a Model-A Ford. JOSKI ' H I.AIRKR . . . B.S. Notre Dame . M.S. Indiana . . . Health . . . liohhy is savin;; silver coins . . . wife and two fjauplilers ail have the same birthday. ANITA l-ANDRY . . . B.S. Illinois State, M.A. Ball State . . . Family Living ' . . . has done 4H jud in ' . . . enjoys travel and just relaxing . . . active in AAI ' W. SANDRA LINK . . . B.S. Indiana . . . Physical lucalio . . . girls ' swim coach. AA co-sponsfjr . . . s -cret ambi- tion is to participate in ihi- Olympics. SARA LOOS . . . B.A. Wisconsin Stale . . . Art, Creative Crafts . . . cheerlearler sponsor . . . once worked as a win- dow dresser . . . enjovs swirnminp. skiinp. anfl tennis. JANF LIJKF . . . A.B. Stephens College, M.A. Ball .State . . . Librarian . . . loves to travel ... is waiting for the invention of a legal money-rnakinp machine. CAROLYNF MCKIM.FY . . . B.A. Nazareth College . . . F nglish . . . was a cum laude graduate from college . . . likes to cook . . . enjoys refinishing and antiquing furniture. DANILL MII.I.FR . . . B.S, Wittenberg. MA. Noir.- Dame . . . Vocal .Mu ' -ic . . . Choralier-. Glee Club . . . director of music at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. L. CL ' YLFR MII.I.FR . . . B.S.. M.A. Western Michigan . . . Physical F iucation . . . frosh basketball and varsity ba.seball coach . . . spends summer swimming and playing Softball. DIANF MLSK . . . B.S. Western Illinois . . . L. S. His- tory . . . Senior f Ja- -.ponsor . . . refinishe furniture . . . would liki- to be the fir t female president. LARRY MORNINGSTAR . . . B.S., M.A. Notre Dame . . . Elementary Algebra, Algebra-Trigonometry . . . cross country coach . . . won full scholarship to Notre Dame. SrSAN NAI ' S . . . A.B. Miami of Ohio . . . English . . . fjooster Club sponsor . . . enjoys sewing . . . would like someone to invent a yard that rakes its -lf. ROLLO NEFF . . . A.B. Manchester. M„S. Indiana . . . Government-Sociology, Contemporary Society . . . Sludrnl Council adviser . . . enjoys travel and fishing. 85 J % A FA YE NELSON . . . B.S. Ball State . . . English, Creative Writing, Speech . . . spent one afternoon with several famous writers, including John F. Kenncdv- VICTOR PAPAI . . . B.S. Indiana State. M.A. Indiana . . . Introduction to Social Studies, U.S. History . . . likes to camp, piav tennis, and softball. PATRICIA PERSHING . . . B.S. Indiana State . . . Foods . . . teaches half days . . . collects pencils . . . en- joys decorating home . . . husband is also a teacher. JAMES PETERSON . . . B.S. Indiana . . . Elementary Algebra. Plane Geometry . . . summer activities include attending school and plaving golf. DALE REMS . . . R.S. ' Purdue, M.S. Indiana . . . H.S. Arithmetic, Business Math . . . wrestling coach, assistant football coach . . . cnjovs all sports. BARBARA RHOADARMER . . . B.A. San Francisco State College . . . German . . . German Club sponsor . . . very interested in art . . . likes to bicycle and hike. ELAINE SCHENCK . . . B.S., M.S. Indiana ... Co- operative Office Education . . . during summer attended conferences at Indiana University and Ball State . . . en- joys bridge. FRANCES SMITH . . . B.S. Indiana, M.A.T. Notre Dame . . . English . . . once taught dancing . . . has a cat named Alvin . . . has traveled through South and Central America. ROBERT SMITH . . .B.S. Notre Dame. M.S. Indiana . . . Biology . . . head of science department . . . active in Boy Scouts . . . enjoys fishing and other sports. STEVEN SMITH . . . B.A. University of Evansville . . . Physical Education . . . assistant swim coach, intramural director . . . has worked as a bartender. PATRICIA STAHLY . . . B.A. Purdue . . . French, En- glish . . . French Club sponsor . . . lived in France for ten months . . claims her hobby is doing weird exercises. JAMES STERRINS . . . A.B.. M.A. Indiana . . . Latin . . . Latin Club Sponsor . . . this summer will serve as a spon- sor for Latin Honors Abroad. ROBERT TAYLOR . . . B.S. Ball State. M.A. Notre Dame . . . Health . . . head basketball coach . . . teaches Drivers Ed in summer . . . enjoys reading and sports. ROBERT THOMAS . . . B.F.A. Indiana, M.A. Notre Dame . . Art . . . during summer works in his art studio . . . collects unusual posters. STELLA THOMAS . . . A.B. Mount Union College, M.A.T. Notre Dame . . . English . . . using ancestral recipes concocts delectable Greek pastries. MARY VAN DE GENAHTE . . . B.S.. M.S. Indiana . . . Office Training. Introduction to Data Processing . . . Future Secretaries sponsor . . . enjoys hand crafts. GERALD VAN LAECKE . . . B.S. Ball State . . . Elec- tronics . . . has traveled throughout U.S., Canada, and Mexico . . . enjoys skiing, boating, and golf. SAM WEGNER . . . B.S. Northwestern. M.S. Indiana . . . World History . . . Athletic Director . . . likes to travel . . . looks forward to weekends, holidays, and Dyngus Day. 86 NIGHT CUSTODIANS: Joseph Freitag, Richard Overmyer, Kenneth Barber, Lester Ellis, Raymond Brenneman (not pictured). Custodians, Cooks Keep JHS Running Arriving early in the morning and leaving late at night, the cus- todial and kitchen staffs are an inte- gral part of our world. The custodians, headed by Mr. John Papp, not only sweep the halls after each period, empty waste- baskets, and wax the floors when- ever they need it, hut also offer friendly advice and a warm smile to passing students. The night shift takes care of maintenance problems during the night. The cooks, headed by Mrs. Ei- leen Stevens, prepare daily meals for hungry Jacksonites, while Mrs. Amelia Solomon takes care of laundry duty. DAY CUSTODIAL STAFF: Ed Zie- linski, Robert Strong, Louise Wynn f matron), Oscar Brandenburg, John Papp. LAUNDRESS Amelia Solomon repairs uniforms and towels used by gym classes. PLANNING menus and supervising the cafeteria staff is Mrs. Eileen Stevens (left). COOKS. Frnnt Row: Jane Vandcwalle. Sarah Feldman. Maribcl Thornton. Cecilia Kirkley. Toshiko Wolff. Second Row: Dorothy Biggs. LuVcda Tollar, Joan Dillon, Molly Mastagh. Jo Peters. Ruth Hess. Third Rmv: Donna Mendenhall. Joan Racine, Mary Thomas, Sara Sprague, Bea Medich. Jane Slater. Lill CampbeU. 87 Class of ' 70 Awaits Caps and Gowns, ADAMS, MICHAEL— Debate 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Science Club 1; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory ALBRIGHT, DAN— Track 1; Band 1,2; COURSE: General ANDERSON, DALE— Tennis 2; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Thespians 2.3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 2.3,4; Stu- dent Council 2; NHS 4; J.B. 3; Skin Of Our Teeth 3; Man Who Came To Dinner 1; Crucible 2; COURSE: College Preparatory ANDERSON, KAREN— Booster Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; German Club 1,2; GAA 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory ANDERT, GARY— Track 1; Booster Club 1; Drama Club 2; DEC A 4; Oliver 2; COURSE: General ATKINSON, MICHAEL— COURSE: College Preparatory AVRETT, MARY BETH— Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2; GAA 1,2; Basketball Homecoming Court 2; Ju- nior Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory AXELBERG, ROBERT— Wrestling 2,3,4; Track 2,4; COURSE: College Preparatory BAILEY, BRENT— COURSE: College Preparatory BANEY, JON— Wrestling 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory BARNABY, JAMES— DECA 4; Junior Achievement 2,3; COURSE: General BARTELL, PATRICK— Football 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; Baseball 1,2,4; COURSE: General BASHOVER, ANNE— Old Hickory 1; Tutoring 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 2.3; French Club 4; Student Council 3; Ushers Club 2,3; Human Relations Club 4; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory BASTOCK, BONITA— Booster Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 4; Ushers Club 2,3; Junior Achievement 3; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory BATTEN, DAVID— DECA President 4; COURSE: General BAYMAN, JEFFERY— Track 1,2; Rifle Club 2; Orches- tra 2,3,4; Band 1,2.3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Course: College Preparatory BECK, THOMAS— Golf 2; President of Achievers As- sociation 4; COURSE: College Preparatory BEHNKE, GARY— DECA 4; Audio Visual 1,2; COURSE: General 88 Diplomas High Leaving their world at Jackson School, seniors enter new worlds of college, business, and homemaking. But they can look back to this world with pride — Senior Pride. The Class of ' 70 left behind it many new traditions. Bob Shonk- wiler was crowned first Homecom- ing King, along with Queen Shelley Wiley. A large anchor will serve as a trophy for the winner of each coming Riley-Jackson basketball game. And many classmates de- voted their Veterans Day vacation to the first co-ed football game. CLASS OF ' 70 officers planned the seniors ' A Time To Remember prom. From left are President Greg Drover, Secretary Debbie Pierce, Treasurer Chuck Poczik, Social Chairman Vicki Porman, and Vice-president Bruce DeBoskey. BELLA, KATHLEEN— Band L2.3.4; French Club 2; Social Ser ice Club 2.3.4, Vice-president 4. President 3; Junior Achievement 2; NHS 3,4; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory BERRY. JERRY— Basketball L2; Baseball 3,4; COURSE: General BLAKE. LARRY— DECA 4; COURSE: General BLOSSER. RONALD— Swimming 1,2,3; Ushers Club 1,2,3.4; COURSE: General BOERSEMA. TERRY— Booster Club 1.2.3; Ushers Club 4; 4-H 1; COURSE: College Preparatory BRADBERRY. MARCIA— Booster Club; VICA 4; Audio Visual 1,2.3; COURSE: College Preparator)- BRADBERRY. SANDRA— Booster Club 1.2.3: COE 4; Future Secretaries 3: Office . ssistants 3; . udio Visual 1,2.3; COURSE: Business BRANDT. SHERI AN— Booster Club 1.2.3; VICA 4; Fu- ture Secretaries 3; Office Assistants 3; .■Vudio Visual 1.2.3: COURSE: Business BRATCHER. DENNIS— Swimming 3,4; Booster Club 4; Human Relations Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory BREZA. KATHLEEN— French Club 1,2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory BROOKS. LYLE— Rifle Club 2; Booster Club U.3; Latin Club 1,4; Science Club 1; COURSE: CoUege Pre- paratory BROW.N. ANN— Booster Club Drama Club 1,2,3.4: Thespians 2.3.4. Secretary 4; French Club 1.2.3. President 2. Secretary 3; Student Council 1; NHS 3.4, Secretary 4; Miracle Worker 1: Oliyer 2; J.B. ' 3; Skin Of Our Teeth 3: Enchanted 4; Junior Prom Princess 3; Homecoming Court 4; COURSE: College Preparatory 89 BRUINGTON, RONALD— Football 1,2; WresUing 1,2,3; VIC A 4; COURSE: General BUCHER, HOWARD— Golf 3,4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory BUCKNER, SHARON— Booster Club 1,2; French Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 2; Ushers Club 2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory BURTON, JAMES— Tennis 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4 Spanish Club 1; The Man Who Came To Dinner 1 The Crucible 2; J.B. 3; The Skin Of Our Teeth ' 3; COURSE: College Preparatory CALLANTINE, DOUGLAS— F o o t b a 1 1 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Y-Teens 2,3; Class Treasurer 1; Class President 3; COURSE: College Preparatory CAMPANARO, L U I S— Football 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: Business CANTWELL, DAVID— WresUing 1; Latin Club 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory CARMICHAEL, MERLE— Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory CASSIDY, PATRICIA— Booster Club 4; Social Service Club 3,4, Secretary -Treasurer 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory Three Are National Merit Finalists CELIK, MEHMET— Football 4; Booster Club 4; Glee Club 4; NHS 4; AFS Student from Turkey; COURSE: General CHRZAN, LAWRENCE— COURSE: Business CIRA, MICHAEL— Wrestling 2,3; Golf 2,3; Swimming 2,3; Cross Country 3; Booster Club 2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; COURSE: Business CLARK, KATHY— COURSE: Business CLAUS, STEPHEN— Swimming 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; Old Hickory 4; Track 2,4; COURSE: College Preparatory CLEMENS, RICHARD— Golf 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3; French Club 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory COLTEN, VI RGINIA— Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Thespians Treasurer 4; Tutoring 1; Orches- tra 1,2,3; French Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 3; Latin Club 3,4; Latin Honor Society 2,3,4; Student Council 2; Sci- ence Club 2; Junior Achievement 4; Human Relations Club 4; NHS 3,4; Oliver 2; Skin Of Our Teeth 3; The Enchanted 4; Babes In Arms 4; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory COMBS, MELODY— Booster Club 1,2; DECA 3,4, Trea- surer 3; German Club 2; Social Service Club 1,2; COURSE : College Preparatory CONDRA, RICHARD— Football 3; Track 2; Booster Club 2,3; DECA 4; Ushers Club 2; COURSE: College Preparatory 90 COOPER, JANET— Booster Club 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Human Relations Club 4; HS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory COPELAND, LEONARD— Track 1.2; Rifle Club 2: Booster Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Band 1,2.3,4; Pep Band 1; German Club 2; Audio Visual 1.2,4; Junior -Achievement 4; COURSE: College Preparatory- COPELAND, LOREN— Football 1; Basketball Manager 1; Glee Club 1,2.3,4; Band 1,2.3,4; German Club 2; Audio Visual 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory GRAIN, KEVEN— VICA 4; 4-H 1.2; COURSE: Trade CRANMER, KATHLEEN— Booster Club 1,3; Old Hickory 1; French Club 3; Human Relations Club 4; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory CRIDER, BRIAN— Rifle Club 2,3; DECA 4; COURSE: General CROFOOT, KYLE— Football 1; Swimming 3; Booster Club 3,4; Band 1,2,3; German Club 2; Student Council 3; COURSE: College Preparatory CROWEL. BARBARA— Booster Club 2.4: Jacksonian 3,4; Band 1.2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory CRUICKSHANK, TERRY— Booster Club 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory CUKROWICZ, DANIEL— Football 1.2,3; X restling 1,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; COURSE: College Prepara- tory DANIELS, JILL— Band 1.2.3; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Presi- dent 4; Latin Honors Abroad Program 3; GA.A 1,2; Human Relations Club 4; NHS 3,4; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory DANIELS, VIVIAN— Booster Club 2; Tutoring 2. Glee Club 1; Band 1,2; Spanish 2,3,4; Student Council 1; Science Club 1; G. .Ai 2: Junior Achieyement 2,4: 4-H 1; COURSE: College Preparator) ' DARE, DAVID— Bowling Team 1; VICA 4; Glee Club 1; Audio Visual 1.2.3,4; COURSE: Commercial DEBOSKEY, BRUCt-Debate 1; Football 1.2.3; Dance Band 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1.2: Student Council 1,2; Human Relations President 4: NHS 4: Skin Of Our Teeth 3; Class President 1; Class Vice President 4; COURSE: College Preparatory DECROES, ELIZABETH— Drama Club 1.2.4: President 4; Thespians 2.3.4. Secretary 3. President 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; French Club 1.2; Student Council 1: NHS 3.4: Miracle Worker 1; Crucible 2; Oliyer 2; J.B. 3: Skin Of Our Teeth 3; Enchanted 4; Babes In Arms 4; COURSE: College Preparatory DENL EGD. MARK— Football 1.3; Track 1: Booster Club 3; Baseball 2.3.4: COURSE: College Preparatory DEWACHTER. GARY— Football 3: Track 3: Rifle Club 3; Booster Club 1.2: Audio Visual 4; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory DITS. PAUL — National Merit Letter of Commendation; COURSE: General DOBBS. JOHN— Football 1; Booster Club 4: BasebaU 1: Band 1 ; COURSE : College Preparatory DOWNEY. K. THLEEN— DECA 4; Latin Club 1; Ushers Club 1; GAA 1: COURSE: College Preparatory DRAKE. JACK— Jacksonian Old Hickory 2.3.4: Quill Scroll 4; COURSE: College Preparatory 91 SENIORS INITIATED an autumn tradition with a Veterans Day co-ed football game. Planned touch tackling often gave way to livelier defense plays. Seniors Enjoy Co-ed Football Games DROVER, GREGORY— Football 3; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Booster Club 2,3; Student Council 3; Science Club 1; Audio Visual 1,2; 4-H 3,4; NHS 3,4; Class Vice-president 3; Class President 4; COURSE: College Preparatory DYLEJKO, PATRICIA— Booster Club 4; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 1; GAA 1; COURSE: College Preparatory ELBERT, ROBERT— Bowling Team 2,3,4; VICA 4; Sci- ence Club 1,2,3,4; 4-H 1,2,3,4; COURSE: General ELLIOT, MARK— Track 1; Booster Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory ENYART, MICHAEL-Wrestling 1; Band 1,2,3,4; Audio Visual 1,2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory ETTL, BARBARA— Swimming 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Student Council 2; GAA 1,2,3; COURSE: College Pre- paratory EWALD. WILLIAM— Orchestra 2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory EWING, LEE— Wrestling 1; COURSE: Trade FAWLEY, TERRY— Booster Club 1,2,3; Junior Achieve- ment 3; COURSE: College Preparatory 92 FERBER, JEFFREY— FootbaU 1; DECA Treasurer 4; COURSE: College Preparatory FISHER, DANNY— Wrestling 1,2,3; VICA 4; COURSE: General FLAHERTY, WILLIAM— Booster Club 1,2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory FLOYD, PAMELA— Swimming 1,2; French Club 4; GAA 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory FOSTER, GARY— Track 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3 ; Booster Club 1,2,3 ; Spanish Club 2 ; Student Council 1,2,3; 4-H 1; Y-Teens 1; COURSE: College Preparatory FOZO, CINDY— Future Secretaries 4; COURSE: College Preparatory FREEL, VICKI— Booster Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 2; COURSE: College Preparatory FRICK, RONALD— Booster Club 1.2.3; Junior Achieve- ment 3; COURSE: College Preparatory- GALLEGOS, JUAN— Audio Visual 2,3,4; COURSE: General GARRETT, ROBERT— Football 1: Wrestling 2: Track 1,2; VICA President 4; Spanish Club 1; COURSE: Business GERAGHTY, JOHN— Basketball 1; VICA 4; COURSE: Business GERBETH, ROXANNE— Spanish Club 2.3.4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science Club 1; G. A 1.2; Human Relations Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory GERENCSER, JANET— Tutoring 2; French Club 2; Fu- ture Secretaries 4; Office Assistant 4; Social Senice Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Secretary 4; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory GEYER, PATRICIA— Drama Club 1; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory GIZEWSKI. LINDA— Booster Club 2; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory GOODSPEED, AL RY— Old Hickory 1; Tutoring 2; Band 1.2.3; Social Service Club 1.2.3, Secretar)- 3; COURSE: College Preparatory GOSTOLA. THOMAS— Swimming 1.2; Library Club 2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory GRAYDEN, GLORIA— Office Assistant 4; Science Club 1; Social Service Club 1; COURSE: College Preparatory GRENERT. LINDA— Jacksonian 3,4; Old Hickory 2,3; Tutoring 2; German Club 1; GAA 1,2; Y-Teens 4; COURSE: General GRIFFIS. THOAL S— Band 1.2; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory GROSSNICKLE. LINDA— Old Hickory 3; Drama Club 2; Tutoring 1; Choraliars 3.4; Glee Ciub; Span- ish Club 2.3: GAA 1; NHS 3,4; Oliver 2; COURSE: College Preparatory 93 Seniors Fill Out College Applications GROVES, KAREN— Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Old Hickory, 4; French Club 1,2,4; Office Assistant 2,3; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory HAGENBUSH, ROBERT— F o o t b a 1 1 1,2; VICA 4; COURSE: Business HAMILTON, DOUGLAS— Football 1,2,3; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory HAMMOND, RICK— Booster Club 1,2,3; Jacksonian 3,4; Old Hickory 2,3; Drama Club 4; Thespians 4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Junior Achievement 3,4; The Enchanted 4; Babes In Arms 4; COURSE: College Preparatory HANSON, DANIEL— Library Club 3,4; Audio Visual 2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory HANYZEWSKI, TIMOTHY— Football 1,2; Track 2; DECA Vice President 4; Library Club 2; Audio Visual 1,2,3,4; COURSE: General HAUCK, DEWAYNE— Football 1,2,3; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3; COURSE: General HAZLITT, SCOTT— Football 1; Student Council 4; Ju- nior Achievement 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory HEEMSTRA, HOLLY— Swimming 1,2,3,4; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Cheerleading 1,3,4; Old Hickory 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4, Secretary 4; GAA 1,2; NHS 3,4; Class Secretary 2; Basketball Court 2; Junior Prom Court 3; Football Homecoming Queen 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory HELLER, LISA— Booster Club 1,2,3,4, President 4; Cheerleading 1,2,3,4, Captain 4; French Club 1,2, Vice President 2; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory HEMINGER, GAII Booster Club 1,2; Social Service Club 1,2; Glee Club 1; COURSE: College Preparatory HEPLER, MARCI A— Booster Club 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2; Latin Club 3,4; Social Service Club 4; Oliver 2; COURSE: College Preparatory HERTEL, DANNY— Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1,2; Junior Achievement 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory HESTON, BEVERLY— COE 4; Future Secretaries 3,4, President 4; COURSE: Business HEWITT, SCOTT— Old Hickory 1; Spanish Club 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory HOFFER, ROBERT— Track 1,2; DECA 4; COURSE: College Preparatory HOLLIS, ROBERT— COURSE: General HOPEWELL, NANCY— Swimming 1,2; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2; VICA 4; Social Service Club 1; Junior Achievement 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory 94 HUGHES, VICTORIA— Booster Club 1.2,3,4; Old Hickory 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Drama Club 2.3,4; Thes- pians 2,3,4, Treasurer 2,3; French Club 1; Latin Club 3; Office Assistants 4; NHS 4; Oliver Student Director 2; COURSE: College Preparatory HUGUENARD, CATHERINE— Booster Club 2,3,4; Dra- ma Club 1,2,3,4; Thespians 4; Tutoring 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 1; Social Ser% ' ice Club 1.2; NHS 3,4; J.B. 3; Skin Of Our Teeth 3; The Enchanted 4; COURSE: College Preparatory HUNNEWINKEL, ELIZABETH— Drama Club 3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Future Secretaries 4; COURSE: General HUNTER, BRIAN— B o w I i n g Team 1.2; DECA 4; COURSE: General HUSVAR, FLOYD— Basketball 1,2,3; Bowling Team 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory- JONES. KRISTINA— Swimming 1.2,3; Booster Club 3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4; COURSE: College Preparator) JUDAY, CRAIG— Basketball 1,2,3,4; BasebaU 1,2.3,4; Bowling Team 2,3,4; Booster Club 4; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory KAREGEANNES, CHRIS— Football 2; Track U; Glee Club 1,2; Library- Club President 2; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory KASE, PEGGY— Booster Club 3,4; Ushers Club 2,3; GAA 1; COURSE: College Preparator ' KIEFER, LINDA— Tutoring 2; Social Ser -ice Club 2; Junior Achievement 4; Human Relations Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory KINNER, JULIA— Booster Club 3; DECA 4; NHS 3,4; Junior Prom Court 3; Football Homecoming Court 4; COURSE: General KINNEY, ROBERT— Tennis 3; Rifle Club 3; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory KIRKWOOD. RONN— Wrestling 2; Cross Country- 3; Booster Club 3,4; Old Hickon,- 4; Quill Scroll 4; Drama Club 1,2; Band 1; Student Council 2,3; Human Relations Club 4; Man Who Came To Dinner 1; Class President 2; COURSE: College Preparatorv KLAMPFER, MADELINE— Booster Club 2,3; COE Treasurer 4; COURSE: Business KOCH, SANDRA— COURSE: General KOHEN. CELI ANNE— Booster Club French Club 1,2,3, Vice President 3; NHS 4; Miracle Worker 1; COURSE: College Preparatorv KOHRN. STANTEY— Old Hickory 4; Debate 2,3; French Club 1.2.3: Chemistry Lab Assistant 4; Science Club 1; NHS 3.4. President 4: National Merit Scholar- ship Finalist 4; COURSE: College Preparatorv KOONTZ. TERRI— Booster Club 4; Drama Club 2; GAA 2: COURSE: Business KR. MER. SUSAN— Booster Club 1.2,3,4; Student Coun- cil 1; GAA 1; Human Relations Club 4: COURSE: General KRAWCZ K. RICHARD— COURSE: General KUBLEY. TERES. — Booster Club 1; Jacksonian 3,4; Old Hickorv 1.3; French Club 1: Office Assistants 4; So- cial Ser ice Club 1.2; NHS 4: COURSE: CoUege Pre- paratory 95 KURZHAL, THOMAS— Basketball 1,2; Audio Visual 1,2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory LAFREE, MARILYN— Tutoring 1,4; Spanish Club 1,2, 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, President 3; Social Service Club 3,4; Human Relations Club 4; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory LEHNER, SUSAN— Swimming 1,2,3; Booster Club 1,2, 3,4, Vice-President 4; Old Hickory 1; Drama Club 1,2; Tutoring 1; German Club 1; Student Council 2,4; GAA 1,2; Junior Achievement 3,4, President 4; Human Re- lations Club 4; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory LELLO, CURTIS— Football 1; DECA 4; Baseball 1; COURSE: Business LESHER, ROBERT— Football 1; Basketball 1; Booster Club 2; VICA 4; COURSE: College Preparatory LEWIS, MARTHA— Band 1,2,4; Pep Band 1; Science Club 1; 4-H 3; Y-Teens 1,2; COURSE: College Pre- paratory Class of ' 70 Sells ' Jackson Pride ' LICHTENBARGER, RUTH— Drama Club 3; Office As- sistants 2,3; Library Club 1,2,3; 4-H 1,2,3,4; Social Ser- vice Club 2,3; GAA 2,3; Y-Teens 2,3; COURSE: Com- mercial LIES, LAWRENCE— Track 2,3,4; Bowling 2,3; Latin Club 2; Latin Honor Society 2; COURSE: College Pre- paratory LINDLEY, JULIA— Booster Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Drama Club 1,2,3; Glee Club 2,3; French Club 1,2,3; GAA 1,2; Junior Achievement 3,4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4; COURSE: College Preparatory LIPKA, CHESTER— Swimming 1,2,3; VICA 4; Audio Visual 1,2,3,4; COURSE: Business LIPP, JAMES— Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 1,2; Monogram Club 3,4; Booster Club 2; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory LONG, RICKY— DECA 4; COURSE: General LYNCH, DENNIS— Football 1; Wrestling 2; Swimming 1; Drama Club 3,4; Thespians 4; Student Council 2,4; J.B. 3; Skin Of Our Teeth 3; The Enchanted 4; COURSE: College Preparatory LYTLE, DEBORAH— Swimming 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; Booster Club 1; Band 1,2,3,4; German Club 1,2; Stu- dent Council 4; Ushers Club 1,2,3; GAA 1; NHS 3,4; Junior Prom Court 3; COURSE: College Preparatory MANDICH, MELANIE— Booster Club 3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Choraliers 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory MANN, MICHAEI -Basketball 1,2,3; Human Relations Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory MARSHALL, MADGE— Booster Club 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 4; Science Club 1,2; 4-H 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory MASTAGH, PEGGY— COE 4; Audio Visual 2,3, Trea- surer 3; 4-H 2,3; COURSE: Business 96 WIN OR LOSE, the Class of 70 backed the team in every assembly and at every game, showing underclassmen the proper way to show support for a great team. PROUDLY displaying his wares, Pat Prister attempts to make a sale. MATHEWS, KENT— Football 1; COURSE: College Preparatory MATHEWS, PAMELA— COURSE: General MATHEWS, STEPHEN— DECA 4; Student Council 1; COURSE: Business MATTES, LESLIE: Human Relations Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory MCCARTHY ' , KATHLEEN— Swimming 3; Booster Club 2,3,4; Cheerleading 3; Latin Club 1.2,3; Office Assistant 4; GAA 1.2; COURSE: College Preparatory MCINT RE, DIANE— Booster Club 3; DECA 4; COURSE: Business MCNERNEY. PATRICK— Wrestling 1; Cross Country 2; Audio Visual 1.2; 4-H 1.2; COURSE: General MEDICH. JUDITH— Booster sistant 4 ; Ushers Club 1 ; COURSE: General MEDICH, MICHAEI Golf 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory Club 2,3: Social Service Office Club As- 9- 97 Ogden, Streed Named Co- Valedictorians MELTON, DONALD— Football 1; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1,2; COURSE: General MERCER, FRED— Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2; Mono- gram Club 4; Booster Club 4; Old Hickory 3,4; Debate 3; Glee Club 1; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; COURSE: College Preparatory MERRICK, CRAIG— Jacksonian 3,4, Editor-in-Chief 4; Old Hickory 1,3; Quill Scroll 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Dance Band 4; Pep Band 4; Latin Club 4; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory MEYERS, MELIND A— Booster Club 1,2,4; Spanish Club 3; GAA 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory MICKOW, BRIAN— Football 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory MIDLA, KAREN— Swimming 1,2; Booster Club 1,2,4; Spanish Club 3; GAA 1,2; Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: College Preparatory MIKO, FRANK— Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Track 1,2,3; Monogram Club 3,4; COURSE: Commercial MILLER, CANDREA— Booster Club 1,2; DECA 4; COURSE: Business MILLER, MARILYN— Booster Club 1; Drama Club 1; Glee Club 2,3; Social Service Club 1,2; Junior Achieve- ment 3; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory MILLER, MARK — Booster Club 4; Jacksonian 4; Drama Club 2,3; Thespians 3,4; Glee Club 3; Junior Achieve- ment 3; Oliver 2; J.B. 3; Skin Of Our Teeth 3; COURSE: College Preparatory MILLER, SUSAN— Swimming 1,3; Booster Club 2,3,4 Cheerleading 2; Drama Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4 Choraliers 4; German Club 1,2; Student Council 2,4 GAA 1,2; Human Relations Club 4; NHS 3,4; The Miracle Worker 1; Oliver 2; COURSE: College Preparatory MITCHELL, DAVID— Booster Club 1,2; Band 1,2,3; Dance Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2,3; Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: College Preparatory MOELLER, CHRISTINA— VICA 3; Spanish Club 1; Junior Achievement 2; COURSE: College Preparatory MOLNAR, CAROI Booster Club 4; DECA 4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 1,2; Office Assistants 3; GAA 1,2; Junior Achievement 4; Human Relations Club 4; Oliver 2; COURSE: General MOORE, CRAIG— Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 2; Monogram Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 2,3,4; Student Council 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory MORELAND, JILL— COURSE: General MORELAND, RITA— DECA 4; COURSE: Commercial MORENO, STAR— Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: College Preparatory MUELLER. NANCY— Booster Club 1; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 3; Library Club 4; 4-H 1; NHS 4; COURSE : College Preparatory MYERS, JILL— Booster Club 1; GAA 1,2; Social Ser- vice Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory NACE, MARCIA— Latin Club 1,4; Library Club 4; 4-H 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory NACE. SHARON— COURSE: Business NALL, GREGORY— Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Track 1,2,3,4; Swimming 3; Monogram Club 1,2,3,4; Booster Club 4; Glee Club 1,2; 4-H 1; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory NEESE, LINDA— Social Service Club 1; COURSE: Business NUNER, PATRICIA— Drama Club 2,3,4; Thespians 3.4; French Club 1,2; The Crucible 2; Oliver 2; J.B. 3; The Skin Of Our Teeth 3; The Enchanted 4; COURSE: College Preparatory NYE, PAUI -Track 3; Cross Countrj- 3; Audio Visual 3,4; Human Relations Club 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory OAKLEY, JAMES— Football 1; Swimming 1.2,3,4, Co- captain 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Booster Club 2; Old Hickory 4; Glee Club 1; German Club 2; COURSE: College Preparatory OBENOUR, TED— Glee Club 2.3.4; Choraliers 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1.2,3; DECA 4; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory OGDEN, PETER— Debate 2,3; Orchestra 2,3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Choraliers 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Science Club 1; Model United Nations 2; NHS 3,4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4 ; COURSE : College Preparatory OLDEN, PAULA— Booster Club 1.2.3; Band 1.2; Ger- man Club 1,2; Ushers Club 2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory ORT, LAURA— Booster Club 2; French Club 2.3.4; Fu- ture Secretaries 4; 4-H 1,2; COURSE: College Pre- paratory OVERHOLSER, RICHARD— Football 1; Wrestlin g 2; Baseball 2; COURSE: College Preparatorv PALMER. DOUGLAS— FootbaU 1.2.3,4. Co-captain 4; Wrestling 1,2; Track 1.2,3; Monogram Club, President 4; Preparatory Student Council 1,3; COURSE: College AFS STLDENTS Mecci Wenk from Germany and Serif Celik from Turkey await the announcement of Homecoming Queen. 99 PANGRAC, GEOFFREY— Football 1; Rifle Club 2,3,4; Swimming 3; COURSE: College Preparatory PARSONS, PAMELA— Swimming 2,3; Booster Club 2,3; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 3,4; French Club 2; Office Assistants 4; GAA 1,2; Junior Prom Court 3; Homecoming Court 4; COURSE: College Preparatory PASCHKE, LOWELL— Spanish Club 1; Ushers Club 1,2,3,4, President 3; Audio Visual 1; COURSE: General PAULSEN, KATHY— Booster Club 1,2,3; Jacksonian 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Tutoring 2; Glee Club 2,3,4; Choraliers 3,4; Future Secretaries 4; Junior Achieve- ment 2,3,4; COURSE: Business PEARSON, ANDREA— Jacksonian 3,4 ; Quill Scroll 4; Tutoring 2; Band 1,2,3,4; Office Assistant 4; Junior Achievement 3; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory PECK, LYNN— COURSE: General PENDL, CRAIG— DECA 4; Glee Club 1; COURSE: College Preparatory PENDL, MARK— Rifle Club 3; DECA 4; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory PETERSON, SANDRA— Booster Club 1,2; COE 4; GAA 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory PFLUGNER, THEODORE— Football 1,2; Student Coun- cil 3; COURSE: College Preparatory PHELPS, SUSAN— Booster Club 1,2; Tutoring 2,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Latin 2,3,4; Office Assistant 4; Junior Achieve- ment 3; Human Relations Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory PHILLIPS, BARBARA— Glee Club 3,4; Latin Club 1,2; GAA 1; Y-Teens 1,2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory PIERCE, DEBRA— Booster Club 1,2,4; Latin Club 1,2,3, Secretary 3; Office Assistant 4; Ushers Club 2,3; GAA 1; NHS 4; Class Secretary 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory PIERSON, MARY BETH— Booster Club 1,2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory FLETCHER, JACK— COURSE: General POCZIK, CHARLES— Booster Club 4; Student Council 4; Class Treasurer 4; COURSE: College Preparatory POPE, CRYSTAI -Tutoring 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Library Club 4; Ushers Club 2,3; GAA 1,2; COURSE: College Pre- paratory PORMAN, VICKI— Booster Club 1,2,3; Old Hickory 4; VICA 4; Basketball Court 1; Junior Prom Court 3; Class Social Chairman 4; COURSE: General POTTS, JOYCE— DECA 4; Junior Achievement 2; COURSE: College Preparatory POULOS, ANDREA— Old Hickory 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; French Club 1; Junior Achievement 3,4; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory POWELL, TERRY— VICA 4; 4-H 1,2,3; COURSE: Commercial 100 PRATT, CHERYI Booster Club 1,2; Tutoring 2; Ger- man Club 1,2; Ushers Club 1,2,3; Junior Achievement 2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory PRISTER, PATRICK— Basketball 1; Track 2,3,4; Booster Club 3,4; Student Council 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory RADER, MICHAEI Basketball 1,2,3; Rifle Club 4; Booster Club 4; Jacksonian 3; Old Hickory 4; Quill Scroll 4; Student Council 2; COURSE: College Pre- paratory RAFALSKI, GREGORY— Basketball 1; Booster Club 2; Student Council 3; Junior Achievement 3: COURSE: College Preparatory RAGLAND, AMY— Booster Club 1,2,3; DEC A Secretary 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Student Council 1,2; Junior Achievement 3; 4-H 1,2; Y-Teens 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory RAMSBEY, WILLIAM— Football 2; Bowling Team 3; Band 1,2,3; Pep Band 1,2; COURSE: CoUege Pre- paratory Seniors Lead Sports, Clubs, Spirit REECE, ELIZABETH— Swimming 1; Booster Club 1,2; Old Hickor - 2,3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Tutoring 1; French Club 1; Student Council 2; GAA 1; Junior Achievement 2,3,4; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory- REECE, KEN— Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Captain 4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Thespians 2,3,4; 4-H 1,2,3; Oliver 2; The Crucible 3; J.B. 3; COURSE: College Preparator - REINKE, DONN— Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Swim- ming 3,4; Glee Club 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Honor Society 4; Class Vice President 1; COURSE: College Preparatory REITER. BRET— COURSE: General RENTS. DENNT— COURSE: General RICHARDS, DIANT— DECA 4; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory RICHTER, KENT— Track 3,4; Bowling Team 2; French Club 4; Audio Visual 4; Junior Achievement 2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory- ROBINSON, WILLLAM— Track 1; Cross Country- 3; Booster Club 2: COURSE: College Preparator - ROSE, AUCHAEI Football 1.2; Track 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; German Club 1; Student Council 1; COURSE: College Preparatory ' ROSENBAUM. JOHN— Basketball 1.2,4, Co-captain 4; Track 1.2; Baseball 1.2.4; Cross Country 1.2; Monogram Club 4; Spanish Club 1,2; COURSE: CoUege Pre- paratory ROTHE. CR. IG— FootbaU 1,2; Track 1,2,3; Swimming 1; Booster Club 2; Latin Club 1,2; COLU SE: CoUege Preparatorv ROWINGS. JAMES— Orchestra 3,4; Band; Dance Band 1,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; German Club 1,3,4, Trea- surer 3, Vice President 4; Lshers Club 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3. President 4; Junior . chie ement 2,3,4; 4-H 1,2,3,4; NHS 4; COURSE: CoUege Preparatory 101 SAMUELS, RICHARD— Booster Club 1,2,3; Jacksonian 3,4; Old Hickory 3; Drama Club 3.1; Thospians ; Glee Club 2,3,1.; Junior Achievement 3,1; The Skin Of Our Teeth 3; Enchanted 4; Babes In Arms 4; COURSE: College Preparatory SANFORD, JEANNE— Booster Club 2,3; DECA 4; Band 2; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory SCHMOK, JAMES— VICA 4; COURSE: General SCHOLZ. CHRISTINI Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: General SCHOSKER, MICHAEL— Track 1,2; Booster Club 2; DECA 4; Student Council 1; COURSE: General SCHULTZ, DANlEI Booster Club 2,3; Jacksonian 3,4; Old Hickory 4; Drama Club 2; French Club 1.2; Junior Achievement 3.1; Oliver 2; The Skin of Our Teeth 4; Quill Scroll 4; COURSE: College Preparatory SCOTT, JIMMY— Basketball 1; DECA 4; COURSE: General SCOTT, JOANN— Old Hickory 4; Tutoring 1,2; Orches- tra 3,4; Band 1,2,3,1; Spanish Club 1,2; NHS 3,4; Bas- ketball Homecoming Court 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory SHARP, DORTHA— VICA 4; Tutoring 2,3; Social Ser- vice Club 3; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory SHARP, JOSEPH— Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: General SHIDAKER. RICHARD— Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Monogram Club 4; Booster Club 3,4; COURSE: General SHONKWILER, ROBERT— Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; COURSE: General SHROFF, GREGORY— Booster Club 1; Old Hickory 1,2; Drama Club 3,4; The Skin Of Our Teeth 3; COURSE: College Preparatory SHUPPERT, JACQUELIN E— DECA 4; COURSE: Business SICKMILLER, MARK— Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 3 Cross Country 1,2; Monogram 3,4; Booster Club 1,2,3,4 Glee Club 1,2; Student Council 1,2; Audio Visual 1,2,3,4 Model United Nations 1; COURSE: College Preparatory THANKSGIVING Chairman Debbie storeroom. BASKET DRIVE Lytle tidies up the SIEDE, BARBARA— Jacksonian 4; Old Hickory 1; Span- ish Club 1,2,3; Office Assistants 4; GAA 1,2; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory SIRI, RAYMOND— Science Club 1; Audio Visual 1,2, 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory SLAGLE, STEVI Football 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Student Council President 4; COURSE: College Preparatory SMITH, ARNOLD— VICA 1 ; COURSE: General SMITH, MARTIN— Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3; Track 1,2; COURSE: General SOWERS, TIMOTHY— Football 1; Track 2,3; Student Council 3; COURSE: College Preparatory Seniors Aid in Annual Basket Drive SPALDING, LINDA— Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Tutoring 2; Orchestra 1; French Club 1,2,3,4, President 3; Student Council 1; NHS 3,4: COURSE: College Preparatory SPAULDING, NANCY— Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory SPIEK, VALERIE— Booster Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory STAHL, ROGER— Swimming 1,2,3; Booster Club 4; De- bate 2; COURSE: College Preparatory STALDINE, RICK— Wrestling 1,2; Track 1,2,3,4; Mono- gram Club 3,4; Booster Club 3,4; Human Relations Club; COURSE: College Preparatory STEIN, DEBORAH— COE 4; Future Secretaries 4; COURSE: Business STEVENS, BRUCE— Track 1,2; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3,4; Student Council 2; COURSE: College Preparatory STICKLEY, ALAN— Tennis 3; Band 1.2,3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4: Pep Band 2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory STOECKINGER. DEBORAH— Swimming 1,3; Booster Club 1,2,3; Jacksonian 3,4; Old Hickory 3; Quill Scroll 4; Tutoring 4; Band 1; French Club 2.3; Student Council 1; GAA 1; Social Scr ice Club 3; Junior Achievement 3; Y-Teens 1; COURSE: College Preparatory STOFFER. KATHERINE— French Club 1; Library Club Secretary 1; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory STREED. KATHRYN— Booster Club 1.2; Old Hickory 3,4; Editor-in-Chief 4: Quill Scroll 3,4: Tutoring 2; Orchestra 3; French Club 1.2.3; G. A 1,2; Junior . chieve. mcnt 3; Oliver 2; NHS 3.4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist 4; COURSE: College Preparatory STREICH. CYNTHI. — Junior Achievement 3 ; COURSE: College Preparatory 103 STRYCKER, DANIEL— Football 3; Booster Club 4; Audio Visual 1; COURSE: College Preparatory STUMP, DANIEL— Football Student Trainer 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Booster Club 2,3; Debate 2,3; Ger- man Club 3; Student Council 4; Junior Achievement 4; Human Relations Club 4; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory STYLES, JACK— Librarian 1,2,3,4; Wrestling Manager 2; Audio Visual 1,4; COURSE: General SWARTZ, JOHN— COURSE: General SZABO, STEPHANIE— Booster Club 1,2; Drama Club 3; Library Club 1; Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory TAGGART, ALLEN— Football 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1 ; Booster Club 4 ; Student Council 3,4, Vice President 4; Junior Achievement 3,4; Vice President 3, President 4; NHS 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory TAYLOR, KARLA— Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory TETZLAFF, PAMELA— Booster Club 2; Tutoring 2,3; German Club 3,4; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: Col- lege Preparatory THONER, TERRI— Swimming 1; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; Tutoring 1,2,3; Band 1,2,3,4; German Club 2,3; Office Assistants 4; NHS 4; COURSE: College Preparatory THORNTON, KATHLEEN— Tutoring 2; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Choraliers 2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 4; Science Club 1; GAA 2; Junior Achievement 2; NHS 3,4; Oliver 2; Babes In Arms 4; COURSE: College Preparatory TINNY, CHRIS— Golf 2,3,4; Booster Club 3,4; Latin Club 3,4; Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: College Preparatory T ' KINDT, BRIAN— Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Co- captain 4; Golf 2; Baseball 1,3,4; Bowling Team 2; Mono- gram Club 3,4; Audio Visual 1,2; 4-H 1; COURSE: College Preparatory TOLLE, KATHLEEN— Booster Club 1; VICA 4; Glee Club 1; Student Council 1; GAA 1; COURSE: Com- mercial TRACE, KIM— COURSE: General TRAMMELL, TERRI— Swimming 1; Booster Club 1,2,3; Old Hickory 3,4; Quill Scroll 3,4; Student Council 3; Junior Achievement 3; COURSE: College Preparatory TRAPHAGAN, STEPHEN— COURSE : College Prepara- tory ULLERY, CHARLES— Football 3,4; Wrestling 3,4; Mon- ogram 2,3,4; Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: Com- mercial VAN CAMP, DEE— Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Swimming 1,2; Monogram Club 3,4; Old Hickory 1,2; Latin Club 1,2; Student Council 2,4; COURSE: College Preparatory VEGER, JOHN— Track 1; Orchestra 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Dance Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory VOGEL, THOMAS— Football 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 4; Base- ball 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4; Junior Achievement 4; COURSE: College Preparatory WAGNER, JOEL— Booster Club 1,2,3; German Club 1,2; Student Council 1,2; COURSE: College Preparatory 104 ' Term Papers, Finals Fill Senior Year WAHMAN, JOHN— Basketball 1,2,3; Track 2; Baseball 2; Cross Country 1,2,3; Booster Club 4; NHS 4; COURSE : College Preparatory WALSH, THOMAS— Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4, Secretarj ' -Treasurer 4; Spanish Club 3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory WALTERS, BARBARA— Band 1,2; Future Secretaries 4; Office Assistant 4; GAA 1,2,3; COURSE: Business WALTERS, WILLIAM— COURSE: College Preparatory WAMSLEY, SHIRLEY— Drama 2,3,4; Thespians 4; Junior Achievement 4; Oliver 2; J.B. 3; Babes In Arms Student Director 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory WANSTALL, BRUCE— Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1; Swimming 2,3; Booster Club 2; Monogram Club 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Choraliers 3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3; COURSE: College Preparatory WEAVER, CAROLYN— Booster 2,4; Latin Club 2,3; Of- fice Assistants 4; Ushers 2,3; COURSE: College Pre- paratory WECHTER, TRELI Swimming 1,2,3,4; Bowling Team 3,4; Band 1,2; Audio Visual 1,2; Junior Achievement 4; COURSE : College Preparatory WEDDLE, MICHAEL— COURSE: CoUege Preparaton- WEIKEL, WILLIAM— FootbaU 1; Bowling 2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatorv WEIST, MARCIA— Booster Club Human Re- lations Club 4; COURSE: College Preparatory WENK, MECHTHILD— Glee Club 4; German Club 4; Student Council 4; Junior Achievement 4; NHS 4; . FS Student from Germany; COURSE: College Preparatorv WERNER, MICR EL— Tennis 3: Band 1.2.3; Dance Band 1; Pep Band 1.2; COURSE: General WHALEY. GREGORY— Track 3; Jacksonian 3.4: QuiU Scroll 4; Orchestra 3.4: Band Pep Band 2.3; Junior Achievement 3,4; NHS 3.4: COURSE: College Preparatory WHEELER, ANN— Swimming 1; Old Hickorv 4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatorj- WHITAKER. CARL— Track 1.2.3,4; Cross Country 3; Junior Achievement 3: COURSE: College Preparator - WHITE. MICHAEL Booster Club 4: Spanish Club ' 1; COURSE: College Preparatorv WHITE. ROSEAL RIE— Booster Club 1; Glee Club 3.4; German Club 2,3.4; Social Ser -ice Club 4; Junior Achievement 2: COURSE: College Preparatory 105 WHITFIELD, JOAN— Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Booster Club 1,2; Latin Club 1,2,4; COURSE: College Preparatory WHITMER, VONNA— COE 4; Future Secretaries 3,4; GAA 1.2,3; COURSE: Business WICKIZER, MICHAEL— Rifle Club 2,3,4, Vice President 3, President 4; Booster Club 2; 4-H 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3; COURSE: College Preparatory WIDENER, CHRISTINE— Glee Club 2,3,4; Choraliers 4; Booster Club 1,2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory WILEY, SHELLEY— Swimming 1,2,3,4; Booster Club Secretary 4; COURSE: College Preparatory WILHELM, LARRY— Wrestling 2,3; 4-H 1,2,3,4; COURSE: General WILSON, MICHAEL— F o o t b a 1 1 1,3; Wrestling 1; Booster Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Choraliers 2,3,4; German Club 1,2,3,4; Audio Visual 1,2,3; Oliver 2; COURSE: College Preparatory WITT, KATHLEEN— COURSE: General WITT, WILLIAM— Wrestling 2; Booster Club 2,3; Latin Club 1,2,3; Student Council 2,4; Science Club 1; Junior Achievement President 3; COURSE: College Preparatory WOOD, LINDA— COE 4, Secretary 4; Future Secretaries 3,4, Vice President 4; COURSE: Business WOODCOX, VICTORIA— COE 4; Future Secretaries 3,4; Office Assistant 3,4; COURSE: Business WOODLEE, SHARON— Booster Club 4; Latin Club 1,2, 3,4; Office Assistant 4; COURSE: College Preparatory Seniors Join in Homecoming Activities 4.rp um 1 fM . mr ' cM - MT WORKMAN, ROBERT— Audio Visual 1,2,3,4; COURSE: Business WORKMAN, SHARON— COURSE: General WORTHINGTON, CAROI Booster Club 2; Future Sec- retaries 4; COURSE: College Preparatory WRIGHT, SUSAN— Swimming 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; The Enchanted 4; COURSE: College Preparatory YELTON, JENNIFER— Booster Club 1,2,3; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tutoring 1; French Club 2,3; Junior Achieve- ment 3,4; Human Relations Club 4; Skin Of Our Teeth 3; The Enchanted 4; COURSE: College Pre- paratory YOUNG, DAVID— Track 1; Swimming 1,2,3,4; Mono- gram Club 1,2,3,4; Booster Club 3; Latin Club 2,3,4; COURSE: College Preparatory 106 IN AN ATTEMPT to arouse spirit be- fore this year ' s Homecoming game against St. Joe, Chris Tinny emerges from the outhouse, crying, Bum those Indians. YOUNG, PATRICIA— Bowling Team 1 2; Booster Qub 1,1; GAA 1.2: COUR.SE: Commercial ZEH.NER, SHERRY— : College Preparatory- ZI. LMER.VLANN, KAREN— Tutoring 4; Glee Qub 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Librar) Club 2; Ushers Club i; Social Sen-ice Club 3,4; Junior . chic%ement 2; 4-H 1; COURSE : College Preparatory ZIRCHER, MARGARET— Spanish Club 3,4; 4-H IX?A; COURSE: Coll ' -? ' - Pr ' -paratorv- ZWICKL, . L Rk— course ' : Commercial iff? Juniors Prepare To Go ' Upperclass ' I A UNIQUE GROUP, the juniors capture honors and win awards. Heading the class are Connie Pacay, social chairman; George Woolley, vice president; Bill Sharp, presi- dent; Gretchen Woodcox, secretary; and Gary Midla, treasurer. Three years of their high school life finished, juniors can look back and remember experiences, some nostalgic, some painful. Traditions were started, friends were made and subjects studied. The class of ' 71 again won the an- nual hall-decorating contest. This class was the first to hold its Junior Prom outside the school, and Junior homeroom 218 collected 261 pounds of canned goods to win the Thanksgiving Basket Drive. School spirit abounded as juniors were participants in sports, theatri- cal presentations, and other school organizations. Academics were not overlooked, however; and 37 ju- niors were inducted into the Na- tional Honor Society last fall. Uncertain of what the future holds, juniors seek to fulfill their lives by replacing the apathetic views of yesterday with a fresh new awareness of our world. ' f or. f l V Mi Ls Dora Adams, Donald Albright, Gregory Alderfer, Alma Alford, Glenna Alford, Barbara Allen, Kay Altman -w-- (V UJ Paul Amerpohl, Kapfen Andert, Kathleen Arvin, Lee Atchley, Peggy Balok, Cath- erine Barcome, Robert Barnes Donald Bauschke, Loretta Baxter, Kim Beach, James Bellows, Kathleen Berger, Kristine Berger, Richard Bilinski Kim Binder, Robert Binder, James Bishop, Marcia Blodgett, Marc Blume, Gregg Boaz, Jeffrey Botich 108 T ? ' • ' PS i Ati ' - ' i« a a 4]i r. T t ' I;!) Linda Bowers, Sarah Bowers, Thomas Bradberry, Patricia Breza. John Brim, — ' Dianne Brodbeck. Bradford Brown Brenda Brown, Dawn Brown, Joyce Brown. Linda Brown, Milton Bruington. Gwen Brunton, Gregory Buchanan Beverly Burdick, Constance Burkhart, Diane Campanaro. Sue Carder, John Carey. K.timein Chapo, Rex Charles Pamela Christy, Jerry Chrzan, Bradley Clark, Keith Claro, Nancy Claus, Chery-l Claywell, Scott Cline Terry Cline, Susan Cochran, Denise Cole, Jacqueline Collier. Rosemary Craig, Norman Crider, Kathy Cripe Shari Crocker. Kim Crofoot, Bruce Cro- wd, Kay Crowel. Deborah Crowell, Jane Crowner, Edward Cseresznyak Ronald Cukrowicz. Kathleen Culhane, Christine Czeceli. Mary Damon, Linda Dart, David Deckard, Steven Deckard Brett Deepe. John Deitsch. Suzanne Den- ning. Becky DeShone. William Dodd. Diana Doutt, Martha Doyle Tina Drljacic. Bradley Dunivant. Larry Dunville. Gregory Elliott. Deborah Ellis. Ronald Ellis. Lloyd Estes Thomas Evans. Jill Evenden. Thomas Everly. Renee Ewing. Sandra Ewing. Leslie Farnham. Pamela Farrar 109 Homeroom 2 1 8 Fills Biggest Basket i ' SM Lewis Feldman, Michael Fembaugh, Ken Fershin, Diana Figg, David Fischgrund, Christina Fozo, Deborah Freeman Ronald Frick, Susan Friedman, Carlos Garcia, Kitty Gates, Paul Geiger, John Geisler, Gloria Genrich Michelle Geoffroy, Valerie Gerbeth, Kathie Gibbs, Michael Gilbert, Timothy Glassman, Pamela Goltz, Nancy Good- speed Debra Grayden, Larry Greenwood, Mi- chael Griffey, William Griffis, Linda Gyorkos, Rudy Hanson, Peggy Hartman Dennis Hartzler, Loraine Hatton, Curtis Hayward, Kim Heckaman, Alice Hektor, Mark Heller, Candace Hendrichs Donald Hanson, Kristine Hildebrand, Rhonda Hill, Robert Hillebrand, Kim Hitchcock, Victor Hoctel, James Hodges John Hoffman, Roxie Holderman, Mary HoUis, Roy Honold, Richard Hoof, Pam- ela Hostetler, Amy Huddlestun Linda Hudson, Sharon Huffaker, Ralph Hurd, Cheryl Jacobs, Teri Jankowski, David Jessup, David Johnson Steven Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Chris- topher Jones, James Julow, Philip Kahn, Leo Kane, Jane Kanzig 110 ' Debra Katz, Lynne Keller, Robert Kel- sey, Mar ' Kiefer, Kandace Kobar, Jack Kobold, Sharon KozalT Debra Kraft, Barbara Kramer, Kathy Kretz, Linda Krusinski, Dorothy Kul- czar, Philip Kurzhal, Marcia Kwasniew- ski Bonnie LaFree, Kim Lamar, James Landesman, Cheryl Larimer. Belinda Leonard, Timothy Lies, Cinda Lilves Debra Lilves, Larry Lister. Timothy Lockwood, Julie Luchowski. David Lukasiewicz. Linda Lutes, Marcia Mac- Donald Marsha MacDonald. Michael MacHatton, Scott MacQuivey, James Mangus. Daniel Manzer, James Mapel, Sue Marburger Charles Mark. Robert Martindale, Carta Martino, Stanley Mathews. Bonnie Mc- Elhaney. Kenn McEndarfer. Roxie Mc- Garrity IF THEY have followed the lab instructions correctly, Tom Shafer and Pat Skoner can expect chemical reactions in their test tubes. SON OF THE GREAT PUMPKIN is Karen Slauson ' s contribution to the Halloween atmosphere. Ill JAN VANDERHAGEN, Cathy Scholz, and Connie Pacay relax after a day of raking. Juniors Make Fast Work B V? ' 4k f m f William McGrath, Judy McKelvey, Re- becca McKelvey Larry McLaughlin, Karin McNerney, Chris McVay Bill Meilner, Martha Merriman, Victoria Mersich Rebecca Meyer, Gary Midla, George Mil- ler Richard Miller, Richard Miller, Thomas Molnar, Michelle Mooney, Mark More- land, Gary Morris, Larry Morris Michael Morris, Roy Morris, Richard Morrison, Roberta Mortensen, Mark Mullin, Stephan Mullin, Paul Nash Sandra Neidigh, Fredie Nelson, Tamara Nelson, Gregory Nemeth, Karen New- man, Gary Nieter, Gary Nimtz Richard Nimtz, Marsha Nixon, James Olson. Kathryn Overmyer, Constance Pa- cay, Jolie Parker, Carmen Parsons Steven Payne, Karen Paxton, Gary Pflugner, David Phillips, Gregory Phil- lips, Linda Pore, Pamela Powell 112 of Fall and Winter Yard-cleaning Jobs WWWM ,-»k f X ■•V f) fi A £ ii M f ' J £1 f ' r- f j f I 4iii ' , BECAUSE OF the large number of band students, the battle for first chair positions was stepped up. Chris Czeceli gets in some extra practice. Avis Puckett, Scott Pullin. Karen Pyclik. Mellonie Rankin, Bonnel Ray, Debbie Ray, Marilyn Reasor Michael Reed. Dean Reinke. Robert Re- menih, Michael Rhine, Bradley Rhodes, Anthony Richard, Victoria Riddle Berta Rodriquez, Carol Rzeszewski. Janet Sailors, James Santa, Sharon Sarber. Vicki Schellenberger, Lynn Schenck Catherine Scholz. Thomas Schroff, Jef- frey Schoppe. Susan Scott, Christina Sea- borg, James Sexton, Nancy Shafer Thomas Shafer. Janet Sharp, Randall Sharp. William Sharp. Kermit Shaw. Ronald Shaw, Patrice Shidaker Linda Shortz. Cynthia Shultz. Susan Sig- rist Scott Sill. James Siple, Andrew Siri Barbara Skiles. Patricia Skoner. Karen Slauson 113 ■P ft ft t-J .1 1 p f ' ' JT - o- V Brenda Smet. Daniel Smith, Michael Smith. Philip Smith, Sherry Smith, Sue Smith, Jane Snyder Sue Solnoky, Mary Spear, Richard Sprague, Cynthia Springer, Terri Stan- ton, David Staples, Gary Stephens Craig Stoner, Richard Streich, Howard Stryker, John Stuglik, Anita Stump, Sherri Swint, Kathleen Szuba Craig Talboom, Cheryl Terry, Dwight Thomas, Mary Thomas, Lauren Thomp- son, William Thompson, Barbara Thorn- hill Nancy Tibbetts, Gwendolyn Tolle, Holly Tolle, Michael Tompkins, Stephen Trenkner, Rebecca Tschida, Frank Um- baugh Stephen Urbanski, Janet VanDerHagen, Mark Vanderwall, Gary VanHuffel, Kris- tine VanNamee, Geoffrey Vervaet, Dane Vida Jane Volk, Douglas Vyverberg, Sharon Wagner, Lori Walsh, Laura Watkins, Gary Weese, Thomas Wharton Glen Wheeler, Donald Whitfield, Chris- telle Winstead, John Wissman, Michele Wittner, Roseann Wood, Gretchen Wood- cox Rebecca Woodcox, Patricia Woody, George Woolley, Danny Wright, Nancy Yoder, Dalene Yost, Debra Zellers Carrie Zeltner, Dennis Zimmer, John Zircher, Craig Zwickl 114 Sophomores Sing, Sell Christmas Seals (■ Second year citizens of Jackson, sophomores began to feel a part of high school life. Actively involved in all aspects of the school, sophomores discover that added activities create added work. Sports, homework, and club meetings fill after-school hours. Sophomores were probably most guilty of annoying the freshmen after having endured the ordeal last year. Sophs participated in the glee club and varsity band. They created Tiger Country during the annual hall-decorating contest. Members of the class of ' 72 gained the added status and prestige of having classes that ended in II in- stead of I this year. Many signed up for science courses and a second year of math. PREPARATION for the annual class dance kept Soph class officers busy. Left to right, they are, Greg Landry president, Mari Cook vice president, Judy Kinney secre- tary, and Steve Weehter treasurer. Not pictured is social chairman Bob Peterson. Paula Abraham, Jeffrey Allen. Karen Anderson, Jeffrey Annis, Robert Bab- cock, Kent Bailey, Debra Bale Rozilyn Barber. Kathleen Barr. Thomas Barth, Brenda Bauer, Eugene Belledin, Robert Berta, Scott Bibler Alison Blad, Linda Bloom. Shirley Boer- sema. Patricia Boocher, Bill Borden, Kathryn Borr, Margaret Bosson Susan Bott. Paul Bradburn. Donald Brandt, Weston Brigham. Kathleen Bros- sart, Brenda Brown, Catherine Brown Patricia Brown. Rhonda Brown, Robert Brubaker. Kamilla Buddemeier. Michael Buckner, Cynthia Burkart, Deborah Bur- ton 115 Sophomore Hall Becomes Tiger Country ' ) f ' B P f fS i O ' : ' Pamela Call, Paul Carlton, Kaye Casad, .. -, i j Ray Celie, Bruce Chabera, Gregory Chi- « 6 I mj kiTi ' m f) p Art Michele Clark, Janet Cline, Jack Coch- ran, Debra Coddens, Randy CoUmer, Ro- bert Cohen, Karol Coney Mari Cook, Edward Copenhaver, Elaine Coryell, Deborah Court, Clement Craig, Greg Crowner, Robert Cripe f m ) m- i S W- ft J if ' - ' ' ■i Crocker, Nathan Csakany, Janice , - ' W«r- W ' ' : ' -■ grr if ) Cunningham, David Dailey, William Davis, Janet Dean, Deborah Decker Susan DeShone, Barbara Dickerson, Catherine Dille, David Dillon, Elizabeth Divine, John Divine, Rick Dolan ii Marcia Dudeck, David Dutrieux, Larry Dodson, Joan Dylejko, Robert Eder, Gary Edwards, Nancy Edwards Jerry Eichorst, Thomas Eichorst, Janice Elbert, David Elmerick, Linda Ellis, David Faltot, John Farnham Deborah Fawley, Debra Fisher, Carol Ford, Rebecca Foster, Marcia Fox, Bar- bara Freeman, Deanna Frick Lisa Funston, Marcia Gallegos, Jon Gardner, John Gentry, Patricia Gerenc- ser, Barbara Geyer, Marcia Gibson 116 DURING AN UPPERCLASS ASSEMBLY, Sophomore homeroom 229 relieves bore- dom by folding the Christmas issue of the Old Hickory. Qj to O Kathy Gilbert, Mark Gilliom, Robert Gilroy Deborah Gish, Debra Gohn. Robin Gordon Susan Gordon, Elinor Gramenz, Ricky Grant. Robert Grant. John Gray, Terr - Grimmer, Linda Gushwa Janet Gutknecht, William Haack, Gene Hains, Chris Hall, Ryan Hanawalt. Ted Hanyzewski, Paul Hardwick James Hartman, Kenneth Hartman, Julia Hatton. Paula Hauck. Karen Hay. Susan Heaney, Hope Heemstra Sally Helms. Scott Hertel. Scott Hickey. Mike Higgins. Deborah Hill. Michael Hitson, Patricia Hodges John Hoffman. William Howell, Ken Huff. Jeff Huffaker. James Huguenard. David Hugus. Kevin Hundere 117 J[ . M f ' ? H A ' l lJfc k.A.1 ? f||i4f) Steve Infalt, George Jacox, Jerry lip- ping. Denise Johnson, Linda Kabel, Richard Kazmierzak, Thomas Keays Pamela Keb, Marsha Kehr, WilHam Kel- sey, William Kennedy, Mark Kilbey, Judy Kinney, John Kirsits James Kirwan, Debbie Kizer, Sherry Knutson, Gregory Koch, Joseph Kocy, Charles Koczan, Richard Kohlmeyer Leon Kominowski, Paul Kozloski, Ron- ald Kruk, Brenda Kuhn, Susann Lacay, Carri Landis, Gregory Landry Patrick Lavelle, Sarah Lawrence, Caro- lyn Leakey, Jack Leary, Cynthia Leh- man, Kenneth Lello, Michael Lello Jonathan Lewis, Richard Lipka, Randall Lister, Gregory Lofgren, Greg Love, Donald Lowe, Thomas Lukasiewicz Robert Lumm, Nanette Lutes, David Marshall, Laura Marshall, Karen Mar- tin, William Martin, Penny Mathews Daniel Maxwell, Carrie Mayer, Karen McCarthy, Sally McDermott, Elizabeth McGhee, Sue McGinnis, Roderic Mc- Neill Pamela McNemey, Diane McPherson, Cynthia Medich, Kathleen Medich, Mich- ael Merrick, Fred Meyers, Lynn Micin- ski Kathleen Middleton, Kathleen Miholich, Norman Milcherska, Maureen Miller, Terry Miller, Deborah Moellering, Linda Molnar 118 -, ' Sophomores Pursue Variety of Hobbies , Jacqueline Monk, William Montgomery, Gary Moon Chris Moore, Bonnie Morrow, Michael Morrow Laura Mueller, Theodore Munsell, Richard Murray Mark Myers, Marilyn Neese, Georgia Niedzielko iife Mm « M - --i- I Vi9 ' W i i i fifSTTSf BILL BORDEN ' S PRIDE is in his ex- tensive rock and mineral collection. Randolph Nieter, Jacqueline Norris, Christopher Nye, John Obenour. Pa- tricia O ' Brien, Tammy Olson. Mac Orcutt Robert Overgaard, Robert Overholser. Larry Owens. James Palen. Dennis Pal- mer, Jill Palmer, Deborah Pancheri Laura Pankow. Judy Parmley. Kay L%Tm Parmley. Carol Pehling. Deborah Penn. Michael Peters, Kathy Peterson Robert Peterson. David Phelps. Nancy Pickles. Rodger Pierce, Amy Place. Mary Poczik, Carol Pope Darlene Potts, Michael Powers, Gary Po Titer, Steven Rader. Tracy Ragland, Pamela Rav. Patricia Reece 119 Gym Rings With Sophomore Battle Cry V T L A i HOMEWORK, bothersome to Jack Leary now, will show its importance later. Paula Rexstrcw, Gregory Rice, Kenneth Richard, Carol Ringle, Helonna Robin- son, Jessie Rodriquez, Debra Rogers Sharon Rothe, Wendy Sanford, Kevin Sarbcr, Jeffrey Saylor, Susan Scheid, Mark Schenk, Marc Schillinger Paul Schirmer, Deborah Schlifke, Dor- othy Scott, Deborah Sennett, Jane Sex- ton, Jennifer Shafer, Penny Shaffer Gil Sharon, Melinda Sharp, Susan Shell- house, Leonard Shidakor, Kevin Siade, Pamela Sibert, Wayne Sills Amelia Simon, Melissa Skaggs, David Smet, Alan Smith, David Smith, Gail Smith, Harold Smith Janet Smith, Susanne Smith, Christopher Spiek Patricia Stanek, Jeffrey Stevens, Janice Stickley Rita Stockton, Randy Stocckinger, Debra Stout Susan Stravinski, David Stroop, Laura Strycker 120 As Class Provides Athletes, Boosters o a - f ei o j f m il .M f 5: v? t } «a la ♦ » « 1 ' ' ■ ' , Ixi Kl ' ' 4 Valerie Yordanich, Debra Youngs, Kim Zehner August Zeiger, Kenneth Zeltner, Alfred Zimmermann ON JULY 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon. Many JHSers, including Michael Merrick, watched the event. Robert Styles, Peter Sumrall, Tom Sut- ter, Dale Tamow, Paul Tash, Mike Tetz- laff, June Thomas Ronald Thomas, Robert Thoner, Susan Thornberry, John Tiiton, Michael Tinny, Penny Topping, Albert Torok Gary Trace, Joyce Trapp, Jeff Troeger, Linda Trowbridge, Katherine Turfier, Kathleen Vanderheyden, Sharon Voylcu Deborah Waddell, Frank Wahman, Ani- ta Wallen, Janet Weaver, Steven Wech- ter, Barbara Werner, Cynthia Wetzel John Whisler, Edward White, Mark Wif.kizer, Mark Williams, R.-becca Witt, Gregory Wittner, Shelley Wolfe Laura Wood, Debra Woodcox, Pamela Woodcox, Terry Workman, Chester Wright, Donald Wroblewski, Frank Wruble 121 Freshmen Prove to Be ' Go-getters ' FRESHMEN OFFICERS Nancy Kennedy, social chairman; Jet Taylor, president; Karen Crowel, secretary; Terry Bartell, vice-president; and Jean Kennedy, treasurer, led their class throughout the year ' s activities. iP A ' f T ' f 1 When school opened in Septem- ber, returning students found Jack- son overrun with them. Yes, the new freshmen were here to start their four-year term. They seemed to be getting into everything. Even though the frosh again failed to find the elevator, this year they did succeed in gaining mem- bers in the pep and dance bands and in publications. In this, their first year, frosh at JHS learned many valuable things which will aid them throughout their high school careers. They learned the meaning of Jackson pride. They learned to accept new responsibili- ties. In short, they began to learn what life in our world was all about. i Debra Ackard, Michael Ackard, Douglas Adams, Karen Adams, Vicki Addison, Dianna Albright, BiUy Alexander Jacqueline Allen, Mark Alwine, Cheryl Anderson, Christin Anderson, Kevin An- dert, Jamie Andres, Cheryl Arney Diana Arvin, Jeff Auer, Daniel Axel- berg, Jeff Babcock, Jody Bailey, Mary Ellen Baker, Gilbert BaU Terry Bartell, David Bashover, Mary Bastian, Michael Battles, Debra Bean, Elizabeth Beitler, Daniel Bell Michael Bennett, Jody Berebitsky, Carol Bergan, Ronnie Berkheiser, Terry Berk- heiser, Kent Beutel, Cynthia Blenke 122 rr AtM -r Gf t Cathy Bloom, Mari Blume, Gretchen Bohnsack, Frances Bone, Betty Borkow- ski, Donald Bommann, Michele Borror Karen Bott, Sally Bowers, Richard Bow- man, Raymond Boyer, Charlotte Brad- berry, Linda Bradberry, Ronald Brandt Betty Buck, Cindy Buck, Frank Buczo- lich, Charles Bunch, Stacy Burling, Deborah Bussell, Richard Butler John Campbell, Daniel Carlsen, Michael Carmichael, Michael Casad, Deborah Chapman, Joseph Chapo, Connie Cheak Dale Chlebek, Patrick Cira, Bob Clark, Paul Clark, Jeffrey Clemans, Patricia Clemans, Dennis Coney Debra Cooper, Peter Copeland, Gregory Cothran, Janine Cothran, Robert Court, Nathan Cox, Judith Crance Gary Crowel, Karen Crowel, Diane Cul- hane, Richard Cullar. Cathy Cukrowicz, Leslie Daniels, Janice Dare Duane Dart, Elaine Davault, Patricia Davis, Scott Denning. Thomas DeShone, Donna Diltz, Kay Disler Patricia Ditto, Vicki Dodson, Colleen Dolan, Sheila Dolan, David Doll , James Doll, James Doyle Janet Drzewiecki. James Dudzinski, Jac- queh-n Eberhard. Richard Eichstedt, Paul Elliot, Diane Ellis 123 I -; Jm, ( T P A C i f if? JON MEEK, freshman photographer, practices for an Indian lore skit. ' ' m Rebecca Ellis, Stuart Estes, William Evans, Nelda Fairchild, Pamela Falan, Francesa Farias, Josefina Farias Judy Farrington, Antoinette Flatoff, Sherlyn Flesher, Randall Floyd, Brian Fox, Becky Fozo, Stephen Freeman Kenneth Fritz, Terry Fuller, Barbara Fulmer, Julie Gable, Jerry Gapinski, Kevin Garbacz, Gregory Garrett Michael Gartee, Julia Gates, Thomas Gaylor, Kristi Geoffroy, Stephen Ger- aghty, Scott Gibbs, Debra Gilman Bruce Gindelberger, Terry Gizewski, David Gladura, Steven Gosc, Debra Grady, Sheila Gramenz, Dennis Greeno Lynn Griffis, John Groves, Constance Guin, Gayle Gurbick, Patricia Gurzin- ski, Christine Haack, Darlyn Haley Chris Halter, Michele Halter, Kathleen Hammer David Handschu, Janet Hansen, Laura Hatch Brian Hay, Linda Hechlinski, Julia Hein I . iC ' i 4il Michael Helm, Lisa Henry, Donn Hershberger 124 Dizabeth Hewitt, Cynthia Hill, Linda Hill, Gregory Hodges, Dennis Hoffer, Patrick Hohl, Susan Horvath Synthia Hon ' ath, Mary Hudson, Mark Huegel, Susan Humphreys, Terry Im- bro, Lisa Infalt, Michael Jacobs Kenneth Jebeiian, Susan Jenkins, Scott Jessup, Carol Johnson, Chris Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, David Jordan -f. aafi fP W 1 ' ' ' % 4 W T , ■ ° Jordan, Thomas Kaade, Rodney :t -- m 1 f -l BI ' -I « T Kgigy Lij j j Kennedy, Nancy jt; ri; B. Q f ( .f tf m 01 l) ■C frS ' f . ' Kennedy, Robert Ketcham Arthur Kimbrell, Roxanne Kimmel, Brian Kinner, Candice Kinner, Franklyn Kirkwood, Karen Kline, Sheree Knight Jeffrey Kobold, Paul Koch, Robert Ko- hen, Fred Kominowski, Judy Konzen. James Kosanovich, Kenneth Koski George Koucouthakis, Michael Kovatch, Diane Kozak, Robert Krusinski. Sherry Kuska. Jeannine Laiber. Fredric Landes- Henry Landman, Patricia Lefler, Mich- ael Lehner. Keith Logue. Suzanna Lopez. Carole Lubbers, Rebecca Lvsohir James Magnuson. Kenneth Mapel, Kent Marburger, Kenneth Marnocha. Danny Mastagh, David McColley. Curtisray McFarlane Jon Meek. Sally Merchant. Jane Merri- nian. John Mersich. Rosanne Messana. Michelle Midla. Dennis Mitschelen 125 Freshmen Show Potential in Activities ■ m f s- ' t n W «f ie m i: 0f m Dave Moreland, Barb Morris, Ruth Ann Morris, Wendy Moses, Judy Motts, Kathy Mrofka, Jane MuUin Diana Myers, Carol Nail, Susan Nelson, Susan Newman, Cynthia Nicholos, Greg Nicholos, William Obenour Kevin O ' Brien, David Oellerich, Thomas Overgaard, Greg Paczkowski, Richard Palka, Gary Pangrac, Gail Parent John Parker, Mary Lou Parmley, James Paxton, Ronald Payne, Jeannine Pendl, Lauren Perkins, Ken Pflugner Pamela Phipps, Marina Poulos, Rachelle Powell, Mark Priebe, Michael Prister, Debra Prough, James Rabbitt Karen Rafalski, James Ramsbey, Ronald Reed, Timothy Reiter, Joseph Rerick, Robert Rice, Donald Richard Debra Risner, Peggy Roper, John Rose, Kathleen Rose, Carol Rosemeyer, David i Rosemeyer, Geoffrey Roth Kim Rozanski, Robert Ruth, Robert Samuels, Shari Schmid, Donna Schraw, Mark Schurr, Jerry Scott Priscilla Seaborg, Lesley Seall, Jon Shaf- fer, Kim Shaffner, Mary Shidaker, Sue Shonkwiler, Jon Shuppert 126 3y ii ,f ■ ' 0 p p p m 4 f 9 m ir f v- .• f w . ' J 4ii r Laura Simeri, Linda Sims, Richard Siri, Diane Sirotek, Mark Slagle, Donna Smith, Janis Smith Michael Smith, Pamela Smith, Frances Spear, Sandra Sprague, Jeffrey Springer, Douglas Sprunger, Kurt Stevens Alan Stoffer, Bruce Storin, Deborah Storm, David Stout, Gregory Sutter, John Szuba, Brian Talboom John Taylor, David Tepe, Daniel Tetz- laff, Kim Thomas, Terrence Thomas, Carl Thompson, Karen Thompson Mark Thompson, Kristine Thornton, James Tilley, James Tovey, Lj-nette Truex, Patricia Urbanski, Randy Van- derHeyden Lynn Vanderwall, Mark VanGoey, Me- lanie Veger, Debra Vogelgesang, John Volk, Janice Wall, Gilda Walz RajTnond Watkins. Donald Watts, Larry Wechter. Carol Welling. Patricia Wertz, Cathy Whaley, Annette Wharton Larry Wheeler, Jeffrey Whitmer. Karen Wiley, Kim Wiley, Charlotte Wilhelm, Terry Wilhelm, Maria Wilkin Gary Williams, Nancy Wilson, Robert Winenger, Shellev Winstead. EUaine Wolfe, Vicki Wolfe, Carla Wolff Deborah ' ycoff. Brent Yaciw, David Yates, Terence Zimmer 127 Cheers, Pep Sessions Aid JHS Spirit The Andrew Jackson Booster Club was an organization that the entire student body took pride in. The primary objective of the club was to instill enthusiasm for the ac- complishments of the athletic teams throughout the year. BOOSTER CLUB OFFICERS: Lisa Heller and Shelley Wiley, (seated) and Julie Lindley, Pat Prister, and Sue Leh- ner, standing. B-TEAM CHEERLEADERS: Mari Cook. Jan VanderHagen, Jan Stickley, Pam Goltz, Kris Hildebrand, and Bren- da Brown. SPORTING NEW blue and gold uniforms, varsity cheerleaders Kitty Gates, Lisa Heller, Chris Seaborg, Holly Heemstra, and Carol Rzeszewski lead enthusiastic Jackson supporters. 128 GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: FtotH tow: B. McEIhaney, S. Bott, S. Lawrence, C. Bloom, K. Disler, P. Brown, P. Keb. Second row: L. Bloom, S. Hor ath, S. Hor- vath, S. DeShone, L. Perkins, J. Shafer, P. Boocher, S. Lacay. Third row: P. Call, L. Micinski, D. Decker, L. Trowbridge, M. Poczik, K. Thompson. V. Yordanich. K. Coney. C. Mullin, K. Bott. CHEERLEADING MASCOT Julie Daniels was everybody ' s favorite. GIRLS ' SWIM TEAM: Front row: K. Rozanski, S. Wright, N. Kennedy, H. Heemstra, B. Avrett, K. Culhane, K. Kretz, D. Lytic, Coach S. Link. Second row: C. Seaborg, D. Culhane, P. Goltz. C. Widener, B. Ettl, K. Slauson, A. Place, M. Midla. Third row: K. Crowel, D. Grady, P. Seaborg, R. Bruns, J. Hein. J. Kennedy, P. O ' Brien. Mgr. P. .Abraham (not pictured: R. Mortensen, Mngr. P. McNerney.) GIRLS ' B-TEAM: From row: P. Abra- ham, M. Borror, B. Lysohir, C. Haack, S. Spear. J. .Andres. Second row: J. Dean. L. Seall. R. Hill. S. Carder. S. Rothe. H. Heemstra. S. McDermott, P. McNerney. Third row: J. Parker, B. Hewitt, J. Crance, D. McPherson. J. Kinney. S. Wolfe. D. Coddens, L. Dlis. B. Dickerson, K. Rozanski. 129 STUDENT COUNCIL: FtouI tow: S. Celik, J. Stickley, D. Lytle, H. Heemstra, S. Slagle, A. Taggart, D. Reinke, S. Miller, M. Wenk. Second row: M. MacDonald, K. McNerney, D. John- son, S. Bibler, B. Hillebrand, D. Fischgrund, S. Trenkner, D. Van Camp, S. Hazlitt, J. Botich. Third row: C. Bloom, V. Wolfe, S. Humphreys, N. Kennedy, K. Casad, J. Gardner, J. Kocy, J. Taylor, L. Funston, G. Niedzielko, S. Lehner. Fourth row: T. Bartell, C. Moore, B. Witt, J. Troeger, P. Dits, D. Lynch, L. Dunville, K. Culhane, K. Witt, J. Kinney. Fijlh row: M. Gartee, G. Parent, J. Merriman, R. Rice, R. Floyd, D. Callantine, P. Tash, G. Woodcox, M. Slagle, R. Colten, P. Shidaker, P. Balok, B. Brown. HUMAN RELATIONS CLUB: Front row: S. Huddle, A. Brown, K. Bashover, J. Parker, J. Kennedy, J. Shafer, D. Burton. Second row: G. Smith, K. Mc- Carthy, D. Moellering, A. Simon, S. Kramer, S. Miller, S. Lehner. Third row: J. Daniels, K. Cranmer, P. Stanek, J. Sexton, D. Schilfke, L. Kiefer, G. Roth, M. Weist. Fourth row: B. Dicker- son, T. Drljacic, D. Doutt, D. Stump, B. DeBoskey, D. B ratcher, C. Molnar, M. LaFree. 130 Human Relations Club Started; SC Liberates Student ' Body ' wit IVCtU Fooa The recommendation to the Ad- ministrative Council for a new dress code was the major accomplishment of this year ' s Student Council. No restrictions were placed on students ' apparel unless their fashions pre- sent a clear and present danger to the student ' s health and safety, cause an interference with work, create classroom or school disorder, or are considered indecent in terms of normal standards. The Council treasury increased with the help of book store sales and a spring dance. Interested students helped to es- tablish a Human Relations Club dedicated to improving relation- ships between the races. Members of the Ushers Club con- tributed their ser ices to the school by ushering at basketball games and at the two plays. TENDING the Student Council book store gives Bill Witt a chance to study. USHERS CLUB: Front row: C. Hill. R Grant, C. Pacay. L. Paschke. D. Wad dell. Mr. Emmons. Secortd row: J. Row ings. G. Genrich, K. Zimniermann. J Cochran. S. Wittner. L. Hill. R. Cohen J. Kirvvan. Third row: K. Hundere, P Bradburn. T. Boersma. R. Blosser. B Grant, R. Celie, C. Craig, K. Huff. 131 Student Assistants Give Time and Help Many Jackson students gave up their valuable study hall time to help in various departments of the school. The students who worked in the cafeteria washed dishes and helped ser ' e food. The librarians were available to help find that certain book so badly needed. Jackson Instructional Materials members helped provide audio- visual aids which supplemented the school curriculum. Office workers could be seen col- lecting attendance, taking phone messages, and doing odd jobs. The time and work put in by these students helped to make Jack- son a smoothly-run school. A STEADY STREAM of phone calls keeps Janet Gerenscer on her toes. CAFETERIA HELP; Front row: D. Doll, J. Doll, R. Brandt, M. Van Goey. Second row: M. Lewis, K. Berger, L. Copeland, J. Dudzinski, L. Copeland, M. Damon, L. Dart. OFFICE HELP; Front row: B. Skiles, D. Pierce, C. Weaver, T. Thoner. Second row: V. Woodcox, B. Walters, G. Grayden, T. Kubley, M. MacDonald, A. Pearson, S. Wood- lee. Third row: J. Gerenscer, L. Peck, S. Phelps, V. Hughes, S. Denning, J. Moreland. Fourth row: C. Fozo, C. Zeltner, L. Gyorkos, K. McCarthy, P. Smith, C. Martino. 132 JIM; Front row: C. Hill, M. Fernbaugh, C. Kinner, A. Stump, D. Waddell, C. Mark, J. Gallegos, D. Dare, R. Siri, B. Storin, L. Marshall, G. Edwards. Second row: T. Imbro, C. Blenke, J. Rerick, J. Clemans, L. Bradberry, J. Cochran, L. Perkins, K. Thompson, J. Styles, D. Youngs, L. Hill, D. Wycoff, D. Yates, P. Copeland. Third roiv: G. Wheeler, T. Kurzhal, G. Miller, S. Wittner, P. Hodges, K. Richter, B. Workman, R. Thomas. J. Groves, T. Hanyzewski. R. Barber, L. Kominowski, Mr. Kuzan. Fourth row: R. Vander Heyden, S. Merchant, S. Nelson, K. Jebelian, G. Love, B. McGrath. A. Torok, C. Lipka, R. Krawczyk, B. Davis, R. Kazmierzak, P. Bradbum, P. Bosson, J. Meek. JUAN GALLEGOS seems to enjoy being Jackson Instructional Materials president. LIBRARL NS; Front rote: Mrs. Hoover, J. Whitfield. C. Pope. Mrs. Luke. Second row: K. Jebelian. L. Hill. D. Kulczar. T. Zinimcr. J. Pendl. Third rote: R. Bruns. D. Hanson, K. Berger, C. Lilves, M. MacHatton. L. Micinski, N. Mueller. Fourth row: J. Styles. T. Drljacic. K. Disler. D. Zellers. B. Fozo, E. Gramenz. 133 OLD HICKORY STAFF: Front row: Terri Trammell, Vicki Hughes. Betti Reece, Kalhy Streed, Andrea Poulos, Mike Radar, Ronn Kirkwood. Second row: Lynn Schenck, Judy Burkart, Dann Schultz, Greg Lofgren, Tom Prikosovich, Jack Drake, Dave Fischgrund, Kim Hitchcock, Jon Meek, Dave Hugus, Mrs. Claus. Third row: Ann Wheeler, Holly Heemstra, Tami Nelson, Karen Slauson, Karen Groves, Paul Tash, Kitty Gates, Ron Shav , Pam Hosteller, Stan Kohrn. JACKSONIAN STAFF: Front row: An- drea Pearson, Kathy Paulsen, Craig Merrick, Debbie Stoeckinger, Teresa Kubley. Second row: Mrs. Claus, Barb Crowel, Linda Grenert, Dann Schultz, Kim Hitchcock, Dave Hugus, Jon Meek. Third row: Rick Hammond, Dick Samuels, Tom Prikosovich, Mark Miller, Greg Whaley, Dave Fischgrund, Greg Lofgren, Jack Drake. QUILL AND SCROLL: Front row: Vicki Hughes, Kathy Streed, Andrea Poulos, Terri Trammell. Second row: Dann Schultz, Jack Drake, Craig Mer- rick, Mike Rader, Ronn Kirkwood, Betti Reece. 134 JACK DRAKE loads his camera for an assignment. As head photographer, he is kept busy by the demands of the yearbook and newspaper staffs. Staffs Seek To Maintain High Ratings Have the papers come in yet? Is this layout all right or does it reek just like the other fifty-seven I did before? Quotes like these were familiar to the Old Hickory and Jacksonian staffs. Both staffs, under the sponsor- ship of Mrs. Lois Claus, worked to maintain All-American ratings. In addition to the yearbook, the newspaper, and the Student Direc- tory, the staffs published swimming and basketball brochures. Betti Reece edited swimming and Mike Rader basketball. ARTISTICALLY talented Barb Siede works on the cover design for the Jacksonian. JUNIOR STAFF: Front roic: Rhonda Hill. Sandy Neidigh. Nancy Claus, Linda Lutes, Sue Solnoky. Second row: Connie Pacay. Cheryl Jacobs. Karen Slauson, Michele Geoffrey. Dianne Brodbeck. Cathy Scholz. 135 BAND; Front row: C. Pope, M. Hepler, G. Walz, C. Nail, A. Pearson, K. Heckaman, D. Court, B. Crowd, J. Evenden, L. Funston, T. Ragland, M. Geoffroy. Second row: J. Allen, G. Hains, F. Meyers, J. Wissman, S. Johnson, D. Crowell, S. Scott, K. Kretz, J. Parker, L. Truex, J. Stickley, B. DeShone, S. Neidigh, Mr. DeShone. Third row: W. Sanford, K. Anderson, G. Parent, J. Shafer, D. Schlifke, D. Lytle, T. Thoner, D. Pierce, C. Lehman, K. Arvin, K. Bella, A. Stickley, J. Thomas, J. Spear, P. Ogden, Mr. Amussen. Fourth row: L. Hudson, K. O ' Brien, P. Tash, G. Zeiger, K. Marburger, S. DeShone, K. Coney, D. Phelps, B. Thoner, G. Midla, C. Merrick, J. Daniels, M. Enyart, S. Phelps, S. Sill. Fifth row: A. Gindelberger, T. Molnar, G. Moon, J. Lewis, G. Love, D. Elmerick, R. Frick, B. Stevens, R. Cullar, M. Adams, R. Sprague, G. Van Huffel, B. Howell, A. Zimmermann, B. Bru- baker, M. Fernbaugh, S. Binder. Sixth row: D. Koch, P. Carl- ton, B. Overgaard, R. Colten, J. Rowings, J. Baynian, L. Cope- land, D. Lowe, T. Overgaard, L. Copeland, S. Cline, B. Barnes, R. Dolan, R. Miller, B. Court, M. Mooney, J. Scott, G. Whaley. Seventh row: J. Leary, T. Everly, G. Crewel, G. Landry, G. Buchanan, G. Ewald, D. Lukasiewicz, J. Carey, D. Stroop, B. Meilner, B. Evans, S. Freeman, T. DeShone, M. Heller. A SLIGHT PAUSE in dance band re hearsal gives Bill Meilner time to day dream. 136 Jackson Wins Honors In Instrumental Music DRUM MAJOR Jeff Bayman prepares for a football pre-game show. For band members school started early this year. In August, while everyone else was busy swimming, Jackson ' s marching band was pa- rading up and down the parking lot to the whistles of drum major Jeff Bayman and assistant Dave Stroop. After football season, the 120-piece group began preparation for the winter concert in December. In February, solo and ensemble contest kept the band busy, and as usual they brought back many honors to the school. Band director Mr. Tom DeShone welcomed a new assistant director, Mr. Frank Amussen. The orchestra, under the direc- torship of Mr. Harold Kottlowski, also participated in solo and en- semble contests. The group, consist- ing of 20 members, played for the National Honor Society induction in November and also presented a por- tion of the winter concert. ORCHESTRA; Front row: Ken Jcbeliaii, Chris Johnson. Pat Boocher, Carol Molnar, Laura Pankow, Betsy DeCroes. Kristi Geoff roy, Loretta Baxter, Bill Meilner. Second row: Becky De- Shone, Sandy Neidigh, Michelle Geoffroy. Tracy Ragland, Jeff Allen, Pete Ogden. Kevin O ' Brien. Linda Hudson. Bill Evans. Third row: Bruce Stevens. Richard CuUar. Rick Sprague. Greg Whaley, JoAnn Scott, Jeff Bayman, Jim Rowings. Mr. Kottlow- ski. Fourth row: Greg Ewald, Greg Buchanan. Dave Stroop. 137 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ' : Front row: S. Cclik. S. Leh- ner, A. Taggart. H. Heemstra, C. Mcnick, A. Brown, S. Kohrn, G. Drover. J. Scott, K. Bella, J. Gcrcnscer, M. Wcnk. Second rotv: D. Reinkc. S. Trenkncr, K. Groves, S. Miller, D. Stump, L. Spalding. C. Kolien, P. Ogden, K. Bashovcr, J. Cooper, J. Daniels. L. Heller. T. Thoner. G. Colten, K. Thornton. Third roic: L. Schenck. K. Hildebrand, A. Poulos, P. Goitz, D. Fisch- grund, J. VanDerHagen, V. Hughes, M. Mandich, B. Reece, K. Kobar. M. Mooney. I- Krusinski. B. Crowel, D. Lytle, D. Pierce. Fourth row: H. Tolle, P. Hostetler, R. Holderman, B. DeCroes, J. Wahnian, B. DcBoskey, M. Adams, C. Karcgeannes, G. Whaley. S. Marburgcr, C. Shultz, J. Myers, J. Evenden, B. De- Shone, B. Rastock. A. Gindelberger. Fifth row: C. Hugucnard, M. LaFree, K. Andert, K. Newman, K. Gates, T. Kubley, K. Streed, L. Keller, D. Whitfield, J. Carey, G. VanHuffel, N. Mueller, M. Miller, K. Cranmer, T. Ncl.son, L. Grossnickle. Sixth row: D. Anderson, B. Dodd, J. Rowings, K. LaMar, P. Kahn, J. Julow, L. Dunville, N. Glaus, L. Lutes, B. LaFree, K. Culhane, C. Jacobs, S. Neidigh, A. Pearson, S. Zehner, M. Marshall. SOCIAL SERVICE: Front row: K. Cul- hane. P. Cassidy, K. Bella, J. Myers, J. Gerencser, M. Hepler. Second row: M. Sharp, D. Frick, .S. Lacay, K. Zimmer- mann. B. LaFree, K. Turfler, M. LaFree, P. Keb. D. Court, M. Gibson. 138 STAGE CREW, Front rw; D. Mf.Pher- son, M. Doyle, K. Bf rgcr, Mr. Emmons, K. Berger, L. Marshall, D. Waddell. Second row: D. Diltz, L. Hechlinski, C. Johnson, K. Crowol. S. Sprajrue, R. VanfJfrrHcyflfn, G. Edwards, J. Cochran. Airri r »u); C. Wolff, J. Crowner, T. Ciine, D. Campanaro, M. Morris, R. BJossf r, E. fJanicLs, D. Stout, J. G jbl ' r. Many Join Service, Honor Organizations A new tradition was set this year with a fall National Honor SrK;iety irifjijction. TliiH gave the senior in- fjuctees a chance to participate in the activities all year. Members of the Social Service Cluh collecterJ such items as soap and Kool-aid to send to servicemen in Viet Nam. The girls also gave the annual party for patients at the St. Joseph County Home. Under the direction of Mr. Woody Emmons, the stage crew helped design and build the sets for The Enchanted and Bathes in rms. THESPI.ANS, Front rmc: V. Hugh«. D. Lynch. B. D»rCrr -. M. Mili ' -r. K. Brovn. Second rove: C. Larimer. C. Huguenard. R. Holdcrman. M. L i-i . P. .Nuner, K. B«ach, TAiVrf row: G. Cohen, J. Burton, B. McCrath, K. Rwrct, D. Anderaon. lae Choral Department Adds New Group MICHELLE GEOFFROY tries for a high note during Glee Club rehearsal. Every morning at 7:10 the Jack- son chorus rooms begin to fill with sleepy sopranos and tired tenors. This year a new group was added to the vocal music department. The Girls ' Ensemble was organized and took its place along with the Choraliers and the Glee Club. The three groups presented a Christmas program of religious and secular music, and another concert in the spring. With the growth of the choral de- partment came a continuance of ex- cellent vocal music under the direc- tion of Mr. Dan Miller. GLEE CLUB; Front row: C. Guin, L. Henry, M. Miller, M. Bastian, N. Fairchild, B. Bauer, N. Yoder, L. Simeri, R. Powell, B. Woodcox, K. Anderson. Second row: D. Zellcrs, L. Gross- nickle, L. Keller, S. Smith, J. Thomas, K. Zimmermann, P. Hauck, M. Geoffrey, K. Anderson, H. Tolle, M. Wilkin, M. Merriman, M. Damon. Third row: S. Schmid, K. Geoffroy, P. Parsons. K. Thornton, C. Pope, C. Moore, D. Stroop, C. Moore, D. Zane, B. Obenour, D. Brodbeck, L. Truex, J. Merriman, J. Brown, K. Paulsen, C. Nail. Fourth row: L. Shortz, A. Blad, S. Denning, K. Vanderheyden, J. Whitfield, P. Hohl, K. Jebelian, S. Gibbs, R. Hammond, M. Fernbaugh, W. Sills, D. Samuels, S. Cochran, S. Bowers, A. Wheeler, K. Hay, B. Allen, Fifth row: D. Kraft, S. Scott, M. Mandich, S. Miller, A. Stump, P. Hostetler, B. Wanstall, B. Hay, D. Anderson, S. Colik, M. Smith, J. Jipping, C. Pope, J. VanDerHagen, D. Moellcring, G. Parent, K. Thornton, L. Mueller. Sixth row: S. Bowers, T. Jones, B. Hunncwinkel, K. Kretz, R. Spraguc, T. Obenour, L. Copcland, G. Phillips, F. Buczolich, C. Jones, M. Wilson, P. Ogden, Bill Alexander, C. Widener, P. Farrar, L. Funston, R. Holdernian, N. Mueller, F. Bone. 140 GIRLS ' ENSEMBLE; Front row: R. Powell, K. Geoffroy, M. Miller, N. Fairchild, B. Bauer, N. Yoder, L. Simeri, S. Schmid, C. Guin. Second row: L. Henry, D. Kraft, C. Nail, M. Geoffroy. K. Anderson, B. Woodcox, L. Grossnickle, K. Paulsen, J. Thom- as, S. Scott, M. Damon. Third row: M. Bastian, D. Moellering, S. Smith, S. Cochran, K. Zinimermann, K. Thornton, B. Allen, C. Pope, N. Mueller, M. Merriman, J. Merriman. Fourth row: D. Zellers, J. Whitfield, K. Thornton. S. Denning. K. Vander- heyden, S. Bowers, K. Hay, H. Tolle, K. Kretz, L. Mueller, A. Blad, C. Pope, J. VanDerHagen. Fifth row: K. Anderson, T. Jones, B. Hunnewinkel, L. Shortz, P. Hosteller, G. Parent, R. Holderman, S. Miller, P. Farrar, S. Bowers, L. Funston, P. Hauck. CHORALIERS; Front row: P. Parsons, M. Miller, K. Thornton. C. Pope. 1-. Gross- nickle. K. Paulsen. C. Nail. B. Allen. S. Scott. Second row: C. Moore. B. Wanstall. A. Blad. S. Bowers. M. Mandich. M. Merriman. J. Thomas. D. Stroop. C. Moore. Third row: C. Widener, S. Miller. D. Anderson. P. Ogden, T. Obenour. AL Wilson. J. Jipping. K. Kretz, H. Tolle. 141 . J. AltX » m : 5f J ' W» .• 1? |rrr| j - |- DECA: Front row: Mark Pendl, Melody Combs, Amy Ragland, Tim Hanyzewski, Dave Batten, Kathy Downey, Carol Molnar, Paul Dits. Second row: Jeanne Sanford, Diane Mclntyre, Bob Hoffer, Mike Schosker, Gary Behnke, Craig Pendl, Ted Oben- our, Steve Matthews, Candy Miller, Brian Hunter, Ricky Long. Third row: Dennis Storm, Joyce Potts, Jim Barnaby, Jackie Shuppert, Julie Kinner, Rick Condra, Phil Rice, Rita Moreland, Larry Chrzan, Diane Richards, Larry Blake, Fred Buck. VICA: Front row: Kathy ToUe, Bob Lesher, Vicki Porman, Nancy Hopewell, Bob Garrett, Bret Reiter. Second row: Bob Workman, Lynn Peck, Dottie Sharp, Terry Powell, Sherian Brandt, John Geraghty, Kevin Grain. Third row: Arn- old Smith, Bob Elbert, Doug Fox, Chuck Mark, Brian Crider, Ron Bruington, Richard Krawczyk, James Schmok. Fourth row: Dave Dare, Bob Hagenbush, Dennis Renes, Chet Lipka, Marcia Brad- berry, Danny Fisher, Bob HoUis, Mr. Bodle. COE: Front row: Peggy Mastagh, Linda Wood, Vonna Whitmer, Sandy Brad- berry, Madeline Klampfer. Second row: Kathleen Clark, Bev Heston, Deb Stein, Jan Shisler, Vicki Woodcox, Rosemarie Szuba. 142 JHS ' ers Learn, Within and Without It ' s a half-and-half world — in school in the morning and on the job in the afternoon — for 79 JHS students who chose to take the vo- cational cooperative educational program. Thirty-four who belong to DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) leave school at noon for jobs in sales and sales- supporting occupations. The 31 in VICA (Vocational and Industrial Clubs of America) work in technical and industrial jobs. The third arm of the program, COE (Cooperative Office Educa- tion) enrolls 14 girls, all employed in the community in a secretarial capacity. Members of all the clubs may compete in state contests. Membership in the Future Secre- taries club is open to girls in all grades who would like a secretarial career. SENIORS Nancy Hopewell, Vicki Porman, Mark Pendl, and Julie Kinner combine a half day of school with occupational experience. FUTURE SECRETARIES; Front row: Mrs. VanDeGenahtc, D. Gohn, B. Heston, K. Cripe, S. Lacay. Second row: L. Gyorkos, W. Sanford, L. Pore, C. Worthington. B. Smet. L. Ort. ' Third row: V. Woodcox, B. McElhaney, D. Brown, B. Wahers, V. Whitmcr, D. Stein, D. Waddell. P. Keb. Fourth row: M. Reasor, C. Fozo. S. Cochran, J. Gerenscer. R. Ewing. L. Wood. D. Woodcox. K. Paulsen. 143 Language Clubs Promote Note Card Sale The four language clubs joined together to sell Jackson High School note cards in order to raise funds to finance a trip to Chicago. Spanish Club members were hosts to ten Mexican students while they visited the United States for two weeks. Besides showing them around the school and the city, the club held a picnic at Potawatomi Park for their guests. The annual Roman banquet in March brought out the creative side of Latin Club members as they modeled the latest in homemade togas. Both French and German Clubs prepared exhibits to be displayed in the showcase. GERMAN CLUB: Front tow: J. Row- ings, K. Thornton, K. Andert, S. Bowers. Second row: K. Wiley, G. Van Huffel, G. Alford, M. Wenk, P. Tetzlaff. Third row: S. Marburger, S. Bowers, K. Stevens, M. Wilson, J. Carey, C. Pope. LATIN CLUB: Front row: S. Buckner, R. Cohen, M. Marshall, L. Krusinski, J. Daniels, L. Schenck, C. Shultz, C. Tinny. Second row: G. Cohen, R. Gerbeth, J. Cooper, S. Woodlee, A. Stump, G. Niedzielko, M. Buckner, J. Kocy, M. Hitson. Third row: M. Nace, B. Hewitt, L. Hatch, C. Hill, C. Anderson, J. Allen, L. Marshall, S. McGinnis, R. Powell, C. Cheak, S. Wright, J. Shaffer. Fourth row: S. Denning, J. Whitfield, T. Cline, S. Phelps, L. Daniels, K. Thornton, C. Weaver, S. Boersma, K. Thompson, L. Hatton, J. Evenden, T. Jones. Fifth row: D. Cant- well, D. Young, L. Brooks, M. Hcpler, J. Hatton, S. Solnoky, M. Peters, D. Wroblewski, C. Wright, B. Krusinski, G. Nicholos, R. Bowman, D. Greeno. 144 FRENCH CLUB: Front row: L. Truex, G. Parent, J. Thomas, K. Kobar, P. Ogden, M. Mooney, L. Spalding, K. Bashover. Second row: D. Burton, P. Floyd, J. Collier, J. Shafer, A. Simon, P. Goltz, C. Wolfe, S. Helms, C. Landis, P. O ' Brien. Third row: P. Farrar, L. Funston, D. Brodbeck, S. Knutson, S. Neidigh, T. Jones, K. Groves, S. Buckner, L. Ort, K. Gibbs. Fourth row: D. Grady, S. Bott. P. Brown. K. Borr. C. Haack. R. Lvsohir. J. Whisler, K. Zeltner, M. Cook, B. Dickerson, L. Seal), M. Skaggs. SPANISH CLUB: Front row: B. Bastock, P. Hostetler, S. Zehner, M. La- Free. Second row: Mrs. Butterworth, M. Bastian, S. Shellhouse. A. Gindel- berger, P. Abraham, L Zirchcr. Third row: K. McNemey, P. Powell. K. Heck- aman, S. Thomberr) ' , L. Perkins, K. Van Namee. Fourth row: B. Brown, D. Stout. C. Huguenard. V. Daniek. D. Decker, D. Coddens, C. Brown. 145 1969 TENNIS TEAM: Gary Midla, Steve Trenkner, Gary Foster, Coach Dave Dunlap, Jim Falen, Dave Fischgrund, Tom Everly. Zen ft Is ■ JACKSON OPPONENT 3 Clay 4 3 Riley 4 1 Clay 6 6 Central 5 Washington 2 1 Jimtown 6 Mishawaka 7 3 Washington 4 4 Riley 3 1 1 Plymouth 6 2 Mishawaka 5 3 Penn Tennis, Track, 1969 TRACK TEAM: Front row: R. Streich, L. Greenwood, D. Van Camp, C. Stoner, P. Kahn, D. Rcinke, G. Nail, K. Reece, D. Reinke, C. Moore, D. Vida, L. Lies. Second row: A. Sharp, D. Simm- ler, G. Wooiiey, T. Walsh, R. Staldine, C. Whitaker, M. Kiiby, D. Jerome, D. Pal- mer, F. Miko, J. Troeger, J. Botich. Third row: Coach H. Ganser, J. Daniels, M. Buchner, J. Willard, D. Stroop, G. Love, S. Wcchter, R. Eder, K. Claro, B. Remenih, B. Brown, J. Tilton, C. Zwickel, T. Schroff, J. Bellows, P. Carl- ton, B. Styles, C. Nye, A. Siri, R. Celie. Fourth row: R. Overholser, B. Berta, G. Lofgren, G. Crowner, M. Williams, K. Daveline, K. Sarber, B. Ovcrgaard, J. Julow, D. Palmer, B. Sharp, G. Algood, J. Leary, D. Faltot, P. Sumrall. 146 x 1969 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: From row: W. Brigham, G. Nieter, T. Miller, R. Smith, J. Allen, P. Carlton. Second row: K. Reece, C. Stoner, B. Yaciw, B. Sharp, G. Love, C. Wright, C. Nye- Third row: Coach L. Morning tar, D. Reinke, J. Bellows, J. Julow, G. Van Huffcl, B. Remenih, T. Wharton, J. Gardner, G. Woolley, T. Schroff. Cross Country Show Improvement 111 f Zrack V| JACKSON OPPONENT « 47 Washington 71 55 Concord 62 55 Goshen 30 84 St. Joseph 34 54 Marian 64 64 La Salle 54 81 New Prairie 37 563 4 Riley 611 4 62 Clay 56 52 Penn 66 4th NIVC meet 4th City Meet 1 B Cross Country ■ JACKSON OPPONENT 18 Niles 45 26 Washington 29 23 Central 36 24 Riley 35 .39 U Salle 21 26 St. Joseph 29 21 North Liberty 34 26 Clay 31 29 Marian 28 31 Plymouth 26 27 Penn 28 31 Mishawaka 24 147 Gridders in Autumn Turn To Wrestlers in Winter B-TEAM WRESTLING TEAM: From tow: J. Mersich, P. Copeland, J. Kirwan, P. Carlton, L. Wheeler. Second roiv: J. Parker, D. Koch, J. Ramsbey, R. Berkheiser, C. Moore, B. Yawcin, B. Court. Third row: B. Fox, J. Jordan, M. Lehner, G. Cothran, A. Torok. B. Krusinski, C. UUery. Tackson Opponent 26 Niles 26 12 LaSalle 30 18 Riley 29 32 LaVille 15 28 Mishawaka 16 26 Clay 21 41 St. Joseph ' s 13 18 Penn 25 22 Brandywine 29 30 Marian 16 2nd NIVC ?00tball poncn Jackson Opponcnr 6 Riley 6 14 Clay 8 22 Penn 19 EaSallc 12 Michigan City 28 11 St. Joseph ' s 22 Marian 33 12 LaPorte 28 33 North Liberty VARSITY WRESTIJNG TEAM: Front row: Mgr. R. Nieter, R. Miller, T. DeShone, B. Peterson, T. Grimmer, C. Moore, Coach D. Rems. Back row: J. Baney, S. Slagle, M. MacHatton, D. Cukrowicz, M. Powers, J. Hoffman, B. Shonkwiler. 148 if i™. ■ % . ' fe. --1 ' JiSEBt W : Liuuu as. ISO? ' cACESOV ACISOr -T1 1 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: Front row: T. Vogel, B. Wan stall, B. Shonkwiler, R. Streich, K. Claro, J. Olson, L. Green wood, D. Palmer, D. VanCamp. Second roiv: P. Bartell, R Shidaker, C. Ullery, D. Reinke, J. Lipp, L. Campanaro, T Walsh, G. Nail, F. Miko, N. Crider. Third row: J. Santa, G Boaz, S. Cline, C. Talboom, K. Sexton, K. Fershin, B. Kelsey, J Botich, J. Troeger, D. Palmer. Fourth row: J. Hoffman, D Faltot, G. Poynter, J. Brim, B. Berta, M. MacHatton, G Pflugner, M. Powers, G. Landry, A. Torek, B. Peterson. Fifth row: M. Brandt, R. Thomas, M. Moreland, B. Styles, R. Frick, S. Bibler, E. Copenhaver. S. Sill, M. Peters. R. Lipka. Sixth row: M. Mullin, T. Grimmer, B. Montgomery-, L. Shidaker, J. Divine, T. Eichorst, R. CoUmer, J. Kirsits, B. Overgaard, R. Overholser. Seventh row: Coaches H. Ganser, W. Gartee, S. Herczeg, A. Bias, D. Rems, mgrs. J. Siple, D. Stump, T. Evans. Sc-Hv - ' -S - ras i I. TOLHS TICIBS.A T1GEBS , TIGLfiS 4 S ' -f ' . TIGEBS. TKFHS l ' - ' i-Ha . «i llbLK:3 - nCLHb L ' • 4 111)1 . V :-i FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM: Front row: K. Andert, M. Kovatch, T. Bartell, G. Cothran, M. Gartee, B. Winenger, J. Kosanovich, M. Alwine. Second rotv: Coach A. Bias. M. Jacobs. A. Stoffer, M. Casad, D. Oellerich. B. Kohen. J. Whitmer, N. Cox, J. Gapinski, Coach B. Gordcs. Third row: J. Doyle, B. Krusinski, T. DeShone, D. Tetzlaff, J. Szuba, J. Scott, J. Rose, D. Handschu. R. Kaley. M. Battles. Fourth rotv: L. Wechter, D. Bell, M. Lehner, J. Ramsbey. B. Alexander, F. BuczoUch. L Prister, T. Thomas, R. Berkheiser, B. Gindclberger. K. Pflug- ner, S. Estes. Fifth row: D. Moreland. J. Tavlor. J. Dudzinski, D. Payne, S. Freeman. P. Hohl. J. Jordan, D. Chlebek, B. Samuels, R, Brandt, R. Sirl. L Huegel. 149 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM: Front row: Coach C. Miller, J. Gapinski, D. Moreland, T. Bartell, M. Gartee, M. Casad. Second row: R. CuUar, D. Butler, J. Kosanovich, D. Pai,Tie, J. Taylor, M. Kovatch, K. Marnocha. b ' W. . .. .ii-ijUl m p basketball H 1 Opponent Jackson 1 82 Riley 65 |78 Mishawaka (overtime) 83 92 Central 67 J 58 Washington 54 61 Jimtown 75 61 Bremen 59 53 LaVille 43 69 Washington 52 89 Marian 73 75 New Prairie 80 86 Ft. Wayne Snider 60 75 Clay 65 J 74 LaPorte (overtime) 75 75 Penn 57 52 North Liberty 82 99 St. Joseph 65 64 Adams 49 70 Northridge 60 1 55 1 78 Argos (Sectional) 63 Glenn (Sectional) 68 — rw B-BASKETBALL TEAM: Front tow: D. Deckard, G. Love, G. Landry, C. Wright, T. Miller. Second row: M. Kilby, D. Wroblewski, F. Wahman, L. Morris, B. Berta, G. Pflugner, M. Meyers, Coach J. Kreitzman. Teams Compete in Basketball, Baseball VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM: Front row: M. Sickmiller, S. Trenkner, J. Hummer, F. Mercer, T. Vogel, D. Brooks. Second row: B. Wanstall, K. Kirkley, R. Stucky, D. Petty, B. Kelsey, G. Miller, H. Stryker. Third row: mgr. T. Johnson. C. Juday. B. T ' Kindt, S. Shafer, J. Christy, J. Berry, M. Carmichael, mgr. J. Gallegos, Coach C. Miller. B-TEAM BASEBALL TEAM: Front row: G. Landry, B. Dunivant, S. Mathews. Second row: Coach A. Bias, T. Lockwood, T. Wharton, R. Smith, C. Talboom, D. Wroblewski. Third row: J. Vervaet, J. Mangus, J. Brim, G. Poynter, L. McLaughlin, R. Kohlmeyer. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: (left) Front row: mgr. D. Stump, S. Rader, Coach B. Taylor, C. Juday, M. Carmichael, D. Smith. B. TKindt, M. Sickmiller, A. Smith. B. Rliodes, J. Rosenbaum, G. Boaz, D. Roiiiko, A. Taggart, D. Vyverberg, mgr. J. Santa. P baseball Jackson Oppo nent 2 Adams 6 Riley Mishawaka 4 10 N ' orth Liberty 4 4 LaViUe 5 Marian 7 4 Clay 1 New Prairie 1 1 Penn 2 1 LaSaUe 3 17 Plymouth 10 5 7 Plymouth Marian 5 St. Joseph ' s 1 2 4 Clav Penn H 2 St. Joseph ' s 6 8 St. Joseph ' s 9 15 LaSalle 4 1 Washington 3 4 North Liberty 3 Warsaw 7 Washington 6 H St. Joseph ' s 10 151 BOYS ' SWIM TEAM: Front row: D. Young, J. Oakley, R. Lister, C. Jones, T. Wechter. Second row: Coach D. Dunlap, D. Jessup, S. Wechter, K. Lamar, D. Bratcher, J. Wissman, Coach S. Smith. Third row: J. Saylor, M. Rose, D. Callantine, B. Mickow, S. Claus, S. Jessup, B. Dodd. Back row: G. Midla, M. Priebe, D. Staples, D. Dart, R. Sharp, E. White, mgr. S. Johnson, D. Gladura. Swimmmg Opponent Jackson 41 Central 54 41 Penn 54 44 Riley 51 36 Munster 59 41 Bishop Noll 54 42 Washington 51 37 Mishawaka 57 37 Clay 57 35 Kokorao 60 42 Elkhart 53 44 Culver Military 51 45 Adams 50 36 LaPorte 57 37 LaSalle 58 39 St. Joseph, Mich. 55 City Meet 2nd NIVC 1st Sectional 1st State Meet 3rd 1 SCHOOL SWIM RECORDS 200 Medley Relay D. Callantine, B. Mickow S. Wechter, S. Claus 1:49.7 200 Freestyle J. Oakley 1:51.2 j 50 Freestyle D. Jessup 200 Ind. Medley 23.0 B. Dodd 2:08.6 Diving J. Ettl 233.55 100 Butterfly C. Jones 55.2 100 Freestyle D. Jessup 100 Backstroke 50.6 ) C. Jones 1:02.1 400 Freestyle S. Claus 4:04.2 100 Breaststroke B. Dodd 1:06.1 400 Freestyle Relay 1 C. Jones, B. Dodd, J. I Oakley, D. Jessup 3:21.4 152 Meet the Champs in Swimming, Golf GOLF TEAM: L. Dunville, P. Zisla, B. Vyverberg, B. Andres, M. Dobbs, Coach T. Meilstrup, D. Vyverberg, H. Bucher, C. Tinny, M. Medich. 1 ( olf 1 OPPONENT JACKSON i l|172 ' 182 Adams 162 , LaSalle 162 320 LaPorte 314 330 Marian 330 330 Clay 330 ' 319 Riley 318 331 Clay 318 338 LaSalle 327 317 Penn 326 339 Marian 326 330 Penn 315 342 Clay 315 337 LaSaUe 313 331 St. Joseph 313 326 St. Joseph 311 320 -Adams 313 New Prairie Inv. 1st ■. Sectional 3rd MONOGRAM CLUB. Front rotv: H. Strykcr, M. Sickmiller, C Ullery. R. Staldine, C. Moore, D. Van ' Camp, J. Oakley, D Young, K. Recce, D. Callantine, J. Lipp, B. Shonkwiler, D. Pal mer, G. Foster. T. Johnson. Second rotv: M. Carmichaei, B. Kel sey, D. Fallot, B. T ' Kindt, L. Campanaro, T. Vogel, J. Troeger D. Fischgrund, T. Walsh, R. Smith, B. Wanstall, B. Mickow, N Crider. J. Siple. J. Brim. G. Nail. J. Gallegos. H. Bucher. M. Medich. Third rote: J. Julow. J. Olson. P. Bartell. R. Streich. K. Claro. L. Greenwood. S. Johnson. D. Cukrowicz. C. Stoner. L Powers. G. Landrv. T. Miller. D. Vyverberg. G. WooUev. J. Botich, K. LaMar, G. Midla, S. Trenkner, D. Reinke, G. Miller. 153 Our World of Mvertis ' mg Homesites Developed by Albert Nail The community in which we live is a growing one. Businesses in the area surround- ing Jackson have contributed greatly to the community expansion. Many new developments are being erected to accommodate this growth. Mr. Albert Nail is one of the manv people responsible for de- veloping new homesites. Mr. Nail started Crest Manor, Fairfax Es- tates, and Marshall Heights. All three areas are centrally located with schools, churches, and shop- ping centers nearby. CREST MANOR offers homes of dis- tinction. Phone Al Nail, ENCO 291-0061. 154 AT MIAMI FLORIST AXD GIFT SHOP 2208 S. Miami. Linda Grenert admires distinctive gifts. Phone 287-2811. MARK SICKMILLER finds ESLINGER TELEVISION and Sales Service, 2701 Michi- gan, has comfortable floors as vt ' ell as turned-on TV ' s. MODELING THE LATEST IN FASHIONS at THE WISHING WELL, 1430 Calvert Janet Gerencser receives wishful looks from Pam Tetzlaff and Cindy Fozo. 155 CHEERLEADERS Carol Rzeszewski, Lisa Heller, (in car), cheer about while riding in a 1970 Monte Carlo from GATES Chris Seaborg, Kitty Gates, and Holly Heemstra have much to CHEVROLET, 333 W. Western Ave. Businessmen Provide Jobs for Diligent FORD ' S DAIRY QUEEN, 59573 U. S. 31, has delicious malts, sundaes, and many other Dairy Queen specials. 156 FUNDAMENTALS of brick-laying are explained by Dave Dailey to his nephew. FOR REAL pleasure COKE IS THE Building supplies are always available at KLUESSNER-MILLER, INC., 1401 S. REAL THING. At half-time and any Main St. time, choose COCA-COLA. Working Jackson Students FOR HIGH QUALITY and low prices shop MOONEY ' S MARKET, 59570 Mayflower. Larry Wilhelm is keeping the shelves well stocked. STEVE INFALT (right) and Mike Ben- nett drink OAK RIDGE MILK for energy. CALL FLOWERS BY STEPHEN, 4325 S. Michigan St. for any occasion that calls for flowers. 157 Competition Found in Business as Well SELECTING a card from INWOOD ' S 425 S. Michigan, is Mike Bennett. Cards are among the many gifts avail- able. In doubt about a gift? Phone 289-2487. NEWSFOTO YEARBOOKS ' folding machines fold large press sheets into sixteen page sections for award winning yearbooks. 158 as School MERRICK ' S LIBERTY PHARMACY, 100 N. Main, North Liberty, offers quality products. Craig and Michael Merrick assure you of service that can ' t be beat. mt - SMITH SUNOCO SERVICE STATION, 2222 S. Michigan Street, offers quality and smiling service in addition to a variety of tires and other auto items. THE PERSONAL assistance given Kathy Paulsen at BUSCHBAUM ' S PHARMACY. 2305 Miami, is offered to all customers, whether buying cosmetics or prescriptions. Decorating problems? GRAFFIS FUR- NITURE 60379 U.S. 31, can satisfy any decorating need with furniture of dis- tinction. Mary Sue Goodspeed admires everything in sight. 159 Nearby Businesses Offer Many Goods and Services HERTEL ' S RESTAURANT, 1905 Mi ami, offers the finest in family dining, Select from a number of tasty dishes Private rooms are available for banquets meetings, parties, and wedding recep tions. For excellence in tile service, Leonard and Loren Copeland and their father (left) suggest TROY TILE CO., 19310 Detroit St. If you want proof, look at the stairway of the South Bend Public Library, where the Copelands laid the tile. 160 ?. -- At the BUTCHER BLOCK under the watchful eye of proprietor Mr. Bob Cole, ICT student Bob Garrett cuts roasts and prepares fresh ground beef for the after- noon supply. The Butcher Block is lo- cated at 910 Ireland Rd. Shop there for the best meat in town. Serving the community for 45 years, BERG ' S JEWELERS, located at 109 West Jefferson Blvd., is the headquarters for Jackson class rings. 161 Planning the future, engagements and weddings with that per- sonal touch can be found in the photography of ZEHRING ' S STUDIO. Zehring captures the memory of that wedding day. Zehring ' s also offers movies with sound, color slide programs, baby portraits, and aerial photography. In Mishawaka, the studio is at 501 West Sixth St. Phone 255-4121. 162 Through these doors pass 1,200 people who enjoy their jobs. If youd like to moke it 1,201, Congratulations to the Class of ' 70 from call 284-2392. ASSOCIATES CORPORATION OF NORTH AMERICA and Subsidiaries 1700 Mishawaka Avenue, South Bend, Indiana 46624 A GULF + WESTERN COMPANY THE SURENESS OF QUALITY IN HOMES BY PLACE AND COMPANY, INC. Don ' s body shop 291-5070 Don E. Hgffoktt PrtlMMt QUALITK FIRST VM SOUTM IWAIN ST. Wilhelm jiome Cquipment, Inc. c fttttUancci. - ' D ' •1 ' - Jlawn and aidsji tfuifimant 6D717 U. S. 31, SOUTH - - SD UTH B EN D, I N Dl AN A 4 6 6 1 4 Pllonz 291-2650 163 Index Abraham, Pau]a 115,129.145 Ackard, Debra 122 Ackard, Michael 122 Adams, Dora 108 Adams, Douglas 122.137 Adams, Karen 122.137 Adams. Michael 88.136.138 Addison, Viclci 122 Agnew, Spiro T. SO .AJbright, Dan 88 .Albright, Dianna 122 AJbright, Donald 108 Aldetfer, Gregory 108 .Alexander. Billv 122,149 Alford. Alma 108 Alford. Glenna 108.144 -Algood, Greg 146 .Allen. Barbara 108.140,141 .Allen. .Mrs. Dorothy 83 .Allen. Jacqueline 122,144 -AUen, Jeffrey 51,115,136,144,147 .Allen, Mayor Lloyd M. 80 Altman, Kay 108 .Alwine, .Mark 122,149 .Amerpohl, Paul 108 Amussen, Mr. Francis 83,136,137 Anderson, Cher l 122,144 Anderson. Christine 122.144 Anderson. Dale 88.138,139.140.141 Anderson. Karen 140,141 Anderson. Karen Sue Andert, Karen 108.138.144 Andres. Bruce 153 .Andres. Jamie 122.129 Aimis. Jeffrey 115 Amett, Mrs. Eve 83 Amey. Cher l 122 Anin. Dianna 122,137 Arvin, Kathleen 108,136 Atchley, Glenn 108 Atkinson, Michael 88 Auer, Jeffrey 122 Avrett, Becky 88,129 Ajtelberg, Daniel 122 Axelberg, Robert 88 B Babcock, Jeffrey 122 Babcock. Robert 115 BaUey. Brent 88 Bailey, Jody 122 Bailey, Kent 115 Baker, Mary Ellen 122 Baldwin. Mr. William 83 Bale. Debra 115 Ball, Gilbert 122 Balok, Peggy 108,130 Baney, Jon 88,148 Barber, Mr. Kenneth 87 Barber, Rozilyn 115,133 Barcome, Catherine 108 Baraaby, James 88,142 Barnes, Robert 108,136 Barr, Kathleen 115 BarteU. Patrick 65,88,149 BarteU, Terry 122,130,149 Barth, Thomas 115 Bashover, David 122 Bashover, Karen 88,138,145 Bastian, Mary 122,140,141,145 Bastock, Bonita 56,88,138 Batten, David 88,142 Battles, Michael 51.122,149 Bauer. Brenda 115.140,141 Bauscbke, Donald 108 Baxter, Loretta 17,51,108 Bayman. Jeffrey 51.88,136 Beach, Kim 108,139 Bean. Debra 122 Beck. Thomas 44.88 Behnke, Gary 88,142 BeiUer, Elizabeth 122 Bell, Daniel 122.149 Bella. Kathleen 89.136,138 Belledin. Eugene 115 BeUows. James 108.146,147 Bendall, Mrs. Joanne 83 Bendit, Mr. Leon B. 83 Bennett. Michael 122.137.151,157,158 Berebitsky, Jody 122 Bergan, Carol 122,137 Berger, Kathleen 108,133,139 Berger, Kristine 108,132.139 Berkheiser, Ronnie 122.148.149 Berkheiser, Terry 122 Berrv-, Jen - 89,151 Berta. Robert 65.115.146,149 Beutel. Kent 122 Bias. Mr. Alfred 17.83,149.151 Bibler, Scott 115,130,149 Biggs. Mrs. Dorothy 87 BUinski. Richard 108 Binder, Kim 108 Binder, Robert 108,136 Bishop, James 108 Blad, Alison 115,140.141 Blake, Larry 89,142 Blenke, C -nthia 122,133 Blodgett, Marcia 108 Bloom, Cathy 123,129,130 Bloom, Linda 115,129 Blosser, Ronald 89,131,139 Blume, Marc 108 Blume, Man 123 Boaz, Gregg 108.149,151 Bodle, Dennis 85,142 Boersema, Shirley 115,144 Boersema, Terry 89,131 Bohnsack, Gretchen 123 Bone, Frances 123 Boocher, Patricia 78,115.129,136 Borden, Bill 115 Borkowski, Betty 123 Bommann. Donald 123 Borr, Kassi 115.145 Borror. Michele 123.129 Bosson, Margaret 115,133 Botich. Jeffery 17,108,130,146,149 Bott, Karen 123,129 Bott, Susan 115,129,145 Bowers, Linda 109 Bowers, Sally Bowers. Sarah 109,140.141.144 Bowman, Richard 123,144 Boyer, Ra Tnond 123 Bradberry, Charlotte 123 Bradberry. Linda 123.133 Bradberry, Marcia 89,142 Bradberry, Sandra 89,142 Bradberry, Thomas 109 Bradbura, Paul 115,131,133 Brademas, John 25 Brandenburg, Mr. Oscar 87 Brandt, Donald 115,149 Brandt, Ronald 123,132,149 Brandt, Sherian 89,142 Bratcher, Dennis 31,89,152 Brewer, Mrs. Mary L. Breza, Kathleen 89 Breza. Patricia 109 Brigham, Weston 115,147 Brim, John 109,149,151 Broadmoor. Barber Shop 155 Brodbeck, Dianne 109.135,145 Brooks, Dave 59,151 Brooks, Lyle 89,144 Brossart, Kathleen 115 Brown, Arm 9,14,22,27,89,138.139 Brown, Bradford 109,146 Brown, Brenda J. 115 Brown. Brenda L. 109,128,145 Brown, Catherine 145 Brown, Dawn 109,143 Brown. Joyce 109 Brown, Linda 109 Brown, Patricia 115,129,145 Brown, Rhonda 115 Brubaker, Robert 115,136 Bruington, Milton 109 Bruington, Ronald 90,142 Bruns, Rosemarie 113,129,137 Brunton. Gwen 109 Buchanan, Greg 51,109 Bucher, Howard 31,76.90,153 Buck, Betty 123 Buck, Cindy 123 Buck, Freddie 142 Buckner, Michael 115,144,146 Buckner, Sharon 90,144,145 Buc-zolich, Frank 123,149 Buddemeier, Kamilla 115 Buehrer. Mrs. Georgiana 84 Bunch, Charles 123 Burdick, Beverly 109 Burkart, Cynthia 115 Burkart, Judy 134 Burkhart, Constance 109 Burling, Stacey 123 Burton, Deborah 115,145 Burton, James 32,90,139 Buschbaum ' s Pharmacy 159 Bussell. Deborah 123 Butler, Richard 123 Butter« ' orth. Mrs. Margaret 83.145 Call, Pamela 116,129 Callantine, Doug 90,130,152 Calvin 33 Campanaro, Louis 90,149 Campanaro, Diane 109,139 Campbell, Mrs. Lillith 87 Cantvvell, David 90,144 Carder, Sue 109,129 Carey, John 109,136,138,144 Carlsen, Daniel 123 Carlton, Paul 116,136,146,147,148 Carmichael, Merle 59,70,90 Casad, Kaye 116,130 Casad, Michael 123,149 Cassidy, Patricia 90,138 Celie, Raymond 116,131,146 Celik. Mehmet (Serif) 90.99,130.138 Chabera, Bruce 116 Chapo, Joseph 123 Chapo, Kenneth 109 Charles, Rex 109 Cheak, Connie 123,144 Chidister, Greg 116 Chlebek, Dale 123,149 Christy, Jerry 151 Christy, Pamela 109 Chrzan, Jerry 109,142 Chrzan, Lawrence 90 Cira, Michael 90 Cira. Patrick 123 Clark, Bob 123,137 Clark. Bradley 109 Clark, Kathy 90,142 Clark, Michele 116 Clark, Paul 123 Claro, Keith 109,146,149 Claus, Mrs. Lois 83,138 Claus, Nancy 26,109,135,138 Claus, Stephen 28,90,152 Clayton, Mr. John S3 ClayweU, Cheryl 109 Clemens, Jeffery 123,133 Clemens, Richard 90 Clemens, Patricia 123 Cline, Scott 109,136,149 Cline, Janet 116 Cline, Terry 109,139,144 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 157 Cochran, Jack 116,131,133,139 Cochran, Susan 109,140,141,143 Coddens, Debra 116.129,145 Cole, Denise 109 Collier, Jacqueline 109,145 CoUmer, Randy 116.149 Cohen. Rob 31.116,130,131,136 Colten, Virginia 90,138,139.144 Combs, Melody 90,142 Condra, Richard 90,142 Coney, Dennis 123,137 Coney, Karol 116,129,136 Conrad, Mr. Lloyd 83 Cook, Mari 53,79,116,128,145 Cooper, Debra 123 Cooper, Janet 91,138,144 Copeland, Leonard 36.91,132,136,160 Copeland, Loren 91,132,136,160 Copeland, Peter 123.133,148 Copenhaver, Ed 116,149 Coryell, Elaine 116 Cothran, Greg 123,148,149 Cothran, Janice 123 Court, Deborah 116,136,138 Court, Bob 123,136,148 Cox, Nathan 123,149 Craig, Clement 116,131 Craig, Rosemary 109 Grain, Kevin 91.142 Crance, Judy 123,137 Cranmer, Kathy 91.138 Crest Manor 154 Crider. Brian 91,142 Crider, Norm 19,109,116 Gripe, Kathy 109.116.143 Crocker, Shan 109 Crocker, Teri 116 Crofoot, Kim 109 Crofoot, Kyle 91 Crowel, Barbara 91,134,136,138 Crowel, Bruce 9,13,109 Crowel, Gary 35,123,136 Crowel, Karen 122,123,129,139 Crowel, Kay 109 Crowell, Deborah 109,136 Crowner, Greg 116,146 Crowner, Jane 109,139 Cniickshank, Terry 91 Csakany, Nathan 116 Csereszynak, Edward 109 Cukrowicz, Cathy 123 Cukrowicz, Daniel 91,148 Cukrowicz, Ronald 109 Culhane, Diane 123.153 Culhane. Kathleen 109,130.138,153 Cullar, Richard 51,123,136 Cunningham, Janice 116 Czeceh, Christine 109,113,137 D Dailey, David 116,157 Dake, Supt. Donald A. 81 Damon, Mary Ann 109,132,140,141 Daniels, Jill 55,91,136,138,144 Daniels, Jim 146 Daniels, Julie 129 Daniels, Leslie 123.139,144 Daniels, Vivian 91,145 Dare, David 91,133,142 Dare, Janice 123 Darrow, Dennis 42 Dart, Duane 123,152 Dart, Linda 109,132 Devault, Elaine 51,123,137 Daveline, Ken 146 Davis, Patricia 123 Davis, William 116,133 Dean. Janet 116,129 DeBoskey, Bruce 91,138 Deckard, David 109 Deckard, Steven 109 Decker, Deborah 45,116,129 DeCroes, Elizabeth 12,17.23,27,51,91, 138,139 Deepe, Brett 109 Deitsch, John 109 DeMaegd, Mark 91 Denning, Scott 77,123,144 Denning, Suzanne 37,109,132,140, 141,144 DeShone, Becky 51,109,136,138 DeShone, Sue 116,129,136 DeShone, Thomas 74,123,136,137, 148,149 DeShone, Mr. Thomas J. 83,136 DeVries, Mrs. Bemice 83 DeWachter, Gary 91 Dickerson, Barbara 116,129,145 Dille, Catherine 116 Dillon, David 116 DUlon, Mrs. Joan 87 Diltz, Donna 123,139 Disler, Kay Ellen 32,123,129,133 Dits, Paul 91,130,142 Ditto, Patricia 123 Divine. Elizabeth 116 Divine, John 116,149 Dobbs, John 42,91 Dobbs, Mark 153 Dodd, William 73,109,138,152 Dodson, Larry 116 Dodson, Vicki 123 Doherty. Mrs. Deanna 83 Dolan. Colleen 123 Dolan. Sheila 123 Dolan, Rick 116.136 Doll, David 123,132 Doll, James 123,132 Doutt, Diana 109 Downey, Kathleen 91,142 Doyle, James 123,149 Doyle, Martha 109,139 Drake, Jack 91,134,135 Drljacic, Tijana 109,133 Drover. Gregnr - 31,37,77,92,138 Drzewieski, Janet 123 Dudeck, Marcia 116 Dudzinski, James 123,132,149 Dunivant, Bradley 109,151 164 Dunlap, Mr. David 72,84,146,152 Dunville, Larry 109,130,138,153 Durocher, Leo 58 Dutrieux, David 116 Dylejko, Joan 116 Dylejko, Patricia 92 Early, Mr. James L. 82 Eberhard, Jacqueln 123 Eder, Robert 116,146 Edwards, Gary 116.133,139 Edwards, Nancy 116 Eichorst, Jerry 116 Eichorst, Thomas 116,149 Eichstedt, Richard 123 Elbert, Janice 116 Elbert, Robert 92,142 Elliot, Gregory 109 EUiot, Paul 123,137 Elliot, Mark 92 Ellis, Deborah 109 Ellis, Diane 123 EUis, Lester 87 Ellis, Linda 116,137 Ellis, Rebecca 124 Ellis, Ronald 109 Elmerick, David 116,136 Emmons, Mr. Dale 84,131,138 Enyart, Michael 92,136 Eslinger Television Sales Service 155 Estes, Lloyd 109 Estes, Stuart 124,149 Ettl. Barbara 92,129 Evans, Thomas 109,149 Evans, William 51,124,92,136 Evenden, JiU 109,136,138,144 Everly, Thomas 109,136,146 Ewald, WUliam 51,136 Ewing, Lee 92 Ewing, Renee 109,143 Ewing, Sandra 109 Fairchild, Nelda 124,140,141 Falan, Pamela 124,137 Fallot, David 116,146,149 Farias, Francesca 124 Farias, Josefina 124 Famham, John 116 Famham, Leslie 109 Farrar, Pamela 109,140,141,145 Farrington, Judith 124,137 Fawley, Deborah 116 Fawley, Terry 92 Feldman, Lewis 110 Feldman, Mrs. Sarah 87 Ferber, Jeffiey 93 Fembaugh, Michael 110,133,136 Fershin, Kenneth 67,110,149 Figg, Diane 110 Fischgrund, David 110,130,134,138, 146 Fisher, Danny 93,142 Fisher, Debra 116 Flaherty, William 93 Flatoff, Antoinette 124 Flesher, Sherlyn 124 Floyd, Pamela 93,145 Floyd, Randall 124,130 Ford, Carol 116 Fold, Mr. Henry 84 Ford, Stephen 13 Ford ' s Dairy Queen 156 Forhan, Mrs. Patricia 84 Foster, Gary 93.146 Foster. Rebecca 116 Fox, Brian 124,148 Fox, Douglas 142 Fox, Marcia 116 Fozo, Becky 124,133 Fozo, Christina 110 Fozo, Cindy 93,132,143 Freel, Vicki 31,93 Freeman, Barbara 116 Freeman, Deborah 110 Freeman, Stephen 124,136,149 Freeman, Mr. Stephen R. 84 Freitag, Mr. Joseph 87 Frick, Deanna 116,137,138 Frick, Ronald E. 93 Frick, Ronald L. 110,136,149 Friedman, Susan 110 Fritz, Kenneth 124 Fuller, Terry 124 FuJmer, Barbara 124 Funston, Lisa 116,130,136,140,141, 145 Gable, Julie 124,139 Gallegos, Juan 93,133,151 Gallegos, Maria 116 Ganser, Mr. Harry 60,84,146,149 Gapinski, Jerry 124,149,46 Garbacz, Kevin 124 Garcia. Carlos 110 Gardner. Jon 116,130,147 Garrett, Gregory 124 Garrett, Robert 45,93,142 Gartee, Michael 124,130,149 Gartee, Mr. WaUace 38,64,84,149 Gates Chevrolet 156 Gates. Kitty 15,110,128,134.138.156 Gates. Julia 124 Gaylor, Thomas 124 Geiger, Paul 110 Geisler, John 110 Genrich, Gloria 110,131 Gentry, Johnnie 116 Geoffrey, Kristi 124,137,141 Geoffroy, Michelle 51,110,135,136, 140,141 Geraghty, John 93,142 Geraghty, Stephen 124 Gerbeth, Roxanne 93,144 Gerbeth, Valerie 110 Gerencser, Janet 93,132,138,143,155 Gerencser, Pat 116 Geyer, Barbara 116 Geyer, Patricia 43,93 Gibbs, Kathie 110,145 Gibbs, Scott 124 Gibson, Marcia 116,138 Gilbert, Kathy 117 GUbert, Michael 110 GUliom, Mark 117 Gilman, Debra 124 Gilroy, Robert Jr. 117 Gindelberger. Ann 136,138.145 Gindelberger. Bruce 124,137,149 Gish, Deborah 117 Gizewski, Linda 93 Gizewski, Terry 124 Gladura, David 124,152 Glassman, Timothy 110 Gohn, Debra 117,137.143 Goltz. Pamela 110.128.129,138.145 Goodspeed. Mary 93 Goodspeed. Nancy 110 Gordes. Mr. Robert 149 Gordon, Robin 117 Gordon, Susan 117 Gosc, Steven 124 Gostola, Thomas 12,93 Grady, Debra 124,129,145 Graffis Furniture 159 Gramenz, Elinor 117,133 Gramenz, Sheila 124 Grant, Ricky 117,131,137 Grant, Robert 117,131 Gray. John 117 Grayden. Debra 110 Grayden, Gloria 93,132 Greeno, Dennis 124,137,144 Greenwood, Larry 110,146,149 Grenert, Linda 93.134.155 Griffey, Michael 52.110 Griffis, L Tm 124 Griffis, Thomas 93 Griffis, WUliam 110 Grimmer, Terry 117,148,149 Grossnickle, Linda Groves, John 124,133 Groves. Karen 27.36,94.134,138,145 Guin, Constance 124,140,141 Gurbick, Gayle 124 Gurzinski. Patricia 124 Gushwa, Linda 117 Gutknecht, Janet 117 Gyorkos, Linda 110,132,143 H Haack, Christine 124.129.145 Haack. WUliam 117 Hagenbush, Robert 92,142 Hains, Gene 117,136 Haley, Darlyn 124 Hall, Chris 117 Halter, Chris 117 Halter. Michele 124 Hamilton, Doug 94 Hammer. Kathleen 124 Hammond, Rick 22,26,29.94,134,155 Hanawalt, Ryan 117 Handschu, David 124,149 Hansen, Janet 124 Hanson, Dan 94.133 Hanson, Rudy 110 Hanyzewski, Ted 117,133,142 Hanyzewski, Tim 94 Hardwick, Paul 117 Harke, Mr. Robert 84 Harris, Mrs. Genevieve 84 Hartman, Kenneth 117 Hartman, Miss MarceUa 84 Hartman, Peggy 110 Hartzler, Dennis 110 Hatch, Laura 124.144 Hatton, Julia 117.144 Hatton. Loraine 110,144 Hauck, Dewayne 94 Hauck, Paula 117,140,141 Hay, Brian 124,137,140 Hay, Karen 117,140,141 Hayward, Curtis 110 Hazlitt, Scott 94.130 Heaney, Susan 117 Hechlinski, Linda 124,139,50 Heckaman, Kim 110,136,145 Heemslra, HoUy 15,79,94,128,129, 130,134.138,156 Heemstra, Hope 53,117 Hein, Julie 41,124,129 Hektor, Alice 110 Heller, Lisa 9,94.128.138,156 Heller, Mark 110,136 Helm, Mike 124 Helms, Sally 117,145 Heminger, GaU 94 Hendrichs. Candace 110 Henry. Lisa 124,137.140.141 Henson. Don 110 Hepler, Marcia 94,136.138,144 Herczeg, Mr. Stephen 65,84,149 Hershberger, Don 124 Hertel, Danny 94 Hertel, Scott 117 Hess, Mrs, Ruth 87 Heston, Beverly 94,142,143 Hewitt, Elizabeth 125,144 Hewitt, Scott 94 Hickey, Scott 117 Higgins, Mike 117 HUdebrand, Kristine 110,128,138 HUl, Cynthia 125,131,133.144 HUl, Deborah 117 HUl, Linda 125,131,133 HUl, Rhonda 54,110,129,135 Hillebrand, Robert 110 Hitchcock, Kim 52.110,134 Hitson, Michael 117,144 Hoctel, Victor 110 Hodges, Gregory 125 Hodges, James 110 Hodges, Patricia 117,133 Hoffer, Bob 94,142 Hoffer, Dennis 125 Hoffman, James 117,148,149 Hoffman, John 110 Hohl, Patrick 125,149 Holderman, Roxie 110,138,139,140, 141 Hollis, Mary 110 Hollis, Robert 94.142 Holmgren, Mr. Everett 82 Honold, Roy 110 Hoof, Richard 110 Hoover, Mrs. Rosalind 84.133 Hopewell, Nancy 94,142.143 Hor ath, Susan 55.125.129 Horvath, S -nthia 123,129 Hostetlcr, Pamela 110,134,138,140, 141 Howell, WUliam 117,136,145 Hover, Mr. Thomas 84 Huddlestun. . my 110 Hudson, Mr. Eugene 84 Hudson, Linda 51,110,136 Hudson, Mar - 125 Huegel, Mark 125,149 Huff, Ken 117.131.137 Huffaker. Jeff 117 Huffaker. Sharvm 52.110 Hughes. Vicki 19, Huguenard. Cathy 95.138.139,145 Hug ienard. James 117 Hugus. David 117.134 Hummer, John 151 Humphreys, Susan 125,130 Hundere, Kevin 117,131,137 Hunnewinkel, Elizabeth 95,140,141 Hunter, Brian 95,142 Hurd, Ralph 110 Husvar, Floyd 29,95 Imbro, Terry 125,133 Infalt, Lisa 125 Infalt, Steve 118,157 Inwood ' s 158 J Jacobs, Cheryl 27,110,133,138 Jacobs. Michael 125,137,149 Jacox, George 118 Jankowski, Ten 110 Jebelian, Kenneth 51,125,133 Jenkins, Susan 123 Jerome, Dave 146 Jessup, David 110,132 Jessup, Scott 28,123,152 Jipping, Jerry 118,140,141 Johnson, Carol 41,125.139 Johnson, Chris 125,137 Johnson, David 110 Johnson, Denise 118,130 Johnson, Kathleen 123 Johnson, Steven 110,136,132 Johnson, Tommy 110,151 Jones, Christopher 72,110,140,152 Jones, Kristina 95,140,141,144,145 Jordan, David 125,137 Jordan, John 125,148,149 Jucay, Craig 32,95,131 Judd, Miss Carolyn 84 Julow, James 110,138,146,147 K Kaade, Thomas 123 Kabel, Linda 118 Kahn, Philip 110,138,146 Kaley, Rodney 125,149 Kane, Leo 110 Kanzig, Jane 110 Karegearmes. Chris 95,138 Kase, Pegg ' 41,95 Katterheinrich, Mr. Roger L. 85 Katz, Debbie 111 Kauss, Mr. John 40,85 Kazmierzak, Richard 118,133 Keays, Thomas 118 Keb, Linda 125 Keb. Pamela 118.129,138.143 Kehr, Marsha 118 KeUer, L™ne 111.138,140 Kelsey, Robert 111,149,151 Kelsey, WUliam 118 Kennedy, Jean 78,122.125,129 Kennedy, Nancy Kennedy. WUliam 118 Kercher. Mrs. Sylvia 83 Ketcham, Robert 125 Kiefer. Lmda 95 Kiefer. Mar 111 KUbey. Mark 118.146 Kimbrell, . rthur 123 Kimmel. Roxarme 125 Kinner, Brian 125 Kinner, Candice 123.133 Kinner. Julia 95.142.143 Kinney. Judy 118.129.130 Kinney. Robert 95 Kirkley. Mrs. CecUia 87 Kirkley, Kerrv- 151 Kirkwood, Frankl™ 125 Kirkwood. Ronn 95.134 Kirsits. John 118,149 Kirwan, James 118.131,148 Kizer, Debbie 118 Klampfer. Madeline 93,142 Kline. Karen 125 Kluessner-MUler 157 Knight. Sheree 125 Knutson. Sherr%- 118,145 Kobar. K.indac 111.138.143 Kobold, Jack 111 Kobold. Jeff rev 125 165 Koch, Gregoo- 118,148 Koch, Paul 125,136 Koch. Sandra 48,95 Koo-, Joseph 118.130,144 Koczan, Charles 118 Koellner, Mr. John 39,85 Kohen, Celianne 95,138 Kohen, Robert 125,149 Kohlmeyer. Richard 21,118,151 Kohm, Stanley 95,134,138 Kominowslci, Fred 125 Kominowski, Leon 118,133 Konzen, Judy 125 Koontz, Teni 95 Kosanovich, James 125,149 Koski. Kenneth 125 Kottlowski, Mr. Harold 51,85 Koucouthakis, George 125 Kovatch, .Michael 125.149 Kozak, Diane 125 Kozak, Sharon III Kozloski, Paul 118 Kraft, Debra 111,140,141 Kramer, Barbara 111 Kramer, Susan 48.95 Krawczyk, Richard 95,133,142 Kreitzman, Mr. Joseph 31,85 Kretz, Kathy 111.129,136.140,141 Kiuk. Ronald 118.137 Krusinski, Linda 111.138,144 Krusinski. Robert 125,144,148,149 Kubley. Teresa,134,138 Kuhn, Brenda 118 Kulczar. Dorothy 111,133 Kurzhal. Phillip 111 Kurzhal, Thomas 49,96,133 Kuska, Sherry 125 Kuzan, Mr. Floyd 55,85,133 Kwasniewski, Marci 111 Lacay, Susann 118,138,143 LaFree, Bonnie 111,138 LaFree, Marilyn 96,138,145 Laiber, Jeannine 125 Laiber, Mr. Joseph 85 LaMar, Kim 111,138,152 Landesman, Fredric 125 Landesman, Fredic 125 Landesman, James 111 Landis, Carri 118,145 Landman, Henry 125 Landry, Mrs. Anita 85 Landry, Gregory 118,136,149,151 Larimer, Cheryl 111,139 Lavelle, Patrick 118 Lawrence, Sarah 118,129 Leakey, Carolyn 118 Leary, Jack 9,118,136,146 Lener, Patricia 125 Lehman, Cynthia 118,136 Lehner, Michael 125,138,148,149 Lehner, Susan 96,128,130 Lello, Curtis 96 LeUo, Kenneth 118 LeUo, Michael 118 Leonard, Belinda 33,111 Lesher, Robert 96,142 Lewis, Jonathan 50,118,136 Lewis. Martha 96,132,137.139 Lichtenbarger, Ruth 96 Lies, Lawrence 96,146 Lies, Timothy 111 Lilves. Cinda 111,133 Lilves, Debra HI Lindley, Julie 96,128 Lindsay, Mayor John 80 Link, Miss Sandra 78,85,129 Lipka, Chester 96,133,142 Lipka, Richard 118,149 Lipp, James 96,149 Lister, Larry 111 Lister, Randall 118,152 Lockwood, Timothy 111,151 Lofgren, Gregory 118,134,146 Logue, Keith 125 Long, Rick 96,142 Loos, Miss Sara 85 Lopez, Suzanna 125 Love, Gregory 118,133,136.148,147 Lowe, Donald 118,136 Lubbers, Carole 125 Luchowski, Julie 111 Lukasiewicz, David 111,136 Lukasiewicz, Thomas 118 Luke, Mrs. Jane 85,133 Lumm. Robert 118 Lutes, Linda 41,111,135,138 Lutes, Nanette 41,118 L -nch, Dennis 12,57,96.130.139 Lysohir. Rebecca 125,129.145 Lytic, Deborah 31.96,102,130,136, 138,153 M MacDonald, Marcia 111 MacDonald, Marsha 111,130,132 MacHatton, Michael 74.111.133,148. 149 MacQuivey, Scott 111 Magnuson, James 111,125 Mandich, Melanie 96,138.140.141 Mangus, James 151 Mann, Michael 96 Manzer, Daniel 111 Mapel. James 111 Mapel. Kenneth 125 Marburger, Kent 125.136 Marburger, Sue 35,111,138,144 Mark, Charles 111,133,142 Mamocha, Kenneth 125 Marshall, David 118,137 Marshall, Laura 118,133,138,144 Marshall, Madge 96,138.144 Martin, Karen 118 Martin. William 118 Martindale. Robert 111 Martino, Carla 111,132 Mastagh, Danny 125 Mastagh, Mrs. Molly 87 Mastagh, Peggy 96,142 Mathews, Kent 97,118 Mathews, Pamela 97 Mathews, Stanley 111 Mathews, Stephen 97,142,151 Mattes, Leslie 97 Maxwell, Daniel 118 Mayer, Carrie 118 McCarthy, Karen 118 McCarthy, Kathleen 29,97,132 McColley, David 125 McDermott, Sarah 4,51,118 McElhaney, Bonnie 111,143 McEndarfer, Ken 111 McFarlane, Curtisray 51.125 McGarrity, Roxanna 111 McGhee, Elizabeth 51.118 McGinnis, Sue 118,144 McGrath, William 22,112,133,139 Mclntyre, Diane 142,197 McKelvey, Judy 112 McKelvey, Rebecca 51,112 McKinley, Mrs. Carolyne 85 McLaughlin, Larry 112,151 McNeill, Roderic 118 McNemey, Karin 112,130,145 McNemey, Pamela 118,153 McNemey, Patrick 97 McPherson, Diane 118,139 McVay, Chris 23,112 Medich, Mrs. Bessie 87 Medich, Cynthia 118 Medich, Judith 52,97 Medich, Kathleen 118 Medich, Michael 76,77,97,153 Meek, Jon 125,133,134,137 MeUner, Bill 51,112,136 Meilstrup, Mr. Tom 153 Melton, Donald 98 Mendenhall, Donna 87 Mercer, Fred 52,98,151 Merchant, Sally 125,133 Merrick, Craig 26.98,134,136,138,159 Merrick, Michael 118,121,159 Merrick ' s Liberty Pharmacy 159 Merriman, Jane 21,112,125,130,140, 141 Merriman, Martha 112,140,141 Mersich, John 125,148 Mersich, Victoria 112 Messana, Rosann 125 Meyer, Rebecca 112 Meyers, Fred 118,136 Meyers, Melinda 31,98 Miami Florist Gift Shoppe 155 Micinski, Lynn 118,133 Mickow, Brian 18,72,152 Middlcton, Kathleen 118 Midla. Gary 112,136,146,152 Midla, Karen 98 Midla, Michelle 125,153 Miholich, Kathleen 118 Mikcl. Mrs. Chariotte 84 Miko, Frank 60,64,98,146.149 Milchcrska. Norman 118.137 Miller, Candrea 98,142 MUler, Mr. Daniel 35,85 MUler, George 112,133,151 MiUer, L. Cuyler 31.58.85,151 Miller, Maril Ti 37.98,138.140 Miller. Mark 98,134.139 Miller. Maureen 118.140,141 Miller. Richard 112,148 MUler, Richard W. 112,136 MUler, Susan 98,130,138,140,141 MUler, Terry 118,147 Misk, Mrs. Diane 85 MitcheU, David 98 Mitschelen, Dermis 125,137 MoeUer. Christina 98 MoeUering, Deborah 118,140,141 Molnar, Carol 51,98.142 Molnar, Linda 118 Molnar, Thomas 112,136 Monk, Jacqueline 119 Montgomeo ' , WiUiam 56,119,149 Moon, Gary 119,136 Mooney, Mickie 112,136,138,145 Mooney ' s Market 157 Moore, Chris 119,140,141,148 Moore. Craig 28,57,61,98,131.140. 141.146,148 Moreland, Dave 126,149 Moreland. JUl 98.132 Moreland. Mark 112.149 Moreland. Rita 98,142 Moreno, Star 98 Momingstar, Mr. Larry 85.147 Morris, Gary 112 Morris, Larry 112 Morris, Michael 112,139 Morris, Roy 112 Morris, Ruth Anne 126 Morrison, Richard 112 Morrow, Michael 119 Mortensen, Roberta 112,129 Moses, Wendy 126 Motts, Judy 126 Mrofka, Kathleen 126 Mueller, Laura 119 Mueller, Nancy 99,133.138,140,141 MuUin, Jane 126 MuUin, Mark 112.149 Mullin. Stephan 112 Munsell. Theodora 119 Murray. Richard 119 Myers, Diana 126 Myers, Jill 99,138 Myers, Mark 119 N Nace, Marcia 99,144 Nace, Sharon 99 Nail. Carol Nail, Gregory 4,66,99,146,149 Nash, Paul 112 Naus, Mrs. Susan 85 Neese, Linda 99 Neese, Marilyn 119 Neff, Mr. Rollo 54,85 Neidigh, Sandra 54,51,112,135,136, 138 Nelson, Mrs. Faye 86 Nelson, Fredie 112 Nelson, Susan 126,133 Nelson, Tamara 112,134,138 Nemeth, Gregory 112 Newman, Karen 112,138 Newman, Susan 126 Newsfoto Yearbooks 158 Nicholos, Cynthia 126,144 Nicholos, Greg 126 Niedzielko, Georgia 119,130,144 Nieter, Gary 112,147 Nieter, Randolph 77,119.137,148 Nimtz, Gary 112 Nimtz, Richard 112 Nixon, Marsha 112 Nixon, President Richard M. 80 Norris, Jacqueline 119 Nuner, Patricia 22,27,99,139 Nye, Christopher 51,119.146,147 Nye, Paul 99 Oakley, James 73.99,152 Oakridge Dairy 157 Obenour, John 119 Obenour, Ted,142 Obenour, William 126,137 O ' Brien, Kevin 126,136,151 O ' Brien, Patricia 79,119,129,145 Oellerich. David 126.149 Ogden. Peter 99.136,138,140,141,145 Olden, Paula 51,99 Olson, James 112,149 Olson, Tammy 119 Orcutt, Mac 119 Ort, Laura 99,143,145 Overgaard, Robert 35,56,119,146,149 Overgaard, Thomas 126,136 Overholser, Richard 99 Overholser, Robert 119,136,146,149 Overmeyer, Richard 87 Overmyer, Kathryn 112 Owens, Larry 6,119 Pacay, Connie 112,131,135 Paczkowski, Gregory 126 Palen, James 119,146 Palka, Richard 126 Palmer, Dennis 119,146,149 Palmer. Douglas 61,64,67,146,149,99 Palmer, Jill 119 Pancheri, Deborah 119 Pangrac, Gary 126 Pangrac, Geoffrey 53.100 Pankow, Laura 34,119,51 Papai, Mr. Victor 86 Papp, Mr. John 87 Parent; Gail 126.130,136,140,141,145 Parker, John 26,148 Parker, Jolie 112,136 Parmley, Judy 119 Parmley, Kay Lynn 119 Parmley, Mary Lou 126 Parsegian, Ara 80 Parsons, Carmen 112 Paschke, Lowell 100,131 Paulsen, Kathy,143. 159 Paxton, James 126 Pa.xton, Karen 112 Payne, Ronald 126,149 Pearson, Andrea 100,132.134,136,138 Peck, Lynn 100,132,142 Pehling, Carol 119 Pendl, Craig 100 Pendl. Jeannine 126,133 Penn, Deborah 119 Perkins, Lauren 126,133,145 Pershing, Mrs. Patricia 86 Peters, Mrs. Josephine 87 Peters, Michael 119,144,149 Peterson, Mr. James 86 Peterson, Kathy 119 Peterson, Robert 65,119,148,149 Peterson. Sandra 100 Petty, Dave 151 Pflugner, Gary 112,149 Pflugner, Kenneth 126,149 Pflugner, Theodore 100 Phelps, David 119,136 Phelps, Susan 100,132,136,144 PhUlips, Barbara 100 Phillips, David 112 PhUlips, Gregory 112 Phipps, Pamela 126,137 Pickles, Nancy 119 Pierce, Debra 20,31,100,132,136,138 Pierce, Rodger 119 Pierson, Mary Beth 100 Place, Ame 119,129 Fletcher. Jack 100 Poczik. Charles 8,9,15.31.100 Poczik. Mary 119,129 Pope, Carol 119,136,140,141 Pope, Crystal 100,133,140,141,144 Pore, Linda 112,143 Porman, Vicki 31,100,142.143 Potts, Darlene 119 Potts, Joyce 45,100,142 Poulos, Andrea 100,134,138 Poulos, Marina 126 Powell, Pamela 112,145 Powell, Rnchelle 126,140,141,144 Powell, Tero ' 100,142 Powers, Michael 75,119,148,149 Poynter, Gary 119,149,151 Pratt, Cheryl 101 Priebe, Mark Allen 126,152 Prikosovich, Thomas 134 Prister, Michael 126,149 166 Prister, Patrick 31,97,101 Prough, Debra 126 Puckett, Avis 113 PuUin, Scott 113 Pyclik, Karen 113 Rabbitt, James 126 Racine, Mrs. Joan 87 Rader, Michael 27,43,101,134 Rader, Steven 119,151 Rafalskl, Gregory 101 Rafalski, Karen 126 Ragland, Amy 101,142 Ragland, Tracy 51,119,136 Ramsbey, James 126,137,149 Ramsbey, William 148 Rankin, Mellonie 113 Ray, Bonnel 113 Ray, Debbie 113 Ray, Pamela 119 Reasor, Marilyn 113,143 Reece, Elizabeth 27,36,101,134,138 Reece, Ken 101,139,146,147 Reece, Patricia 119 Reed, Michael 113 Reed, Ronald 126 Reinke, Dean 63,71,113,130,138,146, 147,149 Reinke, Donn 101,146,151 Reiter, Bret 101,142 Reiter, Timothy 126 Remenih, Robert 113,146,147 Rems, Mr. Dale G. 44,64,86,148,149 Renes, Denny 101,142 Rerick, Joseph 126,133,137 Rexstrew, Paula 120 Rhine, Michael 113 Rhoadarmer, Mrs. Barbara 86 Rhodes, Bradley 113,151 Rice, Gregory 120 Rice, PhiUip 142 Rice, Robert 126,130 Richard, Anthony 113 Richard, Donald 126 Richard, Kenneth 120 Richards, Diane 101,142 Richter, Kent 101,133 Riddle, Victoria 113 Ringle, Carol 120 Risner, Debra 7,126 Robinson, Helenna 120,137 Robinson, WUliam 5,101 Rodriquez, Bertha 113 Rodriquez, Jessie 120 Rogers, Debra 120 Roper, Peggy 126 Rose, John 126,149 Rose, Michael 7,101,152 Rosemeyer, Carol 126 Rosemeyer, David 126 Rosenbaum, John 69,71,101,151 Roth, Geoffrey 126 Rothe, Craig 4,101 Rothe, Sharon 120,129 Rowings, James 51,101,131,136,138 Rozanski, Kim 126,129 Ruth, Robert 126 Rzeszewski, Carol 30,113,128,156 Sailors, Janet 113 Samuels, Richard 22,102,134 Samuels, Robert 126,149 Sanford, Jeanne 102,142 Sanford, Wendy 120,136.143 Santa, James 113,149,151 Sarber, Kevin 120,146 Sarber, Sharon 113 Saylor, Jeffrey 120,152 Scheid, Susan 120 Schellenberger, Vicki 113 Schenck, Mrs. Elaine 86 Schenck. Lynn 113,134,138,144 Schenk, Mark 120 Schillinger, Marc 120 Schirmer, Paul 120 Schlifke, Deborah 120,136 Schmid, Shari 126,140,141 Schmok, James 142,102 Scholz, Catherine 113,135 Scholz, Christine 102 School Board 81 Schoppe, Jeffrey 113,52 Schosker, Michael 142 Scbraw, Donna 126 Schroff, Thomas 113,146,147 Schultz, Daniel 102,134 Schurr, Mark 12,126,137 Scott, Dorothy 120 Scott, Jerry 38,126,137,149 Scott, Jimmy 102 Scott, JoAnn 31,51,102,136,138 Scott, Mrs, Peggy 84 Scott, Susan 113,136,140,141 Seaborg, Christina 113,128,129,156 Seaborg, Priscilla 126,129 Seall, Lesley 126,145 Sennett, Deborah 46,120 Sexton, James 113,149 Sexton, Jane 120 Shafer, Jennifer 120,136 Shafer, Nancy 113 Shafer, Thomas 111,113 Shaffer, Jon 126,137,144,145 Shaffer, Penelope 120 Shaffner, Kim 126 Sharon, GU 120,137,168 Sharp, Dortha 45,102,142 Sharp, Janet 113 Sharp, Joseph 102 Sharp, Melinda 120,138 Sharp, Randy 113,152 Sharp, BUI 113,146,147 Shaw, Kermit 113 Shaw, Randy 113 Shaw, Ron 32,137 Shellhouse, Susan 120,145 Shidaker, Leonard 120,149 Shidaker, Mary 126 Shidaker, Patrice 9,113,130 Shidaker, Richard 31,38,66,102,149 Shisler, Janet 142 ShonkwUer, Bob 30.31,75,102,148,149 Shonkvviler, Sue 126 Shortz, Linda 113,140,141 Shroff, Greg 102 Shultz, Cindy 113,138,144 Shuppert, Jacqueline 102,142 Shuppert, Jon 126 Siade, Kevin 120 Sibert, Pamela 120 SickmUler, Mark 71,102,151,155 Siede, Barb 103,135 Sigrist, Susan 48,113 Sill, Scott 113,136,149 Sais, Wayne 120 Simeri, Laura 127,140,141 Simmler, Dave 146 Simon, Amy 120,145 Sims, Linda 127 Siple, James 113,149 Siri, Andrew 60,113,146 Siri, Raymond 133,103 Siri, Richard 127,137,149 Sirotek, Diane 127 Skaggs, Melissa 120,145 Skiles, Barbara 113,132 Skoner, Patricia 111,113 Slagle, Mark 22,127,130 Slagle, Steve 29,31,103,130,148 Slater, Mrs. Jane 87 Slauson, Karen 111,113,129,134,135 Smet, Brenda 114,143 Smet, David 120 Smith, Alan 71,120,151 Smith, Arnold 103,142 Smith, Daniel 113,151 Smith, David 120 Smith, Donna 127 Smith, Mrs. Frances 86 Smith, Gail 120 Smith, Harold 120,147 Smith, Janet 120 Smith, Janis 127 Smith, Martin 103 Smith, Michael 114,127 Smith, Pamela 127,132 Smith, PhUip 114 Smith, Mr. Robert C. 86 Smith Shell Service 159 Smith, Sherry 114 Smith, Mr. Steven 86,152 Smith, Sue 114,140,141 Smith, Susanne 120 Snyder, Jane 114 SolnokT, Sue 114,135,144 Solomon, Mrs. Amelia 87 Sowers, Timothy 103 Spalding, Linda 8,9.33,103.138,145 Spaulding, Nancy 103 Spear, Frances 127 Spear, Mary 34,114,136 Spiek, Christopher 120 Spiek, Valerie 103 Sprague. Richanl 13,49,51,114,136 Sp rague, Sandra 127,139 Sprague, Mrs. Sara 87 Springer, Cynthia 4,114 Springer, Jeffrey 127 Sprunger, Douglas 127 Stahl, Roger 103 Stahly, Mrs. Patricia 86 Staldine, Rick 61,103,146 Stanek, Patricia 120 Stanton, Terri 114 Staples, David 114,152 Staszewski, Mary 84 Stebbins, Mr. James 55.86 Stein, Deborah 103,142,143 Stephens, Gary 114 Stevens, Bruce 51,103,136 Stevens, Mrs. Eileen 87 Stevens, Jeffrey 120 Stevens, Kurt 77,127,144 Stickley. Alan 103,136 Stickley, Janice 120,129,130,136 Stockton, Rita 120 Stoeckinger, Deborah 103,134 Stoeckinger, Jan 42 Stoeckinger, Randall 9,120 Stoffer, Alan 127,149 Stoffer, Katherine 103 Stoner, Craig 114,146,147 Storin, Bruce 127,133 Storm, Deborah 127 Storm, Dennis 142 Stout, David 127 Stout, Debra 120,139,145 Stravinski, Susan 120 Streed, Kathy 27,103,134,138 Streich, Cynthia 48,103 Streich, Richard 114,146,149 Strong, Mr. Robert 87 Stroop, David 51,120,136,140,141, 146 Strycker, Daniel 104 Strycker, Laura 9,120 Stryker, Howard 114,151 Stuglik, John 114 Stucky, Rick 151 Stump, Anita 114,133,144 Stump, Daniel 60,104,138,149.151 Styles, Jack 104,133 Styles, Robert 51.121,146,149 Sumrall, Peter 121,146 Sutter, Gregory 55,127 Sutter, Tom 121 Swartz, John 104 Swint, Sherri 114 Szabo, Stephanie 104 Szuba, John 127,149 Szuba, Kathleen 114 Szuba. Rosemary 142 Taggart. Allen 9.104.130,138,151 Talboom, Brian 127 Talboom, Craig 114,149 Tamow. Dale 121 Tash, Paul 121,130,134,136 Taylor, John 122,127,130,149 Taylor, Karia 104 Taylor, Mr. Robert 31,86,151 Tepe, DaWd 55,127 Terry. Cheryl 114 Tetzlaff, Daniel 127,149 Tetzlaff, Pamela 104,144 Tetzlaff, Mike 47,121 Thomas, Dwight 114.137 Thomas. June 121.136.140,141,145 Thomas. Kim 127 Thomas. Mrs. Mary 87 Thomas. Mary 114 Thomas. Robert 19.87 Thomas, Ronald 121,133,149 Thomas, Mrs. Stella 86 Thomas, Terrence 127,149 Thompson, Cari 127 Thompson, Karen 123.133,144 Thompson. Lauren 1 14 Thompson, Mark 127 Thompson, William 114 Thoner. Robert 121,136 Thoner. Terri 104.132.136,138 Thomberry. Susan 121,145 Thorahill, Barbara 114 Thornton. Kathleen 144 Thornton. Kristine 127.140.141,144 Thornton. Mrs. Maribel 87 Tibbetts. anc - 28.114 Tillev. James 127 Tilton. John 121.146 Tinny, Chris Tiimy. Michael 121 T ' Kindt. Brian 70.104.151 ToUar, Mrs. Lu Veda 87 ToUe, CwendolyD 114 ToUe, HoUy 114,138.140.141 ToUe. Kathleen 104,142 Tompkins, Michael 114 Topping. Penny 121 Torok, Albert 121.133.148,149 Tovey, James 127.137 Trace, Gary 121 Trace, Kim 104 Trammel!, Terri 4,31,104,134 Traphagan, Stephen 104 Trapp, Joyce 21 Trenkner. Stephen 21,114.130.138. 146.151 Troeger. Jeff Trowbridge. Liiula 121 Truex. L -nette 127.136.145 Tschida. Rebecca 114 Turfler. Katherine 121.138 u miery. Charies 104.148.149 Umbaugh. Frank 114 Urbanski. Patricia 127 Urbanski. Stephen 114 Van Camp. Dee Van De Genahte. Mrs. Mary 86.143 VanderHagen, Janet 114.128,138,140. 141 Vanderheyden, Kathleen 121.140.141 VanderHeyden. Randy 51.127,133.139 Vanderwall, Lynn 127 Vanderwall. Mark 114 Vandewalle. Mrs. Jane 87 Van Goey. Mark 127.132 Van Huffel. Gary, 147 Van Laecke. Mr. Gerald L. 86 Van Namee, Kristine 114.145 Veger. John 104.136 Veger. Melanie 127 Ver aet, Geoffrey 114 Vida. Dane 114,146 Vogel. Thomas 59,104,149,151 Vogelgesang, Debra 127 Volk, Jane 114 Volk. John 127.137 Voyles. Sharon 47.121 Vy ' erberg. Bruce 153 Vyverberg, Douglas w Waddell. Deborah 121.131.133,138. 143 Wagner. Joel 104 Wagner. Sharon 114 Wahman, Frank 121 Wahman. John 105,138 Wall, Janice 127,137 Wallen, .-Vnita 51,121 Walsh. Lori 114 Walsh. Thomas 105.146.149 Walters, Barbara 105,132,143 Walters. William 105 Walz. Gilda 127,136 Wamsley, Shiriev 105 Wanstall. Brace 151 Watldns, Laura 114 Watkins. Ra Tnond 127.137 Watts. Donald 127 Weaver. Carol™ 105.132,144 Wea -er. Janet 121 Wechter. Larr»- 127.137.149 Wechter. Steven 121.146.152 Wechter. Trell 105,152 Weddle. Michael 105 We«e. C.arv- 114 Wepner. Mr. Erw-in ( Sam 1 86 Weikel. William 105 Weist. Marda 105 Welch. Mr. Charles H. 82 Welling. Carol 127 Wenk. Mechthild 144 lfi7 Werner, Barbara 121 Werner, Michael 105 Wertz, Patricia 127.137 Wetzel, C iitliia 121 %Vhaley. Cathy 127,137 Whaley. Gregory 50,51,105,134,136 % ' harton, Annette 127 Wharton, Thomas 114,147,151 WTieeler, Ann 105,134 Wheeler, Glen 114,133 Wheeler. Lany 127,148 Whisler, John 121,145 Vhitaker, Carl 57,105,146 White, Edward 121,152 White, Michael 105 White, Rosemarie 105 Whitfield, Donald 114,138 Whitfield, Joan 106,133,140,141,144 WTiitmer, Jeffrey 127,149 Whitmer, Vonna 106,142,143 Wickizer, Mark 121 Wickizer, Michael 106 Widener, Christine 61.106,129,140, 141 Widner, Mrs. Mary 84 Wiley. Karen 127.144 Wiley. Kim 77,127,144 Wiley. Shelley 30.31,106,128 Wilhelm. Charlotte 127 Wilhelm, Larrv 151,106 Wilhelm, Ten l 51,127 Wilkin, Maria 127 WUlard, Jim 146 Williams, Gary 127 Williams, Mark 121,146 Wilson, Michael 31,106,140,141,144 Wilson, Nancy 127 Winenger, Robert 127,149 Winstead, Christelle 114 Winstead, Shelley 127 Wishing WeU, The 155 Wissman, John 114,136,152 Witt, Kathleen 106.130 Witt, Rebecca 121 Witt, WUliam 106,130,131 Wittner, Gregory 121,131,133,137 Wittner, Michele 18,114,137 Wolfe, Elaine 18,127 Wolfe, Shelley 121 Wolfe, Mrs. Toshiko 87 Wolfe, Vicki 55,127,130 Wolff, Carla 127,139,145 Wood, Laura 121 Wood, Linda 106,142,143 Wood, Roseann 114 Woodcox, Debra 121,143 Woodcox, Gretchen 29,114,130 Woodco.x, Pamela 121 Woodcox, Rebecca 114,140,141 Woodcox, Victoria 106,132,142,143 Woodlee, Sharon 106,132,144 Woody, Patricia 114 Woolley, George 18,114,146,147 Workman, Robert 106,133,142 Workman, Sharon 106 Workman, Terr ' 49,121 Worthington, Carol 106,143 Wright, Chester 121,144,147 Wright, Danny 114 Wright, Susan 23,43,106,129,144 Wroblewski, Donald 121,144 Wruble, Frank 121 Wycoff, Deborah 127,133 Wynn, Mrs. Louise 87 Yaciw, Brent 127,147,148 Yates, David 127,133,137 Yelton, Jennifer 106 Yoder, Nancy 114,140,141 Yordanich, Valerie 121 Yost, Dalene 114 Y ' oung, David 14,106,133,144,152 Y ' oung, Patricia 47,107 Youngs, Debra 121 Zehner, Kim 121 Zehner, Sherry 107,138,145 Zeiger, August 121,136 Zellers, Debra 114,133,140,141 Zeltner, Carrie 114,132 Zeltner, Kenneth 14,121,145 Zielinski, Mr. Edmund 87 Zimmer, Dennis 114 Zimmer, Terence 127,133 Zimmermann, Alfred 6,121,136 Zimmermann, Karen 6,107,131,138 140,141 Zircher, John 114 Zircher, Margaret 107,145 Zisla, Paul 153 Zwickl, Craig 114,146 Zwickl, Mark 107 j 168 Thus we conclude another year of the same old trash. — Gil Sharon We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to Mr. Gene Zehring of Zehring Studios Mr. Lowell Ward of National School Studios, Mr. Dick Kennard of Newsfoto Yearbooks, the South Bend Tribune, the Chicago Tribune, the sports publicity department of Notre Dame, the National Aero- nautics and Space Administration, and Mrs. Lois Glaus, our sponsor, without whom this yearbook would not have been possible. And so we bring to a close the world of Andrew Jackson High School ' 69- ' 70. We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed it. — The Editors CaCK KEMsiAnO [ » »

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