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X4 ja f71,a6Lnf.! jVZ!'jf,cff0focfa,ef1f0f!fbV ""'-4""VfZ"f0V."""'M"""Z""'L"'7 f4"-770-4-4-q,,4.,nJa.J 2 ,M fwvfff 'Z'7M'7 2-+1 t7'7'I-4-f"7-'A' 7?,6,C,fAJ ff? VQQVIJ Cfggj '7'5f L 15 77ffzf'1u , 506 if ,JJ 7' , 4-f1'f'f Lf I V- X P V2 .cg --1 4 ,Q4 Lmfve, vffzd-fL6xf'Zc0?QQAzJiZ Q ,, . f 'icijjfl A. 1, A ,0 J, 1, lf' 5 ' if 6 Q , A I , , ff? 'yfjfjj cd J? fY ltkx ' DEDIC TIO o k Q, of , , , , o me if . wx . s f sa fs '35 . X ,N....i- ....i,., .....-..-.-. W To the door of opportunity, knowledge, and service: to make youth good citizens for the complex world of tomorrow. "Knowledge is comparatively worthless unless digested into practical wisdom and common sense as applied to the affairs of life." ---Edwards Q R .,, 'wi o ' III ll? Q' .tg gigs ,o 'f 2 f "M s - Q24 2 iv 'ww XE i N' Mig ii' X' il Iiliuf- to-so Ill ll - ill, 1, -- Y Pflj Mg ...... J ACKSONIAN STAFF Seated, left to right: R. Muir, E. Worshek, J. Hyde, C. Teigen, J. Splinter, J. Aamot. Standing: M. Peterson, D. Ryberg, W. Strom, J. Hruby. The annual staff through diligence and forth- right courage established what seemed to us an unsurpassable achievement. We met our deadline. Work on the annual was begun in November and finished February 18. There were ten members on the staff this year. Our co-editors were Carol Teigen and Jim Hyde. Emmajean Worshek was our capable business manager. Marilyn Peterson was the snaps editor. Donald Ryberg was the '50 edition's artist. Jack Aamot and Ross Muir were the sports editors. jane Hruby and Donald Ryberg were the junior class repre- sentatives and certainly contributed their share to the annual. For an outstanding part of this year's annual a great deal of credit should be given to Wallace Strom, our photogra- pher. Our ears are still ringing with the clacking of Janis Splinter's typewriter as she carried out her job as annual staff typist. These people combined their efforts in hopes of making the 1950 edition of the Jacksonian a book of fond remembrance of the good old days in J.H.S. ..2... -1 5 'Q FACULTY . K Q , Q ' 'Qi-b .7 the ,. , if X. M if 4 , gg.. As Wordsworth put it, "The child is the father of the man", so also are the teachers the determiners of our future. We students are forever indebted to these teachers for the many benefits that they have given us, and take this opportunity of expressing our deep and sincere gratitude. qi ADMINISTRATION fi J' A. 0. MYRON Superintendent of Schools 0. J. BERG C. W RYBERG Senior High Principal Junior H1gh Prmcxpal Chemistry, n Physics General Science --4? FACULTY MISS TENNY English MISS FIDDES Librarian - MISS GOERTZEN . 4, English ff- Dramatics MISS STEPHANY English Choral Music MISS ASHLAND English Dramatics MR. HANSON Mathematics jr. High Coaching 15, f ga 3 is Y X. FACULTY MR. GOERTZ Mathematic jr. High Coa MISS QUARVE Commercial MR. HEDTKE Industrial Arts MISS MILLIMAN Business Relations Physical Education MR. BENSON Shop, Science Social Studies MR. FARRELL Basketball Coach Biology World History -6-8 FACULTY MR. ALSTAD Band, Biology MISS PETERSON Home Economics MR. LEWER Physical Education American History MR. SWEARINGEN Social Science Football Coach MR. DOLL Agriculture MISS AOS English Home Economics -.7... l FACULTY MISS KRAYLING jr. High Science an Social Studies MISS RACHIE Science and Mathematics MISS ELDRIDGE Social Studies and Art MISS TASA Secretary to Superintendent " I' ,154 . " C fx..- W MISS WELLMERLING English and Social Studies -3- SENIORS Class Motto: "Forward ever, backward never." Class Colors: Blue and Silver Class Flower: Yellow Rose "Oh talk not to me of a name great in story. The days of our youth are the days of our glory: And the memories and pleasures of our high school days Are worth all our laurels, in so many ways. N- fihq VALDICTORIAN HADGE OLSON Band l,2,3 Chorus 2,3 ' Extempo 3 ' - c.A.A. 1,2,a U ack Hi Times Staff 1,3 J 'Q P Vice-president 2 Orchestra l Junior Class Play 2 N. Declan 3 Brass Sextet 2,3 ' Girls' Glee Club 1,2 ep Band 1,2,3 n Club 2,3 A fx 23 , i 3 Debate 3 Honor Society 3 . . . I N 5 1,1 if f: 'H he y P - , -3 , E X5' f i 1 Q P Q 2 2 CAROLYN RY ERG Band 1,2, Chorus l,2,3 Decllm l,2,3 Pep Band Direct G.A.A. 1,2 jack Hi Times S Orchestra 1 2 3 Junior Class Pl Speech Festival Brass Sextet 1 String Quartet Girls' Glee Clu Latin Club 2 3 Pep Band 1 2,3 Girls' Sextet 3 Honor Society 3 Senior Cllll Pl or 3 tnff -Y 2 P 2 2 1 2 3 .,3 Q, NATIONAL H0 OR SOCIETY I Q Front Row, left to right: Marilyn Peterson, Carolyn Ryberg, Madge Olson, Winnifred Westby, Virginia Leen, Carol Teigen. Second Row: Sue Yager, Ross Muir, james Hyde, Richard I-lugunin, Jack Aannt, Pat Fitzsinmons. QI' If 21" gg, Q fs? QQ, .'5' gg , Qi, r c is eeee Q igm5wSx Qff3Q CSQQQQ s?. 54 UK 3f4N5jQf? if! ,Aww JOE AAIOT Basketball l,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Declan 1,2 Football 2,3 Annual Staff 3 Jack Bl Times Staff Track 2 Speech Festival 1,2 H1-Y 2 3 Boys' Clee Club 1,2 Honor Society 3 Senior Claaa Play RICHARD ACKERIAN Band 2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Declnm 2 Football 3 Speech tival 2 Hi-Y Pep Play 2 BETTY ALBERS Chorus 1,2 G.A.A. 2 Girls' Glee Club ,g,,fJffUL"J 5157 I . AVIS ANDERSON 'wwf l'jJ WJW 3 1,2 JOHN ANDERSON asna 1,2,s lovie Operator 3 Pep Band 2,3 EVELYN BALDIIN G.A.A. Latin Club 2, M PHYLLIS BANCROFI c.A.A. 1,2,s H jack Hi Times aff Junior Class ay 2 One-act fla - Chaerle Qc 3 Latin C 2,3 a Girls' ife Cl 2, f 1 . X 1 xxx RUC! EEN! Basketball 2,3 F.!.A. 3 if HS- ,,e , j V Q N A x Joan BLIZEK nzwznr cum Band 1.2.3 Football 3 Pep Band 2 Milf' CAROL RJULTINGHOUSE IAvIs cnnrsrornn c.A.A. 1,2,s Band 1.2.3 q Q5 Chorus 2,3 C, G.A.A. 1,2,3 N Orchestra 1 2,3 junxor Class Play y , I I Glee Club 1 Pep Band will My QMSV .f WH ROSE IARY BRESSLER G.A.A. 3 , , L A.v' ,A f 4'I X Kb Q JU W -A ,.. 'a, "4 x NADINE BUCKEYE Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Junior Class Play 2 Latin Club 2,3 DOROTHY DEIARY MM, ff ALICE DORSCENER G.A.A. 3 Latin Club 2,3 Gxrls Glee Club 1,2 Pep Band 1,2,3 J I qu w !4,! 'L' lf . 77 , If 4 , e . "L Y If ,Lvbgf ft 2 WII7' at 5- he' if 5 RUTH DORSCH ER GERALDINE FITZLOFF A A L, J IILLIAI DUNKER F.r.A. 1,2,a r A Wff eyyf I f, Igyljff I fx f iv " yfkb PAT FITZSII ONS Band 1,2,s Chorus 1,2,3 Declam 1,2 Extempo Club 1 G.A.A. 2 jack Hi Times Staff 1,2,3 Student Council 2,3 Orchestra l Junior Class Play 2 Speech Festival 1,2 Pep Band 1,2,3 Brass Sextet 2 Double Quartet 1 Glee Club 2 Chev Robe Committee 2 Girl Sextet 3 Latin Club 2,3 Honor Society 3 ALFRED FAST Chorus 1 ROBERT FLOH Boys' Glee Club 1 Mountain Lake High 2 Ticket Squad 3 1 N A5 X Y I . mi nj 5 ,N . 91' 4 5 , RONALD FLATGARD f RUTH FLOH G.A.A. 1 3 I "Q" 'E Vi w.1?:, , A . sr R. -3' I3 - an ARDEN RAKES Chorus 3 F.F.A. l,2,3 Football 1,2,3 lovie Operator 2,3 Stage Manager 3 Hi-Y 3 junior Class Play ALICE HAIMER G.A.A. 1,3 Class Secretary- Treasurer 2 Office Assistant 3 Junior Class Play Committee 2 Mx KATH EEN BIRDER Band 1 Library Assistant 3 Latin Club 2,3 JOHN HRUBY Chorus l,2,3 Jack Hi Times Staff 3 Student Council 1 Junior Class Play 2 One-act Play 2,3 lovie Operator 3 Boys"Glee Cl b 1,2,3 Boya' Doub e uartet 2 Senio laa Play 3 I 59 Qxf RICHARD HUGUNIN F.F.A. l,2,3 Football 1,2,3 jack Hl Tiles Sta Class Prealdent 2 Student Councll 2 Tr ack 2 Football Captain Honor Society 3 W Jams mms Declan 2,3 Extempo Club 2 Football 3 Annual Staff 2,3 Student Council 2 Junior Class Play One-act Play 2,3 Debate 3 Honor Society 3 1ass Play If M7 IELBA IENKINSON f 3 2 3 IARILYN Jonas 3 c:.A.A. 2,3 M ' .4e- T M Girls' Glee Club 2,3 fi I Q 'gf 'Ptgfz TQ V A "' W A iz 3 t n A 3 . lb ' aot' if t y 5'r:gi5gf5Qf it 'fi N ... I4 ..- ' i TVX' f fi ,-ffiisi ' J i ,g V: Tj 'gi " 'N .xtnfwfatw S'-' Widen , f E 5 towne, ,'-,,. '- 1 , .. kQQM3x T -2 V15 2t9E"g.'?i:" , Hgdmkqg , 21? 4 'ilfiitbgf' .ww wtf, , ,km wwmkr 62175 RGINIA LEEN DONALD IICILOS and 1,2,3 ZWWMW 5 'QE 3 F.F.A. l ' W fe., pf-7 horua l,2,3 F'F'A' 1'2'3 Declan l,2,3 Extempo Club l,2,3 jack Hi Times Stnf Orchestra 1,2,3 Orchestra Llbraria Speech Festival 1, Latin Club 2,3 Chorus Robe Commit Senior High String Quartet 1,2,3 Girls' Glee Club I Horn Quartette 3 Boys' Glee Club Accompanist 3 Girls' Sextet 3 Honor Society 3 MARVIN LUCHT 1-'.l-'.A. 1,z,a M 1 f Qf GEIJ xtfp 9 , XJ ' 'I 11 1 1 -' J' MW x Taq UJJ l 4 . LOUIS LUSK Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1.2.3 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Junior Class Play Committee 2 Glee Club I,2,3 Pep Band 3 6505 :J ' 'Xsd H , U 4 HARLAN IICHELSON WWW f.Z1Z'VPW?jJ ff, 7 fy ,2 QM LOIS IOHR Band 1,2,3 Band Librarian 3 Extempo Club 2,3 G.A.A. 3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Sam Quartet X, 25 ALAN KUIR Basketball 2 Chorus 1,2 Football 1,2,3 Hi-Y 2,3 Boys' Glee Club NIEL HUIR Band 1 Chorus 1,2,3 Football 2,3 Hi-Y 1 Boys' G1ee,Club Pep Band I Boys' Octqt 3 b Q if K L! 1 ','X K . . 5. I f' fl l,2,3 W is Q 'GX-Q + 53? J : L--i it liisf K' 'P irr - , Q W 3 f Y -f - 1 js srob - ' 2 ng See. AXQ 3 l" r gi 1 file iaQ N ggiwggig -ff., zxsfa wsfiffgi 4 4 ..'s .G sg -ji 3 "', W- -Jew , .-7'---S .rl 'b-b Q pgiigr qsfi, 'i Qirl fesiiiii 4 ROSS HUIR Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Declnm 1,2 Football 1,3 Annual Staff 3 Class President 1,3 Student Council 1,2 Orchestra 1 Student lanager 2,3 Hi-Y 1.2.3 Debate 3 Boys' Quartet 3 Boys' Octet 2,3 Boys' Glee Club 1,2 Pep Band 1 Honor Society 3 Senior Class Play 3 EVERLY HUSEGADES G.A.A. l,2,3 Girls' Glee lub 1 Latin Club ,3 JAIIS NAJT I-'.r.A. 1.2.3 Football 3 Hi-Y 3 I 1, if '.wLP J J .X , V ffvfff M ,, gf 1 ' K . gm 4 i, New , M x2,n f ..f1- 5 l I - .f 1, . Q 'sfsf ,lk 2 lk ' PAUL NASBY Chorus 2,3 F.F.A.'1,2,3 Hi-Y 3 My Boys' Glee c ,3 ,3 ,3 0 ,V ff: ALICE NIELSEN G.A.A. 2,3 Library Assist 2 Girls' Glee 1 5 , O DELORES OLSON G.A.A. 1,3 ' 1 MV EM' f Xiwlff A. ff 1' VW' WW IARILYN PASS Chorus 1,3 G.A.A. 1,2,3 jack Hi Times Staff 3 Class Secretary- treasurer 3 Junior Class Play Committee 2 Cheerleader 1,2,3 Latin Club 2,3 Girls' Glee Club 1,2 Girls' Sextet 3 A 4 ROGER PELL Band 1,2 F.F.A. 1,2,3x lovie Opernt 3 ... I6 ... GN' FL KW XXKN. y iimywbw 1 5,6 --mf 'Wx IARILYN PETERSON Band 1,2,3 Chorul 1,2,3 Extempo Club 2 G.A.A. l,2,3 ARDYTB SAATHOFF Band 1 c.A.A. 1,3 Latin Club 2,30 Annual Staff a jf jack Hi Times Staff 2,3 Class Secretary- treasurer l f Junior Class Play 2 One-act Play 3 Chorus Robe Committee 3 Latin Club 2,3 Double Quartet l Girls' Glee Club 2 Pep Band 1,2,3 Glrla' Sextet 3 Honor Society 3 Senior Clall Play 3 JANET PROKES LLOYD SABATKA Ch0l"-ll 1.2.3 Ticket Squad 3 o.A.A. 1,2,3 Glee Club 1,2 Junior Class Play Committee 2 f n Club 2 Z BUDA RINGGENBERG HAROLD SAIPQON my c.A.A. 1.2.3 F.r.A. 3' " L Jack Hi Times Staff 3 NJ Cheerleader l,2,3 A 1 A a1.e'c1ub 1,2,a 1 MI - C Latin Club 2,3 ffgfv Q V Junior Clan Play , I' I XL Committee 2 v 1 ll ' SPorts l 5, jj V aff U 03450 GEORGE R I NGKOB Footlball l,2,3 Basketball 1 'V IDNA SCIILAGIR Chorus I Girls' Glee CQ YQ -I7- wwf uygnn ,ffl 'H 'gb s ,Q A 5" fa, 'NM' RICHARD SCHIEN Band l,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Orchestra 1 Hi-Y 1,2,3 Hi-Y President 3 Cornet Trio 2 3 Brass Sextet 2,3 Pep Band l,2,3 Boys' Octet 2,3 Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3 Mixed Octet 3 Boys' Quartet 3 Band President 3 NATHAN SHA' . LAVONNE SIROVY G.A.A. 1,3 Latin Club 2,3 JANIS SPLINTER ij Band 1,2,3 Extempo Club 2 G.A.A. l,2,3 X Annual Staff 3 Girls' mee Club 2,3 ' CHARLES SHEARER Band 1,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Declam 2 Extempo Club 2 F.F.A. l,2,3 jack Hi Times Staff 2,3 Orchestra 1 Junior Class Play 2 Stage Manager 3 , Boys' Octet 3 ' VLAWX Senior Cl 1a 5 MQW GERALD SHEARER Band l,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Declam 2,3 F.F.A. 1 HL V Z , Speech Festi al 2 Y ggi!! Hi-Y 2 3 M 5 Boys'Ce 1bA,2,3 il - Pep Ban ,S Ilx Pc 3 s 3 I .t 'in 59334 W ' f' 12 2 fi if 1 jack Hi Times Staff 2 3 Pep Band 2,3 IARGIE STORH A Junior Class Play X Committee 2 . Girls' Glee Club if QW CLINTON STOUGH F.F.A. 1,2,a ... 18 ..- fir. S5 iam- WALLACE STROI Band l,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Declan 1 Director-Pep Band 3 Annual Staff 3 jack Hl Times Staff Student Council 3 Junior Class Play 2 One-act Play 2 Boys' Glee Club 1,2 Boys' Double Quartet 2 Pep Band l,2,3 Boys' Octet 3 Senior Class Play 3 GLORIA SIANSON G.A.A. 1,2.3 Junior Class Play 2 Office Assistant 3 Glee Club 1,D,3 Latin club 2,3 '-RS: INN 9aaa..A4 su,-,. xJf' K CAROL TEIGEN Band l,2,3 Chorus 2,3 Declan 1,3 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Annual Staff 2,3 Orchestra I Glee Club 1,2 Latin Club 2,3 junior Class Play Committee 2 Cornet Trio l,2, Brass Sextet I 2 ety 3 LAJJ STELLA ULLRICH Band 1 Office Asai ta t H S5 f X k, Joan vscnusn Basketball l,2,3 Football 2,3 Vice-president 1,3 Track 2 Basketball Captain 3 Senior Class Play 3 JA..-M Band 1,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 Declan l,2,3 Exteapo 1,2,3 Pep Band l,2,3 Boys' Glee Club jk? 6N.,JEROll VERDICI 1 .X ,ff Mx , J IINNIFRED IESTBY Band l,2,3 Drum lajors 1,2,3 G.A.A. 3 Pep Band l,2,3 Honor Societ l Senior Classy ay 3 aff k I , ... I9 ... g?Qb as 'QPF' LEONARD wrnsxus EIMAJEAN WORSHIK F.F.A. l,2,3 Ticket Squad 3 1 5 ipy LOIS IILLETT Band l,2,3 Chorus 1,2,3 G.A.A. 2,3 Jack Hi Times Staff 3 Girls' Glee Club 1,2 Latin Club 2,3 Chorus Robe Committee Pep Band l,2,3 ,wr Band l,2,3 ,3wfif7SA" Chorus 1.2.3 sseli' nw Declam 2 W, A MAN Extempo 2,3 5Qgi G.LA.l,23 75 , Annual Stnif 3 'V I jack Hi Times Staff 2,3 L ' E Girls' Glee Club 1,2 S, Chorus Robe Committee 3 5, x g ,, Q,,....-yn Latin Club 2,3 git is Debate 3 Xxiqn .,"' Pep Band 2,3 'WI Flute Quartet 3 jiu iQQQ Junior Class Play ,,tt,- Committee 2 I my 5 1' 3 SUE YAGER A Band l,2,3 A Chorus 1,2,3 Declam 2,3 Drum Major l,2,3 G.LA.1,L3 Jack Hi Times Staf Student Council l Orchestra l,2,3 Junior Class Play One-act Play 1 Speech Festival 2 Latin Club 2,3 Orchestra Accompan Girls' Glee Club Accompanist 3 Brass Sextet l,2,3 Horn Quartet 3 Pep Band l,2,3 Chorus Robe Commit Girls' Sextet 3 Pep Band Director Honor Society 3 Senior Class Play SENIOR CLASS SONG: f 2,3 2 ist 2,3 tee 3 3 3 "Seniors, Seniors, Seniors of 1-9-5-0, Seniors, Seniors, for our gains we have a lot to show, We have a super coach that really takes the cake, We have a wondrous team that's constantly awake, So to the Seniors, Seniors, let's give a rousing cheer, Rah! Rah! Rah! We are the Seniors, Seniors, Seniors of 1-9-5-0." ... 20 ... K K ' CLASS OFFICERS if' .Q A, 3. -my President, R. Muir: Secretary-treasurer, M. Pass: Vice-president, J. Vachuska. CHARLEY'S AUN T First Row, left to right: R. Muir, S. Yager, S. Ry berg, C. Teigen, M. Peterson, C. Shearer. Second Row: W. Strom, J. Aamot, J. Vachuska, J. Hyde J. Hruby. Not pictured: W. Westby. ..2I.. The door opened--Qcreakj--. Thirty-six cherubic little indi- viduals, some forlorn, some defiant, some awed, but none assured, wan- dered down the stairs of the grade building to celebrate the grand opening of the Jackson Public School system's brand new kindergarten. There we met our first teacher, Miss Mildred Peterson, our first triu phs and our first defeats. The rest of this year has taken on a rather misty cast fwe can't figure out whyj so after those touching farewell kisses from Miss Peterson, she was feeling sentimental because she was getting married the next day, we progressed into the first grade-- where Miss Hanson and the little red chairs eagerly Q?j awaited us. Besides learning our ABC's we entered into our first, but certain- ly not our last, heated discussions. One of the more frequent ones in- volved a three way debate between Jack Rue, Carolyn Ryberg and Pat Fitzsimmons. Resolved that, it is more superior to have a member of your f mily as principal of the high school than of the Junior High or Grade School. Jack took the af- firmative while Carolyn and Pat ardently refuted all his statements. This was the last time for ten years that Pat and Carolyn were ever on the same side. Niel Muir discovered his artistic talents at this early age when he created a Santa Claus. However, he was much disillusioned when he discovered that at home there were four identical ones, made by the elder members of the Muir brood, in their early years. Miss Walters initiated us, as second graders, into the mysteries and intrigues of arithmetic by a game of flash cards, in which some of our infantile geniuses early showed their superior mental abili- ties. Third Grade brought new horizons into view and we all became pioneers, SENIOR CLASS or Hiawathas, or butter-churners, or accomplished Tonnetists. Third Grade also found us bereft of one of our members, Anita Jensen, who departed to Qughj Worthington. Pigtails, and chalk, prevailed in fourth grade, especially when we added to our ranks little Miss Sue Yager. We gained another brain child, when Marilyn Gardner from the mystic orient QPhilippine Islandsj joined us. Fateful fifth grade resulted in the inevitable division intostraight fifth and the combination room, but this minor tragedy was offset by the addition of the kids from the Hill. In sixth grade our first youthful romances budded, especially notice- able around Valentine's Day. We gladly ended our kittenball careers andfgraduated into Mr. Ryberg's do- main across the street. Beingixxjunior High added greatly to our prestige and we enthusiasti- cally entered into the new program. The first task was to convert the girls into domestics by learning to make white sauce. Qlncidentally, it burned.j This small failure, how- ever, was completely eclipsed by our ardent love for Miss Ames and our absolute terror of Miss Jones. If our romances budded in the sixth grade, they blossomed in the seventh when we attended Mrs. Robertson's Valentine Party. We met our Waterloo in the eighth grade when we left our carefree youth behind and became the subjects of Miss Iverson. You, who were present, will recall the fateful day when Miss Iverson's brother came to visit. A highlight of that year was Janis Splinter's Hallowe'en party for the whole class. Memorable, too, was the loss of one of our mental wizards, Curtis Johnson. One of our most momentous years was ninth grade. First, we got the country kids and gained a new mental wizard, Madge Olson, and we observed the return of Gloria Swanson from .-22..- HISTORY Seattle. Never giving up hope, even after the white sauce failure, the Home Economic Department again undertook to make us future home- makers. The attempt was grape jelly --the result, it bounced, it stretched, or it had to be eaten like soup. English, however, was more successful, since we either en- joyed the company of Miss Willey or Miss Pappas. The Year was not en- tirely peaceful though, for it was in the ninth grade that the class of '50 was dubbed "The Reformers". We were the first class to gain the right of dancing for freshmen, and as for the slacks--well, s me called it our first defeat, though we didn't! Mr. Ryberg's headaches were suddenly cured when the class of '50 crossed the hall into Senior High and Mr. Berg's headaches began. Another girl was added to our class--Phyllis Bancroft. Here we were always looking for more boys and all we got was another girl. Our violent arguments, carry-overs from our Freshman year, seemed to jump first from Room 302 to 301 and then back again. But Ross missed all this for he was home in bed with Rheu- matic Fever. Or was it Romantic Fever? Mention our Junior year and all the girls swoon, "Oh, Whitey!". We drifted from History into Qker- plopj Chemistry. This was the ath- letic year. The football team beat Fairmont for the first time in four- teen years and the basketball team virtually did the impossible by beating Mountain Lake twice. First here on our home court and then at Windom in the District Tournament. From there the boys went to St. Peter, for the Regional Tournament that is, where Mankato's height and manpower defeated them. Some lucky individuals went to St. Paul for M A where they participated in either the All State Orchestra or Chorus. The class of '50 blossomed forth with their theatrical talent in "Huckleberry Finn". Later on, our executive talents bloomed as we filibustered in the New Constitution. QKnown to the average highschooler as "the scope".j An off-shoot of this was Miss Fitzsimmon's election as the Honorable Governor of Girls' State. Toward the end of our Junior year, everyone was busy with tissue and crepe paper and rose bushes and carnations as we made ready for the big night of the Banquet. The Seniors repaid us fully the night of the Prom. And suddenly we were Seniors. The class of '50 began its last il- lustrious year within the portals of I.H.S. We started with our unforget- table football team, which lost only one game, captained by all-state end, Richard Hugunin. The football season reached its climax at Home- coming when the Senior girls became famous as "goops"3 and one lucky miss, Alice Hammer, became her ex- cellency the Queen Cafter a hard fought campaignj. With Homecoming past we rolled on to our last Christmas Concert, and then into basketball season, with Jeb Vachuska as captain. Ross Muir completed his career as class president, having served every other year in that ca- pacity. The Banquet, Prom, and that final march across the stage of J.H.S. and the door of knowledge will creak shut upon the unprece- dented Class of 1950. 23 - STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row, left to right: Wallace Strom, Pat Fitz- sinlmns, Helen Doyscher, Ross Muir. Second Row: Russell Kately, John Tobola, Phyllis Kielblock, Robert Ackerman, Donald Ryberg. The student council is the legislative de- partment of the student body. In their hands the fate of the students lies, for they decide on matters of importance at hand, including: charity drives, parties etc., and homecoming. This year the senior class was represented by council president, Pat Fitzsimmons, Ross Muir and Wallace Strom. The juniors chose Phyl- lis Kielblock, secretary-treasurer, Donald Ry- berg, vice-president, and Russell Kately. Helen Doyscher, John Tobola and Robert Ackerman, sophomores, completed the council. The student council is elected by secret ballot by members of each class. The student council had charge of home- coming, a very special event, and did their best to make it a great success. Among other things, they revised the point system, promoted a good sportsmanship campaign, traveled to Wbrthington to represent Jackson High at a con- vention, worked towards buying a phonograph for the school parties and began promoting the interest of the students on a swimming pool project. By sponsoring the many school dances held this year after football and basketball games, the council kept the students interested in their school and helped to make this year an unforgettable one for the graduating seniors. ...24.... UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR 2 First Row, left to right! R. Elness, M. Conlin, J. Hruby, C. Egertson, B. Betlach, D. Babb, G. Flatgard, B. Johanek, R. Garber, J. Gruber, C. Canfield. Second ROW! T. Erickson, M. Goodell, M. Herder, C. Greenwood, M. Gunderson, M. Bohn, C. Ascheman, P. Albers, J. Gee, J. Bramstedt, J. Garber, M. Grantz, G. Goede. Third Row! R. Haugland, W. Iverson, J. Benjamin, E. Beberness, G. Geesman, J. Bar- tosh, L. Fialia, M. Anderson, D. Bordwell, H. Beman, O. Johnson, J. Eckert, K. Harn- den, L. Heligas, T. Cain, First Row! E. Soucek, A. Willett, N. Ullrich, M. Wilhelm, F. Macek, C. Lundholm, D. Szaggs, C. Knutson, D. Smith. Second Row! S. Stiner, J. Nestegard, C. Lund, D. Mares, R. Yonker, S. Nusbaum, D. Nasby, A. Lee, P. Keilblock, L. Wright, S. Skalicky, L. Ringkob, J. Priviatil, A. Wehrkamp. Third ROW! R. Libra, R. Kately, M. Rose, R. Olson, K. Vacura, W. Kauf, E. Yonker, C. Olson, D. Ryberg, J. Musegades, R. Olson, L. Nasby, J. Smith, P. Shockly. QNot pictured, R. Tweedt.j -25-. , , I' "' 'V 1 J . .- OPHOMORES , First Row. left to right! C. Boultinghouse, D. Dilley, L. Benjamin, L. Bond, M. Dorschner, V. Libra, M. Betlach, H. Doyscher, B. Madson, C. Meyer, V. Christopher, R. Benda, S. Ashley, G. Muir, M. Chonko, G. Jensen, D. Hau land. Second Row! D. Anderson, P. Kielty, L. Gilbert, S.'Gikin, J. Johnson, M. Mark- quart, A. Hummel, M. Lee, L. Lee, C. Engh, P. Ascheman, G. Lusk, B. Harmelink, H. Koranda, L. Flatgard, M. Glakin, T. Macek. Third ROW! G. Coonrod, W. Grunst, H. Kelsey, L. Gregory, W. Hunt, H. Krause, J. Kidney, J. Janson, J. Hocking, M. Hanna, D. Goede, W. Hoffmeyer, D. Bell, R. Acker- man, J. Eiler, D. Matthews, L. Harnden. First Row! L. Werner, C. Olson, G. Paulson, W. Thompson, M. Verdick, J. Whisney, L. Wastell, D. Olson, M. Nelson, J. Swanson, B. Williams, C. Sandye, L. Shearer. SeC0nd ROW! L. Tomford, V. Tomford, V. Seim, P. Peterson, M. Westby, A. Wolff, C. Stough, A. Olson, D. Wendelsdorf, J. Pribyl, C. Skrove, M. Prokes, D. Verdick, G. Shearer. Third Row! A. Tolendoski, P. Wagner, B. Ringgenberg, E. VonOhlen, R. Verchota, J. Tobola, J. Palmer, M. Serum, F. Pribyl, J. Vachuska, R. Willardson, R. Peterson, L. Yarns, J. VonOhlen, J. Watland. Not Pictured! M. Cihak, M. Domino, R. Elness, H. Grantz, M. Handevidt, O. Hoff meyer, A. Jensen, J. Nyborg, J. VanWesten. .A FRE HME gs , ,N - , First Row, left to right: S. Holecek, H. Iverson, J. Allen, M. Dunker, M. Chonko, G. Greg- ory, J. Grove, A. Christopher, A. Handevidt, H. Allen, J. Bsres, B. Hiller, V. Anderson, K. Bergfrede, C. Behne, S. Carlsog, F. Ambrose. Second Row: I. Aamot, C. :q:rber, J. Gee, M. Hammer, D. Gemmill, D. Jensen, E. Johnson, H. Hsu e, I. Ebeling, K. Grits ell, S. Busta, A. Albrecht, M. Iverson, L. Groshens, D. Bram- stegt, D. Beseke, H. johnson. Third Row: B. Hanna, E. Erickson, B. Albert, H. Dingman, L. Erickson, I. Eggesteen, C. Gee, I. Hargan, I. Johnson, J. Alstad, I. Allen, R. Glawe, C. Brown, L. Case, G. Benda, D. Crawley, R. Hample, G. Dykstra. First Row, left to right: M. Tillia, J. Kielblock, H. Moen, R. Ohlenkamp, C. Kielty, B. Shover, S. Leen, D. Smith, C. Sogge, G. Vind, C. Paulson, E. Nelson, M. Lorig, E. Lewison, P. Nielson, P. Williams, D. Levell, J. Onken. Second Row: I. luir, D. Skow, E. Rosenbrook, D. lcCaul , S. Smith, I. Kanuch, R. Williams, B. Soucek, G. Lucht, J. Kalmbrum, V. Schultz, S. Krause, X. Nestegard, H. Kirk, M. Pribyl, L. litchell, A. Overans. Third Row: S. Iaras, Y. Sirovy, R. Lund, C. Knutson, K. Nelson, M. Wright, B. Saathoff, N. Swanson, I. Verdick, H. Michelson, D. Swanson, M. Larson, D. Pluth, C. Vagle, R. Vacek, R. Iinther, S. Sharp, J. Metli, R. Soucek. Fourth Row: D. Ray, l. Swanson, S. Teig, H. Hotl, D. Rose, S. Vasen, D. Perkins, E. Wil- liams, D. Vachuskn, H. Hiller, F. Vachuska, C. Larson, H. Toft, M. Thompson, N. lohr, R. Par- kins, H. Schulz, G. Lunskow, I. Tobola, J. liezorek, R. Ross. Not pictured: H. Schlager, B. Smith, J. Smith, H. Smith, E. Tusa, M. Whisney, D. Zebedee. ... 27 ... J ffvf SNAPS E .ae , Yffk fs? i im ,K we ,, is Q M1 QW ' 4 hx , A Q 5 'DF 3? EE S.-,, ff0fJyY-F 5' K' My K' M . wi 'E' 'Zu 411 i?-' K . , ' , ' K ak 7- '. Z' ' ' X J 1" f , fx Q I, gfr' sw AL. " 5535 ' . A ml " kffirwj ' ' .3 3 7365 V 4 EM ',-', Q wtyfgfi' i - . gk A 5 U S An j- , , ! 4 3 Q, ,Q wwuzqff ' . . , .. ,y.,.f,. L -W A-px, - A .L .. su wfsvigl-7 Y 28- Junior High ACTIVITIES Extracurricular ,Activities The students of Jackson High have a choice of a variety of activities to develop their talents during spare moments. The following dozen pages picture representative groups and in- dividuals who have participated in one or more activities listed on this page. Musically inclined students may play in the band and in the nu- merous smaller ensembles selected from the band personnel. If they are vocalists, they may join the glee clubs or the chorus and may sing in quartets, trios, octets and other groups. Students who like to improve their speech and their persuasive powers may join the extemporaneous club or the group in declamation or go out for debate. Those who wish to drama- tize a story may take part in one-act plays and the traditional Junior Class Play or the Senior Class Play. The athletic activities include football, basketball and track. Girls nay join the G.A.A. where they have the opportunity to take part in a vide variety of girls' sports. The Latin Club offers instructive entertainment for members of the :lasses in Latin. The F.F.A. is an organization de- signed to supply entertainment for members of theclasses in Agriculture. The Jack Hi Times offers an oppor- tunity for many students to become acquainted with the field of journal- ism. A variety of interests and talents are developed through such activities and services as make use of stage hands,tickettakers, movie operators, library assistants, officeassistants, the Student council. A limited number of students become class officers. The football and basketball and track squads also afford service oppor- tunity for a few boys who become ath- letic managers. The Pep band and the the twirlers, the soloists, both in- strumental ana vocal, are other out- comes of the extracurricular activi- ties. The athletic events provide an outlet for vociferous participation by the entire student body,andcheer- leaders are selected to take charge of pep meetings and lead the cheering at games. The Hi-Y is a high school aux- iliary to the Y.M.C.A. This organi- zation promotes a program for youth leadership. 29 - lson. adge 0 cretary-treasurer, M Peterson: Se yn Maril ent, Schwen: Vice-presid rd ha Ric President l'S2 ffice O THING ORCHESTRA First Row, left to right: C. Ryberg, C. Engh, J. Alstad, L. Heligas. ' Second Row: S. Krause, N. Ullrich, M. Christopher, M. Westby, R. Benda, V. Leen, L. Gilbert, M. Markquart. Third Row: D.ANasby, H. Craven, S. Yager, T. Erickson, D. Ry- berg, Miss Tenney, S. Leen, J. Nyborg, G. Muir. PEP B Di Pep Band Directors, S. Yager, C. Ryberg, W. Strom. CORNETS 'Carol Teigen 'Dick Schwen 'Agnes Nestegard 'John Tobola 'Carmen Ascheman 'Ruth Ann Benda Joan Kielblock Steven Vasen 'Gweneth Muir 'Maxine Ebl ing Mary Lee 'Dick Verchota Sara Yager David Alstad Gerald Shearer Gladys Lusk Dorothy Swanson Sharon I-lolecek Mary Ann Tillia Dorothy Genmill CLARINETS B FLAT 'Marilyn Peterson 'Carolyn Engh 'Winni fred Westby 'Nadine Buckeye 'Jerome Verdick 'Joan Prevratil 'Carol Greenwood 'Vera Libra 'Phyllis Albers 'Jacquetta Gee 'Mary Ann Gunderson Joy Gee 'Paul Wagner 'Maureen Markquart Charlene Lundholm Beverly Harmel ink Kathryn Fri tchel Alice Willet Francis Pribyl Marilou Kirk Patty Nielson Karen Moen Pamela Wells Ardyce Wolff Avis Hummel Gladys Goede Marian Muir Joan Nyborg BAND PERSONNEL Gladys Berkness Rhonda Webster Joyce Grove Avis I-lanmer Jacqueline Edlin Darlene Lowell Doris Skow Sally Ashley Karen Dahl - Audrey Jacobs Patty Cain Josephine Bares CLARINETS E FLAT 'Mavis Christopher Stanley Carlson BASS CLARINET 'Jerome Eiler ALTO CLARINET 'Barbara Madson BARI TONE SAXOPHONE 'Evonne Er i ck son TENOR SAXOPHONE 'Loi s Mohr Ali ce O1 son ALTO SAXOPHONE 'Marita Nelson 'Pat Ascheman Nickey Rogentine Richard Ackerman Ruth Ohlenkamp 'Teresa Macek Martin Rose Barbara Miller 'Those starred play in pep band BAS SOON 'Phyl lis Keilblock Doris Dilley OBOES 'Janice Nes tegard Shi r 1 ey Leen STRING BASSES 'Donald Ryberg Twyla Erickson Barbara Albers BASSES Ross Muir 'John Anderson Martin Serum Vernon Christopher 'Charles Shearer 'Lloyd Fiala 'Mark Leen Richard Toutges TROMBONES 'Madge Olson 'Lois Willet Dick Peterson 'Lila Lee 'Lowell Nasby 'Richard Yonker Dwain Steiner Curtis Handevidt Carolyn Brown Walter Swanson BASS CLEF BARITONES 'Carolyn Rybe rg Majorie Hauge TREBLE CLEF BARITONES 'Wallace Strom 32- 'lbrothy Nasby 'John Alstad 'Louis Lusk Terese Kirk FRENCH HORN 'Sue Yazer 'Pat Fitzsinmons 'Virginia Leen 'Mary Westby Marjorie Toft Sharon Miller Shirley Miller James Motl Darlene McCol1ey FLUTES 'Ermaj ean Worshek 'Nelda Ullrich 'Susan Krause Marieloi se Verdick Lois Gilbert Judy Heligas Phyllis Williams Norma Mohr Rena G1 awe Nona Thoreson PERCUSSION 'John Blizek 'Robert Ackerman 'Janis Splinter Lois Benjamin Leo Heligas Ri cha rd Li bra Twyl a Hi 1 debrand BASS DRUM Jane Hruby TYMPAN Y Judy Aamo t Jr. String Quartet Cornet Trio C. Engh,M. Nelson, S. Krause, R. C- Teigeni D- SChWen, A- Nesteg d B d en 8. Horn Quartet Flute Quartet S. Yager, P. Fitzsimmons, V. Leen, M. S. Krause, L. Gilbert, E. Worshek N Westby. Ullrich. Sr. String Quartet Sax Quartet D. Ryberg, N. Ullrich, C. Ryberg, V. E. Erickson, L. Mohr, N. Rogentirie, M 4 Leen. Nelson. W BRASS W SEXTET Carol Teigen, Riehard Schwen, Sue Yager, Martin Serum, Carolyn Ryberg, Madge Olson. R ,SENIOR HIGH CHOIR First Row: M. Olson, acconpanist: R. Benda, V. Leen, M. Christopher, C. Ryberg, Miss Stephany, director: J. Prevratil, G. Goede, S. Yager, C. Egertson, M. Peterson, J. Hurby. Second Row! B. Betlack, M. Wilhelm, C. Knutson, C. Lund, J. Neste- gard, M. Goodell, C. Teigen, A. Olson, L. Willett, M. Markquart, E. Worshek, H. Mickle, N. Buckeye. Third Row: R. Muir, W. Strom, R. Peterson, J. Aamot, P. Fitzsinmons, C. Greenwood, J. Prokes, P. Keilblock, D. Nasby, M. Pass, R. Ackerman, J. Eiler, R. Yonker, C. Shearer. Fourth Row! P. Wagner, J. Shearer, R. Ackerman, H. Krause, D. Bord- well, N. Muir, M. Serum, P. Nasby, J. Verdick, R. Schwen, L. Lusk, J. Hruby, A. Hakes, H. Beman, L. Nasby. First Row, left to right: V. Leen, accompanist: G. Smearer, L. Heligas, R. Libra, J. Tabola, L. Wright, R. Yonker, L. Shearer, Miss Stephany. Second Row! R. Muir, R. Peterson, J. Aamot, P. Nasby, I. Verdick, L. Lusk, J. J. Hruby, R. Ackerman, R. Olson, C. Shearer. Third Row! P. Wagner, G. Shearer, H. Krause, D. Bordwell, N. Muir, M. Serum, D. Schwen, H. Beman, L. Nasby, J. Eiler, A. Hakes. First ROW. left to right! G. Flatgard, V. Seim, G. Muir, L. Benjamin, Miss Steph- any, H. Doyscher, P. Peterson, L. Werner, V. Libra, D. Smith. Second ROW! S. Yager, accompanist: L. Gilbert, M. Westby, C. Engh, M. Nelson, D. Dilley, D. Babb, T. Erickson, N. Ullrich, M. Betlach. Third Row! C. Sandve, J. Swanson, B. Musegades, B. Ringgenberg, M. Gunderson, A. Hunmel, P. Ascheman, M. Jones, B. Williams, J. Gee, L. Lee, B. Madson. Fourth ROWI M. Verdick, R. Garber, L. Wastel, J. Garber, J. Splinter, A. Lee, P Albers, C. Ascheman, M. Lee, H. Koranda, P. Bancroft. HIQY First ROW, leff to right! R. Muir, A. Muir, D. Ackerman, J. Aamot, R. Olson, P. Wagner, V. Gxristopher, G. Shearer. Second ROW! R. Libra, J. Najt, R. Schwen, Mr. Goertzen, P. Nasby, R. Ackerman, L. Nasby, A. Hakes, R. Peterson. Fo Fl Ao First RQW. left t0 tight! S. Maras, F. Ambrose, K. Nielson, D. Pluth, W. Verdick, C. Meyer, C. Shearer, V. Christopher, K. Bargfrede, C. Behne, H. Johnson, C. Knutson, R. Soucek. Second Row! M. Wright, D. Bramstedt, M. Miller, R. Yonker, L. Harnden, F. Dykstra, Mr. Doll, L. Wright, D. Perkins, W. Grunst, J. Pribyl, G. Benda, C. Skrove, R. Haug- land. Third Row! D. Rose, J. Wetland, R. Ringgenberg, W. Hunt, W. Sytsma, A. Hakes, P. Nasby, J. Najt, D. Bordwell, L. Nasby, J. Kidney, J. Von Ohlen, D. Micklos, E. Von Ohlen. Fourth Row: W. Hoffmeyer, R. Hugunin, M. Lucht, J. Palmer, L. Lusk, J. Hocking, L. Wieskus, E. Yonker, B. Behne, C. Larson, C. Stough, M. Johnson, M. Rose, H. Hansen, D. Goede, L. Fiala. Junior High .A.A. First Row, left to right: L. Libra, E. Johnson, B. Waswo, S. Miller, A. Jacobs, S. Miller, P. Westerland, D. Smith, D. Nelson, P. Cain. Second Row: S. Yager, E. Nelson, B. Hanna, V. Lund, G. Berkness, K. Fritschel, J. Peterson, J. Heligas, B. Miller, B. Smith, J. Nielson. Third Row: M. Muir, S. Sharp, M. Eggestein, A. Albrecht, L. Erick- son, R. Dahl, R. Parkins, M. Pribyl, M. Iverson, G. Lundskow, M. Tob- ola, N. Swanson, A. Becker, P. Nielson, B. Hiller. Senior I-Ii h .A.A. First ROW. left to right! B. Mndson, C. Engh, M. Lee, M. Westby, G. Lusk, A. Seat hoff, J. Gee, N. Ullrich, C. Ascheman, P. Albers, J. Nestegard, J. Prevratil. Second Row! Miss Williams, M. Jones, C. Olson, M. Wilhelm, B. Betlach, L. Steiner B. Johanek, R. Flohr, A. Nielson, M. Peterson, D. Olson, R. Benda, V. Libra. Third ROW! M. Markquart, G. Swanson, J. Hruby, M. Dorschner, D. Dilley, C. Lund A. Olson, L. Ringkob, D. Babb, A. Willett, S. Yager, P. Bancroft, W. Westby, B. Ring genberg. Fourth Row! A. Wolff, J. Swanson, P. Kielty, T. Macek, L. Mohr, L. Willett, R Bressler, R. Dorschner, A. Hammer, A. Dorschner, M. Betlach, B. Musegades, M. Pass J. Prokes. Fifth ROW! M. Christopher, P. Ascheman, L. Lee, E. Worshek, M. Bohn, D. Nasby, M Olson, J. Splinter, M. Storm, L. Sirovy, C. Boultinghouse, E. Baldwin, P. Peterson H. Doyscher, L. Benjamin, C. Stough, G. Muir, C. Teigen. JACK HI TIMES First ROW! J. Hruby, S. Yager, M. Peterson, N. Swanson, C. Engh, M. Marquart, A Wehrkamp, C. Ryberg, V. Leen R. Benda, S. Leen, S. Yager. Secvnd ROW! L. Gilbert, B. Ringgenberg, P. Bancroft, M. Westby, D. Babb. B. Bet lach, L. Ringkob, L. Willett, M. Nelson, H. Doyscher, P. Ascheman, M. Cristopher, N Ullrich, A. Willet. Third ROW! M. Verdick, E. Worshek, M. Pass, D. Nasby, J. Splinter, M. Olson, J' Hruby, D. Ryberg, R. Huginin, J. Aamot, R. Peterson, C. Greenwood, M. Gunderson, I Gee, W. Strom, C. Shearer. Ufficers Officers: Joan Prevratil, co-editor: Miss Quarve, adviser: Pat Fitzsimmons, editor. .Junior Class Play First Row, left to right: J. Nestegard, J. Prev- ratil, D. Babb, T. Erickson, E. Soucek, C. Greenwood. Second Row: L. Fiala, Miss Ashland, L. Nasby, L. Heligas, D. Ryberg. Extempo First Row, left to right: D. Smith, G. Flatgard, N. Ullrich, T. Erickson, V. Leen, M. Verdick, G. Cnede. Second Row: A. Wehrkamp, J. Nestegard, J. Bram- stedt, J. Verdick, M. Olson, E. Worshek, L. Mohr. -39- 4 cher, B. Ringgenburg, M. Pass, P. Ba CHEERLEADERS J. Hruby, M. Pass, H. Doyscher. Twirlers First Row, left to right: W. west by, C. Lundholm. Second Row: L. Benjamin, V. Libra, S. Holecek Third Row: E. Erickson, M. Mark- quart, C. Engh, J, Groves. Latin lub First Row. left t0 right! R. Garber, V. Leen, D. Babb, C Egertson, C Knutson, G. Goede, S. Yager, C. Ryberg, A. Willett, F. Macek. Second Row: J. Hruby, T. Erickson, P. Bancroft, G. Swanson, M Peterson P Fitzsinmons, C. Greenwood, J. Prevratil, J. Nestegard, N. Buckeye D Smxth Third Row: C. Teigen, L. Sirovy, B. Musegades, B. Ringgenberg A Saathoff, L Willett, J. Prokes, M. Gunderson, M. Goodell, A. Dorschner, K Herder, H Mxckle Fourth Row: M. Bohn, E. Worshek, M. Pass, C. Ascheman, P Albers, D Nasby M Olson, D. Ryberg, P. Kielblock, J. Garber, J. Bramstedt, S Skalxcky, M Herder E. Baldwin. in-N-M Stage Hands E ,,, A. Hakes, C. Shearer. N x Ticket Squad First Row, left to right G. Shearer, E. Beberness, L Shearer. Second Row: R. Flohr, L Wieskus, L. Sabatka. ovie Operators First Row, left to right: G. Shearer, A. Hakes, R. Pell, M. Rose, J. Eckert. Second Row: J. Hruby, G. Geesman, J. Anderson, J. Bartosh. ..421 CLASS OFFICERS Juniors Vice-president, J. Hruby: President, D. Ryberg: Secretary-treasurer, T. Erickson. .4 Sophomores Vice-president, R. Peterson Secretary-treasurer, M. Nel son: President, J. Tobola. Freshmen Student Council, M. Kirk: Secretary-treasurer, M. Tob- olag President, K. Bargfrede: Vice-president, A. Nestegard. OUR COOKS AND JANITORS Mrs. Christensen, Mrs. Sether, Mrs. Thompson. ' Nels Hank 1. 44 1 OFFICE ASSISTANTS LIBRARY ASSIST ANTS First Row, left to right: C. Lundholm, E. Soucek F. Macek. Second Row: D. Skaggs, G. Flatgard, J. Bramstedt, H Mxckle K Herder. 1 w SNAPS . I , g sf my-NQMWL ,y K XX L ' gwfgggggj'xA.'4,xi.W ..,.L Mg A I . ' F Y I P ' U q-A vf ' if 13553 1 A N1 I, ' an A S ,af ' , j I . .. - .glix ., 5 4 Q 1 . . nl M3 ,... .. "fz'- 4 Q ' 35' r ' M' , Y' ' Z .. -a :IQ - S! w x' V' P A ,,, ,55 g f , ,A . , Kg f , H I HA 1 Wa I x ywwwwfil-M., .f-my WMMWWF-ww-W A 'fffkf '- - E. L,,Zf,:'fI ,MI f ,rua w if" Q ,v fr 1 'AQ '.,g45w.,. 1 'A , . ....., , ,MW V ,gmqf "" f , ,Z-,U -V ,Ala f f '. A ,-,, KL-L ' - ., , ,Es N- . 1 A B k 5 i A S 1A..V. r-:qw ,xg 1 ' ww 5 5 -E, i ,.-Q4,.f,.,l.f4f1ff-5' sgfkfl ' I If - f. ,f -w-,,-fw , .MV K 1 , 2 2, W DW- A J?Sw5i.? g , 3 E ' . v"'V'v'A 4' ' Q 1 -we ,1 ' Y 'MWF' 5 5 ' ' Si:-' gg 3 1 r 1 W, , V.-,www .L " wwf -Q' . , ,, L,- .'. ATHLETICS ' ' 5, :-,L - jf. - 0 V. 5 ? ,:, Q, 'Q W' ' if W Q ry, iii Wikf, 4 , V,.. W :.... 49 - , , . ,M A-gg , ,. LW.,v --vgvfwugwg x w Q S We ig' W N WM-bs? . A35 Q ii-Eh up WW! its bl S vii it if 31 y , g F' Ls SQ M s. L 'Q if YQ51 'J qmwiwkwmmg gFmMWfAjQWW gj iyiggf ,wK' mUW Egwyymgb -48.. izz. de, L ck, Du Ja kes, Ha bart Ho Di ck fty, Sho Krause , Pete , PeeWee , Row: First f. tch, Lewe Muzzy, Bu 1 ark 80, C Hu rt, Ba SS itty, Ru Sm ell w: Coach Farr Ro cond Se 6 T ea 8 E o P4 -4 --4 U z af 3 'If 2 15 5 -:E 5 .5 0 v-f J '? as Z 3 5: I v-1 E -E In .8 E QE T lu 'N EE OUR COACHES Basketball Coach Farrell, Assistant Coach Lewer, Football Coach Swearingen. FOOTBALL REVIEW This football season we started with a very inexperienced team, as we had only three re- turning regulars. However, this factor did not keep our team from completing a tough schedule with a decidedly satisfactory reqogd. We passed our first test by defeating MOUnEh1n Lake 24 to 6. We were then held to a tie by iluverne, 7 to 7. We recovered, to knock off Pipestone 27 to 6. We continued our dominance over Fairmont for the second year by rolling over them to the speed of 33 to 7. We took Lakefield next, 53 to 0. We went on to crush Worthington, 33 to 0. Our last ga e--Windom 19, Jackson 7. Nuff said. In summing it up, we had five wins, one tie and one loss. Our total number of points was 184 to the opponents 45. 4 V , . Q 1 FR 4, as Clark, 'forward Jim, gum- Mike, center Capt, Jeb' ce, B A S .M K Ken, forward l E T B Hugh, Shorty, Lisle A L L 'Wm and B SQJAD First Row, left to right: Chris, Gary, Dennis, Bob, forward Steve, R. Second Row: Pete, Hobart, Martin, Bob W., Don V. 1591 V Coach Brucey, forward Muzzy' guard xx, jack gugpd BASKETBALL REVIEW With only one returning regular from last year's District Seven Cha ps, our new coach, Eugene Farrell, faced the task of molding a new team. Mr. Farrell evolved a winning combi- nation consisting of Captain "Jeb" Vachuska, Jack A mot, Bruce Behne, Bob Olson and from last year's team, Jim Smith. The positions these fellows filled were constantly being sought by the subs Clark Olson, Gerry Musegades, Mike Yonker, Walt Kauf and Kenny Va- cura. During Christmas vacation the first team was invited to Mankato to play in a mock tournament. Jackson played two games, the first with Owatonna, in which we came out on top 42 to 34 and the second, Mankato topped us 46 to 36. We were invited to play Glencoe in a preliminary game at Gustavus Adolph- us College on January 7. We beat them 32 to 28. These were a couple of the highlights of the season. - The "B" squad, composed of Chris- topher, Coonrad, Peterson, Willardson, Beman, Ringgenberg, Serum, and D. Va- chuska had a season, shall we say. When this article was written they had 9 losses and 4 wins and were still going strong. However, two of these losses were by one point and another in an overtime period. The "B" squad had fun playing this season and gained a great amount of experience. Hive Walt, guard SEASON RECORD 39 Sioux Valley .. H 26 Windom ...... .. 42 Luverne .... .. 32 Pipestone .. .. 34 Fairmont .. .. 42 Owatonna ... .. 36 Mankato .... .. 44 Lakefield .. .. 32 Glencoe .... .. 32 Slayton ..... .. 23 Mountain Lake . .. 38 Worthington ... .. 38 Fairmont ...... .. 36 Mountain Lake .... 42 Sherburn ...... .. 44 Worthington ... .. 35 Lakefield .... .. Sherburn ... Windom .... Trimont ... MQ , Q 1 x bf ' 1' N A f g f' 3 W ' -' - 2 ' ,, . f ww". - , ,KAW k A y if Av, V XM I . i' R Se SQ. W 1' m 3 E 1 A x ,, wx SQ. 1 5 If if v fx 2 4 Y T Q F1 Q5 SSM H, W1 M 1 f'A :M 6 4 W Qi 'iv .4 - 1 f ,- VA K Q Q Y f X - ' - 'H K .Mr W'-I f f 3. .. . , . - .mg avg SNAPS Rf: 44 , , . 1 r - , 1 1-HSA' CN 55 gg., Q fo-an -'Q ,ig grnqwfllvi Q X :sis KW -x Q. 3 .1 V' QS 3 :Q ia x .gg i N35 - . si. g W ke .f . , rw YL Wwwffwmmaa-wmsmuurm J, X MSN, www, N kk , ws 34 'Ii'-Se .L ki gig ,:,-" I fl k-' -I ,w ' E1 W Q ia x wx Q Q5 K' X RN ' K 5 . y K E ,A I 3 Q . a ! X Q3 ws Q 3 s 6 'E Jf , 1 ,, dx? 'A I Q Q X 3 + XX x 553552 585 df' Q + xx is i ,..., W f " ' , . ' lz' A' . ,. g ' .. QQ ,G Q4 5 , 75 14 Y ' . ,gy gif" g I , SW Q, 1 , 'M 1-john H. 2-Pat F. 3-Carolyn 4-George R. 5-Emny 6-jack A. 7-Pete 8-Mavis 9-Dude 10-Sue 11-Niel 12-Wally and Friends 13-Winnie 14-John B. 15-Janet 16-Janis 17-Carol T. and Pete. S " Q. -X x ,, ' -. .Q Ai - -f wfr,.g:fL.7 fQ25,wsEsg.fgQ-ky 1 -. Awfg, '...1I1?-. " "" Q - 'wwVf34'MawQ Awww, .igg,RwvQggg'?!R.5mmf . -- ' ' ff jg mf -fl. ' . W Qmfwwmwwf 'iIgww,wf'---aQ',nfwA sz 7 ...M g: , - mf " .,,,, -1.5.5535 1 .' . 'Sew 4. ' sz- ' Q . 5. 3 . .. G- if . . 5 .. !x'x .. 'Rm .AS 8 ,- ul, Up. . 1 Elllb M... ,,,,, - ,- if 'K'-ff' 'z - x x , - f : . W 1? , if Q fi ia X K . vi If 4:.,.4k-- "1 ' . "-. Q xA . -- ..f ' "Z . ' S I 5 " , Q . ,Q V. .K . 1 4 , ,A 1. 1. A f f f K A ' . l . 1., my aff'-P "!'fQm.X'f'i g -a?5xzfKi W f V b 4 -Q' . ' ' K .2 , X . ' . .- fjfy, -+f7v Lv :Egg f mf 3.3 ' f XM- I 2 . i gl' figg.Qf'i?.'F ' L . K ' h , 'n w ,ax g, A gjgifi 4 in f fig S A A U f - W - 4 V f- ,ly , fy u XQALQQSQESYQQL 'Mig d ' -- W -5 ,- f - ' ni 1 Fifi? ' ' Z 5 J 9 ,532-5 ,. as .4 f . . '- a V S .,, , p A , , 4 . A 5 ' N-:Q-0 an K ' .f ' V I . ,ai , X ' A ' . ' , D. 4. " ff '- Y: " 3 . , 1.1-1. " t5Q .ff ,.. Q .. . ww 5 .,, my AN...,f my . .... ' Q -if g za 1l i sig.. 53,22 ,Ewa I G 3 I S E I Q.: .3135 if '1 92 ii 5, , AD THE 1949-1950 JACKSONIAN STAFF WISHES TO THANK ITS ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR HEARTY COOPERATION AND URGES THEIR PATRONAGE BY THE ALUMNI AND STUDENT BODY . Albertus Clothing Co. Chozen's J. F. Anderson Lumber Co. Ben Franklin Store Basta Buick Co. Botsford Lumber Co. By-Rite Grocery Toutges Chevrolet Co. Libra Bros. Recreation Coast to Coast Store Minnesota Egg Corp. Leona's Beauty Shop Lorig Hardware Markquart Oil Co. Quality Market Grocery Dept Wm. H. Moore Nelson's Produce Home Appliance Store Norma's Beauty Shop Nestegard Beverage Co. Peoples jack Sprat Store J. C. Penney Co. Olson Bros. Oil Co. Wally's Grocery Verdick Garage Central Lumber Co. Babb's Grocery Cargill Inc. Alpha Cafe Alpha Locker Farmer's B Merchant's State Bank Alpha Co-op Creamery Assn. Morrison Grain Co. Zinlny's Cab Co. Westby's Drug Store Worthington Produce Co. Jackson Floral Co. A. E. Sorem 8a Son Teenie Weenie Grocery jackson Dray Line Farmer's Lunch johnson' s Grocery Super Valu Market Muir Electric Co. Brewster Pastry Shop Davies, The Quality Store Earl's Conoco Station DeKalb Agriculture Assn. Bancroft Studio Darling Shop Fairway Market Jackson Cleaners I-laverlo Repair Shop Hutchinson Agency O. H. Krause Marge's Beauty Shop Bill Ibyscher Bn Son Trucking Webster Sales Mayflower Cafe jackson Cafe Red Owl Grocery Tufvesson Motor Co. johnson Motor Sward Kemp Drug Co. Verchota's Standard Service Station Anderson's Cafe Farmer's Cooperative Assn. Livewire Printing Co. Hi-Way Lunch Hier Milling Co. Mundell Clothing Co. Watland Inplement Co. N. R. Wallin R. E. A. Sathe E Son Fitzsinlmn's Jewelry Pavelko Radio Shop M. 8: J. R. Hakes Hasle is Bjorge Variety Store Psik Cleaners Strom's Photo Shop Gee's Barber Shop Farmer's Union Exchange Gamble Store J'o's Bakery Red' s Lunch Beech's Coffee Shop Herb's Printing Shop J"s Barber Shop Co-op Service Station Anderson's Welding k Repair Jackson Cold Storage Holecek's Clothing Co. Farmer's Cooperative Creamery Land O'Lakes Gervais jewelry Store Felcyn's Federated Store Phillips 66 Ringkob's Standard Service Station Klemish's Bakery Gillespie Brothers Hardware Eddie's Body Shop I-Iumne1's Plumbing 8: Heating Culbertson Radio E Key Service Anton C. Geiger Kirsting' s Dairy M. E H. Electric Leroy jackson Hardware Boell Service Station Pribyl Plumbing E Heating EHUMN lllHl1BRWFN IHC Ataznv Len. nuunzson 6955? xiii ESQ SD X Xie Sgf Q 255 if SES X if Af i Q Sgiiiig hsliixe, i 3555 5 A is iifgig mi 3 ii Q53 ai X ESR 1259 X

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