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'im Q i Q, i 5154 ,Qi W ,L 1. A I -R UQ, 32 3 Q i E Q? ' gg -:gag ,. . We, the Seniors of 1948, wish to dedicate this jacksonian to the students who will continue to fill the halls and classrooms of Jackson High School. I 1-. . . .-L.. I H' JACKSGNIAN STAFF F P. Overaas, K. Felcyn, D. Yarns, F. Motl, A. Frost, A. Benjamin, R. Frost, L. Salyards, R. Dilley, S. Shepard. Braving cold winter nights, icy streets and waist-high snow drifts, the annual staff worked diligently evenings and Saturdays to meet a March fi rst deadline. The jacksonian was edited by Florence Motl, editor-in-chief, and Dale Yarns, associate editor. Florence and Dale were the Junior representa- tives on last year's annual. The sports copy was written by Keith Felcyn, sports editor, who was assisted by Peter Overaas. Alice Benjamin, art editor, drew all title pages. Lowell Salyards, business manager, supervised the drive for advertisements and did the majority of copy typing. Roger Lee, editor in charge of photography, took the many pictures required for The jack- sonian, a year around job. Roger was assisted by Stuart. Avis Frost was secretary in charge of receipts for annual and ad sales. The junior representatives were Stuart Shepard and Russell Dilley who worked as the staff handymen, helping in all the various departments. Mr. Otto J. Berg, senior high principal, completed his fourth year as staff adviser. ...Zi LJ mum Mr. Berg, senior high principzilg Mr. Myron, superintendent: Mr. Ryberg junior high principal. FACULTY Mrs. Rindelaub, Mr. Rindelaub, Mr. Swearin- gen, Mr. Knoll, Physical Education and Social Science. Miss Rudow, Orchestra, Englishg Mr. Alstad, Band, Biology? Miss Spenser, English, Vocal. -.4.... FACULTY Miss Gillespie, Library, English: Mrs. Win zenburg, English, Dramaticsg Miss Ashland English, Dramatics. Mr. Hoesli, Mrs. Gillespie, Mrs. Alstad Seventh and Eighth Gradesg Mrs. Koffron Mathematics. U ls- FACULTY Mr. Meyer, Mr. Sigaty,Veterans' Agriculture Mr. Koffron, Industrial Artsg Mr. Halverson Agricultureg Miss Petrich, Home Economics Miss Holmquist, Commercial. Miss Tasa, Secretary to the Superintendent .. 6 .. SENIOR CLASS PLAY Gul' Hearts Were Young and Gay Back row, Left to right: R. Lee, j. Muir, L. Salyards, C. Peterson, F. Garber, K. Felcyn, T. Tillia, S. Nesmoe, M. Meyers, N. Nestagard. Front row, left to right: V. Christopher, R. Iverson, E. Christopher, M. Fors- berg, Mrs. Winzenburg, A. Benjamin, M. Meyers, T. DeMers, A. Frost. .17-... Nas. STUDENT CQUNCIL R. Lee, K. Egerston, R. Muir, J. Hruby, T. DeMers, E. Olson, G. Krause L. Sharp, S. Yager. The Student Council is an organization made up of two representative members from each class in the Senior High and includes the president of each class. It is the representative governing body of the school. The officers are as follows: Thomas Demers, president: Kenneth Egertson, vice-president: Evangeline Olson, secretary-treasurer. .. 3 .- Class Motto: Loyal to the End Class Flower: Rose Class Colors: Red and Gray Q f T S F ALR JN n Q-C' ' frfb VX l K v ! H 1.33 - Yilxliig -in Agriculture A njinoerinj 1 xy ' 9 Fi f x 4' "7 Business lf I . ,1 42 c :nc ,.+ SENIORS HO OR SOCIETY Back row: C. Peterson, T. DeMers, L. Salyards, K. Felcyn. Front row A Frost, R. Iverson, M. Forsberg, A. Berg, V. Muir, M. Brandt, J huir . . .0 ' ,v , Li J - V. JW . MARLEEN FORSBERG Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 German Band Chorus 1,2,3 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3 Declam 1,2 Extempo 2 G.A.A. 1 jack Hi Times 1,2,3 jack Hi Times Editor 3 Class Secretary-Treasurer 1 Orchestra 1.2.3 junior Class Play Latin Club 2,3 String Ensemble 1 Cornet Trio 2,3 Madrigal 2 Double Quartet 3 Brass Sextet Honor Society Senior Class Play HONOR STUDENTS IERVA BRANDT Band 1 Pep Band 1 Chorus 1,2,3 Girls' Glee Club 1, Declam 1,3 Extempo 3 G.A.A. 1 jack Hi Times 3 junior Class Play One-Act Play 3 Latin Club 2,3 ladrigal 2 Double Quartet 3 Honor Society .. I0 .- Q LOIS ALBRECHT ELANCHE AMBROSE Chorus 3 - Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3 Declam l,2,3 Extempo 2,3 G.A.A. 1,2,3 jack Hi Times 1,2, Orchestra 1 Cheerleader l,2,3 Library Assistant Latin Club 2,3 AUDREY ANDERSON LAVONNE ANDERSON Band 1 G.A.A. 1 Library Assistant 3 PHILLIP BAKER F.F.A. 1,2 AUDREY BERG Band l,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Chorus 3 Girls' Glee Club 1,3 Jack Hi Times l,2,3 Student Council Orchestra 1,2,3 junior Class Play Honor Society Senior Class Play- QCbmm.j G.A.A. 1 ALICE BENJAMIN Band 1.2.3 Chorus 3 Girls' Glee Club 2,3 G.A.A. 1 Annual Staff 3 jack Hi Times Artist Orchestra 1,2 Senior Class Play BONNIE BOELL Girls' Glee Club 2 G.A.A. 1 jack Hi Times 3 junior Class Play- CComm.j Library Assistant 2,3 RHODORA OGH G A A 1 LYLA BROWN Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1.2.3 Chorus 3 Girls' Glee Club 2,3 jack Hi Times 2.3 Latin Club 2.3 ERVIN CHRISTOPHER F.F.A. 1.2.3 Senior Class Play THOMAS DEMERS Honor Society Basketball 1.2.3 Football 1.2.3 Football Capt. 3 Class President 3 Student Council 1.3 junior Class PIBY One-Act Play 1 Senior Class Play PEARL OULTINGHOUSE Band 1.2.3 Drum Major 1.2.3 G.A.A. 1 Orchestra 1.2.3 Library Assistant 3 DONNA CAMPBELL Girls' Glee Club 1 Declam 1.3 G.A.A. 1.2.3 jack Hi Times 2.3 VERLAND CH ISTOPHER Band 1.2 Basketball 1.2.3 Football 2.3 Student Council 2 Orchestra 1.2 junior Class Play Basketball Capt. 3 Senior Class Play LILLIAN DVORAK Latin Club 2,3 Office Assistant 3 LELAND ERICKSON F.F.A. 1,2,3 Football 1,2,3 Movie Operator 1, Ticket Squad l DONALD FIALA F.F.A. 1,2 Football 2,3 DELORES FRANSEN Band 1,2 Pep Band 2 G.A.A. 3 Class Sec.-Treas. FRANCES GARBER Girls' Glee Club Latin Club 2.3 Senior Class Play 2,3 1 KEITH FELCYN Honor Society jack Hi Times l,2,3 Jack Hi Times Sports Editor 2,3 Annual Staff 3 Band 1,2,3 Band President 3 Orchestra l,2,3 Pep Band 1.2.3 Band Librarian 2 Orchestra Librarian German Band One-Act Play 1,2 Junior Class Play Senior Class Play ARDITH FRANSEN Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 2 Latin Club 2,3 AVIS FROST Chorus 3 Girls' Glee Club 2,3 Declam 2,3 Extempo 2,3 G.A.A. 2 Annual Staff 3 jack Hi Times 3 Junior Class Play Girls' State 2 Honor Society Senior Class Play BONNIE HAUGLAND Latin Club 2,3 2 .. I3 .- RUTH BEASLEY IRJNALD HOLTHE Chorus 1 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Ticket Squad 3 PHYLLIS JENSEN Girls' Glee Club 2,3 jack Hi Times 3 Orchestra 1 Latin Club 2,3 EVELYN i JOHNSON Band 2,3 Pep Band 3 jack Hi Times 3 Office Assistant 3 MAVIS HODNEFIELD Chorus 3 Girls' Glee Club Orchestra 1,2 RUBY LOU IVERSON Band l G.A.A. l,2.3 jack Hi Times 3 Class Vice-Pres. Orchestra 1 junior Class Play Latin Club 2,3 Honor SocietY Senior Class Play LILLIAN IOHANEK Jack Hi Times 3 Library Assistant WAYNE KIELBLOCK Chorus 1,2,3 2 3 Boys' Glee Club 1, Hi-X 2,3 .3 2,3 2,3 VERNON KOLANDER Chorus 1 2 3 Boys' Glee'Club 1.2.3 F.F.A. 1.2 Football 1.2.3 FLORENCE MOTL Band 1 2 Pep Band Chorus 2 A 1 Annual Staff 2 3 jack H1 Times 1 Class Sec.-Treas. 2 Orchestra 2.3 junior Class Play- QComm.j Latin Club 2.3 Brass Sextet Band Sec.-Treas. 3 r 1 3 'X A . Girls' Glee Club 2,3 1 QE 2. f G.A. . .2.3 A 3i3'yAf 3 JANICE MUIR Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1.2.3 Chorus 1.2.3 Girls' Glee Club 1.2.3 Declam 1 Pep Band Director G.A.A. 1.2.3 gack nl Times 1.2.3 rchestra 1.2.3 junior Class Play- gComm.g wing and 1 Madrigal 2 Honor Society Senior Class Play IARCELLA IYERS Chorus 2.3 Girls' Glee Club 2.3 G.A.A. 1 Qrchestra 1.2.3 Senior Class Play ROGER LEE Band 1,2 ' Basketball 1,2,3 Chorus 1.2.3 Boys' Glee Club 1.2 Annual Staff 3 jack Hi Times 2.3 Student Council 3 Orchestra 1.2 junior Class Play- f0per.j Movie Operator 3 Senior Class Play ARDIS MUIR Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1.2.3 Chorus 2 Girls' Glee Club 2 G.A.A. 1,2,3 Orchestra 1,2 junior Class Play- fComm.j Latin Club 2,3 Swing Band 1 VALERIE IUIR Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1.2.3 Chorus 1 2.3 Girls' Glee Club 1 Declam 1.2.3 Extempo 2 G.A.A. 1,3 9 .2 gack Hi Times 1.2.3 tudent Council 1 Orchestra 1.2.3 gunior Class Play ne-Act Play 1,3 Latin Club 2 3 String Ensemble 2 lldrigal 1.2 Double Quartet 3 Honor Society STELLA NESIOE Girls' Glee Club 1.2 Senior Class Play .. I5 .- NADA NESTEGARD Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 1.2.3 Declam 2,3 Extempo 2 jack Hi Times 3 Orchestra 2,3 junior Class Play Orchestra President 3 Senior Class Play PETER OVERABS Chorus 1.2.3 Boys' Glee Club 1.2.3 Annual Staff 3 Student Manager Stage Manager 2 Hi-y 2.3 1.2.3 .3 ' ARTHUR PETERSEN. JR. F.F.A. 1.2.3 Ticket Squad 3 MARGARET ROWE Girls' Glee Club 1.2.3 .. 16 .- GWENOLA OVERAIS Chorus 2.3 Girls' Glee Club 1.2. Extempo 2 G.A.A. 1.2.3 jack Hi Times 1 Cheerleader 1 Library Assistant 2 Latin Club 2,3 DONALD PAGE F.F.A. 1.2.3 Movie Operator 3 Ticket Squad 3 CLINTON PETERSON Senior Class Play Band 1.3 Pep Band 1,3 Chorus 1,2 Boys' Glee Club 1,2 Pep Band Director 3 jack Hi Times 3 Orchestra 1.3 String Ensemble 1 Boys' String Quartet Honor Society One-Act Play 3 LOWELL SALYARDS Band 1.2.3 Orchestra 1.2.3 Chorus 1.2 Boys' Glee Club 1.2 Declam 1 Annual Staff 3 jack Hi Times 2.3 Class Vice-Pres. 1,2 Orchestra 1.2.3 junior Class Play Hi-y 2.3 Hi-y President 3 Band Vice-Pres. 3 Honor Society Senior Class Play 3 3 K DOROTHY SEIM LOIS SHARP Band 1.2.3 S A ,,: Chorus 2,3 Pep Band 3 as ' 'Q Girls' Glee Club 2,3 Chorus 1.2.3 .5 5', Drum Majors 1.2.3 Girls' Glee Club 1.2.3 "',' Z Ayivy . ! . .A Drum Majors 1.2.3 ?-'.QlWaQ'.' S Student Council 3 0.5.5. 1,2,3 1 Q E. 'i, Orchestra 1.2.3 Orchestra 1.2.3 Cheerleader 1.2 Latin Club 2.3 W V German Band 4 All G.A.A. President 3 N x SIGURD SKROVE JAMES SMITH F.F.A. 1.2.3 'O' an-P . s,ji'l'.gixYQ., . 2. 1 GWENDOLYN SOREN CAROL MAE soRENsoN sand 1.2.3 Band 1.2.3 Pep Band 2.3 Pep Band 1.2.3 Ch0fUl 1.3 Girls' Glee Club 2 Girls' Olee club 1.3 o.A.A. 1.2.3 G-A-N 2.3 junior Class Play- Orchestra 1.2.3 cCqmm,, Band Uniform Comm. 3 Lgfin Club 2,3 junior Class Play- QComm. y ' JOHN SORENSON HAROLD SYNSTELIEN Band 1,2 F.F.A. 1 Pep Band 1,2 Movie Operator 3 Chorus 1.2.3 Ticket Squad 3 Boys' Glee Club 1.2.3 V Football 3 Class President 1 Student Council 1 Orchestra 2 vs 3 'r MARVIN TEIG Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Orchestra 1,2,3 Junior Class Play- Q0per.j Senior Class Play- f0per.j Stage Manager 2,3 Swing Band 1 German Band Brass Sextet 3 THOMAS TILLIA Band 1,2 Junior Class Play Ticket Squad 2 Senior Class Play JACQUELINE VERDICK Band 2,3 Pep Band 3 jack Hi Times 2,3 junior Class Play- fComm.j Latin Club 2,3 JOE WHISNEY, JUNIOR F.F.A. 1.2.3 Ticket Squad 3 Star Farmer 2 LEROY THURMER F.F.A. 1,2,3 Ticket Squad 3 CHARLES VANCURA Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 3 F.F.A. 1,2,3 Movie Operator 3 GORDON WALTERS Chorus 1,2,3 Boys' Glee Club 1, F.F.A. 1,2 DONALD WILLIAMS F.F.A. 1.2 junior Class Pl!! 2 AUDREY WOLFF Bend 1 Girls' Glee Club 1,2 G.A.A. 1.2.3 Cheerleader 1 Latin Club 2,3 DALE YARNS F.F.A. 1,2 Football l,2,3 Annual Staff 2,3 Clans President 2 Student Council 2 junior Class Play MARION WORSHEK Band l,2,3 Pep Band l,2,3 G.A.A. 3 Orchestra l,2,3 Latin Club 2,3 Saxophone Quartet SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Secretary-Treasurer Delores Fransen, President 'Ihomas DeMers, V1ce President Ruby Inu Iverson. .. I9 .. , OUR HISTORY Not one nor two, but thirteen momentous years ago the Class of '48 for fragments thereofj innocently paraded into the mammoth grade school where they were to spend the next seven years of their lives. While kinder- garten was breathtakingly awe inspiring then, it seems insignificant now with its little rest periods and song fests and normal training. fBy the way, that was the last year normal training was sponsored here: the class was just too much for the young teachers to handle.j Time whizzed by and so did we...speedy, then as now. In the first grade we were greeted by Miss Hanson, who, in an effort to control our vigorous vitality, disciplined us severely by placing us in a little red chair in the corner of the room. The most horrible punishment devised by Miss Walters in grade two was making us sit alone in the circle of chairs in the front of the room. Here we mastered the counting to 100 for which we received a gold star on a very distinguished appearing chart. Under Miss Eide's supervision in the third grade many revealed their musical talents in the tonette class. The cardboard box "movie project- or" with the "film strip" of Hiawatha held a great fascination for many of us. With zealous spirits we studied the customs of the Indians, Es- kimos and Arabs with the making of a part of the native dress of each to wear on visitor's day. Upon reaching the fourth grade most of us had learned all the tricks of playing our favorite recess game of Pump, Pump, Pull-Away. It was also about this time that some of the males organized a basketball team with the using of a certain brick in the wall of the school for the basket. In the fifth grade things really started rolling, in a "social" sense, that is, for we were moved around to the back door, and former romances, split by east and west entrances, were again progressing at the east door. Here we must mention how Bonnie Boell always managed to march in at the end of the line, right in front of all the fellas! The "hill gang" enlarged our number, and we always rather linked Lois Sharp and Lowell Salyards together. On to the sixth grade we trod, singing our theme-song, "Oral Marleen loves George Beteen!" A few diplomats in the front seats, middle rows, devised a unique method of comparing answers to true-false tests: "true" was a wink of the eye, "false", a tap of the pencil. Many, many jealous- ies were developed concerning who would slide down the hill with whom at recess. When we reached the ultimate goal, the seventh grade, the strain of mischief in our blood really began to show. The periodical thirst at the end of each subject, followed by a trip to the fountain by a number of girls was strange. Was it because their beaus passed through the hall at those times? We were given our first state board, which was in geography that yean Shivering in our dainty little shoes, we peered around the corner to the eighth grade room only to view long rows of tomb-like desks and the keeper of the flock, Miss Jones, sitting distinguished and stern at her desk at the back of the room. This was a year of creation...of posters, of drama- tized book reports Qremember when Chris urged Carl off the stage with the words, not in the book we assure you, "G:t the lead out!"j, of airplanes Qhere we see a few girls choosing the companionship of the boys and their model airplanes in the art room to that of the gals and their knitting in the class roomy, and of speeches, primarily recitation of our parts of speech outlines in front of the whole class. The primal day of school in our fresh an year was indeed a memorable one for the students from the rural and parochial school joined us. The most noticeable change in the routine was the use of individual lockers and passing to different rooms for classes. New couples were formed with probably the most astonishing ones being that of Killer and Janice and Carol Mae and jim Herder. The girls began to be more particular in their choice of school clothes, wearing their white band shirts with the tails dragging. Ardis and her friend stunned the populace with the wearing of argyle kneesocks with reindeer sweaters. It is believed that the presence of limburger cheese which Peter Overaas brought to his gal broke up their friendship for a while. Dramatic incident of the year was "The Red Carnation", a playlet given by john S., Tom D. and Ruby Lou I. at the class party. "Senior High, we bid you, welcome us!" Looking back on it now, we certainly were green, but at the time who was more omnipotent than we? At an early date we were put through the paces of initiation. jackson placed second in the district basketball,tournament held here. The girls physical education demonstration was strikingly original! May 3 and 4 brought the music festival at Worthington. With the arrival of Miss Willey the famed triple trio was changed to a Madrigal composed of 13 girls. "Magnolia Blooms'I representing our school as a one-act play at Windom, rated superior with three of the cast being members of our class. Our year as sophomores was climaxed by the class party in form of a lively county fair. The first highlight of our junior year was the presentation of "Annie Laurie" on November 13. We sent representatives to the district and regional speech contests. We all may well remember Coach Knoll's history classes where we so often encountered those "small quizzes". The dis- trict music festival was held here with three other towns participating. Nell, the farmer's daughter, visited us at the annual band concert. We began early preparations for entertaining the seniors at the spring ban- quet with the setting of Little America. A few were privileged to attend All-State Band and Chorus. The chorus presented an effective vesper program on April 13. Before the Junior-Senior Prom many were busy filling out their dance progr ms. And on to the top. 'So many world stirring events occurred that it would be impossible to include them all. Our football team received the honor- able title of South-West Co-Champs. The grand piano in our school finally became a reality. The Honor Society was selected and installed. Again we made use of our dramatic abilities with the presentation of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay". The incidents of Skip Day will linger long in our minds. The Junior-Senior banquet at which we were guests of the juniors and also the Prom at which time they were our guests proved suc- cessful. At last we attended Baccalaureate exercises as Seniors. The goal of our high school life was reached when we received our long awaited diplomas at graduation exercises. We all wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to the entire faculty for the part they played in sharing our joys and sorrows and so willingly helping us to become better students and citizens of the future. Good-bye, jackson High! 1.21, ,Q 'Y N,-1' :kk " Hia. . 1 -iiiyegimp mfigge ,'LW v X xg? up M Eff Y my ag? Q.. 'V' i Q, " if ' 'Y 6- 43 E, 551 6 ff Q:':', f XX XX S B 1 ,, g f N 7 S K M UNDERCLASSMEN J UN IORS Back row: A. Anderson, J. Blizek, A. Alness, R. Baker, H. Guritz, H. Handevidt, K. Egerston, C. Ebeling, K. Benda, R. Dilley, A. Iverson, G. Harmelinke, B. Ashley, P. Herrig. Front Row. V. Beseki-:T C. Hartzler, D. Ambrose, L. Hansen, B. Hudson, N. Gemmill, P. HePP, G. Allen, D. Denney, E. Cushman, D. Domino, B. Bergendahl, A. Gilbert, L. Brancroft, N. Doyscher. Back row: B. Morton, H. Miller, T. Morton, L. Markquart, G.. Lundskow, E. Olson, R. Johnson, ll. Larson, W. Karschnik, V. Knutson, H. Kielblock, E. Kauf, J. Nasby, D. Meyers. Fro-nt row: A. johnson, J. Naj t, M. Lusk, M. Nielson, F. Nusbaum, E. Olson, B. Krause, P. Jones, P. john- son, F. Larson, S. Lundholm,'B. Olson, G. Krause, G. Olson, V. Johnson, F. Kanuch. Back row: L. Swanson, A. Rosenbrook, B. Theophilus, D. Rosenbrook, E. Vancura, D. Sni th, K. Webster, S. Paulson, B. Peterson, L. Sabatka, J. Olson, D. Ring, S. Shepard. Front row: M. Tillia, L. Vacek, V. Sether, R. Wagner, S. Thoreson, J. Peterson, 'A. Schlager, B. Willett, M. Splinter, V. Verdick, F. Walters, L. Zahorsky. A. Srgge. -- 24 1. ' ssmzmt 1, SOPI-IOMORES Back row: R. Huginun, R. Flatgard, J. Hyde, R. Ackerman, D. Cain, B. Dunker, C. Bradeen, A. Hakes, J. Hruby, J. Aamot. Froht row: M. Hatch, G. Fi tzloff, C. Boultinghouse, M. Benda, P. Fitzsirmnons, E. Baldwin, B. Albers, A. Anderson, N. Buckeye, R. Bressler. R. Doyschner, M. Christopher, R. Flohr, A. Hammer, P. Bancroft. , Back row: J. Verdick, L. Wieskus, J. Anderson, J. Vachuska, R. Schwen, C. Stough, J. Wenzel, A. Fast, N. Siaw, W. Strom, J. Splinter, D. Vachuska, L. Willet, L. Stedman, W. Sys Front 'rowf J. Thomas, M. Storm, I. Worshek, C. Teigen, S. Ullrich, E. Schlager, L. Sirovy, G. Verdick, G. Swanson, G. Shearer, C. Shearer, W. Westby, S. Yager, E. Schlager. 1 5 s Back urow: A. Muir, G. Rinkob, R. Peterson, Ni Muir, M. Olson, R. Ringel, M. Lutz, W. Jensen, R. Pell, M. Pass, C. lhrberg, E. Mohr, H. Mickle. Front row: D. Micklos, H. Mickelson, R. Muir, 'A.ASattoff, B. Ringgenberg, H. Rodina, I. Karschnik, B. Musegades, -A. Nielson, M. Jenkinson, M. Jones, M..Peterson, V. Leen, D. Mares, D. Olson. , 0 ' l - 25 5' -I FRESHMEN BECK FOWJ J.- Nestegard, C. Olson, S. Skalicky, R. Olson, R. Saathoff, J. Prevatil, D. Ryberg, P. Kielblock, K. Vacura, E. Yonker, D. Nasby, A. Lee. Middle row: A. Willett, F. Macek. L- MC Colley, G. Iviusegades, W. Kauf, M. lbse, P. Kirk, C. Knutson, C. Lund, B. Williams, H. Vachuska, L. Ringkob. Front row: D. Snith, R. Tweedt, R. Yonker, N. Ullrich, R. Libra, J. Rowe, C. Lund- holm, G. Nusbaum, A. Walters, D. Skagges, S. Soucek, L. Stiner, M. Wilhelm. Back row: M. Ganderson, C. Ascheman, O. Johnson, D. Cox, J. Bartosh, D. Johnson, M. Anderson D. Bordwell, G. Geesman, P. 'Albers, J. Bramstedt, M. Grantz. Middle row: B. Johanek, B. Egge: stein, T. Eridcson, M. Goodel 1, S. Jensen, C. Greenwood, J. Gee, M. Baker, L. Fiala, M. Herder 1 R. Garber, J. Hruby. Front row: T. Cain, R. Haugland, R. Flatgard, E. Bebernes, L. Heligas, J. Gruber, D. Babb, C. Egertson, J. Benjamin, L. Gregory, K. Hardon, W. Iverson, R. Elness. , O U J- I J 4x31 aww f fN ..xf' I 9, X ,ff in W i I J' .I . 616. an ef' WIIJWII J 6 X tix! 6 I Z Lx 4' A 7 5 S jj P X 9? 'iw ' X!! 'OA 4 gk .F I1 0 'I K QX C X,W ACTIVITIES T271 ND BA .S. JH tl Florence Mo rer, SU cretary-Trea Se 9 S ard ly well Sa Lo f, ef! sid T6 Vice-P lcyn: Fe Keith t, Sn Presid Officers: J.H.S ORCHEST Tieg. arvin v M Secretary-Treasurer Forsbergg C CU as -4 L1 as E +4 C GJ 'U -4 rn GJ L.. 3-4 I GJ O -1 P 'U Ln CU DD 3 of GJ z N 'U CU z 4-w C GJ 'O V1 CD s.. D-4 rn In Q2 O 'H Q- H-1 O Flute 8 Piccolo Gwendolyn Sorem 'Smi rley 'Ihoreson Flute Erma Jean Worshek 'Kay Benda Nelda Ullrich Lois Gilbert Patricia Olson Oboe 'Valerie Mlir "Janice Nestergard Bassoon 'Phylli s Ki elblock 'Doris Di lley E Flat Clarinet Janice Muir Mavis Christopher B Flat Clarinet 'lbrothy Seim 'Nada Nestegard fhidrey Berg 'Lowell Salyards 'Margie Salinter Roberta Wagner Ardys Gilbert Alice Benjamin I-lermine Guritz Marilyn Peterson Joan Prevatil Carolyn E1gh Winni fred Westby Nadine Buckeye 'ar JaClCSOIl Jaequetta Gee Carol Greenwood Ardis Sogge Patricia Hepp Patricia Gilmore 'Ardith Fransen 'Shi rley Lundholm Mary Lusk Phyll i s Albers Mary Ann O.mderSOI1 Jerome Verdick Maureen Marquart Vera Libra Paul Wagner Giarlene Lundholm E Flat Alto Clarinet Barbara Madsen Alto Saxophone Betsy Krause Caryl Ebeling :Marion Worshek Norma lbyscher Marita Nelson Tenor Saxophone 'Pearl Baul ti nghou se Lois Mohr Bari tone Saxophone Burdette Peterson French Horn 'Florence Motl 'Joan Peterson 'Sue Yager 'Patricia Fi tzirmons High School Concert Band Virginia Leen Mary Westby Jacqueline Verdick Joanne Vanfllra Stella Ull rich Gerald Shearer Cornet G Trumpet 'Marl een Forsberg Gretchen Krause Carol Teigen Clinton Peterson Patricia Jones 'Ri cha rd Schwen Ardis Muir 'Ray Peterson Carmine Aschman John Anderson Richard Libra John Tobola Evelyn Johnson Richard Vercho ta Ruth Benda Gwenith Muir Tanice Swanson Trombone 'Leroy Marquart 'Marvin Teig Lyla Brown Grace Olson 'Madge Olson Neil Muir Lois Willet Arthur Rosenbrook Richard Peterson Music Aciixfitics Euphoniwn John Nasby Carolyn Ryberg Bari tone Wallace Strom Dorothy Nasby Charles Van0.lra Roger Pell Bass Viol 'Betty Willet 'Ibnald lbfberg Charles Shearer Sousaphone 'Allen Anderson Carl Lere 'Ross Muir Russell Dilley Ernest Olson Stuart Snepard Herbert Mi ller Martin Serun Percussion Keith Felcyn Carolyn Sorenson ,John Blizek Janis Splinter Robert Ackerman Jane I-lruby 'Tympani Evangeline Olson 0I'CllCSlI'Zl PCl'SilllI1Cl Violin Carolyn lqrberg Lois Sharp John Nasby Gretchen Krause lbberta Wagner Carolyn Eigh Clinton Peterson Caryl Eaeling Leo Heli gas Jmice Mui r Grace Ol son Patsy Olson Loi s Gilbert Ardys Gilbert Gweni th Mui r Gwendolyn Sorem Maureen Marquart Dorothy Nasby Marcella Myers Cello Betsy Krause Carol Teigen Ruth Benda Mavi s G1ri stopher Mary Westby Vi rgini a Leen Iympani Kei th Fel cvn 'Those starred play the same instruments in orchestra. Lf. 'The instrumental organizations of Jackson High School are under the direction of Arnold Y'-Alstad, band, and Rosemary Rudow, orchestra. From these organizations several instrumental groups are formed which play at various school activities. These are the Pep Band, Sax Qrartet, Brass Ensemble, German Band, String Fnsenble and Boys' String Quartet. The band and orchestra have made many appearances during the school year. The Jl-IS marching band made two out-of- town trips this year and performed at all home games. Concert bmd held its annual spring concert April 16. The orchestra gave a Christmas Concert and a Spring C Concert. The choral groups directed by Marilyn Spencer include the A Capella Choir, Hays' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club and Double Quartet. 'lhese groups presented a Spring Concert held April 2 and a G1ristmas Concert. All the music groups participated in the music festival held in Windom, April 23 and 24. Pep Bama Brass Sextefte M. Forsberg, G. Krause, S. Yager, R. Muir, C. Iqrberg, L. 3 B. Peterson, L. Moore, E. Ebling, B. Krause. Marquart Giris, Giee Back row: M. Gxristopher, A. Benjamin, C. Ryberg, J. Peterson, M. Pass, M. Hod- nefield, J. Muir, D. Vachuska, M. Lusk, M. Olson, A. Berg, E. Olson, A. Frost, G. Olson, N. Genmill, A. Iverson, J. Thomas, V. Sether, C. Ebeling. Middle row: A. Sogge, N. Dayscher, L. Bancroft, E. Schlager, E. Worshek, M. Brandt, L. A1- brecht, F. Larson, D. Seim, G. Overaas, R. Wagner, L. Suarp, M. Storm, J. Prokes, F. Motl, M. Forsberg, G. Krause, M. Splinter, B. Willet, P. Jones. Front row: M. Jones, -A. Neilson, V. Muir, F. Kanuch, B. Ringgenberg, M-. Rowe, P. Jensen, M. Meyers, B. Albers, Miss Spenser, C. Teigen, L. Willet, E. Brown, N, 'Buckeye, G. Sorem,.B. Musegades, S. Yager, V. Leen. Boys, Giee as K., Q Back row: R. Muir, A. Muir, J. Aamot, K. Egertson, R. Dilley, L. Swanson, G. Walters, R. Schwen, L. Markquart, N. Muir, R. Ackerman, W. Strom. Front row: G. Shearer, C. Shearer, J. Olson, A. Fast, V. Kolander, L. Lusk, J. Hruby, J. Nasby. ....32-- enior High Chorus Double Quarfetfe Junior High Chorus 7 Hi-Y ..,, Back row: K. Webster, L. Salyards, H. Miller, G. Walters, A. Anderson, G. Hoesley D. Knoll, R. Morton, R. Schwen, T. Morton, L. Markquart, N. Muir. Front row: D. Smith J. Olson, j. Aamot, R. Dilley, P. Overaas, B. Theophilus, W. Kielblock, E. Olson R. Ackerman, H. Handevidt, F. Nusbaum, S. Shepard, R. Muir. FFA. Back row: W. IverS0l'1. L. Thurmur, W. Systma, R. Pell, O. johnson, M. Lutz, C. Stough L. Erickson, R. Johnson, D. Page, L. Swanson, T. Morton, E. Vancura, L. Wieskus, J Najt, E. Yonker, A. Hakes, J. Whisney, L. Hansen, E. Christopher. Middle row: E. Schl lager, D. Snith, D. Micklos, D. Denney, C. Hartzler, D. Bordwell, G. Harmerlinke, V. Beseke, L. Waterman, L. Lusk, C. Vancura, R. Saathoff, G. Geesman, R. Ringel, V. Knut- son, B. Peterson, W. jensen., D. Cox, L. Vacek. Front row: R. Elness, E. Bebernes, E. Cushman, W. Dunker, G. Sxearer, R. Hugunin, D. Holthe, A. Peterson,Mr. Halverson, D. Ring. K. Egerston, H. Handevidt, E. Eckert, L. Fiala, H. Mickelson, R. Shearer, R. Yonker, R. Haugland, D. Meyers. L 34' -. 9 GAA. Senior High Back row: M. Olson, M. Pass, G. Olson, C. Ebeling, J. Muir, J. Salinter, C. lb' berg, M. Storm, E. Worshek, F. Motl, V. Sether, R. Wagner, M. Nielson, J. Najt F. Larson, D. Fransen, G. Overaas, B. Krause. Second row: V- Verdick, J. Peter son, M. Salinter, G. Krause, L. Albrecht, P. Hepp, P. Gilmore, C. Teigen, A Wolff, R. Iverson, D. Seim, Mrs. Rindelaub, H. Mickle, C. Boultinghouse, L. Sir ovy, G. Sorem, H. Sattoff, B. Ringenberg, G. Swanson, B. Olson Front row B. Musegades, P. Bancroft, S. Yager, M. Peterson, A. Hammer, D. Olson, D. Camp bell, A. Muir, M. Worshek, C. Sorenson, V. Muir, R. Flohr, L. Bancroft, V. John son, N. Doyscher, A. Sogge. Junior High . Junior Class Play BBC!! IOW: Margie Splinter, Caryl Ebeling, Patricia Gilmore, Virgene Sether, Ernest Olson, Russell Dilley, Mi ss Ashland, Robert Morton. Front row: john Nasby, Catherine Benda, Ardys Gilbert, Stuart Shepard, Phyllis johnson, Evangeline Olson, Gretchen Krause. Ardis Svgge. Roberta Wagner. Declam Winners Back row: J. Aamot, E. Olson, M. Tillia. First row: D. Campbell, L. Albrecht, E. Olson, A. Frost, P. Fitzsimmons, V. Leen. Une Act Plays I. Tillia, A. Iverson, M. Brandt, A. Gilbert, M. Splinter, Johnson. 1 C. Teigen, B. Theophilus, N. lbyscher, P. Hepp, S. Smepard. 1 V. Muir, J. Aamot, S. Yager, C. Peterson, D. Meyer, E. Olson Oiiicers Adviser, Miss Holmquistg Editor, Marleen Forsbergg Associate Ed itors, Leroy Markquart Ba Ardis Gilbert. Jack Hi Times Back row: L. Johanek, V. Leen, A. Benjamin, B. Boell, D. Campbell, V. Muir, F. Larsen C. Teigen, J. Peterson. Middle FOW: N. Nestegard, B. Krause, C. Ebeling, C. Benda M. Olson, G. Ring, B. Theophilus, R. Morton, L. Salyards, A. Berg, R. Lee, A. Frost R. Wagner. Front row: E. Johnson, J. Prevatil, P. Jensen, L. Brown, B. Willett, R Iverson, M. Brandt, L. Albrecht, C. Peterson, K. Felcyn, J. Nasby, J. Muir, P. Fitz simmons. -33- Extempo Back row: I. Nasby, M. Brandt, G. Olson, V. Leen, P. Fitzsimmons, M. Tillia. Front row: A. Frost, L. Albrecht, E. Olson. Latin Back row: NI. Worshek, J. Alness, R. Dilley, G. Olson, A. Muir, C. Benda, C. Ebeling M. Lusk, A. Iverson, J. Nasby, N. Gemmill, B. Haugland, B. Krause, J. Peterson, S Thoreson, G. Krause. Middle r0W: E. Olson, R. Wagner, M. Brandt, P. johnson, P. Gil more, P. Hepp, L. Albrecht, Miss Ashland, F. Motl, A. Wolff, R. Iverson, C. Sorenson F. Garber, J. Verdick, A. Fransen. Front row: L. Brown, P. Jensen, H. Rodina, L. Dvo rak, P. jones, D. Seim, in. Forsberg, G. Overaas, A.'Gilbert, B. Willett, F. Kanuch V. johnson, A. Sogge, N. lbyscher, V. Muir. Pootloall Cl1eerleaclers B. Ringgenberg, L. Albrecht, M. Pass, L. Bancroft Junior High Clueerleaclers L. Rinkob, F. Hruby, D. Babb, L. Gilbert. Baslcetlvall Clueerleaclers L. Albrecht, B. Ringgenberg, M. Pass, Twirlers Back row: D. Seim, P. Boultinghouse, L. Sharp, W. Westby. Front row: M. Markquart, C. Engh, C. Lundholm, S. Yager, L. Benjamin. l 241-. . JUNIGR C G L F A F S I S C E R S F. Larson, secretary-treasurerg E. Olson, presidentg S. Shepard, vice- president. SQPI-IGMORE FRESHMAN J. Vachuska, vice-president: R. Muir, G. Geesman, vice-presidentg D. Babb president: M. Peterson, secretary- President, R- Olson, Student Council treasurer, J. Gruber, secretary-treasurer. 142... D. Ambrose, L. Thurmer, J. Whisney, A. Peterson, M. Tillia, V. Beseke, G. Lund- skow, L. Swanson, G. Ring, D. Holthe, R. Johnson, D. Page, H. Synstlein. Stage Managers ,LA Q ' R. Lee, C. VanCura, D. Page, G. Lundskow, R. Morton, F. Nusbaum, L. Swanson, L. Erickson, H. Synstlein, B. Peterson. Ticket Talcers M. Teig, C. Lere, P. Overaas Movie Qperafors L Upiceep oi Bociies ami Buiiciings Mrs. H. Sether, Mrs. A. Thompson, Mrs. N. Christiansen Nels Hank 1.44-. Library Assistants Back row: A. Anderson, A. Iverson, P. Boultinghouse, M. Nielson J. Najt. Front row: L. Albrecht, L. johanek, D. Domino, B. Boell V. Verdick, S. Lundholm. Qttice Assistants E. johnson, M. Worshek, L. Dvorak. I-IUAAEEEIIVXINE 3 3 5 Es 1" ' ' ' S ii- liw fgif '92, .:, :fi ':- swf ,gffef-T , -1-':: " l'wg9. I g wh' ,' , --'- R' , -.g v H-:S ,fi . ,f ,gf H 'L ff' - - . - me .. ,.qg,., ,V x fa-.. 1' -fi?" ' W 3 ' x ,K A ' NJ 4 'Q ,api 'H' new -Ifk " f" .i V-L ,has T1 xlli ' Eg-:W 'N' 'L A-1- f'f M-',. , , 91 Q ,J .ri , ,. 1 if ,Q B+ -wir, f 1229- '.--. '.'-- , -I N ., . 1 E UUESSOQ x'f f if 'QW 'a Q4 wi' Y I 4? '92, Q6 t I' VW X I A0 A ATHLETICS FOOTBALL 5 ci u 10 M .-.,, C'-N O rn -1 O A L. as 'U C cu --4 O hd S s. Second ro zi- c o JJ L4 2 Z v. ickson Er . L- S BYR Y en idt, Hans H. Handev lr, L. Mu R. .6 4-' P4 5: A 7 gen eafln Sw L. D. G! N L-. 0 D O D-4 C C Vi C 0 T 2 fi hristopher, , V. C ginun Hu Bdck row: R- Larson, -4 -4 O S2 J. Herder, H. E O a L. .2 4: ad fi Coach Assistant Coach IOWI , A. C O V1 C 0 G-4 O U1 v-Q .- U7 D -4 -v4 .C O. O 2 I- :fa 5 O L. 'U L. E hw L an -4 v-4 -:. Z 5 :E L. 0 E O Q si C -4 N JJ O. Q U E D G .D va 5 ZZ Q. L.. -i V2 -2 6 --4 0 W3 C --4 D4 lj ul. iala st, D. F N TU ster, A. G eb K. W rn 0 J! W I CCACHES ,N-fv"" Assistant Coach, D. Knoll: Head Coach, L. Swearingen: Assistant Coach. G. Rindelaub. SW CONFERENCE CD'CHAMPIONS Cbach Louis Swearingen's twentieth year of guiding jackson High School athletic teams drew to a highly successful close with the capturing of his fifth conference championship since the Southwestern conference was organ- ized just eleven years ago. In all, Coach Swearingen's football teams have compiled a record of 75 wins, 54 losses and six ties over the 20-year period at j.H.S. Captained by quarterback Tommy DeMers, the 1947 gridders finished their season with an impressive won-lost record of four victories, one tie and one defeat. POSTVIEW The Bluejays opened their campaign at first foot- Jays' Mountain Lake, winning 13 to 7 in the meeting of these schools in eleven-man ball. Luverne fell victim 32-7 in the next start for our second straight conference win. The only loss of the season was to the annual Fairmont powerhouse, by 19 to 12 score, the first of our two non-conference games. Next outing for the Jays was at Lakefield where they assumed a spoiler role in whipping the Panthers 19 to 0 on the Lakefield home- coming date. Worthington's famed Trojans, favorites for the conference crown, battled the Jays to a scoreless tie on a rain-soaked jackson field to assure the Jays of a piece of the title, taking a victory over Windom the following week for granted. This they won handily, 35 to 7, to tie for the conference title. The finale was played at Estherville, the second nonfconference contest, with the temm racking up a decisive 28 to 7 victory, their fifth in seven starts. The year 1947 also marked the debut of George Rindelaub, graduate of Mankato State Teacher's College, as assistant coach of athletics. We They Mountain Lake 13 7 Luverne 32 7 Fai rmont 12 19 Lakefield 19 0 Worthington 0 0 Windom 35 7 Estherville 28 7 FINAL CONFERENCE STANDINGS WON TTEIJUOST Z T.P. O.P. Worthington 5 1 0 1000 113 14 Jackson 4 1 0 1000 100 21 Marshall 3 1 1 750 71 21 Luverne 3 0 3 500 79 91 lindom 3 1 3 500 70 75 Mountain Lake 1 0 2 333 40 31 Pipestone 1 0 3 250 31 60 TraCY 1 1 3 250 19 69 Slayton 0 2 3 000 12 83 Lakefield 0 1 3 000 12 89 4 'I Q s BASKETBALL Back r0w: Coach Knoll, D. Larson, R. Lee, F. Nusbaum, Coach Rindelaub. Front row: J. Olson, A. Anderson, V. Gxristopher, T. DeMers, K. Webster. With a return of only two regulars from last year's squad, the Bluejays spent a year of building and experimenting with relatively inexperienced material to complete the season with a not too bright record of eight wins and nine losses. Prospects for next year look promising when seven of the first ten will return to start anew. Dean Knoll completed his second year as team coach with George Rindelaub assisting. Verland Christopher, Tom DeMers and Roger Lee will graduate. "Chris" captained the Jays throughout the season with the exception of the pre-holiday contests when he was sidelined with a foot injury. WON AND LOST RECORD They Sioux Valley 33 Mountain Lake Windom 27 Fairmont Luverne 22 Luverne Westbrook 59 Worthington Lakefield 29 Westbrook Qkabena 34 Lakefield Mountain Lake 40 Sherhlnw Worthington 45 Windom She rbu rn 45 .. 50 - They 37 39 37 41 31 36 44 44 SECOND TEAM ' 5 fi Back row: J. Anderson, H. Miller, B. Morton, R. Schwen, J. Vachuska, L. Markquart. Middle row: W. Karschnik, W. Ashley, J. Smith, j. Wenzel, A. Muir, A. Grunst. First row: Coach D. Knoll, J. Aamot, P. Herrig, L. Stedman, S. Shepard, Assistant Coach G. Rindel aub. STUDENT MANAGERS Peter Qveraas, Assistant B. Theophilus WON AND LOST RECORD We Sioux Valley 39 Windom 18 Luverne 34 Westbrook 12 Lakefield 25 Okabena 17 Mountain Lake 19 Worthington 26 Sherburn 19 Mountain Lake 30 Fairmont 18 Luverne 42 Worthington 22 Westbrook 32 Lakefield 32 Sherburn 34 Windom 13 -511 They 19 27 21 26 23 19 21 30 23 21 24 21 17 27. 14 21 23 ,.,,.,.., .. ,f H W V, 'f ,iii , - www' -'I T U ' 11 f V f M, f , , J A ,Q ., . . 'EGF' 1 -' jjg . X 4 1 gg ,. , 3 tam.. e. .. ,. a ,, A ,. ,,, A 1, ,gps ,- ,4 X HQ, , 'f -a,,r fren-fs .gr , EQ L: . W fi, A A 3 ,E 4-,, 3 'Q 6 . s i P52 ' L '5- 5 gd, 'Sf 53 +. " K1 is ' 1' mn, F Q 1 K W 5, .- x .15 1 Qill gag ".'1 . 11: i g : xxx 15251,-ig 'C wx 'f ' M ff ff ,. " gl! ' V If w'Kg'??"'4fs-w..g"55?iix:s tems? J ... W i.. .Q xl imik ab W i w k .ti if" 1 X M ' A , N 3 f was 3 W. E x W5 ' , 6 . F 9 f .Ag Q was xx S' ii Q, ik 'E N 3' q 'Q in az R+ If ' ,Q 7x we .1 - Q -QM S 'QW 'ik K " Lx ggugflw, , Je A ,six ffbwxir ff PAQ gg Eiga Y W 4 f is ' lm ,J Q Q f ' 565 if S ' ' ' K , . - V- 5....m..x g W - W 1. "-25 7 5? A , x W tmvm -Q www is -wif! Y . s f- 3 . 2 ,.,,, ., . V x QQ m f 8 x S' 1 A , x, . Q 3 W K f .1 . .fs 1 5? HG k ' a f if W. . ff, Q . is-M' M ? .. . lfgfzr - " 1' jiggwgwfz " ,, ilrl fbw vii" 'z fiiifi . '?'1i..5:,'?nf' h ,T , V . . Y ,fi A: . , if . J , gb - if Ig.. I , . nu , 1 ' ,Jr - '- x .qs . ."1"':?!f"Tsz0a?-'z'-1 f. v , Q - . .. 'fi f ' ' s' I K '- 1 . ' 'ex 4. , . ge' ,2"4??gkf'!'4',J'r?'f1A1Lu ' v - - - 1, g f- , ff N S- . max, uh, . X X -, Q x K 185 'wg ' Q Q. an QM A E X A 5 1 r '-I is 6 A W 2 vm 3 .E 5 1 Q, I , S 1 5.3. ii. YN x,.., 1 rv - I si J.. El ii? 4 1 F""""'1,.d -f . kim. Q gp, , Q' .Him Lv . N- .. " r mf W w 1 .. K ,Q , . ff k e qv if ii 52 K rag Q .ww 2. n fag xox 4 X . " , 4 'SN PS K mf, .. Q 5 ' 9 I Q T ,Q fab- ... .f,:.Q:,.., . K. . 1: Air ' 1 , f"- ::..K v lk! Q X ,"' , K K ,,Q, . Q i f ' A'- K 4- U' dkgdvinx y 'R is 'Aa Q .K 7: K K L , 'H+ GN g, K V N + , ' V ' ' ' A ,QA K Q15 W .1 wg w fs k " 1 J' , sr ,K W KL 'JH ' I .L f ' f -, -P .M . A , 4- W. X V :K K g Y I, N HN Kr KKK, ZXK WKKKX - L' '- "" 1. -s f, A ,,, ' - H ., - UK "u 1- L 1 9. ,ff - fb ::3",l'.v', 13,14 I4-QA ' v.,,f.i,4. K 'E ' A L 9 - ,x '-,A Nz Q 'K fm " .Q s mx ff w. ,yixK'jfiKK . .-up ,K S K - ' KL A " . - I K- W- - V , 1 Q "' K1, .,,k- Q-f. : i ' + ,KKK . Kr .K - K jgwiii ' K . ,M--.,iw'k.fc ,, .53 K x I , s ,ry , 'K KA h KHL A -L THE STAFF OF THE 1947-1948 JACKSONIAN WISHES TO THANK ITS ADVER- TISERS FOR THEIR HEARTY COOPERATION AND URGES THEIR PATRONAGE BY THE ALUMNI AND STUDENT BODY. H Bancroft Studio Red's Lunch Nelson Produce R. H. Hutchinson Psik Cleaners Strom Photo Mundell Clothing Mayflower Thompson's Cafe Olson Bros. Pure Oil Burianek Shoe Repair joe's Bakery Gamble Store By-Rite Grocery Geneva's Beauty Shop Thompson's Shoe Shop Herb's Printing Service Beech's Coffee Shop Knowlton Studio Felkey's Auto Anderson's Cafe Ringkob Station Federated Co-op Sathe 8 Son Falk Radio N Appliance Boell's Service Station Smith Construction Co. Doyscher N Son Transfer Bill Donwen, Cities Service Products Jackson County Pilot Holecek's Clothing State Theatre joe's Cafe DeMolay Job's Daughters Charlie and Dolan's Barber Shop Rasmussen Bros. Phillips 66 Pribyl Plumbing Q Heating Felcyn's Department Store Fairway Fine Foods O. H. Krause Westby's Drug Store Lorig Hardware Coderre's Jewelry jackson Cleaners j's Barber Shop Wally's Grocery Alpha Cafe Misener Hardware Alpha Grain Co. Cargill Incorp. Farmers 8 Merchants State Bank Garber Implement Co. Verdick Garage Petersburg Store Petersburg Co-op Creamery Shorty's Standard Service Muir Auction Co. People's jack Sprat Store Emil J. Skalicky Hasle E Bjorge Albertus Clothing Co. Chozens Sward Kemp Verchota's Standard Oil Lanning Oil Texaco Lunch Tufvesson Motor A. E. Sorem 8 Son A. J. Watland N. R. Wallin Co. Toutges Chevrolet Worthmore Produce J. C. Penney Ashley Hotel First National Bank Libra Bros. Recreation Gillespie Bros. jackson Cafe Livewire Commercial Printers Red Owl Store Coast to Coast Store Red N White Market Strom 6 Strom S. M. Iverson-Firestone Store Davies, The Quality Store Grottum 8 Winzenburg- Attorneys-at-law ekmh 1.4.0, me after-Q lea, min aff . ggw 7' L11 +?3wfw A S' 2 ' K2 as ,, . - 0 x ,K , bag 1

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