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0 , WY lfffxl LR QW W . . WE RECALL il l , NX 1 MV , X K 1 '- ' n M- Q' I ' , ,N 3 gg lah, fi' Wwl Y V l "H ll' l " kv!! he -f lv '1' 'Y 1 " . A 'ff wflfllifm. ' LL! gl Q' Y 2 ,, i 1 'Q ld , 'li J 1 4, . I 5 H E ' " " fr Illini lil Q 2. iff'- 'L 1 U The Hermitage 1972 Andrew jackson High School Chalmette, Louisiana Volume 6 Enrollment: 1722 HUF' ff above: With happy hearts and cramped hands Betty Rose Warren and Beryl St. Ro- main turn out election favors by the hun- dreds. far right, above: Beta Club members, Kim lanneck and Lynn Corne, share the ex- citement of being recruited into "Barce- lona's Boogie Woogie Bugle Babies." far right, below: Witches show their soul as they obligingly sing forthe Kangaroo Court at the freshman initiation. right: Flashy white gloves of A.l.'s Drill Squad inspire spirit in Chalmette fans. 2 MEMGRIES OF l0Y IIN xi O R YOUTH HAS . . jubilant moments of '72 . . . roaring pep rallies . . . 'Lil Colonels cheering at Owl football and basketball games . . .enjoying the spontaneity of youth . . . AJ. girls combining efforts . . . planning activities . . . sharing enjoyment . . . recalling past events . . . treasuring tradition . . the alma mater sung at every assembly . . a greater . awareness of school pride . . . we recall the memories. . . Andrew jackson High. TABLE OF CONTENTS Curriculum. . . 10 Activities. . . 34 Sports . . . 106 Faces . . . 122 Advertising . . . 218 Ecology maintained its importance . . .clean-up campaign sparked interclass competition . . .groups discussing timely topics in class and at lunch . . . expression of ideas on careers and school titles . . . forming opinions . . .assuming responsibilities . . . nurturing our growth as a group and as individuals . . .creating memories WE CAN FACE FU 'N fx opposite page: Initiating a school clean-up campaign, Student Council members Melanie Hor- ner and Kim Heider direct the stu- dent body in a chorus of "We're the Class that Picks up the Trash." above: Senior Gay Gleason be- comes increasingly aware of op- portunities blooming in the fu- ture. oppositez Using machines an A.l. student prepares to face the obstacles of the business world. 0 he A construction students grasped of memories I l 5 l knowledge of communication . . . extra curricular activities stretched Al life-style . . .students assisted fellow students. . . selected Chorus members tried out for State Chorus and one Al girl qualified for the honor H I s o T TH X I' 'gf opposite page: Colorful campaign posters catch the eyes of Marie Kocke and her friends. Above: The Chalmette Cheerleaders await the charge of the fighting Owl team. opposite: An important factor of everyday life is being mastered by Kathy Hein in Oral Communications class. 7 . . s-l i 3 top right: lt's more than just an occurance to see students and faculty walking side by sideg it's a relationship which is highly trea- sured. bottom: "Are you sure it's in this cab- inet file, Mr. SherriI?" sighs Newspaper Edi- tor Connie Masson after what seems to be an endless search. far right: "Look out, Miss Dubuc!" cry the spectators. "JoAnn Riley has been practicing her self defense." Y! gf f 1 l f' xt? WE RECALL r -+- -ge, me 4 rv J 1' -nv f L' 2 f-Q xiao, " . 1 -L. 55w.f2eQ'.g541ag' -wr," Cherished memories . . .warm glowing friendships . . .feeling lost . . finding someone . . failing a test . . . understanding why . . .acquiring a new course in gym . . yearning for assistance . . .sharing knowledge . . 64 seniors graduating in january. . . leaving behind friends and teachers . . Yet, treasuring memories . . memories of Andrew jackson High. ni v 2 1 1 ,aww 1 5 ww .MP i, i LM, 9 M-A ' 5 Q 1 5 . K 4 sf, K ,awk Q Lf ,s , , S , mm, ,,.mw,, Ai., w21i??9?5zffYf f' K The learning process . . . stacks of books . . . paper backs . . varied lectures. . . research papers. . . complicated topics. . . group discussions . . . heated debates skits. . . participating physically and observing mentally . progress grades. . . individualized study . . .counseling. . . testing . . .fulfilling objectives . . . memories of Aj curriculum Home Ec. Inspires New Hobbies Many new things were in store for the students who took Home Eco- nomics in the 71 -72 school session. With the newly purchased micro- wave oven students were able to cook a meal in a matter of minutes. The spicy smells of lasagne, tacos and other savoring aromas drifted from the new foreign foods class. Other new courses included nee- dlecraft which taught the funda- mentals of knitting and consumer education which taught the girls how to grab a real bargain when they saw one. In addition to the new courses, the old ones were still there with new added attractions. Cherie Rousse finds knitting to be one of the few creative hobbies which requires much concentration. I2 Responsibility is a key factor in becoming a future homemaker as shown by Barbara Fe- zekas and lo Ann Ciaccio. Kathy Linsmier and Diane Hueschen dem- onstrate the primary steps of preparing a garment as Sallye Raymond and Beth Nel- son put the finishing touches on theirs. ,,.....Mt, ..,,. V, qw, ,, ' lf.. ," 2 f 'G ., ,. M-, J M 5 'I3 The social studies program this year increased to implimentation of the principles composing the progressive progress program. Classes consisted of individual as- signments, packets, extra projects, and group endeavors, such as dis- cussion and skits. A unique part of the department was the Senior Seminar Class, which explored such topics as the 1972 Louisiana gubernational campaign, crimino- logy, the United States penal sys- tem, Louisiana geography, Ameri- can government, and major world religions. The two classes, Mr. Smith's and Miss Crespo's, went on field trips to City Hall, the State Su- preme Court Building, and various museums in the French Quarter. Individual instructions are emphasized on sequence packets by Miss Connell. 14 Individual Student Effort 'H-M X The Core of the Social Studies Program wifi X 1 Jigs L, ., .ga ,zwisafsss fffclifffflfi iii "4fse:2T-'wtf Q'5i5g35l2 11a:.w1:f, A f above: The much awaited resource center prove to be an asset to the department. top left: Outfits and candid lines insure new ideas among old facts and figures in the his- tory halls. opposite: Students employ visual aids to achieve balanced knowledge in social studies. I5 Y J 'Y W- ,M . Vg' ath with a The noise accompanying the en- closing of the bus loading area was probably the most prominent memory of 1972. Although the noise did not last long, the racket tested the concentration of A.l. math students and the nerves of A.l. teachers. Because a great num- ber of math classes were held above the construction, the '72 Math Department could not help swaying to a different beat. 1972 was also the year that the new con- tinuous progress program was im- plimented into the mathematics area. Teachers took advantage of filmstrips and the overhead pro- jector to assist students. All of their work, of course, was done to the beat of a different hammer. Mrs. Mura reveals to Mary Vega the true identity of x. Suzie Faught, Lynn Landry and Brenda Dina- polis test the familiar theory "three heads are better than one." New Beat 16 0- , fx Individual concentration is emphasized as a student tries to understand the concepts of solid geometry. Although students generally work as individ- uals, teachers are always there to answer questions. 17 Larger Language Classes Usd Q 2 fic' XX , . , s f- " h as e e s B. Dinapolis, l. Thiel, D. Schmit enjoy Spanish class from a new vantage point in the air-conditioned language lab. 18 ew Approaches and Media '?5'Y' sf W. if t M. KX lifes F fm? ag , E 0 Foreign language classes utilize the lab facilities to great extents in improving pronunciation. With expanded course offerings in French, Spanish and Latin, Al stu- dents became familiar with the ma- jor langauges of the world through new and different dimensions. More students than ever in Foreign Language classes were constantly busy with many different media, both new and old. Students at- tained a greater knowledge of their chosen languages through the use of earphones and tapes. They also learned more than a second lan- guage. Through maps, guest speak- ers, and native foods, foreign lan- guage students acquired a far greater appreciation of foreign customs. 1. Doar points out one of the Spanish-speaking countries to D. lbieta on student-made maps. joAnn Gonzales, another Michaelangelo maybe Up, applies basic principles needed in sculpturing. Onward drew the AJ. art students, inspired by "model" Kim Devun. 20 Creativity abounds in 72 Art The Art students this past year were able to demonstrate their tal- ents in more ways than ever. Sculp- turing, sketching friends, and land- scaping were all included in the curriculum. Often, art students' work was displayed for the enjoy- ment of the student body. In this way, other students realized the wealth of creative talent at AJ. Jeanne Brouillette utilizes talents developed during art class to create her own French Quar- ter scenes. 21 Language rts Do Own Thin Throughout the '71-72 school year, the English Department stressed the progressive progress program in many areas. As work became more individualized, students put their creative talents to much use. Group endeavors such as skits and discussions were used to assist fel- low classmates in understanding topics as varied as Shakespeare and Mass Media. Individualized in- depth study of specific concepts in various areas of literature was em- phasized as students completed preliminary course requirements. The study of drama, poetry and the Bible as literature attracted more and more students as did elective courses such as yearbook and newspaper production. below: During a novel study activity, stu- dens compare ideas on what they have read. above: Donna Cielino improves her writing talents in one of the English blocks on composition. far right: Merlene Willoz and Pam Kessler attack a passing stranger, Rhonda Fried, in a scene from the Good Sa- maritan fBible as Lit. classy, NR ,.....,Wm ..i.w,,,,q it muwaWf:9"M ws-w,,..,,... as fig. 2 . 'xf ,Y L '-:L, . Science Labs Reveal Realities Science classes no longer consisted of only lectures. Classes extended into labs where students per- formed experiments to help them in understanding concepts de- scribed in their texts. Under the careful supervision of teachers, many students made use of scopes, gram-scales and bunsen burners for the first time. Through labs and able teachers, the world of science became a more real world at AJ. in 1971-72. right: Microscopes aid students in under- standing cells. below right: General science students use the gram-scale to determine weight. moms gvmep as f- sw' Q8 sf? .. E: Q55 1' W ,ffm .. sais! QL X.i'ftCF t it A l f f 'ff avi 'Vic ...lxa lower left: Students Sharon Peirera and Ka- ren Polk understand the principles of phys- ics through practical experimentation. top left: Students find a variety of lab equipment with which to work. ,ANP 25 arlety Emp The Physical Education Depart- ment again successfully divided the program into four-week blocks throughout the year, but they en- hanced the program with a wide selection of electives. A variety of activities included such choices as stunts, archery, riflery, self-defense, recreational games, badminton, bowling, forms of dance, and body mechanics. Adding to the "year of great variety" were the many unique meeting places for the classes-such as the foyer of the cafeteria, the stage, dressing rooms, and the like. opposite: Al P.E. students enjoy going back to childhood days of croquet, even if it means learning all the proper rules. above: Proper stance and perfect positioning are stressed in Aj archery classes. ' hasized In P.E. -f -at Q an ..,.f-"""'w we-1 Q wal i V' if 1. Y K K ' , Qi ,' a 1 i fi" , ,Qi fc i 7 fwi'3f"4'0' 7 . frflfx eww ,, , A , J- N Qgizfiwv Z Q.-iiwigt as if i f,aiff:t4,,fz4ie,,,ii?4' .- www' ,I ff ,fb f, W, V, J is afar, 3 my ,gttwixf I I i"11f'?'f" " f-?'l'i'? g'L'i?, 5Q'in3AEl gs .4 i- : gym, ff,,q:Q,,j:fit,f' L .-. li. Q. , A - , Mvsyxynk y, s4M5g,3-t2fm.fgg,it, ttzf 6 f i ver, ' , i .-Q. is its 5 Wuxi .4 fl A .Mn- Miss Newchurch looks for proper technique as her "stunt" students Iry head-stands. Miss Dubuc seems to have taught her dents the art of self-defense too well. SfU 27 Business Broadens Program A new curriculum guide in Business Education was used for the first time this year, "A Continuous Prog- ress Program for Business Educa- tion in Secondary Schools." This opened the way for more extensive courses to be offered in typing, shorthand, bookkeeping, clerical practice, key punch, and IBM. Also new to the program was the imple- mentation of Distributive Educa- tion, supervised by Miss Diane Walthers. Students continued to prepare for clerical jobs through COE under the direction of Mrs. Barbara Trumbaturi. top right: Typing students encounter many detailed forms in their studies. lower right: Speed and accuracy are achieved through timed writings. 28 .al if L.-A 1 A 1 I f . f A M . M J. ,. C . A I 1 1 1-,. tux. K Wi .on im, Ui' rug Qc top left: DE STUDENTS-Front row: Y. Kaul, pres.g R. Fried, v.-pres.p E. Edwardsp 1. Cos- tanza, parl. 2nd row: V, Borneg M. Gonzalasg C. Augusting K. Quickg N. Mickles, treas. 3rd row: C. Runnelsg M. Aquilog S. Couvilliong S. Gonzales, sec.g P. Adamsg D. Magee. 4th row: I. Puissegurg S. Cuepetg A. Browng F. Perez, hist. above: Business students im- prove office skills with relevant materials. left: Pat Coles works with modern IBM ma- chines. fed. note: See page 233 for COE group photo.j Z J 29 x 4' 5 ,, V 8 "a 1 1 K a -X A ,x Mrs. Kimball helps student schedule her '72-'73 courses. Door Always Open The counselors' doors at Andrew jackson High School were open to over 1800 freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors during the 1971-72 school year. Students' problems ranged from schedule changes and scholarship appli- cations to very special personal problems. Early in the first week of school and thereafter, the student body was encouraged to turn to its problem solvers-the counselors. Since each counselor was respon- sible for guiding from 400 to 500 students, their time was quite lim- ited, especially at the lunch hours. In spite of heavy demands on them, though, they managed to counsel every student at least one time before the year ended. Miss Zimmermann with junior, Sophomore, and Freshman counselors. Mrs. Louise Desselle, Miss Jeanette Abadie, and Mrs. Marilyn Kimball are ready and willing in the office to answer "Quickie" questions. Senior Counselor Mrs. Claire Landry receives an expression of appreciation from Anna Bouchaux, Senior Class President on Awards Day. 3'l "Operation Safety" was the key slogan this year in Driver Educa- tion. A new four-phase program was implemented to inter-relate classroom instruction with the sim- ulator, multi-vehicle lab, and traffic environment. The simulator taught students basic preception needed in driving. After the simulator and classroom instructions students used the facilities of the new driv- ing range. There they developed driving techniques using an assort- ment of motor vehicles. During this training period students also drove Emmmmn 1 ...M . . the new Driver Education cars for .,. gm, . . . . 'R - as - S firsthand experience in traffic. 3 42 'f't i A R 7 :2 . .,.. . ..... .... . -.,. if M NM . . ,.Vkh :,3EVh:xkl kikh xiit,,i3,g:fi V.V.V.. E' . ..,, lll- D ' I I lv -k.. Vi. 'V.V 4 k-.h,kf ls?-.ji -kV.k fi'ii':i k-VV Driver Education now gives students opportu- V V g-,, ,. f--43,.5A355!gi1V.g5J g . ..,,.g AV., s . . ,I nity f0 drive Sf-HUGH WGSOHS and lfUCkS 35 Well ' - .... . . .l.i -s.t f .... .- is '- -- ' .'.. 11 ':,: 1'2.-2-21':9f:23.sgsezi-1121? tfwszse- ll ','-f . 1 as gedang, ..---' ',r. Operation Safety Going Strong The simulator gives each student the chance to get the "feel" of a car, which reduces anxiety in the new safety effort. above left: Chorus members harmonize at one of Al's many concerts. above right: L. Blackstone and C, Corley accompany the chorus on the piano in school concert. lower right: Miss Gelpi leads the band to performing excellence. Band and Chorus on the Go lt's been a hectic, but exciting year for Al's band and chorus. They did many things together, including four concerts at Al, Christmas tours at grammar schools, and a music festival. The chorus performed with Beauregard High School and the New Orleans Philharmonic Sym- phony Orchestra at the Civic Audi- torium while the band participated in a number of Mardi Gras parades. :3""" F, A Q 3 . 1 X v Annual events . . .planning. . . working hard and enjoying it . . . initiation . . . Ring Day . . .accomplishing a special goal . . .winning 3 band award . . . receiving the best-actress award for the one act plays . . . . . being chosen queen of your prom . . . crying a little. . . loving a lot . . memories of activities '72 . . X Excitement runs high as seniors put on their rings for the first time. Imagination reaches its peak in the decora- tion ofthe Seniors' cars as does originality in senior cakes. it MN .Nz f iii' st: ii I s iqzs-I "as if it Ai . R f Q.. "i' - ' I V s s f f it t t 4 ' 5 ' si27'3'i 'llg-'S 7 f i 5 ' Binge nf' lknfmakhm rw' had :ill al" fm. Illme. f'Xn.s.Xm mm '54-"'k"5uf"5 X A 5 5 ,,.nAvnAufsQ is H"'P"5""'L fvl vw . .ex t....u, fn-'-' twgtzk' gfixxoxhlixxz' S cis., , new-2 -ww - ff ,S Em, A oxen,-ns. ,im-Avi Q3'5,..M5'.'..y, N A H L Nab? K' 5 if-'J' 52:31:32 M ,W 36 Turning of the Senior Rings symbolizes a wish of good luck through the coming year. 0 o 72 Ring Turns Bring Luck 'A illfaftq .,. I. 'HQ .. ,............. ' B. .Q - October 1, 1971 was a very special day for AJ. Seniors, their Ring Day. Enthusiasm for the annual parade was increased when it was an- nounced that prizes would be given for the best decorated cars. The library was transformed into a maze of blue and gold. During a speech by Mr. Davies, eager, itchy fingers with polished nails awaited the distribution of the rings. A Ring Day brunch was heightened by a diploma-shaped cake. Many Sen- iors ended the day with bruised fingers after having had the ring turned 71 times for good luck while saving the last turn for someone very special. One more senior dream was fulfilled! 37 Last October the Class of '75 was formally initiated into Andrew jackson High by the Class of '72. Everyone cooperated with each other in this unique activity. Fresh- men, dressed as witches, had to play all sons of games from leap frog to rolling peanuts with their noses. They also had to memorize the Alma Mater and Freshman Pledge. The Seniors enjoyed being dictators as much as the Freshmen did being slaves. Communicating with each other on this level im- proved relations between Fresh- men and Seniors as both classes re- alized the importance of each other. And so the Freshmen of '72 were initiated into Al's style of liv- ing with the hope that they would learn to appreciate and respect their school. Initiation is a success when there is coopera- tion between the youngest and oldest classes. Roles change hands when the Seniors serve the Freshmen after a long fun-filled day. 474 Freshmen Initiated joan Boushie obeys a command to whistle. 38 into Aj Style of Living Games such as leap frog are a tradition in initiating Al style. Freshman Charmers Claudia Lehrmann, jill Cazaubon and Nanette Alberti dance to the music of Rita Shaw. 39 "Boom Da "-A Previevx , , , ' , 7 f V , ., V . M . ,., . , jackson journal staff members and advisor Ed Sherrill get together for a rap session to plan for their final edition in May. 2 E Photographer Judy Dirmann consults with edi- tors Leslie Dauterieve, Connie Masson, and Melanie Gross on needs to complete layout. 40 af Things to Come cj gr This year the jackson journal got off to a noisy start with "Boom Day," when every student at Aj was presented a balloon. On a sig- nal from the office, they were all si- multaneously popped to begin the 1971-72 subsciption campaign with a BANG. With a very competent and talented staff, the jackson journal took on a new look. Be- sides a change in the type of paper used, some new additions to this year's paper were "Spotlight," "Creative Corner," and "Letters to the Editor." The newspaper was entered in the L.S.P.A. competition and received third place in overall design, a first for Aj. Donna Wiltenmuth prepares for the loud burst on "Boom Day". It takes the entire jackson journal staff to "decorate" its very own Christmas tree. V , , . 6-41 The Homecoming activities of the 1971-72 school year once again united the students of Andrew jackson with those of Chalmette High. The festivities began with a Homecoming parade through the streets of Chalmette with keen competition for the best decorated float. The parade ended at Chal- mette High where a joint pep rally was held. Later that night, the Chal- mette Owls hosted the lesuit Blue lays at the annual Homecoming game where the court and their es- corts were presented. The football and school maids made a striking appearance on the field. Though the game was not a success, the spirit of the Owl fans was apparent at the Homecoming Dance after the game. Smiling faces of GAA members prove enthusiasm in Homecoming activities :ka 42 Parade Highlights Homecoming COURT: H. lones, V. Misuraca, D. Porche, W. Lugenbuhl, C. Esteves, M. Montalbano, G. Bond, M. April, and S. Betz Happiness for the Spirit Boosters first place in the Homecoming parade. 1 . ,. 1144 - NmX"""' . D H " " " 'i -"ii Sophs and Frosh Have Own Dances For the first time in Al's history, the sophomores and freshmen had their own school dances. On the night of Oct. 22, the Sophomores danced to the Music of "Delta Mudd" in Al's cafeteria. The dance was sponsored by the Beta Club and the jackson journal staff. They provided the refreshments and decorations. Then on November 22, the Fresh- men had their first dance spon- sored by the Drama, Debate, and French Clubs. The entertainment was provided by "Yellow Hare," and in keeping with Aj spirit, the decorations were in colors of blue and gold. far right: Kim Dieck and date dance to the soft music of "Yellow Hare". top right: French Club members pour on the Coke at Aj's Freshman dance. right: At Al's Fresh- man dance, a precious moment is shared by Anne Farmer in the midst of a crowd. 44 .Ni 1 515 X t .iv Civics Club-front row: L. Brue, treasurer, L. johnson, secretary, P. Lauga, vice-president, P. Bertrand, president. 2nd row: 1. Treitler, P. Thomas, S. Angalda, L. Gonzales. 3rd row: R. Blanchard, B. Bordelon, K. DeGrado, C. Westerfield, M. Mangiaracia, L. Brossette, C. Godwin, sponsor. Clubs Serve School and Communit Again the Civics Club had a fun- filled and busy year of helping oth- ers. They filled Thanksgiving pack- ages for our soldiers in Vietnam. To change the annual routine, the members volunteered to entertain a group of orphans with a picnic at the Packenham Oaks. Did you ever have to make a choice in the culinary arts? Bun- nies, eggs and crosses were the types of Easter cakes sold by Fu- ture Homemakers of America. They also showed their expertise by preparing refreshments for the Aj faculty. "Service" was their 1971-72 motto. 46 FHA-front row: K. Gioia, D. Cure, B. Warren, vice-pres., P. Nastasi, pres., I. Lafitte, S. Faught, G. Zeller. 2nd row: l. Cazaubon, D. Garitty, B. Alfonso, R. Daigle, G. Smith, C. Cook, A. Greco, B. Bellina, S. Couvillion, M. Smith. 3rd row: B. Bryant, M. Hood, B. Roger, D. Arsenaux, V. Lubr- ano, S. Franatovich, D. Warren, L. Landry, S. Pearce. 4th row: 1. Zeller, E. Nastasi, G. Deubler, E. Cole, E. Pearce, S. Luccia, 1. Lafitte, E. Bailey, F. Perez, C. Craft. -w.....,. W f .. illllllllllll i 4 . S L Library Club-front row: M. Huber, secretary, K. Wieczor, president, D. Burgner, vice-presi- dent. 2nd row: C. Moss, K. McCalla, S. Anglada, D. Meyers. 3rd row: Mrs. E. Frink, Mrs. M. l clark, sponsors, P. Hoffman, E. rayard, E. Broussard, E. Anglada, c. Anglada. l Librarians, Officials Always Sorry, library is full! How often did one see this sign? This year the li- brary was used by as many as 700 students a day, checking out over 300 books a day. Who kept the li- brary running as smoothly as it did? The Library Club whose members worked at the checkout desk, pre- pared new arrivals, reshelved books and kept the card catalog up to date. Throughout the school year, the of- ficials provided referees and um- pires for various sports. Girls in the officials club had this responsibility and therefore had to be thoroughly familiar with the rules of all the in- tramural sports. lt is because of their efforts that the intramural competition went so smoothly. Active Officials-L to R: T. deLivaudais, P. Cascio, C Babin, l. Morales, H. Leroux, K. Polk, I. Bruder, S. Raymond, D. Powell, B. Maureaux, P. deLiv- audais, B. Warren, S. Pearce, K. Lawrence, D Warren, C. Moran, sponsor. 47 Hermitage Receives Honors The Hermitage staff was well-re- warded at the Louisiana Scholastic Press Association convention when the '71 Hermitage was named sec- ond yearbook in the state, topped only by the Brother Martin annual. lt also received a first class rating and one mark of distinction tfor coveragej in N.S.P.A. competition. With Brenda Buras as its editor-in- chief the first semester and Kathy Lawrence the second semester, the Hermitage this year attempted to capture the prevailing feelings of change. One new innovation in the English curriculum which benefited the Hermitage was the addition of a course block in yearbook. Yearbook Staff Members-front row: l. Clark, S. Nichols, R. Schiro, D. Caeta, S. Randazzo, L. Satter, L. Dannemann, D. De- laney, and K. Hein. 2nd row: B. Leto, C. Turner, 1. Larmeu, S. Miller, D. lbieta, K. Six, M. Civello, and l. Treitler. lNot pictured: C. Supreanj Q.. xy ...... . ,.... iss. Editorial Advisor Miss Debbie Schoeder and Editor Kathy Lawrence discuss overall plans for yearbook after assuming their new positions in the middle of the school year. :fs:1L...- .F ---rigs? new W.. ., ...,'2":. "'r'1mImm-w------ - .. .fam ."1':gwfur-Jfvxltw 'nsmfltlwf' - 'fv 'wwf-11 f - h Production staff: P. Rome, L. Hull, and D. Gioe. x' 'T ft 1 , r ' 'Ng Yearbook Coordinator, Mrs. Betty Egedy, points out type sheet procedures to Miss Schroeder, new Editorial Advisor. , ' Hermitage Editorial Staff: K. Lawrence, D. McDougall, P. Legendre, C. Alexis, and C. Gonzales. Qnot pictured: D. Wallace and S. Cutrerl 49 Spirit Boosters Involved At the beginning of the school year, the Spirit Boosters sold hand- made novelties to raise funds. These were two small styrofoam owls set on a branch to represent Andrew jackson and Chalmette. Their next project was the home- coming truck which won first place. During the Chalmette foot- ball season the club organized a cheering section at the games. The club also sold pins during the bas- ketball season. A picnic concluded the year of a successful attempt to rebuild the organization. School Principal awards Spirit Boosters th trophy for the best-decorated Homecom truck. eir ns Spirit Boosters-front row: M. Montalbano, Sgt. at Arms C Cambas Vice President F Couvillion President C Raby Treasurer 2nd row S Arthur: K. Michelg D. Coo ' S. W Il ' E. F per, a ace, ayard L Brossette 3rd row D Montalbano I Treitler C Gonzales K Cnfasi S Dupas Miss K Middletong E. Cookg M. Bouchereaug D. Ciolino D Solis S Calato 50 l 2 I Youth for Christ-front row: fvtrs. V. Schumaker, Sponsorg E. Provenzano, Presidentp L. Rivers, Secretary and Treasurerg D. Barnes, Prayer Cap- tain. 2nd row: R. Casertag Q. Sizemorep E. Fayardg P. O'Conn0rg 1. Cadwellg S. Schmidtg F. Sizemoreg 3rd row: L. Allaing C. Rabyg T. Robsong K. Yocumg S. Mayeauxg M. Gassen. 4th row: D. Adcockg P. Landryg D. Prineg l. lsheeg K. Sarverg 5th row: A. Provenzanop and R. Dauterive. FTA and YFC Show Concern FTA-front row: M. Smith, Reporterp D. Luscy, Pres.g N. Gordy, Sec.-Treas. 2nd row: D. Fau- chenrg Fl. Melietp L. Brossetteg G. Hehrg D. Constance. The Youth for Christ initiated a practice of having open dis- cussions of members' problems at meetings instead of having tradi- tional talks. Their members com- peted in small quizzes and rallies with other schools and listened to a number of guest speakers throughout the year. The Future Teachers of America decided to present the teachers with notebooks during "Teacher Appreciation Week." The group also assisted teachers individually. Our future teachers will soon be contributing their knowledge in our nation's educational system. 5'l Boogie Woogie Bugle Babies Wir Beta's Campaign propaganda is the order of the day for busslng to convention Beta Club Seniors-front row: L. Cucchero Reporterg B. St. Romain, Sec., T. Roy, Presi- dentg and S. Lae, Treasurer. 2nd row: V Bornep B. Behreng C. Sperryg and P. Nastasi 3rd row: C. lonesp M. Kastnerp D. Garitty and 1. Dirmann. 4th row: C. Horng L. Fra: dellag K. Mossg R. lonesg and G. Hendricks Sth row: P. Pugliap C. Alexisg B. Fleurichamp M. Soroeg and C. Zwicke. 6th row: Mrs Louise Desselle, Sponsorp H. Bullg T Vaughng C. Esteves and E. Pearce. 52 Acclaim l at Beta Convention ' ar gn-ow The induction of junior Betas be- gan a new and exciting year for the Beta Club. Plans for the convention began with the nomination of Diana Barcelona for State Beta Sec- retary. The big rush was on with the planning of convention and cam- paigning. Diana's loss of the elec- tion by only 14 votes indicated that she had a noteworthy campaign. The Betas, upon returning from the convention, eagerly prepared a skit called "Alice in Easterland" which was performed for the St. Elizabeth Orphanage. Finally, the Betas se- cretly planned and served at the Honors Banquet to complete a successful and active year. Terrell Roy, president of Beta, presides over the Induction Ceremony. Beta Club luniors-front row: C. Gonzalesg A. Grecog G. Heckp P. Campierep K. Clairg C. lsheep C. Raby. 2nd row: E. Saucierg B. Maherp M. Lairdg C. leffriesg V. Caponeg L. Hardy. 3rd row: R. Heaphy, V. Colombop C. lunkerg D. Geracig C. Logosg S. Dixon. 4th row: D. Barcelonap S. Galivang C. Harwellg S. Bellandeg L. Smithp l. Munsterg L. Dauteriveg M. Cautreaux. Sth row: S. Georgeg D. Lawrenceg K. Barnesp S. Cutrerg K. Rigbyg M. Grossp C. Mazzap L. Hull. 6th row: P. Laugag P. Legendreg 1. Michong K. Fioreg 1. Neyg A. Mayhallg E. Robicheauxg D. Wallace. 7th row: N. Bourgeoisg G. Westg B. Mageeg T. Zwickg P. Bertrandg K. Prattp D. Schmitp L. Come. 8th row: K. Scottg K. lanneckg H. Cu- lottag C. Corley: l. Bruderg H. Lerouxg D. Bossg K. Heiderg C. Doodyg T. Hollardg Mrs. Tisdale, Sponsor. 53 Science Club Tours and Plants The Science Club ventured to USL this spring to tour its Science De- partment. They spent a weekend on the campus and enjoyed being a part of college life. Another spring activity was the planting of a special tree on Arbor Day. The club sold key chains as a fund-raising project. A picnic was later held in May. Rosemary Bickford assists Mr. Mouton in plant ing Arbor Day tree. Science Club-front row: R. Hurstell,Vice-President R Blckford Secretary Treasurer C luncker President C Harwell Historian L Randazzo Reporter. 2nd row: C. Logosg S. Morrisong C Brayman M Cannon S Schmidt l Robichaux C Helntz 3rd row H Smith D Barberot S Randazzog C. Isheeg D. Geracig P. Dubretg I Larmeu L Quin Mrs Nunez Sponsor 54 0 . 5 junior and Senior Equations League-T. Heck, E. jones, M. Tortorichg 1. Larmeug l. deBrueys, sponsor, G. Hendricks, T. Roy, C. Turner, C. Supreanp B. Leto. Math Tutors Abound The Math Club continued with its tutoring services again this year, helping students during their lunch hour. ln March, the girls attended the State Mu Alpha Theta Con- vention in Baton Rouge. The club was also active in the District with Cheryl Esteves as District Secretary and the Equations League com- peting against various schools. Math Club-left row: K. Glynn, D. Geraci, P. Laugap L. Ducombsp S. Cutrerg M. Can- non, C. Dugasp A. Luc, P. Legendrep C. Doodyg H. Culottag K. Barnes. back row: C. Estevesg L. Come, G. Hendricks, treasurer, H. Bull, secretary, T. Roy, vice-president, C. Alexis, president, D. McDougall, D. Wall- ace. right row: B. Von Behren, V. Borne, L. Cuccherop 1. Dirmanng D. Garittyp V. Co- lombo, R. lonesg M. Kastnerg E. Nassarp K. Heider, T. Hollard. 55 F A and YSC Serve Community The Future Nurses of America were especially busy throughout the school year. Members attended an LSU Special Program on cells at the lung Hotel. They also distributed Easter baskets to children of the State Street Children's Home. The Youth Safety Council continued its work even during the summer. They senfed the school community by repainting and numbering the school parking lot. In March, the officers attended the Louisiana Safety Conference in Baton Rouge, where a presentation was made concerning the newly built driving range in St. Bernard Parish. A, A . 'Q -S. X ew w as v -'Q 'ff FNA-front row: K. Palmisano, sgt.-at-arms, M. Celino, Treasurer, I. Byrnes, President, D. Gebbia, Vice-President, T. Hollard, Sec- retary. 2nd row: P. Mullins, I. Duvieilh, G Eisenbraun, D. Palmisano, L. Magel, P. Def- fes, Mrs. Foret, Sponsor. 3rd row: K. Guerra, ' M. Broome, M. lenneman, K. jones, S. Cuevas, 1. Bauer, B. Cox, V. Carambat, Y. Landry. l YSC-front row: K. Pratt, S. Cutrer, C. Gunn, l. Gagliano, B. Dinapolis, M. Hood, Vice-President, H. Bull, President, M. Noonan, 1. Boushie, I. Thiel, M. Montalbano, 1. DeRose. 2nd row: D. Ibieta, A. Couvillion, H. Culotta, Secretary, C. Esteves, Treasurer, Mr. Ladner, Sponsor, and l. Odinet. 56 -v-ui-n--...L Red Cross, Art Draw Students Red Cross-front row: R. Bickford, Vice- Presidentp T. Zwick, Presidentp and C. Vam- prine, Secretary. 2nd row: G. Zellerg L. Don- nelyg D. Dauteriveg F. Sizemoreg B. Pipesg P. , RE. Scheurermannp and P. Nastasi. 3rd row: L. Brosetteg I. Zellerg S. Kelly, Sponsorp P. Romeg I. Lafitteg V. Carambatg and R. Blanchard. I-fi The Red Cross Club called upon the student body to help the sol- diers in Viet Nam this year by stuff- ing Christmas Stockings for them. The Art Club demonstrated its ar- tistic talents by making and selling knotted belts of various colors. Through these and other activities both clubs interested many stu- dents who kept going on projects all through the year. 1? ,,,,.,......---f-' Art Club-front row: D. Castillo, Treasurerg M. Perez, Vice-Presidentg B. Maher, Presidentg S. Galivan, Reporter. 2nd row: M. Youngp B. Burkertg B. Melerinep C. Laigastg P. Tassing S. Dupasg S. Arthurg D. Gaetag K. Larrivierep A. Deimelp L. Warreng C. jeffriesp L. Hinglep L. Landrum, Sponsor. 57 Seniors Relive 1 Days ln the cafeteria well-decorated to provide a springtime atmosphere, the Seniors recalled their years at Aj through the comic portrayals of their most memorable classmates in the Romper Bomper Room. Terry McVille mimicked Margie Williams in one of her more critical moodsg Pam Kessler, as Donna Trocchiano, urged her classmates to love Al. Other characters found in the Romper Bomper Room were Diana "Susan Collison" Hingle, Beryl "Miss Zim-Zim" St. Romain, Ingrid "Roselyn Caserta" Buuck and Myra "Kathy Moss" Hood. Diana "Susie Collision" Hingle sings her way across the stage. Senior class president Anna Bouchoux serves as Mistress of Ceremonies at March 17th banquet. 58 xx 1 X Ning Terry "Margie Williams" McViIIe gives her opinion of the situation. 'ns 1 J r-we Seniors get into the rornper bomper mood after feasting on Cornish hens GAA-Spirited School Group The GAA proved to be both active and spirited in the 1971-72 school year. Throughout the year they as- sisted greatly in the intramural games. They also sponsored the GAA Banquet, "Dog Patch, U.S.A." Many of the girls in the group helped to sell refreshments at the regional ball games toward the end of the year. They also helped by backing rally teams for volleyball and softball. During the year the GAA attended a tennis tournament outside of school. Freshmen were asked if they wished to be a part of this group. Then they were expected to par- ticipate in intramurals whenever possible. All girls in the GAA must be ready, able, and willing to play sports. That's why they're such a spirited group. Freshmen-kneeling: R. Black, D. Protti, D. Cure. 2nd row: M. Kneale, K. Robicheaux, A. Lajaunie, S. Schiel, K. Connell, S. Prados, C. Gioe. 3rd row: R. Leroux, L. Vaughan, P. jones, B. Castillo, C. Culotta, K. Bolton, R. Mayeux, l. Boushie. Seniors-front: Sallye Raymond, Secretary- Treasurer. kneeling: KL to RQ C. Serpas, E. Pearce, B. Warren, Vice-President, P. Cas- cio, F. Pepper, K. Lawrence, P. Deffes, C. Horn. standing: D. Powell, President, T. , Quartararo, H. Bull, K. Polk, Historian, L. l Catton. . is 3. ,N in 55' eo , McDougall P Downing I Thiel L Landry S. Pearce D Cooper D Warren D Ibleta A. Couvlllon D Magee I Roper mi lunlors L Landry C Gonzales C Babm D Ory L Hahn 1 Bruder T de Llvaudals P de Llvaudais, D Worsham H Leroux C Doody I Thespians, Debaters Compete The Drama Club under the ex- DfamaClubsets upsceneryforone actplav P9ff0fff1HnCeS cellent leadership of Susan Colli- son, president, excited the emo- tions of its audience in both the Annual One-Act Play Contest and the Senior Play. In addition, the members of the Drama Club enter- tained the children of the Crippled Children's Hospital with a Hallow- een skit. This years' activities were culminated by a banquet at the Be- verly Dinner Playhouse. This year the Debate and Public Speaking Club was busy both in school and out. ln school, the members helped sponsor the first Freshmen Dance. Away from campus the girls participated in four tournaments: Holy Cross, Brother Martin, Lafayette High, and the USL discussion tournament. ln Lafayette, Donna Wiltenmuth completed through the finals and Cindy Gonzales through semi-fi- nals in Oratory while Donna Troc- chiano and Donna Wiltenmuth achieved quarter finals in Debate. Debate Club-Kneeling: P. Legendre, Sec- retary-Treasurerg D. Trocchiano, Vice-Presi- dent, C. Gonzales, President. standing: S. Norsworthyg M. Kemp, sponsors, I. lsheep I. Gagliano, S. CollisongN. Heck, D. Hentzep L. Servayg S. Mussop A. Mayhallp C. Leger. 62 ,ff Drama Club-front row: L. Vuscich, Treas. P. Shields, Sec.g S. Collison, Presidentg S Nastasi, Big Brother. 2nd row: L. Vauginp 1 Lafitteg K. Mossy S. Paceg M. Huberg E. La- fontp S. Faughtg M. Montalbanog D. Sal- vaggiop M. Easleyg 1. Geeckg V. Caponeg C. f Guillotp C. Lejeuneg D. Hentzeg N. Heck. 3rd row: I. LeRougep R. LeRougeg P. Kesslerg E. Martinezg D. Smithg S. Arthurg B. Dinapolisg 1. Larmeug C. Breudp K. Iulianp B. Cataianop S. Coxp S. Schubert. 4th row: S. Ryang P. Leg- endrep D. Trocchianog N. Gordyg j. Pippinsg N. Gordy prepares L. performance in the contest. M. Huberg A. Mayhal Catton before her big senior one-act play Ig S. Lucciag S. Segretop S. Soroeg T. Treburqg I. Theilg K. Heinp L. Castaingg 1. DeRoseg D. Daigrepont. Sth row: K. Middletong H Sponsors I 1 i . Smithg S. Norsworthy, 3 FBLA Wins Acclaim The Future Business Leaders of America were busy this year selling candles as a fund raising project. Donned in blue dresses with yel- low scarves, they also participated in the District Convention, where they won enough events to be able to attend the State Convention. Again they earned much recogni- tion. At Christmas time they visited an orphanage as a service project. They ended the year with a ban- quet where awards were given out. FBLA-1st Year Members-tLeft to Righty 1st row: P. Herringtong 1. Trainag M. Ruffinog M. Hoodg S. Willhoftg T. Cimop F. Salvantg P. Ducoteg B. Mageeg l. Lafitteg 1. Ney. 2nd row: S. Benezechg B. Pipesp C. Knealeg D. FBLA-2nd Year Members-1st row: D Trocchiano, sec.g K. Croh, trea.p P. Coles pres.p R. Hurstell, parliamentarian. 2nd row S. Coxg D. Bourdeug R. Bickfordg C. Vam- prinep T. Zwicke, historiang D. Ciolino, re- O'Flynnp 1. Deimelp C. Cusicg B. Coxg D. Cur- tisg D. Labourdetteg S. McDougallp S. Bel- landeg l. McMenamin. 3rd row: P. Austinp S. Bourgeoisg D. Theriotg A. Grecog C. Schaub- hutp K. Clairg R. Letog B. Melerineg D. Geraci .qw 1 porterg V. Colombog C. junckerg A. Lucg Mrs Francinques, sponsor. 3rd row: L. Brueg S Mussop F. Clarkg G. Bond, vice-pres.g L. Kat- tengellg S. Luccia. P. Deffesp S. Arthur. 4th row: P. Romeg K. Randazzog P. Riserg M. Perezp D. Piniong C. Messap P. Dubretg C. Logosg C. Perniciaro, D. Mageeg L. Landry. I F- 64 l 5' c iii- f A M V ' ' V' ,mv ww Q :.'i'fi'sf4fl"w -vm fn . .. . .y.y A A - y ' -' . V, A V. ai. C T ' .. , fr -I :M"F"fiFf 'Riva-A.. Q.. -'ff":'E'5 . -. O , V" MV. ' X' " I V l .,,,14" -..qvvgh E. French Club-1st row: L. Monteyerdep M. Lairdg P. Vetterg D. Hentzeg L. Wallerp I. Hy- mel. 2nd row: L. Faulstichg 1. Quatesg P. Dowdp M. Dowd. 3rd row: R. Angelog C. Boudreauxg I. Buuckg N. Johnson. 4th row: C. Cotognog M. Reynoldsg S. Daigleg M. Poche. Sth row: C. Bocageg C. Schaubhutg F. Salvantp P. Riser. 6th row: N. Frankg L.Dannemanng C. Corleyg L. Hahn. 7th row: D. Morelg D. Pelitereg D. O'Flynng C. Baia- monte. 8th row: B. Fontaineg S. Forestp L. Corneg K. O'Flarity. 9th row: 1. luneau, 1. Treitlerg l. lsheeg C. Turner. 10th row: B. Knaverg S. Brugierg L. Allaineg l. Dirmann. 11th row: C. Nicholsonp B. Letop C. Supreang P. Legendre. 12th row: K. Heiderg l. Mor- gang R. Schluterg K. Barnes. 13th row: D. Al- lemanep I. Edgecombe. 14th row: B. St. Ro- rnaing Miss P. Ullrich, sponsor: 1. Coco. 15th row: H. Bull. French Club Adds to Traditions julie Edgecombe, Carol Baiamonte and lo Ann Hymel take a break during the Freshman Dance. The French Club continued its tra- dition of visiting orphanages by vis- iting one at Christmas and again at Easter. The members went on their annual trip to Avery Islands. They co-sponsored the Freshman Dance and the Annual French Culture Day. In addition, they entered a replica of the Eiffel Tower in the Homecoming Parade, a note- worthy project. 65 above: Intent upon perfection, Al band members show concentration during school concert. opposite: Aj and Beauregard sup- plement the Symphony Orchestra with their choruses, 66 hp. Cuestdirector from local music school leads the Al concert band during one of its performances. Aj's First Stage Ban A A ,fx E.. 1 ......,.s. ,S , The Al chorus performs one of its arrangement under the direction of student teacher from L.S.U.-N,O. dds Zest To Shows The 1971-72 session for the band and chorus proved to be a year of success in more ways than one. With the introduction of Aj's first stage band and the combined ef- forts of the band and chorus, nu- merous groups were provided with outstanding entertainment. The many dedicated hours of practice proved to be a worthwhile in- vestment, as shown by the honor- able awards received by the two groups in district and state competition. Members of A1's first stage band display their style at the annual Talent Show. 67 Band, Chorus Rate Superior The new Al Stage Band consisting of twenty band members and soloist Susan Collison participated in music festivals at Nicholls State and Loyola Universities and re- ceived superior ratings at each. Both the concert band and chorus as well as soloists and ensembles later appeared at the L.M.E.A. Fes- tival to capture more superior ratings. ln addition to readying themselves for competition, the two music groups were constantly working to maintain their excellence at the an- nual Pops, Winter and Spring Con- certs as well as at elementary school concerts throughout the parish. Both the band and chorus were under the direction of Miss Lynn Celpi and two student teach- ers from Loyola, Miss Gross and Mrs. Ludwig. Band members who attained superior ratings for solo ensembles include JoAnn Alexander, Sheila Boullion, Debbie Faust, Gloria Freeman, Claudra Dugas, joEllen Bozant, Kathy jones, and Rhonda jones. 68 Nancy Heck, Sheila Boullion and Sharon Smith get in extra rehearsals at lunch time to prepare for ensemble competition. 1X '31 kr' 'Y.T'e"f"" Qi! 1 ff v- Hwgf f'.pQ f -ff as Susan Collison, chorus member, earned the honor of being a member of the All-State Chorus. Ensemble Chorus Members-Front Row: Deb- bie Barnes, luanita Coco, Kathleen Pratt, Toni LaNasa and Carolyn Corley. Back row: Susie Collison, Ethel Dunlap, Ieanne Deano and Bar- bara Martin. 69 At football and basketball games throughout the year, the Al Char- mers demonstrated finesse in their dance routines. Under the direc- tion of Misses Dianne Walther and Linda Newchurch, the girls had perfected their dance skills to such a point that even before the season began they placed 2nd in dance competition at the Loyola Summer Dance Camp. The Charmers spon- sored a one-day dance clinic later in the year in which they placed lst in competition. Charmer officers Mary lo Ruffino, Winonah Lugenbuhl, Phyllis Wild and Debbie Bran- non promote the sale of trash cans Char- mers sold to raise funds. Senior Charmer Members: D. O'Flynng M. Ruffino D Pelitere M Hood T Vaughn Bull T Quartarato W Lugenbuhl captain 70 Captains Winonah Lugenbuhl and Phyllis Wild fpictured in white-uniformsl lead Charmers in dance routine prior to performing arning Honors in Competition Chiil'm6l'S-fl'0nf l'0W1 N- Alberfie: M. Ruf- Pablovich. 3rd row: B Wendllng D Gulllot finog S. Pelitereg W. Lugenbuhl, captaing P. 1. Cazaubong D. Porche D Scheaffer 4th Wild, captaing M. Hoodp D. O'FIynng P. Fer- row: M, Laird, C, Gunn K Rigby 1 Spi Fafa- 2nd l'0W1 G' Heckz C- Lehfemimni H- Cuzza, L. Landry. 5th row A Couvllllon D Bullg T. Quartararog T. Vaughng D. Doddp E. Brannon, C, Doody "We're Not Biggest But Best" The Drill Squad of 84 members, smaller this year than in the past, participated in all of Chalmette's football games including the laycees Bowl Game at Bay St. Louis. With spirit prevalent along with pride and unity the girls also marched at several basketball games and in one parade. The squad even ventured to perform at Lorager High School. Because of this decrease in number but in- crease in spirit, members of the D.S. adopted the slogan "We're not the biggest but the best." Captains: P. McKeough, S. Boushie, 1. Fitch, Lieutenants D Hueschen C Muntz C Petit L Fradella L Cross P Plauche C Alexis 1 Dir A. LaNasa. mann 1 Cazaubon N johnson D Gauthier L Hardy 72 QL to RJ 1st row: B. Dinapolisg D. Steing I Riellyg R. Le-top K. Clairg V. Caponeg l Ciacciog L. Smithg S. Nastasip C. Siegfriedg N lohnsong C. Schuthg C. Petit. 2nd row: D Salvaggiog F. Youngbloodp L. Von Behreng P Troxclairg l. Cazaubong L. Cuccherop S Dupasp D. Bossp L. Fradellag' B. Nelsong P Nastasig B. Von Behrenp C. Montzg P. Lange 3rd row: 1. Thielg L. Grossp D. Luscyg K Schuleg D. Bourdeup L. Hardyp D. Gauthierg S. Bourgeoisg M. Calamiag D. Curtisp D lohnsong A. Albeg R. lonesg P. McHughg S. Cutrer. 4th row: J. Dirmannp L. Bartholomae D. Lawrenceg M. Mayeuxg G. Mazzag 1 Munsterg M. Burnsg P. Herringtonp H. Cu- lottag L. Mayeuxg S. Knowerg A. Lucy M DiPavodag K. Frayp K. Sperier. Sth row: C 1 Drill Squad demonstrates its precision marching at Chalmette football games. L. Cucchero and 1. Dirmann enjoy being a part of D.S. in Homecoming Parade. -f::::.... fv,gef.s . ' '- ff rf ... . , 1 - . Y i 'A if gi X 5 Legerg C. Calleganp S. Nicholsg B. Mageeg T. Zwickep S. Belandeg K. Prattg M. Prattg R Schroederg L. Corneg P. Plaucheg I. Buuck M. Soroeg B. St. Romaing C. Alexis. 6th row 1 D. Huescheng N. Cordyg M. Grossg I. Zeller, S. Boushie, qcpt.jg 1. Fitch, Qcptjg P McKeough, fcptlp A. LaNasa, qcptjg K Barnesg K. Heiderg P. Henderson. Majorette performances and cheerleading expertise added spirit and talent to both the football and basketball seasons of the Chal- mette Owls. Because of their en- thusiasm, the cheerleaders were asked to cheer at the N.F.L. Ban- quet held at the Roosevelt Hotel. The 1971-72 cheerleading squad at- tended camp during the summer of '71 at Northwestern State Uni- versity in Natchitoches. There for the first time in A l history, the cheerleaders earned a superior rat- ing. The majorettes also came home victorious this year from the National Baton Twirling Contest at West jefferson, having placed 2nd in twirling competition. at if 'Wu Twirlers warm up in new gold and blue uniforms. Twirls, Cheers Spark Spirit right, cheerleaders-kneeling: A. Claude. front row: E. Helscherg A. Christianseng P. Laugag G. Bondp C. Boudreauxg M. Montai- bano. 2nd row: D. Bagwellg M. Girouardg D. johnson and K. Bougeous. lower right, Ma- jorettes-K. Glynng D. Piniong P. Downingp D. Barcelonag K. lanneckg P. Bertrand and W. Stevens. 74 Q ,l. . A A, si-Seiji .-w - 1 - f . s , K ya 'x I J Cidget Bond, Captain, leads many Chalmette football fans in spiritvd cheers. A-,X ?fT-f-f'w-b- Ev! 2'-Ii ai. 5 Nw!! The spirit of the cheerleaders spreads to all Chalmette through the homecoming parade. . . "Boys" Display Talent A. l.'s Drama Club displayed its abundant talent in a most appro- priate manner-the Annual One- Act Plays. The Sophomore produc- tion of "Have You Had Your Oper- ation?" was awarded best play. Lisa Catton, portraying a frustrated em- ployer in the Senior entry, "Take a Letter," was awarded the title of Best Actress. The juniors presented "Hello Out There," a dramatic en- try about an innocent man wrongly accused of murder. The Freshman entry, "Witch Hazel," was a sus- pense story about a chair which had supernatural powers. The chair in "Witch Hazel" casts its mys- terious spell over Freshmen actresses. Sophomore Susan Nastasi visits the "sick" Patrice Downing to inquire Have You Had Your Operation? rf i left-For her excellent performance as an author in the Senior one-act play, "Take a Letter," Lisa Catton is named "Best Actress." above-Mrs. Susie Norsworthy and Miss Pam Heaton receive expressions of appre- ciation from the performers. The A. I. "boys" get together after dress re- hearsal. Left to right: M. Mayeux, C. Doody, L. Catton, L. Dauterive, and T. Marinello. 77 Seniors and luniors-front row: L. Daute- rive, H. Culotta, M. Pratt, P. Wild, K. Rigby 2nd row: M. Gross, M. Laird, D. Barcelona, C. DoodyiV. Pres.j, K. Helder, B. Martin, K Sophomores and Freshmen-front row: C. Gallo, R. Rabalais, M. Noonan, D. Hentze, C. Gonzales, 1. LeRouge, L. Bernard, S. 17 Fiore, M. Bruder, E. Signorino, 3rd row: B. St. Romain, 1. Fitch, H. Bull, K. Lawrence, P. Nastasi, K. Polk, C. jones, D. Trocchiano tPres.j, C. Esteves, G. Bond, P. Coles, G. Hendricks, L. Duckworth iTreas.j, D. Ryder, A. Boucheaux QSec.j, Mr. Roberts iSpohsorl. Active Student Counci Smith, N. Alberti, S. Zeller, S. Colombo. 2nd Ethridge, C. Culotta, 3rd row: L. Catton, I. row: C. Leger, S. Nastasi, D. Salvaggio, E. Augustin, P. Downing, P. Kingston, S. Marquet, I. Morgan, D. Smith, K. janneck, E. Schmidt, P. Riedl, T. Wagner. 78 I 5 it trives for Togetherness The Student Council members, elected by their homerooms on the basis of leadership, strived throughout the year to accomplish a major goal of bringing together the student body and the adminis- tration. Activities of many varieties were sponsored by the Student Council. Among these were the Powder Puff Came, the class Christmas Tree Contest, Annual Ti- tles Dance, Spring Fever Day, Americanism Day, and a trip to LSU. In addition, financial projects of raising money to be donated at the end of the year to the school proved to be a success. During a heated discussion, Donna Troc- chiano keeps her cool and maintains order. XXQQSFQ ,,,,, J J E Ts l ,tt x rf Titles Uniquely nnounced "Little kiddles" danced the night away to the music of "YaZoo" at the 1971-72 Annual Titles Dance. After weeks of wondering, the long-awaited results were finally made known through the rhythm of familiar nursery rhymes which described the significance of each title. A large crowd attended the Ti- tles Dance, the only school dance to which all students were invited. The high point of the evening was the announcement of the winners of Annual Titles for both C.H.S. and A.l.S. ,-K' Surprise overcomes Cheryl Leger and Lana Vucich with announcement of "Best Groomedf' While one couple ponders the results of the elections, girls on the sideline predict the winners, ff VJ. ,,, ':, xr i. 'tx , gg. T," ., , 1 4 f f 80 79 ff N y 2 .ks islilix MISS ANDREW JACKSON Donna Trocchiano 5' f'fs-""-E1 M A ,. -,','3'-gg L,..-0' K, ,X 'Q K ,ww .rf 'Hill Bl MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED Terrel Roy MOST INTELLIGENT Beryl St. Romain MOST ATHLETIC Sallye Raymond MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Betty Rose Warren I MOST PGPU LAR Diana Barcelona WITH EST Kimberly Heider 1' fwv is WD: v V , f 5 f " g Q, of 9 'Q f . i i 1 , 'dk F- ,., ,w+,A 4,- nh 'f'f- , 'E if ' vw, 1, A if . - if 2 ?f?f753QZef 1 iw Q , , e 9.5 .3'in3?l,9?- AMI: V4 .HS vs ' M '5?q54wef 'fwf T ge ff gp' ffffge 'fiafi he 'ig' gf: ., 'W Am- n f, yr' , mwwf' , ' A 7' , V 4 ., feHx'H2iw if + ,QQ - A. : q Pf:a 1:i'?2'4 . W ' qi g4?TQQk. 5 H ,W 1. in Q, A ,f Q 4 fm-'-13, lWf "?Aw??'5W W' .ifgffwegeae f ?,sfgg,,, 1 " xi' if-'W Y V, V 51 wi" ' 'W "G 1, 9,3 ,,.,fi,azxpX ,, ,, ., . Q M f- A , 4 4 xy? ,ff .W k way fm 'bmi ,A T we - fifff A ,. W ' if qi? . V,,.- +4-ui ,J ,uh A ? W My ,M 553: ig, V in p ,L f J me - 2 ilu 4 , b, ., Q 9 e ,1.kaiSm'. ' Q " ff We fu BEST GROOMED Cheryl Leger PRETFIEST GIRL Cheryl Esteves 85 'Q Al's cafeteria was transformed into Dogpatch, U.S.A. for the Annual Athletic Banquet. The walls were covered with scenes from this fa- mous town of cartoondom. Dressed as hillbillies at a hoedown, Aj Athletes marched proudly up to receive their awards. Surprising things occurred at the banquet. For the first time ever, there was a tie for the lane Walsh award with Diane Powell and Betty Warren sharing the honors. Also the Kay Nunez award was received by Cindy Gonzales, first junior ever to receive this award. Other out- standing athletes were: Sally Ray- mond, seniorp Cindy Babin, junior, Patty Kingston, sophomore, Leslie Vaughan, freshmen. The Dogpatch "Shuffle" is shown by Cookie Doody to express her elation in receiving a letter. Mrs. Raymond accepts her award as Mother of the Year. 86 Athletes Go to 41 rims' 1 'Dogpatc:h, USA" -Q.-....,,, ,VVVV qw!!-W wwm'MmwM. NK! !m...i"""'+--...M Rewarded for her spirit, Kathy Lawrence re- ceives the Alumni Award from Miss Walther. Outstanding Sophomore, Freshman, and junior are from left to right, P. Kingston, L. Vaughan, and C. Babin. . iam, ia S.S. Fair Largest Ever 7555 Over 1200 projects were entered by Al students in the Social Studies my Fair March 8th and 9th. Winners were announced for first, second, and third place in each of six cate- gories along with honorable men- tions. The first place winners were as follows: Melanie Kastner, geog- raphyp Karen Barcia, economics, Lynn Petit, anthropology, Elizabeth Anglada, political science, Kim Rigby, history, and Monica Ford, sociology. Elizabeth Anglada also was overall fair winner of the local contest. :im Projects covering twentieth century history are entered in the fair. Students add to knowledge by participating in and attending the fair. gl I x H1 4' jk . WM 4 gjggfgeig ff L Ls' is - " if ff ri, iWvfii'fj k,--A -i K --.iipF I 3-f 5Ub5IllUte leafhef MVS- TF0CCl1i8r1O helps Civics Club members set up tables for the fair in the gym. I ,mv 'i . ZA i ipf,y',g,'A:Q-. , +'-ff in F !'eL"f,'iW filflwayliflw i 1 ll qu ll, 4 yy if lzgzgzlf- r ,Q Lyn Ml' H1 12 -Q-, ,NL l fell, ,. un.. . I, alanlw' NN' " 1 , 'X K. 'M - E .91-N.M Ulsil l 4 'SA-na ,X 'lk A Surrounded by family and friends, Elizabeth gl i Anglada enjoys being a winner. 89 Everylood is a Star Proven True Variety as well as talent reigned high at A.l.'s Annual Talent Show. This year's program included eve- rything from solo singers to pranc- ing pups and even a "drunk!" Whether participating or watching their friends, everyone helped to prove the theme of the evening, , "Everyone is a star." x,,,,,,,,m A Fits. R. Rabalais and C. Beaugez's medley captures 2nd place in keen competition. 1 'Ts above left: "As Long as He Needs Me" is S, Collison's selection from the musical "Oliver." above right: lst place Superstar, l. Brouliette sings "I Don't Know How to Love Him," opposite: Gracefully performing acrobatic feats, D. Arnold prepares to complete hand-stand. Not pic- tured: First place group winners-Provetere sisters and Shary Guepet. 90 left: On Spring Fever Day, S. "Minnie Pearl" Ar- thur has her fling. below: Prize-winning Spring Fever hats prove useful at lunch time. Julie Provetere "Springs" into Spring. Flowers, wild colors, bows, feath- ers, bird cages-what's going on? These were the smyptons of Spring Fever Day. Students utilized every- and-anything to decorate their hats. Laughter filled the halls as friends exchanged looks at each other's hats. Competition was high as homeroom winners displayed their gala head-dresses for coun- selors to judge. Even though every- one could not win, the excitement and fun of doing something differ- ent were prizes for all on a lazy spring day. Spring Fever Symptons Astir 91 Miss Walther gets a sentimental reward when presenting Charmer award. ' v ........a,,,,,, ,,.,,M isa, , an-1" M .-.f x '-x- ny Ft' af "' J", , .f-ff", . D. Barcelona is presented as new Majorette Captain. t g It 1 1 l gb if? 3 1: sf, ff: - - . A TW .'i1:tt2s!F1I . i 3Ei1"iLzfg:eeg.,3y . ,.z11Mff-g.,k,.-,H ' Y .mf Q, ' gl if 1, V . 'i I' K 1 -UMW- N , , get ,. K , J: 'ff. ii: ' i?kQ1,4" g. tx riir t V ieii ti trffyg' .- 1 92 H ff Tearful lo Ann Reilly receives cherished title Most Outstanding Drill Squad Member X 2 -Ll.. 1 'B " Lk 'Q A ' Z,. I H y L I C Service Award s B ring Tears S Cuevas is overcome with feeling when student teacher presents special band award to her. ..,r'-"""""""'- A shining new bicycle complete with horn re- flects the appreciation the band has for Miss Celpi. to Banquet April 27 was the date of the annual Band, Charmer, Drill Squad, and Majorette Banquet. Before each presentation of awards, short skits were given by members of the groups and their sponsors remi- niscing about high moments in the past experiences of 1971-72. Awards were presented to each member and special presentations were made to outstanding partici- pants. At the end of each presenta- tion the sponsor received a small gift from hergroup. Officers for the coming year were also presented. Though there were many tears, they were tears of joy. 93 Hill : ,, .ez :ire-gj,, ,- jfiliffgi Z5f'sffff2'ffjf ' If ' ,--v .-- M e as Y, : ,.- J -ff-ii-is"-" 55? 40 ml, . The lunior's motto, "the world will be as one," fabovej was also displayed on their sparkling favors frightj. f if 'r , la' all ,.. gg, fs, lunior Prom Court: Maids D. Doescher, D. Ellisg M. Gross, Queeng Maids P. Sanchez, E. Saucier, and V. Fradella 94 xx left-junior Class President, Cookie Doody, announces the Prom Court. above-juniors and their dates await the beginning of the prom in foyer of the Civic Auditorium. juniors "Imagine" Prom . . . wxm S... Wdg"9' '55 1 tl .Q A ,622 41:23 7 . 'sv f A C' "Imagine"-a junior Prom, April 1, 1972. Spring bouquets, pastel col- ors, good music, and friends are the best ingredients for a memo- rable evening. The first prom held away from school was indeed a high point of the junior class. Whether couples were dancing, waiting in line for favors and pic- tures, or just chatting with friends, the music of "Kolour" prevailed throughout. The class of '73's motto was from "Imagine"-their song-"the world will be as one." Mrs. Abercrombie, junior Prom sponsor, ea- gerly opens her gift of appreciation while class officers watch. 95 Senior Play Features 50's On April 6, the modern school of the present, Al, was transformed into an average school of the 50's, Ubobby sox," brownstick trousers and bow-ties made their come- back in the Senior Play "Our Miss Brooks". The light and easy-mov- ing comedy entertained the audi- cence with its problems of high school students and faculty. Much of the work involved in presenting "Our Miss Brooks" was done enthusiastically. The play it- self got off to a slow start due to a lack of interest on the part of Chal- mette students, not enough boys turned out to fill the male roles. Similar problems were encoun- tered and overcome. Finally, on the night of dress rehearsal, half the stage flats fell down. After these were repaired and tied back up, the play went on smoothly to be- come a success. The fine perform- ances were the result of the efforts of director Karen lulian, lead star Donna Trocchiano and the entire cast and crew. Behind the school principal and PTA presi- dent, Karen Polk gives a signal of warning to the rest of the cast. 96 -i'- 5 E ,j:3"i',:j,2Q22 at 'N 'S The many faces of "Our Miss Brooks I 4 In one scene from the Play, Donna Trocchiano becomes frustrated in efforts to comfort Melanie Montalbano. On May 13, the Senior Prom was held for the first time at the Civic Auditorium. Candlelit tables set with rose centerpieces, the favors- tulip champagne glasses-and the band "Church" all added to the pr0m's theme "Reflections" The queen and court were presented favors with which to re- member the prom. Refreshments of mints and cokes were served throughout the evening. The Senior class indeed had a wonderful prom. Mrs. B. Poplin presents Maid E. Nassar with her ITICITIBDIO. 98 ll ll Reflections of Senior Pr Iandlel ight and Roses T. Gaurine reigns as queen of the Senior Prom and R. Bickford. , 3 Q i iii if I I along 4 1 Q ? is 2 2 , Q V11 I 1 I r WE with her maidsp K. Ory, C. Spera, E. Nassar i ff f 2 5 , S6 .. , ii V,. , , , 3, ii if :2 fe 1 I 'bf 'L if , f x 3 -, p i i - S .. , ,ge .. 'I 26612 f ' ,-.i 44 . ,Q 5: A A, fx. Q ,if S, Kriower and date relax for a brief moment at the Senior Prom. P. Carnhout finds dancing easier without shoes. 99 above: "Doctor" Zimmermann is delighted with her gift from the school a "Dr, Kit" to assist her while she is away next year work- ing on her doctorate. above right: Miss Zim- mermann expresses Al's gratitude to Mrs. jeandron and the Prep Quiz Bowl Team. opposite page, top: Mrs. Dagro presents Dianne Powell with her award for earning 150 intramural points. center: Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Scott, coaches, proudly present the State Softball team trophy. far right: Cookie Doody accepts the Spirit Trophy for the Jun- ior Class. 100 Surprises Calor At Awards Day 1972, there were many delightful surpirses. Depart- ment and rally awards were given out along with numerous club and activity awards. Following presen- tation of the new Student Council president, Cookie Doody, she was presented the gavel of the out- going president, Donna Troc- chiano. Donna was awarded one of the most coveted honors, the "I Dare You" award. The volleyball and softball teams each presented their respective trophies to Miss Zimmermann as did the Prep Quiz Bowl Team. Then came some unusual surprises. ill Awards Da The Sophomore Class presented a bouquet to the Seniors, and the Seniors made special presentations to Mr. Arceneaux, Miss Gelpi, Mrs. Landry and Mrs. Walker. Miss Zimmermann announced that for the fourth time in the history of the school the "Little Colonel" Award was being presented. It went to Mrs. Betty Egedy in appre- ciation for service to The Hermi- tage. The final announcement was one of the most important and best-kept secrets of the year-the winner of the Spirit Trophy, the junior Class of 1972. Bon Voyage, Honor Graduates As a Bon Voyage to the honor grads of '72, the Beta Club juniors sponsored the Annual Honors Ban- quet. Decorated with sailboats, the cafeteria had a cheerful atmos- phere during the steak dinner served by Boogie Woogie Bugle Babies. After each honor graduate had been named, Miss Zimmer- mann named the top graduates. Everyone was surprised at the an- nouncement of the three valedic- torlans and three girls tied for third place. This meant that seven happy Aj grads would have the honor of sitting on stage at graduation. Salutatorian-Beryl St. Romain receives the Bell Telephone Science Award on Awards Day below right: Third place graudates Kathy Moss, Melanie Kastner, and Suzanne Boushie freceiv- ing congrats from Mrs. Dagrol. get 1' 5 19 sggfli lf 102 Mrs. Dagro presents honor graduate Ellen Pierce with her honor diploma at Hon- ors Banquet. 103 "Sometimes, Not Often Enough above: In a touching moment for both, Kathy jones is handed her diploma by her father, Assistant Superintendent of St. Ber- nard Parish Schools. right: Outside, seniors do a few last minute touch-ups before the commencement exercises begin. upper right: Solemn faces prevail among the Sen- ior class as they sing the Alma Mater for the last time. 104 Ne Reflect Upon The Good Things" 388 girls will look back upon May 30, 1972 as one of the most impor- tant days in their lives. On this night their dreams became a real- ity, and they congregated, for one last time as the seniors of '72. The seniors chose for their class song a most appropriate one-"Some- times." Its words and meaning re- lated very closely to the heart, and through it the girls offered their parents a sincere thanks. This song, along with the singing of the Alma Mater and "Happiness" brought out many mixed emotions as the girls thought about their coming future and lingering past. Highlighting the fast-moving grad- uation ceremony were speeches given by Dr. William Smith, De- partment of Education, LSUNO, and by Mr. Buford jones, Associate Superintendent of St. Bernard Par- ish Schools. Diplomas were presented by Mr. Leon Perniciaro, St. Bernard Parish School Board member. This Class of '72 will long be re- membered in A.l. history as the largest graduating class and the first class with seven honor graduates. far left: Upon entering the auditorium, each Senior becomes aware of the importance graduation will play upon the rest of her life. top: Donna Trocchiano gleams with pride as she accepts the American Legion Award, presented to her by Mr. Henry Dagro. op- posite: Because of her qualities of patriotism and loyalty, Kathy Lawrence is presented the VFW Americanism Award. 105 Q, "'sQ I .Ii ' K I. ,f,q,ff-KW . wia!Q52?52f9SfL-i 2. . . swf, ws .M ,M ,,, Q f pg 4 v.a. E' fs yw - .f I if Mm Y ff: Wt Athletic achievements of 1972 . . . retaining honor of state champs for a second consecutive year. . . rooting at a volleyball tournament . taking an undefeated victory . . .athletes winning intramural sports . . .reclaiming the position in '72 . . . reimbursing ability . . . recalling outstanding athletes of '72 "Andrew jackson Cheerleaders display cheering abrllty during the game r we The Winning Team Seamen fSenlors and Freshmenj 108 4 4 t Powder Puff team captains prepare to begin the annual classic. Seamen again Claim Victor l Despite the lack of attendance, the spirit of the Powder Puff teams was as high as ever. Due to inclement weather, the game was played on its alternate date for the second year in a row. The Seamen won the game by a wide margin as the ex- perienced Senior members proved their athletic ability. The half-time show given by the Chalmette "Chompers" and "Cheerleaders" added to the day's activities. Com- mentary on the game was given in the Howard Cosell voice of Chal- mette's Student Council president Mike Cirouard. Again, the girls proved that they can play some rough football. Kathy Lawrence escorts Queen Gary before the game. 109 Volleyball Team Takes Tournament Ten undefeated matches cleared the way to a first place victory for Al's state rally volleyball team. Al played host on February 26, 1972, in the best two-out-of-three series, to five teams participating. The other teams, Beauregard, Country Day, Destrehan, Higgins, and Re- demptorist, sparked little com- petition for the Al team. STATE RALLY VOLLEYBALL-first row: D. War- ren, P. Cascio, K. Polk, D. Trocchiano. second row: H. Leroux, 1. Bruder, P. deLivaidais, T. de- Livaidais, C. Moran, coach. Miss Zimmermann attempts a set-up for the faculty defense. 110 ludy Spicuzza receives full cooperation from teammates T. deLivaidais, 1. Bruder, and H. Leroux. Students Overpovver Faculty The volleyball intramural team strived hard for the goal of meeting the faculty team this year. Hard- hitting serves insured the students a win over the '72 faculty team, 21- 13. VOLLEYBALL INTRAMURAL TEAM-front row C. Gonzales, L. Landry. Second row: 1. Spi- cuzza, G. Gunn, T. deLivaidais, third row: P deLivaidais, 1. Bruder, C. Doody, H. Leroux. Ill Close Games Highlight Season Throughout the intramurals season games proved stiff determining winners in the games' final min- utes. The winning softball team, led by Sallye Raymond, edged their opponents 5-3. Another close game ended the indoor ball in- tramurals in which Debbie Cure's team emerged victorious. Indoor Ball Team-front row: P. Kingston, D. ,.e'.Js 1 Cure, l. Lewis, C. Geraci. 2nd row: S. Stevenson, A, , M s 'K f f 1 1, Vuccinovich, D. Worsham, P. Deffes, D. Ory. r MN mgf. ,.,,,,, :ge-V, Y A X Softball Team-K, Polk, B. Maureax, D. Trocchiano, D. Worsham, S. Raymond, B. Warren, 1. Morales, D. Powell. Not pictured: K. Sarver, K. Lawrence. Q .. ,.,. . ' -.41 kv , Q-9' ,. N , , J six. 'l'l2 ?"'fl , 1' ,. . 5 e Q 2,2 x my' 1 . ffl. li' V- K as . J QE.- E Slashing Slams Win Victory Unmatched shots and powerful endurance whizzed Dianne Powell through the badminton singles. She met 12 opponents and defeated each one with powerful slams. Dianne's shots also assisted in the badminton doubles victory. Though Thomasa deLivaidas and jan Bruder were tough com- petition, Dianne Powell and Kathy Lawrence overpowered with scores of 15-13 and 15-11. Badminton Singles-D. Powell, 12nd yearl 1. Bruder and T. deLivaudais lose sight of birdie during a surprising slam. 113 juniors Take Archery intramurals were overrun by juniors this year. jan Bruder took the overall first place honor, hitting the target 26 out of 30 at- tempts. Thomasa deLivaidais, an- other junior, was close behind her, hitting the target 24 out of 30 attempts. Maud ,WW Archery Win VW' nw.- U04 1 K g,,,,.55A,k Y Sy W 'arf-'il sw, L f.,f,, K SL: K' 3 'K wp i s , V, , -L . 15'- si -Q " ' " if A , ' V ' 1 figural M41 ' - ,, A, M 1 salsa .K .. right: Archery Intramurals Winner-lan Bruder. above: Thomasa deLivaidais demonstrates her style with the archery bow. H4 tix-X fs' A Sophs Dominate Table Tennis For the second consecutive year, Connie Suprean won the first place position in table tennis singles. Connie's quick serves and pow- erful slams stunned opponents. With the assistance of Cathy Turner, the two retained their place as tops in table tennis doubles for the second year. left: Table Tennis Doubles-Connie Suprean Cathy Turner. above: Challengers for the tennis table championship get extra workout at the Mother-Daughter Play Night. 115 may V1 mug ,gr ,ur .wfsmwwf x..4. uw.: wx. ,Q W, f .- fn- uwvn, Jn- W p Winning Bowling Team-C. Babin, D. Trocchiano, L. Satterlee, D. Arnold and K. Rigby. ...Slidel What lack Nicklaus is to golf in the U.S., Denise Brockhaus is to bowl- ing at AJ. She rolled the highest game in the history of AJ. bowling intramurals-a 235, having waited to bowl this game in the last week of the 6-week bowling intramurals, Beryl St. Romain's average of 166 filled the high-average spot. After the team scores were totaled, the girls on Cindy Babin's team emerged the victors over their competitors. High Average-Beryl St. Romain l 'I7 Teachers Vie For Title In Al history the spirit between stu- dent and faculty has existed through many activities. One such activity is the Student-Faculty Bas- ketball Game. Competing against the winning basketball intramural team, many teachers exhibited hid- den talents, hidden for obvious reasons. Though an excellent game was played by both sides, the teachers managed to emerge vic- torious in spite of themselves. Teachers get in a good block as Miss Moran spoofs loAnn Morales' attempted play. H8 Winning basketball intramural team: S. Raymond, E. Pearce, 1. Morales, D. Powell, K. Polk, P. Cascio, B. Warren. The game begins with Sallye Raymond and Mrs. Craft battling it out for the first play. ll9 Talent, practice, and excellent coaching produced another state championship softball team for Andrew jackson. For the second consecutive year, this softball team proved its ability to retain the state title. ln regional competition, Al defeated Buras 35 to 0 and Riv- erdale 19 to 2. In the final game, Aj nipped Port Sulphur with the score of 6 to 5. Their firey spirit was not diminished when the games were moved from home territory. At state competition in Sulphur, Aj went on to defeat Monterey 24 to 0, Baker 4 to 1, and Port Sulphur 14 to 3. To have won two state titles was a great accomplishment for coaches Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Walker, and the girls of the softball team. A cry of joy is released as Patty Kingston re- alizes that Al is the regional champ. Aj "Moos" Its State softball team-front row: C. Guillot, P. Kingston, D. Cure, D. Powell, C. Gonzales, 1. Orloppp D. Ory, C. Babin. 2nd row: S. Sephenson, K. Lawrence, S. Raymond, D. lbieta, B. Warren, S. Pierce, manager. N y to State ilsll 1 I 3 fi as Spirit and a sofiball team make a winning combination. 0 Qc 4 , Klint, ,W Env 7 ",, ,iiwru ,, an wa mu. Wa- IM.. .ww Q jubilant teammates rejoice as the winning run scores. "Should I bum, Coach?"-Dianne Powell Freshmen . . . bewilderment, curiosity, . . . Sophomores . middle-child blues, confidence, boredom ...juniors. .. excitement, spirit, anticipation, ...Seniors. .. leadership, responsibility, privileges . . . Faculty and Administration . . concern, innovation, qualities of Aj people. . . memories of Aj people in '72 . . . During the '72-'73 school session, i the St. Bernard Parish School Board did a great job of directing the par- ish schools as it continues in its progress program. Since the parish is conducting such a program that serves as one of the models to the rest of the country, the school board was quite active simply cor- responding with various parties in- terested in its concepts. Another activity of the school board which directly affected An- drew jackson students was their new ruling on the dress code al- lowing students to wear blue de- nim jeans to class. right: school board chairman joseph Davies en- l thusiastically involves himself in the new sys- tem. far right: Allen Tillery, school board presi- dent, diligently engrosses himself in the duties l of his office. School Board Pilots Program School board members: john Laneg William Mistrotg Calvin Callaisp George Schmidtg Victor Qauterivep joseph-Davies, chairmang Allen presidentg George Boosg Frank Fernandezp Robert Torres fnot visible in photojg Leon Perniciaro fnot visible In photojg john Kane. Tillery T:-' Q V.... an 124 w-gc, ww. 'Wi aa" is ?,M I 'Qnsw EJ-W 'wap' Ns.. in-V.. opposite: in the library Miss Elizabeth Zim- mermann, principal, goes over notes for a faculty meeting. above: assistant principal Mrs. Shirley Dagro happily presents awards on Awards Day. Al Heads Diligent Through the never-ending efforts of Miss Elizabeth Zimmermann and Mrs. Shirley Dagro, Aj had a smooth year as the transition to the continuous progress program en- compassed more subjects. Plans were also begun for Miss Zimmer- mann's leave of absence next year during which Mrs. Dagro will serve as principal. Al secretaries added to the efficiency of the office. Secretaries Mrs. Laura Bodden and Mrs. Darlene Exposito prepare to read special announcements. 125 Assistance A Meeting the needs of the large number of Al students required the total efforts of the custodial work- ers and others, such as the librar- ians and counselors ted. note: see page 305. The two librarians, Mrs. Myrtle Clark and Mrs. Erin Frink, found time not only to sort and shelve books, but also to assist stu- dents whenever their help was requested. The cafeteria staff somehow man- aged to supply meals for everyone no matter how unusual the number eating. The custodians did their part in maintaining the school and keeping it looking new. Counselors: Mrs. L. Desselle, Mrs. M. Kimball, Mrs. C. Landry and Miss l. Abadie. Mrs. Weidenhaft offers her assistance at tackling the office workload. . W. -if' K , Q., Q' +A ,I My ,: W 4 . it 'f A i , W. xp' -1- in WJ, V, Iways Available During her off period, Mrs. D in the teacher's lounge. esselle relaxes Permanent substitute, Mrs. Sharon Camp agna checks tickets while on bus duty. 5 iw: Cafeteria workers Seated: QL to RJ A. Paganog B. Solis: D. Ruppel. Standing: N.McCIelIar1dp 1 Mussop M. Chanove. QNot pictured: Mrs. Moonj , t 5. i . " Q 5 5 i ' LQ . . .,... , . .... ,PI Q ! in .- 'Q 1 ' -.Q - --5, M. V Q v 5. if B W3 - lfaii 5 "fi . is above: Mr. Mouton starts unpacking his daily load of potato chips. top left: In order to preserve the quiet, Mrs. Frink searches for the noise-makers in the library. fnot pic- tured: Mrs. Clarky 127 Mft, P.E. teachers: Miss C. Morganp Mrs. K. lirovecp Mrs, E. Walker and Mrs. R. Scott. I O Variety Uffered in P. E. Mrs. Walker happily receives her gift from the Seniors on Awards Day. The P,E, Teachers not only had to P.E. teachers: Miss L. Newchurch: Miss S. Kellyp Miss M. Dubucg Miss D. Waltherg Mrs. M. Carr. be sure of the rules and regulations of the numerous sports offered this year, but also had to find time to officiate at intramurals. Through the efforts of P.E. teachers Al was also successful in state rally vol- leyball and softball competition. 128 The Fine Arts Departments were utilized in numerous extra-curricu- lar activities. Art teacher Miss Land- rum assisted in making decorations for the junior and Senior Proms. The art classes helped in this and also in making decorations for the various school concerts. Music teacher, Miss Lynn Celpi, was as- sisted this year by numerous vis- iting band directors and music stu- dents from Loyola. Miss Celpi organized and directed Aj's first stage band along with organizing the talent show and directing all of the school concerts. She also planned the parish tours of the chorus and the trips of the band and chorus to various festivals. Miss Celpi will be back in school this summer working on her doctorate. Music, Art Useful Miss Lynn Gelpi Music Teacher seriously conducts and happily relaxes. 129 Foreign language teachers involved themselves with the students by making their subjects simpler through practical application of the languages. This was done through practice of everyday dialogue and use of the language while cooking native dishes. The business department took on the task of teaching clerical skills to the more than 1200 girls enrolled in their classes. With a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals necessary to be a good stenogra- pher, typist or other office worker, these teachers were fully capable of meeting this responsibility. Foreign language Teachers-Miss P. Ullrich and Mrs. B. Garcia. fnot pictured-Mrs. E Laws. l Teachers Meet Responsibilities Business Teachers-front row: Mrs. S. Hallg MlssG Robson Mrs C Roy back row Mrs C Smith M1ssS McNaughton Mr N McKay Mrs M Franciquesg Mrs. D. Richardsonp Miss C. Stoll Mrs B Trumbaturi Qnot pictured Mrs C Tlsdale Mrs L Hymelj 130 Mrs, Glover, perhaps the best known math teacher in the school, sticks to the subject through the entire period. Math Teachers-Miss G. Cooley, Mr. S. Long, Miss C. Francis, Miss l. deBrueysg Mr. K. Roberts, Mrs. P. Cox, Mrs. R. Glover, Mrs. C. Mura. tnot pictured: Miss B. Burton, Mr. E. Kelly.j "Try to Understand . . . " Probably the hardest-to-grasp sub- ject for many students was math- ematics. This, however, did not faze the math teachers who fear- lessly took on classrooms of puz- zled faces and even more puzzling questions. Through the year they managed to explain away all doubts and enable students to un- derstand concepts of which they'd never dreamed. Miss Middleton, Mrs. Laborde and Mr. Roberts entertain at the Christmas Assembly. l3l Miss Heaton leads the crowd's cheers at the student-faculty volleyball game. Fellow graduates of AI's class of '67, now members ofthe AJ. faculty, entertain the student body during the Christmas skits. , . , rx S. S. Teachers Actively Participat Social Studies Teachers: QL to Rl Miss S. Connellg Mr. H. Smithg Mr. R, Arceneauxg Miss S. Fourqureang Miss D. Crespo. his ...wa-ff""M 5' ag W . a' ts. Evil I n School Functions Mr. Smith, Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Arcenaux think their last "workday" at school is great! A fi-. Social Studies Teachers-tback to frontj Miss C. Godwin, Miss P. Heatong Mrs. R. Boudreauxg Mrs. A. Weidenhaft freplacing Mr. C. Beardig Mrs. C. Abercrombie. The Social Studies Department was an involved group. Besides singing for the Christmas skit, Misses Con- nell and Heaton led cheers at the Student-Faculty games. Mr. Arce- neux starred in the Christmas skit and also went with a group of Aj students to Europe the previous summer. Mrs. Abercrombie spon- sored the junior Prom and assisted students working in the Treen Campaign. Mr. Smith, besides offi- ciating at the student-faculty games, directed the junior one-act play and, along with Miss Crespo, led the Seminar classes this year. Miss Godwin was sponsor of the Civics Club whose members as- sisted at the Social Studies Fair, or- ganized and directed by the entire department. 133 English teacher Ed Sherrill tells Santa what he wants for Christmas in the faculty skit. English Teachers Innovate This year more than any other, the English teachers worked closely to- gether especially on the continuous progress program. Always on the look-out for new and creative ways to get their points across, the Eng- lish teachers employed much vari- ety in their methods. In order to gain money to buy department materials, the teachers all worked at the "Bookrack" during their lunch periods. In the new program for their third year, these teachers have worked extremely hard for its success. English teachers: sitting, Mrs. C. jones, Mrs. M Kemp, Miss D. Schroeder. standing, Mrs. C. leandrong Mrs. B. Poplin Qleaning forwardj Mrs. 1. Cuillotp Mrs. K. Lagardeg Mrs. S. Nor- sworthy fkneelingjg Mrs. 1. lngargiola, Mrs. C. Nobileg Miss K. Middleton, Mrs. M. Carevich Mrs. B. Egedy. 134 -.Kyiv Q C 'ri i gd I K if :,. i, W uv l i n f, .::, kd-:W up I . l if S z.. at + . . gk as ... ,Q fab m :S X. .1 .. .W Hs 1- R. w L. . . - 5. fe.: . . ,V f 1 :ig rw .-. Ziggy . . At 5 ... 2 'li gir 2 " ' L' it , K . v--: Science Teachers: Mrs. G. Arcement, Miss K. Cazaubon, Mrs. T. Foret, Mrs. L. Kelty, Mrs. P. Mayfield Mrs. C. Nunez. Home Economics Teachers: Mrs. C. Craft, Mrs. 1. Laing, Mrs. M. johnson, Mrs. P. Williams. Not pictured with departments Mr. C. Beard Miss B. Burton Mrs. M. Clark 4Mrs. L. Hymel Mr. E. Kelly Mr. E. Sherrill Mrs. C. Tisdale Science and Home Ec. Stress Practicality Through the efforts of the science and home economics teachers, students were given valuable knowledge. These teachers tried their best to give students practical knowledge as well as intricate ex- planations of various phenomena. ln order to make their subjects eas- the faculty banquet, science teacher jerry ' Bohannan helps himself to goodies. ier, they made a point of relating their subjects to the student's world. Thus Chemistry taught of distilling whiskey and sewing ex- plained the proper way to fit a hal- ter. Lessons taught by these teach- ers will surely be remembered for many years. 135 O ,lar :li 1-in: . ' . J - Q. .i gm- f 5 f is ,M f TG x ' S Q 4" 'S' QE QX sl .qs Se fu gk 2 ,J-2 v,.f . f .. R S , A . ..:: M .wg ,mv-::s!:,-s ei ' x 3? S . if l K i 4 f - Z ' 5 vf?1"'?E?:t2gbWi9??1i'i i5.493Ii:iF:iH:5:?gdh rtsyezi. 4 I - mf ffsitsafwf f - - r B Q. i S , x.., 1. .L :jg -4 l l l 1 l l si il t 'div' Ayear. . .1972. .. beginning-September 1 . Senior Stairs . . . October 1-Ring Day . . October 29-Initiation . . Powder Puff . . . january Grads . . . One-Act Plays . . .Senior Banquet Senior Banquet . . . Senior Play . . . "Our Miss Brooks" . . announcements . . seniorities . . . May 12-last day . . May 13-Prom . . . Civic Auditorium . . practice. . . Awards Day . . . May 30-ending of one . . beginning of another center: The Senior Play, "Our Miss Brooks," tells of a teacher's problems in the 1950's. left: D. Rider, I. Fitch and K. Polk portray "Munchkins" at Frosh Initiation. above: Of- ficers-G. Bond, treas.p D. Trocchiano, V.P.g A. Bouchoux, pres.g and B. St. Romain, sec. 137 ABDO, SHIRLEY-Business College. ACOSTA, CHERYL-Businessp Band. ADAMS, PAM-Homemakingp Newspaper Staff. ADDOTTO, RITA-Theatrical Schoolp Bandg Drama Clubg Intramurals. ALEXANDER, IOANN-Businessp Bandp Civic Club. ALEXIS, CHERYL-College: Stu- dent Council Alternateg Drill Squadp Math Clubp Yearbook Staffg Beta Club. ALFONSO, BETTY-Business Collegeg F.H.A. ALMARIO, NATALIA-Homemakingg Library Clubg Red Cross Clubp junior Achievement. ALPHONSO, DEBORAH-Businessg Drill Squadg Intramurals. AMATO, KAREN-Busi- nessp French Club. AMREIN, LAURA-Busi- nessg French Clubp F.B.L.A. ANDEN, AR- LENE-Business College. AQUILO, MARY LOU-Business Collegeg Distributive Education Clubg Civics Club. ARNOLD, DEBBIE-Businessp Intramurals. ARSENAUX, DIANNE-Businessp French Clubp F.H.A. AUGUSTIN, CAROL-Home- makingg Beta Clubp DE Club. 138 Witches Swarm Around I "iwH!v-- .. - sr s is 5 I my' I Seniors on Initiation Day I Q yt ?,,.fg,.,,. .1 'Nt 'F I .l2i4ifx,:zffetfgiiims'. . H3?ii'iifEi'i,5ffi5iHlli'2',, 5' I ...LW - iff , f,-5. Q N A-faux. . ,-mms , S ,"""'Q"9m'v .7 --nm.iL,a: -. L. ..,,.- ,,,h 1 . ., L W. garb- f , -ff in 1- - 4' .-,V 5 I Lx y l is L. - li? 7 S . V i"'lmf iiisf , :xg 1,,i . A Q .Q v .fe ai -x is L t K 1 sf 5 jx . ..., , ' Y --1 .af F53-?!:!,5,zrtg',c mf - 'V ' ft BAIAMONTE, CAROL-College, Science Club, French Club, Civics Club, Spirit Boost- ers. BARNES, DEBRA-College, Y.F.C. Club, Chorus. BEARD, BRENDA-Business, C.O.E., F.B.L.A. BELL, DEBRA-Business, G.A.A., Yearbook Staff. BERSUDER, CINDY-Business, Class Of- ficer, Library Club, Intramurals, Chorus. BES- SON, FRAN-College, Student Council, Drill Squad, French Club. BICKFORD, ROSE- MARY-College, Science Club, Latin Club, F.B.L.A. Club, Red Cross Club. BILLEDEAU: NORMA-Business, Chorus. BIVONA, CHARLENE-College, Performing Chorus, Red Cross Club. BLACKSTONE, LY- NEITE-College, Chorus, Stageband, Library Club, Glee Club. BOASSO, CAROL-Col- lege, Yearbook, Newspaper, Student Coun- cil, Drama Club, Class Officer. BOND, ELIZABETH-Business, Cheerleader, F.B.L.A., Vice-President, Student Council. BOPP, BELINDA-Business, Newspaper Staff, Powder Puff, G.A.A. BORNE, VICKI- College, Beta Club, Math Club, French Club, Civics Club, D. E. Club. BOUAN- CHAUD, KAREN-Homemaking, Powder Puff, F.B.L.A. Club. BOUCHOUX, ANNA- Art School, Senior Class, President, G.A.A., Student Council, Louisiana Girl's State. 139 BOULLION, SHEILA-College, Band, G.A.A.g Intramurals. BOURLIEA, DEBO- RAH-College, Performing Chorus, junior Achievement. BOUSHIE, SUZANNE-CoI- lege, Yearbook Staff, Drill Squad, Beta Club, Drama Club, French Club. BOZANT, IO EL- LEN-College, Band, Captain, Powder Puffy C.A.A. BREAUD, CHERYL-College, Drama Club, Senior Play, French Club. BREAUX, IANET- Collegeg F.B.L.A., Drama Club, Intramurals, junior Achievement. BRITENBACH, CARO- LYN-Business, junior Achievement. BROADBRIDGE, GLENDA-Business: G.A.A.g Drill Squad, Performing Chorus, junior Achievementg President, Powder Puff. BROCKHAUS, DENISE-College. BROGGI, jUDY-College, junior Achievement. BROS- SEITE, PAULA-Business, F.N.A.g F.B.L.A. BROUILLETTE, IEANNE-College, Per- forming Bandp Art Guild, Stage Band, F.B.L.A. BROWN, AUDREY-Homemakingg Chorus Distributive Education, Intramurals BROWN, PAT-College, Chorus. BRYANT, NANCN-Homecoming. BRYANT, ROBIN- Business, F.B.L.A. 140 Seniors Support New -as vt 1 ., 6 sk si 5s T ff' stir WWW dvanced Seminar Classes we NT . . 5 f U .. " " WSE ' , lf7L55?g?i'59z fejfyi 25.2 ...J ilaitfijifzgz- f,,-fm. . X I, ma , ,.aii,-,,-s,.W- . tvsmsvsff , -ji!! ,' , ss? fiiqii5Yl'i.i" at '11-211555225 l my 72f""""'t ' -ar e -' f1i',es3,r . . . r I it I f . rf? I .1 , ..s, I 1 ,Q L. 5 Q 'X .aj X. BUCKEL, SHARON-Collegeg Yearbook Staffp F.B.L.A.g Art Club. BULL, HELENA- College, French Club, Presidentp Charmersg Student Council, Beta Club, BURAS, BRENDA-Collegep Yearbook, Drama Club, Vice Presidentg French Club, Secretaryp Beta Club, BURAS, IULIE-College, Chorusg Intramurals. BURGNER, DEBRA-College, Bandg Little Colonelsg Library Club. BUUCK, INGRID- College Drill Squad, French Clubp G.A.A., Powder Puff, Spirit Boosters. BYRNES, IUDY-Collegeg F.N.A.g junior Achievement, Secretary. CAMHOUT, PAMELA-Collegeg State Rally Softball, C.O.E.g G.A.A.p Intramurals. CARDERARA, EDMAY-Business. CAR- MOUCHE, DANIELLE-College, Performing Chorus. CASCIO, PAMELA-State Rally Vol- leyball, Powder Puff, G.A.A.p Officials, ln- tramurals. CASERTA, ROSLYN-Business, Chorus, Band, Library Club, 4-H, Y.F.C. CASTILLO, LUANE-Collegep Band, junior Achievement, Newspaperp Red Cross, Magazine. CATTON, LISA-College, Student Council Alternate, Best actress awardg Drama Clubg CAA. CAZALOT, SANDRA- Businessg Library Club, Intramurals. CAZAU- BON, IOYCE-Collegeg Drill Squadp Lieuten- ant, F.H.A.g Civics Club, Y.F.C. HI CELINO, MILENE-Businessg F.N.A.g In- tramurals. CHACHATI, ERETTA-Businessp F.B.L.A. Clubp Typing Ig Rally Awardg Clerical Practiceg Rally Alternate. CHAMPAGNE, SHARON-Businessg F.B.L.A. Clubp Drama Club. CHAPPELL, CINDY-Businessg Chorusp Library Club. CHAUSSY, PAITY-Businessp Intramurals. CHAUSSY, PEGGY-Collegeg Intramurals. CHILDRESS, SANDRA-Businessg Student Councilg C.O.E.g Beta Clubp F.H.A. Club. CHOINA, DONNA-Business. CHOINA, IULIE-Homemaking. CHOINA, ROBIN-Businessg CHRISTIANSEN, ALICE- Collegep Beta Clubg Cheerleaderg Student Councilg C.A.A.p F.N.A. CLEMENT, CATHY- Collegeg Iunior Achievement, Presidentg F.B.L.A.: Spirit Boostersg Intramurals. COCO, IUANITA-Businessg French Clubg Drama Club, Treasurerg Performing Chorusp Ensemble-Vocal. COLES, PATRICIA- F.B.L.A., Presidentp Student Councilg French Clubg Senior Playg Intramurals. COLLISON, SUSAN-Collegeg Student Councilp Equa- tions Leagueg Math Clubg Forensic League, Secretary-Treasurerg Drama Club, President. COLOMBO, IOSEPHINE-Businessp Home- room Alternate. I42 AJ. Graduates Experience ye ty ..... ew Rules and Regulations Quw"'f .-gp.. "' i COSTANZA, IACQUELINE-Business, DECA. COURVILLE, POLLIE-Business, Y.F.C. COUVILLON, SANDRA-Business, D.E. Club, F.H.A., Intramurals. COX, BRENDA-Business, F.N.A., F.B.L.A., Y.F.C. COX, SANDRA-College, F.B.L.A., junior Achievement, Drama Club, Yearbook, Newspaper. CRUMHORN, CONNIE-Col- lege, F.B.L.A. CUCCHERO, LISA-Business, Drill Squad, Beta Club, Math Club. CUEVAS, SHEILA-College, Band, F.N.A., Yearbook Alternate, Volleyball Intramurals, Perfect Attendance. CUSIC, CORA-Homemaking, Y.F.C., F.B.L.A. DAROCA, MARY-College, Band, F.N.A., Intramurals. DAUTERIVE, CINDY- Business. DAVID, CATHY-Business. DAVIS, KAREN-Business, Drill Squad, F.N.A. DEAR, SHERRON-Business, C.O.E., Treasurer, Alternate for Student Council. DECKER, IANICE-Business, Beta Club, C.O.E., French Club, junior Achievement. DEEREY, LYNNE-College. 143 DEFFES, PATSY-Collegep G.A.A.g In- tramuralsg Powder Puff Footballg Library Clubg Y.F.C. DEIMEL, IUDITH-Businessg F.B.L.A.g Library Club. DELGADO, DE- LORES--Businessg junior Achievement. DE- VANY, KATHLEEN-Collegeg F.T.A,, Presi- dentg G.A.A.g Beta Clubg Math Club. DICHIARA, DEBBIE-Businessp Drama Clubp F.B.L.A. DIGIOVANNI, jUDY-Collegeg F.N.A.p junior Achievementg Library Club. DIRMANN, jUDY-Collegeg Drill Squadp jackson journalp Beta Clubg Math Club. DOMINGO, SHARON-Businessg Library Clubg Youth Safety Council. DOMINICI, DAWN-Collegeg junior Achievementg French Clubg Debate and Public Speaking Clubp Spirit Boostersg In- tramurals. DOMINICK, PAT-Businessg Col- Iegeg Youth for Christ. DONNELLY, DE- NISE-Businessg Debate and Public Speakingg Spirit Boostersg junior Achieve- mentg Intramurals. DORMAN, STEPHANIE- Businessg Chorusg F.B.L.A. DUBOS, KAREN-Businessp F.B.L.A.g ln- tramurals. DUCKWORTH, LINDA-Collegeg Student Councilg Treasurerp Performing Chorusg Drama Club. DUNHAM PEGGY- Collegeg Spirit Boostersg Y.F.C.p Performing Chorusg Beta Clubp Youth Safety Council. DUPONT, DEBORAH-Businessg Band. 144 Seniors Participate in Mani K it tg sssr to -fr Y .. ,Q QS? . wage- .s 127. . -wa, 'fr ' .... . wifi - .sm A Agsilgsias ,tr . -- . A S Service Clubs and Activities -:,. f-we "' jun... 5 its if 3 , .Iwig I QP' , S g gt . -1. ,e,e.i,i . DURIO, COLETTE-Collegeg junior Achievementg French Clubg Chorusp Spirit Boosters. DUVIEILH, DEBRA-Business. EDGECOMBE, IULIE-Businessg F.N.A.5 French Club. EDWARDS, ELAINE-Businessg F.T.A.g Distributive Education. ESTEVES, CHERYL-Collegeg Key club, Sweetheartp Sophomore and junior Class Officerp Student Councilp Beta Clubg FAL- GOUT, MARY-Businessg Bandg C.O.E. FAULSTICH, ARLENE-Collegep French Clubp Math Clubp Beta Clubg junior Achieve- ment. FAULSTICH, DARLENE-Collegep French Clubg Math Clubg Beta Clubg lunior Achievement. FAUST, DEBBY-Businessg Bandg ln- tramurals. FAUST, SUSAN-Businessg C.O.E.g Art Club. FEZEKAS, BARBARA-Businessg Red Cross Clubp lntramuralsg F,B.L.A. FITCH, IUDY-Collegeg Drill Squad, Captainp Stu- dent Councilg Red Crossg Intramurals. FLEETWOOD, PAMELA-Businessp Band. FLEMING, THERESA-College. FLEURI- CHAMP, BRENDA-Businessg Beta Clubg French Clubg Intramurals. FONTENOT, IUDY-Collegeg Beta Clubg G.A.A.g French Clubg Youth for Christ Clubg F.N.A. 145 FONTENOT, GLENDA-Business. FORD, MONICA-Collegep Yearbook Staffg F.B.L.A.: Newspaper Staffg F.H.A.p French Club. FOS, KAREN-Businessp C.O.E.g Band. FOS, SUSAN-Collegep Performing Chorus, F.N.A.p Intramurals. FRADELLA, ELIZABETH-Nursing Schoolg Drill Squad, Beta Clubg Intramuralsg French Club. FREEMAN, GLORIA-College, Band. FRIED, RHONDA-Collegeg Student Coun- cilp G.A.Ap F.H.A.g D.E.C.A.g Powder Puff. FROSINA, CAROL-College, F.B.L.A.p Drama Clubg Intramurals. FUSELIER, EVELYN-Collegep Performing Chorus. GABRIEL, CANDY-Collegep Red Cross, F.B.L.A. GARITTY, DEBBA-Collegeg Beta Club, Math Clubp Drill Squadp FHA, In- tramurals. GAURINE, TOMMIE-College, Drill Squadp Red Crossp Intramuralsg FHA. GEBBIA, DIANE-Businessp Future Nurses Clubg Science Clubp Intramurals. GENER- OSE, PAULETTE-Business. GENOVA, GAIL-Homemaking. GERVAIS, PAT-C0l- Iegep Band, GAAp Intramurals. 146 Sixt -four Senior fp --...QW GEX, IANET-Beauty School, FBLA. GIGLIO, BLANCHE-Business. GIGLIO, DONNA- Businessp FBLA. GLEASON, GAY-Business, Intramurals. GONZALES, BRENDA-Homemakingg Red Cross, Drill Squadg Performing Chorusg GONZALES, IOANN-Business College, FBLA. GONZALES, SUSAN-Business, Dis- tributive Education. GONZALEZ, MAR- LENE-Business, Future Nurses Club, junior Achievement, Distributive Education, GORDY, NANCY-College, FBLA, FTAg Drill Squad, Drama Club, Performing Chorus. GOWLAND, IEAN-College, Latin Clubg Charmersg Math Club, Beta Club, GAA. GRAY, KATHY-Business, F.B.L.A.g F.N.A.p F.T.A. GREEN, UNEETA-Business. GROH, KAREN-Business, F.B.L.A., Treas- urer. GROSS, LYNDA-College, Drill Squad, Senior Play, Intramurals, GUEPET, SHA- RON-Business. GUILLOT, LORNA- College. I47 GUTIERREZ, BARBARA-Business. HANO, TRUDY-Businessg Drama Clubg Spirit Boosters. HANSEN, ROSELYN-Business. HARDY, SHARON-Businessg Chorus. HARTMAN, PATRICIA-Businessg G.A.A.p Charmersg Intramurals, HAUCK, DEBRA- Business. HEBERT, CECILE-Collegeg Band. HEINSZ, BEVERLY-Homemakingg Spirit Boostersg F.H.A.g F.N.A. HEINTZ, PAMELA-Businessp Chorusg junior Achievement. HELMERS, ANNA-Businessg Y.F.C. HEI.SCHER, ELAINE-Collegeg Beta Clubg Math Clubg Student Councilg Cheer- leaderg F.N.A. HENDERSON, PATTY-Busi- nessg Drill Squad. HENDERSON, WANDA-Businessg Band. HENDRICKS, GAIL-Collegep Beta Clubg Math Clubg Yearbook Staff. HENTZE, DEB- BIE-Collegeg Latin Clubg Math Clubp Beta Club. HENTZE, KIM-Businessg F.B.L.A. Clubg Student Councilg Beta Clubg Safety Council. 148 Seniors Realize Teachers Problem in "Our Miss Brooks" eszfris r ' ' as--zf. Q5-:af 1 ss'sss Q9 y- l A HICKMAN, LINDA-Business, F.H.A. HINGLE, DIANA-College, Drama Club, Science Club, Little Colonels. HOLLAND, CONNIE-Business. HOOD, MYRA-Col- lege, Charmers, Student Council Alternate, Youth Safety Club, Newspaper, Drama Club. HORN, CINDY-College, G.A.A., Latin Club, Beta Club, District Rally. HORNER, MEIANIE-College, Drama Club, Drama Plays. HOWARD, MARY-Business, Per- forming Chorus, junior Achievement. HU- BER, MARY-College, Drama Play, Drama Club, Performing Chorus, Library Club, French Club, Little Colonels. HUESCHEN, DIANE-Business, Drill Squad, Library Club, Intramurals, Talent Show. jA- COB, IEAN-Business, G.A.A. IARREL, ERA- Business, C.O.E., F.B.L.A. Club. IENKINS, IOANNE-Business. IOHNSON, MARY-College, Drill Squad, Intramurals, Talent Show. IOHNSON, NANCY-Business, Drill Squad, French Club, Senior Prophecy, junior Prom, Drama Club. IOHNSTON, YOLANDIE-Business. IONES, CYNTHIA-Business, Student Coun- cil, Beta Club, Performing Chorus, junior Achievement. 149 IONES, KATHY-College, Band, Co Captain, F.N.A., G.A.A., Powder Puff, lntramurals. IONES, RHONDA-College, Band, Beta Club, Math Club, F.H.A., Library Club. IU- LIAN, KAREN-College, Yearbook Staff, Drama Club, French Club, Student Director Senior Play, Senior Prophecy. KASTNER, MELANIE-College, Beta Club, Math Club, junior Achievement, Personnel Director, French Club. KAUL, YVONNE-College, Distributive Edu- cation, G.A.A., Intramurals, Spirit Boosters, junior Achievement. KEHTEL, DEBBIE-Busi- ness, Chorus. KELLY, SANDRA-Business, F.T,A., C.O.E. KESSLER, PAM-College, Sen- ior Play, Senior Prophecy, Drama Club, Powder Puff Football, Newspaper Staff. KIMBLE, TOMMYE-Business, Performing Chorus, junior Achievement, Youth Safety Council, Intramurals, Spirit Boosters, KNAUER, PAM-Business. KNOWER, SHELLY-College, Drill Squad, Student Council Alternate, junior Achievement, In- tramurals, Perfect Attendance. LAE, SU- SAN-Business, Beta Club, Treasurer, F.B.L.A., Student Council, junior Achieve- ment, Assistant Treasurer, Senior Prophecy. LEFAYE, SUE-Business, Chorus, Intramurals. LAFITTE, IUDITH-College, Drama Club, F.H.A. LAGRAIZE, CHRISSY-Business, G.A.A. LALOR, LAURA-College, F.B.L.A. l50 Grads Hear Propheci A P W . W atrial' t I K V, km i K K t V, . . i- :jg i l 'ygggslf' it Romper Room Banquet LANASA, ANTONIA-College, Drill Squad, Chorusg G.A.A.7 Chorus Ensemble, F.H.A. LANDREAUX, KAREN-Business, Red Cross Club. LANDRUM, CATHY-Business, Per- forming Chorus. LANDRY, YVETTE-Busi- ness, Latin Club, Civics Club, F.N.A. LANGE, PAULA-College, Drill Squadg Stu- dent Council, Latin Club. LAPEYROUSE, LO- RALIE-Business, Intramurals, F.B.L.A. LA- ROCCA, CYNTHIA-Business, F.B.L.A. LAUGA, VIKKI-Collegeg Latin Club, French Club, Charmers. LAWRENCE, KATHY-College, Yearbook Editorial Staff, Managing Editor, Student Council, C.A.A.p Officials, State Rally Soft- ball. LEBLANC, ELAINE-Business, Per- forming Chorus. LEGNON, KARLYN-Busi- ness. LINDHEIM, CLAUDIA-Business, Drama Club. LINDSEY, GWENDOLYN-College, F.H.A. LINKER, DEANNA-Business, Performing Chorus. LINSMIER, KATHY-College, Drill Squad, Civics Club, Vice-President, Spirit Boosters. LIVACCARI, MARY-College, Safety Club. 'l5'l LOHR, BRENDA-Businessg Student Coun- cilp Intramurals. LOTTINGER, lOAN-Col- lege. LUBRANO, GINA-Businessp C,O.E.5 F.B.L.A.g lntramuralsp F.H.A.p F.N.A. LUCAS, MARY-Collegeg Y.F.C. LUGENBUHL, WENONAH-Businessg Char- mers, Sr. Captainp Homecoming Court, Sen- ior Maid. LUSCY, DEBRA-Businessg Drill Squadg F.T.A.g lntramuralsg F.B.L.A.p Drama Club. MAGEE, DAISY-Businessg Drill Squadg Glee Clubp Distributive Education Clubs of America. MALDONADO, ELAINE-Business. MAPES, BILLIE IEAN-Businessp Performing Chorus, F.H.A.p Intramuralsg Newspaper Club. MARKEY, DENISE-Homemaking. MARTEL, DEBBIE-Collegeg F.B.L.A. MAR- TIN, KAREN-Collegep G.A.A. MASSON, CONNIE-College, Newspaper, Editor in chiefg French Club. MAUREAUX, BETTY-Collegep Student Councilp G.A.Ap Powder Puff, Officials Club, State Rally Vol- leyball. MAYEAUX, SUSAN-Collegeg Youth for Christp Spirit Boosters, Basketball Cheer- ing Squad. MAYEUR, RAY ANN-Businessg Fqure Nursesg Dramag F.B.L.A.g Drill Squad. 152 Prom "Reflects" Good Time' 'T' N-.0 . 1 is asm All 1'3- f if L lll 221 Seniors Have Had Together . f"3I:'E3i,e' ' ,+r54:f,E9i:f6'1LiV?YLf?U . eiififsiifiv w g lfiitlii ,- I -3. .jliiiiiidfii . I 2 -53m-547 5311. , ,saszzfw ig.. ..g.rxi?.'-,g H Hi- . .V Y l r 5 . Qin fi i MAYEUX, LINDA-Business, Drill Squadg French Club, Intramurals. MCCALLA, KA- REN-College, Library Club, French Club, MCDANIEI., PATTY-College, F.B.L.A. MCDOUGALL, DEBRA-College, Mu Alpha Theta, Drill Squad, District Rally, Yearbook Staff, Senior Prophecy. MCHUGH, PEGGY-Collegeg Drill Squad. MCKELVY, FAYE-Business, Performing Chorus. MCKEOUGH, PEGGY-Business, Drill Squad, Senior Prophecy, District Rally for Home Ecg F.B.L.A. MCVILLE, TERRY- College, Student Council, Senior Prophecy, State Rally Vollyball Team, Red Cross, Drama. METZLER, LYNN-Business, F.T.A., Treas- urerg F.H.A., Glee Club, Editorial Staff Year- book. MICKLES NANCY-Business, Dis- tributive Education Clubs of America, junior Achievement. MILLER, PAMELA-Business, F.B.L.A.g Art Club, C.O.E. MOGEL, LINDA- College. MOLERO, SUSAN-Business, French Club, Drill Squad. MONTALBANO, MELANIE- College, Cheerleader, Drama Club, Drama Plays, Chorus, Spirit Boosters, Sgt. at Arms. MONTZ, CINDY-College, Drill Squad, Lt., Intramurals, Band, Girl of the Month. MO- RALES, IOANN-College, Intramurals, G.A.A.g Powder Puff. 153 MORALES, LAURIE-Business, Band, News- paper, Debate, Drama, Library Club. MOR- VANT, ROBYN-Business, Drama Club, Plays, Debate. MOSS, KATHY-College, Beta Club, Drama Club, French Club, Li- brary Club. MULLET, CINDY-Business' Chorus. f MUNCH, MELODY-College, Student Council, F.H.A.g Spirit Boosters. NAGLE, FLO-Business. NASSAR, ELIZABETH-COL lege, Math Club, Future Homemakers of America, Spirit Boosters. NASTASI, PHYLLIS-Business, Drill Squad, Student Council, F.H.A., Presidentg Beta Club, French Club. NELSON, BETH-Business, Drill Squad, Spirit Boosters. NELSON, WANDA-Col- legeg Student Council, Red Cross, G.A.A.g F.B.L.A. Nl:TI'LES, DARLENE-College, Li- brary Club, Drama Club, F.B.L.A. Club, C.O.E. NEYREY, KIM-Homemaking. NICHOLS, SHARON-Business, Drill Squad, Yearbook Staff, F.B.L.A, Club, French Club. NYE, CHARMAINE-Homemakingg Chorus, F.H.A.g French Club. OALMANN, LINDA- Business, Beta Club. OALMANN, SHA- RON-Business. 154 Surprised Faces Aboun 4. . Y . -mu'-" K QQ F ' - .i-"..'1i?5S'5K15??53 :f ' fsffissgsggsstt-2-gm W4 A nw.. .. . -,w1, .-. - .-,we tt Senior Honors Banquet - f f , t-,..mtfkwpQ,w- :U ,yy agus. 1, 7 - , k 1.ijggiegsggeglgafgsw?fgi,sz',:- lr:-lv F - K 3 - Stl . . 1 '41 M- Z we . ff Z ' 1 si rs if t- , x i f- Qsglggw t gi Q . K I l F? as me 1 'len- O'FLYNN, DEBBIE-Collegep Charmersg French Clubp F.B.L.A. Clubg F.H.A. Club. ORY, KATHY-Beauty Schoolp F.B.L.A.g ln- tramuralsg G.A.A.p Drama Clubg Civics Club. PALAZZOLO, SUSAN-Businessp Red Cross Club, Vice-Presidentg Future Nurses Club. PALMISANO, KAREN-Businessg Future Nursesp Drill Squad. PAPANIA, CAROL-Businessg F,B.L.A. Clubp Initiation. PARK, PAMELA-Businessp Chorus. PEARCE, ELLEN-Collegep G.A.A.g Beta Clubg F.H.A., Intramurals. PEEL, DEBBY-Businessp Civics Clubg Intramuralsg Initiation. PELITERE, DIANE-Businessg Charmersg French Clubg Intramurals. PEPPER, FRAN- Collegep G.A.Ag Intramuralsg junior Achieve- mentp Interactg Talent Show. PEREIRA, SHA- RON-Collegeg Drill Squadg Powder Puffy F.B.L.A. Clubg F.N.A.p Red Cross Club. PEREZ, FRANCES-Beauty Collegeg F.H.A. Clubg Distributive Education Club. PEREZ, SABRINA-Collegep G.A.A,g In- tramuralsg Future Nursesg Powder Puff. PER- NICIARO, ELAINE-Collegep Band: junior Achievementg Initiation. PETERSON, DIANE-Businessg junior Achievement. PETIT, CHRISTINE-Collegeg Intramuralsg Drill Squad. 155 PIPES, BARBARA-College, Red Cross Club, F.B.L.A. Club, junior Achievement, ln- itiation. PLAUCHE, PAULA-College, Drill Squad, junior Achievement, Vice-President. POLK, KAREN-College, G.A.A., Historian, State Rally, Volleyball, Powder Puff Football, Intramurals. POLO, CHRISTY-College, In- tramurals, junior Achievement, Initiation. POLO, DEBORAH-College, Intramurals, junior Achievement. PONSETI, DENISE- Homemaking. PONTIFF, LOUISE-Buisness, Spirit Boosters, C.O.E., junior Achievement, Initiation. POWELL, DIANNE-College, G.A.A., intramural Officials, Student Council Alternate, State Rally Softball. PRINE, DEBBIE-College, Y.F.C., junior Achievement, G.A.A., Methodist Youth Fel- lowship. PROVENZANO, ETHEL-College, Y.F.C., President. PROVETERE, PEGGY- Business, Drama Plays, jackson journal, In- itiation. PUGLIA, PHYLLIS-College, Beta Club, Intramurals, French Club. PUISSEGUR, jUDY-Homemaking, D.E. PULLEN, VICKI-College, Y.F.C. QUARTA- RARO, TONI-Business, G.A.A., In- tramurals, junior Achievement, Charmers. QUICK, KATHY-Business, D.E., Majorettes. 156 wards Da of '72 Evoke Zilfll wil? lest, . 7: - at -1 413 -, ww vgw eniors' Mixed Emotions ' ,qu53:--,,'5g:'j5:.-E,.:,." ldv? f - -M , 1.-.... my I , f 5 is W 1 r we 59 ML, Q , ,H 5 I ,I X r ., Zig J f i .Q W s 'Q . Q. s it W as 551. . , 2 ,M 9 X f T . 1' I I . I 2. I R Q W, RAIMER, MARY ANN-Business, ln- tramurals. RAMIREZ, PAMELA-Homemak- ing, Chorus. RAYMOND, SALLYE-College, C.A.A., Secretary-Treasurer, State Rally Soft- ball, Powder Puff, Intramurals. REED, SANDY-Homemakingg F,B.L.A. Club, Per- forming Chorusg G.A.A. REESON, BARBARA-Business, Faculty-Stu- dent Games, Chorus. REILLY, lOANN-Busi- ness, Drill Squad, F.B.L.A. Club, Most out- standing drill squad member, Annual Titles. RICARD, BRENDA-Business, Intramurals, State Rally Volley Ball, Senior Prophecy, Drill Squad, French Club. RICKERSON, THERESA-Business, Chorus, Initiation. RIDER, DEBBIE-Business, Student Council, Senior One-Act Play, Drill Squad. RIZ- ZUTO, MARIANNE-Beauty College, Chorus, concerts. Rosfizrs, CYNTHIA- College. ROBICHEAUX, DENISE-College, Little Colonelsg G.A.A.p Latin Club, Beta Club, Science Club. ROGERS, KATHY-Collegeg Intramurals ROME, ADRIENNE-Business, Chorus RONIGER, SISSY-Business, Chorus. RO- SALES, CI NTA-College, lou rnalism. 157 ROY, TERREL-Collegeg Beta Clubg Math Clubg Yearbook Staffg Civics Clubg Drama Club. RUFFINO, MARY IO-Businessp Char- mers, Secretaryg Senior Playg F.H.A.p F.B.L.A.g F.N.A. RUNNELS, CLAIRE-Businessg Red Cross Clubg D.E.g Intramurals. SAMONS, GAIL-Businessp Beta Clubg Intramurals. SARVER, KATHY-Collegeg F.T.A.g F.H.A.g Y.F.C.g Library Clubg Intramurals. SCHROE- DER, REBECCA-Collegeg Drill Squadg Stu- dent Councilg Newspaper Staff. SCURICH, PATTI-Businessg Chorus. SEELING, KA- REN-Business. SEIBERT, CHARLENE-Businessg Chorus. SENTILLES, KAREN-Businessp F.N.A.g Drill Squadp F.H.A., Treasurerp Intramurals. SER- PAS, CALUDIA-Businessg lntramuralsg F.B.L.A.g G.A.A. SHIELDS, PENNY-Collegeg Drama Clubg F.B.L.A. Clubg C.O.E.g Spirit Boosters. SIEGFRIED, CYNTHIA-Businessg Drill Squadg F.N.A.g Intramurals. SIGUR, ELLEN- Businessg Spirit Boostersp Intramurals. SILES, DONNA-College. SKELLY, SUSAN-Busi- nessp Beta Clubp Safety Club. 158 Seniors Become Aware f Future Opportunities ,...-1-ffm ,,.'f-e""f' ---1' .,. I .wi ., A SMITH, ARELENE-Business, Drama Club, Drill Squad. SMITH, SHARON-Business. SOROE, MARIAN-College, junior Achieve- ment, Drill Squad, Beta Club, Yearbook Edi- torial Staff, Intramurals. SPERRY, COLLEEN- College, Drill Squad, Beta Club, junior Achievement, Drama Club, Spirit Boosters. ST. GERMAIN, DONNA-College, Year BO0k Staff, F.H.A. STOHLMAN, SUSAN- College, Band, Intramurals, Charmer tAlter- natej. STONE, CLAUDETTE-College, Year- book Staff, Managing Editor, Newspaper Staff, Beta Club, F.T.A., Prep Quiz Bowl. ST. ROMAIN, BERYL-College, French Club, Vice-President, Beta Club, Secretary, junior Achievement, Treasurer, Student Council, Most Intelligent. TAPPER, MARILYN-College, Student Coun- cil. TIMBERLAKE, WANDA-College, ln- tramurals, French Club, Library Club. TIMS, SUSAN-Business, C.O.E., Drill Squad, Spirit Bosters. TROCCHIANO, DON NA-College, Student Council, President, F.B.L.A., Secre- tary, Debate and Public Speaking Club, In- tramurals, Drama Club. TURNAGE, SCARLET-College. TWILBECK, DARLENE-Nursing School. TYLER, KAYE- Business. VALLERY, DIANE-Business, Intramurals. I59 VAMPRINE, CINDY-Businessp junior Achievementg F.B.L.A.p Red Cross Clubp French Club. VARNADO, PAT-Business. VAUGHAN, TERRI-Collegep Beta Clubg Charmersg Drill Squadg Intramuralsg F.B.L.A. VERBEEK, BARBARA-Collegep Spirit Boost- ersg lntramuralsg F.H.A.g junior Achievement. VON BEHREN, BETH-College, Drill Squadg Beta Clubp Math Clubg French Clubp In- tramurals. VUCICH, LANA-Businessp Drama Clubg junior Achievementg In- tramuralsg F.B.L.A.g Spirit Boosters. WAG- NER, CATHY-Business. WARREN, BETTY- Collegeg G.A.A., Vice-Presidentg In- tramuralsg Powder Puff, Captaing Officials Clubg Civics Club. WEBER, PAM-Businessg Beta Clubg French Club. WIECZOR, KAREN-Collegeg Little Colonelsg Library Club, Presidentg Yearbook, Section Editorg Student Council Alternate. WILLIAMS, LYNDA-Businessg French Clubp Intramuralsg Drama Club. WILLIAMS, MAR- GIE-Collegeg Debate Club. WILLIS, VICKI-Business. WILLOZ, MER- LENE-Collegeg Safety Clubg Student Coun- cilg Performing Chorus. WILTENMUTH, DONNA-Collegeg Debate Club, President. WOLFE, DEBBY-Business. 160 nother Challenge Acceptec if f it ff ..,. 5 M, ,... t R. Q 1 Www ,.,, W. V 99" at 'lit i ff Jy Happy Graduates of 1972 if-Q5 A,A5, WOLLFARTH, CISSY-Businessp G.A.A. zu- aa fa i LER, IUDY-Collegeg Drill Squadp In- ig tramuralsg G.A.A.g F.H,A.p Red Cross. V ZWICKE, CHERYL-Businessg F.B.L.A.p Beta V, - Clubg Intramuralsg F.H.A. , ai ff. . 5 . . . the ending of one . . . the beginning of another mt , tp is .11 . t f ,wave if Q - ' fl ,ri t ' W -' P ' K ns., ,,.. ' ' P 3 'V' ls. -, juniors with one more year to go . . . helping pull together when unity was needed . . . staying in the running for the point contest reaching new heights . . watching the junior Class grow in spirit, pride, and ambition. . . getting involved j C sq seas trial t - -' i arf' ij N l M 4 bl' L if 'W' Xe ,X ills- 'lgzi-ifE?'i:fl:P' ' ttdffaigllssfscfsrr .fr 5211 ' - ,tti.M,tlw, .U 'fxrzfsrafrfswi-an-- 5 fi M 'H if gf is through the junior Officers. G. Gunn, Sec., D. Barcelona, V.P., C. Doody, Pres., and K. Helder, Treas. contemplate on a sure hit. 162 Adcock, Patricia Adolph, Rita Aguiluz, Camilla Alford, Peggy Anglada, Cynthia April, Melanie Arcement, Debra Arcement, Donna Arostegui, Cheryl Aucoin, Charlene Austin, Peggy Babin, Cyndi Baham, Aimee Bailey, Emley Barcelona, Diana as Hts. -lwfsm 5, 'E . H .. -Qt - f' it 5 P ' ffisfikslkftfflzii ' S A-..-A junior Gfficers Sho 1-1--5 IM , 8' '5- , K Barcia, Carol Barnes, Karen Bautista, Sheliah Beal, Cynthia Becker, Mary Kay Bellande, Susan Bellina, Bernie Berger, Mary Bertrand, Peggy Bethea, Karen Betz, Sheila Bienvenu, Elaine Blackburn, Donna Boe, Lorrie Bondi, Lisa Enthusiastic Involvement 'fsfisbx ,,s,,. , S it ' 'K . 1' - . f- t. it . M- , it .. g . 'K N ,,.a. - "1fgi:i222?2 ., s,'41gQ2iw241s I 1 . , , ,, I Q we f 5 r 7+ -ifsfaiefisffi ' . ' h ,,,,, 1 V, H 5 gt ,,., , 1 we . , as :S -, , " , A we .E 'Z . Boos, Mary Bordelon, Regina Boss, Donna Boudreaux, Cindy Bourdeu, Denise Bourgeois, Nona Brannon, Deborah Brayman, Elizabeth Brown, Barbara Brown, Gwen Bruder, lan Bruder, Mary Brue, Lynn Brunies, Darlene Bryant, Barbara 3 1 l . MW1. . if 1 4 N ' it A it 'fw1,f:fw1f 4:1111 fa wa W sb 4 af ,W wg, 'Img , , kf5?fs3i?w ' Kiki . ' , ffiglj 5232:-' f i m. A gli ' g H is .' 1 " ' 3 . felis Bryant, Shirley Burns, Mary Ann Byrd, Anita Camp, Joyce Campbell, Sandra Campiere, Patty Campiere, Sharon Cannon, Marleen Capone, Vicki Cardaro, Vicky Cargo, Denese Caron, Cindy Carter, Diane Castro, Sandra Catalano, Belinda iizeim N .J 'ik sg f. ...- ...,. M. rf . f - ., V Z l ll i i rc i, cc crr , ii c Q 'F , I . IE: ' AL' - Ji , V E 'T l - Cii i iia . C - . i "':: ' ' 5 ., : .Z A Y Class Pla "Hello Out There" Auditioning for a special part . . . posting the cast on a bulletin board . . rushing to see who made it . . . receiving the script . . . practicing for perfection . . preparing costumes. . . giving last minute reminders. . . getting nervous. . . raising the curtain . . . presenting "Hello Out There." Members of the junior cast present Mr. Henry Smith, the only male sponsor, with an "appre- ciative" rose. 164 .dwg ii Chaplain, Agnes Chiasson, Carol A Chiasson, Lynne ,V y fi Ciaccio, lo Ann S -L':Z Cimo, Tyese .ff 'Ox . 5 S 1 v it vs 2 S l .. Qi 2 Clair, Karen , ,B , ,.,,..,, , f9'Ts:v:x2555?!5W" i' n. Clark, Fran I Clavin, Susan 5 ' , , Clogher, Nancy ' . is Ieq COdefAf"1e in ,,,a X ' ' x C , .. f l A if Colombo, Vicki ieni V Cooley, Sandra - W Q ,C D I K Corley, Carolyn , 4 Come, Lisa S x . Lynn y a-rra Q m 1 , i .. .ea i as r Becomes Entire junior Effort Courtney, Cynthia "W l Crifasi, Susan Crocker, Susan Cruz, Theresa fs. Culotta, Helayne Cutrer, Diana Cutrer, Sharon Daigrepont, Darlene Daigrepont, Karen Daquana, Roxana Daufefivef Leslie we E ' fxilzmezfz-f,s114f2 Davis, Kristie -- , i, Deano, Jeanne ' M , , Decoteau, Diane 'i 3 5, 'N y ' .. .., 58 Deichmann, Ruth 1 ., I I e , 32, Vi K . ,lzJ?5L?35 y- "'4"4Mf"A!vz4lfxq,j , ,M ,Aaam,,, ,-,,.., sfi.,aw,4ez4em f f. ,,fenfm?La' .: .z , , .aa W., ., S Alf ' V ag . 165 ive ,,, 5 bg is Y gn EH i il, A 'X in ik Q J E it , it is-f is y ff' wi 7 :gf I' 1. Getting a uniform . . . practicing hand routines . . counting on the field . . working hard. . . making lieutenant . . . teaching new members . attending summer camp . twirling a saber . . . looking forward to being a Drill Squad Captain. With the placing of a captain's whistle around Sharon Cutrer's neck, the selection of a 1973 Drill Squad captain is formalized. 166 deLivaudias, Paula deLivadais, Thomasa Descant, Cathy DeVun, Kim DiFatta, Susan Dixon, Sandra Dixon, Susette Doar, janet Dodd, Deborah Doescher, Denise Domingo, Eileen Domino, Susan Doody, Cookie Doran, Mary Lynn Douglas, Debra jubilant juniors Rewardeo 4? s Qs t S' . 5, ff -. fi. -' Y? 1 ive. I : 'Q . 5 .'. ,f kk K I -- :A V Q1 is ,.. W Q md Dowd, Maureen Doyle, Karen Dubret, Phyllis Duchmann, Songa Ducombs, Lois Ducote,linda Ducote, Paula Dugas, Cindy Dugas, Caudea Dunlap, Ethel Dupas, Sandra Dupuy, Carol Dutzy, Wanda Eaton, lean Ellis, Debbie or Services in Man Ways ,l559f'f?Z99?' VEW?5.'ff31'8ffQifff 9555- Eff i f?'?fi?'iESE'?f,4'fj 1 . A rv Lx :en 1 'fr fx .mn '--' :,, -PM :'wz'I:fsf: SGW ' - --Q:-.. .,A. y P nl, A it E' if 'N if X K f E s. Q lg Q5 ,I le, 'N Ax' Z B 5 it f it , i M sf ' K 'V sf? we W. 5 M we wgs2g ,, W i g g lflsffii V iigsgaigsisfv f, wr- 1 , ,is-.K - Ellis, Denese Emerick, Ava Enolia, Barbara Evans, Patricia Ferrara, Pam Ferrara, Pat Fiore, Kathleen Fitte, janet Fontaine, Barbara Ford, Wanda Forestier, D'NeiI Forrest, Sheila Forster, Shelly Forte, Karen Fradella, Violet I 1' 'Wu 'Z' M , 3 Q ii il , Q 3' K' ,i E4 E My , .gi-2 K, - - -. -. 7? X 2 ' ' , rr ' 'ir If f ' ' f , ' , iii , f' N 1 K ' af if l 3 - , ::.a11siii'fl,- if w-V. Wx- ' 'I+ Q, , gk ,Q ,WL --lr ,, .:. ,, I ,fi f ,arf- 'el K. g, Nez :ai f M 5 W 'I67 gi bA.,' ,f n . . R. , , , 'fl '4 y, i i -:.. W - i .:- -' I ., : N V, J A ..,. K J' E :. ings Learning cheers . . . trying out . . crying tears of joy . . getting ready for camp . . spending a summer practicing . . working on jumps . . being lifted on shoulders . . falling a couple of times . . remembering the first game . . . being a junior Chalmette Cheerleader. Cindy Boudreaux thinks that happiness is being a junior and a Chalmette Cheerleader. 168 Fray, Karen Friedlander, Donna Fussell, Therese , Galivan, Sharon V i . Gaspard, Deborah l . f ' f ""' 1 .,ii,..,:: ,,,. , . A C C , tsii. fs i ., . Q ,,.. X .. , Gassen, Mary K Gauthier, Debbie Gautreaux, Melanie George, Sharon Geraci, Denise J : .-.. . 7 L Gioe, Debbie - Glynn, Kaye Godwin, Gloria Gonzales, Cindy Gonzales, Liz juniors Show Spirit B 'N O Goodman, Donna Greco, Antonina Green, Anne Gross, Melanie Guarino, Cheryl Guillot, Donna Gunn, Gail Gussoni, Sherry Hahn, Leslie Hahnebohm, Nan Haley, Robin Hanzo, Pamela Hardy, Lynn Harris, Paulette Harvel, Belinda upportlng Team Effort ' Z - 1 in if Wim . zfiefyfezfmc V, X L Y K, S B sl ii, 1 T' ,sri H Hi ew ,- H ,::. V, -. xr " , . gr:-...:. germ 1 -:fam ' 2- f ,N l 5 Ea E K sh 53' , f 4 M- ,ig i 5 1, WH 4 my Harwell, Cynthia Heaphy, Rochelle Heck, Gwenette Heider, Kimberly Herrington, Patty Hicks, Susan Hodges, Diana Hllard, Terrie Huber, Margaret Hudson, Kim Hughson, Karen Hull, Linda Hungerford, Darlene Hurstell, Rene Hymel, loAnn Q Q: ' , ' 'fe-fmfnliz 151' 'G'A'G6'z'6gEHQS' H' fvi afgggivigagfi f .Nz eww T., '-f-W ' I.. ,A ,s,, ., , 3 at "" Y f 'WNW W -hfiiliiix -' - iiiwfees .A - :E ,W ez: me 1. W lg , fe - M' ' ,, ' Q f ri- 169 92 . C 22:2 f ilzill f ti 7 T K .aa ti . ., -u 5 Q5 Q Feeling a yule-tide . . hustling and bustling . . making plans . . setting up scenery . . placing cookies on a plate . . adding finishing touches . . hoping for triumph . . winning the S sf tt Z ,. sf, . Y , 3 gk if Christmas tree Competition with the junior entry, "I Saw Mommie Kissing Santa Claus." 5 Cookies and milk await Santa at the junior Christmas Tree. l 70 lshee, Carolyn janneck, Kim jeffries, Carol johnson, Lynn jones, Ruth juncker, Cynthia juneau, Sandra Kattengell, Lnda Keller, Mary Kerkhoff, jacqueline Kerr, Dona Kiernan, Tyra King, Lizzy Kneale, Carol Labat, jenny wwf juniors Capture First Place ' if M5 naw MOMMIE KESSL 1' C 9 gl ,-we g.: 53:59-. ,rg - L gl: af , .::. Q , Jew ali: li -E+ s 'UP' Lacour, Patricia Lafitte, lan Lafont, Lorena Laird, Mary Ann Landry, Linda Landry, Linda LaRocca, Mary Gayle LaRose, Deborah Latino, Marie Lauga, Peggy Lawrence, Debbie LeBlanc, Paula Legendre, Pamela jean Leroux, Helena Lestelle, Evelyn H Christmas Tree Competition 5231? V , , ,,.V H , ...... , . .P 1. -- Z., , :,.. Leto, Rhonda Lewis, Yvonne Logos, Cheryl Lohr, janet Lohr, Linda Lopez, Alice Lottinger, lean Love, Paula Liebert, Donna Luc, Arleen Luccia, Sandra M. Madary, Cindy Magee, Barbara Maher, Brenda Marinello, Toni 'H s sf? , 5 Q 3553 J ff f it SH E, m fs 54 L i??ew5zie' K, Q J Blossoms of flowers . . spring in the air . . robin redbreasts . . bright spring dresses yellow and blues . . ribbons and bows . . flowers and ties . . cardboard and tape . . being a junior on Spring Fever Day. P. Dubret, R. Hurstell, and L. Randazzo wel- come spring by participating in the crazy hat Contest. 172 Martin, Barbara Martin, Kathleen Martinez, Mimi Matherne, Carla Mayeux, Melissa Mayhall, Alice Mazza, Gwenn McCall, Patricia McCalla, Shannon McCurley, Loretta McMenamin, lean Melerine, Brenda Melerine, Ellen Melerine, Marsha Merwin, Barbara . ,, , ' 'i V I . is 5 , ff' -9 ..s, Q, ,. ' - ' ' - .. .,. .. i. it a Q g . Q juniors "Come Alive l 'Qi' Messa, Catherine Meyer, laye Meyer, Kathleen Meyers, Marilyn Michel, leanne Michon, lanice Moiety, Christina Molinary, joy Moran, Pamela Morrison, Crystal Munson, Marlene Munster, janis Napolitano, Cindy Navedo, Meda Navo, Pamela Fever Day Navo, Rachel Ney, lan Nirk, Pam Nye, Kathy Oddo, Donna O'Flarity, Kim O'Neal, Sandra Ory, Debbie Osbourn, Arlene Otillio, Pamela Pajares, Sheila Pardo, Lisa Parent, Beth Parker, lanis Perez, Mary Catherine ,Q ' J qi 45' IN 5 , it , I AJ" 5 mi ti' li ik 2 4 5 t u. mt if -'Jn-'1 is as 1 LQA ' 142 . ' ff ' r 5 Wig: sg, 32" i y it h-...A in 173 'Tl' ' , 131 i 2 L rf is : . Q 5 . K I, - ' fri -: Q se , Picking a theme . . . for April lst . . . making decorations . . getting excited . . helping classmates . . finding a date . . . increasing in spirit. . . anticipating flowers. . . participating in a once-in-a-life-time junior Prom. G. Tedesco takes one last look at her long awaited junior Prom, now a memory. 174 Perniciaro, Cheryl Perret, Deborah Pinion, Debra Pippins, janet Porche, Delia Pratt, Kathleen Pratt, Marleen Provetere, julie Rabalais, Glenda Rabalais, Phyllis Raby, Christyn Rachuba, Debbie Randazzo, Lydia Reilly, Scarlet Rigby, Kim Lt P 3 we af , is V- 1 'Q W ,., 3 j f tQ-,.,trt.., ,,, y P , 'I juniors Nlmagin fl' X 1, 5- E ac xg Q3 Z Rizzuto, Cheryl Robichaux, Edna Roger, Cynthia Rohde, Gayle Rosch, Donna Rousse, Charlotte Ruddock, Alma Russell, Cynthia Sabathe, loAnn Sahuque, Carol Salande, Brenda Sanchez, Pat Salter, Cheryl Satterlee, Adele Satterlee, Lydia Prom on April 1. we 5 , W ,ga - i wif' Q, + ii' , .,, ffl 5 1 my ,T ay at at an 5215 fn 1 t its il Q ,-.- .t Saucer, Cynthia Saucier, Elizabeth Scheaffer, Denise Schenck, Marcia Scherer, Debra Schick, Thais Schmit, Debra Schneider, Nancy Schneider, Peggy Schott, Susan Schubert, Lynn Schule, Kathy Schuler, Cheryl Schulz, Leana Schulz, Luann 3 N 5 4. i s gk B... 1...-. 3254 ,at A Schulz, Myra Scorsone, losie Scott, Kathy Sehlinger, Carol Serpas, Mary snefioek, sharon be S Si gnorino, Elaine "1-' Skinner, Sandy A Smith, Heather .3 ,..,r ,U H- smith, fi jessica tt .t Smith, Lea Smith, Lynn Smith, Marvene Smith, Rosa Solis, Deborah fm 'ST jr. Spirit Achieves Point Contest Victory Sperber, Angie Sperier, Karen 4 Spicuzza, ludy Sprouse, Sunny ' I. 'S St. Amant, Stephanie zg, ,V 9 ji, I: -, g- jk in Q ' Stevens, Wanda Stogner, Sue Tamor, Carolyn Tassara, Deborah Teano, Sherryl ,i xv. Tedesco, Gail Terminie, Debbie Thonn, Ann Thriffiley, Gwendolyn Tims, Glenda 176 it '- vc in . :R v- ,x fr' , ,JE 2 'Z "' -'nl lx l we qi, , gl x Ei r .X ,l , in-on-. Toepfer, Kathleen Tonglet, Helen Torres, Karen Trimble, Betsy Ueberschlag, Wilhelmina Vetter, Patricia - Vicknair, janet Vinterella, Deborah A Wahl, Darlene Walch, Mary JG' .. -5 Walker, Kathy Wallace, Deborah Wallace, Vinsetta Warren, Linda Wehmeyer, Nancy 44" , lg? . lt f .. , ...f ,QA Wendling, Beth ,itat . K we i t,,. W, -,-, ,tg-is., ,,,, , ,.,t,,, c,,, ,,,,.,,:,i,a- K fwiffggiffaztfi, My ,gfw.ieWsswHifgQE? V. ' f s::.sfz'14iiiwE5w White, Terry ,.,,..,,i ,W . Wightkin, Margaret K b A ' wild, Phyllis - . Q tali aataa W K i 3 S1 it E333 X, 1 5, s 1 Q f 2 if 5 ff m, QPF ki M. -.. ' 'M fiigfqgiiigf . , 4: QL fm V , 'L sf W. A 3 vi, - 21:52 I A i ,- glans: Willard, Pauline Willheit, Sharon Williams, Lynn Wise, Ellen 1- Worsham, Deborah I . S nn... 4 -x Wuesl, Gretchen W W W t"t Zeller, Denise Zeller, Diann Wy?" W iw N E. fi ar IU -l -1 :: O. N4 522325 new I A szmftff gi I I . IUNIORS NOT PICTURED 177 Abadie, Charmaine Abney, Gaynel Adams, Stephanie Agnelly, Delila Aguiluz, Michelle Albe, Ann Alberts, Patricia Aleman, Donna Alfonso, Debbie Allo, Stenni Andrua, Debra Anglada, Elizabeth Aquilo, Ann Marie Arcement, Dianne Arthur, Sharon 78 Sophomore Class Dfficers Pu i , ,s-, -Q .ere ' ' C Artigues, Lynn Augustin, lean Baggett, Kathleen Bailey, Audrey Barberot, Deborah Barras, Debra Bartholomae, Loretta Basile, Cathy Baughman, Lilly Beard, Karen Becknel, Mary Anne Benezech, Shirley Bernard, lohnette Bersuder, Caren Besson, Shirley h Lid on Clean- p Campaign Four joyful students . . concerned about fellow classmates . . obliged to strive , for their needs and wishes . . satisfied with compromises . . exchanged facts and dreams among classmates . . . alternated these thoughts among all classmen . . . wanted to materialize their appreciation for fellow students . . . assisted seniors in "crying time" on Awards Day . . . awarded the Senior Class a floral arrangement from their class . . . ended their sophomore year with dreams and hopes for the next. sa v lgi t alas. Officers: 1. Vucinoyich, Treas,, P. Kingston, V,P., C. Leger, Pres., S. Cox, Sec Beucler, Darlene Bigelow, Linda Bivona, Eileen Black, Helen Blackburn, Cheryl Blanchard, Rhonda Blanco, Debbie Blanco, Kathleen Boihem, Sandy Bondi, jean Bordelon, Debbie Bordelon, ludy Boucher, Charlene Bourgeois, Clara Bourgeois, Susan Bowers, Phyllis Bowling, Angela Brayman, Cora Briere, Deborah Brisset, Rosalinde Brock, Cathy Broome, Michele Broome, Sherry Brossette, Patty Brossehe, Lynette Brown, lanet Brugier, Sharon Burkert, Beverly Buuck, Mchelle Cadman, Gwendolyn - I ' 11' ' i" iif3u:- 11173 Sophomores Get Involved in Calamia, Maria Calato, Sharon Callegan, Colleen Cambas, Cathy Campbell, Donna Canepa, Vickie Cardella, Donna Caronia, Lorraine Cassou, Cheryl Castaing, Libby Castillo, Donna Catton, Laurie Chambers, Sharon Chauppetta, Lucy Chesnut, Linda he Creation of Soap Figures Trying to understand free form . . . buying sweet smelling soap . . . anticipating a different idea . . . working hard in class . . . asking for help . . removing pieces not needed . watching the bar take shape . . contemplating teacher's reaction . . handing in finished work . . hoping to be on display . . . realizing it was fun after all. ,a.,,,,..,..av-uv-we-""" I. Palozzola prepares soap sides for sculpturing. -G""' Ciolino, Donna Clement, Karen Code, Eileen Coleman, Debra Conner, Roxanne Constance, Dianna Cooper, Denise Couture, Lori Couvillion, Frances Couvillon, Annette Cox, Susie Crespo, Deborah Crifasi, Karen Curtis, Donna Danko, Barbara Dautervie, Betty Dauterive, Cindy deBouchel, Vicky Defies, Evelyn Defies, locelynn DeGruy, Cindy Deimel, Aline Delhomme, Suzanne Dendinger, Karen Desplas, Katherine Desselle, Carol Deubler, Gwendolyn Dill, Katherine Di Maggio, Patricia Dinapolis, Brenda Sophomore Athletes Active ir DiPadova, Mary Dirmann, lanice Dison, Emeldia Doescher, ludy Dominici, Dani Doran, Melanie Dowd, Penny Downing, Patricie Dubos, Laura Duplaa, Darlene Duplessis, Denise Durel, Wendy Duvieilh, ludy Easley, Miriam Easley, Patricia ytany Extra-Curricular Sports Winning intramural sports . . . sticking together as a team . . . posing at the Athletic banquet. . . l sneaking in with a pair of red long johns . . pulling on knee boots . . . drying one's tears while strolling to accept award. . . participating in "Dog patch, U.S.A." I. Vucinovich conveys "charm" as one of the many Sophomores who attended the GAA banquet. f l W is in Q Y E-SL gsm L 5 ' Eddleston, Melanie Eisenbraun, Gloria Eiserloh, Dawn Emerick, Pamela Engelhardt, luanita Englande, Lorraine Ernest, Paula Fabre, Kathleen Faucheux, Donna Faught, Suzie Faulstich, Loretta Faust, Amber Felger, Chris Fernon, Lynn ,W Ferret, Christy fi! I 183 l Tension ounts before Soph Fincher, Deborah Forrest, Cynthia Fossier, Vickie Frame, Donna Fried, Debbie Gaeta, Diane Gagliano, julie Garitty, Donna Garrity, janet Gauthier, leannine Gay, Kim Geeck, jacke Gerken, Cindy Gervais, Charlene Gilchrist, Donna Gioe, Josie Gonzales, Angela Gonzales, Celeste Gowland, june Graffagnini, Karen Green, Karen Grey, joanne Griffin, Dela Grose, Marlene Guerra, Kay Guevara, Enriqueta Guglielmo, Eileen Guidry, Cynthia Guidry, Kathy Guillot, Cindy nter Play into Competition Learning stage make-up techniques. . . experimenting with them . . . putting on black grease paint making dark circles under eyes . . wrapping one's head in bandages . . frizzing hair. . . biting fingernails. . . putting on the Sophomore Play . "Have You Had Your Operation?" D. Smith gets finishing touches before Sophomore One-Act Play. Guillot, Leslie Gullung, Becky Gurganus, Robbin Hagstette, Ioy Hahn, Deborah Hankins, Paula Hannan, Deborah Heaphy, Dawn Hearty, Susan Hebert, Laurie , Heck, Nancy Heck, Terri Hehr, Genie Helmke, Karen Henderson, Cindy Sophomores Adjust to Adequate Hentze, Dale Hoffmann, Rhonda Hollard, Dara Holmes, Rona Hotard, Rhonda Hubbard, Charlene Hultz, Peggy lbieta, Dani lshee, janet janet, Charlene laufre, Susan leanfreau, Sandra jenneman, Madelin lennewine, Linda johnson, Diane G johnson, Theresa jones, Edie jordan, Sheila luneau, jackie Keller, Denise Kennedy, Karen Kerlec, Kerry Kerns, Linda Kessler, Connie Kingston, Patricia Knauer, Becky Kocke, Marie Konnecker, Aimee Kyle, Ruth Labourdette, Desire Pacing in Receiving general instructions from the teacher . . . deciding which objective to cover first . . . trying to find research material . . understanding well known authors . adding comments on certain works . . practicing spelling and vocabulary . . requesting more time to study . . . completing objectives for 1972. Individual Stud ,-"" , was , ..,a,,,, V K I. Larmeu improves vocabulary through individualized program. Lacoste, lanell Lafont, Earline Lagarde, loni Lagarde, Leesa Laigast, Claire Lanie, Lucille Lamonte, Vickie Landreaux, Trudie Landry, Elaine Landry, Kathleen Landry, Lynn Laneri, Candy Lansou, Lisa Lapeyrouse, Denis Larmeu, june 6 Laughlin, Bekie Laurent, Kim Laviolette, Lorri Lawson, Debbie Le Blanc, Diane Lechner, Kathy Leger, Cheryl Leiter, Gladys Lernonie, Barbara Lemonie, Lydia Lemoine, Theresa Leto, Brenda Letourneau, Carol Lewis, loyce Lezina, Raynell Soph Driginalit Prevai 'I-:xg Lindsey, Carolyn Luizza, Peggy Lopez, Debra Lopiccolo, Carol Lubrano, Vicki 5 Madary, Pamela Magee, Debra Maher, Karen Manalla, Rosalind Manino, lean l r Marcotte, Darlene Martel, Sue Maninez, Elena Masson, Michele McCollum, lucly 1 Disection for Biolog Lab Chosing a lab partner . . hoping she likes frogs . . . trying to get out of lab . . . smelling formaldehyde in the halls . . taking a deep breath before the "operation" . . slicing the specimens open gutting out the organs . . feeling faint. . . giving a sigh of relief . . . wg'-'YB al'1aIOrT1y. Eliitfgiii, - """:' , ' C ii, isis: -. Eggszziiigi-si 2121? 5'fl'W"' .cpm ' A PH' if Z 1 it af' T. Scrammuza, C. O'Brien, and V. Sylvera disect frog, adding to understandings of human McDougall, Susan McNeil, Patricia MCQuillis, Debbie Melancon, lanice Melerine, Susan Meyer, loan Meyer, Sharon Michel, Brenda Migliore, Claire Miller, Chauvon Miller, Kerry Misuraca, Vicki Monroe, Cindy Monteverde, Lisa Montz, Mary Louise Morales, Barbara Moran, Brenda Morgan, julie Morrison, Sheila Mouton, Arlene Mouton, Liz Mull, Kim Mullins, Pam Munch, Karen Munster, Ruth Musso, Sara Naccari, leanne Marie Napolitano, Linda Naslasi, Susan Nelson, ludy Sophomores Take New I nteres Xi! ,.., , , ..1s,.f ,J ,SI N 'Q' Nelson, Norma Nicholson, Carol No, Dawn Nox, Theresa Nunez, Debbie Nunez, Pamela Nye, Nancy Oalmann, Gayle O'Brien, Cathy Odinet, Jerri Orlopp, lean Orta, Lillian Pablovich, Ellen Padilla, Debra Pajares, Avis 1 Social Studies Endeavors Tracing pictures of former leaders . . ,typing reports and icaptions . . r listening to tapes and films . . finalizing information . . preparing presentations and design. . . devoting lunch time to arrange a bulletin board . . . accepting praise and approval . t starting again for next twelve weeks fi ,..- ' .. L D. Holland assists L. Boe in arranging pictures for Social Studies classroom Palermo, Marie Palmeri, Sandra Palmisano, Donna Palmisano, Kim Palozzola, ludy Pareti, Kim Pascarelli, lo Ann Pearce, Sue Perez, Theresa Perkins, Peggy Petersen, Dolores Peterson, Kathleen Peterson, Sharon Petit, Lynne Peuler, Gail Bookrack Aids Sophomores ' Pichon, Susie Pilet, Joyce Pizzuto, Anna Planchard, jodie Pluche, Cheryl Poch Mary Ann Ponseti, Karen Ponseti, Kathleen Pope, Ruby Alene Porche, ludy Portie, Kim Powers, Cindy Prats, Dawn Price, Kathy Puissegur, Hilda r. ,. Quates, Janette Quin, Lisa Ragas, Mary Lynn Randazzo, Karen Randazzo, Susan Ricard, Lorrie Richard, jeanne Riedl, Peggy Rieffel, loette Riser, Patricia Rizzuto, Loretta Roberts, Deborah Roberts, Rhonda Roberts, Sharon Rodriguez, Barbara it and Leisure Reading Needing a book for lit Class . . . looking for the paperback . , not finding it . . . trying the Book Rack . . finding the book . . . talking to teacher . . getting help and guidance. . . ordering a popular book . . appreciating AVS Book Rack. if flcjlzfn Miss C. Middleton and B. West discuss choice of book for lit class. Roesch, Cheryl Rogerson, Charlotte Rohrbakher, Brenda Roper, lane Ross, Donna Rost, Kathy Rost, Tina Roussell, Bettie Ruffino, Claudia Ruffino, Paula it I , g Wt? i"' ' Ruiz, Claudia Ruiz, Petrina Ruppel, Connie Salvaggio, Deborah Salvant, Faith 15 Sophomores Win Competitior Sass, Peggy Ann Scarmuzza, Janice Schaubhut, Connie Schick, Doris Schluter, Regina Schneider, Doris Schuth, Christine Sciortino, Deborah Sciortino, Donna Scramuzza, Robin Scramuzza, Terrie Segreto, Susan Serpas, Gaynell Serpas, janell Servay, Leslie Q., WX 194 2 ra Sharp, Wanda Siler, Lorna Simmons, Jacqueline Sinnott, Myra Six, Karen Sizemore, Francis Smith, Darlene Smith, Marquerite Solis, Kathy St. Germain, Pam St. Clair, Cathy St. Pe, Gwen Staats, Suzanne Stahl, Ruth Stanley, Denise 1 Dne Accepting the role . . . practicing hard. . . memorizing lines. . . getting into Character . rushing to rehearsal feeling sophisticated . . changing on stage . . . getting nervous . . wearing a wig . . . being grown-up Act Play Contest if having a part in the Sophomore play. . . P. Downing displays modesty in Sophomore lead role. Q .E fi i f X PM V-gl W Q 3 yogi 4 Stein, Donna Stephens, Debra Stephens, Patty Stephenson, Sharon Stiebing, Kim Stoll, Pamela Striker, Melody Suprean, Connie Swan, lean Sylvera, Vicki Taranto, loAnn Teano, Denise Theriot, Darlene Thiel, lan Thurman, Dian New Classroom for Contlnuou' Tines, Linda Tobin, Terry Toepfer, Arlene Tortorich, Mary Trahant, Hope Traina, janet Treitler, loan Troxclair, Pamela Turner, Cathy Turner, Lana Tusa, Denise Tyner, Katherine Usner, Charmaine Vallery, Sazanne Valois, Pearl 1 ,L avr ., A-M We as Ili T x 1 Vaughn, Pamela Vega, Mary Vicknair, Phyliss Victoriana, Diane Vinot, Vada Vinson, Terry Virgen, Socorro Vitrano, Nancy Viviano, Emelda Volanie, leanette Von Behren, Lynn Vucinovich, jo Lynn Wagner, Trudy Wallace, Sandra Warren, Debbie ffort Created by Sophomores Developing individualized continuous progress approach. . . subtracting desks and books from typical classroom adding l color r and character- to A.l.'s halls . . l enjoying i the freedom . . avoiding talk . . . whispering gossip. . . taking a test in traditional classrooms . . I. Melancon and I. Geeck create their own classroom out in the hall at lunch-time AA. . , ., Walsdorf, Michele Waller, Lindy Walthers, janet West, Billye Willhoft, Sheri Williams, Winky Winter, Gloria Wisinski, lanet Wuest, Becky Young, Marilyn Youngblood, Frances W Zeller, Gwen Adcock, Deborah Akins, Karen Alberado, Kathy Alberti, Nanette Alberts, Donna Albrecht, Cindy Almario, Cynthia Alphonse, Angelina Andre, Doris Angelo, Rosemarie Anglada, Susan Antoine, Ann Argiz, Brenda Argiz, Glenda Argiz, Kathy Armstrong, Loren Artigue, Reba Bachemin, Lori Banks, Lucille Barattini, Vee Barbe, Patricia Barcia, Karen Barfield, Patti Barras, Lois Bauer, Jacqueline Baumy, loanne Bayard, Tammy Beale, Stephanie Beau, Lilia Beaugez, Christine A Adjustment Proves Key Facto ,. ,., f in-Q, ,fi M, , hi K, is qt N f 3 R uc. 3 L it K a A we .-,' ' 1 , 7 Eb w 1 Freshman Life at A.l.H.S Ellen McGrath puts the finishing touches on her Social Studies packet. Benfatti, Carmella Bernard, Leslie Benaut, Leslie Berthold, Manette Black, Regina Bocage, Charmaine Bolleter, Denise Bolton, Karen Bonis, Kim Bordelon, Bonnie Borne, ludith Bouchereau, Marguerite Bourg, Beverly Boushie, loan Bowers, loni Finding the right room. , . remembering which hall you're in . . asking for directions . . bumping into people . . . keeping all your books together . getting to class on time . relating names and faces . . doing lots of homework . . getting initiated by Seniors of '72 learning the rules of the school . . working on packets . . . adjusting to the different life at Aj Bozant, Cheryl Branden, Cynthia Brezniak, Mary Brossette, Phyllis Brouillete, Celeste Brouillete, Myra Broussard, Elaine Brown, Cheryl Brugier, Bonnie Bryant, Pamela Burghout, julie Burtchaell, Donna Burtchaell, Kathy Burton, Debra Butler, Lydia Cabirac, Dana Cadwell, loanne Cambas, Donna Cangelosi, Elizabeth Carambat, Victoria Carlisle, Mary Carman, Margaret Caron, Susan Carrasquillo, Betty Carreras, Patricia Castaing, Linda Castillo, Brenda Castro, Terri Catalano, Debra Cazaubon, jill Freshman Headache No. 25 ' Y' D CN l Learning to fit everything into one locker is a freshman challenge. Chambon, Patricia Chase, judy Chase, LeAnne Chauppetta, Sandra Chauppette, ludith Chauvin, Monica Chittenden, Cassandra Choina, Susan Ciaccio, Lynn Civello, Mary Clark, janet Clark, Kathy Clavin, Sandra Clay, Corrine Clay, Nanny iagnosed as Owning a Locker Locating the right locker . forgetting the combination asking the homeroom teacher again . . . trying combination . . finding first number . . . turning left . . . passing up second number turning right to third number finally getting it open . squeezing too many books trying to get only one out . . resulting in headache 3255- owning a locker Coleman, Dianne Coleman, Mary Colombo, loanna Colombo, Sherie Connell, Kathleen Cook, Lucindy Cotogno, Cheri Couture, Karen Couvillion, Gwendolyn Creel, Cynthia Crifasi, Sheri Culotta, Carla Cure, Debra Curet, Doreen Cusimano, Phyllis Dahlgreen, Kathy Daigle, Brenda Daigle, Robin Daigle, Susan Daigrepont, Donna Dalton, Donna Danna, Virginia Dannemann, Laurie Daray, lacqueline Daspit, Rhonda Dauterive, Denise Dauterive, Rene Daverede, Lois David, Kim Defraites, Barbara fi? E an Frosh Find Studying Easie YAY ,. gi i ,.. l as X K Fw--2 -, f af ft A i is 2 it x s . , fs Mum, K w q,,.,..s ,V in 5. , 'E f. Q 3 DeCrado, Kim Delaney, Denise DeRose, jill Dieck, Kim Dillion, Cindy Dixon, Cheryl Dolese, Lynn Donnelly, Lennel Doran, Cheryl Dorand, ludith Dorman, Rosemary Dubos, Linda Ducoing, Margaret Durel, Therese Dutruch, Denise When Done in Small Groups Freshmen take refuge ini hall to review for Spelling 122 evaluation. Finding a quiet spot . . . getting together with friends . . . exchanging ideas . . answering questions discovering mistakes correcting them too . . getting off the subject . . listening to gossip. . . giggling. . . looking at the clock . . . cramming for the test . . . learning to study . . comprehending . . discovering a dictionary. . . ending the year using new words . . 2 Duvall, Darla Dyess, Lois Eisenbraun, Gail Eisenbraun, Gina English, Paula Engolia, Sheila Ethridge, Kathryn Everhardt, Rita Farmer, Ann Fascio, Susan Faulstich, Mary Faust, Beverly Favalora, Kim Favalora, Peggy Fayard, Elaine Exploring Math Through Models Fernandez, Leslie Ferris, Dani Fielding, Deborah Flattmann, Constance Fleetwood, Kim Flood, Karen Flores, Elizabeth Ford, Susan Fortenberry, Debbie Franatovich, Sharon Frank, Nancy Freese, Terri Frey, Mary Gaeta, Denise Gaeta, Sharon , .,,. ., Y '25 t Q5-F wi fl l lli f -l'l . s Part of Frosh Experience ,4-an mm Gallo, Cynthia Garcia, Darlene Gauthier, Darlene Gauthier, lulie Geis, Aana Ginart, Deborah Gioe, Cindy Gioia, ludith Gioia, Karen Glass, Elizabeth Gleber, Linda Gogarty, Debra Gonzales, Lana Graff, Rhonda Gray, Vicki Receiving a packet . . finding the answers . . locating x . . . understanding algebraic terms . . solving inequalities. . . trying to determine square roots . . . working with negatives . . . multiplying fractions. . . dividing decimals . . squaring trinomials. . . studying geometric models . trying to adjust to new curriculum in math . . . Gregoire, Cheryl Griffin, Deborah Gritter, Emily Grossenbacher, Karla Guaraggi, Donna Guerra, Cheryl Guerra, Miriam Guillot, Cindy Guillot, Connie Guillot, Kristie Guy, Karen Hamilton, Rosemary Hebert, Pamela Hein, Kathryn Heintz, Catherine Hemelt, Suzanne Henagan, Kim Henderson, Debra Henry, leannette Hibbs, Terry Hill, jackie Hill, Karen Hingle, Laura Hoffman, Patricia Hoffman, Phyllis Hoke, Rhonda Horn, Cheryl Hudson, leannie Huff, Susan Hughes, Onita 206 Freshman 3 'FL 'eb ' 5, is pn .,,, fi- 3 , , 5 QE 3 2 i tf itiifil-Q? Skits of '72 Prov V... 1 2 at i ital to Social Studies Freshmen are great at "hamming it up" in early American history. BK 1 - as Hutter, Szanne Ibieta, Bobbie lshee, Maureen janneck, Kit jas, Pam johannessen, Linnea johnson, Carol johnson, Kathleen johnson, Priscilla johnson, Sharon jones, Debra jones, Holly jones, Patricia Kehtel, Dorothy Kiern, Cheryl Organizing a group . . . deciding on a project . . collecting ideas. . . picking a theme . . . changing the theme . . writing the script . . learning lines. . . forgetting . . . then adlibbing. . . practicing in the hall . . . "goofing off" in the hall . . deciding on a costume . . presenting a skit for Social Studies Kitchens, loette Kneale, Marilyn Kramer, Mary lo Labat, Kathryn Lackey, Sandra LaCour, Laurie Lailhengue, Lucille Lailhengue, Mary Lajuanie, Angele Lambert, jani Landry, Peggy Landry, Rita Landry, Sylvanie Larriviere, Kathleen Lataxes, Melanie gm, Being Involved Gives Freshme Latil, Laurie Laughlin, Cynthia Lawson, Patricia Ledet, Ulyssa LeDoux, Susan Lee, Melanie Lee, Mavis Lehmann, Claudia Leidinger, janet Lehrmann, Grendolyn Leleune, Cynthia Leonard, Ann LeRouge, lerrilee LeRouge, Renee Leroux, Raynel in f ,. ar.r,:::yff,:fe,3g2,.f-mf1 . ,-,,--z.:::g:sem . ,Wur- ' 2,19 -A -'r-sin-wzrf :feng--3.a2frg5gs2f ' .sef-is 5 r, is , S3 S A lense of Belonging to AJH Lucky frosh get a preview of things to come by serving at junior Prom. r we A f Ii 5 i g g Licciardi, Mary Lindsey, Sharon Lofton, Dodie Lopez, Bonnie Lopiccolo, jody Lyons, Peggy McClelland, Clara McCoy, Kathryn McElroy, Patricia McGrath, Colleen McGrath, Ellen McGrath, Rose McKeever, Clendalyn Madere, Deanna Maggio, Jeanette Getting ready to go . . standing starry-eyed . . . anticipating their first prom . . watching couples dance . . wishing it were theirs . . admiring different gowns . . carrying a tray . . . admiring the decorations . . greeting friends and classmates watching the guys . . . sewing refreshments. . . feeling lucky to serve at the junior Prom . . Maher, Mary Mahoney, Patricia Mangiaracina, Mary Margiotta, Karen Markey, Sandra Marquet, Eliska Mrtin, Deborah Martin, Vanessa Massarini, Rhonda Maureaux, Kay Mayeur, Cathy Mayeux, lean Mayeux, Ramona Meliet, Becky Menge, Jennie Freshman Cass Represented b Mervvin, Merna Messa, Deborah Methvin, Andrea Meyer, Lise Meyers, Darlene Meyers, Roxanne Michel, Glenda Michel, Kim Miller, Sally Mills, Cheryl Mocklin, Karen Mogel, lanie Montalbano, Diane Moore, Betty Morel, Denise -f' 2 J 12 K .,,, sgglfgp Morici, Marion Morgan, Patricia Morton, Terry Mosely, Trudy Mouton, lo Ann Mullet, Patricia Mumphrey, Lori Murla, Pamela Murphree, Nancy Musmeci, Deborah Napolitano, Cheryl Neilsen, Sharesse Ney, Nancy Noel, Vicki Noonan, Maureen Witch Hazel" in 'Competition loan Boushie and Lonnie Scaglione go under spell of a mysterious chair in play. Picking a play . . . trying out for parts . . . being selected for parts . . practicing after school . . . helping with lighting backstage. . . gathering props. . . borrowing furniture . . putting on make-up . . . memorizing-sometimes forgetting lines. . . working hard . . . becoming jittery as the curtain rises . . representing Freshmen in one-act-play competition . . . 211 Nuccio, Mary O'Connor, Pam O'Neill, Pamela Orillion, Deborah Orlando, losephine Oser, Maureen Pace, Sheba Papania, joel Parker, Lu Pechon, Laure Peel, Rebecca Perez, Dawn Pfister, Melody Pilet, Kathi Plaisance, Wanda Polit, Lisa Ponthier, jackie Pontiff, Nancy Prados, Sharon Prinz, Donna Priola, Tina Prot1i, Denise Provenzano, Angela Provetere, Susan Quakenbush, Lore Rabalais, Diane Rabalais, Renee Ragas, lanice Randazzo, Susan Rando, Monica Q nw, Aw 5 gg K f sexi - ,-ff .,,,. ,,,,, , .M L3 ,ff W S an Y Class of '75 Pack Initiatio 'w i f 2 I , :,..,, Q ' fy'-'M v- vith Memories of Witch-hats Reaney, Suzanne Retif, Kim Reuther, Cheryl Reynolds, Melissa Riley, Eileen Ripoll, Lisa Rivers, Linda Rizzuto, Vicki Robert, Maureen Robichaux, lune Robicheaux, Karen Robin, Belinda Robin, Cynthia Robinson, Hattie Robinson, Kathleen Dying sheets . . finding big galoshes . . . stuffing costumes . . . putting on red lipstick . . . wearing cone shaped hats and garlic necklaces . . . memorizing the alma mater and the freshmen pledge . . playing leap frog . . . bringing candy in a pumpkin . . carrying trays for seniors . . getting a subpoena . . . dancing on the stage at Kangaroo Court . . being initiated into Andrew jackson . . 4 Rogacki, Kathryn Roger, Brenda Rome, Patricia Romero, Dana Roos, Kerianne Rose, Alison Rost, Deborah Rousse, Cherie Ruano, Terry Ruffino, Dawn Ryan, Suzanne Salez, Bonnie Salles, Annette Sander, Cheri Satter, Leslie Saucier, Barbett Sawyer, Lois Scaglione, Lonnie Scallan, Shelly Scarborough, Irene Scheuermann, Pamela Schiel, Sharon Schiro, Rosalyn Schlesinger, Cheryl Schloegel, Patti Schmidt, Sharon Schmitt, Elizabeth Schneider, Judy Schubert, Sandra Schuler, lean 2 Aj Newcomers "Take a Pee ,,, V .Q 3, , K -X s ' rr ' at Christmas in Contest Stringing popcorn and decorating tree add final touches to the Christmas scene. Sciortino, Reba Sensebe, Michele Sentilles, Susan Sharpe, Madonna Shaw, Rita Sigur, janet Sirgo, Sheliah Sisk, lerri Sloan, Debra Smith, Deborah L. Smith, Gloria Smith, Laurel Smith, Susan Solis, Linda Soroe, Susan Collecting money . . . deciding on an idea . . . keeping the idea a secret . . buying the right tree . . stringing popcorn . . making ornaments . . putting up decorations . . working together placing dolls in the right position competing in the point contest coming in third place . . . decorating the Freshman tree . 216 Springer, Wanda Steger, Debra Stillwall, Norma St. Pe, Gayle Strasser, Ruth Swan, Vicki Tassin, Melanie Tassin, Penelope Taylor, Theresa Teoulet, Mary Ann Theriot, Connie Theriot, ludy Thomas, Patty Timberlake, Karen Timmons, Patty Tinney, Laurie Tonglet, Monica Trebucq, Terri Twilbeck, Susan Tyrone, Angela Unbehagen, Tina Vaccaro, lanie Van Norden, ludith Vasquez, Faye Vaughn, Cynthia Vaughan, Leslie Waguespack, Mary Walk, Geraldine Walker, Kathleen Wallace, Mary ,. ar., as is T '?i'Ik-HL A w - bu X Q W " HP ' li 0 - I VAAL K .Q . , V' V fe Freshmen Elect Responsibl 2 Walters, Cathy Watkins, Marie Webb, lanice Wehmeyer, Diana Wehrlin, Carolyn Weiskopf, lan Westerfield, Cheryl Whitfield, Linda Willhoft, Terry Wise, Cynthia Wolfe, Annette Wolfe, Deborah Wright, Mary Zammit, Pamela Zeairs, Laurie Dfficers Who Serve Them Well Zeller, Sally Zoulek, Debra Zuppardo, Pamela L Scaglione Treas H jones Sec C Culotta Pres D Dauterive, V.P. Accepting responsibilities . . handling problems. . . organizing activities . generating freshman spirit . . listening to ideas . . . being an officer of the Freshmen class ' 'IEW if 15.4 Q .2 - if 4 L A1 1.,,,w: QM ,,,, .F ,k,, .V:..m.., ,,' -f im, f' - ' H? 4:53 , 'fig ' Hwl'3' W'fT il ,tim Qwlxkaf- possessing a salesgirl spirit. . . nipping pennies from homeroom classmates. . . collecting ad payments from local businesses . . deciding on a unique name choosing a different setting for picture . . . remembering your homeroom as it was . . . patronizing businesses. . . supporting your school . ads '72, su , Q 6 W4 N 4 .Al - The 1973 Hermitage Try It- You'II Like It W., a rig' D Roy's Roto-Rooters KeIly's L and M's B0hannan's Babies Evan's Eager Beavers Mc:Naughton's Noodles Long's Shorts Kemp's Kookie Kolonels Crespds Chickadees C0x's Cozy Corners ConneII's Cantankerous Clique 6 il .lj Q W? ' -.v 1 ' 11 ' "fl I 5 if V ... ,, 4455 P f TV ,W fy ' X 5: df jiroveds juveniles WMM!! ,gf Lgi, " 7, 1 ,Mya J .UI ura's Mothballs 'BWP GuiIIot's Gang jones' junkies Arceneaux's Aristocrats K Garcia's Greasers f l Dubuc s Dumb Dingbats Bearded Bums in Wiedy's Wagon Arcement's Afflictions GIover's Birdie Birds 45' Wi WiWW"' ' 1 7 ' U i 12 if -.4 lg Nunez's Ninnies Q I si Cooley's Calculus Kids l I Kelly s Klan Craft's Chefs 5 N5 gg Shumaker's Super Stars . ,M .A , Q WM. WA., ..,, fa g X . f 2 f E F s 2 Q i 2 if Newchurclfs Nit Wits s is i 5 5 1 s Abercrombie Associates Present "The Godmothern i MiddIet0n's Mighty Mice C.O.E.-front row: S. Faust, K, Fos, B. Beard, 1. Decker, C. Papania, P. Shields, P. Miller, M. Prechter, S. Childress, L. Vucich, S. Tims. 2nd row: E. jarreli, Mrs. B. Trumbaturi, S. Kelly D. Nettles, L. Pomiff, C Zwicke, M. Falgout S Dear G. Lubrano Fourqurean's Forkels C.0.E. Unempioyables A51 1? TisdaIe's Teddy Bears Cazaubon's Cafeteria Crumbs Q A Suyek Super Senkms Cawh Kooks + 572. .. 'fifff 5e17iM'i'St1.7 IngargioIa's Inchvvorms Ken's Barbie Dolls "Smith's Svvifts" Shorthand II 1154, W 'WU' :VA-ag-fl , .. V. 1 ' :fri V v ' ,f ,' ' .. . , QNX! f if J i Jlrxr g lg wfgvww . mfg, 'Eff'-"I af' 4 I I Q. fx? J ,Y ,T 1.1 gg its HQ ,ef fa 4 1 1 R. M. J' ' fx m I ' gd WM ' x fi . I R Scott's Scouts Melanie-3's Meatheads 1 .- f fe Q ,,,, is x 7 T .i , Peggy's Pyramid . I M -Mg 1' , w . fx 1 fr Rf. k k K' ,, k we U ,Kw. 'YW SAA' 4 w , Q4 Q. .f f - 4 an ff Q Schroeder's Sporters Patty's Peppermints Say When You're Hot, You're Hot! Linda's Little Ladies StoII's Patrol Richardson's Raving Beauties Francis' Far Gut Freaks Francinques Forkel Family johnson's Babies The Smith Family W4 Distributive Education Heaton's Hillbillies jackson journal 1972 jackson journal Bulls Its Way Through the Year A Music: Department X ..-gli ,.. fl Al Concert Band-fL ro Rj 1st row: N. Bourgeoisg P. Bertrandg L. Bernardp C. Chiassong L. Scaglioneg H. Culottag M. Weeseg I. Alexanderp S Stohlmang 2nd row: S. Cuevasg R. Munsterp G. Wuestp P. Fleetwoodg 1. Dorandp P. Rabalaisp D. Barcelonap D. Lawrenceg L. Riversg V. deBouchel I. Augustine: T. Heckg I. Puissegurp L. johannesseng K. McCoy. 3rd row: S. Smithg S. Valleryg C. Schutng I. Volanteg L. jennewineg A. Beaugezp B Mooreg W. Rarnirezp 1. Lacosteg K. Millerg E. lonesp 1. Clarkp 1. Ehrlicherg L. Pichong G. Freemang M. Knealep C. Culottap I. Hillg B. Westg L, Hullp S Boulliong A. Tyroneg D. Robertsg N. Heckp 1. Bozant, captain. 4th row: L. Warrenp L. Moralesp R. Addottog T. Whiteg A. Pajaresp G. McKeeverp P Caurinep B. lbieta. 5th row: M. Darocap D. Faust, co-captainp D. Nunezg D. Dupontg K. Schuleg C. Robing D. Curetg M. Deecoingp F. Sizemoreg R Casertag 1. Brouillettep B. Faustg D. Prinzp P. Riedlp P. Gervaisp K. jones, co-captaing K. Landryg G. Deublerg C. Dugasp B. Castillog R. Iones. Chorus-QL to R1 1st row: E. Seibertg K. Palmisanop C. Chappellg E. Fuselierp M. Montalbanog B. Marting S. Wallaceg C. Corleyp S. Collisonp T Kiernanp D. Goodmang D. Barnes. 2nd row: T. Kimbleg 1. Morseg L. Pardog D. Lapeyrouseg F. McKeIvy5 P. Ramirezg S. Claving L. Hickrnang M Howardg L. McCurIeyg D. Kethelp N. Alphonso. 3rd row: P. Brovvng S. Ronigerg S. Lafayeg P. Parkg M. Rizzutog C. Nyeg M. Dorang S. Gussonig D Carmouchep P. Deffesg L. Blackstone. 4th row: S. Fosg L. Smithp K. Prattg L. Duckworthg M. Soroeg E. Dunlapp I. Hollardg 1. Burasg D. Bourlieap 5 Dixon. Sth row: B. Mapesg T. Rickersonp N. Leblancg 1. Deanop A. LaNasap 1. Cocop M. LaRoccag P. Ferrarag E. Melerinep M. Hulierg S. Dixon. 12 I .1 -I' . -' I H.wfQsf,. lus 7...i The Roman Road All have sinned and fall short of God's glorious ideal. Roman's 3:23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through lesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23 But God showed His great love for us by sending Christ to die for us. Romans 6:23 For if you tell others with your own mouth that jesus Christ is your Lord, and believe in your own heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in his heart that a man be- comes right with God, and with his mouth he tells others of his faith confirming his salvation. Youth For Christ Campus Life Club is an international organization represented in high schools and colleges by all denominations. YFC helps students develop a complete balanced life by emphasizing not only the spiritutal, but also the mental, physical and social sides of life. In addition to the meetings at school, there are Youth Rallies every Saturday night at 4530 S. Clai- borne Avenue, where all the clubs and the public Romans 10:9,10 Taken from the Reach Out version of the Living New Testament. meet together. The club here at Al is open to all stu- dents the year round. Nothing is required for member- ship, you simply attend meetings once a week after school. The meetings' programs consist of guest speakers tadults and youthl, movies, discussions, skits and rap sessions. Throughout the year there are also pizza parties, hayrides, ice-cream parties and singspirations. my k... 171 it 26? a, 'tri f"'g 'yr' Hg. hwripwfis f , fg. :"w,z' F lj Ju jg Poplin's Pajama Part Suburban Fashions Suburban Young Fashions, in Vil- lage Square carries a complete line of fashions for infants through young juniors. You can find fine se- lection from jeans to formal wear in the young junior dept. Name brands and personal service-our marks of distinction. Open 9-6, Mon.-Sat. Thursday till 8 P.M. Al girls enjoy Suburban Young Fashions. Belle and Beau Located in Village Square Shop- ping Center at 8819 W. ldge. Perez Drive, 279-8400, Belle and Beau is owned and operated by Earl and Lou Desselles who strive to bring you the finest in up-to-date sports- wear at reasonable prices. Open Monday-Saturday. Connie Suprean shops at Belle and Beau. 247 Darrell de Moss Darrell de Moss photographers help Al girls recall all of their happy and sad times at Aj through the fine photos supplied for the Her- mitage and taken at proms and graduation. Whenever you have a special picture to be taken, either of your wedding, baby or any other portraiture work, turn to Darrell de Moss first. Darrell de Moss is Io- cated in Village Square, at 8917 W. judge Perez Drive. Phone-279- 4440. BankAmericard is welcome. Dooney Weaver, photographer, is available to do any photography work which you might need. Yvonne Schifferstein at Darrell de Moss Stu dios is always ready to assist you in your pho tography needs. 248 Shirley's Fabrics To be assured of the latest fash- ions, shop at the conveniently lo- cated Shirley's Fabric Shop. There you will find a large selection of materials, trims, beading, and fab- rics for the entire bridal party. For the look of today, sew it yourself and consider Shirley's Fabric Cen- ter FIRST. Shirley's is located in Vil- lage Square at 9077 W. ldge. Perez Dr. Phone 279-9995. Shop ShirIey's for the best in fabrics. Wright's Fabrics Wright's Fabrics carries fabrics of every type and texture. All leading fabric names-all first quality fab- rics. Stop in soon and let their ex- pert staff help you plan anything from a Christening dress to a Wed- ding gown. Patterns from Vogue, Butterick, McCall and Simplicity. Large selection of buttons and no- tions. Store hours: Mon. thru Sat., 9AM to 5:45 PM. Wright's Fabrics, 6721 St. Claude Ave., 279-4782. Mary Boos enjoys the service at Wright's. Cantu Acceptance Cantu Acceptance Corporation, 208 W. judge Perez Drive has money available for all your money needs tpersonal-loans, vacation, home-repairs, furniture, consoli- dation, etc.j. Locally owned and operated. Mon. thru Fri., 9-5:30. Phone 279-7457. Ken Cantu, owner-manager, and Coreen Beau- coudray, assistant manager, are always ready to give you Cantu's half-hour service. 249 Dauterive and Trist Insurance Henry Schlorff and Vic Dauterive stand ready to help you with all your insurance needs. Formally Werhan lns. Agcy., Dauterive and Trist Insurance Agency is the oldest, independent agency in St. Bernard. Vic Daute- rive and Henry Schlorff can offer you complete protection by writing all forms of insurance. D and T is in the Trist Bldg. at 7007 St. Claude Ave. in Arabi. Phone 271-6291 or 271-3000. The Goodyear Service Store, lo- cated at 7429 St. Bernard Hwy. in Arabi, can repair and service your car's brakes, air-conditioning, muf- fler, shock absorbers or front end. For reasonable prices, girls, and service you can trust, have your car tuned up at the Goodyear Service Store, home of the Polysteel. Douglas Wilson, manager, can offer you the best in tires and service at the Goodyear Serv- ice Store. ontelaro Real Estate Richard Montelaro can assist you with any real estate or general con- tracting needs. His office is con- veniently located at 617 W. judge Perez Dr., 201 Randazzo Bldg. in Chalmette. Phone 279-5427. Lana Vucich, C.O.E. student gives customers the friendly service you'll receive at Monte laro's Real Estate. Goodyear Service Store On hand with a new school calendar for 1972-73, Mr. Bob La Rue, representative of lack Petty Graduate Supply conveys Mr. Petty's congratulations to Mrs. Dagro and faculty for the fine job they are doing. lack Petty Graduate Supply House 4164 Canal 482-5767 Graduate Supply House supplies Andrew jackson with the fine Herff jones Senior rings and the plagues, trophies and medals presented during the school year. Graduate Supply is affiliated with Paragon Press, printer of the Al Hermitage. Al is always grateful to Graduate Supply for their year- round assistance. Graduate Suppl House Louisiana Power and Light QUALIFIED .......................................... Qualified is the key word in today's highly competitive society. And behind that, of course, is educa- tion. So, congratulations on earning a most important diploma. Your skills and capabilities can help shape a greater America. From your friends and neighbors at LOUISIANA POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY "Helping Build Louisiana" Melanie Horner visits the LPSIL building on Paris Road in Chalmette. 251 Oscar's jewelry Oscar's, the only jewelry store in Village Square, is the sole dis- tributor of Gold Lance class rings in the parish. Visit Oscar's and see the large selection of unigue class rings which you can order in Sep- tember and have in time for Ring Day. Oscar's carries gifts for all oc- cassions ffree gift-wrap and deliv- ery anywhere in St. Bernardj and handles expert jewelry repair. 8737 W. ldge. Perez Dr. Phone: 271-1645 r. Louie's Hobby Shop For all your lapidary, craft, and art supplies visit Mr. Louie's Hobby Shop at 812 W. judge Perez Drive in Chalmette. Phone: 279-0996 for any information on supplies for hobbies, projects, handicrafts, etc. See Mr. Louie's for the best in art supplies. 252 Oscar and Belle LaHoste, owners, display the class ring which you should buy. Ponseti's Shoes Visit P0nseti's Shoe Store in Village Square Shopping Center where you can find the latest in shoe fash- ions. Ponseti's features Miss Amer- ica and Swingers shoes for ladies. Ponseti's Shoes. 8705 W. ldge. Perez Drive. Carol Nicholson finds all her shoe fashions at Ponseti's Shoe Store. Faculty Directory MISS IEANNETTE ABADIE-B.S., Louisiana State University, M.E., Loyola University. Counselor. MRS. CHERYLYNN ABERCROMBIE-B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University. Social Studies. MRS. GLORIA ARCEMENT-B.S., Loyola. Science. MR. ROBERT ARCENEAUX-B.A., South- eastern Louisiana University. Social Studies. MR. CHARLES BEARD-B.S., Univeristy of Southern Mississippi. Social Studies. MR. IERRY BOHANAN-B.A., Oklahoma State University, M.S., Loyola University. Science. MRS. ROSALIE BOUDREAUX-B.A., Loyola University. Social Studies MISS BARBARA BURTON-B.S., M.E., Uni- versity of Southwestern Louisiana. Math. MRS. MELANIE CAREVICH-B.A., South- eastern Louisiana University. English. MRS. MILDRED CARR-B.A., Dillard Uni- versity. Physical Education. MR. RICHARD CARRONE-B.S., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Driver's Education. MISS KATHY CAZAUBON-B.S., University of Southwestern Louisiana. Science. MRS. PATRICIA CHANDLER-B.A., South- eastern Louisiana University. English. MRS. MYRTLE CLARK-B.A., M.Ed., Univer- sity of Mississippi. Librarian. Library Club. MISS SUSAN MARIE CONNELL-B.A., Loui- siana State University, New Orleans. Social Studies. MISS GRACE COOLEY-B.A., M.Ed., Nich- olls State University. Math. MRS. PATSY COX-B.A., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Math. MRS. CAROLON CRAFT-B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. Home Economics. F.H.A. MISS DIANE CRESPO-B.A., St. Mary's Do- minican College, M.A., Loyola. Social Studies. MRS. SHIRLEY DAGRO-B.A., St. Mary's Dominican College, M.Ed., Louisiana State University. Assistant Principal. MISS IANET deBRUEYS-B.S., University of Southwestern Louisiana. Math. Math Club, Equations Team. MRS. LOUISE DESSELLE-B.S., University of Southwestern Louisiana, M.Ed., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Counselor. Beta Club. MISS MARGO DUBUC-B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University, M.Ed., Loyola Univer- sity. Physical Education. Drill Squad. MRS. BETTY EGEDY-B.S., Louisiana State University, M.R.E., Southern Baptist Theo- logical Seminary. Chariman, English Dept. English. Yearbook. MRS. DOROTHY IANE EVANS-B.S., M.S., Louisiana Tech University. Home Econlmics. MRS. GERTRUDE FORET-B.S., Louisiana State University. Chairman, Science Dept. FNA. MISS SANDRA SUE FOURQUREAN-B.A., Newcomb College. Social Studies. MRS. MARY FRANCINQUES-B.A., South- eastern Louisiana University. Business. FBLA. MISS CAROL FRANCIS-B.S., Louisiana State University, M.Ed., Loyola. Chairman, Math Dept. Math. FTA. MRS. ERIN FRINK-B.A., Newcomb Col- lege, Tulane University. Librarian. Library Club. MRS. BARBARA GARCIA-B.S., Madison College, M.R.E., New Orleans Baptist Theo- logical Seminary, M.A.T., Tulane University. Chairman, Foreign Language Dept., Spanish. MISS LYNN GELPI-B.M.E., Loyola Univer- sity, M.M.Ed., Southeastern Louisiana Uni- versity. Chairman, Music Dept. Instrumental and Vocal Music. Band and Chorus. MRS. RUBY GLOVER-B.A., Baylor Univer- sity. Math. MISS CATHERINE GODWIN-B.A., Loui- siana State University, New Orleans. Social Studies. Civics Club. MRS. SHARON HALL-B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University. Co-Chairman, Business Dept. Business. MISS IANET HARTT-B.S., Southeastern Louisiana University. Home Economics. FHA. MISS PAMELA HEATON-B.S., Louisiana State University. Social Studies. MRS. LINDA I-IYMEL-B.A., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Business. FBLA. MRS. IANET INGARGIOLA-B.S., Loyola University. English. MRS. CAROL IEANDRON-B.A., New- comb College. English. Prep Quiz Bowl. Yearbook. MRS. KATHLEEN IIROVEC-B.A., South- eastern Louisiana University, M.Ed., Loui- siana State University, New Orleans. Physi- cal Education. Majorettes. MRS. MARY IOHNSON-B.S., Texas Wornen's University. Home Economics, Sci- ence. FHA. MRS. CAROLYN IONES-B.A., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. English. MR. LOUIS EDWIN KELLY III-B.S., North- western State University, M.S., Louisiana State University. Math. MISS GEORGIA KELLY-B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University. Physical Education. Red Cross. MRS. LYNN KELTY-B.S., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Science. MRS. MARILYN KEMP-B.A., Southwestern Louisiana University. English. MRS. MARILYN KIMBALL-B.A., Louisiana State University, New Orleans, M.Ed., Loyola. Counselor. MRS. MARY IO KING-B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. Home Economics. FHA. MRS. IUANITA LABORDE-B.S., South- western Louisiana University. Science. MR. NOLAN LADNER-B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. Driver Education. MRS. KERI LAGARDE-B.S., Loyola Univer- sity. English, journalism. MRS. IO ANN LAING-B.S., Northeast Loui- siana State University. Home Economics. FHA. MRS. EMMA LAWS-B.A., Louisiana Col- lege. Latin. MISS LINDA LANDRUM-B.A., Mississippi State University, M.A.T., Tulane University. Art. MRS. CLAIRE LANDRY-B.S., Louisiana State University, M.Ed., Loyola University. Counselor. Student Council. MRS. PEGGY MAYFIELD-B.S., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Science. MR. NORMAN McKAY-B.S., University of Southern Mississippi, M.Ed., Loyola. Business. MISS SUSAN McNAUGHTON-B.S., Loui- siana State University, New Orleans. Math. MISS CATHERINE MIDDLETON-B.A., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. English. MISS CLEOPATRA MORAN-B.S., Univer- sity of Southern Mississippi. Physical Educa- tion. Officials. MRS. COLLEEN MURA-B.S., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Math. MISS LINDA NEWCHURCH-B.S., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Physical Education. MRS. CARRIE NOBILE-B.A., Greensboro College. English. MRS. SUSIE NORSWORTHY-B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University. English. MRS. CAROL NUNEZ-B.S., Loyola. Science. MRS. BRENDA POPLIN-B.A., Campbell College. English. MRS. DORA RICHARDSON-B.S., Southern University, Baton Rouge. Business. MR. KEN ROBERTS-B.S., M.Ed., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Math. Stu- dent Council. MRS. CHARLENE ROY-B.A., Louisiana State University. Business. MR. GEORGE SCHLORFF-B.S., M.Ed., Southwestern Louisiana University. Com- puter Science. MISS DEBORAH SCHROEDER-B.A., Loui- siana State University, New Orleans. English. Yearbook. MRS. ROSE SCOTT-B.S., Northwestern State University. Physical Education. GAA, Softball. MR. EDGAR SHERRILL-B.A., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. English. lack- son Iournal. MRS. VIRGINIA SHUMAKER-B.S., Mis- sissippi College. Chairman, Art Dept. Art. YFC. MRS. CARMEN SMITH-B.S., University of Tennessee. Business. MR. HENRY SMITH-B.A., Southeastern Louisiana University. Chairman, Social Stud- ies Dept. Social Studies. MISS CAROL STOLL-B.S., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. Business. MRS. CHARLOTTE TISDALE-B.A., South- eastern Louisiana University. Business. MRS. BARBARA TRUMBATURI-B.S., Loui- siana State University. Business. Yearbook, FBLA. MISS PATRICIA ULLRICH-B.S., Louisiana State University, New Orleans. French. French Club. MRS. ELLEN WALKER-B.S., M.S., University of Southern Mississippi. Chairman, Physical Education Dept. GAA, Softball. MISS DIANE WALTHER-B.S., Southeastern Louisiana University, M.Ed., Loyola Univer- sity. Co-Chairman, Physical Education Dept. Physical Education. Charmers. MRS. PATTY WILLIAMS-B.S., University of Southern Mississippi. Chairman, Home Eco- nomics Dept. Home Economics. FHA. MISS BETTY ZIMMERMAN -B.S., M.Ed., Loyola University. Principal. General I ndex Abadie, Charmaine, 178 Abadie, Miss leannette, 31, 126, 253 Abdo, Charmaine, 217 Abdo, Shirley, 138 Abercrombie's Homeroom, 232 Abercrombie, Mrs. Cherylnn, 95, 132, 253 Abney, Gaynel, 178 Acosta, Cheryl, 138 Adams, Pam, 29, 138 Adams, Stephanie, 178 Adcock, Deborah, 51, 198 Adcock, Patricia, 162 Addotto, Rita, 138, 245 Adolph, Rita, 162 Agnelly, Delila, 178 Aguiluz, Camilla, 162 Aguiluz, Michelle, 178 Akins, Karen, 198 Albe, Ann, 73, 178 Alberado, Kathy, 198 Alberti, Nanette, 39, 71, 79, 198 Alberts, Donna, 198 Alberts, Patricia, 178 Albrecht, Cindy, 198 Aleman, Donna, 65, 178 Alexander, loAnn, 68, 138, 245 Alexis, Cheryl, 49, 52, 53, 73, 138, 263 Alfonso, Betty, 46, 138 Alfonso, Debbie, 178 Alford, Peggy, 162 Allain, Lauren, 65 Almario, Cynthia, 198 Almario, Natalia, 138 Alphonse, Angelina, 198, 245 Alphonso, Deborah, 116, 138 Allo, Stenni, 178 Amato, Karen, 138 Amrein, Laura, 138 Anden, Arlene, 138 Andre, Doris, 198 Andrus, Debra, 178 Angelo, Rosemaire, 65, 198 Anglada, Cynthia, 47, 162 Anglada, Elizabeth, 47, 88, 89, 178 Anglada, Susan, 46, 47, 198 Antoine, Ann, 198 April, Melanie, 43, 162 Aquilo, Ann Marie, 178 Aquilo, Mary Lou, 29, 138 Arcement, Debra, 162 Arcement, Dianne, 178 Arcement, Donna, 162 Arcement, Mrs. Gloria, 135, 253 Arcement's Homeroom, 228 Arceneaux, Mr. Robert, 99, 101, 133, 253 Arceneaux's Homeroom, 227 Argiz, Brenda, 198 Argiz, Glenda, 198 Argiz, Kathy, 198 Armstrong, Loren, 198 Arnold, Debra, 90, 117, 138 Arostegui, Cheryl, 61, 162 Arsenaux, Dianne, 46, 138 Art Club, 57 Art Department, 20, 21 Arthur, Sharon, 50, 57, 63, 64, 91, 178 Artigue, Reba, 198 Artigue, Connie, 197 Artigues, Lynnel, 178 Aucoin, Charlene, 162 254 Augustin, Carol, 29, 138 Augustin, lean, 79, 178, 245 Austin, Peggy, 64, 162 Awards Day, 100, 101 Babin, Cyndi, 47, 61, 87, 116, 117, 120, 162 Bachemin, Lori, 198 Baggett, Kathleen, 178 Baham, Aimee, 162 Baiamonte, Carol, 65, 139 Bailey, Audrey, 178 Bailey, Emley, 146, 162 Band 66, 67 Band, Charmers, Drill Squad, Majorettes Banquet, 92, 93 Banks, Lucille, 190 Barattini, Vee, 198 Barbe, Patricia, 198 Barberot, Deborah, 54, 178 Barcelona, Diana, 53, 61, 74, 78, 84, 92, 162, 245 Barcia, Carol, 88, 163 Barcia, Karen, 198 Barfield, Patti, 198 Barnes, Debbie, 51, 69, 139, 245 Barnes, Karen, 53, 55, 65, 73, 163 Barras, Debra, 178 Barras, Lois, 198 Bartholomae, Loretta, 73, 178 Basile, Cathy, 178 Bauer, lacqueline 56, 198 Bauer, Terry, 217 Baughman, Lilly, 178 Baumy, loanne, 198 Bautista, Sheliah, 163 Bayard, Tammy, 198 Beal, Cynthia, 163 Beale, Stephanie, 198 Beard, Brenda, 139, 233 Beard, Karen, 178 Beard's Homeroom, 228 Beard, Mr. Charles, 135, 253 Beau, Lilia, 198 Beaugez, Christine, 90, 198, 245 Becker, Mary Kay, 163 Becknel, Mary Anne, 178 Bell, Debbie, 139 Bellande, Susan, 53, 64, 73, 163 Belle and Beau, 247 Bellina, Bernie, 46, 163 Benezech, Shirley, 64, 178 Benfatti, Carmella, 199 Berger, Mary, 163 Bernard, lohnette, 178 Bernard, julie, 177 Bernard, Leslie, 79, 199, 245 Bersuder, Caren, 178 Bersuder, Cindy, 159 Bertaut, Leslie, 199 Berthelot, Marie, 161 Berthold, Manette, 199 Bertrand, 46, 53, 74, 163, 245 Besson, Fran, 139 Besson, Shirley, 178 Beta Club, 52, 53 Bethea, Karen, 163 Betz, Sheila, 43, 163 Beucler, Darlene, 61, 79, 179 Bickford, Rosemary, 54, 57, 64, 99, 139 Bienvenu, Elaine, 163 Billedeau, Norma, 139 Bigelow, Linda, 179 Birdsall, Shirley, 197 Bivona, Charlene, 139 Bivona, Eileen, 179 Black, Helen, 179 Black, Regina, 60, 199 Blackburn, Cheryl, 179 Blackburn, Donna, 163 Blackstone, Lynette, 33, 139, 245 Blanchard, Rhonda, 46, 57, I79 Blanco, Debbie, 179 Blanco, Kathleen, 179 Boasso, Carol, 139 Bocage, Charmaine, 65, 199 Bodden, Mrs. Laura, 125 Boe, Deborah, 177 Boe, Lorrie, 163 Bohannan's Babies, 221 Bohannan, Mr. lerry Boihem, Sandy, 179 Bolleter, Denise, 199 Bolton, Karen, 60, 199 Bond, Elizabeth, 43, 64, 74, 75, 78, 137, 139 Bondi, lean, 179 Bondi, Lisa, 163 Bonis, Kim, 199 Boos, Mary, 163, 249 Boos, Bopp, Mr. George l., 124 Belinda, 139 Bordelon, Bonnie, 46, 199 Bordelon, Debbie, 179 Bordelon, Iudy, 179 Bordelon, Regina, 79, 163 Borne, ludith, 199 Borne, Vicki, 29, 52, 55, l39 Boss, Donna, 53, 73, 163 Bossenmeyer, Karen, 197 Bouanchaud, Karen, 139 Boucher, Charlene, 179 Bouchereau, Marguerite, 199 Bouchoux, Anna, 30, 58, 78, 137, 139 Boudreaux, Beverly, 177 Boudreaux, Cindy, 65, 74, 163, 168 Boudreaux, ludy, 217 Bourdreaux, Mrs. Rosalie, 133, 253 Bullion, Sheila, 68, 140, 245 Bourdeu, Denise, 64, 73, 163 Bourg, Beverly, 199 Bourgeois, Clara, 179 Bourgeois, Nona, 53, 163, 245 Bourgeois, Susan 64, 73, 179 Bourliea, Deborah, 140, 245 Boushiea, loan, 38, 56, 60, 199, 211 Boushie, Suzanne, 73, 92, 102, 103, 140 Bowers, loni, 199 Bowers, Phyllis, 180 Bowling, Angela, 180 Bozant, Cheryl, 200 Bozant, Io Ellen, 68, 140, 245 Bruder, Mary, 78, 163 l Branden, Cynthia, 200 Brannon, Deborah, 70, 71, 163 Brayman, Cora, 54, 180 Brayman, Elizabeth, 163 Breaud, Cheryl, 63, 140 Breaux, janet, 140 Breiteinbach, Carolyn, 140 Brezniak, Mary, 200 Briere, Deborah, 180 Brisset, Rosalinde, 180 Broadbridge, Glenda, 140 Brock, Cathy, 180 Brockhaus, Denise, 117, 140 Broggi, judy, 140 Broome, Michele, 56, 180 Broome, Sherry, 180 Brossette, Lynette, 46, 50, 51, 57, 180 Brossette, Patty, 180 Brossette, Paula, 140 Brossette, Phyllis, 200 Brouillete, Celeste, 200 Brouillette, jeanne, 21, 90, 140, 245 Brouillete, Myra, 200 Broussard, Elaine, 47, 200 Broussard, Rebecca Sue, 161 Brown, Audrey, 29, 140 Brown, Barbara, 163 Brown, Cheryl, 200 Brown, Gwen, 163 Brown, janet, 180 Brown, Patricia Ann, 140 Browning, Kathy, 177 Bruder, jan, 47, 53, 61, 111, 113, 114, 163 Brue, Lynn, 46, 64, 163 Brugier, Bonnie, 200 Brugier, Sharon, 65, 180 Brunies, Darlene, 163 Campbell, Donna, 180 Campbell, Sandra, 164 Campiere, Patty, 53, 164 Campiere, Sharon, 164 Cancienne, Deborah, 161 Cancienne, Denise, 161 Canepa, Vickie, 180 Cangelosi, Elizabeth, 200 Cannon, Marleen, 54, 55, 164 Cantu Acceptance Corp., 249 Capone, Vicki, 53, 63, 73, 164 Carambat, Victoria, 56, 57, 200 Cardaro, Vicky, 164 Cardella, Donna, 180 Carderara, Edmay, 141 Carevich, Mrs. Melanie, 134, 253, Carevich's Homeroom, 237 Cargo, Denese, 164 Carlini, Gina, 197 Carlisle, Mary, 200 Carman, Margaret, 200 Carmouche, Danielle, 141, 245 Caron, Cindy, 164 Caron, Susan, 200 Caronia, Lorraine, 180 Carr, Mrs. Mildred, 128, 253 Carrasquillo, Betty, 200 Carreras, Patricia, 200 Carrone, Mr. Richard, 253 Carr's Homeroom, 235 Carter, Debbie, 177 Carter, Diane, 164 Carter, Mrs. Dolores, 135, 253 Carter's Homeroom, 214 Childress, Sandi, 142, 233 Chittenden, Cassandra, 201 Choina, Donna, 142 Choina, julie, 142 Choina, Robin, 142 Choina, Susan, 201 Chorus, 66, 67 Cascio, Pamela, Caserta, Roslyn Castaing, Libby, Castaing, Linda, Castillo, Brenda, 47,60,110,119,141 Ann, 51, 141, 245 63, 180 200 60, 200, 245 Bryant, Barbara, 46, 163 Bryant, Na ncy, 140 Bryant, Pamela, 200 Bryant, Robin Andrel 140 Bryant, Shi rley, 164 Buckel, Sharon, 141 Bull, Helena, 52, 55, 56, 60, 65, 7 Buras, Brenda, 141, 263 Buras, julie, 141, 245 Burghout, julie, 200 Burgner, Debra, 47, 141 Burkert, Beverly, 57, 61, 180 Burns, Mary Ann, 73, 164 Burtchaell, Donna, 200 Burtchaell, Kathy, 200 Burton, Debra, 200 Burton, Miss Barbara, 135, 253 Burton, Rena, 217 Business Department, 28, 29 Butler, Lydia, 200 Buuck, Ingrid, 58, 65, 73, 141 Buuck, Michelle, 180 Byrd, Anita, 164 Byrnes, judy, 56, 141 Cabirac, Dana, 200 Cadman, Gwendolyn, 180 Cadwell, joanne, 151, 200 Calamia, Maria, 73, 180 Calato, Sharon, 150, 180 Callais, Mr. Calvin, 124 Callegan, Colleen, 73, 180 Cambas, Cathy, 150, 180 Cambas, Donna, 200 Camhout, Pamela, 99, 141 Camp, joyce, 164 0, 71, 78,141 Campagna, Mrs. Sharon, 126, 134 Castillo, Donna, 57, 180 Castillo, Luane, 141 Castro, Sandra, 164 Castro, Terri, 200 Cassou, Cheryl, 180 Catalano, Belinda, 63, 164 Catalano, Debra, 200 Catton, Laurie, 61, 79, 180 Catton, Lisa, 60, 63, 77, 141 Cazalot, Sandra, 141 Cazaubon, jill, 39, 71, 200 Cazaubon, joyce, 46, 73, 141 Cazaubon's Homeroom, 234 Cazaubon, Miss Kathy, 135, 253 Celino, Milene, 56, 142 Chachati, Eretta, 142 Chambers, Sharon, 180 Chambon, Patricia, 201 Champagne, Sharon, 142 Chandler, Mrs. Patricia, 134, 253 Chanove, Mrs. Mary, 127 Chaplain, Agnes, 165 Charmers, 70, 71 Chappell, Cynthia, 142, 245 Chase, judy, 201 Chase, Le Anne, 201 Chauppetta, Kathy, 177 Chauppetta, Sandra, 201 Chauppette, judith, 201 Chausey, Patricia, 142 Chaussy, Peggy, 142 Chauvin, Monica, 201 Cheerleaders, 74, 75 Chestnut, Linda, 180 Chiasson, Carol, 165, 245 Chiasson, Lynne, 165 Christiansen, Alice, 74, 142 Ciaccio, jo Ann, 13, 73, 165 Ciaccio, Lynn, 201 Cimo, Tyese, 64, 165 Ciolino, Donna, 22, 50, 64 Civello, Mary, 201 Civics Club, 46 Clair, Karen, 53, 64, 73, 165 Clark, Fran, 64, 165 Clark, janet, 201, 245 Clark, Kathy, 201 Clark, Mrs. Myrtle, 47, 127, 253 Clavin, Sandra, 201 Clavin, Susan, 165, 245 Clay, Corrine, 201 Clay, Nanny, 201 Clement, Cathy, 142 Clement, Karen, 181 Clements, jody, 217 Clogher, Nancy, 165 Coco, juanita, 65, 69, 142, 245 Code, Ann, 165 C O E 28, 233 Code, Eileen, 46, 181 Coleman, Debra, 181 Coleman, Dianne 202 Coleman, Mary, 202 Coleman, Rita, 177 Coles, Patricia, 29, 64, 78, 142 Collison, Susan, 58, 63, 68, 69, 90, Colombo, joanna, 202 Colombo, josephine, 142 Colombo, Sherie, 79, 202 Colombo, Vickie, 53, 55, 64, 165 Connell, Kathleen, 60, 202 Connell's Homeroom, 224 Connell, Miss Susan, 14, 132, 253 Conner, Roxanne, 181 Constance, Dianna, 51, 181 Cook, Lucindy, 46, 50, 202 Cooley, Sandra, 165 Cooley's Homeroom, 230 Cooley, Miss Grace, 131, 253 Cooper, Denise, 50, 61, 181 142, 245 Corley, Carolyn, 33, 53, 65, 69, 165, 245 Corne, Lisa, 65, 73, 165 Corne, Lynn, 2, 53, 55, 165 Corso, Daffney Costanza, jacqueline, 29, 143 Cotogno, Cheri, 65, 202 Counselors, 30, 31 Courtney, Cynthia, 165 Courville, Pollie, 143 Couture, Karen, 202 Couture, Lori, 181 Couvillion, Annette, 56, 61, 71, 181 Couvillion, Frances, 50, 181 Couvillion, Gwendolyn, 202 Couvillon, Sandra, 29, 46, 143 Covaceyich, janet, 161 Covaceyich, Linda, 217 Cox, Cox, Cox Cox Brenda, 56, 64, 143 Mrs. Patsy, 131, 253 , Sandra, 143 , Susie, 63, 64, 179, 181 Cox's Homeroom, 224 Craft's Homeroom, 230 Craft, Mrs. Carolon, 46, 119, 135, 253 255 Creel, Cynthia, 202 Crespo, Deborah, 181 Crespo's Homeroom, 224 Crespo, Miss Diane, 132, 253 Crifasi, Karen, 50, 181 Crifasi, Sheri, 202 Delgado, Marie, 177 Delhomme, Suzanne, 182 DeLivaudais, Paula, 47, 61, 110, 111, 166 DeLivaudais, Thomasa, 47,61, 110, '11 1, 113, 114, 166 Dendinger, Karen, 182 Crifasi, Susan, 165 Crocker, Susan, 165 Crumhorn, Connie, 143 Cruz, Theresa, 165 Cucchero, Lisa, 52, 55, 72, 73, 143 Cuevas, Sheila, 56, 93, 143, 245 Culotta, Carla, 60, 79, 202, 245 Culotta, Helayne, 53, 55, 56, 73, 78, 165, 245 Cure, Debra, 46, 60, 112, 120, 202 Curet, Doreen, 202, 245 Durtis, Donna, 64, 73, 181 Cusic, Cora, 64, 143 Cusimano, Phyllis, 202 Cutrer, Diana, 165 Cutrer, Sharon, 49, 53, 55, 56, 73, 162, 165, 263 Dagro, Mrs. Shirley, 100, 103, 263 Dahlgreen, Kathy, 202, 205 Daigle, Brenda, 202 Daigle, Robin, 46, 202 Daigle, Susan, 65, 202 Daigrepont, Darlene, 165 Daigrepont, Donna, 202, 63 Daigrepont, Karen, '165 Dalton, Donna, 202 Danko, Barbara, 181 Danna, Virginia, 202 Dannemann, Laurie, 65, 202 Daquana, Roxana, 165 Daray, lacqueline, 202 Daroca, Mary, 143, 245 Darrell deMoss, 248 Daspit, Rhonda, 202 Dauterive, Betty, 182 125, 251, 253 DeRose, jill, 56, 63, 203 Descant, Cathy, 166 Desplas, Katherine, 182 Desselle, Carol, 182 Desselle, Mrs. Louise, 31, 52, 126, 253 Deubler, Gwendolyn, 46, 182, 245 Devany, Kathleen, 144 DeVun, Kim 20, 166 Dichiara, Deborah, 144 Dieck, Kim, 44, 203 Dieudonne, Cathy, 161 DiGiova DiFatta, Dill, Kat nni, ludy, '144 Susan, 166 herine, 182 Dillion, Cindy, 203 DiMaggio, Patricia, '182 Dinapolis, Brenda, 16, 18, 56, 63, 73, 182 DiPadova, Mary, 73, 182 Dirmann, lanice, 65, '182 Dirmann, ludy, 40, 52, 55, 72, 73, '144 Dison, E meldia, 182 Distributive Education, 29, 243 Dixon, Cheryl, 203 Dixon, Sandra, 166, 245 Dixon, Susette, 53, 166, 245 Doar, la net, 19, 166 Dodd, Deborah, 71, 166 Doescher, Denise, 94, 166 Doescher, ludy, 182 Dolese, Lynn, 203 Domingo, Eileen, 166 Domingo, Sharon, 144 Dominici, Dani, '182 Dominici, Dawn, 144 Dominick, Pat, 144 Domino, Susan, 166 Dupas, Sandra, 50, 57, 73, 167 Duplaa, Darlene, '182 Duplessis, Denise, 182 Dupont, Deborah, 144, 245 Dupuy, Carol, 167 Durel, Therese, 203 Durel, Wendy, 182 Durio, Colette, 145 Dutruch, Denise, 203 Dutzy, Wanda, 167 Duvall, Darla, 204 Duvieilh, Debra, '145 Duvieilh, ludy, 56, 182 Dyess, Lois, 116, 204 Easley, Miriam, 63, '182 Easley, Patricia, 182 Eaton, lean, 167 Eddlestone, Melanie, 183 Edgecombe, lulie, 65, 145 Edwards, Elaine, 29, '145 Egedy, Miss Carol, 263 Egedy, Mrs. Betty, 49, 101, 134, 253, 263 Ehrlicher, lane, 217, 245 Eisenbraun, Gail, 204 Eisenbraun, Gina, 204 Eisenbraun, Gloria, 56, 183 Eiserloh, Dawn, 183 Ellis, Debbie, 167 Ellis, Denese, 94, 167 Emerick, Ava, 167 Emerick, Pamela, 183 Engelhardt, luanita, 183 Englande, Lorraine, 183 English, Paula, 204 Engolia, Barbara, '167 Engolia, Sheila, 204 Ernest, Paula, 183 Esposito, Mrs. Darlene, 125 Esteves, Cheryl, 42, 43, 52, 55, 78, 56, 85, 145 Etienne, Iris, 177 Etienne, Marilyn, 217 Dauterive Dauterive, Dauterive, , Cindy, 182 Cindy, '145 Denise, 57, 202 Dauterive, Leslie, 40, 53, 77, 78, 165 Dauterive Rene, 51, 202 Dauterive and Trust Insurance, 250 Dauterive, Mr. Victor 1., 124 Daverede, Lois, 202 David, Cathy, 143 Davis, Karen, 143 David, Kim, 202 Davies, Mr. joseph, 37, 124 Davis, Kristie, 165 Deano, leanne, 69, 165, 245 Dear, Sherron, 143, 233 Donnelly, Denise, 144 Donnelly, Lennel, 57, 203 Doody, Cookie, 53, 55, 61, 71, 77, 78, 86, 95, l00,111,10l,162,166 Doran, Cheryl, 203 Doran, Mary, 166, 245 Doran, Melanie, 182 Dorand, ludith, 203, 245 Dorman, Rosemary, 203 Dorman, Stephanie, '144 Douglas, Debra, 166 Dowd, Maureen, 65, 167 Downing, Patrice, 61, 74, 76, 79, 182 Doyle, Karen, 167 Drama Club, 62, 63, 76, 77 Ehtridge, Kathryn, 204, 79 Evans, Dorothy, Mrs., 134, 2 Evans' Homeroom, 221 Evans, Patricia, '167 Everhardt, Rita, 204 Fabre, Kathleen, 183 Ealgout, Mary, 145, 233 Farmer, Ann, 44, 204 Eascio, Susan, 204 ' Faucheux, Donna, 51, 183 53 Faught, Suzie, 16, 46, 61, 63, 183 Faulstich, Arlene, 145 Debate Club, 62, 63 deBouchel, Vicky, 182, 245 deBrueys, Miss janet, 55, 131, 253 Decker, Janice, 143, 233 Decoteau, Diane, 165 Drill Squad, 72, 73 Driver Education, 32 Dubos, Karen, 144 Dubos, Laura, 182 Dubos, Linda, 203 Deerey, Lynne, 143 Defies, Evelyn, 182 Deffes, locelynn, 182 Deffes, Patsy, 56, 60, 64, 144, 245 DeFraites, Barbara, 202 DeGrado, Kim, 46, 203 DeGruy, Cindy, 182 Deichmann, Ruth, 165 Deimel, Aline, 57, 182 Deimel, ludith, 64, 144 Delaney, Denise, 203, 263 Del Buono, Kathi, 161 Delgado, Delores, '144 256 Dubret, Phyllis, 54, 64, 167, 172 Dubuc, Miss Margo, 27, 128, 253 Dubuc's Homeroom, 227 Duchmann, Songa, 167 Duckworth, Linda, 78, 144, 245 Ducoing, Margaret, 203, 245 Ducombs, Lois, 55, '167 Ducote, Linda, 167 Ducote, Paula, 64, 167 Dugas, Cindy, 167, 2-15 Dugas, Claudea, 55, 68, 167 Dunham, Peggy, 144 Dunlap, Ethel, 69, 167, 245 Foret's Homeroom, 216 Faulstich, Darlene, 145 Faulstich, Loretta, 65, 183 Faulstich, Mary, 204 Faust, Amber, 183 Faust, Beverly, 204, 245 Faust, Debra, 68, 145, 245 Faust, Susan, 145, 233 Favalora, Kim, 204 Favalora, Peggy, 204 Fayard, Elaine, 46, 50, 51, 204 Felger, Chris, 183 Fergerson, Mrs. lanet, 134, 253 Fernandez, Mr, Frank, 124 Fernandez, Leslie, 204 Fernon, Lynn, 183 Ferrara, Pam, 71, 167 Ferrara, Pat, 167, 245 Ferret, Christy, 183 Ferris, Dani, 204 Fezekas, Barbara, 13, 145 Fielding, Deborah, 204 Fincher, Deborah, 184 Fiore, Kathleen, 53, 78, 167 Fiorella, Virginia, 197 Fitch, ludy, 78, 137, 145 Fitte, Ianet, 167 Flattmann, Constance, 204 Fleetwood, Kim, 204 Fleetwood, Pamela, 145, 245 Fleming, Theresa Ann, 145 Fleurichamp, Brenda, 52, 145 Flood, Karen, 204 Flores, Elizabeth, 204 Fontaine, Barbara, 65, '167 Fontenot, Judy, 145 Fontenot, Sue, '146 Ford, Monica, 88, '146 Ford, Sue, 204 Ford, Wanda, 167 Foreign Language, 18 19 Forestier, D'Neil, 167 Foret, Mrs. Gertrude, 56, 135, 253 Forrest, Cynthia, 184 Forrest, Sheila, 65, 167 Forster, Shelley, '167 Forte, Karen, 167 Fortenberry, Debbie, 204 Fos, Karen, '146, 233 Fos, Sue, 146, 245 Fossier, Vickie, 184 Foster, Donna, 197 Fourquean's Homeroom, 233 Fourqurean, Miss Sandra, 132, 253 Fradella, Elizabeth, 52, 73, 146 Fradella, Violet, 94, 167 Frame, Donna, 184 Franatovich, Sharon, 46, 116, 204 Francinques's Homeroom, 241 Francinques, Mrs. Mary, 64, 130, 253 Francis, Miss Carol, 131, 253 Francis.s Homeroom, 241 Frank, Nancy, 65, 204 Fray, Karen, 73, 168 Freeman, Gloria, 68, 146, 245 Freese, Terri, 204 French Club, 44, 65 Freshman Dance, 44 Freshman Initiation, 38, 39 Frey, Mary, 204 Fried, Debbie, 184 Fried, Rhonda, 22, 29, 146 Friedlander, Donna, 168 Frink, Mrs. Erin, 47, 127, 253 Frosina, Carol, 146 Fuselier, Evelyn, 146, 245 Fussell, Therese, 168 Future 1-lomemakers of America Club, 56 Future Nurses of America Club, 56 Future Teachers of America Club, 51 Gabriel, Candy, 146 Gaeta, Denise, 204 Gaeta, Diane, 57, 184 Gaeta, Sharon, 204 Gagliano, Iulie, 56, 63, 184 Galivan, Sharon, 53, 57, 168 Gallo, Cynthia, 79, 205 Gallois, Melodie, 197 Garcia, Mrs. Barbara, 130, 253 Garcia, Darlene, 205 Garcia's Homeroom, 227 Garitty, Debra, 46, 52, 55, 146 Garitty, Donna, 61, 116, 117, 184 Garrity, janet, 184 Gaspard, Deborah, 168 Gassen, Mary, 51, 168 Gaurine, Patricia, 177, 245 Gioia, ludith, 205 Gioia, Karen, 46, 205 Girls Athletic Association, 42, Glass, Elizabeth, 205 Gleason, Gay, 5, 147 Gleber, Linda, 205 Glover, Mrs. Ruby, 131, 253 Glover's Homeroom, 229 Glynn, Kaye, 55, 74, 168 Godwin, Miss Catherene, 46, 133 P53 Godwin, Gloria, 168 Gogarty, Debra, 205 Gonzales, Angela, 184 Gonzales, Brenda, 147 Gonzales, Penny, 197 Gonzales, Celeste, 79, 120, 18 Gonzales, Cindy, 49, 50, 53,61 263 Gonzales, Donna, 161 Gonzales, loann, 20, 147 Gonzales, Lana, 46, 205 Gonzales, Liz, 168 Gonzalez, Marlene, 29, 147 Gonzales, Sue, 29, 149 Goodman, Donna, 169, 245 Goodyear Service Store, 250 Gordy, Nancy, 51, 63, 73, 147 Gowland, lean, 147 Gowland, Iune, 184 Graduate Supply House, 251 Graduation, 104, 105 Graff, Rhonda, 205 Graffagnini, Karen, 184 Graham, Mrs. Belle, 263 Gray, Kathy, 147 Gray, Vicki, 205 Greco, Antonia, 46, 53, 64, 16 Green, Anne, 169 Green, Karen, 184 Green, Uneeta, 147 Gregoire, Cheryl, 206 Grey, Joanne, 184 Griffin, Deborah, 206 Gaurine, Tommie, 99, 146 Gauthier, Darlene, 205 Gauthier, Debbie, 73, 168 Gauthier, leannine, '184 Gauthier, julie, 205 Gautreaux, Melanie, 53, 168 Gay, Kim, 184 Gay, Robbie, 177 Gebbia, Diane, 56, 146 Geeck, lacke, 63, 184, 197 Geis, Alana, 205 Gelpi, Miss Lynn, 33, 68, 93, Generose, Paulette, '146 Genova, Gail, 146 101,129 Griffin, Dela, 184 Gritter, Emily, 206 Groh, Karen, 147, 64 Grose, Marlene, 184 Gross, Lynda, 73, 147 Gross, Melanie, 40, 73, 78, '16 Grossenbacher, Karla, 206 Guaraggi, Donna, 206 Guarino, Cheryl, 169 Guepet, Sharon, 29, 147 Guerra, Cheryl, 206 Guerra, Kay, 56, 184 Guerra, Miriam, 206 Guevara, Enriqueta, 184 Guglielmo, Eileen, 184 Genovese, Cathy, 177 George, Sharon, 53, 168 Geraci, Carmella, 197, 112 Geraci, Denise, 168, 64, 54, 55, 53 Gerken, Cindy, 184 Gervais, Charlene, 184 Gervais, Pat, '146, 245 Gex, Ianet, 147 Giglio, Blanche, 147 Giglio, Donna, 147 Gilchrist, Brenda Lee, 217 Guidry, Cynthia, 184 Guidry, Kathy, 184 Guillot, Cindy, 63, 120, '184 Guillot, cindy, 206 Guillot, Connie, 206 Guillot Guillot, , Mrs. Iudy, 134, 253 Donna, 71, 169 Guillot'si Homeroom, 226 Guillot, Kristie, 206 Guillot, Leslie, 185 Guillot, Lorna, 147 Gilchrist, Debbie, 177 Gilchrist, Donna, 184 Ginart, Deborah, 205 Gioe, Cindy, 60, 205 Gioe, Debbie, 49, 168 Gioe, losie, 184 Gullung, Becky, 185 Gunn, Gail 56, 71, 111, 162, 1 Gurganus, Robbin, 185 Gussoni, Sherry, 169, 245 Gutierrez, Barbara, 148 Guy, Karen, 206 Hagstette, joy, 185 Hahn, Deborah, 185 Hahn, Leslie, 61, 65, 169 Hahnebohnt, Nan, 169 Haley, Robin, 169 Hall, Mrs. Sharon, 130, 253 Hamilton, Rosemary, 206 Hannan, Deborah, 185 Hankins, Paula, 61, 185 Hano, Trudy, 148 Hansen, Roselyn, 148 Hanzo, Pamela, 169 Hardy, Lynne, 53, 73, 169 Hardy, Sharon, 148 Harris, Paulette, 169 Hartman, Patricia, 148 Haryel, Belinda, 169 Harwell, Cynthia, 53, 54, 169 Hauck, Debbie, 148 Heaphy, Dawn, 61, 185 Heaphy, Rochelle, 53, 169 Hearty, Susan, 185 Heaton's Homeroom 243 Heaton, Miss Pamela, 77, 132, 253 Hebert, Cecile, 148 Hebert, Laurie, 185 Hebert, Pamela, 206 Heck, Cwenette, 53, 71, 169 Heck, Nancy 68, 163, 185, 245 Heck, Terri, 55, 185, 245 Hehr, Genie, 51, 185 Helder, Kimberly, 5, 55, 65, 73, 78, 162, 169 Hein, Kathryn 7, 63, 206, 263 Heinsz, Beverly, 148 Heintz, Catherine, 54, 206 Heintz, Pamela, 148 Helmers, Anna, 148 Helmke, Karen, 185 Helscher, Elaine, 74, 102, 103, 148 Hemelt, Suzanne, 206 Henegan, Kim, 206 Henderson, Henderson, Henderson, Henderson, Hendricks, candy iss Debra, 206 Patty, 73, 148 Wanda, 148 Gail, 52, 55, 78 Henry, jeanette, 206 Hentze, Dale, 63, 65, 79, 186 Hentze, Debra, 148 Hentze, Kim, 148 Hermitage, 48, 49, 220 Herrington, Patty, 64, 73, 169 Hibbs, Terry, 206 Hickman, Linda, 149, 245 258 83, 84, Hicks, Susan, 169 Hill, jackie, 206, 245 Hill, Karen, 206 Hingle, Diana, 58, 149 Hingle, Kathy, 177 Hingle, Laura, 57, 206 Hodges, Diana, 164 Hoffman, Patricia, 47, 206 Hoffman, Phyllis, 206 Hoffmann, Rhonda, 186 Hogan, Mona, 161 Hoke, Rhonda, 206 Holland, Connie, '149 Hollard, Dara, 186, 191 Hollard, Tereie, 53, 55, 56, 169 Holmes, Rona, 186 Homecoming, 42, 43 Home Economics, '12, 13 Honors Banquet, 102, 103 Hood, Myra, 46, 56, 58, 64, 70, 71 Horn, Cheryl, 206 Horn, Cindy, '149, 102, 103, 60, 52 Horner, Melanie, 149, 5, 251 Hotard, Rhonda, 186 Howard, Mary, 149, 245 Hubbard, Charlene, 186 Huber, Margaret, 63, 169 Huber, Mary, 47, 63, 136, 149 Hudson, jeannie, 206 Hudson, Kim, 169 Hueschen, Diane, 13, 73, 149 Huff, Susan, 206 Hughes, Onita, 206 Hughson, Karen, '169 Hull, Linda, 49, 53, 169, 245 Hultz, Peggy, 186 Hungerford, Darlene, 169 Hurstell, Rene 54, 64, 169, 172 Hutter, Suzanne, 207 Hymel, joAnn, 65, 169 Hymel's Homeroom, 202 Hymel, Mrs. Linda, 130, 253 lbic-ta, Bobbie, 245 lbieta, Dani, 19, 56, 61, 120, 186 lngariola, Mrs. janet, 134, 253 1ngargio1a's Homeroom, 236 lshee, Carolyn, 53, 54, 170 lshee, janet, 51, 63, 65, '186 lshee, Maureen, 207 jackson journal, 40, 41, 244 jacob, jean, 149 janet, Charlene, 186 janneck, Kim, 53, 74, 170 janneck, Kit, 79, 207 jarrell, Era, 149, 233 jas, Pam, 207 jaufre, Susan, 186 , 149 johnson, johnson, johnson, Mary, 149 Nancy, 65, 73, 149 Priscilla, 207 johnson, Sharon, 207 johnson Theresa, '186 johnston, Yolande, 149 jones, Mr, Burord, 104, 105 jones, Mrs. Carolyn, 134, 253 jones, Cynthia, 62, 78, 93, 149 jones, Debra, 207 jones, Edie, 55, 186, 245 jones Holly, 43, 207 jones's Homeroom, 226 jones, Kathleen, 56, 68, '104, 245 jones, Patricia, 60, 207 jones, Rhonda, 52, 55, 68, 150 jeandron, Mrs. Carol 100, 134, 253, 263 jeandron's Homeroom, 205 jeanfreau, Sandra, 186 jeffries, Carol, 53, 57, 170 jenkins, joAnne, 149 jenneman, Madeline, 56, '186 jennewine, Linda, 61, 186, 245 jirovec, Mrs. Kathleen, 128, 253 jirovec's Homeroom, 225 johannessen, Linnea, 207, 245 johnson Carol, 207 johnson, Mrs, Mary, 135, 253 johnson's, Mrs. M. Homeroom, johnson, Diane, 74, 186 johnson, Kathleen, 207 johnson, Lynn, 146, 170 242 jones, Ruth, 73, 170, 245 jordon, Sheila, 186 julian, Karen, 63, 96, 150 juncker, Cynthia, 53, 54, 64, 170 juneau, jackie, 65, 186 juneau, Sandra, 170 junior Prom, 94, 95 Kane, Mr. john j., 124 Kastner, Melanie, 52, 55, 88, 102, 150 Kattengell, Linda, 64, 170 Kaul, Yvonne, 29, 150 Kehtel, Debbie, 150 Kehtel, Dorothy, 207 Keller, Denise, 186 Keller, Mary, 170 Kelley, Mr. Edwin, 135, 253 Kelly, Miss Georgia, 57, 263 Kelly's Homeroom, 230 Kelly, Sandra, 150, 128, 233 Kelty, Mrs. Lynn, 135, 253 Kelty's Homeroom, 221 Kemp, Mrs. Marilyn, 63, 134, 253 Kemp's Homeroom, 223 Kennedy, Karen, 186 Kerkhoff, Kerlec, Kerry, 186 Kernea, Phyllis, 177 Kerns, Linda, '186 Kerr, Dona, '170 Kessler, Connie, '186 Kessler, Pam, 22, 58, 63, 150 Kiern, Cheryl Kiernan, Tyra, 245 Kimball, Mrs. Marilyn, 30, 31, 126, 253 Kimble, Tommye, 150, 245 King, Mrs. Mary jo, 134, 253 King's Homeroom, 219 King, Lizzy, 170 Kingston, Patricia, 61, 79, 87, 112, 116, 120 179, lasts Kitchens, joette, 208 Knauer, Becky, 65, '186 Knauer, Pam, 150 Kneale, Carol, 64, 170 Kneale, Marilyn, 60, 208, 245 Knower, Shelley, 73, 98, 150 Kocke, Marie, 7, 186 Konnecker, Aimee, 186 Kramer, Mary jo, 208 Kyle, Ruth, '186 Labat, jenny, 170 Labat, Kathryn, 208 Laborde, Mrs. Maria, 131, 253 Labourdette, Desiree, 64, 186 Lackey, Sandra, 208 Lacoste, janell, 187, 245 LaCour, Laurie, 208 Lacour, Patricia, 171 Mapes, Billie lean, 152, 245 Ladner, Mr. Nolan, 54, 134, 253 Lae, Susan, 52, 150 LaFaye, Sue, 150, 245 Lafitte, lan, 46, 63, 64, 171 Latitte, ludith, 46, 57, 150 Latonte, Earline, 63, 187 Latont, Lori, 171 Lagarde, loni, 187 Lagarde's Homeroom, 209 Lagarde, Mrs. Keri, 134, 253 Lagarde, Leesa, 187 Lagraize, Chrissy, 150 Laigast, Claire, 57, 187 Laine, Lucille, 187 Lailhengue, Lucille, 208 Lailhengue, Mary, 208 Laing, Mrs. lo Ann, 135, 253 Laird, Mary Ann, 53, 65, 71, 78, 171 Lajaunie, Angele, 60, 208 Lalor, Laura, 150 Lambert, lani, 208 Lamonte, Vickie, 187 LaNasa, Antonia, 69, 73, 151, 245 Landreaux, Karen, 151 Landreaux, Trudie, 187 Landrum, Cathy, 151 Landrum, Miss Linda, '11, 57, 129, 253 Landrum's Homeroom, 240 Landry, Mrs. Claire, 30, 101, 126, 253 Landry, Elaine, 187 Marquet, Eliska, 79, 210 Landry, Landry, Kathleen, 187, 245 Landry, Linda, 61, 111, 171 Landry, Linda, 64, 171 Landry, Lynn, 16, 46, 61, 71, 187 Landry, Peggy, 51, 208 Landry, Rita, 208 Landry, Sylvanie, 208 Yvette, sts, ist Lane, Mr. lohn, 124 Laneri, Candy, 187 Lange, Paula, 73, 151 Language Arts Department, 22, 23 Lansou, Lisa, 187 Lapeyrouse, Denise, 187, 245 Lapeyrouse, Loralie, '151 Larmeu, lune, 54, 55, 63, 187 LaRocca, Cynthia, 151 LaRocca, Mary, 171, 245 LaRose, Deborah, 171 Larriviere, Kathleen, 57, 208 LaRue, Bob 251, 263 Lataxes, Melanie, 208 Latil, Laurie, 208 Latino, Marie, 171 Lauga, Peggy, 46, 53, 35, 74, 171 Lauga, Vikki, 151 Laughlin, Bekie, 188 Laurent, Kim, 188 Laviolette, Lorri, 188 Lawre, Debbie, 53, 73, 171 Lawrence, Kathy, 47, 49, 60, 78, 87, 105, 109, ll3,1 20, 151, 245, 263 Laws, Mrs. Emma, 134, 253 Lawson, Debbie, '188 Lawson, Patricia, 208 LeBlanc, Diane, 188 LeBlanc, Elaine, 151, 245 LeBlanc, Paula, 171 Lechner, Kathy, 188 Ledet, Ulyssa, 208 LeDoux, Susan, 208 Lee, Melanie, 208 Lee, Mavis, 208 Legendre, Pamela, 49, 53, 63, 65, 171, 263 Leger, Cheryl, 63, 73, 79, 80, 85, 179, '188 Legnon, Karilyn, 151 Lehmann, Claudie, 39, 71, 208 Leidinger, lanet, 208 Leiter, Gladys, 188 Leiter, Mary, 197 Lehrmann, Gwendolyn, 208 Leieune, Cynthia, 63, 208 Lemoine Barbara, 188 Lemoine, Kay, 177' Lemoine Lydia, 188 McGrath, Rose, 209 McHugh, Peggy, 73, 153 Mc Kay, Mr. Norman, 130, 253 McKeever, Glendalyn, 245 McKelvy, Faye, 153, 245 McKeough, Peggy, 73, 153 McMenamin, lean, 64, 172 Mc Naughtons' Homeroom, 222 Mc Naughton, Miss Susan, 130, 253 Mc Neil, Patricia, 189 Lemoine, Theresa, 188 Leonard, Ann, 208 LeRouge, lerrilee, 63, 79, 208 LeRouge, Renee, 63, 208 Leroux, Helena, 47, 53, 61, 111, 171 Leroux, Raynel, 60, 208 Lestelle, Evelyn, '171 Leto, Brenda, 55, 65, 188, 263 Leto, Rhonda, 61, 64, 73, '171 Letourneau, Carol, 188 Lewis, loyce 112, '188 Lewis, Tonya, 217 Lewis, Yvonne, 171 Lezina, Raynell, 188 Library Club, 47 Licciardi, Mary, 209 Liebert, Donna, '171 Lindheim, Claudia, '151 Lindsey, Carolyn, 188 Lindsey, Gwendolyn, 151 Lindsey, Sharon, 209 Linker, Deanna, 151 Linsmier, Kathy, 13, 151 Liuzza, Peggy, 188 Livaccari, Mary, 151 Lofton, Dodie, 209 Logos, Cheryl, 53, 54, 64, 171 Lohr, Brenda, 152 Lohr, janet, '171 Lohr, Linda, 171 Long, Mr. Sam, 131, 253 Long's Homeroom, 222 Lopez, Alice, 171 Lopez, Bonnie, 209 Lopez, Debra, 188 Lopiccolo, Carol, 188 Lopiccolo, lody, 209 Lottinger, lean, '171 Lottinger, loan, 152 Mr. Louise's Hobby Shop, 252 Louisiana Power and Light, 251 Love, Paula, 171 Lubrano, Gina, 152, 233 Lubrano, Vicki, 46, '188 Luc, Arleen, 55, 64, 73, 171 Lucas, Mary, 152 Luccia, Sandra M., 46, 63, 64, 171 Luenbuhl, Wenonah, 43, 70, 71, 152 Luscy, Debra, 51, 73, 152 Lyons, Peggy, 209 Mc-Call, Patricia, 172 McCalla, Karen, 47, 153 McCalla, Shannon, '172 McClelland, Clara, 209 Mc'Celland, Mrs. Natalie, 127, 253 McCollum, ludy, 188 Mc Coy, Kathryn, 245 Mc-Curley, Lorretta, 172, 245 McDaniel, Patty, 153 McDougall, Debra, 49, 55, 153, 263 Mc-Dougall, Susan, 61, 64, 189 McElroy, Patricia, 209 McGrath, Colleen, 209 McGrath, Ellen, 199, 209 McQuillis, Debbie, 189 McVille, Terry, 58, 59, 153 Madary, Cindy, 171 Madary, Pamela, 188 Madere, Deanna, 209 Magee, Barbara, 53, 64, 73, 171 Magee, Daisy, 152 Magee, Debra, 29, 61, 64, 188 Maggio, leanette, 209 Maher, Brenda, 53, 57, 171 Maher, Karen, 188 Maher, Mary, 210 Mahoney, Patricia, 210 Maiorettes, 74 Maldonado, Elaine, 152 Manalla, Rosalind, 188 Mangiaracina, Mary, 46, 210 Manino, lean, 188 Manuel, Katherine, 217 Marcotte, Darlene, 188 Margiotta, Karen, 210 Marinello, Toni, 77, 171 Markey, Denise, 152 Market, Sandra, 210 Martel, Debbie, 152 Martel, Sue, 188 Barbara, 69, 78, 172, 245 Martin, Martin, Deborah, 210 Martin, Karen, 152 Martin, Martin, Kathleen, 172 Vanessa, 210 Martinez, Elena, 163, 188 Martinez, Mimi, 172 Massarini, Rhonda, 210 Masson, Michele, 9, 40, 153 Masson, Michele, 188 Mathematics Department, 16, 17 Mathematics and Equations Club, 55 Matherne, Carla, 172 Maureaux, Betty, 47, 112, 152 Maureaux, Kay, 210 Mayeaux, Susan, 31, 132 Mayc-ur, Rae Ann, 132 Mayeur, Cathy, 210 Mayeux, lean, 210 Mayeux, Linda, 73, 135 Mayeux, Melissa, 75, 77, 172 Mayeux, Ramona, 60, 210 Maytielcl's Homeroom, 2,58 Maytielcl, Mrs. Peggy, 135, 253 Mayhall, Alice, 53, 6.5, 172 Mazza, Cxvenn, 35, 75, 172 Melancon, lanice, 189, 197 Melerint-, Brenda, 64, 37, 172 Melerine, Ellen, 172, 245 Melerine, Marsha, 172 Melerine, Susan, 189 Meliet, Becky, 31, 210 Menge, lennie, 210 Merwin, Barbara, 172 Merwin, Merna, 210 Messa, Catherine 64, 17.5 Messa, Deborah, 210 Messina, Wendy, 177 Methvin, Andrea, 210 Metzler, Lynn, 1.33 Meyers, Darlene, 47, 210 Meyer, laye, 173 Meyer, loan, 189 Meyer, Kathleen, 175 Meyer, Lise, 210 Meyer, Sharon, 189 Meyers, Marilyn, '175 Meyers, Roxanne, 210 Michel, Brenda, 189 Michel, Glenda, 210 Michel, leanne, '173 Michel, Kim, 30, 210 Michon, lanice, 35, 175 Mickles, Nancy, 29, 135 Middleton's Homeroom, 233 Miclclleton, Miss Catherine, 50,1 235 Migliore, Claire, 189 Miller, Chauyon, 189 Miller, Kerry, 189, 2-15 Miller, Pamela, 153, 235 Miller,5a1ly, 210 Mills, Cheryl, 210 Mistrot, Mr. William, 124 Misuraca, Vicki, 43, 189 Mocklin, Karen, 210 Mogel, lanie, 210 Mogel, Linda, 36, 135 Moity, Christina, 175 Molero, Susan, 153 Molinary, loy, '175 Mones, Theresa, 217 Monroe, Cindy, 189 Montalbano, Diane, 50, 210 Montalbano, Melanie, 43, 50, 36, 65, 74, 97, 135, 2-13 Montelaro Real Estate, 250 Montc-yerde, Lisa, 63, 189 Montz, Cindy, 75, 135 Montz, Mary Louise, 189 Moon, Mrs. Myrtle, 127 Moore, Betty, 210, 243 Morales, Barbara, 190 Morales, loAnn, 47, 112, 119, 135 Morales, Laurie Ann, 134, 245 Moran, Brenda, 190 260 x5,151,19.5, A tl... 5 -Hu Xxxk J ,V Moran, Miss Cleopatra, 47, 111,119, 128, 253 Moran, Pamela, 173 Morel, Dnise, 65, 210 Morgan, lulie, 65, 79, 190 Morgan, Patricia, 21 1 Morici, Marion, 21 1 Morris, Roybne, 161 Morrison, Crystal, 173 Morrison, Sheila, 54, 190 Morse, lucly, 245 Morton, Terry, 211 Moryant, Robyn, 154 Mosely, Trudy, 211 Moss, Kathy, 47, 52, 58, 63, 102, 1 Mouton, Arlene, 190 Mouton, Mr, Edgar, 54, 127 Mouton, 1oAnn, 211 Mouton, Liz, 190 Mull, Kim, 190 Mullet, Cindy, 154 Mullet, Patricia, 211 Mullins, Pam, 56, 190 Mumphrey, Lori, 211 Munch, Karen, 190 Munch, Melody, '154 Munson, Marlene, 173 Munster, Ianis, 53, 73, 17.5 Munster, Ruth, 190, 245 Mura's Homeroom, 223 Mura, Mrs, Colleen, 16, 131, 253 Murla, Pamela, 211 Murphree, Nancy, 211 Murphy, Kathleen, 217 Music Department, 53 Musmeci, Cheryl, 197 Musmeci, Deorah, 211 Musso, Mrs. lanice, 127 Musso, Sara, 63, 64, '190 Naccari, leanne Marie, 190 Nagle, Flo, 134 Napolitano, Cheryl, 211 Napolitano, Cindy, 173 34 Napolitano, Linda, 190 Nassar, Elizabeth, 55, 99, 154 Nastasi, Phyllis, 46, 52, 57, 73, 78, '154 Nastasi, Susan, 46, 63, 73, 76, 69, '190 Navedo, Meda, 173 Nayo, Pamela, 173 Navo, Rachel, 17,5 Neilson, Sharesse, 211 Nelson, Beth, 15, 73, 154 Nelson, ludy, 61, 190 Nelson, Norma, 190 Nelson, Wanda, 154 Nettles, Darlene, 154, 233 Newchurch, Miss Linda, 27, 12 Ney, lan, 53, 64, 173 Ney, Nancy, 211 Neyrey, Ki, 134 Newchurch's Homeroom, 232 Nichols, Sharon, 73, 154 Nicholson, Carol, 65, 190, 252 Nirk, Pam, 173 Nobile's Homeroom, 212 Nobile, Mrs. Carrie, 134, 253 Noel, Dawn, 190 Noel, Vicki, 211 Noonan, Maureen, 56, 79, 21 1 Norsvvorthy's Homeroom, 2.55 Norsworthy, Mrs. Susie, 63, 77, Nox, Theresa, 190 Nuccio, Mary, 212 Nunez's Homeroom, 229 Nunez, Mrs. Carol, 54, 135, 233 Nunez, Debbie, 190, 245 Nunez, Pamela, 190 Nye, Charmaine, 134, 245 Nye, Kathy, 17.5 Nye, Nancy, '190 Oalmann, Gayle, '190 Oalmann, Linda, 154 Oalmarin, Sharon, 154 O'Brien, Cathy, 190, 189 O'Connor, Pam 51, 212 25, 253 134, 23 Pontiff, Oddo, Donna, 116, 173 Odinet, lerri, 56, 61, 190 Officials Club, 47 O'Flarity, Kim, 65, 173 O'Flynn, Debbie, 64, 65, 70, 71, 155 O'Neal, Sandra, 173 O'NeilI, Pamela, 212 Orillion, Deborah, 212 Orlando, Iosephine, 21D Orlopp, lean, 61, 120, 190 O'Rourke, Patricia, 177 Orta, Lillian, 190 Ortego, Rose, 177 Ory, Debbie, 61, 112, 120, '173 Ory, Kathy, W, '155 Osbourn, Arlene, 173 Oscar's jewelry, 252 Oser, Maureen, 212 Otillio, Pamela, 173 Pabloyich, Ellen, 71, 190 Pinion, Debra, 64, 74, 174 Pipes, Barbara, 57, 64, 156 Pippins, janet, 63, 174 Pizzuto, Anna, 192 Plaisance, Wanda, 212 Planchard, lodie, 192 Plauche, Paula, 73, 156 Plauche, Cheryl, 192 Poche, Mary Ann, 65, 192 Polit, Lisa, 212 Polk, Karen, 25, 47, 60, 78, 96, 110, 119,137,156 Polo, Christy, 156 Polo, Deborah, 156 Pon's Homeroom, 224 Ponseti, Denise, '156 Ponseti, Karen, 192, 252 Ponseti, Kathy, 192 Ponseti's Shoes, 252 Ponthier, jackie, 212 Louise, 156, 233 Pace, Sheba, 63, 212 Padilla, Debra, 190 Pagona, Mrs. Alma, 127, 253 Pajares, Avis, 190, 245 Pajares, Ramona, 217 Pajares, Sheila, 173 Palazzolo, Susan, 155 Palermo, Marie, 191 Palmeri, Sandra, 191 Palmisano, Donna, 56, 191 Palmisano, Karen, 155, 245 Palmisano, Kim 56, 191 Pontiff, Nancy, 212 Pope, Ruby, 192 Poplin's Homeroom, 247 Poplin, Mrs. Brenda, 99, 134, 253 Porche, Delia, 43, 71, 174 Porche, ludy, 192 Portie, Kim, 192 Powder Puff, 108, 109 112,1'16, 119, 120, 157 Reaney, Suzanne, 213 Red Cross Cqb 57 Reed, Sandra, 157 Reeson, Barbara, 157 Reilly, loann, 9, 73, 93, 157 Reilly, Scarlet, 174 Retif, Kim, 213 Reuther, Cheryl, 213 Reynolds, Melissa, 65, 213 Ricard, Brenda, 157 Ricard, Lorrie, 192 Richard, Jeanne, 61, '192 Richardson's Homeroom, 241 Richardson, Miss Dora, 130, 253 Rickerson, Theresa, 157, 245 Rider, Debbie, 78, 137, 157 Riedl, Peggy, 79, 192, 245 Ring, Day, 36, 37 Reiffel, loette, 192 Rigby, Kim, 53, 71, 78, 88, 117, 174 Riley, Eileen, 213 Ripoll, Lisa, 213 Piser, Patricia, 64, 65, 192 myERs,cmhyie1 Rivers, Linda, 51, 213, 245 Rizzuto, Cheryl, 175 Powell, Dianne, 47, 60, 110, 112, 113, 116, 119,120,156 Powers, Cindy, 192 Prados, Sharon, 60, 212 Palozzola, judy, 181, 191 Papania, Carol, '155, 233 Papania, joel, 21 Pardo, Lisa, 173, 245 Parent, Beth, 173 Pareti, Kim, 191 Park, Pamela, 155, 245 Parker, Janis, 173 Parker, Lu, 212 Pascarelli, loAnn, 191 Pearce, Ellen, 46, 52, 60, 103, 119, 155 Pearce, Sue, 46, 47, 61, 120, 191 Pechon, Laure, 212 Peel, Debbie, '155 Peel, Rebecca, 212 Pelitere, Diane, 65, 70, 71, 155 Pepper, Fran Lee, 60, 155 Prats, Pratt, Pratt, Price, Dawn, 192 Kathleen, 53, 56, 69, 73, 174, 245 Marleen, 73, 78 Kathy, 192 Rizzuto, Loretta, 192 Rizzuto, Marianne, 157, 245 Rizzuto, Vicki, 213 Robert, aureen, 213 Roberts, Cynthia, 157 Roberts, Debogah, 192, 245 Roberts' Homeroom, 236 Roberts, Mr. Ken, 78, 131, 253 Roberts, Rhonda, 192 Roberts, Sharon, 192 Prine, Debbie, 51, 156 Prinz, Donna, 212, 245 Priola, Tina, 212 Protti, Denise, 60, 212 Provenz Provenz ano, Angela, 51, 212 ano, Ethel, 51, 156 Provetere, lulie, 91, 174 Provetere, Peggy, 156 Proveter, Susan, 212 Puglia, Marianna, 177 Puglia, Phyllis, 52, 156 Puissegur, Hilda, '192 Puissegur, judy, 29, 156, 245 Pereira, Sharon, 25, 155 Perez, Dawn, 212 Perez, Frances Marie, 29, 46, 155 Perez, Mary Catherine, 57, 64, '173 Perez, Sabrina, '155 Perez, Theresa, 191 Perkins, Peggy, '191 Perniciaro, Cheryl, 64, 174 Perniciaro, Mr. Leon, 105, 124 Perret, Deborah, 174 Perniciaro, Elaine, 155 Petersen, Dolores, 191 Peterson, Diane, 155 Peterson, Elizabeth, 161 Pullen, Vicki, 156 Quakenbush, Lore, 212 Quartararo, Toni, 60, 70, 71, 156 Quates, lanette, 65, 192 Quick, Kathy, 29, 156 Quin, Lisa, 54, 192 Rabalais, Diane, 212, 245 Rabalais, Glenda, 174 Rabalais, Phyllis, 174 Rabalais, Renee, 78, 90, 212 Raby, Christyn, 51, 53, 174 Rachuba, Debbie, '174 Peterson, Kathleen, 191 Peterson, Sharon, 191 Petit, Christine, 73, 155 Petit, Lynne, 88, 191 Petty, lack, 263 Peuler, Gail, 191 Pfister, Meldoy, 212 Ragas, Ianice, 212 Ragas, MaryLynn, 192 Raimer, MaryAnn, 157 Ramirez, Pamela, 157, 245 Ramirez, Wanda, 177, 245 Randazzo, Lydia, 54, 172, 174 Randazzo, Susan, 54, 192, 263 Physical Education Department, 26, 27 Pichon, Susie, 192, 245 Pilet, loyce, 192 Pilet, Kathi, 212 Randazzo, Susan, 212 Randazzo, Karen, 64, 192 Rando, Monica, 212 Raymond, Sallye, 13, 47,60, 83, 112,116, 118, Robichaux, Edna, 53, 175 Ribichaux, june, 54, 213 Robicheaux, Denise, '157 Robicheaux, Karen, 60, 213 Robin, Belinda, 213 Robin, Cynthia, 213, 245 Robinson, Hattie, 213 Robinson, Kathleen, 213 Roy's Homeroom, 220 Robinson, Miss Gloria, 130, 253 Robson, Teresa, 177 Rodriguez, BarBara, 192 Roesch, Cheryl, 193 Rogacki, Kathryn, 214 Roger, Brenda, 46, 124 Roger, Cynthia, 175 Rogers, Kathy 157 Rogerson, Charlotte, 193 Rohde, Gayle, 175 Rohrbacker, Rhonda, 193 Rohrbacker, Brenda, 161 Rome, Adrienne, 157 Rome, Patricia, 49, 57, 64, 214, 263 Romero, Dana, 214 Roniger, Sissy, '157, 245 Roos, Kerianne, 214 Roper, lane, 61, 193 Rosales, Cinta, 157 Rosch, Donna, 175 Rose, Alison, 214 Ross, Dona, 193 Rost, Deborah, 214 Rost, Kathy, '193 Rost, Tina, '193 Rousse, Charlotte, 175 Rousse, Cherie, 214 Roussell, Bettie, 193 Roy Mrs, Charlene, 130, 253 261 Stein, Roy, Terrell, 52, 53, 55, 82, 158, 263 Ruano, Terry, 214 Ruddock, Alma, 175 Ruttino, Claudia, 193 Ruffino, Dawn, 214 Ruffino, Mary lo 158, 64, 70, 71 Ruffino, Paula, 193 Ruiz, Claudia, 193 Ruiz, Petrina, 193 Runnels, Claire, 29, 152 Ruppel, Connie, 193 Ruppel, Mrs. Dot, 127 Russell, Cynthia, 175 Ryals, Beverly, 217 Ryan, Suzanne, 63, 214 Sabathe, loAnne, 175 Sahuque, Carol, 175 Salande, Brenda, 175 Salez, Bonnie, 214 Salles, Annette, 214 Salvaggio, Deborah, 63, 73, 79, 193 Salvant, Faith, 64, 65, 193 Sambola, Pamela, 197 Samons, Gail, 158 Sanchez, Pat, 94, 175 Sander, Cheri, 214 Sarver, Kathy, 51, 158 Sass, Peggy Ann, 194 Satter, Cheryl, 175 Satter, Leslie, 214, 263 Satterlee, Adele, 175 Satterlee, Lydia, 117, 175 Saucer, Cynthia, 175 Saucier, Barbett, 214 Saucier, Elizabeth, 53, 94, 175 Schulz, Myra, 176 Schuth, Christine, 73, 194 Science Club, 54 Science Department, 24, 25 Sciortino, Deborah, 194 Sciortino, Donna, 194 Sciortino, Reba, 215 Scorsone, losie, 176 scott, Kathy, im, 53 Scott's Homeroom, 237 Scott, Mrs. Rose, 100, 120, 128, 253 Scramuzza, Robin, 194 Scramuzza, Terrie, 194, 189 Scurich, Patti, '158 Seeling, Karen, '158 Segreto, Susan, 63, 194 Sehlinger, Carol, 176 Seibert, Charlene, 158, 245 Senior Play, 96, 97 Senior Prom, 98, 99 Sensebe, Michele, 215 Sentilles, Karen, 158 Sentilles, Susan, 215 Serpas, Claudia, 60, 158 Solis, Solis, Mrs. Bridget, 127, 235 Deborah, 176 Solis, Kathy, 50, 61, 194 Solis, Linda, 215 Sophomore Dance, 44 Soroe, Marian, 52, 73, 102, 103, 159, 245 Soroe, Susan, 63, 215 Spears, Robin, 217 Sperber, Angie, 177 Sperie r, Karen, 73, 177 Sperry, Colleen, 52, 99, 159 Spirit Boosters Club, 43, 50 Spicuzza, Iudy, 61, 71, 111, 177 Spring Fever Day, 91 Springer, Wanda, 216 Sprouse, Sunny, 177 Statts, joy, 161 Staats, Suzanne, 194 Stahl, Ruth, 194 St. Amant, Stephanie, 177 Stanley, Denise, 194 St. Clair, Cathy, 194 Steger, Debra, 216 Donna, 73, 195 Serpas, Gaynell, 194 Serpas, lanell, 194 Serpas, Mary, 176 Servay, Leslie, 63, '194 Shanks, Laurel, 217 Sharp, Wanda, 194 Sharpe, Madonna, 215 Shaw, Rita, 215 Sherlock, Sharon, 176 Sherrill, Mr. Edgar, 9, 134, 253 Shields, Penny, 63, 158, 233 Shirley's Fabrics, 249 Sauro, 1udy, 161 Sawyer, Lois, 214 Scaglione, Lonnie, 211, 214, 245 Scallan, Shelly, 214 Scarborough, Irene, 214 Scarmuzza, lanice, 194 Schaubhut, Connie, 64, 65, '194 Scheaffer, Denise, 175, 71 Schenck, Marcia, 175 Scherer, Debra, 175 Scheuermann, Pamela, 57, 214 Schick, Doris, 194 Schick, Thais, 175 Schiel, Sharon, 60, 214 Schifferstein, Mrs. Yvonne, 248, 263 Schiro, Rosalyn, 214, 263 Schlesinger, Cheryl, 214, 205 Schloegel, Patti, 214 Schlorff, George, 253 Shumaker's Homeroom, 231 Shumaker, Mrs. Virginia, 51, 129, 253 Siegfried, Cynthia, 73, 158 Siener, Heidi, 217 Signorino, Elaine, 78, 176 Sigur, Ellen, 158 Sigur, janet, 215 Silcio, Thersa, 217 Siler, Lorna, 194 Siles, Donna, 158 Simmons, Jacqueline, 194 Sinnott, Myra, 194 Sirgo, Sheliah, 215 Sisk, lerri, 215 Six, Karen, 194 Sizemore, Francis, 51, 57, 194, 245 Sizemore, Martha, 51, 217 Skelly, Susan, 158 Skinner, Sandy, 176 Schluter, Regina, 65, 194 Schmidt, Mr. George, 124 Schmidt, Sharon, 51, 54, 79, 214 Schmit, Debra 53, 175, 218 Schmitt, Elizabeth, 214 Schneider, Doris, 194 Schneider, ludy, 214 Schneider, Nancy, 175 Schneider, Peggy, 175 Schott, Susan, 175 Schroeder's Homeroom, 239 Schroeder, Miss Deobrah, 49, Schroeder, Rebecca, 73, 158 Schubert, Lynn, 175 Schubert, Sandra, 63, 214 Schule, Kathy, 73, 175, 245 Schuler, Cheryl, 175 Schuler, lean, 214 Schulz, Leana, 175 Schulz, Luann, 175 262 134, 253, 263 Sloan, Debra, 215 Smith, Arlene, 159 Smith's Homeroom, 242 Smith, Mrs. Carmen, 130, 253 Smith, Darlene, 63, 79, 185, 194 Smith, Deborah, 215 Smith, Gloria, 46, 215 Smith, Heather, 54, 176 Smith, Mr. Henry, 63, 132, 133, 166, 253 Smith, jessica, 176 Smith, Laurel, 215 Smith, Lea, 53, 73, 176 Smith, Lynn, 176, 245 Smith, Marquerite, 194 Smith, Smith, Marvene, 46, 51, 176 Rosa, 176 Smith's Shorthand ll, 236 Smith, Sharon, 68, 79, 159, 245 Smith, Susan, 215 Social Studies Department, 14, 15 Stephens, Debra, 195 Stephens, Patty, 195 Stephenson, Sharon, 61, 112, 12 Stevens, Wanda, 74, 77 St. Germain, Donna, 159 St. Germain, Pam, 194 Stiebing, Kim, 195 Stillwall, Norma, 216 Stoll's Homeroom, 240 Stoll, Miss Carol, 130, 253, 263 Stoll, Pamela, 195 Stogner, Sue, 177 Stohlman, Susan, 159, 245 Stone, Claudette, 159 St. Pe, Gayle, 216 St. Pe, Gwen, 194 Strausser, Ruth, 216 Striker, Melody, 195 0, 195 St. Romain, 2, 52, 58, 65, 73, 78, 82,102, 117 136, 137, 159 Student Council, 78, 79 Suburban Fashions, 247 Suprean, Connie, 55, 61, 65, 115, 195, 263 Swan, jean, 195 Swan, Vicki, 216 Sylvera, Vicki, 189, 195 Talent Show, 90 Tamor, Carolyn, 177 Tapper, Marilyn, 159 Taranto, 1oAnn, '195 Tardo, Roberta, 217 Tassara, Deborah, 177 Tassin, Melanie, 216 Tassin, Penelope, 57, 216 Taylor, Theresa, 216 Teano, Denise, 195 Teano, Sherryl, '177 Tedesco, Gail, 174, 177 Terminie, Debbie, 177 Teoulet, Mary Ann, 216 Theriot, Connie, 216 Theriot, Darlene, 64, 195 Theriot, Iudy, 216 Thiel, lan, 56, 61, 63, 18, 73, 195 Thomas, Patty, 46, 216 Thonn, Ann, 177 Thorton, Cynthia, 177 Thriffiley, Gwendolyn, 177 Thurman, Dian, 195 Tillery, Mr. Allen, 124 Timberlake, Karen, 216 Timberlake, Wanda, 159 Timmons, Patty, 216 Tims, Glenda, 177 Tims, Susan, 159, 233 Tines, Linda, 196 Tinney, Laurie, 216 Tisdale's Homeroom, 234 Tisdale, Charlotte, Mrs. 53, 135, 253 Tobin, Terry, 196 Toepfer, Arlene, 196 Toepfer, Kathleen, 177 Tonglet, Helen, 177 Tonglet, Monica, 216 Torres, Karen, 177 Torres, Mr. Robert L., 124 Tortorich, Mary, 55, 196 Trahant, Hope, 196 Traina, janet, 64, 196 Traguoq, Terri, 63, 216 Treitler, joan, 46, 50, 65, 196 Trimble, Betsy, 177 Trocchiano, Donna, 58, 63, 64, 78, 79, 81, 96, 97,100,101,105,110,112,117, 137,159 Troxclair, Pamela, 73, 196 Trumbaturi's Homeroom, 222 Trumbatrui, Mrs. BarBara, 130, 233, 253 Toups, Paula, 161 Turnage, Scarlet, 159 Turner, Cathy, 55, 65, 115, 196 Turner, Lana, 196 Tusa, Denise, 196 Twilbeck, Darlene, 159 Twilbeck, Susan, 216 Tyner, Katherine, 196 Tyler, Kaye, 159 Tyrone, Angela, 216, 245 Uberschlag, Wilhelmina, 177 Ullrich's Homeroom, 239 Ullrich, Miss Patricia, 65, 130, 253 Unbehagen, Tina, 216 Usner, Charmaine, 196 Vaccaro, janie, 216 Vallery, Diane, 159 Vairin, Denise, 177 Vallery, Suzzanne, 196, 245 Valois, Pearl, 196 Vamprime, Cindy, 57, 64, 160 Van Norden, judith, 216 Varnado, Pat, 160 Vasquez, Faye, 216 Vaughn, Cynthia, 216 Vaughan, Leslie, 60, 63, 87, 216 Vaughan, Terri, 52, 70, 71, 160 Vaughn, Pamela, 196 Vega, Mary, 160, 16 Verbeek, Barbara, 160 Vetter, Patricia, 65, 177 Vicknair, janet, 177 Vicknair, Phyllis, 196 Victoriana, Diane, 196 Vinot, Vada, I96 Vinson, Terry, 196 Vinterella, Deborah, 177 Virgen, Socorro, 196 Vitrano, Nancy, 196 Viviano, Emelcla, 196 Volante, jeannette, 116, 196, 245 Volleyball Teams, 110, 111 Von Behren, Beth, 53, 55, 73, 160 Von Behren, Lynn, 73, 196 Vucich, Lana, 63, 80, 160, 233, 250 Vucinovich, jo-Lynn, 112, 179, 183, 196 Wagner, Cathy, 160 Wagner, Trudy, 196, 79 Waguespack, Mary, 216 Wahl, Darlen, 177 Walch, Mary, 177 Walk, Geraldine, 216 Walker, Kathleen, 216 Walker, Kathy j., 177 Walker, Mrs. Mary, 100, 101, 120, 128, 253 Wallace, Deborah, 49, 53, 55, 177, 263 Wallace, Sandra, 245 Wallace, Mary, 216 Wallace, Vinsetta, 177 Waller, Lindy, 65, 197 Walsdorf, Michele, 197 Walters, Cathy, 217 Walter, Miss Dianne, 87, 92, 128, 253, 263 Walthers, janet, 197 Warren, Betty, 2, 46, 47, 60, 83, 112, 119, 120, 160 Warren, Debbie, 46, 47, 61, 110, 196 Warren, Linda, 57, 177, 245 Watkins, Marie, 217 Weaver, Dooney, 248, 263 Webb, janice, 217 Weber, Pam, 160 Weese, Margaret, 161, 245 Whemeyer, Diana, 217 Wehmeyer, Nancy, 177 Wherlin, Carolyn, 217 Weidenhaft, Mrs. Anna, 126, 133, 253 Weiskopf, jan, 217 Wendling, Beth, 71, 177 West, Billye, 193, 197, 245 Westfield, Cheryl, 46, 217 White, Terry, 177, 245 Whitfield, Linda, 217 Wieczor, Karen, 47, 160 Wiemers, jo, 177 Wightkin, Margaret, 177 Wild, Phyllis, 70, 71, 78, 177 Willard, Pauline, 177 Willheit, Sharon, 177 Willhoft, Sheri, 64, 197 Willhoft, Terry, 217 Williams, Lynda, 160 Williams, Lynn, 177 Williams, Margie, 58, 59, 160 Williams, Williams, Mars. Patty, 135, 253 Winky, 197 Willis, Vickie, 160 Willoz, Merlene Prechter, 22, 160, 233 Wiltenmuth, Donna, 41, 160 Winter, Gloria, 197 Wise, Cynthia, 217 Wise, Ellen, 177 Wisinski, janet Wolfe, Annette, 217 Wolfe, Deborah, 217 Wolfe, Debby, 160 Wollfarth, Cissy, 161 Worsham, Deborah, 61, 112, 177 Wright's Fabrics, 249 Wright, Mary, 217 Wuest, Becky, 197 Wuest, Gretchen, 53, 177, 245 Yocum, Kim, 51, 217 Young, Marilyn, 57, 197 Youngblood, Frances, 61, 73, 197 Youth For Christ Club, 51, 246 Youth Safety Club, 56 Zammit, Pamela, 217 Zeairs, Laurie, 217 Zeller, Denise, 177 Zeller, Diann, 177 Zeller, Gwen, 46, 57, 197 Zeller, judith Ann, 46, 57, 73, 161 Zeller, Sally, 79, 217 Zimmermann, Miss Betty, 31, 50, 100 125, 253 Zoulek, Debra, 217 Zuppardo, Pamela, 217 Zvvicke, Cheryl, 52, 161, 233 Zwicke, Trudy, 53, 57, 64, 73, 177 263 .wg . 'i Aa., 1-V . . .. 2' .42 ' fs fig Qi ,lg 2, s ef an ,ga .1 I 2 fs in-s, . 5 'Z -3 .- 'K tu. 5 ' E - Q S6501 QQ ,K ff . Eff 4 X F' Illl 13, s J- X J' A Ssutvi PARAGON POST OFFICE BOX 17 Mowrcsorviefav, ALABAMA 36101 Our deepest hopes . . our fondest dreams . . the Hermitage Staff . . . attempting to capture the memories of 1972 . . special memories . . . valued by each Al girl throughout her life . . . 1972-a profitable year . . having brought honor and recognition to Andrew jackson High and to each of its students. . . these achievements and their effects . . helping us all to face tomorrow . . . on the paths shown to us . . by our classmates and teachers Acknowledgements this past year. 1972 Hermitage Staff EDITORS: Brenda Buras Kathy Lawrence Pam Legendre EDITORIAL STAFF Debbie Wallace Sharon Cutrer Connie Suprean Brenda Leto Cheryl Alexis Cindy Gonzales Terrel Roy Susan Randazzo Denise Delaney Rosalyn Schiro Kathy Hein Pat Rome Leslie Satter Debbie McDougall Special Thanks are expressed to homeroom subscription represent- atives, business education teachers, students in journalism 173, Miss Carol Egedy and others who have helped in the production of this book. Professional Firms Photographers Darrel deMoss Dooney Weaver Mrs. Yvonne Schifferstein Graduate Supply House lack Petty Bob LaRue Paragon Yearbooks Mrs. Belle Graham School Pictures, Inc. Faculty Advisors Coordinator Mrs. Betty Egedy Editorial Advisor Miss Debbie Schroeder Business Advisors Mrs. Melanie Carevich Mrs. Carol leandron Production Miss Diane Walther Mrs. Shirley Dagro Miss Carol Stoll Mrs. Mary Ann Francinques PHHHGUN YEHRBUUKS A DIVISION OF HERFF JONES . PO sox 17, MONTGOMEM, ALABAMA, 3.45101

Suggestions in the Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) collection:

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Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 7

1972, pg 7

Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 168

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Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 226

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Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 230

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Andrew Jackson High School - Hermitage Yearbook (Chalmette, LA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 234

1972, pg 234

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